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Found 7 results

  1. Jax was a typical college student who enjoyed going out to party’s and hanging with his friends rather then staying at his dorm to study. What he didn’t know was that for the past few weeks he had someone watching his every move waiting for the right time to make their move. Jax was dressed up in a pair of dark blue faded skinny jeans and a grey T-shirt with a pair of sneakers. He had left the safety of his dorm and headed down the streets as he was walking to a local party just a few blocks away, the sun had just set as the street lights were all starting to light up along the side walk.
  2. Enji Todoroki had always taken care of himself; even as a child, he’d never needed anybody else’s help, never needed a hand to hold as he crossed the street. He practically potty-trained himself, and had done his best to be self-sufficient after that point. He had a job, a steady girlfriend, and a family that didn’t treat him badly; what more could a man ask for? Little did he know that this would soon change; he would be forced to depend on someone for everything, for the rest of his life. That his former life would be irreparably shattered into pieces at his feet on this day, that what he’d built up would come crashing down. When he thought he felt someone staring at him, he ignored the sensation; he was probably just imagining things. Hands at his sides, body relaxed and head held high, he moved with confidence and made sure to stand taller than usual. He had an image to uphold, after all. The man heard footsteps behind him, and a calloused hand came to rest on his shoulder, snapping him out of his reverie. Before he could ask what this stranger wanted, a chloroform-soaked cloth was pressed against his face, held tight to his nose and mouth. Angered, Enji glared at the person who’d done this, thrashing around in a futile attempt to escape. His struggle grew weaker, he felt a sort of heaviness in his arms and legs that made them hard to move. Enji tried to close his mouth, prevent the chloroform from getting into his system, but it’d already done its magic. His blue eyes flashed with defiance and he bared his teeth, indignant even when defeated. He collapsed to the ground in a heap, arms and legs no longer working. Conscious-just enough to think and feel, just enough to perceive but not enough to move-he tried to kick and scream for help, to do anything, but he couldn’t. His pants and underwear grew damp with piss he’d been holding in, and a puddle formed beneath his unresponsive body. All he could do was lay there, humiliated.
  3. Looking for a Daddy to RP with who will kidnap my character and make him into his baby. As long as it's noncon, I don't really give a shit what you do, just use proper grammar and punctuation please. Thanks.
  4. Miles didn't know where he could possibly be; he was gagged, blindfolded, and wet with his own pee, that much he could understand. He struggled against the straps keeping his midsection locked to the surface he now lay upon, but they only tightened further with each movement. When his wet clothing was unceremoniously stripped off his body, someone spoke, but he couldn't make anything out. The blindfold, the gag, and the restraints digging into his stomach were so uncomfortable they made him want to scream. Through the gag, he let out a series of muffled screams, straining against his bonds and trying desperately to speak. His muffled babbling made drool trickle down his chin, and he whined, shifting about as he heard someone walking, shoes clicking against tile. The man reached out for what he didn't yet understand was a mobile that played music above his head, where he lay flat on his back, held fast by straps that grounded him to the spot. He was cold, uncomfortable, and nothing made sense. Tears trickled down his cheeks as he writhed, reaching up in search of something familiar, for someone who would free him from this strange nightmare. "Gaaghaa!" An incoherent cry was all that escaped his lips as the mysterious person lifted his legs, powdering him and oiling his privates before setting his legs back down. That was when the new arrival spoke, this time loud enough for Miles to make out every syllable...
  5. Laura Wilson was against the whole idea of taking a little girl from her home, but her brother-in-law insisted that she either help them pull off this job, or he would get her even more involved in their plots than she already was.
  6. (I've decided to create a role play that's a bit..different. I'm going to be rping as a man(22 years old, to be exact) who is abducted by another man, who attempts to break him, and mold him into his 'baby'. I have a few requirements for the daddy character; he must be stern, condescending, and cruel. I want my character to be degraded and humiliated in any way possible during the process. With that out of the way, I'll begin.) Oliver had always hated going out during the daytime; he never liked the harshness of the sun in his eyes and the burning heat against his sensitive flesh. Even if it wasn't that warm, he usually resented it for one reason alone, no matter what was said to him regarding the matter; it was time where crime was most rampant in his little town, when creeps hung out near playgrounds armed with candy and white vans and bank robbers donned ski masks to bust into their destination. Every day, it seemed that something happened in this town; most would complain that their own towns were uneventful and boring, but here, Oliver lamented the amount of events and excitement. Not a day passed without a juicy rumor being spread by a punk who obviously knew better or just wanted attention, not a day passed without some kid streaking naked through the streets for no explainable reason, to cause mayhem for the adults. He felt like everything was moving without him; his girlfriend was caught up in the events, and barely spent time near him anymore because she wanted to gossip about the latest skanks in town, his parents almost always called his friends to ask them if the rumors about his girlfriend cheating were true, yet nobody bothered to ask him anything. So, on this day, he walked at nighttime, through the darkened streets, lamenting his insignificance in the grand scheme of the town. Little did he know that becoming the object of affection was something to be dreaded in some cases, that someone with dark intentions was following his every move, watching him from afar...