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Found 40 results

  1. Hi everyone, This is my first attempt at writing a story. I decided I wanted to go for bit different than some of the usual premises for these kinds of stories, so this is a teen superheroine story. There'll be the usual diaper and ageplay elements, though it may take a bit for those elements to surface. So without further ado, here's chapter one. Content note for this chapter: kidnapping, medical stuff Of Capes, Cowls, and Cuddles Issue #1- Enter the Void Chapter 1: Attunement Bridget tried to struggle against the restraints that held her to the steel table, but it was useless. They were metal and cold, and didn't budge no matter how hard she fought. She tried to look around, to find something she could use to escape, but everything was washed out beneath violet operating lights, except for the dim outline of a few men in black lab coats, and the pulsing of a web of multicolored tubes that led from the table to IVs that pierced her in a dozen places. The fluids that flowed into her were neon yellow and green, and an orange that hurt her eyes to even look at. “Host vitals normal. Begin tertiary attunement” The voice was clinical and dispassionate, as cold as the metal she was laying on. She could hear the whirring of some kind of machinery behind her, and suddenly she felt a wave of pain coursing through her body. It was so intense that she couldn't help but scream. But even as she did, no sound came out. The figures in lab coats paid her no mind, and they walked b\between consoles and screens, adjusting knobs and pressing buttons with military precision. The pain kept coming, wave after wave after wave, and soon she lost all sense of time. In the few moments between the pulses of agony, she looked at her pale skin and received a renewed dose of terror. The veins beneath her arm began to glow purple, as though the blood they contained had been replaced by some horrible ichor. As the shock of the sight overcame her pumping adrenaline, Bridget stopped struggling, and went limp, her body alternately wracked by pain and helpless sobbing. If she had the ability to produce sound, the only thing that anyone would have heard was a tiny, mewling cry, that of a helpless, defeated child. “Please...I want my mommy” After a long stretch of despair, that she had no way of counting, there was the sudden sound of rushing feet from outside the room, a few muffled shouts and the rattle of gunfire. “Hold! The operation is not finished!” The voice on the other side was crisp and commanding, but even through the haze of her own pain and terror, Bridget could hear the fear that ran through it. “Fall back! Close the emergency door-” The voice was suddenly cut off, and there was a massive thud, as though a massive something had just crashed against the steel of the door. “Those bullets won't work, you know. And seeing as you scumbags have my sister, unless you want to learn how many bones the human body has by me breaking them all, I suggest you stand aside.” There were more shouts of orders, punctuated by gunfire, but in a few moments, there were four thuds, the sound of as many Meanwhile bodies crumpling to the floor. Bridget recognized her sister Samantha's voice, and that recognition jolted her out of her reverie. With an effort, she turned her head toward the source of the noise. She hoped desperately to see an orange yellow uniform with the white starburst cape that always hung outside her sister's room, with a familiar head of shoulder-length golden hair and eyes that glowed with a light like the sun when her sister was angry. Instead, she saw a massive reinforced door, and a flurry of lab coats. The doctors and scientists now moved with a good deal more panic and a great deal less cool precision, as they fled pell-mell for the emergency exits, away from the sounds of banging and gunfire. The door began to buckle, as though someone on the other side were striking it with a massive battering ram Bridget tried again to cry out, to let her sister know she was there. But as she did, she felt a strange chill course through her body, and an unfamiliar finger touched her lips, gently but irresistibly shushing her. Bridget craned her neck to try to look up at the head of the operating table and found herself gazing up at an upside down version of herself. Well, almost herself. Bridget had never, even in her goth phase, been a fan of all black or all that much leather, and her hair was certainly not a neon red. But the soft oval of her face was exactly the same down to the identical dimple in her chin and mole on the left side of her face, The girl's grey eyes were identical to Bridget's, and they had the same skinny frame. As Bridget looked up at her doppelganger it spoke, and its voice too was like hers, except that it reverberated with an unearthly echo. “It is done. With this, little flesh-thing, you and I shall both have exactly what we desire.” Bridget opened her mouth to respond, but the moment she did so, the other her dissolved into mist. Before she could stop herself, Bridget found herself breathing it in. It left a hot, dry sensation in her mouth like the one time she'd tried hookah. She coughed and spluttered, and felt a sudden stabbing pain as her motion jostled the tubes that still trapped her. Samantha came into Bridget's view her blond hair mussed with the exertion of her battle, and her expression radiating concern. She looked in confusion at all the tubes and wires, trying to figure out which ones to pull first to free her captive sister. “Bebe, are you all right? Can you hear me?” she cried, her molten gold orbs staring intently into Bridget's face. “Come on, wake up!” Bridget tried again to speak, to give some audible indication that she'd heard and understood, but she found herself still unable to speak, and her eyes drawn to her sisters', until the bright light emanating from one of them filled her entire field of vision, blocking out even the horrible light above the operating table. “Please, wake up!” The world was swallowed up by white light, unbearably, impossibly bright. ---- Hope you enjoy! Comments very much appreciated.
  2. ideas for a rp

    1st rp idea. sub role( you have been bad at school for the bast few months and your (dom) has threatend punishment for a long time. telling you how you arnt a big kid and how you seem to always need to be cared for. you complain and whine a lil but you cant seem to ever do good and fail at anything you try. (dom role) you are tired of your (sub) failing school and not cleaning up after themselves and you catch them leaving the tlite with pee on it a few times. with them acting like a lil baby you decide they eed to be retrained to be a good kid . you start out with making them wet the bed. then put laced laxitieves in their food. and plan to humiliate them and make them a baby nce again until you decide they can be potty trained) rp 2. summer daycare sub(your family decides to take everyone on a cruise. except you. everyone else worked and saved up money for their own ticket while you acted like a spoiled brat and demanded you be given one from them. but your family tired of how you act decided to instead of take you. they all saved up to send you to a special daycare that took kids of any age and would also do special request) dom role (caregiver/ you were called by a family who had a spoiled(sub) who alway acted up and wanted everything done for them . they payed to have the daycare watch them all summer but they payed you extra to treat them how they acted. they asked you to do it slowly unless hey act up and be mean to others then the should be punished and humiliated. but they asked to have them slowly loose their ability to use the bathroom and to have their belongins taken away once they do. so they could be intriduced into their new life as a baby. 3rd rp idea tricked into diapers (sub) you had your (aunt/uncle/dom) come over to visit one day and you were rude to them. somehoe tho. you get caught by your parents with thier purse/wallet in your drawer. you tell them you had no idea how it got their but they dont believe you. your (dom) ask to watch you for the summer as punishement. and since they lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere. it be a good place to keep an eye you. as your uncle insisted what else could you be up to if you were stealing from your own famly. so they send you off with your dom for the whole summer. dom(you didnt like how you(sub) treated you. so you decide to teach them a leason. you managed to frame the and they will be with you all summer. but little did(sub) know but your town had only a store,park,and a daycare and your place in a large wooded area. your plan is to make them wet the bed and slowly loos all bladder control and ability to know when the need t pee. then when they are peeing in daytime. you turn to making them soil themselves in a few"accedents" once they have had enough:accedents" you act as if you had enough. you take them to their bedroom nd make them remove all of thier big kids clothes and replace it with diapers,onsies and t-shirts. then you plan to enroll them into the daycare when you have to go to do stuff and plan to take them to the park so everyone can see how much of a baby they are. you will teach them to never be rude again. send a message if interested in any. im looking to be sub but can dom as well. can be multiple rp if wanted and rp can be changed to accomadate.
  3. Being little on your own

    Hey guys, apologies if this has been posted before and I haven't seen it. Is it common for people to ageplay alone? Little Sparky doesn't like the idea of doing everything alone, she would like some sort of company whilst being her little self. She's interested in everything but sitting alone in her bedroom seems lonely and not as interesting as it would be if she had a Daddy or another little to play with. Thoughts? xx
  4. Hi, this is my first post and it will be wonderful if you can give feedback to the author of these stories. In the attached file you will find multiple stories all occurring in the old PAM universe. The ones that may concern you the most are the ones about Stacey but it's highly advised to read all the stories. And if you want I have more of the same from the same author. In the end, please don't forget to give feedback to the author so that we could see more of his work. the Politech shorts 3 (completed stories).pdf
  5. Sydney dl's

    Hey there this is a thread for all the ab/dls in the NEW SOUTH WALES region feel free to comment and we can chat , would love to meet others and have a real conversation with
  6. Looking For Roleplay

    . Ready to roleplay MUST include me being breastfed, ageplay, and you playing a female celebrity. Males are welcome but must play as a female celebrity and can play as a guy if they want.I ONLY PLAY AS THE SUB OR THE LITTLE.Must be detailed and active in replying.My fav roles areSugar Mommy/ Sugar BabyDoctor/ PatientCelebrity/FanRespond with your asl. your fetlife name also your the celebrity you want to be and the roles please when you respond.Open to other roles and if you have a scene idea im willing to listen and maybe try it.If interested Kik is tashalovatic36 im open to other roles but my limits are scat, roughness of anykind, bondage of anykind or humilation or degrading me what so ever. Or message me on here
  7. Emma's Baby Life

    I don't own once upon time this is a fanfiction . Emma's Baby Life Chapter 1: Rules and Confessions Ever since her little brother was born Emma Swan the 28 year old blond, green eyed savior, daughter of Snow White, and Prince Charming had a secret desire. This desire grew stronger every time she saw little Neal, with her parents. You see little Neal was getting everything Emma dreamed of. The love of parents a carefree childhood. Her desire was to start all over from the beginning with her actually parents. Then she remembered, that she was living with her birth parents maybe she could get what she wanted from them. Now all that was left was to come up with a plan. Emma finally thought of a way to get Snow, and charming on board. First she would have a night time accident, then she would have them in the day causing her parents to confront her. With those thoughts in mind, she set out to get what she needed. She thought of an elaborated plan to get what she wanted. She was getting ready to set her plan in motion, then she came to the realization their her parents maybe all she need to do was talk to them. Thoughts of her traumatic childhood came and hunted her. What if they thought her a freak and kicked her out. No she had heard them say they love her no matter what tomorrow she was going to tell them.It was morning Emma rushed out of bed to look for her parents She found them in the living room."Mom dad can I talk with the both of you." The blond princess asked shyly finding the floor more interesting. Snow and charming looked up to see her eyes since they were sitting on the couch. "Of course you can sweetie." Replied Snow in cheerful tone. Emma nervously began to talk fast "Canyouanddadtreatmelikeababyplease?" "Emma slow down and speak up please." Snow said this as she put a conferring hand on Emma's shoulders. Charming seeing his daughter struggle went near her lifted her chin so she could see his eyes full of love. "We love you no matter what, and we do anything for you." charming told her in caring voice. "Ok I want to be your baby." Emma confessed a little nervously."Honey you are our baby girl." Seeing their daughter struggling to get out what she wanted to say Snow stood up from the couch walk towards her daughter reached her hand and sat her in the couch between her and David. "Not what I meant." She took a deep breath and calmed her mind I want you guys to treat me like my baby brother." Emma emphasized the word baby. Snow, and charming looked at each other with a small smile forming on their faces. Ever since the first curse broke Snow wanted to baby Emma. Snow, and charming never had the chance to care for their baby girl, it looks like they might get their chance. "Emma when you say baby do you mean diapers and everything that comes with being a baby?" Snow asked with her face full of hope and a little exited at the chance to have her baby girl. All Emma did was nod her head and looked at floor. "Oh Emma you don't know how happy you made me." Snow replied, then in strict voice she said if were going to treat you like a baby their some rule for you to follow." Emma sat their listing to her mother and father. rule 1 no walking only when holding my hand our your dad hand. rule 2 only babyish talk or babbling which ever you prefer. rule 3 diapers 24/7 and they are to be used you will be our baby girl all the time no matter were we go or whos with us. rule 4 you will be dressed and changed by me and your father you wont tell us when you need a change we'll check you. rule 5 you will be baby sat if David and I want to go own our own. If you break any of the rules you will be spanked and grounded. "You understand that being a baby means we'll be doing everything for you right?" David asked her with concern as to not make her feel forced. "Yes I under stand." Emma replied, with that said David went to check on Neal. "Oh one more thing I'll call Regina to magically turn your room into a nursery and to transform some of your clothes!" Snow exclaimed firmly looking at Emma. Regina, and the Charmings were getting along better that Regina acted motherly towards Snow, and in respond Snow would call her mom. Emma out of humor or sarcasm would call Regina grandma. "A mom I don't mind Regina doing the nursery, but I already have some diapers and clothing." Emma blushed explaining to Snow. Snow took Emma's hand and lead, her brand new baby girl to her room. "Okay baby show mommy were your stuff is." Snow cooed at her daughter, Emma smiled and giggled at her mothers cooing. Emma pointe at her closet, Snow laid Emma on the bed. She then looked at the closet and found a big box, Snow opened the box and took a pink package of adult diapers with Disney prints more specifically Snow White and Prince charming, Snow smiled at the design and then found red dress with white polka dots, while snow was looking for the clothes Emma had to go to the bathroom. She decided to wet her panties. "Oh no baby had an accident mommy is going to fix that." Snow cooed at her daughter in a sweet,and kind voice. Snow took Emma's pants of followed by her wet panties. "Silly baby this are for big girls." snow said tickling Emma's chin at hear her mother talk to her in a cooing matter she went into a babyish mindset. "Me no big me baby." "That's right and were do babies belong?" "In diappies." "Good girl." Snow said as she lifted her daughter legs and slid the diaper under need her, after she wiped Emma. Then she applied some baby powder, lotion, and rash cream. She took Emma's shirt off and dressed her in the red dress with white polka dots she found earlier after Emma was dressed Snow did her daughter's hair in pigtails She tied the pigtails with red bows. Okay lets show you of to your daddy, give me your hand sweetie. Emma did as she was told. Emma was definitely enjoying this. They came down to the kitchen finding David feeding Neal. David saw his girl dressed in the red dress with white polka dots that barely covered her diaper and all he could thing was of the baby girl he had to send away. "Hey baby girl you hungry?" David asked lovingly finishing feeding Neal. Snow sat Emma in the chair closest to her. "Dada me hungwy." Emma replied whining. Since Snow couldn't find a bib for Emma, she tuck a small towel in Emma's dress and began feeding her the eggs that David had made. "Open wide for the airplane. " Snow said as she grabbed a forkful of eggs, Emma complied with her mothers wishes Snow continued feeding her grown baby by repeating the same phrase. Were did the eggie go, its all gone. Snow cooed at Emma as she gave her the last bit. After breakfast Snow called Regina she wait patiently, until she her a hello. "Hi mom, how have you been ? I've been good, and what do you need dear? Regina asked knowing her daughter wouldn't call her this early. Snow was shocked that her mother thought this of her so she responded with a question of her own. "What cant a daughter call her mother?" Snow asked with sadden voice. "Snow White." Regina only used her daughter's full name when she got her nerves or was trying to lie about something or the other. Once her full name was used Snow knew the game was over she still had to ask though "How do you know?" "A mother always knows." "Alright can you help me with a little project please?" Snow gave in and asked what she originally intended on asking when she contacted Regina "Yes, what type of project?" "I need to build a magical nursery. Can you please come this different then what your thinking." "Okay dear all be their as soon as am done in the office." Regina couldn't help but wonder what Snow would want with a magical nursery. The thoughts kept bugging her, was her grand baby in trouble no snow sounded to calm, more excited then anything. Regina couldn't wait and see what was going to happen. Chapter 2 Regina's gifts Regina Mills formerly known, as the Evil Queen, step mother to Snow White. Mayor of Storybrooke Maine. Regina sat in her office thinking of the call her stepdaughter gave her. She wondered if the town or her grandbabies were in danger. Regina took that thought out of her mind the town had been strangely peaceful. Once her work was done she decided to walk over to the charming's home. Regina could've teleported if she wanted to it was such a lovely day to walk. During her walk she ran in to Dr. Hopper who was walking his dog. They exchanged pleasantries later she stopped at granny's diner for lunch for her and the charmings. It was wonderful from being hated to having a family a stepdaughter, an adoptive son who just so happens to be her step great grandson as well, a step grandson and a step granddaughter a full family. She finally made it to her stepdaughters home, before she was able to knock on the door Snow opened the door not fully just enough for a peek. "What's wrong dear" Regina asked lovingly to Snow who was acting strange. "Nothing mom, I just need a bit of help." Snow replied finally opening the door fully to reveal Emma happily sucking on one of Neal's toys and crawling around. "Is s... is she under some type of spell ?" Regina asked with concern and fright written on her face seeing her step mother become concern Snow quickly " No she just woke up this morning telling us that she wanted to be babied." Regina's fright, and concern turned into confusion, and curiosity. "Why?" was all Regina managed to ask, her brown eyes meeting her stepdaughters hazel eyes. She had a feeling she wasn't going to like the answer. "Please mom sit down." Snow pointed Regina to the couch were she sat next to Snow. With both sitting in the couch Snow began to speak. When you cast the dark curse David and I Send Emma to this world through a magical wardrobe build by Gepetto, and the blue fairy. She was put into the foster system. According to what Emma has told us about her child hood is that the first family that took her in gave her back, because they were expecting a child of their own they told her that since they were getting a biological child she was useless to them. The next family to adopt her had a teenage son whom was into drugs, alcohol, and almost raped her, however their son blamed her and of curse his parents believed him over Emma. The last family the she told us about was a drunk who would beat her for an little detail so as you can see she felt unloved and uncared for now that she knows who we are and how were connected to her she wants what her little brother has. After hearing that story Regina felt guilty after all it was her fault Emma missed out on a happy childhood with her family. Regina just got an idea that might make up for lost time " Snow if you like I can turn Emma into an actual toddler or baby whatever age you want her to be!" Regina exclaimed. Snow was thinking she would love that but she didn't know how Emma would take it." I think you should ask Emma first I really don't want to pusher into doing something she doesn't want to do." Snow replied. Regina walked to were Emma was siting down and babbling to herself. When Emma saw Regina walking towards her she spit the toy that she had on her mouth. "Don't worry Emma your mommy told me everything. You can act like Baby Emmy or adult Emma." Regina explained lovingly with a smile on her face Emma giggled at the nickname Regina gave her baby self she relaxed a little. "Okay Emmy first thing first since your a baby now you can't work at sheriff station now before you protest, I have an offer I can turn you into a baby that's only if you want." Regina explained. "Um... I appreciate the offer but I can't take it am still the savior after all." Emma replied. Regina's face light up with another idea "How about I make you light enough for Snow David and myself to carry you like an infant?" Regina asked her, Emma liked the idea however one person was in her mind," I'll accept but what about Henry?" Emma asked worried for her son and how he was going to take all of this. "Well if we do this he well be more of an uncle to you then a son, and more of a brother to Snow. " Regina answered her, she took a deep breath and continued to talk "You can explain this or I'll tell him your choice dear." The blond savior loved her son but felt unstable to be a mother, after all how many 28 year olds still needed their parents to baby them. She wanted parents her whole life and now she had to choose her kid or her babyhood. Okay she gave him up to give him his best chance and ten years later he dragged her to Storybrooke, to brake a curse, and be reunited with her family, but she still lost the love, and care parents give their kids . Maybe this made her selfish but she wanted her mommy, and daddy to take care of her. "Deal, can you tell henry for me please?" Emma asked in her adult form. "Of course dear. You know you look adorable in that outfit, but theirs some thing missing." Regina stated. Regina held her right hand covered with purple smoke once the smoke disappeared she was holding a pacifier. She got closer to Emma and lovingly put the pacifier in Emma's mouth. The blond savior accepted it and begun sucking it " Fank you gwandma." Emma lisped causing Regina's heart to melt. Regina left the overgrown baby playing happily. Snow had seen the whole thing play out. Regina walked over to Snow "As for young lady your to pack the belongs of your family and move to my house this loft is to small to raise babies." Regina playful, but sternly scolded her stepdaughter even though it was technically her fault. Snow was shocked she hasn't been scolded by Regina since she was a teen. "Snow one more thing give me some time to set up the nurseries!" Regina exclaimed. "Couldn't you make it magically?" Snow asked with confusion and concern written all over her face. "I could it just wouldn't have any love in it." Regina replied living the loft. Baby Neal began to cry. "Mommy is coming." Snow yelled as, she rushed to pick her baby. Emma saw from her play area how Snow dropped everything for Neal, it made her wish that the curse that destroyed her childhood was never casted. She saw her mother Breastfeed her little brother and didn't notice when her father came until he picked her up. "Daddy." She squealed happily. David has always been able to carry his daughter, however this time she felt lighter then usually, he shrugged it off, and took her to the couch and bounced her on his knee. "Hi princess how was your day?" "Wegina came and gave me dis!" Emma exclaimed showing her pacifier to David. At first he was shocked, at how easy Emma fell in her new roll. "That was nice of her." David commented. Emma felt the need to go number two, she also found out its easier to wet yourself then to mess your diaper. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't let it out. David notice that something was wrong with his baby girl. "What's Wrong princess?" "No poopie daddy." The blond savior replied. "Come on princess you can do it. Show daddy how much of a baby you want to be." Emma was happy that her dad was helping her she squaded and began to push Emma was finally able to mess herself.
  8. Looking for Someone to Roleplay with

    Hey Im looking for people to roleplay with on google hangouts ,skype, kik ,viber, or on here in private messaging . I prefer to be the baby but can be the mommy if needed. If interested message me on here and we can talk If you have any ideas that u would like to do im open to hearing them. and here is a scene i had in mind im looking for a roleplay where you're my landlord and I've not been able to pay up entirely so you offer a discount in exchange for me being your baby for a set time each day, but with every day you make it a bit longer so that in a few days you've got me diapered and babied full time. YOU MUST PLAY AS A FEMALE i would like for you to be a celebrity but if not thats okay AND MUST INCLUDE BREASTFED ME. if your interested please message me on here and we can talk futher or message me on kik with you celebrity choice and asl ,my kik is tashalovatic36 im willing to play the mommy for a little while if i get my turn to be the baby
  9. Looking for Someone to Roleplay with

    Hey Im looking for people to roleplay with on google hangouts ,skype, kik ,viber, or on here in private messaging . I prefer to be the baby but can be the mommy if needed. If interested message me on here and we can talk If you have any ideas that u would like to do im open to hearing them.
  10. Accidents Happen [Open]

    Jess had been having accidents in her bed lately, what she didn't know what that her single mother had started to notice that her 22 year old had been been hiding her accidents. So she'd decided to get her some pull-ups, unknown to Jess. Jess yawned as she woke up, her pink undies were damp with a fresh accident. She hadn't realized it yet, that was for sure, and she also didn't know that her mommy was going to come check on her. [Open, need someone to play her mom, who will diaper and baby her - preferably taken by a female (:]
  11. Big Girl to Diapers [Open]

    Lea hadn't been the most responsible 23 year old lately, she had been drinking and smoking, and her single mother had been upset her daughter has been behaving this way; shed been acting more like a toddler than a 23 year old. Lea came home one night, completely and totally wasted; her mother of course, was not too impressed. [Need someone to play her mother to diaper and baby her. Females preferred.]
  12. Rugrats Angelica Birthday Goosebumps The Cuckoo Clock of Doom The Genie from Down Under baby talk
  13. Angelica Back To BabyHood

    Angelica was mean was spoiled lil brat she was mean and selfish one day her dad has had enough to tech her a lesson her pushment is that she is going to be babied at 1st she has no problem with it but then she finds out its not whats all cracked up to be. ( need someone play tommy chuckie Phil and Lil, and rest of chars) walks up to bedroom to and sees that its changed her bed has been replaced by a crib and there changing table with diaper on it.
  14. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a link to the Littlespace Online community. While it is targeted more for Caregiver/little dynamics, littles, and middles (an ageplay mindset older than diaper-age typically--but not always!) we would be more than pleased to see more AB/DL running around the site having fun. We have some nifty things like free adult coloring pages, raffles, giveaways, a personals ads area, a live chat room, how-to guides, informative resources, an online store, and more. We've been around for about a year now and have over 5,500 members so we're pretty active! It's a great adult community of friendly people so if you're looking to branch out a little please do check out the site. We're also open to promoting podcasts and things related to ABDL and ageplay so we might be a great resource there too! http://www.littlespaceonline.com/ I hope to see you around soon!
  15. Potty Pants [Open]

    Jaye had another accident in her panties at college, her teacher, Professor Robinson had caught her in her went undies. The woman in her late 20s called her mother, mostly because of her bad grades and now the accident in the middle of class; she knew that Jaye had to be treated like the age that she had been acting. [Need someone to play her mommy to come and pick her up, diapering and babying her. Females only please.]
  16. The Vacation

    Author's note: I started this story over a year ago without a definite ending in mind. I haven't worked on it in some time. I will be revising as I write and so will publish what I have, around 50,000 words so far, in serialized format. Comments of a constructive variety are always welcome. I write for myself, not for others, and if readers cannot be respectful, then I just won't share. The story is semi-autobiographical but mostly fantasy. Some of the experiences of both protagonists are my own, but I do not have and never did have a wife or mommy. Enjoy. _________________________________________________________________________________________ It so rarely works out that a singles website, especially an “adult†singles website, leads to two people finding each other and living together at all, much less happily. But John and Alice did meet online, and they did get married, and three years later, they were living together happily. When they married, they didn’t have enough for a honeymoon, but they had pursued their careers successfully, even feverishly, and now they were ready for a vacation. Alice and John met on Fetlife in 2010. Of course Alice had the upper hand, what with twenty men for every woman on the site (twenty-five if you only count the real women), and after wading through rude emails, improper suggestions, and an array of emotional cripples, she had been the one to contact John. John had joined the site on a whim, been truthful in his profile, and then done nothing with the site. He had almost forgotten about it when he received an email. Each enjoyed playing the little, and each enjoyed playing the top as well. And most importantly, they lived in the same metro area. After the usual cautious encounter in a crowded coffee shop, they began dating. It was Alice that suggested, at six months, that they finally try playing together. They were engaged at a year, married at eighteen months, and three years later, in mid-September, they were ready for a vacation. John was the shy one in the relationship, and though the apartment they lived had thick enough walls, he still did not feel comfortable playing as realistically as the couple often wanted to, and neither could they engage in more full time play. They worked at serious jobs with serious people, lived in a building where everybody knew everybody else, and as much as they loved each other and their fetish, they were afraid to compromise themselves. More specifically, it was John who was ever cautious and afraid to take his fetish out in public, no matter how much Alice urged him or demonstrated that a diaper could be concealed under clothing in public. Alice thought of winter as one long, cold opportunity to hide diapers under jeans and coats. Their play ran the gamut, and though it almost always involved diapers, they were both ageplayers with a broader focus. Sometimes he was a little boy in diapers, sometimes she was a cheerleader in diapers. It varied to suit their moods, and the variety gave them a chance to be more spontaneous, with an outfit she wore being enough to start a scene on the spur of the moment, or John spilling a drink. The vacation had been a mutual idea, but it was Alice who pointed out that the vacation could be a time to indulge in their fantasies to the fullest extent, and being the caring wife she was, she offered to play the mommy during the trip and let John act out his passion in private. Alice insisted that she be the one to plan the vacation, and accordingly, she booked the house, made all the arrangements, and went a step further: she was the mommy, and she was in charge. Indeed, they had never had a need to play with a safe word, but this time she insisted. John agreed Alice would take the lead, and absent the word, John would obey. He didn’t even know where they were going, or what her plans were. He did know this though – he would be diapered from when the play began until when it ended. Leaving “Honey, where are all the supplies? I just put the suitcases in the trunk. We can’t have everything in there already, can we,†John asked as he looked at the wedding photo on the hallway wall. He paused for a moment to appreciate what he had – a wife who was 5-foot-seven, blonde, slim, smart, funny, successful and who loved him – and opened the kitchen drawer to make sure he remembered everything he took with him when leaving the house. He set his wallet, keys, phone, and sunglasses on the counter, filled his travel mug with water and a slice of lemon, and looked around once more to make sure he hadn’t forgotten to unplug anything. As he was doing his mental inventory, Alice called out to him. “Come in the bedroom for a second.†Alice had one foot on the bed, buckling her sandals. “Sit down for a sec.†John did as he was told. Alice often did this either when they were playing or when she wanted to calm John down. Sometimes John found it patronizing – he was rarely not calm, in fact thought it was Alice who was on edge, thinking that John needed to be handled. This was one of those times, but he did as he was told. “You put the suitcases in the trunk,†Alice asked. “Yes. Is that everything? It can’t be for a whole week of play.†Alice stood in front of him. She paused to admire what she had – a husband who was handsome, with brown hair and eyes, was two inches shorter than she was, and at 28, two years younger – and smiled. “That is everything. I told you I’d take care of it, and I don’t want you to ask any questions about this week. You are to participate, not anticipate. Go to the bathroom before we leave.†John blushed, as he was prone to, and said, “Okay. You know I trust you.†He kissed her on the cheek. He did trust her, but he also only loaded three suitcases – one for him, one for her, and one with some of their play items. Alice had been the one to pack that bag, and she padlocked it too so John couldn’t peak. He could figure out what was likely in there from what was still in the apartment, but no way was there a week’s worth of items in there. While he was in the bathroom, Alice took the opportunity to put on an Abena pull-up. She actually hated pull-ups, and so did he, but she had a plan, and it involved him wetting his pants, not the other way around. She just hoped she didn’t leak if she had to use it. And anyway, they only got one vacation, and she intended to spend some time diapered as well, even if she was playing the big on this trip. For the time being, though, she didn’t want him to know she was protected. She pulled on a pair of panties over her pull-up, both as concealment and because they held it in place better. In the kitchen, Alice packed the cooler with their picnic lunch and called out to John, “John! I’m putting your wallet in my purse, okay?†He replied with a flush and opened the door. When he got to the kitchen, he was holding a card of Immodium. They had discussed this last night. John had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and often before travelling, he downed a double dose to slow down his system. This time, Alice didn’t want him to. John looked sheepish. “Honey, are you sure I shouldn’t take this? How long of a ride is it?†Alice was sympathetic. John worried constantly about his IBS. When they went anywhere, it was on his mind. If they went to dinner, John ate bland food; if they went to a movie, John sat on the aisle. He was actually quite good at controlling his flare ups, but he was constantly vigilant, and it had even had an impact on his career. He passed up opportunities that would require travel, and often made excuses as to why he ate so little during lunch meetings. “First, I’m not telling you how long the car trip is. I don’t want anything that would ruin the surprise. Second, I don’t think you’ll need it. You already went this morning, you skipped breakfast – if you were going to have an episode this morning, you’d have had it. And besides, remember what happened when we went to your mother’s last year? You took a dose before bed, a dose in the morning, and you spent the next ten days constipated. But just in case, put it in my purse.†She held out her purse, and he dropped it in. She knew John would feel better just having it with them in an accessible place (another box was in the suitcases), even though if John ended up having to take it, it would be too late. “Ready to go?†John nodded yes and paused, expecting the countdown, the ritual to say that this was playtime. Instead, Alice handed him the soft-sided cooler that contained their picnic lunch. John collected his phone, keys, and sunglasses from the counter and followed Alice out the door.
  17. hp roleplay anyone?

    anywant to do an hp age roleplay?
  18. Not a Baby [sissydreams]

    When 22 year-old Jaye heard her mom talking about a babysitter, she was dumbfounded. She might have been grounded for bad grades in college, but she didn't need a babysitter, she was a grown up! Of course, she figured she would humour her neighbour, who was only a couple of years older than her, in her early 30s and she was going to help her clean out the attic. She knocked on the door, waiting for the other to answer it.
  19. Unwanted Arrangement

    So, this is my first story pertaining to any sort of kink or sexual/fetish content. I'm trying to balance between avoiding dragged on scenes and moving the story too fast. Nonetheless, this is not going to be a particularly long story, but it's still going to be fairly good. I have some of the first chapters, or the first third of the story already written. Each chapter will be a separate post. A few warnings: this story is not overly sexual, there are no explicit sex scenes, but sex is mentioned and there will be a part where a character's genitals are put into a chastity cage. There will be some messing, but I'm not going to describe it in too great of detail. UNWANTED ARRANGEMENT Introduction It’s just a meetup, nothing outright….specific…is going to happen at this thing. Jason took a deep breath, whipping out his phone to look down at it casually as he entered the restaurant. Fortunately for him, the restaurant was large, and not terribly crowded for the lunch hour. Music played throughout, so conversations had some relative privacy. He made his way through to one of the back rooms, where one of the larger booths held a considerable handful of people sitting around drinks and a card holder with a white ribbon tied around it. That was the semi-secretive sign for members of the local AB/DL kink meetup group to look for so as to avoid having to ask around with embarrassing questions. Jason wiped a small amount of sweat from his brow and his black bangs, and his shivering lessened. “Uh, so…is this the group? You’re Tom right?” Jason said, sheepishly. A man in his late 30’s wearing a baseball cap stood up to shake Jason’s hand. He towered over Jason, who was unfortunately a mere 5 feet and 5 inches. “Yeah, I’m your man! What’s your name, dude?” “Jason.” The two shook hands and the newcomer took a seat. The table consisted of several different people of different gender and background. “We were just talking about the concert next weekend.” Tom coughed. “So, Jason, care to introduce yourself?” A waitress brought some glasses of water, once of which Jason took and promptly took a good swig. “Well, I’m an editor—or was… until recently actually. I’m still searching for a new job but I thought that in the meantime I could try to branch out and meet some new people.” Jason looked away for a second, then looked back. “I uh, I’m kind of new to…this stuff” One of the others, a woman, piped up. “Oh don’t worry we don’t really discuss that much here, mostly we just socialize and connect.” Tom interjected. “Yeah that kinda stuff is saved for our private meets.” “Ah, yeah, I figured,” Jason replied. The rest of the group briefly introduced themselves to Jason. One of them in particular, a woman named Ann, caught his attention. She seemed about the same height as him, with light brown hair and striking green eyes. “Well, it’s great to meet all of you.” Chapter 1 A few weeks had passed, during which Jason had asked Ann out and surely enough, this had progressed into a romantic relationship. This helped to keep him from getting too brought down by his still failing attempts at getting a decent job. He still had some savings to live comfortably unemployed for a while, but eventually he would need something to pay the bills. Ann was a very sweet woman. She was in her late 20’s like Jason, and worked as a nurse downtown. She made a decent living as someone still new to the job after nursing school. She was very talkative, but also very forward and friendly, which rubbed off on Jason and improved his self-confidence somewhat. Unlike some of the other members of the AB/DL group, she had rarely gone to many of the private meetups. This was a comfortable speed for Jason as well. Eventually, the relationship progressed to that of physical intimacy. Like many couples, they had sex from time to time. However, Jason began to suggest they introduce some of their kinks into the situation. The obvious primary bedroom interest they shared was that of ageplay and diapers. They purchased diapers of varying levels of babyish appearance, then moved on to pacifiers, bottles, onesies, and toys. Jason tired of living alone, and with their relationship becoming more serious, he brought it up to Ann, who offered to let him move in with her. He accepted, moving out of his cheaper apartment into her somewhat upscale one. It was considerably nicer than his smaller place. Clean granite countertops in a spacious kitchen, a large living room, a large TV, wide windows giving a crisp view from the first floor, and two bedrooms. She had a roommate when the lease was signed, but they had to leave due to an emergency. Fortunately, the tenant paid off their side of the rest of the lease. Jason offered to help Ann pay her rent, but she told him they could move to a smaller apartment when the lease was over and by then he would have a job. This irritated Jason, as he felt like she wasn’t letting him contribute to their life. He kept it to himself, however. In the meantime, Jason and Ann shared her bedroom while the other one was converted into a “little”-space for a crib, a changing table, diapers, and all the other items involved. From time to time, they would play out fantasies of one being a caretaker and the other being the “baby.” This usually involved feeding, wetting, naptimes, and little childish games. One evening, Jason laid down Ann for a diaper change when he suddenly had an idea. “Hey, honey, I don’t mean to interrupt the moment, but I was thinking, what if we went to one of those private meets?” She sat up, a pink diaper crinkling under extra long yellow t-shirt. Popping out her pacifier, she said, “Weww…” she said in a babyish tone, before realizing they weren’t roleplaying at the moment,” I haven’t been to one of those in a while.” “I’d at least like to try it, once.” “Alright, but you should know that they usually host these at someone’s house or apartment. Tom has a big backyard for this stuff.” “Ok.” “Well, there’s another thing. Most of the people there are interested in playing a role, either caretaker or child, and it’s sort of a rule that every child has a corresponding parent.” “Well, if you don’t mind me being your “daddy” there for a while…” Jason began to caress Ann playfully. “But it’s your first time there, and it would be hard for me to introduce you to the larger group and everything if I’m expected to use baby talk and play with the other kids.” “I guess that makes sense. So…” “So…I was thinking that maybe you could be baby when we go.” Jason thought about this for a moment. Deep down he enjoyed being babied more than doing the babying. In addition, he did feel like it would be fun to have some “playmates.” “Alright, honey, I’ll do it. But for right now, you’re still my little girl,” Jason said as he finished applying the tapes of the new, dry diaper to his lover. He took her into the “nursery” room, helping her into the crib, then giving her a teddy and a kiss goodnight. Chapter 2 Little “Jay-Jay” woke up to the Saturday morning sunlight. He was wearing a snapped up blue onesie over a thick sleep diaper. He felt it sag, slightly, realizing he had wet it some the night before. That was a sign that the diuretics worked. Any time he or Ann went into any extended “little mode”, they would take these pills to make themselves partially incontinent for a short time, but they were careful not to overdo it. He suckled his pacifier, remembering that today was the day of the meet. He rolled over in the crib, the crinkling of his padding alerting Ann in the next room. As she came in, Jason sat up against the bars of the crib. “I’m sh’all wakey, Mommy!” Jason exclaimed through his pacifier. “Is my little boy excited for his big day?” Ann cooed in response. She reached down into the crib to place her fingers inside the strap of his diaper, and upon feeling the dampness, she pulled down the bars and guided him over to the changing table. She unsnapped the garment, then tickled Jason’s tummy for a bit, eliciting some giggles, before removing his wet diaper and applying baby powder onto him. She reached down and grabbed a diaper printed with Sesame Street characters in light blues and greens. She knew that the printed ones were a bit embarrassing for her boyfriend, but they both knew that he liked how this added to his feeling of little-ness. She snapped the onesie back on, then took him by hand into the kitchen. He sat himself into the adult-sized high chair the couple had purchased in addition to the rest of the baby paraphernalia. “I’m huuuuungwy Mommy, can I have oatmeal for bweakfast?” Jason said in his most childish accent. “No sweetie, you need to eat your eggs to be big and strong.” Jason crossed his arms and pouted. “But moooooommmmyyyy, I wike oatmeal better!” She pinched his cheek. “You’re eating eggs for breakfast, no more arguing, Jay-Jay.” Jason enjoyed acting like a brat and having Ann come down on him with some authority, from time to time. Ann made some scrambled eggs, which she chopped up into smaller bits and put them on a plate to let Jason eat with his hands. As expected, he got much of his food on his face. Ann gently wiped it off, then helped him out of the high-chair. She grabbed his hand again, but he put his over hers, looking up at her. “Honey, this has been a lot of fun, but I’ve got some follow-up calls to make and more applications to fill out as soon as possible. I’ll change back before we head to the meetup tonight. I’m gonna go take a shower and get dressed.” As he turned around to walk to the bathroom, Ann gave a playful pat to Jason’s rear. She always thought he had a cute butt, especially in a diaper. Jason chuckled and went to get undressed. As Jason took his shower, Ann sat and thought about why he cut things off so suddenly. She could tell he was getting more and more frustrated about not finding a good job, and from time to time he even had outbursts, yelling at his laptop. One time, he had an interview for a position that seemed perfect, but some greenhorn who happened to have a friend in the company swooped in and essentially took it from him. When he got the call about it, he stormed out of the apartment and spent nearly the whole day out, not even answering his phone. Jason spent the rest of the afternoon making phone calls, answering and writing emails, and searching ads for jobs. Ann had suggested he could settle for something with less pay, but he constantly refused due to not wanting Ann to be the primary breadwinner. Ann understood that he wanted to hold out for something better, but she grew tired of his stubbornness. The clock struck 6pm, and Jason closed his laptop. “Allllllright, we should probably get ready.” Jason stood up, heading to the nursery room, Ann behind him. “Jason, do you wanna take the diuretic, just for fun?” Ann said, holding a bottle. Jason shook his head. “Haha no ma’am, I don’t want want to have any accidents in front of anyone at this meetup. Going in dressed like a toddler is embarrassing enough.” Speaking of dressing like a toddler, Jason saw a new outfit laid out on the changing table. “I thought I would have you wear something that covered you up more, but was still really cute,” Ann said. Lying there was a pair of denim blue shortalls and a red and white striped shirt. Jason blushed and looked back at Ann, who was grinning.
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    im looking for a mommy or baby that is willing to return the favor later must have a kik my kik is tashalovatic36
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    Just finished up the highchair, and boy do I feel little sitting up on this thing.
  22. It was official. Amanda hated her life. She hated hher parents' insistence to study, she hated studying. Most of all though, right now, she hated the dingy, run-down building that passed for a major railway station. She felt like a criminal as she pulled her bags along the platform twoard the main entrance. "This place needs a makeover. Heck, it needed one 15 years ago." There was something else about college she particularly hated, though. This was not a happy trip. It wasn't the trip of a wide eyed and excited young woman off to study and learn, to embrace the wider world of learning. No, this was the trip of a college dropout. She only hoped that her sister had decided to take her in, otherwise, it was off to her parents' European home, where they had moved when her father had finally gotten that job on the board he'd been angling for all these years. It wasn't all bad, of course. He'd seen fit to buy her and her sister a place in their hometown for their trouble. But they had been rather insistent on her going to college, and she really didn't want to face them and answer them about why she had flunked out. From a distance, she could handle it. She would hear the disappointment in their voice,. But it was their eyes she didn't want to see. So, she'd called on her sister a few days ago. She'd agreed to at least see her for now, and until things shook out, but she had no idea how long that would last. Her sister *had* kindof sided with her parents on studying. Amanda sighed as she stepped out with her bag, standing under the shabby awning with her bags. Most of her things were being sent by courier to her sister's, but she had the essentials with her. Amanda wasn't the largest girl, she was quite short, Only 5'1", with a head of shoulder length darkish brown hair, blue eyes, and a rather small nose. She had the kind of skin complexion that stars dreamed of, which didn't help when she headed for bars. She was always carded, every single time, and along with being short, this had annoyed her to no end. Her sister, of course, got her father's height, and towered over her. Life wasn't fair. Still, none of that changed the facts, so it wasn't long before the young looking woman picked up her phone and dialled her sister. She tapped her foot nervously as she waited for the telltale click of the phone being answered, and after 6 rings, she got it. "Hey, sis, It's me. I'm at the station. Would you mind coming to pick me up? There isn't another bus for two hours," she began, nervously waiting for her sister's answer. She really hated the city buses here.
  23. [Open] [FxF] Wet Baby Undies

    Jaye had another accident in her undies. Her step-mommy, Dianna knew that she was having accidents, and got her a pair of baby undies for her little girl. Dianna was coming home from work and the baby store, to see Jaye in her wet panties. [Looking for her step-mommy, Dianna to baby and eventually diaper her. Would prefer just one person, and preferably female.]
  24. Ageplay munch in Georgia

    Are there any ageplay meet ups/events/munchs in Atlanta Georgia? If so, when/where, anyone have info? And if not, how could we start one?