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Found 7 results

  1. Hai I'm new here!

    Hai! My name is RaeLynn, but you can call me Rae~! I'm a 2-5 year old little girl living in California with my Daddy and my pupper Kola! I like Disney, anime, Hello Kitty, Barbies, my Daddy, baking, cute things, coloring, and making friends. :3 So talk to me! Let's be friends. :3
  2. Am I Alone?

    Hey guys, This is my first topic here, ever! And before anyone asks, no, I refuse to think I am alone, that is exactly why I started the topic!! The idea is simple, after doing some literature reading, i finally came to terms, that at some time during my evolution into adulthood, I have skipped something that has left a big gaping hole in my soul. Basically I have locked somewhere that part of me and refused to let it go, just hoping one day I will be able to resume where I left off. That part is my 10-11 yo self, a part of me I cherished, and felt I disappointedly had to let go to early in my life. I had to become an adult for my family, then for my friends and now for my job and now my team. Always having to care for others, and trying to be an emotional rock for so long for everyone around me is just about killing me now. I really feel my younger self is being neglected, and everyone around me expects me to not even mention his existence. Still I just don`t want to let him go! I don`t know if this makes any sense to anyone. I don`t even know what i expect anyone to say to this topic. I just feel like there may be a chance that someone will help me better understand what is happening to me, maybe not directly but through common experience. Heck, I just need to relate to someone so as to know I`m not alone I guess. Also, I`m sooo tired of being so dependable for everyone, but not being allowed to depend on someone. Anyway, I’ll just stop my rambling here, sorry for those that I’ve bored with this. I hope next time I will be more coherent! Thx, Swampy
  3. Have you known any single gal who had AK tendencies/wanted to be an AK? What was she into, how exactly would she act, and, if applicable, what was it like dating her? What should I be aware of and watch out for if I'm ever to date a gal like her? What kinds of dates would I ought to bring her to? I'd like to be very well-prepared for dating an adult kid woman. Also, I'm aware we have a Personals somewhere on DD. What is a good example of an Adult Kid woman's profile? Thanks.
  4. Has anyone seen the episode of King of queens - pregnant pause part 1 where Carrie is shocked to find that she's pregnant and during her day dream of being a Mom to a Adult baby in a big walker and at later an Adult Kid playing in the sand at the park. Anyway here is a video of that part that I found on you tube so that I can share it with everyone
  5. Needing A Daddy

    hi im 25 years old a female and needing a daddy. im in need a spankings being diapered and being made to be a good girl. im not bi. thank you so much babygirl87 i live in lincoln
  6. Aussie Adult Kid

    Hi, I just signed up after being a creepy lurker for aaaages so I thought I would say hello and introduce myself. My real name is Katy and I guess I act more like a 6-year-old than a toddler or a baby. I don't do nappies/diapers, although I am curious. I love my teddies and my pacifier/dummy. I'm from Melbourne in Australia and I do have a daddy who is my boyfriend, too. I chose to have 'Riley' in my username because I consider myself gender fluid and I like to play around in the 'gender spectrum' and Riley is my chosen boy name. Nice to meet you all
  7. Diaper Bag For Cloth Diapers

    having been asked to start this thread here http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showtopic=36477&page=2 I am doing so. This presumes that you go out as AB/AK/DL How would you go about setting upa diaper bag Obviouslyit would be different for an AB/AK and a DL At any rate the diapers would be bigger and what about a changing pad? Now, real babies are changed on a pad made for that purpose Back when a baby or child was laid on a bed to be changed which meant a waterproof sheet or diaper would be put under her The waterrprppf item would be either a piece of a rubber sheet or on of the 2-1/2" square two-sided quilted plastic pads that were also used as a lap pad. However the last time I saw one of those was 38 years ago You would need to carry changes, supplies and accessories. A child still in diapers might alos have baby things put in the bag just to let her know what she is being treated like to goad her into "acting her age" in 1951 "If you want to wet like a baby, we will treat you like a baby"