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Found 4 results

  1. I wanted to ask all you big boys who don't wear protection 24/7 like me what you do when your at home. And maybe there's some adventurous girls who might like to share something as well. Some girls prefer to stand, so I've heard. When I'm at home, I rarely stand to potty. And no worrying about missing my aim. I also often sit on the potty when wearing a diapers. I don't know why. I think it feels a little like potty training. Some times I like to regress like a preschooler who still wets his pants. If I'm not wearing protection at bedtime, (I know, WHY NOT?) It's also a lot more relaxing to sit on the potty when half asleep. Also, I usually "potty it all out" when I sit down. Because it seems, thanks to age and an enlarging prostate having to go after going. And getting back up to finish going a short time later is just frustrating. Might as well just wet the bed. Another excuse to wear diapers. The exception for me is if I'm in a real hurry or I'm out in public. Who likes to sit on a public toilet unless it's absolutely necessary? So I'll use a urinal if there's a restroom available, Personally I'm just not comfortable wearing a soaking wet diaper while out in public. Of course, there's always that involuntary leakage when zipping up. It never fails to leave a wet spot if not wearing something absorbent. I've bought baby diapers out of the restroom dispenser to use as a stuffer. Nobody seems to notice unless it's a thick bulky thing. So, does anyone else who isn't a 24/7 diaper wearer do something simular this? I'm cuirious to know just how wierd I am. THANKS!
  2. Rachel Emily

    Incontinence on the bus

    Every year, all the residents in my apartment complex go to a local banquet hall for our annual Christmas dinner party. They usually charter buses to take us, since typically about two-thirds of the complex attends. I, along with several other people in wheelchairs, traveled in a disability van. Long story short, on the way home I noticed that the vibration of the van was causing me to experience something close to true incontinence--I didn't
  3. diaperedboy101

    Abena Abri Form X-Plus L4

    So I ordered this package from Santhema in Switzerland:
  4. Diaperfox792

    Minor Catastrophies Averted Today.

    Ok, today was the day I was gong to try and wear diapers all day long without anyone around me noticing. I had made up my mind last night to try it. A little background for those of you who haven't read all my posts: I live with my parents and until now, never had the courage to wear my diapers around them for fear of discovery. I've worn at work before but only in the afternoons when I knew I was going straight over to my DL-aware friend's house. So, got up this morning after a night in an Abena M4 with their abri-let maxi booster in it. Braved going downstairs in my diaper (under nightgown) and doing my normal morning stuff since normally my parents (who are retired) do not get up until after I've left for work. So far, so good. I changed into an Abena Air-plus with abri-let maxi booster and just before it was time to go to work I went back downstairs to browse the DailyDiapers forum for a few moments before I left. At this point, Mom decides to get up and come out to the kitchen for some coffee... GAH! Stay cool, I said to myself. She won't notice. I took my own advice and made it out of the house with her not noticing a thing. Yay! I was wearing a size too large pair of jeans with a long t-shirt and x-large sweatshirt over it so I was covered. Work went well first thing and I felt confident that my diaper could get me through to lunch time when I intended to change in the work bathroom before going home for lunch. *sigh* I went, and I went, and went, three or four times in my diaper while I sat and worked. So far so good, no leaks. I got up a bunch of times to walk across the department for various things and no one screamed out, "She's got a diaper on!" Still I felt dry and confident. Then, about fifteen minutes to my lunch time arrives and I decide it's now or never to go change in the bathroom. The diaper was getting a little heavy, and the wet had wicked up the back of the booster. I stood up and felt my seat and GODDAMNIT! I had leaked! Ticked me off really because I had made a conscious effort not to flood the diaper. I had also trusted the booster pad to be like an added catch-all. Nope. Luckily, the leak was a tiny one, just around the middle of the crotch line of my pants. I took off the diaper and bagged it in a waiting kitchen trash bag from my purse, struggled to get the huge soaking bundle back into my overloaded purse, all while trying to be as descrete as possible in a busy-as-Grand-Central bathroom! I'd spent so long in there I didn't dare try fiddling to put on my fresh diaper. My panties and jeans were almost dry by the time I got to my car but still damp-ish. Decided to change at home. Luckily I have an identical pair of jeans to the ones I was wearing. I went upstairs and took off the damps, put on the drys, ate a quick lunch, and dashed back to work. Mom and pop didn't notice anything weird. (Thank God for long shirts!) My confidence is shattered though. I deliberately chose the thick air-plusses by Abena for their descreteness and also they seem as thick as the regular M4s. I really don't think I could get away with a plastic-backed diaper even if it would help with the leakage and even though I LOVE my M4s. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? I don't mind trying this again at some point as it is my goal to spend some quality 24/7 time with my diapers in the near future. I just don't want another near-disaster again and I kind of don't want to wear plastic pants over my diapers because I don't like being too hot. Maybe someone has had better success with a different cloth-type-backed disposable? I'd like to only have to change once or twice at work so I would need a diaper that could last me about four and a half hours without a change.