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Found 79 results

  1. This story is based on an RP called The Little Thief. cute little kokiri girl had asked me to turn their RP into a story. Sadly because of the site glitch a while ago, most of it is sadly gone. Thankfully, cute little kokiri girl was able to give me a rough draft of the story that I was able to turn into this chapter. Full credit to the original story/RP belongs to cute little kokiri girl and Diaper_teen66. Link to there original RP is here if you would like to read whats left of it. https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/51900-the-little-thief/&tab=comments#comment-1065672 The Little Thief chapter one: a little Thief. It was a cold and dark night in the of Fox-Heart. It was 12:30 Am as the dark blue Ford drove down the street with its lights off. The only lights on this street were from the glow of halloween decoration. “Okay Alice, you know what to do right?” Joe asked as he pulled to a stop right out front of one of the houses. “Just get in and unlock the front door. Then search the house for any valuables.” Joe was an average sized man with a balding head. He was in his mid 40’s and had a bad attitude. Just give him a cheap suit and a cigar and he would look just like a used car salesman. “If you find anything heavy, give me a call and well grab it last.” Joe said before he gave the little girl next to him the stink eye. “And remember, don't fuck this up.” This was a routine Alice was familiar with. Joe always gave the same speech and it always ended with Joe telling Alice that if she got caught to pretend she did this alone. Because if Alice told anyone about Joe, he would find her, and make her life a living hell. “T-this is not my first time Joe.” Alice stuttered to Joe. “a-and besides, t-the old bats on v-vacation. How could i f-f-fuck this up?” Before Joe could answer however, Alice grabbed her black bag and jumped out of the car. Alice was 4 feet tall with shoulder length blonde hair tied up into a bun. She was wearing an all-black outfit with a black hat to cover her hair. “Ok joe, i'll call when im done or if i find something.” Alice told Joe “Whatever, just don't fuck this up you little freak.” Joe told her. “This is a big job.” As Joe drove away, Alice flipped him off. ‘Well fuck you to.” Alice whispered to herself. ‘God i hate working with him.’ Alice took a deep breath of the cold air and relaxed a moment before she went to work. She had been scoping out this two story house for the last month. Only one person lived here, a women in her late 30’s, early 40’s. From watching her, Alice learned that the women was going on a 8 day vacation to mexico and left earlier today to the airport. Alice ran to the fence leading to the back yard and saw the lock on the fence. Not like it mattered to Alice as she moved a loose board to reveal a small hole in the fence. This was one of the few perks of being small as she slipped thru the hole with ease. Once she was in the backyard, Alice went up to the glass backdoor. She pulled out her glass cutter and a hole near the handle. Despite her hight, she was able to get the door open with ease. ‘Ok, first unlock the door for a fast getaway and check upstairs first.’ Alice told herself. She quickly unlocked the door and hurried upstairs. Once she was up there she noticed a few doors. She went to the first one and saw that it was just a bathroom. Not what she was looking for. The next was a door that had unicorns on it and a name plack saying Nina. curious, Alice takes a peek into the dark room. While she couldn't see anything inside, Alice could tell it was a kids room and she doughtid anything of value would be in there. The final room at the end of the hall however was just the room Alice was looking for. The woman's bedroom. After flipping on the lights, Alice went to work filling her bag. Unbeknownst to her however, a car pulled up the the house and a older looking woman got out, it was the owner of the house Madeline Tendet. Madeline’s flight to mexico was canceled not once, but twice, and the older women decided she didn't feel like waiting another few hours at the airport for another plain and decided just to cancel her vacation. She can just have a nice staycation she thought. Just stay home and relax. As she went to the door and put the keys in, Madeline was tired and didn't releases the door was already unlocked and slipped inside without making much of a sound. “I'll just get my stuff out of the car tomorrow. Right now i just want to go to sleep.” Madeline told herself as she made her way up the stars. But when she got upstares she noticed her bedroom light was still on. Did she forget to turn them off when she left? Madeline though when she heard something from inside. Someone was in the house! Madeline reached into her bag and pulled out a can of mace and slowly made her way to the bedroom. Alice had already took all the jewelry, some money, and anything else that looked of value. She was standing right next to a nightstand and was looking at a picture of the women she was stealing from holding a little girl in her arms. Alice could feel the knots in her stomach return. She hated doing this. She didn't want to do this, but Alice had to push those thoughts away. Joe will be expecting her soon. Alice grabbed the picture and set it face down so she didn't have to look at it before grabbing a little statue beside the picture. As she picked it up, she relised it was a little heavier than she thought and accidentally dropped it on her foot! “OW! MOTHER FUCKER!” Alice screamed as she dropped her bag and began jumping on one foot while holding her hurt one. Behind Alice, in the doorway, Madeline watched the little girl jump up and down. Madeline was shocked. She was expecting a full grown adult to be robbing her, not a little girl. From the looks of it, Madeline could see Alice was unarmed so she put her mace away and walked into the room and stood behind the little thief. “Well well well now who are you sweetie?” Madeline asked and startled the little thief as Alice let out a quick sreek and spun around. “O-ow shit…” Alice said as she looked up to the owner of the house standing over her.
  2. Heyy I live in Greenville SC! Im looking for some cool people to meet up and hang:)
  3. GuardianWolves

    A New Home(Private w/ Baby Gabrial)

    Gram Williams was a 22 yr old male, tall with black hair and dark-brownish eyes. He lived in a medium sized house 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms something nice if their was a family of four living there. But unfortunately it was only him which made the house so big and empty for him. He was a nice enough man, always talking to co-workers and helping them out whenever they needed his help and just all around trying to create a more friendly-like environment. He was a computer technician which meant whenever someone needed a computer part replaced or maybe help with upgrading their computer he was the one of the ones that got sent out to resolve the issues and or just advise on what would be best for that particular persons needs. He also had a degree in IT-Solutions with an emphasis on network engineering. He had graduated from university with a pretty solid GPA and no student loans to pay back either. Recently he had been talking to one of his fellow co-workers as they had brought their daughter in for "take your daughter to work day" and he had asked his fellow co-worker "Man, how much fun as well as responsibility is it to raise a child of your own? I mean i can imagine it must get pretty stressful sometimes with all the things children do" to which the co-worker replied "Its fun but also very hard work, but if you can find the child that you love and are willing to commit you will have a perfect relationship and fun memories with them" he said. This conversation had stuck with him ever since that day and he had started to research how to properly take care of a child so that he didnt get the child taken away by protective services. After all he didnt wanna make the goverment think he was incapable of taking care of a child because he could. Once all the researching had been done he began to start child-proofing the house so that when the child in question was gonna explore the house they didnt get into anything that might hurt them badly. Once all the preparation was done he then began the lengthy process of filling out and applying to be a foster parent. In the application he made sure to state that he didnt want a teenager as he had heard from some of his co-workers teens were a lot more difficult to deal with then children as they required more independence, plus he would rather raise a young innocent child then have to raise a stubborn, thinks he/she knows-it-all teenager. After months of waiting he received a call from a social worker and after chatting with her he agreed to meet the social worker at a local foster home so that they could go through the final steps of the process faster.
  4. Ishigreensa

    Inspector Gadget: Penny's Issues

    Anyone remember this series from the nineteen eighties? If not, basically, the little girl, named Penny, is the real brains behind solving the cases that are given to a robotic man that she always calls uncle. He takes care of her in the normal way a guardian does a child, but he is an inspector on the police force, but he always gets everything wrong. In the end, Penny always solves his cases for him, and he ends up getting the credit. There is a constant bad guy only known as Doctor Claw. Doctor Claw always manages to escape at the last minute just before they can actually find him or apprehend him, but they spoil his evil schemes in every episode. Anyway... Enough about the story line in the cartoon.... I was thinking about making the "Uncle" a real human detective. The real human detective has a few gadgets that he uses from time to time, so it is still sort of Inspector Gadget, but nothing as grossly impossible for a real human such as a portable helicopter blade set coming from his hat when he wants it. There are a few episodes when Penny gets kidnapped in the course of the investigation because she gets caught by the bad guys as she is spying on them. Then, she calls her dog who seems to have enough intelligence to get her free. I was thinking I would like to make it so the dog can always still get her free when she is kidnapped, but it acts more like a real dog in the way it gets her free. In the courses of the investigations, it is my hope that Penny would not be able to find a potty at times, especially when she is being held captive by the bad guys, and I would like her to wet the bed at night. So her "Uncle" takes care of her when she wets her pants or her bed thinking that while she is a little old to just wet her pants, it's just something he has to do for her because for some reason, she seems a little immature or something. Of course, Penny plays this up so no one realizes she is actually helping him solve the crimes, and doesn't put two and two together to figure out she is the reason Doctor's Claw's plans are always foiled. I'd play "Uncle" Gadget and the dog while you play Penny, if that's okay. To anyone that reads this and decides they want to do it.
  5. Drownedinp

    Bedwetters letters

    This is a short story that is knocking around in my head begging to be put on paper? Since this is an electric storyboard I will put it here! Chapter 1: Beckie called her mom you got a letter! Beckie Wilson wondered who would write me? The letter was definitely for her. Miss Beckie Wilson 328 W. 5200 S. Ogden, Utah 84403. The return address was Johnathon Barrett P. O. Box 89 Sommerville, Utah 84722. I don't know anybody from Sommerville, Utah! Who would be writing me she thought? She didn't get much mail and what she did was from close friends when they go out of town, postcards from places like Disneyland, Carlsbad Caverns, Shelly sent her a couple last year. She opened the letter. May 22, 2018 Dear Beckie, you don't know me. Okay so I don't know him, why would he be writing to me? You don't know me but you know my Aunt Shirley Johnson. Okay, the lady next door. I do know her. Beckie blushed even at almost 19 years old when her parents go out of the town she goes and stays there to stay. Shirley was her babysitter. It was okay she liked Shirley. She just wished her parents trusted her enough not to send her there, she knew why they sent her there. Aunt Shirley is here with us and she gave me your name and address. Like you I am 18 years old. I like playing golf, which I am pretty good as I'm on my Community College team. Beckie played golf as well her dad taught her is that all they both golf. Is that all they have in common? She read on. My Aunt tells me that even at 18 she still babysits you. Beckie blushed again yeah I must be pretty lame to have to be babysat at 18 years old. There is a reason. I don't think you're lame because at 18 you still get babysat. Right now that is what she is doing for me. Okay, Beckie thought like me his parents don't trust him. Shirley also told me like you we share other things besides golf. Whew! He wrote we both still wet our beds at 18 years old. I know how you feel its something most of our friends outgrew a long time ago. She told me about your friend Melissa that both of you grew up wetting your beds. But Melissa stopped at 15, you didn't! For me, it was my friend Michael he stopped at 17. He was the only other friend that I had that was like me. There used to be several of us 6. Then when we hit 7, we lost Brent he stopped wetting his bed. Then at 12, we lost 3 more. Then Michael at 17. That leaves only me. Aunt Shirley told me like you used to have friends that left you alone after they 've topped wetting their beds. I feel your loneliness. Were considered adults but we sleep like babies, still in diapers and plastic pants. The reason I'm writing is that my parents are coming up there to Ogden and then catching a flight to England. I will be staying with my Aunt for a couple of weeks. Beckie wondered when her parents are leaving town in a couple of weeks would Shirley have both of them? This will be the first two weeks of June for me wrote Johnathan, no way she thought that's when my parents are leaving. We will be together for two whole weeks. What if he doesn't like me? What if he is a total barf bag? I'm kinda cute, other than I'm lame and still wet my bed, I could have my choice of guys. That little secret right there is the reason you don't date she thought! It kind of hard to be our age and still be wetting our beds, dating is difficult. Most guys want more than she could give them, sleeping together is not an option. The reason she didn't date was that she was considered frigid. She didn't put out. Maybe having a fresh person to date who knew about her problem would work out. What's the worst that could happen, they hate each other? He mentioned playing golf that sounded good, she wasn't very bad at it. She was pretty good at it really. She wrote him back. Dear Jonathan, I look forward to your visit the first two weeks of June. I look forward to golfing with you. I'm enclosing a picture of me so you know what I look like? It may sound shallow but could you send me one of you as well? Beckie P.S. Bedwetting is something we both do, it's not a basis for a relationship. If we find were compatible in other ways that are what to base a relationship on.
  6. Ben Andereson


    Hey everybody, have read the stories here for a long time and finally wrote my own. Let me know if it is any good or what I should improve on. It is only partially done. Points System I. Discovery and Beginning It was a normal summer day in Bellingham, Washington for single mother Annie Rodrigues. The rainy season had finally ended and both of her college aged daughters were home. Her oldest, Emily, had just come off of a great third year at the University of Washington. She was on the honor’s roll, in the marching band, and was just elected Vice-President of her sorority. On top of all of that, she was quite the looker with her olive, sun kissed skin and flowing black hair. Her life seemed perfect in every way, and she plugged along knowing that it was going to stay that way. Her youngest, Danielle on the other hand was coming off of a tougher first year of college. Smart as a whip and athletic she had accepted a running scholarship to Washington State University. Like her older sister she was athletic with the same tan skin, but instead she was shorter and thinner, about 5’3 112 pounds. Washington State however did not turn out like she wanted it to. She struggled with injuries on the track and never really got her feet under her. For somebody so accustomed to success this was difficult. Further, the culture of the school was not to her liking. As an athlete she had to live a disciplined lifestyle, staying away from drinking and drugs. Unfortunately for her, life at WSU revolved around partying hard, and it was hard for her to find a social group. Even though she succeeded academically, she was miserable and worn out from WSU and wanted to go home. She decided she was going to transfer to Western and live at home for her remaining college years. Understanding that her daughter had just come home from a tough situation and was feeling worn out, Annie decided she was going to do Danielle’s laundry. It was not something she would normally do but she was just so glad that she was home that she wanted to be generous. Danielle was still sleeping there peacefully as Annie walked in. It was early enough that she would not be getting up in a couple of hours anyways. As she got to her daughter’s laundry basket she smelled a smell she had not smelled in a very long time, not since Danielle was 7 and stopped wetting the bed, stale urine. She quickly grabbed the laundry basket and headed to the laundry room. Digging through her daughter’s laundry was telling to say the least. Almost every pair of panties had small urine stains as though she did not wipe well enough or allowed a dribble of pee into them. Annie was distressed, she knows she taught her daughter better than that! Her daughter was just being lazy and it was unsanitary. How could she allow herself to just sit in her own urine all the time. She knew that fast action was necessary and hatched a quick plan. Her daughter was going to have to go through potty training all over again, and only once she was able to prove that she was able to keep her pants dry would she be allowed to graduate. Looking at the clock and it being only 7:15 AM, she knew she had about 2 hours to put her plan into action. This was going to be quite the summer. II. Shopping Without throwing the clothes into the washer, Annie sped on down to the local Walmart. Once there she made a beeline for the diapers aisle. Checking through her options she found exactly what she was looking for. It was a new product from Kimberly Clark. In response to calls from parents and caregivers, Kimberly Clark released a new Goodnite called the Goodnite All Days. The l-xl size fit people from 85-125 pounds so it should fit Danielle just like her panties did. They had some other features that distinguished them from regular Goodnites. For one, they were a little bit thicker, presumably so they could hold more, and they had space in the back for messy accidents. They were also designed as training panties. They had fade when wet designs, on the first type of print it was pink and flower themed. When wet, the flowers effected would fade. The second was purple and it had a picture of the Elsa from frozen. When wet a big snowflake on the front would fade. They were exactly the kind of new underwear her daughter needed, so she bought a whole box of 128. If Danielle performed well that would be the only box she would need. Then she hit up the stationary section. She picked out stickers, poster paper, and some markers. The summer of training was about to begin. When she got home, Danielle’s older sister, Emily, was awake. Annie did not want this to be a traumatizing experience, despite it being kind of a punishment so she touched base with her about what was going to happen. She thought it was going to be more difficult, but Emily was very supportive of her younger sister. In fact, she volunteered to help Annie potty train her sister by assisting with “checks”. The only rule she had to follow was to never make fun of Danielle, or to tell anybody about it or it would be akin to volunteering to join. Scared at the prospect of this, Emily solemnly agreed to the conditions. Then, they both heard a stirring upstairs, Danielle was awake and coming downstairs. Annie then turned to Emily and said, “Talk to her a minute, I need to get her new things ready.” III. A New Day for Danielle Danielle awoke, “huh another boring day in Bellingham” she thought as she stretched out. Her panties were damp from letting her pee dribble a little bit last night, but it wasn’t really an accident, and her sheets had only a small puddle right where it was already slightly yellow stained anyways. She didn’t need to have these accidents, she just could not will herself to leave her bed for just a little bit of pee. It was too warm, and she figured it was not worth it. Groggily, she threw on some sweatpants and trudged downstairs. She needed her coffee, and that was all she cared about at the moment. Downstairs she was met by her older sister who seemed extra chatty this morning. “ I just don’t understand morning people” Danielle thought as she politely chatted away with her sister. She could not help but feel a pang of jealousy towards her, Emily was so successful, and Danielle felt broken for having to come home. Oh well, at least her coffee was here for her. Meanwhile upstairs, Annie was frantically working. Danielle’s entire pantie drawer was emptied out and placed into trash bags. When she showed that she deserved them back, she would go ahead and just buy her new ones. These ones were trashed anyways she reasoned. Then, meticulously so that it was easy to keep count. As long as Danielle was good about keeping her in the loop she could be in charge of her own pullups. Then up in the middle of the wall above the pullups she hung the potty chart divided into days of the week. There was a spot for each day and then an 8th spot as well titled “Total”. Then like an alarm clock waking her up in the morning, she heard the shower turn on, it was time to grab Danielle’s last pair of panties and begin retraining. Danielle turned the shower on hoping to soak in a long day of nothing. The shower was where she had her best thoughts, where she felt she looked the best, and her favorite part of her routine. She loved the way the water hit her skin, and how she was able to play with her hair. Though she got grief for it from her sister for being a slowpoke the shower was a time of solace. Because the bathroom was a relatively open setup, she did not blink an eye as her mom came in the room and gathered up her clothes. She must be doing a load in the wash is all she thought. She did not even notice the sticky note she placed on her towel. After a good long time, she got out. Right as she was about to dry herself off she read the note that said, “Meet me in your room, ASAP!” IV. The Reveal Now she was scared, she had no idea what she had done wrong. If anything, she was always a bit of a goody-goody. In high school she cried all the way home after she was offered a beer at a party for God’s sake. There could not be anything boy related, not that her mom would even care, because she just never sook it out really. Regardless, the walk from the bathroom to her room covered in just a towel felt like a marathon. Annie was ready, she had the pee-stained panties in her hand, she had the covers drawn off the bed to showcase the puddle stain in the middle of the bed, and she had the board all set up. When the door opened, Danielle did not stand a chance. “Sit down dear, there is something very serious we need to talk about” said Annie. Danielle, could only gulp her nervousness into her throat. “I did a load of wash this morning and I am wondering if you could explain this!” she said as she pointed to the pee stained panties. Danielle just stammered something resembling words, but no thoughts. “I thought so,” Annie continued. “It seems to me as though you have taken a major step backwards in terms to your hygiene. Every single one of your panties had pee on them. I do not know if this is because you fail to wipe properly or what, but it is not how I raised you! Further, looking at this spot on the bed, it seems as though this is a 24/7 kind of problem. So, I have a 24/7 kind of solution. You are being repotty trained effective immediately.” Danielle’s whole body fell numb. She did not even know what this could entail. Repotty training?!? She had gotten it right the first time. Maybe this won’t be so bad though and be more like monitoring than anything. If that is the case, then it would be just annoying. The imposing chart titled, “Danielle’s Potty Chart” with days of the week marked on it scared her. It was at least going to be kind of serious. In a moment of frightened curiosity, she blurted out, “What does that even mean?” Her Mom snickered, thinking that she is falling right into place. “Well, open up your underwear drawer to find out.” What was in there stunned Danielle. “Diapers! Mom please no, not diapers! I’ll do anything!” Undeterred, Annie shushed her down and replied, “Those are not diapers, they are pullups, and for all intents and purposes they are you undies until you can prove to me that you deserve big girl panties. You should also know that they are arranged in 16 stacks of 8 so I know exactly how many there are at any given time. That way you cannot hide any accidents.” This did little to assuage Danielle’s fears. A quiet tear fell down her face. “If you want to live in this house anymore, you have to do it under my rules, and my rules say that girls who potty their pants need to earn back their panties. You can always leave, but just know that you won’t get the same kind of support out there as you do here” After hearing that she knew she was stuck. V. Rules The tears were streaming down her face consistently now as she was beginning to consider what her life was. Here she was, an athletic, smart, 19 year-old college student about to go through a life milestone that is usually finished 16 years earlier. In a final desperate move to try and get out of it, if only for a day she sniffled, “I bet they don’t even fit” looking at the juvenile garments which seemed aimed at somebody much younger than her. Sadly, this trick was in vain when her mom replied, “Ok, let’s try them out, and if they do not fit, we’ll pretend this never even happened.” Annie grabbed the first one off the first stack, it was a pink one with flowers on it and she told her daughter to stand up. In a moment of desperate hubris thinking that the pullup would rip at the sides as it got pulled up, Danielle complied. Annie fluffed out the pullup making sure that the double leak guards on the side were separated, and she said, “Ok, first foot in” and Danielle stepped in not unlike a 2 year old, “next foot in” Danielle complied. Looking down, Danielle’s confidence faltered a bit. The pullup was bigger than it seemed. Then with the skill and speed of a mother, Annie brought it all the way up. To Danielle’s horror it fit perfectly. Her thin runner’s legs did nothing to disrupt its travel up. It even seemed a little big to her as it rose to about one-inch below her belly button. She could not help but notice how thick they seemed. They were obviously designed for somebody to go in them a lot. The bulk made it a little difficult to walk without rubbing against the bottom of it a little bit. This created a rustling noise, which to her was deafening, but was honestly not noticeable unless one knew what they were looking for. The tears were gone by now though, it was just shock. She had been reduced to a mere potty training toddler with an undergarment that announced to the world that she could not keep her pants dry. Never did she think she would miss something like underwear so much. In that moment she longed for the simple lightness of them instead of the constant extra weight and bulk reminding her of her new life. “Perfect!” exclaimed Annie. They fit even better than she thought they would. In fact, she could even gain quite a few pounds and the fit would still be good. She carefully checked the leg guards, they formed a perfect seal down there. “So, I think you want to know how this whole potty training thing is going to work”. Danielle gulped and let out a weak, “Yeah”. A “From now on, unless you are in the shower, until you graduate to big girl panties, you are always going to be protected. By always, I mean always. You have shown the need for that kind of care. Your underwear will be determined by points which we will keep track on the board for you. Right now, as you can tell you are wearing pullups. Pullups are for big girls who sometimes cannot make it. Every accident in the pullups has a point total. Your first accident in the day is one point, your second one is two points and so on. Night time accidents count as one-half point but you can elect to be diapered at night and accidents in diapers do not count towards point. Let me warn you though, it is impossible to get to big girl panties if you are in diapers at night. If you choose that you will be diapered at 7pm until 8am, and all bathroom needs must be done in your diapers. Diapers are for girls who are not even ready for training yet, so do not even bother asking to be let out of them. Though I doubt it will ever come to it, messy accidents count as 5 points. If you score 1 point or less for the week you get panties back, if you score 5.5 points or higher it is back to diapers for a whole diaper case for you. Then we can try again. Your sister and I can choose to check you at any time. All we have to do is say, “Check position” and you will put your hands on your head with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart. This will make it easier for us to tell. Also, as long as you are in protection, you are not allowed to wear anything that covers your pullup or diaper in the house so we can tell if you need changing. In public you must wear pants we can pull down easily like sweats, or a skirt that we can just check under. You can also tell us that you have had an accident, but you must take responsibility for it, and that does not mean you need a change. For now, because you are in pullups if you need to go potty let your sister or I know so we can observe you. Going potty without us counts as an accident and will be worth one point. Hiding an accident by having an unauthorized change counts as 3 points. Your diapers will be arriving in a couple of days, but if you choose to be diapered tonight just let me know and we’ll pretend your pullups are diapers. Do you understand?” Danielle’s mind was racing, it was all so much to take in. Random checks, a point system, a diaper option, real diapers whatever that means, and needing to ask her mom or sister to use the bathroom all seemed like a lot. All the while, the extra weight across her hips and rubbing against her lower regions kept reminding her of her new status. For a second she thought about going away and striking out on her own, but that was clearly not practical. On the positive, she thought, I’m 19. I can get through a week without having more than one accident, they’re only little dribbles anyways. Then, I will get my panties back, be super careful, and this will all be past me. With all the confidence a grown woman in only pullups with nothing to cover them, she replied to her mother, “Yes I understand.” VI. The First Day Being allowed only a shirt to cover herself was a big adjustment. Her first selection, a rather long shirt by design was disallowed because it was too long. She ended up with a cute t-shirt that barely got to the top of her pullup. She used to wear this shirt to display a little bit of skin above her pants, but now its purpose was to show everybody if she was dry or not. Luckily she had nothing planned that day, except for staying at home. She was too mentally exhausted to do anything else at this point anyways and was terrified of being seen. If any of her high school friends or kids at the college found out about this she would be the weird diaper girl for the rest of time. That was not the fate she hoped for. As time crept by, she started to feel a little bit better though. The crinkling was not too loud, and as long as the room was not silent she could hardly notice it. The pullup itself was not too obvious under clothing probably. Yes it was kind of thick, but not enough to where it would be a problem, especially under skirts or dresses. In fact, it was downright comfortable. The material was soft and created a slight cushion wherever she sat down. It was warm, safe and secure. And as much as she hated to admit it, the pink and the flowers were kind of cute. “Check position!” her mom yelled out, spooking her a bit as she swooped in from behind. Quick as lightning she spread her legs out just a bit and reached her hands up. Annie began the check, first by methodically pulling back the back to check for messes, and then feeling the bottom to check if it was wet. Then, she worked her way up to the front and made sure the flower was still there. “Good job pumpkin! You passed your first check!” Annie exclaimed. It had been over an hour though since the training began, and up to this point Danielle had not gone to the bathroom. That coffee must be just about through her, Annie thought. Oh well, best not to ask. Right after the check, Danielle felt the beginnings of the need to pee, and because it was coffee pooing was not far behind. She felt awkward about asking her mother or her sister for help going potty. It was something she had done herself for years at this point, so it was going to be quite a pride injury to ask. So, like all people tasked with an uncomfortable task, she put it off. 5 minutes quickly became 10 and the pressure in her bladder grew, her stomach gurgled. She was going to have to face her fears. VII. Rush Danielle was doing the full on potty dance, squeezing her legs together, hopping from leg to the other as she came up desperately to her mother. Seeing this, Annie asked, “Does somebody need to go potty?” “Yes mommy! Please hurry,” was Danielle’s response. Hand in hand they walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Danielle was feeling on the verge of losing control, but was exerting all of her energy into keeping it in. The door swung open, and Danielle burst in. “Danielle, slow down! Mommy needs to help you with your pullups!” Danielle was so desperate she did not care that just yesterday she would have had the ability to do this all in private, she just needed success. With one motion her mother pulled her pullups down, while sitting her on the toilet. No sooner had she sat down did a river of piss shoot out into the toilet bowl. Her crap shortly followed. Another minute and that would have surely been in my pullup she thought. She was so relieved to have made it. She went for a couple minutes, and then declared she was done. Then, as though teaching a child, her mother wiped her and “taught her” how to do it. It was humiliating, but she did not care because she did not have an accident. While wiping, Annie gave her daughter’s pullup a thorough check for any leaks. Dry as a bone. “Great job dear! You’re such a big girl. Go pick out a sticker for your pullup! Every time you make it successfully you get a sticker so you can show mommy and big sissy what a big girl you are!” VIII. Conflicted Big Sister Rewards have a weird effect on people. Normally, a 19 year old being given a sticker (for their training pants no less) would be a rock bottom event. For some reason though, because it was a reward, Danielle was excited about it. Annie brought out a sheet of all kinds of stickers, and asked, “Which one do you want?” “The gold star!” Danielle replied “Ok dear, a gold star for my gold star.” Annie replied as she stuck it on her daughter’s pullup prominently. “Now go show your sister” Emily was conflicted. She felt badly for her sister because being forced to wear pullups or be kicked out of the house is not much of a choice. Though the hours since the original shock had worn down, and the tears have stopped, she could tell that Danielle was still ashamed and upset at her new downgraded status. She felt even worse that because she is older, she has to help out with the process. On the other hand, it reminded her of her much younger days when Danielle was potty training the first time. There was no competition there, no feelings of resentment about having a successful college experience, they just loved each other. In fact, back then they were inseparable. Seeing Danielle bopping around in what was essentially a diaper took her back. Also, she had to admit that her sister looked kind of cute in it. It gave her an innocence and an excuse to show off her nice toned legs around the house. Danielle also got to be the center of attention, which felt nice to be out of for the moment. Her thoughts were broken by her sister triumphantly strutting back in the room. She was wearing a wide grin. Understanding her role in repotty training her sister, Emily asked, “Why the big smile Danielly?” Embarrassed because she knew it was not anything she should have been proud of, all Danielle could do was blush and point at her star sticker. Knowing that positive reinforcement was important, Emily began congratulating her, “What a big girl! I bet soon all of your pullups are gonna be covered in stars until you get panties! I’m so proud of you!” Danielle blushed more. Deep down she knew that this was totally unnecessary, she had just been a normal adult yesterday, but the mind games it was playing on her was intense. She loved the attention, the rewards, the praise, but she loved being an adult more and she could not wait for the week to be over. IX. Night Time At 7 o’clock, Annie called Emily over. “Since you are potty training, night time for you starts right now. Once you go to bed, if you elect to, all pullup accidents count as a half point. But if you choose, we can call those pullups diapers until your real diapers arrive. Then you would have to do all potties in your pullups until 8 tomorrow. What do you choose?” Danielle was taken aback, this was not even a real choice, of course she would keep the training up. If she chose diapers that would be like quitting, also it was her only way at keeping this a one week ordeal. “Pullups” she said confidently. “Ok, dear, if you need to go potty at anytime in the night just come and wake me up.” A couple of hours later at 9, Emily came up to Danielle and announced time for bed. Danielle protested a little bit, but the reality was she was wiped out from a mentally exhausting day. She hit the pillow and was out like a rock. ‘For such a stressful day her dreams were really peaceful. They all involved nature in some way. In the final one she hiked to a big waterfall and got to jump in. The feeling of the water all around her was relaxing. Before she knew it, she was being roused awake by her Mom. X. Morning “Wake up sleepyhead” Annie said softly as she patted her daughter’s back. Emily awoke, amazed at how well she slept. Her pullup felt a little heavier than she remembered, but she figured she was just getting used to being awake and padded. As she undid her covers though, a shocking sight beheld her. Her flowers were gone. Her pullup had done its job perfectly. The Goodnite All-Day held the entire accident, which judging by the droop and the fact that the pee had spread out to much of it, was a substantial one. “Uh oh, looks like somebody had an accident” Annie remarked. Danielle burst into tears. This cannot be happening she thought. She hadn’t had a real accident in years, and here she was standing in front of her mother is a droopy pullup. She noticed that the pullup had gotten a little bit bigger and had a yellowish tint now to it. She felt about 6 inches tall. Noticing her daughter’s tears, Annie jumped into mother mode. “Shh, shh it’s ok, accidents happen and that is what pullups are for. See your bed is dry, and this is way better than waking up in a wet bed right?” Danielle could only sniffle agreement, the fact that it was better than that did not make it good. She then grabbed her mother for a big hug and held it there for a minute. That seemed to calm her down. After Danielle calmed down, her mother led her over to her “pantie” drawer. “Grab the next one in the stack dear” Danielle grabbed the Frozen themed purple one. She loved that movie, and was going to make it her mission to keep that snowflake on. She went up to her mother with it. “Since you were wet, I’m gonna have to change you, but if you are dry I would have let you do it.” Annie grabbed the sides of the sodden pullup, and ripped. She then balled it up and threw it in the trash. Next she brought out a yoga mat which she labeled, “Danielle’s changing mat”. This thing ran deep. Lay down on your mat dear, Danielle complied. “Legs apart” Annie said as she began to wipe her grown daughter clean. Then came the powder, after all the prep work, she stood her daughter back up with her arms on her shoulders for balance. “Ok, right foot in, left foot in.” And the change was done. Annie then handed Danielle a marker. “Go up to your chart and put a big .5 in for Monday. That was your score for yesterday. Obediently, Danielle headed to the chart and in the first slot put a .5 in it for all to see. There is something harsh about having to record your own potty training failures as an adult, but it was part of “getting with the program”. Danielle was dejected though, she thought that this week would be a cakewalk, and she would just be putting straight 0s on the board. Instead, she was one mistake away from prolonging this situation another week. On the positive, she at least had room to make a mistake still, and the night must have been a one off. XI. A Good Day For Danielle Tuesday was another day that Danielle did not have anything planned. She quietly ate breakfast as her mother told her sister about her last night’s accident. Nothing was private any more she thought. Emily felt genuinely bad for Danielle, but figured that since she actually did pee her pullup that this might be necessary instead of just an overreaction. At about 10, Danielle asked her mom if she could go on a run. Thinking about how this would work out, they figured out a system to allow it to happen. She would be allowed to run as long as she wore her GPS watch to ensure that she did not take any unauthorized bathroom breaks along the way. Otherwise, there was not problem to running Annie felt, and the running could do her daughter well. Elated, Danielle rushed back to her room. This would be the first time she would be allowed to cover her humiliating, infantile undergarments. Her first pair of running shorts were a white pair. Though they covered her pullups, the purple shown through and anybody would notice them underneath. Next, she chose the black pair, though they were a little bit shorter, they still covered it up mostly. There was a slight bulge, and the top of her pullup rose about a quarter inch above her shorts, but as long as she wore a shirt nobody would be able to tell. She settled on this one. After a quick check which of course yielded nothing, she was on her way. Though it did not work out at Washington State and she would not be running at Western, she still ran as a way to clear her heads. There is no better place in the world to run besides Bellingham she thought, as she took off down the beautiful trails. Even though the pullup she had on slightly brought her legs further apart, for just a moment she was able to pretend that she was not a 19 year old girl going through a toddler’s right of passage. Instead, she got to be a 19 year old girl again. The nature cleared her mind and for the first time in over a day she felt as though she was thinking clearly. After 3 miles she turned around, she only wanted to do 6 miles because she was afraid that she might chafe. Home that day was a success. Danielle made it to the bathroom 4 times easily, and earned a sticker each time. Admiring her success, she felt that the four gold stars across the top of her pullup made her like a General. General Pottytime! Nothing could stop her. Every single check came across bone dry, and though the praise was for something so normal, she was loving the praise and attention. Both her mom and her sister were just so affectionate and acting so juiced every time she made it. Though she would not admit it, she loved it every time they congratulated her. That night as she crawled into bed, she fell asleep with a big smile. XII. Delivery Day Danielle successfully woke up and used the potty that night, with her mother’s supervision of course. The next morning, she got to experience the joys of ending a successful day. She got to take off her old bone dry pullup and put her new one on. Oh the simple joys of freedom! Then, the satisfaction of writing a big “0” right in the Tuesday slot was amazing. That was not even hard yesterday she thought. Just 5 more days! At breakfast Annie had big news for her, she was getting an important delivery today. Naively her mind wondered what it could be, maybe more running gear, or clothes or something else nice. Little did she know that her second guess was sort of right. The UPS truck pulled up at around 11am. Danielle had just come back from her run, and was about to hop in the shower. The doorbell startled and excited her. From her vantage point upstairs she saw her mother bring in a pretty big, non-descript box. Realizing that she should get a hold of herself, she hopped in the shower. In the shower she daydreamt, perhaps it was a new computer, the box was certainly big enough to hold that. While showering, her mom came in and said, “After your done sweetie, meet me in your room, I have to show you your delivery.” Excitedly she cut her shower short, dried off and got back into dresscode. She rushed over to her room, and there over the big box was her mom. Danielle grabbed a pair of scissors and cut through the tape that held together the box, disappointment met her. On that first day, her mom did plenty of research and found baby-like adult diapers with massive wetness capabilities. They came in so many cute designs, and would absolutely fit her daughter. She could not decide which one Danielle might like best, so she bought the mixed pack of 80 just in case. Watching her daughter open the box, she knew that she would get a rise out of her. “So these are the real diapers? They are huge! There’s no way I will ever wear one! I cannot possibly hide these under clothes! Why did you do this, why are there so many?!?” Danielle exclaimed. “Well, you never know how your training is going to go, so I bought these just in case, also the designs are fun and if you have to go back to wearing them that means you need all the protection you can get. Also remember, if you wash out of training you have to finish this whole case before you get to try again.” Danielle quietly determined it was never, ever going to come down to that. Those would just live in her mother’s room until she got tired of this whole threat. In a huff, Danielle did not interact with her mother for the rest of the day except for when her mother came over for checks. For all bathroom needs she just went with Emily, who though not as effusive in her praise, was still willing to go with her. In fact, going with Emily felt more normal, like it was something that she used to do long ago in a time she did not remember quite well. Emily, though weirded out by it all, was kind of enjoying it as well. She could not help but think about how cute her sister looked in the pullup, and how her sister was enjoying all of the attention lavished on her. It was fun having her sister have to rely on her again for once, and it was fun to help her out, but she also could not help but feel a little bit jealous too.
  7. Boy wanting to find like-minded friends who have the same feelings. I have tried to ignore it for many years but can't stop wanting to wear nappies and enjoying it.
  8. Komodo


    Meet Alice. An 18 years old college girl who, recently has been having some troubles with a slightly leaky bladder. Regular bathroom trips have frustratingly become the norm for her in recent times, as well as frequent sudden urges to go. Which when you're often stuck in a 90 minute class can be a problem.... The last thing she ever expected at her age was to be worried about peeing herself in class, it's the sort of thing she would of happily teased someone other unfortunate student for, but the reality is that the cute college chick now finds herself terrified that with her seemingly misbehaving bladder, she might end up doing what in her mind, would probably totally destroy her all so-important social life. Yesterday was the final straw. She had struggled with every fibre in her body to hold it until the end of class, trying desperately hard not to make her predicament obvious to the rest of her class, as she fought against her throbbing weak bladder. The only way she held it was to constantly remind herself of just how much it would ruin her life if she peed herself in front of everyone. Alice hated History any way, she didn't even know why she picked it. That stupid teacher Mr Slater would never let her leave from the moment the class started. Perhaps because of his perceived perception of her as being one of the more rebellious students in his class, which to be fair to him was probably justified. It was seemingly his way of trying to teach her some much needed discipline... The second her class was dismissed Alice literally ran down the hallway, barging past people. There were a few chuckles as some students noticed the pretty girl clutching between her legs. Eventually she made it into the girls toilets where she charged into one of the cubicles, however before she could even lock the door, or pull down her panties, her baby-like bladder decided to let go...... She stood frozen on the spot only a mere few inches away from the toilet , as if to add insult to injury, as she helplessly let out a huge gasp which was followed by a torrent of uncontrollable pee which gushed out from beneath her pleated skirt, quickly forming a large puddle which spread outside of the cubicle She felt like an embarrassed, un-potty trained child as the reality of what she had done set in, causing her make-up covered cheeks to instantly burn red. The puddle was huge, and there would be no mistaking what it was if someone came in and saw her stood there.. "No no no this can't be fucking happening" shouted the distraught girl as she looked at what she'd done, completely oblivious that she wasn't alone.... She soon heard some giggles from the stall next to her.....her heart instantly skipped a beat as a feeling of dread rushed through her....... In her desperate rush she couldn't believe she hadn't noticed there was someone in the next stall..... Whoever was in there obviously knew about Alice's accident. To be fair no one could of missed the sound of her pee hitting the floor though. It had been like someone putting a tap on full power and left it running for about 20 seconds... Looking down Alice almost died when she saw her accident had crept under the partition wall and into the cubicle the other girl was in...... Knowing now that the girl could potentially ruin her if she knew who she was, Alice, in a complete panic thought hard about what to do. Then she heard a voice.... "Oh dear looks like someone needs some pampers, did Mommy not put one on you this morning little one?" came the condescending voice of the laughing girl Alice fought hard to hold back the tears in her eyes.... Judging by the horrible rough voice the cruel words had been spoken in, Alice thought she recognised the voice as a girl called Lisa Phillips. This was bad news. She was a rather large girl known not to be backward in coming forward. Probably something to do with her own shortcomings, she wasn't afraid to try and bring other people down if she had a chance. If she found out it was Alice, she knew news of her accident would be common knowledge by tomorrow morning.... She decided that she now had two options.. 1. Wait it out until Lisa leaves and hope to god she doesn't wait for her outside or go and get her friends..... which knowing her would probably be extremely wishful thinking... Or 2. Just grab her bag and get the hell out of there before Lisa has a chance to come out of the cubicle and see her..... A concerned Alice examined her skirt realising to her surprise it was pretty much dry, and her shoes had also avoided being soaked. Visually she felt relieved there were actually no signs of her having just peed herself. She knew her expensive blue Victoria's Secret panties were obviously completely soaked, but no one need ever to know about that. She would just stick them straight in the washing machine when she got home. Suddenly, panic set in...........as she heard a click from the stall next to her. Meaning the cubicle door had been unlocked......... Without any time to think, Alice knew she had to act quickly. She grabbed her bag, swung the cubicle door open and ran, with her hands on her head to cover her face.... She bolted for the exit door trying to catch Lisa by surprise, who hadn't expected her to quickly run away. She managed to catch a glimpse of the running Alice from the side and back as she saw her dash for the door, with the girls hands trying to cover her face and her dark brunette coloured hair flying all over the place.... Alice quickly made herself disappear into the crowds, as the toilets were fortunately situated right by the college main entrance, and thankfully it was now home time, meaning what looked like half the college were either stood waiting for friends or headed home for the day.... Lisa charged out of the toilets hoping to get a better look at who the panty pisser was but felt disappointed to be met with nothing but crowds of students walking about.... The question is, did she, or did she not get a good enough look to know which college girl had just had a little pee pee accident?
  9. A short story from my Patreon. Thought I'd share it with you guys to show you that I can do original stuff too. Party Girl: A petite young lady in her late teens sat upon her bed, furiously taping away on her IPhone. She had just been dumped by her boyfriend and, like many girls her age, was experiencing a cocktail of volatile emotions. Anger, rejection and a "fuck the world" mindset consumed her. Her latest text was peppered with profanity and colorful phrases which would make a sailor proud. The silver haired vixen hit the send button with vigor as she tossed her phone onto the bed in a slight rage. "Fucking pushy prick!" She hollered at the ceiling of her small dorm room as she entered the bathroom. "I'm not going to stop being who I am!" She stared at her reflection in the mirror after her latest outburst. Even though she was still hungover from the previous night of partying, her youthful appearance was rich with a positively radiant glow. Her breasts were modest in size, but still enough for any guy to enjoy and play with once she got him where she wanted him. Tiny in stature at around five feet tall, she liked to think of herself as fun sized. Perfect for a quick bang on a changing table in a public restroom or in the back seat of an expensive car. Studying her appearance, she realized that she would have to lose the jeans and pink t-shirt and wear her sexiest outfit: a latex blue tube top and a mini skirt which was the same shade of cerulean. It was that stunning combo that won her many a horny college man. She stripped down to just her birthday suit and walked into her shower. Fiddling with the knobs yielded her a nice, warm steady stream of water which cascaded down upon her firm breasts and toned body while she stood under the shower head. Her shapely legs and ass were soon soaped up as she moved away from the lower portion of her body and started to pour some shampoo into her hands. Quickly she lathered her flowing silver hair which had blue colored tips. A scene girl or emo was a label she was familiar with since it was commonly attributed to her manner of fashion sense and hair. However, she hated such misconceptions. A party girl was the only title that she felt truly personified who she is. Always on the hunt for a good high and a quick fuck. This latest hiccup in her life was just that, a deviation from her usual routine. She currently lamented on the loss of her longest relationship to date while she washed out the suds from her luxurious locks. Yes, he was a nice guy and the best sex she ever had, but commitment to one man had proved to be very difficult for the young woman. Never had she been with anyone for more than a week until this one guy managed to snag her. Immature and reckless were common phrases which emanated any time the couple got into an argument. He constantly fell back to those terms to describe her faults in the midst of most fights they had. The pint sized gal would admit that she was reckless at times, but that word: immature. That word made her blood boil as she recanted it while turning off the water and hopping out of the shower. "Fucking immature?!" She questioned the reflection which greeted her in the mirror as she grabbed a near by towel. "I'm a full grown woman for crying out loud!" The towel vigorously scrubbed her body and journeyed down to her shaved and bare cunt. Ever since her first pubic hair, she waxed, shaved and groomed her slit religiously. She never appreciated that gift which womanhood bestowed upon her during her grade school years. An epiphany stopped her from drying the rest of her body. "Fucker probably likes a massive bush. Immature my ass!" She grinned as she resumed her after shower ritual. That was certainly the most logical conclusion she could reach. 'He hates my grooming does he? Well, fuck him! I'm getting laid tonight and blitzed out of my dome!' Waltzing back into her bedroom butt naked, she heard her phone buzz rapidly on the bed. Quickly, she ran over to the device and read her latest text. "Fuck yeah! Party on the west side of town!" To be continued... Want to see the entire story? Check out my Patreon. For just a dollar you can see numerous stories that won't be seen anywhere else. Check it out! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213
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    Looking for partner for X-Men rp

    I hate to ask, but I was kinda wondering if anyone be interested in doing an X-Men Evolution rp where Rouge does get hit by a mutant and the power she’s hit with slowly causes problems for her (like mental regression)? So it wouldn’t seem like a big deal and she would just seem off? At which point Gambit is put in charge to make sure she get’s better but things only get worse, to the point where she is basically a baby in an adult’s body. And Eventually he becomes her Daddy. But it doesn't necessarily have to have Rogue as the baby it could be two other characters....But it'd be nice to have Rogue babied. I'm also not interested in those who write just short one liners as replies.
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    From the album: Barebums

  12. babygirl88


    From the album: Barebums

  13. babygirl88


    From the album: Barebums

  14. babygirl88


    From the album: Barebums

  15. babygirl88


    From the album: Barebums

  16. Les Lea


    Chrissy Chrissy stood on the porch holding his mother’s hand. It was late, very late for him but the night was perfect, not a cloud to obstruct the glorious view of the starry night. Debbie, his mother, had got her sixteen year-old son up to see a spectacle; a nocturnal display of bright shooting stars streaking across the sparkling dark mass. It was something every child should experience so thought her son would be as enthralled as she was, not only by the blazing trails but the glorious and immense clear night sky of which Earth was just a tiny part. It was around 1am, although Chrissy had no idea what time it was because normally he’d be fast asleep. In fact, he’d probably have been in bed for five or six hours but his mother didn’t want him to miss this wonderful phenomenon. He’d been disturbed from his usual deep, deep slumber and was barely conscious of his mother rousing him from his warm cot to witness something outside. He was vaguely aware of the noise as the holding clips on the safety bars were unfastened and slid down before a pair of hands reached in and gently pulled him to his feet. As he was gradually cajoled from under the covers and led unsteadily out onto the porch he stumbled and grabbed her hand for support. “What do you think Chrissikins… isn’t that just beautiful?” His mother spoke with wonder and enthusiasm but Chrissy just shuddered and rubbed his eyes to see what exactly she was pointing at. “Mama… it’s the… er… the dark.” She smiled as she often did when her sweet son didn’t quite comprehend something that was bigger than his imagination. “Yes it is sweetie, but look how clear it is… how beautiful the sky is lit up for you… how each star is twinkling to greet you…” She would have gone on but saw her son’s eyes begin to focus as he observed his first real shooting star zip across the ‘dark’. “Wowww.” # The night was warm but a gentle breeze occasionally rippled across the grassy lawn and subtly flapped at his nightie. The soft shiny white nylon, which barely came down to his thighs, tickled as he ran his hand over it to keep the flimsy garment from blowing up and revealing his matching silky padded diaper. Not that anyone in the darkness would have noticed, or cared, Chrissy had worn a diaper since he was eight, so it was certainly no secret. His mother was dressed in her own nightie though had a silky bathrobe wrapped over it hugging tightly to her ample frame. Her son was only a couple of inches shorter but standing in his loose girlie nightwear, wispy blond hair flowing to his shoulders, had there been anyone around to notice, they looked more like mother and daughter. Another, longer breeze made him shiver, his bare legs displaying small goosebumps as he hugged his teddy for comfort. Although warm, it wasn’t as warm as his comfy bed so this brief waft of cooler air had an effect - he released a spurt of pee into his damp diaper. The warm glow lasted longer than the trail of the falling star his mother had just pointed out, the appearance of which made him slightly happier to be standing out in the open at such an unsociable hour. Chrissy yawned but still held her hand tightly; in the other he clutched Mr Cribbs, his long serving teddy bear. Mr Cribbs was very rarely far away from Chrissy’s grasp but when it was the howl of distress could be heard in the next village. For Chrissy at least, the cool night and sound of all those nocturnal critters making noises of love and death, gave the situation an uneasy eerie feel… he was glad of Mr Cribbs’s reassuring furry presence. # His mother kept pointing to various glimmering stars and planets, naming the constellations and getting excited as yet another meteor ripped across the sky tracing its brief but brilliant sparkling trajectory. Chrissy nodded and tried to be as enthusiastic as mama but really wanted to get back to bed so he and Mr Cribbs could get some sleep. Besides, now he was awake he could feel just how heavy his diapers was, which meant he was already pretty clammy so would rather his mama change him than look at silly stars. Usually, when he goes to bed, and the safety bars are drawn up to stop him from falling out, he lies there knowing that mama has wrapped him in a thick diaper and rubber panties secure enough to soak up any accidents and stop any leakage. With such padding he generally lasted the night unhindered and unconcerned but now he was vertical, and standing in the open air, he wondered if she would attend to his sagging needs. Not that such things worried him, he may have been aware of it but rarely did he have any say in when or where he got changed. The weight and fullness of his soggy diaper had made him waddle more than usual. He stood with his legs well apart and hoped that the return to his cosy cot wasn’t going to be too long in coming. He yawned and shivered, then stretched and wriggled - the silky mound of his shiny panties and the movement of his nightie caught a little of the light from the meagre source available. On some level the fabric’s sudden streaks of dull quicksilver were not unlike the aerial display. “Mama… am cold,” he shivered, “can I pweese go bye-byes?” She nodded, sad that he wasn’t as interested in the magnitude of the night sky as she was but grateful that she had such a sweet and loving son. # Once inside and Chrissy had been led back to his room she checked if his diaper needed changing. She pulled the nightie up to his chest and gently slid her hand down the front of his protection. It was a process he’d gotten used to over the years and didn’t mind that, like on other occasions, this didn’t lead to a change. “OK honey, you’re damp,” she smiled, “but there’s plenty of absorbency left. Do you think you’ll manage until morning?” Chrissy was so tired he hardly registered what was happening just glad to be back in bed. The sleepy boy’s eyes were already heavy and she could see it was a struggle for him to stay awake. Something that might have been the sound of agreement passed his lips as he settled down into the comfort of his cosy bed where he was already cuddling Mr Cribbs. She rearranged his nightie so it almost covered his thick diaper and kissed his precious head. The soft fleecy bunny rabbit blanket was pulled up slightly to cover his naked legs but, almost automatically, his feet kicked it off as he turned onto his side and wriggled against teddy to get comfy. Debbie watched for a few moments as her boy fidgeted. The thick padding and silky cover once again the focus of attention in his cot, whilst the rustling of his protection against the plastic undersheet reminded her of her little boy’s own trials and tribulations. She sighed. The pacifier that hung on a ribbon from the nightie was inserted back between his lips, which accepted the soother with no complaint. Yet before mama had raised the safety bars, Chrissy was once again on his way back to dreamland. She’d never had a problem with Chrissy; he’d always been a good sleeper. Other parents might have complained that their new babies were just too demanding, getting them up to be fed throughout the night, but not so little baby Christian. For some reason he slept through the night and although he cried occasionally (and certainly made up for it during the day) their night times were very rarely disturbed. He was a good baby… and still a good boy. The only illumination in the room was from a revolving nightlight that spread shadows of running horses across the wall. It had been his sister’s and like Mr Cribbs, he wouldn’t part with it for the world. # Debbie sighed again as she remembered the last eight traumatic years. When these thoughts invaded her head she knew there would be no sleep until she had exorcised her inner monologue. They surfaced quite regularly these days but usually she was able to bury them under her daily work and time spent looking after Chrissy. However, tonight the wonderful night sky had been just one of the many triggers that set her off down Memory Lane. She returned to the porch and once again took in the wonderful glittering heavenly vastness before examining the view from her home and looking out across the dark expanse of lawn. It was a scene she never tired of, even at night. Her old ‘homestead’ style property was set in a couple of acres in a beautiful rural part of town. The large, four bedroom, wooden structure seemed to fit in well with the surroundings and had been much admired by visitors. The nearest neighbours were quite some distance away and the lane leading up to their home was almost half a mile long. Even in the dark she could just make out the vague grey outline of the white driveway that eventually led to the welcoming wooden front porch. In the west the glow on the horizon showed where the town was, its lights probably killing off the aerial spectacle for its inhabitants. However, because of the lack of clouds, it was just a pale radiant blush. Sometimes, when clouds were low and heavy it appeared as a seething tangle of yellow light giving the impression the place was on fire. To the north was a gentle light indicating the much nearer village but the rest was just wonderful countryside; fields, fences, rolling hills and way off in the east, the craggy points of Darvil’s Bluff. As far as Debbie was concerned, when snow fell and the moon climbed large behind it in a clear night sky, it produced the most beautiful sight in the world. It was partly the reason she never wanted to leave even though there was just her and Chrissy living in such a large house in such a secluded area. Because the location was much sought after there had been offers but was adamant - she would only leave in a box… and not a moment before. She sat on the porch swing and searched the heavens once more. The sky was alive with millions of rippling stars billions of miles away but the brightest twinkled as if just for her. She sighed once again and tears formed. “Oh Christine,” she whispered half to herself and half to any godly presence that might be listening. “We miss you honey. We miss you every day.” The star continued to dazzle as another, much larger, meteor ripped a huge arc across the spectacular night sky as if in response to Debbie’s tears. “Just the thought of you cheers me up sweetheart… but thank you for showing me you’re there and listening.” It was nights like this when she felt the closest to her daughter. They had both appreciated the beauty of the large shimmering moon rising behind Darvil’s Bluff and both agreed it was probably the most stunning and picturesque vista in the entire county. Tears of both love and grief rolled down her face as she gently swung back and forth. Her deliberations drifted back and how the last eight years had changed both her and Chrissy’s life so dramatically. #### It had started with the symptoms of flu. Christine, Debbie and Thomas Longstaff’s vibrant, all-action fourteen year-old daughter had, unlike her usual easy going temperament, complained of a dry throat, cough and ‘stuffed’ nose. Her mother checked and noticed the temperature was climbing towards 100 degrees but it was decided a few days rest with plenty to liquid would soon have her back up and about. Unfortunately, the symptoms deteriorated and by the weekend she was running a colossal fever and had become completely lethargic. The doctor was summoned and whilst she waited for him to arrive Debbie called her husband at work to tell him of the new developments, her worries and for him to return home as soon as possible. The family owned the company but his office said he wasn’t in that day, despite when he left that morning saying an urgent order needed processing… he was nowhere to be found? Her suspicions had been raised for some time now about Tommy, her husband of fifteen years, and his late nights or weekend working. However, now, with their daughter ill, that mistrust had to take a back seat. She left messages on his cell and at the office for him to come home immediately. She emphasised the urgency but even when the doctor arrived he still hadn’t returned the call. # After a very brief examination the doctor called the emergency services, Christine’s dramatic downturn was more serious than anyone thought and she needed crucial specialist care. In the meantime, Debbie’s sister arrived just in time to look after Christian; the Longstaff’s other child, their eight year-old son who was already in a distressed state over his sister’s illness. He couldn’t understand how his lively playmate and best friend looked so awful lying there and he couldn’t get her to respond to his silly jokes. He was very worried. With a noise that could be heard a good five minutes before its arrival the ambulance, with siren blaring, drew up sharply outside the house. The doctor and medics quickly loaded up Christine and her mother into the back before, with sirens blaring, taking off at pace down the country roads. Standing hugging each other for comfort was Christian and his aunt, both in tears and both extremely anxious. That was to be the last time Christian ever saw his sister again. Whatever disease had taken hold of her body suddenly became ultra-toxic and even before the ambulance arrived at the hospital Christine had died. The death of such a lively girl was a tremendous shock and the effect it had on the family was equally toxic. It saw the implosion of the family unit happen with speed. Thomas eventually arrived at the hospital but Debbie, in no mood to be placated even over the death of her daughter, launched into a frenzied attack of her unfaithful, selfish and lying husband. Anger had overtaken grief and her final words “It should be you lying in the morgue” aimed at her double-dealing husband meant that any pretence of family togetherness was no longer possible. # Christine and Christian had been very close. Despite the six year age gap both siblings enjoyed each other’s company and were often seen together on some adventure or indulging in one of their special games where only they knew the rules. Now, with the last image of his sister being stretchered away amid urgent wailing sirens, Christian fell to pieces. The fact that his best friend and sister was no longer going to be around left him unable to cope, which toppled him into a deep and dark despair. It was the start of the eight year-old relapsing slowly back into his childhood where he felt safe. Meanwhile, as the truth of where Thomas had been when their daughter had been rushed to hospital eventually became known, the divorce wasn’t too far behind. Debbie despised her husband, and the trollop he was having an affair with, but made sure that the settlement was very much in her favour and she retained the house. She was determined that Chrissy and her were not going to suffer because of her husband’s infidelity and when all the assets were added up, she retained a large chunk of both the business and property portfolio. She was a far better negotiator than all her husband’s legal team but stayed her hand at bankrupting him completely. He walked away with occasion parental visiting rights but not enough money that would give him, and his whore, the lifestyle she’d come to expect. That relationship didn’t last long after the settlement. # However, there was another casualty in all this - Christian found the loss of both sister and father just too much to cope with (even though his father had visiting rights) and slipped into a strange world that only he seemed to understand. To begin with the difficulty was revealed by night-time accidents. He’d wake up crying and his bed would be a horrendous wet mess; after three consecutive nights of this Debbie put him temporarily back into diapers. Part of the reason was to prevent the bedding from being destroyed by his soiling but also hoped that being in a diaper might make him feel too babyish and, through embarrassment, stop his nightly bodily expulsions. This action gained no response. He didn’t argue or create or complain that his thick protection was for babies - he didn’t realise or even acknowledged this change to his nightly routine. Over the coming weeks the problem got worse and he’d wake up screaming, crying and with a completely filled diaper. Things escalated when every night he’d tremble as some kind of terror overtook his mind, which saw him physically throwing himself out of bed and often causing injury. The local psychiatrist was no help at all coming up with no better suggestion than Christian being restrained to the bed. As a last resort, Debbie had his cot adapted and fitted with high rails to stop him falling and hurting himself. This seemed to make a difference so the disturbed boy began to settle down to a reasonably untroubled night. It appeared whenever his routine was altered; changed out of diapers and returned to briefs or the rails on the bed were left down, his anxieties reared up again. He fretted and became nervous of others. If he was out walking along the street with his mother and an emergency vehicle sped past with its siren blaring, Christian’s bladder and bowel reacted and he messed his pants. His body trembled nearly all the time. He was scared of perhaps, like his sister, being taken away and never seen again. He cried, he had temper tantrums over nothing and then he’d cry some more holding on to his mama for dear life, telling her he was never going to let go. It seemed that the only way he could cope was if he was completely safe, bodily and physically, at all times. His diapers became thicker and in use 24/7. He wanted constant attention and cried if he didn’t get it, which was something he’d never done before and, perhaps strangest of all, sulk if his mama didn’t praise him like she had when he was a little boy. He went out of his way to be a good boy for mama because mama looked after him. He needed her constant reassurance. Mama and Mr Cribbs were the only two things in his life he cared about, whilst diapers took care of everything else. # He’d found all his old baby stuff put away in the spare room and insisted, through constant pleas and pet lips, that his mother use it. She’d already found use for his fabric diapers, pins and baby powder but now found herself surrounded with his toys, rattles, stuffed animals, baby bottles, pacifiers, onesies and a host of old baby clothes. He’d happily play for hours with a little plastic toy or his stuffed animals and hardly acknowledge anything else going on until it was time to be fed. Of course he was too big for most of the clothing but that didn’t stop him trying to wear whatever he could. He’d cry and cry because it no longer fit and stomp around still trying to get into it. Debbie didn’t know what to do but noticed that he calmed down considerably if he was sucking on his binkie or fed from a baby’s bottle. She knew that there was something inexplicable going on in her son’s head. After all that had happened she wasn’t that surprised but no amount of therapy seemed to make a difference, it was as if he’d just shut down on growing up. Also, and the main thing that Debbie was paranoid about, was losing her other child. The thought of him in some kind of institution, although suggested, had been dismissed immediately. She would do what was needed to keep him safe, secure and nearby. Her solution was to get him the onesies and other babywear he so desired, which would stretch to fit and keep him comfortable. Christian’s speech pattern also changed and became more childlike. He wobbled as he walked and that wasn’t just because of the huge diaper he wore between his legs, he seemed so much more unsteady around the house and, without help, mostly just crawled from place to place. When they did go out he clung to his mother’s hand and didn’t dare let go. Something else happened and Debbie didn’t realise she was doing it until her sister pointed it out, she spoke to him as if he was still a baby. Short sentences, baby descriptions, simple phrases and words, otherwise Chris would just look at her as if confused by what she was saying. All these things worked and Christian seemed to be happy with his new life dressed and acting like a toddler. For his mama, washing diapers every day didn’t seem a chore, nor did the constant changing or keeping him all clean and tidy because she knew her little boy was so sweet and loving and more importantly, always close. # One evening, about four months after his sister had died, Christian wondered naked, apart from his protection, into her bedroom and, unknown to his mother, put on some of Christine’s clothes. When he caught his mother’s attention she suddenly called out “Chrissy”, the name they all called Christine. She was shocked by his sudden appearance and for a few seconds thought she was seeing an apparition. She was still in shock when he waddled over to her and cried as he hugged his mama. “I… I… I mish,” he sobbed and had trouble getting the words out, “I mishh… Chrishy.” His roar of absolute grief was only matched by the sudden realisation that his mama was also bawling as she hugged and stroked her son’s dress. He held on to her for comfort as tightly as she held on to him and patted his thickly padded bottom through the thin flowery fabric. It was quite some time before either would let go. When they did, the fact he was wearing some of his sister’s clothes didn’t seem so much of a problem. However, Debbie suggested that perhaps he should only wear her clothes at certain times and when she knew about it. Somehow he seemed to understand and accept these conditions with a childish shrug but that night wore one of her nighties over his thick night-time diaper and refused to wear anything else when he went to bed. This was the moment when Christian became Chrissy, a sort of loving term that referred to both Christine and Christian and a name which he responded to very well. From then on his night-time regime was mainly bath, powder, diaper, plastic (or some other shiny cover) and perhaps one of Christine’s nighties… and of course… Mr Cribbs. Occasionally, on a cool night, his mama could get him into a pair of PJs or a thick onesie but he preferred to wear his sister’s nightie. His mama thought this was his way of still being close to her and, as that’s why Debbie had kept all her stuff, so she could still maintain that link, she couldn’t deny her son that same connection. It appeared that once his mama had settled him down with a bottle, a binkie or sweet words of encouragement, and the safety bars were locked into place on his cot, her little boy knew he was secure and could safely drop off. However, he was always dressed for bedtime by 8pm and seemed happy with this arrangement which stayed with him as he grew older. # His mama was strangely jovial with this turn of events. Quite unexpectedly she now had a baby, and occasional daughter, to look after. He dressed in his sister’s clothes when the urge took hold but always wore his diaper underneath. Unfortunately, his potty training was negligible; it was as if he’d completely given up on the entire idea of going to the toilet, so his diapers were in constant use. His thick cushion of protection was the dominant thing to whatever he wore and would poke out from under his dress or swell out his juvenile shorts. Over the years, as the sadness of losing her daughter gradually began to be less painful she saw that Chrissy had provided her with a wonderful alternative reason for living… and one to which she was happy to devote her life. As he grew older his clothes stayed as he liked them; colourful and juvenile. His mother thought he was the most endearing little toddler and did all she could to keep him content in his infantile, diaper-clad world. When his father came to visit, which was only at Christmas and birthdays, he hated to see his son in such a state, although he couldn’t deny the boy seemed blissfully happy. Every time he hugged his son and patted his well-padded bottom he wished he’d never had the affair because perhaps then his son might be growing into a man instead of staying in his closed infantile world. He found it difficult that his son had stopped maturing and had settled for diapers and a pacifier as his life. He begged his ex-wife to get Christian to a psychiatrist, which she always told him the same thing - there was nothing they could do for him… his mind had simply shut down to everything except what he now had. No amount of bribes, cajoling, threats or visits to the psychiatrist had changed his mental state in all this time so, whether they liked it or not – Chrissy was who he was. # “Wake up Chrissy, time to get up and…” He was quite exhausted from all the charging about with the Teletubbies in his dreams, and of course the break to his usual sleep pattern to watch shooting stars, so it took a few moments to make the transition from slumber to wakefulness. “Morning mama.” The sweet childish voice said through bleary eyes. “Morning sweetness, let’s get you ready for the day. It’s wonderful outside so I think we need to be out in the fresh air for as long as we can…” She ran her finger playfully over his naked hairless tummy. The bunny fleece blanket had got caught around his legs, whilst the nightie had ridden up his chest, leaving the huge soaked cushioning around his groin needing urgent attention. The shiny cover was stretched tightly over the sodden diaper but the size didn’t seem to worry Chrissy as he lay enjoying his mama’s attention. She teasingly tickled some more as the baby-teen wriggled and chuckled his way into the morning’s brightness. “He-he he-he he-he… awwww mama stop.” The rustle of those shiny pants as he squirmed delightedly on top of the rubber sheet making mama beam at his giggly wake up routine. As usual he was still wetting as he struggled childishly against his mama’s nimble fingers. Eventually she stopped and slid those pleasing fingers down the front of his plastic pants to check the state of wetness. “Ohh Chrissikins, soaked again,” she said mischievously as he tried to recover from a bout of happy squealing and snickering. He smiled up at her. It didn’t matter whether he was wet or dry (which was very rare) mama always liked to make a good-humoured fuss when it came to change, clean and put her precious child back in fluffy diapers. He is mama’s sweet little baby so it’s expected that diapers will get messy because that’s what they are there for. As mama always explains; her lovable little boy shouldn’t have to worry about finding a toilet when he’s always well-shielded should he need one. Mama always made sure his protection fitted tightly, that rubber pants or plastic covers keep him from leaking but the rule is - he must tell her should he wet, he doesn’t want one of those nasty, itchy rashes now does he? She likes to know that he’s happy and comfortable, clean and tidy and always smells like a ‘sensitive rose bathed in the morning dew’. That’s what she always says as she washes him spotless and sprinkles on baby powder over his pale sleek body. Once he’s all cleaned-up the fuzzy diaper with the thick soaker is applied and snugly pinned into place. Occasionally at this point he’d totter over to the dresser and chose what he wants to wear, though more often than not it’s left to his mama to dress him and then he’s ready for the day ahead. Every day it’s the same. Debbie faces it with same determination she always has, since her daughter’s death and the ‘re-birth’ of her son, she’s there to ensure his world makes sense and that in turn makes sense of hers. The End
  17. Les Lea

    Jenny’s Story 1-3 end

    Jenny’s Story Part 1 Jenny was a sweet baby; pretty, placid and absolutely gorgeous. That wasn’t just the opinion of her doting parents; everyone who ever met her immediately thought she should be advertising some baby product or other. Whether she was dressed to impress in her trendy baby clothes or merely crawling around in her diaper, people would stop and comment on just how cute she was. Her joyous smile made everyone cheerful; everyone being cheery seemed to make her smile all the more. Jenny was a magnet for well-being and happiness. As she grew up her sweet demeanour made her a favourite play-mate, she was fun and always happy to join in. ‘Mommies and Daddies’ was her favourite game and often, because she was so easy going, nearly always ended up playing baby. She didn’t mind, all her life she’d been used to people making a fuss around her so when her friends wanted to do the same, she simply complied – it was just a game after all. Her little chums took great delight in dressing up their ‘baby daughter’. All the way through her junior years they would pretend that some piece of material, or pretty fabric would make an eye-catching new garment. Of course it was all make believe so often the dress or blouse was terrible and ill-fitting but it didn’t stop the girls using Jenny as their baby model. Jenny didn’t mind either as long as they had done one thing correctly; she liked to be put in a diaper first. As soon as they started playing she would shuffle out of her panties and her friends, who had become very adept at the game and privy to Jenny’s penchant for protection, would have brought disposables, sibling’s diapers and an array of plastic pants to get the baby fashion show underway. Jenny loved all the preparation; the wet-wipes, the lotion, the powder and then the actual fitting everything tightly into place. She would lay there and giggle, make baby noises or, if someone had thought ahead, suck happily on a bottle or pacifier. Over the years she was able to collect quite a few items, which she treasured and kept safely stored away in her childhood memory box. It contained a few of her toys, some of her baby things and loads of her childhood clothes. It was a place her mother knew about and thought how sweet it was that her beautiful daughter should want to keep all those things in her bedroom, maybe even passing them on to her children. Of course her parents had potty-trained their gorgeous daughter fairly early on and dressed her to reflect the affluence their position demanded but they had no knowledge of her preference for being treated as a baby. In fact, when her friends came to her home Jenny always found a different game to play so, ‘Mommies and Daddies’, ‘Fashion Baby’ or any variant where a baby was involved was never allowed. She did however keep a photograph of mommy and daddy and herself as a toddler at the side of her bed. Her parents looked so proud of their beautiful daughter in her cute little dress with just a hint of her diaper and plastic pants showing under the hemline. In her heart of hearts, this was how Jenny always saw herself and always wanted to stay. Throughout her school years she kept her desire secret from all but a few. Her supply of diapers and covers only brought out for her own amusement or at times of stress. Exams or even meeting her relations caused her some anxiety; as a result she would slip on her diaper, pull up her plastic panties and crawl into bed. Any and all problems would instantly disappear as she sucked her thumb and regressed to her favourite state – that of a two year-old. Although she was an intensely good-looking girl, and later young lady, she was never confident about her body. Others of her age who might have felt a similar disconnect, found a different, often more destructive way to deal with such a dilemma but Jenny chose a place of warmth and safety. Unfortunately, her parents liked to see her grow up and admired the sweet, sophisticated, understanding and benevolent young woman she became. She gave her time and effort over to looking after children; babies, toddlers and infants up to the age of five who had been abandoned or needed sanctuary for some reason, she had, thanks to a hefty donation, opened up a place of refuge where they could stay protected and well looked after. * The safe house for children was a great success and Jenny loved looking after each and every one of those sweet tots who came her way. The reason she was so successful was because she totally identified with their simple requirements to be kept clean, tidy, fed and amused. She made life simple for herself by having each child of either sex wear only a diaper and smock so that changes were made easier and there was no pressure for them to be seen in the latest trendy clothing, every child was equal, they were all treated the same. The only choices were different coloured diapers and a wonderful array of patterned plastic covers, which the children often made a game of deciding which style to wear. Jenny was no different. She wore her diapers and plastic pants under her dress more or less like her wards, except perhaps hers weren’t as obvious as theirs but were just as colourful. In some quarters she was seen as a Saint; giving up all her time and devoting so much attention to her small but busy nursery. Loving the babies, treating her toddlers with care and making sure they enjoyed their young lives to the full, it was something she felt she was born to do. The mess that kids make was not a problem, she revelled in the noise and adventure, the ideas and play, the innocence and openness - the atmosphere was full of fun and the smell of baby powder - was intoxicating. Jenny and her few helpers would be down on the floor crawling around with the kids, babies were cuddled and rocked, meal times were a hoot and even when there were tantrums and tears, it was all treated with kisses and hugs. Jenny’s team would be having as much fun as the children, playing with toys, nuzzling teddy bears or building imaginary palaces. There wasn’t a dress code for them but a couple, like their boss, wore a diaper under their work clothes. They may have been the most responsible ‘big kids’ in the room but they had as much enjoyment as the children. Apart from the difference in size, it was often difficult to tell grown up from toddler as their diapered and crinkly bottoms interacted and played together. The place was a success and more and more people wanted their own children to be a part of that experience. Alas for Jenny, as the numbers rose so did the expense, which wouldn’t have been so bad if her sponsor’s donation hadn’t dried up and finance proved difficult to come by. The offers of monetary support she received were nowhere near what she needed to keep going and so, with a great deal of regret and emotion, the nursery closed. The children had to go to other facilities, her helpers had to find new work and Jenny was left saddened and devastated by the collapse of her project. She never thought she’d find anything to take its place or give her the satisfaction it had done. She would sit in the colourful empty nursery totally depressed, wearing nothing but her protection and sucking her thumb; she had no idea what to do next. That was until Mr Henderson appeared in her life. *tbc*
  18. Because of the current tech problems I have re-laid the entire story in this chapter. You can still read the comments at the end but they probably won't make much sense. Samantha’s lesson Samantha was being her usual annoying self. Her parents didn’t know why their adorable little baby girl was growing up to be an obnoxious little fiend. She was seven years old but had the attitude of a grumpy teenager who always thought she was right. Her mommy and daddy were at their wits end as to what to do with her and yearned for the days when she was a happy little bundle of smiles, giggles and the only demands she made was for her paci. Now she demanded attention 24/7 and had the house in uproar if she didn’t get it. Her brother, four year-old Nathan, was more often than not left crying because of some act of nastiness that his darling older sister had visited on him. Nathan was a sweet, undemonstrative child, who, though worryingly still in diapers, was otherwise a normal little boy. Having said that, the normal ‘terrible twos’ that his parents remembered so well from when Sam was at that age, appeared to pass him by. Maybe this was down to the fact that they had his sister to contend with and she seemed to be forever in that part of her ‘terrible’ childhood development. Whenever Nathan got any sort of attention Samantha would start acting up, get into trouble, cause an argument or generally be disagreeable. Meanwhile, her little brother would sit there playing with his toys and perhaps wondering why he was being ignored (if a child of his age ever thought that way). The school was always sending messages and asking Sam’s parents in for meetings to ‘discuss’ her behaviour but everything that was tried to remedy the situation failed miserably. That was until her mother accidently came across something that appeared to work. * Samantha had been screaming at her brother. Ridiculing the poor boy because he was still wetting himself, not just at night but also during the day, and, because she had been potty trained since the age of two, told him how much of a baby he still was. After one particular nasty tirade and unforgivable incident where she rubbed his wet diaper in his face, which needless to say had upset Nathan tremendously, her mother decided on her own punishment. She spanked her daughter (much to Samantha’s surprise and something her mommy had never done before), removed her little panties and replaced them with the wet diaper with which she had just been tormenting her sobbing little brother. Sam was the one now crying, and not just because of the spanking, she hated the feel of the wet diaper that now hung between her legs. Her mother had made it pretty clear that if she even attempted to remove it that would produce an even more severe spanking. Samantha was smarting from the first smacking she’d ever received and was temporarily stunned into submission so wandered miserably around the house with her huge drooping diaper easily visible below her little dress. Her mother noticed that somehow this action had calmed her daughter down and, for a few hours at least, she saw Sam behaving herself and, although perhaps reluctantly, start playing with Nathan who was now sitting happily in his dry protection. * As the children played their mother couldn’t help but notice how cute her disruptive daughter looked now she was back in diapers. The way it so obviously hung below her dress when she bent over brought back memories of those happier days when she was a baby. The fact that she now appeared a lot more obedient and agreeable also hadn’t gone unnoticed although, she realised it could have been down to Sam’s reddened bottom. When it was time for Nathan’s afternoon nap she also put Samantha down at the same time and while there was a little argument, it was soon over and she complied. Popping a pacifier into her son’s mouth soon had him sucking wildly as he soothed himself to sleep whilst hugging one of his teddy bears. Without thinking she also slipped one between her daughter’s lips and was surprised to see her also sucking as she closed her eyes and slipped into her own little dream world. Soon both her children were out for the count and mommy was able to have time to assess what had happened. Neither she nor her husband had, with the arrival of Nathan, given Samantha any less attention so wondered if it was more than just sibling jealousy. However, her terrible behaviour at school showed she was quite the tyrant there and that pointed to something else in their daughter’s make up. Physical punishment had never been in the armoury these parents used. However, with this current action, Sam had learned that there were now very definite consequences to her conduct. Meanwhile, her mother decided she was going to at least try and see if she could develop on this more agreeable side to her daughter. * When her children woke up she first changed Nathan, who had inevitably wet himself as he slept, spending time making him giggle as she wiped him clean, powdered and re-diapered him. She covered that with a pair of clear plastic pants and then pulled on his favourite matching cartoon t-shirt and shorts. Happily dry and wide awake he rushed off into the sunlit garden to play on the swing. Sam had warily watched the entire procedure but didn’t dare get up before her mother had given permission. Despite a rather long, deep nap she wriggled uncomfortably in the sodden diaper and could still feel where her mother had spanked her and wasn’t keen on repeating the experience. Once the soggy mass had been removed she anticipated getting her panties back but mom then proceeded to do the same as she had with Nathan; wiping her daughter clean, spreading on some lotion and getting her well powdered. However, despite this obviously leading to the inevitable conclusion Sam was surprised when her mother produced another disposable. The protest was noisy but not unexpected. Nevertheless, her mother just lifted her legs up, swatted her bottom a couple of times, slid the diaper into place and fastened it tightly around her hips whilst her stunned daughter tried to hold back the tears. * Sam was in shock. Twice in one day she bore the marks of her mother’s hand but didn’t know what she could do about it. She wanted to object, she wanted to scream, she wanted to tear the house down but she didn’t want to feel that pain again so, despite every bit of her body wanting to reject what was happening, she grumpily put up with it. As her mommy slipped a pair of plastic pants over her diaper, but before she let her go and play outside, she was told in no uncertain terms that her behaviour was not acceptable and that until she stopped being an awful sister to her brother and started to conduct herself as a young lady, she would be kept in diapers. With that her mommy stood her up, pointed to the door and told her to go and play in the garden with Nathan. Reluctantly she moved towards the door, she didn’t really want to go outside where someone might see her wearing her padded protection, she was a big girl after all but her mother had made it clear that was where she should go and acting up just wasn’t an option. Her mother watched as she waddled out the door. There was no doubt about it, that little glimpse of bulky padding showing beneath her dress made her look adorable. In some way she hoped her daughter would do something unpleasant again, just so she had reason to keep her dressed like that for a little while longer. * Whilst her children were playing in the garden she went to the attic and found some of the baby clothes she used to dress them in. Waves of nostalgia swept through her mind and she wished she could have both her little babies back. She found a pair of pink frilly plastic pants that Samantha had worn as a toddler and remembered how sweet she had looked in her little dress with the frills showing over her bulky padding as she pushed her toy pram. Most of the clothing was Sam’s she had been the first and as such received brand new baby clothes. Little Nathan, when he came along, was saddled with her hand me downs but she remembered that he always looked so sweet no matter what he wore. As her fingers touched each piece of clothing another wonderful memory came to mind. She chuckled to herself at the thought of when he wore the same pink frilly plastic pants that had somehow gravitated to her hands, and how he had crawled around the house unperturbed by such a sweet but ‘girly’ item. He was always such an easy-going bundle of joy and her heart filled with the love she shared with almost every other mother over her children… but sighed to herself as she wondered what had gone wrong with Samantha. * Unexpectedly, the afternoon passed off without any trauma, both her children played together and appeared to be getting on, which was a first for a long time. Sam had even helped her brother build a tent using a blanket and the washing line as they’d played at camping in the wild outback. She howled like a wolf, made chirping and squawking noises as she pretended she was a host of wild animals and Nathan giggled his enjoyment and feigned being scared as he hid behind a rock (the upturned clothes basket). Their mother hadn’t seen such simple pleasure for quite some time and both her kids seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. When her husband returned home from work he was astonished to see a very relaxed wife, and both his children playing happily in between watching snatches of TV. When he sat on the sofa after he’d eaten he was also surprised to find that this time not only Nathan came over for a cuddle but the normally fussy Samantha also wanted the same. Without making a scene she crept to the other side of her father and settled down as, with one in each arm, he hugged his children together. He looked over at his wife as if wanting an explanation but she just smiled and let him discover the secret for himself. It wasn’t long before he noticed that his daughter, like his son, was also padded and again looked to his wife for some sign as to why this was the case. She was smiling broadly at his incomprehension but he realised that whatever the reason it had appeared to work, for the time being at least, and for that he shrugged in gratitude. Perhaps, for the first time in many months, they would have an evening without a Sammy style outburst, or a neighbour complaining about their daughter’s behaviour. * At night both her children were put to bed at the same time. Both had protection, which once again Samantha tried to rebel against but her mother forcibly made her wear under the extreme threat of getting her daddy to administer a more severe punishment if she didn’t do as she was told. This warning had the desired effect and Sam quietly, if unhappily, submitted. She mumbled under her breath about not being a little baby and resented being put to bed at the same time as her silly little wet baby brother. So, she was still able to lash out even if this time it wasn’t as loud or as prolonged as normal and certainly she was more than a little unsure of the ground she stood on. Her mommy simply popped in her paci, pushed a teddy under her arm and told her to go to sleep. She added that she didn’t want to hear any sound and if there was it would mean ‘big trouble’. Leaving that warning to speak for itself she wished her sweet dreams, kissed her forehead and left to return downstairs to her perplexed husband. When his wife explained the way the day had panned out, and guiltily justified the spanking (which neither really agreed with), all became clear. Both seemed unhappy about what had happened but couldn’t deny the results. When she spoke about her idea to keep their seven year-old in diapers to see if the transformation was permanent, he had to concede that it was at least worth a try. The threat of a spanking as punishment was also going to be maintained but they hoped that the threat would be enough. He would support his wife in her decision but thought that Samantha was a very headstrong girl and expected some reaction to her new situation. His wife sighed as if she agreed that it was inevitable but, and she was adamant about this, she was going to pull out all the stops to try and curb her daughters aggressive activities. * Despite herself and her insistence that she didn’t need to go to bed so early Samantha had a very good night’s sleep and only woke up when her mother shook her to get ready for school. Through sleepy thoughts and wandering hands, which fell on her thick night time protection, she remembered what had happened the day before. The plastic pants felt strange as did the bulk between her legs but it slowly dawned on her that she had wet during the night. She hadn’t done such a thing since she was two and couldn’t understand why it had happened now. However, with mother standing over her and encouraging her to get up she shifted uneasily beneath the covers. Fearing a possible argument or tantrum her mother quickly pulled back the covers and pulled her out of bed and, like her daughter, was surprised to see the soaked diaper. Thankfully the plastic pants had kept everything else dry but even though her mother looked concerned the tears were welling up in Sam’s eyes. She was certain that she would get spanked for it and was crying because of the fear that had gripped her body, which unfortunately didn’t help as she peed a little more as she stood there weeping. Her mother took sympathy on her damp daughter and hugged her telling her it was OK and that sometimes little girls have accidents. Through her blubbing Sam tried to say that she wasn’t ‘little’ and not a baby and that it shouldn’t happen but all that came out was some childish whining and choked-back sobs. Soothing words eventually calmed the wet seven year-old as she was guided to the bathroom to change out of her soaked padding and to get ready for school. Her mother cleaned her up and went to retrieve her school uniform. Fearing that she would have to wear a diaper for school she started bawling even harder but calmed a little when she saw that her mother had returned with panties and not further protection. However, as her mother helped her get dressed she issued a further warning about her behaviour at school. If it didn’t get better, or any of the teachers had reason to complain, she would be wearing diapers to school every day for the rest of the term. Shocked at this terrible threat Samantha meekly put her uniform on and went downstairs for breakfast whilst her mother got Nathan ready for his day at nursery. * Once at school and away from her mother’s authority, the compliant Samantha quickly turned into the overbearing ‘Little Madame’ the teachers had come to dread. Creating uproar, making other children cry and generally being at the centre of mayhem soon led to her mother being called to once again come and collect her disruptive daughter. The drive home was a sullen affair, her mother angry beyond words and Sam insisting that she’d done nothing wrong and it was entirely the other kids fault for acting like babies. However, once through the door her mother quickly dragged her over her knee, pushed up her school skirt, pulled down her panties and smacked her bare bottom for the third time in two days. Whether Sam thought that it just wouldn’t happen again or not, her mother was not going to put up with such blatant disrespect for her, the teachers and other children. Never had Sam’s bottom been so thoroughly chastised and when her mother made her stand weeping in the corner and think about what she had done to deserve such a punishment her extremely red cheeks were testimony to the fury her mother had felt. Her tears eventually dried up and though her bottom stung she was getting bored standing in the corner waiting on the punishment to end. However, the angry words her mother had said about moving an inch were still ringing in her ears so thought better than to defy her so stayed put. Unfortunately for Sam her smarting bottom was just going to be the start of her ongoing punishment. **** Part 2 As she rubbed her sore bottom Samantha wanted some kind of revenge on her mother. Her mind was working on the things she planned on doing and, she thought conspiringly, ‘daddy had cuddled me yesterday so he will be on my side’. Alas for her she was unaware of what her parents had already agreed between them to try and tame their infuriatingly volatile daughter. The anger she felt at least took her mind of her glowing cheeks and she was in a seething world of her own when her mother re-entered the room armed with her daughter’s new clothing. Unable to contain her fury any longer she turned and screamed at her mother and ran off to her bedroom, where, for some reason, she thought she’d be safe. Her mother had always knocked before she entered and Sam naively believed that all she had to do was say “No” and her bedroom fortress could not be breached. Mommy would just go away and leave her to her own devices and eventually call her for dinner when it was ready. The trouble for Sammy was, her mother was not aware of any of this and simply stormed into her room, telling her in no uncertain terms that she needed to learn to behave. Sam was quick to avoid the grasping hands so jumped up and ran around the room, leaping on her bed whilst avoiding her chasing mother. Quick she may have been but her mother was clever and just waited for her to tire herself out as she shouted, screamed and threw things in her wake. Unfortunately for her, she tripped over one of the blankets she had thrown in her temper tantrum and, still kicking and screaming, was scooped up by her mother. Her red bottom was easily identifiable now she was wearing no panties and provided an obvious target for her mommy who delivered another couple of whacks to that already tender behind. Then, as a stunned and weeping Sam struggled to make sense of this departure from the norm, her mother stripped her out of the rest of her clothes, wrapped her in an ultra-thick fabric diaper, pinned it in place and told her that from now on any time she acted like a spoiled little baby, that was just how she would be treated. * Her mother picked her up, carried her downstairs and deposited her in the back garden and told her she was to play nicely in the sunshine with her brother until daddy got home. Wearing only a thick diaper it was Sam who now looked like the baby. Although Nathan was wearing his usual protection at least it wasn’t visible like Sam’s. He playfully told her that she looked like a big baby and was glad she’d come to play with him. It was amazing that, dressed like she was how her whole personality changed. She hadn’t reacted to her brother mentioning she looked like a baby and, once outside in the garden, she just got on and played the games that Nathan wanted. Her mother wondered if Sam was even aware of this dramatic change but she was intrigued as to why, as soon as she had her headstrong daughter diapered, all the anger, violence and screaming just stopped. As they played Nathan did something totally unexpected, he shrugged off his shorts and t-shirt and wore only his diaper like Sam. To him wearing such a thing was completely normal and often ran around the house dressed that way. His parents hadn’t tried to stop him, they enjoyed his diapered exuberance and he was such a contrast to Sam who would be the one often ridiculing him for being “such a baby”. Now, as mommy watched from the kitchen window, she couldn’t believe how sweet her two diapered children looked as they played some imaginative game that was producing gales of giggles. * Their father was somewhat bemused to sit at the dining table with both his children dressed only in diapers. He didn’t say anything because he knew there would be a good reason why his wife had taken such measures and was also relieved to sit through a meal with no squabbling. Indeed, Nathan was explaining what he had done at nursery and Sam quietly listened to all the conversations. Partly because she was worried that her mommy would tell daddy about her being naughty and perhaps… well… she didn’t want anything to happen as she planned on speaking to daddy later. After dinner Nathan sat in mommy’s lap watching TV whilst Sam cuddled up with her daddy. He gently patted her padded bottom as she squirmed around trying to be loving and endearing. She adopted a very childish voice, which was most definitely not what you expected from her, and whispered in his ear just how much she loved her daddy. Despite him realising she was planning something, it had been so long since she’d expressed any form of affection to anyone that he was quite taken aback. Once mommy took Nathan upstairs to bed she saw her opportunity to see if she could manipulate her father into agreeing she need not wear diapers ever again. Hugging daddy she said, in that false childish voice she hoped would sway him, that mommy was being cruel making her wear ‘baby clothes’ as she hadn’t done anything wrong. Her daddy snuggled his daughter tightly but replied that she must have done something as he was sure mommy wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Sam tried to force out some tears as she sniffed that it was all the teachers fault, they didn’t like her and made up lies about her to make her look bad. She looked at her father, desperately trying to hold back those crocodile tears, and told him that she could only rely on him not to be awful to her… protesting her innocence as she let a tear slide down her cheek. Her father was impressed with his daughter’s acting ability and was softened just a little by such a sterling performance. He tried to put Sammy’s mind at rest by saying that he was sure it would all be sorted out soon but in the meantime, and it would probably be only for a short while, the diaper stayed. “Besides,” he said grinning and trying to make his daughter feel better, “you look so cute… and your brother never seems to worry about wearing them.” She was still trying to gain her father’s confidence. “But daddy, he’s a baby and I’m a big girl… and big girls don’t wear diapers.” “They do if mommy tells them they do.” He stroked her head, “Naughty girls, no matter how big they are, wear diapers if their mommies think that’s what they need.” He held his daughter at arms-length and looked into her tear-streaked face. “Sometimes, mommies and daddies have to punish their naughty children… and you have been very naughty…” “No daddy I haven’t, it’s not my fault,” she blubbed. But her father noticed that even this protest was not as vocal or as strident as he would normally have heard from her. He hugged her close, patted her padded bottom in reassurance and told her not to worry, he was sure that her diaper days would soon be behind her. However, he couldn’t help thinking what a sweet nature she could have if she wanted. His wife’s insistence on her being diapered certainly had an amazing effect and, like her, thought that both their children looked delightful dressed in such a way. * Her mother called down that it was time for her bath and though disappointed at not having influenced her father she hung tightly onto his neck as he carried her upstairs. There was no denying the fact that he liked this affectionate version of his daughter. Carrying her cradled in his arms and stroking her padded bottom brought back his deep paternal thoughts. In that brief trip up the stairs he too remembered with a great degree of happiness just how Sam used to be when a baby. How soft she felt, how wonderful her childish hugs were, how sweetly she smelled of baby powder and lotion. His head was filled with all these thoughts when he put her down on her bed and began to unfasten her diaper. No sooner was the diaper removed than that hateful steely look reappeared in her eyes. She kicked out and kicked-off as her daddy tried to guide her to the bathroom. She saw her mother knelt down at the side of the bath washing and playing with Nathan who was giggling as bubbles were being piled on his head. Sam screamed that she wasn’t going to get in with her “smelly baby brother” and that she should have a bath to herself. However, her father picked her up and deposited her in the warm suds with her brother and a warning that he didn’t want to hear another word from her. This didn’t stop her complaining about everything. Nathan was in the way, the water was too hot (and too cold), the bubbles made her eyes sting, mummy rubbed too hard with the sponge… etc etc etc. * Mommy plucked a clean and fresh Nathan from the bath and snuggled him in a huge soft towel. She carried him back to his room, dried him off, powdered and diapered him, gave him his paci and teddy and left him to sleep. Then she went to her daughter’s room and got her nightwear ready only this time, her pjs were augmented with another thick fabric diaper. Once her daddy had fought through all the arguments and mess that her bath time routine had made, he also wrapped her in a towel and took her back to her room. Covered in such a huge thick towel she wasn’t able to run or kick or do anything other than lie still. Once he’d dried her, and while she was still relatively immobile he slipped the diaper under her and had it pinned in place in seconds. Sam’s protest died on her lips as her father pulled her pink pjs over it all and kissed her goodnight. Now she had Nathan settled her mother came in and, seeing her lay quietly in her bed, asked if she’d like a story. A very subdued Sam nodded so her mother picked up a book she’d read at an earlier time of her daughter’s life and began the tale of a pretty princess. Sam snuggled down with a stuffed toy and her mother remembered she had a paci in her pocket and offered it to her, which she happily sucked on as the story continued. It wasn’t long before she too dropped asleep and both parents couldn’t believe how much difference the diaper made. They discussed what had happened during the day and the punishment that had been dealt out. Strange that they both felt so guilty about a strategy that seemed to be working but it was decided that, in the morning, when they were getting her ready for school she would be diapered… just to see if her attitude there could also be changed. * Again Sam slept right through and was only roused from sleep by her mother’s gentle shaking. Sleepily she tried to make sense of where she was and what she was doing with a thick, wet diaper between her legs. This time, because she wasn’t wearing any plastic protection, the diaper itself had not been enough to prevent her pjs, blanket, sheets and mattress from getting a bit of a soaking. As her mother realised what had happened Sam started crying and shaking her head. She just couldn’t understand why, for the second time in two days, she’d woken up wet - she was a big girl and big girls don’t have accidents. Her mother made a note to remember plastic pants next time and felt silly that she had already bought a couple of pairs for her but hadn’t thought to put them on her that night. Still, it was a damp lesson, and one she was determined not to make again. However, whilst her daughter was coming to terms with what had happened, she quickly dried her off, wiped her clean and powdered her before slipping her quickly into a waiting disposable. Sam wasn’t really aware of the quick change so only realized what she was wearing when her mother slipped over a pair of pale blue plastic pants which matched her school uniform. She really wanted to object but was still feeling a little bit ashamed of her mishap. Her mother simply didn’t allow her protest to materialize and soon had her dressed for school. Other than the soft crinkle sound she made as she walked, no one would have been aware of the fact she was now diapered. However, Sammy was well aware of this fact. She thought the rustling noise she made could be heard by everyone who had ears, the thick feeling between her legs a constant reminder and although she hated it there was nothing she could do and would just have to put up with all her friends laughing and calling her names. * Mommy dropped her off at school and walked her into the classroom where she was left to go and join the other pupils. Meanwhile, her mother had a word with the teacher, passed her a bag which contained spare disposables and told her that Sam had had an accident during the night and that they thought, for everyone’s benefit, it might be best if she wore some protection for the rest of the day. Her teacher seemed slightly taken aback at this turn of events but nodded her understanding of the situation and she would see to it that if Sam needed a change, it would be done without any fuss. Despite herself, Sam wet her diaper twice whilst at school so without any fuss she was sent to the nurse who changed her. Sam may have felt awful about having such accidents but she was by no means the only girl in her class who also needed their diaper changed. She still didn’t understand why she wet just because she wore a diaper but the pee came unannounced and the only time she realized what had happened was when she felt the disposable swelling under the deluge. The other thing she was amazed by was that none of her classmates commented on either the crinkle sound or her frequent trips to the nurse, they all seemed relieved that at least for the time being, Sam wasn’t as shrill as she often was. However, the teacher also noticed that, despite her occasional need for a change, her behaviour had improved dramatically. She’d always been the brightest of all the children in her group and had dominated every one of them in every subject and, to a certain extent, the teachers had part thought this was why she acted up so much. Perhaps she felt stifled by her peers and her bad actions were her way of drawing attention to this problem. Maybe, but there was no denying that whatever her parents had done or said to her, she appeared to have calmed down considerably. The teacher didn’t make the connection between the protection and her behaviour but, when her mother came to collect her and heard about such positive conduct, she couldn’t help but feel relieved that she had found some kind of solution to her daughter’s aggression. On the car journey home Sammy was quiet but looked a little grumpy. Her mother tried to make conversation but she just gave one word answers. At least she wasn’t being nasty just deep in thought or at least had her mind on other things. When they arrived back at the house it was patently obvious why Sam had been so quiet, she’d wet herself again and was more confused than ever as to why. Thankfully the plastic pants had protected the car seat and contained the flood but she was a very waterlogged girl who desperately needed changing. * Her mother let her wallow in her damp diaper for a while whilst she unloaded the car and started to put her shopping away. Sam looked most dejected as she waited for her mommy to finish what she was doing and help her change. Eventually, she finished and shooed her daughter up to her room. Once there she helped her take off her school uniform, which left her standing there in the swollen protection. Sam was just pleased that there was no one else who could see what she could see. Her mother helped her out of the plastic pants and the disposable was saggy and saturated. Pulling at the tabs released the weight and, to Sam’s great relief, it flopped to the ground. Her mother laid her back on the bed and cleaned her up; wiping and powdering her thoroughly. Sam may not have liked it but realised that, whilst she was wetting herself, the diapers would be staying. So, when her mother fixed her into a thick fabric diaper like the one she’d worn the day before, she could do nothing but accept her fate. This time, and like Nathan always wore, she had a pair of clear plastic pants pulled over them. Her mommy added a pink t-shirt and was about to add a pair of shorts when she realised that the padding was too thick for them to fit. In the end, like the previous day, she was left to wander around the house in just her protection. Her mother was overjoyed when, just before Nathan arrived home from nursery (dropped off by a neighbour who also had a child at the same place) Sam climbed on the sofa with her and cuddled into her lap. Like her daddy the day before, this was the first act of affection that Sam had expressed for quite some time. Her mother couldn’t have been happier or more thankful and, with an emotional tear in her eye, snuggled her daughter tightly. ***** Part 3 For the next few weeks Samantha wore a diaper to school as well as at home. Every morning she would wake up wet but now took it as normal. She still had no idea why she should be in such a state but now that she did she no longer reacted. The enquiring, lively, though ultimately argumentative young girl had been replaced by someone with a much more placid demeanour, whilst her brother had never had such an attentive playmate. Both mother and father were proud of their daughter and although her diapers were proving extra work for them, it was more than compensated by the fact she was so much calmer and such a pleasure to be around. Also, and this was something they were both relieved about, they no longer needed to spank (or threaten to spank) Sam to make her do as she was told. At school it was like she was a different person, no one was scared or intimidated when she entered the room like they had been before. Also, she soon learned that she didn’t have to go to the nurse every time she wet, the disposable would soak up and store her pee leaving her feeling relatively dry, if slightly more bulky. She even got used to her plastic protection ballooning out a tad as her diaper expanded but waddled around expertly not letting on about her ‘misfortune’ until she arrived home. The moment she got in mommy would always lift her skirt, push a finger past her elasticated leg-holes and check, then if needed (which was nearly always), whisk her up to her room where a store of disposables, fabric diapers, plastic pants, wipes, various lotions and powders now awaited her regular changing routine. Gone was the anger, the shouting and near hysterics that had caused so many problems in the past, all being replaced by an affectionate sweetheart who seemed to be getting cuter and more adorable by the day. Her mother was really enjoying the transformation from disassociated seven year-old into an endearing little miss. She heaped praise and love on her almost nonstop and was even more overjoyed by the positive and tender reactions it brought. So many hugs, cuddles, kind words and general compassion were now happening naturally, it was as if Sam had remembered what it was like to be nice. Mommy purchased prettier diapers, more colourful and fancy plastic pants, as well as an array of new clothing that emphasised what a darling, devoted, little daughter she had. When they went out Sam’s delightful pastel-coloured summer dresses had gotten shorter to reveal her matching padded panties. Sam appeared not to even notice this ‘devolution’ in her clothing and no longer argued about anything she was made to wear. However, her mother was getting much too comfortable and at ease at the way her ‘reborn’ daughter had so effortlessly returned to those less-fraught toddler days. * It used to be a regular event that Nathan would request to go ‘potty’ after the deed was already done. He seemed to only know about it after it had happened and of course by then it was too late. However, as Sammy appeared to be getting younger Nathan was getting the hang of actually using the potty on time. He still occasionally had accidents but they were becoming less and less frequent and both his parents were relieved at this sudden progress. Almost overnight he began to go to school in ‘big boy’ briefs, and as a typical four year-old, when he was with his chums, enjoyed this step up from being a little kid. However, at home there was a different and unforeseen development. As his sister scooted around the house, often wearing little more than her diaper and plastic pants, he wanted to wear the same as she had on. Not that he wanted her girly clothes, he just wanted to wear the same kind of thick diapers and brightly coloured plastic pants as his sister, perhaps missing their snug and comforting quality. As soon as he returned home from pre-school he’d change out of his briefs and ask his mommy to fit a diaper. If they were playing out together and Sam was wearing something new, even if it was something frilly and pink, it didn’t bother him, he wanted to match. He’d sulk if he didn’t get it, though thankfully there was never the histrionics that Samantha inflicted on everyone. He just asked, begged, looked dejected and promised he’d never ask for anything ever again, if only he could wear whatever Sammy was wearing. He wasn’t even using his diaper as much as Samantha, more often than not waking up dry, but it was as if he wanted to show solidarity with her predicament so, he’d decided to dress like her. Despite an initial resistance from his parents, they saw no harm in his request and eventually gave in to his rather sweet desires... even if it was for something pink and frilly. His mommy checked the stuff she had in the attic from when they were both toddlers and found the plastic pants she’d reminisced about only days before. She just hoped that if they fit it would stop Nathan from looking glum because the household had become a pretty cheerful place. The silky plastic cover was a bit of a squeeze over his thick fabric diaper, the frilly nature not worrying Nathan one little bit. He was just happy to be dressed the same as his sister. And that joy was catching because mommy and daddy were equally thrilled to see their two children deep in some game, playing together, or laid out watching TV wearing their matching outfit. Their vibrant padded little posteriors repeatedly making new memories that both parents had thought were long gone. * The entire environment in the house had changed. Bed times were no longer proceeded by refusal and argument, in fact, Sam had started going at the same time as her younger brother without so much as a sulk or pout. On alternative evenings each parent took turns in settling the children down; bathing them, changing them, reading stories and making sure that a pacifier and correct plushie were in attendance. A kiss, a hug and a sweet ‘night-night’ was enough for their children to sleep right through until morning. Neither parent could believe that from 7pm they now had peaceful evenings to themselves and could completely relax. Mom was able to get back to her favourite pastime of dress making, while her husband found time to decorate and repair the many things that had just been left due to a lack of time that a disruptive house caused. Mommy made new outfits for both her children but they were aimed more at Nathan’s age group, than Sammy’s. Cute cartoon characters festooned many designs, though any new dress for her daughter was complemented by a pair of shorts for Nathan. Both children seemed to enjoy coordinating their clothes and were often found in each other’s bedroom discussing what they should wear. A padded bottom had never bothered Nathan and now Sammy didn’t care either. Her wetting was manageable so, perhaps because of the peace which now reigned, neither parent thought it strange that she was continually in damp diapers. Mommy and daddy loved their sweet and well-behaved little urchins and were often complimented by other parents who struggled to control their own kids. Moments like that made them feel that they were doing something right but failed to question how this turn around in Sam’s behaviour had come about. They’d taken it for granted that the harsh but, as they saw it, pertinent spanking had made her realise the destructive course she was on and helped her mend her ways. The diaper punishment had emphasised that her parents were determined to see that transformation in a permanent way and eventually Sam, even as just a seven year-old, had grasped that need for change. Her parents were enjoying this break from a home constantly on the verge of turmoil and certainly didn’t want anything to disrupt the tranquillity they’d achieved. So, although the daily soaked diapers were a shame they considered them as collateral damage, though something she would eventually grow out of. They had tried on a number of occasions to let Sam out of her protection but she still spontaneously wet her panties, the bed and the furniture and looked most gloomy until returned to the comfort and security they offered. * During the second month of Sam’s dramatic behavioural turnaround her mommy was called into school. This hadn’t happened for such a long time that she was shocked by such a request and the phone call had given her no cause to lose a sudden feeling of dread. Once in the office, and nervously smiling, she took her seat opposite a very serious looking Principal. After the cursory pleasantries he held up a sheaf of papers lying on his desk. They were a selection of childish drawings and paintings, scrawls and daubs that any mother of a two year-old would be proud to stick on her fridge, although she wondered why they were being shown to her. He explained that from being the brightest seven year-old in school Samantha now had no attention span, lacked any drive, appeared to have forgotten all that she knew and that this ‘artwork’ was as much as they could get her to do these days. Shaking the sheaves of paper in bewilderment he wanted to know what had happened to alter Samantha’s personality to such a dramatic degree. A cold, dark feeling of guilt and horror had crept into the pit of her stomach. Sam’s mother searched for the correct words to explain the change. She didn’t mention the spanking, she only mentioned about the return to diapers because… for some reason… her mind was racing for a plausible excuse. She came up with one - perhaps it was as a result of stress at school? Maybe that’s why she’d become incontinent? Seeing the Principal now slightly on the back-foot, and desperate to avoid any blame, she continued that maybe all the acting up at school was as a result of their teaching methods? Perhaps, Samantha was sensitive to such pressures that fall upon a seven year-old and she’d rebelled in the only way she knew how? The Principal was shaken by this accusation but, realising she had the slight upper-hand for the time being, seized the opportunity to leave but not before delivering a final desperate comment. For the sake of her child perhaps it would be for the better if Sam was home-schooled from now on and no longer subject to whatever pressurized regime the Principal may have installed in the classroom. * As she collected her daughter from another concerned looking teacher her mind was in turmoil. She smiled wanly and picked up her daughter, felt that her diaper was full but carried her straight to her car. Samantha was telling her mommy what a nice teacher she had and that she’d had a wonderful time painting and playing most of the day. The fact that she was soaked appeared to have no effect on the enthusiasm about school she was sharing with her mommy. On the journey home she responded to her daughter with nods, smiles and the occasional “Yes sweetheart” but her mind was racing for an explanation. Neither she nor her husband had gone too deeply into why she wet but had only been so thankful for the change. Surely, she thought, it couldn’t be the spanking that had made the difference but then she remembered, at the beginning, Sam would still react and shout and scream even after getting her bottom slapped. No, she determined, it was definitely down to when she was put into diapers… that was when she appeared to calm down the most. It was also the time when she began to become incontinent because her morning diaper was always soaked. Her mother was on the verge of panic; what had she done to her lively, outgoing daughter? Once home she quickly stripped her daughter out of her sodden protection. After she’d wiped and powdered her, instead of the diaper she went and found a pair of her little school girl panties. She slipped them up her well-powdered thighs, pulled on a sweet summer dress she’d recently made and sent her out to play. Sam looked a bit upset at not having her diaper in place but these days never argued with her mother and went gloomily to play on the garden swing and wait for her brother to get home. Desperate for some answers her mother searched the internet, clicking on a multitude of sites to see if any other parent had similar experiences. She was angry with herself, and her husband, for not getting to grips with this earlier. Between them they had just been grateful for the less stressful existence. She realised that once she had Sam in diapers, and Nathan to a certain extent, she had babied them both; neither had to make a decision, everything was done for them, she was even happy to dress them as toddlers so that mommy and daddy were simply too grateful to have such sweet, loving children. * As she peered out of the kitchen window to keep an eye on what Sam was up to she was horrified to see her squat down, and without pulling down her panties, begin to pee. A puddle began to form under her but it was obvious from her expression that she was delivering more than just her urine into her pants. Her mother caught her just in time before she went to play on the swing again in her messy panties and rushed her into the house and led her up to the bathroom. She sat her on the toilet and explained that was what it was for but Sam just had a quizzical look and started to unravel the roll of pink toilet paper. Her mother was suddenly struck by the complete lack of understanding her daughter now had of the rudiments she had mastered when she was two. Why she hadn’t been aware of this shift in her daughters decreasing perception she could do nothing but blame herself. However, she was desperate to get Sam back on track… somehow. Nonetheless, first thing first, she needed to clean her up and that meant, for the time being at least, back into diapers and plastic pants. For the first time in a long time she reluctantly applied the various creams and lotions whilst hoping that she would be able to get her potty trained again, especially now that Nathan had managed it. However, as she pinned on the diaper and slipped on her frilly plastic cover, she couldn’t help but think how cute and adorable her daughter was when she was so dependent. Her joyful giggles and laughter rang around her room, the kisses of gratitude and affectionate hugs that always followed her diaper change, the general feeling of happiness that radiated from her sweet smile must, her mother continued to argue internally, account for something. * Mother was in a dilemma, now she knew about her daughter’s apparent regression at school she couldn’t pretend that everything was hunky dory. There had been occasional nagging doubts about the ease with which Sam had accepted her new status but her mommy had just been too overjoyed at getting her little sweetheart back that she pushed them to the back of her mind. Now that the school was aware she couldn’t pretend any more. Despite her vociferous defence of her daughter to the Principal, she knew she would have to do something and perhaps taking her out of school was not the answer. She called the school and apologised to the Principal for accusing them of having a regime of any kind and asked if he had any suggestions as to what could be the problem. He suggested a child psychologist that the school had used in the past who might get to the bottom of the problem. Sam’s mother froze at the word ‘bottom’ and guiltily remembered the red and inflamed little bottom that she’d inflicted on her darling little seven year-old all those months ago. The problem was that she was torn. Torn between doing the right thing for her daughter and torn between the overall pleasures the family now enjoyed. Was she being selfish? Was she in denial? Was it really that awful to have a happy child rather than an aggressive terror that upset everyone? Neighbours who in the past had crossed the street to avoid Sammy were now happy to see her winning smile and cute clothing, and when she and her brother were out together everyone commented on how adorable they both looked “…and so well behaved.” But, as she got older and grew up, her mother realized that she wouldn’t be able to keep her as a toddler for ever. She shouldn’t be washing diapers and changing her children even if she was actually enjoying doing so. This was going to be harder than she thought. There was no doubt that her children were at an age where all this was OK and it didn’t look that strange but could she really see her kids still running around in colourful diapers when they got into their teens? She wavered but eventually came to a conclusion: No, the child psychologist was the way to go and perhaps sort out Sammy’s problem once and for all. ***** Part 4 Samantha slipped effortlessly into her teens, probably because she had no idea what being a teenager meant. She may have grown in size but her mind was still that of a toddler; she wore what a toddler liked to wear and, despite everything, was still dressed in diapers. The psychiatrists (yes, psychiatrists plural), had been useless. The one the school recommended thought it was just a phase and, even after repeated visits, couldn’t come up with a suitable answer as to why Sam was stuck in such a childish regression. Reluctantly her mommy had admitted to the doctor that she had severely spanked her but that couldn’t explain such a dramatic turn of events, could it? The psychiatrist had doubted that such action would have made a prolonged impression and concluded that she was just happy being a little girl again. This didn’t help anyone, except the doctor’s continued fees, so, when Sam’s daddy had got promoted and they moved to another city, they sought a second opinion. However, this doctor, with an array of letters and certificates after his name, was similarly useless. They tried several methods of changing Sam’s routine, dress, behaviour but now, because no school would take someone her age acting like she did, mommy had her at home full time. Between them the new psychiatrist and her mommy adopted new strategies to reach into Sam’s ‘little’ head but all they got in return where smiles, giggles and wet diapers. * Meanwhile, Nathan was also rapidly growing up and had become quite a ten year-old handful in his own right. Not that he was anything like Sammy had been at seven; he was successful at school in both academic work and athletics, captaining the school’s soccer team. He was popular and always in demand from school friends, neighbours and teachers, nothing was too much trouble for him to try and undertake. Having said that, his main priority was still his ‘baby’ sister, who, despite everything, he adored and who he spent time with still dressing as she did in her protection. It was strange that he’d never grown out of that desire and he’d told his mother at one point that it was a real connection he had with his sweet sister that he hoped would never change. It had never occurred to either parent that Nathan’s desire for diapers should be spoken about to the psychiatrists, it was just thought it was something a loving brother did for his ‘baby’ sister. He was now of the opinion that she was born as a ‘toddler’ and that is all he remembered of her, being fun, childish and loving. He never recalled the nasty things she used to do to him when she was angry or simply out of control, he only ever remembered her as she is now… an older sister who just happened to be a dependent little baby, who he doted on. The move to a different city also meant that Samantha’s parents could also start anew and didn’t have to come up with any reason for their daughter’s ‘problem’. Any new colleague, neighbour, doctor just assumed that they had a daughter who was ‘slow’. Perhaps damaged in some way or perhaps from birth, Sam’s parents never made any excuses or gave any reasons so it was left to the individual to come up with their own diagnosis for Sam’s condition. Nearly always it was sympathetic and people were genuinely entranced by such a happy family, who looked good, were perfectly behaved and had a son who was so obviously concerned for his sister’s wellbeing. Yes, in many ways they had become the perfect new caring neighbours and ones who were a delight to be around. * Sam always looked sweet and childlike now her mommy was making her clothes and dressing her in that ‘special’ way that was so charming. Around the house she was still mainly dressed in colourful diapers and plastic pants, with a pretty little t-shirt with a cartoon or animal print on the front. Sam had developed a love for kittens so her room and most of her clothes had the delightful little depictions of the creatures on everything. Even her plastic pants had little pink kittens chasing a ball of pink string running all over them and she looked so cute. Even though she was definitely growing taller and developing she would cry and sulk if she wasn’t in her diaper. And, if she was wearing diapers, so did her caring and considerate brother, who continued to be selfless when it came to making his sister not appear ‘different’. Because the doctors had been hopeless in treating Sam, her mommy and daddy had just decided they would make the best of the situation. There was nothing they could do that they hadn’t tried and nothing had worked. The only time that smile came back onto their daughter’s face is when she was back in her protection and her brother was playing some fabulous game with her. Her parents had settled back into making the most of a… not bad situation… and were enjoying the pleasure their ten and ‘two’ year-old gave them. * Two weeks after Sammy’s thirteenth birthday she woke up grumpy most unlike the way she usually greeted the day. The smile had disappeared, her teddy bear was thrown on the floor, her bed clothes were in complete disarray and, for the first time in almost six years, she hadn’t woken up wet. Sat on the side of her bed wearing just a cute t-shirt and thick protection Sam was in no mood for silliness. She screamed for her mother, who was just about to wake her, and demanded to know why she was dressed in such a “stupid, stupid, babyish fashion?” Her mother was taken by surprise at this aggressive behaviour and tried to placate her ‘little morning ray of sunshine’ but Sam was having none of it. She ripped herself out of her plastic pants, little kittens suddenly needing more than a ball of sting to run after, as she tugged at her thick, well-pinned night time diaper. The normally placid routine was replaced by a furious teenager who wanted answers and wasn’t content with soothing words from her mother. Eventually removing her diaper it fell to the floor dry but with something else that hadn’t been foreseen. * Even though she was now a teenager Samantha’s mommy had never thought to tell her daughter about growing up and the onset of menstruation. To everyone she had been this cute little child, full of fun and happiness, it was felt unnecessary to burden her with tales about growing up but, here she was, blood in her diaper, furious and seething about something her mother hadn’t seen for, well, over six years. Hearing the commotion Nathan walked into his sister’s bedroom dressed in exactly the same nightwear that she had been wearing and stood at the door waiting for his mother to explain what was happening. Sam saw her ‘stupid little baby brother’ still wearing diapers nervously hovering by the door and called out what a ‘big stupid baby’ he was. Her mother didn’t know what to do or say as Sam, now naked, swept past her and checked her closet. She pulled out all the childish clothing, screaming abuse at whomever it was that had stolen and changed her clothes for all this, baby stuff. She pulled the sweet little dresses off their hangers and threw them to the floor in disgust and demanded to know where her ‘proper’ clothes were. Her mother was still trying to calm her down and still talking to her like she was a two year-old. Sam looked at her mother in disgust and sarcastically told her to try and speak like a grown up for a change… it might be OK for the likes of him (and she pointed to a very panicky brother still unsure of what was going on) he may enjoy baby talk but she called emphatically… I’m a big girl. Just like that, the seven year-old Samantha was back and it felt like she had returned with a vengeance. * Her mother tried to explain that she’d been ‘ill’ and that she’d been kept in diapers because she was wetting everywhere. Sam wasn’t having any of this nonsense and demanded to know where her clothes were, she couldn’t even find her panties and wanted to get dressed for school. Despite her pleading for her to ‘just listen’ Sam was not in a mood for listening to anyone. Her mother thought the only solution was to spank her to make her behave and she pulled her across her lap and set about a hard spank to Sam’s wriggling bottom. Now being a bigger and stronger thirteen year-old, the process wasn’t as simple as it once was and Sam was able to wriggle free and for the first time in her life, struck out at her mother. She screamed that if she ever tried to smack her again she’d regret it and stormed off to the bathroom past her younger brother who was now suddenly standing with a quivering bottom lip and in his own very wet diaper. The unfolding scene had upset him and it was if he had suddenly been catapulted back to a time he’d tried his best to subdue. That awful person who had just tried to hit his mother was no longer the sweet little sister he adored but a bully he was afraid of. He may have grown up himself but unexpectedly that sad and scared little boy reappeared and so had his real need for diapers. The whole scene had become a nightmare and the warm flow that suddenly engulfed his diaper produced a tremor which made him burst into tears. * With Sammy having locked herself in the bathroom, her mother went to see to her shocked son. She was surprised to see him so distraught and even more surprised at his heavily sagging diaper. He’d not wet himself since, well, since Sammy had started wearing diapers. He took some cajoling but eventually she was able to get him cleaned up and dressed for school. He seemed very unsure and confused and needed constant approval from his mother to know he was doing the right thing. Thankfully his friend arrived and they went off to catch the school bus together so that was at least one problem solved. Eventually, Sam realised she couldn’t stay in the bathroom all day and emerged to be told that she’d been ill for quite some time and that the only clothes available to her now were those she had thrown on the floor. Even to Samantha this entire experience was a bit debilitating and her thought process missed an opportunity to find clothes that fit. She could have raided her mother’s closet, or even stolen some of her brothers clothes, however, neither of these options presented themselves in her confused mind. So, despite her arguing that she could never wear such things her mother insisted that until they could go shopping they were all that was available. # Reluctantly she fastened herself into a disposable (she wouldn’t let her mother anywhere near her), pulled up a pink diaper cover that looked more like panties than plastic pants and slipped over her head what she regarded as the least offensive looking dress she could find. It was short and still showed off her padded bottom but at least it wasn’t too obvious. It would have to do until they made it to the mall, which she was insisting they set off for immediately as she had no intention of wearing ‘this’ (she flapped at her dress in revulsion) for a second longer than necessary. Mentally she may have still been a seven year-old but Sam soon realised that she was much bigger than she remembered. She had no recollection of this so-called ‘illness’ but surmised that her mother must be telling her the truth. However, why she should have been dressed in such a babyish fashion she could only guess and her seven year-old brain had come to the conclusion that her parents had wanted her that way. She was easier to control as a baby, she had no opinions and what better way to stop her from arguing… stomping… screaming…??? As the car sped towards the city’s main mall Sam suddenly thought about how she used to be, well how she was, well, now she was confused. Quite a lot of her past was filling her head and as she understood she began to smile. She liked being the centre of everything; she liked that the world revolved around her and her opinions, she liked that she could ruffle up neighbours and teachers and other kids just by behaving in an aggressive way. She liked getting her own way, even if it disrupted everybody else’s life. This was a lot to take in as she peered sideways at her intense looking mother desperately trying to concentrate on driving and wondering what to expect now she had her ‘vindictive’ daughter back. In such a short space of time Sam had gone from a toddler, to a seven year-old and now an arrogant teen, she was growing up fast but there again, she thought, she had quite a bit of time to catch up on. * Sam was appalled to find that the diaper was quite comfortable to wear as the drive neared its conclusion. She could see the mall in the distance and it was only the amount of traffic that was hindering their progress but found that she was unintentionally wriggling around in her protection. The smooth, padded feel of the plastic panties against the car seat material was making her feel strangely happy. She soon cut that train of thought out. She wasn’t about to regress again but she was interested in knowing why, with a diaper taped in place, she should now feel a little bit more contented. However, there were a million other things going on in her rapidly expanding mind and getting to the clothes store was the priority. # It didn’t take her long to get a complete new wardrobe of trendy clothes. She may have given the shop assistants a hard time as she slipped into an array of different items, throwing things on the floor as she looked at something new. She saw what other girls her age were wearing and copied them adding her own touches here and there. In less than two hours she was dressed as a normal thirteen year-old girl, in jeans and patterned top, panties, platform shoes and clutching a quilted purple purse that seemed to be all the rage. She wanted to immediately throw away the outfit she arrived in but her mother put it in a bag to take home… diaper and all. Sam couldn’t see the point in keeping it but then said that perhaps her ‘baby brother’ could wear it, as it was far more ‘his style’ than hers. There was no way Sam was going to carry it, she had more than enough bags crammed with new clothing, so her mother had that responsibility when they returned to the car for the journey home. Sam didn’t know any of the songs on the car radio and was surprised to hear baby songs when she pushed the CD button. The look of horror on Sam’s face was equalled by her mother’s huge audible sigh at the loss of recent happier excursions they had taken together. She pressed the eject button then watched as it slowly emerged from the slot, then with a shrug and another sigh tossed the offending silver disc onto the rear seat. * Back home Sam wasted no time in emptying her closet of everything she disliked, which was everything. Her cute, newly made dresses, tops, skirts, together with the collection of nappies, disposables, plastic pants, wipes, powder etc. all went in a big pile, which she cheekily placed on her brother’s bed. She told her mother that he was the only baby now so she would have no further need for any of it and, slamming her bedroom, door shouted that she expected to be treated as an adult in future. The stroppy seven year-old had turned into a very demanding teenager who expected everything but wasn’t prepared to do anything for it. Her mother called her husband to tell him of this new development and both were sobbing at the realization of what they had lost and knew that hoping things might be different this time, was just an act of denial. They thought they knew what was coming but a thirteen year-old’s demands are louder and more confrontational than either was comfortable with. Threats had no meaning, discipline was hard to exact because all Sam kept on reminding them of was - they had kept her as a baby for six years and she was determined to make them pay. Meanwhile, in what seemed a very short space of time, her out-going younger brother, antagonized by his demon sister, regressed almost totally back to being a terrified toddler. The constant ridicule, her sneering, together with her scary anger had that affect - he didn’t want to wear diapers on a night but for some reason had started wetting himself. If Samantha was in the vicinity, just seeing her made him lose any control over his bladder. The flow would be instant and unhindered… there was only one solution and that was for him to wear protection. It got so bad that he was even wearing diapers to school, which some of the kids were only too happy to ridicule him about, which in turn made him even more nervy and scared. The traumatising didn’t stop at school. His loving sister making sure he knew his place, and she reasoned, as his parents had wanted a baby so much, he should take her place. It wasn’t hard to make that a possibility as Nathan seemed to have returned to being completely and utterly dominated by his ‘caring and loving’ sister. Her ‘baby’ clothes quickly found another recipient for their use and Sam would enjoy making sure her baby brother was appropriately dressed. Samantha was once again happy with the return to her status as the centre of attention. She ruled the house, though every night both her parents wished for a return of their ‘little’ daughter… their wish wasn’t granted. Every time Nathan had an accident or was seen to wet his pants, Sam would be there with a cruel word to mock him and insisted he be treated as she had been - those cute little childishly designed clothes her mother had made especially for her looked equally good on her diaper-clad brother. Friends and neighbours who previously thought they were just the ideal family were treated to a constant tirade from this precocious and horrible young lady who had turned into a rebellious and frankly jumped up, self-opinionated she-devil. Samantha revelled in her growing celebrity and enjoyed taking her cowering little baby brother anywhere she could ridicule him and force him to walk around often wearing embarrassing ‘frilly’ protection. He was always too scared to fight her or argue with her or say anything to her… she took control of him as easily as she had taken back control of the household. Despite attempts to get her to revisit a doctor or psychologist she simply refused any such suggestion. They, she decided, had made her into a little baby for too many years so now, it was her time and her teen years were going to be a terrible experience for everyone except her. The blood in her diaper had been the spur to grow up. Now, she was having the time of her life, whilst making everyone else’s a complete misery. ***************** The End
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