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  1. YAY! My very first story on this site! This story was made possible by an RP I've been having with my friend, IronTiger26. Enjoy! Special Delivery Chapter 1 Jason sighed contentedly as he entered his dorm room. Practice, while grueling as usual, was still something he found to be enjoyable. He had already stripped off his uniform and dressed in his street clothes, but that was just long enough to get back inside and shut the door. He was quick to rip off his shirt and jeans and just collapse onto his bed in his boxers. He let out a yawn as he looked out the window, seeing the full moon starting to rise in the evening sky. "Strange," he said to no one, "I didn't know that there was a full moon tonight." He let out another yawn and tiredly drifted off to sleep. As he fell asleep, a glowing golden portal opened A giant figure stepped through, gazing down at the sleeping football player. “Aww, you’re perfect, little one.” She whispered, gently picking him up. Jason started to stir, but then drifted into a deeper sleep. He mumbled something about his roommate. The giant smiled, before gently pulling off Jason’s boxers, and letting them fall to the ground, before going back through the portal with the naked collage boy. Jason dreamt of his body flowing like water, and feeling itchy, but still he did not stir. As he slept, far deeper than he had ever before, Jason's ears elongated and flowed to the top of his head. His body which was well and solidly built was becoming more delicate and feminine. He started losing inches, shrinking down from nearly seven feet to an even five. His face became distinctly less human, taking on a much more rabbit appearance, with his nose becoming a small pink button in the sea of light grey fur that started to coat his face. His body continued to become more and more feminine, until he was no longer a he at all. His body also started to become coated in the soft grey downy fur, with white creamy fur covering his belly, his throat, and chin. Then, out of nowhere, a small cottontail sprang forth just above his bottom, it too a creamy white. And finally, his eyes, while closed, became a beautiful bright amethyst. Through all of this, Jason remained asleep. The next morning, the sun rose into what appeared to be a nursery, the walls bright pink and a playpen was in the right corner, filled to the brim with plushes and dolls. On the opposite side lay a wardrobe and a changing table, a mirror next to it. Sunlight shined into the center of the room, waking up the sole occupant of the room, who lay in a pink crib, just big enough to hold them that was across from a giant door. Jason yawned and stretched, not taking any notice of the squishy bulk between his legs. Jason opened his eyes, and started to look around, thinking about heading down to get a coffee... and then let out an ear-splitting high-pitched shriek. Shortly after, Jason’s new ears picked up several heavy thuds outside, before the door swung open, revealing a giant tigress, dressed in a soft white blouse and jeans. “Are you okay, sweetie? Mommy heard you screaming!” She said as she entered, walking right up to the bars of the crib. Jason squeaked at the sight of the giant tigress, shrinking back against the bars of her crib. "Wh-what are you?!" The tigress crouched down a bit so her size didn’t scare Jason as much. “It’s okay, little one. My name is Helia.” "What ARE you?!" Jason looks around for an escape route, suddenly aware of his surroundings. "Is this a nursery?" “I’m a tigress, honey-bunny. And it’s not just any nursery.” She reaches in, and boops Jason’s nose. “It’s YOUR nursery, sweetie.” Jason recoils from the touch. "Why am I here? How did I get here?" “I brought you here last night. And I used a portal to bring you to your new home.” She said, matter-of-factly, as though it were the most normal thing in the world. "Wha... THIS CAN'T BE REAL! AND YOU CAN'T DO THAT! ...AND I'M NOT A BABY!" Jason cried out. She gives Jason a motherly smile. “Well of course I can, sweetie. After filling out all of the proper paperwork for the adoption, I then went and collected you.” "I SAID I'M NOT BABY!!!" Helia smiled, standing up and going over to the dresser, pulling out a mirror, before returning to the crib and pulling down one of the sides “If you aren’t a baby...” She held the mirror in front of Jason, revealing his new form to him. “...Then who’s this little cutie pie?” Jason froze as he looked at himself. He was wearing a pink footed sleeper, with a very obvious diaper bulge. He looked at the very clearly adult female bunny staring back at him. "B-but... I'm a human... and a man... and I'm... STILL an adult!" Only then did Jason fully register her newly feminine voice. Helia giggled, reaching over and petting Jason on her head, inbetween her ears “I’m sorry, sweetie. But I’m afraid you simply aren’t any of those things anymore.” "B-but, I've got boobs now! ... Why am I girl and a bunny now?" Still gently petting her, Helia said. “Well, I’m afraid humans simply don’t exist in this world, so by bringing you here, you turn into whatever your favorite animal is. I see you liked bunnies then, hmm?” "They are cute, yeah, but... STOP TOUCHING ME! And take me home right now!" Jason stomped his foot, pouting when he was trying to look serious and angry. Helia reluctantly stopped petting Jason, and looked her in the eye. “I’m sorry sweetie, but this is your new home. It's just not possible for you to go back. Don't worry though, you'll soon start having so much fun." "Y-you're a monster!" Jason said, his eyes tearing up. Helia gave a sympathetic look, before laying the mirror to the side, crouching down on her knees, and pulling the bunny in for a hug, her chin resting on the tigress’ shoulder. “There, there sweetheart. Let it out.” She said as she began to gently rub Jason’s back. Jason tried to thrash and escape. But she was far easily overpowered, and could do nothing more than sob into her shoulder. "Y-you ruined my life!" She hiccuped. Rubbing and patting the crying bunny’s back, whose ears have drooped down. Helia looked down at Jason. “I’m sorry, honey. But there’s nothing I can do. For humans coming into our world, it's a one-way trip only.” "Let me go! I'm not a baby! I'm still an adult!" Jason insisted. She gently pulls Jason away, gazing into the former football player's ready eyes. "Would you like some breakfast, sweetie?" "I just wanna leave!" “Honey, I already told you. There's no going back, it just isn't possible for you." "Then let me leave this house!" “Sorry, honey, but I can’t do that.” She presses against the bulge under the sleeper, making a squish that was audible to both of them. She looked the bunny in the eyes again and smiled. “Unless you want to waddle around in a wet diaper all day, would you like me to change you?” Jessica let out an adorable squeak. "Y-you musta drugged me!" Helia shook her head, and said. “I would never drug a baby, especially my own little girl." She emphasized this with another playful nose boop, which Jason frantically tried to bat away. "You're a baby now, honey-bunny, and babies need their diapies just for this reason." "NO! I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS!" Jason tries to thrash and kick. “Honey, calm down or you might-" All of a sudden, Jason feels a pressure in her stomach, that then quickly disappears. She shifts about, and feels her now full diaper. "N-no..." Jason says. “Oh honey...you made a mess, didn’t you...” Jason then immediately bursts into tears. Helia quickly stood up, attempting to soothe the bunny as she cried, rocking her back and forth as she held her in her arms. “Please calm down, sweetie. I’ll get you out of that nasty thing.” She said as she began to walk to the changing table. "I'm not a baby!" Jason cried, unaware of where she was being carried. Helia decided not to argue further on that matter. All off-world adopted babies are like this, it’s only a matter of time before she accepted it too. At least, that's what Helia told herself. She gently laid her baby bunny down. Jason tried to roll over and hop off the table, only to be caught by Helia, who rolled the bunny back in place, holding her down as she looked into her eyes again. “Sweetie, do you WANT to stay in your dirty diaper?” "I WANT to leave!" Helia sighed, unzipping the sleeper while Jason squirmed before she managed to pull it off. She continued to hold down Jason, and pulled a strap over the bunny's tummy, securing it with a buckle in the other side. Jason looked down in dismay at her small chest, and then at the very well used diaper with the pink trim. She tried unbuckling the strap, but her paw-hands couldn't work it, so she resorted to just kicking with her legs. Helia got to work, while the legs kicked uselessly at her. Untaping the diaper and removing it from Jason’s waist. Jason squealed a the cold wipes being used, and her nose started to tickle from the smell of the baby powder. She looked down in horror once, to confirm that she was indeed now a girl, just in time for the fresh diaper to be carefully taped on. Securing the new diaper on, this one pink like the walls of the nursery, Helia unstrapped the bunny, before picking her up and holding her under her arms in front of her. “That wasn’t so bad, was it Jessica?” "That was humiliating! I was just changed like a baby and... wait, what did you call me?" Helia smiled, looking the shocked, nearly naked bunny in the eyes. “Jessica. It’s your new name, honey.” "MY NAME IS JASON NOW LET ME DOWN AND LET ME OUT OF THIS CRAZY HOUSE!" “As adorable as it would be to see you run around in just a diaper, honey-bunny, I need to let you have at least one thing covering you besides that.” She carried the thrashing bunny over to the wardrobe, and “Jessica” froze at the sight of what was inside. "What's with all the pink girly dresses?" Jessica asked in a suddenly nervous voice. "I guess I may have gone a little bit overboard. We just got so excited when we learned we were going to be getting a little girl." "I don't care what I look like! I'm a guy! And I'm not wearing any damn girly clothes or any baby clothes!" Jessica said, crossing her arms. Helia sighed, before reaching in and pulling out a simple pink shirt, the words Mommy’s Little Princess across it. “I’m sorry, Jessie. But I’m afraid this is the only thing not as ‘girly’ as the others in your size.” Jessica growled. "Just give me that, some pants, and then I'm out of here." Helia froze. “...oh. That’s what I forgot to grab at the store...” "I am so done with this whole damn place!" Jessica said as she reached for the shirt. Helia simply held out the shirt, letting the bunny take it. Jessica struggled to get it on, while simultaneously trying to escape the tigress' grasp. Helia put Jessica on the floor, making sure to keep an eye on her. Jessica struggles some more, thanks to her ears, before finally popping her head through the hole. She frowned as the shirt stopped just short of the waistband of her diaper. She then started to march towards the nursery door. Helia walked ahead of Jessica, opening the door and walking out, leaving it open for the bunny to follow her. Jessica threw a frown the tigress' way, and looked around out in the hall. She spotted what looked like the front door, and continued walking towards it, amazed at how much bigger everything was. Helia noticed Jessica, and called out. “You can go exploring the backyard in a little while, honey-bunny. Let's see about getting some food into your tummy first." Jessica growled and stamped her foot, before turning around. Helia simply waited for the toddler-sized adult to catch up, and led her to the living room, which was also connected to the kitchen. Jessica started to walk past, heading for the door. Jessica got to the door, and found that the knob was out of her reach. So she jumped up to grab at it. Helia turned and saw her just as she grabbed it “Jessica? Are you trying to go outside?” "Uh, duh! I said I'm outta here! AND MY NAME'S JASON!" Jessica said, turning the knob. “Oh, no you’re not, young lady!” She started walking over, right as the door cracked open ever so slightly. Jessica hopped down and was about to bolt outside. Right as Jessica started to run, Helia managed to grab the back of her diaper, stopping the bunny right as she got outside, letting her at least see what lay beyond the front door. Jessica leaned forward as the back of her diaper was pulled on, holding her in place. Outside she could see many of these anthro giants, and most had children and babies with them. Many of the babies, upon closer inspection, looked like there were in the same boat as herself, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. With a tug, Jessica fell back into a strong pair of arms that scooped her up. Helia marched back inside, firmly shutting the door and applying the bolt lock, which if she was on the ground, was just out of Jessica’s reach. The tigress held the bunny up and looked her in the eyes. “I really don’t want to as it’s your first day here, but if you try to run away again, you’re getting a spanking, young lady.” "You can't do this to me!" “I’m sorry, but you're just too young to go running around outside unsupervised.” "I'M NOT A BABY! I'M IN COLLEGE!" Jessica tries to punch her, to no avail. Helia furrowed her brow, before putting the bunny in one hand, and giving Jessica a light spank, which giving her size still hurt a fair amount. Jessica yelped, and then looked up at the tigress in shock. “Do I need to give you more, or is that enough to get you to behave, Jessie?” Jessica whimpered, feeling completely powerless, and recoils a little before meekly nodding. Helia smiled, before putting the bunny into a cradling position, rocking her back and forth. “Mommy’s sorry if she hurt or scared you, Jessie. How about this, if you promise to behave, I’ll find you a playmate who was just like you once. Okay? That should go a long way to helping you to adjust.” "P-please, just let me go." Jessica whimpered. Helia gave the bunny a look, noticing her hand was slowly finding its way to her mouth “I’m sorry, honey-bunny, but the answer is no. Now please try to relax. I promise that we're going to make sure you have a wonderful and happy life here." Jessica's paw was in her mouth, and she started to chew on it, unaware of even doing so. "B-but, I'm nowt a baybee," she said around her paw. Helia continued to rock Jessica back and forth. Helia held the bunny closer, still rocking her back and forth “I know this is a shock to you, Jessie. But this has been done for years. There are a lot of other babies like you.” "I sayd Iwm nowt a baybee!" “And I said you’re not the only one here, Jessie. For a bunny, you’re not a very good listener, sweetie.” "Nethew awe yoo!" Helia rolled her eyes, shaking her head at the response. “Well, Jessie. You’re in diapers, you’re the size of a toddler, you needed a change earlier because you messed yourself, you’re being extremely fussy, and you’re sucking your thumb right now. Are you still sure you aren’t a baby? Because you’re a really good actor if you aren’t.” Jessica paused and looked down at her paw, pulling it out and blushing as she wiped it on her shirt. "I don't know what that was about, but there's lots of adults who are incontinent, that doesn't make them babies! And my size shouldn't matter either!" Helia sighed “Just because you’re an adult there, doesn’t mean your one over here, Jessie.” "That's insane!" Jessica argued, before her stomach let out a rumble. Helia smiled “You hungry, Jessie?” Clearly changing the subject. "N-no," Jessica lied, just before her stomach let out another growl. Helia laughed, before standing up. “Mama’s hungry too. Let’s get something to eat.” Jessica grumbles as she was carried, and then frowned when she saw the bright pink high chair with the word "Princess" blazoned on the back. "Please tell me I don't have to sit in that thing." "Well of course, honey-bunny. It'll keep you nice and safe." Jessica grumbled some more as she was set down into it and buckled in with the five point harness. Then the white tray was locked into place. Petting her again, Helia said “Normally, you’d need to eat baby food. But since this is your first day, I’ll let you choose what you get to eat. Cut up, of course. What do you want, sweetie?” Jessica made a gross face at the sound of babyfood, and then thought it over. She let out a sigh. "Can I have some pizza?" "Of course, my precious little princess." Helia said. Helia pulled out her phone and dialed up a local pizza restaurant and placed an order for a pepperoni and olive pizza. “While we wait, would you like to talk a bit, sweetie? Get to know each other?” "Fine, am I essentially your prisoner here for the rest of my life?" “Only until you’re a fully grown woman, honey. But you’re not a prisoner, you’re my adopted baby.” "So wait, being a short adult with boobs doesn't count?" “No, I’m afraid that’s just how your body looks when you come through. You're body went through a lot of changes, but it couldn't quite get all of them done at once. So while you changed gender and species, it's going to take a little bit for your body to catch up to your new age. Basically, you're going to be going through reverse puberty, Jessie.” "So I'm getting younger?!" Jessica said in disbelief. “That’s the simple way of saying it, yes.” "This is crazy!" “Around here, Jessie, it’s normal. Like I said, we have a lot of other babies around here like you.” "I don't care what you say, I'm not a baby!" Jessica's diaper crinkles as she adjusts herself in her high chair. “Do you really want to keep arguing, or would you like to know about the others, honey?” "... Fine... we can have an adult to adult conversation," Jessica said, her stomach growling once more, just before she found a pink bib with a yellow duckie on it gently tied around her neck. “You might have seen some of them earlier, in fact. Did you see a little red panda girl out there?” "Uh... I think so, and I don't need a bib!" “It’s just for if you do, sweetie. And her name is Betty, if you were wondering. I could introduce the two of you sometime.” "I don't know why, but alright I guess. And just for if I do what?" “Oh, you two will get along great! And it's just in case. Well, and because your new daddy picked them out himself, and hes going to be so excited to see you wearing them.” Helia said, taking a quick picture of Jessica in her high chair. "Oh crap, there's another crazy giant in this house?" “He’s not crazy. And yes, he's your new daddy, sweetie. He helped me decorate your nursery.” "So yeah, another crazy giant wanting to treat me like a baby," Jessica winced some more from her apparent hunger pangs. The pizza arrived shortly afterwards, and all too soon, Jessica was staring at a pizza larger than any she had ever seen before. A few moments later, Helia laid out giant slices of pizza, setting it in the center of the table. “Would you like me to cut it up some, sweetie?” "Each slice is as big as my head... so fine I guess...." Helia hummed to herself as she cut it up, eventually cutting two of the slices into plenty of tiny pieces, before putting them on a plate and putting it on the white tray. “It’s hot, Jessie. Would you like some milk with it?” "I'm not a baby! I don't need milk!" Jessica firmly said, crossing her arms. "I'll take a soda, thank you very much!" She then picked up one of the slices with her new hand-paw and blew on it, before trying to eat it. Since she was working with an unfamiliar hand-paw, and since her mouth was shaped differently, she got quite a bit of sauce on her lips and chin. Helia smiled, watching Jessie prove she did, in fact, need a bib. “Again, as this is your first day, it’s your choice. What’s your favorite?” "Got any cream soda?" Jessica said, taking another piece and smearing some more sauce on her cheeks and chin, some dribbling down onto her bib, unbeknownst to her. Helia went over to the fridge and opened it, looking inside. “Let’s see...is this it?” She pulled out a can that looked like one from back home, the design very familiar to the former human. "Uh... y-yeah... that's huge!" Helia placed the can on the table next to the high chair, Jessie continuing to marvel at its size. She went over to the cupboard and opened it, looking around inside. “...Oh, dear.” "What?" Jessica said around her most recent bite, dribbling some more sauce down her chin onto her bib. Helia pulled out a small glass cup, which was still gigantic compared to the bunny. “This is the smallest cup we have, Jessie.” "Ah geeze, that's huge!" Helia put it back, continuing to look, before she glanced at Jessie. “...I did find one just your size, but I don’t think you’re going to like it, sweetie.” She said, before she pulled out a baby bottle. "You're right, I don't!" Jessica said, crossing her arms and frowning, making an adorable pouty face, especially considering how messy said face is. Helia couldn't help but snap another quick picture, which just made Jessica pout even more. “I’m sorry, honey. But this is all we have. I can leave the rubber nipple off if you want, but you might spill it.” "Whatever, just so long as it's not a baba.... BOTTLE!" Jessica said, clapping a paw over her mouth. Helia caught that, and simply smiled. “How about this, sweetie. I’ll have you drink out of your baba this one time, and if you don’t like it, I’ll buy a few plastic cups for your size, okay?" "... Fine... but don't expect me to enjoy drinking from my baba-- BOTTLE! From a bottle, I meant to say!" Jessica corrected herself, wondering what was wrong with her. Helia smiled, before taking off the tray and unbuckling the bunny, before lifting Jessie up and cradling her once more. "Wait, what're you doing?" She poured the soda into the bottle, filling it up, before putting the rubber nipple on it, then holding it in front of the bunny’s mouth, which was covered in pizza sauce. “Drink up, sweetie pie.” Jessica opened her mouth to object. Helia smiled, and pushed the nipple into her mouth, which caused Jessie to suckle a bit on accident, making Jessica want to struggle, but a suckle reflex kicked in, and she was unable to. She kept suckling it, growing more and more relaxed, until she entered a trance-like state, curling up, letting her head rest on Helia's chest, the sound of her heartbeat further soothing her. Helia smiled, cooing at the adorable sight of her baby suckling away on her bottle, looking as innocent as an actual infant as she was rocked in her mommy’s arms. Eventually the bottle ran dry, and she kept on suckling the now empty bottle. Helia wanted to let the bunny keep sucking on her bottle, but she knew it had to end. She reluctantly pulled the bottle out of Jessica’s mouth, smiling at seeing that she continued to make a suckling motion even with it gone. Jessica's thumb replaced the bottle, before she started to whine and clutch her tummy. Helia cooed at her, before putting the bunny over her shoulder, and gently patted her back. Jessica started to come out of the trance, still whining about the stomach ache. "I'm not a baby, I don't need to be bur--BEEEEEEEEEELCH" it was a very loud burp, that included a small bit of spit-up, that Jessica took no notice of at all. Helia smiled, before returning the bunny to her previous position. “There you go, Jessie. Does that feel better?” "...Yes" Jessica said, reluctantly, unable to meet Helia's eyes. Jessica blushed as she was held, and cuddled, completely oblivious to her diaper growing warmer as she wet herself. Helia smiled, feeling the diaper getting warm. “Would you like to take a warm bath, honey?” "I can wash myself." “Okay, but just in case.” She went over to the sink, putting a plug in it before turning the water on, making sure it was warm while it went down the second drain. "Oh come on!" Jessica whined, realizing that she was going to be washed in the sink like a baby. "I'm not a baby!" Helia just smiled and hummed as she let the warm water start to fill up the sink, already a bottle of baby shampoo nearby.
  2. This is Volume 2 of a multi-volume story. The first volume, totalling 800 pages, can be found here and a revised, proofed version can be found on Amazon for $2.99. Thank you to all my readers, especially to those who have supported me by purchasing a copy of the first volume. Chapter 1 The three of them were sitting at the dinner table, the dishes already cleared away. “So,” Amanda said, “At the end of the summer, I’ll be moving out.” Jamie had sat glumly through the entire conversation. It wasn’t a total surprise. He’d seen the signs, like catching Amanda looking at furniture online. Her graduation was coming up in a few weeks. While it had never been discussed with Jamie, he knew at some point Amanda would be moving out. She was 24 now and couldn’t live at home forever. It was just an issue they had all put off, Jamie most of all, it seeming from his little’s perspective like everything was farther away than it really was. Becky and Amanda watched his reaction now with trepidation, which only grew when he didn’t immediately speak. Jamie listened without saying anything, and now that Amanda was done, he had nothing to say. Instead, his breathing slowly began to get heavier until it was audible, and the lump in his throat grew, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold in his emotions much longer. He propelled himself out of his chair and began to stomp toward his nursery. Amanda jumped up and got in front of him, bending down to put both her hands on his shoulders. “Hey, talk to me,” she pleaded. “Let me go!” “No, we’ll talk this over together.” “No!” Not thinking or meaning to, Jamie kicked Amanda in the shin, hard enough that she let him go, and resumed his stomp to his room, throwing “I hate you” over his shoulder as he did and slamming his door. Amanda stood there shocked, her shin throbbing and her heart aching much worse. Becky had her hand over her face and a tear in her eye; she exhaled, feeling ineffectual and wondering what she could do. Amanda’s sob brought her out of her trance, and Becky was up and had her arms around her daughter as she began to cry hard. “Baby, I’m sorry. Shhh,” Becky cooed. “He … said ...” Amanda tried to say. “I know. I know. He doesn’t mean it.” It was almost four years since Jamie had arrived, and while Jamie and Amanda had cross words before, they had almost always been the typical things bigs and littles get upset with each other over, boundaries and rules and the occasional bad mood. But even those arguments were rare, almost non-existent between the two of them. She was his favorite person, and he was hers. “I’ll go talk to him in a bit,” Becky assured her. Amanda had stopped crying but was still trying to get her breathing back under control. “C’mon,” Becky urged her. “Why don’t you go get a drink of water and wash your face.” Amanda got her drink and went upstairs, and Becky stood alone in the kitchen trying to think of how to do this better than they had planned. Amanda was his guardian, too, and Becky didn’t want that to change. She’d known it was unrealistic for Amanda to move out like any other sibling; it would hurt Amanda and Jamie too much. They’d decided to share custody, though what that meant specifically, they hadn’t yet decided. They wanted to include Jamie in those conversations, but it was clear he wasn’t ready to do that. Becky took a deep breath and walked down the hall to the nursery. She could hear muffled crying through the door. She debated knocking and decided to just go in. A bunch of Jamie’s toys were on the floor, and there was a dent in the drywall. Jamie was on his tummy, face buried in his well-worn bear, crying. He turned his head to the side with his eyes closed and said, “Get out! I don’t wanna talk to you.” “It’s me, Jamie,” Becky said gently, closing the door behind her. Jamie stood up, dropped his bear, and stumbled head down into Becky’s arms as she knelt down to catch him. His face smothered in her chest, he resumed wailing. “Shhhh,” she tried to calm him, “shhhh. There, there. You’re okay, Baby Bear.” It seemed to have no effect, but after half a minute he resumed his quiet tears and shaking sobs as she held him tight and tried to comfort him by rubbing circles on his back. She picked him up and sat down in the rocker with him. After a few more minutes, he sat up, tear streaks on his face and his nose running freely. He wiped his nose with his sleeve and sobbed again, “I don’t want her to go,” before collapsing back onto Becky’s shirtfront. “I know, Baby Bear. I know,” she cooed. Becky wanted to cry as much as he did for how hurt both her babies were. It was as draining for her as for them, and she’d been thinking about this for over a year. She finally felt him stop sobbing, and he laid limp against her. She stood up and carried him to the changing table, where with one hand she pulled a wipe from the warmer and held it to his nose. “Blow.” He did, and he did so hard she was afraid he’d hurt his ears. She dropped the wipe in the diaper pail and grabbed another to wipe off his face. “How do you feel,” she asked. “I have a headache.” “I bet you do. Wanna just go to bed?” “Yes.” “Okay.” She sat him on the edge of his crib. “I’ll be right back.” She left and came back with a cup of littles’ cold medicine, which she held to his lips and he drank. She hoped the nighttime formula would help him to sleep and make his head feel better. He sat silently while she pulled his clothes off and tossed them into his hamper. He laid himself down, and she turned to pick up his bear. She laid it beside him, checked his diaper, pulled the covers up half way, and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Everything will be alright, Baby Bear, I promise,” she tried to reassure him. He wasn’t sure he believed her. “He’s asleep,” Becky said when she went upstairs and found Amanda laying on her own bed clutching a pillow. “I feel awful,” Amanda groaned. “I know. So do I.” “But you’re not the one doing this to him,” Amanda said, so angry with herself. Becky sat on the edge of the bed and closed her eyes, sighing again and shaking her head. “You’re not doing anything to him. This happens to everyone, whether it’s a little or a sibling or even a parent and child.” Becky was purposefully not telling her how hard Amanda’s moving out was for her, too; she didn’t want to pile on. “This is like when Dad left,” Amanda said. “Is it really?” “Sort of. At first.” Amanda had gone through all the normal emotions of a kid whose parents were getting divorced. Only later, when she was older, did she realize she didn’t miss him or even had ever really liked him. “Except this time I’m the asshole who’s leaving.” “Oh, Manda, stop.” It hurt her to hear her daughter being so hard on herself. “You’re just growing up is all, and you’re not even leaving. You’ll see him most days.” Amanda didn’t respond and instead choked on another sob, closing her eyes and setting a few more tears loose when she opened them. “I made him cry. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.” “Oh, baby girl,” Becky cooed as she bent at the waist to lay her head gently on Amanda’s shoulder. “He’ll forgive you. Probably by morning.” “You think so,” Amanda sniffed. “Yes. He loves you more than anything. You know that.” “How are we gonna do this, Mom? It ... it just hurts.” Amanda’s stomach was tied in a bitter knot. “I know, baby girl. I know.” Becky let a few tears of her own go. Her baby girl was moving out, and both her babies’ hearts were wounded, and Becky, too, was sad. In a few months, she’d wake up one morning, one morning when it was Amanda’s turn to have Jamie, and her home would be empty.
  3. I've been a lurker here forever, but there are so many great stories lately that I just had to try my hand. Making The Best of It I awoke to the becoming-familiar view of the carrier frame. The sunshade was pulled forward, its multicolored flowers staring at me from the padding, with store shelves gliding by beyond them. Apparently we were stopping at the store, not that I had any say in it. Just to check, I tried to push the pacifier out of my mouth, but the Amazon who took me remembered to inflate the nipple and it was going nowhere. I blinked the sleep from my eyes and let my aching bladder go, there was no sense in trying to hold it any longer. I hadn't seen a toilet in weeks anyway. The shopping cart stopped moving and I found myself staring at an impossibly happy Little on a package of diapers who was exclaiming, "Mommy, I'm wet! Aren't you proud of me?". Given that there were stacks of diapers in the nursery that were taller than I was, I wasn't sure why we were here... but the second I heard Lisa's voice, I knew it wasn't good. "I'm just saying, she's a bit of a brat, that's all," Lisa's voice grated on me, she was the kind of person who thought everyone should do things her way, it would just be easier... we didn't get along at all. My "Mommy" April was kinder than many Amazons I'd seen, but that didn't change the fact that I was being held against my will and forced to wear diapers and everything that went along with it. She continued, "You should just swaddle her for a month or two and see if that makes her more appreciative." "Lisa, she's a good girl. You're overreacting," April objected, calming the sudden lurch in my tummy just a bit, "She didn't bite you on purpose, you stuck your finger in her mouth while she was eating." I blushed a bit.. it was true, she was checking to see if I was eating something I wasn't supposed to... which I was. And I did bite her on purpose, but I "freaked out" and apologized right away, so it looked like an accident. It was twisted, but I knew April loved me and that she wouldn't let anything truly bad happen to me, unlike her "good friend" Lisa. There was just something about the way Amazons were wired... they needed to "take care" of something. Most of them had extra love to give, like April. Some just needed to have extra control, like Lisa. "I saw her grab that candy without asking, I just know it," Lisa grumbled, "Look - they put out a new diaper for swaddled Littles." The cart rolled forward and I found myself looking at another happy Little. This one was laying down, wearing a short pink t-shirt and an unbelievable diaper... the padding extended from above her navel to just above her knees and each of her legs were splayed out at almost a 45 degree angle from her body. There was absolutely no way that Little was moving anywhere on her own... but the smile looked real, her eyes were smiling too. Her word bubble read, "Now I won't leak for sure!" I had heard that there were people from my dimension that came here voluntarily to be Littles. It was true that back home we all worked too hard, and after a lifetime of that... I could see why the idea of trading away all their freedoms in exchange for the love and care of an Amazon could be enticing. I wondered if they were real as I shifted a bit in the carrier, the harness holding me down fast to the padding. I could reach the release button, but I didn't have the strength to push it. I had tried many times. "Hm, no.. I don't think I want to swaddle my little Kimmy," I heard April say with a touch of distance in her voice... she was considering it, "But look at these!" she finished with a giggle. "Oh.. oh my, those are adorable.. they're new too. You should get a pack, it will be so cute to watch Kimmy waddle in those," Lisa chuckled as well, the malice disappearing from her voice, "She won't see it coming. C'mon, April - do it for me." "Oh, all right," April let out a tiny, mock sigh, "But only because I love you so much." I heard a package being placed in the cart and closed my eyes quickly and pretended to sleep. My mind reeled at what new devices the Amazons could have thought up to torment their Littles. I must have pursed my lips in thought, because the next thing I knew, my pacifier was being removed and replaced by the nipple of a bottle. I started draining it immediately while April looked down into the carrier, fawning over me. The love in her giant green eyes was real... I liked her too, she was a very nice lady, but this wasn't exactly my ideal relationship. She brushed a strand of her reddish-brown hair from her face while she watched me, her smile as big as her heart. "There we go, sweetie. I thought I felt you stir. You're a bit dehydrated. You're such a good girl for drinking without any fuss," she cooed at me. Lisa rolled her eyes and we leisurely strolled through the store until the bottle was finished. "Please," I said the second the nipple was out of my mouth, the sweet taste of the apple juice still lingering.. but I was cut off before I could say another word, the pacifier back in my mouth and three pumps to the shield had it inflated and I was silenced again. "Shh, baby, you've said enough today. You're going to be quiet for the rest of the day, we already talked about this. I'm proud of you for drinking all of your juice," she said as she stroked my cheek, "We'll get you another bottle when we get home." "You really do love her, huh?" I heard Lisa's voice from the world-beyond-the-carrier. It wasn't derisive, it was admiring. "She's the best decision I ever made, Lisa. I hope get to know how it feels some day," she said wistfully. I sighed and sucked loudly on the pacifier. It made April happy to hear me using the pacifier, and it was hard not to want to make her happy.. especially since I didn't have much else to do anyway. It was hard to imagine that this time two weeks ago, I was stressed out over programming deadlines and chainsmoking my way to an early grave. I didn't take very good care of my body, I didn't really care what went in it, I ate awful foods and drank too much, never worked out. Who had time? If you couldn't meet the deadlines for the job, there were 100 people just waiting to take your spot, so you did your best no matter what and always gave 110%. I looked down at the pink striped snap-crotch onesie I was wearing now with its tiny ruffle "skirt" that did nothing to cover any part of my legs, it was a pretty far cry from my preferred style. I was never a clothes horse, I liked cute clothes but didn't obsess over it... I was a boho girl, the style just felt right, the heavy jewlery and hippy clothes. It was low-ish effort and attractive. I was beginning to doubt I'd ever get to dress myself again. I hadn't worn shoes in over a week now, I barely walked anywhere now and never outside the house, but my body was in better shape than ever. The technology of this dimension was astounding. They repaired my lungs and fixed all the issues from my alcohol abuse and malnutrition.. they even whitened my teeth. Physically, I felt better than I ever had before. Not that it was worth the cost though. I missed the conversation between April and the cashier while I was lost in thought, but I had no doubt there was some comment passed about "how lucky" April was or some such nonsense, we couldn't go anywhere without someone cooing. I knew I missed it because I felt the warm sunlight land on my legs and heard April sing, "My little Kimmy, cute as a bug. My little Kimmy, needs a big hug." She was always coming up with little tunes and silly songs. She was a professional studio musician, she had musical instruments all over her house. I continued to suck the pacifer loudly for her benefit, and I couldn't help but smile. I tried to get a look at what she had bought as she whisked the carrier into the car and snapped it into the holder, but she was too fast for me. I tried to give her a pleading look so I could at least ask what was in store for me, but in moments I was giggling around the pacifier in response to the bevy of kisses landing on my face and her tickling fingers. I was on the smaller side for Littles, so the carseat was rear-facing. All I had was a view of the back seat of April's car.. and her big green eyes looking at me from time to time in the mirror she had mounted so we could see each other. I heard the car start and felt us beginning the drive to her house and started to let my mind drift again... I did that a lot lately, it was actually kind of relaxing. But my relaxation didn't last long. "So you're actually going to go out with that bassist tomorrow? Am I still babysitting? I'm still half-expecting you to back out," I heard Lisa ask and I suddenly felt a flash of fear and... something else I couldn't put my finger on, but suddenly biting her seemed like a really, really poor choice on my part. "Yeah, seems nice and I haven't dated anyone at all in months. I thought about calling it off, but I'm really glad you talked me out of it. I think this one has potential." "Oh good, you've barely left your house in a week, I don't think it's good for you." "Well, I can't exactly take my little bundle of joy into the bars with me, darling." I felt my cheeks burn at April's gentle laugh. "Oh believe me, I know," Lisa sounded like she was pouting a bit and that fear intensified. If Lisa decided to take out her frustrations on me, there wasn't exactly a lot I could do about it.. and the idea of being alone with her tomorrow did not sound fun. "We used to go out three nights a week, I just miss you." "Oh sweetie, I'm sorry. I don't really want to be separated from Kimmy right now, it's very important that we make a strong bond. I want her to know how much I love her. Besides, you've seen me plenty - you've been over almost every night this week." I heard Lisa squeak the way she does when April pokes her in the tummy. "Yeah, it's just not the same - we need to go OUT." "We can go out, we'll just have to go to more family friendly places for a bit," I could see April's eyes smile in the mirror, "Maybe we should start looking for a Little of your very own." "I don't know, April - it seems like a lot of work, and you don't get to go out any more, why would I want to do that?" "Hopefully Kimmy can help you find the answer to that tomorrow night."
  4. Three Trains By Sophie & Pudding I'll be releasing this story over the next few weeks. It's about 5 chapters long, and all of it is currently available on SubscribeStar: www.subscribestar.adult/sophieandpudding Premise: Campbell and Harlow have been talking online for months, but they have never met in person. They plan to meet up at the train station in Harlow’s town, but disaster strikes when Campbell misses the stop. Is this a bad omen, or will Harlow find a way to salvage the date? Disclaimers: m/m, diapers, wetting, sex ----------------------------- The First Train People often talked about seasickness. Even car sickness was a thing! And general motion sickness to boot. But train sickness? Campbell had spent the last hour doing everything possible to try and stave off the waves of nausea and discontent. Clicky clacky. Clicky clacky. Clicky clacky. The scenery seemed to go by slowly. Campbell was full of anxiety: meeting someone for the first time in real life. It was such a stupid idea; online had so much more protection! Two screens at least. And some phone lines. Did the internet even still use phone lines? Campbell was so busy with the whole train sickness thing that the person who sat down across from him went completely unnoticed. Until they talked. "You know, Policy St. Station was the last stop?" "That's nice," Campbell mumbled, not looking up. "You look even cuter than in your pictures, you know." Pictures? Campbell finally looked up to see a familiar face. Familiar, like when you walk around a stranger's house and recognize people from one picture in the others. His heart skipped a beat. "Harlow?" He was taller than Campbell expected. A little stockier, around the shoulders and the ribs. His dark wavy hair was mostly hidden by a beanie, speckled with tiny dots of snow. He must have just gotten on the train. It really was him... "I knew you'd forget to get off at the station, you goofball. Probably had your head so deep in your phone that you didn't even notice. Probably worrying about something-or-other~" Campbell looked at Harlow. Then Campbell looked down at his phone, out the window, and then at his own lap. "I got trainsick… how did you even know I was actually on the train?" "I didn’t," Harlow shrugged. "You don’t seem like the type to stand me up though, so I figured there was some other explanation. Campbell stared dumbfounded; Harlow had put a lot of trust in him, boarding the train like that. "It sucks that you got trainsick," Harlow said. "Let’s get off at the next station." And then, just like in the movies, the announcer came over the train speakers to let everyone know that the next station was almost an hour away. "Well, that sucks," Campbell sighed, but his traveling companion didn’t seem fazed. Harlow had a presence about him that Campbell had only seen on TV. He went around the car asking for motion sickness medicine until he managed to find an older gentleman who had some left over from his flight last week. He gave Harlow two pills, who in turn gave them to Campbell. "It's remarkable how you can just go up to strangers and ask for things," Campbell said in awe. He took the two pills and put them in his mouth, drinking a swig from his water bottle. He never left home without his water bottle. How long until the medicine kicked in? "It's no different to when I said hello to you the first time on Discord. Or when I slid into your DMs," Harlow said with a wink. "Sometimes you just gotta ask for the things you want." With that sentiment hanging in the air, Campbell had no choice but to extrapolite. Harlow wanted him. It was a weird feeling to have; like sixty-three butterflies in his stomach arguing over whatever-it-is-that-butterflies-argue-over. Something worth getting all aflutter about. "Hah. You're even cuter when you blush," Harlow said, sitting next to Campbell once again. "I knew you would be. Nobody who uses blushy emojis as often as you do does so without having a super cute blush." "I don't think there's a strong correlation between the use of blushy emojis and actually blushing," Campbell argued, but in his case, the correlation was extremely strong. It was nearly 1. Harlow looked out the window, watching the scenery go by. "This is a little unfortunate," he siad. "I had ideas of places we could go, and now we are stuck on this train." "Oh, I'm sorry," Campbell said quickly. "I should have been paying more attention to the stops. This is all my fault." "Well, it is your fault you didn't get off at the right station," Harlow agreed, "but I'm here with you and the people mean more than the venue. And by the time we get to the station, we'll probably have gotten past the awkward phase, right? We’ll be all laughter and kissy kissy." Campbell didn't understand how people like Harlow existed in the world; hadn't he ever heard of anxiety? Did some people just go around being all normal? Wild. "Harlow, you know I've never..." "Kissed anybody, I know." Actually Campbell had kissed people, but it was never on his terms. It was pushy girls or social expectations, so they didn’t count to Harlow. "But we're gonna fix that little shortcoming; I promised that we would." A first kiss on a train was pretty romantic, Campbell thought. But the notion of kissing this man he'd only just met today... and what if he wasn't a good kisser? What if Harlow didn't want to see him anymore, after such an awful kiss. Campbell grew quiet and looked down at his phone. 44 minutes until the next stop. "I see you thinking! This is like when we roleplay, and you write these big long internal thoughts - but ah! This time I have the upper hand, because I've been writing with you for months. So let's take a guess!" Harlow tilted his head and pursed his lips, leaning around to look at Campbell’s face. "You are thinking... what if you're not a good kisser? Or worse, what if Harlow - and by that I mean me - isn't a good kisser? Am I close?" "The first one," Campbell laughed nervously. The thought that Harlow wasn't a good kisser didn't even cross his mind. Upon seeing him, Campbell knew without a doubt that Harlow would be a good kisser. Nonetheless, his skill at reading Campbell's mind was impressive. "Well, you have the home-field advantage. You got on the train first, so I think that’s how it works. Admittedly, I’ve never watched baseball, but that sounds right." Harlow grinned. He had a damn pretty smile for a boy. It kinda made Campbell melt a little bit. Harlow was just as stupid in person as he was online, but that seemed to put Campbell at ease. There was something very disarming about playfully stupid men. By the time the meds started to kick in, Campbell was feeling a lot more comfortable with Harlow. "Are you still feeling sick?" Harlow asked. "Less so," Campbell admitted. He checked his phone again. 35 minutes. "Rad. Because..." Harlow peered at Campbell’s phone with an analytical look and then moved his lips right to the ear of the latter; speaking in one of those 'kind of loud for a whisper, but still functionally private tones.' "That means I have 35 minutes to kiss you, and convince you that I'm just as smooth and dreamy in person as you say I am online." As time ticked on, Campbell wondered exactly how sincere Harlow's words were. Every movement Harlow made, every touch Harlow gave, every glance Harlow shot... each was dripping with intention. But none of them were a kiss. But they were holding hands. Or rather, Harlow was holding Campbell's hand in his, running his thumb along the back of it. Campbell checked his phone again, like he did every few minutes. 9 minutes. There were three minutes left on the clock when Harlow made his move. And it wasn't motivated by the time until arriving at the station. No, it was triggered by the passengers at the front of the carriage getting up and moving into the vestibule compartment in preparation to get off at the station. Harlow waited until the two of them were alone, because he knew full well that Campbell would be so much more comfortable with some relative privacy. Harlow put a hand on Campbell’s cheek to guide his face, and then he pressed his lips to Campbell’s. And with one smooth motion, he pushed him down onto the bench seat, and continued to kiss him. Kissing was a lot like it looked on TV, Campbell thought. His head was swirling with things he thought he should be doing, but each thought was buffeted away by another crash of Harlow's lips to his. One after another, until his thoughts were a senseless little puddle and there was nothing but the tingling on his lips. When it was over, Campbell's cheeks were pink and Harlow was hurrying him off the train. He stumbled behind Harlow, trying to keep his footing, until they were on the station platform and Campbell's labored breaths made puffs of misty fog in front of his mouth.
  5. Now available on Amazon with a preview of Volume 2 Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SP7Q3WD Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1071417185 _______________________________________ Chapter 1 “So why are you here?” She smiled when she said it; you could tell it was routine, the first question she always asked, and the smile was just good service. Staring across the desk, slumped in his chair, not sure where to put his hands or how to answer and preserve some pride, Eric didn’t respond right away. “I guess … I just don’t want to be here anymore,” Eric replied while keeping his eyes on the desk. Cheryl was used to this. Not many people who came to an adoption center wanted to talk about it. Except the exhibitionists; they wouldn’t stop talking about it, but it was obvious from his body language and mumbling tone that Eric wasn’t here for any of those reasons. “I understand, honey,” Cheryl said, softening her voice, “a lot of people feel that way. Can I ask you some questions about how you feel?” Eric knew what coming; he’d asked the same questions himself more times than he cared to remembered. He nodded. “Do you feel like hurting yourself?” “No.” Flat, matter of fact, and truthful. “Have you ever felt like hurting yourself?” “No.” “Do you feel like hurting someone else?” “No.” Have you ever felt like hurting someone else?” “No.” Cheryl ticked off boxes on her iPad while Eric waited patiently. “I’m so glad to hear that. Can I ask a few more?” She didn’t pause for him to answer. “Have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following? Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Personality Disorder, Dissociative disorder?” “Just depression and anxiety,” Eric said as he pushed back in his chair and exhaled. He’d been with depression for eight years and had this conversation with every new doctor and therapist he’d been to in that time. It was boring. Before Cheryl could get her next word out, Eric answered her next question. “I’m taking 150mg of Bupropion once a day and Xanax as needed. I’ve was seeing a therapist every other week until about 6 months ago. Her names is in the paperwork I brought with me. I’d say my depression and anxiety are both well controlled.” “Good,” she said, “That’s all good. Do you mind if I call your therapist to talk with her?” “No, that’s fine.” “Good. I need to be sure your decision isn’t being influenced by your depression or anxiety. So, back to what you were saying earlier, you ‘don’t want to be here anymore.’ Can you tell me more about that?” Cheryl leaned forward, trying to help Eric engage. “I’m work for the county…I’m a social worker…” Cheryl was practiced at this. Nod, say nothing, the client will fill the silence when they’re ready. “I … I …” Eric sucked in air and held back a sob. “I just can’t stay here anymore. I can’t … keep doing this.” Cheryl pushed her box of tissues toward Eric, who reached into his pocket and pulled out a cotton handkerchief. Dabbing at his eyes, he said started again. “Kenard Bering was my client. You probably didn’t hear about that. Good kid, not a trouble maker; wasn’t going to be any project to Harvard story, but he was on track, ya know. And he gets shot over a fucking cellphone.” Tears dripped, and Eric occasional wiped them away as he fell into a soliloquy: “Second kid in a year killed ……………. Dies at school from a fucking asthma attack. When’s the last time you heard of anyone dying from a fucking asthma attack ……………. And this asshole cop says to this 14 year old, ‘well, what are you doing to make your mother hit you? I couldn’t believe it, I … who the fuck says that or even thinks that way? How do you send a kid home who doesn’t want to go home? ……………. Burned ……………. Dropped out ……………. Caught with a weapon his mother game him. And that was after she beat him for losing a fight ……………. But so what if he graduates, right? ‘Cause it’s not like there’s anything but a mop or an apron waiting for him out there ……………. Left her kid to sit in his own shit while she went to get high and doesn’t even tell the cop the kid is home alone ……………. Jail ……………. 12 years old and pregnant and bipolar and both parents on drugs – what can I even do for that? ……………. He had priors ……………. I lost him to the pipeline ……………. Caught out on a corner ……………. Neighborhood says the cops did it ……………. ……………. ……………. ……………. …………….” Eric had stopped crying. He wasn’t sad. He was angry and disgusted and indignant. “For every one I save, whatever that means, there’s five I don’t. It’s like watching a never ending catastrophe and it rips my guts out every time.” Tired now, he slumped back in his chair, “Everyone said give it a year, you’ll get hardened to it. And I never did. Eight years, never gets better, never gets worse. It just is. And I can’t do it anymore. I can’t see it anymore.” Cheryl nodded her, “Uh huh…” waiting to see if Eric had more to say. When she thought he was done, she asked, “That sounds very hard for you. Can you tell me, though, why go to the other dimension? That’s pretty drastic; couldn’t you just change jobs?” “No,” Eric answered, “Because I know it’s all out there. I can’t live with myself if I quit. Or at least I can’t do it here.” That made sense to her. A sad kind of sense. Eric sounded like the kind of person there are too few of, but those qualities that made him so valuable to everyone else were the same qualities that made him so unhappy. Classic burnout. It wasn’t the first time Cheryl had seen this in a client, but it was obviously the worst, and she understood how Eric could believe there would never be an end to it if he stayed. He might even be right, she thought. “Eric, I’m going to be very frank with you. The dimension is more like our world than a lot of people want to admit. In some ways, it’s much, much worse, the way they treat people like us. It’s different in different countries, but in some of them we’re not seen as people. If you’ve heard anyone compare it to slavery and torture, they weren’t wrong. How does that make you feel?” Eric wasn’t surprised. He’d heard it all. It was right there in the web forums: kidnapping, mutilation, mind alteration. Even “Island of Dr. Moreau.” “I know,” Eric replied. “That’s why I came here and not some other place.” “Because you know we only work with people who live in Itali?” “Yeah.” “Well, that was smart of you. Some people get impatient and will go anywhere, or just go somewhere in the dimension and take their chances. You seem like someone who does his research, but I just want to tell you some things to separate fact from fiction: · Itali only permits adoptions through license agencies like ours, and they only adopt direct from our dimension to Itali. Not from any of the other countries there. · While humans can live there independently with the same rights at Bigs, if you adopt yourself out, you’ll have the same rights as a minor there. Anything that is permissible for a Big to do to their own children can be done to you. Anything that is impermissible for a Big to do to their own children cannot be done to you. · You can select the stage of life you wish to begin with as a Little: newborn, infant or toddler. Those are the only choices. That is binding on the Bigs who adopt from us. However, they retain the right to decide the details associated with your stage of life, which may vary from your expectations. Whether and at what pace you progress through life stages, and what point, if any, you stop progressing, is up to the Big. If you choose or consent to it, your Big may further regress you from your current stage at any time. · You’ll notice we call them Bigs. They call us Littles. ‘Amazon’ is a pejorative there. · There’s no amending the adoption agreement. It says what it says. We can make your wishes known to prospective parents, but they can break any promise they make. But we don’t adopt out to just anyone. We thoroughly inspect all of our clients. We wouldn’t work with them if we believed they were bad people. · Our adoption agreement prohibits the following: o Involuntary physical or mental alteration o Giving, selling, or trading Littles o Having custody of any Little not adopted through an agency licensed in Itali o Violations of any Itali laws; suspicion of violations to be investigated, with a preponderance of evidence sufficient to be considered a violation of this agreement o Withholding or unduly delaying adequate medical care o Abuse, neglect, or negligence as defined by The Agency; suspicion of abuse, neglect, or negligence to be investigated, with a preponderance of evidence sufficient to be considered a violation of this agreement o Traveling with the Little to, or sending the Little to, any country where any of the above are not expressly forbidden by law · We have offices in Itali that conduct surprise inspections and work with the authorities there. If they find any violation of the adoption agreement, under the treaty permitting inter-dimensional adoptions between us and Itali, the police are required by law take you into their custody and return you to us. · Unless your parents violate the adoption agreement, you must remain with them as their Little for 10 years. You can asked to be returned to us, but they are not obligated to comply. Conversely, they can return you to us whenever they choose. At the end of those 10 years, you can decide to stay their Little, return to us, or remain in Itali as a full and independent citizen. · Your property and assets with be placed in a trust our non-profit partner manages. If choose to return to us or to become an independent citizen after 10 years, your property will be returned to you less the what we spend eliminating any remaining debt you have here. If you choose to stay a Little after 10 years, your assets, property, and any interest are liquidated, the revenue will be used to pay off your debt, and anything left over will be donated to fund the non-profit. I just want to remind you that Itali is like here; there are good people and bad people. We only work with good, but if you’re looking for a Utopia, that’s not Itali. Does all that make sense? Do you have any questions?” “No. Well, I guess yeah – what happens next,” Eric asked. Eric was familiar with provisions like these. It was part of his job, dealing with foster parents and adoptions. This aligned closely to the laws of he was used to dealing with. He made a lot of those inspections over the years himself. “I know that was a lot to take in,” Cheryl answered, “It’s all in the paperwork I’m going to send you home with. If you have any questions, please reach out to me, and we will be testing you to ensure you read and understood the adoption agreement before we approve you for adoption. So next I’m going to process all the information on those forms we asked you to bring in, then I’m going to call you doctors and last therapist. Our compliance department is going to run the background check you’re allowing us to do, and that includes all of your financial history so we know what we’re taking on when if you decide to move forward. Once that’s done, I’ll be in touch. It usually takes about 10 days for the average person. I’m guessing because of your job you’re going to appear in a lot of court records, so it may take longer. And in the meantime you just go about your life like normal. Don’t make any drastic decisions; don’t go on a spending spree; don’t do anything dangerous or stupid. Anything like that has the potential to cause us to reject your application. If you have any questions, you can call me or one of our licensed therapists – I really encourage everyone to do that anyway. And if at any time you change your mind and want to just forget this, we can do that, too; everything here is confidential, and all your records will be destroyed. Do you have any more questions right now?” With her monologue done, Eric thought for a moment. It was a lot to take in, and even though he was far from the end of it, everything seemed very real now. “Uh, not a question really. Can I tell you one thing I’m looking for in a Big,” Eric asked. “Of course.” Eric felt sheepish. He’d thought about this a lot, and he was embarrassed by it, as if this entire thing weren’t embarrassing. “I don’t know what life stage I want to start at, but, uh, can you, um, put it in my file that I don’t think I ever want to grow up again?” “I can’t promise your Big would abide by that, but I will put it in your file, and we’ll try do our best to find a Big who wants the same as you. Anything else?” “No,” Eric said as he stood up and stuck his hand out. “Thank you for your help. I’ll do all the things you said.” “Thank you for coming in today,” Cheryl replied as she shook Eric’s hand. As Eric reached the door, Cheryl felt compelled to add, “Eric, we’re going to make sure everything turns out right for you. I’ll make sure. And while all this is going on, please … just try to take care of yourself … for me.” Eric nodded and left. Cheryl liked Eric. She had a soft spot for people who had soft spots, and she knew people like Eric were worth protecting. We need more people like him in this world, Cheryl thought, but he needs something else. She understood why Eric wanted to be with a Big who didn’t want him to grow up: so he’d never have to see the kinds of things he saw everyday here. Returning to her desk, Erica started taking in on her notes for the file: Eric is 29 years old and suffers from depression and anxiety which are well controlled with medication … overwhelmed by work and the suffering he sees in the world … is educated and intelligent … is a sensitive and kind person … appears physically healthy … exhibits signs of PTSD, though he has not been diagnosed, and may benefit from therapy post-adoption … will likely need substantial emotional support ... did not admit to any fetish as a motivator .. may have trouble adapting ... desires to NOT progress from initial stage of life … will likely match best with a female head of household looking to dote on her Little and who has a large support network …
  6. Introduction Nestled in a forested and remote part of Pennsylvania, the close-knit community known as Little Haven is more than just a town—it's a unique space where littles and their partners, who often take on the role of caretakers, come together and live. This extraordinary community is exclusively populated by individuals who actively engage in the ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) lifestyle or simply love the sight of happy faces freely being themselves and enjoying what they love. Despite its secluded location, Little Haven has tons of amenities that make it so residents don't have any reason to leave town once they arrive. Some of these amenities include trails and parks, as well as its own adult daycare and schooling system tailored specifically for adult littles or adults looking to further their education. Adding to its charm, Little Haven features a grocery store, inviting spots for littles to hang out, and a couple of places to grab a bite or drink. What truly sets this town apart though is its adoption center, a unique institution facilitating the integration of new residents into the fabric of this secluded society. This exceptional community was created by a wealthy founder—a media mogul turned semi-retired and cheerful mayor. Generously, the mayor directly covers a significant portion of the town's expenses. This financial support is complemented by a constant influx of development and investment from new residents eager to lead a unique kind of life. Many of these residents contribute to the town's prosperity by working remotely or at local offices and factories, producing a variety of ABDL and Little supplies. They supply the community and the rest of the world with products such as adult diapers, pacifiers, little clothing in many sizes, adult baby furniture, and educational resources for the community. It is because of all this that the town is able to survive and thrive in the 21st century, allowing adults all over the world to come and participate in what makes them truly happy. This is little haven.
  7. Hello there! Here I am with the start of another new story! This was based on an RP I've been having with someone who, while I credit as a co-author, has asked to remain anonymous. Still, to them I say, thanks friend! Hugs Please take a read and leave a review! Tracey's Story by Panther Cub & Anonymous Tracey yawned and stretched in the morning sunlight that drifted in through her bedroom window. She stood up and waddled a bit over to the bathroom, stopping to examine herself in her full-length mirror. Staring back at her was a teenaged tigress wearing a powder blue t-shirt and a soaked diaper. She blushed as she let out a squeak and pulled her thumb from her mouth. Last month she had started to wet the bed. Her parents, worried, but supportive, had taken her to the doctor, who had confirmed Tracey's worst fear. She had Miner's Syndrome, and it was manifesting. While grateful that it wasn't something more serious, Tracey was still terrified by the news. So far, it seemed that she was just a bedwetter, so that meant that it would be easier to hide than those with full incontinence. But there was still the thumbsucking, which Tracey kept a vigilant watch over. Wiping her thumb on her shirt, she went into the bathroom to strip off the soggy diaper and take a shower. Once finished, and relieved to be wearing her regular underwear, she dressed in her school uniform. She looked at herself in the mirror again, and now stood a teenaged tigress wearing a white blouse with a green pleated skirt. She smiled, before realizing that she was once again sucking her thumb, and quickly ripped it out and made her way downstairs. "Morning Kitten, you sleep okay?" Tracey's mom, Katherine, asked as she came down the stairs. "Breakfast is ready, but you're going to have to eat fast if you want to make the bus," she admonished with a slight shake of her head. Like Tracey, Katherine was a Tigress, although her father, Paul, was a lion. Maybe she should have been a liger, but as things were, Tracey was just as much a Tigress as any other. Her father Paul was already at the table reading a newspaper and sipping some coffee. He looked up at his daughter and gave a warm growling smile. "Morning Tracey, going to set a new track record today?" he asked. Both of her parents were very proud of their daughter, her father especially made a point never to miss a track meet. Her current developing symptoms had worried them a bit, but at Tracey's insistence they had relented and decided to let their girl handle it rather then inform the school on her behalf. So far it seemed to be a wise course of action as the effects, to their knowledge, had been pretty minimal. Tracey blushed at being called Kitten, but smiled nonetheless. "Morning," she said as she sat down and dug in. Only when she was halfway done did she answer her father. "Training doesn't start until next week, Dad, but I was planning on getting a run in after school." "Well, keep it as a goal then. Still can't wait to see you at the next meet," her father said with an affectionate head pat. Annoyingly he'd been doing that more to her lately. "There's the bus kitten," her mother said looking out the window, "Off with you, scoot your butt off to school." "Okay, bye, love you both!" Tracey called behind her as she grabbed her backpack and rushed towards the door. She was lightly jogging down the suburban street towards the stop. She arrive just in time to catch the bus, climbing aboard and looking around for a seat. Tracey's stop was one of the last before the bus headed to the school so there weren't a lot of seats open. She scanned up and down the aisle only to see one option. A seat near the back with one of the daycare students. Most of the time the daycare students weren't that bad. There was a bit of a social stigma with them since a lot of the other students would tease them about being little better then babies. It was even worse for the nursery students. The poor kids found themselves often sitting alone since not many other teenagers wanted to be teased and be guilty by association when sitting next to a 'baby'.... And this was part of the fear for Tracey. The daycare and nursery kids were all students who suffered from Miners Syndrome. The daycare girl with the open seat next to her was an arctic vixen. You could tell she was a daycare student because she had a colorful ribbon pinned to her uniform with a pacifier attached. And said pacifier was in the girl's mouth as she sleepily gazed out the window waiting for the bus to get her to school. Tracey took one more look around before sighing and taking a seat next to the vixen, focusing on keeping her eyes straight ahead. The bus started off toward school again and the usual noise and chatter settled in. It took a few minutes but the vixen staring out the window noticed that she was now sharing the seat with someone and turned to offer a polite wave. "Hi hi," she said. "I don't think I've met you before. I'm Lyra." When Lyra turned to talked to Tracey there was a somewhat telltale crinkle beneath her that the tigress could recognize. "U-uh, h-hi. I'm Tracey." The tigress said, returning the wave. "I usually arrive earlier to the bus stop." Lyra nodded. "Yah, I think I've seen you before. Our school is kind of big, and its easy to get lost in the number of students. Especially when there's uhm, divided classes," she said with a slight blush. "What grade are you in? I'm a sophomore." "I'm a junior now." Tracey said, becoming a little more comfortable. "Do you mind if I ask just... uhm... h-how long you've been in... uh... the d-daycare program?" Lyra blushed a bit at that and absently took out the pacifier that was on the ribbon attached to her uniform. "I know, its pretty obvious since we have to wear this..." she said her ears drooping a little as she seemed hesitant to talk about it. "Since start of freshman year... but I'm not in the Nursery class," she was quick to add, "And my reports are good, I really shouldn't even be there," she said, shuffling a little more with a crinkle. Usually students who did 'good' were in training pants which apparently she was not. "I... uh... I'm sorry. Is it... really bad?" Tracey asked. She imagined herself being laid down on a changing table, a pacifier stuffed in her mouth, with bright colors and playpens as far as the eye could see, nursery rhymes blasting on speakers. Lyra shrugged. "Its fine. Just different," she said. As someone who'd been in dealing with it for over a year it seemed she'd adjusted or at least reconciled her part of it. She turned to look out the window again, not even realizing as she took the pacifier and popped it in, staring out at the passing cars once more on the way to school. Tracey stared for a moment as the vixen absentmindedly sucked on her binky. She took to looking straight ahead, a small ball of dread forming in her stomach. Eventually the bus arrived and all the students began to troop off and into the school to begin another school day. The vixen, Lyra, that Tracey had sat with took, a sharp right, still sucking her paci as she walked to the side of the campus where the daycare was while the rest of the students swarmed through the main doors toward their classes. Tracey watched the vixen go, before shuddering to herself, having caught a flash of the thick padding poking out from beneath her skirt. Tracey made her way to her home room, soon forgetting about the vixen, and focusing more on finding a place to sit. Homeroom for the most part was uneventful. Morning announcements were made, homework was turned in, and Tracey was able to fade into the crowd of students and normalize her day. There wasn't much of interest happening until she was on her way to her next period and her class was over near the daycare section of the building. The crosshallway connecting to the daycare usually wasn't busy since students on that side had their own classes and schedules, but some of the high school students volunteered to help the daycare and nursery students and a small group was heading back toward the main part of school. Tracey walked along almost jumping when she heard a melodic voice. "Kyra, oh look at you! Much better!" Tracey recognized the voice as what was easily the most enthusiastic volunteer for the daycare program. Turning her head to her left she instinctively shrank back a bit in fear from the shorter doe next to her, who was hugging a scared-looking otter girl close. "Now we don't have to worry about anymore accidents, and we can spend a lot more time together having fun!" Nora said, bubbly as usual, and, thankfully, missing Tracey's response to her. The doe was in the same grade as Tracey, and even had the same last period as her, but ever since her first year in high school she had declared her intentions to study Miner's Syndrome (ms) and go into childcare and related studies. She spent most of her free time at school volunteering and this morning it seemed no different. "Come on, there's no need to be scared! I know where your next class is, I'll help you get there. This way!" Nora said as she took the otter girl's hand, leading her waddling along behind her back toward the daycare section. The otter girl and Tracey made eye contact for a moment, the otter girl looking a bit confused and unsure even as she was led away. Tracey let out a shudder as she caught a flash of the white diaper peeking out from beneath Kyra's skirt. It had little cartoon characters on it. Tracey realized that Nora more than likely was the one to put that diaper on the girl, who must have taken a step back from training pants this very day. Tracey recognized the irony of being scared of such a smaller, slightly younger and, admittedly, sweet doe; especially considering how much taller and more athletically built she was compared to Nora. But she chose not to focus on it for now, and instead, she made her way to her next class. If I slip up, that could easily be me. Tracey thought to herself. For the rest of the day Tracey made a point to avoid the daycare section of the school. Before her diagnosis, she hadn't paid much attention to the other side of the school, but since her night time problem had cropped up, it felt like she noticed it or ended up near it more and more often. Thankfully the rest of the day passed by without further incident. Before too long she was in the locker room changing into her running clothes and getting ready to ease her mind with a good run. She greeted the other girls on the team as she made her way out and to the field. Tracey began doing her usual stretches, limbering up before her run. Soon, she was off, starting with a light jog before working up to a full on sprint. Her mind went blank, and she found her center peace as she ran, the world falling away. Running was one of the few things that Tracey truly enjoyed. No one bothered her, few could keep pace with her long legs and, as she got further away from the school, she didn't even think about the daycare or her developing MS. She just ran till she'd worked up a good sweat and her muscles felt tired. She finished, checking her watch to find that she'd actually managed to shave off a few seconds from before. Feeling elated, Tracey made her way back to the changing room and headed home from school, opting to walk. Tracey felt good as she headed home. Stepping through the front door, she loudly announced her return. "I'm home!" "Welcome back, sweetheart." Her dad said, coming from the direction of the kitchen where he had just been washing dishes. "Your mom's out right now, kitten." He explained as he pulled Tracey into a hug, before letting her go with an affectionate headpat. The rest of the day was largely uneventful, with the highlight being when her mother returned to tell of how she almost got into an altercation with a rude fellow shopper who thought she was working at the store she was shopping at, and demanded service from her. The relative calm of the last few hours was broken as it got closer to bed time, however. While Tracey had been able to put MS out of her mind for most of the afternoon, it came back to the front as she finished her homework and checked her clock showing how late it was. If she didn't want to wake up in a wet bed, there was something she'd have to do. Tracey sighed to herself as she stood up and went over to the drawer in her dresser where her night time incontinence products were kept. She opened it and looked at the sterile white rectangles that were hers. She grabbed one and shut the drawer. Tracey undressed, and stepped into the adult diaper. It had tabs on the side for adjustment, which Tracey took a moment to adjust. Once she was sure it was fitted properly, she grabbed her blue PJ shirt and slipped it on. It was still too warm to justify pajama bottoms, so tonight she was going to go without. She folded up her uniform and hung it up in her closet. She opened her door to call out and wish her mom and dad good night, before yawning and climbing into bed. Just as she relaxed and started to drift off, her thumb found its way into her mouth. I know that this is a little bit shorter than what I usually post, chapter-wise, but the next chapter will be longer. I hope that you enjoyed the beginning of this newest story!
  8. Billy and the Swapped Baggage – Short Story. “This is going to be my worst holiday ever!” Billy thought Billy followed his mother angrily. He tilted his head down and let his medium-length hair hang in front of his eyes. He wanted his hair to be longer, but his mother wouldn’t let him. Boys’ hair isn’t that long, she used to say before they went to the hairdresser. Billy dragged his luggage through the departure hall of the airport. Going on a trip was nice, but the way it had to happen was not. Billy knew he had a nocturnal problem and there was nothing he could do about it, and that the pee would come at night in his sleep when it came. But now it was before dinner! Why did he have to wear all that stupid Drynite already from home when it was nowhere near bedtime? His mother had argued that once they arrived at the airport, they would have to go through check-in, then security, then wait at the gate to get to the plane, and there was little chance of changing underwear. But still? Having to walk into that stupid Drynite. That alone made it his worst holiday so far. At home, Billy had spent a long time looking at himself in the mirror. First he had quickly put on the Drynite - he didn’t like to see himself naked - and then he had looked at himself with all his clothes on. Not quite the clothes he’d like to wear, not quite the style he’d like to wear, but at least they covered the Drynite well. His sister Mila, twelve years old and three years older than him, walked along in a happy mood. She was especially excited: it was the first time the family was travelling by plane, and she was amazed. She didn’t care about the little thundercloud that came along at the back of the queue. Billy’s mum tried to cheer him up. “You were so good in the school play at the end of the year, playing the title role. It looked really brilliant. And that was when it was the first time that you had ever acted in a play.” Billy was silent; it didn’t help. He’d been acting all his life, so he’d had plenty of practice, but she wouldn’t understand. Dad was checking the tickets and nervously scanning the area for the right desk. “David!” he suddenly heard someone shout and everyone looked around for the source of the sound. “Hey, hello Dirk, I didn’t know you were going on holiday too?” David and Dirk, two of each other’s colleagues, introduced their families. The family stood together in a small group and Billy faced a girl of about the same age who smiled kindly at him. “Hello,” she said shyly to Billy. Billy still felt furious inside, but of course it had nothing to do with the girl. He did his best to return the smile and quietly said “hello” in return. “Look, we have the same suitcase,” the girl said, pointing to her own luggage. Billy took a good look. He put his suitcase next to it for easy comparison. It did look exactly the same, he couldn’t detect any difference between them. Suddenly there was a horn and a car with a bunch of trolleys in the back drove towards them. Everyone quickly gathered their luggage and took a few steps to the side. The two fathers said goodbye and agreed to have dinner together after they had passed through check-in and security. With a sigh, Billy placed his tray on their table in the restaurant and sat down in his chair. He immediately felt the bulge under his bottom from the Drynite, and if he had a real cloud over his head, there would have been thunder and lightning all over it now. Billy had already noticed several toilets here and it seemed there would have been more than enough time to change. “Sorry, Billy,” said Els, his mother. It’s my first time on a plane too. “I didn’t know there would be so much time here.” In silence, Billy started to finish his plate. His mum had better understand that he was in a bad mood. Billy knew that there were underpants in his rucksack. His mum was terrified of luggage getting lost and everyone, including herself, had to carry clean underpants, a toothbrush and toothpaste in their hand luggage. He was eager to go to the toilet and switch his underwear until they had to board the plane. But he didn’t want to argue with his mum, so he put the idea out of his mind. “Here we are!” David waved to Dirk, who also came up. The girl came and sat down next to Billy with her food and they soon got to talking. They had some interests in common, such as theatre, drawing, crafts and reading. As Billy’s stomach filled and he chatted, his mood lifted a little. The other family left. Their flight had left fifteen minutes earlier. They were going to Turkey, while Billy was going to Portugal with his parents. The flight itself was disappointing for Billy. The take-off was exciting, but the time afterwards was like being on a big bus. It was dark and cloudy and there was not much to see out of the window. Billy kept himself entertained with a book for the first half hour of the flight, but then his mum made him put it aside to go to sleep. Billy didn’t feel tired and there was a lot of light and noise, making it difficult to sleep. With the monotonous hum of the engines and the lights turning off, Billy finally managed to fall asleep. Still half asleep, Billy missed much of the landing, check-out and taxi ride to the hotel. In the hotel room, his parents didn’t bother to change his clothes, they just took off his shoes, jumper, stockings and trousers. They saw that his Drynite was still dry, so it didn’t need to be changed. The luggage was put aside in a corner and soon the hotel room was quiet and dark as everyone went to sleep. The next morning, Billy woke up to his father muttering on the phone. While he was on the phone, he walked around and fiddled with Billy’s luggage. Els and Mila were also woken by the noise. David came back to Els and they whispered for a while. “Billy’s suitcase has been swapped with my colleague’s daughter.” Els sighed at the news. “They must have switched it by mistake before checking in. Dirk has already made enquiries at the hotel, and the cost of sending the luggage back is not for the company: after all, they have not made any mistake. And then there is the fact that it can easily take six days for everything to arrive”. “It’s almost not worth it.” Els thought. “That’s why he suggests that we just take the luggage home ourselves and exchange it later. Then nothing can happen to it.” “Tell him that’s fine. We’ll go shopping for Billy here.” David called back to Dirk to make further arrangements. Billy suddenly felt icy cold. There was a pack of Drynites in his suitcase! The other girl would find out he was wearing them! What would she think of him! Billy was now even more certain that this was going to be his worst holiday ever. “My Drynites,” he whispered to himself. Mila heard what was going on and knew what Billy was thinking. “Don’t worry about it. You will probably never see her again and who knows, maybe she has the same problem as you? Then she certainly won’t say anything about it!” “No, that is not possible. I’m the only one!” shot Billy. “No, you’re not the only one. I also met two boys, only a year younger than you, who also wear nappies to sleep. It was at Heleen’s birthday party. I saw the nappies over there in the bathroom. I think those boys were called Dries and Jasper.” Billy had a look of disbelief on his face. “That can’t be,” he said. “Anyway,” she said. “They used the same excuse like yourself. That they were for a little nephew who comes to visit once in a while,” she said with a smile. “Well, we can take whatever we want out of the suitcase and use it for Billy.” David said, ending the call with Dirk. “That’s nice, then we can get Billy into a pair of fresh clothes.” Els picked up the suitcase, put it on a table and opened it. “Let’s see what we can find.” Els looked around and found a pair of red shorts and a yellow t-shirt. The T-shirt showed that it was actually a girl’s model, but that was not very noticeable. She fished his underpants out of Billy’s carry-on and sent Billy to the bathroom to wash up. After David, Els and Mila had also freshened up, the family set off together to find the hotel restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast, David, Els and Mila wanted to explore the hotel and the surrounding area. Billy preferred to play on his games console in his room. David saw that his son needed some peace of mind and allowed it. They agreed that Billy would stay in the room until they came to fetch him for lunch, or to call on his mobile phone if he wanted to arrange something else. Billy settled down on the terrace of the hotel room and enjoyed a few games on his game console. But after an hour, the batteries were dead. Billy put his console aside to recharge and looked around to see what else he could do. He was drawn to the suitcase that was still open. He walked over and spread the clothes out on the bed one by one so he could have a good look. He was taken aback when he lifted a nightgown out of the case. There was a pack of Drynites too! Not the one he had; there was a girl on the wrapper instead of a boy, but otherwise it was the same. He wondered if his sister was telepathic. She correctly predicted that the girl had the same problem as he did. Billy was relieved to have an ally, someone he knew he could trust not to tell his secret. He took a Drynite out of the box and put it underneath his pillow ready for the coming night. This one had a different design than he was used to, but he didn’t mind. This one looked pretty nice to him. Under the pack of Drynites was another pink onesie with Disney princesses on it, which Billy also prepared for the next night. Happy now, he went through the rest of the clothes. He liked to lay everything out, make combinations and try to imagine how it would look on him. When he saw a particularly beautiful dress with glitter, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He took off his clothes, put on the dress and stood in front of the mirror to look at himself. Billy looked at himself and felt himself getting all warm. This looked like it should. With tears of happiness, he turned in a circle in front of the mirror and lifted up the bottom of the dress. After a moment of admiration, Billy looked back into the suitcase and saw something else he wanted to try on. He took a nice skirt and top and went back to the mirror. He admired himself one last time and then took the dress off. The underpants with the bulge in the front sticking out under the dress made him shudder. He quickly turned away from the mirror to avoid seeing that image again. He looked through the clothes in the suitcase and saw a pack of knickers. He took off his own boy’s underpants and put on the girl’s. Standing in front of the mirror again, he felt a little better. He quickly tucked his boy parts back between his legs, squeezed his legs together and stood up nicely. Now there was no sign of any bulge near his crotch. This was the way it was supposed to be. He was so jealous of all the girls who were born the way he was meant to be. Billy put on the top and skirt and rummaged through the luggage. After all, he had heard that he could use anything he wanted? He saw some hairpins in the toilet bag. He sat down on a chair in front of the mirror and fiddled with the pins in his hair. It wasn’t easy! Billy only paid attention to the suitcase and the mirror. He shut everything else out of his world for the moment. While he was busy with the pins, he suddenly heard the lock click and the door open. David, Els and Mila stood there looking at him in bewilderment. “Billy, what are you wearing now?” exclaimed Els. “Take that off, it’s not for you!” Billy’s eyes filled with tears. He had felt so happy for the last hour, and the disgust he now felt for his mother was emotionally damaging and heartbreaking. “But Mum!” cried Billy. “Why do you always make me pretend to be somebody I’m not? Why did you make me a boy, why don’t you love me?” Els had expected a lot, but certainly not that answer. David pushed everyone into the room and closed the door behind him. Els sat down and took Billy on her lap to comfort her. “I love you,” she sobbed back. As tears streamed down Billy’s cheeks, David and Els remained silent for a moment. With Billy’s last statement, some pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. The reason why he had always looked so depressed. Mila’s Barbies that had disappeared and been found in Billy’s room, the glittering shoes that Billy always looked at in the shoe shop before going to the boys’ section. His aversion to football and rough play. That Billy usually came home with girlfriends and rarely with boyfriends. That he wanted a doll for his birthday… The longer they sat, the more things came up. “Billy,” David asked. “Do you really want to be like a girl?” “No, Daddy, I don’t want to be like a girl. I am a girl already. I just don’t have the right kind of body.” Els made a quick switch in the back of her mind. “Billy, no problem. Keep the skirt and top on. Come and eat with us later that way. And if you want to try the other dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and everything else for the rest of the week, go ahead. We think it would be good.” Billy looked up at his mum. “So you do love me…” he said with a big smile. Mila, meanwhile, had rummaged through her own luggage and came in carrying a small make-up kit. “Come on, my little sister. We need to do something about your eyes.” Mila took her time with the eye shadow and then continued with the nail polish, lipstick and make-up. With a smile that David, Els and Mila had never seen before, Billy looked at himself in the mirror. “This is going to be my best holiday ever!” Billy said
  9. So, this is possibly....probably, the last thing I'll be writing. Life has gotten to be a little too much to afford me free time and thought to be creative and I feel like it's probably a sign that I need to hang up my...laptop I guess. Anyway, should this be the last thing I contribute, I apologize it wasn't a better piece, but hopefully someone will enjoy it. Thank you to anyone and everyone that's read my work over the years, thank you to those that shared their like of my work and thank you for those that shared their dislike of my work, all feedback is useful if presented in a constructive way, it's just how you choose to interpret it that counts. To anyone just starting out as a writer, keep trying. Even if something you write gets no feedback, write for yourself, if you have something interesting to say, your audience will find you. Don't be afraid to be weird and push concepts, if it's something that sparks creativity in you, it's great even if it's crap. You will write bad stories and people may tear them apart, though by and large people here are very helpful and encouraging, but for every bad story you write you have an opportunity to add to your writer's toolbox and become better than you were when you wrote that stinker. I'm not a great writer and I've started more stories than I've finished in my time, but I've written a number of things that I'm very proud of and I'm happy that I pursued this path. Goodbye and good luck, everyone. ❤️ With A Little Help From My Friend By: The Unknown Author Misty was a sweet girl, sweet enough to make every attempt to make a woman fifteen years her senior feel welcome at her new job, include her in conversations and the like. At almost forty, I’d all but given up trying to understand the younger generation, their way of speaking may as well have been a foreign language half the time, their struggles were ones that I’d long since overcome, and finding common ground was often an exercise in me feeling too old to live and them seeming like children to me, but, as I said, Misty was a sweet girl and I found myself looking forward to being around her. “Yeah, my daughter loves it!” Gina, another early twenties member of the team said as I entered the break room. Misty nodded, “It’s amazing!” she chirped happily. I smiled at them both as I crossed the room to fill my coffee cup. “Have you seen Greeny?” Misty asked. I shook my head, “What’s that?” I asked, completely oblivious to what she was referring to. “It’s this cartoon about a green cat named Greeny and her family.” Gina piped up, “My daughter loves it.” she repeated. I looked at Misty, she was twenty three, chubby and short and had such a bubbly personality that I couldn’t help but smile whenever I saw her smile, and she was smiling the happiest smile I’d ever seen her have in my short time knowing her. “Isn’t your daughter like three?” I asked Gina. The Latina mother nodded, “Almost four.” she said. I filled my cup and went to the empty chair at the table and pulled it out, taking a sip of my coffee as I sat down, “So, it’s a baby show?” I asked. Misty’s smile turned into what can only be described as a pout, her chubby cheeks flushing as she looked down at her hands in her lap, “It’s not only for babies.” she mumbled. I felt immediate regret at my choice of words, “Hey,” I said, “I’m an old lady, what do I know?!” I joked, trying to bring Misty back to her usual happy self. The blonde shrugged slightly but remained quiet. I sighed softly, “Why don’t I watch it this weekend and give you a full report about it afterward?” I offered. She looked up at me like I’d just unloaded a truck full of Christmas presents in front of her, “You could come to my place and watch it.” she offered. A genuine invite to a personal get together was rare, to date all I’d gotten was offers to meet with groups of coworkers at a bar or restaurant after work, “Okay, should I bring anything?” I asked. Misty shook her head vehemently, “Just yourself and an appetite!” she chirped excitedly. The conversation moved on from there to actors and musicians I didn’t know and shows I hadn’t watched and I faded back into the scenery before ultimately leaving, wondering if going to Misty’s place was such a good idea after all. ********** I’d ignored Misty’s declination and brought a small cake, thinking that dessert would be a fairly safe thing that no one could be upset if it appeared unexpectedly and parked beneath the metal canopy at the apartments Misty lived in. The weather had turned warmer but hadn’t gotten warm enough just yet, so I’d topped the light dress I’d worn with a light sweater, the cream of the sweater complimenting the purple of the dress. I armed my car’s alarm and followed the walkways and signs to a set of stairs and found the number she’d given me on the door behind the top of the stairs, tucked away in the corner. “You came!” she practically squealed when she opened the door after I’d knocked on it, “And you brought cake!” she added, holding out her hands to receive the plastic container. I handed the cake to her and crossed the threshold once she stepped aside and closed the door behind me. “Take a seat anywhere you want, I’m just putting our snacks into the oven.” she said as she hurried to the kitchen and put the cake into the fridge. I hadn’t had high hopes for the young girl being neat and tidy, and she certainly didn’t disappoint. The couch was a rumpled mess, the carpet had stains of various sizes and colors around the couch and near the kitchen and there were what can only be described as toys all over the floor and small table near the bar of the kitchen. Not wanting to be an overbearing nag, I moved to the bar and set my purse down as I sat on one of the bar stools. “Sorry about the mess, I’m so tired after work that I didn’t have a chance to get around to cleaning up.” she apologized as she read the instructions on a box on the counter. I shrugged despite her not looking at me, “I was your age once, I know how much of a bummer cleaning is when all you want to do is party.” I said with a warm smile. She looked up from the box and returned my smile, “You’re way cooler than you should be.” she said. I chuckled, “Thank you?” I said, turning it into a question. Her cheeks flushed, “I mean, most people your age get all parental with people my age, and you don’t.” she explained. “Not a parent.” I said, “Never married and never had kids.” I added. She dumped the box of chicken nuggets onto a well used baking sheet and stuck it in the oven before setting a timer on her phone, “Did you ever want those things?” she asked. I shook my head, “I always thought of myself as a free spirit.” I said, “I was happiest being able to go anywhere and do anything, or anyone.” I joked, delighting in her giggle and smile, “Being tied to a family like that wasn’t something that ever seemed right.” I added. She nodded softly, “Drink?” she asked after a moment. “Whatchya got?” I asked. She went to the fridge and opened the fridge and freezer doors, “Milk, apple juice, cranberry juice, Vodka.” she recited. I looked at my watch, “It’s a little early for the hard stuff, any water?” I asked. She nodded and grabbed a bottle from the door and set it on the bar in front of me, “I’m glad you came over.” she said. I smiled and sipped the water, “Are you?” I asked. She nodded, “Gina never comes over because of her kid.” she said with a glumness in her tone. I looked around, “With all the toys, she’d probably have a blast.” I teased. Her cheeks pinked, “It’s not that bad, is it?” she asked, standing on her tiptoes to look beyond the bar to the living room. “I guess you’re lucky I don’t have that mom energy, otherwise I’d have you pick up, young lady.” I joked before taking a sip of my water. Her blush deepened, “I’m sorry.” she said quietly, avoiding my gaze. I sighed softly, “Hey, it was just a joke, Misty, relax.” I said. She hazarded a glance up to my eyes, “You’re not mad?” she asked. “Because you didn’t clean up for my benefit?” I asked, “It’s your house, Misty, you can keep it however you like.” I said. Her smile returned and she checked her phone, “Wanna watch a Greeny before the nugs are done?” she asked eagerly. I smiled at her and nodded. She scurried to the couch and flopped down, looking over at me expectantly before patting the cushion beside her. I got up and joined her on the couch as she turned on the TV and navigated through the list of apps and streaming services, landing on one of the many geared toward preschoolers and toddlers. “Someone likes her cartoons.” I mused. She giggled and nodded, “They’re such a simple thing but they make me happy.” she said with a playful shrug, “Same with the toys.” she added. The show was indeed for babies, I learned that in about two and a half seconds of the nine minute runtime of the episode she chose, but my lack of interest in the program and her enthrallment with it allowed me to watch her without her noticing, and a funny thing happened as I watched her. When I met Misty I found her to be a sweet girl, as I said, but she didn’t seem like she belonged in an office, she was giggly and fun and silly and seemed more like an escapee from the office daycare center than a worker, minus her adult proportions. Watching her watching the cartoon allowed me to see much more of that, her eyes transfixed on the colorful images, rarely blinking as she giggled at the jokes and antics of the characters. I felt less like I’d come over to hang out with a coworker and more like a babysitter waiting for my charge’s parents to return, but not at all in a bad way. “Wasn’t that silly?!” she chirped, looking at me eagerly for a response. I looked into her eyes and knew that, at least some part of me, loved this girl, or was at least fascinated by her in a way that wasn’t strictly friendly. I nodded and reached up and stroked her hair, “It was.” I said with a warm smile. Her eyes scanned my own for a moment before she blushed and looked away, “Don’t look at me like that.” she said softly. I pulled my hand down to my lap, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” I started to say before she interrupted. “You can’t look at me like that because it makes me think things that aren’t true.” she said, looking up at me, her eyes as pink as her cheeks. I stared, mouth agape, “What do you think isn’t true?” I asked. She wiped her eyes, “That you like me.” she said softly. My face softened, “But I do like you.” I said, hesitantly putting my hand on her shoulder. She sniffled, “I mean like like me.” she clarified, sounding every bit as young as she’d seemed while watching her cartoon. I swallowed, “What if I did?” I asked, my hand gently caressing her shoulder. She looked at me again, her eyes searching mine, “Do you?” she asked. Her vulnerability caught me off guard and I impulsively closed the distance between us and kissed her lips, keeping my urges as in control as possible and keeping my tongue in my own mouth, but I tasted her in that kiss, a sweet almost candy like flavor from her lip gloss, the faded mint of her toothpaste, the tart of the cranberry juice she’d drank, I kissed her and she kissed me back and when our eyes opened she giggled nervously. “I liked that.” she said simply. I smiled and stroked her chubby cheek as the timer on her phone went off signaling our nuggets were done cooking, “After lunch maybe we can see if there’s anything else you might like.” I said lustily, surprising myself at how aroused I was. She nodded and scurried off to the kitchen to get our food, returning a short time later with two plates of nuggets and a bottle of ketchup under her arm. I took my plate and the offered ketchup and sensibly squirted a little mound of the dipping sauce onto my plate before handing the bottle back to her, watching as she drowned her nuggets in the sauce, giggling and blushing when the bottle made gurgling fart sounds as she squeezed it. Watching her eat reinforced my earlier feeling of babysitting, her fingers slathered with ketchup, little drips of it on her chin, the couch, her shirt, all while she regaled me with synopses of her favorite Greeny episodes of all time, giggling as she repeated the jokes and described the silliness. “Such a messy eater.” I gently chided as she finished her last nugget. She flushed, “I’m not great at multitasking.” she admitted. I nodded and popped my last nugget into my mouth, feeling somehow superior to her with my cleanliness. I didn’t think I was superior to her, but there was something there that served as a divide between us, our age difference seemed to have grown for one, and something inside me felt compelled to explore that, to test it to find how great it had actually become. I took her plate and mine and headed to the kitchen, getting a paper towel and wetting it before returning to find her sucking ketchup from her fingers, “Here, let me help.” I said softly as I knelt down beside her and gently took her hand from her face to wipe it clean, performing the same task with her other hand and then her face, delighting in the blush her cheeks became painted with. “Thank you.” she said quietly. I gave her an affirmative nod before looking at the little red dots on her shirt, “Arms up.” I said as I reached for the bottom of her shirt and began lifting it, exposing the pale flesh of her chubby tummy. She raised her arms slowly but complied nevertheless and in one quick motion her shirt was in my hands as she put her arms down slowly, her hands fidgeting in her lap. “Where’s the bathroom?” I asked. She turned and scooted off the couch and went around me and it to lead the way. The bathroom was in worse shape than the living room, toothpaste in the sink, the tube open and leaking on the rim of the sink, bras hung on the shower bar, the bath mat and towels on the floor near the shower. The smell of urine hung on the air as we entered and I moved to the sink to soak her shirt, and another surge of that superiority washed over me, “Look at this place.” I chided, slightly less gently than I had with the living room, “Someone needs a lesson in cleaning if she wants me to come back in the future.” I said, not exactly warning or threatening but playing into the role I felt I’d been cast into for this particular afternoon. She stood a few feet away, almost in the doorway to the bathroom, her hands clasped in front of her and her eyes cast down to the floor as she nodded her understanding. I cleaned the sink enough to feel good about leaving her shirt to soak in it and turned my attention back to her, “Well, I think I’ve seen everything but the bedroom, so let’s go see how messy that is.” I said, smiling as she turned on a dime and hurried to the closed door behind her and hesitantly gripped the knob before opening the door and stepping aside for me to enter first. The urine smell from the bathroom persisted, making my nose wrinkle involuntarily as I searched the wall with my hand for the light switch, the Greeny nightlight below giving off just enough light for me to know I was going to be chastising her once more. Clothes littered the carpet across the room and around the bed, the bedding twisted and wrinkled as though she’d tried and failed to wrap herself in all of it at once and just left it. Various beauty supplies sat haphazardly on the dresser, some still open from the last time she’d used them. “I’m sorry.” she said in a quiet, defeated tone from the doorway, sensing my disappointment. I turned and approached her, feeling our height difference as I lifted her chin and smiled down at her, the foot gap in our height seeming so much greater as she stood half dressed and ashamed before me, “Are you going to clean everything up for me and have it nice and tidy for next time?” I asked. She looked up at me and nodded, “Yes, Ma’am.” she said. A pleasant tingle ran up my spine when she addressed me as an authority figure and I kissed her lips once more before I stroked her cheek and nodded, “I’ll come over the same time next week.” I told her, “If you tidy up like a good girl, you’ll get a special treat.” I said, “But if you don’t tidy up…” I intentionally didn’t finish the statement, leaving her mind to fill in whatever blank she could come up with as I moved past her back to the living room and retrieved my purse. “You’re leaving already?” she asked, her voice thin and on the verge of being whiny with disappointment. I nodded, “You have a lot of work to do and I’d just distract you.” I said with a knowing smile, “Clean things up and maybe I’ll stay longer next time.” I said as I turned to the door, “Maybe I’ll even sleep over.” I added as I let myself out and headed back to my car, intoxicated by the rush of power our little interaction left me with and eager to return the following week. ********** Misty gave no outward sign that anything had happened between us back at work, she was her usual self even when we were alone, and I started to worry that maybe I’d gone too far and she’d decided to cut her losses with me, but she never made an excuse to cancel our standing appointment, never told me not to show up, so I knocked on her door the following weekend with apprehension and uncertainty, half expecting her to be out and to go home disappointed. When the door opened I was taken aback as she launched herself toward me and threw her arms around me, her cheek pressed against my breasts as she squeezed me. “I’m so happy you came back!” she said. I smiled and hugged her back, “Well, I wanted to see your handiwork.” I said, falling back into the role I’d assumed. She let me go and hurried back inside, practically bouncing where she stood as she watched me cross the threshold. The toys were gone, the carpet was clean, the couch was arranged neatly, the kitchen appeared to be devoid of dishes and I was genuinely impressed, “Well, someone was a busy bee, wasn’t she?” I asked as I set my purse down on the bar. She nodded eagerly, “Yes, Ma’am.” she said politely. I smiled at her, “And the bathroom?” I asked. She hurried away toward the bathroom and I followed, delighting in the sight of her standing by the doorway waiting for me to inspect her work. The bathroom was immaculate, towels folded neatly, a clean smell filling my nostrils as I looked this way and that for signs of any of her previous infractions. “One more room.” I said. She crossed the hall and opened her bedroom door and moved aside for me to enter, clean laundry was neatly folded and on the shelf in her closet, the bed was made and the floor was devoid of any kind of garments or items. I turned to her and beamed proudly at her, “Looks like you did a lovely job, sweetie!” I praised, advancing on her and kissing her softly. She gave a little moan of pleasure as her tongue slipped into my mouth and darted back into hers as though she was afraid to show how eager she was for us to kiss more romantically. I stroked her cheek and smiled at her, “I’m very proud of you, Misty.” I told her. She blushed and beamed up at me proudly, “Thank you, Ma’am.” she said softly. Another pleasant tingle ran up my spine, “So polite and formal.” I mused, “You make it sound like I’m in charge of you.” I said, exploring the situation. She chewed her bottom lip, “You kinda are.” she admitted, “I mean, you told me to clean up and I did.” she said. I nodded, “But why did you do what I told you to do?” I asked. She looked away nervously, “Because I like you and want you to like me.” she managed to squeak out. I reached down and took her hand in mine and started walking into the bedroom, leading her to the bed, “I’d like to show you how much I like you.” I told her as I stood before her and gently pushed her down to sit on the bed. She watched with eager anticipation as I knelt down and untied her shoes and slipped them off, setting them aside neatly to maintain the integrity of the work she’d done for me, then I pulled her socks off and balled them up to sit them inside one of the shoes. “Arms up.” I commanded, smiling at her as she complied and allowed me to lift her shirt off which I folded neatly and set atop her shoes before I pushed her back gently and unbuttoned her jeans and shimmied them down her legs and off to fold them and place them on her shirt before I stood up and admired her. Her pale skin practically glowed in contrast to her powder blue bra and cute little matching panties, her stomach rose and fell lightly but quickly as she breathed in anticipation, the rolls of her chubbiness begged to be kissed and caressed, and I smiled down at her where she lay on the bed and perched above her, her eyes darting back and forth as she scanned mine for any sign of what I may be thinking. When I finally kissed her, her body shuddered beneath me as though she’d waited an eternity holding her breath for me to do so. Unlike our other kisses, this was the start of something different, something romantic, my tongue found hers and entwined with it, danced with it, beckoned it to join in a fusion of sorts and become one as I planned us to do. She moaned softly and writhed beneath me, her hands at her sides twitching softly as she fought her urge to use them on me. The feeling of power welled up inside me once more as I broke from our kiss and moved downward to kiss her neck and chest, “Should I take this off for you?” I asked, my finger hooking the center of her bra where the cups joined. She nodded softly, her eyes heavy with lust as she bit her lip once more, “Yes please, Ma’am.” she said sweetly. I backed up and pulled her to a seated position and unhooked her bra and pulled it away before I let her fall back down, her ample breast lolling to either side of her as the supple flesh spilled down like a pale waterfall. She was blushing again and I was recognizing that something far more potent than lust was forming in my heart, “You’re gorgeous.” I whispered. She shut her eyes and shook her head, “Nu.” she said, mispronouncing her protestation, “I’m fat.” she added. I smiled and leaned down to kiss her breasts, “Nothing wrong with fat.” I whispered, my tongue circling her areola as I held her breast in my hand and gently manipulated it. She shuddered and let out a whimpering moan. I kissed down her tummy, kissing across her rolls as I went until I reached her panties and found a dime sized damp patch waiting for me, the smell of her arousal pungent as I hovered above them, “Mm, someone’s very excited.” I mused. She nodded vigorously, “Yes, Ma’am.” she admitted. I took the waistband of her panties between my teeth and pulled them downward, delighted to see she was hairless, her womanly folds glistening for me. Making a show of it, I dragged the panties down with my teeth and tossed them aside with a flick of my head as I opened my mouth and returned to her eager lips, teasing them with my tongue as I took a taste of my prize. She squeaked and moved to close her thighs reflexively but caught herself and parted them once more for me, “You did a very good job cleaning up for me, Misty.” I praised, my breath against her sex making her quiver and shudder. “Thank you, Ma’am.” she whispered, “I wanted to be a good girl for you.” she added. I shuddered as the last piece of the puzzle I’d been struggling to put together since the previous week fell into place with her words, I wasn’t superior to her, I was merely older and more mature, an adult to her little girl in need of guidance and instruction, I found myself drawn to the notion in the fog of arousal, “Were you afraid I’d spank you?” I asked, licking her lightly from bottom to top of her tender folds. She squirmed and nodded, “Yes, Ma’am.” she shakily whispered. I licked little circles around her firm little nub, “What else were you afraid I’d do?” I asked. She bucked her hips beneath me and bit her lip to stifle a loud moan and shook her head, “Dun wanna say.” she weakly protested. I lifted my head, “Should I stop then?” I asked, knowing that it was almost impossible for me to keep myself from continuing. She whined, her breathing frantic in the face of losing her source of pleasure, “Bottom drawer.” she whimpered. I furrowed my brow and looked behind me to the dresser and crawled back and off the bed to kneel down and open the drawer, moving the items inside around before looking up at her, her eyes shut tight as she lay still on the bed. I left the drawer open, giving it another look as I returned to her, a calm washing over me as everything made sense in my mind, “That doesn’t look like a punishment drawer.” I told her as I slid my hands beneath her ample behind and gripped her firmly, “That looks like a secret side of you that I’m dying to explore.” I added. Her eyes opened and she looked down at me through her legs, her eyes scanning mine for signs of deceit, finding none, they began to glisten as tears welled up in her eyes. “Shh, don’t cry, baby.” I whispered as I lowered my head and went to work making things all better for her. *****One Month Later***** Greeny played on the TV as I stirred the pot on the stove, Misty’s giggles lilting in from the living room after cartoon sound effects played. Turning off the burner, I lifted the pot and dished out a portion of the shells and cheese into a bowl and opened the drawer to pull out a dish towel and another for a spoon before I headed into the living room and took a seat on the couch, “Lunch time, baby.” I said, pausing the cartoon and getting settled. She turned and beamed at me from her position on the floor and awkwardly got up, moving to all fours first and then raising her butt high in the air as she got to her feet and hurried to join me on the couch. I tucked the dish towel into the collar of her shirt and leaned in to kiss her lips softly before I raised the bowl up and got a spoonful for her and guided it into her mouth. “MMM!” she exclaimed as she ate the spoonful and eagerly opened her mouth for another. “Mommy’s a pretty good cook, huh?” I asked. She nodded vehemently, “Uh huh!” she chirped. Spoon after spoon I fed her until the bowl was empty and wiped her cheesy lips with the dish towel before heading to the kitchen to rinse the dish and put the remaining shells and cheese into a container I put into the fridge, grabbing the second part of her lunch and putting it in the microwave, stealing a glance over the bar at her as I waited, admiring my handiwork of doing her blonde hair into pigtails with some ribbon I’d brought over. As the microwave beeped I heard her rustling her way to me and smiled as she hugged me from behind. I patted her hand and stroked it softly, “Don’t think that being a little sweetheart is going to earn you more TV and playtime, baby.” I said, slipping from her grasp with ease and turning to face her, “You’ve got a date with a warm bottle of milk and a story before we get you settled in for a much needed nap.” I told her, taking her hand and leading her to the bedroom. After our romantic encounter a month earlier, we lay together in the bed and she opened up to me completely about the contents of the bottom drawer of her dresser and I listened and held her and assured her that none of what she shared with me was wrong or bad and that I wasn’t disgusted by her and after thanking her for trusting me with her secret, I got up and got her dressed for bed and she fell asleep in my arms. A month later and we’d fallen into a routine. I’d come over bright and early Saturday morning and kiss her grumpy face as she hid behind the door and let me in, I’d ask her how she’d slept as I felt her overnight diaper and led her to the bathroom to get her a nice bath before I dressed her for the day. We’d gone out together in that time, day trips mostly, the kind of thing that allowed her to feel a little less exposed with a diaper on under her clothes and no chance of anyone we knew seeing her, but we’d also spent a fair amount of time living a domestic fantasy, her playing on the floor watching cartoons while I busied myself with one thing or another, usually saving sex for right before bed. I got settled on the bed, the crinkling of the waterproof sheet making me smile and her blush before she snuggled up beside me, head resting on my arm as she looked up at me and took the nipple of her bottle into her mouth and closed her eyes. “Mommy’s got an extra special story for her baby today.” I told her. “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman that never wanted to be married or have babies.” I said. Her eyes lazily opened as she nursed the bottle and then closed again a moment later. “That was, until she met an adorable and beautiful little girl that made her realize she’d been so silly and foolish for wanting to spend her life alone.” I continued, “The little girl was a perfect baby but sized like a grownup, she had the most pinchable, kissable cheeks,” I raised her head and kissed and pinched her cheek, getting a wet giggle that sent dribbles of milk down her chin, “and precious rolls of baby fat that the woman loved to kiss and tickle,” I said, reaching down and lifting her shirt to expose her tummy so I could tickle it, producing another giggle and more milky dribbles, “and she even wore diapers and spent her days crawling and toddling around in them and doing all her potties in them like a good baby should.” I said, reaching down and caressing the swollen front of her soaked diaper, her hips pressing into my hand lightly and a disappointed whine coming between sucks when I pulled my hand away. “The woman fell in love with the little girl, both when she wasn’t a baby and when she was and found herself feeling an unfamiliar fullness in her heart that she realized was what she’d been missing all along.” I told her. The bottle was nearly empty when she opened her eyes again and let me pull the nipple from her mouth, “I like that story a lot.” she said before a yawn overtook her. I smiled at her and kissed her softly on the lips, “It’s my favorite story.” I whispered. She sighed contentedly and hugged me, “I love you, Mommy.” she sleepily declared. I hugged her back and rocked our bodies together, “I love you too, baby girl.” I told her. I spent too long thinking that having a committed relationship and a little one dependent on me were a bad thing, or that they were separate beings, turns out, having both in one person was the key. Was I excited to change her messy diapers? No, but knowing that she’d made them as a demonstration of her trust in me made it easier to stomach. Was it hard knowing that our age difference meant we’d have far less time together than we would if I were her age? Absolutely, but if I were her age I wouldn’t be what she was looking for or needed in her life and she wouldn’t be those things for me. After a dry diaper and some rocking and snuggling, she was out like a light in my arms and as I yawned and closed my eyes, I was happy that I’d had my outlook changed with a little help from my friend. The End
  10. Hello everyone, This is the first chapter of my latest story. This is currently being published chapter by chapter on my Patreon and will be available in its entirety later this year. You can find the latest chapters at patreon.com/alex_bridges. All characters are 18+ Chapter 1 It’s not like I did it on purpose. I’m not sorry, but it’s not like I did it on purpose. I babysit three times a week on average, more like five times in the summer. I want to pay for as much of college as I can in cash, and childcare pays better than retail or waiting tables. Especially now that schools keep opening and closing, parents are desperate for a night away. For me, an opportunity to make more money, which I need. I’m not going to risk my reputation as the best sitter in town just because of a little mix up. “Hi, Mrs. Rooney,” I said when she opened the door. “Hi, Sally. Come on in. Thanks for coming over on short notice.” I followed her into her kitchen; the Rooneys always have good stuff in the fridge. I didn’t get where I am as a sitter by abusing fridge privileges, but I don’t pass up the benefit either. She was dressed to the nines. I never asked, but it always seemed like she and Mr. Rooney must be going someplace expensive. Just based on their house alone, they must be one of the richer families I sit for. They’re not wealthy, but they got the upper-middle-class thing down pat. Literally the only people I know whose entryway it an actual room. “Always happy to when I can,” I replied, “I like Jamie and Jackie.” Well behaved kids, easy to get along with. “O, they’re both at friends’ houses tonight. It’ll just be you and Gordy tonight. Is that okay?” Like I couldn’t tell this ‘misunderstanding’ was totally on purpose. She had this guilty, pleading look on her face, but that was so beside the point. “Gordon? Really?” I knew Gordon. More specifically, I’ve known him since kindergarten, which would make fourteen years we’ve known each other. We graduated a little over year ago in the same class; we were even in the same twelfth grade homeroom, and now we’re both sophomores townies at the same college. I’ve sat for the Rooneys more than a few times, and Gordon was, obviously, never one of my charges. I just figured that was because he was the same age as me. Come to think of it, he was never even home when I sat for the kids because if he was, why would they need me to watch the kids? “I wouldn’t ask. Normally he spends the night at my sister’s or a friend’s house when you’re over, but he can’t tonight.” Like, but he’s … “But why does he need a sitter? He’s twenty. He’s, like, a month older than me, right?” And I’m also twenty. “Yes, but I don’t like leaving him alone if it can be helped.” “O … kay. So we’ll just watch a movie, I guess.” Get paid a hundred bucks to watch a movie with one of my peers? Weird, but fine by me. We’re not friends exactly, but we’re friendly. We were sorta friends when we were younger, but less so once we got to middle school. Gordon’s not exactly Mister Popular. Everyone’s nice to him, though, and he seems nice enough too. Just … different crowds. “Not exactly. I can explain fast, but we’re running late.” “That’s fine. I’ll stay.” “O, thank you. We just really need a night out, and since he got in trouble on campus today, he’s not allowed to go to his friend’s house and my sister already had plans and …” Didn’t really need her life story. “Whatever. It’s fine. Just tell me what’s up,” I said with a dab of false cheer to cover my WTF. She’s running late; I’m getting paid whether she tells me all this other stuff or not, so hey, let’s skip to the part I need to know, right? “Gordy,” Mrs. Rooney said, “come sit at the table with us. I want you to hear all of this so you can’t say you didn’t know later.” I followed her eyes, and color me surprised to see Gordon – Gordy at home, apparently; he always hated being called that in school – standing in the corner in his pajamas at six o’clock. I know the difference between lazy around-the-house-clothes and jammies, and those were definitely jammies. He shuffled over blushing all the way to his ears as he kept his eyes pointed at the floor. We all took a seat at the table. I couldn’t tell if he as about to cry, tantrum, or both, and I wouldn’t blame him if he did. If I were him, I’d probably have broken something and peeled out of the driveway while flipping the bird. I mean, we’re not kids. We’re not even teenagers. We’re way too old for a babysitter by about eight years. “First off,” Mrs. Rooney said, “do you know about Gordy’s issue?” “His diapers? Yeah.” Like he could keep that a secret for since literally the entire time I’d known him. No one made fun of him for it, not in a long time. Kindergarten and maybe first grade a little, but even in kindergarten it quickly became normal: our class had a kid in diapers. An adult in diapers now. And he’s not on the spectrum or delayed or anything. I don’t know what the issue is cuz it’s none of my business, but he’s always been in diapers, at least so far as I know. You’d have to be dense to have not figured it out within the first week of kindergarten. And if even if you were dense, when we got to middle school and had to change for gym, I think they let him change in a private stall or something, but you could totally hear him crinkling through those shorts. And no one teased him. Gordon wears diapers, always has; he went to the nurse a couple times a day, and we all knew why. If anything, people in school were kind of protective of him even though he didn’t need it. I even heard a rumor that when a new kid asked about it in tenth grade, the biggest bully in our class hauled off and punched him just to make it perfectly clear no one bullies Gordon. “You’ll need to check and change him tonight.” Just when I thought Gordon – well, when in Rome – Gordy couldn’t bow his head any lower. “Uh, he doesn’t do that himself? Or can’t he?” You don’t get to be the most sought-after babysitter in town by being squeamish about changing diapers, but one fact I do know: toddlers make bigger messes than newborns, and twenty-year-old Gordy has about a hundred and five pounds on the average two-year-old. Though come to think of it, I didn’t know if Gordy needed diapers for that or just for wetting accidents. In the brief second I had to consider that, it occurred to me even a toddler who still has wetting accidents is usually in a pull-up, not a full blown diaper. Our school’s gym shorts covered everything, but there was no mistaking Gordy’s underpants for a pull-up. He wears diapers. “Gordy got a diaper rash last week. If he wants the privilege of changing his own diapers, he needs to be responsible about it, which means no rashes. I’m sorry to even ask you to change him, but I like to be very consistent with the rules, and the rule is if he gets a diaper rash, no changing his own diapers for a month.” Not surprised exactly. She’s one of the stricter parents I sat for. So yeah, she’s his stepmom, but she’s not really an evil stepmom. She’s just a stickler for rules. I was afraid to ask this and very sorry to have to ask it in front of Gordy, poor little guy, but I had to. “Um, does he … both ways?” I guess I could’ve asked him, but he seemed like he’d rather have a hole swallow him than answer any questions. “He doesn’t usually have a dirty diaper in the evening.” “Still …” “Two hundred for the night,” Mrs. Rooney said before I could finish the sentence we both knew I was in the middle of saying. “Two-fifty.” Hey, I’m not one to miss an opportunity. Do you know what books cost for just one semester? “Done.” “Sorry,” I said under my breath to Gordy. I felt bad enough for him that she was making him have a sitter, but how much worse for him to hear what it costs to get someone to look after him, which he doesn’t want anyway, and pretty obvious why anyone would want extra to sit for him. So yes, I felt bad for him, but it’s just … the ‘usually’ in ‘doesn’t usually have a dirty diaper in the evening’ sorta stands out like sore thumb in that sentence, right? It would if you were me, and I am me. “And another thing,” Mrs. Rooney said. “Mommmm,” he whined. A little spark of rebellion flashed in his eyes. I didn’t know about what, but that’s what you expect from someone his age. I guess I understand if life’s circumstances made him a little more likely to give in than lash out even when any of the boys we graduated with most of the girls would’ve told their stepmom where to go by now. “Gordon, last warning.” I looked from her to him, and that little spark turned into a little water, and he looked back down at the table. “As I was saying, Gordon got in trouble on campus today and is grounded, so he’s not spending the night at a friend’s like he normally does. Why don’t you tell the story, Gordy, since you think you’re old enough to say anything you want?” Did I say ‘stepmom’, cuz I meant ‘bitch.’ And Mrs. Rooney is not normally a bitch, so that got me more than a little curious what exactly he’d done to piss her off so mightily. On top of which, it’s not exactly easy to get in trouble on campus. I mean, we’re adults. You can do some seriously stupid stuff on campus without getting in trouble. He sighed and answered, “I called called someone … a name.” “The ‘C’ word,” his stepmom clarified. Or should I say his very reasonable, no more pissed off than she had a right to be (but could still be a whole lot more chill and even more thoughtful) stepmom clarified. “Gordy actually called a woman the ‘C’ word.” “But she …” Gordy tried to defend his actions. “I know what she said, and you had every right to be angry with her, but that is not how you talk to or about women. You know that, and losing your temper is not an excuse for using a slur.” She turned back to me. “I already washed his mouth out, but that language also earned him a bedtime spanking.” “A sp … O … kay.” Of all the ways my day could’ve gone, didn’t see this one coming. Like, at all. I personally never got why some parents get so bent out of shape about bad words (how bad can they be when you can turn on network TV and hear most of them?), and I didn’t really get why she cared given that – did I mention it six times already? – Gordy is twenty years old. On the other hand … now I understood why Mrs. Rooney was taking it so seriously. It’s not that big a deal if you think of the ‘C’ word as a swear, but if you think of it as a slur, yeah, much bigger deal. I guess it depends on how you use it, cuz I could see how it could be a slur, but I’ve always thought of it more as a swear. Not that my opinion meant anything in the circumstances. I’m the babysitter – I literally just work here. “I’m too old,” Gordy interjected probably (more like definitely) more loudly than someone in his position should’ve. I mean, I agree with him, but he still should’ve just kept quiet. There’s standing up for yourself, and then there’s digging the hole deeper. If she had already washed his mouth out (ick!), not let him go out with friends, and hired a sitter for him, I couldn’t imagine any argument, not matter how obviously valid, changing her mind. Mrs. Rooney is a fit woman; I’ve seen her play a heckuva game of tennis at the club, so not a surprise she could be on her feet and have her stepson by the ear so damn fast. Gordy’s not the first kid I’ve gone to babysit and found standing in a timeout; or the first kid I’ve gone to sit and seen spank-marched to the nearest corner for corner time; or even the first kid I’ve sat for who earned a spanking on my watch. But he was the first kid I’ve sat for who wasn’t, ya know, an actual kid. He may have crinkled all the way to the corner; he may have eeped a little when she tugged his ear; he may have tried to get out of the way of her hand as she delivered those underhand spanks; and he may even be kinda cute in a boyish kind of way, but definitely an adult. One whose birthday actually comes before mine. Diapered or not, adult. “Not another word,” Mrs. Rooney warned him, “or I’ll take your pants down right here. You just stand there and listen.” And damn did she mean it, even in evening wear. That tone? Enough to make me almost jump out of my chair to find my own corner and listen. “Are we ready, honey,” Mr. Rooney asked as he appeared from somewhere. Not that I wanna be that babysitter, but Mr. Rooney can take me anywhere so long as he’s wearing his tux. Shawl collar? Makes him seem even taller. No mistaking him for your waiter. And who even goes places that are black tie? “Just a minute,” Mrs. Rooney replied and picked up the pace; they probably had a reservation at one of those places you have to reserve six months ahead of time. Anyway, she continued quickly with, “He takes a bath on Fridays, not a shower. When he gets out of the bath, please give him his spanking. His diaper comes down, and he goes over your knee. He knows where to the hairbrush is. Then it’s straight to bed. Lights out at 9:30. That means no dawdling in the tub, Gordy. Out at 9:15. Understood?” He either understood or he didn’t want to risk saying anything he had every right to say but shouldn’t unless he wanted two spankings in one day. “Any questions,” she asked me. “So … on his … bare?” “Have you ever given a spanking before?” “Yeah … Well, a swat on their reset button,” I said, oddly embarrassed. I mean, most parents don’t even spank anymore, let alone allow – let alone ask! – a sitter to do it. I’ve tapped a tantruming toddler on the bottom before, but that’s not even a spanking. “Are you okay doing it? I wouldn’t ask, but the rule is a bedtime spanking. It’s best for them to get their consequence as soon as possible, and Gordy really needs the structure.” I guess that was all Gordy could take. “But she can’t! She’s the same age as me!” There was silence as Mrs. Rooney turned and looked at him like he was out of his mind. I thought he was in his exact right mind, but if I had to live with her, always strict like she is and and just then downright exuding this weird kind of determined, calm-but-pissed-off vibe she was giving off, I think I’d have kept my mouth shut. I think he realized that too cuz he didn’t say anything else or turn around. So that was two outbursts (justified if unwise) since I’d gotten there plus calling someone the ‘C’ word all in one day. Talk about your verbal incontinence. I don’t feel very strongly about spanking one way or the other. It didn’t do me any harm – though the last one I got was in third or fourth grade, and it was pretty rare before then too – but I’m not one of those crazy people who thinks you can’t possibly raise godly tomatoes (or whatever asinine phrase the bible bunch uses) without it. Still, I was the babysitter. It’s kind of my critical to my job to not let “you’re just the babysitter so you can’t XYZ” slide. On the one hand, pick your battles. On yet another hand, some battles you gotta fight. So I got up and connected that hand hard with Gordy’s butt. “I’m the babysitter. I’m in charge. And if your stepmom says you’re getting a spanking, you’re getting a spanking.” Two bonuses to stepping up like I did. First, and this wasn’t the main thing but was intentional, Mrs. Rooney smiled thinly and stood up, not to follow up on her threat to spank Gordy but to leave. Good riddance. Who needs those vibes around? Second, unintentional bonus: holy crap did I feel more powerful than I ever have in my life. And turned on. My promise ring didn’t make the journey from youth group to my mom’s car, but never I felt the way I did right then without a D or a D-cell battery before. Downside? Gordy finally lost it and started sniffling. I know the two spanks I landed didn’t actually hurt through his diaper, but I’m sure he was feeling about two inches tall having his college classmate spank him on his diaper while telling him she could and would give him a real spanking later that same night. I hated that I made him feel that way, even if I was just his stepmom’s instrument in this case. But also, and I feel guilty for saying this, it kinda added to the whole arousal hearing him sniffle. So … there’s a thing I learned about myself that night. Mrs. Rooney said to me, “I think you’ll do fine, but if you have any questions, Gordy will answer them. Not his first trip over a knee.” “Another fifty.” Did I say that? Good for me! “That’s fair. Edward,” she called out to wherever Mr. Rooney had gone, “ready when you are.” To me she said, “Thank you again and sorry for all the fuss. I didn’t want to call just anyone over. I trust you. He may not want you here, but I told him you’d keep everything between us, won’t you?” “Of course.” Also, ‘may not?’ Try resented the hell out of it, understandably so. And I resented the hell out of her asking me to sit and springing this on me. “We’ll be home very late.” “I know. I’ll probably be asleep on the couch when you get home.” I stood against the doorframe and watched Mr. Rooney count out three hundred dollars and put it next to the pizza money. I told them to have fun. She called me a godsend and barely avoided the door hitting her on the butt on the way out. To my right, Gordy in the corner, no longer sniffling but still staring at the wall on his naughty spot. To my left, three hundred dollars on the counter just for spanking and diapering a grown man. If I’d only known about this cottage industry sooner! Heck, I’d have paid off my car by now. Go to patreon.com/alex_bridges to continue reading
  11. “But I’m supposed to be big today” I fumed, as Daddy barred my way, diaper in hand. “I know,” his voice was calm and measured, but there was a slightly stern tone to his words, “but it’s going to be a long day, with lots of distractions.” He had a point. Most of my accidents happened when my attention was on something fun or exciting. “And the escape room booking is for two hours. You definitely aren’t going to be able to hold on for that long.” I sighed, I’d been looking forward to today, and didn’t want to spoil it with an accident, but I really didn’t want to wear a diaper, particularly something so thick and babyish. They always made me feel spacey and little, and I wanted to be on my best form with a clear head. “If you don’t make a fuss, I’ll let you have any treats you want while we’re out”. I smiled, it was a small victory, but I’d take it, “OK Daddy”, I said, waddling towards my bed, my very soggy overnight diaper making walking kind of difficult. “Just a second” Daddy said, stopping me in my tracks, “Do you need you go potty before I change you?” I blushed, of course I did. If I hadn’t been so flustered I would have said something to show him how big I could be. I nodded meekly, then began to head towards the bathroom. “Where do you think you’re going?” Daddy asked, gently taking hold of my arm. “The potty” I replied. The hope in my voice trailing off as I realised what he was expecting me to do. He shook his head, chuckling a little, “just do it in your diaper, silly. It’s not that wet, you won’t leak.” I sulked, then whispered, “but I have to poop.” Daddy shrugged, “it smells like you already had a bit of a stinky accident already, so I’m going to have a messy clean up to deal with either way.” I went bright red. Until he mentioned the smell, I hadn’t even noticed. Had I messed in my sleep again, and just not noticed when I sat down? Or did I go while I was having breakfast? Or when I was walking back upstairs? “But I don’t want to do it in front of you?” I whined. Daddy raised his eyebrow, “You’re not normally this modest about being a stinky butt” he joked, stepping behind me and rubbing my back. Without even thinking I gave a little push. Nothing came out. Daddy noticed. Without saying a word he sat himself on my bed, and pulled me onto his lap, guiding my feet onto a little stool to raise them up so I was almost squatting, “try now” he whispered into my ear. I pushed again, wetting myself a little as I did. After a few moments of pushing I felt a big, soft mess erupt into my diaper.Daddy must have noticed too, as he whispered “good kitten” into my ear.I gave another little push, getting the last of the mess out. “Are you done?” I nodded. “I think so”. He hugged me tight for a few moments, then eased me up off of his lap, “let’s see what we’re dealing with” he said, as he gently tugged the back of my diaper. As he did the smell, which wasn’t too bad at first, filled the room. “Well that’s a pretty big mess. Guess the we shouldn’t have given you milk with your breakfast.” I was already pretty embarrassed, but this tipped me over the edge. My tummy went gurgly and my head fuzzy with the humiliation. “If I hadn’t said anything you’d have had a very stinky butt by the time we got to lunch” he teased. Leaving me where I was standing, Daddy reached under the bed and pulled out my changing mat, as well as some bed pads, wipes, creme, powder and gloves. I watched as he put the gloves on, and laid the changing mat and disposable bed pads out. Then, with a few playful pats on my butt, he guided me to lie down for my change. The mess mushed against my skin as I sat on the bed. It made me shiver a little. Daddy noticed. Once I was lying down he eased my pacifier into my mouth, and handed me BearBear, who I used to hide my face. He was very good at hiding my blushes when Daddy opened up the diaper and the smell got so much worse. I closed my eyes for the rest of the change, enjoying the feel of the wipes against my skin as Daddy cleaned me up. After a few minutes he lifted my butt off the bed, slid the clean diaper under me, covered me in rash and powder and taped me up in my clean diaper. I gave a little wiggle, enjoying the feeling, and he blew a raspberry on my belly. When daddy helped me off the bed I realised how big and babyish the diaper he’d put me in looked. It was a Tykeables Camelots, but he’d added a booster pad to it. I could barely put my legs together, and my butt looked enormous. “This diaper is huge” I whinged. “Everyone will see it”. “That sounds like a fuss to me” Daddy cautioned, “and babies who make a fuss don’t get treats, do they?” I sighed. “No Daddy.” He reached into my chest of drawers and took out a plain blue snap crotch romper, holding it up for me, “Arms up” I did as I was told,, allowing him to slide it over my head, then to button it closed. “That should help to keep it held up.” He explained, “now go pick out some big kid clothes for the day”. I did as he asked, taking a pair of baggy jeans and a cute t-shirt with a t-rex on it. I wanted to be big today, but not that big. Daddy packed a diaper bag for me as I got dressed, and as soon as I was ready we headed to the car. ***** We pulled up at the old mall, just outside the centre of town. It was only a small mall, and the retail stores had all closed down about a year ago. Since then the place had been converted into an entertainment complex, with a handful of quick service restaurants, a small bowling alley, indoor mini golf, an arcade, and a huge escape room complex. As we walked toward the building my eyes were drawn to a sign advertising an adult soft play centre ‘coming soon’. “Want to visit?” Daddy asked, seeing what I was looking at. “Yeah” I replied, my excitement evident in my voice. “Maybe we should see if Maya and Rett want to join us?” “Yeah” I agreed. Now even more excited. I loved spending time doing little-y things with Maya and Rett. they were so much fun. That’s why we booked the escape room with them today. It was nice having fun with people who were also Little, even if we were being big. Daddy led me to the place we were getting lunch. It had diner style food, and was really heavily themed to seem like a sleazy, grimey dive bar. Either they spent a fortune making it look right, or they left it as they found it when they moved in. It was hard to tell. Maya and Rett were already there, sitting at a table waiting for us. Although they were dressed ‘big’, a quick glance at their butt revealed they were as heavily padded as me. I wondered whether Daddy and Maya had conspired with each other before we left the house. We reached across the table for hugs, then sat down opposite them. “Excited?” Maya asked me. I nodded, a big grin on my face. She probably didn’t need to ask, I was bouncing up and down in my seat. There were a few reasons for that. “Did you see the sign outside?” I blurted out, at Rett and Maya. “the soft play?” Rett grinned, “yeah”. “Wanna come with us when it opens?” “Sure” Maya said. I stopped bouncing. Daddy and Maya both gave me The Look. Then Daddy leaned over to Maya, and whispered a little more loudly then I was happy about, “someone told me they didn’t want to wear a diaper today. Can you imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t put my foot down?” Maya chuckled to herself. “Rett was the same. They were so certain they weren’t going to be able to make it to the potty, but someone had a stinky butt before we’d even made it here.” Rett blushed bright red. “Everyone know what they want?” Daddy asked. “Chilli cheese fries and chilli cheese dog for me,” I said. “I’ll come with and get ours,” Maya told Daddy. “I’ll have a vanilla milkshake too please” I said as they walked away. Daddy gave me a look, “are you sure? That’s a lot of dairy”. “You said I could have what I wanted” I pouted. “I guess I did” Daddy replied. When he and Maya were out of earshot, I leaned over to Rett, “So are you ready to show them how much smarter and better we are than them?” “Yeah” Rett replied. “I’ve been reading up on puzzles these sort of places use. I think we should be able to get ourselves out pretty quickly.” “Not too quickly though,” I laughed, “we want to get our money’s worth”. Rett giggled. “Yeah. I mean, it’s relative. I hear this place can take up to three hours” I blanched “wow. Daddy said two. I don’t think I’d be able to go that long without needing a bathroom break” “I think that’s why they’ve put us in such thick padding. They expect us to take ages.” “We’ll show them” I said, as Daddy and Maya returned with our lunch. “Show us what?” Daddy asked. “Nothing.” I said, as innocently as I could. He didn’t seem to believe me. “Maybe you should show me your diaper so I can check if you need a change.” I blushed and shook my head, “OK, he said. “Well eat up, we’ll go to the bathroom to check you when we’re done eating.” ****** It didn’t take us too long to eat,and true to his word, Daddy and Maya led us into the bathrooms for diaper checks. We were both a little bit soggy, but we were in such thick padding they decided not to bother changing us. I was hoping I’d get a chance to try to poop, as I could already feel my tummy rumbling from all the dairy, but Daddy didn’t offer, and I didn’t want to ask in front of Maya and Rett, even though Daddy had made me go on my potty chair in front of them lots of times before. After that we headed to the escape rooms. The theming was amazing. The check in area was made to look like a space port, and when we went into the briefing room they had us sit down in seats like we were on a shuttle to a space station. They even vibrated and moved as the ‘ship’ flew us into ‘space’. In the briefing we were told that we were a rescue crew being sent to a space station which had lost communication with mission control. Our task was to investigate what had happened, and if we could, to find and rescue the crew. Once the briefing ended, the door at the front of the room slid open. We unstamped our 'safety harnesses', collected our thoughts, and stepped through into the first chamber. It was a small room with a sign saying 'AIRLOCK ONE'. A screen on the wall flickered into life. "Rescue crew, we're having some trouble connecting to the station's systems from down here" the guy on the static-filled 'transmission' explained, "we can't open the inner door to the airlock from down here. You're going to need to find a way to override it to get on board the station." As the transmission ended, the door from the 'shuttle' slid closed, and the flickering lights held steady at a dim glow. "Seems easy enough" Maya said, examining the numbered keypad beside the door. "I suppose we just need to find the code somewhere around the room. Daddy began searching for numbers, while Maya looked at the keypad from different angles. "maybe there will be some wear from where people have pressed the buttons before" she explained. "I'm not so sure that's the right solution" I said, but by then Maya and Daddy were already engrossed in their hunt, and didn't hear me, or at least didn't respond. "I think you're right" Rett agreed. "I haven't seen anything that looks like clues to a code, and they usually telegraph that sort of thing." "So what are you thinking?" I asked "Well, as it's an airlock I don't think there will be a crawl through to the next room, so I'm guessing they want us to do something to short out the lock" "So we're looking for a removable panel then?" "I think so." Rett replied. Our hunt began. Rett took one side, I took the other, and we crawled around the room, trying to tug the panels off the walls. When Maya noticed what we were doing she chuckled and called to Daddy, "have you seen what the two cuties are doing?" "Leave them for two minutes and they're already crawling around" he replied. The joke was on them, though, I managed to get a panel beside the airlock door off the wall. Behind it were five wires, one red, one yellow, one black, one white and one with black and yellow stripes. "I've found something" i called out. Everyone came over to look. "So how does this work?" Daddy asked, thinking out loud rather than expecting a response. I tugged the wires. All five of them came loose at one end. "I guess we just need to connect these up in a different way" I explained. "Should we just try solutions?" suggested Maya. I did as she suggested. This didn't seem very efficient, but it was better than just sitting staring. Rett was a bit shy around Daddy, so I didn't hear them talking at first, but then they tapped me on the shoulder. I looked round and they were holding the panel I’d taken off the wall. On the back of it, the side I'd laid on the floor, was a sign that read 'EMERGENCY OVERRIDE', with a picture of the solution. I set the wires how they were on the sign, and the door slid open. We moved through into the next chamber: a long hallway with lots of closed doors along each side. The monitor on the wall crackled into life. "Well done on getting through the airlock" the Guy at Mission Control said, "Sorry to spoil the moment, but we've got a readout here saying life support is failing, we need you to go to ops to get our downlink for the cameras and uplink for the doors turned back on, and to hydroponics to fix any issues you find." As the transmission ended, lights flicked on above two doors. One was marked 'Operations', the other 'Hydroponics'. Rett, confident from their earlier success, rushed towards the Operations Room. there was a button beside the door. They pressed it, the door slid open, and their face went white. When I caught up to them, we saw why. The room looked like a crime scene. There was blood on the walls, and several dummies made to look like the charred bodies of crew members on the floor. It looked amazing, but I can see why Rett was surprised. I gave them a hug to comfort them. When I did I noticed a smell. I whispered in their ear, "Did you have an accident because you were scared?" Rett nodded and whispered, "I think so". "Let's go in quick, before Daddy or Maya notice". I grabbed Rett's hand and led them inside. They seemed a little bit unsure, but followed. The room had lots of computer consoles with flickering screens, there were different labels above each of them, one said, 'CAMERAS', one had 'LIFE SUPPORT' one had 'DOOR CONTROL' and there were a few others. i went up to the one for the cameras and examined it. As I was looking, Daddy and Maya came into the room. I noticed Daddy sniffing a little bit and realised my hope to spare Rett's embarrassment was probably not great, as the room was fairly small. "It smells a bit funny in here" Maya said, as she walked up behind Rett. Daddy was already behind me, and I felt his hand on the back of my jeans. "I think it's the theming," Rett said, not convincing anyone, "they make it smell like that because of the bodies" "Is that so, Maya asked, gently patting their butt, "so it's not because someone had an accident then?" Rett winced and shook their head. I felt daddy's hand rubbing the back of my diaper, feeling for messies. "All clean here, he announced" "This one's definitely a little bit stinky" Maya announced, “but not too bad.” I saw Rett's expression change, as they began to slip into little space. I was going the same way, but I fought it so that my head was clear for the puzzles, "No fair!" I whined, "you're just trying to make us smol so we don't do better at solving puzzles than you," Daddy and Maya chuckled, not denying their trick. My revelation snapped Rett out of their reverie, and they began examining the Camera console. "it says the camera unlink is off" they explained, tapping the keyboard. when they pressed it a prompt came up asking for a password. "We need to find the password," they said, a hint of authority to their voice, "I imagine it will be written down somewhere". We began searching, not really sure what we were looking for, it felt an awful lot like we were wasting time, as it took us ages, but I eventually had a revelation. One of the 'bodies' was lying right by the consoles. I reached down and turned it over. sure enough, in the breast pocket of the flight suit, was a little pocket book. I opened it up, and inside were passwords. I handed it to Rett, and they began trying them. After three attempts the prompt flickered off, replaced with "PASSWORD CORRECT. TURN CAMERAS ON Y/N". Rett tapped 'Y' on the keyboard, and the two cameras in the corner of the room began to move left and right. We beamed at one another with satisfaction. "Hydroponics next" I declared, grabbing their hand and leading them towards the door. "Shouldn't we do the rest of the systems while we're here?" Daddy suggested. "No." I explained, "We’ll end up getting sidetracked. Besides, they might be part of puzzles we have to solve later on.” Rett and I practically skipped out into the hallway, and down to the hydroponics room. I don’t know what we were expecting to find, but this wasn’t it. The room was fairly small, but along the back wall were a bank of four glass-fronted chambers, and along the side of each chamber were racks upon racks of plants. It took my breath away for a moment, as I puzzled over how the builders of the escape room had made such a huge, long, plant nursery, until I realised they were nowhere near as deep as they looked, and the effect was achieved with a mirror at the back, and a half-mirror finish on the glass in front of me. One of the ‘growing chambers’ seemed normal, but three of them seemed to be on fire, with flickering orange lights and flame effects. As Daddy and Maya caught up with us, the screen on the wall flickered into life, and the briefing began, “You’re doing a great job, Rescue Team. We now have the feed from the cameras. As you can see, it seems there’s a fire in the hydroponics tanks. The fire suppression system has failed. We need you to get it back on before we lose all of them.” “That seems simple enough” Daddy said, a hint of confidence in his voice. I wasn’t so sure. On the floor in front of the tanks were about 20 sections of copper pipe, as well as an angle grinder. I guess in the story the grinder was used to cut the pipe up. There was a pipe connector on one of the tanks, which I assume was where we should be connecting one end of the pipe to, but I couldn’t see the where it was meant to run to. “Guys, I think it needs to run to here” Maya called over from the corner of the room. I was a little surprised that she was the one to find the opening. Not that she wasn’t smart, but I assumed she’d come here because it was Rett’s thing. I was glad she’d begun to get into the spirit of the game though. We gathered around her. She was right, of course. In the corner was a pipe, connected to the wall, with a little wheel on top, but it wasn’t going to be as simple as just connecting the pipe. In front of the opening was a maze of fixed pipework. We would have to build our line out from there, and hope we got the design right and that we would reach the other end without too much trouble. We began. The pipe went together fairly easily, as there were push-fit connectors on the end of each section. While I was crouching down I peed. I wanted to show Daddy I could hold it, but there was no way I’d make it all the way through, and I didn’t see any sense in trying to hold it and being uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I also felt my tummy rumble a little, which made me regret the milkshake a tiny bit. Even though it was really good. Our first attempt with the pipe didn’t work out. We came up about six inches too short. For a minutes or so we couldn’t decide how much of the existing construction to keep, and how much to rebuild. In the end we settled on a complete fresh start. We agreed to let Rett try a few attempts on their own. They were definitely the most suited to it, as they were really patient, but also quite quick with their hands. While Rett worked, I wandered up to Daddy and gave him a hug, and a kiss on his cheek. “What was that for, little kitty?” he asked “Nothin’” I said, in my cutest voice, “I just wanted to be cute at you.” He chuckled to himself. “Thank you, you succeeded.” As I walked away he gently caught my arm, “how’s your diaper doing?” he asked, “I noticed you were peeing yourself while we were putting the pipe together.” I blushed, “how?” “You were looking like you were holding it, then looked very relieved. It was cute.” My face was as hot as the flames in the tanks at the back of the room. “I think it’s OK, I didn’t go that much” “Do I need to check you?” I shook my head. “OK, it’s not like I can do much in here to change you anyway.” He let my arm go and gently patted my butt as I toddled back to Rett. By the time I got there they were just putting the last connecting pipe in place. “Want to do the honours?” they asked, nodding to the wheel on the outlet. “No! You did all the work. You should do it” I replied. They grinned, “I guess so”, they said, as they made their way to the wheel and turned it. Their gait had become really unsteady, and they had a noticeable waddle from their pee-soaked diaper. I wondered whether I was that obviously soaked as well. Before I could give it much thought though, Rett turned the wheel, and a spray of glitter poured down from the top of each of the tanks while strobe lights flashed inside them. After a few moments the lights in the tanks went back on. The plants in two of them were completely charred and blackened. The other had singed plants on one side, but the other was unnscathed. After our eyesight recovered, and we took a moment to marvel at what we’d just witnessed, our attention was drawn back to the video screen, “So I have bad news and worse news” The Guy from Mission Control was back, “You’ve stopped the fire, but we’ve lost 60% of the plant capacity, and the fire suppression powder is clogging up the filters. That means you’ve got about 100 minutes of useable oxygen before the air becomes unbreathable.” A countdown timer appeared at the bottom of the screen, “but that’s the less bad news. The bad news is that the ion engines have failed, and if you don’t fix them the station is going to hurtle back to earth. On it’s current course it will hit somewhere in Europe. The exact location is classified, but if you’ve planned a holiday in Paris it’s probably worth canceling it.” We headed back out into the hallway. At one end a light had turned on above a door marked, ‘ENGINE ROOM’. I grabbed Rett’s hand and led them down the hallway, although as we were both waddling due to our bulky padding, Daddy and Maya had less trouble keeping up with us. Inside the room was a stack of thin metal cylinders, each about three inches in diameter and two feet long. There was also a separate stack of hexagonal blocks, a similar diameter but a third of the length. On the other side of the room there were two seats like the ones on the shuttle, with VR headsets resting on top of them. Once again the video screen flickered and our briefing began. “You’re going to need to divide into two teams,” The Guy from Mission Control, looking far more wary now than he had done at the start of our adventure. “One team will be using the EVA headsets to control robots outside the station. Their task is to fix the leaks in the engine fuel lines. The other team will need to carefully remove the empty fuel cylinders and discharged battery blocks, and replace them with new units from storage. But be careful, There we’re reading a fault in the wiring, so if the casings of the batteries or fuel cylinders make contact with the containment unit walls, you will short out the power and blow up the station. No pressure though.” Rett was staring at the seats even before we walked in. They loved video games, and had been wanting to try VR for ages. They’d have probably been better at doing the cylinder puzzle than any of the rest of us, but there was no way I was going to take this away from them, “Daddy and I can do the cylinders” I volunteered, “want a hand getting strapped into the chair, Rett?” Their eyes lit up. “Don’t you want to try the VR?” Daddy asked me. “Yeah, but I think Rett would probably have more fun doing it with Maya” I replied. Daddy rubbed my back, “You’re a very good kitty” he whispered in my ear. I shivered a little, and grinned like a crazy person. Maya and Rett sat themselves down on the seats, while Daddy and I slipped the headsets over their heads, and handed them the controllers. Then we moved over to the cylinders. “We’ll have to be careful” Daddy cautioned, “Or we’ll end up cutting their game short”. One of the walls in the room held the ‘in use’ cylinders and batteries. The ends of the containers jutted out from the wall slightly, and each had an unlit LED next to it. “How do we get them out?” Daddy wondered aloud I looked at the ends, each of them had four notches cut into them. “I think there’s some sort of grabbing tool that we need to use. The other question is how we tell which ones need to be swapped out? The LEDs are probably indicators, but they all seem to be off” I hadn’t noticed, but Daddy had stepped away while I was speaking. When he came back he had a claw for grabbing the cylinders, and a fairly nondescript black box with a handle. “Look what I found” he said. He was grinning. I took the box off of him and began waving it just in front of the cylinder ends. As I did the LEDs started lighting up. Some green, some red. “Ooh, I think it’s done with EM fields” I said “What?” asked Daddy. “The box sends a small magnetic field out, and that powers a circuit that lights the LEDs up.” I explained, “It’s really clever”. “So are you.” Daddy replied. I moved the box to the top left hand side of the wall and started systematically moving it across the cylinders. The third one I got to had a red LED. “This one needs changing” I announced, “Really? I thought you could probably last a bit longer” Daddy joked. Then he grabbed the end of the cylinder with the grippers and gently eased it out of the wall. He went slowly, and supported the bottom of it with his hand as it came out. Depositing the cylinder on the ground, he picked up a new one, and lifted it in. “These are heavier than they look” He complained. “Yeah, I agreed. “They will be because you’re having to lift them from the end”. We continued, with me finding cylinders to change, and Daddy removing and replacing them. It took a while, but eventually we succeeded. All without ‘frying the station’ and ending the game. Once it was complete we moved over to where Rett and Maya were. They were just finishing up, and Rett had a big grin on their face. “How was it?” I asked. “AMAZING!” Rett enthused, bouncing out of the chair. “I didn’t think we were going to do it, because I dropped a spanner and it started floating away, but Maya fired her thrusters, grabbed the spanner and threw it back to me.” Maya took a little bow. Then the video started playing. “Well, you’ve saved Paris” The Guy said, before producing a party popper and setting it off, “And look at that, you’ve got over an hour to work out what happened. Loads of time. We can’t download the logs from here, as they’re isolated from the system, but they’re probably the best place to start. And we’ll be able to monitor them once you begin watching them. You’ll find them in the ops room”. “I guess we’re going back to ops then,” Daddy said. As we walked back down the hallway, Rett looked at the doors that still hadn’t opened, “I wonder what’s behind those?” “I’m sure we’ll find out soon” Maya replied. In the ops room we couldn’t see a console marked ‘LOGS’, but there was one marked ‘PLAYBACK’, which had a USB port and a box of thumb drives beside it marked ‘logs’. I grabbed a drive at random and put it in the port. It started playing. On the screen was a woman with close-cropped, dark hair. She had an air of authority. “Since the incident, Reeve’s behavior has been getting worse” she explained, “I don’t know whether it’s because he’s worried about a possible infection, or something to do with the contamination itself, but he’s rude, aggressive, and has come close to violence. I’m giving it 24 hours, and if things haven’t calmed down I’m ordering an evac for him.” This was clearly from partway through whatever had happened. I pulled the drive out, grabbed another from the box and inserted it in. It was the same woman: “Reeves and I were checking his PPE gear back into storage, and we noticed a slight nick in one of the outer gloves. It’s probably nothing, he wouldn’t have made contact with the slime, but it’s still worried me a little. He’s agreed to spend the night in medical for observation, and we’ll address it when we’re less exhausted.” I swapped the drive out for another. The screen filled with an image of the operations room, shot from one of the security cameras. Several of the crew were busy working, including the woman who had been making the logs. Then the door opened and a tall guy walked in. It might have been a glitch on the recording, but it almost looked like his hands were on fire. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and looked at him. He walked up to each person in turn, completely calmly, and as he got to them, they burst into flames. Once the screen went black I took a moment to collect myself from the shock of what I’d seen and changed out the thumb drive again. The woman, who I’d come to assume was the station’s commander, was back. “We’ve found some sort of residue built up around the vents for the filtration system,” the Commander explained, “It’s probably innocuous, but it doesn’t look like the usual grime that collects on the station, and no one can recall seeing it yesterday. I’ve asked Reeves to collect some samples and take them to medical” The screen went black. Just before I could replace the drive, it came on again, “Reeves has successfully collected a sample. Frankly that’s an understatement. He cleared what he could find and filled eleven containers worth. I’ve had one container taken to medical for analysis, and the rest I’ve locked up in the storage closet in ops until we know what we’re dealing with” I glanced at Rett, who had clearly already seen the door marked “STORAGE”, and was walking towards it. As they got close to the door it started banging from the inside. Rett stopped dead, started to whimper, then darted to Maya, giving her a big hug. I’d gone white, and as I calmed down a little I realised I was grasping Daddy’s hand. Then I started laughing. “Well that was horrible” I said, breaking the tension. Maya was stroking Rett’s hair, although even they were laughing as well. “Maybe we should check out Medical” Rett suggested, “I’d rather not find out what’s behind that door.” “Will we be able to get into it? Maya asked, “So far they’ve opened the doors of the rooms they want us to go in”. Daddy shrugged, “Only one way to find out”. He led us out of the room and down the hallway. When we got to the door marked ‘MEDICAL’ he pushed the button beside the door. It slid open. “Guess we’re allowed in,” he said. Inside it looked trashed. There were beds on their sides, smashed up sample containers and equipment scattered everywhere. “Are we looking for anything in particular in here?” asked Maya “I don’t know” I replied, “Nothing I can think of” “I don’t think there will be anything in here” Rett explained, “They would have given us clear instruction if it was part of the game, I just wanted to take a look before we got to the end” I noticed a glass cylinder on the ground, buried under some of the scattered detritus. It was filled with a black, jelly-like substance. I gently nudged it with my foot, “guess that’s the sample then” I said. As I moved, I felt my tummy lurch. I was really enjoying myself, but if we didn’t get to the end pretty soon I was going to have a major accident, “where next?” I asked. “The crew rooms?” Rett suggested, “We haven’t looked in there yet, and there might be more clues.” We moved into the crew accommodation - a fairly small room with eight capsule-like bunks in two banks either side. We began with the top bunk on the left hand side, and drew the curtain on each in turn. The first two were empty, but the third had a mannequin in it, covered in fake blood. If we hadn’t had the shock in the ops room it probably would have been upsetting, but as it was it just kind of made us all chuckle. “He doesn’t seem very well” Daddy joked. Which made me groan. There were two more ‘bodies’ both equally bloody in two of the other bunks.Beside one of them was a hardback notepad, with a cover that read ‘EMERGENCY CREW LOG BOOK’. I picked it up, and opened it. There were only two entries. I began to read the first one to everyone, “Mission Log, Day 42 - We have sealed ourselves into the accommodation. Reeves has taken control of operations, and has The Commander, Matthews, Radjek, Upesh and Huang with him. We have noidea about their condition, or if they’re even alive. He has destroyed medical, almost completely, deactivated the Escape Pod, and set traps in the Hydroponics. One of those traps has severely injured Magnusdottir, and she’s in critical condition. Njeri and I are planning to try to enter ops, and restrain Reeves shortly”. I paused a little before moving on to the next log, “We have restrained Reeves. In doing so both Njeri and I have been seriously injured. I’ve done what I can to stabilise both of us, but nothing I can do will stop the bleeding. Unless we get some sort of miracle, we won’t survive the night.” As I finished reading the log an alert siren started ringing, and the lighting in the room, as well as the hallway changed to flashing orange. An automated voice came from hidden speakers in the room, asking us to, “PLEASE PROCEED TO THE OPERATIONS ROOM”. It seemed the ‘mission’ was coming to its end. I was pleased about that. I was beginning to sweat a little as the strain of holding took its toll. From the look on Rett’s face, they were in a similar position. I suspect Daddy had noticed the struggle I was going through as well. He smiled, held his hand toward the door, and said, “shall we?”, and as I passed him, he gave me a gentle patt on my butt. When we got to operations, the door to the store cupboard was open. Inside were several containers, like the one in Medical, each with the same black jelly. Several of them were broken, “I dare you to try it,” I joked to Rett, which caused them to giggle. After a moment of examining the cupboard, Maya drew our attention over to the Playback console. The drives in the box had all gone. In their place was a single drive on top of the console. Maya plugged it into the usb port. The screen began playback. It was showing the exterior of the station, with a transport shuttle attached. Slowly the shuttle undocked, and began to float away. When the playback ended, the video screen in the corner of the room crackled back into life showing the Guy from Mission Control, “Congratulations Rescue Team.” he began,” You’ve stopped the station crashing to earth, and you’ve gathered lots of evidence for what happened to the crew. Unfortunately it seems the shuttle that should be taking you back has… detached itself from the station. We’re not sure how that’s happened, but don’t worry, we do have an escape pod. You’re just going to need to fix the bits that were.. disabled by the crew member who had difficulties. Please proceed to the ENGINE ROOM where we will brief you. And not to make worry too much, you have ten minutes of oxygen left.” As he was speaking I felt my control slip even further, and a fart escaped without me being able to do anything about it. It was silent, but the smell was awful. Daddy leaned over to me, “have you made a stinky in your diaper?” he whispered. I shook my head, “just gas Daddy, I promise.” He didn’t seem entirely convinced, as I looked very uncomfortable, but he let it slide. In truth my discomfort was from how hard I was fighting to avoid an accident. But I thought I would be able to hold it for the next ten minutes. We got to the engineering room, and the Guy from Mission Control was on the screen again to brief us: “The damage to the escape pods is minor”, he explained, “but has caused issue with the holding clamps. Two of your team will need to use the EVA robots to make the repairs. Rett’s eyes lit up at the prospect of a second go with the VR, then they paused, “Would you guys like a go this time,” they offered, “it only seems fair.” Daddy waved his hand, “I’m OK thanks” he said, then gestured to me and Rett, “I think you guys would enjoy it most if you did it together” No one needed to tell us twice. Rett and I jumped into the seats, and Maya and Daddy helped us with the headsets. It was sooo cool. I looked around, and as I did I could see the parts of the robot. The arms moved when I moved the controllers I was holding, and it felt like I was floating in space. Then I heard Rett’s voice in my ear, through the headset’s interlink “What do you think?” they asked, “It’s so cool” I replied, “I had no idea it was going to feel like this” “Yep. incredible, isn’t it?” they continued. “Now press the thruster button on the controller, and let’s go fix the escape pod” I watched as Rett, or at least, their robot, floated away from the station, then thrusted around it heading in the direction of the escape pod, which was marked by an arrow on the display. I tapped the button on my left controller to trigger the retro thrustor and moved away from the station, then tapped the button on the right to fire the forward thruster and followed them. We reached the escape pod, selected the cutting attachment on our robots, and set about removing the clamps holding the pod in place. I was having so much fun, and so lost in what I was doing that I forgot I was meant to be holding. I felt my stomach lurch and cramp, and then it was too late. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop it. Mushy mess began to leak out, a small amount at first, then a flood. The resistance of the chair causing it to squish all though my diaper. The mess was bad, but the smell was worse. Rett’s voice came through my ear again, “Have you had an accident?” “Mmmhmmm” I whimpered, still trying to cut virtual clamps as my mind dropped into little space from my accident. “So have I” they continued, “it’s OK”. That helped. I focused as best as I could, and we managed to cut the escape pod free. It took us a minute more to get the robots back to the station, then we removed the headsets. As I took mine off I found Daddy standing over me, “Is someone a stinky butt?” he asked. It was a redundant question, it was incredibly obvious I’d pooped my diaper. I nodded in response anyway, too dazed from the combination of the VR and the accident to do much more. He reached down and helped me out of the seat, “We’ll get you cleaned up as soon as we’re done kiddo” he reassured me. I was in a daze as the final video message flashed up. It was The Guy from Mission Control again, “Congratulations EVA team, you’ve managed to free the escape pod. Unfortunately we’ve seen something on the camera feed. It seems Reeves is still on the station. You need to go. Now! Run!” The door to the Engine Room slid open, as did a door across the hallway with a sign reading ‘ESCAPE POD’ above it. Rett and Maya led the way, Rett waddling more than they had been before. Daddy and I followed. Daddy kept his gentle grip on my arm as I was still pretty spacey. As we crossed through the hallway I looked toward the airlock doors. They were open, and a figure was standing in them. I couldn’t see properly, the lighting was behind him, but it seemed like his hands were on fire. We reached the ‘escape pod’ and the door slid shut behind us. There were eight seats around the room, the same as in the ‘shuttle’. Maya and Rett were already sitting down and strapped in. Daddy helped ease me down into one, then took the seat next to me. As soon as we strapped in the seats began to judder, the lights in the room flashed, and a rumbling noise came over the speakers. Then some triumphant music began to play, the lights came up, and the door at the back of the room slid open. I was riding high from the victory, and the mixture of emotions. Daddy had to unbuckle my safety strap so I could get out of the chair. We walked toward the door, where a guy was waiting to congratulate us. He looked a little confused when Rett walked past him, noticing the slight smell from their diaper. Then I walked past. And the look on his face made it very clear there was no hiding what I’d done. We emerged back into the mall complex, and it was packed. Both Rett and I became very shy, very quickly, aware of how obvious it was that we were messy. At least Rett had the advantage of being around me, and the smell of my diaper would likely cloak theirs. Daddy and Maya took the lead, holding our hands and guiding us through the throng of people, and straight to the bathrooms. Maya then took Rett and I into the accessible bathroom while Daddy went to get the my changing bag from our car. Away from people, the excitement from the escape room took back over, and Rett and I began to talk about the experience. “Did you see the guy at the end?” Maya joined in, “I honestly thought we were going to die!” “And the banging in the closet” Rett added, glancing down at their diaper, “I had a bit of an accident then too”. Just as I was about to reply, there was a knock at the door. Rett yelped a little. “It’s me” Daddy’s voice came through the door. Rett sighed with relief, which made Maya and me giggle. I unlocked the door and let him in. “Phew. You two stinky butts really need a change” he said, as he came in. He put the diaper bag down, and laid a changing mat on the floor. “Who’s first?” I looked over at Rett, they were being shy again.”I will, Daddy” I offered. I stepped forward, and Daddy undid the button on my jeans and eased them down my legs, “Step out please” he asked. I did as I was told. He then reached up and unsnapped the buttons on my romper. As he did, my diaper sagged down. . “On the mat please kiddo” Daddy said. I crouched down, then eased myself onto the mat, feeling the mess squelch against my butt as it did. Then I laid down and Daddy began the change. As he untapped the diaper, the smell filled the room. I felt my cheeks warm up form the shame of having such a stinky diaper changed in front of our friends, the sense of humiliation was almost overwhelming. It was wonderful. I have no idea how long the change took, I was far too spacey to keep track, but eventually Daddy slipped a clean diaper underneath me - without additional padding this time - and taped it closed. Then he helped me up and gave me a hand getting dressed again. As he did, Maya had Rett lay on the mat and began their change. They looked so scared and uncomfortable. I crouched down and held their hand and stroked their hair..That seemed to relax them. After a few minutes they were in a clean and dry diaper, and we were ready to go. We walked out of the bathroom and headed back to our cars. As we walked, we passed the entrance to the arcade. “Shall we stay a little longer?” Daddy asked, glancing over ot it. “Yes!” I shouted, my voice full of enthusiasm. “It seems a shame to go home so early” Maya agreed. “Can I have an ice cream first please though Daddy?” I asked, “You did say I could have whatever treats I wanted.”.
  12. *** disclaimer - English isn't my mother tongue I m sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes so please take that into consideration in your comments Summer vacation just started, that would be the highlight of any kids year. And it was the same for Kit till last September. But not this summer. This summer he was strapped into what could be described as a large toddler car seat , dressed as a toddler sucking on a pacifier as he watched the trees and bushes they passed by from the car window. From the outside he had the idyllic life. He had 2 loving parents, a little sister, a huge house and even a dog. He was a well behaved child with good manners who always came top of his class. Ironically this is what ended up sending him down a spiral he never even knew existed outside his safe bubble . And it didn't, not until he finished 5th grade last year and his school principle suggested to enroll him in a special school for the gifted. His parents though hesitant at first to send their child so far so young eventually convinced it will give him the best chance to get as far in life as he could. tution was no issue as both chris and Patty made good money though it did mean working long hours at their company and less with their children. Kit was excited about the new school . But things turned rather quickly . He was always a shy and sensitive child who was very much attached to his family , so separating from them was not an easy 1 to begin with . But as he soon discovered that would far not be his biggest challenge. The school had a very strict regime from when he got up went to bed what he ate. And his school mates were anything but mates. Vicious competitions were between the students to be the best to better than rest . The stress and the emotional abuse he recieved from both peers and teachers were showing their marks quickly . By Christmas vacation Chris and Patty were worried that their decision to put kit in that school may have been a mistake but as he solemnly refused to talk about anything that might be bothering him and insisting on spending his holiday studying. then 1 fatal day in May he failed 1 of his final exams . Not being able to take the stress and faulire he resorted to taking the pills he knew his roommates were hiding . After getting his stomach pumped he was transfered to a child psychiatry ward. Luckily he didn't suffer any damage from the pills the psychiatrist concluded he did suffer a major emotional crisis. Non of the therapies and interventions seemed to work . so 1 day dr Kate Dollen summed both parents to her office to suggest to them a new "therapy" - taking kit back to the last stage of his life where he truly felt happy and protected . chris and Patty looked at each other with quite a confused look as they listened to dr Dollen - I m sorry dr Dollen - Patty started unsure of how to pharse her thoughts - please call me Kate - Kate .. Isn't this a bit .. Radical ? Treat him like a toddler ...? - I know how it sounds at first but what your son needs the most right now is to feel safe and loved and no one can give him that more than you can - I think what my wife was trying to ask is this sounds a bit "abnormal" sorry for the term , to take a child his age and treat him as a toddler - well it's quite abnormal for a child his age to attempt suiicide - Kate concluded -look I have spent many hours in the past few weeks talking to kit and the conclusion I reached is that the last he felt completely happy was before his sister was born and he still had your full attention , - the room quited both Patty and Chris had quilt over not spending enough time with their kids but could that have really led up to this ? - so what you are saying is that we shouldn't have had an other child ? - Patty asked a little mortified - no of course not, but you have to understand , from that moment he became the big brother the big kid who got the role of being responsible in school and with his sister and eventually all the stress that comes with always being responsible and doing well got too much for him. - so what you are suggesting is that now he needs to be the little ..? - Chris asked as he ruffled through his hair - he needs to feel safe again - oh god - Patty cried out as she burried her face in her hands - this is all my fault - okay okay let's say we would try this "therapy" - Chris said unsure as he rubbed pattys shoulders - how exactly would this go ..? Was this kits idea ? Does he want this ..? - this is my suggestion . Not kits idea . He doesn't know actually . Chris squinted at Kate - so this wouldn't be with his consent..?
  13. Business was slow this time of year, but that was normal. It was just after the holidays and most people wanted there houses looking pristine before that. I paint houses, inside and out, and if the client needed something fixed, I usually could help them out. Except for the big things, I didn’t have any tools or material for that. I worked alone, just the way I liked it. Sometimes I hired another guy for a job I couldn’t do by myself. I wasn’t a big, super strong guy, although you can see some subtle muscle tone I was average for a guy nearing his thirties. But I worked out, usually just jogging around the neighbourhood, that was enough to keep the fat off. Today was my day of, not willingly of course since work was slow. I had nothing planned in for today. I stood on my porch with a cup of coffee, watching the world wake up before me in a misty haze. A few cars pulled from their houses and went the road, I waved at them, I didn’t bother to look if the drivers waved back at me. I took the last sip of my coffee and made my way back to the kitchen to refill my cup. From the kitchen window I saw the moving truck arriving at the neighbours house. “Are the neighbors moving?” I said to myself, wondering if there had been a for sale sign. I saw two man moving with what i presume heavy boxes. I filled my cup and moved to my home office, it may be my unofficial day off, there still was a lot of administration to do. I returned to the kitchen at lunch time, made myself two sandwiches and filled a glass with water. I looked out the window to see that moving truck was gone, they were probably done for today or hauling their next load. I stared at the house to see if there was any movement since there was a light burning in the living room. After a few minutes I gave up and retreated back to my office. A hour later my doorbell ran. I looked up out of surprise, I wasn’t expecting anyone as far as I knew. Probably just a package for one of the neighbors I thought. I walked up to the front door and looked through the peephole. There was a woman standing at the other side of it. I guess around her mid thirties. Her light brown slightly curly hair was hanging over her shoulders. She was wearing a grey t-shirt with a red vest and dark blue jeans. Probably the new neighbour I thought while I opened the door. She greeted me before I even could get a word in. “Hi! My name is Lucy Harlow and I just moved in the house next to you,” She said while her hand reached out for a handshake. I took her hand. “Hi, welcome to the neighbourhood. My name is Michael Gilman,” I said while shaking her hand. “I am doing my introductions around the neighbourhood, and I asked one of the neighbours if she knew any good handymen around here, she referred me to you,” She said. “Depends on what you need doing miss,” “Call me Lucy,” She interrupted. “I can paint, putting together furniture and doing some smale repairs,” I continued. “That sounds great, just what I needed! Is it possible that you could help me out? If you’re not too busy?” She asked me. “Sure, this time of year is pretty slow business wise, when can I take a look?” I asked her in return. “Well if you could, you can take a look right now?” “Sure, no problem, I will be right over. I just need to finish something up and put on my shoes.” “Great! Thank you so much!” She said and walked back to her house. I closed the door and returned to my office, did the last few things and closed the office for the rest of the today. I put on my sneakers, grabbed the keys and a notepad with pen and walked towards Lucy’s house. I ran the bell, it took her a moment to open the door but it gave me time to inspect the front of the house. The outside of the house was well maintained by the previous owners. I was looking at the roof when Lucy opened the door. “Michael, come in,” She greeted me happily. “Sorry it took me some time to answer the door, I was making coffee, I hoped you would like a cup?” She continued while walking towards the kitchen. I kicked my shoes off in the hallway and followed. “Sure, would be nice,” I said. “I gave the outside of the house a quick inspection and it seems good to me, well maintained, and inside seems good too at a quick glance. What exactly do you want to be done?” She gave me a mug of coffee “Let's sit down first shall we?” She asked while motioning towards the coffee table. We sat down and she answered my question. “Well, most things that need to be done are in one room. Painting, hanging a lamp or two, and maybe put together some furniture.” “Sounds like a day of work at most. May I see the room?” I said after taking a sip of coffee. “In a moment. The room you are going to work in, if we agree on it, is not going to be your standard room. If you catch my drift,” She had quite the serious tone in her voice. What did she mean by that? Not your standard room? Is it going to be her sex dungeon or something? Or a creepy altar to some old ex boyfriend of hers. Before I could wrap my head around she already seemed to know what I was thinking. “No, it is not going to be like that. It is not going to be whatever you thought, that is the basement,” she said jokingly. “But jokes aside,” she continues. “You’re going to find out eventually when you work on that room.” “If you don’t mind me asking, what are you going to use that room for?” I asked her nervously. I took another sip from my coffee to calm my nerves for a bit. It didn’t work. “It is not easy to explain really, and I need to know if you’re open minded enough to hear about it. Above all if you can keep a secret,” she said. “I like to think that I am open minded to all sorts of stuff. I don’t get fazed when people tell me the weirdest thing, if that is what this is,” I answered her. “That is good to hear, and how about keeping a secret?” “I won’t tell anyone, you have my word.” “Good than I will start, you will figure it out eventually when you start working on that room. So I thought it would be better to get this out of the way and tell you before we have reached an agreement,” Lucy said with a straight demeanor. I could sense that she has started to tell her secret, there hung a serious atmosphere in the room. “Because I’m afraid you will get the wrong ideas if we don’t have this talk,” she continued. She probably had this conversation earlier with someone else and apparently it didn’t work out for them. “I understand,” I said while nodding along. It was indeed better to hear this from her instead of making assumptions. Knowing my mind, it would think of every reasonable explanation there is. “I’m all ears. I won’t interrupt you,” I said. “Great, before I begin, if after hearing this you don't want to work on that room or around the house, I completely understand. I will try my best to explain it to you and I’m open to all your questions, even if you interrupt me,” Lucy said shifting a bit in her seat. I could see she was a bit nervous. I took the last sip of my coffee, put the mug back on the table and waiting on her to begin. “Speaking of questions, to start, I have one,” Lucy said while looking me dead in the eye with a little smile, trying to make the mood comfortable. “Are you familiar with anything ABDL related?”
  14. Hello. I am very new here, but I have been reading stories on this website for a long time, and I decided I would finally post one that I've written. It's a diaper dimension story. Those are my favorite. There will be mentions of a robo nanny in the 'first act' but they're not prevalent. This will get sweet. There's cursing. Please enjoy. Chapter One: Exposition Stew We had no glasses to clink together, so we pumped our fists in the air for Mary. In prison, especially a little’s prison, you don’t have much to work with in terms of materials for a makeshift goodbye party. Amazons in prison get more to barter with, more to pass between hands, but you don’t get such a luxury when you’re of the small set. Coco’d been saving up her banana cookies, the chewy kind meant for babies to get used to solid food that you have to buy from the commissary with money your family brought you (should you be so lucky), Double Chin’d squirreled away scrap paper for the ‘decorations’, and I’d managed the feast. The piece de resistance: a burger. Now, was it a good burger? Fuck no, it was one of those little ones made of 90% filler, 5% hopes and dreams, and maybe 5% meat after that, what kind of meat’s anyone’s guess. It was the kind you nuked in a microwave in college, where it got molten hot in the center and the rubbery cheese made it sticky, but for us here, this was gold. This was solid goddamn gold. “Solid” was the real kicker on that. The details of how I got it could be a story in and of itself, but to keep it short, because there’s a lot more of this tale to go that doesn’t hinge on the numerous favors, trades, and acts that might have added years to my sentence that resulted in me getting my hands on a shitty burger: I know a guy. I also pride myself on my ability to orchestrate, but more on that later. Mary’d almost cried when she saw it, and the small ‘cake’ made when Coco stacked up the cookies. She could have been crying at the kindness of the gesture, she could have been crying because it was the last solid food she’d possibly ever know. We didn’t ask which was which. “Thank you, Seenit,” she said to me, wiping away the tears that collected on her long long lashes. “This is so fucking sweet of you, I don’t even know how you managed this.” “Don’t think too hard on it,” I told her with a hearty pat on the back. “Just enjoy. You’ve earned a last supper.” Later today, Mary was going to die. Okay, no, Mary wasn’t going to die, but she was going to get The Full Monty. She was Going Up Front, Headed To The Orphanage, Checking Out, The Big Drool, Headed Nippleward. She was on Crib Row. We had all kinds of names for it here in the pen, but that was because State Mandated Mental Regression wasn’t as nice to say. It was also called the “summer” program, since the acronym (SMMR) kind of looked like it, and we think that the wardens wanted us to call it the Summer Program, but we, at least in my circles, refused out of good old fashioned spite. You could tell who was a newbie via several avenues, but calling it The Summer Program was one of them. After Mary ate her burger, and the cookies, and drank the bottle of the worst formula the State Penitentiary for Criminal Littles could afford - out of a baby bottle of course, you only got a sippy cup if you were extremely good, and none of us had been - she was going to get carried down the long hallway, past our cribs, and regressed to the highest extent of the law. It was rumored that they cut your tendons and take your teeth, but god if we didn’t know. Littles don’t adopt littles, so no one I talked to had experience in The Front Room, where they lay out completely blank slate, empty headed, regressed-to-newborn littles who’d committed a crime so bad that they decided you weren’t able to function even as a toddler, much less an adult, to be adopted. From what we’d all heard, you were completely emptied and physically altered to be nothing more than a bag of mush with a heartbeat and a diaper. Oh, sure, we were already treated sort of like the babies the huge ones saw us as here. None of us had seen a toilet since sentencing, and instead three times a day we were all laid on a conveyor belt and pushed along so that a team of robo nannies could clean up shop downstairs. At the beginning of my six year tenure, this was traumatizing, cold, violating, dehumanizing. Now, it was part of the daily grind. It was what it was. Meals were twice a day with a ‘snack’ in the middle. Various pureed foods were slopped onto our trays and expected to be eaten with rubbery spoons that bent if your spoonful of mush was too big, which it often was until you learned how to portion it, because we are all pretty hungry here. That guaranteed that some eager newbie would spill it down their front and get berated by the guards for being a baby. No bibs here, and if your clothes were dirty then they’d stay dirty until you could get a laundry token. That includes in the case of leaks, too. Blowouts would get you an emergency token, but you’d also get this shit beaten out of you - figuratively and literally - by the guards for making them actually do something. Baby bottles were filled with aforementioned shitty watery formula that tasted like dishwater and, hell, very well might have been. You had your own bottle with your name on it. If you lost it, you’d better fuckin find it. I remember in my second year here I’d lost my bottle, and the ensuing wild goose chase got me the unfortunate nickname of Seenit, because I kept darting in and out of out different cliques in their chatting circles and asking if they’d Seen It. At least I wasn’t Double Chin. You can put together where she got her nickname, and it wasn’t as bad as Rosie Palms, whose name is just as obvious. (Poor Rosie. They do not take kindly to ‘Diaper Touching’ here. Her punishment wound up making her numb between the legs; she can’t feel anything down there, much less pleasure. Suppose that makes the nickname cruel, but prison is a cruel place.) We wore snap-crotch onesies in the warmer months and footed sleepers in winter. Our cribs were grey with blue rubber mattresses, nothing in way of a pillow or a blanket unless it got too cold for them to ignore the inhumanity of it all. Some people found things to use as pillows, and if you had the whole Family Outside thing, you could maybe get them to bring you one. Mary hadn’t had a family. Neither had I, adopted or otherwise. I’d gone 29 years of my life without getting scooped up by an Amazon with dreams of cribbing me and making me suck her tits. 29 years not pissing myself, or making some other kind of blunder that would send me to an etiquette school or at least just kidnapped. Shoplifting, public fighting, vandalism, breaking one of the arbitrary Gotcha rules that Amazons keep in place with hair-thin triggers that’ll make you ripe for the picking, that’s the kind of stuff that gets you into etiquette schools. No, no, to get in the pen, you’ve gotta do something worse. You need to do something that’s illegal for an Amazon to do, too. Thankfully for me, I’d committed fraud, assault with a deadly weapon, and, though I still say this one wasn’t my fault and the goddamn kangaroo court just wanted one more shiny bulb on the big holiday tree of crimes, arson. See, it’s not easy for a little to start a business. You can start one for other littles, but it’s expensive, arduous, and sometimes doomed to fail. The people with the keys, the licences, the pretty papers that say you’re approved, they’re Amazons. And Amazons don’t think littles can do anything. Though even a stopped clock is right twice a day; I’d met one Amazon, Ritchie Mitchell (good old Rich Mitch) who figured out that helping me run my completely legitimate, above board, and absolutely not fraudulent talent agency that interviewed plucky youngsters in hopes of being on runways, catwalks, showing off the latest in Big Oppressor fashion, or of bringing their pretty littles in to have them waggle their diapered butts in front of the camera to be on diaper boxes or in commercials, would net money for his pockets too. As far as they all know I was giving littles and amazons their big breaks. See, what we did was have Ritchie interview the bigs and I’d interview the littles (Amazons don’t want to get career advice from someone they think shouldn’t even know what a job is), and we’d act as their agents. Unfortunately, we’d ‘never quite find work’ for those nice pretty people, but keep charging them the monthly agency fee until they quit to find a new one. Good thing about the fees were that they were strictly non-refundable. Once in a while, just to keep people from getting too mad, we’d call up an actual agency and refer them, have that agency find them a gig, say that we’d found it ourselves, and send them to the tryouts. The best moment of the scam, if I do say so myself, was the fake photoshoot I’d orchestrated from the shadows. We only managed it once, booking a pretty scenic spot on top of a building to shoot some early twenties twelve-footer in swimsuits. I paid my roommate to get her boyfriend to ask his photographer friend to lend me his setup in exchange for a supply of Sprinkles (a designer drug just for littles; don’t even try it, kids), that I had to get from one of the models after I’d ‘caught’ her with it and ‘let slide’ as a favor. Then I got Ritchie to get his husband to pretend to be a photographer. We sold the swimsuit photos to a softcore porn website after I did some pretty handy editing, instead of posting them to an online shopping website just in time for the big summer sale like we’d advertised. The clothing company she was shooting for was a front, too. We paid the model less than what she deserved, really, because to her ‘brown hair with blond highlights’ ‘high cheekbones but big sexy eyes’ ‘nice c-cup tits’ credit, she worked that rooftop. Look, I’m in prison, I don’t know what sort of saintly protagonist you were expecting. We had employees who were varying levels of unawares, including the receptionist who’d called Ritchie up front to talk to the investigative team there. I was in my office, because I always was, basking in the feeling of being a shadowy boss that no one had ever seen but had received friendly emails from. My photo on our website was a stolen image of an Amazon who’d died seven years prior. I hear a commotion because apparently Ritchie got a little jumpy at their line of questioning, so I come down, and, yeah, I lost my cool. Shouldn’t have pulled a gun on them and told them to get out of our business unless they had a warrant, but as you learn from almost three decades in this world of Amazons and littles; Amazons will not listen to you. Bing, bang, boom, we squabbled over rights and expense forms and tax reports, they told me I was under arrest, I shot one of them in the shoulder in my attempt to high-tail it out of there. I was hoping I’d make the forest’s edge and disappear to become some sort of cryptid, but he grabbed me by the ankle and my finger had an itch that only firing that damn gun could scratch. Felt good. Like when you finally get that spot on your back that you couldn’t reach. The arson thing was because in my attempt to get out of there, I knocked over the receptionists lit scented candle. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I’d embezzled enough of that money that I got sentenced to eight years, but I’ve had years shaved off for good behavior. Years off your sentence doesn’t mean you’ll be free. It just means you’ll be put into the orphanage sooner. Mary, who’d done a hit and run, crunched into her cookies under a paper sign that said “GOOD LUCK MARY!” We’d all signed it. She wouldn’t be able to take it with her, but it was the thought that counted. Myself, Coco, and Double Chin all watched her eat, tried to make smalltalk. It was near impossible to be fully happy when you knew that 24 hours from then, Mary was going to be drooling in the adoption hallway, having forgotten this, her hit and run, and everything she was before the first time she opened her eyes once the Amazons were done with her. “I think I’m gonna go lay down,” Mary said, her expression defeated. “You sure?” Double Chin scratched at her elbow. “Don’t you think you’re gonna be layin’ down enough when--” “Dubs!” Coco slapped her, right on her apparently itching elbow. “She knows, dumbass!” “It’s fine,” Mary said, shaking her head and standing. “Night change is at five. You know what time it is, Seenit?” I held up a finger and trundled over to the small alarm clock that sat on the floor under my crib. “3:30.” Mary nodded. “Yeah. I’m going down the hall right after that. They want me clean for the procedure.” It was generally good manners to not point out the state of your fellow inmates undergarments, but even beneath her onesie it was easy to see that Mary was wet. Not that I could take a high ground here. I was in the mind that I had to get a shit out before night change so I didn’t have to sit in one until morning. Coco grimaced. “Well…. Make sure you say goodbye to us before you go, Mary Bear.” Mary always smiled well. She had a pretty face, and long black hair that was in a state of light disrepair from the time she’d been here, but would definitely be cute with a washing, trim, and brushing. I would miss Mary’s smile, and I tried to lock in my mind there the one she gave the three of us before offering up an army salute and toddling over to her crib, about seven or eight down from my own. The robo-nanny sensed her doing the ‘up’ gesture, picked her up under the arms, and deposited her in the crib, locking the top. “Welp,” I said after some time of the three of us watching from where we’d thrown the ‘party’ in the hall in front of our beds, “guess we should clean up here.” “Yep!” Coco’s enthusiasm was false, but she knelt down to brush the crumbs from ‘here’ to ‘there.’ Double Chin pulled down Mary’s sign, but as I was balling up the plastic microwave wrapper from the burger and the bags of banana cookies, I held my hand out to her. “Hey, gimme that.” “Whatcha want it for?” She helped lighten my load by taking the wrappers. “She can’t take it down the hall.” “I know. I just want her to keep it in mind.” There was a final note I needed to give Mary. I’d be sure to slip it between the bars of her crib before night change. See You Soon, Girl. -Seenit. --------------------------------------- I have 4 chapters of this written so far. I will post more tomorrow. I'm very eager to have more of it up! Thank you.
  15. The Boarder's Tale Chapter 1 Pete stood outside the terrace house. He looked at the piece of paper in his hand. The internet was amazing, he thought. No need for those rental sites. He'd found the landlady of this place on a travel chatroom, and here he was a month and 12000 miles later. He opened the nicely painted cast iron gate between the two white pillars and made his way along a short, flagstoned path and up several steps to the black front door. He lifted the polished brass doorknocker and heard the sound it made reverberate inside. A few moments later the door opened and a pleasant looking, middle aged lady stood smiling at Pete. The stereotype of the landlady, thought Pete as he introduced himself. The lady was Mrs Smith, a widow who offered room and board to what she told Pete were 'suitable lodgers'. It seemed that Pete was suitable enough to be having a cup of tea a few minutes later with Mrs Smith and being told how she ran her house. 'So,' said Mrs Smith. 'Anything else, just ask. You'll have your own key. One more thing, do you have issues with bedwetting?' The question took Pete by surprise. He blushed, because he had had a few problems in that area. He had been late toilet training, his mother had told him, and he had wet his bed off and on into his teens. Even later, he had had occasional episodes, when very tired, stressed or once or twice after drinking too much. 'Er, bedwetting?' he replied, hoping he hadn't looked guilty. 'Yes,' said Mrs Smith. 'It's not too uncommon, and creates a lot of washing. I have a plastic undersheet if there's any chance that you might have an accident.' Pete was still a little shocked. His bedwetting history was probably his most private issue. 'Oh, well...' he began. 'It's not a big deal,' said Mrs Smith. 'When was the last time you wet the bed?' Pete had never been good at lying. 'Oh,' he said, trying to sound confident. 'A while ago. A long while ago.' 'So, since childhood,' said Mrs Smith. 'How long ago? Years? Months?' Pete could have kicked himself. This was the perfect accommodation for him, and in the first five minutes he's admitting wetting the bed. ''Years,' said Pete. 'Several.' He winced inwardly. He was making this worse. 'I see,' said Mrs Smith. 'I think we'll start with the plastic undersheet and see how you get on.' Bloody hell, thought Pete. How has this become an issue? At least she's not kicking me out on the strength of it, he thought. 'OK, thanks,' he replied. Damn, he thought. I'm my own worst enemy. That sounded like I was confirming that I'm a bedwetter. 'Well. I'll show you your room.' said Mrs Smith, getting up from her chair. She was quite well built, Pete thought as he watched Mrs Smith turn towards the door. She was wearing jeans and a woollen top. She had nice hips and a large bust. Pete liked full, mature figures, not he thought, that he had any ideas towards this nice lady, even if she had sprung his big secret. At least she didn't seem horrified that anyone should occasionally have an accident at night. Mrs Smith opened a door in the upstairs hallway into a large, comfortable room. There was a big, paned window, a fireplace and a double bed. On the bedspread, resting against the pillows were three large stuffed toys. Pete looked at them in surprise. 'Oh, they're left over,' said Mrs Smith with a laugh, without saying left over from what, or who. 'You can choose one for yourself if you like. I'm sure the previous owner wouldn't mind.' 'No, it's OK,' said Pete. He wasn't sure if what Mrs Smith had just said was odd or not. 'Your bathroom is down the hall at the end,' said Mrs Smith. 'We sit down to pee in this house, by the way,' she added. 'Less chance of mess.' 'OK,' said Pete. Now that was odd, he thought. Still, it was her house, and he usually sat to pee anyway. He'd grown up in a household comprising his mother and three older sisters, where no one including him ever stood to use the toilet. It seemed natural now. Mrs Smith wrapped up her introduction to the house. 'That's about it,' she said. 'You have the run of the house, and you're most welcome to sit downstairs with me in the living room in the evenings. In fact, I'd enjoy the company. Or you can play up here in your room.' Play in my room, thought Pete. Maybe she meant play something on my laptop. 'I'll leave you to it,' she said, turning to the door. 'Dinner will be at 7.30.' 'OK, thanks,' said Pete, watching Mrs Smith's denim clad hips as she left the room. To be continued.
  16. Prologue 19 Years earlier. "Sarah, I know you don't want me to leave but I want a better life for my child, I don't want her to grow up thinking bad about little's." "Liam little's have it better now then when we were kids, I know you still don't like how some are treated but there is not much we can do." "REALLY SARAH? DAD OWNS THE BIGGEST COMPANY THAT MAKES LITTLE DIAPERS, TOYS, CLOTHES, AND FURNITURE. WE ARE RICH WE CAN MAKE CHANGE BUT YOU AND DAD REFUSE TOO!!!!!" "Liam please calm down I don't need the stress we both know you mean well, why do you think I had the idea to go?" "I'm sorry Ella, I am trying not to yell anymore." "Ella, Liam I will make you a deal when dad gives me the company, I will save your share of it. Liam as long as you bring your new son or daughter to see me that's all I ask please?" Liam sighs knowing his sister means the best but is still too young to fully understand. "Ok deal once our child turns 18 we will come back and stay here if all parties want too." "That is fair Liam. Then I guess Liam and Ella its goodbye for now I'll miss you both." "Bye Sarah I'll miss you." "Bye my great sister in-law we will both miss you. bye for now but not forever." Both having said their goodbyes walk through the portal to Earth to start their new life. Present day. Chapter 1. 12 Hours earlier before the trip to see Sarah. "Mom where is my suitcase I need to pack some more clothes before we leave." "Amelia really? You have three so far you don't need anymore, we don't have a lot of room as it is." "Amelia listen to your mother, we can't take that much stuff we have a limit to what we can take with us to see your aunt Sarah. She said she will come pick us up once we get to her Dimension and take us out to eat. Remember Amelia once we get there, we will be a lot bigger, I was 13 feet before I left, and your mom was 12 almost 13 feet too and we were taller than most bigs. Both me and your mom think you will be maybe 12-13 feet, but we don’t know." "I know dad I just can’t believe you have a sister in the other Dimension, why didn't you tell me before?" "Me and your mom wanted to wait tell you were 18 before we took you to see her." "I know I'm a big, but you didn't have to wait to tell me you know." "sweetie we didn't think you would be ready tell you were older, but we are sorry we didn't tell you." "It's ok just please don't keep secrets from me." "We won't keep anymore secrets from you, from now on Amelia does that sound fair." "Totally." Amelia and both of her parent's pack their bags in the car and go grab some breakfast getting ready to leave in a few hours. "Mom can we have pancakes before we go?" "Sure, let me make a few you want anything on them?" "No mom I'm fine with plan." Amelia mom gives her and her dad some pancakes with butter to eat for breakfast, then sits down herself and starts to eat hers. "Mom can we get a few things from town to give to Aunt Sarah as a gift please?" "Sure, once your father and I are ready ok, go meet us in the car we will be out soon." "Ok mom you and dad hurry up." Amelia heads to the car and gets in the backseat to wait for her mom and dad. God, I hope they don't take forever I really want to get aunt Sarah something but what would she like? Hm I'll have to ask dad she is his sister after all. "Liam are you sure this is a good idea? I mean she has never been there, and we only told her about her aunt a month ago." "Ella it's ok I think she is at least old enough to know who my family and your family are. even if your family are bad people." Ella sighs loudly. " I know Liam that's why I hate my family. What they do to little's should be illegal." "Let’s just try and not be around your family too much ok Ella, lets meet them at the mall or somewhere public." "Sounds good dear you ready." "Yes, dear let’s get going to town." All Liam can think about now is how Ella's family will react when they find out she has a kid now. Ella can’t help but think to herself how her parents will react to Amelia, and to the fact we are visiting Sarah more then them. Ella and Liam make their way to the car and hope in and buckle up. "ok Amelia where do you want to go?" "Well um dad what does Aunt Sarah like?" "Well get her something that means a lot to you I'm sure she will love it cause it's from you." "How about I get a photo of us and fame it and give it to her?" "That sounds perfect dear let’s get her that." "Thanks for the help dad." "No problem Minnie." Liam says has he laughs a bit to himself. "DADDDD don't call me that I'm not 10 anymore." "Minnie be nice to your dad." "Not you too mom. I can't win, can I?" "Nope dear me and your dad always win." Ella says as she chuckles As the car takes off dad drives them into town to get a good family photo and get it famed he stops by the photo studio and asks how long the wait time is for one photo and gets told it can be done right away. Liam Ella and Amelia walk in and are sat down right away. "Make sure you smile. Now say cheese." "Cheeseee." all three say at once. After its done Amelia finds the perfect frame for it. "Mom Dad can we get this one? It says it can't break." "Sure, that way no matter what Sarah will always have it." "Ok get in the car Minnie." "Mom pleaseee. At least don't do that in front of Aunt Sarah." Both Liam and Ella laugh knowing she hasn't seen the back of the photo. The amazing family jumps in the car and heads home to finish getting ready for the trip tonight, knowing it will take about an hour to get to the portal and that they will be arriving just when it's just starting to turn night, so they can meet Sarah then head to her house to sleep and hang out in the morning. Amelia thinks to herself on the ride home about meeting her Aunt. I wonder what she is like or how tall she is dad has not told me much about her other then her and dad are rich on the other side of the portal. Guess I'll find out tomorrow morning not sure I'll be able to stay awake tonight. The family gets home and Amelia heads to her room to chill for the rest of the day waiting for 10 pm when they leave to go to the portal. "Ella I'm worried about Amelia she has never been on the other side of the portal, I don't want her to think different of us for leaving it." "Liam calm down please she will be fine no matter what she won’t change just because it has little's, if she is anything like me, they won’t affect her. Hell, they didn't affect your sister too. That reminds me did your sister ever get a little. I know the CEO of the biggest company that sells little stuff should have a little too." "Honestly honey I don't think she ever did get a little she thought they might slow down her work and she wanted to takeover dad's work after I left, and he told her she would be CEO." Liam and Ella spend hour's talking about Sarah the other side and Amelia hoping everything goes well. Amelia sits in her room excited to go to the Portal and see the United States a group of 60 country's that hate little slaves but have laws to protect everyone. As the hours roll by she cant stop thinking about her aunt and where she lives hoping her aunt likes her and the present she got her. 8:45 pm rolls around and Liam and Ella get ready to leave. "Amelia are you coming sweetie we got to leave so we can get there before 10 pm. We need to beat the traffic so we can get there on time." "Coming mom! Don't leave me I really want to go." "Sweetie we are going for you so we won’t leave you." "Ella Amelia you both ready?" "Yes dad." "Yes dear." Amelia and her parents get in the car and start the hour-long drive to the portal to go to the U.S on the other side. "Mom is it ok if I take a nap?" "Yes, go ahead you might need it, I'm not sure what your aunt has planned but it might be a good idea." As Amelia takes a nap her parents talk about what Sarah might have planned when they get to a stop light, they go once it turns green but both of them never see the drunk driver in the semi before he hits them cutting the car in half killing both her parents instantly, then slamming the seat into her face breaking bones waking her up for a split second before her half gets tossed into the pole break the car more and causing her seat belt to fail and toss her from the car back first into a tree. Amelia starts to come to in the back of the ambulance. "Wha....." She passes out and her blood pressure drops low and she goes into shock before the Ambulance works knew what happened. "Give her fluids to increase the amount of fluid in her body QUICK!! We need to keep her alive tell we can get to the hospital. She’s going into hypovolemic shock!! Drive as fast as you can to the one by the portal it has the best tech go 100 MPH if u need to just drive faster!!!" "Quick pass me some saline and some large bore needles we need to keep her alive tell we get to the hospital!" "Quick use the anti-shock pants. We need to keep the blood up near the heart as much as possible." "Mack she’s losing too much blood and I can't tell what is broken and what’s not." "Jimmy breath ok? we need to just keep her stable. GORGE DRIVE FASTER GET A ESCORT IF YOU HAVE TOO!!!" " We got one Mack and we can’t go faster I'm topping the speed. We only got 5 miles tell we get there, I already radioed them and told them to get the ICU team ready and get the best tech." The ambulance pulls up to the hospital and there are over 20 doctors and nurse's waiting to help. they get Amelia out of the ambulance and into the hospital and up to the ICU and start to work on her the best they can. "Dammit do we have any info on her anyone?" "Sorry Dr Howard both her parents were killed on impact and all the info we can find is she has a Aunt in the U.S." "Your shitting me? Crap get me the hospital director and call the lawyer and tell him to meet me in the director's office quick. Keep that girl alive while I'm gone do whatever you can." Dr Howard runs as fast as he can to the director's office hoping they can save this girl. "Jean I need your help Sally is on her way too we need to make a call and now." "Shawn what have I told you about calling me Jean?" "Find out who Amelia Holloway's aunt is quick we don't got much time." "Was she the one that just came in?" "Yes, now hurry!" "Jean Shawn I'm here what did you want?" "Sally get a transfer order ready to move a patient though the portal to U.S." Both Sally and Jean scream what at the same time. "You’re kidding, right?" "No, I'm not now find her aunts number." "I already did once you said her last name, I knew who it was...." Sarah Holloway sat on the top floor of her building look at quarterly reports seeing a 7 increase in sales this quarter. "Miss Holloway, we have a hospital from Earth on the line. What do you want me to do?" "A hospital from Earth? put them through I'll take it in here." "Umm is this Sarah Holloway? "Yes, may I ask why you are calling?" The director sighs hoping this goes well. "Well I'm Director Jean I have my chef Doctor Shawn Howard and I also have our hospital lawyer Sally. We have a problem here and we need your help and it is a matter of life and death." Sarah starts to get really worried knowing what might be coming next. "Who is it? Who is in the hospital?" "It's your niece Amelia. She was in a drunk driving accident and sadly I'm sorry Miss Holloway. But she’s the only one out of both her parents and her." Sarah can help but break down crying knowing her only family may die. "Miss Holloway?" "It's fine tell me what needs to be done money is not a option ok?!?!?!" "Miss Holloway, we need you to sign some papers or give us a verbal ok while its recorded so we can send your niece to the U.S. to get help. Her only hope is the Nantes now." "DO IT NOW I DON'T CARE WHAT IS NEEDED OR HOW MUCH JUST DO IT!!" "Yes Miss Holloway goodbye for now." "You heard her Shawn get her to the portal now!" Shawn runs back to the ICU and gets ready for chaos. "EVERYONE LISTEN UP! Get her and everything we need we are running to the portal to get her to the hospital in U.S!" "Umm jean." "Yes, Sally I know I'm calling the other hospital now to give them the heads up and to get a team ready and normal Nantes." "I wish Amelia and miss Holloway the best of luck they will need it." "Me too Sally Me too." Howard and his team wait at the portal door for them to be given the go to push he through it. At last they are given the green light and they push her through to the other side hoping she may live but knowing she has at best a 10% chance to live. Everyone hopes she can come back and bury her parents soon. "Jessica tell the pilot up time to start the helicopter up now I'm going to the hospital by the portal and tell him there are no speed limits today." Jessica has never seen her boss like this and is scared but does what she says. "Yes boss" Jessica gives the pilot the heads up as Sarah leaves to head up to. "Joe top speed to the hospital now I don't care about any rules I'll fix it my niece might die so MOVIE IT." Joe knows he needs to go stop speed fearing the worse for Sarah's niece. "Yes, boss right away." Both Joe and Sarah head to the Hospital as Amelia gets taken inside to the waiting team of doctors trying to save her life.
  17. This is a short story I wrote a little while ago. It is inspired by someone very dear to me. Hope you enjoy. ***************************************** Like the bells of Notre Dame, my alarm chimed my usual 6:30 am wake-up time. Another day, another dollar to be earned. I turned my head to see her laying there, peacefully sound asleep. She was so beautiful, and I counted my blessings every single day that I had her in my life. I slid out of bed, making sure that she still had lots of covers to keep her warm, and waded my way into the bathroom; much like a zombie shambling after a would-be meal. I flicked on the light and closed the door. I winced at the bright light as it exploded into existence like the light of a thousand suns. I washed my face with some warm water and brushed my teeth. My morning routine is monotonous: wash my face, brush my teeth, shower, shave, clean every inch of my body, brush out my hair and head back to the room for the rest of my morning activities. I finished up in the bathroom and headed back to the darkness of the bedroom and my awaiting little princess. She lay there without a care in the world. Her hair disheveled and a mess. The bed was littered with stuffies, and she was wrapped in the duvet like a tightly wound burrito. Standing there, clad only in a towel, I watched her rest, lingering for just a moment before returning to getting ready. I picked out some tights, a nice dress (today felt like a blue and white polka dot kind of day), my favourite pair of heels, bra, panties, and a nice belt. I donned my armor for the day and was ready to put on my warpaint. I went back to the bathroom, put on some makeup and I was ready for the day. Well, I was ready but there was still much to do. I headed back to the room and sat on the edge of the bed next to my little princess. I leaned over and kissed her forehead. She hadn’t been feeling so great the last few days, so this kiss was duel purposed: a tender show of affection and a temperature check. If her temperature felt high, then I’d have to wake her and get the thermometer for her little bottom. Today though, she felt alright and wasn’t in need of further inspection. I reached between her legs to find her diaper completely soaked. I chucked and muttered to myself: “I expected no less from my little Princess. Mommy will change you before work baby, don’t worry.” Making my way to the closet, every careful step placed to avoid waking the sleeping beauty, I collected the necessary supplies: fresh diaper, stuffer, powder, cream, wipes and disposal bag. I sat down on the bed and unraveled the burrito that kept her so safe and warm. She let out a small whine, rousing the slightest bit from her slumber. “M..Mommy? What time is it?” I shushed her and stroked her hair, moving it from her face. I calmed her and kissed her forehead. “Now, little girl we need to get your bum changed. Lay still and let Mommy help you.” I held her pacifier to her lips and slid it into place as she opened her mouth instinctively. “Good girl.” I said with a smile. I helped position her on her back and began my work. I opened the soggy night time diaper and wiped her until every single inch of her was clean. “Such a good girl! Using your diaper like the little baby you are!” She let out another whine. She always liked to fight me when I called her a baby. She protests that she is in fact a big girl, but her and I know differently. I rolled up the soggy diaper and tossed it, with the dirty wipes, in the disposal bag. I opened and fluffed up the new diaper and put securely positioned the stuffer inside before sliding it under naked body. Leaning down I kissed her tummy and inched down before giving her princess parts a gentle kiss. “Now you be a good girl today for Mommy and maybe she’ll let you have some big girl playtime tonight.” I placed a dollop of cream on her bum and smoothed it into her skin. I powdered her with ample amounts of powder and made sure she was nice and dry. Once she was all nice and ready, I taped the thick diaper between her legs and secured it in place. My girl was now ready to go back to sleep. I wrapped her carefully back into her cocoon, handed her a stuffie from the mountain sitting on the other side of the bed, and proceeded to kiss her left cheek, then right, then her forehead, finishing with a paci kiss, before heading back to the closet. I picked out a onesie, skirt and a nice pair of socks for her and laid it on the end of the bed. Before I left the room, I turned to her, blew her a kiss and spoke “I love you my little bean. Mommy will be back later tonight. Be good and check your list today.” Before I left the room, I heard a small, sleep laced, paci muffled “I love you too Mommy” come from the bed. I closed the door and headed downstairs. Now my princess was not working today which meant she had things to do at home and a space where she could spend the day in little space. I sat down at the table with my morning cup of tea, a couple pieces of buttered toast and a pen and paper. If my girl was going to be home all day, then I was going to leave her a note from Mommy. It read: To my darling Babygirl, While Mommy is at work today, she expects you to be on your best behaviour. You have lunch that is ready for you in the fridge and all you must do is eat it before Mommy gets home for dinner. You also have three bottles in the fridge that I expect to be empty when I get home. Remember your rules and have a wonderful day Sweetpea! Mommy loves you so very much. Your chores for today are: 1. Clean up our room. You have clothes, stuffies and toys all over the place. Put them back where they belong 2. Make the bed 3. Clean the downstairs bathroom 4. Sweep the floors 5. Empty the dishwasher You also need to make sure you spend an hour today working on your journal. I would like to read about your thoughts today when I get home. I know you’ll make me proud. You may eat the attached treat, after your chores are finished and not before. Mommy will call and check in on her lunch. Love, Mommy. I left the letter on the table, held down by a Hershey’s Kiss, and finished my breakfast. Her lunch and bottles were set in the fridge and she was ready for her day. I put on my shoes, grabbed my purse and keys and headed out the door for work. Work couldn’t be over fast enough because by the time I made it to the car, I already missed my Babygirl.
  18. I've been writing a lot of more-realistic, more emotional/sexual stories lately, but Lizzy tickled my brain with a little fantasy today and it felt like time for a short story. This is going to take a little more suspension of disbelief than my more recent works, but remember - it's a fantasy. ---- Part One Panties almost felt odd at this point. Too thin. I only got to wear them on trips these days, my ID said clearly that I was owned, so diapers in public weren't a big deal. Liam barely let me cover them these days. Not all married couples go that extra step, for one to literally sign themselves over to the other... but it was the way we loved each other, and it felt right. But I certainly wasn't the only diapered wife in town, either. Still, it was nice to be out and about, on my own. I was here for a wedding, Piper - an old friend from college - was tying the knot. The metal band on my left hand clicked against the metal band around my neck as I smiled, wondering if Piper would take that extra step someday. The world was overcrowded, there was something noble about being your partner's baby instead of bringing another one into the world. Some of my more out-there friends thought I was crazy for buying into that, but honestly... it was nice. Nice to be cared for, nice for people to know that I belonged to Liam. That he wasn't just my husband, he was my Daddy. That wasn't going to stop me from enjoying a few days of freedom. Just to be cheeky, I sent him a shot of my panty-covered behind. L: Enjoy it while you can, Flower. You're going right back in diapers when you get home. I grinned as I read his words below my butt. He couldn't get me here, I was six states away and in a nice hotel. There was no better time to brat than when they had no way of reaching you. I: I don't think so... I think I'm back to panties full-time. L: Oh really. How many accidents have you had this trip? That pulled a blush from my cheeks. There had been a close call at the airport. The security line had been longer than I expected, and I drank a lot on the trip... I: None! I don't NEED diapers, they just look cute on my butt! L: Or maybe I'll keep you double diapered for a week or two, just to remind you of your place. You belong to me, Ivy. A shiver ran down my spine. Those were the words he had said to me when the collar closed on that magical day. Those words had special meaning. I have no idea what came over me, but I decided to escalate my bratting. I: Maybe I'll put YOU in diapers when I get back, Little Mister. L: Ivy Rose. I winced at the text. The middle name was coming out. Part of me hated my hippy parents for the moniker. L: You have one chance to thank me for LETTING you wear panties on this trip. One. Chance. I slid a hand across my hip, across my bottom. It would be so easy to get used to panties again, to be able to walk with no interference, without that constant crinkle. Maybe just a liiiiitle more prodding. I: I think I'll put you in the pink ones. I bet you'll be cute. L: Your panty privileges are now revoked. You are in trouble. I: Well I don't have any diapers here! I grinned as I tapped out the message, a thrill coiled in my stomach. So I guess trouble will have to wait for me to get home ❤️ ...he didn't respond. I stared at the screen, a sinking feeling in my stomach. I: Liam? Daddy? I was only teasing. I love you, of course I'll go back to diapers when I get home. L: Oh I know you will. But your punishment starts tonight. I blinked, just as there was a knock at the door. "Housekeeping." A woman's voice, someone around my age... "No thank you! I don't need anything!" The door was opening regardless. I dashed for the bed and slid under the covers, not wanting to be seen half-naked by the hotel staff. The housekeeper was probably three inches shorter than me, in a hotel worker's uniform - a collared shirt and slacks. "Please, I don't need anything right... now... " She pulled a cart in behind her. I knew then that I was doomed. On the top of it was a few boxes of various things, but my eyes were instantly drawn to the middle shelf. Which held stacks upon stacks of diapers. "Miss, are you Ivy Thompson? May I see your ID?" "Y-you're in my room, you can't just ask for my ID!" But I knew she could. I had one chance. I typed furiously. I: Daddy please. Please. Call them back, don't let this stranger diaper me! L: Be good or I'm upgrading you to a room with a crib. You'll have to be let out by the staff in the morning. Does that sound better? With crimson cheeks, I reached over and pulled my ID from my purse, handing it to the woman. "Okay Miss Ivy." She handed it back and gestured at me. "Off the bed. Your license is clear that you're owned and your Daddy has let us know that you - and the bed - need protection." "You can't do this to me... please... " With a single motion, she yanked the covers away, leaving me in the bed, in just my shirt and panties. "You can refuse me. I'm not allowed to put my hands on you if you don't consent to it... but we will have to ask you to leave for not complying, and your reservation will be canceled. Shall I contact your Daddy?" The matter-of-fact way that people referred to Liam as my Daddy never failed to bring heat to my cheeks... and my princess parts. Dejected, I climbed off the bed and watched as she stripped away the sheets, putting on a rustling plastic mattress cover. The sheets she put on after were pink unicorns in diapers with baby blocks here and there. "Lay down." She gestured to the bed. "Because you've been good, you get to pick what diaper I'm going to put you in." "Wh-which one is the thinnest?" "This one." She tapped a stack of cloth-backed disposables. "Is that what you want? We'll be sending a picture to your Daddy next." My heart sank. "Which ones are the thickest?" I watched as she gestured to a stack that was the same height as all the others... yet only had four diapers where the others had nearly ten. "These are by a fair margin." She held one up, showing me the soft pink plastic, with the word 'princess' written across the bottom. I closed my eyes before answering. "That one please." I laid still as she stripped my clothes from me, as she unfolded the diaper and slid it under me. It was as thick as the double-diapers that Liam was threatening me with. I covered my face with my hands as she sprinkled powder over my shaven pussy, just the way he liked it. Moments later, the diaper was drawn up between my legs, forcing them apart as she taped me in tightly. I looked down just in time to see her draw a line over the tapes with a sharpie. "Why did you do that?" "So when the morning attendant comes to check you, she'll be able to report to your Daddy if you fiddled with your tapes at all, silly girl. Now, do you consent to me taking your picture to send to your Daddy, or are you going to do it?" "I'll do it!" The last thing I wanted was to have a picture of me like this on some stranger's phone. I regretted picking at Liam now, I didn't think he would be willing to pay the extra fees for this sort of thing... I grabbed my phone and snapped a selfie, making sure that the absurdly thick diaper was in view. Moments later, it was sent to Liam. "I will tell your Daddy you were a very good girl." She handed me a baby bottle of water from her cart. "You'll be checked in the morning. I'll be locking the toilet down, of course." I simply nodded mutely as she walked into the bathroom, followed by several beeps. "Sleep well, baby girl." There was a little too much glee in her voice as she pulled the cart back into the hallway. "It's been a pleasure taking care of you." L: There, now isn't that better? All is as it should be. Is there anything you would like to say, babygirl? I: I'm very sorry for teasing you, Daddy. Thank you for taking good care of me, the bed is safe now. My hand went to the front of the diaper, rubbing gently at the plastic. It was funny, every girl liked to dream of her wedding... but very few of them dreamed of ending up where I was. I sure hadn't. I wouldn't have believed anyone who told me then that someday being taped into a clean, thick diaper would get me aroused. Conditioning was a funny thing. I arranged the pillows the way I liked them and let my bladder go, warming the crotch of the delightfully crinkly diapers... it was always best when they were wet. It felt the very best when they were well and truly soaked, but I was horny and missing my Daddy, so this would do. Shifting my hips, I began grinding on the pillow, letting a fold of the diaper find its way between my lips. I grinned as the feelings spread, as I humped the hotel pillow. It didn't take long for me to tire myself out, moaning loudly with my face pressed deep into a fluffy pillow.
  19. Just a quick one-shot commission! It was nice to write such a sweet story. I would absolutely write more of this character in other situations if we get commissioned again! Premise: Mika is an eleven year old girl with a much more infantile interest. Though her parents try to be supportive, her aunt is less than subtle. ---------------------- Mika Goes To The Zoo By: Sophie & Pudding "Why do we have to visit Aunt Ellen anyway?" "Stop fussing," my mother told me as she sat the fresh diaper under my bottom and sprinkled powder between my legs. "I didn't need to be changed," I said for the third time. "Don't start, Mika. You were soaked. And I want you to make a good impression on your aunt this time." "What do my diapers have to do with a good impression?" "Mika, I mean it." I pouted and crossed my arms as my mother finished diapering me in the back seat of our SUV. We were only ten minutes out from Aunt Ellen's house. "You know we don't mind you making your own decisions, and we will always be supportive of you. But you have to act your age sometimes and know that while you can make your own choices, there can be consequences too. Like your Aunt saying nasty things.” Diaper changes were a part of life in the Greene household - ever since Mika had turned seven and realized nobody had asked her opinion or permission to potty train her some years prior. Mika was a remarkably precocious young girl. "I do act my age," I said sourly and flattened my skirt down over my diaper. I was eleven - I acted eleven. So what if I wore diapers? I liked them! They were comfortable and convenient and I didn't care what anybody thought. And after wearing them for four years, my interest had become... something of a need. Even if I wanted to wear underwear, I'd probably have to potty train all over again. I blushed at the thought and sunk down in my seat. Whatever. I didn't even want to potty train... "Well, if you're acting your age then you understand that Aunt Ellen can be a stickler for rules in her house. So be good. Did you want to get some McDonald's drive thru before we get there?" She was, after all, an eleven year old girl. At least some of her interests were age appropriate. "Yes please!" Dad ordered me some chicken nuggets and french fries and I'd eaten all of them before we pulled into Aunt Ellen's driveway. Her house was a lot bigger than ours - it had two floors and a full basement. I wasn't looking forward to this... my aunt wasn't as understanding or supportive as Mom and Dad. "Well look who the cat dragged in," Ellen smiled, little crinkles on the edges of her eyes coming together to make her look a lot more kindly than she was. "Come on in, you must be exhausted from the drive. And look at you, Mika, you must get bigger every time I see you - or I need new glasses!" "Hi Aunt Ellen," I said quietly, like I had rehearsed it in the car, and gave her a hug when she prompted for one. Ellen looked a lot like my mom, but with different hair and a little bit older. They were sisters, after all. "Make sure to take off your shoes," she told me, like I had forgotten after last year. I kicked my shoes off by the door and my parents did the same. "Now, I'm sure you're past your phase from last year, so I didn't put the rubber sheets on the bed," Ellen began, as she led the family up the stairs to the guest area of her house, not at all offering to help with cases or anything. Aunt Ellen wasn't a rude woman by any means, but she placed great value on accommodating as is own contribution to family. "Martha, you and Edwin will be in here, and Mika, your room is through here - I've redecorated since last year." I gave mom a sideways look, pouting a little, but she gave me a stern one right back. Be good, I remembered. Whatever. "Thank you Aunt Ellen," I said as she left me at my room. It was very different to last year - the plain boring colors had a colorful pop to them. The new quilts had frills and the bed was replaced with a daybed. If I were any taller, I probably wouldn't have fit. But it was only for the weekend. I started to unpack my suitcase, stocking the diapers in the top drawer of my dresser. "I was thinking that we would go to the zoo this afternoon if you're feeling up to it," Mika's Aunt prompted, but upon walking into the room mid conversation, she saw what was being put into the drawer and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Mika, darling, you're eleven years old. I do hope that wasn't what it looked like." "It doesn't matter how old I am," I pouted, closing the drawer and unpacking my sundresses next. I wasn't even here ten minutes and we were already talking about my underclothes! It wasn't her business! "Well, I'm sure that your parents may think so, but you're almost an adult now, Mika - a teenager in a few years. Do you want boys knowing you're still wetting the bed?" 'Wetting the bed' was Aunt Ellen’s parlance for 'voluntarily staying un-potty-trained' because bedwetting was at least something she could wrap her head around. "Let's not bicker, pick out something cute, and we'll see about that zoo trip." I didn’t care what boys thought. A lot of kids at school knew I wore diapers, though I wish they hadn’t. Crinkling underpants aren’t exactly easy to hide, after all. And I had to take daily trips to the nurse’s office to get changed. I’d just started middle school and my life was only getting harder… But it made me happy! Even if kids teased me and Aunt Ellen didn’t understand, it wasn’t anyone’s decision but mine! So when my aunt offered to drop the conversation and go to the zoo instead… well, that sounded like a good plan to me. The Lindenville Zoo was really cool. They had polar bears and penguins and giraffes and everything. I wanted to go last year but it was raining the whole weekend. But as we climbed into Aunt Ellen’s little car - my mom sitting in the back with me - there wasn't a cloud in the sky. "Are we there yet? How much longer?" "We'll be there soon, darling, it's across town, remember?" Although how her mom expected her to remember that when she couldn't even remember to use the bathroom was really anybody's guess. "Buckle up back there,” Aunt Ellie reminded as she turned down the street. My excitement got the better of me and I felt the warm flow spread between my legs, soaking into the padding. That feeling, that unexpected burst of heat... I blushed a little and smiled to myself. Diapers were so nice. "Let's try and have a good time at the zoo,” Mika’s dad said. “And no arguing.” Obviously her Mom could tell when her daughter was wet just by sitting beside her, but Aunt Ellen was nowhere near as developed in her senses for these things. "Oh now don't be silly, what would we argue about? Maybe which animal to see first?" "Penguins!" I said excitedly, and everyone agreed. After getting through the front gates I went up to the map and looked for the penguin exhibit, but it was on the other side of the park. "How about we see the lions, then?" my dad suggested. "Uh huh, alright." "See? She's much better when she's acting her age,” Ellen said in a whisper. “You really need to put your foot down occasionally and tell her no, Martha. Girls her age need boundaries and guidelines. She needs a parent, not a friend." Martha couldn't help but smile a little as she pretended to listen to her sister. "I just want her to be happy." "Lions are a lot bigger than they look on TV." But all the lions were lying down and not really doing anything. At least on TV they run around and attack things. This was sort of boring... "Can we look at something else now? What about the giraffes? Those are just around the corner." “Do you need to be changed, sweetheart?” her Mom asked, and Aunt Ellen went wide eyed at the implication. “It’s warm out, and I don’t want you to get a rash.” Ellen shook her head and clucked her tongue disdainfully, sighing aggressively. "I'm fine, Mom." I mean, I was wet, but I didn't mind. And I didn't want to talk about it in front of Aunt Ellen. So I hurried ahead to the giraffes. They were huge! And they had little feeding machines too. "Dad, can I feed the giraffes? Please?" "I'll have to check the feeding times, princess, but you should ask your Mom about getting changed first." When he said it, warm fatherly tones, it was quiet and calm and out of earshot of Aunt Ellen. "Or are you not ready yet?" I pouted and crossed my arms. "I'm really fine, I promise!" He gave me a pensive look and nodded his head before messing up my hair. At least someone believed me. Ten minutes later, I got to feed the giraffes. They had huge tongues and scooped the food right out of my hand! It was so cool! Then we went to the reptile house and I saw the snakes. I was sort of afraid of snakes, but they weren’t so scary behind the glass. After that, we saw the monkeys and the gorillas, which are not the same thing at all. I learned that last year in science class. By the time we were on the other side of the zoo, at the penguins and the polar bears, my diaper was soaked and I had a slight waddle to my step. But I was more concerned with the animals. "Oh my gosh, penguins are so cute... could I get a pet penguin?" "I don't think you're allowed to keep them as pets, hunny." And at that, Aunt Ellen perked up. "If you stop wearing diapers, and act more like a teenager, I'll buy you a penguin for Christmas." "Ellen!” Martha shook her head and looked at her daughter to continue. "Auntie Ellen is joking honey. She'd never try to force you to change who you are." I looked down at my feet and walked away from my family, leaning over the penguin exhibit. "Why can't she just leave me alone?" I muttered more to myself than the penguins. "Why does it matter to her what I wear? Mom and Dad don't care..." I shifted awkwardly in place, feeling the heavy sway of the diaper under my skirt. My tummy rumbled uncomfortably and before I noticed, I started pushing the big mess into the seat of my diaper. I bent over the railing to finish. Here, in public, in the outdoors and surrounded by animal exhibits, it would be easy to conceal what she did. For a spell. Her Mom approached a few moments later and put her arm around her child and squeezed her close. "I'm sorry about Aunt Ellen, she means well and she loves you, she's just... set in her ways. She never had kids, so she doesn't understand how we can let you make your own choices the way we do." Mom wrapped her arm around me just as I finished filling the diaper and I let out a small sigh of contentment. Relaxed. Safe in my diapers. I smiled up at my mom. "It's okay. A lot of people don't like it - like kids at school and stuff. I'm used to it." I put my arm around my mom and pushed my face into her shirt. "Thanks for letting me do what makes me happy. You and Dad are the best." "Yeah we are. And you..." She pressed her face to her daughter’s hair and laughed after breathing in, "are one smelly young lady. If you don't want to give your poor Aunt a conniption fit, we could probably excuse ourselves and go get you changed. What do you say, mm? For Aunt Ellen? Poor old gal, she can't make heads or tails of anything outside her circle." I puffed out my cheeks and shook my head. "Nooo, Mom! Please? Can't it wait until we get home?" She gave me a serious look and I gave her my best puppy dog eyes. "Pleeeaaaase Momma...? Juss until we get home...?" "Not a chance, honey, you getting in the car with Auntie Ellen like that? Come on now." Her Mom leaned down and picked her up, holding her up against the crook of her elbow and kissing her forehead. "Be a big girl, okay? You make me so proud, and I know you wanna be a good girl for your Dad and me, right?" I pouted and put my head on her shoulder as the mess squished against my bottom. This wasn't fair... I wanted to stay in my diaper until we got home! But if Aunt Ellen had to smell me in the car, she'd probably start yelling again... "Fine," I muttered. "Just this once..." "Just this once. Remember, changing your diaper doesn't change who you are.” Her Mom carried her up the path to the public bathrooms a little ways away from where her Dad and Aunt were talking. One day, her daughter might grown up, but that had to be own decision. Mom put me down outside the family restroom and I shifted from foot to foot in the very wet and very messy diaper, trying to enjoy it for as long as I could. But the next moment, Mom ushered me inside and turned on the light. She locked the door behind us and picked me up under the arms, sitting me in my mess on top of the changing table. I was a little too big, so my feet hung over the edges. I hated changing tables, but bathroom floors were so gross. "There we go, lay back, don't worry, Momma is here." Despite her daughter's disdain for being changed, she really did seem to enjoy the experience as a whole. Her legs being lifted up and held above her, the diaper being untaped, the feel of fresh air in her privates, it was all a very lovely experience. And when her mom would wipe her clean with the cooling wipes, doing her best to avoid her daughter getting another rash, it was a moment they could share. Mother and daughter. Precious and special. Even if that moment did involve an eleven year old girl being changed out of a diaper she voluntarily wet and messed. I looked up at the ceiling as my mom drew the wipe along my skin, then balled up the stinky diaper and threw it in the trash can. I was still sour that I had to change so soon, but... well, the feeling of a fresh dry diaper was nice too. Mom hummed a soft song while she unfolded the diaper, lifting my legs by the ankles. She set Mika’s bottom down, positioned her with well practiced precision into the right place on the diaper, and powdered her thoroughly before she began to tape her up. Maybe being a teenager would be what broke this tradition, her daughter courting boys or girls, not wanting to be embarrassed. For now, Martha saw no issue with what made Mika happy. She lifted her up off the table and set her down on her feet, pulling down her dress and patting her butt lightly. "There we go, you lil stinker, fresh and clean like a brand new baby girl." "I'm not a baby," I said sternly. "It's just a saying," Mom told me, kissing me on the forehead before leading me out of the bathroom with the diaper bag on her shoulder. Dad and Aunt Ellen were waiting for me by the polar bears. "Alright, how about we go get some lunch?" "At Zoo prices? Absolutely not. We can eat when we leave." "Now now, Ellen. That's awfully financially conscious for someone with penguin money. We're all hungry, come on." Mika squeaked as her Dad plucked her up and dropped her onto his shoulders, legs on either side. "I hope they have elephant ears." He laughed. Happiness came in a lot of forms. Some people liked to play video games and some people liked to eat a lot of different foods. For me, happiness was simple. It was a trip to the zoo with my family. Zoo. Family. Diapers. What better happiness was there? [End.]
  20. This is a little short story I wrote based on a dream I had a few months ago and decided to share. White.... I was wandering in a place that stretched as far as the eye could see and it was all just plain white. How long had I been here? Hours? Days? Weeks? I walked on and on looking for something, anything aside from the just plain void I found myself in when I heard a shuffle behind me, spinning around I caught glimpse of what looked like a weird little stuffed animal being drug along. Turning, trying to catch sight of what was dragging it I found a small blonde girl scampering around. She was darting to and fro dragging the stuffie along in all random directions as she went. Seemingly looking for something but not noticing me watching her. Her head swinging side to side as she ran along exploring and her blonde locks bouncing as she went, a slight waddle to her step. The stuffed animal was along for the ride as she held it by its hand and it skipped along the floor behind her. "Hello" I called out to her the next time she came near me, watching her pause and look over and up at me as if noticing me for the very first time. Her little silver eyes shining in wonder and her little lips slightly agape. "Hewwo" she paused a moment as she placed a finger to her lips seemingly thinking and cocking her head to the side "Who're you?" "Me?" thinking a moment, I found I wasn't too certain myself. My mind a bit of a fog at the moment. "I don't really remember at the moment, who are you?" "You are silly" she giggled at me "I'm lost and wanna pway at the park but can't find it" "The park?" I ask while watching her eyes shine and head nod excitedly "I haven't seen a park but I wouldn't mind helping you find it." "Really really?" bouncing on her tip toes in her velcro shoes and a smile on her face . "Yes really" I felt myself smile as I took in her appearance in a bit more detail. Her adorable blonde locks cascading down her back framing an adorable little face with little pink lips and her silver eyes. Pretty little pink and white velcro shoes with ankle socks that had frills matching her little dress she was wearing with shoulder straps and puffy sleeves. She was an adorable little girl yet was taller than you would expect coming up to my chest, almost like a shrunk down adult actually. "Yay!" She threw her hands up in the air excitedly bonking herself in the head with her stuffed animal as she bounced with excitement. "Park, park, park!" Smiling warmly I offer my hand to her and almost instantly she grabs it and begins walking happily and humming while once again dragging the little stuffed animal with her other. On and on we ventured in the white nothingness until something seemed to appear in the distance. The closer we got the more easy it was to make it out, green trees and a fence were getting closer. I began to feel a slight drag from the hand I was holding as if she was slowing down, looking over I could see she was panting. Stopping a moment to let her rest I did the first thing that came to mind and reached down and scooped her up into my arms. "Eeep!" a little squeak came out in surprise as I settled her little frame in my arms feeling a thick padding and crinkle from her rear. "You seemed tired and we are almost there, see the gate?" I pointed to the fence with an open gate leading to a walking path that appeared to be the entrance. Wrapping her arms around my neck with her stuffie now at my back I felt her lay her head against my shoulder before whispering a little "Thank You" before I set off covering the small distance to the gate. Stepping past the entrance the scenery changed and suddenly there was a blue sky and the sounds of birds chirping. Looking back I was met with woods and a trail , gone was the white nothingness. "Yay! Park! Park!" Looking down I could see her arm reached up and pointing in the distance to a little park with swings and slides and silly things on springs you ride and monkey bars. I could feel her bouncing her butt in my arms and hear the crinkle again. "You are full of energy again aren't you?" I began walking towards the playground before setting her down on her feet at the edge to let her loose. Pausing she turned and looked at me with those eyes again, wide and wondering. "Play with me?" a simple question that at the moment seemed to mean more to her than the park itself. Looking around a moment and taking everything in around me I looked back down at her as she waited for my answer, her little hands shaking. "Yes, I will play with you" I smiled "Yayy!" eyes shining with glee she reached for my hand again to pull me along to the slides wanting to play together. Fully energized unlike a bit ago, she skipped along in her steps as I followed behind. Down the slide we went together to the sound of her squeals of delight being followed by hearing "Again? Please again?" we would climb and slide down again and again before she tugged me to the swings next begging with her eyes to be pushed in the swing. "Okay, okay" I caved without a fight and began pushing her as she squealed again. "Higher! Higher!" little cries rang out across the play ground as I sent her soaring, her giggles floating along with her. We continued onto the monkey bars followed by the little bouncers as what felt like hours passed by before she began to rub her eyes. "Are we getting tired?" Looking down I could see her nodding her head as I settled down under a tree by the lake next to the park as she laid her head on my lap. "Thank you for playing with me" a little sleepy voice began to drop off as she fell asleep on my lap as I stroked her hair. "You are welcome my little one" I began feeling my own eyelids getting heavy before long nodding off as well > < > < > < > < > < The sound of alarms sounded in the rooms of two people states away from one another as their eyes opened. One curled in a ball holding a stuffed animal in her arms not wanting to get up for work, the other rolling over to slap the alarm into submission. The sleepiness being pushed aside to get up for the day while both shared the same thought. "What a wonderful dream."
  21. Chapter 1 Caleb strolled through the forest, pokeball in hand. Today was the day, the 15-year-old mentally told himself, the day he finally, finally caught a pokemon of his own. Every other kid from the town had found one and started their journey years ago, and Caleb hated feeling left behind. A rustling in the nearby bushes alerted him to the presence of a pokemon. Stepping back cautiously in case it was dangerous, he saw a hypno slowly emerge from the greenery; Caleb smiled. “Wow! Talk about luck!” He raised his arm to throw the pokeball... only for something to catch his eye and distract him. It sparkled in the sunlight, and slowly began to move back and forth... back and forth... back and forth... Caleb slowly realized that the sparkling item in question was the hypno's coin. A part of him warned him not to look, that he'd be at the pokemon's mercy... but the more he watched, the more he questioned that voice. It's so pretty... so shiny and sparkly... maybe... maybe I should be at her mercy... I want to be at her mercy... I want to watch the pretty shiny sparkly coin and be at her mercy... Caleb didn't even register that he somehow knew the hypno was female. A smile slowly formed on his face as he sighed happily, relaxing every muscle in his body, his thoughts forming into a mantra repeated in time to the swinging coin. Back... and forth. O...bey. Back... and forth. O...bey. Back... and forth. O...bey. Back... and forth. O... bey. “Hyp... no... hyp... no... hyp... no... hyp... no...” Caleb's smile widened, too enraptured to realize that he, not the pokemon, was saying “hypno”. The mantra changed slightly as the hypno responded in a calm, soothing voice. “Hypno, no... hypno hyp hyp no, hypno hypno. Hyp hypno hypno!” To Caleb, the meaning was clear. <“Good job, little one... you're doing soooo good, watching my pretty coin. What a good boy you are!”> “Hyp... no... hyp... no... hyp... no... hyp... no...” Back... and forth... little... one... back... and forth... so... good... back... and forth... pretty... coin... back... and forth... good... boy... <“That's right, little one. Be a happy boy. It's silly-dum-dum time for you. You want to be sooo stupid and dum-dum, just a dumb little boy...”> Caleb could feel his intelligence slipping away, making him dumber and dumber. He was going to be very stupid indeed... and he couldn't wait. No more thinking, no more smarts, just empty-headed bliss. He'd be as dumb as a toddler. Back... and forth... little... one... back... and forth... Dum... dum... Back... and forth... little... boy... <“Aww, my baby is getting soooo stupid! Just a stupid baby... a happy baby... time to wet yourself, happy baby... you'll be soooo happy when you go pee-pee for mommy...”> No, not dumb as a toddler, dumb as a baby. Even better! Back... and forth... stu... pid... back... and forth... ba... by... back... and forth... hap... py... back... and forth... pee... pee... Caleb's pants quickly became utterly soaked as a near flood of pee came out, the sound hissing loudly as he sighed in utter happiness. He was happy because he made pee-pee for his mommy like a good little baby. <“Aww, my widdle baby made his first wetsy! I'll stop the coin and snap my fingers soon... when I do, you'll get your big boy thoughts back, but you won't be able to refuse anything I say, no matter how much you want to... and whenever I say 'silly baby', you'll be sooo stupid again...”> Caleb nodded, his smile not wavering. SNAP! “Wh... what? What happened?... Wait... I'm wet?!” Caleb tried to cover himself up in embarrassment, but a voice interrupted him. “Now now, babies don't feel shame! Take your pee-pee-pants off and be nakey for mommy!” Caleb suddenly realized that the hypno was talking, and he understood it. “No way—what?” His shock at his new comprehension was quickly eclipsed by how fast he was removing his clothes, tossing them aside until he was completely nude. He tried to cover himself up, but his body refused to do so. His horror only increased when he saw the hypno put the coin away and hold up something else: a very thick diaper covered in pictures of baby pokemon smiling happily in one hand, a bottle of baby powder in the other. “Good baby! Now lie down for mommy and let me diaper you!” His body once again obeying against his wishes, Caleb laid down on his back, the soft grass tickling his naked flesh as the hypno approached and covered his groin and butt with lots and lots of powder before putting him in the diaper. Its thickness was so great that Caleb knew he wouldn't be able to stand up, let alone walk. And yet, it wasn't uncomfortable... in fact, it was very comfortable... he shook off those thoughts as best he could. “Stop, I'm not a baby!” “Yes you are! You're just mommy's little baby! Aww, you look soooo cute!” “No, I'm a—” “Baby.” “I'm—” “A baby, that's right! What a good baby, you know what you are!” “STOP! I'M NOT A BIG BOY, I'M A BABY!” Caleb's eyes went wide as he realized what he'd just shouted, almost reflexively. The hypno just smiled, and with a wave of her hand, he felt himself floating in midair, suspended by her psychic powers. “Good baby! Time to come home with mommy.” Wearing nothing but a diaper, Caleb could do nothing as he floated helplessly along behind the hypno; as they passed through the forest, he tried to think of an escape plan... “Silly baby! You're too stupid and little to plan anything! And you don't ever want to escape from mommy!” A flip switched in Caleb's mind at the trigger word and the goofy smile returned. Heehee! Why would I want to run away? I'm happy to be sooo dum-dum! I like being a stupid dum-dum widdle baby for mommy! His cheer was so great he giggled happily like a baby, kicking his feet in the air as he floated along. Soon, they arrived in a clearing with a shimmering wall of light; passing through it revealed a large building painted in bright, soft colors, with a sign reading “Poke-nursery” above the door. The hypno walked in, followed swiftly by Caleb, who was soon deposited in a playpen. SNAP! Coming out of the trance once again, Caleb looked around, startled by his new surroundings. Strangely enough, he vaguely remembered something about his trance, though it was fuzzy like a fading dream... “Welcome to your new home, my sweet little diaper baby boy!” He looked up at the hypno, who was smiling warmly down at him. Before he could speak, she waved her hands, and he found himself shrinking down, his diaper shrinking with him. Though his appearance and physical age remained the same, he was now the size of an actual baby. Caleb didn't have much time to panic about this, as a few more pokemon approached; one was a hypno—this one male—accompanied by a miltank and a jynx. The male hypno smiled at him as well and spoke, and once again Caleb found himself understanding every word. “Hello, baby! I'm your daddy!” the male hypno said; gesturing to the miltank and the jynx, he continued. “These are your other caretakers, and they'll help us take good care of you! Meet Auntie Milk and Auntie Song!” The latter two cooed at him, talking to him in baby-talk as one would do toward an actual baby. Caleb had never felt more humiliated in his life, and blushed considerably... “Ah ah ah,” Mommy—no, the female hypno chided; “babies don't blush because babies aren't ever embarrassed!” He felt his embarrassment fading away rapidly, and was left not knowing what to feel about his current situation. His confusion increased as the miltank approached an picked him up, holding him against her udders. The miltank smiled down at him and spoke in a cheerful, playful tone, the kind meant for the smallest of infants. “Time for milkies, widdle baby!” No. That was a step too far. He shut his mouth tight and turned his head away, only to be pressed tighter against the udders. “Let Auntie Milk feed you, baby.” As the order came in, he found his mouth opening wide to allow one of the miltank's nipples to enter, and against his will he began suckling. To his surprise, the milk tasted good. No, not good; it tasted absolutely wonderful, and soon he found himself hugging the pokemon's soft, warm midsection tightly and suckling hungrily, eager for more. When one nipple went dry, he felt almost disappointed... until the miltank guided his head toward another. This time, he didn't hesitate, and in fact shoved his mouth onto the nipple with an almost desperate need. This process repeated until he had drunk from all four udders. The miltank then handed him over to the jynx, who cradled him in her arms like a baby. Caleb quickly realized that the milk had a physical effect on him; no longer was he lean and fit. Instead, he was chubby, his baby fat having returned. He squirmed in the jynx's arms, until she suddenly began singing, rocking him slowly back and forth as she did so. “Time to wet, baby boy! Time to wetsy-wet! All your shame and all your worries, you will soon forget, when you wetsy-wetsy-wetsy-wetsy-wet!” The song was soothing; Caleb had never heard anything so beautiful in his life. He barely noticed as he helplessly soaked his diaper, a loud hissing noise accompanying the swelling of the diaper. The hypno's earlier suggestion held on, preventing him from feeling embarrassed at the wetting... or was it the song? Either way, he felt absolutely no shame or worry at it, even though he knew he ought to be frightened. “Good baby,” the male hypno cooed, “time for a changie, then it's beddie-bye-sleepy-time for our widdle baby!” The jynx carried him over to a changing table, and the male hypno began to remove his wet diaper and change him into an equally thick one before putting a baby blue footed sleeper on him and picking him up. Caleb could do nothing as he was carried to a crib and laid down gently. He didn't think he could sleep at all. This entire situation was too much for him to handle. Then the mobile was sent spinning, a soft lullaby tinkling from it; this wouldn't have worked on him if not for the fact that all four pokemon began singing to him, the jynx's power amplifying the psychic effect on him. Caleb yawned heavily, and found himself laying down on the soft, soft material as a baby blanket was draped over him, and before he knew it he drifted off into a peaceful slumber.
  22. I always wondered what it was like to grow old in the diaper dimension, so I put this little ficlet together. I hope you enjoy. * * * * Suzie had a life before the diaper dimension, though she could hardly remember it. More than half her lifetime had passed since waking up in the adoption centre, lost in a land of giants where ‘Littles’ like her were regarded as infants; and though she resisted at first she eventually found happiness in being a baby. More than that, she found happiness in the arms of an Amazon Mommy named Katherine. She glanced between the bars of her crib and to the full length mirror on the other side of the room. There staring back was a little girl wearing a loose-fitting, green-hooded onesie with felt reptile spikes running down the back. Her greying brunette hair sat in pigtails, and the smile behind her pacifier pressed up the slight wrinkles around her eyes. Though youth had passed her by, she still had the heart of a little girl, and for all her days would never let it grow up. What a tragedy it would be to lose to lose her innocence for a second time. The door creaked open, and Suzie started to her feet. “Mommy!” she cried through her pacifier; except that it wasn’t Mommy. It was Julia, Mommy’s biological daughter, and fellow Amazon. Despite being half Suzie’s age Julia towered over her. The Amazon’s presence filled the room, though not as warmly as Mommy did. Still, Julia was nice. She was sweet and loving, and considered adopting a little of her own. Now Suze’s ‘little sister’ had outgrown her, and was an adult in her own right; something that Suzie would never be again. “Mommy’s having a pain day, little one,” Julia said. “I’ll get you changed and take you right to her.” Poor Mommy. The inflammation in her joints seemed to get worse every year. It had come to the point where she could no longer bend to pick Suzie from the floor. Instead Julia’s husband thought to install ramps in every room to waist level surfaces, where Suzie could crawl up and meet her Mommy halfway. Of course Suzie didn’t crawl anymore. That was the one ‘Little’ thing she’d been forced to leave behind. Her knees couldn’t take it. Suzie fussed under her ‘little sister’ all throughout the change; not because she was embarrassed - the shame of wearing diapers and wetting herself passed decades ago - but because she was impatient. She wanted to see her Mommy, now! It took all her self control to keep from jumping up and scampering naked toward the master bedroom. “Hold still, you cheeky little monkey,” Julia sighed. “I’m big enough that I can spank you now, remember?” It was all the warning that Suzie needed. Julia’s spankings hurt - likely her revenge for all the teasing when they were both small. The little girl squealed with delight when they were done, and practically jumped into Julia’s arms. Finally, she could see her Mommy! She loved her Mommy in so many ways; her chubby cheeks radiated with affection, and her smile was the brightest rainbow. Laying in her Mommy’s arms were what she imagined clouds felt like when the angels lazed, and her sing-song voice a heavenly chorus that lifted her spirits high. They passed through the hall and rounded into the master bedroom. Even laid out on the bed with a pained expression Mommy was the most divine creature to ever exist. She lit up, just like Suzie did, as soon as her little girl entered her view. She lifted her arms to meet her baby. “Come here, little one.” Suzie tumbled out of her sister’s embrace and planted her head between Mommy’s breasts. The impact likely caused the Amazon to hurt, but she didn’t complain. Little ones were needy, and didn’t understand their own strength. “How’s my little girl today?” “Good, now that I’m with you,” Suzie muttered. She clung tight, stretching her arms wide to embrace as much of Mommy as she could. The little girl smiled up to her sister, as if to say thank you for bringing them together. Julia smiled back, warmed by the picture of a loving family. A lonely pang sparkled in her eye - the desire for a family of her own. Katherine held her little girl tighter in one arm, and squeezed her daughter’s hand with the other. Time made things difficult, but they would endure. They were a family, and that was all that mattered.
  23. “This is stupid,” Bonnie said. She held her tummy and the butterflies gurgling inside. Strange things were going on in the next room - her room, that she shared with her girlfriend of three years - things that were not even thought about in the everyday world. Claire called from the open door. “This is your fantasy, birthday girl,” she said. “Don’t get cold feet now!” Of all the fetishes to have this one belonged to Bonnie, and she hated it. Why couldn’t she have been landed with something more normal, like a fixation on feet? Instead she craved the soft caress of a diaper against her backside and a mother’s touch, like something straight out of a Freudian casebook. “Are you coming, sweetpea?” Claire poked her head around the doorframe, and beamed. Playing a maternal role was something she’d always dreamed about, though probably not like this. She didn’t laugh or tease when her girlfriend spilled her guts late one night as they lay pillow to pillow, and had only been understanding since. Bonnie almost prayed for a freakout - then she wouldn’t have to go through with this embarrassing game she wanted more than anything in the world. She padded with tiny steps into the bedroom with fists balled at her sides. Her eyes fixed shut, not daring to look at the spread Claire had set out for them. The faint scent of baby powder tickled her nose, sending shivers down her spine. Why, why did she ever open her stupid mouth? Claire’s warmth wrapped around her, and stroked the back of Bonnie’s neck. Her other hand curled around the base of her spine, drawing her close until their bodies pressed together. The dip in Claire’s collarbone seemed a custom fit for Bonnie’s head, and radiated with the sweet scent of her perfume. She whispered in a sing-song tone that only someone with motherhood in their heart could know. “It’s okay, baby girl. I’ve got you. You’re safe with Mommy.” Bonnie’s thoughts melted into jelly, and sloshed all around inside her. She was falling in love again, and hating it - but more than that she was adoring it, and felt need swelling; to open that door, to be small, and to lose herself in the arms of someone safe. She didn’t realize she’d been crying until Claire lifted her chin and brushed away a tear. Her Mommy was all smiles and caring, more than Bonnie had ever known. “Are you ready for your change?” she asked. Bonnie bit her lip. “Do I get to say no?” “Of course you do,” Claire said. “This is your fantasy. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, okay?” Bonnie nodded. Her breath caught in her throat, and was heavy. “But I think you’d regret it if you turned back now,” Claire said. God, why did she have to be so understanding all the time? She nodded and stilled herself, knowing what she said was true. Claire hummed. “Good girl.” The words tickled the would-be little girl with joy. “Now we get you undressed, okay, little one?” Bonnie’s eyes remained closed throughout. It was easier to be small when she couldn’t see, and with every touch she regressed just a little bit more. Though they’d seen each other naked a million times she flushed with shame when Claire pulled down her panties and tights, releasing her clitty from its tuck. “You’re so pretty,” Claire giggled, and ran fingertips down her little girl’s hips. Then she laid tiny kisses along her stomach and the outside of her thighs, which aroused just as much as they tickled. Her girlfriend’s clitty stirred, even if Bonnie hid behind her hands. Lifting herself from her knees Claire ran her hands up her little girl’s side, this time with a firm hold that kept her in place. Bonnie’s gasp betrayed her touch had the desired effect. “Arms up, little girl,” she said. Bonnie did as she was told, and trembled as she did. The long sleeve shirt slipped effortlessly over the little’s head and down her arms, leaving her exposed before her fully clothed partner. She opened her eyes to the first time, and to the strong yet gentle demeanor Claire possessed. Somehow, she seemed taller. “Are you ready for the next step, sweetheart?” Bonnie looked to the bed, and froze again. For a tender moment she managed to lose herself, until the reality snapped in front of her. This was real, and so was her girlfriend, standing in the threshold of her deepest, darkest desire. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? I mean, this is great, and I’m having fun, but… I don’t want you to have to do this if it’s something you don’t like, and-” Her rambling ended with a kiss; the kind usually shared by new lovers discovering each other. Claire’s lips dominated Bonnie with heavy laps, and the taste of coffee mingled with chocolate. What seemed an eternity later Claire pulled away, and laid her gaze on the girl lost in her affection. “I want you to say my name,” she said, patiently. Bonnie blinked, and took a moment to register the question. “Claire…?” “No,” she said. “My name right now.” The word caught in Bonnie’s throat - it was too embarrassing to say! Yet the expectation drove her on, pushing her past her shame. She would do anything to make her partner proud of her, even that which scared her most. “M-Mommy…” “What was that, sweetheart?” “Mommy,” she said, this time with greater confidence. It had been worth it, because then she was wrapped up in her Mommy’s arms, and peppered with kisses and words of praise. “Good girl! Such a good girl for Mommy!” Bonnie was a good girl for Mommy - that was all she ever wanted, and she beamed with pride because of it. Joy swirled from the top of her head, and down to the bottom of her toes. The realisation was even better than she had dreamed. “Now, are you going to wear a diaper for Mommy?” The little stopped again, but only for a moment. They’d come so far together, and had to see it through to the end. Hopefully it wouldn’t spoil the scene they’d enjoyed up to that point. Bonnie looked down, and nodded. “O-o-okay,” she stammered. Claire reached for one of the items on the nearby bedside, and lifted a lime green pacifier to her partner’s lips. The plastic nipple was larger than the kind given to real babies, leading Bonnie to wonder just how much thought had been put into her birthday. Biting down on it felt right, comforting, like her mouth had rediscovered its original purpose. As comforting as her paci was in private it was even better in the presence of Claire who was cooing and smiling with greater enthusiasm. “Look what I have for you,” Claire said. She reached to the bed, and with one hand offered her little one a stuffed labrador with a soft, shiny golden coat, and a large red bow around her neck. Her squeak reached peak levels. “It’s Penny the Puppy!” Bonnie snatched the toy happily and wrapped it as tight as her arms could hold. It was the one aspect of her little life that hid in plain sight, which for the longest time she had explained as being for her anxiety. Now they both knew that Penny was so much more. “Come on, baby. Time to get you dressed again.” She guided Bonnie to the bed, making sure to be patient for her mincing little steps, and to the edge where a large, adult sized diaper lay open. Again, Bonnie fixed her eyes closed, but if that's what she needed then that was okay. “Lay down,” Claire sang, and turned her girl around. She plopped her bum down on the diaper with a loud crinkle, and shuffled her up so that Bonnie was in the right position. “Good, now legs apart…” Bonnie was obedient, and lifted her knees as wide as they would go. “Good girl!” It took everything the little had to keep from springing out the room, but the sound of her lover’s voice, her gentle touch, the smooth nipple in her mouth and the tickle of Penny’s fur combined were enough to put her at ease. When the powder fell like snow between her legs and tickled her all the way around she became even smaller, to a place where words had no meaning. Warm tingles ran up her body and swirled behind her eyes. “You are such a good girl,” Claire whispered. “I know how hard this is for you, little one, but I am so proud of you for sharing this with me. I love you very, very, very much.” Bonnie grinned behind her pacifier. Tiny and vulnerable she was pure and loved. Nothing else existed in the world but her and her Mommy. The diaper closed around her, and the tapes held her tight, like a hug around her underside that kept her from falling. At last she was safe, and all was good in the world. She reached upward and let Penny slip out of her arms, opening and closing her hands in a desperate attempt to reach Claire. Her new Mommy hummed and pulled her upright, and into her arms. Then she gave her little one a kiss on her pacifier, prompting a giggle from them both. “Happy birthday, sweet girl,” she said. By then Bonnie’s shame had utterly evaporated. The two women shared a new language, and would hopefully indulge it again and again.
  24. Hi Everyone! A new story from me. Dunno why I've started this, when I have two others going (no, I've not forgotten them, but I couldn't get this one out of my head, and just _had_ to work on it). This chapter is a bit dark, and I think I do also need to include a trigger warning, as there's a bit of abuse. Don't shoot me, it's needed to set the scene, and build the main characters. This story I got the idea from another on here recently, which shocked me a bit, but also had me thinking. There's a lot of crazy stuff happen in the Diaper Dimension, and this story is no different. I do love comments, criticism, suggestions for my stories. This story will be a slow burn (I definitely can't update once a day like my favourite stories here). I hope that this one will satisfy us all! Anyway, on with the show... Prologue - A Little called Daniel "Ouch!" The foot that landed on the 2x4 plastic blue block quickly retracted itself back into the air, as a giant hand came down and probed around the foot's sole for a sign of viscous liquid. Nope, none found was the result, even though it still hurt. "Daniel?" "Yes, mummy?", a little boy's high voice queried, with maybe an inflection of concern. "Have you finished playing with your blocks?" The little boy pondered the question, as the tone of it screamed trouble, a trap for the unwary. He knew the rule: blocks away when finished play. "Hold on, where are you?", the feminine voice added. A double trap. Now I'm really gonna pay, the boy thought. "Umm, in here...", he replied meekly, as he slowly popped his head out from behind the sofa. "What are you doing in there, little man?". Another question, but giggly, which quickly faded away as the woman knelt down towards her boy, looking intently at his face. There was to be no smile this time. "Umm, hiding". His face radiated embarrassment, maybe some shame. "Hiding from what, darling?". With concern, Lily reached out and touched young Daniel's chin, cradling it in her fingers, gently raising it so she could see through his bright blue eyes into his gentle but scarred soul. "The monsters...", he quietly spoke. "Your old family?" "Uhhuh", Daniel whispered, as he tried to nod his head, but his chin was trapped still in that very soft hand. He looked up, examining his mother's face, for signs of trouble. Lily made a point of looking around the room. The building blocks were randomly scattered out from the centre of the play room towards the entryway, in stark contrast to their normally being just randomly scattered everywhere within the play room. "They're not here Daniel. They're not in this world", she stated quietly. "But they told me my building was... wa... was... stupid!" Lily looked at the play mat in the middle of the room again. No building remained standing on it. She let out an audible sigh. "Did you knock it over, hon?" A gentle nod was the only response. Please don't be mad at me, he thought. They were mad, real mad. Which is what compelled him to destroy the thing that had taken two painstaking hours to build, and then go hide in fear of them, lest they hit him, again. His building had been magnificent though, he reminded himself. The blocks had been clicked together just so, the scaling absolutely perfect for the tiny figurines that were about to move into residence within it. But it wasn't good enough - it was never good enough. He was never good enough. So they hit him. His biological family destroyed him and his creativity. His dad, his brother - they were never satisfied. His mother simply didn't care. Not even when he ended up in the hospital. There were always excuses and blame when he was taken to the ER. The doctors would accept the words of the parent, and never ask Daniel what happened. He was always too afraid to tell them anyway, for fear of reprisals. That was until the fifth time he turned up, with a broken arm and a welt across his face clearly showing a partial hand print. That was the result of a savage beating after he was found in possession of a toy doll. He finally mustered up the courage to tell the authorities what really happened, after years of being constantly put down, smacked around, told he was a nobody? Told he was a failure. Even after the incident. His brother kept blaming him for what happened. His mother had disappeared, and no one would tell Daniel where she'd gone to. After Daniel told the truth, the evidence backed his story up, finally. Lily knew all this, all that went on that fateful day. She knew who "they" were. She'd been briefed by the adoption agency, warned even, after selecting Little Daniel, from the other Dimension. Both her and husband David agreed to take him exactly because of the qualities his old family seemed to hate so much. He was such a beautiful and gentle effeminate boy to Lily and Dave, and so deserved to be loved, and cared for, and be the centre of their attention. How could they do that to him, she screamed one day at her husband, after reviewing his case file. He was just an innocent little boy! A reminiscent teardrop emerged from her left eye, which was quickly wiped away by some shoulder movements. "Come here, baby", she softly asked. Daniel hesitated. Mummy was his saviour, his angel, Daddy was his rock, his protector. Both of them were his safe harbour. When the waves were ginormous out there and he felt himself floundering and adrift, he knew that he could retreat into their arms for safety and comfort and reassurance. He certainly needed all of that right now. So he pushed forward with his left leg, his right knee scraping along the soft carpet, his hands flat to the carpet holding the weight of his upper torso. His butt emitted a soft crinkle as he shuffled out from behind the lounge. His baby blue coloured pacifier swung in lazy arcs seemingly to the tune of his body gyrations, dangling from a ribbon filled with tiny teddy bears, its one pinned end clasped to the left collar of his baby-blue coloured terry cloth jumpsuit. As soon as his armpits were free of the lounge, his mum scooped him up and held him to her shoulder. She immediately sensed his fear, through his stiff body, and his trembling arms. Lily's heart melted as the boy's eyes filled with moisture, and he began to quietly sob against her chest. "I... I'm... s.. sorry, mummy", Daniel cried. Lily moved over to the lounge, and gently sat down, holding Daniel against her chest the entire time, a forearm resting vertically up the boy's back, the other supporting his padded butt. "What for, baby?", she asked. "They... they... they got to me", he sobbed. "Did you have a flashback again?". Lily recalled that tumultuous period soon after Daniel arrived. He'd be quite a normal Little boy, playing away quite happily, but then suddenly his face would go cloudy, ashen, his eyes glaze over, and he'd end up screaming, or running away to hide. Of course, the first few times it happened, Lily and David were quite shocked, frightened of what their newly adopted boy was experiencing. These episodes eventually led to one where he was so distraught and combative, they took him to Emergency, wherein he only calmed down after sedation. A junior doctor went so far to suggest he be Sectioned, which caused quite a stir. With his wife a mess, the boy's new father stepped in, and told the doctor where to go. "With all due respect, doctor, that is a bullshit copout, and you know it!", he angrily retorted, with his booming loud voice. A senior doctor suddenly appeared around the curtain at the foot of Daniel's bed. "Dr Misner, please go attend to the little in Bay 5, I'll deal with this case, thank you!", the new doctor commanded, watching as the junior disappeared off down the hall. He studied Daniel's chart for a few seconds before looking up towards the boy's father. "Hi, I'm Dr Funde, a senior consultant doctor here. I couldn't help but listen in on Dr Misner's advice", he stated with some embarrassment. "I'm really sorry. Sectioning someone is really quite a serious affair, even more so for a Little." "Does Daniel require that kind of intervention, Doc?", came a scared and confused lady's voice. Lily's hand clamped hard on her husband's forearm in anticipation of the guy's answer. "Mrs Eastwood, no, I don't think so", the doc carefully and compassionately replied. "Your boy came from an abusive family, right?" "Yes" "Have you considered counselling for him?" "Yes, we've already had him booked to see Mrs McPhee...", David answered, with the doctor immediately nodding. "Good choice" "... but she has a 6 week waiting period, so Daniel hasn't been able to see her yet", David concluded. As Dr Funde studied Daniel's notes for a clue, he asked an innocuous question. "Do you know what triggered this episode?" As Lily cradled the trembling Daniel against her chest, sitting comfortably on the lounge, she wondered what set him off this time, what he remembered of his past. His time with Dr McPhee was beneficial. He'd learnt coping mechanisms for when the flashbacks occurred, and had mostly been desensitised to them. But something kept coming back. His episodes were rare now, but frustratingly still occurring. She looked around the play room at the mass of scattered blocks. In amongst the carnage was a tiny red four-wheeled baby carriage, the infant figure still fixed in place. An instruction manual was on the floor nearby, opened to the page where the carriage was complete. "Daniel?" "Y... yes, mummy?", he whispered. "Was it the baby in the stroller that set you off?" Daniel sat at his desk, pondering the meaning of life, and his existence within it. His flat-panel LCD screen lit up the dark bedroom with a soft white glow, emitting the result of a few hours intense 3D modeling. He glanced at the building within the screen's limits. Was it good enough to submit as his final end of year work in a few weeks time? One room in particular was intricately modelled. Flowers adorned the walls in a strip just below the roof cornice, with an intricate white wainscotting adorning each wall. The room's furniture was very childish, almost infantile. None of the other rooms in the model were as detailed. He saved his work, tapped the on/off switch on the LCD panel, and dragged himself off into bed. The single bed itself was non-descript, his feet only just contained within its confines. Soon, he will have outgrown it - a child's bed, him being a late teen in his final year of high school. He was longing and dreaming to be called up into university, study architecture, and escape this house, this room, this bed. With a sigh, he rolled over onto his side, facing a grubby-cream wall of his bland featureless bedroom. He scoffed at the thought that he'd designed a room far surpassing this one. If only that room wasn't in virtual space, he embarassingly dreamt. His eyes gently closed, weary, strained from the glare of the monitor. He noticed the house around him was quiet, still, the big gum tree outside creaking its old wood in tune with the late night breeze. Feeling safe for the moment, he reached through the crack between his bed and the wall, and grabbed hold of a toy, easing it up through the narrow gap. "Hello Molly!", he whispered happily. The doll was tiny, only about 30cm long, and thin, and plastic. It had matted hair, and was missing most of its clothes. But Daniel didn't care. This rescued doll was his. "I built you something!" He kissed the doll on its forehead, and carefully placed it in the crook between his arm and body. A few minutes of play and sleep will do, he thought. Let her know he cared about her. He was curious to know why he found this inanimate object so fascinating. The first day he walked past her in the park he took little notice - she was just a lost toy, thrown away into the manicured garden by someone unknown. By the third day, her face was still staring up at him, playing with his mind, pleading with him to stop. On the fifth day, he did stop, bending down to examine the doll. She spoke to him, told him to take her home, please? "I can't do that", he whispered to her. On the eighth day, he was amazed the doll was still there. It had rained over the weekend, so dolly's exposed surfaces were a bit grubby with dirt. He picked her up, brushed dirt particles off the face, and examined what remained. "I can't take you home", he reminded it. Being very embarrassed by talking to a doll, he looked around the park to see if he was being watched. Why not? "Because its not right" Is it, not? With a sigh, he gently placed the doll back into its place in the garden and walked away. That night, all he could think about was that doll. With a tear forming and sliding down a cheek, his mind could only wonder whether the doll was crying at that moment, imagining that doll would probably never feel the loving touch from a little girl ever again. He cried himself to sleep. As he came through the park the next afternoon on his way home from school, he picked that doll up, apologised for being so insensitive to it, popped it into his school bag, and continued home. Over the next few days, he got to know his little "Molly" doll. He'd hidden her under the bed, only daring to play with her at night. As he stealthily interacted with her each time, he explored his own feelings around what it meant to be in love with a girl's toy, and the joy he gained whilst playing with it. Yawning, he decided to pretend she was finally asleep, so stroked her nose, and laid her head on his pillow. Just a few more minutes of make-believe, he concluded. Then he'd put her back in her hiding spot. The early morning sun poked above the horizon. Daniel's east-facing window captured the rays streaming from the bright globe hanging tentatively out there, filtered the harshness out of the hot morning summer rays, and emitted them through cracks in the venetian blinds. Some of those rays struck Daniel's face, causing him to stir. His hearing was the first to alert him to impending trouble, as the floorboards creaked and moaned under the weight of someone heavy approaching his bedroom door. It opened up to reveal a hulking great man, who seemed a bit annoyed at having to once again be the boy's alarm clock. Daniel's hearing alerted his brain , which sent a jolt of adrenaline through his body, startling him awake, causing him to open his eyes and look around to the door. "Wake up, you stupid boy!", dad boomed as he opened the door fully, taking a step into the room. "Your late!" Daniel sat up, bleary-eyed but alert, his feet swinging out from under the bed sheets. What was the time? Why is dad...? Oh shit! As he stood up fully, the doll fell off his body, and clattered to the floor. Daniel's first instinct was to reach for the doll, but as he did so, his father took another step, and sent a hand sailing across Daniel's face. The boy's bodily momentum changed in that instant. His head twisted from the blow, causing his body to twist in unison, and he fell to the floor bloodied and bruised. "You fucking pedo!" Daniel could do nothing else but groan in response. "What the fuck is this?!". The man bent over and snatched up the doll by its hair. Daniel looked up towards his old man, his eyes almost shut from the pain of the blow, but they could see enough of Molly. With a fist full of Molly's hair, she was being shaken like a rag doll. "What the actual fuck is this?!" Blinded by pure rage, the man threw the doll in a random direction as he turned to head back out the door, flinging it with some force. Daniel watched with abject horror as the doll sailed across the room, smashing head first into the top right corner of the LCD screen. As the doll ricocheted towards the ceiling, the panel spun around on its mount before tipping over the edge of his desk, hitting the corner of a bookcase as it fell. Daniel was frozen in place for a long time, staring intently at the large intricate bullseye crack in the LCD. The panel was ruined. That panel was his pride and joy, pictures of which all his nerdy mates oogled over at school, an item that took him a very long time saving up enough money to buy. Fuck him, Daniel thought. Fuck them! As anger and frustration finally boiled within him, he cracked and let out a blood curdling scream, his face transitioning to glow beetroot red from the exertion. His eyes locked onto his computer, a birthday gift from his parents, begrudgingly supplied for his final year in school. Without any hesitation, he stood up, grabbed it in both hands, and headed out of his room, not stopping to unplug anything. He failed to recognise that he was causing more carnage as cables tore out of whatever they were plugged into. With a final forceful yank of the computer, resistance from the final cable disappeared, and he was out the door. Down the hallway his mum stood worried, her hand at her mouth, but he turned the other way, towards the front door. "Daniel, wait!", she cried feebly. As Daniel reached the open front door, he turned to look at his father, who was standing in the middle of the lounge room staring at a blank TV screen. "You know what? FUCK YOU TOO!", Daniel screamed and spat, before lifting the computer above his head, and smashing it down onto the tiled entranceway. He didn't hang around to watch as bits flew in every direction. The plastic case protecting the fragile interior stood no chance, and electronic parts separated off the motherboard to fly into the roof and walls, bits striking the man in the legs like a swarm of bees. Daniel saw none of it, running down the street as fast as his legs could propel him. The park always seemed so tranquil, and still first thing in the morning, yet Daniel took no notice. He raced through the tiered gardens, and found a spot in a low-tiered hollow, behind a strand of trees. No one would be able to see him there. With his energy and adrenaline reserves completely empty, he collapsed onto his hands and knees, shaking and panting hard. The sobs came thick and fast, the cries a plenty, the tears free flowing, as he mourned for what his life had become. He finally stopped crying some time after lunch, totally exhausted and spent, both emotionally and physically. His face stung from the old man's blow as he rubbed it slowly clean of the dried blood, sweat, snot and expired tears. Rolling over onto his back, staring up at the lush green canopy of leaves above him, he wondered why he was born into such a fucked up life and family. He reflected on how hard it was to please his father - it seemed that everything he attempted was shit and half-arsed in his old man's eyes. And now he'd just been called a pedo. Daniel shook his head at that. How does playing with a doll equate to being a pedo? "Fuck him", he thought aloud. "Asshole would call me anything but his son, so fuck him" The canopy shifted position as the cooling afternoon sea breeze wafted through the park. Daniel relished the sensual touches of the air movements across his arms, luxuriating in the coolness, before it all disappeared. That'd be right, he mused. A loving embrace lost to the wind. In that moment, he thought of his mum. The one person in his life that seemed to be on his side, or maybe neutral. But it had been so long since he had a cuddle from her. He started to sob once more as he realised he'd not been touched affectionately by anyone in his family for months. The only times he'd be touched were those times he was beaten by his dad, or his brother. He so needed a cuddle, told he was loved, told he was important, that he was someone, that he had a future. At this point in his life, he just felt like a punching bag. Lily looked down at her Little boy. His blonde hair was long, and fine, and silky to the touch. She reflected on how this was one of his most endearing features, so she let her fingers slide through the strands slowly, massagingly. Daniel stirred against her chest. He'd stopped sobbing some time ago, and just lay against her chest breathing slowly, eyes open but focused on nothing in particular. Sure, Lily had things to do, but at times like this, she knew Daniel needed the reassurance and love to get past whatever frightened him, for however long it took. She looked down over his body towards the tiny red pram and baby, both made of blocks. She was right - he had triggered over them. But why remained a bit of a mystery. She remembered what triggered his massive episode which earned him that trip to the hospital. She had her sister Mary over, and Daniel was watching Mary's toddler daughter have her nappy changed along with a change of clothes. For some reason he couldn't handle the scene, and quickly became moody, screamed and shouted over anything, refused to do whatever he was told, and finally resorted to being outright combative to Lily and Mary. They had no idea how to settle the boy, who was so wound up like a spring, he was hurting himself through his exertions. It was when he started turning blue during his fights with Lily, and then with David after he rushed home from work, that they decided to call an ambulance and get him off to the ER. What was it about that scene, she wondered. Mary's girl was adorable, and Daniel took a real liking to her. Even though he was much older than the girl, he was a Little, and found great joy and fun playing with her. Daniel loved playing with the girl as an equal, not as a big cousin. When she had a bottle, he had a drink from a cup with a straw - when she had a nap, he joined her in that as well. Lily pondered that juxtaposition too. Normally, littles shied away from interacting with Amazon babies and toddlers, as they were often sen as dolls. Daniel wasn't regressed - Lily and David had refused the option to have him done during the adoption process. They wanted him to be him, and to nurture his loving and caring nature. He was utterly fascinated by the process Mary went through changing the girl's nappy. Was it the loving touches? The affection? The attention that Mary was giving her baby? Maybe the nappies themselves? Daniel wasn't in nappies at the time. He is now though, Lily mused. That idea came from Dr McPhee. Introducing nappies into Daniel's life changed him in a positive way, almost immediately too. He became much more settled, and less prone to suffering flashbacks. So Lily pushed further, by introducing items that were more and more babyish. Every item, Daniel responded positively to. Maybe, all he needed was to be babied, like the other Littles around him? So she did exactly that. With Dr McPhee's advice, Daniel had slowly been encouraged to become her Little baby Daniel, and he loved it. She looked down at the close to sleeping boy, and popped his paci into the boy's yawning mouth. "Sshhh, baby. Mummy is going nowhere. Ok?" Daniel twitched and fidgeted for a while, but otherwise lay completely still. Occasionally, he'd let out a sigh, but then started crying, even though he was fast asleep. "What on earth is going on with you, baby?", Lily muttered. She could do nothing to help, bar give cuddles and reassurance. As the sun continued its descent back towards the horizon, Daniel's thirst got the better of him, forcing him to emerge from his hiding spot. He scaled a few of the tiers in the garden, and walked towards the play area, where he knew there was a water bubbler. On approach, he heard giggling and laughing within a climbing castle, so stopped behind some bushes to see who it was. After all, he still had his pyjamas on, which were filthy with dirt and grass clippings. He certainly didn't need to add embarrassment to the pile of shit he was experiencing right now! The "girl" turned out to be two of them, who appeared after a few minutes from the castle to jump on the swings. One was wearing a yellow sundress, whom Daniel soon focused on. In disgust and shame, he turned away from the scene. A minute later, he stole a glance back at the girl in the yellow dress. She was all smiles and happiness, swinging away, her dress billowing and flowing in the wind caused by her swings. So carefree, such a different life. What would it be like if he... no. Why was his face flushed, embarrassed? He looked away, sat down, and forced himself to wait, even though his heart was all a flutter, and his mind craving more information about the girl in the yellow dress. "No, I'm not looking!", he muttered. The girls soon finished their play session, right on dusk, and sauntered off home, allowing the park to fall back into silence once more. He waited a good while, satisfying his distrustful brain that no one would see this pyjama-clad hobo. After a drink and a quick face wash, Daniel returned to his little hideout amongst the tiers and trees, only to contemplate going home himself. He certainly couldn't stay out there all night, and he needed something to eat. In his haste to run away, he'd left without any of his pocket money, or his phone. Maybe he could sneak inside and steal some supplies, get a bag of clothes, his money and phone, and return to this spot? Yeah, it's worth the risk, he decided, but it needed to be well after dark, after that cranky bastard dad had gone to bed. Around 10pm, he snuck up to the house. The front door was closed, the porch light was on. The house was otherwise quiet. Through the front windows, it looked like the lounge room TV was switched off too. Was the bastard in bed? He tiptoed up to the front door, his ears pounding with the echoes of his heartbeat, and straining to hear any noise from within. Noone seemed to be awake. So he turned the front door handle, and slowly opened the door. Stepping inside, he could see little through the dark gloom - none of the lights were on, not even the kitchen lights. His bare feet felt a cracked tile, which hadn't been there before. Unusual, he thought. A few more steps before the tiled entranceway finished, and creaky floorboards began. But he was light, and was barefoot, so they shouldn't make any noises, he surmised. He was so wrapped up in his careful movements and concentrating hard at making no noise, he failed to detect his father's dark form at the open door to their master bedroom. Daniel froze when he finally did sense a presence near him. He turned slowly towards the unwanted life form , only to see at the last moment that form take a step, then a god almighty whack, as the man's closed fist connected with his cheek. The force of the blow sent the hapless boy flying into the wooden armrest of a lounge chair, his arm crashing across the wood edging, snapping his right forearm bone in two like a twig. Daniel immediately collapsed and screamed in pain, holding up his left hand in a vain attempt to shield himself from his father continuing any further attack. The man had his right fist balled up ready to rain down another blow, one Daniel just knew would hurt. "Stop! No, no, don't do this!", he cried. That was when his mother seemingly appeared out of nowhere, holding the big kitchen carving knife. Before Daniel could yell out, she plunged it with all her strength straight into the old man's chest. Daniel watched his father take a step back, look down at the knife plunged all the way up to the hilt in his chest, before staggering backwards another few steps to a wall and slumping down onto his knees. A gulp of air, much like a fish out of water, and that was it. The man's surprised eyes glazed over, and lost their fire. Waves and waves of pain started radiating across Daniel's body, as he found it harder and harder to remain awake. His last memory was of his mum screaming uncontrollably before running out the open front door. Lily shifted her weight slightly on the recliner chair in Daniel's room, now that the wrapped up bundle of hair and pink silky-smooth skin had settled. Daniel was fast asleep now, floppy and relaxed, but he'd been quite unsettled for the half hour prior. She'd watched his face the entire time, eyes screwed shut as he writhed around in her arms, crying out, mumbling, face showing all sorts of emotion, with his arms and legs being very animated. Yet he remained asleep. He must have been dreaming of something bad, Lily thought. As he relaxed, she took him into his room, changed his very wet nappy, and swaddled him. His face now was buried in the blanket. "Wondered where you were, darl", came a gruff voice at the door. David chuckled as his wife emitted a squeek of surprise. "Don't do that, Dave!", Lily warned. "Sorry, couldn't help myself!". David entered the room and kissed his darling wife on the forehead. "How is he?", he whispered. "He had a flashback today", Lily tiredly responded. "Oh?" "He's settled now" "You ok, hon?", David enquired, studying her face for any concern. "Yeah, all good, but I don't know how Daniel will be when he wakes up" "You had anything to eat today?" "Not this arvo, no. Daniel's not had anything to drink either", she replied, and started to sit up off the recliner. "No, no, stay there. I'll get ya's some food n drinks" "Thanks, babe!" As she watched David disappear out towards the kitchen, she thought about the state of play with her family. Pretty lucky to have Dave, and now a beautiful boy. "We'll get through this, baby boy, we will. We'll do whatever it takes".
  25. Good morning friends. Here we go, the first new story I've written in a while - it's not done yet, but I've got six chapters ready to post. So every day for the next six days at least, there will be a new chapter right here. One of my favorite things is if you try to name the chapter Prelude "Okay group, let's stay together," the smiling Amazon in the blue suit-uniform waved her hands, directing the group as they walked about the street, "I know, it was a long bus ride - it will be good for everyone to stretch their legs." She cleared her throat for a moment before raising her voice, launching into her prepared speech. "Welcome to beautiful Tours, capital of Gaule. It is not the most populous city, but this is due more to the fact that King Francis the second relocated the seat of the monarchy five hundred years ago in an attempt to wrest power back from the parliament established by his grandfather, Francis the First... yes, you probably know him as Francis the Little." She frowned at some of the foreign Amazons who laughed at this, but the Littles in attendance were listening raptly. King Francis the Little was arguably the most important historical figure in all the history of all the islands, of course Genevieve admitted she was a little bit biased, given that she was from Gaule herself and their attitude toward the Little population was vastly different from the majority of the islands of Europa. "For those of our international guests who may not be aware," Genevieve continued, gesturing to the statue of a Little confidently riding a full-sized horse, "King Francis established the constitutional monarchy we enjoy today by voluntarily limiting his own power, in what many consider one of the boldest and most visionary political moves of the time period... " "He was a Little," one of the Catalon guests whispered to another, "his Amazon probably made him give up the power and he obeyed." "Excuse me," a Little woman standing next to the pair of men spoke up, "It's well documented that King Francis never had a caretaker, many Littles didn't - though most entirely free communities were insular and secluded. The fact of the matter is, that while Amazons might be bigger and stronger, to ignore the contributions of Littles is to lose out on a lot of culture and creativity." "It's true," Genevieve agreed with the Little woman, stopping the angry-faced Amazon man from responding to the Little directly, "There's a reason that Gaule is the entertainment capital of the world. Many of the screenplays that are made into movies are written by Littles, and many of the songs that your Amazon pop-singers perform are written by Littles. And I'd like to point out that you are, in fact, speaking Gaulish like nearly every other Amazon in Europa, it's only been the dominant language for four hundred years. And we have this Little King to thank for it." "Well," the Amazon man grumped, gesturing to an Amazon pushing a well-diapered Little in a stroller, "Some of your people still know how to treat a Little." "Sir," Genevieve responded politely, "That is almost assuredly a consensual relationship. Adopting a Little against their will is illegal in Gaule. Tours is actually home to the largest percentage of Adopted Littles in the entire country - nationwide around 20% of Amazons have adopted a Little, but here in Tours that number is closer to 60%. The open culture here is a contributing factor, many Amazons and Littles seeking this kind of relationship move or visit here for that reason. Littles outnumber Amazons here on Gaule nearly three-to-one, and the law is on their side so the ones who want an Adopted lifestyle basically have their pick of parents." She waved politely to the stroller-bound Little, who smiled and waved back, his Amazon waving as well. "I think we've dallied here long enough," Genevieve smiles and makes a sweeping gesture, "Let's keep moving - the Entertainment museum is up ahead, where we'll learn more about the contributions Littles make to Gaule's society, hand-in-hand with Amazons... the two races working together are what makes Gaule a world leader." Chapter One: A Little Excited Cammi looked at the clock for the ninetieth time today, the seconds ticked by so slowly... she had to be put down for three naps, the caretakers just couldn't deal with how wound up she was. Of course, the third nap was really just enforced quiet time in the crib.. she couldn't blame them, even the other Littles were getting sick of hearing her excitement about the vacation. You didn't have your fifth anniversary every day, and her mommy Joanna was determined to make a big splash with this one. The waystation in their hometown of Tours had opened a new tourism program, and Jo had managed to get her hands on some of the very first tickets... and Cammi would not shut up about how she and her mommy were going on vacation. Cammi bounced on her diapered bottom in the crib, gripping the bars and giggling, wishing the clock would go faster. Jo was finishing up her work for the week, it was Friday afternoon.. soon she would come through the daycare doors and they would be off. Tours had several Little daycares, an uncommon thing in Gaule in general, keeping a Little was expensive here... but Tours had the highest Adopted Little population of any city on the island and with that came businesses catering to that lifestyle. "Cammi," a small voice called with a complaining tone from the next crib over, "will you please stop bouncing? Some of us are trying to sleep. I need to write tonight, for the love of cake." "Sorry Paul," Cammi replied without a trace of sorrow in her voice, but she did stop bouncing. Paul was a novelist - he had a bestseller a few years ago but hadn't had a big hit in a while. His books more than paid for the daycare though, so his mommy was happy. Paul liked to sleep a LOT during the day because he stayed up most of the night writing when he had an idea. He played with his mommy when they got home, they ate, and she went to bed while he wrote in his crib. Paul had a good life that he enjoyed quite a lot. Both Cammi and Paul, like most Adopted Littles on Gaule, were volunteers. Littles had it hard in this world, they were at a constant disadvantage - Amazons were bigger, stronger, and smarter in every way and a Little had to really struggle just to get by. Not all Littles loved the idea, but Amazons had a need that most of them couldn't fulfill.. they needed someone to love. They were just wired differently, they needed someone to care for and many of them were infertile... not so many that the species was in danger, but they weren't going to overrun the globe due to unchecked population growth either. But one thing that was near-universal to Amazons was a desire to care for a tiny, helpless life. And Littles generally fit the bill. Other islands had barbaric laws, where Littles could literally be captured off the street and forced into babyhood... Gaule was different. Cammi hadn't worked in years, she had sold paintings for a while after Jo adopted her, but Joanna had continued to climb the corporate ladder and eventually it was just easier for Cammi to do nothing at all, well... nothing productive. She had been a mural painter when she was still Independent.. that was how the two had met, she had been painting a nursery for one of Jo's friends... and then she got a gig at Jo's office, and they just hit it off. The pair of them were two peas in a pod, and were madly in love within the year and had been inseparable ever since. It hadn't been Cammi's plan in life to get Adopted... she had slid gradually into babying, one little step at a time. At first it had been Little silverware, then a bib, then a sippy cup... and every little step into regression had made Jo so happy and Cammi so comfortable... before long she was diapered and cuddled, and she never wanted to look back. Cammi hadn't used a toilet in years and honestly couldn't if she had the opportunity to now, it made Jo feel complete to care for her love in every way. Some Littles thought the Adopted lifestyle was strange and demeaning... Cammi maintained that they didn't know what they were missing. "Camille," an Amazon caretaker frowned at the bouncing girl, speaking softly, "You got put in there because you were too energetic, now you're keeping your neighbors awake? What am I going to do with you?" "Sorry Miss Adele," Cammi said sadly, looking down for a moment and rubbing her index fingers together in a contrite gesture. She waited just a moment... and looked up again, a pout on her lips and her eyelashes batting. The reaction from Adele was immediate and obvious... Cammi could practically hear the younger woman's ovaries cry out. A split second later, Cammi was out of the crib and in Adele's arms. Amazon's just couldn't help themselves, and a clever Little knew how to exploit those urges. "How could anyone stay mad at you?" she asked softly, carrying Cammi out of the Quiet Room, "You are just so darn cute! Your mommy is so lucky." Adele booped Cammi on the nose and the Little grinned. "But, my little cutie, you're driving everyone crazy today." "I'm sorry, mommy and I are-" "Going on vacation, yes, I know. Happy Anniversary for the tenth time today, you silly Little. But seriously, what are we going to do with you? You won't sit still for naptime... " "That was my third nap!" Cammi said defensively, "Nobody can take three naps in one day except Paul." "Well we need something to keep you occupied! We have ten Littles and three Amazons, if you're eating up a third of the caretakers' attention, that's not fair to the other Littles." "Have you ever been to another dimension?" Cammi asked, ignoring Adele's perfectly reasonable logic entirely. "No, sweetie.. very few Amazons get to do that in Gaule, we have incredibly strict rules on dimensional travel... The main reason for traveling is getting yourself a Little! You'll have to tell me what it's like." "Oh I will," Cammi promised, "I just wish I had a better idea of what it would be like. Mommy says she picked a place on a tropical coast, she's actually going to get to relax for a change. There aren't too many tropical cities in our whole world, it's hard to even imagine!" Adele just shook her head, Camille was incorrigible and everyone knew it. "Here, hold this," she said, handing Cammi off to Louis and walking back into the quiet room. "Louis," Cammi started, "Have you ever been to another dimension?" He looked toward the Quiet Room door... and realized the stunt Adele had just pulled. "You and your questions!" Louis laughed, "You asked me this same question this morning, and what did I say?" "You said the same thing everyone says! How is it that we've had dimensional travel for years but no one has ever used it?" "Silly Little, we learned quickly that very few dimensions out there had anything worth seeing.. except for cute Littles like you! The portals are pretty much only used by countries with fewer laws about Little protection and only to bring Portal Littles back here to be cute little babies like you. Now, I have Littles to change," he stated, ignoring her question but giving her diaper a squeeze, "And you aren't one of them. How about you sit down and color a picture for your mommy, and I come find you when your friends have fresh diapers?" "Yes, Mister Louis," Cammi said sullenly as he sat her down in a highchair and gave her a coloring book and a box of crayons. She flipped through the book and found a page that had a picture of a tropical beach and set to coloring. The workers knew to always give her the big box of Little-hand sized crayons, she was still quite a talented artist and even when the medium was crayons on lineart, she inevitably made something beautiful... and it would keep her occupied for a good long time, whenever she was engaging in something artistic, she turned into a little perfectionist. After a while Cammi had entirely lost track of time and was startled when she heard a voice commenting on her work. "That is really beautiful," the older man's soft voice was soothing and wonderful. "You always make the most beatiful pictures, Cammi." "Julien!" Cammi squealed, "Have you ever been to another dimension?" She was sure she hadn't asked him yet. Julien laughed, the man was slightly older than Joanna and was friendly to a fault. He was the darling of the daycare (as far as Amazons went) and ever Little loved him. He was always patient and kind, and had lots of knowledge to share. "No, Little Camille... I've never been to another dimension, but I've met many people who have," he pulled her out of the highchair and sat down on the floor, placing the Little in his lap, "Would you like to talk about it?" "Yes please," Cammi batted her eyelashes at Julien, who only chuckled. "Well, when I was younger, I travelled a lot. I've been to every island in Europa," he was quite proud of this, and it showed as he spoke, "And while Littles are treated fairly and equally here, there are many places where that isn't true, as you know." "Oh, I know - it's why mommy and I have never gone on vacation anywhere else! Nowhere is safe enough, she says." "And she's right, you're too cute, Little one. But I've met many Portal Littles in my travels, brought from worlds where they thought they were Amazons, like in the movies." "They really come here thinking they're the same?" "They do," Julien assured her, "They often think they're better than the Amazons who bring them... but what's interesting is-" "Camille!" Miss Adele's voice rang out from across the room, and Cammi looked at the clock. 5:30! It was time for mommy to come get her. "Sorry Mister Julien!" she cried as she scrambled out of his lap and ran to the gate. "I gotta go!" Julien wasn't upset, of course, he was quite used to Cammi and her excitable attitudes. He waved to her as he picked himself up off the ground, shaking his head. "Mommy!" Camille bounced at the gate. There was Joanna in all her splendor, the intimidating lines of her suit as sharp as ever. "I missed you! I can't wait to go on vacation! We're going now, right!" "She's a bit excited," Adele smiled as she opened the gate and watched Cammi tackle the love of her life's legs. "You don't say," Jo laughed, picking up the Little girl - anyone who watched the two of them together knew that Jo was a big softie, but that was not her reputation in the professional world. She had gotten to where she was because she was intimidating and ruthless... but all of that got set aside the instant she was with her precious Little girl. "Yes sweetling, our bags are packed. You're going to be one of the first Littles ever through the portal. Isn't that exciting?" "Oh, I can't wait mommy, I've never been anywhere tropical before. Will there be tropical birds? And tropical fish? And we'll go swimming?" "Yes to all of those things, my precious girl," Jo answered. Adele shook her head, the Little was spoiled beyond belief and the woman swore that she delighted in asking the same question over and over. She had witnessed essentially this same exchange when Cammi had been dropped off that morning. Cammi was a handful, but she had a heart as big as the world. She would be missed while they were gone... but the entire daycare would also enjoy the brief peace. All three of the regular caretakers expected a very sedate week without Calamity Cammi. "Come sweetling, the beach awaits," Jo smiled to Adele and carried her Little away to the car. "Bye Miss Adele! Bye Mister Julien! Bye Mister Louis!" the Little waved frantically as Jo walked them out, but the instant they were out the door, she was practically vibrating with excitement. "I want to swim, and look at fish, and touch a starfish, and eat a coconut, and... " She rambled for quite a while, and Joanna was very happy listening to her Little's excitement.
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