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Found 7 results

  1. I have been putting together a guide based on the Diaper Dimension for a while now. Some of it is a little rough and it is by no means complete. As I have been reading the DD stories for far longer than I have been writing this guide, there are many stories that I have missed in putting in here. This will be an on-going process to add these stories and further authors who have contributed to this wonderful setting. When I started writing stories, I realized I wanted to inhabit the worlds others had already created, as they felt real and complex. While I will acknowledge that many of the stories could live in similar but still different dimensions, I noticed several similarities between many of the stories. As such, I have created this guide for anyone to use freely to create their own stories if they ever want to use part of the pre-existing lore. Due to the on-going creation of the DD, I have labeled this story as 'complete,' but as my vanilla job would like to say, it is a 'living' document. For those who don't know, this just means that the document will be submitted as a final form, but may often be updated as new information comes to light. Additionally, while it behooves me to post a link here rather than the actual information, the nature of this guide and the fact that I will still be updating it going forward, means posting it here in its entirety would be a bit of a pain. I may change my mind later, but I hope the link will work for now. https://www.wattpad.com/story/339576633-diaper-dimension-reference-guide *NOTE: Wattpad has since removed my account on there unforunately. I will leave this section up here for now though as a testament to it's original placement though. As before, however, further updates will be done on this page below regardless.
  2. Hi. Soon, I’ll be in hospital because I’m having surgery on my right arm. How should I tell them that I need to wear diapers due to Bedwetting and how do they handle it? What is ur experience? Thanks for your replies
  3. In January, I had heart ablation surgery. It went well with very little overall discomfort. This is about the 6 hours in recovery with urinary incontinence. The surgery itself takes about 5 hours and requires the insertion of hearth catheters in the center top of both legs. The incisions are large and are the main reason for the recovery period. For 5 hours you are basically on your back and not allows to move and open the sutures in your legs. The surgery also involves a lot of intravenous fluids and post operation urination is quite high. There is no record of any urinary catheter use during the operation. I arrived in the operating room wearing a diaper. This wasn’t a problem with the surgical team and they mentioned they will just remove it when ready. It takes a few minutes to prep before they knock you out. I woke in recovery to the news that the operation when well. I immediately noticed I was already wet. I mentioned my incontinence to the staff and the solution was to take another rolled cotton blanket and place it between my legs. Since they already have you on a waterproof mattress pad and just use blankets to soak up the urine. After an hour I was quite wet and mentioned to the staff that I had a supply of my diapers. I wasn’t allowed to move or to wear them due to the leg sutures but they had no problems helping out. I wasn’t allowed to move but they could move me to change the bedding and clean me up a bit. With business like efficiency, they quickly had the pad and blankets changed out as well as laying down one of my diapers so it could provide a dryer feeling. They did the changing and cleaning without ounce exposing my genitals or putting any strain on my legs as they rolled me around. The ladies were total professionals. I asked why they didn’t do a catheter and they said there was no need. This is the usual way they handle it when the patient isn’t allowed to move post-op. After some time they start to allow you to sit up. After 5 hours you can stand and they make sure the sutures are holding well. Then after another hour, I was able to put on a diaper as usual and check out. I was surprised at just how much urine I produced. Urination was nearly constant for the 6 hours and very high in the evening and through the night. I also had to have yet another set of emergency eye surgeries and in those cases, I was able to wear a diaper thru the procedure once I mentioned. One anesthesiologist mentioned that you don’t urinate under the general anesthesia they normally use. Which makes a lot of sense as urine output for the next 48 hours is much lower than usual. All three times as I awoke slowly post-op, the first thing I noticed was heavy urination occurring.
  4. Corporate Takeover The sound of the doorbell ringing brought the quiet house to life. Jack walked past his wife's office to the front door, curious to see who was at their door at such an early hour. He peered through the peephole to see who was at his door and was intrigued by the sight of a delivery man, but he couldn't see exactly what the man was holding. Jack knew it was probably a package filled with more corporate documents for his wife to mull over and sign, but he couldn't help but get his hopes up that it was the delivery he had been waiting for all week long. "I got a package for Jack-" "That's me." Jack replied quickly, excited to see that it was indeed his parcel. "Sign here." The man stated, handing Jack a clipboard which he quickly signed. "Thanks, you have a good day!" "You too!" Jack said as he took the box from the man and turned around with it in tow, closing the door behind him with his foot. Once in the living room, he sat the large, but light box down onto the floor and called out for his wife to join him. "Hey, Kimi! It finally came!" "That's nice to hear you came, but what's in the box?" Kimi waltzed into the room, holding a mug of hot tea. "That's funny, but our order of diapers finally came! The ones I was telling you about! " Unlike other married couples, Jack and Kimi not only shared a deep love for each other, but they also shared a rather unique kink for diapers and ageplay which only served to bring them closer together. They both stared at the box for a moment until Kimi handed Jack a letter opener which he looked at. "How did you know?" "Because if it was more documents from my work, you wouldn't have been this excited and called out to me like a kid at Christmas." Kimi explained with a grin. "That's a good point." Jack replied with a chuckle and took the letter opener from his wife. With a few strategic swipes, he dissected the top of the box and peeled open the cardboard flaps, exposing the treasure which awaited both of them within. Normally, he'd only order a ten pack to see if a new diaper was worth stocking up on, but this brand looked different than all the others. It seemed to be revolutionary, like when ABU had produced the first diaper capable of handing five thousand milliliters, but there was so much more to the product than capacity and design. Whoever had done the photoshoot for this particular diaper had gone the extra length to photograph the model in an incredibly accurate recreation of a nursery. Jack recalled seeing a giant crib and a bunch of baby toys all sized up for the woman who had been picked to model the diapers. This level of detail screamed out to Jack when he was viewing the company's product page. If they had gone to such lengths to make the woman look like an actual baby, in an actual nursery, then maybe the diaper would feel just as babyish as the woman had looked. "Why did you order so many?" Kimi asked before taking a sip from her mug. "Because, only a princess like you deserves the best." Jack smiled up at his wife. "True." Kimi nodded and looked past her husband at an odd object sitting on top of the diapers. "What's that?" Sitting on top of the pre wrapped packages of diapers was something a bit different; a small bundle of papers. "Looks like a few pages of instructions came with the diapers." Jack said with a smile. "That's pretty funny. Like we don't know how to use diapers." Kimi chuckled. Jack nodded and quickly glanced over the first page before replying. "Actually, it looks like some sort of agreement that we can sign." "What? Like a physical Terms of Service agreement?" Kimi cocked an eyebrow. "Kind of, but the way it's written...It sounds more like a document that you sign to enter into a contest or something. It promises an experience like no other; A 'blissful adult baby experience' unmatched by other companies." "That sounds silly, but let's sign it!" Kimi stated, a grin on her face. After they both signed the document, a very bizarre thing occurred; the paper started glowing while simultaneously emitting a sonic pulse. The high pitched chirp brought both Kimi and Jack to their knees as they quickly covered their ears, shielding their ear drums from the agonizing frequency. Things only grew more painful as a bright light pierced into the living room, engulfing both himself and his wife. As time slowed, Jack felt like the energy was being ripped from his very being as every molecule in his body screamed out in torment. His head was pulsing with excruciating pain while his heart steadily started beating faster and faster until he couldn't even differentiate when it wasn't beating. Needless to say, it was beating faster than it ever had before. While his brain struggled to handle the sonic sound bombarding his brainwaves and his heart racing faster than a formula one race car, his kidneys were positively burning as every fiber of the organ was radiating an extreme heat. With his last conscious thought, he gazed over at the love of his life and saw her staring back at him as they both struggled to endure the excruciating pain. Kimi toppled over, her body being taken by the near blinding light. The sight of his beloved vanishing before his very eyes sapped his soul of the strength needed to fight the cosmic bombardment of his physical form. With what few thoughts were allowed to him, he realized that he had nothing left to fight for and allowed his body to succumb to the pain. Everything went black as he was absorbed by the beam of light. To Be Continued... This is a commission I wrote for my favorite married patrons on my Patreon. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this as it's a very dark tale. I'll be updating it fairly often, but if you can't wait for the next update then why not pledge to my Patreon so you can read the entire story? It's only $5 dollars to read what took a year to write. It's Christmas time. Why not spoiler yourself with a membership to my Patreon? You're worth $5 dollars, aren't you? https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6660213
  5. 'Atypical outcome' Chapter 1 (For some reason, I couldn't access the punctuation keys on my iPad except the auto type ones, and I didn't want to risk losing what I'd typed by trying to fix it. It's back now, but I'll add the punctuation to the text later.) Ward was a serious, youngish businessman. In his late thirties, he was single, worked long hours and had let his work replace time others might have spent with family, social life or hobbies. It wasn't that Ward liked it that way. It was how things had panned out. He didn't marry the only girl he'd met whom he knew he should have married, and he had never made an effort to stay in touch with friends, or reciprocate dinners and so on. So here he was, working and sleeping, not eating too well, and more or less alone in the world. He was an only child, and his parents had both died quite young. When Ward noticed his stream of urine becoming unaccountably slow, he'd seen a doctor who told him he had an enlarged prostate gland Surgery was required. The doctor went over the issues of the common procedure. Occasionally, a period of incontinence resulted, which in rare cases was permanent. 'I have to tell you that,' the doctor had said, adding that he'd only had two such cases in all his years of practising, and both were much older men than Ward. Ward was methodical in making his arrangements for a brief stay in hospital. The day arrived, and he caught a cab to the hospital and admitted himself. 'Next of kin?' the nurse at the admissions desk asked. 'Not really anyone,' replied Ward. 'You could put Dr James Smith down. He's my doctor.' The nurse looked at Ward. 'OK,' she said, and made the entry. Ward woke slowly. He looked around the brightly lit room. Hospital, he thought. Prostate. He realised he was hungry, and looked at the two tubes disappearing into his wrist. Apparently not food, he thought. He felt around for the buzzer they'd put near his pillow. He found it and pressed it. 'You're awake!' said the nurse who promptly arrived. 'Yes,' said Ward. 'I guess the operation's been done. How long have I been asleep?' 'Almost a week,' said the nurse. 'I'm Jill, by the way,' she added. 'The operation and the anaesthetic knocked you around a bit. That happens, but it's good to see you're awake.' Ward tried to roll onto his side, and felt an urge to attend to an itching thigh. He put one hand beneath the bedclothes. 'What?' he said, looking at the nurse as he felt the unfamiliar padding around his hips. Jill laughed. 'It's a diaper,' she said. 'You don't think you've been wetting the sheets and mattress for the last week, do you? We've been taking very good care of you.' Ward was worried. 'I'm not, you know, incontinent, am I?' he asked Jill. 'We'll have to see how you go now that you're awake, Some men have a problem, but not usually younger guys like you,' Jill said. 'I wouldn't be too concerned. It usually clears up in a week or two, and your back to normal. Well, better than your old normal.' 'That's good to hear,' said Ward. 'Only I think, I mean it feels a bit soggy now. I don't know how to say it medically.' Jill laughed again. 'Just how you think you'd say it: "I've wet my diaper, could you change me please?" she said. Ward thought for a moment. 'I think the diaper you put on me is wet. I won't need it now. I can go to the bathroom normally,' he said. Jill nodded, then said 'Ward, we won't know if you still need a diaper until we assess your bladder control. And you probably can't use the bathroom normally at the moment. You will be likely to have trouble staying on your feet for a little while. They had to do quite a bit of work down there. The doctors will come in and explain now that you're awake.' That doesn't sound good, thought Ward. ''Is everything still as it should be... ' he began, trying to sit up. 'Oh yes,' laughed Jill. 'You're intact, with evetythibg still there. Except your pubic hair,' she added with a smirk. 'We shaved you for the operation. You're like a little baby down there now.' Ward didn't really appreciate the baby reference, but forgave Jill as she gently rearranged his pillows and helped him sit up. He was shocked to feel himself peeing as he moved around on the bed. He didn't initiate it nor could he stop the flow, which stopped of its own accord after a few seconds. 'Are you OK?' Jill asked, looking at him.. 'Yes, fine,' said Ward, somewhat shocked. 'Did you just wet?' asked Jill. 'Yes,' said Ward. 'I didn't know I'd started and I couldn't stop.' 'Don't worry,' said Jill. 'Even if there's nothing ongoing, it may take a day or two for your body to realise that you're back, and in charge. Remember you've been using your diaper autonatically for a week now.' 'For everything?' asked Ward. 'Of course fir everything,' said Jill. 'We're nurses. it's no big deal.' Ward raised his eyebrows. 'I couldn't do half your job,' he said. 'Well,' said Jill, 'Let's get your diaper changed and then we'll see about some lunch. How would that be?' 'Great,' said Ward. 'Well, great about lunch anyway.' Jill smiled. 'You might enjoy the diaper change, too,' she said. 'Some people do.' 'Not if you're professional about it,' said Ward with a laugh. I didn't mean anything X rated,' said Jill. 'Some people just find they like wearing them and having them changed.' Ward felt awkward. Somewhere, deep in his mind, a kind of mental bell was ringing. Ward had tried not to think about it, but the idea of diapers both appalled and fascinated him. And here was this nurse giving voice to his innermost, most secret thoughts. Oh, some people like wearing diapers and having them changed, she'd said so casually. 'Penny for your thoughts,' said Jill. Ward was suddenly back in the here and now. 'Sorry,' he said. 'I was just thinking about work.' 'Oh,' said Jill. 'Well, let's get this diaper changed.' She went to the door of the room and closed it, then pulled back the bedclothes. Ward could see that he was wearing a kind of nightshirt. Jill lifted the hem and pulled it towards Ward's chest, exposing a bulky white diaper. Ward felt himself becoming erect. At least she'll think it's because if what she's doing, not the diaper, he thought, then immediately questioned what he'd just told himself. Why would it be the diaper? he asked himself, but he knew the answer. To be continued.
  6. So I have had an ongoing and rapidly recurring Urethral stricture down there, and have had it since I was 12 years old. (it's a blockage of scar tissue, "a kink in the house" if you know what I mean.) To anyone who may know about this, the experience of using the potty can be anywhere from mildly stinging, to extremely painful depending on how small the constriction gets. Well, I'm finally going in to have it permanently taken care of. My surgeon's a pretty cool guy and was really good at explaining what's going to end up happening. However, it's gonna put me out of work for probably 3 weeks while it's all taken care of (It's ok I got short term disability pay ready to kick up). This is the second time i have had this taken care of though, the first time was just a mere incision. However, the scaring return, mainly due to that tissue being damaged and unhealthy. The purpose of this other surgery is to bring healthy skin in and cut out the damage scar tissue. I just wanted to post this topic mainly because if there are anyone out there with similar pain, make sure you get it checked out. Don't ignore it, it'll get worse and you'll really be hurtin'! I have a dream that people around the world can one day potty without pain!
  7. A singer had an operation during birth go wrong and now can't control her flatulence or bowels.
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