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  1. Lucy held the position of local manager at a highly esteemed multinational corporation specializing in early childhood products, generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. Through years of dedication and hard work, she had earned her place within the company. However, she faced a significant challenge in the form of her less-than-competent personal assistant. Despite Lucy's patience, the assistant's repeated errors, some of which were grave, had caused serious issues within the company. Following a severe reprimand from her superiors due to a mistake that jeopardized a $17 million deal, Lucy decided to address the situation. During lunchtime, she summoned her assistant to her office and calmly instructed her to take a seat.
  2. Countess Paule de la Fraise had always been unkind to those less prestigious than her at court, which included everyone except Queen Liza and her courtesans. She particularly looked down on the littles who resided at court, treating them with disdain due to her belief in their inferiority. Not only was she the most corrupt aristocrat in the entire court, but her scandals were so numerous that Queen Liza eventually decided to take action. After her latest scandal, the Queen had her countess arrested to put an end to her mistreatment of others. When brought before the Queen for judgment, it was made clear that the evidence of her corruption and abuse was undeniable. The Queen presented her with three options to choose from: capital punishment, lifelong exile, or de-Amazonization.
  3. Lucy held the position of local manager at a highly esteemed multinational corporation specializing in early childhood products, generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. Through years of dedication and hard work, she had earned her place within the company. However, she faced a significant challenge in the form of her less-than-competent personal assistant. Despite Lucy's patience, the assistant's repeated errors, some of which were grave, had caused serious issues within the company. Following a severe reprimand from her superiors due to a mistake that jeopardized a $17 million deal, Lucy decided to address the situation. During lunchtime, she summoned her assistant to her office and calmly instructed her to take a seat.
  4. A friend gets shrunk down to doll size by his friend. She decides to humiliate him and punish him in so many humiliating ways. Using him as her new toy.
  5. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here so please let me know if I do something that violates community etiquette. This is the first of what will likely be several stories about this character. More writing is available on my patreon. All characters are adults. 18+ - Delilah woke up as the warm mush filled the seat of her diaper. She squirmed against the giant teddy bear that took up nearly half her bed, still too sleepy to understand the sensation. A hot rush of pee flooded her already soaked padding and she came fully awake. She opened her eyes. She was laying on her back between the legs of her teddy, with her head resting on his soft belly. Still feeling pressure in her tummy, Delilah opened her legs and pushed. She whimpered as the rest of a large, firm mess plopped into her diaper. Blushing, she reached down to gently feel the lump in her thick disposable. Her diaper warmed under her hand as her bladder finished emptying itself. She sat up with her back against her teddy’s tummy, drawing her knees up and trying not to squish her mess against her kitty. A faint but noticeable smell of poop wafted up as she flipped back her covers. Pushing back her pale pink hair, she put on her glasses and picked up her phone. Morning daddy, she typed. She held up her phone to take a selfie. After two years on estrogen, she was still both adjusting to and reveling in her own beauty. She loved her soft skin, her small firm breasts, the subtle new curves on her thin body. The low cut of her nightgown showed off her collarbones and a tiny hint of cleavage, the soft blue color of the fabric matching her eyes. Her most striking feature was her large pretty mouth, almost too big for her tiny face. Sticking out her butt and tugging up her nighty to make sure her diaper was visible, Delilah snapped her selfie. She swiped back to a message from “my daddy ❤️.” Morning baby ❤️, it read. She replied with her selfie. Turning slightly onto her side, she reached behind her and, shoving her teddy’s leg out of the way to get a better angle, took a picture of her messy diaper. The brown stain was slowly spreading up the back of the diaper after her last wetting. She sent it to her partner. my daddy ❤️: My pretty baby ❤️ my daddy ❤️: Are you poopy? Delilah smiled and leaned forward, supporting herself on her elbows as she typed. Her teddy’s fluff tickled her thighs as she jiggled her messy diaper against him. 🏳️‍🌈 LilahLemon (she/her)🍋🏳️‍⚧️: Big time hehe my daddy ❤️: Good girl 🏳️‍🌈 LilahLemon (she/her)🍋🏳️‍⚧️: Grumbles >//< A warm flush radiated from Delilah’s chest and she squeezed her legs together, causing her mess to squish between her thighs and her cheeks. She brushed her nipples with her hand and shivered. Her breasts were growing again and they were tender and sensitive. my daddy ❤️: Did you do it in your sleep? 🏳️‍🌈 LilahLemon (she/her)🍋🏳️‍⚧️: Some hehe 🏳️‍🌈 LilahLemon (she/her)🍋🏳️‍⚧️: Woke up and finished pushing my daddy ❤️: Such a good girl Delilah smiled and slipped her hand into the collar of her nightgown, rubbing her small conical nipples. She pinched her left one and gently rolled the tip between her fingers. Meeh 😛, she typed. my daddy ❤️: So glad my baby bed messes ❤️ You know I can’t help it, Delilah replied. She couldn’t. After being diapered for the last four years, her continence was nearly extinguished. She still had partial bowel control while she was awake, but she frequently woke up messing herself. Gently biting her lip, Delilah squeezed her breast. They were just large enough now to fill her small hands and she was desperate to have them touched. She wiggled her hips against her squishy padding, feeling her mess mush between her legs. Her kitty was flushed and sensitive. She dropped her hand from her breast and reached under the skirt of her nighty to cup the crotch of her diaper. Pressing it against her kitty, she kneaded the soaked filling through the plastic. Her clit was starting to drip into her diaper. May I get off daddy? She typed with her other hand. my daddy ❤️: We’ll see baby my daddy ❤️: Where's your paci sweetie? She felt over her chest, realizing her pacifier clip was missing. Around? She typed. Should be in your mouth, her partner responded. Delilah grumbled to herself and crawled over her teddy to search her bed, her plastic sheets crinkling under her. Pushing aside the covers to reveal a collection of sex toys, stuffies, snacks, and an assortment of items that absolutely should not have been in her bed, Delilah dug around under her pillows for her pacifier. Finding it between her wand and a bag of candy she’d stolen from work, Delilah popped in her mouth. She climbed on top of her teddy, straddling him, and sent a picture to her caregiver. Her pretty was face lit up in a smile behind the large pacifier shield. my daddy ❤️: There's my happy baby ❤️ Glowing with pleasure, she rocked herself against her teddy. Squeezing her teddy with her legs so she didn’t slip off, Delilah leaned over and started the video call through her webcam. “Can you see me daddy?” She said, shaking her messy butt at the camera. Her mess moved against her. “I can see you, baby.” Her caregiver’s voice crackled over her cheap speakers and Delilah smiled behind her pacifier. It was deeper than the pre-testosterone voice he had had when they first got together, but she no longer remembered any other. She pulled her nightgown off over her head and flipped her hair back as she turned around to face the camera. Shivering with excitement as the cool air hit her skin, she ran her hands over her chest. She cupped a breast in each palm and squeezed gently, more for her own enjoyment than for that of her partner watching through the webcam. She did hope that if she was sexy enough, he would let her cum. The poop in her diaper squished against her as she scooted her butt up to straddle her teddy’s head. Pressing her crotch down on his face, she rocked her kitty against his nose. She ran her hands down her smooth body to rub the front of her diaper, cupping the padding with both hands and lifting it to press against her clit. “Good girl. Baby loves her teddy, doesn't she?” “Mhmm,” Delilah bounced her butt against the bear’s head. “Does he make baby’s kitty feel nice?” “Mhmmm,” Delilah lisped around her pacifier. “My diapers berry slick daddy.” “And very full. Baby’s kitty must be so poopy.” Delilah whined and rocked herself impatiently against her bear. “I pretty sure she's still clean,” she mumbled, knowing very well she was messy all over under her diaper. “Maybe,” She heard a smile in her partner’s voice. “But you're a very good girl to rub your kitty in your mess.” A little moan slipped out of Delilah. “Just want to make stickies…” “I know you do. Where’s your toy, baby?” Delilah blushed. “Which one daddy?” “Your big one.” “Umm…” Delilah slid off her bear. Making sure to stick up her butt at the camera, she crawled over to her nest of sex toys and pulled out her large red dildo. “Dis one, dada?” She turned around, holding it up to the camera. “Yes, baby. Where’s your lube?” She shrugged. “I nono.” “Find it.” Grumbling, she dug around in her bed for her lube, finally finding it under her stuffed shark. She held it up in triumph. “Good girl. Can you say hello to your toy for me?” She took out her pacifier, licking up the length of the dildo before taking it into her mouth. She made eye contact with the camera as she took it as deep into her throat as she could, grinding her kitty into her diaper as she did. She slowly slid it out of her mouth, kissing the tip as it left her lips. Wiggling with excitement, she opened her lube bottle and dribbled it over her toy, sliding her hand up and down the shaft as she coated it. “Good baby.” Delilah popped her pacifier back in and smiled. “Can you pull your diaper aside for me?” Nodding, Delilah obediently got on all fours and pulled her diaper aside with one hand. She flushed with embarrassment to know her daddy could almost certainly see how messy she was. With her other hand, she angled her dildo under her diaper towards her asshole. She burned with humiliation as she felt her mess squishing under the toy. Pressing the tip to her hole, she pushed gently. Her body resisted at first, then, as she forced herself to relax, she felt her hole open and take in the head of the toy. She gave herself a few seconds to accept the toy and then slowly pushed the rest of the shaft into herself. She tugged her diaper back into place, trying not to get any mess on her fingers. Looking back over her shoulder, she shook her hips at the camera. “Good girl. Can you show me how you like to make your teddy feel good?” “Yesh dada.” Carefully climbing back on to her teddy, she straddled his hips and put her arms around his head. Nuzzling into his soft fur, she slowly eased down on her dildo. She whined quietly as her mess mushed under her and she humped her diaper against her teddy, her clit sliding against her soiled padding. “Does baby like that?” Delilah nodded into her teddy. “Uh…huh…” Her clit was hard now, and she shifted her full weight onto her butt, driving her dildo deeper into herself. She rolled her hips against him, riding the dildo in her diaper like it was her teddy’s cock. Leaning forward, she kissed his face through her pacifier, his fluff tickling her small breasts. She moaned into her pacifier. Kissing him made it more like real sex, but also made her feel more like a little girl “practicing” kissing on her stuffed toys. She felt pathetic. Her kitty throbbed. “Aww, is baby giving teddy kisses?” Delilah turned her head to look back at the camera. Her cheek was pressed against her bear's fur. “Just being nice to my fwiend.” “I know sweetie. Baby loves making her teddy happy, doesn't she?” She nodded. “Does he make baby’s kitty feel nice?” “Makes my kitty tinglies.” She squirmed in her diaper. “I know sweetie, your clitty is really hard isn't she? Delilah blushed. “Why’s my baby so excited?” “I nono.” She turned her face into her bear. “Is it because she knows she’s too little for big girl sex?” Delilah whined into her pacifier and rapidly humped her hard clit against her padding. Sweat rolled down her back. Her whole body felt tingly and the cold air was electric against her damp skin. She squeezed her legs around her bear, flexing her butt and thighs as she rode the toy in her ass. She moaned as the mess moved between her cheeks. “Does my baby want to cum in her dirty diaper?” “Yesh,” Her voice was high and breathy. “Yesh daddy.” “Yes what, baby?” “I wanna-” Delilah moaned into her teddy. “Wanna cum in my poopy diapy dada.” “Get your buzzy, baby.” Delilah whimpered and reached for her wand. The smell of her diaper and her own sweat hung in the air around her. She clicked it on and placed the buzzing head against the front of her diaper and sucked in her breath as her whole diaper vibrated against her kitty. Trapping the wand between herself and her bear she pushed into it hard into her crotch, mushing the silicon head into the plastic of her diaper. She pushed her hips forward, curling over herself to feel the depth of the toy in her ass. Her poopy diaper buzzed against her clit, enveloping her. She kissed her bear’s face and moaned loudly and involuntarily into her pacifier. “Is my baby close?” “Uhh…” Delilah’s mouth was open and slack around her pacifier. Her eyes were shut. She was squeezing her own breast in one hand. “Uhhuhhh…” “Is her teddy making her feel nice in her dirty diaper?” “Mhhmmm…” She nodded and moaned again. All Delilah could think about was her diaper. Her mess was buzzing against her; her own filthy, smelly reminder that she was a helpless baby. Too little for sex, too little to use the toilet. Only able to squish her soiled padding against herself until she came in her own waste. “Cum in your diaper for me, baby.” The wave of pleasure erupted from her kitty, rolling up over her hips and chest. Delilah gasped and moaned, her hand slipping from her breast to mash her wand against her diaper as she came. She whimpered against her bear’s face, rocking back on her dildo to milk out the rest of her orgasm. “Eeep,” Delilah pulled back from her wand as it suddenly became too much. Giggling, she fumbled to turn it off. She couldn’t tell if she had dribbled into her diaper or not, but her kitty was tingly and happy. Her wand clicked off. She was sleepy and warm. “All done sweetie?” She nodded as she snuggled into her bear. Her dildo felt larger in her ass now and she wiggled her butt to get comfortable. “Did you have fun?” “Duh.” Delilah was struggling to keep her eyes open. Her diaper mushed between thighs as she wrapped her legs around her teddy. God, she stunk. “Let’s get your diaper changed then.” “Uh uh.” Delilah pulled her covers up over herself. “Are you gonna fall asleep on me?” “No, dada.” Delilah felt herself peeing into her mess. She sighed happily as the damp heat spread throughout her diaper. “Are you sure?” “Mhmms.” “I love you baby.” “Wuv wu too dada.” Delilah suckled her pacifier. She closed her eyes.
  6. Ok so I just got word that there's been talks about a new law that would make printed adult diapers and plastic pants sex toys under US law requiring ID and proof of age to buy abdl products this is an outrage can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to have your mail man card you before delivering your diapers this is horrible I encourage each and every one of you to write your congressmen demanding that they shoot down this outrageous bill before it becomes the law
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