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Found 7 results

  1. I’m a little who is joining the Army. I don’t want to completely give up ageplay or diapers (I already know I’ll have no chance during basic, that’s fine). Anyone have recommendations on how to indulge this side of me while I’m in? I’m joining active duty 68w.
  2. A national TV Network was having a Reality Show. They were calling it "The Great Mom Swap!" The Idea was not to see who could do the best job as mom. This had a twist, they were trying to see if they could get one mom to cheat on their spouse. It was something along the lines of a show called Temptation Island! They had ran a few years ago. But with actually married people. They recieved over 100,000 aplications. They also had a questionnaire to get a type of feeling of the applicants. They went through each and every application and took the most likely candidates. Soon they had a 100 aplications left. Each family member was asked if they were 100% happy in their relationships, parents with kids, kids with parents, spouses with spouses. This was done in private, they were all told to be truthful! They narrowed it down to 16 moms. Then they started matching the husbands and wives. Thre were 2 families that stood out the Denning's of Phoenix, Arizona, and the Redmond's of Antimony, Utah. Currently the kids hated the moms they had now and the spouses were not happy with each other. There were others but they just seemed that the mother in each family was the total opposite of the family they were currently in. Mrs. Redmond caught a flight to Phoenix Arizona from Salt Lake City, Utah. Mrs. Denning caught a flight from Phoenix, Arizona to Salt Lake City, Utah. Mrs. Greta Redmond was thinking, "It's so dammed good to get out of that fucking little town, away from her loser kids! For hopefully the next month she would be in the big city of Phoenix." Mrs. Nancy Denning was thinking "Ah, to get out the big city and back on a farm, where she grew up at, at heart she was still a small town girl. Hopefully the next 4 weeks in a small town away from her kids that hate her, she had never been that outgoing. Shd had always been a quiet girl. That was what her husband loved about her, and now hated about her! He was a Former Drill Instructor tough as nails, ran his home like he was still a D.I. his kids loved it She hated it! She was looking foreward to being in a small town. Everybody tended to be more laid back. You were a friend until you caused problems then forget it! Greta Redmond was thinking just the opposite. She used to be in the military she wished she still was. She fell in love with Dave Redmond. He was quiet. He was respectful. How did she know he was a wimp bedwetter and all their kids from the oldest to the youngest would be bedwetters! The youngest still wore pullups to school and was wet everyday he came home from school! Whatever I get it has to be better than I had. Nancy was thinking the same thing word for word, except for her it was how do l tell this new family their temporary mom is a lifelong bedwetter, and after having 5 kids is a daytime leaker now as well. Did I make the wrong choice by going on this show?
  3. Did or has anyone been brave enough to wear/ use during the day while serving? Under your uniform?
  4. The planet earth, home to the species known as humanity. This species has been through so much in the past 66-million years, from wars to famine, to extinction-level events and many other catastrophes that would have ripped other species and planets apart. Nope, not this species, these species, these humans have survived for so long and why, no other race in the galaxy that has been observing them for as long as they have existed could tell you that. The only thing they do know is that this species is new to the space-faring and has only barely started establishing its own foothold in the galaxy. But now the galaxy was about to feel what it was like to have humans roaming about the galaxy in a military vessel no-less, some leaders of other races, just couldn't believe the idea that humanity had managed to get this far and survive long enough to be able to become space-faring, others are happy that the humans have finally reached a league of their own in space-travel, the rest of the leaders try and come together to discourage humanity from continuing its endeavor into space by fighting or denying them access to their planets. They thought that if they could starve out the humans then the humans would not have any reason to continue to be in space, oh how very wrong they would eventually turn out to be. Meanwhile, at spaceport Athena, docking-bay 36-4 the crew of the United Nations Carrier Ship zero-one Invictus was getting the final stragglers of its crew-aboard as they were going to be the first military ship, representing humanity in the stars and the galaxy are preparing to set out on their maiden voyage of the milky-way. All of the crew was excited, some were nervous, others were frightened of what they might find out in the dark reaches of space. But all had a determined mind to see this through and see what life was like on other planets, some were veterans of wars on the planets, others were freshly-trained recruits out of the academy that had never been away from home, let alone their home planet. "Oh god, this is gonna be such an exciting moment. I can't wait to see what we get to see when we get to our first planet." One of the officers excitedly says to the officer next to him and quickly falls silent as he and the rest of the crew is called to Attention and the captain of the ship walks out onto the deck and everyone, immediately salutes him, to which he gives the order to stop saluting, which they do and return to a position of attention, it was then that he spoke to all of them. "I am Captain Rangers, you men, and women of this planet, have all been a great opportunity, to become part of the first-ever military endeavor by humanity, in its history among the stars, to patrol and make our presence to the rest of the galaxy be known, now this isn't gonna be easy for most of you because your all used to the gravity of earth, trust me I was too when I first stepped aboard this ship, but I am happy to report that it will get easier, just remember that you are representing humanity aboard this ship, we are humanity upon the stars, so whatever petty crap you have among each other I do not wanna see it aboard this ship, we're here to do a mission and live and work together without any major diplomatic incidents happening. I do not care about your race, where you came from, etc. None of that will have an impact on this ship's mission, do you all understand this? Good! Now, have a safe tour and let's get back to this planet in one piece Hu'ah?! Good! That is all, you're all dismissed!" (If anyone wants to join in, feel free to post a response and a character starter, thank you)
  5. Hi There My name is Alex. I am a 20 y/o Male. I am Enlisted in the United States Air Force. I am an ABDL. More like a toddler.. Age play. i am anywhere from 3-6 years of age. im not a sissy but most times i tend to lead to Female toddler named Alexa. it just depends on my mood i guess.. I'm Straight but im a very avid member of the gay pride group here. idc what your into i have not one problem with it.
  6. I just wanted to share this with everyone. It is very moving!
  7. Wow. According to this article : http://www.thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=86099&Cat=2 soldiers wear diapers to avoid having to exit their vehicles during ongoing combat operations. I think many of us may have suspected that this happens but this is the first news I've seen with any type of confirmation even though the news article itself is not confirmed. Anyway thought it was interesting. -DW Updated: I now believe these are what is in some of the NATO/Military supply containers Kevlar "Diaper" from Military.com This from the Marine Corps Times This is the first I've heard of the term "Blast Boxers" from a blog. None of these are "diapers" as they relate to incontinence but have everything to do with the protection of one's reproductive parts! And I wouldn't doubt that these may in fact be what is in those Nato containers. But the foreign (anti-Nato/American) press either inadvertently or deliberately picked up on the derogatory view of it.
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