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  1. Tony squirmed, and his stomach was grumbling. "Come on sweetie, drink the bottle!" Ella said. She pulled him closer into her lap, holding him tight. She held the bottle close to his face. He frowned. "This isn't fair Mommy. I don't want another bottle," he whined. "I already can't take any more." She smirked down on him, and bounced him on her knee. His diaper crinkled, and his stomach grumbled again. "I don't remember agreeing to any limit on how much I could feed you. The deal was you had to keep your pampers clean, not that I would then starve you." "But..." he said. She waved a finger at his nose. "Ah ah ah, no whining. You know Baby has to listen to his Mommy, right?" "Yeah..." he pouted. "And that Mommy always knows what's best for her baby?" "Yeah" he said again. "Then baby should listen to Mommy and drink his buh buh. Come on, drink up!" Tony frowned, but opened his mouth for the nip. She shoved it in, and he started sucking. Tony shuffled in Ella's lap, trying to ignore his stomach cramping. He squirmed as if trying to break out of her grasp, though he put no real effort into it. He was dressed in an outfit that was fairly normal for him at home- light purple shirt over a thick white diaper printed with bunny rabbits, pacifier tied on a string around his neck, and hair in pigtails, the only thing that was different from normal is his "Mommy" deliberately kept his skirt and onesies off so he "couldn't hide any accident in his diaper." The reason for that was the thing that wasn't normal for the night, the bet he had made. The bet seemed simple at first. Mommy would put him in his diapers, as normal. He would then be banned from the toilet, which happened from time to time. They had some of their kink friends coming over the next day, and if he managed to keep his diaper clean until bedtime, he could dress in normal "Big boy" clothes the next day for their visit. That came with special privileges. He could finally sit at the dom table, rather then serving them with the other subs. He could drink alcohol, rather then the normal juice and milk his AB sub status left him with. Rather then being teased and humiliated the whole night, he could finally be the one watching the show from a position of control. If he failed and filled his diaper, however, he wouldn't be. Instead, he agreed to let Mommy hypnotize him once the morning before and leave an instruction in his mind, without his knowing what that instruction was. The possibilities left him terrified, if a bit excited. She could make him act like a dog, and bark every time someone new entered the building. She could make him instantly obedient to any command, and get ordered around by the entire group all night. She could make him constantly horny, and eager for any chance and pleasure. The fact that he didn't know was what was most frightening. At first he thought this would be an easy bet to win. However, what he forgot was that the normal rules for when he played her diapered sissy still applied. That meant he had to do anything she asked, including eat or drink anything. So, after his eight bottle of milk, third bowl of beans, and constant force feedings of whatever Mommy found around, his stomach was turning with over an hour left before bedtime. "AH ah, stop squirming sweetie, or I may have to give you a spanking!" "I can't stop!" he replied. "My stomach hurts so bad!" "Then let go. Into your diapie. That's what it is there for," she smiled. "NO! I WILL WIN!" he replied triumphantly. Ella giggled. "That's a really proud way to say you MAAAYY be able to keep your diaper clean, MAYBE, if you try real hard." Tony groaned. His stomach turned, and he heard himself let out gas into his diaper. "EEEP! Mommy! Please no more!" he whined. Ella giggled. "Its ok sweetie, far from the worst thing I've seen you put into your pampers. Now drink your buh-buh." He kept drinking, and squirmed as he clenched to keep his diaper clean. Ella started bouncing him up and down harder, and he felt his innards loosening as he did. "What? Am I not allowed to bounce my widdle baby on my knee? Hear his widdle diapers crinkle? Hear his stomach..." "EEEP! Mommy!" he said as his stomach cramped up loudly. He began to sweat from the effort, and tried to distract himself by drinking the bottle, though the milk only made the feeling worse? "EEERR... ER..." he said, straining from the effort. His stomach grumbled again, and... BLAART! "NO! OH NO! NOT NOW!" He shouted his gut finally opened up and poured its contents into his diaper. Mommy giggled and kept bouncing, and he felt the mess grow and mash into him over and over. It was over in moments, but the damage was done. Mommy laughed out loud as she bounced him again, knowing she had won. "Oh no," he moaned. "Oh yes stinky, that's a full diaper. I won the bet," she teased. "But that's not fair! You didn't say you were going to force feed me all that!" She silenced him by shoving his pacifier in his mouth, which he knew came with the order for silence. "Now now, we both agreed to the deal. You were just so excited about maybe being a big boy for our friends that you didn't think things through, weren't you?" He blushed and nodded. "And isn't it that same lack of thinking and over excitement that explains exactly WHY you're my little sub in diapers and why I'm your mommy?" He nodded again. "Good. Glad you learned your lesson. Now, are you going to finish your buh buh, or am I going to keep bouncing you up and down in your poopy diapers all night?" He groaned. He was full, but the repeated squelching was already making him nauseous, so he sucked and finished the bottle. When he was done, she stood him on the ground and sniffed around him, then waved a hand in front of her nose. "Whew! You really did a number on those diapers. You stink like a sewer! No hiding that, eh?" He shook his head. "Good boy. Now, off to bed poopy pants, and we'll play our game tomorrow." She patted his bottom, giving another nauseating squelch. He looked at her with a pout, and she waved goodnight at him. He waddled toward his bedroom, thoughts about the next day turning over in his mind.
  2. "Awe, what's wrong little sissy," my mommy asked me as we pulled into the driveway. "I don't want to do this," I replied. "What," Mommy said. "You've been saying for months how much fun it would be to have a sissy play date. Now that I've set one up for you, you want to back down?" "Yes," I answered. "I know I said that, but I meant like watching cartoons and coloring with another person in diapers and dresses. This is a sleepover, and you won't even be there!" "Well too bad sissy. Now get going," Mommy said as she stepped out of the car. "Everything is already set up, and I have plans tonight that I will be late for if you keep dragging your feet. So unless you want to come home to a punishment tomorrow you'll put some pep in your little sissy steps." Mommy took me by the hand and led me up the walk to the house's front door. She rang the doorbell, holding my hand in a vice-like grip. A diaper bag was slung over her other shoulder. The door was answered by an older woman, hair starting to gray. She and Mommy embraced in a warm hug. Mommy then handed her my diaper bag. "Hi Kathleen," Mommy said. "Everything little sissy Brian needs is in there. Sorry he isn't wearing anything. He is nervous about his sleepover with Sam tonight, and was being fussy so I didn't have much time to get him ready. Thank you so much for doing this tonight though." "I don't worry about. You know I love dressing up sissies," Kathleen said. "You didn't need to pack all this though. You know I have plenty of diapers for the two little sissies." "I know, but I didn't want to take advantage. I will be by to pick him up tomorrow at 10:00 though," Mommy said. Turning her attention to me, she said, "now Brian, you be a good sissy tonight and listen to everything Aunty Kathleen tells you. She has my permission to punish you any way she sees fit, and if I hear you needed a punishment, you can bet it will be worse when you get home tomorrow. Now give me a kiss goodbye. " Chastised and blushing, I gave Mommy a kiss before being pulled into the house by Kathleen. Kathleen then closed the door, causing Mommy to disappear from my view. "Now, should we get you properly dressed?" Kathleen asked me. "Yes Ma'am," I replied. Kathleen then took me by the hand, leading me deeper into the house. We headed up a flight of stairs, stopping outside of A soft pink door. Kathleen opened the door, revealing an adult baby nursery that every sissy baby dreamed of having. A crib with a twin sized mattress dominated one corner of the room. A changing table with diapers stacked underneath dominated the opposite corner. Both were covered in restraints that could completely immobilize anyone using the furniture. A large rocking chair occupied a third corner of the room underneath a large window, and sex and baby toys were scattered across the floor of the rest of the room. "Once you are properly dressed you can go play with Sammy. Does that sound fun Brianna?" Kathleen asked me. She started undressing me instantly, so I don't think my answer mattered beyond avoiding punishment for being rude. So I responded, "Yes, Ma'am." Kathleen untied my shoes first, making me rest my hand on her back while she pulled my shoes and socks off my feet. She then unbuttoned my shorts, pulling them and my underwear down in a single smooth motion. Kathleen made me rest my hands on her again for support as I stepped out of the leg holes. I wanted to cover myself with my hands in one last act of modesty, but as my arms moved down Kathleen caught them and lifted them up above my head. Then, she pulled my t-shirt up above my head and I was naked. Once undressed, I was ushered up on top of the changing mat, and Kathleen buckled a single strap across my waist, holding me onto the table. "Your momma would be so upset if something happened to her little sissy, so I need to take extra special care with you, don't I?" This time, I left it as a rhetorical question and didn't respond. Kathleen bent below my eye site for a second, returning with a diaper thicker than any I had ever seen before. Kathleen set it on my chest. So I could stare right at it, while she pulled out the other supplies she needed. I wondered how badly I would be waddling in the diaper until I felt something cold around my balls. The diaper blocked my view, but I could tell that Kathleen was putting my chastity cage on me. Chastity was a kink that my wife and I often indulged in with one another. But having your wife lock away your cock was one thing, and an older woman who had never touched you intimately before was entirely another. Normally, I was hard as a rock and my wife had to use a cold washcloth or another trick to get me into the cage. This time, I was so timid about being locked up by Kathleen that my cage was almost too small for me. "I have no idea why your mommy said I should expect trouble getting your cage on you," Kathleen said as she sealed my dick in with a click. "You have such a well behaved sissy clitty for me." Kathleen then lifted my hips up, slipping the diaper underneath me. A liberal cloud of powder soon coated my chastity cage and butt crack. I turned and twisted on the table as Kathleen rubbed the powder into my diaper area. Sam often had a bruised ass when I hung out with him, so I knew Kathleen wasn't shy about delivering a spanking. Because of this, I tried to stay still, but it was also deeply embarrassing having Kathleen touching my genitals so thoroughly and business-like, as if I were nothing more than a child she was babysitting. Satisfied that my nether regions were thoroughly protected from diaper rash, Kathleen then taped the diaper up with the same efficiency. Kathleen then ran her fingers through the waist and leg bands, checking the fit of the diaper. Satisfied, she slid a pair of plastic locking panties up my legs. Once they covered the diaper, Kathleen released me from the changing table, so she could roll me onto my side to lock the plastic panties on with a click. I wasn’t allowed off of the changing table until she had given the panties a few test pulls to make sure they wouldn't come off. After the diaper and plastic panties were put on me, Kathleen went digging through Sammy's sissy closet for an outfit for me to wear. She was in there for a minute before she popped back out with an armful of clothes. First, Kathleen had me put on a simple white camisole. Then came a very frilly pink dress, with ruffles and frills on both the skirt and shoulders. Kathleen made me raise my arms above my head while she slipped it over my head. She then zipped it up my back. A small click indicated she had locked the dress around my neck when she had fully zipped it up my back. A bright white corset was then wrapped around my torso. Since it was more decorational than for waist shaping, Kathleen only tightened the corset until it was mildly uncomfortable. Next, Kathleen snuck a matching pair of bloomers up my legs and over my diaper. Lastly, two petticoats were slid up my legs and around my waist, adding a nice poof and flair to my outfit. "You make such a lovely little sissy Brianna," Kathleen said. "Now you just need a lovely little wig and something to cover up that unfortunate addition God put on your throat. You be a good sissy and stay right there." Kathleen left the room, leaving me alone. She was gone for a while. At least long enough for me to be bored, and start swishing my skirt and petticoats back and forth, watching them twirl around my waist. Kathleen caught me off guard as she reentered the room. "A sissy and her skirts," she said as she walked back in, a box in her arms. I blushed, embarrassed, while she pulled a blonde, ringlet wig out of the box. "We discovered, Sammy is more of a brunette than a blond, so he doesn't wear this one much." Kathleen placed a wig cap on my head, then slid the wig into place. A few adjustments and a pink headband later she was finished with my hair. To complete my outfit, a pink ribbon was tied around my throat to cover up my Adam's apple. "Now you look like such a darling little sissy," Kathleen said. She didn't let me look at myself in the mirror though. Instead, she took me by the hand, leading me out of the room and back downstairs to her living room. *Part Two* Set up in the center of the room was a large playpen. Another sissy sat in the center of the playpen, half heartedly pushing two teddy bears around in front of them while baby cartoons played quietly on the tv. The sissy in the playpen was Sam, or Sammy, the person I was having a "sleepover" with. They were dressed in a yellow baby party dress, wearing a brunette bob wig with a small bonnet tied around their chin. As Kathleen helped Sammy stand up out of the playpen, I saw his skirt was stiff enough and accompanied by enough petticoats that the bottom of his diaper and plastic pants just peeked out between his legs. It was interesting, seeing Sammy and Kathleen so close together. Unlike my mommy, who was only a few years older than me, Kathleen was older than Sammy by a couple of decades. The marked age difference and between Sammy and Kathleen, and his appearance, truly made Sammy appear to be a child, even though he was only two years younger than I. "Now, doing each other's makeup and nails is a classic sleepover activity for girls. I was thinking you two sissies would love doing that for each other, wouldn't you?" Kathleen said. "Yes mommy," Sammy said. I simultaneously said, "Yes aunt Kathleen." "Alright, both of you be good and sit on the floor, while I go and get the makeup," Kathleen said. Sammy and I knelt on the floor as Kathleen left. We sat there in awkward silence, neither of us sure really how to start a conversation in our present state. Kathleen finally returned, makeup caboodle in one hand and a bag of makeup brushes in the other. Setting the items down, she said, "Ok, which one of you wants to be made up first?" After an awkward silence, I eventually raised my hand. "Good sissy Brian," Kathleen said. She sat on the ground in between Sammy and I, and began unpacking all of the things she had brought down. First, she directed Sammy in applying foundation to my face, then eyeshadow, blush, and lip gloss. Once Kathleen was satisfied with Sammy's work, she had me do the same, following the same steps of dabbing the foundation onto Sammy before gently coloring his eyes in a yellow eyeshadow to match his dress. Then a forced smile so that I could brush foundation onto the apples of his cheeks. Finally, strokes of lipgloss left a pink glittering shimmer on his lips. Kathleen showed us the results of our makeovers in a small hand mirror. Overall, they weren't great. I knew I could have done a better job with my makeup myself, and I knew that I didn't do a great job either on Sammy's makeup. It had been the first time I had put makeup on another person though, and I am sure Sammy was in a similar boat. Painting each other's nails went much better though. This time, Sammy went first. He was much more confident with the nail brush than makeup brushes, painting my fingernails in smooth baby pink streaks. Once my fingernails were coated in the delicate pink lacquer, my toenails received the same treatment. I then had to sit, hands and toes spread while my nails dried. The process was then repeated, as Sammy applied a second coat. When he was finished, my nails were a solid, baby pink color, and, unaccustomed to regularly having my nails painted, the paint gave my fingers an unusual weight. When my nails were finally dry, it was my turn to paint Sammy's nails. Kathleen had me paint his nails in a bright red that stood out when contrasted against his dress. As I finished the first coat, Kathleen had me gently sprinkle a little glitter across his fingernails, so that it got stuck in the nail polish. The second coat then sealed the glitter in, giving his nails a nice sparkle in addition to the red color. As we waited for Sammy's second coat of nail polish to dry, his stomach began to grumble with hunger. "Awe, is someone's tum-tum saying it wants din-dins," Kathleen teased. "Well don't you worry. I'll make a nice dinner for my two little sissy babies. Now I only have one high chair, and since his tummy is growling, I am going to feed Sammy first, is that ok Brian?" "Yes aunty Kathleen," I replied. "Such a helpful little sissy. No wonder you're Mommy never has to punish you. Unlike this one," Kathleen said, pinching Sammy's arm playfully. "Since you are the better behaved sissy, I am going to leave you here while I put Sammy in the high chair. Then I will put you in the bouncer so you can work up an appetite for dinner. Will you be good and sit here quietly while I do that?" "Yes Aunty Kathleen," I said again. She then helped Sammy stand and led him into the kitchen. Kathleen was gone for fifteen minutes before she returned, a padded, harness-like object in her hands. There were two long straps on the thing in her arms, which she connected to two pulleys suspended from the ceiling. I then stepped into the harness, holding my skirts and petticoats up, at Kathleen's command. She then lifted the harness up around my waist, gently tucking my petticoats and skirts intonthe waistband of the harness. A set of straps then went across my chest, holding the harness tight against my diaper, and holding me tight between the two straps connecting me to the ceiling. Kathleen then tightened the straps, so that it was just uncomfortable to stand flat footed on the ground. My wrists were then placed in two cuffs attached to the straps. She then unrolled a black mat, spreading it out underneath me. Two pads were connected to the mat, which she stuck just inside the leg bands of my bloomers. "From what your mommy has told me, you will enjoy this as much as Sammy, even if you won't admit it. It will also make sure you are nice and ready for dinner," Kathleen said as she plugged a cord extending from the mat into an outlet. As soon as the prongs connected, I jumped into the air, feeling an electric shock jolt through my legs. It happened again and again, and without any active effort on my part I was soon bouncing away. Kathleen had a smirk on her face as she left to feed Sammy. It didn’t take too long for me to connect that the pads on my legs and the mat I kept landing on were making a circuit that was providing the shocks. They weren't painful, so much as an unpleasant sensation in my legs. I couldn't tell if it was the sensation, the surprise of the shock, or a reaction from my legs but each shock launched me into the air, keeping me bouncing away. I tried curling my legs underneath me, once, to try avoiding the shocks. All this brilliant idea accomplished was giving me a diaper wedgie that crushed my balls and rammed my chastity cage unpleasantly into my crotch. I had no concept of time while bouncing away, but eventually I was able to collect my thoughts and think about something other than the shocks. The actual bouncing sensation felt rather good, causing my diaper to rub against me in a way that soon had my dick straining against its cage. I could also feel my diaper and the harness putting pressure against my butt. I was eventually wishing I had something inside of my ass, so I could fuck myself to orgasm while I bounced away. When Kathleen finally returned, she was leading Sammy from behind, who, in addition to his previous outfit, was sporting a massive bib covered in baby food and a pacifier bobbing in and out of his mouth. Kathleen unplugged the mat and pads from the wall, letting my feet land and stay on the ground. My legs were shaky as they landed on the ground. I realized that I was panting for breath, exhausted from my constant bouncing. Kathleen released me from the cuffs and harness, and I dropped on the floor, legs wobbly from the bouncer and exhaustion. I stayed on the floor, panting and trying to get the feeling back into my legs, until Kathleen had Sammy strapped into the bouncer. She then led me away into the kitchen while Sammy sucked a pacifier while bouncing away. Kathleen brought me into the kitchen, where a pink polka dot padded high chair with a white plastic tray was set against an island. Water streaks drying on it indicated it had just been thoroughly wiped down. Kathleen pulled the tray off the high chair, and helped me into the seat, fluffing my skirt and petticoats so that they would sit just right and not be ruffled by the tray. She then buckled straps across my shoulders and waist. Two more velcro straps pinned my arms firmly against the sides of the chair. Two final straps, one over my thighs, one over my ankles, bound me firmly to the chair. My legs could do little more than shuffle along the footrest while my arms could only wriggle at my sides. Kathleen then clicked the white tray into place. Kathleen started by affixing a bib, more akin to a hairdresser's cape, around my neck. It was so large it used multiple buttons to secure it around my neck, rather than tying in the back like a normal bib. She then placed two large baby bottles of milk on my tray. Next came a bowl of a thick, white pasty substance. Lastly, Kathleen placed three jars of baby food on the tray. Reading the labels, I could see the contents were peas, squash, and carrots. Kathleen opened each of the cars, stirring them into the bowl with the white substance using a large soup spoon. Kathleen then dipped the spoon into the mushy mixture. Her mouth opened to start making a noise, but before she made a sound I opened my mouth to swallow the heaping spoonful. "Such an obedient sissy," Kathleen said as I wrapped my lips around the spoon. I coughed and sputtered trying to choke it down. It had an unpleasant taste combined with a vile mouth feel. Remembering the mess across Sammy's bib, I guessed that he enjoyed his dinner as much as I did. Kathleen was unphased by my reaction. She giggled to herself as she scooped up another spoonful bringing it to my mouth. I swallowed it, if only because I was determined not to get as messy as Sammy had clearly gotten during his feeding. While I was technically successful in this goal, I still got much more baby food on me than I liked. Kathleen would waste just long enough for me to choke down most of a spoonful, before feeding me the next. This made it inevitable, with each spoonful, that my mouth wouldn't be ready to receive it, and the food would smear onto my face or be scraped off the spoon and down onto my waiting bib. Kathleen didn't let me have any milk until I had eaten all of the bowl of mush. She then held the baby bottles to my lips. While I could control the rate at which I suckled, short air breaks were the only reprieve I had from anything other than drinking down the milk. I felt bloated by the time I had finally finished everything. Thankfully, Kathleen quickly wiped my face off and removed the bib. My Mommy must have shared with Kathleen how much I hated to be dirty and that it would remove me from subspace. Kathleen left me in the high chair while she washed the bowl and baby bottles. She then inserted a paci gag into my mouth, buckling it behind my head. I was then freed from the numerous restraints, and led back into the living room. Once Sammy was freed from the bouncer, Kathleen helped both of us into the playpen, where we were left to color in some coloring books. Part 3 "Wha vas hat groth pace?" I asked Sammy once Kathleen had left the room. "Wice pudding," Sammy gurgled out from behind his pacifier. I noticed he wasn't gagged, just obedient by not removing his pacifier. "Do you eath thath othen?" I continued. "Mothly on weethends. Mommy wets me eath normal fooths on worthdays, buth on weethends iths nether anyfing sowid," Sammy continued. I didn't ask him any more questions after that. The lisping induced by the pacifiers put an unfortunate damper on the ease of conversation. So instead we colored with our crayons in silence. We could hear Kathleen cooking dinner for herself in the kitchen. It smelled far more delectable than our meal. The smells of the kitchen though were replaced by a less pleasant odor as time wore on. I couldn't believe that Sammy had just let loose, messing his diaper like that with me right next to him. I knew toilets would be off limits with Kathleen as our caretaker, but I figured he would at least have tried to go when Kathleen could change him right away. From all of the milk I drank at dinner though, I did wet my diaper fairly well dur8ng our time in the playpen. Around half an hour later she returned to the living room, but didn't even comment on the foul odor that now hung in the room. Instead, she said, "You two have been such good sissy babies for me. How would you like a reward of going out for ice cream?" Sammy said "Yes please mommy," with excitement. I couldn't tell if his enthusiasm was real or fake. I suspected that we would be going out for ice cream dressed as we were, and I could feel my stomach start to rumble. I knew Inwould be soon doing the same action Inhad judged Sammy for about ten minutes earlier. For these reasons, I stupidly said. "No tank you pwease. I don wantha go outhide wike dis." "Oh, and you were being such a good little sissy Brian," Kathleen said, before brusquely yanking me out of the playpen and back up to the nursery. I put up no resistance, partly because I was deep in a submissive space at this point, partly because I was worried all of the walking would make me poop myself sooner. Kathleen sat down in the rocking chair in the nursery, and almost immediately afterwards had me down across her knees and the arms of the chair. Before I had a second to prepare myself, I felt a paddle slapping into my diapers with a loud WHACK. The diapers offered some protection, but soon the pain of the paddle was coming through and I was dancing across Kathleen's lap from the whacks and swats. She was merciless in her punishment, the blows coming hard and fast. Just when I thought my ass could take no more, she switched to my thighs, delivering a series of blows to my left, then right thighs. I doubted I would be sitting at work much Monday after this spanking. "Now, choose your next words carefully, sissy," Kathleen said, her tone adopting an iciness that broke nothing but fear. "Is there something you would like to ask me?" On the verge of tears, I stuttered out around my paci-gag, "Pwease Aunthy Kaffween, can I go outh for ith cream in my pwetty dwess, ethen though I hath been a bad thithy?" Kathleen's tone changed instantly, and she responded in her normal motherly voice, "why of course you and Sammy can go out for ice cream in your pretty dresses, and you haven't been a bad sissy dear." Kathleen then led me back downstairs, me awkwardly waddling in her wake. She slipped a pair of high heels on each of our feet, and fhen asked "Is it ok if Brian sits in the car seat Sammy, since he's our guest?" "Yeth mommy," Sammy responded. The car seat was impressive, and like the bouncer, made my submissive sissy heart do summer saults with glee. In Kathleen's van, one of the seats had been removed and replaced with a car seat that had extra padding, pink of course, with a hard frame that fully enveloped a person from their head to their butt. A five point harness kept them held tight against the chair, while two cuffs prevented anyone from freeing themselves on their own. It took almost no time for Kathleen to have me hooked and bound within the car seat. In fact, it took her a longer time to tie Sammy to his seat in the car, immobilizing him as well. With us two sissies bound and restrained in the back of the car, Kathleen pulled out of the garage and onto the road. She drove for nearly an hour, taking us to a place far outside of town. During the car ride, I messed my diaper several times. Each time, I thought I would be feeling the urge to go soon, but before I could control it, I would feel myself messing my diaper. I suspected that Kathleen put something into our food, since normally it took an abnormal amount of effort for me to mess my diaper. I noticed from a few grunts and moans that Sammy too was continuing to use his diapers. I really did enjoy the bondage of the car seat, but I would have enjoyed it more under different circumstances. My bottom was extra sensitive from the thrashing it had received, and every time I added to my diapers load, either through wetting or messing, it just irritated it more. I spent the majority of the long car ride fighting the restraints trying to find a comfortable position. Nearly an hour later, as it was just growing dark, we pulled into the parking lot of an ice cream stand out in the country. Before freeing Sammy and I, Kathleen went tonthe back of the van, and removed what turned out to be a life size stroller. She then removed the pacifiers from our mouths, and freshened up our lipstick. I was the first one freed, released from the car seat only to be sat in the stroller. It was almost identical to the carseat in terms of restraints and bondage. The only real difference was that my seat was now made of a thick canvas and I was angled at sixty degrees. I had a feeling this was a subtle way of Kathleen preventing me from standing while we got ice cream. With me restrained in the adult stroller, I could do nothing but continue to helplessly fill my diaper in small amounts and feel it smear against my sore bottom. Sammy was prevented from having too much freedom for himself via a collar and leash that were placed around his neck and tied to the stroller, respectively. Kathleen parked us near the van, at one of the farther away picnic tables, before leaving to go order us ice cream. "Does her baby food usually make you mess your diapers like this?" I asked Sammy. "Yeah. That's why I only am fed it on weekends." He replied. "Also, don't worry, Mommy brings me here a lot. The owners are kinksters too, and so are a good majority of the customers. There are a few vanilla customers that discover the place and wanded in, but they only really advertise this place in the kink community as a place you can go for some light public play." "That's good." I said, trying to be nonchalant. Actually, this was a massive relief to me. I was always self conscious about going out as a sissy, even to kink spaces. I had never worn a diaper to a kink party, and outside of a few ageplay events at private homes, had never been a sissy baby in public before. If I wasn't so deep into sub space at the moment, I probably would have been having a mental breakdown. Kathleen returned, carrying two bowls of ice cream and a milkshake for herself. She pulled out two baby spoons from her purse, sticking them into the bowls of ice cream. She then handed one of the bowls to Sammy, who was allowed to feed himself. I had to be slowly fed the ice cream by Kathleen. Normally, I inhaled ice cream. Having to use these small spoons and take such delicate little bites made it take forever to eat the ice cream. About halfway through our bowls of ice cream, a large bear of a man came over. "Is that Kathleen and little baby Sammy I see over here," the man said as he approached. "Why, I barely recognized you in the dark. Oh, and it looks like you have another little sissy. Who is this?" "Hi Robert," Kathleen said. "This is Sissy Brian. He is having a sleepover with baby Sammy tonight. Since they were such good little sissies, I thought I would take them out for ice cream. Sammy, aren't you going to greet Robert?" Sammy sat his ice cream down, then stood up, needing to take a step nearer to me on his heels to not be choked by the collar and leash. Robert obliged Sammy, taking another step as well. Robert would have towered over Sammy, were it not for his heels. These gave Sammy just enough height to kiss Robert on each cheek before giving him a kiss on the lips. "Hello Sir," Sammy then said. Robert then leaned down toward me, his face a few inches from mine. I knew he wanted a greeting from me as well. The welts from my previous paddling were acutely noticeable in my dirty diaper, so I complied, not wanting to receive another punishment. I strained against the restraints of my stroller, reaching up to give him a soft kiss on each cheek before one on his lips, which went longer than I intended. I don't know if that was my subconscious doing or his. "Hello Sir, nice to meet you," I said to Robert. Robert's face was bristly from his beard, and his lips were dry and chapped, whereas I don't think stubble could be felt on my soft face and lips. The contrast between us at that moment truly had me feel like a simpering, pathetic, pantywaist, and my cock was straining against its cage to become hard as a rock. Robert sat down where Sammy had been seated, scooping the sissy up onto his lap. He gave the sissy a few bounces on his knee, making Sammy blush and moan. Then, he struck up a conversation with Kathleen, and began feeding Sammy the rest of his ice cream. I was curious just how familiar Robert was with Kathleen and Sammy, being that he could just start feeding him without asking him, or even Kathleen if they were ok with it. Robert dominated most of the conversation, talking about some recent trip of his to Boston. I didn’t know him, and calling the conversation vanilla would indicate it was more interesting than it was, so I zoned out, losing myself in my own little world of eating small bites of ice cream, feeling a twinge in my stomach, and filling my diaper a little more. I wet my diaper a couple of times as well while eating ice cream, which was a weirdly pleasurable experience. As I sat, I wondered how my diaper was holding up. I never used my diaper this much with my Mommy, and it was safe to say this was the most I had ever filled one. My musings on the structural integrity of my diaper were interrupted by emptying my bowl of ice cream. I was embarrassed to re enter reality, with Kathleen gently rocking me back and forth in the stroller while Sammy was once again being gently bounced up and down on Robert's knee. "It's getting late. This little one almost fell asleep here on us. I better get these sissy babies into their crib for the night," Kathleen said. "Good idea," Robert agreed, setting Sammy on his feet on the ground. "They could also use a bedtime bath too, boy do these sissies reek." Sammy and I turned a crimson shade of red from the comments about the state of our diaper. Robert gave Sammy a goodbye kiss, before giving Kathleen a hug and patting me on the head before heading back to his own car. Kathleen took us back to ours, transferring me once again from the stroller into the carseat, and tying Sammy into his chair, before taking us home. I woke up to Kathleen gently rubbing me awake. Apparently, I had passed out as soon as the car started moving, and was sleeping deeply the entire car ride, despite my bondage and the state of my diaper.
  3. Faye strode toward the house with all the confidence she could muster Not a house. A mansion. A PALACE. If it weren't for the size she might have just called it a villa. She passed through a wide open doorway, past a pair of guards and into a wide courtyard, filled with garden paths and decorative fountains. Rows of white columns were on either side of her, and in front, the main section of the villa- a gigantic three story building made of hard white stone. She felt her shoulders hunch, then made herself stand back up to project the confidence she knew she needed for the meeting. There were guards. A LOT of guards. They stood in pairs, armed, watching her. She made herself stare forward, as if she barely even noticed them. She stopped at the front door to the main building. She held up the letter she received to the pair of guards. "I've been summoned by..." The guard rolled his eyes and waved her in. "We know. Just go in, its straight through." "Oh," she was taken aback. She was expecting a lot more of a hassle. Normally, guards like this saw bounty hunters as a potential threat. These one's didn't even seem to care. "Have fun," the guard said, and his friend chuckled. She paused for a moment. Not the normal kind of reaction she got. She shrugged it off, then continued. She entered the building and walked straight forward, as directed. None of the guards followed her, which she found odd again, but ignored. It would be there problem if they didn't do their jobs properly. There was an open door in front of her, with a greying man in a suit sitting with his arms folded behind it. "Ah, Faye, come in," he said, indicating an empty chair with an outstretched palm. Faye approached it and say down. The door slammed behind her, and she forced herself not to jump. She looked over her shoulders to see two more armed guards on either side of the door, though neither approached her. "Hello, I'm..." she began, but was cut off by a waving of his hand. "I know, I already said your name. Let me have a look at you," he said. He put on a pair of glasses and leaned forward. "Hmmm yes, yes very good." "What are..." He waved again. "I'll explain in a moment. Please stand up," he said. Faye paused for a moment, thinking about his request. She considered asking what exactly he'd see from her standing, but instead she just stood up. He looked her up and down. "Yes yes, good. You're a fair bit shorter then her, which is good. About the size of the others so the clothes should fit." "Why would that..." "Shhh," he said. "It will make sense in a moment. Please turn around so I can see the rest." She gapped at him. "Well? The money is on the table Ms. Faye." She looked at the bare table. "Metaphorically. Literally its in a safe. But, as in, on the table for when you want it." She rolled her eyes and decided it was pointless to correct her name. She turned around, put a hand on her hip and pushed it out to the side, trying to pose for what she was sure he was looking at. She knew she was more then attractive and was proud of it, though it wasn't normally a prerequisite for her jobs. "Well? Like what you see?" A moment's pause, then "I do. You'll do nicely. Please sit down." She sat down heavily in the chair and lounged with an arm over the back of it. "So? What's the plan? Am I suppose to lure some man?" He smiled. "Sort of. Actually, its a woman." "Great. So I kill some woman." He shook his head. "Well I'd hope not. The woman is my daughter." "Family trouble?" "No, birthday present." "Like a poisoned birthday cake?" "No. Like an actual present." "Uhhh...?" He smiled. "Let's discuss price first. I understand you are in a great deal of debt. I am willing to cover that, plus an additional ten billion woolongs." Faye tried to mask her expression. That was FAR more then her normal rate. Even paying for her debts was more then her usual rate, but the extra ten billion... she could retire, and live comfortably for the rest of her life. Or, more likely, live extravagantly while still need to work occasionally to keep up her lifestyle. "OK..." she was intrigued, but suspicious. "And what is the job? Who do I kill? Your daughter wants a corpse as a birthday present?" "No one. I want you to become my daughter's dolly." "Dolly?" "Doll," he shrugged. "She calls it that." "I don't make toys." "No no, YOU are her doll." "What?" "She want's a doll. It will be you." "Why can't you just by her an ACTUAL doll? What am I supposed to do for a kid?" He sighed. "Ok, to clarify. My daughter. Matilda. She is 22. It is her birthday. Every year for her birthday, I got her a doll. Since she has become an adult, she's been wanting more... real, to play with. So, I buy stragglers like you to live with her. You play along, let her dress you up, join her game, and we let you go next year with your new fortune." She was stunned. "I AM NOT DOING THAT! WHY WOULD I?" "Because you have a massive debt on your head and people want to collect." She heard a gun cocking behind her, and remembered the small army of guards she had passed. "I... see... Why me?" He smiled. "Come on Faye. You are known all over for your beauty." "Oh, well," she smiled. "And of course my daughter only gets the prettiest of dollies, so my mind went right to you." "I see. Of course!" "So you agree?" She heard the guns cocking behind her back again. "I guess I do."
  4. So a Long time ago I had written this story and put it up here on the Daily Diapers forums. However it was sadly lost during the great purge a few years ago. I believed that was the end of it as I had deleted the only copy I had and I didn't really want to rewrite the whole thing. However, while I was cleaning out some old fines I found the rouge draft of the whole story. @HyperShark wanted a copy of it the moment I said I can found it, though it was just the rouge draft. After thinking it over (and encouragement from discord) I figured I would re-post it here, every day I will go though and edit a few chapters and post them here. If there is enough interest I might right a sequel but let's take this one step at a time 01 - Little Time Daycare "Little Time Daycare," Bryce read on the front of the building as this amazon calling herself "mommy" carried her inside. Her "Mommy" kept patting her thickly diapered bottom as she was carried inside, though Bryce wasn't sure if this was in a strange attempt to comfort her or a way to show her dominance. She wasn't sure but she was sure she didn't like it. As they approached the front deck and young amazon women greeted them, "Welcome to Little Time Daycare, how can I help you?" "I'm Jessica Mills, I have an appointment today." Her smiling captor answered. Bryce for her part was already hard at work figuring out her escape plan for this place. The lobby was almost a large triangular room with a door leading to the left and right. However where the point of the room would have been it flattened out and about halfway up the wall it was glass to the ceiling and a figure was standing there looking down on them. The figure was clearly another female amazon, she seemed to touch her ear for a moment and a voice came over some kind of intercom that was in the lobby. "Sarah please see Ms. Mills to my office." The young amazon quickly moved to the door on her right and opened it and lead them through into the main daycare area. The room looked like any other daycare one might see, however there seemed to be no amazon children just Littles, clearly diapered Littles at that. None of them wore much else at that, short dresses or skirts for the girls but it did nothing to hide the amazingly thick diapers. The boys and some of the girls wore nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper, if they were lucky many were naked except for their diapers. It had only been a minute and Bryce already felt like she had entered hell. The far left wall was almost all glass letting everyone see outside and let people walking by seeing all the Littles, Bryce wasn't sure if this was a daycare or a Little baby store or both. On the right of the room it was just a long wall with a door on the back right corner. The receptionist quickly lead them through this door into a room in the center of the building into what looked like a lunch room in this back half with a storage area in the front. There was only one robo nanny in this room who seemed busy with....someone Bryce couldn't tell what. They were taken to an elevator in the back and made their way to the second floor. This room was amazing, the second floor was one giant office and looked down onto both sides of the daycare at once. While the left side of the building she had seen was a "normal" Little daycare the other seemed a little off. There was a small room in the corner with a number of cribs with cords hanging from them, though Bryce couldn't get a better look as her "Mommy" was quickly moving into the middle of the room to shake this new amazons hand. "Ms. Mills it's so nice to finally meet you," The amazon said. "This must be little Bryce, she is such a cutie. Are you ready for all the fun you're going to have here?" Bryce couldn't tell if the amazon expected her to answer as many didn't but she answered anyway in a sarcastic tone, "Loads." A quick swat on her padded butt made her yelp which was followed by "Don't be rude BeeBee." Their host laughed and asked Ms. Mills to sit, which she did setting Bryce on the ground at her feet. As the two amazons started talking Bryce quickly moved to the window showing the right side of the building, she needed to scope the area while she could and didn't know how long her "Mommy" wouldn't be watching her. "Thank you for meeting with me Mrs. Jacobson, I am really hoping you can help," Ms Mills began. "Bryce is a great girl, I love her but she is still a "free range" Little lets say. I only adopted her 3 weeks ago and in the time she has attempted to escape almost every day, I'm at my wits end." Nodding her head Mrs. Jacobson answered, "From the file you want to make her a baby but not to use hypnosis regression on her, is that correct?" "Yes, while I could use hypnosis to regress her into a baby she wouldn't be my little baby anymore. I still want my little BeeBee to be… herself but to accept being the baby she is and not always trying to run away, I want her to be happy with me. All the research I have read said I need to punish her into being a baby or regress her with hypnosis but I don't want to hurt her. She has an energy, a fire about her and I'm afraid hypnosis would destroy who she is." Mrs. Jacobson waiting for her newest customer to finish before speaking, "It is true we may be able to help, we are working on a new type of regression that will make a Little accept their life as babies without the need to use hypnosis to turn them into babies. However we haven't completely finished it yet and are working on our first full test group. If you would like we can set her up as the last member of the group." This was why Jessica had come here in the first place, this was in her mind the last chance she had short of wiping BeeBee's mind and making her a drooling, stinky baby. "What are the risks? What happens if it fails?" Mrs. Jacobson sighed, "I won't lie to you, if she fails there will be one of two outcomes. Either it will fail completely and nothing will change with how she is now or her mind will be wiped clean and all her memories and personality will be gone, she would be a clean slate. More or less what she would be if you used hypnosis on her." She added. Jessica looking out the window and down to all the Littles in the play area. She wanted Bryce to be able to play with them and be happy, for them both to be happy. Right now Bryce wasn't happy so she wasn't happy. Bryce meanwhile was busy, she wasn't paying too much attention to what the amazons were talking about. She knew this was about weak training her captor was sending her to so she would be a "good baby," it was just another chance to get away. Looking down onto the right side of the building they had a small play area along with many cribs with what looked like head phone on the sides, this didn't bode well for her. In the corner there seemed to be a small rooms inside to room but the door was closed and she couldn't see in. As she was looking down at the robo nanny getting the room ready she felt a sudden warmth in her crotch, it was clear her diaper was now wet. After a week of the milk she had been fed she figured she should be happy the only control problems she had now were wetting ones. From the deck Jessica looked at her Little BeeBee looking down into the training area. She knew her baby was looking for a way out, and now she had no other choice. She looked up at Mrs. Jacobson and simply asked, "Where do I sign?" 02 - Test group After the papers were signed Bryce and her "Mommy" had left. The following two days before the test started was like many of the days since she had kidnapped, filled with bottles, dirty diapers and lots of baby toys. Importantly there had been two near getaways, one day she had been able to climb over the "Little fence" that was keeping her inside. However that didn't end well as she made it outside right as a neighbor Amazon was taking her Little for a walk, she only made it 1/4 of a block before she was picked up and taken back. Yesterdays had been much closer, the mall was an easy place to hide and get lost in if she could get away long enough. Sadly that wasn't the case for her, while her captor had been shopping she had been able to climb down the shopping cart and away to safety; this time a store employee came around the corner right as she took off running. After yet another red bottom and a nights sleep it was finally the day she had been both dreading and looking forward to. Little Time Daycare seemed to have very light security for a daycare for Littles and Bryce figured this would be her best chance to get away. As Bryce and her "Mommy" entered the lobby again they were quickly taken into the main daycare area. She was put down with four other Littles, it was clear they were the other test subject. Despite their diapered states they seemed to be the only Littles with any fire in their eyes still. The four other Littles were dressed as one would think for this daycare, the one and only boy of the group was naked except for his diaper while the blond and brunette girls both had on very short dresses and the red head was only in a t-shirt with a little baby devil on it and diaper all around. Bryce hoped that shirt wasn't just for show as this girl might help her get out, or at least be the fall girl. As the amazons left the boy spoke in a low tone, "Does any of you know what they are going to do to us?" Bryce rolled her eyes, it was clear this boy would be the first stinky drool machine of the lot. "They want to turn us into babies like all Amazons do what else do you need to know?" She harshly answered. The boy looked a little hurt but the red devil girl quickly answered, "They want us to choose to be babies, it seems like a form of brainwashing. Hypnosis can make us act like babies but it's just an act, we lose ourselves in the hypnosis and as such just become generic babies. They want us to not only choose to be babies but to be happy about it, to truly believe that a dirty diaper is a great feeling." There was a silence for a few moments before she spoke again, "I'm Dolores by the way but you can just call me Dee." Most of the group got a look of depression on their faces, Bryce's however was one of confusion. "Hold on, how could you possibly know all that?" Dee had a strange look of confusion herself, "Oh, I heard the Amazons talking about it when they interviewed me. Every Amazon picks a target age range they want us to be like and that's what the "training" it meant to do." Bryce nodded her head, the girl was quick if she had been paying attention that much to the Amazons conversation. She hadn't bothered as it was the same everywhere she went didn't know why this place would be any different, not that it mattered she would never choose to be a baby. Dee might be perfect to help her get away, but if she was to get away she would need help. "I'm Bryce by the way." "Jason," the boy spoke. The blond explained her name was Susan and the brunette was Sam. After the pleasantries were exchanged Bryce wasted little time, "listen we all know what happens if we fail this test, we need to work together to break out at once. I’ve seen a lot of daycares but this one is light on security, we can use that and get away." The blond rolled her eyes, "you would never made it past the front desk before the dumb teen girl stopped you." "That's true but she can't stop all of us, they have a low staff and wouldn't be able to chase us all down. One of us would most likely not make it out but the rest of us would be free." Bryce wanted them to understand that this was a once in a lifetime chance that they couldn't pass up. "I don't like it, we should all get out together or not at all." Sam said in some sad attempt at a "all for one" speech. At this point Bryce was starting to get annoyed they all needed to be on the same page, "Look do you want to end up like all of those Littles?" She pointed to the rest of the room. "They are nothing but drooling, stinky babies and you don't..." Her words trailed off. In the crowd of Little she saw him, or did she? Without thinking she quickly stood and waddled over to the boy across the room. As she came up to the boys side she didn't need to see the brown stain on the seat of his diaper, the smell told her what she needed to know. "Kyle!" she exclaimed. She pulled on his shoulder to look him in the eye, what she saw shook her to her core. Kyle was wearing nothing but a blue t-shirt and a diaper, extra thick crawler diaper at that. Drool dripping from his chin and a toothless smile on his face, he was a happy baby. Pain and anger filled Bryce's body at once, she didn't know if she was going to cry, puke or both; she was leaning for both. At this point, Dee had made her way over and was looking at the boy, "Who's he?" she asked in a half caring sort of way. "He's my husband, or was going to be..." 03 - The Life Once Lived 3 years earlier College is hard for everyone, but for a Little it was so much worse. While Bryce had gotten into a college that accepted Littles they didn’t make it easy on her, or her boyfriend Kyle. Diapers were a must at all times, any Little in college had to wear a diaper at all times on campus. As long as they had their Little student badge they couldn’t be adopted no matter how wet or messy their diapers were, if they were on school grounds. This meant she was in a school dorm as it was counted as part of school grounds, if she lived off school grounds and attempted to go home with a messy diaper her student badge wouldn’t save her. However, with all that doom and gloom Bryce was happy, the remarks from amazons on how cute she was only made her more confident. Her grades were great, with the last year of her bachelor degree in only a few weeks she was already looking forward to life after school. She had been working on her degree in psychology, the study of the mind was something she found very interesting and very helpful in a world that wanted you living your life as a mindless baby. Lying in bed she could hear a lot of noise coming from the building next to her, most likely new Littles moving in or leaving, but even loud noises waking her up couldn’t ruin her mood. What had taken her mood to new heights was the night before, Kyle had really done it. He had asked Bryce to marry him, she had seen it coming and nothing in the world to stop her from saying yes. People say Littles have it hard, and while Bryce did believe that it was harder for Littles she believed that many must be too lazy. Everything in her live was going great so it could be great in every Littles life if only they worked hard and didn’t do anything stupid in public. Although diapers weren’t something she liked being with Kyle he made it seem unimportant, even kinky for her at times. Getting her boyfriend into bed and changing him had seemed to make something click inside her, she didn’t mind changing him and she loved when he changed her. Just the thought of it was getting her hot lying in bed, life was a pleasant dream that she never had to wake up from. With a loud bang, she heard the front door open, she believed it must have been Kyle since today was the last day of his summer course and it must have let out early. Climbing out of bed she made her way out of her room in nothing but her night shirt and wet diaper, if she had to wear diapers at night she figured might as well not worry about getting out of bed if you have to go. Upon turning the corner she saw Kyle who looked to be out of breath and wet from the summer rain storm. “I’m so happy your safe, get your things we need to leave.” Kyle said between breaths. Bryce looked at him confused for a moment, “I need to go to the office and get another badge for this semester as the old one runs out today, after then we can go anywhere…” “Bryce they school no longer accepts Littles…” For a long moment, she stared at him before all the pieces clicked in her mind, she was only kept from being adopted because of her school badge. The badge no longer mattered if the school didn’t accept Littles, so the noise that had woken her up wasn’t Littles moving out it was Little now on the run. “We have to go, the other buildings already have amazons in them, as far as they're concerned we are un-adopted Littles. Littles here were required to be diapered at all times, if any amazon catches us they are within their rights to adopt us on the spot.” Kyle voice was stern with a clarity and focus that she was both in awe of and scared of. Without wasting anymore time she quickly turned back to her room and started grabbing her things, or at least what mattered most to her. After her backpack was filled he told her to lie down on the bed, wasting no time in changing her. The last thing they needed was an amazon smelling a wet diaper. With her baggiest pants and jacket they made their way out into the rain. Although there was no gun fire she now believed she knew what a war-zone looked like. There were amazons and Littles everywhere, Littles being stripped and changed right there in public like their years of college meant nothing. Some amazons had needles and regression pacifiers to calm the Littles down, Bryce even made a note of a tranquilizer rifle on the hood of a car. To Bryce it felt like her school had put out a sign that said, “Little Hunting Season Now Open.” They quickly hurried down the stairs and across the parking lot, a bus had pulled up and the Amazons hadn’t noticed the Little scrambling to get inside yet. They got to the back of the line as the buss quickly filled until it was Bryce and Kyles turn to get on, however as Bryce was about to get on she was pushed aside by another Little and her friends. There was no time to argue and she quickly started climbing on the bus, that’s when the In-Betweener driver stopped them. “Only got room for one more,” she said in an almost sad tone. “Please you have to let us both on, we are the only ones left here,” Bryce pleaded. The driver had a sad look on his face, “I’m sorry but if we are pulled over and we’re over capacity police will put all the Littles in child services, which means one thing, adoption." Suddenly she felt herself pushed up the steps bus, she turned and looked as the doors closed with Kyle on the other side. Bryce started screaming for the driver to open the door but he didn’t. Crying at Kyle that she couldn’t leave him she could hear him speaking through the glass. “I’ll meet you at your parents place tomorrow morning, I’ll call your cell if I’m going to be late. I lov…” Kyle was suddenly cut off as he hears footsteps behind him and was able to jump out of the way of an Amazon attempting to grab him. Bryce screamed while crying to stop the bus, but the driver wouldn’t. She watches Kyle avoiding the first Amazon and then another joined in chasing him, just as the bus turned the corner Kyle had got the two Amazon women to crash into each other as he made a break for it. Another Little helped Bryce up to the last open seat, all the while crying, wondering if she would ever see him again.
  5. Like many on here, I started out pooping in my underwear when I was young.
  6. Hey all, I have a bad habit of starting stories and abandoning them. That was the case with the first story I posted here a few months ago, Mandy's Infinite Playtime. But I have a new one that I like so far, and I'm hoping sharing it here might hold me accountable to keep going with it and actually finish this time! Hope you like it. ---------------------- A BUSINESS ARRANGEMENT -- JUNE -- Jeff and Heather had been through everything together since becoming friends in high school -- helping each other through breakups, graduating together, staying in touch despite going to different colleges, and sharing in the disappointment of moving back to their hometown afterwards. But in the last few months, they'd gone through so much more than either of them could have ever predicted during those early days of friendship. They were both now 24 years old and had spent the previous 2 years living at their respective parents' houses and trying unsuccessfully to find jobs. Jeff and Heather were at a point of desperation when, hanging out in Jeff's mom's basement, they turned to Craigslist in search of job postings others might have missed. At that point, there weren't many jobs they'd have turned down if it meant moving somewhere new and starting their lives in earnest. One fateful posting, while extraordinarily cryptic, seemed to have been written purely for the pair of friends: "Seeking open-minded young man and woman for full-time, live-in employment. Must be at least 18 years old and able to commit for at least one year each. We are a married couple (52M and 48F) looking for an unconventional yet mutually beneficial arrangement with two young people. Nature of relationship will be intimate both emotionally and physically, although not necessarily sexual. More details available upon request -- no obligation to move forward until all parties are fully informed and comfortable. Room, board, and meals in a large, well-furnished home in an affluent neighborhood included, as well as a generous stipend for the right candidates. No skills or prior experience necessary, but must demonstrate patience, trust, and above all else, a willingness to be vulnerable. Contact details below." Surprisingly, it was actually Heather who led the charge to respond to the ad. "What do we have to lose by reaching out?" she asked. "It's free room and board. Plus, they sound interesting, whatever they want us to do." "Are you kidding? This sounds unbelievably sketchy," Jeff responded. "They're going to end up harvesting our organs or something." "We don't even have to meet them in person until we decide we like what they're asking for," Heather said. "We can give them fake names and use a burner email address." "I mean... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least curious to see what this could possibly be," Jeff said. "So let's do it!" Heather chirped. "Move aside, I'll write the message." There would be dozens of emails sent back and forth in the coming weeks between the young friends and their mysterious contacts. It was only in the first few messages that the older couple spelled out their intentions in no uncertain terms: The couple -- Rick and Marlene -- had always wanted children, but could never have them. They had stumbled upon the world of ageplay a few months earlier, and after an immense amount of research, decided they wanted to try it. It was important to them, however, to find partners that they could trust, and also those that they could mold according to their specific ageplay desires. For that reason, they were seeking partners exclusively from outside the existing ageplay community. They made it clear that ageplay wasn't a sexual thing for them -- rather, it was an elaborate way to experience raising young children in a controlled, informed environment without long-term responsibilities and repercussions. They acknowledged that the request was strange -- but the number they provided for the stipend, which would be paid at the end of the arrangement and scale based on its length -- was persuasive enough to make Jeff and Heather consider it anyways. There had been countless discussions and even arguments between Jeff and Heather as they learned more about the offer. Jeff had objections to virtually every detail -- but Heather knew how to persuade him. For her part, very little about the arrangement seemed to bother Heather, much to Jeff's confusion. He knew his friend was open-minded and adventurous, but her complete receptiveness to such a strange idea was surprising. After a few video calls with Rick and Marlene to verify each party was who they said they were, the four finally met at a local coffee shop -- neutral ground -- to discuss the details in earnest. Jeff and Heather sat outside. Jeff sipped from a black coffee while Heather enjoyed her caramel macchiato with a squirt of vanilla syrup. "Weird that they wanted to meet at a coffee shop," Jeff muttered. "Oh, relax," Heather said. "It's somewhere public. We can just leave if the vibe is off." "They want us to behave like infants, Heather," Jeff said. "For a year. Wouldn't they rather have us drink, I don't know, juice or something instead of coffee?" "You're overthinking it. They just want to meet us and talk things over." "I think you're underthinking it. I'm just saying, be ready to run if we have to." "Have you ever considered that maybe you'll end up liking this arrangement if it works out?" Heather asks. "Honestly, you've been fighting it at every opportunity. It's just a sweet older couple who wants somebody to take care of. And they're paying enough to set us up for years. You're literally getting paid to be pampered by rich people for a year." "Pampered is the key word," Jeff said. "I mean... diapers?" "You'll get used to it," Heather said, rolling her eyes. "Think about how convenient it'll be." "Sounds gross to me," Jeff said. "Then go home," Heather snapped. "If you're going to be negative the whole time, I'll take the money and we can find some other guy to take your place. I'll see you in a year, I guess." A few heavy seconds of silence followed. "Let's just see what they have to say," Jeff conceded. "If they even show up." Sure enough, as if on cue, Rick and Marlene approached the coffee shop hand in hand a moment later. For a couple posting something this strange -- on Craigslist of all places -- they seemed extraordinarily normal. Attractive, even. Rick looked as though, a decade or two ago, he could have been an athlete. His frame was still large for his age, but it was tempered by time, with soft, brown eyes, glasses, a full head of graying, black hair, a full, salt-and-pepper beard, and a warm smile on his face. Marlene, likewise, wore her growing wrinkles with dignity. She carried herself with a maternal presence, as if she was just waiting to go in for a hug as she approached Jeff and Heather. Her eyes were blue and her hair was a light blonde. Heather was the first to stand up out of her chair and greet them. "Hello! Rick and Marlene, right? You two are an even more beautiful couple in person," she said, making Jeff silently scoff. "Nice of you to say, sweetheart," Marlene said, sure enough going in for a hug. "Thank you both so much for meeting us here. Rick and I have been looking forward to this all week." "She's right," Rick said. "We've really enjoyed getting to know you over the last few weeks and it's great to finally meet in person." An awkward silence followed as the four people felt eachother out, the strangeness of the request that brought them together looming over them. "So... do you mind if we sit down?" Marlene asked. "Not at all," Heather said. "I'll go get us some drinks," Rick said. "Need a refill, Jeff or Heather?" "We're good," Jeff cut in. Marlene smiled warmly at the young adults as she sat down, but her face betrayed her unease as well. "This is weird, I know," Marlene finally said. "I can see you're both nervous. Trust us, we are, too." "I'm just having a hard time believing your story," Jeff said. "Jeff!" Heather scolded in a sharp whisper. "No, I get it," Marlene said. "It's quite alright. It's not like this is an everyday job offer we're making." Rick returned to the table and set a paper cup down in front of his wife. "Caramel macchiato," he said. "Hey, that's what I'm drinking, too!" Heather said. "Delicious, aren't they?" Marlene asked as she took a sip. "And what do you have there, Jeff?" "Coffee. Black," he muttered. "Me too, buddy," Rick said, smiling as he raised his own cup. "Well, that has to be a good sign, right? What are the odds?" Heather chuckled. Jeff didn't. "Well, I guess we should get down to business, huh?" Rick said. "I think we're all familiar with the offer Marlene and I are making at this point, but now that we're all meeting in person, I'm just going to go over it again to make sure there are no misunderstandings." "Sounds good," Heather said with a smile. "My wife and I are looking to take care of two adult babies for at least a year," Rick began. "The goal would be to simulate the experience of a family with two young kids as accurately as possible, while respecting the reality that you are adults with your own boundaries and autonomy. Consent is extremely important to us, and while we would aim to take care of you in virtually every way possible and completely take your agency out of the equation, we would tailor our approach for each of you according to your comfort level." Rick and Jeff locked eyes for a moment. Rick could sense Jeff's distrust, just as Jeff could tell Rick had rehearsed this speech. "So, for example, it seems that Jeff has a few more hangups about relinquishing control than Heather does," Rick continued carefully. "We could work around that, within reason. Maybe we treat Jeff as the big brother with a bit more autonomy than Heather." Jeff's eyebrows raised in curiosity, caught off guard. "What did you have in mind?" Jeff asked. "We were thinking this through, and one scenario we had in mind is that Jeff is 5 or 6 years old and Heather is 1 or 2," Marlene chimed in. "If you're both comfortable with that, of course. So, for example, Heather might sleep in a crib while Jeff sleeps in a big-boy bed." Jeff visibly cringed at Marlene's juvenile word choice, but quickly regained his composure. "Go on," he said. "We do have some non-negotiables," Rick said. "After we agree on rules at the start of this arrangement, we expect those rules to be followed. You are to defer to our authority as if we really were your parents. In the most extreme case, both parties reserve the right to cancel the arrangement at any time, but if the agreement is canceled because you fail to hold up your end, you forfeit the rest of your stipend." "This is all sounding very official," Jeff said. "I'm a lawyer," Marlene said. "I've written up a legally binding contract to this effect. But trust me, the last thing we'd ever want to do is go to court over this. That's why we're doing so much vetting before moving forward -- we need to find the right people and be sure as we can that this is going to work." "As discussed, in return for lasting the full year, you'll each receive $250,000," Rick said. "We'll pay for all expenses while you stay with us, and if all parties are willing, we're also open to discussions about prolonging the agreement in exchange for even more money." "This all sounds amazing, guys," Heather said. "We're honored you'd even consider us. But just so we're all completely clear, could you give us a bit more detail about what the day to day would look like for something like this? Jeff and I have had some trouble picturing exactly what you mean by 'adult baby'." "Sure," Rick said. "But before getting into it, I'll say again that most of this is negotiable. We'll agree on specific expectations with each of you if we decide to move forward." Rick took a deep breath before continuing. "Marlene and I were hoping that at least one of you would be a true baby," he said, looking at Heather. "That would, of course, mean wearing diapers at all times as well as using them. But it would also mean a lot more -- we'd expect you to communicate like a baby would. That doesn't mean you'd have to stop talking altogether, but think short words and sentences and a lot of nonverbal communication. You would also sleep in a crib, eat in a highchair, play with baby toys, wear baby clothes... all that good stuff. The idea would be that you'd depend on Marlene and I to do nearly everything for you." "Uh... wow," Heather said after a moment. It was the first time she'd shown true signs of hesitation. Jeff couldn't help but smile, sure that she was about to pull out and go home. He opened his mouth to get the rejection started. "I don't know, that seems a little --" "I think I can manage that," Heather interjected, sending Jeff's eyebrows skyward. "As we mentioned, we're willing to set different rules for you, Jeff," Marlene said. "We're picturing you as mostly potty-trained, with maybe a few pee-pee accidents here and there. You'd probably fluctuate between Pull-Ups and big-boy undies most of the time." Again, this sent Jeff into a full-body cringe. "You'd still spend a lot of your time playing with toys, watching cartoons, and dressing like a little kid. We'd supervise you quite a bit while you're playing and make sure you don't do, see, or say anything too age-inappropriate. But we'd also trust you to do things like sit at the kitchen table in a normal chair, sleep in a bed, and maybe even use the potty by yourself." Jeff sat in silence, dumbfounded, trying to decide whether these two were serious. He opened his mouth to begin his long, certain rejection, but once again, Heather interrupted. "Do you mind if Jeff and I talk about this in private for a minute?" she asked. "Not at all," Rick said. "Come on, honey, let's go get a refill." Rick and Marlene left the table and headed into the coffee shop. "Look, I know this is crazier than we expected," Heather said to Jeff. "Did you hear that number, though? $250,000 apiece? Think about that. That's more than either of us will make in a decade. Isn't that worth a year of humiliation which we'll probably get used to and stop even thinking about within a few weeks?" "I don't want to get used to it," Jeff said. "These people are insane. This is probably some kind of hidden camera reality show and everyone we know is going to see us acting like babies." "Hey, it sounds like I'm going to be the baby, not you," Heather responded. "They're not going to make you shit yourself or get fed in a highchair. Dude, it's basically just an acting gig for you, I'm doing the hard part." Jeff paused. "I know," he said. "You're right." "So will you do this? Please? For me?" He didn't answer right away. "Look, we can give it a try, and if it goes really bad, we just break the contract," Heather reasoned. "We don't lose anything except a little time and dignity by doing that, and let's face it, right now we have time to spare and no dignity to lose." "Fine," Jeff muttered. "For you." Heather hugged him tight, nearly knocking him out of his chair. "You're the best," she said. "Don't worry. A year isn't that long, and then we can do whatever the hell we want. And we'll be in this together." "You're crazy, you know that?" "Totally." -- AUGUST -- Marlene was overjoyed. There had been a few early hiccups, but this idea she had developed with her husband that seemed unthinkable just a few months ago had gone well beyond her expectations. Having Jeff and Heather in the house made her feel fulfilled for the first time in years -- having someone to love and care for who truly needed her. For her, the strangeness of treating two adults like infants wore off rather quickly, though she suspected it was still present with the men. As supportive as he had been, Rick had shown many signs of discomfort and even voiced second thoughts once or twice. But then, what new parents don't do that? Meanwhile, as expected, Heather had proven far more receptive to the arrangement than Jeff. He would ultimately fall in line, but much of the time, put up a fight every step of the way. Still, there were rare moments when he truly seemed to be enjoying his new life -- snuggling up with Marlene on the couch while watching a kids' movie, getting deep into a project with his building blocks, or, his favorite, teasing his baby sister. But by and large, for Marlene, this new life was the best thing that ever happened to her. She had woken up with a smile on her face once again, and looked over to see Rick still asleep. She tried to sneak out of bed without disturbing him, but didn't succeed. "Morning," Rick moaned. "Sorry," Marlene replied. "I was just slipping away to go check on the kids." "Ugh, let them sleep," Rick replied without opening his eyes. "I hate it when they're cranky." "I'm not gonna wake them, I just want to... I don't know, look at them," she said. "You didn't want to wake me either, but here we are." Marlene rolled her eyes as she left the bedroom and walked down the long, opulent hallway to Heather's nursery. She wore a silky, lavender nightgown that highlighted her tight figure and curves, which were rather impressive for her age. Rick loved it. She turned the knob on Heather's door as gingerly as she could, successfully opening it without so much as a creak. She looked around the room, silently congratulating herself on her decorating skills. The nursery was her lovingly made masterpiece, featuring the mainstay furniture like an oversized crib, changing table, rocking chair, and bouncer, a veritable mountain of colorful toys and stuffed animals, and adorable decals lining the walls. Everything was color-coordinated in pink and white, and Heather had reported several times how much she loved her bedroom -- how it kept her in the baby mindset, which she was growing to truly enjoy. Marlene quietly entered the room and sat on the rocking chair, admiring Heather sleeping in the middle of her crib as daylight poured through the windows of the nursery. Her straight, tan hair, like always these days, was styled in pigtails. She was clutching a white teddy bear against her chest, which contrasted with her full-body, purple, footed pajamas. Marlene waited in the chair, her heart warm as she watched Heather sleep. She had done this on several mornings during the last few weeks, silently taking in the beautiful sight for as long as Heather would allow her before waking up naturally. It was her favorite part of the day now -- the most peaceful. But soon enough, as she always did, Heather gently roused herself awake. Marlene smiled as Heather stretched out her arms and legs with a yawn without managing to reach any of the bars of her gigantic crib. Marlene had spared no expense in ensuring it made Heather look as small as possible in comparison. "Good morning, sweetheart," Marlene said quietly. Heather's eyes drifted open and fell upon Marlene. It wasn't a shock anymore after she'd woken up this way a dozen times or so. "Hi," she yawned. Marlene stood up from her chair and walked over to the side of the crib, and Heather looked on as she lowered the bars. "Sleep good?" Marlene asked as she unzipped Heather's pajamas. Heather closed her eyes and nodded. "Still sleepy," she muttered. Marlene carefully slipped Heather's legs out of the pajamas one by one, noticing that the girl was still wearing her socks. She laughed and shook her head. "Well I can see Daddy got you ready for bed last night, didn't he?" she asked. "He always forgets my sockies," Heather said. "Can you sit up for me, hun?" Marlene asked, and with a tired groan, Heather complied. "Good girl." She worked Heather's arms and shoulders out of the pajamas, leaving the young woman naked besides her socks -- and of course, her thick, plastic-backed diaper, printed with colorful rattles and teddy bears. Nowadays, Heather didn't mind her new parents or even Jeff seeing her naked. It happened multiple times each day and was painfully awkward at first, but now, she was simply used to it. There were even some particularly hot days when Marlene and Rick would decide to keep her in only her diaper for the entire day. Her nudity had become so common that Heather sometimes preferred it -- she sometimes took it upon herself to take off her clothes and toddle around in just her diaper, much to Rick and Marlene's amusement. Likewise, Heather had gotten used to diaper changes, although these were still uncomfortable at times. Still, she had come a long way from the outright hysterics a change would send her into just two months ago. Marlene sat down on the edge of the crib next to Heather. She didn't need to feel the front of the girl's diaper to know she had wet herself, as she did most nights these days. Marlene patted her own lap with her hand, which wordlessly signaled Heather to lie across her legs on her stomach for easy access to the back of her diaper. "No poopies," Marlene sang as she pressed a hand against the seat. "Do you have to go, sweetheart?" "Yeah," Heather said. "I think so." "Okay, go ahead." Heather climbed off Marlene's lap and stepped onto the carpet of the nursery, her back to Marlene. She yawned again as she slightly crouched in place, and within a few moments, Marlene watched as Heather's diaper quickly expanded to accommodate her morning mess. An odor just slightly permeated the room, but the floral-scented, plug-in air fresheners Marlene had added to the nursery mostly hid it. After a few more pushes, Heather sighed and stood back upright. "All done," she said. "Good girl," Marlene praised. "Come on, let's go get you into the tubby and clean you up." Rick had gotten out of bed and dressed himself in a green button-down shirt. With his beard and glasses, he looked particularly like a math teacher today. Passing the bathroom, he saw his wife lovingly washing off a naked Heather in the tub. "Morning, girls," he said. "Sleep well, baby?" Heather was too busy playing with a pink toy boat to acknowledge him with anything more than a "Hi". "She just made a great, big, stinky diapie," Marlene said, tickling Heather's exposed stomach. "Didn't she? Didn't she?" "Stooooppppp!" Heather squealed as she collapsed into laughter. Rick just smiled and proceeded to Jeff's room. He and Marlene had also put quite a bit of time and money into his bedroom, although it didn't call for the same level of specialized furniture as Heather's nursery did. Looking around the space, Jeff saw every 5-year-old boy's dream bedroom. The back wall was covered in a full-size mural of outer space, and the twin bed immediately in front of it was shaped like a spaceship. All manner of toys lined the room, with the many LEGO creations Jeff had made over the last two months displayed prominently on the dresser and bookcase. He had a desk with crayons, safety scissors, and construction paper waiting on top of it, as well as a large rocking chair in the corner, similar to Heather's. Unlike Heather's room, however, this room also had a TV and a video game console -- however, the console came with only a few games geared toward children, and the TV was severely restricted by parental controls. The difference, of course, was that the boy sleeping in the bed was, in truth, far older than 5. But you wouldn't know by looking at him. He wore a pajama top with a cartoon character on it, and his underwear -- small briefs that held tight against the outline of his dick -- was similarly decorated with bright colors and playful figures. Marlene had located and ordered Jeff a whole line of this childish underwear in a size that would fit him, much to Jeff's disappointment, and they had become his default unless Marlene or Rick saw fit to put him in Pull-Ups instead. "Rise and shine, little buddy," Rick announced. Jeff responded with a whine, turning over on the bed and hiding his head with a pillow. "C'mon Jeffy, time to wake up," Rick said, approaching the bed. "Mommy's finishing up with your sister's bath and then we'll go have some breakfast." "Five more minutes," Jeff muttered from under the pillow. Rick peered back out into the bathroom and saw that the girls seemed to be having fun in the tub, and saw no reason to rush them along to breakfast. "Alright, fine, five more minutes," Rick said. "But you better not pee your bed again, okay?" "It was one time, let it go!" Jeff protested. Rick and Marlene had agreed with Jeff that he could freely use the toilet, but on one condition: he had to ask one of the adults whenever he needed to go, and they would wait just outside the bathroom as he went, ready to render any aid he might require. Jeff continued to be quite resistant to this policy. One morning, he proved so stubborn about asking to use the toilet that his bladder got the best of him, and he wet the bed. He wore Pull-Ups for two weeks after that. A few minutes passed, and Marlene walked a towel-clad Heather back down the hall to the nursery, leaving the bathroom free. When Rick returned to Jeff's room, he was already awake and ready for his turn in the bathroom. A few minutes more, and all four of them were dressed for the day and convened at the kitchen table for breakfast. Jeff, dressed by Rick in a striped t-shirt and shorts, looked at the plate in front of him: a bowl of colorful cereal in the center, surrounded by toast with jam, sliced fruit, and a glass of orange juice. For all the humiliation he had to suffer during this arrangement, he couldn't deny that Rick and Marlene took good care of him. He never ate this well during his adult life. Looking across the table at Heather, he felt sympathy that her breakfast wasn't as palatable. The young woman was dressed in a pink onesie that just barely revealed the fringes of her diaper through the legholes and sat in an oversized highchair. She enjoyed more-or-less the same breakfast every morning: a jar of mushy baby food spoonfed to her by Rick, a sliced-up banana, and a baby bottle full of milk. Still, while her meal seemed bleak compared to Jeff's, Heather didn't seem to mind. If the taste of baby food bothered her, it didn't show on her face. She happily and greedily lapped up the baby food from each spoonful and never complained. "Such a good little eater," Rick praised as he fed her another spoonful. "Eat your fruit too, honey," Marlene told Jeff. "Too much of that cereal without any substance isn't good for you, even if it's tasty." Jeff looked at her, but didn't respond, putting an apple slice into his mouth and returning to his meal. "I was thinking maybe we could go to the park this afternoon," Marlene said. "Maybe have a little picnic." Jeff audibly groaned, attracting a sharp look from Rick. "Do we really have to go out in public like this again?" Jeff protested. "Jeff..." Rick warned. "I mean, Heather and I have been pretty patient with all the stuff you want to do to us behind closed doors, right?" Jeff said. "It's so humiliating for others to see us in little kid clothes." "Heather, how do you feel about this?" Rick asked. The adult baby girl shrugged her shoulders. "It's fine," she said. "I like being outside." Jeff rolled his eyes. "Jeff, the rest of the family wants to go to the park," Rick said. "Stop saying we're a family," Jeff snapped. "This is a business arrangement and you all know it." Marlene's eyes sunk and a frown crept across her face. "We ARE a family for the next year," Rick said sternly. "Have some respect for Mommy and I. And don't forget that our 'business arrangement' can be ended at any time." Now, Heather glared at Jeff. Her face conveyed a clear message: Shut up. Don't blow this for us. "We're going to the park and having a picnic," Rick stated. "And that's final. Finish your breakfast and then you two can have some playtime while Mommy and I put some sandwiches together." When her jar and bottle were empty, Rick gingerly helped Heather out of the highchair while Marlene stood up and collected the dirty plates. Jeff and Heather headed into the living room, which had become their playroom over the last two months, while Rick and Marlene got to work in the kitchen. Heather wasted no time in kneeling down on the floor and playing with her dollhouse. Jeff just sat on the couch, his arms crossed, looking at his diapered, onesie-bound friend as if she were a stranger. "How are you so comfortable with all of this?" he asked. "You're acting like this isn't weird." "Of course it's weird," Heather said. "But it's really not so bad. Some parts of it I kind of like now." "Look at yourself," Jeff said. "Look how you're dressed. Look what you're playing with." "So what? They're just dolls. It's supposed to be fun. You like playing with your LEGOs, don't you?" "I do it because I don't know how else to make this year pass any faster," he said. "You don't think I'd rather be having a beer, watching a football game, or, hell, even mowing the lawn or something?" "You're being dramatic," Heather said. "Maybe your problem is you're always focusing on getting through the year instead of just trying to get used to things and embrace the reality of the moment." "Maybe your problem is you're forgetting that you're an adult woman and not a fucking baby." "Oh, I remember completely," she responded. "I remember that I'm broke, and that $250,000 is a lot of money." "You know what I think?" Jeff said, standing up off the couch. "I think you actually like all this. You have the same sick fetish Rick and Marlene do." "Well, I don't hate it, if you must know," Heather said. "What's not to like? I don't have to worry about anything besides being cute. I've had a pretty happy two months. Maybe you'd be happy, too, if you just let yourself and stop fighting everybody all the time." Suddenly, Heather's stomach made a loud, growling noise. She bent forward and clutched her stomach, a look of discomfort on her face. "How about that, if you're asking what's not to like?" Jeff asked, knowingly. Heather's one complaint, which she often spoke about to Jeff in private, was her new diet's effect on her stomach. She didn't particularly mind the taste of baby food, but since it became a staple of her meals, it was not uncommon for her to mess herself as often as three or four times per day. While she was getting used to them out of necessity, Heather still didn't enjoy messy diapers -- or even wet ones, for that matter. "I can handle it," she said as she continued to play with her dolls. "It's not the end of the world." "Sure hope it doesn't happen at the park today," Jeff said. "Sure would be a shame if somebody you know walked by and saw you dressed like a baby wearing a shitty diaper." "Why are you trying to make me feel bad about this?" Heather asked. "You realize I have it way worse than you, right? You're complaining to the wrong person. A lot of people would kill to get paid $250,000 to be treated like a 5-year-old. Your situation isn't even that humiliating." "I'm so sick of you rationalizing everything," Jeff said, stepping closer to the dollhouse. "It's like I don't even know you anymore." Heather opted not to respond, and simply focused on her dolls. Incensed, Jeff abruptly kicked the dollhouse, causing one of its walls to cave in and sending one of Heather's dolls flying across the room. "And I'm sick of these stupid baby toys!" he exclaimed. "Dude!" Heather cried, throwing up her arms. "Get a grip! For someone resisting all of this so hard, you're sure acting like a spoiled, 5-year-old brat!" "What are you gonna do?" Jeff said, taking on a sarcastic, mocking tone. "Get me in trouble?" "You know what? Yeah, I think I will," Heather said. Without another word, Heather opened her mouth and began to wail at the top of her lungs. "Shut up," Jeff muttered. "Shut up!" Heather yelled out in faux anguish, turning her face red. Within seconds, Rick and Marlene had entered the living room. Marlene raced over to Heather's side to comfort her while Rick surveyed the room -- and spotted the broken dollhouse. "What happened here?" Rick demanded. "Jeff hurt my dolly!" Heather cried. "Oh, sweetie, it's okay," Marlene soothed, hugging Heather tight. "Jeff, how many times have we told you to stop picking on Heather?" Rick said sternly. "Look at this dollhouse, it's broken! Do you know how much this cost?" "Oh, whatever," Jeff said, crossing his arms against his chest. "She's being a baby." "She IS a baby," Rick said. "Is that the kind of person you want to be, Jeff? Bullying a baby? You may want to pretend you're an adult, but you show us every day what an infant you are on the inside." "Jeff..." Marlene interjected, still coddling Heather. "Why did you even agree to this if you're going to resist every step of the way? It's like you WANT to break your contract." "I... I didn't want Heather to have to go through this alone," Jeff said. "So you're doing this because you care about your friend, and you're going to demonstrate that by breaking her things and making her cry?" Marlene asked. "We've been over this a dozen times, Jeff," Rick said. "Marlene and I have been nothing but fair to you. We've followed every word of the contract you signed. Heather has clearly found a way to enjoy her new life. Why can't you?" "I..." Jeff began. Nothing else followed for a few seconds. "I want to. I just... can't. I can't convince myself that being treated like a little kid is normal like Heather can." "Well, do you want to break your contract?" Marlene asked. "Leave here with nothing, leave Heather behind, and pretend none of this ever happened?" "...No," Jeff said. "Maybe. I don't know. If I could somehow find a way to make it all feel normal, I would. I just... don't know if I can pretend for a full year." Rick and Marlene exchanged a glance, as if tacitly making a decision among themselves. "Well, I think we have an idea," Marlene said. "But it's a little drastic." "What do you mean?" Jeff asked. "Are you familiar with hypnosis?" -- OCTOBER -- They say that hypnosis only truly takes hold if the subject is willing to be influenced, and if that's true, Jeff must have earnestly meant what he said about wanting to be comfortable with ageplay. It only took about two weeks of listening to the recordings Marlene had found online for Jeff to stop complaining about his day-to-day treatment as well as stop referencing the arrangement altogether. By mid-September, Rick and Marlene saw an entirely different person when they entered Jeff's bedroom each morning to wake him. There was one catch, though. The recordings Marlene had found focused heavily on the potty-training aspect of rewiring the subject's brain to that of a 5-year-old. As a result, Jeff's bladder control had started to slip. It was no longer particularly uncommon for Jeff to wake up in a wet bed, or even accidentally wet himself during the day if Rick and Marlene weren't immediately available to take him to the bathroom. To make matters worse, Jeff's conditioning made him desire nothing more than to wear "big-boy undies". He was forced to wear Pull-Ups more and more often, and that was his main source of tantrums and complaints nowadays. Meanwhile, without constant reminders from Jeff of her adult life, Heather seemed to grow more and more comfortable as an adult baby. She no longer felt embarrassed during diaper changes and had become more content each day with the idea of relying on Rick and Marlene for even the simplest things. But, deep in her heart of hearts, Heather was concerned about Jeff. For her part, she knew she was still very much in control of her true, adult side -- she was simply becoming better-versed in the role she was playing. She hadn't experienced any true loss of bladder or bowel control, and still had to deliberately try to use her diapers. Jeff, on the other hand, had responded so well to the hypnosis that Heather wasn't sure he was just acting anymore. When he would wet himself, he seemed truly upset, as if it really was an accident. And, as hard to admit to herself as it was, Heather missed his trademark cynicism. He was so agreeable nowadays that it just didn't feel like the real Jeff anymore. Would he be able to go back to the person he was -- the person Heather called her best friend -- when this arrangement concluded? Heather thought about this as she sat at the breakfast table, accepting a spoonful of baby food from Marlene while looking across the table at Jeff. He was excitedly tearing through a stack of pancakes with chocolate chips arranged into a smiley face on the top. "I'm so excited for our big day," Marlene said. "Nervous, but excited." "It's certainly going to be eye-opening," Rick said, drinking his coffee. "I just hope everyone is normal." Marlene looked at Rick with one of her expressive smirks that managed to convey whole thoughts without a single word. They're not going to be "normal," she communicated. They're ageplayers like us. There's nothing normal about it. Rick just chuckled to himself, picking up every word. "You're right, you're right," he said. "Maybe I could make a friend and he could come over and play video games with me," Jeff mused. "That'd be nice, sweetie," Marlene said. "Daddy and I are hoping to make some friends, too. This will really be our first time meeting other people in this community. I bet we can learn a lot." Rick looked over at Heather as she ate in her highchair. Her breasts, a scoop of errant baby food resting atop one of them, were on full display, as was her bulky diaper. "Someone's going to have to get dressed before we go out and meet anybody," Rick said with a smile. "It's a shame, but you're right," Marlene said. "Mommy's little jaybird is so cute in just her diapie." Heather giggled to herself. She was discovering that there was something oddly appealing about being talked about as if she wasn't right there in the room. "It sounds like there's going to be a pretty big turnout at this place," Marlene said. "It's this group of ageplayers who meet at a different house each month, and the RSVP list had something like 20 or 25 people on it." "Cool!" Jeff exclaimed. "I just hope it's not all dumb babies. I wanna meet some other big kids." Jeff took another bite of his pancakes when a look of realization came over his face. "Uhm... Do I have to wear Pull-Ups to the party today?" he asked bashfully. "Afraid so, buddy," Rick said. "You know the rules. You're in Pull-Ups for at least a day after you have an accident." "Oh, come on," Jeff whined. "That's such a dumb rule. I had to go pee, you weren't around to take me to the potty, and I get punished for it?" "Chin up, kiddo," Marlene said. "I'm sure all the littles will be in either Pull-Ups or diapers." "Fine," Jeff pouted. "Anybody in particular you'd like to meet today, baby girl?" Marlene asked, feeding Heather the last scoop of her breakfast. "Mmmm... iunno," Heather said. "Someone nice, I guess." "Who could be mean to you, cutie pie?" Rick said. "I bet you won't have any trouble making friends." "I bet we can make you even cuter," Marlene said, cleaning Heather off with a napkin and helping her out of the highchair. "Come on, pumpkin, let's go upstairs and get you dressed into something pretty." "Okay," Heather said, taking Marlene's hand and following her upstairs. As he watched the two women walk away, Rick's nose picked up a slight odor, and he noticed the back of Heather's diaper drooping a bit lower than usual. "Marlene..." Rick called out. "Yes?" she responded. "I think she might need more than just a change of clothes." Marlene gently grasped Heather's shoulder and turned her around to face her back. She stuck a finger in the back of the waistband of Heather's diaper, slightly pulled it out, and peered inside. "Wow," Marlene said. "You're right. When did you go poopy, honey?" "Just now," Heather said nonchalantly. "Good girl," Marlene said. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up." Jeff and Rick chatted about the day ahead while finishing their breakfast. The two men got along far better these days and seemed to be truly enjoying eachother's company. When they were finished, Jeff followed Rick into the kitchen to continue their conversation while Rick cleaned the dishes. Soon enough, Marlene and Heather returned downstairs. Rick stopped what he was doing as soon as he lay eyes on Heather, who now wore a sparkly pink dress with matching ribbons tying her pigtails in place. Her fresh diaper was clearly visible beneath the hem of the dress. "Princess, you look absolutely adorable," Rick said. "Thanks," Heather said with a bashful smile. In truth, despite everything she had dealt with in the last four months, being dressed this way and knowing she was going out to meet new people in this getup still embarrassed her. But she couldn't deny that she did, in fact, look adorable. "I was waiting for a special occasion to break out this dress," Marlene said. "I'm so glad it fits her." About an hour later, Marlene looked backwards from the passenger seat of Rick's Jeep to look at her two adult children: Jeff, wearing his usual graphic t-shirt and brightly colored shorts, who was looking thoughtfully out the window, and Heather, strapped into an oversized carseat and enjoying a nap, her mouth hanging slightly open against the cushion behind her. They would arrive at the party soon, and Marlene hoped Heather wouldn't be cranky after being woken up. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as Marlene remembered where they were going: their first-ever ageplay meetup. She didn't know the host, although they had exchanged a few messages to go over the details. This group was large and dedicated, most of them meeting up at least once every month or so at one of their houses. The setting for today's party sounded like a mansion, which seemed more and more likely as the car meandered through increasingly large houses after entering the neighborhood. When they arrived at their destination, it looked from the outside as though this was a baby shower or a gender reveal party. Pastel pink and blue balloons were anchored to the mailbox, and a little card with a diaper and a pacifier on it was stuck onto the front. "Head to the backyard," the card read, with an arrow pointing to a gate. Heather made a face as Rick helped her out of the carseat, but didn't protest. Jeff seemed shy as he got out of the car -- he wasn't speaking, yet seemed on-edge. "You okay, Jeffy?" Marlene asked. "Yeah," he said. "Just nervous I guess." "It's okay, me too," Marlene said. "We're all going to have fun, though. These are our people." Jeff and Heather exchanged a look -- were they, at this point, now considered "these people"? They certainly looked the part, regardless of the circumstances that brought them there. Opening the gate to the backyard did little to settle their nerves. They weren't sure what to expect, but it was certainly nothing as overwhelming as what they saw. About two dozen sets of eyes suddenly snapped to Jeff, Heather, Marlene, and Rick as they stood at the gate, a roughly even mix of bigs and littles. It was a remarkably diverse group, representing all ages, genders, and races, all of whom were united by their similar, peculiar interests. There was a large bouncy castle and jungle gym set up in the backyard, both bustling with adults dressed like infants. Several of them were completely naked besides their diapers, much to Rick and Marlene's surprise -- apparently, Heather didn't need to get dressed this morning after all. Their attention quickly shifted away from the new arrivals and back to playing. It was a bizarre, yet strangely peaceful, scene to see this many adults freely indulging in this part of themselves. Arranged along tables next to a banquet table full of food were the bigs, who also ran the demographic gamut. They dutifully watched their littles play and chatted amongst themselves while eating hot dogs and hamburgers, just like real parents at a cookout. "Marlene!" a skinny, blonde woman who looked to be in her 40s or 50s called out from one of the tables. She stood up and began walking toward the gate. "Marlene, right?" "Yeah!" Marlene responded. "Jessie?" "You got it!" Jessie said. "So glad you could make it -- it's so nice to finally meet you in person!" She turned her attention to Rick, then to Heather and Jeff. "You must be Rick," she said, shaking his hand. "Oh, and the kiddos! Jeff and Heather, right? Heather, I love your pretty princess dress!" "Thanks," Heather squeaked, partially hiding herself behind Rick. "Pleasure to meet you," Rick said, shaking Jessie's hand. "We appreciate the invite. Beautiful house!" Jessie smiled at Rick, then turned her attention back to Jeff and Heather. "Hey, why don't you guys go play with the other kids?" she said, pointing toward the jungle gym. "Everyone here is super friendly and they can't wait to meet you. Me and Mommy and Daddy are going to be right over here talking about boring grown-up stuff, but if you need anything at all, just let any of us know!" Jeff and Heather looked at Marlene uneasily. "It's okay," she reassured. "Go ahead -- have some fun!" "I guess we're really doing this, huh?" Jeff said as he and Heather walked slowly toward the jungle gym. "Guess so," Heather said. "Just... try to be optimistic. It might be nice to talk with some people who know what we're going through." "Do we tell them we're being paid to do this?" Jeff asked. "I'm guessing these are all people who actually want to live this way." "I don't think it really matters," Heather said. "I say we just try to match their energy and blend in." "I'll try," Jeff said. "Just... lean into that hypnosis," she said. "It's done wonders for you so far." Jeff glared at Heather as if she had crossed a line and he was deciding whether to snap at her. He knew that the hypnosis had definitely changed his personality so far, but it was still a touchy subject that he didn't like to talk about. It was a choice he made strictly to make his life at home easier, but he dearly hoped that he could go back to normal at the end of the year. Suddenly, Jeff felt a hard tap on his back. "Tag!" a voice behind him called out. "You're it!" He and Heather turned around to see a skinny, tattooed man around their age running away from them. He wore only a diaper, which sagged low and yellowed beneath his waist, obviously soaked. "I guess you're it," Heather said with a smile before running in the other direction. It didn't take long before Rick and Marlene had met all the other bigs in the ageplay group, and within 30 minutes or so, they were talking as though they'd known each other for years. "Yeah, Jeff was a terror before he started hypnosis," Rick described to the group between bites of a burger. "We didn't think it would make a difference, but it really, really did. He barely ever fights us at all anymore and finally seems happy in his new life." "Is he still on it?" asked Will, one of the other bigs who had just talked about using hypnosis to condition his adult baby girl into associating using her diapers with sexual arousal. "Yes, but we think it's just maintenance at this point," Marlene said. "It's a three-month program and we're a little more than two months in. We're wondering if he'll start to backslide once he's not listening to the recordings overnight anymore." "If he's responded this well to it, I doubt it," Jessie chimed in. "That stuff tends to be really hard to break once it takes hold. I'm jealous of you guys -- I tried hypnosis with Sarah and she didn't respond to it at all." "What were you trying to get her to do?" Will asked. "Mess in her sleep," she answered. "It was really just an experiment to see if it would work for us." A few of the bigs laughed, and a lull in the conversation followed as they all ate another few bites. Marlene looked toward the bouncy castle and jungle gym, searching for an update on what Jeff and Heather were doing. Heather appeared to be having the time of her life, jumping up and down in the bouncy castle with a few of the other littles and laughing at full volume. With every jump, her dress flew upward, fully revealing her diaper. Marlene squinted, trying to discern whether she might need a change from across the yard, but couldn't get a great look with all the motion happening. Meanwhile, she spotted Jeff, sitting on top of the jungle gym with his legs dangling off the side. He was calmly sitting and chatting with a young brunette, dressed in a white t-shirt and pink shorts. Whatever they were talking about, they seemed to be hitting it off. "Who's that cute girl Jeff is talking to over there?" Marlene asked aloud at the table. "Oh, that's our Lily," one of the men said. "Hi, I'm Lee and this is my husband George." "Pleasure to meet you both!" Rick said. "They definitely seem to be getting along." George chuckled to himself. "I bet I know what they're talking about," he said. Jeff and Lily truly were hitting it off. They seemed to be the only two littles at the party who weren't visibly wearing diapers. "So that's your sister?" Lily said, pointing to Heather in the bouncy castle. Jeff cringed at that description. "Uhm... kind of," he responded. "Let's go with best friend instead." "That's cool," Lily said. "I wish I had a kind-of sister." "Do you hang out with this crowd often?" Jeff asked. Lily rolled her eyes in response. "Unfortunately," she said. "My Daddies drag me out to one of these parties every month. I keep telling them that I don't want to hang out with a bunch of dumb babies, but they don't listen." Lily stole a close look at Jeff, surveying him up and down, doing her best to be subtle about it. "It's kinda nice to have another big kid to talk to," she said. "What are things like for you at home?" Jeff asked. "Probably about the same as you," she said. "My Daddies take care of me and make sure I don't have to deal with grown-up stuff. It gets lonely sometimes, though." "How did you meet your Daddies?" Jeff asked. "How'd you get into this lifestyle?" "We were friends for years," Lily said. "I used to work with Lee, believe it or not. I used to be an architect. But you know how it is -- I always had this fetish since I was a teenager, and one day I decided I wanted to stop wasting time and pursue it, and somehow it turned out that Lee and his husband were willing to pursue it with me. Go figure." "Any regrets?" Jeff asked. "No, not really," she said. "Except maybe that my Daddies got into the ageplay community as much as they have. I kind of like to keep my little girl side behind closed doors, you know?" "Trust me, I know," Jeff said. "I also miss sex," she said, making Jeff's eyebrows raise. "Sorry. Too much information." "No, you're good, I hear you on that," he said. Suddenly, Jeff was picturing what Lily must look like naked. He missed sex, too. Sure, he had found time to masturbate late at night when Marlene and Rick were asleep, but doing it in a Pull-Up or childish underwear always made it feel weird. He felt his dick tighten from inside his Pull-Up as dirty thoughts clouded his mind, and he did his best to make sure his erection wasn't obvious. He wanted to get to know Lily better, but at the moment, he couldn't help himself from prying further into her sex life (or lack thereof). "I'm guessing you don't really get any of that kind of attention from your Daddies?" Jeff asked. "Nope," she answered with a chuckle. "They dress me and give me baths, but that's about all the touching I get." "No diapers?" Jeff asked. Lily responded by unbuttoning her shorts and slightly lowering one side, revealing a pink garment. "Pull-Ups," she said. Jeff smiled and did the same, revealing the waistband of his blue briefs. "Me too," he said. "Well look at that," Lily said. "We match." "Do you like them?" "Honestly? Love them. They remind me that I'm just a little girl even when I'm trying to act like a grown-up. And I love the feeling of being wet. At least most of the time. I've been noticing my bladder control slipping for real which has been a little scary." "Same here," Jeff said. "I've been waking up in the morning wet more and more often and I don't know how to feel about it." "When did you know you wanted to live life as a little boy?" Lily asked. It was a tough question to answer. Jeff didn't know how she would react to finding out this was just a job for him. "Well... recently," he said. "I'm still getting used to it, to be honest." "It seems like you have a good thing going," she replied. "A Mommy, a Daddy, and a little sister? A lot of ageplayers would kill for a setup like that." "I'm just glad Heather is doing all this with me," Jeff said. "It'd be a lot harder without her." "She's a full-time baby, it seems?" "Yup. And Marlene and Rick take things pretty far with her." "Marlene and Rick? Is that your Mommy and Daddy?" "Uhm... yeah," Jeff said. "She's got a nursery and isn't allowed to use the potty for anything. Eats baby food, wears baby clothes, the whole nine yards." "That's nice, if she's into that," Lily said. "I tried that life before, but I just can't get comfortable being quite that helpless. I think what I have now with my Daddies is a good fit for me." "Hey... do you maybe want to come over sometime?" Jeff asked. "Like you said, it's nice to have another big kid to talk with." Lily looked at Jeff and smiled. "I'd like that," she said. "I'll ask my Daddies about setting up a... 'playdate.'" She winked as she emphasized playdate, sending Jeff's mind racing. Could that mean what he thought it meant? Lily started giggling to herself, breaking Jeff out of his thoughts. "What's so funny?" he asked. "Sorry," she said with a smile. "I just wet myself. It always makes me laugh for some reason." Lily stood up atop the jungle gym. As he looked up at her, Jeff saw a patch of wetness forming along the seat of her shorts. "Shit," Lily said. "Leaking again. I better go tell my Daddies." She leaned down to Jeff's level and, much to his surprise, kissed him on the cheek. "Bye, Jeff," Lily said. "Really nice to meet you." And with that, she launched herself down the slide. Jeff watched, rock-hard within his Pull-Up, as she toddled over to Lee and George.
  7. Trapped in Diaper Dreams: Prologue I yawned, despite the three cups of coffee I'd already downed this evening. The subject of my testing, a Mr. Franklin Jones, snored next to me at a decibel level high enough that I wondered if I should be wearing ear plugs to prevent any long-term damage. Well, I'd have to remember that for next time. Mr. Jones was had volunteered for a special sleep study in which I, Dr. Hannah Lynton, tested my ingenious invention on him. It was an apparatus designed to allow a conscious person to control the dreams of someone who was asleep by measuring the activity of the awake person and projecting it as theta waves into the brain of the sleeper. On the surface, not many people see the utility of such a device. Why would you want to control someone's dreams? But they don't see the bigger picture. This could be used to allow people to speak to comatose loved ones. Or perhaps it could be used as a rehabilitation method on the criminally insane? The possibilities are as limitless as… Well, as dreams! Unfortunately, I haven't had much success. The test involved myself and the patient wearing special headgear attached to the machine between us. Then once he was asleep, I was to read a novel–in this case Moby Dick–and then when the patient awakes we ask him what he dreamt about and see if it matches the events of the book. This was our 5th time repeating this test and we've seen few positive results. On the 2nd night he did dream about being on a boat, but that's where the similarities ended. If tonight didn't yield any workable results, I'd be back to the drawing board. The door opened to my right and I managed to glance up from my book to see my colleague, Dr. Bethany Avery bringing me another cup of coffee. "Having fun yet?" she whispered. I gave her a quick smile and turned my attention back to my book. Protocol dictated that I keep distractions to a minimum. Although I had to admit, I could find myself very easily distracted by Dr. Avery… She placed the coffee cup on the tray next to me and took my empty one. "I don't know how you manage to drink so much coffee during these tests knowing you can't get up to use the bathroom until morning. Unless you're wearing an adult diaper or something?” I cringed at the thought. A diaper? Me? ”As if I would ever do something so…” Humiliating? Childish? ”Unprofessional.” She shrugged “Is it really all that less-professional than pissing in a bottle?” She glanced under my chair and I felt heat rise up to my cheeks. I know she couldn't see the bottle I'd hidden inside my purse, but I suppose she must have surmised that I was finding some way to relieve myself during these overnight tests. I think she sensed my discomfort with the topic and backed off a bit “Sorry, I'm being weird. Do whatever you think is best, doctor.” The sudden use of an honorific somehow made me feel like I'd messed up. Pushing Bethany away was the last thing I wanted. “N-no, it's fine! I umm… I guess I just… Never thought of it that way?” Perhaps I was just projecting my own desires, but I could've sworn I caught a hint of a smirk in her eyes. Was she… Enjoying watching me get all flustered? “Well, if you decide you wanna try it, I can probably sneak a diaper from the supply closet for you.” she winked, heading out of the room. My gaze lingered on the doorway after she was gone. Damn. She sure does have a way of getting under my skin… And her idea was… Not without merit. Using my “piss bottle” as she called it, was among my least favorite parts of this whole experiment. I'd never considered that there might be an alternative solution. But diapers? Really? How could I, a grown woman, stoop so low as to wear a diaper and pee myself like some kind of… Baby? And why are my cheeks burning so badly at the thought? *ZZZZZZTTT!* The lights overhead suddenly flickered as something on the machine burst and sparks spewed out. But none of that registered to my mind as my body went completely rigid and my head felt like it was on fire! I don't know if it lasted a second or several minutes, but when the Surge of electricity finally subsided I slumped in my seat, my vision darkening as I fell into unconsciousness… \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (And now, a message from Wannatripbaby): Hi all! So this is the Prologue for a sort of Anthology series Princessdiapergirl and myself have decided to start for any sort of random, crazy story idea we get that isn't quite big or bold enough for a multi-chapter story. This way we can get straight into the good stuff without all the set-up. So far, we have one (1) fully written story for this series which we will likely post sometime within the next few days. After that? Well, that's where you come in! If you can think of any crazy or kinky scenarios you'd like to see us inflict upon our poor Dr. Hannah Lynton, leave a Comment down below and tell us! We might just make it a reality! 😁
  8. I've been working on creating a longer story and I've come up with "The Accidental Toddler". The story is has the familiar plot of being stuck in an automated daycare / nursery set in a near future setting. As always, feedback is welcomed. Chapter 1: The Mistake In the not-too-distant future, automation had become a way of life. Everything from driving cars to making coffee was handled by computer systems. One such system was the Potty Training and Developmental Education program. It was designed to help young children learn basic hygiene, social skills, and even some early education. The program was championed as a pre-school / head start program that advanced children’s development. The program was highly efficient, and it had helped countless families over the years. With its automated systems, parents could focus on their work without having to worry about taking care of their children's basic needs. Jack is a tall and lanky man with sharp features and a prominent nose. He has short, curly hair that's a deep shade of brown and is usually styled in a messy, tousled manner. His eyes are a piercing blue and seem to gleam with intelligence and wit. He carries himself with an air of confidence and has a quick, easy smile that can charm almost anyone. Despite his somewhat aloof demeanor, he is fiercely loyal to those he cares about and will go to great lengths to protect them. Jack had recently graduated from college and was struggling to find work in his field as more and more jobs were rapidly moving to automation. As he was scrolling through job listings on his tablet, he came across an ad for a job at the early development center. Without reading the details carefully, he assumed it was a regular daycare type of role and applied by uploading his details. Unfortunately, Jack had made an embarrassing rookie mistake when filling out the application. Instead of applying for a job at the development center, he mistakenly signed up for the potty training and early development program. The computer system was supposed to verify the applicant's age before successfully registering them, but due to a simple coding error within the systems’ source code, it failed to do so. As a result, the uploaded data to the system registered Jack as a toddler. It would only be 10 minutes later that Jack would receive the confirmation email informing him of his mistake. At first, Jack was confused and he attempted to contact the program to explain the mistake, but he couldn't get through to anyone as the system routed his call through a series of automated menus. These automated menus always ended him back to the original menu indicating a problem that would need a human to fix. He decided the best course of action was to walk to the program's office in person, hoping to clear things up. As he entered the office, he was greeted by an automated receptionist. He explained the situation, but the receptionist didn't understand. The system had already registered him, and there was no way to reverse it. The only option was to start the training program or face legal consequences for breaking the law. Jack was shocked to learn that the program was not just a voluntary service but mandatory by law for all children under the age of three. The system had been implemented as a way to ensure that all children received the same level of early education and care, regardless of their family's financial status. He was left with no choice but to accept the situation and start the training program. However, there was a catch. Since the system had registered him as a toddler, it was causing major coding faults to happen within the system. Code that hadn’t been reviewed and revised over decades begin to fault back to a non-production fail-safe subroutines that had not been updated since the completion of the system. Jack unhappily signed in and validating his identity using the biometrics scanner at the registration desk, a second robot came out and directed Jack to the intake room. In the room Jack was striped of his clothes before he was taken to the showers. A warm shower with a complete scrub down from head to toe was preformed by the robot. Once done with the shower, Jack was dried off and led over to a changing table. Before Jack arrived, the wall behind the changing table rotated and the once child sized table was swapped for one now in his size. “Great, just when I thought things couldn’t get worst” Jack said under his breath as his only hope that the center wouldn’t be able to accommodate his size begin to diminish. Jack hopped up on the table shivering a little bit from the cold plastic as he laid down. It was useless to fight the system as one way or another he was going to have to at least get into the main room in hopes of contacting someone. The machine quickly scanned Jack and a series of sounds happened beneath the changing table as the automated system searched for a diaper in his size. After a few minutes the system had found it’s answer as Jack, wide eyed watched as a generic scaled up version of a Huggies diaper is slid underneath him before pulling up between his crotch. With the closing of the second tape on his diaper the reality of his situation set in. Jack's mind raced with questions. How was he going to function like this? Would he be forced to go outside where people could see him? What if someone he knew saw him like this? The embarrassment alone was enough to make him want to crawl into a hole and never come out. As Jack was led out of the intake room, he realized that he was now dressed in a full toddler outfit. He was wearing a green short-sleeved onesie with snaps at the crotch, and a pair of bright yellow shorts with a cartoon character on the front. A pair of white socks and light up Velcro-strapped shoes completed the ensemble. Jack felt humiliated as he waddled along in his new outfit, feeling the bulky diaper between his legs. He was directed into a brightly lit room filled with toys, play mats, and small tables and chairs. Surprisingly, Jack was the only one in the playroom which Jack felt out of place as his town although small it definitely had growing families. Suddenly, a voice startled Jack as it boomed out over the room's speaker system, "Hello there little one, my name is Emily and I'll be your guide here at the center. How are you feeling?" Chapter 2: Acceptance Jack sat in the playroom, surrounded by toys and colorful objects that were meant for toddlers. He felt angry at himself for his mistake and how he could be so careless. He had never felt so helpless in his life. He couldn't believe that he was stuck in this situation, forced to go through potty training and education programs meant for young children. As he sat there, feeling sorry for himself, the door to the playroom opened, and a young woman walked in. She was in her mid-twenties, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She introduced herself as Emily, a teacher at the center. "Hi, I'm Emily. I'm sorry to meet you under these circumstances," she said, looking at Jack with sympathy. Jack didn't know how to respond. He was embarrassed and could easily feel his face turning 3 shades of red. He just nodded his head, hoping that she had a solution to his problem. Emily sat down next to him, sensing his unease. "I know this must be terrible for you, but I'm here to help you.” “We’re going to try and get you out of the system but to be honest it isn’t looking good." Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing. He sat in shock that the reality of being treated like a toddler was only getting more and more certain every minute. "Thank you," he said, surprised by her kindness. “There has to be a way out of this! I mean, I'm not a child. I shouldn't be here!" Emily looked at him with empathy. "I know, this isn’t right, but unfortunately, there's nothing we can do. The system is secure, and we’re trying everything we can to override it. “We’re attempting to reach out to anyone from the company that helped build the system but we’re running into walls”. “For now, you'll have to follow the potty-training program." Jack sighed, feeling hopeless." “But, how am I supposed to go through this?’ “I’m already potty trained and I’m not a toddler!" Emily understood his frustration. "I know it's terrible, but you’re going to have to try. The system is highly advanced and is designed to recognize patterns and behaviors, and if you don't act like toddler, it may mark your behavior as abnormal.” “If that happens it will only make getting you out of here even harder as it will assign you to a different class that we don't have access to.” “You have to go through the program like any other child while we work to get you out of here." Jack realized he had no choice. He would have to participate in the program, but he didn't know how he would manage to act like a toddler. He had never had little brother or even really been around small children to know how to act. Emily saw the look of despair on his face and decided to offer some comfort. "Look, I know this is not easy, but I promise to help you as much as I can. I'll be your teacher, and I'll make sure you're comfortable and happy.” “We'll work through this together." Jack felt a glimmer of hope. Maybe, with Emily's help, he could get through this. He smiled, feeling grateful for her kindness. "Thank you," he said. "I appreciate your offer of help" Emily smiled back but begin to look concern when Jack’s sighed. "I just don't even know how a toddler behaves so how am I’m going act like one? “I've never had a little brother or been around small children." Emily nodded in understanding. "No worries Jack. I'll help you as I’m pretty experienced in that category. In general, toddlers tend to be curious and playful, and they love to explore their environment. They also have short attention spans, so we'll keep things fun and interesting for you. We'll have to jump from play games, to reading stories, and other activities to try and meet that expectation." Jack smiled at the idea of playing games and actually having the time to read. "That sounds like it could be relaxing." Emily chuckled. "It will be. As for the potty training program.” “It’s divided into three sections: assessment, training, and qualification. The system will start with an assessment of your current skills to develop a plan that is tailored to you, and then move on to the training phase. “Once you've completed one level, you'll be able to move on to the next level." Jack felt a little relieved at the idea of the program being divided into sections. "Okay, that doesn't sound too bad." “Hopefully you guys can get me out of her before we even enter training phase and I just get to relax reading” Jack said as he relaxed his posture and leaned back in his playpen. Emily placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Well…” “The problem with the assessment phase is the system is looking for a specific behavior to ensure that the child is ready for potty training.” “Which means you’re going to have to act out those behaviors or the system will mark you as Not Ready”. “Not ready assessment is not what you want as that means you’re not going to be progressing and you’re stuck here.” Emily continued, "But this is a good thing, being qualified as “Not Ready” can be a fail-safe for us in the event you might be close to getting sent to a different class.” “Not Ready status ensures the child kept in the same class to avoid any further setbacks due to changing environments.” “We need go over the behaviors soon as the system begins the assessment phase the moment the child is dropped off.” “Know starting back at 0 is not ideal, but it's better than being sent to a different classroom." “I know I probably don’t want to know the answer but what would cause me to fall back to “Not Ready” status?” Jack asked with a bit of fear. Emily sensing the uneasiness from Jack answered “You’re not ready for that answer and we will cross that bridge if we have too”. Jack nodded, feeling a little more confident worried knowing that there was a way to prevent him from being stuck in this toddler program forever. "Okay, I understand." Emily smiled again. "Good. Now, let's get started on the assessment phase.
  9. Hey y'all - been awhile! I don't get much time to write, but over the last several years I've slowly been building up a little bit of a catalogue. I have enough content to post that I plan to slowly drip it out over the next several months. After that, maybe I'll have more stuff that isn't written yet, or maybe not - I will never start posting something before I think that the entire piece is finished, so it comes down to the mix of time and inspiration. But in the meantime, I thought I'd repost the original since I'm sure it will be new to lots of people. I'll repost the other next week, and then start with some new stuff. Thanks for the occasional posts and messages over the years. It's nice to know at least a few people have enjoyed it over the years. --- “Good morning, Baby!” Jackie's mother woke her with the same enthusiasm that she used every morning. At first, her syrupy sweet tone was almost too much to take, but over time, like much of her new life, Jackie had grown to accept it. Yawning, she answered, “Good mowaning, Mommy,” as was expected of her. As her mouth was closing, her mother picked up her pacifier from her pillow and slipped it back into her mouth, where it had been when she fell asleep and where it was expected to stay while she was awake unless it was removed by what she was forced to call “a grown-up.” Her mother checked her diaper and found it wet, as she always did now in the mornings. Jackie had not been a bed-wetter when her parents had decided that she would once again become the baby in the family, but several months without using anything but her diapers had been enough to completely destroy her bladder control, especially when asleep. Jackie seldom stayed in a dry diaper for more than a half an hour at a time any more, and, unlike at the beginning of her new life, when she would often soak her diapers heavily and require a nearly immediate change to prevent a leak, she now often stayed in damp diapers through several hours of minor wettings until finally she was given a change. This morning was no exception, and her mother declared that she would be able to last until she had finished her breakfast. Within seconds, the side of Jackie's crib had been lowered and she was helped down to the ground by her mother. Still in her pink, very short nighty that she had been put to bed in, Jackie began to crawl out of her room, with her mother following close behind her. When she got to the stairs, she shifted positions and slid downstairs on her bottom. Returning to crawling, Jackie crossed through the living room, past her playpen and toys, and into the kitchen. When she arrived there, her mother helped her up into the highchair that sat waiting for her near the table. As with every morning, Jackie was strapped in, with her mother reminding her that “we wouldn't want our precious babykins to fall out,” in the same awful coo that she was always addressed in these days. The tray of her highchair was soon locked into position against her chest, and her mother crossed the kitchen to begin preparing the oatmeal that Jackie was fed every morning for breakfast. As it heated in the microwave, her mother fastened one of Jackie's many embarrassing bibs around her neck. This one was relatively mundane, however, simply reading “Mommy's Little Princess” in pink letters across a plain yellow fabric, and Jackie rarely even bothered to read her bibs anymore knowing that they were only ever seen by people who were well aware of her new status as a baby. Soon enough, the microwave beeped and Jackie's mother brought her over her steaming hot oatmeal and began spoon-feeding it to her. Jackie accepted the oatmeal without any fuss. She did not particularly enjoy it, and she particularly disliked being spoon-fed it by her cooing mother, but she had learned long ago that there was no sense in resisting it. Her mother always made sure that she ate all of her food, no matter how much time that took, and any real resistance usually just led to some sort of punishment afterwards, which Jackie never enjoyed and avoided like the plague. Besides, though the oatmeal was not very tasty and there was always far more of it than Jackie truly wished to eat (her mother said that Jackie had become too skinny), breakfast was easily the best meal of the day for Jackie. At other meals, she was forced to eat real baby foods, rather than the comparatively adult selection of oatmeal. These meals, she had decided, were the ones that were truly disgusting, and so she had come to see breakfast as the best meal of the day, for better or for worse. Just as her mother was shoveling the last spoonful of oatmeal into Jackie's increasingly dirty mouth (her mother always made sure that an appropriate amount of baby food ended up on Jackie's face and bib, no matter how politely Jackie accepted her feed), Jackie saw her father walk into the room. After she swallowed, her mother asked “What do you say to your daddy, little girl?” “Hewwo Daddy,” Jackie lisped out in the ridiculous voice that she was always required to speak in. One of the rules of her new life was that she was always to speak in a babyish voice, which was made easier by the large nipple of the pacifier that was normally in her mouth. Still, this humiliating speech was one of the things that Jackie hated most about being a baby again, especially since she was usually only allowed to speak when she was repeating what she was told to say by an adult, with the only exceptions being to answer questions which she already knew the answer too like the one that her mother had just asked her. Her father crossed the kitchen and kissed her on the top of the head, which was just about the only way he could avoid getting oatmeal on his lips. “Good morning Princess,” he answered, using his preferred nickname for his big baby daughter. Jackie noticed that her father was not dressed in his work clothes as he normally was. That was odd, she thought. She was almost sure that it was Friday, though it was hard for her to tell given that she wasn't even sure what month it was and rarely even glimpsed a clock. In converting her into a full time baby, her parents had seemingly taken great care to deprive her of her ability to track time. Her highchair faced away from the clock in the kitchen, and there was no way to tell time either in the living room where her playpen was or in her nursery. She spent very little time outside, so all she really knew about the time of the year was that it was quite hot, and thus she assumed that it was summer. At first she had known how many days and weeks it had been since her parents had made her a baby, but as the weeks turned to months and it became increasingly clear that her newly lowered status would not be ending anytime soon, she gave up on diligently keeping track in her head. She tracked days of the week through whether or not her father had gone to work in the morning, but this was imperfect for a number of reasons. Her dad, like everyone else, occasionally took days off. Beyond that, Jackie often found that she simply lost track by the time Thursday, Friday, or Saturday rolled around because it really made little difference to her what day it was, as the only difference that the day of the week would make to her daily routine would be that her father would be around if it were a weekend day and would most often be at work on the weekdays. Thus, Jackie dismissed the idea that her father's casual clothing meant much of anything and assumed that it was simply Saturday and she had lost track of time again. Her musings on her dad's clothes were interrupted by her mother tilting her head back from behind and putting a bottle of formula into her mouth. Of all the ways to be fed from a bottle, this one was undoubtedly the worst in Jackie's opinion. To her immense displeasure, she drank exclusively baby formula. She found it to be too thin, too sweet, and just plain gross. She particularly hated its horrendous aftertaste, which hung around for hours and almost left her feeling thirsty again, though another drink of formula was the last thing she wanted. Despite her distaste for the milk, Jackie found that bottles were an inescapable part of her daily life. She was given one after each meal, along with two each as a “snack” in both the morning and afternoon and another after nap time and before bed, plus the other one or two she might be given to drink on her own over the course of the day. Being fed in the highchair, as she was now, was particularly embarrassing to Jackie. With her head tilted back, the bottle feeding forced her to look up at her mother, who usually put her face very close to Jackie's and whispered coos to her about how little or cute or precious or well behaved she was. Beyond this, Jackie felt particularly infantile because of the way that the bottle simply poured into her mouth and she had to suck even more furiously than normally just to keep up with the flow of the bottle. Fortunately, after just a few short minutes of the torture, Jackie finished the bottle. Her mother quickly and efficiently used her bib to clean up the oatmeal and milk that had remained on Jackie's face and then replaced her pacifier before removing the tray from the highchair. After she unbuckled the straps, she helped Jackie down to the floor. On autopilot, Jackie crawled into the living room and towards the playpen to begin her daily routine of nearly insufferable boredom. However, her mother had a different plan for her. “Where do you think you're going, silly?” she asked Jackie, as if Jackie were stupid for assuming that her day would begin in the same way that it had for literally weeks before. “We have a big day ahead of us today, so Mommy is going to give her little baby a nice bath so that if we don't have time we don't have to do it later.” Suddenly Jackie's curiosity was piqued again. Perhaps it was Friday, and her dad being home wasn't a coincidence but part of the “big day” that her mother was talking about. Jackie knew it was better not to ask, that her parents would tell her what was up eventually, but she was certainly afraid of what might be to come. Her mother had never said anything like this before, and normally she didn't get a bath until sometime just before dinner. She wasn't sure she liked the idea of a big day given her humiliating status within her family. Jackie crawled up the stairs and into the bathroom. Her mother started the water for her, then told her to sit still while she fetched her a nice new diaper for when she got out of the bath. Before she had time to so much as think, her mommy returned holding diapering supplies. As if to humiliate Jackie even more, her mommy said simply “we wouldn't want baby to do pee-pees all over the floor on her way to her nursery, would we?” All Jackie could do was avert her glance in shame, knowing full well that her mom was not totally off base. Soon Jackie had been stripped out of her nighty and her quite damp diaper and, with just a quick wiping, deposited in the bathwater. The water was warm and refreshing, but her mother did not give her more than the few seconds it took to clean up her wet diaper and put her nighty in the hamper to enjoy it. In a record time, Jackie was given her usual, thorough bath that included a scrubbing of all of the places that Jackie had once assumed her mother would never see again. Within just a moment of the scrubbing ending, Jackie was hauled out of the tub, dried off, and once again laying on the changing mat. By now, Jackie could confidently say she was unlikely to make good on her mother's prediction of being wet before her nursery, but only because she had already peed while sitting in the tub. As the diaper was laid out and Jackie was being powdered, she realized that she was once again being put into a thick, nighttime diaper, which was normally reserved for when she was about to be put in her crib for the night. This had never happened before, which gave Jackie further misgivings about what “big day” was in store for her. As if to answer her question, her mother said, “Don't worry baby, we just have a long car ride ahead of us and it will be much easier if Mommy and Daddy don't need to pull over every couple of hours just to change their little tinkle-pants.” Jackie wasn't sure whether to be dismayed or glad after that comment. Her parents weren't the only ones who didn't want to be pulling over every couple of hours in order to change Jackie's diapers. Any diaper change that began with pulling over sounded like the most humiliating experience of Jackie's time as a baby. But hearing that they would be traveling that far scared Jackie very much. Where could they possibly be going? Jackie didn't even have time to ask. As soon as her bulky diaper was taped shut, she was flipped over and ordered to march to her nursery. Naked but for the thirsty disposable between her legs, Jackie did as she was told, though her apprehension caused her to move slow enough for her mother to give her a quick smack on the rear as a signal to hurry up. With a somewhat renewed vigor, Jackie finished her short crawl into her nursery. As always, she was helped onto her changing table by her mother to be dressed. She sat with her legs dangling over the edge of the table while her mother opened the drawer of her dresser across the room. She soon returned with a relatively simple pink onesie for Jackie to wear. While it wasn't the most embarrassing piece of clothing in Jackie's extensive new wardrobe, it was still more than she really wished to be seen in public in, especially given the frilly lace around the arm holes and across the bottom. She was also put off by word “baby” spelled out in baby blocks the chest, but supposed that the fact that she would be wearing a onesie over a thick, bulging disposable diaper meant that the label wasn't really telling anyone anything they couldn't figure out. Only after her mother pulled it over her head and fastened the buttons in her crotch did Jackie realize that the ensemble was not yet complete. Her mother told her to stay where she was. She soon returned with an item that she had never before seen. It was pink, though much brighter than the pastel shade of her onesie. It took Jackie only a moment longer to realize that it was a denim pair of shortalls. While they were loud and quite babyish and seemingly likely to draw a stare from anyone who really examined them, Jackie's first reaction was to let out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness that much of the onesie would be covered! Soon, though, her delight was diminished. As her mother brought the shortalls up her legs, she realized that they were closed on the bottoms with the same humiliating buttons that her onesie had, thus making it obvious that they were hiding diapers that may need changing. Still, at least the ruffles on the seat of her onesie were mercifully covered up. What bothered her most, though, was the wording on the front of the garment. Stitched in clear, large blue letters was the simple monogram “Baby Jackie.” Clearly, this was a custom article of clothing. In her size how could it not be. Jackie began to cry. She knew she was going out of the house, and now she knew she would be doing so in clothes that openly announced her status to anyone who took so much as a second glance at her. Her mother reacted quickly to her tears. Hugging her daughter, she cooed “Shh shh shh, baby, its ok, Mommy's here. Whats the matter diddums? Does baby need a bubba?” Tears came much less frequently now for Jackie, who had felt at least some of her embarrassment at her new station in life wear off as the novelty of it did as well. At first, almost every new humiliation that her parents had in store for her reduced her to sobs, but over time Jackie had reached a point where only extreme humiliation, a particularly severe punishment, or a notably depressing day could send her into such a spiral. Ever since the beginning though, her mother reacted the same way. She always behaved as if she had no idea what could be wrong, though it was almost always quite obvious what the problem was. Instead, she pretended that Jackie must simply be suffering from a problem that may make a baby cry. Diapers were always checked, and if they proved not to be the answer (they never did, as her mother was always fairly well aware of their state) then she would give Jackie a bottle under the assumption that she was hungry and/or thirsty. This time was no different. Jackie soon found herself, still sobbing, in her mother's lap as she sat in the oversized rocking chair in the corner of her room. Her mother positioned her head on her shoulder, with Jackie's diapered bottom on the chair just next to her legs. Removing Jackie's pacifier, she inserted a bottle into her waiting mouth. As Jackie's mother told her that she was her precious little baby, she did her best to calm down. She knew that continuing to cry through her bottle was likely to lead to a nap time under the assumption that her tears indicated tiredness, which was the last thing that she wanted, as she would simply be left to contemplate the daunting day ahead of her. Jackie had indeed finished crying by the time her bottle was empty. Her mother gave her a kiss and then popped her pacifier back in her mouth. She left Jackie on the rocking chair for a moment. When she returned, she carried a pink ribbon with a pin. She tied the open end of the ribbon to the loop on Jackie's pacifier, and pinned the other end of the ribbon to the part of her onesie that stuck out on top of the shoulder straps of her shortalls. “We don't want your paci to fall out in the car while mommy and daddy are in the front seats, and can’t help you, right baby?” was the explanation that her mother gave her. “Time to go to the car, princess!” her mother continued. With a distinct sense of dread, Jackie allowed herself to be lifted down from the rocking chair. She began to crawl into the hallway, and once again bumped her way down the stairs. Her mother seemed to forgive her slow pace this time. Jackie had only left the house on a handful of occasions since she had become the family baby once again, but she knew the drill. She crawled her way to the door in the kitchen that led to the garage. There, her mother opened the door (babies weren't allowed to open doors, as she had learned early on in her new life) and allowed Jackie to bump down the three more stairs that led to the garage floor. “Take Mommy's hand so you don't go boom and make an ouchie,” her mother commanded, standing her up. The hand she was offered was perhaps more welcome than her mother knew. On an average day, the only time Jackie ever stood was to be put into and taken out of her highchair and to be raised onto or off of the changing table. In both of these instances Jackie was to crawl to the very spot where she would need to be standing in order to take the step up into her babyish position, and so most days she didn't take a single step while standing. All of this meant that, while Jackie could still walk, she was significantly worse at it than she had been before the months of inactivity had diminished her balance. Though Jackie walked due to the dirty garage floor, she didn't walk far. It was less than ten steps to the car. When she got there, her mother quickly gave her a boost up into the back seat of the mid-sized SUV that she normally drove. Jackie wondered for a split second why they were not taking her father's car, which they usually took when going on longer trips, but her answer came just as quickly when she remembered that her custom-made, adult-sized car seat had been installed in the rear of her mother's car and was quite a hassle to remove. Despite her misgivings about the trip, Jackie obediently settled herself into the seat and allowed her mother to strap her in. The restraint was extremely snug, especially in the areas where it came into contact with her extra thick nighttime diaper. “All right baby, you're all nice and safe for our ride! We have quite the trip ahead of us! We're going all the way to a place called Maine for a family reunion! You'll get to meet all of your aunts and uncles and cousins! They'll think you're so cute! But we have a long ride ahead of us, so you need to be a patient baby while we drive, ok?” Jackie resented so much of what she was told. She resented being treated like she'd never heard of Maine. She resented the idea that she would be traveling strapped in this car seat for a minimum of ten or so hours, given that her family lived in Virginia and she had no idea how far into Maine they were going. Most of all though, she resented that her parents were very clearly intent not just on bringing her to a family reunion in diapers, but on displaying her in her fully babied state when they got there. As she was still processing what would be happening to her, her mother continued “Daddy and I need to finish packing the car, so you sit tight, and we'll get on the road in just a few minutes.” “As if I have any choice,” Jackie thought, though she continued to simply suck on her pacifier. About ten minutes later, after the trunk behind her had been opened and closed several times, her parents finally got into the car. As her dad started the car, Jackie noted that the clock on the dashboard read 8:30. This made sense to her, as she was pretty sure she was normally awoken at around 7:00 in the morning. “Great,” she thought, “best case scenario, we won't get there until at least 6:30. Just in time for dinner and my 8 o'clock bedtime. This is going to be an even more boring day than usual.” After a quick stop at a local gas station, during which Jackie felt glad for the Elmo-themed sunblocker that sat in her window but also had the benefit of preventing any acquaintances outside of the car from seeing her in her infantile state within, Jackie's family was on the road. The monotony quickly set in for Jackie. Her mother had played her a CD of lullabies over the car stereo, but given that she had only just woken up from her 11 hours of sleep, she was nowhere near able to sleep yet. About an hour and a half after they got on the road, her mother passed back a bottle to Jackie and told her to drink up. She did as she was told, and it was followed by a second, in keeping with her normal morning routine. Beyond that though, there was virtually nothing for Jackie to do. With her dread setting in, Jackie found herself reflecting on how she came to be in her position. She had never expected to find herself even living at home at this point, not to mention doing so as the family baby. Back in May, Jackie had finished her college career. She had graduated with honors and was looking forward to embarking on an exciting career. However, since she had gone to school several states away, and wanted to get a job closer to home, Jackie hadn't yet begun the process of applying for jobs. She was quite unworried though. She knew that she had solid credentials and her parents had agreed to allow her to live at home until she had landed a job, which Jackie expected would take no more than a month or so. Jackie had no idea that her parents had other plans for her. As an only child, they had always thought that she had grown up too fast. Beyond that, though, they had grown increasingly disappointed in her behavior throughout college. Unlike her parents, who were both very successful lawyers, Jackie had no interest in the law. This had been a source of tension with her parents. They were also disappointed with her inability to make lasting friends at college. She had been unable to even tolerate any of her roommates at school. While her parents had been supportive over the phone, it was clear to them that Jackie was the source of conflict in each case and they were unable to gently persuade her that she should change her ways. When Jackie had returned home, they had told her all of this, and concluded that Jackie was essentially an arrogant brat. In fairness to Jackie, this wasn't totally true. Jackie wasn't mean spirited, by any stretch of the imagination. She was difficult to get along with, but part of that was just that she was difficult to communicate with because she was something of a loner as a result of being an only child. She didn't consider herself to be arrogant. Instead, she considered herself to be smart enough that she always knew what was best. Still, Jackie was never allowed a rebuttal to her parents' criticisms. They told her that they wanted the perfect little angel back that they had once had, and that they were going to get it. Within an hour of Jackie's return to her house, she was led up to her old bedroom, which had been thoroughly converted into a nursery in her size. Jackie soon found herself strapped onto the changing table, sobbing and wearing a diaper. Her mother and father explained to her that life would be very different from the one she had left. At its core, she was to live as a baby of approximately one year old, with all the trappings that came with it. Diapers were to be used, baby clothes to be worn and baby food to be eaten, plus all of the other indignities that were to become part of her daily life. Most shocking to Jackie, her mother would be retiring from her job to become a stay-at-home mom to her baby. When she was able to think rationally about it, Jackie had realized how serious her parents were. They had spent a lot of money to acquire all of the custom-made items that Jackie's new life would require. Her mother had left her job as well. While her family could easily afford both of these measures, they indicated that her parents intended to keep her as a baby for an extended period of time. This, as much as the news itself, came to be what bothered her the most. The uncertainty of when, if ever, she would be allowed to grow up made Jackie feel extremely uneasy and made it hard for her to stay positive. She desperately wished to be allowed to grow up one day, but was often afraid that it would never happen. Within the first few days, Jackie began to get the hang of her new life. Two things immediately stuck out at her. The first was that being treated as a baby was extremely humiliating. Feedings, changes, baths, outfits and bedtimes all made her blush furiously and, at first, often reduced her to tears or petulant fits. The second thing that she realized was just how boring being a baby was. Jackie spent hour after hour in her playpen, sometimes without even seeing her mother for more than an hour at a time. She was sometimes allowed to watch a lone episode children's television, but even then the most mature shows she was allowed to watch were taped episodes of Teletubbies, which was infinitely below her years and totally boring to her. When the television was off, only a few dolls and blocks were available to her, none of which really provided her any entertainment, even when her mother took them in her hands and played with them in front of Jackie's face while assigning them annoying, babyish voices. In the beginning, Jackie had fiercely resisted her role as the family baby. This didn't last long, however. Every time that she acted out, her parents found a way to punish her. The punishments were truly unbearable. Her parents never spanked her, except for a light swat on the outside of a diaper to correct the most minor of offenses. In truth, Jackie would probably have preferred to be spanked. Her parents instead gave her punishments designed to increase her boredom. Sometimes she was given extended naps or much earlier bedtimes. Early in her new life, Jackie had once found herself in her crib for the night at three thirty in the afternoon, which meant that she had been forced to lie there for 16 mind-numbing hours. That punishment was even worse then, because Jackie had not yet been able to adjust her sleep schedule and hadn't managed to fall asleep until close to 10 o'clock, more than six hours since she had first been put down for the night. Another hated punishment was a seemingly simple timeout. At first, Jackie had been forced to sit on a low stool during timeouts while facing the corner. However, her parents found that unless they sat there for the duration of her timeout, which for Jackie was normally at least 30 minutes and sometimes much, much longer, Jackie would simply try to get up in an act of further rebellion. They quickly put a stop to this by buying what Jackie considered to be the most horrible invention of all time. It was a baby bouncer that hung from the ceiling, but it was designed for adult-sized babies. During time outs, Jackie now found herself suspended from the ceiling for up to several hours at a time, with literally nothing to do and nowhere to go. Her first trip to the bouncer, which had lasted 90 minutes, left Jackie sobbing for more than an hour and vowing to herself that she would be good from now on. That had not happened, of course, but her obedience had improved significantly from that moment forward. Looking back, it seemed to Jackie that she had settled into her life as a baby with an alarming speed. Within little more than two weeks, she had basically accepted her new life and grown accustomed to it. She realized that much of this owed to the fact that, for the most part, she ran on a simple daily routine of meals, bottle feedings, play time, and bed times, with little that ever interrupted it. This made Jackie somewhat numb to the ordeal that she was going through and sped up the process of accepting it. About the only time Jackie's day ever changed was when she had a “play date.” She had had four thus far, all with the same girl. That girl, Stephanie, was two years older than Jackie, and had been being treated like a baby by her parents for over four years. Jackie could never figure out how her parents had ever discovered such a playmate for her, as she had never met Stephanie and lived almost an hour away from her. Jackie had twice been to Stephanie's house, and twice Stephanie had visited hers'. Each time had been incredibly awkward for the two girls. They were expected to kiss each other fully on the lips as a way of greeting each other, and then Jackie had to endure a round of kisses from Stephanie's nanny (a babysitter only slightly older than the two babies actually were who Stephanie's parents had hired to watch over their oversized bundle of joy while they were at work) while Stephanie was similarly doted on by Jackie's mother. After that, the two were expected to play with each other while sharing a playpen. This often proved to be incredibly frustrating, however, as while it was the rare time that either of them was encouraged to speak (at least while providing voices for their dolls), neither of them could really say anything intelligible from behind their oversized pacifiers, which they were still forced to suck even as they played. The result was that the girls had to endure a few awkward hours of babbling at each other before being fed lunch. After that, they would inevitably find themselves cuddling in a crib where they were to remain absolutely silent and take a nap, each all too aware of the presence of another in a bed that was normally the site of solitary confinement. After nap time, the play date would always end with another round of humiliatingly mushy kisses and then a long trip back home in a tight car seat for whichever girl was visiting on that day. Though Jackie didn't mind the idea of a change in routine in theory, in practice she always found it exhausting and couldn't wait until it was over. Jackie had been absentmindedly reminiscing for over an hour when she was interrupted by the car slowing down and entering into a small roadside picnic area that also included restrooms. She realized that if her parents had talked over the decision in the front seat, she had totally missed it. Glancing at the clock, she realized that it was just past noon, and Jackie surmised that it may be lunchtime. She hadn't really even thought of how that would work. All of Jackie's consternation had been reserved for the specter of a diaper change on the road. Quickly though, she realized that despite her diaper that seemed to be nowhere near the point where she would be changed, this too would be quite an ordeal. Fortunately for Jackie, only a few cars seemed to have chosen this secluded rest stop for their break on the road. Her parents each took a turn visiting the restroom, while the other babbled nonsense to Jackie, asking her if she knew how cute she was and whether she was ready to eat a yummy lunch. Although the answer to the latter question was a resounding “no” in Jackie's head, she soon saw her mother preparing a picnic table on the far end of the rest stop from her vantage point in the car seat. Before long, both parents were out of the car and rummaging in the trunk. After what seemed like a surprisingly long time, Jackie's father opened the back door of the car and unbuckled his oversized toddler. As he slid Jackie out of the seat and moved her towards the door, she began to realize what had taken so long. Jackie was surprised to see an adult-sized stroller waiting for her on the ground. This was another item making its debut on the trip. Before she had even finished processing the device, Jackie was seated inside of it. The canopy top may have protected her from the sun somewhat, but it felt to her like it couldn't have done less to conceal its occupant from any outside gazes. To her relief, none of the few other people seemed to pay any attention to their party at all, and her disgraceful new ride was, at least for now, kept as her little secret. Jackie was pushed over to the secluded picnic table that her mother had chosen, and the stroller was situated so that it was facing the end of one of the benches. Within seconds a totally nondescript bib had been fastened around Jackie's neck, and she realized that she was about to be fed while still in her stroller. “This will be interesting,” thought Jackie, noting that the stroller had her facing upwards in an effort to keep her low to the ground without forcing her to drag her feet. Indeed, it was interesting. In addition to being a cold feed, since her mother was unable to heat up the disgusting blend of beef and vegetables baby food as she normally would have at home, the angle seemed to throw off the coordination of mommy and baby, resulting in an even more messy face than Jackie was accustomed to. Other than that though, the feed was pleasant enough, and Jackie ultimately suffered no more indignity outside than she would have had she been inside, though the worry that she would kept her constantly on edge. Only after she had finished the bottle that her mother held with one hand while eating a sandwich with the other did Jackie's anxiety truly begin to subside. Her parents finished their food, and soon Jackie had been cleaned up and pushed back to the car. After a quick diaper check confirmed that she had a few hours of safety left, Jackie was returned to her car seat and her parents began to reload the car for the next leg of the journey. As the car rejoined the light traffic on the freeway, Jackie was reminded by her mommy that it was nap time and that she should go to sleep. In reality, Jackie needed no reminder. She resented the naps, especially since she also spent about 11 hours in bed each night, but Jackie had also learned to sleep during them. Like a baby, Jackie now truly needed to nap during the day, or else she wouldn't make it all the way through the night. With the relatively happy thoughts of her embarrassment-free lunch still in her head, Jackie quickly drifted into a docile sleep. A little over an hour and a half later, Jackie was lightly stirred by her mother, who had reached an arm back from the back seat. As Jackie groggily rubbed her eyes, her mother said “Wakey-Wakey, beautiful. Mommy doesn't want you to sleep too long and ruin your night time sleep.” Just a moment later, Jackie was passed a bottle to drink. Normally she would have had that bottle in her crib while her mother cuddled her and woke her up, but this was obviously impossible in the car. Instead, Jackie fed herself the dreadful formula and wished there was a way to be able to avoid just such a thing. Traffic seemed to still be moving well enough, and Jackie saw that it was about 2:15 on the car clock. She couldn't figure out where they were based on road signs because of the screen on the window, but Jackie guessed that they must be making good time. Jackie wasn't really sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. It was only a few minutes after her bottle that her father pulled the car off into a rest area. Jackie wasn't totally sure what the reason could be for this stop. When she realized that this was simply a parking area and that there weren't any restrooms here for her parents to use, she was even more confused. Her mother got out of the car and went into the trunk, but was only there for a second. Before Jackie could figure out where she had gone, the door nearest to her seat was opened and her father began to get her out of the car. “What's going on?” thought Jackie, still a little groggy from sleep. This time, as she was helped down, Jackie saw that there was no stroller for her to be placed in, which she considered a mercy, even though the parking area was completely deserted and she was unlikely to be seen by anyone but the motorists passing several hundred feet away on the highway. Just two steps around the car made Jackie forget her sense of comfort, and if it hadn't been for her dad's suddenly tight grip on her hand and her wobbly, unused legs, Jackie might have tried to run back around to the other side of the car. Her mother was standing at a nearby picnic table, and laid out on the table was her changing mat, along with a fresh diaper and all the supplies needed to change Jackie into it. Jackie's dad practically dragged her the remaining few steps to the table, and a quick warning spank was needed before she could be boosted up onto the table. The idea of an outdoor change, even in this relatively anonymous location, had Jackie petrified, and she found herself in tears for the second time that day. Both of her parents were cooing at her, but it was her mother that she heard clearly. “Now, now, baby, its time for our little princess to have her diaper changed. We don't want you to get a leak and ruin your pretty clothes and make your car seat all wet, do we?” Though Jackie was used to being changed, the process was particularly horrible this time. Soon, the snaps on each of her layers of clothing had been unbuckled. With the diaper now on display, Jackie was a wreck, barely even able to see out of her sobbing eyes. When that diaper was opened and Jackie was exposed to the open air, she froze. Her focus was on the road, and the entrance into the parking area. Jackie lost all perspective, and as her mother wiped the excess urine off of her diaper area and dropped the wipes into the used diaper, she was certain that every car on the road could not only see her, but could tell that she was far too old to be in need of a diaper change from her mother on the side of the road. The change itself was actually quite efficient, but to Jackie, it took an eternity. Her mother's thorough powdering was taking forever in her eyes, and even after she was mercifully taped back in to another thick disposable (an experience she never thought she would consider merciful), she wished her mother would hurry up and button her back in to the comparatively less embarrassing baby clothes. Finally, Jackie was boosted up off of the table. Her mother escorted her back to the car, while her father disposed of the sodden diaper and gathered up the supplies and returned them to her diaper bag. Less than ten minutes after they had entered the rest area, they were back on the road. As they re-entered the highway, Jackie felt herself let out a small, involuntary stream of urine, and silently cursed herself for being unable to enjoy the luxury of a dry seat for even a few minutes. The afternoon portion of the ride soon proved to be the most monotonous for Jackie. She would have liked to have had at least a stupid baby toy to play with in the back of the car, but all she could do was stare at the back of her mother's seat, as the screen that shielded her eyes from the sun also served to prevent her from being able to even so much as stare out the window. At this point, Jackie's mind was filled with nothing but dread. She had been to one family reunion several years prior, and if this was to be anything like that experience, she worried about what to expect. Given that they were on their way to Maine, she was almost sure that they would be visiting with her father's side of the family, who almost all hailed from that state. She vividly remembered that, at the last reunion, she had been the youngest person there at age twelve. This owed to the fact that her father was about five years younger than each of his siblings and cousins. All of them had had children a little earlier than her parents had had Jackie, as well, so the result was that all of the other youths at that reunion had been at least in their mid-teens. Jackie wondered if they would all be in attendance now, in their mid-twenties, or if they would be off living lives of their own. She also couldn't help but fear that she would be viciously made fun of by those closest to her own actual age, as they would see her as a weak excuse for an adult who was entirely worthy of their mockery. All of this dread made the time pass very slowly. The two bottles that she was given in quick succession around three o'clock didn't really help time pass any slower, though they did remind Jackie just how much she hated baby formula. She found herself praying for a distraction. Perhaps if Jackie had thought about who might hear those prayers, she would have thought twice about making them. If anybody was watching over her very closely, it seemed to her that they had a sick sense of humor to allow her to be converted so thoroughly into the infantile creature she had become. The distraction she was sent confirmed that the joke really was on her. Only a few minutes after Jackie finished the second of her bottles and once again was commanded to begin sucking on the giant nipple of the pacifier dangling from her shirt, a familiar and dreaded pressure took hold in Jackie's abdomen. Immediately, she knew that she was in deep trouble. “I can't! Not here, in this tiny little car seat! I have to hold it!” she thought. Even as she thought it though, Jackie knew that it was basically no use. She knew that at this point, by the time she knew that she had a problem, she didn't have much time left. Unlike her bladder, Jackie still retained a semblance of control over her bowels. However, had she been allowed to not use her diaper, she imagined that her level of control would be similar to that of a beginning potty-trainer, who needed to be rushed to the bathroom as soon as they asked in order to prevent an accident. In the desperate fight against time, time won. Within about ten minutes of increasingly agonizing pressure, Jackie's will to fight broke. She knew, however, that this would be as difficult of a mess as there was, as she was secured tightly to her seat and had no way to shift so that she could raise a leg. Jackie pushed, and hard. When Jackie let out a rather loud, involuntary grunt, the idle conversation between her parents in the front seat ended abruptly. Fortunately for Jackie, she was so focused that she didn't really notice the small chuckles that her beet red face earned. The floodgates took a few moments to open. They finally did so with a pair of short, noisy farts that Jackie was decidedly not too focused to miss. Her embarrassment continued to grow as the quiet sound of several gushes of a soft, mushy mess slid into her diaper. One more push sent a final wave into the seat of her pants, and Jackie's exhausted body relaxed back, sinking her into her own filth. It was obvious that Jackie's parents were well aware what had happened, but they let the moment breathe for a moment. Finally, her mother asked what might have been the most unnecessary question possible. “Did my baby make a stinky in her diapee? Pee-Whew, I think so! Somebody is a smelly baby!” This was practically a routine when Jackie was discovered to have messed herself, but that didn't make it any easier for Jackie to bear. There was still no end to her embarrassment when she found herself declared a stinky baby while sitting in a diaper full of her own poop. A moment later, her father said, “Can you stand it well enough?” “Yes,” her mother said, “if you can. We only just changed her into this diaper an hour and a half ago, and if she hadn't made a mess she could have lasted until Maine. She can wait a little while anyways.” “Sounds good,” her dad answered. “Great,” Jackie thought. “A poopy diaper for as long as they wish, and then the worst change of my life!” As the poop cooled and began to itch, not to mention smell, Jackie thought about just how much she hated messing her diapers. It had most definitely been the hardest part of her terrible new life to accept. She had resisted all pooping for the first three days of her babyhood, and tried to remove her diaper when she finally did need to give in to the urge. She had been caught, and put into locking plastic pants on that occasion, then been forced to take an extended nap in freshly messed diapers before finally being changed. The experience had taught her that she was best off not trying to avoid using her diaper, because she would only wind up wearing her waste for longer. Still, while Jackie had accepted that she would need to mess eventually, at first she had held out for as long as possible before doing the dirty deed. She only messed a few huge messes the first week or two, as she continued to hold on for as long as she could. Slowly, though, that changed. She had become somewhat accustomed to the messes and the humiliating changes that always followed, and she didn't see the need to strain so heavily to keep her urges held back. Additionally, the consistency of her poop had forced her hand somewhat. Her diet, which consisted of literally nothing that needed to be chewed, turned her mess into a far more liquidy beast than it had been during her adult life. Not only did this make her poop start to smell much more like that of a real baby's than that of an adult, but it also made it even harder to hold on for days at a time. Over time, she returned to the one-mess-a-day pattern that she had normally held during her previous life. But even that didn't hold. In part because Jackie made increasingly less of an effort to hold on when she felt the need, she found that almost as often as not she now found herself in a messy diaper twice a day instead of her usual once. She told herself that this was due to the fact that she was fed more food than she had been eating when she had made her own choices, which had an element of truth to it, but much of it had to do with a steady loss of control, which was a fact she denied to herself. Jackie really, really hated “having stinkies,” as her mother often called a messy diaper. She tried to do it when she was alone in a room as often as possible, because the act of pooping herself in front of others was still too much to bear easily. When her mother did discover a mess in her pants, however, she always seemed to suddenly be quite busy. Even when she had, to her great shame, messed during one of her play dates, she had stayed seated in her smelly prison for over a half an hour, and while it had been a little shorter than the average amount of time that she was left to stew before she was cleaned up, she had been mortified, though later she had still felt superior to Stephanie when she had messed herself during naptime and had stunk up the crib to the point that Jackie could hardly sleep. The mess had long since cooled and become itchy by the time Jackie felt the car once again slowing down and pulling into a highway rest area. She had actually been glad the first time they had passed a rest stop, because she had realized that it was one of the ones that had gas stations and food options and was so crowded that she would have been entirely sure to have been seen. But as other, quieter rest areas had passed without a stop, she had become increasingly despondent. She desperately wanted to be changed before they got to the reunion, but it seemed like it was possible that that luxury was not coming. As they pulled into a parking spot in the mostly empty parking lot, however, the knot in Jackie's stomach simply changed purpose. She was still filled with dread, but now it was because she knew she would be changed from a messy diaper in an at least somewhat public setting. She knew that messy changes were not at all like wet changes. They were slow, owing to the way that feces caked all over her diaper area, and required even more time in the humiliatingly-exposed, legs-up position. When Jackie was pulled out of the car, she looked around for the picnic table she would be led to, but never found it. Instead, she was lead around to the tailgate of the SUV and lifted up, leading to one final, disgusting squishing of her mess around her diaper before she was laid back on the changing mat, which had been placed in a small opening in the trunk just big enough for her upper body to fit in. “Change time, princess!” her father announced, as if it were not the most obvious statement in human history. Her mother did the actual changing. Jackie's diaper was soon opened, and the momentous task of wiping her filthy, smelly anus began. Jackie was unsure whether she felt better or worse being unable to see outside the car past her mother. She knew for sure, though, that her legs and some of her bottom were on display out of the back of the car. That made her uncomfortable for sure, but she could allow herself to think that she may have looked a little more like any other baby from this angle. The wiping finally ended, and after a thorough powdering, another diaper was taped up. For the first time that day, Jackie found herself only wearing a daytime diaper. While it was still quite thick and very noticeable under her clothing, it was not even close to how thick the billowing nighttime diapers were. Jackie felt fortunate to know that the first time she met her family at the reunion her diapers would at the very least not make her bottom look almost twice its normal size. As she got out of the trunk and back to her feet, she realized that, from afar, her change had just been watched by an astonished young couple, perhaps a year or two older than her at most, who appeared to have been hiking in the woods before returning to their car. The male cried out “Cute baby! Isn't she a little big though?!” from across the lot. “We've got our hands full!” her mother responded, as her husband buckled a mortified Jackie back into her car seat. “Big baby, big poopies!” Jackie had perhaps never been more embarrassed in her life. Tears came cascading down her face as her parents disposed of the dirty diaper and got into the car. The tears earned Jackie little more than a shushing and bottle of nasty formula, and Jackie wished for all she was worth that the world would open up and swallow her. “Just another hour and a half until we get there baby!” her father explained, making it clear Jackie was supposed to be excited. Jackie looked at the clock, and saw that it was about 5:15. She still didn't know exactly where they were going, but she could now guess that it was very close to her grandparents house. She remembered that when her family had last held a reunion they had rented out a very large house where everyone had stayed. She guessed that this would be the case this time as well. The imminent arrival would give her a much better idea of what to expect, though, and she was particularly in the dark as to how her status as a baby might impact her trip. The final stretch of the ride actually passed a little faster than the rest of the trip had for Jackie, mostly because she was distracted with her thoughts of her latest diaper change. She could not shake the fact that a couple of her approximate age, and especially a fairly attractive young man, had seen her compliantly lie still while her exposed privates were wiped clean of poop. Thinking about the past made her temporarily forget her dread of the future, and Jackie was surprised that they were so near when they got off the highway an hour later. It was still another twenty minutes before they finally arrived, but by then the dread had set back in for Jackie, and she was officially back to wanting to be anywhere else in the world. “We're here, baby!” her mother explained as she removed Jackie from the car seat and, oddly in Jackie's opinion, set her straight down into her new stroller. “Here” turned out to be a very large, lakeside building that had a massive front yard. The stroller started to make a little more sense when Jackie saw that she would be pushed several hundred feet up the hill from where the car was parked to where the house was actually located. “Now, princess,” her father said, bending down to put his face right in hers, “Daddy knows that this is a very exciting weekend for you, but you need to be on your best behavior for Mommy and Daddy or you will be in very big trouble. Is that understood, little girl?” This was one of the questions that Jackie was trained to answer. “Yeth Daddy, me am gonna be a puhfect angel,” she lisped from behind her pacifier, though the promise was nothing more than what she was required to say. The stroller ride took a minute or two. A few feet before the door, Jackie's grandmother and aunt came out to greet them. “Hi!” the two women shouted in unison. “Hey Mom, hey Sally, it’s great to see you!” her dad answered. Hugs were exchanged, and her mother also shared greetings. For just a moment, Jackie thought that she was going to be ignored, but she was not so lucky. Suddenly, from behind her, Aunt Sally emerged, and then she was not only not being ignored, but the center of attention. “Hellll-o Baby Jackie,” she bellowed, no more than three inches from her face. “It's your Auntie Sally! It's so exciting to see you, cutie-pie! We all love you very much!” Then she plopped a loud, wet kiss on Jackie's face. The exercise was repeated by her grandmother, and then her mother reached around and removed her enormous pacifier. “Give nana and auntie a kiss, baby,” her mother instructed. Jackie, of course, was still strapped into the stroller, so she had to wait for each of the women to come to her. When they did, in turn, Jackie pressed her lips against them, and pushed her tongue out while sort of half-shouting “mmmmmm-aah!” as she had been taught to do when ordered to kiss someone. Both women positively squealed at the kiss. “Oh my goodness!” exclaimed her aunt. “She kisses just like a real baby!” “She is a real baby,” her mother responded, “in every way you can imagine. She's our beautiful little bundle of joy.” “I can think of a few ways I'm different than a real baby,” Jackie thought, but even if she had actually wished to offer that opinion, she wouldn't have been able to, because her mother pushed the pacifier back into her mouth. “Let's head inside,” her father said. “We don't want the baby to catch a cold.” Jackie was pushed the last few steps to the house, and then was unbuckled from the stroller. She was lifted up under the shoulders by her dad, took one step up over the threshold, and then, without needing to be told, immediately dropped to her knees. “That's so adorable! Does she always crawl?” asked her grandmother. “Of course, just like any other baby,” her mother responded. “I love how her cute little diapered butt waddles back and forth when she crawls,” her aunt said. “So cute.” Jackie's face was turning beet red, but since she was facing the floor it wasn't totally clear to the others in the room. She wasn't really sure where she was going, so she slowed herself as she reached the end of the entry hallway. “I'll show you to your room so you can get all settled,” said her grandmother. “That would be great, Helen.” her mother responded. “Do you mind watching the baby for a minute while we bring everything in?” “I'd love to! Feel free to run back out to the car if you need to too. I've got the baby. Don't I Jackie? I think I do. I think I do.” Jackie wished the floor would swallow her, but it of course did not. As everyone else left the room, her grandmother crossed over to the sofa and beckoned her to her. Jackie crawled over to her grandmother. A pat on her knee and a pair of hands under the shoulders told Jackie to climb up onto her grandmother's lap. When she sat there, she realized just how close her face was to her grandmother's. The ridiculousness of the situation was driven home when she saw that she was a head taller than her grandmother when sitting on her lap. Even still, any thought of defiance melted away in shame almost instantly when two fingers went probing into the front of her diaper. “Oops,” announced her grandmother. “Somebody has had a little accident.” Jackie just continued to suck on her pacifier. She hated to admit it, but the pacifier had become a source of comfort for her over her second period as a baby. It allowed her an excuse to say nothing (not that she was really allowed to) and made it possible for her to focus on something other than her moments of most extreme humiliation, even if the coping method was admittedly shameful in itself. Still, in times like these when she had nowhere to hide, it somehow made time move a little faster. She endured many kisses and cheek pinches from her grandmother, but before she knew it her mother came into the room and declared themselves ready to give the baby a nice feed before bathtime and bedtime. After a quick crawl to the kitchen, Jackie stood up and prepared to get into the highchair. Only then did she realize that her parents must have ensured that there was a highchair present for her. The knowledge that even while they were away from home her parents were this concerned about such details made Jackie sick. As she climbed in, another aspect of the highchair struck her. It was meant for real babies! Jackie didn't really realize it at first, but her mother had to sort of push her in in order for her diapered hips to squeeze into the seat. The strap had to be loosened all the way to fit her, and the tray could barely reach the locking mechanism, and even then was making Jackie feel like her stomach was much bigger than it truly was. When she was settled, she realized that her toes were very close to reaching the ground, which was never true in her much larger version of baby furniture at home. The feeding was at once no different than any other and as humiliating as any Jackie had ever experienced. She choked down the usual concoction of atrocious baby foods, had the same amount of it spilled down her face, and got all of the usual comments that her mother always made. It was the peanut gallery that made her so dreadfully uncomfortable. The comments about the faces she made when the food hit her tongue, about how messy of a little girl she was, how adorable she looked and how obedient she was that rang out from her aunt and grandmother were all enough to make it quite clear that this was no normal supper that could have happened at home. All through the bottle feeding that followed, during which both her grandmother and her aunt had the opportunity to hold the drink up while Jackie sat helplessly, her father answered all questions and comments as if he were some sort of tour guide for the dinner. All of his answers, of course, seemed designed to emphasize that Jackie was a baby, and that her actions were just like those of any other baby as well. After the fuss of dinner, Jackie was exceedingly grateful for the relative privacy of bathtime. Only she and her mother retreated into a bathroom near the room her parents would be staying in, though Jackie suspected that this privacy was not due with a desire to provide Jackie with modesty as much as it was because the bathroom hardly had room to lay her down and take off her clothes and wet diaper without any other visitors. The bath moved quickly enough, with her mother doing a thorough but efficient job washing Jackie, just as she did every night. As she began to drain the tub, her mother looked down at Jackie, tweaked her pacifier, and told her “I know it's a few minutes earlier than normal, but as soon as you are dressed and everyone has said goodnight, you are going to go to bed, baby. You've had a long day, and you have another exciting adventure ahead of you tomorrow.” If she had expected that Jackie would be upset, Jackie couldn't really understand why. She didn't really know what time it was, but guessed it was really only a few minutes early. Besides, Jackie was indeed emotionally spent and wouldn't mind being able to get away from all of the attention she was facing by retreating to bed. She had just been glad for the second bath that had earlier apparently been in doubt. She was helped out of the tub and onto the changing mat. After being quickly taped into yet another nighttime diaper, the fourth she had worn at some point that day, she was told to get up. Her mother led her out into the hall. To her horror, instead of being lead into whatever room would be serving as her nursery, she was lead back into the kitchen still as naked as the day she was born with the exception of her diaper, although she was certainly a little more self conscious of her breasts than she had been more than two decades earlier during her true infancy. “The pizza is almost here, honey,” her father said. “Has baby Jackie come to say goodnight?” “Yes she has,” her mother answered. “Get up on just your knees, baby. Everyone is going to give you a kiss, and then I'm going to get you ready for beddy-byes.” Reluctantly, Jackie did as she was told. On all fours, at least her boobs had been somewhat concealed. Kneeling like this made them totally exposed, although if anyone besides her noticed in the slightest they did a convincing job hiding it. Soon she was back on her hands and crawling back down the hall once more, having been kissed condescendingly on the top of the head and told that she should rest up for what promised to be an exciting day to come. “Exciting for everyone except me,” Jackie had thought, but she certainly kept that thought to herself. Jackie was a little surprised to be led into her parents' room. She was never allowed into her parents' room at home, and was told that she could only go into rooms that were safe for little girls, which her parents' room apparently was not somehow. She assumed this exception must be because her suitcase was in the room, but when she got in there another surprise awaited. Sitting at the foot of the bed was a small, baby sized portable playpen/crib that Jackie recognized acted as something of a traveling crib for infants. To her mind, it was impossibly small, but she immediately had no doubt where she would be spending the night. She was half lifted, half dragged onto the bed by her mother. There she had a footed sleeper, which seemed too warm to Jackie, put on her. It was quickly followed by what she knew would be the last of her daily bottles of the sickly baby formula, in case there wasn't enough that would already be finding its way into her diaper over the course of the night. After the bottle, it was down from the bed directly into the “safe bed” as her mother decided to call it, as if Jackie needed the clarification between the two to be made. The portable crib was just as tiny as it looked. From the slight wobble it made when she entered it, Jackie could tell it was on wheels. Jackie had no chance of getting comfortable. She lied on her stomach, which was how she was always told to lie, ostensibly so that she wouldn't spit up in her mouth and choke, like other small babies might. Given that this wouldn't be an issue with Jackie, it was just another way to make her seem like a baby. Tonight, with only about three and a half feet of length in her crib instead of the normal six, she had it even worse. With her head all the way at the top of the pillow, she still had to bow her knees all the way out to the side of the crib in order to fit lengthwise, and she was thankful for the soft sides of the crib for a little extra leeway. This position didn't last however. Her mother couldn't get her swaddled in her enormous baby blanket the way she normally did, so she commanded that Jackie get onto her side and into a rather tight fetal position. From there, she was able to provide her normal wrapping job on Jackie. As usual, it was uncomfortably tight. Jackie spent all of her nights essentially unable to move. It was normally a good deal looser by morning, but Jackie was, and no doubt on purpose, essentially unable to move before she fell asleep each night. Tonight, she could tell, would be especially uncomfortable. The position was worsened by the fact that the sleeper was too warm and, combined with the blanket, Jackie figured to be even warmer than she normally was during sleep, which she already considered to be too hot. “Nighty-night, baby Jackie,” her mother said, giving her a kiss on the forehead. “Mommy and Daddy will be in in a little while to go to bed too, but we will do our best not to wake up our little sleepyhead. Sweet dreams!” Jackie fell asleep quickly, but her dreams were not exactly sweet. She dreamed that she was an adult again, wandering around the reunion as any other family member would. At first, this made it a good dream. But, as she was interacting with cousins, aunts and uncles, she quite suddenly became the focus of attention. Her dream-self looked down and was greeted with the sight of a growing wet spot on the front of her stylish, white shorts. Quickly, the looks turned to taunts and she was told to go find her mommy and called a baby. Jackie awoke with a start. The warmth in her damp diaper told her that the accident in her dream might not have actually been fiction. She was hot, cramped, and unable to move, just as she had been when she had fallen asleep. Jackie knew it was going to be a few moments before she could get back to sleep. The dream had rattled her a bit. It seemed even her subconscious didn't think she could handle being an adult. If she couldn't convince herself, she mused, how could she ever convince her parents that she was ready to be a big girl again? Jackie couldn't tell what time it was, but she sensed that it must be sometime in the dead of night, based upon the total lack of light and the rhythmic breathing she could hear coming from the bed above her. The room was much darker than she was used to, as her nursery at home contained a small nightlight. At first that had driven her crazy, as she didn't really like light while she slept, and she certainly didn't appreciate being told that it was there so she wouldn't be afraid of the dark, but she was now used to it, and she was somewhat surprised by her eyes inability to adjust. Ultimately, both the nightmare and the discomforting lack of light were no match for Jackie's tiredness, and the next thing that she knew she was being woken up to the sound of her mother's morning cooing. She began to unwrap Jackie from the tight blanket as Jackie muttered out her groggy “Good morning, Mommy,” which came as a great relief for Jackie. Once she was freed from the blanket, she was boosted up and onto the bed. Jackie felt tremendously sweaty. As she stretched her legs out, she felt very stiff as well, no doubt a result of her tight sleeping quarters. Jackie had little time to get comfortable, as her mother slid her right back down onto the floor, and in one motion she found herself on all fours. In no time, she was crawling out into the hallway behind her mother. Entering the kitchen, Jackie was greeted with the hellos of her father, aunt and grandmother. She lisped out “hewwo ewybawdy” from behind her pacifier in response, which seemed to to satisfy everyone. Soon Jackie was lifted up into the highchair and the tray was stuffed into the locking mechanism tight against Jackie's chest. The microwave was soon at work heating her oatmeal. Her aunt brought over a bib, and after a quick kiss on the top of the head, moved around Jackie's back and fastened it around her neck. Her aunt crossed the kitchen and removed the oatmeal from the microwave. She grabbed Jackie's baby spoon and moved back over to the highchair. Jackie quickly realized that it wouldn't be her mother who would be feeding her this morning. “Open up for the airplane!” her aunt commanded, which Jackie was already obediently doing. The feeding was really quite like normal. Her aunt made sure she ate it all, except for the portion that she made sure wound up on Jackie's face and bib. She kept the food coming at a relatively quick rate, and continued to keep up a constant chatter of coos about Jackie's status as a baby. Despite all of the ways that the feeding was similar to what it would have been like had it been her mother, the fact that it was not kept Jackie squirming with humiliation throughout the ordeal. Finally, she reached the end of the bowl of mush. Two bottles were quickly brought over, and Jackie got another kiss on the forehead from her aunt as she tipped back her neck and pushed the nipple into her still-messy mouth. As Jackie began to suck, her father made the announcement she had been dreading. “Looks like Bill and Sarah are here!” he said. Bill was his brother, making him Jackie's uncle and his wife Sarah her aunt. Jackie had always particularly liked Aunt Sarah, and really didn't want to be seen by her like this. Her instincts told her to try to wriggle away from the bottle, even though she was strapped in the highchair and didn't really have anywhere to go, but her aunt was ready for her anyway. She held the bottle tight and put her spare hand on the back of Jackie's head, keeping her in the humiliating suckling position, and quietly said “Don't worry baby, you just drink your milk. Uncle Bill and Auntie Sarah will be here in a minute and you can see them then.” Trapped, Jackie did as she was told. The rest of the family started to move outside to greet her aunt and uncle. Jackie was just starting her second bottle when everybody came in. “Oh there she is!” her aunt exclaimed. “You're so cute! I'm your Auntie Sarah, Baby!” Sarah planted a kiss on Jackie's head, and Jackie wanted to melt at the way her aunt acted as if she was a newborn that she was meeting for the first time. It only got worse when Sarah's next comment, which was directed at her mother and seemed to assume that Jackie was too little to understand, reminded her that her face was still a mess from her oatmeal. With little other choice, Jackie, slurped down the rest of her formula. The commotion meant that it was actually another minute or two after she finished before her Aunt Sally realized that she had finished. She set the bottle on the tray of the highchair and used the clean spots of Jackie's bib to wipe the loose oatmeal off of Jackie's face. She removed the bib and brought it, along with the dishes, over to the sink. Her mother took over, using a baby wipe to thoroughly clean the stickiness off of her face and then removed the tray from the chair. She unbuckled her daughter and helped her down to the floor. As Jackie dropped to her knees, her mother told her “I have the most wonderful new dress for you to wear today for when you meet them! Let's go get you out of your diapee and make you look like a pretty little angel!” “Perfect,” thought Jackie. “I can't wait to look like an angel when I meet everyone.” She didn't say that out loud, of course, as she wasn't expected to say anything and certainly wasn't allowed to let fly with such sarcasm. Instead she obediently began crawling down the hall and back to the room she had shared with her parents the night before. Once she reached the room, her mother motioned for her to move towards the bed, giving her a boost when she got there to help her up. Jackie lied there while her mother rustled in a bag below the bed. She soon returned to view, and Jackie saw that she had in her hands wipes, powder, a diaper, and a changing pad. She put the changing pad and supplies down next to Jackie and helped her sit back up on the bed. Her mother took off her footed sleeper and set it aside, leaving Jackie in just her diaper as she was guided onto the changing pad. It wasn't long before the diaper was gone as well, and Jackie was soon being wiped and powdered by her mother, who then expertly diapered her once more before returning to the suitcase below the bed. Jackie scarcely had time to reflect on how she was simply lying on the bed and waiting to be humiliatingly dressed for her humiliating day before her mother returned, holding an armful of clothes that Jackie knew were destined to wind up on her. The clothes were put down above her head so she couldn't see them, and she had to wait for them to be put on to catch a glimpse. “You're going to look so adorable, little one!” her mother commented as she brought the first item to the foot of the bed. It was a simple pair of white tights, which were quickly slid up Jackie's legs and stretched over her diaper. Next came a pair of frilly panties that went over the tights and settled over the diaper. The panties themselves were white, but both the front and back featured layers of blue, lacy frills that rendered most of the white invisible. The tights were followed with the main attraction: a blue dress that clearly had been made to match the panties. Her mother sat her up, and the dress was pulled down over Jackie's head, and she had an opportunity to take in the dress for the first time. It had white shoulder panels that gathered to an elastic only a few inches into the sleeve, creating a distinct, babyish puff. It hugged her upper torso somewhat tightly, but fell away off her chest in baby-doll style. But, Jackie noticed, it didn't fall far. Sitting still and straight upright, it still barely came to her waistline. Jackie was sure that all of the frills on her panties would be on display even when she was at her most modest, and knew that even those frills would do nothing to hide the bulge of the thirsty diaper that was concealed underneath them. Jackie could feel her mother pull her hair into a ponytail behind her, which was surprising, given that she normally found herself wearing pigtails to accentuate her childish status. But before Jackie had had much time to wonder what the ponytail meant, she got her answer. She felt something pulled over her head, and then her mother was tying a bow underneath her chin. Jackie could see above her a blue brim turning into white lace, and knew she had just been tied into an oversized bonnet that not only made her look even more ridiculous than she already did, but also served to limit her peripheral vision somewhat and make her feel even more useless than usual. Still, her outfit wasn't quite complete. Her mother added a pair of frilly socks that went over her tights and came up to her ankles, and added a pair of black Mary Jane shoes that fastened with a buckle. “You look so precious!” her mother exclaimed. Jackie thought she probably looked stupid, but kept that opinion to herself. “Oh, one more thing.” her mother added. She rustled around in the bag on the floor for another second, and returned with a blue pacifier, which she quickly swapped with the pink one that Jackie normally sucked. It was identical to the other except for color, but the coordination was just another level of humiliation for Jackie. “Perfect!” her mother almost shouted. “Let's go out and show everyone how pretty you look!” Jackie was led out into the kitchen again, where her family did indeed find her to be just as cute as her mother. The compliments poured in from all over, but Jackie didn't find any of them particularly flattering. All of them commented on how little she looked, and many also made note of just how much of her diapers could be seen. The limited vision that she had because of the bonnet helped Jackie to keep her eyes focused squarely on the floor that she was crouched upon. Mercifully, she wasn't forced to remain at everyone's feet in the kitchen for too long. After a minute or two, her father came into the kitchen, although Jackie hadn't even noticed that he hadn't been there until she saw him returning. He motioned to her, and said “I put your playpen out in the living room. Why don't you come play with your toys.” She crawled after him. She wasn't really sure where the living room was, but she was sure that she didn't care, because it couldn't be worse than the kitchen had been for her. She turned down a different hallway in the large house and came out into what was a quite large room. It had several open doorways that led to bedrooms, and also had a sliding door leading to a large deck and the backyard. Inside the room was an enormous couch that looked like it could seat a dozen people. Sure enough, her father had set up her playpen on the side of the couch. She crawled over to it, and was helped to her feet by her father. He put his hand on her diapered bottom and boosted her up and over the railing and into the playpen. Inside the playpen, Jackie found three stuffed cloth blocks, a rattle, and a doll in place of the blanket and pillow that had been in there when it had served as her crib the night before. Her father bent over and kissed Jackie on her head. He then demonstratively turned on a baby monitor, reminding Jackie to be a good baby and assuring her that they would bring everyone in to meet her when they arrived for the reunion. Jackie had hoped that they might somehow forget, but had already guessed that she would not be so lucky. After her father left, Jackie looked for a way to entertain herself. These toys were the same ones that she often found herself with for hours at a time at home. She had decidedly not yet found a way to entertain herself with them, however. The toys were simply not entertaining for someone of her maturity, no matter how much she sought that entertainment. She still made sure to always have a toy in her hands when she was told to play. If she was ever found without one, her mother invariably decided that Jackie must want to do something other than play. At home, this meant that she would either be put in her bouncer, put down in her crib for an extended or extra nap, or forced to play some sort of horribly embarrassing baby game like peek-a-boo or horsey rides with her mother for an extended period of time. Jackie had decided that each of these options was either more boring or more embarrassing than playing with the mind numbing toys in her playpen, so she was always careful to keep up her activity rate. Right now she found herself shaking her rattle a little bit, until she remembered that that would be heard by everyone in the kitchen over the baby monitor and decided that instead she would play with her doll. Her solitary confinement ended before she had completely grown bored of the moment. She was moving the doll across her face when her father came back into the room with a pair of relatives she didn't remember having ever met. Apparently they were his cousin, Cindy, and her husband, Harry. It was unclear if she had met them at the last reunion, because she was introduced to them as if she were a baby that had not even been alive at the time of the last reunion. Like everyone else, Cindy and Harry cooed over Jackie as if she were any other little baby. In fact, Jackie was somewhat curious how not even one family member had seemed surprised to be introduced to a baby who was clearly in her twenties. Everyone seemed to simply take her babyhood in stride and act as if it was totally normal to see babies that were over 5 feet tall and weighed comfortably more than 120 pounds. Soon Cindy and Harry moved on, and Jackie was once again left alone with her toys in the living room. The interruptions began to come much more quickly, though, and Jackie realized that the majority of the relatives that were coming must be starting to arrive. Eventually, her mother came in with a few other women who were at the party. She was carrying a pair of bottles and a bib. “Baby must be hungry! We've come to feed you!” she said. She quickly helped Jackie out of the crib, guided her the one step to the couch, and sat her down across her lap. She was quickly fitted with a bib, and another round of cooing ensued as the bottle of sickly formula was pushed between Jackie's lips. The women eventually started up more normal conversations, and for a moment Jackie faded out of the spotlight as she sucked down her morning snack. However, that peace ended rather quickly when another set of new guests came in to meet the “baby.” Immediately, Jackie could tell this experience would be different. She recognized two of the people who walked into the room. One was her cousin, Melissa, who was Sarah's daughter, and the other was Michael, who had been her fiancee when they'd last seen each other. But Jackie knew that her cousin, who was three years older than her, had since gotten married to Michael, and so they were now husband and wife. What she hadn't realized, however, was that the young couple had had a baby. Even as she was still being fed, Jackie was introduced to baby Kendra. Kendra, it turned out, was 13 months old. She was being carried now, but her mother bragged that she was now quite an accomplished walker. As Jackie gazed at her, she came to an awful realization. She was wearing the same exact outfit as Kendra! It was too much for her, and she began to quietly sob when her aunt Sarah, Kendra's grandmother, started cooing at how adorable it was that the girls were dressed as twins, which Jackie could tell must have been coordinated. In all of the months since she had been forced back into infancy, she had never felt more like a baby than she did at this moment. The comments did not end as quickly as they had earlier, and Jackie was still feeling like her embarrassment was the center of attention when she finished her second bottle. Her mother made a big show of checking her diaper, declaring her wet but not yet in need of a change, and finally moved her back into the playpen. The party was gradually moving away from the kitchen and out towards the living room, so Jackie was not granted her wish to be left alone. After a few minutes sitting in the playpen absentmindedly holding her doll, Jackie's plight was once again called into focus when Melissa said to Jackie's mother “Would you mind if I let Kendra play with Jackie for a little while? She's getting heavy and I keep seeing her looking over Jackie's way.” “Of course not!” her mother said. “I'm sure Jackie would love to play with Kendra.” Kendra was quickly lowered into the playpen next to Jackie, though there wasn't that much room given that the enclosure was normally meant for one actual baby, and it instead now housed a normal baby and an adult-sized one. The two looked at each other, with Kendra seeming to spend extra time trying to determine what to make of the big girl who looked so much like her. “Can you say hi, Kendra?” Melissa asked. Apparently saying hi for Kendra was a simple wave, which elicited a round of awws from the assembled crowd. Jackie's mother then repeated the question, asking “Can you wave hi back, Jackie?” That prompted Jackie to give back a similarly shy wave, which elicited another round of awws and earned her a “Good girl” from her mother. Melissa added several toys to the playpen, a couple of which Kendra quickly moved to grab. Jackie couldn't help but notice that the smaller child's toys were actually much more complex than the ones that she was normally given to play with. The girls didn't really play with each other as much as they played in the same space, or, even more accurately, Kendra played and Jackie sat miserably with a toy in her hand in the same space. Kendra could not talk or really communicate, and Jackie was not really allowed to, and wouldn't have wanted to either. They were in the playpen for well over an hour when the monotony was broken up when Kendra began to cry quite suddenly. Jackie was surprised, as she didn't really know what had happened. Melissa, however, seemed to have a better idea. She quickly came over and immediately checked her daughter's diaper, and determined that her wetness was the reason for the fussing. She pulled Kendra out of the playpen and took her into a bedroom for a change. Jackie wished that all she had to do to get out of a wet diaper was make her mother aware, as her cold, wet loins were starting to get uncomfortable, but she also felt like now was not a time when she needed people thinking about the state of her diapers any more than they might already be. Jackie feared that she was about to be subjected to a diaper check when her mother walked over to the playpen just after Melissa and Kendra had left. However, her mother instead announced “Lunch time for babykins!” She helped Jackie out of the playpen. Now the subject of several gazes in the crowded living room, Jackie dropped to her knees and crawled after her mother into the kitchen. The kitchen still had a sizable crowd, many of whom were munching on tasty looking appetizers. Jackie, however, was led straight to the highchair in the corner of the room, and boosted up into it. Her mother quickly strapped her into the extremely small article of children's furniture and put the tray onto the front. She began heating a few jars of baby food in the microwave. While it was heating, she brought over a bib. This one was yellow, and across the front it read “Mommy's Little Stinker,” which was one of Jackie's least favorite bibs. Soon the food was ready. It came over steaming in a plastic bowl, and as usual, the mush looked and smelled terribly unappetizing. A small crowd formed to watch the feeding. There were many comments about how babyish Jackie looked and how well behaved she was, a few chuckles at the face she made when the disgusting food first hit her tongue. As usual, her face ended up quite messy. Just as she was finishing, Kendra waddled into the room, which her mother following closely behind her and holding her hand. “Uh-oh,” said Jackie's mother. “Looks like somebody needs your seat, Baby Jackie. Let's get you down, we'll give you some milk in the other room.” Her mouth was quickly wiped, but the humiliating and messy bib stayed around her neck. She quickly got down on her knees when the tray was removed, and within seconds she had essentially swapped places with the tot, with the only difference being that she had to crawl where Kendra had walked. She began crawling out to the living room, with her mother following with a pair of bottles in her hands. She was boosted back onto the couch, and endured another round of sickly sweet formula. By the time she finished the second bottle, Kendra was coming back into the room. Jackie noted that her feeding had taken much less time than her own, but realized quickly that she probably ate a lot more than her much smaller counterpart had. “Should we set up both playpens in the other room for naptime?” Melissa asked. “I think that would be great. Is it all ready to be used as a nursery?” Jackie's mother answered. “I think so,” said Melissa. “It's got good shades, and nothing in there but the babies' things. Should be a perfect room for them for tonight too.” Jackie hated being talked about as one of the babies by her cousin. It was impossible to ignore that they were quite close to each other in age, and had socialized as equals the last time that they had seen each other. Having her now treat her as an equal to her baby daughter was really difficult for Jackie. Her mother instructed her to follow Melissa and Kendra into the room while she pushed the playpen that was into the living room into the bedroom behind the rest of the group. Once inside, the toys were taken out of the playpen and placed on the full sized bed that would not be used. While Melissa got Kendra into her own portable playpen, Jackie's mother checked her diaper. She decided that while she was definitely wet, she'd be able to make it through naptime without any leaks. She said to Jackie, “I don't want you to ruin your dress, so I'm going to take it off for naptime, ok baby?” Jackie, of course, didn't have a choice, but sat still as her mother took off her dress and her little shoes. She felt ridiculous in her remaining ensemble of a bonnet, tights, ruffled panties, and ankle socks. She was also very self conscious of her breasts, which were on display in front of her cousin. That fear was barely founded, however, as she was soon being wrapped tightly into her blanket in the playpen, essentially trapping her again but once more providing her with some modesty as well. As the two women worked to put their babies down for their naps, they began to talk about the difficulties of their babies, with Jackie's mother hinting at some of the ways in which Jackie's size made her unique. Eventually she confessed to Melissa, “Actually, I'm quite glad that Jackie is going to be in here with Kendra tonight. She slept in our room last night, and it stopped my husband and I from being able to do anything at all. It's not that we couldn't, I guess, because she is just a baby and she wouldn't understand, but we didn't want to wake her up even though we wanted to have some fun because we might have never been able to get her back to sleep.” “I didn't need to hear that about my aunt and uncle, but I know what you mean,” Melissa responded with a laugh. “Michael and I were so glad when Melissa started to be able to sleep in her own room so that we could get back to having our fun. Every time we had tried before, we had always woken her up and it was a nightmare. Plus it was a total mood killer!” Jackie was mortified. If Melissa hadn't wanted to here about her aunt and uncle's sex life, Jackie was even less interested in hearing about it, given that they were her parents. Beyond that, her mother's words represented yet another new way that she was being called a baby. Her mother had implied that she could be in the room while other people were having sex and she wouldn't even be mature enough to understand the adult action that was going on. One of the things that Jackie missed most about her maturity was the opportunity to have at least a bit of a sex life. When she had been an adult, she hadn't really had a tremendous amount of success with men, but she had recently had her first serious boyfriend. She hadn't “gone all the way,” but she had had her first sexual experiences with a man, and had hoped that she would soon be taking the final step when he had decided that they should break off their relationship. Rather than leave her with a sour taste, the relationship had served to awaken Jackie to her sexuality. She had become increasingly interested in finding another man, and in the meantime had even ventured online to find herself a few toys to explore herself with on her own. That awakening had abruptly ended when her parents had changed her into a baby. While her desires hadn't entirely subsided, her ability had. Jackie was never alone in a position to pleasure herself, as the only times that she was out of sight and behind a closed door were when she was tightly wrapped up in her crib for a nap or for the night. Even if she had been sure that she could get enough flexibility, she was stopped by the fact that she was constantly on the baby monitor. While she could perhaps stay somewhat quiet, she doubted that a careful listener wouldn't know what was happening. Furthermore, even without those obstacles, Jackie had another issue to contend with. She simply had no desire to put her hands into her diapers. They were almost always wet, and there was really little that made her feel less sexy than the moments when she realized that her sex was encased with a used diaper. All of her sexual frustration had meant that she had now gone months without achieving anything close to an orgasm, a fact which often had her somewhat depressed when she thought about it. Now, the dismissal of her as someone capable of any sort of sexuality seemed to hit her especially hard, in part because she knew that it was functionally closer to true than she wished to admit. It was just a moment more before Jackie was kissed on the head by her mother. “Sleep well, baby girl,” she said. “I'll come get you when it is time to get up from your nap.” Jackie was then surprised when Melissa bent down and gave her a kiss as well. She made sure to flick on the nightlight on her way out, and shut the door, leaving Jackie to slowly drift off to her nap. She was awoken by the sound of Melissa's voice, who was softly saying to her mother “Wow, Kendra is still asleep. She must have been worn out by the excitement. Normally she only naps for an hour or so. I guess I should get her up so that we don't ruin her night's sleep.” “Looks like my sleepyhead is already waking up.” her mother replied. “Are you ready to go back to the party?” she asked, turning her attention to her daughter. “I think you probably need a diaper change before we do that though.” Jackie might have argued that she could have used a change hours ago, but at the same time she was pretty hesitant to be changed in front of her cousin. She wasn't going to have a say in that though. Her mother was already laying out the changing mat on the carpet next to the playpen that Jackie was still crammed into. Kendra had been stirred and Melissa decided that she would need to change her daughter as well, so she began to set up another changing mat next to the one that Jackie's mother had laid down. In the meantime, Jackie had been unwrapped from the tight blankets she had slept in, and her mother got her out of the playpen. She quickly laid down on her back, on the mat. Her mother took down her frilly panties and then worked her tights down off of her legs. Jackie was once again conscious of the fact that she now was on the floor in nothing but a diaper, an embarrassing fact that was compounded when Melissa approached and put her baby down next to Jackie. Just then, her mother opened up Jackie's diaper, leaving her hairless privates and the soaked, yellow inside of her infantile underwear on full display. Her mother was significantly less worried about her nakedness than she was, and, in fact, Melissa seemed to take it in stride as well, simply attending to Kendra's diaper. Jackie was glad of that, but once again embarrassed that she was being treated as if her babyhood was no different than Kendra's was. She laid with her legs up in the air as her mother carefully wiped the urine off of her privates and bottom, and while her legs were up over her mother's head while Kendra's were only at chest height, there was otherwise no difference in their positions and what was happening to them. Eventually the wiping was finished and a new diaper was taped on to replace the old one, which was good because before her tights had even been pulled all the way up her legs she felt a small, warm spurt dribble into the thirsty padding between her legs, reminding Jackie of just how necessary diapers had become for her. Within a few moments Jackie was back to wearing the ridiculously babyish outfit that she had been wearing all day and was sitting between her mother's legs, preparing to be fed the bottle of formula that she had brought into the room with her when she came to wake her up the girls. Melissa began to move one of the playpens into the living room while carrying Kendra out, leaving the room with just Jackie and her mother. In this position, Jackie was just a little shorter than her mother, who pushed the bottle into her mouth and tilted her head back. The position was strange for Jackie, as her head was essentially cradled between her mother's breasts, and she was forced to look up at her mother, who was looking back down at her. Her mother began to coo, saying virtually nothing meaningful, but all the while making Jackie feel as babyish as possible. Finally, the bottle was done and she was released from the strange hold that her mother had kept her pinned in. Without needing to say a word, her mother got up and began to walk out of the room, knowing that Jackie would follow her on her hands and knees. Jackie was surprised to find the living room deserted when they got there, but her mother didn't miss a beat, leading her straight outside and onto the sizable back porch. There was a game of wiffleball in progress and many other family members were chatting over drinks or sitting on some of the several pieces of furniture that were around the lawn and on the porch. On the corner of the deck, positioned in the shadows cast by the house, was the playpen that Melissa had removed from the makeshift nursery, and Jackie saw that Kendra was in there, engrossed in her toys once again. She was led in that direction herself, and within a few seconds had been helped over the railing and was sitting on her diapered behind in the playpen next to what she was pretty sure was her cousin once removed. The boredom resumed almost immediately. She picked up a stray block that was next to her and simply held it, not really bothering to pretend to be amused. There were a few adults seated a few feet away, including her mother and Melissa, but their conversation was far from noteworthy. Jackie watched Kendra, who was intently playing with two dolls. Given that Kendra couldn't talk, it was hard to guess what they were supposed to be doing, even though she was babbling along in gibberish the whole while. A few times she got bored of the dolls, one time hitting Jackie as she threw one away, but otherwise she didn't interact with Jackie at all. Jackie's boredom was complete, and perhaps was made even worse by the presence of others in the area, as she wouldn't allow herself to play with any dolls in front of them, which she sometimes did at home to pass the time, making up stories that were usually about herself breaking out of the terrible rut that she was currently in and returning to a successful adulthood. After what seemed like an eternity but in reality was only about two hours, Jackie's mother got up and said, “I should probably go warm up Jackie's bottles for her afternoon snack. Be right back.” Before she could get more than a step though, Melissa stopped her. “Hang on a second. I'll come with you. I've got to get a bottle for Kendra, and I think I have a proposal that might make both of our lives a little bit easier.” “Sounds good,” her mother replied. “Be a good girl and play nicely with Kendra, Jackie. Mommy will be right back. Remember, listen to anything the grown-ups tell you.” Jackie went back to faking playing for the next several minutes, glad that the monotonous block of playtime would be interrupted with a bottle feeding. While that was sure to be embarrassing, she’d already been publicly fed earlier, and at least this would be something new to do. Plus, it would take up thirty minutes. She figured it was probably around 3:30, so with that half an hour, she was probably only about an hour and a half of playtime from dinner. Normally she would never look forward to that, but today that would mean bath time would be on the horizon before finally, mercifully, bed time would mean that the day was over for her and with it the vast majority of the reunion, provided that everyone left on Sunday morning like they had the last time. Her mother led her niece back out onto the porch. Curiously, Jackie noted, her mother only had one bottle in her hand, but she was sure it was just that Melissa had grabbed two on the way out the door. Her mother walked over to the playpen and bent down, putting her face right into Jackie's. “I am going to feed little Kendra while Auntie Melissa feeds you, ok little one?” she cooed. More quietly, she continued, “If you so much as fuss one bit for Auntie you are going to spend all day in timeout in the bouncer on Monday, understood?” Jackie couldn't imagine what that was all about, but she nodded anyways, making sure that her earnestness showed in her eyes, lest her mother think that she hadn't come up with a threat that got Jackie's undivided attention. She gently picked up Kendra and carried her over to the seat she had been sitting at before she got up. As Jackie watched, she felt Melissa's hands behind her shoulder blades, helping to boost her up and guiding her over the railing onto the porch. Melissa grabbed her hand, a signal to stay standing, and pulled her the few steps over to a large, padded rocking chair for two that hung down off a metal frame. Jackie wasn't looking forward to being fed by her cousin, but would have complied even without her mother's bizarre threat of relatively harsh punishment. Melissa sat down and scooted over to one side of the chair, still holding Jackie's hand as she made herself comfortable. She then patted right next to her legs, and pulled Jackie so that her diaper was positioned just next to her legs. Knowing the drill, Jackie brought her legs up onto the vacant side of the chair, curling them up so that they fit, and placed her torso on Melissa's body. Melissa fastened a bib around Jackie's neck, which was unusual for a bottle feeding, but explained, “We don't want any dribbles on your gorgeous new dress.” Melissa pulled her head closer to Jackie's, but started talking more loudly. “This used to be Kendra's favorite, but now she only seems to like it at night. My body is still really used to it though, and this will be better for you and easier for me than having to pump it out and store it.” Jackie was now starting to get alarmed. Was Melissa talking about what she seemed to be? Panicking, she began to desperately look around for the bottles she surely would be fed. She couldn't find any. She gasped as she saw that Melissa was undoing the buttons on her shirt, confirming that Jackie would not be getting the mundane bottle feeding she had been looking forward to. Her pacifier dropped from her gaping mouth, and she involuntarily let out a small “no, please,” which she didn't even lisp, a mistake she hadn't made since the first week of her second childhood. Immediately, her mother snapped “Jackie Marie! You just earned yourself a day of punishment on Monday and a timeout when you are done being fed! If I hear one more word out of you, it will be a week of punishment, and that will only be the beginning! Say you're sorry to Auntie Melissa and drink up like a good little girl this instant!” Jackie was already sobbing a little, and the snaps had brought some attention beyond the small circle of onlookers in that corner of the deck. Suddenly a large portion of the party seemed aware that the giant baby was in trouble and about to be breastfed. Jackie wanted to run away, but the thought of a week in the bouncer was unbearably awful, and so, crying harder all the while, she meekly lisped “Me sowwy Auntie Mewissa, me was bad gurl.” Melissa gave her a kiss on the top of the head, and then placed one hand behind Jackie's head, with the other on her breast. Jackie wanted nothing in the world less than to drink milk from her cousin's teat, but wasn't foolish enough to think there was any avoiding it anymore. She opened her mouth and, crying even harder now, put her lips around the nipple. “Shh shh shh, that's a good baby. Have some nice milkies and you'll feel all better,” Melissa whispered. Jackie sucked, but could immediately tell that this would be more difficult than a bottle. The nipple was slightly smaller, meaning she needed to use her tongue to help her to latch on properly. Finally, the first wave of milk came, which was perhaps the worst part of the whole experience for Jackie. Mentally, there was no suggesting that she was pretending anymore. Milk was flowing directly from her only slightly older cousin's breast into her mouth, and Jackie was dutifully swallowing it while laying across her lap in what by now was a quite sodden diaper. Even in Jackie's mind, there was no way around the idea that she was now nothing more than an oversized infant who had no other role in the world than to be taken care of. Thinking about it made her cry even more. Slowly, Jackie suckled her way through her humiliating breastfeeding. The milk came out much slower than it came out of bottles, and the result was that just the first breast took Jackie nearly 20 minutes to drain. The milk was far more watery than the sickly formula that she normally drank, and some of it did indeed drip down onto the bib she was wearing. When she finished, Melissa moved quickly to make the other breast available, and Jackie once again had to endure the humiliating process of suckling her cousin's nipple until it ran dry. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she finished. Seemingly just to add another level of humiliation, Melissa pulled Jackie up so that her head rested on her shoulder and patted her back until Jackie let out a loud burp, which she had to admit did make her stomach feel better, even though she hadn't felt particularly poorly at the start. After she burped, her mother came over and addressed her. “See. That wasn't so bad, was it? You could have made it a lot easier for yourself by just being a good girl.” Jackie thought that her mother's comments made it pretty obvious that she had never been breastfed after earning a bachelor's degree, but left that thought safely within the confines of her own head. Instead, she simply opened her mouth as her mother reinserted her pacifier. “Come inside with me, baby. It is timeout time for you.” Jackie got off of the seat and crawled behind her mother into the house. In the living room, Jackie's mother strode over the corner. Jackie followed her until eventually, her mother crouched down beside her. “Since we don't have your timeout stool or your bouncer, timeout rules are going to be a little different for you today, baby. Kneel right here in the corner.” Jackie moved to do as she was told. Ultimately, her mother positioned her so that she wasn't facing the corner itself, but had her shoulder firmly in the corner and faced the blank wall in front of her. When she was satisfied, her mother continued. “Now, look over there. As you can see, we will be able to see you from the porch. But, just to make sure that you don't act up, you need to hold this penny up to the wall with your nose.” She showed Jackie a penny that was in her hand, then positioned it in front of her nose and pushed Jackie's head gently against the wall. She briefly left the room, then re-entered. Jackie dared not look, but her mother told her that she had brought out the baby monitor. “Every time I hear the penny drop, I will come back in and reset it. Every time that that happens also means another day of timeout in the jumper next week. If you are a good girl, I will come and get you when it is time for dinner. Then it is going to be straight to bed for you. You've been a very naughty baby. Now be good during your timeout.” Jackie tried to settle into her position, but realized immediately that this was going to be a difficult punishment, especially given how weak her legs were. Within just a few minutes, she was feeling a little stiff. Slowly, she shifted herself down from the upright kneeling position that she was in to a slightly lower position, all the while keeping her nose firmly pressed against the wall. For a moment this was more comfortable, but she soon realized that that position actually left her bearing even more weight, and tried to shift herself back up to the higher position. However, the penny seemed to catch on the wall, and her nose continued up while the penny dropped to the floor, loudly bouncing on the hardwood between her legs. Within a few seconds, Jackie heard the door slide open. Her mother returned to her side. As she replaced the penny, she said “Well, you made it 6 minutes. You were already going to spend to Monday thinking about how naughty you were this weekend. I guess you wanted to spend Tuesday the same way. At this rate, you might get to spend two weeks thinking about how much of a bad baby you've been. It's your choice.” Jackie resolved to avoid spending the next two weeks in the torture sling. This time, she held firm in her position, even as her legs experienced increasing discomfort. Eventually she had pushed past the pain and reached a point where she was just waiting out the time. Suddenly, however, the penny fell. She couldn't believe it. She was no longer bothered so much by the position. Instead, she had simply lost focus. Her mother returned, and, as she replaced the penny, she commented, “Well, you are more than halfway through your timeout, but you're also in timeout for more than half of next week. Mommy doesn't mind though. All I have to do when you are in timeout is feed you in the bouncer. I don't even have to change you until bedtime.” After she left, Jackie made sure to keep her focus 100% on the penny. It made the time pass incredibly slowly, but she was determined to keep her boredom the next week to a minimum. When the time was finally up, she had been so focused that she was startled by her mother announcing that it was time for her dinner. Gratefully, Jackie pulled her nose back from the wall and somewhat flopped onto her diapered bottom, which reminded her of just how wet she was. Jackie didn't really care, however, as she stretched out her legs for as long as she could before her mother beckoned her to follow her into the kitchen. Most of the party was still out on the deck preparing for a barbeque dinner, so the kitchen was basically deserted. Jackie was quickly boosted into the highchair and fastened in. In the mostly empty room, dinner proceeded fairly quickly, with the only people who were in there focused on preparing food to be cooked out on the grills and not bothering to make any comments on Jackie's feeding. The clock read just after six when her mother started feeding Jackie her after dinner bottles. As Jackie was slurping down the second one, Melissa carried Kendra into the kitchen and announced that she would be reserving the highchair next, as if there was really much of a line. At that point, Jackie's mother told her, “When you are done with your dinner you owe Auntie Melissa a big thank you. She brought along some of the milkies that she pumped out since Kendra stopped drinking up during the day a couple of weeks ago in bottles. She is going to give it to us so that you can drink it even after we go home! Isn't that exciting?” Jackie wasn't impressed, but when the empty bottle was removed from her mouth, she dutifully said thank you and, at her mother's prompting, she even gave her cousin a peck on the cheek. “Let's get you a bath and then get you off to bed, my naughty little baby,” her mother said. Soon she was in the bathtub in the bathroom, her soaked diaper finally off. After a very quick but thorough scrubbing, Jackie was dried off. On the floor of the bathroom she was taped into one of her extra thick overnight diapers and then dressed in an ultra-short, pink nighty that left her diaper entirely exposed. She was led back through the living room and into the bedroom that was to serve as a nursery for her and Kendra. In practically no time, she was tightly wrapped in blankets and stuffed into her tiny playpen. Laying on her back, she was fed her standard nighttime bottles. Just as she was finishing up, Kendra was brought in, having obviously just had a bath herself. Jackie came to the realization that she was already tucked in for the night before even her 1 year old cousin was. While she knew she was being put to bed about an hour early because of her earlier misbehavior, she was still dismayed. Her mother soon made it worse when she asked Melissa “Is this when Kendra normally goes to bed?” “Yup,” Melissa replied. “7 o'clock is a perfect time for this little tyke.” “Hmm. We had been putting Jackie down at 8. Maybe 7 would be more appropriate. You can consider that your new bedtime, baby girl.” Melissa continued. “I'm just going to read Kendra a story. I'd be happy to give Jackie a good night kiss and get the lights on my way out if you'd like to head out and get some dinner.” “Sounds great. Well, goodnight little girl. Be a perfect little angel. I don't want to hear a single peep out of you tonight. We have a long trip tomorrow, so sleep well.” Her mother gave her a kiss on the head and left her as Melissa began to read Goodnight Moon to both Kendra and Jackie. When she was finished, she helped to ease Kendra off to sleep, gave Jackie the kiss she had promised her mother, shut off the light, and closed the door behind her, sealing Jackie in for a particularly long night in a particularly small bed. Given that it was still before her bedtime, Jackie was still lying awake twenty minutes when a stomach rumble forced her into a horrifying realization. She had not messed herself all day. This was extremely rare for her, especially since she had begun her current diet, and she assumed that it must have been a result of all the nervous energy that had been coursing through her body all day. Why she hadn't yet pooped wasn't really her concern though, as much as what was going to happen now. She knew that she would almost certainly be pooping within the next few minutes, especially since she couldn't even shift positions to try to help with the cramps. Still, Jackie decided that she would try to fight the urge. If she could just fall asleep, maybe her body would be able to hold out until morning. And so, with a desperate urgency, Jackie tried to drift off. Her efforts only seemed to make her more awake. Within a few minutes, she knew, as she had the day before in her car seat, that she would not be winning her fight. She didn't really give up, because she had a sense that a mess she made now would stay in her diaper until morning, but within just fifteen minutes of the first warning sign Jackie lost the battle, and a cramp led to a surge of soft, warm poop sliding into the seat of her diaper. There was more coming, and within a few minutes Jackie was lying in a particularly full messy diaper that smelled perhaps a little worse than normal, though that might have been simply mental because Jackie would be smelling it for so long. Her discomfort was immediate. Her only hope was that Kendra would wake up and be put off by the smell enough that she cried and somehow led to Jackie getting changed, but given that she had just fallen asleep and was showing no signs of stirring in the crib next to Jackie, that possibility seemed remote. She knew that she was never allowed to mention the state of her diaper, and she knew that making some sort of call over the baby monitor would probably only anger her mother. Instead, she guessed that she would have to try to somehow fall asleep. She knew that that would be tough. She remembered when she had been forced to sleep next to her playmate, Stephanie, when Stephanie had messed herself during a nap time. Stephanie had been extremely red-faced when it had happened, but had quickly drifted off to sleep. Jackie, however, had found the smell almost too much to handle. She had taken much longer than normal to fall asleep and had only done so because she was genuinely tired because she was normally asleep at that time. Tonight, the smell and the discomfort of her own poop had Jackie unable to escape the senses associated with her plight. As it had been when she was cooped up next to the exorbitantly smelly Stephanie, genuine drowsiness was what finally got Jackie to sleep. Even her filthy, stinky bum couldn't stop her from falling victim to the combination of a stressful day, a physically demanding timeout, and the (for her) late hour of 8:15. It was some hours later when Jackie was jolted awake by an unfamiliar sound. She could place that she was hearing screaming, but she could not figure out why. Eventually, she slowly remembered where she was, and realized that the screaming she could hear was her young roommate crying. Jackie desperately just wanted to get back to sleep, but that was not going to happen anytime soon with the noise coming from the makeshift crib just a few feet from her own. In just a few moments, Melissa entered the room, immediately whispering “Shh, shh, Mommy is here baby.” As she crossed over to Kendra's playpen, she took a sniff and whispered, “Ooh, I think I can smell what you want, baby.” Even with how tired she was, Jackie was clear-headed enough to think “No, that smell is me.” Instantly, she was filled with dread. Surely now her cousin would discover the mess in her diaper, and then who knew what would happen. Would she be subjected to the most humiliating of changes? Would she die of shame? Melissa's bent over and picked up her daughter, holding her tight while setting up a changing mat. Jackie heard the tapes being opened up, and then Melissa said “Ooh, stinky girl. Let's get you all cleaned up.” “What?” Jackie thought. Wasn't she the source of the acrid air in the room? Her diaper was certainly full of poop. She knew that from the way that it clung to her backside every time she wriggled in her tightly wrapped blankets. But her cousin was certainly proceeding as if Kendra was in a messy diaper herself, and surely she must be right, given that she now had the diaper open. Jackie didn't know if this would perhaps mean a reprieve for her. Kendra had soon been changed into a new diaper, and had stopped her fussing but for a few stray whimpers. “Let mummy feed you now honey,” Melissa said, and though Jackie couldn't see it from her position, she could hear that Melissa had begun to feed her daughter the same way that she had fed Jackie earlier in the afternoon. Eventually the feeding had ended, and as Jackie could hear Melissa get to her feet, she heard her say “Oof, baby, that might have been the smelliest diaper you have ever had. I'm going to have to take that straight out to the trash or else the room will smell all night.” Jackie started to breathe easier. Obviously, Mellisa did not suspect her of being the cause of the majority of the stench in the room. Her fear that she would be changed by her cousin seemed to be misplaced. Sure enough, after a few minutes of cooing Kendra to sleep, Melissa departed the room, never having even come over to the playpen where Jackie had been cooped up the entire time. Finally, Jackie's heartbeat finally began to slow down. She had been on edge for the entire time that Melissa had been in the room, which she guessed must have been close to a half an hour. As she settled down though, she realized for the first time that her mess was even more uncomfortable than it had been when she had fallen asleep for what she had assumed would have been the night. Then she had been trapped in a warm, gooey sludge that had seemed almost invasive in the way that it was slowly seeping up into her crotch and the wider regions of her thick nighttime diaper. Now, the mess felt quite different. It was thoroughly cold, which seemed to make it even more uncomfortable against her skin. It also had spread throughout her diaper. She could feel it caked onto the small of her back, almost all the way to the top of her diaper. She could tell that it was very much stuck to her skin now, and she felt reasonably sure it was the most unpleasant diaper she had ever been in. In a way, she began to wonder if she had been as lucky as she thought she had been. She was still glad that Melissa hadn't changed her, but had her mother come in when Kendra had broken out in crying and changed her while Melissa had attended to Kendra, surely she would be much more comfortable and already asleep, rather than helplessly trying to ignore the itchy, smelly mess that she was laying in. After what she could have sworn was hours of uncomfortably trying to fall asleep, morning seemed to come amazingly fast for Jackie. She woke up disoriented, which was helped by the fact that she was not woken up in her normal way. Instead of her mother gently rousing her, the first thing she heard was “Woo, Melissa, is that Kendra? Man, is it smelly in here.” “I guess it could be,” Melissa answered, “but she was stinky in the middle of the night, so I'd be surprised. I think you're the one who got this present.” “Uh-oh, are you the little stinker?” Jackie's mother asked, with her face just inches from her daughter's. As she unwrapped the tight blankets that had held Jackie immobilized over the course of her miserable night, they were both struck by a fresh blast of the horrible, acrid stench coming from around Jackie's waist. “Oh, yup, it's mine alright!” her mother called. “Whew, ok, well, I guess we won't be going first for breakfast after all. She's going to need a change right away or else everyone out in the kitchen will gag on their food!” As Jackie was helped out of the playpen by her mother, Melissa said “OK, I'll give Kendra a quick change and then take her out to the highchair.” Jackie was sat on a changing pad in the center of a room, where her mother took off her nighty, leaving her naked but for her diaper. As her mother laid her back down, Kendra was brought over and laid down next to her, which made Jackie feel distinctly exposed with her cousin looking down on her mostly naked body. The day before, Jackie would have been filled with an unbelievable discomfort at the realization that Melissa was about to see her being changed out of a messy diaper. This morning though, having been stuck in the filthy undergarment for so long, she was significantly less vain. Sure, she was still not looking forward to having her smelly crotch on display, but more than anything she just wanted to be clean again, especially since her cousin already had a pretty good idea about her diaper's content. Her mother opened up the diaper and both she and Melissa briefly turned away. “Man,” Melissa finally said, “that might be the grossest diaper I've ever seen. Hopefully Kendra only has to grow up once so I never have to deal with something like that!” “Yeah,” her mother responded, “this is as bad as I've ever seen, but she was a little easier to clean up the first time around. But oh well, babies can't help themselves, no matter how big they are. Isn't that right, princess?” Jackie was glad that she wasn't required to lisp out a response as her mother took the first wipe and began to carefully clean the caked-on waste off of her bald crotch. Kendra had been completely changed, dressed and gone to breakfast for nearly five minutes before her mother had finally gotten all of the poop off of her bottom. “You have a little bit of a rash, baby,” her mother announced. “Let's put a little cream on there for you.” After lotion was rubbed into her tush for another minute, which did make her bottom feel a little less itchy than it had, she was powdered and taped into a fresh diaper. Even as she was wondering why she was being taped into another overnight diaper, her mother said “We're going to leave pretty much right after we get you fed, so we might as well get you ready for our trip now.” Next Jackie found herself being dressed in another pair of white tights. Over her head came a seafoam green dress that was, as usual, far too short to do much to obscure the bulge underneath it, though Jackie was glad that it was at least more subtle than yesterday's, if no less babyish. A matching headband with a small green bow was placed in her hair, and finally her mary-janes completed the ensemble. Without needing to be told, Jackie crawled behind her mother and out towards the kitchen. She found herself amongst about a dozen pairs of legs, which she successfully navigated as she crawled over to the tiny highchair that sat in the corner of the room. She was helped into the baby furniture one final time, squeezing in tight as the tray was closed around her midsection. As her mother tied a bib around her neck, her father came over and took out her pacifier to give her a kiss. “Good morning, princess,” he said. “Goo moawaning, daddy,” she lisped. “I heard you were a very smelly girl this morning,” he said, loud enough for anyone in the kitchen who didn't already know to become aware that she had thoroughly used her diaper overnight. Jackie didn't know whether she needed to respond, but was given a reprieve when her mother approached and immediately began spooning oatmeal into her mouth. Although the feeding left Jackie's face as messy as usual, it was clearly somewhat rushed and industrial. She was quickly fed her bottles and then had her face cleaned. Apparently her parents had already packed, because she was told it was time to head out to the car as soon as she was done. Before she could get down though, several family members came over to bid her goodbye, all of them making sure to address her infantile status and to give her condescending kisses on the forehead. The last to come over was Melissa, who was holding Kendra in her arms. Melissa gave her a quick peck like all the others, then addressed both girls, saying mostly to Jackie, “Give your new friend a kiss goodbye! Next time you see her she will be much bigger, but who knows if you will have grown up at all.” Miserably, Jackie gave Kendra the babyish smooch that she had been trained to give when she was told to give a kiss, which Kendra sort of returned, sparking a wave of “awws” from the onlooking crowd. Finally, the tray pinning her into the tiny seat was removed and she was helped back onto the floor. Her parents finished their final goodbyes and Jackie was led to the door, which was opened to reveal her stroller just on the other side of the threshold. She got up and into it. With the family left in the house, she and her parents made their way down the long driveway and to the car. Once they reached the car, she was taken out of the stroller and her mother helped her up into the car while her father folded the stroller and put it in the trunk. Jackie settled into the carseat and her mother began to tighten the restraints, once again leaving her immobilized. “I hope you had fun this weekend, baby, because you are going to have a long time this week to think about what a naughty girl you were yesterday afternoon,” her mother said as before she closed the door. Momentarily alone, Jackie sighed. She certainly had not had fun at the family reunion. It had been terrifically embarrassing, and it had led her to get into more trouble than she had since her first few rebellious days of her reduced status. She wished that they had never come. And now she had a day in the car where she would have nothing to do but think about her embarrassing life and the numbingly boring days of punishment she had ahead of her. As they got on the road, Jackie's thoughts drifted back to the last thing that Melissa had said to her at the reunion about the next time she would see Kendra. She had little doubt that Kendra would be grown, as she had only seen Melissa twice now in the last five years and it seemed unlikely that that pattern would change so dramatically that Kendra would still be a tot the next time the family got together. Jackie sincerely hoped that when they met again though, she would have been allowed to mature too. It was pretty clear that her parents intended to keep her as a baby for some significant period of time, but she kept hope that it would end at least within the span of a normal babyhood, even if she did know enough from her developmental psychology class to know that her parents' rules for her behavior didn't really correspond with any actual age. If Jackie met a six year old Kendra still stuck living the way she was now, she thought she might just go insane. She resolved to find a way to ask Stephanie on their next play date how she had managed to keep her mind from going to mush over the four years she had been stuck as an infant. As disturbing as Jackie's contemplations were, they did do a nice job of passing the time. The next thing she knew, her mother passed back her morning snack of a bottle. Jackie brought it to her mouth and began to drink, almost choking as she realized that it was breast milk that filled the bottle. Her mother chuckled as she watched in the rear view mirror. “That is one of the bottles that Melissa was nice enough to save for you. We have enough for you to have one a day for a week. Aren't you lucky?” Jackie didn't feel lucky at all. For one, the milk was cold, no doubt because that was the only way to keep it from spoiling, but that seemed out of place since she normally drank warm formula. In addition, while she wouldn't actually say that the taste was any worse than the sickly sweet formula she was used to, the difference was enough that she couldn't help but notice it. That difference only served to remind her of the miserable experience of being breastfed the day before. If the embarrassment didn't still sting so much, she wouldn't be able to believe it had really happened. Suckling on her cousin's nipple had been more difficult than latching onto the nipple of a bottle, and the milk had come out in strong squirts rather than the steady flow that she was accustomed to. All of that forced Jackie to focus intently on the breasts she had been draining, which made her even more aware of the embarrassing task she was feeding, and she had felt like her cheeks had been on fire as she heard the embarrassing comments that her relatives were making at her expense. Mercifully, Jackie soon drained the bottle of the embarrassing milk and was able to move on in her thoughts. She found herself extremely tired after her poor night's sleep. Even though she had had her bedtime moved up an hour to 7 o'clock, which meant that she would now be spending less time out of her crib than in it when naps were included, she had probably gotten less sleep last night than she had in months. Her body still looked the same as it had when she was still treated like an adult, but more and more she was physically turning into a small child. Not only was she increasingly incontinent, but her body now needed an infantile amount of sleep as well. Having not had it overnight, her body seemed intent on catching up now, and before long she fell asleep. She didn't wake up until her mother jostled her awake by checking her diaper. “Just a little wet,” she said, beginning to unbuckle Jackie from the seat. It took a moment, but Jackie realized that they had stopped at another roadside picnic area. She was helped down into the stroller, which confirmed that she wouldn't be changed. Just as she figured out that it must be lunchtime, she was wheeled over to a nearby table, and had a bib tied around her neck. The lot was deserted, so the feeding passed by without any incident, and Jackie was soon being refastened into her carseat for more of the ride. She was handed another bottle to drink as the car got going again. This one was just standard formula, and went down without much thought. Just as she was finishing, however, an almost seismic rumble occurred in her stomach. She handed the finished bottle to her mother and settled in for what she knew was a mess that was coming on fast. Although it had been relatively shortly ago that she had had the massive bowel movement in her makeshift crib, she wasn't really surprised. She had gone more than 24 hours from when she had messed in this very seat on Friday and when she had messed on Saturday evening. She was basically due for a day when she messed herself twice, as she hadn't since Wednesday and it usually happened every other day or so. Perhaps it wouldn't be today because she had gone so late last night, but she wasn't surprised that poop was on the way. As she had expected, it came quickly, and when it did it was nice enough to announce its presence. As she scrunched up her face and pushed hard to get the poop out into the diaper that was pressed so tightly against her by the seat, a series of long, noisy farts made sure that her parents knew exactly what was going on. In a few more minutes, she was finally able to relax, settling into what was now a warm and smelly load that was spreading around her backside. “Man,” her father said, “just after we could have changed her at lunch. Oh well, let's push on if its ok with you, we're making good time.” “I was thinking the same thing,” her mother replied. “She was really only a little wet. In her overnight diaper she could make it all the way home without her leaking, as long as the smell doesn't get to us.” “Great,” Jackie thought to herself. “Another long set of hours in a stinky diaper.” Still though, she knew that if they decided to drive the rest of the way without changing her she would be assured that there wouldn't be a repeat of the encounter they had had during her messy change on Friday, so perhaps the news wasn't all bad. After the effort required to mess herself in such tight quarters briefly left her body coursing with energy, but since she was so unused to having to exert herself in any way, she found herself feeling a tad tired. Although she had just woken up about an hour ago, it was her normal nap-time and she was still making up for lost rest. She soon drifted off once more. Jackie woke up a little more than an hour later, immediately noticing that her diaper had become colder and was somewhat itchy, though at least it didn't smell nearly as bad as last night's mess had. Her mother noticed her fidgeting and produced another bottle for her to drink. She finished it without too much haste. By then she was more awake and took stock of her surroundings. It was a few minutes after 3 in the afternoon, so if the trip was going as smoothly as it had, they would be well more than half-way home. Still, Jackie knew she had at minimum two more hours stuck in the carseat, and most likely the stinky pants as well. Her thoughts turned to the trip she was coming home from once more. She was glad she hadn't known it was coming. As bad as it was, she knew that anticipating it for more than just the car ride on Friday would have been just as agonizing. Still, she knew the trip would do her some real damage. No matter if she was ever allowed to re-enter the adult world, she would surely always be known by her extended family as the big baby who had demonstrated just how desperately she needed her diapers all weekend long. If she did get to go back to her real life, she decided, she probably never would go back to one of those reunions. The trip also made her look forward to being home. Her daily routine was boring, and mind-numbing, and a little embarrassing, but it was nothing like spending a whole weekend in the company of new people. She was glad to get back to anonymity again, even if she was still going to be forced to be a baby. Even though in many ways she did consider her life to be “that bad,” in a way she thought the trip had helped her to realize that it could be even worse. At long last, they pulled into the driveway. Jackie was glad to be home, ready to get a clean diaper, perhaps with a bath beforehand. She knew tonight she wouldn't put up a fight when she was fed the gross mush that made up so much of her diet. She would even be glad to sleep in her own crib again, where even though she would be wrapped so tightly by her mother that she would be sure to wake up sweaty, at least she would be able to extend her legs before the swaddling began. With a grateful sigh, she realized that her unexpected trip was over.
  10. Hello, this is the first story I have ever written, as such please forgive my poor grammar and spelling errors, feel free to point them out and I will correct them. this story is about a college student who finds himself a room for rent with a landlord bent on regressing him, the concept was inspired by a previous story you can find here I definitely recommend it, it is possibly my favorite story of all time, which is why I was inspired to write this one, you may find my story gets a bit sappy at times. and I think I have a habit of over explaining things, the two characters in this story are both male, this is an asexual story in the sense there is no sex. i hope you like my story, without further ado, here it is. Regressed by my landlord: Thomas was an average guy, just turned 18, just finished graduating from high school with average grades, he was happy to finally move out of his moms house on his way to college, the college that he'd picked which had accepted him was one of the rare ones which had no dorms, and as a single child Thomas was used to having a room to himself anyway, he wasn't comfortable with the idea of sharing a room with others, so he was already set on finding somewhere he could rent a room nearby campus. He had been looking for a while, he didn't expect how hard the search would be, he didn't have a lot of money saved up from the odd jobs he'd done over the summer, mowing lawns, pulling weeds, etc, his Mother had surprisingly agreed to help him out with affording rent, but only to the tune of $500 a month, so he had to find somewhere cheap, he didn't think it would be so difficult considering he only wanted a single room, but as it turns out bedrooms nearby campus were in high demand, the closer he got to his budget the further from campus the place was. he was beginning to understand the meaning of 'a college town'. He kept checking though day after day, then one day he saw it, seemingly too good to be true, but out of desperation and fear of missing out, he jumped on the ad the moment it posted, sending off his application minutes after it had been published to the web. they wanted $500 a month which unfortunately would be every dollar he had incoming to him not counting his summer job savings, but they were only a 20-minute bus ride from campus not counting traffic delays. he knew by now he would never find a room so close for that price if he missed out on this one. The ad seemed average enough, roommate wanted, $500 a month, nearby campus I own a house on Shirley ave and I have an available bedroom I'm willing to rent out for $500 a month, all utilities included, you will be expected to sign a lease lasting 3 years, but I will allow you to go month to month once those three years are up, I do of course have house rules that you will need to agree to before I am willing to accept your application, for example I do not allow you to invite over guests or have parties, you must be in the house by 10pm, no wearing shoes in the house, no damaging my furniture, you must use the furniture provided I don't want furniture being moved into my house, if there's something I don't have that you need we can discuss it and I must approve it first, this is just a sample of some of my rules, if you are still interested please contact me with your application, give a summary of yourself and your reason for moving to this area. Contact me at tunuevopapi@Gaagle.com Thomas sent off his application right away. Hello I am Thomas and I am interested in renting your available room, I am a recent high school graduate and I will be attending the local college in the fall to get my degree, I am willing to agree to your rules and will sign a 3-year lease, please let me know if the offer is still available. David was not surprised to see he had received an emailed application only minutes after posting the ad, it almost always went this way, once the student that he'd had living in his room finished getting their degree and moved out he'd wait till summer was over to post the ad at the last minute so those still looking would be desperate and see his ad as a miracle to jump on before it got taken up, this often made it much easier to find tenants willing to comply to all of his rules and stipulations. When David saw the first application he was glad to see this kid Thomas had not asked any questions about the rules, it indicated how desperate the kid was, often David would get applicants wanting to know more details about the rest of the rules before they were even willing to come look at the place, David usually ignored those applications, he didn't want to waste time on people who were more likely to refuse once they saw the whole list. David immediately responded to Thomas inviting him to come take a tour of the house. Instructing him to bring his check book to cover the deposit in case he felt like signing the lease on the spot. "otherwise", David said: "I can't guarantee the room won't get claimed out from under you by someone willing to move on it quicker." David wasn't one to field multiple applicants at a time, too much hassle, but he liked to imply he was, to create extra urgency. When Thomas read David's response his heart leapt to his throat, he hadn't thought about the fact he would have to come see the place before settling on it, Thomas was not wise in the ways of the world, after all he'd been sheltered in his moms house his whole life until now, he hadn't mentioned it to David before, but he did not live anywhere nearby his chosen college and to tour this house he would need to book a flight, he had a little over a couple thousand in the bank though of all his summer savings, so he knew he could afford it, and he didn't want to hesitate lest the room get claimed out from under him like the landlord David had suggested was likely, so Thomas immediately booked himself round trip plane tickets for the very next day to fly out. Responding to David in the affirmative that he could tour the house the very next day if David was available. David of course was very available. David is a scientist with a doctorate in Microbiology, Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics, or he was, he had retired early some years back after making some discoveries that proved to be very lucrative for him to sell to the military. they bought the rights to his research, and he in return got to retire to a life of living however he wanted to live, he bought a nice home in the town he grew up in and decided to continue his research on the locals, one college student at a time..... so of course he had all the time in the world to receive Thomas whenever Thomas's schedule would allow for. In a mad rush Thomas flew around his house packing a backpack and a suitcase trying to get ready in time, his flight wasn't until 6am, and it was still only evening, he had plenty of time, but he was nervous, he wanted to get packed immediately, his Mother noticed his flurry and inquired what has got into him, once he told her he was flying out to his college town to see about a place to live she was too relieved to be rid of him to care to ask any further questions, It's not that his mom didn't love him, she just wasn't the most loving person to begin with. She had agreed to help him pay his rent at his new place mostly just to ensure shed get him out of the house, she had been raising him as a single Mother for too many years for her to count, it had exhausted her, she was ready to get back to having an empty home, things were just easier for her that way... sometimes when she looked at Thomas she saw a reminder of the man he came from, someone she thought she loved who abandoned her the moment Thomas was born, being so betrayed by his Father had turned her resentful toward Thomas, she did her best to keep those feelings buried deep but could never get rid of them. Thomas felt the lack of love but over the years had learned to live with it, he too was glad to get away from her, he didn't hate her, he just saw her as a reminder of all the love he wished he'd gotten but never did. She raised him much like a stranger would, giving him the minimum and not much more. Bandaging the ouchies but not giving them any kisses. Growing up Thomas had seen his peers get kisses on their ouchies as just one example of many illustrating the differences in the love his peers got that he lacked, and at first found it odd, then found himself envying them, which eventually turned into resent... Finished packing as best his inexperience could be, for he had never flown before, nor so much as even traveled beyond the town he lived (not counting school field trips) it was only 10pm, with 8 hours until his flight he went to bed, skipping dinner, so he wouldn't have to spend time preparing a meal himself, opting instead to just drink some water to settle his hungry stomach, he downed a glass and brought one full glass to his bedside table, drinking it in the night. at around 2 am he woke from a dream in which he'd been in a pool swimming, he'd just started peeing in the pool when he shot awake and realized he was peeing in real life too, he managed to pinch off the flow but there was a bit of a wet spot on his sheets, he ran to the bathroom to finish his business, while doing so he couldn't help thinking how odd it was to dream of peeing in the pool to begin with considering the few times he did swim in a pool he always peed in the bathroom before getting into the pool just to be sure he wouldn't feel tempted to pee the pool since through the years so many of his peers had expressed disdain to him for those who would, but dreams rarely conformed with reality anyway, Thomas then returned from the bathroom to see his shame spread out on the bedding, the wet spot was about the size of a watermelon, Thomas had never been a bed wetter as far as he could remember, but he could not remember anything from before the age of 6 so who knows beyond that. he certainly wasn't going to open a conversation with his Mother about what he was like back then. Sighing to himself and making a note to not drink any more water at night he took his bedding and underwear to the washing machine then went and laid back down on the bare bed and slept another 2 hours, before getting up to switch the bedding into the dryer, at this point it was 4:30 am, and he knew he needed to get going. he took a fast shower grabbed his luggage and summoned a Lyft to the airport, his Mother would just have to get the bedding from the dryer herself he didn't have time to wait for it to finish. Thomas made it to the airport by 5am, got through security by 550 am, and got to his flight gate just in time for boarding to begin, thrilled his timing worked out so well he began feeling positive and like his bad morning was turning around. he boarded his plane took his seat in coach by the window, and glued his eyes to the window. Being his first time flying he wanted to keep his eyes on the ground as much as he could, excited to see himself lift off the earth, the attendant came by asking if he wanted anything, he gladly took a bottled water to help with his nerves he downed it immediately and the attendant gave him two more these he downed during the take off process, all went seemingly as expected but for takeoff, when the plane began rocketing down the runway he was frightened by the sheer sound of the engines, the shaking of the fuselage, he had no idea takeoff was such a tremendous racket, he wasn't sure if this was normal, he had momentary thoughts that maybe the plane was breaking in some way, he had moments of panic wondering if he'd be OK, all the while he could see the ground going under them faster and faster, The moment the wheels left the ground the fuselage shaking softened greatly, and he breathed a sigh of relief, the engines were still roaring and his body was feeling the extra gravity planting him in his seat more than normal but with the wheels off the earth he knew this must mean the flight was going according to plan, and indeed it did, the plane ascended on and on until the clouds blocked his view of the earth now far below, he stared on at the clouds for a while fascinated by the idea that he was now in clouds, before eventually getting bored by the all white scenery, he closed his eyes and managed to doze off, his blood pressure crashing having passed the peak of excitement in the ride. Smooth sailing saw him sound asleep for most of the flight, he was back in the pool... Swimming and swimming and enjoying his warm summer day in the pool he laid back in the water and floated, he couldn't remember ever feeling so weightless before, like all his worries and stresses had been left at the edge of the pool not following him into the water. he loved this feeling, it was new to him, his waking mind would probably associate it with his newfound freedom of moving out of his Mothers house for the first time. Getting away from the one person he'd been stuck with all his life whom just didn't love him anymore then the minimum prescribed. Thomas awoke with a start, the plane had jostled at a bit of turbulence, in the moment of waking he immediately remembered the dream in the pool and shot up like a rocket his hands shooting to his crotch to check for wetness, hitting his head on the low ceiling as he did so, drawing the attention of the passengers nearby, Thomas was worried the pool dream meant he had wet in his sleep again, he hadn't, but his reaction with his hand checking his crotch told his neighbors that he had expected too, he sat back down with a bump on his head and red in his face, embarrassed at the display he had just made. In all his years he could remember he had that one single bedtime accident and it wasn't even a large wetting he'd even made it stop just as quickly as it had started. and now here he was being paranoid about it like it was an every night thing, once he had eventually shaken off the humiliation he had to laugh at himself for being so ridiculous, 'he wasn't a bed wetter, the other night had been just a fluke, just a one off, he should stop worrying about it', he told himself. Still, he made sure to stay awake the rest of the flight, He was glad he did, watching the clouds break away and the ground come back into view as the plane began it's descent was just as thrilling as the way up had been. he wondered if this is what birds felt like, During the descent he began feeling urgency to pee but just as he considered making his way to the restroom the 'fasten seatbelts' sign came on, he was forced to stay seated. As the plane touched down and the wheels sent the rumble of the concrete into the fuselage the vibrations helped make Thomas aware that his urgency was greater than anticipated as all that water had made it's way through him, glad he had decided not to sleep anymore he was anxious to get to the restroom, of course he'd have to wait until he was off the plane, since the seat belt sign was still illuminated. Landing didn't take long but the pilot came over the intercom and gave what seemed a rehearsed speech about how the flight went well etc then the pilot informed the cabin that they would need to wait awhile because their gate was still occupied by a late to leave plane. they sat on the tarmac and waited, and waited, and waited, the seat belt sign stayed illuminated, what must have been at least an hour went by when finally the plane began moving, Thomas was bursting, he cursed all the water he had drank on the flight and the night before out of nerves and empty stomach, The plane taxied into it's gate and all the passengers began getting off the plane grabbing their luggage and lining up in the aisle, Thomas had bought the cheap tickets, he was in the far back of the plane, he would be the last to leave it, he now understood why the tickets in the back of the plane were cheaper. as he watched the rest of the passengers all in front of him slow walking their way single file down the aisle, he couldn't remember having this much trouble holding his bladder, thinking on it he realized he never needed to, at home the bathroom was always right there, and at school the teachers always let him go to the restroom whenever he needed to.. during his summer jobs he could use the home owners restroom or just go in a bush, this situation where he was forced to wait over an hour with a bursting bladder was uncommon for him. this realization brought a sense of panic, he suddenly was worried if he'd be able to hold it, The crowd began picking up pace a bit and the movement seemed to help him focus, he did get off the plane with dry pants and began wandering the unfamiliar airport wondering where the restrooms were, he saw a sign and followed it's arrow, he got lost for a moment or two but eventually he did find a bathroom, it called itself a family bathroom, and he noted how the one door locked leaving him the whole bathroom to himself, he rushed to sit on the toilet and made it just in time, his underwear only sporting a small damp spot that probably wouldn't show on his jeans, and while seated began glancing around the room, while doing his deed he noticed on the wall a changing table for changing babies diapers, but he was astounded at it's size, it had to be over 6 feet long, and it looks very sturdy, not the usual small plastic they were back home, he thought to himself, 'there must be some pretty big babies here in California'. and perhaps in the back of his mind some associations were made between that table and his earlier panic about possibly not making it off the plane in time., but he thought no more on the issue finished his business and returned to the airport, made his way to baggage claim grabbed his luggage and summoned a Lyft with his phone. he had reserved a hotel room, a cheap motel nearby the house he was due to tour. he went there first to settle his luggage. Checking the time he still had a couple hours for a nap, so he slept.. The alarm he'd set woke him, he once again shot his hands to his crotch to check and find he was indeed dry. he hadn't even been having the pool dream as far as he could recall but still his paranoia about a repeat event remained. Though dry he showered all the same and put on some clean clothes to make a good impression on his potential new landlord. he caught a Lyft to the new house even though it was close enough he could probably just walk it. and prepared himself to meet his new landlord/roommate. Getting out of the Lyft he took in the accommodations, he was surprised, for such a low price for a room the house looked great, it wasn't massive but it wasn't tiny either, it wasn't dirty and the neighborhood was also clean, it really looked like idealized suburbia, it appeared to be two stories, had a small front yard and small garden and seemed to have a backyard as well. Thomas knocked on the door, David had seen the Lyft pull up, they had agreed to meet at 2pm and Thomas had arrived just on time 2 sharp. But David hesitated to answer the door, he wanted to craft more anxiety in Thomas, to leave him hanging just a minute, to foment some more of that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) After Thomas had started shifting in his stance and checking his clock on his phone David threw the door open loudly speaking into his own phone, "yes the room is still available, oh you are interested? OK send me an application, I got to go I have someone touring the place right now, I'll let you know if they claim it or not, yes OK, goodbye" then David hung up. David: "Thomas I presume?" Thomas: "yes that’s right, here to tour the place if it's still free" David: "well it isn't free, it's gonna cost you a thing or two but it is available if that’s what you mean! Come on in buddy! Just please take off your shoes and put them by the door here, the entryway just inside the door is the only place for shoes, the rest of the house we wear only socks or house slippers, To keep the carpets clean." Thomas was at first a bit intimidated, David appeared like some kind of tough man, big muscles, tall stature, lean and fit, Thomas's first thought was that David looked just like the french statue 'Dante the thinker', but Thomas figured he sounded friendly enough and accepted the invite to enter, after entering the home once Thomas stood on level footing with David he realized just how tall David was, Thomas was about 5'10" looking up at David certainly made him feel it now. Thomas's eye level was just below David's collar, David must be at least 6'5" David looked like he was in his early forties but Thomas got the feeling he looked younger than he was. Something about how fit he was told Thomas that David must stay healthy and youthful. Without hesitating for a moment David immediately launched into his tour, David: "so upon entering you see your in the living room here there's the TV. and couch to the right as you enter, off to the left is the dining room table past that is the kitchen, there straight ahead is the stairs we'll get to that in a second, into the kitchen you'll see here beneath the stairs is the washer and dryer, new models works well, to the left of that is the door to the basement, that stays locked, you are not to go down there, if you ever find that I accidentally left it unlocked please let me know immediately, I keep my work projects down there, they are important to me, (before Thomas could get a word or question in David moved on) we have a garage if you have a car the door is here past the kitchen. Thomas: "I don't have a car I'll just be taking the bus." David: "OK that's fine stay out the garage then since it will just be my car in there, by the way would you like some tea? I made this just before you knocked here you go." David thrust a cup of tea into Thomas's hands before he could say no, Thomas didn't want to be rude and refuse, so he took the tea and sipped it, it was good, very good, he hadn't had tea often, but he was sure this was the best tea he'd ever had, before he could ask about it David was already resuming the tour. David: "this way I'll show you to what could be your room up the stairs, first door on the left is my room, stay out of there please of course, the first door on the right is the room available." David opened the door and let Thomas enter, the room looked great, like the rest of the house the carpet looked new and clean, there was a desk to the right, it seemed oddly higher than usual, David explained it could be used as a standing desk, the chair by the desk was higher too, to match the height of the desk, it wasn't an office chair but more like a hardwood kitchen chair with a cushion, the desk looked nice enough, hardwood top with deep drawers. The closet was average, had hangers included. There was a dresser which seemed nice, large and also hardwood, a bedside table held a childish alarm clock on top of it, Thomas recognized it was a paw patrol alarm clock, it had the pup 'Chase' in plastic form standing atop the clock, and beside that a very odd looking bed. The bed appeared to be a twin XL, with tall headboard at the head and the foot, and rails on the one side against the wall, Thomas realized it looked much like a large crib missing rails on one side. The side facing the room was open. he stared at it puzzled for a moment. David: "oh yes I know the bed is a bit odd, my nephew has special needs and occasionally I have to take care of him for a day or two. this is where he sleeps when that occurs, I don't expect it to happen during your stay but if it does I'll manage other arrangements so you won't have to give up your bed or room, it really is an expensive mattress should be quite comfortable. As David said this Thomas pressed his hand to the mattress to check it's stiffness, Thomas prefers a soft mattress, the bed was pleasantly soft but it crinkled as he pressed it. David: "oh right the mattress does have a protector covering it which must be kept on there, as I said it is an expensive mattress and I'd like to protect it from any 'spills'" In elementary school Thomas had a friend he would occasionally sleep over at his house, this friend had a bed wetting problem and Thomas never judged him for it, but that was where he first seen a bed that crinkles, Thomas blushed at this moment remembering his bed wetting friend, seeing his new crinkly mattress, and remembering his small accident from the night before.. David seemed to notice this. David: "you alright there? Something wrong?" Thomas: "oh no it's fine, I've never slept on a mattress with a cover like this I hope it's comfortable but I'm sure I won't mind it" Thomas said hoping he'd evaded suspicion. David: "well lets continue the tour and maybe you'll find out soon enough, this way down the hall we have the bathroom second door on the right." Thomas was impressed at the bathroom, it was spacious, the bathtub could fit 3 people, it had jets, there was plenty of counter space even a wide bench to one side of the room that looked padded and covered in what looked like vinyl. The toilet had some kind of mechanism on it, like eyelets installed to it's side and a steel bar sitting to it's side. But the lid was up so it looked perfectly usable, Thomas wasn't sure he wanted to bother asking about it, probably related to the special needs nephew or something. David: "And over here second door to the left is a spare room I use occasionally for an office, you won't need to be going in there too soon, so I keep it locked, and that's the grand tour finished! Well, other than the attic, but there's nothing up there but cobwebs and old boxes of junk, so if you would please follow me back to the kitchen." Thomas was still sipping at the tea, he couldn't believe how much the cup held, it looked like a regular tea cup just bigger, wider, he knew it held more but it was still deceptive, he felt like he'd drank 20oz already. Thomas followed along wondering about all that this grand tour did NOT show him, strange secret basement, locked. Secret office, locked, master bedroom, locked. Though he figured that was probably all reasonable after all he was only paying for the one bedroom. So Thomas tried to bury his curiosity, in the kitchen David went on. David: "Well Thomas if you don't have any questions I understand if you want time to think about it but I'll have to see you out now as I'm expecting another arrival soon to tour the place as well. Feeling like the opportunity was about to sail past him Thomas blurted out. Thomas: "NO I don't need to think about it I like it I want it!" He realized too late how desperate he sounded, tried to calm down and try again, and chugged the rest of the tea handing back the cup to David." Thomas: "I mean assuming your OK with that, I still haven't seen the lease and what was those rules your ad mentioned?" David: "Oh alright Thomas, well if you are sure you don't want to go think about it I'll get you the lease to sign." David went to the kitchen opened a drawer and came back with a folder, from which he produced what looked like a books worth of paper" David: "Here you go Thomas the first page is the lease agreement the rest is just standard boilerplate to protect my property things like any damage you cause you'll be liable to pay for, if you start the house on fire you'll have to cover the repairs, if you flood the bathtub you'll have to pay for the water damage etc etc things like that you understand, now are you ready to sign here on the last page or should I go ahead and prepare for my next tour?" Thomas had never signed anything in his life. he had never needed to read a contract or a lease before, this was unfamiliar territory, David seemed like a nice guy, Thomas was willing to trust him in his words, besides that David seemed in a rush and Thomas didn't want to let the next person touring the house get the chance to take it from him, Thomas glanced at the first page saw where it said the lease would last for 3 years, then noticed something. Thomas: "Uhm, it says here there is a deposit required up front of $2000..." David: "Oh yes that's right, that's to cover any previously mentioned damages or if you skip out on the lease etc. Don't worry as long as you don't burn the house down or break the other damage clauses you will get your deposit back at the end of the lease." This drained the blood from Thomas's face, as he knew that with a deposit this high his savings would be wiped out, after buying his round trip plane tickets and the Lyfts he wasn't even sure he had enough anymore... Thomas: "OK that's fine, I can do that." Thomas bluffed, he was determined not to let this chance pass him by, he would make it work somehow, he'd figure it out as he went along. He turned to the last page flipping through the middle pages pretending to skim them, but in Thomas's mind it didn't matter what they said, he knew he needed this too bad to bother being picky, with the next tourist soon to be baying at the door, Thomas quickly signed and dated the last page. David smiled seeing this, just the result he'd hoped for, Thomas seemed like a perfect candidate, a little taller than he'd like but that's OK, David has his ways of dealing with that. David: "That's great Thomas but real quick I just need you to initial the bottom of each of the other pages too." Thomas quickly did so without glancing at their contents, mind distracted wondering what he'd do about the deposit. David: "OK Thomas now about the deposit I sure hope you brought your checkbook?" Thomas: "Oh gosh! You know I believe I forgot it in my hotel room, I'm so sorry, I hope you don't mind waiting I'll just run and get it and be right back?" David: "Hmmm, well Thomas, I like you, you seem like a nice kid, you're polite and quiet, I don't think you'll be a bad tenant, so I'll give you a chance, I'll give you an hour, go ahead and go get your check book, when the next to tourist shows at the door I'll tell them to come back in an hour, if your not here by the time they get back I'll have to declare the room available if they want it." Thomas: "Oh thank you I understand don't worry I'll definitely be back in less then an hour." Thomas put his shoes back on and took off running through the front door. Thomas ran around the block then stopped and pulled his checkbook out of his back pocket, making sure it was still there, then checked his bank account balance on his phone, sure enough he was $456 shy of the 2 grand mark. (Thomas's phone is a prepaid no contract line, he gets a set amount of minutes and data which lasts until they run out then he has to refill the balance. so he tries not to use his phone too much.) He sat down on the sidewalk to think, and think, eventually he had to admit, he knew only one solution, he had to call his mom and ask for even more money, it had been hard enough convincing her to help him pay rent, now he had to ask for even more, he hated being indebted to her, he didn't want to owe her a dime, but he didn't see much other choice, hopefully once he settled into his college routine he could find a part-time job somewhere and pay her back and break free of his debt to her. *ring* Mother: "Hello?" Thomas: "Hi, uhm, I've just toured the place." Mother: "Let me guess, you need something, what is it Thomas?" Thomas sighing: "well there's a deposit and I don't have enough to cover it." Mother: "Is this really the cheapest option you can find?" Thomas: "Yes I'm certain and if I don't claim it in the next half hour someone else is already lined up to take it out from under me." Mother: "How much?" Thomas: "I'm short by $500" Mother: "Thomas are you rounding up? what's the actual amount?" Thomas sighing: "$456 but I could use a bit more to get the Lyft back to the hotel and also the airport." Mother: "I'll send you the $456 right now, you can walk, it will be good for you to get the exercise." Thomas through clenched teeth: "Thank you Mother." Mother: "Thomas you better get your degree and do something profitable with it! If you drop out after I spent all this money to get you into college I will be livid, you won't be welcome back here that's for sure, you're an adult now it's time you started taking care of yourself!" Thomas: "Yes Mother..." Mother than hung up. Thomas sat contemplating his conflicting feelings, appreciation that she didn't say no, anger at the way she talks to him, frustration that she told him he isn't welcome back, he felt such a longing for the words he has heard his friends exchange with their parents on the phone, but that seemed so foreign to him, 'I love you' how strange he thought that through all of that, that was what he hated the most, their absence, he wasn't even sure he knew what they would feel like, if he would feel them at all, his friends sure didn't seem to care when they heard them, they'd repeat them begrudgingly like a burden to say it, yet here he was longing to say it to someone that deserved it. He shook himself from his thoughts and checked his bank account on his phone, sure enough she sent the exact amount not a penny more, his balance was now precisely $2000, and he had ten minutes to get back to his new house. He ran back making it just in time, knocking on the door, David opened right away and let him in, guiding him to the dining table, David pulled a chair out for him to sit. David: "So I take it you found your check book? Surely you wouldn't have bothered to return without it? Sure cut it down to the wire the next to tour was at my door just minutes after you left, they'll be here soon." Thomas: "I did I found it I have it here (holding it up) give me a moment and I'll write the check out. It did take Thomas a moment, in high school a teacher once taught his class how to write a check she spent a half hour on it, that was the first and last time Thomas had ever written a check, he had to recall that long ago memory step by step to get it right, David noticed his struggle and offered his guidance here and there. David: "you youngsters with your debit cards and apple pay and amazon accounts you've all no idea how to write checks nowadays, well that's alright I suppose you probably won't be needing to write one ever again after this.... The way that society is going and all that I mean.." Thomas felt a bit of a chill for a moment, not sure why, he handed over the check, watching all his pennies go bye-bye. David held his hand out and shook Thomas's hand. David: "Thank you Thomas, glad to do business with you, frankly I'm glad to give the room to someone who doesn't seem like a party animal or a druggy, looking forward to having you, I am going to run to the bank and cash this right now. Assuming it clears you can move in as soon as tomorrow if you like. I know your classes don't start for a couple more weeks so if you'd rather wait until then that's fine too." Thomas: "Thank you David I'm so relieved to have this settled, now I can finally focus on preparing to start classes, I'll need to return home my flight is in a few hours and I'll need to walk to the airport, but I'll be back soon as I can." David: "Walk? Need the exercise or something?" Thomas realized his slip up, he should have kept that detail to himself." Thomas: "Oh, uh, well, actually I just can't afford a Lyft right now, didn't expect the deposit to be so high, but no worries I'm capable of walking it and I should get paid in just a few days. (he lied he has no paychecks coming, only the rent his Mother would send.)" David: "Oh Thomas I can't have you walking such a distance I'm not convinced you'll make it in time especially with how long security takes at the airport, here I've got a buss pass I can give you consider it a perk of choosing my home to live in." David pulled a slip from a drawer in the kitchen and handed it to Thomas, sure enough it was a buss pass for the current month of august. David and Thomas exchanged phone numbers and parted ways. His hotel was only about a half hour walk away so Thomas walked to his room and packed up his stuff, he'd already worked out a late checkout with the front desk thanks to them having lots of vacancies, he exited the hotel after checking out and walked to the nearest public bus stop. At the nearest bus stop he found it had a map of the routes above the bench, he studied it, struggling to understand what he was looking at, until he saw the word airport, he knew his current location thanks to google maps on his phone, so he compared that with the map to find the bus route that ran to the airport, as a bus was arriving behind him the pressure was mounting to figure out quickly if this was the right bus to get on before it drove off without him, the anxiety of the moment and the pressure brought to his attention another pressure, his bladder hadn't been emptied since the moment he landed that morning, and suddenly he had to go, all that tea David gave him had caught up to him, he'd been too distracted with trying not to lose the room to notice his growing urgency sooner. Trying not to get distracted by his bladder he kept his focus on the map ignoring the bus stopping just behind him doing a little potty dance the whole time. He finally found that he would need to take a bus on this road but going the other direction, and get off at a different road to catch a different bus going to the airport, it was at this moment he felt a little spurt, he pinched it off but there was now a small wet spot on his jeans, he couldn't believe it, he'd never had such trouble holding it in before, he wondered if there was something about that tea that made it harder to hold it, (indeed David had laced the tea with a little muscle relaxants designed to target the bladder) Thomas wore dark jeans and sunset was soon, so he hoped he could get away with it as he had no time to go find a bathroom now. Now with a plan he headed to the nearest cross walk, the direction he needed required the bus stop on the other side of the road, as the light turned and the walk sign came on his blood pressure mounted, he now was walking through a crosswalk with no one else in it, with lots of traffic waiting on the light, all staring down at him walking by with a wet spot on his jeans, he could feel the coldness of the wind as it cooled the wet spot making it feel like it stood out even more, he wasn't sure if traffic could tell, the spot was only about the size of his palm, he tried not looking down at it as he walked by, knowing he'd just be calling attention to it, but he couldn't help a glance or two. Thankfully no one honked or yelled or mocked him, but he felt sure someone had to notice, he fast walked to the other sides sidewalk found his bus stop and sat down, the urge to pee hadn't abated but sitting did seem to help keep it in check. After what was really only about 15 minutes but felt like an eternity during his battle with his bladder the bus finally pulled up, he got on flashed the bus pass at the driver who barely glanced at it and sat down, he could feel a little bit of the wetness on his bottom now, he figured he probably just dribbled a bit while sitting on the bench. 'As long as I stay seated, I know I can hold it' Thomas thought, something about the pressure of the seat seems to make it easier. He sat there wondering what was happening to him, why did he suddenly have such trouble keeping his pants dry. he recollected the earlier thoughts about how uncommon it was for him to have to hold it for any length of time, until now in his life a bathroom had always been a couple minutes away. his Mother never took him on long road trips, school had never denied him a bathroom visit. He suddenly remembered he needed to be paying attention to where he was, he must watch out for the street he needs to get off at, he remembered it's name but didn't know anything else, so couldn't be sure if he'd missed it already or not, he just kept looking ahead studying upcoming street names hoping to see the one he wanted, his bladder straining the whole time. After what felt like too many minutes he spotted it, he pulled the cord that dinged the driver who stopped at the right street, David had to cross the street again this time changing directions from eastbound to southbound, as he stood waiting for the walk sign to come on his urgency increased, standing was not his friend right now, he looked forward to reaching the next bench, he studied the stop lights staring at the green that cross traffic had trying to will it to turn red, suddenly a car honked presumably at another car but it was nearby and the loudness of it startled him, this caused another spurt to occur, it was much more difficult to pinch this one off and the wet spot on his jeans was now larger than his whole hand fingers included. he knew there was no denying it's visibility now, as if to mock him this is when the green turned yellow, then red, and his walk sign came on, without any choice he did his walk of shame once more through the crosswalk to the waiting eyes of traffic, one car at the line had their windows down, and he could hear them laughing, he knew he was the target of their laughter, he made it to the other side, found his bus stop and sat at the bench, eyes watering with tears that he tried to hold back, he'd wet his pants, but he was determined not to blubber about it like some baby. Worse yet he still felt urgency, his bladder was not happy today. he wondered back just what did he drink and again remembered that massive tea cup, cursing himself for forgetting to use the hotel restroom in his rush to get to the airport. After another 15 minute wait that felt like another eternity, the bus arrived, he got on and the bus driver took notice of his wet pants, he held out his bus pass and the driver studied it closely this time, probably hoping to find a flaw to justify not letting the wet pants onboard. After accepting it, the driver in a disgusted tone of voice told Thomas. Driver: "You'll have to stay standing, I don't want piss on my seats." Thomas blushed and looked to the ground, but nodded his head, and grabbed a rail and stayed standing, which of course made his bladder struggle that much harder, the rest of the ride took about 30 minutes thanks to all the bus stops that had to be stopped at, each time the bus hit a pot hole it seemed another spurt occurred, Thomas was trying not to think about it, biting his lip, and holding back what he could, ignoring what slipped past him. The bus pulled into the airport and Thomas finally had made it, his pants had an elongated wet spot down to his knee, but the bathrooms were near. Hauling his suitcase and backpack he bee-lined it into the airport and straight to the bathroom, he didn't know if there was a family bathroom somewhere this side of security, so he took the first option he found, which was not a family bathroom, there were people busy in the restroom but a stall was open, he left his luggage outside the stall first opening the suitcase to pull out a spare pair of pants and underwear, which he hung on the back of the stall door, immediately he sat and emptied his bladder on the toilet, amazed at how much still remained, glad he'd kept holding out what he could this long. Leaving his wet pants on the floor he went to the sink and grabbed a large handful of paper towels getting some of them damp with sink water then returned to the stall, plenty of people in the restroom glared at him and his wet underwear while he did so. He stripped his underwear in the stall and wiped himself down, first with the wet paper towels then the dry ones, then put on his new pair of underwear and jeans. he realized at this moment that if he'd had boxers instead of tighty whities the pee would have more easily reached his shoes and socks, he was thankful that he wasn't a boxer kind of person. His socks and shoes had escaped the damage. At that moment he wanted to toss his wet jeans into the trash, but knowing he could not afford to buy new ones anytime soon he instead shoved them and the wet underwear into the pocket inside his luggage. and made his way out the bathroom to check in for his flight, while going through security the machine flagged him for a pat down, who knows why, the agent patting him down paused at his crotch and sniffed the air blatantly, then glared at the boy, he blushed and looked at the ground, the agent looked disgusted but let the boy pass. Thomas was beginning to feel like he'd made a mistake, like an outcast, his thoughts rang with the various humiliations this trip had wrought, the passengers on the first flight all looked at him when he woke up checking for wetness, the car at the light that laughed at him in the crosswalk with wet pants, the bus driver regarded him with disgust, the security likewise had just glared at him in disgust, Thomas thought 'maybe I'm not ready for this, no one else seems to be struggling like this, Maybe I need to see a doctor.' Thomas considered. With no more time to be distracted he resumed focus on catching his flight he made it to the gate early and took a seat at a bench, as he sat there he began to smell the stench of pee, and realized the agent had not exaggerated, he really did stink like pee, but there was nothing he could do about it now, his plane arrived, boarding began, he entered and took his seat, window in the far back, again, the stewardess came by again and this time Thomas did not want any water.. Thomas stayed awake this flight, he did not have any more accidents, the two passengers next to him clearly smelled him and made faces of disgust, but with no choice in the matter he tuned them out, tried to hid his embarrassment and focused out the window, he made it to the airport in his home town, convinced a friend to come pick him up and drive him home, while driving his friend asked him why he smelled like pee, Thomas made up a lie about his plane seat being wet when he sat on it, then when Thomas got home he saw his Mother on the couch, she didn't even look at him as he entered the door, she had no questions about his trip or anything, he didn't feel she was being intentionally spiteful, she just didn't care, wasn't interested, he then remembered how he felt in that airport, and he decided right then that 'facing disgust from strangers, facing being an outcast to the world, hurt less then this, I may not be ready to be out there, but I am very ready to get out of here. I will just have to figure out the rest as I go along.' he thought. He went upstairs, found his bed still stripped, had to go back downstairs to get his bedding from the dryer, glad his Mother hadn't needed to do any wash for a day, he started his laundry to wash his pissy jeans and underwear and brought the bedding upstairs and made up his bed, he showered, and slept, he woke up the next morning refreshed, he briefly thought about his paranoia of wetting the bed again and felt like he didn't care as much anymore, like it didn't matter as much anymore, like whether it happened or not wasn't going to change his plans, it wasn't a huge difference in attitude, it was subtle, but he noticed it, upon checking found he was dry anyway. Replaying his Mothers lack of interest in his return the night before, he was resolute in his desire to vacate her home as soon as possible, but first, he would need to earn enough money for the plane ticket, this time it will be a one way ticket. He went around town looking for any lawns that needed mowing, asked the home residents if they'd pay him to mow, got a few offers, made a few bucks, but still he didn't have enough. Finally he decided to start pawning his possessions, he decided the less he had to take with him while moving the better anyhow, so he gathered up his old game console and his games, gathered up his Pokemon cards and collectibles, all the things he'd bought himself with summer jobs of years past, and took them around town to the various stores that would buy them off him, he even found a place willing to buy old music CD's he'd nearly forgotten he'd even still had. Each item didn't fetch him very much, cents here dollars there but it all added up, at the end of the day he had a rather empty room with no possessions but some clothes, but enough dollars for a one way plane ticket on the cheapest airline in the cheapest seats. Departing a week hence. Thomas packed up what remained of his items, mostly just clothing, an alarm clock, some essentials like his tooth brush etc, packed them up in a cardboard box and shipped them to David's house, his new house. He figured this way would be cheaper than paying for multiple checked bags on his airline. In his checked bag he stashed enough clothes to last him 4 days, and in his backpack he stuffed some basic school supplies, notebooks, pens, pencils. Etc. He finished packing that same night even though he still had a week before his flight, he was too excited to get out of this town, and start somewhere new, for the next week he just lived out of his suitcase, washing his clothes each night after taking them off, he wanted to stay ready, he didn't want anything getting in his way. He tried doing odd jobs here and there, cleaning gutters, digging ditches, painting a fence, etc, he'd made enough he hoped to cover any other school supplies he might need, and the week finally ended, he had a good final morning having a real breakfast this time, eggs, hash browns, toast, orange juice, then grabbed his luggage and left the house for hopefully the last time, he had a friend willing to drive him to the airport this time, opting to conserve what little cash he had built up from the jobs of the past week, he made it through security and to his gate an hour early, he played with his phone until boarding time was announced, he boarded his plane and took his seat, he was aware of the same urgency in his bladder as the orange juice caught up to him, he realized he should have taken care of that before boarding if he hadn't been distracted by his phone, the seat belt sign was on and the rest of the passengers were taking their seats, he'd just have to wait until the sign went off.. The plane left it's gate and stopped moving on the tarmac, the pilot announced over the intercom that they were in line to take off and must wait on the other planes to go first. Thomas wiggled in his seat trying to get comfortable against the pressure in his groin, it seemed to take forever but eventually his plane was accelerating down the runway while Thomas did somewhat of a potty dance in his seat. he was beginning to wonder how the rest of the world functions without always having immediate access to the restrooms like he had always had in school and at home. he never considered he would have to learn how to plan out his bathroom breaks.. The plane broke through the clouds and leveled off, the seat belt sign turned off and Thomas shot out of his seat dramatically drawing the eyes of his seat neighbors, but he didn't care right now, he had tunnel vision on the bathroom, he squeezed past the seats and bee-lined it to the cramped room, he made it to the toilet on time other than just a small wet spot in his underwear, he sat there irritated with himself for having yet another close call, also he pondered how tight and cramped the airplane restroom was, finding it very uncomfortable, wishing he could avoid having to ever use one of these again, his mind wandered to the last flight and how on that flight he had rushed to the bathroom too, though then it was in the airport and was a family bathroom, large with plenty of room, then he remembered the adult sized changing table, for the briefest of moments he considered the concept, of adults wearing diapers, Not needing to use these cramped airplane toilets, at first he was grossed out, but then he had to appreciate the convenience factor of no longer holding, straining, rushing, or squeezing into small bathrooms. He shook the strange thoughts from his head and redressed and washed his hands in the cramped sink. Retook his seat and tried to take his mind off of the weird ideas by looking into the clouds. Landing went fine Thomas went to baggage claim and waited for his luggage, he waited and waited until everyone had got their luggage except him, there was no more luggage arriving on the belt, he went to the service desk and told them his luggage didn't arrive, they filed a claim and told him it could take awhile for them to investigate, so with only his backpack that he'd carried on he exited the airport and made his way to the bus, he found the bus he had taken before and boarded it's reverse direction, navigating his way back to his new home he arrived with much less stress and drama then the last time he took this bus ride. David was there to welcome him inside. David: "Hey welcome back Thomas glad to see you made it, how was your flight?" Being greeted and welcomed like this was unusual for Thomas, his own Mother never asked 'how was his flight', but he shrugged it off as David just trying to make good first impressions. Thomas: "The flight was good, though those plane bathrooms sure are cramped, never used one before." David: "You never used a bathroom before?" Thomas: "What? NO! I mean Yes! I mean! yes I've used bathrooms before! I've never used an airplane restroom before!" David: "OK Thomas I was just joking with you! And I know what you mean! they are just the worst! if only there was some alternative, I think just about anything would be better than that don't you think so Thomas?" Thomas hesitated to respond feeling like his own thoughts from earlier had somehow been sensed. David: "Anyways go on and get yourself settled go get your luggage into your room but don't forget to remove your shoes at the door, wouldn't want to start your first day with a punishment! haha!" Thomas was already in motion to take his shoes off when David finished that sentence, his ears perked up wondering what the hell David meant about a punishment? he hoped David was just making a bad joke. Thomas: "Actually it seems the airline lost my luggage, they said they'll investigate and get back to me. But I do have some clothes being shipped here in a box so once those arrive I'll be OK, until then I can just rewash this pair of jeans every night I guess.." David: "Hey you know why don't you just set your clothes by your door when you go to bed and I'll throw them in with my own laundry overnight and have them back by your door clean by morning? I mean it's either that or you have to come down to wash them nude, which is alright by me I'm not squeamish about that. Up to you." Thomas: "Oh, uhm, you don't have to do that, that's awfully nice of you but I don't want to impose" David: "Well like I said it's up to you, but you wouldn't be imposing, gotta do my own laundry anyway, doesn't make a difference to me either way." Thomas took his backpack upstairs and set it by his desk, he had no unpacking to do, so he went back downstairs and sat on the couch with David. Eventually Thomas got tired, made himself a meal from canned food in the cupboard, trying to eat cheap in case David expected reimbursement. drank some water, tossed his clothes and stained underwear on the floor of his room, took a shower and went to bed nude. In the morning Thomas awoke to find his only shirt, pair of underwear, and jeans, washed and folded sitting just inside his door on the floor, he thought he had told David not to wash them and he remembered he had not set them by the door, instead they were strewn about his room, so David must have came in while he slept and gathered them up to wash them, Thomas blushed realizing David may have noticed the pee stains on his underwear... That day David did not comment about the pee stains and Thomas thanked him for doing his laundry, David continued doing Thomas's laundry in this way every night and Thomas eventually got used to it. Thomas still had weeks before school started, so he spent a couple days studying the bus routes, and taking all the bus lines between his new home and his campus exploring the territory trying to get familiar and comfortable with the bus lines, enjoying his bus pass, learning where the nearest stores were, he spotted an electronics store nearby his new home and stopped in to see about a computer, they had a cheap model he could afford that should do enough to help him with school, he bought it and lugged the tower and monitor home, he made a second trip to buy a keyboard and mouse, all this had wiped out the majority of what remained of his savings, he set up the PC in his room atop the tall desk. Thomas got a phone call, it was the airline, they had found his luggage. Airline: "Hello is this Thomas?" Thomas: "yes this is he" Airline: "I'm calling in regards to your missing luggage you reported?" Thomas: "Ya have you found it?" Airline: "Yes unfortunately there was a mishap. your luggage is here you can come pick it up but it is damaged" Thomas: "Damaged? how?" Airline: "Well it seems it must have fallen off the cart on the tarmac when it was being driven toward your plane, it got overlooked and sat on the runway for a few hours until it eventually got ran over by an airplane, the luggage was crushed rather drastically, you'll have to come see what can be salvaged and we will try to reimburse you for the rest." Thomas: "uuuuuhhhgg, just what I needed. alright, I'll be right there." Thomas hopped on a bus and went to the airport, he went to the service counter and they brought out what was left of his luggage, it was damaged alright, it looked like it had come out of a war zone, it was torn nearly into two pieces, right down the middle, the clothing he had inside was smashed to bits, nothing was salvageable, the airline agreed to pay him $200 for compensation, if he wanted more he'd have to go through an investigation to determine true value, he didn't want to wait however long that would take, so he took the $200 and went home. He spent the evening getting his new PC up and running, installing the programs he would need, finding free versions of them online wherever he could. When eventually he heard David calling him down stairs. Thomas went down the stairs to see what was going on. David: "hey Thomas it's getting late I'm making dinner figured you must be hungry by now why not join me I'll make a plate for you.." Thomas overwhelmed: "gosh you don't have to do that for me I don't mind making my own meals and I wouldn't want to put you out eating up your half of the groceries." David was delighted to hear Thomas's intent to pay half the groceries, it showed that Thomas was not selfish, was not planning to liberate himself upon the fridge without first stocking it himself, much unlike many of David's prior 'roommates' before their conversions. David: "oh nonsense! In fact I don't want you buying groceries, I will handle all that! I plan to make food for myself each day so it's no problem to me to simply make enough for two, really I don't mind, save your money and your time for school, now come sit at the table and I'll prepare you a plate, by the way, do you have any food allergies I should know of? and particular foods you despise?" Thomas: "Oh my, you are too kind, I'll find some way to repay you for groceries but it would indeed be easier for me if I didn't have to lug groceries on the bus ever, no I do not have any food allergies but I really dislike chili, or beans, or spicy hot food. otherwise, I'm content with whatever you make, if you do want to make something like that just let me know and I'll make my own dinner separately no problem." Thomas was relieved to have this burden taken off his shoulders, he'd been used to preparing all his own meals at his old house, having that problem relieved meant he could focus more on his classes, and he greatly appreciated the help, again he couldn't help wondering why this stranger was so much kinder then his own Mother, who hadn't cooked him a meal in over a decade. he had to face the same realization he often faced that his Mother just wasn't as kind as most people. he tried to shake the thoughts from his mind, he didn't want to think of her right now, perhaps never. Thomas: "So David what do you do for work anyhow?" Thomas was wondering if there was any hours David would not be home, he could do his own laundry then. David: "Oh I am retired, I like to think that what I do for work now is taking care of you! Or whoever happens to be living here at any given time that is!" Thomas blushed a bit at the concept of having someone taking care of him. Thomas: "Oh! You seem kinda young to be retired?" David: "I am older than I look, but yet I am on the young side, I retired a handful of years ago." Thomas: "well what DID you do?" David: "I'm afraid I'd have to kill you if I told you." ... David said this rather seriously, there was a brief pause, then laughter David: "OH I'm just JOKING! I couldn't kill you! I couldn't bare too! But seriously I did contract work for the military and I can't get into details about it, it's classified." Thomas nervously: "Oh uh, uhm. Like. Soldier work? Like private military type contractor?" David: "Oh no, I was a scientist, I mean I guess I still am but now my lab is where I hide it. But no the only work I did for the military was in a laboratory, anyhow that's all behind me, what do you do for work Thomas?" Thomas did not want to admit that his rent was currently being paid by his unloving Mother, he didn't even want to mention her or have to admit what she was like to him, how he felt about her. Thomas: "Oh well, I just did odd jobs around town, mowing lawns, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, digging ditches, any kind of yard work or really any odd job I could find. It was nice to get handed cash and not have to pay taxes on it! hehe. Built up enough savings to manage this move so I could go to school." David: "And I take it you got a student loan to pay for the tuition? No scholarship?" Thomas: "Ya that's right." David: "Oh I see! Well maybe you'd be willing to help around here with my yard, I dislike yard work, tell you what, you do that and I'll consider it more than enough compensation for the groceries, we can be even." Thomas liked this idea. Thomas: "That sounds great! your yard looks pretty fine as it is from what I've seen, haven't look at the backyard though." David: "Oh yes I did skip that on the tour didn't I, well there's not much back there really, just grass. Finish your dinner then you can feel free to go check out the backyard." At this David handed Thomas a plate of burritos, he also sat in front of Thomas a large cup of milk, the glass mug looked like it could hold a litter, it was very wide, it appeared to have once had a handle since broken off, Thomas would have to use two hands to drink from it. he wasn't sure he could down this much liquid, let alone this much milk, but he didn't want to be rude and refuse or waste what was offered, so Thomas politely sat there and ate his burritos and drank his milk. The food was delicious, Thomas had of course had burritos plenty of times in his life, but they had never tasted so good as these, there was so many spices all working together but none of them spicy in the 'hot' sense, just as Thomas liked it. Thomas: "Wow David where did you learn to cook? this is wonderful." David: "Well retiring early has it's advantages, I've had lots of time to learn things I never had the chance to learn before, cooking is just one of those things. I'm glad to hear you like it." David loved watching Thomas drink from the big glass with two hands, he found it adorable, he hadn't even begun to work on this kid and already he was tugging at his heart. Thomas hadn't even complained about the oversized amount and seemed to be trying his hardest to down it all. Most people would at least have stopped half-way and admitted defeat. In many ways this meal was a test, David had stalled dinner until as close to bedtime as he could, he wanted to test Thomas's control, the high fiber would help move his bowels in the night, the milk would keep them from constipating, and would keep his digestion running while he slept, a lot of people don't know this but when normal people sleep the digestive systems go into hibernation, it's why it's often only after you wake up that you suddenly get hit with the urge to pee or poo, but when you ingest calcium rich foods/beverages such as David's calcium fortified milk this forces the digestive systems to keep running during sleep, this is how milk contributes to bed wetting, with milk the kidneys do not wait till morning to fill the bladder. If Thomas has any problems controlling his bladder or his bowels in the night this meal is going to make it evident tonight. Thomas finished his meal none the wiser to the ulterior motives playing out. He finished the rest of the milk soon after. Feeling bloated and noticing the hour had grown late he thanked David for the meal, then went beyond the kitchen past the forbidden basement door, and opened another door, which as he'd presumed led to the backyard, it was a nice back yard, decently sized, it had a grass lawn and some outdoor lounge chairs, there was also a swing set, with two swings, both swings were ADA style swings, seats that held the full body, from feet to head, the one seat was bright green the other bright red, both seemed to be a very thick sturdy plastic material and had buckles in it enough to strap the whole body it appeared. Thomas assumed this was yet another item David had for his nephew, Thomas looked over the yard and made notes of what he could do for it, mowing of course would be needed once or twice a month, there was some weeds to pull, the fence could use a new paint job, one corner of the fence had a bit of a blackberry bush going Thomas figured he could destroy for David. with his yard review complete Thomas said his goodnights and headed to shower and bed. Thomas was in the pool again, but this time he felt fat, bloated like a pregnant lizard. Also unlike last time the pool had a current, it was pushing him toward the end of the pool, he was trying to swim against it. Fighting the current, looking back he realized the pool was no longer a pool, the end he was swimming away from was a fast flowing river, there were rapids behind him possibly a waterfall, he was swimming as hard as he could and feeling like he was making no progress, the current was just strong enough to keep him in place against his efforts. He tried screaming for help but the roar of the crashing water drowned him out, he could barely even hear his own screams. Suddenly there was a crash and his body felt slammed against a hard surface as his eyes shot open, and he found himself on the ground beside the bed, all the bedding was pushed into a clump at the foot of the bed, he realized he must have been swimming against his bed sheets, then he felt it, a powerful pressure in his bowels, overshadowing the pressure in his bladder, ignoring the pain of falling he gingerly but quickly got up and tried to quietly move quickly to the bathroom, on his way he passed a half asleep David in the hall. David: "What's going on I heard a loud crash and what sounded like a cry for help?!" Thomas: "Sorry just a bad dream, gotta go pee!" As Thomas ran past into the bathroom, he made it to sit on the toilet just barely in time for an explosion out of both front and back. David went and observed the bed, it was dry but the sheets were in a heap at the foot, David realized Thomas must have fallen out of the bed, ironically enough David had planned to introduce such a problem to Thomas eventually, but he hadn't even begun to yet and it seemed Thomas was already exhibiting it. 'This kid really needs my treatment' David thought, 'no denying this one, well we will get there eventually.' Finishing his business, Thomas opened the bathroom door to find David. David: "I didn't hear the water running, you must always wash your hands Thomas you wouldn't want me washing them for you, now would you?" Thomas wasn't even sure what he meant by that. Thomas: "uhm, no? Sorry I forgot, still half asleep." Thomas went and began washing his hands. David: "Are you OK? are you injured? You must have fell out of bed huh?" Thomas: "yeah I guess I did, no I'm not hurt, just maybe a bit bruised, I'll be fine. It was just a nightmare, they are rare for me, not sure what brought this on." Thomas finished washing, said goodnight and the two departed to their rooms. Thomas remade the bed and went back to sleep, he had to get up to pee a second time that night, this time without any new bruises. In the morning Thomas woke to the smell of bacon, he figured by his clock he'd had plenty of time to sleep so got up and made his way to the kitchen, sure enough David was just finishing up plating breakfast and had set two plates on the table, Thomas glanced at David. David: "Oh you don't need me to invite you Thomas, I didn't make two plates just for myself, sit down and eat up already!" Thomas gladly did so, surprised he could be so hungry already after such a massive and late meal last night. As David took his seat after Thomas, he set two massive cups of orange juice on the table, one for each of them. Thomas glared at the liter sized cup of orange juice, and pondered just why was David so fond of such massive amounts of liquid, it must be something to do with how fit David is, trying to stay well hydrated for muscle gain or something like that. he shook the thoughts and accepted with two hands his glass of orange juice. It seemed the mug with the busted/missing handle was now designated his, he understood being David's house that it was David's right to give Thomas the cup in the lesser condition. In truth David just loved seeing him use two hands to drink. As though reading his mind, David spoke up David: "You can consider that mug yours now, it's got character, you two fit well together." Thomas wasn't sure what he meant by that last part, but was glad to be given something at all. Thomas: "Thanks, it's awfully big, where do you even get these mugs?" David: "Oh they are like glass German steins, for beer, those Germans love their beer, they drink liters of it at a time. I like them cause I like to stay hydrated. Good for the body and the mind, should help you with your school work too!" David had a smirk that seemed to say there was more, but he said nothing else, just smiled. That night David began the next stage of his plan, one thing about the kind of wealth David kept in his bank, was the freedom to do as he wished, one particular act of whimsy, came to David some years back when he decided to study subliminal messaging, to see just how far he could take it, he got pretty skilled with it but decided he didn't like relying entirely on it, he didn't like how he could never tell just how much of someones interest was their own and how much was simply suggestions fed to them without their knowing it. Still, he did use it occasionally, but only lightly, only to help things along here and there. Mostly he tried to rely on the older methods of creating a problem then presenting the solution, punishment and reward systems, the old carrot and the stick, he felt this got more honest and long-lasting results out of people. During his subliminal experimentation days David had taken the walls down in the guest bedroom and had speakers installed behind the drywall, many many high quality speakers, all wired down to his basement, and controlled via remote from his phone, he also had installed into the smoke detector in the room a high quality hidden mini camera that could detect subtle motions such as breathing rate, it also had advanced thermal imaging capable of detecting pulse rate. with this he could detect if his guest was unconscious or had awoken, and he ensured that any messaging coming from the speakers would mute anytime his guest awoke, so they would never hear it consciously. He hadn't used any of this on Thomas, until tonight, tonight the suggestion was simple. Thomas was resting peacefully, David could see it on his smartphone app he'd had developed just for him. David entered the command he wanted and activated the speakers. The speakers came to life playing a peaceful ocean wave sound effect, hidden in the background of the noise was a soft voice, hard to make out, this voice was AI synthesized, it had been fed samples of Thomas's own voice, and used them to recreate Thomas's own voice, so that Thomas would hear his own voice speaking the suggestions, in his deep sleep state Thomas would assume these were his own thoughts he was hearing in his head in his dreams, the words it would speak each night from here on were: "Coordination with open cups is difficult. It's always been difficult. Spills happen. It's OK if spills happen. I try to avoid them. But they still happen anyway. I don't mean to spill. But it's OK if I spill. I prefer to drink things with a lid. things that don't have a lid make me nervous to drink from. Sometimes my hands get shaky when I get nervous. Sometimes things slip from my grip when I get nervous." These words played on loop behind the gentle ocean breakers sound effects. The sound of the ocean actually helped Thomas sleep even deeper, he did not wake from the noise. He dreamed of the beach, of sharks and dolphins, of sea turtles and seaweed, of sand and sandcastles, of boats and jet skis. In the morning his paw patrol alarm sounded and jolted him awake, for a moment he thought he could still hear the ocean but as he quickly slapped his alarm clock he confirmed he'd heard only silence, but he remembered it echoing in his memories of his dreams, 'I'd like to visit the beach some time soon' he thought, 'it's been too long since I last played in the sand' he thought. David knew subliminal messaging requires repetition to set in, he'd been at this long enough to know not to expect results on the first morning, he'd have to keep the same message for some time before the results would show. During the afternoon while Thomas was in the yard mowing the lawn a delivery guy arrived, he dropped a box and took off, Thomas recognized it was the box of clothes / possessions he had shipped, Thomas stopped what he was doing and went to take it inside, upon inspection he found the box had a giant hole in the side of it the size of his head. and most the contents were missing, all that remained inside it was an ugly winter sweater, a jacket, and an unused notebook. Thomas: "GREAT! just perfect! all my clothes are either missing or destroyed by an airplane!" Emerging from the living room David was curious about the muttering he'd heard. David: "Whats going on? you sound upset." Thomas: "Well the airline found my luggage the other day, it had all been destroyed, they apparently dropped it on the tarmac and didn't notice until it had been smashed to bits.. and now the box that I shipped the rest of my clothing in just arrived and the box is torn open, all my clothes are gone, I've officially got nothing now but this one set of clothes I've been wearing all this time. I cant just keep washing the same shirt and jeans every night." David: "Hey you can borrow some clothes from my nephew, he hasn't been here so long he probably doesn't remember they even exist at this point." Thomas was wary, he wasn't sure he wanted to borrow clothing from David's special needs nephew, Thomas didn't want to be rude however so he couldn't bring himself to say no. Thomas: "Thanks, I'll consider it." That night after showering and returning to his room Thomas found the closet no longer empty, David had placed into it what was presumably some of his nephews clothing, it was all decidedly childish, there was only 2 sweatshirts, one was stripped varying shades of green, and the other identical except in varying shades of blue. there was no other shirts so Thomas would have to pick between these two. and for pants all that was on offer was a pair of cotton shorts, or a pair of overalls. the shorts looked normal but it was pretty cold out for shorts, but the overalls were not normal, they had paw patrol characters patched onto them. Thomas decided he would just keep washing his jeans and shirt every night until he could go out and buy some new clothes. The rest of the week went much the same, David continued giving extra fiber to Thomas but not as much as that first meal, he started with an ordinary dose and over time would increase the dose bit by bit getting Thomas used to it as he went, that first meal had just been a test, to see what he was working with, extra fiber would help Thomas poo more often and in larger amounts and with greater ease, it would become harder and harder to hold it whenever he needed to go, David also made sure to keep Thomas well hydrated, he wanted Thomas to get used to the idea of having to pee frequently, he wanted Thomas to get sick of it, to find it inconvenient and time-consuming, so the alternative David would eventually present would seem more attractive, more convenient. After a couple weeks of this new routine Thomas was becoming quite fond of David, and David likewise of Thomas. David making breakfast and dinner for Thomas and doing his laundry had been more care than Thomas had received since as long as he could remember. Even when he was too young to do these things himself his mother never did any of it with a smile like David did. And David was fond of Thomas's friendly and kind demeanor, Thomas was the most polite student David had yet encountered. Thomas still had not gone and bought new clothes, he only had a little money left and didn't want to spend any of it until after his first day at school when he would learn if there was any other books or supplies he needed to buy.. One morning breakfast was going normally, Thomas handled his glass well though David did note a little trembling, he didn't spill it but when he set it down it did collide with the table more roughly than ordinary. Thomas: "Sorry, didn't mean to slam it." David: "it's alright, I'm sure you're just tired, maybe you didn't sleep too well?" Thomas: "Oh I don't know I actually think I've been sleeping more deeply then usual, maybe I'm just not fully awake yet." They finished their breakfast Thomas being extra careful and slow with his glass and went on with their usual daily routine, this went on like this for more than a dozen days. Each day Thomas seemed a bit less confident with his glass, and a bit more shaky holding it, the number of times he set it back down too hard was increasing. In Thomas's mind he chalked it up to the glass being so large and unruly, 'if only the handle was not busted off' he'd thought/tell himself, 'then I could hold it much more easily'. But it was not the missing handles fault. Eventually Thomas started his classes, learning his campus and where his classes were was a new adventure and Thomas loved exploring the school grounds. after the last class ended Thomas had to go out and buy some more items that his first day had revealed to him would be needed for his classes, he ran his errands, returning home with what he needed and very little money remaining, he decided he'd just have to keep washing his single pair of jeans and shirt until he could get part time work. When he got home that night David was waiting in the living room, he immediately asked Thomas. David: "So how was your first day at school?!" Thomas: "Oh it was great, my professors are great they were all friendly and seemed wise but not arrogant, the classrooms were comfortable, the campus was beautiful I didn't run into any bullies! Even the weather was nice!" Thomas was suddenly struck by how cathartic it felt to say all that, he remembered then how it had been around 15 years since someone had asked him how his day at school was, he remembered all the days he'd come home and WISH his Mother would ask, but she wouldn't, Thomas found himself looking at David feeling many conflicting feelings, the satisfaction of getting something he had long wished for was being overshadowed by his confusion at it coming from a stranger he'd only met some weeks ago, he was also confused at how natural it had felt, only realizing it was happening after the fact. Then his feelings were dominated by the resent that had brewed in him over his many years of his Mothers total indifference towards him. All this painted a somewhat sour look on his face. David: "Well what's wrong kiddo you just came in the door told me how great your day was then looked at me like I killed your cat!" Thomas had to laugh at that Thomas: "I'm sorry, you're right, it was a good day, thank you for asking, I was just having a bad flashback, ancient history, sorry, rather not talk about it, it's in the past, how was your day anyhow!" David: "My day was another in the life of a retiree! I sat here and watched Dr who reruns all day! it was swell, maybe not quite as adventurous as yours though, tell me about your campus?!" David was already very familiar with Thomas's campus, he already heard this same speech from dozens of students that had come through his house in prior years, but he never tired of hearing it all anew, it wasn't so much about what they had to say as it was about being there to hear it from them to see them being childlike in their enthusiasm and satisfaction. Not every student reacted this way to starting college but David loved it when they did and was happy to encourage it. Thomas sat down and recounted the day in detail, David likewise shared the Dr who episodes he'd watched, pleased to see that Thomas was familiar with the show. They sat together on the couch the rest of the day/evening, Thomas didn't have any homework being the first day and all. After some TV watching David went to the kitchen and prepared dinner, when ready Thomas joined him and they had a nice meal, Thomas again held his glass with shaky hands, clanked his glass on the table roughly, and apologized each time. After dinner they watched TV for awhile longer until Thomas went to shower and to bed. From there things settled into a nice routine, Thomas went to school after having breakfast with David, David always had it prepared just at the right time, David always had Thomas drinking a liter of orange juice, Thomas always had to go straight to the restroom by the time his bus got him to his school, barely making it to class on time as a result, often being the last one to enter the room and take his seat. Thomas would get home and David would be right there asking him how his day at school was. Thomas relished being asked, but he was beginning to understand why his peers would treat this ritual like a burden or chore he could see it but it still didn't feel like it to him, to Thomas it felt like finally someone cared about him, even if it was only a little. It was something. If Thomas had homework he'd go upstairs first thing and finish it or make enough progress on it to be satisfied for a day if it wasn't something that needed finished that night. then come down to eat dinner and spend the rest of the evening on the couch with David watching TV. or movies. Before heading to bed, David always kept Thomas's big cup full, of either juice or water, occasionally he'd fill it with milk in the evening, and it would entertain him that night to hear Thomas getting up to pee usually twice on those nights, he was establishing more familiarity with Thomas's biology. Unbeknownst to Thomas, David had also found a hair from Thomas left in the bathroom, a single hair that still had the root attached, must have come out when Thomas was combing his hair, David carefully placed the hair in a vial, and brought it to his basement.... One Friday morning Thomas went down to breakfast and sat at the table, his meal already being plated before him. David was grinning, wondering if today was the day, like he'd wondered many previous days, he set besides the plate Thomas's mug of orange juice, they sat and ate, when Thomas went for his mug he seemed to hesitate, he grabbed it with both hands and David could see a noticeable increase in the trembling, as Thomas brought it to his lips he collided with his front tooth just enough to be audible. David: "Oh ouch, you OK? didn't chip a tooth did you?" Thomas: "No, just kinda hurt, not sure why I did that" David: "No worries mate, those big cups can feel unwieldy at times I know, especially when still tired in the morning." As Thomas set the glass down he did not set it flat, it was on it's edge, first it spilled a little at the top, in a panic he let go, hoping it would flatten itself since he was doing a poor job trying that himself, but instead the cup teetered in the other direction and fell over, spilling orange juice all over the table, and a significant amount went over the edge onto the carpet. David concealed his glee like a professional actor, exclaiming instead. David: "Oh no! Hey don't worry about it I'll clean it up you just stay right there, DON'T MOVE"! he barked like a command. Thomas felt uneasy about this, he felt terrible to spill all over the dining table and the amount that went over the edge to the floor, at first David seemed not too upset but the 'don't move' command had so much weight it seemed perhaps David really was upset and just holding it back. Within minutes David had soaked up as much spill as he could with paper towels and had brought over what looked like a vacuum, David filled a reservoir in the vacuum with water and soap and before turning it on went back to the kitchen, moments later he came back from the kitchen and set before Thomas a large bottle, like a baby bottle, clear glass, no prints or patterns on it, with a silicone nipple on top, the nipple was clearly larger then a babies bottle, sized for an adult, it was huge, like the mugs, it looked like it held about a liter, and it's width was equal to the mugs, meaning it would require two hands, it was filled with orange juice, Thomas's eye were bulging at it in confusion, David declared. David: "Well you know the rules, if you spill you must drink from the bottle for a week, you signed them in the lease I'm sure you remember right?" As if not waiting for a reply David immediately turned on the vacuum, and began cleaning up the spill on the carpet, apparently the vacuum was actually a compact steam cleaner. David emptied and refilled it's water reservoir a few times in the process ensuring it had fully removed the orange juice from the carpet. Thomas gulped, it took a moment for the words to register past his swirling thoughts on what he gazed at. He waited for David to finish and turn off the steam cleaner and said. Thomas: "Huh? that's in the rules? I forgot, I might have missed that part." David: "Yes it's in the rules, must I dig it out for you to read again? It hasn't been that long..." David sounded frustrated, David had just cleaned up Thomas's mess for him. Thomas didn't want to frustrate David, but this was too much, could he really agree to this?? 'Well' Thomas thought, 'I guess I already have agreed to it, serves me right for not reading the rules more thoroughly, I guess it cant hurt me, no one will see me other than David who made the rule himself, if that's his rules then so be it, what a strange rule, I guess it's meant to punish people, to reinforce that they better not spill. Probably meant for party types more than me, but rules are rules and I don't want to beg for an exception.' Thomas wondered for a moment why David even had a bottle like this, then remembered David's mention of a special needs nephew, must be from him Thomas supposed. Not wanting to rock the boat, Thomas grabbed the bottle with both hands, it was just too big, and had no handles, Thomas was already blushing about how this looked, David didn't seem to even be looking as if this was as ordinary as a Monday. Thomas wondered how many college students David had witnessed drinking from this giant baby bottle to have come to regard it as so ordinary. If Thomas only knew..... Thomas put the nipple to his lips, inserted it into his mouth, and sucked, the juice spurted out hitting the back of his throat, this was certainly a new experience, Thomas felt his whole body blushing with shame, he couldn't believe he was doing this, did David really say this would be for a whole week! Thomas was beginning to wonder what else was in those rules he did not read... Then Thomas realized he'd been here many weeks now, and had seemingly not broken any rules until now, so perhaps it didn't matter, he'd only need to put up with a nipple for a week and then things would be back to normal, he'd just need to be extra careful not to spill anymore, especially in the mornings when he was groggy. Thomas continued suckling at the nipple, he began developing a rhythm, realizing he needed to hurry as the mornings catastrophe had made breakfast take longer than usual, so he kept the nipple in his mouth trying to quickly finish the liquid, his meal already nearly complete anyway. He eventually got the rhythm down, breath while suckling, once there's enough in the mouth then swallow, repeat, he was suckling pretty hard at the nipple surprised it took this much effort to drink from a bottle, his humiliation still burned but it was beginning to wane, 'after all' he had said to himself 'I'd better get used to it if it was going to be this way for a week'. He rushed glancing at the clock as he went, nursing his bottle for dear life, he didn't have long if he didn't want to miss his bus. he didn't want to waste orange juice leaving it unfinished, that felt like it would just be further insult to injury to David to waste his groceries like that after making a mess all over David's table and carpet. Thomas's upbringing had involved a lot of guilt from his Mother any time food or drink was wasted. Mother:"there are starving children all over the world who would kill for what you are wasting" Was the words ingrained on his mind, he'd heard it enough for it to echo in his thoughts every time he saw food or drink being neglected, he didn't resent it, he knew on some level it was right not to be wasteful, even if his mother was actually disguising her own selfish intent to not waste money on food that wasn't being eaten. though he certainly wished, when full, that he could summon one of those starving children and share what he didn't want. Thomas managed to drain the last drops with a couple minutes left to exit the house, he swallowed the last remnants of his meal in one last gulp, David volunteered to take care of his plate aware of his time crunch. David: "You know how about you set your morning alarm for 20 minutes earlier from now on so you won't ever have to worry about being late, may as well set an earlier bedtime too to match." Thomas didn't have time to disagree he muttered thank yous for cleaning his mess and cleaning his plate, slipped his shoes on and rushed out the door. David took notice of how the kid did not ever untie his shoes, just slipped them off, so he could slip them back on without tying them again. 'This kid needs Velcro' David thought. 'eventually'. he concluded. For the whole bus ride to school that day Thomas reflected on drinking the bottle, on how embarrassing it was, on how David didn't seem phased in the least, it didn't seem David even once looked at him as he did it, then Thomas thought on how it felt, the nipple in the mouth, the suckling, what an odd experience, is this how babies felt when they drank? The rest of the day went much the same as usual, Thomas rushed to the bathroom the moment he got off the bus, making it just in time, got to class just a bit late, and tried to focus on his studies, occasionally his mind would wander back to that morning, but he tried not to think about it. Lunchtime came and Thomas realized he'd run out of money, he did not buy a meal plan when working out his student loans, he thus far had been buying each day with what little he'd had remaining. Now with no money he'd have to skip lunch. He went through the rest of his day normally except hungry. When he got home he went straight to the kitchen (remembering of course to first take off his shoes at the door). He grabbed what ever he could snack on from the fridge, David saw all this. David: "Decided to skip lunch I take it?" Thomas: "Oh uh, well, to be honest, I'm on a tight budget and kind of can't afford to keep buying lunch everyday so today figured I'd just skip it to save money." David: "Oh you should have said so sooner! Id be happy to pack a lunch pail for you to take to school each morning!" Thomas: "Oh man you already do so much for me making my meals, I can't ask you to make my lunch also!" David: "Thomas seriously it's my pleasure, I enjoy taking care of you, it makes an old retiree feel useful, like I'm still important to someone, please allow me to make you lunch." Thomas: "Well, alright, if you insist, I really appreciate it, that will save me a lot of money." Truth was Thomas had no more money, and the only income he had was from his Mother exactly what he needed for rent, no more, he'd be broke from here on unless he could find part-time work somewhere. David: "Think nothing of it, you're doing me a favor by letting me do it, I'm happy to be of help to someone. So other than starving, how was school today? Anything interesting occur?" Thomas stopped snacking, sat down on the couch and shared the usual small talk with David about his day and vise versa, and then went upstairs and did his homework. The evening went normally except at dinner out came the giant baby bottle again, Thomas did not protest but did not touch it until his meal was nearly done, his throat was parched, he couldn't stall it any longer he needed a drink, so trying to get it all over with in one move he grabbed the bottle shoved the nipple deep in his mouth and suckled quickly trying to finish it completely, fast. David: "Whoa little slugger is thirsty today, take your time no need to rush." Thomas blushed furiously at this, he felt two feet tall, but he did not respond, he didn't want to pause to talk he just wanted to finish the bottle and get it over with. After what felt like forever the bottle was emptied, he finished off the last of his meal, put his plate in the sink, rinsed it, and went to the couch for TV. When David joined him he handed Thomas the bottle, now refilled with milk, Thomas realized his mistake. David always kept his cup full, devoted to hydration, usually Thomas brought his cup from dinner not totally finished to the couch and made it last until bed, having finished off the bottle at dinner meant it had to be refilled and he'd have to drink it down all over again. Worse still, this time it was filled with milk.... making him feel like even more of a baby, having to drink a bottle full of milk on the couch beside David.... He decided he didn't want to suckle from it occasionally all evening long, he rather get it done in one moment, to minimize the embarrassment, but if he did so too soon David would refill it again. He considered asking David to just not refill his cup anymore but that felt like it'd be rude, David was just trying to be kind, to keep him hydrated, and thus keep him healthy, it was a level of care he'd been sorely neglected from his single Mother, he did not want to reject that care, he liked it, so Thomas decided he had only one option, let the bottle sit on the coffee table, staring at him, until the evening was near bedtime, then drink it down in one moment, and that's how the evening went, watching TV. with Thomas staring at the television beyond the bottle, with it in his line of sight, trying to ignore it's ever constant presence in his vision. David: "remember this morning you agreed to an earlier bedtime so you could get up earlier and no longer be rushed to finish breakfast right? so if you get up 20 minutes earlier you should go to bed at least 20 minutes earlier" Thomas had forgotten, he decided not to argue it, it was true it'd be better not to be rushed in the morning, especially with the extra time it would now take to finish off a liter sized bottle through a small hole in a nipple, besides, it was only 20 minutes, Thomas pulled out his mini notepad he kept in his pocket, and made the alterations to his schedule. Here is his new schedule. Wake up at 5:30 am. into shower by 5:40 am. out of shower by 6:00 am. sat down for breakfast by 6:20 am. leave house at 7:10 am. get on bus at 7:20 am roughly, bus may be late or early. Get to school 7:40 am roughly depending on bus. class begins 8 am. classes end 4pm. at bus stop by 4:20 pm. back home by 4:40 pm roughly depending on bus, finished homework by 6:30 pm roughly. finished dinner by 7:30 pm roughly. TV. time until shower at 8:20 pm. bed at 9pm. Thomas looked over his schedule, he realized there was no way he could squeeze work time into this schedule, he would just have to try to find a job that would let him work only on his weekends. David noticed Thomas holding a notepad, he saw what looked like a schedule written on it. David: "You mind if I take a look at your schedule there?" Thomas didn't mind, he handed it over. David: "I love that you are so organized with your time, also it's a good thing you have yourself getting at least 8 hours sleep, that's an important rule!" David handed the schedule back and resumed TV watching. Thomas was lost in thought about what David had said, was getting 8 hours sleep each night really in the rules? Just how much else was in those rules he had failed to read!, Thomas felt relief that he had already intended to sleep 8 hours anyway, he always hated getting any less then that, and he didn't want to know what the punishment for breaking that rule was if it was anything like the baby bottle punishment he was currently stuck with. One day down, only 6 more days Thomas reminded himself, well, one day down after he finished the last bottle that is, he glared at it still sitting on the coffee table between him and the TV, it felt like it glared back at him. After some more TV watching bed time drew near, David got up and grabbed the bottle and took it with him to the kitchen, Thomas wondered if he'd been sparred the bottle, thrown some mercy, but that hope was dashed when 5 minutes later David returned with the bottle and put it right into Thomas's hands. David: "there, that bottle had become lukewarm, I'm sure that wouldn't be pleasant to drink lukewarm milk, it's nice and hot now, not too hot of course, I know it tastes different then when it was cold but it'll be better than lukewarm and it's easier to heat it than it is too cool it back down." David was right Thomas could feel the warmth of the bottle in his hands. Thomas couldn't remember if he had ever in his life drank milk warm, it certainly was compounding his embarrassment, drinking milk from a giant baby bottle was humiliating enough but now David had warmed it up for him too! He had little choice in the matter and the time was upon him anyway so before it could get lukewarm again he put the nipple to his mouth and began suckling, trying to get it over with. He was surprised to find that warm milk was actually pleasant to drink, very easy to go down, didn't seem to bother the taste buds at all, and being so warm he could almost convince his mind he was simply drinking tea. David took his seat and kept his eyes on the TV., he knew it was important not to stare at Thomas, he desperately wanted to watch him drink his bottle, it thrilled him to see this young man regressing one step at a time, Thomas had given up making his own meals, his own laundry and now was drinking exclusively from a baby bottle, one responsibility down at a time. David knew staring would only make Thomas even more self conscious of his debasing act, so David kept his focus on the TV show, acting as normally as could be, commenting here and there on the episode he was watching just as he normally would. Thomas was relieved that drinking a giant warm milk bottle in front of David didn't seem to phase him, Thomas again wondered to himself how many times David had to put up with this with his prior residents spilling things and being punished before he got to this point that it was so ordinary to him, well if David could find it ordinary then Thomas would try too as well, even if only to make it feel less embarrassing. Thomas finished his bottle, overwhelmed to down so much warm milk at once, he was getting more used the quantity then in the first days but it still made him feel bloated, and being warm this time made him feel very lethargic, he was looking forward to sleep, he didn't even bother checking the clock, he simply got up and went to his routine of shower then bed, leaving the empty bottle on the coffee table, David hadn't complained about him leaving empty cups there before, so he seemed safe to continue to do so, besides the less he had to hold or interact with that thing the better in Thomas's mind. That night after Thomas had gone to bed, David snuck into the room quietly like a thief in the night, he knew how to move silently, he crouched over the boy who was sleeping with his face to the wall and his left shoulder sticking out toward the room, David applied some kind of gel from a tube onto a cotton ball and rubbed it around on Thomas's shoulder, the gel was designed to numb the skin, David then stuck a needle into the spot and injected the boy with a concoction of David's own making, the boy felt nothing, the skin sufficiently numbed, he remained sound asleep as David exited the room... That night David made some changes to the ocean whispers playing over the speakers in Thomas's walls. The new whispers behind the ocean waves would be: "Drinking from my bottle is actually pretty pleasant. Drinking warm milk is soothing. I like drinking warm milk from my bottle. If I drink from something other than my bottle then I will likely spill it. It wasn't embarrassing to drink from my bottle. Those feelings I felt were love. I felt loved drinking from my warm bottle of milk. I know it is impossible to spill my bottle. I worry about spilling any other kind of container. I have no worry with my bottle. if I drink from something that isn't my bottle my hands get shaky and I lose my grip sometimes. I feel confident when I drink from my bottle. I feel proud when I drink from my bottle. it is good to obey the rules. I am doing a good thing. This makes me a good boy. I like to be called a good boy. When I am called a good boy I feel warmth and love swell up inside me. It starts in my belly and flows into my chest and through my arms and legs until my whole body is filled with warmth and love. I love being a good boy." This looped all night from then on. Thomas again dreamed of the ocean, this time he was floating on the surface of the ocean on his back, belly up, his ocean friends were swimming all around him, there was the dolphin, the sea turtle, some fishies of various kinds, even an octopus and a shark, he wasn't terribly happy about the shark, but he knew his friend the octopus would keep the shark in line, the shark hadn't been mean to him yet, he just had a mean looking face. He felt the warmth of the sun bathing the front of his body, he felt a warm glow flowing all through him, he'd never felt such warmth inside himself, he wondered if this is what love felt like, his skin was practically tingling with the thrill of how good it felt, he lazed around floating on the ocean for what felt like days, just enjoying the warmth, but then he felt discomfort down below, something was irritating him, he could feel a bad sort of tingling, he tried to push it away and felt wetness against his groin, he shot awake and realized what he was doing, he'd begun to wet the bed again! he cursed the strange ocean dreams, they had relaxed him too much! he rushed to the bathroom making it in time to prevent his wetting from being any worse, he'd left a softball sized wet spot on his underwear, upon returning to bed he found the bed and sheets dry, it seems he got off it quick enough not to spoil it, his jeans and shirt had already been washed and folded by David, so he took his underwear to the washing machine in the kitchen and washed it by itself, then returning to bed nude. he awoke a second time that night needing to pee yet again, groggily he grumbled about drinking too much fluid, finished his business in the bathroom then went back to bed again, forgetting to swap his underwear from the wash to the dryer. In the morning he awoke to find his underwear clean and folded with his clean jeans and shirt by his door, at breakfast David commented David: "Rather a late hour to start a single pair of underwear in the laundry wasn't it?" David had seen while Thomas showered that his bedspread was still in place on the mattress and dry, he'd seen from the hidden camera that Thomas had rushed to the bathroom the first time in a serious hurry, David knew he had some kind of close call, Thomas tossing his underwear in the wash had already told David just what he wanted to know, a small wetting. he was now just adding more stress to the boy, he wanted the boy to associate bedtime wettings sans diaper with stress, so that the stress free alternative of a diaper would be all the greater comparatively. Thomas was stressed, he hated lying to David, David had been so nice to him thus far, low rent, free food, free cooking, friendly welcomes whenever he came back home, but Thomas just couldn't bring himself to admit he'd had an accident in his sleep, no matter how minor. "Thomas: "Oh ya I just wanted to make sure I had clean underwear for today, should have tossed it with the rest before I went to sleep but I was too tired to think about it at the time" he lied. David: "You know I don't mind helping you out with the laundry like this, I got plenty of my own laundry to do it saves time and detergent to just wash everything together every time, so just let me do all your laundry from now on, I insist." Thomas wasn't sure he wanted to permanently relinquish his laundry to David, but he couldn't argue about wasting detergent, especially since David was paying for all of that on his own like all the other groceries. Thomas: "Thanks I appreciate that, and yeah that's fine if you want it, it's alright if you don't too, I don't mind doing it." No more was said on that subject as they sat down to breakfast, Thomas grabbed his bottle and drank some orange juice without even thinking about it, as he set it down it then occurred to him how embarrassing it was, but there was a moment there that he had drank it without reservation, David noticed it even if Thomas didn't. So on the routine went, breakfast was completed without a fuss, Thomas drinking his bottle as he needed to, no longer saving the moment for one rushed move, he was still embarrassed but it did seem lessened, Thomas finished the bottle as well as his meal and David Grabbed up Thomas's plate and empty bottle from him before he could take it to the sink to rinse himself. David: "You just let me worry about the dishes from now on, I don't mind, and this will save you time getting to school from now on." Thomas thanked David and went to put his shoes on and backpack, this time as he went to leave the house David handed him a lunch, it looked decidedly juvenile, it was a small child's backpack with paw patrol characters all over it, it was light blue in parts and aquamarine in other parts. Thomas didn't want to touch that thing, he glared at David with an expression that read, 'you must be joking' David chuckled a bit, David: "Sorry it's my nephews, turns out I don't have any lunch pails in the house, I'll see about getting you a better one soon if you can't bare to be seen with this, I don't want to embarrass you, if you want to skip lunch again we can just leave this here and I'll put the food back in the fridge, you can eat it for dinner tonight." Thomas felt guilty, David had made him lunch, and he was refusing it because David's nephew's backpack was not good enough for Thomas, he didn't like the hurt look on David's face, and he didn't like the idea of David spending even more money on him to buy him a new lunch pail of his own. Thomas: "No I'm sorry, it's fine, I was just surprised, I'll be OK I can take it, it's no big deal, it's college right? Plenty of people have weird things like this, I've seen pink backpacks for goodness sake, so no you don't need to go buying me anything please, thank you for making me lunch I appreciate it." Thomas took the mini backpack/lunch pail and swallowed his pride. he walked to the bus stop and waited, while sitting there he glared at the lunch pail, it certainly did look well-loved, there were scratches and dings here and there, threads bared, zippers that looked chewed on, crayon marks etc, it's clear it had been used plenty of times before, Thomas wondered if he'd ever meet David's nephew, he wondered if David's nephew would be upset that Thomas was borrowing his backpack, the bus arrived to break him from his thoughts, as he boarded the bus he felt self conscious, wondering who might be noticing and judging his childish backpack in his hand, he took a seat and decided to try and fit the small backpack into his bigger backpack, after some struggling he had to face there just was not enough room and gave up, resigning himself to carrying it around on display the rest of the day, as the bus rode on he studied the backpack, on the top by the handle it read "Brave Pup" and had a picture of the police dog from the cartoon. The other characters showed on other faces of the bag with other statements such as 'sit, stay, play!' and 'top pup' and so on, he wondered why kids loved that show so much, he'd never gotten into it as a kid but it hadn't even aired until Thomas was 13 so perhaps he was just too old to 'get it'. Thomas made it to school and like every other day rushed to the bathroom with a bladder full of the mornings orange juice, once again making it to the toilet just at the bursting point, then making it to class just a minute or two late, the professors glare as he entered told him he was getting tired of him always coming in just past the hour mark. he wondered about what else he could do about it, he couldn't control the speed of the bus.. and he didn't want to get to school on the earlier bus, that'd be a half hour of sitting around campus and a half hour earlier bedtime as it all adds up on his schedule.. Thomas's day went fine, no one seemed to bat an eye at his juvenile mini backpack he carried by the handle, when he finally sat down for lunch he opened it to find some reusable ice packs, two sandwiches both cut into triangles with the crust removed, one a ham and cheese and the other a peanut butter and jelly. a small tupaware cup of cut up mixed fruit pieces, some crackers, and a baggy with an orange already peeled and sliced up, plus a large juice box, the juice box said 'motts' on it and had a picture of an apple with eyes and a smile, it looked rather juvenile but it was larger than Thomas had ever seen of a juice box, it had to hold at least 24oz's maybe more. Thomas wasn't sure what to make of the spread he'd laid out in front of him, it's like David had been packing lunch for a giant toddler, perhaps this is just the way David was used to doing it for his nephew, it sure seemed like a lot of unnecessary effort, Thomas didn't need his crust cut off he didn't care about crust, he didn't need the sandwiches cut into triangles, he didn't care about their shape, he didn't care if he had fruit just two sandwiches was plenty enough to stave off hunger until dinner, oh well, food is food, if this is how David wants to do it then fine, what does it matter, Thomas dug in, eating his sandwiches first, after a few bites the bread dried his throat, he plucked up the juice box suddenly feeling an unexplainable nervousness, he stuck the straw into the juice box and brought it to his mouth, at first he missed, poking himself in the eye with the straw, he felt foolish, but to protect his eye balls he tried two hands on the juice box, he managed to get the straw into his mouth with a little help from a wagging tongue, and sucked it down through the straw, he felt shaky, he found himself squeezing the juice box crushing it with his hands as though he was afraid it would leap out of his grasp at any second, once his thirst was satiated he slammed the juice box to the table as though he couldn't wait to be free of the stressful contraption, some juice squirted out the straw and hit his shirt, leaving a streak on his chest, he sighed in exasperation and resumed his sandwiches, occasionally he'd suck at the juice opting to just leave it on the table and guide his mouth to the straw instead of going through whatever that experience was again, this seemed to work well, all he had to do was suckle, and he was getting good at that. With his sandwiches finished he turned to the mixed fruit, he realized that he had no fork or anything to pick at the fruit with, so rather then hunting down some plastic fork somewhere, he decided to just eat the fruit with his hands, there wasn't much of it, about two handfuls, he gulped it all down one piece at a time pinching it between his fingers, he ate the fruit and his orange slices in this way, with that finished he had no napkin and realized since his shirt already had juice on it there wouldn't be any harm in using it further and so wiped has juicy wet sticky hands onto his chest, he wolfed down the handful of crackers last and polished off his juice box, though it was large he'd finished it with ease, he realized perhaps he was getting more used to the heavy hydration habits of David then had previously occurred to him. Thomas had two classes after lunch, the first of which was an hour long, he had no problems there but the next class was 90 minutes, he thought it was going fine until near the end his bladder began protesting the massive amount of juice, he hadn't felt the need to go before starting class, or he would have, now he was stuck in class and did not want to interrupt the professor by walking out, he figured he could wait, it would only be another 20 minutes. Those 20 minutes were incredibly difficult for Thomas, he lost focus on the professor, missing what they were saying, distracted instead with his bladder control, he focused all he could on holding it as the urgency increased and increased minute by minute, 5 minutes left now, the urges were now coming in waves, an intense spike he'd have to bare down to hold then it would wane for a moment before returning, he knew at this stage he didn't have much longer, he stood and began leaving for the restroom, the professor stopped talking and stopped him Professor: "Mr Thomas! the bell has not yet rung! must you leave early today!" Thomas: "Oh, sorry, I just need to use the restroom" Professor: "Thomas the class is nearly over surely an adult like you can hold it a little longer cant you?" Tommy was embarrassed he didn't want argue any further, he quietly retook his seat, the professor resumed his lecture. then some minutes later the bell rang, he'd already packed everything into his bags anticipating his chance to bolt, and bolt he did, he was the first one through the doors a streak of paw patrol light blue, he made it to the toilet in time but only barely, there was a small wet spot on his underwear where a tiny squirt had occurred, but he didn't think it would be visible in his jeans. He chided himself for having yet another close call, he decided he would just have to force himself to the bathroom before his last class from now on, hoping that would solve the problem. He headed home, once there David was his usual welcoming self David: "Hey squirt how was school? Hope the bag wasn't to embarrassing for you?" Thomas wished David had not used the word squirt, he didn't want to be reminded of his latest accident, he didn't think David could tell, it had to just be a coincidence. Thomas: "Oh uh ya school was great, it went fine, the bag was no problem, hey by the way, you don't need to go through so much prep trouble on lunch really I appreciate it, but it seems like more work than necessary, I don't mind crust, and just sandwiches is plenty enough for me. David: "Oh nonsense! It's no hassle at all, this is just how I always made lunch for my nephew, and he always loved it, I'm used to doing it this way, I have it down to a science, really it's probably faster than changing the routine to something new I'd have to learn, besides just cause you're older doesn't mean you don't also need a well-balanced meal, nutrition is important you know! don't think another thing about it I'm happy to help!" Once again Thomas found David to be an immovable object, but rather than the coldness of a massive boulder David seemed to instead radiate the bold smiling stubbornness of a loving parent who simply knew better, Thomas hated to continue burdening David, but he also had to admit he liked having someone treat him like they cared for him, even if it meant cut crusts and mixed fruit in a child's backpack, and so Thomas decided right then to just accept it and move on, free food is free food, he wouldn't have to buy lunch anymore and that was fine by him and his empty wallet. In fact, he realized with his wallet permanently empty he may as well just leave it home from now on, all he really needed to carry was his bus pass. Thomas went to his room to do his homework, upon entering his bedroom he found a plastic tub for use as a dirty laundry bin sitting by his door, and his jacket and the ugly sweater from the box on his bed, washed and neatly folded, he couldn't remember the last time someone had done and folded his laundry for him, it was a strange moment, it was yet more burden Thomas felt he was putting on David but it was also a very nice feeling having someone doing things for him, Thomas grabbed his folded sweater and placed it in a drawer in the dresser, and hung his jacket on a coat hanger in the closet, he took off his damp underwear and left it in the laundry bin going commando the rest of the night. Thomas got to his homework, finished it and got downstairs for dinner, enjoying his bottle with a level of comfortable confidence that wasn't present days past, that wasn't present with his lunchtime juice box. Having learned his lesson he decided not to finish the bottle and bring it with him to the couch for TV. time, he held onto it to be sure David would not try to top it off, and at the end of TV time he finished off his bottle and went to his bedtime routine, placing his jeans and shirt in the bin atop his stained undies. In the night Thomas woke to use the restroom and figured David should be asleep by now, so decided to do his laundry before David got up and tried to do it himself, but on checking his laundry bin it was empty, David must have already grabbed it and put it in the wash on his way to bed. Thomas tried not to freak out about the likelihood David had seen the damp/stained undies, and went to the bathroom washed his hands and went back to bed. In the morning Thomas woke to find his clothing was not washed folded and placed in his room like usual, it must be in the machines still. Thomas took his morning shower and decided he had no choice but to put on one of the sweaters from the closet and the shorts. he considered his own ugly sweater but that thing was itchy and scratchy and though the sweaters in the closet were more childish they were at least soft and comfortable, not itchy. besides he would just go grab his clothes from the wash and change before leaving the house. Thomas went downstairs and found breakfast waiting for him. David: "dig in already it's getting cold" Deciding he could just get his clothes after eating Thomas sat down and ate his breakfast dressed in just the shorts and green stripped sweatshirt. After finishing his meal and his giant baby bottle, Thomas thanked David then turned to the wash, he found the dryer empty.... he looked in the wash and there was his clothes, cleaned but still wet... David: "Oh I'm so sorry I forgot to swap them into the dryer today! I'll do that right now!" Thomas: "I don't have time to wait for that I have to get going right now!" David: "OK well just wear that you'll be fine no one cares if you wear a sweater in the winter, the shorts might look weird though, being so cold out." Thomas: "I don't even have any underwear!" David: "Oh, hmmm, well, we do have some of my nephews pull ups that would fit you, I know it's weird but they would be better than going commando all day, not to mention they'll handle any accidents you might have..." Thomas: "I don't need pull ups! I don't have accidents!" Thomas was blushing not just at the suggestion of pull ups but also because he knew it was a lie, he did have an accident the other day. and it wasn't the first. David: "Thomas it's OK you don't need to hide anything from me, I've been doing your laundry remember? I've seen the pee stains in your undies, it happens to the best of us, if you're having some troubles dribbling after using the potty then pull ups cant hurt, they could only help, besides it's either that or commando, I'm not telling you that you need them OK? I'm just saying they are an option, but Thomas, if you go commando and have any more little leaks then there wont be any layers to keep it off your pants, it'll show right away. So it's probably better to just wear the pull ups don't you think? it's up to you Thomas I don't care either way, but if your problem gets more severe we may have to revisit that in the future." Before Thomas could say something rude he might regret he silently left the room and went to his bedroom to think this over, as he sat on his bed David entered the room and made his way to the dresser opening the top drawer with a package in his hand. David: "Here Thomas I'm going to stock up this top drawer with the pull ups my nephew left behind, if you choose to use them I wont mind a bit I wont say a word I will think of you as a good boy, if you don't use them then that's fine too I just ask that you please don't get any pee stains on my nephews clothing..." David didn't wait for a response, he left the room. Thomas felt a bit of butterflies in his stomach, he wasn't sure why, something David had said, he couldn't place it, Thomas looked over at his paw patrol alarm clock and realized he had no more time to think, he needed to get moving, Thomas didn't want to chance staining the clothing he had to borrow, wearing it was bad enough, coming home with a stain on it would be even more embarrassing, so Thomas dropped his shorts and opened the top drawer, he grabbed one of the pull ups now stacked all in his dresser, it was plump, had a bulkiness to it, and was very colorful, he noted it was covered in more paw patrol characters. he was beginning to feel that this show was surrounding him in this house, without further hesitation he fluffed open the pull up placed one foot through the leg hole then the other and pulled it up his legs, pulling it snug into his crouch, he spread his legs for a moment to get it buried all the way into his crotch then stood, it didn't feel so bad really, just made him feel childish, but he remembered David calling him a good boy for wearing it and decided it was the right decision, he didn't want to put the shorts back on, it was too cold to wear those out of the house, with no other option Thomas pulled on the overalls and buckled the straps, adjusting them for tightness, the overalls pulled his pullup against his bottom, reminding him it was there with each step. Thomas didn't have time to think about this he rushed to grab his bag and head downstairs where he got his shoes on while David handed him his paw patrol lunch bag and he headed out the door to the bus for school. During Thomas's last class of the day he ran into the same problem yet again, his bladder was bursting and class still had about 20 minutes left, he again held on until the bell rang and by the time he made it to the toilet there had been a small spurt or two into his pull up, as he sat on the toilet he analyzed the pull up, it had swollen a little in the front and there was a bit of a yellow tinge to it now, but otherwise it seemed fine to wear, there was no wetness on the outside of it, it truly performed as advertised, Thomas was happy he had chosen to wear it or else those spurts would be visible on the overalls. Thomas got home and didn't bother changing until bedtime, depositing the damp pullup in a trash can in the bathroom as he began his shower. in the morning he found his usual clothes and put them on, over a pull up, he decided if he was going to continue having leaks here and there he'd be better off wearing a pull up to handle them so he didn't ruin his only pair of jeans and underwear. And so on the new routine went, occasionally David would 'forget' to dry Thomas's jeans and shirt and he would go to school in a sweater and overalls, otherwise he'd be in his jeans and t shirt, but either way he kept his pull ups on and by the end of the day they would have damp spots, sometimes smaller ones, sometimes slightly bigger ones. The convenience factor of them protecting his clothes was undeniable to him and he began to appreciate them for that. During the weekends Thomas would tour the town trying to find work, the few places that were hiring wanted more hours than he could provide. It seemed the employers in this region were not struggling with employment on the weekends, but rather the weekdays, another lesson for Thomas about what it means to be a 'college town'. Dejected Thomas ended his weekend Sunday night with another bottle, he'd gotten used to them now, he was no longer blushing when suckling at his bottle, he drank from it with the familiarity as though he'd been doing it all his life, And so the weekdays returned and Thomas fell back into his daily routines, having lunch out of a paw patrol backpack quickly became a non-event in his mind, just another part of his routine, not one person had commented or laughed or so much as glanced at the backpack as he carried it around or ate out of it that he had noticed, so he figured if no one else seems to care then why should he. Each lunch he would keep his juice box on the table and hold it there with both hands to drink from it, he still kept crushing it out of nerves, but at least he could avoid dropping it or slamming it this way. he wasn't sure what was making it so hard for him to make use of a juice box, but he was beginning to hate the things. Though he did like the juice, he always had enjoyed juice and David sure seemed happy to keep feeding it to him, and he was fine with that. Of course Thomas was unaware that the juice was a large contributing factor in his difficulties to hold his bladder, as juice tends to irritate the bladder more so then other beverages. But Thomas managed this by going to the restroom multiple times through the day between classes even when not feeling the urge just to make sure to empty himself out every chance he got, it was a tedious tiresome burden visiting the restroom this often, but what else could he do. One morning Thomas came down for breakfast and found next to his plate his old mug with the broken handle, he realized a week must have passed, he hadn't even realized he had stopped counting the days, how he'd no longer been anxious for his bottle sentence to end, staring at the mug he couldn't help noticing that he was not relieved, that instead he was irritated, the very sight of the mug bothered him, like now he had a new stress to deal with, he couldn't place the reason for his anxiety but brushed it aside and began eating, when he needed a drink he paused, staring at the mug like it was a villain, he slowly carefully reached out for it with both hands, and brought it up to his face knocking it back like he would have with the bottle, this of course spilled the orange juice all over his face and shirt, in shock he thrust the mug back down to the table knocking it clear over in the process. David: "Jeez Thomas! if you wanted your bottle back so bad all you had to do was ask I don't mind if you prefer your bottle, you didn't have to make a new mess for me to clean!" David immediately stood and took the mug to the sink, placing paper towels all over the mess on the table, he even grabbed at Thomas shirt David: "Arms up, lets get that off you it's covered in juice." Thomas hesitated to let himself be undressed by David but quickly reasoned it was only his t shirt and it was indeed covered in juice, so he lifted his arms and let David take the shirt, which went straight into the washing machine. David: "You better go take a quick shower and get the juice off of you while I steam the rest the mess out the carpet. Thomas: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I don't know what happened." David: "It's OK, sometimes you kids just aren't ready for these big mugs, I get it, don't worry about it." Thomas didn't like being told he wasn't ready for a mug, but after what happened he didn't feel he had any grounds to argue it, so he simply went and showered and put on the blue stripped sweatshirt, thankfully his jeans didn't appear to get any juice on them, he came back down to eat his now cold breakfast and of course his bottle was back on the table filled with juice, he felt relieved, he wouldn't have to worry about spilling anymore, at least not for another week. Before he had a chance to analyze these feeling he had to get moving with eating and drinking, his usual extra 20 minutes he'd made for himself in the mornings had just been consumed by an extra shower. he wolfed down his food and power suckled at this bottle, finishing it off and heading out the door, as he did so David handed him a new bus pass for the new month, Thomas felt more like a kid then even when he had been a kid, David had taken his dirty shirt, instructed him to shower, made him a new bottle, made him breakfast every day, was handing him a paw patrol backpack filled with his lunch and now a new bus pass to cover the new month, Thomas looked at David as all these thoughts swirled in his head, all he could say was Thomas: "Thank you." David could tell this wasn't just a thank you for the bus pass, that Thomas was looking overwhelmed about a great many things. David: "Hey don't mention it, I love helping good boy's, and you really are a good boy." David leaned in and gave Thomas a hug. Thomas might have thought a hug unusual ordinarily but at that moment he was being flooded with warm feelings all through his body at the hearing of the trigger phrase, the hug happening at the same time told him perhaps hugs were the cause of these warm feelings, or perhaps it was just hugs with David... rather than protest he leaned into the hug and enjoyed it, they paused that way for a moment or two, then without a word Thomas turned and went off to his bus, David shouting behind him: "have a great day at school, be good!" Thomas smiled, not even sure why. He assumed simply happy to have gotten a hug from someone for the first time in many years. The routine went on this way without any new changes, David kept the ocean whispers to the same setting to reinforce Thomas's new love for his bottle, nothing more. After another week had passed Thomas came down for breakfast and the bottle was still there, Thomas didn't even realize it was overdue to be switched back to the mug, but David brought it up. David: "Hey so I know it's been a week and you're due to go back to the mug according to the rules, and I will give you the mug if you want it, but after last weeks performance I think I'd rather you just keep to the bottle if you don't mind that, I won't make you but it sure would be easier on me then having to keep steaming the carpet. You don't mind do you?" Thomas didn't mind, he was relieved that it was being presented as an option, he liked the bottle now, he didn't want to lose it, it was like a friend to him at this point, he only wished he could bring it to school with him, but he quickly chased that idea out of his mind. Thomas: "No you're right, that would be best, I don't mind, those mugs are just hard for me I guess, I'll just stick with the bottle from now on." Thomas tried to hide his smile. David noticed. David: "Thanks friend I'm glad you're so understanding, that's a very good boy." Thomas feeling the warmth surge through him smiled widely and stretched a powerful full body stretch in his chair nearly falling out of it, then dug into his breakfast like he'd started a race, a newfound vigor driving him suddenly anxious to great the day! He went to school that day with a skip in his stride, and a smile on his face, who knew something so simple could give him such a happy day. Onward the routine went until it felt normal, Thomas enjoying his bottles without reservation, enjoying his childish lunches without hesitation. About mid month David once again snuck into Thomas's room in the middle of the night and once again injected something into the boys shoulder after first numbing the spot, it had been 30 days since David had last done this, and he would continue to do it every 30 days. The effects of this operation had yet to become visible but inevitably they would eventually. Some days later while David was taking a shower he noticed a larger than usual clump of hairs gathered at the shower drain, he smiled at the signs that the effects were beginning to take hold. Thomas had not yet noticed anything different. It had been nearly two months of this routine that had come to feel normal now when David decided the next step was due, David had already been occasionally giving Thomas a milk bottle in the evenings, once or twice a week, to keep it normal but not too regular, now for the next phase he would give David warm milk bottles every evening. After dinner one night Thomas went to the couch with his more than half empty bottle of orange juice when David came over and asked him to finish it off, so he could replace it, rather than complaining Thomas simply quickly downed the rest and let David take the bottle 5 minutes later David returned with a warm bottle of milk, Thomas was at first confused but when he saw and felt the warm bottle of milk he became excited, he had grown to love the feeling and experience of a warm bottle of milk, so he relished the chance to have another, he'd only been getting them once or twice a week and longed for more, so when David did the same the next night, and the next night, he was content with the change of pace, and to accommodate the new expectation he would now always finish his dinner bottle with his meal and leave the empty bottle on the dining table for David to more readily refill it with warm milk, bringing it to the couch for TV time. This of course led to many nights of Thomas waking up in the night to visit the restroom as the milk kept his bladder filling in the night preventing digestive hibernation during sleep. If Thomas knew the cause of his sleep interruptions he didn't indicate, he seemingly enjoyed the warmth of the warm bottles too much to complain about any effects they had on his sleep. This became the new routine and Thomas had more than one close call in the night before he eventually decided to stop sleeping nude, and began wearing the pull ups to bed of his own volition, Thomas did not want to risk making pee stains on the all white bedding, and it was a good thing he'd done this as more than once he'd awake with a start to a spurt that was trapped by his pull ups. David made sure to continually restock Thomas's top dresser drawer so it was always packed full of pull ups, so he always felt he had plenty to use. After a few weeks of this new routine, and more than a few small spurts in the night which had thankfully not yet spoiled any bed sheets. David decided to up the ante. One night after Thomas had finished his warm bottle that evening and went to shower than bed, he came to bed to find a new warm bottle on his night stand, David appeared in the doorway just as Thomas had finished getting under the covers. David: "I figured maybe you'd like to bring a drink to bed, it might help you sleep." Thomas wasn't going to protest more opportunities for a nice warm bottle. Thomas: "That's nice of you, thank you, good night David see you at breakfast." Thomas drank the bottle before passing out, not wanting to miss his chance to have it warm, it just wasn't the same when it cooled down. That night David had changed the ocean whispers, he didn't think Thomas was going to backslide on loving his warm bottles, he took to it to readily to easily, there wasn't any real resistance, this boy clearly craved love, and so a new agenda was called for. The new whispers would be: "Warm bottles make me sleep better. I sleep much deeper with a warm bottle in me. I love my warm milk. I won't wake in the night. Warm milk keeps me deeply asleep all night. I will get much better rest through the night. I won't be bothered by any discomfort. Any pressure will simply pass away from me. I can feel myself letting the pressure go. Any discomfort I feel I will not hold onto. I will let it go. Let go now. I am comfortable. I do not mind the way this feels. It feels good. I feel good." This would loop every night from then onward That morning Thomas awoke, he had slept so well, for the first time in a long time he could not remember getting up in the night to pee a single time, seconds into waking he felt it, a cold wetness on his legs, his crotch, and up his belly, perhaps he had spilled the milk? he thought, no that can't be right I'm sure I drank it all, the empty bottle wasn't anywhere in sight. He jumped out of bed and threw the sheets aside witnessing the massive wet stain to his bedding, he realized with dread what had happened, he had wet the bed, and slept right through it, he checked his pull up and sure enough it was soaked and squishy, it had been well over saturated, this was the first time in his life he could remember this ever happening to him, sure he'd had some close calls, some small spurts but he'd always woke up when that occurred and got it under control before it could become a massive disaster like this, he'd heard of it happening to other kids through school but never knew what it was like, never suspected it could happen to him. he decided right then to stop having bottles at night, he stood there motionless wracked with panic, what the hell was he going to do! How could he possibly cover this up, it was a disaster, just then David barged into the room. David: "Hey Thomas I need your bottle to prep it for breakfast, What the, OH.. OHHH... OK, um.... hey it's OK Thomas, don't worry, I'm not upset, this is not the first time that mattress has seen some pee, remember it has that protector on it? that is designed for just this sort of accident, so do not worry, I'll gladly wash your bedding for you, hey come here Thomas." Thomas was blushing furiously, he was upset that David had barged in, but it was Thomas's own decision not to lock his door, so he couldn't blame David totally, and the way David immediately went into a mode of comforting Thomas, telling him it was OK, forgiving Thomas immediately, Thomas couldn't believe it, he knew he could never expect such a gentle reaction from his own Mother, the one person on earth any normal person might expect such from, David was too kind, and this had Thomas instantly forgiving him for barging in, as David finished his sentence he approached Thomas and threw his arms around him in a hug, he's hugging me?? I just pissed all over his bed and slept in it and he's hugging me? he's not mad? he's not angry? he's not shouting cursing insulting, he's just, hugging me? Thomas couldn't believe his luck that he had someone like this looking after him doing favors for him making his meals and now instantly forgiving him for something so disgusting as peeing the bed and sleeping in it. David: "Shh it's OK Thomas I know you couldn't help it, accidents happen, you're not the first nor the last to have a bedtime accident, this is exactly why it's in the rules, it happens often enough that it had to be made a rule." 'Oh god oh no this is in the rules?!!! Of course it's in the rules!! what ISN'T in the rules!!!!' Thomas thought. Thomas: "Uhm, could you remind me what does the rules say about this?" David: "Surely you remember don't you? You did sign your initials to the very page the rule is written on." Thomas: "Yes I understand I did read them it's just been a few months now and I can't quite remember the exact wording could you please remind me." David: "OK Thomas, by the way you are welcome to read them again if you want I keep a copy in the junk drawer in the kitchen anytime you want to look it over, but I'll tell you now, the rule says anyone that wets the bed even once, must wear diapers to bed, and they must stay in them every night until they can keep the diaper dry by morning for 30 days straight, then you can go back to your usual undies, further more, the rule stipulates that I must be the one to put the diaper on you, and I must be the one to take it off of you in the morning, you are not allowed to touch your diaper. if it leaks it will be my fault, I will be responsible for making sure it is absorbent enough and well fitting enough to do a proper job. I can't be washing bedding every night, it will ruin it, and I can't risk pee running off the side and hitting the bed frame or the carpet, I gotta protect my property, I'm sure you must understand right? You did agree to the rule and sign it after all" Thomas: "You are kidding me right? I mean ya I read that sure I just forgot, and I'm sure I didn't think you were serious!" David: "Why would I make it a rule and put it into a contract if I wasn't serious about it Thomas? Of course I'm serious, you're not going to try to back out on me now are you? I sure hope not." Thomas: "And if I refuse?! I mean I'm a grown adult I can't be wearing diapers to bed I'm not a baby!!" For a moment Thomas remembered the bottle he'd been drinking, and felt like he wasn't as sure of his words as he should have been, doubt about his maturity was starting to take hold in his subconscious.. David: "Well Thomas, if you refuse to follow the rules or their punishments the consequences for that are also in the contract you signed, I suppose you don't remember that either huh? Look Thomas, if you don't want to obey the rules or their consequences anymore then fine, the consequence laid out in the contract for that, is, that I David reserve the right to kick you out of my home instantly and I keep your deposit. But I want to reiterate, I really hope you don't go that route Thomas, I've come to really like you, you've been such a good boy for me so far, I've had no issues with you, and wetting the bed or wearing diapers doesn't change that, that isn't a problem, but refusing to obey the consequences of the rules that is a problem that is going to change that, you'd be a bad boy if you did that, but if you'd rather go piss on someone elses bed instead of just wearing a diaper for a month that's your choice." Thomas's heart was in his throat, he'd do just about anything to avoid wearing diapers to bed, but he could not lose this room, if he was kicked out now he'd be homeless, he'd be sleeping under a bridge somewhere, he was broke and unemployed! he'd be begging for spare change just to eventually afford a plane ticket back to his Mothers hell of a home, he couldn't bare any of those thoughts, he knew what he'd have to do, he'd have to just wear the damn diaper. Thomas: "Only at night right?" David: "Well yes, the rules says only at night for bed wetters, wearing diapers during the daytime is a different rule for day wetters." 'Oh my god of course he has more rules for day wettings!' Thomas thought, Thomas was blushing even more now, he had been having daytime wettings, but they were just small spurts on rare occasion, he'd kept them secret so far he was certain, sure David had said he saw the pee stains but he didn't seem to consider them wettings, he must have figured they were just after toilet dribbles that some people got. Thomas would have to be extra careful about those if he didn't want to end up in diapers during the daytime too. Thomas: "But what if I have to pee in the middle of the night?" David: "That's OK you just come wake me up and I'll take your diaper off and put a new one on you after you've used the restroom, trust me I don't mind being woken up in the night, I don't have to work in the day I get plenty of time to nap while you're in school anytime I want to, so you don't feel bad about waking me in the night if you need to use the bathroom." Thomas: "You're really serious about this huh?" David: "Of course! Why wouldn't I be? Thomas I've changed a lot of diapers in my life even on boys as big as you, my nephew is not a little guy you know, it doesn't bother me one bit, it's even cute sometimes, and that's a far cry better than dealing with wet sheets ruined blankets or ruined carpets and ruined bed frames, doing laundry with a massive pile of bedding covered in piss is much more bothersome to me then just putting a diaper on a good boy and taking it off in the morning and trashing it, in my opinion it's obvious which option is easier to deal with." David had said this would be the option a good boy would choose, at least he had implied it, Thomas had grown to like being a good boy for David, it seemed it was settled. Thomas: "OK David, I'll wear the diaper." David: "And let me be the one to put it on you and take it off in the morning." Thomas: "Yes." David: "Please I wanna hear you say it, so I know you're committed to the rules." Thomas: "Yes I'll let you be the one to put it on me at night and take it off in the morning." David: "And you're not allowed to touch your own diaper." Thomas: "And I'm not allowed to touch my own diaper." Thomas thought 'Having just called it 'my diaper' felt like a jab to the stomach, taking ownership over a diaper like that, made it feel all too real, I haven't even worn the thing yet and already I am staking a claim on it.' Thomas didn't like that, but David had been reasonable and Thomas couldn't disagree with his points, he didn't have a choice in the matter anyhow, all this had long since been settled months ago when he signed that damn contract he had failed to read, a lesson Thomas would never forget. Don't sign things you haven't read. David: "OK Thomas toss that pull up in the bathroom trash bin and go shower, I'll take care of this." Thomas: "OK, thank you David." David stood still facing the bedding while Thomas waddled with his squishy pull up between his legs to the bathroom, took it off and tossed it in the trash, David did not sneak a peak at the boys soggy bottom, and Thomas appreciated that, David was just glad Thomas was getting more comfortable around him even despite the trying moment Thomas had just gone through, besides, David would be diapering his naked body that night and every night from then on so it hardly mattered now and Thomas would soon understand that too. By the time Thomas got out the shower and into his room his bedding had been stripped down to just the plastic protector covering the mattress, he could tell it'd been wiped clean with something, it did not smell of pee, but of some kind of lemony cleaning agent. Thomas put on a pull up, his jeans and shirt then went to breakfast and could hear the washing machine already working his accident out of the bedding, He sat eating his breakfast drinking OJ from his bottle and fretting about the night to come. He'd already agreed and so there was no backing out now, Thomas was just as uncomfortable with the idea of backing out on his word as he was about the diapering to come, the rest of the day went in the new normal way other than the fact that Thomas was frequently distracted by his thoughts of what was going to happen that night, it made him very nervous to think of being diapered by David, somewhere in these thoughts halfway through his day as he was eating lunch and staring at the paw patrol backpack he had a flashback to that airport family restroom with the adult sized changing table, he remembered briefly wondering about the big babies of California, and suddenly he realized he was beginning to fit in with that exact crowd. His face paled at that, but then he reassured himself that his mind was just exaggerating a mole hill into a mountain, Thomas thought 'I'm not special needs, I'm not mentally handicapped, I'm perfectly ordinary, I'm just as smart as my peers, I'm not one of those big babies, this is all just temporary rules I must follow because I agreed to them, it's really all a small price to pay for such convenient kind and cheap living arrangements, and David has bent over backwards to make it all comfortable and easy to go through, I need to get out of my own head and stop being my own worst enemy, I just have to relax go with the flow and stop stressing out, anxiety is not doing me any good.' Thomas remembered his initial fear over carrying around a paw patrol backpack at school, then he thought how he'd been doing that now for many weeks and not one person had made a single comment, this reaffirmed in Thomas's mind that he is right when he thinks he is overblowing all of this, and it is not as big of a deal in reality as it is in his mind. He puts his thoughts back to his school work and went on with his day, that night he got home went upstairs, found his bed had been made back up with new bedding, but it was not the plain clean white bedding of before, now instead it was paw patrol bedding, the comforter was Chase's massive face, the bed sheet was all the characters and related motifs, the fitted sheet on the mattress matched that. even the pillow case was now paw patrol characters. Thomas decided to ask David to switch it back after he got back downstairs, he sat down at his desk then did his homework, came downstairs and ate dinner, in between eating and enjoyably suckling at his bottle of OJ he asked David about the sheets, Thomas: "David I'm sorry I peed the bed but can I please have the white sheets back? I don't really dig the paw patrol bedding..." David: "Oh yes I forgot to tell you when you got home, unfortunately I had to throw the white bedding out, the pee stains in it was too much to remove, it was permanently stained, they must have been sitting on the bedding for hours to get that stuck into it, and I don't keep stained bedding, it isn't sanitary, that paw patrol bedding is all I've got now for that size bed, I'm afraid you'll have to put up with it for now, if you insist I guess I can go out and buy some new bedding tomorrow, assuming you keep your word and keep your diapers on then we wont be staining any new sets of bedding." Thomas felt terrible he had ruined David's bedding, he knew it must have been expensive quality, everything David owned seemed to be expensive quality, and it felt soft to the skin not rough like cheap stuff does. Thomas didn't like the idea of David spending more money on him to replace what he had destroyed. Thomas: "Never mind, you don't have to buy new bedding, that wouldn't be fair to you, I'll be OK with the paw patrol bedding, maybe if I can ever find a job around here I'll pay you back for the white bedding. David: "I appreciate that Thomas, but honestly you don't need to worry about it, it was one accident, and we've taken steps to make sure nothing else gets ruined, so just keep your word and that will be repayment enough for me." Thomas said nothing more, just blushed and glared downcast, eventually he finished his meal and sat on the couch, as had become routine David brought Thomas a warm bottle of milk as he came from the kitchen having finished cleaning dishes, Thomas felt like it was a symbol of being forgiven, the fact David was still going out of his way to make these for Thomas and bring them to him felt like David showing he was not upset with Thomas, that he still cared about Thomas's health and well being. Once the bottle was done and TV time over Thomas went to shower and then went to his room to go to bed, David was there waiting, Thomas had almost totally forgotten about what was coming, but now here it was, David was standing in Thomas's room and Thomas had only a towel around his waist. David: "OK Thomas lets just get this over with, you'll see it's not so bad, I'll be quick." David walked over to Thomas's desk, which held his keyboard mouse and monitor, the PC tower was on the floor to the left of the desk. David grabbed onto the top of the desk, and pulled it free from the rest of the structure, the top and the sides all came loose, apparently it was removable, he carried it to the left and set it down on the floor next to the PC tower, revealing that beneath the desk's top had been a padded top with a vinyl cover, the cover had little prints all over it, it was very colorful, Thomas realized it had been a large changing table all along, his jaw dropped, before he could think much on what that meant David offered explanation. David: "Remember about my nephew? this has been his room often enough that I had this changing table installed in here, very convenient for when he stays here, and when he's not here I just convert it to a standing desk by placing that top over it, works great for both scenarios! If you still need your computer at any point you can feel free to place the top back over the table or you can just sit on the floor and use it there if you prefer, doesn't matter to me either way." Oh yeah, that makes sense, he had momentarily forgotten that this was at sometime David's nephews room, now Thomas felt stupid for forgetting since he had only this morning been staring at the plastic cover on the mattress further evidence of the nephew, Thomas wondered if he was starting to even take ownership over the plastic cover to have forgotten that it was not put there initially for himself. Thomas looked over at the now mini desk on the floor it's small sides had it's surface standing at least 6 inches off the floor, he wondered if it would be comfortable enough to just sit on the floor and use it there, so he wouldn't have to lift it back into place every evening for homework time, it was clearly heavy, David seemed to strain a little at it and David certainly had more muscles than Thomas. Shaking Thomas from his thoughts David patted the changing tables top while staring at Thomas, clearly inviting him over, Thomas slowly approached, hesitant to go through with this, but aware he couldn't back out now. Thomas was about to climb onto the table, still holding his towel around his waist when David grabbed it and yanked it free. Thomas gasped. David: "Can't very well diaper you with a towel in the way now can I, don't worry Thomas I'm sure you don't have anything I haven't seen before. And I will try to keep this as clinical as possible." Now naked Thomas was no longer moving slow, he quickly hopped onto and laid back on the table wanting to get some cloths on asap. Even though that meant a diaper. David wasted no time he pulled a diaper out of the drawers beneath the tables top, Thomas wondered if those had been in there all along, he never bothered to check the drawers, he hadn't had any need, all his supplies were in his backpack. David shook out the diaper checking that the leak guards were all unstuck from the sides and standing proper, David set the diaper on the table between Thomas's legs, then poured baby powder all into the diaper making sure to cover every inch of it's inside surface, he then instructed Thomas to lift his bottom, as Thomas did so David slid the diaper under Thomas's rear end, "down" David said and Thomas went down, feeling the padding now resting beneath his bottom, David checked that it sat in the right spot on the small of Thomas's back then pulled the front of the diaper up between Thomas's legs, the diaper pushing Thomas's legs further apart in the process, Thomas didn't resist, he parted his legs to get them out of the way, David tucked Thomas penis pointing downward then placed the front of the diaper against the boys pelvis, Thomas felt very nervous when David had repositioned his penis but David had touched it only for 2 seconds and so Thomas assumed it must be part of the process, the top of the diaper came just to the bottom tip of his belly button, David tucked the front panels wings around the sides and under Thomas's back, then pulled both rear wings around the sides, then David fastened one tape on top then the other top one, then one tape on bottom, then the other bottom one. Thomas could feel the back side of the diaper rose just a bit higher than the front, all this time Thomas had not been looking, keeping his eyes on the ceiling, he felt if he didn't look maybe he could convince himself it wasn't happening. David: "That's it Tommy all done, see that wasn't so bad was it, you can get down and go to bed now, if you want to wear pajamas over it that's fine." Tommy: "I don't have any pajamas, I usually just sleep in my underwear." David: "If you wanna just sleep in your diaper that's fine, but if you do want pajamas I'm sure I have some spares around here somewhere if you would like?" Tommy: "Yes please." Tommy didn't want his diaper visible, he wanted to cover it up, now that Tommy was climbing off the table he got his first look at the diaper. He couldn't believe it, he was expecting something white, plain, and medical. that is not what this was. The diaper had colorful prints all over it and a colorful backing, it's primary color was white but there was some green along the sides and the prints covering it were little cartooned animals Tommy saw raccoons and lions and cats and monkeys, there were smaller prints in between of trees and ferns and leaves, this was a baby diaper! How could this fit him! Why did David have this!? Tommy: "Whoa, uhm, I was expecting something like, medical, plain, white.... what is this?!" David: "They are my nephew's, remember? he seems to like them, I let him pick what he prefers, it's easier that way, why argue with the kid about his preferences he's the one wearing them after all, well, you now anyway.." Tommy: "Oh ya, of course, well, do you have any plain ones, or are they all like this." David: "Oh no I have many kinds, I don't think I have any that are just solid white, but they all have different prints of different kinds if you wanted to pick your diaper you should have said so I wouldn't mind letting you pick." Tommy felt absolutely infantile, he hadn't meant to imply that he wanted to pick WHICH colorful creatures adorned his diapers, he just wanted something less babyish! But before he said another word, the thought occurred to him that a diaper is a diaper no matter how plain it looks, he supposed he would look babyish no matter what brand it was, and these were David's nephews, he couldn't just ask David to go out and buy a whole new brand just for him, that would only further cement his status as the owner of these diapers, if using David's nephews diapers meant he could further convince himself that these are not his own diapers he's just borrowing them for a time then maybe that is better in some way. And so rather than adding any further complaints upon David for a problem of Tommy's own making, one that David was being super kind and helpful about, he decided to just accept the damn baby diaper and get to bed. David: "I'll be right back, I'll see if I can find you some pajamas." Music to Tommy's ears, if he could cover up this visually loud diaper he could just pretend it was plain and there'd be no way to tell otherwise. With David out of the room Tommy waddled over to his bed, this diaper was thick, he was surprised, he hadn't expected it to interfere with his stride, he was bow-legged like a cowboy that had a too long day. His diaper crinkled as he walked, showing him that it could be loud audibly just as much as visually, he climbed into bed and hid under the covers while waiting for David. David eventually returned with some items. David: "OK you've got two options, there's this two piece set of pants and shirt." David held up the two pieces showing them to Thomas, they were both covered in matching prints of cartoon astronauts and rocket ships and stars and moons with a dark background, it was very childish, seemingly the theme of Tommy's evening. David: "Or there's this footie sleeper, which is probably warmer, if you choose this I can turn down the thermostat or you could even just sleep in it on top the covers." Then David held up the other option, it was a footed sleeper, with booties sewn onto the ankles, it even had mittens for the hands sewn to the sleeves at the wrists, but it was a solid baby blue color, Tommy rolled his eyes, either way he would be choosing a childish option, if he picked the two piece then the cartoon prints would scream infantile at any glance. If he chose the sleeper then at least the color wouldn't look to unusual, but he would feel infantile in the feet and mittens..... He briefly wondered why these and the diaper were in his size, but then concluded David's nephew must be the same size as him, he had been thinking all this time that the nephew must be younger, but David did say he was special needs so that could of course mean the nephew was the same age or size as Tommy. He supposed that would explain why the diapers seemed to fit perfectly. With great dismay Tommy picked the solid color footed sleeper, anything is better then having the diaper plainly visible. At least with a sleeper his waistline couldn't ride up and expose the diaper. Tommy: "I guess that one then." David: "OK great, I'm sure you'll find it very comfortable, they call the material cuddle fleece, very warm and soft, here let me help you into it." David stood near the bed and held the outfit holding it at it's waist for Tommy to step into it. Tommy pulled the covers off himself revealing his diaper to David once more, and put his feet down the leggings one foot then leg at a time, David helped pull the footies into place around Tommy's feet, with both feet now in place in the footies. David: "OK now stand up." Thomas stood up and David pulled the rest of the outfit up in front of him, David held the outfit in front of Thomas for him to put his arms down the sleeves, at this point Thomas felt disoriented, it felt like the outfit was backwards, it was solid material in front of him with the zippers far to the left and right, David saw his confusion. David: "It zips up the back, that's partly why it's better I help you with it, just put your arms down the sleeves now, there you go." Tommy slid his arms into the sleeves and David wrapped the outfit around him and zipped it up in the back, there was a click. Tommy reached back to the back of his neck to see what the click was. David: "It's just a button it keeps the zipper from sliding down on it's own, holds it in place." Tommy realized that reaching the zipper was very difficult, maybe not impossible but definitely an awkward angle. David: "Hey don't worry about it, remember I said you could wake me up anytime you want to go potty I won't mind and besides you've no reason to take the pajamas off anyway, since you're not allowed to touch your own diaper per the rules right? So just relax and get some sleep now." Then David left the room. Tommy felt like he'd just been wrapped in a furry prison, but David was right, it is what it is, so Tommy climbed into bed, pulled the covers over him and relaxed on his back staring at the ceiling feeling his legs splayed wide by the diaper, wondering if this is what life was like for David's nephew, then remembered back to his thoughts from lunchtime, about how he had to get out of his own head and stop turning mole hills into mountains, if this is the way it has to be he would need to stop drumming up anxiety over it, and just accept it and move on, with that he rolled over and saw David returning to the room, handing Tommy a warm giant bottle of milk. David: "Tommy thank you for being a good boy about this, it's nice to not have to fight and argue with my tenant about the rules, not everyone honors their agreements as well as you have, so thank you." Filled with the warm feelings the trigger phrase good boy had sent through him Tommy grabbed his bottle and began drinking it, merely nodding his appreciation at David. David couldn't stand how cute that move was, Tommy took right to that behavior like it was built into him, David was trying to hide his smile but was sure it was still there at least a little. David: "OK good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite, I'll see you at breakfast!" David left the room seemingly in a hurry. He just wanted to escape to his bedroom where he could grin his massive Cheshire cat grin, for he had caught the canary and the thing was so darn cute, he was beginning to realize he was falling for Tommy, he liked Tommy more than any of his prior tenants, he'd never had a tenant that fit into this role so well, this role that David had made for them, with so little fighting, so little resistance, such 'little' behavior, it was like it was meant to be, David was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to be able to let him go at the end of Tommy's schooling. As Tommy nursed his bottle he momentarily remembered his decision from the morning to not have bottles at bedtime anymore, but he was still floating on a high from the trigger phrase of being called a good boy, and besides that the bottles themselves made him feel so good too, so as he was already nursing a bottle he couldn't bring himself to stop, 'besides' he thought/rationalized to himself 'if I don't drink it now it'll just get all room temperature overnight and then it'll be wasted and that's rude to David.' an so he nursed his bottle until it was empty passing out seconds later while the bottle rolled out of his mittens and onto the floor. Tonight David made some minor adjustments to the ocean whispers in Tommy's walls. Adding a few more lines onto the ones presently in place. The whispers would now be "Warm bottles make me sleep better. I sleep much deeper with a warm bottle in me. I love my warm milk. I won't wake in the night. Warm milk keeps me deeply asleep all night. I will get much better rest through the night. I won't be bothered by any discomfort. Any pressure will simply pass away from me. I can feel myself letting the pressure go. Any discomfort I feel I will not hold onto. I will let it go. Let go now. I am comfortable. I do not mind the way this feels. It feels good. I feel good. My diaper feels good. I do not mind my diaper. Wearing my diaper will protect me. My diaper will protect my bed. With my diaper on my bed will never get wet. Diapers are wonderful to protect me. When I wear my diaper I am a good boy. Being a good boy makes me feel very good. Being a good boy fills my body with warmth. It starts in my belly and moves to my chest, it expands to my arms and legs until my whole body is filled with warmth and love and comfort. I love being a good boy." This would loop all night every night from then on. Indeed, Thomas did sleep deep, he did not wake in the night, in the morning he awoke feeling very refreshed, suddenly he remembered feeling this refreshed yesterday morning and leapt out of bed fearful he'd soaked it again, but upon looking the bed was dry, only a second more went by when he realized he could feel a bulk between his legs, the events of last night came back to him, he remembered being diapered for bed, how the diaper felt last night and concluded it felt different now, warmer, thicker, he put his fleecy mitten to the diaper and pushed, it seemed squishy now, my god he thought, I peed the diaper in my sleep! I can't believe it, this is only going to prove to David that I belong in diapers! Tommy was mostly panicked about this, but on some level deep in his mind there was a tiny voice telling him that this is good, that he would be rewarded for this. Tommy realized he couldn't go straight to the shower before breakfast like he usually does because he had agreed to not take off his own diaper, to let David do that instead, so first he would have to find David, whom he knew was downstairs in the kitchen cooking, he could smell breakfast being prepared from his room. David had gotten an early start on breakfast today, he had anticipated this change of the schedule. Tommy waddled down the stairs and into the kitchen in his footed sleeper, he could use David's help getting at it's zipper for one, and for two he didn't want to display his wet diaper to line of sight. David: "Good morning Tommy! I trust you slept well? breakfast is nearly ready take a seat and let's eat, we can get you out of that diaper and into other shower right after we finish." Tommy did not want to sit and eat breakfast in a wet diaper, most of him didn't, some small part of him didn't want to take it off, but he was trying his hardest to ignore that new voice in the far background. Tommy: "Uhm can we just take it off now so I can go shower first?" David: "Oh nonsense it can wait and besides your breakfast will be cold by then! Oh! Unless do you need to go potty right now? if that's the case then sure." Tommy did not need to use the restroom right now he realized, his bladder felt empty, a strange relief to not wake with an aching full bladder as he'd begun to find was the normal anymore, now a problem of the past. he couldn't help appreciating that, at least a little. Tommy didn't know how to press his point without admitting that the diaper was wet, and he wanted out of it, and besides, he didn't want his breakfast to get cold. But could he really just sit at the table in a wet diaper, that seemed gross, stomach hungry and food on the table Tommy thought/ began rationalizing with himself, the pee is already in the diaper, it is already all around my groin, the damage is already done, eating first isn't going to make it any worse, I just have to put up with it a little bit longer to have a meal now, instead of a cold meal later. So without complaint other than his facial expression of 'yuck' as he sat down in the chair and felt the squish of his diaper, he went to dig in to breakfast, except he was stopped, by his mittens, how could he eat with those in the way, seeming to read his mind David came up behind him and unzipped the sleeper, so Tommy could pull his arms out the sleeves, with the top half of the sleeper resting loose in his lap Tommy dug into his breakfast, drinking his bottle of orange juice as he went, it occurred to Tommy, that David must have come into his room while he slept and grabbed the empty bottle to have had it prepared with juice by breakfast time. Tommy ate his meal and drank his bottle, he actually felt like he was enjoying breakfast more than usual for some reason, he wasn't sure why, at the end he stood up and remembered the state of himself, he glanced down at the loose sleeper and wondered what to do next, David piped up. David: "Here Tommy just take that sleeper off I'll put it straight into the wash right now so you can wear it again tonight if you want too." Tommy hesitated, he didn't want to reveal the wet state of his diaper to David, but he couldn't think of a reason to keep the sleeper up the stairs, besides, David would have to see it soon anyway since Tommy isn't allowed to take it off himself. And so Tommy stripped off the sleeper and handed it to David. If David noticed the wet diaper he didn't indicate, David tossed the sleeper into the washing machine and followed Tommy up stairs, steeling glances at Tommy's bottom, enjoying the site of a sagging wet diaper on Tommy, he didn't let Tommy see that he was staring, once in the bathroom David turned Tommy around and simply grabbed the diaper tapes and popped them loose. he pulled the diaper out from under the boy balled it up and bagged it in a small t shirt style bag like you'd get from the grocery store which he had a supply of in a drawer in the bathroom, he tied it up and took it out the room with him and down the stairs, presumably to the trash. It was all so fast and clinical Tommy couldn't even be sure if David had noticed it was wet, he must have Tommy thought, how could he not, I guess he just doesn't mind it, must be used to it by now from his nephew. Tommy took his shower and resumed his usual routine. David tossed the diaper in the kitchen trash can and went about gathering laundry to start the wash. The rest of the day went along the new routine just like normal, Tommy wore a pull up to school, at lunch Tommy again found himself lost in his thoughts while he snacked on his mixed fruit and suckled at the juice box in his death grip against the table, Tommy couldn't help thinking that the diaper experience hadn't been bad, he'd slept better, he'd apparently needed the thing since it was soaked by morning, but why, why was he suddenly peeing freely in the night and not even noticing until morning, at this thought Tommy got a bit worried, perhaps there was something wrong with his health, that could explain all the close calls in the daytime too, Tommy suddenly wanted to see a doctor, but he has no health insurance, he wasn't sure going to a doctor was worth the cost, it's not like he had any real symptoms beyond the night wettings and daytime close calls, Tommy decided he'd go to the doctor if things got worse, but even then only if he could find a way to pay for it... Near the end of the last class of the day Tommy again found himself struggling to hold in the juice from lunch, by the time the bell had rang his pull up had absorbed little spurts here and there, he managed to get the majority into a toilet in the schools restroom. The rest of the day went just like a routine, finished classes, bus ride home, when he went upstairs to do his homework he remembered his computer desk was now at floor level, rather than bothering with picking it up and putting it back on the table, he decided it'd be easier to just sit on the floor, and so that's where he did his homework, he then went and ate dinner, finished his bottle of OJ, finished a bottle of warm milk on the couch, he really seemed to be enjoying these warm ones now, went to shower and then came to his room to find David waiting at the changing table, diaper already laid out and covered in powder, Tommy walked right up to it and hop rolled onto the diaper on his back, David had him lift for a second to perfect the positioning, then taped him into his diaper, as Tommy got off the table he glanced at his diaper, it had different cartoons now, this one had sesame street characters all over it, David already had his sleeper ready and held out, Tommy placed his hand on David's shoulder to balance himself while putting one foot at a time into the legs diaper crinkling with each step, the sleeper was pulled up, his arms threaded in, and zipped up the back, 'click' the button sealed the zipper into place, Tommy climbed into bed and waited for David to come back with his bedtime bottle, he found himself looking forward to the bedtime bottle, he knew it had a lot to do with bed wetting at least in the sense it was more fluid for his bladder, but he didn't want to face the fact that the alternative was to not drink it, he enjoyed it too much, it filled him with warmth and felt like love, he wanted more of that feeling, he could never get enough of that feeling. David came back and handed Tommy his big bottle of warm milk, Tommy wasted no time in getting right to suckling it down holding it with two mittened hands. David paused for just a moment to see his cute tenant wearing his footed sleeper complete with attached mittens encasing his hands, holding his big bottle with both mittens as laid on his back drinking it down. he loved the sight. David went to bed, Tommy finished his bottle and passed out letting the bottle just roll from his hands to the carpet, his dreams that night were different, this time he was in space, he could still hear the ocean waves though, but in his dreams he thought it must be the way space sounds, particles rushing past his ears or something, he felt weightless, the sun peeked out from behind the earth, and he was struck with warmth all over, he played with the stars around him as they seemed to tease him back, he tried to draw in the sky using his hands but the forms coming from his hands wouldn't stay in the shapes he'd made them, he tried the figure of a man but it morphed into a teddy bear, he tried a simple round planet but it morphed into a rattle, he still felt filled with warmth but now a new warmth glowed around his lower half, it blended with his full body warmth, and so he barely noticed it, he just kept dreaming, he was in a rocket ship now, piloting it wherever he wanted the seat felt so soft and cushioned, he knew space was vast and so his travels seemed slow, he moved from one star to another slowly, he saw living smiling teddy bears dancing around one star he visited, and at another golden cherubs flapping their wings and playing on small harps, his dreams were euphoric, his night went on that way, the sound of waves crashing never leaving him. He awoke in the morning well rested, bed dry, diaper soaked, without a worry he went down to breakfast and sat at the table with a squish on his bottom, he didn't make yuck face this time, it was acceptable to him now, he didn't love the squish feeling, but he didn't hate it anymore either, it seemed in some small way to represent in his subconscious a symbol of his newfound deep sleeping ability, the fact he had a squishy bottom was the unavoidable result of having a deep peaceful sleep and a dry bed. David unzipped the back of Tommy's sleeper right after placing his plate and bottle of OJ before him, Tommy gladly dug in, once finished Tommy stood up and David commented. David: "Looks like your diaper leaked a little bit when you sat on it, it's OK it's only a little right on the back by the leg holes, that sometimes happens if it's not absorbent enough, don't worry I'll make sure to use overnight diapers from now on, they are more absorbent. The sleeper is going in the wash anyway so no harm done." Tommy was blushing again, he reflected on the fact he'd gotten pee on his pajamas from a leaky diaper because he'd sat in it... he felt ridiculous for a moment. Tommy couldn't see the leak that David saw, out of the reach of his vision, being behind him and all, but he figured if a more absorbent diaper tonight meant deeper sleep then that was alright by him. whats the difference in the long run, a diaper is a diaper, it's not like he could pretend a less absorbent diaper was any less babyish than a more absorbent diaper, at least this way he shouldn't be leaking in his pajamas again he hoped. The sleeper went into the wash machine and the two of them went together up to the bathroom, David took the diaper off Tommy, and bagged it up and took it to the kitchen trash, Tommy showered, dried, got his pull up and clothes on and went off to school. The rest of the day all went much the same as the previous one, that night Tommy left the shower entering his room to the same sight of David waiting by the table with a diaper open and powdered ready to go, in David's hands was Tommy's warm milk bedtime bottle. David: "I figured it'd save you time to just drink it while I get you dressed so you can go to sleep quicker." Each time David made a change it seemed to bring him more in line with the image of an infant and Tommy couldn't help notice it and this was no exception, Tommy knew he should be protesting each time this happened, but he couldn't help feeling some kind of warmth inside him that made him want to embrace it, so long as it seemed harmless he figured why rock the boat, he had enjoyed it all thus far and after all David was just trying to look out for him. So without complaint Tommy took the bottle hopped up and rolled onto the diaper flat on his back. David: "That's a good boy." Tommy stretched as he felt the warmth flood his body. Tommy then lifted his bottom for a moment without needing to be told, David positioned the diaper just right and Tommy let his butt back down without needing to be told, they seemed to both have found each others rhythm, Tommy already had the bottle in his mouth the moment his butt had hit the table, he nursed it while his diaper was fastened, before sitting up David put his hand to Tommy's chest to keep him down, Tommy glanced down at David. David: "Just stay right there I can get your sleeper on you more easily this way." David slid Tommy's feet in the legs of the sleeper and pulled it up to his bottom, he grabbed Tommy's right wrist and fed it into the first sleeve, Tommy struggled to hold the bottle now with only one hand, it was still too big, it fell from his hand and landed on his chest, but the nipple was still in his mouth, and he found he could still nurse it, the air was not reaching the nipple yet even in that position, so he just rested the bottle on his chest while David grabbed Tommy's other wrist and fed that into a sleeve as well. David: "OK now stand up my good boy." The warmth was already flowing through Tommy but this seemed to regenerate it's strength, Tommy was smiling around his bottle now, he resumed holding it with his mittened hands as he sat up and hopped down, David zipped him up in the back, clicked the button in place, then gave Tommy's rear end a pat to his diaper as he said: "OK Tommy go bed time now." Tommy blushed at the feeling of having his diaper patted, the few steps to his bed made him realize how much thicker these overnight diapers are, he wondered what they looked like, he hadn't thought to take a look before he'd already been sealed into his sleeper, he waddled to bed climbed in and continued nursing his bottle, David turned out the light shut the door and went to bed himself. In the morning when David took the sleeper off Tommy and Tommy waddled to the bathroom his stance wider then ever in the extra soaked and swollen extra thick overnight diaper, Tommy finally got a look at his diaper, as he trekked to the bathroom he kept looking down at it, once in the bathroom waiting for David he was studying it, it was BLUE! with little cartoon rocket ships and cartoon astronauts and even some little aliens and UFO's, he thought this pattern seemed a lot more fun then the others, to Tommy this one looked playful while the others just looked babyish.. David entered the bathroom and noticed Tommy studying his diaper, David had to smile, Tommy was starting to have diaper preferences, David was glad it was the thicker overnight diapers that Tommy liked more, David liked seeing him waddle. And so the new routine had been established, David was satisfied with this new stage being set the way he wanted it and let it settle this way for some time, weeks and weeks passed, there was the occasional clandestine nighttime injections and otherwise each day blended into the same routine, Tommy had taken to this stage of the process with ease, David revisited the pajama options to Tommy one night and he actually choose to switch to the two piece set, he though / rationalized to himself that this way he wouldn't have to have mittens encasing his hands all night, but in truth he hadn't minded them he actually just wanted the space print patterns on the two piece set because they would match his night time diapers. During Tommy's nighttime diapering David took mental note of the hair Tommy had, David never made suggestion to shave it because he knew that would soon be unnecessary anyway, you see David was something of a brilliant scientist, one of his many specialties was DNA modification, the nighttime injections he'd been giving Tommy once a month were meant to cause a couple of permanent changes in the boy, things that he would only need to inject him for every 30 days for about a year before the results would be irreversible without the same type of DNA altering injections to counter them anyway, but David knew he would probably never be doing that, one of the various alterations David sought was pubic hair loss, and he could tell it was working, just as it always did on everyone he'd ever done it to, Tommy's crotch hairs were getting thinner and thinner all the time, in the beginning they were thick enough he couldn't see the skin beneath them, now they were so sparse and thin they barely existed at all, this process had the same effect on his body hair, arms, legs, chest, face, all of it, the only hair spared was that on top of his head, still rich and full as ever. Tommy hadn't noticed the hair loss, he didn't really ever pay much attention to his crotch anymore, when in the shower soaping it he'd once notice it was thinner there and figured it must be related to getting peed on every night, and he never had much love for his body hair anyway, he had however noticed that he hadn't been shaving his face as often, he usually only bothered shaving his face roughly once a week, when the hairs got long enough to look dirty and feel uncomfortable, but lately he'd been shaving about once or twice a month at the same stage of hair growth, he figured it must be related to getting past the growth spurt of his younger teen years, and paid it little mind. Now that David had Tommy used to the feeling of drinking bottles in bed he moved to the next step. Each night, David would sneak into Tommy's room carrying a fresh bottle of warm milk, David would crouch down by Tommy's bed and position the nipple against Tommy's lips, this was made easier by the fact that ever since Tommy started taking bottles to bed he more and more often fell asleep on his back, David would gently rub the nipple along Tommy's lips, trying to get him to engage his suckling reflexively, the first couple times David did this Tommy was resistant, he'd keep his lips shut until David got more forceful and pushed the nipple in, then Tommy would accept the nipple as an old friend, but he wouldn't automatically suckle, he'd just let it sit there while he dozed peacefully, David was patient though, and would hold the bottle up for Tommy, letting the milk drip drip into Tommy's mouth, until it triggered a swallow, once Tommy swallowed the suction of the action would bring a small squirt of more milk, which may or may not trigger another swallow, enough of these sometimes triggered Tommy to start suckling briefly, before stopping again, David kept at this as long as it took for Tommy to empty his bottle, after a handful of nights of doing this Tommy was getting less reluctant to accept the nipple during sleep, though he was deeply resting he would accept the nipple unconsciously the moment it touched his lips, and his suckling would begin now reflexively, David had done it, he had slowly with persistence trained Tommy to take a bottle and suckle it purely on instinct without needing to be awake in the slightest. Once this had been established, David moved to the next step, after Tommy finished his sleep bottle, David would gently guide Tommy's nearest thumb to his mouth, true to form once Tommy felt the thumb against his lips he'd suck it in and suckle at it, David would leave him that way each night, and each morning Tommy awoke to find his thumb in his mouth, wrinkled and soggy, letting him know it had been there for quite some time. The first time Tommy awoke with a thumb in his mouth, his eyes still closed he first noticed he was actively suckling, but drawing no milk, his eyes shot open, and he popped his thumb out with an audible break of the suction, he was quite perplexed, he stared at his thumb for minutes wondering why the hell he had been sucking his thumb, trying to remember when it had gotten in there but having no memory of that moment, Tommy was concerned about this development, it seemed like he couldn't stop himself from sliding backwards in his independence, what bothered him more, was how comfortable he was with that fact, he recognized the issue, but felt no worry about it, and recognizing his lack of worry over his increasingly childish behavior worried him the most, eventually Tommy rationalized to himself that the thumb sucking was probably just a natural instinct re-awoken by his newfound use of a bottle, and while that did bother him he had to admit he couldn't see himself refusing to drink his bottles, he had come to enjoy them too much to even consider letting them go, they gave him a deep full filling warmth that he did not know how to replace, and did not think he could live without. One night David made some changes to the ocean whispers. he added to the whispers: "I enjoy suckling. It doesn't matter if it's my bottle, my thumb, or my bottom lip, or anything. I enjoy suckling, it brings me comfort. It makes me relaxed. It eases any fear or anxiety I might have. It makes me feel safe. It makes me feel protected. Having something to suckle makes me feel hidden. Whenever I suckle at something I feel like I'm being guarded by a protector. It does not matter when or where I am I will suckle whenever I feel like I need any of these feelings. My thumb often enters my mouth without me knowing it. And I like it when my thumb finds it's own way to my mouth." It had been a couple days since Tommy had started hearing these new whispers in his dreams. At this point David had stopped going into Tommy's room at night, it was no longer needed, Tommy was now putting his own thumb into his mouth in the night without any assistance, one morning Tommy was on the bus, on his way to school, he was staring out the window lost in thought, the bus pulled up to his stop and recognizing the location broke him from his thoughts as he turned to stand and grab the rail to steady himself his hand did not come from his side, but rather it came from his mouth, as he grabbed the rail he noticed his thumb was wet and wrinkled, he had been sucking his thumb on the bus and didn't even know it, he nearly stumbled as he stepped off the bus, he got on the sidewalk and stopped, staring at his thumb like it had betrayed him, like it had gotten a mind of it's own and done something to embarrass him, Tommy glanced back at the bus just as it started pulling away and looked at the passengers near the windows, a couple of them were staring at him and smiling, he knew they had seen it, but at least they weren't laughing. he was so humiliated, his face flushed red with shame, he turned and ran off to use the restroom and then to class. His first class went well and about half-way through he was able to put away his notes, the rest of the class would not require note taking just listening, as he sat there listening he did his best to stay focused, it was only when the bell went off, and he looked around breaking from his thoughts that he once again noticed his thumb was in his mouth, he quickly shot his hands down to his side, praying no one had noticed. To Tommy's left a few empty seats away there was a student who had noticed, she saw Tommy suckling at his thumb, not just holding it in his mouth but actively suckling at it like a newborn, she was at first stunned, but then rationalized to herself that Tommy must be some kind of gifted special needs student, she glanced over at the boys backpacks and saw one of them was a child's paw patrol backpack, this confirmed it in her mind, she felt pity for the boy, all alone in college with a thumb sucking habit, she turned her attention away from Tommy trying to resume minding her own business, but he occupied her thoughts the rest of the day, shed even seen him at lunchtime in the cafeteria eating a rather childish looking lunch out of his paw patrol backpack, she noticed how he seemed to struggle at his juice box like it was a fight to the death. Her heart strings had been tugged, she again turned her attention away trying to resume minding her own business, but she did not sit very far away from Tommy as she ate her own lunch, trying to keep her eye on him, just enough to make sure he was alright, she worried what might happen if someone less than kind were to stumble over this poor vulnerable boy. On the bus ride home that day it happened again, half-way through the ride Tommy noticed his thumb in his mouth again and pulled it out, he shoved his hand in his pocket and kept it there, when his bus reached his stop he reached to grab the rail and once again his thumb popped from his mouth, "UHHG!" he groaned in audible disgust with himself for being so out of control with this new habit. He ran home, and collapsed on the couch. David: "What's the matter Tommy?! You look like you had a bad day?" Tommy: "Oh uhhhhhhmmm it was an OK day, I'm just frustrated." David: "OK... why are you frustrated." Tommy did not want to admit he had become a helpless thumb sucker. he quickly made up an excuse Tommy: "Finals are approaching and I'm just nervous that's all." David: "Oh don't worry about that I'm sure you'll do just fine, if your really worried about it I'd be glad to help you study anyway I can just let me know." Once again there's David bending over backwards to volunteer to help me however he can. and here I am lying and hiding things from him. Tommy thought. Tommy went upstairs and got his homework out of the way, he came down for dinner and resolved that while he was around David he would just keep something in both hands to keep his thumb from wandering into his mouth, he went straight to dinner and grabbed a fork in one hand a knife in the other and kept them that way, he'd only set them down to drink his bottle and he'd pick them right back up soon as his bottle was set down. After dinner, he went to the couch and while he waited for David to join him carrying his evening milk bottle he sat on his hands, when David came in with the milk bottle he noticed Tommy sitting on his hands, and figured out what was going on, David realized the subliminal suggestions must have taken hold, Tommy was frustrated cause he couldn't keep his thumb out of his mouth in public, David decided to ease Tommy's fears over this with a new adjustment to the ocean whispers tonight. David pulled out his phone as he sat watching TV, and he added the lines: "Thumb sucking is not embarrassing. There is no reason to hide it. There is no reason to be ashamed. Nobody cares if I suck my thumb. If someone makes fun of me they are just jealous. They want to suck their own thumb too, but they are too afraid to do it. I am brave because I am not afraid to enjoy my thumb and the peace it brings me." Tommy drank his bottle on the couch watching TV, Tommy figured if he just kept the bottle in his mouth his thumb wouldn't have room to get in, so he drank his milk bottle as slow as he could, even just keeping the nipple in long after the bottle had become empty, only setting it down on the table when he was leaving to the shower and bed. as David diapered Tommy that night he was as per routine suckling down his bedtime bottle and that kept his thumb out of his mouth, Tommy got to bed and David had left, Tommy was relieved he had successfully kept his thumb sucking hidden from David today, he decided tomorrow he would spend some time searching the internet for a solution to this new problem, but first he would sleep, and as the last drops of milk left the bottle for his mouth, his eyes drooped, and he dropped into slumber flat on his back, the bottle rolling away onto the floor like it did every night. Shortly after falling asleep his thumb had of course found it's way back to his mouth. Each day Tommy's thumb suckling seemed to get more frequent, and his worries about it seemed to get duller, there were moments he would notice halfway through his bus ride that his thumb was in his mouth, and he would just leave it there, feeling like it was pointless to pull it out since it would only find it's way back in, besides he was starting to enjoy suckling at it anyway. After only a few days of the most recent adjustments to the messages Tommy had done it in front of David, it was after dinner, they were on the couch, Tommy had just finished off his evening milk bottle and sat the bottle on the table, he didn't bother going at it slowly, he'd gone back to his usual pace, and so with the bottle empty and his hands free, his thumb entered his mouth yet again. David: "You know I think you're actually pretty cute like that, that makes you a good boy in my eyes." Hearing this Tommy noticed his thumb in his mouth, at first he was angry he had gone and done it in front of David, he had been trying so hard to hide it from David, but quickly those feelings were wiped away by David calling him cute, and the trigger words good boy sending warmth cascading through his body, when David had initially drawn Tommy's attention to the thumb his first reaction was an intent to pull it out and hide it but upon hearing cute and good boy he stretched and smiled and decided to just keep it there. And there he sat suckling his thumb and smiling around it the rest of the night until bedtime. After another week of this there was hardly a moment Tommy wasn't suckling his thumb. By this point all his class mates knew he was a thumb sucker, but they all saw his paw patrol backpack and came to the same conclusion as the first one who'd noticed, no one picked on him, no one talked to him, they all just let him be, Tommy wasn't worried anymore about his thumb suckling, in the back of his mind some far away voice was full of panic over it but Tommy's primary inclination was to just accept it, he enjoyed it and it wasn't hurting anyone so why not indulge himself, it brought him comfort and peace and thus it was a good thing for him. One day Tommy came home from school and upon entering his room he smelled paint, he looked around and at first didn't notice anything different, but when he turned around to leave the room he saw it, a giraffe cartoon had been painted onto his wall right by the door frame, he wasn't sure what to make of this development, so he went downstairs and found David on the couch. Tommy: "Uhm, you painted a giraffe on my wall??" David: "Oh yes! I did! I felt a little bored and I had some paint cans I found in the garage so figured what the heck why not try to brighten up those boring plain walls in your room! do you like it! I hope I did a good job?" Tommy had to admit it did look professionally done, he was surprised David had such painting skills. Tommy: "Well you did do a good job at it, but why a giraffe? in my room? I mean, it's kinda childish?" David: "Yes well if my nephew ever stays over again I'm sure he'll love it, you don't mind do you? if it bothers you I can just repaint the wall back to the solid color it was before, I have that paint on hand also." Tommy felt bad, David was thinking of his nephew and here Tommy was gonna ruin it for him, Tommy: "No I don't mind, I was just confused, you're right it looks nice, go ahead and paint whatever you'd like I don't mind. I didn't realize you had such painting skills." David: "Oh yes it's just like I said before, when you retire young you get a lot of extra time to learn lots of new things. painting is just one of those hobbies I tried out for awhile" What David didn't confess is the giraffe was really a stealthy measuring technique, David had painted the spots on the giraffes neck at specific intervals so he could tell Tommy's height as he walked by the giraffe, every time Tommy entered or left his bedroom David could see from the hidden camera exactly how tall Tommy was down to the inch. Thanksgiving arrived and Tommy got a break from school, there were no classes for three days with thanksgiving day being the middle day of that break, plus the weekend followed after that giving him 5 days off. David: "So you going home for the holidays this year?" Tommy: "Uhm no, there's nothing for me back there, I'll probably just hang out here on the couch or something." David's heart strings were tugged at hearing this, he'd never asked about the poor little guys family, this sounded like he didn't have any, David didn't want to pry, so he just assumed that for whatever reason Tommy would be happier here with him. So David decided to give Tommy a real thanksgiving, and he hoped this might be a good opportunity to advance Tommy to the next stage. The day before thanksgiving after Tommy had finished breakfast in his usual squishy morning diaper, showered, and entered his room, David was waiting. David: "So I figured if you're gonna stay home all day, and hang out on the couch, chances are good you might fall asleep on the couch, and that's fine and all you should nap all you can during your break it's good for you, but it's not good for my couch unless you are diapered, so are you OK with that? Id like to protect my couch and I'd like you to do what's best for your recuperation and nap freely, if you wake from a nap wet just let me know and I'll gladly change your diaper.." This was the first time Tommy faced the prospect of being diapered in the daytime, he couldn't argue David's reasoning though, so he knew he needed to either commit to staying awake, which might disappoint David given that statement about getting his rest in on break, or accept being diapered in the daytime, some growing ever larger day by day part of the back of his mind looked forward to his diaper every night, so the prospect of having to wear one in the day as long as he was staying home didn't seem to bother him as much as he knew it should, and besides, he knew he would want to nap, it's one of the best parts of break, napping on the couch freely is not something he wanted to give up because of his newfound inability to stay dry while sleeping, Tommy: "I guess you have a good point, I don't want to ruin your couch, and I probably will fall asleep. Alright I'll wear it." David: "That's a good boy, alright hop on up then." David quickly shook out an overnight diaper from the drawer, powdered it and positioned it on the table, Tommy rolled onto it, David this time powdered Tommy's crotch and bottom, rubbing it in gently, this was the first David had touched Tommy like this, Tommy didn't seem to mind, but he was holding really still, as though nervous about it. David: "A little extra powder might be a good idea for an extended daytime wear." He fastened the diaper in place and began threading Tommy's legs into the sleeper. Tommy: "Oh must I wear the sleeper? Those mittens could be a problem in the daytime." David: "Good point, alright how bout the two piece pajamas, you wanna be comfortable during your naps right?" Tommy: "Ya alright, that's fine." David pulled the two piece pajama out of a different drawer in the table putting the sleeper in it's place, pulled the leggings up Tommy's lower half. David: "OK sit up." Tommy sat up. David: "Arms up, reach for the sky." Tommy put his arms all the way up. David slid the pajama top over Tommy's head. Tommy stood up and studied the pajamas, he enjoyed that they were space themed, he looked at the designs and noticed they were all very similar to his overnight diapers, he remembered how he disliked these pajamas for their pattern when he'd first seen them, but now that he'd become accustomed to his nighttime diapers he liked the pattern and felt happy to see it on these pajamas. The pair of them trotted down the stairs and planted themselves on the couch, David first prepared and brought to Tommy a big warm bottle of milk, Tommy gladly took it and greedily began nursing at it. David then pulled out of a nearby closet a blanket, and draped it over Tommy. David: "Here Tommy, you can have this blanket, consider it a gift from me to you, keep it wherever you want, use it whenever you want, it's yours now, I have no need for it." Tommy looked at it and saw it was dark blue and had stars all over it, it felt like he'd been wrapped in outer space, fitting. Tommy thought, the blanket was soft fleece and felt very cuddly. Tommy: "Thank you David, that's very nice of you, you spoil me too much, always giving me things." David: "Well Tommy I'm retired and don't have much else to do with my money, and you're a poor college student so just let me spoil you please, it makes me feel good to do so. Its like giving to charity." Tommy cuddled the blanket tighter and stretched, feeling the warmth of love flow through his body without even hearing any trigger words. David just chuckled quietly and took his seat, they watched their usual shows for a while, at one point David was switching channels and noticed Tommy's eyes getting droopy, his bottle long since emptied David went and refilled it with warm milk, as Tommy nursed a second bottle and his eyes drooped David changed the channel yet again this time landing on paw patrol. he left the TV tuned there, and watched it himself pretending to simply be curious about it, but remained quiet, he wanted to see Tommy's reaction in his tired state with his guard down. Tommy wondered why David was watching paw patrol, maybe it just reminded him of his nephew, maybe David was thinking of his family during this thanksgiving season, Tommy wasn't sure, he made a mental note to ask him about that sometime but for now he was too drowsy to care much for anything, focusing instead on just nursing his bottle and relaxing on the couch, occasionally catching whatever the pups were up to. Before he knew it he was dreaming, in his dreams were the pups, he was in paw patrol helping them rescue people and do whatever the pups needed him to do. David heard Tommy snoring, he kept the TV on paw patrol and even turned the volume up just a little, he knew the sound would influence Tommy's dreams. Tommy's bottle was nearly empty and had fallen from his hands, his thumb had already found it's way to his mouth and he suckled at it happily. David pulled out his phone and made some changes to the ocean whispers Tommy would hear next time he slept in his bed. David didn't worry about removing the old messages, those had sunk in plenty by now, Tommy wasn't bucking the system to any degree so David knew Tommy had taken them as welcome suggestions and incorporated them into himself by this point. The whispers would now be: "I like my blanket. My blanket likes to be called bwankie. Cartoons are more fun then other shows. I like cartoons. I like children's shows. I like cutesy prints. There's nothing wrong with liking the things I like. If it's harmless and makes me happy then it is worthwhile." Tommy woke up a few hours later, finding himself on the couch, David was not in the room but paw patrol was still on the TV, the remote was on David's side of the couch, still lethargic Tommy didn't want to get up to get it, so he just let the TV keep playing paw patrol. It seemed rather boring to him, but then he kinda appreciated something simple at that moment, he was still groggy and didn't want to think too hard about anything. David came into the room and went to Tommy, pushing a finger into the center of Tommy's crotch, Tommy shot his eyes open and looked up at David, as if to say 'what are you doing!' David: "Sorry, force of habit, just checking your diaper, it sure seems soggy from what I could tell, wanna go get changed?" Tommy realized he was right, he hadn't even noticed it until David pointed it out, his diaper was soggy, he could feel the wetness now that it had been mentioned, he realized this only proved David right, he did need to have his diaper checked. Tommy: "Ya OK, you're right, lets go." Tommy couldn't insist on staying in a wet diaper, that wouldn't be any better than accepting the change that'd been offered. David: "Just stay right there, I can change you down here, one of the perks of diapers, they can be changed anywhere." Tommy wasn't so sure about this, but stayed right on the couch, David left the room for a moment and returned with a bag. Like a duffel bag, Tommy saw the paw patrol cartoon prints all over it, and it's powdery baby blue color base and realized it was a diaper bag, Tommy thought 'I'm going to have my diaper changed via the use of a diaper bag... how humiliating...' David pushed the coffee table aside and laid out a changing pad he'd had in the diaper bag, he laid out another overnight diaper onto the pad powdered it, then set it to the side. he wordlessly grabbed Tommy's hand and pulled him off the couch, Tommy assisted by rolling himself onto the pad, deciding it was better to get it over with then to complain about the setting or any of the details, Tommy as usual was suckling his thumb the whole time, David made rapid work of pulling off his pajama bottoms leaving his shirt in place, pulling his diaper open and then taking baby wipes to his groin, Tommy hadn't been wiped down like this before, he's not sure why he wasn't expecting it, he knew it was part of a normal diaper change, he had simply forgotten, all his changes up to this point were always after a shower, this was the first time he was going from one wet diaper straight to a dry diaper without a shower, the wipes were a bit cold, he flinched when the first couple touched his skin, but then he adapted to their feeling and stopped flinching, David wiped thoroughly covering every square inch in a pattern of starting at the sides and working inward, he seemed to cover all the regions around the genitals two or three times then he started wiping the genitals, there was nothing sexual about his touch, it felt very clinical and Tommy was glad for that, he would have died if he'd started getting erect from the physical stimulation but thankfully that was not happening, David quickly had everything wiped down then grabbed Tommy's ankles and lifted his bottom, Tommy was surprised at this move, he didn't think he was small enough for this, though David was a pretty strong looking guy, despite that David did look like he was straining a little as he held Tommy's legs high enough to pull his bottom off the open wet diaper, he kept grabbing wipes and wiping him down all over his bottom and piling the used wipes in the wet diaper, he pulled the wet diaper out from Tommy and slid the new one under him, before setting Tommy down he grabbed a baby powder from the bag and dusted Tommy generously all over his bottom, he set him down then dusted his front, he pulled the diaper up and secured the tapes, then pulled Tommy's pajamas bottoms up his legs. David: "You can go back to the couch now my good boy." At that Tommy first had to give a big stretch as the warm feelings of love surged through his body, as he did this David was balling up the wet diaper and bagging it in a t shirt bag pulled from the diaper bag, David finished putting the pad and all supplies back away into the bag and took the used diaper to the trash and the diaper bag Tommy saw him take to a closet nearby the stairway. at the same time as that happened Tommy crawled over onto the couch, and plopped down into it, wrapping back up in the blanket. David returned from throwing the wet diaper into the trash in the kitchen and handed Tommy his refilled big warm bottle of milk. Tommy felt rather spoiled, he briefly wondered if he was overwhelming David with his needs, but as David took his own seat he saw David was smiling, and so Tommy figured David must really enjoy helping people. Eventually David changed the channel off of paw patrol, and found some more Dr who to watch. Tommy didn't protest, yet....... While Tommy sat watching TV. nursing his new bottle David got up and grabbed his jacket, his wallet, his phone, his keys, Tommy looked nervously at him... David: "Don't worry my good little boy, I'm just going grocery shopping, you enjoy your TV I'll be back in just a little while." Tommy: "But what if I need a change?" David chuckled at that David: "You only just got into that diaper buddy, I'm sure it's not wet yet, and if you wet while I'm out don't worry, it can hold a lot more than one wetting, it can wait until I get back, it won't hurt you to be wet for an hour. I'm sure your diaper is wet much longer then that when you sleep in it." Tommy figured he was probably right about that, but it was a different thing to be awake and aware of it, then again he hadn't noticed it was wet earlier so maybe he was just overblowing the whole issue. David took his non-response to be ascent and made his way to the garage, getting in his vehicle, an SUV, opening the garage and heading off to presumably go grocery shopping. Tommy just turned his head back to the TV. and tried not to worry about it. He hadn't taken notice to how dependent he was feeling, and how unlike him that had been just a few short months ago. David wanted to prepare for thanksgiving, he hadn't expected Tommy to stay home with him for it so David hadn't gotten supplies beforehand, getting all the groceries for a thanksgiving dinner the evening before was going to be tricky, he knew most places were usually sold out of turkeys by now, and hams, but he wanted to give Tommy a true thorough thanksgiving, after Tommy's comment earlier David had a sneaking suspicion Tommy hadn't really experienced a true thanksgiving in a long time. The little guy needed it. And besides that, it was time for Tommy to experience a messy diaper, he'd been using the toilet every morning before his shower like clock work all this time, David was impressed by his regularity, it was time to throw a wrench in the works and see how he handled it, find out if he'd keep to the rules about not touching his diaper, find out if he could handle being poopy without bawling about it. and the laxatives David had put in the bottle Tommy was currently nursing was going to make sure that happened while David was coincidentally not around to help him out of that diaper. Tommy finished off his bottle and gave another stretch, enjoying the warmth running through his body, he occasionally looked down at his blanket, his pajamas, and even pulling out the waist band of his bottoms to glance at his diaper, all the space themed content adorning everything was making him feel like he wanted to do something space related, maybe a video game or a book he could read, Dr who had got him in the same mood, but he wanted something new. He grabbed the remote and started flipping channels, trying to see if there was anything fitting on TV, he tried on demand, he tried digital channels, he kept searching and searching when suddenly he farted a big fart, that caught his attention, he didn't usually get so gassy in the evenings, he wondered if maybe he'd had too much milk too fast, another fart, this time a cramp, uh oh, cramps usually meant..... another cramp, this one hurt a bit, Tommy stood up tossing his blanket aside, he was about to go to the toilet when he took a step and felt his waddle and crinkles remind him of the diaper, Tommy thought 'oh ya, I'll have to get David to remove the diaper...... OH YA! David ISN'T HERE! oh shoot oh shoot shoot, what do I do, he's been gone awhile maybe he'll be back soon, maybe I can wait' Tommy sat back down on the couch hoping to help keep it in if he just sat flat on his butt. some time passed, some cramps came and went, Tommy was starting to sweat, the cramps were coming more frequently, they were getting more intense. Tommy realized he was going to have to make a decision. Either I take the diaper off and get in trouble for breaking yet another rule, who knows what the punishment will be for that one, or I shit myself, which is absolutely disgusting, I can't even bare the thought of doing that. No I really don't want to do that, I'll have to just take the diaper off. God but who knows what happens if I get caught doing that. Suddenly Tommy had an idea, he remembered David had told him the rules were in the kitchen in a drawer, Tommy shot to the kitchen throwing open drawers searching for the contract, if he was going to break the rule he'd first like to know what consequence he was about to be accepting. One drawer after another, he seemed to look in all of them, oh, but he saw one he'd missed, easy to miss on the other side of the fridge, he opened it and in it was a lot of junk, stop watches notepads pens super glue etc, buried beneath the junk he could see paperwork, he pulled it out dropping stuff to the floor and eureka, it is the contract, he rushed to the couch to sit back down to help hold his butt closed. He flipped pages looking for the rules, there was a lot of legalese, but then he found it, the center most page, the rules were listed all bullet points, and sure enough there was his initials at the bottom of the page. No shoes in the house, if you are caught wearing shoes in the house you will be forced to wear crawl booties for a week. No spilling drinks anywhere, every time a drink is spilled you will be forced to drink from a oversized baby bottle for a week. No wetting the bed, bed wetters must wear diapers to bed until they can stay dry for a month straight. David must apply the diaper to ensure proper fit, the diaper must stay on until David removes it, if you are caught attempting to remove your diaper yourself then you will be forced to wear locking plastic pants whenever you have a diaper on. if you wet or mess yourself while awake at anytime even while at school you must wear diapers during the daytime from then on until you can prove to David you are capable of keeping your pants dry and clean. Always do your homework, if you skip homework David will take charge of your homework duties and assist you with each piece of homework. If you fall out of bed.... Tommy couldn't read anymore, the cramps had become too intense, he needed to decide right now, he could resume reading the rules later after this was over, he put the paper down and paused just for a moment to consider his options, Tommy wasn't even sure what locking plastic pants were, but the words 'locking pants' told him it was something to make him unable to take the diaper off. He already wasn't allowed to take the diaper off, so really it didn't seem like much of a punishment, it wouldn't be any different than now, he could either continue to be unable to take the diaper off, and poop it, or he could take it off, use the potty er toilet he corrected himself, and then afterwards he would resume being unable to take the diaper off, seemingly all this meant is he had one chance, one moment in which he was going to be capable of taking the diaper off, he could do it one time, and one time only, so would that be now, or later. If he was going to poop it now, then what would be the point of saving it for later, it seemed to Tommy the most important moment to save such a one off chance would be a moment like this, when he had to poop and David was not around to take the diaper off for him, and so his mind made up Tommy ran to the bathroom, throwing off his pajama bottoms along the way, leaving them in the hall, making it to the toilet he ripped at the tapes, unfamiliar with how to remove them, he got one tape torn off, as it unstuck it ripped clear off of the wing, before working the other tapes he first bent to lift the toilet lid, it did not budge, he tried again and it wouldn't move, he looked closer and noticed that steel bar he had noticed when doing the tour before he signed the lease, that had been draped over on the side of the toilet, was now on top of the toilet lid, it was attached at both ends to mounts in the side of the toilet, Tommy realized this was effectively a lock to keep the toilet lid down, Tommy found at one end of the rod was a padlock, which required a key... Tommy didn't have much time left, he was about to loose his fight with his bowels, and the toilet bowl was locked, this was an unexpected turn of events. He paused to try and think of what to do, but his body decided for him, his bowels cramped and seemed to push against his will as mush flowed freely out of him into the seat of his diaper. The diaper was now missing a tape on the top right but it was still holding it's own against the flood now emanating from his bottom, Tommy was thoroughly disgusted with himself, he managed to stop the flow and resuming holding on but not without a significant amount having already filled his seat. he stood there for a moment dazed and confused, totally clueless how to proceed, he didn't want to move, he just wanted to get clean, the shower was in sight and so was the toilet and he couldn't use either of them.. suddenly he heard the garage door opening, he went pale as he realized David had just gotten home, if only he had been able to wait ten more minutes, he didn't want David to find him this way but he was still desperate to finish emptying his bowels, Tommy did not want to resume doing that in the diaper, regardless of it's current state. So Tommy swallowed his pride and called for help. Tommy: "David??!!!! please come here!!!" David had just been stepping out of the garage with groceries when he heard Tommy, he quickly shoved his refrigerables into the refrigerator deciding to organize them later, and went up stairs to where he heard the call from, he saw the pajamas strewn down the hall toward the bathroom and figured what must have occurred. David got to the bathroom and could smell poopy, and he could see Tommy standing still in front of the locked toilet staring at it, David: "Whats going on Tommy? you OK?" Tommy: "No! I'm not OK! my stomach is acting up and I need to poop! why is the toilet locked! what is even the point of locking a toilet!" David: "Tommy please don't take that tone with me, you know I have rules in this house, and I can see you broke a few of them today, you tore one of the tapes off your diaper I see, trying to get it off to use the toilet, that's why it is locked, to prevent exactly that from happening, it's there to enforce the rules, when I take your diaper off I unlock the toilet, when I put your diaper on I lock the toilet I've been doing this from the start, it is there to make sure you don't break the rules by trying to take it off yourself." Tommy: "OK, look, we can discuss this later, I still desperately need to use the toilet please unlock it and take the diaper off me." David: "If you insist Tommy, but honestly I can tell you've already pooped that diaper somewhat, it's honestly easier if you just finish the job and we can change that diaper quickly, but if you insist then I'll have to remove it where you stand and wipe you standing which is more difficult then once you finish the toilet you'll need to take a shower, so do you still prefer to finish in the toilet whats already begun in your diaper?" Tommy: "Yes please, unlock it and take this off, I only pooped a little I couldn't stop it, it forced itself out, I managed to stop the flow though and want to get it out on the toilet. please." Without another word David popped the last 3 tapes off the diaper and lowered it to the ground, Tommy held still while David wiped his bottom until it had no more muck on it, then David balled up the diaper and double bagged it in his baggies, David then took a key out his pocket and unlocked the toilet letting the steel bar fold to the side, then David took the diaper to the trash while Tommy sat down and let loose. After tossing the diaper in the outside trash can David first washed his hands and then went to the living room and saw the rules laid out, he grabbed the contract and put it back away, this time in a different location, it was still in the house, somewhere accessible to Tommy if he really looked hard enough, David just didn't want to make it too easy on him like he would have if it had been put back where it came from. David surveyed the damage to the kitchen, things were a mess, all the drawers were open even some cabinets, many things knocked to the floor in Tommy's panic, the junk drawer had been half emptied to the floor as well. David immediately went about cleaning up the kitchen, closing drawers, cupboards, picking up the stuff off the floor and putting it away, putting away the purchased groceries while he was at it. David noticed there was an old antique stop watch he'd kept in the junk drawer that had broken when it hit the tile of the kitchen floor, Tommy had broken something. Once the kitchen was all cleaned up David went upstairs to find Tommy still on the toilet. David: "Well Tommy, I'm disappointed in you, you've been a bad boy, you broke the rules about taking your diaper off." Tommy: "Well I didn't technically take it off though I was still wearing it!" David: "correction, you ATTEMPTED to take your diaper off, which is exactly how it's worded in the rules, attempting to take it off is just as bad as taking it off." Tommy: "ARGH! Yes OK! I know your gonna make me wear locking pants or whatever, fine I can take it, what I couldn't take was pooping myself cause you weren't here and I suddenly got bad cramps, I tried holding it but you were gone for hours!" David: "Tommy diapers are designed to handle poopies, it wouldn't hurt you to wait in a poopy diaper for a little bit, clearly you only just moments ago pooped that diaper and so you wouldn't have been poopy more than ten minutes before I came in the door. But I am glad to hear you finally remembered one of the rules, perhaps then you also remember the rules about making a mess in the house for me to clean up and breaking things?" Tommy: "Uhm, look, I know I made a bit of a miss in the kitchen just now but I promise I'll clean it up as soon as I get down there, but I didn't break anything!" David held up the stopwatch. David: "I've already cleaned up your mess in the kitchen Tommy, and do you see this? I've had this stop watch most of my life, my Father gave it to me, you broke it when you dropped it to the ground out of the junk drawer, I'm sure it doesn't seem like much to you but it had sentimental value to me, they don't make them like this anymore, it's irreplaceable." Tommy's face went pale, he had not realized he'd dropped something fragile. He felt bad he'd broken an item that meant something to David., Tommy: "Oh, I didn't realize I broke that, I'm sorry, it won't happen again!" David: "Be that as it may, rules are rules, and you still need to go through the punishment." Tommy: "And what is the punishment again?" David: "Well Tommy, you were just quoting the rules to me a second ago, was that one rule the only one you remembered? Alright well, I'll repeat it for you, "do not make a mess in my house, if you make a large mess that I have to clean up then I will have to restrict your ability to make messes, you will wear locking mittens designed to take away your grasp for one week, if you broke something in your mess then I reserve the right to put these same locking mittens onto you anytime I deem it necessary to protect my property from further damage I will have to assist you in all of your daily needs while the mittens are locked in place."" Tommy looked like he was going to cry, he had come to terms with wearing the locking pants whatever that is, but he had no idea he had broken yet an entirely different rule and brought on even newer stranger punishments in the process, he was beginning to wonder if he'd have been better off just pooping his diaper on the couch and waiting for David, David was right at least about that fact he would have only been in it about ten minutes before David came through the door... Tommy: "Is there any alternative David? please?" David: "Tommy, please don't try to beg for exceptions to the rules, you agreed to them without hesitation when you signed them, if you start trying to back out now then what's that say about your word? are you good for your word or aren't you? Rules are rules Tommy, if I made exceptions for people that would look poorly on me just as much as it would on you." Tommy hung his head low and surrendered the argument, he sat on the toilet a few more minutes waiting for all the cramps to finish, wondering all the while just what caused his stomach upset to begin with. David left and went to Tommy's room and waited there for him. After another ten minutes or so, Tommy finished his business on the potty, washed his hands and went to his room nude. David grabbed Tommy's hand and walked Tommy over to the table, he sat out a diaper and instructed Tommy onto it, by the time Tommy started climbing onto the table he was already suckling his thumb and hadn't until that moment noticed it, by this point it was common place for him, and he had almost entirely gotten over the embarrassment of it, so he simply continued suckling at it. David re-diapered the boy in a fresh new extra thick overnight diaper, with plenty of powder, and then with the diaper fastened in place, David instructed Tommy to lift his bum again, this was new Tommy thought, why lift again when the diapers already in place, David told Tommy to put his butt back down and Tommy then felt yet even more padding beneath him, David then pulled the front of yet another diaper up the front this time it was a cloth diaper, it had prints and an hourglass shape, David fastened this over the disposable, the fasteners were Velcro, David then pulled a pair of plastic pants up Tommy's legs, they seemed to be vinyl but like the cloth diaper they were covered in prints as well, the cloth diaper had safari motifs all over it, there were giraffes and lion cubs and plant life of various kinds, and the vinyl pants had baby blocks and ABC's and rattles and bottles and pacifiers and teddy bears all over it, once the pants were pulled over the cloth the waistband was tugged tighter, and a click was heard, David told Tommy to lift his arms Tommy had to pull his thumb out first, then the shirt came down over his head arms threaded into the sleeves, Tommy quickly stuck his thumb back in his mouth, David grabbed Tommy's free hand and placed into his palm a ball, the ball was just the right size to comfortably sit in the palm of Tommy's hand and the ball was squishy like a stress ball would be, except maybe a little less stiff, easier to squish. David: "hold onto that ball." David then slid a mitten over Tommy's hand, the one holding the ball, the mitten did not have fingers it was all one piece, Tommy's hand still gripping the ball fit comfortably inside the mitten, David pulled tight a strap on the wrist of the mitten and fastened it with a click, his hand returned to him Tommy analyzed the mitten, it was a solid baby blue color, no prints, his whole fist was balled up inside the mitten still holding the squishy ball, Tommy realized then that he could not let go of the ball now, there was no way to open his hand with the mitten in place, the fit was too snug for that, Tommy looked at his wrist and observed the strap, it wraps completely around the wrist through a handful of reinforced fabric loops the strap itself had metal eyelets along it, in one was a rod topped with a round black piece with a flat top, there was no keyhole, Tommy couldn't figure out how it went on or how it could come off! While Tommy was analyzing all this David was busy working on Tommy's other hand, he first had to pluck it out of Tommy's mouth then proceeded to repeat the process he'd already performed on the first hand, after another click both Tommy's hands were mittened and stuck grasping squishy balls, there was nothing Tommy could do to get the balls out of his palms his fingers were stuck wrapped around them, his grasp was truly immobilized. David: "There, that should keep you out of trouble, you have to wear these for a week, don't worry, you don't have to wear them to school, but you'll wear them every minute you're in this house." Tommy: "How does that work? How do I do my homework or eat dinner or bathe!!?" David: "As I said before, I will have to assist you with all of that, and anything else you need, the mittens stay on, no matter what, after a week they can come off but since you broke something I will reapply the mittens at anytime I think it is appropriate to protect my property, but this first week is a hard sentence to reinforce the consequence of what you did" David then finished up dressing Tommy by putting his pajama bottoms onto his legs, David then held a hand out to assist Tommy in sitting him up and helping him hop off the changing table, Tommy plopped his mittened hand into David's and let David help pull him up and off the changing table, Tommy was immediately struck by how thick his diaper had become now that it had two layers to it. Tommy: "Why the extra cloth diaper? it's too thick!" David: "It doesn't make sense to have a plastic cover without a cloth layer, if pee leaks out the diaper it will puddle in the plastic, the cloth is there to soak that up, so we don't have risks of puddles floating in the plastic waiting for an angle to spill out the leg holes, it's just practical Tommy, don't worry you'll get used to it.." Tommy: "OK well can I just only wear this at night then, I don't think I'm going to nap anymore today!" David: "True because it's already so late, it's nearly bedtime, and I've already gone through the trouble to get that all on you, it wouldn't make sense to take it all off just to put it all back on after dinner, you were fine wearing one all day and you're surely not gonna poop again so soon so just keep that one on for bedtime please? It would save me the hassle of redoing it all after dinner..." Tommy knew David was right, he'd just have to deal with it another hour or two and then he'd be in bed sleeping anyway. Tommy realized this meant he was skipping his bedtime shower tonight but that hardly mattered since he'd only sat around home all day. The two of them trekked back downstairs, Tommy waddling more than he'd ever waddled in his life, he really felt like he'd rather sit on his butt and scoot, the effort to waddle this bad was more than standing upright was worth. David went straight to preparing dinner, Tommy just sat at the dining table and waited, a couple times he tried to suck his thumb only to smack himself in the face with a mitten, well Tommy thought, I guess I finally found something to stop thumb sucking.... David set the plate of food before Tommy, and a bottle of milk, Tommy didn't usually mix milk and dinner like this. David: "It's a little later than usual for dinner so I figured you can have your evening milk at the same time as dinner since it's about that time anyhow, probably need to go straight to bed once we are done eating at this rate." Tommy looked at the clock on the wall, David was right, there wasn't much time left, David set his own plate off to the side and took a seat right up against Tommy's seat, David was facing Tommy, Tommy was looking down at his plate wondering just how the hell was he supposed to get this food into his mouth with these mittens in the way. David: "You don't have to do anything just hold still and let me feed you." Tommy thought 'Did I hear David right, did he just tell me he's going to feed me? Like a helpless infant! what fresh hell is this! How can he possibly think this is rational punishment for making a mess!' Tommy then thought about what David must have had to deal with in the past with party goers types trashing his place, and what effect this sort of punishment must have had on them, Tommy supposed it must have been pretty effective on those types and figured it must have been catered to make the point to them, Tommy wondered how much had David's nephew inspired these ideas into David's style of punishment, Tommy was broken from his thoughts by David shoving a fork of something at Tommy's lips. David: "Open up Tommy, wouldn't want to make a mess over your pajamas would we?" Tommy reluctantly opened his lips, David gently inserted the food, Tommy gently bit down and David removed the fork, Tommy chewed and swallowed and by the time Tommy had swallowed there was already another loaded fork approaching his lips, he opened and on the process went, Tommy's cheeks were flushed red with blush the entire time, but he didn't whine, he took it like a champ and tolerated the humiliating experience all the while wishing to himself he had simply pooped his diaper and put up with the mess to have spared him this humiliating experience, a poopy diaper for ten minutes would have been better than being fed like a baby twice a day for a week. But there was no undoing what had been done. When Tommy was thirsty he tried to reach for his bottle but David stopped him and grabbed it himself. David: "No no Tommy that would probably be to difficult to manage with the mittens let me help you." David held the bottle to Tommy's lips and Tommy reflexively sucked it in, he began suckling at it trying not to meet David's gaze as he embarrassingly was fed a bottle of milk by David. suckling noisily as he did so. Tommy nodded to indicate the satiation of his thirst, and the feeding resumed, Tommy was fed some pork, some macaroni, some green beans, pees, Broccoli, carrots, all cut into little bites and fed to him by David, when he was finished David took a baby wipe to Tommy's face and wiped it clean then dismissed him to go watch TV on the couch, while David turned to begin eating his own meal, Tommy sat on the couch alone cuddling under his new blanket, occasionally smacking himself in the face unconsciously, his thumb desperately wanted into his mouth, but it just couldn't get there, Tommy was starting to get annoyed by the occasional smack to the face, it didn't hurt, it wasn't a strong smack, just his thumb trying in vain to find his mouth and hitting a wall in the process. David finished his meal, cleaned up the dishes and entered the living room, he glanced at the clock and reminded Tommy of his bedtime, Tommy grumbled having gotten so little TV time, and went upstairs, he almost went for the shower out of routine but remembered he was put into his bedtime diaper early and it was still dry so turned instead to his room, David came in after him carrying his bedtime bottle of warm milk, Tommy climbed beneath the covers and David turned out the light as he approached Tommy, crouched down on his knees, David reached for Tommy's crotch and he pulled the pajama bottoms down then Tommy felt David's finger probe into the leg opening of his diaper deep enough to reach the disposable layer, just as quickly David pulled his finger out and pulled the pajama bottoms back up into place, this made Tommy blush again, Tommy: "Hey now! do you need to check my diaper like that! you can just ask!" David: "Oh lighten up its just easier this way, besides I'm not sure you'd answer accurately if you said you were dry." Tommy: "Of course I would, why wouldn't I?" David: "You might not even know if you are wet, diapers are pretty good about feeling dry even when they aren't, its not your fault if you couldn't tell, so I'll just check whenever I need to." Tommy was too confused by this and too tired to bother continueing the arguement, in frustration he gave up. David having determined his diaper was still dry tucked Tommy in, since he couldn't do it himself now that his hands were useless, David tucked him in tight to make sure the blankets stayed in place all night, before David finished he suddenly started sniffing the air. He sniffed right at Tommy's armpits. David: "Tommy, did you shower tonight?" Tommy: "How could I? you'd already put me in the bedtime diaper early!" David: "Tommy, I thought you'd already showered after you got off the potty, while I was waiting in your room for you. I did tell you to shower once you were done on the potty... I assumed you had done so by the time I was diapering you or you would have said something, you even climbed all the way into bed without so much as mentioning that you had yet to shower.." Tommy: "I guess I just assumed you knew, I didn't think you'd want me to waste yet another diaper just to shower." David: "Well you should know better if you do remember the rules, showering twice a day once in the morning once at night is in there, jeez Tommy how many rules are you gonna break today?!" Tommy was getting sick of this, David's boiling frog tactic had been working great so far but now he was pushing things to fast, the frog might jump if he wasn't careful here. Tommy with clenched jaw in irritation: "And remind me what's the punishment for skipping a single shower?" David sensing a band about to snap: "Don't worry about it Tommy, we don't need to discuss that right now, it won't apply this week anyway, I'll remind you what the rule is when it comes to matter next week, you just drink your bottle and go to sleep now, be a good boy for me, there you go." As David was finishing this sentence he guided the bottle into Tommy's lips, Tommy unclenched his jaw and took it in, he was nearing a breaking point but hearing good boy and for once being told not to worry about a rule made him feel better, he closed his eyes and mentally bathed in the warmth flowing through him as he nursed his bottle, without realizing it Tommy drifted off to sleep when the bottle was only half empty, David continued to hold it in place and Tommy continued suckling it while sound asleep, once the bottle was finished David left the room. phew David thought, that was a close one, I hadn't expected Tommy to break 3 rules in one day, if I don't slow things down he's gonna snap, gotta go slower than this.. it's hard though he's taken to things so easily thus far it just encourages me to keep pushing, I just love seeing him like this it makes me all the more anxious to get him to the finish line, I don't think I've ever felt this enamored by one of my tenants, there's something really special about Tommy, I can tell he wants this, he wants the love that he's getting from this, I can tell he needs it, I'm gonna make sure he gets it. David pulled out his phone and made a new addition to the other lines in the ocean whispers, he added: "When I feel an emotion I will let it out. It's OK to cry. I like wearing my mittens, they are very comfortable. I like being fed by others, it feels like love. They must love me, or they wouldn't bother to feed me. When they feed me I can feel the warmth of their love flowing through my whole body. When they hold my bottle for me it feels so comfortable, so loving. I enjoy being fed food and bottles. My mittens make sure I get more feedings and thus more love. It is so hard to feed myself, sometimes I forget how to do it. Sometimes I spill my food on myself or on the ground whenever I try to feed myself. I know I can't spill when someone else feeds me instead. It's much better to be fed then to feed myself." When Tommy awoke the next morning he felt his face all wet, he felt that he was suckling something, he opened his eyes and his mittened hand was in front of his face but it of course could not fit in his mouth, instead he realized he had been suckling at his pillow case, he had a mouthful of the fabric in his mouth and had been nursing it like it was a thumb, there was a massive wet spot on his pillow case from his saliva spreading out from his mouth. Yuck he thought, this feels like a new low, no longer even capable of sucking my thumb yet I'm still sucking whatever seems to reach my mouth, I miss my thumb, at least it didn't make a mess like this. Tommy stood up from the bed and tried to go downstairs, but turning his doorknob was proving difficult, he had both mittens against the knob and was squeezing as tight as he could, but they would just slide along the metal, he couldn't even get out of his room! in frustration, he banged a padded fist against the door, David heard this and came up to see the problem, in defeat Tommy collapsed to the floor sitting on his squishy bottom, he hardly noticed the squish, it was a normal part of his mornings now. David found Tommy sitting on the floor looking down at himself. David: "what's the matter sport? You look down in the dumps." David glanced over at the bed to see if he'd maybe leaked on it, David saw the massive wet spot on the pillow and the bunched up wad of fabric in the center of the wet spot, David surmised that poor thumb sucker Tommy had been suckling at his pillow case in the absence of a thumb, he'd have to resolve that issue tonight. Tommy: "I can't get out of here! The knob won't turn! These mittens cannot grip the knob!" David: "OOHHHH! I'm so sorry I forgot about that detail! don't you worry I will fix that tonight, you'll see, I'll have a way for you to get out so this doesn't happen again, but Tommy the door is open now so come on lets go eat, breakfast is all ready for you." David grabbed Tommy's mittens and helped pull him into standing position, Tommy's legs felt burdened by the thick double diapers now swollen with so much wettings, walking felt like his legs would buckle any second, he wished he didn't have to walk like this. Breakfast went much the same as yesterdays with David feeding Tommy and holding his bottles for him whenever he was thirsty, Tommy seemed to be at least a little less embarrassed this time, adjusting to the idea that this was just how things would have to be for a week. With breakfast finished Tommy stood up and wandered to the couch, today is thanksgiving, he wouldn't need to rush off to school today. David cleaned the plates and entered the living room, finding Tommy cuddled under his blanket. David: "Tommy didn't we just have a discussion about not skipping bathing?" Tommy: "Uhm ya but I can't exactly shower with these things on now can I?" David: "Correct instead you'll be bathed in the bath I expect you to go wait for me in the bathroom after breakfast from now on, OK?" Tommy didn't like the sound of this. Tommy: "You want to bathe me!!!" David: "I did tell you those mittens would stay on every single minute you are in this house, so unless you want to go bath in the backyard with the cold water of the garden hose then yes you'll have to be bathed by me." Tommy: "This is ridiculous why can't I just have them off to shower then you can put them right back on after." David: "That would defeat the purpose of the lesson, having your abilities taken away is meant to teach you how to depend on and thus appreciate others, to teach you the value of not making a mess out of other peoples stuff or breaking other peoples stuff." Tommy supposed this made sense, but still, to be bathed as a grown adult by another grown adult! this is toooo personal. But then Tommy remembered he must have signed his agreement to this in the rules already, like everything else. and if he raised much more fuss then he'd be backing out on his word just as David had explained yesterday, and how much worse could it be then getting diaper changes, David had already been up close to his nude body, was this really so much different? And so with his heart racing, amazed he was willing to go along with something so intimate, he stood and went upstairs to the bathroom with a wide waddle, in a squishy double diaper. David followed. In the bathroom David first went to the tub and started the water, he entered a temperature setting into a digital display and stepped over to Tommy. then he pulled Tommy's pajama bottoms down and pooled them at his feet. David: "Reach for the sky!" Tommy put his arms in the air still sporting a frown, and David pulled the shirt part way up his arms then stuck his fingers into Tommy's arm pits tickling him relentlessly, Tommy of course collapsed to the floor on his squishy bottom in a fit of giggles, crying "stop!" giggling all the while, his arms were bound by the shirt half way up his limbs, giving David easy access to continue tickling the poor boy, this went on for a minute or two with Tommy writhing around on his diapered butt before David relented. David: "That's better, I had to chase that frown away, it was making the day turn sour." Tommy realized he was indeed smiling now, he tried to stop but it was difficult, Tommy hadn't been tickled in his whole life that he could remember, it had sent tingles all through his body. they were hard to ignore. David finished pulling the shirt off of him, then pulled Tommy to his feet. David then pulled a tiny little key out of his pocket and stepped behind Tommy, there was a click and the vinyl pants waistband came loose, as David lowered it down Tommy's legs Tommy took a look down at the pants, and he saw that in the waistband was embedded a chain, so that explained how he was locking these on, there must a padlock or something in the back end. David then unvelcroed the cloth diaper and let it drop, it had picked up a small amount of wetness at the leg regions but not much, David would of course wash them anyway, David then took Tommy's diaper off and let it drop. David: "OK go get in the tub, let me know if you don't like the temperature." Tommy stepped into the tub, it felt a bit too hot a first, but he let his body adjust before judging it, Tommy was careful to hold his hands up to keep his mittens dry as he sat down slowly, Tommy noticed a sturdy looking hook sticking out of the wall nearby. After David had balled up the used diaper and bagged it tying off the bag, he left it on top the pile of clothes and pushed them into the corner, turning to tend to Tommy's bath time. David grabbed Tommy's hands and hooked the wrist straps onto the hook in the wall that Tommy had noticed, it was a comfortable height, high enough to keep the mittens out of the water free from splashing but low enough not to drain all the blood out of his arms, Tommy could rest his arm muscles, he wouldn't have to hold his arms up. Tommy realized he wasn't the first to go through this experience, this made him feel a little better about it, eased his nerves some, he wondered how many prior tenants had to be punished or if this was just something used on David's nephew when he was naughty. David went right to work bathing Tommy, he grabbed a bar of soap and ran it gently but firmly all over Tommy's skin starting with one forearm then the other then his shoulders and chest and back and belly and lower back he soaped it all up then used a free hand to scrub the soap in, he used a spray nozzle attached to a hose that sat set into the tubs side, to spray down Tommy's soapy exposed bits, then returned with the bar of soap to the submerged bits, he started at Tommy's feet, scrubbing the bottoms first, which of course tickled Tommy causing him to involuntarily giggle, David giggle too and scrubbed the bottoms a bit more than necessary to enjoy the moment, then moved to the top of foot and the ankles and legs. David: "OK Tommy I have to do the sensitive bits now, I'll be gentle and clinical don't worry, it's just like when I changed your diaper in the living room yesterday no different OK?" Tommy nodded, he knew it had to be done, David used the bar soap to scrub at Tommy's upper groin then lower around the legs then the penis and the balls, making sure to clean out any folds/cracks, David noted a few of the sparse remaining hairs down there had come loose during this scrubbing, Tommy was more and more hairless everyday. David: "OK lean forward for me so I can get your bottom." Tommy blushed, but did as he was told, leaning forward to lift his bottom off the tub floor. David took the bar soap and scrubbed Tommy's butt cheeks and then inside the crack, he even took his soapy finger and rubbed Tommy's port hole, even sticking it in just a quarter inch just for a second, Tommy gasped! Tommy: "Hey now is that necessary!" David: "Well if you want the poop cleaned off it is, trust me I've done this hundreds of times, this is the proper procedure. You can sit back down now." Still blushing Tommy did so. David scrubbed his own hands and fingers with the bar soap to be sure they were clean then grabbed the sprayer and sprayed down Tommy's hair, rubbing the water into it, he then grabbed some shampoo and rubbed that into Tommy's hair, Tommy smelled the fragrance in the air and considered it rather powdery, and familiar, he couldn't place it and looked over at the bottle, of course, it is johnsons baby shampoo, of course that's what David would use. Tommy: "Uhm, my shampoo bottle is just over in the shower if you wouldn't mind using that." David: "That's OK this one is right here it's more convenient, besides I think this stuff makes everything so much softer and smoother, it should be more comfortable for you, just try it for this week and if you want to go back to your own after that I won't stop you." Tommy defeated once again allowed himself to be babied further, David used the sprayer to rinse Tommy's hair rubbing at his hair with his free hand, once David finished this he declared Tommy all clean, Tommy stood up and David sprayed him down once more to get all the bath water off of him, David set the sprayer down and grabbed a towel from the cabinet, this towel was bigger and thicker then the ones Tommy had been using before. David: "You should be able to slide your mittens off the hook they aren't locked onto it." David was right, Tommy hadn't even thought to try it. David held the towel out wide prepared to wrap Tommy in it. David: "OK step into me now and I'll get you all dried off. Tommy stepped out of the tub and into the giant towel, it was sooo soft, and fluffy, it felt luxurious, surely an expensive brand, David went wild rubbing the towel all over starting at the top of his head to dry his hair, that dried he went on to dry every inch of his skin moving downward a bit at a time, Tommy placed his mittens on David's shoulders to steady himself while he lifted one foot then the other for David to dry off his legs and feets. then David wrapped Tommy's body in the towel and tucked one end over the other to keep it in place like that and walked off. David: "OK follow me now little guy, time to get you dressed." David had walked out the bathroom Tommy followed, Tommy was often aware that the way David spoke to him was very infantile, Tommy had always figured it was some kind of remnant reflex of how David had to talk to his nephew, or perhaps it was both that and an attempt to expand the punishment further, to reduce the person being punished to a state that they'd be more appreciative of their landlord. Tommy had always been dismissive of it, but currently Tommy couldn't help feeling a little like he enjoyed it, like it made that warm feeling inside him bloom just a little bit. Now in the bedroom Tommy found David by the changing table with an overnight diaper already splayed out on the surface, already thoroughly dusted with power, jeez did he do that before he even came to bathe me? Tommy thought. Tommy: "Must I wear a diaper? Those are only for bedtime! I promise not to nap today!" David: "Tommy! it's thanksgiving! Everyone naps after gorging on thanksgiving food! I don't want you feeling like you have to miss out on a tradition! it's only a diaper Tommy aren't you used to them by now? they haven't hurt you yet, have they? Tell you what, if you really want to skip the diaper until bedtime then I won't make you wear it now but I also won't allow you any milk bottles until bedtime and I will vigilantly make sure you stay awake, or would you rather just wear the diaper so you can relax and enjoy your holiday? You ought to be napping all you can anyway this break ends soon and then it's back to your schedule with no room for naps, rejuvenate your energy levels now while you can!" Tommy was beginning to think he could never win against David, this guy had an answer for everything, perhaps he was secretly a lawyer. Tommy sighed and walked up to the table, hopped onto it and rolled onto the diaper. David: "That's a good boy, I'm glad you made the right decision, I'm proud of my good boy." This was a lot of 'good boys' so quickly, Tommy couldn't help but launch into a full body stretch his mittened hands way out above his head, his legs splayed wide David took this moment as a chance to pull the diaper up Tommy's front placing it against his belly tucking Tommy's penis downward into the diaper as he did so, the diaper came to just the edge of his belly button just as it should, David hadn't needed Tommy to lift, Tommy had rolled onto the diaper into just the right spot, it seems Tommy was becoming so accustomed to the diapers he now had muscle memory for how they should feel and where they should be positioned and had placed himself in just the right spot by reflex. David had already finished taping the diaper on by the time Tommy finished his stretching, his body still tingling David proceeded to get a new cloth diaper under then on Tommy, Tommy glanced down and noticed this one had prints of rabbits of all kinds, some cartoony some more realistic, he liked it, he smiled at the sight of it. David slid a new pair of vinyl locking pants up Tommy's legs, these had the same prints as the last one but it's background color was a light blue whereas the last ones was just clear,. David got the pants in place and again there was a click as the lock engaged and the chain in the waistband tightened. Tommy stayed laying there, he knew that next David would dress him, he was used to the routine already. David pulled from a drawer a new footed sleeper. Tommy: "What about the two piece pajamas?" David: "Well those are dirty Tommy, I'm going to wash them you can wear this one in the meantime, it's not like the other sleeper, it doesn't have mittens sewn onto it, you've already got your mittens right here" David said tapping Tommy's mittens as if he had forgotten about them. David fed Tommy's feet into the legs and then his feet into the footies, David pulled the sleeper up to his waist, and had Tommy feed his mittened hands into the sleeves pulling the sleeper onto his front. David: "OK lets stand you up now so I can zip up the back" David grabbed Tommy's arms and helped him sit up, then David grabbed Tommy in a hug, and pulled him off the table setting him onto his feet, usually Tommy would just hop down, Tommy blushed at the new extra treatment, but also secretly relished the hug, before living here Tommy couldn't remember the last time he'd been hugged, now David had already hugged Tommy three times! thinking on this for a moment brought a tear to his eye, he was careful not to let David notice that. David was busy getting his hands behind Tommy and zipping him up the back, clicking the button shut to lock in place the zipper at the top. All sealed into a new footie sleeper Tommy felt it was very comfortable, very soft and cuddly, he found himself in love with the softness of it. He looked down at it and observed it was lime green with kitty cats all over it. David walked away out the door and down the stairs Tommy took after him with a wide waddle. Downstairs Tommy plopped onto the couch and snuggled under his blanket, David came from the kitchen holding a fresh warm milk bottle, he did not hand it to Tommy, instead he sat on the couch and scooted close to Tommy, Tommy was already scooted down into the couch so it was easy for David to guide Tommy's head into the crook of David's right arm, Tommy didn't resist, he realized this was the only way he'd be getting a bottle of milk, and he really wanted one, David brought the nipple to the boys mouth, and he greedily sucked it in and began nursing, the two of them sat there like this for a while, David had tuned the TV to children's programming, there was blues clues and sesame street and eventually even paw patrol, Tommy didn't flinch at this, he had learned to appreciate these kinds of shows and cartoons, he even was beginning to feel he'd prefer them over anything else, David was smiling like the Cheshire cat, pleased as can be, he couldn't wait until this was the everyday routine, but for now he'd have to be settled with it being just for this break. He didn't know if Tommy's suggestions would take so soon as to have him willingly continuing this treatment after the week sentence was up, that was up to Tommy, after all, people don't just accept subliminal suggestions unless some part of them truly wants it, accepts it, likes it, Tommy had gotten this far, perhaps he would continue all the way. As Tommy finished off the last of his bottle his droopy eyes dozed off. David knew it was risky to pull this next stunt after yesterdays experience, but he didn't know when he'd next get the chance, the opportunity was too convenient to do it right now, his next chance might not be until Christmas, and he didn't want to wait that long for this. David carefully extricated himself from Tommy's embrace, he got up and went to the kitchen, prepared a new warm bottle and placed it into a device that held it, on the counter, it was a bottle warmer, a large one, designed to fit the giant bottles that David owned, he had paid someone to engineer it for him long ago, it would keep the bottle just warmer than the usual warm bottle temperature so Tommy could have it as soon as he wanted it, if he could manage it with those mittens that is. He left a note for Tommy on the table by the remote, as he set the note down he noticed Tommy snoozing with a mouthful of bwankie, suckling at it. And with that David vacated the house, parking his SUV just a few blocks away at a park and tuning into his cameras via his cell phone. The bottle David had just fed Tommy had stool softeners in it, and so did the one he drank for breakfast, and so did the one he drank at bedtime the night before, that coupled with the high fiber breakfast, and the fact Tommy had accidentally skipped his usual morning BM, meant David knew today was the day Tommy would have his first full poopy diaper, not counting yesterdays partial poopy diaper. Meanwhile, Tommy was sleeping peacefully, he was dreaming he was in a desert, he was very thirsty, he had found a wrecked truck, no passenger in sight, the truck was turned over and in the back of the truck the bed had held before depositing onto the ground a tank, a large tank filled with water, the only opening was on top of the tank, it was a tear that Tommy could only just reach his arm through, only barely reaching the water, Tommy decided to take off his shirt and tear it into ribbons, he dipped these ribbons through the opening and soaked them in the water, at first he tried to wring them out over his head to get the droplets, but the fabric would not drip, must be some strange fabric that can hold onto the moisture he guessed, so instead he was stuffing the fabric into his mouth and trying to suck the water out of it, he was dipping one ribbon in and then replacing the one in his mouth with a new ribbon and swapping the two back and forth, one in the tank, one in his mouth, swap, he kept doing this but it felt like he wasn't getting hardly any water out of it, he couldn't understand it, he felt the wet fabric soaking the skin of his face and cheeks but it didn't give his mouth anything to swallow! Then he felt a cramp in his belly, and a toot escaped, he was feeling gassy suddenly, in frustration at his thirst he screamed into the desert, the effort of it seemingly woke him up, he opened his eyes to the sight of a soaked bwankie against his face, a wad of it in his mouth, he realized he'd been suckling his bwankie in his sleep, he pulled the wad out and muttered. Tommy: "sorry bwankie." He wondered why did he call it that, why did he apologize to it like it could hear him, and why did it feel good to do that. then he thought on how bad he felt that he had soaked his bwankie in his drool like this, like he had hurt a friend, his eyes watered at the sheer regret of what he'd done to his bwankie, he didn't cry, but came close, he looked over and noticed David was not in the room, he listened close and could not hear him in the kitchen or any noise from anywhere, he reached for the remote to mute the TV, still blasting paw patrol, and there he found the note. The note read: Tommy, I am sorry I have just realized I forgot the ham for our thanksgiving feast, I must go out and find one, thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same without it, I'll try to get back as soon as I can, in the meantime please just relax on the couch and nap as much as you like, there is a fresh bottle for you in the kitchen on the counter, the device that holds it is keeping it warm for you. Tommy was angry, David had already done this to him just yesterday and now he's done it again, he'd abandoned him, all alone! It was a full minute or two before Tommy had to correct himself, 'what is wrong with me' he thought, I used to spend months by myself, now I get upset when I'm left alone for an hour or two? How have I gotten so attached to this man who is just my landlord, so what if he went to get some groceries I can be alone for a while it won't hurt me, then Tommy shifted to roll over on the couch when he felt his legs squish together his diaper, letting him know it was quite wet from his nap, he sighed at the realization he'd have to stay in the wet diaper until David returned, not much different then he did every morning during breakfast just longer, he decided to himself a bit longer shouldn't make a difference, he'll be fine, he tried to get into a new comfy position to go back to sleep, with the bwankies wet spot not touching him, and felt a cramp, his eyes shot open, and he was struck with the thought, did I poo this morning? I usually do it right before I get in the shower... oh god I didn't shower today, I was bathed! I didn't sit on the toilet I was directed into the tub by David when I usually would poo, I always go every morning, I can't skip it! I doubt I could hold it till tomorrow! oh god I hope David comes back quickly! I can't believe this is happening again I went through this just yesterday! Though that was some kind of stomach bug then, now it's my own darn fault for forgetting to poo this morning! I can't even take the diaper off this time! he's locked those pants onto me! Even if I want to try and destroy them I can't accomplish that with these damn mittens on my hands! oh god what do I do! Tommy was still laying there, holding still, eyes wide open, praying the urge would go away, instead he was rewarded with another cramp, and a toot. Tommy sat up, he looked at his mittens, studying them anew, wondering if there was any way out of them, they seemed to be a very tough type of fabric, they didn't look like they could be ripped, even cutting them looked like it'd be difficult even if he had normal dexterity, but the way the mittens robbed him of grasp made it impossible, if he tried working a kitchen knife or scissors against these he'd be more likely to cut himself, plus even if he did cut them off somehow then David would really be mad, he didn't want to know what the punishment would be if he did that. He thought back to yesterday, David's words rang in his mind, ""Tommy diapers are designed to handle poopies, it wouldn't hurt you to wait in a poopy diaper for a little bit".... Was he really going to do this? Just accept that he had no choice but to poop his diaper?! NO! I will not go easily! I won't let it out, I will hold it, I'm grown up! I can hold it! I won't damage the mittens I won't damage the pants I will just wait, how long could it take to find a ham at the grocery stores? if the worse happens and I just can't hold it then I guess I'll have to poop my diaper but I won't let that happen without a fight! he thought Tommy got up and went to the kitchen, he looked around wishing to find anything that might help him hold it, there of course was no such thing, but he did spy his fresh bottle on the warmer, he didn't think it would help his situation, but he didn't think it could hurt it either, realizing he had no other choice than to wait for David he grabbed the bottle as best he could, no easy feat with the mittens on, he had to use both mittens to squeeze it and even then it was threatening to curl inward and out of his grasp, so he quickly pushed it against his chest with both hands and waddled to the couch, he sat down then bent his neck to grab the nipple in his mouth and pinch it with his teeth to keep a grip on the bottle that way, using his teeth and his two mittens to keep a grip on the bottle he scooted his butt along and managed to lay on the couch on his back, the bottle rested against his chest all he had to do was keep it there, and he could drink it down like this, the cramps were still happening occasionally, and his eyes were watering with the fear of what was impending, he tried to take his mind of the battle ramping up in his bum and focused on his nursing, the warm milk filling him with a warm loving feeling, filling his body all over, then a cramp, then the warmth and love, then a toot, then more warmth and love, he stretched his body feeling the effects of the suggestions that came with drinking his bottle, and the stretch forced out a large toot, scared he had almost lost the battle he decided no more stretching, he curled his legs in, and kept focusing on his bottle, nursing away, many minutes went by like this, some cramps some toots, some nursing, repeat. His bottle was nearly empty when he felt it, he felt the need to toot but it was not a toot waiting, he could feel the pressure now was more solid then that, his body wanted it out and it was tired of waiting, Tommy's wet eyes were dripping now, he was crying, not a sob, but a quiet pitiful cry, he got another cramp and this time could not relieve it with a toot, he resisted it and kept nursing, his bottle was empty now, but he didn't want to stop suckling, it was helping him feel better, even after the milk was gone, Tommy pulled his knees to his chest and rolled to his left side, hoping it might help him hold it, it had the opposite effect, a strong cramp struck him and mush pushed it's way out of him, that was it, it wasn't all of it but some had escaped, Tommy had officially pooped his diaper, just a bit but it was done, his cries were a bit less quiet now, he was feeling pitiful, feeling helpless, he didn't want this to happen but it was too late to stop it, he'd already pooped the diaper a little bit, there was no undoing it, even if David came home now the diaper already had some poo in it, there was no hiding that, with these thoughts another strong cramp hit Tommy, and he gave up, what was the point now in suffering for no reason, the diaper is already poopy he may as well let go of the discomfort, and so the gates opened and more mush came out then more solid, his diaper expanded at the back and the boy bawled, his bottle dropped from his mouth to the carpet, and he cried on, mittens against his face, rubbing his eyes, mouth open screaming a cry, tears falling, diaper expanding, near the end of the ordeal he had to push, he may as well get it all out he knew, the urge to push was too much to resist anyway and so push he did, more solid came out, he pushed and pushed until there was nothing left to push out, during the pushing his bladder gave way, the strain had broken it's seal, and he hardly saw the point in trying to stop it, crying all the while, his cries pausing in volume only when a grunt needed to slip between them. he kept his knees to his chest the whole time, as if afraid that putting his legs down would get mud on them. The ordeal was over, but he was still in this position bawling, he stayed there for a while, until his tears began to pewter out, the smell of his disaster reached him, and he gagged, it wasn't terribly strong with all the layers sealing it in but the idea that it came from his pants is what triggered the gag, he'd never smelled so badly before, he wished he could get away from it, but there was nowhere to go, nothing to do about it, eventually he watched at the TV. and saw there was still cartoons on, he reached over and managed to hit unmute with the corner of his mitten, and tried his hardest to let the television distract him from the feeling of sticky weight on his bottom. After something like half an hour Tommy moved to sit up, upon shifting he felt the poo against him shift and remembered it's presence, he was shocked that for a brief moment he had forgotten it was there, he never would have thought he could ever forget such a thing, the TV had somehow distracted him successfully even if only for a moment, he wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not, he stayed laying and thought on it, eventually he had to conclude that if his choices were to dwell on it's presence until David arrived, or to forget it until David arrived, then obviously forgetting it was preferable, and so he renewed his focus on the television, eventually he again got uncomfortable being stuck on his side, this time he gingerly re-positioned himself, so he was slouched on the couch, bottom near the edge of the cushion, knees-up feet besides his bottom on the cushion, he figured he could probably stay this way for a good while, he kept his focus on the cartoons playing. David had of course watched all of this play out, at first he'd been excited like he always ways to see a tenant reaching this threshold, but when Tommy started crying David's fun was ruined, he couldn't stand watching Tommy cry, it hurt him, he had seen plenty of tenants cry, he didn't like seeing them cry but it never hurt like this, he'd just tolerated it before as something unavoidable about the process, but with Tommy it felt like daggers to his heart, David so badly wanted to go save Tommy from his tears, but he had to steel his resolve, this was an important part, every baby has to have their first poopy diaper sometime, it's important that they come to understand that it isn't so bad as they thought it would be, and this is the only way that can happen. So David stayed parked, he waited and watched, no longer smiling while Tommy cried, eventually David muted the feed, the crying too much to bare, as he did this he felt a tear fall from his own face and realized he too had been crying silent tears, definitely a first for David, David felt then that he owed Tommy, deeply, that he would do his best to make sure Tommy was taken care of for life, no matter what it took, no matter what that would look like. When David saw Tommy watching TV, his tears stopped, he unmuted and heard the cartoons playing, Tommy was doing it, he was adjusting to a poopy diaper like a pro, he was learning that he could just ignore it, that he didn't need to let it bother him, that it was OK to be poopy, he saw Tommy move then stop, he saw the gears turning in Tommy's head, then he saw Tommy continue moving and reposition into a different position, he knew Tommy had reached acceptance, Tommy had accepted his poopy diaper, he was actively working with it to be comfortable despite it's presence, Tommy was past all the most important hurdles, and so David put his phone away and pulled out of the park, heading home. He pulled into the garage, Tommy didn't hear the garage cause he had turned the TV volume up very loud, trying to help drowned out his own thoughts and sensations. David opened a mini fridge he had in the garage and pulled out a semi frozen ham. he put it into a grocery bag that he'd had in his cargo space, and then carried the ham inside to the kitchen, he heard the TV blasting paw patrol and smiled, glad Tommy was using that means to distract his mind, it showed that Tommy was still embracing all his suggestions, he had not gone into rebellion mode. David got some prep work finished in the kitchen to begin cooking dinner, the items that would take longer he got started, running the oven and such, he also quickly made up a new warm bottle of milk, this one also with stool softeners, David intended to keep Tommy on stool softeners regularly from now on, he wanted to make sure Tommy would no longer have any difficulty pooping whenever he needed to, that plus increasing the fiber in his diet should keep his bm's healthy, then he went to the closet and grabbed the diaper bag, he entered the living room and quietly pushed the coffee table out of the way, and laid out a changing pad from the diaper bag, Tommy was so zoned out on the TV, he hadn't noticed David had returned, even as David was present in the living room with him, he was aware David was there at that point but had forgotten that he had been waiting for him, for the moment Tommy had forgotten that he had pooped his diaper, he was too zoned out focusing on the TV, he'd tried so hard to use it to distract his mind, he'd succeeded more than he could have expected, David set out all the changing supplies even prepped the new diaper by unfolding it, dusting it with powder and setting it to the side, David reached over and grabbed Tommy's wrist and pulled him toward the change pad, Tommy let him self be moved towards the pad but as he moved he felt the squish on his bottom and snapped out of his reverie with a wince, not one of pain but of disgust, he leapt up to try and get off his bottom, he looked down at David and everything came crashing back to him, he'd pooped his diaper, he'd bawled over it, then he'd, just watched TV? he hadn't even noticed David's return and David being right in front of him? Tommy saw the change pad all laid out, how had he missed that being done? Tommy couldn't believe he had so easily forgotten his desperation to get out of this nasty diaper, Tommy wondered if maybe it wasn't as bad as he was building it up to be, if he could so easily forget it for the sake of paw patrol then perhaps this was yet another mole hill he'd turned into a mountain, All the same upon realizing the pad was out for him to get out of it he swiftly moved to the pad and laid back onto it gingerly, trying to minimize just how much he squished his bottom in the process. Once on his back David tugged at Tommy's crotch and Tommy felt a pop, then another, after a dozen more pops Tommy's legs felt the air on them and the sleeper was pulled up off his legs past his waist and laid besides his torso, the legs of the sleeper apparently had snap buttons along their inside seem, Tommy had never noticed this, he wondered only for a moment why they had that before he realized this was exactly why, for easy diaper changes. Tommy still got to wear the top half of the sleeper while the bottom half was out of the way for him to be changed. from the belly down Tommy's body was nude except his stinky diaper, David then handed Tommy his newest bottle of warm milk, Tommy struggled to grasp it eventually just letting it rest on his chest while he pinned it there with both mittens, this would work fine and so Tommy suckled away at his warm milk. David ordinarily would give Tommy a bath after a diaper this poopy, if he had his choice, but for Tommy's first it was important it be done with as minimal effort and fuss as possible, he wanted Tommy to come to understand that a poopy diaper is no big deal, it's no great difficulty, that a quick ordinary diaper change is all it takes to have it all sorted, and besides all that the high fiber content in Tommy's diet actually made diaper changes easier, it made the muck far less sticky, much easier to wipe free from the skin. And so David got to work, being swift but thorough, opening up the diaper tape by tape, pulling it down and attacking the mess with wipes, he wiped and wiped until the wipes came back looking clean then wiped a few times more to be certain, he wiped the whole diaper region to be sure all pee had been wiped up as well, he grabbed Tommy's ankles and lifted his bottom to repeat the process on the rear end, once it was all spotless he pulled the used diaper aside and slipped the new diaper under Tommy, pulling it up and taping it in place, the entire time Tommy just nursed his bottle and stared to his left at paw patrol, trying to keep his mind off what was happening. David then again lifted Tommy's ankles and slid a new cloth contour diaper under his bottom to cover the disposable, this would be the routine from now on, keeping Tommy double diapered gave him such a cute waddle, and besides it helped stop any leaks. David fastened this cloth cover then pulled a fresh pair of locking vinyl pants up over Tommy's bulky diaper combo, sealing him in with a click to the lock on the chain in the waistband, Tommy felt the lock and looked down, wondering why he was being put back into locking pants so soon, surely David wasn't already finished was he? Tommy saw David to the side balling up the used diaper and bagging it in an unused empty plastic shopping bag, tying that off then double bagging it into a second bag, seeing his used diaper being bagged up told Tommy that indeed David had already finished the job, Tommy couldn't believe it was already over, he knew he was trying to tune it out with paw patrol, but he still hadn't expected it to go soo easily, like a complete non-event, David even had a smile on his face like it hadn't bothered him at all, Tommy realized he hadn't even said anything to David yet, how did David even know Tommy had needed to be changed? this question was the easiest one to figure out the answer, Tommy of course quickly realized David must have smelled the poopy diaper, Tommy realized he was probably stinking up the whole house, but David never complained or said anything, and the smile he currently held despite having just wiped poop from Tommy's bum told him that David had not minded doing it at all, this truly did seem completely routine to David, just another ordinary day, Tommy thought he must have David's nephew to thank for that mercy, it occurred to Tommy that what David had said yesterday had all been true, waiting in a poopy diaper didn't hurt him, the thing had handled the mess perfectly well, without any leaks or issues, and changing a poopy diaper had been less effort then letting him use the toilet. David went to the kitchen and tossed the bagged up diaper into the bigger trash can, making a mental note to take out the trash that night before bed, David washed his hands then returned to Tommy, still laying on the change pad with his diaper exposed and his sleeper pulled up passed his belly, watching paw patrol and nursing his bottle, David grabbed Tommy's sleeper pulled the leggings back down and feed his feet back into the footies, he then snapped it back shut one plastic button at a time, he grabbed Tommy by the armpits and picked him up, surprising Tommy with his strength, and set Tommy onto his feet, then he pulled Tommy into a hug, he lingered in the hug for a moment and then told Tommy in a whisper. David: "You were a really good boy for me, you pooped your diaper and didn't complain about it, you let me change you and didn't whine, you were patient and polite, a really good boy." Then David guided Tommy to the couch and sat next to him, David pulled Tommy into the nook of his arm and put Tommy's bottle to his lips and proceeded to feed him the rest of it, Tommy meanwhile had his head swimming with conflicting emotions from the moment of the hug, getting a hug felt nice but being poopy was not nice, then being told he was a good boy for pooping himself was strange, yesterday he had been told he was a bad boy for trying to use the potty, now hes being told he is a good boy for pooping his diaper, he loved being called a good boy and the warmth surged through him, but he had also been disgusted at pooping himself and being stuck in it, but David said that made him a good boy and this conflict raged on until Tommy focused on the warmth alone, the good feelings only and stretched and smiled while David held his bottle, and he nursed at it, Tommy tried to just not think about any of it and get lost back on the television. It was too confusing and the TV was simple. Once the bottle was empty David left Tommy on the couch, tucking him into his bwankie, and went to the kitchen to prepare the thanksgiving feast, after an hour of this Tommy could feel his bladder begging to be released, he had thus far only peed while unconscious (not counting the unintentional release that occurred when he was pushing out poopies, that hardly counted in Tommy's mind, he'd already been wet from the nap and then poopy and then that second wetting came unexpectedly but why would it matter to add more wetness to what was already wet and poopy anyway.) he had never actively decided to let go, but rather only as a consequence of not being able to hold it in his sleep, this would be the first time he had peed a diaper while awake out of choice, he wasn't sure he wanted to do that, in fact he was sure he didn't want to do that, Tommy stood and went to the kitchen to find David. David was elbow deep in a turkey, it looked rather intimate. It made Tommy blush. Tommy: "UHHH David?" David: "What's going on little guy? Everything OK?" Tommy: "Uh ya, I just need to go potty, I mean to the bathroom" Tommy realized David's habit of calling it a potty was starting to catch in his own mind, at first he felt embarrassed but then why does it matter what it's called he rationalized, it is what it is, a rose (or in this case a potty) by any other name and all that. David: "Oh OK, uhm, can it wait? I'm kinda in the middle of things in here, I don't want to mess up thanksgiving dinner" Tommy did not feel like he could wait, but he could tell this dinner meant something to David, he'd been spending hours on it today and hours yesterday too, Tommy didn't want to spoil it. He stood there for a moment considering what to say. David: "Tommy if you can't hold it just use your diaper I won't mind, it's totally OK by me, go watch TV and just let it go, that's what they are there for, besides if we take that thing off it's gonna spoil the tapes and have to be thrown away all the same so it doesn't really matter if it's wet or dry it's going to the same place sooner or later." Tommy could see the rationale at work, he couldn't disagree, he just felt bothered letting himself debase himself like this, he'd already fallen so far, now he was going to use a diaper as a choice? Not out of necessity, not because it couldn't be avoided, but because it was just more convenient for David? Tommy went back to the couch with his thoughts, to consider if he would go back to David and reassert his insistence, or just give in, he sat there considering and pondering and staring at the TV and then getting distracted by the TV, and then focusing on the pups playing before him, and then forgetting his urgency, until eventually it spiked and snapped him out of his reverie once again, oh ya he thought, gotta decide..... Tommy began rationalizing again, deep down he didn't want to stop watching paw patrol just to go hassle and irritate David, possibly ruining the important to David thanksgiving meal just to go potty and ruin the diaper at the same time anyway, he rationalized that it just didn't make sense to go through all that, he'd have to just wet the diaper, and then he could keep watching TV. and David could keep cooking, at the conclusion of these thoughts Tommy's urgency spiked again and this time he decided to let it go. Nothing came out though, turns out it isn't easy to pee a diaper on purpose the first time, his body didn't want to let it, it wasn't used to doing this in this way, Tommy had to focus on it, thinking about letting go, thinking about waterfalls and rain, and facets flowing open in the sink and the bathtub, then Tommy thought about the pool dream, and then the ocean, the ocean waves and the way they sounded, and felt his diaper getting warm, he was doing it! that did it! Something about that line of thinking triggered it! he could feel the pee coming out his peepee at first it quickly disappeared into the padding which warmed then as the saturation increased the absorbency rate decreased and some was starting to bounce back against his skin before then being absorbed, it all felt trapped inside the confines of the diaper like a pocket designed just for it, bouncing around until soaked up, Tommy analyzed the sensations and found them not so unpleasant, not so disgusting as he had expected, he'd already survived a poopy diaper and turned out to be far easier than he'd expected, this should be nothing compared to that, especially having already had so many bedtime and nap time wet diapers, this was just feeling how they got to that point for the first time, he decided he'd better stop thinking about it, before he started making yet another mountain, he refocused on paw patrol, just in time to see it end and a different cartoon begin, he felt upset, he had been enjoying paw patrol and now it was over! he'd missed the last bit of it cause he was distracted by peeing his diaper! he hadn't even had a need to focus on that it was all contained on it's own, he shouldn't have wasted his attention on it he thought to himself, he should have just kept focused on his show! Eventually Tommy calmed down and came to enjoy the cartoon that had come on as well, he certainly had begun to consider paw patrol his favorite, but this one was alright too, it was called bluey and seemed to be a family of Australian dogs enjoying family life together, Tommy had heard of it before of course but never really watched it until now. After more than a handful of episodes of this new show Tommy was captivated, something about the way these kids had a daddy willing to play with them and spend time with them kept reminding Tommy about the absence of his own Father from his life, at first thought Tommy was filled with anger at his Fathers absence, but eventually his feelings turned to envy of the love these kids got from their dad, even the mom in this show was a heck of a lot more loving then Tommy's own Mother, Tommy couldn't help an occasional quiet cry at some of the episodes as he felt like he was missing out on the parental love on display in that show. It had been many hours since David had begun his work in the kitchen occasionally he'd get a break while he waited on one thing or another to bake or cook and would sit in the dining room watching Tommy as Tommy watched TV, he was enjoying the sight of Tommy totally enraptured by the child's programming, dinner time was drawing near when David got just such a small break and this time saw Tommy watching bluey, he noticed Tommy seemed to be crying, cheeks wet with tears and an occasional sniffle. David wasn't sure what was going on, if he should come to the boys side or not, but he couldn't help feeling needed, like he must, and so he went to Tommy and sat besides him, he had a bit before he had to return to the kitchen anyway. David: "Heyyyy what's wrong little guy? is everything OK?" David reached out to Tommy's back and rubbed gently, massaging his back. Tommy: "Oh sorry, ya it's stupid I know, just watching this show and it reminded me of my own upbringing a bit, not in a good way, it's stupid I shouldn't bring it up, it's not your burden." David: "Hey now, number one don't apologize for your feelings, there's no shame in having feelings, you aren't a robot you're a human, be proud to feel even when it's sadness, and for two it isn't stupid, if it means something to you then it is meaningful, not stupid, it doesn't matter if it means something to other people or not, your life is your own experience, not theirs, and for three it's my decision what I consider to be meaningful or stupid to myself, and I say you are not stupid, and what you are going through is not stupid, and I want to know you, I want to understand what you are feeling and why, furthermore I want to know more about your upbringing anyway, I've been wanting to ask for a while but I didn't want to pry, so no it's not stupid to me, it's meaningful to me, if you are willing to share it." Tommy had never been spoken to like this, no one had ever been invested in Tommy before, he nearly cried anew just at the sheer compassion of it. Tommy: "OK well, maybe it's not stupid but it's not happy, it's just whining, you don't want to hear whining do you." David: "Sometimes whining is exactly what a human needs to do, if at some point someone told you they 'don't want to hear any whining' that's not a problem with you whining, that's a problem with them listening, what they really meant is they don't want to listen, you just needed to find someone better, someone who does want to hear you, and Tommy I do want to hear you, I think I'm a good listener and I want to hear all about it, so how bout this lets start simple, can you just tell me what about this show caused you to get sad?" Tommy: "Well, I never knew my Father, mom says he left when I was born, she couldn't or wouldn't ever tell me why or where he went or if he is even still alive, so I never got to have a dad like bluey has, I didn't think I was missing out on all that much but this show is kinda making me feel like I was wrong about that, bluey and her sister are just so happy and I see that and I realize I was not so happy as a kid, even my mom wasn't much of a mom, she could have been more of a Mother, I thought I'd gotten past all this when I moved out but I guess it's like an anchor locked to my ankle weighing me down, and I just don't know it's there until some shows like this brings the envy to the surface and shines a light on the weight." David had just been rubbing Tommy's back this whole time listening patiently, not really even sure of what to say David: "Thank you for opening up to me Tommy, I'm sorry you had such a rough childhood, you're a good boy you know, you definitely deserve a loving Father and Mother, and in their absence I'm happy to take care of you, maybe I can fill a little bit of that void if you will let me, I know that may be strange since we've only known each other some months now, but I really feel like I've gotten close to you in that time, it's up to you how close you want to be to me, but I promise you I am all open arms when it comes to you, you come as close to me as you are comfortable doing, anytime." At this David pulled Tommy in for a hug. Tommy absorbed David's words, eyes a bit watery, and returned David's hug, they embraced for a moment before a beep came from the kitchen, David ignored it for a moment, then spoke. OK I better get that or the turkey will be black and crunchy. Tommy giggled a bit and let David go. Tommy realized he hadn't even mentioned needing a dry diaper, at this point he rationalized, it's about dinner time, may as well stay in it until bedtime anyway. Tommy continued watching bluey with a new perspective, rather then feeling red envy he decided to try instead to be happy for bluey, to be happy for all the families out there watching this show who might learn a lesson or two from it. David meanwhile was just preparing dinner, setting platter after platter onto the dining table, filling it out completely. When there was no more space he left some items in the kitchen on the counters, he prepared two plates with a mixture of all the options he could fit onto a plate, and set the plates out on the table, a big bottle of milk besides one of them. David: "OK Tommy it's time! Come on and have yourself a thanksgiving dinner!" At hearing David's invite, Tommy turned off the TV, before it could suck in his attention any further, he stood and waddled to the dining room and gasped, he'd never seen so much food at one time in his life, (not counting the buffet at a restaurant.) Tommy: "Just how many people are you inviting over!!!" David: "Silly you know better, this is just for us of course!" Tommy: "David that's wasteful! there's no way we can eat all this!" David: "Well no of course not Tommy not all tonight! We are gonna stuff ourselves with as much as we can and put the rest in the fridge, you can microwave the leftovers anytime you want until they are gone, you have about a week for most items before they go bad so better keep at it if you don't want to be wasteful! We'll be having left overs for breakfast and for dinner until it's all ate!" Huh, Tommy had heard of giant thanksgiving feasts but he'd never been party to one, he always assumed the massive amounts of food was something to do with families having massive get togethers, lots of food but also lots of people to eat it all. he'd never thought the concept of gorging oneself was this literal! Maybe David just had his own ideas about thanksgiving, Tommy felt a renewed sense of disappointment in himself that he'd gotten himself locked into these mittens just in time for thanksgiving, all this food and he'd have to sit there and let David feed it to him if he wanted any, and he did want a lot of it, it smelled great. David: "There's lots of options we have honey baked ham, a full sized stuffed turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, green been casserole, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, fried chicken wings, salad, brussel sprouts with toasted pecans, stuffing, buttered corn on the cob, roasted butternut squash, beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lambs, rams, hogs, dogs, chicken, turkey, rabbit, home made pecan pie, home made key lime pie, apple pie, there's even some home made mac and cheese!!!!" David was clearly very excited, Tommy hadn't seen him grinning this widely ever before. Tommy: "Uh but.... why?! I mean, I'd be happy with just a couple sandwiches or something! this is such overkill!" David: "That's kinda the point Tommy! Thanksgiving is about STUFFING yourself! and I mean I guess some people say it's like about family and all that too but hey, you and me are all the family we need, so let's be stuffed family, dig in!" At this Tommy simply held up his mittens. David: "Oh, right!, of course, well sit down and I'll help you dig in!" David just kept wearing that big ole smile. Tommy sat down and David went back to the kitchen, then returned behind Tommy, suddenly draping something over his head and down to his chest securing it behind his neck, it was of course a bib. Tommy: "Hey! I don't need a bib! if a mess is made it's you doing it! not me!" David: "That's very true, and with this much food I very well may spill indeed so I just wanna protect your pretty sleeper OK? Just wear it for me, would you? so I don't have to fret about spilling?" Tommy harrumphed but tolerated it, he looked down, the bib had a pocket, it was some kind of solid rubbery material, there was paw patrol pups and various related motifs all over it. Tommy couldn't help feeling a bit of a flutter in his chest at the paw patrol theme, at least it was something he liked he thought. David took a seat up against Tommy and began feeding him, he'd ask Tommy which food he wanted and at first Tommy really couldn't decide, so David started with a bite of each, a bit of turkey a bit of casserole, etc, he made Tommy sample everything even the deserts, then Tommy was more clear in what he liked best, they continued this way David would occasionally hold the bottle up for him to wash things down with, Tommy just sitting there being fed the whole while, occasionally David would grab a bite from his own plate, but getting Tommy fed quickly was priority to David, he wanted Tommy to have a good experience, even despite the mittens, eventually Tommy was full but David kept coming back with more spoon fulls or fork fulls, he told David no more but David would push. David: "Oh come on Tommy we have so much food here, you sure you can't take one more bite?" Holding the bite to his lips the whole time, Tommy would open his mouth to speak and say no but it was too late, the food had entered the opening, and he was chewing yet again, this went on until he felt he was going to burst and finally said through a full mouth "enough! I can't take anymore I'm gonna burst!" David: "good!! that's what thanksgiving is like for most people! they get to the bursting point before they stop, I'm so glad to be able to give you this experience, OK Tommy you are freed! You can go back to the couch now if you want, lay down and I'll set your bottle with you. Tommy: "No bottle please I'm toooooo full!" David chuckled, he knew Tommy meant it if he was refusing a bottle, David could tell that Tommy had come to love his bottles. David: "OK I'll just put it on the coffee table you can get to it whenever you want, it's over half empty you can probably finish it pretty easy you know, I'm sure you don't want to waste all that milk right?" David leaned over and removed the bib from Tommy's neck, only a little food had fallen into its pocket. Tommy sighed, he just got up and went to the couch without responding. David set the bottle on the coffee table and went to finish his own plate, then he went about cleaning up everything, first putting all the leftovers into Tupperware or seranwrapping platters stuffing it all into his fridge, then he went about cleaning dishes and pans and pots and spatulas etc. Meanwhile, Tommy kept glaring at his bottle, it's true he didn't want to waste it, but he thought he might get sick if he downed anything else, suddenly he let out a big burp, the relief that brought made him second guess his fullness, he figured he could at least get down the volume that was just burped up, and so with effort he squeezed the bottle between his mittens and wiggled his way into the couch reclined on his back at a comfortable angle and tried his hardest to hold his bottle up and finish it off, it'd slip from his mitts occasionally and hit his chest and he'd try again, eventually he finished the bottle and resumed his focus onto the TV, bluey still playing some kind of marathon. David eventually joined him on the couch. David: "I thought I'd bring you a fresh bottle but then thought better of it, you're probably too full yeah?" Tommy felt conflicted, he liked his bottles so much he felt he wanted another, but he knew he was definitely to full to even begin nursing again right now. Tommy: "Yeah too full, maybe later." David: "OK well there's one in the bottle warmer waiting for you whenever you want it." Tommy was bloated! They lounged on the couch awhile, eventually Tommy felt his bladder had once again filled, the urgency was becoming uncomfortable, with David so near Tommy considered for a moment if he should have David take the diaper off now, but bedtime was drawing near so surely he'd just immediately be put into his bedtime diaper anyway, and what difference would it make to wet this one now, it's already wet, surely it can handle more. But Tommy wasn't sure he wanted to wet it right next to David like this, both on the couch, at least Tommy was huddled under his bwankie, he rationalized. He tried not to move or do a potty dance, he just held still and tried to control his breathing, he thought back to what had helped him before, the ocean waves, he kept his eyes open on the TV, but he was daydreaming, thinking about the ocean waves, the sound of them, crashing and lapping at the beach, and then he felt his diaper growing warmer, he had released again this time much easier than last time, he hadn't even had to shift positions, he could feel the wetness cascading down his groin to his bottom before getting soaked up, the front was too spent to do much but there was still plenty of absorbency left in the rear, he just stayed in his reclined position and let it happen. He had to admit to himself it felt nice to just let the bladder go and not have to run off to the bathroom every time. a discomfort released just as quickly as it had arrived. He pondered if this could be considered a form of luxury. More time went by and David looked over, noticing Tommy zoned out on the TV with a mitten partly in his mouth, it wouldn't fit, but he was suckling at the corner of the mitten, seemingly unaware he was doing it, David felt bad to have taken his thumbs from him after suggesting into his mind the thumb sucking urges, but he had a plan for that, he would reveal at bedtime. Speaking of which David looked at his watch. David: "Looks likes it's about bedtime buddy." Tommy: "Ya but I don't have school tomorrow and you certainly don't have work so why not stay up a while longer?" David: "hmmmmmmmmmmm, I don't know, it's important for boys to keep to their circadian rhythm." Tommy: "Come on please? Just another hour or two?" David "1 hour then, that's it." At that David moved closer to Tommy and put his arm over his shoulders, Tommy didn't mind, the closeness felt good." after an hour and a half David checked his watch. David: "OK that's an hour up, more than that even, come on lets get you to bed." Tommy grumbled a bit, but got up and waddled a very swollen waddle up the stairs into his room forgetting for a moment the rule to bathe, and thus rerouting to the bathroom, standing there waiting. David was not far behind, he went through the same routine with Tommy as he had for the prior bath, the same steps, all identical, by keeping to the same routine Tommy would find it easier every time, until it became normalized, second nature, effortless. After the bath in Tommy's bedroom the routine was again much the same as before, David went down to the kitchen and came back with the fresh bottle so Tommy could drink it while he was being diapered, after being diapered and redressed into a new clean sleeper this one was dark blue and had glowing ufo's and aliens all over it. (Tommy noted David sure had a lot of these) David then grabbed Tommy wrists, setting the bottle aside. David: "We have to change out those mittens they gotta be dirty by now, especially with a little drool eh? it's OK I got another pair here we will swap them and I'll clean your hands while I'm at it, I can wash the dirty mitts overnight." David pulled out something from his pocket, it was red, it had a flat end that had a black bottom side, it was roughly the size of a cherry, and looked like plastic, David held the flat end against the knob locking the mittens onto Tommy's wrist and the knob clicked and came loose, it was like magic, just the proximity of the 'cherry' to the knob was all it took for it to unlock itself. David: "It's a magnet, designed with just the right dimensions and strength to be able to unlock these locking cuff links, think of it as just another key really." David took off Tommy's mittens and let him set down the squishy balls. David: "How's that feel, your fingers stiff or hurting?" Tommy: "Nah they're fine, I was able to squeeze those little balls whenever I wanted and that kinda exercised my fingers anytime I needed to, though I couldn't straighten them out totally so it's nice to do that even if just for a moment, it does seem a bit harder to totally straighten them." David: "Ya that ll happen, don't worry it wears off in minutes, but you'll find that out at the end of the week, for now lets scrub your hands here." David wiped Tommy's hands down with rubbing alcohol and paper towels, then he wiped them down with a wet rag, then he dried them with a dry rag. David: "That should do it, do they feel all dry?" Tommy shook them about a little bit. Tommy: "Ya they're dry." David: "OK here you go, clean ones. David handed Tommy two squishy balls again, new ones, the others clearly were going to the wash, then David pulled a new pair of identical mittens out of a drawer in the changing table and pulled them onto Tommy's hands, locking them at the wrist, just the same as last time. David also pulled something else out the drawer, he grabbed Tommy's sleeper at the chest and clipped something onto it, it had a strap, David grabbed the other end of the strap and pushed it to Tommy's mouth, reflexively he opened his mouth and took it in, at first he felt he was nursing a bottle again but nothing was coming out, he patted his face with a mitten and felt nothing there but plastic pressed against his lips, like a curved tiny plate, oh! he thought, it's pacifier! he groaned and spit it out! Tommy: "Hey I don't need a pacifier!" David: "The drool spot on those last mittens disagrees, so does your pillow case, your bed sheets, your blanket, face it buddy you need something to suck if it's not a bottle and the thumb is trapped then use the pacifier, that's what they are made for, it's more sanitary then sucking on random fabric, better for the fabric that way too! I still have to change out your pillow case and bed sheets cause of that, I think that can wait till tomorrow though, I'll wash your blanket while I'm at it." Tommy blushed at the acknowledgment of his suckling problem, it had been unspoken until now, and now he'd been given a pacifier to help manage it. He couldn't argue the logic, if he was gonna be sucking on things it may as well be a pacifier, how much worse could that be then a thumb anyhow. David then pulled yet another item out of the tables drawers, he turned a knob on it and it clicked and a green led lit up, Tommy recognized it. Tommy: "A baby monitor?! Seriously?!" David: "Remember this morning Tommy? You couldn't open the door? The mittens wouldn't let you turn the knob, this is my solution! See I told you I had a way to solve that, I will keep the other end on me at all times, if at anytime you need out of your room just call for me and it will wake me up and I'll come open the door for you, don't be afraid to call me I don't mind being woken, I have plenty of free time each day to nap whenever I want! unless you'd rather we just keep the door open? but even if we did that a breeze could close it and then you'd be stuck." Tommy blushed but realized this was entirely practical, he didn't like the idea of waking David but if that's what it took, Tommy didn't like sleeping with his door open, it made him uneasy. And he didn't want to be stuck if it got closed somehow, so he decided to just put up with the monitor. David set the monitor on the table besides Tommy's bed, and grabbed it's receiver from a drawer clipping it onto his belt. David then grabbed Tommy's armpits and lifted him off the table setting his feets onto the floor, Tommy waddled over and climbed into bed, David had to help hold the sheets open, then tucked Tommy in real tight, he grabbed the bottle and held it for Tommy while he nursed it and closed his eyes, he was asleep before it was finished, David just kept holding it, and Tommy kept nursing it between snores, once the bottle was empty David put the pacifier to Tommy's lips, and he of course took it without hesitation, suckling it contentedly while he slept, David left the room and decided to update the ocean whispers the whispers now spoke: "When I feel an emotion I will let it out. It's OK to cry. I like wearing my mittens, they are very comfortable. I like being fed by others, it feels like love. They must love me, or they wouldn't bother to feed me. When they feed me I can feel the warmth of their love flowing through my whole body. When they hold my bottle for me it feels so comfortable, so loving. I enjoy being fed food and bottles. My mittens make sure I get more feedings and thus more love. It is so hard to feed myself, sometimes I forget how to do it. Sometimes I spill my food on myself or on the ground whenever I try to feed myself. I know I can't spill when someone else feeds me instead. It's much better to be fed then to feed myself. I like my blanket. My blanket likes to be called bwankie. Cartoons are more fun then other shows. I like cartoons. I like children's shows. I like cutesy prints. There's nothing wrong with liking the things I like. If it's harmless and makes me happy then it is worthwhile. I like my pacifier. Suckling my pacifier is just as nice as suckling my thumb. Sometimes it's even better cause then I have both hands free. My pacifier is my friend. My pacifier protects me. The shield on my face helps to hide me. People don't notice me as easily when the shield is hiding me. I don't even notice the pacifier is there sometimes. I get so used to having it there it just feels normal to suck my pacifier. There's no reason to hide it. I am proud of my pacifier. People are jealous of my pacifier. They don't have pacifiers cause their Dada's didn't love them enough to give them one. My Dada loves me so he gave me this pacifier. Sometimes when I sleep I get a discomfort in my bottom. When that happens I just puuuush it out and feel all better. Anytime I get a pressure in my bottom I will just puuuuuush it out. It's OK to puuuush it out, I can puuuush it out anytime I want. It won't hurt, it's good for me, and it makes daddy happy. When I puuuuush it out I am a good boy. Because puuuuushing it all out is what good boys do." This would repeat on loop all night every night from then on. David wrapped up his evening, did his shower and other needs and went to bed. In the morning the routine went as usual, Tommy woke up and found the pacifier was in his mouth, he couldn't remember putting it there, but he was glad for it since it meant he had not sucked on his pillow or bed sheets or anything, he did also have a wet diaper as always, it was not poopy, Tommy went to open the door and as his mitten hit the knob his groggy mind remembered that was not an option, he turned to the monitor and couldn't believe he had to do this, he groaned. Tommy: "David?! I'm up! I wanna go down for breakfast now please?!?" The pacifier fell from his mouth as he spoke, hanging from the clip to his chest. He took a closer look at it this time, noticing for the first time it's details, it was slightly transparent but had a green color to it, the button portion had a picture of a diapered baby bugs bunny on it, it seemed bigger then a baby's pacifier, the nipple was bigger and longer and the button and shield was bigger too, probably sized for a larger special needs kid like David's nephew, or like Tommy he realized. Right away Tommy could hear David coming up the stairs, he opened the door for him. David: "Good morning sleepy head! You sure slept in! I think we should not have stayed up late last night, it's nearly noon already! Gonna be tough to fix your schedule tonight." Tommy hadn't bothered to notice the time, he had no alarm today, nothing to do, just relax, sleeping in had been nice, but Tommy was surprised it was almost noon. Tommy and David went down the stairs to breakfast, they of course ate leftovers, Tommy wearing the feeding bib, and David feeding Tommy as had become the new usual. Tommy was more than used to it, he was starting to enjoy it, no longer blushing at all, not hesitating to open wide at each bite, even smiling occasionally, David loved to see him so totally taking to the suggestions, nearing the end of the meal Tommy felt a pressure in his bottom, it felt like only a toot, so without thinking about it, by reflex, he leaned forward to lift his bottom a bit and puuuuushed it all out, as he sat back he felt the mush on his bottom, he gasped! David: "What's the matter Tommy?" Tommy didn't want to admit it, but he knew the smell would give him away any second now anyway, better to come clean first. Tommy: "I can't believe I just did that, I thought it was just a fart! David I pooped!" David chuckled heartily. David: "Oh good boy! is that all! Silly Tommy, it's perfectly normal to need to poo when filling up on food, the fact you don't have to hold it until after you finish is a bonus really, it's OK really don't worry about it, you go ahead and take full advantage of that bonus." Tommy: "But David it's gross!" David: "Nah it's only a bit of poop, it's fully contained in your diaper it's not going anywhere, just don't pay attention to it and I'm sure you'll forget it's there in moments, come now lets finish eating and I'll get you all cleaned up after, it's bath time anyhow so really it's doesn't even matter, it's probably better this way to get all the poop out now rather than dealing with it after the bath." Once again David seemed to have immovable rationalizing, Tommy could only sit there in his poopy diaper while David kept pushing spoons and forks past his lips, he wanted to protest more but David hadn't given him the chance, keeping the food coming at a pace to prevent talking, and besides that Tommy wasn't totally committed that he even had any protests left to give, David's points seemed plenty valid, Tommy still couldn't believe he'd done that, how had that happened? he hadn't even known he'd done it at first! was he just not paying attention? he wasn't sure now, he couldn't remember the moment well, it was just a lean forward to toot, and then he felt the mush, the act itself was not a memory, there was a momentary gap in his recall, like the act hadn't even been worth remembering. Like when you've done something so routine you don't pay close enough attention to the minutiae to remember the details of how you did it this time. David had finished feeding Tommy his food but his bottle of milk was still half full, Tommy hadn't realized it but David no longer gave Tommy orange juice, every bottle had been milk for some days now, David intended to keep it this way, Tommy loved his milk anyhow, he wasn't going to complain, David held the bottle to Tommy's lips, and he had to take it, he nursed and nursed all the while sitting in a wet overnight diaper that was now poopy, Tommy could tell he hadn't gotten it all out, he still felt pressure in his bottom that still seemed like just a toot, but he wasn't gonna strain to get it out right now, now that he knew it was likely going to be more poo. Once the bottle was finished Tommy stood up. David: "OK head to the bathroom for your bath I'll be there in a minute." Right as Tommy stood up the pressure in his bottom felt so unwanted, like he just suddenly had to get it out, like when you have a fart that aches, you just can't hold it anymore, Tommy pushed without thinking, he just puuuushed and got it all out, David watched this fascinated, David had only started the messing suggestions last night and already Tommy was taking right to it, he was very pleased. Tommy finished and stood still for a moment, shocked at what he'd just done, he'd pooped yet again, he knew he had needed to go more but why couldn't he at least wait until he was upstairs out of sight? he just wanted it out so bad he just felt compelled to do it immediately. Tommy began rationalizing to sooth his hurt ego, Tommy thought 'the diaper was already poopy anyway, it was already about to come off for the bath anyway, it's going in the trash either way what's the difference if I pooed it now or minutes later, at least I don't have to carry that discomfort another minute for no reason.' He told himself this and then waddled away and up the stairs to the bathroom, his eyes were a bit watery at the shame and embarrassment he felt, David just sat there a moment smiling, a little stunned, and quite proud. David cleaned up the dishes leaving Tommy to wait in his poopy diaper for a few minutes, then made his way to the bathroom, he went straight to the tub and started it running to the same temp setting as last time, he grabbed Tommy's pacifier and unclipped it setting it aside on a counter, then unzipped Tommy's sleeper and tossed it to the corner, he then held Tommy's wrist and led him over to the vinyl topped padded bench in the side of the room, Tommy realized as he approached it this must be used like a smaller changing table, David lifted Tommy at the armpits and plopped him down on his messy bottom on the vinyl top. Tommy winced at the grossness of his bottom mushing under him, but he hated it less then he'd had the day prior, he was adjusting to it still. David guided Tommy to lay back, then David set a pack of baby wipes next to himself. David got to work unlocking the vinyl pants with his key, pulling them down Tommy's legs, tossing them to the dirty clothes pile, then taking off the Velcro strips of the cloth and pulling it down, lifting Tommy's legs by his ankles and then pulling it out from Tommy's bottom, he put Tommy back down and untapped the disposable, he pulled the front of the disposable open and began wiping up any poop he could find, placing the dirty wipes onto the open used diaper, once the wipes came clean he lifted Tommy's ankles again until his bottom was accessible and repeated the wiping there too, once all cleaned he pulled the diaper out from under Tommy and set Tommy's legs back down, he balled up the diaper, double bagged it, and tossed it aside, then grabbed Tommy's wrists and guided him to the bathtub. The wrists were attached to the hook as Tommy sat down in the water and the rest of the bathing experience went just like last time, once finished Tommy totally clean and dried and smelling like baby shampoo they made their way to the bedroom, the diapering process went just the same as yesterday, an extra thick overnight diaper a clean new cloth cover, fresh locking vinyl pants, and a new sleeper Tommy had not yet seen, it had footies like they all did, no mittens on this one since his mittens are already on his hands now, this fleece sleeper was black in some areas and white in other areas and it had a hood, Tommy could feel appendages on top of the hood of some kind.... David dressed Tommy then clipped the paci to Tommy's chest and put it to his lips, he accepted it without even thinking about it, and nursed it immediately, David lifted Tommy off the table and set him down on his feet, David went downstairs and Tommy went back to the bathroom, curious to see his hood, he looked in the bathroom mirror at himself, his hood had a little panda face, eyes and ears on it, with the color pattern Tommy realized his sleeper looked like a panda bear. Tommy also took notice of the pacifier in his mouth bobbing away, this pacifier had a panda on the button as well, Tommy felt like a baby, he looked like a baby, he'd pooped his diaper at breakfast like a baby, these thoughts whirled is his mind as he teared up, wondering what was happening to him, why was he turning into this, why did he seem so comfortable with it, he considered for a moment running away from all of this, stripping it all off refusing to do anymore of it even if it meant being kicked out broke, he looked at his babyfied self in the mirror and imagined what he'd look like homeless, dirty, starved, unloved, unhappy, he asked himself is this really so bad? is that alternative really better? he had to admit to himself there were aspects of this treatment he was enjoying, he often felt loved, comforted, like he was no longer alone in a lifetime of having been alone until now, he wiped his sniffles and teary eyes with his mittens then went downstairs, Tommy went to the couch, the TV was already on and tuned to blues clues. David went and made up a bottle of warm milk and brought it to the couch, he sat down and repeated the couch time feeding process, positioning Tommy into the nook of David's arm and David holding the bottle up for Tommy, Tommy had to spit out his paci first of course but then nursed away at the bottle contentedly. the earlier thoughts still rang in his head but the warmth and love he felt now from being fed by David this warm bottle of milk told him this was better, this was the right choice, he didn't hate this, it just embarrassed him sometimes. David: "Such a good little boy I've got on my hands here, such a good boy." Tommy writhed a little bit with the flood of warmth flowing through him, and kept nursing and smiling all the while. The day was a lazy day, they stayed on the couch, Tommy being feed bottles occasionally and loving every minute of it, whenever he had to pee he just let it happen, each time was a bit easier than the last, by the end of the day he no longer had to summon images of ocean waves or sounds, he could simply keep his focus on the TV and wet freely, it helped that David had been lacing his bottles with a certain drug, one he was able to manufacture himself in his laboratory, basically a muscle relaxant, designed to target the bladder sphincter, he didn't include enough to totally numb Tommy's bladder control, he just helped relax it some so Tommy could more easily embrace wetting freely for the day, Tommy got his diaper changed three more times during couch time, each change was performed on the carpet in front of the couch atop his portable changing pad from Tommy's diaper bag. Tommy just laid there and kept watching cartoons and drinking his bottle while his diaper was changed. At dinner time Tommy was again fed left overs by David's hand, and a bottle was held for him to wash it down with, they then had so more couch time until the time came that David got up and pulled Tommy up, he didn't say anything this time, he didn't need to, Tommy knew bath/bedtime was nearing, so he knew this must be it, Tommy just let David pull him to standing and David grabbed his wrist and walked Tommy up the stairs and into the bathroom without saying a word, they went through the same bath time routine as before, this time Tommy's diaper was soaked but not messy. After bath on the change table Tommy again had his mittens switched for the ones that just finished drying, his hands washed clean again in the switching process, he was re-diapered in the same two diaper combo and locking pants and this time David simply picked him up and carried him to his bed, holding him in a hug with Tommy's legs crossed around David's waist, David supported Tommy's bottom with his right hand, holding Tommy's back with his left hand, Tommy didn't complain, he was tired, it was easier for him then hoping down and waddling over to it. David tucked Tommy in, fed him the rest of the bottle he'd started on the table, and like a practiced habit Tommy was asleep before the bottle was finished but kept nursing it between snores, once it was empty David inserted Tommy's pacifier into Tommy's lips and left the room. The weekend arrived and the days went much the same with Tommy enjoying his break from school staying diapered for the day so he could nap freely on the couch, saturday after breakfeast Tommy was on the couch nursing a bottle as David held it for him when the urge to poo arrived, he recognized it this time but was trying to ignore it in favor of finishing his after breakfast bottle, he wasnt even half way through it when he realized he wasn't going to hold it any longer, he mumbled for David to remove the nipple which he did. Tommy: "David I have to poo can you please take me to the potty?" David: "Oh Tommy you just enjoy your bottle I'll change your diaper right after" Tommy: "But David I can make it this time I dont want to just poo the diaper on purpose!" David: "Tommy whats the difference? you've had quite a few poopy diapers now, whether its on purpose or not its still just a poopy diaper, it doesnt make any difference to me, I still have to change that diaper eventually one way or the other, its gonna be easier for me if you just poo it and relax and enjoy your bottle, I know its still a weird experience for you but it'll get easier if you let it, its only for the break, just enjoy every chance to relax you can, you only tomorrow left before it all ends anyway. now no more argueing just watch your cartoons, drink your bottle and let it all out, be a good boy for me Tommy" Tommy was conflicted, David shoved the nipple back into his mouth before he could protest any further, if Tommy wanted to force the issue it was clearly going to require conflict, Tommy didnt want to have conflict with David, he could tell David really didnt want to bother with a trip to the bathroom, it made sense in some way, changing the diaper here on the changing pad was less hassle then a trip to the bathroom, while Tommy was trying to rationalize all of this the pressure in his bottom was mounting, it had now reached a point where pushing was hardly necessarry and his will to hold it back had been erroded, and so Tommy relaxed and the mush flowed into the bottom of his diaper, he had to finish it off with a bit of a grunt to get the rest out, this made him blush as the smell hit him his blush deeped, he felt so humiliated to have done this in Davids arms, while being bottle fed, but this is what David had asked him to do he told himself, if David insists on changing poopy diapers then fine, better then arguing and fighting him over it, its not like Tommy hadnt already experienced some poopy diapers by now, this was just one more. so Tommy relaxed now emptied and worked on emptying the bottle tryint to ignore the smell as he did so. When the bottle was over true to his word David changed him right away, Tommy just kept his eyes on the cartoons while he was changed. The rest of the day went much like a new routine, the next day Sunday Tommy found himself in the same sittuation, Tommy was on the couch nursing his after breakfast bottle in Davids arms when he felt the need to poo again, he recalled how yesterday had gone and decided it was pointless to try and arguee it again, so without bothering to hold it he pushed and pushed until it was all in his diaper, and kept right on nursing his bottle the whole while, David couldnt have been more proud, Tommy was blushing through it again of course but much less so, it was beginning to feel almost normal. That night, Tommy dreamed he was on the beach by the ocean, all his sea life friends were there, even his favorite paw patrol pups were there, they looked a bit different, more like real pups, but he knew it was them, they played in the sand for what felt like hours, making castles and mountains out of the sand, running around in and out of the surf, at one point Tommy found himself in a region of deeper looser sand, he sank in it to his knees, he struggled to step out of it, straining and grunting, he fell forwards onto his hands, the sand was up to his elbows and beyond his knees to his middle thigh, he crawled and crawled against the sand grunting and pushing, and he felt a discomfort in his lower half as he did this, and so he kept crawling, trying to crawl away from the deeper sand and away from the discomfort, he finally felt himself breaking free from the deep sand landing on the harder pack and crawling away, he was able to stand up and get back to playing, the rest of his dream what uneventfully. When Tommy woke he felt deeply refreshed, he hadn't tossed at all in the night, he'd slept straight through, though now that he was awake he was aware of a stench, he wondered what was bringing that on, he sat up legs over the side of the bed and felt his diaper squish like it always did in the morning, though this time it was much squishier in the bum then usual, he stood up and then felt a weight on his bottom, a sticky kind of weight, it finally dawned on him, he'd pooped his diaper in his sleep! he couldn't believe himself! he immediately looked to his bed fearful he'd made a mess out of it, but of course the bed was fine, not a mark on it, his diaper had contained it all just as it was designed to do. Tommy stood still for a moment ready to cry, what is wrong with me he thought, now I'm pooping in my sleep? How could this happen?! I slept right through it! Tommy sniffled a little, then called out for David Tommy: "Daviiiiid? haaaaalp!" David ran to Tommy's room, opening the door and immediately smelling Tommy's poopy diaper. He saw the water works building in Tommy's eyes and knew Tommy was upset about this new turn of events. David: "Oh Tommy it's OK, come here buddy." David crossed the room and took Tommy in a hug, rubbing his back as he did so, Tommy just let himself be absorbed into a hug, crying a little. Tommy: "I don't know what happened! I just woke up and the room stank and I can feel there is poo in my diaper I didn't do it! I don't remember doing it! How could this happen while I sleep! I've never done this before I swear!" David: "I know Tommy it's OK, maybe you just had a stomach bug or something, maybe your body is just really liking the diapers and felt there was no point holding it? You know it's not healthy to hold that stuff in any way, did you at least sleep good?" Tommy: "Yeah I guess so, I slept straight through I don't remember waking up or rolling over once." David: "There you see? your body just wanted to get some really good sleep, it knew you had a diaper on so it just let it out so you could keep sleeping really well! there's no harm here Tommy, you got better sleep and that diaper is just going in the trash either way anyhow, really it makes sense you should just use it as much as you can as soon as you can, better for your health and your sleep that way!" Tommy didn't like hearing this, but he also felt relieved that David didn't mind having a bed pooper for a tenant, Tommy figured David was used to this kind of thing from his nephew and that would explain why David was not only tolerant of it but even supportive of it, it made Tommy feel better to think that thanks to this Tommy wouldn't have to worry about David judging him or wanting to kick him out or something over it, heck David was even hugging Tommy rubbing his back and comforting him over it, if anything it seemed this sort of stuff just brought David closer to him, it did not push David away, Tommy was OK with that, David was so nice, so loving. Tommy was thrilled to have someone showing him love. So with these thoughts Tommy decided not to let a poopy diaper bother him, it wasn't his first, and he was starting to figure it probably wasn't going to be the last, he may as well accept it, it didn't hurt him, just his ego, and egos aren't good for anything. David: "Don't worry about it Tommy, lets just get on with our day OK? Come on down and let's eat breakfast." Tommy: "In a poopy diaper? can't I get out of it first?" David: "Tommy you ate breakfast in a poopy diaper just on Friday it didn't hurt you none then." Tommy: "That was different, that happened in the middle of breakfast! I just let you finish feeding me the rest, so we could be done and go take it off! I don't wanna stay in it the entire breakfast!" David: "You've been in it this long it's not gonna hurt you to wait a bit longer, besides breakfast is ready now. if we wait any longer you'll be eating it cold, you don't want that I'm sure, come on it's a diaper it's meant to hold poopies as long as it needs to, we'll go finish our breakfast as quickly as possible then I'll get you all cleaned up!" Tommy: "It really doesn't bother you? Me smelling like poop?" David: "It really doesn't bother me, not one bit, in fact, I think it's cute, it makes you a real cutie, and besides, using your diaper the way they are meant to be used just makes you a good boy, I like when you are a good boy, come on now." As Tommy relished the flood of warmth through his system David grabbed his wrist and walked him out the door down the stairs and to the dining table, he directed Tommy to sit on a chair and sat up next to Tommy and proceeded to feed him more leftovers from thanksgiving, Tommy didn't like sitting down in the poopy diaper, but he had to admit what did it matter anymore anyway, more and more Tommy was learning to just live with it, he tried his best to tune out the sensations and the stink, and sure enough by about midway through the meal he had momentarily forgotten he was poopy, everything was just ordinary routine then, until breakfast ended, and he stood up, the sensations reminding him of it, he shook off the feeling of disgust and moved on with his day, heading to the bathroom and waiting, David arrived, and they repeated the bathing process just like they had the other day, cleaning his bottom on the vinyl top before guiding him to the tub etc. Once back into Tommy's room David had a choice for Tommy to make. David: "OK Tommy, it's back to school today, now, I know you probably want to go back to pull-ups now, and that's fine of course, but after you've been in diapers the last 5 days you might be at risk of an accident or two, just because your body was getting used to them and it takes a bit to retrain it back to holding that nasty stuff inside all over again, you might be fine of course but I think you might want to wear a diaper just in case." Tommy: "NO David! I can't wear diapers to college! that's so ridiculous if someone finds out I'll be the laughingstock of the school!" David: "Tommy no one cares at that school, trust me, there are plenty of students there wearing diapers pooping themselves freely, you'd be quite surprised how common place it is, but if you don't want to wear a diaper that's fine, you take your chances, you're a big boy I'm sure you're right you can probably hold it just fine, but if you do have an accident just remember it's OK, it's not your fault, don't feel bad about it, you can call me if you need help and I'll be there in roughly 5 minutes, I move quicker then a bus." Tommy giggled a bit at that. Tommy: "Ya I don't need diapers, these past 5 days was just cause I was staying on the couch napping, I'll be just fine!" David: "OK well just in case if you do have an accident check your back pack I'll have some emergency supplies for you in there." Tommy just rolled his eyes. With that David held out one of Tommy's pull-ups for him to step into, then his jeans and his shirt, his clothes had begun to get saggy, loose, Tommy's belt had to be fastened on a tighter notch then usual, Tommy didn't seem to notice. When Tommy got to the door to put his shoes on David pulled out the 'key' and took off Tommy's mittens. David: "Remember when you get home you stay right here at the door until I get the mittens back on you!" Tommy: "Yes OK I know." Tommy put his shoes on. Tommy: "My shoes are getting loose, I think they must be getting old or something, there's space in front of the toes that wasn't there before." David: "Oh, hmm ya they are probably just getting old, we'll have to do something about that later, for now you get to school." Tommy went to his bus and to school, his hands freed for the first time, he was back to suckling his thumb on the bus ride, he didn't care anymore, even when he noticed it was in his mouth he just let it stay there and kept suckling away, when Tommy got off the bus he had to pee, like always his breakfast bottle had run through him by the time he'd reached school, like usual he ran for the bathroom nearest his first class, as he ran down the halls he felt warmth on his crotch, he looked down and realized he was peeing while running! he tried to stop it and managed to but not without effort, not without the damage already being done, he kept running and when he reached the bathroom he lost control again as he entered into the room, by the time he was in a stall taking his pants off the pull-up was soaked it had even leaked onto his pants, there was a giant wet spot on his pants in the legs, the pattern was clearly a leaky pull-up, some pee even made it into his right shoe, he pulled down the drenched pull-up to his ankles and sat on the toilet and emptied out but there wasn't much left by that point, he groaned and sniffled and tried not to cry, David was right! I did have an accident! I haven't even gotten to my first class and my pants are already wet! David had stopped giving Tommy the bladder relaxant the night before, it should be out of his system by now, this accident was all Tommy's own doing, Tommy then remembered what David said about "emergency supplies" he opened his backpack, nothing in there but the usual books etc, then Tommy looked in his lunch bag, the paw patrol backpack, crammed in there he found the overalls from his closet, and a pull up. Tommy also found in his paw patrol backpack a packet of baby wipes, and a plastic bag, he took off his shoes and socks one of which was wet, and the pull-up, and put the socks and jeans into the plastic bag and tied it off, shoving it into his backpack. He wiped himself down with baby wipes from his feet to his legs to his crotch and bottom, and tossed the wipes into the used pull-up on the floor, he grabbed the clean pull-up and stared at it, like the last one it had paw patrol characters on it, he couldn't help smiling, he was glad to see his favorite cartoons on something he'd have to wear, he stepped into the pull up and pulled it up his legs, settling it into his crotch, it crinkled a little, he pulled on the overalls adorned also with paw patrol character patches, having just a t shirt and pull-up inside the overalls felt exposed in some way, it did nothing to hide the subtle crinkle of the pull up whenever he moved, he put on his shoes without socks, wincing as his right foot squished a little, he zipped up his bags balled up the used pull-up and took it to the trash can, washed his hands and headed for class, he was really late for his first class this time, it was normal for him to get there a little late but this had to be the record, he entered the room and the professor stopped talking, glaring at him while he took his seat, blushing all the while. The professor resumed speaking. Near the end of class students were reading a section they'd been instructed to read when the bell went off, the second it stopped Tommy's teacher spoke up. Professor mustache: "Thomas pickleson! please see me after class." Tommy gulped, he sat still until the other students had filed out, then approached his professor. Tommy: "You wanted to see me sir?" Mustache: "Thomas! You are always late to my class! Today you were nearly 20 minutes late!" Tommy was sure that had to be an exaggeration, but he wasn't going to argue. Tommy: "I'm sorry sir, I had to run to the bathroom, I usually do when I get off the bus, and there's not much time to squeeze that in between the bus ride and the start of class." Mustache: "The bathroom? I had expected a better excuse then that! if your bathroom habits are going to interfere with my class and the learning of my other students then that is an unacceptable problem! You need to find a solution that gets you to class on time, I won't have these interruptions every day any longer! It isn't fair to the other students! they didn't come here to watch you saunter in the door long after they've already gotten here and taken their seats!" Tommy felt completely berated, he felt bad that he might have had a negative impact on the other students. Tommy: "Yes sir, I'll figure something out, I promise." Mustache: "You better, cause if you're not here on time tomorrow then do not enter, I don't want that door opening after I've begun the class!" Tommy: "Yes sir I'll be on time I promise!" Professor Mustache waved Tommy off, seemingly dismissing him. Tommy turned and walked away, a slight crinkling as he did so, the professors ears perked up in the now otherwise totally empty and silent room, the sound stood out, he glared at Tommy's bum as he walked away, the gears turning in his head... Lunchtime eventually arrived and Tommy sat in his usual corner of the cafeteria, and began trying to eat his lunch, he found it much more difficult then he'd remembered, first his sandwich fell apart in his hands as he tried to smash them into his mouth, pieces and globs falling onto his shirt, then the mixed fruit he found he couldn't pinch it in his fingers without them slipping out, so instead he grabbed onto them in his palm mashing them with a full fist into his mouth, the juices getting all over his face, he wasn't sure why it was suddenly so difficult to feed himself, but he was sure making a mess out of it, the juice box was it's usual battle and eventually he finished lunch, with quite a bit of it on him instead of in him, his next class went fine and then the last class came, half-way through the last class he realized he had forgotten to use the bathroom, he usually forced himself to go to the rest room before this class because it was a long 90 minute class and even though he didn't usually feel the need when the class began he was always bursting by the end of it if he hadn't forced himself to empty out just before entering. Today he'd forgotten, the long 3-day break had broken his routine, the accident this morning and the pull-up had set his mind out of the rhythm as well, now he still had 45ish minutes left in the class and his bladder was rapidly filling with his lunchtime giant juice box. The last time he had tried to get up to go to the bathroom from this class it had drawn the professors attention, who in turn had put the whole classes attention onto Tommy, Tommy didn't want to go through that again, especially with all these food stains on his shirt he was aware of, he was embarrassed about it, so he stayed seated trying to make it to the end of class, it didn't take long for Tommy's bladder to overwhelm him and burst a flood into his pull up, he sat there holding still praying it would hold, and no one could tell he was peeing himself in class, he had held on as strong as he could, but he just lost control unexpectedly, he felt he was still clenching even as it flooded out of him, like his clenching just was no longer strong enough to stop the flood gates. Near as he could tell from his sitting position it seemed the pull up had held up, but it was definitely soaked, it felt sodden, it was much different then the diapers of yesterday, those didn't feel so sodden like this, they handled wettings much better, Tommy was a bit grossed out by how it felt, for just a moment he found himself wishing it was a diaper instead, so he wouldn't have to worry about any of this anymore. Tommy had to fart, he'd been ignoring it for a bit now, his bladder was his main focus and the gas wasn't worth even thinking about, he figured he could just ignore it, he couldn't just fart right now the class room was too quiet at this moment, but the pressure was building, I must be really gassy today Tommy thought, he was sure it wasn't poo, it didn't feel solid, it only felt like gas, but he'd been wrong before, he was scared to be wrong again, but the pressure couldn't be ignored forever, he just kept seated and tried to hold it, all these potty troubles was distracting him from the professor, he was missing things, and he knew it, he hated that this was costing him learning, he hated that he was feeling such discomfort in his bottom right now, suddenly a faculty member of the school popped their head in a side door down near the professor, the professor looked over asking: "what is it?" the faculty member waved the professor over seemingly wanting a word in private. professor longhair: "uhm class talk amongst yourselves while I step away to see what the lady requires of me, you should discuss what we just went over in that last chapter." Then the professor left the room. The class all took a breath of relief relaxing from the strain of their focus, and chatted it up with their friends some of them instead just focusing on their books, Tommy figured now was a good time to run to the bathroom to try and pee any that remained, as Tommy leaned forward to grab his bags and stand that was all the strain required for his bottom to open up and a large mass of mush rapidly filled up the back of his pull up, he hadn't even finished standing by the time it was all out of him already, his eyes opened wide bulging out of his head, he couldn't believe that had just happened, he thought 'I could have sworn it was just a fart! I hadn't even decided to fart it just came out! oh my god! I just pooped my pants in the middle of class!' Tommy sat right back down, plopping onto his butt, as if that would help hide what had happened, regretting it as he felt it squish against his bottom, he sat there stiff as a board back straight staring straight ahead lost in thought, what was happening to him, he pooped the bed and then his pants in the middle of class! Hmm, perhaps pooping the bed had prevented him fully emptying, he rationalized, maybe I should have forced myself to empty out more on the toilet once that diaper came off, maybe that's why this happened, I still had to poop this morning I didn't get it all out and now it's caught up to me. All the rationalizing didn't change the fact he was now stuck in class in a poopy wet pull up, he was terrified, what if someone smells that's it's coming from me, what if I leak! I should get out of here immediately! But Tommy was scared to move, he sat still thinking if that was really the best option for another minute or two, when he decided to go for it the moment he shifted to get up the professor re-entered the room and the room immediately went silent, damn! he was stuck now, he sat back down into his muck, wincing a bit, the professor apologized for the interruption and launched straight back into his lecture, Tommy had no choice but to stay put, luckily class was near over anyhow, it was only a few more minutes before the bell rang, Tommy stayed put busying himself with his notes until the students had all left, he wanted to file out last, so no one could get a look at his bottom which must be bulging now he assumed, if not worse, if the pull up leaked then it will be totally obvious what's occurred. He was terrified to find out, once he was last out the door and packed his bags and speed walked/waddled out of the room. He waddled to his bus stop trying not to think about the state of his pants, he couldn't go to the restroom he didn't have any more spare pull-ups on him, he would have to just waddle with his used pull-up until he got home, as he stood there waiting for the bus, it did not come, he realized with dread the bus must have already arrived a few minutes early today, and because he had waited to leave class last, he had missed it, he would have to wait for the next one, during the 15-minute wait his bladder confirmed his earlier suspicion that it had not fully emptied, it's urgency had returned, he was wiggling in place doing a little potty dance trying to hold it, he didn't want to miss another bus, and he certainly didn't want to try going to a potty to have to deal with a pull up that was already messy, he'd just try to make it home where David could help him out. As he saw the bus turn onto his street in the distance Tommy's anxiety peaked and his bladder once again let loose against his will, again he was clenching and it was flowing out all the same! The pull-up was no match for a second wetting, the peepee leaked out the pull-ups leg holes soaking his overalls making very obvious dark wet patches on the sides of his pull up, it not only made it obvious he'd wet himself, it also was pretty obvious that it was a leaky pull-up or diaper, anyone familiar with the pattern of diaper leaks would recognize the wetness on his pants as being just that, Tommy was quickly openly crying, but he sniffled it up and tried to stop the bawling as the bus came to a stop, he had no choice, he'd have to board like this, he got on the bus and flashed his pass hoping to make it by the driver unnoticed, the driver did notice, he grabbed Tommy's wrist and swung him back around to get a look at his pants, he glared at Tommy's pee stain for a minute, seemingly figuring out the matter at hand, his initially gruff approach softened, he must be thinking Tommy is special needs to be having a leaky diaper like this. driver: "You poor thing, here you stand right here by me and hold on tight to this rail OK big guy? don't sit down please? OK? I just want you to stand right there." This was just like the last time this happened, Tommy recognized the bus driver just didn't want Tommy getting pee on his seats, but Tommy was struck by the difference in demeanor, the last time Tommy had wet pants on the bus the driver had been rather mean about it, a real rough harsh tone. But this time the driver was being so gentle so kind, even forgiving, Tommy was really glad for that, he was OK with that, if this was the worst of it then it isn't so bad, Tommy was still breaking down on the inside for sure, but this had helped a great deal to make it easier to stifle those tears for the time being until he could get off the bus and out of sight of the public, Tommy simply nodded at the bus driver and grabbed the rail, thumb popping from his mouth as he did, he hadn't even realized he was suckling his thumb, as the bus driver had studied him, no wonder he was being talked down to, Tommy realized then that if sucking his thumb made people more gentle with him he might just wanna do it more often... Tommy held the hand rail and stared ahead as the bus moved on towards his home, planting the other thumb in his mouth and suckling away, at one point during the short bus ride he felt his bladder once again want some release, he didn't even bother to hold it this time, what's the point, the damage was already done, it wasn't much, but he let it out without difficulty, expanding the wet spots on his overalls as he did, the bus got to his stop, and he hopped off and ran for his door, he threw the door open and ran to David, he didn't even take his shoes off, he was bawling now, David was on the couch but stood as soon as he detected the commotion, he embraced Tommy in a hug and rubbed his back. David: "Whoa! Hey little guy what's the big deal? what happened? Tell me what happened please?" David hadn't seen the wet spot, Tommy had run up to hug him too quickly. Tommy half sobbed half screamed. Tommy: "I don't know what happened! I just couldn't stop it! It happened so quickly! and it got all over my pants and I couldn't help it! why! why can't I stop it!" David could smell him by this point, he understood Tommy had pooped himself, and as likely comes with poo probably wet himself too, David understood he must have leaked on his clothing at school. David: "Oh Tommy it's OK, I did say you might have an accident remember? Do you also remember I said it isn't your fault? I told you this morning do not be hard on yourself, don't let it make you sad, it isn't a big deal, it's OK, remember?" Tommy did vaguely remember that, but it's one thing to hear it and another thing to go through it. Tommy: "But people saw! The whole bus saw my wet pants and I just didn't want them to see!" David: "Don't worry Tommy they will never see you again OK? I'm gonna make sure of that!" Tommy was confused by this unexpected response, the confusion slowed his tears considerably, the reassurance of not seeing the bus people anymore sounded nice. Tommy: "huh? what? But how?" David: "Simple Tommy, I'll just drive you to school each day, and pick you up after, no big deal, I'm usually just sitting around here anyway, it's no sweat off my back." Tommy didn't want to burden David further, but he remembered David's prior words about how this stuff wasn't a burden to him, that he enjoyed doing things for Tommy, so Tommy dismissed the thought and simply accepted. Tommy: "That'd be great actually, thank you David." Tommy's sniffles had died off now, crisis averted, Tommy still felt ashamed, standing there in wet paw patrol overalls and a leaky pullup, but he was much better knowing he'd never see those bus people again. David: "Listen I like standing here hugging you too but I think we need to get you cleaned up before you get anything on my nice carpet. Also, we are gonna have to have a talk about shoes in the house..." Tommy realized he had forgotten to take his shoes off, fuck! he thought, what punishment is that rule going to bring next! Tommy: "What's the punishment for that?!" David: "Shh we don't have to talk about that now, let me get you cleaned up, and we'll talk about it later." David grabbed Tommy by the hand and led him to the bathroom, along the way Tommy asked. Tommy: "Oh ya, what about the mittens." Surprising himself that he didn't just keep quiet about getting away with not putting them on at the door. Though if he was honest with himself he might have to acknowledge that he'd come to like the mittens, he liked how it made David take closer care of him, he liked the extra love. David: "Ya you did forget that too but that's OK, I'll let that one slide just for a few minutes, I'd rather get you cleaned up first, we can get those on after the bath." Tommy felt good about that. Glad to hear that even though the mittens weren't on he was still getting a bath rather than a shower, and all the care and love that came with it. Once in the bathroom David got the bath running, he guided Tommy to the small padded vinyl changing table, David took Tommy's overalls off and made a showing of it's front and back to display the damage done to the pants, the wet spots had reached clear down to the knee on one leg, nearly half-way there on the other, David turned the pants around and Tommy's face went white, there was obvious poop stains on the butt, on both sides of the pull ups leg holes, it was clear from both the front and the back that he had a leaky diaper, and the back was leaking poop into his pants, Tommy had faced forward on the bus, standing at the very front, convinced he was hiding his wet pants from the rest of the bus behind him, but in reality he had been putting his poopy pants on display for all of them the whole ride. His eyes watered but he didn't let himself bawl. Tommy: "I'm glad I don't have to ride the bus anymore" was all he could say. David: "Well Tommy, it's OK, it's not your fault, but I think this means you need to wear diapers from now on." Tommy: "What!!! in the daytime! David I can't do that!" David: "Tommy what you can't do is keep your pants clean and dry! and that's OK, really it isn't a big deal, assuming you wear the diapers, without diapers this becomes a big deal, it makes a mess and it's a lot to clean, these pants are probably ruined, I doubt I can get these stains out, I loaned you my nephews overalls and now they are going in the trash, that won't happen with diapers, they keep it all contained so it never spoils your clothing, no one will know! it's OK! don't worry Tommy! you'll be OK!" Tommy: "Aw but David do I really have to? this was just a fluke I'm just still adjusting from the break you said it yourself!" David: "Yeah Tommy but this is more than just one little accident, this pull up is so over used it had to be more than one wetting, plus you pooped it, I hadn't even expected that one, plus tell me something, when you left today you were in jeans, so on top of what happened in this pull-up you must have also had a leaky accident in your jeans too right?" Tommy just blushed and nodded a gentle embarrassed nod. David: "That's what I thought, and to answer your other question of do you have to, yes actually you do, it's in the rules Tommy, people who wet or mess their pants in the daytime must wear diapers 24/7, you signed it in the contract. Don't worry Tommy this one isn't a punishment, it's just being practical, you'll see. Besides, think how nice it will be to not have to run to the bathroom all the time anymore!" Tommy suddenly remembered professor mustache's warning from today, if Tommy isn't on time tomorrow he won't be allowed into class, Tommy realized a diaper is exactly what he is going to need to do that... and so Tommy reluctantly stopped arguing. David sensed the acquiescence and moved on with the process, the whole time Tommy had just been standing there in only his used pull-up, accentuating his new status, David grabbed Tommy by the armpits and lifted him onto his mushy bottom on the table, then grabbed him by the chest and back and gently settled him down onto his back, taking care to make sure his head was set on the table gently, David tore the sides of the pull up apart, then pulled the front down like a diaper. He used baby wipes to wipe up everything he could to the best of his ability, then grabbed Tommy's ankles lifting them and his bottom up into the air, and proceeded to repeat the thorough wiping on Tommy's backside, his thighs his legs everywhere David could think of, he pulled the used pull up aside and took a wipe to the matt beneath Tommy before setting his bottom back down on it, he noticed Tommy was suckling his thumb, he'd put it in at some point during the process. David double bagged the pull up washed his hands then returned to Tommy, still laying on his back, nude, he grabbed Tommy by the armpits and lifted him back up to his feet, it's a good thing David was really strong, but David could tell Tommy was getting lighter, bit by bit. He grabbed Tommy's hand and pulled him to the tub, no more words were spoken from there, the process went as usual, Tommy felt like this was now ordinary, being bathed by David was not just normal now, it was something Tommy looked forward to, it was practically like getting a massage, a soapy watery massage. Once in the bedroom David led the boy, still suckling his thumb, over to the changing table, David grabbed Tommy's wrist and pulled his thumb out, inserting the pacifier in it's place. David then pulled out a clean pair of the mittens and the squishy balls, putting them into Tommy's palms he pulled the mittens onto his hands and fastened the strap at the wrist, he then went about diapering Tommy in the usual way, a thick overnight diaper a cloth contour cover and the locking pants over that. then he dressed Tommy in yet another new sleeper, this one did not have footies, this sleeper was green and had a hood, the hood of this sleeper had a froggy smile and froggy eyes sticking out of it, David was well stocked on sleepers some with attached footies some not, some with attached mittens some not, he had multiple varieties of all sizes, he found it easier to keep someone in a new sleeper each time rather then letting them realize that the same one was suddenly getting larger on them, David didn't want them realizing they were shrinking for as long as possible. This is one of the changes David had been making to Tommy's DNA, Tommy had arrived to this house at a stature of 5 foot 10 inches. At this stage Tommy was closer to 5 foot 5 inches, which David could tell thanks to the giraffe measuring him at his door frame every day. David had been injecting Tommy with DNA altering compounds in addition to the aforementioned reduction of pubic hair the alterations would also tell his body that it was not supposed to be so tall, that his height was supposed to max out at a much shorter height, the final result would be below 4 feet tall, but it would take a long time to get there, the process was just like how the body grew up, it came in growth spurts here and there, but in this case more like shrink spurts, the body had to break down the excess material which was making up the excess height a little at a time, and then reorganize everything necessary to accommodate those changes a little at a time before repeating the process a few more millimeters at a time, on and on day by day, just like how someone grows, just in reverse, David could accelerate the process if he wanted, but that would cause pain and discomfort, a process like this always has 'growing pains' and the slower you go at it the less noticeable those are. Random aches here and there, if David wanted he could shrink a person 2 feet in the span of a month but it would be very painful for them, the ache that you feel with a growing pain would be full body for them and it would be persistent, not short-lived, but rather constant. But this was a level of cruelty David had never yet stooped to, David didn't want to be cruel to anyone, in David's way he believed what he was doing for his tenants was love, he saw them as children growing up too fast, unprepared for the real world, needing a second chance, that they had grown arrogant in their ignorance and by turning them back into babies for just a time, they could readjust their perspectives and realize they were not smarter better or more prepared than anyone else, that they in fact need others, just as others will need them, but Tommy was a special case, day by day David had realized Tommy had anchored a hook into David's heart, that would never let go, David did not want to send Tommy out into the world like he eventually had to do for his prior tenants, David didn't think Tommy wanted to ever do that either, Tommy may not realize it yet but David knew that eventually Tommy would figure it out, he belonged as David's permanent lifelong baby, that was the happiest option for the both of them, David would help Tommy to figure it out, little by little. With Tommy dressed David got a serious look on his face. David: "OK Tommy, now, about what happened with your shoes, you came in the door and ran on the carpet without taking them off, that's a big no no." Tommy was still laying on his back on the changing table nursing his pacifier, his eyes got big as he realized he was in trouble again. David: "Now maybe you don't remember what you agreed to, so I'm going to remind you. The rule states: No shoes in the house, if you are caught wearing shoes in the house you will be forced to wear crawl booties for a week. Now I'm not sure if you know what those are, you never asked about it when you agreed to it, but let me show you." David pulled out what looked like house slippers, they looked just like the fabric that made up Tommy's mittens, same durable thickly padded untearable material, they covered all the way to the ankle where there was again a strap just like the one on the mittens, David let Tommy study them, David then pulled from inside the booty a fabric sole which had metal spikes sticking out of it! Tommy's heart leapt to his throat, and he got very nervous suddenly. David: "Don't worry, they aren't sharp, they may look it but they can't actually break the skin." David pressed the spikes into his own arm and pushed hard, he pulled away and there was no damage, just some depressions that quickly faded. He held the sole to Tommy's arm and pressed so Tommy could feel, they didn't hurt, their tips were rounded, not sharp. David: "These soles stay in the booties and you won't even feel them there, unless you stand on your feet, if you stand up then all your weight goes into the spikes, and they will hurt, they won't break the skin, there won't be any damage, but it is not comfortable, I doubt you could tolerate standing on them for more than a few seconds, it's kinda like walking on rocks barefoot, or gravel or something like that, it just hurts the sensitive feet. The point here is this, you will be forced to crawl for a week, these will leave you no choice, you will wear these and your mittens for the duration of the sentence, being stuck crawling is meant to teach you how to appreciate a clean carpet, if there is a stain or something dirty on the carpet you are going to be up close and intimate with it when crawling, if the carpet is clean the crawling is actually pleasant, this appreciation should reinforce in the future a motivation to never wear your shoes in the house again!" Tommy was less nervous now that he knew the spikes couldn't draw blood and truly harm him, but he was still somewhat nervous about this. David slipped the sole back into the booty spikes facing upwards pointing toward where Tommy's foot would soon be, and then David slipped the booties onto Tommy's feet, Tommy flinched for a moment expecting to be poked with spikes on his feet, but instead once in place it was actually comfortable, the booties were very soft, very padded, he liked the soft comfort they brought to his feet, and the spikes were barely noticeable, with no weight against them their rounded tips only gently rested against his skin, it even tickled a little bit. With a click and then another click David had securely locked the booties into place at the ankles, David grabbed Tommy under the arm pits and lifted him off the table and set him down, Tommy reflexively put his feet down to stand, forgetting that he wasn't supposed to be doing that. Immediately when his weight caught up to his feet the spikes pushed into his feet, and he buckled to his bottom on the floor, it wasn't very painful really just very uncomfortable, he even pondered if he might be able to try again he could probably walk a few steps if he gritted his teeth through it, but he didn't want to try, he wanted to avoid that discomfort, and so he sat there on his bottom, David looking down at him. David: "I know it's gonna take some getting used to, but you'll see, crawling isn't so bad, it's only for a week, now the stairs is a different animal you could try to scoot down on your bottom but take care not to put weight on your feet as you do, you might find it better to scoot down them backwards using your knees, it's up to you, I'm sure you'll figure it out." David turned to walk out leaving Tommy to his business Tommy: "Wait!" Tommy slurred around his pacifier, forgetting it was in his mouth, he spit it out, it dangled from the clip to his sleepers chest. David: "hmm? what's the matter? Want me to carry you? I will if you want." Tommy blushed, not only at the offer to be carried but at his realization he actually liked the sound of that. Tommy: "Uhm, well, maybe later." He said sarcastically as if joking, but it seemed both David and Tommy could tell he was actually considering it. Tommy: "But no, I need your help to do my homework." He said holding up his mittens. David: "Oh yes! Silly me, I forgot you students and your homework duties, OK where's your bag?" Tommy: "I left it downstairs by the door." David: "Well OK my good little boy you wait right here and I'll go get your bag." David left Tommy to his refreshed inner warmth and his thoughts, sat on the floor on his bottom. Tommy explored his booties, looking them over, even trying to slip them off, they would not come off, the ankle strap was locked in place with the same type of lock that was on his mittens, but the botties were indeed very soft and comfy, Tommy found himself really liking the way they felt. They were so padded he could probably kick the corner of the table with his toes and not feel a thing, Tommy suddenly realized he could smell paint again, he looked around the room wondering where it was coming from this time, he found the new painted characters, all along the bottom edge of the wall, they were more noticeable now that he was on the floor, they were all animal characters all baby versions and all wearing diapers, there was a kangaroo, a koala, a raccoon, a fox, a puppy dog, a cow, a piggy, a hippo, a panda, a froggy, a red panda, a couple monkeys, there was even some different types of dinosaurs, all smiling and playfully looking out at Tommy, and all of it looked professionally done, Tommy wasn't upset this time, he understood David just wanted to make the room more fun for his nephew next time he came around, Tommy was just impressed David had done all this while he was at school and done such a good job at it. Tommy then looked over to his computer and realized he needed to be there to do his homework, so for the first time in decades, Tommy got onto his hands, butt in the air, and crawled to his computers mini desk, then plopped his butt back onto the carpet. He hadn't had to crawl far, but still it made him blush crimson, how embarrassing, here he is dressed in double diapers, a froggy sleeper, booties and mittens, suckling a pacifier, and crawling around the carpet, he wondered how much was there left to separate him from an infant. At least infants don't have to do homework he supposed, and giggled a little at that, the joke relieving at least a little of his humiliation. David found the two bags, he opened the paw patrol backpack, preparing to clean it out and get it ready for tomorrows lunch, in there he found the baggy with Tommy's clothes of his first accident of the day, he merely tossed it in the garbage can, the kid could barely fit in those jeans anymore anyway and it was never going to be his style again either. David came back to the room to see Tommy had made it to his computer, a little disappointed he missed Tommy's first crawl, he made a mental note to check back the hidden camera footage later, so he could enjoy it at least that way. David sat down besides Tommy and pulled out what Tommy needed at his instruction, they sat together and went over his homework, David turning books to whatever page Tommy asked for, writing down for Tommy whatever needed written, googling or typing whatever Tommy needed done on his computer, and with Tommy sitting there doing nothing but reading and talking David did Tommy's homework for him, Tommy did the mental work and David did the physical, David found this fun, he enjoyed stealing glances at Tommy's babied state, Tommy was enjoying the closeness, the help he was getting, it made him feel loved to have someone helping him even in this bizarre circumstance. Eventually they completed Tommy's homework. David: "OK come on Tommy lets eat, I'll go get dinner going, shouldn't take long we still have left overs to eat, I'll just reheat them right now, and David left the room, David was anxious to see how Tommy chose to handle the stairs. Tommy didn't want to start crawling again, once David was out of the room Tommy decided to try standing again, the memory of how it had felt was somewhat faded now and walking was still his habit, it felt natural that he must stand and walk now, so he tried again, he couldn't get up, once he put one foot flat and tried to step onto it, it was too uncomfortable to get to standing, putting all his weight onto one foot was definitely out of the question, so he put his hands back out in front, butt up in the air and crawled over to his bed, he figured to try pulling himself up to standing with his bed frame, pouring his weight into it instead. Indeed, he did succeed this way in getting onto his feet, for a moment, the moment he let go of the bed and tried to take a step it was once again too much to tolerate against his foot and collapsed again onto his bottom, sighing in frustration he gave up trying before he hurt himself, collapsing to the floor had been a bit of a hard fall, he didn't want to keep doing that, and so he accepted, he'd have no choice but to crawl, humiliation be damned. Once again nursing his pacifier as he went, hands out in front of him, bottom up in the air he crawled to the door, and through it, then crawled to the stairs and looked down them. It's amazing how in a new position the stairs look so steep, so far down, but when standing and walking he bounds up and down them without even noticing them, how suddenly his face lower to the ground the stairs seem taller, he was nervous to try and get down them, but he was hungry, and could smell the food that had already been microwaved, Tommy didn't notice but David was watching from the bottom of the stairs, he was trying to stay out of sight and peer around the corner, he just had to witness this moment. It was too cute to miss. Sighing again, Tommy approached the stairs inch by inch, sitting on his bottom, he was scooting his bottom toward the top step, he now had his bottom sitting right on the top step, as he faced forward, this put his feet flat on the step below, the spikes were making their presence known, he hadn't put weight on them yet, but they seemed to be saying don't forget we are here, you better not increase your weight on us. Tommy wasn't sure how to do this, scooting his butt down a step usually meant momentarily having weight on the feet, so Tommy turned to his right and leaned onto his side, so instead his weight would be on his leg, Tommy tried to scoot down sideways like this, he made it down one step, then another, then he slipped and started sliding down the steps sideways, he slid a few steps before stopping himself, that was a bit painful, he knew now that going sideways was precarious, so he had to admit defeat yet again, that David was right, he'd have to go down backwards, Tommy put his right knee down on a step, and his other knee beside it, leaned forward and kept his mittened hands against the step at chest level, then slowly carefully lowered one knee down to the next step, then the other knee, then the mittens, he repeated this process until he made it to the bottom, it was a lot like climbing a ladder but in reverse and with knees instead of feet. David went and sat down in the dining table before Tommy could turn around and see him watching, David was quite pleased with the infantile display. Tommy looked over at the table and saw David, Tommy only had two options, ask David to carry him the handful of steps to the table or crawl in front of David, neither seemed like much of a choice, he was going to look like a baby either way, so he began crawling, David trying not to grin too widely just ate some of his own meal as he waited. When Tommy reached his chair, he could not get into it, that would require weight on his feet, he just glared over at David. David chuckled, then set his own meal aside and grabbed Tommy at the armpits and lifted him into his seat, David attached the rubber bib then went straight to feeding Tommy his meal, and his bottle. With the meal finished Tommy went to stand out of reflex, once again having forgotten about the booties, he of course immediately collapsed to his bottom when his weight hit the spikes, he groaned in frustration and went at crawling to the couch, David tried hard not to chuckle. David: "Careful there, you keep collapsing hard like that you might hurt yourself, probably better you just let me lift you from the chair next time OK sport?" Tommy didn't reply, he figured David was probably right about that, but he wasn't ready to admit another defeat even one so small and justified. Tommy simply crawled the rest of the way to the couch and climbed onto it, careful to keep weight off the soles of his feet, wrapping himself in his bwankie. He muttered quietly Tommy:"bwankie, I missed you, hold me." David finished his meal, cleaned up the table and dishes, and made a new warm bottle of milk for Tommy, having finished the one at dinner. David joined Tommy on the couch and held the boy while feeding him his bottle, Tommy enjoyed the moment, suckling while David watched TV, David flipped channels with his free hand, he occasionally would pause on something he liked, something mature, then flip some more than he'd pause on something childish, some cartoon or baby show, Tommy noticed he didn't care anymore about the mature programming, his interest only perked when it was childish shows or cartoons, before he had a chance to wonder too much about this he felt his bladder announcing itself, distracting him from his thoughts, he pondered about it only for a moment before accepting his only course of action available to him, he just let it go, he warmed his diaper while David continued feeding him his bottle, he blushed quite a bit but accepted it as his new normal for now, maybe one day he could figure out the cause of all this and get it back under control, but in the meantime he was willing to enjoy the love and care he got from David that came with the diapers. He zoned out on the cartoon David had finally settled on, when the bottle was finished David slipped Tommy's paci into Tommy's mouth, he took it and nursed away at it like an old pro, with zero hesitation. They spent the evening in this way, occasionally David would reach down and stick a finger in Tommy's diaper checking it's wetness, making sure he didn't need a change. Tommy felt awfully embarrassed about this but he also didn't want to be asked if he was wet, to have to admit it out loud was seemingly more embarrassing then just putting up with David checking for himself. After Tommy had wet the diaper and David had checked but not reacted Tommy came to understand that a wet diaper doesn't mean an immediate change, David was going to let him be wet as long as he wasn't near leaking point, so Tommy had no reason to worry about wetting causing a change to occur, instead he could wet freely and the changes would only come at roughly the same time whether he was holding on to discomfort or not, which made it pointless to hold onto it, in other words, if you wet 3 big wettings in 4 hours, and get a change, it's no different timing wise if you wet 10 small wettings in 4 hours and get a change. Considering this line of thinking Tommy decided to stop holding it in, having an empty bladder felt so much better, so he decided he would just try to keep it empty if he could, there was no reason to hold it anymore. David had already intended to always leave the TV on children's programming for Tommy, to get him used to it, to get him fully familiarized with it, and thus invested in it, today David was switching channels as a test, he wanted to see if Tommy still held any interest at all for the other mature shows, he could tell by his reactions that he did not, he just wanted his baby shows now, David was very pleased with Tommy's progress, after tonight the TV would be reprogrammed, David would rig it to only show children's programming, Tommy would never see any of those other shows ever again, David had a suspicion that Tommy won't even notice their absence anymore. David had total control over what the television showed, he had a programmer friend redesign his TV, so he could access it's backend through his smartphone, and instruct it what shows to display at what times on what channels, David made sure the television still appeared to be showing cable, even though it was really all preprogrammed, he could of course with a password reconnect to the cable, but as long as Tommy was around he would keep the TV to carefully managed programming he had hand picked, he would set up marathons of whatever shows he wanted Tommy watching for the day, and he made it all look natural, he'd slip commercials in between episodes and have the usual intro and outro during the show breaks etc, everything looked like it was just ordinary cable. The commercials were also handpicked, David would often put toy commercials and diaper commercials, and anything else he could think of that would help show Tommy the pleasantness of baby life. Bedtime arrived and David stood up, turned the TV off, and pulled the blanket off Tommy who merely whined a little. Tommy: "My bwankie." Tommy blushed a little at having admitted out loud that he'd been calling it his bwankie, David of course did not flinch at this, acted like it was totally normal, David folded the bwankie and set it aside, then he picked Tommy up, holding him in a hug with Tommy's legs crossed around David's waist, David supported Tommy's squishy bottom with his right hand, holding Tommy's back with his left hand, and carried him upstairs, Tommy could feel the squish of his diaper against David's abdomen the whole time, David took Tommy through the routine, once in the bathroom he first removed Tommy's booties sleeper diaper etc, then had bath time, new bottle for Tommy's bedtime diapering, fresh mittens, fresh booties, fresh sleeper this one had a hood with a raccoon face eyes and ears and the coloring of the sleeper looked just like a raccoon too, David carried him to bed, tucking him in, feeding him the rest of the bottle even past him falling asleep, and inserting the paci into his mouth and leaving the room. That night David decided it was time to revamp his ocean whispers, Tommy had shown he was very readily accepting them, they no longer needed to be as carefully worded, David figured he could start being more direct and simple with Tommy's suggestions, many things Tommy had taken into his personality by now to such a degree David felt they could be removed from the whispers. For example, Tommy clearly loved his cartoons, David doubted that would change even with the suggestion removed, so he rewrote the whole operation focusing on the things he felt still needed some reinforcement, and some new things. The whispers would now be: "When I feel an emotion I will let it out. It's OK to cry. Whenever I feel upset I will cry freely. Crying is a good thing, it gets all the bad feelings out. I love my warm bottles. I love drinking them no matter where I am. I don't care if anyone see's me. I love being fed my food. I cannot feed myself. I always make a mess with food. I love my diapers. I love letting all discomfort go. I will never hold onto discomfort again. When I feel pressure in my bottom I will always puuuush it out no matter where I am. Whenever I feel pressure in my bladder I will let it go, no matter what. My diapers will always protect me. I love my bwankie. I want to always have my bwankie with me. I love when Daadaa dresses me. I love the things he dresses me in. I love my mittens. I love my booties. I love my pacifier. I love crawling. I will always keep my pacifier with me and use it whenever I want. I have no problem doing this, no matter what. Whenever I do any of these things I know I am a good boy. When I am a good boy I feel warmth and love swell up inside me. It starts in my belly and flows into my chest and through my arms and legs until my whole body is filled with warmth and love. I love being a good boy." Tommy dreamed deeply, his dreams were peaceful and content, there was no nightmare event, no difficult moment. When Tommy awoke, he was still nursing his pacifier, he tried to stand up, forgetting for a moment about the booties, and once again he collapsed to the floor onto his bottom, which squished significantly, he realized then that he was poopy, he had yet again pooped in the night, and now Tommy had fallen onto it in his haste to get out of bed, the shock of his hard landing coupled with the shock of being poopy yet again was too much for his groggy mind, and he started bawling like a baby, he hadn't bawled so freely and openly in many years. David came running into the room having heard the bang of Tommy's fall and the crying over the baby monitor, he found Tommy on the floor by his bed. David: "Oh Tommy! Did you fall out of bed again?! I remember you did that when you first got here too! We need to do something about that I think." Tommy was too busy crying to pay attention, he didn't care if David mistook his fall to the floor as being from the bed, it didn't matter, either way he'd hit the floor and it had hurt, and smooshed his mess, both of those are what bothered him. David held the boy and shushed him, rubbing Tommy's back as he did so, Tommy settled down pretty quickly as he woke up more and realized how pathetic he must look bawling on the floor like this, he wasn't sure why he cried so readily from that, it was just too much too soon after waking up so recently. With Tommy's sniffles died off, David picked up Tommy and carried him down the stairs, supporting his squishy bottom beneath his arm, Tommy's legs wrapped around David's waist, David set Tommy in a chair at the table and went straight into feeding him left overs. Tommy's eyes were still red from crying, and he still had a sniffle or two, but he was feeling better. Tommy: "Will these left overs ever end!" David: "Well hey there, glad to see you're feeling better, don't worry there's not much left, we'll probably be done with them at dinner tonight." David fed Tommy his food and his bottle then before Tommy could try to get up he grabbed him and carried him to the bath, they did the usual routine and brought Tommy clean and dried to his room, David carried him the whole way, laying him down on the changing table, he went about diapering him for the day, he put him in the same combo, an extra thick overnight diaper, a cloth contour cover, and the locking plastic pants, Tommy wasn't even really paying attention, just nursing his pacifier and staring at the ceiling lost in thought. David pulled a new shirt over Tommy's head, grabbed his wrists and fed them through the arms on his own one at a time, not even bothering to ask Tommy to help at all. There were some snaps at the crotch as Tommy was buttoned into what turned out to be a onesie, he was still too lost in thought to notice, the onesie had a white background with paw patrol characters and motifs related to the show all over it. David then pulled out a pair of shortalls, and pulled them up Tommy's legs, pulled the straps around Tommy's sides and over his shoulders adjusting their length to fit snug then buckled the straps to the bib, the shortalls were a baby blue color with even more paw patrol characters all over it, made of a dense sturdy weave of 100% cotton. David grabbed the clip end of the strap that holds Tommy's pacifier still in his mouth being nursed, and clipped it to the shortalls. David picked Tommy up off the table and set him down on the carpet, when Tommy's feet touched the ground he reflexively picked his feet up so his bottom would take the weight instead, it seemed his crawl training was going well, his reflex of standing was becoming a reflex of sitting and crawling. David: "OK my good boy, time to go to school, you grab your bag and meet me in the kitchen, I'm gonna go clean up the dishes and get your lunch out." Tommy snapped out of his thoughts, mostly daydreams of things he was already forgetting what they were. He looked around at himself on the floor, David walking out of the room, he looked over to his bags by his computer, contents strewn about, he had to get going he recalled, he crawled over to the bag, with much less reservation then he had the day before, and began struggling to put things back into the bags, the mittens made it tough. Eventually he pouted a bit and called for David. Tommy: "Daaadvid?! I need halp!" he slurred around his pacifier. Tommy sat still staring at his helpless hands and waited, he'd admitted defeat to himself, he couldn't do it. Hearing the call from the baby monitor, moments later David came back to the room. David: "What's the problem little tyke?" Tommy: "I can't get my things in the bag with these mittens!" David: "Hmm, yes we probably should have cleaned that up last night, alright I'll help you little guy." David went over and cleaned up the items putting them away into Tommy's backpack, it took him maybe 10 seconds. To do what Tommy failed at for many minutes. David: "OK now, come on Tommy, I'll carry your bag down for you, meet me in the kitchen." Tommy had really been hoping he'd get carried some more, but with the bag/backpack he supposed that was a bit too much weight all together. Tommy followed after David crawling along the carpet, David was right Tommy thought/mused, crawling really does make me appreciate a clean carpet, Tommy had been staring at the carpet really closely out of necessity whenever he crawled, he was appreciating it's total lack of stains or crumbs or hair clumps or any of the usual dirty gross things you might see in a dirty house with a carpet. Tommy approached the stairs and having learned his lesson yesterday, he turned around at the top step, and went down the stairs on all fours, one knee at a time. His little bottom wiggling all the way as he did so, at the bottom he crawled to the kitchen and then sat on his bottom to look up at David, David was in the process of packing Tommy's lunch into his paw patrol backpack, David zipped it up and carried it over to the front door, he set it there then also got the diaper bag out of the closet and carried that over setting it next to the backpacks. David: "OK Tommy come over here lets get your shoes on." Tommy wondered/thought 'why the hell did David tell me to come to the kitchen if he wanted me at the front door!' David just wanted to make him crawl more, he loved seeing it, and wanted to acclimate him to it as much as possible, he wanted him to miss being carried though too, which is why he'd carried him so much last night, Tommy was getting familiar with the advantages of being carried, by being shown both experiences intermixed. Tommy resumed crawling to the door without complaining out loud, he got there and plopped back onto his bottom, legs splayed out in front of him. David kneeled down with his key and unlocked Tommy's booties, taking them off and setting them to the side, he then slipped some new socks onto Tommy's feet, then David pulled out from the shoe stand something new, brand-new sneakers! David: "Here you go Tommy, I bought these for you yesterday when you were at school, it's a good thing too cause your old ones smelled like pee after yesterday, so I threw them out." Tommy was thrilled! he hated those old shoes, they were great when they were new but that was so many years ago, they had become old, I'll-fitting, pee smelling, plain looking, dirty shoes! Their time was due, Tommy was happy to get some new shoes. Then Tommy looked at the new shoes as they were being slipped onto his feet by David, Tommy still had the mittens on so couldn't put them on himself anyway, he didn't know why David didn't just first take the mittens off, but he didn't mind, he'd started to really like the mittens they were so soft and comfortable. Looking at the shoes he saw they had paw patrol characters on the side! they were blue and green with a bit of other colors splattered here and there, they looked like toddler shoes! they were toddler shoes! Just sized to fit him! as he thought this David fastened the first shoe and Tommy then realized they were Velcro shoes, he hadn't any laces, it was just two Velcro straps on each shoe! Tommy: "David thanks for buying me new shoes but why are they so childish?" David: "Do you not like them? I can take them back if you want something more boring! I just know you like that show and figured you'd like some shoes that were more fun then those plain old nasty ones you just got out of." As he said this David was just finishing up fastening the second shoe into place, with both shoes in place it was done, Tommy was wearing them. It was only now as Tommy looked over the new shoes on his feet that he got a look at the socks and realized they too were colorfull and covered in paw patrol pups. Tommy: "Well, I guess I do have to admit I like that show, and I do like the colors." David: "Then what's the problem? don't tell me you're embarrassed! Look Tommy, you need to live your life for yourself, not trying to please the surrounding strangers! that never works, people don't care what you're wearing! they aren't gonna be happier because you made some miserable boring choice! Live free, live happy, enjoy the things you wear! It won't make a difference to anyone OK? Just wear them today OK? if you don't like them by the time you come home we'll figure something else out." Tommy: "No you're right, I'm just being fearful, it's OK I like them, thank you David, they fit great too!" David had to go down a couple shoe sizes to get the right fit, Tommy's feet were not as big as they used to be. Tommy didn't even realize he was still sitting on his bottom on the carpet even though the booties were off, and he could stand now, he'd gotten used to it. David grabbed Tommy's wrist and took the key to it, freeing the mittens and removing them, he set them by the booties, then grabbed Tommy's hands and lifted him to his feet, Tommy winced the moment he put his weight down, expecting the slightly painful extremely uncomfortable spikes, they of course were removed, but it shows his habit training was having some effect, he was beginning to reflexively expect the need to crawl, if only he didn't have to walk around college he could be kept to the training 24/7! David thought. For the first time Tommy looked down, at first to see his shoes, and how they looked on him, and his socks and how they were plainly visible, the legs of his clothing stopped well above the sock line, just above the knees, then he noticed what he was wearing, he had no idea why he hadn't noticed sooner, Tommy thought 'these are shortalls! and they look so babyish! they are cotton and baby blue with paw patrol all over them! The t-shirt too!' Tommy grabbed the t-shirt and tried pulling it up to see the bottom of it but it was buried and stuck, tugging at his crotch, he pulled an arm into the shortalls and explored what it was stuck on, he found the buttons and realized it was a babies onesie! David was enjoying this realization that was hitting Tommy, he had dressed Tommy in this without him even paying attention and all this time Tommy had no idea what he was wearing until now, the fact it took so long just showed so much trust and acceptance that Tommy now held for what David would dress him in or do with him. Tommy: "Uhhhhhh David this is baby clothes! These are cotton shortalls! this is a onesie! there's paw patrol motifs all over these!" David: "Now Tommy we did just have a discussion about not letting others scare you out of wearing what you want, that's number 1, number 2 you have to wear the onesie cause it will help hold up the diaper as you walk around all day, that's why babies wear them it isn't cause it's made for babies, it's made for diapers, and you have to wear diapers now, remember the bus ride yesterday?, number 3, your jeans from yesterday were ruined, they had to be thrown in the trash, and so were the overalls, they'd both been ruined, and let's be honest they didn't fit you well anyway, they weren't the right size, this is the right size, it fits you great and I think you look super cute in it, I think it makes you look like a really good boy! and besides all that you're gonna be late if we don't go right now so there's no time to change anyway, we can consider something different tomorrow OK? now lets get going!" Tommy had momentarily wanted to refuse to wear this, but now he was distracted by the feelings of being called a good boy, and also upon hearing he'd be late he remembered what professor mustache had told him, he can't be late today, he has to get there on time, and before he could swallow his pride on this fact David had already grabbed his hand and pulled him outside through the front door, they walked around to the garage where the door was already open, David still holding Tommy's hand guided him to the rear passenger side and opened the door, Tommy climbed in and sat down, this was the first time Tommy had seen David's vehicle, he'd never seen anything like it, it was a massive SUV with lots of room, it looked like it could hold two rows of rear seats but instead it seemed modified, to just put the one rear row further back from the front, so there was more leg room, Tommy could stretch his legs all the way in front of him and not hit anything, while he was taking this in David pulled a seat belt over Tommy's left shoulder and buckled it at Tommy's chest, then David pulled a belt over Tommy's right shoulder and buckled it too, then he buckled these two belts in a buckle at Tommy's crotch, Tommy was confused at all the buckling, David adjusted the straps pulling them all tight and snug so Tommy could not wiggle out of them, Tommy realized it was a 5 point seat belt, like one seen in a babies car seat! Tommy: "Why all the extra belts! isn't that just for babies!" David: "No it's not just for babies! it's also for race car drivers! and it's just to make sure you stay safe, your belts can protect you a lot better that way." Tommy felt the usual confliction of being cared for and loved and embarrassed at being treated like a baby, but as he looked down at the seat belt and saw the babyish clothing that it held against him he figured it was fitting to be treated the way he was dressed, David had made his way to the driver seat started up and pulled out, closing the garage door with a button embedded into the vehicles ceiling, David floored it wanting to make sure Tommy was not late. Tommy: "Hey why am I sitting back here anyway? How come I'm not riding shotgun?" David: "Little guys like you have to sit in the back, you're just safer back there, besides this way I can see you in the rear view mirror and talk to you better!" Tommy wasn't sure that made as much sense as David thought it did, but he didn't want to argue since it was David's vehicle it was David's right to choose who sits where anyhow, Tommy figured this was probably just more holdover behavior from David's days of caring for his nephew. They pulled up to the school and Tommy unbuckled his seat belt, or he tried, it wouldn't come loose, the buckle refused to give way, David was already coming round, David opened the door, reached in and grabbed the buckle, unbuckling it in a second like magic. Tommy: "How come I couldn't unbuckle it?" David: "The buckle has a secret trick to keep little boys from being naughty." Tommy wanted to inquire more, but he was gonna be late, so he ran off after first grabbing his backpack and paw patrol lunch pack. David shouted after him: "if you need a change just call me!" Tommy wanted to melt into the earth! that was so embarrassing, couldn't David just text that! it's a good thing Tommy was already running away he couldn't bare to stick around and see who overheard that shout. Tommy ran straight to class, skipping the bathroom for once, he entered the room and it was empty, he stopped wondering if he got lost, he looked at his phone and saw he was ten minutes early! All this rushing, and he hadn't even checked the time he just kept assuming he was cutting it close cause he was always cutting it close, having David drive him and having David dress him and bath him and skipping the bathroom visit all that had somehow made him ten minutes early instead of late! Well, at least his professor couldn't complain about that! So Tommy took his usual seat and got his materials out and simply waited, as he waited he noticed his bladders usual urgency at this time was present, he hadn't noticed it before in all his rushing but now that he was sitting still waiting for class it was undeniable, he decided why bother holding it, with diapers on I can't use the restroom, so either I do it now or I'll have to do it later during class with people around me, and so he let it go. the flood burst into his diaper with ease, it was as though he was a pro at it, he sat in his seat and held still and just let it happen, the diaper swelled and soaked it all up without issue, once his bladder was empty he reached down and felt around the shortalls checking for leaks, there were none but in his exploring he found buttons down there on the shortalls in the crotch, he realized those where there for easy diaper changes, just like babies had, these really were baby clothes, where did David even get these, Tommy turned his head to the class room to see if anyone had arrived yet and in so doing felt his hand turn with his head, realizing he had at some point started suckling his thumb again. He pulled his thumb out and put in his pacifier, which had been dangling from his shortalls this whole time, this pacifier was a dark blue with no prints on it, just a solid dark blue color, Tommy appreciated this and hoped this would help it be less visible. Tommy decided his pacifier would be less noticeable then his thumb, and he couldn't keep his thumb out without the pacifier, so the pacifier was therefore necessary, he rationalized. He nursed his pacifier feeling like a good boy for doing what he was supposed to, feeling the warmth flowing through his body, relaxing him, easing his fears, dwindling his anxieties, soothing him thoroughly all throughout. The students all began to file in, most of them not even looking Tommy's way, the few who did had a look of pity on their face, but otherwise minded their own business, Tommy tried not to pay any attention to them, the professor came in and saw Tommy right away, like he'd been looking for him, at first he seemed pleased he was there on time, then he saw the pacifier and paused, his smile faded, he seemed lost in thought for a moment, but he didn't comment, he merely got on with teaching the class. At the ring of the bell he once again called Tommy up, Tommy again waited until the other students had left then waddled up to the professor still furiously suckling at his pacifier. Professor mustache: "Tommy! I'm glad you were on time to class, I trust you found a solution to your... bathroom troubles.." The professor glanced down at Tommy's bubble crotch as he said this. Tommy blushed, and simply nodded his head a yes. Professor mustache: "Right... Tommy, it's come to my attention you have some special needs, am I right?" Tommy: "huh? what you mean?" Professor: "uhm, well Tommy, for example you are sucking a pacifier right now, is that not a special need? Or are you saying you do that for no real legitimate reason?" Tommy: "oh, uh, ya, it's a needs" Professor mustache: "Right, OK and I take it that's not your only need?" Tommy: "I guess it's not, no....." Tommy's blush grew stronger as he saw the professor again ogling his padded crotch. Professor: "Right, please don't allow yourself to become a distraction to the rest of the class, that's all I can ask of you, if you need any special accommodations let me know and I'll try to help, if you would like a private room where you can change yourself during the day I will make my office available to you, it has a lock on the door you can use, I ask that if you happen to.... The professor hesitated, unsure how to word this. Professor mustache: "Ahem, if you happen to... have an accident of the smelly variety then please exit my class to change immediately. I do not want the students distracted by a stinky bottom! You can go to my office and change yourself right away, I'll try to make a note to catch you up on anything you missed after class. Tommy's face was pale, he was blushing white, how did the professor know! how'd he know that he needs diapers and poops them! was word getting around or was the professor just assuming based on the clothing?! Tommy: "OK, yes sir, sorry sir." Professor mustache: "Tommy, you don't need to be sorry, I understand you special needs cases can't help being who you are, it's OK. Just please work with me in what I've asked of you, thank you." The professor waved Tommy off, Tommy turned and waddled out the class room, taking a deep breath when he got outside, he wasn't sure how much more humiliation he could take. There wasn't anymore events before lunchtime, at lunch Tommy got a text on his phone from David David: "Do you need a change? I can come by if you do." Tommy replied: "I think I'm OK, it's only a little wet." David replied: "OK well how bout we eat lunch together at least? You can meet me where I dropped you, I'm sure I can get there before you can." Tommy thought about it, and decided he'd very much like David's company over the cafeteria of strangers, so he agreed. True to his word David was there waiting in his SUV when Tommy got there, as Tommy got to the car he grabbed Tommy's hand and walked him to the back of the SUV, Tommy didn't even question things at this point, why bother, David always had reasons and always won in the end, he just let himself be taken to the back. David opened the rear hatch of the SUV, the hatch lifted upwards, the diaper bag was sitting back here, David lifted Tommy by the armpits and set him onto his bottom in the back, David turned and hit a button on his tailgate/hatch, suddenly a curtain emerged from the edge of the hatch draping itself almost to the ground, they had privacy, no one could see them now, the rear cargo space was pretty roomy, owing to that third row being removed, the floor seemed padded, like it had some aftermarket alterations to make it much softer, Tommy figured he could probably sleep back here comfortably, David climbed aboard next to Tommy, David sitting cross-legged and Tommy sitting with his legs out in front of him, as he'd become accustomed to do now thanks to his crawl training, David grabbed Tommy's paw patrol backpack and pulled Tommy's lunch out. David: "So anything interesting happen today?" David always asked how school went when Tommy got home, but this was a new experience to be asked half-way through the day, usually Tommy would just recount things they'd studied and gossip and such, but this time Tommy blushed as he recalled what his first professor of the day had said to him, so he told David as David was unpacking and opening Tommy's lunch. Tommy: "My professor told me I could change my diapers in his office.... I don't even know how he knew! I wasn't poopy or leaking I swear! he must have just assumed cause I look like a baby that I must poop myself, he even told me that if I have a poopy diaper I need to leave the class and change in his office right away anytime it happens." As if to accentuate the charge that Tommy was baby like, right then David pulled from Tommy's paw patrol bag a big warm bottle of milk, Tommy didn't even know that had been in there. the bottle was kept in a separate pocket from the other food so the temperatures didn't mix. Tommy: "What? a bottle? no more juice boxes?" David: "I just figured you liked these better, is that OK? Or do you want to go back to juice boxes? Look it's still warm, I've got this device that slips onto it that keeps it warm using battery power." David pointed to a device wrapped around the bottle much like a koozie but with an attachment and made of a different material, the attachment was where the heat was being generated it looked like it held at least 2 D batteries in it. Tommy reached out and felt the bottle sure enough it was just as warm as the ones at home were, his mouth was watering at the thought of it. David saw the look of wanting and took that for an answer, David proceeded to feed Tommy his lunch, Tommy was so used to being fed he didn't complain or move to do anything but sit there and open his mouth chew and swallow, it didn't occur to him that he had no mittens on, and could feed himself, though after yesterday perhaps he knew better than to try that or else make a mess of his new clothes, David put the rubber bib on Tommy and fed him quickly and in much quicker time then Tommy could have managed, all the food and half the bottle was down Tommy's belly, with no spills, David got out a baby wipe and wiped off Tommy's face, Tommy stil wasn't used to that experience, but he rationalized it was no different then using a napkin to wipe ones face, and David was just still in the mode of doing things for him, which he didn't want to end even if it meant putting up with odd moves like that. David moved into position to lean back into the corner of the wall and rear seat, he grabbed Tommy's hand and pulled him over letting him rest up against David's chest, Tommy knew this was a bottle feeding he'd gotten used to the position, David grabbed Tommy's bottle and fed him what was left of it, Tommy nursed, and they sat there, being close. David: "Your professor actually sounds pretty kind, even if they don't seem like it, some professors can be pretty mean about even stupid stuff, but yours sounds like they are trying really hard to accept you, I think you should thank them for that, maybe make them a card saying thank you! We can do it together this weekend!" Tommy didn't respond just quietly kept nursing his bottle, lost in the warmth it filled him with, not just cause it is itself warm, but also because drinking it meant he was a good boy, and he knew this thoroughly. As the boy nursed David decided David: "You know Tommy I think we really should change your diaper, I know you said it's only a little wet but there's no harm putting a dry one on you, you don't wanna get a risk of diaper rash I'm sure, besides this way your diaper can hold even more from here on. Again Tommy didn't want to respond, he just wanted to keep nursing his bottle, he didn't much care about anything else when the nipple was in his mouth, he just loved to focus all his attention on the warmth it filled him with. David grabbed Tommy's hands and guided them to the bottle, so he could hold it himself, then David got out of the back of the SUV, he pulled a change mat out of the diaper bag and set it out, he grabbed Tommy's ankles and dragged the boy over onto the mat, Tommy fell flat onto his back in the process against the soft padded flooring, Tommy didn't care he just kept nursing his bottle, nothing could bother him right now. David popped open the snaps of Tommy's shortalls pulling it open up to Tommy's chest, then unsnapped the onesie and pulled it open as well, then unlocked the vinyl pants and pulled them off setting them aside, David unvelcroed the cloth diaper and pulled it out taking a close look at it, he felt it all over and declared it totally dry, Tommy hadn't leaked a drop, Tommy was still just drinking his bottle, something about the cold air on Tommy's thighs triggered urgency, and so he freely released and wet his diaper while it was on display to David, David was just noticing this when suddenly there was a knocking on the side of the SUV, the sidewalk side, and a face popped through the curtain, Tommy didn't seem to hear or notice anything, just nursing his bottle, David looked at the face. David: "Can I help you?!" Security Guard: "Hey sir campus security here, you're parked in a noooo, uhh, a noo, UUHHH..." The guard trailed off upon seeing the boy drinking the bottle with his wet diaper on display. David: "Oh a no parking zone? I'm so sorry I didn't realize, I just needed to change my babies diaper real fast then I'll move right away, is that OK?" The guard snapped his attention back to David: Guard: "Oh, ya, uh, sorry, ya that's OK, just hurry up please, and find a parking stall to use next time." The guard quickly walked off, seemingly more embarrassed then anyone. David simply resumed the diaper change. David: "Maybe I should make the curtain electric so if people touch it they get a shock before opening it rather than after!" Tommy was still lost in his bottle. David untapped Tommy's diaper and took baby wipes to all the pee, cleaning Tommy's skin completely and thoroughly, he had Tommy lift his bum while he wiped the rear area and swapped the used diaper for a new one from the diaper bag, this one had a different look, it was white background with farm animals on it, there was a horse, a sheep, a pig, a cow, etc, and it was even thicker than the overnight diapers, Tommy had gotten used to those by now, David felt he could upgrade without Tommy complaining at this stage. Indeed Tommy didn't notice, still nursing away, David generously powdered Tommy's rump and crotch, pulled the diaper up the front and secured it with the Velcro tabs, the cloth contour diaper was still clean and dry, so he put that back under Tommy and pulled it's front up, then secured it with it's Velcro fasteners also, then he slid the locking vinyl back into place and tightened the chain before securing the lock with a click, he buttoned Tommy's onesie and then shortalls back up and turned to ball up then bag the used diaper. He pulled the change pad out from under Tommy and folded it up, repacked the diaper bag and rejoined Tommy in the back, getting back into position to hold Tommy's bottle, Tommy had really been going at it so there wasn't much left, it was finished quickly and Tommy was then picked up and held in a hug, as David patted his back, a few pats later Tommy belched suddenly and unexpectedly, his usual feeling of being bloated after a bottle instantly went away, he had no idea it was just a burp all this time he'd been tolerating that feeling, now he knew he didn't have to. David: "So Tommy was that so bad? You got a fresh diaper now!" Tommy had been so out of it he hadn't hardly paid attention, now that his bottle was done he started replaying the last few minutes, David really had just changed his diaper right here in the driveway besides the school in broad daylight, and it took him no time at all, the diaper felt like it fit just fine he did a pro job at it even in this circumstance, and no one had seen because of the awesome curtain mod, OH MY GOD! BUT THE GUARD! he hadn't even thought about that damn guard! Someone had seen! Tommy's face went pale again. Tommy: "The guard! he saw!" David: "He didn't see anything bad, just a baby getting a diaper change, I'm sure he's seen it before, don't worry Tommy, it's OK." Tommy: "Wait I'm not a baby!" Tommy felt like he'd just told a lie, it was a bizarre feeling to say something that was both true and a lie at the same time. Like a paradox in the sub/conscious. David: "Maybe not, Tommy, but he doesn't know that, from his perspective he merely saw a baby getting a diaper change, it didn't look any different to him." Tommy: "But I'm bigger!" David: "Remember what I said before? There are plenty of bigger babies out there even many on this very campus, don't worry, everything is fine, I'll make sure to park somewhere better next time OK? besides, have you ever seen that guard before? Tommy: "No." David: "I didn't think so, and I'm sure you'll probably never see him again, even if you do he won't remember, so be a good boy and don't worry!" Tommy writhed a little and stretched, accepting the suggestion, Tommy was so distracted by all this he never even realized he had been burped like a baby, the two of them cuddled for a bit Tommy resting his head on David's chest, David looked at his watch. David: "When's your next class?" Tommy looked at David's watch. Tommy: "Oh no! Ill be late!" Tommy hopped out of the back and ran off! with a bigger waddle then usual now that his disposable was upgraded to a thicker brand. David just shook his head smirking, he pushed a button which sucked the curtain back into the gate, he shut the gate, then he climbed into the driver seat and left. Tommy ran straight to class, his stomach sloshing the whole way, he got there late, by a few minutes, this professor didn't seem to notice or perhaps just didn't care, class went fine, midway through Tommy found his thumb is his mouth and swapped it for his paci, he kept his paci in the rest of the day, in the last class of the day Tommy wet his diaper, when the urge struck he just let it go without much thought, then about 20 minutes until end of class he leaned forward to puuuush out his discomfort, as though it was only a fart, and filled the seat of his diaper with muck, it was only as he sat back that he felt it and realized, he tried to ignore it but was extra nervous of someone smelling it, especially after the warnings from this mornings professor mustache. "Ew." Tommy heard someone say, he didn't know who, or if they meant him. "That's so gross." He heard someone else say, his fears were being realized, he started sweating. "How could they just do that?" His breathing quickened, he was getting light-headed, he was having a panic attack, he had to get out of there, he slammed his items into his backpack and ran out the class room! Only a couple students even noticed him leave, the comments had been directed towards something they were seeing in their workbook, no one had smelled Tommy, his cloth diaper cover plus the vinyl pants plus the onesie all combined to be effective at holding smells in, only someone in close proximity might smell his poopy diaper. but he always sat at a distance from people when he could help it. Besides that, no one ever wanted to sit next to the thumb/pacifier sucking special needs kid. But Tommy didn't stick around long enough to find out that his stink had not been discovered, he was running, he didn't know where, he wasn't sure where to go, he hadn't thought that out, he just ran through the halls, he went in the direction through the center of campus, he was running to areas he didn't know, hoping to find some escape room he hadn't seen before, he reached the end of a hall and opened a door and was outside, just across some grass and sidewalks there were trees, some kind of forest/park, he bolted for it, there he could hide, one sidewalk entered the forest and turned into a trail, he followed it for many minutes before breaking off the trail into the wild, after struggling through bushes he found a nice spot he could sit and think, he plopped onto his butt and the squish reminded him the whole reason he was out here, he'd pooped himself in class, yet again, this time in a diaper, like a baby, he realized he was still suckling his pacifier, this whole time, even when he'd pooped it was in his mouth, he grabbed it and yanked it off his shirt and threw it away, or he meant too, but as his arm reached zenith he couldn't open his grip, he couldn't bare to let go and throw it, despite his anger at everything he still felt like it was his friend, and to throw it would hurt it's feelings, and betray their friendship, he was crying now, he drooped his shoulders and his head as he put the pacifier back in his mouth, trying his best to keep it there and suckle between sobs, he sat there for quite a while, his class was over by now, everyone had gone home, but him. David was frantic, he'd waited for Tommy at the same place he'd dropped him off at, the same place he'd had lunch with him and changed his diaper, but Tommy didn't show, after an hour of waiting the security guard showed up again. Guard: "Didn't I tell you already this ain't a parking space." David:"YOU!" The guard was immediately scared, the tone David had sounded like he was going to kill him. David: "WHAT DID YOU DO! DID YOU HURT MY BABY! DID YOU YELL AT HIM OR MOCK HIM! WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!" David was inches from this guys face, ordinarily the guard would act all tough in a situation like this, but it was clear that David was the size to pick the guard up and break him in half if David wanted, so the guard wisely chose not to act tough this time. Guard: "I don't know what you are talking about man I haven't seen your baby other than when I saw you back here changing his diaper earlier, I haven't seen him since then I promise!" David deflated, the guard sounded like he was telling the truth, David still was on edge with him, wondering if he was just a good liar, but for now would give him the benefit of the doubt, David took a step back. David: "I'm sorry, he's missing, I just assumed maybe he ran into you, and you hurt him or something, please help me find him, I'm worried about him, he was supposed to meet me here so I could take him home!" Guard: "OK of course I'll help don't worry, what's his description I'll run it by the other guards" David: "He's about 5 foot 4, dark brown hair, skinny, wearing baby blue shortalls with a shirt under that has cartoon prints on white background." The guard grabbed his radio and called out to the other guards, asked them if they'd seen and to be on the lookout for a special needs kid, and read out that description. The guard who monitors security cameras in a room called back. radio: "Yeah uh I saw that kid right before the end of last class he was running pretty quickly through the halls, thought it was odd cause people don't usually run around before last class has ended like that, saw him head out the east most door. Towards the park." David jumped in his SUV and sped off toward the east, he found the park in question, pulled into the grass and leapt out, he didn't bother parking in a designated parking spot, they could tow it for all he cared. He just had to find Tommy, make sure he was OK, David was so worried he'd gotten hurt, or someone had hurt him, David rounded the park toward the border against the school, he found the east most door and tried to imagine the scene, if Tommy was scared and ran out that door he probably would run straight into the trees, David found a pathway in that direction and followed it, he was trekking for a good way, calling out all the while. David:"Tommy! ARE YOU OUT HERE! Tommy! it's David! I'm WORRIED ABOUT YOU! Tommy! WHERE ARE YOU! SAY SOMETHING Tommy! PLEASE! Tommy!" He just kept calling out, and walking the path, looking for any sign of Tommy, until eventually he could hear crying, he turned in the direction he heard it, right off the path into the bushes and trees, he called out again Tommy?! The crying paused. Tommy: "David?! David!" David began running into the brush, not caring if his clothes got torn or skin got cut in the process, Tommy was scared to move, it had gotten dark, he didn't know what could be out there, and the sound of the brushes breaking sounded like a bear charging his way, he flooded his diaper once more at the mental image of a bear coming for him, but he stayed rooted hoping he'd really just heard David and hadn't just imagined it. Bursting through the bushes into Tommy's sight was David, clothes destroyed, but he looked strong as steel and determined, Tommy got up and ran to David and David kneeled and grabbed Tommy, he hugged him a little too tightly getting a choked squeak out of Tommy, before loosening up. Tommy burst into fresh tears upon reaching David, the trauma of his anxiety attack earlier and the fears of being stuck in a dark forest and the bear charging him in his imagination all reached a crescendo with David's magical appearance from the bushes, all this mixed with the relief of being saved by David had overcome him, all he could do was bawl. David: "Tommy what happened?! Why are you out here?! this is a dangerous area! there's still coyotes and mountain lions that come through here occasionally, you shouldn't ever be out here without me, especially at night, OK? Huh? Tommy are you OK? are you hurt? Did someone hurt you?" Tommy could only bawl, as he tried to get his emotions in check, David simply held him in a hug, rubbing his back comforting him, David saw his paci in his hand unclipped and reclipped it to the shortalls and put it to Tommy's mouth wide open crying. David: "Shhhh shhh there there it's OK, I'm here now, I'll make it all better, OK Tommy? Yes I will, here Tommy take your paci, close your mouth on it now, there you go." Tommy closed his mouth on it and held it, then his suckling kicked in, his tears continued but much lessened. David just waited and rubbed his back, and shushed him slowly and gently, rocking him a little back and forth, once Tommy's tears had subsided David asked again. David: "Tommy, what happened?" Tommy: "I, I jus, I pooied my diaper in the midda of cwass, an I was scare they coul tell, a den, den they were saying eeewwww an dat I was gross and disgusping (Tommy slurred around his paci suckling it furiously while he sniffled and spoke) an den I got wealy wweeeallly scare an I had ta geh owd of dere an run away an afore I knew it I was here an I dun eben know where here is! an it got dark an I idn't know which ways tuh go an I was eben more scared! An I'm shtill pooie an den I tawt der was a bear comin tuh eat me! whaaaaaaaa" As he recounted the chain of events his emotions mounted again reaching crescendo as he finished, sending him bawling once more. David resumed comforting and shushing Tommy gently, it didn't take as long for him to calm down this time, just moments. Once he was calm David spoke David: "Is that all Tommy? Look I understand being scared out here in the forest, heck even I'm a bit scared out here in the forest! I might be tough but I don't wanna fight no bears! But I don't think you should be scared in class of anything! So what if they smell you! If you pooie your diaper don't run away! just call me and I'll come change you, you can step out of class for a change that's fine, but you can't run out of class to go hide in the woods, that's called skipping class! it's bad!" Tommy: "I know I'm sorry, I didn't mean to skip I just had to get out of there!" He was getting excited again, David cut that off. David: "Shhhh shhh I know honey it's OK, don't worry, I understand, we are gonna work on that OK? You got scared they might smell you, well that's gonna go away, were gonna make that go away, don't worry." Tommy wasn't sure what David meant, but he liked the sound of not having to go through this again. David broke their embrace. David: "OK Tommy we have to get out of here, it isn't safe in the woods especially at night, I'm gonna carry you home OK? then when we get home we are gonna have to have a talk." Tommy was confused, did he hear that right? that's usually what David says when he has broken a house rule, but Tommy isn't even at home! what house rule could he break at school! oh god what punishment is in store for him now! Tommy pouted and whined a bit, David picked Tommy up, one hand on Tommy's back one under Tommy's bottom, David carefully trekked back the way he came, taking more care this time not to get Tommy hurt by the bushes and trees, David found the trail and followed it back to the park, he found his SUV and the same security guard that saw the diaper change was standing with it. Guard: "Oh good you found the tyke, that's good, hey I'm sorry you lost him there, but I'm glad you found him, I looked after your vehicle, made sure nothing happened to it, no tickets, are you both alright not injured or nothing? We got a med kit at the guard shack if you need it?" David had just finished buckling Tommy into his seat and closing the door as the guard finished speaking. David: "Thank you for your help, I'm sorry I accused you for no reason, Tommy's fine he seems uninjured just needs a new diaper, I'm fine too we didn't see any wildlife thank goodness, I'm gonna get him home now." Guard: "Yes that's fine don't worry I don't hold it against you, I understand the panic that comes from loosing a loved one, hey listen if you need anything any help with anything even just to ask someone to keep an eye on the tyke or anything you feel free to call me, I work here 5 days a week, I'm probably always on campus at the times he is." The guard handed David his card. David: "Thanks I might just do that." David got in his SUV and took off. Any thoughts the guard had had about judging David or his 'baby' had quickly vanished the moment David's fury was on display, David was easily 6 inches taller than the guard and twice the mass and it became clear it was all muscle when David looked like his shirt was about to rip to shreds from his flexing his might at the guard at that moment. Then when the guard found David's SUV and got a closer look at it he realized it was a very expensive model, and the way David had cast it aside to find his tyke also seemed to underscore something in the guards mind, this guy must be loaded he thought, the guard decided he wanted David as an ally even if only to ensure he never became an enemy. Tommy's emotional experience had taken a lot of energy out of him, even though David's home was a ten-minute drive tops, Tommy was passed out halfway there, sleeping in his seat, held securely in place by his 5 point harness, David got home parked in the garage closing it behind him, got Tommy out the car and carried him inside up to the bathroom, Tommy just slept the whole time, occasionally stirring but keeping his eyes closed and trying to stay asleep. David laid him out on the change table in the bathroom, and undressed him, taking everything off completely and starting the tub as well, Tommy was pretty dirty not just from over an hour old poopy diaper, but also from the mud and dirt he'd traipsed around in and sat in while in the forest, David finished the process of undressing Tommy, removing his dirty diaper while holding his legs in the air by his ankles wiping his diaper area clean with baby wipes then he carried Tommy into the bathtub setting him into it gently, the water stirred Tommy awake on contact, once in the tub David tickled Tommy's feet to get home more alert and fully awake, Tommy giggled and struggled under the tickling splashing water all over. David: "Good I'm glad you're awake I need you at least somewhat rigid so I can bath you without you dropping your head in the water and either drowning or turning into a fish!" David bathed Tommy as he usually does, then once finished David carried Tommy to his bedroom and laid him down on the changing table, Tommy was more alert now, already suckling his thumb, David pulled a new pacifier out of a drawer in the table, this one had a fox motif on the button, he traded Tommy's thumb from his mouth for the pacifier, Tommy was glad to get it. David diapered Tommy in the thicker farm prints diapers that he'd be using from now on, put a new cloth cover over that and a new pair of locking plastic pants, he dressed Tommy in a new sleeper, this one was black and had a hood with the face eyes and ears of a bear, just the right size as always, and then pulled out cleaned pairs of the mittens and booties complete with the squishy balls and the spiky soles, applied them and locked them into place on Tommy's hands and feet. OK Tommy lets get your homework done, I know you're probably not in the mood but you can't skip it, it's important. David carried Tommy over to his mini desk on the floor and set Tommy down on the carpet on his bottom and then went to get Tommy's backpack from downstairs in the SUV. Once alone Tommy took a look around the room detecting the smell of fresh paint, he noticed the room was transformed, David had gone all out this time, every wall had been covered with scenery painted in fine detail, one wall seemed to show the savanna and all it's vegetation and baby lions enjoying their time in the sun, another wall had an ocean and lots of baby ocean animals enjoying their time in the waves, another wall had what looked like a jungle with baby monkeys and baby tigers roaming through it, and the 4th wall had a big baby looking straight at Tommy through a monitor at a computer the wall looked broken. The room truly looked like a nursery now, a great one. When he got back to Tommy's room Tommy was laying on his back holding his feet suckling his pacifier with his eyes closed, David sat him back up and got started on his homework, pulling books out turning pages writing what Tommy wanted written etc, Tommy was really dragging his feet being low motivation and low energy but David made sure to push him until it was all done, then David carried him downstairs sat him at the kitchen table and then went and prepared a warm bottle of milk while also microwaving some of the last remaining left overs before bringing it over and getting started on feeding Tommy, it went well Tommy was clearly now enjoying being fed, not a blush in sight, when finished with his food David picked up Tommy and carried him up the stairs to his room and tucked him into bed, Tommy didn't complain that it was way too early for bedtime, he was too tired, and so Tommy got an early bedtime, David fed Tommy the rest of his dinner bottle and Tommy fell asleep, David made sure he had his paci in his mouth and clipped to his sleepers chest before leaving the room and going downstairs, he cleaned everything up including all the laundry and sat on the couch, he made some additions to the ocean whispers. he added: "I love pooping my diapers. I am not sad or embarrassed to poop my diapers. I do not worry about if they smell. I will not run away again. I will stay where I am supposed to be. I will always make sure David knows where I am." Later in the evening right as David was going to bed, he brought Tommy a new bottle of warm milk and fed it to the baby while he slept, this bottle had some melatonin in it and Valerian root, it should help make sure Tommy stays asleep all night despite the early bed time. The next day seemed to finally be the start of a new routine, so much had changed in just a week or two, it was time David thought for things to settle down to a pattern. Tommy woke to find his diaper extra squishy, not only had the extra bottle and early bedtime made his diaper extra soaked, but he was also apparently poopy again, Tommy sighed and decided to accept this would probably just be his new normal morning now. He turned to climb out of bed and conked his head into something which knocked him back into bed, he looked over and saw rails, he looked around and remembered there were already rails on the other 3 sides of the bed, and the one side that didn't have rails now did! His bed had become a crib! Tommy cried out for David. Tommy:"Daaaaaave". David came running in. David: "What's the matter Tommy? Ready to get up?" Tommy: "why... or... how... or... why did you make my bed a crib?" David: "It was always a crib Tommy, I just had the sliding rails removed for you, but after you fell out of bed and hit the floor yesterday I decided I'd better put them back. It's safer for you, hitting the floor could injure you pretty bad you know?" Tommy: "Huh! I didn't fall out of bed, I fell cause the spikes on my feet. David: "Oh uhuh, sure that was it". David clearly didn't believe him. Tommy: "No really I tried to stand out of bed and that was a mistake". David: "oh OK, sure, alright and how about on your first night here? You fell out of bed that night too didn't you?" Tommy: "Huh? My first night? that was ages ago, I don't remember that". David pressed a lever at his foot level and the rail slid down, allowing Tommy to climb out, Tommy leaned over the rail and put his mittened hands to the ground first, using them to support his weight as he crawled out of the crib and onto the carpet on his hands and knees. David: "Well I do! I tried to overlook it, give you a mulligan, but you fell again and I can't be having that, it's one of the rules. I guess I'll have to remind you of that rule also, the rule states: "If you fall out of bed you must have protective rails to keep you in the bed, I will not be liable for injuries because of insufficient furniture." Speaking of the rules, I guess it's as good a time as any to bring up yesterday, you essentially skipped class yesterday, now I don't blame you for the reason but it's still a fact you broke that rule, to remind you, that rule says: "do not skip classes, if you skip any classes David will take charge of your attendance and ensure you are making it to classes on time." so, you will forward me your class schedule and I will be there to walk you from class to class, in addition to this, I have a new watch for you. David pulled out of the table drawer what was apparently a watch, it was solid bright yellow, the band and the watch were all one solid piece, a rubber like material, it was clearly a child's watch but bulky, the material was clearly meant to be waterproof, David wrapped it around Tommy's left wrist and fastened it in place, it sounded like a zip tie being fastened, David made sure it was not too tight, but tight enough it could not come off the hand. David: "As long as you have this watch I can always find you, it has a GPS tracker that communicates with my phone, don't try taking it off, I want to make sure I can't loose you into the woods again, there's bears out there!" Tommy looked at the watch, all it showed was the time in large digital numbers, Tommy could not figure out how it could come off, there wasn't an obvious buckle tongue or clasp, he assumed this was the point, it was designed to be impossible for the wearer to remove, he wanted to protest, but he had to face that he liked having David worry about him, having David protect him like this, it made him feel those warm feelings of love flowing through him, so he accepted these changes wondering just what else was going to be in store for him down the line. David: "Come on Tommy lets go eat breky". David walked out the room and down the stairs to the kitchen finishing up getting breakfast ready. Tommy didn't complain this time about having to stay in his wet and poopy bedtime diaper during breakfast, he understood now that this was just going to be the way it was from now on, he crawled after David, suckling his paci as he went, he backed his way down the stairs, one knee at a time like a pro, and crawled to the dining table just as David finished plateing the meals onto the table, Tommy waited for David and David grabbed him by the armpits and lifted him into his seat. Tommy was pleased to see that breakfast would not be leftovers anymore, he saw eggs and bacon and toast and waffles and sausage, he was quite excited bouncing in his seat despite the poopy wet diaper. David was glad to see him coming to terms with his diapers, it seemed what he went through yesterday was somewhat of a catalyst for him to stop resisting and lean into things more, David fed Tommy his meal and bottle alternating between them. Once fed David leaned over as if to hug Tommy and patted his back firmly until Tommy belched unexpectedly. It was only after the unexpected belch that he realized he had again been burped like a baby, the discomfort it relieved from his belly made him hesistate to complain about the treatment, besides he had to admit he liked the hug. Before he could think on it further David spoke. David: "OK Tommy go get to the bathroom and I'll be there in a minute just want to finish my own meal first." Tommy did not stand up on his own, he hadn't forgotten the spikes this time. David: "Oh ya! good boy waiting for me!" David reached over and grabbed Tommy's armpits picking him up and setting him onto the floor on his bottom, while David scarfed his breky Tommy crawled his butt high in the air, over to the stairs and up them using his knees, he crawled into the bathroom and then laid on his back on the floor and held up his legs trying to hold his legs with his arms, something about the diaper made this position more comfortable, like having his legs forward fit the diapers shape better. David came in after him eventually and saw him playing with his legs on his back, David smiled then proceeded with the process, he lifted Tommy setting him on the change table, undressed, removed the diaper, wiped him clean, into the tub, mittens on the hook, bathing clean, then after toweling, David carried Tommy from the tub to the changing table, he inserted a new clean pacifier into Tommy's mouth, this one had a firetruck on the button and it was red. He re-diapered Tommy in the same usual combo including the locking vinyl pants which David never intended to stop putting on him, he then pulled a new onesie over Tommy's head, this one was red with firetrucks all over it just like his pacifier, he buttoned it at the crotch then pulled a new pair of shortalls up Tommy's legs, fastening the straps over the shoulders onto the buckles, these shortalls were a light green with frogs and lizards and geckos. He then picked up Tommy and set him on the floor on his bottom, Tommy reflexively kept his feet up out of the way. David: "OK Tommy, time you grab your back pack and bring it down stairs with you while I get your lunch ready." David left, Tommy looked over at his backpack, it had at least been repacked this time, but he'd need to zip it up, he crawled over to it and tried pinching the zipper between his two mittens for many minutes but it wasn't working, eventually he tried zipping it up using his teeth but that only made a little progress and hurt his teeth, finally he just said screw it and brought it with the pocket open, he was able to slip a mitten through the handle, so he could carry it the rest the way, he crawled with one hand the other dragging the backpack, and then descended the stairs backwards using his knees, once downstairs he dragged the bag to the door and deposited it there, then he sat down and looked at his new Velcro shoes, they sure were pretty, and he did like the paw patrol characters, he wasn't sure why he whined so much about them yesterday, he liked them more now, who cares if they're Velcro, those are easier anyway, Tommy never did like tying his shoes untying them again later retying them again the next time over and over everyday, now he wouldn't have to. David came back from the kitchen carrying Tommy's paw patrol pack, freshly refilled, he also had the diaper bag strapped over his shoulder, he had brought that in from the SUV last night and repacked a fresh diaper into it, the diaper bag held about 5 of the farm print disposables, and about 3 of the cloth covers, with 3 pairs of the locking pants, but still anytime any of them was taken out he always restocked it back to it's limit as soon as he could, he liked to make sure it was always as fully stocked as he could fit into it. David came out the kitchen and saw Tommy sat on the floor knocking around at his Velcro shoes with his mittens getting a closer look at them from all sides, Tommy was smiling at them, Tommy was sucking in his lower lip, David noticed he did that sometimes when his thumb was locked in the mitten, even though Tommy had a pacifier dangling from his chest.. David walked to Tommy and first unlocked and removed his booties, leaving him sitting on his bottom on the carpet while he slipped Tommy's feet into the Velcro shoes and strapped them on, one foot at a time, Tommy just sat and waited and smiled, enjoying the attention, David then removed Tommy's mittens one at a time and set them by the booties and grabbed his hands and lifted him to his feet, David grabbed Tommy's paci and slipped it between Tommy's lips. David: "Keep that in until lunch, otherwise if you keep sucking your lower lip it's gonna get really fat and you might bite it by accident, and your thumb is usually dirty so don't suck that either, your paci will protect you from both of those things if you keep it in." Tommy nodded a yes. David slipped Tommy's back pack onto Tommy's back, and handed him his paw patrol pack, Tommy grabbed it and with his hand in David's followed David out the front door over to the garage, which was already open, David must be opening it at some point during breakfast prep cause Tommy never noticed when he did it. David holding Tommy's hand led him to the same door as last time, passenger side rear, opened it and had him hop up into his seat, then David fastened Tommy into his 5 point harness, he clicked the two hip clips into the buckle between Tommy's legs, then he buckled the one chest clip located on Tommy's chest, David tugged at the straps on Tommy's shoulders one at a time pulling them snug, then pulled at a loose strap at the bottom of the seat to pull all the slack out tightening the whole thing, and shut the door, David then got into the driver seat and pulling out closed the garage and headed off to school, this time as they arrived Tommy glanced at his new watch, vibrant bright yellow, according to his watch he still had 15 minutes, plenty of time to get to class, he sat there as David pulled up to the usual drop off spot, David got out and came around opening Tommy's door, this time Tommy knew to just sit still and wait for David to let him out, David reached over Tommy and unbuckled the 5 point harness, loosening the two buckles at his crotch and at his chest, David grabbed Tommy by the armpits and lifted him out, setting him on the sidewalk on his feet, for a moment Tommy was ready to lift his legs and land on his bottom but quickly remembered now was not time to crawl. David reached into the vehicle drawing out Tommy's two bags and handing them over to him, Tommy put the one backpack on and held the paw pack then he leapt at David and gave him a big hug!, David was a bit surprised, but very pleased, he returned the hug, rubbing Tommy's back, they paused this way for a moment, David whispered into Tommy's ear. David: "You're such a good boy, keep being a good boy for me all day OK?" Tommy still nursing his pacifier, nodded a yes and strode off, smiling and practically skipping, David was bewildered. David got into his driver seat and just watched Tommy half skipping away to class, David had done this more than a handful of times to students, but it had never gone this way before, it's been 3 months that David had been working on Tommy and already Tommy was diapered 24/7 suckling his paci wherever he wanted, messing in class, wetting freely, being fed, crawl trained, sleeping in a crib, wetting and messing in his sleep, being bathed. Tommy took to this stuff like a fish to water, it was meant for him, he was built for this, it made him happy David could see it, Tommy didn't need to go through this to learn some lesson, he just needed this, to be this, this is just him deep down, and David is just helping him discover his true self, all of David's previous experiences with students had been a battle, a fight, had been difficult, it was often near the end of year 2 before students had been reduced this far, and some of them never got happy about it, Tommy was already this far and happy, David just couldn't believe his luck, he'd found the perfect candidate and in so doing learned that he was the one he loved. David had never really before believed in soul mates, but he couldn't bare to think of Tommy as any less then that at this stage.. he just hoped Tommy could see him that way some day, David knew he'd one day have to level with him tell him the whole truth, or there would always be that barrier between them in David's heart, but first David intended to see this through, he didn't want to risk jeopardizing the end result. It was where Tommy needed to get to for himself, David truly believed Tommy needed it more than anyone ever had. The security guard had been walking his rounds, he came around the corner and saw a car parked in the drop off spot, no one in the passenger side, clearly hogging the drop off spot longer then he should be, the guard approached the car then realized it was David, he immediately turned around and went the other way, he wasn't about to bother David about THAT ever again... David drove to the actual parking area and found a spot, he climbed into the back seat and lowered a flat screen television from the ceiling, it wasn't a huge thing but plenty big enough for this environment, David reclined in the rear seat and watched TV, he linked his phone to the TV, and had a small map of campus in the corner of the TV, with a little dot showing Tommy's location, he watched his show and kept an eye on Tommy, making sure he was going to class, and staying in class. Tommy strode to class slowly, this was the first time he could take his time getting to class, owing to all of David's help, he felt like things were getting better for him, no longer struggling to make it on time, no longer having wet pants accidents, David had been right, the diapers were the right move, he never had to worry about people seeing anything, he only had to worry about the smell now, and something in the back of his mind told him he didn't have to worry about that anymore either, it was a quiet voice back there but each day it would get louder and bolder. Tommy kept an eye on his watch making sure he had enough time and took a slighter longer route to class getting a look at things around campus just browsing the sights, he made it to class with a few minutes to spare and sat down, he had felt his bladder bursting during the walk but letting go while walking intentionally was still challenging, now that he had seated and was still he couldn't stop it if he tried, but he didn't try, he just let it flood his diaper, and tried to pay it no mind, focusing on class unpacking what was needed from his bag turning to certain pages in his book and notebook etc. The teacher entered, making eye contact with Tommy, pleased to see him on time, and began the class, Tommy did great, he suckled his pacifier the entire time but hadn't even recalled that it was there, his focus stayed on his school work and it went by with ease, when class was over and Tommy left the class room David was there at the door. David: "Remember I said I'd be making sure you got to all your classes? Well I'm gonna walk you from one to the other every time! OK?" Tommy just nodded, David reached out and grabbed Tommy's hand, and they held hands as David walked him from class to class, during class David returned to his spacious SUV and relaxed, at the end of the next class David was there and led Tommy away for lunch, holding hands he brought Tommy to his SUV, and they sat in the far back cargo space like they'd had the day prior, David fed Tommy his lunch without complaints, in fact it was clear Tommy loved this routine now, he liked being fed, it was as plain as the smile on his face, David smiled all through lunch too, not much was spoken, both of them flying high on feelings they didn't know how to verbalize, with Tommy's food done with, David handed Tommy his bottle to nurse it on his own while David got to work getting into the diaper bag, setting out the change pad and dragging Tommy onto it, Tommy didn't complain, David hadn't even asked if he'd need a change, David just figured by now it should be certain, of course David found Tommy wet and changed him in the usual way, putting him back into what was now Tommy's usual combo. David re-buttoned Tommy's onesie over the fresh diapers and pants, and the buttons on his shortalls at the legs too, he climbed in and held Tommy while Tommy finished his bottle, Tommy made motion to David indicating he wanted David to hold the bottle and David gladly obliged, David paid close attention to the clock this time. As soon as the bottle was finished David turned Tommy around holding him in a hug, and patted him on the back firmly, forcing a belch out of him which again caught Tommy by surprise, before Tommy could contemplate having again been burped like a baby his time was up, in a rush David left the mess in the cargo space grabbed Tommy by the armpits and lifted him to the ground, Tommy had to again remind himself to put his feet down and stand, this is not bottom time. David shut the SUV hatch and held hands with Tommy walking him to class, David looked over and saw Tommy suckling his thumb, David kicked himself for forgetting to put that paci back in place, he put the paci in place right then, Tommy didn't flinch, David got Tommy to class on time and went back to his SUV to clean up the lunch mess. That class ended and David led him to his last class, it was this class that Tommy's bowels had repeatedly been a problem, and today was no exception, nearing 30 minutes left in the class Tommy felt mush on his bottom, he hadn't even known he'd pooped, he was already leaning forward working in his notebook and when he leaned back it was just there, he couldn't remember pushing, he thought his diaper felt wet too, but he didn't remember doing that either, he reasoned that he simply was too focused on his work to have noticed and it hardly mattered anyhow, he was definitely nervous about smelling, but he tried hard to stamp that down and forget it, the nerves were there, but he acted normal and kept at his work, he didn't panic this time, class ended, and he waited to leave last, David was there and asked. David: "Tommy why'd you wait to leave class last?" Tommy: "I didn't want the people walking behind me to have to smell me..." he lisped around his pacifier. David: " Ohh. Well that is considerate of you, but I don't think you need to worry about that, I doubt they can smell anything through all your layers, and I'm sure they can hold their breath for all of 5 seconds to get out the doors. But I understand you're trying to be polite." Tommy just nodded, this time Tommy reached out and grabbed David's hand before David had a chance to do it, they both smiled, and David led him to his vehicle, David lifted Tommy into his seat after fist putting Tommy's two bags in the seat next to Tommy's seat, Tommy could also see the diaper bag sitting next to him it's presence a reminder of his new status, David strapped him into the harness, first the clip at the chest then the two hip clips into the crotch buckle, pulling it all tight Tommy felt it squeeze his wet messy diaper into himself, he didn't mind the feeling anymore, he remembered when it had grossed him out so badly, but he'd gone through so many poopy diapers by now and none of them had hurt him, so he decided it was just another part of life now. Tommy momentarily tried to lean forward testing the harness, it kept him snug against the seat back, the snugness of being so secured made him feel good, like he was loved, he couldn't get out of this thing no matter how hard he tried, David was just about to shut Tommy's door when Tommy asked. Tommy: "Hey David, I had a thought, what if god forbid we get in a wreck and I need to get out of this thing." David reached over Tommy to the left of Tommy the center seat besides Tommy had a small strap sticking out of it's center, David tugged it and a portion of the center of the seat folded out into like an armrest complete with two cup holders, the front most cup-holder had a portion of it's wall colored red, which looked odd against the black the rest of it was, David grabbed the red part and lifted a portion of the wall of the cup holder came loose, and he pulled it out, he showed it to Tommy. David: "Tommy this is for emergencies only, never play with this, I can easily take it away and hide it elsewhere if I ever see you touching it, but you see this little slit here? that has a razor blade hidden inside it, it's just big enough to fit the seat belt in the slit and cut the belt, it's aptly called a seat belt cutter, and this here at the tip this pointy metal bit, that is called a glass breaker, I bet you can guess what it does." Tommy: "Breaks the glass?" David: "You're so smart" David gave Tommy a little tickle in the armpits as he said that. David: "That's right Tommy first you cut your set belts, make sure to do that first, then you slam that pointy tip into the window and it will break it, so you can get out, lets just hope you never have to use it. But Tommy if we do get in a wreck someday you go ahead and use it, don't hesitate, I won't be mad, I can always buy new seat belts and new windows, even a new SUV, but I can't buy another one of you, not for all the money in the world, you're irreplaceable. It was at this moment David decided he wanted to change his will, he'd get to it tomorrow he made a mental note. He shut Tommy's door and drove Tommy home, at one point David glanced in the mirror and saw Tommy nursing his paci and playing with his paw patrol backpack humming the paw patrol theme song, this was a behavior David was nowhere near suggesting, Tommy was just doing it of his own volition, David hadn't gotten anywhere near the act of play or humming or singing that was down the road, or, so he thought. They got home, David pulled into his garage, this time leaving the garage door open, he got Tommy out after unbuckling the chest and two hip clips at the crotch, this close to Tommy David could smell Tommy's poopy diaper, he was tempted to give an exaggerated phooowee, but thought better of it, he wasn't sure Tommy was ready for that kind of playful gesture, if yesterday was any indicator, so David gave no indication, and simply lifted Tommy up and out setting him on his feet, handing him his two bags, grabbing the diaper bag and shutting Tommy's door. David grabbed Tommy's hand and led him outside and around to the front door. David: "I prefer to go in this way Tommy, so we can keep our shoes all at the same entrance." Before entering the house David hit a button in his pocket and the garage door closed. David entered the house took his shoes off then Tommy entered, David got down and took Tommy's shoes off for Tommy, slipping the booties on as he did, Tommy of course plopped onto his bottom as David did this, the squishing of his messy bottom not even registering in his mind this time, he'd grown used to it, it was just normal now, then David secured the mittens to his hands too, Tommy squeezed the squishy balls in his mittens as if to say hello to them, still suckling his ever present pacifier. David left Tommy on his bottom and carried Tommy's paw patrol bag to the kitchen leaving it on the counter, he returned and grabbed Tommy's backpack. David: "Come on Tommy lets go do your homework." David went up the stairs to Tommy's room, Tommy put his hands out in front of him and crawled after David, climbing the stairs carefully, David set the backpack on the floor by the computer and began preparing for the diaper change that was needed, he set out the supplies he'd need, wipes new diaper cloth cover, new vinyl pants, then Tommy finally caught up, crawling into the room, Tommy crawled over to David and David lifted him up to the table setting his bottom onto the table, he spun his legs over and laid him back, so he was flat on the table, David then pulled a strap over Tommy's chest and buckled it, and tightened it, holding Tommy to the table, Tommy briefly noticed it, but didn't mind it none, and then David proceeded to change his diaper, first unsnapping the buttons of the shortalls lifting it open and then unsnapping the buttons of the onesie, nothing had leaked on them, so they were still clean to wear the rest of the day, he left them open while he took off the locking pants and cloth cover, the cloth cover had just a tiny bit of wetness at the leg openings so into the laundry bin it went, the disposable was opened and David got to work wiping all over Tommy's diaper area, Tommy just stared at the ceiling and daydreamed, sometimes about cartoons, sometimes about random things like forest animals that lived nearby the school and what their life was like, and what professor mustache's life was like, and some thoughts on paw patrol episodes and characters and random things like this. David was grabbing Tommy's ankles and lifting his bum to continue the wiping on his bottom, and Tommy's thoughts continued to drift while he nursed his paci, paying no mind to the muck being wiped from his bottom, once totally cleaned David pulled the old diaper out put a new one under Tommy and set him down without powdering him yet, first David wrapped up the dirty diaper, then double bagged it, and set it by the door intending to take it out right away, David took a couple baby wipes to his hands to be sure they were cleaned of anything, David returned to Tommy, pulled something out a drawer, then lifted Tommy's ankles and bottom up again, he began rubbing something cool into Tommy's bottom. Tommy:"ah das coold was da?" he lisped around his paci. David: "It's diaper rash ointment, you just had a liiiiitle spot of red and I just wanna make sure it doesn't become a bad rash so this will take care of it no problem, don't worry about it." So Tommy didn't worry about it, getting back to his wandering thoughts, as David rubbed and rubbed getting the ointment all over Tommy's bottom both inside and outside the crack, and covering the front too, he didn't put it on very thick, he believed a thinner layer was better, but he figured since he's doing it in one spot he may as well cover the rest of the diaper area while he's at it, just in case. Tommy had to admit he liked the smell of it, it was somehow soothing. David then covered the whole diaper area in powder which stuck to Tommy's skin better with the cream in place, forming a much more efficient protective barrier than usual, with that done David quickly took a wipe to his hands to get all the powder and cream off them, then he pulled Tommy's new diaper into place fastening it with the Velcro tabs, then pulled a new cloth cover over it, then fresh locking pants and snapped Tommy's onesie shut, he thought about it and decided not to snap the shortalls, instead he picked Tommy up by the armpits and set him on the carpet, Tommy kept his feet out and went down on his bottom, David pulled Tommy's shortalls off up over his head, David wanted to see Tommy crawling around in just his onesie, Tommy didn't seem bothered, he crawled right over to his computer, well aware that it was homework time. David went to the bathroom and washed his hands real fast just to be thorough just in case. He returned and sat by Tommy helping him with his homework, doing all the writing for him and page turning and typing etc. once homework was done, Tommy made sure to ask David to pack his bag back up and zip it this time, they then both went down stairs, Tommy crawling and suckling his paci the whole way, David entered the kitchen after tossing the old diaper out he got started on dinner, Tommy crawled to the dining table and sat besides it on the carpet waiting, David made up a couple warm milk bottles while things cooked, putting one in the warmer, and handing one to Tommy, Tommy found it easier to hold it with the mittens by laying flat on his back on the carpet head to the side, one mitten laid in front of his face backhand to the carpet, bottle sat on top his mitten the other mitten holding the bottle in place so it didn't roll off. He laid there nursing away at his bottle, while David finished making dinner, Tommy seemed to like keeping his legs up, pulling his knees to his chest, the diaper seemed to encourage it, the way it fit, wanted his legs forward rather than straight down, Tommy hadn't noticed it but this also had the effect of making him lean forward more when he walked, increasing his waddle as his butt stuck out a bit more, very much like how a 1-year-old walks when first learning, knees always at least slightly bent. David brought dinner to the table, grabbed Tommy's bottle out of his mittens setting it on the table, and grabbing Tommy by the armpits and picking him up, placing him in his chair, getting the feeding underway. Tommy was so happy to be fed now, no more blushing, just bouncing in his seat, once Tommy was fed David held the bottle in place for him to nurse the rest of it while David used his free hand to eat the rest of his own meal. They finished about the same time, and before David could turn to grab Tommy he simply threw himself from the chair onto the floor with a thud, landing on hands and knees, he oomphed, at the impact, only hurt a little, and then crawled to the couch. David: "you keep that up, and we'll have to do something about that, I can't have you hurting yourself, you need to learn to wait for me to let you down." Tommy just ignored David, he was fine, it didn't really hurt that much, the carpet is soft... Tommy climbed onto the couch, David washed the dishes and came to join him, with a fresh bottle, David wrapped Tommy in his bwankie, held Tommy in the nook of his arm, wrapping his arm around him, and held Tommy's bottle for him, Tommy nursed at it slowly, still quite full from dinner, but he enjoyed nursing it, so he just worked it real slow. Making it last a long time, as he and David cuddled, and he nursed. Tommy wet himself during TV time, his wetting wasn't large, he didn't have strong urgency, he just felt a small pressure and decided to release it sooner, rather than holding it and putting up with it's discomfort, he no longer saw any reason to hold it, anytime he felt it he wouldn't bother to fight it, and so instead of one large wetting Tommy had many small wettings while he nursed and watched TV, at the end of the night David turned off the TV, set Tommy's empty bottle on the table, which Tommy had been nursing still even though it was empty, just enjoying having a nipple to suckle at. then pulled Tommy into a hug and patted his back firmly, Tommy again belched suddenly and unexpectedly. Before Tommy could contemplate yet again being burped like baby David distracted him by announcing. David: "OK Tommy it's bedtime, lets go to the bath now, follow me good boy." Tommy smiling and feeling good fell to the floor and crawled after David, climbing the stairs with his knees and mittens in front of him, in the bathroom the routine was the usual, at bedtime the routine was the usual, the next day the routine was the usual, David had finally found a good point to let things settle, and so he did, when Tommy's mitten punishment sentence was up at the end of the week, David said nothing, he just kept putting the mittens on Tommy whenever he was home, and Tommy didn't seem to mind, either he had forgotten it was temporary or he liked the mittens too much to want it to end, same with the booties when it's sentence was up, David just kept putting them on him, and he seemed to love it, he seemed to now love crawling, and he loved the moments when David would just carry him instead, every morning he'd wake up wet and messy, call for David over the baby monitor and once David let down the rails of his crib he'd crawl to breakfast, after breakfast David would bathe him, Tommy never asked to shower, he had come to prefer being bathed, and so David never had to tell Tommy about the punishment for skipping the shower that one time, which would have been mandatory forced bathing by David, he hadn't even needed that trick, Tommy loved being bathed too much to need to be forced. Every day David would be there between classes and Tommy would hold his hand for the walk, everyday Tommy would keep his paci in his mouth when he could remember too, otherwise his thumb found it's way there until he swapped them, everyday he got a diaper change at lunch in the back of the SUV, pooped in his last class of the day, and stayed in it until he got home, he no longer worried about the smell, and indeed no one ever seemed to notice, he no longer waited to be the last one out of the last class, and again no one seemed to smell him, David's combo of a cloth layer and plastic pants over the disposable seemed to do a good job trapping the smell in, that and the diet he had Tommy on was helping too. Tommy was so settled into his new life David turned off the ocean whispers, they weren't needed now, he would use them again when he was ready to advance the next stage, but for now he just wanted Tommy to settle into this naturally, without any suggestions at night Tommy still kept to it all, he truly loved it on his own, the suggestions had just helped him make the decision to try it out. It was now winter break, Christmas, David had decided he wanted to advance Tommy's regression some more during this break, the first thing he did was turn the ocean whispers back on, wiping the slate clean and just adding one suggestion. Which was: "Daaavid is such a good Daadaa to me. I want to call him Daadaa instead. I don't wanna use his old name I'd rather tell him how much he means to me by calling him Daadaa cause that's his new name! Whenever I try to say daaaavid I will find myself saying daaaadaaa instead. And that's a good thing. He is my Daadaa now. And when I call him Daadaa I am being a good boy!" During break Tommy stayed home of course, he spent his time on the couch watching cartoons, one day, David was upstairs in the shower, when Tommy felt a chill, there was a cold draft coming from somewhere that he hadn't felt before, he was curious, so he went exploring, crawling around trying to find the source, he went into the kitchen, and then he saw it, the basement door was wide open, it was usually locked, and he wasn't allowed down there, but here it was wide open inviting him in, he nursed more intently at his pacifier as he considered taking a peak, as he raised his nerves to go for it he wetted his diaper, the excitement seemingly triggering the flow, he decided if he was quick David wouldn't know, he just wanted a peak at what the big secret was, so Tommy crawled to the door, and peered down the stairs, nothing was in sight but stairs, so he turned his bottom around and started descending backwards one knee at a time as was his custom now, he got to the bottom and turned around and was stunned! The entire basement was a laboratory! there were beakers galore, Bunsen burners, centrifuge's, glass door refrigerators filled with vials all with careful labels, hazmat suits hung in the corner, this was more advanced and outfitted then any school laboratory Tommy had ever seen, Tommy remembered David said he had been a scientist but this looked like he was still heavily engaged in that pursuit, there was equipment plugged in and running, this was beyond Tommy's expertise to understand any of it's purpose or goal, Tommy wanted to explore more, but he knew he had to get back upstairs quickly, he turned and started his knee crawl climb up the stairs, he got to the top and decided to close the door, surely David didn't leave it open on purpose, and if he found it open it would make him suspicious, Tommy struggled to get it to close with the mittens on, but he eventually managed, and as it clicked shut he heard behind him. David: "Tommy! what are you doing?" Tommy jumped and felt his diaper get wetter from the startle, he turned around and there was David, already dressed, just looking him down, he didn't seem upset, just smirking. Tommy: "Uhm.... nothiiiing." David: "Now Tommy, be honest, did you go into the basement?" Tommy: "uhmmmm, nnnnnnooooo, OK maybe, I'm sorry the door was open I couldn't help it I just wanted a peak I'm bored!!!!" David truly hadn't left the door open on purpose, sometimes the latch didn't engage right and if it came loose the door would swing wide cause it wasn't properly level, but David was smirking cause this was another one of his rules.... David: "Well Tommy do you want to know what's down there?" Tommy didn't want to admit that he already knew now. Tommy: "Uhm, uhhhh, kinda?" David: "OK Tommy come here." David picked Tommy up, supporting him under his bottom against David's hip while Tommy wrapped his legs around David's waist, then David opened the door back up using a key from his pocket, and carried Tommy down the stairs. Tommy was nervous he wasn't sure what was about to happen, he felt more wetness leave his bladder, just a tiny amount, since that was all that was in there, having already emptied moments ago, David carried Tommy into the laboratory and explained. David: "Well I told you I retired and it's true, I did, I don't work for anyone anymore, but I'm still a scientist at heart, and sometimes I like to do sciencey stuff, maybe an experiment maybe making new chemicals all kinds of things really, I once gave a frog wings, but he ate them, so that didn't work to well, anyhow, this my general purpose lab, I can do just about anything in this lab that any other lab could do, almost anything. But it's important I keep it locked and it's important you stay out of here cause there are many dangerous chemicals down here sulfuric acid for example, many dangerous things, and even besides that there is sometimes fumes down here, I have a good ventilation system installed but you never know what could be building or lingering when I'm not down here to monitor things, I just can't have you down here, for your own safety Tommy, does that make sense? The great mystery is solved now right?" Tommy took in what he was saying, it made sense, but he couldn't help wondering just what projects he had running now. Tommy pointed to a piece of running equipment. Tommy:"what's dat doin." David: "Why that's my handy dandy Automated Osmometer Tommy! basically it finds tiny things in fluids and tells me about them." this really didn't help Tommy understand what he was up to. Tommy: "What's dat stuff ober der." David: "Well Tommy that is Ethylenediaminetetraacetate." Tommy just looked blank. David: "Can you say it with me Tommy? Ethylenediaminetetraacetate, eth uh leen dahy uh meen te truh ass suh tate." Tommy didn't even bother to try he just glared at David dumbfounded. David chuckled. David: "It's found in your mayonnaise Tommy, it's also useful in DNA work, anyhow, lets go back upstairs now, nothing down here but glass, chemicals, and fumes, and it's cold down here isn't it! Yes it is! Yes it is!" With that Tommy had his tour of the basement, he could make no conclusions about what David was up to down there, something to do with mayonnaise and frogs he guessed. David made sure the door was locked and latched and then plopped Tommy onto the couch. David: "Hey Tommy, you said you were bored yeah? Well, how about this, lets go to the toy store, would you like some toys?" Tommy liked the sound of that, he could do with something to entertain himself cartoons were great, but he was starting to see only reruns at this stage. David: "OK Tommy lets go." David picked Tommy up and started carrying him through the kitchen into the garage. Tommy: "Hey wait! I don't have my shoes or even pants!" Tommy had been sitting around in just his onesie. David: "Oh silly me! Tell you what I'll buckle you in and I'll go grab something OK, just hold on." David put Tommy into his seat and secured the 5 point harness, pulling it tight, Tommy felt it go snug into his diaper, which reminded Tommy he should probably ask for a new diaper first, but David was already back inside, leaving Tommy stuck in the garage in the back of the cold SUV with it off. David returned just a moment later, with the diaper bag and Tommy's bwankie. David: "Here you go Tommy here’s your bwankie you just cover up with that." David handed Tommy his bwankie, bewildered Tommy saw the door close before he could say anything, David opened the rear hatch for a moment, Tommy heard two things being loaded in, one was probably the diaper bag, but he didn't know about the other." David got in the driver seat and started it up, opening the garage too. Tommy: "David what is this! I don't have pants! and my diaper is wet! shouldn't we change it first and put pants on?!" David: "I will check your diaper when we get there, I can change you in the SUV again if I need to, and no you don't need pants, you won't have to walk, you can't walk anyway with those booties on, you can just wrap up in your bwankie no one will know you don't have pants on." Tommy had forgotten he was still wearing the booties, did David expect him to crawl like this? On the dirty ground! Tommy was now really appreciating the cleanliness of David's carpet. Tommy was scared, this was such a departure from their routine, he hadn't gone anywhere but home and school in months! Things were so different now, could he really just go shopping like this! Without pants! Tommy was panicking. David: "Tommy just breath, deep slooooooooow breaths, OK Tommy? are you listening to me? Ill pull over if you don't slow down your breathing. You know me well enough by now Tommy to know I won't let you get hurt, you're gonna be OK, we are just going to get some toys and come home, that's all, you'll see, it will be all OK, just trust me Tommy, OK?" Tommy was listening to David, he tried to slow his breathing, David was right he did trust David, Tommy tried to just hold back his worry, waiting anxiously to see what would happen, feeling his diaper growing warmer yet again, he hardly even noticed he was going this time, that happened occasionally now, he was sometimes wet without remembering when it happened, sometimes even messies happened without him knowing it, and David had taken care of him through all of it, so he deserved some trust. David pulled into a large mall, found a parking space in a parking garage, and got out coming round to Tommy's door, he reached in and stuck a finger into Tommy's diaper, checking it's state. David: "Your diaper is somewhere around half full, and I don't smell poopies, so you're fine, that will last you until we get home I think." David then left Tommy still buckled in, and walked to the back hatch opening it, pulling something out, there were some sounds, clicking of metal and plastic, then wheels rolling, David reemerged by Tommy's door, pushing a stroller, it was larger than a babies stroller, but not by much, the seat was more recessed, allowing for a larger occupant, like Tommy, who at this time was around 5 foot 3. Tommy couldn't believe it! David wanted to take him through a mall in a stroller! Tommy: "I can't go in that! You want to push me around a mall in a stroller!" David: "Tommy how many times have you freaked out like this over the last few months? and every time I tell you it will be OK and you don't need to worry? and every time you eventually see that I was right and it is fine! and then you are happier for listening to me, am I right?" Tommy couldn't argue that. David: "So, I'm telling you now, you can go get toys or go home, that's your choices, if you walk in there you won't have pants and carrying a bwankie will look weird. If however you sit in the stroller you can wrap up in the bwankie, and it will look normal, it's just a stroller and you're wrapped up in a bwankie in it, no one will bat an eye." Tommy: "You don't think they'll notice it's bigger, and I'm bigger?" David: "number one, no I don't think they’ll notice, the stroller isn't that much bigger it's a subtle difference they'd have to be up close looking closely at it to tell the difference and no one is gonna do that they are all busy with their own lives. Number two, so what if they did notice? you're not the first person I've pushed around in a stroller Tommy, there's plenty of special needs people in the world why do you think they build strollers like this one? For people like you, no one is judging you more than yourself, so what's it gonna be Tommy? Toys? Or home?" Tommy mutters: "Toys." David: "That's my good boy." David approached Tommy and unbuckled him, lifting him up and carrying him over to and depositing him into the stroller, David secured the straps around his shoulders and crotch buckling them and pulling them tight, another 5 point harness, then he grabbed Tommy's bwankie and wrapped him up tight in it, like a swaddled newborn, Tommy did feel comfortable in this. David shut his vehicles doors, and stuffed the diaper bag into a holding spot on the back of the stroller, and pushed onwards to the mall. Once inside the mall they could see it was very busy, Christmas was near and everyone was shopping for gifts, this was both a blessing and a curse, this meant there were crowds of people everywhere to blend into, Tommy would be harder to see at a distance, only the nearest people could spot him, but it also meant there was a lot of people to get that chance, on the other hand it also meant everyone was busy and focused trying to find specific gifts, so they were less likely to be paying attention to him. David pushed Tommy through the mall taking his time, he wanted Tommy to see that no one noticed or cared, it was time Tommy acclimated to the world at large, he'd come so far finally coming to terms with this concept as it applied to his campus, but he needed to see it was this way everywhere else too, for the most part anyhow. David pushed Tommy through shops that were not toy shops, seemingly browsing, wasting time, dragging things on, he stopped at the food court and found a place that had apple juice, David asked them to fill one of Tommy's bottles that he pulled from the diaper bag, Tommy was embarrassed, but he couldn't say anything, if he spoke he'd only draw attention to himself, speech coming from a stroller was far more unusual then silence, or cries. So he stayed silent, David handed him his bottle now filled with apple juice. David: "Drink up, your due a bottle, I don't want you dehydrated, besides, you can hide your face behind the bottle if it makes you feel better." David had a good point Tommy thought he could hide his face! So Tommy put the bottle to his face holding it carefully with his mittens, and YUCK! this was TOO sweet! Tommy hadn't had any beverages but warm milk for a long time, he wasn't used to it anymore, it tasted so much sweeter then he remembered, it was harsh on his tongue, he paused to let his mouth adjust, he didn't even want to drink it now, but he did want to hide his face, so he took another sip, still too sweet, but a bit easier to tolerate this time, he kept sipping occasionally until finally his buds had become tolerant of the sweetness, and he nursed freely, suckling down the bottle and hiding his face with it, only really seeing the top half of line of sight, everything that was above peoples heads, Mainly the ceiling. The motion of being pushed around was actually pretty soothing, and like Tommy often did when nursing a bottle he closed his eyes and relaxed, his diaper warmed some in so doing, and he nearly dozed off before the stroller came to a stop at a bench, David sat down with the stroller facing the bench, and he held the bottle for Tommy so Tommy didn't have to struggle at it with his mittens, Tommy relaxed and let David feed him the bottle, from this spot and angle no one could really see him, so he felt comfortable for the moment, he suckled and suckled and closed his eyes and suckled, and before he knew it he really did doze off, but David kept holding the bottle, and he kept suckling as he slept, after a while he'd emptied the bottle, David unbuckled Tommy's harness for a moment to lean him forward and give him some firm patting to his back, he belched which stirred him for a moment but he was already back to sleep as David refastened his 5 point harness and retucked the blanket around him, David packed the empty bottle back into the diaper bag stuck Tommy's paci into his mouth, and resumed pushing Tommy. He pushed Tommy in and out of every store in that mall, Tommy slept through most of it, one cashier said 'cute baby' as he walked by, she was sincere but David was sure she hadn't really got a look at Tommy she was just being polite, other than that no one even noticed Tommy, they all just saw a stroller and ignored it. There was only one shop left to go into, the one they had come here for, a toy store, this toy store was special it was geared towards children under 5 only, they had a large play space in the store and most the product was kept in a backroom with some display models on the floor that kids were allowed to play with, the idea was parents could let their kids come here to play freely and the parents could find out which toys the kids liked by simply watching which ones they played with the most. David leaned over and shook Tommy awake, he'd been asleep long enough, Tommy stirred and opened his eyes, he saw the colorful store and was intrigued he saw toys and was excited but these were toys for babies, surely David's just in the wrong aisle or section, but as David pushed him around the store Tommy slowly realized every toy in this store was for babies, it's a baby toys store..... Tommy also realized as he shifted that he had messed in his sleep, which had become pretty common place for him anymore, at this stage Tommy was less concerned with that then he was the fact he wanted a toy but not a baby toy he was thinking something like a video game or a remote controlled helicopter or something fun! But again he couldn't speak up, he didn't want to draw attention. David circled the store a couple times trying to decide for Tommy, he wasn't about to let Tommy out of the stroller to play, though he wished he could, instead he would just have to decide for Tommy if Tommy didn't want to speak up himself, and so David walked around occasionally grabbing an item here and there, placing them into the stroller with Tommy, by the time he got to the counter Tommy was buried beneath toys, one such that had been sitting right at eye line for Tommy staring him in the face was a teddy bear, a blue teddy bear, and Tommy couldn't help but like it, it reminded him of bluey even though it was a bear and not a dog, just cause it was blue, it was large about the size of Tommy's torso, it looked the perfect size to hold and cuddle, Tommy found himself sneaking a hand from beneath the bwankie to grab the teddies hand and hold it, gently rubbing the teddies hand, feeling it, David noticed this, he was pleased he'd picked at least one thing Tommy would like right off the bat without having to first adapt to them, as he intended to train Tommy to do just that with the rest of the toys. As David unpacked the stroller of it's toys onto the counter for the cashier to ring them up one item at a time, she made small talk while scanning items. Cashier: "Boy! looks like someones a lucky little boy, you got lots of toys today! Christmas came early huh buddy!" Then David got to the last toy, the teddy bear, which was covering up Tommy, David grabbed the teddy bear pulling it from Tommy's grip, and the cashier got her first look at Tommy, at first her smile vanished, and she studied Tommy for a moment, then she perked back up and returned to small talk. Cashier: "What a shy little guy you've got there, a real cutie." The cashier had seen plenty of special needs kids in here over the years, she just took a moment to realize this was one of them. David thanked the cashier, paid for the items and grabbed his stuffed shopping bags, hanging them on the handles of the stroller and pushing Tommy out the store, right as they were leaving the store Tommy got hit with a painful cramp, this was unusual, he'd been so freely emptying himself for a while now he hardly ever got cramps anymore, his body didn't really need them anymore, cause he didn't hold it anymore, then another cramp hit, then Tommy remembered the apple juice bottle, he'd forgotten until this moment that drinking too much apple juice can give you the runs, a fart suddenly erupted from Tommy, then another, he couldn't stop them anymore, he'd stopped bothering awhile ago, and now the idea of holding on made him uncomfortable just to think about, and so the toots repeatedly came out of him, and before long the toots became solid, and that came out of him too, he'd already messed his diaper when he napped earlier while being pushed around but apparently the apple juice had found more to clear out of him and it was happening now, Tommy just huddled under his bwankie and tried not to whimper, as he repeatedly filled his diaper. David caught a wiff on the air and wondered if it was Tommy, he stopped moving the stroller and leaned over checking on Tommy, Tommy was hiding under the bwankie suckling his paci furiously and definitely smelled poopy. Tommy glanced over and saw David inspecting him, he could only whimper, he didn't want to say anything out loud, but perhaps his whimpers would suffice, David already knew, he needed a change, and it shouldn't wait until they got home. David didn't want to do it in the back of the SUV cause it was dark out now and very cold, below freezing temps, and this seemed it wouldn't be a quick job if the whimpers were anything to go by. David rolled the stroller along until he found a map of the mall, on the map he eventually found the family restrooms, he rolled the stroller that way, when he got there a Mother and child were just leaving the rest room and no one was waiting for it, so David entered and locked the door, it was one of those restrooms where you had the room to yourself and could lock the door, as luck would have it this restroom did have an adult sized changing table, so David got it prepared with the change pad from the diaper bag and set out what he would need, some empty baggies a fresh diaper a new cloth cover and plastic locking cover baby wipes powder etc. Then he pulled the bwankie off Tommy, upon having his bwankie taken and his body revealed to the world Tommy noticed then that they were in a bathroom, he realized what David was doing and confirmed it when he looked over and saw the adult sized changing table, he suddenly had a flash back to the restroom at the airport so long ago, when he had commented about the big babies of California, now it was him, he was the big baby, he had that opinion of people who used these big tables and now he was using these big tables, he realized that he had no longer any grounds to deny being a big baby, he had already called himself that before this all began and it had now caught up to him. Lost in his thoughts David simply grabbed the zoned out Tommy under his armpits and lifted him onto his back on the table pulling tight the strap across his chest, and began changing him, as he took the onesie off he noticed it had been spoiled, some of the poo had leaked onto it, not much just a tiny bit but David could not put that back on him and so into a baggy it went, Tommy's onesie's were built with lap shoulders so David was able to pull the onesie downward pulling Tommy's arms and shoulders through the neckhole past the torso legs and feet, since some poo had made it to the onesie David wondered if any had gotten on the stroller, he turned and closely analyzed everything, the stroller had been spared, instead it had gotten on the bwankie, and so David had to bag up the bwankie too, David then returned to Tommy and removed the plastic pants and cloth cover of course had likewise been spoiled so into the same baggy they went, Tommy now lay there totally nude except his soiled disposable, he was just staring at the ceiling zoning out, eyes wide like he'd seen a ghost, and eyes a little watery too, David was worried. David: "You OK Tommy? it's a pretty poopy one but that's OK I'm prepared to take care of it, and we got this nice private bathroom too so you don't have to worry about nothing, so why do you look like you seen a ghost?" Tommy: "Yeah, that's it, I seen a ghost, and the ghost is me, or was me, was what me was, what I was, that's the ghost, the old me...." Tommy was just zoned out on the ceiling as he rambled this nonsense, he wasn't crying really, just kinda stunned. David: "UUHHH, ooookaaayyy....." There was a knock at the door. "You gonna be long in there?" David: "Hey I'm changing a poopy diaper unless you want to volunteer to do it yourself I suggest you give me some space!" "sheesh OK" and whoever it was buggered off, they didn't get anymore knocks but that had got David moving. David: "I'll have to ask you what this ghost stuff is about later, for now lets get this done with. You just sit still and keep nursing your pacifier." Tommy hadn't even realized he was suckling his pacifier, he couldn't even remember when it went in there, but he knew without it he'd instead have a thumb/mitten in it's place, thinking about this in the context of his ghost calling him a big baby just seemed to seal the deal, Tommy is a big baby he thought to himself, and I guess I'm OK with that, it can be tough at times like right now, but daaavid really shoulders most of that problem, I just have to sit still and keep my fears in check, and in return I get so much love and comfort, if this is what it is to be a big baby then I'm OK with it, even despite the poopy diaper changes at the mall or in the SUV, if that's the worst it's still just me holding still while Daadaavid does all the work. Whenever David's name crossed Tommy's mind today it often came across sounding wrong, like it wasn't the right name, he couldn't place it, but he knew that every time he said David the A sounded softer then he remembered, more like DaVinci not like Dame like he intended to say it, or think it, whenever he tried to correct it, it came out like a stutter. while lost in thought as usual, David had gotten on with changing Tommy's diaper, removing the tapes pulling it open revealing the disaster that awaited him David realized his mistake, Tommy's belly was adapted to milk, he'd given him a giant dose of apple juice, which can give even a normal person the runs, but on Tommy it had been even worse. unfortunately for David some more forced it's way out of Tommy right then, David pulled the diaper back in place and waited, Tommy hardly noticed, still staring at the ceiling lost in thought, after a minute or so David resumed his work, pulling the diaper back down and wiping every inch a dozen or so times, once the whole front was clean he grabbed Tommy's ankles and lifted his legs and bottom into the air and resumed wiping this time on the back side, he wiped and wiped and wiped and used up nearly the whole pack of wipes by the time Tommy was clean as a whistle, he pulled out the dirty diaper and set Tommy down on a clean one, he bawled up the dirty one double bagged it in his own baggies then tossed that into the trash can, he took a wipe to the table to make sure nothing was missed, tossed that, washed his hands at the sink real quick, then resumed, he lifted Tommy's bottom again to powder it all down, set him down and powdered the front, pulled the diaper up and fastened it, then put a new cloth diaper cover over that, then a new pair of locking plastic pants, and the he removed the strap from Tommy's chest and placed him into the stroller. Tommy snapped out of his daydreaming at this. Tommy: "Hey wait! My onesie! I'm in only a diaper!" David: "Tommy your onesie is poopy you can't wear it, I didn't pack spare clothes, I should have, I'm sorry, it was an oversight, I'm usually so prepared, when we get home I'll make sure to put spare onesies into the diaper bag right away to make sure I don't forget them again, but for now you'll just have to be in just your diaper till we get home. Tommy: "Wait! My bwankie gimme my bwankie I'll hide under that!" David: "I'm sorry Tommy, that got poop on it also, it is bagged up, I'll wash it when we get home." Tommy: "But David I can't go out like this, it isn't appropriate!" David: "You want I should bury you in toilet paper? I don't think that would be very subtle or sanitary!" Tommy did giggle. Tommy: "Seriously though, we gotta come up with something." David looked at what they had, then figured a solution. David: "Here just hold this real tight." David handed the big blue teddy bear to Tommy. Tommy: "UUHHGG, OK I guess that’ll have to do then." Really the bear was plenty, it covered him totally except his legs that stuck out of the stroller down to the foot platform, anyone looking into the stroller would only see the back of a blue teddy bear, and a couple arms wrapping around it tightly. David unlocked the bathroom door and pushed the stroller out, there was someone waiting on the other side, wanting to use the bathroom, a Father and his adult child, roughly Tommy's size, suckling a pacifier, and also sitting in a stroller, very much identical to Tommy's, except different colors, the occupant gave a wave and Tommy waved back as they passed each other, like two ships in the night. The Father nodded at David and David nodded back. Tommy thought, there goes one of those big babies, I guess I really am one of them now, we had the same stroller and it really felt like looking at a peer. David wondered if that had been the person who knocked on the door, no way to be sure. David pushed Tommy through crowds of Christmas shoppers all too distracted by their endeavors to notice the nude except a diaper college student in a stroller, they exited the mall and Tommy was struck by the freezing cold, it wasn't so bad with his bwankie but now totally nude it was very cold! David started jogging toward the SUV, he didn't like having to have Tommy nude in this cold, it was around 25f. David got to the SUV and hit the remote start button on his fob to get the engine going, he opened Tommy's door and grabbed him by the armpits and lifted him into the seat, the poor guy was shivering like leaf, David quickly fastened the harness's buckles and hit a button on the door side which activated heated seats, then shut the door, Tommy was still gripping the bear of course. David opened the rear and tossed the stroller and shopping bags and diaper bag into the back, he didn't bother folding it down and packing the stroller up, he could do that later, he got in the driver seat and started driving right away, getting the SUV moving would warm up the heater faster than sitting in a parking stall. He cranked the heat setting to max heat, after just a minute Tommy could feel his heated seat kicking in, he'd never felt heated seats before, and on his naked body it felt really good, another few minutes and the vent started blowing warmer air, enough for Tommy to stop shivering, before long they were both comfortable, David even a little overheated, he was keeping the SUV hot so Tommy would be comfy in the nude. David: "Well Tommy we can go straight home now, OR, would you like to see some houses decorated with Christmas lights? We can just drive by and stay in the car? I mean you did tell me this morning that you were bored didn't you? and you got a fresh diaper there, and it's nice and warm in here now so how bout it?" Tommy just shrugged, he didn't care now, he was warm and his diaper was fresh even if not totally dry with his frequent small spurts he always had anymore. Tommy just nursed his paci and let David decide. While David drove Tommy around he asked Tommy. David: "So what was that back there about seeing a ghost?" Tommy: "Oh, well, I just had a flashback to how I was when I got off the plane, and it was like seeing a ghost, some ancient long dead version of myself haunting me, I didn't want to see it anymore." David: "I see, well Tommy, if that ghost ever bothers you, you just ask it, who is more happy, him? or you? and I think I know the answer to that, so that ghost should go away." Tommy liked this advice. David drove Tommy to some affluent neighborhoods places where they were known to go all out on their Christmas light decorations over their large properties, they drove through slowly getting a good look at everything, one property at a time. Tommy had never done this before, it felt magical, the lights all had a bloom to them and there was soooo many lights, so many colors, Tommy was mesmerized thoroughly, they drove around for hours looking at all the lights, eventually Tommy fell asleep and David turned toward home, while driving home David at one point heard some grunting from Tommy, he realized Tommy was messing again in his sleep, guess that apple juice wasn't quite finished with him yet. David pulled into the garage and parked, then closed it behind him, he first got Tommy out of his seat and carried him inside up to his room and laid him in his crib, Tommy was still sound asleep, he tucked Tommy in and raised the rails locking them in place, he whispered to the sleeping boy. David: "I'll get your poopy diaper changed in just a bit baby boy, I'll be right back." David went back to the SUV and unloaded everything into the house, he folded up the stroller the way it should be and packed it back in the garage, he brought in the diaper bag and the dirtied clothing/bwankie and got the wash running, then he pulled something else out of the garage and began setting it up in the living room, eventually he was back in Tommy's room carrying a fresh warm bottle of milk, he set the milk aside and lowered the rails, he lifted Tommy out of his crib and carried him to the changing table setting him onto his back, the momentarily cool vinyl of the tables top woke Tommy up, he looked around and figured out he was being changed, and merely closed his eyes continuing to nurse his pacifier, David grabbed the bottle and replace the paci with the bottle, Tommy nursed away at the milk, David had to grab his mittens and guide them to the bottle, so he would start holding it himself. Then David got on with the diaper change, Tommy was changed into the usual combo and a sleeper this sleeper had the colors and hood with face eyes and ears of a monkey, it even had a tail sewn into the rump, Tommy didn't know it but David had started using sleepers with a zipper that locks in place requiring a tiny little key to unlock, to make sure Tommy wouldn't try taking them off, he never did though, which is why he didn't even realize it. With the diaper change finished David carried Tommy down stairs nursing his bottle all the way, and deposited him onto his bottom in the center of the living room, once on the ground Tommy realized something was different he looked around and saw rails on all sides, he was in a playpen! All his toys they'd bought today were in there with him, the floor was a soft foam mat covered with the print of roads and houses, it was the classic town from above play mat style design every kid from the 90s recognized. Tommy didn't want to stop drinking his bottle, he enjoyed it too much, so decided he'd complain about the playpen once he'd finished it, struggling to hold the bottle in this position he flopped down onto his back with his legs in the air and nursed the rest of the bottle that way, he was trying to focus on the good feelings of the bottle and not be distracted by his irritation of being in a playpen, eventually he let his mind wander, at one point thinking back to the shopping mall and being changed on the large changing table in the family restroom, he pondered that such a large table even exists in public restrooms shows he's not the only big baby around, there must be quite a few of them to be building tables like that for the public use, he even met one as he was leaving the room, proving that they do get plenty of use, Tommy wondered if he belonged in the playpen after all, it was clear there was already a designated big baby status in society that he hadn't previously known existed, and he had simply joined it, not that he was stepping out of what was normal but rather just transitioning to a different kind of lesser known normal. The big baby normal. As if to signal him that he was right on, his bladder released At that moment, he hadn't even realized he'd needed to go, it was a small release as most his releases were now, but he thought on how easy it was to pee himself freely now, how it often happened without even knowing it was going to happen, he wondered if he could hold it if he tried, but concluded he didn't want to try, he didn't miss the discomfort of holding it, he was glad to be free of that burden. Besides straining to hold his bladder in a diaper made as much sense as wearing a scarf in the sun in the summer, it only made you uncomfortable for no reason. As he finished his bottle he sat up and looked to David who was approaching him already, before he could speak David sat down and wrapped Tommy in a hug, and firmly patted his back, with the first pat Tommy realized this was another burping, he embraced it this time anxious for the relief of a belch whichly quickly overcame him without warning. After belching David returned to the couch. Tommy decided right then to just accept the burpings as another new normal, he liked the hugs, and the relief that the belching brought his tummy. Tommy: "whym I ihma pwaypen" he lisped around his mitten which was partially in his mouth being suckled on. He hadn't even realized he'd put his mitten in his mouth, his bottle hadn't been out of his mouth more than one minute and already his thumb had tried to take it's place!! in frustration, he ripped his mitten out and tried again. Tommy: "why am I in a play pen daad...... daa....... I mean daaav.... daaaavid" He wasn't sure why he suddenly struggled to say David's name, it momentarily distracted him from his question as David stared at him with a smirk. David: "Well Tommy as you may remember you signed a contract and initialed the rules within that contract and one of those rules said that you are not to go into places you're not allowed in such as the basement, yet this morning I did indeed find you in the basement, the punishment for going into rooms you're not allowed in is you must be kept in a playpen whenever home for 1 month, and Tommy if you try to get out of the playpen then the sentence resets, only I may let you out of the playpen." Of course this was yet another rule! I should have known! Tommy thought, a month! that's ridiculous! How could he just be stuck in a playpen for a month! Tommy quickly placed his paci in his mouth before his mitten found it's way there. Tommy thought for a moment, is it really any different then just sitting on the couch all the time? At least there was more room to move here, and he had toys even if they were baby toys, then Tommy saw his big blue teddy bear in the corner. Admitting defeat Tommy crawled over to his teddy bear and collapsed onto it, laying there for a moment feeling helpless and frustrated. The playpen was pretty large, occupying the majority of the living rooms space, the coffee table had been removed from the room to make space for it, David had moved the table to the garage, Tommy could easily sprawl out inside the playpen without touching the edges, and then some, Tommy felt a little unappreciative as he looked around at the toys, he knew David was just buying toys that David thought were appropriate, David being the way he is and all, with his 'taking care of the nephew' mindset, and he had spent a lot of money on Tommy doing so, and Tommy had only complained. Tommy: "Thank you daaad.....I mean daaaavid for buying me stuff, it was nice of you to spend money on me, thank you for cleaning me when I made a mess, I'm sorry I was being bratty." Tommy had to swallow his pride to say this, but he knew it was the right thing, he didn't want David getting sick of him, Tommy knew he'd clearly had become someone who needed help, a lot of help, and he didn't want David to become unwilling to provide all the help he so far gave in spades. David: "Ohhh that's so sweet of you to say that Tommy, you're such a good boy, don't mention it Tommy I love taking care of you, you're just such a sweetheart." Tommy sprawled out and stretched enjoying the flow of warmth over him of his favorite words. Tommy didn't want to engage with the baby toys, he knew he'd eventually give in out of boredom but for now he resisted, instead just cuddling his new bear and watching TV, David had mercifully left it on Tommy's kid shows, there was baby loony tunes playing now. When baby loony tunes was over David changed a channel and then it was rugrats, Tommy had never watched rugrats, but he had heard about it, he knew it was a show for babies or real little kids, he watched the babies of the show getting up to their usual antics, and couldn't help identifying with them in so many ways, even the fact they were most often confined into a playpen they weren't allowed out of resembled Tommy's exact current situation, at one point or another Tommy got flashes in his mind of images of himself being there in the show, with the other babies, it helped that the main baby in the show was also named Tommy, they even had similar last names, Tommy felt like this was a sign, like being a baby was more than just his state of being, like perhaps it was his purpose, his destiny. David left the TV on the rugrats marathon and went to make dinner, Tommy didn't even hear him leave, Tommy found a way to recline against his teddy bear turning him into a comfy support and zoned out on the TV, not moving until David came and grabbed him by the armpits without saying a word, lifting him up and carrying him to the dining table for dinner, he fed Tommy in the usual way complete with rubber pocket bib, and when Tommy was done eating he had Tommy hold his own bottle to finish it off but Tommy merely flopped out of the chair onto the floor and dragged the bottle in his teeth as he crawled back to the playpen, David quickly wolfed down the remnants of his own meal and chased after Tommy. David: "Oh no you don't, you're supposed to stay at the table until I place you back in the playpen, that's the playpen rules, you stay where I put you, period." From behind he grabbed Tommy's armpits and lifted him up and over the playpen wall and put him back down on his bottom. Then removed his bib. Tommy had thought if he could just make it to the couch maybe he could blend into it and David would forget if only for a time, but that hadn't worked, Tommy felt like he'd lost a battle. David returned to the kitchen and cleaned up the table and dishes etc, Tommy finished off his dinner bottle left it on the floor and crawled back to his teddy bear and rugrats. Tommy immediately put his paci back in his mouth before his thumb could shove the mitten into it's place. Tommy zoned out on rugrats, something about seeing talking babies living life like their status as babies was the most ordinary thing comforted Tommy, made him feel less out of place, more like he belonged just as he is, like there's nothing wrong with being a talking baby. Eventually David picked Tommy up and carried him to bath time, bathed him in the usual way, and took him to his bedroom all dried off, laying him onto the table and handing him his bedtime bottle, as Tommy nursed that and David diapered the boy he noticed Tommy was now completely hairless (not counting the hair on top of his head) all his pubic hair arm hair chest hair leg hair facial hair all of it, had been getting so sparse day after day he started forgetting to pay attention it, it was getting harder to see, it was only now that he took a close look he realized he couldn't find a single hair remaining, Tommy's skin was now as smooth as could be. Pleased with this, David finished diapering and dressing Tommy in a new sleeper this one was orange with a foxy tail on the rump and foxy eyes mouth and ears on the hood. Then David carried him to bed and tucked him in raising and locking the rail into place, he fed Tommy the rest of his bottle and once finished left the room with Tommy nursing his pacifier. The next day Tommy awoke wet and messy as usual, it didn't phase him in the slightest anymore, if he'd awoke dry or not messy he would have been shocked, this was normal now. He called out for David to let him out his crib. Tommy: "Daadaa.” It took a moment for him to realize what he'd said, “daaaa... daaaa.. da! daaaaaaaaavid!" He realized he was calling David Daadaa now, and it was a struggle not too, he didn't understand where this was coming from, was it just a symptom of being so loved and cared for by a man, was he wishing his own Father had instead been David, was he replacing the idea of his absent Father with David? Tommy wasn't sure what to make of it, his head spun with the thoughts. David entered the room quickly. David: "hi baby, you sleep OK? Something wrong?" Tommy: "I'm sorry I called you Daadaa I don't know what came over me, it's like it's hard to say your name right anymore." David: "well Tommy Daadaa has been my name for many people so if you want to call me Daadaa I don't mind one bit, my nephew always called me Daadaa, I didn't conceive him of course but I like being considered his Daadaa, and I would love to be YOUR Daadaa if you would have me." David was just leaning over the crib rails looking down at Tommy while he spoke, he wasn't letting Tommy out without a response. Tommy: "Uhm. hmmmm. I guess it is fitting, you do take total care of me anymore, and I do like being taken cared of. Are you sure it's not weird to call you Daadaa? and why don't I say dad or daddy it's like Daadaa just feels like the default." David: "Daadaa is just easier, it fits better, I'm sure your just so relaxed you feel like saying what's easiest, and that's great I like to know you are relaxed, it lets me know I'm taking good care of you, so no it's not weird! in my mind a Daadaa is what someone does not what someones birthed! and I think for you I've been a pretty good Daadaa haven't I?" Tommy knew this whole thing was bizarre, not just calling David Daadaa but the entire thing, what he'd been reduced to, his sheer acceptance of it, step by step he hadn't put up any fight, but the other half of Tommy's mind knew the reason why, he loved it, he got so much love and care and affection he'd never had all that before, he'd never realized just how much he missed what he'd never been given until now, and as bizarre as all this was it gave him that missing piece of himself, so if David would like to be called Daadaa and Tommy's mouth wanted to say it anyway then he rationalized he may as well relax and embrace it. Tommy:"OK Daadaa, can I get up now?" Daadaa: "Of course Tommy." Daadaa lowered the rail of the crib, Daadaa went back downstairs and Tommy climbed out and onto the floor and followed after him, his messy wet bottom high in the air as he did. Tommy finished his slow backward climb down the stairs a knee at a time and crawled to the dining table. Daadaa was finished setting up breakfast and lifted Tommy into his chair. Tommy: "Hey Daadaa? Can we take off the watch? it's winter break I'm not going anywhere!" Daadaa: "Does it bother you Tommy?" Tommy: "Well, no, I just figured it's pointless." Daadaa: "It's not pointless! what if someone sneaks into here when I'm not looking and tries to abduct you! with that watch I will track them down and make them regret it!" Tommy giggled. Daadaa got on with feeding Tommy. The rest of the day settled into a new break time routine, after breakfast was a bath and new diaper, Tommy then spent all his time in the playpen Daadaa made sure to give him bottles often, burping Tommy after each one, and occasionally checked his diaper, he got two changes, one was messy, both times he was changed in his playpen on the changing mat from the diaper bag. He watched more rugrats marathons, he wasn't sure why they were doing so much rugrats marathons, but he was glad for it, it was quickly becoming one of his top 3 favorite shows. Eventually some of the episodes were reruns he had already seen, so he turned to the baby toys for stimulation during those episodes, he analyzed one toy at a time, one toy was an etch a sketch with thick green plastic encasing it, he struggled to grab the stylus with his mittens, eventually he spit out his pacifier and tried drawing the stylus in his teeth, he could only make scribbles, but he noticed they were colored, he scribbled the whole screen to reveal the screen had color zones one quarter was red one quarter was green one quarter was blue and one quarter was yellow, he thought it was neat that nowadays they could make the etch a sketch colored like that, he dropped the etch a sketch tired of using his teeth to draw and crawled over to the next toy, there was a collection of 4 toy cars, they were big, the size of his head, they were brightly colored various colors and had sticker on the windshield to show a driver there was a calf, a dog, a squirrel, and a cat. The cars each had an elevated button sticking out of the top, Tommy pushed the button and it depressed all the way down to the cars roof, then when he let go the car sped off! Neat he thought, the car could be powered for a moment with the button, he pushed the button on the other two cars, and they sped off too, he crawled after them, then lined them up like on a starting line, he only had two mittens, so he pushed two buttons at the same time and let go, he watched to see which one was faster and which one went further, he then did the two buttons on the remaining cars, he picked the winners and then raced the winners against each other, he did this for both categories, he figured out which car was the fastest, it was the cat, he declared the cat the winner of the race and decided it was his favorite, the car that went the furthest he declared to be second place winner it was the squirrel, and made it the cats companion, they would stick together. The two losers he decided he didn't care for and set them the furthest away, where they'd be out of his way, he played with his two favorite cars awhile more and then looked to the next toy, he crawled over to it and looked it over closely it was like a marble run tower but much bigger, and had big plastic balls instead of marbles, 2inchs diameter, the thing was tall if he could stand up it'd probably be his height, he noticed it was assembled out of small pieces, that it could be disassembled and reassembled in whatever form one wished, that each segment was small enough to redesign the thing a million different ways, he grabbed one of the plastic balls between his two mittens and carefully lifted it to the big hole on the top, it was a hard reach he had to sit up on his knees and lift his arms all the way above his head, at the maximum of his reach the ball slipped from his clasp and fell to the ground, he had to crawl after it, he had to roll it back to the tower before crawling back to the tower then trying again, he got the ball into the hole this time and watched it race through the course, going down slides and twists and curves and spirals, even leaping gaps here and there, he was actually impressed something like this was a kids toy. The truth was Daadaa had bought 4 of these sets and combined them all together for Tommy, normally a toddler would get a single set of these parts and the tower couldn't be this tall. Daadaa was sitting on the couch watching Tommy through all of this, pleased to see Tommy finally letting his guard down and playing with his toys, glad to see Tommy was able to enjoy them, and didn't find them boring or stupid, Daadaa had intended to work this sort of behavior into the ocean whispers but Tommy didn't seem to need that suggestion, he was enjoying his baby toys of his own free will. Tommy had a lot of fun with the tower watching the balls race through before turning on to the next toy, he crawled over to it and looked it over, it was like a rocking horse, except it was shaped like a dinosaur! It was made of thick hardwood but it was painted green! and it was much larger than a babies rocking horse, Tommy could fit on this thing just fine and have fun if he wanted, he was nervous though, this would be the most babyish activity yet in Tommy's mind (as if getting his messy diaper changed in the playpen wasn't babyish.....) Daadaa saw Tommy's hesitation at the rocking horse and decided to help him out, while Tommy was looking at the Dino rocker he suddenly felt hands in his armpits, Daadaa was lifting him from behind and plopped his bottom onto the rocker with a wet squish, Tommy was embarrassed but decided to embrace the play, he placed his mittens on the handles and began rocking, his diaper squishing a bit each time he rocked back and forth, the rocker rocked with ease it didn't hardly take any effort, Tommy tried picturing himself riding a dinosaur in a wild forest, and started getting absorbed into the play, he imagined he was in that forest he got lost in and was chasing down cougars and bears and wolves and making his dinosaur eat them up. Daadaa was already back on the couch enjoying the show. Tommy had no idea how long he'd rocked, enjoying his fantasies about the power to wield a dinosaur like a horse, eventually he decided he was out of energy to rock so rolled off and fell to his bottom on the floor, he crawled over to the next toy. It was a massive pile of mega blocks, he did like legos as a kid, but he never had his own, he only ever got to play with legos when visiting his friends houses and always wished he could have his own. Mega blocks were almost the same, basically just gentler bigger legos. he went about placing one piece into another and built a tower, then knocked it down with a crash, he built multiple towers and pretended it was a city, then crawled through it like he was the dinosaur now. Then he built big walls and little houses inside the walls like a fortress, he built many things and had a great time with his mega blocks, it occurred to him that mega blocks are bigger because smaller kids can't be trusted not to put them in their mouth and legos could be choked on but mega blocks were too big to choke on, this got Tommy thinking about putting things in his mouth, he already sucked mittens and pacifiers, what must it be like to try to chew on mega blocks he wondered, and so while laying on his belly inside the mega block walls he'd built, he grabbed a mega block and stuck a corner into his mouth, exploring it with his tongue and teeth, trying to bite a corner of it, making marks in it, he did this for a bit before deciding mega blocks didn't make for good mouth toys, he was curious about this now though, and so he crawled to the next toy he could see which looked perfect for a mouth. This toy was like a colorful soft rubber ball the size of a cantaloupe, except it had nodes sticking out of all sides of it, he counted 12 nodes sticking out of the rubber ball, the nodes were also a rubber type material and each end with a round or oblong end, which had various patterns embossed into them, the ball had a small window on one spot showing beads inside that would rattle around as the ball moved, Tommy decided this looked like a good mouth toy, and right away stuck a node into his mouth exploring it with his tongue and teeth, he tried chewing it and could not harm it, it was soft and rubbery but durable, he rolled onto his back and continued exploring each of the nodes and their different patterns with his tongue and teeth, surprised in himself that such an act could be so stimulating, he couldn't remember ever exploring solid items with his tongue but it had it's own fascinating sensation about it, and so he kept at it awhile. He was still absorbed in exploring the teething toy when Daadaa suddenly picked him up, he had his eyes closed and hadn't seen Daadaa approaching, Daadaa carried Tommy off to bath time, the teething toy was ditched in Tommy's crib along the way, Tommy got his usual bath and bedtime diapering plus bottle, he drifted off to sleep while Daadaa fed him the last of his bottle like always, Tommy slept with the teething toy in his crib with him, Daadaa figured it gives him something to play with when he wakes up, Daadaa also went downstairs and came back placing Tommy's teddy bear into the crib with him, Tommy grabbed it unconsciously wrapping an arm around it. The next morning Tommy awoke, wet and messy like every morning, but now he had his bear in his arms, he couldn't remember having the bear at bedtime, but he was happy to see him, he looked at the bear. Tommy: "Good morning bear.... you need a name.. hmmm" Wanting for more creativity he eventually settled on the unoriginal. Tommy: "bwooeey dats your name now, bwooeey!" Tommy giggled at his own lack of creativity in naming the blue bear, but liked the name all the same, it was then Tommy looked over and saw the teething toy, he felt like he struck gold, he wrapped his legs around bwooeey, so he could hold him while having his mittened hands free to work the teether toward him, all this while staying on his back he managed to clasp the teething toy between both mittens and hold it to his mouth, and he resumed yesterdays fun exploring it with his tongue or chewing on the nodes. Daadaa had heard Tommy talking to his bear via the baby monitor and smiled that Tommy was content to hang out in his crib finally, seems a distraction was all he needed, Daadaa decided it may be time to start installing crib toys onto the bars, rather than rushing in for Tommy he decided to just let him play awhile, and started working on breakfast, taking his time as he did. Listening to Tommy's gurgles as he sucked at his teether, and occasionally talked nonsense to his bear with his mouth full of rubber. Once breakfast was totally ready, Daadaa entered Tommy's room to find him still laying on his back chewing at the teether toy, he lifted Tommy onto his waist and made to leave the room stopping when he heard Tommy whine. Tommy:"but bwooeey!" Tommy was reaching one mitten toward his bear, Daadaa grabbed "bwooeey" and placed him in Tommy's arm and resumed carrying the boy to breakfast, the bear had to be taken away and placed in his own chair to watch as Daadaa fed Tommy, occasionally he would pretend to spoon food to the bear and make noises like the bear was gobbling down, Tommy giggled at this silliness. When Tommy was done with his meal Daadaa held Tommy's bottle for him making sure he wasn't gonna try to crawl off in a hurry this time, using his free hand to finish his own meal, with the bottle done he burped Tommy then grabbed Tommy right away and plopped him down into the playpen, he went back to the kitchen and cleaned everything up. Tommy looked over at his Daadaa and for the first time observed the height of the playpen, wondering if he could get over it, it appeared the rail came up to just about his belly button if he were able to stand, so Tommy decided it was unlikely he could climb over it without a jump and that was more than he could stand to even think about with the spikes in his booties, so he turned to explore more new toys. He crawled over to one and observed it was a fisher price musical Learning Table with lots of lights and sounds and buttons, it was the perfect height for him to see the top from on his bottom or knees, and he had fun pushing the many buttons to see what they all did, he went about trying to memorize their sounds and which lights they activated to arrange for himself a little show, it was challenging to hit the buttons he wanted with the mittens on, he'd often accidentally hit the wrong button and screw up his sequence having to start over. His Daadaa also interrupted him picking him up from behind and carrying him to the couch, Daadaa held Tommy in his lap and cradled him, and held a bottle to his mouth, Tommy enjoyed the closeness and drank his milk bottle all the way down. Nearly dozing off by the end of it, but managing to keep himself awake, he wanted to go back to playing he didn't want to sleep, bottle empty Daadaa burped Tommy then put Tommy back into his playpen, he crawled off spying the Dino rocker he beelined for it and rocked some more, fantasizing about being in Jurassic park and chasing around the tourists with his Dino buddy. Again Daadaa would occasionally bring Tommy bottles and make sure he drank them even if it meant he had to feed it to Tommy himself, he burped Tommy after every one of them, then he would occasionally check/change Tommy's diaper right there in the playpen, Tommy's changes consisted of a couple very wet diapers and one messy. they had dinner the same as the day before and so on the routine went, Tommy was having a much less boring time now with his toys, after days of this he no longer disliked the playpen, in his mind it now represented playtime, just as it should all his toys were in there, except the teething toy which now took residency in his crib, and he liked it there, to play with in the mornings, Mr bwooeey always went with him, to bedtime to breakfast time to playpen time to dinner time and back to bedtime, he loved having a bear to keep with him and hold, eventually he introduced bwooeey to Mr Dino and decided they should be friends. Christmas eve arrived and Daadaa announced Tommy had to go to bed early that night. Tommy: "AWWW but why?" Daadaa: "Because Tommy, Santa clause comes tonight and if you're not in bed when he comes he'll skip our house and you won't get any presents" Tommy: "Daadaa Santa not real I learned that really young, my mommy told me he was only for rich kids to pretend about." Daadaa's heart hurt every time Tommy had something to say about his Mother, it seemed it was never anything loving. Daadaa: "Well Tommy that might have been the case for your Mother, but in my family Santa brings us presents and I think that has more to do with love then it does being rich, now you're going to bed right after dinner, and we are having an early dinner and that's all there is to it, or do you really insist there's no Santa? Cause I can tell Santa to just take your presents away if you don't want them?" Tommy:"NOOO! I want them, it's OK, yes Santa is real OK!" Daadaa: "OK! that's more like it!" Dinner did come early and after it was eaten Daadaa took Tommy straight to bath and bed. In the morning Tommy woke up early having gone to bed so early, he played with his teether and cuddled his bear, his paci and now the teether caused him to drool a lot whenever he played with it, in the beginning he was careful to minimize this and wipe it off his face often but eventually he no longer cared, he now gladly drooled freely for more time to have fun with the teether or his paci. This meant there was often drool spots on his clothing around the neckline especially. Even before the teether he'd gotten pretty used to the feeling of drool on his face from his pacifier already, it was becoming uncommon for Tommy to not have drool on his face and often his neckline/chest. Daadaa entered the room, first he unlocked and removed Tommy's mittens, so Tommy could unwrap presents, then picked Tommy up carrying him down the stairs, upon entering the living room Tommy gasped! Right next to his playpen was a real Christmas tree! Not fake plastic, Tommy could smell it, it was fully decorated and lit up with lights! he had seen them in his friends homes in his youth but never had one himself. Tommy: "It's soo pweetty, why you only bring it out today? Why not sooner?" Daadaa: "Well, to be honest I kinda forgot about it at first, but then I decided it might be more fun to have it as a surprise on the day of Christmas, and I think it was, your reaction was fun for me, and it's only the beginning, what's that beneath the tree Tommy?!" Tommy looked down and indeed there were presents all gift wrapped beneath the tree limbs, lots of them. Tommy: "Who's all that for? it's so many!" Daadaa: "they're all for you silly baby, do you see any other silly babies in this house? no it's just you, all for you!" Tommy's eyes locked onto one present in particular because it was massive as far as presents go, very tall for a present, Daadaa:"aha! I see you've spied the most special one of all, that's the one we are gonna open first, in fact lets open it right now, and the rest of them can wait until after breakfast." Daadaa set Tommy on the floor and Tommy crawled over to the tall present. Daadaa: "Now be careful you don't knock it over, just unwrap it with it standing like that." Tommy began ripping away the wrapping paper, it didn't take much effort, the item was not in a box, it turned out, the gift, was a highchair, it was covered in paw patrol characters, it had four legs that appeared to be steel, two legs in front were joined at the floor level by a bar between them, and the two legs at the back also had a bar joining them together at the floor level, for added stability, Tommy looked up at it, the seat looked similar to a car seat, large enough to fit Tommy and it had all his favorite paw patrol characters all over it, it even had buckles that looked like the ones in the car, Tommy could see a toy sticking to the tray and was curious about it, but couldn't see it from the floor, Daadaa pulled the tray off, lifted Tommy from the armpits up into the chair plopping him into it on his bedtime diaper wet a messy as usual, Tommy hadn't even noticed it's state, he didn't pay it any mind anymore, he was just focusing on his new highchair, Daadaa was pleased Tommy hadn't complained about it being only for babies, it showed Tommy was finally accepting himself as a baby. Daadaa pulled the straps around and buckled the chest clip and the two hip clips, it was a 5 point harness, he snapped the tray in place and then Daadaa dragged the high chair over to the dinning table, where breakfast was already prepared, Daadaa sat in a tall bar stool type chair, so he could feed Tommy in his high chair, Tommy had butterflies throughout the experience, he was happy, so strange to be so happy about something like this, he realized baby things made him happy all on their own, his past rationalizing of associating them with this or that no longer mattered, he didn't need mental gymnastics to explain why he might like something, now he could just open up and enjoy it. Daadaa finished feeding Tommy and handed him the rest of his bottle Tommy took it in his hands and reflexively tried to flop out onto the ground but didn't budge an inch, he'd forgotten about the seat belt, he couldn't get out, the highchair did it's job of keeping him in place while he nursed his bottle and Daadaa finished his own meal taking his time. Daadaa finished cleaned up the table and the plates while Tommy was stuck in his chair nursing the rest of his bottle. When he'd finished his bottle and set it onto the tray Daadaa was still cleaning dishes, so Tommy looked to the toys attached to the try, there was two of them one would spin when you slap it, and the other was like a rattle shaped like a flower made of plastic, when you smack it would bend over and shoot back up and wiggle a bit, rattling the whole time, Tommy had fun slapping this one cause he knew Daadaa would hear it and maybe it might annoy him, Tommy figured if he could annoy Daadaa then he might hurry up and get him out of the chair faster, and then Tommy could get on with opening gifts. In reality Daadaa loved hearing him play with his rattle, it made him feel happy his baby was having the time of his life with his new high chair. Once the kitchen was totally cleaned Daadaa unbuckled Tommy lifted him from the chair into a hug and patted his back until he belched, then carried him up the stairs to give him a bath. Tommy: "But what about da udder presents?" Daadaa: "You'll get those after you've been bathed, can't have you sitting in a poopie diaper all day, there's a limit to these things, your bottom wouldn't like it." Daadaa went through the routine of bathing and dressing Tommy, this time Tommy was put into just a onesie, with monster trucks prints all over it, Daadaa carried Tommy downstairs and plopped him into the playpen, before he could complain Daadaa had grabbed a present and handed it to Tommy to unwrap. Before he tore into it he paused and looked up at Daadaa. Tommy: "Daadaa I feel bed, you got me all deez gifts but I did not get you nu thin, you deserve gifts too! But I don't have any money." Daadaa: "Oh Tommy, you've given me plenty of presents all wrapped up in your diaper." Tommy giggled. Daadaa: "But seriously, you are my present, as long as I have you there's nothing I want, I don't need gifts from you Tommy, besides there's nothing you could buy me that I couldn't buy myself, no the best gift is just you, being yourself, seeing you happy, that is a better reward for me then anything money could buy." Tommy smiled and tore into the present, it was a clothing box, he pulled the top off, inside was a bunch of bibs, they were made of fabric unlike the bib he used at dinner, he felt one and it was a very soft fabric, very gentle on the skin, the bibs all had different prints, the first one he saw had construction vehicles all over it, on the back of the bib as he held it up he saw it had his name Tommy, sewn into it. Daadaa reached from behind him and grabbed the bib from him, and wrapped it around his neck fastening it in place on the back of his neck, the bib hugged his neckline just a bit loose, and covered his chest. Tommy: "Why you put it on? We already ate." Daadaa: "Tommy this is called a drool bib, you been getting a lot of drool on your cute onesies and this will help contain that, so your onesies don't get all stained, now you can drool all you want without any worries! isn't that great!" Tommy had already been getting lax about his drooling, he hadn't thought he was staining anything, but he didn't dress himself anymore, so he rarely got a close look at his own clothes that way. Tommy: "fank you Daadaa" he lisped around the pacifier." Daadaa handed Tommy another present, and Tommy tore into it wildly, finally getting into the spirit of gift unwrapping, this one was a small box showing a crib with a mobile over it, Tommy figured out how to open it and pulled out what turned out to be a mobile, the base that mounts to the rail had a little mirror in it, and a bunch of sea animals such as a dolphin an octopus and a sea turtle, motifs of seaweed and various tropical fish and starfish etc. Tommy: "HEY it's my sea fwiends!!! I see them in my dweems!" Daadaa: "Oh really well now they can help put you into your dreams every night!" The mobile came with a curved arm that connected into a slot on the base and at the end of the bend of the arm was a round disc/cone that held on strings more sea animals and the same prints covered the disc as well. Daadaa: "This mobile has lots of features, like it can make ocean noises or it can make flowing river sounds or babbling brook sounds or even nursery rhymes in instrumental, it has dozens of rhymes programmed into it!" Something about hearing ocean waves struck a cord with Tommy, but he wasn't sure why, just the thought of it made him feel like he wanted to lay down and sleep right there, but he snapped out of it when Daadaa handed Tommy a new present. Tommy tore it open and again the packaging had an image of a crib on it, it called itself a crib toy, Tommy opened it and it was like a play center but smaller, it was designed to strap onto the bars of a crib and it had all kinds of buttons that made different noises and had dangled on straps various teething type toys of different materials and shapes. Daadaa: "This also straps into your crib it's something you can play with anytime you're in there waiting for me." Daadaa was already handing Tommy another present anxious to keep things moving. Tommy tore into the next present and it was another fabric box, Tommy opened it up and it was rugrats characters! Tommy gasped with excitement, but he still didn't know what it is, he pulled it out and it was very thick and padded, very soft, rectangular but very long, he pulled it out-and-out and out and more kept coming. Daadaa: "This is called a crib bumper! We will put it around the edges of your mattress it fastens to the rails and acts like a protective bumper so you don't hurt yourself bumping into the rails." Tommy was just thrilled to have rugrats characters in his crib, he was also thrilled the bumper did not have angelica on it, he really didn't like angelica. Tommy was handed another package, this one pretty large, after unwrapping it was a fabric box, a big one! he took the top off and saw more rugrats! Daadaa: "It's new bed sheets, a comforter, and a pillow case, your whole crib will now be rugrats themed!" Tommy: "Woooow, Thank you Daadaa." Tommy was handed the next present and opened it, it was a new teddy bear! this one was identical to bwooeey except it was smaller, about as tall as from Tommy's diaper to his chest, just enough for hugging. Tommy: "Oh I didn't know bwooeey had a son!! bwooeey junior!" Daadaa chuckled. Daadaa: "I figured this way you can take him to school with you, that one should fit in one of your bags." Tommy didn't even flinch at the idea, he already sucked his pacifier and dressed like a baby at school, having bwooeey jr with him wouldn't be anything but welcome to him at this stage. The next present turned out to be another teether toy, this way Tommy could have one in his playpen too. The present opening went on, Tommy got many gifts, some from Daadaa some from Santa. Many toys many clothes lots of fun things, when it was over Daadaa picked Tommy up and carried him to the couch and held him in his lap while he fed him a new bottle, once finished he was burped and put back into the playpen and had fun all day long with his toys, Daadaa locked Tommy's mittens back onto his hands by dinner time, from there the two of them settled back into the new routine, Tommy enjoyed his new crib additions, Daadaa installed everything and showed Tommy how to activate the mobile by pushing a big green button on it, it would run for 30 minutes then shut off automatically, unless he hit the button again, Daadaa would turn it on every time he laid Tommy to bed and Tommy would watch his sea friends slowly spinning above him while he nursed his bedtime bottle as Daadaa held it for him, Tommy played with his crib toys plenty when he woke in the morning keeping his mobile going while he was at it, he'd hit the switch in the mornings to switch it to nursery rhymes mode and listen to those while he either played with the rail toys or mouthed his teether toy. The weeks passed, Daadaa did not celebrate or call attention to new years, he didn't want to give Tommy any reason to think of his aging or his past year. Eventually Tommy's winter break came to an end, by this point his lifestyle had come to feel like normal life, and he did not want to go back to school, he pouted the morning of, wishing he could just keep staying home like he'd had, but Daadaa was insistent that he finish getting his degree, then after that he could choose to do anything he wanted even if that meant staying home all the time. Daadaa had him ready to go for school dressed in his shortalls onesie plus drool bib, after Daadaa had strapped Tommy's Velcro shoes onto his feet, he tried to lift Tommy to his feet but Tommy just kept going back down to his bottom, Tommy hadn't stood in over a month and now he didn't want to, the act of it felt strange and unusual and like a lot more effort then he liked, his muscles had somewhat atrophied, and his balance had suffered too. Daadaa: "I know you don't wanna walk Tommy but you're gonna have to or else I'll have to carry you around all day!" Tommy didn't see the problem with that, he liked being carried, by this time Tommy was about 5 foot sharp, it had gotten a lot easier for Daadaa to carry him as he'd been loosing weight all the while also, staying skinny as he shrank in height, Daadaa had already replaced his Velcro shoes twice without Tommy knowing it, anytime Daadaa noticed them getting loose he'd swap them for an identical pair in the next size down. He was always keeping Tommy in new clothes too so Tommy could never identify a difference in fit in a familiar outfit. Instead his outfits just got smaller with him, on top of this Tommy couldn't see a difference in his eyeline cause Tommy spent all his time crawling anyway.... Daadaa lifted Tommy off the floor and decided to carry him to the car, buckling him into his 5 point harness. Once at school as Daadaa lifted Tommy from his seat to the sidewalk Tommy again went down to his bottom, Tommy just looked up at Daadaa like he didn't know what to do. Daadaa: "Tommy do you just want me to carry you today?" Tommy nodded his head yes. Daadaa: "Well alright then, I guess you'll get a ride on my hip for today." Daadaa picked Tommy up and held him on his hip, together with his two bags Daadaa carried him off to his first class, setting him down at his usual seat he pointed out for Daadaa, who then went back to his SUV to watch TV and monitor Tommy's GPS. Tommy had his pacifier in his mouth the moment he'd finished his morning bath and it was still there now, he'd keep it in as much as he could, this lead to a lot of drool as usual but his bib was there to catch it all. During his first class Tommy did something uncommon for him, usualy when Tommy had a question he kept it to himself, too embarassed to be the center of attention in a class room, but something about knowing David was around campus today gave Tommy confidence, he'd been getting more and more comfortable in his new role and Davids promise to see him at the end of each class made him less afraid of attention. So today when Tommy had a question he raised his hand in class for the first time in many years. Professor Mustache: "Yes Thomas what is it?" Tommy's pacifier fell from his lips as he began to speak, he'd forgotten it was even there, this did not bother him a bit. Tommy: "Professor Mustache, did you want us to finish the rest of this tonight? or stop at a certain chapter?" The class bust out laughing at hearing Tommy's nickname for the professor, his name was of course NOT Mustache, Tommy had been calling him that in his head from day one because of the professors very large mustache that sat on his face like a sleeping long haired rodent. Tommy didnt know why they were laughing, he had forgotten that this was only a nickname, in Tommy's mind, mustache was just his name now. Tommy wasnt embarassed, he just figured he had said something funny and was glad to have entertained everyone. Professor Mustache: "Well Thomas thank you for the compliment, you may call me professor mustache if you wish, I'm quite proud of my mustache, and to answer your question which is a good one, I do infact want the class to stop at chapter 25." Pleased with the answer Tommy reflixivly reinserted his pacifier into his mouth and nursed away without a moments thought on the action. When first class ended Daadaa came into the class as the students made their way out, he went to help Tommy pack his bag when he noticed some of Tommy's notes sitting out from this class, he noticed the handwriting in the notes from today was severely diminished compared to the notes from last class way before the break, Daadaa realized Tommy’s coordination was diminishing due to his hand and finger muscles atrophying from being in the mittens all the time, he never exercised his grip or anything, Daadaa wasn't sure if this was for the best but if Tommy was OK with it as a cost of getting to keep his mittens on then so be it, besides, Daadaa figured he'd probably regain at least some of his coordination taking notes now that school was back on. His bag packed Tommy was then lifted to Daadaa's hip, who then carried him off to his next class, depositing him in his seat and returning to his SUV, after this class Daadaa picked Tommy up from his seat and took him back to the SUV, they sat in the cargo space and Daadaa fed Tommy his lunch then changed his wet diaper while he nursed down the rest of his bottle getting a burping once it and the change was done, Tommy didn't even remember wetting his diaper anymore, he didn't even know when it was wet, occasionally he'd feel it squish when he'd sit down and that was the only time he ever knew it was wet, likewise, for poopies, they just happened so casually he'd puuuush out any pressure and not pay any attention to what came out, he'd feel better with the pressure gone that's all that mattered, and he always seemed to poop during his last class of the day, Daadaa had noted. The next day went much like the last except this time Daadaa brought the stroller, instead of carrying Tommy around the whole campus he would push him in the stroller from SUV to class then class to class, then to lunch and back to class, Tommy didn't walk anymore, he didn't want to, and he didn't need to. At home Tommy was always happy to go back into his crawl booties and grasp reduction mittens, he liked having the excuse to not stand or grab anything, so Daadaa could feed him every meal and bottle, his toys were simple enough he could enjoy them without the need for a grip. One day Daadaa decided to update the ocean whispers in the walls, he wiped them clean and wrote only these lines: "Enunciation is difficult. Its a waste of effort. Daadaa knows what I need. I dun ofen needsta speak at tall. An hen I do I can ooz baby talk. Cause I is jus a baby, so I shud dalk wike a baby. I dunnt needsta sound perfek. As long as Daadaa unnersdands me dats all dat matters. An even if Daadaa dun undasden me dats ok too he aways fwiguhs out wat I need ebentooaly." The messages would repeat on loop all night. The days went by and Tommy regressed mentally further and further, Daadaa hadn't hardly had to do anything at this point, the whispers suggesting he speak baby talk were accepted by Tommy with ease, it seemed to help him fall right into little space and stay there, he actually seemed to do better in school now that he had no worries or stresses, nothing to think about beyond his school work, and play, his handwriting did suffer, but Daadaa often helped out with that, rewriting his notes where it was needed, eventually Daadaa got Tommy a digital voice recorder to use in his classes, so he didn't have to write down all those notes, Daadaa would listen back the recordings and make notes for Tommy himself, making sure Tommy sat and listened while he did so, this actually seemed to improve Tommy's recall since it meant he basically heard many lessons twice. When Tommy's month of playpen punishment ended Daadaa asked Tommy if he wanted to continue using the playpen, Tommy didn't even have to think about it, he had grown to love the playpen and all the playtime he had in it. Of course he could have had the toys on the living room floor without the playpen walls too, but he liked having his own designated place for them. So the playpen stayed, and he spent all his down time in it. During the summer they spent a lot of time outside, mostly in the backyard, Tommy crawling around in shortalls playing in the grass with toys, being pushed on the swingset seated in the 5 point harness seat. Daadaa built a sandbox and Tommy had lots of fun playing in it, one day they even drove to the beach and Tommy got to play in the water, Daadaa had his own private beach he would rent out just so Tommy could have the privacy to run around in the surf wearing just his diaper, people could see from the beaches around the bend if they looked, but from that distance all they'd see is a baby playing in the water while his Daadaa relaxed in a chair and watched. It was around this time Daadaa turned off the ocean whispers for the last time, Tommy didn't need their suggestions anymore, he'd come as far as there was to go in Daadaa's eyes. The next thanksgiving went much like the last, and by the following winter break Tommy had shrank down to 4 foot 3, whether he had noticed or not Daadaa didn't know, Tommy never mentioned it, he either didn't care or just didn't notice, Daadaa was always making sure Tommy was in proper fitting clothes and diapers, changing sizes as necessary. One day as Daadaa carried Tommy to the car to go to school he plopped Tommy into a carseat, it reclined slightly and kept his legs outward, it had little toys dangling in his eyesight and even a little mirror in front of his face mounted onto the headrest of the seat in front of him, so he could see himself nursing at his pacifier, drooling all over his bib, it helped remind him what a baby he was. Tommy had another wonderful Christmas with Daadaa getting lots of toys and lots of playtime in his playpen, After another year like this Tommy was truly a baby now, he was just under 3 feet and had all the babyish behaviors he could have, the only time he behaved any other way was in class, when he would sit quietly nursing his paci and pay attention, he knew it was important to Daadaa that he finish his degree even if it was no longer important to him, when Tommy had decided to start college all he really wanted was to be independent enough that he'd never have to go back to his Mother, Daadaa had granted that wish without requiring him to gain independence at all, when Tommy graduated he was rolled onto the stage in a stroller by Daadaa, who graciously accepted the degree on Tommy's behalf, he handed the degree to Tommy and rolled him off the stage and all the way home, most the crowd assumed Daadaa was the one graduating, a single Father without a babysitter, but the few classmates Tommy had who knew of him knew that it was the baby graduating, it was a mystery to them how this kid seemed to get littler and littler through the years in class yet always stayed ahead in grades, they felt intimidated and confused and didn't want to address it, they watched the boy be wheeled away for the last time in relief, nervous someone would ask how this little baby had so often out performed themselves in class. They tried not to think about it ever again once he was out of their sight. Once home Daadaa had a long talk with Tommy. Daadaa: "Tommy, now that you have graduated, you have a choice, you can take your degree and go be a big boy in the world, doing the jobs you want, making money, paying bills, partying, and making friends, you can grow back up and I'll help you do that, both physically and mentally, I'll even make sure you get good employers with good benefits in whatever field you want to go into." "Or you can stay with me, stay my baby, as long as you want, if you decided in a year or whenever to grow up I'll help you then, if you decide to stay my baby forever I will be thrilled to be your Daadaa forever." Tommy: "daa, wot ibf oooou diieeesss.....?" Tommy's eyes watered up at the mere thought of it. Daadaa: "Don't you worry about that, I'm perfectly healthy I think I'll set the world record for longevity long before I die, I'll probably outlive you if you keep insisting on macaroni and cheese for dinner! but seriously Tommy if worst case scenario something happens to me you will be taken care of, I have already made those arrangements, you'll continue to have the choice to stay a baby or grow up whenever you want, I've got the instructions on how to go about either of those choices all laid out carefully for your next mamma or Daadaa, and I've got experts lined up who will help you find the right mama or Daadaa that is right for you, it will be up to you to pick them out, and my agents will keep tabs on you all the time to make sure you're being well taken care of and loved, and you'll always have the option to change caretakers if they ever start to fail you, so don't worry about that, I don't think I'll be dying anytime soon but my will is all setup to protect you just in case I do, so Tommy, what's your decision." This was a no brainer for Tommy, he'd never been so happy as he was as Daadaa's baby, he got cuddles affection and love every single day, multiple times a day, he felt it in his crib he felt it at breakfast he felt it during bath times and morning diapering and every diapering throughout the day and during bottle feedings and burpings and during dinner and evening bath and bedtime diapering, his whole day was just packed with love, he'd spend lots of time each day cuddling with Daadaa on the couch being fed bottles and burped, being tickled by Daadaa and played with and Daadaa would always take him out of the house somewhere anytime he was getting bored and always showed him fun things, he never wanted it to end. Tommy: "I wanna be your baby forever!" Tommy said without a hint of lisp, he had meant it so vehemently it came out with his adult voice, he wanted to make sure his point was solid and loud and clear. Even if he hated speaking that way anymore, it took effort for him now, concentration, he preferred to relax, and let his natural baby talk run the show. Maybe one day he'd eventually forget how to talk any other way. Daadaa nearly cried. His feelings full of confliction, he had to confess now. He knew he had to, he hated to do it, but Tommy's decision couldn't be considered legit if Tommy didn't know the whole truth. Daadaa: "Tommy, I need to tell you my secret, so you know the whole truth, so there will never be another secret between us, Tommy I turned you into a baby, on purpose, it was by design, I've done it to every person that's lived in that bedroom, all college students, I never had any nephews, I've been doing this to people for many years, I've been putting medicine in your bottles to make it easier for you to wet or mess, I've got hidden cameras throughout the house I can monitor from my phone, I've been playing subliminal suggestions over speakers hidden in your bedroom walls while you sleep, which those only work if subconsciously you want them to work, so it seemed clear to me you wanted this on some level, also I don't know if you've noticed but you're pretty small now, your body is, I did that, I'm a DNA scientist and I know the secrets of how to change someones DNA, I can change anything about them, and I injected you with a concoction of my own design from my basement laboratory, it removed your body hair and it made you shrink, it's basically instructed your body to revert it's size back to when you were a toddler, from your toes to your genitals to your torso hands arms and head, everything, it's done now and out of your system, you'll stay this size unless I reverse the process with more injections, which is part of this choice, if you do decide to grow up I'll give you what you need to get big and tall again, Tommy I've never fallen in love before you, those students previously I did this too to help them, as I think it's helped you, but at the end of their graduation I didn't give them the choice to stay my baby, I just gave them the injections to grow up and sent them on their way, my agents watched over them until they were fully regrown and independently taking care of themselves, I like to think I gave all of them a better handle on life a better perspective on caring for others, letting others care for them, and the importance of love, but it was you who taught me what real love was, none of them ever fully embraced being my baby like you did, you really seem to love me and I really love you too, but if after hearing the truth you have changed your mind I'll understand and I won't blame you, I'll always be here for you no matter what your decision and no matter what the future brings." This was a lot for Tommy to unpack, long ago he had come to a conclusion that he had some kind of illness or disorder that was causing his shrinkage and possibly his regression, but he didn't want it to stop, he started to enjoy it, so he didn't want to bother seeing a doctor who might take away the love and care he'd been getting, now to learn it was all by design hurt him, he didn't know what to say, he knew he still wanted to be Daadaa's baby, but he wasn't sure if he could trust Daadaa anymore, he wasn't sure if he should stay this way now, he had to think on it. In his anger Tommy focused his mind on his words, being extra careful to speak clearly, with great strain he spoke slowly one word at a time making sure to say them properly. Tommy: "I'm angry, and I'm not sure what I'm feeling other than anger, I can't give a good response right now, I might regret what I say, I'll tell you tomorrow." Tommy crawled away up the stairs to his room, laid on his crib and fell asleep, they had only just come in the door, Daadaa took Tommy's shoes off but did not put the booties or mittens on him, crawling was still his choice, Daadaa did eventually come into the room to see the boy sleeping in the middle of the day, he'd still been in his diaper from the days events and it had been poopy since before they'd left the school, he'd messed himself before they'd even gone on stage and not even known it, Daadaa couldn't let his baby sleep in a messy diaper so Daadaa changed him right there in the crib, careful not to wake him, freshly re-diapered in just a onesie Daadaa left Tommy to sleep on his decision and thoughts. Tommy's dreams were fraught with conflict, one scene he was in a fight with Daadaa, both vying for control over the car as it careened down the road, Tommy was scared and wanted to take control over the vehicle, but Daadaa insisted he was safer driving and Tommy need only sit back and let him steer, it seemed like it was their fight that was leading to a wreck when the dream shifted, and he was back home, in his Mothers house, she was ridiculing him for being so useless and helpless, for not becoming more of a man, he was reaching a breaking point about to shout at her, but he couldn't his mouth was filled, he realized it was his pacifier, and she could see him suckling at it, she laughed and mocked him some more, he struggled to spit it out like it was made of glue and before he could try again to shout the dream shifted again, he was in the pool like the dream he'd had right before leaving his Mothers, but this time it was cloudy out, dark and stormy there was lightning all around, the pool was empty except for him, the pool water began sloshing around stronger and stronger threatening to throw him out onto the concrete, he tried swimming to the rail but the water just kept pulling him back keeping him center, there was a loud crash, and he saw the lightning coming down to the pool water and the dream shifted again, he was in an office, a cubical, in some office high rise, the whole floor was cubicles, his was decorated with his own items, even many of his baby toys laid out on the desk, besides them bills, many bills, many reading past due, there were folders labeled workload, thick stacks of folders, his work computer kept dinging, he looked and saw it was all work emails, one after another piling in, bwooeey jr was on the desk but bwooeey had a big frown, he stared at Tommy with a look that seemed to say he was disappointed, Tommy tried to reach for bwooeey jr but he just seemed further and further away as he'd reach until bwooeey jr vanished into thin air, he tried to get up and run out of there but the cubicles became a maze, an endless maze with no visible way out, he ran and ran and kept passing his own desk seemingly running in circles, he saw a window and ran at it breaking through seeing finally the sky and the ground far below and as he began falling the dream shifted again, and he was back at Daadaa's house, in his playpen, the TV on blaring rugrats, his toys around him, everything seemed fine, he was gasping for breath after all that he'd just gone through, he felt relieved to be somewhere safe, but Daadaa was not there, he was alone, and as he realized this the room grew cold and dark the TV made strange sounds and turned off, the house felt abandoned, all the love gone from it, and he was still stuck in the playpen. And then he woke up.... It was morning, he had slept all day, all evening, and all night, he'd never slept so long in his life, he laid there in his crib, the rail was down, he didn't have booties or mittens on, his diaper was wet and messy but only just, Daadaa must have changed him while he slept, in truth Daadaa had changed him three times while he slept, trying to make sure he was taken care of during his extended rest, Daadaa had figured he was catching up on sleep he couldn't get during school while his mind wrestled with indecision. Tommy sat up and leaned his back against the rails on the wall side, he sat there and thought over the dreams, thought of their meaning, thought about Daadaa and what he'd done, how the whole reason Tommy was here was his doing, about his offer to return to the way he was and go live life the way he wanted, he need only decide what he wanted, Tommy knew what he wanted, he was just scared to forgive, to trust all over again and risk a second betrayal, just like in his dreams he was scared, every dream had been a fear of a life not loved, the one moment in his dreams he felt the love return was when he was back in Daadaa's house, before the dream turned sour, and he realized Daadaa wasn't there, Tommy feared abandonment in that dream, he didn't want to be abandoned, and he didn't want to abandon Daadaa either, Tommy got out of the crib and fell to his bottom, he decided to try standing and walking he pulled himself up by grabbing the crib, and tried to walk, it was a strain on his legs, he stumbled a couple steps and fell back to his bottom, he had to conclude that even without the booties and mittens he could no longer walk without retraining. he crawled out the room and down the stairs, he found Daadaa at the dining table seemingly trying to hide that he'd been crying, Tommy had never seen Daadaa cry. Daadaa: "Hey sport, you sure slept a lot, hope you're OK?" Tommy didn't say anything, just crawled to a nearby ordinary chair and pulled himself up into it with some straining. Daadaa: "Listen, I'm sorry, I know what I did was rotten, if you wanna leave I promise I'll do everything I can to let you go however you want to go, you can grow up you can get therapy to walk and talk like an adult again I'll finance everything, I'll make it so your life is easy as long as you'll accept the help, you know I've always thought I was doing these kids a favor, teaching them something important, giving them a valuable experience, I never thought they'd love me for it I knew they'd probably hate me for it, and I didn't care, it wasn't about me, if they hated me forever I was OK with it, as long as I made a good difference in their outlook on life and the world and how they treat others, but you showed me I was wrong, you're the first I really cared about, the first that I wanted to care about me, I just...." Tommy interrupted Daadaa with a finger, and like yesterday he focused his mind on his words, being extra careful to speak clearly, with great strain he spoke slowly one word at a time making sure to say them properly. Tommy: "I think, no, I know I'm happier here then I was any other time in my life, and I know I have you to thank for that, and I understand the other students didn't take to all this the way I have, so I think, I belong like this, I know I don't want to leave, and I think I should forgive you, and I know it will be hard to trust you again, so no more secrets, if you never hide anything from me again never lie to me again, then you and I will be OK, OK?" Daadaa was crying again. Daadaa: "Yes Tommy you're right, I should have never and will never again lie to you, or hide anything from you, thank you for forgiving me, I don't think I deserve it." Tommy: "Forgiveness is not about deserve, it is about love, and I love you." Daadaa's tears grew heavier. Daadaa: "I love you too, and that is the truth I swear it." Tommy chose to stay a baby, David took control over Tommy's phone and bank accounts, he saw how Tommy was hounded by his Mother, he saw how his mother had been paying his rent, David sent Tommy's mother a refund on all the rent she had payed, and then some, and with Tommy's permission he sent her a notice to never contact him again, his mother didn't care, she was just glad to get that money back. Eventually Tommy forgot how to talk properly, he also forgot he'd even ever been a big boy, so settled into his new role it became in his mind all he was and all he'd ever been, and his Daadaa spoiled him rotten, giving him anything he wanted within reason, they took trips to Disney world and anywhere Tommy wanted to go, as long as he kept to his scheduled bath times, dinner times, bed times, breakfast times, bottle times, burpings, and mid day nap. That was how they spent the rest of their lives, Daadaa never DNA altered anyone again, Tommy never wanted to grow up again, they lived happily ever after.
  11. This is the first part of a story. It wasn't going to be multipart, but it got a bit out of hand. Next part coming once I've written it. If people like this enough for me to write the rest, I guess. You knew my history. I’d explained everything to you early on. How I’d woken up to a soaked bed every morning, and come home every night smelling of poop as I couldn’t get through a day without making a mess in my underwear - more than once most days. How every time someone told a joke I’d end up hiding the huge wet patch that I’d left on the seat and my clothes, and you knew how traumatic the hand-wringing and the chastising from my parents was. Nappies would have made things so much simpler and easier, but every time the suggestion came up, I’d argued and protested, and the subject was dropped. You knew how long that went on for. Daily accidents, and daily recriminations through to my teenage years. Better-hidden accidents, less major, less frequent, but still too obvious throughout the rest of my life. Concentration. Effort. Constant awareness all the time to stop me embarrassing myself. And the endless trips back and forth to the toilet, at the slightest urge. You knew about my kinks. You helped me put two and two together, and - to understand that having accidents in a ‘safe’ way was helping me to relive the memories without the recriminations, and without the unrelenting humiliation and trauma. To not have to stop doing fun things because I needed to hide what I’d done. And you helped me realise the accidents weren’t laziness, and weren’t because I wasn’t trying hard enough, but that they were caused by things that I just couldn’t control. It was your suggestion that I wear all the time. It had always felt to me like I was LARPing incontinence, but you told me to try for a few weeks, and after that I realised how much work I’d been putting in to avoid accidents, and what life was like for everyone else. No more constant worry, no more anxiety, no more trips to the toilet every 20 minutes, and so much less shame. That initial reluctance and my push-back against you fed into our power-play dynamic. That night when I came home, standing in the hallway, trying to hide to mess in my underwear and the stain on my butt. Your tone when you told me to turn round, and the comforting hug and help cleaning up. I definitely played into the brattiness that night when you tried to put my nappy on me. I wanted it, but admitting that felt wrong. There was no way I could let you put me in one without fighting back. I needed the spanking that night. Not just because I was a brat, but I desperately needed to feel some pain to allow myself to enjoy the pleasure I was receiving for doing something that I shouldn’t have done. And then there was the day after. Being woken up with you checking my wet nappy, and changing me into a clean one. My little protest that we were going out, and that I couldn’t wear a nappy, and you making it very clear that no matter whether I wanted to or not, I was going to be in one. I decided that I had to fight back a little there. So I made sure to have lots of milk with my cereal at breakfast, and lots of milk with my coffee. You’d made it clear I wasn’t to change myself, so you were going to have to take me back and forth to the toilet so I could poop. You’d soon get bored and just take the nappy off. We got on the train. Our day out in the city was something we’d both looked forward to, and it made sense to avoid driving in. That was going to play into my plan perfectly. Those toilets were so small that you’d give up right away, regardless of the big change bag you brought with you. I’d be free of the nappies right away. I felt my tummy rumble as soon as we got on the train, and whispered in your ear, “I think I need to poo”. Your response shocked me, “well poo then. I’ll change you when we get to a station.” No taking me to the toilet, no telling me to take my nappy off, not even a “hold on as long as you can”, just a simple instruction. The journey was going to take an hour, there was no way I wanted to stay stinky for that long. Definitely not in public. But there was also no way you’d let me do that. We’d end up getting off so you could change me as soon as you smelled me. I felt my tummy grumble and cramp again, and without even trying to help it along, I felt mess leak into my nappy. I sat there, completely still. The train wasn’t busy, but it wasn’t empty, and there were going to be more people getting on as we went along. I began to smell myself, and knew other people would smell me too. “I think a bit has leaked out” I whispered to you. Your seemed surprisingly casual, “I’m sorry Honey, but it’ll be a little while before I can do anything about it. Good job for telling me though.” It might have been what you said, it might have been the tone, but I saw red. Now I wanted you to feel like you had to do something, even if it meant I was going to humiliate myself in the process. The next time my tummy rumbled, I lifted myself up off the seat, perched on your lap, and gave a push. With a bubbling squelch I filled my nappy with stinky mess as I sat on you. I thought you’d be furious. Or at the very least, shocked. “Aw, do you feel a bit better now?” certainly wasn’t the response I expected. I stayed sitting on you, the hot mush in my pamper making me feel utterly humiliated, as you cuddled me. “It’s OK, Honey. It won’t be too long before we get to our station. Why don’t you close your eyes and try to dose for a bit”. I did as you told me. I tried to relax, tried to sleep, but the stink from my nappy kept wafting into my nose, and the movement of the train kept squishing the mush against my butt. I wanted to fall into a hole. All the while you seemed so calm. Like me having stinky pants wasn’t an issue at all. I felt the train slow as we came into the first station. I started to stand up, ready to get off, but felt your arms pull me tight. I couldn’t believe you’d let me stay like this all the way through the journey, but you didn’t relent. “Are we going to get off?” I asked. “No,” you said, a firm tone to your voice, “We can’t just drop what we’re doing every time you have an accident. That’s why you’re in a nappy. I’ll change you when we get to the station”. I blushed as you mentioned my nappy. It didn’t seem like anyone heard, but you made no effort to moderate your voice. Much like the accident itself, and the clothes you’d helped me pick out - which didn’t show the nappy off, but weren’t the usual baggy outfit I’d have picked, everything was just so matter of fact. I had accidents. I wore nappies. It didn’t affect anyone else, and we weren’t going to go out of our way to disguise it. I closed my eyes again and eventually managed to drift off to sleep. I woke up to you kissing my neck. “Time to get up” I heard in my ear. “I think you peed in your sleep. I felt your nappy get warm”. I blushed again, gently repositioning myself to allow me to stand up. I could feel my nappy bulging between my legs. I’d definitely not been this wet when I went to sleep. I waddled a little as you guided me off the train. The carriage and the platform were really busy, but in my drowsy state I wasn’t paying attention to everyone around me. Probably for the best, as at least a few people were probably staring at me, pinpointing me as the source of the smell. You ushered me towards the accessible toilet, reaching round and unbuttoning my jeans as soon as you closed the door behind us. I felt your hand on the back of my nappy, pulling it back. “You definitely needed to go” I heard you say, “do you think you’re all done?” I nodded my head. “Well, I’d like you to try to go a bit more for me anyway.” you said. I tried to protest, but it was a very half-hearted effort. I bent my legs a little and strained right there and then. No more mess, but the hissing noise betrayed me losing what was left in my bladder. “Good kitty” you said, as you caressed my back. Let’s get you changed. You reached into the change bag and pulled out my pacifier, slipping it into my mouth, then unzipped the fly of my jeans, tugging them down to my ankles. “Step out please” you said, and I slipped my socks off and stepped out of my jeans. “From the state of your nappy I think it’s going to be best if we take all your clothes off” you say. I catch a glance of the nappy in the mirror and you’re right. It’s destroyed, and there’s slight brown staining around the leg holes where it’s beginning to leak. “Arms up”. I do as you instruct, and feel you pull my top over my head. Standing in nothing but my destroyed nappy, I feel utterly helpless. You’re in charge now, I have no will of my own, and no control over anything to do with my accidents at all. I watch as you pull a bath towel and a disposable pad from the bag, and lay it on the floor. I know I should lie on it, but my mind is hazy. I wait for your instruction, shivering a little from the cool air on my skin. “Lie down please.” I do as I’m told, sitting first. I feel the mess that until now had been hanging between my legs squish to the front and back of my nappy, causing another waft of the stink to come out of my nappy. With my paci filling my mouth, and no clothing to mitigate it, the smell seemed far worse. As I lay down I feel the mush continue to push up the back of the nappy, seeping out the top. Without thinking, my hands come up to my face, as you bend down and begin the change. I feel your gloved hands gently stroking across the front of my nappy, and moving to the tapes. I know what’s about to happen, and I brace myself for it. You remove the top tapes. The smell gets worse. Then the bottom tapes. I feel the air hit my crotch as you pull the front of the nappy down. The smell is terrible now. I whimper behind my pacifier, utterly humiliated. Then I feel your hand on my face, your lips on my forehead, and hear your voice, “it’s OK, nothing to worry about. Your nappy held it all, and we’re getting you clean now”. My quivering lips ease into a smile, and I feel you take the front of my nappy and use it to clean a big chunk of the mess off my bottom. Then your hands lifting my feet up, raising my legs and bottom. “Can you grab your thighs for me please” you ask. I do as I’m told, then suckle on my paci as you use wet wipes to clean the pee and mess from my thighs and around the front, before moving down towards my bottom. The cool wipes feel wonderful, and the freshly wiped, clean skin feels so nice compared to the claminess of the pee and mess. You push my legs back a little further, and raise my butt up higher, pulling the nappy out from under me, then continue cleaning me, taking a big handful of wipes and cleaning my butt cheeks. I feel you go over the same area again and again, then move inwards. I barely feel the first wipe that touches my butt hole, because there’s so much mess, but as you clean it I begin to enjoy the sensation of the wipe on my sphincter. Caressing the tender skin. Cleaning it. Soothing it. Then slipping into my hole. I whimper again, this time from pleasure rather than humiliation. You penetrate me with the wipe again, twisting your finger around a little, and I writhe as I enjoy the sensation, suckling harder on my paci. You get a new wipe and make one more pass, once again penetrating my hole and twisting your finger around. Once again it makes me writhe from the pleasurable sensations. Then you stop. “Not now, baby kitty” you say, “I’m just getting you clean before we go and enjoy our day”. I sigh, and pout, but it falls on deaf ears. You lift my butt up and slip the clean nappy underneath my bottom, then powder my butt before you let it drop slowly onto the clean and dry padding. Then you take some rash cream and gently rub it in, taking care to cover the crevices and cracks, making sure my skin will be safe until my next change. A kiss on my belly as you close the nappy up, and the four tapes sealed shut, and I’m all clean and dry. For now. I sit up just as you’re rolling up my used nappy, and get a look at the entire packet of wipes that you’ve used to clean me up. I go a little shy and nervous, and watch as you take the heavy nap