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  1. Description An introverted volcanologist, Olivia, stumbles across a demon during a hike up a volcano. The demon of humiliation follows her and makes her do embarrassing things such as wetting herself and messing herself. Chapter 1: Olivia’s Volcano Trek in Montserrat The heat was stifling, even through the thick protective suit Olivia wore. Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead, stinging her eyes as she ascended the jagged slopes of the Soufrière Hills volcano. The air was thick with the acrid smell of sulfur, a constant reminder of the volatile power slumbering beneath her feet. Yet, the danger was intoxicating. Olivia thrived on the adrenaline, the thrill of exploring the raw, untamed heart of the earth. Montserrat’s landscape was a testament to the volcano’s might. Lush rainforest abruptly gave way to barren ash fields, scarred by the fury of past eruptions. Olivia’s boots crunched on the brittle ground as she navigated the desolate terrain, her eyes scanning the landscape for signs of activity. Her instruments beeped and whirred, recording every subtle tremor, every shift in temperature, every whisper of the volcano’s breath. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the ash fields, Olivia decided to make camp for the night. She settled down in a small depression, shielded from the wind by a jagged outcrop of rock. As darkness fell, she huddled closer to the fire, the flickering flames providing a small haven of warmth in the chilling night air. Suddenly, a bone-chilling cold enveloped her. The fire sputtered and died, plunging her into darkness. A sinister presence seemed to fill the air, a silent menace that prickled the hairs on the back of her neck. Then, she saw it. A figure emerged from the shadows, its form shimmering and shifting like the flames of a dying fire. It was short and gaunt, with eyes that burned like embers. Olivia gasped, her heart pounding in her chest. The figure moved closer, its eyes fixed on her with a malevolent intensity. Olivia tried to scream, but no sound escaped her lips. She was paralyzed with fear, unable to move or even breathe. The figure reached out, its hand glowing with an eerie light. It touched her forehead, and a wave of icy cold washed over her. Then, just as suddenly as it had appeared, the figure vanished, leaving Olivia trembling and alone in the darkness. The rest of the night was a blur. Olivia stumbled back to base camp at first light, her mind reeling with the terrifying encounter. She boarded the plane home in a daze, her body still trembling with the aftershocks of fear. But the horror wasn’t over. As the plane soared through the clouds, Olivia felt a cold sensation creeping up her legs. She tried to ignore it, but it grew stronger, more insistent. Finally, in a moment of mortifying humiliation, she realised she had wet herself. She rushed to the nearest bathroom with her bag, luckily she carried a extra set of clothes for if she spilt something on herself. She quickly got unclothed, cleaned herself and put on the fresh pair of clothes before quickly stuffing her bag with the soiled pants and panties along with her other clothes. As Olivia stepped off the plane onto British soil, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was still being watched. The unseen presence that had tormented her on the volcano seemed to have followed her home. She knew, with a bone-chilling certainty, that her ordeal was far from over. Chapter 2: Arriving Home The taxi pulled up to the curb, its engine sputtering into silence. Olivia stepped out onto the familiar pavement, the cool evening air a stark contrast to the volcanic heat she had recently escaped. She lugged her heavy suitcase up the path, her keys jingling in her trembling hand. With a sigh of relief, she unlocked the door and stepped into the comforting darkness of her home. The house was silent, save for the gentle ticking of the grandfather clock in the hallway. Olivia flicked on the light switch, illuminating the dust motes dancing in the air. She dragged her suitcase into the living room and collapsed onto the sofa, exhaustion washing over her. But the unease that had settled in her gut on the plane refused to dissipate. A cold dread clung to her like a second skin, a constant reminder of the unseen presence that haunted her. With a sigh, Olivia pushed herself off the sofa and headed towards the kitchen, hoping a cup of tea would soothe her frayed nerves. As she entered the brightly lit room, her heart lurched. There, perched casually on the kitchen counter, was the demon. It hadn’t changed. It was still the same gaunt figure, with eyes that burned like coals. It watched her with a chilling intensity, a smirk playing on its lips. Olivia gasped, her hand flying to her mouth to stifle a scream. “Surprised to see me?” the demon purred, her voice like the rasp of dry leaves. Chapter 3: Olivia’s Not So Welcoming Guest “Aw, did I scare you wittle Olivia? Make you wet your panties like a baby on the plane?” the demon sneered, its voice dripping with malice. “Don’t worry, it’s only going to get worse. Maybe you’ll need these to keep you dry.” It held up an adult diaper, its own grotesque face leering from the front, surrounded by erupting volcanoes. Olivia’s voice cracked as she spoke, her body trembling with a mixture of fear and fury. “Why are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to you?” She clenched her fists, her eyes flashing with defiance. “This is wrong. You can’t just invade my life and humiliate me. I won’t let you!” “Such anger,” the demon murmured, feigning concern. “Is it because you can’t control your bladder, or is there something else troubling you, dear? Perhaps I can help alleviate your distress… if you’re willing to cooperate.” Olivia gasped, her legs trembling as she realized she was wetting herself again. “Please,” she begged, her voice barely a whisper. “What do you want from me? Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it, just please stop this!” A dark shadow fell over the demon’s face as it spoke. “You will obey me, Olivia. You will wear the diapers, and you will do so without complaint. Failure to comply will result in… consequences.” Its voice trailed off, leaving the unspoken threat hanging in the air. Olivia’s voice trembled despite her defiant words. “No, no, no!” she cried, backing away from the demon. “I won’t do it! I refuse! You can’t make me wear those… those things. I’m not a baby anymore!” “Well, well, well,” the demon drawled, its voice thick with sarcasm. “Looks like someone needs a little assistance with their wardrobe.” It snapped its fingers, and Olivia found herself clad in the demon’s personalized diaper. “Voila! A fashion statement fit for a queen… or should I say, a baby?” The demon chortled, revelling in Olivia’s mortification. Olivia’s body shook with rage and humiliation as she futilely tugged at the diaper. “This is wrong!” she screamed, her voice echoing through the house. “You can’t do this to me! I’m not your plaything! You have no right!” The diaper was not coming off of her. “This is just the beginning, Olivia,” the demon cackled, its voice filled with glee. “You will wear this diaper as a constant reminder of your helplessness. And when you’ve had enough, when you’re broken and begging for release, then you may grovel at my feet for a changing.” With a final, mocking bow, the demon vanished, leaving Olivia trapped in her degrading predicament wearing just a diaper and t-shirt. Chapter 4: On Purpose The moment the demon vanished, a burning thirst overtook Olivia. Her throat felt like parchment, her mouth a desert. She stumbled to the kitchen, diaper crinkling, her hands shaking as she filled glass after glass with water, gulping it down desperately. A wave of nausea followed, a sickening realization dawning upon her. This was the demon’s game. The thirst, the diaper – it was all a cruel ploy to break her. And with the amount of water she’d consumed, she knew she’d soon be wetting her diaper. Olivia’s stomach churned as the realization hit her like a punch to the gut. Damn it, she thought, her voice catching in her throat. She had to find a way to avoid soiling this diaper. A walk, maybe? Fresh air might clear her head. She waddled into the living room, the diaper’s plastic crinkling with each awkward step. Reaching the stairs, she gripped the banister, hauling herself up one agonizing step at a time. In her bedroom, she grabbed a pair of jeans, relief flooding her as she managed to pull them up over the bulky diaper. But as soon as the zipper closed, the denim vanished, leaving her exposed once more. “No!” she cried, a sob escaping her lips. They were her favorite jeans, a soft, worn reminder of simpler times. Now, she was trapped in this infernal diaper, a prisoner in her own home. The thought of venturing outside, of facing the world’s judgment with a demon’s face plastered across her backside, on a diaper of all things, was unbearable. Despair washed over her, threatening to drown her in its icy depths. She needed a distraction, something to anchor her to reality. Spotting her old colouring book on the shelf, she snatched it up. Flipping through the pages, her eyes landed on a familiar image: a volcano, its slopes bathed in fiery reds and oranges. A bitter laugh escaped her lips. Volcanoes used to be her passion, her refuge. Now, they were a symbol of her torment. The volcano on the coloring page stared back at Olivia, a mocking reminder of her predicament. Crayons in hand, she tried to focus, but her thoughts kept returning to the demon’s taunting words and the humiliating diaper encasing her. Each rustle of the plastic felt like a brand, a constant reminder of her helplessness. Desperate for a distraction, she dumped out a jigsaw puzzle, hoping the intricate pieces would occupy her mind. For a while, it worked. But as the image of a tranquil meadow began to take shape, a familiar pressure built in her bladder. Olivia squirmed, squeezing her thighs together, her focus shattering. The potty dance she’d outgrown decades ago made a reappearance, a desperate attempt to hold back the inevitable. But the urge became unbearable, a searing pain radiating through her lower abdomen. With a defeated sigh, Olivia released a tiny trickle, hoping to relieve the pressure and stop after. But the floodgates opened, and a warm steady stream poured into the diaper, she was soaking the absorbent padding on purpose. The heat spread through her groin and to her bum, a mix of shame and a strange, forbidden thrill. It was a surrender, a perverse fulfilment of the demon’s twisted desire. Olivia stood over the jigsaw puzzle, the sodden diaper clinging to her skin, a warm, but cold reminder of her degradation. The stench of urine filled her nostrils, a wave of shame washing over her. She couldn’t stay like this, wallowing in her own filth. With renewed determination, she tugged at the diaper’s fastenings, her nails digging into the unyielding plastic. A desperate trip to the kitchen yielded a pair of scissors, but even those proved useless against the demon’s magic. Trapped, defeated, she sank to the floor, the wet diaper chilling her princess parts. Never in her life had she felt so violated, so utterly helpless. Yet, a flicker of defiance remained. She wouldn’t let this demon break her. Returning to the puzzle, she forced her mind to focus on the remaining pieces. As the final piece clicked into place, a triumphant smile briefly touched her lips, quickly replaced by a gnawing hunger. Her stomach rumbled, demanding attention. The diaper squished and crinkled unpleasantly with each step as she made her way back to the kitchen. Wrenching open the fridge, she grabbed the container of prune stew she’d prepared before her trip. She devoured it greedily, the sweetness a temporary comfort. Avocado toast followed, the familiar routine offering a semblance of normalcy in this bizarre, degrading situation. Chapter 5: Uh oh… Olivia pushed away her empty plate, a wave of nausea replacing her hunger. As if summoned by her discomfort, the demon reappeared, a fresh diaper dangling from its bony fingers. “Ready to admit defeat, little one?” its voice oozed with smug satisfaction. “All it takes is a simple plea. Just ask nicely, and I’ll grant you the sweet relief of a clean diaper.” Olivia’s cheeks burned with shame, but defiance hardened her voice. “I’ll never beg you for anything,” she retorted. “Get me out of this diaper, now!” The demon’s smile widened, revealing rows of needle-sharp teeth. “Oh, but you belong in it, don’t you, Olivia?” It gestured towards the dampness spreading across her thighs. “You’ve already proven that.” Olivia’s gaze dropped to the floor, unable to meet the demon’s taunting eyes. A fresh wave of humiliation washed over her. “And here’s a little secret,” the demon continued, its voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper. “That prune stew you just devoured? It’s going to make you… well, let’s just say you’ll be needing a change sooner rather than later. See you bright and early tomorrow, Olivia.” With a final, mocking chuckle, the demon vanished, leaving Olivia frozen in horror. The implications of its words hit her like a thunderbolt. She’d wet the diaper, and now… now she was going to soil it. The thought was unbearable, a new level of degradation she hadn’t anticipated. “No,” she whimpered, her voice barely audible. But it was too late. The demon was gone, and Olivia was left alone to face the consequences of her actions, her stomach churning with dread, shame and stew. Panic rising in her throat, Olivia bolted from the kitchen, her sodden diaper slapping against her thighs. She needed a plan, a way to escape this humiliating fate. But the demon’s words echoed in her ears, a cruel reminder of her powerlessness. “You’ll be needing a change sooner rather than later.” Her frantic search for a solution led her to the bathroom, where she frantically rummaged through drawers and cabinets. Toilet paper, sanitary pads, even a plunger—nothing seemed capable of staving off the inevitable. A wave of nausea swept over her, a visceral reaction to the thought of soiling herself in front of the demon. She collapsed onto the cold tile floor, tears welling in her eyes. Was this really happening? Was this her life now, at the mercy of a sadistic demon and a humiliating diaper? Time seemed to warp and stretch as Olivia sat huddled on the bathroom floor, her mind a whirlwind of panic and humiliation. The initial wave of nausea subsided, replaced by a dull ache in her lower abdomen. She knew what was coming, but the thought of succumbing to the demon’s twisted game filled her with a visceral revulsion. Minutes turned into an agonizing eternity. The pressure in her bowels intensified, each gurgle a symphony of impending doom. A cold sweat broke out on her forehead, and her legs trembled with the effort of holding back. She squeezed her eyes shut, her fingers digging into her thighs, a desperate attempt to maintain control. But it was a losing battle. With a defeated groan, Olivia finally relented, her body betraying her resolve. A warm, viscous substance oozed into the diaper, a sickening contrast to the chill of her fear-soaked skin. The stench filled the small bathroom, a pungent reminder of what she just did in her diaper. She buried her face in her hands, sobs wracking her body. The demon had won, for now. But deep within her, a spark of defiance remained, a tiny ember refusing to be extinguished. Exhaustion finally claimed Olivia, her body collapsing onto the bed, the soiled diaper a heavy, shameful weight against her skin. Sleep came fitfully, plagued by nightmares of the demon’s leering face and the suffocating stench of her own waste. Each toss and turn was a reminder of her predicament, the diaper chafing against her raw skin, a constant source of discomfort and humiliation. She had succumbed to the demon’s twisted game, her own actions fuelling its cruel amusement. The weight of her shame was crushing, a dark cloud suffocating her spirit. Yet, even in the depths of her despair, a flicker of defiance refused to die. This was not the end, she vowed silently. She would find a way to break free, to reclaim her dignity and her life. Chapter 6: You got me begging… Morning light filtered through the curtains, casting long shadows across the bedroom. Olivia stirred, a groan escaping her lips as she tried to stretch her cramped limbs. But something was amiss, a sticky warmth clinging to her skin, a foul odor invading her nostrils. Memories of the previous night flooded back, and a wave of nausea washed over her. “Good morning, sleepyhead,” a voice purred, its honeyed sweetness a jarring contrast to the demon’s grotesque form. Olivia jumped as her eyes snapped open, her gaze colliding with the demon perched on the edge of her bed. It wore a sickeningly cheerful grin, its eyes gleaming with sadistic amusement. “How was your night? Did you sleep well?” Olivia recoiled, pulling the soiled diaper closer to her body, a futile attempt to shield herself from the demon’s scrutiny. “Go away,” she croaked, her voice raspy from sleep and shame. “Oh, come on now, don’t be like that,” the demon chided, its voice dripping with mock concern. “We have so much to discuss. After all, it’s a big day for you, isn’t it? Your first full day in diapers.” Olivia’s cheeks flushed with a mixture of anger and humiliation. “Leave me alone,” she hissed, her voice barely a whisper. She tried to sit up, but the diaper’s weight and the lingering nausea held her back. “Oh, come on, Olivia,” the demon coaxed, its voice dripping with false sympathy. “You can’t stay in that dirty diaper all day. It’s uncomfortable, unsanitary, and… well, frankly, it smells awful.” Olivia clenched her fists, her nails digging into her palms. The demon was right, of course. She desperately needed a change, but the thought of begging for it, of submitting to its twisted game, made her stomach churn. The demon leaned closer, its breath hot against Olivia’s skin. “Just ask me nicely, Olivia. Say the words, and I’ll grant you relief.” A war raged within Olivia. Pride and defiance battled against the overwhelming urge for cleanliness and comfort. Finally, her resolve crumbled. “Please,” she choked out, the word tasting like poison on her tongue. “Please change me.” The demon recoiled, its grin twisting into a sneer. “That’s not how you ask for a favor, Olivia,” it chided, its voice sharp as a whip. “Where’s the gratitude? The humility? The desperate plea for my mercy?” Olivia’s cheeks burned with renewed shame. She swallowed hard, the words sticking in her throat like jagged shards of glass. “Please,” she repeated, her voice barely a whisper. “Please, master, would you be so kind as to change my diaper?” The demon cocked its head, studying her with a critical eye. “Better,” it conceded, “but not quite there yet. You need to sound more… pathetic. More desperate. More like the helpless creature you’ve become.” Tears welled up in Olivia’s eyes, her voice thick with emotion as she spoke. “Master, I am nothing without you,” she choked out. “I beg of you, please grant me this small mercy. I am filthy and unworthy, but I plead for your kindness. Please change my diaper.” The demon’s smile returned, a predatory glint in its eyes. “That’s more like it,” it purred, snapping its fingers. A fresh diaper materialized in its hand, its design identical to the soiled one. “I like it when the new ones beg for diapers. Now, be a good girl and lie still.” Olivia obeyed, her body trembling as the demon slowly and deliberately changed her diaper, its touch lingeringly cold and impersonal. “Could have just clicked my fingers,” it purred, its voice dripping with sadistic amusement. “But where’s the fun in that? A snap of my fingers, and poof! No mess, no fuss. But where’s the entertainment in that? Seeing you squirm, begging for my help… now that’s truly delightful.” The demon chuckled, a sound like nails scraping down a chalkboard, and held the soiled diaper up, the stench assaulting Olivia’s nose with renewed intensity. A cruel grin spread across the demon’s face. “Well, well, well, look at the state of you. Seems like you made quite a mess last night, didn’t you, little one? Perhaps you underestimated your ability to hold it. Or maybe you reveled in the mess a little too much, making a game of it all. You naughty little girl.” Olivia squeezed her eyes shut, tears threatening to spill over. The demon’s words were like acid, burning away her last shreds of dignity. The demon cackled, a sound that sent shivers down Olivia’s spine. With practiced ease, it used a wet wipe to clean her princess parts and her bum, its touch rough and impersonal. “Hold still,” it commanded, its voice devoid of any warmth. Once Olivia was clean, the demon barked, “Legs up!” and waited impatiently for her to comply. With trembling hands, Olivia lifted her legs, offering a brief glimpse of her exposed bum. The demon wasted no time, swiftly sliding the fresh diaper underneath her. It then sprinkled a layer of baby powder over her princess parts and bum, the cool powder a stark contrast to the burning shame radiating from her core. Finally, with a flourish, the demon lifted the front over crotch and snapped the diaper tapes into place, securing it snugly around her waist. “There you go, all clean and… well, relatively fresh,” it sneered, sniffing the old soiled diaper in the air with exaggerated disgust. “But remember, Olivia,” it added, its voice dripping with false sympathy, “accidents happen to the best of us, especially when they’re wearing diapers like a little baby. And when those accidents happen, you’ll know exactly how to beg for my… assistance.” The demon’s grin widened, revealing rows of needle-sharp teeth. As it leaned in close, its breath reeking of sulfur, it whispered, “And make sure you beg well, because the consequences for disobedience are… unpleasant, to say the least.” With a final, lingering stroke of her cheek, the demon vanished, leaving Olivia alone with the lingering stench of shame from her soiled diaper next to her and the chilling realization that this was only the beginning of her torment. Chapter 7: The Demon’s Assistant Despite the lingering trauma of the demon’s touch, Olivia found herself oddly relieved to be in a fresh diaper. The clean, dry sensation against her skin was a stark contrast to the soiled diaper that now lay discarded on the floor, a tangible reminder of her humiliation. A wave of exhaustion washed over her, the emotional turmoil of the past hours taking its toll. She crawled back under her covers, the fresh diaper a small comfort amidst the chaos. Sleep came easier this time, her dreams less haunted by the demon’s menacing presence. As the morning sun streamed through her window, Olivia woke with a renewed sense of determination. She wouldn’t let the demon control her life. She would find a way to break free from this twisted game, to reclaim her dignity and independence. A loud knocking at the door startled her, interrupting her thoughts. Could it be the demon again, so soon? She cautiously approached the door, her heart pounding in her chest. Olivia cautiously cracked open the front door, shielding her diaper-clad body from view. “Package for Olivia Parker?” a cheerful voice chirped. “Yes, thank you,” Olivia mumbled, snatching the box and swiftly closing the door. A wave of relief washed over her. Just some LED lights she’d ordered before her disastrous trip. A perfect distraction from her current predicament. Parcel tucked under her arm, she turned towards the stairs, only to be halted by another insistent knock. With a frustrated sigh, she set the box down and yanked open the door. “Lucille,” a woman declared, her voice dripping with saccharine sweetness, “the Demon’s assistant. I’ll be coming in now.” Before Olivia could protest, the woman swept past her, her movements a whirlwind of chiffon and perfume. “Excuse me!” Olivia sputtered, indignation rising in her throat. But her protest was cut short as the woman—Lucille—snapped her fingers. In a flash, a bright pink pacifier appeared in Olivia’s mouth, silencing her. She gagged, her fingers clawing at the plastic, but to no avail. The more she struggled, the tighter her mouth clamped around the pacifier, her own body betraying her. Humiliation flooded her as she realized she was now not only trapped in a diaper but also reduced to an infantile state with the pacifier. Lucille surveyed Olivia with a critical eye, her lips pursed in disapproval. “Well, well, well,” she drawled, circling her like a predator sizing up its prey. “Looks like someone’s been a naughty girl. Didn’t your master teach you any manners?” Olivia glared at her through the pacifier, a silent fury burning in her eyes. She tried to speak, but the pacifier rendered her words into muffled, infantile gurgles. Lucille chuckled, a sound like wind chimes laced with venom. “Don’t worry, darling,” she cooed, patting Olivia’s head with a manicured hand. “I’m here to help you adjust to your new… lifestyle. The Demon has big plans for you, and I’m here to ensure you’re properly prepared.” She snapped her fingers again, and a mountain of baby supplies materialized in the middle of the living room: stacks of diapers, bottles filled with a milky liquid, jars of pureed food, and an assortment of pastel-colored toys. Olivia’s eyes widened in horror as Lucille began unpacking the items, her movements efficient and practiced. “Now, now, don’t look so glum,” Lucille chirped, her voice gratingly cheerful. “This is just the beginning. You’re going to have so much fun with all these new toys, aren’t you, sweetie?” She picked up a rattle shaped like a volcano, shaking it enticingly in front of Olivia’s face. Olivia recoiled, her disgust evident even through the pacifier. This was a nightmare, a grotesque mockery of her life. But as Lucille continued to unpack the supplies, a chilling realization dawned on her. This wasn’t a temporary punishment; this was the demon’s vision for her future. A future filled with diapers, baby formula, baby food, and the constant presence of Lucille. Lucille perched herself on the arm of the sofa, her gaze fixed on Olivia like a scientist observing a lab specimen. “Now, Olivia, darling,” she began, her voice a sickeningly sweet melody, “let’s talk about our new arrangement.” Olivia, still struggling fruitlessly against the pacifier, let out a muffled growl of frustration. “Oh, hush now, there’s no need for that,” Lucille chided, her tone saccharine but her eyes cold. “I’m here to help you, after all.” She leaned forward, her words dripping with condescension. “From now on, I’ll be your… caregiver, shall we say? I’ll be in charge of all your needs – feeding, changing, playtime, even bath time.” A sly smile curled on her lips. “And of course, discipline when necessary. Maybe even rewards! However, the Demon expects complete obedience, you understand?” Olivia’s eyes widened in horror. This was worse than she could have imagined. Lucille, with her patronizing tone and condescending touch, was to be her constant companion, her jailer in this infantile prison. “Don’t worry, darling,” Lucille cooed, misinterpreting Olivia’s silence. “You’ll get used to it. You’ll learn to love your new life, with all its simple pleasures and childish delights.” She picked up a teddy bear from the pile of baby supplies, its beady eyes seeming to mock Olivia’s despair. Olivia shook her head violently, tears streaming down her face. This was not her life, not who she was. She was a scientist, a volcanologist, a woman with a career and a future. But the pacifier in her mouth prevented any protest, any plea for reason. All she could do was watch helplessly as Lucille laid out the grim reality of her new, demeaning existence. Lucille reached out a manicured hand, her fingers pinching the pacifier between Olivia’s lips. With a swift tug, she removed it, a triumphant smirk on her face. “There now,” she purred. “Don’t you feel better already?” Olivia gasped, her lungs filling with air from her mouth for the first time in what felt like hours. “You can’t do this!” she cried, her voice hoarse with emotion. “This is wrong! It’s insane!” Lucille raised an eyebrow, her smile widening. “Insane? Perhaps. But it’s also the Demon’s will, and as his humble servant, I’m merely following orders. Besides,” she added, her voice dripping with condescension, “you seem to be adjusting quite well already. Look at you, in your pretty little diaper, sucking on your pacifier like a good girl.” Olivia’s cheeks burned with shame, but anger fuelled her defiance. “I’m not a baby! I’m a grown woman, a scientist! This is degrading and humiliating!” Lucille shrugged, her expression nonchalant. “Oh, darling, we all have our roles to play in this grand cosmic drama. Yours just happens to be a bit more… infantile. But don’t worry, you’ll soon learn to embrace your new identity. And who knows,” she added with a wink, “you might even find that you enjoy it.” Olivia’s stomach churned with disgust. The thought of finding any pleasure in this twisted situation was abhorrent. But as she met Lucille’s gaze, a cold fear settled in her heart. She knew, with a bone-chilling certainty, that this was just the beginning of her ordeal. The demon and its assistant had a plan for her, and she knew now that she was powerless to stop them. A sudden warmth spread through Olivia’s diaper, the familiar sensation of wetness bringing a fresh wave of humiliation. She looked up at Lucille, who wore a triumphant smirk, confirming Olivia’s worst fears. “See?” Lucille purred, her voice a chilling melody. “You can’t control it anymore, darling. One minute you’ll be playing with your toys, the next… whoops! A little accident. Such a shame for a grown woman, wouldn’t you agree?” She leaned closer, her breath ghosting over Olivia’s ear. “But don’t worry, sweetie. You’ll get used to the constant wetness, the never-ending cycle of shame and dependency. Welcome to your new life, Olivia. It’s going to be a messy one, now that’s for sure.” The demon chuckles at her humiliation. Chapter 8: Who’s Humiliation? Yourmiliation. Olivia’s cheeks burned as the warmth spread through her diaper, a mixture of shame and anger coursing through her veins. She wanted to scream, to lash out, but the pacifier quickly appeared in her mouth stifling any protest. Her eyes, filled with a mix of defiance and despair, locked onto Lucille’s mocking gaze. Lucille, sensing Olivia’s inner turmoil, continued her cruel taunts. “Oh, don’t be so glum, darling,” she cooed, patting Olivia’s head condescendingly. “It’s only pee, after all. It’s a natural bodily function, even for big girls like you. But now, you’ll have to rely on me, your ever-so-capable assistant, to clean up your little messes. How thrilling!” A wicked gleam entered Lucille’s eyes as she reached for a diaper bag overflowing with supplies. “Don’t worry, though,” she chirped, her voice dripping with saccharine sweetness. “I’ve brought everything we need to keep you nice and dry. After all, we wouldn’t want your pretty little bottom getting sore, would we?” She paused, a sly smile spreading across her face. “But first, let’s see how well you can crawl. Maybe a little spanking will motivate you? A nice, firm reminder of the consequences for disobeying your new caretaker.” She tauntingly said as a menacing paddle appeared in her hand. The thought of being spanked like a child sent a shiver down Olivia’s spine. She had always been fiercely independent, a woman who commanded respect in her field. Now, reduced to a crawling infant, she was at the mercy of this sadistic caretaker. With a heavy heart, she obeyed, lowering herself onto her hands and knees. The crinkling of the wet diaper against her skin was a constant reminder of her humiliation. “That’s a good girl,” Lucille praised, her voice laced with a sickeningly sweet tone. “Now crawl, Olivia. Show me how eager you are to please.” The assistant pointed towards a pile of diapers at the other end of the room, a wicked glint in her eye. Olivia, fuelled by a mix of shame and defiance, began to crawl, pacifier in mouth. Each movement rocked her wet diaper back and fourth against her princess parts, she felt herself getting hot and bothered. She wanted to reach inside of her diaper and touch herself, but she shook her head and gritted her teeth, focusing on the pile of diapers, a beacon of hope in this degrading ordeal. With each agonizing inch, she prayed for the strength to endure this humiliation, clinging to the belief that she would find a way to break free from this twisted game before she actually started to enjoy it. Lucille watched Olivia’s progress with a predatory grin. “Not bad, darling,” she purred. “But you could be faster. Remember, the quicker you get there, the quicker you’ll be out of that soggy mess.” Olivia’s muscles burned with exertion, but she pushed herself onward. The diaper, heavy with urine, rubbed against her sensitive skin, a constant reminder of her helplessness. She reached out, her fingertips brushing against the edge of a diaper package, a spark of hope igniting within her. But just as she was about to grasp it, Lucille’s foot came down on top of the package, pinning it to the floor. Olivia looked up, her eyes pleading for mercy, but Lucille only laughed, a cold, hollow sound that echoed through the room. “Not so fast, little one,” she said, her voice dripping with malice. “You haven’t earned your reward yet. A few more laps should do the trick.” She felt her heart flutter as well as her princess parts as she turned around. Olivia whimpered, tears welling up in her eyes. She was exhausted, humiliated, and desperate for relief from the sodden diaper clinging to her skin. The smell of urine was overwhelming, filling her nostrils with each ragged breath. Lucille, however, seemed to revel in Olivia’s discomfort. “Aww, is the little baby feeling icky?” she cooed, her voice a sickening blend of mockery and amusement. “Did the naughty girl have an accident? Don’t worry, darling, a few more laps and you’ll be rewarded with a nice, fresh diaper. Or maybe you enjoy the feeling of that warm wetness against your skin?” Olivia’s face burned with shame and curiosity. Did Lucille know she was getting turned on? But she refused to give Lucille the satisfaction of seeing her cry. With a defiant snarl, she resumed her crawl, the soggy diaper squishing and rubbing against her parts more and more with every movement. Olivia let out a little moan as she crawled. As Olivia continued her humiliating crawl, a strange sensation began to emerge from the discomfort. The constant friction of the diaper against her sensitive skin, initially a source of irritation, was now sparking a warmth that spread through her lower body. Each movement, each shift of her hips, ignited a flicker of pleasure she hadn’t anticipated. A wave of confusion washed over her. She was disgusted by the situation, mortified by her own incontinence, yet her body was betraying her, responding to the forbidden stimulation with a growing warmth. She tried to suppress the feeling, to focus on the anger and humiliation, but the pleasure was insistent, a siren song luring her towards a dangerous precipice. Lucille, ever observant, noticed the subtle change in Olivia’s demeanor. A knowing smirk spread across her face. “Oh, I see,” she purred, her voice laced with amusement. “Looks like someone’s starting to enjoy herself. Perhaps there’s hope for you yet, little one.” She leaned closer, her breath hot against Olivia’s ear. “Embrace the sensation, darling. It’s only going to get better from here. Crawl faster!” The demon’s assistant clapped her hands together, the sound echoing through the silent house. “Well, well, well,” she chirped, her voice dripping with feigned delight. “Looks like someone’s finally getting the hang of this. But we can’t have you dilly-dallying now, can we, darling? Pick up the pace! Your reward awaits, but only for those who earn it.” Olivia, caught between mortification and a growing sense of arousal, obeyed. She quickened her pace, her hands and knees hitting the floor with rhythmic thuds. The diaper, now saturated, clung to her like a second skin, the friction against her most intimate areas intensifying with each movement. She gritted her teeth, a low moan escaping her lips as the pleasure became almost unbearable. Lucille’s laughter filled the room, a cruel melody that fueled Olivia’s growing shame. “That’s it, darling,” she encouraged, her voice laced with a sadistic glee. “Crawl for me. Crawl like the good little baby you are. The faster you go, the sooner you’ll be rewarded. But remember,” she added with a menacing edge, “if you stop, the punishment will be severe.” Driven by a potent cocktail of humiliation, desperation, and a dark, forbidden pleasure, Olivia surged forward, her limbs moving faster than she thought possible. The room blurred around her, the only focus the pile of diapers looming closer with each frantic crawl. A tingling sensation built within her, a familiar pressure that she knew she couldn’t hold back any longer. With a gasp, she reached the pile, collapsing onto the soft, absorbent mound. The dam finally broke, and a torrent of warm liquid flooded her diaper, she sucked on her pacifier harder as she squirted into the pee-soaked diaper closing her eyes with pleasure. A shudder wracked her body, a mix of shame and undeniable relief. She had lost control, given in to the demon’s twisted game, yet a part of her revelled in the orgasm she just had in her pissy diaper. Lucille clapped her hands, her laughter echoing through the room. “Bravo, Olivia!” she exclaimed, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Such a good girl. Now, wasn’t that so much better than holding it in?” She leaned down, her face inches from Olivia’s, a predatory gleam in her eyes. “But remember, darling, this is just the beginning. There are so many more ways for you to please me. So many more messes for you to make.” Lucille pressed her hand against Olivia’s diaper, rubbing it firmly through the wet fabric. “And we’ll have a lot of fun cleaning them up together. Won’t we, little one?” Lucille, sensing Olivia’s heightened vulnerability, plucked the pacifier from her mouth with a triumphant flourish. “Well, well, well,” she cooed, a wicked glint in her eyes. “Someone seems to be enjoying her new reality. Tell me, Olivia, are you ready to be a good little girl and obey my every command?” Olivia, still flushed with pleasure and shame, nodded eagerly, her voice a high-pitched squeak. “Yes, yes!” she chirped, her words barely coherent. “I’ll be good, I promise!” Lucille chuckled, a sound that sent shivers down Olivia’s spine. “I’m sure you will, darling,” she purred. “Now, let’s get you cleaned up, shall we?” With practiced efficiency, Lucille peeled away the soiled diaper, a wave of embarrassment washing over Olivia as the stench filled the air. The demon’s assistant tutted disapprovingly, her eyes narrowing in disgust. “Someone’s been a messy little girl,” she scolded, her voice laced with sarcasm. Olivia’s cheeks burned with shame. The brief moment of pleasure had evaporated, replaced by a deep sense of humiliation and self-loathing. Disgusting. How could she have let herself get to that point? The smell of her own waste filled her nostrils, a constant reminder of her degradation. She squeezed her eyes shut, the image of the overflowing diaper a horrifying tableau burned into her mind. Had she really just gotten off on crawling around like a baby, whimpering for a diaper change? Shame radiated from her core, a sickening heat that threatened to consume her whole. But beneath the shame, a flicker of something else remained – a morbid curiosity, a twisted echo of the pleasure she had experienced. It was a terrifying realization, a seed of darkness planted in her mind by Lucille’s cruel game. The touch of the wet wipes against her skin snapped Olivia out of her momentary haze. Reality crashed back in, a harsh wave of disgust and despair. She gritted her teeth, tears welling in her eyes. This wasn’t her, this wasn’t who she was. But as Lucille fastened a fresh diaper around her waist, the crinkling of the plastic a stark reminder of her new reality, Olivia knew she was trapped in a nightmare with no end in sight. Chapter 9: Playing With Teddy The clean diaper did nothing to alleviate Olivia’s despair. The crinkling plastic only amplified her humiliation, a constant reminder of her infantilized state. As Lucille stepped back to admire her handiwork, Olivia’s mind raced, searching for a way out of this twisted game. “There,” Lucille chirped, her voice gratingly cheerful. “All clean and dry, just like a little baby.” She paused, her eyes narrowing as she studied Olivia’s face. “But you don’t seem very happy about it, darling. Is something wrong?” Olivia glared at her, a silent fury burning in her eyes. She wanted to scream, to curse, to lash out, but the pacifier in her mouth stifled any sound. Her only response was a defiant shake of her head, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. Lucille’s smile faltered, a flicker of annoyance crossing her face. “Oh, come now, Olivia,” she chided, her voice taking on a sharper edge. “Don’t be difficult. We have so much fun planned for you today.” She gestured towards a pile of colorful clothes on the bed, a collection of frilly dresses and oversized t-shirts adorned with cartoon characters. Olivia’s eyes widened in horror as she recognized the outfits. They were the epitome of childishness, the kind of clothes she hadn’t worn since she was a toddler. A fresh wave of humiliation washed over her as she realized what Lucille had in store. “Now, darling,” Lucille purred, picking up a particularly garish pink dress with a matching bonnet. “Let’s get you dressed for the day. It’s time for you to embrace your new role, Olivia. The role of a sweet, innocent little girl.” Olivia shook her head violently, the pacifier bobbing against her lips as she let out a muffled protest. She would not wear those ridiculous clothes. She would not be reduced to a caricature of childhood innocence. Lucille’s patience was wearing thin. “Olivia,” she warned, her voice laced with steel. “Don’t make this difficult. Put on the dress, or I’ll have to find other ways to persuade you.” Olivia’s defiance wavered. She knew Lucille was capable of cruelty, of finding new and inventive ways to humiliate her. But the thought of parading around in those childish clothes was almost too much to bear. “Fine,” she mumbled through the pacifier, her voice barely audible. “I’ll wear the dress.” A triumphant smile spread across Lucille’s face. “That’s a good girl,” she cooed, her voice dripping with condescension. “Now, let’s get you dressed and ready for playtime.” Olivia stood there, her head bowed in shame as Lucille helped her into the frilly pink dress. The fabric felt cheap and scratchy against her skin, a stark contrast to the comfortable clothes she was used to wearing. The bonnet, with its ridiculous oversized bow, was the final indignity. She felt like a clown, a mockery of her former self. As Lucille led Olivia towards the playpen, the plastic structure loomed before her like a miniature prison. The brightly colored bars mocked her with their childish cheerfulness, a stark contrast to the cold, sterile feeling that emanated from the interior. Inside, a collection of baby toys lay scattered on the floor, their plastic forms gleaming in the harsh light. Olivia knew what awaited her: forced playtime, infantile games designed to further humiliate her and chip away at her remaining sense of self. The playpen wasn’t just a confinement; it was a symbol of her new reality, a place where her mind and body would be moulded into something unrecognizable. Before leaving Olivia to her fate, Lucille produced a baby bottle filled with a milky white liquid. “Here you go, darling,” she chirped, thrusting the bottle into Olivia’s hands. “A little snack to keep you fueled during playtime. Make sure you finish it before I get back, or there will be consequences.” Olivia eyed the bottle with disgust. The thought of drinking baby formula, of being treated like an infant, made her stomach churn. But the memory of Lucille’s earlier threats was still fresh in her mind. She knew better than to disobey. “And remember,” Lucille added with a sly smile, “milk always makes babies need a diaper change. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling a little… wet… soon. It’s all part of the fun, isn’t it?” She winked, a gesture that sent a chill down Olivia’s spine. With a final, mocking pat on the head, Lucille left Olivia alone in the playpen, the bottle of formula a heavy weight in her trembling hand. Olivia stared at the milky liquid, her mind racing. She had to find a way out of this, a way to escape the demon’s clutches and reclaim her life. But for now, she had to play along, to survive this twisted game until she could find a way to fight back. With a deep breath, she raised the bottle to her lips, the taste of the formula a bitter reminder of her powerlessness. The formula, surprisingly, wasn’t as repulsive as Olivia had anticipated. It was sweet, cloying, and left a sticky residue on her lips. As she drained the last few drops, a warmth spread through her lower abdomen. It was the familiar, dreaded feeling, the precursor to another humiliating episode of incontinence. She tried to hold it back, to clench her muscles and resist the urge, but it was futile. A warm trickle escaped, followed by a steady stream. The diaper quickly became saturated, the heavy, wet sensation a stark reminder of her helplessness. Just as Olivia was sinking into despair, the door creaked open. Lucille swept into the room, her eyes scanning Olivia with predatory interest. “Well, well, well,” she purred, her voice laced with amusement. “Looks like someone couldn’t hold her tinkles. Did the yummy milk make the baby girl tinkle in her diaper? Tell me what you’ve done little girl.” Olivia’s cheeks burned with shame, a tear tracing a hot path down her cheek. Her voice trembled as she spoke, barely audible over the crinkling of the soaked diaper against her skin. “Y-yes,” she stammered her helplessness a bitter pill to swallow. “I wet myself. Please, I need a change.” Lucille’s lips curled into a sly smirk. “Oh, sweetie,” she crooned, her voice dripping with false sympathy, “did you forget already? It’s playtime now. Big girls need to learn patience, you know?” She gestured towards the scattered toys in the playpen, her voice taking on a sharper edge. “Now, be a good girl and play with your toys. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll consider changing you after.” Lucille collected her things from the room and went away again. Olivia’s heart sank. She knew there was no point in arguing. The discomfort of the wet diaper was unbearable, but the fear of further humiliation was even worse. With a defeated sigh, she reached for a brightly colored rattle, her mind racing as she tried to devise a plan. She couldn’t stay like this, trapped in this infantile nightmare. There had to be a way out. Olivia halfheartedly shook the rattle, the hollow sound a mocking echo of her own emptiness. Her mind was a whirlwind of conflicting emotions – anger, humiliation, and a deep-seated fear that this was her new reality. But beneath those emotions, a spark of defiance remained, a refusal to completely surrender to the demon’s twisted game. As she played, her eyes darted around the room, searching for any potential escape route. The windows were too high, the door locked from the outside. Her gaze fell upon the diaper bag Lucille had brought in earlier. Perhaps there was something in there, a tool, a weapon, anything that could help her break free. Mustering all her courage, Olivia crawled towards the bag, her movements cautious and deliberate. She reached out, her fingers brushing against the soft fabric. A surge of hope coursed through her veins. Maybe, just maybe, there was a chance she could escape this nightmare. With trembling fingers, Olivia unzipped the diaper bag, her heart pounding in her chest. The contents were a grotesque parody of a baby’s essentials: talcum powder, a tube of diaper rash cream, a handful of pacifiers, and a stack of brightly colored diapers. Olivia’s stomach churned as she realized there was nothing useful in the bag, nothing that could aid her escape. A sob escaped her lips as she slumped back against the playpen wall, a wave of despair washing over her. She was trapped, a prisoner in her own home, reduced to a helpless infant. The demon had won, and her life as she knew it was over. As if sensing her defeat, Lucille’s voice echoed through the room, a chilling reminder of her presence. “Having fun, Olivia?” she taunted, her voice dripping with amusement. “Don’t worry, darling. The beginning is starting now. You’ll soon learn to love your new life, with all its messy little pleasures.” Olivia’s body tensed, her stomach clenching in response to Lucille’s taunting words. The formula, now churning in her belly, triggered a familiar urge, a pressure building within her. She tried to fight it, to hold back, but the demon’s influence was too strong. A solid mass of warmth flooded her diaper, the sensation a mix of relief and utter shame. She had lost control again, her body betraying her in the most humiliating way possible. The smell of her poop filled the playpen, a pungent reminder of her degradation. Tears welled up in Olivia’s eyes as she whimpered softly. She was no longer just wet; she was filthy, a helpless infant adult wallowing in her own excrement. This was the lowest point of her life, a nadir of shame and despair. She had become the very thing the demon wanted her to be: a helpless, infantile creature, utterly dependent on its cruel whims. Lucille’s laughter echoed through the room, a cruel melody that twisted Olivia’s insides. “Oh, Olivia,” she cooed, her voice dripping with a sickeningly sweet tone, “what a mess you’ve made. But don’t worry, darling. We’ll take care of it.” With a snap of her fingers, Lucille conjured a new toy, a large, plush teddy bear with soft brown fur and innocent button eyes. The bear was oddly oversized for the playpen, its limbs sprawling across the limited space. “Look, Olivia,” Lucille purred, “a new friend to keep you company. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun together.” Lucille says as she snaps her fingers again, this time filling Olivia up with libido. As she spoke, an unsettling warmth began to spread through Olivia’s body. The sensation was different from the shame and disgust she had felt earlier. It was a warmth that tingled and pulsed, a growing heat that seemed to originate from her princess parts. Her eyes darted to the teddy bear, a new and unfamiliar desire taking root in her mind. Lucille, sensing the shift in Olivia’s demeanor, let out a low chuckle. “Yes, darling,” she whispered, her voice a seductive caress. “Let your imagination run wild. Play with your new friend, and don’t be afraid to explore your desires. After all, a little mess is nothing to be ashamed of, is it?” Lucille bumps up Olivia’s libido with a click of her fingers. The shame that had consumed Olivia moments before began to morph into something else, a tingling curiosity that pulsed through her princess parts and body. Her eyes remained locked on the teddy bear, its soft fur and inviting curves a stark contrast to the cold, sterile plastic of the playpen. Lucille’s words echoed in her mind, a tempting invitation to explore a forbidden realm. “Don’t be afraid to explore your desires,” she had said. And in that moment, a wave of rebellion surged through Olivia. If this was the life she was forced to live, she would find a way to make it her own, to carve out a sliver of pleasure from the humiliation. With a newfound determination, Olivia crawled towards the teddy bear, her eyes never leaving its plush form. She reached out, her fingers sinking into the soft fur, a shiver running down her spine. The sensation was oddly comforting, a stark contrast to the cold, clinical touch of Lucille’s hands. Emboldened by the rising warmth within her, Olivia pulled herself onto the teddy bear, straddling its plush body. The diaper, already heavy with her excrement, shifted against her sensitive parts, the friction igniting a spark of pleasure that sent a jolt through her body. She gasped, her fingers tightening in the bear’s fur as she rocked against it, the forbidden sensation growing with each movement. Olivia’s body writhed in pleasure as she grinded against the giant teddy bear, the contents of her messy diaper rubbing against her pussy with each movement. The wetness and warmth of the padding only heightened her arousal, her clit throbbing with need. Lucille watched with a smirk on her face, enjoying the humiliation of the adult woman humping a stuffed animal in a wet and messy diaper and recorded her. “Well, well, well,” she taunted, “looks like someone’s enjoying their messy diaper a little too much.” Olivia’s cheeks burned with embarrassment, but she couldn’t deny the pleasure coursing through her body. She pushed harder against the teddy, her orgasm building with each rub of the poopy wet diaper against her princess parts. Lucille leaned in, a playful smirk twisting her lips, “Someone’s already making quite the mess, aren’t they? And it’s about to get a different type of messy, isn’t it, wittle Olivia?” Her eyes sparkled with malicious delight, a hint of purring entering her tone. Olivia couldn’t hold back any longer, her climax hitting her like a wave. She cried out, her pussy pulsing with pleasure as she came into the wet and messy diaper. She continued grinding and grinding, its foul contents spreading further, while she had orgasm after orgasm until she lay against the teddy bear exhausted, but in ecstasy with a very messy diapered bottom. Lucille’s voicedripped with saccharine sweetness, a stark contrast to the cruel glint in her eyes. “Oh, Olivia, what a good girl you are!” she cooed, clapping her hands together in mock delight. “Look at the lovely present you left in your diaper. Such a big, smelly surprise and a sticky one too!” She leaned closer, her breath ghosting over Olivia’s ear. “Aren’t you proud of yourself?” she whispered, her voice laced with a perverse kind of satisfaction. “Such a dirty little baby, making a sticky mess like that. Mommy’s so pleased.” Olivia, already burdened with humiliation, felt a fresh wave of shame wash over her at Lucille’s twisted praise. Tears welled up in her eyes anew, not from the discomfort of the soiled diaper, but from the crushing weight of degradation. She had never felt so small, so utterly debased. “Please,” Olivia choked out, her voice barely a whisper, “just… just clean me up.” The words tasted like poison on her tongue, each syllable a surrender to the demon’s cruel game. Lucille’s smile widened, revealing rows of sharp teeth. “As you wish, my sticky little mess maker,” she purred, her voice laced with malicious glee. With deliberate slowness, she began to clean Olivia, her every touch a reminder of the scientist’s helplessness. Olivia squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the reality of her situation. But even with her eyes closed, she could still feel Lucille’s cold, mocking gaze upon her. The cleaning process was agonizingly slow, Lucille taking every opportunity to prolong Olivia’s torment. She cooed and praised Olivia’s “good behaviour,” her voice a grating symphony of condescension. Olivia, exhausted from humping her teddy, fell asleep during her diaper change. Chapter 10: Life Could Be A Dream (Finale) When Olivia awoke, she found herself not in her bed, but in a crib, its bars cold and unyielding against her touch. Panic flared as she realized she was locked in, the familiar surroundings of her bedroom warped and distorted by the dim light filtering through the slats. A desperate urge to pee gnawed at her, the sensation growing stronger with each passing moment. Olivia squirmed, her diaper rustling with her movements, but there was no escape. Tears welled up in her eyes as she succumbed to the inevitable, the warmth spreading through her diaper a humiliating reminder of her helplessness. The door creaked open, and Lucille entered, her silhouette framed by the dim light. Her eyes gleamed as she took in the sight of Olivia, trapped and soiled in the crib. “Ah, my little baby,” she cooed, her voice dripping with mock sympathy. “Did you have an accident? Such a shame. But don’t worry, Mommy’s here to take care of you.” Olivia clenched her fists, her cheeks burning with shame and anger. “Let me out of here!” she demanded, her voice a mixture of defiance and desperation. Lucille chuckled, a low, throaty sound that sent shivers down Olivia’s spine. “Not yet, my dear,” she purred. “First, we need to have a little chat.” She walked over to the crib, her heels clicking on the wooden floor. Olivia shrank back, her body pressed against the cold bars. Lucille leaned over the crib, her face mere inches from Olivia’s. “You see, Olivia,” she said, her voice soft and insidious, “this is your true nature. Helpless, dependent, in need of a mommy to change your dirty diaper.” Olivia’s eyes flashed with anger. “I’m not a baby!” she hissed. “I’m a grown woman, a scientist!” Lucille smiled, a wicked glint in her eyes. “That’s what you think, my dear. But deep down, you crave this. You crave the comfort of a diaper, the security of being taken care of, the thrill of submission.” Olivia wanted to scream, to deny everything Lucille was saying, but the words died in her throat. A part of her, a small, insidious part, whispered in agreement. Lucille reached into the crib, her fingers gently tracing the outline of Olivia’s diaper. “Don’t fight it, Olivia,” she purred. “Embrace it. Embrace your true self. You’ll see, it’s much more fun to be bad.” A strange sensation washed over Olivia, a mixture of shame, excitement, and surrender. She closed her eyes, her body trembling as Lucille unlatched the crib and lifted her out. “That’s it, my little baby,” Lucille crooned, her voice a hypnotic lullaby. “Let Mommy take care of you.” She carried Olivia to the desk, where the strange contraption hummed with an unsettling energy. Lucille placed a helmet on Olivia’s head, its cold metal pressing against her temples. “Now, my dear,” she whispered, her voice filled with anticipation. “Let’s explore your deepest desires together.” The world around Olivia dissolved into a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds, her consciousness slipping away into the realm of dreams. The chill of the helmet pressed against Olivia’s skin, plunging her into the swirling chaos of the dream realm. She found herself in a dimly lit classroom, the air thick with the scent of chalk and old books. Rows of wooden desks faced a blackboard covered in complex equations and diagrams. Olivia was seated at one of the desks, her legs dangling above the floor. She was wearing a school uniform, a pleated skirt and a white blouse, but the most noticeable feature was the thick diaper peeking out from under the hem of her skirt. A figure stood at the front of the classroom, a stern-looking woman with wire-rimmed glasses and a tight bun. It was Professor Lucille, her voice booming across the room as she lectured on the intricacies of quantum mechanics. “Now, Miss Olivia,” she said, her gaze fixing on Olivia with a disapproving frown. “Can you explain to the class the principles of quantum entanglement?” Olivia squirmed in her seat, her face flushed with embarrassment. She had no idea what quantum entanglement was, and the diaper bulging between her legs made it difficult to concentrate. “I… I don’t know, Professor,” she mumbled, her voice barely audible. Professor Lucille sighed, a sound of exasperation mixed with a hint of amusement. “Of course you don’t, you silly girl,” she said, her voice softening. “You’ve been too busy playing with your dollies and wetting your diaper.” A wave of shame washed over Olivia. She knew Professor Lucille was right; she had been neglecting her studies, her mind preoccupied with childish fantasies and the comfort of a full diaper. “But don’t worry, Olivia,” Professor Lucille continued, her voice taking on a seductive purr. “I’m here to help you. I’m here to teach you all about the wonders of science… and the joys of diaper submission.” She walked towards Olivia, her heels clicking on the wooden floor. Olivia shrank back in her seat, her heart pounding in her chest. Professor Lucille stopped beside Olivia’s desk, her hand reaching out to gently stroke Olivia’s hair. “You’re such a bright girl, Olivia,” she whispered. “But you need discipline. You need guidance. You need… a firm hand.” Olivia felt a shiver run down her spine, a mixture of fear and excitement. She knew what was coming, and a part of her, a dark, forbidden part, craved it. Professor Lucille stepped back, her gaze intense and unwavering. “Stand up, Olivia,” she commanded. Trembling, Olivia pushed herself up from her chair, her legs shaking beneath her. She was fully aware of the obscene sight she must have presented, her diaper sagging heavily between her legs, a wet patch spreading across the front. “Bend over your desk,” Professor Lucille instructed. Olivia did as she was told, her hands gripping the edge of the wooden desk as she leaned forward, her bottom thrust out. She could feel the cold air on her diaper, the material still damp from her earlier accidents. Professor Lucille moved behind her, her steps measured and deliberate. Olivia closed her eyes, bracing herself for the inevitable. The first slap came down hard, the impact echoing through the classroom. Olivia gasped, her body jolting forward. The sharp pain radiated through her, a stark contrast to the comforting warmth of her diaper. Another slap followed, and another. Each one stung, the pain building with every strike. Olivia couldn’t help but moan, her body writhing beneath the assault. “Is this what you need, Olivia?” Professor Lucille asked, her voice thick with desire. “Discipline? Control?” “Yessss,” Olivia whimpered, the word barely audible. She was beyond shame now, beyond embarrassment. She was lost in the sensations, her body betraying her with each whimper and moan. Professor Lucille continued the spanking, each slap harder and more intense than the last. Olivia could feel her diaper growing even wetter, the heat from her punishment mixing with the warmth of her excretions and the heat from how horny she was getting. Eventually, Professor Lucille stopped, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Olivia’s bottom and princess parts were a throbbing mess, her body aching with the abuse. “Very good, Olivia,” Professor Lucille said, her voice soft and comforting. “You have learned your lesson.” Olivia stayed bent over the desk, too exhausted to move. She could feel the trickle of wetness trailing down her legs, her diaper now thoroughly soaked and leaking. In that moment, she belonged to Professor Lucille. She was her student, her submissive, her plaything. She had surrendered herself completely, her body and her mind. And she had never felt so alive. Suddenly, the classroom vanished, the scent of chalk and the echoing lecture fading into oblivion. Olivia gasped, her eyes flying open as the helmet was removed from her head. The dream’s lingering warmth clung to her skin, a stark contrast to the cool air of her bedroom. Lucille loomed over her, a triumphant smirk playing on her lips. “Well, my dear,” she purred, “it seems you’ve discovered a hidden talent for academic submission.” Olivia recoiled, a wave of revulsion washing over her. The memory of her dream-self, the meek student eager for punishment, filled her with shame and disgust. “No,” she gasped, her voice barely a whisper. “That’s not me. That’s not who I am.” Lucille chuckled, her voice dripping with condescension. “Don’t be so naive, Olivia,” she chided. “That is who you are, deep down. You crave authority, discipline, the thrill of surrendering to a dominant figure.” Olivia shook her head vehemently, her eyes blazing with defiance. “You’re wrong,” she insisted. “This is just a dream, a twisted fantasy you’ve implanted in my mind.” Lucille raised an eyebrow, her smirk widening. “Oh, is it?” she challenged. “Then why is your heart racing? Why are your cheeks flushed? Why can’t you deny the undeniable pleasure you felt in that classroom?” Olivia’s resolve wavered. The lingering warmth of the dream, the memory of Professor Lucille’s firm hand, the thrill of submission… it was all too real, too intoxicating. “This isn’t me,” she repeated, her voice barely a whisper. But even as she said the words, a seed of doubt had been planted in her mind. Lucille leaned closer, her breath warm against Olivia’s ear. “Don’t fight it, Olivia,” she whispered. “Embrace it. Embrace your true self. You’ll see, it’s much more fun to be bad.” The helmet descended once more, its cold metal a stark contrast to the warmth of Lucille’s touch. Olivia braced herself, unsure of what awaited her in the depths of her subconscious this time. The world dissolved into a dizzying vortex of colors and shapes, before solidifying into a starkly different scene. She found herself in a grand ballroom, chandeliers glittering overhead, the air filled with the strains of a waltz. But Olivia was not a guest at this elegant affair. She was dressed as a maid, her uniform crisp and starched, a frilly apron tied around her waist. A diaper peeked out from beneath her skirt, a stark reminder of her subservient role. Across the room, a figure stood out from the swirling crowd of dancers. It was Lady Lucille, resplendent in a flowing gown, her eyes sparkling with amusement as she watched Olivia navigate the crowded room, a tray of champagne flutes balanced precariously in her hands. Olivia’s cheeks burned with embarrassment as she stumbled, her diaper rustling with her every movement. The guests snickered and whispered as she made her way towards Lady Lucille, her heart pounding in her chest. “Ah, there you are, my little maid,” Lady Lucille purred, her voice a seductive melody. “I see you’re having a bit of trouble with your duties.” Olivia lowered her head, her eyes fixed on the floor. “I apologize, my lady,” she stammered. “I’ll be more careful next time.” Lady Lucille chuckled, a low, throaty sound that sent shivers down Olivia’s spine. “No need to apologize, my dear,” she said, her voice softening. “Accidents happen, especially to clumsy little maids who can’t seem to keep their diapers dry.” Olivia’s face flushed crimson. She could feel the warmth spreading through her diaper, a humiliating reminder of her inadequacy. Lady Lucille reached out, her fingers gently lifting Olivia’s chin. “But don’t worry, my dear,” she whispered, her eyes twinkling with amusement. “I have a special task for you, a task that will require all of your… unique talents.” Lady Lucille led Olivia through the throng of dancers, her grip firm on Olivia’s arm. They reached a secluded alcove, hidden from the prying eyes of the guests. The air here was thick with the scent of perfume and something else, something primal and intoxicating. “You see, Olivia,” Lady Lucille began, her voice barely above a whisper, “I have a… particular interest in those who find pleasure in serving others. Those who revel in their own submission, who find joy in fulfilling their master’s every whim.” Olivia’s breath hitched, her heart pounding in her chest. She knew where this was going, and a part of her, a part she had desperately tried to suppress, thrilled at the prospect. Lady Lucille’s hand trailed down Olivia’s arm, her fingers lingering on the curve of her hip. “I’ve heard whispers,” she continued, her voice a seductive purr, “of a brilliant scientist who has a secret, a hidden desire for something… more.” Olivia’s cheeks burned with shame, but she couldn’t deny the truth in Lady Lucille’s words. The dreams, the fantasies, the forbidden desires… they were all bubbling to the surface, threatening to consume her. “Don’t be afraid, Olivia,” Lady Lucille whispered, her breath warm against Olivia’s ear. “Embrace your desires. Embrace your submission. Embrace your diaper.” Her hand slipped under Olivia’s skirt, her fingers brushing against the damp warmth of the diaper. Olivia gasped, her body tensing, but a wave of pleasure washed over her, erasing all thoughts of resistance. Lady Lucille smiled, a wicked glint in her eyes. “There you are, my little pet,” she purred. “Let me show you how truly wonderful it can be to serve.” Lady Lucille’s fingers trailed along the wet fabric of the diaper, making Olivia shiver with desire. She could feel her heart racing, her breathing shallow and ragged as the older woman continued to touch her. “You like that, don’t you?” Lady Lucille murmured in her ear, her breath hot and heavy. “Feeling my fingers on your wet diaper?” Olivia could only nod, too overwhelmed with pleasure to speak. She had never felt anything like this before – the combination of shame, excitement, and arousal was intoxicating. Lady Lucille’s other hand reached up to caress Olivia’s breast, her thumb circling the nipple through the fabric of her dress. “Such a good girl,” she whispered, her voice low and sultry. “So eager to please, so willing to submit.” Olivia felt herself sinking deeper into the pleasure, her mind clouded with thoughts of servitude and desire. She wanted nothing more than to please Lady Lucille, to do whatever she asked of her. “Take off your panties,” Lady Lucille commanded, her voice firm and authoritative. “Let me see your diaper.” Olivia’s hands trembled as she obeyed, sliding her panties down her legs and stepping out of them. She stood there, exposed and vulnerable, her diaper on display for Lady Lucille to see. “Such a good girl,” Lady Lucille murmured again, her hand reaching down to stroke the wet fabric of the diaper. “So obedient, so eager to please.” Olivia felt herself melting under the older woman’s touch, her body trembling with pleasure. She had never felt anything like this before, never experienced such intense arousal and submission. “Now, go back to the party,” Lady Lucille said, her voice still firm but with a hint of amusement. “But remember, you belong to me now. You are my pet, my submissive, my little girl in diapers.” Olivia nodded, her mind still reeling with pleasure and desire. She turned and walked back to the party, her diaper wet and heavy between her legs, her mind focused on Lady Lucille and the new world of pleasure she had opened up for her. The opulent ballroom dissolved into a hazy blur, replaced by the stark familiarity of Olivia’s bedroom. The helmet was gone, the echo of Lady Lucille’s seductive voice fading into a distant memory. Olivia blinked, her eyes adjusting to the dim light. The sensation of the wet diaper between her legs remained, a tangible reminder of the dream’s intense reality. A wave of shame washed over her, followed by a pang of longing. She touched her cheeks, still flushed from the dream’s passionate encounter, and the denial rose within her. “No,” she whispered, shaking her head fiercely. “This isn’t me. It can’t be.” Yet, the memory of Lady Lucille’s touch, her whispered promises of pleasure and submission, lingered in Olivia’s mind like a tempting siren song. The logical part of her, the scientist, rebelled against these newfound desires. But another part, a darker, more primal aspect, yearned to succumb to the forbidden thrill. Lucille watched Olivia’s internal struggle with amusement. “Still clinging to your illusions, my dear?” she asked, her voice a silky thread weaving through the silence. “Denial is a powerful tool, but it won’t shield you from the truth forever.” Olivia clenched her fists, her nails digging into her palms. “This is wrong,” she choked out, her voice thick with emotion. “You’re manipulating me, twisting my mind.” Lucille tilted her head, her lips curving into a knowing smile. “Am I, Olivia?” she countered. “Or am I simply revealing what’s been hidden within you all along?” Olivia’s resolve wavered, her mind caught in a tug-of-war between reason and desire. She longed to believe that this was all a twisted game, a cruel trick played by a manipulative demon. But deep down, a gnawing doubt gnawed at her. “You’re lying,” she insisted, her voice a desperate plea for reassurance. “This isn’t who I am.” Lucille’s smile widened, her eyes glittering with triumph. “We’ll see about that, my dear,” she purred. “The night is young, and we have so much more to explore.” The helmet’s familiar weight settled upon Olivia’s head, and the world around her dissolved once more. This time, she found herself in a brightly lit playroom, filled with toys and colorful decorations. But the atmosphere was far from cheerful. Olivia was seated in a high chair, a bib tied around her neck, a half-eaten bowl of mush in front of her. She wore a baby blue onesie, and a thick diaper bulged between her legs. A stern-faced woman in a nanny uniform stood before her, a spoonful of mush hovering in the air. “Eat up, Olivia,” she commanded, her voice firm but laced with a hint of amusement. “Big girls need to finish their dinner if they want to grow up strong and healthy.” Olivia scowled, pushing the spoon away with a petulant whine. “I don’t wanna,” she mumbled, her voice thick with defiance. Nanny Lucille’s smile tightened. “Oh, but you will,” she insisted, her voice taking on a sharper edge. “You’re a naughty little girl who needs to learn some manners. And I know just the way to teach you.” She set the spoon aside and reached for a wooden paddle hanging on the wall. Olivia’s eyes widened in alarm as Nanny Lucille approached, the paddle held menacingly in her hand. “This will teach you a lesson, young lady,” Nanny Lucille declared, her voice dripping with mock disapproval. “Maybe next time you’ll think twice before disobeying your nanny.” The paddle connected with Olivia’s bottom, a sharp sting that sent a shockwave through her body. Tears welled up in her eyes, but a strange heat bloomed in her core, a mixture of pain, humiliation, and a forbidden thrill. Nanny Lucille continued her discipline, each strike of the paddle igniting a conflicting symphony of sensations within Olivia. She whimpered and cried, yet a part of her reveled in the punishment, her body responding with a growing warmth and a tingling arousal. “There, there,” Nanny Lucille cooed, her voice a soothing balm as she set the paddle aside. “That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now, are you going to be a good girl and finish your dinner?” Olivia nodded meekly, her cheeks flushed with shame and a strange excitement. She opened her mouth as Nanny Lucille scooped up another spoonful of mush, a flicker of defiance still burning in her eyes, yet her body already yielding to the intoxicating power of submission. The playroom scene dissolved, leaving Olivia blinking in the dim light of her bedroom once more. The helmet was gone, the echo of Nanny Lucille’s stern voice and the sting of the paddle fading into a disturbing memory. She was still in her onesie, the diaper heavy and warm between her legs. The lingering sensation of the spanking, a mix of humiliation and a strange warmth, sent a shiver down her spine. “Well?” Lucille’s voice cut through the silence, her eyes gleaming with anticipation. “Did you enjoy your little lesson, my dear?” Olivia recoiled, her cheeks burning with shame and confusion. “No,” she stammered, her voice barely a whisper. “This isn’t me. It can’t be.” Lucille chuckled, a low, throaty sound that sent a shiver down Olivia’s spine. “Oh, but it is, my dear,” she purred. “These are your dreams, Olivia. Your desires. Your fantasies.” Olivia shook her head vehemently, her eyes wide with disbelief. “No,” she insisted. “This is just some twisted trick you’re playing on me. I’m not like this.” Lucille leaned closer, her eyes boring into Olivia’s. “Are you so sure?” she challenged. “Why else would you dream of such things? Why else would your body respond with such… enthusiasm?” Olivia’s resolve wavered. She couldn’t deny the strange pleasure she had experienced in the dream, the conflicting emotions that had stirred within her. Could Lucille be right? Were these truly her hidden desires, her deepest fantasies? “Don’t fight it, Olivia,” Lucille whispered, her voice a seductive caress. “Embrace it. Embrace your true self. Embrace your little girl side.” Olivia opened her mouth to protest, but the words caught in her throat. A part of her, a small, vulnerable part, yearned to believe Lucille. Yearned to surrender to the comfort and security of being a helpless little girl in a diaper. But another part of her, the scientist, the rational thinker, screamed in defiance. This couldn’t be her. This couldn’t be what she wanted. Lucille watched Olivia’s internal struggle with amusement. “The choice is yours, my dear,” she purred. “You can continue to deny your true desires, or you can embrace them. The decision is yours.” The helmet’s familiar chill once again enveloped Olivia’s head, and her surroundings dissolved into a swirling vortex. This time, she found herself standing on a sun-drenched beach, the warm sand between her toes, the salty breeze tousling her hair. But something was different. Olivia was clad in a bright pink bikini, her body tanned and toned. Yet, beneath the skimpy fabric, a thick diaper bulged prominently, its outline unmistakable. A giggle escaped her lips as she ran towards the sparkling waves, the diaper crinkling with every step. A group of friends waved to her from the shore, their laughter echoing across the beach. Olivia plunged into the water, relishing the cool embrace of the ocean. But as she swam, a strange sensation spread through her diaper – a warmth, a wetness, a sense of fullness. Emerging from the waves, Olivia felt a pang of excitement mixed with a hint of embarrassment. She knew her diaper was soaked, but instead of shame, a thrill coursed through her veins. She waddled back to her friends, the diaper sagging heavily between her legs. To her surprise, her friends didn’t mock or tease her. Instead, they showered her with compliments, their eyes filled with admiration. “You look so cute in that diaper, Olivia!” one of them exclaimed. “It’s like you’re a little baby again.” Olivia giggled, her cheeks flushed with pleasure. The feeling of the wet diaper against her skin, the attention from her friends, the undeniable thrill of being babied – it was all so intoxicating. She spent the rest of the day playing in the sand, building sandcastles and splashing in the waves, her diaper growing heavier and messier with each passing hour. But the discomfort was outweighed by the sheer joy of embracing her newfound freedom, of reveling in the childish abandon that the diaper represented. As the sun began to set, Olivia’s friends gathered around her, their faces glowing with warmth and acceptance. “We love you, Olivia,” they chorused, their voices filled with genuine affection. “And we love your diapers.” Olivia beamed, her heart swelling with happiness. This was it, she realized. This was what she truly wanted. The freedom to embrace her childish side, to revel in the comfort and security of a diaper, to be loved and accepted for who she was, messy diaper and all. As the beach scene began to fade, a realization dawned upon Olivia. This wasn’t just a dream; it was a reflection of her deepest desires, her hidden yearnings. The joy she had felt, the acceptance, the pure, unadulterated pleasure of embracing her childish side – it was all real, all hers. Lucille, sensing the shift in Olivia’s demeanor, paused mid-motion, the helmet hovering inches above her head. “What is it, my dear?” she asked, her voice a mixture of curiosity and anticipation. Olivia’s eyes snapped open, her gaze meeting Lucille’s with newfound clarity. The shame, the denial, the confusion – it all melted away, replaced by a sense of liberation. “I see it now,” Olivia whispered, her voice trembling with emotion. “I see what you’ve been trying to show me all along.” A slow smile spread across Lucille’s face, her eyes gleaming with triumph. “Do you, my dear?” she purred. “And what is it that you see?” Olivia took a deep breath, the words pouring out of her like a dam bursting. “I see that I’m not the person I thought I was. I’m not just a scientist, a rational thinker. I’m also a little girl, a playful, curious, sometimes messy little girl who loves her diapers.” Lucille nodded, her smile widening. “Yes, my dear,” she affirmed. “That’s exactly who you are.” Olivia continued, her voice growing stronger with each word. “I see that I don’t have to hide anymore. I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not. I can embrace my desires, my fantasies, my love for diapers.” Lucille lowered the helmet, her touch gentle as she removed it from Olivia’s head. “You are free, Olivia,” she whispered, her voice filled with warmth and encouragement. “Free to be yourself. Free to be the little girl you’ve always been.” Olivia smiled, a genuine, radiant smile that lit up her face. She looked down at her diaper, no longer a source of shame, but a symbol of her newfound freedom. “Thank you, Lucille,” she said, her voice filled with gratitude. “Thank you for showing me the truth.” Lucille returned the smile, her eyes filled with affection. “You’re welcome, my dear,” she said. “Now, go and play. Be the little girl you were always meant to be.” And with that, Olivia, clad in her onesie and diaper, skipped out of the room, her heart filled with joy and a newfound sense of self-acceptance. A wave of euphoria washed over Olivia as she skipped down the hallway, her diaper swishing with every step. But as she rounded a corner, a sense of unease crept over her. The familiar decor of her house seemed off, the colors too vibrant, the proportions distorted. A chilling realization struck her: this wasn’t real. She was still dreaming, still trapped in the illusion crafted by Lucille’s insidious device. The joy she had felt moments ago turned to dread as she understood the implications. “Lucille!” she cried out, her voice echoing through the empty hallway. “This is a dream! I know it is!” A giggle echoed behind her, and Lucille materialized from the shadows, her eyes twinkling with amusement. “Very clever, my dear,” she purred. “But even in your dreams, you can’t escape the truth.” Olivia whirled around, her heart pounding in her chest. “Let me out of here!” she demanded, her voice a mixture of fear and defiance. Lucille raised an eyebrow, her lips curving into a smirk. “Oh, but you are out, my dear,” she countered. “You’re right where you belong.” With a flick of her wrist, Lucille removed the helmet from Olivia’s head. The dream world shattered, the vibrant colors fading into the familiar darkness of the bedroom. Olivia found herself back in the crib, her onesie damp and clinging to her skin. The realization of her predicament, the undeniable truth of her desires, hit her like a tidal wave. “No,” she whimpered, tears welling up in her eyes. “This can’t be real. This can’t be who I am.” Suddenly, the world around Olivia transformed once again, the familiar chill of the helmet pressing against her temples as she entered a new dream realm. This time, she found herself in a lavish bedroom, the air filled with the sweet scent of jasmine and musk. The room was dimly lit, casting a seductive glow over the scene unfolding before her. Lucille stood before her, a sultry smile playing on her lips as she gazed at Olivia with hunger in her eyes. Lucille was dressed in a sheer robe that barely concealed her curves, the fabric clinging to her skin in all the right places. Olivia’s heart raced at the sight, a mixture of desire and trepidation swirling inside her. “Welcome, my dear Olivia,” Lucille purred, her voice sending shivers down Olivia’s spine. “I’ve been waiting for you.” Olivia’s breath caught in her throat as she took in the sight before her. She was no longer the innocent student or in a classroom or a maid in a ball; she was now a willing participant in a seductive game of pleasure and submission. Lucille approached Olivia, her hand reaching out to caress Olivia’s cheek with a feather-light touch. Olivia’s skin tingled at the contact, her body responding to the intimate gesture. “You’re such a good girl, Olivia,” Lucille whispered, her words a tantalizing promise of what was to come. “Let me take care of you.” With a deft movement, Lucille lowered Olivia to the plush bed, her hands expertly undoing Olivia’s clothing until she was left in nothing but her soaked diaper. Olivia’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment and arousal, a heady mix of emotions swirling inside her. Lucille’s touch was electric as she traced a path down Olivia’s body, her fingers dancing over the wet fabric of the diaper. Olivia couldn’t help but moan at the sensation, her body arching instinctively towards Lucille’s touch. “Such a naughty girl,” Lucille murmured, her voice a husky whisper. “Let’s see just how wet you can get for me.” With skillful fingers, Lucille began to rub Olivia’s pussy through the diaper, eliciting gasps of pleasure from Olivia’s lips. The fabric became slick with Olivia’s arousal, the friction sending waves of pleasure through her body. But Lucille wasn’t done yet. She produced a vibrator, the buzzing sound filling the room with anticipation. Placing it against the soaked diaper, she teased Olivia with the vibrating sensation, driving her wild with need. Olivia’s hips moved involuntarily, aching for more stimulation, more release. Lucille watched with a wicked gleam in her eyes, enjoying the sight of Olivia squirming under her touch. “Such a good girl,” Lucille cooed, increasing the intensity of the vibrator against the soaked fabric. Olivia’s moans grew louder, her body on the edge of ecstasy. And then, with a devious smile, Lucille presented a giant teddy bear, its plush form inviting and enticing. She guided Olivia’s hips towards the bear, urging her to hump the soft toy with abandon. Olivia couldn’t resist the overwhelming urge, the combination of the vibrator, the soaked diaper, and the commanding presence of Lucille pushing her towards a mind-blowing climax. She rode the teddy bear with abandon, her body shaking with pleasure as she reached the peak of ecstasy. As Olivia’s body trembled with release, the sensations washing over her like a tidal wave, she felt a sense of liberation unlike anything she had experienced before. In that moment, she let go of all inhibitions, all reservations, and surrendered to the intoxicating pleasure of the dream. The room faded away as the helmet was lifted from Olivia’s head, leaving her breathless and exhilarated. The memory of the dream lingered, a potent mix of desire and arousal that left Olivia questioning everything she thought she knew about herself. Lucille leaned over the crib, her eyes twinkling with amusement. “But it is real, my dear,” she purred, echoing Olivia’s words from moments before she went into her dream. “And it is exactly who you are.” She reached into the crib, her fingers gently tracing the outline of Olivia’s soaked diaper. “You see, Olivia,” she continued, her voice a soothing melody, “your tears, your denial, it was all part of the process. You were fighting against the truth, clinging to an outdated image of yourself.” Lucille’s touch sent a shiver down Olivia’s spine, a strange mixture of shame and pleasure. “But now,” she whispered, her voice barely above a breath, “you’ve seen the light. You’ve experienced the joy, the freedom, the pure bliss of embracing your inner little girl.” Olivia’s gaze fell to her diaper, the physical manifestation of her surrender. A tear rolled down her cheek, but this time, it wasn’t a tear of despair. It was a tear of acceptance, of release. She had fought against the truth for so long, but now, finally, she understood. This was who she was, this was what she wanted. And as the tears streamed down her face, a small smile tugged at the corners of her lips. She was a little girl, a messy, playful, diaper-loving little girl. And she was finally home with Mummy Lucille. The End. You can read more of my stories on my deviantart page or my site.
  2. Chapter 1 Rejection hurt the most when it came in multitudes. Daniel Aster prided himself in his resiliency and independence. He didn’t care what any authority told him, he could bounce back from any criticism. If a critique held merit, he’d listen, and if it just broke him down without purpose, he’d ignore it. He knew he had power, and he knew that with the right training, he could control that power. He was a master warlock in the making. The first rejection slip that came on his doorstep, delivered by a curiously intelligent Peregrine Hawk, he ignored. There were over a dozen great Warlock schools across all eight continents. (Maybe Mundanes thought there were seven continents, but they hadn’t figured out indoor plumbing until the 19th century, so what did they know?) and plenty of smaller private institutions. It didn’t matter if one said no. The second slip, he laughed it off. ‘Fundamentally incapable of controlling power’ may have been a note in both papers, but what did that matter? He knew his control was a weak point, it just took one administrator to see that it could be improved, that it wasn’t hopeless. Besides, they saw his strengths, didn’t they? Good results on written exams, high levels of magical attunement–if it wasn’t for piss poor control, he’d have been a cinch. Eight rejection letters made his confidence waver. He now had a stack of forty. So many letters that they made his waste paper bin overflow, so many that animal control had been called to complain about the bird poop spattering cars in front of his home–bird messengers were traditional, but perhaps a bit inconvenient. When he got to be High Warlock, he’d see about getting official communication channels equipped with telephones and pagers. If he got to be High Warlock. You didn’t get elected to top positions without a prestigious degree to your name. For all his confidence, he admitted needed education, practice, and a good teacher. Nobody became a master on their own; even Merlin had learned from the fae. Only…that wasn’t quite true. He didn’t just need a teacher, he needed remedial classes, maybe a tutor–the kind of education he could only get with a lot of money or a top-tier school. He was like a toddler who’d never learned to walk while his bones were growing, and now required physical therapy to catch up; he knew he had the capacity but he couldn’t stand up to prove it. And with forty academies–public, private, long lasting institutions and barely-accredited night schools–all insisting he was unfit to be a warlock at all, Daniel had to admit that maybe they were right. Maybe. Lying on his bed, Daniel weighed his options. Give up, find a private tutor, bribe his way in–or keep digging for another school that he hadn’t already applied to. Maybe he could make an appeal to his upbringing–his dad had been Mundane, not a lick of magic in him. Only his mom had power, but naturally, she was a witch. Women’s magic worked off the same fundamentals as men’s, but the nuances were vastly different; Warlocks worked alone, with lightning responses and raw strength no witch could manage, witches pooled their magic into covens that operated more slowly but with more delicacy, more staying power. It was like the old saying–If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. Warlocks were fast. Or…they were in theory. Daniel had learned the basics of magic early, but he wasn’t fast, and nothing his mom had taught him had built speed. The catch-22 made him reel–he needed a teacher to get the speed and precision of a true Warlock, but his current abilities were so low that no school would take him. While he pondered this, another hawk smacked into his window, flopping onto the wrought-iron fire escape outside his apartment. He winced, walking over to open it, while the bird gave him an annoyed look. “I keep my space tidy,” he said, rolling his eyes as he untied the letter from around its neck, allowing himself to feel a spark of hope. “Not my fault you can’t tell clean glass from open air.” The hawk gave a croaking little caw, giving him a side-eye that seemed to say, ‘I’m better than you.’ Even the birds were looking down on him today. Once the note was in his hands, the bird squawked, flapped its wings, and took off to the skies once more. “Okay,” Daniel said, turning over the letter in his hands. “Let’s see what we’ve got…Berrier University.” A distance-learning outfit, Berrier had been just about his last choice for application, but it was at least a choice. He didn’t need to attend for the full course–he could enroll for a semester, get enough proof that he could handle his shit, and take those grades to a real school. He just needed his foot in the door. Holding his breath, he slid the envelope open and withdrew the note inside, mumbling the words as he read it aloud. “Dear Mr. Aster, We regret to inform you–” Something was wrong with the note; after reading those first eight words, all the letters turned blurry and illegible. He knew what the note said by heart, anyways. ‘Your control isn’t good enough, you aren’t fast enough, you don’t have the potential to be a warlock–you’ve got good grades on paper, go find work as an enchanter or something, maybe get a job teaching.’ And the message between the lines: ‘You’ll never be a real magician, so take the crumbs you can get. You just don’t have what it takes.’ “Dammit,” Daniel snapped, crumpling the note in his hand and tossing it into his trash bin. It bounced off the rim and rolled away. Annoyed, he snapped his wand–a stubby little thing with an ergonomic grip–off his desk and sent a shower of sparks at the note. It flopped into the air, overcorrected, and soared past the bin again. He tried the spell again, and it this time flew straight up, no closer to being thrown away than if he’d left it to sit. On the third time, he spat out a word and flicked his wand and–instead of levitating the paper–set it on fire. Eyes widening a fraction, Daniel blurted, “Shit,” and ran over, stomping out the flame before it could spread. He stared down at the ashy pile. (Goddammit.) (God fucking dammit.) (Are they right about me?) Grimacing, he went to get a dustpan and clean up the mess. A cleaning spell would have been faster, but the last thing Daniel wanted to do was confirm the worst belief he held about himself. He did have the potential, though. Daniel knew his strengths, and he knew his flaws–he was impulsive, he acted too quickly, he could be too stubborn for his own good. But he had a well of power inside him, one he could feel deep down in his core, the kind of power that warlocks of legend could only dream of. Maybe he was a little cocky, too, but who ever heard of a passive warlock? “Screw them,” he said aloud. “I’m going to get into one of these schools, one way or another.” He wondered about cheating, but that wouldn’t help either. Even if he found a way to pretend to be able to do things he couldn’t, he’d be found out too quickly; he needed something that would get him trained, not just that would get him in the door. His control was that bad–and, being honest, he couldn’t blame it fully on being taught the basics by a witch. Many witches, his mother included, had better control than him even though that was miles away from their field of expertise. And… And… And that gave him an idea. Sitting down, he picked up the phone from his desk, punching in his mom’s number on the hard plastic buttons. It rang twice, and then– “Daniel!” she said, excitedly. “How are you, sweetie? Everything still going okay in Seattle? Have you found a job yet? A girlfriend?” “I told you, I’m just here until I get accepted into college,” he said, scratching his chin. “Why look for a job when I’m leaving in a few weeks?” He heard her click her tongue, a noise she made when she was thinking. “Right, right–it’s just, you never call, how am I supposed to know what’s going on in your life?” “I’m calling right now!” He rolled his eyes. “Look, I was just curious–do you have your old records from when you were studying at Alphebeta?” “I’m sure I’ve got them somewhere,” she said. “Why?” He didn’t detect a hint of suspicion in her tone. Perfect. “For filling out one of these applications–I think it might help. Could you send that over?” There was a way to get the education he needed. If witches had better focus than him, he’d just go learn from witches. His poor control wouldn’t stop him from getting enrolled, and he could fake the rest. Daniel just had one obstacle to overcome: Alphabeta–and, for that matter, any other witches’ school in the world–was an all girls school. Of course it was; ‘all witches’ and ‘all girls’ were practically synonyms. Still, he had a way around that, too. He’d just need his mom’s records, a little sleight of hand, and a dress.
  3. Chapter 1: This is a joke, right? Lisa was wandering around her house frantically, getting ready to leave for work. She couldn't find half of what she needed and was about to miss her bus. Finally finding the all-important house keys, she ran out the door, locking it behind her. She sighed in relief and ran down her driveway to find a small package by her mailbox. "That's odd," Lisa thought, "I haven't ordered anything recently." She deposited the package in her purse and hurried to the bus stop just in time to catch the 12, the only bus that stopped near her work. Once taking her seat on the near-empty bus, she pulled out the box and examined it. Only her address was written on it, so she had no way of knowing where it came from or if it was meant for her. She ripped off the tape to be welcomed by bubble wrap. "This is adorable!" Lisa thought as she unwrapped the rest of the package, she saw a cute bracelet with green marble-like rocks. After putting on the bracelet, Lisa spotted a note in the box. Unfolding it, she began to read it. "To whoever receives this bracelet, I am sorry, I just couldn't take it anymore. This thing has ruined my life. I don't know where it came from but received it one day. After a few days of wearing it, I discovered this thing can grant wishes when you say "I wish.." THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING! I swear it's like a monkey's paw. You won't notice it at first, but if you aren't careful, it'll ruin you over time. You can't take back a wish once it's been made. If you are smart, you won't use it! Good luck and good riddance. Please be smart." Lisa laughed; this had to be a joke, right? The bus screeched to a stop, reminding her why she had been on the bus in the first place. Luckily for her, her workplace was only 2 stops away, so it took no time on the bus, but walking would take forever. She climbed off, thanked the bus driver, and went to the small office building in front of her. It was 5 stories high, which was small compared to the skyscrapers in the nearby area. Unfortunately for Lisa, she works on the fifth floor where an advertising company is located. So when the elevator is down, which happens often, an annoying journey up the stairs is required. Not fun in heels. "Please let them be working, please let them be working, please!" She spoke to herself as she turned the corner to where the elevators were. "Closed due to Maintenance" hung on the doors. "Danmit! I wish the elevator would just work." Suddenly, the door behind her opened as the elevator repair man walked out. "Then you got good timing. I just finished up," He told her. "Wait, are you serious? You have it working again?" Lisa's voice carried a mix of disbelief and relief. The repairman nodded, a faint smile playing at the corners of his lips. "Yep, just finished up. Good timing on your part." A surge of gratitude washed over Lisa. "Wow, talk about luck. Thank you so much!" "Not a problem," he said, stepping aside to let her enter the elevator. "What floor are you headed to?" "The 5th," Lisa replied, stepping in and pressing the button. "Ah, perfect. You're all set then," he remarked, moving to remove the maintenance sign. Lisa couldn't help but grin. "You've just saved me from a trek up a gazillion stairs in these heels. You're a lifesaver." The repairman chuckled, his eyes crinkling with amusement. "Glad I could be of service. Have a good one!" "You too! Thanks again," Lisa called as the doors slid shut, leaving her alone in the now-functioning elevator. Once on the 5th floor, Lisa rushed over to her desk; she was late enough as it was and didn't want to run into her manager or stop to chit-chat with a coworker and get busted. Setting her things down and taking her seat, Lisa sighed in relief. "Few, finally made it, and now what do I have going on today? Looks like I have a meeting in an hour in conference room 501." *Gurgle* "Shoot, I didn't have enough time to get breakfast. I wish I had something to eat this morning; otherwise, this will be a long day." *knock* *knocK* "Hey, Lisa. Do you have a minute?" Looking up from her Computer, Lisa saw her coworker Sarah. "Hey, Sarah! what's up?" "I noticed you were running a little behind today, and you look like you could use a pick me up. I have an extra breakfast burrito I made this morning. Would you like it? If you heat it up for like 30 seconds in the microwave, it comes out amazing!" "Oh my god, you are a lifesaver, Sarah! Thank you so much. I had a hectic night last night; I'll tell you more about it at lunch." "Rain check, I'm heading out early today; I've got a doctor's appointment I need to go to, maybe Monday after the weekend unless you want to meet sooner?" "I'll get back to you. I got to unbury myself; there's a ton of things I need to catch up on." Sarah's breakfast burrito was amazing and definitely hit the spot. Now being able to focus, Lisa spent her time before her meeting catching up on emails and direct messages and preparing for the meeting. The prep work paid off while in the meeting as she provided solid updates on the status of their latest project, but before returning to work, she had to stop by the bathroom for a pee break. Only to see that three other ladies were waiting for a stall to open up. "Can you believe how long these lines get during peak hours?" Lisa chuckled nervously, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "Yeah, tell me about it," replied Sarah, her voice sympathetic. "I swear, I practically live in this line some days." A middle-aged woman in line with them nodded in agreement. "You'd think they'd install more stalls or something with how crowded it gets." Lisa chuckled, feeling discomfort as another wave of urgency hit her. "Yeah, that would be nice. Honestly, I wish I didn't have to pee so often." Sarah chuckled. "Yeah, it's just one of those things we women have to deal with, right?" Lisa nodded, trying to ignore the increasing pressure in her bladder. "Yeah, I suppose so." As they continued to wait, Lisa's discomfort grew. She shifted from one foot to the other, trying to distract herself from the urge to pee. But the pressure was becoming unbearable. "Come on, come on," Lisa muttered, hoping desperately for a stall to open up soon. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, one of the stalls became available. Lisa practically dashed inside, grateful for the relief it offered. The discomfort from her full bladder now a distant memory. She resumes her work with renewed focus, navigating the rest of the day's tasks without significant hiccups. As evening approached, Lisa gathered her belongings, ready to return home on the bus during the peak transit hours. She joined the bustling crowd at the bus stop, her mind preoccupied with thoughts of dinner and relaxation after a long day at work. The bus arrived, and she could already see from the outside that it was pretty full. Upon getting inside, she saw her suspicion was correct: no seats left, and she'd have to stand. As Lisa stood in the crowded bus, she felt a sudden, urgent need to pee. Panic surged as she glanced down at her new pair of pants, desperately not wanting to ruin them. The pressure in her bladder was unbearable, and she knew she wouldn't be able to hold it much longer. Without thinking, she frantically whispered, "I wish I had some way to protect my pants." Instantly, she felt a strange sensation over her, followed by a wave of relief as she felt herself peeing. But to her shock, her pants remained completely dry. At the same time, her crotch started to feel warm. Lisa's eyes widened in disbelief as she was peeing herself. She glanced around nervously, hoping no one had noticed her moment of weakness. But as she looked at her fellow passengers, she saw that they were all engrossed in their conversations or staring blankly out the window, oblivious to her predicament. Feeling both relieved and bewildered, Lisa cautiously reached down to touch her pants, half-expecting to find them soaked despite the lack of any wet sensation. But to her amazement, they were completely dry, as if nothing had happened. However, she noticed that her underwear seemed like they swelled up, absorbing the pee, as she could still feel the warmth, and even a bit of weight was now weighing them down. "What the heck is protecting my pants?" Chapter 2: Is that a Pullup? As the bus rumbled along its route, Lisa's mind raced with confusion and disbelief. She glanced around, hoping no one would notice that she just peed herself. "What just happened?" she whispered, her heart pounding with embarrassment and bewilderment. She tried to calm her nerves with a deep breath, chalking it up to a bizarre fluke. Maybe her mind was playing tricks on her, or she was just overly stressed from the long day at work. But even as she tried to rationalize the inexplicable event, a nagging sense of unease lingered in the back of her mind. There was something undeniably strange about the way her pants remained dry despite it feeling like her bladder released its contents. Lost in her thoughts, Lisa almost missed her stop. With a jolt of realization, she made her way to the front of the bus, eager to escape the uncomfortable confines of the crowded vehicle. Stepping off the bus onto the sidewalk, Lisa took a moment to gather her thoughts. She knew she couldn't dwell on the strange occurrence forever; she had to focus on getting home and putting the bizarre incident behind her. As she walked the short distance to her apartment building, Lisa couldn't shake the feeling of the swollen underwear between her legs, making her worry that her peeing wasn't just in her head. Entering her apartment, Lisa tossed her purse onto her beanbag chair in her bedroom. The box and note were still in it, slightly spilling out of her bag as it landed. Feeling utterly drained both physically and emotionally, Lisa moved to her couch out in the living room and collapsed onto it. She needed time to process everything that had happened but knew she couldn't afford to dwell on it indefinitely. With a sigh, she pushed herself to her feet and went to the kitchen, her stomach grumbling in protest. Dinner seemed like a distant afterthought, but she knew she needed to eat something to replenish her energy after the long day. As she rummaged through the fridge, her eyes fell on a box of leftover pizza from the night before. With a shrug, she grabbed the container and popped a few slices into the microwave. As she waited for her meal to heat up, her thoughts drifted back to the strange bracelet on her wrist. It was adorable, but where did it come from? Was it okay to keep it? What was up with that weird note? *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* The microwave sounded, breaking her train of thought and bringing her back to her dinner. As Lisa sat down to eat her dinner, she couldn't shake the unease that had settled over her since the bizarre incident on the bus. The pizza tasted bland, the flavors muted by her racing thoughts. She kept glancing down at the bracelet on her wrist, its intricate design catching the light from the overhead lamp. With a heavy sigh, Lisa took her last bite, her appetite gone from the bland flavor. She felt she should address the weird feeling from on the bus but wasn't sure where to start; it was all too weird. The logical part of her brain screamed that it was all just in her head, a series of strange events with rational explanations. But deep down, she couldn't shake the feeling that something more was at play. After staring blankly at the wall for a few minutes, Lisa pushed herself up from the table and went to the bathroom to shower. The shower's hot water sounded inviting, a temporary escape from the chaos swirling around her mind. As she undressed, she couldn't help but glance down at her underwear. To her horror and confusion, she saw that her panties had been replaced by what looked like a girls' pull-up diaper. The realization hit her like a ton of bricks, sending a shiver down her spine. "What the...?" Lisa muttered, her hands trembling as she touched the strange garment. It was soft to the touch. Panic threatened to overwhelm her as she struggled to comprehend what was happening. Confused, she stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, the image of a grown woman wearing a diaper staring back at her. As Lisa stood in front of the mirror, staring at her reflection in disbelief, she tried to convince herself that it was all just a bizarre hallucination brought on by stress and exhaustion. "This can't be real," she muttered, her voice trembling with uncertainty. Shaking her head, she quickly stripped off the pull-up diaper, tossing it into the trash bin with disgust and disbelief. "I must be losing my mind," she whispered, her hands still trembling as she turned on the shower, desperate to wash away the day's strange events. The hot water cascaded over her body, providing some much-needed comfort and clarity amidst the chaos of her thoughts. As she scrubbed away the tension and confusion, she tried to push aside the nagging feeling that the diaper was real. Once she had finished her shower, Lisa wrapped herself in a towel and stepped out of the bathroom, determined to put the bizarre events behind her and get some much-needed rest. With each step, she tried to convince herself that it was all just a figment of her imagination, resulting from an overactive mind and a stressful day at work. She moved to her bedroom, where she retrieved a fresh pair of panties from her dresser drawer, determined to put the day's strange events behind her. Slipping into the comfortable cotton panties, Lisa couldn't shake the memory of the pull-up diaper she had found herself wearing earlier. It was all too surreal, too bizarre to be real. Yet, the soft fabric of the panties against her skin offered some semblance of normalcy, grounding her in the present moment. Oddly, they didn't feel like the pull-up she thought she saw herself wearing. Could it have really been a pull-up diaper? With a sigh, Lisa grabbed a cozy pair of pajamas from her closet, eager to relax and unwind after the tumultuous day she had endured. As she slipped into the soft fabric, she felt a slight sense of relief wash over her, the warmth of the pajamas soothing her frayed nerves. Tired from the day's events, Lisa opted to go to sleep and crawled into bed. She usually would stay up to watch some TV or read a good book, but with the stresses from work, the date she had last night, and the weirdness she experienced today, she figured getting sleep was the better option for tonight. Chapter 3: That was a Weird Dream On Saturday morning, Lisa awoke to the sunlight seeping through the curtains. She groaned softly as she stretched her limbs, feeling the warmth of the morning sun. She enjoyed the blissful ignorance of sleep for a moment, her mind still shielded from the previous day's events. But as she shifted in bed, her thoughts inevitably drifted back to the strange occurrences that had unfolded—a bizarre package, a mysterious bracelet, and the unsettling discovery of the pull-up she was wearing. "Must've been a weird dream," she mumbled to herself, her voice thick with sleep as she attempted to dismiss the surreal memories that lingered in the recesses of her mind. "There's no way any of that was real." Despite her attempts to convince herself of the absurdity of it all, a lingering sense of unease persisted within her consciousness. There was something undeniably tangible about the memories, a lingering presence that refused to be dismissed as mere figments of her imagination. Pushing aside her lingering doubts, Lisa swung her legs over the edge of the bed, preparing to face the day ahead. As she stretched, a sudden, intense pressure in her bladder jolted her from her thoughts, causing her to freeze mid-motion. "Uh-oh," she muttered under her breath, her heart sinking as the urgency of her need to pee washed over her. It was an overwhelming sensation, demanding her immediate attention and threatening to ruin her day before it started. Lisa scrambled out of bed, her movements quick and frantic as she stumbled towards the bathroom. The painful discomfort with each step reminded her of the urgency to relieve herself. As Lisa reached the bathroom door, her sense of urgency intensified, each step feeling heavier as if trudging through mud. The pressure in her bladder seemed to swell with each passing second, a relentless reminder of her body's urgent demand. Finally reaching the bathroom, Lisa's hand trembled as she reached for the doorknob, her heart pounding. With a shaky breath, she pushed the door open and stepped inside, her eyes darting to the familiar sight of the toilet. But before she could register her next move, a sudden wave of warmth flooded her. Panic seized her as she realized what was happening, her hands fumbling with the waistband of her pajama pants in a frantic attempt to undo them. But a strange sensation overcame her before she could even step closer to the toilet. A soft rustling sound filled the air, accompanied by a strange sensation against her skin. Lisa's eyes widened in shock as she looked down, expecting to see her pants darkening with the telltale signs of her accident. But to her bewilderment, her pants remained dry, untouched by the inevitable release of her bladder. Instead, a faint crinkling sound reached her ears, followed by the sensation of something expanding against her skin. With a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, Lisa realized what was happening. Her heart raced as she looked down, her eyes widening in disbelief at the sight before her. A pull-up diaper, once again, was in the place of her panties, soaked with the evidence of her accident. Lisa's breath caught in her throat as she stared at the surreal scene before her, unable to comprehend how such a thing could happen. This still had to be a dream, right? There's no way this would be possible. But it felt real. There she was, seeing herself in the mirror again, in a soaked pull-up diaper for little girls. Looking around, she could tell she was still in her apartment; things weren't different, and then it caught her eye. Her purse was sitting on the beanbag chair in her room, with a small box and a note sticking out. The reality of the situation sank in, and a sense of dread washed over her. This was no dream, no figment of her imagination. It was all too real; Lisa quickly slid back up her pants and ran over to the note to reread it and see if she missed any information. Lisa frantically sifted through the box's contents, her hands trembling with anxiety and disbelief. She felt frustration wash over her. The absence of clues regarding the mysterious bracelet's origin only increased her bewilderment. She scanned the note again, her eyes darting over the hastily scrawled words in search of any hidden meaning or clue that might shed light on her predicament. But the message remained cryptic, offering no further insight into the true nature of the bracelet or its origins. A sense of helplessness washed over Lisa as she realized nothing could explain what was happening. She then attempted to remove the bracelet from her wrist, but her efforts proved futile, the band clinging stubbornly to her skin as if fused in place by some unseen force. Panic surged through her veins as she tugged at the bracelet with increasing desperation, her mind racing with a million unanswered questions. Suddenly, her phone started to ring, breaking her thoughts and frustration at the bracelet. She fumbled for her phone, her heart pounding with fear and apprehension. The caller ID revealed Sarah's name. With a shaky breath, she answered the call, her voice a little cracked from her worries and just recently waking up. "Hello?" she ventured tentatively, followed by her clearing her throat as she realized how raspy she first sounded. "Hey, Lisa, are you okay?" Sarah's voice sounded concerned, her words tinged with worry as she sensed the tension in Lisa's voice. Lisa hesitated momentarily, grappling with the overwhelming urge to confide in Sarah, to unburden herself of the weight of her newfound reality. But the fear of sounding insane, of being dismissed as delusional, held her back. "I... I'm fine," she replied hesitantly, her words tinged with uncertainty as she struggled to mask the turmoil within her. "Just... woke up a minute ago. What's up?" "I just wanted to check in on you," she said softly, her words laced with sincerity. "You seemed a little off yesterday, and I wanted to ensure everything's okay. Maybe meet up for coffee and talk about Thursday night?" "Oh, that's right! I didn't get to tell you yet, did I?" she replied, her voice becoming energized with the distraction and the prospect of sharing the spicy details of her date on Thursday. "That sounds great," Lisa said, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips despite the lingering unease gnawing at her. "Coffee sounds like just what I need right now." Sarah's relieved sigh was audible through the phone. "I'm glad to hear that. How about we meet up at Brew Haven around noon? That should give us plenty of time to catch up." "Sounds perfect," Lisa replied, her voice steadier now as she focused on the prospect of spending time with her friend. "I'll see you there." Lisa's mind raced with a million conflicting thoughts and emotions as they confirmed the details. On one hand, she was grateful for the distraction and the chance to talk with Sarah about her recent date. But on the other hand, she couldn't imagine having another accident while hanging out with her friend. Chapter 4: New Panties Please As Lisa stood in the bathroom stall, her mind reeling from the surreal experience, she couldn't shake the feeling that something extraordinary was happening. The evidence was right in front of her—the pull-up diaper now snugly wrapped around her hips, soaked with her latest accident. With trembling hands, Lisa reached down to touch the smooth fabric of the pull-up, her fingers tracing the contours of the unfamiliar material. It was a surreal sensation, the reality of the situation sinking in with each passing moment. "I... I can't believe this is happening," she murmured to herself, her voice barely above a whisper as she struggled to face the bizarre turn of events. "This... this can't be real." But as she looked down at the pull-up, its soft padding offering a strange comfort in her confusion, Lisa knew she could no longer deny the truth. Something extraordinary was at play. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Lisa forced herself to focus on the task at hand. She couldn't afford to dwell on the surreal nature of her situation, not when there were other people waiting outside for the stall. Gathering her courage, Lisa quickly checked her pants for any signs of the pull-up underneath. To her relief, there was no telltale bulge or outline that would give away her secret. It was as if the pull-up had seamlessly blended into her clothing, leaving no trace of its presence. With a silent prayer of gratitude, Lisa straightened her posture and composed herself before finally flushing the toilet to avoid suspicion and unlocking the stall door. Stepping out into the bathroom, she offered a quick apology to the other ladies waiting outside, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment at her earlier rudeness. "Sorry about that," she muttered, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment as she met their gaze with a sheepish smile. "I didn't mean to cut in front of you like that." The other women offered polite nods in response, their expressions a mixture of annoyance and understanding. "No worries, honey," one of them said, her tone gentle and reassuring. "We've all been there before." With a sense of relief, Lisa hurriedly washed her hands, eager to put some distance between herself and the awkward encounter. As she exited the bathroom, Lisa's mind raced with questions, her thoughts consumed by the inexplicable magic that seemed to be at play. How was it possible that her panties had transformed into a pull-up, seemingly of their own accord? And what did it mean for her future if such bizarre occurrences continued to unfold? As she walked, Lisa couldn't shake the uncomfortable sensation of the wet pull-up against her skin, a constant reminder of her life's surreal turn. Feeling increasingly frustrated and disgusted by the situation, Lisa couldn't help but resent the childish garment clinging to her hips. It was a humiliating symbol of the inexplicable magic that seemed to have taken hold of her life. With a deepening scowl, Lisa finally reached her desk and sank into her chair, the wet pull-up squelching beneath her with an unpleasant squish. Grimacing, she shifted uncomfortably, trying in vain to find a position that would alleviate the discomfort. But as she fidgeted in her seat, her mind raced with a single thought: she needed to figure out what was causing these bizarre occurrences. With its cryptic note and mysterious powers, the bracelet seemed to be the only explanation. With trembling hands, Lisa reached down to her wrist, fingers fumbling over the smooth surface of the bracelet. She tried to slide it off, but it refused to budge as if fused to her skin. Panic rising within her, she attempted to cut it off with scissors from her desk drawer, but the metal remained unscathed as if mocking her futile efforts. Frustration boiled within her, mingling with a sense of helplessness. She was trapped, bound to this cursed bracelet with no means of escape. Each wish only seemed to entangle her further in its magic web, leaving her more powerless than ever. Desperate for answers, Lisa began to make wish after wish, each more fervent than the last. She wished for the bracelet to be removed, for knowledge about its origins, for it to disappear entirely, for it to stop meddling with her life. But with each wish, nothing changed. The bracelet remained firmly in place, keeping her captive until satisfied. Defeated, Lisa slumped back in her chair, tears of frustration pricking at the corners of her eyes, threatening to overwhelm her with the magnitude of the situation she found herself in. How had a simple bracelet turned her life upside down in such a short amount of time? As she leaned back, on the edge of tears, "I wish I at least had a new pair of panties," she muttered under her breath, more as a desperate plea than a genuine belief in its fulfillment. With tears threatening to spill from her eyes, Lisa's whispered wish hung heavy in the air, a stark reminder of her desperation for a reprieve from the chaos. As Lisa attempted to gather her composure and focus on her work, she reached into her purse for her earbuds, hoping that immersing herself in music would offer a temporary escape from the chaos swirling around her. With trembling fingers, she fumbled through her bag until her fingertips brushed against something unexpected. Pulling out her hand, Lisa's eyes widened in surprise as she stared at the object now nestled in her palm—a pristine pair of panties, neatly folded and seemingly untouched by the events of the day. She blinked in disbelief, unable to comprehend how they had appeared in her purse as if materializing out of thin air. For a moment, Lisa questioned her sanity, her mind reeling from the inexplicable sight before her. But as she reached out to touch the fabric, her fingers tracing the delicate lace trim, she couldn't deny the reality of the situation. Somehow, her wish had been granted again, this time in a manner that defied all logic and reason. As Lisa looked around the bustling office, her heart pounding with apprehension, she couldn't shake the nagging suspicion that someone must have seen her moment of desperation, running to the bathroom. Thinking she might have leaked and needed a new pair. But as she scanned the room, her gaze darting from one face to another, she found no trace of recognition or curiosity in the eyes of her coworkers; hell, no one was even glancing her way. Breathing a sigh of relief, Lisa focused on getting changed and cleaned up. Grabbing her purse, she stood up and headed towards the bathroom, knowing she needed a way to conceal the pull-up for safe disposal. She is glad to at least have a change of underwear, her mind racing with a million questions and fears. What if they think she can't control her bladder? What if she couldn't? The thought made her skin crawl with unease, a cold shiver running down her spine as she pushed open the door to the restroom. Inside, the familiar hum of running water and whispered conversations greeted her, a comforting backdrop to the chaos swirling within her mind. With practiced ease, Lisa made her way to the nearest stall; thankfully, the line had subsided, her movements brisk and efficient as she locked the door behind her and quickly shed her soiled garment. A sense of relief washed over her as she peeled off the wet pull-up. A chill ran up her body as the cool air of the restroom offered a welcome reprieve from the suffocating discomfort of the past hour. With trembling hands, Lisa hastily donned the fresh pair of panties, her fingers fumbling with the delicate lace trim as she struggled to compose herself. But as she finished dressing and prepared to leave the stall, a sudden wave of panic washed over her, the fear of discovery gripping her heart with icy fingers. What if someone saw her leaving the stall with the pull-up in her purse? The thought made her stomach churn with dread, her mind racing with a million worst-case scenarios. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Lisa closed her purse after burying the pull-up as far down as she could. With a determined stride, she unlocked the stall door and stepped out into the restroom, her gaze sweeping the room for any sign of prying eyes. To her relief, the restroom was empty, the only sound the distant chatter from the hallway outside. With a sigh of relief, Lisa made her way to the nearest trash bin, her movements quick as she dug out the pull-up and disposed of it. But as she left the restroom, her heart skipped a beat as she collided with a familiar figure standing right outside, her eyes widening in surprise as she found herself face to face with Sarah. "Hey, Lisa!" Sarah exclaimed, her tone bright and cheerful as she offered her friend a warm smile. "Fancy running into you here. Everything okay?" For a moment, Lisa felt a surge of panic coursing through her veins, the fear of discovery threatening to overwhelm her. But with a forced smile and a casual shrug, she brushed off Sarah's concern with practiced ease, her voice steady despite the turmoil within her. "Yeah, everything's fine," Lisa replied, her tone light and nonchalant as she sidestepped Sarah's probing gaze. "Just needed a quick break, you know how it is." Sarah nodded understandingly, her expression sympathetic as she reached out to squeeze Lisa's shoulder in a gesture of support. "Of course, I get it," she said, her tone gentle and reassuring. "Well, if you ever need to talk, you know where to find me. I'm always here for you." "Thanks," Lisa said, her voice tinged with warmth as she met her friend's gaze. "I really appreciate it. There's been a lot going on lately that I'm honestly still working through. I could use a coffee date if you're up for it tomorrow?" "Absolutely! Text me over the details later; I'm open all day." With a final nod of gratitude, Lisa turned and headed back to her desk, her mind still reeling from the whirlwind of emotions and revelations that had unfolded throughout the day. As she settled into her chair, she couldn't shake the lingering sense of impossibility. Glancing at the clock, Lisa realized she still had a few hours left in the workday. With a determined sigh, she forced herself to focus on the task at hand, pushing aside her worries and distractions as she delved into her work with renewed determination. As the hours ticked by and the end of the workday drew near, Lisa's curiosity got the better of her. With a hesitant glance around the office to ensure no one was watching, she reached down to her wrist and touched the smooth surface of the bracelet, her fingers tracing its intricate patterns with a sense of trepidation. Summoning her courage, Lisa closed her eyes and made a wish, her voice barely above a whisper as she spoke the words that would set the wheels of fate in motion. "I wish I didn't have to ride the bus," she murmured, her heart pounding as she awaited the inevitable response. To her surprise, the answer came swiftly and unexpectedly as a ringing phone. Startled, Lisa reached for her cell phone, her pulse quickening with anticipation as she answered the call. "Hello?" she said, her voice tinged with uncertainty as she held the phone to her ear. "Hey, sweetie, it's Mom," came the familiar voice on the other end of the line, warm and reassuring. "I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing." Disappointment flooded through Lisa at the sound of her mother's voice. It was great to hear from her, but she was hoping for a call about winning a car or something. Either way, her mom's call was a comforting reminder of the love and support that surrounded her. With a grateful smile, she leaned back in her chair, feeling a weight lift from her shoulders as she settled into the conversation with her mom. As they spoke, Lisa's mother mentioned that she was in the area and offered to give Lisa a ride home from work, sparing her the usual ordeal of navigating the crowded bus and rush-hour traffic. Grateful for the unexpected gesture, Lisa readily accepted, her heart swelling with gratitude for her mother's kindness. As she hung up the phone, she couldn't help but wonder, did her wish come true? At least she didn't have to ride the bus today, but was it just a coincidence? Meeting her mom in the office lobby, Lisa couldn't help but notice the weary lines that creased her mother's face, the sadness that lingered in her eyes. Sensing that something was amiss, Lisa hesitated momentarily before approaching the subject with her mother, her voice hesitant as she spoke. "Mom, is everything okay?" she asked, her tone filled with concern as she searched her mother's face for any sign of distress. Her mother hesitated momentarily, her gaze drifting away as if lost in thought. But then, with a heavy sigh, she finally spoke, her voice tinged with sadness and resignation, as her eyes began to tear up. "No, sweetheart, everything's not okay," she admitted, her words weighted with emotion. "Your father and I... we're having some problems. I... I left him this morning. Nothing's final, but I'm frustrated." Lisa's heart sank at her mother's words, a wave of sadness washing over her as she realized the depth of her parents' troubles. She reached out to her mother, offering a comforting hug as tears welled up in her own eyes. "I'm so sorry, Mom," Lisa whispered, her voice choked with emotion. "I had no idea things had gotten this bad. You don't have to talk about it now if you don't want to, but know that I'm here for you, no matter what." Her mother returned the embrace, holding onto Lisa seeking solace in her daughter's arms. "Thank you, sweetheart," she murmured, her voice muffled against Lisa's shoulder. "I just need some time to figure things out. But it means the world to me to know that you're here for me." As Lisa and her mom walked out of the office building towards her mom's car, Lisa couldn't help but notice the trunk of her car was packed full of her belongings. Concern etched lines on Lisa's forehead as she glanced at her mom. "Mom, where are you staying?" Lisa asked gently, her voice filled with worry. Her mother sighed, a mixture of exhaustion and uncertainty clouding her expression. "I... I don't know yet," she admitted, her voice tinged with sadness. "I just needed to get away for a while, figure things out." Lisa's heart ached for her mother, the weight of their shared troubles pressing down on her shoulders. Without hesitation, she squeezed her mom's hand, offering a silent gesture of support. "You can stay with me," Lisa blurted out before she could second-guess herself. "I mean, if you want to. My apartment isn't big, but we'll make it work." Tears welled up in her mother's eyes, gratitude shining bright amidst the uncertainty. "Oh, sweetheart, thank you," she whispered, her voice thick with emotion. "I don't know what I would do without you." As they reached Lisa's car, her mother hesitated before turning to her with a hopeful smile. "And if you ever need a ride somewhere, just let me know. I'll be there for you." As Lisa's mom's words hung in the air, Lisa felt her heart skip a beat, her mind racing with a sudden, chilling realization. Could it be possible that her wish had inadvertently affected her mother's behavior? The thought sent a shiver down her spine, the weight of guilt settling heavily upon her shoulders. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Lisa replayed the events of the last two days in her mind, searching for any connection between her wishes and the events that had unfolded. It was too much of a coincidence to ignore—the timing, the circumstances, everything seemed to point to her. As her mother climbed into the driver's seat and started the car, Lisa's thoughts whirled with uncertainty and fear. What had she done? What if her wishes continued to impact the lives of those around her, causing unintended consequences and chaos? Chapter 5: Motherly Advice As Lisa and her mom drove back to Lisa's apartment, the silence between them was intense, the air thick to the point where you could cut it with a butter knife if you wanted to. Unspoken words and unresolved emotions lingering in the air. Lisa stared out the window, lost in thought, her mind still reeling from the realization that her wishes might be affecting those around her. Her mom glanced over at Lisa, concern etched on her face. "You've been quiet, sweetheart. Is everything okay?" she asked, her voice gentle. Lisa blinked, gazing away at the passing scenery to meet her mother's worried eyes. "Yeah, Mom, everything's fine," she replied, forcing a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. Her mother studied her for a moment as if trying to decipher the truth hidden behind Lisa's facade, but ultimately, she sighed and returned her attention to the road. "Alright, sweetheart, if you say so," she said, her tone tinged with disappointment. Lisa's heart twisted with guilt at the hurt evident in her mother's voice, but she couldn't bring herself to confide in her just yet. Not when she didn't fully understand the extent of the situation herself. As they pulled into the parking lot of Lisa's apartment building, Lisa felt a knot tighten in her stomach. She glanced over at her mother, her heart heavy with the burden of her secret. How could she explain what was happening without sounding crazy? "Thanks for the ride, Mom," Lisa said softly as they stepped out of the car, her eyes avoiding her mother's concerned gaze. Her mother frowned, sensing Lisa's unease. "Are you sure everything's alright, Lisa?" she asked, reaching for her daughter's hand. Lisa forced a reassuring smile, the weight of her guilt threatening to crush her. "Yeah, everything's fine. Just a lot on my mind lately, you know?" she replied, her voice tight with emotion. Her mother's expression softened with understanding, but Lisa could see the worry lingering in her eyes. "Well, if you ever need to talk about anything, you know I'm here for you, right?" her mother said, her voice filled with love and concern. Lisa nodded, her throat tight with unshed tears. "Thanks. I appreciate it," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. As they made their way to Lisa's apartment, her mind raced with a whirlwind of emotions. How could she fix the situation with her parents? Would a wish fix it? The thought of her mother being affected by her wishes filled Lisa with a sickening dread. Once inside her apartment, Lisa helped her mother carry in a few bags of clothes, among other things, her movements distracted as she tried to push aside her mounting anxiety. But as they set the bags down in the living room, a sudden urge gripped Lisa "Shit..." she cursed under her breath as she stumbled backward, nearly dropping the bags she was holding. Her mother's eyes widened in alarm, concern etched on her face. "Lisa, what happened? Are you okay?" she asked, rushing to her daughter's side, concern etched on her face, Lisa forced a tight-lipped smile, her mind racing with panic. "I-I'm fine, just need to use the bathroom," she stammered, her voice strained with the effort of holding back her urgency. Without waiting for a response, Lisa hastily set down the bags and bolted towards the bathroom, her hand pressed tightly between her legs as she fought to maintain control. Her mother's worried gaze followed her daughter's frantic movements, her heart twisting with concern at the sight of Lisa's obvious distress. As Lisa reached the bathroom door, her bladder screamed for release, a hot wave of pressure coursing through her body. With a shaky exhale of relief, Lisa pushed open the door and stumbled into the bathroom, her legs shaking with the effort of holding back her impending accident. Her mother hovered anxiously in the hallway, her eyes wide with concern as she watched her daughter's desperate dash to the toilet. With a frantic whimper, Lisa reached the toilet just in time, her body trembling with the effort of holding back her desperate need to pee. With a shuddering sigh of relief, she collapsed onto the seat, her bladder releasing a torrent of pent-up pressure. Hisssssss..... Outside the bathroom, Lisa's mother stood frozen in place, her heart heavy with worry as she listened to the sound of her daughter's desperate relief. There were no signs she had to pee that bad. Did she even know she had to go that bad? Her mom thought, worried about the health and well-being of her daughter. As Lisa sat on the toilet, her mind raced with a whirlwind of confusion and fear. What was happening to her? Why did she keep experiencing these sudden urges to pee? It felt like her body was betraying her at the worst possible time, given the weird magic with the pull-ups appearing when she pees herself. After a few moments, Lisa managed to compose herself enough to stand up and flush the toilet. She washed her hands, her mind still reeling from the recent events. When she opened the bathroom door, her mother was waiting outside, her expression a mix of concern and confusion. "Are you... okay? That was quite a close call," her mother said, her voice gentle yet probing. Lisa tried to brush off her mother's concern, a faint blush tinting her cheeks with embarrassment. "Yeah, sorry about that. I guess I just got caught up in bringing the stuff in and didn't realize how bad I needed to go," she mumbled, her voice barely above a whisper. Her mother, however, wasn't buying it. "Honey, that was more than just getting distracted. Are you sure everything is okay?" she asked, her tone gentle but firm. Lisa shifted uncomfortably, her mind racing for a plausible explanation. "It's nothing, Mom, really. Just a one-off thing," she insisted, avoiding her mother's probing gaze. Her mother sighed, placing a comforting hand on Lisa's shoulder. "Sweetheart, this isn't the first time something like this has happened, is it?" she asked, her voice filled with concern. Lisa's cheeks burned with shame as she shook her head, unable to meet her mother's gaze. "No, it's not," she admitted, her voice barely above a whisper. Lisa's mother's brow furrowed with worry. "That isn't normal, honey. How long has this been happening?" she asked, her voice tinged with concern. Lisa hesitated, her heart pounding in her chest. "It's been... a couple of days," she admitted, her voice barely audible. Her mother's eyes widened in alarm. "A couple of days!? We need to get you to a doctor," she exclaimed, her voice filled with urgency. Lisa's heart sank at the thought of having to explain everything to a doctor. "I-I don't think it's necessary, Mom. It's probably just stress or something," she stammered, her voice tinged with desperation; how could she possibly admit to having a toddler's bladder issue as an adult to another person? Her mother shook her head, her expression firm. "No, Lisa, this could be something serious. We need to get you checked out," she insisted, her tone leaving no room for argument. With a heavy sigh, she nodded, her eyes brimming with unshed tears. "Okay, Mom. I'll go to the walk-in later," she promised, her voice barely above a whisper. Her mother's expression softened, her worry evident in her eyes. "Okay, just promise me you'll take care of yourself, alright?" she said, reassuringly squeezing Lisa's shoulder. Lisa forced a smile, grateful for her mother's understanding. "I will, I promise," she said, her voice steadier now. With a nod, her mother released Lisa's shoulder and turned towards the door. "Alright, well, let's get the rest of these bags in, shall we?" she said, her tone lightening as she tried to change the subject. Lisa nodded, relieved by the change in topic. "Yeah, sounds good. And hey, how about we order takeout for dinner tonight? My treat," she suggested, hoping to distract her mother from pressing the issue further. Her mother smiled, her eyes crinkling at the corners. "That sounds wonderful, sweetheart. I could go for some Chinese food. What do you think?" she asked, her enthusiasm contagious. Lisa grinned, grateful for her mother's easy acceptance. "Chinese it is, then. I'll go grab the menus, and we can decide what to get," she said, heading towards the kitchen. As they settled on their dinner choices, the tension that had filled the apartment dissipated, replaced by a sense of normalcy that was comforting to both. They spent the evening enjoying their meal and catching up on each other's lives, the earlier events pushed to the back of their minds, at least for the time being. As the night wore on, Lisa and her mother finished their dinner and settled into a comfortable routine to end the night. They chatted about mundane things, and eventually, it was time for bed. "Goodnight, Mom," Lisa said, warmly hugging her mother. "Thanks for the ride today." "Goodnight, sweetheart," her mother replied, returning the hug. "Any time, honey, consider me your personal driver for now. haha!" Her mother laughed jokingly. With a concerned smirk, Lisa watched as her mother went to the couch, where she would sleep for the night. Once her mother was settled, Lisa headed to her own bedroom, feeling mixed emotions. Was my wish the cause of my mom's separation? On her way to her bedroom, Lisa passed by the bathroom and decided she should head there first, hoping to relieve herself before bed, even though she didn't feel the need to go. Luckily, to her surprise, she ended up peeing a ton from all of the fluids she had since having dinner. "Thank GOD! I better not need to pee so badly in the morning." Relieved, Lisa got up and headed to bed, the day's events weighing heavily on her. She lay awake for hours, her thoughts racing as she tried to make sense of everything that had happened. Eventually, exhaustion overtook her, and she drifted to sleep. Chapter 6: Nosy Mother With a groan, Lisa slowly blinked her eyes open, feeling surprisingly refreshed despite her troubled dreams. She stretched languidly, relishing the warmth of her bed for a few moments before reality came crashing back. As she swung her legs over the side of the bed, preparing to start her day, a sudden, urgent pressure gripped her bladder, causing her to freeze mid-stretch. Frustration and confusion warred within her as she realized she had just gone to the bathroom before bed and shouldn't be feeling such a strong urge to pee so soon. "Damnit," She cursed under her breath; she quickly scrambled to her feet, her muscles protesting the abrupt movement. She hurried out of her bedroom, intent on reaching the bathroom before it was too late. As she rushed down the hallway, the noise of her footsteps echoing in the early morning silence, she inadvertently woke her mother, who had been sleeping on the couch. Her mother stirred, rubbing her eyes sleepily as she sat up, concern etching lines of worry on her face. She watched Lisa disappear into the bathroom, her heart heavy with unspoken questions. She knew something was wrong, but she also knew that Lisa wasn't ready to talk about it yet. As Lisa closed the bathroom door behind her, she let out a frustrated sigh, her mind racing with confusion and fear. What was happening to her? Why did she keep experiencing these sudden, uncontrollable urges to pee? Lisa's heart pounded in her chest as she ran towards the toilet, her hand shaky for her worry of wetting herself again. With a desperate attempt, she grabbed the toilet seat to lift its lid, only for her worst fears to be realized. Hiissssss The pressure in her bladder had reached its breaking point, and before she could even get the seat up, she felt her body betray her, releasing a torrent of urine. Shame washed over her as she stood there, helplessly wetting herself, a pull-up miraculously appearing, absorbing the mess, leaving her pajama pants dry. With a defeated gasp, Lisa collapsed onto the tiled bathroom floor, feeling the soaked pull-up under her butt, bulky from absorbing all of her pee. There she sat next to the toilet, tears welling up in her eyes as frustration and embarrassment overwhelmed her. She hugged her knees to her chest, feeling utterly defeated by her body's betrayal yet again. The cool tiles starkly contrasted the warmth and wetness between her legs. Tears running down her cheeks as she realized the extent of her predicament. She was a grown woman, yet here she was, wearing a wet pull-up like a toddler. "Why does this keep happening to me?" she cried, her voice trembling. "It's not fair!" The sound of her voice echoed in the small bathroom, mixing with the soft hum of the ventilation fan overhead. When Lisa's mom heard her daughter cry out from the bathroom, she got up to check on her. "I'm too old for this," Lisa muttered bitterly, her hands balling into fists at her sides. "I shouldn't have to wear these stupid pull-ups like a child." Her mother knocked softly on the door, concern evident in her voice. "Lisa, dear, are you okay? Can I come in?" Lisa wiped her tears and took a deep breath, trying to compose herself. "I'm fine, Mom. Just... just give me a minute, okay?" She heard her mother's footsteps recede down the hallway, leaving her alone with her thoughts. She knew she couldn't keep hiding this from her mother, but she also didn't know how to explain what was happening to her. Lisa pushed herself up from the floor, her legs feeling weak and unsteady. She stumbled slightly, caught off guard by the weight of the sodden pull-up between her legs. With a shaky breath, she reached down and removed her pajama pants, revealing the bulky garment. Tears continued to flow from her eyes as she stripped off the pull-up, the cold air of the bathroom meeting her damp skin. She balled it up, a sense of shame washing over her as she tossed it into the trash can with a soft thud echoing in the small bathroom. Lisa quickly pulled her pajama pants back on, the fabric feeling soft and clingy against her skin. She hurried back to her room, her mind racing about how to handle the situation. She searched her dresser for a clean change of clothes and realized she needed to get laundry done; she only had two pairs of clean underwear left. Grabbing one of them, she rushed back out of her room towards the bathroom to shower and remove the smell of pee before speaking with her mom next. However, she was too late; as she approached the bathroom door, she was stunned to see it was already closed and locked from her mother going in there while she grabbed her clothes. *** Lisa's mom, Carol, stood outside the closed bathroom door. Concern for her daughter mingled with a growing sense of unease as she tried to make sense of the situation. She had heard Lisa's cries, and her instinct as a mother told her that something was seriously wrong. "I'm too old for this," she heard Lisa mutter. "I shouldn't have to wear these stupid pull-ups like a child." Carol hesitated, her hand hovering over the doorknob as she tried to process Lisa's words. Pull-ups? Why would Lisa be talking about wearing pull-ups? The confusion only added to Carol's growing concern, as she gently knocked on the door. "Lisa, dear, are you okay? Can I come in?" Carol called through the door, her voice laced with worry. There was a moment of silence before Lisa responded, her voice strained. "I'm fine, Mom, Just... just give me a minute, okay?" Carol hesitated, torn between respecting her daughter's privacy and wanting to comfort her. Ultimately, she decided to give Lisa the space she needed and stepped back from the door. As she waited outside the bathroom, Carol's mind raced with questions. What does she mean she is too old for this? Too old for what? Was she really wearing a pull-up? Before Carol could dwell on these thoughts any longer, she heard the sound of the bathroom door unlocking, followed by the soft click of its opening. Lisa stood in the doorway, her eyes red-rimmed and puffy from crying. Carol's heart broke at the sight of her daughter's anguish, and she longed to wrap her in a comforting embrace. But before Carol could say anything, Lisa rushed off to her room. Carol watched her daughter retreat down the hallway, a sense of helplessness washing over her. She knew she couldn't force Lisa to talk if she wasn't ready, but that didn't make it any easier to stand idly by while her daughter suffered. With a heavy sigh, Carol stepped into the bathroom, locking it behind her. Her eyes scanned the room for any sign of what had caused Lisa's distress. The air was thick with the scent of urine, and Carol wrinkled her nose in distaste as she made her way further into the room. Her gaze landed on the trash can near the sink, and her heart skipped a beat as she noticed the crumpled pull-up lying discarded inside. Carol's breath caught in her throat as she reached for the pull-up, her fingers trembling with disbelief. She lifted the pull-up from the trash can, her eyes widening in shock as she took in its sodden state. Clearly, this wasn't just a one-time accident; there were already two in the can. Lisa must have been wearing pull-ups for some time now. Why didn't she tell her mother? Have they grown more distant than she thought? Carol searched the bathroom, her heart pounding in her chest, her mind reeling with questions. She opened cabinets and drawers, looking for any sign of the package of pull-ups Lisa was using. But to her confusion, she found nothing. As Carol stood in the bathroom, her mind reeling with unanswered questions, she couldn't shake the feeling of unease settling in her stomach. She glanced around the room, her eyes scanning every corner in search of some clue that might shed light on the situation. But the bathroom offered no answers, only the lingering scent of urine. Her heart heavy with concern, Carol carefully placed the pull-up back into the trash can, her thoughts consumed by worry for her daughter. Lisa had always been independent and resilient, but seeing her distressed was tearing at Carol's maternal instincts. With a heavy sigh, Carol turned to leave the bathroom, her mind still racing about how to approach Lisa about what she had discovered. But before she could take a step, a sudden knock at the door startled her, causing her to jump in surprise. "Mom, are you almost done in there?" Lisa's voice came from the other side of the door, tinged with impatience. "I really need to take a shower." Carol's heart sank at the sound of Lisa's voice, the defeated tone in her voice only added to Carol's growing sense of worry. She had been so preoccupied with her thoughts that she hadn't even considered how her actions might affect Lisa. Now, feeling guilty for being the cause of slowing down Lisa's efforts to clean herself up from her accident this morning. "Sorry, sweetie, I'll be out in just a minute," Carol replied, her voice strained with emotion. She quickly moved to the toilet, her need to pee still present. As Carol relieved herself, her mind raced with thoughts of how to handle the situation with Lisa. She knew she needed to talk to her daughter about what she had discovered, but she also didn't want to invade Lisa's privacy or make her feel ashamed. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Carol finished her business and flushed the toilet, her thoughts still in turmoil as she washed her hands. She took a deep breath, trying to steel herself for the difficult conversation ahead, before finally opening the door and stepping out into the hallway. Lisa was waiting just outside the bathroom, her expression a mix of frustration and embarrassment as she watched her mother emerge. Carol's heart ached at seeing her daughter's troubled face, and she longed to wrap her in a comforting embrace. "I'm sorry for taking so long, sweetie," Carol said softly, gently touching Lisa's arm. "I didn't mean to keep you waiting." Lisa forced a small smile, though it didn't quite reach her eyes. "It's okay, Mom. I just really need to take a shower." Carol nodded understandingly, stepping aside to let Lisa pass. As her daughter disappeared into the bathroom, Carol couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt gnawing at her conscience. She knew she couldn't avoid the conversation they needed to have, but she also didn't want to make things any harder for Lisa than they already were. Unsatisfied with the answers she had found so far, Carol turned to Lisa's room. As Carol entered Lisa's room, she couldn't shake the feeling of unease that had settled in her stomach. She felt conflicted; she didn't want to invade her daughter's privacy, but she knew she needed to find some answers. With a heavy heart, she began to search the room, careful not to disturb anything from where it was. Her eyes scanned every corner in search of some clue that might shed light on the situation. As she opened drawers and checked closets, Carol's heart sank further. There was no sign of the package of pull-ups Lisa had been using, and only one pair of clean underwear was left in her daughter's drawer. Carol felt a wave of sadness wash over her as she concluded that Lisa must have been struggling with her bladder for a while now. With a sigh, Carol closed the drawer and turned to leave the room, her mind still racing with unanswered questions. She knew she needed to talk to Lisa about what was happening, but she also didn't want to make things any harder for her daughter than they already were. She just wanted to reassure her that it was alright and that she would be there for her. *** As Lisa stepped into the bathroom, a knot of anxiety twisted in her stomach. She couldn't shake the worry that her mother had seen the pull-ups in the trash. The thought made her heart race with panic, but she quickly pushed it aside, telling herself she was overthinking things. With trembling hands, Lisa quickly stripped off her pajamas and stepped into the warm embrace of the shower. The hot water cascaded over her body, washing away the physical evidence of her embarrassment. As she stood under the spray, lost in her thoughts, Lisa's phone buzzed on the bathroom counter, startling her out of her thoughts. Confused, she reached for it, her fingers struggling to unlock the screen from the shower's steam. A text from Craig flashed across the display, and Lisa's heart skipped a beat at the sight of his name. Despite everything that had happened, his message brought a small glimmer of comfort to her troubled mind. "Hey, babe. Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. I know work has been crazy lately, but I'm here for you, okay? Let me know if you need anything. Love you ❤️" Tears pricked at the corners of Lisa's eyes as she read Craig's words. Despite the chaos around her, his unwavering support was a beacon of hope in the darkness. With a watery smile, Lisa quickly typed a reply, her thumbs flying across the screen. "Thanks, Craig. I really appreciate it. I've just been really busy lately and barely hit my deadline on Friday. But knowing you're there for me means the world. Love you too ❤️" As she hit send, a sense of relief washed over her. No matter the challenges, she knew she had people around her who cared about her. Craig, Sarah, and Mom would all be there for her. Even with that reassurance, Lisa felt a small pit in her stomach as she thought about what had happened with her mom and dad. Even if they are there for her now, what happens if she makes a foolish wish that ruins their life? Could she live with herself if that were to happen? Lisa pushed off her worries for now. She finished drying off, getting dressed in a checkered black and white skirt, a pair of nylons, and a white blouse with a jacket over the top. As she dressed, she couldn't help but feel a pang of anxiety about meeting Sarah and revealing the truth about the magic bracelet. But she knew she needed to confide in her friend; she couldn't keep this secret to herself. Sarah was the perfect person to confide in. Sarah had always been a good listener and had a knack for offering practical advice. With a deep breath, Lisa grabbed her phone and sent Sarah a text message asking her to meet at a local coffee shop. She hoped that Sarah would be able to help her navigate the chaos that had become her life ever since she had received the bracelet. As Lisa exited the bathroom, her heart raced with the fear of encountering her mother, her mind still reeling from the morning's events. She clutched the trash can tightly, determined to dispose of the evidence of her accidents before her mom could find them. She didn't want anything else to complicate her already chaotic situation. However, as she made her way down the hallway, trying to keep her footsteps as quiet as possible, Lisa froze in her tracks as she heard her mother's voice from the living room. "Lisa, honey, wait." Carol's gentle tone sent a shiver down Lisa's spine, and she felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. She couldn't face her mother right now, not with the shame of her secret weighing heavily in her hand in the trash can. But before Lisa could retreat outside to dispose of the evidence, Carol appeared in the hallway, her expression a mix of concern and confusion as she approached her daughter. "Sweetie, are you okay?" Carol asked, her voice soft and gentle. "I saw you rush into the bathroom earlier in a hurry, and... well, I just want to make sure you're alright?" Lisa's heart clenched at the worry in her mother's eyes, and she swallowed hard, trying to find the right words to say. She couldn't bear to lie to her mother, not when she had always been there for her, but she also couldn't bring herself to admit the truth about the magic bracelet. "I'm fine, Mom," Lisa replied, forcing a smile despite the turmoil inside her. "Just... you know, when you gotta go, you gotta go." Carol studied her daughter's face for a moment, her brow furrowed with concern, before nodding slowly. "Alright, if you say so, sweetie," she said, though her voice was tinged with uncertainty. "Maybe try going before going to bed next time. haha," She laughed, trying to joke and lighten the mood. Lisa's face blushed a slightly brighter red. "Yeah, I tried that last night, but it didn't work as well as I hoped. Honestly, I wish I didn't have to pee so bad when I woke up. haha," Lisa tried joking back in hopes of keeping her mom off the trail of what was really going on. As if this was a totally normal thing for her to deal with. "Right?! I guess I can relate to that." Carol replied, trying to ease up the embarrassment she saw she was indirectly causing. "Are you taking out the trash?" she asked, her curiosity piqued, trying to change the subject. Lisa's cheeks now burned with embarrassment as she realized she had been caught in the act. "Uh, yeah," she stammered, her mind racing for an excuse. "I... I just noticed it was getting full, so I thought I'd take care of it." "Do you mind taking out this bag with you? I would have done it sooner, but I didn't know where the bins are here," she said, pointing to the bag she had from the day before, leaning up against the door. "Sure, I can do that," Lisa replied, quickly grabbing the bag and trying to run out the door before her mom could see what was in the trash bin in her hand. "Is there anything you need, sweetie? I was about to head out to the store, so if you need anything, just let me know." Carol asked her daughter, curious if she would admit to needing more pull-ups. Lisa's heart skipped a beat, worried her mom might have seen the pull-ups and assumed she needed more. "Uh, no, Mom, I'm good," she replied quickly, her mind racing for an excuse. "But... um, actually, I was planning to meet Sarah for coffee later. Do you think you could give me a ride?" Carol's expression was soft, nodding with a smile. "Of course, sweetie," she said. "I'd be happy to give you a ride. Just let me know when you're ready to go, okay?" Lisa's heart swelled with gratitude for her mother's support. "Thanks, Mom," she said, her voice lighter than before, as she felt a weight removed, hoping things were more normal. "You're the best." With a final smile, Carol turned and headed back to the living room, leaving Lisa alone in the hallway with a sense of relief washing over her. She knew she couldn't keep hiding the truth from her mother forever, but for now, she was grateful for the chance to spend time with her friend and get the trash out before her mom could try to confront her about the pull-ups. Chapter 7: Coffee Date The coffee shop came into view as Carol's car pulled up to the curb. People were bustling in and out of the coffee shop, seemingly in a hurry to get wherever they were going. Lisa's stomach fluttered with nervous anticipation as she glanced out the window. She took a deep breath, preparing herself for the conversation she knew she was about to have. As the car came to a stop, Lisa started to exit the car; Carol's gentle voice interrupted her, concern etched in every line of her face. "Are you sure you don't need anything from the store? I can pick up anything you might need?" Carol's offer carried a note of worry, her hope that her daughter would open up about her needs. Lisa forced a smile, trying to reassure her mother. "No, Mom, I'm good, really. I have everything I need." But before she can fully step out, Carol's concern spills over into another question, one Lisa had hoped to avoid. "When are you planning on seeing the doctor? It has me worried about you." Lisa felt a pang of defensiveness rise within her. It's not that she doesn't appreciate her mother's concern; it's just that she's too embarrassed about the situation to want to bring it up with someone else. She hardly wanted to talk to Sarah about it, but they'd been best friends for years now, and the number of times she's had to help Sarah get home after getting too tipsy at a club and wetting herself, she knew Sarah would be the last person to judge her about this situation. "I'll get to it, Mom, I promise," Lisa replies, trying to strike a balance between reassurance and deflection. "But honestly, I'm feeling fine today. Really." Carol's worry hardly dissipates, but she nods reluctantly, knowing when her daughter is putting up walls. "Okay, honey. I'm here for you if you need anything." Lisa nods, offering another weak smile before finally leaving the car. As she watches Carol drive away, she can't shake the guilt that twists in her gut. She knows her mother only wants to help her, but opening up about the reality of her situation is a hurdle she's not quite ready to jump yet, at least not with her mom. As Lisa stepped into the coffee shop, she scanned the area and spotted Sarah sitting at their usual table near a window at the front of the shop, a warm smile on her face. Lisa felt a sense of relief wash over her; Sarah's presence always brought comfort, especially in times of uncertainty. Approaching the table, Lisa noticed that Sarah had already ordered her favorite coffee—a small gesture that meant more to her than she could express. "Hey, Sarah," Lisa greeted her friend with a grateful smile as she took a seat opposite her. "Hey, Lisa! I got your usual, hope that's alright," Sarah said, sliding the cup across the table. "How's your day been so far?" Taking a sip of her coffee, Lisa sighed, feeling the tension of the day slowly melting away. "It's been... eventful, to say the least," she replied, her thoughts briefly flickering back to her urgent need for the bathroom this morning and the pull-ups she ended up throwing out after having another accident. Sarah raised an eyebrow, sensing there was more to Lisa's day than she was letting on, but she decided not to press, as she seemed a little distressed. "Well, you made it through the week in one piece. That's always a win," she remarked with a playful grin. "Yeah, barely," Lisa chuckled, grateful for Sarah's light-hearted approach. "Any exciting plans for the weekend?" The two friends engaged in some light small talk while sipping away at their favorite drinks. Discussing their respective Fridays and plans for the weekend. Sarah mentioned a new movie that was coming out and suggested they go see it together. "That sounds like fun! I'd love to see it with you," Lisa said, genuinely looking forward to spending more time with her friend. Sarah, ever perceptive, remembered seeing Carol was the one to drop her off. "We should look at show times later. I also noticed that your mom dropped you off today. Is everything okay with her?" she asked gently, her eyes filled with concern. Lisa hesitated, her mind racing with conflicting thoughts. Should she tell Sarah about the bracelet and its wishes? Would Sarah even believe her? She knew how crazy it all sounded, and the last thing she wanted was for Sarah to think she had lost her mind. As she debated internally, Sarah's voice broke through her thoughts. "Lisa, you know you can tell me anything, right? I'm here for you, no matter what." Taking a deep breath, Lisa weighed her options. On one hand, keeping everything bottled up inside was taking its toll on her mental health, and she longed for someone to confide in. On the other hand, the risk of rejection and judgment was almost too much to bear. Sarah's concerned gaze met Lisa's, and she felt a flicker of hope ignite within her. Maybe, just maybe, Sarah would understand. Maybe she'd even believe her. "I... I don't even know where to begin," Lisa started, her voice barely above a whisper. She fidgeted with her coffee cup, unable to meet Sarah's gaze. Sarah reached across the table, placing a reassuring hand on Lisa's trembling fingers. "You can tell me anything, Lisa. I'm here for you." The words hung in the air, heavy with promise and acceptance. With a shaky breath, Lisa mustered the courage to speak, her words tumbling out in a rush. "I know this is going to sound absolutely insane, but... but something bizarre has been happening to me lately," she began, her voice gaining strength with each word. "I... I've been making these... wishes, and they've been coming true. It's like magic or something, I don't know." She braced herself for Sarah's reaction, steeling herself for disbelief or mockery. But to her surprise, Sarah simply nodded, her expression thoughtful. "Go on," Sarah encouraged, her tone gentle yet unwavering. Lisa began recounting the events of the past few days—the mysterious package, the bracelet, the note. "It grants wishes, but not in the way you'd expect," Lisa explained, trying to find the right words to describe the inexplicable nature of the bracelet's powers. "I didn't believe it at first. I only put it on in the first place because I thought it was cute, but then... things started happening." She explained her experiences with the bracelet, from her wishing to no longer need to ride the bus and how her mom called shortly after, only to find out her mom and dad were separating. Sarah listened intently, her expression a mix of shock and disbelief at the news about Lisa's parents. As Sarah listened to Lisa's recounting of the events surrounding the mysterious bracelet, her initial expression of shock slowly transitioned into a more skeptical demeanor. She furrowed her brows, processing the information, but there was a glimmer of concern underlying her reaction. "I don't know, Lisa," Sarah starts cautiously, her voice tinged with uncertainty. "I mean, it's definitely... a strange coincidence, but... magic bracelets? That's a bit... out there, don't you think?" Lisa's heart sinks as she registers Sarah's disbelief. She had hoped that confiding in her friend would provide some relief, but instead, she feels a sense of isolation deepen within her. She opens her mouth to protest, to insist that it's all true, but Sarah's next words catch her off guard. "I'm really sorry to hear about your mom, Lisa," Sarah says, her tone softening with genuine sympathy. "That's a lot to deal with, especially on top of everything else you've been going through." Lisa's breath catches in her throat, her eyes stinging with unshed tears. "Th-thanks," Lisa manages to choke out, her voice wavering with emotion. "It's been... rough, I... I just don't know how to process what is going on right now." Sarah nods understandingly, reaching across the table to squeeze Lisa's hand in a comforting gesture. "I can only imagine," she murmurs, her gaze filled with compassion. As the weight of the conversation hangs heavy in the air, Lisa wrestles with the urge to divulge the full extent of the bracelet's powers. She knows it sounds absurd, even to her own ears, but a part of her longs for Sarah to believe her, to validate her and the events happening to her. Before she can gather the courage to speak. However, a sudden pressure builds in her bladder, cutting through her thoughts with urgent intensity. Panic floods her senses as she realizes she's moments away from having another accident. "I... I need to use the bathroom," Lisa blurted out, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "Sorry, I'll be right back." Sarah's concern flared anew at Lisa's abrupt announcement, her brows knitting together in worry. "Are you okay? You seem... flustered." Lisa shook her head, her mind racing with anxiety. "I'll explain everything, I promise. Just... just give me a minute." Without waiting for Sarah's response, Lisa rose from her seat, her heart pounding. She knew she had to do something to prove the bracelet's magic to Sarah, to make her believe. Then, suddenly, an idea popped into her head. She was about to have an accident, which meant her underwear would change into a pull-up again. She could show Sarah her underwear and then have an accident, and they'll transform. Sarah would have to believe her at that point! "Come with me," Lisa urged, her voice tinged with urgency. "I'll show you." Confusion flickered across Sarah's features, but she rose from her seat nonetheless, her concern for Lisa outweighing her bewilderment. "Okay?" As they made their way to the bathroom, Lisa's mind raced with a thousand thoughts, her determination bolstered by the knowledge that she was about to reveal the truth to Sarah. She knew it wouldn't be easy, that Sarah might still doubt her even after witnessing the bracelet's magic firsthand. But she couldn't let that stop her. She had to make Sarah understand, to believe her. Pushing open the door to the bathroom, Lisa gestured for Sarah to follow her inside. "Watch," she instructed, her voice tinged with excitement and trepidation. "I'll prove it's not just random coincidences." Lisa's heart pounded as she led Sarah into the bathroom, her mind racing with the gravity of what she was about to reveal. She could feel Sarah's skeptical and confused gaze burning into the back of her head, but she refused to let doubt cloud her determination. As they entered the bathroom, Lisa's hands trembled slightly as she reached for the hem of her skirt. With a deep breath, she lifted it up, exposing her panties to Sarah's bewildered gaze. "Look," Lisa urged, her voice tight with urgency. "I'm not crazy. My underwear will turn into a pull-up if I... if I..." Her words trailed off as panic surged through her, her bladder protesting with increasing urgency. Desperately, she tried to hold back the inevitable, her muscles straining against the overwhelming pressure. As Lisa stood there, her eyes squeezed shut in a mix of desperation and embarrassment, Sarah's expression shifted from confusion to shock. "Lisa, what are you doing? Use the toilet!" Sarah's voice was filled with a mix of disbelief and worry as she took a step closer, reaching out as if to offer support. "I-I'm sorry," Lisa stammered, her voice strained with effort. "I just... I need you to believe me. Please, just watch." With a deep breath, Lisa forced herself to relax, letting go of the last shreds of control she had over her bladder. Silence hung in the air, broken only by the sound of urine hitting the floor and pooling below her. Nothing happened. There was no magical transformation, no pull-up appearing to save her from the humiliating accident she had just experienced. Instead, Lisa felt the warm, wet sensation spreading down her legs, the sign of the bracelet's magic taunting her. Why didn't it work? Her eyes snapped open in horror, tears welling up as she looked down at the puddle forming at her feet. She had hoped that the bracelet's magic would somehow prove her right, but all it had done was leave her feeling stupid, foolish, and extremely embarrassed in front of her closest friend. Sarah's gasp of shock was the only sound in the bathroom as she took in the scene before her. She could hardly believe what she was seeing, her mind struggling to make sense of the surreal situation unfolding in front of her. "L-Lisa... what just happened?" Sarah's voice was barely above a whisper, her eyes wide with disbelief. Lisa could only hang her head in defeat, unable to find the words to explain. She felt a wave of shame wash over her, knowing that she had proven nothing and now probably seemed even crazier to Sarah than before. Now, feeling like she had just lost all sense of reality. "I-I'm so sorry, Sarah," Lisa choked out, her voice trembling with emotion. "I thought... I just thought if you saw it, you'd believe me about the bracelet. But I was wrong. I was so wrong." Sarah's expression softened with genuine concern as she stepped forward, reaching out to gently touch Lisa's trembling shoulder. "Hey, it's okay," she said, her voice filled with compassion. "Accidents happen, you know? I mean, how many times did you help me out at the club?" But despite Sarah's words of comfort, Lisa couldn't shake the crushing weight of her embarrassment. She felt like a total idiot for doing this on purpose in front of someone. Why didn't she think of a better way to prove the bracelet's magic? With a shaky breath, she stepped back from the puddle to see the damage that was done. "I... I think I just need a moment," she murmured, her voice thick with emotion. Sarah nodded understandingly, her concern etched in every line of her face. "Of course, take all the time you need. I'll be right outside if you need anything." Sarah quietly exited the bathroom, leaving Lisa alone with her shame. Lisa sat down, wondering if she could ever face her friend again. The weight of her humiliation threatened to overwhelm her with tears. How could she even bring herself to step out and face Sarah again? Chapter 8: Shopping As Carol navigated the familiar streets to the store, her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Lisa. She couldn't shake the worry that lingered since her daughter had started acting strangely, especially after finding those pull-ups in the trash. Pulling into the grocery store's parking lot, Carol grabbed her list and headed inside. The store was bustling with activity, shoppers weaving in and out of aisles, their carts filled with the week's necessities. Carol couldn't help but overhear bits of conversation from nearby shoppers as she wandered through the aisles. Seeing one little girl ask her mom to use the potty while doing a potty dance only exaggerated her thoughts about Lisa and her close calls. Pushing her cart along, Carol collected different items on her list, her thoughts drifting back to Lisa. She had always been a bit of a worrier, but lately, it seemed like something more was weighing on her daughter. Carol glanced down at her list, her eyes catching on the item with a question mark next to it: "Pull-ups?" She furrowed her brow, a knot of worry tightening in her stomach as she considered the implications. Should she really be contemplating buying pull-ups for Lisa? Would that be crossing a line? Would Lisa appreciate the fact she didn't have to ask? With a sigh, Carol pushed her cart forward, weaving through the bustling aisles of the grocery store. As she passed by the baby care section, she couldn't help but steal a glance at the pull-up packages on the shelves. She scanned them, trying to match the design she vaguely remembered from the discarded pull-ups at home. There were dozens of different styles and brands. But it had to be here somewhere. The ones in the trash were rather childish, nothing like a grown-up would wear or what you could get at the pharmacy. Carol's steps slowed as she approached the baby care section, her eyes scanning the shelves for any hint of familiarity. She felt a pang of guilt for even considering buying pull-ups for Lisa without her consent. But the worry gnawing at her heart was too strong to ignore. She began to sift through the various packages, her eyes tracing over the different designs and sizes. None of them seemed to match what she vaguely remembered from the discarded pull-ups at home. She let out a frustrated sigh, feeling lost in a sea of unfamiliar products. "Excuse me, ma'am, can I help you find something?" a voice interrupted her thoughts. Carol looked up to see a store employee with a friendly smile. "Oh, um, yes, I'm looking for pull-ups," Carol replied, feeling a flush of embarrassment. The employee nodded. "Sure, what size are you looking for?" Carol hesitated, unsure of how to answer. She didn't want to reveal too much about her daughter's situation to a stranger. "Um, I'm not exactly sure. I think for some older kids?" The employee nodded understandingly and led Carol to a different section of the aisle, where the bedwetting pull-ups were stored. Carol's heart sank as she realized the gravity of the situation. How had Lisa ended up needing pull-ups? Was it a medical issue? Or was there something else going on that she didn't know about? With a heavy heart, Carol thanked the employee for the help. Staring at the package of the same pull-ups she saw in the trash, she felt torn. Should she pick them up? It seemed like Lisa was out of them at home, or at least she couldn't find any of them. Would buying them only embarrass Lisa more? Carol shook her head, trying to push aside her growing concern. She continued down the aisles, methodically ticking off the remaining items from her list, but her mind kept returning to Lisa and the pull-ups. Maybe she should pick them up just in case? The worst case scenario is she totally misread the situation and can just return them, and the two of them will laugh about this one day. Torn, Carol returned to the baby care aisle, selected a package that seemed to match the ones she had seen at home. Finally, with her cart filled and her list completed, Carol made her way to the checkout counter. As she waited in line, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was invading her daughter's privacy in a way she never had before. She began to unload her groceries onto the conveyor belt. But she couldn't shake feeling embarrassed for her daughter as she placed the package of overnight pull-ups on the belt. Her cheeks blushed lightly at the thought that she was buying these for her adult daughter. As Carol finished placing the last of her items on the belt she felt her phone buzz in her purse. She fished it out and saw a message from Sarah, Lisa's close friend. The message caught her off guard, and she quickly glanced around to ensure no one was looking over her shoulder as she read it, briefly looking at the pack of pull-ups before opening the text. "Hey Carol, wanted to give you a heads up. I'm gonna take Lisa over to my place for a bit, and then we're gonna catch a movie. So don't wait up for us, I'll drop her off at home later. Let us know if you need anything." Carol's heart skipped a beat with relief as she read the message. She felt slightly concerned for her daughter, for not being able to get her to the doctor today; feeling she should have been more adamant about it. But it is nice to hear Lisa is getting some girl time in. Carol quickly sent a thumbs-up emoji, and paid for her items brushing off the embarrassment about buying pull-ups. She doesn't have to have a direct conversation with Lisa about them now, or at least for a little while. Carol drove back to the apartment. On the drive, she began to think about what she should do with the pack of pull-ups. Should she leave it on the table for them to talk about when she gets home? No. That would be a bad idea, what if Sarah comes in to chat? Then, it would be on full display. What about her bedroom? Sarah wasn't likely to go in there. But what if Lisa brings back a guy? It would be a little awkward with her mom there, but it would be even worse if he saw a pack of bedwetting diapers on her bed. Then, it struck her. Duh, I can just leave them in her underwear drawer. No guy will go in there unless he is a creep, and if that's the case then they aren't meant to be anyway. When she arrived home, Carol rushed to bring in everything. As Carol brought the groceries inside, she couldn't shake off the weight of concern that had settled in her chest since finding those pull-ups in the trash. She made multiple trips from the car to the apartment, each time feeling the pull of worry tugging at her thoughts. Finally, with everything brought in, Carol began sorting through the bags to find the pull-ups. She located them nestled among the groceries and pulled them out, feeling a sense of apprehension. She knew she needed to talk to Lisa about them, but the right opportunity hadn't presented itself yet. With the package of pull-ups in hand, Carol made her way towards Lisa's room. She hesitated at the doorway, her mind racing with uncertainties. How would Lisa react to finding them? Would she be upset? Embarrassed? Would she even understand why Carol had bought them? Pushing aside her doubts, Carol stepped into Lisa's room and began searching through her stuff again, hoping to find a pack of pull-ups that were just well hidden. But no matter how hard she tried, she kept coming up empty-handed. She even pulled out the drawers to see if Lisa had hidden them behind the drawers but turned up nothing. Where was she keeping them? After a lot of rummaging, she finally gave up, opting to leave the pull-ups – tucked away in Lisa's underwear drawer. It seemed like the most discreet option, ensuring they would be there when Lisa needed them without drawing unnecessary attention. As Carol placed the package in the drawer, her fingers brushed against something else – a small box containing a note. Curiosity piqued, she picked up the box and examined its contents. The note inside caught her eye, and she read it over carefully, her brow furrowing in confusion. "Is this some kind of joke?" Carol muttered to herself, shaking her head in disbelief. The idea of a magical bracelet granting wishes seemed too absurd to be true. Without giving it a second thought, she left Lisa's room in a state close to its original so as not to raise suspicion. Chapter 9: What are Friends for? As Lisa gingerly inspected her skirt, relief flooded her when she realized the fabric hadn't visibly betrayed her humiliating accident. With a shaky sigh, she began to peel off her wet underwear, her cheeks burning with embarrassment at the mess she had made. Not wanting to stay in urine-soaked underwear or have any way to carry them out of the bathroom without it being clearly visible, Lisa opted to dispose of the soiled garment. Lisa grabbed some paper towels, used them to dry off her legs, and tossed several on the floor to help mop up the puddle she had created. Not wanting to leave a mess for the staff to clean. She quickly used her feet to mop up the evidence of her mishap the best she could before she disposed of the soaked paper towels; luckily, they also helped to bury her underwear sitting in the trash can. Just as she was beginning to regain some composure, a gentle knock sounded on the bathroom door, causing Lisa's heart to skip a beat, freezing her in her tracks. "Lisa? Are you okay in there?" Sarah's voice was filled with concern, muffled by the closed door. Lisa's heart eased with gratitude at the sound of her friend's voice. Despite her mortification, she couldn't help but feel warmth at Sarah's support. Lisa called out, taking a deep breath to steady her nerves. Her voice was slightly hoarse from the lingering embarrassment. "Yeah, I'm okay. Just... just give me a minute, okay?" There was a brief pause, followed by the sound of the doorknob turning as Sarah pushed open the door, her concerned gaze meeting Lisa's. "I brought you something," Sarah said softly, holding out a rolled-up fabric bundle. I keep a new pack of underwear in my car for emergencies, and I thought you might appreciate a pair ." Lisa's eyes widened in surprise as she accepted the offering, touched by Sarah's thoughtfulness despite the situation's awkwardness. "Thank you," she murmured, her voice choked with emotion. "I... I really appreciate it." Sarah smiled sympathetically, her eyes warm with understanding. "No problem. We've all been there, right?" As Lisa quickly changed into dry underwear, a sense of gratitude washed over her. She felt so lucky to have a friend like Sarah in her life—someone who didn't judge her for the awkward moment she had just put her friend through, someone who just so happened to be ready for something like this to happen, someone who she could talk to, to get her thoughts, fears, and secrets out to. "Looks like you've got everything taken care of," Sarah remarked, breaking the silence as Lisa finished changing. "Yeah, thanks to you," Lisa replied, smiling gratefully at her friend. They stood there momentarily, the weight of the situation still hanging in the air. Lisa felt the urge to make another wish, to undo everything that had happened, but she hesitated. She remembered what happened with her mom. What unforeseen consequence would happen with a wish to undo something already done? She couldn't risk making things worse. Sarah must have sensed her friend's turmoil because she spoke up. "Hey, why don't you come over to my place? You can take a shower and relax for a bit. Maybe it'll help clear your mind." Lisa appreciated the offer and nodded, relieved to escape her apartment and her mom for a while. "That sounds really nice, actually. Thank you." As they left the bathroom and headed towards the exit, Lisa couldn't shake the feeling of unease. She knew she had to be careful with the bracelet and its wishes, but she couldn't ignore the temptation to use it again. The power it held was both alluring and terrifying. Once they were in Sarah's car, Lisa glanced at the bracelet on her wrist, feeling conflicted. She thought about wishing to undo everything that had happened, to erase the embarrassment and the mess. But something held her back. She couldn't shake the feeling that using the bracelet again would only lead to more trouble. Sarah tried to distract Lisa from what happened. "Hey, I've done it a thousand times," she said, trying to ease Lisa's embarrassment. "Don't sweat it. We all have our moments." Lisa nodded, grateful for Sarah's understanding. She couldn't shake off the embarrassment, but Sarah's reassurance helped. "I just wish this whole thing hadn't happened," Lisa muttered, her cheeks still flushed with embarrassment. "That was the most embarrassing thing ever." Sarah comforted her friend, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "I know it feels like a big deal now, but trust me, we'll laugh about this one day. In the meantime, let's hit the road to my place so you can get that shower. And hey, we can still go see that movie we talked about if you're up for it." Lisa managed a weak smile, grateful for Sarah's friendship. "Yeah, that sounds good. Thanks." As they drove to Sarah's place, Lisa couldn't help but wonder why nothing had happened. She made a wish, just like she had done with not wanting to ride the bus. Only nothing changed. She was still embarrassed about what happened. She was still in Sarah's car, still wearing different underwear than when she started the day. She stared at the bracelet momentarily, frustrated that it refused to work how she thought it would. It didn't protect her from peeing herself; it got her mom in a separation, and now it was ignoring her. This thing is a curse! As they arrived at Sarah's place, Lisa felt a mix of relief and lingering embarrassment. The short ride had provided a small respite from the day's events, but she knew she couldn't escape them entirely. Sarah's apartment building was familiar yet unfamiliar, a place Lisa had never visited despite their close friendship. Sarah led the way, her steps brisk as they ascended the stairs to her apartment. Lisa followed, her mind still reeling from the day's events. She couldn't shake the feeling of unease, the nagging suspicion that the bracelet on her wrist was more trouble than it was worth. Inside Sarah's apartment, Lisa took in her surroundings with curiosity. The space was cozy and inviting, filled with warmth and a comforting home scent. Sarah gestured for Lisa to make herself comfortable as she disappeared into another room, returning with a bundle of clothes moments later. "Here you go," Sarah said, offering Lisa the clothes with a sympathetic smile. "I grabbed you some clean clothes and a towel. The bathroom's right through there." Lisa accepted the clothes gratefully, feeling grateful for her friend's kindness. "Thanks." Once inside the bathroom, Lisa hesitated momentarily, her fingers trembling as she reached for the hem of her shirt. She paused, her reflection staring back at her with a mix of uncertainty and resignation. How had her life come to this? Soiling herself as if she couldn't control it. She never imagined herself in a situation quite like this. All of this chaos in her life, all of it because of a cursed bracelet? Shaking off the thoughts, Lisa focused, quickly undressing until she was just in her underwear. She stared at herself in the mirror, the image reflecting back at her a stark reminder. She couldn't help but feel a sense of déjà vu wash over her. She had been in this situation before, just a few days ago when she got the bracelet. She stood in the bathroom staring at her reflection looking at a wet pull-up she was wearing. Here she was again. Having had an accident, only this time, she was in underwear. The pull-up, no-where to be seen. Just as Lisa was about to step into the shower, Sarah's voice interrupted her thoughts from outside the bathroom door. "Hey, I'm going to order some takeout. If there's anything specific you want, just text it to me. Otherwise, I'm just going to get some Chinese food." "Sounds good! Thanks." Lisa called back, her voice brimming with gratitude. As she stepped into the shower, the warm water cascading over her body, Lisa couldn't help but feel relief washing over her. The day's events seemed to fade away if only for a moment, replaced by a fleeting sense of peace. She was grateful for the opportunity to wash away her shameful moment, leaving it in the past. Once she had finished showering and dried off, Lisa dressed in the clothes Sarah had left for her, feeling grateful for her friend's kindness. Not only was she understanding, but she was also being overly generous. Sarah gave her a pair of brand new underwear again, a pair of sweat pants, and a large hoodie—the perfect comfort clothes to combat the stressful day she had had so far. As Lisa emerged from the bathroom, Sarah greeted her with a warm smile. "Feeling better?" Lisa nodded, her spirits lifted by the comfort of her friend's presence. "Yeah, thanks to you." Sarah smiled, her eyes sparkling with warmth. "Anytime, Lisa. That's what friends are for." Lisa and Sarah settled in to enjoy their takeout, the tension of the day began to melt away. They chatted and laughed; Lisa told Sarah about her date with Craig tomorrow. Excited to be able to see him again and enjoy a nice meal with him. The comfort of their friendship eased Lisa's earlier embarrassment. Lisa felt grateful for Sarah's understanding and support, her worries about her accident and the pull-ups momentarily forgotten in the warmth of the evening. As they finished their meal, Sarah glanced at the clock and frowned. "We should probably head out soon if we want to make it to the movie on time," she said, double-checking the time on her phone. Lisa nodded, a sense of unease creeping back into her mind. She knew she had no way of controlling the bracelet's magic. Not yet, at least. Not wanting to embarrass herself any more than she already had, she knew she needed to use the bathroom before they left. She couldn't risk ruining Sarah's clothes or embarrassing herself again. "I just need to use the bathroom real quick," Lisa said, trying to sound casual despite her nerves. She didn't feel the need to go, but waiting until she needed to go hasn't been working out the best for her lately. "I'll meet you by the door." "Take your time, Lisa. We're in no rush." As Lisa entered the bathroom, she couldn't shake the feeling of dread that washed over her. She stared at herself in the mirror, the worried look in her reflection a stark reminder of the day's events. She couldn't let another accident happen, not now. Taking a deep breath, Lisa moved herself over to the toilet and sat on it. She tried as hard as she could to relax and let herself go. She couldn't feel any sensation that it was working. It was like her body had chosen to ignore her completely now. Suddenly, she heard the splashing water and a stream running. She let out a sigh of relief. Maybe she could get through the rest of the day without further embarrassment. She knew she still had to be careful with the bracelet, especially now that its magic had been confirmed and seemed unpredictable. She couldn't risk trusting it to replace her underwear and prevent an accident. After using the bathroom, Lisa took a moment to compose herself, her mind racing with thoughts of the bracelet and its powers. She couldn't help but feel a sense of regret for ever putting it on, for ever making those wishes. But she also knew she couldn't change the past. All she could do now was be cautious and hope for the best. As she rejoined Sarah in the living room, Lisa forced a smile, trying to push aside her lingering worries. "Ready to go?" Sarah nodded, standing up from the couch. "Yeah, let's go."
  4. So my OC finds a footie sleeper on her dresser that she’s never seen before and decides to try them on and she wakes up finds her panties replaced with a diaper and that her mother thinks she was never potty trained
  5. Hello! This story is a sequel of sorts to another story of mine "Mother; The Demon" quick recap it is about a man who summons a a Demon named Alex whose whole desire is to turn adults into babies. You don't need to have read the previous story to enjoy this one. This story is about a group of friends who are going out on vacation and are stranded at the doorway of a Daycare run by a very powerful Demon. Chapter 1: Friends Until the End. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock the slow heart beat of the clock. Every second felt like a minute, every minute an hour. The cute little blonde watched the clock as the second hand moved slowly around the face. *Did the damn cogs have rust or syrup on them?* She asked herself. The thought of syrup had her thinking of pancakes, then waffles. How she loved waffles, getting small pools of butter and syrup in every square trap, light sprinkling of powdered sugar with strawberries and their wonderful sugary liquid. The crispness of a well cooked waffle…if not crispy then fluffy and if it was fluffy makeup that wonderful crispiness with fried chicken. A wonderful, magical, exotic and almost forbidden combination! Chicken and Waffles. A bit of ranch or honey mustard on the side. Sure it was weird and not everyone appreciated the platter of goodness but those odd flavors mixed together perfectly somehow. Kylie grabbed a candy from her purse, the sweet caramel confection helping her sate her appetite for a well made pattern of chicken and waffles all while she glanced over at the clock. A mere 5 seconds had passed yet she felt she had daydreamed of one of her favorite brunches for an hour. The little caramel treat helped distract her, scones, ice cream, parfait, crepes, fudge, fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies who cared if they would burn your mouth. She longed for them all and couldn't wait to get out of work. Summer was on the fast track to being over. She longed to just once get to do things she wanted to before it was over. Binge eat sweet treats and lay about the beach, maybe even hit up a theme park. Today was exciting though it had been two months ago that she and her closest friends would set out on that one good trip and hit up all the good spots, there was a campground that had both a high quality beach and hiking trail. A town along the way that held high end restaurants and a theme park near the end for the high excitement and lastly another campsite to end it all one that their electronics would be useless, a last respite before returning to civilization with the honks of traffic the beeps of phones and the bright lights of a night time city. Kylie sighed as her caramel was bearing the end. She checked the clock as she fantasized about the trip that was, TAKING ITS SWEET ASS TIME! Kylie looked at the clock, she had spent maybe Thirty seconds in her daydream, with a growl she plucked out another caramel candy and popped it into her mouth… Her jubilee of fantasies, or as jovial as they could get, was interrupted by the ding of the coffee shop's door. Kylie switched from looking bored and lazy, to work mode and greeted the customer with a big smile full of shiny white perfect teeth. "Welcome to Squeaky Bean, how many I see you?" She asked in a bubbly giddy voice. The brunette woman walked up and smiled at Kylie, the cute blonde noticed the woman's tan business suit, the black leggings with well polished black high heels. Her hair tied up in a bun and black square lenses. "I'm here to pick you up, you nut" The woman said and Kylie recognized her voice. Among the dozen of well dressed business ladies all identical in some way, only one would call her a nut. Kylie's Bubbly giddy big smile self shattered away to a real bubbly giddy big smile, so much so she began to bounce on the spot. "Lilly, oh my gosh! I didn't recognize you, cause of all the other hundreds of tailored suit snobs that come in here, like literally I thought you were at least five of them" she said her new found cheeriness making her speak much faster. "Thanks" Lilly said, giving her a stern look with a half smile. Lilly was Kylie's best friend, they had been together since kindergarten. Ever since second grade however, Lilly wanted to become a business woman and took the phrase *Dress for the Job You Want* literally. She worked hard on her schooling to get into a good college and only took job offers that sounded like there was a fast track to the top and so her resume would look good to help her get into one of the big corporations. Kylie was impressed with her work ethic but didn't understand how she could handle all that stress, Kylie would have thrown a fit if she so much as had to scrub a toilet it was also why she was stuck in a coffee shop. "It's not even time for me to leave yet" Kylie whined a pathetic and rather immature whine. "It's almost three, you can convince your boss to leave early," Lilly said. "One of the girls called in sick so I am stuck until five now" Kylie pouted. "Have you tried your cutesy charm on him, isn't he into that?" Kylie shivered at that suggestion. "Ew, no, I know he is into that but I have been saving it for a bigger raise once he says I can get one." She said, "This is big Kylie, last chance at a big summer party before life decides to hand out our pink slips and give us the boot," Lilly said. "Besides, I want us leaving by Five and I need to make sure you are fully packed." "I'm packed!" Kylie whined again. Lilly gave her a disbelieving look. "From that, no you are not, you have what? one suitcase of clothes and I am guessing a backpack full of sweets?" Lilly placed her hands on her hips switching from a friend to mother mode. "No…" Kylie lied but she fidgeted like a child caught stealing a cookie. Lilly always had that effect on her. Lilly was like a second mother to her at times, always watching out for her and keeping her in track with school work and chores. If not for her she would have done whatever she liked and held back a couple years, she couldn't cutesy charm everyone sadly. *Snapsnapsnap* three quick snaps of her fingers and Lilly held out her hand. "But I am!" Kylie whined harder, pouting at her friend. "Candy Now!" Lilly demanded. Kylie relented and popped the sweet caramel treat from her mouth she had been hiding, so as to not let on she had candy in her mouth. She handed it to Lilly who grasped it firmly as a sign of power that she wasn't worried about where it had been. "Now, either go cutesy charm your boss or let me speak to him" Kylie headed into the back of the office and moments later the manager came out. Lilly switched from mother mode for Kylie to business mode, her normal mode. Kylie watched as she put on a big smile and introduced herself and then began to explain the situation. Kylie stood there like a child watching her friend ask if they could sleep over, it wasn't too far from that really. After several minutes, looking over schedules, the boss looking over sales, he was finally convinced to let Kylie out early and wished them a happy vacation. Kylie was in Lilly's car and bouncing for joy their big weekend would be happening soon. "Seatbelt" Lilly reminded as she turned on the car. She wasn't going to go anywhere unless her friend was properly secured, and Kylie knew that. __________________ "Women, always taking their sweet time" Matt gave an irritated sigh. "Kind of a law don't ya think?" Josh said, trying to dismiss the comment. "All things considered I would bet Kylie isn't packed and Lilly is making sure she is". "The fuck you say?" Matt asked, getting fired up at the insult to his girl. "Your girlfriend likes candy and has a bag full of it, all I'm saying" Josh explained. He took a step away from Matt, it wasn't good staying near him when he got angry, which he did a lot. Matt was that antagonistic stereotypical jock from highschool movies, while he didn't dress like one in the movies, kept more to cargo pants and a t-shirt, his attitude was like one, he even had the cheerleader girlfriend to top off the stereotype and she wasn't far off from the bully's girlfriend trope either. An R.V. pulled around the corner and came to a stop near the two men. "All aboard the Bus to the best vacation around!" Lilly called out from the window. Josh and Matt grabbed their bags and headed around the R.V to get inside. Matt was first on who was greeted by Kylie the two embraced and found their spot in the back. Josh tossed his luggage under the table and sat in the passenger seat with Lilly. He leaned over and the two kissed as a way of greeting. Lilly shifted the R.V into gear and they began to drive down the road on their way to a beautiful vacation. Josh went over the list that Lilly had prepared for what all they would be doing. She was very thorough as her list had little lists of their own. First up was visiting various restaurants that each person really enjoyed, this would be a two day thing, one lunch and one dinner each day. In between those were activities. A go-kart track, an escape room and an arcade, as well as a winery and a shopping mall. After those two days was a big road trip going to a very expensive hotel one night and using the R.V on the others. After that was the camping trip they planned out which would take up the majority of their time. While camping they would hit up an amusement park for a couple days, finish up their camping return home using the R.V for sleep, and the last two days were hitting up their favorite restaurants again. "Damn Lilly, why not get the thing a hard cover and make a book rather than use a binder." Josh said, thumbing through the details of what time they should do things. "I would have but a binder is easier to organize than a book," she said. Josh rolled his eyes, he loved Lilly but she could get a bit more than meticulous at times, which was also why he loved her, it was a two way street. For the road trip the driver got the main call for songs, the passenger directly next to them was one who either agreed for songs or didn't mind the choice of genre. The rest of the passengers had to suffer, but they could wander the cabin more and had other distractions to keep them occupied for the lengthy bits. So long as the driver and their assistant were alert then everything was fine. The driver's assistant would help pass candy, drinks and treats to the driver when asked and jokes were shared by all. Their first stop was a pizzeria chosen by Josh, who claimed it was the best. It was a bit old and one from his childhood. The place hadn't seen an upgrade in decades; it seemed as Josh said it hadn't changed since he last saw it. Josh wanted his own pizza for the road and Matt, Lilly and Kylie agreed to split a pie between the three. The crust was rather thin and the pizza dropped as if it had barely been in the oven. Yet the four of them enjoyed the pizza, Matt enjoying the pizza more, rolling the crust to tip and treating it like a taquito. They moved on and what pizza was left was stored in the mini fridge. A couple hours later came some entertainment. The group of friends were given a mind boggling challenge in an Escape Room. The session lasted an hour, the four friends needing to solve a WWII themed mystery. Matt and Kylie tried to find everything and anything that was a clue or puzzle while having Josh and Lilly solve said found puzzles. Afterwards came shopping at the mall. Matt and Josh headed off for the electronics while Kylie and Lilly hit the clothing stores. There was a brief moment that all four were in Spencer's and while there were jokes, special purchases were made. After the shopping trip came dinner which was another pizzeria that Lilly picked out. This one being in a bigger town was far more extravagant. Lilly recommended the white pizza, a butter garlic sauce with a swirl of honey with mozzarella and asiago cheese cooked in a brick style oven. The crust was thin and crispy, the cheese was the picture of a waterfall as pieces were torn from it. The honey wasn't that strong and complimented the cheese and butter garlic than over power it. After dinner the group headed off for the winery and while Matt wasn't happy with the wine, the four friends became buzzed enough to retire to a hotel room. The next day wasn't much different. Breakfast at a nice restaurant. Simple fun activities for the day. Lunch was a hibachi grill picked out by Matt who was happy to pay for the most expensive of items for everyone. It would be enough for leftovers at least for tomorrow. Arcade came next with Matt and Josh competing at every game possible. The two saved up their tickets and got a set of foam maces that they used to hit each other and their girlfriends at their leisure. Dinner was at a cheesecake factory picked out by Kylie. While there were dinner options Kylie only had a salad to save room for three different flavors of cheesecake entire pies worth so she could have extras for the rest of their trip. The four friends settled into their hotel room. They had a big road trip ahead with plenty of leftovers to satisfy them until their camping trip, maybe even during it. The four wound the night down with a card game before they retired to their rooms. Josh and Lilly cuddled close in their own room while Matt and Kylie got busy in theirs. Two days down and the best was yet to come. If only they didn't take that short cut. Chapter 2: My Name is Alex To start the trip off Lilly was the first to drive. She had plotted the course and set the schedule for her; it was only natural to get the ball moving. The first challenge was getting everyone ready. She had to pry herself from Josh, which woke him. She didn't mind that much, some kisses and soft words and a soft but firm notice to get moving and he was up and getting around. Matt and Kylie on the other hand… Kylie was like a child who needed reminding constantly and help getting herself around. If Lilly was alone with her things could get done in around ten minutes. Matt on the other hand was a devil who wanted nothing more than to pull Kylie back into bed and "get another five minutes" if Lilly so much as turned her back Kylie would be in his arms once again snoozing about and slowly losing what clothing she had just gotten on. What should have been a simple fifteen minute wake up nearly took an hour just to get Kylie and Matt in the shower and dressed. "I swear if we are fifteen minutes late I am throwing away your leftovers!" Lilly threatened. This helped get everyone moving. "You throw mine away I am going to beat the life out of you" Matt threatened. Unlike his threat however Lilly would make good on hers. The four climbed in the rv settled in and took off down for the freeway. Today was just a long road trip to get as far along their route as possible with as few stops as they could manage. They passed the time playing road games or chatting. After a couple hours of driving they changed drivers, Lilly updated Josh on where to drive and they set out again. Another stop and it was Matt's turn as Lilly told him where to go he took note of the route and saw a road that connected to two of their roads. They had to go south for a time before heading west, this road took off a good hour or so if he was looking at it correctly. The four friends piled in and began heading down the road. Matt kept an eye on his phone for when the little shortcut came up. "Hey Lilly I think I found a shortcut, says it will take an hour off our trip." He said holding his phone back so she could look at the route. "I did check that and I am worried that it won't be wide enough for the R.V." "We can look at it, if it's a two track, or something we won't take it." Matt said. The shortcut was a normal road and with a big grin Matt turned onto the road. "You sure this shortcut will take us far enough?" Kylie asked. "Lilly's route would have us double back along the freeway, this cuts that right out." Matt said. An hour had passed and there was no sign of the freeway. "Face it were lost," Kylie said. "We're not lost, it has been a straight line and we should see the freeway soon." Matt said. "Well besides those few turns" Josh quipped. "Fuck you" Matt spat. "We haven't seen a house for a good thirty minutes nor any other sign of civilization." Kylie began to whine. "Will you shut up, might be longer than the gps thought." Matt said. Longer it was, the road twisted and turned and before they knew it another hour had passed. "I told you we were lost!" Kylie whined "We're not lost" Mark spat and slammed a hand on the wheel. "Look there is a place Josh said pointing out the window. "Has a sign even so bam not lost" he said and the two boys fist bumped. "Eleven Stars Daycare," Lilly read out loud and looked out to see a mansion. A modern style, three story house with a large playground out front and the signs of a pool near the back. "Damn!" All four said in unison. "Jinx!" Josh shot out. "Alright pull in and we can ask for directions" Lilly said. "We're not lost-" "Pull in Matt, Now!" Lilly demanded. "Lost or not we clearly are not on the right road and we need to figure out where we are." With a huff Matt turned into the driveway and parked the R.V turning it off. "There walk the rest of the way" Matt growled. Lilly shook her head and climbed out, Kylie followed wanting to see the inside of the mansion. "Women…need to ask for direction" Matt said in a mocking tone. Lilly knocked on the door and was surprised to quickly see the door open so quickly. Before her was a woman with curly brown hair tied into a bun, a strand of hair on one side of her face. Dressed in nothing more than a shirt and jeans with sneakers, nothing like a woman of grand tastes that the mansion suggested, just a mom dressed to take care of things. Besides that the woman had curves that made both girls jealous. And the brightest of blue eyes as if lit with fire in them. "Hello! I wasn't expecting any babies today" the woman said in a warm welcoming voice. "Sorry to disturb you ma'am we have been traveling for a while and we think we took a wrong turn." Lilly pulled out her phone to show the map and the road they had taken. The woman smiled and with one slender finger tapped at the screen and moved the map before pointing. "Yes, you made a wrong turn sweetie, we are right here" the tone was a bit condescending, a mother letting her child know of the mistake and correcting it. Lilly cursed Matt in her head but smiled. "Thank you Ma'am, I must say you have a very lovely house" "Well Thank you, would you like to come inside for a bit?" "No thank you, we are behind schedule as it is and we need to get going if we are to catch up" Kylie all the while had been staring at the playground, trying to glance inside the mansion as the two women talked. Soon it was time to leave and Kylie gave a smile and her customer service goodbye. As she began to turn and leave however, she noticed the woman look to the R.V she wasn't sure but with how the light reflected off the woman's face she swore she saw one eye flash pink. Kylie did a double take but the woman's eyes were that fiery blue. The woman smiled and waved as if waving goodbye to a child. As the girls returned to the R.V Matt spoke up. "What's the damage?" He asked. "You took a wrong turn, dingus" Lilly said, showing her phone and pointing where they ended up. "I followed the GPS" "Well it must have rerouted to here so let's get going" Matt put the key in the ignition and turned the R.V revved up but didn't turn over. He tried again and again and- BANG a loud noise followed by black smoke from the engine. "What The Fuck!" Kylie yelled and both men also swore watching the black smoke rise out from the engine. The four quickly got out and watched as the black smoke billowed out and soon flames could be seen in the grill. "Holy shit!" Josh said, watching as the flames licked at the R.V threatening to grow bigger. From behind the woman showed up and began to douse the flames with a fire extinguisher. "That was fast," Kylie said, watching the woman. "You are not the first car to spontaneously combust on my driveway. I always come with a fire extinguisher when I hear that noise" the woman said. "Thank you," Lilly said. "Fuck! God fucking damn it piece of shit, what the fuck happened!" Matt gave the R.V a hard kick. Kylie sighed and saw the woman with a very stern face, disappointed, angry. "Fuck!" Matt roared again but this time the woman stormed over and grabbed him by the arm. "Does your mother know the kind of dirty mouth you have, young man?" She scolded. Kylie grimaced Matt wasn't the kind of person you brought authority to especially when it was a woman. Not to denounce how nice he was but he did have that "Alpha" complex. "If you were my child I would have you over my knee and a bar of soap in that mouth, becoming very acquainted with Mr Spanky" those bright blue eyes seemed to shoot fire from them as the three friends watched this woman tell off Matt for cussing. Matt ripped his arm away and gave a sigh. "Sorry, whatever" Matt backed off but Kylie knew he would be grumbling for hours on it. Kylie did find it surprising for him to back down so quickly. Lilly cleared her throat. "Apologies for my friend ma'am, do you know the number to a mechanic?" She asked. The woman pulled a one eighty on her expression and helped Lilly with the number. A short call later before she announced. "Good news, Bad news. Good news they boast they are equipped and stocked for whatever problem for whatever vehicle, Bad news, They will only be able to pick it up…tomorrow…" she said. "We're supposed to go camping," Kylie whined. "We can still go camping but we will need to cut it short by a day." Lilly explained. "Matt and I can pull an all-nighter tomorrow and we should be able to make it to the campsite so we don't miss a day of it," Josh said. "In the meantime it sounds like you four need a place to rest" the woman said. "Please come I am more than happy to entertain you all, it is still the slow season for my little daycare so I don't have many little ones to take care of" "How can a daycare like this even exist? you must be charging an arm and a leg for something like this" Josh asked. "Oh no, sweety, I don't charge at all, this is my hobby and my real job is far more boring. I am a C.E.O if that will sate your curiosity, I don't want to talk about that job, I would love to talk about my daycare though." The woman said. "Are you expecting any kids?" Lilly asked. "I am expecting four…but you will be long gone before they show up, now come come please let me give you a tour." The woman led the four to the house. Kylie was a bit giddy to see the mansion in all its glory. She looked over at the playground again. It had to have had all the playground equipment ever. Sections were made up for each kind of kid. In the middle was for everyone a sandbox and seesaws and some slides. A section to the north was for older kids, climbing equipment, big slides and an elaborate jungle gym. South was for babies, little playhouses, tiny slides, tricycles. East and west were similar jungle gyms for the younger kids plastic and more metal and wood for the slightly older. There was also a ball pit and bounce house. "Do you like the playground sweetie, I am sure you could make your friends jealous being the only one to play in them" The woman had leaned over to murmur to her. She was awfully friendly. Kylie waved her off not wanting to admit the idea of playing on the jungle gym crossed her mind, what adult with an inner child didn't want to play on that, what adult didn't want to play on it? "Oh my gosh I am so rude!" Lilly popped up and held out her hand. "My name is Lilly" the woman grabbed her hand and gave it a shake. Josh followed suit introducing himself. "Kylie" Kylie said shaking her hand, "and that's Matt" she added pointing back at Matt she knew he wasn't going to go for the hand shake, once you step on his toes all friendliness was gone from him. "Well it is so good to meet each of you" the woman spoke as if she was greeting a bunch of little children and made sure to look each one in the face as she said each word. "My name is Alex" Chapter 3: Daycare Tour The group was soon at the door and the woman opened it and gave a small flourish to invite them in. "Welcome to Eleven Stars Daycare, may I have you all sign the guestbook? Before our tour truly begins?" Alex gestured to a book, next to it was a quill and inkwell. "Fancy" Josh said being the first to sign, as each person signed the woman gave a big grin. Kylie noticed something felt weird after she signed it, as if she just made the biggest mistake in her- the feeling was gone and she couldn't remember what it was. "Eleven Stars Daycare was made simply because, well, I am a little baby crazy, if I must admit, I love taking care of little ones. After my own children grew up and moved out, I was left wanting, this lets me take care of babies each and every day, well days that are scheduled anyway." "You do this absolutely free?" Lilly asked. "Oh yes, I make more than enough to satisfy myself and felt I should use it for something truly good. Free daycare for the parents in town. I also accept everyone, I even have some parents willing to drive a four hour round trip just so they can drop their kids off, and honestly I feel like I am cheating them. I get to play with their kids all day!" Alex gave a giddy squeal and a deep sigh of satisfaction. "Wow, you really love kids," Kylie said. "I know I have a picture that represents me perfectly." Alex pulled out her phone and showed a picture of a car with a set of family stickers. There was the mom and dad followed by nearly 12 kids of various stages of youth. The back window was a bit dirty with the words drawn 'OMG get off her' "though it isn't perfect it should say 'get off him'" she giggled. "Now come, come let us begin the tour!" A step past the entrance and they were in a large living room. Shades had been pulled half way. There was a step down lined with a very plush couch and filled with fluffy pillows. On the wall In front of it was a massive TV. In one corner of the living room were three large toy chests and a pile of stuffed toys. A shelf held many stuffed toys in glass cases with names below them. A large playpen sat near a bay window filled with various toys. From some of the walls were large colorful holes that were obviously slides. "Here of course is the hub of the daycare. Kids can jump into the couch area, it is very safe, watch TV and this shelf here holds some of kids favorite stuffed toys. I save them for each kid that gets attached to them and when it is time to say bye bye to the daycare I let them keep their favorite stuffie, some kids though, bless their hearts, leave them here for another kid to play with." Lilly gave a small aww to that. "I wonder if any of you would love to have a stuffie?" Alex pondered. Josh gave an essence of a laugh and held up his hands to decline. Kylie looked at the pile of stuffed animals and thought about the one she had back home, but shook her head. Matt of course didn't even entertain the idea. Lilly was polite. "If I did pick one out, it would be a giraffe, more neck to pet weremy thoughts as a child." She said, "That's adorable" Alex cooed, "I believe I do have one" her voice gave the suggestion that Lilly could have the stuffed giraffe. "No thank you, I am curious, do you work all alone?" "It depends on how many kids and their age difference, I have a few babysitters that assist me, just makes things like eating that much easier, to which let me show you the kitchen!" Alex led them toward a large dining room, a long table with a deep purple tablecloth and candles stood empty. Around it were various sized chairs and a couple high chairs. Beyond that was the kitchen, two stoves and ovens, a couple microwaves and two large fridges. "Here is one of the busiest places of the mansion. I try to make sure I have one chef on call at all times. You know how kids love their snacks and if I have an infant, a five year old and a tween in one go, I need help preparing their specific tastes. Thus the room and one chef on call" Alex said. After the kitchen she led them through the halls. "Two bathrooms next to each other, absurd I know, but I try to give my little ones some privacy and this has actually saved my carpets more than once, or at least I believe it has, one child potty training taking up time and another somehow has to go real bad!" Alex said with a small giggle. "Down this hall, bedrooms I will show you to them when the tour is over" Alex said and gestured to some stairs. Kylie's curiosity had her grabbing a door knob and giving it a twist she opened a door that revealed stairs leading down. "Ooh, what's down here?" She asked. Alex moved over to her and shut the door. Kylie noticed it seemed a bit too hasty. "That's the basement, nothing but the boiler and some spare storage, no need to go down there, it is boring and dusty" she said and pulled out a key turning it in the lock. "I usually have it locked. I don't need little ones playing hide and seek down there" Alex said, giving Kylie a pat on the head. She then shoved the key between her breasts. "Now up, up, we are getting to my favorite part." She said, shooing them up the stairs. They were first greeted by a long hall with a set of stairs at the end. "More rooms as you can see but this one" Alex placed her back against one particular door. She grinned, placing her fingers to her lips as if to stifle a giggle. With dramatic flourish she opened the door and revealed a rather bright room. It was colored in pastel colors. Cartoonist clouds with sun and moon and stars decorated the ceiling. ABCs One Two Threes in colorful blocks and cartoon animals decorated the walls. The floor was very soft and squishy. Lilly and Kylie walked in while Josh and Matt got enough of a view for their liking in the hallway. Cribs lined the walls with changing tables. A large playpen sat on one end of the room near a set of bouncers and walkers. A large TV sat on one wall near a bookshelf and a pile of stuffed toys. The entire second floor was mainly a nursery. The smell of baby powder filled the room. Alex gave a deep inhale. "I will never tire of this smell. It really gets my maternal instincts going." Alex moved to one of the changing tables and pulled out a diaper feeling it and hearing it crinkle. "Sometimes I wish I could have a baby that never grew up just so I could never leave this room" "I am sure you get plenty of time in this room when you are busy," Lilly said. "You are correct there, anyway let us move on before I become drunk on this aroma and start diapering all of you!" Alex laughed and ushered them out and led them up to the third floor. There were only two doors at the top of the steps and beyond one was an entire bedroom set with a king size bed, a full vanity mirror and what could only be a walk in closet. "This is my room, congratulations boys, you have been in another girl's bedroom, your girlfriend's are going to kill you" Alex teased getting a small laugh from Lilly and Kylie. "We will give them hell later" Lilly said. Alex then opened the second door. "This is the toy room" she announced. Inside were several other stuffed toys, but more toys geared towards older kids. Up here was also the start of the slides. After letting them see Alex then returned to the second floor. She opened one of the doors. "Lilly, this will be your room" Alex said. The room wasn't as extravagant as Alex's but it still held all the necessities of a five star hotel. "Josh you can have this one" Alex opened another door. "Unfortunately these other rooms are for when some babies need to cry themselves to sleep and to not keep the others awake…so your rooms will be downstairs." She told Matt and Kylie. They went to the first floor where Alex opened one room. "This can be your room Matt" unlike the first two rooms they saw this one only had a double bed, the room however had all the fixings for a young boy, toys of many varieties the walls were painted with planes and trains and cars zooming about. The bed frame was that of a sports car. "Yeah, no…I'll just sleep in the RV" Matt grumbled. "Are you sure sweetie? I assure you the bed is very comfortable and the blankets very soft and warm" Alex tried to assure him. "I ain't some kid, not gonna sleep like one" he said and began to head off through the home toward the entrance. "Well Kylie, here is the room you can stay in." Alex opened a door and revealed much the same as Matt's room except this one was pink, pretty princess pink. The bed had a canvass, a doll house and a pile of dolls and stuffed animals in one corner. "Aww Kylie it's perfect for you" Lilly teased. "Only you would think I am some princess," Kylie said. "You should know I am quite the opposite" Lilly, Josh and Kylie returned to the R.V to grab their things and set them in their room. Kylie was a bit hesitant, standing in the bubblegum pink surrounded by dolls and stuffed toys, even the bed was occupied by stuffed toys. She gently removed them but stopped as she picked up a stuffed chipmunk. Kylie smiled having a love for chipmunks when she was small. Her favorite thing about them was how they would stuff their mouths full til their cheeks were ballooned out. Fat Cheeks Checkers that was the name of her stuffed chipmunk back home. She wondered if her mom still had him somewhere. "Did you pick out a name for him yet?" A warm voice said from behind. Kylie jumped and turned to find Alex standing behind her, a big smile growing a bit bigger from startling her. "Sorry, I should have knocked, I saw you admiring him" Alex said, pointing at the chipmunk. "Oh uh, yeah, no, he just reminded me of a stuffed toy I had when I was little" Kylie told her putting the chipmunk away with the others. "Oh was he a chipmunk too, what was his name?" "He was, I called him Checkers, Fat Cheeks Checkers" Alex moved around her and picked up the Chipmunk holding it out to her. "Aww that's a nice name, maybe this is a new Checkers huh?" Alex said, wiggling the stuffed toy. "No, I shouldn't, I can't, better leave it so a kid can have it" Kylie said pushing the chipmunk into Alex's arms. "But I am letting a kid have it, you" Alex said. "I am not a kid," Kylie scoffed. "Oh sweetie, not everyone, truly grows up. Some children just grow an adult shell. It's ok for you to have a little friend with you, to hold, to cuddle, to tell all your worries to." Kylie was now holding onto the chipmunk, the honey colored marble eyes staring up at her. She soon felt an urge to hug it and another said she was too old for this. "I…can't" Kylie said, a bit disappointed. Alex took the chipmunk and set it down on the bed. "Well, how about he waits for you here for bedtime, maybe when you're sleepy you will want him nearby ok?" Alex tucked the chipmunk into the bed and smiled at Kylie before leaving. Kylie looked at the chipmunk. There was that little voice telling her not to leave it behind. With a shake of her head she left the room. The five adults soon gathered in the dining room. Alex had prepared a charcuterie board for all of them and poured out four glasses of wine and a sippy cup, which was handed to Kylie. "Sorry honey, I don't have any more glasses, I really ought to start the dishwasher" Alex said looking disapprovingly toward the kitchen. "That's fine, I can deal," Kylie said and grabbed the cup. At first she tried to remove the lid but the design was odd and try as she might she couldn't figure it out. She looked up to see her friends diving into the charcuterie board and starting up the jokes with their hostess. Only Alex kept her eyes on Kylie. She had a warm, comforting smile that told her to just relax and her eyes…almost mocking her. Kylie smiled back but couldn't break eye contact, they were almost hypnotic bright almost glowing like little fires in them a mix of blue and pink, almost saying, *drink it just like that, little girl*. Kylie blinked and shook off the feeling. Alex was no longer watching her or maybe she never was. She looked down at the sippy cup and gave a resigned sigh drinking it and feeling ridiculous, she felt like a toddler. No one questioned it though, did that make it better or worse? As conversations went on, they talked about their vacation, the places they had been to and the places they wanted to go to. "Well, I am sad that your R.V broke" Alex said, placing a hand over her chest and sticking out her bottom lip to them. "I hope you can get back to all the fun things you have planned, and I hope this will have been a nice detour." She said, "Thank you, you have been a gracious host Alex," Lilly said. Kylie gave a big yawn and stretched her arms out, Alex gave a grin and beamed at her. "Oh? Someone is sleepy, I guess it is time for bed, Alex said. "We should probably get to sleep. I want to make sure I am up for when the tow truck arrives." Lilly said tapping at her phone to set an alarm. "Well, if you don't mind, I would love to give you all a good night ceremony once you are all in bed" "That would be lovely, thank you" Lilly said, grabbing glasses. "Allow me to at least help with the dishes." "No, no, no! You are on vacation, go ahead and get to sleep young lady, I can do the dishes." Alex said. "Well if you're all going to bed, I'm gonna get a game or two in, before bed" Matt said. "Dude, challenge ya" Josh said getting up to join. The two boys headed outside toward the R.V. Kylie walked into the pink princess room and got herself ready for bed. She slipped into the covers and looked over to see the chipmunk, still waiting for her. She picked it up and squished it's soft fur. Then came a soft knock. "Kylie?" Alex softly asked. "Oh, um good night," Kylie said. Alex smiled admiring Kylie in the bed stuffed toy in her hands. "I knew you would like him," Alex said. "If you want to take him with you, you can hide him away in your suitcase," she said. Kylie set him on the nightstand next to her. "I am too old for such things" Alex came into the room and picked up the Chipmunk and got it settled back into her arms. "Nonsense, sweetie" she said, taking the blankets and tucking Kylie in them. "At the very least you sleep with him tonight, he will enjoy it." Alex said. "Thanks, I guess," Kylie mumbled. "You're welcome, now, Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite, and if they do then take your Shoe and hit them until they are Black and Blue" Alex half spoke half sang the rhy me. Slowly closing the door. Kylie felt sleepy almost immediately as she watched Alex leave. In her tired head she could have sworn just as the door was closing, one of those firey blue eyes was actually pink. The door was closed before the thought took root. Kylie pulled the chipmunk a bit closer to her and closed her eyes for good.
  6. 16-year-old Zelinda Seacrest is a vegetable, stuck in a coma for 11 years and counting. Her mother Zentroz is worried about the health of her daughter, hoping every day that she would awaken from her endless sleep. But unbeknownst to her mother, Zelinda's dreams have served as a wondrous, attractive, and nearly permanent destination since they began 11 years ago. A magical kingdom paradise born from her imagination, with Zelinda princess over it all. And with an imagination that has grown beyond her wildest dreams, Zelinda ventures to the surface of her subconscious, bringing her overactive imagination with her. Meanwhile, Zentroz grows restless with her husband Jonathan as they receive news of the moment that they were waiting for. A care-free Zelinda finally awakens, ready to experience the strange new world that awaits her. And with the kingdom in her mind, she slowly introduces it to her parents, before gradually growing homesick of her dream world again. The thought of the mysterious dream world that her daughter describes begins to worry Zentroz. And her daughter's growing attachment to it worries her even more. And as the days and weeks go by with Zelinda's numerous revisits to the land of her imagination, her daughter begins to change more and more. What was this mysterious land that she spent so much time in? Why does Zelinda keep becoming more and more different? Before any of Zentroz's questions could even be answered, Zelinda becomes as mysterious as the dream world that she first experienced in her coma and her parents begin to find themselves right in the middle of their daughter's fantasy world. Welcome to the kingdom born from imagination. Welcome to Zelinda's Garden. I. The Planting Chapter 1: Nowhere Zelinda Seacrest’s eyes looked so empty that you would believe that there’s nothing inside her. Her eyes never changed or moved. If you were to try to talk to her, you would clearly get no answer. All you would get is a glance of her dazed stupor. A robotic glance devoid of any real intelligence. Her hazel hair flowed down to her shoulders. Her face was lightly freckled with a couple areas of acne starting to form. Her left bra strap sagged over the v-neck of her sky-blue dress. Lacking any awareness, Zelinda continued to stare into nothing. While her own heartbeat proved that she was alive, Zelinda was nowhere to be found. She was sitting on a soft tan couch, with her neck hunched over. Her parents sat beside her, impatiently looking at their phones for the time. “When is he coming?” Jonathan said, staring up from his phone screen. “It’s three minutes after four! The doctor is three minutes late!” “Calm down, dear.” Zentroz said, patting her hand on his right shoulder. “Maybe she’s with another patient.” Zentroz gazed over at her teenage daughter and tucked the bra strap back into her dress. “There honey. I fixed it.” But Zelinda didn’t respond. She maintained her same blank stare as usual. “Why do you talk to her?” Jonathan said, sighing. “She is not even there!” “How do you know?” Zentroz asked him. “There might be something going on inside her. You don’t know!” “Do you still think that? She’s been like this for 11 years!” Zentroz took the defensive. “Maybe so, but she’s still my daughter and I want to talk to her. Isn’t that right, Zelinda dear?” She waved her hands up and down over Zelinda’s eyes, which remained still. Zentroz could remember the last time that her daughter was normal. It was just a few days after Zelinda’s fifth birthday, in the year 2043. Zentroz was putting her daughter to bed. “No mommy!” she cried. “Tell me more of the story!” Zentroz held the book shut and smiled. “Don’t want to ruin the surprise, dear. You’ll hear some more tomorrow night, okay?” She leaned over her daughter’s bed and nuzzled her nose over her daughter’s face. “I love you, dear.” Zelinda gave her mother a look of curiosity. “Mommy?” “Yes dear?” she asked, staring into her eyes. “Am I a princess, like the story you told me?” Zentroz waved her hand on her daughter’s face like a magic wand. “You are, dear. You’re a beautiful princess.” Zelinda’s face lit up and she began to smile. “Look at me, mommy! I’m a princess!” Zentroz nodded, giving her daughter a very excited face. “You are! Good night, dear!” She kissed her daughter goodnight and left the room. During that night, something strange started to happen. Zelinda quickly fell asleep and was filled with the dreams from all the stories that her mother told her. Stories about beautiful princesses and heroic princes to rescue them. Fond memories of all the playtime that she had during that day. Then it happened. In the morning, Zelinda stopped. Her face gave a blank stare, which has remained unchanged to this day. Wherever Zelinda went that one night, she never wanted to come back. The doctor finally came in and shook both Zentroz’s and Jonathan’s hand. Dr. Julia Prost greeted her patient with a warm smile. “How’s Zelinda today?” Zelinda gave her usual response, giving her a blank and emotionless stare. Dr. Prost nodded. “Fine as usual, I would guess?” She adjusted her glasses and gave Zentroz a serious stare. “I know that you want to see your daughter back in the right mind. Do you mind if we run some more tests on her again?” Jonathan sighed. “What difference would that make? You have done this every month for years!” Dr. Prost gave Jonathan a sharp stare. “Yes, I know. But what else can we do? There might be something else that we can find out about her. Something that might get you your daughter back.” Zentroz elbowed Jonathan and smiled at the doctor. “Oh, we would love that! Wouldn’t you want that, honey?” Jonathan nodded. “Yes, I would, but we’ve been down this road for about 11 years now. Do you really think that this would make any difference?” “Yes!” she sharply responded. “I think that it would make a lot of difference! Let’s just do what the doctor says. Okay?” She looked back at the doctor and nodded. “Go ahead and take her. If you have any questions regarding her, they’re all going to be the same as last time. Just to save you the time.” Dr. Prost nodded. “That’s fine. And that’s also why we would like to run some more tests on her. Just asking the same questions and trying all the same things as before isn’t going to change anything. All we can do is run some more tests. Maybe we can reach her this time.” “I hope!” Zentroz said with a smile. Dr. Prost held Zelinda by the hand and led her outside the room to the lobby with Zentroz and Jonathan following. Some other specialists were standing there, ready to take Zelinda. Zentroz’s smile faded when she saw the specialists guiding Zelinda down the hallway. “Leave her to us.” Dr. Prost said, giving her a reassuring smile. I’ve trained the new staff so they’ll know what to do with her. I’ll keep a good eye on her, okay?” Zentroz nodded. “Okay. Let’s go home, honey!” Zentroz and Jonathan left, leaving Zelinda to the doctors. The doctors ran all the usual tests on Zelinda, but the results were the same as last time. By that time, it was evening, so they placed her in one of the hospital beds. Zelinda’s blank stare retired for the day. Her eyelids drooped shut and she fell asleep. *** Zelinda watched as her mother tucked her in. That was a wonderful story. She wanted to hear more and how it turned out. Where did the princess go? What land did she travel to next? Maybe she’ll tell me more if I ask her… But the mother closed the book. Zelinda, now crushed, started to cry. “No mommy!” she whined. “Tell me more of the story!” But the mother just stood there, holding the book in her hands. Zelinda glanced at the book and frowned. If only I could get that book! Maybe mommy tell me just a little more…” “Don’t want to ruin the surprise, dear,” she told her. Zelinda’s tears were erased when she heard the word “surprise”. What? Surprise? Where? Zelinda glanced around, trying to find where the surprise was. “You’ll hear some more tomorrow night, okay?” Zelinda glanced at the book that was out of her grasp. Tomorrow? I can’t wait until tomorrow! Please let it be soon! Pleeeease? She felt the nuzzling of her mother’s nose against hers. Oh, I love it when mommy does that! I hope that she kisses me too! “I love you, dear,” the mother warmly told her. Zelinda then thought of the story that she just heard again. That princess in that story…Is that me? Maybe mommy knows! Mommy knows everything… “Mommy?” she said with great eagerness. The mother stared deeply into Zelinda’s eyes. “Yes dear?” Zelinda began to smile even more. “Am I a princess, like the story you told me?” She watched her mother wave her hand on her face. It’s a magic wand! She’s turning me into a princess! “You are, dear.” The mother told Zelinda. “You’re a beautiful princess.” Zelinda smiled very brightly. She closed her eyes, imagining her beauty. She then opened her eyes. “Look at me, mommy! I’m a princess!” The mother nodded and smiled widely at Zelinda. “You are! Good night, dear!” Zelinda glanced at her mother, who gave her a very nice kiss on the cheek. There we go! She didn’t forget! Yay! After the mother left the room, Zelinda’s eyes became heavy. When she opened her eyes, she was in a magical land. She got out of her royal bed and glanced out of the window. She was in a beautiful castle on top of a very high hill. When she saw the view, her royal chamber, and her royal princess gown, she sighed with ecstasy. “Wow!” she squealed. “I really am a beautiful princess! “I never want to leave this kingdom! Ever!” And that is just what happened. Since the night she dreamt that dream, she has remained princess of her very own kingdom. All while her body continued to age day by day from the outside. While her mother was worrying about her vegetative state, she was having the time of her life, living every one of her days as a beautiful princess in a land of her very own. *** Eleven years has passed since Zelinda began the wonderful journey to her very own kingdom. Every day played out exactly as the day before. Her mother the queen would tell her that one day, the land would be hers. Everything that she could see outside the window of her castle would belong to her. Zelinda, still five years old, squealed as she played with her royal blocks. She stacked the blocks to make a royal castle of her own. Looking out of the castle, she frowned. “Mommy, can we make the castle bigger?” Right after she said that, the castle grew to exactly the size that she wanted. “Yay!” She got to her feet and ran around all the new rooms that she made in her now bigger castle. When she entered the throne room, she went and sat on the throne. “Mommy?” she asked. The queen immediately appeared. “Yes dear?” “Can I be ruler now?” she asked her. Right after she asked her, a crown appeared on her head. “You are, dear!” she told Zelinda. “You rule everything!” Zelinda smiled. “I do!” All of a sudden, Zelinda suddenly remembered the story that her mother promised that she would tell her. She glanced at the queen. “Can you tell me the story now?” The queen looked at her in confusion. “What story do you want me to tell you?” Zelinda smiled. “You know! The princess story!” The queen nodded and smiled. “You’re already a princess. What story do you want to hear?” Zelinda frowned and began to pout. “You don’t know the story. I wanna hear the story!” A portal appeared and Zelinda saw it. Wow! A flashing thing! If I go through it, will mommy tell me the story? Zelinda ran eagerly through the portal and went through it, her very own kingdom vanishing behind her…
  7. Cover Art by Flashy Flesh Chapter One “Congratulations–I couldn’t be happier for you.” Michelle’s promise was true, even as she hid a wash of emotions behind a smile, hoping that the cheer of the party would hide her jealousy. Candice deserved this as much as anyone, and Michelle wouldn’t spoil things for her friend even if the whole situation made her burn with envy. Candice didn’t seem to notice any of the mixed feelings. The gifts in Michelle’s hands distracted her; while they were the same size, one box was wrapped in bright, colored paper, decorated with teddies and balloons, while the other was plain, tasteful, and held shut with only a black ribbon. It was the custom for Little Showers: One gift for the caregiver, the other for the newly Little. “Thank you,” Candice replied, tucking her Little’s gift under one shoulder while she pulled at the ribbon on her own parcel. “I just can’t believe it–I’d just started looking for my own Little, and the perfect boy just about fell in my lap!” “I’m so happy for you.” Michelle’s words came through tight lips–she’d wanted one for years, but nothing had worked. Personal ads got nothing, Mommy & Daddy sites only got her messages from people assuming she was Little, and good luck spells seemed only to impact those around her, never her. Three of her friends had ended up as caregivers–two of them were even at the party, sipping wine next to the refreshment table while their Littles played patty-cake in the corner. Opening the gift, Candice’s smile grew–it was a digital display encased in purple plastic, speaker and microphone built into the base. “A baby monitor!” “The camera is in your Little’s box,” Michelle explained, nodding to the other gift. “Just because he used to be grown up doesn’t mean he won’t need supervision, after all.” “Oh, don’t I know it! It seems like I can hardly turn my back without my little Sammy getting into trouble–you’d think all he knows how to do is rub his diapers,” Candice laughed, and a few others within earshot joined in the good-natured chuckling. “Or, well–rub them and fill them, of course.” As though on cue, the star of the party waddled into the room–slim and almost a foot taller than his new Mommy, Sam Franklin–that is, ‘Sammy’, now that he’d been adopted–looked positively adorable. A wet diaper sagged between his thighs, evidence of his recently-revoked potty train, and his T-shirt had a print of ‘Mommy’s Little Dump Truck’ on it, with a cartoon excavator below the letters. It was bad form to ask what’d regressed him, but given his slight glower, Michelle guessed it hadn’t been by choice. Then again, maybe he was just cranky because he needed a change. “Candice,” he mumbled. “Can I–” “Mommy,” Candice corrected. “You know that, silly boy.” “Mommy,” he said, nodding quickly. “Can I please just have a change?” The new mommy beamed, and Sammy realized his mistake too late when she said, “Of course, sweetie! Just lie down, okay?” “But–” Sammy began, eyes widening as he took in the number of guests. At least they weren’t friends of his, none of them had known Sammy when he’d been grown-up. “I–” “You wanted a change,” Candice repeated. “So lie down.” (Definitely not by choice,) Michelle thought, her jealousy tempered as she watched it. This wasn’t what she wanted–a brat who’d argue, an involuntary Little who’d ended up that way by manipulation or magic or legal mandate. She wanted someone who’d accept her care. Part of her struggles with acquiring her own Little had come from her pickiness, wanting someone who’d fit her just right. If she simply put together a hex jar to sap away some unfortunate guy’s potty training and autonomy, then swooped in to adopt him, he’d resent her forever. She wanted a boy who’d depend on her, and who’d thank her for the care she gave. A toy she could play with, certainly, someone she could show off to her friends, but if she had to argue with him, if he refused her instructions out of a misplaced sense of maturity, that’d spoil the fun. So, while Candice forced Sammy to lay down and made a show of changing his diaper in front of everyone, Michelle sank back, debating whether she could leave the Little Shower early without it being a faux pas. She wasn’t the only one standing back. The other Littles had turned to watch the show, giggling as Sammy fussed, but a young Daddy seemed almost as uncomfortable as Michelle felt. His own Little girl was clearly pleased with her lot–she didn’t cry or fuss except when she lost her favorite pacifier–and Michelle guessed he wasn’t thrilled about seeing a Little in distress. Aside from him, only one other person was standing back–a young man with a bit of stubble and a rounded-off build. Physical features aside, he caught her attention for one reason: He had a thumb in his mouth. It was only for a moment. He wasn’t sucking his thumb, Michelle realized, waving it off as a bit of wishful thinking that’d caused her to hallucinate what she’d wanted to see–he’d just had his thumb near his lips. A second later, though, her wishes were reignited as she caught him running the finger over his paper plate, picking up all the last remnants of frosting before sticking his thumb right back in his mouth, licking the sweet leftovers clean. That gave Michelle an idea. A wonderful idea. She didn’t need to find a Little, and she didn’t need to hex someone to be against his nature. All she needed was to find the right boy, and give him the right push. Walking up to the stranger, she opened her posture to him–not saying hello, waiting for him to greet her. The guy wiped his thumb off on a napkin, smiling at her. “I don’t think we’ve met,” he said, offering his dubiously-clean hand to shake. “I’m Jamie.” “It’s nice to meet you, Jamie,” Michelle replied, sizing him up. He had brown hair that fell in subtle curls around his shoulders–probably going for a subtle ‘punk’ or ‘alternative’ look to match his leather jacket, but she saw the seed of adorable pigtails, or perhaps braids. His eyes were brown puddles, full of emotion and curiosity, the kind she’d expect from a poet or perhaps an explorative baby. “How do you know Candice?” “Coworkers,” he explained, giving an obvious glance back at the snack table as he considered another slice of cake. “We’re both in sales.” “Sales, hmm?” Michelle asked, moving to cut a slice and slide it onto his plate, curious how he’d react to being served. “You must be pretty persuasive, hmm?” He didn’t even seem to notice, accepting her un-asked-for help with nothing except a smile at the sudden presence of cake. “You could say that.” He was perfect. “Well–oh, hold on,” Michelle started, reaching out, brushing the side of his jacket and pinching a hair between her fingers as she did. “You had frosting on your jacket, I didn’t want it to ruin the leather.” “Oh, it’s faux-leather,” Jamie replied with a shrug. “But…thanks.” “You’re welcome,” she replied, pretending to reach for her phone to check the time while actually tucking the long strain of brown hair away so she couldn’t lose it. Tilting his head, he asked, “What were you saying before? About being persuasive?” “Oh, yes.” Michelle gave him a sultry smile. She had the plan, now she just needed the man. “Do you think you could persuade a girl to give you her phone number?” ... Hey there! I'm trying out a new name - I'm keeping around 'Peculiar Changeling' as my screen name most places, but I want to run with 'Penn Canon' as the thing I put on my books and sign my work with and stuff! It just feels nicer as a Name, y'know? Anyway, I hope you like this story - it's ten chapters, and it's completely written, so I'll be releasing it publicly over the next couple weeks. Expect a chapter every day or two. If you want to support my writing, a couple bucks a month can really go a long way - and I offer a bunch of stories in early and exclusive access, plus discounts on commissions (like this one)! -Penn https://reamstories.com/peculiarchangelingabdl https://subscribestar.adult/peculiarchangeling Written as a commission
  8. The Trinket By Horatio Husky Commissioned by Hunter Chapter One The Will Hunter sighed as his mother, who he was currently on the phone with, continued to drawl about the contractual obligations he now had to abide by. His great aunt, or now his late great aunt, had left him a few things in her will that came with a few specific rules. The fennec fox had barely known her, other than seeing her at a Christmas party and once during Thanksgiving when he was very young. She was not really even his aunt, being an in-law and a cheetah to boot. He had heard a few stories about her, some from his mother who had always spoken about her with a degree of awe mixed with disapproval. Whether or not she was even really his aunt in-law was in question sometimes, but her presence in the family was nevertheless appreciated, if not coveted. She had been an Egyptianologist, but not the kind that mostly stays on the campus of a university. Accused several times of being no better than a bounty hunter with a college degree, she would often beguile whoever cared to listen at the taverns and bars she was often found at about her great adventures in the middle east. There were usually many stories told and drinks bought during such evenings. Her alcoholism aside, she had apparently kept up her taste for adventuring into abandoned tombs and caves right up until the very end. They never recovered her, but enough time had passed where her body had been declared lost and her vast collection of artifacts reclaimed by the museums and universities. Judging from their hasty reclamation of such items, they had been waiting for exactly such an opportunity as her disappearance. They had claimed most of the artifacts, at least. “So like, dumb it down for me a bit, Mom?” Hunter asked, a slight note of exasperation coloring his tone of voice as one of his large ears flicked to the side in irritation. It was his mother’s turn to sigh, which was followed up by a response. “You just can’t sell any of the stuff. You’re supposed to keep it as if it were a family heirloom. There’s some evidence to support that this does belong to us give or take a hundred generations.” Hunter replied back. “Right, don’t sell. Just keep it. Anything else?” “Not until they go through the rest of her possessions and check her records. You might be getting some money too, but that’ll take a while.” Right… After the state takes its hefty cut… Hunter thought to himself, but he did his best to keep his sense of sarcasm out of the conversation. “Great, thanks Mom.” “Of course honey, was there anything else you wanted to know about Auntie Tare?” Hunter, knowing that this would probably prolong the conversation for another good hour, shook his head before realizing that his mother could not see his reaction. He cleared his throat before he spoke. “Hrm… No, no. I think I’m good for now, still… Processing and all that. I’ll talk to you later Mom.” “Okay sweetie, let me know what’s in the box. It looks mysterious!” “Yeah, I will. Love you Mom.” “Love you sweetie, bye bye now.” The line went silent, and Hunter put his phone down on the table with a sigh of relief. As silence enveloped the apartment, interrupted only by the soft hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen, the fennec’s gaze drifted over to the box that sat in front of him on the dining room table. The word that could describe the wooden container could only be described as ornate. Carvings of Egyptian hieroglyphs laced with what he suspected was gold lining on the borders of the miniature crate gave the appearance of a most valuable item being stored inside. The wood had been treated with oil, and with great care as well. Part of him wondered if the box might be empty, as the container itself looked relatively valuable. Whatever it was, he was not surprised that his aunt had mentioned that he was not allowed to sell it. I’d probably make a pretty penny off of it too… Hunter mused to himself, as he pushed his chair back and stood up, only to crouch in front of the box in order to more closely examine its decor. He was not literate in Egyptian hieroglyphs, nor was he particularly interested in learning more about them. History had always bored the little fox, and despite having a renowned, though estranged, Egyptologist in the family it never sparked the same fascination and excitement as it did in Aunt Tare. Well, might as well have a look then. Reaching forward, he undid the clasp on the front of the box and pushed the lid open. Its hinges worked silently, and Hunter immediately noted that the entire inside of the box was laced with a vibrant, purple velvet. Amidst the swathes of cloth, Hunter beheld a palm sized brooch made of a mixture of dulled copper and gold. Marveling at it, the fennec’s eyes widened as he scanned its surface. The fennec picked it up with a paw and noted its significant weight. Equipped with a pin which Hunter presumed was intended to keep a cloak around a traveler’s shoulders, Hunter turned the brooch over and let out a surprised breath. The ornament had been placed upside down in its container, and it was studded with several small jewels with one large piece in its center. Peering closely at them, it took Hunter a moment to realize that they were opals. In the center of the metal disk, the largest of the opals was oval in shape. It gleamed as if freshly polished when it caught the last of the afternoon sun streaming from Hunter’s half shuttered window. A small scratch in the center of the opal was the only blemish on the piece, revealing the rainbow colored insides of the gem that refracted in ever changing patterns of color as he turned it over. Strangely, despite the fact that it had been sitting in the box ever since it had been delivered to his doorstep inside of its own, discrete cardboard container, the brooch was warm to the touch. And it felt like it was getting warmer. “It’s… pretty…” Hunter said lamely, to no one in particular. His initial curiosity had been sated, and he was now coming to the conclusion that he really had no use for the gem-encrusted display piece other than to perhaps show it off for his friends. The more he thought about it, being the owner of such a valuable piece now might mean that he would have to take insurance out on it. Great… Another responsibility… The fennec thought grimly to himself. Hunter was about to set the artifact down, when the opal flashed catching his eyes. Blinking, he looked down at the gem and wondered if he had imagined the sudden luminescence that had come from the piece. Gingerly, he brought it back up to his eyes and peered closely at the scratch on the gem’s surface to see if he had missed some refractive angle inside of the opal’s crack. Seeing that there was nothing he could immediately detect, he placed the brooch back down in its comfortable bed, this time right side up with the opal facing the ceiling of his apartment. He thought about where he should put the box, glancing around his apartment and seeing now apparent free space where he might rest it. I’ll probably just chuck it into my closet or something… His stomach rumbled, reminding him that his mother’s phone call had caused him to miss lunch at a reasonable hour. Closing the box, he decided to put his inheritance out of his mind for the time being. Padding over to his closet, he picked out his jacket and fumbled the keys to his apartment out of the bowl they rested in. I’m kind of hankering for some chicken… He thought to himself, his mind already beginning to drift away from the strange set of rocks that were now his, now and forever. He did, however, check twice that he had locked the door to his apartment before bounding down the staircase leading to the lobby of his apartment complex.
  9. by LittleFallenPrincess So here's my second story, Witch in Training. It's an MDLG/ABDL romance novel about two Witches from very different backgrounds in a universe filled with Magic. Alternating between the perspective of each Witch every chapter, beginning with the more traditional village Witch. It should be about 40 chapters long, with an Epilogue at the end, and new chapters will be posted every Wednesday and Sunday. You can find my first story, Little in Love, currently in progress, here. Two weeks Early Access to chapters of Witch in Training is available for the second tier on my Patreon. The first five chapters in pdf form are up from the start, with the sixth being posted on Wednesday, the same time the second will be posted here. If you have any questions regarding this, ask away. Charge up front is enabled. Meaning you will be charged as soon as you pledge. Little in Love Chapters are not available for Early Access. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as the first! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Chapter 1: Village Life I watched as the water droplets made their way down the plants. Cascading down each leaf. Each leaf bending and swaying as the weight of the droplet forced its way downwards towards the soil. I admired the way this universe worked, even in small ways like watering plants. The cycle of life, the connection between the elements, the necessity to depend on others... I lost myself whenever I did this by hand. It’s why I did it this way, rather than relying on my power. Sure, I could just wave my hand, channel a bit of magic, and ‘poof!’ the plants are fully grown in an instant and no effort is needed. But I enjoyed the day to day, the daily watering, watching them grow and get stronger as I nurtured them, from a tiny seedling all the way to when it blooms. I liked feeling like the love I channelled in to my daily routine with them provided them enough to grow stronger than if I had just used my magic. It was the only way I could satisfy that part of me. For now. The bell from my front door rang. “Oh that must be Mrs Timpson. Here for her usual.” I liked talking to my plants. They didn’t talk back, but when you live alone, on the outskirts of the village, you don’t get much conversation. So I take whatever I can get. I put the watering can down beside the plants and walked over to the front door. As I passed the large mirror, I checked myself out quickly. My long black hair flowed down my shoulders, resting neatly on my cardigan. My glasses were wonky, so I quickly went about correcting that. I didn’t need them, but they did make my green eyes pop and it gave me an aura of intelligence to everyone around the village. I wiped a bit of dirt from my lightly freckled face. My t-shirt was on day 2 of use, I hadn’t found the energy or time to do any washing. But hey, it looked good on me at least. And it hugged my curves perfectly. At six foot, I was a bit on the taller side, with nice curves and a kind, affectionate face. Or so I’ve been told by ex’s and random guys hitting on me. And then I realised something I had nearly forgotten about. With a flick of my wrist, my comfortable cardigan was replaced by a long black robe, my jeans into a medium length black skirt, my favourite band tee turned into a smart white blouse. “Much better.” I said to myself whilst admiring myself in the mirror. I opened the door to see the familiar face of Mrs Timpson waiting for me. She was an elderly lady from the village with white hair and glasses. You would never catch her not wearing a floral outfit. She loved flowers and put her heart and soul into her garden, often exhausting herself beyond her limits. “Hello Mrs Timpson. Are you here for your usual today?” “Not today dearie.” “Oh, then come in and sit down. Tell me what’s up.” I held the door open for the elderly woman as she slowly shuffled into my house, sitting down at my rustic oak table in the kitchen. Closing the front door, I followed her through and put the kettle on the stove before sitting down across the table from her. “So how can I help?” “Well my plants are doing perfectly, thanks to you dearie. You have such a connection with nature, I really admire that about you. Not like those witches you see on television.” “Well thank you Mrs Timpson. I really appreciate you saying that. So if not your garden, what ails you?” “It’s my back dearie. I’ve tried everything I can. I’ve seen so many specialists, had so many different treatments. Nothing works.” “Why didn’t you come to see me sooner?” “I already ask too much of you with my garden. I didn’t want to bother you.” “Oh Mrs Timpson, you’re no bother. I wish you had come to see me sooner, I bet I can get that back of yours feeling better in no time. Cup of tea?” “Oh yes please dear. That would be wonderful.” “Can I just quickly take a look at your back?” “Of course. Go ahead. Do you want me to lie down or anything?” “Don’t worry, I just need to read the energy around your spine. It will only take a moment.” Running my hand down her spine, a few inches away from her navy blue floral dress, I sensed a twist in the flow of energy. “Ah yes. I see the problem. I’ll have it sorted in a jiffy.” I walked over to my plants and searched for the specific one I needed. Finding it, I snipped a bud from the stem and took it over to my kitchen counter, dropping it in my pestle. I channelled a little bit of healing magic into the bud. “Tea is nearly ready Mrs Timpson. How’s your husband doing?” As she started going on about her husband, I took the boiled kettle off the stove and pulled out two cups, along with some tea and an infuser. Pouring the boiling water into the cup through the leaves, I then went on to crush up the bud I had cut. Adding that to one of the cups, I passed that one to Mrs Timpson and sat down with my own cup. “Drink that and see how you feel.” “Thank you dearie.” She drank the tea, continuing to talk about her husband. Right at the end of the story she was waffling on when she suddenly put her hand on her back. “Oh my, the pain has gone! I feel 20 years younger!” “Good to hear. I’m always happy to help, you know that. So next time, don’t hesitate okay?” After she had finished her tea and after she had finished telling me all about number 9 who painted their shed blue, I smiled and showed her out the door, shutting it as soon as she left. Looking back at myself in the mirror, I waved my hand again and I was back in my comfy clothes, and I went about my day. I enjoyed spending time with the people from the village, but their lives weren’t particularly interesting. Always the same ‘my husband saw a robin’ or ‘did you hear the post office was busy on Tuesday?’ Whilst I loved living in solitude, outside the little village of Basinwall, I couldn’t help but feel like the Witches in the city had much more interesting stories to listen to. But I could never live there again, I chose this life. The villagers led very boring lives, whilst the Witches from the city were ambassadors, diplomats, and celebrities. They often went out and got drunk, fighting demons and saving people’s lives. I, on the other hand, had guests with such riveting stories such as they ‘may have had their garden gnome stolen by a teen’, or ‘a gate got blown down!’ Instead of the normal life for witches these days, I chose to live on the outskirts of a quiet little village in England, both for privacy and safety. I mean, I got on well with the fae folk whenever I visited the city, but I didn’t get on well with other magic users. They were often way too full of themselves and looked down on me for choosing the ways of old. ------------------------------------------------- You see, centuries ago, witches were often elders of a village who had the gift of magic. They were often sought out to fix problems for the community, whether it was helping crops grow, healing the sick and injured, helping with discussions and disagreements, whatever the people needed. We didn’t lead, but we were important when it came to a village’s health, prosperity and growth. And people looked up to us for that, revered us even. Over time, as towns grew, that role became more demanding and more important. But at the same time, the number of witches born started increasing. It used to be that each village had its own witch. But eventually there were multiple witches per village. Then cities started forming and witches started becoming diplomats and guardians, basically any very important positions of power within the city. They started working to further their own paths rather than help others. They became more and more selfish, often favouring power over empathy. The formation of the Council eventually united all of the witches into one powerful force, but they began to forget their roots. There was a point that most witches saw little acts of help, for example healing an old woman’s sore back, as ‘unworthy of their talents’. They became celebrities in their own way, often being idolised for their gifts and looks, but never worthy of such devotion. These days they graced magazine covers, hosted big arena events, signed autographs and got drunk at parties. They flaunted their magic, often in dangerous ways. But they never learnt their lesson, as the Council would just clean everything up and brush away the evidence, acting like nothing had happened. But that’s what this society had become. Witches had no humility. Even from a young age, witches were expected to become powerful and famous. All that pressure, all the expectations... it’s no wonder they grew up selfish and vain. At a young age, anyone identified as a witch would be assigned a more experienced witch to be their tutor. They would act as their guardian, support system, and guide as they taught them how to wield the magic they now had access to. You couldn’t ask for a different tutor. A tutor could choose a different student, but if you didn’t like your tutor... well you were shit out of luck. My tutor was some cranky old hag who was some old movie star whose career had shrivelled up decades before. She was the kind of person who loved reminding me that I would amount to nothing and I hated that about her. But because of that, I learned the power of positive reinforcement. I swore to myself if I ever took on someone, I wouldn’t be like her. At 31 years old, I was the right age and had the right experience to take on an apprentice, but I was isolated from the community and excluded from the inner circles. So I have never been given the opportunity to take someone on. Because of this I spent most of my time working on my plants, helping the residents of the village, or visiting friends. Not like I’d want one of the witches you see in all the magazines anyway, none of them are worth training. I know because I used to be like that. I was a stuck-up little Witch-in-training in the city, tutored by one of the best living witches. I partied, I got into fights, and I drank way too much. I got a few telling offs by the Council, but as I was one of the up and coming rising stars, I could do no real wrong in their eyes. But over time I felt empty. I felt hollow. I felt like I was just pretending to be like every other witch. After a lot of soul searching and travelling, I realised what I wanted. Part of what I wanted was to have a quiet life somewhere out in the countryside, near a little village, doing what we witches used to do. I wanted to get closer to nature, as that had always been my strongest affinity when it came to magic. ------------------------------------------------- All witches have magic. Any witch can learn any spell. Some are more difficult than others, but they are still available to all. What makes each witch different is their affinity. Usually inherited from a parent, an affinity is just a natural talent for one aspect of magic. Sometimes a witch can have two affinities, one from each parent. But it’s rare. I’m one of the few. Fire, nature, earth, air, water. All the elements could be an affinity, but there were plenty more. Some witches have a rarer affinity. Like augmentation, healing or self-regeneration. It doesn’t mean all witches can’t do those kinds of spells, but those with an affinity have a distinct talent for spells in that category. I, for example, gained one of my affinities from my father, his nature based affinity. I find I can connect with plants and animals more easily than any other witch. ------------------------------------------------- So in the end, I left my old life behind. The gossip magazines wondered where I went, the Council were furious. There was an incident with them but I ran as fast and as far away as I could. I didn’t care anymore. I built this house on the edge of Basinwall and have been happy since. Well, mostly happy. I couldn’t go back to my old life. I had severed all connections to it. My tutor disowned me, the Council hated me, and the community looked down on me and snubbed me. But I lived in my own little cottage, in peace, and could focus on helping people. I had what I had fought for. Mostly. ------------------------------------------------- I dragged my feet through the house. I had done my good deed for the day, helping Mrs Timpson with her back. But today an air of melancholy surrounded not only myself, but the house. So I whisked my hand a bit, conjuring a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on my front door. The people from the village were thoughtful and friendly, and whenever I got like this, they’d be understanding and leave me be for the day. They tried to offer their support, but we all knew, even myself, that there was nothing they could do to help me. I needed some time to myself. To clear my head a bit. To try and focus on something. But every time I tried to focus, my body wandered that bit closer to the bare wall between my bedroom and the spare bedroom. Giving in to my feelings, I drew an outline in the air in front of the bare wall with my hand. A door appeared and I walked through. This room hurt my heart every time I entered, and because of that, I hadn’t been in here for a while. But for some reason, it was now calling to me. Running my hand over the plush fabric of the animals, all stood to attention along the shelf in a neat line, I couldn’t help but feel like I would never find that missing piece to this room. It should bring me happiness, love... but instead it was just empty, devoid of joy. Until I could fill that piece that was missing, it was a reminder of the loneliness I felt. Not only in this house, not only in this village, but in this world. I took in the scent that never left this room. When designing it, I made sure that approximately half of the time you’d be able to smell it. Just a simple enchant. That’s all it took. Running my fingers over the wooden beams circling the bed, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had made a mistake in leaving the city. It wasn’t easy leaving that life behind. I fought tooth and nail to get where I am today. And I won’t let anyone take that away from me. I know I’m still missing something, but at least I know what I’m missing this time. The cravings became stronger every day. Caring for the plants only satisfied me so much. But it was difficult living in isolation in a tiny village, how was I supposed to find the thing I needed? I just had to be patient. I’d find it eventually. One day I’ll find that piece I am missing. ========================================================== I hope everyone enjoyed this first chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters are available on my Patreon, which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Witch in Training (Little in Love will not be available on there until it's all finished here). The first tier is purely for supporting my writing. There's also a discord server I've created, which you get access to with either tier. The discord server, my Patreon, everything is new and there may be bugs or mistakes or whatever that I'll try and sort out as soon as possible. That's where suggestions and feedback come in! I'd love to hear what everyone thinks, or what people would like to see from me or anything that needs fixing. I've never done something like this before, it's been a nightmare for my anxiety setting all this up on top of the anxiety of posting my second story, so patience is appreciated. Anyway, enough about all that, I hope you enjoyed this chapter, the second will be posted on Wednesday (and the sixth chapter will be posted on my Patreon).
  10. Jessie pounded on the sorority house door, fighting back the furious tears that threatened to ruin her makeup. Her feet were sore and her legs ached from walking, but her dignity had been hurt far more. The girls of Delta Lambda had accepted her as a pledge–or, that’s what they’d promised. Jessie had expected a little hazing. Maybe a hand in a bowl of peeled grapes and telling her it was eyeballs, or having her do shots and flash some boys at a party, something harmless and a bit fun in hindsight. The girls hadn’t gone for ‘harmless fun’, they’d gone for a social torpedo. ‘All the pledges have to run through the campus fountain naked,’ they’d said, but while Jessie stripped, the others had stolen her clothes, leaving behind only a diaper and a crop-cut T-shirt that barely came down enough to cover her nipples, though the top half of a teddy bear could still be distinguished above the cut line. Then they’d abandoned her, declaring she could have her clothes when she got back to the house. Jessie had been left with an awful choice–put on the humiliating granny diaper, or attempt to streak the four miles between the fountain and the sorority house. She’d gone with the diaper, but on a Friday night, that still meant being seen by probably the entire student body and then some as she trudged back, holding off tears. And now they weren’t letting her in. “Pledge, you forgot to run through the fountain!” one of the sisters taunted through the window. “You have to go back and do it right!” “Asshole!” Jessie yelled back. “Let me in!” Instead of replying, the girl just raised her phone, snapping a picture of Jessie before she could try and hide her obvious diaper. “I wonder what Jamie will think of this?” She laughed sarcastically as she name-dropped Jessie’s boyfriend. “I bet this’ll finally convince him you’re third base material, huh?” Eyes widening, Jessie shook her head, raising a hand in protest. “Don’t send that!” “Sent!” the girl declared. “If you want your clothes–and your phone–back, go do the fountain run. You know the rules, pledge.” Anger rising, Jessie snapped, “I wish–” “Don’t care,” she replied, cutting her off with an eye roll. And with that she wandered away, leaving Jessie on the stoop, alone, humiliated, and defeated. She could try and walk back to her dorm, but it would be even further than the fountain, and her keys were still in her pants, locked inside the sorority house. Maybe someone would lend her a phone, but she didn’t want to go asking strangers for help–she wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. “Tsk, tsk–this just won’t do at all.” The tiny voice came from right behind Jessie, and she turned in alarm, expecting someone to be standing right on the front walk, but she saw nobody. She did, however, feel a prodding sensation down at the seat of her diaper. “We can do so much better than this!” Jessie yelped and stepped forward, whirling again, and this time she saw her: Not even six inches tall, with iridescent butterfly wings, the pixie wore a simple blouse and long skirt with an apron over the ensemble. Jaw falling open, Jessie searched for words but found none. “Those mean girls just don’t understand,” the pixie said, shaking her head and frowning as she took a toothpick-sized wand from her apron’s pocket. “But don’t worry–I’m here to make sure that no Little Girls will ever have to hide what they are!” (What? ‘Little Girl?’ Is she talking about me?) Jessie wondered, but before she could ask the question aloud, the pixie flicked her want. With a burst of starry sparkles, magic burst into life, splashing against the front of Jessie’s diaper and dousing it with color. The plain white plastic poofed out like popcorn, doubling in thickness in an eyeblink, and the thin blue stripes and medical aesthetic were replaced with pinks and purples, a design dominated by a cutesy rabbit. “I–hey!” Jessie blurted, hands lowering to try and cover the infinitely more embarrassing diaper. She looked around, but her tormentor at the window had left. “What the heck?” “Oh, do you prefer the lions?” the pixie asked, tilting her head and tapping her wand against her lips. “You know, you Adult Babies have it easy these days–it wasn’t too long ago, you’d have to settle for solid colors if you got any designs at all! Now–that top, it’s just no good, is it?” Jessie’s eyes widened as she tried to understand what the pixie meant. (Adult Babies? What is she talking about?) Before any further objections could be raised, she flicked the star wand again, and the cut-off tee shirt spooled out, threading itself into a new form–it laced over her diaper and between her legs, metal buttons snapping snugly over her new, far thicker diaper. Jessie looked down at herself, eyes widening. Her outfit was infinitely worse–at least the crop top could claim to have a little sex appeal, but the bright pink onesie had rainbows and unicorns printed all across it, and over her uniquely puffy bottom, glittery ruffles poofed into existence as the finishing touch. She gaped, turning to try and get a look at the ruffles, spinning in place for a few steps. “Stop it!” she yelped. “I don’t want any of this baby crap!” The pixie rolled her eyes and sighed in a good natured way. “Sweetie, just because those other girls tease you doesn’t mean you should hide who you are–but if you won’t allow yourself to be yourself, I’ll happily give you a little nudge in that direction!” Flitting around Jessie, she tapped her wand right over the woman’s onesie-covered tummy, and the magic kicked in immediately. Jessie felt sudden warmth burst into her diaper as her bladder drained without warning, quickly soaking into the thirsty padding. She lowered her hands to cover her crotch, though the onesie did an admirable job of hiding the accident. The snaps even prevented much in the way of diaper sag, but while it could hide her accidents, it couldn’t prevent them. Even as she bent to try and conceal her humiliating clothes, she felt a gurgling in her belly. When she tried to clench, Jessie found she had no control, and so she couldn’t stop herself from immediately pushing out the contents of her bowels into the diaper. Her attempts to stop the accident only emphasized how helpless she’d become, unable to stem the tide of gross mush that swelled against her skin. She blushed, her cheeks feeling almost as warm as her saturated diaper, humiliation building as the back of her diaper bulged and grew heavy, enough that even her onesie struggled a bit, stretching and succumbing to the telltale sag that indicated a dirty diaper to observant onlookers. “You–you little imp!” Jessie snarled, raging at the fairy. “I don’t hate this just because they’re teasing me! Why can’t you just do what I want you to do? I don’t. Like. Diapers!” “If you don’t, then why did you put one on for everyone to see? Someone’s knee-deep in denial, I think!” The pixie crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot, though since hovered like a hummingbird, the taps just fell on thin air. “A certain Little Girl sure is being fussy. I’d normally think it’s because she needs a change, but she was like this before, so maybe she just needs to relax a bit and get off her feet.” Jessie’s eyes widened and she shook her head. “No, no–” But the spell was already cast, and her knees wobbled like jelly as the pixie stole her balance. Falling back, she plopped down onto the ground, landing on her ruffled diaper seat with a mucky squish that made her blush increase in intensity. “A little rest will do you good, and if you need to get around, you can have fun crawling, Littles always like that,” the fairy cooed. “And I must say–you’re much cuter like th–” “Put me back!” Jessie demanded, mortified, worried that one of the sorority sisters might snap another photo of her like this. Spread-legged on the ground, in a diaper full enough to strain the snaps on her baby doll onesie, she would give anything to make sure nobody got a photo of this. “Before someone sees!” “Oh, fuss, fuss, fuss.” The fairy flicked her wrist casually, and a pacifier appeared between Jessie’s lips, one that was specially sealed so that only a grown up could remove it. She grumbled into it, face screwing up in petulant anger, but the fairy ignored her, scratching her chin in thought. “Okay, she’s clearly upset–but what else could a Little want? I’ve given her all the general fantasies, so…” A few giggles echoed from behind the sorority house door, and the fairy–invisible to everyone but Jessie–snapped her fingers as she understood. Floating down to hover in front of Jessie’s teary, humiliated, and particularly angry face, the fairy said, “I know what it is, sweetie–you’re embarrassed, because you don’t want the other girls to see what a cute baby you are. But, don’t worry, I’m going to fix all of this.” Jessie started to relax, until she added, “Let’s just clear up all those nasty big girl thoughts, okay?” “Nnmmph!” Jessie blabbered into her pacifier, too late to stop a spark of magic from tapping her right between the eyes, and… (Um…) (Why was I cranky?) Jessie blinked a few times, a thin line of drool trickling out from behind her pacifier guard. She looked up at the fairy, eyes slightly hazed. She was a bit cold, but not terribly. Her diaper felt nice and warm and squishy, and her pacifier helped her calm down a bit. Something smelled, but it didn’t bother her terribly much, she just needed… (What do I need?) “Alright, little one,” the fairy said. “I have one more thing to take care of–and remember, magic is real, and wishes for Little Girls do come true!” With a puff of glitter, she darted off into the night, leaving Jessie alone. She still felt her heart pound with anxiety, but couldn’t place why. (I don’t gotta potty, I…the diapers…my diapers make sure I’m safe!) (Um…) (I’m so pretty, pink is such a nice color!) But, if she liked everything about herself–her diaper, her pacifier, her onesie–why did she still feel worried? She sniffled, uncertain why she felt like she might cry, but before her unfamiliar emotions overwhelmed her, she saw something blue. (I like blue!) It wasn’t just any old blue thing though, it was a blue car. A big blue car that could go really fast! Maybe she could sit on Daddy’s lap and he’d let her turn the steering wheel– (Oh! Daddy!) Jamie got out of the driver’s side, eyes widening when he saw her sitting on the ground. “Jessie?” he called, quickly running over to her, crouching by her side. “Shh, baby, it’s okay–Daddy’s here.” She giggled, opening her arms for a hug. More than just hugging her, Jamie scooped her up, lifting Jessie off the ground. He was strong, and she was light enough to always get picked as the flier on the cheer squad, so he hefted her easily, one hand cradling the seat of her diaper. “Smells like someone needs a freshie,” he said, giving her bottom a playful squeeze. “We’ll get that taken care of soon, okay?” Jessie squirmed happily–this was what she’d been missing. Her boyfriend–her daddy, here to take care of her. Carrying her to his car, Jamie paused by the door, removing the pacifier from between Jessie’s lips. “Who’s my lovely little baby girl?” he asked, cooing at her. She could have answered with words, but she knew a better way. Leaning up, she kissed him, and he held her close as he kissed her back. In the distance, a diminutive fairy watched, smiling at the scene, content with how she’d handled it. Though noone was around to hear, she whispered to herself, a quiet affirmation. “Another happy ending.” There were more and more little girls every night, it seemed–and she would give them all what they wanted, just like she had with Jessie. ... Written for bricks66 Comments and feedback always appreciated! Hey y'all, I could use a favor! gofund.me/37aecafd I'm raising money to help a friend and ABDL colleague of mine move after finding out she's going to be out of job and home soon. Let's show her some love, ok? I normally try and promote my own work here, but right now I want to make sure that another author and cool person in the community is taken care of. ❤️
  11. JUNE 20 - ADDED A HAND-FULL OF BREAK POINTS TO MAKE IT EASIER TO READ THIS FIRST PART Loose papers, file folders, thick books and numerous legal pads were scattered across the boardroom table. At the head of the table, an older man leaned on the polished oak, looking down at a small pile of documents in front of him. He reached down and flipped open one of the file folders, pulled a post-it note from where it had been stuck. Not looking up he said, “Miss St. James.” “Yes, Mr Cotton?” He looked up then, grey eyes seeking out the young woman. “Go down to the library, I need you to check all the cases from 1986.” Kristine St. James nodded at the tall Oscar Cotton. “Yes sir. What do you want me to find?” He looked at the post-it note again and then said, “You’ll know it when you find it.” Several of the other people in the room, all young men and women, rolled their eyes, and one dark-haired man gave her a sympathetic look. However, Kristine only said, “Yes sir.” Oscar nodded and then began to shift through the documents in front of him. By the door was a polished aluminium coat rack on which hung some expensive suit jackets, mostly blue and black. Kristine took a jacket of dark red, worsted wool and slipped it over a white blouse, open at the collar. Before leaving she grabbed a messenger bag, heavy with the laptop within. Beyond the boardroom was a large, open office space, the perimeter made up of other such boardrooms and offices for the lawyers. She paused, looked around, promised herself she would have one of those offices in two years. As she walked to the elevators the two-inch heels of her pumps clicked on the office's hardwood floor. Hardwood floors were just one of those things that the law firm of Cotton and Black used to set itself apart from the others. The elevator took her down to the lobby, and she crossed the tiled floors, towards the stairs. She was a young woman, looked more or less her twenty-five years, average across the board, maybe a little pretty. No one gave her any more attention than anyone else. She walked down two flights of stairs, into the sub-basement. Cotton and Black had space down there, for storage and the library. Her security key got her into the room. She reached out and flipped on the lights. The fluorescents came on with a quiet but pervasive ‘hum’ and a barely perceptible flicker. “Too bad the clients don’t come down here,” she said, walking over to one of the scarred wooden tables and placing her bag on it. The cases for 1986 occupied their own shelf. Books of past cases and the legal precedents set in them. She pulled several down, carried the heavy armful back to the table, placed them down on one end. From her bag, she brought out a beat up, old laptop, and several pads of legal paper. “Okay, let’s go fishing,” she said, and then pulled a book towards her, sat down, and flipped it open. Time passed. She ran numerous searched on her laptop, filled almost an entire pad with notes and photocopied nearly one hundred pages. Feeling she had found everything she (and Oscar) wanted Kristine put the books back in place and then left the library, snapping off the lights behind her. She had been there for almost four hours, and it was a little after seven in the evening. The offices of Cotton and Black were not empty, but most everyone had gone home. Kristine might have gone home herself, but she really wanted to get things finished up. She sat at her cubicle, a far cry from the office she wanted, logged into the desktop computer and then began to write up the document. It was almost ten when she finally finished putting everything in order. All the precedents neatly organised, from the ones that had the most relevance to the case to the ones that had the least. There were a few good ones there, but nothing that she would have considered a home-run in the case. She could only hope she got what Oscar Cotton had wanted. While the computer logged off, she stretched in her chair, arms above her head. Flopping bonelessly she slumped in her chair, eyes closed. So simple to just fall asleep in the chair. She would feel like hell tomorrow. Standing she took her jacket from the back of the chair, then slipped her arms into it, pulling it straight. Grabbing her messenger bag up she walked through the nearly empty room, towards the elevators. She almost ran into someone coming out of one of the offices. “Oh, sorry,” Kristine said, jumping back. The other woman started, took a step back, then shook her head. “No problem. Here late?” “Yes Mrs Kirk.” Linda Kirk looked at Kristine for a few seconds. “You’re working with Oscar.” “Yes Mrs Kirk.” “St. Just?” “St. James.” “Sorry.” Kristine smiled. “No problem.” Linda nodded and started towards the elevators. She walked slowly, and Kristine took that as an invitation to fall in beside her. Linda was a little taller than average, and her three-inch heels made her stand taller than Kristine. She was a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed woman, looking to be in her late thirties, but probably older than that. Married, as Kristine understood it. Not happily, according to office gossip. Kristine tried not to pay attention to such gossip. Linda was the kind of lawyer that Kristine wanted to be, minus the wedding. “You’ve been here for about six months,” Linda said. “Yes. Came in around April.” “Do you like it here?” She and Linda had arrived at the elevators and Linda reached out and pressed the call button. “I do,” Kristine said. “Are you hoping for a job?” Kristine knew what Linda meant. “Yes.” “Work hours like this and you’ll probably get it.” “Thank you.” “Don’t let it take over your life though.” “Pardon?” “You’re a young woman. I suspect some of the other people articling are out having some fun. God knows I did a few times.” “I’ll remember that, but,” she paused, “I like the job.” Linda looked down at her, not that there was that great of a difference in their heights. “I suppose you do, but still…” The elevator ‘dinged’ and the doors opened. They both stepped in. Kristine reached out and pressed the button for the lobby. As the doors closed, Linda said, “Just don’t burn yourself out.” “I won’t,” Kristine said. They ended up riding down in silence. Kristine looked at the muddy reflection in the dull silver doors. All she could really make out was her dark hair, brown, worn to her shoulders. Different from Linda’s long, blonde hair. “It was nice to speak with you,” Linda said as the elevator doors opened on the lobby, then walked out. “You too,” Linda said, following. Linda’s longer strides made it clear that their conversation was over. Still, she followed Linda across the lobby and out of the building. They went different ways a few steps later, with Linda stopping by the side of the road to hail a taxi while Kristine turned and walked down the block towards the subway entrance. When she reached the platform, she took a moment to check her phone. There was a message from Daniel, the dark-haired young man from earlier in the day. He and the others had gone out for drinks, wanted to know if she was going to come. She considered it for a moment but chose not to, sending him a text message telling him she’d go out drinking tomorrow night. Friday night. Tonight she’d get some sleep and be ready for a busy day tomorrow. In another place a busty woman with cat ears sat in a booth, several women with rabbit ears tight around her, hugging her, pouring her drinks, laughing with her, sharing kisses. The cat-eared woman laughed loud and drank deep. “Another round,” she called out. The rabbit-eared women cheered. “Tac is so generous,” a bunny girl with ridiculously huge breasts said. “Of course I am my sweet little hare, the party never ends,” Tac said. She was well dressed, in a tuxedo cut to flatter her feminine curves, her black hair cut in a short bob that called attention to a long, feminine neck. The waiter came by with a new bottle. He coughed, as if uncomfortable. “You’ve run out of money ma’am.” Tac produced a card from her jacket and handed it to the waiter. “Of course, put another fortune for my tab, and twenty percent for tips across the board!” “Of course ma’am.” The rabbit girls squealed happily, fighting to throw their arms around Tac as the waiter nearly skipped off. “Oh, my life is good!” Tac crowed. A new glass of alcohol (a catnip whisky) had been poured, and Tac was slipping her hands under the clothing of her table mate. “I’m a pussy that knows my stuff,” she told one of the rabbit girls as she slipped a hand between her legs. Someone coughed loudly. Tac looked over her shoulder. Behind her was an older woman, dressed in a severe but beautiful dress. Her lower body was that of a snake. “What is it mama-san?” Tac asked. “Do you have a new girl you want me to meet.” The woman smiled, though it did not touch her eyes. “I am afraid that your card has been denied.” She placed the card on the table. Tac straightened. “Impossible.” She reached for the card. “I am afraid it is true. Do you have another form of payment?” Tac looked at the card, then shook her head. “Only barbarians carry cash.” “Enjoy the bottle, it is your last. Girls.” “Awww, sorry Tac,” one of the girls said as she and the others slipped from the booth. Tac sighed and slipped the card into her jacket. “Share a glass with me Mama-san?” she asked, holding up the still mostly full bottle. “For old times sake,” she replied, slipping the upper part of her body into the booth, leaving her tail to the side. “To the good old days,” Tac said, lifting her glass after she had poured two full tumblers. “You have spent the good old days here,” the snake woman said as she tapped the rim of her glass against Tac’s. “You jest,” Tac said and took a drink. “Why I have hardly been here…” she looked at her watch. “Wow! No wonder they cancelled my card.” “I wish you well,” the snake woman said, finishing the drink. “When you are rolling in money again, you are of course welcome.” “You’ve got a heart of gold Mama-san.” “If that were true I would have cut it out long ago.” That said she slithered off, leaving Tac alone. She poured herself one last drink, then corked the bottle. She had paid for it so she would take it with her. After knocking back the generous measure, she got up and walked with the exaggerated and affected grace of one very drunk. Outside the bar, it was daylight. Bright daylight. Tac’s green cat eyes narrowed, and she raised her free hand up to shade her face. “This sort of day is obscene,” Tac said. “There is only one obscene thing here, and that is you.” Tac turned to the speaker. “Gorgeous,” she said as if the word tasted like ashes. Not entirely living up to her name, the rail-thin Gorgeous with soft brown skin, kohl-lined eyes and perked up Anubis ears seemed a pretty Egyptian princess. “You are an embarrassment,” Gorgeous said. “A sexy embarrassment, with cat class and cat style,” Tac smiled, taking her hand away from her brow to place it across her chest. Gorgeous’ lips twitched into scowl for a moment. “You’ve left your job undone.” “What? You told me to take a couple of years break before starting up work again.” Voice expressing insult as eyes widened in surprise. “A couple of years! Two! Like a married couple. You’ve been in that bar for twenty-three!” “Your definition of marriage seems both heteronormative and supporting only monogamous pairings. In some cultures I am easily married to many of the women in that club,” she took her hand from her chest and made a gesture, pointing behind her with a thumb, “and our ‘couple’ is much larger than two.” “Really? That’s your answer. Twenty-three years in a club and all you can do is argue that you have a different definition of a word? You aren’t even going to act embarrassed that you have been spending a fortune of the organisation’s money on a party?” “So it was you that got my card cancelled. That’s low even for you.” Tac took a few steps forward and stood nearly nose to nose with Gorgeous. “You owe me an apology.” Gorgeous seemed exceptionally off-put by Tac’s attack, and stammered out, “But it was you…” She took a deep breath, threw her shoulders back and puffed out her chest. “If you want your card reactivated you had better do your job. There is a candidate that you have to take care of.” Tac shuffled a step back, realising that she had lost the opportunity to claim the moral high ground. “But it has been twenty-three years, surely that is too late. Maybe it is time I got shuffled into an office job?” “Oh? Now twenty-three years seems too long?” “Well, for the job. The candidate is probably dead right? Humans only live about fifteen years, right?” “You know that is not true!” Gorgeous snapped angrily, taking a step forward. Tac skipped back several steps. “But you got to admit, it is like too late. I mean, what adult would ever accept the deal?” Gorgeous smiled. Tac did not like that smile. “Well, that is your problem now. You want your account reactivated, you get your candidate to accept the contract. And until you do, you are persona-non-grata at the organisation. And don’t expect to get any sort of reference from us if you just decide to quit and seek a new job.” “Well, shit,” Tac said. “Kristine, good work on that report,” Oscar Cotton said as he came into the boardroom. Kristine and the other people assigned to work with Oscar had come in earlier, had been working for about twenty minutes already. “Thank you, Mr Cotton. So I found the precedent you want?” “Not at all,” he told her, smiling. “But it was good work, and it reminded me of what I was looking for.” He held up a law journal and then tossed it onto the table. “I want you to all go through the marked pages,” he told them, “give me your impressions. That is what we will be basing our defence on.” With a focus for their work, Kristine and the others set down to get all of the details hammered out while Oscar put it all together in a cohesive whole. “Miss St. James,” Oscar said near the middle of the day, “would you like to join me in court on Monday?” “Me Mr Cotton?” A moment of modesty, just not to seem too opportunistic. “Yes. I would appreciate it.” But it helped to seem a little opportunistic. “Very good. Okay, let’s dot our i’s and cross our t’s,” he told the rest of the team, smiling. Kristine knew there would be a little bad-blood that she was going to assist Mr Cotton at the trial, but she knew it would not last. She had nursed short-lived grudges about the same thing. A little before six in the evening Oscar pronounced them ready. “Get some rest, have a little fun.” Dismissed they gathered up their things to head out. Daniel fell in beside her as they entered the elevator, Olivia Smoke on her other side. “Going to sit in the big seat,” Olivia teased. Dark hair, dark skinned, handsome, Olivia stood out in all the right ways. “Will you remember us little people?” Daniel asked her. “Just like you remembered us when Mrs Kirk had you help you on the Rafter case?” “I did enjoy lording it over all you peons,” he said, striking an arrogant pose. Kristine and Olivia laughed. “You heard the boss,” Olivia said as she hooked an arm through Kristine’s. “Let’s go and have some fun.” Daniel put a hand on Kristine’s shoulder. “You did promise me to go out drinking tonight.” Kristine laughed as the three of them strode out of the elevator as it opened on the lobby. “Then let’s enjoy a night of debauchery.” Close by were some upper-class bars, very expensive. They stopped in one for a few drinks, letting themselves enjoy the finer things. “For practice when we are all big shot lawyers,” Kristine said. However money did not go far there, and they piled into the subway, heading downtown to less genteel but much cheaper options. They drank heavily, in celebration, for another week done. Daniel handled his booze better than the other two, and watched over them, even when drunk, knocking over glasses that had been left unattended and sending them to get fresh drinks, staying close to them, so they were not bothered too much. Kristine liked him. She liked Olivia more. The two of them, she and Olivia, ended up in a stall in the woman’s bathroom, their hands in each other’s panties. Near last call, Daniel saw them both into taxi cabs. Sending them off to their homes. Kristine sobered up a little on the ride back to her apartment. She stretched lazily in the back seat, and the taxi driver kept up a stream of what sounded like meaningless conversation. One thought dominated her thoughts. On Monday she would be in court. It was going to be an excellent opportunity to learn. The cab dropped her off at a nothing special high-rise, close to the university. Not a bad part of town, but loud students made it less desirable for older people and those with families. Kristine could just afford the small bachelors apartment she rented, with a little left over after food to enjoy a few nights out each week. She passed through the security door, and into the lobby. Took the elevator up to the fourteenth floor. She walked stockinged foot along the faded, slightly ratty carpet with the blue and gold pattern, her heels in her hand. When she reached the door to her apartment, a cat waited for her, sitting right in her way. “What’s up?” the cat asked. Kristine frowned. She was nowhere near drunk enough that she should be hallucinating. It was unlikely anyone had slipped her anything. Which meant she was facing a talking animal. “Get the hell out of here,” she told the cat, kicking at it. She did not think to connect, but the cat jumped away from the kick and from the door, and Kristine quickly unlocked it and slid inside. “Damn magic animals,” she said as she pushed the door closed and locked it. “That was hardly nice.” Kristine looked over her shoulder. That cat sat on the floor behind her. “Of course.” She turned and slid down the door, so she was sitting on the floor. “Don’t you have to be invited in?” “You are thinking of vampires.” She closed her eyes. Took a deep breath. “What do you want?” “Become a Magical Girl.” “Fuck no!” She said, opening her eyes, straightening to her feet. The cat was gone. In its place was a beautiful woman in a tuxedo, cat ears upon her head. She understood, intellectually, that cat and woman were the same, but it surprised her none the less, and she swayed on her feet. “Come on, don’t be like that?” The woman stepped closer. “I’m Tac. You’re Kristine. Introductions over.” She put a hand on Kristine’s bare hand. “Now become a Magical Girl.” Kristine shivered at the touch and pulled back. “No.” She pushed past Tac and into the centre of the small apartment, between the couch and the TV. “Every girl wants to be a Magical Girl,” Tac told her. “Exactly, every girl. No woman. I’m a woman.” “Don’t I know it,” Tac said with a smile that made Kristine feel as if she were naked. And realise that she might not mind it if she were naked. “Then why ask me? Find some actual girl.” “You’re my target. Sorry. Become a Magical Girl. You’ll be a superhero. What’s so bad about that?” Kristine shook her head, then reached for the TV remote. With a beep, the TV came on. She flipped through the channels until she found what she was looking for. “There. That’s a Magical Girl.” There was some kind of panel show on the TV. One of the guests was a young woman in an extravagant pink mini dress, pink hair done up in an impossible style. “Hey, that Magical Parfait, one of the Baker’s Dozen,” Tac said. “Been forever since I saw them. She’s looking well.” Kristine nodded. “I know who she is. She or some other pathetic once was are always on late night TV, being an embarrassment. That’s what happens to Magical Girls, now that there is nothing left to fight. Why would I become one of those people? It would be embarrassing, becoming a joke, hell I think my employment contract says I can’t become magical.” “You make a few good points, but I don’t really care. Let’s fuck and then you can become a magical girl.” Kristine almost said, ‘Yes to the first part, no to the second.’ Instead, she said, “Get out or I am calling the cops.” Tac took a step back, holding up her hands. “Okay, okay. I’m going, but think about it.” Before Kristine could tell Tac that there was nothing that needed to be thought about, Tac was gone. “God damn magic,” Kristine muttered. BREAK POINT#1 Morning came. Kristine woke in her bed (a folding couch), looking up at her room’s ceiling. She wondered it a magical animal had actually offered her the opportunity to become a magical girl. It seemed like something that should be a dream. But it did not feel like a dream. Well, she had refused it, and that was what mattered the most. She went about her morning routines, then chores. The small apartment made it easy to clean. She held up her suit from the previous night. Partying and bathroom sex had done a bit of a number on it. The suit and a few other things got folded into a bag, to be dropped off at the dry cleaners, different clothes got stuffed in a mesh laundry bag. She would take them down to the building’s laundry room later. Dressing in faded jeans and a smart, cream, peasant blouse, she took up her purse and the bag of clothing and headed out. Standing outside of her door, waiting for her, was the cat. She looked back and forth, to make sure she was alone, then said to the cat, “Go to hell.” “Come on. Become a Magical Girl.” “Go to hell,” she said again, enunciating each word. Then she turned and walked towards the elevators. “You get magic, you’ll be really strong and fast. You won’t ever get a cold again,” the cat told her, following at her heels. “There is not really a downside.” “What part of go to hell don’t you understand,” Kristine asked, looking down at the cat she walked. “Is it the ‘hell’ part? It can’t be the ‘go’ part.” “The part where you won’t become a Magical Girl.” Kristine stopped at the elevators, she jabbed the down button then turned and grabbed the cat, picking it up by its scruff. “Hey, hands off the fur.” Ignoring the outburst she lifted it up, so it was hanging in front of her face, and they were eye to eye. “Get this kitty. I will never become a Magical Girl. Never, ever. If you keep bothering me, I’ll find a magical violin maker and tell them there is some magical catgut around here and they can come and get it.” “Oh real nice. How’d you like it if people were making things out of human organs?” “Don’t bother me again. The answer is and will always be no.” There was the sound of the elevator door opening. Kristine dropped the cat and stepped back into the, fortunately, empty elevator car. The cat did not follow her. Watching the doors closed Tac’s feline eyes narrowed. “If you want to play rough, I can play rough lady. Oh, I can play very rough.” Maybe once the room had been something more. Maybe once it had been clean, and sunlit, where decent people gathered. But that did not seem likely. A handful of lights made the shadows all that deeper. The walls and the floor were bare cement. It smelt of mould, stale vomit, piss and beer. The clientele often smelled just as bad. At the bar, a large figure sat. Swathed in a long overcoat and wide-brimmed hat, seeming to carry a cloud of shadows about itself. Every now and then the bartender would place a glass, filled from an unlabelled bottle, in front of the figure and the figure would throw some tattered bills on the bar. When Tac entered the bar almost every pair of eyes (in a few cases a single eye and in some more than two) was turned towards her. She was obviously out of place, with grace and style that was discordant with the general atmosphere of malignant neglect. A few watchers licked lips or gripped groins, but most identified Tac as bad news and looked away. Tac, after placing a handkerchief on the stool, took a seat beside the large figure. The figure was one of the few who had not looked towards her. “General Hemlock, the First Lance of the Rose Empress… how the mighty have fallen.” Slowly the figure turned its head towards Tac. The brim of the hat cast most of the face in shadow, buy toxic green eyes shone out. “You were with those bitches.” “The Charms, Princess Calliope. She was the one who killed Empress Rose at the end. She was the one that beat you, then left you. She thought she was kind.” The glass Hemlock’s hand shattered. “Yeah, it’s sad. You didn’t die in battle, and you didn’t protect your Empress. And you can’t go home, and you can’t do anything here, except drink.” Hemlock stood, towering over Tac. “Oh dear,” Tac said carelessly. “Are you going to kill me?” For a moment Hemlock stood there, then his shoulders sagged, and he seemed to shrink in on himself. He dropped back onto his stool, turned away from Tac, back to the bar. A few bills were tossed onto the bar, for another drink. “That’s what I thought,” Tac said with a smile. “Still, maybe there is an opportunity. You see, there is a brand new Magical Girl out there. Just maybe you could kill her. Kill a Magical Girl, and you could probably return home, little bit of honour instead of disgrace.” Hemlock’s head dipped, perhaps he was nodding. “Or she kills you, but you die like the great warrior you are.” The bartender placed a new drink in front of Hemlock. Hemlock picked it up and drank most of it in one gulp. “Tell me more,” Hemlock said. Kristine enjoyed a cup of coffee in a small cafe. She had a shopping bag on the seat beside her; her dry cleaning had been dropped off earlier. There was a little more shopping she needed to do but was happy to take a small rest. On Monday she would be in court. That was what mattered. Not some stupid cat who wanted her to become a ridiculous Magical Girl. She finished her coffee, dropped a handful of change beside the empty cup, then left the cafe at a leisurely walk. She looked around, trying to decide where to go first. She saw the people staring before she saw what they were staring at. She followed their gazes and spotted what had attracted so much attention. A ridiculously large figure, dressed in a trench coat, wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Was it some kind stunt, she wondered? Her mind on how unbelievable the figure was it took her a moment to realise it was heading towards her. She turned, looked both ways, then dashed across the street as soon as there was an opening. Having a road between her and the strange giant in black made her feel a bit better. The sound of tires screeching and horns honking made her turn. The large figure had stepped onto the road, and even as she watched, one of the cars slammed into him with a metal crunching sound. Knocked forward the figure flew through the air for a few feet and then hit the ground, losing its hat in the process. Kristine’s mouth was open in shock. Then the figure got to its feet. Without the hat an inhuman face was visible, looking more like the rough bark of a tree, with small, glowing green eyes and a simple black slash across the lower part for a mouth. It got to its feet and, ignoring the car, continued forward. Right at Kristine. When she realised it was coming right at her, she turned to run. However, with impossibly long arms it reached out and grabbed her. “Where is she?” the thing screamed at her, drawing her close. Kristine stared at it, fear wide eyes showing white all around. “Where is she?” The words were punctuated with a shake that made muscles hurt. “I don’t know what you are talking about,” Kristine almost babbled. It slammed her against the pole of a street light. Kristine was sure bones had broken. “Come out and fight me!” it screamed, then hurled Kristine through a shop window. She was certain something snapped when she hit the glass, then the glass shattered and cut her as she went crashing into a clothing shop. I am going to die. The thought was clear. “Things don’t look good for you.” Kristine shifted her gaze, towards the voice. Tac, as a cat, sat nearby. “What…” “Some monster is going to kill you, sad,” Tac told her. “Help…” “I’d love to, but I am a lover, not a fighter. But you could be a fighter. Want to become a Magical Girl? Better than dying.” There was the sound of glass being crushed, something breaking. That thing was coming after her. She knew this was wrong, but there was too much pain, and her head was ringing. She could hardly think. But she did not want to die. “Okay,” she said, giving up. The cat’s eyes glowed. “Say the words,” it said. The words? What words? Then she knew. The words that would seal the covenant. By the Power of Innocence, I am Nursery Knight Kristine. Those were the words. Those were what she said. She was almost certain what she heard was, ‘By the Powa of Innothenthe, I’m Nurthwy Knight Kwithy’. However at the moment what she heard was not as important as what was happening. The pain faded, the cuts closed up, and bruises disappeared. Her clothing changed, though she could not see, and it felt weird. Something was happening to her hair like someone was combing it and styling it. As she stood, she felt something weigh her hand down and looked to see she was holding some odd looking, giant plastic looking mace. It looked like… “You!” She turned towards the monster. “You are the Magical Girl!” “I guethh I am,” she said and wondered again at what she heard. The monster charged her. Without thinking she swung the mace out to crash into the monster. The blow lifted it from its feet and hurled it out the window. Wow! She was strong. “You better finish it off before anyone gets hurt,” Tac said. Kristine did not want to finish anything off, but if she did not then, it might very well hurt others. And it might come after her again. So she went out, leaping through the smashed window, onto the street. The monster was getting up from where it had landed, in the middle of the street. “I am the late Empress Rose’s General Hemlock, and I dedicate your death to her memory and honour!” it screamed. Words again flashed through her mind, “Innothent Wattle Thaker!” Leaping forward she swung the mace around, bringing it down on the monster’s head. The force of the blow drove General Hemlock to his knees, and the asphalt under it cracked. Its head was twisted over to the side. “Ah, still too weak,” it said sadly. “Finish me Mag…” Kristine hit it again, hard as she could. It did not move. Stepping back she thought she should be breathing heavily, thought her heart should be beating like a drum, but neither of those things were true. She felt perfectly fine. Perfectly calm. “Good job,” Tac said from where she had leapt up onto the broken windowsill. Kristine tuned towards the cat. She noticed people around her had lifted their phones, were taking pictures or videos. They seemed amused. “Don’t worry,” Tac said, “no one can get a good picture of you.” A few people started laughing, laughing at her. She moved, fast, faster than anyone might expect. She was not even sure how she did it, she just did. A man stumbled back from her, but she took his phone from him before he could stop her. He did not seem to think things were so funny. She turned it around and looked at the picture. The face was blurry, and there was something indistinct about the picture. Likely what Tac had meant when he said no one could get a good picture of her. But she could see enough to know why people were laughing. The girl in the picture was dressed in a ridiculous baby blue, child’s party dress, with a puffy skirt and puffed sleeves and a big bow in the back. And the puffy skirt was short enough to make it evident that the girl was wearing a diaper. Carrying a comically colossal rattle (her mace) with a pacifier clipped to the dress, hanging off a white ribbon. Oh, and her hair was done up in pigtails. “Cat, what the hell ith thith!?” “Magical Girl Nursery Knight Kristie,” the cat said. “What do you think a Nursery Knight would wear?” Kristine looked around. People were watching her, still taking pictures. She hated it, hated that they were looking at her like some kind of joke. Without thinking about it, she snapped up the pacifier and put it in her mouth. I just want this to all go away, she thought. It did not, but the people looked surprised. They lowered the phones they had been using to take her picture, looked around in confusion. “The pacifier makes you invisible to almost anyone but me, and probably soothes you as well,” Tac said, walking towards her. “No, don’t take it out of your mouth, not if you don’t want everyone staring at you. Why don’t you give the nice man back his phone and then we’ll take a walk.” Kristine nodded and slid the phone into the man’s pocket, as quick as she had taken it from him. He made a sound of surprise, looking around. “Come on,” Tac said. Kristine followed, the pacifier in her mouth, waddling slightly because of the bulk between her legs. It was humiliating. At least no one could see her now. And no one would be able to identify her from the pictures. The cat led the way down the street and into an alley. She jumped up on a dumpster and turned to give Kristine a look over. “Very nice,” Tac said after a few seconds. “Extraordinarily cute. Just what I would expect of a Nursery Knight.” Kristine wanted to take the pacifier from her mouth and swear a blue streak at the cat but did not want to risk becoming visible again. She shifted from foot to foot in agitation. “Well, let’s start your lessons. So, you have a mace, solid weapon, looks like a Silver 7 special version, so you can teleport.” “Tewepot?” she mumbled around the pacifier. “Right. Let’s start simple. Turn around, see that big building there? Look up at the edge of the roof, and just kind of will yourself there.” She turned, looked as she had been told. She felt Tac’s weight land on her shoulder. Well, it was magic. She focused on the edge and pictured herself appearing there. There was a momentary sensation of vertigo, and she felt as if she had just gone over the first drop of a rollercoaster. Then she realised she was standing on the edge of the roof, about twenty stories up. “Am’zing,” she said, the pacifier coming out of her mouth, dropping down to fall the length of the ribbon. She stepped forward, completely onto the roof. Tac jumped from her shoulder. “Excellent for a first try. With enough practice, you’ll be able to go anywhere.” Momentarily stunned by the wonder of it all she nodded, and then shook her head in denial. “I am dwethed like a fucking toddwer.” “Yes,” Tac said with a nod. “You are. Very cute too, thought the swearing ruins the effect really.” “I don’t care that thwearing… No. Not going to be thidetwacked. Magical Girlth are thupposed to look like thripper cheerleaderth, or hooker waitretheth, or bondage nunth, or naughty thchool girlth. They’re not thuppothed to look like toddwerth.” “Well one,” Tac said, “not all magical girls are short skirted stripper types, it’s rude to group them all like that.” “I don’t care.” “And second, you are a Nursery Knight. Nursery Knights were all girls six and under who fought the Nightmare King. What would you expect them to be dressed like?” There was a lot in that and Kristine had a great deal of difficulty processing it, but she said, “I am in diapeeth!” “Well, who knew if girls that age would be fully potty trained? Better to have them in diapers, just in case I suppose.” “Thith ith inthane.” The cat nodded. “Yes, somewhat. The entire Nursery Knight thing was ill-conceived if you ask me. A pet project of some middle management type I've heard. But here we are, you dressed as a toddler and wearing a diaper and me having to teach you to be a Magical Girl. Best we get on with this and then put it all behind us, right?” Kristine started at the cat for several second, gripping the huge, rattle/mace tight. She wondered if that cat would make a squeaking sound were she to hit it. “You thet me up,” she said after a second. “That is a serious accusation, and seeing as you killed the only possible witness, not one that you can prove.” Kristine found herself making a growling sound. “You’d have to prove it, right,” the cat said with a smile (a good trick). “If you could be certain you’d try to pound me into kitty pate paste, but you can’t, so you won’t.” She loosened her grip on the mace. “I learn what you teach. You go away, and I never have to twanthform again?” “You learn what I have to teach, I go away, and if you chose to never transform again that is your business, but you keep the benefits of longevity, durability and the ridiculous heath of those touched by this magic. A pretty good deal, don’t you think?” “Just thtart the lessonth cat. Thooner we finithh the thooner I can get back to my life.” “Okay, very well.” The cat turned into a woman. “Let’s start with banishing and summoning your weapon, Magical Girl 101.” Kristine sighed. “All right, what do I do?” “Just focus on your weapon and imagine it being somewhere else, a closet or a room, or under a tree you know well.” Kristine took a deep breath. She imagined the mace as being in the closet in her old dorm room. The weapon was gone. “Oh.” “Good job.” “Did it weally go where I ‘magined it?” “No,” Tac said, shaking her head. “It was just important you pictured it being somewhere else. Now for summoning, just imagine yourself reaching out and grabbing it.” Kristine could not help but be a little excited by this. While she genuinely had no desire to be a Magical Girl, there had been a time, when she was younger, when she had fantasised about that very thing. And now she was doing magic. Reaching out with her hand she closed her fingers around the empty air. The mace appeared in her hand as if she had just grabbed it. “I did it.” “You are picking this up fast. I’d say you’re a natural.” Tac’s voice and tone cut through the euphoria of magic, reminding Kristine that she had not wanted this, had been forced into it. Completely soured the experience. Tac, seemingly unaware of the change in atmosphere said, “Okay, let’s practice something a little more advanced.” “What?” Kristine hoped it was some offensive magic that would let her smash the grin off of Tac’s face. “Teleportation to a place you cannot see,” Tac announced. Kristine nodded. She could see the value in that. “Okay, picture your apartment, see it in your mind. Close your eyes if it helps.” Kristine closed her eyes, thought about her apartment. She could see it in her mind. She felt something land on her shoulder. Assumed that Tac was a cat again. Right in her ear, Tac said, “Once you can see it, just imagine yourself there.” She felt that sense of vertigo, of the roller coaster drop again, and then, when she opened her eyes, she was in her apartment, standing on her coffee table. The table legs creaked slightly beneath her. “Good job,” Tac said, jumping down from her shoulder. Kristine stepped down from the table. Again, there was that feeling of amazement. She had to keep herself from shouting, ‘This is Magic.’ “What next,” she asked as if teleporting was something that had already become old hat. “Well,” Tac the cat said, turning to look at her, “how about you change back?” “Finally. What do I have to do? Thout out thomething?” “Not for turning back. Just picture yourself untransformed.” “There ith a lot of vithualithation to this magic.” “It was made so non-magic types could master it easily. Very point and click, if you get my meaning.” Kristine thought she should be insulted, but she closed her eyes and pictured herself back to normal. Seeing in her mind the young, twenty-something woman in jeans and a blouse. The thickness between her legs disappeared, the sense of bare skin and fluffy petticoats, of hair, pulled back into pigtails, all faded. So much better. Then her jeans slipped down to her ankles, and her panties to her knees. “What the hell?” she said, eyes open, looking down. Her legs were skinnier than she recalled, smoother. “Well that was unexpected,” Tac said. She almost tripped on her pants as she ran for the washroom. Her panties were kicked off along the way. In the mirror she was looking at a familiar stranger. In the pictures she had seen the blurred out face and the ridiculous outfit had made it hard to notice. In the mirror was the child she had once been. She spun to stare at Tac, feeling the far too big bra shifting loosely on her. “What the hell?” “As I said, unexpected.” “What is this?” “Well, you were supposed to get this magic when you were three or four. You were about twenty-five when you did get it. I suppose the magic split difference.” “Split the difference?” “Split the difference,” the cat said with a nod. Kristine screamed. She reached down and snatched up the cat. “My life is ruined,” she yelled into its cat face. “Your life is ruined? What about me?” “What about you?” “I love to have sex with the magical girls I guide, and was looking forward to conquering you, but you’re right out of my strike zone now. It is a real disappointment.” Kristine made a few strangled sound of outrage before hurling the cat across the room. As soon as she did it, she felt terrible. She was not the sort of monster to hurt an animal. Tac hit the far wall with a thump, slid down to the floor. “Oh my god, oh my god,” she said, stepping hesitantly across the floor, afraid of what she would see. The cat bobbed up, leaping on the back of the couch. “I’m fine, take more than that to hurt me.” She dropped to her knees. “I’m sorry, that was terrible. I mean, you’re a jerk, but you did not deserve that.” Her earlier anger had all drained away leaving her exhausted. “I’m not a jerk. I am quite nice.” “Nice?” “Don’t shoot the messenger. The Nursery Knights were not my idea, and I certainly did not come up with the uniform.” She dropped her head forward. “This is a mess. My life is ruined. I don’t even have an identity anymore.” “Sure you do.” She shook her head, not looking up. “I don’t. I look like the little sister I never had. Kristine St. James might as well be dead.” “Okay, first, the identity stuff can be taken care of.” Kristine looked up. “And second, you’re pissing yourself.” She looked down. There was a puddle of urine under her. “What the hell?” she looked up helplessly at the cat. Tac seemed to shrug her shoulders. “I guess someone thought the Nursery Knights should be using those diapers.” “Fuck,” Kristine yelled, jumping to her feet, the socks on her feet absorbing some of the urine. The tails of her blouse were wet. “What the hell am I supposed to do? Am I going to be pissing myself all the time now?” She paused, eyes widening. “Am I going to shit myself?” Tac’s cat shoulders gave a shrug again. “Hell if I know. Maybe?” “Oh god.” Her knees went weak, and she almost fell onto the floor. “Okay, there is something we can do,” Tac said, jumping down from the back of the couch onto couch itself. “Really?” she felt her hopes soar. “Not that you won’t be wetting yourself, but we can manage it.” Her hopes plummeted. “Hey, buck up. Now, first thing lets summon your Magic Bag.” “Magic Bag?” She was still standing in her own pee, the inside of her thighs damp, but if there was something she could do… “All Magical Girls can summon their Magic Bag, it holds various things they need. And summoning it is a good lesson.” She stepped out of the puddle, shucking off her loose socks. If there were something in this Magic Bag that could help, then she would summon it. “How do I do it?” “Just like you called your weapon back to you,” Tac said. Visualize it and then picture yourself having it. Kristine nodded. She pictured a bag. She reached out for it. Nothing happened. She tried again. Still nothing. “It’s not working,” she said, blushing when she heard how winey her tone sounded, so close to tears. “You’re picturing the bag in your mind?” “Yes,” Kristine said with a nod. “What does the bag look like?” “Pardon?” “What kind of bag are you picturing?” Tac asked. Kristine looked over towards the apartment’s front door. “Like the messenger bag I use for work.” “Do you think a Nursery Knight would have a bag like that?” Kristine thought about it. “I don’t know?” “Well, they wouldn’t. Think of a colour that matches your uniform. Add some frills to it.” Kristine nodded, closed her eyes. She pictured the messenger bag, but in pastel colours, with a little bit of frill. She reached out, closed her hand on it. She felt something heavy settle in her grip. She opened her eyes. In her hand was the padded strap of a large bag, baby blue, quilted, big pockets on the outside, a kitty face appliqué on it. “This,” she paused, “is a diaper bag.” “Which is exactly the kind of bag a Nursery Knight would have.” Kristine held it at arm's length like it was a dead rat. “You have to open it,” Tac said as if Kristine were a little slow. Having a cat cast aspersions on her intelligence was a new low in a day of lows. Sighing loudly she put the bag on the floor, avoiding the puddle, and bent down to open it. It was filled with disposable diapers and training panties, powders and creams. There was a folded, quilted changing pad, plastic and rubber panties, wipes, bottles, a sippy cup, jars of baby food nested in a collection of bibs. And there was a teddy bear with a light blue ribbon around its neck and a few more things she could see but did not bother to try to identify. She made a grunt of derision. “There is a lot of things in there,” Tac said, jumping close and looking into the bag. “Grab a pair of training panties and put them off to the side. Kristine did, pulling a pair of the thick panties from the bag, there was a soft crinkling sound of the plastic under the faux material covering. “The bag will always have supplies in it, no matter how much you take from it, so at least you won’t have to buy diapers and stuff. That’s good, right?” She stared at the cat. The hand holding the training panty tightening into a first, making the plastic rustle and the padding squeak. “Tough crowd.” She threw the training panties onto the coffee table. “Okay, so I got a pair of training panties for the next time,” her face grew warm, “I piss myself, is that it?” She could not believe she had just said. “Of course not. This is magic. Pick up the teddy bear and say, ‘I need your help Mr Bear.’” Kristine looked at the bear, frowned, then reached in and took it from the bag. It had the solid feeling of a well-made thing, with incredibly soft fur. If she were the kind of woman, who liked teddy bears she was pretty certain she would like this one. “I need your help Mr Bear.” Nothing happened. She looked at Tac. The cat gave her another of those pitying looks that suggested she was slow. “Is that how a Nursery Knight would talk?” It took her a few seconds to get what Tac meant. She blushed. “I need your help Mithter Bear.” The bear twisted out of her hands, landed on the floor close by and then, with a pop of displaced air, became a stuffed bear, probably a little over six feet tall. Kristine made an expression of surprise and fell backwards onto her bottom. The bear looked around, glittering eyes pausing on the puddle of urine, and then on Kristine. “What is this cat?” “It is your Mr Bear.” “My…” she started, but suddenly Mr Bear had stepped close, grabbed her (somehow with those stuffed bear paws) and lifted her to her feet. With a blur of motion it had her blouse off, leaving her only in her ill-fitting bra. “What the…” The bear tossed the blouse and bra into her laundry hamper (she swore she saw it look at the laundry label first) then had a t-shirt from her dresser and was back by Kristine’s side before she finished her thought. With an upsweep of its fluffy arms its lifted Kristine’s arms above her head, and with a down sweep had the t-shirt on her. “…hell….” Mr Bear put a giant paw across her mouth. Kristine got the idea that it did not approve of such language. Then it was blurring off again, to the bathroom, coming back with a towel and some cleaning supplies. In a moment the urine puddle was cleaned up. She had to admit that was helpful. “So what, it cleans up messes?” she asked Tac. “Among other things.” “Among what…” Again she was kept from finishing her sentence as Mr Bear scooped her up, put her on the couch, and reached into the diaper bag for one of the very thick diapers. “How do I stop this?” Kristen asked as the bear secured her ankles and lifted her bottom off the couch. “Say ‘Thank you Mr Bear, I love you.’” “Tank you Mithter Bear, I wuv you,” she said, not having to be told to lisp. With another pop of displaced air the bear returned to its original size and then it, and the diaper fell neatly back into the diaper bag. Kristine scrambled off the couch, closed the bag, and without being told how sent the bag away. With a sigh she collapsed bonelessly to her knees. “What the hell?” “Your Mr Bear is your caretaker,” Tac said as she jumped back onto the couch. “Remember, the Nursery Knights were all to be pre-schoolers. They would need help. Mr Bear would clean up their messes, change them, feed them, comfort them and if they were bad punish them.” “Bad? Punish them?” “They were little girls given a stupid amount of magical offensive power. It was a pretty certain thing they would abuse that power. So, Mr Bear would deal with that.” “Great, I’m a twenty-five-year-old woman who looks like an eleven-year-old girl with a magical teddy bear that will treat me like I am two… that is the shape of things, right?” “More or less. Oh, Mr Bear can show up on its own.” She stared at the cat. “What?” “Well, you couldn’t trust a little girl to know when she needed help.” “So you’re saying I could just be walking along and suddenly a six-foot-tall teddy bear will show up and… what, change me?” “Or give you a bottle, or put you down for a nap, or spank you if you are naughty.” “Fu… Now I’m afraid to swear.” “Swearing is a bad habit. Mr Bear will help you deal with other bad habits if you have any.” “Just drinking to excess and bathroom sex,” she muttered. “Those are great bad habits to have,” Tac told her, “if you did not look like a child. I would suggest you avoid them as I am pretty sure Mr Bear would intervene.” “You think?” “Your lucky sarcasm is not naughty.” Kristine looked over at the training panty on the coffee table. She grabbed it, stood up, and pulled it on. It slid up her legs and over her bottom, the padding nestling up to her groin, feeling impossible soft, evident in its thickness. She placed her hands on it, noting it fit perfectly. Angrily she pulled down on the bottom of her t-shirt to make sure it was hidden. “Okay, now I don’t have to worry about making a mess.” She tried not to sound embarrassed, but the warmth in her cheeks told her that her body had betrayed her. “Now let’s hear about how I get my life back.” “Last time I was around here the internet was starting to take off. You still have that?” “Yes.” She wondered when the last time Tac had been in the mortal world. “Alright. So you can find stuff on that. You’ll want to search for government support of magical issues.” Kristine went and got her phone and took a seat on her couch. “Where’s your computer? What are you doing with that?” “This is my phone, and it can do everything a computer can.” “Really,” the cat moved in close to look. “Well I’ll be darned. You manage to do pretty well without magic.” “We try,” Kristine said in a snarky tone as she searched for what she had been told. It did not take her long to find a government site and a phone number for magical issues. She got a phone robot that asked her to state what she was calling about. “I became a Magical Girl, and now I don’t look like myself.” There was a pause, and then the system said, “It sounds like you have undergone some kind of transformation. Is this true?” “Yes.” A few more questions which she answered. Then it asked if she had a liaison. “Do I have a liaison?” she asked Tac. “That’s me,” the cat told her. “Yes,” she told the robot. “Please give your liaison’s code,” the robot asked. “Code?” she looked at Tac. Tac gave her a series of numbers and letters. She spoke them back into her phone. “Just a moment,” the robot said, and there was a click. Then a real person said, “Magical Issue Support, you have undergone a transformation?” “Yes, I have. I became a Magical Girl, and after I transformed back, I looked totally different.” “I understand,” the woman said as if she heard such calls all the time. “Can you tell me where you live?” Kristine did. The woman gave her an address, asked if she could make it there. Kristine checked and then said, “Yes, in about an hour I guess.” “Please go to that address, bring all the identification you have. Someone will be there. Ask for Mr Green.” “Mr Green, I understand.” She was given a case code, told to quote it if she had to call back, then the woman hung up. “That was not too bad for a government agency,” she said, hanging up. “The magical realm makes sure there is good support available.” She put her phone aside and got up, realising she needed something to wear. It did not take her long to realise there was nothing that would fit her. She found a pair of shorts, used a belt to cinch them up tight around her skinny waist. A pair of sandals, the straps pulled as tight as she could get them, gave her something for her feet. Then she gathered up her various ID cars, credit cards, bank cards, her passport and everything else she had that identified her. Tac watched her but said nothing. She had everything she needed. “Are you coming with me?” she asked the cat. She was a little nervous about some magic related government agency and though she was not going to say that she hoped Tac might take the hint. “Sure.” She left her apartment, Tac riding on her shoulder. BREAK POINT#2 The taxi that Kristine had called dropped her off in front of a nondescript government building in the downtown core. She stood there, looking about, noting that a few people were taking note of her. She told herself that was because she was dressed in a ridiculous manner and not because they knew she was wearing training panties. Still, it was hard not to think that they were somehow showing, or they were making her walk a little different, or there was a soft rustle of plastic, or that she had wet them and they were leaking. She could not stop herself from surreptitiously checking her shorts for damp spots. Taking a deep breath, she walked into the building. It had an old look, with clean but dull black and white tiles on the floor, and high ceiling of much-patched plaster. No one was in the lobby except for a single security guard sitting at a desk near the elevators. He did not look up when she entered, his attention on the book he was reading. When she got closer he looked up from the book and asked, “Can I help you?” He did not get up from behind his desk. “Uh, yes. I was told to come here, to ask for Mr Green.” “Take the elevator up to the ninth floor, third door on your right,” he told her. “Thanks.” She crossed the floor to the elevators. The guard had gone back to reading his book. The doors opened a moment after she pressed the button. She took a surprised step back, wondering how someone had known to have it waiting. Then she realised she was stupid. It was a weekend. No one was there, and likely all the elevators were just stopped at the ground floor. She stepped in and pressed the button for the ninth floor. The interior walls were polished, metal mirrors. Tac jumped from her shoulder and was once more a woman. “This place has a classic feel,” Tac said, looking at her reflection. She reached into the pocket of her suit jacket and took out a lipstick tube. “As do I.” She touched up her makeup. Kristine had already gotten a good look at herself, and the mirrored walls showed her nothing she did not already know (except for maybe making it clear how much a ragamuffin she looked). However, standing beside the sexy Tac, the changes were brought into stark relief. She was a child, well, she looked like one. When they had first met Kristine figured she was a near equal in the looks department to Tac. Now, of course, it was no contest. As she was there was no way she could compete. Before she could think on that much more the doors opened. She stepped out, leaving the mirrors and their brutal truths behind. Third door on her right. A slab of wood, no windows, old, metal doorknob. She tried it. The door opened. There was an empty reception counter behind it, beyond which a waiting room. Six doors, one an obvious bathroom. One of the doors opened. An older man stepped out. Thinning black hair, tanned skin, gold-rimmed glasses and a blue suit. “I’m Mr Green,” he said, looking her up and down. “Kristine St. James.” “You have your ID?” “Yes.” “Please.” He stepped aside and indicated that she should enter the office. Kristine walked around the counter and into the room beyond, Tac at her heels. It was an office, with a big oak desk and a single visitor chair. Kristine took that seat. Tac became a cat and jumped onto her knee. Mr Green stepped beside her. “Your ID?” She reached into her bag and brought it all out. Taking it, he went and sat down behind the desk. “That is a rather large change,” he told her as he looked through everything she had given him. “I know.” “Well, this is all simple enough.” “What?” She could not believe anything about what had happened was simple. “We’ll give you bridging ID, as well as new ID, all of it will allow you to prove to people who you are. Do you want a new identity?” Kristine thought about that for a moment, then asked, “What good would a new identity do me?” “Depends. If there is anyone after you, creditors, ex-boyfriends, that sort of thing, a new identity can be useful.” She frowned. “Do other magical girls get new identities?” “Not often at first, after several months it is more common.” “I’ll keep it in mind.” “Very well.” Mr Green stood. “This way.” In one of the other offices, there was a camera and several impressive looking printers. Mr Green took her picture and then printed out several pieces of ID. The bridging ID, as he had called it, mated her old ID with new, while the new ID just showed her as she now looked. It took about thirty minutes, then he handed the bundle of ID to her. “I’ve put in a request for a new passport, that should be delivered to you soon. If you need anything else call this number.” He handed her a card. “Like a new identity?” “Or legal assistance. It sometimes happens.” She did not say she was a lawyer (or almost one) but took his card. “Thank you.” “Good luck Miss St. James.” “Thank you.” She stepped from the room, then looked back at Mr Green. “Can I use the bathroom?” “Feel free.” She nodded. The washroom was small, with a toilet and a urinal as well as a sink. The tiling on the floor was old, faded and cracked in a few places, but the bathroom was clean. She reached through the leg of her shorts, felt the training panties. As she suspected they were warm, the padding swelled up with a wetting. “Damn,” she said softly as she loosened her belt. Summoning the diaper bag was easy. Kristine was a little worried Mr Bear might jump out, but the teddy bear remained a toy, and she took out a new training panty and dismissed the bag. Changed into a fresh pair of the absorbent panties she left the bathroom. Cat Tac was waiting for her. No sign of Mr Green. She left the office without looking for him. In the lobby, the guard was still reading his book. He did not look up as he wished her a good afternoon. Before going home, Kristine went to do some shopping. Tac came with her, in human form, though she was soon off in stores and parts of stores that Kristine knew she would look ridiculous were she to shop in. She had to try on a few things to get her new size figured out, and she needed to rethink her old style choices. That was made clear when a pair of tight jeans, which was just the kind of thing she would have bought before, made the padding of her training pants visible. She found a pair of denim overalls, lose enough in the seat to hide any puffiness from undergarments that she thought looked okay for her new body type. Paired with a white, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of running shoes she thought she looked good. Well, she looked like a girl, but at least a girl who did not dress too childlike. She bought a few more things, using cash. In theory with her bridging ID, she could use her credit cards, but she did not want to deal with that. Her final stop was to buy some training bras. She did not think she actually needed a bra, but she had been wearing one for long enough she was not willing to give it up. Tac came with her and seemed to make a point of looking at sexy bras in large cup sizes. The woman at the shop was kind and helpful, though from her look Kristine was pretty certain that she was of the opinion Kristine did not actually need one. Kristine walked out of the store with three training bras that were really just cotton vests with a bra like design. Like a little girl being sent out with some to salve a childish bit of vanity. Getting home, she dropped her shopping bags at the door and went to her bathroom to check her training panties. They were wet. Of course. “Fuck,” she said softly, then, with her coveralls and training panties around her ankles, sat on the toilet. Maybe she could re-potty train herself if she just made an attempt. “Hey, did you fall in?” she heard Tac call from the other side of the door several minutes later. “I didn’t fall in,” she retorted as she got off the toilet. She bent down and pulled up the training pants. The now cool, wet padding pressed uncomfortably against her, but she would put up with it. She was still buttoning the strap of her overalls when she came out to find Tac the cat sitting on the coffee table. “Now that you are finished in there we need to talk about work.” “Work? What does the law firm have to do with anything?” “Not your mundane and boring work that does not matter. Your work as a Magical Girl.” “What do you mean it does not matter?” “You said it yourself. No magic, and it is not like the little girl you are now can go to work after all.” “You’re asking to be picked up and thrown again,” Kristine said snapped as she went over to get her phone. “What are you doing?” Tac asked her. “Sending Mr Cotton an email. You’re right, damn it, I can’t go to work like this, but I have to let him know what happened.” She paused. How was she going to explain what happened? What could she tell him? The truth. Well, at least as much as the truth as he needed. The email was simple to write. Kristine told him she had encountered magic, had been changed by it, and could not be present at work, but would like to speak with him about it, to explain in detail. It was short and left so much unsaid, but it was good enough. She sent it and then tossed the phone onto the couch, dropped down beside where it landed. Her training panties ‘squelched’ unpleasantly around her bottom. “Finished with your pointless mundane job issues?” Tac asked. “Fuck off.” “Little girls that talk like that get their mouths washed out… assuming they still do that.” “Child abuse,” Kristine said, putting her elbows on her knees and her chin in her hands. “Well, your Mr Bear probably does not know that, so watch your tone. And I would love to fuck off, and I can say it because I am a mature adult, but until I finish training you, I can’t leave. So let’s talk about your real job, the one you accepted when you accepted your Magical Girl powers.” Kristine said nothing for a few seconds, then in a despondent tone said, “Fine, but what am I supposed to do? Didn’t you say the Nursery Knights,” she hated that name, “defeated their enemy?” “The Nightmare King, and yes, he was defeated, so I can’t train you fighting him and his minions, but there are always useful enough targets for you to focus on.” “Like what?” “Smugglers.” “Smugglers?” If you could line of sight teleport, you could move across the city quite fast. It was exhilarating, the roller coaster stomach drop of each jump, appearing on the top of some building’s roof, looking out over the sea of skyscrapers for the next jump, and then it repeated. For moments Kristine could forget she was outfitted as an overgrown toddler, with a thick diaper pushing her thighs apart. A diaper that for all she knew might already be wet. In those moments she felt powerful. Faster than any car might have covered the distance, perhaps as fast as a helicopter might have, Kristine reached the edge of the city, where the buildings became smaller but sprawled more, warehouses that took up entire city blocks. They were near the docks, though not close to the well lit, busy sections, where huge cranes moved cargo containers. They were on the edge, where warehouses gave away to empty factories, a part of the city where things had started to decay, where dreams had faded. “Down there,” Tac told her from where the cat rode on her shoulder. Tac held out a paw, pointing towards a warehouse on the water’s edge, where a ruined quay was half sunk into the water. “And put your pacifier in your mouth so you’ll be invisible.” She grabbed the pacifier from where it hung on the ribbon, popped it into her mouth and began to suckle on it. As before it made her feel better. She hoped it was not addictive. Focusing on the low roof of a warehouse below she once more crossed the distance in a moment, ended up standing on the edge of a roof, looking down at cracked asphalt apron in front of the shuttered loading dock. There were a large number of men down there, carrying travelling trunk sized crates out of the warehouse and loading them into several rental trucks. They worked by the light of red filtered flashlights, kept their voices down. “They have gotten armour from the magical realm. It’s old crap where I come from, but here it will stop even heavy armour piercing rounds,” Tac said into her ear. “Why do I haf to thtop thmugglerth?” she asked around her pacifier. “Well, the magical realm really should have stopped this stuff from being exported, so it falls on agents like you to deal with it. And this is good training. They don’t have any weapons that could stop you.” “Weally?” Kristine asked. “The armour of your outfit could probably stop a tank round. They are just going to have handguns.” Handguns? “Wiwl thith outfit weally pwotect me?” It left her arms and face and almost all her legs bare. “Trust me,” Tac said. She hated the fact she had to trust Tac. “Just jump down there and tell them you are here to punish them as Nursery Night Krissy.” “I don’t wanna. Can’t I jutht thtay invithible and walk awound hittin’ dem on da head?” “No. You are a magical girl, not some nocturnal mammal themed vigilante. You are a symbol of the power of innocence, and you don’t get to be a symbol by hiding. You don’t want to throw your magic off. It might not work.” “Tho, it might not pwotect me?” “Well, it won’t fail you completely, but it is likely to hurt a lot more.” “Fine,” she sighed through the pacifier, then she spat it out and jumped down onto one of the truck’s roof, calling up her mace as she fell. She landed with a creaking of heavy suspension and crunching of metal as the roof cratered and cracked around her. That was crazy, she thought, she just jumped down two stories. No time to overthink on that. Stepping to the edge of the truck’s roof, looking down at the smugglers, she said, “I am Nurthewy Knight Kwithy! Thwow down your weaponth and thuwender or I will punith you.” Punish? Ugh. What a terrible choice of words. The men below her swore and expressed shock, fear, confusion. Some looked like they were ready to run. Other pulled out the pistols that Tac had mentioned. She jumped down from the truck, landing on one of the crates. It shattered beneath her feet. She pointed the mace at one of the smugglers. “Thuwender.” The man shot her. Guarantee of protection or not, the sight of the gun being fired, the boom of the shot, it made her scream, and she fell backwards, landing on her diapered bottom. She did not have time to think about it, but she was certain that fear had ensured the diaper was well used at that moment. Something had touched her head. That was the best way to explain how it felt, a gentle touch. Something rolled down the side of her face. She looked. It seemed to be a flattened bullet. “What are you doing?” Tac yelled from the roof. “You can’t be scared of a little pistol.” “Fine,” Kristine yelled as she jumped to her feet, swinging the mace out, even as the man was shooting her. The heavy mace smacked into his hand, knocking the gun aside with a crunch of breaking bones. The man screamed in pain, falling to the ground, clutching his ruined hand. “What are you doing?” Tac yelled from the roof. “You can’t hit them that hard. Use a little control. You're an adorable Nursery Knight, not some bone breaking vigilante.” “Thith ith tho annoying,” she shouted, as several more men fired at her and several others made to escape. She moved fast, even though she was waddling, and struck with as much control as she could manage. She used the handle of her mace to knock weapons from hands, to jab into guts and sweep feet. No more broken bones, just bruises and pokes that took the fight and the flight out of them. When it was over about a minute later she stood among the moaning men who lay on the ground about her. Tac had jumped down onto the roof of one of the trucks. “Now secure them so the police can come and pick them up.” “Thecure them?” “Handcuffs or the like, Just envision it and then call out the magic that comes to you.” Handcuffs, okay. Just picture them all with their arms cuffed behind their backs, except for the one whose hand and wrist she had broken. She imagined more of a sling type cast on him. She held up her mace and called out the words the came to her. “Naughty Boyth thhut up and thtay thtill,” she yelled. Those were not the words she had expected to come out of her mouth. Around the men sparking light appeared, falling around them, lifting them, and then coalescing into… wheeled chairs with various restraint straps. Oh hell, they were all large strollers, she thought. Around their hands formed pink mittens that fastened the men's hands behind their backs with pink ribbons. And pacifier gags. Well, she supposed they were going to stay still and shut up, but really. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Tac asked. “I jutht did what you thaid,” Kristine yelled as she turned on Tac. “I pictured them rethtwained, with handcuffth. It ith the thtupid magic.” “What a mess. I mean, it’s like your some kind of bondage pervert.” “I’m not a bondage pewvert,” she yelled up at Tac. “Well, that’s not… Look out!” “What…” Pain. Like fire painted in a line across her back. She fell forward onto her knees. Behind her, the sound of metal scraping across the ground. No thought. She raised the mace above her head. Something hit it with a crash. The force of it feeling as if it would dislocate her shoulders. She rolled forward, her back flaming in fresh pain as it moved across the ground. Up on her feet. Facing her attacker. A man, in armour, holding a sword. “That sword is from the Magical Realm,” Tac called out. “It can hurt you.” “No thit,” Kristine said as she parried another sword strike. The man was relentless, coming at her fast, forcing her entirely on the defence. Several times the tip of the blade traced out red lines on her arms and legs, even cutting her clothing. The laceration on her back bled freely. She could feel the blood running down her back, likely into her diaper. What a mess that would be. Tac shouted out less than useful advice as Kristine tried to find a way to attack. What was some crook with a magical sword doing beating her? She was a Magical Girl. She was a Magical Girl. “Innothent Wattle Thaker!” Swinging out her mace she slammed it into the sword. The sword shattered under the blow. She swung the mace back, driving it into her attacker’s side. He was wearing armour, she was certain he would be fine. And if he was not, well, the pain in her back made it hard to care. The armour all but shattered from his body, and the force of the blow sent him into the air and then down, hard, onto the ground. Still, she was pretty confident she had heard no bones break. “Naughty Boy cowner time.” The magic again came in glittering lights that lifted the man up, and the coalesced out into the mitten restraints and the pacifier gag, but instead of a stroller, he was secured to a stool, pants around his ankles, his nose pressed up against a wall. “I mean really,” Tac said as she jumped down onto Kristine’s shoulder. “This is too much.” “It’th your thtupid magic.” “Just call the police and let’s go.” Kirstine scowled, but she looked among the smugglers until she found a cell phone she could use. She called 911, reported that she had heard shots, then dropped the phone without hanging up. She picked up one of the fallen pistols and fired several shots into the air. “Nice touch,” Tac told her. “Thut up.” A moment later both cat and magical girl were gone, teleported away. Tac told Kristine not to transform back when they arrived at the apartment. “Get your magic bag, have some of the healing food and drink.” She did so. She also got Mr Bear, who stripped her dress off her so he could mend it, as well as dressing her wound. He also changed a very soiled diaper, though she fought against him on that. Somehow in all that the fur on his paws remained clean. During all that Tac took her leave. She glowered at the big stuffed animal as she ate two jars of the baby food while watching as it stitched up the rip in the dress, cleaning the blood from the material at the same time. She had no idea how it did that. She was drinking from a sippy cup (she could not remove the top from it) when Mr Bear finished his work and quickly got her back into the dress. Then he pulled her down onto his big, soft lap, took the bottle from the bag, and proceeded to try to feed it to her. Keeping her lips closed and turning her head she did her best to avoid the nipple. She turned her head and said, “Tank you Mithter Bear, I…” And then he got the nipple securely placed in her mouth. When it became clear he was not going to give up until she drank she sucked on the nipple until the bottle was empty. It refilled itself, but Mr Bear put the bottle back in the bag. “Tank you Mithter Bear, I wuv you,” she got out quickly. Mr Bear returned to toy size and dropped into the bag. Kristine gabbed a couple of training panties from the bag and then dismissed it. “God damn I hate that thing.” She transformed back, thankfully losing the diaper, replaced by the training panties she had been wearing when she had transformed earlier. She dropped into the couch and reached for the TV remote, turning it on and flipping through channels until something caught her attention and she left it. Not really paying attention to what she was watching Kristine grabbed her laptop and turned it on. After powering up and logging on, she saw she had email. Oscar had sent her a message. She had almost forgotten the message she had earlier sent him. He wanted to see her. The next day, at a cafe she knew. She replied, said she would be there. Nervous fingers made spelling mistakes, it took twice as long to type it as it should have. She read it over and then sent it. That was done. Noise from the TV made her look up. A cartoon was on. She had been watching a cartoon? Grabbing the remote, she flipped channels until she found the news. She was presented with a shaky cell phone video of a girl in a short dress and a diaper. Her. Hell. Kristine turned the TV off and went to get ready for bed. The next morning Kristine woke to an orgasm that left her lying in her sweat-soaked sheets, breathing heavily. She could not recall the last time an erotic dream had left her so flustered. Probably when she had been a teen. For a time she lay there, breathing deeply as the warm glow faded. It was perhaps a minute or two after she had woken that she realised she was wearing a diaper. She knew she had gone to bed in a training panty. “Fuck,” she said softly, wondering if the training panty had magically become a diaper, or if Mr Bear had visited her in the night. Neither possibility pleased her. The diaper, she discovered, as she got out of bed, was quite wet. The sheets, except for the sweat, were very dry. She had to admit, given the options, she preferred the damp diaper to wet sheets. Though of course having neither problem would be most preferable of all. She walked to the bathroom, tearing the wet diaper off as she went. There where, Kristine noted as the diaper landed in the trash, several training panties already in the trash. Was she going to have the throw out garbage bags full of diapers and training panties every week? And shouldn’t the magic deal with them in a more environmentally friendly manner? Why was she evening thinking such things? Sighing she went into her bathroom to shower. Later, in a fresh pair of training panties and an oversized t-shirt, Kristine ate her breakfast at the small kitchen counter, while browsing the web. She was looking for information about herself. There were some pictures of her from when she had first transformed, various stories about her, all of them made up of suppositions and outright lies. There was a story about the smugglers she had caught the other night, but no mention of the way she had left them. Had the magic faded, or were the police just keeping quiet about how they had found them? At least no one was suggesting a connection between her Magical Girl persona and the smugglers. Not yet at least. For the morning she treated the day like any lazy Sunday. She read a book while drinking a cup of coffee, or she tried. The coffee tasted terrible. She made two more cups before she decided that it was not the coffee but her. Coffee tasted terrible to her now. That sucked. Instead of reading she went through her kitchen and tried different things. Some teas were all right, as was milk, and the almost expired carton of orange juice she could drink. However, she found that alcohol tasted unpleasant and several fancy kinds of cheese that she had liked no longer suited her. When she catalogued what she liked she found the menu options to be somewhat, well, juvenile. Really, it was bad enough she had to wear training panties and diapers, did she really now need to subsist on a diet of peanut butter sandwiches and milk? Getting a handle on her new palate took up much of the morning, and by the time she cleaned up, it was getting close to her meeting time. The day before while shopping, she had picked up a few more pieces of clothing than just the denim overalls and blouse. A pair of grey slacks and a light blue blouse gave her, well, not a professional look, she thought looking in a mirror, but at least a well turned out appearance. She had found a pair of shiny black loafers with tassels over the toe. They were cheap, she doubted that they would last longer than a month of constant wear, but they looked decent enough. So dressed she grabbed her work bag, shoved a few more pairs of training panties into it, then headed out. Just outside of her apartment building she was met by Tac who sat, lounging on a bench. “What are you doing?” Kristine asked her. “Enjoying the sun,” the woman said. “It’s a cat thing. You going to that work thing.” “I’m going to talk to a man I worked for.” “I’ll tag along,” she said, standing, becoming a cat, then leaping onto Kristine’s shoulder. “Why are you coming?” “Boredom mostly. This might be funny.” “I’m going to throw you into traffic,” Kristine muttered, but she let the cat ride on her shoulder. As she rode on the subway, she wondered what Oscar would say to her. She wondered if she could keep her job. She did recall the part of the contract that said no magical people could work at the law firm, but she hoped that they would make an exception. Being a lawyer was what she had wanted for years. Looking down at her small feet she wondered what sort of career she could have. Could she go to court, looking like a girl? She shifted on the seat, squirming a little, trying to judge how wet the padding under her bottom might be. It did feel a bit wet, but she thought likely just damp rather than soaked. What a thing to have gotten used to, she thought, and in only less than a day. How soon before she was just wearing the diapers that Mr Bear seemed to want her in? She shook her head, the action attracting Tac’s attention. “What is it?” the cat asked. “Nothing, just a thought I want out of my head.” “Weird.” “I don’t want to hear that from you.” Tac remained silent, and Kristine sat there for the rest of the ride, mind going around in unproductive circles. She got off one stop sooner than she usually did when going to work. The coffee shop was about two blocks away from the subway station. The area, mostly business office towers and the like, was quiet on a Sunday afternoon. The ‘Smart Bean’ was an upscale little shop, often crowded during the week but very nearly empty now. She saw Oscar Cotton sitting at one of the tables near the back of the shop. He had looked up from his phone when she had come in, looked at her, then went back to his phone. He did not recognise me, she thought. She walked across the floor, went to stand up beside the table that he sat at. “Mr Cotton,” she said. He looked up from the phone. He looked at her. “Can I help you?” He looked confused. She produced her bridging ID and handed it to him. He looked at it, the confusion in his expression growing. Finally, he looked at her. “Miss St. James?” “Yes sir.” “Magic,” he said, sounding disgusted as he handed her back the ID. “May I have a seat?” she asked. He nodded at the seat opposite to him. She sat, her feet not quite touching the ground. Tac jumped down from her shoulder and into her lap. “I got you a coffee,” he told her, indicating the cup in front of her. “Thank you,” she said, taking it. She loved Smart Bean coffee, the rich dark roast, of course, black. It was bitter and awful to her changed taste buds, but she kept her expression neutral as she took a drink. “What happened?” he asked her. She told him, most of it, leaving out the part about diapers and baby themed stuff, but covering the basics. Kristine finished with, “It was not what I wanted. I never would have made the decision, but I was going to die.” “I understand,” he told her. “I want to continue working with Cotton and Black. I’m a victim. I know that there is a clause in the contract about magic, but it’s not fair.” She blushed realising how childish she sounded. He did not answer her immediately, instead picking up his coffee cup and drinking from it. He put it down when he finished the contents and asked, “Did you study magical law in law school?” The question confused her a little, and she thought back to law school, not so much about the classes she took, but the ones she did not. “I don’t remember anything about magical law,” she told him. “Just some details about the nature of the treaties between the worlds.” “Do you know how the law works in the Magical Realm?” She shook her head. “If you are accused of a crime you are brought before one of the most powerful magic users in the area. They cast a truth spell and you are asked if you did what you were accused of. Once you answer you either go free or are punished.” Kristine did not say anything for a few seconds, and then, “But that is incriminating yourself.” “No such protection in the Magical Realm.” “But what if there are witnesses?” “No witnesses are ever called.” “What if the accused has magic powerful enough to trick the spell?” “Might makes right.” “But…” Oscar held up a hand, stopping Kristine’s words. “I am not here to debate the nature of the Magical Realm's law or lack thereof. That is how it works because that is how it has to work. Magic complicates things. Witnesses might have seen an illusion, or be under a spell of compulsion. Evidence may be summoned out of nothing. In a world like that, they use the simplest way to deal with it. That is why you never saw any courses concerning magical law. That is why you can no longer work at Cotton and Black. “In fact, I am going to have to call the opposing lawyers and tell them that a person articling with us has become a Magical Girl. Likely they will ask for an extension while they make sure nothing in our case has been magically tampered with, they might even ask that the judge simply rule for them seeing as the case is now tainted.” “But I just became Magical Girl yesterday.” “And you have a witness to that?” “Sure she does,” Tac said, speaking up. Oscar looked surprised for a moment at the talking animal, but only a moment. “That will help, I might need to call you to tell your story to the judge.” “Anything to help,” Kristine answered without thinking. Oscar nodded. “I appreciate it. Did you bring your work ID, keys, laptop?” “What? No. Why?” “I’ll need the keys and ID, and I’ll need to have one of our IT people take a look at your personal laptop.” Well, that was a sign that her time with Cotton and Black were over. “I’ll have to go home and get all that. It will take about an hour, maybe a little longer. I guess I can take a taxi.” “No need. I will drive you to your home. We can take care of all of that as soon as possible.” “As soon as possible,” Kristine echoed back. He nodded. She stood, dumping Tac from her lap. “I got to go to the bathroom,” she said and headed to the back of the coffee shop. She did not have to go to the bathroom, or maybe she did, she no longer knew, but she was not about to sit in someone’s car without checking to make sure her training panties were not about to leak. In the stall, the somewhat complicated task of getting her pants off made her decide it was possible skirts would be a large part of her future wardrobe. The training panties were wet, though not sodden. She would not to take a chance and changed into a dry pair. Fortunately, there was no one else in the bathroom to see her toss the wet training panties into the garbage before she washed her hands. On leaving the bathroom, she found Oscar at standing at the front door, talking to a familiar looking blonde woman. She was tall, Kristine thought, probably equal in height to Oscar, and in her heels, she stood taller. Long blonde hair, fair skin, pretty. Oscar noticed Kristine as she approached. “Kristine, this is Emily Black, of the IT department.” That explained why she had looked familiar. “Black?” she asked. “My Uncle is Oscar’s partner, but don’t worry, I did not get the job due to nepotism.” Oscar laughed at what was probably a private joke, then said, “Emily will have to check your laptop, you understand.” Not pleased, Kristine nodded. “Of course.” “Let’s go,” he said and led them from the cafe. His car was only a few blocks away, a dark blue Lexus, four doors. Emily took the front seat, leaving the back for Kristine. Seeing the leather interior, she was glad she had changed her training panties. In the front seat, Oscar and Emily talked business, the IT side of things. Kristine’s computer knowledge was not as in-depth as that of Emily’s, but she thought she might be able to join in. However, she got the feeling that she was not expected to take part in the conversation. Neither made any effort to include her. She sat quietly in the back, petting Tac who slept in her lap. About twenty minutes later Oscar pulled into her apartment’s visitor parking lot. His car looked a little out of place, and he parked some distance from the other vehicles. As Kristine got out, she looked at the building, suddenly feeling that she did not want either of these people to see how she lived. She knew it was ridiculous. She was a recent graduate, no one would expect her to be living in any sort of luxury. She squared her shoulders and said, “This way.” Kristine led them into the building and up into her apartment. Could they smell the used diapers she had been throwing out? Would they see them? “Where’s your laptop?” Emily asked, breaking Kristine out of her thoughts. “Here,” she walked across the room and got the laptop, bringing it back to Emily. As Emily set up Kristine went and got her work ID and various security keys which she presented to Oscar. “Can I get you to log in?” Emily asked her. She had the laptop on, and it had booted up. Oscar stood near the door, waiting patiently, as Kristine logged into the laptop. “This won’t take long,” Emily said as she went to work. “Just going to remove the VPN software and proprietary data, check for any files from the firm.” Kristine nodded. As promised it did not take long for Emily to finish up with the laptop. She plugged a USB key into the computer, fingers typing rapidly. Kristine looked towards Oscar, but he had his smartphone out, looking at that. He was not interested in talking. And what would they say to each other anyway? About a minute later Emily pulled the USB key out of the laptop. “It’s clean.” Oscar looked away from the phone. “Good. Thank you for working on a Sunday.” Emily smiled at Kristine and then looked to Oscar and said, “This was a special case, so no problem.” “Miss St. James, again, I am sorry. You might have become a good lawyer.” “Thank you,” Kristine said. It was the only thing she could say. They left, talking again about the firm’s IT requirements. She was no longer on their minds. She closed her apartment door and went back to the couch, flopping down and looking at her laptop. Shifting forward, feeling her training panties squelch under her, she worked on the computer, checking to see what had been removed, making sure that her pictures and a few other things she would not want to lose were still there. “Damn,” she said, slumping down. “What’s the problem there?” Tac asked, jumping onto the back of the couch. Kristine looked up at the cat. “There are so many answers to that.” “Got one that I might care about?” She mumbled something unflattering under her breath and then said, “I am out of a job.” “I am aware. Don’t care.” “Well, you should, cause I am going to be out on the street soon.” “I don’t see how you being out on the street is a problem for me, but I will point out that you are stupid?” “Stupid? That I need money is stupid? That I still got student loans is stupid? That I can’t even afford to buy new clothes is stupid?” “Those things seem more on the sad side than stupid,” Tac told her. “What is stupid is that you have forgotten you got a magic bag that has almost everything you need.” “What? It has money in it?” She could not believe that. “Why not summon it and find out,” Tac paused, “stupid.” She sat up straight, making certain to knock Tac off the back of the couch as she did not. “Not cool,” Tac said as she fell. Holding her hands out in front of her she pictured the bag and it dropped out into her arms. She placed it beside her and opened it up. She found the familiar diapers and training panties, food and drink and baby care products and Mr Bear, but no money. “Well?” she asked Tac, who had jumped up beside her. She grabbed a couple of pair of training panties, knowing she was going to need them. “Open up the zippered, front pocket.” She did. Inside she found an envelope. Written on it was ‘for clothes’. Opening it, she found a stack of twenty and fifty dollar bills, even some hundreds. Counting it revealed there to be about four thousand dollars. “Where did this come from?” she demanded of Tac. “Where do you think? Banks.” “Is it…” “Stolen? Don’t be stupid. There is trade between the Magic and the Mundane Realms. The Magic Realm enjoys a huge trade surplus, but we don’t have use for your money, so we leave it here. When an agent, like you, needs money, you get money.” She looked at all the bills. “I don’t have to work anymore.” “You don’t.” “If I want a bigger apartment? A house.” “You’d get it.” “A sports car?” “Can you reach the pedals.” “Shut up.” “You won’t be getting any mansions unless you need one, and probably not any of those fancy Italian sports cars,” Tac paused, “do they still have them?” After Kristine nodded Tac continued, “or diamond studded golden back scratchers, but you’ll have what you need for a comfortable, easy life. Magic Girls have it good.” She did not have to work. “I wanted to be a lawyer.” “I wanted to be a rich princess who never had to travel to the Mundane Realm. I did not get that,” Tac told her. “Life is unfair. Suck it up. We’re going hunting tonight.” “Hunting?” “I am going to teach you to track minor magical threats. An important skill for a Magical Girl.” “Yay for me,” Kristine said sarcastically. Several hours of hunting down, and in some cases killing, small magical beings (goblins and such) left Kristine tired and wet. Returning to her apartment, she dismissed her magical outfit and then went to take a shower. Clean, in a dry pair of training panties, she took a seat on her couch and turned on her laptop. She just wanted to stream some movies and relax, maybe check out some real estate as well. As the laptop booted up, she reached for her phone. There was a message. From Oscar. She played it. His recorded voice came from the phone. ‘Miss St. James, I want you to come to the courthouse tomorrow. Call me.’ She stared at the phone for a few seconds. It did not make any sense to her. She had been certain she would never hear from him again. After several seconds she hit the icon to call him back. After a few rings, it was answered. “Miss St. James,” Oscar said. “You wanted to speak with me Mr Cotton?” He was silent for a few seconds, then said, “I would appreciate it if you showed up at court tomorrow, at 9am. I have a meeting with the judge, and I want you to be there.” Her eyes widened as, for a moment, she imagined that he would be making a case for her to remain part of the case, but only for a moment. That was stupid. “Why?” she asked, sounding a little more bitter than she wanted. “I want to get the judge’s ruling as to whether your recent change compromises the case. The judge will have questions, it would be best if you were there.” “I understand. I’ll help.” She paused and then said, “I have nothing to wear for court.” Oscar did not tell her not to worry. He would never tell her that. The right clothing was an essential part of one’s presentation in court. After a short silence, he said, “I’ll bring something, Don’t worry.” She took a deep breath. “Okay, I will be there.” “Thank you Miss St. James, I appreciate it.” “I am glad to help,” she answered. “I will see you tomorrow.” He hung up. She looked at her phone for a few seconds and then tapped the hangup icon. Gently chewing on her bottom lip, she wondered what tomorrow would be like. Would she be a professional in the room, or would be she like some weird piece of evidence. It worried at her all night, and she crawled into bed early, setting her alarm before she pulled the covers over her head. BREAK POINT#3 Kristine woke not to the beeping of her alarm but to another orgasm from another terribly erotic dream. She lay on her bed, breathing deeply, squirming, slim chest rising and falling with each gasping breath. She finally got control of herself, wiping at her damp forehead. “What the hell,” she said softly. Her alarm started beeping. As she sat up, she felt something heavy and wet slide about in the back of the diaper that she was wearing. Eyes wide she reached behind her and put her hand on the back of the plastic. The mass within the diaper shifted and spread out as she pushed against the padding. “Oh no,” she said. She shifted forward, taking the weight off her bottom. The mess slithered forward as she got up on her hands and knees. How was she going to clean up that mess? She’d have to get into her shower, take the heavily soiled diaper off. And then what? Could she flush it? And she would have to clean herself up, the mess that she felt stuck to her bottom. Just the thought of doing so made her feel ill. She should just be able to magic this away. Then a thought occurred to her. “Mr Bear, help.” She blushed even as she said it out loud, not entirely certain about what she was doing. A moment later the giant teddy bear was at her side. She did not have to give any instructions, the bear grabbed her up from the bed, cleared some space, and put her on the floor. She blushed as the bear pulled her legs up and untaped her diaper, then began to clean her up. The bear was fast, efficient, in extremely short order she was clean, the area around her was clean, the dirty diaper and the wipes having disappeared, even Mr Bear was clean. Of course, the bear then proceeded to put a new diaper on her, acting so fast she could hardly resist. He creamed her bottom, rubbing it across her butt and between her thighs, sending a shock of unexpected pleasure through her that made her gasp. Then he rained sweet smelling powder across her before pulling a thick diaper up between her legs and tapping it snug around her. He lifted her up from the floor, grabbing her under her arms, then placed her on her feet and patted her head. She blushed at the gentle touch, then lisped out her ‘thank you’ sending him away. Standing there, in the middle of her apartment, in just a diaper and her t-shirt, she sighed. “What the hell,” she said, then sat down on her couch. “Tac?” she called out softly. The cat did not appear. Well, she supposed that was for the best. She was not really sure how to ask the cat why she was having crazy erotic wet dreams, waking up in diapers that were damp for reasons other than piss. Was it part of the magic, or, as she was afraid of, was she just some kind of pervert? It was probably the magic. She hoped. Thinking of magic and the cat she summoned up her magic bag. She opened the small zippered pocket she had found the money in the night before. Within were two envelopes, neither feeling as if it were stuffed with cash. In one was a letter, informing her that all her student loans would be paid off by the end of the business day. The other letter showed that all her credit cards, as well as her line of credit, had all been paid off. She was completely out of debt. “Well, that’s something,” she said, tossing the letters on her coffee table and then dismissing the diaper bag. Standing she tore the expertly taped diaper from around her waist and tossed it, heading into her bathroom. Tac showed up when she left her apartment. She was dressed in the same outfit she had worn the day before, the slacks and the blouse. “Where you going?” the cat asked. “To court. Oscar wants my help,” she said, feeling happy for saying that. “Your help?” Tac asked incredulously. “Yes, my help,” she said, sounding far more defensive than she had intended. “Some kind of monster thing?” “No, legal matters,” she said, tilting her chin up as she walked towards the elevator. “This I got to see.” Kristine paused, wondering if she should tell the cat it could not come. Of course, she did not expect that Tac would do something just because she had ordered, and she supposed having an obvious magical animal might help things along in some manner or another. “Do as you want,” she said, and resumed her walk. Seeing as she was debt free and flush with cash (she had the money for clothing in her messenger bag) she decided to take a taxi. “How much more do you need to do to finish with me?” she asked Tac as she did up her seatbelt. “A few more nights and you’ll have all the basics down. You’re not as stupid as what I was expecting.” “Is that one of those magical animals?” the taxi driver asked, looking back at her in the rearview mirror. “Is that a problem?” Kristine asked. “I can toss her out of the cab, no problem if we are moving fast.” “Rude,” Tac said. “No, no, just never saw one before.” He pulled away from the curb and merged into traffic. “So,” the driver asked, “you one of those Magical Girls?” “Yeah, I’m one of those Magical Girls.” “You look a little young for it.” She laughed loudly. “I say something funny?” “Hilarious, but don’t worry about it.” “We’re not going to get attacked by monsters, are we?” “I don’t think so.” She looked at Tac. “A monster attack against a mundane is a pretty unlikely thing,” the cat sat smugly. “Is it now?” Kristine turned her gaze on Tac. “I don’t think my statement can in anyway be used to infer any wrongdoing on my part.” “And if I got one of those truth spells Oscar mentioned?” “Well, you don’t have one.” “You don’t seem to be all that friendly,” the driver said. “Tell me about it,” Kristine answered. “Aren’t you magical girls and your talking pets supposed to be all friendly like?” “Pets?” Tac sounded offended. “I am beginning to suspect that is just PR.” “Pets?” “So how did you become a magical girl, if you don’t mind me asking?” “Desperate measures,” Kristine said. “Either that or I die.” “So you didn’t want to be one.” “Of course not. Why would I?” “I bet it beats driving a cab.” Kristine was about to argue that, seeing as she was pretty sure driving a cab did not require diapers, but she decided not to. And she thought about the letters from the morning, the money in her bag. Probably a lot of people would think the benefits outweighed the costs. “It still was not what I thought I wanted to be doing with my life?” “Oh, what did you want to do with your life?” “I was going to be a lawyer.” The driver was silent for a few seconds. “You ask me the world needs more Magical Girls than lawyers.” “Did I ask you?” she snapped at him. “Don’t be so catty,” Tac told her. “I don’t want to hear that from you,” she told the cat. “Listen, I’m just saying that society is too litigious as it stands and fewer lawyers might not be a bad thing. Maybe people would talk things out and not tie up the courts with nuisance lawsuits and real legal change could happen.” “What, are you a professor of sociology or something?” “Philosophy.” “A philosopher cab driver, this is getting good,” Tac said. “You’re a professor of philosophy?” “Masters degree. Working on my doctorate.” Kristine frowned. “Are you driving for money or is this your thesis?” “Welcome to my lab, Magical Girl.” “Oh, crap.” “Do you have a card? Cause I think I want to ride in your cab more often," Tac said. “So, do you think you can do more to make the world just if you were a lawyer than you could be being a magical girl.” “I did not get into law because of justice,” Kristine said, exasperated, and then, “No, wait, I mean, justice is important, but the law is complex and beautiful.” “Really?” “Well, it’s complex.” “So, if you were interested in justice, would you find it easier to make a difference as a lawyer or a Magical Girl.” Kristine squirmed in her seat, thought the padding of her training panties felt both warm and wet but was not sure. And she could not check. “I suppose if I was only interested in justice that a Magical Girl has more options.” “But Magical Girls are not agents of justice,” Tac said as she jumped up onto the back of the front, passenger seat. “At least not necessarily.” “But do they have the freedom to become so?” “Probably,” Tac said. “So Magical Girl, do you feel that if you cannot practice law that you are required to uphold justice? Does your power require you to act.” “Hell no,” Kristine said. “Power does not equate to responsibility.” “Interesting.” “Listen, can you just drive.” “Sure,” he said, and then asked Tac, “so you offer power to these girls?” “That is right.” Tac sounded pleased with herself. “And you don’t feel that there is a problem with that? It’s like you are creating child soldiers.” “No like about it. But young girls have the purity and innocence to wield magic. Their pure hearts and pure dreams protect them from the corrupting taint of magic.” “Bullshit!” Kristine said from the back. “I was twenty-five, and you still picked me.” “Twenty-five?” the driver asked, looking at her in the mirror again. Kristine wished she had kept her mouth shut. “You were immature for your age,” Tac said by way of explanation. She smacked the cat from the back of the seat hard enough that it hit the interior windshield. “Hey, watch it,” the driver said. “The cat’s fine.” “My feelings can be hurt you know,” Tac said, jumping down from the dashboard. “Good to know. I’ll try to be more emotionally cruel.”
 The driver looked at her in the mirror, then down at Tac. He asked no more questions. Kristine felt a little bad about that but did not want to start up the conversation again. When she was dropped off at the courthouse, she tipped the driver well, by way of apology, then walked up the steps towards the large entranceway. She was near the doors when she was met by Oscar’s assistant. Yvonne Clark was an older woman, brown hair striped with grey, dressed conservatively. She had some garment bags hung over her shoulder. “Kristine?” she asked hesitantly. “Yes. Mr Cotton wanted me here.” Of course, Yvonne had to know that. What a stupid and obvious thing to say. “Yes. Come on. I have some clothing for you.” He held up the garment bags a little higher. At least Kristine was not the only one stating the obvious. Yvonne led her to a bathroom where she could change. Kristine went in on her own, carrying the three bags. She left them on a small bench inside the room by the door and went right for a stall. Her training panty was not too wet, but she cleaned herself up and put on a new one, not wanting to take a chance of staining any of the clothing she was going to borrow. There were three dresses within the bags, as well as a few packaged sundries. She wondered if they belonged to Oscar’s daughters or granddaughters. Perhaps young nieces? She did not really know much about his family other than he did have children. One of the dresses looked like a little girl’s Sunday dress. A bit too much frou-frou and pink for her tastes. Another was a surprisingly mature looking dress in a pale blue, clingy. Kristine was certain the bulk of her training panties would be visible. She went with the third, a dark blue dress, with a pleated skirt that dropped below her knees and short, wide sleeves that fell just above her elbows. The skirt was loose enough that there was no chance of her training panties showing through and it looked conservative. There was a pair of white tights, still in the package, along with the dress. She tore the bag open and put them on. The cotton tights were a little too small, and the dress a bit tight across her slim chest, but, looking at herself, she saw that none of that showed. Good enough. She gathered up everything and left the bathroom. Yvonne and Tac were waiting nearby. Yvonne looked Kristine up and down and nodded. “Good. Come on.” Tac jumped up onto her shoulder. Yvonne led Kristine up the main stairs, where the too small tights and slightly too tight dress made themselves a little more obvious. She felt a little corseted as she could not breathe as deeply as she wished, and the tights were sliding down a little, and she had to resist the urge to try to pull them up. Down a hall, deeper into the building, to a small waiting room where Oscar, and to her surprise and no small amount of embarrassment, Daniel were waiting. Daniel was staring at her, shock obvious on his face. She noted two others, a woman and man, well dressed. The man she recognised as Wendal Pine, the lead lawyer for the other side. “Miss St. James, thank you for coming,” Oscar said to her. “You’re welcome Mr Black.” Daniel schooled his expression to something more professional and nodded a hello to her. “Kristine,” he said. She returned the informal greeting with a “Daniel. You’re assisting with the case? Good job.” He looked a little uncomfortable, for they both knew that she was supposed to be here. “Thank you,” he said, almost sounding himself. Wendal and his companion were openly staring at her. She ignored them, deciding she would let someone else handle introductions if they were required. “Is there anything else Mr Cotton?” Yvonne asked. “Not at the moment Yvonne, thank you.” Yvonne nodded and then left them. There were several seconds of an uncomfortable silence in the room before Oscar said, “Let’s go.” He walked to one of the doors, knocked and then pushed it open. Kristine started towards the doors, but the others, with their longer strides (not hampered by trying to keep cotton tights from sliding down over a pair of training panties), put everyone else in the room, and she had to wait to enter last. There was a small office beyond. The five of them filled it. A woman behind a desk was talking to Oscar. “Go in,” she said, “Judge Morrison is waiting for you.” They all filed through the secretaries office into the much more significant office of the judge. Bernard Morrison was a tall man, big, shaved head, wrinkles around his eyes and mouth. He was standing, waiting for them. “Sit,” he ordered, pointing at a table in front of his desk. Everyone sat. Kristine found the chair too big for her, wished she could kneel on it, so she was not so low. Bernard went and sat at his desk. “Let’s make this fast.” He looked at Kristine. “Kristine St. James.” “Yes sir,” she said, hating how her voice seemed to squeak. “Papers?” She reached into her bag, pulled out her ID. She was about to get off the chair when Tac jumped to the floor and became the tuxedo-clad, cat-eared beauty that was her other form. There were a few expressions of surprise. With a smile Tac took the various documents from Kristine and walked to the judge’s desk, handing them to him. He looked through them, turning the bridging ID back and forth, staring at Kristine. She felt her cheeks grow warm under his scrutiny. He gave the documents back to Tac. “Thank you.” “Of course,” Tac said, and walked back, putting the documents on the table, in front of Kristine, just far enough from her that Kristine had to reach to get them. The cat-eared woman took a seat beside Kristine, smiling at the other people. “Tell me how you came to this position,” Judge Morrison said to Kristine. So Kristine told him of her meeting with Tac Friday evening and of her accepting the contract the next day. She kept it simple, to the point. Tac confirmed her story when asked. “When was the last time you worked on this case,” he asked her. “Friday evening, about 5pm.” “Anything since then?” “No sir.” “Have you had any contact with anyone involved in the case since then?” “Just Mr Cotton. I let him know what happened, and met with him yesterday too, well, officially end my employment with the firm.” “Did you talk about the case?” She shook her head. “No sir.” Wendal shifted forward in his chair. “Any witnesses to this?” “I was there,” Tac said. At the same time, Oscar said, “Emily Black from our IT department was there. She can be a witness as to our conversation. Shall I ask her to come by? I have a signed statement from her.” He brought an envelope from his jacket. “Give it here.” Oscar did so, and Bernard looked it over. “Good enough,” he finally said. “I would like a ruling now as to if Miss St. James unfortunate situation in any way reflects on this case,” Oscar said. The judge looked at Wendal and his companion. “Are you requesting a stay in procedures?” Wendal did not answer immediately, but finally said, “Not at this time.” “Your honour, if not at this time than if I may be permitted to say, than not at all,” Oscar said. “More information could come up later in the case,” Wendal replied, a little heated. “We may need to request a stay or delay later.” “If things start to go bad for you,” Oscar said. Kristine had suspected but now knew why Oscar had requested her presence there. “Enough,” Bernard said, loudly. No one else said anything. “Mr Pine, if you do not see a reason to delay proceedings at this time, based on what we know, I will not allow you to request a later delay. Unless of course, you put further evidence in front of me that puts into question Miss St. James' statement that she has had nothing to do with the case since her unfortunate transformation.” “Very well,” Wendal said. He did not sound happy about it. “All right, then this meeting is done. I will see you in court in,” he looked at his watch, “twenty minutes.” It was a dismissal that everyone recognised. They left the office. Out in the waiting room, everyone started walking away. Daniel paused, looked at her, back at the others who were all watching, and then said, “I’m sorry this happened to you.” He walked off. Not about to taint the case by being seen associating with her. She was alone. She found Yvonne, down the hall, waiting for her. She returned to the bathroom on the first floor, changing back into her own clothing. She held up the tights, making sure there were no telltale stains on the white cotton, then shoved them into the garment bag with the dress. “Thank you,” she said as she handed the bag back to Yvonne outside of the bathroom. “You’re welcome,” she said with a smile before turning and walking away. “Now what?” Tac asked from where she lazily leaned on a wall. “I guess I’ll go shopping.” “Good, I like shopping.” Kristine supposed some retail therapy was a way to not think of things. Or maybe not think that there was nothing left to really think about. She was a Magical Girl, and it seemed that was all she would be. All she could be. So letting her mind focus on buying a new wardrobe was welcome. She looked for quality, triple stitching, good materials, nothing that looked like it had been made in a sweatshop. Since training panties and, not that she wanted to admit it, diapers, were going to be a constant she looked for skirts and dresses mostly, to make changing easier. She bought some slacks and loose jeans, but they made up only a small part of her new and growing wardrobe. Quality and conservative were her watchwords. She soon had several bags full of clothing. Tac had to help her carry them. Some training bras were added to her purchases. As she had the day before Kristine got the idea that most of the salespeople who sold them to her were ultimately humouring her. What she did not need (assuming she was not going to chance a mess) were panties, but she bought them anyway. She did not want anyone thinking about why she would not be buying them. It was mid-afternoon when she decided to go home. She and Tac stuffed a taxi’s trunk full of clothing of all sorts, and the back seat was pretty full too. They did not get a driver who wanted to speak, so Kristine sat in the back seat, feeling tired and wet, hoping her training panties did not leak. Fortunately, she made it back to her apartment leaving the seat behind her dry. She and Tac hauled everything up to her apartment and Kristine went to change. She had leaked a little on her way up, small damp spots on the seat of her slacks. After changing into a dry pair of training panties, she tossed the pants into the laundry hamper and then, in only her socks, blouse and training panty, began to unpack her purchases. She was not sure at first what to do with all her old clothing, but after a few minutes of looking through her wardrobe, she decided it had to go. There was no point in keeping it around, other than to torture herself. She found some boxes and used the bags all her new things had come in and packed away all her old things. She would donate them to some charity, or better yet a woman’s shelter. Maybe her suits would do someone some good. As she finished boxing the last of the old things up, she felt odd, as if something were off. She found herself walking about the apartment, looking onto corners, opening things up. As small as the apartment was her actions did not go unnoticed. “What are you doing?” Tac asked her. Kristine looked at the cat. “Something feels off, but I don’t know what.” “Probably just because you are being watched.” “What?” Tac, in cat form again, stretched out. “Yeah. Not long after we got back.” “Where?” she asked, starting towards the windows. “Stop, don’t be stupid,” the cat told her. “Pardon?” she looked back at Tac. “You don’t want them to know you spotted them. That’s like tradecraft 101.” “Tradecraft?” She shook her head. “What should I do?” “Stop being stupid?” “Aren’t you supposed to help me?” “If I can make you stop being stupid that would help a lot.” “You make me want to kick you.” “Transform. Put your pacifier in your pie hole and teleport down there.” Kristine wanted to say something snide, but the cat was right. “Thank you,” she said softly. “What was that?” “I said thank you,” she snapped, and then before Tac might say anything else she transformed. Teleporting about, being invisible, it was all pretty amazing. It almost made being a Magical Girl worthwhile. Though not the diapers. She stood beside the car, not seen by the occupants, looking into the windows. It did not take her long to figure out who they were. There was a file, open in the back seat, with some stationary with the Pine law firm letterhead on it. So they were looking for proof that she was still somehow involved in the case. Good luck on finding that, she thought as she teleported up onto the roof of a nearby high-rise. She took the pacifier from her mouth. “Annoying.” “I will teach you a spell to chase them away,” Tac said. “Chase them away?” “Sure. Magic Girls need to make the mundanes scatter, stay away from dangerous places. Nice simple spell. You envision something unpleasant and focus it… Though with your weird ways of casting spells who know how it will work. Still, it is simple enough.” “No.” “No what?” “I’m not going to cast it. They are just doing their jobs, and it is not like they are going to see anything that will be a problem for Cotton and Black. I’ll just ignore them.” “But this is a teachable moment.” “I don’t care.” She teleported back to her apartment and ended her magical girl transformation. Tac had jumped from her shoulder. “Boring.” “I can learn that spell later,” she told the cat as she picked up the packed boxes and stacked them next to the door. Tac shook her cat head and then went and curled up on the couch. Kristine went and cleaned everything up, considering what she might do if she got a house. That all she needed to do was to want one and she would be given one seemed so unlikely. It was like she had won a lottery. And in a way she supposed she had. Just not a lottery that she would have bought a ticket for. She had everything sorted out and cleaned up when she heard someone knocking on her door. Not expecting any visitors she went to the door, stood up on her toes, and looked out the peephole. On her doorstep stood the handsome Olivia. “What the hell?” she asked aloud even as she unlocked the door. “Olivia, you can’t be here, there…” That was all she got before Oliva had her wrapped in her arms, her lips pressed against Kristine’s, her tongue slipping into Kristine’s mouth. It was like the night they had last seen each other. That was one of her thoughts at that moment. She also recalled that their hands had been in each other panties, and she worried that Olivia’s hands would slide down from her shoulders and discover what she wore instead of panties. That was another of her thoughts. She also was a little surprised at the tongue in her mouth. It seemed strange and well, the only word that came to her mind, strangely was, gross. It seemed a little gross. Then suddenly before Kristine could think of anything Oliva pushed her away, she herself stumbling a few steps back to fall against the door jamb. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Oliva said, crying. Kristine stared at Olivia, her mouth hanging open. She closed her mouth, then asked, “Sorry? What? Why?” “I heard, I thought, it didn’t matter. I was in love with you. I was sure it didn’t matter what you looked like, but it felt so wrong. I’m sorry.” “Olivia?” She took a step forward, then stopped. “You love me?” She was surprised. She liked Olivia, a lot, but in love? “Oh,” Kristine said. Of course, she loved Olivia as well. Why had she not seen it? “I…” “I don’t love you anymore,” Olivia cried and wiped at her eyes, smearing eyeliner. “What?” “You’re a child, when I look at you, I feel nothing. When I kissed you I just felt like a monster.” She straightened. “I never should have come here. I have to leave.” “Olivia…” Kristine took a step forward. “No, Kristine, I can’t be near you. It’s tearing me up.” Kristine stopped. “Goodbye.” She turned and fled the apartment. “Olivia,” Kristine said softly and took a step forward. She would just be torturing Olivia if she followed. “Well that was some nice drama,” Tac said as she jumped down from the couch. Kristine turned on the cat. “Shut up.” “That’s hardly nice. And here I am going to help you out.” “Help me out?” Tac saying anything like that seemed so foreign. She did not think the cat was capable of helping her. “I am going to take care of those guys in the car, so they don’t remember seeing your friend coming in here, cause that is probably important, then I am going to talk to your friend and make sure she doesn’t hurt herself.” “Oh,” Kristine said, suddenly feeling bad for her earlier thought. “And then I am going to get her on the rebound and fuck her until she can’t even remember your name.” “What?” The cat looked up at her. “She’s got a nice figure, and I am one horny kitty.” “Listen you damn cat I’ll pick you up by the scruff o the neck and shake the sh…” Tac was suddenly the buxom, tall woman in a tuxedo. She moved fast, grabbing Kristine and yanking the smaller girl across her lap as she dropped onto the couch. Skirt flipped up, training panties yanked down, she proceeded to wail on Kristine’s bottom, in the middle of the apartment, with the door to the hallway wide opened. It was humiliating. And it hurt a lot. “You Listen. I put up with a lot of crap from you cause you are cute, but you don’t get to tell me who I fuck.” Kristine was squirming, trying to break free, biting down on screams and sobs, worried someone could come and look into her apartment. Then suddenly she was on the floor, dumped from Tac’s lap, and Tac was heading out the door. “Don’t wait up,” Tac called back with a cruel smile as she left. Kristine watched her go, wiped her eyes, then stumbled to her feet, and with the training panties around her ankles, stumbled to the door and closed it. She bent down, pulled the training panties up. As they slid over her well-spanked bottom, she hissed at how much it had hurt. Had that bitch Tac used claws when she spanked her? Well, she would show Tac, she would… What would she do?
 Chase after Tac, tell her to leave Olivia alone? Scream ‘don’t have sex with my ex-girlfriend’? It was ridiculous. Olivia was not stupid, no easy lay. If Tac could seduce her, it would be because it was what Olivia wanted, at least at that moment. She sat down on the couch. Jumped up with a cry of pain. What sort of crazy magical spanking had Tac given her? She stood there, still sniffing, thinking about her friend and her life and her very adulthood which had all been snatched away for some stupid reason. She thought about how helpless she felt about it all. She thought about how there was nothing she could do about any of it. “Mr Bear,” she cried. And then the bear was there, and she threw herself into its warm, soft hug. She cried into the fur, and Mr Bear gently patted her bottom, easing the pain there. She felt completely pathetic, and at the same time completely safe. BREAK POINT#4 And now the new part that has not beeN posted yet Later, sprawled on her couch, in a too big t-shirt, the padding of a training panty a subtle but unforgettable presence, stared at the TV. She was not really watching what was on it, it was the background for her thoughts. Olivia, and what she represented. Things had been happening so quickly that she had not really considered what her life was going to be like. Saturday morning she had woken up, and everything was normal. It was now Monday evening, and she had lost her job, probably her friends, a girlfriend she had not realised was her girlfriend, her potty skills and her maturity. Things had been happening too fast. She had not really thought about it. Now that she was thinking about it Kristine did not like it. She sniffed, suddenly worried she might start crying. She rubbed at her eyes, took a deep breath. “I can turn this around,” she said out loud. It made her better to hear that, but what followed was the silent question, ‘how?’ Pulling her knees up to her chest she considered what she would need to do to fix things. She did not think she could break the magic that had changed her. She had, under duress as it had been, accepted a contract. There was something sacrosanct to that. Magical rules that had been established that would not be broken. The sticking point was that she was a child. It did not matter that she had a bridging ID, the fact that anyone who looked at her was going to see a little girl. And if she were not careful they would see a little girl in diapers. Jobs, relationships, even leisure activities would all be denied to her. Suddenly she was depressed again. She recalled, only a few days before, flipping through the channels until she could present to Tac a magical girl: Magical Parfait of the Baker’s Dozen she recalled. She could be, she realised, a joke. She could go on TV, or maybe get jobs performing. A cute little girl who was not really a little girl. Her knowledge of entertainment law was sketchy, but she seemed to remember that there was a limit on how much children could work. An apparent little girl, who was really an adult, would probably be useful. She supposed had she ever wanted to go into entertainment than this might be the best thing that ever happened to her. But while she had wanted to stand in front of a court as a lawyer, standing in front of an audience as a performer had never occurred to her. A professional joke, just like Magical Parfait, and other magical girls like her. No, she realised, she would be even a bigger joke because of the theme of her magic, and the diapers. Exhausted by her depressing thoughts, she turned off the TV, unfolded her couch, pulled her blankets over her head. She just wanted to sleep. Morning came, as it had since her transformation, with a wet dream and a messy diaper. She lay there, breathing heavily, waiting for the sensation to pass, and kind of wishing it would not. Then she called for Mr Bear so he could clear her up. It was just so much easier. After Mr Bear had her in a fresh diaper, she dismissed him. Sitting up on her fold out bed she wondered if all the Nursery Knights had to deal with that. And then she smacked her hand into her forehead. She could find them, talk to them, get them to tell her what the deal was, how they might have dealt with it. No dealing with Tac, who she really did not want to speak to, and certainly did not want to confide in. Staying in her diaper, she went to her laptop, turned it on, waited for it to boot up. It took so long. She summoned her magic bag, wrote a note that she wanted a new computer and a tablet. The message went into the side pocket, the bag dismissed. Once her computer was running, she opened a browser window and began to search. Terms like ‘Nursery Knights’, ‘magical baby girls’, ‘diaper magical girls’ got her some results, but she only found a handful of useful articles. There was a magical sighting page, with an entry on the Nursery Knights. It had not been updated in more than fifteen years. They had been active in Sacramento about twenty years prior. Kristine’s family had lived in Sacramento, but they had moved north to Seattle shortly before the Nursery Knights had been active. Had Tac shown up when she had been supposed to, would Kristine's family have moved? The Magical Realm certainly had access to money. Her father had taken them to Seattle because he had a new job there. She could envision Tac using the Magic Realm's money to keep her and her family in Sacramento. Or perhaps her teleporting power was to allow for the commute. Putting such thoughts aside she read what information was available. There was mention of a few battles, one in the downtown core. No record of any civilian casualties. Kristine found a few stories of people found asleep, unable to wake for a few months. She supposed that made sense for something that had been called the Nightmare King. Then the Nursery Knights all but disappeared. She spent about an hour reading through various sites but found nothing online that really helped her. Shutting her computer off she leaned back. Her padding felt damp on her bottom, and the diaper crinkled. Shaking her head, Kristine got up from her bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. It was still early when Kristine left her apartment. She had a small bag, loaded with a few extra training pants and an envelope full of computer money. Her outfit was all her new clothing, a black, designer A-line dress, with a skirt that hid her padding. She had paired it with a faded jean jacket. Out in front of her building, she decided not to call a cab but went for a walk instead. Kristine used to like going for walks. With school and the working at the law firm, she had had less time for that. Now she had nothing but time. She sighed loudly as she stood on a street corner, waiting for a break in the traffic. “Something wrong sweetie?” The person asking a question was a school crossing guard. An older woman with a kind smile. Kristine had not even noticed her, but it had been a long time since she had needed crossing guard’s help. “I’m just tried,” Kristine said, not even thinking to explain her problems. “You should get lots of sleep sweetie,” she told Kristine, then, a break in the traffic presenting itself, put her whistle to her lips, raised her sign, and stepped out into the crosswalk. Kristine mumbled a thank you as she crossed. Several other children, who Christine had not really noticed either, were louder in their thanks. There sure were a lot of kids around, she thought. Of course, because they were going to school. Kids were walking, almost always with an adult, though. Walking past a school, she noticed how many were being dropped off by parents. It looked like children had grown a lot less independent than she was a child. Kids a few years from being teenagers seemed to be treated more like they were children half their age, or so Kristine thought. It made Kristine rethink her earlier concerns about looking like a child. It was worse than she had thought if this was the new normal for children. “Goddamn depressing,” she said softly. No one tried to stop her, no truant officers or police demanding to know what she was doing, but she saw curious gazes turned her way. She really did not want deal with anyone asking her questions. The morning grew late, children and commuters disappeared from the streets. She watched the cars going by, supposed that people were out shopping, like her. Kristine had been walking for a while, but she was not tired, no ache in her leg muscles. Recalling what Tac had said she could only assume that she was enjoying another of the benefits of being a magical girl. Even untransformed it appeared she enjoyed a stronger body. Almost two hours after she had set off she reached the shopping mall she had wanted to visit. It had not been open for long, and it was not too crowded. In an electronic store, Kristine went to the computer isle and looked around. She had educated herself about computers, enough to know what she wanted. Before price had always been a concern, but now she had money waiting to be spent. It took her about twenty minutes to decide between the three computers she had been considering, and then she stood around for several minutes, waiting for someone to come up and ask to help her. She was a little surprised that the salespeople had left her alone so long. Then she remembered. She was a kid. Of course, they were ignoring her. They probably thought she was screwing around while her parents were shopping somewhere else. “Excuse me, I’d like to buy this,” she called to a middle-aged man who passed close by. He paused, looked around, and then, Kristine was sure he sighed, he walked over to her. “What is it you want young lady?” “This,” she put her hand on the laptop she had chosen. He looked at it, then her. “Is your mother around?” “I’ll pay for it,” she told him. He looked at her for a few seconds, she guessed he was trying to decide if she was serious if he was about to get a commission out of the sale. “Okay, we’ll ring it up.” He reached under the shelf, grabbing one of the boxes. She paused on their way to the cash registers and pointed at a tablet. “And one of those.” Again he looked at her, thoughtfully, perhaps taking in her clothing. Then he grabbed another box. When they reached the cash register, he said, “All right, so where is your mother, or father?” She reached into her bag and took out the envelope with the cash in it. She had already figured out the cost, so she put the hundred dollar bills and fifty dollar bills in front of him. “I am paying for it myself. I am really spoiled.” Kristine was not sure what the salesman had been expecting, but probably not a large wad of cash. She wondered why she had not used her credit card. It probably would have been easier. Had she wanted to flash her money around? Seemed more than a little childish to her. “I’m joking,” she told him and pulled her bridging ID out. “It’s really okay. I’m older than I look.” She smiled as she held out the card. He took it from her, looked at it, flipped it over, read what was there. “You’re from the Magical Realm?” “Well, not really.” She did not want to say she was a Magical Girl. “It’s complicated.” The ID fell from his hands to the counter. “You’re a Magical Girl,” he said, nervously, looking around. “Look, I don’t…” “Fuck, is some monster going to show up? You’re going to get us all killed.” He was not shouting, but he was loud, and a few people were looking towards him. She had heard that some people were afraid of all things magical. She had never seen it before. “Listen, just take my money and give me my receipt and my stuff and I will be out of here. I’ll never come back.” “Fuck you,” he said quite loudly. “Dan, is there a problem?” A middle-aged man in a shirt and tie had approached. “She’s a fucking Magical Girl.” “Dan, go, take your break.” “But…” “Go to the break room.” Dan stared at the man, shook his head, and then almost ran away. The manager, Kristine assumed, quietly rang her up, looked at her ID once, then took her money. He did not ask her to come again. No one asked if she had found everything she wanted. People were staring at her. “Fuck,” Kristine muttered as she left. She should have shopped online. Who knew she would have to deal with such crap. She had planned to shop a little more but had no stomach for it. Leaving the mall, she hailed a taxi. As she got in with her purchases, she said to the driver, “Take me to the downtown branch of the library.” The driver pulled away from the mall. He did not want to talk, which was okay with Kristine. Kristine had excellent research skills. However, she was in no way a professional. Librarians were professionals, which was why she had come to the library. An older woman, probably around fifty, looked down at Kristine. “The Nursery Knights?” Kristine nodded. “Yes. I want to find out what I can about them.” “I see,” she simply said, and then, “come along.” She led Kristine to her desk where she sat down and started her search. She did not invite Kristine to take a seat, there was not even a chair there for visitors. However, she was not left standing for long. Perhaps after a minute or two, the librarian scribbled down some notes and then stood up, once more asking Kristine to follow. It was a pleasure to watch a professional at work, Kristine often thought. They went to an old-fashioned card catalogue, though they only stayed there a few moments. Then there was a short stop at an old microfiche machine. Kristine was not even sure she would know how to use that device. That done the woman began to pull books and old periodicals from various shelves. In less than an hour, Kristine was looking at a stack of material sitting on a table. “Thank you,” she said. “You’re welcome. Most of that material cannot be taken from the library. Leave it on the table when you are finished, we’ll get it shelved.” She turned and walked away. Kristine began to read. There was a book on the various teams of Magical Girls who had operated on the West Coast for the past thirty years. There was a full chapter on the Nursery Knights, though much of it was the author’s supposition about why a team of little girls had been chosen, and that magic must be related to innocence. It was still interesting. She put that aside, picked up a book of photography, found several pictures of the Nursery Knights within. Faces were blurry, but she would make out the little girls wearing the same style of outfits she wore when transformed. The diapers were embarrassingly obvious. A scholarly book about magical girls in general mentioned the Nursery Knights a few times, and how as a group composed of small children they represented an example of how irresponsible the Magical Realm was. “Preaching to the choir sister,” Kristine said softly as she put the book aside. She read more books, magazine articles, even an interview done with Nursery Knight Becca. Not that Becca, probably Rebecca, had a lot to say. Kristine guessed that Becca was perhaps about eight at the time, but the person doing to story assumed an age of about half that. Christine had been making notes of when the Nursery Knights had first appeared and when they had disappeared. The interview with Becca was one of the last times anyone saw one of the Nursery Knights. She had been at her research for a couple of hours. Straightening up, amazed at the fact her back did not hurt, she was aware of the wet, squishy feeling around her bottom from a soaked training panty. Hoping that she was not leaking she nearly ran to the bathroom. The inside of her dress’s skirt was just a little damp, and it did not show, fortunately. Her training panty was heavy with her pee, and she tossed it into the garbage once she had changed. Back at the table she looked through the few remaining books and magazines but was not able to add to her knowledge of the Nursery Knights. They had been much like most magical girl teams, but for their youth. But unlike those other groups, when they had finished their fight they had disappeared completely. Where had they gone? She left the books and magazines on the table as she had been told. On the way out she paused near a donation box, a sign over it reading, ‘Help Support Our Library’. She had a few hundred dollars left after her purchase of the laptop and tablet. Most of it went into the donation box, but for enough left for her cab ride home. Tac came into Kristine's apartment in her cat form. It was early evening. Kristine had set up her laptop and told herself she was still doing research, but she was really just playing around with all the new features the better computer and OS had given her. The cat jumped up onto the coffee table. “Let’s go, we have some more training to do.” Kristine almost told Tac to go to hell, but instead, she stood up and lisped out her transformation chant. She stood in her uniform, suddenly feeling more embarrassed by it. Having seen pictures of the Nursery Knights wearing that outfit, the juvenile costume felt even more so. The short skirt, the puffy sleeves, the lace trim, the ribbon on which her pacifier hung, the rattle shaped mace, and of course the thick diaper. Tac jumped up onto her shoulder. “There’s a big park west of here, do you know it?” “Yeth, I know it.” “Teleport us there for the next lesson.” Kristine did so, appearing on the roof of a medium-sized building that looked down on several acres of green space. People were enjoying the end of the day, a soccer game and a baseball game was going on at either side of the park, and people moving around between. “Okay,” Tac said. “When a Magical Girl needs to fight she should do her best to keep people from getting hurt?” “What about pwopety?” “Property damage is not a problem. We got the money to pay for it.” Kristine supposed that made sense based on what she had learned that day. Tac continued. “You need to be able to make people leave an area, so they don’t get hurt.” “How do I do that?” “It was like I was telling you. If you want to chase someone away from a place you envision something unpleasant, though not frightening, and focus on an area, then push that feeling into that area.” “Thomething unpleathant?” “A feeling of being too cool, or too hot, or an annoying sound.” “Okay.” “Clear everyone from about a hundred feet in every direction of the fountain.” Kristine nodded, stepped to the edge of the building. She looked down at the space Tac had defined, she let the words come to her as they had before. “Dirty Diaper Diaper Pail,” she said, and then, “Fuck cat.” “Hey, I don’t make this crap up.” She wanted to be angry, but when she saw what was happening below, she could only be amazed. People were leaving the area she had envisioned. They were not running, they did not even seem to be aware of it, but they evacuated the space in an orderly manner liked it had been well planned and practised. It could not have taken more than twenty seconds before the space around the fountain was deserted. People had redistributed themselves around the park, apparently unaware of their actions. What was more was that people were walking the long way around, again seeming not to notice that anything was weird in they did. They were, on further observation, actively not looking towards the space around the fountain. “Weird.” “Jump down there,” Tac told her. Kristine judged the distance and then took a few steps back. She then ran up to the edge and leapt. She sailed across the distance between, landing close to the fountain, hitting the brickwork, her shoes leaving scratches on the surface. “Oopthieth,” she said looking back at the damage. Tac made a rude sound. “That’s not an oops level of damage, trust me.” She jumped from Kristine’s shoulder to the fountain side. “No one will care.” Kristine looked around and then walked towards the edge of the space she had envisioned. No one was looking at her, no one had seen her land, heard her land. She stood, about two feet away from a man who was talking on his cell phone. She could hear what he was saying, but he did not seem to notice her. “Weird.” She walked back towards the fountain. “But what happenth if the monthter weaveth the spathe?” “Why do you think Magical Girls are in teams? A few girls working together can contain the monsters.” “I thee.” “But let’s assume you need to keep a monster contained when it is really trying to get away. Or you want to avoid accidents and not just the type you have in your diapers.” “Hey!” Ignoring her outburst, Tac continued, “You don’t want someone tripping and falling into the area, or maybe a piece of a destroyed building goes flying out. If that is likely, you need to firm up the barrier, so it does not let anything pass through.” Kristine nodded. “So, now I want you to envision the barrier becoming something that will keep people out. Visualize it and say the words.” “Okay,” Kristine told Tac, then looked around. Prison cell. Sheets of thick plastic. Steel walls. Chainlink fences. Wood slats, gaily painted, safely rounded with no sharp edges. “Cwib time thafe thpathe,” she said aloud, and all around her appeared crib like bars. “Fuck,” she said again. “How cute,” Tac said in syrupy tones. She kicked the cat into the fountain. Splashing and sputtering the cat thrashed about in the water for a few seconds before turning into a woman. Tac, the woman, splashed out of the knee-deep water. She was soaked, so her ordinarily tight clothing was obscenely clinging to her. Kristine tried to tell herself she was not all jealous and was careful not to look down at her own lack of curves. Stepping out of the fountain Tac stood over her, glaring down at her. “Do you want another spanking already little girl?” Recalling the spanking of only the night before Kristine took a step back. Her lip trembled as she shook her head. “Don’t mix cats with water you overgrown toddler.” “I’m not…” she said, but looking up at Tac’s angry face killed the rest of the words in her mouth. Tac snapped her fingers. Water exploded away from her. A mist of it hit Kristine in the face, leaving her lightly drenched. Perfectly dry Tac stood there, imperious for a moment, then the woman was gone, and the cat was back. The cat leapt back up onto the fountain edge and stared at Kristine, almost as if she was daring Kristine to try something. Kristine did not take up that dare. Some water dripped from her hair. With the impossibly smug look that only a cat was capable of Tac said, “Now you have your safe crib space. That will stop most things from getting in and out, but a determined or a powerful monster might break it.” Kristine nodded, still feeling scared and not trusting her voice. “Or perhaps the monster has minions. Either way, you may need some extra help.” “What about the other Magical Girlth?” Kristine asked. “You might be fighting on your own, or they might be just as busy. Fortunately, you got Mr Bear to give you a hand.” “Mithter Bear?” “Consider if you had an army of your Bear? Each one ready to knock a monster away from the barrier, or form a wall of fur to keep the barrier safe.” Kristine nodded, seeing the point. “So, picture an army of your Mr Bears, and then, call them.” Kristine closed her eyes and did just that. She imagined an army of giant teddy bears. She opened her eyes. “Todayth the day the teddy bearth haf their pi’nic,” she called out. Well, that was not quite as bad as the other things she had to say. Around her formed shadows, and those shadows began to clump together. “Looks good so far,” Tac said. In seconds there stood about fifty or sixty shadowy forms all around her. Then, with a sound like a pop, those forms became giant teddy bears. They looked a lot like Mr Bear, though they lacked his more distinct features. They had an unfinished look to them. The close to sixty bear heads all turned towards her. It was a little creepy. “What now?” she asked Tac. “Now, think about what you want them to do.” Kristine started at them for several seconds. Then she giggled as every bear suddenly pushed its hip forward and grabbed its crotch with a big paw. “Real mature,” Tac said. Kristine ignored the cat as the bears started doing the thriller dance. “A magical army and thy best she can think to do with it is play,” Tac said. Kristine pretended the cat was not there, just watching her dancing bears. She could see that there was a lot that might be done with the bears. They could handle crowd control, probably lock enemies down she so could hit them, even just stand a perimeter guard as Tac had earlier suggested. Or she could make her very own teddy bear flash mob. The bears had been dancing for a few minutes (she felt sorry for everyone on the other side of the barrier who could not see the show) when Kristine suddenly felt dizzy. “Oh my,” she said, stumbling back a few steps before sitting slowly on the edge of the fountain. The bears all stopped moving. As she sat there, taking deep breaths, Kristine felt her diaper grow warm under her as she wet it without control. “Wha’ happen?” she asked. “It takes a lot of magical energy to summon and maintain your bears,” Tac told her in a tone that suggested she thought that Kristine should have known that. “Teddy bearth ta bed,” Kristine said, and the bears disappeared. As soon as they were gone, she felt better. “You need to work on your magical stamina,” Tac told her. “Magical thtamina?” “Your ability to channel and hold the magical power. The more magic you use, the better you’ll get. Normally, of course, you are working with a team, and each girl can handle a different thing. Still, a Magical Girl never knows when she’ll have to fight on her own.” “I would like to meet the other Magical Girls,” Kristine said, seeing an opportunity. “What?” “The other Nursery Knights. I would like to talk to them.” “I’ll see what I can do,” Tac told her. Glad that Tac had not asked why Kristine got unsteadily to her feet. Her soaked diaper sagged under the weight of her pee. “One more thing and then we’ll call it a night.” “One more?” Kristine asked. She wanted to teleport home and get a fresh diaper, or training panty. As long as it was dry. “If things are terrible, then you want to take the area you are fighting in out of the world.” “Out of the worl’?” “Think about it as moving the area to another dimension.” “Another dimenthion?” “Are you a parrot?” Kristine was about to say, ‘Parrot,’ but shut her mouth on the word. “How?” “Visualize it. Think about this space sinking away.” Kristine looked around, thought about the ground under her becoming water, the entire area sinking away, going somewhere else. “Into the dark toy box and clothe the lid,” she said, sweeping her hand out. The barrier went black. Suddenly all around her was darkness. It was as if the temperature suddenly dropped, and she shivered, her diaper growing cold and clammy around her hips. There was an indirect light, and there were long shadows all around her. Turning in place, she started open mouth. “I’m really somewhere elthe.” “You are,” Tac told her. “Did I leave a hole in the worl’?” “No. Its as if this space no longer exists, the space it took up no longer there.” Kristine thought about that and shivered again. “Okay, take us back out.” Kristine nodded. Without being told she visualised the area returning to the world and said, “Open the toy box.” It became warm and brighter, and around her, the park returned. “That’s enough for today,” Tac said as she jumped up onto Kristine’s shoulder. “Back up to the roof.” Kristine tried to teleport, but her concentration failed, and she felt as if the world stuttered around her. Her hand tightened on the mace, and she almost hurled it at the ground. She felt tears in her eyes. It was all so hard, and she was so tired. She realised her emotions were suddenly out of control with exhaustion and she had been about to throw a tantrum because of it. I am not a baby, she told herself and focused. Kristine successfully teleported on her second attempt. Standing on the roof she followed Tac’s direction, dropping the barrier and then the exclusion field. From above she watched as people began to move back into the space she had earlier driven them from. Again they did not seem to notice that they were returning to the area, just as they had not been aware they had been leaving it. Within a few minutes it was as if it had never happened. Magic was amazing, Kristine thought. She teleported back to her apartment. Tac left her for some other business. Kristine made sure not to ask if that other business was Olivia. She sat down on her couch, her diaper squishing beneath her. She just wanted to rest a moment, then she would change back, but she was asleep in seconds. BREAK POINT#5 Someone, probably Mr Bear, had unfolded her couch, undressed her, changed her, and put her in the bed, sheets tucked in around her. While the magical bear could do all that to her and not wake her up was a little disconcerting, there was something about it that her still sleepy mind found comforting. Knowing that there was always going to be something that would take care of her. Closing her eyes she tried to go back to sleep, but after only a few seconds she opened her eyes and turned her head towards the clock in the room. She had been asleep for a few hours, and it was not too late in the evening. Kristine did not think she would get back to sleep. Sitting up, the sheets slipping off her, she found herself dressed in one of the pyjama tops she had bought. Mr Bear had not bother putting the bottoms on her. She got up from the bed, felt too lazy to hunt up the pyjama pants or switch from the thick diaper to a pair of training pants. She got her new laptop and tablet, setting them up on the coffee table as she sat down on the sofa bed. At first, she was not sure what to do, then she decided to search for a house. She suddenly wanted a bedroom, with a real bed. That search kept her busy until she felt tired enough to go back to sleep. Morning. Waking up from an orgasmic wet dream. Messy diaper. Mr Bear cleaning her up. She doubted she would ever get used to it. At the very least the sweaty, panting, twitchy, wet and wonderful feeling of the wet dream was something that would never get dull. Well, she hoped. Tac was not around. She sat on her folded up couch, wondering what she was going to do. Kristine thought that there was nothing more she could learn in researching the Nursery Knights. She would have to wait until Tac got back to her. Shopping was out. Leaning back on the couch, diaper crinkling under her, TV tuned to a local news station, what to do with the day occupied her thoughts. Sitting around the apartment sounded dull. Tac had said she needed to work on her magical stamina. That seemed like a good idea. Lisping out her transformation phrase left Nursery Knight Krisy standing in the apartment. She grabbed her a bag for her tablet, hung it over her shoulder, then tucked her tablet into it. Looking at herself in the mirror she giggled at how incongruous the black bag looked with the baby style dress. Then she disappeared, teleporting away. Kristine looked at houses. She practised putting up exclusion fields, making everyone leave the house. Then she would teleport in and look around. After getting a feel for the place, she would teleport out and then drop the field, watching as people went back in. It was kind of fun. By the end of the day she was feeling tired. She had been using her magic pretty heavily. Still, she felt kind of good about it, as if she was making progress. Back in her apartment she transformed back to her regular self, changed out of the wet diaper and into a set of dry training pants. She looked over the list of houses, considered what she had seen, then wrote a note explaining that she wanted to know more about one of the houses. She summoned her magic bag, put the letter in it, then dismissed the bag. Afterwards, Kristine made her dinner and was about to eat it when Tac came into the room. “Eat up, we have more training to do tonight. We’ll be working on scrying and remote viewing.” “All right,” Kristine said, then asked, “have you found anything out about the other Nursery Knights?” Tac shook her cat head. “Not yet.” Kristine nodded, not yet wanting to push, not wanting Tac asking more questions. So she ate quickly and then transformed. She and Tac headed out into the night for more practice. The next day Kristine found a set of papers in her magic bag. They were what turned out to be papers from someone who had performed a magical inspection on the house. Without the property owner’s knowledge apparently. As a lawyer, well, as someone who wanted to be one, that seemed a little wrong. As someone who was considering moving into that house she found she did not mind much. Along with the inspection results were a list of spells that could be used to repair the problems that the inspector had found. There was a report on the neighbourhood and the neighbours. Finally, there were the details of the offer that might be made. She read it over. She was not going to have to spend the money, but it still seemed like a big deal. The house was pleasant, not a big home, but it was on a big lot a lot of privacy. It had three bedrooms, the master unusually large with an east facing window. She picked up a pen and scrawled on the bottom of the page that she wanted the house. Then she returned it to her magic bag and dismissed it. Now what, she asked herself. What was she going to do? She wished she could talk to her friends, but all her friends were working for law firms. She could not contact any of them. Kristine really wanted to contact Olivia, but she knew she could not. She was also afraid of what she might learn if she did. After several minutes of sitting there she knew she had to do something. Transforming she teleported from her apartment. Standing on a windowsill, pacifier in her mouth, so she was invisible, Kristine looked in at the classroom. Perhaps she could go back to school. Relive her childhood. People always dreamed of that. It did not take her long to decide it would be more a nightmare than a dream. Classes looked boring. Worse for her as she knew everything they were teaching, or at least vaguely recalled it. And she was pretty sure that being a student in training pants or diapers would not be in anyway fun. After about an hour of watching she teleported away. There were rumours that the police had magical girls on the payroll. Being a police officer would let her still be part of the legal system. She stood in a corner, invisible, investigating the city’s central police station, trying to see what it might be to work there. Being invisible offered her a lot of opportunities see how the officers behaved. It seemed the female officers were subject to a fair amount of low-level harassment. It was coached as good-natured ribbing, but the female staff took a lot more of it. She saw no evidence that there was any magical staff there. Kristine suspected if there were any they were made to keep a low key. Harassment and being treated like an embarrassment. Kristine teleported away. The fire department seemed like a better work environment. As long as you did your work it looked like they gave everyone the same amount of respect. Hard work, but it looked rewarding. And the fire engines looked cool. It would be something to look into. Later. She teleported away. There was one more area where Kristine thought that she might get a job, The entertainment industry. She had thought about that earlier and been dismissive of it, but there were reasons to consider it. Kristine had learned that there was filming going on in the city, she teleported over to watch. As she stood invisible among the crew, she considered what it would be like to work in such an environment. Magical Girls had a certain cachet, and she was pretty cute. If she was not going to grow older, and she hoped it was not the case, but if it was, she was the type of child actress that the industry probably wanted. One that would not get older and age out of the part. Honestly, after watching for a few hours, she thought it looked a little dull. However, she could not deny that everyone seemed to be working hard. When Kristine teleported away, she decided she was willing to consider entertainment. “Have you found out about the other Nursery Knights?” Kristine asked Tac. “I am working on it,” Tac said. She sounded cross, and her hair stood up along her spine. “Well, work harder.” “Why is it so important to you?” The day had given Kristine an answer other than, ‘I want to know if they wake up with orgasms and wet diapers’. What she said was, “I want to know what to do with my life. They might have some ideas.” “Fine,” Tac said. “I’ll look deeper, but tonight we have to practice.” “I want to work on repair spells,” Kristine said, and then named some of the spells she had learned of that morning. “Repairs?” “I can? Can’t I?” “Well, you can, but why?” “I want to, and how to shield people and place from heat and fire.” “The fire shields are useful.” “And the repairs.” “Fine,” Tac told her. “Let’s go.” Kristine had fun that night. She and Tac teleported around the city, fixing things. A street covered in potholes and cracks left like new. A large number of street lights shining brightly again. Graffiti wiped away. She especially liked cleaning the graffiti, a wave of her hand, a lisping command, and walls were left unmarked. She also practised fire shields, though that was a little harder because there were no significant fires to work with. When Kristine returned home, she felt tired but pleased. “Okay, tomorrow night you can practice on your own. Fill in some more potholes.” “What are you going to do?” “I am going to find out about the other Nursery Knights before you throw a tantrum.” “I’m not going to throw a tantrum.” “Which is exactly what I would expect a toddler about to have a meltdown to say.” “Just shut up.” “Make sure you practice,” Tac said, and then was gone. “Stupid cat,” Kristine said. A large number of countries and cities had asked that the Magical Realm set up its central embassy in their territory. The diplomatic branch of the Magical Realm had decided to ignore all those requests and dump their embassy in the middle of the Antarctic. Tac usually thought that was pretty funny, but when she had to make her way to the embassy, she had to admit it was a little inconvenient. Even for a cat who walked through walls and played the Schrodinger game to be where she should not, it still took some time to get there. Which was why she had told Kristine to practice on her own. Tac figured she’s be gone at least a full twenty-four hours. The Antarctic was cold, even for a cat with as fabulous fur as she had. One of the first things the Magic Realm had done on setting up was to chill the continent back down to its proper temperature. No global warming allowed there anymore. It was showing off to the mundanes in part, but the staff were the type to like the cold. As Tac glided into the embassy on two legs, wrapped in a thick fur coat, she was greeted by a pair of ice warriors who looked her up and down and then stood aside so she could pass. “Thanks, boys,” she said, walking further into the ice palace. She passed through public areas and moved into the offices where the real work happened. Down, several levels below the ice was a room that looked like a mission control sort of place. Staff watched floating crystal balls, staring at the events taking place. Scrying in a world where almost no one knew how to put up a ward was one of the easiest ways to gather intelligence. Tac looked about and then walked up to a woman with white skin and blue hair, wearing a black suit that did all the right things for her. “Hey sweet stuff, looking for details on the Nursery Knights, Magical Girl team. Got a location?” The woman smiled. “Nursery Knights huh?” She spun the globe in front of her. Tac could have sworn she saw snowflakes in it. “Hmmm, I think you need to talk to Controller White Out.” She looked up towards one of the highest levels of the control centre. Tac followed her gaze, saw that the woman was looking at another white skinned, blue-haired beauty. “Well, happy to talk to the Controller. Thanks, sweetheart.” She left the first woman behind and climbed the stairs to where Controller White Out worked. “Hey Controller, I need some help finding some Magical Girls. Got time for a fellow working girl.” The woman called White Out looked at Tac for several seconds. “You don’t look the type who actually works that much.” “Guilty as charged, it’s the cat in me.” White Out smiled. “Well, one can’t be blamed for their nature I always say. Magical Girls?” “A team called the Nursery Knights.” White Out pursed her lips. “That sounds familiar.” She turned to her globe, spinning it about. “Hmm, I actually have a recent spike.” “That would probably be Kristine. I recently activated her.” White Out looked away from the globe towards Tac. “The Nursery Knights were active about twenty years ago.” “Yeah, I was a little late.” “A little?” “The cat in me.” White Out actually smiled. “All right, let’s ignore the recent activity.” She went back to the globe, turning it, running her hands over it. “Okay, now I remember. We started getting activity on them about twenty years ago, pretty consistent for about two years.” “Sounds right. It took the Nursery Knights about two years to take down the Nightmare King as I understand it.” “After that, there was consistent, low-level activity, about what you would expect from Magical Girls who are no longer active.” “Okay. So do you have any recent activity from them?” “No,” White Out said. “No?” “They went dark almost sixteen years ago.” “Went dark? Like they never transformed again?” “No. Even an untransformed Magical Girl occasionally gives off energy.” “So they’re dead?” White Out shook her head. “No, we would have picked up their deaths.” “How does a Magical Girl go dark then?” “It’s difficult. The girls have to actively mask themselves in the world. It takes a lot of work.” “Does it happen often?” “No.” “Has an entire team ever gone dark?” “No.” Tac said nothing for several seconds. “Well, that is weird.” “Yes. It is why I remembered them.” “Well, I am going to have to speak to those in the know.” “Who is that?” “That,” Tac said and smiled, “is first the coordinator of that team, and then their liaisons.” “Ah.” White Out nodded. “But, that being said, are you like all cold, or do you think I can warm you up. I got a talented cat’s tongue, but I don’t want it freezing to anything.” After her usual morning wake-up pleasure and mess Kristine had planned on spending the day fixing stuff to practice her magic, and then she had planned on talking to someone in the fire department. There was a note from Tac in the front pocket of her magic bag, telling her to keep practising. That made the idea of popping around and repairing things seem even better. However, she ended up on the roof of a building across from the courthouse, pacifier in her mouth, using the scrying spells that she had learned to watch the court proceedings. Oscar was a pleasure to watch, and she could see that Daniel was working hard to keep up. He seemed to be enjoying himself. She could not help but feel a stab of envy. Sitting on the edge of the roof, sucking on her pacifier, watching the trial, hours passed before a recess was called. During that time her diaper had grown wet. Something she only noticed when she stood and felt it sag. “Thith ith getting ridiculouth,” she mumbled aloud. She reached under her skirt, checking the diaper. It did not seem too wet yet. How had the actual Nursery Knights dealt with their wet diapers? Had their Mr Bears been continually changing them? After another check of her diaper, she decided she did not need to change it yet. She teleported away from the court, to the roof of the building in which Cotton and Black had their offices. On the roof, she called up her scrying spell and scanned the office for Olivia. It felt a little creepy, spying on her ex, but she wanted to know how Olivia was doing. Kristine found Olivia at her desk, working. Through the scrying spell she watched Olivia as she worked, trying to discern how she was doing. The face that had grown so familiar looked much like it had in the time Kristine had known her. Was she looking sad, or happy? Were their dark circles under her eyes, as if she had not been sleeping? And if she had not been sleeping was that because she was spending her nights crying over love lost, or because Tac was keeping her awake. Was that far off look because she was thinking of Kristine, or Tac, or was she just wondering what she was going to have for dinner? Two other women came up to Olivia. Kristine recognised them both, though she only knew one of them, Wendy Davis, another articling student. The other woman was a secretary, but Kristine had never known her name. They asked Olivia for some help with research in the library. Olivia agreed and went with them. The same smiles, the same tone of voice, Kirstine would be hard pressed to find anything that suggested that Olivia was in any way distressed. What did it mean? Olivia seemed pretty friendly with the secretary, who name Kristine learned was ‘Bethany’. Was Bethany Kristine’s replacement? No, she told herself, Olivia would not just jump into a new relationship. Kristine was sure of that. However, after that every smile had Kristine wondering. Maybe Tac had done something? Maybe Tac had made Olivia forget about her. Though Tac had said she wanted to catch Olivia on the rebound, so she could not have made Olivia forget. Kristine ran her hands through her hair and let a small cry of exasperation around her pacifier. It was so hard. She just wanted to know what Olivia was thinking. Was there a spell for that? She would have to ask Tac. “No,” she growled. Bad enough she was watching Olivia, but to try to read her mind? That would push her well into the creepy territory. Kristine was somewhat aware that she needed to poop, but she ignored it. She could hold it, and she was still trying to understand what Olivia was feeling. Someone mentioned Kristine, wondering if it was true what they had heard. Kristine focused on Oliva’s face, trying to figure out what her expression meant. Was it a sad smile? A frown? Was she about to say something, tell them it was true? Then Kristine was distracted by the feeling in her diaper. The warm, bulky mess that was filling the seat. The scrying spell collapsed, and Kristine opened her mouth in an ‘O’ of surprise. Her pacifier fell from her mouth, jerked to a stop by the ribbon. She reached behind herself, put her hands on the seat of her diaper. There was a weight in the back, and she pushed at it, feeling the warm, almost hot, poop squish again her. She gasped at the strange feeling, kept pressing it against her, even as the continued to fill her diaper. She was squatting down, pushing more of the poop into her diaper. She could not stop herself as she continued to rub the mess against her bottom. What was she doing? What was she feeling? It occurred to her she was visible, for the pacifier was not in her mouth, rubbing the back of her messy diaper. “No,” she grunted, and snatched up the pacifier, putting it back in her mouth. She stood, the mess shifting. Envisioning her apartment, she teleported home. “Mithter Bear,” she cried out. Mr Bear showed up, with her magic bag over his shoulder. Within in moments, the bear had a changing pad on the floor and Kristine on her back. He had her messy diaper off in about twenty seconds and began to clean her up. Soon her bottom was clean, oiled up and powdered. Mister Bear had slid a new diaper under her bottom, lowered her onto it and taped it up around her. Kristine was so glad to be clean, happy that she was no longer tempted by a messy diaper. She thanked Mr Bear and sent him away. Lying on the changing bad, legs spread, the magic bag full of diapers and training pants beside her, Kristine wondered what she was going to do. Would she end up rubbing a messy diaper all over her bottom every time she messed herself? Was she going to mess herself more often? Kristine sat up and grabbed up the changing pad, folding it up and stuffing it into her magic bag. She checked the zippered pocket, seeing if there were any new messages. Dismissing the bag, she reversed her transformation. Back in her clothing from the morning, she realised she was still in a diaper. She had not taken it off from when Mr Bear had changed her that morning. “I should have put on the training pants,” she told herself. However, she did not change out of the diaper. She unfolded her couch, sat down on the thin mattress, and pulled the blankets over her head. Tac was glad to be back in the Magic Realm. She breathed in deeply of the air rich in magical energy. “Good to be home,” she said to herself. “Be better if my expense account was reactivated.” Around her was the Great City, built around the gate that led to the mundane world. Ever since she had started dealing with the Magical Girl program, the city had been Tac’s home. While she would have preferred to make her way straight to the entertainment district, the lack of an expense account would make such a trip nothing but depressing. Instead, she made her way across the city, forced to rely on public transport. Not that she paid for it of course. A cat can sit on top of a tram car, and no one ever notices. If you circled the city, always counter widdershins, after always twenty minutes, one would find themselves looking out at a lake that was an impossible blue. Above the lake was a vast globe of polished silver, the impossible colour of the water reflected in it. The globe was the Office of Magic in the Mundane and handled, among many other things, the deployment of Magical Girls. Switching back to her human form after jumping down from the tram, ignoring an angry call from the tram driver, she stepped up on one of the entry portals. There was a sense of movement for a moment, then she was standing in the central foyer of the Office of Magic in the Mundane. Tac did not bother talking to the receptionist golems (cute as they were made, they gave her a significant ‘Uncanny Valley’ vibe). Her job had brought her to the office many times in the past, and she knew where she wanted to go. In the admin section of Magical Girl processing Tac chatted up a pretty little filing clerk and got her to pull the information on who had been in charge of the Nursery Knight’s project. After a bit of bite (the clerk had some mouse in her, and as a cat, Tac had to nip) and tickle Tac was on her way to the office of one Umon Derrypiz. Umon was, unfortunately, as far as Tac was concerned, male. Tac was pretty good with getting on the right side of women. She had a knack for it. With Umon she was just going to have to be professional. That was annoying. She entered his office, decent size, midlevel paper-pusher type of place. There was a man behind a desk. She assumed Umon. He looked up from whatever he had been working on. “Yes?” “Umon Derrypiz?” “Yes. Who are you?” “Tac, Magical Girl liaison, second class.” “I see. How can I help you?” It seemed to be going well. With a smile, Tac crossed the room. “I’m looking for information on the Magical Girl team the Nursery Knights. I understand you are the coordinator of that team.” “I am the coordinator of a lot of teams. I don’t know why you would expect me to be able to help.” Tac was taken aback. She wondered what had happened that made him get all prickly. Maybe he did not like cats. “I suppose,” she said, “but this team was all little girls, around four or five, kind of unique.” “All Magical Girl teams are unique. That is the point.” Again Tac felt as if she had missed something. “Well, the Nursery Knights as a whole went dark about fifteen years ago, which is weird, so I was hoping to get some details about them. Maybe something about their mission required them to disappear?” “Why are you wasting my time with this?” he demanded, pounding a closed fist on his desk. Were they speaking two different languages that only sounded the same? Tac wondered if she was insulting him. She would have to explain things. “I recently activated the last of the Nursery Knights you see. And she wants to meet the other Knights, to get an idea of what is going on. Poor girl, all lost and alone.” Tac decided to play the sympathy card. “You activated the sixth Nursery Knight?” he asked her. He seemed surprised, maybe. “I’ll admit that I was little late,” Tac said, assuming that was the cause of his surprise. “The sixth Nursery Knight is active, has become a Magical Girl?” Same shocked expression. Tac could not figure it. “Yes. Nice girl. Named Kristine.” “I have to go,” Umon said as he stood up. “What? But what about the Nursery Knights?” “Look them up in the records,” he told her as he started towards the door, almost knocking Tac over. “When are you going to be back? I really wanted to talk to you about this?” “I don’t know, urgent business,” he called back to her as he left the room. “Well, that is just great,” Tac said as she left the office as well. “Now I got to look up records. Maybe mousey will help me.” With his quick pace, almost a run really, Umon left her behind. Tac ambled, as was her way, back towards the admin section. She was about halfway there when someone suddenly grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. Tac found herself facing an angry looking Gorgeous. Though as far as Tac was concerned Gorgeous could only look angry, so it really meant nothing to her. “What are you doing back here?” Gorgeous demanded. “Hi Gorgeous, good to see you. Did not miss me?” Gorgeous actually growled, showing teeth. Tac raised her hands. “Now Gorgeous, calm down. I’m here working, for my Magical Girl.” That gave Gorgeous pause, and she stopped showing teeth. “What do you mean?” “She wants to meet the other Nursery Knights, perfectly sensible right.” Gorgeous narrowed her eyes. “Why are you here then?” “Cause I can’t find them for her, and she's really a bitch about constantly asking.” Gorgeous frowned. “What do you mean you can’t find them?” “Just that I can’t. I talked to the monitoring station people at the embassy. I met a really nice lady who while looking like an ice queen melted rather nicely when I…” “Tac!” “Right, sorry. Anyway White Out told me that the Nursery Knights had all gone dark about fifteen years ago.” “What?” Gorgeous’ eyes widened. “Yeah, it is odd, right? I came here to speak to the team’s coordinator to see if I could find out anything, for all the good that did me. Acted like he had never heard of the Nursery Knights and then when I told him I was trying to find them for Kristine he was all surprised and then ran off. I mean, I admit I was a little late but…” “Shut up Tac.” Tac took a step back. “Well excuse me.” Gorgeous was frowning, there was a line between her eyes from concentration. “The team went dark, all at the same time?” “Yes. That is what I said.” Tac sighed. “And you came here, and the coordinator got defensive when you mentioned the Nursery Knights?” “I suppose that might be one way of looking at it.” “And as soon as you mentioned the sixth Nursery Knight was active he suddenly had to leave?” Tac nodded. “Yes. Do you want to state the obvious some more Gorgeous?” “Are you that self-absorbed or are you just stupid?” “I think we both know that I'm just that self-absorbed. It's kind of my thing.” Gorgeous shook her head. “Cats,” she muttered softly, and then said, “This coordinator was responsible for the disappearance of the Nursery Knights, or if not responsible played a part in it. And now that he has learned the sixth Knight is active he has run off to arrange her disappearance.” Tac’s eyes widened. “Hey, that makes sense. That bastard.” “Go, go back to the Mundane Realm. You have my permission to use one of the speed passes.” “But what about Umon, and the other Liaisons?” “I’ll look into that. You get back and see to the protection of your Magical Girl.” “Fine,” Tac said, “I’m going.” She paused. “Don’t suppose you might activate my expense account again? Just so I can get a little pick me up before I go?” “Get out of here,” Gorgeous almost screamed. “Man, calm down,” Tac said as she turned and walked off in the direction of the exit. “Don’t see why you are worried. Kristine is probably just fine.” Kristine was not fine. She was sitting on her bed, blankets pulled over her head, wishing she had never become a magical girl. The money and all the other things seemed little compensation for the fact she had been squatting on a roof, rubbing her messy diaper against her bottom. And just maybe she had enjoyed it. She shook her head angrily in denial. Hours had passed, and the room had grown dark around her. She might have sat under her blankets all night if there had not been a knock on her door. At first, she ignored it, but when the knocking turned to a louder pounding, she tossed off the blanket and stood. “What do you want?” she demanded loudly, walking towards the door, slapping the light on. She looked out the peephole. Two men stood at the threshold of the apartment. Both wore suits, the smaller one in dark grey, the taller, heavier one in dark red. “Hello Miss,” the smaller one said, appearing as if he was trying to look back through the peephole. “We’d like to speak to you about your little friend Tac.” Kristine frowned. Had Tac found out something and sent these two as messengers? She made sure the chain was in place and then opened the door, peeking out. “What about Tac?” she asked. She had a better look at the two men than through the peephole. Their suits looked cheap, smelled of mothballs. The smaller one smiled, showing a mouthful of pointy, yellow teeth. “Ah, your little friend is in trouble. Needs you to help her she does. Isn’t that right Mr Badger?” he looked towards the large man. “Most true Mr Rat. Mewling sadly she was, desperate need of saving. Said she loves you she did.” “You’ve never met Tac,” Kristine said, slamming the door closed, bolting it and jumping back. She had no idea who those men were, but if Tac wanted her help, she was pretty sure she would demand it, and there would be no statements of love. “Now Miss, don’t be like that,” Mr Rat said from the other side of the door. The doorknob rattled, and there was a thump as something heavy hit it. Kristine transformed into a Nursery Knight and jammed her pacifier into her mouth, becoming invisible. A moment later the door came free of its hinges and fell in. Mr Badger entered, followed by Mr Rat. Kristine stepped back towards the wall, ready to teleport away. Mr Badger looked around the main room from his place near the door. Mr Rat looked into her kitchen and then the bathroom. “It looks like she's done a runner Mr Badger,” Mr rat said. “Her profile pegged her a teleporter. She could be anywhere now Mr Rat.” “That is rather unfortunate I'm thinking.” “That is so Mr Rat, but were she a time jumper she could be anywhen. You got to look on the positive side.” “You are correct about that Mr Badger. Should we wait here, in case she comes back?” “I think Mr Rat we had best tell his Loftiness about this.” “He won’t be pleased about it Mr Badger.” “That is most certain Mr Rat, but we do ourselves no favours by putting it off.” “Then let us go Mr Badger.” The two left together. Kristine, still invisible, watched them walk down the hall, towards the elevator. She waited until she heard the elevator arrive, listened to the sound of the door closing. She then stepped into the centre of the room, waved her mace at the broken door. It swung up into place, the twisted hinges mostly righting themselves. Good enough for now, she thought and teleported to the front of the building. About thirty seconds later she saw Mr Rat and Mr Badger exit her building and walk to the parking lot. There they got into a beat up old muscle car and then drove away. Kristine followed them, teleporting from rooftop to rooftop. They drove towards the old manufacturing district. While much of the area had been gentrified, old manufacturing buildings turned to condos, the car stopped in one of the regions that had so far avoided renewal. Parking in the lot of an old foundry the two men left their car and entered the building. Kristine followed them. On the first floor was a room that had probably once served as offices. Now it was empty, but for a throne-like chair on which a man with blue skin, dressed in luxe clothing, grey and red and silver. There were several women there, fawning over the man. Kristine noted that all the woman had blank expressions and glassy eyes. “Where is the girl?” he demanded as Mr Rat and Mr Badger entered. He pushed the woman sitting on his lap to the floor as he stood. “Spooked, she teleported away,” Mr Rat said. “Hardly cared about her little cat friend it seems,” Mr Badger said. “What?” the blue man asked. “She looked older than the other Nursery Knights, didn’t she Mr Badger.” “As you say Mr Rat. Less trusting I would say.” “More mature.” “Damn,” the blue man said. “The Duke will not be pleased.” “One would expect,” Mr Rat said. “We’re returning to the Magical Realm. We’ll get a tracker. Best not to let the Duke know of this.” “Most wise, that is,” Mr Badger said. The blue man reached into his jacket, brought out a gem the size of a chicken egg. It glittered and shone with its own inner light. The light grew, Kristine had to look away. When the glow faded, the three men were done. The women all seemed to come to their senses, looked around, confused, scared. Kristine stayed close to them, waited for them to sort themselves out, followed them from the building and watched over them, still invisible, until they had got to the well lit and safer gentrified area. Satisfied that they would be okay, she teleported back to her apartment. There she found Tac, who looked a little relieved when Kristine showed up. “I saw the damaged door and was worried.” Kristine was a little surprised that Tac could be worried. She waved her mace at the door, completing the repairs to it. Then she told Tac what had happened. Tac told her what she had learned. “Thomeone kidnapped the Nurthery Knightth?” “It does look that way,” Tac said. “And now they want me?” “Complete set I would say. Collectors are like that.” “What the hell? What am I thuppothed to do?” “Ah, good question.” “That’th why I athked it.” Tac nodded. “Well, you could try hiding, but you did say they were going to get a tracker.” “That’th what they thaid.” “Right. Well, if they get a true tracker there is no hiding it. It will find you, but they probably won’t get a true tracker.” “Why?” “Cause they are expensive and most end up killing what they are tracking.” “What?” Kristine’s eyes widened. “Well, why else track something?” Kristine had no answer. “So they are probably going to get a lesser tracker. You might be able to hide from that, but you will constantly be on the move.” “I can’t keep running.” Though she thought about it and realised there was nothing in her life that really required her to stay in one place. That might have depressed her were she not worried about the things hunting her. “Well, there is a place you can go where they won’t be able to track you.” “Where?” “The Magical Realm. Whoever is after you might waste weeks hunting the Mundane Realm before they figure you ran to the Magical Realm. And you’ll be a lot harder to track in the Magical Realm. Plus, that’s where we can find out who is behind all this, maybe even stop it.” “Maybe even stop it? Maybe?” “You said they mentioned a Duke. Duke’s can be powerful. I’m not about to stick my tail into a mess like that.” “Thankth a lot,” Kristine said, the lisp taking the edge off the sarcasm. “Listen, Gorgeous seems to care about this, and while she is a pain in my most amazing ass, she does know her stuff. So just trust me. Come to the Magical Realm and maybe we get this sorted out to your benefit. And, most importantly, as I will be doing official work there, they will probably reactivate my expense account.” “Why thould I care about your expenthe account?” “I don’t understand the question,” Tac said after a few seconds. Kristine sighed. “Fine, let’th go to the Magical Realm.”
  12. A short story spinoff by LittleFallenPrincess based on the Infernum Infantem/Parum Mortis universe I created. So to start off... I know it's a bit late. But thought I'd quickly sneak this in before New Year and the Christmas period is over completely, as I didn't want people to miss out on this small story update to one of my favourite stories that I've written so far, whilst also giving early access to those who support me on SubscribeStar. It's only short, at 4 chapters long, and probably a good indicator as to the length and quality of my soon-to-be commissioned short stories that will be exclusive to my SubscribeStar. It's a little light on the ABDL elements, but I hope you still enjoy it as it was a lot of fun to write. And if you're interested on reading more short stories from me, keep an eye out on my SubscribeStar as I hope to start a trial run of commissioned short stories in January, ideally taking on two per month from the following month if the interest is there. Chapter 1: Christmas Eve Infernum Infantem: Nativitas Reunionis – LittleFallenPrincess “Nia, we’re going to be late… YOU BETTER HURRY UP!” Vic shouted from the hallway. “IN A MINUTE!” I yelled, struggling to pull the zipper up on my new coat. “Do you need help?” I heard her ask, from the other side of the door this time. “Damn infernal mittens making everything so difficult…” I grumbled as Victoria opened the door. Her heels clacked on my wooden bedroom floor as she walked over and stood in front of me, quickly taking over and pulling the zip up. I now looked like an overgrown toddler with this huge puffy coat, thick snow pants, cute pink boots, and these ridiculous mittens which made everything a thousand times more difficult to do with them on. At least it was only the boots and mittens that were pink, I think I’d die and go back to Hell if my coat and pants were pink too, thankfully they were black so I only looked semi-ridiculous. But no, what scared me most was what was underneath this thick winter clothing. But hey, at least only those attending this thing will get to see that, and they’re all littles too and have seen me in much worse. “You ready, babygirl?” Vic asked me as she looked down at me with those gorgeous blue eyes of hers, wrapping her arms around me and pulling my body against hers. For a second I completely forgot how ridiculous I looked compared to the gorgeous Goddess that was my girlfriend, with her long, smart black coat and hella sexy sparkly black dress underneath it. For that second, I melted into a subby little pile of goo as I embraced the hug. Ignore the leg being raised behind me and the tail swishing, it means NOTHING, got that? “Won’t people get scared if they see me?” I asked, pulling away from the hug and pointing up at my horns and then turning around to show my tail to her. “We’ll be in the car for the drive over, and our windows are tinted. And you know the Sanctuary has that perception doodad thingy that the street has where Teles’ cafe is. Humans won’t be able to see you, don’t worry. I want you to be yourself today, both as my gorgeous demon girlfriend and also my adorable ickle babygirl…” Vic said, booping my nose before quickly kissing my cheek, making my already red cheeks even redder. “Stooooooop!” I whined, rubbing my cheek where she kissed it, but not-so-secretly hoping she would just replace the kiss again. It’s not like her lipstick would be noticeable, the benefits of having demonic red skin I guess. “Right, you ready then, baby?” “Uh huh. So can you tell me what this is yet?” She had told me that we were having an ‘event’ at the Sanctuary, but that was it. She hadn’t told me anything else, other than that it was going to be for littles and that all my friends would be there. I wondered if it had anything to do with this ‘Christmas’ or whatever it is that humans call it, as Vic had been so different this month, putting up fancy lights and sparkly decorations all around the manor and playing all sorts of music I had never heard of before. All it consisted of was ‘Christmas cheer’ and ‘love for all’ and something about decking some halls… which I didn’t understand… but I have to admit, it wasn’t too bad, and it was really nice seeing Vic looking happier than ever. Like seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen her this cheery in… well… ever. “Nope. Now get that cute padded butt in the car, and watch your tail in the door…” “THAT WAS ONE TIME!” I whined. “And I’ll continue to remind you.” She giggled, making my heart soar. “Now go on, off you waddle…” And so I did, off I waddled out of my bedroom and down to the car, Vic following close behind me, giggling every time my ‘underwear’ crinkled. Which was constantly. I was really excited to see my friends again. It had been a while since the last time I saw them, Susie and Beth had had another long trip away to help someone again, Lucy had become a bit of a shut in after a very brief attempt at dating again, Grim and Abby were busy with lots of stuff, and even Beatrice had moved out. That’s right, Beatrice was no longer Vic’s maid, now that her whole ‘setting me up with Vic’ plan went off perfectly. She has moved into the Sanctuary temporarily, whilst she finds a new purpose in life. So I was excited to see her again, as I must admit… I missed having a Nanny. She made changing time… yeah… Talking of changes! Brelgamur, or Belle as we have been calling her, also moved out. She found her own place and has sworn off returning to Hell. I did ask my sister if she was also one of our siblings, given Belle’s reluctance to return to Hell, but Lucifer insists she was a human originally. And no matter how much I whine and beg and brat, Lucifer still won’t reveal which of the demons are our angelic-siblings-turned-demon. But I swear, one of these days she’ll break… So yeah, mostly it’s just been me and Vic, which has made the manor feel a bit… empty, but at the same time it’s allowed us to get closer and more intimate. Our relationship has definitely blossomed and I love her even more and more each day. The only time we fight is when I’m a brat and even then that’s fixed with a quick spanking. She’s even learned how to tame my tail so she doesn’t get thwacked in the face whilst trying to thwack my butt! After a very anxious car ride in which I was worried people would be able to see my horns and skin through the tinted windows, we arrived at the Sanctuary in Vic’s latest sports car, pulling up in our usual parking spot. Yeah… we spend a lot of time here. When Susie and Beth are around, I’d usually be spending a lot of time with Susie, catching up after all this time apart, whilst Vic and Beth would sit together and chat. Victoria wanted to know everything about this supernatural side of the world, as her library only contains a very very limited amount of knowledge of it all and Beth is one of the most knowledgeable people we know, her library puts both of Victoria’s to shame. So we have our own little parking spot that we usually take. Waddling into the Sanctuary, through the entrance hallway, I was greeted by all my friends standing together in a group, all looking at me. “NIA!” They cried out, rushing over and pouncing on me, each one of them joining the hug puddle. “Hey you lot… it’s good to see you too, haha!” I laughed, trying not to get smothered by affection to the point I couldn’t breathe. “Aren’t you excited?” Lucy asked, being the first one to break the hug. “About what? Vic wouldn’t tell me anything about what is going on.” “What has she told you?” Susie asked, pulling away as Grim and Abby also did the same. “That it is an event for littles, that’s it.” “Oh then we’re not spoiling anything…” “Good girl.” Beth said, grinning down to her wife, making Susie wiggle and blush. “Yes, I’ve got the camera ready…” Vic said, ominously, as she held up her fancy, expensive camera that I got her for her birthday. “I knew getting you that would come back to bite me…” I groaned, rolling my eyes at her. “Come on, let's go!” Lucy announced, excitedly, as she grabbed my hand and escorted me through the lobby, which was just as well-decorated as our manor, with tinsel and fairy lights and everything. “Why are there decorations here? I wouldn’t have thought our world would celebrate such a silly holiday? If anything, maybe something a bit more… Pagan?” I asked. “Its origins are Pagan, but no, that's not why we do it.” Beatrice said as she rushed over and grabbed me, pulling me up into a huge hug as she lifted me onto her hip. “Missed you, kiddo.” “Missed you too!” Everyone else continued towards the play room, whilst Beatrice stayed in the lobby with me, bouncing me up and down gently on her hip. “Sorry I’ve not been about, been figuring things out.” She apologised. “Oh psst, shush, it’s okay! Managed to find your new goal in life?” I asked, as she continued bouncing me on her hip. “Not yet, but I’m sure I’ll find it. Anyway, yes, we celebrate because we like the cheer it brings. Sure, we don’t celebrate the religious part of it, but we do like the gift-giving and all the other silly human traditions. So we celebrate our own way, a bit of human tradition and a bit of our own. Helps those who used to be human, like Lucy.” “So you do this every year?” “Look, I don’t want to say this in front of Vic… but we haven’t done this in decades. At the sanctuary? Sure, every year without fail. But at the manor? No. Vic was in a very, very dark place, so she never wanted to celebrate a holiday in which everyone is with family. It was a bad time for her, so I spent most of my time keeping her attention off everything around this time of year.” “But now…?” “Now she’s got you. She’s worked on her trauma, and even though she’s got her own new brand of trauma from her trip to Hell… she’s doing better than ever. All because of you. So this year, she’s wanting to go all out. Like I mean… ALL out. So whilst I’m going to keep today a bit of a surprise, I will say that we’ll all be around yours tomorrow.” “Huh?” “For Christmas dinner, duh!” “Christmas… dinner? Do you eat… Christmas?” “Silly baby, it’s just a big family meal, in which everyone eats way too much turkey and roast potatoes and gravy, they wear stupid paper crowns from mini explosive satchels, and then play party games when everyone is in a food coma afterwards.” “And you’re all coming for it?” I asked, confused. “Who do you think is cooking it? Vic certainly isn’t a great cook!” Bea winked at me. “So… everyone? Wow…” “I know you don’t understand the big thing about Christmas, I don’t blame you. You’re a demon and you’ve spent most of your time in Hell. But just play along, okay? Even if only for Vic’s sake. She needs this. Let her spoil you, let her celebrate this.” “Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on ruining it for her. I haven’t seen her this cheery in forever. It’s… really nice.” I smiled warmly thinking about my girlfriend being happy. “I’m glad. Now, you’re going to be extra blushy when I carry you through, so get ready.” “Huh… what?” I said, squirming and wriggling in my ex-Nanny’s arms as she carried me towards the playroom. The whole play room was decorated with the same kind of stuff the manor and the Sanctuary was decorated with, making it feel… festive? Is that the right word? Either way, it was… nice. Especially seeing Vic’s face light up as I was carried in and over to the centre of the room, where everyone’s eyes were on… me. I swear my face couldn’t get any redder as everyone smiled and giggled, before I noticed someone sitting in the centre of the room… dressed… like some of the decorations? A big human dressed up in a red suit with a big white beard… Beatrice carried me over to the strange human man and placed me down… on his lap! ‘WHAT THE HELL? Why am I being given over to this large human?’ I thought to myself as Bea walked away, leaving me on the lap of this strange man. “Hello there, little one…” A deep, booming voice came from behind the beard. Upon closer inspection… I noticed it was fake. “Umm… Vic? What is this?” I asked, nervously. “This, Nia, is Santa Claus. Or Father Christmas.” “So is there like a Mummy Christmas or a baby Christmas? Is there a whole family of Christmases?” “No, silly baby…” She sighed, laughing to herself. “He delivers presents to all the good children at midnight on Christmas day. You wake up to presents from him.” I knew it was a gift-giving celebration, but that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge. “So…” “So here is your chance to tell Santa what you want!” She exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly at me. “I… umm… I ask this big guy for stuff… and he brings it to me?” “Pretty much!” Lucy said, smiling over at me as she looked adorable in her smartest ‘little’ dress. “I WANT A NEW GAMING RIG!” I yelled at this strange fat man’s face. “Ho ho ho… I think that can be arranged.” The bearded man laughed as he… jiggled. “So what, are you like a warlock or something? What is the extent of your magic? Because there are billions of human children, right? So that must mean you… yeah there is no physical way you could deliver that many presents in one night.” “I have my secrets…” He winked at me. “You’ve been a very good girl this year, Nia, so I’m sure we can find something for you, don’t you worry!” “You better…” I squinted at him, giving my evilest look and scrunching my face up at him. “I think that’s enough… got the pictures?” Beatrice asked Vic as she pulled me off Santa’s lap and started unzipping my coat, taking all these thick layers off me. “Yeah, I was surprised that she was that well behaved!” Vic giggled, walking over to me and planting a kiss on my forehead. “So that’s what you want? A gaming rig?” “I mean… I’m just happy to have my family here. That would have been my first wish. But now I’ve got you all… yeah, I want a freaking gaming rig!” I grinned up at her. “Well we’ll see what Santa brings you tomorrow.” Vic said, as if deep in thought. “Now, why don’t we get you into just your baby party dress and you can go play with your friends.” “We’ve got all day, right?” “Yep. Then we’re off home and you’re going to snuggle with me on the sofa as I show you Christmas movies that we’ve both missed out on, ones that Beatrice recommended.” “I have good taste, don’t worry!” Bea winked at me. “She does. And then after that, early night for you, baby! You’re going in your crib tonight too.” “Early night? Whyyyyyyy?” I whined. “Because we’ve got a busy day tomorrow, and Mummy has some things to work on. And most importantly… if you’re not asleep early, Santa won’t come.” “So no… no gaming rig?” Here came the puppy dog eyes. I was getting better and better at them. Vic will be powerless against them once I’ve mastered them. “Nope.” She snapped back at me, grinning back at me. “Fine. Early night it is. I better have at least 32gb of RAM though. And be water cooled. And have fancy lights.” “I’m sure he won’t disappoint.” Vic said, with both her and Beatrice laughing, making me pout and stick my tongue out at the two of them. Chapter 2: Christmas Day Infernum Infantem: Nativitas Reunionis – LittleFallenPrincess I woke up with an energy flowing through me that I had never felt upon waking up. Usually I wake up and need at least five energy drinks to be able to even string a coherent string of words together to form a sentence, but today… Today was different. The way they hyped up the arrival of this jolly fat guy wearing red, delivering presents… I can’t say I’m not excited to see if what they said is actually true. I know lots of entities in this world and other worlds, from vampires to trolls to Elder Gods… but I had never heard of this ‘Santa Claus’. He must have some pretty impressive magic if he manages to deliver all those presents in one night. Maybe I’ll hunt him down and find out his secret one day. For now though… I should have a fancy new gaming computer sitting there… just for me… So jumping up out of my crib with the agility of a cat, landing on my feet on the outside of the crib, with a thick, soggy nappy drooping close to my knees, I ran… or waddled… as fast as I could out of the nursery and towards the door. I wasn’t going to let a soggy nappy slow me down, I wanted my presents! As soon as I reached the door, I swung it open and dashed out, skidding across the floor as I turned down the hallway, running at full speed towards the living room. “Ah ah ah…” That voice stopped me in my tracks as I stumbled forward, trying my best to stop… but finding it hard as I barreled into the wall. “Oh dear! Are you okay, babygirl?” Victoria asked as she rushed over in her dressing gown and fuzzy slippers, bending down and helping me up. “I… I’m okay. Sorry. Did I wake you?” I replied. “No, but as soon as I saw you leap from the crib I knew I better get out of bed.” “You saw…?” “The baby monitor has a video function…” She grinned at me. “EEEEK!” I cried out, quickly hiding my blushing face in her chest. “Is someone excited to see what Santa left her?” “U… Uh huh…” “Well the rule is, you can’t open them without me being there.” “Wait, that’s a rule? Sorry! I didn’t…” I looked down at my feet, feeling really guilty all of a sudden. “It’s okay, my love. You didn’t know, and I forgot to tell you last night. I have to watch you open your presents! As if I couldn’t miss that adorable face as you see what you got…” I nuzzled further into her chest, burying my face deeper into her dressing gown, and wiggled my tail. “Still… sowwy.” “That’s okay baby, why don’t we go head downstairs and see what you got?” I broke free of our embrace and backed up, nodding up at her and smiling from ear to ear as she held out her hand. Grabbing it, I turned and followed closely by her side as she escorted me towards my new gaming computer. “This… this is… umm…” I said, awkwardly, as I sat cross-legged on the rug near the Christmas tree. There were dozens of little gifts, all wrapped perfectly, just underneath the bristly branches. And I had chosen the biggest one there, pulling it close and tearing the paper off without even thinking about how much of a mess I was creating. “I thought you wanted a new computer?” Vic said, looking confused from the sofa as I sat in front of this… gift. “I… it’s not really a computer, you know that? It looks like the babyish toys in my nursery…” I pressed the button on the fake, colourful keyboard and the monitor showed the image of a cow as a ‘moo’ sound came from the speakers on the back. “I thought…” That’s when she broke into laughter. “I’m so sorry, sweetie, I couldn’t keep it up… as soon as Beatrice suggested this prank I just had to…” “Beatrice… of course it was her…” I sighed in relief that this was just a prank. “Check behind the sofa. Be careful pulling it out…” Vic said, pointing behind her. Jumping to my feet, my even-soggier nappy weighing me down and sloshing about, I waddled behind the sofa to find an enormous box! And because I’m a good girl, I did as my Mummy said and carefully pulled it out from the sofa and around to the front so she could see me open it. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed in delight as I tore the colourful paper off my huge present, and saw the multiple boxes inside it. Monitor, keyboard, mice… everything! Like… this was everything I wanted! “I did ask Lucy for some help picking out the things. You know how I am with computers compared to you two. Did she pick well?” “Wait…” I turned to face her, my own turning serious for a second. “I thought Santa brought gifts…” “I’ll explain it to you later, sweetie. It’s a very complicated system…” She giggled, making me feel like there was another joke being played on me. After my presents were opened, and after Vic had opened a cute little handmade bracelet I had made for her at the last little’s event, we snuggled up on the sofa, surrounded by Christmas decorations and the enormous tree in the corner. But I could feel my tummy rumbling, so I looked up at Vic as the noise reverberated around the living room. Yes, it was that loud. Demons get hungry, I can’t help it! “Is that a food thing or a succubus thing?” Vic asked. “A bit of both?” “Well your wet nurse is on holiday, so we could always… you know…” “Oh… fun big girl time?” I looked up at her, excitedly. “We’d have to be extra careful… But you need breakfast first anyway, and then we have family coming over, so I don’t know if we have time, you may have to wait til later. I told everyone to come over at twelve, apparently Beatrice doesn’t need much time to cook the turkey thanks to her magic.” “I could always take it to Hell… I’m sure the brimstone will add a nice… flavour…” I giggled. “No more trips to Hell, Missy! For either of us. Once was enough for me, thank you very much.” I giggled a bit more before snuggling back into her arms and relaxing. If our friends were coming over soon, I wanted to make the most out of this snuggly time with my Mama whilst I can. “I wuv you, Mama…” I whispered up at her, earning myself a squeeze and a kiss on the top of my head from her. “I love you too, baby. My little ‘Child of Darkness’.” That was her cute little pet name for me that she sometimes uses, due to her expecting to give birth to the bringer of the end of the world and ending up with… this overgrown baby. It made me pout, but it made us both giggle, and it was our special thing, so I loved it. “So you say our friends are coming over…” I began, before getting cut off. “I said family, but yes, friends too.” “Huh?” The doorbell rang, indicating that someone had arrived. “Wait… is it twelve already?” Vic yelled, jumping up and ruining our snuggly time. “I didn’t realise it was that late!” I had been too engrossed setting up my new gaming PC and opening all my gifts and snuggling to realise the time, so it seemed like neither of us were on the ball today. “I’ll go answer that…” Vic said, turning and looking down at me, as I sat on the sofa still. “You go get dressed, into something less babyish, okay baby?” “Less babyish? I thought you’d want me babyish today…” “No, our friends are okay with it, but I don’t know about family.” “You said family again, like it’s a separate thing… what are you talking about?” “Go! Go get dressed, quickly!” Vic pulled me up quickly, smacking my padded butt lightly, rushing me out of the living room. As I waddled up the stairs, I heard familiar voices coming from the main hallway of the manor. Beatrice, Beth and Susie had arrived by the sounds of it. I couldn’t make out any other voices, so Lucy’s house must not have arrived yet. As I was in the middle of taking the huge nappy off, managing one tape but getting stuck on the second, I heard a knock on the nursery door. “Hello?” Someone called out. “Occupied!” I cried out, desperate to stop them from coming in and seeing me like this. “I know, silly! Your Mummy said you may need a hand changing your nappy and getting dressed. And since Susie already needs a change, I offered. Especially as Bea has her hands full with Christmas dinner…” “Oh… Beth… sure… umm… come in?” I responded, blushing, as she and Susie walked in, pulling that ‘oh, doesn’t she look adorable?’ face at me. “Come on then hun, let's get you changed. Where are your big girl clothes?” “In… in my bedroom…” I replied. “That’s okay. Let’s get the nappy done first, then I’ll go get some clothes for you.” So I watched as she escorted Susie over to the changing table, lifting her up onto it and lifting up her smart, adult dress. I blushed and looked away, because even though I had been changed in front of other littles, including Susie, and they had been changed in front of me… I still found it embarrassing. Susie though… by now she felt no shame. It had been decades since she got introduced to all this, so she no longer felt the embarrassment of doing any of it in front of other littles and caregivers. “Any idea why we have to dress up smart?” Susie asked me as she got her nappy changed. “Nope. Vic won’t tell me.” “We’ve gotta pretend to be adults apparently. Non-kinksters attending or something like that.” “Non-kinksters? Who?” “Don’t ask me, I’m in the dark about this too…” Beth joined in, shrugging. And so as I waited for my turn to get changed, I wondered just who-in-the-Hell Vic invited. Shortly after I got changed into a clean nappy and a nice, appropriate dress, we headed back downstairs and I got to say hi to Beatrice, just in time for Lucy, Abs and Grim to arrive. They too were all dressed up all fancy, which surprised me. I thought it must be another big prank, but no… this seemed genuine, but none of us knew why and Vic was mysteriously absent most of the time. That was… until the doorbell went again. “Did she invite Meddy and Pandora?” I asked around the living room, but everyone shook their heads and shrugged. “GET THAT, WILL YOU BABY? I’M JUST GETTING READY.” Vic shouted down from the balcony, loud enough that I could hear it from the living room. “I guess I’ll answer the door… I hope they’re okay with demons…” I shrugged, knowing that my glamour hadn’t been applied, as this was supposed to be a day I wouldn’t need it. I shuffled off towards the front door as everyone continued to talk about presents and gifts and what their families are doing and stuff. And as I got nearer, I could hear multiple voices, ones that sounded familiar but I couldn’t place. ‘Maybe she did invite Pandora and Meddy…’ I shrugged, turning the doorknob and slowly opening the large front door. “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Four people I had never seen before all looked at me in wonder, with great big smiles on their faces. Apparently not even demon-red skin, horns and a tail could scare these carolers away. (Yes, I had that experience earlier in the month. Usually the big, creepy manor deters random people coming up the driveway, but some carolers got especially brave, climbed the gate, and made their way to the front door. Safe to say… they won’t be coming back again. I nearly sent them home with nappies, they clearly needed them.) “I… sorry, you have the wrong house?” I replied to these… very beautiful people. Like seriously… these were like model-status gorgeous. They all wore white winter coats and looked immaculate, two guys and two gals, they all just smiled at me. Except one of the guys, who you could tell was pretending to smile. “NIA! AHHHHHHH!” One of the women thrust themselves forward, wrapping their arms around me and hugging me tightly. Despite the uncomfortable unconsenting hug, I felt a warmth from it that felt… familiar. But it was what I could now see behind them, that made things fall into place a little bit better. Or should I say… who. “Lucifer…” I croaked to the figure in the background, hanging out a dozen feet or so behind the group. I tried to sound normal, but you try that whilst having the stuffing squeezed out of you by this gorgeous woman hugging you! “Hey Sis. You seem surprised. Oh no… don’t tell me that lovely girlfriend of yours didn’t tell you…” Lucifer replied, sighing and clutching her forehead in disbelief. “Tell me… what?” I cried out, pulling myself away from the stranger who may have tried to end my existence on Earth by hugging me to death. “You don’t remember us?” The hugger said, looking offended as she flicked her gorgeous mousy-brown hair behind her shoulders. “I told you… her memories are slowly returning…” Lucifer said, before getting cut off suddenly. “Yes, but I don’t trust anything you say, viper…” She hissed at Lucifer. “Ugh, why don’t you go shove it up your angelic arse…” “Angeli…” I said, before getting interrupted. The four figures clad in white all turned back to me and smiled, before announcing in unison: “We’re your siblings, Nia!” “Sib…lings? Wait… are you… angels?” I asked, confused and bewildered. “Well duh, of course we are!” The black haired woman said. “Sorry… I… I don’t remember you.” It’s true, I genuinely didn’t. They felt familiar… but I couldn’t remember anything about them. My memories had been returning, but it seemed to be in reverse. Newer memories were returning, then ones from about a hundred years ago, then two hundred, and so on. I hadn’t remembered anything about my old existence as an angel yet, or any of my siblings aside from Lucifer. “That’s okay! We certainly remember you!” “Is… is that a good thing?” I asked. “Of course! We missed you, silly!” The brown-haired woman stepped forward and hugged me again, before backing off and introducing herself. “I’m Gabriel. We were as close as you and Luci were. But then there weren’t any angels who disliked you, hun. Everyone loved you. I don’t think it was possible to not love you.” The guy who had been fake-smiling before coughed awkwardly, looking around. Clearly he was the exception, whoever he was. The other guy, the one with long, dark hair stepped up next and hugged me. “Raph. Or Raphael. It’s good to see you again, Niazriel. I was wondering if any of you would break Father’s curse. But I think we all knew if anyone could… it was you.” He smiled at me. His aura just felt… he felt very ‘big brother’ to me… which felt nice. The other woman stepped forward, gave me a huge hug and waved at me. “Azrael. Angel of Death.” This woman looked different from the others, as she looked a lot more like Lucifer. Dark makeup and jet-black hair… This just made her stand out more with her white coat and white dress. Kinda like if you shoved someone pure into someone dark and edgy… this was the result. But she seemed nice at least. The last one, the snobby guy in the back, didn’t come and hug me like the others, they just nodded at me and turned their eyes away from me, before taking the lead and walking past me, straight into the house. “Oh my Dad… is this where you’re living now?” Gabriel said as she walked in after the snobby angel. Azrael and Raphael quickly followed them both, walking straight past me as if I wasn’t there. Thankfully, that’s when Luci walked up to me, put her arms around me, and hugged me tightly. “Yeah… that last one is Michael. He’s an ass. He was the only one who didn’t like you.” “He… didn’t like me?” I asked, feeling deeply hurt. “Well… he hated how much attention you got from the others. And how much Dad loved you. So when you sided with me, it just increased his hatred towards you due to his loyalty to Dad. He was the one who egged Dad on to give you all this curse and not just banish you to Hell, so excuse him. It’s been way too long since I saw him, he’s clearly not changed.” “Is… is this everyone? I thought there were loads of angels?” “Because of the date today, most of us are at Dad’s favourite son’s birthday party… even if he wasn’t born in December and it was just stolen from Pagans. But anyway, yeah, most couldn’t make it, and I’m not exactly welcome up there, so I was free anyway. I was going to just get drunk. Your girlfriend prayed for your family to visit, and Gabriel… being Gabriel… rounded up as many as she could afford to pull away. So you got us.” “You heard them?” “Hey, I’m still an angel. I can hear prayers too. And despite their disgust towards me, and my inability to deal with their Holier-than-thou bullshit… I wasn’t going to miss out on spending a holiday with my fave sis! Though I must say… I was expecting you to be more… infantile…” Luci winked at me, grinning, making me blush instantly. “Oi! That was… shush! She made me dress up nicely today.” I pouted at her. “I can hear the crinkles, sis. You’re not completely an adult. Don’t worry, the others won’t realise. Now, shall we go see how our siblings react to your non-human friends?” Lucifer said, putting her arm around me and closing the front door behind us. Chapter 3: Christmas Reunion Infernum Infantem: Nativitas Reunionis – LittleFallenPrincess Walking into the living room, I was still slightly in shock that not only were my family wanting to see me… but that they were here, for Christmas dinner. I couldn’t remember any of them exactly, but they felt familiar, like… home. But the stark difference between our appearances kept reminding me that I had apparently fucked up big time siding with Lucifer eons ago, as their pristine white dresses and suits they had hidden underneath their coats clashed with my dark purple dress and my red skin… and horns… and tail… and fangs… “Umm… come on through… umm…” I mumbled, showing them through the main hall towards the living room where everyone else was currently chatting happily. Opening the door, I hesitantly smiled at everyone. “Hey Nia, are you okay, sweetie? You look… nervous.” Beth said, holding Susie on her lap. Nia, Abby and Grim were all sitting on the sofa together, and Beatrice was in the corner with her back turned to me, pouring herself a drink. “I… I’d like to introduce our latest guests…” I replied, awkwardly. “Who did Vic invite this time?” Beatrice laughed, without turning around. “My… my family…” I heard the clink of ice dropping into a glass as Beatrice turned around, her face looking mortified. “WHICH… ONES?” She growled at me. “Um… my… angelic ones…” “Angelic ones?” Lucy asked, confused. “Nia… she used to be an angel. She’s Lucifer’s sister…” Beatrice explained. I’m glad Beatrice explained it for me, as it still felt awkward for me to say. I hadn’t told anyone, only Vic. But since Beatrice knew about the whole thing, as her and Lucifer were the ones to set Vic and me up to break the curse… of course she already knew. My friends though… none of them knew. I mean it’s not something I can just blurt out whilst playing with dolls or colouring something. ‘Oh hey, so I used to be an angel and tried to rebel against God himself and got turned into a creature of Hell forced to suck the life force from others for eternity.’ They don’t even write a greeting card for that kind of thing. “Nia… was an ANGEL?” Lucy looked back over at me with amazement on her face, her mouth open wide. “Makes sense. Demons were probably transformed angels after the rebellion.” Beth said, as if it was just normal for her to know these things. Susie, Abby and Grim all looked at me in surprise, but still… nowhere near as excited or amazed as Lucy was currently. She must have a thing for angels. “Nia… which ones are here?” Beatrice asked, looking angrier than I had ever seen her before. “Raphael… Gabriel… Azrael… Michael…” “RAPH, GABE… GET IN HERE, NOW!” Beatrice screamed, her voice echoing through the whole manor. I turned around to see Raphael and Gabriel shuffle guiltily into the living room, looking at the floor. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” Bea asked, crossing her arms the way Vic does whenever I’ve been bratty. “We… we didn’t know you’d be here… We honestly didn’t know you even knew our sister…” Gabriel replied, sounding nervous. “Yeah… what she said.” Raphael added. “Wait… so Beatrice knows two Archangels?” Lucy asked Grim, who just shrugged his shoulders. “Bea? How do you know my siblings?” I asked her. “How do you think…?” Lucifer said as she walked past us all, confidently, pushing past the two guilty-looking angels and walking over to Beatrice, where she began making herself a drink. “What does she mean by that?” Lucy asked, innocently. The rest of us had figured it out already. “It means they fu…” “ANYWAY!” Azrael said, cutting Grim off and walking in. “Hi, I’m Azrael. Hi Beatrice.” She said, nodding over to Beatrice, who just nodded back at her. ‘At least she hasn’t gone through my entire family tree…’ I thought to myself, rolling my eyes at my ex-nanny. “Azrael? The angel of Death?” Lucy asked, surprised. “I’ve met Death. You’re not them.” Susie spoke up, giving the evil eye to Azrael. “I… well…” Azrael looked around, nervously. Lucifer laughed, causing everyone to all look at her now. “She’s Death’s biggest fangirl. She’s probably the first ever fangirl of anything, ever. She saw Death once near the beginning of time and since then has been obsessed about copying them. Hence the edgy makeup.” Lucifer said, popping the olive from her drink into her mouth. “SHUT UP, VIPER!” Azrael snapped at her, making Lucifer laugh. “Oh hello! You must be Nia’s family, it’s lovely to meet you all! I’m glad you could come!” Victoria said, appearing in the doorway on the other side of the living room, looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. If she didn’t have me getting hungrier and hungrier by the minute just looking at her, I would probably yell at her for surprising me with all this. No, instead I was too busy thinking about jumping her bones to be angry right now. Thankfully, Beatrice had my back on that front. No, not the jum… oh nevermind, you know what I mean. “Vic… why didn’t you tell me you were inviting MY EXES?” Beatrice yelled across the room, towards my Mummy. “Your… oh. Sorry! I didn’t know! I just thought it’d be nice for Nia to have her family for Christmas…” Victoria looked really awkward now. Lucifer just laughed again, walked past me, towards the comfortable recliner in the corner. But as she passed me, she bent down and whispered: “Oh this is going to be the best Christmas ever…” ----------------------------------------------------------------- And so we all chatted in the living room. Trying to act like a ‘normal’ family. Whatever that is. Lucy kept asking Michael questions, but he kept looking at her with disgust. Lucifer explained to me discreetly that Michael is bad enough normally, but he despises the ‘creatures’ of Earth, ‘creatures’ being vampires and werewolves and undead. Humans he can stand… just about. It was adorable really though, because it looked like a toddler asking their Uncle question after question, and the Uncle has had enough but is trying to be polite and not ruin dinner. Azrael was busy talking to Susie about Death, about their experiences, all whilst Beth sipped her wine, happily listening to her wife ramble on. Grim and Abby kept to themselves mostly, they didn’t seem bothered by my angelic siblings. Vic got an earful from Beatrice, before our friend turned her gaze to her ‘exes’ and started having a go at the pair in the corner of the room, before dragging both of them out of the room to finish cooking Christmas dinner. It was hilarious, Gabriel and Raphael both following her heels closely, like a couple of submissives… It made me wonder just what kind of relationship they had had in the past. And… how many of my damn siblings she’s dated… Lucifer sat in the recliner, drinking slowly, happily listening to the chaos that had engulfed our normally-cosy living area. Vic… Vic seemed hesitant to even look at me. She could see how weird I felt about this, and I think she felt like she had fucked up. Which just left me, sitting on the sofa, awkwardly, not talking or interacting with anyone, just watching everyone else socialising or enjoying themselves. Twiddling my thumbs, squirming in place as my other hunger started rising… I was not exactly having fun. This wasn’t the reunion I was expecting. It was somehow better but also worse than what I had imagined. They weren’t at each other’s throats… or mine… but there was this awkward distance between Lucifer and the others, as if none of them could stand to even look at her, let alone be near her. Lucifer, however, didn’t seem to mind this, as if she was used to it… maybe even enjoyed it. So, taking the initiative, I took a deep breath and walked over to where Lucy and Michael were sitting and completely interrupted what moment they were having by sitting on Michael’s lap. It seems my inner brat was back, and I was going to take these fuckers down with me if they don’t start behaving like adults. “So do you have wings? Do they magically appear or are they squeezed under your suit? Can I see them?” Lucy asked him as I sat down. “Grim wants to chat to you.” I lied to Lucy, making her wander off awkwardly, sitting by Abby and Grim and chatting to them. Once she was out of earshot, I turned and grinned at Michael, who looked just as visibly disgusted at me as he did around Lucy. “What?” He snapped at me. “How’s it hanging, big bro?” I replied, my grin growing with each uncomfortable second. “Hello, Niazriel.” He was clearly an angel of few words. “So obviously correct me if I’m wrong, as the whole ‘having my memories stolen from me’ kinda ruins a reunion when you can’t remember even knowing them… but it seems you don’t like me. Why is that?” “I…” “Is it my red skin? Tail? Horns?” “That is just evidence of your betrayal.” He looked up at me and stared at me directly in the eyes. “But I don’t even remember doing it. And even then, it sounds like Dad wasn’t exactly ‘Father of the Year’...” “Don’t you dare talk about him that way…” Michael growled at me, trying not to raise his voice. “Or what? He’ll take my memories again? Oh what a shame. Plus I heard it was you who planted that idea in his head…” “He can do much more than that. What if he decides to take away your little girlfriend…” I laughed and put my hand on his shoulder, gripping tighter and tighter until I could feel my nails cutting through his suit. Any tighter and that’s not all that they would be cutting through… “Michael… don’t underestimate our sister.” Lucifer said, appearing behind me. It appears she had been listening the whole time and decided now was the best time to step in… probably for Michael’s sake. “You hear all the gossip in the Silver City, so I assume you heard about what she did when those cultists took her girlfriend away from her, right?” “I…” Michael rolled his eyes. “She. Is. Off. Limits. Got that?” I growled. Michael just grumbled at me. “GOT THAT?” I growled louder, gaining the attention of the other guests in the room. “Understood.” He muttered. “I don’t give a flying fuck what kind of beef you’ve got with Lucifer, monsters, and more importantly… me. You can come at me with all you’ve got if you want. But if you, or Dad, come for her… I will tear down the Silver City if you even lay a finger on her.” “She will. Not even Dad will be able to stop her.” Lucifer added. “Off limits. Got it. Now get your filthy claws off me, Hellspawn…” Michael replied, with venom in his voice. My anger subsided and I put a huge grin on my face and smiled at him. “Okay Big bro, good catch up!” I said with a chipper voice, jumping off his lap and skipping off to go sit with Vic. “What was that?” Vic asked as I sat on her lap and snuggled up to her, laying my head on her shoulder. “Just family squabbles. It’s nothing.” I smiled up at her. “You threatened him, didn’t you? Because he threatened me?” “Only a little bit. But wait… you could hear?” “No, but I saw your tail stand on end when he growled at you. Then I saw the vice-like grip on his shoulder and put two and two together.” “S… sorry…” “No sweetie, I’m sorry for not telling you about inviting them. I just thought… I wanted you to have family here for Christmas. And now that your memories are slowly returning, I was hoping seeing them would speed it up a bit and you could be happy. I didn’t even stop to think about the animosity between Lucifer and your other siblings… or you and them.” “Shush. You did a lovely thing, but it blew up in your face. Plus Gabriel and Raph seem okay with me! Az… she seems okay… I guess… and hey, Michael is a dick to everyone, apparently. And did you see Beatrice’s face when she found out Gabe and Raph were here? Priceless. That alone would be the best Christmas present ever.” I grinned up at her. “Well I’m glad you’re okay with it. Again, I’m sorry. But don’t worry, that’s not all your presents. I know you got the toys earlier and your computer, and now this… but there’s still one present later.” My eyes lit up upon receiving this news. I loved presents. “What is it?” “That would ruin it. You just enjoy your day. Food shouldn’t be too long now, then after a few party games we’ll snuggle up just me and you and have a nice evening together. That’s when you can have your present, okay baby?” “Is it a sexy present then?” “It’s… pretty sexy.” She smiled back at me. I clapped my hands, excitedly, wiggling on her lap as my tail swished back and forth behind me. “Now, baby girl… how’s that nappy?” She whispered. “I… umm… it’s a bit soggy…” I whispered back. “I can tell…” “Y… you can?” “Yes. But don’t worry, pretty sure your big brother couldn’t tell you were padded when you sat on his lap.” I blushed and nuzzled into her shoulder more, enjoying this closeness, surrounded by family. Even if it is a little dysfunctional. Chapter 4: Christmas Dinner Infernum Infantem: Nativitas Reunionis – LittleFallenPrincess “Who wants to say grace?” Gabriel asked as we all sat around the enormously long dining table in this lavish dining room. Everyone had their own places, with Vic and my friends sitting at one end, and me and my siblings sitting at the other end. I wish I was sitting next to Vic, but my family insisted on spending more time with me after wasting so much time being yelled at by Beatrice. “Seriously, Gabe?” Lucifer gave the hardest stare at our sister, and I quickly joined in. “What?” She replied, not seeing why we were so upset. “You want to thank Dad for this… when both of us were…” “You were cast down for rebelling! That’s on you.” Gabriel responded, sounding very ‘holier than thou’ towards us. “I don’t think it’s in good taste either…” Vic said, thankfully standing up for me. “But we are his loyal children.” Gabe argued. “You’re a suck up, that’s what you are.” Lucifer muttered, rolling her eyes. “SHUT UP SAMAEL!” Gabriel yelled across the table. “OR WHAT?” Lucifer shouted back. “OR I’LL SEND YOU BACK TO HELL MYSELF!” Michael joined in. The three of them started yelling back and forth at each other, picking up cutlery and threatening the other with it. Raph and Azrael hadn’t raised their voices or joined in yet, but I could see them eyeing Lucifer like they were ready to attack her. “Please… stop…” Vic muttered, sounding a little overwhelmed. Normally she’d stand up for herself, and especially for me… but these are angels, she’s just a human. I think she felt a little out of her depth around this celestial family feud, so her fight was just… gone. I could see how upset she was getting as Raphael and Azrael finally joined in the yelling, aiming their hatred at Lucifer. It was now four on one and my girlfriend was getting overwhelmed and Beatrice looked like she was ready to step in but Beth was holding her back, with her hand gripping her sister’s arm. “This… was supposed to be a nice Christmas… I haven’t celebrated since… her… and I just wanted Nia to…” Vic started quietly crying to herself next to me. And I lost it. “EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP!” The scream violently filled the room, echoing through the whole manor, making everyone freeze in place, instantly losing their voices, looking terrified. As they all stopped and turned to look at me, their eyes widened in fear and shock (well, all except Beatrice, who had the biggest grin on her face right now), I felt my throat ache like never before, so I grabbed a glass of water from in front of me and chugged it down before looking back up at my siblings and slamming my hands down on the dining table. “STOP. NOW.” I coughed out, sounding scratchy after what was probably the loudest noise I had ever managed. “Can’t you see what you’re doing to my love?” I said, pointing at Vic who had stopped crying at this point and joined the rest of them looking up at me in shock. “I…” Gabe began. “NO! Shut the fuck up, Gabe. And you too Michael. And you Raph. And Azrael.” Lucifer smiled and began to open her mouth before I cut her off too. “AND you too, Lucifer.” They all sat down, awkwardly, giving each other menacing glances. “I don’t give a shit what went down thousands of years ago. Boo hoo, Lucifer rebelled. Maybe she did it for good reason, I don’t know, I CAN’T FUCKING REMEMBER thanks to the worst father of all time. But no matter what, that shit happened so long ago it should be in the past and forgotten about. People change. Look at me, I was torturing nerds in Hell until not that long ago. And now here I am, surrounded by the most wonderful family. And no, this doesn’t include any of you angelic arseholes. Look at my gorgeous girlfriend… She wanted the world to end for the past 40 or so years, but here she sits, trying her best to give me the best Christmas possible. People change. If you can’t deal with that, or at least play nice together, get… the fuck… out.” I growled, bearing my fangs at my ‘siblings’. Vic put her hand on mine and smiled up at me. “S… sorry.” Lucifer said, finally finding the courage to speak up. “I guess things have been left to fester for a while now. None of us ever even tried to move on.” “Yeah… I’m sorry…” Gabriel looked just as guilty as the rest of them, but managed to smile up at Lucifer with genuine kindness in her eyes. “Sorry, Sis…” Raph and Azrael chimed in next. Michael though… no, he can’t accept anything, being the righteous Daddy’s boy that he is… And so he left. Just took the napkin from his collar and dropped it on the plate, before screeching his chair back and walking out in a huff. There was an awkward silence lingering in the air as no one knew what to say once Michael had left. “More food for me!” We all stared at Grim, who had the biggest grin on his face as he reached over and grabbed Michael’s plate, bringing it over to his place and began devouring it. And so the silence broke. Tensions were relieved as everyone laughed at the wolf boy shoving a turkey leg into his mouth. “That, Beatrice… that was amazing.” Lucifer said, undoing the button on her waistcoat and patting her tummy. “I agree.” Gabriel added, gently placing her knife and fork on the empty plate. We had all eaten way too much food and collapsed back into our chairs, not a single one of us leaving a scrap of food on our plates. “Glad we can finally agree on some things.” Luci replied. “Like how we’ve got the best little sister ever?” Gabe smiled at Lucifer, before they both looked at me. “Agreed.” I quickly hid my blushing face behind my napkin. “Shame Michael couldn’t accept this new normal. But then he never liked me.” Luci shrugged. “Don’t mind him, he’s always been like this.” Gabriel said to Lucifer before turning to me. “Thank you, Nia, for all this. And you too Vic, I can’t imagine a better human… no, person, for my sister to be with.” Vic’s face lit up and found it hard to maintain eye contact with my sister. “Yeah, Nia… you’ve found yourself a really good human. And who knew these… What is the collective term for you lot? Monsters?” Gabriel asked. “We don’t really like that term…” Abby spoke up, after staying quiet for so long during that awkward family drama. “Sorry, what do you call your kind then? We’ve always called you monsters.” “We never really coined a term, though lately we’ve been going by ‘Monstrum’.” “That’s literally the same word we use but in a dead language…” Gabe looked confused. “Yes, but it doesn’t sound as mean.” Lucy piped up. Gabriel just laughed, making Lucy blush instantly. “Okay then, well it turns out we’ve been a bit hasty in judging these ‘Monstrum’. Okay… I can see it now, it doesn’t sound as horrible, I understand now. Anyway, yeah, I’m glad you’ve found a family of your own Nia. Though please never forget you also have one in the Silver City.” “And in the underworld…” Lucifer added. “Am I even allowed back in Heaven?” I asked. “I’ll have to talk to Dad. Maybe I can get you a visitor's pass?” Gabe laughed. “So what now?” Beatrice asked, changing the topic quickly, thankfully. “Games and a few drinks?” Vic suggested. “Brilliant! I’m a pro at that game where you buy property and build hotels.” My ex-Nanny grinned. “NO! I’m not playing with you again. I ended up owing you like twelve favours that one game we had.” Lucifer replied to her. “Yeah, I’m out already. Never play against Beatrice.” My other three angelic siblings all said, bowing out instantly. “I’ll play!” Lucy spoke up, stupidly getting herself into something she wasn’t prepared for. “Me too!” Abby and Grim added. Susie and Beth knew better, keeping their mouths shut, as did I. Vic was about to agree to play before I quickly reached over and placed my hand over her mouth, shaking my head violently at her, trying to signal to her not to. “The three kiddos then…” Bea’s grin grew wider… and more sinister. “We’ll have to get going, we need to get back to the Silver City and make sure Michael isn’t telling Dad too many lies about today. Plus you know it’s the ‘kid’s fake birthday, and we already got an earful for skipping out part of that.” Gabriel shrugged. “Awww, do you really have to go?” I whined. “Don’t worry, we’ll come visit more often now.” I climbed out of my chair and ran over to Gabe, pouncing on her and giving her the biggest hug. “I’m glad you’re back with us, Nia. And thank you for starting the healing process for our family. It may take a while, maybe even a few centuries or millennia… but I think we’ll get there eventually thanks to you.” “And Michael?” I asked. “I’m sure you’ll drag him along with us, kicking and screaming, if needed. Don’t you worry about him.” “Oh… Miss Gabriel?” Susie shouted from the other side of the dining room. “Yes, Susan?” “Can you tell my Grandma something?” “Sure. What is it?” Gabriel smiled at my reanimated friend. “That… I… That I made the right choice.” Susie said, blushing and burying her face into her wife’s shoulder. “Got it. I’ll make sure she gets your message.” Gabriel replied, smiling at her. “I’ll see you out. Luci… are you staying or going?” I asked my devilish sister. “I’ll… stay for a bit. If that’s okay. It was nice seeing you Gabe. Eww… I can’t believe I said that. Nia, you’re rubbing off on me.” Lucifer laughed. “She’s always been able to do that. On all of us.” Gabe said, squeezing me tighter. Once my more angelic side of the family had left, leaving just my ‘Monstrum’ side and my devilish sister left, we all moved back into the living room and broke out the party games. Of course Beatrice won her games against my friends, making them all quickly regret signing up for it. And because they lost… they’re all currently in the cutest, frilliest little baby maid outfits, waddling about, cleaning the manor from top to bottom with feather dusters and washing the dishes after our meal. I swear I have never seen Lucy’s face more red than it was during that humiliating experience. The rest of us all dodged a bullet. A very humiliating, blushy, bullet. Lucifer had a few more drinks before bowing out and leaving, but not before she teased my friends. I guess having the head honcho for torturing as a sister pays off, it makes her an expert at teasing. Though for some reason, she still pales in comparison to Beatrice, who kept the losers of their little game blushy for the rest of the afternoon and evening, all the way up to the point where they had to leave and go back to their homes. Nia, Grim and Abby were the next to go, thanking Vic and me for such an amazing Christmas and thanking Beatrice for the food once again. And I noticed as they all waddled out of the manor in their normal clothes… Beatrice hadn’t returned everything back to normal. That extra-wide waddle was not there before… Susie, Beth and Beatrice stayed for another hour, before announcing that they were leaving, but not before Beatrice handed a little wrapped present to Vic, planting a little kiss on her cheek and winking at me. And once the door shut… it was just Vic and I, alone together, again. “What did she give you?” I asked, desperate to know what surprise present Vic got. “A present. Isn’t that obvious, silly baby?” My girlfriend grinned at me. “Buh wha is it!?” I whined more. “Oh I see, as soon as your friends have gone, little Nia comes out to play instantly…” “I wanna knooooooow!” “I… fine. Come with me, demonling.” Vic said, grabbing my hand and escorting me into the living room, where it suddenly felt so… empty… so lifeless. All that was left were the remnants of the board games we had been playing, the empty glasses of alcohol that had been consumed, and the roaring fireplace keeping the room from freezing over. “So… what is it?” I asked again as my girlfriend led me to the fireplace, now holding both of my hands as she positioned me perfectly in line with the toasty hearth. “This… is a present for both of us.” She said, letting go of my hands and taking apart the wrapping on the small box. It looked like a jewellery box. “Is that…?” “It is. A new amulet of protection. Though this is enhanced with certain extra magical properties…” She teased. “Huh?” “Your wet nurse isn’t on Christmas break, sweetie. She isn’t needed anymore, so I gave her a hefty severance payment.” “Wait… so…” “If you ever need to nurse, or you want to feed through more adult means… this has got you covered either way…” I blushed and nearly melted into a little pile of demon goo on the spot at the thought of her feeding me like my wet nurse does… did… I mean, I was a blushy mess whenever she fed me, and I guess I needed to feed otherwise I’d have to suck on other people’s lifeforce, people who can’t regenerate. But it felt… less special. This though… This was my ultimate fantasy involving Vic. Or at least I thought it was… “But I have one last gift to be opened.” Vic said, reaching behind her back. “Ooooh! From who?” I asked. “From me… to you.” “Huh? I thought I got my presents.” “They were presents for little you. I told you earlier I had one more for you, so this… this is for my girlfriend.” “Huh?” And that’s when she pulled out another box, though this one was… smaller. Holding it in one hand, she used the other to open it, but at the same time… she knelt down, standing on one knee. “Wait… I… I’ve seen humans… oh…” My brain was piecing all my memories back together, the ones I remembered about all this, as I saw the sparkling great big whopping diamond on the silver ring in the box. “Nia, my love… will you marry me?” ======================================================== And there we have it. So... what did you all think? I loved writing it and so far I've made a number of my supporters on SubscribeStar cry, which I am very proud of. I just finished writing Little in Love 2, so after a small break I'll be starting Monster book #3, which will be posted once Little in Love 2 has finished (got months left of that, don't worry, it won't be for a while that we see monster book 3 on here). And as stated, this is going to be the rough length of most of my short stories that I'll be taking commissions for, starting next month. 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  13. because the original got corrupted I will be reuploading my stories one chapter at a time every hour. I was up to chapter 16 when the corruption started and have made 3 more chapters since then. also, the first 3 chapters are a little slow but pick up after that. ********************* Chapter 1 “FUCK!” I yelled as I ran true a sea of trees. Behind me was a pack of beasts chasing me. “They're catching up!” the small girl strapped to my back yelled. “I know that Bab!” I yell at her as I continue to run. The beasts aren't that strong but fighting a pack of them is a different story. They could easily surround us and kill us before we could do anything. “Why in the hell did you attack the whole pack!” I yelled to Bab as I jumped over a log. “I thought there was only 3 of them,” she told me “left!” “FROST!” I yelled extending my left hand to blast the beast with cold ice magic. It was only knocked back and soon was chasing us again. “Any ideas?” “Ya don't stop running!” she yelled which really didn't help. It wasn't long however before I had to stop in front of a cliff. A raging current below us and a wild pack of beast behind us. We were out of options. I didn't have my sword. Our mana was getting low. And I can feel Bab’s diaper leaking on my back again!. “You trust me?” I asked bab. “Right now? No!” she told me already knowing what I was going to do. “Good, neither do I,” I tell her before jumping off the cliff. Both Of us screaming on our way down, the only thing I could think about was how I got here in the first place. I was just some average guy. Single, working and saving anything extra to start college in a year or two. The luckiest thing to happen to me in the last 3 years was getting a ticket for a hiking trip my friend won in a contest. Sadly his grandma passed away and was going to her funeral. So as to not waste a ticket he gave it to me. And to be honest, while I was having fun I really didn't pack well for it. I didn't know much about hiking and the clothes I bought weren't the best. Just 3 t-shirts, pants, socks, underwear, and a warm jacket. Luckily I did get myself some hiking boots but I also brought my regular pair for when we set camp and I could be more comfortable. The rest of the gear I got from my friend who was already prepared for himself. Camping Travel Cooking Utensils Set (cooking scissor, blender spatula, meat knife, cutting board, soup spoon, stainless steel turner, cook fork and a tongs,) TETON Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack Double Sleeping Bag Sundome 2 Person Tent SURVIVAL Traveller First Aid Kit Magnesium Flints Scraper Stone (3) Pocket knife Flashlight 12 Survivors - Hand Pump Water Purifier Extra rope FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multi-Tool I was all set for the trip. But after the second day, something strange happens. A freak storm hit us in the middle of the hike. None of us knew what was going on until suddenly I saw a flash of light and the storm was gone. When I opened my eyes I was inside what looked like ruins. Behind me was an altar with some glowing dust scattered all around it. I was too freaked out about all of this that I ran towards the only exit I could see and into a small town. People who looked like they ware from a renaissance fair just stared wide-eyed at me. To make a long story short, I freaked out. It took the townspeople 2 days to explain to me what had happened and why I was here. I was no longer on earth but a place called Caruma. Here everything we know about fantasy is from here. A long time ago two gods fought over an empty world but their fight always lead to a draw. So they decided if they couldn't decide on the winner with their power they would use something else. They created 15 castles and hid them around Caruma. Each crystal summons something from another world. Poruma the black god summoned monsters. Rilla the wight god summoned warriors. Each crystal could summon 1 warrior every 10 years. And the first to destroy all the crystals would be the winner. Over the next 3000 years, the world was populated by man and monster. Humans built towns and temples around the summoning crystals. Out of the 15, 7 white crystals have been destroyed. While 5 dark crystals have been destroyed. When I asked about how I got here they could only give a guess. 31 years prior the town was attacked by monsters and they destroyed the crystal. But because it was already about to summon a hero the remaining pieces must have spent the last 30 years collecting power to summon me here before the crystal died. They then told me who I could go back. The crystals work as a two-way door. On this side, they gather energy and in 10 years they pull someone over. However, if you bring enough magical energy to them you can have them send you back home. The problem with this, it normally takes a lot of magic to do so and there aren't many people who have that type of magic here. So they suggested I go to a city and see if I could find any magic users to send me back. That's when we reached our final problem. I had no way to get them. When the village was destroyed all those years ago most people left and the ones who stayed are now too old or too young to take me. The only exception is a farm boy named John who was 16 2 years younger than me. But in order for him to take me, I had to first make a contract with him. In this world, the heroes learned how to tap into magic but it came with a curse. Each person had to wear a special bracelet and form a contract with another person. This unlocked the power to use magic. However, both people were cursed to never be away from each other long. Should they be away from each other for 6 hours they both will die. If one dies the other has 6 hours to find someone else to form a bond with or they will die as well. The curse can be lifted once the pair completely one of 3 quests and the bracelets can be removed while still granting the person to use magic. The reason he wants to form a bond is that it would make traveling a lot easier through the woods. He said there aren't many strong monsters here but it's better safe than sorry. I had to wait 3 more days before the contract could be made. During that time I the people let me stay with them knowing I had nothing to offer other than some small work. On my final night there I was staying at an orphanage. There were only 5 kids there. 2 boys 3 girls and women who took care of them. She asked me to stay with them for the night as the kids wanted to see what a person from another world looked like. The kids staying here are from parents who either died, left for adventure, or was just left with no idea who the parents were. It was sad but the kids enjoyed playing with me. All except one who only stared at me. The women later told me Ema was the girl's name and that while she was 14 her body was short and looked more like a 10-year-old. Also, she had some problems. For one she couldn't speak. Anything that came out of her mouth sounded like gibberish. Next, her hands couldn't hold onto things well. So she's been forced to use baby bottles. And lastly, she had to wear diapers. For some reason, her bladder was just too weak. I honestly felt bad for her. By the sounds of it, she would have to be taken care of for the rest of her life. Later that night I said my goodbyes to the kids and followed John into the woods. The contract could only be made during a full moon and when it’s made it will make a bright flash so were in the woods so as to not disturb anyone. “Ok this should be good,” he said as we were pretty far from everyone. “Now then let's begin.” He then began to chant something and soon both of our bracelets were glowing. We both raised our hands to form the contract but stopped when we heard something. The contract stopped as we looked around the forest and heard something. Upon investigating we found one of the kids spying on us. Behind them the woman yelling for the girl. Apparently, she chased after us after we left without telling the women. After a brief talk with the women, she was taking the Ema girl when she ran up to me. “be jvy ruwvj ox jvy woz, gy bojv hog c bozupw.” Ema said. As she grabbed my hand wanting me to kneel in front of her. “What’s wrong,” I asked her. “wuhy ik jvy nogyl op oil toilpye cpz gy xuwvj xol jvy luwvj.” she said. suddenly my bracelet began to glow again. “NO!” John yelled. But it was too late. A bright flash hit my eyes and for a few moments, I couldn't see. I just heard the same thing be repeated. “YES YES YES!” a girl cried out in excitement. “EMA! What did you do!” the women yelled and when I could finally see I saw the Ema girl jumping up and down with excitement. “I finally did it! I'll finally be free!” Ema said until the women grabbed her by the hand. “What did you do!?” the women yelled at Ema. “She just formed a contract. How did she even do that?” John asked. That's when I looked at the girl's arm and saw a smaller bracelet on. “Yep and now I can finally get out of here,” Ema said. “How did you even get a bracelet in the first place. And how did you activate the spell?” John asked. “I stole it from miss dumb cunt here.” Ema said and nodded at the women. “And anyone who knows magick knows that spell.” “I think the bracelets mine.” the women told John. “my husband was an adventure.” “But that still doesn't explain how she knew the spell.” he replied. “Wait, didn't she just say she already knew the spell?” I asked and everyone looked at me. “Wait you can understand me!” Ema yelled. “Of cores I can, you're not speaking gibberish anymore,” I tell her. “What are you talking about?” the women asked. “She’s still talking the same,” John told me. “The bracelets! You can understand me because of the bracelets!” Ema yelled. “What do you mean? How can the bracelets do that?” I asked and looked at John who looked very confused. “Enough of this nonsense I'm taking you home Ema and you're going to be grounded!” the women grabbed the girl and started pulling her away. “Stop! My name isn't Ema it's Bab! And I'm not going anywhere!” she said as she tried to resist the much bigger women. “Wait I need to figure this out,” I tell the women. “I'm sorry but she needs to go home. I think all this stimulant is just being too much for Ema.” she tells me. “IM NOT EMA!” the girl screamed as the women jumped when electricity popped out of the girl's hands. Once let go she ran over and got behind me. “She can already use magic!” John said in amazement. “Ema it's time to come home.” the women told her again. “I'm not Ema, I'm Bab. tell her!” the girl said to me. “She said her name’s not Ema but Bab.” I tell the women and Bab nodded in agreement. “Could she be speaking another language and it's only after the contract was formed that you can understand her.” John asked me. After this, it just became a back and forth discussion about me understanding her. We had to prove I could understand her and after a long time, we finally came to the conclusion that I could. But shortly after that, we got into the main and biggest problem. I was now connected to a tiny child and I still needed to leave! After a long discussion about everything, it was finally decided I had to take Bab with me. Because of the curse, we couldn't be more than 40 feet from each other for more than 6 hours and I couldn't stay in the town. I had to find a way home. So, I wound up adopting Bab and forced to take her with me on my journey. Sadly because of her, John could no longer come with us. The plan was to use the magic to get through safely but without it, it just becomes too much of a risk when he would have to come back alone. Before we left the women gave me a bag full of things for Bab. while her backpack had things like clothing, a pillow, blanket, and a few random things. The bag the women gave me had her more ‘personal’ things. Such as 3 bottles, a changing mat, wipes, baby powder, and a lot of diapers. She even had to show me how to change the little girl. Much to bab’s displeasure. In the end, this is where our adventure of began dropped in a new world.
  14. New story, new series, new art style, same MDLG stories! Just in time for Halloween too! I've been so excited writing this, I love all things supernatural. Lore, myths, legends, monsters, magic, everything. And for the longest time I've wanted to write a new story set in a brand new universe that I haven't written in. And like every project I start, it quickly turned in a much bigger project, so it turned into a brand new series and not just a single story. I've got this and 3 other books planned, but this time it won't all lead to a big finale in the 5th book like my other series. They're individual stories, but with recurring characters and themes and places, all based around all the classic monsters (and some lesser known ones). Think of it more like a continuing world that I'll write stories for rather than it being a big plot spread over multiple books. Oh and no multiverse shenanigans! These are completely separate from my multiverse series, you won't see any cross over whatsoever, just some good old fashioned monsters and spooky things! The first, Infernum Infantem, is a story about a cult trying to bring about the end of the world. I won't say more than that other than if you enjoy my other stories for their cute MDLG stuff... you should enjoy this one. I have focused a lot more on humour in this one, so I really appreciate any and all comments, especially regarding how funny it is. I got a few chuckles out of the person I gave early chapters to, so I'm hoping I get the same reaction from everyone else. I've nearly finished writing it, and if this is liked, I'll feel comfortable to start writing the next book as soon as I've finished this. One chapter per week. Every Friday. Just like last time. Increasing to two when Regression Echo ends. And as usual, if you want two weeks early access to chapters of Infernum Infantem and Regression Echo, you can sub to my Patreon. You'll also get access to my discord server to discuss chapters there and stuff. And also to tease me apparently. Grr. I hope I've covered everything that needs saying and I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as my other stories! Please feel free to leave comments and feedback, I love reading it all! Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: The Ritual -Victoria- Infernum Infantem – LittleFallenPrincess “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” I stood there, in the middle of the circle, my hands quivering as I nervously awaited the outcome. My bare feet touched the cold stone cellar floor beneath me. The dampness of the cellar made the air feel moist and unclean, but this was the place we would conduct this ritual. In this cold, damp cellar underneath my estate, in the middle of the English countryside. I tried keeping my eyes closed, but I couldn’t resist the temptation. Opening them slightly for a peek at my surroundings and my fellow circle members, I looked around at the hooded figures surrounding the summoning circle painted on the ground, the same circle I was currently in the centre of. Five people at the five points of the pentagram painted within the circle. Each of them chanting the words that would bring about the desire we had worked hard for for the past thirty years or so. Runes decorated the sigil. It was all a bit nerve wracking. But tonight was the night. We were ready. There was no backing out now. Thirty years I had researched, experimented, done everything in my power to end up in this very moment here, right now. We would complete this ritual, and with it… our wish. I had spent millions on getting to this point. I had built my empire up just for this purpose. If this works, that empire will soon be worthless… but it will have all been worth it. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” Again, they chanted the words. Velvet black robes hiding each of my fellow cultists within it, their hoods up, masking their faces in darkness. A dull, monotonous tone echoed through the large, dark, grimy cellar. The sound of running water could be heard through the walls, but other than that and the chanting… silence. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” Is this even going to work? Did we even translate the text properly? For all we know this could mean ‘Can I have a large fries with that?’ We had found the tablet hidden within a temple, a temple that was lost to nature, hidden away from human eyes for thousands of years. Transcribed by worshippers of a dark being, the one who would bring darkness unto the world. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” Decades had passed since I founded this little gathering of like minded individuals. Years of research, spells, and preparation for this very moment. I wouldn’t let anything stop me now. We had security posted around my estate, all the doors were locked and sealed, and we all held our amulets of protection. The ones that we had put our heart and soul into… literally. Well not the whole thing, but a fraction of it. But they still gave us perfect health, protection… and long life. I was reaching sixty years old now, but I still looked like I was thirty. Some of my circle were nearing a hundred years old now, some were just reaching their fifties. But all were dedicated to the cause… and to me. We had sacrificed so much to get to this point, and nothing would stop us from achieving our goal. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” Being the High Priestess of our circle, and also only one of the two women in it, it was my job to be the one standing in the centre of the circle. The intended target of the ritual. After everything though… I would do anything to further my cause. Tonight had to be the night, otherwise we’d have to wait another hundred years for the next window. So everything had to be perfect. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” The cold air surrounded my naked body, causing me to shiver. The spell required there to be no clothes whatsoever. But hey, at least the circle all had their eyes closed, so it’s not like they’d see anything. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” If this worked… this would be the end of the world. Or at least lead to it. And honestly? Good riddance. Humanity had its chance. Now we would wipe the slate clean. The intention of our little ritual was to summon the child who would bring about the end of the world. Many languages, many civilisations had different names for him. We had spent decades researching them all. And if our ritual was a success… I would be the one to bring him into the world. I’d be his mother, and when he becomes of age… he’d bring destruction and wrath to this pathetic planet. Now my fellow cultists… they wished to bring about the end times for their own gain. To rid the world of the ‘failures’ of humanity, and to start again, with boons from the Dark Lord. They would rebuild humanity under the watchful guidance of him, making sure humanity is faithfully serving us. I however… I had nothing to live for anymore. Not for the past thirty years. I didn’t care about rebuilding the world. I didn’t care about humanity. I didn’t care about any of that rubbish they spouted. But I wouldn’t tell them that. If they knew my true intentions… they would remove me as head of our little organisation and I couldn’t allow that. I wanted the end because… I just wanted the world gone. I couldn’t stand this world anymore, but at the same time I didn’t really care what would come after it. This was the only thing keeping me going, and I would stop at nothing to end this world. Most people would have moved on from their trauma… spent the rest of their life doing something more productive. No… I had to join a cult, build a business empire, then give birth to the bringer of darkness. Maybe I should’ve gotten into knitting. “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” I had a feeling this wasn’t working. We’d been at it for twenty minutes now, them constantly chanting, me freezing my naked butt off… Not to mention it’d probably take me multiple washes to get this cellar smell out of my long, blonde hair. ‘Maybe we should give up?’ I thought to myself as I felt a shiver run up my spine. ‘No. I can’t give up now. We can’t give up. We’ve worked too hard for too long. We need this to work. I will accomplish my goal. I will cleanse this Earth.’ “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” It just wasn’t working though. Maybe we had messed up the ritual? It could be the sigil we painted on the floor, the runes could be slightly off, the translation may not be correct… it could be any number of things. This… this has never been done before. No one has brought upon the end of the world like this… “Oramus Dominum nostrum tenebrarum ad ultima tempora vocare, ad destruendum hunc mundum miserum et resurgendum. Benedicat nos perditor, donatum sacerdotio. Hanc benedic et adiuva ut puerum suscitaret usque in diem hanc terram destruet.” I was just about to throw in the towel, when I felt something surrounding us. A gush of air encircled us. But the cellar was sealed, so there was no wind. But still… The candles blew out and the cellar suddenly plunged into darkness. This was it. It worked. It actually fucking worked! My body started shaking. Not because of the cold… no… that was no longer a problem, it no longer bothered me. No… Now it was fear. Fear that we had actually accomplished it. A twang of doubt filled my heart as one by one, the candles around the cellar spontaneously lit back up again, slowly illuminating the pitch-black cellar. I felt no different though. Other than the fear invading my body, I felt no different from that moments ago, before the spell worked. Maybe I was expecting to be at least half way into pregnancy with the Child of Darkness. Maybe we were wrong about that, maybe I’m much earlier on than that. Will I have to wait nine months just to give birth? And then there’s raising the child until they are ready to bring upon the end times. That would take… what… years? I know I’m a bit impatient, despite somehow managing to wait thirty years for this window of opportunity. But I liked results as soon as possible. Once the corners of the cellar had lit up, the candles around the centre of the room started lighting up one by one. First the one in front of me, then in a clockwise motion, each one surrounding me lit up until I was staring at the faces of my brothers and sister. But something was different. I could feel it. Like a… pull… a connection… a bond. This was it! It worked! I was bonded to the Child of Darkness! The feeling however… didn’t come from within… Looking at the faces of my brothers and sister… I saw genuine fear in their eyes. Fear and… confusion? All of them staring at one point in the room. Somewhere directly behind me. Exactly where I was feeling the pull coming from. Slowly turning around, my heart beating like a hummingbird’s… I turned my gaze to the object of my fellow cultist’s interest. A demonic figure stood there. Scarlet skin… beautiful grey-blue eyes… short black pointed horns protruding from the top of their head… a black, whip-like tail with an arrow point at the end wrapped itself around her leg. She was a demon from the pits of hell. But why was she here? Was she here to bless me with the Child of Darkness? But she was… not what I pictured. What I pictured when I thought of demons were monsters of darkness… red skin, forked tail… just like hers… but I expected larger horns… someone taller than me… maybe dark hair… and revealing outfits? Slutty outfits? Or even no outfit? I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when it came to clothes… but whatever it was, it definitely wasn’t this. Instead, her white hair was tied up into a messy ponytail, with messy bangs covering her forehead, split apart slightly by her horns. She was a clear foot shorter than I was too. She wore an oversized hoodie, baggy dungarees… a low-cut top… and a… choker? She even wore hi-tops. If anything, she was dressed like she was a teenager, though her body was clearly that of a beautiful woman… a beautiful, red, demonic woman. I inspected every inch of her as she stood there, blissfully unaware… as if we weren’t even here. I examined her face… it was… gorgeous… but also… cute… and somehow… innocent… My heart was still racing as I felt a connection with the demon in front of me. Stronger than any bond I’ve felt before. Maybe even more so than with… her. I noticed crumbs covered her clothing, orange dust of some kind painted the corners of her mouth… My eyes stared into hers. Those beautiful grey-blue eyes… looking down at… a device… “Is that a Gamegirl?” I blurted out. The demoness looked up at me, looking into my eyes… into my soul… Her arms holding the portable gaming device lowered to her sides. Her eyebrow arched. Her mouth opened… her fangs protruding out. She was about to speak the words of our Lord of Darkness… “What the fuck?” ========================================================== I know it's only the first chapter, but I hope you enjoyed it! I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the next 4 chapters of Regression Echo and the next 2 chapters of Infernum Infantem are available on my Patreon which can be found here if you go for the second tier. You get two weeks early access to chapters of Regression Echo and Infernum Infantem. New chapters of Regression Echo every Wednesday/Sunday! New chapter of Infernum Infantem every Friday! Also just a quick note: I don't mind people saving this story for personal reading. But I'd appreciate it if people didn't post it elsewhere, even if you're just suggesting it to other people. If you want to show others, please send them a link to the first page of this post! Thanks! ?
  15. Hello there, readers! I know, I know, I've already got a lot of projects going so far. But this one is part of an ongoing RP with IronTiger26, and it's a slow go, and I've currently got no new chapters finished yet. So I figured that this first chapter of this new project could help tide you over until then. I hope that you enjoy it! A Mother's Love (Chapter 1) by Panther Cub Pain. Pain was all Dante could focus on, throbbing from the back of his head, where he had been struck. Looking up from the altar he was chained to, he could vaguely see the cavern surrounding this strange temple he had been abducted to. His memories after heading to his car, just two days from retirement, the chained-down Chicago chief of police looked balefully at the thirty purple-robed cultists. In the dim light of the burning torches, Dante could barely make out some of the closer ones. There appeared to be a mix of humans and anthros of several different species. They were chanting in a strange language, surrounding the altar and the carved circle with the intricate looping symbols. He couldn't get a good look at said altar due to the chains and collar firmly holding him in a prostrated position. Then something happened that he had not been expecting, not that he had expected any of this crap. The symbols all started to glow with a soft pink light, making Dante's breath catch in his throat. A low and deep hum started to buzz throughout the cavern, and the chanting cultists raised their voices, and started to chant faster. Then one approached Dante. He was gagged, so he couldn't speak, but he did struggle against his bindings when he saw the silver dagger pulled out from within the robes. It was a wolf, maybe grey fur visible in the pink light, a crazed smile on his muzzle, his eyes wild and focused solely on him. With a single thrust, the knife pierced his heart. Dante looked down at the blade as it was removed, the light brightening with a pink flash. And then all was dark. He felt cold, and then warm, as he flitted into and out of the darkness. His consciousness remained, and his life flashed before his eyes. As he tumbled through the darkness, he still felt warm, as well as a feeling of his perceived self being stretched and smooshed, over and over again. After what felt like an eternity, Dante landed, in a sitting position, with his eyes tightly shut. He waited a few moments before he opened his eyes, and was almost blinded by the bright and loud colors. Where before, he had been in a dimly lit cavern, he now found himself sitting on some kind of plastic bench in a bright and colorful hall. There were bright murals showing farms and smiling animals, forests, beaches, and the like. Before him was what appeared to be some kind of receptionist's desk. There were cobwebs about, and even a few cracks in the walls. Standing on shaky legs, Dante looked around. "H-hello?" he called out in a voice he hadn't heard in a long time. Instead of the rough and tired voice he had long since grown accustomed to, it instead reminded him of back when he was in high school. Looking down at himself, Dante became aware of two things. One, he was nude. The second, and most prominent, he was no longer human. He was covered in some kind of soft grey fur, except for his stomach, which was white. Rubbing his chest, Dante could see that his hands had become more paw-like, muck like his feet, both of which were also white instead of grey. Looking behind himself... he spied some kind of fluffy white cottontail. On a hunch, he reached up and felt that yes, his ears had traveled up on his head and elongated into two long grey ears. He didn't need to feel his pink button nose nor his buck teeth to know that he was a bunny. Although the full-length mirror right there in the hall confirmed it for him nonetheless. "This has got to be some kind of hallucination as my brain is dying," he said aloud, once again hearing a much younger voice. "And apparently my brain took me back to being a teenager as I lay here dying... I guess." Meanwhile, in a nearly vacant room not far from the newly made bunny, a figure turned in place, having heard noises from the main lobby. Curious, the large form silently opened the door, and began to stalk towards the reception desk area. "Hello?" Dante called out, getting up and covering his nudity with one paw, while approaching the desk. He looked around before looking through the desk drawers, having already noticed that while this was some kind of reception area, there were some doors in sight down the hall a bit, and presumably even more further back. He found a drawer of folders and some notebooks, pencils, and other office supplies, and even a tiny gold key. He picked it up and continued to rifle. The figure stopped for a brief moment at the voice, eyes widening slightly, before she slowly continued, and peeked their head around the corner. They stifled a gasp at the sight of the teen bunny, a smile starting to form on their face. They trudged forward, surprisingly silent, in spite of their large frame. As the nude rabbit reached for another drawer, he suddenly felt a large paw settle on his bare shoulder, and a sweet, if deep, voice piped up in the same instance. “Hello?” Dante jumped, getting some serious air, and whipped around, instinctively covering himself as best he could. He stood there, open-mouthed, staring at a large grizzly bear woman, wearing a frilly light pink dress with bows and a white apron. She had a wide, happy grin on her face that was radiating warmth, which helped to calm Dante down a little. "H-hello there!" he stammered, "I'm uh, s-sorry for intruding like this... and while so underdressed, b-but I just sorta... found myself here. Uhm... where is here, by the way?" The bear giggled, the deep voice offsetting the action a fair bit, but still appearing very friendly overall. “It’s quite alright, you aren’t the first one to find yourself here. And you’re currently in Loving Paws Daycare.” "A... a daycare..." Dante's eyes went wide. Dream or not, this being VERY bad. "Uh, I am s-so sorry, I swear I did not plan on being nude in a... in here!" Dante said, his voice cracking a bit. The bear just let out a single laugh, then gently patted his shoulder once. “Mister, it’s alright. Like I said, this isn’t the first time this happened. And there are only three people here at the moment.” Her jolly expression faded into a slightly sadder one. “We... haven’t had anyone else here for a while.” Dante wasn't sure why, but he felt a little sad at seeing how forlorn the bear looked. "W-well, I'm sure that business will pick up soon, uh... Miss... uh..." The bear perked up slightly, and tilted her head as she gave a little smile. “Oh, my bad, I forgot to introduce myself.” The well dressed bear held out a paw. “My name is Sarah. What’s your name, hmm?” "D-Dante," he said, feeling shy as he took her paw and gave it a shake. "Uhm, Miss Sarah, it is nice to meet you. Uhm, is there anyplace I can get some spare clothes?" Sarah nodded. “There is. But first...” She tightened her grip a bit. “Can you come with me, please? You need to be introduced first.” "B-but I'm not wearing anything!" Dante said, trying to pull back again... to find that the grip of the bear, while soft, was like iron. With a tug, he found himself scooped up in her arms, his head over her shoulder, her paw patting his nude furry behind while the other arm was securely holding his back. All soft, yet firm enough to keep him from moving. Securing her new charge in place, she softly spoke as she patted his rear. “I know, Dante. But you’ll find very quickly she won’t mind. In fact, I believe she will be happy to meet you, regardless of what you were in.” "She? Who are you? What is this place?! WHO ARE YOU TAKING ME TO SEE?!" Dante attempted to thrash and kick, but couldn't move from how securely he was held. Sarah didn’t reply, instead heading deeper into the daycare, until they reached a seemingly bland brown door. Smiling, she reached with a free paw to turn the knob. Dante tried to leap away, but one arm was sufficient enough to hold him to herself. The bear pushed the door open, a dim light shining out, and she stepped into the middle of the room, another figure in the corner, standing over a crib looking down at a plush. Sarah picked Dante off her shoulders. “Oh, Mother!” She said in a sing sing voice, catching the attention of the figure. “Lookie what I have!” The next thing Dante knew, he was twirled around, and his feet were on the floor, paws on his bare hips, keeping him in place. His head and eyes spinning, Dante took in the colorful room, and the very large figure standing in it. She was a rabbit like him, but with bright pink fur instead. She was wearing a frilly cream colored dress similar to Sarah's, complete with a pink apron that matched her fur color. There was a wave of warmth and love just radiating from her, seemingly directed right at him. Covering himself, he blushed. "H-hello, Ma'am... I presume that you are the owner o-of this facility?" The large rabbit stared at him for a few silent moments, and just before Dante could speak up... Her paws went to her cheeks, and a gasp escaped her lips. “Oh... my... GOSH!” In the literal blink of an eye, Dante suddenly found himself pressed against her chest, her arms wrapped around his bare body. “He’s adorable!” The rabbit practically cheered, her chin rubbing against the top of his head. Dante spluttered and tried to extricate from this soft and warm prison that was her grip... but found that he did not have the strength. "I-I think that there's been a mixup, Ma.am. I am Dante Christoph, Chief of Police for the Chicago Police Department. I'm n-not a child." The lagomorph stared at him for a few moments, before letting out a lighthearted giggle and leaning in, nuzzling her pink nose against his own. “Nonsense, silly. I know a little one when I see one. And you’re just the cutest thing I’ve seen in so long!” "H-hey! I demand that you set me down right now--MPH!" Dante was surprised to suddenly find something being popped into his mouth. It felt like some kind of rubbery bulb, and he quickly deduced that it was a pacifier. He started to feel indignant anger rise... before his body immediately relaxed. His jaw muscles seemed to move with a will of their own, and Dante realized that he was sucking on the offending object... but didn't have any strength to do anything about it. He couldn't even force himself to spit it out, his body completely betraying him. Despite the relaxation, he still felt humiliated to lay there, in this female giant's arms, being rocked gently back and forth. The giant bunny gently rocked the nude teen back and forth, putting one arm on his tummy and rubbing it in a circle. “There we go, sweetie pie... just lay those weary eyes to rest... I’m not going to hurt you, I promise...” This has to be a dream, Dante thought as he felt a warmth radiate from where she was rubbing him on his stomach. His ears twitched as he distinctly heard them speak, just as he was gently laid onto some kind of soft padded surface. The pink lagomorph lay him down on a padded table, continuing to rub his belly. Suddenly, her eyes widened. Looking over to the bear, she motioned with her head to come over, an excited smile on her face. Dante felt the rubbing stop, and cracked open an eye. He was still sucking what he now saw was a white and blue binky shield, before he spied the large bunny going to talk to the bear. Dream or not, Dante, admittedly sluggishly, started to roll over to hop down from the strange padded table. But before he could do so, a strap snaked out from the side of the table and snugly buckled over his stomach, securing him in place. He growled behind the binky, but the soft 'Nuk-Nuk-Nuk' sound and motion soothed him. Not even looking over at the new arrival as she heard the straps secure him back in place, the bunny excitedly spoke in a hushed tone. “Sarah, do you know what this means?” "Dare I hope, m'lady?" Sarah said, her own excitement growing. The owner nodded eagerly, her ears shaking with the motion. “If we’ve gotten a little one after all this time, then....” She trailed off, motioning to her assistant. "I just knew this day would come, m'lady! I shall go and begin restoring the nursery to its former glory! It will take some time, and I'll need to contact the others, but now that the babies have started to come again, all shall be made well once more!" The large woman grinned, her hands cupping under her chin in excitement. “Ohhh, I just can’t wait! It’s been so long since I had one! I’ll go get him something cute to wear right away!” She turned around, eager to begin. Sarah tittered and turned to leave, before spying on a dresser, something strange. It looked to be silver-ish, and some sort of mechanized device. "M'lady? What is this object? I have never seen one of its like here before?" The bunny turned her head, spotting a look of confusion in response to the item. Trodding over to the bear, she took it out of her hands, turning it over in her hands, looking over every inch of the device. “I... don’t know. What is this? Some kind of box?” "Is it possible that you chanced a look back into the mortal realm of little Dante's origin?" Upon hearing his name, Dante looked over, still suckling. The bunny looked up, nodding, before looking back at the item. “I did, yes, but I don’t see how this appeared because of-“ She was cut off when her finger hit a button, and a flash went off, staggering her for a second as the device began to make a whirring sound. “What was that?” She asked, rubbing her eyes. Despite everything, Dante couldn't refrain from a smile to appear around his binky, followed by a giggle. The owner then gave the smaller bunny a chiding look, before she shook her head with a small grin, turning back to the box. Blinking, she noticed a piece of paper sliding out of the device. Tilting her head, she took it out. “Hmm? What’s this?” After a few moments, the image clears, and shows her surprised face. Her eyes widened. “Oohhh, I get it...” Glancing back to the strapped down teen, she smiled, before handing the camera over to the bear. “Sarah, can you please hold this for a moment? I have an idea.” Sarah took the device, carefully holding it in her paws, nodding to the owner. The large rabbit turned back to the smaller one, striding to and stopping in front of the teen. “Okay, little one. Let’s get you dressed.” She said, reaching under the table. Dante's smile disappeared as quickly as it had come, and tried to struggle... his lack of strength in his limbs making that impossible. Unfolding a certain white object, she gave the former cop a reassuring look. “Just relax, honey. Mother will make sure you enjoy your time here.” "Notta babey!" Giggling, she lifted up the nude bunny’s legs. Turning her head to the bear, she asked. “Would you like to know why I asked you to hold that, Sarah?” Dante could only squirm and blush, with a little muffled whine. In response to the bear’s confused look, the bunny continued, not even looking at her new boy. “That little thing I called a camera. It captures pictures of moments, immortalizing them forever. And all you need to do is press that little button there.” She said, pointing at it with her ear. "Oooh, I see!" Sarah said. She looked through the lens of the camera, one which Dante recognized as being those old ones from back before everything was a phone and a camera, and his blush only deepened. "Ready when you are, m'lady!" Nodding, the pink lady pulled the padding up over the cop’s waist, securing the tapes on the plastic. Giving a smile, she patted the front of his diaper, and said. “Say... Dante’s first diapee!” Before pulling back and allowing the bear to lift the camera and get a clear shot of the padded teen. Dante squeaked and tried to shield his face with one paw, and his new padding with the other, neither of which was remotely successful for the blushing teen bunny. And with the second bright flash to occur in the nursery, Dante, his current attire, and his pose were captured on film for all of eternity, at an angle where one could see all of him laying on the table. “I got it, m’lady!” "Get wid of dat pictew! If anyone sees it, mah caweew wiw be wuined!" Dante said, feeling tears of frustration prickling the back of his eyes. "Oh my goodness, what a marvelous invention!" Sarah said, holding up the picture the camera spit out, once it cleared. It showed a certain mortified bunny boy, freshly diapered, trying to cover up his shame and his identity, both futilely. Sarah cooed at the image before handing it to the owner. "Agreed! It would seem that the children have been busy since we've been away. Oh, I just can't wait to learn more! But first! Sarah," The Nanny stood at attention upon hearing her own name. "Yes, m'lday?" "There's so much work to be done. I must attend to little Dante here. So please get started on fixing up the nursery... oh, and please let the other know that we are back in business!" Sarah's attentive demeanor broke into a wide grin. The bear Nanny saluted. "Yes, m'lady!" She then hurried off, tittering as she did so. The owner watched and held a pink paw to her mouth to stifle a giggle, before returning her attention to Dante. “Oh, sweetie...” The giant bunny said, the straps undoing themselves on their own as she leaned down to pick him up. Dante tried, and once more failed, to resist, and was picked up under his arms, before being pulled into a warm hug, his padded bottom being patted by one of her massive paws. The giant rabbit put her chin on the boy’s head, between his ears. Hugging him closely and rubbing his back, she whispered. “Dante... I promise, that picture won’t be shown to anybody outside this nursery. Mother won’t lie to you.” "Dis has ta be a dweam, wight?" Leaning the teen back, she held him as she cupped her hand on his cheek, looking him in his eyes. “Does this feel like one, honey?” She said, before leaning in and giving him a peck on his forehead. Something abut the kiss, it filled Dante with such love and warmth that he felt as though he were literally about to burst with it all. In that moment, he knew that he was not dreaming. He knew right then and there, that this was his new reality. Pulling away, she maneuvered Dante into a cradling position, and asked again, lightly tickling his stomach. “Well? Does it, sweetie?” The sensation dancing over his stomach made the bunny boy smile and giggle, before eventually letting out a squeal that made his voice break. He quickly snapped to attention when she stopped and looked surprised at his reaction, but shook his head. "No... dis is notta dweam..." After a few moments, the pink giantess smiled, setting him back on the table, this time on his feet. “Dante... I know this might be scary, but I promise. You’re safe here.” She gently grabbed him by his hands, and gave him a gentle smile. “Do you know who I am?” Dante just shook his head, unsure of how to proceed, and deciding on telling this... entity as little as possible. At least until he had gleaned more. He briefly looked down at his diaper. It fit his form perfectly, was white with blue trim, and had a yellow ducky on the back, with little yellow duckies on the front waistband. Giving a little giggle, she continued. “Dante... I am known to all as Mother.” She pet Dante between his ears. “But if you want to call me ‘Mom,’ ‘Mama’ or ‘Mommy’, I don’t mind that in the slightest.” "So is dis wike an adowpshun?" The entity, now known as Mother, nodded. “In the simplest of terms, yes. You’re my baby now, sweetie.” "B-but... I'm owder... well, owder dan dis, but dis is too big ta be a baby. I'm a teenagew now." She put a soft hand on his shoulder, and took out his pacifier. “Well, honey. Anyone who arrives here would normally be much smaller by now. But I think you’re so much cuter like this.” She replied, pulling him in and nuzzling against his cheek. Dante just can't describe the amount of sheer joy he could feel radiating from that touch of her cheek against his. He instinctively leaned into it, and found himself in her arms again, his head resting over her shoulder, her rubbing his back, and supporting him by his diapered bottom. "Am I really dead?" Blinking , Mother sighed, before putting him yet again into a cradle, sitting down on the table and looking down into his big eyes. “Dante... you aren’t dead. Your physical body has been destroyed, and as a result of the transformation, it has been forever lost, but you’re here, and you’re still alive. It’s...complicated, and I don’t want to overwhelm you, but trust Mother when she says you are not dead.” Dante frowns and nods, before starting at the sound of his stomach letting out a rumble. Letting out a soft laugh, Mother stood up and sat the teen down where she was just sitting. “But first, I can tell you’re probably hungry. Let’s get you something else to wear, then get my widdle man some num nums, hmm?” Dante rolled his eyes but nodded again. At least I'll get something to cover this stupid diaper, he thought before, while Mother's back was turned, giving an experimental tug on the tapes. He was surprised that they were fast in place and didn't budge not even the tiniest bit. He then tried to tug the diaper itself down, but it was completely stuck, as though it had been glued on. Mother, after fishing out a piece of clothing, turned to see Dante fiddling with his diaper. She shook her head with an amused smile, and said. “Oh, Dante, babies can’t take off their own diapees, you don’t wanna be nakie again, do you?” "Just seeing if I could. This is so embarrassing." He said, crossing his arms and, unknowingly, pouting adorably. The large bunny simply giggled in response, stepping over to the table and stopping behind her new baby. “Don’t worry, sweetie. Before long, you won’t even mind it.” "I doubt that," Dante said petulantly, turning to keep an eye on the being near them. "Why do I even have to wear this stupid thing? I know how to use the potty!" Dante blushed and clamped his paw-hands over his mouth. "I... uh... I meant to say potty.... no, not potty, potty!" Dante blushed crimson beneath his grey fur. He had been trying to say toilet, but it just kept coming out as potty. Just giving an amused smile, the entity reached down and softly pet the former cop between his ears. “Don’t worry, mommy knows what you’re trying to say. And you need to wear it, Dante. After all, you’re only a baby boy.” "B-but why can't I say it? And I'm not a baby! This body seems to be a teenager, maybe around 18 or 19. And I am fifty-seven years old! Notta baby!" Dante pouted again. Mother gave a soft smile, moving the head pets down to his back. “Well, sweetie. That’s one of the effects this realm can have. It limits it so you don’t have to keep using certain ‘grown up’ words. And like I said before, you were supposed to be smaller, remember?” "So mind control then? Well... poopy." Dante blushed again as that was not the word he was trying to say. “No, pumpkin. You’re still in full control besides that. It’s to help you get used to your new role here.” Finishing her impromptu back rub, she returned her attention to the clothing she picked out, unfolding it and holding it up in the air. “Now, arms up, honey. Then we can get you some num-nums.” "My new role?" Dante asked, stubbornly crossing his arms. "I can dress myself. And I'm not hungry." Dante's tummy took that moment to let out a loud rumble. Giggling, Mother replied. “You can’t fool mama, Dante.” Dante blushed and continued to sit there, with his arms crossed, deciding not to budge until she let him dress himself. After a few more moments of the teen refusing to raise up his arms, Mother eventually gave an ‘evil’ smile as an idea popped into her head. “You know, Dante...” She began, releasing the shirt, the cloth actually floating in the air. “... babies who don’t listen to their mommy usually get a visit from someone.” "Oh yeah? Who? Some kind of enforcer?" Dante said, trying to sound tough and puff out his chest. “Heh. No, but it is someone that all babies don’t want to visit them. Are you sure you won’t raise your arms for mama?” She said, giving him one last chance to change his mind. "I can dress myself. And I'm not a baby." Dante said, resolute. Mother just smiled, and said, leaning in. “That’s such a shame. They’re here now that you said it.” "Who?" Dante asked, starting to feel a little nervous. It was finally dawning on him that this is a powerful entity of some kind, and that for all he knew, he was about to face some sort of eldritch horror. Mother leaned in a bit more, until she took up most of his vision. Then, she whispered four words that caught Dante off guard. “... it’s the Tickle Monster.” And before Dante could react, her hands flew forward, aiming for his unprotected tummy. Dante's eyes went wide and he immediately began giggling. Try as he might to squirm away, it was futile. He had always hated his ticklishness, and now, it was being used against him in full force. Why, he even let out a squeal. The tickling was relentless. No matter where the bunny boy turned, those fingers kept at it, furiously rubbing against his soft belly. “I tried warning you, Dante. Now there’s only one way to make the Tickle Monster go away.” Mother said in a playful voice. "HAHAHAHA O-O-OKAY! Y-YOU CAN DRESS ME!" Dante breathlessly said in between laughter, now on his back, kicking his legs out of instinct, not that it did any good. Still tickling at him, though easing up slightly, Mother looked over at the shirt, as it levitated above the grey rabbit. “Okay, then. Arms up, Dante, then it’ll stop.” It took a few tries, due to his arms naturally trying to cover himself as a shield from the tickles, but Dante managed, still giggling now with his eyes watering, to sit up and raise up his arms. The moment his arms were in the best position, the shirt descended, slipping over his head and sliding his arms into their appropriate holes. And finally, Mother ceased the tickling when his ears poked through the big hole at the top, moving her hands to pull the shirt downward, the hem finally coming to a rest in front of his diapers tapes. “There we go, that wasn’t that hard, now was it?” She said, pulling her still giggling baby into a hug. "That was unfair and degrading!" Dante insisted, his giggles tapering off as he was in her soft and caring arms. He tried to hold onto his indignant anger, but found that she was making it hard. “Maybe...” She reached down and slid a single finger across his side. “But I don’t think you really minded all that much, with that smile you still have on your face.” Dante let out another giggle, and quickly tried to recover and look angry. Mother just gave a smile, before putting a hand on his bottom, and moving him into a cradle position. “Alright, that was fun. But let’s go get my hungry boy something to eat.” And with that, she began to move out of the nursery. Dante didn't like the crinkle from her supporting his bottom. He looked around, seeing some cobwebs in the hall, and even a hole in the floor... that was slowly shrinking? He shook his head before they entered a new room. Tiled floors, white walls, it was a kitchen. There were several short tables with short chairs... and then Dante saw the highchairs, which the being carrying him was heading straight for. Mother began to hum a little tune, moving Dante from a cradle to a position where she held him under his arms. She sat him down in a baby blue high chair, and buckled him in place, and finally set the table in place. "Notta baby," Dante insisted, pouting. “Sure you aren’t, pumpkin.” Mother replied, leaning in and nuzzling him again. “Now, is there anything you’d like to eat?” "Uhm... a chili dog?" Dante asked. Mother tilted her head, looking as if she was in thought. “I...do not know what that is, but I’ll look into it.” She pet him on the head again. “It might be a little bit longer than normal, but I’ll see if I can make one for you.” "So there's a limit to what you can know? Meaning that you're not omnipotent then?" Dante asked, ever the investigator. Mother nodded. “Well, it has been a very long time since I’ve been able to look into your world. So I do need to get my bearings again, but I’ll learn it in no time.” "So... you've observed my world before?" “Yes, dear. But that was a long time ago.” "How long?" Mother opened her mouth to respond, but stopped, putting a finger to her chin. As she did this, a bib began to float over to the pair. “I... honestly don’t know...” Dante filed this information away for later, until a blue cloth briefly obscured his field of vision. "H-hey, what is this?" Mother reached over, tying it around the teen’s neck before she replied. “It’s your bib, Dante.” Dante looked down at the blue bib with the yellow ducky on it, sensing a theme. "I don't need a bib, I'm not a baby." He said, reaching behind his neck to try and untie it, his hands repeatedly slipping over the knot, unable to get a grip. Shaking her head, she nuzzled him again. “Well, you never know, Dante. Better safe than sorry, right?” She stood up, then turned to the kitchen doors. “I’ll be back in a bit, sweetie. But here, a little something for you.” Opening a fridge on the other side, she opened a little canister full of strawberries, and a big, juicy one floated out and towards the teen. Dante, eyes wide, grabs it, and mumbles a thanks. He then mulls over taking a bite or not, before deciding to just go ahead. The flavor was so sweet and amazing, Dante finished it quickly, licking his fingers. It was then that he noticed the tiny gold key from earlier still tucked between his paw-fingers. Thinking at first about hiding it in his diaper, he discarded the thought and quickly opened his mouth, hiding it in front of his gums. No sooner did he hide the key, the kitchen doors opened up again, but instead of Mother, it was that same bear that he first ran into earlier. “Hi there, Dante!” She cheerfully greeted, stopping in front of the bunny and putting her smiling face a few feet away from his own. “Remember me?” "Uh... Sarah, I think?" The nanny, now identified as Sarah, nodded. “Uh-huh! Mother asked me to come out here and keep you company, get to know you some.” The bear pulled up a chair, and sat down not a few inches away from the high chair the teen was trapped in. "Oh... uh... okay... what do you want to know?" Dante leaned back in his seat, crinkling as he did so. Sarah shrugged, cupping her hands on her lap and softening her expression. “Well... why don’t you tell me about yourself some? I’m interested to hear what you were like before you arrived here.” "Uh... well, I was in my mid-fifties... I was human... and I was the chief of police for the Chicago Police Department." Sarah’s eyes widened at hearing his age, quickly hiding it with a nod. “Okay... I did have the suspicion you were human, going off how you were acting when you first arrived. And... police?” She tilted her head. “What’s that?” "Uh... well, there's rules and laws... and police, well, we make sure those laws are obeyed," Dante said, trying to think of how to explain what police are. “Oohhhh,” she said, nodding in understanding. “So you were a guard?” "W-well, you could say that... just a bit more modern, I suppose." Smiling, Sarah reached up and began to lightly brush a finger on his tummy. “Well... regardless of what you did there, I hope you have a happy time he-“ She suddenly cut herself off, an invisible ripple rushing throughout the daycare and into other parts of the realm. She just sat there, frozen like a statue as she processed what was running through her head now. The light brush against his tummy made Dante let out a giggle. But he stopped seeing what had come over Sarah. "A-are you okay?" She snapped out of it, staring at Dante for a few moments, before she put that same hand hand to her mouth. “Oh... you poor thing...” "Huh?" Before Dante could process what was happening, Sarah suddenly jumped up and pulled the teenage bunny into a hug as best she could. “Mother just looked into your world....I know everything you meant now...” "O-oh?" Dante said, his voice muffled against the bear's chest. He was hopeful that all this confusion about his age could be cleared up. Not changing her posture any, she began to rub her hand on the back of his head. “It’s okay, Dante... you don’t have to worry about doing any of that ever again while you’re here...” She said, her voice soothing as can be. "S-so then you know that I'm really an adult, and not a baby, right?" “Hmm?” Sarah pulled back, looking into his eyes, before letting out a chuckle. “Oh, Dante. What made you think we didn’t believe you?” "Uh... the diapers? The babying?" Sarah simply booped him on the nose. “Hehe. It doesn’t matter how old you may have been, Dante. You’re still a precious baby boy to us.” Dante crossed his arms and frowned... once more accidentally pouting adorably. After a few moments, a thought occurred to him, and he uncrossed his arms while looking at the bear nanny. "Wait a second. If your only frame of reference for my world was... to me, the ancient past, then why are stuff like the diapers and baby stuff all modern?" Sarah sat back down, but continued to pet Dante on the back of his head. “Well....Mother is capable of looking into the past, the present and the future. Though...” The nanny pointed at Dante’s diaper. “She has a bit of...tunnel vision, I believe the expression is.” Dante resumed pouting. "Of course... so that means that she's some kind of extremely powerful being, right? Does that make her a... goddess?" “In a manner of speaking, yes.” "... If this is a dream, then this is the craziest dream I've ever had..." “This isn’t a dream, Dante. Promise.” Sarah said, emphasizing it with another boop. The nose boop elicits another giggle from the grumpy teen bunny. Sarah patted the bunny’s back. “Don’t be grumpy, honey. I think I know what might make you feel a bit better.” "I went from Chief of Police to big baby for presumably all eternity, what could possibly make me feel better?" He asks, still grumpy. Leaning in, Sarah whispered. “How about I get one of those....TVs in the nursery? I’ll tell Mother about it, I’m sure she’d approve.” "... Okay... but, will I have to watch baby shows?" Sarah put on a thoughtful look, thinking for about a minute, before she replied. “Only if you either want to, or if you’re being punished. Something among those lines.” She let out a chuckle. “Though... all shows are baby shows here, considering who’ll be watching it.” Dante rolled his eyes, but still was amused by the joke. "'Kay... I guess maybe that's not too terrible..." “We won’t stop you from doing something if you enjoy it, Dante.” Sarah said, sincerely. “Just as long as it isn’t naughty, and you know you can handle it.” "... What is the definition of naughty here?" Sarah opened her mouth to reply, but she was cut off by the doors opening, and a certain aroma entering the room as Mother returned. “Okay, Dante! Your food is done!” Dante turned to see the giant pink bunny that apparently was a goddess of some kind. She was carrying a, in her giant paws, tiny plate with what appeared to be the most delicious chili dog he had ever seen. He couldn't quite place why, but the sight of it looked just so good. "... I-is that a chili dog?" He asked in semi-disbelief. She nodded, a big smile on her face as she put the plate on the high chair’s table. “Of course it is. You asked for one, didn’t you pumpkin?” "Uh-huh... it just looks so... perfect..." Without thinking, he reached for it, his tummy rumbling. Mother giggled, taking a seat next to Sarah. “Eat up, dearie. It’s all for you.” Acting almost out of instinct, Dante grabbed the chili dog and started to eat it, like he was a ravenous animal. The flavors exploded in his mouth, so rich and delicious, he couldn't believe it. When he was done, he was licking his very messy hand-paws, chili smeared on them, his bib, his chin, cheeks, all around his mouth, on his left eyebrow, and somehow on the tip of his left ear. He burped and let out a happy giggle, his hunger satiated in a way he had never felt before. The goddess couldn’t help but let out a coo at the sight of the ‘baby’ rabbit. Taking out a napkin she put in her pocket, she began to wipe off some of his mess as she asked. “Did mama’s widdle baby boy love his chilli dog? I made it as good as I could for you.” Dante tried to turn his head away, blushing, but he couldn't stop himself from nodding. "Uh-huh! It was the bestest!" He didn't notice what he had just said. Both of his caretakers did, though they didn’t let him know. “I’m so happy to hear that, sweetie.” Mother said, leaning in to nuzzle her little boy as Sarah took the plate away, setting it aside as she began to remove the table. Dante giggled and, out of some weird instinct, leaned into the nuzzle, his left paw still in his mouth, the residual chili sauce being sucked off of it. When that was gone, all but the thumb was removed, all without him even noticing. With the table out of the way, Mother picked Dante up, continuing the nuzzle until she put him back into a cradle position, the napkin wiping off the rest and his bib deposited itself next to the sink seemingly of its own accord. “Okay, Dante. You wanna go have some fun in your playpen before you go nini?” "Sawah said I can have a TV!" “Oh?” Sharing a glance with the bear, who gave a ‘I’ll explain in a minute’ type of expression, Mother returned to her suddenly excited charge, and replied. “Well, I don’t know what that is, but I trust your nanny if she says you can have one.” She reached down and lightly tickled him, before turning to the door. “Let’s get you back to the nursery, then we’ll see about it, okay?” Dante giggled and continued to suck his thumb as he laid there in Mother's arms, feeling content. As they headed back out into the hall, which was looking brighter and seemed to be freshly painted bright pastel colors, Dante started to regain his senses, although he still didn't notice the thumb in his mouth. "Wait... why did I get so etsited juft then?" Sarah giggled, reaching over and scratching his head between his ears. “You’re getting a TV soon, Dante. Remember?” "Well, yeah, but I wav actewn... kinda weiwd!" Dante then realized that he had been sucking his thumb, and quickly ripped it out to wipe on his shirt, blushing. Both of the caretakers let out a laugh, both simultaneously coddling the blushy bunny boy as they approached the nursery door. “Don’t worry, honey.” The goddess began. “That was just your inner child coming out. It’s normal.” "Wha? My inner child? Does that mean my mind is gunna... become erased or something?" Dante asked, worried. Unknowingly to all three, down the hall, a diminutive figure in the shadows rounded a corner and was approaching. Mother shook her head, gently rubbing her finger under his chin. “No, sweetie. You won’t have your mind erased or anything like that. Sometimes you’ll be your normal self, like you are now, and sometimes you’ll become the baby you always were on the inside. But eventually, you’ll reach a point where both of them are happening at the same time. Does that make more sense?” She asked, opening the door to the nursery, the tiny figure quickly but quietly dashing toward them. "... So... my mental state will shift between the two until they... even out and meet in the middle?" Dante asked, wracking his brain for the best way to phrase it. “Yes, that’s exactly it, Dante.” Sarah interjected, nodding in affirmation. It was then, with a squeak, that the figure leapt out of the shadows. It was a brown teddy bear, with a big grin on its face, its black button eyes quickly glowing green before immediately fading back to their black state. "Well as I live and... well, not really breathe... a new baby has arrived!" Came a feminine voice from the stuffed bear, with a distinctly southern accent. "Hi there little guy, wanna play?" Dante's eyes went wide in surprise. "Is that a talking teddy bear?" Both Mother and Sarah’s eyes were also wide, but they quickly returned to normal, the nanny actually leaning down and holding her arms out. “Fluffy! We haven’t seen you in so long! Come here, little buddy!” The teddy ran over and leapt into her arms. Sarah hugged the stuffed bear close. "And yup! We have a brand new baby! Isn't it so exciting?" "It shore is! What's the little guy's name?" "Dante!" Dante said, broken from his trance of amazement. He then resumed his pouting. "And I'm notta baby. I'm a big boy! ... I mean, a grown-up! GAH! I mean an adult!" “Sure you’re not, Dante.” Mother said, scratching him between his ears. “Fluffy, it’s so nice to see you again. It’s been so long.” She said, turning her head to the teddy. Fluffy giggled and held up a light blue pacifier. "I think that the baby is a little grumpy. Maybe his paci would help?" "I said I'm notta baby!" Ignoring the bunny’s protest, Mother gave a faux thoughtful look, and a small smile to the sentient stuffed animal. “That just might help, Fluffy, thank you.” "Heeeey! I don't wa--MPF!" Dante found the nipple of the paci popped into his mouth. Automatically, his mouth started to suckle the binky, and his body became much more relaxed. That still didn't stop him from grumbling and frowning. The much larger rabbit smiled, lightly tickling him on his tummy. “Don’t get upset, Dante. We’re already back at the nursery.” She said, opening the door to said room. Dante once more found himself giggling and even letting out a happy squeal, not once losing his binky or stopping the suckling. He looked around at the nursery, and saw how bright and loud its color scheme was. There were playpens, play areas, an indoor jungle-gym, a ball pit, long bookshelves and a set of couches and TV's, which Mother was making beeline right for. Humming a tune, Mother maneuvered Dante in her arms, before setting him on his padded butt on the carpet in front of the biggest TV. As she turned to the television, turning it on to find something to watch, Sarah shared a look with Fluffy, before stepping forward and putting the bear in Dante’s lap. “Here, Dante. Fluffy wants to get to know you.” Dante looked down at the animated bear suspiciously, but simply sat there with the bear in his lap. He was surprised to see channels flip by, giggling a little as Mother oohed and awwed at the technology. Stopping every now and again on different channels, including a news channel and a show that showed off tech, Mother couldn’t help herself and let out a little coo. “That’s so precious. You mortals have made so many cute toys and buildings.” "Dose are majew awchievewnts fow us!" Dante cutely lisped around his binky. Mother just smiled. “And it’s adorable, just like I said.” She turned her attention back to the tv, as she continued to search through the channels. Dante rolled his eyes... before they became laser focused on the show Mother stopped on. SassMe Street. He remembered about how much he loved watching this show when he was little. Unbeknownst to him, his mouth curled up in a smile, and he started to watch it with rapt attention. Mother looked to Dante, and seeing the excited look on his face made her heart warm up. She stepped away from the set, watching her baby as he began to bounce excitedly in place. Dante's mind was soon fully engrossed in the show. He happily followed along in counting and spelling and in speaking Spanish. Both the nanny and Mother watched as Dante became enraptured by the children’s show. They shared a look and nodded. This was far too cute to interrupt. They would put him down for a nap when the show was done. Dante giggled and clapped along when the puppets were finishing up, waving back to them as the show came to an end. He then let out a big yawn and hugged Fluffy close. Mother and Sarah shared a knowing smile and, turning off the TV, the giant bunny scooped the boy still hugging the plush into her arms. Cradling him, Mother followed Sarah out of the play area back out into the halls, which were now devoid of cobwebs and cracks, looking freshly painted. Mother rocked Dante while humming a soft tune. Reentering the room she had first met Dante in, Mother headed towards the baby blue crib. She lowered the boy into the crib, and gently pulled the soft blue fleece blanket up on him. She leaned down and planted a kiss on Dante and Fluffy's foreheads, before standing back up and starting the blue star mobile above the crib. It played a faint tune, and Mother stood there, just watching Dante hug Fluffy. "I will return after naptime. Until then, keep Dante safe and sound, okay Fluffy?" she quietly asked the teddy bear. Fluffy, with one arm free, simply saluted, bringing a giggle from Mother who, after giving Dante one more loving gaze, took her leave. There was so much about the mortal world that had changed that she had to learn about. Fluffy watched her go, the door closing behind the Mother. Once her footsteps faded, his button eyes started to glow green again. Fluffy, his smile now a sneer, wriggled free of Dante, and stood over the sleeping teen bunny baby, softly sucking on his binky and making a nuk-nuk-nuk sound. "Well now," they said, "you should learn to get good and comfortable, Dante. Because you're here forever and ever and ever, and when I get through with you, your brain will be just as full of mush as your diapers will be." Fluffy let out a chuckle before they started whispering into Dante's ears, which twitched. Dante slept, unknowingly listening, unaware of his diaper growing warm. 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  16. Here is the first chapter of my brand new monster-based ABDL story - Parum Mortis! Hope you enjoy it! Set in the same universe as Infernum Infantem, a woman finds herself somewhere she wasn't expecting to be. I can't say any more than that without spoiling it, so I'll just say that if you enjoyed Infernum Infantem, you should enjoy this. Just a heads up, there's some slightly dark topics in the first chapter, after that it's a lot less morbid. But even then, it shouldn't be too bad. Expect lots of my usual humour, MDLG fun, and cute pet names, as well as a few twists and turns and reeeeeeeeally mean cliffhangers. So... my usual story. This isn't a sequel to Infernum. It's got a brand new main character, though you'll be seeing a lot of returning characters from my other book. It's more... one story in the series. Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Especially with this being a new book, I'd really love some opinions! And as usual, if you want two weeks early access to chapters of Parum Mortis, you can sub to my Patreon. You'll also get access to my discord server to discuss chapters there and stuff. And also to tease me apparently. Grr. Also, please link to my stories rather than posting them as files when sharing with others! Chapter 1: Mr Crumpet Parum Mortis – LittleFallenPrincess I sat there on the pavement, in complete shock, as my whole world came crumbling down around me. How was I supposed to react to this? What would happen now? Where would I go? What if I stayed? I twiddled my thumbs as the world came to a standstill around me. My heart felt like it was racing. My eyes darted everywhere, watching every bit of carnage that surrounded me. An eerie silence filled the air and I felt… alone. No one could hear me. No one was moving. Nothing. No one. It was as if… “Oh for fuck’s sake, seriously?” I heard behind me. Turning around, I didn’t know what was worse, the scene I had just turned away from… or the fact that my childhood teddy bear was now six feet tall, holding what looked like some kind of scythe, and was examining itself, swearing at no-one. Like… he looked just like my bear from when I was six. That was like… over twenty years ago. Because it had been twenty years since I lost him on a trip with my Dad. Now here he was… five feet taller than I remembered him, looking like he was in pristine condition, wielding a deadly weapon. “Seriously? You had no-one?” He asked me. “I… I’m sorry… who are you?” I replied. “No, this won’t do. I need a better image. Come here... I’ll have to do this the old fashioned way.” Mr Crumpet waddled over, scythe in hand, to where I was sitting. I wasn’t sure if I should run or what, but my body made the decision for me and I quickly found I was unable to move. Stopping just in front of me, he bent down and looked me in the eyes with his… glassy… beady… teddy bear eyes… which totally wasn’t creepy at all or anything… and put his scythe down on the ground. “I… what… What do you want?” I asked, fear in my voice. “I’m sorry, honey. This is my mistake. Don’t worry, I’ll fix it.” He said, taking his soft, plushy arms and putting them on either side of my head. “This won’t hurt. Just close your eyes.” For some reason, I felt like… I felt like I could trust whoever this person was. Or whatever he was. Because he can’t damn well be my childhood toy! So I closed my eyes and felt the soft, plush hands of his become less plush… more… human. Like I could feel the bones in his hands now. There wasn’t much muscle in his hands, but it was definitely human now. “That’s better. You’ve got a few rattling around up there, but I’m not sure which to use. They’re all similar in importance, so I’ll just take this one for now.” He said… sounding more feminine suddenly. More… familiar. “You can open your eyes now, honey.” I slowly opened my eyes, nervous as to what would be in front of me now… to be greeted by a face I had not seen for a long time. “G… Grandma?” I blurted out, covering my mouth with my hands in surprise. “Oh sweetie…” She said, taking my hands in hers and pulling them down, rubbing the backs of them gently like my Grandma used to do. Problem was… my Grandma died ten years ago. “It’s okay, honey. It’s all going to be okay. Just breathe.” “Why do you look like my Grandma?” I asked, pulling my hands away from her. “Sweetie… I…” “Stop! Tell me, right this instant!” I snapped at her. Gran never called me sweetie. She had her own little name for me. “Look around you. Who do you think I am?” I took another look around me. I knew what had happened. I had a pretty good feeling where I was. And I had a damn good feeling who this person was, pretending to be my Grandma. But I didn’t want to admit it. I didn’t want to look at the car with the front half wrapped around a lamppost. I didn’t want to look at the shattered glass that had littered the pavement. Nor did I want to look at the brown-haired figure with freckles on her youthful, round face… crumpled up a few feet from… no… please… no… “That’s you.” Grandma said, pointing at the crumpled mess on the grass. The crumpled mess that wasn’t moving. I went to stand up, before ‘Grandma’ grabbed my hand and pulled me back down to the pavement. “Trust me, you don’t want to look, sweetie.” “Can… Can you stop?” I sighed, deciding that maybe this person was right, maybe here was the best place for me right now. “Stop what?” “This whole ‘pretending to be my Grandma’ thing. Just reveal your true self.” “You couldn’t handle that. But okay, I’ll pick a form you’re not familiar with, if that would help?” “Please. I loved my Grandma, and this just makes me… uneasy.” I blinked and suddenly my Grandma was gone. Not replaced by a giant childhood toy again, but by a beautiful blonde woman… no, wait… man… no I was right the first time… was I? I… I wasn’t sure what they were, but they were beautiful. Looking somewhat masculine, but also feminine… but at the same time… neither. This being incorporated everything into one person. “Wow…” Was all that I could utter, still staring at them in awe. “That better? Haven’t used this form in a long time.” They said, examining the clothes they were wearing. “Are these decade-appropriate? I’m normally good with human fashion, but the sixties and seventies made a bit of a diversion, and now the eighties… wow… of course Cassie predicted this. Only she could have, I suppose.” They looked down almost in disgust at their outfit. I looked them up and down… and yeah, they were pretty on point with their choice of fashion. And considering who they were… I hadn’t even contemplated that they had experienced all those other decades… seen all those other fashion trends as they met each and every person… Wearing a blue denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up and matching denim jeans with the cuffs rolled up, along with a white t-shirt and white trainers… They looked just like any of my friends. “You look fine…” I commented. “You think? Thanks. Sorry, yeah usually I just wear whatever I wear when I…” “Steal the faces of our loved ones?” I interrupted. “I… I don’t steal. I borrow… aspects of them. Not my fault you ignore the differences and focus purely on the similarities. Typical humans. Look, I’m trying something new. Sorry if I don’t get it right the first time.” “Why though? What made you want to change?” I asked. “Why do you want to know? It’s not me who’s lying over there, lifeless.” “Humour me.” “Because… I… look, I had big jobs before. I remember the plague. I remember Rome burning. I remember every huge, historical event where my presence was needed. But the war…” “Ah…” Was all I could say. “That… that made me realise I needed a bit more… humanity. Haha… like I ever saw myself ever saying that! Anyway… figured the old robed me needed a retirement. So I take on the appearance of those you found most comforting. At least a general likeness.” “Oh, so like a celebrity impersonator?” “I… yes, I guess so? I would have said someone you saw on the street that looked like someone who you hadn’t seen in a while, but yeah that works too. It can’t be the exact same… stupid copyright laws…” They took a second to breathe before looking at me again. “Problem is… you’re torn. The person you normally find most comforting…” “Don’t.” I shut them up instantly. I didn’t want them saying it. “I…” “Don’t say anything. I understand.” “Okay… Well yeah, because of that I had to go with a second option. Which ended up being Mr Crumpet, your Grandma, or your father. And your father isn’t dead yet and would have freaked you out even more, so…” “And you went with the giant fucking teddy bear over my Grandma?” “Again, still relatively new to this. So apologies in advance.” “So… that’s me, huh?” I asked, nodding over to where I lay. “I’m afraid so, sorry hun.” “You’re awfully nice for a… what are you exactly?” “I… oof. Err… that’s a complicated question that people have been theorising for millenia. Let’s just say… guide? But thank you. How… how are you holding up?” “I mean I just found out it's all over, so… been better.” “We can sit here as long as you want.” They put their arm around my shoulder, trying to comfort me. “What if I choose to stay here forever?” “You don’t want that.” They looked at me, looking serious all of a sudden. “I don’t?” “Look, if you want to go haunt a house or a certain person, or you want to take over a creepy doll and terrorise people… be my guest. I can arrange that. Some people can’t move on, and whilst sad… I will allow a small number of people to stay. But not here. Not at the scene.” “Why not?” I asked. “Because if you do, you’ll lose what humanity you have left. Just… for now, take your time. Take it all in. Then I’ll take you where you’re supposed to be.” “And where is that?” “Well I suppose I can tell you now, as you’re heading there soon anyway, but you’re going to Heaven.” “I was… a good person?” “Yes, Susan. You were a good person.” They replied. “But I…” “One mistake doesn’t doom you to an eternity in Hell. And you don’t believe in reincarnation or anything, so Heaven it is for you, sweetie. I know you weren’t technically a believer, but you were raised in that faith and had a small bit of hope that that place existed, so that’s where you go.” “Still… I feel bad.” I replied. “How so?” “It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.” “I’m sure that’s not true.” They shrugged. “You’re all knowing, right?” “Not really, but I know a lot, yes.” “Then you know I’m right.” “I’m not saying…” “See, that’s basically confirming it. I fucked up. I…” The cold winter’s air made my skin feel tingly. “How can…” “The cold is setting in on you over there.” They answered. “Ah. I suppose that makes sense. Whatever little sense all this makes anyway. So… what happens now?” “I take you up.” “Right now?” I asked. “When you’re ready.” There was something on my mind. Figured this was the last chance I’d get to ask… so I took a deep breath, not that that even mattered right now, and asked… “Can…” “I swear, if you’re about to ask me what I think you’re going to ask me…” They rolled their eyes at me and sighed. “Please?” I begged. “Why you humans care so much about this, I will never understand. But sure. Only because you’re cute.” They tapped my forehead and everything went dark. ------------------------------------------------------------ “WAIT, WHAT?” I awoke, screaming and yelling. “I’m not going to let you sit around for a week and watch it all. I’ve got a timetable to keep. You’re lucky I’ve got a little bit of a break at this exact time, after moving a few things around, to let you play out this… whatever this is. The reason I can get around to so many people is the whole freezing time thing. So when we’re not freezing…” “So when you’re not freezing time, you’re not out there helping… ‘guide’… people?” I asked, feeling slightly guilty that I was holding them up for this silly request of mine. “Exactly.” “Thank you then.” They looked at me, bewildered, as if they had never been thanked before. “You… you’re welcome, sweetie. Now, you’ve got about ten minutes to watch. Then I need to send you on. I’ll have to catch up a bit on those I should be guiding. And no, people can’t see, hear or sense you. So don’t try to go talk to them, it’s a waste of time.” They explained. “Ten minutes. Got it.” I looked ahead, from the bench I was sitting at with this beautiful blonde figure, towards the thing I so desperately wanted to see. I don’t know why I did, call it morbid fascination. But I wanted to see how many… and more importantly, who… showed up. The cold winter morning caused the priest to wrap up in his thickest robe. The grey sky drained all the colour out of this morning… not that there was any colour at a funeral. Black clothes, some flowers… and a whole lot of crying. At least it would be, normally… I sighed. “I’m sorry.” They whispered to me. “I… was expecting more people. I was at the very least expecting…” “Your Dad turned up…” They said, trying to find the positive in this shitty situation. “And… that’s it. No friends. No other family. No…” That’s when Death turned to me and wrapped their arms around me, surprising me as they brought me in for a hug. “I’m sorry hun.” They whispered in my ear. “I… it’s okay… maybe I… maybe I wasn’t worth…” “No, shush. You are worth every second of your life. You are worth so much more than this. I’m sorry people didn’t take the time to come to your funeral, but I promise you, you won’t be forgotten.” I cried into Death’s black denim jacket, which was appropriately changed to match the black dress code of the funeral. I hadn’t bothered to look at what state I was in now I was a… what… a ghost? Trapped in between life and death? I wasn’t sure what I was right now… but whatever I was, I finally took a second, wiping away the tears, to look at what I was wearing. I was still wearing the same dress I wore that night, albeit scuffed, ripped and bloody… Which means ghosts wear whatever they died in… ‘Thank fuck I didn’t die at one of those nudist beaches…’ I joked to myself, trying to lift the mood. Because that’s totally going to work at my own funeral… “It’s okay, hun. You’re going to be okay. You’ll be going to a better place now. I remember sending your Grandma there.” “Really… You remember her?” I asked. “I remember every soul I send over. Every face. She was a special woman. I can see why you looked up to her.” “I missed her…” “That’s why we should get going…” Death said, pointing towards the empty graveyard, empty except for my Dad and the Priest at my graveside as the coffin was lowered into the hole in the ground. “So… that’s it? A few words by the priest, I’m lowered into the ground… and that’s it? Isn’t anyone else mourning me? What about…?” “I’m sure people are mourning you elsewhere. Not everyone can make it. Your friends are no doubt having to work. They’ll show up for the wake later.” Death replied. “Fine. Whatever. I’m done with this. Let’s just go.” I sighed in frustration. “You sure?” Death said, standing up and offering their hand out. “I’m sure.” I replied, grabbing their hand and accepting the help up onto my feet. “So what… like… beam me up?” “Something like that…” They said, smiling softly at me and gently brushing my cheek with their hand. The grey sky turned into a blinding light suddenly. This… this must be it. Well… it was a nice… nearly thirty years on this planet. Shame I had to go and do something so stupid to cut it short. Maybe I… The light stopped suddenly. “Huh?” I said, confused. Death started looking around, looking as confused as I was. When suddenly… a portal appeared. A glowy, blue portal… like you’d see in those sci-fi movies. “NO!” Death screamed, like a banshee. “What… what is going on?” “DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE! I WILL FUCKING FUCK YOU UP YOU FUCKING FUCK!” Suddenly Death didn’t sound so… dignified. They went to grab my arm, but as they got closer, I felt a pull, like a magnetic pull… towards the portal. The strength drawing me towards it was more than I could resist as my feet left the ground and I was launched straight towards it… my last memories being that of Death reaching out to grab me… …Before everything went dark. ========================================================= New story! I know it's only the first chapter but... whatcha think? 😊 There's a lot to unpack from the first chapter! I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Please leave likes and comments and all that fun stuff, I love reading them! Thank you to all my patrons for their support! Don't forget, the remaining chapters are available on my Patreon which can be found here if you go for the second tier. New chapters of Parum Mortis every Wednesday/Sunday! 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  17. “SPIDER!” my little sister Annabelle screamed at the top of her lungs. “STOP SCREAMING!” I screamed back at her before running over and killing the damn spider. “Look, just go downstairs and look through some of the stuff down there!” Annabelle was 8 years old and had a very high pitched scream that I absolutely could not stand. So far that had been her 4th time screaming her head off and I would rather clear out this attic myself than to hear her scream near me one more time. Why are we cleaning the attic? Well because we're selling my grandmas house. About 5 months ago my grandma got really sick and died just 2 weeks later. It was a very sad time for us all. Anyway, my mom couldn't afford to keep both our hose and my grandma's house so she decided to get everything out and go through it. Some stuff we are selling, some were giving to goodwill, and some were keeping. My sister was in tears after I yelled at her but what do you expect? A 16-year-old brother can only handle so much screaming. But Annabelle did climb down the ladder leading to the attic crying so it wouldn't be so bad. Mom might be a little mad at me for yelling at her but even she knows how much of a pain it can be to hear my sister scream. I was about to get back to taking stuff down the ladder when I suddenly heard something slam shut. Looking back I could see the door to the attic had closed shut. Shit! I went over and tried to reopen the door but it wouldn't budge. Whoever made it, made it so that it can only be opened from the outside. “Perfect,” I whisper as I pulled out my phone to text my mom. She had a few things to do today so she left the two of us here to clear out the attic. ‘Hi mom, Annabelle’s screaming was getting on my nerves so I sent her downstairs. She must have accidentally knocked the ladder and now I'm stuck up here.’ I texted my mom. ‘Ok, I'm almost done with my shopping and I'll be back in 30 minutes.” she texted me back. great, stuck up here with nothing to do. My grandma doesn't have internet and my phone doesn't have any apps so I'm already bored. Not long after that, I hired the phone ring downstairs. Most likely mom checking on Anna. I take a look over at the boxes still up here and I decided to open a few and see whats inside. Maybe I could find something cool and call dibs on it. the first box had nothing but clothes in it, the next had old photos, and finally the last I checked actually had stuff in it! Most of it was old junk that I wouldn't have any use for. But it was still neat to look at some of it. Then I noticed something, a little pink box. I grabbed it and just looked at it. Out of everything in the box this one looked a little out of place. As I opened it, I let out a small giggle. It was a pink diaper with the word ‘princess’ on the front. On the back was just a large red hart. “Why was this up here?” I asked myself before tossing the diaper and continued to look through my grandma's stuff. But then I heard something, a small rustling sound, was it a rat!? I quickly turn around to see nothing. Then I hear the rustling again and I turned to look at the attic door. But again nothing was there, well except for the diaper. Just then I realized the rustling sound must have been the diaper. but what I didn't realize was it wasn't in the spot I tossed it at. I decided I should actually pick it up and put it back in the box before mom gets back. As I walk over and try to pick it up however the diaper suddenly leaps into the air and clamped onto my face! What the fuck! I immediately start fracking out as I try to pull the diaper off my face when I suddenly fall down. “Ow,” I say as I rub my head and release the diaper is off my face but notice it's trying to make its way into my pants! I immediately grab onto it and tried as hard as I could to pull on it, but It just would not budge! I might be scrawny but I can't be this week! But my hands slip and the diaper went right into my pants. I quickly stand up as I feel the diaper moving around in my underwear! I immediately pull down both my pants and underwear just as the diaper tapes itself onto me and started releasing a thick pink smoke! “What the hell!” I yell out before I start coughing and I close my eyes. With my eyes closed, I didn't see my clothes began to disappear and soon replaced by different clothes. When I finally was able to open my eyes I screamed as I looked down. I now had knee-length socks and black shoes. My pants were gone and I was now wearing a pink frilly skirt that only covered half of the pink diaper. My shirt was replaced with a short-sleeved pink shirt that didn't even cover my bellybutton with a red vest red ribbons over it. And if I had a mirror I would see that my dark hair has turned into a light pink color with a small ow sicking out the side of my head! “W-w-what the…” I said weakly as my body starts shaking slightly. "What the hell was going on here!" I then began pulling at everything, trying as hard as I can to remove any of it! “You can't take me off.” I heard someone say and I immediately jumped and began looking around. “Who said that?” I asked as I saw no one else around me. “I am Pardie,” the voice said again. “Where are you!” I asked. “Look down.” the voice said and when I did all I could see was the diaper. “What do you mean? All I see is the diaper.” I tell the voice. Suddenly the diaper began to swell and get bigger forcing my legs apart! “I am the diaper.” the voice said before deflating back to the original size. (the name pardie is diaper with the letters changed around) “T-this can't be happening,” I say as I really start to freak out. “Ow, but it is princess, and now it's time for you to save your kingdom,” Pardie told me and suddenly the diaper began letting out even more smoke. “NOT AGAIN!” I yelled as I closed my eyes and began coughing again. When the smoke finally subsided and I was finally able to breathe again I opened my eyes to see I was no longer in the attic anymore. “WHAT THE HELL!” I screamed as I began to freak out. “THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! I was now inside an empty room with only a single window and a door. “Welcome to you castle princess,” Pardie said to me. “IM A BOY NOT A PRINCESS!” I screamed at the diaper and realized I'm losing my mind. There's no way I'm screaming at a talking diaper, or magically been taken somewhere else. “This has to be a dream. Ya, I must have slipped when I was picking up the diaper and hit my head.” I told myself. “You still don't believe this is real?” pardie asked. “Of course not!” I screamed. “Who in their right mind would think diapers could talk!” Suddenly I felt the diaper suddenly get really tight as it began shrinking! At first, it wasn't that bad, hell I figured it would just pop off as soon as it got small enough. But no, it soon felt like there was a vise clamped onto my nuts! Soon I was screaming in pain. “Do you believe this is real now princess?” pardie asked. “YES!” I screamed just wanting the pain to be over and thankfully the diaper went back to normal. “What is going on here?” I asked the diaper as soon as the pain in my crotch went away. “You are here to save your kingdom princess.” pardie told me. “What kingdom?” I asked and suddenly heard screaming coming from outside the window. I immediately ran over to the window and looked outside and my jaw dropped. I was in some sort of tower looking down at a vast beautiful city. But with a closer look, I could see people running around screaming as buildings were lit on fire. Then I saw the case of the fire, a large lion with goat horns was breathing fire! “Princes, it's time for you to save your kingdom,” Pardie told me as I nearly pissed my diaper. ____________ hi! ^.^ I hope you like this first chapter. I've been pretty busy so I haven't had much time to write but I've been wanting to post this for a while. I want to give a shout out to skipek1 (from DeviantArt) who asked me to make a transformation story. and to Redwelch2222 who helped me with a little bit of the world building that will be in the next chapter. this is my first real original story not based on anything already. hope you all like it!
  18. First story pure smut. I apologize in advance for the bad grammar and punctuation! It was inspired by ABDL_Zexion1337's little witch picture. If I can get permission I will add the pic later. So I was out at a party last Halloween. Looking for my next quick fuck. Halloween was one of my favorite nights cause it was easy to spot the slutty girls as it was the one night of the year they could get away with dressing like a slut. I had gotten a bit of a reputation as I would say anything I had to to get the girls to fuck me and then would ghost them(pun intended). Well little did I know my life was about to change. I was drinking a beer and checking out who my next conquest was to be! This place wasn't my normal scene since not to brag but I had exhausted most of my normal haunts. And let's say the pickings were slim I thought the night might be a bust. But then I seen her a cute girl dressed as a witch. She hat a witches hat on and a cute orange shirt with ghost and such it was tight enough to show off her perky breasts and below that a little black skirt. Her outfit was more on the cute side than the normal slutty outfits I would normally target but the choker she wore around her neck screamed fuck me. Time to go to work I thought to my self as I purposely bumped into her causing her to spill her drink. I apologize and offended to buy her a new one wich she accepted. When I came back with her new drink I introduced my self and she told me her name was Scarlett. Things were going great we chatted and flirted back and forth and she insisted on buying me a drink when I finally accepted she happily scampered off and came back a few minutes later and put this insane looking drink infront of me. It was green and effervescent and bubbling. She told me it was a special Halloween drink and I would love it. So in the name of getting her in bed with me I tried it. And it was actually pretty good. After our drinks were finished I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere quieter and she agreed and grabbed her purse well it was more of a bag and said we could go back to her place as she was wet! I thought to my self fuck I'm good as I started to get hard thinking about what was gonna happen next. We took a Uber back to her place. It was a short ride where I did kiss her and it was electric. We kissed and groped each other all the way to her couch. And groping turned to heavy petting she grabbed my cock through my jeans and gave it a gentle squeeze. A little moan escaped my lips as my hand went under her skirt. I put my hand on what I assumed would be her panties but it didn't feel right I was expecting to feel damp panties instead they were dry but felt soft and squishy. I took my hand away and said what the fuck. Scarlett calmly replied what I told you I was wet as she pulled her skirt up. And what I assumed were her panties was infact the bottom of her ghost onesie that was practically bursting trying to hold back her very soggy diaper. I said fuck this stood up and said I'm out of here this shits to fucked. She waved her hand and said on your knees and I fell to my knees infront of her my face practically infront of her diaper. Freaked out I yelled what the fuck why can't I move. Again she flicked her wrist and said silence. I instantly couldn't make even a peep. She said let me explain what's going on. She said you see I am a witch and I heard about you from a few of my girl friends who you fucked and ditched. Well tonight that changes you see that "Halloween" drink I gave you was infact real wishes brew one I made up just for you. As I speak your body is changing becoming more femin you will become more like me she explained as she popped the snaps of her onesie and started to undo her very wet diaper. Once undone she let the front of it flop onto the couch cushion. Right infront of my face stood a 6 inch dick. My jaw dropped and she laughed and said no not yet. I quickly shut my mouth. With another quick hand jesture she said to stand and strip and as my body instantly followed her command I noticed my clothes were alot baggier than before and were practically falling off me as I easily pulled them off. I instantly noticed that gone were my big muscles I was now very slender and looking at my chest that had pec muscles that would make most guys jellous now had cute little b cup titties with big hard nipples as I looked lower my hips had grown much wider and more girly and my butt was well sexy if it was not on me! But what caused me to drop back to my knees of my own accord was my once 9 inch cock was now barely 1 inch. As tears ran down my cheeks she said don't be sad Terry I will help you with a little attitude adjustment. Now listen to me carefully untill you come see me next Halloween you are now Terri the cute little cock sucking sissy baby. You LOVE sucking cock it makes your tiny little little girl dick hard. And when you suck a cock while diapered as you swallow there tasty cum you will start to pee in your diaper but the hole time you pee it will feel like the most intense orgasm you have ever had. You will love it so much you will suck any and all dicks you can. You will be the best little cock sucker you can be all for the reward of wetting your cute little diapers. She waved her hand and said you are free to speak. I instantly asked in my new much more high pitched voice if I could please suck Scarlett's cock as I hungrily looked at it. Well I don't know are you sure you want to suck my pissy cock? I had a literal line of drule running down my chin as I nodded yes. I don't know she started as I began to beg her to teach me how to be a good little cock sucker. She finally agreed and coached me through the most magical experience in my life. My tiny little wee wee was hard the hole time and grew to 2 full inches. After a few minutes of doing what Scarlett instructed me to do I felt her cock get a little bigger in my mouth and it erupted string after string of wonderful cum into my mouth as I swallowed every last drop. I thanked her for letting me suck her pretty girl dick. Scarlett said let's get cleaned up and diapered. She proceeded to lay me down on a change mat she pulled out of what I know know is her diaper bag not her purse. And slid a big puffy pink rearz princess diaper under me. She powdered my and brought the front up and taped it tight. It felt heavenly soft. Once she got me up. She then layed on the mat and had me return the favor. It took all my will power to not end back up with her cute little dick back into her mouth. Once she was cleaned and rediapered she stated let's find you something to wear and go back out the night is still young. She dressed me in a cute little pink baby dress and we headed back to the bar. I sat with her at the table in the bar sucking on my pacifier as a couple of guys came and hit on us. One of the guys said you like sucking on your little pacifier little girl. I popped it out and said why do you have anything better for me to suck? He took my hand and let me to a booth in the back corner and I happily crawled under the table and hastily got his big treat he has for me. With all the tricks Scarlett taught me I had him blowing his load in my mouth in mear minutes. Being this was the second dick I sucked but the first I had while diapered. I started to pee as soon as I tasted the first of his salty load hit my tongue. I was practically screaming in pleasure around his erupting dick. It was the single greatest feeling I ever felt. Once I was done I went back to the table and sat down with a squish. I looked at Scarlett and said I know you said I would be like this for one year but can I stay this way for ever please I don't want to go back to being an icky man ever again. She smiled and said if I wanted to stay and be her play thing that might be possible and asked me if I had ever heard of a witches familiar before? But that's a story for another night for now I see alot more trick or treating that needs to be done after all this diaper is supposed to hold 1100ml I know right must be magic 😉
  19. If you'd like to read this story in ebook form, you can download a free copy of the ebook here: https://peculiarchangeling.gumroad.com/l/PottyDraining The Potty Draining Chart Cover art by FlashyFlesh Day 0 The Potty Draining Chart - Day 0 “And just…like…that!” Vanessa announced, turning on the lamp by the couch, “We are, officially, moved in!” The bulb shed off slightly pink-tinged light, though at the push of a button, the whole room could be changed in tone to any hue on the rainbow. “That’s great, V,” Nicole said, turning to stretch her back. “Really appreciate you plugging in the lamps while I moved the furniture.” Vanessa put a hand to her chest, feigning offense. “Excuse me! Good interior design is what makes a house into a home. Sure, maybe you did more heavy lifting, but I provided that je ne sais quoi that we needed.” Truth be told, Nicole agreed–now that everything was done, with the last easy chair moved in and all of Vanessa’s decorations complete, their shared rental house did feel like a place where they belonged. The move in process had been a drag, starting a couple weeks earlier with mattresses flopped on the floor, working evenings and weekends to drive over what they could in Vanessa’s tiny car and trading beer for use of a friend’s truck on weekends for the big stuff. But now they were done. They could relax, and take the night off. Except… “One more thing,” Nicole said, sipping wine out of her favorite cup–an old novelty mug that read, ‘Don’t Worry, Pea Happy’ with a trio of cartoon peas in a pod printed on it. “The junk box.” “Right, right.” Vanessa rolled her eyes. While moving in, they’d been left with little bits of random crap–stuff that they didn’t quite want to throw away, but nor did they need it around. Christmas decorations that’d been stored under the bathroom sink, old cables and adapters that probably didn’t go to anything, a box of home movies from the previous tenant that Nicole felt bad getting rid of. They had set aside a cardboard box, slowly filling it with crap until it was full to bursting. “We can stick it in the attic for now.” Stepping up to her, Nicole poked a finger into Vanessa’s chest. “You can set it in the attic for now. I’m done lifting boxes for the day–heck, I’m just about ready for bed.” “Fiiine,” Vanessa groaned, more in play than in serious discomfort. Sidestepping the couch, she crouched, hefted the box, and carried it from the living room down the back hall–on the right of the hall was her room, on the left Nicole’s, and at the end, their bathroom. Above, though, dangled a rope for attic access. Fumbling with the box, propping it up on her knee so she wouldn’t have to set it down, Vanessa half-hopped to grab the string and pulled it down. She stepped back as a wooden staircase flopped towards her, snapping into place so fast it almost bonked her head. “Jeez,” she said. “Okay, note to self, springs on this are broken.” Scooting up the creaky stairs one step at a time, she made her way into the crawlspace, an area just high enough for her to stand if she was right in the middle and stooped just a touch. She set down the box, glancing around. Half a dozen cases were already up here. They hadn’t needed any attic storage yet, so this was all from the last resident–a lot of junk, probably, but still, a trove of things to dig through. “Huh. More stuff up here than I expected,” she said. “Hey Nicole! Someone left a bunch of garbage up here!” “Sounds like a problem for tomorrow!” Nicole yelled back. “I’m done moving boxes!” “Sure, sure,” Vanessa said, setting down the jumbled junk she’d carried up. Curiosity overtook her, and she opened up the first box she saw, digging through it. It looked like stuff from someone’s kid–at the top, a highschool yearbook, but as she pulled it out, she saw beneath it journals, and then a diary with a heart shaped lock, and then a handmade scrapbook. Digging further, she found an old dry-erase potty training chart. This box held the history of someone’s life, which could be interesting, but the potty training chart was what spread a smirk across Vanessa’s face. It had two weeks listed on it, one over the other, with three columns for each calendar day. One row had a bed, another had a clock face, and one with a star symbol next to it. The first two, for tracking nighttime and daytime accidents, were pretty obvious. The third, though, Vanessa couldn’t guess the purpose, beyond maybe just special rewards. That’s when they caught her eye–the markers stuck to the side of the board by a magnet. Smirking mischievously, Vanessa took the chart with her when she left the attic, hopping down the old fold-out stairs and closing it up behind her. She glanced down the hall–Nicole was on the couch, not paying attention, so Vanessa uncapped the black marker and wrote in the name box at the top, in big, flowy letters, surrounded by sparkles and hearts. Nicole Then, with an artistic, cutesy flourish, she doodled a rain cloud in the top column for Monday, the one for tracking any accidents from the previous night’s sleep. A wet bed indicator if ever there was one. Finally, using the adhesive strip on the back of the chart, she stuck it to Nicole’s bedroom door. “Oh, Nicole,” she said in her sing-songiest voice. “I added one more decoration!” Nicole looked up, curious and prepared for a dumb joke. Getting up, she walked over, glancing at the chart on her door. “What’s that?” “A potty training chart, so you can stop having accidents!” Vanessa snickered. “I found it upstairs and thought it’d help you!” Nicole rolled her eyes. “I don’t have accidents.” “Are you sure? The chart says you wet the bed,” Vanessa said, pointing to the rain cloud. “Yeah, it says that for tonight, which hasn’t even happened yet!” Nicole shook her head. Snickering, Vanessa quipped, “Well then, maybe take an umbrella to bed, because the forecast is for a wet one!” “Very funny, Vanessa.” Nicole opened her door, and though her expression was deadpan, Vanessa knew she didn’t mind the joke. “I’m going to bed, I’ve got work in the morning.” “Don’t let the bed bugs drown,” Vanessa replied. Nicole shut the door in her face, and before long, Vanessa went to be too. The next morning, though, Vanessa woke up to a shout from her across-the-hall neighbor. Nicole, screaming, “What the f**k?” ... I wrote this as a commission for one of my Patreon subscribers! It's a complete 17,000 word novella, which I'll be posting over the next month or so! If you'd like to support stories like this or get discounts on a commission of your own, you can find me here: https://www.patreon.com/PeculiarChangeling https://subscribestar.adult/peculiarchangeling
  20. Law of the Diaper - Episode 2 - Part 1 Meliora Lady Meliora Van De Natte sighed heavily as she relieved herself, urine spiralling down her leg and onto the clay-tiled floor of the hall. She sat at a long table, with many other guests in attendance, including her distant cousin, the King, himself. The floor was sloped in a way that allowed people’s pee to flow into the middle, where they were promptly drained away. Despite this, the floor was still wet, and reflected the gold trim of the high-beamed roof. The chamber was grand, regal, and -- to Meliora at least -- a little over-pompous. And to consider, she thought, that those babies in the north believe us to be barbaric. Meliora didn’t much like the haughty nature of the court, but barbarity? Ha! She scoffed at the very thought of it. The King was in the middle of another one of his showy-speeches, “...for many a year now. To think! Back then we were but insects on the world stage…” and Meliora was getting tired of it. As much as she detested these things however, they were necessary to keep the king satisfied, especially as she needed to talk to him with great urgency. But, the King was in the middle of making himself look good, so she decided to concentrate on her food, it was the only good thing about these feasts anyway. Sitting cosily on her silver platter, was a selection of smoked vegetables, steaming roast potatoes, and slices of Stalle, fried to perfection. Many years ago, so the holy texts said, when humans and non-humans were at war over food, the god Liefyr gifted the peoples of the world the plant Stalle, so they would cease eating eachother. Apparently it had worked, because sat around the table with her, where many a non-human. Not that anyone had ever put much thought into it. The days where tension grew high between species was long gone, relegated to the history books of old. At least here in the south. Court and country were a civilised place now, happy and harmonious. Well, country was, court perhaps not so much. Despite the relative peace in the presence of the king, tensions between individuals still ran high, especially behind his back. Opposite Meliora was Lord Aert Van Grizmanen, a wolf with a particularly sly canine-gaze. Like Meliora, he sat stoically, determined not to give anything away to his political enemies. Enemies like Meliora. Just look at him, she thought with a juvenile air of competitiveness, thinking he can beat me at my own game. She broke her stoicism, and her meal, for a brief glare at Aert, but before the wolf could return it, the King concluded his speech. “Thank you! Thank you! You have been a wonderful audience.” the King waved magnanimously. He was kind, and often cared for the people of Plassenar, but unfortunately that came at the cost of any real power. Even now, one Kanniss Blomscheet, a wealthy sugar-merchant who’d been invited, was whispering in the king’s ear. No one spoke to Meliora during dinner however, and she to no one else. Her neighbor, Lady Halene Goudenel, was chatting idly to the man next to her, a lord which Meliora didn’t know. Meliora continued eating, ignoring the two chattering, but halfway through their conversation, Lady Halene lifted her furry rear upwards slightly, and farted noisily. “Ahhhh,” she sighed, “I shall have to go to the mess-hall after this!” Halene waved her hand in front of her nose, looking around. Meliora hoped that the woman wouldn’t notice her, but alas, it was not to be. “Lady Van De Natte! I didn’t see you there!” she said, her talking companion going pale upon seeing who Halene was attempting to talk to. Halfway through a bite of food, Meliora made an attempt at saying ‘hello.’ It came out as more of a stuffed mumble. “Hello to you too! Wonderfully diverse platter today, wouldn’t you say?” Halene continued, determined to push through the awkwardness. She twirled her hair around one of her antlers aimlessly, waiting for a response. Meliora eventually gave in, swallowing her food indelicately. “Yes, I suppose so.” Unfortunately, it seemed that Halene took that as cause to persevere, because just as Meliora was about to resume her meal, the woman conversed again. “I take it you wish to see His Majesty after we have concluded.” It was a statement, not a question. For some reason Meliora felt a child crawl through her. Suddenly she was on edge, and she felt another trickle of warm urine down her bare leg. No one spoke to Meliora during dinner. No one. Did she want something? Meliora realised that she had been quiet too long. “Yes, my Lady. I do. Is there something you wish to ask?” “Oh, no. Actually, I was hoping to speak to you afterwards. However, I understand that you’re busy.” Halene said. Meliora wasn’t sure how to respond. She rarely spoke to Lady Goudenel, her being on the High Council for only a few months. Meliora hadn’t gotten a good read on the woman yet, she was still somewhat of an enigma, and that scared her. It was a strange feeling -- Meliora couldn’t remember the last time she had been scared. Should she accept? This would be a good opportunity to understand the woman a little better. Maybe Meliora would gain some information on one of the other council members. It was a tempting prospect. “Unfortunately not tonight,” Meliora said eventually, “but --” “It isn’t at all urgent,” interrupted Halene, waving her arm toward the table. “When are you next available?” “It may not be for some time. If all goes well I aim to be out of the country for a week or two.” “Well, that just happens to be the subject I wished to bring up.” Halene asked with the dimmest flicker of a smile. Despite herself, Meliora smiled back. “I should have room for tomorrow afternoon, if that will suffice.” “Wonderful!” the woman said with an excited nod, complimented with a wide grin, “I look forward too--” Ffffttttt. The odorus noise spilled out from her seat. “Oh dear. This food really has got the better of me. I do hope this all finishes soon, or I may have to relieve myself here!” Halene giggled at her little joke, and returned to her dinner leaving Meliora to ponder what she had gotten herself into. By the time everyone had finished, the King was ready to retire. He bowed, waved his hand, and excused guests, some of which tried to hound him. Meliora would have to get in quick. Thankfully, some of the people going after His Majesty, were some of her own. Magist Gaerdt and his young apprentice, a feline girl in her twenties, were trying to push past the guards. Knowing that they’d never get past, they were instead preventing the King from leaving quickly enough so that Meliora could catch a word. Fortunately, Meliora was very much respected by the guards, and they let her pass with no small amount of reverence. She had to admit, she liked the effect it had -- as if the oceans were parting for her. It made her feel strong and powerful. “Your Majesty, if I could only-” Gaerdt croaked, before Meliora glided past. “Your Majesty!” she said, bowing gracefully. She wouldn’t have much time to convince him, only a sentence or two. This would have to be done carefully. “May I have a word? It is of the utmost importance.” The King stopped in his tracks, lowering his head respectfully. “Lady Meliora, I’m sure you have much to say, but can this wait? It is late and I-” “Well …” Meliora countered, “I was going to ask about next week’s summit. I would very much like to ask you some questions, run some ideas past you. After all, most of the men here are on the wizened side of wise. You have a much more contemporary view of politics.” Long ago, Meliora realised that to survive court politics, you had to be brutal. You had to systematically hunt down your enemy’s weaknesses, and exploit them ruthlessly. The King liked clever words, or at least words that sounded clever to him, and a little stroke of his ego wouldn’t hurt either. Merchants were good at that, hence their power in his court. Luckily so was Meliora. Clearly it had worked, because the King seemed to be considering her proposition. “Oh, all right. But we shall have to talk in the mess-room, I’m getting rather desperate.” The King finally conceded. “Gaerdt,” said Meliora, turning to her Magist, “Please wait for me in my quarters, we have much to discuss afterwards.” “Yes, Lady.” he replied, and he and his apprentice bowed. “Come Narriss, we still have to find that book.” and with that, the aging man hobbled away, the young feline apprentice helping. Meliora and the King were escorted to the mess room, the King dribbling pee behind him as he walked. Usually, due to the sterile nature of urine, one could relieve themselves wherever they wished. Excrement, however, was not so sanitary. Peasants usually messed themselves as they toiled, using it as fertiliser for their fields. Here in the city however, designated mess-halls, or in the King’s case a private mess-room, was where people went number two. The room was somewhat large, big enough for multiple people. At the far end were two windows and a small balcony, bordered by the Plassen flags -- brown fabric, with white and golden waves. The King often held meetings here, so there was seating, golden chairs with silk cushions. The floor was the same clay tiles of the dining hall, each bearing the royal standard. Meliora made a move towards a chair opposite the King, who upon entering immediately pulled his pants down, starting to fidget. Meliora herself was wearing a dress, much preferred when desperate. Watching as the King leant over his seat, pushing, Meliora thought of what she was going to say, how she would approach this. It was important, and the King needed to understand what was at stake here. “Gggggrrrrrggg” he groaned, pushing out two long logs of poop. They snaked out of him, and coiled around each other neatly onto the stained cushion below. What am I going to say? What would convince a man to go to war? “Ahhhhhh …” sighed the King in relief, a few loose farts escaping. He sat back down on top of his mess, pushing it into the cushions with an audible squelch. Then, just as Meliora got an idea of how to approach the topic, he wriggled his bottom, pushing the poop around. Prince or peasant, it didn’t matter -- squishing was one of the few feelings that everyone enjoyed, Meliora included. A spike of envy even shot through her momentarily, annoyed that she didn’t have to relieve herself, but she quickly regained focus. “Right then, Lady Meliora. What do you want to know?” “Well Your Majesty, first and foremost, do you have any ideas about approaching the treaty?” she asked. The King looked slightly taken aback at that, and Meliora had to force her face to keep straight. “Whatever do you mean, Lady? I was under the impression that they had already agreed to sign it?” “Well yes, they did imply that.” Meliora said, steering the King into the position she wanted. “But we know the North cannot be trusted with matters as serious as this. They are frivolous and fickle, thinking only about their play and not their work. You don’t really expect them to be that consistent do you?” Meliora didn’t really lie. It was cause for concern. These northerners knew nothing of hard work and labor, many lived in luxury, playing all day. “I had assumed--” “With the utmost respect your Majesty, that is exactly it. You assumed.” “You didn’t come here to ask me for help did you?” He looked like a child being told off. Perhaps he was ashamed that he had been so naive. Meliora almost felt bad. But he needed to know. He needed to understand. Meliora respected the man’s kindness too much to lie about something like this. “My King, if I may speak frankly?” she waited for him to nod his head, and then continued, “I don’t believe any good can come of this summit. The people of Luin … they’re not like us. They won’t sign this treaty, there’s too much that they gain from war.” “What could they possibly gain from war?” the King asked, leaning forward. “Weapons sales, unity through common enemy, certainty in a changing world.” Meliora sighed, it was a harsh truth that war was so simple. Contracts, treaties, negotiations, why bother when you could just engage in conflict? There was a deep silence between the two. The King had his face in his hands, thinking. Meliora had to tell herself that she was doing the right thing. Of course she was. The King only wished his people had the same luxury that the Luiners had -- he could be a great King, truly great, if tempered by the ruthlessness of his aides. Why was it so hard to watch this man accept that war was inevitable. Was she as ruthless as she thought? “Meliora,” the King said suddenly, raising his head from his hands, “I hear what you are saying. I really do. You don’t trust Luin, and you want to strike before they have the chance to lure us into a false sense of security.” “Yes. Yes, Your Majesty, that is precisely it--” but before she could continue the King interrupted. “I’ve never told anyone this, but when I was a prince, my father took me to the front line. The regalia and glory of war was appealing to a child, and I went with glee. But when I arrived it was nothing like I thought. The place stank of death, of decay. There were bodies lined up in the streets of camp, sometimes in piles. It -- I still have nightmares. But I had never thought more clearly than in that moment. I bent down to one of the bodies, and …” the King stopped. He seemed distant, as if scared to go back there, to that place. Meliora hadn’t seen him like this before. “... And I bent down to say my prayers to one of the fallen. It was a boy, Meliora. A boy of twelve years old! I can’t remember what caused his death, only that his face was death itself. His eyes were empty. His soul, gone. Imagine what was taken from the world. Imagine the potential that boy might’ve had. All gone in an instant.” He stopped for a moment, his eyes slowly coming back into the room. Meliora was transfixed, “Lady Van De Natte, the other side may be very different from us, but I can guarantee their children have died too. Lives on both sides have died for a war they didn’t start. If they have a shred of humanity, and suspect they have more than a shred, then believe me when I say, they want to end this war as much as you or I.” The King was looking at Meliora now, directly into her soul. His deep, brown eyes yearning for peace, yearning for an end to this petty conflict. The ripple of doubt in Meliora’s mind had transformed. Great waves of torment, battered by a storm of guilt and shame, crashed and bellowed within her. They twisted her stomach, tugged violently at her chest. Could she be ruthless? I have to be. She had to be ruthless for the good of the realm. There was a long, final pause before Meliora spoke. She sighed heavily. “What do you want me to do, Your Majesty?” Narriss Narriss hadn’t seen anything like it before. The port in which the ship was docking was packed full of people. They brushed past each other, all heading to one place or another, like an ant colony. Even the capital hadn’t been this busy, or if it ever had, Narriss had been busy working with master Gaerdt. The gentle slosh of the ocean lapping against the boat, had been replaced by shouting, chattering, and a loud constantly-ringing bell. But what shocked her the most was what people were wearing. Some, like her, wore tunics and pants, robes and cloaks. But some wore onesies, sucked pacifiers nonchalantly, and underneath it all were the unmistakable bulges of diapers. In spite of this, the air smelt familiar. Sea salt and urine mixed in the air across the harbor, floating across the ocean beyond. Narriss’ closed her eyes. The wind blew gently through her fur, her tail swayed gently behind her, and her ears relaxed by her sides. She inhaled deeply, taking in the atmosphere of the place, and a strange peace came over her. A gentle, laminar peace. “Narriss.” A sharp voice from behind her said. She turned quickly, seeing Master Gaerdt standing there. “Come, we have business with Lady Meliora.” Narriss nodded, and followed her teacher down into the ship’s cabins. They had been travelling here, to the Isle of Ieder, for three days now, and she was getting sick of being bunged up in a tiny cabin with Master Gaerdt. She had complained out loud initially, which had been a mistake. “It gives you plenty of time to focus on your studies instead of napping then.” Master Gaerdt had said, never glancing away from his work. Though she swore she could hear a smile in his voice. Lady Meliora’s chambers were nowhere near as cramped as everyone else’s. As they entered, Narriss saw the familiar sloped floor, with a tile pattern running from under Meliora’s desk. It was glistening wet. The tile pattern continued past the centre of the room and rose again like the edge of a bowl, stopping under a plush-fabric seat. Lady Meliora herself sat at an ornate desk, silhouetted a little by grand windows behind her. Why don’t we have any windows like that? Narriss asked herself as she stood behind her teacher. Meliora scribbled something on a piece of fresh paper, before glancing up to Narriss and Master Gaerdt. She gestured for them both to sit. “Master Gaerdt,” she said, nodding to Narriss’ left, “Apprentice Narriss,” she nodded to Narriss, “Thank you for attending me here.” That was odd. Meliora barely seemed to notice Narriss normally, let alone speak to her. This was all strange. Something was about to happen, Lady Melliora wanted something from Narriss, but what could she possibly offer? She was just an assistant, an apprentice. A flash of dread struck through her. The Lady looked uncomfortable sitting at her desk, almost fidgety. She was never normally like this at all. What was going on? Meliora cleared her throat before continuing where she left off. “As you are both aware, we have a very important mission here on Iedar. To go over our aim again, Master Gaerdt, we want to establish relations to aid the signing of the North-South Disarmament Treaty, as requested by …. nnng … the King.” Meliora looked wholly uncomfortable after she said that, jostling in her seat. It was well known to the servants of Meliora, Narriss included, that the woman thought the war was still a necessary fight. Narriss had to agree. Unlike here in the south, Luin and the Dullen Isles (especially the former) were hostile to her kind. Plassenar was fighting for freedom -- freedom to relieve yourself where you wanted without punishment, freedom to be chaotic, and freedom to be different. If that meant tearing down their broken culture to achieve this freedom, so be it. “Now that all the official stuff is out the way,” Meliora continued, “I need to ask you two a favor. This stays absolutely confidential, do you understand?” she looked directly at Narriss as she said it, and without hesitating, Narriss nodded back. She wasn’t sure she liked the Lady, but the woman’s cause was just. “I cannot … nnn … I cannot believe I’m about to say this --” Lady Meliora went quiet suddenly, and began to wriggle more noticeably. She slid her rear across the velvet cushion of her seat. Narriss looked to Master Gaerdt, who only blinked in surprise. Meliora put a hand between her legs, and suddenly Narriss realised what was happening. As if she needed any more confirmation, Meliora quickly gave up, and took her hand away, said “Oh, blast!” rather more audibly than Narriss suspected the lady intended, and leant back in her chair. Less than a second later, she sighed as urine gushed out from under the table, hissing through Lady Meliora’s dress. Even from the other side of the table, Narriss could see a dark patch spreading on her clothes, as familiar as the blue sky. “Mmmmmmmaahhhh!” Meliora’s shoulders lowered and despite her usually reserved demeanor, a tiny smile flickered onto her face as she peed. She quickly finished and, evidently self conscious all of a sudden, straightened her dress before plastering on a calmer expression that contrasted oddly with her now scarlet cheeks. Silence punctured the room, and Narriss couldn’t help but look to master Gaerdt. However, he patently ignored her, focused on the Lady. “My Lady! Were you … were you holding that in!?” he said, visibly shocked at what he’d just witnessed. As if in defiance of what had happened, Narriss’ master let his own water escape, flooding his robe. Small rivers of urine, from both Meliora and Gaerdt, flowed into the centre of the room and were swallowed by the drain leading to the wooden cistern below. Meliora grew softly stern, straightening in her seat. “Not a word to anyone else on this ship at what you just witnessed, is that understood?” As shocked as she was, Narriss was the first to nod. She was used to taking orders, from Meliora, from Gaerdt, from any of her many superiors. But somehow Meliora didn’t feel so high and mighty anymore. Something about what had just happened made the woman less imposing, less regal. It was like a cloud had blotted the sun. Everything was still in the same place, but a certain luster had vanished. Narriss noticed Meliora looking at her, and she snapped her face back to impassiveness. Did the Lady notice? Eventually, Gaerdt followed with his nod of submission to the Lady, but Meliora just sighed, defeated. “I’m sorry you two had to see that.” she said somewhat sullenly, “These people, the summit, they expect certain behaviors from us, just as we do them. The deal was that they would be prohibited from going over-the-top with their regalia just as we do ours, to avoid offence. Part of that is … we are to relieve ourselves away from their notice during the meetings. I was practicing, here, now, and clearly I could not handle it.” “What restrictions have been placed upon them, my Lady?” Gaerdt looked to Narriss, appalled that his apprentice was talking without permission, but she couldn’t help herself. All this had gotten her riled up. Why should Plassenar have to bend to the will of another nation, just to sign some stupid treaty? Why should Plassenar suffer? However, Lady Meliora didn’t seem to mind. “That is a good question, Apprentice. In exchange for us being subtle about our culture they have agreed to hold back on their pompous clothes, and ... let ambassadors from different species into the meeting.” Narriss’ head boiled with indignation. Under the table, away from the view of the Lady, she clenched her fists, hard. Her hairs pricked up in defense, and she felt her face grow taught, struggling not to grind her teeth. Meliora was going through all this trouble to appease these people, when they should just treat everyone as equals. More and more, Narriss was growing angry at this whole twisted situation. The king, our king, wants to make peace with them? Meliora seemed to sense her utter frustration at the situation, and leaned forward. “I understand that this is hard Narriss --” “I’m sorry but you don’t understand at all.” Narriss snapped, half thinking. Gaerdt’s bemused face melted into anger at his apprentices’ impulsivness. But Narriss didn’t care. She was angry, and had the right to be so. However, Master Gaerdt had been teaching her to control that anger, focus it. “Apologies, my Lady, I shouldn’t have said that.” Narriss expected Meliora to be annoyed just as her master was, but the woman was strangely resigned about the whole thing. “No, it’s fine,” Meliora said, waving it away, “You are right. I don’t understand. This is why I have chosen you for the task. I know I can trust you, you’ve been with master Gaerdt here as long as any of my other staff, and your rank means you are in a prime position to understand both court and country in a way my friends simply cannot. But, more than all that, you are one of the people that Luin is trying to restrict. Your eyes, in that regard, see differently to mine. I grew up in a castle, in a place of privilege and luxury. I need to see what you see if I am to win this meeting.” “I’m sorry my Lady,” Gaerdt said, “Win?” “Quite, magister Gaerdt. No one wants peace, so even a small concession towards that aim will be a victory. But we need to focus. We need to practice. We need to keep calm.” Meliora said with the slightest hint of flourish in her voice. She was right. This was all too important to let anger take it all away. That’s what they wanted. Narriss breathed in deeply, centering herself. The anger within her, that raging storm, spiralled in her chest. Slowly, carefully, she pushed upwards into her head. She drew power from it, cunning, and perception. Eventually, it was no longer anger, but a vague pool of energy. Narriss felt as if she could draw from it, take whatever she needed. Her stomach cramped slightly as she contemplated it, feeling something brewing within. But before she could put much thought into that, Meliora spoke up a final time. “What I need from you Narriss, desperately, is reconnaissance. I need as much information as I can get -- ideally what the very heart of their culture is. What I need is to see where they eat, change, and what they do when they’re not at these meetings. But even then I fear that I am still not prepared. I’ll be honest, I wish I could send Gaerdt but ... ” Lady Meliora looked down at the wet patch on her clothes. For the first time, Narriss saw fear on her mistress’ face. “This little demonstration shows our weakness. We need to hide it. We need to be discreet. Gods forbid it should come to this, but what I need is a diaper.” Narriss Waygar, the capital of Iedar, smelt of crap. Literal crap. This was a very strange place, chaotic and bewildering, far more so than even the capital city. Because it was a sort of neutral zone between Luin and Plassenar, both peoples went about their own rituals without regard for the other. Some, few, relieved themselves in the street, where they stood, not bothering to consider those around them. Just like home, Narris thought. But others wore gaudy clothes, onesies with bright patterns on them, frilly dresses, and sucked on pacifiers. They kept their business, and smells, hidden in the seat of their pants. Even here, closest to the Plassen crossing, these were in the vast majority. A group of Littles were huddled together just down the street ahead, one leaning against a stone wall. They were whispering conspiratorially to each other, one glancing over their shoulder. Narriss didn’t get a good look at their expression whilst she hurried past however. As she approached, a tall woman in normal clothes burst out of the wooden door next to them and ushered the group of littles indoors. Although she looked almost normal in that long green dress, Narriss could see the obvious bulge of a diaper underneath. The woman spun around to close the door, and a flicker of fear shadowed her face momentarily, before she fled inside. Narriss bowed her head to the ground, feeling her face boil, and her stomach growl. How was she supposed to actually find out about their culture if they did this? After wandering about for an hour or so, Narriss didn’t have much luck finding anyone who wanted to converse. It was difficult identifying any Plassener’s to talk to here. Besides being so very few of them, any she managed to approach seemed to scarper away, warily. She’d even tried going up to the guards, but they’d just growled and skulked away as well. This was all taking too long, the meeting was only in a couple of hours and she still had no information. ‘Plan B’ was the merchants. Not quite the everyday person that Narriss was hoping to find, but maybe it would work. Surely they wouldn’t pass down a customer? At the very least she could find somewhere to acquire a diaper. She’d been putting it off, though she didn’t quite know why. All this was so odd--the way the Luiners just waddled brazenly about in their baby-clothes, locked away under layers of padding. After a brief wander through the mud-laden alleys of the town, Narriss managed to find a small market selling a vast collection of things. One was selling books from an open-air stall nearby. Maybe he would be able to help. He was talking with someone else, a large woman with somewhat shaggy hair. She didn’t look much like a Little, so Narriss assumed she was a Big, the people who cared for the freaks that dressed up. As Narriss approached the stall, the woman glanced behind. Her conversation with the shopkeep died down to hushed whispers and, reflexifley, Narriss’ ears pricked up. Naturally, they were much stronger than human ears, and picked up the conversation without much hassle. “I hear they’re planning on invading, by migrating into Luin!” the woman said. The man simply nodded solemnly as if it was a sad truth to be accepted, like death or paying taxes. The man’s face scrunched up and he grunted quietly. At first Narriss assumed it was the topic of conversation that had caused such a reaction. But then she remembered the diapers. “Yeah, as if we don’t let them close enough already. That new deal’s supposed to make it easier for them to get in, y'know. I --” the man cut off as he caught Narriss’ eye. “No no, please keep talking!” Narriss said loudly. The large woman startled and clasped her chest with her hand. Narriss realised her face had gone tense. She tried to relax and calm herself but… “Speak demon and it shall appear.” the shopkeep said, glaring toward Narriss with the sadistically sly grin usually only seen in Wolf-kin. Then again, what did she expect from the people who invaded her home? “Demon?! Where?!” Narriss said, bathing in exaggerated, mock fear. This man would not get the best of her. He would give her all the information she needed, or at least point her in the right direction to find it. The woman glanced down at Narriss’ waist, made a disgusted face, and nodded goodbye to the shopkeep. Perhaps she’d noticed Narriss’ tail, or worse, her lack of diaper-bulge. Either way, she and the shopkeep were now alone. “It’s considered rude ‘round here to listen in on other people’s conversations y’know.” he said, almost growling with tension. Yet they consider us animals!? Narriss mused to herself. This place was horrible. Backwards. “It’s also rude to refuse paying customers.” she said to the shopkeep. Hopefully the promise of money would quell his anger somewhat. However, it seemed that she’d underestimated this man’s discontent. “I don’t want your grubby hands anywhere near me!” he said passionately, as if Plassener’s were known for being particularly dirty. Yet, they weren’t the ones who carried their waste against their backsides. Narriss raised her spotless hands in response. “My hands are clean as clouds,” she said, “And luckily for you I just need information. So I won’t be parting with any of my money today, sir.” The man eyed her for a moment. He seemed placated, if only slightly. “I don’t know ‘nuffin!” he said, crossing his arms. “Just go someplace else!” Narriss was starting to get annoyed now. This man was being deliberately stubborn, and for what? Maybe it was time for a retreat. If she couldn’t get the information she needed, at least she could get the diaper for Lady Meliora. “I just need to know where I can find a changing station.” there was a brief moment of silence. The shopkeeper's eyes widened slightly, clearly surprised why he was asked such a question by the likes of … well, her. “Is that some kind of joke? Why in the name of Liefyr does a shaggy like you want to know that?” he shook his head in disbelief. Narriss’ ears went hot. She hadn’t been called that word in a very long time. This slimy son of a bitch was clearly too stuck in his little mud-hovel to say anything productive to her. She was done here. Letting out a deep breath, Narriss turned and walked away. She’d find the godsdamned place by herself. Behind, she heard the man chuckle quietly. Willing herself not to turn and punch him, Narriss focused on her mission. However, the shopkeep made the mistake of thinking he had gained something in that little argument, and shouted across the market. “Yeah! Go back to your shithole in Plassen you hairy bitch!” That does it. Narriss felt a storm surge inside of her, and a sudden cramp in her gut. If the bastard wanted to be closed minded, so be it. He deserved everything he was about to get. She walked back toward the merchant, who went suddenly pale. Clearly he was expecting her to walk away. Maybe she should have. Oh well, Narriss thought, hopefully he’ll remember this. “Fine. You win.” Narriss said calmly, which only served to unease the man further. “If you won’t take a moment out of your day to help me find somewhere, then I guess I have no choice but to do my business here.” and she hiked up her dress. The man looked horrified, and stepped back into the recesses of his book-stall-cave. Narriss simply smiled, and bent over the wooden counter of the stall, so her bare rear was nearly touching the wooden countertop. Her tail swished behind her, brushing against the cool air. Then, grunting a little, she began to push, slowly releasing pressure in her bowel. To her slight embarrassment, she farted a few times, but that was nothing compared to what was coming. As she pushed, she felt a rather large ball of poop force it’s way out of her, sliding through, pinching off, and then slapping down onto the counter. She let out a few more farts, feeling much better now that her gut was empty. Her mess balled beneath her, forming a rather satisfying warm, and stinking, pile. Narriss looked to the merchant again, grinning slyly. His face had gone red, and he looked as if he was leaning against the wall for support. Narriss glanced about quickly, and noticed that there was a small crowd watching the incident. Although most Little onlookers looked horrified, a small group to the left sniggered at the merchant. A huddle of Plasseners also gathered nearby, smirking to themselves. “Thank you very much for your help,” Narriss said as innocently as she could muster, “I was beginning to get a little desperate.” and as a final act of spite, she pulled her dress down, and fell back to sit in her mess. It squashed beneath her, moulding to the shape of her rear. She wriggled about for a moment, before pulling herself up with a very visible brown stain on the seat of her dress. After all, why shouldn’t she wear it proudly? She made her way into the crowd, toward some of the watching Plasseners. They grinned knowingly at her as she approached. Finally, people who seemed willing to talk. She’d finally find out what was up with this place, which would be a solid start. How she was going to find diapers for Lady Meliora from these Plassen folk she did not know, but one step at a time. There was a chance the Lady wouldn’t even need a diaper if she managed to get the right information. As she approached the Plasseners, their smiles faded however. Narriss noticed they were looking at something behind her. A cold human hand suddenly gripped her left arm tightly, pressing against the fur. “Miss,” a woman’s voice, hard and harsh, said from behind, “Please, come with us.” Narriss tried to turn without jerking her arm too much. The woman was a guard, wearing the white-red colours of Iedar, but Narriss could tell she was a little. The guard’s hair was tied in pig-tails, and she could swear the woman had a diaper-bulge. “No! You don’t understand! I have important business here, under the command of Lady Meliora Van De Natte, of Plassenar!” and she tugged her arm away, but the guard who was holding her back simply grappled the other one. “I’m sure you are Miss, but we can’t just let people go poo poo on private property!” Narriss went quiet. Maybe she should have thought this through more. Damn! “Okay, okay, I’ll go with you. Let’s just make this quick.” “You’re not going to run if I let you go?” the guard said, and Narriss felt her tail droop instinctively. She wasn’t sure she could if she tried. “There are guards everywhere,” Narriss said, “I doubt I would get very far.” This seemed to placate the guard and she let go. Two more joined her and the whole retinue marched Narriss away. About two hours later, judging by the church bells, Narriss sat in her small cell, alone. The guards had brought her back to a modest gaol on the outskirts of Waygar. Almost immediately upon arrival, the guards had insisted on diapering her. Her hairs pricked up harshly even thinking about it. Despite how wrong it felt to have this bulky padding around her waist, she’d gone along with it in the interest of saving as much time as possible. It wasn’t all that embarrassing really, not after having dropped a mess in public. But it just felt so strange. How did people defecate in this? She felt a nervous twitch in her bladder at the thought. Afterwards, Narriss was able to present the guards with a royal seal that Meliora had given her, and someone, a while ago now, had gone to fetch anyone who could get her out of here. So, Narriss sat in her cell, left leg bouncing up and down erratically, albeit hampered slightly by the diaper now under her dress. The summit would start any moment, and she was here! She tried not to dwell on that too much. What have I gotten myself into? She thought glumly. What would the consequences be? Lady Meliora said that she had to behave with courtesy--well what if she needed to relieve herself during the meeting? Would the negotiations fall apart? Back in Plassenar, you’d just ... go. I suppose you’d do the same here, too. Just in a diaper instead of on your seat. Something about that felt dishonest and wrong. Pulling up her dress slightly, Narriss looked down at the diaper. She kind of needed to pee again, though the thought of doing it in that thing was mortifying. It surrounded her waist completely, locking away the freedom to go where you needed, trapping the mess next to you. Again, the thought of using the thing made her slightly disgusted. Although, she had to admit, it did feel quite nice when dry. Like a pillow, almost. Hesitantly, more out of curiosity than anything else, she poked the fluffy fabric. The diaper was so thick she could barely feel her finger beneath the padding. She poked it again -- THUD. The door to the gaol burst open, and a vaguely familiar woman stepped onto the stone-tiled flooring--that woman Lady Meliora was talking to at the feast. Her antlers sparkled gently with the fresh mist outside, and her nose twitched slightly. Her dress was almost as regal as her strides towards Narriss’ cell. “Well, well, well,” she said, moving towards the iron bars that held Narriss there. “We have gotten ourselves into a bit of a mess haven’t we?” “My lady!” Narriss said quickly, curtseying. Halfway through her bow, she realised that lifting her dress to curtsey would reveal her diaper. She felt her cheeks grow warm with blush as she saw a wry smile on the lady’s face. “Delved into the local culture have we?” “I-I-” Narriss couldn’t think of anything to say. To be caught like this! Embarrassment flushed through her. “It’s alright, young one.” the woman said, “I am Lady Halene Goudenel, I was sent by Lady Van De Natte.” her smile shifted, wry became warm. Narriss felt her embarrassment subside, albeit only slightly. “Guard!” she said loudly, and there was a clatter from the back-room as a onesie-clad guard stumbled in. “Please let my friend here out of her cell. I shall be taking her with me!” “I’m afraid I’ll need to see some--” before the guard could talk, Lady Halene thrust a piece of paper towards them--a writ of some sort. “Huet!” the guard shouted, and a second guard, presumably called Huet, emerged from the back. Unlike the first, he was not dressed in a onesie, rather somewhat normal clothing. He took the paper of the first guard, scanned it briefly and nodded. And just like that, Narriss was free. “Hurry my dear,” Halene said as Huet guard unlocked the door. Finally, Narriss went down to remove the cloth diaper from around her waist. Oddly, Halene stopped her. “No time, we must be on our way. The summit has already begun.” a jolt of fear burst through Narriss like lightning. She had let Meliora down. She’d let her country down. The two of them left the gaol. “Is the Lady okay?” Narriss asked. She and Halene moved quickly through the market outdoors, people from all directions rushing past. It was tricky walking with the thick padding between Narriss’ legs, so she mostly waddled along as best as she could. “She is fine Narriss. I’m sorry we couldn’t get you out sooner. She is glad to hear you are okay, but wasn’t best pleased when she found out what happened.” Narriss went quiet. So much for being discreet. Halene clearly noticed her contemplative silence. “It’s all right. She’s just a little stressed at the moment. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.” Narriss could only nod. “At least tell me,” Narriss eventually said, “Is the summit going well?” Meliora The summit had been going horribly. The representative of Luin hadn’t been budging on any of his points and, as expected, his implied acceptance of the treaty had been less than concrete. His sense of grandeur and power was seemingly only bolstered by the large pavilion under which they all sat, each politician perched like vultures along a large stone table. They were all dressed rather conservatively, not a single sign of the usual regalia that accompanied them-- bright colours, pacifiers, that sort of stuff. Only the occasional rustle of a diaper indicated that they were, in point of fact, from Luin. Surrounding Meliora were a team of Lords and experts from Plassenar. In particular, her Aide–Lord Griet–sat to her left, and Lord Aert Van Grizmanen, a wolf-lord, to her right. They were the pain with which she would colour her canvas. Meliora had sent her Wizard’s apprentice, Narriss, away to gather information to use against the Plasseners here, but she unfortunately had failed to make any sort of appearance. Then, after finding out that the idiot girl had been imprisoned, Meliora was forced to send Halene away to get her out, and even she had been taking her time. It had been over an hour now. Dammit, why was Meliora always clearing up other people’s messes! The talks had stalled since, but she forged ahead, at the behest of her king. She’d resorted to placing valuable resources up for trade, and what’s worse, there was also another, more personal, problem that was preventing her from concentrating fully on the remainder of this damned meeting. Meliora wiggled slightly in her seat, holding her pee in as best she could. That damned girl hadn’t brought back a diaper either. She’d just about managed to relieve herself elsewhere, along with her retinue during the brief recess they’d had, but hadn’t found the opportunity to go since. Just as she suspected, this visible weakness had opened them up to political attack. You’ll just have to hold it, she thought to herself, though rather more aggressively than she had meant to. Although she suspected that this meeting would be over shortly. “Lady Meliora!” The man opposite her–Lord Vauque De La Seule Couche, the cousin of the Queen of Luin–said with immense exasperation, “Surely you cannot be suggesting that we just remove our troops from Ile De Sommeil! You’d simply move troops in to displace them!” The man was, at this particular summit at least, not the bane of Meliora’s existence. That award belonged to the other Lords and Ladies gathered around the great stone table. Despite Vauque’s relative willingness to negotiate, she was still having troubles however. Unlike the other lords in Plassenar, she did not know the Luin people and their secrets. She clenched her fists, and her thighs, under the table in an increasingly vain attempt at keeping some semblance of composure. But before Meliora could respond, Lord Aert spoke–his pointed ears perked up, “Lord Vauque. We have all seen far too much bloodshed in the past few years to send troops into a foreign land where they will have no means of escape. No one wants a war.” Yes! Meliora may have ‘locked horns’, so to speak, back in Plassenar, but here that sharp mind could be put to good use. She knew bringing him was a good idea. Meliora nodded, and continued, “Ile De Sommeil, much like this beautiful island here,” and Meliora tore her hands away from holding herself to gesture to the landscape around them, “Could flourish with trade between our two great nations. You have our word, my word, any troops we do send will integrate into a mixed set of guards for the island with your own troops. In return we ask only that your troops do the same, and we shall be open to trading in coal, iron and gold from our prosperous mines down in Modemeer.” This seemed to give Vauque pause for thought. There was a moment of quiet while he stared past Meliora, interrupted only by the gentle grunts of another lord beside him, who was obviously filling his diaper. Oh how she wished she could let herself go like that! As much as Meliora tried to distract herself with thoughts of the meeting, the fresh earthen-stink that floated through the air only served to remind her of her own relief, or lack thereof. She pressed both of her hands into her lap as subtly as she could, but caught Lord Aert in the right corner of her vision, glancing concernedly at her, his tail stiff, and hairs raised. Clearly he was in need of relief as well. Please hurry, she thought. Vauque looked down, smiling gently, and Meliora’s heart leapt. He sighed, and, to every Plassen Lord’s surprise, slowly began nodding. She met his eyes eagerly. “I am open to these terms,” he said. Yes! “But we still have things to work out. I must talk with my superiors, and you with yours.” Meliora smiled broadly. This had worked out well. Not as well as she had been hoping for, but well enough. It was a solid start. “I couldn’t agree more, though I think you’ll find the King very enthusiastic about this deal!” Meliora said. Though Vauque didn’t quite have the reaction she expected -- he almost chuckled to himself. “I must admit, I do find myself wanting to trust you, Lady Meliora. However, I also find that my trust is a little more cautious for your King, who seems more content making deals with sugar-merchants, than running your kingdom himself.” Vauque said. Meliora’s smile vanished. Perhaps she should have tried to contain her shock, but her need to pee was taking up that space inside of her instead. “How did -- how did you find out about that?” she said. Vauque opened his mouth to say something, but before he could a messenger boy waddled up behind him, and whispered something in his ear. His eyes went wide momentarily, and he gestured for the boy to leave before standing up. The lords and ladies from his side of the table all followed suit. Meliora still sat, half out of shock, and half because she wasn’t sure she could stand without wetting herself. The other members of her side glanced expectantly. “Lady Meliora,” Vauque said sympathetically, “I would stand if I were you.” Meliora frowned. What was this? Still confused, Meliora stood as carefully as she could. It was just in time too, because as she tried to scrape together what little composure she had left, two young men, each dressed in colourful blue uniforms, strode onto the pavilion with trumpets in hand. Meliora was beginning to shake, both mentally and physically. All of this was so confusing. Was it planned by Lord Vauque in an attempt to intimidate? Maybe he knows about my bladder situation, she thought tensley, and he’s stalling for time. Her cheeks began to burn red as she felt all the tables’ eyes on her. Meliora attempted to move them to her side, feigning composure. She was attracting glances from all around now. Hopefully this wouldn’t last long whatever it was, though Meliora had to admit, she had a bad feeling about all this. The trumpeters raised their instruments and rumbled through a regal tune. Then a third figure, this one wearing a bright, frilly yellow dress, short enough that it barely came halfway over their diaper, stood at the entrance to the pavilion as the trumpeters left. “Ladies and gentlemen,” they said to the row of Plasseners, some of whom were beginning to squirm a little, “Boys and girls,” and they looked to the opposite side of the table -- to Vauque and the other officials from Luin and Dullen, “And representatives of the land, I duly present her Royal Highness Queen Amée De La Seule Couche of Luin, Keeper of the Seven Swords, Guardian of the First Crib, and Herald of the Winds of Puer.” Shit. After that mouthful, and a minor moment of private panic on Meliora’s behalf, the announcer bowed and backed up, before parting to the left of the entry. And then, the Queen of Luin herself entered. Flanked by two guards in the same uniform as the trumpeters, a woman in her mid twenties flowed into the room. And flowed was the right word to describe the sight. Although she seemed to radiate a pompous regality in that massively oversized frilly tutu, and despite her waddle at the blatantly thick diaper that coddled her (in fact, it looked thicker than almost any other Meliora had seen), she was still as graceful and gentle as the wind itself, as if she had been born a particularly beautiful peacock. For a brief, blissful moment, Meliora forgot about her need to urinate, and followed the table’s awed bowing and curtseying. This may have been a mistake. As soon as she attempted to lower herself into a curtsey, she felt her bladder pang, and released the tight grip of her urine in surprise. A tiny dribble spat out, and warmly twisted down her leg, before she managed to regain control. As a small wooden throne was brought up behind her, the Queen nodded regally and they all sat. It was slightly easier to maintain control like this, and upon sitting, her hands were able to snap back to hold her crotch. She began to wiggle slightly in her seat. To her left, she could swear she heard a small fart from Lord Griet, Meliora’s aide. However, no one else seemed to be paying attention to that, their energy instead focused on the Queen. “So, it seems I am in the graces of some of the finest political minds in the land!” she said, puffing up her dress slightly as she brought her hands down in excitement. “Yes your majesty!” Vauque said. “I believe you already know our people,” and Vauque gestured to the two representatives to his left, “but we also have Lady Moren Wystwith, of Dullen,” a lady to Vauque’s immediate right nodded in recognition, “along with Lady Meliora Van De Natte, representing Plassenar,” and Meliora felt all eyes cast upon her as she tried to keep herself together. She stopped wriggling for a moment to nod towards Her Majesty. Gods it felt awful to stop! “A pleasure to meet you both!” the young Queen said. As soon as she began chattering again, Meliora resumed her little … what was it those Dullener’s in the north called it? Ah yes, ‘potty dance’, hiding behind the safety of the table. The Queen smiled at everyone before continuing, “Please apologize for my intrusion, I was in the area and was merely curious as to how these sorts of proceedings functioned.” The Queen was newly appointed, her father apparently having died in battle, during the most recent Pacification War. But Meliora didn’t have much time to dwell on that, she had to force herself to remember to smile and nod when Vauque began to recount the meeting. As she pressed her hands into her lap as hard as she could, she noticed her dress growing slightly damp. Was she leaking already?! Gods, not now! Maybe I should look down to assess the damage… No. That might give everything away. She was becoming really desperate now, holding herself as best she could. She felt the urine pressing against her bladder, begging for release. Meliora glanced towards the others on her side of the table. Some of them, too, were wriggling slightly in discomfort. Compared to them, the opposite side were eerily calm. Lord Vauque, whether oblivious or not, took his time informing the Queen, who sucked serenely on a pink pacifier a servant had provided her. To make matters worse, just as Vauque’s conversation was coming to an end, Halene and Apprentice Narriss decided to return. Lady Halene was visibly stunned to see the Queen, and slowed her rush to a walk, whilst the young apprentice moved to the seating outside of the pavilion, with the lesser officials, and looking rather ashamed. And was she waddling? The Queen broke off her conversation with Vauque, removed her pacifier, and looked to Halene perturbedly. “And you are?” she asked with an air of surprise. “Lady Halene Goudenel, Your Majesty.” Halene said with a curtsey. Although the Queen seemed a little mollified by Halene’s obedience to procedure, she placed her pacifier on the table instead of resuming. “Well, welcome Lady Goudenel. Do we have any more surprises awaiting us?” She looked at everyone around the table. Meliora was tempted to say that they might have a rather golden surprise if they continued much longer, but thought the better of it. Damn, she wasn’t thinking straight now. She felt another quick burst of pee release, dampening her dress. It was fortunate she was wearing dark colours, because she felt a large wet patch under her rear. “So, Lady Halene, why do you join us only now?” “Oh, I was just taking a quick break from the summit, your majesty.” Halene said. “Yes, I’m sure it must be wearing on you, what with your odd lack of diapers. Though I do hope you remain in my presence for the remainder. This all sounds quite thrilling.” It seemed almost like a threat. A few of the Luin delegates chuckled slightly, though Meliora noticed Vauque’s silent refusal to join in. The Queen only seemed bolstered by the reaction she’d gotten however. “In fact, I’m surprised that none of you have wet yourselves yet! What with all the rumors about you people and your barbarity.” the Queen directed that one straight at Halene, and it was quite clear what she was intimating. A general chuckle from the opposite side of the table didn’t help either, though once again Vauque just reddend, looking embarrassed. A furious blush enveloped Halene, and Meliora saw her fists clenching. “Please excuse my potty mouth. I find the differences in our cultures fascinating, but clearly the more concerning aspects are exaggerated. You seem to be controlling yourselves finely today my lords and ladies. One could only imagine if …” Meliora stopped listening to the queen. The bursts of urine were becoming more and more frequent now. Please let this be over. Please let this be over! All this pee-talk was taking its toll. The warm, damp patch on her rear was growing slowly, trickling into the chair beneath, and Meliora realised that she had fully begun to wet herself. All she could do now was delay the release as much as possible. Meliora saw Vauque glance at her, and blissfully, he cleared his throat and spoke, “Well, I believe that’s been quite enough for today. We have a busy time ahead of us, let us make the most of it!” and he raised his wine glass. Everyone around the table followed suit, though thank the gods no one drank, and they scooted their chairs back. Almost there! Her backside felt wet with warm urine, and as they stood, she felt the cold air get to it. If she could only hold it for a few more moments, just a few more … But the movement was too much. Meliora’s bladder spasmed, and she momentarily let go. It was impossible to hold again. There was little else she could do but gasp, as Meliora felt a sudden stream of warm urine burst out from between her thighs. An utterly blissful wave of relief flooded through her, rippling up her back, as she let her pee go. She sighed heavily, her eyes fluttering in pleasure. Maybe she could have gotten away with a small wet patch on her dark clothing, but this was simply too much. She felt her pee hit the front of her dress, soaking a glistening warmth into it, and putting on a show for the whole table. As her stream slowed, she opened her eyes and blushed as gobsmacked expressions from the other side greeted her. There was no uproar, no shouting. The Queen simply watched in petrified horror, before eventually striding around to Lord Vauque. She whispered something utterly inaudible in his ear. Those around him seemed to have heard however, and sly grins crept onto their faces.Vauque himself only frowned, almost angrily, holding his tongue. She turned and faced Meliora directly. “It seems that I was wrong.” she said quietly before twisting around, her frilly tutu following her moments after in a spiral, and striding away from the Pavillion. The remaining delegates, Meliora included, were left stunned. She looked to Vauque for answers. All he offered was a look of sympathetic resignation. “I’m sorry.” he said. And with that, his side of the table all left the pavilion as well, leaving a very wet Meliora, and her allies, alone. END OF EPISODE 2
  21. Part 1 It was a hot late afternoon in August 1875 when a small group of girls was sitting in the patio of the Vennesvik inn. However, a random observer would notice that their arms were tied behind their backs. The group was no exception. All women around had their arms tied up as well. According to the Restriction Law in the Estreamund Kingdom, all females over 16 had to have their arms tied except for at home. Their husbands, fathers or brothers had to take care of their needs but they also had the authority to keep their wives, daughters or sisters tied up even more than necessary by the Law. In case of missing a family-related male caretaker, a public male caretaker was assigned. Almost all females were plagued by incontinence and they had to wear diapers. Of course, there were no disposables diapers available at those times, and dozens of washed diapers were hanging behind every house. The women and girls had to wash their diapers two or three times in a week. Surprisingly, there was no sign of rebellion from either side. The males accepted their role even if it was quite uncomfortable, and the females didn’t try to protest or try to escape. There was something like a dark mystery and curse hanging over the country as if the mind of every human was affected by a magic power. “How are you doing today, Anette?” a blonde girl turned to her neighbor, “It’s fine I’ve finished my chores and my father allowed me go here and drink a beer.” “You’re lucky, Sigrid; you have your father. My father passed away long ago and Olaf has been taking care of me since then.” “I know, Anette; Olaf is a good caretaker; I haven’t heard any complaints.” “Of course, he is but he has to take care of five girls including me and I have to stay tied up whenever he isn’t around. That’s quite frustrating. I can’t do anything on my own and I have to wear a thick diaper package. Today he stopped at my house at lunch and I could eat and change my diapers. Since then, I’ve been browsing the village and trying to waste time. He will come in the evening to do his round, and he will tie me to the bed then.” Sigrid nodded only. She knew about Anette and several more girls and women that were assigned a public caretaker. Olaf was really a good man, but he was a bit overloaded. Each of his clients had one morning and one afternoon reserved during workdays and about two days of weekend every month. Most of the reserved time they washed their diapers and tidied up. Nevertheless, Olaf’s life was even harder; he had only two days off in a month. James walked over to the girls and he held the glassof beer at their lips so they could drink. James was a nice young boy; he was the innkeeper’s son and he often helped his father. “Thank you, James,” Sigrid smiled at him. “You’re welcome, Sigrid,” he replied and moved to Anette. Anette drank up her cup and almost asked James for another one when she felt a stream of pee soaking her diaper package. The package was quite heavy and uncomfortable, and she couldn’t dare to pee once more until the next change. “Good afternoon, ladies; hopefully I don’t disturb” Olaf’s voice sounded cheerful and the middle aged man sat down next to the group. “Not at least, Olaf. Is your shift over already?” Anette turned to him. “Yeah, Anette, it is getting late. Maybe I should start my evening round soon. Would you like to be the first one?” “Why not, Olaf?” Anette’s heart jumped; she would get rid of the damn wet diaper. “Well, I’ll drink a beer and we can go then,” Olaf nodded, “James, bring me a glass of beer and the dinners for my girls.” The women cared for by public caretakers couldn’t work and the municipality took care of all their needs. The innkeeper prepared food and his expenses were refunded. Unfortunately, that was a reason for bad relationships. The poor women were considered parasites despite the fact they couldn’t work. Five minutes later James appeared with the beer and a big bag, Olaf paid for the beer and lifted the glass to his lips. He really was thirsty. Anette watched him only. “Let’s go, Anette,” Olaf stood up and stepped forward. Anette also stood up and waddled behind him. The wet package between her legs was heavy and Anette was worried about a leakage. “Hurry up? Anette,” Olaf closed the door and Anette hurried up to the small bathroom to remove the diaper package, wash herself and put on a new diaper and change into her nightshirt. She ate her dinner quickly and washed dishes. “Up to the bed,” Olaf took several pieces of rope and followed Anette. She lay down obediently and stretched her arms behind her head. Olaf tied her wrists to the upper bedposts. “Spread your legs,” Olaf took another piece of rope and tied it around her left ankle, “Sorry but I have to be sure you won’t try to get free, Anette.” “Don’t worry, Olaf. Why should I try to do it?” Anette smiled at Olaf. He was a handsome man, and he sometimes couldn’t resist the temptation when he took care of women. He was single; no woman wanted to marry a public caretaker for a good reason. Anette liked him and they had an intimate relationship. “Okay then,” Olaf tied her ankle to the lower bedpost and moved to her right side to repeat the procedure with her right ankle. Anette moaned quietly when she felt his hands on her bare legs. “Good night and think of me.” He covered her, leaned down, kissed her lips, put out the light and left. Anette couldn’t fall asleep; it was too early. She was thinking of Olaf, and she felt a slight arousal. Her life was almost miserable, and the time spent with Olaf was a pleasant one. Of course, she had several friends in the village, but they met rarely. Sigrid and Kristi were quite busy with helping their families. Mona and Hannah were two widows, and they were also cared for by Olaf; nevertheless they were quite boring and Anette wouldn’t like to meet them because of the urine smell. The old women liked beer and their diapers leaked almost every day. The thoughts of Olaf caused an itching feeling down between her legs, and she started pulling on the ropes in a vain effort to scratch that itch. Unfortunately, the inability to scratch the itch made it even more intense. She started moaning and pulling on the ropes but the response was unexpected; a stream of pee soaked her diaper. She sighed only, and the arousal disappeared. Suddenly the door opened, and a small figure sneaked in. “Hello, Anette,” James’s vice sounded cheerful. “Hi, James, nice to see you. Have you finished today?” “Not exactly but I wanted to see you. You are that lonely and you might need a friend.” “Oh, it is really nice from you, James. Right, I am quite lonely, and Olaf had to leave to take care of other his clients.” “Would you like to have one more beer to sleep better?” “Oh no,” Anette realized the wet package between her legs and blushed a little, “I would leak until morning.” “Unless,” James grinned mischievously, “unless somebody changed your diaper.” “Hey, what would you like to say?” “Don’t worry. I think Olaf has changed your diaper already. I know how to do it; I’ve changed my mother and sister already.” “Okay then. I might use it,” she smiled at the small boy. Was he really that nice? “Wait a little,” James set off and he returned fifteen minutes later with a glass of beer. “Drink,” he held the glass at Anette’s lips and let her drink. Anette was quite thirsty and drank it up quickly. The reaction was almost immediate, and another stream of pee escaped her bladder. “James …”, she grinned, and James nodded. He brought two cleans diapers and lifted Anette’s nightshirt, unbuttoned the rubber pants and removed the wet diapers. “You are all wet indeed,” he pulled the wet diapers form beneath Anette and put on two clean ones. “Well, it will hold until morning,” he covered her, took the wet diapers, put them into the pail and left, “good night.” Anette closed her eyes and fell asleep quickly. She was glad to have a new friend even if it was a small boy.
  22. The keys Part 1 The first button “What a weekend” Terry says as they pull away from the parking garage nestled under a hotel near furthest southern point in continental United States. “Ya I wouldn’t have never expected it” Cindy replied “Yup definitely something” Terry looked at his phone for less than a second. “You’re not playing with that while you’re driving” “Well…someone has to figure out how to get back to Miami” “I’ll take care of it… just wait…and head north” “Which way is that… I think we’re already going the wrong way” Cindy fumbled with his phone plugged it into the rental car. “What’s your code?” “use your phone” as he thought about any incriminating evidence that might still loom on his phone. “Just give me your code” “Fine…9876” He really didn’t want her reading any of his crazy stories, or seeing his search history, but making a big deal about it would just cause suspicion. Seconds later, large touchscreen in the center of the consul showed the map as a feminine computer animated voice said “starting route to Marriott, hotels, and resorts make left at stop sign” Terry studied the screen saying “Four hours and twenty six minutes. It’s a good thing we left early, I think we’re going to hit some traffic” “I told you… and you wanted to go sailing again” “Well… sailing around the Caribbean was fucking awesome, and sitting at some hotel, swimming pool isn’t… and I was hoping to tie off at a reef, and snorkel my way into finding a shark” “I don’t know why you just can’t relax for an afternoon, and we won’t have a problem getting to the airport on time” “What’s the worst could happen…. we get stuck in the keys for another night?” “Just don’t wreck the car I’m gonna take a nap” “How about that bar last night? What was it called?” “The name is on the wrist band that’s still on your wrist… I can’t believe your boss took us there… He told me on the way in… there’s somethings you just can’t un-see” Terry looked at his wrist, as he tried to spin the paper band around reading GARDEN OF… “well, you seem to have a pretty good time…. You were all heated up when we got back, and we can check off sailboat from the list of places we had sex” “I had a good time? I’m not the one who took off my shirt, dancing around 1/2 naked. I will never understand why anybody would want to dance around naked” “Everybody has their thing… and hey when in Rome, coupled with gin and tonic’s… shit I might have been completely naked, if I had couple more … and I still look pretty good for a old guy…” “Ya well you definitely had enough gin” “I think Gary was hoping you got naked… you would have definitely been in the top 10% and I sure would have enjoyed watching your boobs bounce around” “I can’t believe he owns the company, you’d think he was a beach bum” “Ya a beach bum with a sail boat, that paid for us to fuck off for the weekend… I guess I make him enough money… but I would have preferred a crazy bar with diapers and onesies, maybe they could-of given out binkies at the door” Cindy curled her upper lip towards her nose. “I definitely wouldn’t be able to un-see that” “Thinking about diapers I wish I was wearing one now, I already have to pee” “You’re disgusting” “I don’t think… in fact I think it would be wonderful” “Enough… just watch the road I’m taking a nap” Terry dazed off at the line of cars in front of him, and looked in the rear view mirror, at the line behind him. “I guess I’ll have to be a big boy and hold it for a while” “Really…I heard enough, don’t ruin the weekend on the last day” Cindy curled up against the far side of the passenger seat facing away from him. “Would’ve been better to ruin it on the first day?” Cindy didn’t respond. Terry sat back and squeezed his legs together a bit. Thinking ‘I’ll never make it if I think about wearing a diaper…if I just was incontinent I wouldn’t have this problem’ A few minutes later as he daydreamed along, he looked at the map again and noticed he still had 4 hours and 15 minutes left. Suddenly the screen changed Pulling his cheaters onto his face he read Dream of being urinary Incontinent? Push this button!!! You’ll dream will come true!! Forever!! There was a large red circle on the center of the touch screen. Terry looked at the screen, rubbed his eyes behind his glasses then looked again. Turning to his wife. “Hey are you seeing this?” She grumbled back “napping… I’m not seeing shit” “Well look at the screen” She very impatiently turned to the map and said “ya…. 4 hours and 15 minutes, don’t wreck the car…. I’m taking a nap” Terry watched the screen blink back to the map, shook his head quickly and pushed his readers up onto his head ‘hallucinating… I must be hallucinating’ A few minutes later again the message and button reappeared, only with an added. You’re not hallucinating! Terry thought as he looked between the button and road, ‘just push it it can’t be real… really how many times did I try, and fail at this’ So he pulled his hand over to the screen and with 2 fingers pushed the center of the button. The screen flashed and a new screen showed up. Are you sure? Forever!! Yes 🔴 No 🔴 Terry quickly replied “Yes I’m sure” As he pushed yes again with 2 fingers. Nothing seemed to happen, as seconds slowly passed he quietly said “there’s no magic button” Looking back at the screen the map returned and everything seemed normal. He pushed his hand against his crotch, ‘it would be so nice to have a diaper on’ Warmth started spreading between his legs, then down across his bum. Terry didn’t comprehend what was happening, looking down as he could see the dark circle growing on the front of his pants. “What the…” He landed hard on the breaks and pulled onto the curb. “What the fuck” “Hey asshole can you just let me take a god damn nap?” “I just… just” “What?” “I can’t believe this” “What!!?” “Shit… what the” “Can you please… just fucking drive?” “I just peed” “No, you…” “I can’t believe… what in the fuck” Cindy sat up and looked over at Terrys crouch “You did that shit on purpose… you’re sooo,… you’re just the biggest ass” “I didn’t, I don’t know what happened, I can’t believe” “This is a rental… we’re getting charged for that shit” “Oh, would have been better if it was our car!!?” “You’re such an asshole clean that shit up, you stupid fuck!!!” Terry went around to the trunk and grabbed his suitcase, ripped all the t-shirts out and went back and started wiping the puddle out of the leather seat. Then returned to the trunk and pulled out 2 beach towels, unfolded them and stacked them on the front seat. Terry stood along the busy road, looking down at his obviously peed shorts, noticing that he was still dribbling a bit. Grabbed a recently used t-shirt wiped his legs just before his leather sandals got wet. “Oh shit… I think this is actually happening” saying to himself. “Hey change your fucking pissed pants, and let’s go.” “What right here along the road?” “You should have thought about that before you pissed them, dumb ass” “I’m telling you I didn’t do this on…” Terry thought about his situation, could he honestly say he didn’t do it on purpose? Sure he didn’t have a choice after he pushed the button, but he did push the button. “There was a button on the dashboard that asked me if I wanted to become incontinent and I pushed it” “You what? What the fuck are you talking about, wake the fuck up and change your pants” “I’m telling you there was a fucking button look I’m still dribbling” Terry said as he walked around to the passenger side. “Listen, I want to relax by a swimming pool, I don’t give a shit what your fucking problem is, CHANGE YOUR PANTS AND LETS GO” Cindy didn’t even look at him. As she pushed the button to wind the window back up. Once again Terry was digging through his suitcase for new shorts, he grabbed the last beach towel and new boxer briefs and went to the back passenger door and opened it, standing away from traffic, he barely cared about his nakedness. His mind was racing, did this really happen? He tried to collect himself, but adrenaline and excitement made his hands shake as he quickly pulled down his wet shorts, and underwear. He folded the towel around him, secured it in place with his new underwear then pulled shorts up over all of it. Then tucked his penis as far between his legs as possible, and struggled to zip and button his shorts. He awkwardly walked back around the car, carefully sat back in the driver’s seat. Terry pulled the rear view mirror towards his face, pushed his hands across his face then ran his fingers over his short hair, spiking it slightly with sweat. “Can we go already?” Terry couldn’t reply, and put the car in drive.
  23. ? Isle of Foxes By Horatio Husky Commissioned by ArtMckinley Part One ”Island” Janet Parker kept her breathing steady, and her sights up. Disembarking from the rowboat after having crossed part of the East China Sea, the young anthropologist’s arms had shook even as she hauled the boat ashore. Still, after having furtively glanced around the deserted shoreline, she confirmed that she had managed to arrive undetected. Shouldering her backpack and hefting her emergency supplies kit out of the boat, she had half carried, half dragged her supplies to the jungle’s edge and hoisted her baggage into a small nestling of exposed rock. There, she would set up her camp. No fire or open forest floor plan for Janet, however. The mission she was attempting to undertake required utmost discretion, for not only was she going to have to camouflage her encampment as best as she could, but the boat would also have to be hauled further onto the island and hidden with brush. Still, Janet figured, she had some time yet. Carefully unpacking some of her supplies, she laid out the spokes and tarp that would make up her tent. Patterned the same lush hues of green as the surrounding underbrush, the anthropologist internally crossed her fingers that she would remain undetected. As she began to erect the tent, moving the expanding metal rods and tough, industrial string through the various pores of the tarp, her mind wandered back to the grueling process that had led her to the island she had been fascinated with since childhood. Maps of ‘Okidaitōjima’ had covered the walls in her bedroom ever since she was twelve. Previously known as ‘Rasa Island’ but also known as ‘Abreojos’ by its Spanish discoverer Bernardo de la Torre, who had become all too familiar with its perilously shallow surrounding shores, it was not the geography or its history that fascinated Janet. For thousands of years, the Japanese islanders who inhabited the Okinawa Islands held the island as sacred and forbidden to set foot upon. Untouched by humanity for hundreds of years, the island was rumored to be home to the only known species of intelligent, anthropomorphic foxes. Only recently had satellite imagery confirmed that the island was, in fact, inhabited. Changes in the island’s landscape and blurry images supplied by the satellite’s imagery suggested that there was indeed a primitive presence on the island. Janet still remembered the moment she had first viewed the low resolution pictures of erected watch towers and small huts, covered in leafy green vines and appearing almost as if they had been grown out of the forest into a desired shape. She had almost spat out her morning coffee when, unnoticed by her colleagues, a suspiciously orange shape appeared to be perched neatly in one of the towers. She had kept this observation to herself of course. Janet knew that if she founded her request to her university’s funding committee based on what most considered to be Japanese folklore she would be laughed out of the conference room. Persuading the Japanese government to lift the sanctions protecting the island’s shores from visitors of any kind was no easy task either. After several months of back and forth, Janet had opened her office mailbox to the welcome sight of a red envelope addressed to her personally. Inside of it, she was greeted with a letter proudly marked with the logo of the Japanese embassy. Not only had she been granted a researcher’s visa, but she would become the very first civilized human being to study the island’s inhabitants. Janet had gotten her chance, a childhood dream to prove to the world that lateral sentient evolution had occurred in other mammalian species. With any luck, after collecting enough evidence to make her claim undisprovable, she would begin a new career as the world’s first and leading anthropomorphologist. Janet regarded her handiwork, noting with a sense of self-satisfaction that her practice at home had paid off. From afar, the tent she had just constructed appeared indistinguishable from the surrounding jungle flora. In fact, she thought to herself, I’ll have to take careful note of its surrounding landmarks if I’m to find it again… After taking a moment to carefully study her immediate area, noting a particularly mossy boulder only a few feet away from her camp, she turned her gaze over to the metal and plastic watercraft she had arrived in. Its exterior had been painted a dull gray with a motley of military green intermixed with its rather unappealing color scheme. Despite having been designed to match the surrounding jungle, the glossy waterproofing it had been covered with caught the sun in a dazzling reflection. Janet made her way towards the boat, nervously glancing behind her shoulder at the looming watchtowers that just poked over the canopy of the jungle behind her. I really hope they haven’t been looking in this direction for the past hour… Stretching her arms above her head and behind her back as she strode purposefully towards the craft, she limbered herself up in preparation for a grueling haul towards the jungle’s edge. With several undignified grunts of effort and a lot of panting later, Janet was grateful to find that after pulling the boat onto the looser, dryer sand her efforts became significantly less labored. Half an hour later, Janet stood with her arms on her hips as she squinted hard at the boat, which was now concealed under a hefty amount of fallen branches and leaves. Sure… If you look at it long enough you’ll notice something is amiss… But that’s only if you expect to see something out of place. Contenting herself with the thought that after a day or two worth of tropical jungle rainfall the hidden boat would sink more organically into its surroundings, Janet waded through the sand back towards her tent. After a few minutes of anxiously scanning the jungle, her eyes alighted on the boulder she had set as her landmark and soon enough she was crawling inside of her makeshift abode. It was getting late, the sun began to cast the western part of the island with rosier hues, shifting from its lustrous, daytime yellow to a soft, warm red. The inside of her tent was growing darker at a much faster rate than the beach outside, so Janet quickly prepared her evening meal with what little light she had left. She opened one of the bento boxes she had purchased at the harbor, knowing she would have to savor the first few meals on the island as she went through her fresh rations before she would have to resort to eating dried food, and the few canned goods she had brought alone that would have to be consumed cold. Looking up, she took a minute to meditate before she dug in. I actually made it… Too concerned with ensuring that her base of operations was set up quickly and undetected, Janet had not allowed herself a moment to truly let the enormity of where she was impact her fully. She was on ‘the Isle of Foxes,’ the very one that her father had read to her when she was just a little girl. A giddy expression spread across her face as she looked down at her meal, shaking her head in jubilant disbelief. She had done it, years of university with her nose stuck in dusty books followed by a delicate campaign to convince a sovereign nation to allow her to set foot on one of their sacred islands. And she had managed to accomplish it all. Janet Parker did her best to compose herself then, not wanting to let her sense of victory and relief become premature. She still had a job to do, after all. With any luck, she would be able to use the week’s worth of time her limited supplies allowed her to glean enough data from the island’s inhabitants to serve as a milestone for the entire field of anthropology. Reaching forward, the young researcher undid one of the flaps of her tent to reveal the setting sun, gently descending down into the giant ocean pool beneath it. That day’s sunset serving as her evening meal’s entertainment, Janet took her time slowly picking up clumps of rice and pieces of pork dumpling with her chopsticks. The last hints of the sun had just barely disappeared beneath the horizon when she finished. Shrugging off her travel ware, Janet stripped down into her underwear before nestling herself into her sleeping bag. The inside of the tent was a little warm for her comfort, but she knew better than to fall asleep exposed to the elements. The temperature would drop quickly, and she would not have her dream field expedition burdened by a head cold. Janet allowed her eyelids to grow heavy, taking in slow, deep breaths as she calmed herself down to further expedite the onset of sleep. It was difficult at first, her mind was a whirl with the following day’s duties and plans. But eventually, she found herself nodding off, the muffled sounds of jungle insects and nightlife creeping into her dreams as she dozed off into a tired, deep slumber. ⤐ ⬷ Janet crept through the jungle foliage at a crouch. Every dozen steps or so, she would glance around furtively in the canopy above before slowly standing up to locate the beaten path she was trailing. The explorer had to take care to not walk on any of the jungle paths, as the likelihood of discovery by one of the island’s inhabitants taking the same path was too much to risk. This made the going very slow, as Janet had to take time to not only maneuver around obstacles such as gnarled roots or dense vegetation, but she had to do so without making too much noise or damaging the plants. This proved more challenging than she had originally anticipated, and sweat beaded her brow as the morning slowly shifted into afternoon, the island’s temperature rising as the sun continued to bombard it with summer’s radiation. As she ventured through, Janet’s eyes alighted on the various dried grass and wooden effigies that stood erected in the trees above, or swinging gently from a motley of vines like marionette puppets. Janet keenly noted that each of the wooden figurines appeared each to sport a distinct set of pointed ears at the top of their heads. This fact alone restirred the excitement of the butterflies inside of Janet’s stomach. | Still, despite the discomfort and slow traversing, Janet knew she was making progress. Her nostrils had caught a whiff of smoke, telling her that she must be getting closer to the primitive encampment. The smell of cooked fish and a strange, pungent herb had accompanied the woodsmoke. They must be good trappers… There haven’t been any reports of seeing them in the waters… Janet reflected to herself, inching her around an overturned log. Eager to see for herself, the anthropologist stopped as she spotted the back wall of one of the huts about a hundred meters away from her. Walking towards the village on the ground was far too dangerous, and Janet glanced around the surrounding trees as she decided that now would be a perfect time to execute phase two of her covert observation plan. She stretched once more, recalling the advice of her acrobatics instructor from her youth as she assessed which tree would be easiest for her to scale. Her gaze settled on a particularly large looking tree, covered in a dense blanket of vines and moss that would serve well for gripholds and traction. With a muffled grunt, Janet grabbed the nearest vine and hoisted herself up, her ankles gripping the leafy rope tightly as she began to ascend. One hand over another, Janet felt the excitement of the ascent course through her, quickly replacing the idle boredom of having to slowly sneak through the tropical forest. Janet reached for the branch above her, her knuckles turning white as her fingers gripped the aged bark enough to support her entire weight. Grabbing onto another part of the same branch with her other hand, she felt her grip loosen as her heart skipped a beat. Bits of decayed bark fell down to the forest floor below as she swayed precariously, holding on with only four of her fingers; the foliage below appeared dangerously far beneath her. She gasped, only just barely stifling the yell of fright that had welled up in her chest as she remembered where she was and what she was doing. Silently, her face contorted into a pained expression of effort and desperation. She swung herself from side to side, before reaching up and grabbing the branch once more with her other hand. To her relief, the wood held, and bit by bit she was able to haul herself up until she kneeled safely on the tree’s rigid bough. Janet took a moment to catch her breath, her chest heaving as her nerves calmed themselves down from the fight or flight response. Trying not to think about the fact that she had almost plummeted to her death, Janet quickly shuffled along the branch and began to make her way slowly through the canopy in the direction of the primitive village. A quarter of an hour later, she had closed the hundred meter distance. The smell of cooking fires and sizzling meat now punctuated the air, causing Janet’s mouth to water. Whatever the island’s inhabitants were cooking up, it smelled delicious. The anthropologist almost regretted having to conduct the research undetected, as she would have loved in that moment to break bread with the cooks of the island. She could now hear muffled voices, remarkably high-pitched for a collection of human primitives. Janet did her best to control her breath, her vision still obstructed by the large hut in front of her. She would have to creep along the branch, and do her best to glean what she could from the leafy canopy above. Janet’s right hand crept slowly into her satchel, ruffling around its contents until her fingers came into contact with the cool metal of her camera. Quietly, she took it out of her bag. She was about to begin a slow, methodical crawl across the tree’s branch when she heard the distinct sound of rustling leaves to her left. Before she could react, a voice that sounded like a squeaky child’s inquiry almost caused her to fall out of the tree in surprise. Janet’s head whipped around towards the source of the voice. Her jaw dropped open, her eyes growing wide as she beheld the sight in front of her. Standing on two paws at roughly a meter in height, with a blood orange colored fur coat, was a fox.