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  1. *Describe:* The story is about a boy who has a perfect sister and they make a bet that makes him have to deal with his baby and maybe sissy treatment Chapter 01 It was a beautiful day at the Hill house. The sun shone brightly in the sky, illuminating every corner of the small house. A not very large family lived there: a teenager called Parker and his younger sister, Aniyah. Parker was a young man of average height, not very athletic, stubborn and clumsy. He had a condition that forced him to wear Goodnites, which made him even more insecure. Aniyah, a beautiful, fun-loving girl, was the definition of perfection in person. She had excellent grades at school, a busy social life and was very responsible for her age. That day, the girls' parents planned to go out partying for several weeks, leaving Parker and Aniyah alone at home. The two siblings had an insane feud between them, as siblings often do. They were in the living room, arguing about who was the best at a particular activity, when Parker had an idea. "Aniyah," he said, with a mischievous smile on his face, "let's settle this once and for all. Let's have a competition!" Aniyah, always willing to accept a challenge, looked at him curiously and said: "A competition? I like the idea, but it's not a competition without a prize. What do you think?" Parker scratched his head for a moment, thinking about the possibilities. "Well, I have a few ideas," he said hesitantly. "We could put money on the line, or maybe the winner gets a week without housework..." Aniyah interrupted, shaking her head. "These ideas are silly. I have a better idea. The loser will have to obey the winner and do whatever he tells them until our parents come back. What do you think?" Parker looked at her, surprised by the proposal. He knew his sister was intelligent and a strategist, but he hadn't expected her to suggest something so daring. However, he didn't want to back down. "All right," he said at last. "I accept the challenge. Let the competition begin!" The brothers stared at each other for a moment, each determined to show off their skills and prove that they were superior to the other. They decided that the first competition would be a bike race to the local park. They both ran out into the yard, grabbed their bikes and positioned themselves at the starting line. "Ready... Go!" Shouted Aniyah, and the two brothers pedaled with all their might. Parker, although clumsy, was determined, while Aniyah showed her skill and grace on the bike. The race was fierce, with the two brothers fighting for the lead. However, on the last stretch, Aniyah managed to overtake Parker and crossed the finish line in first place. She let out a shout of joy, knowing that she had conquered the challenge. Parker was aware that he would have to start obeying his sister as soon as he woke up that morning. During the night, he had put on his Spider-Man Goodnites, one of the baby diapers his mother had insisted he wear. Parker hated the feeling of wearing those diapers, but he had no choice. When he woke up, Parker felt his Goodnites get wet, as usual. He pulled down his pants, revealing the faded Spider-Man print on his diaper. Parker got out of bed, feeling uncomfortable as he knew he would have to face Aniyah. He wanted to go to the bathroom to change, but before he could leave the room, Aniyah came in and intercepted him. "Looks like we've got a wet diaper down there," teased Aniyah, with a mischievous smile on her lips. Parker blushed instantly, feeling embarrassed by the situation. He tried to leave the room, but Aniyah blocked his way, reinforcing her authority. "Let's see the damage, that's an order," said Aniyah, with a tone of superiority. Parker, in a mixture of resistance and embarrassment, retorted: "I don't have to show you." Aniyah laughed, reveling in her position of power. "My forgetful little brother, remember? You lost the bet, now you do whatever I want." Parker bit his lips, feeling helpless in the situation. He knew he had no choice but to give in to Aniyah's desire. With a resigned sigh, he allowed Aniyah to come closer. She bent down and pulled up her pajama pants, revealing her wet Goodnites. "Very good, little boy," said Aniyah, with a childish tone in her voice. Before adjusting her pants, she made a playful gesture, as if she were two years old. Parker felt extremely uncomfortable with the situation. He wondered how far Aniyah would go in her new position of power. However, he knew that he was obliged to obey her commands, as per the agreement. With the Goodnites duly replaced and his pants pulled up, Aniyah finished: "Little boy, you're just wet." Want Parker felt a mixture of shame and frustration. He knew he would have to face more challenges and humiliations as long as he wasat Aniyah's mercy. Author note Hi, this is Lola I've had a hard time with my story about Abigail and her stepmother I lost her with more than 30k on Wattpad and I'm going to have to respond and I got discouraged it was hard here it's business as usual but I've created a way to support myself Subscribe Star and Kofi https://subscribestar.adult/lola-bunny https://ko-fi.com/lolabunny2rabbit
  2. A/N: Story is not finished yet but has some stuff I am very happy with. Will be releasing once a week for at least the next three weeks and hopefully motivated to keep working on this one. TIA for reading! Update (06/15/24): Chapter 2 submitted Continuing Education Chapter I: “Let the Lesson Begin” Life was supposed to be better than this. Michael Mason was twenty seven years old. He had a Bachelor’s Degree in forensic science. His gorgeous wife loved him deeply. And yet all he could think was how relieved he was that his boss was getting ready to write him up. It got him off the sales floor for awhile and away from all those damned boxes of merchandise. The manager’s office was small, little more than a desk and a couple of chairs. The room itself was unusually hot. Surprising since the company was too cheap to pay for heating in the store at night and the building felt more like a freezer. The only job Michael had been able to land was an overnight stocking gig. Every night, five nights a week, from 9 PM to 6 AM he opened boxes and stuck things on the shelves for minimum wage. The job was originally supposed to be something temporary while he found something in his field. Every morning he drug himself home, physically exhausted from the manual labor and from battling his circadian rhythm. What little free time he had he wanted to spend with Alyssa, his wife. The store itself had completely unrealistic times. Lectures about safe stretching and lifting exercises didn’t mean much when the only way to get the work done as quickly as his managers expected was to bend and lift in the most unsafe ways possible. And while he was tearing his body up to get product on the shelves, the people complaining that he wasn’t fast enough were doing what exactly? Hanging out in the back office on TikTok. It had been more than once that he’d wandered to the back in search of equipment or supplies, things his managers never seemed to know where to find, and caught them all crowded around someone’s cell phone, laughing their heads off. So the job was dogshit but at least he was bringing in money. He’d probably be fired eventually but he wasn’t going to quit on them. If they did plan to fire him for being “inefficient” then he was going to get every last penny he could out of them first. Kyle, the overnight assistant, who thought he was a store manager himself, sighed dramatically as he dropped into the chair on the other side of the desk, sitting upon it as if it were the throne from which he lorded over his subjects. “Mike, I’m tired of having performance conversations with you.” “It’s Michael sir.” His nametag said Michael. He indicated on his forms he preferred Michael. He’d told Kyle on numerous occasions he preferred Michael. “Mike,” Kyle continued, ignoring the protest. “To be blunt, your performance is wholly inadequate for this job. We have written disciplinary actions for you twice and this will now be the third time in less than a year. As such, we’ve decided to move forward with separation. I’m going to need your nametag, box cutter, and any other company equipment.” Kyle gestured to the third man in the room. “Jack will have to escort you out after you clean out your locker.” So, that was it. Game over. There was a part of Michael that would be completely relieved that he wasn’t going to have to show up anymore. Of course there was also the part that knew Alyssa was going to be absolutely furious with him. They could barely afford their rent now and they had just managed to open a savings account and drop spare bits of change into it. Going back to a single income was going to set them back by months. There was no point in complaining about it. Michael tossed his boxcutter and nametag on the table and stood up without a word. He was not going to give Kyle the satisfaction of crying or begging for his job. In silence, he strode out of the room, only slightly irritated that Jack was following him every step of the way. “It’s a tough thing,” Jack said. “But you really did it to yourself Mike.” “It’s Michael,” Michael sighed as he pulled a few personal things out of his locker. “Well look on the bright side Mike,” Jack said, “In six months you can re-apply.” “Jack, why would I re-apply for this shithole job?” Michael had tried his best to keep his cool but he’d failed. His only recourse was to blast his hate through his eyes directly at Jack. The expected effect occurred and Jack smirked as he saw the anger in Michael’s face. “You’ll be back,” Jack said. “Your type always comes back.” “You know what Jack?” Michael was already headed for the exit. “Go fuck yourself.” * * * Michael wasn’t sure how manly sitting in his bathrobe at the kitchen table with a container of ice cream and a scoop was but it was making him feel better. It was barely after 2 AM and Alyssa was fast asleep. He’d quietly changed and moved back out to the living room to wallow in his own misery. She was going to be so damned angry when she found out. He had no idea what time it was when the light in the bedroom turned on. He was cold. His robe was barely hanging on him and the ice cream had mostly liquefied. He slopped another bite, getting sticky melted goo all over his face, and sending another jolt of brain freeze to his head. “Michael? Why are you home so early?” It should have been a crime how easily Alyssa made it seem to look beautiful. Despite having slithered out of bed, her hair cascaded down her back as if she’d just had it styled. Her face was perfectly shaped and her eyes popped as if she had a ring of mascara. She could have done a hell of a lot better than an almost thirty year old loser who couldn’t even hold down a job at the grocery store. Here it came. Might as well rip the band-aid off. “I got fired.” He gritted his teeth, prepared for the explosion. Which didn’t….come? He caught a whiff of Alyssa’s perfume, vaguely scented like lilacs, as she wrapped her arms around him in an embrace before gently prying the spoon from his fingers and pulling it away. “Honey, you’re sticky,” she frowned as she disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a washcloth, which she ran over his face. Rather dumbfounded that he wasn’t having his face ripped off, Michael sat there and let his wife clean his face instead. “You’re not…huh?” Michael blinked. Alyssa had a bit of a temper but they didn’t exactly fight. He was expecting her to be mad. Mad in that sort of, “I’m disappointed in you” type of way that would make him feel like a total jackass without her actually raising her voice at him. “Not what?” she smiled as she sat down across from him. “I’m not a mind reader babe, use your words.” “I thought you’d be mad at me,” he confessed. “I’m not thrilled, no,” Alyssa frowned. “You don’t need me to tell you it’s going to hurt us. But you’ve been pretty unhappy at that job and I feel like I barely get to see you. We’ve got to be able to find a way to make things work where we don’t have to be apart so much.” “Yeah,” Michael nodded. His stomach growled in protest at him. Gorging on ice cream had not exactly been his most erudite moment. “What if…” Whenever Alyssa had an idea that she thought exceedingly clever, a grin spread across her face not unlike the Cheshire Cat. “...what if you finally followed through with your plan and went back to school?” “Yikes,” Michael sat up, pushing through his angry stomach. “That’s not gonna help our money situation at all Alyssa.” “That’s the best part,” she replied. “I found a place, let me show you…” her phone appeared in her hands and she played with it for a moment, “Look at this place!” Michael glanced at the phone, reading it off, “The Finch School? What am I? A bird?” “It started as a finishing school,” Alyssa said. “Miss Finch’s Finishing School for Marriageable Young Ladies. That was back in the 20s. It’s evolved into a co-ed liberal arts college. And they offer scholarships for returning adults. Finish your education and all that.” “Yeah but Alyssa, this place is ten hours from here,” Michael frowned. “How is that going to get us more time to be together?” “That part will suck,” Alyssa nodded. “But I barely see you as is. If you go to the school, you can finish your Master’s Degree, land that inspector’s job, and get away from all of these back breaking places you’ve been applying to.” Michael looked down at his wife’s phone again. He’d have to get a place near the campus. Or a dorm room, heh. And of course there was no point in any decision at all if he couldn’t claim that scholarship. There was no way he was taking loans out and they definitely couldn’t pay tuition out of pocket. “Ok then, I’ll apply for the scholarship and we’ll go from there.” “Good boy,” Alyssa beamed at him. * * * He’d done it. He’d gotten in. The application process was very easy and had been done completely online. He’s sent in some writing samples and records from his time at the state university. A few days later he’d received an acceptance email. The terms seemed almost too good to be true. He was required to accept campus housing, agree to a code of conduct that mostly boiled down to not doing stuff he’d hated doing when he was twenty anyway, and had to keep his grades up. That’d be easy enough. Michael had always learned his lessons well. He’d briefly met his roommate Nick when he’d dropped his luggage off at his dorm room. Nick was a few years older too so there was definitely a level of relief there that he wasn’t going to be shacked up with some eighteen year old kid fresh out of High School. It was a little odd that they’d been roomed together but Nick just laughed when Michael voiced his concerns. It would work. “The campus is beautiful babe,” he had his phone glued to his ear and was chatting with Alyssa. She was back at home getting ready for work. “My room’s not too bad. We’ll have to video chat later. My roommate seems cool. There’s a lot of…” Michael glanced around. There were a lot of girls at this school. It had been a women’s college originally. If it was one of those schools that ended up recruiting the kids of former students, maybe that wasn’t too surprising. He was pleased to note that there were plenty of older students but some of the styles of dress…he’d walked by an entire group of girls in Japanese lolita style! A girl, a woman really, who had to be at least thirty but nevertheless was wearing shortalls and had her hair in pigtails, literally skipped by him swinging a Hello Kitty backpack from her left hand as she bounced along the sidewalk towards one of the class buildings. “...girls here.” “That’s not a problem is it?” Alyssa asked. “Not for me, but uh….” Michael trailed off, too embarrassed to finish the thought. His half comment was greeted by a shriek of laughter. “Not to toot my own horn Michael but, you’re not going to cheat on this, are you?” His phone chirped and he pulled it from his ear long enough to glance at the picture that his wife had just sent him. She wasn’t wearing anything at all. And she had her fingers between her spread legs, pulling a pair of lips apart. “Alyssa!” More giggling from the phone. “We’re gonna have to get used to sexting sweetie. And babe, mommy is going to need A LOT of pics while you’re at school.” “Maybe save the NSFW for when I’m not walking around a college campus in the middle of the day,” Michael laughed. “But seriously babe, you are gorgeous. You just made it that much harder for me to concentrate on my classes.” “Well then, I guess you won’t get any more pics until you show me that you’ve learned something,” Alyssa said. Michael was outside his classroom now. “I’ll show you exactly what I’ve learned tonight babe. I’ve got to go now though, I’m at my first class. Love you.” “Love you too. Learn a lot!” Michael hadn’t been in a college classroom in several years but the room he stepped into was certainly not what he expected. The walls were a pastel green with rainbows adorning them. Along the back wall were rows of cubbies, many filled with bags and other things. Many students were already sitting at desks with their hands folded. Every person in the room was a girl, none younger than twenty five, and none dressed older than twelve. Along the front wall was a chalkboard - a chalkboard! And above it a poster showing the alphabet. If it weren’t for the size of the desks, Michael would have sworn he had walked into a kindergarten classroom. This couldn’t be his class. He was here to take an advanced criminology course. The worst part about walking into the wrong room was that all the heads had turned to gawk at him. The teacher was the only person dressed remotely normally - if goth scientist was “normal.” Her long curly hair was died sea green and coiled halfway down her back. She wore a black lab coat over boots, fishnet stockings, a leather skirt, and corset. Goth…bondage…scientist? The mix of styles was almost too much. Her piercing pale blue eyes seemed to be digging into his skull and he caught just the faintest hint of lilac from her. “Oh excuse me, I must be in the wrong class,” he muttered as he turned to leave. “Stop right there!” the woman called. Michael found himself stopping in his tracks. “You come inside right now and put your things in your cubby please.” Michael found himself walking back into the classroom. Did he actually have a cubby? Impossible. That would be the easiest way to prove that he was in the wrong spot. Jennifer, Kelly, Lisa, Daisy, see…no…Michael blinked and rubbed his eyes. Right next to “Daisy” was an empty cubby labeled “MIchael.” “Well?” the instructor called out. “Uhh, yes ma’am,” Michael swallowed as he tossed his bag into the cubby and turned around. “Very good,” the instructor smiled sweetly. “Now if you’ll take your seat please.” “Oh, which one is mine?” Michael was a bit confused. There were several empty seats, so he wasn’t exactly sure where he should sit. “Oh Professor!” the blond in pigtails that had skipped past him earlier had raised her hands and was waving it excitedly. Dress aside, Michael was definitely sure that this girl had to be in her early 30s at least. Meanwhile the professor looked like she couldn’t be more than about twenty two. “Yes Daisy?” the Professor smiled sweetly. “Professor, can she sit at my table?” the girl named Daisy asked. She? Michael had to admit that he was a bit on the thin and small side but still, there could be no way he’d be mistaken for a girl right? Short hair, tee shirt, jeans. He practically screamed “guy going back to college after failing at life.” “Yes, that will be fine. The new girl can sit with you Daisy,” the professor replied. “Oh, but, uh…” Michael cleared his throat. He wasn’t entirely sure where this misconception was coming from but it was definitely something he wanted to clear up. “Yes sweetie?” the Professor beamed at him as if he had just answered a really hard question. “Can you use the words to share your thoughts with the class?” “I’m a boy actually.” Michael said. The classroom erupted, first as every girl gasped and then peels of laughter echoed from all around the room. Every table seemed to burst into chatter as all the students began talking and pointing at him. “Girls, settle down!” The Professor grabbed a yardstick from her desk and wrapped it three times. The knocking sound killed the conversation. “Is that any way to treat a new student? Now sweetie, I want you to come to the front of the room ok? I promise, you’re not in trouble.” Feeling foolish, and knowing he was blushing, Michael walked up to the front of the room and stood next to the teacher. Her lilac perfume wrapped itself around his nose in a way that was intoxicating. He could feel his head going light. “Now sweetie, this is Miss Finch’s Finishing School and it is a school for girls. If you’re a student here, you have to be a girl here. You are a student here, aren’t you?” “Yes, but…” Michael went to protest. The school hadn’t been a girls only school in fifty years! And it wasn’t a finishing school anymore, it was a liberal arts college. Something in the back of his mind told him that whatever was going on was so strange that his best bet would be to run. But that smell… “And if all the students here are girls, that means you’d have to be a girl too, doesn’t it?” “But I’m not a girl!” Michael insisted. “Oh don’t worry sweetie, I’ll help you with that,” the Professor said. She reached for his face, caressing it in her hands, and pulled him forward before delivering a peck on the cheek. “You see, I can make it all better with just a kiss.” Michael felt just slightly off. He couldn’t quite place it but something was different. His shirt seemed to hang from him loosely as if it had grown two sizes too big. Oddly, it felt tighter around his chest than it had before. The reality of the matter, that he had somehow shrunk, set in when his pants slid right off his hips, now hopelessly larger than his waist. “What in the…” Michael’s hand slammed across his mouth. That hadn’t been his voice! Michael had a deep, husky voice, just slightly gravely. The voice that had escaped his lips had been honeyed, soft, and very feminine. When he glanced down, he realized more was wrong. The hair on his hands and legs had disappeared completely, his skin now soft and smooth. He had previously had many blemishes and moles all across his body, they were all gone now. And his chest? The reason his shirt was tight was that he now had cleavage! A strand of hair fell into his face, dirty brown having turned into a silken brown mousse - short length having transformed into mid length curls that coiled around his shoulders. His…more like…”What did you do to me?!” “I told you sweetie,” the Professor replied with a smile. “Only girls attend Miss Finch’s Finishing School. Since you’re a student here, you must be a girl.” “I’m not a…” Michael stopped himself, no…herself, as she felt a new sensation. Her underwear was becoming warm and wet. She was peeing herself! The escaping fluid quickly turned into a flood as her boxers became uselessly saturated and pee dripped down her legs, pooling in her jeans at her feet. “Oh dear, oh dear,” the Professor shook her head. “Daisy, will you go into the supply cabinet and get me the diapers? It looks like our new student had her first accident.”
  3. Description: A baby for a bully - A story in which a girl enters a very reclusive school and, at school, will suffer at the hands of bullies who will make her their baby -------------------Chapter 01---------------- Ha-na was a small, beautiful 16-year-old girl with blonde hair that shone in the sunlight. Two pink strands stood out in her hairstyle, giving it a touch of originality. Her biggest dream was to become an idol and create her own musical hits. To pursue this dream, she studied at a renowned girls' school that was forming the current idol groups. It was a sunny day when Ha-na decided to take a break in a local café. The establishment was not very busy at the moment, which gave her a quiet environment in which to relax. She entered wearing her standard school uniform, a skirt combined with a shirt. As he entered the café, his eyes met a woman sitting alone at a table near the window. The woman had a laptop open in front of her, and her gaze seemed full of curiosity. Ha-na approached and greeted her: "Hello, my name is Ha-na. May I join you?" The woman smiled gently and replied: "Of course, make yourself at home. My name is Park, I'm a journalist. I've been expecting you. We have some things to talk about." Park explained that he was working on a story about the famous Melody cases, that famous idol school that hides a lot of secrets She asked Ha-na to provide proof of the story she had mentioned in a previous email. Ha-na looked around, making sure no one could see, and, with a quick gesture, lifted her skirt, revealing a diaper. She then lowered it, showing that she was wearing it. Park was surprised by the revelation, but kept her expression calm. "Now that we have the proof, you can tell your story," she said. Ha-na sat in a comfortable chair in the small café, her eyes fixed on Park, the curious journalist who surrounded her with questions. Although hesitant at first, Ha-na decided to open up and share her darkest secret. It was something that few people knew, but now it was time to reveal it. After a brief moment of silence, Ha-na took a deep breath and began to tell her story. She revealed that, against all expectations, she had received a special invitation from the renowned Melody school. It was a chance in a million, as this school was known for training the most talented and famous idols in the country. The Melody School was a veritable paradise for aspiring idols. With several buildings spread across a vast campus, each dedicated to different aspects of artistic training, the institution was a veritable music empire. Ha-na described the campus as a magical place, where the sound of melodies filled the air and dreams came true. As Ha-na shared her excitement at receiving the invitation, she mentioned that she knew about one of the school's most famous future idols, Baek Ha-rin. The teacher accompanying her, Mi-hai, mentioned Ha-rin's name with admiration and enthusiasm. "Wow, you've got a great chance," said Mi-hai excitedly. "You're going to study in one of the newest rooms, newly created in the building that will house the most famous future idols, including Baek Ha-rin." Ha-na knew that Baek Ha-rin was one of the rising stars in the music industry. Her powerful voice and captivating stage presence made her one of the most promising idols of her generation. Ha-na deeply admired Ha-rin and dreamed of following in her footsteps and achieving similar success. As Ha-na recounted these details, Park's mind filled with images of the Melody school. She could visualize the spacious corridors, decorated with bright murals depicting the most famous idols who had ever passed through. Ha-na's school uniform, consisting of a pleated skirt and a white shirt with pink details, perfectly matched the school's vibrant and energetic atmosphere.
  4. This little blurb was inspired by these memes that have been floating around the internet for quite a while: I love this kind of dynamic and I wanted to write something for it. Just a quick little thing. Hope yall enjoy! "I Love My Hot Goth Wife!" Brayden often answered the same question several times when he met new people. Not at first of course. He was, in his opinion, as normal as any country boy. But without fail along with the typical question of “Are you single?” he’d get the same question over and over. “No Ma’am,” He would say politely and go to pull out his phone. The lockscreen of said device was his favorite photo of him and his fiance Jade. And whoever asked would look at the photo, he’d watch their eyes widen, and they’d go “Her?!” Not maliciously! More out of surprise, he was sure. You see, he and Jade were the peak example of “opposites attract”. In the photo, Jade was a few inches taller than him because of her 6” tall platform boots. The boots themselves were black leather with silver metal buckles. Tracing up the knee high boots led to black fishnets with ‘artfully torn’ patches exposing large tattoos decorating Jade’s thighs. She wore a pair of tight black shorts with chunky metal spikes on the belt loops and one of his t-shirts cut into a tiny crop top that pulled tightly over her *ahem* well-endowed chest. Her hair was cut into a sharp bob and pushed behind her heavily pierced ears to show the dark black lipstick decorating her puckered lips. Brayden wasn’t a make-up expert, so he really didn’t know what all mascara or eyeshadow or concealer stuff she was wearing along with it. She looked mighty adorable to him, though. She completely upstaged him as he was wearing denim jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and a ballcap with sunglasses. Jade was his goth queen, he often told people who truly didn’t believe him when he told them the truth. He loved her so much it was unspeakable. His friends liked to joke that he was a reincarnated “Gomez Addams” And she was his “Morticia”. That suited him just fine, and delighted her to giggles! _______ Of course, there was another reason why they fit so well together… Brayden unlocked the front door and stepped inside of the home he shared with Jade. He made sure after he kicked off his boots to put them on the coffin-shaped shoe stand Jade bought before announcing himself. “Honey, ‘m home!” “In the kitchen, babes,” Jade’s voice called from a distance. Brayden didn’t run but it was a close thing as he darted into the kitchen to see Jade making cookies. She wasn’t in her typical dark dress, choosing instead to wear one of his shirts and a pair of white lace panties and nothing else. His arms looped from behind her to wrap her in a hug. “I missed you so much,” he muttered into her hair. “Aw,” She cooed, stopping her mixing long enough to turn and pull him down to meet her lips in a sweet kiss. “I missed you too.” “What kinda cookies you makin’?” He asked curiously, reaching behind her while her back was turned to swipe a dollop of dough onto his finger and taste it. It earned him a swat on the rear, but it was worth it to taste the chocolate. “Double chocolate!” She said with a playful glare. “No poaching from my bowl!” “Oh, baby,” He turned up the charm, leaning closer to her to watch her face turn red at the attention. “I don’ gotta poach what I can ask nicely for.” He punctuated his sentence with a slow, deliberate look up and down her body. That, of course, earned him another swat. “That’s not on the table tonight, little boy,” she scolded. Feeling his breath kick up a bit, Brayden hummed. “So we’re still…” “Yes,” Jade smiled, nodding down the hall. “Why don’t you go get ready and I’ll finish up putting these in the oven.” Brayden didn’t need to be told twice as he nearly ran down the hall to their shared bedroom. Jade already had most of the supplies set out. Brayden stripped from his clothes and tossed them into the laundry hamper. He started with the booties as they were the easiest to slip on and lock. Next was the awkward bit. He took the bottle of lube left on the bed and slicked up three fingers. At this point in their relationship, he was well acquainted with playing with his ass. It was just awkward to do by himself with nobody watching. Especially since he wasn’t supposed to be ‘getting off’. He was supposed to be making way for the real fun. After using a provided back of baby wipes to clean his hand, all that was left was to put on his mittens. Those he couldn’t lock himself, but putting them on was enough. He’d just laid down on the white changing mat by the time Jade was strolling in with a plate in hand. Setting it down beside him, Brayden was able to see three bananas and four marshmallows on the plate. “There’s my baby,” She cooed. “All ready for his diaper.” Jade took a moment to make sure his mittens were locked before grabbing a pink patterned diaper that was folded up right by Brayden’s hip. He watched her unfold it and raise his bottom up with a hand positioned under his knee long enough to settle the diaper under him. Knowing the drill, Brayden propped his legs up on the edge of the bed to expose his newly prepped entry to her. Much to his embarrassment, Jade slicked up two fingers and slipped them inside. He tried not to squirm to much even as she curled them and he felt them brush against his prostate. “Oh, wow,” She smirked. “You’ve gotten yourself all ready for me. It’s almost as if you were expecting something.” “Mommy,” Brayden whispered out shyly. Jade only laughed. “I have exactly what you want, baby.” She reached over and plucked a marshmallow off the plate. Brayden watched her concentration as she slipped the cool marshmallow inside him. His eyes fluttered closed as the second one followed. Her squeezing of his thigh forced him to open them again as she positioned half of the first banana. “I’ll have to keep going, okay? I don’t want it to break. Just breath slowly just like Mommy taught you,” She instructed. “Yes, Mommy,” Brayden tried to say but was cut off as the banana was starting to slip inside. There was no break between the first half and the second half. She allowed him a moment to breath before she started on the second. He felt the pressure in his stomach grow and couldn’t stop the groan that left as the end of the second banana slipped in. “Can you handle more?” She asked softly. Brayden nodded. He knew he could. They’ve done this many times before. But it meant a lot to him that she’d ask anyway. The final banana as well as the two marshmallows slipped inside with little fussing. After wiping her hands of remnants, Jade made sure to powder him generously and tape his diaper up. The last thing they needed was a mess to clean up. Her favorite onesie came next. It was black with white trim and the words “Baby Bat” written on the front in white text. There was also a small cartoon bat on the butt. The leg guards of his diaper peeked out from the leg holes of the onesie, but he didn’t have time to think about it as she stood him up and led him out to the living room. A cartoon was queued up on the television and she sat him down on the floor on top of a soft, hand-sewn quilt. Her last addition to his outfit was a black spreader bar strapped to both his knees. He was helpless with no way to hide the incident that was going to occur soon. He watched her stand up from his position and set up her phone to record him on the coffee table. “Say hi to all your friends, Baby Bat.” ‘Baby Bat’ was his online persona. The persona that only those in the know of this little kink would know. He knew immediately that after it’s filming, this video would be posted to their shop and sold to hundreds of other diaper lovers, goths, femdoms, and who knew who else. “Hi friends,” He whimpered, hips shifting in discomfort. “Why don’t you tell them what’s gonna happen in this video, yeah?” She prompted. As was their usual formula. It was something she could clip and use as promo for their shop. And he knew exactly what to say. “I’m gonna mess,” He gasped, playing up his squirming for the camera just a tad. “Mommy put bananas and marshmallows inside of me,” He let out a long whine as if anyone on the other side of the screen could save him. “It’s so much.” She stepped into the view of the camera and used her foot to push up the spreader bar so that his knees were nearly to his chest. It made it hard to hold onto the food inside of him and she knew that. “That’s what babies do,” She lectured. “They mess themselves in their cute little diapers.” Her food left the bar, but he kept his knees up as she traced from the back of his thigh to his padded crotch. With the slightest bit of pressure, she stroked over his rapidly hardening cock. “Are you gonna mess yourself for Mommy?” “Yes!” He cried out. “I’m gonna poop in my diapers for Mommy!” Thus ended the promotional material. Jade bent down beside him to give a quick, reassuring kiss to his forehead before she stood and went to sit on the couch. “15 minutes baby,” She informed and pressed play on the video. The length of the episode was 11 minutes, he was sure. Squirming and whining (not so much for the camera anymore) Brayden tried to watch the cartoon. There were several false starts where he couldn’t help it and his ass gave way to a wet-sounding fart. Each time, Jade would come over and loudly proclaim him still clean and teased him with encouragement. The final moment came as the episode faded to black on the screen and the cramping in his stomach became too much. “Mama!” He begged. “I need to go poop…” “That’s what diapers are for, baby,” She came over and placed her foot back on the spreader bar. Brayden couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to. A loud squelching sound was heard in the livingroom, undoubtably being picked up on by the camera. Brayden’s lips parted in quiet sobs as he felt his mess being forced out of him and into the seat of his diaper. Jade’s eyes were on said diaper and he was sure she could see it expand outward as it was filled. The mess, with nowhere else to go, started to coat his scrotum and even move passed it to reach the front of his diaper. The texture of the bananas was mushy and chunky in equal measure. The marshmallows only add to his torture. Callously, Jade dropped his legs back down and he felt his mess squish even further around his privates. Brayden could only lay helpless when Jade reached down to pull open the snaps of his onesie. What followed was several minutes of verbal degrading and humiliation as Jade forced him to sit up, squishing his mess even further, and pose for the camera. His orgasm only came after being allowed to hump her foot and thank her profusely for allowing him to poop his diaper like a good baby bat. He was rewarded with eating her out, his messy diaper pointed at the camera, of course. When Jade stopped the recording, she released him from his bonds and led him to the bathroom for a quick shower while she pulled the cookies out of the oven. Eating said cookies with a cup of milk, Brayden couldn’t help but think about how much he loved her. Especially as she petted his hair as it rested in her lap. The television playing his favorite fishing competition show now.
  5. Author's Note: This story will be my submission into Kasarberang's non-con contest! I strongly encourage you to go to his original post to see the rules and get a better summary of the expected content of this story. This is just the start of this story, but I hope to have it finished by the deadline for the contest, if not that, then the majority will be written in accordance with the guidelines. This chapter will only have hints of what is to come, but it is very sexually graphic. Please take this as a warning to those who do not like that kind of thing. It will get worse. Heed all my tags as I will be tagging all the relevant things for this story all at once rather than as the story progresses. Please enjoy! Boss Baby or Boss' Baby? : Chapter 1 “Here you go, Baby,” Miss Tammy said sweetly. Jesse blinked as his focus on his computer was broken and turned to Miss Tammy to see her holding a small plate with two donuts stacked on top. The workday had just started and he’d been sending out a few follow-up emails from the previous day when Miss Tammy approached. Seeing that she had his attention, she continued speaking. “I bought donuts for the office but I wanted to make sure you had some while they were still warm,” She smiled and set the plate down on the edge of his desk. “I also grabbed some milk for you.” She put the small bottle of milk right beside the plate. “Eat up!” Jesse’s eyes lit up. He didn’t often have breakfast in the morning, but he’d devour anything given to him by Miss Tammy. Miss Tammy was the supervisor over the whole department. A woman of 35 (her birthday had just passed– They sang to her with cupcakes in the breakroom.) with a strict standard but soft heart. She could easily portray the tough boss aura, but that disappeared as soon as she slipped on her trademark black cardigan and red reading glasses. Said glasses were perched on top of her head, the stems hooked into locks of blonde hair tied in a bun so that they didn’t fall. She must have left her cardigan in her office, Jesse noted as he stood up to hug her in thanks. He was shorter than her on a good day, but now, with her wearing her standard black heels, she was tall enough to tuck his head under her chin and nearly inappropriately close to her bust. “Thank you, Miss Tammy!” Jesse smiled. “That was really sweet of you!” “Oh hush,” She giggled, squeezing Jesse firmly before letting him go. “You know you’re my favorite.” The wink she followed the statement with had him returning the laugh. It was a running joke in the office that Jesse was her favorite employee because of the way she constantly doted on him. Jesse summed it up to being the youngest worker on the floor at just 21 years old. The next person older was Samantha at 25. It didn’t hurt that he leaned into the presumed special treatment by calling her ‘Miss Tammy’. The name was a bastardization of ‘Tammy’ the nickname the other supervisors called her, and ‘Miss Tamera’ the respectful title used by the rest of the floor. The first time he’d used it was an accident, but the resulting coo and sincere hug encouraged him to keep it up. “Oh! Before I forget,” She snapped, suddenly reminding herself of something. Jesse had since sat down at his desk and paused with half a bite of sugary glazed donut stuck in his mouth. “We are doing drug tests later on today starting after lunch.” The words made Jesse’s stomach drop. “W-What?” He stuttered. Miss Tammy carried on as if she didn’t notice his hesitance. “You know how the janitors found weed stashed in the cleaning supplies closet?” She waited for his nod before speaking, leaning against the wall of his cubicle. “Well, I told John,” John Scott, who was her boss. “That none of my employees would ever bring something like that into the building. I even told him that it was probably one of the new janitors!” That led her to a laugh, head tossed back enough that she had to catch her red reading glasses before they fell from her head. “But he was insistent that everyone on the floor get drug tested. Even IT down the hall is getting it done,” She sighed. “Uh,” He wiped the crumbs from his lip, not feeling so hungry any longer. “What happens if someone…fails?” Miss Tammy’s face took on a sad look. “John says they’re getting fired, but if anyone on the floor tests positive, I’ll make my case for them. I love my team so far, I’d hate to see anyone go.” “Yeah,” Jesse cleared his throat after his voice cracked, taking a sip of milk to rinse his mouth. “That would be bad…” “Mhm,” Miss Tammy spared a distant look at him before coming back to her usual chipper self. “But keep that between us, okay, baby?” The pet name a joke just as his own for her. “It’s supposed to be a surprise.” “I will,” He assured, turning back to his computer. He nearly felt a bead of sweat drip down his forehead. “Thanks again for the donuts…” It’ll be the last donuts he ever receives from her, he’s sure. It wasn’t that he was a smoker. He wasn’t! It was just…a stupid party. That weekend was his brother Travis’ birthday and they’d all taken a camping trip to celebrate. It was a great time with swimming at the lake, roasting marshmallows, and grilling hot dogs that Jesse…well. The blunts were passed around before he could even register it. One ended up in his hand…Travis said he didn’t have to, of course, but the cajoling of his (older than Jesse) friends pressured him into taking a drag. The smoke was awful! Jesse was wheezing and almost felt like he would throw up, much to the amusement of the crowd. When the next blunt came around, he told himself he’d pass it down. But Amber, the friend of Travis’ girlfriend, grabbed him by the chin and shotgunned the smoke in the pantomime of a kiss into his mouth. The hoots and hollers of the crowd spurred him on passed the lesser coughs that came from the lungful. The rest of the night was spent in the company of family and friends alike. And each puff after was like riding a bike. It was the first time Jesse had ever been high…and it was the best weekend of his life so far. But now… He’d be fired! Dread settled so deep in his stomach that he couldn’t work on anything as the office slowly filled with people. Two hours passed, only one more til lunch and then his fate would be sealed. Jesse’s hands were clammy with sweat. Should he just leave? Pretend he was sick and go? That would only delay the inevitable. And Miss Tammy would know he was lying! She’d seen him just this morning. No…He had to tell her before it was too late. Honesty was the key. He wasn’t the one who left the weed in the closet, of course. She would know that! She’d believe his story and she already said she was willing to plead his case to John. Newly emboldened, Jesse shot out of his chair and nearly tripped over his wastebasket on his way to Miss Tammy’s office. He felt the sweat on his face cooling at his quick movements and didn’t even stop to think about what his coworkers would think. A few quick knocks on the cracked door and he barely waited for the “Come in!” before slipping inside and shutting the door behind him. Miss Tammy sat at her desk, glasses perched low on her nose, and her eyes widened when she saw him. “Jesse? Are you alright?” She asked with full concern and turned her full attention to him. “Sit! You look like you’re going to be sick.” Jesse took the seat in front of her desk with slumped shoulders. “Miss Tammy I screwed up,” He said weakly. Tears rushed to his eyes as the events caught up with him. “Baby,” She said softly, her bracelet scratching lightly against the wooden desk as she leaned against it. “Talk to me, what has you all ruffled? Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s okay.” “It’s not!” Jesse gasped. “I’m gonna fail the drug test.” At the admission, he slumped forward with his elbows on his knees and sobbed. “I smoked this weekend. I’m going to fail! I’m so sorry!” “Woah,” She kept her calm tone, the sound of her chair rolling back cut through the air. “Take a breath, baby.” Her advice came soft as she walked around the desk. Jesse could see her bare feet where she’d taken off her heels in the privacy of her office. From the vantage point, he could also see a plastic wastebasket being positioned in front of him. If he finished those donuts, he most definitely would have been using it. A gentle hand rested between his shoulder blades and rubbed in circles soothingly. “Breath for me.” The breaths came shaky, but they helped slow the tears dribbling from his eyes and making dark spots on her grey carpet. Fuck, he was a mess. “I’m sorry,” He whispered again. “Don’t worry, baby,” She said immediately. “I don’t want to get fired!” He looked up finally, casting his blurry vision onto her face, mere inches away from his from where she leaned over. “I- I don’t smoke- It was just one time!” “I know,” She nodded. “I know you don’t smoke. You said it was a party. These things happen-” “I’m so sorry-” “I’m not angry with you,” She said for the first time in a firm tone, her brows furrowed and lips pursed. “I’m not, baby. I’m just worried you’ve worked yourself into this state.” Jesse’s lip quivered again and he watched her reach over her desk for a tissue. His hand reached up to receive it but was ignored in favor of her dabbing at his wet cheeks. His vision cleared up and to avoid meeting her analytic eyes, he stared ahead, only to flinch as he was rewarded with a view of her breasts. The seam of her bra was just visible in her hunched-over position. It felt like too long had passed before he realized he was looking down his boss’ blouse and his head jerked back up to look at her face, expecting disgust. But there was none. She was carefully mopping at his eyes to avoid poking him and pressed the tissue to his nose. “Blow.” Instinct took over and he blew into it, only feeling embarrassment at his own actions after she cleaned up his nose and tossed the tissue into the wastebasket. “Are you calm now?” She asked, positioning her hands on her knees and Jesse had to force himself not to peek back down at her cleavage. “Yes, Ma’am,” He nodded. “Good boy,” She purred. “Now come here.” Jesse found himself standing from his seat and being led around the desk to where Miss Tammy settled down in her own chair. He could see her heels tucked neatly under the desk and traced the path to her bare feet, up her shapely legs, to her her knees where her skirt was rucked almost too far up her thighs, and- Christ. At this angle he was able to see her breasts even better. The hem of her bra definitely peaking from the dip of her shirt now. Meeting her eyes, he blushed, seemingly caught. “You’ve been naughty this weekend,” She said with a sigh, one leg coming up to daintily cross over the other. “We have to figure out what to do about that.” Jesse frowned, worry creeping in. “I’m-” “Uh uh!” She tsked. “I’m talking, you listen. Understood?” “Yes, Ma’am.” Jesse nodded immediately. “Good boy,” The praise lifted his heart from where it seemed to have fallen right to the basement. “So,” She continued. “You were very naughty this weekend. You told me you were going to your brother’s birthday party, correct?” “Yes, Ma’am,” Jesse fought off the urge to elaborate. “And at this party you smoked weed,” Jesse’s eyes ducked to his feet guiltily. “And now I need to find a way to keep John from firing you.” “...Yes, Ma’am.” “Well, it’s a good thing you’re my favorite. Isn’t it, baby?” She chuckled. Hopefully, Jesse met her eyes, seeing a mischievous look peeking up from the rim of her glasses. A few seconds passed and he realized she was waiting for an answer. “Yes, Ma’am.” He found himself meeting that look with a small smile. “Now,” She rotated slightly back and forth in her seat. “I know how to save your job…but about what you can do for me as repayment.” Jesse blinked in surprise. Seconds ago, it felt as though his job hung by a thread. But now here he was with the reassurance he’d keep his job. Only with the added mystery of suddenly being indebted to Miss Tammy. Never did she ask for repayment for things. Whenever he tried to pass her money for the treats and things she’d give him, she always refused. But…he reasoned, she was saving his job. “I’ll do anything.” He swore. “Anything you want.” “Oh baby,” She laughed warmly. “You don’t want to tell me that.” “But I do,” He assured, crouching down, hell, nearly kneeling at her feet just to look up into her eyes. “You’ve done so much for me. You didn’t even have to tell me about the drug tests but you did. And- And,” He stuttered. “You’ve always treated me nicely. I’ll do anything to repay you for saving my job.” Her lips pursed in thought. “Anything?” “Yes! I’ll detail your car! Or pick up your dry cleaning! Hell, I’d scrub the floors of your house with my toothbrush if you asked me to,” He laughed at the image in his brain of him hunched fetal on what he imagined to be her kitchen floor. A flush overtook his face as he thought of her standing right in front of him. Towering and demanding as he worked hard to please her. “Take your pants off,” The words cut through his imagination. “What?” He asked, seeing her strict look once more on her face. “I said,” She spoke clearly but it might as well have been a yell in the quiet office. “Take. Your pants. Off.” Mouth suddenly dry, Jesse stood up. Was this really happening? It was a plot out of a bad porno, he was sure. He was dreaming! No way was his attractive boss demanding he take his pants off in response to her saving his job. “Well,” She quirked a brow and nodded to his belt. “Are you going to do it, or do I need to call John down here to start working on termination paperwork.” Jesse’s hands were on his belt the next second. His fingers shook as they fiddled with the loops and his cock already started to harden in his boxers. “M-Ma’am, Are we going to-” His question was halted as she suddenly shot forward and smacked his hands away from his belt. Her perfectly manicured fingers pulled at the belt until it dangled open. His pants slackened slightly on his hips. She didn’t stop there, unbuttoning his pants and sliding his fly down with ease. The pants pooled on the floor, his tented boxers left to hide his dick from his boss’ view. Her severe look didn’t change as she looked from his crotch to his face. Her legs uncrossed and her thighs parted. The skirt she wore rode higher on her thighs until he could almost see what color panties she wore. “Come here.” Jesse didn’t need to be told twice as he stepped into the space left between her thighs. His cock brushed against her skirt and would have left a smear of pre-cum had it not already been soaked up by his boxers. Jesse ducked his head to meet her lips, but found himself suddenly knocked off balance and turning. His fall was caught by the hard wooden desk and a firm hand came to press down on his spine to keep him from getting back up. “T-Tamera?” He asked in confusion only to feel a sudden sting radiate from his backside that startled a yelp out of him. His knees went weak but his weight was supported by the desk and hand holding him to it. “What did you just call me?” He heard Miss Tammy’s voice seethe in his ear. “Tamera?” Another sting brought out a hiss of pain. “Fuck!” Another SWAT. And he suddenly realized what was happening. He was being spanked! “Don’t you swear at me, boy!” Miss Tammy scolded. “You come into my office and beg me to save your naughty ass, you don’t get to swear at me.” “I’m sorry, Miss Tammy!” He gasped and yelped at another SWAT as it descended. The pain was fierce now. A sharp throb in his ass cheeks as she had been alternating which one she hit. “You’ve lost that privilege to, naughty little boy!” “Please!” He gasped as three spanks rained on his ass. How a hand as gentle and small as hers could create such force, he wasn’t sure. “I’m sorry!” “Tell Mommy how sorry you are,” Miss Tammy sneered. “Tell Mommy!” “I’m so sorry-” Three more spanks and Jesse felt his legs dance in place on the carpet. “Mommy!” The word was startled out of him as quickly as the blows stopped. A whimper tumbled from his lips as he anticipated another that didn’t come. “Say it again,” Miss Tammy’s gentle voice came once more. “Tell Mommy how sorry you are for being a naughty boy.” “I’m so sorry, Mommy,” Jesse’s lip quivered and he found himself dangerously close to tears once more. Air brushed against his red-hot ass and he rushed to continue before the blow came. “I’m sorry for being a naughty boy, Mommy!” “That’s better,” She sighed and the firm hand on his back loosened. He didn’t dare move though. “You like being my good boy, yeah?” “Yes, Mommy,” Jesse nodded, his hot face gaining relief from the cold surface of the desk. The hand on his back lifted and Jesse heard her sit back down. “Come here, baby.” Standing up and turning around, Jesse’s gaze dropped to Miss Tammy’s crotch. He had no idea when she’d taken her skirt off, but it lay on the floor near his pants. Her red lace panties were out on display for him to see. His eyes jumped from her pussy lips peaking from the thin fabric to her eyes staring at him intently. The red of her panties matched the red of her glasses, he realized. “Kneel right here for Mommy,” She pointed right between her legs and Jesse didn’t even register the burn of the carpet on his bare knees as he complied. This close, he could see where he slick was darkening the crotch of her panties. Could practically smell her arousal. His dick, having softened rapidly at the spanking, thickened up despite the residual throbs of his ass. “You took your punishment like a good little boy,” She commented and his eyes darted back up to see her smirking. Her thighs parted just a little more and her back bowed to push her hips closer to the edge of the chair. “Does baby like what he sees?” “Yes, Mommy,” Jesse nodded. Licking his lips. He could count on one hand the number of women he’d been with. And the things he did with them were mounting up to be laughably vanilla in comparison to this roleplay. He couldn’t say it wasn’t exciting even with how confusing it was. “Well,” She sighed and pushed her hips forward again. “Go on.” Needing no other invitation, Jesse found himself devouring the feast right in front of him. He pulled her panties to the side and with what he lacked in experience, he hoped he made up for in eagerness. Miss Tammy’s legs came to rest on his shoulders and her hand tangled in his hair. He didn’t know how long he ate her out, but he did so feverishly, chasing the slick from between her lips to the bud of her clit. Occasionally, he’d secure his lips in a suck around it, earning a sharp tug of his hair and an appreciative moan from Miss Tammy- Mommy. “Mommy’s gonna cum, baby,” She panted. If possible, Jesse redoubled his efforts. Digging his tongue deep into her folds til his chin was covered in her taste, he couldn’t help a mirrored moan with her as she pulled him close through her trembling orgasm. Jesse didn’t stop until the hand in his hair was pulling him away from her twitching cunt instead of closer. Her knees trembled on his shoulders. Rocking his own hips forward, Jesse felt his cock was begging for attention in his boxers. But when his hand reached down from where it rested against the outside of Mommy’s- Miss Tammy’s thigh to stroke himself off, her hand tightened in his hair once more. “Did I give you permission to touch yourself?” She scolded breathlessly. “N-No, Mommy,” Jesse whimpered, hand coming back to rest on her thigh. “That’s right,” She nodded and slowly slid her legs off his shoulder. She reached over and slid open her side desk drawer and pulled out a package of baby wipes. “Bring me my trashcan.” Slowly, Jesse stood up from his kneeled position and retrieved the wastebasket on the other side of the desk. Miss Tammy was using the baby wipes to wipe her pussy lips down and had since slipped her panties off. The panties remained in her hand when she tossed the wipes in the trash and she reached for his boxers. Thinking it was his turn to cum, Jesse helped her by shimmying them off, awkwardly pulling the fabric down past his shoes. He didn’t expect Miss Tammy to hold out her damp panties for him to step into, but when he looked into her eyes, she wasn’t bluffing. As he thought before, a seriously weird roleplay. But he couldn’t deny it was pretty hot. Before the panties were pulled up to his crotch, Jesse gasped as a cold wipe was pressed against his hard-on. “That’s it,” Miss Tammy smirked. “Shrink back down.” It took a few cold wipes before his dick was soft once more, although the thrum of arousal was still present. She pulled her panties up his thigh, his dick actually fitting in the small pocket in the front, although the fabric slid up the crack of his ass uncomfortably. “Put your pants back on.” She demanded. Jesse turned around, receiving a playful swat to his aching backside, and grabbed his pants from the floor. Miss Tammy helped him button and zip his pants and secure his belt once more. “Those will stay on for the rest of the day and you will come to my home instead of yours after work, understood?” “Yes, Ma’am,” Jesse spoke softly. “It’s Mommy whenever it’s just you and I,” She informed. “Understood?” “Yes, Mommy,” Jesse corrected and watched her slip her skirt back on and rebutton her blouse to hide her bra- wait…had she done that on purpose? “You’re free to return to work, baby,” She said in her usual professional tone. “Go on.” Jesse was stunned. That was it? Miss Tammy made a shooing motion with her hand and Jesse slowly shuffled to the door, the fabric of her panties digging into his skin teasingly. “See you tonight…Mommy,” He muttered and dipped out of the room. Taking a detour to the bathroom, not to take off the panties, but to fix his hair and wipe the cum from his lips. Just what did he get himself into?
  6. Tristan Stone was a lot of things a slayer of dragons, rescue of princesses, courageous, slayer of the evil and breaker of hearts of young maidens everywhere, yes he was brave, daring, cunning and most of all very good looking, yes his exploits and adventures were world renowned or at least that's what he would tell anyone at the local tavern. Truth be told while Tristan was a knight and he was very good looking, the problem is all his adventures and exploits were lies he never slavered a dragon or fought an evil Warlock, while he was cunning he was also tricky, vain, arrogant and selfish. His achievements he had stolen from others thanks to many tricks like a potion to erase someone's memory of the last 5 hours, or waiting for the real hero to weaken the monster get killed and then attack the creature from behind or just sneak in while the creature was distracted to rescue the princess and steal the sacred treasure, yes Tristan Stone was a terrible and the worst example of a knight. So when a bounty for the death of a powerful mysterious sorceress and her powerful ogre, Tristan couldn't resist especially when the promise was to be made King when the job was completed. Tristan had set out with his bag of tricks potions, explosives and traps, his plan was to trick the ogre which he knew for a fact ogres were stupid, then poison it making it go wild and unruly before running away and watching it as it destroyed the cave where it's mistress lived before causing a cave in with explosives and before getting proof and running back to the king for his reward.
  7. Cody couldn't believe the humilating position he found himself in. After finding out his college roommate Vincent wears and uses diapers. He told all his classmates. Unfortunately the next morning he found himself strapped down to the his bed naked and standing next to his bed was his college roommate in just a thick diaper. Vincent told him how Cody humiliated him and everybody was calling him diaper boy. Also had girls slap his padded ass or pull back his pants waistband to give him a diaper check. He told Cody how much he loved diapers but it was supposed to be a secret. Now that it was out Cody's roommate decided it's time for some revenge. So he told Cody that now it's time teach him a lesson and that now they will becoming much more closer then just roommates. Vincent was now going to be Cody's master. Cody saw Vincent holding something his hands and then saw it was a chastity cage. Cody's roommate laughed then slowly started to attach the device to Cody's member. Vincent said from now on Cody will do what he says if he ever wants to make cummies ever again but unfortunately Vincent wasn't done with Cody just yet. He climbed on top of Cody then planted his diaper butt right infront of Cody's face. Cody then heard rumbling but it wasn't coming from his tummy. It was Vincent's tummy. Cody knew what his roommate was about to do. Vincent looked back at Cody and smiled then said "I made sure to have a big nice breakfast today. Some taco bell breakfast! Now your going to get a front row seat and get to take a nice whiff of my stinky butt". Cody begged for Vincent not too but it was too late. He heard a huge loud fart echo from Vincent's diaper then heard a big slush of mess enter the diaper. Vincent's diaper butt expanded getting closer and touching Cody's face. Then Vincent lifted up and said "smell the roses" then plopped hid stinky butt on Cody's face! Cody smelled the terrible odor coming from his roommates diaper. After smelling his roommates diaper. Vincent got up and then said "I got a special treat for you. Well two I should say so let's start with a nice warm enema. You better hold it in too. No going or il put my filthy dirty diaper around that head". Vincent grabbed Cody's legs and lifted them up and exposing his butthole. Vincent smiled "Here let me help lube it up" Vincent then tounges Cody's butthole making Cody squirm and get hard. Cody's hard dick strains against the cage and starts to precum like crazy from the rim job. "Daww looks like somebody loves their butt getting attention. If you love that you'll enjoy my toys but we can do that later time for your treat. Bottoms up" Vincent laughs sticking the enema inside Cody and then releasing all into Cody's tight ass. Cody could feel it filling up. He couldn't believe how real this was. He was a Dom not no sissy sub boy. Vincent then took out the enema and then could see Cody squirming. "Now now you better hold it in. Be a good boy for me. You can release it all out once we get your fresh diaper on" his roommate chuckled. Cody eyes widened and begged Vincent not to put a fresh diaper on him. Vincent smiled "hmmm ok fine I won't put you in a fresh diaper then if you say so". Cody felt relieved. Vincent then took off his messy filthy diaper and Cody almost gagged from how bad it smelled but then Cody noticed Vincent lowering the dirty diaper on the bed. And lifting Cody's legs in the air. In Cody's horror he saw Vincent place the monster filthy diaper underneath his butt. Cody then yells "Wait I don't want to wear yours! You said you wernt going to diaper me! Please don't do this!" Vincent then laughed "Well from your words exactly you said you didn't want to wear a fresh diaper. So im giving you what you want. Putting you in a "DIRTY" diaper haha". Vincent then lowered Cody's butt into his messy diaper. Then tapped Cody up. He then untied Cody and them lifted him up and planted Cody on his knee and bounced him just like a baby. So diaper slut how do you like my dirty diaper. Cody didn't say anything he was too grossed out from what was happening but something felt good. He couldn't help but moan. Something about the filthy dirty diaper felt so good. He couldn't explain why. He tried to not enjoy it but his dick strained and precummed more. He just started moaning more and more. "My my somebody really loves my dirty diaper. This is new. I was not expecting you to enjoy this so much. Btw Cody turn around and smile for the camera" Cody turned around and saw a friend of Vincent holding a camera aiming at him and his dirty pampers. Cody tried to cover his face but it was too late. Vincent laughed "Now lets see we got footage of you enjoy my poopy diaper and expressing it on camera. So here's the deal Cody! Your going to be my sissy diaper slut from now on. Every day after class I will diaper you up in a diaper or if your lucky my dirty diaper. And we will have lots of diaper play! If you don't do what I say then the whole school will see this video of you enjoy my dirty diaper! So do we have a deal?" Cody couldn't believe his roommate blackmailed him but he couldn't exact say no. So he agreed to the conditions of his new life to save his dignity. Unfortunately Cody felt a stranger sensation. He forgot about the enema that was given to him and held his tummy. Vincent noticed then said "oh perfect timing looks like you ready to add your own mess to your diaper. Well let's get you to the couch and get the camera set up. One video isn't enough. Got to have a backup just incase. But before that let me just quickly draw on the back of your diaper" After Vincent drew on Cody's diaper, he took him to the couch then Vincent put on his pup hood. And place Cody over his lap. Then the camera started recording and perfectly on time. Cody started to fill his already filthy diaper with his own stinky poo. The diaper surprisingly held it all. Then Vincent started to rub Cody's diaper butt squishing all the poo that was mixed against his butt. The mess started to move towards the front. And Cody started to moan from the rubbing. The camera captured it all even the drawing on Cody's diaper butt that said "diaper loading" with a bar half colored in with a 79% written under the bar. Cody couldn't believe that this was his new life now! He better be lucky that Vincent doesn't start making him wear diapers to class.
  8. Faye strode toward the house with all the confidence she could muster Not a house. A mansion. A PALACE. If it weren't for the size she might have just called it a villa. She passed through a wide open doorway, past a pair of guards and into a wide courtyard, filled with garden paths and decorative fountains. Rows of white columns were on either side of her, and in front, the main section of the villa- a gigantic three story building made of hard white stone. She felt her shoulders hunch, then made herself stand back up to project the confidence she knew she needed for the meeting. There were guards. A LOT of guards. They stood in pairs, armed, watching her. She made herself stare forward, as if she barely even noticed them. She stopped at the front door to the main building. She held up the letter she received to the pair of guards. "I've been summoned by..." The guard rolled his eyes and waved her in. "We know. Just go in, its straight through." "Oh," she was taken aback. She was expecting a lot more of a hassle. Normally, guards like this saw bounty hunters as a potential threat. These one's didn't even seem to care. "Have fun," the guard said, and his friend chuckled. She paused for a moment. Not the normal kind of reaction she got. She shrugged it off, then continued. She entered the building and walked straight forward, as directed. None of the guards followed her, which she found odd again, but ignored. It would be there problem if they didn't do their jobs properly. There was an open door in front of her, with a greying man in a suit sitting with his arms folded behind it. "Ah, Faye, come in," he said, indicating an empty chair with an outstretched palm. Faye approached it and say down. The door slammed behind her, and she forced herself not to jump. She looked over her shoulders to see two more armed guards on either side of the door, though neither approached her. "Hello, I'm..." she began, but was cut off by a waving of his hand. "I know, I already said your name. Let me have a look at you," he said. He put on a pair of glasses and leaned forward. "Hmmm yes, yes very good." "What are..." He waved again. "I'll explain in a moment. Please stand up," he said. Faye paused for a moment, thinking about his request. She considered asking what exactly he'd see from her standing, but instead she just stood up. He looked her up and down. "Yes yes, good. You're a fair bit shorter then her, which is good. About the size of the others so the clothes should fit." "Why would that..." "Shhh," he said. "It will make sense in a moment. Please turn around so I can see the rest." She gapped at him. "Well? The money is on the table Ms. Faye." She looked at the bare table. "Metaphorically. Literally its in a safe. But, as in, on the table for when you want it." She rolled her eyes and decided it was pointless to correct her name. She turned around, put a hand on her hip and pushed it out to the side, trying to pose for what she was sure he was looking at. She knew she was more then attractive and was proud of it, though it wasn't normally a prerequisite for her jobs. "Well? Like what you see?" A moment's pause, then "I do. You'll do nicely. Please sit down." She sat down heavily in the chair and lounged with an arm over the back of it. "So? What's the plan? Am I suppose to lure some man?" He smiled. "Sort of. Actually, its a woman." "Great. So I kill some woman." He shook his head. "Well I'd hope not. The woman is my daughter." "Family trouble?" "No, birthday present." "Like a poisoned birthday cake?" "No. Like an actual present." "Uhhh...?" He smiled. "Let's discuss price first. I understand you are in a great deal of debt. I am willing to cover that, plus an additional ten billion woolongs." Faye tried to mask her expression. That was FAR more then her normal rate. Even paying for her debts was more then her usual rate, but the extra ten billion... she could retire, and live comfortably for the rest of her life. Or, more likely, live extravagantly while still need to work occasionally to keep up her lifestyle. "OK..." she was intrigued, but suspicious. "And what is the job? Who do I kill? Your daughter wants a corpse as a birthday present?" "No one. I want you to become my daughter's dolly." "Dolly?" "Doll," he shrugged. "She calls it that." "I don't make toys." "No no, YOU are her doll." "What?" "She want's a doll. It will be you." "Why can't you just by her an ACTUAL doll? What am I supposed to do for a kid?" He sighed. "Ok, to clarify. My daughter. Matilda. She is 22. It is her birthday. Every year for her birthday, I got her a doll. Since she has become an adult, she's been wanting more... real, to play with. So, I buy stragglers like you to live with her. You play along, let her dress you up, join her game, and we let you go next year with your new fortune." She was stunned. "I AM NOT DOING THAT! WHY WOULD I?" "Because you have a massive debt on your head and people want to collect." She heard a gun cocking behind her, and remembered the small army of guards she had passed. "I... see... Why me?" He smiled. "Come on Faye. You are known all over for your beauty." "Oh, well," she smiled. "And of course my daughter only gets the prettiest of dollies, so my mind went right to you." "I see. Of course!" "So you agree?" She heard the guns cocking behind her back again. "I guess I do."
  9. Hi all, I've been writing all my life, but always in my native language Dutch. I wanted to see if I could also write in English. So... I just started writing. And this is the result. It is basically a brain dump, so I never re-read it. Please let me know if you like it. Tips and tricks are welcome. And highly appreciated. Chapter 1 – She is here! “You know she is here, right?” The fifty year old man looked at me with a concerned look on his face. Bob was my colleague. He was my boss actually, and ‘she’ was an intern. She was 25 years younger than me and turned a few some months ago. I smiled and nodded and continued with the preparations for some hot snacks. I would fire up the barbecue in a few hours, but until then I didn’t want my colleagues to get hungry. “You know?” He was surprised. “Yes, I saw her ten minutes ago, through the front window, sneaking into my garden.” “And?” “And what?” “You are going to do nothing?” “You think she would leave if I asked nicely?” I answered with a new question. Bob looked at me for a moment and then started to laugh. He shook his head. “No, I don’t think she would leave.” “Then there is no point in asking, or telling, her to leave.” I concluded. “If I went to the garden and told her that she isn’t welcome here and that she needs to leave, then she would cause a scene and ruin the mood.” “So? You let her stay?” He asked. “I’m going to give her a choice: leave or stay. But if she wants to stay, it’ll be on my conditions. And I’m not sure she is going to like the conditions.” I smiled. Bob shook his head. I think he misread my intentions, but he would see for himself what I was planning to do. I didn’t think she was going to leave, but I also knew she wouldn’t accept my conditions without a fight. It was a bit of catch-22 situation, but I was sure the end result would be satisfying for both of us, in the end. I only had to convince her of it. “You know, I do feel sorry for her.” I said. I presented the plate with the snacks to Bob and let him try one. He tasted and nodded an approval. “You feel sorry for her? Why is that? She is the one who is crazy. Totally nuts.” “I know.” I knew a bit more about her tan Bob did. “She didn’t have a normal childhood, and yes, she does have some issues. I helped her get this internship. Now she has a crush on me, and thinks I love her because I helped her.” “Crush? This isn’t a crush anymore. She is hopelessly in love, and she stalks you. You need to do something about that.” “Oh, I will. I certainly will.” I said. “She is so talented, but a bit screwed up inside her head.” “That she is. That she is indeed!” Bob laughed approvingly. Chapter 2 – First step I found ‘her’ in the garden. Emma was talking to two of my female colleagues, and from a distance I saw that they didn’t want her around but were too polite to just turn their backs on her. I could see the annoyed faces of my colleagues, but Emma didn’t notice that. She just didn’t have an antenna for that kind of thing. Or maybe she had, but choose to ignore it. I walked towards them and Emma noticed me. She smiled immediately, but only for a second. Then she realized the situation and that she wasn’t welcome here. She must have been afraid of me being mad at her. Her expression changed, but that also lasted only a second. Then she smiled again. She tried to be calm and confident, but I knew she wasn’t. Emma was small and her high heels didn’t compensate fully. Her small skirt, sexy top and plenty of skin showing made her look like a teenager at a fraternity party. But this wasn’t that kind of party. This was just a barbecue with ten colleagues from work. And we were all in our forties and fifties. She definitely stood out of the crowd, she was the outsider, and everybody knew that. Even Emma. When I came close she hugged me. She wrapped her arms around me and wanted to kiss me on the lips. But she couldn’t reach that high. Instead she pushed her face against my chest and I feared that her extensive make-up would leave marks on my white shirt. She smiled and looked up with anticipation and maybe a little bit of tension. “Hi Emma. Please come inside, we need to talk.” I pushed myself out of the hug and placed my hand between her shoulder blades to guide her inside the house. Emma looked worried and I knew all my colleagues were staring at us. They all felt the tension, and they all knew what had happened before. All right, they didn’t know everything, but they knew enough to feel that something was going to happen. “Peter, I’m sorry for...” She started, but her words where unnecessary. “Please stop talking. I will talk first and you need to listen. But we will do that inside the house, and we will find a nice and quiet place where we are not disturbed.” I said it calm but resolutely. I wanted her to know that I was serious. This was not a game anymore, not for me anyway. In fact, for me it was never a game. But Emma did exactly what she always did when somebody asked her to do something: she starting asking why and did not get the clue that she should have listened in the first place. She turned around to me and looked me in the eye. She didn’t seem to care that everybody was looking at us. “Peter, let’s…” She started talking again. “No, stop. You really need to listen to me now.” I said with a raised voice. “You know you are not invited here, and I made it absolutely clear that you are not welcome. You even promised you wouldn’t come.” I looked her in the eyes and saw her nervous smile fade away. Her confidence was melting, but it was not gone yet. “So you can talk all you want, but all I hear are lies and falsehoods. So, stop talking and go inside. Now, please!” I gave her a last chance to go to a place without spectators, without the audience. And people were looking at us, enjoying it. Not long after Emma started her internship at the company, people started to dislike her and hoped that something like this would happen one day. Her arrogance and misplaced self-confidence made her no friends. “That’s not…” Again I didn’t let her finish her sentence. She clearly wasn’t going to listen and she didn’t made any attempt to go inside. She gave me the excuse I wanted, and I could do what I planned to do. I grabbed her by her arm, pushed her in position and swung my other hand from behind and let it land op her ass. Everybody could hear my hand hit the back of her skirt and saw the startled face of Emma. She shouted in surprise, not because I did her a lot of pain. Everybody looked at us in silence and saw that I treated her like the child she was acting like. Emma was shocked and looked up in disgust. I looked her again straight in the eyes. The twenty year old looked up to me and then looked away. She now realized that everybody around us looked at her, and the humiliation became visible on her face. “Did you hear what I said? I want you to go inside the house so we can talk. Are you going to listen now?” I still had my hand around her arm. She couldn’t get away, but I think she was more or less paralyzed by the shock and wasn’t planning to run away. Again she didn’t respond to my question. She just looked down at the ground, avoiding any eye contact. It took a little shaking around before she looked up and finally she nodded, albeit very slightly. “OK, then please go to the hall. You can sit on the stairs if you want. I’ll come find you in a minute. Is that understood?” I was purposely talking to her as if she was a child, but she wasn’t a child at all. She was an adult, a beautiful but slightly small one. She had made an effort to look sexy, with a lot of curve showing and from above I had an excellent view into her cleavage. But she was twenty and I was forty-five. “Yes.” She sounded very soft. For the moment she conceded. She knew she couldn’t win this round and the only thing she wanted to do now, was leave the garden and find a spot to regroup, and find her calm, and her confidence. This was not the moment to teach her that I would like to hear a response like: ‘Yes, Peter’ or ‘No, Peter’, but I hoped that that time would still come. I let go of her arm and Emma immediately started to walk inside the house. I watched her go and followed her with my eyes. I was a bit afraid that she would run away, and that she went home and that my plans would fail. But deep inside I knew already that she would not do that. I was confident that my plan worked, and that she would behave the way as expected. I smiled, and was already excited about the next step of the plan. For now I concluded that the first part of the plan worked perfectly. Chapter 3 - Confessions Five minutes. I gave her a bit more time to think about what happened. She got a bit more time to realize that her plan was failing. I suppose she still thought that she might end up in bed with me, but that was not the end goal I had in mind. I had different plans, and preparations were already underway for a two weeks now. The only reason I gave this barbecue in my backyard was to lure Emma here. And it worked. I opened the door to the hall and Emma was startled. She was indeed sitting on the second step of the stair, but stood up as soon as I entered the hall. “I’m sorry I had to smack your bottom.” I said with a shy smile. I think she thought I was still angry, but instead I walked towards her and gave her a hug. I pulled her close to me and wrapped my arms around her. I even kissed her on top of her head. “You didn’t listen, and I needed you to listen.” I whispered to her in a soft voice, without a hint of anger or irritation. “Why… Peter?” She still felt the humiliation and the confusion. Moments ago she thought I was mad at her, and now I was kissing her. I gave out these mixed messages on purpose. I needed her confused for now, to lure her a bit more in my trap. Far enough that so there wasn’t a way back. “First, please forget that you think you can end up in my bed. That’s not going to happen.” I said sternly. I still had her firm against my body, but she could hear me perfectly. “If you still believe that, then please leave now. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay the night, if you want.” I let her get out of the hug and she looked up at me. Her confusion was still visible. “What? Really, but…” She fumbled her words and was lost for words. “I know you don’t want to go home tonight, and I know you brought a change of clothes just in case, but there is a big issue we need to talk about first.” “Wh… What?” “The problem is that I don’t trust you. I can’t trust you.” “Yes… Yes, you can.” Emma looked up desperately. “No, I can’t. Did you lie to me? Did you say you were not planning to come here tonight, because I explicitly said you were not welcome? Was that a lie, Emma?” Emma wanted to answer immediately, but I stopped her. I put a finger vertically on her lips and she understood the gesture. “Please think before you answer, and please don’t lie to me again.” Emma started blushing. I knew she was going to lie again, like she always did. That was kind of second nature to her. Off course she would deny it, but I already knew the truth. Last Thursday she confessed to another colleague that she was planning to come here, and later that day denied it to me. It was time for her to stop lying. Emma looked up at me, with a blush on her forehead. She nodded and finally told the truth. “Yes… I… I lied. But I…” I saw her tremble for a moment and pulled her close to me again. “All right, Emma. I’m glad you told the truth. Please don’t ever lie to me again.” I said, and gave her a moment to feel her body against mine. I wanted to give her some warmth, something I knew she didn’t get at home. I gave her another minute before I made my confession. “Now you told the truth, then I need to make a confession too.” I said, and I smiled. “Even though I explicitly forbade you to come here and I made myself very clear to you that you were not welcome here, I already knew you would come. I knew you could not resist the temptation and that’s why I already prepared a room for you.” Emma bended her head backwards and looked up. “A… A room.” “Yes, off course. You will get your own room, with your own bed.” “And… I can stay?” She asked. I couldn’t answer that question right away. “If you want, and if you obey my rules, then yes. You can stay here tonight. But only if you agree to my rules. And even then, there may be some surprises for you. And I already know that some of those surprises you will not like.” And even with that ominous warning she only heard the word ‘yes’. Chapter 4 – The proposal “The problem is that I don’t trust you. You lied to me, on multiple occasions. You looked me straight in the eyes and lied. That is problem.” I said. “So, I’ll be very clear to you. I’ll tell you exactly what is going to happen. You may not like what I have planned for you, but you are here out of your own free will and you are free to leave. Do you understand?” Emma look puzzled, and a bit scared, but eventually she nodded. “You are free to leave, but… There is a big but.” I said. “There are only a few moments where you can decide to leave. Between those moments you are in my house and under my control. Here in this house I am responsible and you have to follow my rules.” Emma looked at me with a blank face. She had no idea what I meant. That would change soon. “I know this all sounds a bit strange, but I will explain.” I started. “First, in order to be able to build up my trust in you, I need you to learn that you cannot lie to me. You need to understand what happens when you lie and what the consequences are. And that will not be a pleasant part of this evening. I’m sorry to say, but I will need to punish you for your lies. I hope that will prevent you from further lying.” “P… Punish?” She stuttered the word. I nodded. “Yes. I will punish you. And it will hurt. It will hurt a lot.” I looked her in the eyes and saw fear. I was so much taller and stronger than her, and until now that didn’t stop her. Only now she really noticed the difference. “Then I will show you your room and you will stay there for at least two hours. You can sleep if you like, but you must stay in your room. You will get some time to process what I did to you, so you can decide how you react to that. That is part of the punishment.” Emma didn’t dare to ask anything. “Then I will get you, take you downstairs and get you something to drink and eat. At that point you can decide if you want to leave. I will ask someone to bring you home. I think Bob is going your way anyway, and he can drop you off at home if you want.” “By you can stay here if you like. But if you decide to stay for the night, you will need to comply with my rules, you need to behave or suffer the consequences. By then you know what happens if you misbehave.” “B… But…” She was lost for words again. “If you decide to stay the night here, I can bring you home tomorrow around noon. Not sooner. So, again, you need to make your decision carefully.” Emma was desperate to stay the night here. She decided that upfront. She knew she would do anything to stay the night here, but now, now it didn’t go according to her plan, everything fell apart for her. I saw her thinking about it, but now that everything was different than expected, she didn’t know what to do anymore. “What… Punishment… What will you do?” She looked up at me. Her face betrayed her nervousness. I approached her again and drew her close to me. I hugged her and wrapped my arms around her, and I gave her a kiss on the top of her head. “I have to do what I should have done before.” I said and waited a few seconds. “I will put you over the knee and I will spank you. I will use my hands, but I will do it on your bare bottom.” I felt her shock. Her body stiffened and she gasped. “I won’t lie to you, and I’m honest to tell you that it will hurt. But I hope that you trust me that I believe that this is the best for you. That is maybe a bit hard to understand, but I believe you need a firm hand.” She pulled her hands between our bodies and pushed herself out of our embrace. She looked at me and shook her head. Of course she was afraid. “No… You don’t… don’t have the right to… to…” She was right, of course. I could only do it with her permission. She was an adult and I had no legal control over her. But I was still convinced that she at least would stay till after her punishment, and after she had spent her time in her bedroom. I was almost certain that she loved me enough, and trusted me enough, to let me punish her. “No, but you lied to me too often and if you want us to have any kind of relationship, then it starts with this. I’m sorry, but this is the only way.” She still shook her head, maybe it was out of stubbornness, or despair. I couldn’t be sure. I knew I had to give her some time, but at the same time give her a hard deadline. She needed to make a decision fast, while I knew that was a tough decision to make. “Go back to the garden, get something to drink or whatever. In fifteen minutes I will ask Bob to bring you home. If you want to stay, then come to me before that. OK?” I asked, but Emma turned her head away from me. She pretended not to listen. With a gentle push I directed her out of the small hallway, in the direction of the garden. I went back to the kitchen to pour myself a drink. I smiled, but I was nervous too. I hoped see agreed to my proposal, but I wasn’t entirely sure. Chapter 5 – Her decision I already asked Bob and prepared him a bit for what was coming. I didn’t tell him everything, but most of it he would find out eventually. With Bob on my side we walked to Emma. She was sitting a bit outside the group. She was looking away, deep in her thoughts. “Emma? Bob will take you home now.” I said and laid my hand on her shoulder. She was startled by me touching her and looked at me. It looked like she cried a bit, but she would probably deny that. She looked at me, then at Bob and then back at me. I didn’t think she fully made her mind up. “Come, you need to go. I don’t think Bob would want to miss the barbecue.” I said smiling, but Emma didn’t move. She gazed at me for a moment and ten slowly stood up. I spread my arms and she walked into them. I hugged her again and let her feel some warmth. “I don’t want to go.” She said very softly. I don’t think Bob could hear it. He knew to give us some space. “Then you know what I have to do.” I replied, also softly. I kissed her on the head again. She shook her head. “Please, don’t.” “I understand you don’t want to be hurt and I will not be gentle. Let us walk to the hall together, we can grab your stuff on the way. If you then want to stay, I need you to show me that, I need a kind of confirmation that you really want to stay. If not, we call Bob. OK?” I whispered and she nodded. I gave her another kiss, but now on her forehead. She looked up at me with watery eyes, as if she was about to start crying. Slowly I let her out of my embrace and I grabbed her hand and softly led her through the garden. We both knew people were looking at us again. What was happening between that 45 year old and the 20 year old intern? It wasn’t illegal, even if she did end up in my bed, but although it was completely legal, it still felt off. She was too young for me. I was too old for her. She was working in my department, even though I wasn’t her real boss. For a short period of time I was her boss, but that didn’t work out, so I transferred her to a colleague. I felt her feet dragging. She didn’t want to go, but she didn’t know if she wanted to stay either. It took us more than a minute to cross the house, grab her bag, and end up in the hall. We stood still in front of the door, but it was still closed. She was looking to the door, to her way out, to the end of this disappointment, but she didn’t open the door. “I need conformation, Emma. We’re both adults, I have no right to do this to you without your consent.” I saw her tremble. “So… Let’s… If you want to stay, then… then take off your panties and give them to me. That way I know for sure.” I proposed. I could hear her gasp. She had her head down, looked to the ground and thought about it. I knew she didn’t want to go home, but maybe the price of staying was too high. And she didn’t even know what I had planned for her. She only knew about the spanking. It all took too long. I didn’t want to wait anymore. Maybe the more she thought about it, the less chance I had she would stay. I walked up to her. Her back was turned to me and I moved close to her. I put my hand on her shoulder. “I understand this is a difficult choice to make, and I understand if you want to end it right here, right now. I’ll call Bob, and he’ll…” I started, but she didn’t let me finish. Suddenly she turned around. I saw anger on her face. Her hands were fists and she pounded them against my chest, but not hard. She didn’t want to hurt me, it was just an expression of her anger. Her hands came down and she reached under her skirt. Her skirt came up, but with her thumps under her panties she pulled her panties down. Her seemed more decorative that serving any other purpose. She pulled her feet out of them and then bend over to pick them from the ground. Without looking me in the eye she held her panties out. I took her pink panties and then gave her another hug. “Let’s get it over with, then.” I said. I tried to sound serious, but of course I was excited. She gave herself to me, ready to be punished. “You can leave your shoes, here.” I said, and half a minute later I guided her barefoot up the stairs. Chapter 6 – Final preparations I guided her to my bedroom. I went first and closed the door after she came in. I walked past her to the other side of the bed, closer to the window. The window was open and we could hear our colleagues talking. I closed the window and sat down on the middle of the bed. I placed my hand on the sheets next and gestured to come sit there. So hesitated, but she complied. “Have you ever had a spanking before?” She shook her head immediately. She looked very timid now. “I’m you cry or shout too loud, people may hear us. I think you don’t want that. And also I need you to lie very still, and that may prove difficult too.” Is said to her in a soft voice. “If I need to stop every time you make too much noise or move out of position, then that will only make it take longer. I… I may even need to hit you a bit more, because of the pauses in between.” She kept looking at her feet. “No, no… I will… I will try to…” “I can help you, but… But you may not like it.” “What? How?” I heard softly. “I can fixate your arms and legs, and put something in your mouth. You can’t move too much anymore and I can more easily keep you in place, and you can scream as much as you like as only me will hear you.” I said. She kept quiet. “I would be extremely proud of you if you did that. And it will be over more quickly.” She still didn’t say anything, and didn’t dear to look my way. “You want it to be over as soon as possible?” I asked, and now she nodded very slightly. I wasn’t sure what she really wanted, except that she didn’t want to be spanked at all, so I decided to use the tools I had at my disposal. First I took the towel that was on my night stand and spread it over my knees. With my hands on both side over her body, I helped her move and let her sit on my lap. She still didn’t look at me. The night stand was close enough by to open it and opened the drawer. I saw her looking at what my hand would get out of the drawer, probably anxiously. The first thing I picked was a belt that I put on her waist. I closed it on the front Velcro. On the back, a bit to the side, there were to wristbands that could also be closed with Velcro. One at a time I grabbed her wrist and brought it to her back and locked it into place. I felt a bit more resistance with her second hand, but she let me do it. She was already helpless and overpowered, but now her hands were out of the way, and securely locked against her back, she must have felt more helpless than ever. I grabbed a much smaller belt from the drawer with a soft, black gag on it. I brought the gag to her mouth and she let me put it in her mouth. It was from a soft material and it filled her mouth completely. I closed the belt behind her head. For a short moment I hugged her. I was so glad she trusted me to do this to her. She could have just refused and go home, but I had her on my lap in a position that I completely dominated her. I felt her tremble a bit out of fear and anticipation. I gave her a bit of time to get used to her outfit, before I helped her turn around. I got her to lie on my knees without any problems. She rested with her belly on my left thigh and with her private parts on my other thigh. Her hands were visible to me and were nervously trying to investigate their maneuverability. Her skirt was still covering her buttocks, but only barely. “Can you bend your knees, please?” I asked, and her knees came into reach. I had a last belt that I used to bind her ankles together. It also closed with Velcro. It was done quickly and she straightened her legs again. Her feet were resting on the ground and seeking support against the wall. She was almost ready. I had one more task to do, before I could teach her not to lie to me again. With both hands I pulled her tight skirt up. I exposed her buttocks as she wasn’t wearing any panties anymore. She tightened up, nervous and afraid. I could feel her while body stiffen, but her behind was exposed. I laid my right hand on her left buttock and it shocked her. It was just a touch but she was already in shock. The fact that it was hard for her to see what I did, didn’t help. She trembled again and I decided it was time. I pulled my right hand back. Chapter 7 – Punishment She cried within a minute. The first slaps didn’t hurt that much, much I kept going and soon the pain of each slap faded into the next one, until there was no more relief in between. I hit her with the inside of my hand, hurting myself too, but her pain was worse. I hit her on the left and on the right randomly, leaving her guessing where she would feel the next hit. She screamed at first, but the foam ball in her mouth reduced the volume for the most part. Only I could hear her in between the moments where my hand hit her skin. She fought me, her body tense and hard at one moment, and soft and flexible the next. I could easily keep her in place with my left hand grabbing her belt on her back, between her hands. And when she did manage to move a bit out of position, I could easily pull her back. I continued with her punishment, hitting her hard and leaving the skin on her buttocks darker and darker. It started a light shade of pink, but by now it some places became bruised and were already a much darker shade of pink. I didn’t think she thought it was going to hurt this bad. It took a while before I felt her body relax. She started to give up the fight. Her muscles relaxed and her body was loosening up. Her mind was accepting the fact that it couldn’t fight it, and was just helpless. She wasn’t screaming anymore into her gag, she was just crying. I continued for a short bit, slapping her darkened skin for a few more times and then stopped. She didn’t react to the end of her punishment. She still laid perfectly still, ready to accept more of I decided to do so. I placed my hand on her battered behind. I hadn’t broken anything, just darkened it. But it was enough. It was easy for me to pick her up, turn her around, and let her sit on my lap again. I did it carefully to not hurt her any more than necessary. Her upper body relaxed against mine, and her head was resting against my shoulder. Her eyes were wet from crying, but she was still bound and gagged and could do anything I didn’t help with. She felt exhausted. Her heart was racing and I could her chest expanding every time she breathed. Her mouth was filled, so she had to breathe to her nose. I gave her a minute to recuperate and then removed the gag from her mouth. She drooled a bit and I threw the wet gag on the floor. She rested her head again against my shoulder and felt her wet mouth against my neck. “I’m proud of you.” I said. “You’re so brave. I hope you learned your lesson.” She didn’t say anything, she just rested against me. After a moment I felt her pull against her restraints, and I removed them. Her hands were free again and then I also removed the restraints on her ankles. She was free again, but was still recovering from her punishment. Her breathing was slowly slowing down. I looked at her face and saw that it was a mess. Her make-up was awful after her crying and her mascara was all over her face. With some wet wipes I started to clean her face up. At first she resisted me a bit, but when she noticed that I did it with care and gentle strokes she started helping me. I think her main reason for her resistance was that she didn’t want her make-up to be removed, but I suppose she realized it was needed anyway. So, she let me do it. I needed a lot of wipes to remove it, but in the end her face was clean again, albeit still a bit red. “You did good.” I said thankfully. “Let’s get you into bed. I think you can use the rest.” I tried a small smile, but I didn’t get the same response from her. She wasn’t looking at me, she just laid there in my arms. I was prepared to carry her to her bedroom, but I couldn’t stand up with her in my lap. I could carry her, but then we first both had to stand up. Without speaking I helped her up and stood up beside her. I took her back in my arms, and she let me do it. She even wrapped her arms around my neck to help me. She was ready for another big surprise. Chapter 8 – Her bedroom She wasn’t that big, and I was strong enough to carry her in my arms. I maneuvered her out of my bedroom. I think Emma was glad this part was over, even though must have been a bit nervous about being sent to bed. She must have felt that there was something strange about that, and of course she was right. It was strange to bring a twenty year old to bed, just after a nasty spanking, but this whole situation was strange. Emma was not a normal twenty year old, but what do you define as normal. There were problems in her childhood that followed her around, and that defined her what she was today. And me? Was I normal? I had to admit that I also had my quirks, and today I had the satisfaction of playing out one of my quirks. I brought Emma to her room. The door was closed and I had my hands full. Emma helped. She opened the door for me and I stepped in. Emma must have been curious, or maybe she didn’t expect anything to be strange at all. But as soon as I carried her inside, I felt her body tense again. Her breathing stopped for a moment and I heard her gasp. “I think you remember the remark I made a month ago?” I said. I felt that she wanted to get out of my arms, but I kept her tight. “Someone said something about what you felt for me. I don’t know the exact words anymore. But they were implying that we end up in bed together, that’s for sure.” Our faces were very close and she looked at me for a moment. I watched her face from the moment we stepped into the room. She wasn’t pleased, she wasn’t pleased at all. She looked surprised at first, but then her expression quickly changed to shocked. “You know what I said? You remember that?” I asked, but knew she remembered it lividly. She was shocked and angry, while everybody was laughing. She felt so humiliated that she ran from the company restaurant where we had all lunch together. “I said that I thought you were so young that I would only feel comfortable with you in my bed when you were diapered.” I already knew that she had a crush on me, and this was my first attempt to push her away. I wanted her to know that I wasn’t the right match for her. But it didn’t work. It worked for a few hours, that’s all. “Everybody thought it was a joke. Everybody laughed. Except you.” I said. “Do you still think it was a joke?” I brought her over to the big changing table and sat her down on it. The plastic cover of the changing mat compressed under her weight, but it may not have been prepared for her weight, it was long enough for her to lie down on. For now she just sat in the middle of it, but with her bare feet already on the changing mat too. Emma started shaking her head in disgust. She didn’t understand what she saw and I Think she didn’t realized yet what it meant for her. Maybe she still thought this was all a joke, maybe a bit elaborate to be a joke, but still a joke.. But it wasn’t a joke. This was dead serious. I spent a lot of time and money in preparing this room for her, without even knowing for sure it would be used at all. I hoped it would, but I couldn’t be certain. I saw her look around. She already noticed the pink changing mattress she was sitting on. It was just like one for babies, but only a lot bigger. Now I saw her eyes look at her bed. It was a giant crib, with bars that ended high above the mattress. The mattress itself was already up from the floor, much higher than on a normal bed. She looked at her crib for a moment and then looked at me. “It wasn’t a joke, Emma.” I said again. “I will help you undress, then I will diaper you before you will be put to bed.” “No… No… Why?” She stammered. “No questions. Let’s get you in bed, little girl. I will answer all your questions after your nap. She was still shaking her head in disgust while I started to open the buttons of her shirt. Chapter 9 – Undressed Just before I could open the last of the four buttons of her shirt she froze. She pushed my hands away. Not like she was in a panic, but more gentle and calm. With her sitting on the changing table our eyes were on the same level. She could look me straight in the eyes. She slowly shook her head. “No… Please.” She whispered. I smiled at her. I understood that she would be hesitant, and that she needed some time to comprehend what was happening to her. But my plan was to let her think about that in bed, and for that I needed her diapered, and… for that I needed her naked and lying down on the plastic mattress. “You don’t have to be afraid. I won’t do anything to you that I wouldn’t do to my nieces and nephews.” It was a joke of course, but at the same time a way to let her know that I would treat her like a child. So, I pushed her hands aside, with exact the amount of force that I needed, and opened the last button of her shirt. I immediately pulled her arms out of the short sleeves and threw her shirt on the ground. “No, no.” She protested again and she felt my hands on her back, opening her bra. Now she panicked a bit. She knew she was helpless and I knew she was afraid of me at the moment. That was totally understandable after the spanking I just gave her. “Please, Peter. I…” I already managed to open her bra and pulled it away. Her face became red in shame and while I tried to maneuver her arms out of the straps of her bra, she placed her arms horizontally over her chest. She seem to protect herself more from my eyes, and less from my hands. “What is it? Why are you so suddenly so shy? This is not the first time I am going to see you naked, is it?” I asked, and again with a little smile. I tried to lessen the tension as much as possible, and at the same time make sure that she knew I was serious about this. I almost had her bra completely off, but with her left hand she tried to hold on to it. “Is it the first time I am going to see you naked?” I asked again, but this time with a bit more power in my voice. She let her fingers relax a bit and I could pull the strap out of her fist. She looked at me, now even redder than before. She shook her head. After I tossed her bra on the ground I placed my hands on her shoulder. “It is not, isn’t it?” I said amused. A few days after my joke in the company restaurant we had our monthly drinks. It was quite busy and of course my joke was still a topic of conversation. When I wanted to go home around nine, I went to my office to get my coat and laptop, but I found a bit more than I had expected. Emma had been waiting for me in my office, and she was desperate to proof to me that she wasn’t a child. I found her sitting on my desk, completely naked. I was stunned and laughed. I had never considered her to be a possible sexual partner, and presenting herself to me naked didn’t help at all. I brought my face a bit closer to hers and we met eye to eye. “I probably should have given you a thorough spanking back then. That would have saved me from a lot of time and money to prepare this room for you.” She blushed and looked down, too ashamed to look at me. I continued to look at her all the same, before my hands slid along her arms to her elbows. “Don’t be afraid, little girl.” I said, and I grabbed her lower arms and helped her lying down on the changing mat. I pushed her sideways and turned her a bit so her back her the plastic cover and she pulled her feet on the mat. Her only garment was now her skirt, and her breast came in full view when I pushed her hands behind her head on the mattress. I held her arms there for a few seconds to let her know that her hands belong there, and when I let go of her hands they indeed stayed put. Without any problems I could open the zipper of her skirt and pull it down. I felt the shiver through her body and heard her gasp for air, but she lay perfectly still for me. Her skirt became the last piece of clothing on the ground as she was now completely naked. For a moment she panicked. She started to sit up and tried to cover herself with her hands. I was prepared for that and I quickly grabbed an ankle and pulled it up and a bit in the direction of her belly. Her other leg followed and she was forced to resign her bid to sit up. With her legs in the air I had access to her bums. I slapped her, not too hard, but it shocked her. I immediately felt her resistance break. The tension left her body and she was under my control again. “Don’t so that, please.” I said. She pulled her hands back behind her head. “S… Sorry… Please.” She whispered. She regretted her moment of rebellion and realized again that she was not in control anymore. I caressed her forehead as a sign of forgiveness. If this was the only time she didn’t do what she was supposed to do, then I would call that a success. Chapter 10 – Diapered! With one hand she held the wrist of her other hand, and her head was turned to the wall. The only movement she made was her chest going up and down for her breathing. Maybe she didn’t dare to move, afraid of another spanking, or she accepted the fact that I could see her completely naked, and that I would diaper her. When I grabbed her ankles and crossed them, her knees bended and her legs opened. She was even more vulnerable now, but she still didn’t move. I took both her ankles in one hand and raised them. I brought the over her belly, but not too high. Her knees moved outside and her back arched a bit. Not only I had an unobstructed view at everything between her legs, I could access it as easily with my right hand. Her bottom was still red from the spanking, and it must still hurt a bit. With my free right hand I opened the top drawer and found the soothing cream. It wasn’t easy to open the tube with one hand but I didn’t want to let her ankles go. To be honest I wasn’t a pro in caring for babies, and most certainly not for babies as big as Emma. I squished some crème directly from the tube on each of her cheeks and then started to rub it in. I did it slowly and with care. My touch must have hurt, but the crème should make the pain go away sooner. “I’m sorry I had to spank you.” I apologized again. “I hope I have never have to do that again.” Emma was still looking at the wall. She let me do what I wanted to do, and she kept her eyes closed. She didn’t need to look, she felt everything I did to her. I tried to be as gentle as I could be, but I was rubbing her abused behind, so it couldn’t be enjoyable. I had to let her skin absorb the crème for a moment and I needed to clean my right hand, so I decided to let her loose for a moment. I stood by to see what her legs would do now I didn’t keep them in place, but nothing happened. She held her legs up, her knees out, and her ankles crossed, so I could grab a towel and dry my hands. “I know this is not a comfortable position, but please hold on for a moment.” I said to her. I put my right hand on her upper thigh and tried to lay my right hand on her forehead and caress her, but the shook my hand away. She was clearly angry at me, but that was OK. I was not angry at her anymore, I was even proud at her that she let me do what I needed to do. I pulled my hands back and started gathering her clothes from the floor. I folded them and put them on the end of the changing table. I wasn’t in a hurry at all. Emma was in a very vulnerable and humiliating position and she stayed like that without me holding here. She just laid there, naked and hurt, waiting for me to continue. I grabbed a diaper from the pile and right next to her head I began to unfold it. The plastic made a lot of noise, but Emma kept looking at the wall. Off course she wore diapers as a kid, but nobody can remember that part of your life. So like most people her age, this would be her first time she would be diapered like a child and actually remember it. Her diaper was white and very think. This wasn’t just a medical diaper, it was much thicker and the tape landing zone on the front was showing cute little bears. Emma didn’t see that. She kept her eyes closed, but she knew what was happening. She had heard the loud crackling of the plastic when I folded the sides of the diaper outwards, and maybe she did some babysitting in the past and recognized the sound. But now it was Emma who was getting diapered. I thought about saying something, but I decided to let her be for the moment. I pushed the back of her diaper under her and positioned the diaper. Then I let her take her legs down and guided her feet down to the changing table. I pushed her knees outwards and pulled the diaper up between her legs. I folded it over her belly. One by one I grabbed the blue tapes, opened them, and pushed them on the tape landing zone, covering part of the childish figures. I closed all for tapes and as a last check I ran my finger between the diaper and the inside of her legs. I felt the elastics and concluded that I did a prefect job. She was diapered! Emma felt that the diaper was closed and slowly started the move a little. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. She blushed and looked away again. She tries to stretch her legs, felt the bulk between her legs and heard the plastic of her diaper protesting. I smiled. “You’re a good girl and I am proud of you.” I said. She shook her head in disgust, or shame, or anger. I didn’t care which emotion she was showing. If it were up to me this wasn’t the last time I diapered her, and I even hoped I could even change her diaper tonight. But I knew that chance was slim, and that she needed time to cope with what happened today. “You wanted to stay the night, I said that I wanted you in diapers. I kept my word. Now, let’s get you ready for bed.” “No, no, no.” She said, but each no was softer than the one before. I knew she resigned to her fate. Chapter 11 – Naptime I helped her sitting up. She let me help her but she wasn’t looking me in the eye. She just looked down. Maybe she was looking at the diaper, or maybe she was just blankly staring down. I realized I still had about ten guests in the garden, and I could hear them through the window that was slightly open. I knew I could leave them alone, and they all knew something was happening with me and Emma. They were probably gossiping about us, but for now what was happening here was still a secret. But not for long. I picked an onesie from the small stack I ordered not so long ago. I hoped I had the right size, but too be absolutely sure I bought a slightly bigger and a slightly smaller one. This one was white, had short sleeves, and three snaps to close it between the legs. I held the arm openings open for her and she reluctantly pushed her hands through them. I pulled the onesie over her head and then further down. If she was glad that her upper body was covered again she didn’t let it show. Maybe the shame for her diaper was much bigger than the fact that I could see her breasts. First I fixed her short sleeves, and pulled them straight, then I let Emma lie on her back again. I pulled the backside of her onesie form under her bottom. She spread her legs for me and made it easy for me to close the onesie in between her legs. The onesie might cover most past of her diaper, it didn’t hide it at all. Not only the diaper was wider between her legs than the onesie, also the thickness of the diaper didn’t leave any questions about what she wore as underwear. I was just glad I bought the right size onesies. It fit her perfectly. It seemed to be comfortably snuck around her body, but not too tight. I left Emma on the changing table for a moment. I wasn’t afraid she would get off by herself, or that she would run away. I also didn’t think she would open her onesie and remove her diaper. I was almost a hundred percent sure that she would just lie there and wait for me to help her in bed. And that was exactly what I was about to do. First I opened the lock on the side of the bed and let the whole side slide down. I found a beautiful and childlike bed for her online. It had cost me a small fortune to buy it and let it be delivered here, but I found it worth every penny. It was just like a children’s bed, with a raised mattress and high barred sides. It wasn’t a cage, but inside the bed it must feel like that with bars all around. Only the ceiling you could see without restrictions, but even it you would climb over the side you still had to face the almost 2 meter high drop to the ground. That wasn’t a problem for an adult off course, but the sides were supposed to be more of a psychological barrier than a psychical one. And I hoped that it would make her feel small and childish. I also hoped that she would recognize and appreciate the effort I made in preparing this room for her. I could understand that she wouldn’t really appreciate it right now, but I hoped that this was not the first and the last time I had her here in this room. I also bought a special sleeping bag for her, similar to the ones babies sleep in. It was light blue and not too thick for her too sleep in during the summer. It was smaller at the top and it has openings for her arms. It had a zipper on the back from top to bottom. I brought it over to the changing table and Emma looked at it with disgust. I opened the zipper from the bottom upwards. Emma shook her head and she looked at me for a moment. She saw the smile on my face and probably realized that she didn’t have choice. I draped the sleeping bag over her and helper her arms through the holes. I then helped her turn around. Now she was lying on her stomach and I could close the zipper just below her neck and pull the zipper all the way down. At last her feet disappeared in the sleeping bag. I helped her turn around again and helped her sit up. Her short white sleeves showing, but the rest of her onesie was covered by the sleeping bag. The light blue sleeping bag covered her shoulders and gave just enough space around her neck to be comfortable, but still we tight enough to not be able to pull her head inside. “Isn’t it nice, and comfortable?” I asked. Now she was sitting up our heads were not far apart. She wasn’t looking at me. I waited for a moment to give her a bit of time to respond, but she didn’t say anything. She even didn’t move and just sat there. “Can you please look at me?” I asked nicely, and after a few seconds she turned her head and looked me in the eyes. I saw a little bit of anger, but also shame, but mostly I saw the helplessness in her eyes. She was indeed helpless. I was in control, and she could only just go with the flow. Even though she, more or less, underwent this whole ordeal voluntarily. “Thank you for cooperating. I can understand that this isn’t easy for you, but I am very proud of you, of your behavior. Thank you for that.” I said. I wanted to kiss her on her forehead, but I wasn’t fast enough and I gave her the opportunity to reject it, and she took it. I was OK with that, for now. “I think you understand what I expect of you, but to be entirely certain I will tell you my rules.” I said. She blushed a bit and looked away. “You are not allowed to touch your diaper. I diapered you, and I will take your diaper off when I decide it is time for that, or I will change your diaper when it needs to be changed before that time. Is that understood?” I said. I tried to keep the tone of my voice not too strict, but the same time I wanted her to know that I was serious. She nodded. I think I saw her shiver a bit when I told her that I might need to change her diaper. I could only hope that she urgently needed to pee soon, and that she then was forced to use her diaper. It was already a dream come true that I could spank and diaper her, and I couldn’t hope for more, but a man could dream. “Just to be sure.” I said with a sly smile. “I don’t mind if your diaper is wet when I come get you out of bed later. I don’t mind at all.” I said. Emma grunted something softly that I could not understand, and probably it was just a generic noise of disapproval. “Also, you are not allowed to open your sleeping bag. And off course you are also not allowed to climb out of bed when the sides are up. Understood?” She nodded again. “If you want I can help you.” I said after a short pause. “I can lock your sleeping bag so that you can’t open it and so you can’t touch your diaper. I don’t want to spank you again, so if you are afraid you can’t control yourself then please tell me.” She abruptly turned her head and looked me in the eyes. She was angry now. “You… The lock is not necessary.” She said. “Did I not do everything you asked of me?” I didn’t expect her to react to fiercely, but I smiled forgivingly. “I’m sorry, you’re right. You behaved perfectly.” I bent forward to her and wrapped my arms around her. I pulled her close to me, and although she resisted me for a moment she knew she was too late to react this time. Our heads were side by side and I kissed her just above her ear. Then I repositioned my right arm under her and took her in my arms. She was not too heavy and I carried her too her bed. I laid her down on the mattress and she stretched her legs. She was still or het back. I kissed her on her forehead and she let me. “I am so proud of you, little girl.” I said, with the biggest smile possible. “Please try to rest for a bit. I will come get you in a few hours.” I stepped back a bit, pulled the side of the bed up and enclosed her in bars. She immediately turned on her stomach, facing the wall. I walked to the window, looked outside to my guests in the garden and closed the curtains. It didn’t darken the room very much, but it kept the sun out. I looked at Emma again, at her white onesie sticking out of the light blue sleeping bag, through the white bars of the oversized baby crib. With that picture in mind I left her bedroom, closed the door and went back to my guests. I had some explaining to do to my colleagues. Chapter 12 – My little girl Two and a half hours I left her alone. Via a baby monitor I checked on her regularly. It made it possible for me to see her at any time via an app on my phone. I had seen her restless in the beginning, not sure what to do and unable to find a comfortable position. She turned and turned and eventually settled down on her side, faced towards the room, and with her arm under her head as some kind of pillow. I didn’t think she slept, or even tried to sleep. It must have been turmoil in her head, thinking about what she has been through, and what she expected to happen next. I couldn’t possibly know what she was really thinking about, and I could only hope that she didn’t hate me too much. When I opened the door to her bedroom she looked me in the eye. She was sitting in the corner of her bed, with her back against the bars and her knees pulled up. She had her arms wrapped around her legs and I had seen on my phone that she had rested her head on top of her knees. She followed me with her eyes, as I smiled lovingly. I first went to the window and opened the curtains. The sun blinded my eyes but Emma was still in the shadow. I went to her and lowered the side of the bed. She looked at me with a little bit of fear in her eyes. “Can… Can I go now?” She asked. I shook my head. “No. Bob will take you home if you want, but not before eleven tonight.” I said. She bowed her head. “You are my little girl, at least until eleven, and I hope for whole the weekend.” She shook her head again, this time with more determination. She kept looking at me, but not directly into my eyes. Maybe she hoped that her sad face would make me more lenient. “Please lie down.” I asked. “What… What are you going to do?” She asked softly, but she already moved to the middle of the bed and laid down on her back. “Let me first get you out of your sleeping bag.” I said. “Then I will check your diaper and change you, if needed.” She looked at me angrily. “What? Off course you don’t need to change me.” She shouted. “Don’t be mad. You are wearing a diaper and you will wear a diaper for as long as you are in, or around, my house.” I smiled at her. “So, I suppose you will be wet before the evening is over.” She shook her head again, this time almost frantically. She panicked and sat up. “No, no… Please.” Now I shook my head and looked at her sternly. “Lie down, Emma.” I put my finger under her chin, pushed her head up a bit and let her look me in the eyes. “You behaved almost perfectly until now. You should have been lying down in bed, and not sitting up, but that I will forgive you. This time. Please don’t start misbehaving now, because I will not tolerate that.” She laid down again, but kept looking up at me with pleading eyes. “So, as I said, first I will check your diaper and then I will take you downstairs.” “But… But what...” I almost smiled. Off course she was afraid that anyone would see her in a diaper. The clothes that she wore when she arrived here would not conceal her diaper, it probably wouldn’t even fit over her diaper. “You don’t need to be ashamed. We are going to show everyone that you are still a little girl. A very pretty little girl, and a very good behaving little girl. We are going to show everyone what you really are, and that you are not the bratty, foul-mouthed and arrogant young woman that you pretend to be.” She was in shock. Her face turned white and froze. I used that to turn her around and open the zipper all the way up until the two sides came apart. I helped her out of the sleeping bag and folded the sleeping bag and put it on the end of the bed. Emma was already on her back again. I pushed my hands between her legs pushed her legs apart. I opened her onesie and pulled it up. Her diaper came in full view and I could clearly see that her diaper was still dry. I thought about opening her diaper and look at her buttocks to see if they were still red, but I decided not to do that. I closed her onesie, but that didn’t conceal her diaper completely. “Are you ready?” I asked. “R… Ready?” “To show your colleagues that you are still a little girl?” I smiled. She shook her head. I helped her sitting up, and then I guided her legs over the side of the bed. She let me, but with hesitation. “Please…” She pleaded. “Don’t be afraid. You don’t need to be ashamed. Nobody will laugh at you.” I knew I couldn’t convince her to not be afraid or ashamed, but I wanted to give her at least some kind of support. “And to be honest, I have to confess that everybody heard that I had to spank you. I shouldn’t have left the window open.” “What? No!” She said, and I saw her eyes get watery. The knowledge that all of her colleagues knew what had happened to her, made her even less willing to go downstairs. But she had no choice. I would take her downstairs, in her diaper and onesie, and show everyone that she was a little girl. And Emma realized that too. Chapter 13 – No secrets With her legs over the side of the bed I stood right before her. I looked her in the eyes. She looked differently without her make-up, and I never really looked at her without all the stuff she used. I thought she was much prettier without it, and with her hair loosely over her shoulders, she looked so much friendlier. And with her wearing that cute onesie, and her diaper showing underneath, the picture was complete. “Let’s get you downstairs. You must be thirsty.” I gently picked up her hands and put them on my shoulders. She shook her head and was clearly shocked, but I already pushed my hands underneath her, between the diaper and the bed. I lifted her up from the bed and she leaned forwards against my body. I felt her arms around my neck and her face next to my right ear. She also wrapped her legs around me for a bit of support. She was not that big, but still heavy to carry downstairs. “Pl… Please, not… Can I stay here?” She pleaded softly in my ear. “No, off course not. Don’t be ridiculous.” I said. “Please, I will… I will be a little girl. I will… pee, and I… You… I will let you change… change me.” I laughed while I carried her out of her room. “I think the evening is still long and you will wet your diaper anyway.” I said. “And I will change you whenever and wherever I want, little girl.” I tried to sound firm and strong, but she must have heard the laugh I was desperately trying to hide. I felt a shiver passing through her On the way down she was quit, and I had to concentrate to get her safely down the stairs. Maybe she was bit scared that I’d fall, and that she was trying to be as still as possible. Only after we were safely on the ground floor, I heard her voice in my ear again. “I… I want to go home.” “You can, but not now. Later tonight, I told you already. Until then I need you to behave and show everyone what a pretty, well-behaved little girl you are.” I felt her body tense up as I carried her into the kitchen. The noticed the first spectator looking at her, and I felt the tension in her body building up. She clearly didn’t want this to happen, but seemed to have accepted that she wasn’t in control anymore. Off course I could understand her. Until now she was an independent young woman, pretending to be confident and all grown up, showing her body to everyone, showing her curves. Just showing a lot of skin. She wanted people to notice her. But for me she just looked like a little girl in a grown-up body, hiding her real self behind the make-up, and the short skirts, and the almost-all-revealing tops. Until today. Today her life changed radically. She didn’t need to pretend anymore, because everyone would look at her, and see what she really was. And most likely they would all realize that deep inside they already knew. They all knew already that Emma was not the grownup, self-confident woman she pretended to be. Kathleen was the first to see this young woman in a completely different set of clothes. Kathleen worked in the Finance department, and I knew Emma did some work for her department, and I also knew she didn’t liked Emma. Now Kathleen looked at me, then at Emma and I saw her gaze go down and recognize the diaper. Kathleen smiled and Emma saw that. Emma hid her face in my neck, and her arms and legs around me hugged me a little tighter. Emma knew she could not fight it. She knew that she was to be presented to the rest of her colleagues. She knew everybody would see her in her diaper and onesie. “She is a bit shy now.” I said to Kathleen, with a sly smile on my face. I carried Emma through the kitchen and into the garden. As soon as we entered the garden everybody stopped talking and stared looking at us. Or, to be more precise, they looked at Emma. Everybody looked at the white onesie with short sleeves, and the diaper that was peeking out between her legs. The onesie wasn’t any good at hiding her diaper anyway, because you could see the back of her diaper through the white cotton. “Please, don’t make it harder for this little girl than it already is.” I said loudly. “Yes, I spanked her for lying to me. And yes, I spanked her for showing up while she clearly knew she wasn’t welcome her. Although I am sorry I had to hurt her like that, I will not tolerate that kind of behavior.” Everybody looked at me, nodded, and some even smiled a little. I felt Emma gasping for air, but she didn’t attempt to break free out of my arms. “And, as you can see, I diapered her and I will keep her in diapers for as long as she is here. As long as she behaves like a child, I will treat her like one.” I said, while slowly I turned around. I looked at all my colleagues and let all colleagues see the little girl in my arms. “No, no… Stop. I… I am an adult.” She whispered in my ear, so soft that nobody else could hear it. I turned my head and she tilted her head a bit backwards. We were looking in each other’s eyes while our noses touched. “No, you are not. Especially not while I am in charge.” I smiled and managed to give her a quick kiss on her cheek. “But don’t be afraid, or ashamed. I will take care of you, I will help you, and… and I will make sure you learned your lesson.” Then I whispered something else in her ear. “And I love you, but not in the way you hoped for.” I felt her reaction when I said I loved her. Maybe she was surprised by it, or maybe she was just glad to hear it. It was certainly not the love she craved for, but this was what I could give her. I knew her situation at home was not as stable as I had when I was her age, and I wanted her to know I could care for her, but she needed to understand the consequences of her choices. I carried her to a blanket I already had spread out on the grass, a bit to the side, and away from the bulk of the people. I let her down and she landed on her feet. Now she was on the ground she pulled her arms back and I could give her another kiss. Again it was quick, but this time it was on her forehead. “Let me care for you, little girl.” I said. She shook her head, slowly. Her face was red from the shame she felt and she didn’t want to look in the direction of her colleagues. “Please sit down.” I said gently. “You are not allowed of this blanket. I will get you everything you need.” She looked at me in disgust, but she did sit down. She pulled in her knees and wrapped her arms around them. “I’m not a baby!” She snorted while she looked up at me. “No, you are not a baby.” I laughed. “But you are a little girl.” I looked at her for a moment and then smiled. “Don’t be a naughty little girl.” I turned around and walked away. Chapter 14 – Warm milk She was sitting alone in her part of the garden. She was left alone by all of us, and she was certainly not going to attract any attention on purpose. She sat with her back to us, facing the high bushes surrounding the garden. She had put her knees up and leaned with her arms on them, and let her head rest on her arms. She must have felt lonely, but probably thought that lonely was better than being diapered and surrounded by colleagues. I wasn’t going to leave her alone for a long time. I had promised to let her go home at the end of the evening, if she wanted to. I could not keep her here if she really wanted to leave, but that was more for moral or legal reasons, than of a mere physical reason. I could easily lock her in the sleeping bag, and she wouldn’t go anywhere without me noticing, and preventing, it. So that meant that my time with her was limited, unless she wanted to stay. And I wasn’t sure she was ready to admit to herself that it was better for her to stay, or that she wanted to stay. With that in mind I prepared the next step, and then walked over to Emma. I crouched down beside her. She looked at me for a second, and then looked the other way, a bit too theatrically. “Go away.” She said softly. I shook my head. “No, I can’t do that.” I touched her shoulder. Did she shiver a bit? Was she afraid of me, or did I just startle her? “I have something to drink for you.” I said, but she again shook her head. I expected nothing else, and slowly, but firmly, I grabbed her and positioned her the way I wanted to. She didn’t help me, but she didn’t reject it that much too. I was already sitting and Emma was sideways in front of me. I let her head rest against my shoulder and supported her with my right arm around her back. She looked a bit surprised and it seemed she still didn’t know what was about to happen. She looked up, while I held her in my arms, and didn’t see the bottle coming. The nipple of the full-size baby bottle was already in her mouth before she could reject it. She closed her mouth too late and the big nipple was already filled a large part of her mouth. I held the bottle up and she must already feel the warm milk seep into her mouth. I prepared the nipple so that even if she didn’t suck on the nipple it would still release a little bit of fluid. Now she looked shocked and tried to push the nipple out with her tongue. “No, Emma. No!” I said loudly, and I felt her resistance fade away. “Be a good little girl and let me feed you.” She shook her head and her head turned slightly red. She was now facing her colleagues and she could see them looking at us. She looked away and decided to do what she was supposed to do. I could feel her trying to figure out how to get more milk out of the nipple, and I didn’t take long before she was swallowing the warm milk every few seconds. I gave her a small kiss on her forehead. “You’re a good girl.” I said. “You need to drink a lot, because I want your diaper wet before the evening is over.” I smiled at her and she looked shocked again. This couldn’t be a big surprise for her. She must have known I wanted her to wet her diaper like a baby, and I didn’t just diaper her for fun. I wanted her to use the diaper for what it was intended for. “No, please.” She said softly. I pulled the bottle back for a moment and let her speak. Her lips were white with the milk and it dripped a bit down her chin. I set the bottle aside a wiped her mouth clean. “You’re diaper will be wet before the evening is over.” I tried to look firmly, but she must have seen that I wasn’t angry. I was just amused and enjoying myself. “I can bottle feed you at least four more bottles like these, and not even a big girl can’t hold that much.” She shook her head again and started to say something, but I put the nipple back in her mouth. She swallowed her words, and the warm milk. And she swallowed her pride. I let her drink for a minute. It was a big bottle and drinking was slow, so only about a third of the milk had passed her mouth. Emma lay comfortably in my arms, her legs spread out on the blanket, her back supported by my arm, and the side of her head gently resting against my shoulder. She didn’t look up at me, and she didn’t look at her colleagues who sometimes looked our way. I didn’t think it looked like Emma was uncomfortable in any way, she seemed like a happy toddler being bottle-fed. Except Emma was a bit bigger than a normal toddler. But like a toddler, she was wearing a diaper. And whether she liked it or not, her diaper would definitely become wet during the night. I just hoped she was still wearing a diaper at the end of the night, and sleeping in her crib. Chapter 15 – Hesitations “I don’t think I should let you go home tonight.” I said. She almost finished her bottle of warm milk and her belly was full. The milk would gradually work its way to her blather, and would eventually make her diaper wet and bulky. Emma shook her head while she looked up at me for a few seconds. Her movement caused the escape of a few drops of milk from the corner of her mouth. They dribbled down on to her chin and she wanted to wipe them away with her hand, but I stopped her. The white milk on her pink skin didn’t bother me, and made her just look a little bit more childish. “I should keep you in diapers all weekend, little girl.” She again shook her head when I spoke to her. She wanted to talk, but with the nipple between her lips and the constant flow of milk in her mouth she knew she couldn’t do it without spilling some milk. The bottle was almost empty when I took it out of her mouth. She swallowed once and then looked up to me. “No, please… I can’t… I…” She said, softly. Off course I noticed that she didn’t say that she did not want it, but that she could not. “Yes, you can.” I said with a smile. “No, no… I… I need to work on… on my thesis. It… The deadline is in a month.” “You could have finished that by now, you should have finished that by now!” I said. “But you decided to pick up another project that was not part of your thesis. You shouldn’t have done that. This is your own fault.” “It’s… But…” “I know its part of a project with a strict deadline, but that is not your problem.” I said, and pushed the nipple of the bottle back into her mouth. She tried to reject it for a moment, but soon closed her mouth around it. I tilted the bottle and the last bit of the milk started to drip into her mouth again. “You are risking your thesis, and for what? You’re not even paid for this side-job.” I saw her blush a little, as she realized I was right. She shouldn’t have said yes when John asked her to do this. She drank the last bit of milk. With a big smile I looked down on her. “Very good, little girl. I am proud of you. You drank the whole bottle. I suppose you had to be very thirsty.” I pulled the nipple out of her mouth and now she could speak again. “And… And I need to work. I… I need… I need the money.” She said shyly, and looked up at me. I shook my head. I put the empty bottle aside and wiped her lips and chin clean. “No, no, no. Work, study, side-project. That is way too much for you.” I said with a serious tone in my voice. “Your study is almost finished, forget all the rest. Little girls like you should sleep a lot, and play. Do some coloring, play with dolls, watch cartoons. Stuff like that.” She shook her head. “I… I can’t do that.” “And there is something else. Your mother called, she…” “She is not my mother!” She interrupted me, almost angry. “…She said you were supposed to babysit tonight?” I asked. Emma shook her head, again, and let out a clearly noticeable sigh. “No, no… I said I couldn’t… She can’t expect me to… to babysit all the time.” “Now she is taking the money for the babysitter out of your bank account, she said. Can she do that? Can she take your money?” I heard her confirm that, but very softly. “Does she often take money from your account?” I asked, and again she nodded slightly. “Does she takes too much? I mean, more than you agreed to for… for general cost of living. It’s OK, and it’s normal, that you pay for something, but…” “She takes it all.” Emma said. “I… I need to work tomorrow.” She looked up, and pleaded. “Please, please let me go home tonight.” She begged. I pulled her close to me, and felt sorry for her. She was taken advantage of by her stepmother, had to work to get her money get stolen by her stepmother, and still managed to do well in school. And then also started a side-project, just to please somebody else at work. “I… I will be a… your little girl…. Tonight. I… I am… already… But… But, please. Please let me go home tonight.” I think she was crying, although I couldn’t see her face. I felt her body tremble for a moment and slowly she pushed her legs apart. It was only now that I realized she was peeing. My little girl Emma was wetting her diaper! Chapter 16 – No worries With what I had heard from Emma, I was even more determined to not let her go home tonight. I wanted her to be diapered this whole weekend. I wanted her in her crib for at least 12 hours a day. I wanted her to play, and watch TV, and maybe do some coloring for me. I wanted her to feel small, helpless and care-free. First step was to get rid of the stress she had. Some of that was her own fault, and some of it was because of her situation at home. But to be honest, most problems she had I had already anticipated, and without her knowing, already solved for her. It wasn’t too hard. With everything she had said to me, I believed I could let her stay her this whole weekend without feeling that I had gotten her in some kind of trouble. I smiled while walking upstairs. I picked the things I needed for her, and for the next step in her transition. And I simply wanted to play dress-up. I took it all downstairs, but left a few things on the kitchen table. When I returned to Emma she was still sulking. Her mood didn’t get any better when she saw what I brought her. I kneeled beside her, kissed her on her forehead and then pushed her on her back, gently but with just enough power to overcome her reluctance. My hands worked themselves between her legs and opened the buttons of her onesie and started to pull it up. While she was lying on her back, I pulled the onesie up and over her head. She was naked except for her diaper now, but she seemed for worried about her wet diaper than her exposed breasts. She brought her hands down and tried to cover her diaper. I let her. I wasn’t interested in her diaper right now. I already saw she had indeed wet her diaper, but it was not much. I was showing though, and it was clearly visible that she wet her diaper like a little girl. I let her stand up, let her put her hands out, and guided her hands and her head in the pink dress. I pulled it down and Emma let me. The pink diaper with short, frilly sleeves, and much more frills down below. Standing up the dress just covered her diaper, but I wouldn’t let her stand all night. “You must be lonely here.” I said. “You don’t need to be shy.” I smiled at her and put my hand out for her. I wanted her to take it so I could walk her to my other guests. I wanted them to meet baby Emma, but Emma didn’t agree. She shook her head and looked at me with a mixture of fear and shame. I smiled again. I knew Emma would know by now that if I wanted her between the other guests, she would be there shortly. Still she didn’t take my hand and looked down. Her face turned a bit of red. I gave her a hug, pulled her against my body, and wrapped my arms around her. I caressed her, pulled my fingers softly between her hairs. “Don’t be afraid. I’ve got another nice bottle of milk for you, and then something healthy to eat.” “No… no…” She stammered, and I felt a shiver pass through her body. “Yes, yes.” I said with a big smile. I let her go out of the hug and my hand found hers. I did a small step and felt her hand tense up. I didn’t let her go, and neither did she try to. Her grip just got a little tighter. “Don’t be shy.” I said. “You look beautiful.” I did another small step and Emma followed. Her bare feet stepped on the grass and slowly she followed me. Step by step we came closer to the small crowd, gathered around a few high tables. They were drinking, talking, laughing, and generally having a good time. When they saw us getting closer, it became silent. They were looking at us, but mostly at Emma. Her over-the-top frilly dress in pink was hard to miss. A few people were sitting around the wooden garden table. The wooden bench was empty and I lead Emma to the bench. I sat first and then I pulled Emma towards me. I let her sit on my lap and let her head rest against my shoulder. I positioned a little better so her upper body was a leaning backwards a bit. Kathleen handed me the bottle I had prepared, and I directly pushed the nipple between her lips. She opened her mouth a bit and accepted the bottle. I tilted the bottle up and Emma started drinking immediately. Her face was pointing to the other people, but she had her eyes closed. Her legs were slightly spread and I don’t think she realized that most of my guest had a perfect view of her diaper. Her dress was not long enough to cover it anymore now she was sitting in my lap. And not only could everybody see that see wore a diaper, it couldn’t be missed that she used for its intended purpose. “I think you were thirsty.” I said. She didn’t waste any time and I could see the level of milk slowly, but steadily, get lower and lower. I pulled her a bit more on my lap and placed my free hand between her legs on her diaper. I felt the thickness of the diaper where it had absorbed her pee. It could handle a lot more, and another liter of milk was coming that way. “O, hello.” I said. “Sorry that I’m not entertaining you all, but this little girl is in need of a bit more attention.” “No problem, no problem at all.” Kathleen said. “Very understandable. And I see that a diaper change is needed too.” I laughed. “I’ll change her in an hour or so when I bring her to bed. It’s already way past her bedtime, but it’s a party so I let her stay up.” Emma opened her eyes and looked up at me. I saw she was separate to speak, so I pulled the nipple out of her mouth. “What… I… You promised… I want… I need to go home.” She begged me but laid still in my arms. “You, you’re not.” I said, and I pushed the nipple back inti her mouth. “You can trust me. You don’t need to worry about anything. Daddy will solve all your problems.” I said. She wanted to protest, but I felt her body resign. The tension left her body again and she relaxed again. Chapter 17 – Shock She seemed relaxed now. She even had her eyes open, while I fed her yoghurt met pieces of fruit. I had placed a bib on her to keep her dress clean, and every time I brought my spoon to her mouth she opened it voluntarily. In the mean time I saw her looking around. She looked at my guests, her colleagues, and sometimes her eyes met the gaze of one of them. Only then she showed some shyness when then quickly looked another way. I told her that I had gotten her an extension for her thesis. She was clearly relieved to hear that. I already heard that the latest version she submitted last month was already enough, and that version would already gotten her enough points to graduate. But Emma wanted it perfect, and I would gladly help her do that. But she would be doing that diapered. She accepted another spoonful of yoghurt with a big chunk of apple in it. She opened her mouth for it, without really looking. The apple graced her lips and left a big spot of yoghurt on her chin. She looked up and smiled at me. With a corner of her bib I wiped her chin clean. She seemed so happy now. Everybody was watching us, seeing how a twenty year old was dressed as a toddler and being spoon-fed like a little child. I knew for sure that nobody here had seen this before in real-life. But everybody accepted Emma’s fate, as most of them knew her, and knew how she behaved in the office lately. Even Emma seemed to accept her fate. I also told her that I thought she should get paid for her side-project. It was a project with a high priority, not a very difficult one albeit, but still one that took her a lot of time and had her make arrangements with a lot of different people and departments to gather all the data. Maybe it was the stress, but she had overplayed herself somewhat by demanding the cooperation of some people. People that had their own deadlines and responsibilities. Emma hadn’t made much friends with this project, and I knew that some of those colleagues thought this was a proper reward for her behavior. I couldn’t agree more. I told her that I had arranged that she got paid for three months of work, full pay, as If she was a normal employee. And that I would also arrange that it was paid to a newly opened bank account, so that nobody could take her money away again. Emma had silently listened. She had said nothing, but just slightly rubbed her head against me. She had then just simply kissed me where her lips could reach me. So she kissed me in my neck. The bowl with yoghurt and fruit was empty, and Emma’s stomach was full. I released her from her bib, but not before I thoroughly cleaned her face first. I complimented her on a good job, but she didn’t answer or acknowledge the compliment. She just rested against my body, sometimes with her eyes closed. She seemed to be completely at ease. She got up and looked me in the eyes. “Can… Can I go inside and watch TV?” I shook my head. “No, not today. It’s almost bedtime.” She didn’t like that. “What no. I’m… I’m OK with…” She started to protest, but I stopped her. “I don’t care about with what you are OK with, little girl.” I looked her in the eyes. “If I think its little-girl-bedtime, then that’s what it is. In a few minutes you can say goodnight to everybody, and then I’ll take you upstairs for a diaper change. You will be in your crib in 15 minutes, young lady!” I’m not sure where her sudden reluctance came from, or why she now suddenly felt that she didn’t like this at all. Maybe she realized that her adult life was partially over. Maybe she realized that her troubles may well be solved, but that the price she had to pay for that was maybe a bit too high. Or maybe she simply didn’t want to go to bed so early in the evening. Or maybe she was testing me to see how my reaction would be if she didn’t behave the way I liked her to. It didn’t really matter what her reasons would be, the end result would be exactly the same. She would be in her crib soon, and she would be thickly diapered, and she would be in a place where she was safe and secure and where she would not be able to escape from. Emma stood up and looked down on me with an annoyed look, maybe even a bit angry. She pulled her frilly dress down in a futile attempt to hide her wet diaper. She shook her head. “No, I want…” She started, but I grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards me. “You have nothing to want. I make the rules here, and you have to follow them.” I said sharply. I wasn’t really angry. This was something that I anticipated. Changes didn’t come without some friction, and I was fully prepared, and willing, to show her who was in charge here. If I had to do it, I would put her over my lap, pull her diaper down, and spank her in full view of everybody around. And Emma knew that. But still she suddenly pulled her hand free, turned around and started running. I was surprised. I hadn’t expected this, but I was not worried. She would come far, dressed and diapered like this. “Emma, come here, now!” I yelled. Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at me, and then at Emma. But Emma didn’t stop. She continued to walk away. Emma was not even at the house when I saw her freeze. She suddenly stopped and stood still. It was not like she had a change of heart, but it looked like she had seen something. Something unexpected, and something very scary. I couldn’t see what that was. The party did feel silent for a moment. Everybody had noticed that Emma had ran away, although no one had tried to stop her. “Emma!” I heard someone shouting her name. Than a small silence “What the fuck… What… What is that?” Now I saw a woman coming out of the shadows. I instantly realized it was Emma’s stepmother. Chapter 18 – The stepmother Everyone fell quiet, and that’s why everybody could hear it. “Emma, you… What the fuck!” I heard Emma’s stepmom shout out. “What… What are you wearing?” Emma was now right in front of her mother, and she was so shocked that she didn’t knew what to do. So she did nothing. Her mother was so close, compared to her I was miles away. I already stood up, but it would take seconds for me to rescue her. “M… What… no, leave!” I hear Emma say, but not so loud, and not nearly as convincing as needed to be. Her mother looked at Emma, and her gaze over Emma went from top to bottom. I couldn’t imagine what she was supposed to think about it, but she reacted quickly. She reached for the diaper under the pink dress of her stepdaughter, grabbed it and tore it off. I heard, we all heard loudly, the plastic as it was ripped open. The wet diaper was thrown to the ground, with the slightly yellowed insides for all to see. “What… What is this! This dress? What the heck is happening here?” “Mom, no!” I heard Emma yell, now louder. I was still on my way, but I couldn’t prevent Emma being grabbed by her wrist. The pink, frilly dress was now the only thing Emma was wearing. Her stepmother started Emma dragging away, probably because she saw me coming, but Emma tried to resist as much as possible. She was no match though for the bigger and stronger woman. Emma was being pulled forward, with her bare bottom now facing to us. The spanking was still showing a bit, giving her behind a slightly darker color than the rest of her skin. It was also a little bit glistering in the light, as her skin as not entirely dry. “Stop that!” I shouted. “Let her go. You have no business here.” I was now only a few feet away, and I already knew that I could stop them before they were out of my garden. Emma’s stepmother realized that to and she stopped and faced me, but not before she pulled Emma in front of her, as some kind of protection. “I don’t know what is happening here, but I’m stopping it, right here, right now.” She said, as solemnly as she could muster. “Indeed, you don’t know what is happening here, but you are trespassing, Emma is an adult, and she is here voluntarily. So, please let her go, so I can take care of her.” I said. The woman looked at me, both angry and confused. I’m not sure what she expected to see, and what her goal was, but I knew that I was in the right here. “Care? What… You call this… That diaper, what…” She was out of words, but she kept her hand securely around Emma’s wrist. The stepmother was looking for words and not ready to give it up. “Not sure what she is doing here, but I’m not leaving my daughter with a forty-something year old pervert like you.” She looked me in the eyes and pulled Emma even closer. “She is in my care, and belongs with me and my son. Definitely not here, with you.” She kept looking me in the eyes, without fear and full of determination. “And we are leaving her, now. Emma, please get in the car. At home we will get you into some normal clothing again, out of this… this… abomination!” “No, mom… No.” Emma cried softly, but she felt the grip on her wrist get stronger and also felt she was pulled away from me. Emma was clearly afraid, and her eyes found mine. Her face was wet with tears, but suddenly she bowed her head. She didn’t let her stepmother win so easily, and braced herself in the grass. Then Emma’s free hand went to her face, and she tried to hide herself behind it. She made a sharp sound, and then moaned. Both Emma’s stepmother as I were distracted for a moment, and we both seemed to realize what was happening. Emma’s other hand was released and that was also quickly brought in front of her face. But both me and her stepmother didn’t look at her face, we looked at the pee that was coming down between Emma’s legs. At first her legs were closed, and the pee streamed via her inner thigh downwards, but Emma opened her legs, squatted a bit, and the steady stream now flowed directly into the grass. Emma sobbed loudly. I recovered more quickly from this shock than the older woman that was still looking at the wet grass under her stepdaughter. Without checking if Emma was finished or not, I walked up to her and hugged her. I pulled her against me. With a hand on her head I pushed her face gently against my chest, while my other hand lay still on her back. Emma accepted my hug. Her hands found their way around me and touched each other again behind me. The three of us stood there for half a minute, without speaking, speechless. I felt sorry for Emma, but was glad she had chosen me. “Emma? Do you want to stay here? With me?” I asked. I pushed as a little bit apart so I could look her in the eyes. “Or do you want to leave? That’s also OK by me.” I asked her seriously. “But I rather preferred it of you stay.” I whispered with a smile. I didn’t care that Emma’s stepmother could hear that. Emma looked up at me. “I want to stay.” She said to me. Then she turned around to her stepmother. “I’m staying her. Please, go home.” She said. Her stepmother was flabbergasted. Her stepdaughter, who was naked under that silly, frilly dress, made her choice, and eventually she understood that she lost. In a dramatic gesture she threw her hands in the air, turned around. And left. I saw Emma smile. Chapter 19 - Finally “That was scary.” I laughed and tried to deflate the stress situation. Emma looked up at me, and nodded. “I’m glad you chose to stay with me.” I said, and I gave her a new hug. I pulled her close to me for at least half a minute before I let her free again. “Let’s get you cleaned up and ready for bed.” I said, and this time Emma didn’t object. “But there is something we have to address first.” I reached for the bottom side of the dress and started pulling it up. Emma was shocked as she realized she would be completely undressed. I didn’t hesitate and pulled the dress up until it was above her shoulders. Her arms and head were still trapped in the dress, but from there on down she was completely naked. We weren’t in the middle of the garden anymore, but set apart from the party a bit, but that didn’t mean that everybody was looking at us and was now witness to the naked young lady. I heard Emma protest and moan, but her head slipped out of the dress and eventually also her arms. Emma looked up at me in shock. It was yet another shock after the whole ordure with her stepmother. But with the dress on the ground, next to the ripped up diaper, she was now naked, vulnerable, ashamed, and completely under my thumb. She tried to cover her breasts and her privates with her hands while looking up at me with her face covered in shameful red. I grabbed her by her arm, pulled her a bit forward, and smacked her bottom with my open hand. I did it again, and again. She gave a high pitched scream, but mostly due to the shock. I didn’t think I really hurt her like before, especially because I gave her just three swats. I let her stand up again and put my hand under her chin. I pushed her head backwards so she looked up at me. “I didn’t forget what happened just before your stepmother arrived on the scene.” I said. “If you ever disobey me like that again, and walk away from me. I will not only have to spank your sorry ass until its red and you can’t sit up for a week.” I said out loudly, so not only Emma, but everybody could here. “But I will also keep you in a child’s safety harness with a leash for as long as I deem appropriate, and you will be safely locked in a toddler’s stroller every time we go out.” I saw her face turn even redder as she realized that I would unforgivingly put her on display like that. She bowed her head and apologized softly. “I’m… I am sorry. I… I will obey.” I left her standing like that for a few seconds. I wanted for her to feel a bit lost, and lonely. She was completely naked and all of our colleagues were watching. And all of those colleagues she would be facing again, next week. But by then she wouldn’t be naked anymore, then she would be diapered. “OK, little girl. I’m not mad anymore. This is probably not your last mistake, but you will learn how to behave. Spankings are part of the process, if you like it or not. Do you understand that?” She nodded again. With her head down and her hands covering as much of her private parts as possible, she looked so vulnerable. It couldn’t be easy to give up your old life, and give complete control to someone else. And it all happened in this very short time. She came her as a young woman, not knowing about the plans I had for her. She couldn’t have known about the spanking, the diapers and the crib. There was no way that she knew that without hours after her arrival here she would be diapered and spoon-fed like a toddler. I opened my arms for her. “Come, little girl.” I said softly. I deliberately didn’t walk up to here to give her a comforting hug, I let her come to me. She didn’t hesitate and stepped into my arms. She pushed her naked body against mine, laid her head against my chest, and wrapped her arms around my waist. We stood in silence for almost a minute. She felt cold, not surprisingly, and she warmed herself against me. I decided that it was long enough, that it was time for a diaper, and that is was time for bed. I took her by her hand and led her upstairs. Emma knew where we were heading, and she didn’t resist or linger on the way up. I helped her up the changing table, and although she didn’t look me in the eyes, she seemed not to be too anxious about what was to happen. I cleaned her up with wet-wipes and picked the thickest diaper from the stack. She pulled in her knees without the need for me to ask for it. She let me put the diaper under her, powder her privates, and close the diaper tightly. I then helper her in a body, closing the three snaps between her legs. She was now ready for bed, where her sleeper was waiting. She turned her head and looked at me. I saw tears in her eyes. “What’s the matter, little girl?” I asked while I stroked her hair. My other hand was resting on her belly. “Are you maybe a little bit afraid?” Off course she was afraid. She chose to drastically change her life, and put her fate in my hands. I could totally understand her fear. Her future would be totally different than she had planned, and from what she had expected until a few hours ago. “You should be afraid.” I said. “You should be very afraid.” She looked confused, but her face changed as soon as I started to tickle her. “I will tickle you to death!” She screamed in surprise while my fingers protruded her body. Her hands were no longer behind her head, but were desperately trying to stop my hands. But she couldn’t stop it. My hands were too fast and merciless. It didn’t take long before she couldn’t stop laughing and the tears in her cheeks were replaced with tears of joy. I stopped when she was gasping for air and the few seconds of wild uncontrolled body reflexes left her face sweaty. I still smiled, but now her bad thoughts for slowly coming back again. I opened the drawer and selected a big dummy from the selection I had bought for her earlier. I held the dummy for her mouth and for a moment I thought she was going to refuse it. But she opened her mouth and accepted the dummy. I saw a hint of a surprise on her face when she closed her mouth around the dummy and she seemed to realize that it fitted comfortably. And that it was even a nice feeling to suck on the dummy. I smiled and kissed her on her forehead. “You are a silly little girl.” I said. “You shouldn’t worry about a thing. I will take care of you.” With that I pushed my arms under her and carried her to her crib. I had her in her sleeper within seconds. I didn’t need to lock the sleeper this time as I knew she wouldn’t try to escape. I pointed at the camera above her feet, pointing to her face. “I will be looking after you.” I said, and tried to sell it as something comforting, and not as threat. I kissed her again on the forehead, and Emma took her pacifier out for a moment and kissed me on my cheek. She immediately pushed the pacifier back in her mouth. “Are you comfortable?” I asked, and she nodded. “Will you give me a nice wet diaper to change before I go to bed tonight?” She nodded again, with a slight blush. I laughed out loud when I saw her blush. “You don’t need to be ashamed of a wet diaper, little girl.” I said while I pulled the side of her crib up. “You are in diapers full-time now, little girl.” Little Emma was now safely surrounded by bars.” The front side of the bed locked in place with a loud click. Emma looked at me through the wooden bars. She already knew she would be in diapers, but only now she seemed to really realize what that meant. “No more potty for this little girl. I will need to change your wet and poopy diapers from now on.” I laughed again, turned around and left her behind. I closed the curtains, left the nursery, and closed the door. Emma was my little girl now!
  10. I didn't know if I should put this under my last post or start a new topic, they are completely unrelated, but it's another short story A girl at work was complaining, "Nobody gave me a Valentines". Let's call her, Janie. Me, being me the sweetie I am, I quickly folded a piece of paper, drew a heart on it and gave her a simple card. She was touched, even though I had spelled Valentine's wrong, but to her that made the card sweeter in a way. It matched the childish relationship i have with her and most women, for that matter. To her, it's like, "Awww you heard i was sad and made me a little card to make me feel better". I got exactly what I wanted, a hug, a pat on the head and you're such a sweet boy. She was shorter blonde, a little heavy set, the 70's band Queen described them as "Fat Bottomed Girls", but could she still wear tight clothes that looked good enough to catch an eye. We had a decent relationship, but never anything beyond playful flirting. I'd even talked with her about wetting my bed and she didn't even really do any teasing or anything. She was actually surprisingly understanding. So, I'd talked about fetishes with her a couple times and she had an interest in something, but nothing that sparked between us and she never specified her interests, it was always about me. She talked about wanting to have a threesome with her boyfriend and another guy. Usually it's another girl. She tells me her boyfriend is a Black guy real conflicted on homosexuality. I didn't put a lot of thought in it, i offered, "I'll suck his dick, if he wants?". She said, "No, but maybe", then went on to say, that when they'd been drinking, he was into the idea too, but "Don't ever say anything to anyone". And like "You know I wear diapers, you think I'm gonna run around telling your secrets?" A few days go by, I've forgotten all about my little card. Janie comes in all angry and pouty. She's been arguing with her boyfriend and is still arguing with him through text messages. I ask, "What's happening?" She confides a very typical argument, "He's just being a jerk. He doesn't want me talking with other guys. He always says at I'm cheating on him. And I've never cheated once. He's cheated on me and every since I caught him, everything I do, everywhere I go, he says, I'm cheating on him" Me being blissfully naive as to what they are actually arguing about, asks, "What started the argument?" She looks up at from her phone, "He found the card you gave me on Valentines Day. And now, he says you're flirting with me and that i fucked you". This sends a chill down my spine, and gives my voice a sudden nervous enegry, "What do you mean? Why does he want to talk to me?", feeling my little dick and balls retracting inside of me. Janie goes back to typing on her phone, still absently holding the conversation with me. "He keeps saying, you're flirting with me. And he doesn't want any guys flirting with me. I told him it was nothing. He's such a jerk! He's always overreacting. He's sk jealous. He won't even let me hangout with any of my guy friends". She finally looked up again and saw the fear in me. Awhile ago, she had told me, he'd been in jail for fighting before. And this was not the spot I wanted to be in at the moment. I could already see what was shaping up. Does the idea of her boyfriend humiliating me in front of her, turn me on? Very much. Did I sorta kinda orchestrate this situation into existing? I thought it a possibility, but in the moment, the fear is real and thats what turns me on so much! Now, I really wouldn't even call myself a guy. My figure is almost like a split between a guy and a girl. I wear a lot of women's clothes cuz they fit better on me. If I'm walking on a street with heavy traffic, I always get some overly thirsty guy honking at me from behind if I'm wearing tight pants, cuz they see me from behind and think I'm a girl. My shoulders and face don't look too feminine, but have maintained a baby face, but below the waist, i look like a girl. Me and Janie are about the same height too. So, I'm not exactly a fighter. To me, I'd rather suck a guy's dick than fight him. Kiss his shoes? I'll get on my knees. In the moment, I'll do just about anything. I'm intensely submissive to dominant personalities Janie tells me, "Oh, don't worry about him. He's not gonna do anything...." I didn't share her certainty, because before she had even finished, "But you just told me, he is coming here! Can't you tell something?", I'm whining at this point, like desperately pleading with her, "Tell him I'm not here or I went home or anything?" Janie tells me, "That's what I should have said! I didn't even think of that!", but she can tell I'm upset and she starts talking very sweet like she was encouraging a kid, "You don't have to be afraid of him. He won't do anything. I'll protect you", which made me happy to hear, but does little to lessen the dread building inside me" It's gonna be okay. Don't even worry about" A little while later, I'm back asking her, "Can't you tell him something? Cuz, he won't do anything to you! But that doesn't mean he won't do anything to me! You told me he's been to jail", and when she looked up again, and I don't know if it was a look in her eye or the smile on her face, but something gave me the impression she that was enjoying this in someway. So I'm watching the clock all morning, hoping i can somehow get out of work before Janie's boyfriend shows up, or something to happen, but all to soon, the time comes, and her boyfriend's car pulls into the lot. Living up the moniker Yellow, I ran to one of the bathrooms, locked the door and hide inside for like twenty minutes. And that twenty minutes seemed to take forever to pass. The whole time, I'm sitting on the toilet trying to find things to take my attention off her boyfriend, Leon, out there waiting for me. After about ten minutes, I don't hear them talking anymore. But i stay inside. After another ten minutes, I thought I heard a car drive off. So I start thinking it's safe to come out and I have to come out sooner or later. I can't stay in the bathroom forever. And part of me that i hated in this moment, is hoping he's out there. And the moment I turn the corner, I see Leon sitting across from Janie. He stands up and makes a b-line to me. He's under six feet, but he's still six or seven inches taller than me, heavy on some musky cologne, and bigger than me in every way. Later on Janie had said, described me walking into the room looking like a scared child He's pushing his hand into my chest. My back is already against the wall. He is really loud in my face, spittle landing on my face, and a burst of pee escapes into my underwear. He's yelling and pointing at Janie, "You thought you were gonna fuck my girl? Are you fucking stupid?". I felt sick, like I was about to throw up. This is all happening very fast, he's accusing me of hitting on and fucking his girlfriend, I'm shaking my head, denying everything, but i haven't gotten any words just sounds, not to mention I'm shaking pretty bad and tears are welling up in my eyes. Ive started crying and left a wet spot on the seat when my boss yelled at me. Leon shoves a piece of paper against my chest and my back bounces off the wall and I feel a longer jet of pee running into my underwear, i dont know if my pants were wet yet, but my underwear was as wet as it can be. And I'm like, "I didn't..." He cuts me off, snatching the paper back from me, "You didn't write this?!?". And I'm looking back at him, eyes wide and childlike, Im literally helpless and keep looking away, my whole body is shivering and I know my pants must be wet. "Its just a card! It doesn't mean anything", Janie called out, which only seemed to make him madder, cuz he grabbed my shirt and bounced me off the wall again, and this time the quick jet of pee escaping in my underwear doesn't stop. A few tears are starting to run, making my face shiny. I know he can see my pants are wet, even if i can't feel it, cuz I go numb below the waist when i get scared. Now, I'm looking over to Janie for help, my eyes are pleading with her. Finally, she comes over and starts trying to calm him down. I remember her rubbing his shoulders and saying, "Let him answer. Leon! Look at him! He's scared to death". And I get to a certain point where I don't care about embarrassment or having dignity and I'm trying to think of what I can say to him to get him to believe me or get him off of me, but everything in my mind is a blank. I'm not someone you want in high pressure situations. And, in this high pitched squeak, don't ask me why id say this, maybe it's because i know it'll turn me on later, but i tell him, "I still wet my bed! I sleep in a diaper! I don't think Janie would want to sleep with me!" This obviously takes Leon by surprise, "What?", and he still has a grip on my shirt. And I can see Janie has a similar look in her face, surprise that's turning to a smile, it's something people do when they see someone wet their pants. Outloud, i squeak out, "I pee my pants" not I peed my pants, I pee my pants, i dont know what I was trying to say, but that's what came out. Both of them look down, their attention on the wetness between my legs, down both my thighs ,with longer streaks of wetness down to my calves and my socks are only a little wet, i didn't have a full bladder whe. It happened. I've learned, if I want to assure a man of his masculinity, peeing my pants in front of him is a massive ego boost. His whole energy changed, like he had relaxed. But I hadn't, like, I still feel like I'm gonna puke with my heart beating through my chest. Im still begging him that I'm sorry, i won't do it again, it didn't mean anything.Which wasn't entirely true, but he had told me to, "Shut up", so I did. And he looks me up and down, assessing me. I look up, notice Janie's standing behind him with mouth open and her hand covering it. But just like he gets an ego boost, she just saw her man completely dominate me, she is super turned on, like he's some returning champion and the look in her eyes, I know her panties are damp. The way she is caressing his arm and back, looking up to him. It's almost has the look of a love story, except I'm standing in wet pants, completely humiliated and wiping away tears, and because something is really wrong with me, i start to suck my thumb, but im holding that hand with my other hand, so both my hands at my mouth. Luckily no customers came in the store the whole time this scene was unfolding. But standing there watching him tell her, "You see what happens when you try to cheat on me?", she has her hands clasped in front of her chest, looking up to him, like, basking in his masculinity, "You see what a pussy he is? This little bitch!", pointing at me sucking my thumb. Janie looks to me and back to him, nodding her head in agreement eagerly, "Id never cheat on you! I love you. I love you! I love you! Id never cheat on you! Never! Especially not with him. I told you, he's like a little girl", the little nod of her head and the 'him' was worse than calling me piss pants or some other name and she had never told me she saw me as a gjrl. And he kisses her, full tongue in mouth, watching them kiss, feeling is starting to return to my body and i can feel the humiliation that people who have felt that cold wetness of their pee soaked pants clinging to their legs know. Im standing there sucking my thumb in wet pants watching her wrap her arms around his neck, he is gripping her ass with one of his hands, and she is pressing her face against his trying to push his tongue deep inside herself. The noises of their lips and tongues and the little sounds of passion from inside, it was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen from my position. He was gonna fuck her brains out tonight and she was gonna love it. The energy between them was magical. He told her, "I'll see you at home", after he had what he wanted and left. He didn't say anything or even look back at me. When she turned to me, she couldn't get the smile off her face, even though she felt bad for me and finally I could exhale a sigh of relief. Janie, is in my face now, "It's okay. Calm down sweetie. It's okay", she's putting her hands on my shoulders, petting me head, but she also checks behind her to make sure he's not coming back, "Shhhh, let's get you in the bathroom". She has her hand on my back walking me to the bathroom. "Shhh, stop shaking, it's okay, baby". Don't ask me why, maybe fetish stuff, but I end up pulling my pants down and sitting on the toilet with my underwear still on, my yellow underwear, and I'm talking with Janie. After a few more minutes of her telling me it's gonna be okay and putting both her hands on my head and holding it against her body, she has to go back out front. Now, if you've ever been in the position of the wimp who pissed himself, most girls take an extreme degree of pity, there's this bonding thing, it's about the most emasculated I can be and she feels like it's her fault, but any sexual tension between us is gone, she's like a babysitter now and I've had this happen with a few girlfriends, "I just can't see you as a man anymore", they say. Finally, as she's opening the bathtoon door, she asks the question, that seems obvious looking back, "You really wear diapers? Ive never seen a guy get the pee scared out of him". I'm like, "I have accidents" "I can see that", the smile on her face was shining and her arms were crossed under her tits making them look even bigger, "Maybe you should think about wearing them more". "I don't pee my pants everyday" "You need to get outta those wet clothes. You'll get a rash", this actually started to get my dick hard, hearing her telling me I'm about to get diaper rash. "I think I have an extra pair of tights in my car. You can wear, but I don't have any panties", again telling me she doesn't have any panties for me to wear was another step toward an erection, ",Do you have any your d...", she had trouble saying diapers and started to laugh as she said the word. Now, I had extra pants, Goodnites, diapers, underwear, even shirts, when you wet your pants a few times a year, you learn to be prepared, my mom and sisters call it, my diaper bag. But I wanted to wear Janie's tights, so I didn't tell her and pulled my pants back up and went out to the car with her. I took one of my Goodnites, cuz a diaper would be very visible, especially in tights. I'm sitting there with her for the rest of the day. And we talk about everything. Im telling her, if I wet my pants, I'm gonna wet the bed for a few weeks, and I'm gonna be much more likely to have accidents in the next few days. I can't help peeing myself sometimes, if someone jumps out or if the brakes on a car screech, there's gonna be at least a wet spot. The way she is talking to me know though, it's like I'm not a man in her eyes anymore and I'm incredibly turned on. But that's not the end of this, cuz like a week later, Janie mentions the threesome again. And after the way I fell apart when he was angry, he told Janie "You're right, he's basically a girl. No man is gonna piss all over himself and start sucking his thumb". Of course I'm interested, I wanted to see him fuck Janie more than anything and I was gonna. I was thrilled! I love dominate guys. If he wants to humiliate me, as long as he isn't like punching me, I'm happy. I'm over the moon, in another week, I was at their house, I dressed as feminine as I could and wore a Goodnite, I mainly wear the girl's one's cuz the work much better. At least for me the girl Goodnites hold leaks three times better, I don't know if it's cuz my package isn't very big, but the boy one's leak on me and the girl one's don't. I show up. Janie brings me in, she's in little shorts and a t-shirt, greeting me. I switch into a pink skirt, with white tights and a yellow top. She takes me to see the man. He's sitting on an easy chair and I get on my knees off to the side of him, "Thank you for letting me come over, Sir. Is there anything I can do for you?", everything is Sir, may I, please, thank you. He stands and pats me on my head, "Oh you're a good bitch", I flinch, "You can stand up bitch", and he like sniffs me. My heart is beating through my chest, this guy almost kicked my ass one week ago. Im literally peeing my pull-up. I can smell alcohol on his breath. It was very animalistic. He puts his arm around Janie's waist, "You two bitches are gonna suck my cock" I ask, "Do you want me to wear lipstick, Sir?" "Yeah, I do". I get my lipstick out of my bag, give it to Janie, who puts it on me quicker than I could. At this point, I say, "I think I better tell you guys that I don't really have a dick" and I let that statement hang in the air. Janie and Leon look at each other, "Like, I have one but it's small, like girls don't feel it, but I wear a strap-on and girls like that one better" "You're perfect, bitch" Leon gets on the couch, pulls his jeans and boxers down. At first, he's holding his cock up. Me and Janie are on our knees sucking on his balls, our tongue over each other's, our lips are touching and the thin slightly salty taste of his balls fill my mouth. He let's his cock down and we both jump on it, licking his cock, me and Janie are basically kissing with the tip of his cock between our mouths. This is amazing. Janie forces me to the side swallowing his cock first, "Hold her head down", I push Janie's head down as she makes those gagging noises but she's really use to it. Janie takes her mouth off, his cock is dripping with her saliva and his precum, i start blowing him, same thing, "Hold her head down", Janie pushes my head down and I am gagging, but she's holding my head and I'm violently gagging, anything left in my bladder is draining into my pull-up, eventually I relax and just let his cock stretch my throat. I look up at his eyes with mine wide and submissive, it's a submissive thing, I've had a couple cocks in my mouth before and eye contact at points is important, wide eyes, vulnerable, making little moans and noises, like trying to softly mimic the sounds of a woman orgasm, helps get the guy off, especially if the guy who's dick is in your mouth doesn't see himself as gay or bisexual. Now with his humiliation of me fresh in all out minds, the energy is different. It's whatever he wants, he knows that and he is imposing it on me and Janie. And he is loving it. Rarely does a man surprise me, but he grabs my hair, pulls me off his cock and tells me to, "Eat my ass". I hadn't ever planned on doing this and he seems to register that, even though he is not the most sensitive of men, and he moves me on my knees to behind him, while I'm in the middle of saying, "I need to get a new pull-up, Sir", but he is snapping his fingers and pointing down, Janie hustles over, gets back on her knees and starts sucking. I forget about changing my pull-up, spread his cheeks and start tonguing his asshole. I can't say I'm crazy about the taste, like his balls, cock, cum I don't mind the taste, but his asshole, I'd rather not, but I would have got on my knees and started licking the ground, if he had told me to. After a few minutes though, I can tell he's about to cum and the feeling I get from making a man cum is so hot, even if I'm not the one sucking his cock, it's the ultimate pat on the head, if a guy sleeps with me. I'll suck his cock all night like a pacifier, I'll sleep with my head at his crotch all night. Anyway, he cums in Janie's mouth, pulls me back up front and has me kissing her and we pushing his cum back and forth between our mouths making a show of it. Finally I can ask again, "Can I go put on a diaper now, Sir?", but I'm looking up from him to Janie hoping, if he doesn't say anything, she will. "You couldn't sit your ass down and take a piss before you got here", but he's kinda laughing when he says it. "I didn't think I had to, but your cock...changed my mind", knowing he'd like that answer and he nods. I get up off my knees, "One more thing, bitch", I freeze, "We wanna see your cock". Immediately, I'm like, "Why?", I didn't even say Sir. Obviously he goes, "Cuz I said so" and steps forward. He can tell I don't want to and that makes him even enjoy it more. Janie is standing now and watching me shrink in front of her boyfriend, getting hotter. He steps back and just grabs the front of my Goodnite and just rips it off and then pushes it against my chest. In an almost perfect way, my little dick springs up cuz I'm rock hard. He's smiling, Janie laughs, naked from the waist down my three inch penis is fully on display, I'm completely hairless and shave the little body hair that does grow. "That's....the smallest dick I've ever seen" and follows up with a line I've heard a million times in one form or another, he turns to Janie, "No wonder he's still diapers, he's got a baby dick", this actually embarrasses me though and I cover up, "Don't cover up" I move my hand and let them see my little dick. "Can I go now, Sir" "Go". I put a diaper on, come back, we go into the bedroom, I put on my strap-on over my diaper and they both a laugh outta that. But I'm pretty good with a strap-on. So, Leon is gonna fuck Janie from behind, while I use my strap-on on her mouth. And Janie's like, "Please don't piss yourself while I'm blowing you" Meekly, "I don't think I will" Leon grabs my hair, pulling my head back, "You heard her! You better not". I start to say, "This isn't helping", but he pushed his thumb in my mouth and that made cum, sucking on his finger, it seems so small, but I came in my diaper sucking on his thumb. Spit roasting Janie was fun, mainly watching Leon fucking her, I just tried to make her start gagging anytime she started moaning, cuz that's what she wanted. Having her looking up at me with my strap-on in her mouth, while his real cock is inside her pussy, I'm like a lesbian to them. And wearing the strap-on is demeaning, but I've always done it, because no girls could ever feel my dick, and it's awkward having a girl say, "Are you inside me? I can't feel anything? Are you sure it's in? I'm not all stretched out, I cant even feel you!", but watching her pushing off her legs so she goes into his cock harder and he is slamming into her big ass, heavy flesh smacking sounds. When he is really jackhammering Janie's starting to orgasm, I push my strap-on as deep as it'll go, and she looks up and her eyes are sparkling and wide as she goes into like body convulsions, her hands are grabbing my diapered ass, digging in and pulling my diaper down. She finishes, Leon says, "You squirted all over my cock", smacking her ass, making her moan, Janie pulls her mouth off my strap-on, turns and gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock clean. They've both been drinking, theyre coming down, they're going to bed, I sleep on floor next to their bed. I'd drank a bottle of water before going to sleep and my diaper reflected that the next morning. That the next morning, Janie did mention, but Leon no longer being drunk, didn't want me there anymore, in fact, he made it clear. I had to leave now. So fast, I'm putting my pants back on, on their porch, wet diaper fully visible to anyone watching me pull my pants on and make my way to me car. I get home and see myself, I'd forgotten to take off the lipstick, lol.
  11. This is my first post on the site. I read all the site rules posts I could find. I hope this is posted in the correct place, that the tags are correct, and that my short story conforms to all appropriate standards, some people find my writing a little dark, but it is all reflections of my personal experiences, like this short story. Stitches "Ohhh, that is big", I could hear the playful seduction in her tone. From just hearing him talking to her on her phone, I knew he liked pressing his crotch against her butt. More playful giggling, "Him? No, he can't". Immediately, I knew she was talking about me, but I couldn't make out his voice over the television. The only choice I had was getting out of bed and listening at my door. She was laughing, "It's not cuz of that", there was a pause, "He kinda sorta has a small penis, like really small". He laughed, "It's really that tiny" "He can't even get inside me. Nevermind being able to feel him inside. The poor thing has a micropenis" "A micropenis?", he was incredulous. I felt like back when I was eighteen in my last year of high-school, still so pathetic, sneaking out of bed, quietly getting on my knees, one eye trying to look through the keyhole on my door, hoping to see one of my older sister's friends coming out of the shower, frustrated little dick straining against a damp diaper. But just like back then, I never saw anything, except for the one time the door wasn't exactly shut and I fell flat on my face in front one of my sisters friend's in a towel. And I'd fallen right in front of her, face down, t-shirt doing nothing to hide the bulky white diaper covering my backside, as I looked up at her body with stars in my eyes. I'll never forget this, cuz it was the first time I saw a vagina that wasn't related to me. When I realized I was looking straight up her towel, seeing everything, soft brown public hair, and most of all, her holiest of holy's . I couldn't even speak, I was in a form of shock staring up at her towel, mouth hanging open, eyes wide and alit in ecstasy. She didn't scream. She laughed. She laughed with the confidence of a girl with nothing to fear. "Hey Clarissa! Your brother is perving out on me" Clarissa came storming out of her room, I could feel the vibration of her footsteps before i saw her door open. And then, here Clarissa came, blonde pixie cut bouncing with each step, in just boy shorts and a sports bra, "Julia, I'm so sorry. This exactly why I sent him to bed early!", Clarissa sounded so calm and reasonable talking to her friend. Then turned to me, her hands balled into fists, pressed into her hips and all that amicablity ran out of her voice, "Whadd'you think you're doing? Why are you outta bed?", these were rhetorical questions that were more preformative, setting the stage for her next line of questions, letting me know I'm in the wrong and about to be punished. To this day Clarissa will talk to me like a stern babysitter, nevermind that, her and her husband won't even allow me in their house, unless im wearing "my protection" because of one tiny accident on their couch. "Why are you trying to see my friends naked you little perv? What? Have you gone through all the porn on the internet? Did they take all the pictures of women in diapers off the internet?". Two more of my sisters friends were now watching from her doorway. Clarissa looked at the situation, me lying on the floor, my room door open, the light off, Julia in a towel walking from the bathroom to Clarissa's room. A smile crossed her face, as she look to Julia, and pointed at my door, then looked down to me, "Were you.. were you... peeping on my friends again? Why don't you get a girlfriend? Oh that's right, mommy still changes your Pampers!". The girls all laughed at this. A voice of a girl whose name I don't remember asked, "Why? How old is he?" Clarissa had her hands out, like Vanna White presenting me to her friends, "He's a senior in high school" "He looks like he's twelve! How is he a senior? Does he wear those to school?", Clarissa never said anything just turned and looked at her friend, giving her all the information she needed By this point, my diaper had gotten wetter. Confrontation was never my strong suit. I get so overwhelmed and nervous, my body feel like a anaconda is squeezing me. I'm not even fully aware it's happening because I'm so scared. And Clarissa has no problem using this to her advantage still. She squated down next to my head, i still hadnt moved from where id falled. Again she asked, "How did you end up in the hall with Julia in a towel?". Having to explain myself to my sister in front of her friends, was embarrassing enough, they'd all known I had a problem with bedwetting but they didn't know I was literally in diapers. After two nonsensical explanations i didnt even understand, I looked up at my sister, face burning red, knowing the back of my diaper must be visibly wet, tears starting to blur my vision, I looked up at her and said the only thing I could think of, "I had an accident!", and the words came out much louder than I meant for them to. Clarissa bent lower inspecting the seat on my diaper, lifting my t-shirt to accommodate her investigation, "How are you wet? You haven't even been in bed an hour? It was forty-nine minutes ago, I sent you to bed? How do you already need to be changed? Even babies can last a few hours" I got up to my knees, revealing the crotch of my diaper was yellow and swollen with pee. Julia chimed in, "I thought your brother was a Peeping Tom, but he's really a Peeing Tom". This got a laugh from all the girls. Clarissa standing back up, "I don't care. You're going back to bed! If I see mom, I'll tell her", and with her finger in my face, "I don't want to see you outside of your room again tonight! You understand me, Piss Stain?". Clarissa helped me stand back up, my diaper heavy with pee hung down between my legs and Clarissa smacked my backside "Don't worry about it, Burton. We all know your bed got plastic sheets on it! So me or any of my friends, better not catch you anywhere near that door!" "Go", she ordered and I turned and waddled back into my room at my older sister's command, climbing back into bed in a soaking wet diaper, knowing the likelihood of Clarissa telling my mother was about the same as me keeping the bed dry tonight. Here I was, over ten years later, still in damp Pampers, kneeling at the door, listening to the closest thing I'd ever had to a girlfriend flirting with a much more masculine and sexually capable man. He was still laughing about my micropenis, when she freely offered, "Well, after I showed him how much bigger yours is....", she giggled, but I knew what she was about to say and tears were welling up in my eyes and the heat burned my cheeks, "He started having little accidents" "Accidents?!?", hearing him say that word stung so much more. "Don't say anything", she confided, "but he's kinda been wetting his bed", followed by her awkward giggling.. And his reply, "What the fuck are you talking about? You mean he's pissing on himself!?!" "Shhhh! Not so loud! He's gonna hear you!", Sonja forcefully interjected In a now hushed, but just as shocked voice, "You mean he's pissing in his bed?!? Like a little fucking kid? So that little pansy is in there pissing in his sheets, now? What do you see in that pussy?". Hearing him talking about me was so much humiliating, not only, because he was right about everything. But just him knowing, nevermind that I'm on my knees, in not an exactly dry diaper, peeping on him seducing my almost girlfriend. I heard my sister's friend, "Peeing Tom, not Peeping Tom". "He's sweet! And it's not his fault. He can't help it!", she was flirting with him over my bedwetting and that was somehow as hot as it was humiliating. "So you're sleeping with this pussy and he's fucking pissing on you! I didn't know you liked getting pissed on!", his laughter still stung. "Ewww! No! He had to get diapers!" He burst into laughter! "Shhh! You're gonna wake him up!" "What's he gonna do? Pee on me?" "You're so mean! Besides it was when i showed how much bigger your cock is, he felt so insecure, he can't help peeing his bed But finally I could see her through the keyhole. Her lacey pastel blue panties clinging to her upper thighs, hips and butt came into my view, as she sat down lowered herself on to his lap "Maybe I'm gonna put you in diaper?" "I have been a bad girl", she taunted him, grinding her crotch down on his lap, on his cock, and I was watching it live. I could see his hands lifting her white t-shirt up, squeezing her tits "Does someone need a spanking.", with a quick tug, he pulled her to the side, laying in several hard thwacks on her backside. Her shirt was still up above her breasts and her tits bounced with every smack. I could see the wince of pain every time his palm connected, she exhaled air in this sexual moan. She pulled herself back over straddling his lap. She took one hand of his hands to start rubbing herself, "My pussy is dripping". He pulled her panties into a wedgie making her back arch as her panties pressed against her clit. I may have been more excited than she was. Watching her begin to undo the fly of his jeans her movements radiating anticipation, pulling her panties to the side, as she slide the tip his hard cock into soaking pussy, i realized my diaper was heavily sagging. For the first time I understood why the called the sexual position cowgirl, she was riding his cock like a horse, the motion she made looked exactly like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby. She was slamming herself down on his lap. I couldn't even see their heads and I still ejaculated immediately seeing fucking like that. I was going to cum anyway, from just witnessing that spanking and picturing Sonja in diapers, immediately my mind thought up a million scenarios, but none were ever meant to be I had to get back into bed with a diaper completely saturated with pee. Doomed to be diapered cuckold, I started drifting off to sleep hearing Sonja orgasming on his shaft. Waking up the next morning to the sounds of movement, I got up and left the room without thinking. Sonja was wearing her little shorts and a baggy sweatshirt, up on her tip toes, her head turned, "So youre just walking around like that now?". Looking down, the sagging, yellow, pee soaked diaper was still on, but I really hadn't thought of it. Having wet the bed most of my life, I wasn't really a stranger to being in a soggy diaper. "Uh oh! Someone had a rough night", I could see her ass perfectly through her tiny shorts. Images of her butt ramming into his lap flashed through my mind, followed by the embarrassment causing me to feebly try covering the soggy diaper with my hands to little success. Sonja bounced over to the sofa with her coffee mug, "Well, I had a pretty rough night too", but she said it with a smug tone that indicated she meant another kind of rough. "I'm just joking. Calm down. Besides, you should put something on over that before he gets out of the bathroom..." Looking over at bathroom door with absolute terror. A fresh flood of urine flowed all through my diaper as I grabbed the sides of my diaper to keep them from falling "You are such a baby!", her voice really emphasized the word baby, "I'm just kidding, there's no one even in there, you big baby!" When she saw pee streaming down my legs as my head turned to her, she just shook her head, putting her hand against a head, with two snorts of laughter, "Really? Really?", she held her hands out as if she were presenting the audience at home with our situation, "You're that scared of him? You're so intimidated you'll just potty in your pants if he's even in the next room". I had to pull up on my diaper harder so the pee stopped leaking, feeling the intense embarrassment, "I'm not scared", I mumbled, "I just couldn't hold it anymore". "What? What did you say? I couldn't hear you", laughter lessened the disciplinary tone of her words "I need the toilet", I hurriedly waddled for the bathroom hearing her cartoonish laughter behind me "Yeaaaah, you're a rock! Don't forget! You're cleaning this! I'm not having you leaving piddle puddles all over the floor like some little puppy", as I got in the bathroom, I heard, "You're bed is already covered in them" I had to stand in the tub when I let my diaper down, pee came splashing down into the tub. Then, there's Sonja in the with her phone out and a smile on her face, in a tone of abject defeat, "You're not sending that to him, are you?" "No. Don't be silly. I'm sending it to your mom to ask how she dealt with you wetting the bed" "No, please! You don't have to do that! I'll stop. I can get it under control! I won't have accident! I promise" "I don't think you can make that promise. You have a plastic sheet on your bed and leaky diaper on your butt! I just wanna know what I can do to help you with this, sweetie. Don't worry about it" I gave in and accepted Sonja would do. What she wanted" Still in the tub, I could hear her on the phone with my mother "I'm sorry to bother you, Mrs. Beck, but...well you saw what I'm dealing with. When Burt was little how did you handle his accidents?" "Oh! Oh wow! The whole time?!? So all through school? Even high-school? Oh, so that's when it got bad? Wait! He had to wear diapers to school? He told me he stopped wetting his bed at thirteen!" The laughter was the worst part. I didn't even want to get out of the tub. "Ohhhh! He didn't stop wetting the bed, he started wetting pants. You gotta make sure to check him? He hates changing. He does try to get to the toilet, it's just he's already wet", more laughter, "He's hiding in there right now. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me all this. We should definitely talk again. I'll let you know how it goes, Mrs Beck". When I came out of the bathroom, Sonja was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, but the one on top was bouncing with energy "You didn't tell me you were still wearing Goodnites to high school", even though it sounded like a question, it wasn't. Holding my towel up, I could only say. "Uhhhh..." "You told me, you'd stopped wetting the bed when you were thirteenth! But really you weren't getting out of bedwetting, you were actually getting put in diapers by your mommy! Ha ha ha!", Sonja was obviously enjoying this little exchange. "No wonder you've still wetting the bed! You just got out of diapers for the first time in your life a few years ago! She said you couldn't even keep your pants dry! Ha ha ha!" There's no way to deny the embarrassment, even ignoring the obvious cuckold situation that had just happened the night before, but having the entire bedwetting/diaper story exposed was deeply humiliating, especially right now, when she's thinking of her date as a man and me as the baby in a pee soaked diaper in the next room. "I wasn't that bad", trying to salvage the little dignity I could. "Did your mom have to go to your school and put a diaper on you, your first day of your senior year?", excitement had filled her voice, her eyes were bright, and her teeth came out when she smiled because she already knew the answer. The images flashed to life in my mind, memories of getting beat up in high school. Everyone still remembers. On the first day of my senior year, a guy who had no business being in a high school, who was almost twenty after staying back countless times, saw me talking to his ex girlfriend. He walked up to me, didn't even say a word and punched me in the stomach as hard as he could. The punch knocked me to my butt, but I know I was already peeing before I hit the ground. I remember sitting on the floor looking at at him smiling down at me, the girl that I had been talking to was holding her nose with her thumb and forefinger and she was looking away her face filled with doagust. I was so shocked at what had happened, I hadn't figured out what was happening, I could only hear a high pitched squealing noise filling my head, i could feel the presence of a crowd tuat had formed around us and everyone was laughing, i didn't realize I was just sitting on the floor making a soft grunting noise I kept pushing the mess into the seat of my pants, and all the other kids could actually me straining as I was pushing poop in my pants. After thirty seconds, I started piecing together what had happened, that I'd been punched in the stomach, fallen down and messed myself. My face felt like it was on fire and I started coughing out little sobs, followed by little hyperventilation noises and falling into full on bawling like an extremely young child, sounds completely inappropriate for a senior in high school to making. I hadn't yet connected this whole time, I been peeing my pants and that since I had messed my pants so bad that poop had even been forced all over my butt cheeks, up my back and even into the front of my underwear. The puddle under me was getting spreading outward. The kid who'd hit me had to step back from the smell being so bad he wretched. And for reasons i can't fully explain, through my tears the word, "mommy", kept being repeated. Some teachers broke the thing up and walked me to the nurses office, but she made me sit on the toilet in her bathroom until my mommy got there, but it was gonna be too hard to clean me there, so my mom just put the diaper on over my dirty underwear, wrapped a towel around me, put my dirty pants in bag and walked me put of the school I still had answered Sonja, I'd just been standing in towel, eyes staring into the wall, as I remembered, what I was certain she was talking about, because that was the reason I had to wear diapers or Goodnites to school after. "So you were still wearing diapers as a teenager!" "It was a long time ago" "It was this morning you were in soaking wet Pampers. This morning was long time ago? It was like an hour ago?!? Now, could you please clean the pee off the floor?" After the floor was cleaned, Sonja had gotten dressed into tight jeans and a pastel yellow top that looked like a sports bra, but wasn't, a halter top maybe. "You really should be wearing diapers. I don't want you making any more messes" "It was an accident!" She laughed, "An accident? An accident! Did little baby have an uh oh? Any three year old can walk around and not pee in their pants! But you can't even get toilet trained. I'm telling you, you need to be in diapers, but if you think you can do, I'm not gonna be the one peeing in my pants". Sonja had decided she was going to the gym, as she was leaving she hugged me, pressing my face into her cleavage, which after twenty-four hours of constant humiliation, having my face against her warm flesh was terribly exciting, exciting enough to make me cum on the towel wrapped around my waist, but she must have felt me tense and released because she immediately pushed me away holding me by the shoulders and looked down at the little damp spot forming in my towel. "You didn't? Is that all it takes to for the little baby to make a mess?", the smile on her face was of a babysitter humoring a child, as she turned me around and smacked my butt, "Go get dressed and don't 'forget' to put your Pampers on! You understand me, mister? Believe me, you're better off in diapers, if you're gonna cum that fast.". Later that day, after Sonja had gone and come back, I was lying across her lap, while she stroked my head with one hand and scrolled her phone with the other. When she got a text. This time, I felt her body tense. It was him. And when I heard his voice, I may have peed a very little bit. And within ten seconds of it happening Sonja asked, "Hang on one second. Burton what's that on your pants? You didn't do it again, did you?" I had already jumped up, feeling my butt for wetness with both my hands and I answered her really soft, so her new lover wouldn't hear and think less of me than he already did, but Sonja took care of that "What! I couldn't hear? Did you pee in your little undies? I told you to wear diapers! You see what happens when you don't listen?! Now what did you do?", hands planted on her hips, I felt like she was ten feet tall Head down, looking at the floor, trying to stop the thoughts of being beaten up by her new lover, then remembering my underwear was actually really wet. "I need to change my underwear" "I didn't ask, what you need to do! I asked what you did", her voice had become more authoritative and demanding and she pointed to my crotch this time. "Oh sorry", she was speaking into the phone again, "No, not you", she laughed, "you know who pissed his little panties the moment he heard your voice. I think you mighta' scared him. His mommy told me he had to wear diapers the whole time he was in high school from getting bullied". She laughed out loud, "I swear, I'm gonna be putting him in diapers before next week" I stood in place like a child waiting for punishment. I was frozen in place the feeling of cold wetness from my underwear clinging to my skin, perfectly matching my feeling of fear. "I told you! Go, put, your, diaper, on!", I had no choice, I had to go put a diaper on. When I came back, Sonja was already off the phone and she was back to being nice, "See, that looks more your speed diaper butt". I came back and cuddled up against her and Sonja patted my butt, "Little boys like you need to wear their peepee pants or they have accidents" After maybe an hour passed, a knock at the door and Sonja jumped up, jolting me out of sleep. She pulled the door open and it was him. I was frozen on the couch watching them passionate embrace, seeing his tongue penetrating her soft lips, and flooding my diaper like some horrible dream. When they turned Sonja put her hand over her face as she saw the yellow spreading across my diapers. "Could you tell him, you're not gonna beat him up or he's gonna keep peeing himself every time he sees you" "Oh?", he stepped forward, I flinched and pulled back against the couch, "Cuz I am gonna kick this pants wetting pussy's ass. It'll be just like high school", and laughed. With both of them staring at me, I started to cry, I slid off the couch landing flat on my butt, with a wet smack as my soggy diaper splatted on the floor and the room shook, which didn't help the situation, because getting jarred like that only made me start to really cry, they said i sounded like a little kid noticing they are bleeding, but i dont think it was that bad, i may have mumbled "mommy" and try to keep him back kicking my legs out, but the sight of me sitting on the floor in a visibly wet and yellow diaper, wiping away tears, kicking my legs and sobbing, looked so pitiful, Sonja saved me, "Poor widdle baby fall down? Did you hurt your widdle bum?" While her date was not as kind, "He stinks like piss! Can you get rid of him or something or at least, shut him up. I didn't come over here to babysit this pussy!" Even through my blurred vision, i could make out her man taking another step toward me, towering over my helpless form, but i could still kinda make out what he was saying. Still thinking he might hit me, all I could do was crawl away on my hands and knees with my diaper sagging off my butt, I could feel how heavy the thing was, crawling to my room. I heard Sonja saying, "Oh my gawd!", like she was experiencing vicarious humiliation from me, "ive never seen him like this. I talked to his mother and she said..." "I fucking told you! Look at him!", the excitement in his voice knowing he had won Sonja over to his side completely, "He can't even walk on his feet! How can you see that as a man? Diaper hanging off his ass! What aren't you gonna go change your boyfriend's Pampers," And ad I escaped to my room on all fours, I heard her say, "He's not my boyfriend! We're just roommates!" I had been lying on my floor crying for almost an hour when my door opened, but to my horror it wasn't Sonja. It was my mother, who sighed out loud, "I thought you were finally over this! You had been doing so good the past few years! But Sonja wasn't lying! You're a mess! You didn't poop, did you? I asked you a question!" In the silence that followed my mom's voice, I could hear Sonja and her lover giggling "No", was all I could get out before she pulled me up to my feet, "Lemme check your bum", and squeezed the back of my diaper, "At least you didn't make a mess, but my word are you are soaked, mister! I guess it'll be fine. We don't wanna keep interrupting Sonja's date. I can change your bum when we get home. Now put some pants on or everyone's gonna see you had an accident". Having my mom show up to change my diaper was something I'd never even imagined. It was a moment, i couldn't believe what was happening. I wiped away tears, but never moved to put pants on. "Fine! Then everyone can see you in your diapers. You still look like a ten year old anyway", as my mother dragged me out of my room, I might have been crying a little harder, but not bawling like baby, "Now, say byebye to your little friends", I could only look back at Sonja and her new lover as I was led from the apartment with soggy Huggies drooping off my backside, with my mom speaking to me like a child. My mom sat me in the backseat in just a t-shirt and diaper and this wasn't ideal. But at least only people in trucks or vans could see inside the car. This is a woman who has been changing my diapers most of my life, ever since she had adopted me as a baby. In situations like this, it was best to do whatever she said. Besides, I wasn't in much of a position to be resisting. "I knew you still wet your bed once and awhile, but your diaper is so full it's falling off your butt. You look like you've never been toilet trained!", the whole time she's talking while watching the road. But even though she was older, she was still an attractive woman with large breasts who took good care of herself. When she stopped the car in her driveway, she got me out of the car, seeing me standing barefoot in yellowed soggy diaper, she couldn't help laughing, "We gotta get you changed. Let's get you inside", I was so upset, I didn't care if the neighbors saw. She pulled me in and up the stairs, the way she could pick me up with ease was always surprising, she sat me down with a heavy splat and waved her hand in front of her nose, "You'd be in for such a rash if i hadn't come and got". She pushed me back on to the changing table, and undid my diaper, "You think you're man enough for a woman like Sonja. You're crawling around in Pampers, and she wants to be alone with her new friend, not changing your little weewee", softly pinching my micropenis between her thumb and forefinger and shaking it back and forth. "You're lucky she cares enough about you to call me! What would you have done, if mommy hadn't come to save? Just lie there crying on the floor in leaky diaper? You know how you get, once the damn breaks, you can't control bladder at all! You've always been that way! Thank goodness, Sonja had the sense to call me" I can't lie, still getting saved by your mommy in your twenties didn't make me feel too great about myself, but I was so grateful to be pulled out of that situation, I instinctively reached out to hug her, "Nope, nope, I'll hug you in a second. Lift your bum", peeling my diaper off and rolling it in to a big squishy ball, she hefted it in the palm of her hand, "You really did a number on this thing! I'll never understand how such a tiny weewee can make so much peepee", she tossed my diaper into the trash and it made a wet splat as it landed, "Have you gone number two, today?" I didn't reply, "Do you want me to call Sonja and ask her or can you be a big boy for one second?". She held my hand as she walked me to the bathroom and sat me on the toilet. She didn't even leave the room, she just stood there with her arms folded while I made number two, stood me up, wiped my bum for me without even asking, flushed the toilet, washed my hands with her hands over mine, "I should give you a bath, but we can do that tomorrow. Let's just make sure we're not gonna have any leaks tonight" and she picked me up and sat me back on the changing table while I reached out trying to hug her, but she pried herself away with ease, "I gotta clean your little weewee and bumbum. Now lie back and lift your legs", the baby wipes were cold making me flinch and then putting a fresh diaper under me with one word, ",Up", she smeared diaper rash ointment all over my butt and privates, then sealing the fresh diaper on to me and ran a finger inside each leg band making sure the leak guards were in place. The moment she sat me up, I locked my arms around her and buried my face in her armpit "Okay, okay mommy's here. You embarrassed yourself and needed mommy to come and save you. You weren't even responsible enough to call me yourself. You need to thank Sonja. She must really care about you. Most girls would have been focused on their new boyfriend and left a big baby sitting in his droopy peepee diapers, but she called me to come save you", her hand came down quick slapping my padded backside before coming to let her hand rest there and chuckled, "Let's get you in bed". This was the first time I'd actually spoke since getting home, "Don't go!" and buried my face harder, "Nooo" "Awwwww", again she chuckled, "Baby doesn't want mommy to leave him alone. You want mommy to sleep with you, honey", she accentuated her words by squeezing my diaper with a hooked hand, pull me against her body."Okay, okay, can you be a big boy and wait here while mommy changes or are do you need to come with mommy?". She peeled me off her body with ease and ordered me to answer her. I just shook my head and clung both my arms around one of her arms. "I guess, that's a no to bring a big boy for mommy" laughing as she spoke. "Okay, come with mommy, little guy". In her room, she laughed, "You have to let go for me to change, honey", and she pulled her arm free. I never let go. I watched her pulling her shirt off over her head, turning her back as her black bra became visible. Then watched as her pants came down exposing black panties that had see-through material on the butt and front, like lingerie, unconsciously my thumb went into my mouth staring at her butt. I watched her hands undo her bra and saw her large breasts go free. Looking down to see if my tiny erection would be visible which is one of the only benefits to wearing a diaper, they will hide little erections, when she pulled a long t-shirt on. As soon as her shirt was on, I wrapped my arms back around her. There was a strong smell on the shirt, a man's smell. Then it hit me. The lingerie, the man's shirt, her quiet frustration with me. She had been with a guy when Sonja called her and told her I'd turned into a giant baby and couldn't stop crying. She'd canceled her plans to change my diapers and I'm sure, just like Sonja, she'd rather be with a man than a big baby with zero bladder control. When she turned my head rested on her breasts and she squeezed me against them, "You're such a cute boy! You not only smell like a baby and dress like one", and gave my bum another swat, and then she noticed, "Are you sucking your thumb? Wow, when you get scared, you really do just turn into a big baby. You can't help yourself! You need me or Sonja for that", for a few seconds her words hung in the air without a sound, "Okay, I'm not even gonna change my underwear, let's get you in bed", she held my hand and I waddled behind her still sucking my thumb, mystified at the masculine smell on her body and still turned on from everything, i kept trying to sneak another peak at her see through panties. She pulled back the covers on my bed, got in first and laid on her back, then patted her leg and said, "Come on, baby. Nitenite time", I climbed on her leg and my face came down on her breast like a pillow still sucking my thumb, as she started stroking my head and cooing words at me, "Poor baby. You musta been really upset to end up back in your peepee pants like this" I was glad to be in a dry diaper, and not getting my ass kicked, but lying here, she wasn't just talking to me like child, she actually saw me as a little kid. I'd spent, at least four years since wearing diapers and now, bring back in diapers, not pull-ups, full on diapers and changed like a baby and the situation was a little humiliating, nevermore what Sonja is gonna say next time I see her. I didn't wanna think about what her boyfriend would say and thoughts of high school came back. "You did the best you could, honey. At least, you didn't mess yourself this time. And don't worry, Sonja isn't gonna think any different of you. She's already seen you in your potty pants. How can she think any less of you?", I don't know how she knew exactly what I was thinking, but having my face against her breasts and my diapered crotch pressing against her smooth legs, "Burton!", her voice was loud snd offended, "Stop! You're not supposed to hump mommy's leg! Babies do that. You're too ol....". Her voice paused, "I guess you're not. You're literally running around in dirty diapers, bawling your eyes out, because a big boy made you do peepees in your Pampies. Is this what you wanted to do with Sonja but you're a widdle baby, so you have to do it with mommy instead? Do you wanna see mommy's tits?" Her question shocked me to the point I froze in place looking up at her, as she slowly pulled her new boyfriend's shirt, "Go on, it's not like you're a man. You're a little baby. You can't even do man things with your widdle bitty weewee. Take you thumb out of your mouth. You shouldn't stick your fingers in your mouth", and my mouth latched around her nipple and I kept pressing my diaper into your bare thigh wearing the plastic covering over my diaper crinkling, she put one hand down on my bum and started patting with encouragement, "But I'm not changing you after you make your little mess. You can just sleep it. Don't look at me like that", she laughed, "I changed your diapers and pull-ups all through school. You think I couldn't tell you were spunking in them? But it's not like a man doing it. Is a man gonna be humping my leg in Pampers?", again she laughed at the comparison, "Like you're not sucking on my tit, you're nursing like a baby does, which you can't get out of diapers, so it really shouldn't be a surprising. Clarissa always said, youd never get out of Huggies and to just keep you in them all the time. And here you are at twenty-five, needing mommy to pick you up your friends house after you scared and had a major peepee accident all over yourself" I hadn't really known this was my mother's and sisters true thoughts about me. But they did always baby talk me or treat me like a little kid. And having your little sister order you to go brush your teeth and get your diapers out for bed, didn't inspire confidence in me, but a person can get use to anything. And even though I was adopted, I still my mommy's nipple in my mouth, unconsciously humping her leg while I kept picturing Sonja's little blue panties as she came down on her dates cock faster and harder, moaning and almost if on que, my mommy moaned from me sucking on her nipple and squeezing her breast with both hands everytime I sucked, making my little thing start to spurt and me start to grind against her leg. She laughed and said in a sing songy tune, "I think someone made a mess" and patted my diapered butt. The nursing was hypnotic though and I never stopped, even once I stopped humping her leg. In another two minutes I was starting to fall in sleep, as my nursing became weaker and both her hands held my head and the last thing I remembered was her making the, "Shhhh", noise, until I woke up the next morning alone under the covers, feeling my diaper heavy with pee and knowing I'd done it again and would have to go see Sonja today with her knowing I'm a wimp who still pees his pants if he when he gets scared. A girl finding out I'm still wetting my bed is nothing compared to seeing her face when she realizes I lost control over my bladder because her ex showed up. I guess that's just life when you are a loser still stuck in diaper
  12. The morning sun cast a warm, golden glow across the city, its rays filtering through the tall buildings and casting long shadows on the bustling streets. Among the throng of people making their way through the city, Jacob, a 22-year-old man with a quiet demeanor, walked with a sense of resigned purpose. His destination was not one he looked forward to—a visit to his pediatrician's office, a place he had known all his life but never felt at ease in. Jacob had always been different, marked by a condition that seemed to defy explanation. Incontinence had been his constant, unwanted companion since childhood, a problem that persisted into his adulthood, undiminished and unexplained. Despite numerous visits, tests, and consultations, no medical reason had ever been found. His pediatrician, Dr. Martin, was a figure of mixed emotions in his life—a source of medical care but also of deep-seated humiliation. Finding no medical reason for his condition, she placed the blame squarely on Jacob’s resolve. Jacob’s parents had often taken her side, resulting in a childhood filled with punishment for matters he couldn’t control. Jacob was finally out of their grip, living on his own, but he still needed a doctor to monitor his condition and offer prescriptions. Dr. Martin was all he had ever known. As he approached the familiar building, Jacob's steps slowed, each one heavier than the last. The office was located in a quaint, older part of town, where the buildings wore their age with a sense of dignified grace. The pediatrician's office was no exception, with its colorful façade and playful window displays, designed to be welcoming to its predominantly young clientele. The walls were adorned with bright, cheerful posters of cartoon animals, and a small play area was filled with toys and books, catering to the office's usual visitors—children much younger than Jacob. The room was filled with their vibrant energy, their laughter and chatter creating a lively backdrop. He approached the reception desk, where Mrs. Jenkins, the receptionist, sat in her usual spot, her demeanor efficient and imposing. As Jacob neared, Mrs. Jenkins looked up, her expression shifting subtly from professional to something more scrutinizing. "Good morning, Jacob," she greeted him, her voice loud enough to carry over the din of the waiting room. "Here for your check-up, I see. Let's make sure you're properly prepared this time." Jacob's cheeks flushed with a mix of embarrassment and resignation. He knew what was coming next—a routine that had become an unwelcome part of his visits. Mrs. Jenkins stood up from her desk, her presence commanding as she came around to his side. "Now, let's have a look at your diapers, Jacob. We can't have any accidents in the waiting area," she said, her tone matter-of-fact but loud enough for those nearby to hear. The room seemed to quiet slightly, the attention of parents and children subtly shifting towards them. It was a long standing policy at the office to not afford Jacob any discretion, as “motivation” for him to “change his behavior.” Jacob felt a wave of humiliation wash over him as Mrs. Jenkins, with a practiced motion, pulled back the waistband of his pants to glance at the diaper underneath. She frowned. "This looks a bit thin, Jacob. You should know better by now. We can't take any risks with leaks. You should be wearing something more absorbent when you come here. After the incident last time, didn’t the doctor tell you to wear two diapers when you came to the office?" Around them, the air was thick with unspoken questions and curious stares. A few parents whispered among themselves, casting furtive glances in his direction. Children, with their innate lack of filter, stared openly, some pointing and murmuring to their parents. Feeling exposed and small, Jacob mumbled an apology, his voice barely audible over the hum of the waiting room. Mrs. Jenkins's sharp voice cut through the din. "Come with me, Jacob," she said firmly, grasping his wrist with a firmness that brooked no argument. She pulled him towards the door to the exam rooms and called out to the first nurse she saw. "We need to get Jacob into something more... appropriate before he sits down. We can't risk any leaks on our chairs." Jacob's heart sank as a nurse quickly approached. Annoyed at the disruption to her schedule, she roughly took Jacob by the arm and led him away wordlessly, towards a small, private room typically used for changing the clinic's youngest patients. Inside, the room was small and clinical, with a changing table and a chair for nursing. The nurse pulled out a thick, babyish diaper, its surface adorned with colorful cartoon characters. Jacob sometimes wondered if they kept these stocked just for him. He had never seen such a diaper on the drugstore shelves and thankfully his actual prescription was for something thinner though he wished the doctor would prescribe pads rather than diapers. He longed to wear underwear and sometimes bought a pack of pads out of pocket just to prove he could but any mention of this to his doctor was met with reproach. “It wasn’t sanitary for someone in potty trained to be out of a diaper.” "Let's get you changed," the nurse said motioning to the changing table. Jacob complied, knowing that resistance would get him nowhere. The nurse worked quickly and efficiently, removing his thin diaper and replacing it with the thicker, more infantile one. The crinkling sound it made seemed deafeningly loud in the small room. Once the change was complete, Jacob stood up, feeling the bulk of the diaper between his legs. It was uncomfortably thick and bunched up as tried to pull his pants on. Even after adjusting the diaper, its presence was unmistakable beneath his pants. The cartoon characters poked out from this waist band and seemed to mock him with their cheerful expressions, Jacob made his way back to the waiting room. As he re-entered, the difference in his appearance was immediately noticeable. The thick diaper bulge and distinct rustle under his pants, drewing the attention of every child and parent in the room to him again. Whispers and stares followed him as he walked back to his seat in the corner. Children pointed openly, their curiosity unfiltered. "Mommy, why does that man have a diaper?" one little girl asked loudly, her finger pointing directly at Jacob. Another, slightly older boy, muttered, “What a loser.” And received no correction from his father. Jacob felt exposed, reduced to the most vulnerable version of himself, a grown man in a pediatrician's office, wearing diapers that announced his condition to the world. Jacob settled into his seat in the waiting room, feeling the bulk of his thick, babyish diaper under his pants. He tried to lose himself in the forms the receptionist had handed him, but his efforts were futile against the continued whispers and curious stares that surrounded him. Time seemed to crawl, each minute stretching longer than the last. His humiliation grew anew as more patients entered the room. They would at first be oblivious to the spectacle, until Jacob shifted, and they’d look over, perhaps expecting to see someone unraveling a candy wrapper, but Jacob had no wrapper. They’d stare until they saw the bulge in pants, and as the dots connected they would pretend to look away but Jacob knew from experience, everyone had one eye on him, secretly reveling in his embarrassment. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, a nurse called his name. Jacob stood, acutely aware of the crinkling sound his diaper made with each step. He followed the nurse through the clinic's brightly lit corridors to the examination area. The nurse led him to a scale in the hallway. "We need to get an accurate weight, Jacob. Pants and shirt off, please," she said, her tone professional yet impersonal. Jacob complied, his hands trembling slightly as he removed his pants, revealing the cartoon-print diaper in full view. The nurse's eyes flicked down to it, but she made no comment. A few lucky kids and parents had been called back as well and got to finally see the full view and just how pathetic Jacob really was as he needed not just a guard or a liner but a diaper so thick it spread his legs to walk in it. Jacob could feel everyone passing by staring at his ass. She noted his weight, then added, "Your diaper is wet. It’s probably adding a bit, but we can't risk taking it off. You’d probably drip on the floor. Honestly, Jacob, were you even aware you’d wet?" Her tone was harsh as she made additional notes on her board. “It never changes with you,” she muttered Jacob glanced down wondering how she could tell. In truth, he couldn’t feel much wetness as it absorbed so easily. Sometimes he could feel a flow but often he just dribbled without much awareness. . Next, they moved to a small room for his height measurement. “Still not growing, 5 feet 4 inches,” she remarked, the same height as you were in middle school. “No chest hair,” she looked down the front of his diaper, “Are you shaving your groin or have you not developed hair yet?” Jacob burned red across his bare chest and smooth face. He was blond and men in his family typically had less hair than usual but he was particularly sensitive about how little he had sprouted. It wasn’t none though. “I shave,” he whispered. The nurse noted his response and continued. “Are you shaving your face yet?” Jacob nodded but she looked at him skeptically and took hold of his chin, turning his face to the side and drawing it closer to her to get a good look. “Hmm, I supposed you might be sprouting a few hairs.” After the preliminary checks, Jacob was ushered into the examination room, a familiar space that he had visited many times before. The room was sterile and clinical, with the examination table at the center, its paper cover crinkling under his touch as he sat down and the combination of the crinkle form his diaper and the covering made Jacob wish it was possible to not move a muscle during the whole of the visit. He knew Dr. Martin thought he was the epitome of pathetic. He wondered what fresh he’ll he would need to endure this time, all to get his insurance to pay for his diapers. patreon.com/user?u=7664738
  13. This is the first part of a story. It wasn't going to be multipart, but it got a bit out of hand. Next part coming once I've written it. If people like this enough for me to write the rest, I guess. You knew my history. I’d explained everything to you early on. How I’d woken up to a soaked bed every morning, and come home every night smelling of poop as I couldn’t get through a day without making a mess in my underwear - more than once most days. How every time someone told a joke I’d end up hiding the huge wet patch that I’d left on the seat and my clothes, and you knew how traumatic the hand-wringing and the chastising from my parents was. Nappies would have made things so much simpler and easier, but every time the suggestion came up, I’d argued and protested, and the subject was dropped. You knew how long that went on for. Daily accidents, and daily recriminations through to my teenage years. Better-hidden accidents, less major, less frequent, but still too obvious throughout the rest of my life. Concentration. Effort. Constant awareness all the time to stop me embarrassing myself. And the endless trips back and forth to the toilet, at the slightest urge. You knew about my kinks. You helped me put two and two together, and - to understand that having accidents in a ‘safe’ way was helping me to relive the memories without the recriminations, and without the unrelenting humiliation and trauma. To not have to stop doing fun things because I needed to hide what I’d done. And you helped me realise the accidents weren’t laziness, and weren’t because I wasn’t trying hard enough, but that they were caused by things that I just couldn’t control. It was your suggestion that I wear all the time. It had always felt to me like I was LARPing incontinence, but you told me to try for a few weeks, and after that I realised how much work I’d been putting in to avoid accidents, and what life was like for everyone else. No more constant worry, no more anxiety, no more trips to the toilet every 20 minutes, and so much less shame. That initial reluctance and my push-back against you fed into our power-play dynamic. That night when I came home, standing in the hallway, trying to hide to mess in my underwear and the stain on my butt. Your tone when you told me to turn round, and the comforting hug and help cleaning up. I definitely played into the brattiness that night when you tried to put my nappy on me. I wanted it, but admitting that felt wrong. There was no way I could let you put me in one without fighting back. I needed the spanking that night. Not just because I was a brat, but I desperately needed to feel some pain to allow myself to enjoy the pleasure I was receiving for doing something that I shouldn’t have done. And then there was the day after. Being woken up with you checking my wet nappy, and changing me into a clean one. My little protest that we were going out, and that I couldn’t wear a nappy, and you making it very clear that no matter whether I wanted to or not, I was going to be in one. I decided that I had to fight back a little there. So I made sure to have lots of milk with my cereal at breakfast, and lots of milk with my coffee. You’d made it clear I wasn’t to change myself, so you were going to have to take me back and forth to the toilet so I could poop. You’d soon get bored and just take the nappy off. We got on the train. Our day out in the city was something we’d both looked forward to, and it made sense to avoid driving in. That was going to play into my plan perfectly. Those toilets were so small that you’d give up right away, regardless of the big change bag you brought with you. I’d be free of the nappies right away. I felt my tummy rumble as soon as we got on the train, and whispered in your ear, “I think I need to poo”. Your response shocked me, “well poo then. I’ll change you when we get to a station.” No taking me to the toilet, no telling me to take my nappy off, not even a “hold on as long as you can”, just a simple instruction. The journey was going to take an hour, there was no way I wanted to stay stinky for that long. Definitely not in public. But there was also no way you’d let me do that. We’d end up getting off so you could change me as soon as you smelled me. I felt my tummy grumble and cramp again, and without even trying to help it along, I felt mess leak into my nappy. I sat there, completely still. The train wasn’t busy, but it wasn’t empty, and there were going to be more people getting on as we went along. I began to smell myself, and knew other people would smell me too. “I think a bit has leaked out” I whispered to you. Your seemed surprisingly casual, “I’m sorry Honey, but it’ll be a little while before I can do anything about it. Good job for telling me though.” It might have been what you said, it might have been the tone, but I saw red. Now I wanted you to feel like you had to do something, even if it meant I was going to humiliate myself in the process. The next time my tummy rumbled, I lifted myself up off the seat, perched on your lap, and gave a push. With a bubbling squelch I filled my nappy with stinky mess as I sat on you. I thought you’d be furious. Or at the very least, shocked. “Aw, do you feel a bit better now?” certainly wasn’t the response I expected. I stayed sitting on you, the hot mush in my pamper making me feel utterly humiliated, as you cuddled me. “It’s OK, Honey. It won’t be too long before we get to our station. Why don’t you close your eyes and try to dose for a bit”. I did as you told me. I tried to relax, tried to sleep, but the stink from my nappy kept wafting into my nose, and the movement of the train kept squishing the mush against my butt. I wanted to fall into a hole. All the while you seemed so calm. Like me having stinky pants wasn’t an issue at all. I felt the train slow as we came into the first station. I started to stand up, ready to get off, but felt your arms pull me tight. I couldn’t believe you’d let me stay like this all the way through the journey, but you didn’t relent. “Are we going to get off?” I asked. “No,” you said, a firm tone to your voice, “We can’t just drop what we’re doing every time you have an accident. That’s why you’re in a nappy. I’ll change you when we get to the station”. I blushed as you mentioned my nappy. It didn’t seem like anyone heard, but you made no effort to moderate your voice. Much like the accident itself, and the clothes you’d helped me pick out - which didn’t show the nappy off, but weren’t the usual baggy outfit I’d have picked, everything was just so matter of fact. I had accidents. I wore nappies. It didn’t affect anyone else, and we weren’t going to go out of our way to disguise it. I closed my eyes again and eventually managed to drift off to sleep. I woke up to you kissing my neck. “Time to get up” I heard in my ear. “I think you peed in your sleep. I felt your nappy get warm”. I blushed again, gently repositioning myself to allow me to stand up. I could feel my nappy bulging between my legs. I’d definitely not been this wet when I went to sleep. I waddled a little as you guided me off the train. The carriage and the platform were really busy, but in my drowsy state I wasn’t paying attention to everyone around me. Probably for the best, as at least a few people were probably staring at me, pinpointing me as the source of the smell. You ushered me towards the accessible toilet, reaching round and unbuttoning my jeans as soon as you closed the door behind us. I felt your hand on the back of my nappy, pulling it back. “You definitely needed to go” I heard you say, “do you think you’re all done?” I nodded my head. “Well, I’d like you to try to go a bit more for me anyway.” you said. I tried to protest, but it was a very half-hearted effort. I bent my legs a little and strained right there and then. No more mess, but the hissing noise betrayed me losing what was left in my bladder. “Good kitty” you said, as you caressed my back. Let’s get you changed. You reached into the change bag and pulled out my pacifier, slipping it into my mouth, then unzipped the fly of my jeans, tugging them down to my ankles. “Step out please” you said, and I slipped my socks off and stepped out of my jeans. “From the state of your nappy I think it’s going to be best if we take all your clothes off” you say. I catch a glance of the nappy in the mirror and you’re right. It’s destroyed, and there’s slight brown staining around the leg holes where it’s beginning to leak. “Arms up”. I do as you instruct, and feel you pull my top over my head. Standing in nothing but my destroyed nappy, I feel utterly helpless. You’re in charge now, I have no will of my own, and no control over anything to do with my accidents at all. I watch as you pull a bath towel and a disposable pad from the bag, and lay it on the floor. I know I should lie on it, but my mind is hazy. I wait for your instruction, shivering a little from the cool air on my skin. “Lie down please.” I do as I’m told, sitting first. I feel the mess that until now had been hanging between my legs squish to the front and back of my nappy, causing another waft of the stink to come out of my nappy. With my paci filling my mouth, and no clothing to mitigate it, the smell seemed far worse. As I lay down I feel the mush continue to push up the back of the nappy, seeping out the top. Without thinking, my hands come up to my face, as you bend down and begin the change. I feel your gloved hands gently stroking across the front of my nappy, and moving to the tapes. I know what’s about to happen, and I brace myself for it. You remove the top tapes. The smell gets worse. Then the bottom tapes. I feel the air hit my crotch as you pull the front of the nappy down. The smell is terrible now. I whimper behind my pacifier, utterly humiliated. Then I feel your hand on my face, your lips on my forehead, and hear your voice, “it’s OK, nothing to worry about. Your nappy held it all, and we’re getting you clean now”. My quivering lips ease into a smile, and I feel you take the front of my nappy and use it to clean a big chunk of the mess off my bottom. Then your hands lifting my feet up, raising my legs and bottom. “Can you grab your thighs for me please” you ask. I do as I’m told, then suckle on my paci as you use wet wipes to clean the pee and mess from my thighs and around the front, before moving down towards my bottom. The cool wipes feel wonderful, and the freshly wiped, clean skin feels so nice compared to the claminess of the pee and mess. You push my legs back a little further, and raise my butt up higher, pulling the nappy out from under me, then continue cleaning me, taking a big handful of wipes and cleaning my butt cheeks. I feel you go over the same area again and again, then move inwards. I barely feel the first wipe that touches my butt hole, because there’s so much mess, but as you clean it I begin to enjoy the sensation of the wipe on my sphincter. Caressing the tender skin. Cleaning it. Soothing it. Then slipping into my hole. I whimper again, this time from pleasure rather than humiliation. You penetrate me with the wipe again, twisting your finger around a little, and I writhe as I enjoy the sensation, suckling harder on my paci. You get a new wipe and make one more pass, once again penetrating my hole and twisting your finger around. Once again it makes me writhe from the pleasurable sensations. Then you stop. “Not now, baby kitty” you say, “I’m just getting you clean before we go and enjoy our day”. I sigh, and pout, but it falls on deaf ears. You lift my butt up and slip the clean nappy underneath my bottom, then powder my butt before you let it drop slowly onto the clean and dry padding. Then you take some rash cream and gently rub it in, taking care to cover the crevices and cracks, making sure my skin will be safe until my next change. A kiss on my belly as you close the nappy up, and the four tapes sealed shut, and I’m all clean and dry. For now. I sit up just as you’re rolling up my used nappy, and get a look at the entire packet of wipes that you’ve used to clean me up. I go a little shy and nervous, and watch as you take the heavy nappy, seal it in a nappy sack, then drop it in the bin. I stifled a giggle at the thudding noise it made as it hit the bottom. Then remembered I needed clothes. I raised my arms in the air waiting for you to help me put my shirt and jumper back on. You took the hint. In a few minutes I was dressed and ready to go. And now I wasn’t feeling quite so ashamed, I remembered I was trying to be a brat and get out of this silly nappy. Stepping out onto the concourse I was a little nervous. We’d been in the bathroom for a long time, but so many people had seen us go in, someone must still be around. I felt my cheeks flush with heat again, and reached for your hand. “It’s OK,” you said, a calm tone to your voice, “you’ve had an accident and had your nappy changed. That’s all. Nothing out of the ordinary.” Once again your matter of fact attitude put me at ease. The next step of the journey was largely uneventful. A short trip on an underground train. You led me across the station to the correct platform, and we waited for the train to arrive. When it did it was packed. You ushered me on first, and followed right behind, both of us squeezing into the packed carriage. I decided to have a little fun, and rubbed my padded butt against your body, trying to turn you on. It seemed only fair after what you’d done to me during my change. I smiled to myself as I did. Not that you’d see, given there hadn’t even been room for me to turn around. After a few moments you smelled something. At least you decided that you had. I heard your voice in my ear, a little too loud for how busy the train was, “Have you had an accident Honey? Something smells stinky”. I blushed hard and shook my head. Then I felt your hand on my butt. “I can’t really tell here. I’ll have to find somewhere to check you when we get off”. That put an end to my teasing you. A couple of stops down the line the carriage emptied out a little, and I was finally able to turn around and pout at you. Of course, with the delay, it didn’t really have he effect I was hoping for, but I knew why I was pouting at you, even if you thought I was just pulling a silly face. Three more stops and it was our turn to get off. You guided me onto the escalator in front of you, and as we went up I felt a tug on the back of my diaper. I decided to not turn around, to avoid drawing attention to what you were doing, but as we got to the top I gave you a look of disapproval. “It’s OK, Kittenface, you’re not stinky” you said, a cute smile on your stupid face. I wanted to pout, but I felt my nappy grow warmer as I peed. I hadn’t even realised I needed to go, and right in front of you, looking you in the eyes, I’d wet myself. “Straight to the aquarium?,” you said, “Or shall we get a drink first?” I don’t know if you hadn’t noticed, or were just trying to remind me that my accidents weren’t an issue, but your lack of reaction meant that all of a sudden I didn’t care that I’d wet myself. “Drink please” I said. You led me out of the station, and towards a bubble tea shop. As we got inside and I started looking at the menu, I realised that I was kind of hungry too. “Is there time for food?” I asked. “There’s time for anything you want,” you replied. “Then can I have a bubble waffle and ice cream?” The last time I asked for something like this, you wanted me that the milk in the ice cream might hurt my tummy. This time though, you just gave me a smile when you said, “of course”. I honestly wasn’t sure what had changed, but I liked this new you. You let me do what I wanted, and didn’t make me feel bad for it. I went and grabbed a table as you got our food and drinks. As I sat there waiting for you, I felt a little twinge in my bladder. It wasn’t strong, but I knew I needed to pee. So I did. There and then. Just as you arrived with our drinks and my bubble waffle. “I need to check to see if you need a change after this,” you said. I couldn’t tell whether you’d noticed my pee face, or just wanted to knock me off-balance again, but once again you momentarily set my brain to ‘smol’. I gave a nod, then began tucking into my waffle. “So, I’ve got a nice day planned for us” you said, “we start at the aquarium, then stop off at the arcade. Have some lunch, then go on to the museum and the theatre”. I looked up from my waffle, somewhat surprised by the packed itinerary. “Oooor,” you said, drawing out the syllable, “we could have a slightly less busy day, where we do the aquarium, then go for lunch and see how we feel after.” “that one sounds better,” I gently spit crumbs across the table as I reply, “The other one I don’t think we’d have time to enjoy any of it.” “You’re a very wise kitty,” you reply, “even if you do talk with your mouth full. How’s your waffle?” Learning from my error, I stick my thumb up as I finish my mouthful, “want a bite?” You dive in, taking a big mouthful. “It’s good” you say, spitting some crumbs back at me, and making me giggle. “Is there anything else you’d like to do today?” you ask. “Comic shop?” I say, “and the board games store?” You nod. “That was always going to happen. Anything else?” I lean in and whisper, “Maybe we could have some play time when we get home?” You smile. “I’m sure we can make that happen.” I finish my waffle and my bubble tea. “Right, Potty Pants, time for a nappy change” you say. “You don’t want to check me first?” I smirk “I know you’re soggy” you say, “I watched you pee your pants twice.” I blush. “Now before we do that, I want you to try to make a pushie for me.” you say “Here?” I ask, surprised. “Here” you say. I lift myself slightly off my seat and do my best to poop. After a minute or so you stop me,”Anything?” I shake my head. “Well done for trying” you say. You grab the bag and usher me out of my seat, then take me into the bathroom. Its small. Much smaller than the one in the station. “We’re going to have to do this standing up” you say, already unbuttoning my jeans. You look at my yellowed, pee-soaked nappy. “Good thing I decided to change you now” you say, before turning me around and checking the back for a mess. “OK, no mess, let’s get you out of your soggy pants” You say as you untape my nappy, and let it drop to the floor. You begin wiping me down. Once again the cool wipes feel good as they clean my skin. Although this time the clean up is much quicker. Once I’m clean you take a thick nappy from your bag, and hold it up against my butt, then gently guide me to the wall so that you can use it to hold the nappy up. “Not sure how easy it’ll be to get you changed at the aquarium” you say, as I stare at the thick nappy a little surprised, “so I thought I’d put you in this in case it’s an issue.” “But people will notice” I pout. You shrug, “They’d notice leak marks on your clothes and a puddle on the floor much more” you say. I can’t fault your logic, but I definitely don’t like it. Safely taped in you pull my jeans back up. In spite of how thick the nappy is, it’s still not too obvious, but as I move the crinkling sound is much louder than from my other nappy. “You ready for the fishes?” you ask. I nod, grinning, then you lead me back out, the thick nappy making me waddle a little as I follow behind you. ***** The entrance to the aquarium is busy, and theres a security screening arch with a bag scanner. I squeeze your hand as I relaise the guards are about to see my nappies. “It’s OK,” you say, reassuring me, “you’re in nappies for a reason, and the guards don’t care.” That’s not entirely true. As the bag goes through they pull us aside. Rather than give a longwinded explanation for the contents, you gently lift my jumper up, giving the guard a glimpse of the waistband of my nappy. I blush, and squeeze your hand harder, but in spite of the little embarrassment, you probably made the right decision. Anything else would have involved them pulling the nappies out while you explain that I’m padded. This way the only person who knows about my secret is the security guard. The other side of security are lockers, and a sign asking people to store large bags to avoid overcrowding. “We’re going to have to leave this here” you say. “Do you want me to take an emergency change out?” I nod. “The only problem is we’ve not got anything to carry it in”. “No then” I say, mortified by the idea of openly carrying a nappy as we walk around the aquarium. “Good thing I put you in a thick one then” you tease. The lighting in the first room of the aquarium is dim, and the air is cool. There’s something slightly dreamy about being in a dark room where one whole wall is a giant fishtank. I rush up to it and stare at the fish. I have no idea which ones are which, but I don’t care. This is fascinating. From high up in the tank a huge fish comes swimming down, swooping through the water. I’m so engrossed in it all that I don’t notice you behind me until you wrap me in a hug. “Enjoying yourself?” you say. I nod and grin, “shall we go into the next room?” We walked through into the next area, open-topped tanks filled with rays, sharks and dogfish. I climbed the stairs to look from above, stumbling a little as my nappy made me waddle. I felt your hand on my arm, helping me stay upright, “You OK?” you asked. I nodded. Your hand moved down to my crotch, and you gave a subtle squeeze of the front of my nappy. “I think you might need to be a bit more careful on stairs” you say, “your nappy’s swelling because it’s soggy”. “I’m not soggy” I protested. Then prodded the front of my nappy. It had definitely swelled since you put it on me. I’d peed myself. When did that happen? You’d changed me less than an hour ago. You saw the look of confusion on my face. “It’s OK, you had an accident. That’s not a problem, is it?” I shook my head, and gave you a cuddle. “I guess not”. You led me down the stairs and into the next room, There were only small tanks here, but there was a series of interactive displays with screens and games and puzzles. One of the games involved downloading an app, then being given a list of fish to ‘collect’ by running between the tanks and photographing the correct one. I couldn’t resist. I was onto my fourth fish, an elusive little panda guppy, when I felt my tummy grumble. I thought about letting you know, but I was enjoying myself and didn’t want to stop. I was also worried, given the bag was at the entrance, that you’d make us cut our trip short. So I just kept on with my hunt. A little bit more searching, and I’d bagged my guppy. Next up the harlequin rasbora.My tummy cramped a little. I glanced around. You were sitting at a screen, playing one of the games, and no one else was in the room. I braced, gave a little push, and felt some mess slip out into my nappy. I patted my bottom, and sniffed the air. It didn’t seem that much and not that noticeable, so I went back to my search. It took me another ten minutes or so to find the last four fish. At the end of the search walked over to the screen where I’d downloaded the app, scanned the completion code, and watched all my fish appear on the screen. It then congratulated me and told me I could collect a prize from the gift shop at the end. I got really excited and ran over to you to show you the screen. I’m sure I saw you sniff as I came near you, but I was too excited to worry about that. You gave me a little hug, then got up. Before I realised what was happening, you turned me round and checked that no one else was in the room, then pulled the back of my jeans and nappy. “Thought so” I heard you say. I blushed. “Are we going to have to leave to get me changed?” I said, my voice tinged with sadness and disappointment. You shook your head, “no, it’s OK, it’s not very noticeable, you’ll be fine a bit longer, but If you realise you’ve had another stinky accident I’d like you to let me know, so that if it is bad we can deal with it.” I nodded. “Uh-huh”. “Shall we go onto the next area?” you asked. I nodded. You led me through the doors into the next area. It was a tunnel, a long, glass one, cutting through an enormous water tank. Fish of all sorts swam through it, and i was incredible. A ray sailed over our heads, and I stopped to watch it. “There was no way I was going to let you miss out on this” you said to me, “no matter how bad an accident you’d had”. I giggled. “I’d have been very sad if you had”. Then I turned to you and gave you a big kiss on the lips. As I pulled away I looked in your eyes and smiled, “I still owe you a teasing for when you were changing me”, We continued on through the tunnel, going slowly as we marveled at the fish swimming above our heads, then emerged into the next room - another activity room. There were a lot more people in here than the last one, and most of the activities were taken up. I made a beeline for one of the empty ones, which had a screen at the top of a wall with various pictures and buttons on it. You walked around the room, looking at the signs on the wall, while I played. The game was OK, but was nowhere near as fun as the fish-finding one I’d played in the other room. The screen would display a fish, then I’d have to find the area of the world it lived in, and how deep it lived. The buttons were in rows and columns, with the columns representing a sea or ocean, and the rows showing the depth - shallowest at the top, deepest at the bottom. It started out as fun, but as I went on i found crouching down and standing up over and over was getting kind of tiring. It was also making my tummy feel grumbly again. I crouched down again, pressing the deepest button to show where the blobfish lived, and as I did my tummy cramped. Without much thought, I gave a push. Unlike the last mess, which was more like a lumpy fart, this was a big, semi-solid poop - the result of the ice cream I’d had earlier making my tummy go haywire. It also smelled pretty awful. I panicked. I knew there couldn’t be many more rooms left, and we’d already been here a good couple of hours, but I didn’t want to have to rush through and leave before we’d done the aquarium properly. I finally stood back up, and kept playing the game. After a few more fish I’d finished. I looked around the room, and saw you were still walking around looking at signs. I gently brushed my hand against my butt. The seat of my jeans was being pushed out by the poop. There was no way you wouldn’t realise what I’d done the minute I came back to you. If you didn’t smell it, you’d definitely see it. I spotted a hard stool in a corner of the room. That would help. I waddled over to it, and sat on the stool, doing my best to smoosh the poop and hide the bluge. I had no idea whether that had worked, but it definitely made the smell worse. To a point where people were looking round trying to work out where it was coming from. There was no way I could stay here. I decided to go find you, and hope that you wouldn’t notice what I’d done. By that point you’d stopped walking around the room, and were standing in the centre, watching me. I came up to you, a little unsteady on my feet as my nappy was now extremely bulky and pushing my legs apart. “What were you doing there, Kitty-cat?” you asked. “Nuthin’” I said, as innocently as possible, “My legs hurt after playing that game, and I wanted to sit down for a minute”. “OK” you said, a tone of disbelief in your voice “Is that why you were crouching down while you were playing it as well?” I didn’t realise you’d seen that. Now would be a perfect time to come clean about my accident like you’d asked me to do. You did say you’d get it sorted, but that would definitely involve going to the entrance to get the changing bag, and then we’d have to leave.. I nodded. “No other reason?” you asked, probing. I moved my head towards you to whisper a reply, then thought about how much I wanted to see what was in the next rooms. I shook my head instead. “Nope”. “Come on then” you said, taking my left hand in yours and ushering me towards the exit. I wondered why you’d chosen to do that, until I felt your right hand on my bottom. You had positioned it slightly underneath, so that it was exactly on the area that was messy, then you put pressure on it, making the mess stick to my butt, reminding me exactly of what I had done. You whispered in my ear, “I think someone has had a very stinky accident?” At this point there was no sense in lying any more. You knew. You’d always known. You even watched me poop my nappy. “Nu-uh!” I whined, “It’s just that the room is smelly”. “Oh? OK” you say as we get to the door. “So it’ll smell better in the next room then?” I shrug, “I don’t know. I’ve not been here before. Maybe?” “Let’s find out” You say as you lead me through the door. The next room has pictures of most of the fish we saw previously on the walls, acting as a bit of a summary of what we’ve seen. From what I could tell it served as a build up to the next room, which must have been the crescendo of the experience. It certainly didn’t seem like people found this room particularly interesting, as it was completely empty. “Nope,” you say, “it definitely doesn’t smell better here”. There’s a tone of frustration in your voice, although from the look on your face it seems to be more for effect rather than genuine. You stop me, just as we’re far enough through for the door to close behind us, and I feel your hand move from my bottom up to the top of my jeans. There’s a slight rush of cool air as you pull back the waistband of my nappy, and the smell gets worse. “ “For someone who hasn’t had an accident,” you say, “there’s an awful lot of poo in your nappy”. You spin me around so I can see your face. You look calm and amused, and your eyes have a wonderful mix of kindness and concern. “Being serious for a minute,” you say, a measured tone to your voice, “I’m not upset you’ve had an accident. Remember, it doesn’t matter, and if you want me to just make it better and make the embarrassment go away, all you need to do is ask”. I nod, my eyes welling up as I try to fight back tears. I wrap my arms around you in a tight hug, Squeezing hard and not letting go for a minute or so. Then I let go, and step back, my head bowed a little. I have no idea what’s coming next, but I know you’re usually pretty creative with my punishments, making them fit the ‘crime’. You take my hand. There’s an accessible toilet in one corner of the room. You lead me into it and close the door. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light. It’s much brighter in here than in the rest of the aquarium. When they do, I realise you’re unbuttoning my jeans. “Did you manage to bring a change?” I say, hope in my voice. “No.” you say, the stern, matter of fact tone to your voice that you’d had earlier coming back. You let my jeans drop to the floor. As I go to step out of them you stop me. “You’ll keep those around your ankles, please”, you say. It’s not a request. You then pull my tshirt and jumper off, leaving them dangling around my wrists. “Don’t let that come off of your wrists under any circumstances”. I nod my head. Your tone, and the situation, has stopped any hint of bratiness. “Now tell me what happened, please” you say, sitting on the closed toilet lid and watching me intently. There’s a slight hissing noise, as without warning or sensation, I lose control and wet my nappy. When it stops I begin to speak. “I didn’t know I needed to poo, then I needed to poo. And it just. I felt a cramp, and then I pushed. I didn’t realise it was going to be so much, and I didn’t want to have to stop having fun just because I’d pooed my nappy. So I tried to keep playing. Then when the game ended, i realised that you might see that my nappy had got bigger at the back so I sat down to try to squish the poo. I didn’t mean to be bad, I just didn’t want to have to leave” The words had started coming out slowly, but sped up as I spoke. Until I got to the bit about sitting down, where the emotion overwhelmed me, and I had to choke out the last bit through tears. By the time I finished speaking I was sobbing uncontrollably. “Come over here please” you said, and I shuffled across the floor, my gait restricted by my nappy and my jeans. You take my hand and begin stroking it reassuringly. “Do you know why you’re being punished?” “Because I didn’t tell you that I’d had an accident? And I tried to hide it from you?” I sniffled. You shook your head , “Because you knew you’d had an accident, but you lied to me. Again and again.” “I just didn’t want to leave” I said, once again sobbing harder. “I know, kitten-face,” you say, using my hand to pull me across your lap, “and you won’t be yet. Not until I decide.” I’m just processing this when I feel a firm slap on the bottom of my nappy. It doesn’t hurt - it would be difficult to hurt me through the padding - but the combination of the thudding, and the sensation of my mess being moved around my nappy with every blow makes me zone out, my brain slipping into a little-ish headspace. After ten swipes you stop hitting. Instead you rub my back, soothing me. You reach into your pocket and pull out my pacifier, slipping it into my mouth, then help me stand up, before guiding me to sit on your lap so you can hug me. I don’t know how long you spend cuddling me, but it’s soothing. At some point I’d stopped sobbing, and was contentedly suckling my pacifier and smiling a little. “OK, stinky-butt” you say, “time to get your clothes back on and get moving”. I stand up, still in a bit of a daze, and let you slip my tops back over my head, and pull my jeans up. They barely fit over my nappy, and the waistband is now very obvious above them. Although the smell of my mess is pretty obvious even if people can’t see my nappy. Before you open the door, you pop the pacifier out of my mouth and slip it back into your pocket. Then you lead me out into the boring room. “I meant what I said about staying until I decide we’re done, by the way” you said, that firm tone back to your voice, “as you don’t seem to care about everyone knowing you’ve messed your nappy, we’re going to keep looking around here until I decide that we can go and get you changed.” I try to work out what you mean by that, but before I can ask any questions, you’ve led me through into the next room. Which again is absolutely full of people. My grip on your hand tightens unconsciously. It won’t be too long before people start to notice that there’s a smell. And that I’m the source. I’m so worried about the people, that I don’t notice the room we’re in. Like the first room, it’s dark, and there’s a whole wall that’s an aquarium tank, but this one is monumental. It’s at least two stories tall, and it’s curved, stretching around the room so we can step inside the curve and be surrounded by the tank on nearly all sides. You lead me towards the curve. Although it is busy, it’s not so bad that we can’t get a good spot. You wrap your arms around me again, and we stand, just looking at the fish, enjoying the moment together. People may well have noticed my messy nappy, but right now I’m completely absorbed by us and I don’t care at all. “How are you feeling?” you ask. “Really happy” I reply. “I was never going to interrupt what we’re doing just to change your nappy.” you say, your voice soothing and calm, “the whole point of them is that you get to enjoy things. To have fun, without having to worry about accidents. And it’s not your fault you’re stinky. It’s the aquarium making it hard for you to be able to change.” My eyes begin to well with tears again, and I give you a big kiss.
  14. The hacker sat cross legged on her floor, leaning against her bed for a bit of support. She’d bought an expensive gaming chair–the kind that was ninety percent of the way to being a carseat, it just needed the harness–but it was several feet away, and she’d already been on the ground, moving a box beneath her bed when the shipping notification pinged. With her laptop in reach and her focus engaged, she’d gotten to work right where she sat. Her back would protest, but that was a problem for later. Nor did it matter that it was just past dawn, that she’d been up all night, that sleep would have to wait for hours once this began. She had her game, and that’s what mattered in the moment. Elizabeth Sullivan did not consider herself a hero, but that’s how she branded herself, and to the few who knew her screen name, ‘Little Cricket’, it’s how she was to be treated. She didn’t consider herself a grown-up either, but that’s how her documents read–and as far as the government was concerned, it’s how she was to be treated. Shifting a bit, she noted absently how her diaper squelched–she’d saturated it heavily enough to justify a change, and she needed to poop. Strictly speaking, she preferred to keep that contained to the toilet, but she was in the middle of a project, her thoughts were laser focused, and she didn’t want to kill all her momentum by getting up to change and use the toilet. It’d just have to last a little longer. Tabbing through her notifications, she read data, soaking it in like a diaper absorbed moisture. She knew the patterns, she recognized information before she’d read it, and only needed to glance at what was written to confirm her gut feelings. The internet had existed for forty years, and for twenty, it’d been a tool used by more than half the world’s population. Elizabeth didn’t understand how so-called adults could be so incompetent in its use, so lax and lazy when it came to security. It’s like they wanted her to beat them. Her current target had fallen for a trivially simple linkswap scam to get his passwords, and from there, the rest of his downfall had been easy. A few tricks to bypass two factor authentication, a couple more to get into his financials. By most estimations, he was some flavor of asshole–he’d made his money scamming people into buying useless assets, the lazy kind of fraud that didn’t even take creativity. Elizabeth didn’t particularly care what he’d done. She’d long since learned, however, that if she targeted vulnerable victims, she’d be condemned, she might even end up in trouble with the law. When she went after criminal con men, though, everything became permissible. Leaning forward, she grunted almost without thinking, the seat of her diaper swelling a bit while she took control of her victim’s computer. She’d already decided on the game she wanted to play, now she just needed her participant. “Hello, piggy,” she said. Her voice was modulated, a bit–not to hide her identity, though, it wasn’t as though anyone would be able to track her down. She rarely left her condo, and few people knew what she sounded like. Rather, she distorted her words to make her targets uncomfortable. The man in front of her flinched–of course he did. A voice from nowhere had just addressed him, when he was alone, in private, working from his home office. In a work-from-home world, high-def webcams had become standard, which made her games all the easier. “What the hell?” he asked, setting down his morning coffee. He hadn’t even gotten to work yet. “Who said that?” Elizabeth gloried in the moment for as long as she could–watching her target’s surprise, the shock, all displayed in crisp HD from his webcam. Soon would be the horror and the realization. The sweet moments of early victory, while he still had enough dignity to show humiliation. “I did, piggy,” Elizabeth said. For emphasis, she moved a mouse on her computer screen, and the motion was mirrored on his own display. “Don’t close your computer. I’m in your wallet, I own your assets, and if you disobey me, you’ll find out just how quickly I can take it all away.” She wouldn’t actually take it all away. Others had disobeyed her before, after all, and if she actually followed through on her threat, it ruined the game. She’d take their money, but who cared about money? She wanted more than that. So, if he disobeyed, she’d only take half. Let him see the notification on his phone, learn what he’d lost, and frantically come back to beg. That was, in its own way, almost more fun than when her days went off without a hitch. “I don’t know how you’re doing this,” he said, “But I don’t believe you.” “Then let’s give you some proof, piggy,” Elizabeth said. She was rubbing the name in thick, but she wanted it to be clear that this was his name, at least while she spoke to him. Moving her mouse again, she opened his digital wallet, displaying the various cryptocurrencies he’d acquired. Selecting one at random, she sent it to an anonymous holding wallet with just a few keystrokes. It didn’t matter where it’d gone, the point was that her Piggy no longer had it. The digital equivalent of several thousand dollars, gone in a flash. He still had millions, but he’d gained it recently, and the psychological impact of the dollars lost still hit him plenty hard. His eyes went huge, like she’d just shoved him down on the playground and taken his lunch money. Perfect. “What the fuck–okay. Stop. What do you want? Money?” “If I wanted money, I’d already have taken it,” Elizabeth pointed out. “No, piggy, I want something more. You’ve hurt people to get this money, you’re a pig. You need to learn a lesson.” He swallowed. It was clear she could follow up on her threats easily enough–one wrong word, and she’d drain his accounts. His delicious fear sang when he asked, “What lesson?” “What you really are,” Elizabeth explained. “You’ve got a package in front of your door. I know how long it takes you to go from the computer to your porch. Go get the package, and return immediately–every second you dally, I’ll delete another coin.” He nodded, shook his head, and stared at his computer screen a little longer. “Okay. Okay. I’ll do it, just–” “The timer’s started, piggy boy,” Elizabeth’s tone was sing-song, and just for emphasis, she called up a stopwatch on his screen. Her target jumped to attention, scrambling out of the room. Good–if she kept pressure on him, he wouldn’t have time to think or come up with any bright ideas. She doubted he had the intellectual capacity to come up with bright ideas regardless, and even if he did, they wouldn’t be bright enough to beat her. Even still, she kept the pressure on. She’d win, no matter what, but she preferred to have full control of the game. He returned a minute later, holding a medium sized duffel bag. “Okay,” he said, taking shallow breaths. “I have the package–please don’t take anything else.” “We’ll see,” Elizabeth promised. “All I will promise is that after we’re done, you’ll never hear from me again. If your accounts remain full, that’s all well and good. If not…well, good luck getting it back, because I won’t be available to hear your begging.” He swallowed, looking between his computer and the duffel. “What are you going to do?” “Inside the duffel, there’s some water bottles, a bit of food, and an outfit,” Elizabeth explained. “Take off all of your clothes and put on the outfit. Is that understood?” Instant shock. Of course, it’s what she expected–nobody liked getting naked on camera. “What? No!” Another coin vanished with a big, dramatic notification bubble. “Oh dear,” she said, trying to pump sarcasm into her tone so that it’d come through even with the artificial processing. “You can turn your back–I don’t care about seeing your dick. Just get dressed.” That deflated his protests, and he looked again at the duffel, reluctance and greed battling in his head. She was so focused on the game that she’d lost all sense of her surroundings. She was a part of her laptop, and the vague smell permeating her bedroom, wafting off her diaper, may as well not have existed. If she leaked, she leaked, she had victory to enjoy. Defeated, her piggy unzipped the duffel, peering inside for a long moment in uncomprehension. Only after staring did he say, “No, I–I mean–please, don’t take anything. I’ll do it.” Elizabeth could have jumped for joy, if that hadn’t meant actually moving her body, taking her attention off the display and keyboard in her lap. The outfit wasn’t elaborate–just three elements–but she’d selected it with precision. Sometimes, less was more, and this was absolutely one of those instances. She genuinely couldn’t care less about his nudity, but she still watched him strip with glee, staring not at his body but at his face. The humiliation, the fear, she drank it in until she felt intoxicated. Then came the real prize–the awkward, uncertain embarrassment that came whenever she made someone put a diaper on for the first time since before they could remember. Inevitably, they always got something wrong, and she got to giggle as they worked to correct their mistakes. Her piggy laid down on his back, fumbling with the diaper. He first put it on upside down, then had to flip it, lifting his hips to slide it in place. While he did, little sounds kept escaping him–squeaks of embarrassment that he didn’t even seem to be aware of. Elizabeth’s grin just grew, seeing how his cheeks turned pink when he stuck down the tapes, sealing himself into a puffy white diaper that clung to him like a pillowy target. “And the rest,” Elizabeth said. “A diaper alone does not a piggy make.” Meekly, already halfway to being broken, her target reached for the bright pink onesie. It was mostly uniform in color, but had one bit of special decoration–a short, curled tail on the backside. He’d feel it, just a bit, when he sat down, just as she wanted. He wriggled to get into it, not understanding how the crotch buttons worked, instead stepping into it like a swimsuit and shimmying his legs into the outfit from the top, doing the shoulder snaps instead. Only one thing was left–a halloween costume pig nose, one that’d hold over his face with elastic straps. It’d be uncomfortable, and that’s what she wanted. Discomfort. A constant reminder that he was just a little piggy, with a little piggy nose. He pulled it over his face, transformation complete. Or, well–almost complete. He looked the part. Now he had to go through his training. “Alright, piggy,” Elizabeth said. “Sit down on the floor, criss-cross applesauce.” He obeyed. It meant he had to look up at his desk to see the computer screen. It also meant his posture and pose matched hers, except that he looked up at her, and she looked down at him. “I’m going to play a video for you, and it’s going to ask some questions. Every question you answer correctly, nothing will happen. Every question you answer incorrectly, I take your money away. Do you understand?” Of course he understood–and if he didn’t, she’d still start the video, just to see him struggle and try to learn by trial and error. Still, he nodded. “I won’t lie.” He’d jumped to conclusions about the question, but that just meant he’d be surprised when she showed him his video. “Please. Just don’t take anything else.” “I know you only care about your money, and I’m not lying either,” she assured him. “But this isn’t an interrogation. Consider it more…a knowledge test. If you get hungry or thirsty, or need to take a break, you can have the food in the bag. There are points in the test where you’ll have a few moments to do so. But, and this is important: Until the test is over, you won’t sit up, leave, or turn off your computer. Any of those actions count as a forfeit.” He understood the implied point, anxiety weighing down on his shoulders. “How long will this take?” “I hope you didn’t have evening plans,” she replied. He was a couple time zones ahead of her, but it still wasn’t past nine in the morning yet. “What if I need to use the bathroom?” he asked. Elizabeth didn’t feel the need to properly answer. “If you’re that dumb, piggy, I worry you’re going to fail this test. I’m starting the video now. Pay attention.” He’d already known, somewhere down in his subconscious, but the dawning moment of realization as he was no longer able to pretend still sang to her heart. Knowing, without a doubt, that he’d have to use the diaper he put on was triumphant to Elizabeth. In truth, the test was not really one of knowledge. It didn’t matter how much he knew, any toddler could answer correctly–but the questions would come fast, and they’d demand focus. He’d have to follow along for hours. Queuing it up, the cartoon began to play. A woman in colorful coveralls stood in front of a barn, and a cheerful tune began to play, simple guitar strums. “So many animals on the farm, so many sounds heard on the farm, all the animals make sounds on the farm, can you name the sounds on the animal farm?” Her piggy’s brow furrowed for a moment, confused. “I don’t–what is this?” Elizabeth didn’t reply, and the video continued. “What noise does the cow make on the farm?” He didn’t say anything. Grinning, Elizabeth removed a coin from his wallet, taking thousands of dollars away right for him to see. The song continued. “What noise does the cow make on the farm?” His eyes just widened. “What the hell?” This time, Elizabeth said, “Tsk, that’s wrong,” as she removed another coin, another couple thousand dollars in speculative value. “What noise does the cow make on the farm?” This time he got it, and finally, tentatively said, “Moo?” Elizabeth laughed, and the rest of his wallet stayed firmly place. “So many cows moo on the farm. What noise does the chicken make on the farm?” He got it, and this time, answered immediately. “Cluck.” “What noise does the chicken make on the farm?” “Cluck.” “What noise does the chicken make on the farm?” “Cluck.” “So many chickens cluck on the farm.” Elizabeth was satisfied–he’d understood, and now, all that was left was to wait and enjoy the torture. The song moved forward–next to the dog. “Woof.” Then to the cat. “Meow.” Then to her second favorite moment–the pig. “Oink.” And, finally, the crescendo of the song, where the singer asked, “What noise do you make on the farm?” Her target didn’t get it. “Um…hello? Human sound? I don’t know.” A coin vanished, and his anguish at financial loss was hilarious and cathartic. She’d picked an expensive one, too: He’d lost more than ten thousand dollars for that one little mistake. “What noise do you make on the farm?” “This is–there’s no sound for a person!” he objected, furious and near tears as she removed another coin–though, this time, she was generous and only cost him the price of a shitty car. “Think about it a little longer,” she replied, pointedly avoiding his new moniker. “What noise do you make on the farm?” Finally, with a dawning moment of humiliation, he got it. “Oink.” Success. No loss for him, as the song jingle finished its loop. “Good piggy,” Elizabeth praised. “Now, let’s see how well you learned.” The song began again, playing through the chorus–the twenty second period he’d get every repetition to drink, or to try and eat some of the food in the bag. She looked forward to that–watching him gawk as he realized she’s left him no utensils, that all the food was chosen to be as messy as possible. Would he try to lick the pudding cups out with his tongue and get it all over his face, or scoop it out with his fingers and dirty his hands? She’d even done tests with the canned spaghetti–when cold, it was slightly thick, and would come out in globs. If he tried to drink it from the can, it’d inevitably end up all over his face, and I’d get to enjoy his mollified reaction as he spilled red sauce and soggy noodles all over his piggy onesie. The song itself was only a couple minutes long, but that was fine–the repetition added to the torture. He’d have to listen to it a few hundred times before she let him off the hook–in fact, she had set it up to play on a loop until she told it to stop, and she wouldn’t be doing that until he’d leaked through his diapers and filled up the seat at least as much as she had that morning. She wanted him to really get the pig pen experience before it came to an end, after all. She could have gotten up then, letting the audio play in the background to ensure that the piggy didn’t get his answers wrong. She kept watching, though, enjoying her private performance as he enthusiastically called out the barnyard animal sounds loud and clear for fear that if he mumbled she’d take more money away. This wasn’t about justice, or punishment, or even revenge. Her target was an asshole, but that’d been the excuse to pick him as her victim, not her motivation. This was just about fun. ... 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  15. This story takes place in a world where women are significantly bigger and stronger than men Daniel is a workaholic who really needs a break. His life consists of nothing more than working for much longer than he should and then going home to scroll social media. So when he receives a letter from a cousin he had lost touch with saying they should catch up he is only too eager to agree. Emmy, however, isn't exactly the cousin he remembered her being. --- Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 50 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page! The money I get goes to paying bills and putting food on the table so I appreciate all of my patrons and would appreciate anyone who might be interested in supporting me to check out my Patreon ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Cousin Emmy By Elfy Daniel tapped away on his keyboard. He hadn’t stopped in a long time, his eyes were practically glued to the screen as he wrote line after line of code. His eyes were sore but he couldn’t stop, he needed to keep going and meet his deadlines. Daniel enjoyed his work and when he got into the right frame of mind he could easily work non-stop for hour after hour. With a swipe of his hand Daniel brushed his hair out of his face. It was growing too long, that was what his mother always told him when she visited. He clicked save and looked away from the screen for the first time in hours. He had to blink a few times, every time his eyes closed he saw the code on the screen again. He knew it as the “Tetris Effect”, when you look at something happening for so long you can see it when you close your eyes, it was very disconcerting. He rubbed his eyes, he only had sight in the left one though he hadn’t let that stop him from doing anything. “What the…” Daniel realised his one good eye wasn’t going blind. It had got very dark indeed. He checked the clock on the corner of the screen to see it was late in the evening. He had worked long past quitting time. The office was empty. All the lights were off and so were the computers. Daniel was the last person to leave and his shift was meant to have finished hours ago. If he had any kind of social life he would’ve been upset but, in truth, no one would notice he had worked overtime. He lived alone and didn’t really have many friends, certainly not ones he often went out with. With the computer shut off Daniel picked up his things and left the office. He lived in the city and didn’t own a car, he didn’t mind walking and using public transport. It was good for the environment and his own fitness. He was a slim guy anyway but a little extra exercise never hurt anyone. It was already dark out and the wind had a slight chill to it that made Daniel pull his coat a little tighter to himself. He gave a wide berth to some teenagers that were loitering outside an electronics store. He always felt nervous when passing rowdy groups thanks to his diminutive 5’4” frame. He was very slight physically and that made him anxious about becoming a victim. Daniel hurried by and carried on home. He lived in an apartment halfway up a building. His programming for an independent video game company didn’t pay a great deal but living on his own meant he didn’t actually need much money, it wasn’t like he went out often after all. Daniel opened the front door of his place and walked inside. He flicked on the lights and walked through to the kitchen. It was late and he didn’t feel much like cooking, he warmed up some instant noodles and then dropped on his couch in front of the television. There wasn’t much on and Daniel ended up watching a random roller-skating competition on one of the niche sports’ channels. He had no interest in skating but he was essentially just killing time until he went to bed and then went to work again. This was his life. Working and then sitting around waiting to work again. With a sigh Daniel looked around. He was an introvert, he didn’t mind being home alone rather than out partying but at times like this he wouldn’t have minded having someone just to talk to a little bit. He had considered getting a pet before but it didn’t feel like he would be home enough to take care of them. For the next hour Daniel looked at social media on his phone whilst occasionally glancing up at the television. Most of the people on his friends list were either colleagues or family. There was nothing exciting going on. Daniel turned off the television and stretched. He walked into his hallway with the intention of visiting the bathroom before bed. He paused when he saw a letter on his doormat. If it had been there when he got home he hadn’t noticed it, and yet it felt like he would’ve seen it. He frowned, he rarely got letters that weren’t bills but he could see his name and address handwritten on it. Daniel picked the letter up and turned it over. There was no clues as to where it came from. He opened the door out in to the building’s hallway. He wasn’t sure what he expected to see but no one was there. The only movement was on the light on top of the elevator, one of the numbers was descending as it lowered down towards the ground. Closing the door Daniel started opening the envelope. He pulled the single piece of paper out and read the handwriting. “Hi Daniel, it’s been a long time!” The handwriting was very neat with all the letters curving into the next one perfectly, “You should come visit and catch up. I’m sure we have a lot to reminisce about. It would be a lot of fun to have you stay for a while. Your favourite cousin, Emmy.” The note ended with a return address as well as an e-mail. Daniel read the note a second time. He remembered Emmy well. She had been practically his best friend as a youth but once he had moved to the city they had lost touch. Daniel remembered getting into a lot of hijinks with Emmy, she was two years younger than he was but always seemed to be the one who took charge of their arrangements. She had been taller than he was to the point most strangers assumed she was the elder cousin, she seemed to enjoy that a lot. Daniel climbed into bed but placed the note on his bedside table. He would send a reply from work the next day. Going out to the countryside to revisit his youth and catch up with an old friend would be just the tonic to his stressed life. --- Daniel sat on the bus with his suitcase pulled up between his legs. He had woken up at the crack of dawn to get ready and head to the train station, then he switched to the bus to get him as close as possible to Emmy’s rather remote home. He felt excited but also anxious, social situations had been alien to him for a long time. When Daniel stepped off the bus with his suitcase he had to look around to try and work out where to go next. This wasn’t the town he had grown up in though it wasn’t far away, he had only been here a few times before and that had been many years ago. He pulled out the piece of paper with directions and then started walking down the street. After talking to Emmy through e-mail and deciding on a visit Daniel had gone to his boss to apply for time off. He was able to take quite a significant amount of time since he hadn’t used his holiday time that year. Daniel wasn’t planning to spend all his time off with Emmy, he didn’t want to impose, but he liked that there would be no rush on their catching up. Emmy had a spare room that she said was ready just for him. It took thirty minutes for Daniel to eventually end up on the right road. He had underestimated the distance and pulling his suitcase with him the whole way had left him out of breath. The buildings on this road had plenty of space between them and each seemed to be situated in its own sizable parcel of land. Daniel stopped in front of one of these isolated homes and checked his paper again. This was the right address but everything seemed to be a little odd. He couldn’t put his finger on it as he looked at the house from the road. He started walking down the long driveway. “What on Earth…” Daniel’s eyes widened the closer he got to the house. Everything about the house appeared normal at first glance. The white two-storey walls had regular windows and a front door on a porch, it looked like the carbon copy of thousands of other houses until Daniel walked up the large steps of the porch. The front door towered over him, the letterbox was at head height whilst the handle was even higher. The brass door knocker was out of reach even if Daniel had tried to jump for it. It had to be at least ten-feet off the ground. Daniel turned around and saw some wicker furniture on the corner of the porch. The two chairs, table and rocking chair looked gargantuan. If Daniel didn’t know better he would’ve thought he had shrunk to half his height. After another check that this was indeed the correct address Daniel knocked on the door. He heard a loud scraping and then footsteps coming to the door. He could feel the wooden boards under his feet vibrate with each booming step. Daniel instinctively took a step backwards as the door’s lock clicked and then swung open. Daniel had just one second to take in his cousin Emmy before she was right in front of him. “Daniel!” Emmy excitedly stepped forwards with a huge smile, “You haven’t changed a bit!” Daniel saw a woman in front of him that wasn’t just tall but a giant. Her arms reached around Daniel’s waist and before he knew it he was lifted into the air in a great big bear hug. He felt his cheeks reddening as he was held against his cousin’s chest, her voluptuous breasts threatened to engulf him. It was more than a little uncomfortable and awkward. “Mmm!” Was the only sound Daniel could make as he wondered if he was going to suffocate right there between his cousin’s boobs. “Oh, sorry. I sometimes forget my own strength!” Emmy loosened her grip. To Daniel’s embarrassment Emmy didn’t set him down on the floor. Instead, she shifted him to the side with remarkable ease so that he was sat on her hip. His arms and legs automatically wrapped around Emmy as she took his suitcase and carried it inside. Daniel felt embarrassment coursing through him along with questions as to how Emmy had got so big. He hadn’t even had a chance to say anything! Daniel was final set down in the living room as Emmy sat on the couch. Daniel was left stood in front of her feeling like a child sent to report to the Principal. He was finally able to take all of her in and he was astounded. Emmy was incredibly tall, he could only estimate but if she was shorter than eight feet tall he would’ve been extremely surprised. “How was your trip? Was it OK?” Emmy asked. Despite her size her voice was very light. Her shoulder-length golden hair bobbed slightly as she sat up straight. The apron she was wearing over her black dress bunched up and she had to pull it down. “It was fine.” Daniel replied quietly. Looking around the room Daniel could see the interior of the house was the same as the exterior. Everything was bigger than normal, the couches and armchairs were so tall he would struggle to clamber up on to the cushions, Even the windowsill was so high up he could’ve used it for chin-ups. He had never felt smaller as he looked round at the giant room. “Oh, where are my manners?” Emmy chuckled, “Let me help you up.” “Wha-… No I’m-” Daniel found himself being lifted again and this time deposited on the couch. He hadn’t been handled this much since he had been a baby, it seemed like Emmy had some real issues with personal boundaries. Much to Daniel’s embarrassment his legs hung over the edge of the seat without touching the ground. “So what have you been up to?” Emmy asked excitedly. She leaned back and turned sideways to face her new guest. Her breasts were very distracting as they pushed out towards Daniel. “Oh, you know… This and that.” Daniel muttered as he forced himself to look away. He had so many questions but Emmy wasn’t giving him a moment to say anything. Daniel wanted to ask Emmy what had happened to make her so incredibly tall and about her house. Did she have a genetic problem that kept her growing? Did she have this house custom made? Why wasn’t she a star basketball player? Were those boobs real!? “You have to give me more than that!” Emmy giggled and draped one of her long arms over Daniel’s shoulders, “Come on, we’ve got all the time in the world. Tell Aunty everything.” “Aunty?” Daniel replied with a frown. “Oh, silly me!” Emmy giggled again, “I’m so much bigger than you I forgot you aren’t one of my sister’s kids! Just a maternal instinct I suppose, you’re actually older than me by a couple of years, hard to believe, huh?” As Emmy laughed heartily Daniel forced a trepid smile across his face. If he could’ve done he would’ve excused himself from this bizarre house and run away because Emmy was acting very strangely. He didn’t like the very “hands on” approach she was taking to him, it wasn’t normal to just be picked up like this. “So what have you been up to?” Emmy said again. “I went to university.” Daniel looked away from Emmy as he shifted uncomfortably, “Studied video game design and then got a job at an independent company. I wor-” “Wow!” Emmy interrupted, “Impressive! I’m proud of you, what a clever boy!” Daniel blushed a little as he was praised in such a strange manner. He bit his lip as he felt his face flush with embarrassed heat. This had been a big mistake. His social isolation had pushed him into this meeting but he had never expected a situation like this. Despite his loneliness being alone at home seemed very attractive at this point. “Let me show you your room so you can get settled in.” Emmy said after a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence. --- You can find out what happens next RIGHT NOW on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/cousin-emmy-part-92754660
  16. This is a preview of the new Patreon exclusive story "Violet's House" a 16,000 word Halloween story full of spookiness and diapers! My Patreon page is my sole income and I rely on it to pay the bills, put food on the table and keep my butt in diapers. All equally important things. If you would like to help support my work and allow me to continue focusing on writing please consider checking out my Patreon. I post new story updates twice a week and now have 50 stories EXCLUSIVE on Patreon! To find more information on tiers rewards and everything else please visit the link below. All suport is appreciated ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Tom is about to have the strangest day of his life. After experiencing several strange occurrences he leaves an after-work party to go home... He never arrives. On the way home he encounters a spooky house with a very strange owner. Once inside he finds leaving a lot harder than he hoped and the Mistress of the house has some very worrying plans for him. --- Tom staggered slightly as he stepped out of the bar. He wouldn’t have said he was drunk but he certainly wasn’t sober. The cold air of the night hit him and he shivered a little as he zipped up his jacket. As he turned away from the bar and started to head for home he felt a tremendous sense of pride and joy about his work that day and was ready for a weekend of relaxation before work started in earnest on the new account. Tom’s apartment wasn’t too far from the bar. It was a reasonably short fifteen minute walk but with a spring in his step Tom took a slightly longer route down a street he didn’t frequently use. As he walked along a row of houses surrounded by a white picket fence he quite unexpectedly heard the sound of children’s voices. It was very late for children to be playing, the sun had long set and Tom imagined most children would’ve long been in bed. As Tom continued down the path he saw some movement in one of the front yards. With just the faint light of a nearby lamppost Tom saw a young girl sitting on a swing in front of an old fashioned pram. She was swaying back and forth slightly but not making much progress. Tom couldn’t make out much about her other than her braided pigtails that went down her back. As he looked over the fence he saw the girl turn to look at him, her face still obscured by the darkness the scene felt very eerie. “Hello.” The girl said. Her voice had a softness that made it seem like the words might get lost in the darkness on the way to Tom’s ears. “Um… Hi.” Tom replied. He felt uneasy. He wanted to make sure the kid was alright but at the same time it didn’t look great for a grown man to be talking to a child this late at night, “Is everything alright?” “Uh huh.” The girl replied, “We’re just playing.” “Isn’t it… a bit late?” Tom asked, “Are your parents home?” The girl didn’t reply. In the darkness Tom couldn’t be sure but she didn’t seem to be taking her eyes off of him for even a minute. He wondered what, if anything, he could do. He didn’t want to leave a young child out there alone when any number of creeps might walk past. He was just about to suggest the girl go inside when she spoke up. “Could you help me?” The girl asked. “What do you need help with?” Tom asked. Again the girl didn’t respond. Tom felt a chill run down his spine which wasn’t entirely down to the cooling temperatures of the late evening. He looked around with half of his mind telling him to just go home and forget about this and the other half wanting to do the right thing and making sure this girl was safe. “If I help you will you go inside afterwards?” Tom said. “Sure.” The girl replied. Tom thought about it again before sighing and opening the gate. He walked diagonally off the path to the swing that the girl was still sitting on. As he got closer he passed the pram that was in front of her and could see more details about who he was talking to. She seemed to be around eight-years-old but was taller than expected for that age. He could see she was smiling and hadn’t looked away for a second. “What do you need?” Tom asked. He was anxious to get this over with before someone came along. “A push.” The girl replied. “A push?” Tom repeated. The girl moved back and forwards on the swing without really going anywhere. Tom looked back at the gate before walking over to the girl. He hesitated and then started pushing the swing. The girl started giggling almost immediately. He continued a couple more times before stopping. “Alright, maybe it’s time to go inside” Tom suggested. “No.” The girl replied, “More!” Tom was now sure he had made a mistake as he pushed the swing again. As the girl giggled he looked over to the nearby pram. It was black and in the baby carriage style seen in old films and cartoons. It looked older than most of the houses on the street. As he looked over he suddenly noticed there was some movement from inside the pram. Tom stopped pushing the swing and slowly started walking over towards the pram. As he got closer he saw more movement from inside. As Tom got near he saw a very peculiar sight. There was a baby boy in the pram but he seemed cramped and almost too big for the baby carriage. He was wearing a baby blue bonnet with a matching silky… dress? “What the…” Tom muttered. The little boy was clearly in a dress with a bulging diaper underneath. In his mouth was a blue pacifier and he was staring at Tom with eyes that seemed absent of emotion. Tom stumbled back and as he did so he nearly tripped over the girl who had seemingly silently got off the swing and was standing right behind him. “You kind of look like him.” The girl said with her head tilted to one side. “Huh? W-What?” Tom stuttered as he spun around to where the girl’s voice had been. To Tom’s shock there was no one there. The swing was gently moving backwards and forwards letting out a small creaking sound as the wind pushed it. He heard a child’s laughter and turned around again to see a blanket on the far side of the yard, in the darkness it was only just visible. “You need to go inside.” Tom said as he quickly walked across the yard, “It’s not safe out here alone.” As Tom neared the blanket he could see that the little girl and her baby brother were sitting together with a doll. The girl was making it move across the space in between them towards her brother who was smiling in apparent delight. Tom continued forwards until he was right next to the blanket. “You look like him.” The girl said again. Tom looked at her brother but couldn’t see any resemblance. It was only as he turned back to the girl to say as much that he saw she had turned the doll towards him. He froze with his mouth hanging open. She was unmistakably holding a Tommy Doll. Not only that but it was wearing a dress and, as much as Tom didn’t want to admit it, its face did faintly resemble his own. Tom felt thoroughly creeped out by everything that was going on. He backed away from the kids as his brain tried to rationalise everything that had happened… and failed. He should’ve gone straight home and now he was going to correct that fact. As he hurried towards the gate he briefly looked back over his shoulder to see the girl making the doll wave at him. “I… I have to go.” Tom said as he fumbled with the gate’s latch, “You guys should go inside though, OK?” Tom didn’t hear a response but he wasn’t sticking around regardless. He felt thoroughly unnerved by what he had seen and just wanted to get home as soon as possible. He pulled his collar up and hurried away from the kids without even daring to look back, however he hadn’t even turned the corner at the end of the street when he noticed something else happening. At the end of the street there was a house unlike any of the others he had passed. It looked much, much older than the relatively modern houses nearby and was set back from the street with a winding paved path leading from wrought iron gates to the front door. What had really caught Tom’s attention was a group of teenagers up near the door. He could only see them thanks to the porch light and the darkness all around made them stand out even more, they were laughing and spray painting the wall with all sorts of foul language. After his previous encounter Tom had no desire to hang around and get into trouble. He started to walk by the gate when he noticed something altogether more sinister. He was just to walk out of sight when he saw one of the young men trying to light something on fire. Tom stopped. As much as Tom wanted to continue on home he couldn’t ignore that this group were committing arson and for all he knew someone lived in that housel. He pictured an elderly woman helpless as these kids vandalised her house and worse. He sighed and backtracked to the gate. As Tom stepped off the street and on to the paved path a chilled wind blew around him. “Hey!” Tom shouted with all the authority he could muster, “What are you doing?” Tom didn’t know what he was expecting but he was somewhat surprised when the kids saw him and ran away into the darkness by the side of the house. Tom frowned and wondered if they were trying to lure him in to the shadows or if they were simply hopping fences as they ran away. Regardless they had dropped whatever they were using to try and start the fire and Tom saw it smouldering on the ground. He walked over and stamped on, what turned out to be, just some papers. “Damn kids…” Tom sighed as he looked at the front of the old house. The wall was covered in graffiti and scorch marks. Trash had been thrown everywhere, mostly the remnants of whatever the gang of kids had been eating. Tom shook his head, he decided he should try to see if anyone was in and if they were alright. At the very least he could explain what had happened to the outside of their house. Tom walked up the porch and pressed the doorbell. He heard a loud dong that sounded more like a great church bell coming from inside the dark house. Another chill wind whipped around him. It didn’t seem like anyone was in, he pressed his ear to the door but couldn’t hear any footsteps. Deciding that maybe the house was empty and abandoned after all he turned away. No sooner had he taken a step than the large door swung open with a creak that split the night. Tom turned around. In his mind he had expected to see an old person living in this house, perhaps someone who was infirm and unable to chase the kids off their property alone. What he actually saw was very different indeed. “Hello.” Came the sultry voice. Tom was stunned. The woman before him was tall and slim with a long gothic black dress hanging around her. She was leaning against the doorway with a thin smile on her lips that were as black as the dress and contrasted with her very pale face. Her black hair hung down over her shoulders and looked impossibly straight. “Oh… H-Hello.” Tom finally stuttered when he realised he had been staring, “I was just going to let you know that-…” “Why don’t you come in?” The woman suggested. Her voice carried authority that made Tom stop as soon as he heard it. “I… I really need…” Tom was looking to go home but the woman was very convincing. One long hand raised into the air and from that hand came a finger that beckoned Tom closer. The woman backed away from the door and was slowly swallowed by the darkness inside, there didn’t seem to be a single light on. “I need to go home.” Tom said slightly louder than his normal talking volume. There was no response from the woman. Tom took a step back but didn’t leave. The woman was exceptionally attractive and was inviting him into her home. It had already been the strangest day of Tom’s life but maybe there was a happy ending to it all. He found himself thinking about how happy the woman would be that he helped her out, he found himself wondering about possible rewards… Against his own better judgement Tom started walking forwards. The tall woman stepped aside but smiled down at Tom as he passed the threshold. The house was left shrouded mostly in darkness, in fact aside from a radius a few feet around him Tom couldn’t see much of anything at all. The floorboards creaked underneath him as he moved to stand in the middle of the foyer. A creaking from behind him made Tom turn around. He looked back at the door just in time to see it get closed. The moonlight was snuffed out and a heavy click announced that the door was completely shut. Tom was now left in complete darkness, he couldn’t see anything even a few inches in front of him. There was silence. “H-Hello?” Tom said quietly. He couldn’t hear the woman or anything. There was a sudden clap right behind Tom and candles on either side of the hallway sparked to life. The darkness was replaced by a gloomy kind of lighting that seemed muted. Tom was looking back towards the door but to his surprise the woman wasn’t there. He spun on the spot trying to see where she had gone. “You really are a special one.” The woman’s voice came over Tom’s shoulder. Tom yelped as he turned again and saw the woman standing right behind him with that same ghostly smile. He backed up a couple of paces to give him some distance and looked at the door, he wondered if it was too late to make excuses and leave, the whole situation was giving him the creeps. “My name is Violet.” The woman said. Her voice instantly attracted Tom’s attention again, “And I want to thank you for helping me out.” “Oh… It was really no trouble.” Tom said nervously. He looked around at the candles and cleared his throat, “H-How did you do that trick with the candles?” “Trick?” Violet repeated. Her smile grew revealing her large pristine teeth, “I assure you there are no tricks here.” “O-Oh.” Tom played with his hands and was unsure where to look. Violet was taller than he was, quite a bit so, and she seemed to tower over him right then. Violet started to circle Tom slowly. Her long legs ended in very high heels that clacked noisily on the floor with every step she took. Tom rather got the feeling of someone stranded at sea being circled by a shark. He swallowed nervously. He looked out the corners of his eyes at the foyer he was stood in, it seemed to be a lot bigger than it had any right to be. The house had appeared fairly average front the front yard but it seemed a lot larger now. It had to have been a trick of the candlelight. “I’ve never met one quite like you.” Violet said in a sultry whisper, “I think you’d be perfect.” “Erm, perfect?” Tom repeated with concern. “Definitely.” Violet said as she ran her long fingers across Tom’s shoulders, “Come with me.” Without waiting Violet turned to a corridor and started sauntering down it. Her ample rear swayed under her tight dress in a way that was almost hypnotic to Tom who was more confused than ever. At last the rational part of his brain overpowered the horny side and instead of going after Violet he quietly tip-toed to the front door. He pulled on the knob but it was stuck fast, it didn’t budge even a millimetre, it was as if it was simply a part of the wall. Tom swallowed nervously and turned back towards the hallway that Violet had just disappeared up. He tentatively started creeping up the dark corridor. There were candles at frequent intervals but their light never seemed to shine too far. There were a lot of doors but all of them seemed closed and locked, occasionally there would be old paintings on the wall, mostly portraits of Violet. Towards the end of the corridor there was a door that was slightly ajar and light was coming from within. It was brighter than the candles in the hallway and so Tom started slowly walking that way. The corridor seemed impossibly long for the house it was a part of. “V-Violet?” Tom called out, “Are you in there?” “No.” Violet’s voice came from directly behind Tom again. Tom jumped nearly out of his skin as he spun around and fell against the wall. He was breathing heavily and thought he might have a heart attack as he saw Violet standing right behind where he had been. “How… How did you get there?” Tom asked in confusion. “I would like to invite you to an exclusive club.” Violet completely ignored Tom’s question. “Huh? What club?” Tom asked with a frown. “Club Dark Elite.” Violet replied, “You’d be perfect as my very special guest.” “I mean, I’d love to but… I really need to get home. It’s late and…” Tom started gesturing back down the hallway towards the front door. The problem was that Violet was blocking that way and she didn’t seem to be moving. “I have your room all ready for you.” Violet said as she extended a long arm to gesture at the door that was opened just a crack. Room? Club? Tom was confused. He didn’t know what was going on but every extra second spent in this strange house was only making things even stranger. He looked from Violet to the door and back again. He really just wanted to leave now, he was past the point of being concerned about rudeness. “If I look in that room can I leave afterwards?” Tom asked, “N-No offence. I’m just feeling pretty tired and I’m ready to go to bed.” Violet didn’t reply. She simply smiled down at Tom and waited. After a couple of awkward seconds he sighed and pushed the door open. Like the rest of the house it was very dark inside, initially he couldn’t see anything so he slowly stepped inside. As he looked around the darkness only feeling able to make vague guesses at the hidden shapes in the blackness of the room he felt Violet walk in behind him. The door closed. Any light that had been coming into the room was extinguished. “What is this?” Tom asked. “An introduction to what the Dark Elite is.” Violet replied in her deep sultry tones, “A future you are destined for. The chance for a new start.” “That… doesn’t help.” Tom said. He was squinting as he peered through the darkness. He thought he could see bars, was it a cage? Tom jumped as he heard the sound of a clap behind him. Around the walls torches flared to life lighting the space with a warm yellow tint. In normal circumstances Tom would wonder how that had happened, how the torches had seemingly lit themselves, but these were far from normal circumstances and when he looked around he only became more confused. The room was a nursery. It had all the fixtures and fittings one would expect from a small child’s bedroom but it was bigger. The whole room was dark, not because it was unlit but because everything seemed to be in blacks, purples and dark colours. A crib was on one side of the room, so black it seemed to suck in the light from the surroundings. Above it was hanging a dark blue mobile but instead of smiling animals or airplanes twirling underneath it there were bats, spiders and other things that seemed more apt for a Halloween store than a nursery. Everywhere Tom looked, mouth agape in shock, he saw more strangeness. There was a rocking horse that was black and looked foreboding with red eyes and bat-like wings, not the sort of thing Tom could imagine putting a child on. A changing table that was surprisingly normal, if you ignored the deeply unsettling dark red colour, except that it was stocked with black diapers. It was as if Tom had accidentally walked into a haunted house version of a baby room. Tom’s eyes fell upon a pile of stuffed toys on in a chest at the back of the room. He felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him as he saw a doll sitting on top. It was the same doll he had seen in the commercials, the same doll had been on the side of the truck that morning, he had been seeing it everywhere and now it was in front of him. Tom covered his mouth as he saw it was wearing exactly the same clothes he was. A chill ran down his spine. The Tommy Doll was like a miniature version of himself. “What is this!?” Tom repeated his question but this time there was fear going through every word. “It is everything you’ll ever need.” Violet replied, “We have made space just for you.” Tom backed away. He had been creeped out before but now he was downright terrified. He felt like he had stumbled on something he couldn’t even begin to comprehend, something no one could comprehend. He slowly stumbled backwards past Violet who was smiling but there was no warmth coming from her, it was a hollow smile like one you would expect on an automaton. He hit the door and instantly spun around. Tom wrenched the door open and hurried out into the corridor. He was through being polite or pretending this was even remotely normal, he didn’t care how he looked he just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. He started running down the corridor with adrenaline coursing through him. “Where are you going?” A whisper seemed to push its way into Tom’s head. It didn’t sound like Violet’s voice and seemed to come from nowhere. “You are right where you belong.” Came another voice. It seemed to drift into Tom as if blown in on the breeze that passed him as he ran. The corridor just kept going. Tom couldn’t understand. He felt like he had run at full speed for a full minute but he still hadn’t reached the end, there was no possible way the house could be this big. He slowed to a stop after ascertaining that Violet wasn’t following him. There were doors on either side of the corridor and he reached uncertainly for one. He pulled it open and felt his breath catch in his chest. “Mmmm!” Came the muffled voice of a young man who was naked, gagged and bound to a chair. Tom’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates as the man looked back at him with wild eyes. The most shocking thing to Tom wasn’t the man, as unlikely as that sight was, what really surprised him was the room. It didn’t look anything like the rest of the house, it was modern and shiny, well-lit and there seemed to sunshine coming through the windows which couldn’t be possible. Just as Tom was wondering if he should go in a hulking brute of a man stepped in front of the doorway. He was completely bald and dressed in a suit. He looked out of the door as if he couldn’t see Tom and then slammed it closed. Tom backed away until he hit the door on the other wall. He turned and opened it. “Tom, dear, where do you think you are going?” Violet was stood just inside the doorway. The nursery, the one Tom had just spent a minute running away from was right behind her. “That… That’s impossible!” Tom yelled. Panic was flooding Tom’s body and the only thing he could think to do was rescue the man through the other door. He needed an ally, someone who could help him, he certainly didn’t want to be alone. Tom ran across the hallway and opened the door again. “Wouldn’t it be easier to just come in?” Violet asked from inside. Tom couldn’t comprehend it. His mind couldn’t compute what was happening. Violet and the nursery had taken the place of the man Tom had just seen. His mouth opened and closed dumbly. He turned around to run again only to go straight into Violet who was now, somehow, right behind him. “You really must trust Mommy.” Violet said. Every time she spoke it was like every other sound stopped, as if the very ambient noise of life wouldn’t dare interrupt. Tom turned to run again but before he could take even a single step he felt Violet’s long fingers wrap around his arm. He shivered, her touch was cold but strong, no matter how much he pulled her grip was unrelenting. She was bigger than him for sure but he didn’t expect this kind of strength. “Come to Mommy.” Violet said as she started pulling Tom closer. “Let go of me!” Tom screamed as panic overwhelmed him, “Help! Help me!” Tom was lifted into the air with ease. It seemed as easy for Violet to lift him as she would a piece of paper. He kicked and thrashed but couldn’t loosen the grip that now carried him into the nursery. He kept shouting uselessly as he was taken towards the changing table. The door to the nursery closed on its own effectively sealing Tom inside. “What are you doing!?” Tom demanded to know, “What do you want from me!?” “I only want what’s best for you.” Violet replied, “Now be a good baby and stop struggling.” Obviously that was an instruction Tom was never going to follow. He had no idea why this woman, whoever or whatever she was, kept talking to him like she did. He was no baby. It was only just beginning to sink in for Tom that was he was experiencing must’ve been paranormal. The impossible house, Violet’s otherworldliness and the strange doorways that seemed to lead to other locations entirely were all impossible. Before Tom could really start to wonder what he was faced with his shirt was grabbed and pulled up. He tried to resist being stripped but Violet’s pulling was unrelenting. The shirt was getting caught under his arms and pulling his shoulders up, in the end he was forced to raise his hands in the air and the shirt slid off him. Violet moved quickly and was soon tugging down on Tom’s pants. He tried to hold them up but it was like playing a tug-of-war with a bodybuilder, they were quickly around his ankles. He tried hitting Violet, his distaste at hitting a woman completely subsumed by his fear, but she didn’t seem to notice. “No, no, no!” Tom squealed as Violet’s hand went to his underwear. His last remaining piece of clothing. It was hopeless. Tom’s underpants were pulled down and he quickly had to adjust from fighting back to using his hands to keep a tiny amount of modesty. Violet moved one of her long slender legs forwards and trod on the clothes between Tom’s legs. She then lifted him and the pants, along with everything else was left on the floor leaving Tom completely naked in her arms. Tom was in shock. Things had been weird before all this but everything had gone very quickly from a little strange to completely unreal. He felt frozen by how bizarre the situation had become, his brain was short-circuited and just didn’t know how to process all the bizarre sensations he was experiencing. Violet lifted Tom into the air. Her hands were under his arms and he was unable to keep covering himself up as his arms lifted up. He whined and despite everything that was going on he still found time to feel embarrassed. It didn’t seem like Violet noticed anything, she certainly wasn’t making a big deal about the fact that Tom’s genitals were exposed. Tom was laid down on the changing table. He tried to scramble away but just one of Violet’s large hands placed on his belly was enough to keep him in place. The tall commanding woman reached under the changing table and pulled out the thing that Tom was dreading. A thick rectangle of crinkly black padding. A diaper. “No!” Tom tried to twist away unsuccessfully, “I don’t want it! Stop!” “Don’t be fussy.” Violet said simply, “Mommy knows what her baby needs.” The diaper was placed on the changing table. Tom could only watch on helplessly as Violet unfolded it one-handed in a way that made Tom think she had definitely done this before. The hand on his belly went to his ankles and before he knew what was happening his legs were lifted and rolled back. He yelped as his back bent until his dick was hanging above his face. When Tom was lowered back down he could feel the soft cotton of the diaper underneath his ass. He whined uselessly as baby powder was sprinkled over his crotch. He looked down through desperate eyes to see that, like so much else in this weird place, the powder was black. “P-Please…” Tom said as Violet put the bottle of powder down, “Let me go!” Violet ignored Tom’s pleas. The front of the diaper came up and over the prostrate man’s crotch. He shivered as he felt the padding encase him. He could only briefly look down to see the dark crinkling plastic, it looked even thicker now that it was being taped on. Tom was hoping the diaper would be the end of the humiliation but Violet wasn’t done yet. She went to the closet allowing Tom to sit up, the crinkles echoed around the room causing him to blush. He had the urge to rip the diaper off and run but looking back up at Violet he felt too scared to do anything. “You are going to be the cutest baby at the club.” Violet said. Her voice was impossibly smooth and almost entrancing, “I guarantee it.” Tom was about to reply when he saw the domineering woman turn around. Her black dress twirled around her slightly and her hips swayed mesmerizingly as she walked back to the changing table. It wasn’t Violet’s walk or her outfit that had him struggling for words though, it was what she was carrying in her hands. It was an embarrassing looking sailor outfit. It wasn’t a uniform though, it was exactly like what was often put on babies in older cartoons or television shows. Dark blue with thin white stripes and a small anchor embroidered over the heart, it even came with a pair of small navy blue shorts and a cap. Tom backed up along the changing table until he was pressed into the corner. He hugged his knees closer to his chest and inadvertently gave Violet an even better look at his new underwear. He was shaking his head rapidly as the woman approached him. “You can’t remain naked.” Violet said, “Unless you would like to go to the club in just your diaper…” “I don’t want to go at all!” Tom exclaimed, “I just want to go home!” “Baby…” Violet smiled widely showing far too many teeth, “You are home.” --- You can read the rest of this story here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/violets-house-91742867
  17. Fidgeting anxiously in the café Amelia couldn’t stop herself from checking the clock every few moments, Irritated that only 15 minutes have passed when it felt like 15 years. To focused on the time she barely notices when the waitress walks up “just yourself today Hun” pulling out a pen and paper for her order. “I’m waiting on someone actually” looking down to avoid eye contact she sheepishly says “could I have small coffee please” she’s never been good with strangers “ of course coming right up” the waitress replies smiling before turning away. Amelia’s eyes once again dart back to the clock with 10 minutes to go, almost squirming uncontrollably “I can’t believe I’m doing this” she murmurs under her breath waiting for the elusive C an older woman she has been chatting on fetlife for the last several weeks. They seem to click on every level spending hours upon hours discussing everything from books to their home life. They decided to wait on a meeting up or giving names, both having been burned heavily in past relationships due to their interests but neither wished to discuss it just yet. Arriving with her coffee the waitress leaves it on the table and heads back up front, suddenly the café door opens up and Amelia hears her say “oh she’s in the back waiting” Amelia straightened up her anxiety going through the rood as she hears the footsteps growing closer until finally. “Hello are you A?” Her voice sounds incredibly familiar to Amelia as she stands and turns, but freezes at the sight of C instantly recognizing her. “Oh no oh no” is all she can say her mind racing “this can’t be happening” standing before her is Claire Parker her old middle school teacher. Not just any teacher, her favorite teacher. The one who was there to comfort Amelia when her best friend pretended she didn’t exist in the cafeteria, the one who helped wipe away the tears when bullies wouldn’t leave her alone calling her “anchor Amy” because of her size. Miss Parker was also the one who encouraged her to follow her passion for music and to be honest the one when had an enormous crush on. She was a huge influence on young Amelia, but suddenly one day she just quit, no word or warning she just vanished. Leaving Amelia devastated. But now over 6 years later they’re once again face to face, she should be overjoyed at the reunion but all Amelia can think about is the fact that she has told Miss Parker everything. Literally every dirty fantasy and kink has been unknowingly discussed with her former teacher; shaking uncontrollably the only thing that stops her from fleeing is 9Miss Parkers reaction. “AMEILIA!!!” she exclaims pulling the startled girl into a warm embrace “now this is a happy coincidence isn’t it” her voice giddy with excitement “it’s been what? 6 years? Look how you’ve grown” looking her up and down Miss Parker gets a good look at her former pupil her smile growing “you filled out in all the right places” Amelia’s face flashes crimson at the compliment, looking down at her thick frame she doesn’t quite get what Ms Parker is seeing “t..th..thank you Miss Parker” is all she can spit out “Oh I think we’re far past calling me Miss don’t you?” her kind demeanor making Amelia fill more at ease “ why don’t you try calling me Claire?” she says as she settles down into the booth. Settling down herself she takes a deep breath to steady her nerves “this isn’t weird for you? I mean you use to be my teacher” says Amelia quietly, her eyes darting back and forth ensuring the coast is clear “I haven’t been your teacher in a long time sweetie, were both adults who know what they are getting into” Claire keeps a close eye on her not looking away for a moment “and besides I think we’d both rather I be your Mommy anyway” she says it so casually it causes Amelia to blush even harder. “but why don’t we forget all that for now” reaching across the table Claire puts a hand on her arm “I’d love for us just to catch up and chat, just treat this like a regular old date, no pressure or expectations. How does that sound?” Thinking of this as a normal date did help alleviate some of Amelia’s anxiety about the situation, I mean at the least this isn’t some stranger just trying to seduce her or anything, it was Miss Parker one of the kindest people she has ever known “I guess that could work” a smile beginning to spread across her face as she begins to relax. And so began their first official ‘date’ it was awkward at first with Amelia stumbling to find her words but soon they were both chatting up a storm talking for hours in the quiet little booth about everything they could think off . It all flowed just so naturally as if they were friends for years. It was the best date either of them had in quite a while. One thing became very evident to Amelia throughout the evening and that is that she was still totally infatuated with her former teacher hanging onto her every word neither of them realizing just how long they’ve been talking until Amelia asks the question that has plagued her for years “Why did you leave the way you did” Claire grimaces, the old memory still causing a sting even now “well you see sweetie back then I was in a relationship that had slowly become toxic. We were bad for each other but neither of us could admit it. In the end I broke things off with her” she pauses staring down at her coffee “she….didn’t take it well” Amelia’s can see her eyes start to glisten and says “you don’t have to tell me if it’s too painful I understand” the last thing she wants is to drudge up old hurts. “No…no it’s ok you of all people deserve an answer” breathing in deep she exhales “my former little ousted me to everyone, she told the school board and all the parents the nature of our relationship and they freaked” Amelia’s eyes grow wide with disbelief. How could anyone do such a cruel vindictive thing to Claire, she was always the kindest and most compassionate out of all the teachers at school. “They gave me the choice to resign with some dignity or be fired” looking down to avoid eye contact she says “I’m so very sorry for never saying goodbye but they wouldn’t let me” a moment of pure silence follows as Claire continues to stare at her coffee. Amelia had never seen the usually confident Miss Parker seem so vulnerable. Shaking her head she looks up at Amelia “but that’s all in the past now” reaching over the table she takes Amelia’s Hand “I’d much rather look to the future” she squeezes a little “and I hope you can be a part of it as my little” Amelia’s entire body once against turns scarlet almost forgetting why they were there in the first place. The thought of loosing Miss Parker again is too much to bear; she squeezes Claire’s hand just as hard before replying “I think I’d like that very much” “You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that” says Claire still holding Amelia’s Hand tightly “there’s no rush we can take this as fast or slow as you want ok baby girl” gazing deep into Amelia’s eyes she leans forward over the table their lips just barely touching before she pulls away “I’ll keep you safe, I’ll take care of you, I promise” Amelia’s brain short circuits as their lips meet, she must have day dreamed about doing that a million times back in school but the reality of it is much more satisfying then in fantasy. Her attempts to speak fail miserably, unable to find the right words. Burying her face in her hands incredibly flustered she can only murmur “oh my God that just happened “much to the amusement of her older companion. Mustering the strength of will to lift her head she finally asks “do you mean it…..that you’ll keep me safe? ….. That you’ll take care of me?” Her face instantly serious without a shred of doubt in her voice Claire replies “Always Amelia no matter what we do I’ll be there with you every step of the way” softening her features “you’re going to be my little girl after all” Seeing Claries conviction she relaxes, a state of calm she rarely enjoys. The ideas of being someone’s baby girl making her feel so at ease it’s shocking. Feeling 10 years younger she slips into a headspace she’s not quite familiar expressing in front of others. Having spent her teen years being the good girl, the honour roll student, the constant pressure by her parents to succeed. Heck she has never even had a detention. With a coy smile she leans over and giggles “but what if your baby girl likes being a brat” she teases twirling her honey blonde hair around her finger enjoying being able to show this side of herself to someone “I mean I can be a lot to handle” “Oh is that so” purrs Claire her voice sweeter then honey “well there isn’t a brat born who myself and Miss Hairbrush can’t handle” reaching into her purse she pulls out a solid oak paddle brush placing it in front of Amelia. Biting her lip Amelia’s eyes lock onto the brush, so many deep seated fantasies of being helpless over someone’s knee while they roast her bottom flashing through her mind, squeezing her legs together in need hoping Claire doesn’t notice. Feeling like a bratty teen now more than ever she defiantly proclaims “is that all?” dismissing the brush entirely “you’ve met your match Miss Parker” sticking her tongue out at her former mentor impudently. Leaning to the side Claire raises her hand almost shouting “Check Please!” Sitting in Claries SUV outside her home Amelia’s heart is beating like a drum, she is made to sit in the back on the drive because “little girls are safer back there”. Sticking true to her role Amelia whined “but I wanna sit up front” But was quickly silenced by Claire’s steely glare. Stepping out onto the asphalt the young woman can’t help but stare in awe at the big house, so entranced she doesn’t notice Claire coming up beside her “sweetie there’s something important we need to discuss” Turning around to look up the tall brunette is staring down at her. She can’t help but blush “If anything gets to be too overwhelming or to difficult you just have to say cantaloupe and well stop ok” reaching up she brushes some of amelias hair behind her ears before leaning to whisper “otherwise the second you walk in that door you’ll be nothing but a naughty brat in need of some firm discipline, is that clear” her demeanour changing rapidly, now strict and demanding causing a shiver to run down Amelia’s spine, nodding her head unable to articulate a response Claire gently grasps her hand leading her up the stairs. inside the house is immaculate and well furnished but the awestruck girl has no time to process when she hears “Amelia Jacobs you are in so much trouble” spinning around to see Miss Parker with her hands firmly on her hips stern look across her face. “I can’t believe a girl your age would act like such an incorrigible brat in public” with hands faster then they eye can see she grabs Amelia by the ear much to her dismay“and I know just how to deal with bratty little girls”. Stinging like hell with little choice but to lean forward awkwardly as the older woman leads her into the living room squealing along the way “hey let me go you can’t do this I’m not some little kid” trying her best to sound angry instead of deeply excited being lead to her fate. Ignoring her pleas Claire drags her to the living room before pushing her front and center, where with the same steely gaze as before she orders “Strip!” Amelia’s heart is pounding in her ears, it’s been many years since her last high school gym class, and even then she changed in the stalls insecure about her body. Panicking a little she debates using her safe word until she sees Claries face staring at hermit was a look of pure desire, of hunger and want. No one had ever looked at her that way before, like she was something desirable. Shaking her head meekly she squeaks “n-no I w-wont” stuttering while staring at her feet to hide her excitement. Feeling a hand under her chin her head rises to meet Claire’s gaze “you can do it or I can do it little one your choice” Oh god the thought of Claire stripping her down is almost too much to bear. Gulping down her apprehension and with shaky hands she slips her thumbs into her yoga pants slowly dragging them to the floor hoping that’s the end of it “Shirt to” says Claire leaving no room for argument Hands still shaking lifting her sweater over her head before dropping to cover her voluptuous body, she can feel Claire’s eyes scanning every inch of her until they rest on her wiggly bottom framed perfectly by a lacy pink thong “tsk tsk tsk” is all that comes out “Those panties are unacceptable for a girl your age Amy” taking the waistband of her panties giving it a snap against her waist “we will definitely be making some changes to your underwear drawer” without further warning she gives Amelia a spank on her unprotected bottom “in the corner now little girl” Amelia quickly buries her head into the corner having never felt so exposed while Claire can only stare at her bottom “in 20 minutes I’ll be back and I won’t be empty handed” her hand making its way to her bottom giving it gentle rub before leaving. So here was Amelia, half naked, exposed and having never felt so helpless in her entire life, yet she couldn’t have been more excited.
  18. Story reposted from https://maskedsickowriter.tumblr.com (no longer online) Chapter 1: Surface Level The late morning came with light penetrating through the bedroom windows, aggressively waking Sid up against his will. Upon somewhat waking, he whipped out his phone and checked it for texts since he usually slept so late. A small “5″ sat in the top right corner of his Facebook messenger app and his stomach almost turned as he went to press it. After a second or two of loading he was greeted with four pictures of her with a “can do cutie” and a winky face which was no doubt her response from the night before. Modeling with an orange Gatorade she had posted a first picture which was her giving a peace sign and giving a kissing face at the camera. The remaining three used the Gatorade as a crutch for an excuse to send semi naked pictures of herself in a thong. “She really thinks she knows me, huh?” he said in a confused state, half asleep to himself. He looked over the pictures for a second, noticing just how big her hips had gotten over the years of affectively being inactive after high school. She even had a little belly now. “If I wasn’t so annoyed with her I might just think that she looks cuter than ever” He said out loud to no one in particular. Uninspired and ultimately disinterested in the pictures, he doubled down. “Yeah, pictures are easy and all…come visit me and I’ll have something worked up for you. Maybe we can get it in writing”. Still expecting her to finally give up, a quick flash of the “typing” loading script showed itself before an “I’ll come right after work! What’s your address?!” appeared abruptly on his screen. With a sigh, Sid pulled on jeans he had been wearing the night before. He began running his usual morning routine that generally ended with him staring in the mirror for a seemingly longer amount of time each subsequent day. He could feel and see himself getting older. The 30 year old’s hairline was creeping back slightly, framing the widow’s peak he always had. The lines in his face becoming more and more apparent every day. He finally broke away from the mirror and proceeded on into his living room, calling up his best friend that always owed him a favor. Sid and Bec lived two hours apart. He moved on after high school. She stuck around in their hometown like he always thought she would. In the two hours he waited on her to get off work, and the remaining two hours for her to make the drive, he wrote up a draft of a contract, still not entirely convinced what was happening would play out into anything. He left nothing up to the imagination in it and left no loose ends untied. His closest friend happened to be a lawyer and was waiting with him as he made the finishing touches of the contract. He was certain she wouldn’t get passed the first paragraph without storming out and heading back home. The thought of her face when she read it would be enough, knowing that she’d finally leave him alone for good. A knock on the door came at the perfect time as the piece of paper was printing. He proceeded to exit the bedroom where him and his lawyer friend were toiling away on the contract and opened the front door to see her standing there. Dressed to kill as he figured. The 28-year-old Rebecca Koskinen materialized in front of him with every inch of the door swinging open. She sported a smile that seemingly moved back and forth between a statement and a question. That underlined statement being “I’m so glad to see you”, and that underlined question being “Are we still cool?”. Her light blue and inviting eyes gave off an air of natural understanding and maybe even purity to some extent. This of course clashed with her naturally red lips that contrasted with her pale face. All these naturally cute features aside, Sid was always drawn to her nose for some reason. It was almost as if it was the piece that held her “innocent” look and schtick together. It was hard to not find her cute when she was standing right in front of him. However, a quick trip down memory lane reminded him just how the innocence in question was more an appearance thing than anything. She had always been curvy, but Sid definitely took notice how over the years her pear shape became more defined, especially in the hips. The skinny jeans she wore emphasizing this fact being a calculated decision by her, no doubt. However, if her hips were playing any games on him, it was her top that really would have knocked him back down to earth. Underneath a tight-fitting leather jacket, she sported what looked to be a non-descript, punk aesthetic looking shirt with unintelligible writing on it. When she knew him, he was a struggling punk, trying to play gigs, doing drugs, drinking most nights. Now of course, not much had changed minus the fact that he owned a house of his own via an inheritance from a family friend and now he (generally) only drank on his nights off work. She paused a moment and met his gaze. She couldn’t seem to help but smile and say “Sid! I’m so glad you messaged me” as she walked into the room like she owned the place, losing the semi-timid nature she initially displayed at the door. He knew the outfit was pandering. “You look really good, Sid. I love what you’ve done with the place”. She wasn’t lying. Even though he played this punk façade, he still had to do what he could in order to keep paying for the house. He had cleaned up since they last saw each other. His long hair cut short now, a streak of grey flashing the front of the widow’s peak, beard shaved minus side burns that extended a little before the middle of his ears. The only remnant of his former hairy self was of course his arms decked out in the swarthy stuff and his five o’clock shadow that required daily maintenance. He remained silent as she smiled and grabbed his hand a little. Getting little to no reaction out of him prompted her to move on to looking around at the inner working of this house he had. “And what have you done to earn a place like this, huh?” She said admiring the décor, turning around to partly smile back at him. It was still grungy in a way, but made her even that more interested in him. “I’m a nurse”. He said with a sigh as she pondered over the large wall of book shelves he had amassed and filled, covering a whole wall of the living room. Leaving out the crucial inheritance detail as he felt it was on a need-to-know basis, and she didn’t need to know. “She has to instigate it” He thought as she slowly danced around the subject, giving the usual pleasantries one might expect, smiling ear to ear that she was standing there whilst saying them. “How are your parents?” “Fine, yours” “They’re doing well! They miss seeing you around.” An “I doubt that” changed in his head to an “Ah, same” in a split instant. The latter became his actual response. The elephant in the room remained firmly cornered until the lawyer friend walked in with a piece of freshly printed card stock. “Bec, this is Colin” Sid proclaimed. They exchanged a hand shake and were apparently pleasured to meet each other. Her eyes moved to what was in his hand and spoke. “Oh, this must be the contract. I thought it was more of a euphemism for something else”. She smiled at him, taking another moment to touch him, this time on the shoulder in a playful manner. Surface level. The phrase kept springing up in his head. “Oh, you know me.” He started, “I’ve always been a man of my word”. He couldn’t help but smile at that one. “You’re such a tease” she said as she walked over to the dining room table and made herself at home. “Well, let’s look it over” she stated in a firm yet playful manner, smiling still with her hands held together and her elbows resting on the edge of the table. Sid and Colin sat in silence as she proceeded to give a preliminary read through the contract “Legal jargon aside” Colin broke it down into layman’s terms for her: “This contract states that the signee,” pointing to Bec, “Rebecca Koskinen will be under contract of law for the next year to do whatever my client”, pointing to Sid, “Sidney Pataraia says”. He paused to take a breath and continued with “During this time, the contract can only be broken after the contract year has completely lapsed. At the request of the signee, the contract can be extended as well. Upon signing the contract, my client agrees to enter into an exclusive relationship with the signee. Terms of the relationship will be revisited once the contract is period has lapsed.” Bec’s face went from slightly concerned at the front end of the Colin’s breakdown to shocked once he reached the end. “You’d really take me back that quickly if I signed this contract and did everything it says for the next year?”. Even while saying it to herself she couldn’t believe it. The thought of being someone’s like this made her heart race and flutter in excitement. She could definitely get onboard with some fun roleplaying like this as well. Sid chimed in before looking across the table at Colin “Now Bec, before you sign this, are you absolutely sure you want to do this? Once signed it can’t be undone”. Sid was beyond surprised and confused at how this interaction was progressing. Bec smiled across the table at Sid and said “I’ll sign it yesterday!” before yanking the pen from out of Colin’s hand. Colin wasn’t even able to explain the penalties for breaking the contract before she could sign it. When all was said and done and dated 9/2/2016, she winked across the table at Sid, giddy as she was the first time her and him got together all those years ago. It was finally happening again. Seemingly no loose ends or bad water between them. Just a clean reuniting like she had been dreaming of. With the contract also signed by Sid, stamped, copied, and given to all parties involved, Sid thanked Colin and Colin made his way out of the house. Bec couldn’t wait for the door to close before uttering out “So big shot…what will you do with me first”? Sid was honestly shocked that it had gone this far. But snapped out of it at the behest of Bec’s beckoning him with that question and the wry smile she presented. Getting up she walked over to him slowly, accentuating the sway of her hips. “I’m all yours for a year”. She loved saying it out loud in this moment. She couldn’t help herself and went in for a kiss only to have Sid’s face move away at the last moment. “What’s wrong?” She said, still maintaining the breathy and flirtatious manner of speaking. “You’re going to be mine for the next year, huh?” He reiterated to her smiling ear to ear and nodding in agreement. He took her by the hand and led her to the back of the house. She was floating as the crotch of her thong began feeling damp with just the idea of being his, let alone at the thought of going to bed with him tonight. However, they stopped before the bedroom door, and instead of proceeding onward, turned right towards the padlocked basement door. “Mm… got something fun for me down there huh? I figured you were into some nasty stuff.” She said in a breathy manner, caressing his arm with her right hand as she held is right hand in her left. He produced a key and unlocked the padlock of the door and told her to close her eyes. She walked down the carpeted steps guided by Sid. Filled with anticipation, heart skipping beats, stomach fluttering with butterflies, she found herself standing on even ground finally. “Keep your eyes closed, sweetie” he said as she could hear a light switch being flipped into the on position. The pet name made her melt and she obliged. With a bit of scurrying and what sounded like movement in front of her, she waited for what felt like forever until she finally got the go-ahead to open her eyes. In the transient blindness that accompanied going from dark to light in such an abrupt space of time, her vision began to go from blurry to clear and she was greeted with a scene that begged more questions than answers. The whole room had walls painted in a muted blue tone that was a few shades south of sky blue. The carpet was soft, and beige in appearance, the kind that left unsuspecting footprints from where someone had been standing due to the light reflecting off of it at certain angles. Her eyes moved from left to right and witnessed with confusion and then horror, a large crib placed flush against the left wall next to a rather large television set. This crib was way too big for an infant and had a place for a padlock on the top of the gate as well as leather restraints lined with what looked like some sort of fur. She counted four of them, one for each limb presumably. Her eyes kept moving through the room slowly. On the floor pressed against the left corner of the wall was a teddy bear the size of a human. “That thing has to be at least six foot tall” she thought. Her mouth became visibly and uncontrollably agape as she found the high chair. Just like the crib, it was fitted for an adult and had restraints anywhere a limb could be placed as well as restraints that looked to be for the upper thigh. Placed to the right of the high chair sat what looked like a changing table…and again, she counted four restraints for each limb. Sitting next to the changing table was a loveseat and right next to it, a spring powered rocking horse…again, one for each limb. The confusion began to wander towards fear as she kept inspecting the room. All of this would have been horrifying in its own right. However, she missed two things that really made her stomach drop upon her initial inspection of the room. First and foremost, under the changing table, and in a closet that Sid must have been fooling with while her eyes were closed rested stacks upon stacks of what looked like oversized disposable diapers. She was always trash at number guessing games but she wagered there must’ve been at least 1000 if not more. Upon further inspection of the closet, she saw the remaining array of diapers in different colors and designs. White with teddy bears, white with little Barnies, Baby Bops, and BJs on them, white with little Care Bears, pink with little Care Bears, and this was just what she could see initially. Baby powder sat perched near the changing table as well as stacks of what looked like wet wipes. A bin openable by foot for someone with their hands potentially full sat on the floor at the base of the table. The closet also housed what looked like oversized onesies, footie pajamas, and shortalls amongst other outfits that one would attribute to a toddler. The second set of items she initially missed really made her start to sweat now. On the back wall of the room hung a white board and a framed poster. The white board had seven boxes partitioned with days of the week written above all of them, starting on Monday, and ending on Sunday. Below the dates there were an assortment of three different magnets and a key that showed what they meant. A large yellow number one had the words “Used diaper for #1” next to it. A large blue number two had the words “Used diaper for #2” next to it. Finally, a large green number three had the words “Used diaper for #3 (requires number 1 and number 2 first)” next to it. The confusion mounted as she noticed the title of the whiteboard. In big light blue letters with baby rattles and stars scattered all around the words: “Bec’s Unpotty Training Chart”. She wasn’t sure what to make of it and continued scanning any remaining writing that she found. In the framed poster was a list titled “Bec’s New Rules”. At this point every word Bec read sent more a perplexed and disturbed look upon her face. “There is no way this can be for real” she said as she read through the first rule that stated No more big girl potty for little Bec. From now on, diapers will be worn at all times and will be used at all times no matter where we are, or who we are with. The first rule was enough to make her face contort a little. She had never seen or heard of anything like this before. Was this a joke? She kept scanning the rules to see the eventual punchline. Diaper checks and changes happen whenever and wherever I say. When a diaper check is initiated, you are expected to stop what you’re doing and let me check. You can tell me what you’ve done in your diaper, but you may not under any circumstance ask to be changed. Doing so will earn you an extra two hours in the current diaper. Just reading the words in her head made her cheeks burn a little. She shifted on her feet a bit and asked Sid: “What is the meaning of this?”. Sid remained silent but began to move his hand to hold onto her arm if need be. Nothing will cover your diaper while inside the house. I have the final say in what you wear. …moved on to… You will not refer to me by my first name. I will be called ‘Daddy’ from here on out and nothing else. She cringed at the thought of calling her ex-boyfriend turned current boyfriend via contract “daddy”. She kept reading, wanting to look away but glued to the poster: Feedings from the start will happen in a high chair and you will be fed by me. When you’ve earned some trust, you’ll be allowed to use your hands. Bed time is at 9PM sharp and you will have one last diaper change 30 minutes prior. After last diaper change, you will not under any circumstances be changed until it’s time to dress you in your daily outfit the next morning. …and then… While inside, a pacifier will be clipped to your shirt. If daddy puts it in your mouth, it will stay in there until he takes it out. It wasn’t until she got to the bottom of the list that the severity of what she signed had really hit her. The thought couldn’t help but run its course through her brain as she read the last couple of rules. Pure disbelief washed over her face as she saw the next line. You are banned from having sex or being penetrated the entire time you’re back in diapers. You aren’t under any circumstances allowed to touch your diaper for any reason. She couldn’t believe this. Mere seconds ago, she was certain she was going to consummate the contract/relationship as it were, now she stood there eyeing a rule that claimed that wasn’t going to happen even remotely, she wouldn’t even be able to do anything about it on her own if this rule was for real. The next rule of course didn’t help. Just when she thought her stomach couldn’t drop any lower, she read: You will be required to creamie (#3) in your poopy diapers in order to get changed. Naturally, as the previous rule stated, you aren’t allowed to touch under any circumstances Therefor you will creamie in your poopy diapers via one of three ways selected by daddy. You’ll either get bounced on my knee, spend time with your pal Mr. Bear, or spend time with ‘Bucky the Horsy’. This is the only way you will get off from now on (see nursery rhyme poster) Her eyes directed toward a poster over the oversized crib. It was pink and baby blue with large yellow bubble letters but any number mentioned on it was replaced by a baby block with the corresponding number on it. It read: Remember This Fun Rhyme! It goes #1, #2, and finally a #3. #3 can’t come before #1 and #2, silly!”. The sing-songy way her head read through the poster made her look away directly after reading it. She felt light headed. Her face had flushed deep red and she felt overheated by just the thought of this. She kept thinking to herself this had to be some sort of joke. “No more sex? No more orgasms unless I poop my pants? There’s no way this can be serious”. That’s when she felt Sid’s firm grip on her arm, keeping her in place and slowly making her realize just how serious he was about this. The last rule she came upon read more as a warning than anything: You are required to collect all three numbered magnets every day of every week from here on out through the next year. Failure to do so, or missing even one day during the week will result in an extra week of time spent back in diapers. If daddy suspects you’re intentionally holding it in, he can count that as a miss. If you feel that some of these rules void the contract or weren’t discussed, remember, you signed that document without reading the fine print and a copy will be framed and hung in the nursery. More rules can always be added if need be. She felt his grip tighten on her arm, and was on the verge of going limp. Where’s the punchline at? There was absolutely no way she couldn’t feasibly do this. Not a whole a year or worse even, more. What if people found out? What about her job? She thought he’d be into light bondage, maybe spanking, but not this. The punchline never came. It would never come. This became more apparent and solidified as she felt his hand reach down and pop the button of her skinny jeans. Due to the shear tightness, they sprung open, revealing the front of her thong. “We’re going to have to get those panties off of you, aren’t we sweetie?” He said rubbing her back. She looked up at him with pleading and confused eyes, on the verge of welling up. She still loved him (she thought), and in the moment truly believed she would do anything for him. She knew that she signed the contract and was committed to do that anything. But this… He met her pleading eyes and moved in towards her neck. She hoped he was going to kiss her there and say this was all just a giant joke. That Colin wasn’t even a lawyer, that the contract was fake. He took in the smell of her perfume he used to recognize when they dated and smiled at the thought of that smell being slowly but surely replaced with baby powder. He brushed back her short brown hair that was long enough to cover her ears and instead of going for her neck, stopped halfway and whispered “welcome to Hell, baby”. Chapter 2: Baptism Through blinking eyes trying to grasp a semblance of her surroundings, Bec began to wake up slowly. Every blink made in an attempt to define shapes or bring clarity to her surroundings was met with pitch blackness. With her vision rendered useless in the current state, her other senses began to perk up, albeit slowly due to her grogginess. A rustling was heard as she shifted on her back a little, trying to initiate her prototypical morning stretch. The sound reminded her of her time as a grocery store bagger for a split second. The instinctive tick of trying to grab her phone on the night stand was met with a feeling that was similar to a seatbelt constricting when one slams on their breaks. Her hand was unable to move more than an inch or two. That’s when she realized that the sensation wasn’t exclusive to just her dominant hand. She felt the same thing happening to her other wrist and to her feet. She seemed to be waking up at the same rate her senses were. She felt the soft inner lining of the restraints that held her arms and legs spread apart. She couldn’t help but fight against them, realizing they kept her firmly in place. The horror began to make its rounds in her head as she realized that everything that happened the night before wasn’t just a dream. The tight, yet soft sensation on her wrists and upper ankles was unfortunately not new to her at this junction. If memory served her correctly, and if this wasn’t just a nightmare, it had happened just across the room on the changing table. She was just as spread out but eventually became exposed, naked in front of her ex-boyfriend turned contractual daddy. He had made easy work of wrestling her onto the changing table and strapping her in, promising that that would come back to haunt her later. Recalling that threat made Bec’s bottom sting at the thought. “I don’t want to hear a peep out of you for the rest of the night, little missy” Sid said as he began to shove the paci-gag in her mouth and locked it behind her head. Another sense awakening now, the taste of dummy plastic. The mouth feel of the rubbery and durable nipple that remained in her mouth. Since she hadn’t been complying, and had to be put on the changing table via force, Sid made a show of slowly cutting off her clothes with a large pair of scissors. He had already wrestled the jacket off of her during the skirmish, but locked her in the restraints with the rest of her clothes on still. Nonetheless, the snipping of the scissors worked their magic. He started with her shirt by cutting directly up the middle of it, exposing her thin black bra with a filigree-like patter that only required two snips to release. He then took care to cut up the seam of her skinny jeans, exposing her black lacey thong with an obvious wet spot in the crotch from earlier. “We won’t be needing these anymore” he said as he cut the two thin straps of her thong and threw the mangled piece of fabric in the levered-bin. Sid made a note to mention how going back to diapers was a good idea for her considering how her panties were affectively ruined by her previously uncontrolled naughty urges. “You’ll learn soon enough” he said in an almost annoyed yet threatening tone. If being exposed in such a way wasn’t bad enough, Sid’s initial reaction of seeing her naked for the first time in years didn’t help. “Oh my…this just won’t work, sweetie.” He said flicking the slight mound of pubic hair she kept trimmed. “Since you’re going back to diapers now, we need to keep you shaved down there…I’m not going to fight with hair when I’m changing your bottom.” All Bec could do was whine through the paci-gag and fight her restraints as she watched him grab shaving cream and a razor. Next thing she remembered was the cold razor sliding up and down her cunny, running over her the entirety of her pelvis, followed by a feeling of a foreign chilliness on her sensitive bits. Back in the present, her mind now took note of the feeling going on between her currently spread legs. She could still feel that foreign lack of hair feeling from before. However, the next thing her senses picked up made her cheeks start to burn. The plastic bag rustling was of course a thick night-time diaper that Sid had put on her directly after the shaving. She could still feel the cool, lighter-than-air baby powder on her sensitive parts and smelled it with every movement. Next, she felt the thick padding underneath her big bottom, remembering how she had first felt it as Sid slid it under her on the changing table, how it felt like he had placed a stadium seat protector under her. Then of course, she felt the thickness of her crotch and the seams of the diaper nestled snuggly into the land where her thighs and pelvis met. She couldn’t see it in the pitch blackness, but she could feel all of it, and couldn’t do anything about it. Worst of all, she recalled how the mostly all white diaper had little baby Minnie and Mickey mouse characters all over the front. The overhead ceiling fan running on full tilt made her exposed skin realize that the diaper was the only thing she was wearing. Then of course, the last sensation to hit her. Like a ton of bricks, the urge to pee came over her. She always had to go really bad in the morning as is, but she hadn’t gone since she left her apartment for Sid’s house the evening before. Every attempt to close her legs was met with the restraints keeping them elevated and spread thoroughly apart. Sid had positioned the leg restraints at the top four corners of the crib with little slack, and then for good measure, tied makeshift restraints directly below her knees and secured them to the bars of the crib so that her knees bent in a 90-degree angle. She began to sweat now. “I can’t do this; I won’t let it happen” she thought to herself as her attempts to close her legs did nothing. She felt a little bit trickle out and made a final attempt to close her legs. This backfired. The force she exerted made a little more come out until it was a torrent she couldn’t stop. Had anyone been in the room with her, they would have heard little squeaks, whining, and heavy breathing coming from under a muffled pacified mouth, rattling of crib walls and padlocks, until finally the noises would peter out until only slight hissing could be heard, followed by muted sobbing. She couldn’t believe it. She promised herself behind her pacifier gag last night that it wouldn’t happen, that it wouldn’t come to this. She had peed in her diaper. Just the thought of this made her eyes well up more and her cheeks burn. She had an itchy feeling all over her skin at the thought. Due to the sheer volume of her (usually uneventful) morning restroom break, the entirety of the crotch of her diaper felt soaked. The wet feeling travelled all the way to the middle of her bottom as well considering her position. She tried repositioning, getting away from it but was startled by the slow awakening of the fluorescent overhead light bulbs that slowly flickered into consciousness. She heard the door open and instantly wanted to hide. “Good morning, little Bec” Sid said as he walked in and turned on the remaining lights in the room. “I see someone slept very well last night” Sid mentioned as he reached over the crib walls to pat Bec’s crotch. At this moment she finally got a full view of her thick diapered crotch, now with a slight yellow tinge leading all the way up to the Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters that started at the bottom tapes. The patting sent the soaked inner fabric of the diaper pushing up against her exposed and spread-out crotch which made her wince with each successive contact. “Not quite used enough to warrant a change I don’t think, and I don’t smell a mess quite yet”. She couldn’t believe it, she felt as if she had thoroughly used this diaper and deserved to get out of it immediately. She was huffing and puffing behind her pacifier, trying to not make any eye contact with Sid, mixed between thoroughly embarrassed and angry with him. He leaned over the railing of the crib and spoke directly to her as she breathed heavily, chest rising up and down, looking away all the same. “Now, I’m going to let you out so we can start our day, can I trust you to behave? Or do we need a repeat of last night followed by a crib day?”. Her bottom began to sting again at the thought and couldn’t help but remember the brutal spanking she endured the night before. Over his knee with her hands held firmly behind her back and her diaper around her ankles. One swat after the other. Imagining Sid would tire out. But he kept going with zero reprieve. Each swat she thought would be the last seemed to warrant 100 more. The spanking continued on and on until Bec was a sobbing mess over his knee and had a bottom redder than the face of a fuji apple. Naturally, remembering this and having the thought of being confined to a crib the entire day made her begrudgingly nod that she would be good, still not looking up at him, tears slowly dripping onto the crib mattress. She felt each restraint get loosened as he made his way around her until she was free from them. Upon sitting up, she felt her wet diaper press against her even more as she was finally able to close her thighs together. The feeling of “freedom” would be short lived, however. Sid took her by the wrist with some force and had her on her feet. He turned her around and abruptly pulled the top, back waistband of her diaper away from her lower back and looked in on her bottom. She froze in horror as she felt the back of her diaper being pulled back. It didn’t help that he made sure to do a thorough job of investigating, making her first ever diaper check in almost 30 years last for what felt like a century. She knew not to complain or resist and just stood there with her stomach trying to escape through her throat, it felt. She felt so dumb and helpless standing with her legs shoulder width apart, not being trusted enough to verify if she had pooped her pants or not. He was ultimately greeted with nothing but a wet diaper and the reminder on her clean butt to not mess with him. “No poopies yet, I didn’t think so.”. “Yet…” She thought to herself as she shifted uncomfortably on her feet, wanting to be anywhere else and have someone say literally anything but that to her. After the check, Sid grabbed her by the wrist and walked her over to the high chair. As they stood in front of it, Bec couldn’t help but think “What about my clothes?” as she stood there in absolutely nothing but a diaper. But any attempt to ask that question was stifled by the paci-gag. She also instantly remembered the rule stating that Sid had the final say in what she wore from now on, which caused her to let out another helpless sigh. She wasn’t able to ruminate on it for long before Sid began helping her up into the high chair. As she sat down on the wooden high chair seat her wet diaper pressed against her bottom again, sending a slight sting to it, subtly reminding her to behave even when not asked to as she didn’t want to have her still reddened bottom doubled down on. She almost forgot about the high chair restraints but was quickly reminded as she felt her left hand being put in a similar strap to the one in the crib, ensuring that her hands wouldn’t venture more than half an inch away from the side rail/arm rest. Again, she felt her legs spread by force and held in place via the ankle restraints that kept her feet glued to the high chair’s foot rest. When she was locked in place, Sid shut the hinged high chair tray down over her lap and proceeded to lock it in place as well. She wasn’t going anywhere. Sid, now confident in the fact that she was going to stay put, walked out of the basement nursery room. Bec felt defeated as she remained in place, surveying the room, maybe even looking for a secret way to escape. She shifted in her seat a little bit as the once warm wetness of her crotch and bottom began to turn cold. Shifting her bottom slightly to the left, she felt the usual morning pang, and her stomach dropped. “No! No! No!” Bec thought to herself as she bit down a little harder on her paci-gag and winced. The feeling was unmistakable. She had to poop. She always went in the morning as a part of her usual morning routine and the early morning was definitely when she had some of her closer calls. Those close calls were usually predicated by her not going a second time the night before, which of course was the case now. She remained put and tried to let the pain in her lower abdomen pass. She felt the pain slowly drift away and breathed a long sigh of relief. However, she knew it would inevitably be back. Sid walked in with a round pink plastic plate, safety utensils, and a baby bottle filled with what looked like apple juice from a distance. The plate was very obviously and almost comically filled with pancakes, at least six stacked high. Sid sat the plate and the bottle down on the tray and grabbed his stool, planting a seat right across from Bec. The pancakes were absolutely drenched in syrup which she wasn’t opposed to, but she was really hoping he didn’t expect her to eat the entire amount. He began cutting up some chunks of pancake when he said “Oh, come on now Sid, little Bec can’t eat with a pacifier in, now can she?”. He stood up, and unlocking the padlock at the back of her head until she could feel it loosening and finally pulled out and away from her mouth. She let out audible gasps for air as he took it out. Without warning she felt a piece of fabric start covering her exposed breasts. She looked down and was greeted with a white bib with pink outlining that had a ducky on it. She quickly made a point to not look down at it again as she cringed instantly at the site. Sid went back to focusing on cutting the pancakes up. Bec really wished he would hurry up as she couldn’t tell when the pains in her abdomen would come back. She wasn’t sure where she would go once out of the high chair but she knew she had to at least be free from the restraints to have a fighting chance. He finally finished cutting up the pancakes, forked a large chunk that was dripping with syrup and lifted it into the air. “Alright little Bec, open wide for the choo choo train!” he said with an almost devilish smile on his face. She would have rather just not ate, but the stinging in her bottom again sent the “behave” warning up to her brain and she opened her mouth for him. Next thing she felt was syrup all over her right cheek. He had completely missed. She looked at him after the miss and was greeted with a condescending “Aw, this is exactly why little girls like you need help being fed; can’t keep your face clean. Now open wide, let’s try again”. She looked at him absolutely shocked as the syrup began oozing down her cheek. She thought she was cried out from this morning but she started feeling her eyes tear up again as she felt more of the sticky stuff not make it inside her mouth on the subsequent attempt. Syrup was dripping down her chin and onto her bib now. She was mortified and her face was completely covered. Tears slowly began to find their way down her beet red cheeks as Sid continued on. “Alright, third times the charm for the messy eater”. She opened her mouth again and this time actually felt the forks contents enter her mouth. However, she had a tough time focusing on chewing. The pain was back, and twice as bad as before. Chapter 3: Default “That’s daddy’s good little eater” Sid said as he shoveled another thick forkful of pancakes into Bec’s mouth, wasting no energy on aiming straight. Had she not been preoccupied on more pressing matters; hearing Sid refer to himself as daddy would’ve elicited more of a response. But she of course had other things on her mind. Bec was already beyond stuffed, and each subsequent bite seemed to trigger her body’s morning response even more so than before. The pain would go away, and then another messy fork skewered helping of pancakes drenched in syrup got shoved in her face, reawakening it. From her nose down, her face felt more like syrup at this point instead of skin, and the feeling mixed with the pain in her lower abdomen broke her out in a sweat. On a couple occasions, the tense pain made a little bit of pee shoot out into her diaper, which of course was small potatoes in her mind considering what she was fighting. With a sly grin, Sid forked the last of the pancakes into her mouth, recoating her chin in syrup that had fallen off already. “That’s such a good girl, you must’ve been extra hungry this morning, huh?” He said as he put the fork down, smiling at her as she breathed heavy in her highchair. Sid took a wet washcloth and washed the syrup off Bec’s face with some force, making sure the sticky stuff was completely removed. However, the smell of maple syrup lingered in her nostrils as she could still smell it on her face. Breathing heavy from the marathon that was eating pancakes in her highchair, she saw Sid waste no time continuing with the humiliating exercise as he went for the bottle. With a disgruntled face she instinctively shook her head back and forth and found herself tearing up at the thought, panicking slightly. Any small victory was worth it in her mind and if she could avoid even one aspect of this charade, she would be content. Unfortunately, she found the nipple of the bottled wedged forcefully into her mouth, nonetheless. “You will finish this bottle little girl, or we can stay in the highchair all day”. Caught between a rock and hard place, she began sucking on the bottle and no doubt recognized apple juice coming out. Being stuffed and already thoroughly humiliated, she wanted nothing to do with sucking down the sugary drink. However, her lower abdomen pains guided her decisions more than anything. Their constant reminders to her that they hadn’t gone anywhere forcing her to bit down on the bottle’s nipple as she drank. She without a doubt did not want to be stuck in the highchair any longer. When the bottle was completely empty, Sid removed it from her mouth, causing Bec to gasp for air, and causing a little bit to dribble down her chin onto her bib. “It really was a great idea on my part to not dress you before breakfast considering how you would’ve gotten it all over your clothes” Sid said as he went back to wipe her chin. She tensed up and balled her hands into fists, rattling the restraints slightly as another wave of pain hit her. “Please let me out! Please let me out!” she thought as he continued to clean her pained face. Be it divine intervention, or Sid having his fill, she was relieved to hear an “Alright, let’s get you dressed, honey.” She breathed a little easier now as he began to unlock the highchair table as well as the restraints, helping Bec onto her feet. As she stood there, she felt a wind of relief wash over her. The pain subsided slightly as she was able to get vertical. The feeling of not being trapped helped as well. Sid grabbed her by the wrist and took her to the walk-in closet filled with various diapers and random clothes. Although the pain had slightly passed, she could still feel pressure building in her stomach. This forced her to slightly cross her legs here and there while waiting for Sid to make up his mind. Sid took her over to the dresser that was sitting along the inner wall of the closet and proceeded to open the drawer positioned second from the top. Its contents made Bec squirm slightly. Various T-shirts were displayed for her ranging in just about every color of the rainbow. The pastels are what stood out to her. Pinks, yellows, and light blues to name a few. All of them had some sort of logo on the front and white sleeves with their corresponding color acting as a contrasting cuff. Sid picked out the pink one first which had “Daddy’s little girl” written in cursive on the front. “Arms up, little girl” Sid said and Bec obliged, still too preoccupied to protest. The shirt was tight on her chest and the bottom of it stopped right before her belly button, ensuring there was no angle or situation that the shirt could hide her diaper as it didn’t even really hide her little tummy. The cuff links of course rode high on her upper arms. Sid went to the top drawer now and opened it, revealing a whole array of frilly socks. “Hands on my shoulders, sweetie”. He said as he ducked down towards her feet. Bec placed her hands on his shoulders and lifted her feet when instructed, feeling the socks slide up them, stopping right at her ankle. She couldn’t help but look at the dresser while getting her socks put on for her. “Not a single pair of panties in there I bet” she thought to herself. Sid then grabbed a pair of white tennis shoes with pink etching on the side and helped her into them as well, tying them up nice and snug. Any thought in Bec’s mind that she’d be allowed to go against her new rules and wear pants on her first day were instantly shot down as she felt the first shoe go on her right foot. However, she couldn’t help but ask “Why am I wearing shoes inside?” to which Sid horrifyingly responded with “So you can always be ready for an adventure”, not missing a chance to smile and wink at her discomfort. When Sid backed away and admired his handy work, Bec noticed herself in the standup mirror positioned in the corner of the closet and instantly had to turn away. She looked like an oversized toddler. She got a good glance at how soaked her diaper was, and how big the damn thing made her bottom look. Sid noticed and decided to pat her bottom, clipping her paci to her shirt before putting it in her mouth, and said “This will be your default outfit. Ya better get used to it”. As they exited the closet, Bec’s pain came back full swing, worse than ever. She couldn’t help but gnash her teeth in her pacifier and hunch over a bit, trying to move to make it subside. Sid knew exactly what was happening. “I think it’s T.V. time for the little girl” Sid said as he went to grab Mr. Bear out of the corner of the room, laying him on his back, head positioned toward the Television set. “Go ahead Bec, straddle Mr. Bear and watch your cartoons” he said as he sat down on the love seat and switched the T.V. to an episode of the Teletubbies. She walked over to the large bear, put her feet on either side of his mid-section, and sat down on her bottom. “No, no, no. Lean forward, I want your knees touching the ground next to him. I said straddle, not sit” Sid said in a firm voice that made her shutter. She was avoiding it for a reason. She knew it would be harder to hold back if she straddled Mr. Bear. The spanking by Sid’s hand the night before continued to guide her decisions, however. She slowly moved her knees forward until they touched the ground next to Mr. Bear. Her shins were now parallel to the ground and her body was positioned to where her diaper bottom was sticking out slightly. She couldn’t help but grasp the fur right underneath Mr. Bear’s head as the pain shot back with her movements and new positioning. She was desperate now. She looked around the room for any way out to no avail. The only way in or out was through the basement door and it was at this moment of dire need that she noticed the door had a padlock on it, the key no doubt in Sid’s possession. The pains weren’t subsiding now. They were constant. More pee began to trickle into the crotch of her diaper that was pressed against Mr. Bear as she had bigger problems to focus on. She was on fire, sweat forming on her brow, moving back and forth slightly with her eyes closed, hoping the pain would go away. Her breathing was getting heavy now as it escaped her pacified mouth in short puffs. She couldn’t help but to look at the Teletubbies playing on the screen. Remembering how she didn’t even watch this show when she was a child. Nonetheless, she couldn’t help but be hyper focused on them, trying to find some semblance of comfort in her current position. All the Teletubbies seemed excited about something and let-out cheers of applause for each other as she found herself finally letting go. Lifting off Mr. Bear slightly, and sticking her bottom out, a light crackling noise started to slowly build up along with slight gurgling noises. Through gnashed teeth pressing down on her pacifier, she began pushing the mess out. She could feel it start to crown and let out an audible and involuntary gasp through her pacifier from the feeling of initial relief. However, that initial relief was short lived as she began to also experience the brand-new sensation of the mess having nowhere to go but against her. She had always just assumed that if it came to this, the mess would just force the diaper to expand, making it easy to avoid. But as she continued to push it out, it would find the back unforgiving wall of her diaper and have nowhere else to go, resulting in it staying put and pressing back against her bottom. She felt as if she had ripe bananas being pressed against her butt, smashing, and contouring as they pressed back against her. She couldn’t help but think that Sid’s attention to detail in making sure her diaper rested high and tight on her hips and bottom was intentional for this purpose. The smell of course, began finding its way through the nursery as well. This smell surprisingly enough to Bec, was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and made her cheeks flair up and burn bright crimson red. She continued her firm clutch on Mr. Bears fur, trying to focus on its soft to the touch feel instead of the disgusting and dreadful one currently located on her butt. Holding it in this long backfired on her. She continued to push and push, filling the seat of her diaper up slowly to the point that she could feel it spanning the entirety of the lower half of her bottom. Cascading gurgle-like noises continued to come from the backside of her diaper throughout. Sid continued to watch on, noticing the smell slowly amplifying as well as the seat of her diaper expanding slightly but not totally giving in. Sid continued to look on at the episode, noticing slight squeaks and tear-filled grimaces, followed by her heavy breathing in an attempt to recover her breath in between pushes. Each push resulted in her biting down onto her pacifier through wincing closed eyes. Each push let out more profound crackling sounds accompanied by wet and gurgle-like farting noises. He couldn’t help but smile at the scene, thinking to himself “She got what she thought she wanted, and I’m not against watching it myself". What seemed like an eternity for Bec but in all actuality was a five-minute affair, she had managed to alleviate the pain in her stomach. The source of course, resting against her bottom now. She kneeled frozen in her slightly straddled, upright position, still squeezing Mr. Bear’s fur for comfort. She was in utter shock at what she had done and the sensation of her own mess pressing against her bottom was not lost on her. Sid knew the show was officially over as he could hear the tell-tale hiss, acting as a credit sequence for the performance he just watched. As coincidence would have it, the Teletubbies episode was also in its credit sequence at the same time. Although Sid knew the “show” was over, Bec wasn’t so sure. She began to feel a new sensation that was lost on her in her previous 28 years. Although she felt that her stomach was relieved, she still felt as if she had to go. This was the first time in her life she had pooped in a position other than sitting down, resulting in it feeling as if it had stopped halfway, as if it had nowhere to go. In a cerebral fashion, she began trying to maneuver herself to get the rest out as well as avoid what was currently pressing against her while she remained on all fours. She pushed her big bottom out, she arched her back (which she quickly regretted given that it made the mess press against her bottom more), but nothing seemed to help. So preoccupied on alleviating this unsatisfied and unrelieved feeling that she didn’t even notice Sid had walked up behind her. She was startled back into the wider scope of her horrifying reality by Sid clearing his throat and saying” “Seems like daddy’s little stinker needs her diaper checked, huh”? Chapter 4: Counting is Easy! Frozen solid, heart racing, and cheeks burning, Bec could feel the top back waistband of her diaper being pulled away from her lower back. She remained somewhat still out of fear of what might happen if she protested or fought, as well as fear of disturbing the mess that Sid would inevitably lay eyes upon. She remained gripping Mr. Bear’s fur and couldn’t help but look into his lifeless plastic eyes, repining at what was happening at her backside. She watched as tears began to fall from her face onto the oversized stuffed bear, causing small areas of his fur to clump up on contact. Her now more-than-soaked diaper crotch was in eye shot with the little Minnie and Mickey Mouse characters staring directly up at her. Biting down on her pacifier, she noticed more of the tears finding their way onto her semi-protruding diaper as well as her short pink t-shirt. As Sid pulled back the top of her diaper, he was of course met with her big and still red bottom. However, unlike last time he checked, instead of finding a landing strip of yellow and nothing else, he found a large amalgamated mess resting directly on the seat of her bottom. Opening the diaper to check like this of course gave Sid a heavy dose of the accompanying smell as well. “Pee-ew little Bec, you really did leave daddy quite the present, huh?” Upon hearing this question, Bec’s only response she could muster was transitioning from a silent leaking of tears to a soft and slight hiccupping sob. She couldn’t help but think on how it got to this point. How just yesterday, she was under the impression her and Sid would be an item again. Less than 24 hours later, she had pooped her diaper in front of him, and he had just seen the proof through a diaper check. She couldn’t believe she was even thinking this through. Just the act of playing the mental gymnastics it took to formulate those sentences in her head sounded so foreign to her. Yet, they were the reality all the same. She focused on her tears again, dropping one by one onto Mr. Bear, hoping she could get in the shower soon and be free from this feeling. While being wrapped up in her thoughts, she hadn’t noticed that Sid returned to his position on the loveseat. She definitely didn’t notice how he was not in a relaxed, leaning back position either. “Alright little stinker, come over to daddy” Sid said in a soft yet firm tone. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she was semi-startled to hear his voice at all let alone farther away than when she last felt his presence. She slowly turned her head around and noticed he was sitting on the loveseat again. Ignoring the tears yet noticing how timid she was, Sid figured she needed some extra encouragement. “Walk over to your daddy, sweetheart” he said with a softer tone. Bec didn’t want to move or even be seen right now. She wanted to disappear altogether. However, she was shocked at how much hearing Sid refer to her as “sweetheart” calmed her down a peg. It was enough to make her think clearly and remember to be on her best behavior, as well. Repercussive threat was seemingly constantly washing over and guiding her every decision in his presence. She stood up slowly, trying not to disturb the mess sitting in her diaper at all. She found herself turning around to face Sid, and with an accompanying soundtrack of light and rustling crinkles, slowly walked toward him with her legs apart in a slight waddle. She was relieved to find that this strategy of walking did help keep her mess in one place. However, as she closed the distance between her and Sid, she was startled to feel his hand forcefully grab her by the chin and bring her down to eye level. This forced her to lose the paci that was situated in her mouth as the clip tethered it to her and made it swing back and forth off of her chest in the process. Sid lowered his tone and wasted no time saying “This is a lesson I have no intention of repeating so listen up and listen good, missy. You will by no means avoid your poopy diaper like that again. If I ever, and I mean EVER catch you waddling or avoiding your mess in any facet like that from here on out, I’ll see to it that you feel that poopy diaper fully, especially in places you don’t want to!”. With the last couple words of the lecture, Sid pointed his eyes directly toward her diaper crotch, emphasizing exactly what he meant. “Now, go back to where you were and walk to me properly. Your thighs better be touching the entire time”. He let go of her chin, grabbed her dangling pacifier, and popped it back in her mouth. Basically, saying this was a one-way argument, as if the paci was what kept her ultimately quiet. The force of his grip on her chin as well as the tone in his voice caused her bottom lip to involuntarily quiver as she held back letting every tear in her body escape. Being talked down to like this and realizing that he expected her to just pretend that she wasn’t bothered by the mess pressing up against her forced her to bite her lip to extinguish the potential tear cascade as well. He never once talked to her like this when they were together all those years ago. Not even when she began flirting with randoms at parties to see how he’d respond. Nonetheless, not wanting to see what happened if she disobeyed his command, she slowly turned around and began walking back to where she was sitting. Every step she took from Sid to Mr. Bear she ensured that her thighs were touching, and every step caused the mess to move around and press against her lower bottom without any regard for her feelings. On her return trip to Sid, she looked away in a distraught daze, not wanting to make eye contact with him. A silver lining appeared as she thought about how the mess was still centralized. “At least it hasn’t spread past my butt at this point” she thought to herself. She even pondered the notion that being behaved could get her out of that diaper quicker. When she finally reached Sid for the second time, she felt his hands grab her wrists. “That’s daddy’s good little girl” he said, knowing how the pet names were affecting her. He sat alert and ready with his legs mostly off the edge of the loveseat. He began pulling her closer to him by her wrists until she was standing above his outstretched right knee. The position she was in was lost on her given the previous events as well as being somewhat soothed by the loving pet name. When he got her positioned to his liking, he began “Alright little girl, in order to get changed out of your poopy diapers, what has to happen first”? Perhaps she was completely blocking it out, not wanting to even fathom the possibility of it happening. Sid reminding her sent the rule shooting across her brain like a Wall Street ticker. Each word carrying more weight than the last as they scrolled on through. Keywords were highlighted as they raced on by. Starting with… REQUIRED…Moving on to…CREAMIE….POOPY DIAPERS….finally leading to…CHANGED…. It was a math equation that made her head spin. She shook her head back and forth and tried backing away, not even caring how badly the mess was getting disrupted by this. Silent tears turned into full on desperate sobs as she looked around for a way out of this. She even found herself slightly digging her fingers into Sid’s wrists. Yet, Sid’s grip held firmer than ever. “Now, little girl” Sid said as if she was just being fussy, downplaying her body language. He continued by saying “This is just your life now; this will be an everyday event for the foreseeable future. Remember, this is required every day unless you want your time in diapers extended”. This seemed to level Bec out slightly. She didn’t want to do this any longer than she had to. She didn’t feel Sid’s grip ease up even the slightest bit and decided to concede, still squirming all the same. “Now, since you had such a reaction to the idea, I think it would be a good idea for you to recite the nursery rhyme before we do this from now on. Maybe in the future when you don’t act out you won’t have to say it. But for now, it’s required.” he said pointing towards the poster above the crib. She was upset with herself to say that she already knew the rhyme by heart. How could she not remember something that degrading. It was as if the poster itself was talking down to her. As if no one and nothing could trust her to be independent. Then of course, the thought of having to actually say it made her cheeks reignite. Between whimpers and slight pauses, behind her pacifier Bec let out a soft and defeated “It goes #1, #2, and finally a #3. #3 can’t come before #1 and #2, silly…” Sid shook his head and said “No. No. No. Come on little girl, it’s a nursery rhyme. It’s meant to be sung and danced to with some sort of excitement”. Her face scrunched up trying to hold back tears again at the thought. She had to pretend she was excited for this now? She moved slightly back and forth and in a slightly louder tone said “It goes #1, #2, and finally a #3. #3 can’t come before #1 and #2, silly…” “You have one more attempt. Do It right, or you’ll end up over my knee for a spanking and you’ll be going to bed right after without a change” he said in a slow yet deliberate voice. She straightened up now. Fear washing over her and her stomach pitting up at the thought. With her hands held firmly in place by Sid, she mustered up a slight smile behind her pacifier and began with “It goes #1” while simultaneously swaying her big diaper bottom to the left. Feeling the mess press against it as her bottom extended slightly from the motion. “#2” moving her hips over to the right. Same sensation yet in a slightly different location. “…and finally, a #3” left, right, left. Again, again, again. “#3 can’t come before #1 and #2, silly!” she exclaimed while swaying her hips and moving her head in an opposite fashion, side to side with each syllable. She didn’t have time to figure if that was good enough for Sid. At the conclusion of the word “silly”, she felt her wrists being pulled on and her knees buckling. With her hands rendered useless, and her motions being controlled by someone else, there was nowhere for her to go but down, resulting in her poopy diaper bottom landing directly on Sid’s outstretched right knee. She let out an audible and involuntary squeak behind her pacifier as she felt the mess contouring and pushing up against her butt crack thanks to Sid’s leg being her new makeshift seat. Her feet dangled off the ground slightly, making it so she couldn’t support or resuspend herself off of Sid’s lanky knee. All she could do was kick at the air. It was like falling out of a plane without a parachute, useless flailing at nothing but air. It was like trying to grab ahold of something, or find solid footing, to no avail. She was so focused on the feeling of the mess she was trying so desperately to not disturb getting pushed deeper against her bottom that she didn’t notice when Sid started putting her hands behind her back. It wasn’t until she felt both of her arms like two upper case L’s (one facing correctly while the other faced backwards) held tightly behind her back that she noticed what was happening. At that point it was too late to break away. Sid had secured his large left hand over both of her tiny wrists that were positioned one over the other in her current position. His right hand rested on her hip. She looked at him, eyes still wet from the on and off crying that had occurred throughout the day so far, pleading for some reprieve. “Alright little girl, let’s make good on that nursery rhyme, eh?” he said with a wry grin as he forced his knee up in a quick motion. With her hands behind her back and feet dangling, there was nowhere else for Bec to go but up as well, and up she went. Sid’s bucking motion upwards pushed Bec up slightly, but Sid’s knee went back to its original position in a fluid manner, forcing Bec’s position to affectively “catch up” with the knee. This “catching up” that gravity was enforcing, resulted in Bec going airborne for a split second, only for her poopy diaper bottom to fall back down onto Sid’s knee without any discrimination or reprieve. Except, it didn’t happen just once. It took roughly three bounces in a continuous succession for Bec to fully grasp what was going on. Each of those initial three bounces resulted in what felt like Sid’s knee being rammed into her bottom and against her cunny, pushing the mess against her and spreading it out further. Each bounce and subsequent bounces that followed let out an audible squelching noise that was accompanied by the sound of the thick padding getting compressed. Due to her upright position, she could also feel that the mess was edging ever so slightly towards her vulnerable cunny with each bounce as well. It was on that third bounce that she let out a choked up and muffle scream. The noise she was letting out was seemingly skirting the edge of a quick and pained laugh that Sid recognized as hysterical cries in the context. The gnashed teeth, squeals, and cries turned into full on sobbing now as tears streamed down her beet red and pained cheeks. Every aggressive squirm and attempt to break Sid’s grasp were fruitless and as he kept her firmly on his knee, bouncing all the same. She knew she only had a few more bounces left before she was completely coated down there. She continued to fight, kicking at the air, and trying to wrestle her arms away. Each bounce sending a warning signal through her brain ala a command center navigating a moon landing. “Contact in 3 bounces…” “Contact in 2 bounces…” She let out a visceral scream that was muffled behind her pacifier as she attempted to use all of her remaining strength to break free in time. An animalistic reaction made her try to close her legs, only for the attempt to be blocked by Sid’s leg keeping her spread out and vulnerable. Like the initial bounces, her brain didn’t comprehend what had happened right away. Contact had been made. Her exposed and helpless cunny was covered in her own mess, now. It was somewhere between the second or third time her cunny slammed down onto her own mess and got pushed against her by Sid’s knee that she realized it had happened. The magnitude of what was transpiring not being lost on her. The thought and feeling of it made her absolutely light headed and woozy. Her whole body was burning up now. However, the bounces didn’t stop or slow down at all. Just like the spanking the night before, Bec was certain Sid would tire out. However, it was almost as if he could read her mind on this, that every time she thought it would be over soon, he dug down and ensured it wouldn’t be. Each bounce continued smashing the mess up against her cunny and bottom over and over. She didn’t have long to ruminate on the horror that was her downstairs bits being covered for very long before a new horror started settling in. The pot as it were, was starting to accumulate bubbles floating to the top, resulting in a slow but ever-present boil. Her body was beginning to betray her. The repetition of her cunny pressing against Sid’s knee in a forceful manner caused a stirring downstairs. The disgusting context and details didn’t matter. Each time her cunny landed back onto Sid’s knee, the boiling slowly but surely continued to amplify. With no end in sight, and with Sid showing no signs of slowing down or stopping, she knew she had to get away for real. She was not about to let this transpire. A second round of squirming began to unfold. Tooth and nail she fought and attempted to jerk her hands free. Letting out cries of anguish at each attempt. However, Sid’s grip remained firm and each attempt left her in the same exact spot, bouncing up and down on her poopy diaper bottom. The boil was in full swing now and with every attempt to suppress the urges she was feeling, her body sent the message back two times worse than it was before. She was in sensory overload. She had sweat forming on her brow and had pitted out the armpits of her shirt due to the constantly hot feeling the knee bounce sensation had caused. Each bounce she experienced seemed to send a shockwave through her whole body. The boiling pot of water was inching closer and closer to the top; on the verge of spilling over onto the stove. She didn’t want to give in to this. She didn’t want the smell of her poopy diaper or the feeling of it accompanying an orgasm. But as she gave one last heave to get away and was met with the vice like grip that was Sid’s hand yet again, she came to the stark realization. She was going to cum in her poopy diaper, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Pulling her head back and gnashing her teeth against her pacifier, tears trickling down onto her shirt all the same. She let out another high-pitched whimper as she continued to try and close her legs against the bounces. Sid got a full view of her anguish now. He watched her face contort and wince with each bounce. He knew full well that each bounce was giving her a sensation she would have never once imagined experiencing. How each time he bucked his knee, her mess inevitably got pushed further and further up against her bottom and cunny. He couldn’t help but notice how the slightly exposed part of her tummy hung over the front upper waistband of her diaper and moved up and down with each bounce. Or how her breasts bounced up and down slightly as well. Finally, he noticed how the area where her hair and forehead met was drenched in sweat. Her face so red it could’ve been sunburnt. She looked absolutely pathetic and yet, in this light, Sid finally felt true affection for someone. She knew she couldn’t hold out any much longer. The water was at the brim of the pot. Any sudden movements could push it over. Each bounce, made it feel as if it would. SQUELCH/DIAPER COMPRESSING Bec thought to herself “Maybe I can still get away…. maybe if I just….” SQUELCH/DIAPER COMPRESSING Bec thought to herself “Oh God…Please!…Ple…” SQUELCH/DIAPER COMPRESSING Bec thought to herself “HNNNNNNNNNNGggggggg” SQUELCH/DIAPER COMPRESSING The pot started boiling over. Bec almost bit through her pacifier as a result. Involuntarily she let out a series of short but strong exhales behind her pacifier into the air in a way similar to hyperventilating. Her legs tensed up against Sid’s as he could tell exactly what was transpiring. He continued to bounce her through her long orgasm. She could feel the tingly sensation continue to run its course through her body as she was unable to do anything but let it continue against the bounces. The short breathing evolved into involuntary pleasure moans as she could feel herself squirting helplessly into the crotch of her diaper. Each moan got louder and louder until they hit their apex, turning into full on sobbing. She was leaning back against Sid’s grip now, sitting straight up, crying hard into the air, not even remotely concerned with the residual knee bounces. Her chest rising and falling in sporadic bursts. Sid slowed down his knee until it came to a complete stop. With her hands still held firmly behind her back, Sid pulled Bec into his chest. Her big diaper bottom stuck out and hung over his knee as she cried into the collar of his shirt. It was in this comedown that she felt the extent of what had happened in her diaper. Her mess was everywhere. Outside and inside her cunny, back up into her bottom, and encroaching on the seams that nestled into her thighs. Sid let go of her hands and she instinctively held onto Sid’s sides, continuing to soak his shirt collar. Every so often, the crying would trigger a hiccup response, which prompted Sid to start rubbing her back. To her surprise, the feeling of his touch on her back and the soft “shh” noises escaping his mouth began to comfort her. Her fast paced and sporadic breathing began to spread out a little bit. Her hiccups remained here and there, but feeling his touch as he rubbed her back softly began to give her goosebumps. Sid wanted everything to do with this. He wanted this life. He had told himself for years and years that he didn’t and that it didn’t define him. Yet here he was, in his own personal Shangri-La. More importantly, he wanted Bec, and was beyond happy to have her like this. He was going to look after her from now on. Even though he would torture her, degrade her, and ultimately find new ways to humiliate her, he was enamored beyond reason. As Bec began to calm down to a light sobbing, Sid began to put his hand on her bottom now, rubbing and patting it. She flinched upwards slightly at the feeling but scrunched her face up and endured it. He pressed the mess slightly against her, rubbing on where her bottom was sticking out. Even with the realization of his affinity for her, he didn’t miss a beat in making sure she understood where she was now and just how far she had fallen. With his hand underneath the seat of her diaper, pushing up slightly until he could feel her grip on him tighten, he said “Diaper girls must fully use their diapers…always”. Keeping his hand on the seat of her outstretched diaper bottom, Sid began in a sing-song tone of voice with “After all… “…it goes #1…” Sid said as he pushed up on her diaper bottom which was greeted with a sudden wince and whimper from Bec. “…#2…” Sid said with another more forceful push. Bec wiggled and squirmed against it, gripping Sid’s sides, shutting her eyes tightly, and gnashing her teeth against her pacifier. “…and finally a #3.” One soft pat for each syllable. Sid pulled Bec up straight on his knee so that she was looking right at him now. Her crying had subsided but her face was still red and tear soaked. She looked at Sid with a pained and defeated expression. “#3 can’t come before #1 and #2, silly.” Sid said ignoring her disposition as he playfully shook his head back and forth for the first part of the sentence. The second part of the sentence he put a physical period on the end by touching Bec’s nose twice to the beat of the accompanying syllables in the word “silly”. Chapter 5: New Normal Sitting her big diaper bottom down on the changing table didn’t seem to cause any visceral and physical shock for Bec. The alarming feeling of the mess pushing up against her had ran its course considering the day’s previous events. Even though she hated every second of it in the moment, being forced to rhythmically shake her diaper bottom back and forth for a couple minutes in what Sid had dubbed “the poopy diaper dance” did help get some of the mess off of her bottom. “Doing the poopy diaper dance helps make Daddy’s job easier when he changes you…” he said previously in a slightly reassuring yet condescending tone as she stood in front of him after her knee bounces. “…and you will do this after each and every poopy diaper creamie if you want to get changed. Go ahead and turn around and put your hands on your hips so I can see them. Also, I’d suggest doing it to my liking. I’m on a short fuse after how many attempts it took you to sing and dance to your nursery rhyme.” Even though it had happened about 20 minutes prior, Bec still had the full scene replaying through her head. She had begrudgingly obliged and turned around as she bit down on her pacifier, slowly placing her hands on her hips right on the side waistband of her diaper, which of course culminated in finding herself shaking her hips back and forth. She had tried being as overzealous with her movements as to not piss off Sid. Each time her big hips swayed to one side she would focus two subsequent beats on it and then move to the next side. Over and over, she shifted her hips it seemed. LEFT LEFT *crinkle* RIGHT RIGHT *crinkle* Of course, no amount of dancing could truly alleviate what had happened in her diaper. Bec was still thoroughly grossed out by the feeling she was experiencing, but it did seem as if it couldn’t get any worse at this point. She was absolutely dazed and still technically on the come down; caught up in remembering the previous events that had transpired earlier. She breathed in an exhausted manner through her pacifier as she lied back on the changing table pad. Her chest rising up and down as she felt she could finally relax for a second. In fact, she didn’t fully comprehend the gravity of what was about to happen until she heard Sid say “Alright little stinker, let’s get you changed, huh”. Those words awoke something in her. She didn’t want to be in this diaper anymore, that was for sure. It was starting to feel itchy around her thighs and she wanted whatever amount got in her naughty bits to be cleaned out ASAP. However, she definitely didn’t want Sid to be the one to do it. Being checked after freshly messing her diaper was bad enough. Now, her ex-lover was going to experience firsthand the entire scope of what had happened just minutes prior. Luckily for Sid, and rather unfortunate for Bec, Sid had taken the initiative to start restraining her hands and ankles while she was still subdued. In fact, it was almost as if Bec didn’t fight or squirm until she was completely locked up. Sid, reached under the changing table to a symphony of slight but slowly growing whimpers and the rattling chains of restraints holding firm. Returning from his trip, Bec saw he held a thick white diaper with nothing but a myriad of miniature Barney the Dinosaur figures plastered all over the front of it, baby powder, and wet wipes. She tried pulling her hands in but was met with that similar slamming on the breaks/constricting seatbelt sensation. Her legs felt even more held down. It felt as if she couldn’t even raise them up more than an inch at most as they remained firmly planted to the guard rail near the foot of the changing table. With her knees bent at a slight angle due to the restraints, Sid had a full view of the extent of her poopy diaper without even needing to open it. Her diaper crotch was on full display thanks to the restraints keeping her spread. It showed a slight yellow tinge that at this point, had caught up to the tiny Minnie and Mickey Mouse characters on the front of her diaper, affectively soaking them. It showed just how much the diaper had expanded with each wetting, causing the crotch of the diaper to be slightly bulbous in appearance. Sid couldn’t help but think the size her diaper crotch swelled to aided in keeping her spread out right now. In this position, Sid could see that the mess had started to show through near the seams of her diaper bottom and crotch without any signs of leaking, as well. This acted as a good litmus test in Sid’s mind as it made it apparent that she could stay in them for much longer if need be. The showing, as it were, acted as a de facto border for the slightly bulging seat of her diaper bottom which was made more apparent by her current position. It highlighted exactly where the mess was the most concentrated and acted as pretty damning evidence of what had happened had anyone else seen it. Bec couldn’t see much of what was happening past the front of her diaper, but she sure felt it. Sid as it turned out, couldn’t resist playing with her a little. He flattened his hand against the apparent bulge in her diaper and pushed it in slightly. He recognized the tell-tale wince that he had become fairly desensitized to earlier. However, he got a glimpse at the rest of her body responding to his teasing and tormenting actions. In her current position, Sid could see that Bec’s thick thighs tensed up each time he pushed in slightly, only to relax when he let go. He also got enjoyment out of the simple act of running his fingers up her diaper. Walking them from the start of her naughty spot all the way to the front waist band. Bec watched as Sid began to reach down under the changing table and produce a grey camera. She recognized it. It was a new aged polaroid. Designed to get that “aesthetic” quality of polaroid cameras while also producing instant pictures. Before she could figure out what was happening. Sid snapped a picture from above, getting all of her in the frame. He then removed the picture that printed out and continued to snap a quick picture between her legs. She squirmed and whined once she ascertained what Sid was doing. “Now, now, little Bec” Sid said as he guided the second picture out of the printer “Daddy’s just making a scrap book for his diaper girl. It’s going to be full of ‘firsts’. For instance, this will be on the page that says “’Little Bec’s first poopy diaper change’”. He smiled and put both of the photos that were just finishing developing in his hand and showed them to her. She bit down on her pacifier and continued to fight the restraints as she caught a glimpse of them. They still had a slight white sheen on them that slightly obscured the image. But that sheen was disappearing quickly as they continued to develop. He had managed to capture her face in both of them. Naturally, her diaper, and the mess that was showing through it was just as visible. Sid put the camera down near her feet as he expected to use it again shortly and said “Let’s get this diaper off of you, huh”. Bec squirmed more now as she heard what sounded like someone pulling masking tape free from a fresh roll. A deceptively and surprisingly loud ripping noise accompanied Sid’s motions of tearing away tape one of four. Sid gripped the next tab and again the harsh sound of tape ripping away from plastic could be heard throughout the room. The liberation of the second tab ushered in a sense of looseness on her diaper. The horrifying thought of Sid seeing her splayed out, not just naked but with what was normally her morning bowel movement plastered all over her woke her up even further. Bec fought against her restraints again, tensing up and trying with all of her might to break free, only to be met with absolute and unwavering resistance. Another booming rip sound accompanied the feeling of her diaper being even more loose than before. “Don’t worry sweetie, daddy is almost done with these tricky tapes” Sid said as he put his thumb and pointer finger on the fourth and final tape. With an exaggerated pulling motion, Sid’s fingers slipped off the tape initially, only for him to grip at it again and replicate that horrible ripping sound for a fourth and final time. The last loud and plasticky tape ripping noise preceded what would be the feeling of ultimate looseness on Bec’s diaper. The front of her diaper wasn’t held down by anything anymore as it rested on her mid-section thanks to gravity. She felt the slight and relative cold touch of the backs of Sid’s fingers as he positioned his right hand in a clasping configuration on her front waistband. With his thumb on the little Minnie and Mickey Mouse landing strip, and his four fingers grabbing the inside of her waistband, Sid looked up at Bec and said “Okay baby, on the count of three”. Before Bec could even react or protest, Sid slowly and deliberately said “…One…”. Bec shook her head back and forth aggressively, closing her eyes tightly with tears already escaping through what little room they found through her eyelids. Sid lightly flicked the fingers inside her waistband against her mid-section as he said “…Two…”. She couldn’t help but wiggle her feet against the restraints now, trying to kick them free. She felt the laces of her tennis shoes bouncing against her lower shins and nothing else from this attempt. The restraints continued to hold firm. She couldn’t help but think of what Sid might think of her if he saw the extent of what had happened in her diaper. How would he ever look at her the same again? She also figured that there was no way to truly come back from this once her diaper was unfolded. The last time Sid had even seen her naked was when they had sex all those years ago. She was in an undoubtedly very similar position under seriously different circumstances, though. On the unvoiced dental fricative of the word “three”, Bec’s heart sunk deep into her stomach as she could feel the diaper being pulled away from her. She lifted her hips slightly as the front of her diaper distanced itself from her, almost in an undeniably feeble attempt to grab back at it and pull it back down over her. She almost hoped the front of her diaper would be brought back to cover up what she had done in some sort of act of divine intervention. Instead, it kept falling away and away until Bec could feel the foreign temperature drop that came with the sudden exposure. The diaper lay flush on the pad of the changing table. Bec didn’t fully hear much of what Sid said in response to getting a full and unadulterated view of what had transpired in her diaper. She was dazed; unbelieving of what she was experiencing. It was only when she caught the tail end of Sid’s “Oh my goodness little Bec, you made quite the mess for daddy, huh?”, which she strung together the parts she missed via context clues, that she woke up and broke out in a full sob. Her chest rose and fell with the sudden bursts of each exacerbated cry that tried to grasp for level footing in her breathing. Tears began to stream down the sides of her cheeks and ended up pooling and eventually soaking into the changing pad near her ears. Sid was presented with a pretty terrible scene, but nothing he hadn’t seen before with being a nurse. He had also gotten accustomed to changing poopy diapers from another one of his exes that he didn’t have such a rough fall-out from. In fact, it was this ex that introduced him to the idea after all. He spent a handful of years with her where they entertained a pretty prototypical Dom and sub relationship. Perfecting his penchant for degrading and completely controlling someone like this. Although they broke up years ago, Sid still kept in touch with her as a friend, and still harbored a slight flame on a torch he carried for her. Her name found its way wandering through his mind every so often. Sometimes in impossible scenarios or places he would find himself thinking about her. Funny enough, it was in this contextually relevant scenario, he found her name running its course through his head…” Hannah”. The seat of Bec’s diaper being completely filled with her own mess as well as the glistening remnants of the squirting orgasm she made prior helped Sid snap out of it. Then of course, there was the smell that had nothing keeping it even remotely contained now. If the feeling and knowledge of what had happened wasn’t enough, the olfactory portion of the diaper change was the icing on the cake. It smelled bad before, but now it was amplified. Bec couldn’t help but feel self-conscious. She wanted to hide. She couldn’t believe everything that was happening. That Sid had watched her poop in her diaper just a mere hour before, that he’d seen the proof of it through diaper a check and now a change, and that she actually came in this disaster. Now both her and her ex-lover she was hoping to reignite a relationship with were subjected to the smell of her mess that was currently impossible to hide or deny. *SNAP* *SNAP* Bec rattled the chains of the restraints even more at the sound of the polaroid camera cataloguing what she didn’t even want anyone to see in a transient manner, let alone permanent. Tears continued flowing down her cheeks as Sid waited for the pictures to develop. When Sid showed the finished product to her, she broke out into an even more pronounced crying fit; hiccupping intermittently as she tried to catch her breath. It was worse than she could have imagined. Her large mess completely lined the crotch reservoir of her diaper wall-to-wall. North and south, it started as far as about an inch away from the front waistband and traveled all the way across her diaper till it met her supine facing bottom. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel that it went even further as the sensation radiated up towards the back waistband of her diaper. Her mid-section was of course still covered as well. Remnants of the mess still plastered her naughty bits and lower bottom. Bec put her head down flat against the changing table mat. She didn’t want to look at Sid at all and tried desperately to pretend that she wasn’t in her current situation. However, she was startled to feel an invasive cold feeling around her mid-section, forcing her to make her chin come in contact with her chest, looking across her own body to see what was happening. She saw Sid focusing on her mid-section, wet wipe in hand, eyes glued to an area she couldn’t see in her current position. However, she felt that invasive cold feeling again, this time running its course over her mound. Sid made easy work of disaster that took place in Bec’s diaper. Once he had finished wiping down her front, culminating in her still freshly shaved mound, he took a new wet wipe and wiped down the length of Bec’s cunny. He then forced any of the mess stuck to the outside of her naughty bits into the seat of her diaper in this downward motion, leaving the used wet wipe in the crotch of her diaper in the process. He then took another wet wipe and started excavating as delicately as he could. Bec tensed up and shifted her hips at this. That cold feeling was now even more invasive than before. Every so often, Sid would inadvertently hit a pressure point down there, and Bec couldn’t help but let out an involuntary moan through her pacifier. In fact, she found that focusing on this sensation had caused a temporary cessation in her crying. Sid was thorough when it came to cleaning her cunny out. He wanted the wipe to return completely white, which required more and more reentries. It was on the fourth reentry that Bec could feel that “pot boiling over” feeling again. However, before she could even bask in that feeling, it was gone. Sid had moved on to her bottom, cleaning the rest of the resonant mess off of it, before removing the diaper completely and throwing it in the pail. Bec let out a few breathy sighs as she felt the stadium seat protector sensation that accompanied the new diaper being placed under her bottom. Sid lifted her belly shirt slightly, almost positioning it in a fashion similar to where a bra would go so that he could adjust the wings of the diaper. He positioned the top waist band and wings right above the top of her hip bones. He then grabbed the baby powder and in a handful of liberal shaking motions, coated her mid-section. From Bec’s position, she could see the baby powder forming a slight cloud in front of Sid, and she could feel the cool, lighter than air feeling on her exposed cunny. Sid went to work quickly to rub the powder in so that it made a uniform coat where her diapered would inevitably cover. Bec felt his hand move over her naughty bits again in the process. Her mind began to move on its own and she couldn’t help but think that she wouldn’t mind if Sid kept focusing his attention down there. She was shocked at this revelation and could feel the proverbial river beginning to flow down there again. But before she could even fully latch on to the idea, she felt the inside of her thick diaper pressing firm against her. She looked down and saw the Barney figures on the diaper’s landing strip staring back at her, along with Sid securing the bottom two tapes parallel with the seam that ran near her big thighs. Sid finished by pulling the top two tapes tight and sticking them one at a time parallel to her front waistband so that they were no more than two inches apart. Just like the day before, Bec’s diaper was positioned high and snug on her hips while still allowing for movement. This felt even more apparent once Sid took her out of her restraints and stood her up on her feet in front of him. She looked up at him with her pacifier still in her mouth, eyes looking tired from today’s events. She couldn’t help but think that this diaper change had ruined his perception of her. She had intentions of being alluring to him again. How could Sid be even remotely interested in her after what he had just seen her do? Her fears were stifled as Sid smiled down at her and pulled her pink belly shirt down around her belly button as it was still bunched up from before. As his eyes moved from her chest to her tummy, he said “Uh oh, looks like someone’s shoes came untied during all that commotion.” Without hesitating he got down on a knee and began tying her shoes for her, saying “Put your hands on my shoulders sweetie, I don’t want you to fall over.” For one of the first times since experiencing what seemed to be her new life, Bec did what Sid said without any reservations. She placed her palms on his shoulders as he tied her shoes. She knew she loved the pet names, but having tangible evidence that Sid was looking out for her safety made her heart skip a little. Just like the diaper, Sid fastened the shoes tightly but comfortably. As he stood up, he patted and rubbed her big diaper bottom and said “Walk on over to your chart and place your magnets on today’s date sweetie. You were such a good girl and did such a good job today.” It must have been the praise but even though Bec’s face was slightly reddened by what constituted as being a “good girl” in Sid’s eyes, she marched over to the whiteboard labeled “Bec’s Unpotty Training Chart” and picked up one of the yellow number one magnets, placing it in the box marked Tuesday. Sid didn’t miss a beat when it came to making things difficult for her and said “I’m sure that didn’t happen only once, little Bec”. It must’ve been the way his head moved to the side slightly and how he punctuated the condescending remark with a wry smile that caused Bec to quickly look away back toward the board. She couldn’t fully remember each and every wetting seeing as some had happened during moments that her mind was preoccupied with other things. She decided that adding two more number one magnets would probably suffice. As she placed them in the Tuesday square alongside the previous lone number one magnet, she slightly sighed in relief as Sid said “That’s a good girl”. The next two were easy enough in theory but not in practice. She quickly placed the blue number two magnet in the Tuesday square and couldn’t help but hesitate a little bit when she pulled the green number three magnet off the board. Sid chimed in as he noticed her struggling with the green number three magnet. Trying to ease her into it he said in a soft tone “Aw, those other magnets on the board look lonely. I’m sure they’d love for their friend to be with them”. She nodded slightly and couldn’t help but notice her behavior from the outside looking in. Something was pulling her to be that “good girl” for Sid but she couldn’t put a finger on it. She found herself snapping the magnet into place next to the three yellow number ones and one blue number two, semi floored that she was looking back at Sid for approval. “That’s such a good girl. One and two makes what, huh?” Sid said smiling ear to ear at her as she stood in front of the board shifting on her feet slightly. “Three, daddy”, she mumbled through her pacifier, finding herself smiling, yet slightly mortified that she was succumbing to this. She assured herself she referred to him as that honorific to ensure she stayed on his good side. There was no other reason for it, she quickly agreed to herself. “That’s right little Bec. It always makes three”. He smiled at her before motioning her over to him. When she took the hint and started walking over to him, he patted her diaper bottom again and said “Let’s get you some dinner, huh? I’m sure you’re starving after today’s events”. Part 2 - Chapter 1: Seven Days Bec felt a hand guiding her to walk backwards slightly as it pushed lightly on her chest. The backs of her legs met the edge of the bed that she was being lightly pushed towards, causing her legs to buckle slightly until she could feel herself sitting down. The hand continued to push her, beckoning her to give in and lie on her back. Bec’s skin started to rise with goosebumps as she could feel someone’s hands grabbing at the waistband of her panties. A finger was sliding its way around the top waistband, mere inches from her mound. Just when Bec thought the person was going to go further, they removed their finger from her waistband and began crawling over top of her. What had to be a fake fingernail found its way down the length of Bec’s chest, running down the middle of her breasts and all the way down to the top of her panty line. The person was coming in close now. The closer they got, the stronger the smell of cloves became. Bec couldn’t get a good look at who it was but could discern that it was another woman. The mysterious person continued moving in closer and closer until they were no more than an inch away from Bec’s face. Bec shivered and anticipated a kiss, wanting to accept it fully. She closed her eyes, waiting for the soft touch of this mysterious person’s lips. Instead of continuing straight down, the mysterious person continued to move their head down towards Bec’s ear. Instead of receiving that warm and mysterious person’s kiss, Bec received a whispered message. That message seemingly echoed throughout the room over and over again and gained volume as it bounced off the walls. “I’m going to be your worst nightmare.” Bec was startled awake. Like always, she woke up hoping that the reality she was greeted with was actually just a nightmare that she could pinch herself out of. Every morning ushered in a few moments where she had to come to terms with her new life all over again. Dreams of living her adult life would find their way through her unconscious and sleeping thoughts, only to be shattered each and every time the reality set in upon waking. It had been a week. Both figuratively and literally. In one week’s time, Bec had experienced a hand full of “firsts” that she would never have pondered being possible. Her privacy and sexual independence had all but been stripped from her with a flippant signature on a notarized piece of paper. Had she had any real inkling of what she would eventually be signing up for, she would never have made that trip to visit who she now has to refer to as her daddy, Sid. If she could, she would have reversed all of this. However, as she lied on her back, hands and legs spread and restrained in her oversized crib, she always ironically came to the same heart-breaking realisation that she was stuck like this and that there was nothing she could do about it but wait it out. “Only 365 more days of this,” she thought to herself as she tried to fight back tears. She had suffered through seven days of being forced back into diapers, which was something she still couldn’t believe she was even thinking, let alone living. Seven days of being kept from using a restroom, or even “doing her business” without someone else watching. Seven days of being put into horrible and humiliating situations, all for someone she thought, at the worst, might be a one-night stand. Seven consecutive days of being forced to cum in her very used diapers. Seven days of being constantly reminded that this was just the start. Seven horrible days, she thought she was marking off and putting behind her. Yet, here she was, right back at day one. Bec had seemingly followed the same morning routine for the past seven days.She would wake up to the stark reality that she was restrained in an oversized crib, fully incapable of moving her arms or legs away from the crib’s guard rails. This, in turn, served to remind her of how little Sid still trusted her.As she would inevitably start rattling the restraints, hoping for them to give in just a little bit, she would soon start tasting the dummy plastic of the rubber nipple of a pacifier contouring to the inside of her mouth. The rattling of the leg restraints would then, of course, lead to her noticing the feeling of a thick and wet diaper pressed between her legs. This morning was no different. As she felt the semi-cold diaper press back against her, she had a horrifying thought cross her mind: “Did I wet my diaper in my sleep?” She honestly couldn’t remember, given last night’s events. For the first time in what was her new life, she pooped her diaper twice in a day. Unfortunately for her, though, she didn’t have to really go until later in the afternoon, which then led to her not making her creamie until right before dinner. Because of this, she got an early last diaper change for the night, amongst other things. Bec remembered Sid saying late in the afternoon the day before, “This will just have to do until tomorrow morning since you obviously wanted to hold in your poopies like a bad girl.” She then remembered how she watched in horror as he walked over to her unpotty training chart and, with a red magic marker, he drew a giant red X over the square designated for Tuesday. She still couldn’t believe it. Sure, she didn’t try to fill her diaper at the exact moment she felt the need to go the day before, but she didn’t feel like the punishment was warranted. It wasn’t her fault. She even remembered the feeling of holding out hope that Sid would change his mind as she watched the event unfold in her head all over again. She recalled that she even attempted to scan the long rule list in the moment to see if there was any caveat in her unpotty training chart rule. She hoped the memory floating through her head would end with Sid letting her off the hook or maybe even giving her a warning. However, just like the day before, without missing a beat, the ghost of Sid made a beeline over to her and grabbed her pacifier that was dangling over her chest, which had fallen out of her mouth due to being so shocked, no doubt. Memories continued to flood her head now. She couldn’t escape the thoughts. She saw herself fidgeting on her feet again upon seeing the red X seemingly smiling back at her in that moment. She could see and feel him placing her pacifier in her mouth to stifle her fussing in regards to what had happened. “It’s almost as if he knew how unfair it was,” Bec thought to herself as she continued to rattle the chains in her crib slightly. She then saw Sid’s stern and unwavering face. She remembered looking up at him with tear filled eyes after the implication that she was going to be in diapers for an extra week set in. However, Sid pacifying her acted almost like a period on the conversation. It was a done deal, and there would be no going back. As she remembered looking up at him and feeling the first of many tears sliding their way down her face, she was met with Sid’s last words to her before being sent to bed early. That sentence still echoing in her head. “Cry me a river.” Bec squirmed at the thought of that interaction. But her mind wandered as she began to feel that her diaper was pushing up against her cunny more than usual this morning. That’s when she recalled that Sid had opted to send her to bed in a onesie. She still couldn’t see it, but she remembered it was flat white with light blue seams on her collar, arms, and crotch. Naturally, it was a snug fit, and Bec hated how much it rubbed against her all night. Being put to bed at 7:00 PM aside, she had a tough time falling asleep with the light teasing this onesie caused. Then, of course, dealing with the thought of her wearing a diaper and onesie at the age of 28 didn’t help either. The mental image of what she looked like in that onesie when she caught a glimpse of herself in the closet mirror from the night before made her shake her head in an attempt to rid her mind of it. It was of no use. She couldn’t shake the image. Even though the onesie had tight seams to hold everything in place, the diaper still poked out at the sides around her large thighs. It was almost as if the onesie was designed to not only make it obvious that she was wearing a diaper, but to also amplify it. This was especially the case from the front, as her thick and protruding diaper camel-toe was the first thing her eyes were drawn to in that moment. Then, of course, the rest of her body woke up and reminded her of her morning routine. It felt as if she had the urge to pee and poop earlier and earlier each morning. It was hard to forget how just a couple days ago she didn’t even make it past breakfast before she filled her diaper up. The memory of having a spoon-full of applesauce shoved into her mouth right as her body betrayed her was making its rounds through her head, now. She couldn’t help but think about how that cinnamon and apple flavour would no doubt forever be associated with the feeling of her helplessly pooping her diaper against the hard wood of her high-chair seat. She even remembered the feeling of the cold and mushy stuff all over her cheeks and chin as the mess began pressing back against her bottom in a seemingly impossible to stop cascade. Thanks to the highchair restraints keeping her spread out and the nature of using her diaper on a flat surface, the mess almost instantly found its way to her helpless naughty bits. Her face began to burn as she remembered just how much she begged, pleaded, and cried to be finished with breakfast early so as to avoid this. How she rattled the highchair restraints desperately and fruitlessly as Sid continued feeding her, not showing any signs of reprieve when it came to his stance regarding her eating every last bite. Finally, remembering how the apple sauce was just the first course, and how she had an entire Belgian waffle waiting for her after. Her pupils dilated to the slow awakening of fluorescent lights that hung above her. Through her blurry and still groggy vision, she saw the usual tall, slender, and swarthy man fiddling with his keys as he began to cross the threshold of the basement door leading to the oversized nursery. Before fully entering the room, Sid put his head through the crack of the open door and said what Bec made out as: “Just wait here a second.” I need to get her ready, still. “ Sid crossed the room and noticed the smell of stale urine that was coming from the crib as he got closer. He walked up to the guard rail of the crib and leaned over it, crossing his arms along the length of the guard rail’s upper beam, and resting on it. He looked down at Bec with the kind of expression that expects the other party to confess something dire. He looked down on her for a second, and then looked towards the crotch of her swollen diaper. Like every morning, he gave it three deep pats. This sent Bec into a slight squirming fit. This morning routine, and every diaper check was the only time Sid actually touched Bec down there, and Bec was starting to hate how much it stirred her pot. It was a cruel way to wake her sexual impulses up, only to have them ultimately unfulfilled. "Guess what today is, Little Bec.” Sid said with a smile. Bec knew this couldn’t be good. She knew it was Wednesday at least, but tried to fathom what the significance of it was. Regardless, the pacifier gag kept her silent, save for a few muffled whimpers. “Why, it’s Western Wednesday, cowpoke!” Sid exclaimed. Bec was beyond confused now, but had little time to contemplate what Sid meant by this before he started loosening the restraints and spelling it out for her. “This is going to be a new tradition. You can think of it as a rule, I guess, but I don’t like to think of it that way, personally”. Sid said with a wink as he undid the last belt-buckle like restraint attached to her right wrist. With all of her limbs free now, Sid lowered the guard rail of the crib and grabbed Bec’s right wrist, swinging her around so that she was sitting on the edge of the crib. With her right wrist already in hand, Sid then grabbed her left wrist and pulled her to her feet. Even though she had wet her nighttime diaper a couple of times, it still remained high and tight on her waist and showed little-to-no signs of sagging yet, thanks to the onesie and Sid’s diapering skills. “Alright, you can come in now, and lock the door behind you when you do.” Sid said as he wasted no time unsnapping the crotch of Bec’s onesie and yanking it over her head. Bec was made bare and completely topless, wearing only a flat white diaper that was showing a slight yellow tinge in the crotch as the door opened back up again. This caused her stomach to drop further than she thought it could. Due to focusing on Sid’s dialogue, she had somehow forgotten the implications of the interaction that Sid had had before entering the room. To her horror, the opening of the door revealed a woman. Bec’s eyes were drawn to the woman’s face first once she turned around from locking the basement door. She sported a dirty blonde pixie-style haircut that had semi-quaffed bangs that stopped right before her eyebrows. Her eyes were large and a deep green that was a shade or two removed from that of emeralds. In front of these eyes were thick, black-framed glasses. Her face was dotted with freckles that made their way across her cheeks, stopping near her slightly upturned nose. Bec also saw that the woman was wearing a similar lipstick to the one that Bec wore when she walked head first into this mess. The deep red of it admittedly contrasted the woman’s pale face better than it did her own. Bec fought every urge to cover herself up. She had learned that lesson the hard way earlier in the week, and her bottom was still slightly stung as a result of said lesson. “Diaper girls have no modesty, and neither will you.” Sid reminded her over and over again during another long and tear-filled spanking session that had followed a failed attempt at covering up herself with her hands. These same hands remained at her sides, balled up into fists in order to aid in fighting that impulse that would inevitably get her punished. The situation of having a stranger see her like this was bad enough, she didn’t want to add to it. As the woman got closer, Bec couldn’t help but notice that the smell of cloves was getting stronger and stronger, and her heart began to race as a result. Bec noticed the stranger was slightly taller than herself but with a similar build. Bec’s proximity to the woman made her realise her wardrobe as well. This mysterious woman was wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt that flared at the bottom, black leggings that showed off her wide hips and muscular thighs, and light brown high-heel boots that zipped up at the sides. In the moment, Bec couldn’t believe just how jealous she got when she caught a glimpse of the woman’s panty lines through her leggings. Just as Bec could feel the burn in her cheeks from the mysterious woman eyeing her up and down, Sid returned from the closet carrying an assortment of clothing items and what looked like a stuffed horse-head on a stick. “Ah, perfect timing. So Bec, I’ve decided that having someone like you to take care of like this requires a helping hand here and there.” Sid said as he smiled over at the stranger and continued. “Bec, let me introduce you to Hannah.” Part 2 - Chapter 2: the Implications of Western Wednesday Bec could feel her hair being pulled tightly behind her head as the previous statement from Sid rattled in her ears. “Our little cowpoke needs some tight braids if she’s going to be out on the range all day. Would you mind helping me out on that front, Hannah? " Bec could tell that Hannah had a strong grip as she could feel the hair on the back of her head getting partitioned into halves. Her head jerked slightly here and there as Hannah overlaid and intertwined three separate and smaller strands of hair over each other on the left side of Bec’s head. Thanks to Bec’s short hair-style, the braiding didn’t take long, though. In fact, the abrasive nature of the braids forming on her head almost made her forget that she was still standing topless in just a diaper. She could feel her tummy sticking out over the front seam as she stared straight ahead and sucked on her pacifier. Not wanting to garner any more unwanted attention from the stranger currently braiding her hair, Bec remained still and continued to fight the urge to move her hands to shield her chest. Hannah stood back and admired her handy-work. Two dark brown and perfectly symmetrical Dutch braids rested neatly on both sides of Bec’s head. The ends were ponied off with two tiny pink bows that rested just halfway down Bec’s neck due to her hair length. As Sid returned from the closet after a laborious search for what he said was a "necessary piece of the outfit,” he stopped and smiled at seeing Bec’s made-up hair. “How’s this look?” Hannah asked, still standing behind Bec. “It’s absolutely perfect. I’m glad I sent you that message last night”. Sid said as he walked over to the topless and semi-wet diaper-clad Bec. Bec’s confusion about what “Western Wednesday” entailed was slowly and horrifically made clear as she witnessed what other items Sid had carried out of the closet. She saw the stuffed horse head on a stick earlier, but didn’t pay attention to it as she was too preoccupied with the new person in the room, seeing her like this. However, the horse’s purpose became clear when she saw what else Sid had brought back from the closet. Thanks to Hannah being there, getting dressed was quick but also felt like a whirlwind. Bec witnessed the outfit coming together piece by piece as she could unfortunately see herself in the stand-up mirror. First came the tight white shirt that got placed over her. She was happy enough to finally be covered up, but became fidgety by how the t-shirt stopped before her belly button. Next came the vest, thanks to Hannah’s quick work of feeding Bec’s arms through the arm slots. It was a faux leather that sported sewed-on cow-spot patches. Then, naturally, the tell-tale sign that her diaper would remain exposed was Sid fashioning two crew socks and two tan cowboy boots that didn’t extend past her middle shin over her feet. The final pieces of the outfit were then put in place; a plastic gold star adhered to the vest with the words “Deputy” on it, and on her head, a small tan cowboy hat. As Bec stood there sucking on her pacifier and looking at how she resembled a pitiful caricature of Jessie from Toy Story, her gaze was taken away from her reflection thanks to Hannah’s voice. “Well, aren’t you just the cutest little cowgirl?” What made this worse was that even though Hannah was only slightly taller than Bec, she still put her hands on her knees to “get on eye level” with Bec. Bec couldn’t help but look away from Hannah’s mischievously grinning face that was mere inches away from her own. Her cheeks began to burn as she could also feel the wood pole of the horse-head on a stick being pulled up against her diapered crotch. The top half of the wood pole was then placed in front of her by Sid, indicating for her to grab onto it. When she got the hint and grabbed the pole, Sid said, “You will not go anywhere today without your trusty steed.” This pole must be in constant contact with your diaper as you move about your nursery today. The only time you’re allowed to dismount your trusty steed is if Hannah or I tell you to ‘rack up’. Is this understood “? In a slight daze, Bec nodded while feeling the familiar sting of tears filling the bottoms of her eyes and tried to digest these new rules for the day. Her face continued to burn bright red as she felt the invasive wood stick pressing up against her wet diaper and into her cunny. As Sid began to straighten up the tiny cowboy hat nestled on her head, he spoke up again. "I almost forgot; you don’t walk with your trusty steed on ‘Western Wednesday’, little Bec.” A long pause followed as he continued to straighten her outfit. He then smiled directly at her and said, “You gallop.” Part 2-Chapter 3: First Impressions There was something about another woman being in the room that made Bec’s cheeks burn intensely. It had to do with the fact that she could see Hannah’s panty lines whenever she moved and was jealous of that; the fact that this mysterious woman was beautiful and had that alternative vibe that she knew Sid truly liked; and also the fact that Hannah was a complete and total stranger. Bec held onto the stuffed horse-head on a stick, pressing it against her diaper crotch as not to disturb the moment of tranquility that had fallen upon the room that Sid began referring to as a nursery. Over the past week, she had grown to appreciate these moments. They were instances in which there was no inherent and/or deliberate humiliating experience. However, this moment, like all of those previous moments, was short-lived as Hannah spoke up. “So, is the little diaper cowgirl not going to say hi to her new friend?” Hannah said in an upturned tone that one might use if they were trying to pretend to be good with toddlers. Bec shifted on her feet slightly and looked away from Hannah’s face. Like always, she bit down on her pacifier hard in an attempt to soothe herself in situations like this. It never worked. “Aw, she must just be bashful around new people. Go on, little Bec, be nice and say ‘Hi, miss Hannah!’. ” Sid said as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. Bec eased up on her pacifier slightly but continued to tightly grip the stick horse she was forced to hang out with all day. Behind her pacifier she mustered out a feeble “Hi, mith Hannah”. She wasn’t sure if it was Hannah’s joyous reaction or her flat-out coming to terms with what she had heard herself say. Either way, her cheeks felt like they might burn off. Bec’s focus on her own self-pity was broken as she heard Sid say, “Alright, well I have to go upstairs and prepare our little cowpoke some breakfast before she hits the range. Hannah, keep an eye on her, will ya?” As Sid began to walk away, Bec noticed what he was wearing. During the commotion and horror of meeting someone new in her current state, she must have missed this detail. Sid’s face was freshly shaved, which seemed to be the norm nowadays and was quite a far cry from when they used to be a thing. He almost radiated aftershave everywhere he went. What was more perplexing than ever, though, was that he was wearing business casual. Fitted black dress pants hugged his long and slender legs and seemed to be perfectly even with his black desert boots with each long stride. For the top, a black fitted suit jacket with a white button-up underneath that flashed along his wrists. His hair even seemed to be slightly gelled and showed a little bit of a curly-Q that formed naturally due to his side part. He had dressed nicely the entire week before, of course. She remembered a flannel and jeans, a button t-shirt here and there, maybe even a polo, but not a full suit. Bec couldn’t unglue her eyes from him as he walked through the basement door, and she couldn’t help but hope he wouldn’t leave her alone with Hannah. As the basement door shut, though, she felt Hannah’s eyes on her yet again. As Bec slowly turned her head, she was greeted by the 32-year-old Hannah Wolf sitting cross-legged on the nursery’s sofa. Hannah’s gaze didn’t break away from Bec’s one bit. Naturally, Bec tried looking away intermittently every time they made eye contact, but Hannah continued to eye the adult-turned-toddler up and down. She knew there was no way of Bec knowing this, but Hannah couldn’t help but think about how she had been in a similar position with Sid. The only difference is that Hannah wanted it at the time. The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on Hannah by any means, as she recalled wanting to be degraded, torn down, and broken into the perfect diaper girl. The same exact path that Bec was walking down now. But, after her split with Sid years ago, she began exploring and found a new side of herself. A side that wanted to dish it out. 10 seconds of silence that felt like hours transpired between the two of them before Hannah spoke up and said, “You know, I think you and I are going to get to know each other very well. I think we should warm up to each other a little bit, dontcha think? I mean, we might as well”. Hannah finished the sentence with a smile that Bec couldn’t discern as sincere or nefarious. The real punctuation in the statement, though, was Hannah lightly patting her knee, indicating she expected Bec to obey the non-verbal cue. Sensing the power that had been bestowed upon Hannah for simply walking into the room wearing clothing that any adult woman should be normally wearing, Bec decided it would be best to obey. She bit down on her paci slightly and made sure to gallop the five-foot distance between her and Hannah. Even in that short distance, the pumping action of her arms up and down caused by the galloping forced the wooden and cylindrical “back” of the horse she was riding to grind up and down against her thick and wet diaper cunny. She grimaced at the feeling, ashamed that it was making her naughty bits tingle slightly. She was relieved to be able to stop this practice as she reached Hannah, but had a whole new fear start creeping up on her as she heard Hannah say “rack up, little cowgirl”. Still not wanting to cause any strife, Bec began to lift her right leg over the stick of the stuffed horse-head, getting slight relief by not having something constantly pressing up against her for a second. However, it was short-lived as Hannah uncrossed her legs and placed them side by side with her knees touching and began to grab Bec by the waist. Hannah then pulled Bec onto her lap, forcing Bec to straddle both of Hannah’s thick thighs. If she could only barely touch her toes to the ground while straddling Sid’s one knee, Hannah’s two legs made it so Bec’s feet were forced to dangle freely. The position presented a catch-22 situation for Bec. On one hand, it was nice that her crotch wasn’t pressed up against one of Hannah’s thighs, but on the other hand, her legs were spread to an angle just shy of 90 degrees. Bec couldn’t help but sense how warm and soft Hannah felt. She could feel Hannah’s warmth radiating through her leggings and onto Bec’s exposed inner thighs. Bec even started appreciating that clove smell that was seemingly perfumed on the stranger. “See, this isn’t so bad, huh?” Hannah said as she began to lightly bounce Bec on her lap, patting her large diaper bottom in the process while her other hand held onto her side. Flashbacks of poopy diaper knee bounces initially began circulating through Bec’s head as the bouncing started. Memories of her mess finding its way to her exposed cunny popped up. Memories of her crotch taking the brunt of the gravitational force each time she was bucked made its rounds in her head as well. However, due to her legs being stretched out more than usual, her bottom was taking most of the contact when it met Hannah’s knees. In fact, it wasn’t bad at all. It felt soft. It even gave Bec slight goosebumps to feel Hannah’s hand running its course over her diaper bottom. Bec even mustered a slight smile behind her pacifier that Hannah couldn’t help but latch onto. “Aw, little cowgirls just love their horsey rides, huh?” Hannah said as she smirked behind her lipstick. It was the same smile that Bec couldn’t decipher the underlined intentions. Hannah continued to look into Bec’s eyes and bounced her as the basement door opened, cuing Sid, who appeared with a tray full of French toast, amongst other things. As Sid placed the tray of food onto Bec’s oversized high chair, Bec noticeably tensed up quickly. Hannah felt Bec’s legs squeezing against her thighs in the process, putting a slight halt to the bucking motion. Something about Bec’s being worried and fearing having someone new see her in her current state must’ve blocked out that stubborn morning sensation. Whatever the reason, it was back and in full force. Bec began to feel herself soaking her diaper, not even remotely concerned by it as she could feel the warmth spreading against her crotch and upper thighs. Bec’s mind was only focused on one thing now; she had to poop, and she could tell it was going to be bad. Unfortunately for Bec, Hannah had grabbed Bec’s wrists during the initial bouncing slowdown in order to keep her from losing her balance on her knee. This just caused Bec to squirm against Hannah’s thighs as she squeezed and tensed her legs into them, contorting her face behind her paci and breathing in short spirts. Hannah was surprisingly confused and looked up at Sid who had just noticed the commotion. “What’s she doing?”. Hannah said while focusing on the fidgeting Bec. Hannah was just as alarmed hearing Sid’s explanation. “Oh! This is perfect timing, actually! Little Bec has to poop her diaper, and if the last week is any indication, she absolutely hates doing this while sitting on my lap, so I’m sure she’s trying her best to keep from doing it on yours, no doubt. It’s amazing really; even after all those spankings and even adding a week to her diaper life, she still tries to hold it. " Hannah looked back at Sid a bit confused, wondering where he was going with his speech as he took a slight pause. She continued to hold onto the squirming Bec. "I’ll leave it up to you, Hannah. If you want to stand her up and let her poop her diaper like that instead, then that’s totally up to you. If you want her to stay on your lap, I suggest pulling her into your chest. Since she’s sitting up and down, she’s able to hold it in a little better. If you pull her into you, your legs will keep her spread out. That position will force her bottom in the air and off your lap slightly as well, and will make it downright impossible for her to hold it for very long. ” Bec continued to squirm and shook her head in an attempt to try and dispel what Sid had said. It was the truth, though. He had proven it on the third morning of her new diapered life. She didn’t care if she got another red X on her unpotty training chart. Sid was absolutely right. She hated pooping her diaper this way. She could feel her body getting hot as sweat began to form on her forehead. The sting of her blushing cheeks reached an absolute fever pitch. Hannah paused for a second, looking at Bec’s pleading and tear-filled eyes as the oversized toddler grimaced and winced intermittently behind her pacifier. Bec looked back into Hannah’s emeralds. She still felt that warmth and could smell the cloves, gaining a slight comfort from them. It was almost as if everything about Hannah came off as cold up front, but then got warmer with each passing moment one spent with her. Bec felt like she could hang onto this, that Hannah could see how much this pained her, ultimately leading her to make the right choice. The next thing Bec saw was Hannah’s smirk that lifted up the left side of her mouth into a slight grin. The next thing Bec felt, of course, was Hannah positioning Bec’s hands behind her own back high and tight, and the slight at first, but ultimately firm sensation of being pulled forward. Bec’s heart plummeted into her stomach and the overheated sensation she was feeling from before abruptly turned into a frosty cold sweat as she began to move closer and closer to Hannah’s chest. Bec’s cheeks made contact with the middle of Hannah’s thorax, and the first sensation she felt was that (now understood) counterintuitive warmth radiating from Hannah. The second sensation was Hannah’s soft bosom pressing against Bec’s face, which, under different circumstances, would have been appreciated. The third sensation, of course, was the persistent and steadily building sting coming from Bec’s lower half, accompanied by that icy cold sensation from earlier, turning into one that made her entire body feel like it was going to spontaneously combust. Bec tried squirming against Hannah’s grip but was unable to find any weak point to try to reposition herself. Hannah had Bec pressed into her chest firmly and seemingly flowed with and absorbed every squirm and attempt to break free that Bec presented. Being in this position was torture for Bec. Her diaper bottom was almost parallel to Hannah’s legs that she was straddling. Her legs being kept open by at least a foot and a half thanks to Hannah’s large thighs didn’t help either. Bec tried in vain to close her legs against Hannah’s. Yet, each attempt was as useless as trying to smash a cue ball with one’s bare hands. Of course, the muscle memory associated with the act and the red alert messages her bottom half was sending to her brain were working fine. But each visceral reaction to close her legs was met with them basically staying right where they started, firmly spread apart. Bec bit down on her pacifier harder than ever and found herself arching her neck back, planting her face straight into Hannah’s chest as she continued to squirm against that vice-like grip. If it wasn’t for Hannah’s chest acting as a de facto pacifier gag in that moment, Bec’s pacifier would have fallen out of her mouth as the first wet fart signaled the dam was breaking. Bec stopped squirming slightly as the pain began to win out. It didn’t take much, but the easing up and the slight pushing to alleviate the pain forced the beginning of the mess to loudly cascade into the seat of her diaper in a gurgling and squelching cacophony. With eyes closed tight against Hannah’s peplum, Bec quickly felt the seat of her diaper fill up with her mess. It didn’t matter if she had been in this situation more than seven times over the past week; the feeling remained as foreign as it did the first time and made her heart skip a beat and sink into her stomach as the soft, warm, and form-fitting sensation pressed and smashed its way against her bottom. Bec began to let out puffs of heavy and weighted breaths between each interval of pushing, as she tried to force the remainder of her mess out. She was getting to the point in her new life where she could recognize the early signs of that awful “half-way out” feeling that pooping her diaper presented. Even though filling her diapers was ultimately an “accident” and a product of her not being able to handle the pain and pressure that the act presented, she still had to work to force the rest out. To mitigate this, she began pushing as hard as she could right when she could feel that she was almost finished. Bec could feel that the extra effort she was exerting in that unnatural semi-prone position was causing her sweat to dampen the armpits of her white undershirt. Hannah could feel how moist Bec’s skin was against her own during the ordeal. She continued to hold onto Bec’s wrists even though the threat of escape was pretty much a moot point by now. In terms of witnessing her first poopy diaper on someone other than herself, Hannah had a trial by fire experience. Even from the start, Bec’s diaper made the whole nursery swell with a pungent stink. The humbling sounds coming from Bec’s backside during the whole affair and the fact that Hannah could feel Bec’s diaper swelling against her own legs really hammered the severity home. However, Hannah felt a new sensation that she didn’t expect. At the stretch of land between her breasts, Hannah could feel the moist presence of Bec’s tears pressing against her skin through her peplum. The silent sobbing into her chest that accompanied the act came after, signaling that Bec had finished pooping. The complete and total difference that five minutes made resonated with Hannah in this moment. Five minutes ago, Bec’s legs were squeezing against Hannah’s for dear life. Now Bec’s legs were just dangling in defeat off of Hannah’s. Five minutes ago, the nursery smelled like baby powder, and to the other two in the room that weren’t desensitized to the smell, Hannah’s cloves. Now, it reeked with the origin being a very used diaper on Sid’s ex. Five minutes ago, the room was filled with Bec’s whines and the rustling of her diaper in her squirming fit. Now, the only sounds that filled the room were Bec’s muffled sobs behind a pacifier into Hannah’s chest. Bec expected a warm embrace to accompany yet another debilitating moment. Sid always seemed to place his large hand on her back after moments like these. She came to expect it as a consolation for her humiliating acts. She even began getting goosebumps from the experience. Hannah’s hands didn’t move, though. One still remained tightly clasped on Bec’s two wrists that were firmly held behind her back; the other remained at Bec’s side. Bec even gave a slight nudge against Hannah’s grip, trying to coax her into performing the routine she had become so used to. She was greeted with that vice-like grip that was unwavering and seemingly uncaring. As she tried to position her head to look at Hannah, Bec felt herself being forced back into an upright position abruptly. Hannah began pushing on Bec with her free hand and pulling her with the other. The effect of which was that Bec was basically road rolling the mess in her diaper against her bottom and cunny as it moved from a semi-prone position to a straight up and down on Hannah’s legs. The soft mess, as always, had zero regard for how Bec felt about the situation and pushed against her sensitive bits indiscriminately when presented with an opportunity such as this. When Hannah positioned Bec back on her now poopy diaper bottom, she was naturally met with a totally different woman than she had assumed Bec to be all those years. Today was the first day they had ever met each other. It was even safe to say that Bec probably had no idea Hannah existed up until today. It was almost too perfect in Hannah’s mind that the first time she physically met Sid’s ex, who she had Facebook stalked and cursed under her breath in passing all those years, was currently living this new life that involved being forced back into diapers at all times. That insular moment felt about as sweet as Hannah figured it could get. Yet, something almost refreshing happened as she felt the contents of Bec’s diaper press against her leg during that forced repositioning. There was something rejuvenating about knowing that Bec’s freshly pooped diaper was pressing against her horribly and how much this brought Bec discomfort in the process. Hannah, seeing that very same Bec sporting bright red cheeks that glistened with her own tears as the grown woman turned diaper girl sobbed into her pacifier on Hannah’s lap, felt almost like drinking water at this point. Naturally, the river was flowing. Even though they had parted ways, Hannah couldn’t help but feel vindictive against someone that had hurt Sid the way Bec had. In fact, it got so bad that Hannah began calling Bec “Open Leggy Becky” in her head. The irony wasn’t lost on Hannah that “Open Leggy Becky” even made sense given the events just moments prior. She loved that connection in her head and knew she would continue with it eventually. Right now, of course, Hannah wasted no time egging the tear cascade on. “That is such a good little diaper filler”. “Hannah said as soon as Bec’s gaze met her own. She continued with her half-upturned smile, shaking her head back and forth close to Bec’s in what would have been an Eskimo kiss had they been a hair closer. "Ms. Hannah can tell you made quite a large poopy in your diaper for your Daddy and I. Your Daddy filled me in on all your rules, by the way, and I couldn’t have agreed more with him on you deserving them. ” Hannah punctuated the sentence by lightly touching Bec’s nose, ignoring the tears streaming down the woman’s face in the process. Hannah looked slightly past Bec and upturned her gaze slightly, addressing Sid in the process. “Should we make her do her nursery rhyme and #3 right now?” She said with a grin, her lips trembling in excitement. Sid, who had been watching the whole thing, posturing as if he would rather be doing anything else as he quickly checked his watch, relayed back to Hannah. “No. #3’s happen on my time, and right now, it’s breakfast. I’m not going to sit here and have her morning meal go to waste just because she pooped her diaper this early. I’m afraid she’s just going to have to deal with it.” Sid began positioning two chairs over by Bec’s highchair as he finished the sentence, not even looking back. Hannah, couldn’t help but bring the left side of her mouth back up in that smirking grin that Bec was starting to fully understand the true nature of. Their eyes met for a split second before Hannah mouthed a couple of words that were followed by a wink. Those words didn’t register with Bec right away, but eventually they rang out louder and louder in her head until they became audible. “Works for me." Part 2 - Chapter 4: Negative Contact It was happening again. Another food was becoming associated with that disgusting poopy diaper feeling. This time it was scrambled eggs with melted cheese and ketchup splattered on top. The soft mess in her diaper pressed hard against her bottom thanks to her hard-wood high-chair seat. And like every feeding that was accompanied by a messy diaper, Bec’s senses were pulling her in opposite directions. Each bite of the scrambled eggs, while pleasant, was paired with the sensation of her mess being flattened against her big bottom. Signals constantly traveled up and down her body with each bite. One signal would relay a sense of simple pleasure that comes from eating, instantly followed by a sense of repulsion coming from the nerves on her back side. Then, of course, there was a second or two in between her swallowing and Sid forking more eggs where the smell of her mess would penetrate her nostrils. “Can I feed her?” Hannah chimed in as Sid was about half way through the plate of eggs. Sid looked back at her, slightly smudging ketchup on Bec’s cheeks in the process, and said, “I can’t see why not.” Regardless of the current situation, Hannah’s switching places with Sid and picking up the fork to continue the feeding caused Bec to shake her restraints slightly and look away in pain. Hannah had been in Bec’s life for no more than an hour or so at this point. It was bad enough that Bec effectively “broke-in” Hannah’s lap minutes prior. But Hannah fulfilling a similar role to Sid’s this quickly was devastating to Bec. The lines were clear. Bec was expected to treat Hannah with the same amount of respect that she inherently owed to Sid now. What was worse was that it almost seemed as if Hannah thoroughly and earnestly savored this authority. Hell, the amount of enjoyment she got out of marking another red X on Bec’s unpotty training chart was bordering on sinister. Bec figured this would be the consequence of her so obviously trying to keep her morning routine from happening on Hannah’s thighs. However, there was something about how quick Hannah was pleading the case that there was a need for the red X and how jovial and proud of herself she was when bringing this thought up with Sid. Fortunately for Hannah and unfortunately for Bec, Sid had already closed the case on whether a red X was necessary or not. It was, and Sid allowed Hannah to be the one to mark the chart. Hannah couldn’t help herself in the process, smiling ear to ear the entire time with both her and Bec, knowing full well that Bec was now a week further away from getting out of diapers than she was when she signed the ill-fated contract. Hannah forked some scrambled eggs from the plate and brought them up to Bec’s mouth. She began pushing the fork forward while saying, “Alright little miss potty pants, open wide for their airplane!” Not only did the demeaning pet name make Bec cringe, but so did the scenario itself. Not wanting to start anything though, Bec wiggled slightly but opened her mouth, anticipating the incoming flavor of eggs to accompany the other previously mentioned terrible sensation. Hannah completely and unabashedly missed Bec’s mouth. It wasn’t even close. Bec felt bits of scrambled eggs falling down and bouncing off of her shoulder, landing on the tray that kept her locked in as well as falling on the ground below. Bec could feel the cool of the ketchup smeared across her left cheek as her eyes met Hannah’s deep green ones. “Aw, I guess it only makes sense that you’d be a messy eater, too.” Hannah said, with that same deceptive smirk as before. Bec blushed a deep red at Hannah’s remark, which was no doubt referencing the current state of her diaper. She was shocked at what had happened in a way, but not completely taken aback. Bec remembered Sid doing something similar for her first feeding, of course. In fact, she had gotten somewhat used to having her mouth slightly messy after each meal. Sid seemingly always tries to make a point of getting some of her meal on her face. It had gotten better, though. She made sure to keep her mouth extra wide-open to try and avoid this. She shrugged off the miss but not the comment, opening her mouth wide to accept the next forkful as her cheeks still burned slightly from it. Same result. Eggs were falling to the ground again as Bec felt even more of the cold ketchup pressing against her cheeks and lips. Bec even tried aiming for the fork this time, but it was as if at the last moment, Hannah’s hand moved way off course. Hannah looked more annoyed than anything at this second failed feeding attempt. Placing the fork down in slight defeat, she began posturing in an overzealous manner, almost feigning exhaustion regarding what she perceived Bec was currently being; a fussy, bratty, and over-sized adult-aged toddler. Hannah looked back at Sid after drawing out a long sigh and said, “She’s being such a fussy little girl this morning. She won’t even let me put any of her breakfast near her mouth, let alone in it!” She looked back at Bec, paused for a second after eyeing her up and down, and then found the perfect nerve to exploit by exclaiming, “Aw, she must still be ashamed of what she did on my knee earlier!” Hannah stood up and slightly leaned over Bec’s high-chair table saying, “Don’t worry sweetie. Miss Hannah isn’t mad at you for pooping your diaper on her lap. It’s just what little girls like you do, after all.” Hannah lightly poked Bec’s nose and formed a tight closed-mouth smile following the sentence. Bec received the nose poke and scrunched her face up slightly upon contact. She couldn’t help but let out an exhausted whine and look away from Hannah upon hearing her condescending reassurance. Bec figured she’d probably be less upset if they just made fun of her for what she had done. Instead, Sid and Hannah were masters at gaslighting her about her new life. According to them, and what they wanted Bec to believe, what happened on Hannah’s knee earlier was just as normal or expected as the sun rising in the morning. The humiliation Bec was experiencing slowly turned into slight irritation. She pulled tightly on the high-chair restraints, almost treating them like one would a pillow that needed a good punch. She knew she had to fight every urge in her body to keep her from speaking up, though. Even though Hannah was obviously missing on purpose, Bec knew she had to play along out of fear of what could follow disobedience. She had even been keeping her mouth open so wide during the attempts that her jaw was starting to hurt. Bec intermittently found and broke Hannah’s unwavering gaze as she saw Hannah’s smile from before slowly turn into an expression of complete and total irritation following her ‘cutesy’ but ultimately fake encouragement. Her green eyes didn’t look away from Bec’s, and her lips were pursed. Bec could tell just by this look alone that she was on thin ice regardless of how unfair the situation was. But, like night and day, Hannah’s face returned to a smirk. Had Bec blinked, she would have missed the quick transition and probably just assumed Hannah had put on a mask in a split second. “Alright little messy girl, let’s try this again, shall we?” Hannah said in a cheerful tone that cracked slightly. Bec forced all of her attention toward the incoming asteroid of scrambled eggs hurling toward her. She kept her eyes peeled and her mouth stretched open as far as it could reasonably go. She noticed Hannah’s hand starting to veer right and moved her mouth in that direction. However, right as she made her move, Hannah made a countermove. This time, Bec felt the ketchup on her chin, and the bits of scrambled eggs fell on her tray. It was another complete and total miss. At this third miss, Hannah slammed the fork down on the plate, which reverberated with a high-pitched ting that accompanied metal on ceramic. She stood up quickly and purposefully and got right in Bec’s face, pointing her index finger out inches away from Bec’s nose. In this split moment of movement, Bec was instantly greeted with that familiar clove smell again, and it echoed louder now due to Hannah’s close proximity. It was so strong and so close that it even masked the smell of Bec’s dirty diaper, which was seemingly sticking to every surface in the room by now. However, the smell of the cloves was not welcome this time thanks to the lecture that proceeded to flow from Hannah’s lips. “Listen up, and listen good, missy. If you refuse your breakfast one more time, you can kiss the idea of getting your poopy diaper changed today goodbye.” Bec’s veins turned to ice at the sentence she just heard. Sid was unfair, but he was never THIS bad. Bec had to seriously mess up according to Sid’s wants and rules to earn a punishment similar to what Hannah was threatening. Bec sat there as her eyes began to well up while being glued to Hannah’s as the lecture continued. “Since you apparently LOVE being so messy, as evident by your face and bottom right now, you can just remain messy until bed time if you act up again. Who knows, maybe we can just mark a preemptive red X for tomorrow too.” Hannah said, looking back at Sid as if he was supplying back up for the obviously and obscenely unfair terms. He sat, seemingly unaffected. Bec cringed and squinted her eyes in an attempt to quell the inevitable tear cascade at how Hannah emphasized the word “love” in her previous sentence. She began to rattle the high chair restraints hard now, pulling on them with all her might. She had to do something. Hannah was seemingly trying to find any excuse at all to add extra weeks of this diapered hell to Bec’s life. However, it was the next thing that Hannah said that made Bec stiffen and sit straight up, making her skin crawl as the hair on her neck began to rise. “Do you think I’m joking, little Bec?” Hannah said with a pause as she got closer to Bec’s ketchup-stained face. Hannah took in the smell of the tomato puree product, which naturally had Bec’s messy diaper cutting through it. This olfactory cacophony made it to where Hannah even tried to imagine what scent “Open Leggy Becky” probably dolled herself up with when she first came back into Sid’s life a week ago. Her heart fluttered at how much of a juxtaposition that perfume probably was to Bec’s current “fragrance”. She figured if she could bottle up and drink the sensation she was feeling by connecting these dots, she would be able to sustain her life with them. No more water. No more food. Just the thought of Bec being where she is now compared to where she was nine days ago. She examined how fearful Bec had become of her. How she winced at the mere sound of Hannah’s voice. Hannah decided to amplify her feelings and emphasize the depth of her conviction for her previously stated statements. “Don’t you EVER, and I mean ever, fuck with me like that again. I’m going to be your worst nightmare. " Hannah returned to her chair and donned that "everything is fine” mask from before, as Bec sat speechless. Bec’s mouth was agape and her heart was beating fast now. She was horrified by Hannah and afraid of what pain she might inflict. She wanted nothing but everything to go smoothly with her from now on in an attempt to avoid that potential pain. Bec looked over at Sid, hoping he’d step in and hoping he’d limit Hannah’s rule. He did nothing. He stared back at her and slightly shrugged, his mouth going slightly sideways as if to nonverbally say “What can ya do?”. Bec wasn’t sobbing now, but tears were flowing in a steady stream down her face as she turned to see Hannah’s forkful of scrambled eggs getting closer and closer to her. She was too shocked at what was unfolding to sob. As the forkful of scrambled eggs got closer, she couldn’t help but recall the moon landing video she was forced to watch in school as the “spaceship” approached its general destination. The scene and the words flowed through her head now. She saw herself bored in her college class that showed her the footage. The right side of her face was resting against her right hand, which was braced against her desk as she slouched forward trying to stay awake in the dimmed classroom. The irony was not lost on her that her current high chair seat was about as firm and uncomfortable as that classroom’s desk chairs. She even had a slight moment of euphoria, remembering how sitting on that desk chair felt without a diaper strapped to her waist. She even started to recall what her soft silk panties felt like against her skin that day. She remembered how that particular pair left a railroad-esque track around her waist and how annoying it was. Oh, what she’d give to feel the sting of her top pantie elastic slightly cutting into her waist in lieu of the current feeling. The staticky and walky-talky sounding conversation between Houston and the three echoing in her head in pieces now. …Buzz, this is Houston. Loud and clear. You’re really coming in beautifully. Over… …Now comes the gymnastics… …Minus 47… …Roger… … 3, 2, 1,.. …MARK! Ground control was celebrating and applause was echoing in Bec’s head as another slow but deliberate tear slipped down her cheek. Through this applause, she heard another staticky message cutting through that wasn’t present in the actual transmission as the sound of scrambled eggs careened to the floor. …It seems you guys landed quite a bit off course…
  19. Olivia is a young woman who has problems with her anxiety. Unable to take the stress of her job she quits. Landon is a young woman who, in may ways, is the polar opposite of Olivia. Confident and oozing sexiness she senses an opportunity. Dan is Olivia's husband and works in the same company. When he goes home to see his wife he is greeted by an unusual scene for most people. For Dan is was entirely expected. --- Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 47 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page! The money I get goes to paying bills and putting food on the table so I appreciate all of my patrons and would appreciate anyone who might be interested in supporting me to check out my Patreon ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Livy’s New Family By Elfy “I can’t do this!” Olivia was practically in tears, “I quit!” Olivia turned out of her now former boss’s office and hurried towards the women’s bathroom. She let out an involuntary sob as she pushed straight into the room and headed for a cubicle. She locked the flimsy plastic door and dropped on to the toilet. With her head in her hands she started crying, it felt as if she had let everyone down. Every moment since she had got this job had been hell for her and she just couldn’t cope. This had been a long time coming. Olivia had been struggling with the stress of her job as a paralegal pretty much since she started there a couple of years before but the last few months had been intolerable. The stress and anxiety had been building until it had erupted. It didn’t help that she had ADHD which seemed to only be made worse by the recent stresses. “Come on, Livy.” Olivia said as she took some toilet paper, “Get it together. What would Dan say?” Olivia had met Dan originally in college and it was like love at first sight. In truth, Olivia may not have been able to finish her education without Dan’s help and conversely Olivia had helped Dan when he went through law school after finishing his degree. They were married soon after college and then Dan got a job at this legal firm. When an opening for a paralegal came up Dan was able to put in some good words for her. It’s why Olivia felt like she had let her husband down, he had gone to bat for her and she had been a bad employee and now just wanted to run away. “Olivia?” A voice Olivia was familiar with came from somewhere in the bathroom. Olivia had hoped she had got into the bathroom without being seen. She stood up and opened the door to the stall. She stepped out and over to the sink trying to suppress the sobs that still rippled through her body. She looked into the mirror to see an acquaintance, someone who worked with her husband as a fully-fledged lawyer. At first she wanted to hide the fact that she had been crying but as soon as she saw herself she knew there was no masking the puffy red eyes or running mascara. Landon walked over and put her hand on Olivia’s shoulder. The two women could hardly have been more different. Olivia was naturally submissive. She was insecure and never felt like she deserved the job she had which probably greatly contributed to her anxiety. She was quiet and withdrawn, shy and nervous. Landon on the other hand was someone everyone gravitated to. She was confident, outgoing and, in Olivia’s opinion, sexy. “What’s going on?” Landon asked with a frown. “I just… quit.” Olivia sniffed and dabbed at her eyes with tissue. Landon remained silent as she continued rubbing Olivia’s shoulder. She was looking at the smaller woman but it was as if she wasn’t really looking at her, it was as if she was staring through her. Olivia watched her in the mirror. “What are you going to tell Dan?” Landon asked eventually. “I don’t know.” Olivia said as she dropped the tissue in the trash can and sniffed again, “He knows I’ve been stressed.” “I’m sorry. If there’s anything I can do…” Landon said as she stepped back. “Thanks.” Olivia said as she picked up her bag. Olivia flashed a quick smile to Landon though it was one without any emotion behind it. She left the bathroom and started heading down the corridor to the cubicle that counted as her office. It only took a minute to sweep all of her things into a cardboard box and head down to the elevator. She was just about to press the button when she saw Landon hurrying down the hallway towards her. She looked sexy and in control even whilst running for the elevator, Olivia thought jealously. “Olivia, do you want me to tell Dan?” Landon asked as she drew near. “W-Would you?” Olivia asked. “Of course.” Landon smiled a little condescendingly, “I know these things can be difficult.” “Thank you.” Olivia said. This time her smile was a little more genuine. She dreaded telling Dan what she had just done and seeing the disappointment in his eyes. “No problem. Make sure you go home and have a good rest, alright?” Landon reached out to pat Olivia on the arm. Olivia stepped back into the elevator and pressed the button that took her down to ground level. As she slowly descended the floors of the tall building she had plenty of time to second guess herself. There was no doubt the job was causing her an awful lot of stress but should she have just worked through it? She hated that she couldn’t deal with it when everyone else seemed to be able to live with it just fine. Why was she so weak that she couldn’t do something as normal as work? By the time Olivia was back at her car she felt like she was on the verge of tears again. She left the car that she had arrived in with her husband and hurried to the bus stop. She needed to go home and relax before she had a complete breakdown. There was one thing in particular that really helped Olivia calm down and she was counting the seconds till she could get to her bedroom. --- Landon watched the elevator doors close with her well-practiced warm smile on her face. The moment they closed it changed subtly into a much more sinister grin. It felt like just the opportunity she had been waiting for ever since she had found out Dan was married. She waited a minute and then called an elevator of own. Instead of heading down to the ground floor she went up a level to where the lawyers had their offices. Whilst in the elevator Landon looked into the mirror and touched up her hair. She checked her make-up and quickly touched up her lipstick. She adjusted her clothes to push up her breasts and make them more prominent. All the subtle tricks she had learnt to get ahead in a male dominated environment. When the doors opened Landon stepped out and walked towards Dan’s office. She sauntered with one foot in front of the other causing her hips to sway, she smiled as the heads turned to watch her go past. She only had eyes for one man. “Dan?” Landon knocked on the open door, “Are you busy?” “I am.” Dan replied as he scribbled down some notes before looking up to the doorway, “But I’ve always got time for you. What’s up?” “I just saw your wife going down to the lobby with a box.” Landon said as she walked in and perched herself on the edge of the desk, “She wanted me to tell you that she just quit.” Landon watched as Dan seemed to deflate a little. He leant back in his chair causing it to creak slightly. He closed his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. Landon studied the man, his chiselled bone structure and handsome features set him apart from nearly any other man in the office. He was intoxicating to Landon who wasn’t embarrassed to admit she had been lusting after him ever since she had first seen him. “I was afraid this was going to happen…” Dan sighed. “Trouble at home?” Landon asked as casually as she could manage. “No, no…” Dan looked back down from the ceiling with a disappointed expression, “Olivia has just been under a lot of stress recently. She’s been struggling to cope.” “The poor little thing.” Landon said with a sympathetic frown. “Olivia took on the majority of the household chores since I made a majority of the money.” Dan continued, “But recently she’s been falling behind. I’ve tried to help but I’m so tired after work. I’m afraid the house has become a bit of a mess.” “She has always seemed quite… sensitive.” Landon was secretly delighted about getting to gossip about Dan’s wife. “She struggles sometimes.” Dan said, “Normally we can get through it together but she’s been much more stressed recently. It’s one of the reasons I was hesitant to get her a job here in the first place. It’s not that I didn’t think she could do it, it’s just a tough gig for anyone, you know?” “Oh, of course.” Landon nodded her head, “It’s not the sort of thing just anyone can do.” “Exactly.” Dan nodded, “And after getting the Peterson case dropped on my lap this morning this is the last thing I need.” “Peterson case?” Landon said with raised eyebrows. “Yeah. Really complex and a lot of moving parts, a mountain of paperwork to sift through.” Dan sat back in his seat and massaged his temples. Landon nodded her head thoughtfully. The gears were turning and she was seeing an opportunity, a little crack that she could get into and push open. After saying her goodbyes she left the office and closed the door behind her. Instead of heading back to her own office she walked with purpose down the corridor. People hurriedly got out of the woman’s way, when she moved it was like there was a force-field moving people aside. Landon wanted Dan all to herself and that desire had only increased when she learnt that Olivia was an obstacle. No one stopped Landon from getting her way and she had started to plot and scheme against Dan’s wife. It had taken a pathetically small effort to get Olivia unsettled at work. As she had found out Olivia was hardly the most stable person to begin with. Landon knocked on the door of Mr. Myers. He was an older man who had started the law firm and still ran it as boss despite not dealing with any cases any more. He was a fount of knowledge with an encyclopaedia-like knowledge of law. Landon had been very quick to make sure she was on his good side as soon as she had started there. “Come in.” Mr. Myers’ voice was gruff unlike his appearance which was much more like a kindly old grandpa. Landon opened the door and stepped into the office. The furnishings inside made Mr. Myers’ office look more like an extension of his home. Stepping through the doorway made it seem like Landon was being transported to an entirely different building. “Hello, Sir.” Landon said as she closed the door behind her. “Ah, Miss. Hamilton, how may I help you?” Mr. Myers asked. --- Dan pulled his car up outside of his house. He tilted his head from side to stretching the muscles in his neck. He climbed out of the car and pulled his briefcase with him, it banged against his leg as he pushed the door closed. He pressed the button on his key fob and the lights flashed to let him know it was now locked. Dan loosened his tie as he walked up the garden path to the front door. It had been a tough day. The Peterson file that had landed on his desk was more complex than anything he had seen before. It seemed like there were at least a thousand pages of intricate legalities to sift through. It was a mountain that he would have to climb up by himself. Hearing that Olivia had quit her job, whilst not totally a surprise, had also put a downer on the day. Opening the front door Dan was met with the sound of children’s television coming from the living room just off the hallway. He put down his briefcase and took off his jacket. He grabbed the handle of the door and then paused to take a deep breath. He pushed the door open. “Daddy!” Olivia jumped off the couch and hurried over to Dan. Dan forced as much of a smile as he could manage for his wife as he wrapped his arms around her and patted her back. He had been almost certain this was the scene he would be returning to. He looked over Olivia’s shoulder and could see some blocks laying on the floor and a pacifier sitting on the table, more clutter adding to the general mess. Olivia was wearing a white t-shirt with pink denim pinafore dress. Her hair was in pigtails with little pink bows on the end and, as Dan’s hand travelled down her back, he discovered she was wearing regular panties. That was something of a surprise for him all things considered. “Hello Livy.” Dan said. Livy being the name Olivia preferred when she was being little. “Erm, Daddy, I have something to tell you…” Olivia let go of Dan and looked down at her feet nervously. “I already know.” Dan said, “Landon told me.” “I’m sowwy.” Olivia lisped childishly. “It’s OK.” Dan sighed, “Does Livy want nuggies for dinner?” Dan watched as Olivia looked up with a big smile and rapidly nodded her head causing her pigtails to bounce all over the place. Dan patted her on the head and then walked out of the room leaving Olivia to hop back on the couch and continue watching her cartoons. Many people might think this was an odd scene to come home to but for Dan it was normal. Very early on in their relationship Olivia had told Dan about her love of age play. She liked to pretend she was a child, sometimes she even went so far as to wear diapers but most of the time her little self was potty trained. Olivia liked to be called Livy when she was little and Dan became a sort of de facto caretaker for her. He didn’t usually mind since he knew it helped Olivia a lot but on days like that one it did nothing for his stress. When Olivia was extra anxious, stressed or in any way not feeling her best she tended to want to be little more and more. Dan enjoyed the “Daddy” role a lot of the time but on some days he would’ve preferred resting, Olivia was so cute when she was feeling little, it was hard to say no. Dan yawned as he slipped some chicken nuggets and fries into the oven. He looked for some plates but found they were all unwashed and in the sink. He sighed and sat down on one of the chairs around the kitchen table. When Dan and Olivia had moved in together and sorted out the dynamics of their relationship it was agreed that since Dan was the main breadwinner that Olivia would do a majority of the housework. This setup worked a lot of the time but recently things had started to slip. The chores weren’t being kept up with by Olivia who was much more likely to be sat with her toys than doing the dishes. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help out, it was more that she couldn’t. Dan knew about her mental health obstacles but knowing about them didn’t always mean it was easy to empathise after he came home from a long day at work to have to do chores all evening. Dan rubbed the back of his neck as he took a couple of minutes to relax and the heat of the oven filled the kitchen. The only sounds in the house came from the television in the living room. Losing the extra source of income wasn’t the biggest deal in the world but Dan did worry about his wife. Olivia had always been on the fragile side and he worried that leaving her job and spending more time as a little was a sign that she was not coping well. He was desperate to help but already felt like he was stretched to the limit himself. When the food was ready Dan got a couple of plates and dished it up. He placed the two meals on the table and then got two drinks, for Dan it was a small bottle of beer whilst Olivia had a sippy cup full of juice. He screwed on the pink plastic top and then went into the living room to retrieve his wife. “Livy, time for dinner.” Dan said as he poked his head around the door. Dan smiled as Olivia jumped off the couch and hurried out to meet him. She wrapped her arms around Dan and hugged him before letting go and almost running to the dining table. She looked adorable in her dress which bounced with every step to sometimes give a look at the pink panties underneath, Dan recognised them as being the ones decorated by princesses from various animated films. Dan walked back through to the dining area to see Olivia already sat on her seat ready to tuck in to her childish meal. As he walked past Dan reached over and gently patted his wife on the head causing her to become giddy. As soon as he sat down Olivia started tucking in to her meal. Olivia was the first to finish her food and was gulping greedily from her sippy cup as Dan ate the last few bites of his own. When he put down his knife and fork he sat back in his chair and sipped his beer with a sigh. With a finger and a thumb he rubbed his eyes and tried to de-stress from everything that had happened. “Are you OK, Daddy?” Olivia asked from across the table. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” Dan gave a tired smile, “Just a lot on at work.” “Oh…” Olivia put her a finger up to her lip as if thinking about something and then slipped off her chair. Dan watched Olivia walk around to him and she sat on his lap sideways. They hugged for a minute before Olivia pulled back and gave Dan a kiss. Dan had to admit that no matter how stressed or upset he might be Olivia was always able to put a smile on his face. “Can I do anything to make Daddy feel better?” Olivia asked breathily. One of her hands ran down Dan’s chest. “And what did Livy have in mind?” Dan asked with a knowing smile. Olivia’s hand continued down Dan’s body until it reached his crotch. She smiled and then bit her bottom lip as she giggled. Dan knew that for Olivia there was a sexual aspect to when she was little, she enjoyed it and found it exciting and it wasn’t uncommon for her time as a little to include some very grown-up activities. “Shall we take this upstairs?” Dan asked with a grin. Olivia enthusiastically nodded her head. Dan smiled as Olivia hopped down and took his hand. She eagerly pulled him out of the room and towards the stairs. The sex was always great. Dan was naturally dominant in the bedroom whilst Olivia was naturally submissive, it made for great chemistry. No matter how tired Dan felt he could always find energy for intimacy. --- If you enjoyed this part you can check out what happens next RIGHT NOW at: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livys-new-family-83503962
  20. This is a re-upload of a story I did not write. https://www.diaper-bois.com/stories/ryan-s-new-daddy/ Chapter 1 - One Confused Boy To say that Ryan Willis didn’t know quite what he was getting himself into was a massive understatement. Agreeing to surrender himself for an entire summer to the whims of a complete stranger is one thing, but when that person intends to treat you as his infant child for that time… well, you’d probably think you were completely fuckin’ bonkers as well, like he did. Some background information is probably necessary here. Ryan Willis was a pretty unassuming guy. Fairly freshly 18 and graduating high school; he was fairly popular, well-built from years of intensive hockey playing (the last year he spent as captain of the school’s team), and certainly no slouch in the looks department with his deep hazel eyes, fair features, and deep brown locks, always styled perfectly. Indeed, he had all the girls at school fawning after him. He got respectable grades that would have no trouble getting him into his college of choice, made no enemies, and was always home in time for tea. For all intents and purposes, Ryan was just a normal kid. But of course, as is typical for stories like these, he wasn’t. Ryan had a secret deep inside. Well, really, he had two secrets. The first; he was gay. A complete and utter raging homosexual. He’d had a girlfriend, sure, but him and Elise broke up a little while ago; thankfully before things got serious enough that his cover might be blown. Regardless, one thing was for sure: every time he ended up in the changing rooms after a sweaty game of hockey with his team was a massive struggle for dominance between his libido and his shame. All those rippling, hockey-player bodies, and the way they’d shower naked… Ryan had to start getting changed by himself after everyone had left by the end of it. They could never know; it was just how it had to be. No one could know, in fact; not his parents, not his younger sisters, not his friends, no one. He was Ryan Willis, star hockey player and future Harvard Law graduate, and he was expected to find himself a trophy wife and pop out a few kids in the future. He couldn’t fuck it up by being a faggot, as his dad would call him no doubt. But that was practically nothing compared to his other secret. See, not only was Ryan gay, but he was in what was called the ABDL community; specifically, he was what some termed a “teen baby”. Basically, Ryan enjoyed the idea of wearing diapers, playing with baby things, and being treated like an infant, preferably by an older, larger, stronger man. It was the cornerstone of his fantasies, and the thing he dreamed about every night he went to bed. In a way, ever since he got out of diapers, he’s dreamed of getting back into them. He’d spent countless hours in his teen years holed up in his room, door locked, jerking off over young guys in diapers and baby clothes, or reading stories about guys being forced into diapers by another man, always imagining himself in their place. Sure, he could get off over normal vanilla gay porn, and bottoming for another guy was something he desired too, but as soon as he threw diapers into the mix, his libido went nuts. Regardless, his fantasies always involved being dominated by an older man, a father figure as it were. It was nothing to do with his own father issues, or so he hoped. It was just how he was wired. In addition, he was a regular on all the usual ABDL haunts and forums. But this bummed Ryan out more often that it should - he saw all the guys his age freely wearing diapers and baby stuff and having people to change them and care for them, and though he always found it hot as hell, he couldn’t help but also feel intensely jealous. He knew he would never be able to get that. He was just too terrified that someone might recognise him on the internet, and his secret would be out, and his life would be over just like that. Being gay was one thing, but being a gay freak obsessed with diapers… He spared no expense in covering his tracks. He didn’t dare buy diapers or even training pants to live out his fantasies in real life, such was his fear of being caught. Bottles and pacifiers and the lot were out of the question as well. He even bought a second laptop, unbeknownst to the rest of his family, and used an anonymous browser on it to ensure that they could never find out. He brought the laptop out when he was sure no one was home, and went loose, but when he was done, or someone came home, he quickly locked it up and hid it underneath a loose floorboard under his bed. He had it all under lock; no one could find out. But this all led to Ryan feeling incredibly lonely. He knew that he wasn’t the only one with this weird fixation, but his paranoia meant he feared he’d probably never be able to actually experience his most desired fantasy. And of course, he was constantly racked with guilt, something that plagued practically everything ABDL in the course of their lifetime… the insistent, nagging thought that what you were doing, what you found enjoyable was actually a disgusting perversion, and only one degree of separation away from pedophilia. Of course it was ridiculous, he reasoned, but it didn’t really matter - if anyone found out, that’s exactly what they would think of him. However, everything changed in April of his senior year, not too long before graduation… Chapter 2 - Diaperlist It was a crisp, early Spring night, the sort you’d only ever get in good ol’ New England, when Ryan discovered Diaperlist. His parents were out for their anniversary dinner, and Jemma and Becca (his sisters) were out with their friends or boyfriends or whatever - he didn’t really care, all it meant for him was quality time alone with his fantasies. One of his closest teen baby friends (who lived on the other side of the country, a shame since he looked so cute in diapers) had posted a link on one of his favourite haunts, Teen Baby Hangout: “A cool new website I’ve developed. Sorta like Craigslist obviously, but just for us, so much less chance of us being found out. Plus it’s got a fully functional Facebook-esque messaging system, so you can shoot the shit before you decide if you wanna meet up for real. It’s invite only, so PM me for an invite if we’re friends. I wanna keep this safe, so I’ll only give you access if I fully trust you. And obviously, give out invites if you trust anyone else. I don’t really care if I offend anyone by not giving them an invite, security’s more important. I’ve posted this on all the other ABDL and fetish sites so it’s not just us. Otherwise, go crazy!! Meet all the ABDL/TBDL/whatever’s you’re legally entitled to in your home country or jurisdiction!” Intrigued, Ryan went to PM the guy, but he had already sent him an invite. Feeling rather touched at the thought, Ryan sent a “thank you” and signed up to the site. Already, there were a couple dozen posts, all sorted by geographical area. A handful in the UK, Canada, and other parts of Europe and Australia each, even one in Kyrgyzstan (poor dude), but naturally, the large majority were focused on the good ol’ US of A. Ryan’s heart skipped a beat when he saw that there were 5 listings for Massachusetts… and it caught up to speed again when he found out they were all for Boston. ‘Of course’, he reasoned. He probably wouldn’t know what to do if anyone in the Springfield, MA area actually wanted to meet up. Nonetheless, he looked at the listings for Boston, if only out of curiosity. They were all pretty much the same - “45yo Daddy looking for little girl to pamper ;)”. Very lovely, but hardly what he was looking for. And so, after that brief detour, Ryan’s “secret session”, as he called it, played out much like it normally did - he went on Tumblr, checked up on all his favourite blogs, had a good old-fashioned fap over one of the hotter diaper boys there, came, cleaned up, hid the evidence and went on with his life. “Hey Ryan!” a voice called out from outside his window, just as he placed the laptop under the floorboards. He just about leapt out of his skin. He didn’t even have any pants on! “Just a minute!” he said back, quickly throwing on a pair of raggy sweatpants. He went to the window and opened it to see his best friend, Jeremy Linnard, tossing rocks at his window. “Are you here to serenade me, Jeremy?” Ryan said jokingly. “I have a confession to make, Ryan,” Jeremy said in a faux-dramatic fashion. With a flourish, he mimed producing flowers and said in a dovey voice, “I… l-love you…” “Fuck off, ya faggot,” Ryan laughed, tossing his rocks back at him. Jeremy laughed as well, dodging his shots (or at least trying to). God, if only Jeremy knew. “Alright, alright, you wanna go bowling? Me and Sarah were bored and she’s fetching all her girl friends. Cynthia’s gonna be there too, big boy…” Oh right, Ryan thought. Her. See, in Ryan’s usual attempts to assert his masculinity and obvious heterosexuality, he had to pretend that he was interested in a girl. And so, choosing completely at random, he picked Cynthia to be his fake object of affection, a fairly plain but agreeable girl, not unattractive by any means. ‘Dammit,’ he thought to himself, ‘shoulda picked someone totally impossible.’ Not like that was easy, though - every goddamn girl in school would’ve probably dropped their pants for him in a heartbeat. “Sure, sure,” Ryan said. “Just gimme a minute.” Chucking on whatever was at the bottom of his clean clothes hamper (thanks ma!), Ryan went bowling with his best friend. He coolly played hard-to-get with Cynthia, which was really quite easy since he genuinely wasn’t interested, but it wasn’t as suspicious as outright turning her down. When he got back, his parents and sisters were home, so he couldn’t allow himself another secret session, to his dismay. He went to bed that night thinking about Diaperlist, however. He wondered if this might be his way to finally meet someone who was like him. Maybe when he went to Harvard in the fall, he could meet a friend… a “big bro”, or something. Or even a Daddy…? No, that was ridiculous. Just a fantasy, he reasoned. Something that could not happen. Friends, probably. But he couldn’t count on his deepest, dearest fantasy coming true just like that. And so, Ryan went on about his life. School, hockey, friends, secret sessions, sleep, rinse, repeat. Every now and then, he’d check up on Diaperlist, just to remind him of what might happen some day. He saw listings come and go day by day. Sometimes he’d check other areas, just to see what others were posting. He saw listings like “19yo smooth baby boy looking for Daddy” (same here pal), “mommy looking for obedient boy for kinky humiliating fun” (close, not quite), “60yo luvvving generou$$$ daddy after teen girl to spoil and pamper” (uhh)… But ultimately, it was what kept him going through his finals - the knowledge that getting through, and making it into college would enable him to get a good career and all, sure, but also give him an excuse to get away from home and maybe meet someone who understood. Well, fate sure did a number on him one particularly humid night about a month later. Ryan was stripped down to just a tank top, getting ready to fap away as usual. He logged onto Diaperlist, went to the Massachusetts section and read the listing at the top of the page, only posted three hours ago. “43yo, Springfield MA - dominant Daddy looking for <20yo fully submissive little boy. READ FIRST.” Ryan just about leapt out of his skin when he read that headline. Was he hallucinating? Dreaming? Nope, he pinched himself and he definitely wasn’t dreaming. That was really what it said. His heart was racing when he finally built up the courage to click and read the profile. “I’m a well-off semi-retired professional in the southern MA area. Looking for a cute, healthy, toned and FULLY submissive boy (no exceptions for any of those) under the age of 20 who is interested in becoming my baby boy. Message me if interested. Must provide pics.” That was it. Ryan was dumbstruck, but more than that, he was hard as a rock. Was this for real?! He didn’t know what the hell to do. Jesus Christ. He resolved to message him anyway, even if he hardly planned on actually meeting him. Maybe he could just entertain the fantasy for fapping fodder. It was sure making him horny as fuck just thinking about it, anyway. He opened the message tab and started typing, one-handed of course. >Hey there, I’m baby_ryry as you probably notice. I’m interested. Tell me more about what you would do to me. Send. He waited for a reply. Didn’t take long; under a minute in fact. Heart pounding, he opened it. >>I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Damn it. He wanted a pic. Ryan scoured his school’s website for the hockey team photos. He found a decent one of him, topless even, celebrating their victory earlier this year. He cropped his face out of it, and sent it off. >Here you go 😉 [photo attached] >>Nice pic… >>But that’s not quite what I want. Face pic. Shit. He really wanted to know what he would do to him. It’s like when you’re really goddamn horny and you find the perfect porn (or the perfect diaper picture set, in Ryan’s case), but it’s behind a paywall and you can’t find it anywhere else. You either cum quickly and get over it, or you submit to your horny desires and pay up. Unsurprisingly, Ryan chose the latter in this case. A few naughty selfies later, he sent them off to the mysterious man online. Pretty cute as well; Ryan had a fairly youthful face, so it lent itself well to a childish pout, especially with his naked butt sticking right up in the air. “I’ll save that for some porn Tumblrs,” he said to himself. Pause. Then a notification sound. >>Adorable boy. >>Tell me more about yourself. The long game, Ryan smirked to himself. Fair enough. >My name’s Ryan. I’m 18, turning 19 next January. I’m going to Harvard in the fall after I graduate high school to study English. I play hockey, and well, I guess you could say I’m a real teen baby, obviously haha. Smooth, Ryan thought to himself. He was reminded of those icebreaker games you had to play at a new job or school or something, where you say something interesting about yourself but you just can’t think of anything at all to say. >>Very nice. >>Would you like to know what I’d do to you? Aw yeah. This was what he wanted. >Yes please. >>I would make you mine. >>I would be strict, dominant and very controlling; but that’s what is needed. >>You will obey everything I tell you to do, wear anything that I dress you in, play with whatever I give you to play with, and submit to your Daddy’s every whim. >>You will not protest, or talk back. >>You will do this, because that’s what you are. >>You are just a helpless little baby. >>And babies, especially baby boys, need structure, discipline and routine. >>They need to depend on their Daddy for everything - changing, bathing, feeding. >>And they need to be punished when they’re naughty babies who disobey their Daddy. >>And when they’re good babies who make Daddy proud, they will be rewarded. >>But most of all, they need love. And that is what I would give you. >>I will love you like any good Daddy loves their precious little boy. >>All I ask is that you submit your entire self to my authority. Ryan was so incredibly aroused by this. He had to slow down to stop himself from cumming, he was just so close. And then another message. >>What are you doing now? >At home, chilling. >Why? ‘A great liar I am’, Ryan smirked >>You should come over. >>[location shared] Oh Jesus. This guy was serious. Ryan’s heart was pounding again. He looked at the map that was shared. It was in a fairly small township about 50 minutes away from Springfield; fairly rich and full of yuppies. He looked to his side table, where he kept his car keys. What if… >But what will happen? >>Why don’t you come over and find out. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! FUUUUUCK! Far too quickly, Ryan ejaculated harder than he had done in months. He shot himself in the eye even, making himself jump. His heart pounding, and his body still spasming slightly, the message box was still there, flashing with the new message. Ah, damnit. He shouldn’t have said anything. Now he’s gonna have to let him down easy. He tried to think of an excuse. >Sorry, I can’t tonight. Just thought I’d say hi. I’m super busy with study for finals and graduation. ‘That sounded so flaky,’ Ryan thought. Ping. >>That’s a shame. But I understand. >Thanks for understanding! No reply. Guess he blew it. Chapter 3 - The Offer After that, the mysterious man seemed to go quiet. In fact, he didn’t even come online. A week later, Ryan logged in again, nervous to see if he had any new messages… but he didn’t. He checked the listing again - still up. “Last online: 1 week ago”. Weird. Did Ryan’s flakiness make him give up on his search? Or maybe he actually found someone willing to go through with it… lucky bastard, in that case. Once again, he settled into a routine… one that was swiftly shaken up when finals came round for real. Reluctantly, he had to put his secret sessions on hold for a while so he could concentrate on cramming for tests. Mom helped out a lot by baking him some good old fashioned nerve-calming Russian fudge (thanks ma) and Dad helped by… well, being Dad, which is to say he didn’t really help. Great. But he couldn’t stop thinking about the man. He didn’t even get to see his face. What if he wasn’t even real, Ryan thought…? Just some sick pervo wanting to trap someone and murder them? …or a cop trying to catch perverts? What on Earth would the cop do when an actual 18-year-old kid turned up? More than anything though, Ryan couldn’t stop thinking, “What if he was for real? What if I had actually gone round there, and let him have his way with me? What if he… diapered me?” Every time he jerked off before he went to sleep, he couldn’t stop kicking himself, wishing he really had just gone round. But after he came, he would always remember his family. How would he explain where he had gone? “Hey sorry Mom and Dad, I just popped out to meet a complete stranger who’s twice my age so he could put me in diapers and treat me like a fuckin’ toddler.” It was never meant to happen. Finally, after a week and a half of sleepless nights, crying over incomprehensible notes, and general procrastination, Ryan made it through finals alive and well. Graduation would come in a few weeks, and the after-party of course. But what Ryan was looking forward to most of all was his first secret session in about a month. God, he was backed up. The next morning, Mom and Dad left for work, and the girls went out shopping or something, he didn’t care. They barely left the driveway before Ryan had his laptop (and his dick) out, eager for some good old-fashioned infantilist fappage. But first, as per routine, he checked the Diaperlist. The listing was gone. Ryan sighed. Too good to be true. He probably found someone else. He went to close the tab, and then… Ping. >>Hello there. It was him. Ryan didn’t know what to say. >Hi x That little kiss at the end; always smooth. >>Your finals are all over now, aren’t they? >Yup! Sure are, thank God 😛 >>That’s good. I suppose graduation’s not far behind either. >Absolutely. >>Well then, I have something to ask you. Ryan’s heart was practically leaping out of his chest. Was he going to ask him to come over again? >>Actually, it’s more of an offer. >What is it? >>I want you to come and stay with me and be my baby boy for two weeks over summer break. Ryan stopped dead in his tracks. His first, primal gut instinct was to smash “YES!” into the keyboard and race right over. But his second thought was, “What the hell.” >Are you serious? >>100%. >What do you mean? >>Simple. >>You will live in my house, obey all of my rules, and call me Daddy. >>You will be under my authority 24/7 for the entire stay, no exceptions. >>If you want to leave at any time, you can. I do have rules for you to follow, and some are quite strict. >>But I will provide you a warm, caring and loving environment for you to simply be yourself in. >>You will receive nourishing, nutritious meals, and provided with ample entertainment. >>You can live your wildest baby fantasy without any fear of judgement. >>Because your Daddy will be right here to change you if needed. Oh my God. This was for real. This man was genuinely offering Ryan a chance to live out his ultimate fantasy. But of course, reality kicked in. >I need to make money over summer. I can’t not work for two weeks. >>I can compensate you for any lost income. >>I am retired early, but I am very well-off. >>This means I can devote myself entirely to your care. 24/7. ‘Don’t tempt me!’ Ryan snapped. >What about my friends and family? >>That’s up to you. >>It’s only two weeks after all, I’m sure they’ll cope. >>And that’s my offer. >>Take it or leave it. Ryan’s head was spinning. In fact, the worst part was that he was already thinking of an excuse to tell his parents! He couldn’t possibly do this. No, he just couldn’t. No! It’s not happening. >I’ll think about it. >>Of course. Just let me know. Ryan couldn’t even concentrate on jerking off. He paced the room, trying to calm down. On the one hand, he thought about how boring it would be to just be a baby for two weeks. But then, of course, he realised that it would actually be the most exciting, erotic thing he could ever imagine. And really, what else would he do over summer? Watch TV and jerk off? While that sounds nice, it’s not exciting like being someone’s baby boy for a few weeks. He could just tell his parents that he and his friends were going on a cross-country road trip to Miami for two weeks. That’s the sort of spontaneous thing he and his friends would probably do. And… uh, he could just tell his friends that he and his family were going on a cross-country road trip to Colorado. That’s the sort of spontaneous thing he and his family would probably do. They would believe it. He could get away with it… Fuck! He can’t possibly be entertaining this thought. Nope, he can’t do it. That’s it. He’s just gonna have to tell the man, “Thanks but no thanks”. Yep, that’s what he’s gonna do. >Yes. I’ll do it. >>Good. >>I will arrange a time for you to come after graduation. >>We will sort details out then. >One more question. >>What is it, little boy? >What’s your name? >>It doesn’t matter. All I am is “Daddy” to you for these two weeks. >>Let your friends and family know now, okay? >Yes. >>Yes, what? >Yes Daddy. >>Good boy. Chapter 4 - Graduation Ryan had been having dreams about being put into diapers and cradled by a loving, muscular beefy man for years, and now it was going to happen any day now. He really couldn’t believe what he was doing. He even convinced the skeptical part of his mind to go along with it - if he didn’t like what was happening, he could just call it quits, like the man said. And it was only two weeks after all. If he turns up and it’s just some weirdo, he could ditch it. He’s a strong boy, he can hold his own if need be. The man… “Daddy” didn’t message him again leading up to graduation. He did say that he would wait until after graduation, but Ryan would have at least appreciated some acknowledgement. The first night, Ryan stayed up all night in bed, tossing and turning, thinking about what he just agreed to. Mostly, though, he was thinking of the best way to lie to his parents and his friends; rehearsing it in his head. "Mom, Dad… me and my best friends are going on a road trip to celebrate our last grasp of freedom before adulthood ties us down forever. I know this might be shocking to you, but we really need it. We might never see each other again. I love you both. Please accept this. I’ll see you guys when we get back, in two weeks.” The next day, he went down for breakfast and saw his Mom and Dad getting ready for work. They smiled when he walked in; well, Mom did anyway. “Hi sweety, you’re up early!” “Y-yyeah, hey guys, s-so…” Jesus, Ryan, calm yourself. “M-me and the guys are gonna go on a trip-- road trip…” “Oh yeah? Sounds cool. When will you be back?” “Uh… two weeks?” “Aw okay, hun. I hope you have fun. When do you leave?” “Uh… sometime next week after graduation on Friday?” “Well, be safe. I’ll pack you some stuff if you need it.” Mom kissed him on the cheek before she and Dad left for work. …That was easy. “Hey Jeremy,” Ryan said on the phone to his best friend, “Me and the folks are going on a road trip to Colorado for two weeks after graduation, cos they wanna spend some time with me before I leave Mom forever and ever.” “Aww sucks dude, was gonna go on a road trip to Miami with ya if you were interested!” “Well… I might, if I decide to bail on them. I’ll let ya know. Otherwise if you don’t hear from me, I’m in Colorado!” Jesus, this was easier than expected. Graduation rolled around, and the after-party soon followed. Even though he had a raging hangover, on Saturday morning Ryan still raced home as soon as he recovered enough to not puke his guts out at the slightest sign of light. The girls were home, but he was too impatient to wait. He just locked his door and retrieved his laptop. One new message. Just like clockwork. >>On Monday, at 9am sharp, you will go to Vienna Cafe in the city. I will meet you there. >>You will not need to pack anything other than the clothes on your back. >>From there, I will take you back to my house, where you will be living. >>I will have everything that you need for the entire time you’re here. >>Do you understand? >Yes daddy. >>Good boy. I will send a copy of the rules that you will be living under later tonight. >>I have two more requests for now, though. >>Firstly, I want you to abstain from masturbating until you have come here. >>Can you do that for me? Ryan was so incredibly aroused - he wanted dearly to jerk one off right there. But he figured that whatever “Daddy” had in store for him, it was clearly worth it. >Yes daddy. >>Secondly, I want you to shave yourself. >>Not your head, just your facial hair and everything below that. >>This is the only time you’ll need to do this. >>Do you understand? >Yes daddy. >>Good boy. “You better be worth it,” Ryan said to himself. Later that night, sure enough, a PDF document came through. >BABY RYAN’S RULES >Daddy’s word is final. >Daddy will be addressed as Daddy, and nothing else. >If Baby Ryan is a naughty boy and disobeys Daddy, he will be punished. >If Baby Ryan is a good boy and obeys Daddy, he will be rewarded. >Daddy has the authority to alter the rules as he sees fit without notice. >Daddy’s word is final. Ryan was almost disappointed at how vague and brief it was. He was expecting something with more detail… but this meant it left much more to Ryan’s imagination, which he actually found hotter than anything. Sunday came round quicker than Ryan anticipated - one day to go, and then he would move in with the strange man he was now required to call “Daddy”. Out of sheer curiosity, he made an impulsive decision to go and scope out the address he’d been provided upon first contact with “Daddy”. Driving down the street, he found himself in a leafy, fairly wealthy neighbourhood - the sort you’d want to raise your kids in. He stopped right opposite the address he’d been given. It was an impressive, old-fashioned two-storey white home, with a large stone fence and iron gate, well-maintained green lawn, and a two-car garage. The house looked freshly painted, well-maintained and generally welcoming. Something in one of the upstairs windows caught his eye… he could’ve sworn he caught a glimpse of the familiar bars that signified a crib… and was that silhouette a teddy bear? Suddenly, a figure walked past the window, and stopped. Ryan leapt into action and immediately sped off, not looking back. His mom was suddenly much more emotional about Ryan disappearing for the summer, which made him feel quite a bit guilty, especially since he was being so dishonest about the ordeal. But he knew he couldn’t really justify backing out now; even if he wanted to. At dinner, she burst into tears and wouldn’t stop hugging him before he went to bed. He felt babied, and not in the way that he liked (thanks ma). It’s not like he was disappearing for good. He lay in bed that night, thinking what on Earth he had gotten himself into. He looked at the clock. 12:30 AM. In just under nine hours, he would be under the complete control of someone he had never even met before in his life. And he couldn’t be any more excited. It was surprising that Ryan managed to sleep at all that night, but indeed he did. He had a lot of peculiar dreams that night and some he remembered more than others: one dream he was sleeping in a crib, a usual fantasy of his; another he dreamt of a large, beefy man holding him and feeding him a bottle; and another, he was trapped in a massive, cage-like crib, unable to escape… Beep beep beep. 8:00 AM. Time to get up. Chapter 5 - Meeting Daddy Ryan was in a daze as he showered and dressed for the fateful meeting. He went through his clothes, wondering what he would possibly wear - “Not that it really matters,” he reasoned with himself, “You’re probably gonna get changed into something else straight away anyway.” He went with a fairly innocuous pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt. Not daring to look back or think twice, he left. It was a clear, crisp morning, so he resolved to walk. And it was a brief walk - much too soon, he found himself on the corner of Vienna Street, with the Vienna Cafe in sight. Ryan’s heart was pounding so hard and fast, he might have been in danger of collapsing right there. He checked his watch. 8:50 AM. This was it. He walked past the cafe three or four times before he built up the confidence to walk in. And when he did… it was empty. Weird. They only just opened, clearly, so he ordered a coffee and sat at a table by the window. He checked his phone, which read 8:59 AM, and then he almost jumped when a tall, muscular figure passed by the window and went straight into the cafe. Ryan couldn’t suppress a gasp when the man walked in, and looked straight at him. He was well-built, of course; quite beefy and clearly strong. He was wearing a plain button-up shirt which was unbuttoned slightly to reveal his hairy, rock-hard chest, and was tucked into a pair of tight slacks that certainly accentuated his crotch well. His sleeves were rolled up, putting his muscular, hairy arms on display. But Ryan was more drawn towards his face - he had a decent amount of facial hair, but not exactly a full-on beard, just enough stubble to let you know who was the man of the house. His dark hair was speckled with gray spots, the only thing betraying his age. And yet, it was his face that was the most striking feature of all… he had a gentle, warm face which filled Ryan with a similarly warm feeling inside… it was incredibly peculiar, and even more so considering Ryan was now staring at this strange man for about ten seconds. What could he say - he just oozed authority. The man beamed widely, and walked over. “Well well well,” he said in a calm, warm voice that put Ryan off guard. “You must be Ryan.” Ryan laughed nervously. “Yup, that I am. And you are…?” The man chuckled, making Ryan feel that much more nervous again. “Well, you know who I am.” Ryan stared at the floor, unable to quite make eye contact with the man… “Daddy”, yet. “I’ve gotta finish this coffee,” Ryan said hastily. “That’s OK, baby, I can wait. But we’ve got to get going soon.” Ryan looked around anxiously in case anyone heard him call him “baby”. “Don’t be embarrassed, little Ryan,” he laughed. “You’ve got nothing to worry about.” “I have to tell you something,” Ryan blurted out before he could stop himself. “What is it?” “Uh… this is kinda my… well… first… anything.” “You mean you’ve never worn diapers before?” Ryan flinched at the d-word. He never even dared say it out loud himself. And yet, here was this burly, intimidating man using it freely in front of him. “Y-yeah… or, y’know, been with another man…” “Is that so?” he cocked an eyebrow, smiling again. “Yup…” Ryan was sure getting a great view of his shoelaces here. “Well, you do understand what I’m going to do to you, don’t you? You know that I will be putting you back in diapers? And that you will be my baby boy?” Ryan was flushing with embarrassment, but he silently nodded. “Look at me and say so.” Ryan looked up and made eye contact with him. His eyes were warm and loving, sure, but his face was hard and authoritarian. Not the sort of person you wanted to mess with at any rate. “Y-yes.” “Yes, what?” “…” “Say it.” “…Yes, Daddy.” Immediately after saying that, Ryan’s cock (which had been more or less inert since waking up) sprang to attention. He blushed even further at that. “Daddy” seemed to notice and smiled widely again. “Don’t get too excited now,” he chuckled. “We’ve still got to get you home and settled in now.” Ryan laughed nervously, and returned to looking at his feet. “Well, we should get going now.” Ryan was frozen. He acknowledged the man’s words, but he wasn’t quite sure what to do. Frankly, he probably just wasn’t ready to go yet. “Daddy” seemed to notice. “Let me just lay everything out on the table here,” he said, his face softening and allowing a smile. "I might have been a bit vague, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. But I should clear a few things up anyway, just so we’re both on the same page. I’m sure you’ve read things on the internet about “babies” and their “daddies”. Well, in case you haven’t already realised… I’m not like those other daddies. I’m not going to just put you in diapers and change you, although that will certainly be a major aspect of our relationship. "You will need to submit yourself entirely to my control. You’re going to fed by me, bathed by me. I will choose what you wear, and you will wear it, no questions asked. You will eat and drink what I feed you, no questions asked. And yes, you will be diapered 24/7. But ultimately, above all else, you will be my baby boy. Not just my boy, who’s dressed like a baby… my baby boy. You will need to forget who you are. You won’t be Ryan Willis, high school graduate, star athlete and future college student. You will just be Baby Ryan, Daddy’s good little baby boy; and nothing more. And I mean 24/7… there will not be any breaks or moments to breathe; no safe words. You live under my roof, you’re my baby. "I know I sound like I’m repeating myself now, but I just really want you to fully understand what I’m offering. And I understand that’s an immense commitment to make. So if you’re having any second thoughts now, this is your chance to turn back and go home. But that’s it; the offer’s off the table. I don’t deal with second chances or boys who don’t know what they want. I want you to be absolutely certain with regards to what you want. Same goes for the other option - if you come with me, there’s no turning back. You commit to this, and you commit entirely for these two weeks. “So, little guy, that’s my final offer. You can go home and back to your life as Ryan Willis, the closeted, suppressed college student unable to express his desires, doomed to a life of pent-up urges he might never be able to fully indulge in. Or… you can come with me, and be my Baby Ryan. And I know it’s what you want, what you desire with every inch of your being. You wouldn’t have gone to my house yesterday if you didn’t.” Ryan blushed profusely at this. "Nonetheless, it’s your decision. Two weeks of bliss.” Strangely enough, the first thought that entered Ryan’s head was, “Man, this must be the weirdest conversation to ever take place in this coffee shop.” And then, all at once, Ryan’s mind began racing at a million miles per hour. He was, indeed, having second thoughts now that he really thought about it. Planning this whole thing in his mind and imagining all the situations he would get into was one thing, but now he was here, with the man who wanted to baby him standing right in front of him. Ryan truthfully didn’t quite prepare for how serious “Daddy” was about this. Playing baby was something Ryan obviously wanted… but by the sounds of it, “Daddy” didn’t just want Ryan to pretend to be his baby, he wanted Ryan to BE his baby. It was intense, it was scary… and Ryan couldn’t think of anything more amazing. And now he had to choose between getting into “Daddy”'s car, or going home. “No turning back”, though? Ryan thought he said he could opt out at any time if he wa– “Well, if you don’t want to come, that’s fine. I’ll see you later, baby Ryan.” The man left. He was about to open his car door and hop in, no doubt to drive off and never be seen again, when he looked back at the coffee shop to see Ryan, standing by the car. He silent. He looked “Daddy” in the eye, and slowly nodded. The man smiled. “That’s my boy.” Chapter 6 - The Nursery “Woah, little guy, let Daddy help you there.” Ryan was taken aback when he went to open the passenger door - he barely even touched the door handle before “Daddy” interjected. He almost went to say, “No, it’s fine,” before he remembered himself. “Daddy” came round to the other side and opened the door for him. A lump formed in Ryan’s throat when he saw that the passenger seat was occupied by… a booster seat. A fairly large one, clearly custom-made for larger kids. Suddenly, Daddy clasped Ryan’s shoulder with his right hand; his grip was very firm. Ryan looked at him, and he motioned his head as if to say, “Go on, then”. Ryan wasn’t quite prepared for the baby thing to start so soon; he thought it would at least wait until they got back to his house. But Daddy looked pretty serious, so Ryan reluctantly climbed into the padded seat. Immediately, once he was in, Daddy strapped him in - it was one of those straps that crosses from all four sides, and buckles in the center. It was certainly tight, and in fact, Ryan could’ve sworn that he heard a clicking sound, like a lock, when Daddy finished buckled him in, and closed the door. This was it. “Alright then baby, let’s go home.” The drive went by rather quickly. The radio played quietly in the background, but otherwise, it was fairly silent. Ryan was too nervous to think of anything to say that wasn’t just awkward small talk, so he stayed quiet. Every now and then he’d look at the man and think to himself, “That’s my Daddy”. Just a few weeks ago, he thought the idea of having a Daddy was in the farthest realms of pure fantasy, and now here he was, locked into a baby’s carseat and at the mercy of a man almost twice his age. And he absolutely loved it - he was still rock hard, and the added tightness of the straps pressing up against his crotch only made him hornier. Every now and then, Daddy would catch him staring, and Ryan would look away, blushing. Then the man would beam that oddly comforting smile of his, and he’d feel a bit better. And then his dick would throb, and he’d blush again. Finally, they pulled into his driveway. Daddy released him from his carseat, and guided him inside. Ryan looked outside, at his one last gasp of freedom, before taking a deep breath and stepping inside. Daddy closed the door and locked it behind him. “Take your shoes off.” Ryan looked around the foyer - it was light and airy, with polished wooden floors and attractive paintings adorning the walls. To his immediate left was a staircase, and he could see into the big, open lounge area to his right (with a piano, large dining table, and other grand furniture suitable for someone with a sizable income), but otherwise, there wasn’t much to see. And Ryan was only interested in one particular room, obviously. “Would you like to see your new room?” Oh how overjoyed Ryan was to hear those words. Daddy took Ryan’s hand, as usual in a firm but not painful grip, and guided him upstairs. He walked past multiple rooms, no doubt bedrooms, being led to the door at the very end of the hallway. Ryan simply couldn’t suppress a smile when he saw the words “Baby Ryan’s Nursery” adorning a sign designed with baby blocks hanging on the door. Daddy unlocked the door (quite a hefty lock on it as well, Ryan noted) and took him inside. Ryan might have been smiling before, but now his jaw simply dropped. The room was quite large; about twice the size of his room, he wagered. But it wasn’t really the size of the room that took his breath away, of course, it was the contents. And what contents! The room was painted in whites and soft baby blues, with the odd pastel yellow or green thrown in here and there for good measure. The walls were adorned with images of famous children’s cartoon characters like Elmo (lots of Elmo), Blue from Blues Clues, and the Teletubbies. The carpet was a soft, fleecy white with a multitude of baby toys scattered about… blocks, cars, rattles, teething rings, and even a big rocking horse to the side. A toybox in the corner no doubt contained a multitude of other toys to play with. A massive brown teddy bear sat in the corner by the window, and a few other plush toys were scattered about as well. A rocking chair sat next to the big bear, and on the other side of it, a massive padded changing table, with shelves underneath stacked high with what was the unmistakeable sight of (Ryan’s heart lept with excitement) large disposable diapers, a few fluffy white cloth ones and plastic pants, in addition to the usual diaper changing supplies - powder, baby wipes, etc. A stack of shelves next to the table was stacked with pacifiers and bottles. The wardrobe door was ajar, enough that Ryan could catch a brief glimpse of what was inside - he saw a pair of white footed pajamas with what appeared to be cute little pictures of teddy bears and rattles on it. A big TV sat to the side of the room, hidden behind the open door. A full length mirror hung on the other side of the door. Sunlight spilled into the room, aided by the big, airy windows that overlooked the street below. And completing the scene, the words “Baby Ryan” adorned the wall above the changing table, matching the sign on the door in big baby block letters. But what easily dominated the room was the huge, white crib sat right beside the window (decorated with Winnie-the-Pooh curtains, of course). The bars were down, ready for its new occupant. There was even a cute plush rabbit waiting inside. In short, the nursery was everything Ryan had dreamed of, and more. Everything was perfectly re-scaled for a boy of Ryan’s size, but all without sacrificing the infantile nature of the objects inside. Make no mistake, this was not a room for a young adult; it was a room for babies who just happened to be teen-sized. Ryan was an expert on adult baby supplies, having spent hours staring wistfully at websites that he thought he’d never be able to sample; and there were things in this room that he never even thought existed in such large sizes. Clearly Daddy had gone out of his way to customise everything to perfection. Never in his wildest dreams would he fathom a room as wonderful as this; and now it would be his room for the next two weeks. Naturally, Ryan was in awe at the sight. He took in every single detail, constantly reminding himself that no, he wasn’t dreaming, and yes, this was really the room he would now call home for two weeks. He sniffed; and he was suddenly transported back to visiting his Aunt Jemima as a child who had a one-year-old daughter, his cousin Janine… it was the sweet, gentle scent of baby powder. Ryan breathed it in further; he’d never smelt something so sweet. Daddy was watching him this whole time, smiling as his baby boy took in the sights and smells. Ryan eventually realised that he was doing so, and blushed. Daddy clasped an arm on his shoulder. “Well, let’s get started.” Immediately, Daddy seized Ryan and lifted him into the air with extraordinary ease. Ryan was so taken by surprise his instinctive reaction was to struggle, but it did no good; Daddy was simply too strong. He carried Ryan over to the rocking chair and sat down in it, forcing Ryan over his lap, his butt sticking out most prominently. Ryan breathed heavily, no longer knowing what was going to happen next. “Well, this is just no good,” Daddy tutted, “the naughty baby thinks he’s more grown up than he really is. Look how silly he looks in these grown-up clothes, he’s not fooling anyone. I think it’s time Daddy taught him a little lesson.” Chapter 7- Back to Basics Without warning, Daddy roughly ripped Ryan’s pants off and tossed them aside, exposing Ryan’s plain white briefs (Ryan’s preferred underwear, as they were the closest things to diapers he could really get), which he then pulled down to expose his naked butt. Ryan realised what was coming, and started to grow nervous. A spanking? This wasn’t part of the plan… Ryan squirmed uncomfortably, but Daddy’s vice-like grip meant he was going nowhere. “Wait, I don’t think I’m r–” Ryan was swiftly silenced when a sharp slap came across his butt cheeks. He yelped in pain, but barely had time to catch his breath before another came. And another. And another. Ryan hadn’t been spanked since he was 4 years old, but the experience was no less humiliating at 18 years old. In fact, obviously, it was much more degrading and painful than he remembered. After what felt like an eternity, but was really more like about a minute, Daddy stopped spanking. He rubbed Ryan’s bright red stinging bottom, and then let his finger linger on his pink hole, teasing it thoroughly, and slipping a finger inside to explore. Ryan just about yelped. “Such a smooth, round bottom… my baby boy’s going to look just precious in his new diapers.” Ryan’s heart jump-started once again. He knew what was about to happen. He’d been dreaming and fantasising about it ever since he got out of them in the first place, but now it was a reality - he was about to be put back in diapers. The man held Ryan in a firm grasp and brought him over to the changing table. He was laid out on the padded surface gently, and the burly man went about gathering supplies. Ryan wriggled experimentally; the soft padding crinkled slightly. A real-life changing table, all right. He felt so exposed, lying butt naked at the mercy of this total stranger, and his bottom still stung quite a bit from the spanking. Another crinkling sound filled Ryan’s ears, but it wasn’t the changing table; the man had retrieved one of the large, thick diapers and presented it to him. Ryan got a close-up look of his new underwear. They were pearly white, plastic, and the front featured little pictures of teddy bears and stars, much like a real baby’s diaper. But, of course, these were much larger than a normal baby’s diaper, and they appeared to be much thicker. In fact, Ryan realised they looked even a bit thicker than the usual diapers tailor-made for ABDLs, and those were specifically optimised for maximum thickness. It was the most beautiful thing Ryan had ever seen, and his eyes (and dick) widened in anticipation. Daddy looked down at Ryan’s erect member, and Ryan blushed. “Well well,” he chuckled, “Looks like someone’s excited for his new diapie! Better get it on you so we don’t have any little accidents.” With one swift move, he grabbed Ryan’s ankles and lifted his butt high up in the air. Ryan was taken aback by this sudden movement; he’d never been so easily manhandled before, and the man seemed to be doing it with such little effort, as if he was setting to work on a real little baby. He had unfolded the diaper and used this opportunity to slide it under Ryan’s butt, and then lowered him back down onto it. Then came the wipes - of course Ryan didn’t really need it, since he wasn’t wet (yet…) but this was a Daddy who liked to keep up appearances. Ryan flinched as the cold, damp wipe was dragged across his crotch. Noticing his excitement, Daddy paid extra attention to Ryan’s throbbing boner, grabbing it with the wipe and giving it a few gentle strokes. Ryan was just about to burst when Daddy immediately stopped, denying him the satisfaction of a good climax. Ryan’s initial gut reaction was frustration, followed by an even more intense wave of excitement. He was lifted into the air again, held up by his ankles in one hand while the other hand busied itself wiping Ryan’s butt down. Freshly wiped, Daddy moved onto the next stage: a bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder. With a few generous puffs, the sweet aroma of the talcum powder filled Ryan’s nostrils, and he breathed in the wonderful smell deeply. Daddy applied a liberal amount of powder, making sure every nook and cranny was covered. And now, the final coup-de-grace - Daddy grabbed the diaper and pulled it up through Ryan’s legs, meeting the tapes at his hips and taping it up tightly and securely. He made sure it was fitted as snugly and securely to him as possible, before standing back to admire his handiwork. “There… that’s much better than those silly big boy pants. How does baby like his new diapers?” Ryan looked down, his heart pounding with euphoria, to see his crotch now encased in a thick white mass. They really were thick - Ryan brought his legs together experimentally, and found he could no longer touch his knees together, as the sheer bulk forced his legs apart. He also noted the crinkling sound that accompanied even the slightest of movements - he touched the front, and rubbed it a little bit. Crinkle crinkle. He could barely even feel his penis underneath the thick layer of plastic padding; an impressive feat considering how rock-hard it was. When he touched his dick, Daddy immediately took his hand and gave it a sharp slap, giving Ryan a considerable fright. Ryan looked up at him, looking almost offended, but withered against Daddy’s dead-serious face. He was in trouble. “Naughty baby! You don’t touch your diaper or your private parts. That’s Daddy’s territory. If you’re a very good boy, I might let you have some fun, but you have to earn that privilege. Understand?” Ryan realised what he was doing; orgasm denial. It took second-stage to his babying fantasies, but Ryan did always find the idea of only being allowed to cum when his Daddy gave him permission to do so, kinda hot. He nodded silently, and when he was given another insistent look, added, “Yes Daddy.” “Good boy! Now sit up for Daddy.” Ryan moved himself into a sitting position (crinkle crinkle… God, he could never tire of that wonderful sound) and waited. He wondered how ridiculous he might have looked to anyone else right now - this well-toned 18-year-old guy in a massive baby’s diaper. At least Janine wasn’t here; she’d have a field day. Daddy had gone to the wardrobe, and ruffled through a few items before saying, “Aaaah,” this will look just precious with your new diapers," he cooed. He returned to Ryan’s side, holding a baby blue T-shirt with a pastel yellow pocket complete with a little picture of Winnie-the-Pooh on the front, and light purple sleeves, with a white collar. It was the most babyish, adorable T-shirt Ryan had ever seen. “Arms up!” Ryan did so, and the shirt was promptly thrust through his arms, and pulled down. Ryan looked down and noticed that the shirt stopped just centimetres of the top of the diaper’s waistband, not even pretending to cover it up in any way, exposing it for any and all to see. “I would’ve dressed you in some shortalls or a onesie, but your new diapers look just so precious on you, I just have to show them off this time! What do you think, Baby Ryan? I think you look super handsome.” Ryan nodded in agreement. “One more thing,” Daddy said, turning his attention to the shelves beside the changing table. “Now you’ve been a very good boy, not crying or throwing a tantrum for Daddy, but I think we’d better give you your paci for now, just in case.” Daddy returned with a large yellow Winnie-the-Pooh pacifier, matching the pocket on his shirt. He pressed the large rubber nipple gently against Ryan’s lips, causing him to open them and accept the pacifier. The nipple was really quite big, and filled Ryan’s mouth causing his cheeks to puff out just a bit. He gave it an appreciative suckle, making Daddy beam widely. “I bet you’re a hungry little tyke now, aren’t you?” Almost on cue, Ryan’s stomach rumbled in agreement. He couldn’t help but smile behind the pacifier at it, and kept sucking away happily. Daddy picked Ryan up by the armpits once again, as effortlessly as ever, and set him down on the soft carpeted floor, adding, “Well, you just wait here for a little bit while Daddy fixes you a nice, yummy bottle of milk.” He gave Ryan a crinkly pat on the bottom, making him blush a little bit, before heading down to the kitchen. Chapter 8 - Bottle Time! Ryan sat on the floor motionless for a few moments, dumbstruck that this was really happening to him. He gazed around the room once more, drinking in the sights, before resting on the “Baby Ryan” sign above the changing table. “Baby Ryan,” he said out loud to no one in particular, forgetting for a second that his pacifier was in his mouth and startling himself with his muffled voice. It was a cute name all right. He shifted a bit, the crinkling sound bringing him back to the fact that yes, he was wearing a diaper - a proper, thick baby’s diaper. It was an odd feeling having so much padding around your crotch, but it was surprisingly comfortable. The plastic front was so shiny and reflective, Ryan could almost see his reflection when he gazed down at it. He poked and prodded it some more just so he could hear that wonderfully babyish crinkling noise, opening and closing his legs, sniffing it to get more of that sweet powder smell. He rubbed it again. And again. And again. And again… ‘Whoops,’ he thought to himself when he realised he was getting a bit carried away with his vigorous rubbing. He decided he’d better distract himself; didn’t want to get on Daddy’s bad side too quickly. Besides, he didn’t wanna just blow his load straight away, when there was still so much more to come. ‘Heh, come.’ Ryan was nothing if not a true comedian when no one was around to hear his wisdom. Out of the corner of his eye, he spied the mirror. He realised he hadn’t actually seen his reflection yet, so he shuffled on over to that on his knees. When he saw himself, he couldn’t suppress a gasp. He looked so positively infantile he couldn’t believe it. The T-shirt, the massive diaper, the pacifier making his face look all pouty and adorable… He sucked on it for a while, watching himself do so. He turned around to look at his behind; his butt never looked so puffy. Ryan had spent countless times staring at himself in the mirror imagining himself in diapers and baby clothes; but now he didn’t have to imagine it anymore, it was really happening. It still felt so surreal, like a lucid dream. He patted his big butt curiously, much like Daddy had done before. They somehow looked even thicker in the mirror, and Ryan simply couldn’t help but blush from embarrassment, even if no one at all was around to see him in that moment. There was still that part of him that knew he should probably feel ashamed, but right now, his acute embarrassment only made his dick strain even harder against its tight plastic padding. Ryan sat in front of the mirror for a few minutes longer, transfixed by his new outfit, before Daddy came stomping back up the stairs. He returned with a few bottles full of milk in his arms, setting them down on a table by the rocking chair and turning to Ryan. “Goodness me,” he said with a chuckle, “Baby sure seems to love his new diapers!” Ryan blushed again and looked down with a nervous smile. “Don’t be embarrassed, tiger. You’ll be wearing them for a while now, so you might as well get used to them! Now come on, it’s time for a nice baba. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Ryan was lifted up and carried over to the rocking chair. Daddy got comfortable in the big chair, sitting Ryan so that he was cradled in his arms securely. It was incredibly intimate - Ryan could almost hear his heartbeat, and his warm, fuzzy arms held him tightly, making him feel very safe. Ryan was starting to feel very peaceful - he figured he was entering his “little space” he always read about online, for the very first time. He started gently, rhythmically sucking on his pacifier as he snuggled up to Daddy. Daddy lifted Ryan’s head a little, before grabbing the bottle. He removed the pacifier from his lips, before gently replacing it with the large nipple of the bottle, and Ryan continued sucking. It took a little while to get the hang of drinking from a bottle, but eventually he got it down pat, and the milk began to flow steadily down his throat as he kept rhythmically sucking away and Daddy began rocking gently. The milk was rather warm, and tasted a bit sweet; not your usual milk. Ryan wondered to himself for a bit what exactly was in the milk - he detected a slight tinge of something medicinal. But the drink overall tasted so good, and it made him feel very warm and calm inside. The combination of the calming milk, the gentle, hypnotic sucking action of being bottlefed, and being held so tightly and warmly in Daddy’s arms as he gently rocked made Ryan feel so incredibly peaceful, and he closed his eyes. All his doubts and inhibitions and feelings of shame about being treated like an infant simply melted away, allowing him to simply lose himself in a state of infantile bliss. All that mattered in this moment was the yummy taste of the warm milk. A few minutes later, Ryan finished the bottle. He felt very satisfied, almost groggy even from the mixture. He opened his eyes to see Daddy putting the empty bottle to the side and immediately grabbing another. “Round two,” Ryan thought to himself as the second bottle was pushed into his mouth, and he resumed his suckling and returned to his babyish haze. By the end of this second bottle, Ryan was starting to feel full. In fact, he could feel his belly beginning to swell out just a bit from the amount of fluids he was being fed. Daddy grabbed the third bottle, and Ryan started to feel a bit nervous. He was full by now, sure, but that wasn’t all - the coffee from earlier had also worked its way through his system by now, and he felt a quickly onsetting urge to pee. He squirmed uncomfortably while Daddy fed him the last of his third helping, knowing that he needed to go fairly soon. By now, his tummy was pudging out quite a bit, full of the yummy, unusual milk. “One more,” Daddy said cheerfully, probably noting Ryan’s uncomfortable expressions. He knew he was going to wet himself, but his subconscious was fighting dearly against it, and winning. Ryan almost wanted to just lose control and wet helplessly, but he knew 17 years of potty training weren’t just going to go away like that. And, if he thought about it, it would be better if it didn’t - this whole thing wasn’t going to be permanent after all, and he needed to get back to a life after it. But he could worry about that after his bottle. Ryan was positively bloated after one last bottle of milk, and then Daddy sits up, throwing Ryan over his shoulder in a tight bear hug. Ryan almost hugs him back, thinking it to be just an expression of intimacy and fatherly love, but when Daddy starts roughly patting him on the back, he gives himself a small jump when he burps loudly. Ryan blushed again at his rude utterance, and Daddy stuck his pacifier straight back into his mouth. “Playtime!” He said chirpily. Chapter 9 - Play Time! Most 18-year-olds might scoff at the idea of spending their morning playing with blocks and toy cars, but Ryan was no ordinary 18-year-old; right now, that sounded like the perfect way to spend a morning after being changed into a diaper and bottlefed some delicious milk. Daddy seemed to have started off with bottlefeeding to get Ryan into the perfect babyish headspace from the get-go, and boy did it work. Sucking away happily on his pacifier (he could really get used to this, it was quite soothing), Ryan lost himself in his inner child and built towers out of blocks, grabbing the cars and sending them crashing to the ground as he rammed the cars into them. Daddy watched him, grinning from ear to ear as he observed the teenager slipping so easily into his newfound infantile role. He really did choose the perfect boy. Ryan was amazed at how entertaining this could be - an hour later, he was still playing… but more urgent matters were demanding his attention. The need to pee had grown more and more urgent with every passing minute, and Ryan even went to go to the toilet once or twice before he realised himself. He tried to wet himself, but he just couldn’t even force himself to do it - there was, unfortunately, some sort of mental roadblock preventing him from engaging in such an obviously infantile act. “Alright, baby, Daddy has things to attend to, but he’ll be back super soon, okay?” Ryan was disappointed that Daddy was leaving so soon, but he gave him a hug and Daddy gave him a little peck on the cheek (causing Ryan to blush a little) and was left to his own devices. Now on his own, Ryan became a little self-conscious again. When Daddy was playing with him and encouraging him, he didn’t mind acting so infantile, but now his inner monologue wasn’t drowned out by Daddy’s encouraging and gentle words, and it let him know how ridiculous he really looked. Ryan blushed a little again. He looked over to the mirror, and caught sight of him sucking unconsciously on the pacifier, and spat it out immediately in embarrassment. Ryan was a little concerned about how easily he seemed to be slipping into his newfound babyhood. He’d read a million stories about this - the naive young man put back into diapers and babied to the point of losing his mind and turning into a real baby. Of course those stories were mostly just thinly disguised fap material, but he still didn’t want to get too lost in it - who knows what could happen? But he had other matters to attend to right now, like the sudden return of his need to pee, stronger than ever. “All you have to do is let go and pee,” Ryan said in his mind. “Just let go, wet yourself.” Ryan looked down again at the thick padding bunched between his smooth, youthful thighs. He spent his entire adolescence fantasising of wetting a diaper, but now he couldn’t even bring himself to do it; it seemed his pride was just getting in the way. Frankly, the whole experience was tainted now. He wanted out. Daddy… the man, was still gone. Ryan knew he would be disappointed that he got cold feet, and he himself was disappointed to lose this opportunity, but Ryan just couldn’t justify carrying this charade on anymore. Like, what was he thinking? He knew he couldn’t really just get away with disappearing an entire summer. And his parents would likely find out about his secret, and then what would he do? He just had to wait for him to return and break the news. Minutes passed, though, and he still hadn’t returned. Now the urge was to pee grew painful, and Ryan was worried. What was he doing? Ryan couldn’t wait anymore. He had to go and find him. He went to stand up… …and stumbled, landing flat on his stomach. He gave himself such a fright, his bladder immediately let go and flooded his diaper. The crotch grew warm and damp as it expanded with the urine being released into it. Ryan got back onto his knees and touched the front of the diaper, still somewhat paralysed with the surprise of it. The diaper was now soggy and damp, and squelched instead of crinkled. He really did it. Ryan wet his diaper, and really it was actually somewhat of an accident. Almost immediately after, Ryan heard the distant stomp of footsteps coming closer. The man was returning. “Hello baby, I’m back,” he beamed before noticing Ryan looking down at the ground. “Is something wrong?” Ryan could finally tell him the bad news, that he was having second thoughts and wanted to leave… “I wet my diaper. Could you change me… Daddy?” Chapter 10 - Messy Time? It was a strange series of events that ultimately led to the captain of the hockey team and one of the most popular jocks in school to be laid down on a padded changing table to have his puffy wet diaper changed by a man he’d never met until today - that same man he now called his Daddy - while he sucked placidly on a bottle of juice. Ryan was thinking deep about the situation now. He’d very seriously intended on bailing on the whole charade, right up until Daddy walked back in. For some reason, as soon as he walked in, Ryan’s will just melted away. It seemed like even if he wanted to get out, he couldn’t bring himself to tell Daddy… the man… Daddy. And frankly, right now he didn’t really want to. Daddy had cooed to him after realising he was wet, praising him for being a good little boy and using his diapers just like he was meant to. It was a little embarrassing but still made him all warm and fuzzy inside. He had gently laid him out on the changing table and untaped the sodden garment, and was now wiping him down lovingly, giving Ryan yet another surprise boner. Stopping just short of climax once again, to Ryan’s building frustration, he instead went to wiping down his bottom. Ryan was lost in the ecstasy of the moment as Daddy caressed his smooth bottom… and then yelped in shock when he shoved something straight up his hole. It seemed like just his finger at first, but Ryan could’ve sworn there was still something there when he retracted his finger and, oddly, taped the wet diaper back up. That was odd. Why did he go to all that trouble just to wipe him down a little bit and put him back in the same diaper? Daddy blew a raspberry on Ryan’s stomach, making him squirm and giggle a little bit, completely pushing the diaper situation out of his mind. Ryan finished the bottle just as Daddy picked him up again and brought him over to the rocking chair. Ryan sat in Daddy’s lap while he fussed over his new baby boy, stroking his hair and patting his soggy bottom. Ryan blushed and smiled, quickly learning to grow out of his embarrassment over being coddled and babied. About a minute or so later, Ryan’s tummy started to feel funny. He thought it was just a bit of gas, and he farted loudly, giggling at Daddy’s feigned shock reaction. But it kept gurgling away, and Ryan realised with slowly creeping dread that the urge to poop was growing with unsettling speed. He looked at Daddy, who kept smiling. “Uh… I have to go poop,” Ryan said, blushing profusely. “Yeah?” Daddy cocked an eyebrow knowingly. “Well, what are we gonna do about that, little man?” “Well, uh… could you take my diaper off so I can go to the, uh, potty? …Please?” Daddy chuckled, pinched Ryan’s cheek and said, “Silly baby! Little boys in diapers don’t use the potty, remember? They do all their business in their diapers!” “Wh-what? But I don’t wanna mess… I don’t like it, this wasn’t part of the de—“ Ryan was swiftly silenced by a sharp smack on the thigh. “You will use your diapers as fully intended, baby! And yes, that does include going poopy! The only time I will ever take off your diapers is when I’m changing you into a fresh one, or when it’s bath time! If you ever try and hold off from messing, I’ll know, and I’ll give you something so you don’t have any choice. Just like the suppository I gave you just before.” Ryan started to get very uncomfortable. He really didn’t want to mess; as much as he always liked the idea of it, the current reality of actually soiling himself was a bit too intense. Admittedly, not as intense as the ever-growing urge to let go. He started to squirm in discomfort, and Daddy held him tightly, whispering in his ear. “Shhh… it’s okay, baby. Don’t worry. It’s coming, so just sit still for Daddy and let it happen.” Intense stomach cramps, wave after wave, hit Ryan and he started moaning in discomfort. Just as the urge disappeared, it immediately came rushing back harder and more intense than ever. Daddy just held him tightly in his arms, gently reassuring him and rubbing his back soothingly. “It’ll be over soon, baby boy… shhh… just let it happen!” Ryan couldn’t even struggle against Daddy’s iron grip, and could only whimper as he tried to put up a fight against his ever-weakening bowel muscles. Eventually, Ryan finally farted like he had never done before, followed by another big, slightly runny fart, and finally, all at once, a hot rush of mushy, warm poo completely filled into his diaper and smeared all over his bottom and even up his crotch. Ryan was in shock. He had never even crapped himself as a child, but now here he was, the high school graduate in a completely soiled diaper. Daddy released Ryan from his grip, still patting his back. “There there, little man…” he gently whispered. “All better?” Ryan was petrified with shock, unable to muster the ability to speak at all let alone reply to him, so he just nodded without making a sound. “Good boy. And stinky boy for sure! Big poopies for such a little guy, guess you really do need these big thick diapers, huh?” Daddy beamed and patted Ryan’s bottom, mushing it about even more and making him squirm in discomfort. Ryan was genuinely humiliated, and Daddy noticed. “Aww… is widdle Ryan embarrassed about his stinky winkies? It’s OK to make poopies, little guy! That’s why Daddy keeps you in diapers, after all. Daddy thinks you need a change though. Don’t you agree?” Ryan nodded again, still too humiliated to speak. “Hmm, I’m not sure… you need to ask Daddy nicely.” Ryan swallowed, trying to clear the lump in his throat. “Wil-will you change me please?” He received a sharp slap on the thigh for that. “That’s not how little babies ask for their diapies to be changed! You need to tell daddy what you’ve done, and ask him very nicely to help.” Ryan blushed furiously, harder than ever. He put on a babyish tone and slowly said, “Daddy… I made poopies in my diapee… Can you change me… pwease?” Daddy pinched Ryan’s cheek and gave him a few good bounces on the knee, smushing the mess about again. “Good baby!” He exclaimed. “Time for a change.” Chapter 11 - A Change Well Earned Ryan was in something of a state of shock as Daddy carried him gently over to the changing table. He couldn’t quite believe that he had really done that; just completely soiled himself, let alone in front of another person. He was petrified with humiliation and felt incredibly babyish, much like he did being bottle fed earlier. But this wasn’t the soothing, innocent babyish feeling like that one; Ryan felt completely helpless and at his Daddy’s mercy as he was gingerly laid down onto the table. This, he realised, was the reality of being a baby: complete and utter powerlessness over yourself. Ryan was brought back to reality as his soiled diapered butt made contact with the table. He was blushing furiously, and must’ve looked as if he was ready to cry or something as Daddy pushed his pacifier between his lips. Ryan gladly accepted it and placidly sucked while Daddy set to work untaping his diaper. Daddy exclaimed as the offensive bundle was released from Ryan’s side and the smell escaped. “Goodness me, Ryan, you are definitely a stinky baby huh?” Ryan could only blush and close his eyes as he sucked harder on the pacifier, trying hard to distract himself. Daddy just smiled at Ryan’s embarrassment as he started wiping his messy bottom down. “Don’t be embarrassed, tiger. Babies don’t need to use the potty after all. It’s OK to make poopies in your diapies. We’ll have lots more smelly diapers to come, don’t you worry. You’ll get used to it.” Funnily enough, despite (or maybe because of) Ryan’s intense humiliation, he was now completely rock-hard. Daddy noticed, and teased him a little bit by stroking his cock a little bit. He stopped before Ryan could climax, making him huff in frustration. Daddy grinned at this outburst. “Aww, I’m sorry baby, did you wanna cum? Poor baby. Daddy’s gotta make sure you aren’t naughty and playing with yourself. So if you’re a good boy, he might let you cum.” Ryan got the gist. As long as he didn’t act up or protest or resist, he would eventually get his reward. Daddy finished cleaning Ryan’s poopy butt off, and got him all nice and clean and taped up into a dry, clean new diaper. Daddy sat him up, patted his crinkly bottom and said, “Now there’s a happy baby. All cleaned up and changed into a nice clean diaper. What do you say?” “Fankyoo Daddy,” Ryan said, forgetting about the pacifier in his mouth that garbled his speech. Daddy chuckled as Ryan blushed. “I think it’s about lunch time!” Chapter 12 - A Nutritious Lunch Over the past few hours Ryan had been through so much in the name of babying that compared to shitting his diaper, being fed lunch wasn’t really anything at all to him. Daddy picked Ryan up and threw him over his shoulder with ease as he carried him downstairs to the kitchen, one hand cheerfully patting his diapered bum. A big highchair sat by the table where a normal chair might sit, complete with a “seat belt” strap in the seat and wrist restraints. Thankfully Daddy didn’t strap Ryan’s arms into those, but he did strap him into the seat before sliding the tray into place. Noticing Ryan’s concerned face at the wrist straps, Daddy said, “Those are only for naughty babies who make a fuss at mealtime. But you’re a good baby, right Ryan?” He nodded. Daddy set to work preparing Ryan’s lunch. He couldn’t see what he was preparing, but it smelled… Interesting. A few minutes later, Daddy came over with a big yellow Winnie-the-Pooh bib to tie around Ryan’s neck, before setting down a bowl of steaming mush. “Ready for num nums?” Daddy asked. Almost as if on cue, Ryan’s tummy rumbled audibly. He blushed as Daddy took his paci out and grabbed a spoonful of mush. “Here comes the Choo-Choo train!” Ryan didn’t really know how to react, so he didn’t open his mouth in time before the spoon collided with his lips, smushing the spoonful on his chin. “Silly baby,” Daddy chuckled, “Open wide now!” Ryan opened up and let the spoon fill his mouth. He gagged a little at the taste - mashed carrot. He couldn’t help but dribble a little bit more onto his bib. He felt, and no doubt in his mind looked absolutely ridiculous. But before he could even finish swallowing, Daddy had another spoonful on its way. Daddy fed Ryan at this speed throughout, ensuring that he couldn’t quite stop himself from missing or making a mess every now and then. Daddy retrieved a second bowl, this time of mashed apple, and repeated the process. Ryan was pretty full by the end of it, and an absolute mess - face, chin and bib covered in mushy baby food. But before Ryan was released, Daddy gave him one more bottle of milk, which he eagerly lapped down. Daddy finally wiped Ryan’s face clean with his bib, before releasing him and burping him again. Ryan was feeling positively blissful. After a somewhat traumatic experience in messing his diaper, he was now fed, burped and feeling really quite sleepy. Daddy picked up on this. “Hmm, baby’s getting sleepy huh? I think widdle Ryan needs a nap. Come on, daddy’ll put you down in your crib.” Putting his paci back in his mouth, Ryan placidly sucked as Daddy took him upstairs and laid him down in the big, cosy crib. Daddy pulled the curtains shut, and gave Ryan a cute teddy to cuddle while he tucked him in. “Sleep tight my beautiful baby boy,” Daddy whispered lovingly. “You’re going to love it here.” With a kiss on the forehead, Daddy raised the side of the crib and locked it into place, before turning on the stars and planets that hung over Ryan’s head making them spin. He locked the door behind him. Ryan was in bliss. He felt so light and fluffy, watching the stars spin as his eyes felt heavier and heavier. Before he fell asleep totally, he felt another urge to pee. But to his surprise, he found he could just let go and flood his diaper again, feeling the crinkly plastic grow warm and expand with his sogginess. Ryan smiled as he sucked his paci and closed his eyes, drifting peacefully off to a dreamless sleep. This was perfect. Chapter 13 - Lessons Learned Ryan learned a lot of things over that next week or so, living with Daddy. Lesson Number 1: life as a baby is very routine. After the first day, Daddy had quickly settled Ryan into a very consistent and repetitive daily routine. He’d wake up around 7.30, waiting for Daddy to come greet him before taking him downstairs for a spoon fed breakfast in his highchair (usually oatmeal and a bottle of milk). Following that, Daddy would take Ryan up for a diaper change into his outfit for the day - sometimes a cute onesie, a pair of shortalls, even just a T-shirt sometimes, but always with a thick, crinkly diaper around his waist. Then it was playtime for a few hours; he’d play with the toys and blocks and cars, which Daddy occasionally played along with, or if he was extra good he could watch some Teletubbies or Barney on the TV. Then it’d be lunch in the highchair around 12 or 1, followed by a nap in the crib for an hour or so. After his nap, Ryan would play for a bit more until dinner, followed by a bath, one last bottle and bedtime at 7pm sharp. Throughout the day there would be at least 3 or 4 wet diaper changes (and usually at least one messy one too), and playtime was occasionally interrupted for a bottle in daddy’s lap. This leads into Lesson Number 2: it was pretty easy to slip into the baby role once you stopped getting so embarrassed about it. Ryan was a mess of embarrassment and shame on his first day as a baby. But once he realised that no one here was going to judge him in any way, he was able to just lose himself in his newfound infancy and enjoy the complete lack of worry and responsibility that life as an infant enabled. He could play with the trucks and blocks as much as he pleased and he didn’t have to worry about school, work, money, parents, anything. Hell, he didn’t even have to worry about wiping his own ass anymore. After a few days, Daddy let Ryan cum too. But the catch was, since he wasn’t allowed to touch his diaper, he had to hump himself to climax. Ryan was so backed up that it still didn’t take long for him to absolutely explode, and Daddy praised him, reminding him that as long as he’s good and Daddy doesn’t have to punish him, he can do that again very soon. And once he got over that embarrassment hurdle, inhabiting the mind space was also easy. He grew to love the soothing rhythm of sucking on a bottle of milk. He could just let go into his diaper knowing Daddy would always be there to clean him up afterward. Even the TV shows were really entertaining once you stop caring about how old you supposedly “really” are. Life as a baby was pretty sweet. Except when it wasn’t, which brings Ryan to Lesson Number 3: being a baby kinda sucks sometimes. First of all, babies do kinda lead boring lives. They watch simple TV shows, and play with simple toys, and always need to be cared for and kept safe at every moment. There’s no excitement or risk; the biggest thrill ride of the day was if Ryan got to watch two episodes of Dora the Explorer instead of one. And the routine was repetitive sometimes to the point of mind numbing. Ryan had to struggle to remember what day it was, because they all blurred into one. Not to mention all the rules he had to follow and privileges he was no longer allowed. He wasn’t allowed to talk like a “big boy”, as Daddy said, and although he was warned at first if he didn’t talk in a sufficiently babyish manner, eventually Daddy would spank him every time and make him keep his pacifier in his mouth for a few hours. It wasn’t the only thing that would earn Ryan a spanking now either; refusing food, standing up instead of crawling, playing with himself, resisting a diaper change or doing anything that wasn’t totally consistent with a baby’s mindset was severely punished. And because Ryan inevitably slipped up at least once a day, it meant that since the first time he came, he had yet to earn the privilege again a week later. He was so frustrated but even trying to touch himself only meant he had to wait longer still. His least favourite punishment came about because he wouldn’t stop touching himself - Daddy put his hands in super thick white mittens that stopped him from being able to even play with his toys, let alone play with himself. He felt impossibly infantile with them, and vowed never to touch himself for the rest of the stay if that was the punishment. And there were countless other things about adult life that Ryan never even thought about until he was no longer permitted them. His diet now consisted solely of spoonfed mushy baby food and bottles of either juice or daddy’s specially made milk, and he certainly was never allowed to feed himself. The early bedtimes were also kind of a drag, especially since the sun would still peek through the curtains in the evening as he was tucked into his crib. Even Daddy was kinda getting to him in a way; he was intent on making sure Ryan knew he was the baby in this situation, so he always talked to him as if he were talking to a one-year-old. He never called him just Ryan; it was always ‘baby Ryan’, or even just ‘baby’ or ‘little man’. The lamest thing about being a baby was the complete lack of privacy it now meant. Daddy had complete authority over every single aspect of Ryan’s life now - he controlled when and what he ate, what he did, what he wore, when he slept, even what he said. Ryan had no independence or control over himself whatsoever. He was truly as helpless and dependent as a little baby. But it was easy enough to just lose yourself in the baby life. In fact, this led Ryan to the final Lesson, Number 4: it was kinda too easy to lose yourself in the baby life. Daddy was very intent on Ryan being dependent on his diapers for all his needs - he fed him lots of bottles to make sure he was constantly taking in fluids and thus constantly wetting. Even worse, he gave Ryan more than a few more suppositories after the first one to get him messing with ease. And they both worked with almost frightening effectiveness - Ryan didn’t even need to force himself to wet within a few days as he’d just let go and start peeing, and by the 6th day he just had to push a little bit before he found himself sitting in a messy smelly diaper. By the 9th day, Ryan started waking up soaked with no memory of wetting in the night. By that next afternoon, he was playing with his trucks when he felt his diaper suddenly growing warm as he wet himself unknowingly. Ryan was increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that he seemed to be losing control of his bodily functions against his will. But it wasn’t just his toilet training that seemed to be reversing. With all the forced pacifier use as punishment for big boy talk, Ryan started to really get fixated on it. He really did enjoy just sucking on it, and it was the best way to calm down if he was upset after a punishment. Once or twice, when it wasn’t nearby, he would instead start sucking on his thumb subconsciously. The baby treatment had physical implications too. The diet of baby food and milk meant Ryan’s messes became runnier and easier to just let go. And the diet combined with the lack of physical stimulation meant Ryan’s ripped chest and stomach had already started to devolve into a slightly chubbier build. He’d need to hit the gym big time at the end of this, he noted. No doubt a significant time on a diet like this would weaken him beyond help. Most of all though, Ryan was just bored with the routine. Daddy could tell. Ryan needed some excitement. So on the 13th day of his stay, Daddy got up extra early to prepare for Ryan’s big day. He packed a big Winnie-the-Pooh bag full of powder, wipes, an outfit change, a bottle, paci, bib, and a few diapers of course. All ready for his day out. Chapter 14 - A Grand Day Out Ryan stirred as the sunlight streamed in through the bars of the crib. Opening his eyes, he adjusted to the sight of his nursery he had grown so accustomed to over the past 13 days. He moaned behind his pacifier and grabbed Robbie, his favourite rabbit plushie. His diaper felt incredibly damp and saggy between his legs. It was a fantastic feeling, even if concerning that bed wetting was now a very real thing for him. He was rock hard but didn’t dare even hump the crib without daddy’s permission. Another day locked in mittens didn’t sound pleasant in any way whatsoever. Nonetheless, the blue onesie (complete with tiny little bottles and teddies all over!) strained against the heavy diaper, pressing it tight against Ryan’s crotch. At least it felt good. Daddy came in right on schedule. “Rise and shine my baby boy, time for num nums!” Ryan rolled over and couldn’t help but smile up at Daddy. For all of his strictness and control, he was always loving and cheerful… At least when Ryan wasn’t being punished, that is. “How’s my baby doing this morning? Hmm, soaked as usual… But at least you’re not leaky today!” Ryan blushed. Yesterday morning he was so wet that he had actually leaked through his diaper and soaked his sheets. Daddy wasn’t mad at him, but he did say that if it happened again, Ryan would need to wear double thick diapers to bed from now on. The diapers he already wore were thick enough without extra layers, so he was quietly grateful he didn’t have to endure that, and grateful his bed wetting wasn’t quite at crisis mode… Yet. Daddy lowered the crib side and picked Ryan up over his shoulder to carry him downstairs. He set him up in the highchair and strapped him in, pottering about preparing breakfast. Ryan was grateful not to have his arms strapped down this time - Daddy had done so three days ago, when he had earned his hands in mittens. That wasn’t a fun day. Bib around his neck and paci out, Daddy set to work feeding Ryan his breakfast. Oatmeal was on the menu today, and as usual Daddy somehow seemed to make sure Ryan still ended up with mush over his face, chin and bib. While Ryan sucked on his usual morning milk, Daddy sat down to his own breakfast - bacon and eggs on toast. It had been so long since he’d had solid foods, Ryan had almost forgotten what it tastes like. Two weeks on a diet of mush meant he didn’t really notice the taste anymore, but he still missed big boy food. He was grateful then that his time was almost over. The bottle finished, Daddy cleaned Ryan up and burped him, before carrying him upstairs again to get ready for the day. “Big day for you today, little guy!” Daddy said as he laid Ryan down on the changing table. He untapped the sodden garment and wiped Ryan’s damp crotch down as usual… But instead of taping another thick diaper around his waist, Daddy slid a pair of white briefs through Ryan’s feet and up around his waist. What was going on? “Daddy has some errands that he needs to do today. Normally I’d get a babysitter for you, but it’s not possible at such short notice, so instead you’ll be coming with me today! Are you ready to be a big boy just for today, baby?” Ryan flushed with nerves. He was anxious about anyone seeing him in this state… But, he reasoned, at least Daddy wasn’t making him go out diapered. And it’s not like he had anything resembling a choice these days anyway. Daddy dressed Ryan up in a light blue polo shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers with ankle socks. He looked a bit like an overgrown child, but he supposed at least that was better than an overgrown baby. Ryan was strapped into the car seat again, but that wasn’t so bad. If he knew what was coming for him on his outing with Daddy, however, he might’ve just preferred the mittens at home. Chapter 15 - Big Boy Denied If Ryan thought that just because Daddy dressed him as a somewhat more mature kid rather than a complete infant, that meant he would be treating him as more of an equal… Well, he was sorely mistaken. As soon as Daddy pulled into the parking lot of the mall and unbuckled him from his car seat, Ryan was made to hold Daddy’s hand wherever they went, from the bank to the hardware store. Since Daddy looked old enough to be Ryan’s actual father, it made at least a few people do a double take and raise an eyebrow at the late teenager in the juvenile outfit holding the older mans hand. But to Ryan’s moderate relief, most people didn’t really look twice. It felt really weird to be walking around in normal underwear again. Ryan was now so used to having a thick layer of crinkly plastic padding encasing his crotch 24/7 that he felt oddly naked in just the thin white cotton briefs. Not to mention the baby talk which still didn’t quite relent much at all; Daddy still talked to Ryan as if he was really a toddler. “You want a lollipop, little guy?” He asked while they were in line at the pharmacy. Ryan nodded, blushing since there were definitely other people in earshot. “And one lollipop for my special little guy!” He exclaimed once they reached the counter. The cashier smiled tentatively at Ryan, who avoided eye contact. “Ryan loves lollipops, don’t you? Here you go, little guy. What do you say?” Not even daring to look up, Ryan muttered, “Thank you.” Daddy looked sternly at him while squeezing his hand and said, “I think you can do better than that, Ryan. Say thank you to the nice lady for your lollipop.” Ryan blushed a furious red as he looked up and made eye contact with the still-smiling woman and said in a slightly shaking voice, “Thank you for the lollipop. Daddy just tutted. “Kids,” he said to the cashier with a chuckle. She laughed in response, but was clearly very bemused by the entire situation. Ryan popped the lollipop into his mouth to distract himself from the embarrassment, especially since everyone behind them in line was now staring. He really quite enjoyed the lollipop a surprising amount; probably because it reminded him of his paci which he found himself craving a lot. “Okay tiger, we’ve just gotta stop in at the grocery store and then we’ll get you some McDonald’s for being such a good boy today!” Ryan beamed with happiness - finally some food that wasn’t just mush! Before they went into the store, Daddy grabbed a large bag from the backseat and put it around his shoulder. Ryan knew not to question daddy so he said nothing. Daddy led him by the hand again into the store. It was around the dairy aisle that the cramps started to hit Ryan. It was nearly 11am - around this time every day he would have his morning mess, and the bowel train was right on schedule. He almost just let go right there, until he remembered that he wasn’t in a diaper. Shit, that was a close one. He tugged at Daddy’s arm. “Yes, what is it sport?” “I, uh… I have to go potty.” “Oh yeah? Well, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to wait until we get to McDonald’s, sport. There’s no bathroom here.” Ryan whined, but Daddy slapped his wrist and he shut up. Daddy was taking his time with the groceries, and as Ryan realised, it took a lot more effort holding it in now than it did two weeks ago. He knew that if he let his mind wander for just a few moments, his body would take over and he’d immediately lose contr— “Hey Ryan, you’re back! Wait, who’s that guy and why are you… Uh, holding his hand?” Ryan froze, first at the sound of Jeremy Linnard’s voice and then at the all-too-familiar sensation of his bowels immediately letting loose, first with a loud fart followed by the seat of his pants filling with a big stinking mushy poop. Sensing the all-clear, his bladder followed suit as he completely flooded his shorts and even made a puddle where he stood. Jeremy and his buddies stared mouth agape as his hockey buddy wet his pants and messed himself all while holding the hand of some older man. “Ryan… Dude… Did you just wet yourself?” The others stared in shock as Daddy turned around. Ryan was completely petrified. “Aww, did my baby boy have an accident? Someone couldn’t even wait until we got to McDonald’s. Oh look at you, you’re soaked! And… Oh my goodness, you went poopies too didn’t you?” There was now a considerable audience to Ryan’s predicament. He could feel tears of humiliation building as Daddy put his arm around him. “Don’t worry little Ryan, Daddy’s here. C’mon, let’s get you changed and cleaned up.” Daddy escorted Ryan away, making sure to walk straight through Jeremy’s group. “Excuse me boys, my lil guy had a big accident so he needs to be changed.” Ryan didn’t dare make eye contact with any of his friends, but he could hear them immediately burst into laughter as daddy walked him to the checkout. “Excuse me ma’am, but my boy here had an accident. Do you think there’s a toilet or changing room nearby where we can get him cleaned up?” The cashier directed Daddy to a changing room nearby. Ryan could feel the eyes of the entire store on him as he was escorted away. He couldn’t help it anymore; he started sobbing. He had never felt so humiliated and degraded in his life. He actually just had an accident in public. Not only that, he shat himself in front of his friends. What the hell were they going to think of him now? Chapter 16 - Back to Basics... Again Once they were alone in the changing room, Daddy threw his arms around Ryan and grabbed him in a tight bear hug. “Shhh… It’s ok, little guy. Daddy knew he shouldn’t trust you in big boy pants. Back to diapers for you. Let’s get you all cleaned up and dressed properly, okay?” Ryan calmed down a little, and just sniffled as daddy unfolded a big changing mat over the cold linoleum floor. He closed his eyes as Daddy pulled his shorts and peeled his briefs off. Ryan dared to peek again as Daddy tutted. “Definitely not a big boy, even these shorts are ruined!” Indeed, the back of the shorts was stained brown as the mess had seeped through his briefs. He couldn’t stop himself whimpering again. “Shhh, don’t cry baby. Here.” Daddy pushed Ryan’s paci into his mouth, and he started sucking immediately. He didn’t care how babyish he felt, it was the only thing that made him feel better right now. After wiping Ryan’s thoroughly poopy bottom down, Daddy pulled out a bottle of powder and not one, but two thick diapers from the bag he had brought in. How coincidental that as soon as Daddy had brought that bag with him, Ryan had a huge accident that necessitated it… Except maybe it wasn’t an accident. Well, it certainly was for Ryan… But maybe Daddy had planned it all. He wanted Ryan to mess in public so he could humiliate him beyond anything else he’d ever experienced. Ryan felt so desperately helpless. He was now beginning to realise just how much power Daddy had over his life. Daddy powdered him up and taped both diapers around his waist. One was thick by itself, but this was something else. “That was a big accident you had, little man. It’s a good thing Daddy packed a change of clothes too, you ruined these shorts and briefs! Daddy’s gotta keep you in double diapers for a while, I think, if you’re having such big accidents. Don’t wanna risk ruining any else of your nice clothes.” Daddy pulled out a change of outfit - his “favourite” light blue T-shirt with tiny teddy bears and bottles adorning every inch, and a pair of denim shortalls with a Winnie-the-Pooh print adorning the bib and snaps in the crotch for easy diaper access. Ryan tried to blink back the tears as Daddy dressed him in the humiliatingly infantile outfit. He got terrified for a moment when it seemed like the snaps weren’t going to fit over his diapers, but thankfully they eventually snapped into place. But that was only a small consolation. Standing up, Ryan still looked incredibly infantile; the shortalls did absolutely nothing to hide the massive diaper bulge and the plastic rims even peeked out of the leg holes. His butt looked massive, and if it wasnt obvious enough to almost anyone that he was wearing a big diaper underneath his clothes, the forced waddle caused by his legs being spread apart by the thick plastic and the extremely audible crinkle was proof. And the Velcro shoes and socks combo may have made him look like a bit of a kid before, but now combined with his new outfit, he looked nothing more than an absolute baby. “Good baby,” Daddy chuckled. “One last thing…” He retrieved a Winnie the Pooh pacifier clip from the bag, and attached it to his shortalls bib. “Daddy knows how much you love your binkie little man, so this is so you don’t lose it.” Ryan suckled in meek appreciation. “Okay, back to shopping and then lunch!” Chapter 17 - Baby on Board Ryan felt as if the eyes of the entire store were on him as Daddy marched him by the hand toward the cashier. It didn’t matter that no one was particularly staring aside from a few double takes. The undeniably and overtly infantile outfit, the massive bulge in his crotch, the obvious crinkle sound that Ryan made with every step that now seemed louder than ever (or maybe Ryan was just more conscious of it than ever), and of course the goofy waddle that the thick diapers and Daddy’s brisk stride forced him into… Ryan would’ve felt completely humiliated even if there was no one in the store at all. “Sorry about that,” Daddy said cheerfully to the cashier. “My poor lil guy had an accident so we had to get him all changed and dressed more appropriately.” Ryan blushed furiously as Daddy ruffled his hair. The cashier smiled at Ryan bemusedly, looking his outfit up and down. Ryan realised he had still been sucking away on his paci the whole time and spat it out immediately. “Ah ah ah, you keep that in for now, little guy.” Daddy immediately retrieved the pacifier hanging down on Ryan’s front and shoved it back in his mouth. Ryan whined quietly to himself. “You just keep sucking on your binkie until Daddy says so.” He turned to the cashier and chuckled, shaking his head. “Kids…” The cashier continued staring at Ryan even while he was scanning the items. “So if you don’t mind me asking,” he started, “why is he dressed like a baby and all? It’s a pretty good costume.” “Oh this isn’t a costume,” Daddy smiled, “these are little Ryan’s normal clothes! He is kind of just a big baby boy, you see. He uses his diapers, sleeps in his crib and plays with his toys and everything. Normally at home I just keep him in a T-shirt and diaper; makes it easier to see when he needs changing. He’s a little stinker, all right! Aww, he’s embarrassed. It’s ok, little guy, we’ll go get you some lunch now, yeah?” Ryan was just about in tears again as Daddy led him out of the store finally. He could’ve sworn he saw the cashier whip out his phone and record his crinkly waddling bottom as he left. Finally he was in the car, the car seat straps feeling even tighter against Ryan’s massively puffy crotch. Daddy pinched his cheek and smiled. “Don’t worry baby, you’re still a good boy even if you did have a big accident. It’s ok, daddy just knows now that he needs to keep you in diapers properly now. Let’s go get you some num nums!” Ryan was at least happy to have some reprieve from the constant baby food. It was almost a slight relenting in Daddy’s constant babying, in a way. Except for the fact that Daddy still chose his meal for him (a happy meal, which daddy cut up for him), he still had to wear his bib, Daddy still fed him and he still had to drink his milk from his bottle - Daddy specially requested the cashier to put his milk in his bottle. And Ryan still ended up a mess with ketchup all over his face as per usual. Before leaving, Daddy stuck a finger into his shortalls; he was indeed wet. He didn’t even remember going at all. “Soggy already! Well, it’s about time we headed home anyway. You’re well overdue for your nap. Those double diapers can hold a lot, so I won’t need to change you for a bit.” He was right; Ryan was already getting sleepy. It was a totally exhausting day. The rest of the afternoon played out much as usual. After his nap, Daddy thankfully changed him into his normal diapers, and he watched some Teletubbies for being a good boy. After the usual mushy dinner and a bath, he was put down to bed. The events of the day out earlier were still vivid in Ryan’s mind. You might wonder why he didn’t just try and escape or protest against Daddy’s humiliating treatment of him. Well, it was pretty simple - starting from the moment he messed himself in the store, Ryan was completely rock hard, more so than he had ever been in his life. The experience was humiliating, sure, but it was also incredibly hot and one of his deepest fantasies brought to life. And now he was still just as horny as then. He was going to be a good boy for Daddy and not touch it… but fuck it, he’d be going home tomorrow anyway and he wouldn’t be able to sleep with this anyway. He rolled onto his front and started vigorously humping the crib mattress. He furiously sucked his pacifier as he quickly approached climax, thinking of what a stinky, naughty baby he had been and how Daddy had humiliated him. He completely exploded into his diaper, barely suppressing his moans. He rolled back onto his back and smiled. Tomorrow he’d have some explaining to do to his friends, but he’d cross that bridge when he got to it. Tonight was his last chance to enjoy this blissful sensation, before he went home the next day to his big life. Of course, he wouldn’t be going anywhere. But he didn’t know that. He just sucked his paci, cuddled his plushie and drifted off to a peaceful sleep, his diaper growing warm and wet as he did. Chapter 18 - This Is Your Home Now And so Ryan woke up that morning to Daddy gently shaking him awake, saying that his time was up and that it’s time for him to go back home now. Ryan was sad to leave, but grateful that he was now able to return to his normal life after two whole weeks as a baby. He could walk, talk like an adult, use the bathroom and eat proper food! He felt kinda silly in his briefs after two weeks of diapers, but he was happy he had this experience. It was fun being a baby, but he was glad it wouldn’t be a full time dealio; he just wouldn’t be able to handle that. He burst into his front door and said, “Mom, Dad, I’m home!” His mom came bustling into the foyer and gave him a big hug. “How did you guys go when I was gone?” “Oh we did fine, your father just did some work on the garage and I kept myself busy with the office work and all that. And how was your trip? Did you see lots of sights and good morning baby boy! Rise and shine, time for num nums!” Ryan froze. "Wait… what did you say? His mom was still smiling as she broke away from him and continued. “Goodness me you’re a soggy baby this morning!” “Wha’ the he’ iss goin’ on?!” Ryan said, or more appropriately mumbled, because his speech was garbled by the pacifier now in his mouth. Mom suddenly grabbed his diapered crotch, which was definitely wet. Wait a minute… diapered?! Ryan looked down and found himself suddenly dressed in a light blue Care Bears onesie with a very thick (and soggy) bulge in his crotch that could only mean he was well diapered and in need of a change. “Let’s get you changed, baby boy,” Mom said, but this time, her voice was much deeper and masculine, just like Daddy’s voic– Ryan awoke with a start to Daddy leaning over him in his crib, lowering the side rail. “Well good morning sleepy head!” Ryan looked around to see himself still in the nursery. It was just a dream, then. But today was still the day for him to go home. “You’re a soggy little baby boy aren’t you? Almost leaking, even! Daddy’s gonna have to put you in thicker diapers for bedtime from now on, I think.” From now on? But Ryan was going home today. Daddy really was committed to the role play. Daddy picked him up and changed his soggy bottom as usual. He got ready for his sodden diaper to be replaced with the thin white briefs that would herald his return to adulthood… only to find his nostrils confronted with the sweet smell of baby powder, his ears with a distinct plastic crinkling sound, and when he opened them, his eyes with the sight of a thick diaper being unfolded for Daddy to tape onto Ryan’s waist. Was he going to be sent home in a diaper? Perhaps a memento of his stay? Ryan was quietly contemplating while Daddy set to work at his usual routine, sliding the diaper underneath Ryan’s bum and taping it round his waist. And then his outfit… Daddy retrieved a blue Sesame Street snap shouldered T-shirt, but nothing else over his diaper. Ryan was a bit confused now. Surely he wasn’t going to send him home in this? Breakfast time, and Ryan was still confused. It had definitely been two weeks, but there was not a single change in Daddy’s demeanour as he spoonfed Ryan in his highchair and bib as he had always done these last fourteen days. Ryan went to try and ask Daddy when he would be going home today, but was swiftly silenced with a spoonful of oatmeal. One baba and a burping later, and Daddy took Ryan back upstairs, sat him down and looked him in the eye. This must be it. “Playtime, baby Ryan!” Or not. “Daddy…” Ryan said hesitantly, not sure how to put it. “Yes, sport?” “Well, I mean… uh…” “Come on little man, use your words.” “Well it’s been fourteen days now…” “Goodness me, has it? Well, the time flies doesn’t it?” He chuckled and picked Ryan up, taking him over to the rocking chair and sit him on his knee. “Uh… So when was I gonna go home?” Daddy chuckled again and bounced Ryan on his knee. “Silly baby! You are home.” Ryan was extremely lost. “No, I mean, it’s over now, and I get to go back home to my normal life and–” “This is your home now, baby. And this is your normal life now too. You’ll be living with Daddy from now on.” Ryan paused, and then it dawned on him what he was saying. “But-- no, you can’t do tha–” Ryan was immediately silenced as Daddy tutted and shoved Ryan’s pacifier into his open mouth - but this time he secured it with a strap so that he couldn’t spit it out. This was immediately followed by his hands being encased in the mittens that he usually earned for touching himself. His eyes went wide with fear and he tried to protest, but as usual the pacifier reduced all his words to incomprehensible babble. Daddy smiled and grabbed Ryan closely, rocking back and forth as he gently rubbed the terrified boy’s back. “There there, little baby… it’s ok, Daddy’s got you. You thought that Daddy was going to let you go back to your big boy life now, didn’t you?” He chuckled again. “Silly baby. Daddy knows what little Ryan needs, and it’s not big boy pants. Because you’re not a big boy anymore, Ryan. You really are just a little baby who needs to be back in diapers permanently. I mean, just look at what happened yesterday when you went poopy in your pants! No, you’ll be living with Daddy for good from now on. But don’t worry, it’s ok, Daddy knows just what his little baby wants and needs. He doesn’t need any of those silly big boy things like school or cars; he just needs his paci, his baba, his teddy and his daddy to change his diapies whenever!” Daddy sniffed and smiled deviously at Ryan. “Oh, in fact, I think Ryan might need that last one right away!” Ryan was thoroughly confused, until Daddy cheerfully patted his diapered bum, and Ryan felt a sensation that had never felt so horrific - the distinct smushing of poop up against his butt, and the unfortunate smell of a very stinky diaper. Ryan was petrified in complete shock. He had absolutely no memory of even feeling the need to mess, let alone actually doing it. In just two weeks, had he really just been completely un-potty trained?! His emotions were in a daze as Daddy pinched his cheek and said, “don’t worry baby, Daddy is always here to change your stinky diapers.” Ryan was completely checked out as Daddy changed his diaper and laid him down in the crib for an early nap time. But this time, Daddy strapped him down tightly to the mattress, ensuring he could barely move an inch let alone try and escape. “I know you’re probably upset about not going back to big boy pants,” Daddy cooed as he tucked Ryan in. “But you’ll learn to love it, little man. Daddy just wants what’s best for you, and it just so happens that what’s best is that you’re kept in diapers and as a baby for your own good.” He kissed Ryan on the forehead, eyes still wide with fear, and closed the curtains before locking the door behind him. Ryan looked around him, since it was the only thing he could do. He couldn’t move his legs, or his arms, or even his fingers since they were encased in super thick padded mittens. He couldn’t even talk, only suck on his pacifier that was strapped around his head. He looked at the bars of the crib, now seeming like the bars to his infantile jail cell. All Ryan had wanted was two weeks to live out his fantasy, and then straight back home, no strings attached. Well, he got his wish. Ryan kept sucking away on his pacifier - he couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to. It just made him so calm and peaceful. Even after everything that had just happened, he could feel himself drifting off to sleep somehow. His mind was screaming to resist, to stay awake knowing that this was just part of Daddy’s plan. He had to try and escape at the first possible opportunity. But right now the sleep was overwhelming - Ryan could barely keep his eyes open, and the rhythmic sucking didn’t stop. The last thing Ryan before he closed his eyes was the “Baby Ryan” sign emblazoned above his crib. Two weeks ago, Ryan thought it was a cute nickname and a sign of his role in the little role play. But right now, it was clear that this wasn’t a cute nickname anymore - “Baby Ryan” was no longer role play, it was a life sentence. Chapter 19 - The Next Morning Ryan squinted as he woke up, the bright early morning sunlight streaming in from the windows. He had that dream again, that he was back to his normal life and treated like an adult once more. As his eyes came into focus, he saw the bars of the crib and his wider nursery again that confirmed it was all just a dream - he was indeed still trapped under Daddy’s care, still in diapers, and still a baby. The events of last night, indeed, were not a dream. He groaned and sucked his pacifier as he cuddled Robbie, his favourite plushie, as the distinct aroma of a super wet diaper greeted his nostrils. Normally he might try and enjoy this sensation, but yesterday Daddy had locked Ryan’s “peepee”, as he called it, in a chastity cage preventing him from even getting a boner, let alone being able to play with it. Ryan sighed as he rubbed his eyes - or tried to anyway, since the mittens stopped his fingers from actually doing anything. He wasn’t strapped down to the crib anymore, but that’s only because Daddy didn’t need to do it - the bars of Ryan’s crib were high enough that he couldn’t get any real grip with his mittens to climb out. He was truly trapped in this infantile prison. Things had changed dramatically since Daddy had abandoned all pretense of letting Ryan go the day before. He was still babied - Daddy still fed him, dressed him, changed his diapers and cared for him in every way. But it had changed for sure. Ryan didn’t feel calm or at peace anymore. Now that he knew Daddy fully intended on keeping him forever, Ryan felt completely helpless to resist. He was now hyper-aware of how little control he had over his life now, and how much he was really beginning to regress. Yesterday he really did make poopies in his diaper without even realising… He barely had time to mull this over before Daddy came striding in, his usual jovial self. “Good morning baby! How’s my good little baby this morning?” He grabbed Ryan firmly and turned him over, so he could unbutton his onesie and check his diaper. Ryan noticed that much of the gentleness Daddy treated him with previously had all but evaporated, replaced with a sort of firmness that only made Ryan feel even more helpless as Daddy pulled the back of Ryan’s diaper. “Just soggy,” Daddy chuckled. “Good baby,” he pinched Ryan’s blushing cheek. “Time for num nums!” Daddy released Ryan from his crib and picked him up to carry him down to the kitchen. Daddy had fixed Ryan the usual breakfast of mushy oatmeal, and after locking him in the highchair tightly, he went about the usual routine of tying the bib round Ryan’s neck and getting his bottle ready. But before taking Ryan’s pacifier out, he gave him a stern look. “Now Ryan, you’ve got two choices. You can kick up a fuss and try and act like a big boy if you want. But all that’s going to earn you is your binkie back in your mouth, a good spanking and the rest of the day in the crib with an enema cleanout to stop your fussing. Or, you can be a good baby and eat your num nums for dadda without a fuss at all. So, tell me - are you going to be a good baby?” Ryan sucked on his paci and nodded up at Daddy. He knew this wasn’t the right time to try and formulate an escape anyway - he had to make Daddy let his guard down, and as much as he hated it, Ryan knew that meant he had to fully submit to the treatment at least for a bit. Daddy removed the pacifier straps and finally let Ryan’s jaw move freely again. “I want to hear you say it. Are you going to act like a big boy?” Ryan swallowed and adopted the cute childish tone that Daddy had trained him to use. “No Dadda, I won’t.” “And what will you be?” “I’ll be a good baby.” “Because…?” Ryan swallowed hard and blushed as he said it: “Because I am a baby.” Daddy smiled widely. “That’s right Ryan. You’re just a widdle baby boy and nothing more. And once we get some num nums in baby’s tummy, we’re going to start some new methods to make little Ryan into the happiest little baby in the land!” Ryan gulped inwardly as Daddy started spooning the familiar mushy muck into (and onto) Ryan’s mouth. That window of opportunity for escape seemed to be getting smaller and smaller… Chapter 20 - Who’s a Good Baby? After breakfast, Ryan found himself back in the nursery again. But there were two new additions that he swore were never there before - a huge TV screen, much bigger than the old one, and what looked like an oversized baby bouncer facing it. Daddy hoisted Ryan up into it and strapped him in tightly. “Daddy’s got some fun stuff for baby Ryan to watch while Daddy does some work. It’s a special show just for babies so Daddy can’t watch it!” He ruffled Ryan’s hair and squeezed his still soggy crotch. Daddy strapped the paci back in Ryan’s mouth and popped a pair of headphones over his head. And then, Ryan was alone. He could barely move at all - just sorta wriggle and squirm to make him bounce up and down. He whimpered behind his paci as he felt more helpless than ever. Suddenly, the massive screen burst into life and a whimsical childish tune started filling his ears. A bunch of happy teddy bears were dancing across the colourful screen to a simple rhythm. It caught Ryan’s attention and he was a little captivated. The melody was gentle and soothing, and the way the bears danced back and forth on screen was transfixing. He started sucking his paci to the rhythm of the music and bobbing his head along too. He felt very soothed and blissful as he happily sucked his binky. “Snap out of it!” He thought to himself, breaking free from his infantile trance state. He had to avoid whatever this bizarre show was doing to him and fight the hypnotic spell. But all he could do was try and avoid looking at the screen, and when he did, it felt like the hypnotic music grew louder and louder, and all Ryan wanted to do was suck his binkie and watch the funny bears dance across the screen and bounce up and down. He was vaguely aware of his diaper growing warm and wet as it pressed up against his skin, but he thought no more of it once his eyes were glued back to the screen. Suddenly, the bears stopped dancing, but the music continued at a lower volume. The “head” bear looked at the camera and said, “It’s baby time! Who’s a big boy?” The bear pointed at the screen… no, the bear pointed right at Ryan. “Are you a big boy?” ‘Of course I am,’ Ryan thought to himself. “No’ me,” Ryan said clumsily behind the pacifier, not even thinking about his words as they just sort of tumbled out instinctively. “No, that’s right!” The bear said happily. “You’re just a baby!” Ryan smiled gleefully and nodded. “Who’s a good baby?” “I’m a goo’ bay-bee,” Ryan said. “Who’s just a baby?” “I’m jus’ a bay-bee!” “Good baby!” Ryan kicked happily and sucked his binkie in bliss. Yup, he was just a baby. Just a silly little baby who loved his daddy. “What do babies do?” One of the bears asked. The main bear smiled and said, “Well, that’s what we’re going to teach the baby!” Ryan felt a mix of emotions. He felt so oddly happy and gleeful, and wriggled about in his bouncer, but in the back of his mind he felt the terror of his now-suppressed adult consciousness that had seemingly been replaced with a powerful infantile bliss. It felt so good to submit to it. It felt so good to become a baby. It felt so right to be a baby. Ryan was a baby. Just a happy little baby. “First, babies suck their binkies.” Ryan sucked happily and kicked his feet. “Babies don’t drink from cups, they drink from their baba!” Ryan loved his milky babas that Daddy made for him. He wanted one now! “Babies always eat with a bib and love their num nums!” “And…” the main baby paused and looked straight at Ryan again… “babies make poopies in their diapees!” Ryan immediately felt a soft warm mush spread all over his bottom as he filled his diaper without a care in the world. Ryan’s adult mind was screaming in horror but his body had been taken over by a vastly powerful infantile power that just kept sucking his paci harder and harder as Ryan bounced up and down in his soiled diaper. The bears clapped. “Good baby!” They all said in unison. “Good babies always make stinkies in their diapees!” Ryan giggled and bounced, feeling the mess smushing up against his butt. It felt so good to be a good baby and make stinkies. He wanted to do it all the time now. He wanted to make Daddy happy. He knew that making Daddy happy meant he had to be a good baby. And now, Ryan knew that being a good baby meant making stinkies in his diapees. “Are you a big boy?” The bear asked again. Ryan empathically shook his head and said, “No!” “Are you a baby?” Ryan nodded energetically. “I’m a baby!” “Who’s a stinky baby?” “I am!” “Who’s a stinky baby?” “I’m a stinky baby!” “Good baby!” The screen and the colours began to swirl before Ryan’s eyes making his pupils dilate. Ryan sucked his binkie and bounced up and down in his poopy diaper as the first bits of his baby programming latched themselves onto his mind. Chapter 21 - Baby Wants His Baba “Showtime’s over, baby!” Ryan immediately jolted back to his senses. The film was over; long over, in fact. He completely blanked once the bears had appeared… and all he remembered was being all happy and blissful as he sucked his paci and– “Oh my, I think someone is a stinky baby!” Ryan’s ears immediately pricked up at that and he looked straight at Daddy. “Who’s a stinky baby?” Daddy chuckled as he unstrapped Ryan and hoisted him into his arms. Ryan felt it again - that overwhelming sense of bliss taking over his body. He started sucking his binkie to the rhythm of the music again. “You’re a good baby for going poopy in your diaper. Such a good baby. You like being a good baby, don’t you, Ryan?” Ryan looked at Daddy and immediately found himself nodding. He did like being a good baby and making Daddy happy. He wanted to know how else he could make Daddy happy. Daddy patted Ryan’s heavily poopy diaper and the sensation of poop smudging against his butt immediately snapped Ryan out of it. What the hell was that? He felt like he entered some sort of trance and all sense of self and maturity was replaced by infantile simplicity and bliss. Daddy chuckled again as he laid Ryan’s poopy butt down to change him. “There’s a good baby. Looks like your baby programming went very well. From now on, you’ll have no control over your poopies ever again. Don’t worry, this is just the beginning. We’ll work on your speech next, I think. Before long, you’ll learn to love your new life. You’ll be a real baby boy, Ryan!” Ryan’s eyes widened in terror as he realised what Daddy was doing to him. He didn’t just want to treat Ryan like a baby; he was now doing his best to make sure Ryan became a baby. And he was well on his way… “Time for a baba!” Ryan felt that gush of overwhelming babyishness flow through him again. ‘Babies love their babas,’ he remembered the bears saying. Silly bears, they were so colourful and cuddly. Maybe Daddy would get Ryan a bear like that if he was a good baby and drank his baba– Ryan snapped back to reality. This was really beginning to terrify him. Lying in Daddy’s lap, he tried to move away as Daddy brought the bottle to his lips. He knew that drinking the bottle in this state would only make his programming even harder to resist. Ryan had to resist. He had to break free of Daddy’s power and stop himself from being regressed into a mindless infant. But all he could do was close his mouth. “Open up, Ryan. Be a good baby and drink your baba.” It took all of Ryan’s willpower and then some to keep his mouth shut. The voice in his head was saying, ‘Daddy’s right, I am a baby and I need my baba, and I love my baba…’ Acting purely on reflex, Ryan knocked the bottle out of Daddy’s hand. Daddy looked very cross, and Ryan immediately regretted it. With one swift move, Ryan was thrust over Daddy’s knee and his diaper pulled down to expose his butt. SLAP! The spanks came hard and fast on Ryan’s butt and thighs. He’d been spanked before, but somehow this time felt even worse to Ryan. In fact, he could feel his emotions getting out of control. And then like a dam bursting, Ryan burst into tears and started howling with pain. It was a good minute of spanking before Daddy stopped, and Ryan was a complete blubbering mess. His face was red and hot and streaked with tears. Daddy looked him in the eye. “Now tell me, are you going to be a good baby?” Ryan sniffled and nodded. “Tell me.” “I-I’ll be a good baby,” Ryan whimpered out. “Do you want your baba?” “Yes Daddy…” “Say it properly!” Daddy slapped Ryan on the thigh again and made him sob. “Yes Daddy! I want my baba! I want my baba!” “Good baby.” Ryan was laid back in Daddy’s lap and the bottle offered again. This time, he took it without protest. Still a blubbery mess of emotion, he immediately latched onto the nipple and suckled the milk down fast. He just wanted his baba. Daddy put Ryan’s paci back in, but didn’t strap it in. He need not anyway, since Ryan passively accepted it and sucked. Back in the crib for nap time, Ryan tried to muster the resolve to calm down and think of a way out… but then the hypnotic music started playing gently, and Ryan felt his mind empty. He sucked his binkie to the rhythm, felt his diapee expand and grow warm as he wet and his eyelids grow heavy as he drifted off to a peaceful, dreamless sleep… just like a good baby should. Chapter 22 - Reprogramming Continues The next day, Ryan woke up as usual in the relatively early morning. He groggily stirred, sucked his paci and cuddled his teddy. He had slept so well; like a baby, even. Ryan rolled over and sat up. But it was when he sat his heavily diapered bottom on the mattress that he realised something was very, scarily different: he was met with the unmistakeable smushing sensation of a poop-filled diaper. Ryan froze in terror, and the smell of poop quickly reached his nostrils to confirm that yes, he had made stinkies in his diaper in his sleep. Ryan’s heart started pounding with terror. He really felt like he was losing his entire sense of adulthood and reverting back to infancy at a speed he never even thought possible. The most terrifying thing was, the only thought going through his head: ‘I want my Daddy’. His emotions were welling up inside of him and he felt like he would burst. Ryan opened his mouth and his paci fell out as he let out an involuntary whine before he came back to his senses and clasped his hands over his mouth. He really did just about cry because he needed a diaper change. He was losing himself already. Daddy came in at that, clearly hearing Ryan’s little whimpers. He praised Ryan for making stinkies as usual, which made him swell with happiness. Ryan really loved being a good baby and making stinkies. Ryan shook his head again, clearing the haze. He felt so powerless up against these infantile traits that seemed to be slowly taking over his mind. After a diaper change and breakfast, Daddy announced it was time for Ryan’s show again. This time, Ryan wasn’t locked in his bouncer or had his paci strapped in, but was just sat in front of the TV. Daddy said he was just going to go to the store while Ryan got to enjoy some more baby conditioning and reprogramming. He kissed Ryan on the cheek and left. Ryan was alert. This was his chance! He waited to hear Daddy’s car leave the driveway, as the screen burst into life again. The music penetrated his mind and he started sucking his binkie to its rhythm once again. He loved his binkie, it made him feel so happy and peaceful and reminded him of his baba, which he also loved. The bears danced onto the screen and Ryan beamed widely. He couldn’t stop himself from clapping a little bit with glee. It was his favourite show! His adult conscience screamed in horror as it knew another aspect of himself was about to be reverted back to infancy, but the hypnotic power of the bears had already taken hold of Ryan completely. He took absolutely no notice of the fact that he was wetting himself without the slightest semblance of control. The session yesterday had seemingly completely taken away his toilet training. “Who’s a good baby?” The bears asked again. “I am!” Ryan said happily. “I’m a good baby!” “Yes you are! Are you ready for your next baby lesson?” Ryan’s adult consciousness was begging with his overpowering baby self to resist. ‘Just get up. Look away, stand up and go. The door is wide open, he’s gone. You can escape before it’s too late.’ “Yes!” Ryan said, nodding. “This is a big one… can you count to ten with us?” The bears counted, and Ryan counted along with them. Easy! “Good baby! Now you try again!” Ryan started counting alone. “One, two… three… uh… f-five… no… that’s not right…” Ryan was confused. He knew what came after three, and it wasn’t five, it was… wait… what was it?! Ryan didn’t know what came after three. The information was genuinely absent from his mind. He looked up in confusion and shock. “Good baby! Babies don’t need to count, that’s what Daddy is for! No more numbers for you, baby.” Ryan nodded emphatically at the bears. That made sense! Of course babies don’t need numbers. That’s a big boy thing! “Now look around the room. You should see some words.” Ryan did so; he saw a big picture book in the corner and grabbed it. It was a simple story about bears, of course, “The Bears in the Woods”. “Now read those words, baby.” He opened the book and found a random sentence. “The bears loved the woods; they would always frolick and play together,” Ryan read slowly and out loud. He looked up at the screen again. The main bear looked him straight in the eye, and said, “Good baby! But I think you should try again!” Ryan looked down and went to read again, but the words had changed. In fact, they weren’t words at all now - they were just unintelligible squiggles. Ryan turned the pages of the book frantically, but saw only more squiggles. He closed the book and looked at the title - but it too was just a mass of nonsense squiggles. “Good baby! Babies don’t need to read. Daddy reads for baby! No more reading for baby!” Ryan had just completely lost the ability to read and count, but he didn’t mind right now. In his utterly transfixed and hypnotised state, he felt right. “One more thing… babies need to be talking like babies too! Say, ‘Daddy’.” Ryan repeated. The bears continued reciting a bunch of words to Ryan for a good few minutes, as Ryan repeated them back to them. ‘Diapee’, ‘stinkies’, ‘baba’… all babyish words that sounded very cute and infantile, as well as normal words like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ that had been babified into ‘fankyoo’ and ‘pwease’. At the end, the bears praised Ryan again, and he swelled with happiness. “Good baby!” The screen started swirling again, and Ryan’s pupils dilated again. In the absence of his binkie, he shoved his thumb in his mouth and started sucking away to the beat. The programming continued to take over his brain as the door laid wide open. The front door was even unlocked. But Ryan didn’t even notice anymore. Any thought of escaping had long been wiped from his thoughts. He just sucked his thumb and stared at the colours and swirls as he descended further and further into infancy. Daddy came back to find Ryan asleep on the floor, his thumb in his mouth as he gently ducked, and his diaper soaked. Daddy smiled. Ryan was ready for another day out. Chapter 23 - Another Grand Day Out “Wakey wakey! Naptime’s over, baby!” Ryan opened his eyes in surprise. He was in the crib again, on his stomach, with his thumb planted in his mouth. He sucked it placidly for a few seconds before coming to and yanking it out, covered in drool. He blushed furiously at his infantile transgression, but Daddy just chuckled and ruffled his hair. “Good baby,” Daddy smiled. “You’re such a good little boy, Ryan. You love being Daddy’s baby, don’t you?” Ryan’s trance was reactivated with the words “good baby”. His thoughts emptied out of his mind, and he was transfixed on Daddy. He loved his big strong Daddy. And he did love being a baby. He was a baby. Nothing more. He smiled vacantly and nodded. Daddy smirked. “Time for a diapee change, tiger! You’re soaked! Besides, we’ve got somewhere to be soon. Daddy needs to take his baby to see a special doctor for a checkup, but we need to run some errands first!” Ryan got jolted back to reality as Daddy laid his soaked butt down on the changing table. At first he was mildly terrified of the prospect of another public humiliation… but then he realised this was a chance to escape! Surely he’d be able to signal to someone that he was being kept prisoner, and someone would rescue him from Daddy’s clutches. Daddy put Ryan into double thick diapers again, and picked out the cutest outfit again: a sailor suit with the smallest pair of shorts Ryan had ever seen. They did absolutely nothing to hide the massive diaper bulge in front and back, and the leg bands of the diaper could be easily seen through the extremely brief leg holes. Daddy wasn’t bothering with big boy wear this time. Daddy got ready and packed Ryan’s diaper bag ready for the day out. Ryan squirmed nervously while he watched: Daddy stuck a few diapers, powder, baby wipes, his paci, bottle, a bib, spoon and some baby food… and what looked like a very babyish but nonetheless intimidating harness. Daddy noticed Ryan’s nervous look and chuckled. “This is just for naughty babies who try and run off. But that’s not you, is it, little guy?” Ryan nervously shook his head. “Do you know what you are?” Daddy grinned. Ryan squirmed in discomfort as Daddy leaned in to whisper in his ear. “You’re a good baby.” Ryan could feel that overwhelming warmth flood his body at those words. Whenever Daddy called him a good baby, everything just seemed so much nicer, so much more colourful and warmer, and so much happier. It was the most overwhelming sensation he’d ever felt, and it was impossible to resist. Daddy grinned widely and gently pushed Ryan’s paci into his mouth, which Ryan immediately accepted and sucked to the rhythm of that music that was now resonating around his brain. He heard the bears’ voices in his head. ‘Good baby’, they chanted in unison to the rhythm of the music. Suckle suckle suckle. Good baby. He opened his eyes and looked at Daddy, who was carrying him to the car. Daddy smiled down at Ryan and pinched his cheek and said it again: ‘Good baby’. Ryan smiled behind his paci as Daddy patted his super thickly padded bottom, making Ryan giggle. The mantras of the bears kept resonating in Ryan’s head. Good baby. Good baby. Just a baby. Just a baby. Daddy’s baby. Just Daddy’s good baby… The click of a car seat lock encasing Ryan’s crotch finally brought him out of his deep trance properly. Daddy had been free to secure Ryan in his car seat, and no amount of fiddling with the straps or lock could budge it at all. In fact, Daddy chuckled at his efforts when he climbed into the drivers’ seat. Ryan could only sit in nerve wracked anticipation as Daddy drove him off, without a single clue of where he was being taken or what awaited him. As they stopped at a light, another car pulled up right beside them. Ryan was wise enough to know (with a stern look from Daddy as a reminder) that things could only get so much worse if he tried to make a scene in front of these people - after all, he was tightly strapped into this car seat, so there was no escape from his wrath. But Ryan did suddenly become much more conscious of how infantile he looked as he looked down at his adorable sailor suit outfit, and then he looked back at the adjacent car and realised the occupants (a young teenage couple) were staring at him. Ryan immediately spat the pacifier out and went bright red; he could’ve sworn he recognised the guy from school. Daddy tutted and said, “You’re a fussy baby tonight, aren’t you?” He grabbed the dangling paci and shoved it straight back into Ryan’s mouth. “You keep your binkie in for now. The couple started laughing and Ryan went bright pink with humiliation. But he still dared not resist or protest - he was in no such position of power to do anything of the sort. He could only suck his pacifier to try and forget the humiliation. He started sucking that pacifier a lot faster though when Daddy pulled up at their destination. “Here we are, lil guy… a playground!” Chapter 24 - Park Time Ryan looked around the park in trepidation. It was a big park; lots of swings, slides, merry-go-rounds, those bouncy horses on a spring, and a few benches as well. It was also totally empty, and Ryan was unsure if that was a blessing or a curse. He could only assume one thing: Daddy was expecting him to play. Daddy took him by the hand and led him over to the swings first, in a brisk stride that made Ryan waddle in an almost comical way as he tried to cope with the huge diaper in his far-too-brief shorts. He could only imagine how massive his butt looked, and he was partly grateful that the park was deserted… but his heart sank once he realised it meant escaping Daddy would be impossible without other people around. He wasn’t dumb enough to just try and run away; he needed a real and proper distraction. Daddy picked Ryan up and sat him in the swing seat. “Play time for baby,” he cooed while he pushed Ryan gently in the swing. Daddy made him play on all the equipment, and made sure to supervise him closely at every step - Ryan went bright red when he realised it was because Daddy was filming and taking pictures of his playtime. “Isn’t this fun?” Daddy chuckled. Ryan had to nod; he couldn’t tell if it was the brainwashing or not, but he couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the playground, especially the merry-go-round while Daddy spun him round and round. It aroused the playful child in him - the one that always enjoyed playgrounds and parks such as these but never got the chance to once it became socially unacceptable for someone his age to still play like this. He needn’t worry about that now. After a good half hour of play, Daddy led Ryan over to the park bench, his soggy diaper making him waddle all the way (when did he go? He didn’t remember anymore). The bib went round his neck and the usual routine of spoonfed mush followed. Ryan was extra nervous about people seeing, and for good reason - a jogger couple ran by, distracting Ryan as he made eye contact with him. He must had looked one hell of a sight with his big Cookie Monster bib and face all covered in mushy baby food, and Daddy certainly didn’t help matters when the spoon collided with Ryan’s cheek while he was distracted, smearing the entire side with yellow mush. “You really are a cranky one tonight, huh?” Daddy chided a little too loudly. “Stop being a fussy baby and open wide for Daddy!” The couple gawked as they passed, and Ryan blushed furiously. But he had to stay calm. His opportunity had yet to come. The babyish humiliation would just have to be endured… but how much longer could he take it? After a milky baba and a wipe down, Ryan was made to continue playing. Daddy took dozens of photos and made Ryan pose on the equipment. And just as Ryan was bouncing on the bouncy horse, a big warm smushy sensation began to cover his rear end. He groaned inwardly as his bowel muscles betrayed not a single ounce of control and Ryan uncontrollably messed himself again. Daddy smiled at Ryan - he knew exactly what happened. “What’s wrong, baby? Do you need Daddy’s help?” Ryan nodded solemnly. “Aww… did baby make a stinky?” Without warning, he pulled Ryan towards him and yanked down his shorts, exposing his massive diaper butt for all to see. “That’s okay, baby, we can still play for a while longer.” He chuckled and patted Ryan on the butt, making him whine as the mess was mushed about. He was about to put Ryan back on the horsie when two guys talking loudly rounded the corner. Daddy looked around for a second, and Ryan realised that now was his chance! While Daddy was distracted, Ryan kneed him in the crotch and punched him in the gut. Daddy was taken aback and doubled over, giving Ryan the chance to sprint away… well, he tried to sprint, but forgot about the bulky poopy diaper around his waist so he stumbled and fell on his face, but quickly got up and corrected himself into a very fast but awkward waddle. The joggers saw Ryan approaching them and stopped in their tracks, speechless at the sight of this flustered young man in a sailor suit sans pants and a very big and saggy diaper around his waist, waddling towards them. Ryan caught his breath and quickly said to the guys, “You gotta help me! I’ve been kidnapped by a lunatic who’s forcing me to be his baby! I need the cops!” Well, at least that’s what Ryan thought he said. What actually came out of Ryan’s mouth was, “You gotsta help me! I made a big poopie in my diapee. I need my dadda!” Ryan looked confused at the guys for a second as they looked bemused at each other and started trying not to laugh, before he realised what he said and immediately clasped his hands over his mouth. There was absolutely no way that was what he was trying to say. “No, that’s not what I meant to say! He’s brainwashing me into becoming a mindless baby, and I can’t resist!” Well, it actually sounded more like, “Nooooo, I made big stinkies! I want my Daddy!” “Oh yeah?” one of the guys taunted. “You need your daddy, little baby?” Ryan was freaking out. He realised that the programming earlier hadn’t just wiped his brain of the ability to read or count, but now it had somehow reduced his vocabulary to the level of a 3-year-old toddler’s. “Aww, look at the little baby,” they taunted. “Holy crap, you stink! Did you actually shit your diaper? Jesus Christ, you are a baby!” “I’m not a baby!!” Ryan whined… or rather, “I want my baba!!” “Aww, don’t cry baby. Looks like your Daddy’s coming right over!” Ryan didn’t even have a chance to turn around before he felt a large rubber nipple suddenly fill his mouth and Daddy’s firm hand grasp his shoulder after shoving Ryan’s binkie in his mouth. “Shhh, silly baby. You know better than to run away from Daddy. I’m gonna have to keep an extra close eye on you now so you don’t try and run off.” “Jeez,” one of the guys laughed. “You’d have to keep him on a leash!” Daddy laughed. “Funny you should mention that, actually…” Ryan felt that sinking feeling as Daddy rummaged around in the diaper bag and retrieved the harness that Ryan dreaded so much. In no time, Ryan was quickly fastened into it, with Daddy tightly clutching the leash. Ryan whimpered. His escape attempt, pitiful as it was, had indeed failed and he knew Daddy wasn’t gonna let his guard down like that ever again. The guys were still snickering at him, just as Daddy was fussing over his straps and making sure he was locked in tight. The constant taunting of the two guys, the humiliation of Daddy’s constant fussing, the pervasive smell of his stinky diaper, and most of all the knowledge that he had failed to escape his baby prison… it all became too much for Ryan, and he couldn’t stop himself bursting into tears. He realised how pitiful he looked as he sucked his binkie and the tears rolled down his cheeks. But he just couldn’t stop. The guys finally left, and Ryan started to calm down. But he was still miserable, and Daddy seemed to notice because he pulled Ryan in for a tight hug when they got back to the car after Daddy finally changed his smelly diaper. “It’s OK, Ryan. Daddy’s not mad that you tried to run away. In fact, I expected it. But I hope you understand now that there’s no way out. You’re going to be a baby no matter what, and it’s only going to make your life much easier and happier if you just accept it.” He stroked Ryan’s cheek, and Ryan said nothing, just continued to suck his pacifier to calm himself down. “Good baby,” Daddy smiled. The butterflies didn’t come that time, but for good reason - Ryan was angry. Daddy had reduced him to a humiliating little plaything, and Ryan realised that the more he got scared, the easier it was going to be for Daddy to brainwash him into submission. Well, no more of that. It was time to get mad. Daddy could take away all of his adult privileges and identity; he could take away his toilet training, his ability to read, his ability to count… he could even force him to speak like a baby. But he couldn’t break Ryan’s spirit. Chapter 25 - Six Weeks Later Six weeks had passed since Ryan’s little excursion out - although to Ryan, it could’ve been six days or six months, the days just blended into each other now. Ryan awoke to a gentle tinkle of his baby mobile, slowly spinning above his head. He loved watching the spinning stars and spaceships, and he sucked his binky mindlessly while he squirmed. Daddy stopped strapping him down at night so he could roll over and cuddle his bear without any trouble. Ryan’s tummy started rumbling so he sat up and squatted, frowning as he pushed some bad thoughts out of his mind. Once he did that, he sat back down but suddenly his diaper felt all squishy and stinky. He felt his emotions start to well up, and involuntarily he started sobbing, the pacifier falling out and dangling by a clip to his teddy bear onesie. Daddy came in after a few moments and started cooing, making Ryan immediately calm down a little. Daddy always made everything better. Daddy was making all of those scary thoughts and dreams that sometimes plagued Ryan go away for good. Daddy picked Ryan up and cuddled him closely, patting his stinky bottom. Daddy said... something to Ryan. Ryan found it hard to understand what Daddy said anymore, it kinda just sounded like happy noises from Daddy so it made Ryan happy but he didn’t really know what he actually said. Then Ryan was being carried down the hall. He thought he was gonna get a change, but Daddy had already taken him out of the nursery. Ryan couldn’t help but pout. He felt like he was forgetting something very big, but he couldn’t fathom what it was. His memory was getting fuzzier. Daddy placed Ryan down into his high chair and strapped him in. Breakfast, that must be what he forgot. Ryan squirmed involuntarily and the big stinky mess in his diaper squished against his bum. No, there was something else still. The bib went round Ryan’s neck and he tugged at it. “I’m a Good Baby”, it said. Ryan couldn’t read it, since it just looked like blocks and weird squiggles, but he nodded anyway. He was a good baby. He sucked his binky rhythmically and within moments, all of his conscious thought left his mind as if was quietly asked to leave. Ryan felt warm, fuzzy and comfy. His big stinky diaper felt all silly and poopy but he knew that big babies like him needed to make stinkies in his diaper. He wasn’t a big boy who could use the potty and eat big boy food and make choices for himself. Ryan was a baby who needed diapers and feeding and Daddy and bottles and he was never going to be big ever aga— The spoon collided with Ryan’s mouth and the mush smeared all over his face. Ryan was so zoned out that he didn’t even notice Daddy sit down with his big bowl of yummy baby mush for Ryan’s breakfast. Daddy said something again, and Ryan opened his mouth on command. He still didn’t know what Daddy said, but it sounded right anyway. He shifted in his high chair and felt the warm squishy mess smush up against his peepee now. He was so stinky but he didn’t even notice anymore. After breakfast, it would be time for his warm baba, a stinky diaper change, and then playtime. It was the same routine as ever. But what was it that he was forgetting? He was starting to worry that if he didn’t remember soon, he’d never remember it again. He didn’t know how right he was.
  21. This was written as part of a collaboration with another prolific producer of extremely kinky shit, @Sissy Becky! Sissy Becky used to run an ABDL website way back on the day. Now they write “Adult Baby Research Institute” a long form serial about a ABDL BSDM sex asylum where everything is turned up to 11. Catch their work on AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/users/sissybecky And, they also wrote 'Part One' to this story! If you want the full context and backstory of what's going on here, I highly recommend you go read the very huffy, blushy prequel to this piece of writing! Baby's Date, the first half of the story by Sissy Becky, can be found here: https://www.legitfic.com/o/836-babys-date---collab-with-peculiar-changeling ... Baby's Date “So… who are they?” you ask Mommy, while she lathers up your hair with tear-free shampoo. Since promising that you’d get your very own ‘Grown-up date’, she’s been uncharacteristically coy about any details. All you know is to expect a blind date, and that everything has been prepared for you. You’ve got concerns. It could be someone else from the kinky community–a friend or at least an acquaintance with similar interests. Or, heck, it could be someone you’ve never so much as met, a real grown-up with no idea what your bedroom looks like. You might get some clues as you get prepared, though–you haven’t even been told what you’ll be wearing. You’re excited, anyways. The anticipation–the possibility of actually getting some proper grown up fun–is enough to put up with the dog and pony show Mommy and Daddy are putting you through. “Arms up,” Mommy instructs, ignoring your question completely. You lift, and she scrubs under your armpits with a soapy washcloth. “Can’t have you all smelly before we even get you dressed, can we?” (Is that a clue?) You wonder. (Or is she just teasing about the state of my diaper last night?) You could just safeword and ask, but what’d be the fun in that? You didn’t want to be told plainly, you wanted to guess it. It had to be someone she knew well, didn’t it? After you’re washed, rinsed, and helped out of the bath, she pats you down with a towel, then pats your bottom with her hand. “Go see daddy, he’s in your nursery.” Squeaky clean and naked from tip to toe, you’ve got no choice but to toddle out of the bathroom, arms crossed over your chest, hurrying to get to your nursery and get some clothes on. The transition from tub to air always makes you think you’re going to freeze, conjuring image of a ‘you popsicle’, and without any clothing to help warm you up you’re shivering in moments. Daddy is waiting next to your changing table when you get to your room, and your heart sinks, just a little. That isn’t a guarantee that you won’t be going out with a real grown up, but it does mean they’ll find out if you want to have any naughty fun. More likely, it’ll be one of your kinky acquaintances or friends, taking you on a pity date. “Bottoms up,” Daddy instructs, patting on your changing table. A bright pink Bunny Hopp diaper is already laid out, for you to lay upon. You obey–what else can you do? If you refuse, you don’t get your date. Taking Daddy’s hands, you crawl up onto the table and get on your back, diaper laid below your hips. Instead of the expected sensations, though–powder and cream and then ruffly padding pulled over you–Daddy surprises you with something else. Watching, you can only squirm anxiously as he bends to the shelf below the table. He unscrews a plastic lid, comes out with a small object, and stands again, holding a little bullet of glycerin. “But–” you start to say. “Do you want to go on your date gagged?” he asks in reply. You shake your head. “Then the only ‘butts’ tonight should be the one in your diapers.” You swallow, but lift your bottom a little to give Daddy free access to you. He pushes the glycerin suppository deep inside, so deep that you whimper, then pulls his finger free and cleans it off with a baby wipe. Only then do you get the cold, soothing cream, and the thin dusting of scented powder, and finally the diaper being folded over your waist. Your anticipation of the night recalibrates. If you’re going to be in a smelly diaper–and you will be, you’ve never once managed to hold it for more than thirty minutes after a suppository came into play–it can’t possibly be a vanilla person. It has to be one of your friends, and one who doesn’t mind poopy diapers. The options shrink, and you realize you’re most likely in for a night of teasing at the hands of one of Mommy or Daddy’s dommy friends. “Stay there,” Daddy says, bending over at the edge of the changing table. “Now, when grown ups go on dates, they try to dress up in sexy clothes for each other. You want that too, right?” You nod. “Uh-huh.” “Of course you do. You’re just like a little grown up,” he assures you, and you hear a lid open. You know what’s over there on that end of the table, and what that lid sound was. In confirmation, the smell of old diapers assaults your senses a moment later, and you screw up your face, reaching to cover your nose. He comes out with an overnight diaper–your diaper, the one you’d been put to bed in, the one that the prunes and castor oil had already done a number on. It’s heavy and sagging in his hands, smelly from the mess you pushed into it. “Bottoms up.” You almost–almost–say the dreaded ‘B’ word, ‘but’. Before you do, you catch yourself and just say, “That’s not sexy!” “You thought it was, though, didn’t you?” he asks. “Last month, while you watched Mommy and I without our permission, you had a stinky diaper just like this one and you were about ready to burst in it! If you didn’t think it was sexy, why were you doing that?” You’ve got no argument, no defense, no excuse for why you were rubbing yourself so desperately the night before. Sheepishly, it’s all you can do to raise your hips, to allow him to slide the mucky old diaper beneath your current, fresh padding. The sides of it are cold, and you shiver as he folds it over, using the restickable hook-and-loop tapes to seal the clammy, putrid diaper onto you. “How’s that feel?” he asks, pulling you into a sitting position. Your weight sinks, and you hesitate. It’s a lot of bulk, and you can smell it plain as day, but it’s different from normal. “Weird,” you admit. “It’s clean and dirty at the same time.” He chuckles. “Don’t worry, that won’t be a problem for you for much longer. Up!” Responsively, you hop to your feet, and he bends again, picking up the prepared outfit he’d stowed beneath the table. First comes a pair of fabric training pants–they’re almost as bulky as a diaper, and though not as absorbent, it’s not like he perforated your inner diaper anyways. It’s clearly not to prevent leaks, just to add even more poof to your already heavy, bulky baby bottom. You step into them, and when he pulls the puffy training pants up, the bulk makes you feel like you can barely close your thighs, let alone walk. After this, comes the onesie. The onesie, the one Daddy likes to parade you around in, decorated with cartoon strawberries and stitched with a bib that reads, clearly, ‘Crybaby’ in big swoopy letters. He pulls it over your head and has to stretch the elastic fabric almost to its limits to button the snaps around your very impressive padding. But he’s not quite done. As the final pièce de résistance, a pair of frilly pink plastic pants, with rhumba ruffles on the seat, are tugged up your legs. They seal snugly around your diaper, completing the ensemble, and one thing is certain: You’re not even leaving the house tonight. Your ‘date’ is going to be coming to you. You’re not getting a real grown-up date at all, you’re going to be treated to dinner and humiliation. That’s not what you were promised, and you start to tear up, highlighting the truth of your ‘crybaby’ bib. “There you go,” Daddy says, pulling out his phone to snap a photo, preserving your moment of deep humiliation and frustration forever with a little camera ‘click’. “Now, just one more thing…” You don’t even know what he could add to the outfit. Maybe a bonnet? Or a bib? But instead, he steps forward and reaches down, rubbing his hand against the front of your diaper, eliciting a desperate moan from between your lips. In a whisper, he asks, “This is what you really wanted, right? Do you really think you’re big enough for a grown up date, or would you rather admit you’re nothing but a bitty baby and have fun in your play clothes?” It’s unclear where he produced the vibrator from, but you hear it kick to life in the same second you feel it pulse through your layers of padding, transmuting your words into juvenile mumbles. You cover your mouth with your hands to stifle your whimpers, legs locking up as you ride the pleasure. But you don’t say, ‘Yes’, you don’t admit anything, and after riling you up just enough to get you horny and purge your head of any coherent thoughts, Daddy kills the vibrator. “There. Grown ups need to get in the mood before their dates sometimes. You’re all ready now!” You swallow, and your belly grumbles. “Are you gonna tell me who it is yet?” He shakes his head, taking your hand. “Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough. You wait here, and I’ll come get you when she arrives, okay?” She! That’s a clue! You almost don’t notice that he’s steered you into the corner of the room and pushed your nose against the wall, quietly asserting your time-out without even needing to say those words, because your brain is reeling with the implications. That cuts down the options by more than half, and the list of possible friends who could be coming by rolls through your mind. Some are meaner than others—you’re expecting mean, someone who will tease you and mock you to put the idea of ‘grown up dates’ out of your head, even as you still quietly hope that it might be someone who will treat you gently, someone who will take you as you are and pretend—no, not pretend, but see the truth—that you’ve still got a bit of ‘grown up’ in you. You swallow. Maybe you’ll at least be able to come say hi before the suppository does its work and you fill your diaper—though, the reek wafting off your old diaper, the one sandwiched between your new one and your training pants, will likely dash any hope of dignity before it can even be formed. Still, you’re going to try, if for no other reason than that Mommy and Daddy will point out your inability to hold it if you lose control while your nose is in the corner. It’s not long before you hear footsteps—the light flappy thwip-thwip of Mommy’s flip-flops—and feel a hand on your shoulder. “Your date is here, sweetie.” There’s a slight giggle, and she adds, “Don’t worry, I don’t think she’ll say anything about the smell.” You turn pink as you get out of the corner. Mommy offers you her hand, and you take it, waddling awkward after her—you can’t tell if she’s moving faster than normal to make you struggle in your triple-layered, heavy padding, or if the difficulty you’re having is just from the sheer bulk and tight fabric pulling it against you. Either way, you’re led downstairs, towards your dining room, excitedly anticipating who will be… Oh. Oh. Sitting at the dining room table, which has been lit with candles while mood music sets the tone, is your favorite stuffy. Peaches, a thirty inch plush fox that’s shaped roughly like a big pillow, with a permanent cutesy smile printed on her fabric face. Your stomach drops, and the suppository takes advantage, overpowering your bowels and forcing warm, semisolid mush into the seat of your previously clean diaper. Mommy giggles. “Don’t be shy, baby, go introduce yourself–once you’re done going potty, at least.” A grunt escaped your throat and your face screws up, tears showing. This isn’t fair. It’s not what you wanted, or what you promised! You were supposed to go on a grown up date, you weren’t supposed to muck your diapers in front of one of your stuffies and be teased for it. Mommy nudges you forward, and you waddle up, sitting in the chair across from Peaches. Your weight sinks into your newly-deposited mess, and you squirm, reminded that you weren’t given any satisfaction during Daddy’s teasing earlier. At least you weren’t put into a high chair. “Say hi,” Mommy prompts. You blush. “Mommy, I can do this myself!” She makes a ‘tsk’ noise in her throat. “You thought it was okay to watch Daddy and I during our grown up fun, I think it’s only fair that we get to be here for yours.” You squirm, but tamp down before you can say the ‘B’ word. Squirming, you look at Peaches. “Um…” “It’s polite to tell your date about yourself,” Mommy instructs. “Why don’t you tell her how many stinky diapers you’ve made this month?” “Um…” You flush, trying to mentally consider–over the whole month? While you were being teased and punished and made to be as flustered as possible? One a day seems reasonable, so you guess, “Thirty?” “It’s not nice to lie,” Mommy chides. “Be specific–tell her about all of them.” Pinkness spreads up your face, until you’re certain your blush has reached past your eyebrows. “Um–well–uh–last night, I went in bed, ‘cuz mommy and daddy gave me castor oil…and the night before, I just couldn’t hold it, cuz they hadn’t let me use the potty at all and I didn’t want to go in my daytime diaper, and…ugh, they gave me a suppository the day before while I was in time out, so…” You feel yourself sink deeper and deeper into your seat as you have to regale Peaches with each stinky accident–and, worse, as you go back further and further, you start to feel certain you’ve forgotten some. You’ve been so helpless to use the potty this past month that you can’t even remember all the accidents–the times you’ve been allowed to use a toilet are far, far more noteworthy. Finally, though, you get to the beginning of the month, to the accident you couldn’t forget even if you wanted to. “Um–and, a month ago, I…I was sitting in my special chair, in Mommy and Daddy’s room, and–” The humiliating confession is cut off by Daddy’s entrance, carrying a little clipboard. The ‘Waiter’, it seemed, for the ‘Date’. “Welcome to our restaurant, may I take your order?” he says, smirking and wrinkling his nose at you. Rather than ask what you want, though, he turns to face Peaches. “Excellent choice, ma’am. And what will your date be having?” Your eyes widen. You–Peaches is even ordering for you. You won’t even be allowed to pick what you eat! “Oh, your date needs a high chair? Of course,” Daddy says, nodding. “I’ll be right back with that, and your drinks.” He walks away, leaving you to sniffle and wipe at your face while Mommy captures more photographs of your predicament—you weren’t even getting the one dignity you thought, the grown up chair. When Daddy returns a moment later, he’s dragging your high chair with one hand and carrying two cups in the other—one, an icy glass of cola which he sets in front of Peaches, the other, a plastic sippy cup decorated with teddy bears, and the fluid inside is a chalky white. He sets the high chair next to your chair—it’s your chair, you don’t need to move, it’s not fair! Expectantly, he waits. When you refuse to budge, he reaches down, grabs you by the ear, and tows you up, forcing you into the high chair. Unlike grown-up chairs, the seat is a little rounded, conforming to your thickly padded bottom, squelching everything more tightly against you. The tray is locked down over your lap, and your sippy cup is placed in front of you. “Daddy…” you whimper. “I’m just making sure you and your date are comfortable,” he promises. Mommy laughs at your confounded, defeated expression, and snaps another photo. Daddy takes food orders—again, listening exclusively to Peaches and ignoring what you want—and then leaves the room. “So, um…” you start to say, to Peaches. You don’t know why you’re talking to her, but it just seems like the thing to do. Nervously, you pick up your sippy cup and take a sip—it’s formula, with a chalky aftertaste. You stick out your tongue. “Gross!” Off to the side, Mommy giggles. Fumbling for words, you squirm, but that only makes you more aware of the mucky state of your diaper, and the after-cramps that are still sending wracks of discomfort down your belly–possibly a coincidence, possibly as a result of whatever chalky medicine Mommy and Daddy put in your bottle. Instead of words, you only let loose a little grunt, your bowels squelching a bit more ick into your padding. “Dinner,” Daddy declares, sashaying into the room, “is served.” Two bowls are set out in front of you both. Peaches gets a slice of rich, savory meatloaf, with perfect, fluffy mashed potatoes, butter dribbling down the sides. In front of you, a bowl full of white slop with a spoon poking out. You eye the contents suspiciously, sniff, and–yogurt. It’s plain yogurt, and your nose wrinkles at the sour odor instantly. Gross, gross, gross. “N-no, I want what Peaches has,” you protest. “No alterations or substitutions,” Daddy insists, tilting his head as though listening to your stuffy. “Oh, your date needs a little assistance? Of course.” Bending slightly, he picks up the spoon, lifting it towards your mouth. You seal your lips and turn your head, pouting, but he gives you The Look. If you continue to fuss and refuse to eat, you know you’ll regret it. There are much, much worse things he could be forcing down your throat, and you both know it. You open your mouth. Sour, slimy yogurt fills your cheeks, a little brushing on your lips, assaulting you with the sharp, unpleasant taste. You swallow, desperate to get the slime off your tongue, but before you have any relief, a new spoonful is waiting. Unable to do anything except accept the sludge as it’s spooned into your mouth, your eyes lock on Peaches. On her ‘dinner’, the plate of tantalizing grown-up food only a few feet away. The smell makes your stomach growl, but the only satisfaction you’re going to get is from not having to swallow any more yogurt. The bowl is deeper than you thought, and Daddy’s piled-high, sloppy spoonfuls don’t seem to deplete it as fast as they should. You can feel the slimy yogurt on your lips, wet and clammy, and know there’s a little that’s dribbled onto the stitched-on bib of your onesie. The bib that reads ‘Crybaby’. The one you’re about to prove true yet again as you fuss and debate closing your lips to any more of the goopy dinner. But, just as your belly feels a little too full and you’re ready to scream, the bowl runs dry. Daddy scrapes out one final spoonful, taking his time to get as much as possible, and plops it between your lips. You swallow, gag, and it’s done. Finally. Quietly, Daddy says over to Mommy, “Do you think our little one’s earned grown up time?” You sit up straight, suddenly the model of obedience. You don’t even wipe off the last bit of yogurt on your lip–you just want a yes, even if that ‘grown up time’ is with Peaches. Mommy takes a long pause before answering, drawing out her, “Hmmmm…” You can’t help yourself. Looking over your shoulder, eyes huge, you give your most helpless pleading look. “Please?” She smiles and nods. “Alright, I suppose.” Excitement completely drowns out all the discomfort–yes, yes, yes! Beaming, you start to try and get up, only remembering a second later that you’re still strapped into the high chair and can’t actually move under your own power. “I’ll go get her ready,” Mommy says, reaching over to pick up Peaches while Daddy wipes your face down, doing an unnecessarily thorough job. “Do I–” you stammer. “Do I really get to? You’re not going to stop me or tell me ‘no’ right as I’m almost done?” Daddy notices the slight anxiety in your voice. It’s barely there, but it’s there—the uncertainty is almost to the point of not being fun anymore. Reassuringly, he pops the latches on your high chair. “You might not like how it happens,” he hedges, “But you’ll get to make a sticky diaper if you’re obedient.” That’s good enough for you, you practically jump out of the highchair into giving Daddy a hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank–urp—” You’re interrupted by a heavy pat on your back, drawing out a belch you hadn’t expected. Face turning pink, you drop right back into the situation, reminded of what you’re wearing, the bulk and weight and squelch between your legs, and the thing you’ve gotten so excited for—a few seconds of humping a plushie in your ruined diapers. You look down, and Daddy pulls you by the hand towards the stairs. “Let’s go up, ok?” What are you going to do, argue? You follow, hand outstretched in front of you as he takes the lead. You want what he’s offering, you want it so badly that any humiliation is worth being suffered. Waddling forward in double-thick ruined diapers and puffy training pants, eating anything they feed you, throwing out your dignity for their entertainment. Or…if you’re being honest with yourself, the humiliation isn’t being suffered at all. It’s almost as indulgent as the sex you’re hoping to get in a moment. Mommy’s already in your nursery, leaning over the side of the crib, and you spot what she’s done instantly—Peaches has been adorned with a strap-on, just like the one Mommy had worn a month ago, an intimidating dildo extending from the midpoint of her plush body. She rests on your crib, the side bars held open so you’ve got access to her. “Be a good date,” Mommy encourages. “Show her a good time—don’t just worry about yourself.” “O-okay,” you say, looking at her, then up at Daddy. “Um–can I have a little privacy?” Mommy giggles, as though you just asked for a pony and a magic wand. “Of course not, silly—you thought it was okay to watch us during our grown up time, right? So that means we should get to watch you, too.” Oh. Oh. Oh. That’s what Daddy meant by, ‘You might not like how it happens.’ “But…” You say, forgetting the rule for a moment. No, ‘Buts’. “Oh, you’re worried we won’t enjoy the show enough, aren’t you?” Mommy asks, reaching for her pocket. “It’s okay—I’ll make sure we can enjoy it, again and again.” She produces her phone, directing the camera lens right at you. You flush, but you know you’re getting off light–for using the B word, you could have had your pleasure denied completely. Still, you cover your face with your hands, mortified. “Aww, baby’s all shy now,” Daddy says. “It’s alright–go show Peaches you know what grown-up sex looks like… even if you can’t do it yourself.” You drop to your knees. Walking just doesn’t feel appropriate right now. On all fours, you shuffle across the room, your layered, poopy diapers swaying between your thighs, barely held in place by your straining onesie. Reaching to the side of the crib in front of Peaches, you feel another cramp. Maybe from all the yogurt causing a glitch in your system, maybe another aftershock from the suppository, but you have no will to fight it. Sticking your bottom a little higher, you push, and– Pop! The onesie’s snaps, though they fought admirably, pop open–first just one, then the rest in a rush. Too much bulk, too much straining mass and poof, your onesie just can’t contain it all, and your mushy diapers and padding all flop out between your legs. “Awwww,” Mommy coos above you, crouching slightly so your bulging bottom is right in the video’s frame. “You had to go so bad, didn’t you? Well—that’s why you wear baby diapers and Peaches gets to wear grown up clothes.” “It’s a good thing Peaches doesn’t mind the smell,” Daddy adds. “I can’t imagine a real grown up having sex like that–— so nice of her to put up with your poopy bottom.” You look down and burying your face in the fabric of your mattress, hiding your blush. “Thank her,” Daddy says, in a tone that’s not-quite warning. You look up, staring at Peaches’ smiling face, at the looming dildo strapped onto her. “Thank you for putting up with my poopy bottom, Peaches.” Mommy laughs, and your head feels so devoid of maturity that her laughter has plenty of room to echo in your thoughts. “Now show her how grateful you are.” Scooting up, obedient, your lips find the edge of the dildo. Gently at first, pulling it all into your mouth until you feel the tip at the back of your throat. You go a little faster, then, pulling your mouth back, swallowing, running your tongue along it. “It’s like the baby wants to act like a real grown up,” Daddy says. “Do you think we should let that happen?” You can tell Mommy’s shaking her head from how it sounds, but your eyes are closed, focused on the rapture of your task. “No, I think the baby prefers poopy diapers to real grown up time, can’t you hear all the moans?” And that’s true–you’re moaning into the dildo, caught up in the feel of it in your mouth, the submission, the desire to give Peaches pleasure when all you can feel is mucky diaper squelch around your baby parts. Daddy snickers. “At least the baby isn’t being shy anymore.” “I think the baby made all the snaps pop on purpose–to show off what an impressive little mess that diaper is!” Mommy agrees. You take Peaches’ cock into your mouth, again and again, feeling it thrust—or, rather, feeling your head thrust—onto it in a desperate rhythm. There’s no real indicator of when she’s done, but you know. You can tell, when you’ve done enough, when you’ve given your stuffie the ‘pleasure’ she deserves, as she rolls back onto the crib bed, flopping plushily. Exhausted, mouth a little sore, you flop back and look her in the eyes—not Mommy, or Daddy—but Peaches herself. “May I please make stickies?” “The baby is so polite like this!” Mommy says, almost shocked, moving her phone to capture your face, your ever-so-kind request. “Maybe grown-up pretend time should only happen with Peaches,” Daddy agrees. “Call it a monthly date night.” You’re vaguely aware of the threat, there—that you’ll only be allowed to make stickies once a month, and never like a grown up—but you don’t care. You just want to hear… “Well, I think I heard her say, yes,” Mommy confirms, speaking for Peaches. That’s all you need to hear–clambering up onto Peaches, so the front of your thickly layered diapers presses against her cock, you start to hump, moaning in desperate ecstasy. “So, so precious–” Mommy starts. You last all of a second. That’s all it takes—one moment of thrusting, and then bliss. A part of you is disappointed—you wanted to make this last longer. You wanted to savor it, to really enjoy your brief chance at grown up fun time. But when Mommy realizes by the sound of your gasps, she laughs and you feel so helpless that your pleasure skyrockets. Overwhelmed, exhausted, you collapse onto the crib next to Peaches, holding her in one arm. “Awwww,” Daddy says. “The baby’s all tuckered out.” “Should we let the two lovebirds rest?” Mommy asks, lowering her phone, ending the recording. Daddy thinks for a moment, then reaches down through the bars of your crib and squishes the front of your diaper. Still in the phase of post-coital sensitivity, you spasm and your leg kicks, eyes going huge. Snickering, Daddy says, “Sure. Baby, you nap with your girlfriend—we’re going to go have some adult time, some real grown up sex.” Quietly, as she shuts the side of the crib and seals you in, Mommy adds, “If Peaches says it’s okay, you can show her your pretend sex again—just don’t leave the crib.” You smile, and nod, and pull your stuffie closer. A minute later, you hear the baby monitor come to life. Mommy and Daddy’s sounds carry through, their moans and flirting—they’re having real grown up sex in the next room. The kind you’d been denied. Smiling, you roll onto all fours, getting on top of Peaches again, mimicking Mommy and Daddy’s actions with your own smelly, squelchy emulation. Maybe it wasn’t real sex, and maybe Peaches wasn’t a real girlfriend, but you didn’t care. This was just where you wanted to be. ... 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  22. Chapter 1: Intruder The sun was setting behind the surrounding buildings as Mark Jones walked down the sidewalk, trying not to draw attention to himself. He wanted to select a possible target for that very night. His mission was to obtain valuables but without taking too much risk. "No matter what, I'm going to be part of that gang," he thought as he started to elucidate which of the houses seemed to have the fewest occupants. He was referring to a group led by someone named Danny "The Dog". Mark had made contact with a member of the gang and the day before managed to arrange a meeting with the leader. The first impression was that Danny was capable of hand-to-hand combat with anyone and come out on top. He was full of tattoos and no doubt you would have to impress him a lot to get him to accept you as a member. "If you want to work with us you have to bring something of value first. If you don't have anything you'll have to 'borrow' it from someone else, you understand...", he told Mark, just before giving him a 48-hour deadline if he didn't want to lose his only chance. Just when the sun could no longer be seen Mark chose an elegant house to sneak into in a few hours. He didn't know exactly who lived there, but knowing that the neighborhood was one of elderly couples or widows living alone he knew it wouldn't be too difficult or dangerous. It was a wealthy area by his standards. It wasn't so far from his own apartment that he wouldn't know how to get away from it quickly, but he wasn't a regular on those streets either, so no one would be able to recognize him easily. He knew that being part of a gang was wrong, but he also knew that this way he would be able to make more money than with his stupid office job or any other job he could get. His apartment rent was already going through the roof, so somehow he needed to get extra money. He could do petty theft on his own but being part of a larger organization the figures were going to be bigger and more consistent. His plan for that night was to steal a couple of really valuable items to impress Danny "The Dog". He wouldn't use any weapons, so if he got caught he would get less jail time. He would just break into the house, extract a couple of pieces of jewelry and leave through the back door. Mark began to sweat as midnight approached. The idea of stealing made him a little nervous, but if he wanted to be a gang member it was the least he should be willing to do. He drank a whole bottle of water, a little to hydrate himself and a little to contain his anxiety. He threw the empty bottle in a trash can and started walking back towards the selected target. It started to get a little chilly and he wasn't wearing a sweater, but he didn't want to warm himself with his arms so as not to attract the attention of anyone who might be watching from behind the windows. Almost all the households seemed to have gone to sleep. He passed a couple of young women who had taken their dogs for a walk, but didn't look at them. To his chagrin, Mark began to shiver. His anxiety was starting to get the better of him, he was afraid that his plan would go wrong even if he didn't want to admit it. He started repeating in his mind a self-help message to calm himself down: "you are strong, you are a man, you can do it, you are strong". Although in fact he knew that he was too thin and that he should have hit the gym a long time ago to lift weights. Perhaps his laziness had led him to not be popular with women. But it didn't matter, because once he became a gang member he would have all the women he wanted. He would have women by the dozens, and they would all be the hottest in town. He finally arrived at the right house. It had nothing special, a porch, windows with glass and white shutters, ochre walls. Nothing out of the ordinary. But something told him that this was the ideal location to achieve his goal. He was convinced that getting into that house would change his life forever. This would turn out to be true, but not in the way he expected. Of course he wasn't going to be so foolish as to enter through the front door. He headed for one of the side windows, trying not to step on any plants or make any noise. As he reached the window he briefly observed his reflection in the glass: his out-of-control brown hair, his pale face, his skinny arms. "As soon as Danny accepts me as a member I'm going to hit the gym. That way no one will take me totally seriously as a gang member," he thought. He tried to open the window, but it was closed. He tried the others but they were impossible to open. He became even more nervous, fearing that someone had seen him and was calling the police at that very moment. He changed his plans: he would enter through the back door. He pulled his little tweezers out of his pocket and picked the lock. He finally managed to get into the property. "So what now," he muttered and then regretted making unnecessary noise. Mark tried to navigate the house making as little noise as possible. When he reached what he thought was the living room (he couldn't tell because it was darker than he had thought), he discovered a cabinet and began to open the drawers to steal whatever was inside. He was glad because he felt that his fingers had touched some kind of necklace that seemed to be made of gold. Just as he was putting the necklace in a bag he thought he heard a noise. "Someone must have woken up," he said to himself. He thought about running out the back door, but he felt he needed something else to offer Danny. He needed a little more time and his goal would be accomplished. Hearing no more noises he calmed down and set out to move ahead. But he didn't take another step. The living room lights came on and suddenly a gray-haired woman appeared. She was holding a rifle. -Who the hell are you?- cried the woman, who at first glance appeared to be about 70 years old. But Mark didn't answer because he was filled with fear at the gun pointed at him. -Throw down that thing you grabbed and get down on your knees or else I'll shoot you," the woman continued shouting. Mark was petrified. His plan had gone horribly wrong. Now he had a chance of going to jail. The old woman continued to point at him. Mark threw down the bag with the necklace but did not kneel. His legs did not answer him. The woman rattled the trigger of her rifle to scare him. Suddenly something even more unexpected happened. A stream began to run down Mark's crotch. His underpants became damp. Without realizing it, he had peed himself. The owner of the house began to laugh in his face, her lips full of red lipstick accentuating the laughter. He began to cry. He didn't understand what was going on. Everything had turned out much worse than he had expected. The woman laughed even harder at his tears and said: -You look like a peeing, crying baby. I've suffered from intruders before and none were as pathetic as you. The woman introduced herself as Susan and asked him why he had invaded her home. He stammered back, begging for forgiveness. He told her about his idea to become a gang member. -You? A gang member? You wouldn't last an hour. Believe me, my late husband was a policeman and I know very well how gangs operate. I don't remember them ever accepting people who do it in their pants," she giggled again, but this time it was followed by a yawn. Mark had certainly interrupted her sleep. -Please," Mark pleaded, "don't call the police. I'll make it up to you any way I can, I'll mow your lawn if I have to," he said through tears. -Oh, don't worry," she replied, "I've got something better in mind for you”. She took him by the hand and they walked into a room with a couch, bookshelves and a closet. Mark sensed the wetness in his crotch and it reminded him of the shame of having peed on himself. Mrs. Susan opened the closet. "What's she going to get out of there?", Mark wondered. Maybe it was boxer shorts and a clean pair of pants that he could change into. Maybe it would all be over quickly. He would change, apologize again and promise never to break into someone else's house again. Susan opened a drawer and took out something white. Mark couldn't believe what he was seeing: what the lady had grabbed were adult diapers. -No, there's no way I'm going to wear that," he exclaimed, despairing at the idea. -Of course you are, young man. You can't wear your wet clothes. If you keep whining you're going to leave me no choice but to call the police," she grinned, "I'm sure they're going to think you're cute when they realize that you pee your pants like a toddler. Mark was horrified at the thought of the cops making fun of him and his wet underpants. He had no choice but to take Mrs. Susan by the hand and walk up the stairs with her. They walked to a room in the middle of the hallway. Before opening the door, Mrs. Susan pointed to the large diapers she kept under her arm and commented, "You never know, especially at this age, when you might need one of these. Luckily I don't need them yet. You're fortunate, since that means they're available for you". After saying this she opened the door. Mark could not believe his eyes. It was nothing less than a nursery. There was a crib and a changing table next to it. Both were not his size but were quite large. Susan explained that it was the room she had reserved years ago for her first and only grandchild. Now he was grown and in elementary school, but out of nostalgia and idleness she had never remodeled the room and had left it as it was. She pointed to the changing table. Mark couldn't believe what was happening, but he didn't have much choice. He didn't want to risk angering the lady of the house and provoking her into calling 911. He lay down on the table and closed his eyes, hoping that everything would go as quickly as possible. Already with his eyes closed he could feel Susan removing first his wet pants and then his underwear. Out of sheer anxiety he opened his eyes and saw how the lady was taking out some wipes to clean him. Embarrassment made him close his eyes tighter, as if that would change anything. "Don't worry, you'll be dry in no time," she said, and somehow instead of comforting him this made him even more distressed. He was supposed to become a tough gangster, not a baby who needed to be changed! He tried to hold back tears as a last-ditch effort to preserve his dignity. He concentrated so hard on not letting any tears escape that he didn't notice when Susan fastened the tapes on his diaper. "There," she said, with a smile. She was pleased with her work. Then she yawned and said: -I'm so tired, I want to go back to sleep. Why don't you go to sleep too? But don't think you're going to get away with this. We still need to talk about your actions, young man. Mark replied, "Okay, where am I going to sleep?". It should have been obvious, but he was still surprised when Susan pointed her head toward the crib. -No, no, no way," Mark was tired of such humiliation. He'd had enough. "Just give me my pants and I'm going home. You're never going to see me again in your life." But she flatly refused. "Listen, your pants need to be washed and we're already in the wee hours of the morning. Just get some sleep and tomorrow we'll see." She didn't give much chance to respond. She smiled like the tender grandmother she was ( aside from the use of the rifle), turned around and before closing the door wished goodnight to her beloved intruder, who had been left dressed only in a T-shirt and his diapers. Resigned, Mark climbed into the crib and tried to get comfortable, although the space was too small for him. As he tried to ignore the humiliating feeling of the diapers, he pondered what had gone wrong with his plan. Thinking about this and looking to find an excuse for the gang leader, he gradually fell asleep. TO BE CONTINUED
  23. [It is already implied in the story, but for explicit clarity all characters herein are adults over 21 years of age.] [EDIT: This is just to give potential new readers an idea of what to expect. This story presents a variety of (primarily ABDL) themes, and more keep appearing as it gets longer, but infantilism is a reoccurring one, as is sexual tension between the characters and peeing/pooping diapers. If that combination turns you off, probably not a good fit. Otherwise, and especially if you enjoy a variety of themes and situations rather than a story that focuses on just one, I hope you'll give it a try. There IS a proper story here too, I promise, and actual character development, but it's taking me a few chapters to really get it going. I need to go back and edit the first chapters for stylistic and voice consistency, but I haven't gotten there yet. But problems aside, I hope you'll enjoy my humble first attempt at writing for others to see:] [EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL POST: UPDATED TO SECOND DRAFT] The Wild North CHAPTER ONE (MACADAMIA) Only frozen foothills lay behind. Only towering rock and a fool's death lay ahead. This was a barren, sharply-sloping land of white. It was broken, only occasionally, by harsh black stone upthrusts. Plants did not grow here. It was not a place for life and living things. It was a land of sleeping giants and the black wings of carrion eaters soaring across the muted gray heavens. A giant hand of unforgiving granite blocked the entire horizon in the distance ahead, thrusting up towards the heavens with a sheer vertical face that might have been carved by the gods themselves, and for the specific purpose of thwarting the curious, and crushing the spirits of the brave. Yet in between what came before and what stood ahead were two curious figures, tiny by comparison and huddled against the blowing wind beneath an overhang of rock. Both were wearing light, draping furs over tunics, with thick wool covering their legs and vanishing beneath the lower folds of their tunics. A young woman, her posture bold and unbent, stared forward from beneath the meager shelter, her gaze sizing up the mountains before them as if judging an upstart adversary rather than a force of nature, her unrestrained shoulder-length dark hair dancing freely in the breeze. Behind her, huddling bent against the rock wall as if to become a part of it, a young man with short-cropped sandy hair followed. Macadamia, the young woman was called back home, for she was hard -it was said- like the nut. No one would ever see the woman beneath the shell, they would whisper. She had never been bothered by it. She even embraced the nickname, and no longer went by any other. She was not antisocial exactly, for she saw no value in unkindness, and she was free enough with smiles and a kind greetings, it was simply that people had never been one of her interests. She spent years, long after passing the age of adulthood, gobbling up every story she had come across, written or oral. She worked her family’s farm during the day, but spent zero time courting a suitor, or other such things that were expected of a woman her age. It had earned her the enmity of more than one man who, having spent years admiring her somewhat petite but athletic figure develop into the curves of womanhood, had no-doubt looked forward with longing for the day they might win her heart. Occasionally a man would still try. “I want to love you forever,” a handsome young man had once said to her. “We’ll… raise sheep and be happy!” She only smiled at the clumsy but well-meaning attempt. “No one should live forever,” she had replied quite matter-of-factly. A couple of women had tried as well, hoping her reasons for rejecting men was the one they wanted. Unfortunately for them all, any such feelings rode in the back of the wagon while she steered her life elsewhere, towards fantasies and books, far away places and mysteries unsolved. Each time she found a trader with a new book it was all she cared about until it was read, and read again, only to be forgotten by the next one that came along. She followed her whimsy like the northern star. There was another reason as well. She knew that few would truly want her once they knew everything about her, and she felt no need to invite stories to spread. Against all odds she did one day find a man around whom she wanted to spend time. He too had passed into adulthood but refused to play the game. With his body more graceful than muscular, and his golden skin smooth rather than worn, he was handsome to be sure - but not in the way that so many women wanted. He had no accomplishments about which to boast, would never emerge victorious in a contest of strength, had no interest in winning fame through tournaments or distant wars, and was a stalwart recluse. What interest women might show went unrequited. He was quiet and shy and had -to the best of everyone's knowledge- never actually started a conversation other than to ask a necessary question or make a purchase at the market. Yet one day he had done the unthinkable – and with Macadamia of all people. It seemed they shared an interest in history and lore, and after overhearing one of her inquiries to a book dealer he had approached her with open, unprovoked questions. The two talked, and were friends thereafter. It was only later that she discovered the poor man's father was a monster. Though seldom home, he had taken to beating his family when he was. When the father was home the son was never seen. Macadamia had met the family’s matriarch but felt only sadness for the woman with the empty eyes and forced smiles. The town frowned on the whole unhappy business, but their disapproval meant nothing to the brute of a father. Not the inflated prices from the merchants, not the cold looks or quiet stares, could draw a reaction from him. No one dared challenge him openly; the man was a mountain on two legs - so unlike his son in every way. In fact, many rumors had spread over the years about alternate leanages for the boy. Some were as fanciful and ludicrous as an affair with a visiting prince in disguise. To Macadamia he seemed nothing more, or less, than an ordinary young man who had secrets, and she understood perfectly well having secrets. She did not fancy him out of pity, but for his mind and -if she was being honest- perhaps his sculpted body just a bit as well. When she finally embarked on a worthy adventure, she knew she could not leave him behind. Not to go from day to day hiding his bruises, ever sinking into sadness in a world that did not appreciate him. Not while she was alive. His name was Elm. It was not a nickname, his mother had simply found elm trees beautiful. The irony of naming a boy 'Elm' amidst the bows of deep, green, fir-covered evergreen forests was apparently lost on the woman. Or perhaps her mind simply took comfort in imagining places far away. Macadamia and Elm had spent many nights gazing at maps and books, scribbling by candlelight and sharing ideas, to the point that rumors had spread about Macadamia taking a man after all, but refusing to claim him. The truth would have bored them all to tears. The two met for only a couple hours here and there, usually in a neutral but private setting, and frequently as the sun was waning and the affairs of the day were done. They studied obscure legends. One in particular stuck and became a lasting shared interest: a legend of a gateway, strangely persistent in its retelling across spans of history. It purported to be a path to a land without sorrow. One without poverty or hunger or hardship. A land of eternal summer. The two talked of books, shared research, did absolutely nothing romantic or sordid as the townsfolk imagined, and then went home. Until the day they did not. It was dawn when they looked back on home for the last time. They turned their gazes to the horizon as the orange rays of the morning sun kissed the dew with gentle hews. The market was closed that day. They were alone as they sat before their maps, spread out on one of the old wooden tables. The dew made its surface slick, shiny, and cold but neither took notice. They had finally uncovered what they believed to be the path to the fabled gateway, their breath coming out in puffs amidst the cool morning air, their voices hushed but excited. They considered provisions with glances and short yeses and nos. They had never properly agreed to go at all, it simply happened that they both fell silent, having said their peace, met each other’s eyes, packed up their things, and walked away. She wondered if their respective families would ever come looking for them, though she doubted it. Such sudden departures were not unheard-of. Sometimes lovers would run away, or those unhappy with the harsh northern life would spend their meager coin to leave on a trader’s cart. Sometimes entire families would have a bad harvest or lose their animals to disease and hardship, then pick up and leave one day without a word. Guilt nagged at her thoughts, for she held no resentment towards her family and knew they would worry about her, but she pushed it aside. If all went well they would return with stories of their own to tell, and discoveries that would open doors for them far away from their home of gossipers and dark secrets. There would be plenty of time for apologies then, after the worthiness of their quest could not be denied. They would be scholars, she would think whimsically, a soft smile warming her features. They could write books of their own. In her wildest moments of fancy, she wondered if they should return at all. What if there really could be such a land, and they could live there? They both knew the quest would not be an easy one. Not even leaving in the early spring as they were. Not even if their most optimistic theories were correct. It would be a long, hard journey. They had agreed. Somehow that knowledge failed to alleviate her aches and pains. It seemed that facts would forever fail to prepare her for experience. The ground had gotten steadily steeper as they neared the great cliffs. Although the snow had relented, a spiteful wind tapped the existing drifts and blew the weaponized ice crystals into her eyes like coarse sand. Their clothing had proven thoroughly inadequate for the pernicious winter weather. Apparently no one had informed the mountains that it was now spring. At least the exercise of lugging her heavy pack up the slopes kept the cold from causing more than discomfort. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure Elm was still standing, then frowned; he looked likely to fall over at any moment. Concern gripped her heart and she pulled him further into the meager shelter of their shallow cave. "Elm," she chided gently after worming her way out of her pack’s clingy straps, "why didn't you say something? Here-" She dug out the thick fur she had brought along for sleeping and tossed it around his shoulders, then kneeled, and pulled him down to her until he was sitting on her lap. "We'll wait here until the wind calms," she assured him, rubbing his arms briskly. Would the wind calm? Who knew, but it seemed best not to voice that worry. Nor the other worries creeping up from the shadows of her mind, such as the one that said this whole plan might have been a tad misguided. Especially not that one. He nodded. "I'm fine," he insisted despite his tacit agreement to delay. "I won't hold you back." "I know you won't." She kept to her most reassuring tone, then said nothing as he pushed himself more closely to her, his bottom now resting firmly on her thighs as they both pulled the blanket as tightly around them as it would go. Her taller frame accommodated the posture, as if their bodies were meant to fit together, with his head coming to rest comfortably on her left shoulder. She could feel the warmth of his body, so close now, and realized she had never been this close to a man. This wasn't how she imagined it. The story books left out the part where the prince and princess were more interested in not freezing to death than dancing with endearing chipmunks and getting lost in each other's eyes. Even so, she felt as if the heat of her own body had grown just a bit too. Just two bodies close together in a warm blanket, she decided firmly, nothing more. His shivering began to subside and she felt a wash of relief, which then turned to surprise as he started... snoring? He had fallen asleep in her arms. Clearly the journey was taking a great toll on him. She mentally shrugged and let him sleep; there didn’t seem to be any harm in taking a couple of hours to nap. It had not been nearly that long when a new sensation kindled her surprise - a sudden, intense heat was spreading out across her thighs. Her heart fluttered in a brief panic. Had she..? Surreptitiously as she could manage, she tilted her head and looked down, but his round, innocent eyes were still closed in slumber. Her left arm was underneath the furs, and she nervously used it to explore. In the northern lands of her home, it was a common style of dress for both sexes to wear leggings that stopped at the mid thigh. They were usually made form-fitting and with rigid ornamentation throughout, the purpose of which -beyond vanity of course- was to force them to retain their shape rather than sliding down and bunching up at the knees. It was a strange custom for a land so cold, but proud northerners embraced it conspicuously, showing off glimpses of skin as if to prove how little the climate affected them. What they did not volunteer is that the fabric of the leggings was thick and warm, and that most people wore equally thick, warm underwear underneath their thigh-length tunics, never mind their thick fur cloaks with hoods. Northerners, it seemed, were just as vulnerable to the cold as anyone - but only the unwise would be caught leaking that secret to a southerner. Her hand explored the increasingly wet fabric of her leggings, and upwards towards her crotch. She reached inside the thick puffiness of her own undergarment, holding a tense breath, but found that it was dry. Relief warred with confusion. Her hand explored -ever so gently so as not to wake him- Elm's underwear. The frontal regions were already soaking, and the warm moisture was spreading steadily outward around the sides and bottom. Without her conscious direction her hand moved forward to the source of the flow. The bulge of his dormant manhood was like a hot spring in the cold winter air as his underwear absorbed all that it could and was forced to let the rest flow freely around her fingers and onto her lap. For a few moments she sat, unsure what to do in this situation, as the flow soaked more of her leggings, and it was during her hesitation that he blinked awake - her hand still resting on the front of his underwear. He blinked. She blinked. "What's going..?" His eyes shot wide open. "I'm afraid you're peeing yourself," she explained unnecessarily. Some dormant instinct took over and she felt a cool confidence. "But it's nothing to lose sleep over," she said soothingly, dismissing the situational irony with a frown. "Don't worry, alright?" "I can't believe this is happening," he said miserably, lowering his head to avoid meeting her gaze. "Father would..." His voice had drifted off, but her own anger suddenly flared to life, like an open fire doused with grease. "Is this why your father always acts so ashamed of you? Why he always treats you poorly and keeps you out of sight? Because you... have accidents?" "I... I kept wetting the bed," he said in the voice of one resigned to a cruel but well deserved fate. "Father used to humiliate me for it... you know, to try and get me to stop. But it only made things worse and I started having accidents during the day. But I thought... I thought..." His voice was growing even more miserable. He had omitted the beatings, though the whole village knew about them. "It's alright," she kept repeating softly. The smell of pee and wet fabric started to waft out from underneath the thick fur in which they were huddled, while she pretended not to notice. He did not seem able to stop. The odor was strong, but strangely not unpleasant. It smelled uniquely of him. The gusting wind subsided, and in the sudden quiet she could hear the hiss of his stream penetrating the fabric of his underwear before finally running out. The sudden lack of hot pee washing over her fingers made her realize where her hand still sat, and she hastily relocated it. "There now. I know you feel better. It really is alright." He grew quiet for a time, and when he spoke again his voice sounded closer to its normal even tones. "I've been getting better since I met you. I thought... I thought I could control it. Now I know I shouldn't have come..." "Don't you dare say that," she scolded him gently, "I..." She stumbled over how to reassure him, and went with the simple truth. "I wouldn't have made this journey without you anyway, and I'm so glad you came! I don't want you to worry about this at all." When she continued to hold him and he didn’t pull away, she was struck by a feeling of rightness to the situation – of caring for him and reassuring him. She had been doing it almost instinctively since they had met, she now realized, and the instinct was only becoming stronger. The cold weather and blowing moisture prowled only feet away as the wind resumed its hunt. Wet clothing would only make its bite stronger, but their warm northern wool would provide some protection even when wet, and she saw no more reason to depart right now than she had before. She said as much and gently persuaded him to get some rest. When her persuasions failed she tried something new: she started humming a soft, gentle tune just as her mother had always done for her. It felt strange to share experiences so innocent and yet so intimate with a man who was close to her own age, but his youthful manner and appearance might have allowed him to pass for a younger brother. Did she want to think of him that way, as a boy? Or did she prefer the man? Perhaps all men had a dual nature, a vulnerable child still hiding within. She leaned back against the rock, unable to completely deny her own exhaustion. Did she really mind so much if that were true? Maybe his strange innocence was something she liked about him. Nothing wrong with that. Was there? Sleep took her by surprise after several minutes of stroking his coarse, sandy hair, still humming that same, mellow tune. A voice whispered in her dreams. It said that they would soon need to find their legs, and their courage. It said that far more than wind and weather awaited them out here, in the wild north.
  24. The Trinket By Horatio Husky Commissioned by Hunter Chapter One The Will Hunter sighed as his mother, who he was currently on the phone with, continued to drawl about the contractual obligations he now had to abide by. His great aunt, or now his late great aunt, had left him a few things in her will that came with a few specific rules. The fennec fox had barely known her, other than seeing her at a Christmas party and once during Thanksgiving when he was very young. She was not really even his aunt, being an in-law and a cheetah to boot. He had heard a few stories about her, some from his mother who had always spoken about her with a degree of awe mixed with disapproval. Whether or not she was even really his aunt in-law was in question sometimes, but her presence in the family was nevertheless appreciated, if not coveted. She had been an Egyptianologist, but not the kind that mostly stays on the campus of a university. Accused several times of being no better than a bounty hunter with a college degree, she would often beguile whoever cared to listen at the taverns and bars she was often found at about her great adventures in the middle east. There were usually many stories told and drinks bought during such evenings. Her alcoholism aside, she had apparently kept up her taste for adventuring into abandoned tombs and caves right up until the very end. They never recovered her, but enough time had passed where her body had been declared lost and her vast collection of artifacts reclaimed by the museums and universities. Judging from their hasty reclamation of such items, they had been waiting for exactly such an opportunity as her disappearance. They had claimed most of the artifacts, at least. “So like, dumb it down for me a bit, Mom?” Hunter asked, a slight note of exasperation coloring his tone of voice as one of his large ears flicked to the side in irritation. It was his mother’s turn to sigh, which was followed up by a response. “You just can’t sell any of the stuff. You’re supposed to keep it as if it were a family heirloom. There’s some evidence to support that this does belong to us give or take a hundred generations.” Hunter replied back. “Right, don’t sell. Just keep it. Anything else?” “Not until they go through the rest of her possessions and check her records. You might be getting some money too, but that’ll take a while.” Right… After the state takes its hefty cut… Hunter thought to himself, but he did his best to keep his sense of sarcasm out of the conversation. “Great, thanks Mom.” “Of course honey, was there anything else you wanted to know about Auntie Tare?” Hunter, knowing that this would probably prolong the conversation for another good hour, shook his head before realizing that his mother could not see his reaction. He cleared his throat before he spoke. “Hrm… No, no. I think I’m good for now, still… Processing and all that. I’ll talk to you later Mom.” “Okay sweetie, let me know what’s in the box. It looks mysterious!” “Yeah, I will. Love you Mom.” “Love you sweetie, bye bye now.” The line went silent, and Hunter put his phone down on the table with a sigh of relief. As silence enveloped the apartment, interrupted only by the soft hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen, the fennec’s gaze drifted over to the box that sat in front of him on the dining room table. The word that could describe the wooden container could only be described as ornate. Carvings of Egyptian hieroglyphs laced with what he suspected was gold lining on the borders of the miniature crate gave the appearance of a most valuable item being stored inside. The wood had been treated with oil, and with great care as well. Part of him wondered if the box might be empty, as the container itself looked relatively valuable. Whatever it was, he was not surprised that his aunt had mentioned that he was not allowed to sell it. I’d probably make a pretty penny off of it too… Hunter mused to himself, as he pushed his chair back and stood up, only to crouch in front of the box in order to more closely examine its decor. He was not literate in Egyptian hieroglyphs, nor was he particularly interested in learning more about them. History had always bored the little fox, and despite having a renowned, though estranged, Egyptologist in the family it never sparked the same fascination and excitement as it did in Aunt Tare. Well, might as well have a look then. Reaching forward, he undid the clasp on the front of the box and pushed the lid open. Its hinges worked silently, and Hunter immediately noted that the entire inside of the box was laced with a vibrant, purple velvet. Amidst the swathes of cloth, Hunter beheld a palm sized brooch made of a mixture of dulled copper and gold. Marveling at it, the fennec’s eyes widened as he scanned its surface. The fennec picked it up with a paw and noted its significant weight. Equipped with a pin which Hunter presumed was intended to keep a cloak around a traveler’s shoulders, Hunter turned the brooch over and let out a surprised breath. The ornament had been placed upside down in its container, and it was studded with several small jewels with one large piece in its center. Peering closely at them, it took Hunter a moment to realize that they were opals. In the center of the metal disk, the largest of the opals was oval in shape. It gleamed as if freshly polished when it caught the last of the afternoon sun streaming from Hunter’s half shuttered window. A small scratch in the center of the opal was the only blemish on the piece, revealing the rainbow colored insides of the gem that refracted in ever changing patterns of color as he turned it over. Strangely, despite the fact that it had been sitting in the box ever since it had been delivered to his doorstep inside of its own, discrete cardboard container, the brooch was warm to the touch. And it felt like it was getting warmer. “It’s… pretty…” Hunter said lamely, to no one in particular. His initial curiosity had been sated, and he was now coming to the conclusion that he really had no use for the gem-encrusted display piece other than to perhaps show it off for his friends. The more he thought about it, being the owner of such a valuable piece now might mean that he would have to take insurance out on it. Great… Another responsibility… The fennec thought grimly to himself. Hunter was about to set the artifact down, when the opal flashed catching his eyes. Blinking, he looked down at the gem and wondered if he had imagined the sudden luminescence that had come from the piece. Gingerly, he brought it back up to his eyes and peered closely at the scratch on the gem’s surface to see if he had missed some refractive angle inside of the opal’s crack. Seeing that there was nothing he could immediately detect, he placed the brooch back down in its comfortable bed, this time right side up with the opal facing the ceiling of his apartment. He thought about where he should put the box, glancing around his apartment and seeing now apparent free space where he might rest it. I’ll probably just chuck it into my closet or something… His stomach rumbled, reminding him that his mother’s phone call had caused him to miss lunch at a reasonable hour. Closing the box, he decided to put his inheritance out of his mind for the time being. Padding over to his closet, he picked out his jacket and fumbled the keys to his apartment out of the bowl they rested in. I’m kind of hankering for some chicken… He thought to himself, his mind already beginning to drift away from the strange set of rocks that were now his, now and forever. He did, however, check twice that he had locked the door to his apartment before bounding down the staircase leading to the lobby of his apartment complex.