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Found 16 results

  1. A friend gets shrunk down to doll size by his friend. She decides to humiliate him and punish him in so many humiliating ways. Using him as her new toy.
  2. After being put in diapers by machines. Cody falls down onto the conveyor and accidently poops his diaper. The machine detects it and thinks cody is a dirty diaper. So it grabs him giving him a huge poopy diaper wedgie then throws him in the diaper pail with the rest of dirty diapers. Art piece by jigarvasani
  3. I know this is sick to most people. But when I was younger, I was obsessed with searching for poopy diapers in dumpsters, or parks and other places where kids played. The smell of them triggered my baby side to come out because it reminded me of my youth when my diaper fetish started as a little boy. My diaper hunt was happening when diapers were still made with plastic backing. I would sometimes drive crazy distances if I spotted one on the side of the road coming back from a trip with my parents and sister. Then I would take a snapshot of the place in my head and go back to get it. I didn't ever wear them, but I liked smelling them while I played in my diaper.
  4. Hi I'm a abdl but mostly diaper lover on Cleveland Ohio area. I love making new friends and hanging out. I do love messing and wetting my diaper. I love going on diaper hikes, going to movies padded, videogames, watching movies, making fun cute vids and pics with friends. Feel free to message me on here. Or add me on telegram at twinkbutt.
  5. Ch.1 Jack was an ordinary guy of 27. He worked security and found his job to be relatively easy compared to most people. He did security at a prestigious university during the period that the school was closed, specifically overnight. Jack was fine with it, as it gave him free reign to do as he liked, only occasionally would he be put in a situation where he'd have to really do anything. One quiet night, Jack found himself inside a science room in the school. This wasn't an ordinary school; it was known for its leaps and bounds in the scientific field. While checking the classroom, Jack noticed a large machine covered in LCD displays and lights. His curiosity got the better of him, and although he realized it might get him fired, he decided to check it out. As he was looking at the displays, Jack couldn't understand what the buttons did. The wording was very vague, but that didn't discourage Jack. He was very interested in the device's function. He noticed a couple of things on the displays, one of which read "1997" with "year" written above it. Jack thought to himself that it must be some kind of time machine. He knew that if it was a time machine, he shouldn't be messing with it, but at the same time, he couldn't help but think of all the ways he could make some serious money if he did. No more would he be stuck as just a security guard. He could be the world's greatest stock broker and invest in so much stuff that was certain to blow up in the future. Although he wasn't sure he'd want to travel back as far as 1997, he figured it might be fun to see what the world was like since he was only a baby in 1997. Jack had decided to use the machine to get rich and, while he wasn't sure he could work it, he was more than willing to give it a try. It's worth noting that the builders of the machine were certain that they had failed in building a time machine. When one of them had tested it out, it simply didn't work, likely due to the fact that the machine had nowhere to place the prospective time traveler, as they had not yet been born. You can probably see where this is heading, so let's continue with Jack. He found what he believed was the activation button and smacked it. He stood underneath an unusual metal coil with a metal orb as the base, and it started shooting out some kind of energy. At first, Jack assumed it was just electricity, but it was a red light, not any kind of electricity Jack had ever seen. That's for sure The machine was making strange noises Jack had never heard before, noises that were almost indescribable and he feared it might explode at any moment. Suddenly, a bright flash occurred and Jack found himself sitting in the kitchen of his childhood home. He rubbed his eyes, unable to believe what he was seeing. The house looked as good as new, better than he remembered it from his childhood. Excited, he shouted, "It worked!" However, he noticed that his voice was higher pitched than usual and he sounded more like a baby. That's when he realized he was sitting in a high chair, and he had been transported back in time, but not in the way you see in movies. His mind had been shot back in time, meaning he was either 2 years old or younger, depending on what month it was. His mother popped up out of nowhere and picked him up patting his back as she did so, and to his embarrassment, he burped loudly. His mother then made a comment that shocked him even further, "Uh oh, smells like somebody made a stinky." Jack, feeling embarrassed, tried to say, "I'm hoping you mean you," but it came out as gibberish. He realized he must be very young and couldn't talk yet. Jack's mother set him back down in the high chair and went about her business, not suspecting a thing about the time-traveling experience her son had just gone through. Jack, on the other hand, was trying to process everything that had just happened. He was confused, embarrassed, and more than a little overwhelmed. All he could do was sit there and observe, trying to make sense of his surroundings. He noticed that everything seemed familiar, but at the same time, everything was different. The colors were brighter, the sounds were clearer, and the smells were stronger. He was taking it all in when suddenly his mother came back into the room and said, "Okay, let's see if we can get you cleaned up." Jack realized that he was in for another embarrassing moment Jack realized with horror that his mother was about to strip him naked knowing he had indeed pooped his pants was more then he wanted to deal with. The embarrassment of the situation was compounded by the fact that he was now in the body of a toddler, unable to communicate his distress effectively he began to tear up. He was quickly stripped of his clothes and placed on his changing table. The sensation of the cool air against his bare skin was disorienting, as was the feeling of a diaper being fastened around him. He tried to protest, but all that came out were muffled grunts and cries. The whole diaper change was a blur of unfamiliar sensations and emotions, with Jack feeling completely helpless and out of control. As his mother finished up and picked him back up, he couldn't help but feel a sense of shame and embarrassment that he was now reduced to wearing a diaper like a common baby. As Jack sat there being changed into a fresh diaper, he couldn't help but think about his current situation. He realized that there was no way for him to go back to his own time, unsure if thats even what he would want. He opts to make the best of this opportunity and find a way to turn it into a profitable one. After all, he had always dreamed of making big bucks by investing in stocks and this was his chance to make it happen. He decided that he would use his knowledge of future events to his advantage and make wise investments that would ensure his financial success. Jack was determined to make the most of this unexpected trip back in time and secure his future, no matter how young he was even if that meant spending a year or two in diapers. Almost right on cue, his mother popped a pacifier into his mouth. He had no choice but to let his mouth work on it, as it had a mind of its own. She then picked him up from the changing table and placed him in a mesh playpen. Surrounded by toys, Jack scoffed, thinking to himself, "Hmph, I'm a big boy. I'm not going to play with toys." However, a wooden train caught his eye and he felt excited to see it again. He remembered loving this toy and began playing with it, making train noises as he sucked on his pacifier and bounced around, pushing the train on the floor. Soon, he was playing with all the toys surrounding him, and waves of memories flooded his mind. He remembered loving these toys and began to love them all over again. But then, he felt an overwhelming sense of sleepiness that he had never felt before or at least couldn't remember feeling. He tried to keep his eyes open as he played, but the next time his mother came in to check on him, she immediately knew it was nap time. She picked him up from the playpen and moved him over to the crib in the nursery, but she didn't leave him without a little gift. She gently placed a bottle in his mouth, and he grabbed it, drinking and drifting off to sleep at the same time. bit on the short side but still its a good opening imo hope yall like it I'm gonna be posting updates to this story to my patreon a week earlier then I'll be releasing it here starting now so if your interested in that my patreon is linked on my profile page!!! Also feel free to join my discord server!!! https://discord.gg/Y9yfuvAsFv
  6. I deffinatly want to hear some of your most favorite humiliating and embarssing sayings/words you or somebody use when in a messy diaper. Some of mine are: "did you make fudgies in your huggies?" "looks like somebody made a chocolate soft serve" "daaw did the wittle baby poop his/her diaper?" "peeyeeww I think someone needs a diaper change" "huggies fudger" "ewww gross I think he/her poop their pants" "Did my little one make a special present for me?" "Looks like someone ran into the sog monster" "Did someone go wee wee in their diaper" "Smells like your not ready for potty training" "Eww gross did someone just fart" "What a poopy baby" "Pamper filler" "Stinky baby" "That's right fill that diaper for mommy/daddy" "Stinky wittle princess" "Time for some squishies" My personal favorite when squishing in a messy diaper and wiping it back and forth. I like to call it "the dirty diaper wiper"
  7. Here's your frosty! Peyeew did you just mess yourself? Maybe you should work here it looks like your a pro at making soft serve haha?.
  8. One night Jacob heard about this girl at school named Stacey was having a slumber Party with some hot girls. He had to see what they were doing. He walked up to the house then climbed up a tree to see a good view. He saw so many hot girls. Then all of a sudden the tree branched snapped then he fell to the ground. He became unconscious and blanked out. Jacob then woke up inside a house and saw every girl staring at him. Stacey then was in front of him and said "so look what we have here girls this little twerp was spying on us. I think we can actually have some fun with him, grab him". The girls then all held him down onto the floor. " Wait Please don't hurt me I just wanted to see what you guys were up to and I umm think your all really cute". All the girls were blushing. Then Stacey said " awee thanks well lucky for you I think I have something else we can do with you". Stacey then whispered to the girls and they all giggled and nodded. "Well Jacob we think your very adorable and we would love to play take care of the baby with you" Stacey then held a diaper in front of him. "We got this to so you don't have any accidents" Jacob then cried " no please I don't wanna be babied" Stacey then giggled "too bad it's my slumber Party and we will do what we want. Alright girls get him to the bed so we can change this wittle boy into a fresh diaper". All the girls then carried him to the bed and held him down. They all then stripped him of his clothes leaving him fully naked "Awee look at his little willy it's so small alright baby, time to lift up for mommy". Stacey giggled "No please anything but this" Jacob tried to struggle but the girls held him down tight. Two of the girls lifted his legs in the air then Stacey then slid a diaper underneath him then powdered his bum and wee wee. Then taped everything up. "Awee doesn't he look so adorable" Jacob was blushing so much from embarrassment. "Time to feed the baby who wants to go first?". Stacey announced. One girl said " Oh I do I do" Stacey then chuckled " go right ahead". The girl then undid her shirt and bra. " Ok Baby drink up". The girl then stuck her boob in Jacob's mouth and made him suck it. "Ouch he bit me" the girl yelled out. " Alright Girls I think this baby needs to be taught a lesson". They all grabbed him then set him over the girls lap then pulled his diaper down. The girl then started to spank him really hard. " Ouch Please no I'm sorry" Jacob yelled out. She gave him 10 big spanks. Jacob teared alot from the pain. " Now You be a good boy from now on u understand" Jacob nodded. "Alright I think this baby needs some food food". The girls brought in a highchair then set him in it and then brought out some baby food. " Now Open wide for mommy " Stacey giggled. Jacob tried to resist the yucky baby food but the girls just plugged his nose so he had to eat it. "Someone get his bottle". The girls then took him out then put him in this baby bouncer that he fit in perfectly. Jacob couldn't believe he was under the girls control now and dressed up like a baby. He only hoped nothing could get any worse. Stacey said "gosh I can't believe our little baby hasn't gone poopy in his diaper yet". One of the girls say "I really want to see him poop himself like the baby he is". Stacy then had a evil grin on her face of a great idea and whispered it to the girls and then they all chuckled at the idea. We then see Jacob held on the floor unable to move from all the girls holding him down. Stacey smiles and says "I think our baby has been good enough to earn a reward". Stacey then untapes Jacob's diaper and then we see Stacey start too pull down her pants and undies. Exposing her naked pussy and butt to Jacob. Jacob starts to get a hard on. Stacey giggles then moves closer and closer get her nice shaved pussy up against Jacob's ragging horny dick. "I see my baby boy a little excited, does my boy want a big surprise". Jacob then nods his head wanting it so so bad. Stacey then says "alright baby boy if you really want the surprise that bad il give it to you". Jacob then smiles until he sees Stacey make a weird smile on her face and then a big loud fart. Then feels something warm and sticky fall in between his legs. Jacob was shocked Stacey just made a huge massive poop in his diaper and he tried to wiggle out of his torment. Stacey laughed and said "daww does the baby not like his surprise I made him". One of the girls laughed and said "gosh Stacey I really have to poop bad can I go next". Jacob not wanting another stinky load from another girl was trying to wiggle out of this himulating and gross situation. Stacey then nods and the girl then makes a nice big stinky fart then let's loose a nice load into the diaper. We then see the girls tape up Jacob's diaper. Then they get him his hands and knees and forces him to lift his butt up in air. "I think somebody needs a spanking for pooping his nappy" Stacey laughed with a paddle in her hand. We see Stacey then swing the paddle nice and hard against his butt and Jacob could feel all that mess spread against his butt cheeks and all over. He couldn't believe this. Then all of a sudden his tummy was upset. He made lots of farts then ended up adding his own messy load to the diaper the girls used. All the girls laughed and took pics. Jacob could only try his best to hide his face but the damaged was already done.
  9. From the album: Outside Diaper Pics

    Decided to try something. I call this the dirty diaper nature bouncer! Feels just like being in a baby bouncer
  10. Well to start I have a day off work today, so that means I get to stay diapered all day. And knowing this,
  11. I've been self-induced bowel and urinary incontinent for over 14 years, and I carry a bag with extra diapers, cream, wipes, etc. every where I go, usually.
  12. Looking for a mommy or any baby to talk to.
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