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  1. Hi folks, it's been a while! Since I last posted here I've been on a whole journey of going on hiatus, getting back to writing, having my Patreon banned, and scrambling to figure out what I'm going to do! I finally have an answer to that. I'm on Ream. It's a site built for writers to display their works, and I think it's going to be a great place for people to read my stuff. They're also the only subscription website I've ever seen that doesn't just tolerate ABDL, but is happy to have it on their site! Anyway, you didn't come to this thread for my sponsorship message, you came here for more Briana, and more Briana you shall have! Little Lady Briana picks up shortly after the events of the last Briana story. --- 1 After Christmas Briana had never seen her family’s living room so full and so quiet at the same time. The space was a good one for being noisy, running as it did from the front door to the kitchen – easily half the length of the house. Though there was technically a foyer by the door, and a dining room outside the kitchen; there were no walls separating the space at the heart of the Rasmussen home. It dominated the house vertically as well, with the native-stone fireplace on the outer wall, and the open stairway to the second floor opposite. Moments ago the room had been noisy, full of the echoing, conversational rumble that was Briana’s favorite sound; the noise of her family. The temporary quiet had come from sounds outside – the rumble of tires on the gravel drive, followed by a car door slamming. Mom is nervous. Briana looked up at Veronica from her position at the slender woman’s feet. Mom had dressed up for her sister’s arrival like she was going to the mayor’s office, replacing her simple black dress with a complicated gown that boasted a corseted bust and layers of lace for a skirt. Every inch of the dress was black, of course. There were a few unusual hints of color on Veronica, from the dark red lipstick she’d chosen instead of her usual black, to the rubies adorning her ears. The sound of steps on the front porch dragged Briana’s attention to the front door. Her dad, Jane, stepped forward and opened the door like a butler. From her spot on the floor, Briana had a window of view through a gap between her Tia Rosa and her Grandmother Michelle. Briana’s diaper crinkled as she rose to her knees to catch her first glimpse of her aunt Kiara. Kiara stepped through the door with a cellphone at her ear. She was tall, a magnificent black woman with toned arms and shoulders shown off by her sleeveless crimson dress. The tight curls of her hair were pulled back by a hairpiece that evoked a golden crown of laurels. “Thank you so much, Madame secretary. I have just arrived home, so I will not be reachable for forty eight hours, unless it is a genuine emergency. Ciao.” Kiara handed her phone to a stiff-looking blonde woman in a pinstriped suit-dress and immediately turned to Jane. “Jane! Soon to be my sister, I hear.” Kiara pulled Jane into a tremendous hug and kissed her on both cheeks. “It’s good to have you back.” Jane smiled with her usual reserve – the twinkle in her eyes revealing her genuine excitement to Briana. Between Kiara’s demonstrative greeting and Dad’s excitement, Briana was feeling better about meeting her aunt. Her only hesitation came from her mom, who was still nervous. “You must be Rosa!” Kiara took Rosa’s hand as she stood, and pulled her in for another big hug. “It’s been so long since I had a new sister, and now I have two. Welcome, Rosa, to the Rasmussen family.” Like Jane, Rosa got a kiss on both cheeks. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” Rosa looked Kiara over appraisingly. “We will spend time together, I promise. I want to know the woman that my mother decided our family needed.” Kiara squeezed Rosa’s arm firmly and turned toward Grandma. “Speaking of my mother – Mom, I missed you.” “I missed you too, Kiki.” Grandma got up, managing to conceal the amount of caution she had to put into the motion. Michelle was much better, now that she was using her oxygen regularly, but still got dizzy when she stood. Briana tensed, just in case Grandma started wobbling. Kiara took Grandma in her arms, far more gently than she had Jane and Rosa. Michelle got her cheek kisses before Kiara looked at her and said, “You scared me, Mom.” “I’m sorry dear, I didn’t mean to scare anyone.” Michelle reached and cupped Kiara’s cheek while they took a moment to gaze into each other’s eyes. “Vonnie.” Kiara turned to Veronica, who’d gotten out of her chair and was standing in the most anxious way Briana had seen her mom behave. Kiara wrapped her arms around Veronica with a deep sigh of happiness. Mom sank into Kiara’s arms and laid her head on her sister’s shoulder in what looked like relief. “I’m so glad you’re back,” Veronica said softly. “I missed you terribly, especially when mom…” “You did everything right.” Kiara kissed Veronica’s cheeks and held her sister’s chin. “I’m so proud of you, Vonnie. I didn’t worry about Mom from the instant you told me you’d gotten to the hospital.” Veronica’s eyes sparkled with tears – a smile fluttered at her lips as she gazed in adoration at her sister. After a moment, she composed herself, dabbing at her eyes with a black handkerchief. “Thank you, Ki. I’d like to introduce my children. Briana and Melody, this is your Aunt Kiara.” Briana had argued with her mom long and hard about her outfit for meeting her aunt. Though she’d accepted being Little more than she’d ever imagined she’d be able to, everything she’d heard about Kiara’s success made her want to meet her aunt in adult clothes. All her attempts to convince her mom that first impressions were important had been turned back on her by Veronica. Mom agreed with Briana on the importance of first impressions, but wanted a very different look than Briana argued for. It was impossible to win against Mom when she was determined enough. When Briana stood to meet Kiara, she was dressed in a pink onesie and white tights, with a white half-sweater that had golden threads woven through it. She was also diapered, and the padding was thick enough that there was no hope of her onesie or tights concealing it. Kiara’s intense gaze met Briana’s eyes and the Little girl’s heart pounded. Meeting Kiara was like meeting a movie star, with all the stories she’d already heard about her formidable aunt. That Kiara looked flawless and elegant after a plane ride from Europe only added to her mystique. Briana’s perception of her aunt was forcibly re-oriented when Kiara hugged her. The embrace was a crushing and passionate, with no reservation whatsoever. It was in every way a Briana-hug. She threw her arms around Kiara and hugged back with abandon, pressing her cheek against her tall aunt’s chest in delight. “You are so much more darling than Veronica prepared me for.” Kiara leaned down from her six feet to Briana’s five, and kissed the Little girl on both cheeks. “And she talks about how adorable you are quite a lot.” “I thought you were going to be scary, from all the stories and stuff.” Briana favored Kiara with a giddy smile. “But you’re not! We’re going to be really good friends.” Seeing a smile the combined joy and pride spread across Kiara’s face was amazing. Kiara kissed Briana on the forehead. “I believe it. I think I can already see why Vonnie chose you.” Briana was left with a glow in her chest and so strong that she couldn’t pay attention to what Kiara said when she hugged Melody. While the introductions had been going on, the blonde lady had brought in two large suitcases and a pair of smaller bags. Jane took both the suitcases – despite the blonde woman’s protest – and carried them back to Melody’s room. It’d had already been decided by Veronica that Kiara would be staying there, presumably the other woman would be as well. It was a double-bonus to have more family over and for Briana to get to bunk with her sibling. “Everyone, this is Emeline Blanchet.” Kiara indicated the blonde woman, pronouncing her name with what sounded to Briana like a flawless French accent. “Emma, this is my family. You’ve met my mother Michelle and my sister Veronica, of course. My sister in law Jane is the one who made off with our bags, this is Rosa, my newest sister, and my nieces…” Hand to her chin, Kiara looked contemplatively at Melody. “I’m sorry Melody, I know that your pronouns are They/Them, but there isn’t a neutral word for child of my sister.” “I’ve been using the neutral é when I refer to Melody.” Rosa said. “It’s not proper Spanish yet, but I say niñé when I refer to them.” “Perfect!” Kiara grinned. “Then it would be nieté for me. Emma, this is my niece Briana and my nieté Melody.” “Bonjour, c’est un plaisir.” Emeline bowed primly. Her French speech was richly toned – she retained most of that accent when she switched to English. “I’ve been eager to meet all of you – for Michelle and Veronica, to see you again.” Bowing simply would not do. There was no chance of becoming friends with Emeline if she was always standing on ceremony. Briana stepped up to the French woman, emboldened by Kiara’s easy manner enough that she paid no attention to the crinkling of her diaper. Flashing her most welcoming smile, Briana said, “In this house, we greet people by hugging them.” Emeline was surprised – and a little stiff – but she returned Briana’s gentle hug. Proudly, Briana turned back to her family. Grandma was beaming at her. Melody, Rosa, and Dad seemed quite amused. Mom had the quirk in her mouth that meant she had a lot to say – but wasn’t going to until later. Kiara, however, looked intrigued or even challenged. Her face was serious but her eyes were excitedly boring into Briana. Joy pulsed through Briana’s limbs, coming out as a happy hop. Not only was everyone happy with her, but Emeline’s posture was already more relaxed. “Emma, please sit with us.” Kiara grabbed a chair from the dining room table and planted herself between Mom and Grandma, turning to her sister. “Well, little sister, tell me everything that’s happened since I’ve been gone.” “That might take a while. Melody, Briana, can you get tea and coffee for everyone?” The firmness of Veronica’s smile indicated it wasn’t a request. It was unfair of Mom to assume that Briana would resist being sent out of the room just because she’d been taking a seat at Kiara’s feet. Eager to show her aunt how good a girl she was, Briana hopped to her feet and dragged Melody by the hand to the kitchen. “Isn’t aunt Kiara great, sib?” Briana scooted a stool to the cupboards so she could reach the nice tea cups. All the everyday dishes were down on Briana’s level, but there was a limit to how much crockery and china could be kept at a five-foot girl’s reach. “She’s intense for sure.” Melody’s voice was quiet as they lit the stove under the kettle. “Oh no, do you not like her?” Briana turned to her sibling in anguish, only to be gently chopped on the head by Melody. “I didn’t say that. You know I don’t jump in as fast as you do.” Melody fidgeted with their overalls. With a sigh, Briana set the cups down. Her sib had no call to be upset about their outfit; unlike Briana, Melody had gotten to choose their clothes. “Well something is the matter.” “I liked the dynamic we had at Christmas.” Melody shrugged, kicking at the stove corner idly. “What if you and her get really close but I don’t?” “She made a special effort with your pronouns, I don’t think she’ll ignore you.” “Yeah, that was cool.” Melody smiled a little, but hadn’t lost their melancholy. There was only one foolproof remedy for a sad sib. Briana squeezed between Melody and the stove, worming her way into her sibling’s arms. “If you’re sad you’re going to get snuggled.” Briana laid her head on Melody’s shoulder, grunting when her sib grabbed her uncharacteristically tightly. “Are you worried about me? Sib, you know I love you to bits.” “I feel like stuff is changing. We just got to where everybody is happy.” “Hey, look at me.” Briana gazed up at Melody earnestly. “I will always love you. Did you see how Mom looked at Kiara? That’s how I feel about you. You’re my hero, Big Sib.” Melody’s rib-squeezing hug drove the air out of Briana in a squeak. “Bri, you’re always such a jerk. I can’t believe you made me cry on Kiara’s first hour here.” Air rushed back into Briana with a gasp when Melody finally let go. She didn’t mind being sort-of-asphyxiated by her sibling. It was an acceptable price, for the deep love that a super-hug represented. A washcloth from the counter worked to wipe Melody’s cheeks clean. “I’ll do tea, and you do coffee, okay?” Briana nuzzled Melody’s cheek. “I want to get back fast so we can hear what Mom is saying about us.” “We need to hear about what Kiara’s been up to, too.” Melody nodded as they grabbed a half-dozen mugs. “Do you mind bringing it up? You’re better at – you know…” “Gotcha, Big Sib!” As she squatted down to retrieve the tea tray from a lower cabinet, Briana discovered significant squish in her diaper. As great as Kiara had been, Briana didn’t want to make a fuss about her diapers so soon, especially with Emeline in the room. “Um, can you…” “Let one of the caregivers know that you need a change?” Melody kissed Briana atop her head. “I got you, Baby Sister.”
  2. Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers Rejoice! For I have once again written a smut. 🤣 But this time I wasn't alone. I co-wrote this story with the lovely PrincessDiaperGirl on Deviantart, whom I shall link to here: https://www.deviantart.com/princessdiapergirl (She doesn't have an account here so we agreed that she'd post the story on DA while I post it here 😅) NOTE: All characters depicted here are 18+ years old. Enjoy! ***** Alice stood rigidly in front of the three members of the House of Azalea Doves who would be deciding her fate. In the center of the group was Jennifer. With her auburn hair pulled back into a ponytail, her round glasses perched perfectly on her face, and the pledge book in her arms, she gave off the impression of being the leader of the trio. To her right was Britney. Though they all wore the same button-up and navy blazer with matching skirt that was the school uniform, Britney's dark makeup, lip piercing, and generally menacing aura gave off a somewhat scary vibe. Like Wednesday Addams, if she were also captain of the Track team and could bend you in half with one arm tied behind her back. And last but not least was Harmony. The red hair and freckles combined with the not-too-subtle southern drawl caused her to stand out from her peers. But the confidence in her emerald eyes seemed to indicate that she wasn't insecure about any of it. "Good Morning, Alice." Jennifer greeted with a smile. "I hope you slept well. You've got a big day ahead of you." Alice yawned, indicating that she may not have had the best night. Must've been the nerves, after all she'd been working up the courage to join for months now. Her long blonde hair was pulled up in a messy bun, hastily done just hours before. Her voice was shaky, again due to nerves. "Y-yes- I'm.. I'm ready." "Good," Jennifer nodded. "We here at the House of Azalea Doves sorority only take in the most-dedicated pledges." "So you can expect today to be hell." Britney added with no visible emotion on her face. "Did you *prepare* yourself for the Initiation like we told ya to?" Harmony asked with a smirk. Alice looked down sheepishly at her skirt. "Y-yes-.. just as you asked-" "Do you honestly expect us to just take your word for it? Show us." Britney ordered, the faint traces of a malicious grin tugging at her lips. "I-I- uhh.. fine.." Alice's face was burning with embarrassment as she turned around and lifted her skirt. Beneath her skirt was a pair of translucent baby blue plastic pants which did very little to conceal the puffy white diaper she was wearing. "Let's see if you got it on right." Harmony said, stepping up to Alice and gently lowering the plastic pants down to mid-thigh before running her fingertips over the crinkly plastic padding. Alice froze up. The feeling of Harmony's fingers rubbing over her diaper was one of best things she'd ever felt. It was all she could do to hold in a yelp of pleasure. "Very good! You even got the tapes straight." she said, slapping the back of Alice's diaper with a dull thud. "Good girl." "Eep!" She couldn't help herself, a quiet yelp escaped Alice's lips. The combination of the rubbing, the quick slap and the "good girl" was too much for her. "th-thank you.." she muttered, face still flaming with embarrassment. Jennifer nodded her head "Good. Then we can begin with phase 1 of the Initiation." she said, setting her book down and going over to a table, retrieving an opaque Tupperware container. Alice peered curiously at the container. "What's the first phase?" Britney stalked around Alice like a lioness circling her prey "Oh, did you think the Initiation was just gonna be wearing a diaper for a day?" Harmony crosses in front of the poor girl, grinning like the Cheshire Cat "No no, you're gonna be wearing a FULL diaper all day, Hon." Alice shrank back, trying to back into a wall but instead tripping clumsily over a chair. "Wh-what? But- b-but this wasn't.. nodody said-" "Oh quit your whining," Britney sneered down at Alice "Just because you're dressed like a baby doesn't mean you have to cry like one!" Harmony leans down and offers her a hand up "Careful, Hon. We don't want you hittin' that pretty little head a' yours, do we?" Alice took Harmony's hand, blushing a deep red as she spoke. "Thanks...". She shot a look at Britney. It was becoming clear who Alice favored out of the group. Jennifer continued on as if nothing had happened "We have each selected a substance or object to put in your diaper at the beginning of each of the 3 phases." "And if you happen to fill your diapers on your own, that's your problem." Britney added. "If you can make it to the end of the day without removing your diaper, you will be welcomed in as an official Azalea Dove!" Harmony said. Alice was taken aback. She'd known that she had to wear a diaper, sure, but nobody had told her that the girls would be filling it with.. "substances" as Jennifer had called them. "I-I-.." She took a deep breath. "Fine. I'll-I'll do it." "Excellent!" Jennifer said, "For your 1st phase, I wanted to pick something that wouldn't be too unpleasant. So I decided on a batch of oatmeal." She opens the container to reveal what looked like a pretty hefty amount of oatmeal, especially for what she intended to do with it. "Harmony, would you please pull the back of her diaper open?" Alice cringed at the thought. A load of oatmeal right down her diaper? Suppose she's doing what has to be done, after all it was basically her dream to join up with these girls. Harmony complied and held the back of Alice's diaper open for Jennifer. What came next was the scraping of a spoon against Tupperware and the sensation of Alice's diaper being filled up with a load of surprisingly-warm mush. Another quiet yelp came from Alice. She squirmed around at the uncomfortable sensation but that only made the mushy oatmeal wriggle around more and settle into the bottom of her diaper, nestling itself right up against her butt. "There we go. All done!" Jennifer's cheery voice exclaimed as Harmony released the back of Alice's diaper, causing it to snap back into place. As the diaper snapped back against Alice's skin, one more yelp came for good measure. She didn't dare move, just in case she agitated the mush further. Unfortunately for Alice, Harmony had other plans. She smacks the padded girl's butt again, squishing the mess thoroughly "How's that feel, darlin'?" she asks teasingly. Alice immediately clasped her hands to her mouth to stifle a moan of pure pleasure. "W-well- it.. it's-.. probably the worst thing I've ever felt.. who even came up with this?" "Let's just say it was a... Collaborative effort." Harmony explains. "I still think it's f***ing weird, but whatever." "Britney! Language!" "Oh go to hell, Jen! We're all adults. Well... Most of us." she responds, glancing at Alice. At Britney's comment, Alice gazed at the floor shamefully. Jennifer straightens her glasses "now then, I believe your next class starts soon so you better get going." "And remember," Britney began, "you can quit and take the diaper off at any time. But you know what *that* will mean." "Nah, I think she's gonna make it through the day." Harmony winked at the diapered girl. "She seems like Azalea Dove material." At Harmony's compliment, Alice squared her shoulders as best she could "I-I can do it! I'll make it through the whole day-" "Wonderful." Jennifer smiles "Now run along and we will save you a seat at lunch time so we can check on how you're doing." "And start phase 2." Britney added, knowing it would make Alice squirm. Alice looked back at the girls before she left, giving Harmony a quick smile. Making her way across campus to get to class turned out to be a lot more-challenging than Alice expected. Each step she took caused the oatmeal in her diaper to shift and squish against her, and the added bulk forced her to concentrate on not waddling to avoid drawing suspicion. Alice had to keep her mouth firmly shut to avoid yelping at the feeling of her mushy diaper. Eventually, she made it to class, and was even a few minutes early and was the first person there. Her relief, however, was cut short when she had the horrific realization that she was going to have to sit down in the mush-filled diaper clinging to her butt. She slowly lowered herself down to the chair, anticipating the squishing that was about to come. In hindsight, this was a terrible idea. The mushy oatmeal slowly squishing against the seat of her diaper as it made contact with the chair was agonizing. Students slowly started filtering into the classroom followed by the professor as class was getting started. The old man's droning voice was hard enough to pay attention to on a good day, and Alice's thoughts were already too fixated on the squishy feeling of the diaper beneath her skirt. She could barely concentrate. Maybe it was all the concentrating on the mushy oatmeal feeling, or maybe it was the slightly comforting feeling of the diaper, but she was slowly drifting off to sleep. The next thing she knew, the Professor was tapping on her desk with a ruler, startling her awake "I hope I'm not interrupting your nap time?" he said with a slight smirk, indicating that he wasn't mad. A quick glance around the room revealed no other students. She'd slept through the whole class! "H-huh?? I-I-.. uhm.. s-sorry sir.. didn't sleep well last night.." An embarrassing apology to be sure, but nothing bad could come from it... Right? Then it hit her. Alice had to stand up. Stand up.. in her mushy, oatmeal filled diaper. This was going to be a problem. A warm chuckle escaped his lips "It's quite alright, dear. You can find the material we covered today in chapter 4 before my next class tomorrow. Just try not to make a habit of it, alright?" Without waiting for an answer he heads back towards his desk at the front of the classroom. "I-I'll look at that tonight sir.." Now comes the trouble of standing up. She had to yet again hold back her whimpers of pleasure as the mushy oatmeal slowly unstuck itself from both her ass and her diaper. Once she'd slowly risen from the chair, she made her way out of the room and to her next class. The next class was much more of the same--another boring lesson she couldn't be bothered to pay attention to, when her thoughts were so preoccupied with her diaper. Thoughts which, unfortunately, were cut short when she felt a twinge in her bladder about halfway through Class and remembered what Britney said about "filling" her diaper throughout the day. She tried to fight the urge, and almost saved herself by thinking about asking to leave to use the bathroom... Not remembering that it wasn't permitted unless you had a medical reason. This was certainly not one of those reasons for not using the toilet. She would've gone before her last class but she was too preoccupied with the Azalea Doves initiation. She couldn't stop herself any longer, and a warm feeling spread into her diaper, accompanied by a quiet sound of her piss hitting both the diaper and the oatmeal. As the liquid mixed with the mush inside, the feeling only worsened… Alice couldn't resist the urge to carefully reach down between her legs and lightly prod the diaper. It felt so warm! And it could be her imagination, but it seemed like it had swelled quite a bit from her pee. A shiver ran up her spine at the thought of being stuck wearing this diaper all day--continuing to "fill" it, on top of whatever Britney and Harmony had planned for her. Just how far were they expecting her to go? What would they make her do next? She was hit by a crushing feeling that this was only the beginning… Luckily for most, though very unlucky for Alice, it was lunch, so she set off to find the table with the Azalea Doves.. to start the second phase.
  3. More Littles with Sugar than Salt How do you get what you can’t have but really want? There are better ways than forcing someone to your will. That always ends poorly, instead use a little sugar and you may get a lot farther than you’d think. This story is how I ended up getting myself into a “dreaded” adoption but it wasn’t so bad. Actually, it’s kind of nice… I was walking home as I usually did, I could have taken an auto car or even the rotor platforms, flat things that moved you where you wanted to go, no roof but got there fast. not much going on for me, but I liked it that way. Work had been a little rough, my amazon boss had been riding my a$$ about being able to keep up with the giants and pull my own weight. That was a funny thought, I don't weigh a tenth of what those hippos weighed so shouldn’t my work be “lighter” too? God! they were annoying creatures, every female treating me like I'm 3 wiping my face and making sure I can get to the "potty" on time. Every male calling me "sport" or "buddy." Really, such a superiority complex. Anyway, here I am going home on my usual route stretching my legs and enjoying a nice afternoon, the setting sun gave a good vibe of a peaceful night. Probably enjoy a good beer on the back porch when I got done with dinner. Not like I had anyone to answer to tonight. Single life was something of a blessing and a curse. While no one was there for you, you also didn't have to justify spending that 100 dollars for that thing you wanted. My walk home usually brought me close to a few of the "fee fi fo fums" in the neighborhood but they tended to be well behaved. A couple might try to drug me just so they could diaper me on the sidewalk, since they were not allowed to force adoption anymore. That was the worst case scenario. You could usually tell those ones right away, for instance, take the behemoth Bella Carter. Every week it was a new baked thing or the new fried that, and she loved giving them to me. I had tried a few here and there, in private of course, to see what would happen. It only reinforced the rule you never take things from a giant. I had a friend that once took a pillow once, seems innocent right? Well, technology being what it is and the giants being what they are, it ended up being an auto diaper and boy was it thorough. When he layed on it it activated, a small puff of knockout gas, followed by a fast numbing agent, it put itself on him and performed incontinence surgery on him right there. Poor guy ended up giving up, couldn't afford to fix it, the price of keeping up with his new needs was too high, he just walked down the street and told the monster he would do what she wanted. Last I saw he was blissfully unaware of his current state of infantilism. Buuuh, never take things from an Amazon. On this particular night, since it was so nice out, a lot of Amazon's were out and about or sitting on a porch. Everyone of them offering a small encouragement to get home before dark, or "hope your well sweetie" or "you're such a big boy walking home alone." Arriving at my street Bella was out walking her dog. Of course she was carrying some cookies, upon seeing me she immediately ran over to me exclaiming "oh, cutie pie! I made you a little something." I rolled my eyes and turned to face the thundering elephant bounding towards me on tree pole legs. "I know you're gonna love these," she said with a rather southern twang. It would be almost charming, if she wasn't trying to poison my digestive tract for the next week. "OH, miss Carter I didn't see you there, how are you tonight?" I replied, "it's a wonderful evening and I'm ready to get home from work and relax a little over the weekend. Gotta get to it." Trying to sound polite and not give her a reason to invoke the "Impromptu Needed Attitude Adjustment law. She didn't even act like she heard me, "will you give them a try? I made them this afternoon." Looking at her offering, it had the same logo that the "Love your Little" pharmacy used. Cooked it? Yeah, I had heard her cooking would probably have killed me, not just left me without bowel control for a week. "Oh wow, I'll have to give them a try on the way, I'm super tired after a long week, miss Carter, I'll just scoot along and give one a go on the way, deal?" Not one to give up easily, she replies "oh it'll give you a pep in your step." I'm sure it would, so much so I'd be running home. Starting to walk I quipped "Yeah but I don't want to ruin my dinner, you know how we littles are. I promise next time I see you i'll let you know what I think, deal?" "Oh all right, make sure you eat your vegetables tonight to. Be a good boy and I'll see you next time." Walking on until I was certain she couldn't see me, I dumped them into a trashcan, keeping the bag so I could return it to her as evidence i had eaten them, it was fun this way. She always had such a confused look on her face when i never had any issues. I received 2 more "gifts" on my way before I reached the Littles part of the neighborhood. Here there was a small gap with just some trees and no lights or anything, it divided the Giant houses from the littles houses. I Always feel nervous here, it made me feel like I was being watched or like a wolf was waiting to attack me. Tonight was no different so I picked up my pace. By now the light was starting to dim, and it was getting hard to see into the trees very far. However, that's not where the danger came from. I should have seen it, should have heard it but I assumed I was safe, and I let my guard down. A hand snaked around my waist, grabbing me and lifting me straight up about 5 feet. Carrying me into the trees I heard a female voice say "You are a rather curious one, and I'm not going to lie to you, curious littles are kind of my thing. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. In fact I hope you enjoy tonight's entertainment." About that time she plopped me onto a folding table, pretty certain I was about to be spanked into oblivion I rebelled, "I haven't done anything to deserve an attitude adjustment! Leave me alone!" I began kicking and trying to escape. A rather pleasant face came into view over top of me, a face that felt familiar in spite of never having met her. She spoke again, obviously surprised, "Spank you? no, I would never! You're a good little boy aren't you? At Least, that's what I've seen." "You were watching me? Isn't that stalking? What do you want?" "Only to reward you," her answer threw me off. No amazon rewards a little, ever. It had never happened in written history. Even before the demons had infested the little dimensions with portals. The words alone stunned me better than a punch to the face. In a heartbeat she had my pants off, my legs went up, which was enough to shake me out of my confusion. "Hey! what're you doing? Stop!! You said I hadn't done anything wrong." At that point something warm and very much like a slimy ball went right in my bum. It made me feel sick, I was going to spend a lifetime on the toilet, I just knew it. Maybe it was some kind of new hormone thing and I will be a girl tomorrow. Man, the problems of explaining that to my boss or my family. "Don't worry, it has some… undesirable side effects but they will wear off by morning. I don't like doing it this way but its hard to get you littles to believe I won't harm you." She replied coolly. "Now let me finish before it all starts getting into that cutie patootie system of yours" I was certain I heard a hint of baby talk in that last bit, but I wasn't going to fight whatever this was, why you might ask? It was already bad, and going to get worse if I put up a fight. No, she wouldn't adopt me, the penalty for that basically made her take my place with a new amazon. It wasn't something you heard of Amazons trying anymore. This however, was well within her rights. I felt my legs go up again and a soft padding went under my rear. Great! Yup it was a diaper. "Don't worry hun, it'll be just this one, I promise no more unless you want them." "Want them? WANT THEM?!" I was almost yelling. "Why would I ever want them?!?" "Don't worry, my little love, I promised you a reward, and believe me it will be one." At that moment my stomach twisted. I must have reacted because she quickly went back to her demonic work of putting me in padding. "That's my que, I promise no one has ever complained about this part." No one? As she pulled the diaper up I felt really really small and out of control, something I was not accustomed to. I was rapidly taped in inspite of my continued protests, she ignored me completely while she finished. And then… it started. It was wonderful, a pleasure like I had never felt. It wasn't sexual, or anything else I had ever had. It started small, like that first bite of cake when you have been staring at it for an hour. Or when you get that first drink after being incredibly thirsty. Oh it was good, but there was more it grew, it became as strong as an orgasm but there wasn't an orgasm. I felt the hands that lifted me up and pressed me against 2 soft pillows, wait those were breasts. The behemoth had laid me against her chest, she was going to kidnap me! "Hush, my little pretty boy, I'll make sure you're safe and sound. I'll bring you to your home and get you in bed, don't you worry. Shhh shhh, I've got you." At this point I didn't care, the pleasure had grown so much, it seemed to vibrate and caress and gently massage and everything all at once. My fatigue washed away and the fact I was in nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt laid against two, truthfully soft, giant mounds of my doom, didn't matter at all. My world was washed out in beautiful warm colors. I don't know how long it lasted, but I savored every second of it. It was luxurious, beyond sex, beyond a good beer, beyond anything I had ever known. And then everything faded out, I didn't know where I was, nor did I care, I was so tired, I was so relaxed I slept, a perfect sleep. Ch2. Where the sun doesn't shine or Butter up buttercup. *sniff sniff* ugh I was so tired. *sniff sniff* What was that smell? My consciousness returned slowly, mostly I became aware of the stench. Good dog almighty it was awful. I opened my eyes to the sun coming in my window, which had been opened. "I didn't do that," I thought. "How did I even get home?" Then it all came crashing home, as if my brain finally decided to wake up. The whole thing, but I didn't remember ever getting home or really anything after all the glorious fun had ended. But what was that smell? It was my butt. I lifted my body up to stand and became acutely aware of the diaper still taped around me. The smell was emanating from it. Sure enough, I could feel the mush inside it. Strangely, I wasn't even mad, I was kind of ready to be rid of it, though. The mushy mess shifted as I stood up, so gross. I reached down and grabbed a tab only to be rewarded with tape stuck fast. Great its a littleez, the diaper meant to stop any little from easily escaping it . It wasn't coming off without an Amazon or a pair of sharp scissors. Luckily, I stocked such items in my junk drawer. Moving downstairs in the most awkward yet, least poo touching way possible, I hurried to my freedom. Only, I was stopped by a packet on the counter, it only read "READ ME FIRST" in giant letters. I picked it up and opened the cover, and began reading… "I know this wasn't the state you wanted to wake up in, but I felt you may be ok with it after the enjoyment you got from last night. Don't worry your current state is far from permanent. Matter of fact the side effects should be wearing off or even gone by now. You'll be able to tell easily as there will be a slight green ooze in the front of your, im sure, rather full diaper." Curiosity got the best of me, sure enough, after pulling the waistband back just a little there was a green slime there. "This is built in so you know the end of this particular pleasure pill. I'm quite certain you have more questions and I will answer them in the next pages, but why don't you cut that diaper off and take a nice warm shower first then read on." That actually sounded smart. Moving to the bathroom I took care of the giant fluffy sack of crap around my waist. Climbed in the shower and let warm water run down my spine and now cleaner buttocks. I wondered at technology, after all these advancements we couldn't even upgrade our cleanliness, nothing beat a showe. The shower did feel almost righteous though, I guess you don't fix what's not broken. After drying off, I bagged the nastiness and threw it away, it was shaping up to be a nice day so I sat on the back porch to read, I didn't want to be disturbed: "My name is Tina Herringer, I am not an enemy but rather a simple purveyor of pleasurable items for you Littles. I do not want to harm you, only help you" sure sure, id heard that before. " what I gave you last night was a pleasure ball, or anal super stimulator, A.S.S for short, yes yes, I am aware of the funny you Littles see in that word. These pills are designed to give you more pleasure than you've ever felt before, the unfortunate side effect is incontinence of both kinds, bowel and urinary. I'm sure you noticed." Yeah, the house still wreaks, I thought. "So I'm sure by now you're wondering, why me? Well that's simple enough. You're a good boy. You don't cause trouble, or fight with other Littles, you don't argue with the maternity crazed Amazons. You are a good boy, you should be rewarded. I like to give good things to good boys. I mean what I say, I want to give you more. In good faith I have placed another pill in your underwear drawer, and yes another diaper, in case you'd like to give them another try. There is another note in the drawer as well. It contains more information than I have given here. Please do not read it until you use the pill, I would like you to be a good boy and wear the diaper as well. It is an auto diaper unlike the one you had on last night. It will release itself when you have filled it. Remember once it's on it doesn't come off without you using it for what it is for. If you use the pill and not the diaper I will know." On that note, the note ended. It felt a little ominous, I knew I should immediately go throw it away, but I really didn't want to. Was it really worth the potential issues? I mean she had been honest, I regained my control. At least I haven't peed myself yet. Whose to say the next one wouldn't make things worse? This Tina also knew too much. I didn't like it. I went upstairs and straight to the drawer, it was going to go in the incinerator trash immediately. There it was exactly as she had said in the note, a diaper, a glove, wipes, a note and of course the A.S.S. Grabbing everything I went straight outside to the chute that would burn it all. I flipped up the latch and hesitated. How would she know? Would she seek retribution if I tossed them? I lifted the pill off the pile of supplies. My mouth began to water, my whole body wanted it, I was trembling. How could I throw it away? I decided right there to keep the pill and note. Tossing the diaper and supplies, fudge the consequences. Taking it back inside with me I made a cup of coffee and sat down with the pill. It was in a tube like a prescription would come in. The label read," self lubricating, take one rectally, never more than one in a 24 hour period. Make sure to properly diaper anyone taking this medication, extreme loss of continence is expected lasting as long as 12 hours." What was I thinking? NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FROM THESE DEVILS. I just couldn't stop myself, she seemed sincere, and I… I trusted her?. Did I? It sure felt that way. Whatever, let's test this theory, I popped the lid open and pulled out the pill. It looked for all the world like a large green piece of candy. In a rush I dropped my pants and prepared myself, I was elated, I was desperate… in a flash it came to me i was standing in my kitchen with open windows to the world, and I was Half naked. Instead of coming to my senses I went to the bathtub, you know, just in case she wasn't lying about the incontinence part. Bent over and like magic it seemed to turn into a slimy thing as it was pressed into where the sun doesn't shine. A couple minutes later I was about to give up, it had seemed like only a few seconds last night, why was it taking so long? Stepping out of the tub and i felt the twinge I felt last night. It was happening, I was almost drooling on myself. The excitement and anticipation came on like a wave. I tried to get back into the tub but the pleasure started and it was all I could do to hold myself upright. With the next wave I went to my knees, and the third wave washed my world out again. I hovered in pure bliss for eternity again. Floating in an ocean of warm orange and yellow, caressed by the most gentle feeling ever. It was ecstasy once more…
  4. Julie was running as fast as she can from the party that her friend hosted that got busted by cops. She found a window open in a quiet house that looked like nobody was home. After landing in it. Julie decides she will spend the night here. She was a little buzzed still from the drinks she had. Julie sat down then layed her head against some what she thought were pillows. She then picked one up and said "Wait a second these arnt pillows they are diapers! Just what I need! What is this place?" Julie puts on the thick diaper which perfectly. She then stands up and looks at the childish design room, crib, and closet full of clothes. Julie surprised "Oh a daycare! Makes sense and look here we have some cute clothes! They look like they will fit perfectly on me!" Julie then puts on a pink flower skirt overalls that barely covered her diaper. Then looked in the mirror and said "oh yea looking good. Fifty flavors of cute right here". Julie then feels her bladder needing released then let's it all out in her diaper "oh I'm totally filling my diaper up. Is this what freedom feels like!" Julie then grabs her wet soggy diaper and starts rubbing it "oh what's this! Oh my this feels so good. So squishy and warm. I might...uh...hmmm.. oh my I'm such a naughty girl" Julie then gets super tired and falls asleep. Julie then wakes up but finds her diaper clean. Confused who had changed it. The window has been locked. "Whoever changed me must have locked the window. How do I get out of here!" She then looks at a tall window typed door. Julie sees a lock and chain on the other side. She starts to get on her tipy toes to try and unlock it but shes way to short to reach it! She trys to yell out for help but no use. Julie sees a mommy like women enter the door way then yells out "Hey there must be some mistake I'm not really a child. I know how it looks but someone changed me already. I don't belong here and..." Julie then pauses and see a officer come in with the women. The women says "sorry I can't be anymore help officier". The officer then says "well if you do see her let me know". The women picks up Julie then says "What do you need darling?". As Julie is picked up. She wets herself from the officier standing right by holding his radio. Julie trys to play along till officier leaves. She then says in babyish tone "I need diapie changed!" The officer then looks at Julie and says to women "she looks a little big for diapers don't you think?". As the women lays down Julie on the changing table and opens her wet diaper "yea but don't let that fool you she deffinatly does need them. This is her third diaper change today! Isn't that right little stinker. Ran right through her little tummy didn't it? Do you need fed some more sweetie?". As Julie gets up from her diaper change she is super hungry. Julie then says "yes oh my god I'm starving. I mean... baby very hungwy." The officier still a little confused then says "you sure she's not to old. To me she looks to big to be in daycare much less nurse on a boob." Then Julie confused and in her head said to herself "Wait did he say.... nurse on a boob" then Julie sees the women put her huge boob right in Julie's face. Then the women says "your meals already cupcake" The women picks up Julie then the officier says "well your the expert but gosh.. kids these days" the women then pushes her boob closer to Julie's mouth with Julie having a super shocked look on her face and can't believe what she's about to have her do. Then the women smiles and says "they look so mature don't they?" Julie then having to play along starts sucking on the women's boob and starting to feel the milk enter her mouth then start to drip off her face. The women then says "it's all that fast food chemicals and formula they grow up on. Little girls need the real thing" As Julie kept drinking she felt her bowls release. A huge amount of poo entered her diaper. From all the drinks she drank it was super slushie and mushy. The diaper sagged super low in her humiliating situation. The officier then smells the horrible present she made in her diaper then says "that's my cue to leave". The women smiles and says "that's right sweetie get it all out" After Julie's humilating situation. The women then starts changing her diaper. "Peeyeew looks like my girl left me a big present in her diaper. We got to cut back on that big girl food and get you back on baby food" After Julie's diaper change she sees the clip board to sign out of nursery and tells the women "Hey so thank you for the diaper change and all. It looks like it's closing time so il just sign myself out". The women then snatches the clip board "oh I don't think so. Your coming home with me. Il take good care of you before somebody comes to claim you". Julie shocked "oh that's really not necessary" as Julie said that the women swooped up Julie and carried her in her arms and said "but you need a mommy to change your diapers and I got every size diaper imaginable. You can stay in my nursery. It was getting lonely with just me and my cats. The nursery is built for someone my size but your big for your age anyway" As the women walked outside with Julie to her car. Julie confused "big for my age? But I'm not a baby". The women waved to officers "evening officers. Ever find that college girl?". The officier said "no but don't worry ma'am. As per your request we will be stationed here till she shows up" The women smiled then said to Julie "did you hear that? Were going to have a fun time together... for a long time!" After arriving at the woman's home. Julie was carried into the home then up into the nursery room. To Julie's surprise it was a full adult size nursery just fit for her age. The woman then pulled down the crib bars and placed Julie inside then pulled the bars up trapping her inside. It was impossible to escape. Julie wasn't able to hop over or anything. Then the woman quickly shot her with a needle that weaken Julie. Julie's legs failed and she landed on her diaper butt. Only able to crawl around on her hands and knees. "Please let me out. I'm not a baby! I demand to be let go" Julie yelled out. The woman smiled then plopped a pacifier in Julie's mouth. "Now now cupcake your to young to make decisions. Also if I recall the cops are still looking for you. So you can either spend your time in a dirty old prison or stay here as my baby girl. Now which sounds better?" Said the woman. Julie then thought twice. She knew prison would be horrible. So if she had to pick anything I guess it's being this mommy's baby girl. Julie then says in babyish tone "stay with mommy". The woman then smiled. "Good girl. Now lets go over the rules. You will use your diaper for poopie and pee pee. No exceptions. You will call me mommy and mommy will decide when to change your diaper. You will also be breastfed and given a nice baby food diet. If you complain or act bad I will be giving you a good spanking over my knee or even a warm enema to fill your diaper. Since you tried yelling at mommy it's time for a spanking" Julie's new mommy grabbed her from the crib then put Julie over her knee. Then pulled her diaper down and spanked away. "Ow ow ow" SPANK SPANK SPANK. Julie's butt started turning red and she started crying. Mommy then pulled up her diaper and hugged her. "Sorry mommy had to do that but sometimes naughty girls need to be taught a lesson" The woman then slid her hand down the back of Julie's diaper and pushed her finger up Julie's butthole. Julie felt something go up. "Mommy what did you put up my butt" Julie asked. Julie's mommy put her back in the crib "don't worry about it sweetie you'll find out in the morning" Julie then fell fast asleep from the long day. She then woke up and smelled something really bad. "Ewww gross what's that smell? Did I just fart without knowing?" Julie then layed up on her butt and felt something yucky and mushy spread and smear against her buttcheeks and privates. "Noo noo noo I couldn't have! I just pooped my diaper in my sleep! This isn't happening! I'm not some dumb baby" Julie's mommy walks in the room "well good morning sweetie. Uh oh I think I smell someone made a big stinky poopy in her diaper. It's ok sweetie your just a baby you can't control yourself. I think someone also needs some feeding little stinker" The mommy then grabs Julie and heads to the rocking chair. Then places Julie's dirty diaper butt on her knee squishing all the poop again against Julie's butt. The mommy unbuttons her bra. And then grabs Julie's dirty diaper butt with her hand and then pushes her forward. Making Julie suck on her boob. Julie disgusted couldn't do much. All she could do is just suck and hope that her new mommy will change her diaper. The mommy just rocked her back and forth smushing Julie's dirty diaper butt.
  5. INTRO Since moving back home, on account of a house arrest sentence, Audrey’s mother had been uncompromisingly strict. To be fair though, Jackie’s ass was on the line now too. In order to keep Audrey out of jail, she had accepted conservatorship over her. Jackie was Audrey’s legal guardian again, for all intents and purposes. Just like when she was in grade school. Audrey ran away back then… and, she was far more stubborn and disrespectful now. If it wasn’t for her fancy new ankle bracelet, she would have been gone weeks ago. Audrey would stay in her room as much as possible at this point, almost every interaction with her mother just ended in a fight these days. They both had their own valid reasons to be mad… Jackie saved her daughter from prison, and in return was burdened with a contemptuous ne'er-do-well - eating all of her food, sponging the wifi bandwidth, and sneaking booze that she wasn’t even allowed to be drinking… not to mention the mountain of court fees she was saddled with, as Audrey’s guardian. She wasn’t asking a lot from her daughter. Show an ounce of gratitude, help out around the house a little bit, and keep all the arrest drama away from her little sister. The last one made Audrey the angriest. When Audrey was her little sister Grace’s age, her mom was turning tricks to ‘make rent’ at the trailer park. Only to spend it all on the same drugs that Audrey just got arrested with. AND Now… that she had a new daughter, and got her life together, she thought that she had some right to put all the blame on her? Audrey had been jealous of her little sister, since before she moved back home. Grace was getting such a better childhood than Audrey did. Being around it constantly just made it worse. Jackie showered Grace with unconditional praise, and support. Painfully demonstrating that she was capable of mothering without an ere of derision. They both felt scorned at this point, and neither of them were able to articulate their respective grief calmly or rationally. They both wanted one thing. A way to wipe the slate clean, just start all over… but, they were both too proud to admit their own failures and weaknesses. CHAPTER ONE Audrey was throwing a tantrum, an adult sized one. Screaming every obscenity in the book at the top of her lungs, flipping furniture, and breaking anything else that happened upon her path of wine fueled destruction. “If you don’t stop, I’m calling the sheriff, and you are going to go back to jail!” Jackie threatened to no avail. Audrey was far too drunk to listen to reason. She didn’t want to see Audrey in jail. So, with few other options she wrestled her daughter to the ground. When she finally gained control of her she was furious, and the adrenaline was surging through her veins. She started to paddle Audrey on the ass. “IF… *!WHACK!* YOU… *!WHACK!* WANT TO… *!WHACK!* ACT LIKE… “*WHACK!*” A TODDLER… *!WHACK!*” “THEN I WILL TREAT YOU LIKE A TODDLER!” *!WHACK!*” She savagely roared between each vicious smack. Only quelling her relentless attack when her daughter retreated into submission. “Did you think I was joking when I said you weren't too old for a good ol’ fashioned spanking?” she continued with the verbal chastisement, even after the physical punishment had ended. “You are going to find some way to pay for all this! Now go to your room, and go to bed. Before you make me change my mind, and call the cops. I don’t want to see you the rest of the night.” She demanded, as she rolled her sobbing daughter off of her lap, and stood up. “I hate you! I hate you! I want to go!” Audrey cried, getting angry again, and starting to thrash on the floor at her mothers feet. “I want to FUCKING LEAVE!!!” she cried again. Slamming her fists against the carpet, and kicking her legs about wildly. “AUDREY! What did I say about acting like a toddler?!?” Jackie asked rhetorically as she adjusted her blouse, and fingered the hair out of her face. “You can go whenever you want… Back to jail. Do not test me.” Her threat seemingly carried more weight this time, because Audrey stopped screaming. “I’m going to walk away from this for now. I expect you to calm down, and go to bed. This conversation is far from over though.” Audrey did eventually get up off the floor, and retire to her bedroom without further confrontation. At least confrontation with a real person. Audrey spent the rest of the evening continuing an imaginary argument. “Maybe, I want you to treat me like a toddler. Grace gets a perfect life, and you treat her like a toddler… that’s because she is a toddler… Well so am I now. You said so. I’m just a stupid little toddler, will you buy me an ipad now?!?” Audrey was getting angry again, at how much better Grace’s life is than hers. She looked at the ratty furniture that she had scribbled all over and ruined when she was younger. “I want you to buy me cute furniture.” she started to cry “I want to go to DisneyLand! I want you to buy me toys, and clothes, and start me a college fund! I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME!” Audrey was snapped out of her despair when she felt the consequences of all the wine she had drank. She tried to hold it, not wanting to run into her mom on the way to the bathroom. Eventually just trying to go to sleep, so she wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. “Toddlers wet the bed, so why shouldn’t I wet the bed. I’m just a big dumb toddler. Right Mom?” She thought to herself after several uncomfortable minutes of tossing and turning. When she finally talked herself into it, She was surprised how much she still had to try. 22 years of potty training was harder to ignore than she had imagined. Despite her mind's reservations though, she managed a small trickle. She closed her eyes tight, clenched every muscle that she could, gritted her teeth, and gave it her all. Audrey could feel the warm sensation start to grow. “OHHH YEAHHH!!!” an ecstatic sigh of relief escaped her, as the floodgates opened, and she was able to relax her rigid body. Audrey was surprised again. This time at how aroused she was, as she continued to soak her sheets. “WAKE UP!!! Did you wet the bed!?!” Jackie yelled as she shook Audrey awake. “If you think I’m buying you a new mattress after this, you are out of your mind.” All of the things drunk Audrey had thought, and rehearsed last night were quickly lost in her humiliation. “Well… Get Up! Don’t hide under the blanket now. Go get yourself cleaned up.” she ordered, after several seconds of panicked silence. “Your aunt, and cousins are coming over today. If you behave, I won't tell everyone all about your little accident.”
  6. Gemma is a naughty little diaper girl. Let's see what trouble she gets into today with her Daddy on her birthday (nonsexual audio story) Written by Boober, narrated by Me
  7. ­Gina was a mischievous eighteen-year-old girl who loved to play pranks and push the boundaries. She often acted out at home and school, earning herself a reputation as a troublemaker. One day, Gina's parents had had enough of her misbehavior and decided to send her to a summer camp for "difficult" children. Gina was not happy when her parents told her that she would be spending the summer at Camp Discipline. She had always been a bit of a troublemaker and her parents were at their wit's end trying to figure out how to straighten her out. They had heard about Camp Discipline, a place where all the campers had to wear diapers and were not allowed to use the bathroom. They thought it might be just the thing to teach Gina some discipline. Gina was furious when she heard the news. She couldn't believe her parents were actually sending her away to a place like that. She had always been a bit of a wild child, but she had never done anything really bad. She couldn't understand why her parents would do something like this to her. She had never worn diapers before, and the thought of having to do so for an entire summer was mortifying. She also couldn't believe that she wouldn't be allowed to use the bathroom like a normal person. As the day of her departure approached, Gina's anger and frustration only grew. She packed her bags grudgingly and headed off to Camp Discipline with a heavy heart. She didn't know what to expect, but she knew it was going to be a long, hot summer. On the first day that Gina arrived at Camp Discipline, she was nervous and anxious as she stepped off the bus and took in her surroundings. The camp was located in a remote, wooded area, and it was surrounded by acres of lush forest. As Gina walked towards the main camp building, she noticed that there were several other campers milling about, all of whom were wearing diapers. Gina was taken aback by this sight. She had never worn diapers before, and the thought of having to do so for an entire summer was embarrassing and mortifying. She tried to push these thoughts to the back of her mind as she followed the other campers inside for orientation. The orientation was led by a group of stern-looking counselors, who went over all of the rules and regulations of the camp. Gina listened attentively, but she couldn't help feeling a sense of dread as she heard more and more about the strict rules and regulations that governed life at Camp Discipline. Finally, after the orientation was over, Gina was taken to her cabin by one of the counselors. It was a small, cramped space that was shared with several other girls, all of whom were wearing diapers. Gina felt her face flush with embarrassment as she realized that she would have to wear a diaper as well. The counselor handed Gina a diaper and instructed her to change into it. Gina hesitated for a moment, feeling humiliated and embarrassed, but she knew that she had no choice. She took off her clothes and taped up the diaper, feeling a wave of shame wash over her as she did so. As she finished changing, Gina couldn't help but feel like she was a baby, being forced to wear diapers and reliant on others to take care of her basic needs. She hoped that the summer would pass quickly, and that she would be able to return home and put this whole embarrassing experience behind her. The first few hours of wearing the diaper were torture for Gina. She was constantly aware of the crinkly plastic underneath her clothes, and she couldn't help but feel self-conscious around the other campers. But as the day went on, Gina tried to put the diaper out of her mind and focus on having a good time. In the afternoon, the campers gathered in the recreation room to play cards. Gina joined in, trying to have fun despite the diaper. But as the game went on, she started to feel an urgent pressure in her bladder. She tried to hold it as long as she could, but eventually she couldn't take it any longer. She raised her hand tentatively and asked the counselor if she could go to the bathroom. The counselor looked at her with a mixture of pity and disgust. "I'm sorry, Gina, but at Camp Discipline, we don't use the bathroom. You'll have to use your diaper." Gina felt a deep sense of disappointment as the counselor told her she had to use her diaper. She felt embarrassed and ashamed, knowing that she had to resort to using a diaper like a child. She felt her face flush with humiliation and her mind raced with the thought of having to rely on a diaper for her bodily functions. She felt her stomach clench with anxiety, knowing that she had no control over her own body and that she had to depend on a diaper to stay dry. But, despite her discomfort, Gina forced herself to accept the situation, knowing that she had no other choice. Gina tried to hold in her pee for as long as possible, but eventually she had to let go and wet her diaper. She felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment as she felt the warm sensation spread through the diaper, and she felt a strange sense of relief as she finally released her bladder. Gina was mortified, but she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She finished the game in silence, trying to hide her wet diaper as best as she could. Gina felt the wetness of her diaper against her skin as she tried to focus on playing cards. She felt the uncomfortable warmth spreading and her skin began to tingle as the wetness of the diaper started to take effect. When the game was over, she tried to slip away unnoticed, but one of the counselors saw her and called her over. "I think it's time for a diaper change, young lady," the counselor said sternly. Gina shook her head, feeling a sense of embarrassment wash over her. "B-but I didn’t wet my diaper," she said, trying to convince the counselor that everything was okay. But the counselor wasn't convinced. She grabbed Gina's wrist and started to lead her towards the changing room. "Come on," the counselor said, looking at Gina with a stern expression. "We need to change your diaper." Gina tried to resist, but it was no use. The counselor was much stronger than she was, and she was no match for her. Gina was taken to the changing room and put on the changing table. She couldn't believe she was being treated like a baby in front of everyone. As Gina laid on the changing table, her cheeks burned with embarrassment. She felt the cold air hitting her intimate areas as the counselor began to remove her warm, wet diaper. Gina felt exposed and vulnerable, her skin chilled by the sudden influx of cold air. She felt her stomach clench with anxiety, knowing that she was now exposed and vulnerable, and she felt a deep sense of embarrassment knowing that the counselor had seen her in such a state. She tried to turn her head away, but the counselor gently turned her face back towards her, a sympathetic look in her eyes. "It's okay, Gina," the counselor said softly. "Everyone has accidents. It's just a part of being here at Camp Discipline." Gina couldn't believe she was having this conversation. She was eighteen years old and here she was, being changed like a baby by a counselor. She couldn't believe her parents had actually sent her to this place. As the counselor cleaned her up, Gina couldn't help but feel humiliated. She had always been a bit of a rebel, but she had never been in this kind of situation before. She had always been able to take care of herself, but now she was completely helpless, unable to do anything but lie there and let the counselor do her job. As the counselor wiped Gina down with a cold wipe, Gina couldn't help but shiver at the sensation. It was so cold, and she couldn't help but feel a sense of discomfort wash over her. But as the counselor started to powder her, Gina started to feel a sense of relief. The powder was cool and refreshing, and it made her feel slightly better. As the counselor lifted up Gina's legs and slid a new diaper under her and taped it up, Gina couldn't help but feel a sense of relief wash over her. She was grateful to be done with the whole ordeal, but she knew it was something she would have to go through again and again throughout the entire summer. As the counselor finished diapering Gina, she gave her diaper a gentle pat and told her that she was all good to go. She slowly got down from the changing table, still feeling slightly shook from the situation. Gina returned to the other campers after her first diaper change feeling embarrassed and humiliated. She couldn't believe she had actually been changed like a baby by the counselors. She tried to avoid making eye contact with anyone as she took her seat, but it was no use. The other campers were all looking at her, their faces a mixture of pity and amusement. "So, how was it?" one of the boys asked with a smirk. "Did it feel good to be changed like a baby?" Gina blushed, feeling her cheeks burn with embarrassment. "It was horrible," she replied, trying to keep the quaver out of her voice. "I can't believe I have to wear a diaper like this all the time." "I know, right?" another girl chimed in. "It's so stupid that we all have to wear diapers. I can't wait to get out of this place." Gina nodded in agreement. She couldn't believe she was actually having this conversation. She had always been a bit of a troublemaker, but she had never been in this kind of situation before. She had always been able to take care of herself, but now she was completely helpless, reduced to wearing a diaper and being treated like a baby. As the conversation continued, Gina couldn't help but feel a sense of hopelessness wash over her. She had a feeling it was going to be a long, embarrassing summer at Camp Discipline. Gina's first night at Camp Discipline was not what she had expected. After dinner, the counselors gathered all the campers in the common room and informed them that they would be wearing footed onesies to bed and would also have to wear a large, bulky nighttime diaper. Gina couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had never worn anything like this before and she was mortified at the thought of having to wear an even larger diaper than she already had on. The counselors handed out the onesies and diapers and gave instructions on how to put them on. She couldn't believe the size of it - it was so much bigger than her daytime diapers, and it was so thick and bulky. She was also shocked at how loud it crinkled. Every time she squeezed it, she could hear the loud rustling sound that the diaper made. Gina was shaking as she pulled the onesie over her head and fastened the bulky diaper around her waist. She couldn't believe she was actually doing this. It was so thick and bulky between her legs, and she couldn't help but wonder how she was going to be able to sleep with it on. As she climbed into bed, Gina couldn't help but feel a sense of shame wash over her. She had always been a bit of a troublemaker, but she had never been in this kind of situation before. She had always been able to take care of herself, but now she was completely helpless, unable to do anything but wear a massive diaper and footed onesie to bed. "I can't believe we have to wear these things to bed," one of the girls grumbled, pulling at the sleeves of her footed onesie. "It's like we're a bunch of babies or something." "I know, right?" Gina replied, shaking her head. "I can't believe my parents actually sent me to this place. I feel like such an idiot." "Yeah, me too," another girl chimed in. "I can't believe we have to wear diapers all the time. It's so embarrassing." As she lay there, trying to get comfortable in her new bedtime attire, Gina couldn't help but wonder what the rest of the summer would be like. She had a feeling it was going to be a long, embarrassing journey. Gina woke up on her first morning at Camp Discipline to a wet diaper and a sense of dread. She had never wet the bed before and she couldn't believe she had done it now, in a place like this. She lay there for a moment, hoping the wetness was just a dream, but as she shifted on the bed, she felt the telltale warmth and stickiness between her legs. She knew she had to tell a counselor, but she was so embarrassed she could hardly bring herself to get out of bed. She lay there, trying to come up with an excuse, but she knew it was no use. She was going to have to face the music eventually. Finally, she gathered her courage and got up, making her way to the changing room. She was relieved to find that there were no other campers there yet, but she was still mortified as the counselor waved her in. She still couldn't believe she was having to go through this in front of someone else. As Gina lay on the changing table, she couldn't help but feel a sense of embarrassment wash over her. She had never woken up with a wet diaper before, and she couldn't believe that she had let this happen. But as the counselor started to change her diaper, Gina couldn't help but feel a sense of relief wash over her. She knew that she was in good hands, and she trusted the counselor to take care of her. When the counselor slid another nighttime diaper under Gina's butt, Gina couldn't help but feel a sense of surprise wash over her. She couldn't believe that she was being diapered with a nighttime diaper in the morning. She was expecting a thinner daytime diaper, and she couldn't understand why she was being diapered with a nighttime diaper instead. "Why am I being diapered with a nighttime diaper in the morning?" she asked. The counselor smiled and explained that all campers were required to wear their night outfits until after breakfast. "We want to make sure that everyone is well-rested and ready for the day ahead," the counselor explained. Gina couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had never heard of such a thing before, and she couldn't understand why she was being treated like a baby. Gina couldn't help but feel a sense of frustration wash over her. She had always been able to take care of herself, and she didn't like the idea of being treated like a baby. But as she started to protest, Gina quickly gave up. She knew that she had no choice but to do as she was told, and she resigned herself to the fact that she was going to have to wear a diaper for a little while longer. When the diaper change was finally over, she made her way to breakfast, and Gina tried to push these thoughts out of her mind. She couldn't wait to get out of this place and go back to her normal life. Gina's first camp breakfast was a disaster. She had never felt so embarrassed in her life as she walked into the dining hall with all the other kids, all of them dressed in their diapers and onesies. She tried to keep her head down and avoid making eye contact with anyone, but it was no use. She could feel their stares on her as she took her seat. She couldn't believe she was actually sitting here, dressed like a baby and eating breakfast with a bunch of other teenagers who were also wearing diapers. It was like a nightmare come to life. As she picked at her food, Gina couldn't wait to get out of her diaper and into some regular clothes. Gina returned to the cabin with the other girls, eager to change into her day clothes and daytime diaper. She couldn't wait to get out of her footed onesie and into something more normal. As she changed, she couldn't help but feel a sense of relief wash over her. She was starting to get used to wearing a diaper, but she hated the bulky nighttime ones. She much preferred the smaller, more discreet daytime diaper. Once she was changed, Gina joined the other campers as they gathered their things and prepared to go on a hike. She was looking forward to getting some fresh air and stretching her legs after a week of being cooped up at camp. As they set off on the trail, Gina couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement wash over her. She had always loved the outdoors and she was glad to be able to experience it again. She knew it would be a long, hot hike, but she was up for the challenge. Gina was about halfway through the hike when she started to feel that familiar pressure in her bladder. She tried to ignore it and keep going, but she knew it was only a matter of time before something happened. Just as Gina was starting to feel a little more relaxed, she felt a warm, wet sensation in her diaper. She froze, panic setting in as she realized she had wet herself. She couldn't believe it had happened on a hike in the middle of nowhere. Gina felt her diaper expanding between her legs as she continued to release her bladder. She felt the warmth of her pee spreading through the diaper and her skin tingling as she felt the wetness of the diaper against her skin. She tried to ignore the wetness, hoping it would go away, but it only seemed to get worse. She knew she had to tell someone, but she was so embarrassed she could hardly bring herself to speak. She just wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the group stopped for a break. She knew she had to tell someone, but she was so embarrassed she could hardly bring herself to do it. She finally gathered her courage and approached one of the counselors. "I-I wet my diaper," she stammered, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. "I'm sorry, I just couldn't hold it," she said, trying to keep the quaver out of her voice. "I don't know what happened." The counselor looked at her sympathetically. "It's okay, Gina," she said, patting her on the back. "Everyone has accidents. It's just a part of being at Camp Discipline." Gina couldn't believe she was having this conversation again. She had always been a bit of a troublemaker, but she had never been in this kind of situation before. She had always been able to take care of herself, but now she was completely helpless, reduced to wearing a diaper and being treated like a baby. "I'm sorry, I'll try harder next time," Gina said, her voice barely above a whisper. "It's okay, Gina," the counselor replied. "We're here to help you learn discipline and control. It's not always easy, but it's worth it in the end. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any extra diapers with me, so you’re going to have to wait to be changed until after we get back to camp.” Gina couldn't help but feel a sense of dread wash over her. She didn’t know she would have to wait until they got back to camp to be changed, and the thought of walking around in a wet diaper for that long was unbearable. She just wanted the hike to be over so she could get back to camp and be changed. As they continued on the hike, Gina was feeling uneasy as the diaper felt heavy and full. She tried to ignore the discomfort and focus on the beauty of the nature around her, but it was hard to concentrate with the wet diaper rubbing against her skin. As the hike went on, Gina started to feel more and more uncomfortable. The wet diaper was chafing against her skin, and she couldn't help but feel a little irritated by the constant pressure against her intimate areas. But then, something strange started to happen. Despite the discomfort, Gina began to feel a strange sensation of excitement. She couldn't explain it, but the wet diaper seemed to be turning her on in a way she had never experienced before. Gina was shocked by her own reaction, and she tried to push the strange thoughts out of her head. But the more she walked, the more the wet diaper seemed to be arousing her. She couldn't deny it any longer: she was starting to like wearing diapers. Gina was confused and a little scared by this realization. She had never thought of herself as someone who enjoyed wearing diapers, but there was no denying the way her body was reacting. She didn't know what to do, and she was afraid to tell anyone about her strange new fetish. But as the hike went on, Gina couldn't help but feel a little excited about the wet diaper between her legs. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help the way she felt. Gina tried to push the strange thoughts out of her head as the hike continued, but it was hard to concentrate on anything else. She was constantly aware of the wet diaper between her legs, and the more she walked, the more she found herself getting turned on by the sensation. She didn't know what to do, and she was afraid to tell anyone about her strange new fetish. As the hike came to an end, Gina was relieved when the counselors finally took her to the changing room to be changed out of her wet diaper. As she laid on the changing table having a counselor strip off the wet diaper, she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. Despite the discomfort, she had secretly enjoyed the feeling of the wet diaper between her legs, and she couldn't shake the strange arousal it had caused. Gina knew she couldn't tell anyone about her strange fetish, and she tried to push the thoughts out of her head as she got changed into clean clothes and joined the other campers for lunch. But as the day went on, she couldn't stop thinking about the wet diaper and the way it had made her feel. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help the way she felt. The counselors gathered all the campers during lunch and announced that they would be required to drink a specific amount of an electrolyte drink every day to make sure they stayed hydrated. Gina couldn't believe it. She had already been humiliated enough with the whole diaper thing, and now she had to drink some weird drink that was probably going to make her pee a lot. As she listened to the counselors explain the importance of hydration, Gina couldn't help but roll her eyes. She knew they were just trying to help, but she couldn't shake the feeling that this was just another way to make her life more difficult. She decided to give the drink a try, but she couldn't shake the feeling that it was going to make her pee a lot. She knew she was going to be stuck in her diaper all day, and the thought made her feel even more miserable, but oddly aroused at the same time. Gina was surprised when another girl, a camper named Emily, invited her to go play cards with some other campers after lunch. She had always been a bit of a loner, preferring to keep to herself, but she figured it couldn't hurt to make some new friends. She followed Emily to the recreation room, where a group of campers were already seated around a table. Gina felt a moment of panic as she realized she didn't know how to play any of the games they were playing, but she tried to push the thought aside. She was determined to fit in and have a good time. As they played cards, Gina found herself laughing and having a great time. She was surprised to find that she actually enjoyed being around other people. She had always thought of herself as a bit of a troublemaker, but she was starting to see that maybe she had more in common with these campers than she thought. Gina was having so much fun playing cards with the other campers that she didn't even realize she had wet herself. She was laughing and chatting, completely unaware of the wetness between her legs. It wasn't until one of the counselors noticed that Gina looked like she had just wet herself that she realized what had happened. The counselor came over and checked Gina's diaper, and sure enough, it was wet. Gina was mortified as the counselor took her to the changing room to get her wet diaper changed. She couldn't believe she had wet herself again, especially in front of all the other campers. She felt like such an idiot. Gina was humiliated as the counselor led her to the changing room. She couldn't believe she was being made to wear diapers again, and she was mortified at the thought of being changed in front of someone else. But as the counselor gently removed her wet diaper and cleaned her up, Gina couldn't help but feel a strange sensation of excitement. She was embarrassed by her own reaction, but she couldn't deny the way her body was reacting. As the counselor laid Gina on the changing table, she was surprised to discover that Gina's intimate areas were aroused when she pulled back her diaper. The counselor's face flushed with embarrassment, knowing that Gina was feeling something so personal. She tried to remain professional, but it was clear that the situation was uncomfortable for both of them. After a few moments of awkward silence, the counselor asked her if she needed to have a release. Gina was taken aback by the question, but she nodded her head, too embarrassed to speak. The counselor smiled and told her it was okay, and that she would be there to help her. Gina felt a wave of relief wash over her, grateful to the counselor for understanding the situation and not judging her. She was also grateful for the opportunity to release the tension that had been building up inside her since the hiking incident. She used a variety of techniques to help Gina relax and let go of her arousal. She started by softly caressing Gina's skin and talking to her in a soothing voice, helping her to feel safe and comforted. The counselor then gently massaged Gina's intimate areas, using a combination of firm and gentle touches to help her relax and release any pent-up tension. She used her hands and fingers to stimulate Gina's sensitive areas, paying close attention to her reactions and adjusting her touch accordingly. The counselor gently rubbed Gina's wet diaper against her nether regions, trying to help her release the tension that had been building up inside her. Gina felt her body responding to the sensation and felt a wave of pleasure wash over her. She felt embarrassed and ashamed, but the counselor's gentle touch only seemed to make the feeling stronger. The counselor spoke to Gina in a soft and reassuring way, asking Gina if she was doing alright and if she wanted her to continue. Gina nodded her head, too embarrassed to speak. The counselor smiled and continued to pleasure her. Gina was shocked and embarrassed by the sensations that ran through her body as the counselor slid her finger into her. She felt her face flush with embarrassment as the counselor continued their ministrations, and before she knew it she was on the brink of an intense orgasm. She wanted to scream out, but she was too embarrassed, so instead she just lay there, her body trembling with pleasure as the counselor brought her to climax. Gina's climax was intense and powerful. She felt her body trembling with pleasure as the sensations ran through her, and she felt her muscles tensing and releasing in waves of pleasure. The pleasure was so intense that she could barely contain it, and she felt her body responding more and more with each passing moment. When it was finally over, Gina felt relieved and exhausted all at once. She was relieved that the ordeal was over, but also embarrassed that she had allowed herself to be so easily aroused. She had never expected this to happen, and she couldn't help but feel a little ashamed of her own body's response. The counselor was patient and understanding, and she took the time to make sure Gina was fully relaxed and satisfied before helping her clean up and changing her diaper. Gina was embarrassed but grateful, and she left to rejoin the others at the card table. Gina returned to the group of campers playing cards after being changed, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. She couldn't believe what had just happened in the changing room, and was worried the other campers would find out. She was determined to put the incident behind her and have a good time, but she knew it was going to be difficult. As she took her seat at the table, she couldn't help but feel self-conscious. She knew the other campers must have noticed her absence, and she couldn't shake the feeling that they were all talking about her behind her back. But as the game continued, Gina began to relax. She tried to focus on the cards and the conversation, and slowly but surely, she started to have fun again. As they continued to play cards, Gina noticed that Emily seemed to be squirming in her seat. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she had a feeling it wasn't good. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Emily stood up and Gina could see the bulge of her wet diaper under her dress. She couldn't believe it. She had just been through the same thing, and now it was happening to Emily. Emily shyly asked a counselor to be changed, and Gina watched as the counselor took her to the changing room. She couldn't help but feel a sense of empathy for Emily. She knew firsthand how embarrassing and humbling it was to wet yourself at Camp Discipline. When Emily returned from being changed, Gina could see the embarrassment on her face. She knew exactly how Emily was feeling, and she couldn't help but feel a sense of empathy for her. "Are you okay?" Gina asked softly. Emily nodded, but Gina could see the tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm just so embarrassed," Emily said, her voice barely above a whisper. "I can't believe I wet myself again." "It's okay," Gina said, reaching out to give Emily a hug. "We've all had accidents. It's just a part of being here at Camp Discipline." Emily sniffled and wiped away her tears. "I know, but it's still so embarrassing. I hate wearing these diapers and having to be treated like a baby." "I know how you feel," Gina said. "I hate it too. But it's just temporary. We'll be back home soon and we can put all of this behind us." Emily nodded, taking a deep breath. "You're right. We just have to get through it and learn from our mistakes." Gina smiled, feeling a sense of solidarity with Emily. She knew they were both in this together, and she was determined to support her friend and get through the rest of their time at Camp Discipline together. Later that night Gina returned to her cabin feeling exhausted but also excited about the new experiences she had encountered that day. Once she was back in her cabin, she changed into her nighttime diaper and footed onesie, feeling the familiar warmth and comfort of the fabric against her skin. This time was different, as she settled in she began to enjoy it. She felt the warmth of the fabric and the cushion it provided, and she soon found herself appreciating the thickness of the nighttime diaper. She felt more secure and relaxed having her thick nighttime diaper on than her thin daytime diaper. Gina was having a hard time falling asleep that night. She had spent the day exploring the trails with the other campers, and she was still feeling a little wired from all the excitement. As she lay in bed, she couldn't stop thinking about the wet diaper she had worn on the hike. She had enjoyed the strange arousal it had caused, and she couldn't shake the strange fetish from her mind. As the other kids in the cabin slept soundly, Gina couldn't resist the temptation to play with her diaper. She slipped her hand under the covers and started to explore her body, running her fingers over her diaper and feeling the soft crinkly fabric between her legs. She was excited and a little nervous, and she couldn't believe she was doing this in front of the other campers. Her diaper crinkled softly through her onesie with each movement. She felt a thrill of excitement as the diaper pressed against her skin, and she could feel her arousal growing with each passing moment. She began to explore the diaper, pressing harder and harder into it, feeling the crinkle of the diaper against her fingers and the warmth of her body against the diaper. Her breathing grew deeper and more rapid, and she felt her body responding to the sensations of the diaper against her skin. But as Gina continued to play with her diaper, she found herself getting more and more turned on. She couldn't help the way her body was reacting, and she couldn't shake the strange fetish that had taken hold of her. She knew she had to stop, but she couldn't resist the temptation to continue. As the night went on, Gina found herself getting more and more aroused. She was embarrassed by her own reaction, but she couldn't deny the way her body was responding to the diaper fetish. She knew she had to stop before someone woke up and caught her, but she couldn't bring herself to stop. She felt a thrill of excitement as the fabric pressed against her skin, and continued to lightly rub her diaper in circles, feeling the sensations build up within her. She felt herself growing more and more aroused, and she felt her body tensing with pleasure as she got closer and closer to her climax. She had to stay quiet and contain her moans of pleasure, but Gina couldn't take it anymore. She let out a little moan as she reached her climax, and she knew she had to stop before someone woke up and caught her. Gina felt a warmth spreading through her diaper as she reached her climax, and she could feel her diaper expanding slightly with a warm fluid. The feeling of the moist diaper against her skin was even more pleasurable now, and she savored the sensation as it gradually faded. She was embarrassed and a little scared by her own fetish, but she couldn't deny the way it had made her feel. She knew she would have to find a way to control it, but for now, she was just happy to have experienced such a powerful release. She felt satisfied and content, and she drifted off to sleep feeling satisfied and relaxed.
  8. Kaitlin Bennett the Kent State Diaper Girl Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Part ONE Kaitlin Bennett was laying in her bed crying. She wanted to get on her phone, but she couldn't handle that right now. Not that she needed social media to remind her of the nightmare she was living. She could still hear them. They're mocking chants lived rent free in her mind. "WHERE'S YOUR DIAPER!?! WHERE'S YOUR DIAPER!?! WHERES YOUR DIAPER?!! Kaitlin is known as the Kent State Gun Girl. Well she was… Now it seemed like she was best known for shitting her pants at a frat party. Kaitlin was a very avid gun activist, but her last few rallys had been overrun with trolls chanting about her embarrassing accident. She finally worked up the courage to check her phone. The first email she opened was from the NRA, explaining their desire to distance themselves from her till this all blew over. She threw her phone, and started crying harder. How could this be happening? She spent her whole life as an activist for the 2nd amendment, and now because a bunch of liberals are teasing her it's over… It wasn't fair. There was a knock at the door. It startled Kaitlin, almost making her spill her glass of wine. When she opened her front door she saw a UPS driver running back to his truck, and found a large package at her feet. There was a note inside, and a smaller package dressed in childish wrapping paper. The note read, "thought you could use these. ?" She tore the wrapping paper from the mystery delivery. Kaitlin let out an agonized scream after realizing what it was, and threw the package across the room. The pack of diapers hit the wall and fell to the floor with a thud. She started to cry again. Last week she was getting the newest ammo to test from distributors. And now she was opening packages of diapers. After several minutes of absolute hysterics, Kaitlin regained some composure. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Face red, drenched in tears, snot running from her nose, and drool from her mouth. she couldn't help but to admit her infantile state. "Maybe they're right! Maybe I am a big baby!" She huffed as she fell to the floor, and started balling again. "Just a big dumb baby!" She whimpered, as she stuck her thumb into her mouth. Surprisingly, it calmed her down rather effectively. Kaitlin didn't even bother standing all the way up when she made up her mind. She just rolled over, pulled herself onto her hands and knees, and crawled across the room like the baby she was. Eventually reaching the package of diapers. "Am I really about to do this…" she thought as she ripped into the package of diapers, and took one out to examine it. It wasn't your average depends adult diaper. It was like a giant baby diaper, decorated with a babyish teddy bear pattern. "Well… I better decide soon. This wine is going right through me!" Kaitlin answered herself, as she felt a familiar tingling sensation...
  9. This is my first story and I'm not a native speaker, so please be gentle. Tags: lesbian, wet, messy, diaper girl, humiliation, erotic, spanking Some tags will be relevant in later chapters. Dirty girl Megan comes home early and finds out her young flatmate is not as innocent as she thought. 1 - A surprise She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Megan had been home early and still not used to having a flatmate had wandered through to her bedroom to get out of her work clothes without announcing her presence. It came as quite a surprise when she walked by her flatmate's room and saw her, back to the open door, kneeling on her bed and humping one of her pillows. Not that she minded, in fact she was enjoying the show. She had been quite taken with young Lisa from the moment she walked into her life. She liked them young, shy and tiny and Lisa, barely 19 years old, fit that description perfectly. With her long blond hair, beautiful face and youthful body, she was very sexy, at least in Megan’s opinion. And here she was, humping her pillow, giving Megan the show of her lifetime. It had all started with a call from her mother, who had been living next to Lisa's parents for at least 20 years. They were good friends and when Lisa's mother had mentioned to her that Lisa wanted to move to Megan’s hometown to go to college there in fall, it had taken her all but a few seconds to suggest that Lisa rent a room in Megan's big condo. Megan herself had been here for the last 13 years, first for college, then later to work at the company she had been an intern for during her first years. It had been a small company at the time, but with some luck and the right strategy, they had risen to be one of the bigger employers in town. And with Megan being part of it almost from the beginning, she herself had risen to be one of the senior employees in the company, now being responsible for 20+ other employees. She had bought her condo only 2 years ago, giving herself the treat of getting the penthouse of the 4 story high building, which added privacy and a big balcony to the deal. It was almost too big for her alone, but she had fallen in love with it the moment she had stepped into it and bought it a short time later. She knew she could easily afford it so the decision had been easy. So she hadn’t been looking for a flatmate, not needing one and enjoying her freedom from her former flatmates, and had been less enthusiastic than her mother thought she would be, when she had told her about Lisa's plans. She had known Lisa since she was a baby of course, she even had babysat her from time to time. But it had been 5 years since they had seen each other, and now being 19 years and going to college, Lisa might have changed from little girl to a drug addicted goth for all Megan knew. It had taken her mother almost half an hour to convince her that Lisa was still the shy, pleasant girl she had been back then. They had agreed to Megan visiting her parents and having a talk with Lisa about her plans. That had been 3 months ago and it took Megan all but 5 minutes to decide that Lisa could indeed rent a room from her and that she would have to restrain herself from seducing the girl on her first evening there. Since then it had been a constant struggle for Megan to not be too obvious, not wanting to scare innocent little Lisa away. The same innocent little Lisa, who was now right before her own eyes, not so innocently humping her pillow while squeezing her small breasts and moaning like a pornstar. Megan couldn’t tear her eyes from the view, now leaning against the doorframe and starting to massage her own breasts through her blouse. She watched fascinated, as Lisa continued for almost a minute, then stopping abruptly and leaning slightly forward. At first Megan thought she had been seen and slowly backed away a few steps. But Lisa didn’t look at her or made any move at all, just leaning slightly forward. Then a grunt, and bending a bit further. Now it looked like she was having some cramp or pain. Megan looked on, now slightly concerned for the wellbeing of her flatmate. That is until Lisa gasped in relief and then started humping the pillow again in earnest. Megan looked on, now confused about that little interlude until it started again, Lisa leaning forward a bit more this time and now exposing her little butt to Megan. Megan almost gasped at what she saw at that moment, holding her hand over her mouth in shock. Lisa wasn’t wearing panties as she first had thought. They had looked a bit childish to Megan, with small animals printed on them. But now Megan recognized them as some kind of pull ups or diapers, and Lisa was right in the middle of filling them to the brim. It took her a few seconds more, then she gasped again and resumed humping her pillow. By now it had been a few minutes of Megan watching Lisa, and Megan was unsure of how to react, when Lisa’s moaning got a bit louder and then stopped suddenly. Looking up Megan saw her shaking all over her body and then slump forward, panting like she just ran a marathon. Megan was still confused but she knew she had to leave or Lisa would see her right away, which would be very awkward for both of them. So Megan slowly backed away towards her own bedroom, still somewhat unsure of how to react. When she entered her room, she tried to analyze the situation she had just seen. Was Lisa really wearing a diaper while she masturbated? It could have been some odd panties. But she had watched her mess herself. Could she just have misinterpreted the grunts? Perhaps she was in pain. But then Megan shook her head. No, she had seen what had happened. Hell, she had smelled what had happened. Little innocent Lisa had humped her pillow while wearing a diaper and messing herself, and from the looks of it, she had had quite the orgasm in the end. Who would have thought Megan thought to herself, now smiling and starting to undress from her work clothes. With the confusion and concern for Lisa out of the way, Megan's arousal came back with full force. It had been quite the show and to Megan’s own surprise, the kinky behavior of Lisa hadn’t been repulsive at all. When she had thought about scat and similar stuff before, it had been quite disgusting for her, not being sexy at all. Now looking back, when picturing Lisa with her filled little diaper on her pillow, it only added to Megan’s own arousal. She started squeezing her breasts again and it only took her a few moments to let one hand slip into her panties, which were already quite wet from the show earlier. With the picture of Lisa in her mind, she started masturbating again and it only took her a few minutes to finish with a very satisfying orgasm. An orgasm and a decision that would change hers and Lisa’s relationship quite a bit she knew. Megan had taken a shower in her ensuite afterwards and had put on some casual clothes again. Now she was hungry and went down the hall to the kitchen. When she reached Lisa's room, things were unchanged from when she had left. Lisa was still lying in her bed, fast asleep. Megan almost laughed when she saw it, but then she started thinking that this would be her perfect opportunity. She continued on to the kitchen and started making something to eat as fast as she could. A few minutes later she returned, now entering the room and sitting down right next to the girl on her bed. She was still sleeping, and Megan looked over her with hunger in her eyes. She would make Lisa hers, of that she was sure. And it would be so much fun to do it, too. Megan looked at Lisa's butt again and saw that her suspicions had been right. Lisa was wearing some pull ups, and looking at them from the side, Megan could see an opening in the back where the leghole was. Lisa obviously had made a big mess, bigger than what the pull up could handle and it had pushed back against the pull up so that she could see the mess from where she was sitting. It was quite a surprise for her to not be disgusted by this but to look forward to cleaning up her little dirty girl in the future. But that would have to wait, today Lisa would be very embarrassed and it would be Megan's first priority, to make her comfortable again, preferable in her arms. With a deep breath and steeling herself for what would come next, she gently touched Lisa on her shoulder, slowly caressing her down her arm and ending on her hip, just touching the side of Lisa’s diaper. “Lisa honey. Wake up, it’s time for dinner.” Lisa's eyes fluttered a bit and she started moving, but it took her a while to open her eyes and look around in confusion about what was happening. Megan smiled down at her and gently patted her on the hip. “Come on sleepyhead, it’s time to get up. I prepared dinner.” “What time is it?” “Almost 6:30. You were fast asleep and I thought you would like something to eat before you go to bed again.” Lisa smiled at Megan’s grin, knowing that she was just lazily wasting most of the day since she had assembled the last of her furniture in the morning, which had been quite tiring. “That and I think you need a change.” With that Lisa’s eyes flew open in shock. She had completely forgotten what she had been up to before she fell asleep and now it came back to her. And Megan had caught her. Slowly she was fumbling for her blanket to cover herself, knowing that it didn’t really matter anymore. Tears started running down her cheeks while she looked up at Megan with fearful eyes. “It’s alright, Lisa.” Megan was still caressing her side and now looked up, seeing Lisa’s hand becoming frantic in her search for her blanket. “Shhh, it’s okay. Here, let me help you.” With that, she pulled the blanket over Lisa’s still mostly naked body and then resumed gently petting her on her shoulder. “It’s alright, you’re not in trouble. I know you’re embarrassed, but I’m really okay with it. You know, why don’t I go back into the kitchen and look after dinner again, while you get up, go take a shower and then join me and have something to eat, okay? We can talk about it then.” She was looking into Lisa’s eyes and then nodded her head and with a small hug started to stand up and slowly leave the room.
  10. Looking for a new mommy who is willing to take care of me and change my diaper when I have a accident and also help me train on how to use the potty
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