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  1. From the album: Stuffs

    I'm a little wet and need a change.
  2. Nixie

    Precious bum!

    From the album: Stuffs

    So cute and a little soggy.
  3. (http://diaperedanime.com/forum/showthread.php/cute_things_private-29650/index.html this is a continuation of this rp on diapered anime)
  4. Hey everyone! Pudding and I wanted to put out a short holiday story, so here you go. Once again, we have to thank @Selpharia for this one. She gave us a great writing prompt of "very anime and very gay". So welcome to our cute short-story about two girls who meet on their third annual school retreat after a long year apart! This is a one-off, so don't expect more. And I implore everyone to read Of Capes, Cowls, and Cuddles by Selpharia, because it's super elaborate and really cute! PDF and ePub versions of Snowflakes & Sweethearts are already available on Patreon for supporters! ~~~~~ Snowflakes & Sweethearts By: Sophie & Pudding I sat up and looked around the quiet common-room, decorated with sleeping bags and sleeping girls. A dim hue poured through the window, the lights outside reflecting off the falling snowflakes. It was dark and late. If you listened hard enough, the only thing you would hear was the harsh, icy breeze against the side of the lodge. I slipped out of my bed roll and shivered as my feet touched the cold floor. I pulled my bag over my shoulder and left as quietly as I could. "I was wondering when you'd come." I puffed out my cheeks and had flecks of snow on the little bear beanie I wore. I hugged Harumi tightly to steal some of her warmth. and wondered where the year had gone, the time that passed since last we met. This was our third year… the third time we'd met here in the mountains for our school vacation. Always like this; a few fleeting days. My school booked with the resort across the other side of the hill, so meeting meant fifteen minutes of trekking through whatever snow whipped through the air. But Harumi was worth it. Kanako and I met two years ago, on nearly this exact same day at nearly this exact same place. Back then, it wasn't snowing. What snow there was on the ground had been shoveled and it was easy for her to walk over to my lodge. Last year, she wasn't so lucky. This year, it was worse. I brushed the snow off her shoulders, off her hat, and hugged her as tightly as I could, dressed in my long-sleeved button down pajamas. "I missed you so much..." "I missed you, too." I melted in her arms the way the flecks of snow on my fleece jacket melted and put my cheek to hers. We only saw each other once a year, and until one of us could afford otherwise, that would be all it could ever be. "Come on, the tree's set up in the other room!" I took her mittened hand and pulled her through the foyer, dragging snow in with her. And sure enough, in the front lobby, between an abandoned check in desk and a three-story wall of windows, was a giant pine tree decorated in baubles, ornaments, rainbow lights, silver garland, and a bright glowing star. Underneath it, huge gifts were wrapped and tagged for donation. The day before Christmas - next week - they would get sent out to needing families. I fished into my pocket as she let me go in front of the tree. I pulled out the small package, wrapped neatly and elegantly in pink cloth with blue Christmas trees stenciled in the fabric, and held it out with both hands. "Merry Christmas, Harumi..." We'd never gotten each other gifts before, but I wanted to. I remembered her telling me last year how much she'd wanted the soother, and all year I'd remembered it, reminded myself of it, and saved my spare money for it. I looked down at the small box in her hands, then up in her eyes. I... I didn't know what to say. We didn't really do the gift thing last year. And I knew this was our last year together, but I hadn't expected... took the box out of her hands and held it in my own, like it was the most precious thing anyone had given me. And I hadn't even opened it yet. "You gotta open it," she laughed, stripping herself of her coat and mittens. "R-right, yeah." I pulled on the string and unwrapped the fabric, taking out the little paper box. There were no markings on it. So I lifted off the top and looked in. Immediately, I slammed the lid back on top and held it to my chest, looking around the room, at the administration desk, up at the balcony overhead, for anyone that might be watching. My face turned scarlet. Her reactions were so cute, her modesty, her shyness - she was the cutest girl I might ever have met, and I found her immediately charming. The same way I had in the first place when I first met her, when she'd tried to tell me that she didn't need help, despite the fact I'd found her outside under a tree in weather cold enough for snow. "Nobody else is awake, nobody but us." I pouted and looked down at the box again. Nobody is awake, I repeated. So I lifted the lid off again and held up the pacifier. It was pink and white, with hearts on the button, and a tiny white handle. No different than a million other pacifiers, if it weren't for the size. Maybe it was a trick of the Christmas lights shining colors down on us, but it definitely looked... bigger. Appropriate, almost. Wow... "Thank you, Kanako, so much..." I hadn't mentioned wanting one in months, but she remembered. I tucked it into the bag on my shoulder and pulled out a box, wrapped in gold and silver paper, holding it out with both my hands. "I got you something too." We'd never discussed it, never agreed to getting gifts, that we'd both come to the same conclusion was... well, it felt like magic, the sort of sparkling, tingling magic, that only happened at Christmas. I gently pried the tape from the paper with the tip of my nail and let the package open like a flower, a little box just a tad bit smaller the one I'd given her, and inside was a little velvet box. Inside, I was presented with a half heart necklace on chain. And as she swayed left and right and bit her lip, I saw the glimmer of the matching half around her neck. "Beautiful... you're beautiful, it's beautiful..." I took the box out of her hand and set my bag down on the floor next to her coat. She took off her hat and lifted her hair so I could wrap the chain around her neck and clip the half-heart into place. It sat perfectly, dipping low enough that it would hesitate on her shirt when she leaned forward. And before I knew any better, I leaned in and kissed Kanako on the lips. Last year, we'd kissed a bit. This year, I wasn't wasting time. We kissed and it was tender and lovely and I adored the way we did. I adored the way our lips touched, her soft freckles shining like my own private field of stars. Harumi was a beautiful girl, taunted all her life for her half-Irish bloodline from her father that left her skin pale and doll-like and peppered with freckles, but her hair dark black from her Mom’s Japanese heritage. I thought she looked ethereal. "I missed you.." We sat on the couch together, in front of the light of the Christmas tree, with the howling winds on the other side of the glass. We imprisoned in each other's eyes, lost in each other's lips, and incapable of keeping our hands to ourselves. First her cheeks, and her neck. She started with my hips and my sides. The front of her chest. Under my shirt. Then I was on top of her, with my knee between her legs. We'd never come this far, but we were adults now, and might never see each other again after we graduated. Neither of us wanted to wait and risk what might come for the sake of patience. One year, Harumi had mentioned having a boyfriend - I didn't know if that were true or not, but I'd had my share of admirers, too. It didn't make this moment any less ours. "You're beautiful..." I whispered, and smirked up at her with her knee between my thighs. A sharp thud, dull and quiet, broke the silence of the room. I toppled straight off Kanako and landed on the hard floor in front of the tree, echoing the sound. I fumbled as close to the sofa as I could and held my breath. Quietly, through the whistling of the wind, I heard footsteps. I heard a door creak. And then... nothing. I peeked up at Kanako and then the balcony. Nobody was there. Finally, I sighed. "That was scary..." "I wonder what that was... maybe it was Santa Claus." I knew she was looking at me strangely, but for a girl with a soother in her bag I didn't see her having much of a leg to stand on when it came to questioning my adultly nature. She gave me a sly smile and I knew what she was thinking. I stuck out my tongue. "Don't even say it!" I climbed up onto the sofa and reached for my bag. The pacifier was still there. I thought maybe I’d dreamt it up, that it was too good to be true. I slipped it between my lips and sucked softly on the nipple. I wasn't always so accepting of stuff like this: baby stuff. When I first met Kanako, I hated it! I remembered sitting outside in the cold, wrapped up in my winter coat and wet pants, trying not to cry. "I won't say anything, my little Rumi-chan..." I giggled and this time I was the one on top of her, pushing her down into the cushions and running fingers thru her hair. When I stared into her eyes, I did what felt natural and normal: I leaned in to kiss her... on the guard of her soother. Ten minutes, or an hour. I wasn't sure. She whispered words in my ears, words I'd read in text a thousand times. Words I'd heard on Skype. Words I heard in my dreams. But I'd never heard them in person. She kissed the front of my pacifier. She drew circles on my stomach. She spun my hair. She and I were the whole world. Finally, she tugged the pacifier out of my mouth and touched my lips. Her hand was down the front of my pajama pants. "You didn't change yet?" she asked. I blushed. We only had such limited time together, and I found myself wondering just what it was she was thinking to have forgotten something so simple. I put the soother back in her lips and tilted my head, grinning. "I guess that means you're going to risk it tonight, huh, Rumi-chan?" I puffed out my cheeks in frustration. Two years ago was the last time I risked it. Our school took a weekend trip to the ski resort and I was too humiliated to bring any diapers. Through sheer force of will, I thought I could overcome my stupid bedwetting for two dumb nights! But I didn't. I woke up in the middle of the night, ashamed and humiliated. Everyone would know. Everyone would tease me for the next three years. "No," I mumbled around the pacifier and patted the bag next to me. I hadn't gotten a chance to change yet. Everyone took so long to fall asleep! "I'm not stupid." Not stupid at all, in-fact - Harumi was one of the top performers at her school; she was in a half dozen after-school clubs and always got her homework in on time. She was the antithesis of me, the academic standout, and only our relative meagerness when it came to family income status drew commonality. And the fact we wanted to be with each other. There was that too. "Then let's take care of it, Rumi..." I put my hand on her back, entirely ready to do this for her for the first time. I pulled the pacifier out of my mouth. "Oh, no no no! It's alright! I mean--" She pushed it back in and touched her finger to her lips. "Shhh." And I realized immediately what she meant. I was being loud. We were both silent for a moment, until we were sure no one had heard my protests. I looked up at her with burning red cheeks and talked around the pacifier in a whisper. "I can do it, Kana..." "Oh no no, you're far too small to deal with that on your own, my pretty imōto~" In the time it took for her blush to conquer her cheeks, I'd unbuckled her bag simply and confidently. I'd never done this before, not with her, but I spent the last year doing both babysitting and volunteering in nursing homes, so I had a pretty good idea now! At any moment, I expected someone to come down the stairs. I thought someone would look down over the balcony and see a stranger changing a third-year's diaper on the sofa below. I thought the smell of baby powder or the sound of the snaps would attract attention. But all my fears were for naught. I didn't wear the same diapers on this trip as I did back home - I wore my cloth snap-together ones with the ribbon around the waist. I didn't want anyone to hear me crinkle. "First time you're seeing me naked and it's like this," I mumbled through the soother. It was hard to tell if that fact irritated or appeased me. "First time implies there'll be many more times." I teased her, smiling to myself - this was so much easier than the plastic ones! I positioned her easily, I dug out the powder from the top of her bag and I used far too much, and then I pulled the garment up between her legs and fastened the snaps that rested on her softly defined hips. She was so pretty... "Do you have a cover to wear over this, so you don't leak?" I asked, matter-of-factly, a question that probably caught her off guard at my knowledge. But my hand was rubbing her crotch when I asked, so I think she didn't have much room for protest. I sat up with a blush and shook my head, working to steady my breath. "Um... n-no. It's... it's a discrete one. There's a layer of plastic built in. As long as I don't sleep too long, I dun leak." The babyish lisp was an accident. I was slipping. Two years ago, I didn't know these feelings could exist, and now, because of Kana, I craved them. Feeling "little", as she put it. Diapers and pacifiers and her... "Then you have no more grown-up worries to fret over, do you?" I pushed her back down, my lips on hers and then atop her soother as I guided it back in. My other hand pressed against the thickness of her padding. Discrete, she'd said. And maybe in sound that was true, but this was thicker than I could have imagined, and she couldn't squeeze my hand away if she tried. She pushed and rubbed the front of my diaper, and I had to suck harder on the pacifier to keep myself quiet. Her words built stories in my head like sandcastles, and just as quickly as they came up, she would tear them down and start again. I curled into her chest, quivering and whimpering. I muttered her name through the pacifier guard, over and over, until we were both quiet and immobile on the sofa. This moment... I wanted it to last forever. I didn't expect our first time beyond kissing to be like this, I didn't and couldn't have guessed. But... I think a part of me might have known, even from the beginning, that this was so a part of her. And as far as Harumi was comfortable going with another person, she’d gone there with me. I felt... warm, in that knowledge. I almost fell asleep. If I had fallen asleep, it would have been very, very bad. I was dressed in nothing but a diaper and my pajama top lying on another girl in the lobby. But I didn't fall asleep. I heard the faint sounds on the stairs. Steps? Shuffling? I listened closely, to be sure, and when I was, I tapped Kanako's shoulder to get her attention. Someone was coming. We had to hide! I hadn't heard it as first, but my auditory memory kicked in. Quick like two little bunnies, I took her by the hand and led Rumi to the space behind the administrative desk, shushing her with my finger to her soother’s guard and holding my breath to try and hear what was happening. Was someone there? I held my bag and my pajama pants tight in my arms. Kana had to double back for her coat and hat. We had just managed to hide behind the check-in desk when the woman rounded the corner. I peeked over the counter, betting on the darkness to keep me hidden. Mrs. Yoshida stood in the center of the room, looking up at the Christmas Tree. Was she looking for me? Had she noticed I wasn't in my bed roll? But she didn't look like she was in a hurry. She turned around to walk out, but stepped on something. She reached down and picked it up: a glove. One of Kanako's gloves. Oh no... "Oh shoot..." I whispered, wincing to myself - my glove. My glove in school colors that were not the same as Rumi's... oh no, the teacher going to think a boy had snuck in or something! If only she knew how wrong she was... I giggled quietly and covered my mouth, trying to stay composed. It'll be okay, it'll be okay... She turned the glove over in her hands and looked down at her palms. Then, she put them to her mouth and blew hot air on them. And speaking as a girl without pants, it was rather nippy in the lobby. I watched quietly as my teacher went over to the other wall and switched on the electric fireplace, then turned around and looked right at me. I ducked down behind the counter and sucked on the pacifier to keep myself from hyperventilating. She saw me. She saw me! No, it was too dark. No, she would have called out. Right? We waited, both with baited breath, for the next moves the teacher would make. And then her footsteps began, and got closer, and closer, and I kissed Harumi on the soother. I got ready to stand up, to take the attention, to save my forbidden friend... but then there was clattering on the floor above us. Girls horsing around. And the approaching footsteps faded away into the distance. Saved at the last moment... I exhaled, pulling the pacifier from my lips, and putting my forehead against Kana's. "That was scary," I whispered for the second time that night. Kanako and I waited behind the counter until the footsteps stopped, until all was silent again, and then we waited a little more. Finally, I pulled my pajama pants on over the diaper and walked out toward the Christmas tree with Kana's hand in mine. But the fireplace on the other side of the room... it looked so warm and comfortable. "Come on..." I put both my hands on hers and tugged her over to the fireplace, over to the large plush rug on the floor right in front of it. The snow had picked up outside, whipped up in the wind, and the fire crackled like an instrument trying to play along and keep up, and I felt so serene that we were here... together. It was our last year, and thusly, our last school ski trip. Next year, if we wanted to come up here, we'd have to do it ourselves. We were adults now, after all. And soon, we'd be graduates. We were applying to the same colleges together and the same dorm suites. We even had our first non-ski-trip meet-up planned for the summer! Our lives were intertwined now, Kanako's and mine. I leaned over and put my head on her shoulder, staring into the crackling fireplace. We were thinking the same thing. We didn't even have to say it. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I was shivering in my coat with my knees pulled up to my chest. Tears streamed down my cheeks. My pajama pants and underwear were soaking wet, and I hadn't even sat in the snow. The paths were shoveled and the sky was full of stars. The only sound was my whimpering and heaving as I tried to make myself stop crying. Then there was the sound of footsteps close by. I looked up at the girl in the bear beanie. I'd never seen her before. "Do you need any help?" she asked. I shook my head, shooing her away with my hands. I didn't want her help. “Well, okay. Choice is the only thing given freely in this world. That’s what my mom says.” But I pulled down the zipper on my oversized parka, a puffy pink coat as warm as could be that I had gotten for this very trip, and I pulled my arms free to drape it over her shoulders. "I like your freckles, they're like little stars." ...what a weird girl, I thought. That was my first opinion of Kanako. She was a very weird girl. "What are you doing out anyway?" I asked, wiping the water from my eyes. Maybe if I had a reason to stop crying - like if somebody else was talking to me - I'd stop altogether. "I like to walk at night," she said honestly. Weird indeed. "And what are you doing?" she asked. I looked away. "Maybe you just like to come outside and cry?” I’d noticed how wet her pants were when I put the jacket over her shoulders, but it would have been rude to say anything directly. Instead, I offered her, "Sitting in the wet and icy snow you're gonna catch a cold, I have some spare pajama pants if you want them...? Our lodge is just past the hill, and that way you won't be cold." I didn't know then. I thought maybe fate had dropped Kanako into my lap. I thought that her lending me a spare blanket and some pajama pants was some serendipitous miracle. Six months later she told me the truth. She knew all along, she just didn't care. But I cared. I cared a lot! And then she started to realize, before I did, that I cared too much. It wasn't that I hated diapers, but rather, I hated that I didn't. She helped me up off the cold ground under the tree and together we walked back to her lodge. Neither of us remembered to bring mittens. To keep warm, we held hands.
  5. bigbabyabdl

    My new crib

    From the album: got a new crib

    got this from the most kindest person ever.
  6. Elise and Sarah were walking through a park, hand in hand. The sun was shining brightly, but the air still carried the cold of winter. Snow piled around them, and Elise stopped to admire the crystel white reflecting on tree branches."Look!" she said to Sarah, pointing at one of the branches. "A bird! Like the song, "Gone away is the blue bird, here to stay is the new bird..."Sarah laughed. "Yes I see it, I see it. You really like those, don't you?"Elise blushed. "Don't worry. Its cute." Sarah said, cupping her cheeks. Elise smiled.At this point, it was clear Sarah knew that Elise loved it when she called her cute, as there was no way she could hide the smile or the occasional giggles. What she didn't know was the extent. She didn't know the giddy feeling, or the massive swarm of butterflies she felt in her stomach every time every time she heard it, or how much she held it back. What she couldn't know, even after they had been seeing each other, was why.On the surface it seemed Sarah didn't do much to hide her love of 'cute' things. Her outfit today, chosen for the snow, displayed it. Light pink in color, with matching coat and pants and a lightly embroidered frog head, it was the sort of thing that was still passable for someone her age, but would just as likely appear a quarter the size. Many of her outfits were like that- in this day and age, after all, it wasn't unheard of for women in their 20s and thirties to still have teddy bears or wear rompers, and many would think nothing of it.What they would think something of was what she was wearing underneath. She knew Sarah was used to seeing her in such things, and seemed to like it. She had exclaimed that she looked adorable the moment she saw the snow suit, and said it looked like a onesie. THAT comment almost made Elise want to squeal with delight. She made similar comments about her other habits, taking delight in her collection of stuffed animals, her affection for cartoons, her pastel clothing and her giddiness and excitability. This outfit wasn't far off what she normally wore when meeting Sarah. However, the diaper she wore underneath it definitely was.It had been a flash decision. She rarely went out with one, especially with Sarah. Normally it would be impossible to hide something like to her. Their relationship was physical, and Sarah would definitely notice the thick padding around her bottom. If she didn't see it, she would feel it while holding her, or giving her the playful spanks when she jokingly accused Elise of being 'bad,' something she did more and more as it was clear Elise enjoyed it.However, this time had been different. Her thick snow suit covered the padding and muffled the crinkling sound. It would be hard to feel anything through it, and since they were just walking through a park in public, there was no chance of anything getting to the point where it would be exposed. Moreover, she had longed for the chance to be diapered around Sarah, even if she didn't know.It felt wrong, as if she was tricking Sarah. She wasn't really deceiving her, it wasn't like she had ever told her she wasn't diapered, (unsurprisingly it never came up) and they hadn't discussed their kinks yet. She wanted to tell her, but was afraid of how she'd react. She had yet to tell anyone, and if the first person she told turned against her for it... She also really cared about Sarah, and didn't want to risk ruining their relationship.She held onto Sarah's hand and leaned into her, resting her head on the other girls arm. Sarah, herself a long haired brunette in a blue pea coat, reached over and began stroking her hair. Elise smiled. This was one of their adopted habits that she loved, perhaps for reasons she couldn't specify to Sarah.They arrived at the edge of the park, where Sarah had parked the car. Elise sighed."Ready to go?" Sarah asked, smiling. Elise looked at her sadly. "We can't spend all our time together, you know. I'm meeting with my brother in an hour.""I know," Elise replied sadly."Come on then," Sarah said, patting her butt hard. Elise yelped and covered it, blushing. "That was quiet the reaction," Sarah laughed. "Its not like I've never spanked you before.""I know, but ummm..." Elise said, but didn't finish her sentence. Because I don't want you to notice my diaper, she thought. She was sad to see Sarah leave, but really this was the for the best. She had picked her underwear with the understanding it would be a short date, and mainly in public. Too much longer, or if Sarah got frisky... it be a hard thing to explain.They both climbed into the car, Sarah in the drivers seat and Elise beside her. Elise reached back and grabbed her back pack, took out a water bottle and drank some."Do you always have that with you?" Sarah asked."Mhmmm," Elise replied. The water bottle was pink and ended in a tip she could suckle, about as close to a baby bottle as public exposure would allow. The disney princess characters on it didn't hurt either. "Want some?""No thanks," Sarah said. "Reminds me too much of a baby bottle."Elise blushed and kept drinking.They pulled up to Elise's home. Elise pouted."Its ok sweetie. We'll see each other again soon," Sarah leaned over and kissed her. "I know," she said, and kissed her back."Good bye!""Bye!"Elise walked away reluctantly. Once at the door to her apartment building, she turned around and waved at Sarah, who happily waved back. She went inside, took the elevator to her floor, and walked down the hall to her apartment.Her apartment wasn't large, but it suited her well. The main room combined a kitchen in a living room, with a carpet that ended in black and white tiled floors just before the stove and cabinets. She had a wooden table beside it, and a couch in the living room facing a small tv. Her bedroom was likewise carpeted, and contained her railed double bed, bookshelves, a closet and a mirror.The decor fit the 'as babyish as would be socially acceptable" theme of her clothes. She had posters and statues of her favorite anime movies, brightly colored blankets and furniture, and a Disney princess cover for the blanket on her bed, which itself was covered with stuffed animals. She smiled. It was surprising what you could get away with. The railings were an added bonus, usable for self bondage and providing the feeling of a crib while seeming perfectly normal.However, what she was about to do was far from normal. She stripped down to her diaper and looked at it. Plain white- a back up plan in case it was discovered was to claim it was medical. Her prefered diapers would made that impossible.She reached into her closet, took out a large bin and opened it. Inside were piled onesies, pacifiers, diapers, and all the abdl stuff she needed to keep hidden in case of visitors. She reached into it and took out two thick printed diapers- both were pink with princesses on them. She liked princesses, she giggled to herself. Maybe now she could be one.She lay the diapers out on the ground. She looked at them, then down at her own. She felt pressure in her bladder, and released it. She watched as the thinner white diaper darkened. She giggled. No more potty for me! She thought, giving herself a mental order. She lay on the first of the pink diapers and tore holes in her white one, then taped second diaper on, followed by the third. She grabbed a pair of plastic pants and pulled them on. They locked in place, and she put the key on her bed. Mentally she pictured handing that key to Sarah, not knowing when she'd get it back. For now, the bed would do.She looked at herself and giggled. Her legs were too far apart to stand right, so she had fun waddling, then twirled around like a ballerina. She took out a pacifier and shoved it in her mouth. Pacis mean no talking! She told herself. Babies don't talk. She went back to the box. She was going to go with her princess outfit today. It was normally her favorite. She took out a onesie, pink with frills where the sleves would be, and 'Little Princess' written in cursive across it. She had gotten it from an ABDL site and loved it ever since. She pulled it over her head and snapped the bottom shut. Next she took out a frilly tutu skirt and pulled it on. She checked herself herself in the mirror she had in her bedroom for just this type of occasion. The skirt flared outward, leaving the thick padding underneath clear and the plastic visible around the edges of the onesie. She giggled. Baby's diaper should always be visible. She told herself. She did a ballerina twirl and watched the tutu go up higher.Next she took out long white socks and pulled them up to her knees, and added a pair of patent leather mary jane shoes. She tied her hair in pigtails with bows before pulling on fingerless mittens, which themselves locked. Finally, she took out the finishing touch, and the one thing that made her, in her mind and her game, a princess: a toy plastic tiara. She picked it up with her mittened hands and placed it reverently on her head. It was a toy tiara, the kind only a kid would feel was real, which made it perfect.She looked at her hand work in the mirror, and giggled. She did look silly she knew, but that was part of the fun. She took her favorite doll and skipped toward the kitchen. Now for some snacks and baby bottles of water, then toys and games. How long should she keep her diapers locked on? It depended on how well you behave, she laughed to herself....Sarah watched as Elise walked toward her apartment. Was it her imagination, or was her girlfriend waddling slightly? She shook her head. Just her imagination. She had been telling herself she was 'noticing' these things about Elise since they met. Today she could have sworn she heard a crinkling sound when she walked, but that must have been her splash pants (splash pants? What adults wear splash pants?), and felt padding when she spanked her. Wishful thinking, she knew.A large part of what had originally attacked her to Elise was her cuteness. She was so enthusiastic, and loved what she loved. The childishness just made her want to take care of her, but she knew she could never bring it up with Elise. She'd be insulted, and probably creeped out. She started to drive away.Sarah was almost home when she got a text. She checked her phone at a red light. It was from her brother."Hi I'm sorry I can't make it I'm..." she cursed and didn't read the rest. The light changed and she kept driving. A short date for nothing.She looked back over her shoulder to turn, and notice something. Sitting on the back seat of her car was Elise's backpack, noticeable for the pokemon decorating it. "Silly girl," Sarah thought. She pulled into a drive way, turned around, and started to head back....Elise was lying on the ground of her living room, stomach down and feet kicking in the air behind her. She was humming to herself along the music coming from her headphones and drawing with crayons in a coloring book. She had had to take her mittens off to get her ipod working, but she excused herself that one, and currently they were making staying within the lines almost impossible. No matter. Only babies can't draw in lines! She told herself, mimicking what she remembered being told in primary school. She laughed. Well, she was a baby too, clearly. She tore out the scribbled on mess and brought it to her fridge, where she stuck it with a magnet along with her other masterpieces. She smiled to herself as she flipped through them. They came from a variety of books, ranging from animals, to more disney and anime, to the special ab one she had that featured pictures of grown men and women dressed as babies. That was her favorite, but she only used it occasionally so it would last longer. Nothing got her in little space more then coloring in it while dressed as the characters inside.The drawings on the fridge were now several days worth of work. She always had to hide them when she wasn't in 'little time', as they would be too difficult to explain. Likewise, her living room was now full of things she could never normally allow, including her blocks, rattles and bottles, and the stuffed toys she had now diapered. She loved putting her stuffed animals and dolls in diaper, they reminded her of her own diapered state every time she looked at them. Her television was set to the cartoon network, yet another reminder. Better yet, her spare diapers were piled along the wall.She skipped back to the living room and lay down, drawing another picture. This one was of a rabbit. He wasn't diapered, but she could change that......Sarah walked to the door of the apartment and knocked. She waited, but there was no response. She knocked again and called for Elise, but got no response. She sighed. Elise must have gone out. It was fine, she had a spare key. She put it in and opened the door....Elise was still humming and kicking her feet. She grabbed a bottle and took a long sip, then put her pacifier into her mouth. She felt her stomach grumbling. Huh... I wonder if there was something mixed in my bottles... She laughed. She had poured them. Babies can't always smell sweet like powder, she told herself, thinking of a commanding voice besides, you don't want such pretty diapers to go to waste. She went back to drawing, then stooped. She felt, more then heard or saw, the presence behind her. She didn't want to look behind herself to confirm her feeling.Something moved behind her, and she saw a shadow. She turned around to see Sarah standing behind her, mouth wide open. She tore the headphones out."Sarah! I... I... ummmm... How long have youj been... Its not what it looks like!"Elise was just as flustered as she was. "I jsut... uhhh. i wanted to retunr your uhhh... bag... I didn't nmean too..."They paused and stared. Elise felt tears forming in her eyes. "I didn't want you to see me!" She got up and ran to the bedroom."ELISE!" Sarah called after her, but Elise ignored her. She got up and ran as best she could to the bedroom, shut the door behind her and wedged a box. She was panicking. She looked down at herself, and in the mirror. She felt her heart racing.What an idiot she was. She couldn't even run away properly, the diapers didn't allow it. She tore at the socks and hair ribbons at the same time, then almost fell. She sat on the bed. The diaper. She needed to get the diapers off. Somehow that would make it better, maybe she could pretend, maybe Sarah hadn't noticed. She looked for the key to the plastic pants but couldn't see it.She stopped. Sarah was banging at the door and calling her name. It was no use, she knew. She had seen it all."I'm sorry," she sobbed loudly.'Sorry for what? Let me in Elise!""I"M SORRY!" She said again. "I... Just leave me alone.""No, let me in!""I know its weird ok! I know you probably think i'm a freak. Its just... it always made me feel so safe inside..."There was a pause. "Let me in Elise.""Just go away! You don't have to say it to my face. Just please don't tell people. Tell them we fought, ok? Just, not this..."The door swung as Sarah finally managed to bash it open. She walked over to the bed and sat beside the sobbing girl."Hey, hey, why are you crying?""WHy do you think!? Because you know I'm a freak.""You're not a freak Elise," she said as softly as she could."Oh yeah? Would a normal person dress up as a baby for fun? Do other people wear diapers?""No. Would a normal person be as loving and caring as you? Do other people make me smile the way you do? I don't want other people Elise."She sniffled. "Ohhh stop it. You don't have to pretend."Sarah stroked her have untied hair, and ran a hand down her back, making her shudder."How long have you been doing this?""I don't know. A few years. But I've liked it long as I can remember. Whenever I got afraid or anxious, this would make me feel better. I'm sorry.""Don't be sorry, sweetie."How could she tell her? She wouldn't believe her if she just claimed she liked it... Her hand stopped at Elise's padded bottom, and she spanked it. Elise jumped in surprise."Rearz Princess, aren't they? Perfect for a cute Little Princess.""What? How did you know?""You're bottom was pampered earlier, wasn't it? Silly baby.""What... what are you...?""I'm wondering if my adorable baby girl wants her mommy to take care of her."Elise looked at her questioningly, and watched her face for any sign it was a joke. Slowly she stopped crying, then smiled and began giggling. Finally she squealed in joy, and grabbed Sarah in a bear hug....Several months later, Elise was standing anxiously beside her door. Sarah would be there soon. She heard footsteps and opened the door before the arrived."Elise!""Sarah! Hello!" The shouted in unison and hugged. Elise did her best to remain hidden from the hall by Sarah's body, and Sarah shut the door."And hello my little princess," Sarah said."Hi mommy," she replied sheepishly."Have you been a good girl today?""Maayyybe..." She said. In fact, she had left her bed unmade and her toys weren't put away. Both were 'naughty' enough to weren't a fun response from Sarah.She brought her hands down to her skirt- she was wearing a new skirted onsie Sarah had ordered for her."Now now, lift up that up and let Mommy make sure you are properly diapered. Wouldn't' want a spanking like last time you 'forgot.'""You can see it through the skirt mommy. And that was because we were going to the water park," Elise replied, but she held up the skirt anyway. "I know, but mommy likes to see your pampers, and it gives me an excuse to check for wetness without argument. And that is no excuse! What if you had an accident in the pool?"Elise grumbled but smiled. This was part of their routine now. Sarah hadn't really expected her to be diapered at a water part- but it was a fun excuse to spank her after."Now," Sarah said. "Lets get baby fed. Mommy has a bunch of activities she wants to try tonight." She reached into her bag and took out a bottle, a tub of baby formula, and a container Elise recognized as a laxative."Yes, mommy. I can't wait." She giggled.
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