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  1. bigbabyabdl

    Little one looking!

    if you ever head out to sterling let me know
  2. bigbabyabdl

    Capcon Roll Call! Mommy's first time

    wish i could go but cant afford it only live 2hrs away from there too
  3. bigbabyabdl

    Looking for others near Sterling

    Looking for other little or mommies/daddies around my area or willing to travel.
  4. bigbabyabdl

    There are no DL websites

    theres diaper-bois
  5. bigbabyabdl

    Anyone In Central Il?

  6. bigbabyabdl

    how to make a disposable diaper fluffy

    wish i didnt have to pay to use my dryer or i would try this
  7. Anyone going to comic Con tomorrow?

  8. whats the best way to met a girl/little

  9. bigbabyabdl

    trading pink asc and white bambinos

    pink diapers sold
  10. bigbabyabdl

    Selling 4 packs of ASC pink teddy bears meds

    Sold but still have Bambino whites meds for $20/pk
  11. I have 4 med packs of 10 left and looking to sell them for $50/pack obo you cant find them online anymore so there more for a collector unless you really want to use them you can. or if you have a trade let me know.
  12. bigbabyabdl

    looking for some fun

    Looking for someone who would be willing to travel to where i am to have fun. im a little so im mainly looking for other little's or mommies/daddies. if you look on my profile you can see i have a adult crib and some other stuff that we can play with. if your interested let me know.
  13. bigbabyabdl

    trading pink asc and white bambinos

    Sterling Illinois. Have a trade for them?
  14. bigbabyabdl

    trading pink asc and white bambinos

    3 hours ago, babyleanna75 said: What are you trading for I've got dry24 7s
  15. I am looking to trade 4 packs of pink asc and white bambinos they are meds. theirs 80 diapers total. and asc does not sell them anymore and its even harder to find them on ebay/amazon. Can not ship must pickup in person.