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  1. whats the best way to met a girl/little for someone who has never been with a girl before and 28yrs old?

  2. trading pink asc and white bambinos

    pink diapers sold
  3. Selling 4 packs of ASC pink teddy bears meds

    Sold but still have Bambino whites meds for $20/pk
  4. I have 4 med packs of 10 left and looking to sell them for $50/pack obo you cant find them online anymore so there more for a collector unless you really want to use them you can. or if you have a trade let me know. cash only/trade that means you must pick up. im in the sterling IL area
  5. looking for some fun

    Looking for someone who would be willing to travel to where i am to have fun. im a little so im mainly looking for other little's or mommies/daddies. if you look on my profile you can see i have a adult crib and some other stuff that we can play with. if your interested let me know.
  6. trading pink asc and white bambinos

    Sterling Illinois. Have a trade for them?
  7. trading pink asc and white bambinos

    I would be willing to trade you for those. Im mostly trading for larges or some random little stuff as long as it's not dirty.
  8. I am looking to trade 4 packs of pink asc and white bambinos they are meds. theirs 80 diapers total. and asc does not sell them anymore and its even harder to find them on ebay/amazon. Can not ship must pickup in person.
  9. First time in a while trying on pull-ups

    From the album Bigbabyabdl gallery

    i have boy and girl pull-ups but these where already open
  10. Bigbabyabdl gallery

  11. Wearing asc

    From the album Bigbabyabdl gallery

  12. feeling down and tired but have to work today

  13. opening a abdl nursery

    Removed my address someone from here tried to visit me and landlord called me so who ever it was next time fill out the contact form
  14. Waking up in my crib

    From the album Bigbabyabdl gallery

    Me wearing my onesies and diapered

    © Bigbabyabdl

  15. 20170527_083444.jpg

    From the album Bigbabyabdl gallery