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  1. My character is Katy, which will end up becoming an adorable and cute baby girl. Making lots of poopies in her thick diapers. Your character would be represented by Charlotte (temporary name for now). I would like for Katy to have a very nice and caring mommy. Breastfeeding later on would be great, but is not a must. The more infantile Katy is handled, the better. At the same time I want a very loving and caring atmosphere. Teasing is ok, but please no spankings. One spanking would be ok, but what I want is positive reinforcement. Version 1: The story takes place in the DD. Katy is an Amazon streamer that likes to showcase Charlotte, a Betweener which she babies. Request from her viewers come in for Katy to watch the regression show Naomi and Oliver. Slowly Katy starts to have infantile cravings as her viewers help her with donations to become an adorable baby girl. At the same time Charlotte starts getting more control. Eventually taking over the channel and renaming it into "Regressing Katy: How to turn an Amazon into an adorable baby girl" After only slight resistance, Katy gives in and actively supports her transformation into a baby girl. Fully embracing infantile bliss, she gives in to Charlotte acting so nice to her. Version 2: Katy is a big abdl and works as a researcher on a new kind of regression medicine. Each day she comes home to her apartment, where she lives together with her sister Charlotte. Usually Katy diapers herself after work and fills her diaper up to capacity, masturbating in her soiled garment. Smuggling out some of the regression medicine, she plans to use it on her sister. Charlotte notices though and doesen't swallow the pills when her sister gives them to her at night. Giving the regression medicine back to her back sister, Katy starts regressing more and more. She realizes this way too late, because she always fills her diaper voluntarily each day. The regression medicine will permanently get rid of her toilet training and will slowly turn her mind into a big baby. Eventually Katy discovers that she became a baby, but at this point it's too late -- Charlotte forcing her to continue taking the medicine now. At the start shocked, Katy quickly gives in to infantile bliss, becoming the most adorable baby girl.
  2. Part 1 Freddie Stevens was sitting at his computer and working on his last game project. It was a large fantasy adventure, and he was about to perform the very first playtests. The game was almost ready to play, and he planned to provide the alpha version to his friends. “It’s time to send e-mails to Tony and Marianne,” he told to himself and opened the e-mail program. Tony and Marianne were his friends and they often helped him. All of sudden, he noticed an unknown wi-fi network in the list. A wi-fi network wasn’t anything extraordinaire but Freddie lived in a small house about five miles away from the nearest village and he used his private access point with a satellite modem. There were no more access points around. Somebody could wander through the forest but there was no mobile signal there. The satellite modem was the only connection to the outer world. Freddie liked the life far from the civilization. He could work on his projects undisturbed, and his loyal companions were rabbits and does that came close to his house. The house itself was well equipped and mostly independent on the external power. The unknown wi-fi network wasn’t the only strange phenomenon. About a month ago, Freddie walked through the forest. He arrived at a small clearing and noticed a strange fog. He was taken aback; it was a sunny day. Suddenly, he spotted a doe appearing out of the fog. The next day he returned to the same clearing and noticed another doe disappearing in the fog. He was tempted to enter the fog, but he didn’t have the courage to do it. Freddie was staring at the unknown wi-fi network, and he decided to succumb to the temptation and connect. The network was public and unprotected. To his utter shock, the e-mail program disconnected instantly. Freddie didn’t panic and tried to open Google. Google worked but Freddie was not able to find any familiar places or persons. Was he looking at a different world? After browsing several sites, he felt like in a daydream or fairy-tale. A knocking on the door awakened Freddie from his dreams. Who could arrive at his place? He wasn’t aware of any visit and does didn’t knock on the door. He stood up and walked over to the door. When he opened it, he stared at the visitor in utter surprise. “Good afternoon, sir,” a small girl at about ten was standing in front of the door. She was short and slender with long dark hair arranged in a ponytail and deep brown eyes. She was wearing clothes resembling a school uniform – a white blouse, a knee length skirt and jacket with a checkered pattern, thick tights and low-heeled shoes. Freddie also noticed a rather big backpack on her back. “Hey, little girl, how did you get here? Did you get lost? Where are your parents? Are you all alone here?” “My name is Ann, and I probably passed the Border. Where am I?” “W … what? What border? My name is Freddie and the next village is Chatsson. I live in a small house and I’m alone here.” “Don’t you know about the Border? We learned about it and about another strange world behind it.” “Strange? I live here and I don’t find it strange,” Freddie shrugged, “In either case, come in. We can talk inside.” Ann nodded and walked in. Freddie showed her the way and they stopped in his small living room. “Sit down. Would you like to have something to drink or eat?” “Yeah, please. Can I have a cup of juice?” Ann put the backpack off her back and sat down. “Of course, Ann,” Freddie left for the kitchen and returned with a cup of juice, “have your drink and tell me more about yourself. Why are you walking through the forest? Can you walk all alone? Where are your parents.” “I should explain you, sir …” “Call me Freddie.” “Okay, Freddie. I am looking for a Caretaker and I don’t know my parents.” “W … what? Where do you live then? Who takes care of you?” “Freddie, I live in the Children Centre now, but I turned ten two days ago and now I should find a Caretaker. Children live in the Centers until they turn ten.” “What happens then?” “They have to find a Caretaker that will take care until their adulthood. Otherwise, they are assigned to public caretakers. To be honest, I wouldn’t like to get assigned. Some of my friends have been assigned and they complained about the treatment by the public caretakers.” Freddie kept listening and he couldn’t believe his ears. What world was the little girl talking about? However, he remembered the sites he had found shortly ago. “Okay, I need some time to cope with everything you’ve told me. You are looking for a caretaker. How did you cross the border? Do you believe to find a caretaker here?” “Why not. Would you like to become my caretaker?” “Wait, Ann. It is not that simple. We don’t know caretakers in our world. It would be an adoption and a judge had to assign you as my adoptive daughter.” “It is simple. Come with me and you become my caretaker in our world. We can return and live here if you want to.” “Okay, but I don’t have any experience with children, Ann. I’m a bachelor.” Freddie watched Ann and tried to imagine himself as a parent; he didn’t like the word Caretaker. “Don’t worry, Freddie. I won’t trouble you at all and I’ll help you with all chores. I’ve learned it at the Children Centre.” “What if somebody comes to visit? How do I explain your presence? Somebody could call the social services.” Ann kept silent. She wasn’t aware of the laws on the other side. It was simple to assign an adult as her caretaker in her world. Nevertheless, she believed that it could be solved somehow. “Would you like to try it at least? You wouldn’t be alone here though.” “I don’t know, Ann ….” “Please,” Ann made puppy eyes at Freddie. “Okay then; you convinced me even if I’m not able to imagine a life with a child. However, it is getting late now. You shouldn’t go to the forest in the darkness. Stay here and we will go to your world tomorrow. I’ll make a dinner and find some bedsheets for you. Won’t you get missing?” “I don’t think so. Children like me can look for their caretakers for several days even if I don’t remember a caretaker from behind the Border.” Ann suddenly kept silent for about a minute, and she turned to Freddie then. “Freddie, I need a diaper change. I’ve just peed myself and the diaper is soaked already.” “A diaper change? Do you need diapers? You are ten though.” “Yeah, I need diapers. Hopefully I’ll get toilet trained at 18 or later.” “Well, that’s another challenge. I’ve never changed diapers. Can’t you change them on your own?” “Sorry, Freddie, I can’t do it. We can learn it when we turn 17. However, it is not difficult, Freddie. I have everything necessary with me,” Ann pointed at the backpack. Freddie sighed quietly. The parent role itself was a challenge and changing diapers made it even harder. He opened the backpack and pulled out several cloth diapers, a package of baby wipes, a spare pair of rubber pants and spare tights. There was a plastic bag and a changing mat inside, too. “Ann, is it enough until tomorrow?” Freddie looked at the diapers. There were six large flat diapers there. “I need two diapers for every change. You will need two of them now, two after dinner and the last two during the night. Can you wash the four diapers after dinner?” “Of course, I can, and the washing machine can dry them as well.” “That’s fine, change me now please. I don’t like the wet feeling,” Ann walked over to a couch and lay down. She removed her shoes and tights and lifted her skirt. The rubber pants were exposed, and Ann spread her legs. “Unbutton the pants,” she asked Freddie. He did it and the urine reek spread across the room. The diapers between her legs were soaked. “Pull the diapers from beneath me, take the baby wipes and wipe my crotch,” Ann continued. Freddie nodded and obeyed her commands. He put two clean diapers beneath her, powdered her, pulled the diapers between her legs and buttoned the rubber pants. Five minutes later Ann was clean and dry. She put on the tights and shoes and jumped down from the couch. “The first caretaker task accomplished,” she grinned, “where is the bathroom? We have to rinse the dirty diapers and put them into a pail.” Ann headed towards the bathroom and Freddie shook his head only. What the hell did he get into?
  3. toddlergirl

    Shine page 23

    From the album: Shine

    I remember the first time I actually saw a babyish print diaper. I was so shy about it I didnt dare even touch it LOL
  4. "So I'll have a venti mocha latte with oat milk, a shot of strawberry flavor, and extra whip cream. Also, a tall black coffee with one cream," the blond haired boy said, smiling at the short, brown haired barista that stood behind the counter. "Oh, and my name's Alex, and she's Kacey." The Starbucks was almost empty that day. It was a grey day, cool for the summer, and few wanted to brave the inevitable rain. However, the weather that kept people out made it perfect for hot drinks, and that drew latte addicts in like flies. This particular one, in the center of a book store, combined two of their rainy day loves. "Ok, who gets the coffee and who gets the strawberry chocolate milk thing?" the barista asked. "Ummm... I..." Kacey came beside him and put her hand on his shoulder. "He gets the strawberry drink. I get the coffee." "Ok!" The barista said, and left to make the drinks. "Did you have to say that?" Alex asked the red haired girl who was clinging to his shoulder. "Yep! If your going to order something like that, the world will know." "Alex! Happy almost-birthday!" "What?" Alex said. It was Bill, a friend of his from work. He was a tall man, broad shouldered, and wore a long rain coat. He had come in while they were waiting. "I said happy almost-birthday!" Alex cocked his head to the left. "How did you know it was almost my brithday?" "Uhhh..." he said. His eyes darted to Kacey, then back at Alex. "Facebook." Alex looked suprised. "Huh. I thought I had removed that from Facebook. How weird. He turned back to the counter, unaware of Kacey glaring at Bill. "So how you doing anyway Alex? Funny to run into you here," Bill said. "Well you know I..." He was interrupted by the appearance of the barisa. "Alright I have a venti strawberry mocha made with oat milk and extra whip cream for Alex." She handed him the drink. Alex blushed. "Uhhh I think you mean a coffee. Dark coffee. NO cream or sugar." "No it was definitely a venti strawberry mocha made with oat milk and extra whip cream." Alex shook his head and looked at Bill. "No it was definitely a coffee. Your strongest kind." The barista leaned onto the counter top. "Alright. I tell you what. I'll go get you that coffee, the strongest kind we have, with no sugar or milk, but I get to see you drink it. Right here in front of us, no leaving to throw it out when your gone, no coming back in for your sugary drink." Alex stared at her considering his options. Kacey snickered beside him. "Just give me the #($@-ing strawberry mocha." ... Kacey was laughing out loud as the walked in through their front door. "OOOO LOOK AT ME I"M ALEX! I ONLY DRINK THE STRONGEST COFFEE SINCE I"M BIG AND STRONG!" she said, doing her best to imitate her voice. "Unless no one is watching then I only want my warm choccy milk." Their home was a small suburban townhouse. It was older then most but still strong, and they had repainted the walls of the main floor in deep blues and dark colors, then furnished it with wood and and simple couches. A door in front of them lead to their stair well, and on the top floor the colors began to get brighter and more vibrant, and the furniture shifted from classy to comfy. The ground floor was the 'mature' floor they showed to visitors, the top was more for them. Alex was hanging his head as he sipped his drink. "Yeah yeah yeah," he said. "So, how did he know it was my birthday soon? I don't remember mentioning it to anyone at work." Kacey paused. "Ummmm well you know how these things are. Someone hears something then they tell another then it passes to two more, and suddenly everyone knows. Its common knowledge. Everyone knows each others birthdays." "What is your uncles birthday?" She looked to the side, thinking. "November 31st?" "That's not real. There are only thirty days in November," Alex said, while going over the rhyme in his head and counting on his fingers. "December first then." "Ahh, that makes sense." He stripped off his coat, and began to take off his shoes. He was going along with it, but seemed unconvinced. "Anyway, its a big birhday for you. Afterall it is your thi.." "Twenty-seventh? You are right, that is a big one," he replied. She folded her arms. "Twenty-seventh? I could have sworn we had that a few years ago." "Well you were mistaken. I'm turning 27." He looked up at Kacey, who was standing still."What are you doing?" he asked. "Why aren't you getting undressed?" "I need to go," she said quickly, looking out the door. Alex stood up and looked out. "What for?" "Uhhh... Coffee." "We just got coffee." "I mean, copy. I need to make copies of something for work." "Oh." Alex put his hand on his chin. "Can't you just do that with our printer here?" "No. They need to be better. You know, professionally done. Glossy and all that." "Ok, should I come to help?" "NO! I mean, no, its for work. You stay here and, ummm... video games." She pointed up the stairs, toward their bedroom where they kept their gaming systems. Alex turned to where she was pointing. "You are actually telling me to go upstairs and play video games? Why?" "Why not?" she asked. "Don't you want to play video games?" Alex paused and thought. "Yeah I do." "Good! Then go!" She turned around to leave, then paused and turned back. "Oh wait! Remember to wear headphones! Bye! Love you!" That being said, she turned and ran out the door before Alex could ask anything more. Alex waved. "Love you too." He watched her run to the car, quickly open the door and get in, then drive away. "That was odd, I wonder why she was acting that way? Why specify headphones?" He thought for a second, then shrugged. "Ah well. Video game time!" He walked up the stair well to their bedroom. It was painted blue, and with cabinets and shelves built around a large king sized bed. There was a TV screwed into the wall in front of the bed with their gaming systems underneath it, but Alex ignored it for a moment. Instead, he walked to a single white door that lead to their closet and opened it. He pushed aside their hanging shirts and dresses until he found what he was looking for. A large, brown plastic box with a sealed green lid, which he unlocked and opened. "There we go," he said, staring at the packages of diapers inside. ... "Ok, quick. We only have a few minutes," Kacey said to the gathered crowed. She knew most of them, and most of the ones she didn't she had at least seen in Alex's photos or facebook pages. There was Bill from Alex's work, who they had run into earlier, then Tim from his university days, then Sarah who he knew through her, and more. It was all their friends, gathered for one reason. "So the plan is to enter the house as quietly as possible, holding the packages and balloons. I'll text him to come down, and we will shout "Surprise" as he does. He'll probably be playing video games with his headphones, so it should work." "You don't think he'll notice a crowd of people entering his home?" Bill asked. Kacey scoffed. "Please. Fuck no. When he's playing video games that guy wouldn't noticed a crowed of rhinoceroses entering his home." They all laughed and agreed. "Well we shouldn't have any problems then," Bill said. "Of course not," Kacey replied. "Unless..." A thought came to her head. He was home alone, just relaxing and having fun... her eyes went wide. Would he? She had only been gone a few minutes, but he did just get home, and its not like he was rare. She went through scenarios in her head, trying to think of a way she could avoid it without warning him. She got out her phone and texted him. "I'll be home soon! Want to go to the movies? I figure we can have 'fun' times tonight after, if you are down for that ;)" she sent him. Hopefully he'd see it, decide to stay in normal clothes for the movie, and be willing to put off any 'other' things until later. She told herself it would work, and prayed she was right.
  5. December. The month of Christmas, the month of Solstice, the month of holiday cheer. And the month of Finals. Snow blustered in windy circles as I trudged down campus. I wanted to be out having fun–relaxing, taking the time off, maybe indulging a bit in a little kinky fun while my roommate was gone for the weekend–but I had papers to write. I’d compromised. I wouldn’t blow off work entirely, but I’d at least put something puffy and absorbent on, and if I hit my study goals, I’d give myself a little time to have fun in the diaper. It made the day a bit more exciting, and helped incentivize me to focus. Being cooped up in my dorm would have been too painful, so I’d passed on that. The library was only a few blocks away–and despite the snow, it wasn’t too cold, just wintry. With a couple layers on, I almost found it comfortable. Outside the library, something unusual struck me. A girl–I thought she was a student, though I couldn’t be certain–had on bright red and fluffy white robes, with a floppy red hat atop it all, standing behind a table. She was chubby enough to fill out the Santa role perfectly, with red cheeks and a smile that could infect anyone with mirth from twenty paces. In front of her table, tentatively secured with overstretched duct tape, was a posterboard sign advertising hot chocolate for two dollars. I stopped and looked it over. She had thermoses ready to go, paper cups inside plastic packaging that had a small rock set inside it so they wouldn’t all blow away, and for only two dollars it barely felt like it cost anything. “Spare a couple bucks for charity?” The Santa girl asked. She’d dressed for the weather–leg warmers over insulated leggings, and her hat came down over her ears. “I’d spare a dollar for hot chocolate anyways,” I replied, smiling. “What’s the charity?” “I’m raising money for the Dearby Animal Shelter,” she said. “If I can sell forty cups, that’ll cover a puppy’s adoption fees.” I glanced past her, through the library’s glass entry doors. “Do you know if they allow drinks in there?” “As long as you stay in the seating area at the front,” Santa said, gesturing with a cheerful smile. “I asked a couple days ago to make sure.” Digging in my coat, I produced my wallet. “Are you going to be out here all morning?” “All day!” she replied. “If it doesn’t get too cold, at least–I’ve got a sandwich and all the hot cocoa I can drink, so I’m gonna be out here till it gets dark.” Maybe it was just already on my brain because of the diaper crinkling between my thighs, but I joked, “Well, be sure to squeeze in a bathroom break in, here or there.” She giggled and–blushed? I expected a reply like, ‘Oh, of course’, but she demurred and said nothing. Was she not planning on taking bathroom breaks? How, unless…? (I’m reading too much into this,) I thought. (She’s flushed because it’s cold.) Drawing out a ten dollar bill, I said, “Keep the change, I’m happy to help out some puppies.” She beamed, pouring me a cup of cocoa. I expected the kind made from generic-brand powder, but the slurry she poured into the cup was rich and thick and smooth. She passed the cup to me, and I took a sip. “Holy shit,” I muttered. She raised her eyebrows, in the middle of placing my ten bucks into a metal box. “What?” “That’s delicious,” I said. “Two dollars is a steal.” Santa smiled. “If you wanted to say that to everyone walking by, it’d probably help sales.” I paused, smirking, and slung my backpack off my shoulder. “I have an idea.” She tilted her head. “What’s that?” Producing a fat-tipped blue highlighter, I moved to her hand-written sign and added in my own handwriting, “Five stars, Delicious, Homemade, Two Dollars is a steal - A Satisfied Customer”. She stepped forward to read my note, and her eyes sparkled. “Thank you!” “You’re welcome,” I said. Hefting my backpack, I added, “Good luck–I’ve really got to get to studying, but I hope you sell plenty of cocoas.” “If you want a refill, please come get one,” she replied. I raised an eyebrow and smirked. “I will absolutely come take you up on that, so be sure to cut me off before I drink your whole supply.” We both giggled, and I walked into the library, my day a fair bit brighter than it’d been twenty minutes before. I settled into one of the tables, took out my laptop, and got to work. Chocolate nectar sweet on my lips, and Santa’s giggle echoing in my ears, I was ready to take on the world. Or, at least, ready to write essays. My focus lasted a solid ninety minutes. My diaper helped–when I felt the need to pee, I didn’t need to interrupt my work, I could just let go and keep going, though the sensation of warmth spreading between my legs did make me squirm with delight. Nobody could tell beneath my clothes, it was my secret. And my gaze kept drifting to Santa. We could see each other through the library’s glass doors–she was sipping cocoa, chatting with customers. And she didn’t take any breaks. It’d only been ninety minutes, though–that wasn’t an unreasonable amount of time to hold it, not in the slightest. I had to be imagining things. I had to. As I finished up the easy essay on my list, my cocoa cup ran dry, and I chose to reward myself with a refill. Stepping out, I pulled my arms close, holding up my cup. “About that refill,” I said. She smiled, lifting her thermos. “Of course! How’s the studying going?” “Thousand word essay is done,” I said. “Next one’s the real beast, though–I’ve got to write five thousand words on the history of potatoes.” “Ooh, exciting,” she snickered. “I plan on titillating readers with the thrilling tale of starch,” I snarked back. “I’m not taking too much if I come back for one more cup later, am I? I’d hate for you to run out.” “Oh, please,” she replied, gesturing with a foot to the big canister thermoses at the base of the table. “I’ve got more cocoa than I have cups. If running out were an issue, I’d be the real problem–I’ve had about five cups already.” “Ooh, they say you’re not supposed to sample your own products,” I said. She laughed, her tummy jiggling–don’t think it, don’t think it–like a bowlful of jelly. “Oh, I’m not sampling, I’m a full-blown addict,” she explained. “How do you think I got the recipe just right?” My cup refilled and my soul refueled, I said, “I should get back to it. Thanks for the refill.” “Of course,” Santa replied. “Thanks for helping the puppies.” “And seriously–” I added. “If you don’t cut me off, I will be back for more.” What passed next was two more hours of good, solid focus. I didn’t just drink cocoa–I also detoured to the water fountain so I wouldn’t die of a sugar headache–but the hot, creamy elixir kept me sustained. Now that she’d pointed it out, though, I also noticed her own fluid consumption. She was drinking a cup or two an hour, while I sipped mine and made it last. I couldn’t begrudge her–it was cold outside, the cocoa was warm, there was nothing wrong with it–but I had to wonder where it was all going. I’d had to pee twice since arriving, but she seemed to have a bladder like a steel trap. (Or…) I couldn’t see even the tiniest hint of puff around her butt, but it was concealed by long crimson robes and layers of insulated clothing. If she had on a diaper, it’d be as invisible as my own. I’d brown-bagged my own lunch, same as her, and this time, I timed my break around her own schedule. When I saw her take a sandwich out of her bag, I saved my work, closed up my computer, and walked outside. Holding up the paper bag with my own sandwich and some chips, I asked, “Mind if I join you?” “Sure!” she said, eyes sparkling as she stepped to the side so I had room to set the bag on her table. “What’ve you got?” “BLT,” I said. “You?” “Oooh, that sounds tasty,” she said. “I just made a PB&J.” “Want to share?” I asked. “Halvsies?” She snickered. “What, are we in middle school?” I almost rescinded the offer with an abashed comment, but before I could, she added, “That sounds nice, actually.” Removing half of her sandwich from its cellophane wrapping–she’d cut it into two rectangles–she gave me one. I gave her a triangle of my BLT. “How’re sales going?” I asked, eating the savory sandwich first. “Great,” she said. “Your note is really helping, people keep stopping to ask who wrote it.” “I wondered why everyone kept staring at me,” I joked. “I figured they just recognized me from the wanted poster.” “But seriously, thanks. I’ve sold like sixty cups already!” “That’s a puppy and a half, right?” I asked. She beamed and nodded. “Awesome!” I wanted to ask. I desperately wanted to ask, but I wasn’t going to be a creep, no matter how much the curiosity burned. Instead, I said, “So are you a student here?” “Guilty as charged,” she replied. “I haven’t picked a degree yet. Kind of want to be a vet, but like–I don’t know I want to do that, you know? So I’m just collecting credits for now.” “I get that,” I replied, finishing off the BLT and moving to the half-PB&J I’d received from Santa. “Have you considered going into toy delivery?” She laughed. “I almost didn’t dress up, y’know. But this was warmer than my other jacket anyways, so I figured–why not?” “Next time you can bring coal too, for people who don’t buy the cocoa,” I suggested. Santa smirked, picking up her cocoa to sip it. “So what about you? What’re you doing here?” “Disappointing my parents,” I replied. “Or, well–I’m a theater major. English minor.” Snorting, she sprayed cocoa out of her lips mid-sip. A little got on me, and she blurted, “Sorry!” “It’s fine!” I replied, wiping off my jacket with the palm of my hand. “I timed that quip pretty unfortunately. Don’t worry about it.” “Well, here,” she said, picking up her thermos. “Let me at least treat you to a bit more, since I’m getting it all over your clothes anyways.” “Do you have any napkins? You got some on your robe too,” I added, pointing to a little dark stain on the red. She shrugged. “I’ll rinse it out later. Trying to sop it up in the cold would be pretty pointless–my clothes are too absorbent.” Giggling at her own joke, I definitely saw her flush rise a little more. (That’s–that’s definitely a blush. Is it because she said her clothes were absorbent? Would she be that brazen? Why am I thinking about it this much?) I felt myself struck by a clumsy tongue, unsure how to speak without blurting, ‘So are you wearing a diaper?’. She noticed my apprehension, and we ate in a slightly awkward but otherwise pleasant silence. “Whelp,” I said, hefting my backpack. “Back to work.” “Good luck,” she replied. “I’ll be here a few more hours at least–I know there’s a big club rally meeting something-or-other here at four, and I want to be here to get them all coming through. That might be as many sales as I got the whole rest of the day!” This time, I really buckled down. Really. I wasn’t constantly glancing up, wondering if–or when–she might finally take a break to come inside and pee. There was no way she could hold it this long. Not as much cocoa as she’d drank. She had to–(stop thinking about it, you’ve got work to do)–but then she’d said her clothes were absorbent, was that a coy joke, or–(shut up, horny brain. Study.) I got a couple more pages done in a couple more hours, wrapping up around three thirty. Enough to be satisfied with the day’s work, and by this point, my diaper had become saturated. Much longer, and I’d have to start worrying about leaks, about my discreet padding becoming an indiscreet stain on my pants. I had to pee, a little, and wanted to get back to the dormitory to change before the inevitable happened. Coming to a stopping point, I started to pack up. That’s when calamity struck. It was terrible timing, really, and just bad luck. The wind had picked up, a little, with more flurries twisting in little cyclone circles. While Santa was crouched, getting a new thermos of cocoa, the tape holding her sign in place finally lost its stickiness, a mix of cold, wind, and snowy damp. The sign flipped up, caught in a gust, and knocked over the plastic bag over her stack of paper cups, sending them flying like bowling pins. The weight inside, the little rock, wasn’t enough to do a thing–cups scattered into the wind, spilling across the ground. Santa stepped back in shock. Desperately, she tried to grab a few off the ground, but even the ones she picked up were contaminated with dirty sidewalk snow, unusable. I ran out the door, trying to help. There was nothing to be done. A handful of cups were still in the bag, but only a handful, and the ones that had scattered were useless even if they hadn’t blown away. Eyes turning to huge puddles, Santa whispered, “No–” “Jeez, I–” I started, looking for words. With little else to do, I at least ran over and grabbed the sign, sticking it back down onto the table. “I’m sorry. But hey, you got a bunch of sales already, right?” “Yeah, but… the club meeting. I’m going to miss the club meeting. That’s why I came here today.” Her eyes began to water, and her sniffle had nothing to do with the cold. I recognized the ‘I-don’t-know-what-to-do’ panic, while she whispered, “It…I…” Time to be helpful. “Okay, no problem. You’ve still got a few cups left, and there’s a gas station a few blocks away from here–I think they sell solo cups for the party kids. I’ll go get a box and be right back, okay?” Her panic froze on her face, melting into surprised relief. “You’d do that?” “For puppies? Any day,” I said, smiling as confidently as I could. “Thanks!” She said, “And–hurry, please!” “Of course. Be right back.” Turning, I half-jogged down the sludgy sidewalk, hustling through snowmelt to get the cups in time. Easy. No problem. I wouldn’t be getting back to my dorm before I had to pee again, but that didn’t matter–my diaper could hold a little more, and it was worth the inconvenience to provide a little Christmas miracle. I got a hundred cups for eight dollars from the gas station, paused to pee somewhere without wind or cold, and then hurried back to the library, my diaper squelching warmly with every step. I barely noticed, too task-focused to care. A car was pulling up to the front of the library as I ran up, bag of cups in my hand. Santa was looking around, concerned, not a single cup on her table. She saw me, and her eyes lit up. “Merry Christmas!” I called, running the last half block up, just as a few students looked over the table, doing the math, recognizing the deal, and dubiously figuring out which of them had cash to pay for the hot chocolate. Stepping up, I announced, “I’ve got cups for the pups–let’s get this cocoa sold.” She smiled. I smiled. Then I set out the cups, and we went to town pouring out cocoa, collecting cash, and chatting with customers. We made a perfect Christmas team. The club rolled through like a storm. Almost a hundred people, enough to completely fill up the library’s ample meeting spaces, and more than half of them got cocoa. Some got two cups. Some passed over wadded twenty dollar bills, just wanting to donate to charity. I chalked it up to the quality of the cocoa. Santa said it was all due to Christmas cheer. In half an hour, the last stragglers had gone through. Santa and I were laughing and giggling. She still hadn’t taken a bathroom break, even with me there to help. I knew I had to ask, even if I was nervous about the results. “Hey…” I said, anxious to say the words. “I need to ask you something.” She looked me up and down, her giggle dying as her expression turned shy. Not concerned, just uncertain. “Oh, yeah?” “Um…” I rubbed at the back of my neck. “Can I get your number?” Smiling, she nodded. “Sure. And my name’s Emily.” “Right! I’m Sam.” My eyebrows shot up, and I blushed. “Shoot, I–I’d just been thinking you were Santa herself.” She laughed. “Well, Sam–if you want to get coffee sometime, I’d love to.” “I’m more of a cocoa person, really,” I admitted. “But thanks.” I didn’t need to ask about what she had on. It didn’t matter–I liked her, and she seemed to like me. Maybe the rest would work out, maybe it wouldn’t, but for now it was coming close to Christmas and I felt happy. I helped her pack up, and we polished off the last thermos of cocoa together. “Do you need help carrying this anywhere?” I asked, gesturing to the box of empty thermoses, the folded up table, the bag of trash and various remaining supplies. “I’ve got a friend coming to pick me up here soon,” she replied, “But thanks.” “Happy to help,” I said, smiling. “So…see you later?” “Sure. But…” she added, blushing and glancing away as she stood back. “Maybe pull your jacket down. I didn’t want to say anything before, while other people were around, but you, erm, leaked.” My eyes widened, and my face turned bright pink. “O-oh!” “I don’t mind,” she said. “And you can only really tell if you’re looking down at the back of your pants. Just thought you’d want to know.” Bright pink, I said, “Um…thanks. I–um–I was–erm, thanks.” “You’re welcome,” she replied, shyly, before quietly confessing. “Don’t worry. You’re not the only one.” She stepped up to me. She had to get on her tiptoes and lean forward, but she planted a kiss on my cheek. “Merry Christmas.” I looked at myself in the mirror–I had a big lipstick mark on my cheek. I didn’t want to wash it off, not for the world. I beamed. “Merry Christmas.” ... What's this? A Christmas Story in January? Well, sure, this was released in early December for my supporters on Patreon and SubscribeStar, so they got it just in time for the holidays. That said, I hope the cuteness holds up and you enjoyed my spin on a cutesy, Hallmark style AB/DL romance! https://www.patreon.com/PeculiarChangeling https://subscribestar.adult/peculiarchangeling
  6. Chapter 1 This is the story of a red panda with pink fur. Her name is Alice. She was not supposed to live past the age of 2. Her parents are both also red pandas but with normal fur. Her mom's name is Jane and she is 5 foot 6. Her dad's name is Cree. He is about 5 foot 9. They were both normal in height and both lived normal lives. They quickly fall in love after meeting at an archery contest. Jane and Cree made it to the semi-finals. Both of them have hit all their shots right on the bullseye, all they had to do was not miss or get distracted. Jane smirks at Cree giving him a cheeky wink. She yells over to him. "Hey, tell you what you beat me and I might let you get to know me better. But if I win you are going to buy me lunch." Jane says and blows a kiss at him. His mind was racing. He was never much of a lady's man. He just liked archery and kept to himself he never had a girl come on to him like this. He took a deep breath In and out. He shook his head and took aim. She might be hot and a girl but she wasn't going to take it easy on her. "Don't miss cutie~" Jane yells at him giggling. This makes the man panic and let go of his arrow pointing straight up. The arrow comes back down, landing right through his foot. Cree screams as Jane runs over to him. "Oh no! I didn't mean for that to happen! Just relax, this might hurt a bit sweetie." She says yanking the arrow right out. This causes Cree to scream trying not to cry in pain. He didn't want to look weak in front of someone so cute. He watched as she took off her sleeved shirt leaving her only in an undershirt and rips it up and ties it tight around his foot. "Let's get you to the hospital, I think I owe you that at least. Then maybe you can buy me that lunch." She says smiling at him. His voice cracks as he goes to speak. "Cree…" He says blushing but still in a lot of pain. She giggled but looked confused. "M-my name that is…" Cree says in a panic. Jane smiles and hugs him. "My name’s Jane, nice to meet you cutie. Though I wish it was better circumstances." This was their first time meeting; they were both about 22 years old at this point. They grew closer and closer before eventually getting married a few years later. Though it had to be said Jane never let Cree play the dominant one. She loved him but also loved to be on top. This might have caused the problem where Jane got pregnant. It was another year later but after some casual sex and wearing out the red panda boy Jane found out she was pregnant. She screamed from the bathroom. She had no intention of having kids. At least not yet. She couldn't believe how badly she wanted him the other day and didn't get off him letting him go full load in her. Cree runs into the bathroom. "What's wrong?!" He asks. She just sighs again. "Looks like we are going to have a kid…" Cree was overly excited but Jane not as much. Maybe secretly, over the next few months, she got more and more excited about the idea. Then after finding out it was a girl she was even more excited. She couldn't wait. Her belly grew more and more. Before one night they laid down to go to sleep her water broke just before she was out. They rushed her to the hospital where she screamed and cried as she gave birth to their new daughter. They named Alice this was Jane's idea she was named after her grandma. But something was off her fur was not red like her mom and dad but pinker. She was taken away by the doctors to get the normal check-up and cleaned up. Cree held Jane's hand. "Pink fur huh? What could cause that? My whole family was red I believe?" Cree says. Jane looks down thinking then looks up nervously. "I remember my grandma telling me of a story that she had a boy with pink fur but…" She says then covers her mouth beginning to cry. "B-but he didn't make it…" She continued. Cree tears up. "Surely not! She will be fine… I-" Just then the doctors walk into the room and hand Jane the baby. Alice just cries till she sees her mom before she just smiles reaching up at her. Jane smiles letting the newborn play with her fingers. The doctor then sighs. "I have something important to say. I'm sorry but she… will be lucky to make it past the age of 2. She has a very rare sickness, it has to do with a rare mutation that causes her fur to turn pink. I have never seen a child live past the ages of two but I hope I'm wrong, I'm sorry." They both broke into tears hugging her tight. They wanted to give her the best life they could before she could leave them. They took her on trip after trip, almost never spending time at home. They took her to theme parks and just all over the world, they spent all the money they had on her. But one day on Alice's first birthday all this stress and going out every day for so long put Jane into a heart attack. Cree rushes her to a hospital straight to the emergency room. She was lucky she made it through but she will have to stay at home and try not to push herself. Anything crazy, exciting or stressing on her heart again might kill her. Alice was about a year old now and the family was celebrating her first birthday. Alice was sitting In her high chair looking up at her mom and dad. "Happy birthday princess!" Cree and Jane yell. As they cheer and laugh. This makes Alice laugh and hits her tray with her hands excitedly. Jane and Cree both give her a big cake saying we love you on it. Suddenly Jane begins crying. "Eat all you want baby girl… w-we might not get to do this next year." Cree Hugs her and she begins to bawl. Alice looks excited by the cake and begins to make a mess while eating some of the cake. After a while of playing she looks up at her mom and dad crying then also begins to bawl not knowing what's wrong but knowing something is wrong. The rest of the year was spent as peacefully as possible to make sure Jane didn't go through another heart attack. This was rough on the family after the last year but they made it through. It's been a decent year but no changes are seen by Alice, no worse condition or anything. They ended up taking her to the hospital to be re-tested after hours and hours of waiting as the doctor walked in. Alice was playing with some toys in a small playpen while Cree and Jane watched. "We got good news! We don't understand how but she doesn't appear to have any of the symptoms anymore but there's still some strange things going on. She might be ok if only a few defects later on in life, But keep a very close eye on her." They both looked excited and hugged laughing and crying. But suddenly the strain of this excitement hit Jane as she screamed and held her chest. She was quickly rushed to the hospital. Cree grabbed Alice. He was crying and hugging her so worried about his wife as she was rushed to a different room. Alice was worried about her dad just playing with his shirt and chewing on it looking up at him. They sat out in the waiting room for nearly 8 hours then the doctors walked in looking down. "Cree… we are so sorry but Jane has passed from a heart attack. We did everything we could, we are deeply sorry." Cree hugs Alice tight and cries like crazy. Alice also begins to cry because her dad was crying. Cree knew he was losing someone this year but his wife was not what he expected. Many years pass after this. Alice is now about 10 years old and 4 feet tall. She was oddly short for her age but it wasn't crazy. Cree comes into her room while she sleeps and shakes her awake. "Time to wake up princess and get ready for school. I got to work too. I probably won't be home when you get home so I'll have a babysitter for you when you get home." Cree says. Alice grones and sits up. "But daddy I don't want a babysitter. I'm 10 years old now and I'm not a little girl anymore…" She says rubbing her eyes. Cree smiles and hugs her. "I know sweetie. But I just don't want anything bad to happen to you. I couldn't stand losing you after losing your mom about 8 years ago today." Alice hugs her dad. "I'm sorry dad… I wish I remembered mom. What was mom like daddy?" He smiled and rubbed her head. "Honestly she was a lot like you. Stubborn and going to have it her way. But she was loving and caring. She loved you so much. I miss her so much." Cree says. Alice frowns looking down. “But I'm just happy to have my little girl!” He said as he tickled her. Both him and Alice laughed and she smiled at him after he stopped. "Now get in the shower. Make sure you get clean this time." Cree says as he walks out of her room. She giggled. “Ok, daddy!” She jumped up and grabbed some clothes that were normal for her age. They looked about normal, maybe a little more childish than she wanted but it wasn't crazy for a 10-year-old. She goes to the bathroom and takes a shower and puts on some blue shortalls on then puts on a cute blue hat heading down to the kitchen. Her dad was already gone but had a pb&J sandwich sitting out for her. Alice smiles and takes walks outside and sits on the porch waiting for the school bus. She swings her legs happily and eats her pb&J. She had a pretty decent life. They might not have tons of money or a perfect house but it was a better life than living on the street or something. Suddenly the bus honks. Alice jumps down off the porch and runs off to the bus with her backpack on, She gets on the bus and looks around. There were a few people that stuck out to her. One was a young boy in the front; he always sat up straight holding his books and smiled at Alice. She gives an awkward smile and waves back. He was a human that wore a shirt with Eevee on it. They were playing tug of War and wore some aqua shorts. He was always super nice to her and she pretended to be nice to him. She didn't hate him, he was just a little weird and always talked about protecting her and stuff. It was kinda creepy to her. The next was a little lion, his mane hasn't grown in yet but he always teased Alice. He wore a camo shirt and jeans. He smirks as Alice passes. "Hey Alice and here I thought you wore pants to school, not just underwear!" She jumps and quickly looks down but she did put on clothing. Why was she tricked by that? She stomps her foot. "Dang it, Ram! I hate you so much, you are such a jerk!" She yells going to the back of the bus and sitting embarrassed. Suddenly the bus driver yells. "Stop fighting back there!" A few people around ram laugh just mocking Alice. Alice sits thinking to herself. "I hate this stupid school… Why can't daddy just get me out of it? They told me I technically don't have to go. Something about… my symptoms might come back eventually, that when I'm grown up I'm going to be set for life apparently?" She sighs and looks out the window watching as they drive away from her home and slowly to the school. Later she's in class, and the bell was about to ring for the next class. The teacher is talking to the class. It's a Female Cow in a long blue dress. "Ok class, tomorrow is bring your mother to school day! So don't forget to have her sign that paper so she can come in to talk about her work and other activities." The class cheered excitedly. Alice just frowns and lays her head on the table the teacher looks worried and as the class was leaving she stopped Alice. "Hey, Alice? Can we talk?" She gulps and panics. "I didn't shoot the spit wad at Ram! He started it!" The teacher looked confused and sighs. "That's not what I was talking about, but good job incriminating yourself." She said giggling. Alice looked surprised then puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms. "Not fair…" She smiles and rubs Alice's head but she smacks it off. "So what do you want?" Alice asks, the teacher leans down, getting face to face. "Is something wrong with your mom? You seem to get upset when I talk about it?" The teacher asks. She looks down. "My mom died when I was young… i-i wish I knew her…" She tries to keep talking but she begins crying as the teacher hugs her, Feeling awful. They gave her off mom's day to stay home with her dad. Unfortunately, her dad got called into work too so she had to be with a babysitter. She loved her dad but she wished he could stay home more and be with her. Many more years later Alice is now 16 years old. She has not grown one-inch thanks to her strange illness. She's still 4 feet tall. Just like a normal day her dad walks into her room. "Alice, time to wake up. You're going to miss the bus." She sits up quickly only wearing a bra and panties and jumps out of bed. "Shit! Why did you let me sleep in so late?!" Her dad sighs. "Alice, please watch your mouth. You know I don't like that language." She shakes her head and shrugs. "Dad, I'm 16! I might be small and only 4 feet tall but I'm still 16! You got to let me grow up!" He laughs looking down. "Sorry, I know I know. You are just so cute. I'm happy to know you won’t die. Your mother's probably so happy. But being so small forever is a shame. I know it's been hard with school." Alice got dressed in a similar outfit when she was 10 years old. "I wish normal clothing would fit me at least… I hate wearing such childish clothing. Can’t we order special order clothing?" Her dad sighs. “You know I don't have that kinda money. As much as I would love to.” Suddenly there's a honk. "Shit the bus! Got to go, dad, love you! We can talk later!" She hugs him and runs out of the house just catching the bus. In the front there sat the same boy but definitely more Older. Everyone on the bus was 16 now. Even ram he had a bit of a mane now looked like a mean lion now. But oddly she sits right beside him. He throws his arms around her and she smiles. "Wow, cut it close huh? You didn't even comb your hair." She blushes and puts her hair down with her hands. "Oh shut up ram. My dad woke me up late." She sighs and lays against him. "You are nice and comfortable." Alice says, he smirks and leans down, and kisses her. She blushed and covered her face. "Love you." Ram said. Alice smiled back. "Love you too." Turned out Ram used to tease her because he liked her. It took her a while to fall for him but he was the only boy that seemed to like her. He was still kinda a dick but she was loved, right? After the bus ride, they got off and waved as they went to their classes. She was suddenly stopped by her three girlfriends. One was a squirrel she only wore skirts and dresses. Today it was a yellow summer dress. She was a foot and a half taller than Alice. Next was a mouse. She was white-furred and kinda a bitch but she was kinda nice to Alice. Then last was a cat she was striped with black and orange. "Hey, Alice! Are you still coming over today after school?" The mouse asks. "Hey Brittany, uhh ya I think so? We are staying all night right? I might need to get some clothes to sleep in but definitely." The squirrel smirks. "Oh ya, she needs clothing for a toddler because she is so small." Alice blushes and glares. "I'm not that small Cali!" The cat speaks up next. "Oh, Cali don't tease her. She can't help it if she still needs to wear diapers." The group laughs and Alice blushes like Crazy. "Sam! Ahhh! I'm going to class. I'll see you all after school! Or maybe I won’t, it might be nice." She goes to her class and the group laughs more before smirking at each other. It seemed the group had a plan for her. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoying this? Join my patreon to read the next 10 chapters! https://www.patreon.com/Little_Rie
  7. ? Matilda the Bear By Horatio Husky Commission for ArtMckinley Chapter I. Matilda inhaled deeply, closing her eyes as the night air of the forest filled her spirit lungs and nostrils with a sweet, damp scent. The leaves and branches crunched satisfyingly underneath her large foot paws as she walked along her usual midnight stroll, the bottom of her dress billowing beneath her but above the dew covered grass, keeping itself away from its moisture. The being had dressed herself in a maternal looking apron on top of her dress, resembling the image of a motherly caretaker from decades past. She always had a habit of taking a while to catch up to modern fashions, and enjoyed staying a little behind in the times. Her figure was still intimidating despite her motherly appearance, long brown hair, a towering height of well over seven feet, and as with most females bear spirits she bore heavy set breasts and large arms and legs. As a spirit, however, she wasn’t bothered by her appearance, and fully embraced her largeness with a positive personality. Not to mention, she had other worries than how she looked. Her concerns were with the locals and their relation to the forest, keeping sure that each stayed where they belonged and didn’t bother each other too much. That’s when the car with its brights on and music blaring decided to park by the side of the road bordering the forest, her ears perked up, and she followed the source of the noise. Goodness me! If this is Tom again getting home late and drunk his wife isn’t the only one that is going to have strong words with him, she thought to herself annoyedly, remembering how one of the locals had a bad habit of drinking and driving, and how on multiple occasions she had to nurse him back to health herself. The distinct smell of booze was in the air as she approached, her sensitive nostrils picking up a few other choice scents as she drew closer. Are those teenagers out again sleeping with each other away from their parents? Goodness me the youth today truly are shameless! At last she stood next to the car by the passenger side window, she leaned over and peeked inside. Much to her horror, the scene before her was uglier than any she had seen before. Covered in sweat and runny make-up a girl who looked to be in her early twenties lay in the driver’s seat, her breath reeking of alcohol as she moaned to herself loudly, her right hand stuck in the front of her pants working its way in and out of what Matilda presumed to be her unspeakables. Several black highlights were present in her dirty blonde hair, and she was clad in what was in Matilda’s opinion, “Scant, modern rags.” “What do you think you’re doing, young lady? Do you know what time it is? And goodness gracious, do you have any idea how naughty this behavior is! Drunk and touching yourself in the middle of the forest, tsk tsk. You do know that it's a school night and the squirrel kids have to be up bright and early to go to their nut-gathering classes! And don’t even get me started on the birds and worms!” The young woman started at first, turning to gaze at the forest spirit and narrowing her eyes, having difficulty focusing on her blacked out state. Suddenly comprehension dawned on her incapacitated state of mind, and she let out a yelp. “BEAR! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP THERE’S A BEAR OUTSIDE MY WINDOW!” She fumbled with her keys to get them into the ignition, but Matilda was too quick for her. “You’re not going anywhere tonight young lady, you’re coming with me!” Before she realized what was happening, the bear had walked around the front of the car, opened the driver’s seat, and gently extricated the young lady from her car. Cradling her gently in her arms, she entered into a brisk walk back into the forest towards her home, the young lady blinking and trying to come to her senses while the world spun around her. “L-let me go! I don’t want to be eaten! W-why are you talking anyway… What are you… You’re a bear!” The young woman’s words slurred, which only added to Matilda’s disapproval, “Your behavior is absolutely inappropriate, young lady, a fine thing such as yourself has so much more potential in this world. Ladies like you should be in school learning to make the world a better place, not ravaging through drink and self-indulgence! And if not school you should be finding yourself a husband or wife! This really doesn’t suit you.” The young woman was now utterly confused. Why is this bear talking to me like she’s my mom? Did somebody slip something into my drink and now I’m hallucinating? Before long the party of two had arrived at Matilda’s cottage, a humble looking abode with smoke coming out of a chimney in the back and a comfortable looking porch in the front. “Let’s get you cleaned up now and perhaps something warm in your stomach, if it can handle it. How does that sound, kitten?” ‘Kitten’ blinked her eyes, unable to believe what she was seeing. The inside of the cottage looked nothing like she expected it too. They hadn’t entered a one room building like she expected, but they were now standing in the front hallway of what looked to be quite a large house. As her blurry vision cleared slightly, she saw a staircase leading up to a second floor, and several rooms connecting to each other on the first floor including a kitchen, living room, and what she presumed to be a dining room. “How… What… Wh-” “Hush now dearest, we need to get you cleaned up and in your crib! It’s way past your bed-time.” The young lady was now utterly confused, and almost completely convinced that what she was experiencing was either a hallucination or a drunkenly induced dream. “I’m never drinking again…” she muttered to herself, rather unconvincingly. “Well that’s a start at least! There’s plenty of other things I’ll be training out of you, but that's the one that’s definitely near the top of the list!” After wiping her foot-paws on the rug near the front of the door and locking the door behind her, the bear carried her charge up the stairs of her home and turned a corner, leading them into a white, spacious bathroom. Patterns of smiling ducks, sailors, and beach animals decorated the walls, and a large bathtub in the corner decorated the interior of the bathroom space. Before she had time to marvel at how clean and pristine the bear kept the place looking, Kitten found the bear was now tugging at her clothing, stripping her down naked. “What are you doing!? D-don’t take my clothes off!” The bear stopped for a moment, a patient expression on her muzzle as she set the girl down on the counter. Adopting a chiding tone, she explained, “Now now little one, I can’t get you cleaned up if you’re still wearing all this icky clothing! Not to mention they’re not fit for somebody as pretty as you. Be good now!” She shook her head, still protesting, “Stop touching my clothes you stupid bitch, I told you I didn’t want your help!” Suddenly the world shifted and turned almost upside down. Before she knew it, she was lying stomach down in the bear’s lap. “What are you- OWW!” Whap! went Matilda’s paw as she spanked her charge’s now exposed behind. She cried out, much to her own surprise as tears poured down her cheeks. Matilda tutted under her breath and continued to rhythmically deliver punishment onto her kitten’s behind. “Now look what I have to do, I don’t like giving spankings but you have simply given me no choice. I bet your mother would not approve of the potty mouth that you have developed either!” At this point the girl was now sobbing, snot coming out of her nostrils as the tears further smudged her already spread make-up. Matilda’s ears perked up, as she heard the human mutter and babble out what sounded like a pitiful apology. She quirked an eyebrow, and paused a little longer before she delivered the next smack on the quickly reddening cheeks of her charge. Well that was quick… She seems to be pretty malleable in this state… Hmm… Perhaps…? Speaking in a clear voice, she paused after her 19th spank and addressed the pitiful looking girl in her lap in an authoritative tone. “Now then, are you going to be speaking like that to Mama Bear ever again? Or do I have to show you more of what girls with potty mouths get?” Practically blubbering, the young woman shook her head and managed to stammer out, “N-no… I’m not going to s-speak like that to you again… P-promise!” She spoke, her words intermixed with hiccups and shaking sobs. Matilda realized that she was barely lucid as she lay completely still and limp in her lap, unable to resist the punishment that she had been delivering on her bare behind. She continued, maintaining the same dominating tone of voice as she further chastised, “I thought so! Drinking and touching yourself and staying out late at night, not to mention driving under the influence! You’ve been a very, very naughty girl and you’re going to get even more spanking if you keep this up! You’re lucky I’m letting you off tonight because you’re tired and probably are in great need of a bath and a good night’s sleep! Are you going to behave for me while I clean you up, young lady?” Nodding emphatically, the girl continued to sob and pant in Matilda’s lap. Matilda gently lifted her charge up and laid her head against her shoulder, standing up and supporting her underneath her bottom as she did so. “Now then, let’s get you cleaned up shall we?” Gently carrying her over to the bathtub she deposited her inside, turning the water on and tugging off the young woman’s shirt, the last of the clothing that she had been wearing. “Now, what should we call you?” Matilda mused to herself out loud, as she turned on the warm water and adjusted the girl’s body into a rough sitting position, pouring some shampoo into the water as it began to rise up around her legs. “Hmm… I think Annie would suit you quite nicely, don’t you think so dear?” Annie’s eyes fluttered in response, and she groaned softly, her brow furrowing in a contorted, pained expression. A second trickle sounded in the air, and Matilda quickly realized that her blacked out charge was now adding her own urine to the bathwater. “Goodness me! It’s a good thing we got you in the bath before you soiled yourself! We’re going to have to do something about that if you’re going to be sleeping on my bed sheets! Now, I should still have the nursery set up.” Turning off the faucets she drained the bath before turning on the hot water once more. Retrieving a large rag she dipped it into the steaming water and started to gently wash the girl’s body, holding her various limbs and taking great care that her washing felt soft and gentle. The bear began to hum a tune under her breath as she worked away, speaking softly and cooing over Annie as she washed the make-up from her face and dabbed at her sensitive bits, ensuring that she was clean from top to bottom. “That should do it, all squeaky clean! Let’s get you dried then.” She turned off the water and pulled the plug, letting the bathwater and soap suds swirl away as she picked Annie up and out of the tub, laying her down on a towel she had spread on the bathroom floor. Annie could barely comprehend what was happening to her as Matilda ruffled her short, tomboyish hair in a towel and wrapped her up in the one she was laying on. Satisfied that she was dry, the bear scooped her up, still wrapped in the towel and carried her out of the bathroom. Walking down the hallway she took a left before she entered a room that Annie thought must have been a figment of her imagination. It looked like a regular nursery, except every piece of furniture, toys, and even the diapers beneath the changing table seemed to be oversized. Annie blinked twice, her vision still blurry, and a singular thought bubbled up to the surface of her drunken mind, “I crashed my car, hit my head, and now I’m seeing things…”
  8. I had nocturnal enuresis and had to wear diapers to bed until I was 15. My mother was my primary caregiver but one day, she introduced to my new babysitter. She was very pretty with green eyes and wore a touch of mascara dark eyeliner and lipstick. She was fashionably dressed wearing a tennis skirt, pump shoes with kitten heels . She had a fully developed woman's body; slender and shapely, with large breasts that the v-neck sweater she wore struggled to hold. She was a bit taller than my mother and possessed a mature maternal presence and a radiant smile that comforted me. I was late bloomer who had started puberty and when my mother introduced me to her, I thought she was in college or at least a high school senior. She had an November birth day and was 13 when she 1st babysat me January just 3 weeks before my 13th birthday. My babysitter was the same age as me but I thought she was an adult woman. She was my babysitter for about 2 years We went to different schools and I didn't find out she was my age until many years later.
  9. Hi everyone, So I've been a lurker for years. Reading your stories, a little jealous sometimes at certain scenarios. I love writing but never had the courage to write ABDL stories. Today I just felt like trying and made my own account to publish. English is not my native language, constructive criticism and ideas are always welcome. If you guys like it, I will definitely continue. Nina ":) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro The sun was finding it's way through the half open blinds, small beams of light peaking through on the early Monday morning. The first sign of hopefully good weather today, not that they wouldn't go out if there was chance of rain but for an outside activity it surely was a plus. The bedroom was quiet, except for the soft snoring of a young man. Next to his sleeping form was a woman, just a few years his senior. She had been awake for several minutes already but hadn't moved yet, she was content with just looking at her sweet for now. He had cradled himself against her, the head full of dark brown curls nestled against the woman's bosom and his hand holding onto the fabric of the pink nighty she was wearing. The other one held a grip onto a stuffed red panda, his favourite animal. His light snores wear still heard, but the pacifier in his mouth continued to move up and down every now and then as he suckled. He also was content. This new dynamic had been going on for seven weeks now, they had been together for two and a half. But they had both missed something in it, well, Jessy mostly. A mother. Esmee had always cared for him, right from the start she nurtured him a little more then a girlfriend probably should have. But that's what he needed, someone to tell him what do, make his decisions. It gave him structure, less stress and she was more then happy to see him blossom in life because of that. She was his partner but also his mama now. In the last seven weeks there had been changes, obviously all in agreement. Some he was unsure about, like the bedroom across the hall being turned into his nursery. He liked the big bed, loved snuggling with his Mama as he slept. But there he was all alone with just his panda, so for now they agreed only naps were to be taken in his crib. Diapers on the other hand hadn't been much of a problem. He was naturally a little lazy, so the diapers were introduced as the perfect solution for gaming, no potty breaks needed. Jessy liked his diapers, the infantile underwear felt nice and thick. And his Mama always gave him bum pats when they snuggled, those were the best. With every drop of motherly love Esmee gave Jessy the last seven weeks, he became a different person. He slept better, was less anxious and just in general much happier being her little boy. There was only one thing that he struggled with most, outside. Jessy had no trouble being his Mama's boy inside, but out of the house? What if friends saw him, family? Or if a stranger noticed the bulge of the thick pampers? The thought on it's own made him physically ill. What if they noticed? Esmee understood, but this dynamic they had, she liked it too. More then she was willing to admit and she wasn't just going to 'play house' at the house. So every now and then she would take him with her on errands, just small ones. Dressed in shorts a size too big, a clear white onesie underneath that was snapped closed at the crotch, the tight fabric against his thick diapers and a striped red and white t-shirt to hide it under. They would wander through the grocery store, one that was two towns away from theirs. She would hold his hand, like any mother that wouldn't want their child to wonder off. Jessy would toddle next to her, his legs splayed apart because of the underwear. And he was quiet, with a faint little blush on his cheeks as Esmee walked through the store with him, occasionally patting his crinkling behind, reminding Jessy of his status. And with every small outing the young man had with his Mama, he felt more relaxed. It was only a small routine trip after all, she was there, making sure he was alright and taken care of. On the last trip he even emptied his bladder, right there in the baby isle as Mama was getting new wipes. But today would be different, today they were going to the zoo. Jessy was excited to see the red pandas, but the realisation that it was a full day out made him anxious. And when he was anxious, he became a fussy little boy. He didn't listen or cleaned up his toys. To top it all off, Mama made him lunch and he purposely tossed it on the floor. Yesterday evening they were supposed to go out for dinner with friends, the first time in a full week he would be out of diapers and in a pull up. Mama made him wear those just to be sure. But she had canceled it because of his behaviour, told them they couldn't make it. And when Mama announced that, Jessy threw his PlayStation controller on the ground in anger. As it collided against the black tiles, the back came off and the controller glided away to the other side of the living room. Seeing the state of the item he immediately regretted it, more reason because it been a gift. Mama had pulled some serious strings to get it for him when it came out, it was hard to get but she managed and here he was throwing it around. Esmee wasn't going to punish him for his behaviour, she knew what the real source of the behaviour was. Not to mention that the guilt was already written over his face before the controller had come against the ground. His cheeks were now red, glistering of tears in his eyes as he looked up slowly, even Jessy was embarrassed at his own childish tantrum. So she took his hand, deciding that an early bedtime and some extra motherly love was in order. Now here they were the next morning, Jessy cradled against his loving Mama as he dreamed of red pandas with diapers on.
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  11. Chapter 1 “Aww look like the little ones lost. Oh well, they can become the next lost ones in my game but now I need a new bunch. These past few haven't been as much fun. They end up giving up too quickly.” The lady gets an idea and snaps her fingers. She then pulls out a laptop laying it on her large table. It has character sheets on it that look in bad shape before they crumble to dust and blow away. She opened up a group chat on her favorite d&d website. There were 4 people chatting back and forth. She smiles as she read them the first one is from someone’s username ‘Beast’ “Hell ya, nat 20 bitch! I want to kill it as cool as possible!” The next person to respond was just called ‘GM’ “Ya ya...how the heck do you get so lucky at all my games…? You just break all my stories.” GM explained how Beast killed the large Minotaur with his large two-handed weapon. “Now Brick, can you roll a d20 for me? You did get knocked out after all.” This ‘Brick’ person rolls a d20 getting a 10 “Come on, my rolls are so bad! I swear this game is rigged!” The last person types just called ‘hunter’ replies to brick “Hehehe seriously? We've been playing these games with the same group for over a year now and you think it's rigged? Come on man take a chill pill.” Brick replies back “Ya ya...whatever.” Gm replies next “Ok brick is going to be out for a few days. You can move on and carry him or stay and rest. But we can do that tomorrow. I need a break. But has it really been a year already? And I still have yet to get to play a single game myself…” Beast replies “Well none of us know how to DM. But fine go to bed, he's probably got a bedtime! Sleep tight lol” Hunter replies “Damn it beast, can you be nice to our DM for once?! I got an idea! DM if you find a new DM we can all play a game how's that sound” Brick replies next “I'm in! That sounds like fun! I bet the DMs even better at this damn game than me anyways.” Beast just sends a rolling eye emoji “Ya sure whatever as long as I get to be the badass two-handed ax welder!” The DM replies “Really?! Deal! I'll look for a new DM tonight and get back to you all. I'll text you all later, bye!” DM has logged out, appears in the chat log. Then Hunter replies. “Heh, he's cute when he's happy. Later beast, later brick see you tomorrow!” Hunter has logged off. Brick replies. “Cute? What was cute about that? never heard him speak like that. Anyways see ya man.” Brick logs off and then so does beast. The lady at the table smirks. “Well, Natalie looks like you just found your next group. Now to figure out who this DM is.” Natalie gets to work looking up everything she can off his account and finds the name Laphin after hacking into his account. “Lapin heh cute name. Hmm, interesting he lives not too far away. What are the odds, guess I rolled a nat 20.” She writes down the address and begins to make an invite to a huge D&D game on her laptop. She quickly finished it and Put lapin's info on it and drove all the way to his place putting it in his mailbox. “Now we just play the waiting game~” Laphin is an 18-year-old boy about 4’5 he was quite short. He is a white tiger with glasses he has taped up. He stands up from his computer desk and sighs. “How am I going to find a DM? I'm so tired of DMing games, I want to play for once. I also don't want to let my friends down. Well, I know hunters, my friend, and maybe brick? I don't think beast likes anyone. I really need to get everyone's IRL name sometime.” He lays back on his bed and yawns and an older white tiger lady walks into his room. She looked like she was straight out of the wild west. She carried a gun on her hip and a cowgirl outfit. “Laphin? You're still awake? Get to bed now. Way past your bedtime!” Laphin takes off his glasses and covers up. “S-sorry mom!” Even though he was 18 his mom still treated him like a child. She leaves and he sighs laying on his side. “I bet no one else has to deal with this…what's worse is I get bullied all the time at school for it too. Glad it's my senior year, I can't wait to graduate.” Laphin drifts off to sleep, he sleeps great before suddenly he's woken up the next day. “Time to wake up, Laphin you got mail!” Lapin's mother throws him a letter and leaves. Laphin groans and rubs his eyes looking at the paper, unable to read it. He grabs his glasses and opens it up. “Why am I getting mail? Maybe I got into that nice school?” He begins to read it. “Are you big on Dungeons and dragons? Do you want to play a game for 100 thousand dollars for each person on your team?! Well, come join my challenge for your chance to win, remember teams must be of 4! Give me a call if interested if you need help paying to get your team together I'll help pay for a trip there and back! So come and join my world of Babulis!” Lapin was blown away. He jumped up on his bed and jumped off his bed making a loud thump as he quickly grabbed his phone. Suddenly his mother screams. “Laphin you better not be breaking anything in there!!” Laphin shiver “S-sorry mom! It was an accident!” He quickly messages his three friends telling them about the letter he got. His first message back was from Hunter. “Holy shit dude! This is awesome but it almost sounds too good to be true? You sure we can't trust this?” Next was brick “LET'S DO IT! I'm needing some money anyway. My rent is getting way too high.” And last was Beast to reply “100k?! Let's do this!! I'll beat this game with my eyes closed!” Laphin sighed, and it seemed only hunter wasn't sure. He messaged him back. “Come on, please don't let me be alone with beast and brick. I feel like we are the only two smart ones. But I'm sure we can win! As for safety, why would they spend so much money to get you here if it's a scam or something?” The wait was killer on Laphin before Hunter finally replied. “Heh, alright I'll come. But only if my trip over and back is paid. So you better get ahold of this person ok? I'm sure beast and brick can't afford a trip out there either. So you think you can handle that responsibility?” Laphin jumped up and down typing back “YES YES! Yay thank you, thank you!!” He messaged both beast and brick that he would make sure they had a way over as soon as he could then began to call the number on the mail he got. He held his finger over the call button nervously before taking a deep breath. He hit the call and it rang then someone picked up. “Hiya! This is Natalie! Are you calling about my D&D challenge? “ Laphin was awfully shy talking to real people, not on messages. So he talked quite quietly and softly. “Y-ya...and I got some fri-” Natalie giggles “No need to be shy, but you got some friends that need a trip over, correct?” Laphin was confused. “Ya but-” Natalie interrupts him again. “Wonderful! Just tell me their address and by next week we will start the game. I can't wait to have you all here! Don't forget to tell your family that the game might last a while so you need to be here at least a week. Maybe longer, don't worry about food, I have that covered!” Laphin was just so confused but excited “O-ok I'll get you their addresses” Natalie smirks “Can't wait to play, bye cutie~!” She hangs up and laphin just stares at his phone blushing and then smiles then his face goes pale. “Wait a week?! There's no way mom will let me do that… I’ll ask later I got a week I suppose.” He asks everyone for their addresses and sends it to this Natalie in a text. Suddenly Laphins mom calls him. “Laphin! Come and get your breakfast! What the heck are you still doing in your room??” He finishes up before He puts his phone down “Coming mom!” He then rushes to the kitchen and sits at the table and his mom sits some eggs and bacon in front of him. “Thanks, mom” He sighs and begins to think about how he can ask his mom if he can go play a game of D&D for a week or so. Then he remembered his mom was very greedy. “Oh, mom! You know these games of D&D, I play?” She sighs “Oh, these games that you play when you should be studying?” Laphin groans “I guess, but schools too easy! But that's not the p-” His mom interrupts “Laphin I don't care it’s still just a stupid game they cant make you money!” Laphin smirks “What if I told you I could make 100K from one game if I win?” His mom looked interested. “I'm listening…” Laphin then goes on to explain his chances at this game with his friends. “A week? Or more? Hmm.” They finished eating. “Hmm...Fine but if you win you will pay me some money you owe.” Laphin jumps up out of his chair and hugs his mom “Thank you, thank you! Anything! You can have it all for all I care, I just want to hang out with my friends!” His mom hugs back surprised and smiles. “I'm glad you made friends. I know it's hard with your size and all. And you just being a nerd” She laughs and Laphin blushes. “Mom!“ She pats his back. “Oh get over it Laphin you're still my little boy. But you better win this uhh game, your Christmas present might be on the line!” She laughs and he pouts. “That hardly seems fair...whatever so I can go?” She nods and he smiles. His mom gave him one last kiss on the head. Next, we head on over to Beasts place. There stood a tall black goat named Rie who wore a grey hoodie and jeans. He sets his phone down and heads to his room. He was 28 and lived alone, he smirks. “So I guess I'm meeting these nerds I play with. I'm sure hunter and DM are like these big nerds with glasses but brick acts differently. Don't even know each other's names and we are going to meet. Heh, 100k man so many things I could buy! Fuck my job I will quit as soon as I win!” Rie begins to pack clothing and stuff for next week who knows how long they will be gone. But otherwise, he has a fairly easy week till his trip. Next, let's check on Brick. Brick or Zev as he's known by is a half-goat he's got a goat tail, ears, and horns. He's a 23-year-old man who lives in a small apartment with a bunch of posters of girls. He's quite strong-looking and built well. He always wears a sleeveless shirt and shorts. He puts his phone down on his table. “100k huh? Heh, we will win this easily! Beast will kill an ill tank like normal, we are the best team! Well, and hunter he gets off a few lucky hits...ok maybe a lot whatever. So I'll be going far out next week. That's a shame. Hope mom and my little brother will be fine without me around. Probably won't even tell them so they don’t worry.” He heads to his kitchen to eat then begins to pack his bags. Next, we check on Hunter. They are in a large hoodie covering their body and some baggie pants they smile at their phone after sending their address. “Heh, Gm always acts so cute. He must be a little younger than the other two. Maybe a lot? Kinda hope he's at least 18. That would be fun.” They pull down their hoodie to reveal their long hair dyed purple and reddish-pink. She was a young girl about 26 her name was Zoe. she laid back on her bed. “Hopefully he's not underage….that would be awkward. He acts like he's 15 sometimes. Oh well, guess I'll find out next week. I'm kinda excited for everyone to meet me. I'm sure they think I'm a guy. Better off I'm sure brick and beast would have been hitting on me a lot if they knew.” She giggles. “But that's how I preferred it. I know if Beast or brick knew I was a girl I would never hear the end of it...gross there ok friends I guess, but I don't see myself with assholes like them. Well bricks less of a dick and just kinda...dumb heh” She fantasizes about their first time meeting. Now that everyone was on track all they had to do was wait to see each other next week. I know I'm excited too. Oh sorry, you know me, I'm Natalie and I'm going to be telling the rest of this story. I would let the others tell it but there...busy! Very very busy. WANT TO READ MORE I HAVE 2 MORE CHAPTER UP ON MY PATREON OR YOU CAN WAIT TILL ITS COMPLEATE BEFORE ANY MORE ARE POSTED HERE. I POST A NEW CHAPTER EVERY FRIDAY! ONLY $1 A MONTH https://www.patreon.com/Little_Rie
  12. When an IT engineer at RegressCo gets hold of his upcoming evaluation, he tries to find a way to adjust the standards by which he is assessed… with unintended consequences RegressCo - Fudging the Numbers Jack sighed as he sat down in his cubicle. Frustration was visible on his forehead this morning, wrinkling all the way down to the end of the hyenas muzzle. He’d been dealing with ridiculous queries all day, tickets from everywhere from Research and Development to Payroll. How they managed to break so many pieces of equipment and crash simple pieces of software was beyond him. RegressCo needed to get a better handle on enforcing some best practices, the entire IT department was at full capacity and the tantrums people threw about them were audible from three floors up. This time, it was easy to see the cause. Some new intern in HR hadn’t been given a sippy cup and his laptop keys were now stuck firmly in place from the apple juice that had worked their way between them. Thankfully, it was an easy fix, a little careful application of heat and cotton buds and soon everything was clicking away like new. “Now, let’s give you a test run” the hyena whispered to himself, pressing the on button. Rather than the normal start-up screen, the laptop flickered for a second before showing a clear and organised desktop, spreadsheets and documents neatly placed in specific sections. “What? Did this kid not log out or..” It was then the hyena spotted something that made him stop before hitting the start menu. A document mixed in among others. “Jack Crowley - Yearly Assessment - DRAFT COPY” Great. He’d known that was coming up at some point. Still a few weeks away, but definitely in his near future. He’d been at RegressCo for just under a year, his three month probation had come and gone and he’d been officially inducted into a little clique of workers who were still with it enough to make it to the toilet six months in. This place was a minefield, he’d learned that just by reading the various manuals covered in crayons and big red warnings saying “DON’T DRINK THE MILK”. Once you’d stepped in the wrong place at the wrong time, that was it, your name went on the potty chart and your assessments went from formal and boring to a desperate attempt not to be distracted by the colours on your bosses tie. He hovered over the icon, leaning back in his chair. If he read this, he’d probably be breaking a rule somewhere. Fireable? Maybe, he certainly wouldn’t look good on the next version if he was found out… But no one would know right? He opened up the document, skimming through its various sections. His face scowled, dropped, then contorted. None of the notes had been put into “corporate” speak yet, most were still in their raw forms. “Compared to other staff members, standards of work completion have recently dropped... Sees some work as unnecessary... misses deadlines... incapable of working to the standards expected in the company” This wasn’t good. It was really not good. Not a firing, but definitely a talk down. And company evaluations at RegressCo that involved a talk down had a tendency to result in demotion to “potty by the desk at all times” “This is ridiculous…” he whispered to himself leaning back in his chair. He looked over the spreadsheets in the bottom corner, eyes wandering over their file names. “Potty and Toilet Tracker - Q1” “Employee Character Reference Contact Details” “Timesheets - Break and Lunch Monitoring - Q1” All neat, all clearly labelled. Wouldn’t expect less from a straight laced intern in HR with more time to do busy work than anything useful. “Incapable of working to the standards expected in the company…” he tapped his legs, biting on his bottom lip “What standards are they talking about…?” He clicked on the Potty Tracker. Sure enough, everyone in the company was listed there, each one with a status drop down menu. Each of those were known to employees anyway, but it was clear this was the one area Jack was, at least, in the clear. He looked over the list of his colleagues in IT. His manager was listed under the third rung of the ladder: “PAUL FRY - Bathroom privileges, pull-ups required” A thought popped into Jack's mind. These were all a matter of public record in the company. If he lowered the visible standards of those assessing him… ************************************************************************************************************* Paul Fry grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl on the colourful kids tables in the kitchen. The cheetah had got used to this, regression for him was - as he liked to put it - “childs play“. Sure it was annoying for a while, but more often than not he woke up one morning back in his double bed sprawled out with a ripped diaper down his ankles. Then it was just shower, bathroom and back to the grind before the next time he got this small. Five years of it tended to give you a sense of it as it was happening and he’d had enough experience to keep himself stocked up with supplies. Potty training was just another system he had to learn in his IT Consultant position, like any other, and now he just went through the motions each… He stopped in his tracks as a warmth spread through his crotch. His eyes shot to his pants, the apple dropping from his hands in shock. His paws shot to his front, feeling the plastic of the pull-up underneath them expanding as his bladder emptied completely. “I… what the?” he pulled at the front of his waistband, checking the damage. Sure enough, the designs had faded, he’d not even felt it coming. This wasn’t normal… “Hey Paul! You ok there?” he looked round and up at his co-worker. Doing his best to shake off his shock he smiled weakly “Heh… yeah just errr…” “Having a bathroom break?” the cheetahs jaw dropped “Oh come on, it was obvious a mile away” “I… I am not!” he clenched his fists and stamped his foot on the floor. Wait… that wasn’t… “Ok geez… wait… you’re...” The cheetah felt strange. Why couldn’t he unclench his fists? Why did he feel so wound up? He tried to focus on breathing, trying to relieve the sudden tightness. His tail had gone straight, his legs were bending… “Oh… Oh no!” His co-worker fanned his nose dramatically “I’ll err… I’ll go get the nurse Paul. Try not to sit down” The cheetah felt tears coming to his eyes as he patted the back of his pants. But… he was potty training... ************************************************************************************************************* Satisfied with a little adjustment to his managers training progress - the drop down box now helpfully stating “Incontinent - Diapers Required” - Jack started skimming through a couple of the other spreadsheets. It couldn’t hurt to make a few additional adjustments here and there to get him through this, it’s not like they’d be permanent. They’d probably just blame simple clerical error and leave it at that. He wasn’t even logged in, so these wouldn’t appear as his edits. His mouse hovered over one particular spreadsheet, his mind finding another puzzle piece clicking into place. “Employee Character Reference Contact Details” A devious idea entered into Jack's mind. He looked through the list of staff members. There was his name, his mother listed as his emergency contact (being single wasn’t out of choice, so they were the best option) but he quickly found what he was looking for just below it... ************************************************************************************************************* “Hey Richie! Need a hand with those boxes?” Richard looked up and pressed the “Open” button on the elevator as the fox ran in next to him, his fennec ears perking up as he heard his friends gracious offer. “Yeah, that would be great! Seriously, I have no idea why the head of HR needs all this stationary. Can’t he just, I dunno, not eat his crayons every week?” The fox laughed “Oh come on, he probably just spills his bottle on everything and needs to replace it” As the elevator doors closed, Richard leaned against the back of the wall, checking his phone for messages. Sure enough, his wife was checking in on him at work, as she always seemed to. “Urgh…Janet” “Hmmm? Trouble in the Forrester household?” Richard shook his head “Nah, just getting the old “Are you sure you’re ok in work?” spiel. She cares a lot but man she can be…” His phone went off again, another message from her had popped through this time with a picture. “Come on kiddo, I know you’re there! You left your lunch at home silly!” The picture made Richard raise an eyebrow. She’d taken a picture of a kids lunchbox, adorned with cartoons and primary colours. He’d never seen it before in his life. “Oh wow, that's your lunchbox?” “NO!” Richard snapped back at the fox, immediately feeling a blush of shame come to his face for responding that way. “Hah, right, of course not.” Richard growled a little under his breath as he started to respond “Where did you get that from?! Great prank Janet, but I’ve got my lunch back in the office in my own tupperware” The elevator stopped at another floor. Richard began apologising as those outside looked disappointed at the pile of boxes taking up all of the space. “Sorry! I’m sure there’ll be another…” He stopped for a second as the door closed. Stifled giggles were coming from all of the staff. The fox burst into laughter as soon as the elevator started up again. “Richie you might want to take your pacifier out before you talk” What? “I don’t have..” he immediately felt his tongue smacking against a rubber teat. His eyes widened, looking down at the offending accessory that had found its way into his muzzle and pulling it free. It bounced off his chest as the clip that was attached to his shirt pocket caught it on the way down. “What the heck…” He felt his phone go off again. Grabbing at it he looked at the message that had just come in from Janet. “Oh you silly bee, that’s not yours! You should know better than to lie to mommy! I bet you couldn’t even do it without having your pacifier in, you always do that just before you tell me a fib!” Richards jaw dropped. Whatever was happening this was not how he’d expected this elevator ride to go, even as it reached its final stop. Whatever, he’d solve it once they’d unpacked everything, Janet acting strange was the least of his worries. “Ah, Richie!” The jackalope had been waiting for his delivery just outside his office “Glad to see you again, loving the new pacifier, Janet get it for you?” “I… errr…” “Just teasing” he took a small craft knife out of his pocket “Let’s just check the first lot…” he opened the tape of the first box the fox handed down to him, pulling open the cardboard sides. “Looks great! Oh, Richie!” He pulled out another box from inside the delivery, this one adorned with babyish designs “This is for you! Janet called me and asked to order this in. I have to say I think a lot of us are very jealous you have such a lovely mommy” he chuckled a little. Richard could barely keep his jaw off the ground “WI-FI BABY MONITOR - KEEP TRACK OF YOUR LITTLE ONE ANYWHERE!” As his phone went off again he shoved the pacifier back in his mouth and ran back into the elevator... ************************************************************************************************************* Jack couldn’t help but giggle to himself as he made the changes. Richie had always been funny to watch around his wife, a quick change to make her his “Mother by Regression” was far more fitting anyway. When they called for his character evaluation it would change the questions - “Does Richard need regular nap times”, “Does Richard prefer cloth or disposable diapers” - certainly lower his expected standards a little… and by extension the company average. He glanced around again. He was on a roll at this point, in for a penny in for a pound on the whole thing. “Timesheets - Break and Lunchtime Monitoring - Q1” Well… one last little edit would do for now… ************************************************************************************************************* Henry sighed as he leant back in his office chair. He had no idea where Jack had got to, the hyena must have been stuck in a side office working on equipment or something. The IT department was on a skeleton crew at the moment, Paul was at lunch and Jack was, well, not particularly useful at the best of times. He leaned forward, adjusting the booster seat under him a little. Being a field mouse came with a mixture of pros and cons in this place. He had all the accessibility items he could ever need for someone his size, but he did wish they weren’t all in primary colours. He glanced at his watch. Paul should’ve been back from lunch by now, and was delaying his own. “Guess I’ll go grab him, probably got stuck chatting to one of those cats down in accounting…” He made his way out of the IT office and down the hall. There was a little bit of commotion going on, a few of the girls were giggling outside the kitchen. He caught the word “accident” as he came up to the doorway. “What’s happening? Did I miss…” “Oh Henry dear is it time for your feeding already?” He looked to his right to see the head of catering, a large and motherly bear, walking towards the entrance, her apron stained from trying to persuade some of the regressed staff members to eat the veggies their caretakers had asked them to provide. “Is Paul there, he’s…” The mouse yipped as he was suddenly lifted off the ground the bear hoisting him on her arms “Now now dear, don’t worry, your bottle is ready and waiting to go in the warmer as always” Henry’s eyes widened as he looked up at his captor, squirming in her arms “Wa..wait! What are you doing?! I don’t need a feeding, I’m not regressed!” The bear gave his tummy a rub with one of her large fingers, her fur sneaking between the buttons of his shirt, untucking it and causing the mouse to squirm around it. “Ssshhh, I know you're not regressed silly, but that’s what’s on your lunchtime chart isn’t it! It’s alright, we’re always happy to oblige, no need to be embarrassed” He went to open his mouth to complain again but before he could, the bear started to rub his tummy again. It was relaxing and calming, far more than he’d like to admit. He felt himself mewl a little as he heard the beeping of the warmer finishing up what he could only assume was about to be his next meal. “Now Henry, don’t worry, Mama Bear is gonna let you finish this up and then you can have your nap ok?” Nap?! He didn’t have naps at lunchtime he… Before Henry could finish that thought the teat of the bottle was shoved unceremoniously into his mouth. He couldn’t help but swallow the warm milk that started to flow into his little maw, it’s taste washing over every part of his mouth. “There we are! See, no problem at all. Your manager was in here a little while ago, the poor kitten had a bit of an accident. Guess something is going round in IT?” Henry wasn’t really focussed on her voice. He just continued to nurse, desperate to get the experience over with so he could… “Oh dear!” Henry's eyes went wide. The warmth of the milk had flowed down into his stomach, but a different heat was now running down his suit pants. “Goodness me, guess someone needed to make a bit of room huh? Not to worry, this bear’s seen much worse. But I don’t think you’ll be able to stay in those pants…” The mouse tried to pop the bottle out of his mouth to get out some sort of explanation, but the paw of the bear was keeping it firmly in place. “Now, where are those diapers…” ************************************************************************************************************* Jack grinned from ear to ear. Adjustments to lunchtime rotas and meals took a little time to get ready, so by the time of his appraisal, he’d be the only one making himself his own lunch there. Henry would have to have bottles for a week or so before they made that correction, but it would be funny watching him try to explain it to a diapered Paul... Satisfied with his adjustments the hyena saved the relevant documents. That was it for the day, no need to go completely overboard and bring too much suspicious behaviour to the attention of HR. They liked to track these things, and going too far could mean IT could get a permanent changing table in the office. He shuddered at the idea… Still, he couldn’t help feeling like he needed to edit his own document just to be sure. It had been pretty harsh after all. He had to be careful and remove something specific. Removing everything would be obvious. Scanning down the list of bullet points he saw one he could very easily get rid of “He’s noted to be a clumsy member of staff. Motor control that of a child at times, recommend sippy cups and bibs at lunchtime as a precaution” That was bull, but he knew that would be the sort of thing he’d find particularly annoying if any of that was acted on. He selected the entire line and deleted it before moving the mouse towards the close button Except it didn’t get there. It span across the screen, slowly moving its way across the taskbar “What the…” It must have crashed, he thought. The next thing to do in this situation was to bring up the task manager and… His fingers clenched into fists, preventing him from even doing that. Panic spread across his face as he felt his legs push him away from the desk and start to move of their own accord, pulling him to the ground in a crawl. “What… what’s happening?!” he shouted out loud. The empty office didn’t respond, but his arm seemingly did. It slapped against his muzzle, feeling like he’d slept on it for days. His jaw opened as well, licking at the end of his fist and drooling round the back of it. Before he could try to regain control, his thumb had firmly lodged itself inside, his body seemingly desperate for the oral fixation. The hyena felt tears come to his eyes as he fell onto his back. The image of Paul coming in to find him like this was too embarrassing to think about. If he could just get himself back to his feet he could… “Hey do you have my laptop ready yet?” ************************************************************************************************************************************************** If you'd like to read more of my work, please visit www.patreon.com/DaddyWuffster I post three 3000 word stories a month there. You'll get two on the $5 tier and 3 on the $10 tier! Plus if you subscribe on the $10 tier you'll get one of them (voted for by Patrons!) as an audiobook!
  13. Big Thanks to all my patreons that make this story possible! Sarah Smith Daniel Klohac Matt Surber Shido Little baby Jedi If you also want to support me you could also spend 1$ to help out and read all my stories way earlier than anyone else! What a chance to be in the next season of This? Then join my Patreon to get in all you have to do is be a Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Little_Rie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A black deer is sitting in what appears to be a nursery. She's reading a kid’s book to 2 toddlers. One drinking from a bottle and the others sucking a pacifier. They both seem nearly asleep as the black deer rubs both their heads as they fall asleep. She smiles and giggles. Closing the book and heading out of the nursery shutting the door and turning out the lights. A young woman probably in her early 20, she's a pink bunny with floppy ears. She is sitting in an office chair spinning before she notices the black deer. "o-oh boss, you already have the little ones to sleep?" The young lady has a slight blush on her face. The deer giggles and smiles. "I'm surprised you didn't want to join them? Heh." The bunny girl blushes more and laughs. "Well someone has to watch them right? Kinda part of my job. I know you've been looking for more help so I've been keeping an ear out for you." The deer puts her hands on her knees and smiles at the bunny. "Oh really! That's wonderful Sally. Tell mommy all the information and I'll go find you some new friend~" The bunny girl who looked in her early 20s begins to look smaller. She would blush more playing with her ears. "W-well there are two boys who are very sweet but it turns out they lost their home and are homeless now. It's really sad but I'm sure mommy can help them! Then they can work wif us!" The bunny girl gets younger and younger till she's about two years old, the deer grabs the bunny girl. "well ok, then mommy will check on these boys. But in the meantime, you need to get some sleep." The deer grabs a pacifier and puts it in her mouth. She rests her head on the deer and the deer pets her. Like magic, the bunny girl begins to fall asleep. She takes her to the nursery laying her in a crib and leaves thinking to herself. "Two young boys who are homeless. That's so sad… but I'm sure I can give these boys a better life, Heh." The deer leaves the nursery looking up at the sign Staries 'little' getaway. Was the name of this apparent nursery. "It's so hard to find help… No one wants to work here, they all want to stay here." She says with a sigh. She heads to a house next door and walks inside. It was a normal-looking home. But it had stuff set up like she had a child or two. But there was no evidence of a husband or even a kid. She heads to her room removing her skirt and brown apron. She gets dressed in some silky pj's and sits on her bed. "You're going to change the world Starie and if not… I'll make them change." She says with a giggle laying down and quickly falling asleep. The next day Starie wakes up stretching. She throws the covers off her and grabs her phone. She had a text from Sally, it was just a random address and some text that said, love you. Starie smiles and texts back. 'love you too baby bun.' She giggles grabs a new apron and skirt with some panties from her dressers and heads to the bathroom. She gets undressed and gets in the shower just relaxing and cleaning up after she gets out, dries off, and gets dressed. She leaves the bathroom and grabs her phone heading to the kitchen. She hums while she makes herself a bowl of cereal. She scrolls through her pictures on her phone and smiles. "Aww, I can't believe it's already been a year." There was a pink bunny that looked like Sally. She was covering her face as she was an adult in nothing but a diaper laying on a changing table. In the next few pictures, she was younger, probably about 16. Again she was in a diaper standing in the grass in a dress. Just looking around confused. More pictures later the pink bunny was a kid. She was crying because she had scraped on her knee a little. The next one though she was about 2 years old. She was sucking on staries boobs, eating while Starie petted her head. "She would kill me if she knew I took all these pictures. She doesn't have a huge debt to pay off. I probably still own her for another 10 years at least. I doubt she would quiet after though." She giggles and finishes her cereal. She finally gets up and heads to her computer and opens a document on her computer. She works for a few hours before printing it off. "That should do. All I have to do is get a few people to sign this." She grabs the 30-page document and puts them in her purse. Throwing it over her shoulder and heads out of her house. "Let's see here." She pulls out her phone and looks at the address again. "307 west peanut Street. Got it~!" She locks her phone and puts it in her purse and heads down the sidewalk. After about a half-hour of walking, she Finally finds peanut Street. She keeps walking and finds a homeless shelter and frowns. "I feel like most of my workers should come from here just to give them a second chance. Poor people. We will see." She says with a sigh she goes to walk up to it and finds an anthro pony orangish yellowish pony. He had a black eye and is handing a small girl a Halloween bucket. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine! Isn't that right Resuku? Me and him couldn't have you without Halloween candy next week now could we?" A skunk with orange on the back of his tail white belly and brown the rest of the way around smiles shyly and nods. "Ya… though brave took quite a beating…" Brave soul covers Resukus mouth. "Shhh! Yap! Just fine, now go have fun." The little girl smiles. "Thank you, mister!" She skips off and Starie smiles. "That was super sweet. How old are you two?" They both look around before looking at each other. brave spoke up first. "Us? Well, we are the same age, 26 ma'am." She giggles and smiles holding her hand out. "Oh, I should introduce myself. I'm Starie! You are brave? And your boyfriend is Resuku." Resuku blushed and brave blushed a bit. They both shook her hand. "He's my friend… we are not uhh together like that. But can we help you?" Brave asked as Starie nodded. "Oh right, well I hear you two don't have a place to call home anymore? Would you like a chance to have a place to live for one year? After that, we will see where it goes." Brave looks suspicious but Resuku looks interested as he speaks up. "Wait… like we pay rent or something? We don't have jobs but we could with a place to stay! Right brave?" He holds up a finger. "Hold on. What's the catch lady?" She frowns. "Aww, already caught on huh?" Brave smirks. "I'm not stupid." Starie pulls out a bunch of documents from earlier from her purse. "All you have to do is fill out this. Sign a few papers and for one year you have a free place to stay. I mean you can buy other stuff to make life more enjoyable but we will give you the basic stuff for free." Brave and resuku look intimidated by this large document. "Holy… crap…" Resuku says. "Oh ya it's quite long. Would you prefer me to come back another day, to get time to read it over?" Starie asks with a smile. "Uhh let's go inside and sit down and look it over I suppose?" Brave says. he's kinda excited. He couldn't believe such an opportunity to get back on his feet was here in front of him. They all head inside and sit around a table in the main area of the homeless shelter. They began reading the first page. It was very simple stuff. The normal for a legal document. Reminded them of kinda like a renters form. "Well… What do you think Resuku? This looks legit?" Brave asks. Resuku nods. "Let's sign it! I'm sick of this place. I'm ready to get back on my own feet and live my own life again!" Brave smiles and laughs and they begin to work on the document signing everything they need to. After what felt like forever of paperwork they hand the stuff to Starie who's texting on her phone. She's texting Sally. All it says is 'bring the van'. Starie looks up with a smile. "Oh all done? Well, congratulations on your new home!" She puts the paperwork away. And brave gets in her face. "S-so umm when can we go to this home…?" Resuku also looks interested but too shy to speak. Starie giggles. "Soon! I got a car coming to pick us up." They wait a good half hour before Sally comes running into the building breathing heavily. "I-im here! Sorry! I was changing-" Starie puts her arms around Sally. "Sally! Say hello to Brave soul and Resuku. You two, this is my worker Sally. She's a bit scatterbrained. But does her best." They all shake hands. They head out to the van and get in. "Smells like baby powder in here." Brave says, Sally blushed and was about to say something. "And? It's a better smell than something rotten wouldn't you say?" Brave shrugs. "Huh… ya I suppose so?" Resuku shrugs and smiles. "I mean...it kinda smells nice." Starie nods. "Yap! Oh while you two sit back there I got one more form for you to fill out. This one doesn't have anything about boring stuff. This is about what you all want. There's stuff that costs money here but don't worry you pay nothing for the full year. Then after you can either pay off your debt or work for me to pay it off. Sally's a previous customer! " Sally blushes more and nods. "Y-ya that's right! I racked up so much debt on day one… I had to stop and go with the free options." They take the paper Starie hands them and looks it over. Do you want an adult bedroom for $5000, a child's for $1000, or a baby's free. (girls bedroom would depend on clothing) Clothing options, adult $2000, child $500, or baby free. (Girls' clothes give you money in the opposite way. Baby $2000, child $500 an adult $200) Underwear? Adult $5000, childish, $2000 pull-ups $500, and diapers free. Food. Every meal adult $1000, baby food $500, breastmilk free. Bedtime, 7 free 10 $1000 no bedtime $3000 Fun items can be anything you want. They both had an incredible blush on their face. Brave speaks up. "You can't be for real? Why is all this baby stuff free? You just can't expect us to pick that?" Sally giggles and Starie smiles, turning to them. "Oh right, I forgot to say. The first 3 days you will be regressed, younger and younger. Till You're both about 2 years old. So the baby's stuff will come in later. Just depends if you want it earlier. It also won't make your debt much higher." They both blush more. "it's not possible to regress someone right…?" Starie reaches behind Sally who's driving and pulls her pants down a bit showing her diaper. Sally blushes like Crazy. "M-mommy!" Both the boys couldn't believe this was an adult in diapers. They both looked at each other as Starie kissed Sally's cheek. "Sorry baby, but mommy had to prove it to them. Now, are you going to select your stuff? Or do I get to?" Both their eyes get big. "W-we will." Resuku says filling out the information on his paper. Brave sighs and does the same as they turn them into Starie. She secretly takes a picture of them and sends them to an unknown number. "... We could just runoff." Brave says. "And risk jail time? The papers you signed give me ownership for one year. Take your choice boys." They sigh. "Guess we are going with you… but I mean what happens if we max out the debt?" Brave asks. Starie giggles. "You work for me for the rest of your life. But don't worry you will get a place to stay and stuff, In the nursery that is. Sally likes it there." Sally whines as they Finally make it to the house. They both blush. "N-nursery? Oh God… let's try not to make this permanent…" Brave says, Resuku nods. "I agree… but this will be so humiliating…" Sally gets out of the van running into the building with Starie’s 'little' getaway written on it. Starie laughs. "She's so shy about her diapers. But a year as a toddler will do that to you." They both shake gulping. She gets out and opens the door for them. "Well come on! Let's head on inside. You were both so excited!" They both take their time getting out of the van and follow Starie up to her house. They all step inside and she shuts the door. "Please take off your shoes." They both do as she says. "So uhh… I mean this place isn't that bad… right Resuku?" Brave asks. Resuku nods shyly. "Y-ya… do we get separate rooms?" Starie frowns. "No, unfortunately not. I only got one spare room. I never expected to take on two at the same time." Brave kinda shrugs. "I don't mind. Could be worse right?" Resuku blushed. "R-right! Like having to wear diapers… or something." Starie giggles. "Oh that will be a given eventually but I'll let you try to keep without them as long as you want. But I won't give anyone false hope. Now let's check out your new room for the day shall we?" They all head to a spare bedroom and open the door heading into their new room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  14. When a wolf has a little too much to drink one night, he ends up ruining all of his summer plans. But his mother has found a solution... a job at a local daycare... This a slightly reformatted and edited version of the story I first posted to this Patreon when I launched it. With the next story directly following on from these events, I thought it would be good to properly get it into a post! Without a Care “But Mom why do I have to go?” “Because when I put in the application I had to mention your little accident two weeks ago” “I already explained why that happened! It was because I drank too much the night before and was completely hammered” “You shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place!” His mother shouted back “Besides I still have to mention it. They asked specifically if there had been any recent incidents of bed-wetting. If I didn’t, and anyone asked about it, I could have been in serious trouble” The 16-year-old wolf struggled to find an answer to this one. His mouth opened and closed without any form of communication. “Right” said his mother, clearly annoyed that the conversation had needed to go this far, “That’s sorted then. I’m sorry no where else would take you, but they should be able to give you jobs that will help in the future, especially if you have kids” “Yeah like I’m ever going to be taking care of kids” he replied, beginning to walk off. “Jimmy, don’t forget to pack all the stuff you need tonight. I don’t want you arriving to find you haven’t got enough underwear” “Mum I’m sure I’ll be fine” “Right now get to bed, if we’re not at the day-care by 9:00 tomorrow you’re not going to be giving a very good first impression” Jimmy only snarled. He had wanted to apply for a camp over the summer, in particular one that would be fun but also give him work. His mum had offered to help, and had gone through the various websites and phone channels. Thanks to the “incident” two weeks ago, however, only the day-care down the road had offered him a place to stay and work, mentioning that they had the “resources to deal with such an incident should it happen again”. The very words were like poison. They implied that the 16-year-old wolf would wet the bed, something he hadn’t done since he was 5. “Nothing I can do about it now” he said to himself, hauling his suitcase out of the cupboard under the stairs. Before long he had packed, his entire wardrobe was empty, and the chest of drawers next to his bed was void of underwear and pyjamas. The only thing left now was to go to bed and await the noise of his alarm the next morning. When the alarm did sound, Jimmy was already up and showering. A frustrated nights sleep had meant that he had awoken several times. This was, after all, his first taste of work. It was a big step in the teenage wolfs life, albeit a step in an odd direction. Eventually he had given up at six am, when there was little point in trying to go back to the world of dreams. Wandering out of the bathroom wrapped in only a towel he went back to his room, pushing the alarm button on his clock. This was promptly followed by a voice at his bedroom door “You’d better be out of bed mister, I’m not – Oh you’re awake!” “Yeah mum, can I have some privacy while I change” “Oh, sure” his mother sounded as though she was surprised to see her son awake, let alone half-naked. As she closed the door behind her, Jimmy threw his towel to floor and began to change into his last set of available clothes. As the car went to park outside the “Little Joy Day-Care Centre” Jimmy felt an odd sense of anxiety. He had no idea how to take care of babies and toddlers, yet he was about to be responsible for some of them. However, the voice of his mother from the front seat of the car was enough to shake him out of his thoughts. “Come on get that suitcase out of the back!” Within moments the case was out and both mother and son were walking up to the front of the day-care. As they walked in a combination of sensual stimuli hit both of them, a combination that could only mean “childhood”. White walls and blue floors greeted them, leading up to a pine desk with a fox sitting behind it. There were banners along the skirting boards covered in balloons and teddy bears and the noise of screaming and laughter that could only be coming from toddlers and babies was mixed with the sounds of cooing coming from a room the left of the entrance. The smells of baby powder and disinfectant filled the air, creating a strange aroma that was very nostalgic to the wolf. He had been in a similar place to this a long time ago, he thought to himself, though he couldn’t remember any of it off hand. “Hello there, can I help at all” the voice came from the fox behind the desk, clearly a receptionist. “Yes my son is here to work with you for a few weeks” His mother said, before Jimmy could even get a word in for himself “Ah yes Mr. Hall, if you take a right here you’ll be outside the headmistresses office. She’ll be able to give you more information” she immediately went back to her computer screen without a second look at the two of them. Having followed this simple instruction the mother and son were now seated in front of an older fox. Large spectacles covered her eyes and her hair was tinged grey at the edges. “Mr. Hall I’d like to welcome you to Little Joy Day-care. My name is Jennifer Dart, though I expect you to call me Miss Dart or Miss” she straightened herself up, as if to assert authority over her new worker “As the brief explained you’ll be helping out the staff in many of their day-to-day tasks. This includes, but is not limited to, cleaning out potties and diaper pails, cleaning the toilets and changing tables and replacing supplies from the stockroom.” She stared almost menacingly at Jimmy from across her desk. “You will not be required to do much while the children are here, most go home at 4pm with their parents, at which point we begin the cleaning up process to prepare for the next day. I provide my staff with dinner and a bed during the week since many live a long way away. This has simply become the easiest way to run the business, and you will also be given breakfast, lunches and dinners during your stay here.” There was a pause as she looked down at her notes. Spotting something she raised her eyebrows and her eyes moved to look at him, her head staying still. “We will also provide you with night-time protection, since we cannot risk having our beds ruined” Jimmy felt a pang of anger at these words. He wanted to complain, but he knew, by this stage, that there was no avoiding it. “Do you wear such protection at home Mr. Hall?” Jimmy was taken aback by the question “No miss, it was a one time accident”. Again her eyebrows rose to the top of her forehead “Oh… Well we’ll see how you go tonight in that case. If nothing is amiss we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and you can sleep without the diapers” “Diapers?” Jimmy exclaimed, unable to keep his voice from rising in shock “Keep your tone in check young man!” his mother scolded. “At the very least we will ask you to wear a diaper on your first night here.” Miss Dart continued, “This is just a precaution as mattresses cost money and unless you want your mother paying for a new one I suggest you wear such protection. For now at any rate.” Jimmy couldn’t believe it. He was being told to wear diapers in case he wet the bed! He was 16! Not 3! “Since you do not normally wear protection of this kind, may I also presume that you have never changed yourself into a diaper before?” Already speechless from the previous point Jimmy could only stutter out a “N-No” “In that case I’ll have one of the staff change you before bed tonight. If this really is a one time thing you’ll have nothing to worry about.” She smiled at him “But that’s not for a little while yet, let me show you to your room” Both mother and son followed the headmistress back to the main hall. By now the screaming and laughing was in full swing in the day-care centre. Rather than going through the nursery, however, the headmistress took them to a door behind the reception desk. It opened onto a staircase that led up to second floor. “Up here is our staff room, toilet, kitchen and bedrooms” said Miss Dart “You’ll be sleeping in here” as she opened the door, Jimmy immediately noticed several odd things about the room. Firstly it smelled like the rest of the nursery, a combination of baby powder and disinfectants. Secondly all the furniture looked like the rest of the nursery, all white, including the bedspread and pillow. Finally one piece of furniture in particular caught his eye. “Is that a changing table?” “Yes it is” Miss Dart replied, “In some cases some of the children have to stay the night, particularly if parents are on business trips. We provide the service as an extra means of income.” It was at this point that he noticed something further about the bed. There was a large wooden fence folded down over the side. He immediately realised that this could be raised to create a cot. “So I’m in a toddlers room?” “I’m afraid this is all we can provide you with. All the other rooms are taken up by our staff members.” Jimmy could only sigh. He was going to be sleeping in a baby’s room for four weeks. “I guess this is where I wish you good luck!” his mother said, kissing him on the cheek. “I’ll be fine mom, how hard can it be” “That’s the spirit! I’ll be keeping in touch with Miss Dart to see how you’re getting on” as she started to leave the room Miss Dart followed. “We’ll give you time to unpack your things and then we’ll see you downstairs for lunch in an hours time” “Bye Mom!” Jimmy shouted at the door. “Bye! Have a nice time!” After unpacking, Jimmy took a little bit of time to look at some his furniture. As he suspected the fence on the side of the bed rose up easily, creating a suitable barrier, and quite a tall one at that. He doubted even he could climb over it! The changing table was a pretty standard affair, though he noticed it was void of any of the typical trimmings. No diapers, wipes or powder. After making sure all his shirts were neatly folded and stored in the wardrobe he headed back down the stairs to the reception desk. By now it was nearly lunchtime, though he realised he had no idea where to go. Spotting the receptionist he hoped she knew where he needed to go “Excuse me, where do I go for lunch?” he asked, a little nervous/ “Oh right, if you go through the nursery and turn right as soon as you reach the play area you’ll see our dining area. We have lunch with some of the kids, makes it easier to organise everything that way” she smiled at him, then went back to her computer/ “Thanks Miss… err…” “Keri. Miss Keri” “Ah ok, thanks” As Jimmy entered the nursery he was suddenly flustered. All around the room there were kids of various ages and species playing with toys and being tended to by the nursing staff. Some looked no older than about 18 months, with many wearing nothing but a diaper. Some even wore training pants he noticed, as he wandered through the room. The kids didn’t pay their new visitor the slightest attention, most were caught up in whatever activity they happened to be doing. The kitchen was far less intimidating to the 16 year old. There was a lion being fed in a highchair by a kindly looking tigress while the rest of the staff were eating their own meals. Noticing Miss Dart at the end of a table in the centre of the room he moved over to sit down. “Ah Mr. Hall, please take a seat.” She smiled at him again. It was the same smile as before, the one that sent shivers down his spine. “I trust you’ve unpacked everything?” “Yes Miss Dart” Jimmy replied, his voice slightly shaky from nerves Miss Dart seemed to notice his anxiety “Don’t worry, I imagine this is all a little new to you?” Jimmy nodded in response “I’m sure you’ll do fine. For now though I’ve put up a recommended menu for you on the side there. Have you cooked before?” “Only with pasta Miss” “Well that’s two meals sorted at least. As long as one of the staff is here to help I’m sure you’ll have no problem” Jimmy laughed nervously, unsure as to what to do next. “Well then, I suggest you make a quick meal for yourself. Pasta should be fine, there’s plenty in that top cupboard there” Miss Dart motioned over to the worktops “Otherwise pots and pans are in the cupboard next to the fridge. I’ll see you in here in about 20 minutes for your first briefing on what to do next.” “Ok, thank you Miss” She smiled again and left the kitchen, leaving Jimmy to cook. Pretty soon he was full of pasta, and Miss Dart returned, carrying a folder and a notepad “Right, Mr. Hall” Miss Dart started “As your first task, I need you to restock your own changing table” “What?” Jimmy’s voice was once again unable to stop itself from rising in mild shock “We need to ensure all the supplies are there for this evening. This will also give you the opportunity to see the stockroom and where we keep everything” She gave him a stern look “I’ll show you there now” When he entered the stockroom, Jimmy could see only one thing. Diapers, stacked high on nearly every shelf. Packs of different sized diapers for all the different species, all neatly stacked in alphabetical order. “Right Mr. Hall, I’m going to challenge you a little.” She gave him another of those smiles “I want to see how quickly you can find your size diaper and then find powder, wipes and a washcloth” Jimmy turned to look at the room. Logically, the diapers should be easy to find, he thought, since everything is in alphabetical order by species. Wandering down to the end of a row of shelves he quickly found a shelf marked “Wolves” and looked up and down the section. He never knew there were this many brands of diaper. Pawpers were here but so were Snugglies, Tailsies and Puppy Eyes. “How are any these supposed to be in my size?’ Jimmy thought to himself. Noticing that the sizes seemed to go up the further down you went he got on his knees and looked on the bottom shelf. “What the?” he said out loud. On the bottom shelf was a pack of “Teen Pawpers: For Ages 13-18” He couldn’t believe it. All the pack had on the front was a plain image of the diaper and the text. The picture showed that the diaper was covered in cute designs. “Have you found the diapers yet?” he heard Miss Darts voice across the other side of the room. “I think so!” He shouted back, now out of the confused stupor. The rest of the supplies were much easier to find. There were only two sections that weren’t stacked to the heavens with diapers so soon he had powder, washcloth and wipes. The large pack of Pawpers he was carrying in his left hand still left him confused, however. “I didn’t know Pawpers made diapers for teens” Miss Dart just smiled "Well, you do now, and you'll be getting familiar with them pretty soon" Jimmy could only grimace in resposne. “Right, that took you about 5 minutes” Miss Dart continued “Not too bad considering you’ve never been in the stockroom before” she grabbed a diaper pail from the entrance. “I’ll carry this one up to your room for you, keep a hold of the rest” This was all a bit surreal to the wolf; he was carrying his diapers and changing supplies up to his room after all. The rest of day passed pretty uneventfully, dinner consisted of a roast that Miss Dart had cooked for her staff. Soon it was time for bed and, Jimmy realised, for his first diaper change in 14 years. He was just about to change out of his clothes when the door to his room opened. “Alexis could you help Jimmy change for the night?” “Yes ma’am” replied the tiger that Jimmy recognised as being the tigress that had fed the lion at lunchtime. “Lets get you get up on the changing table then” The tigress didn’t even give Jimmy a moment to react. Before he knew what was happening Alexis had lifted him, which was no mean feat, up onto the changing table. “W..Wait I’m not even out of my pants” “Oh shush, I’ve undressed hundreds of kids” she quickly and roughly removed his jeans and boxers, leaving the wolf blushing bright red. “I…. I” Jimmy stuttered as he moved his hands to cover his private areas. “No need to be shy” Alexis merely moved his hands away and began wiping down the insides of his legs, the cold sensation making him shiver a little. She then followed up with a liberally dashing of powder along his front. The smell completely overwhelmed the wolf’s senses, putting him a daze. He felt his legs being lifted up and the diaper being placed underneath him before he looked up to see Alexis move the front over his belly button. His legs went back down and Alexis taped the diaper up on both sides. “There we are, all ready for bed” She lifted the wolf up off the table and set him down. Jimmy was in a state of shock and confusion. The diaper was thick, so thick in fact that he couldn’t move his knees together. The designs on the front were similar to that of any baby diaper, albeit slightly more toned down. “I’ll be in tomorrow morning at 8am. If you’re in need of a change, I’m responsible for that, otherwise make sure you’re ready to start working at 9 sharp” and with that she left Jimmy standing half naked in the middle of the room. Jimmy couldn’t believe it. He had just been changed into a diaper for the first time since he was a toddler, all because he’d had a little too much to drink one night. “This is so weird” he thought to himself. He couldn’t walk straight with the padding between his legs. Instead he found himself waddling over to his bed and climbing in with a loud rustle from his new underwear. He quickly found it impossible to lie on his side and rolled over to his front. He was tired from the day’s events and soon found himself drifting off into a peaceful slumber. ********************************************************************************************************** “Up you get Jimmy it’s 8am!” Alexis’ voice broke through Jimmy’s dreams and he awoke with a start. “Lets get you changed, you’ve got to be ready for work at 9” Jimmy wearily got out of bed and moved towards the wardrobe. He quickly realised something was amiss. He was waddling for a start. Then it all came flooding back. He looked down at his diaper and was shocked by what he saw. It was drooping heavily, the front was stained a light yellow and the tapes were stretched. He had completely soaked his diaper. For the second time in three weeks he had heavily wet the bed. “Come on, stop standing there like a lemon” Alexis quickly solved this problem by hoisting the teenager back up onto the changing table. Still drowsy, all Jimmy could do was stare at the process. Alexis pulled the diaper out from under him and started wiping, causing another shiver to go up his spine. This was enough to give him his voice back. “Why….?” “Hmmm?” Alexis assumed she’d missed half of the question. “Why did I wet the bed?” Jimmy was now on the verge of tears, it was all just too much. “It happens sometimes kiddo, but that’s why everywhere asks. You had one accident, and sometimes new environments can cause others.” Jimmy still felt confused and angry with himself. What was he supposed to say to his mother? “Anyway, you’re all cleaned up so get dressed. We’ll see you downstairs to start work in half an hour ok?” Alexis said, cheerfully. “Sure” Jimmy’s reply couldn’t have been more different. “Awww don’t make that face, cheer up and enjoy the next two weeks!” Alexis’ enthusiasm seemed to know no bounds. After the embarrassment of the morning, Jimmy didn’t feel like talking to anyone when he got downstairs. With Miss Dart waiting outside his room, however, this was going to prove impossible. “So, do you remember your tasks for the day?” “Uh-huh” Jimmy said, despondently. “If you’re still upset about your accident this morning you’ll need to shake it off. I don’t want you daydreaming or mulling around” Miss Dart said sternly “Yes ma’am” Jimmy replied, straightening himself up “Good, I’ll see you in the kitchen at lunchtime” The beginning of the day felt strange to the wolf. Cleaning the changing tables before the kids arrived wasn’t too bad, though the smells of baby powder and diapers reminded him of the morning events more than he would have liked. After finishing up on the tables he felt his bladder twinge. It wasn’t a very strong twinge, and the wolf carried on, assuming that he would be able to hold it. It was therefore a surprise when a second twinge hit, twice as strong as the first, leaving an ache on his bladder. “Gah… Where’s the bathroom on this floor?” Jimmy wandered back into nursery, looking left and right. The day was now in full swing, with cubs running around and the various carers doing their best to control them. Jimmy quickly ran to a carer. “Where’s the bath….” He only managed the first part of his question when he felt a release, and warmth, in his crotch. It didn’t take long for the wolf to realise what he was doing. In full view of cubs that were just learning to potty train, a 16 year old was wetting himself, right in front of a member of staff. It was too much; he just stood there, unable to say a word as his bladder emptied itself into his boxers. Since they were never meant to absorb anything, the slow trickle of urine down his legs quickened, until a small puddle had formed at his feet. When it was finally over, the wolf looked up at the caretaker, a look of pity on her face. “Come with me, I think Miss Dart will want to see you” All Jimmy could do was follow her to the heads office. He felt like a cub, the very idea that he had just wet himself felt so wrong. The caretaker knocked on the door, an action that was quickly followed by Miss Darts voice. “Come in” As he entered, he felt a draft of cool air against his pants, sending shivers around his body; he looked down at them again, only to immediately look back up when Miss Dart stood up, a look of shock on her face. “What happened?” she said, her voice cracking from surprise. “He had an accident ma’am, he was asking me where the toilets were when….” “An accident? Mr. Hall you’re sure you have never had any problems with your continence before now?” her voiced was so stern it caused Jimmy to break down on the spot. “I…. I’ve never had any problems…. Before” he said sobbing. “You said the bedwetting was a one time incident, but we both know there's an underlying problem here.” “Please Miss…. It just happened” “That’s the same excuse toddlers use Mr. Hall, you are 16, not 2” the patronising tone took Jimmy aback. “But I…” “There is clearly something amiss here. I would like you to have a shower and then wait in your room. Alexis will be up there in 10 minutes to see to any other needs you might have” All Jimmy could do was wander up the stairs, bewildered. Why had he wet himself? How had he managed to lose control so quickly? These questions plagued him throughout his shower and the drying process that followed. When he returned to his room, he found Alexis and Miss Dart waiting outside. “I heard you had a little accident today little guy” Alexis said, seeming to find the whole situation amusing. “Alexis, please, we need to have a serious discussion about Mr. Hall’s strange behaviour” “Yes Ma’am” Alexis straightened up, and followed both Jimmy and Miss Dart into his room. It was at this point that Jimmy found his voice again. “I’m sorry, I have no idea how it happened,” he said, his voice breaking under muffled sobs. Miss Darts eyes were focused on him, while Alexis was looking at her nails, seemingly uninterested. “Mr. Hall, while you were showing I came to the conclusion that having you here was a mistake.” The words were like a grenade exploding in his heart. “You have embarrassed yourself and us by losing control in front of children who are supposed to look up to you as a role model. Instead they saw a 16 year old doing exactly what they do because they haven’t be trained yet,” her voice carried an anger that Jimmy hadn’t expected. “Because of this, I have had to make a few changes to your stay here. From now on Alexis will take care of your needs. You will not be required to work. Instead we will allow you to be a…. test” she stretched the word out, letting it drift to Jimmy slowly. “What do you mean?” “Normally speaking we only take care of kids aged between 1 year and 4, as we only really have the resources to do so. We occasionally take care of older children but only on special request and when the money is good enough. What we want to do is see how well the kids react to someone older if they are put in the same environment” she gave Jimmy an intense look before continuing “You are to act exactly the same as any other toddler here, Alexis will be your personal caretaker and cater to feeding, clothing, and bathing you. You do not have a choice in this matter. We will consider not charging you for the carpet clean up if you oblige, but otherwise I can assure you we will spare no quarter in getting something back from you” Jimmy could only stare back in shock. They expected him to be a toddler, to act like a two year old? “That’s crazy! I’m sixteen!” “And yet you’ve proven so far that you have the same self-control as a toddler. You are even talking back to you superiors like a brat” her voice carried malice with that final sentence. “I’ll leave you and Alexis to discuss day to day routines. All toddlers have them after all. We won’t put you in the nursery for any length of time until tomorrow though.” “Righto ma’am!” Alexis stood to attention, ready to carry out her new duties. “I’ll see you tomorrow then, Mr. Hall. Do not worry about the next few days, you’ll have no worries in the world” she followed this up with another of those smiles before closing his bedroom door behind her, leaving Jimmy agape. “So…. How about we get you in a new diaper?” Alexis leapt towards the still dumbstruck wolf, giving him no time to react. He had the now familiar feeling of being lifted on to the padded changing table. “Better make sure you’re not gonna leak everywhere again!” said Alexis, grabbing a diaper and supplies from the table. Despite the clear enthusiasm in her voice, all it did was make Jimmy burst into tears again. “Awww come on little guy. Here’s something to cheer you up” she handed him a little tiger plushie “Now you don’t ever need to worry, I’m always here, at least in plushie form” “I’m 16…. I don’t cuddle plushies anymore” Jimmy sobbed. “And you don’t wear diapers either I assume?” she asked, patronisingly. Rather than have an argument he couldn’t possibly win, Jimmy grabbed the plushie and pulled it tightly to him. Strangely it did feel better. “I’m just overwhelmed from today, I don’t really feel better with a plushie” he thought to himself. Before long he felt the tapes on his diaper being tightened and his tail being threaded through the hole in the back. “Rightio, all changed” Alexis then hoisted him off the table and onto the bed. “Now you stay right here mister I’m going to go get your dinner” she then tussled his hair, gave him a wink and left. All Jimmy did in Alexis’ absence was sit his bed, shattered from today’s events. He couldn’t think straight; all he could do was keep his new plushie close to his bare chest. Eventually Alexis barged into his room carrying a sippy cup and a jar of what could only be described as “mush”. “Here we are, mashed up chicken and rice for my new charge!” she said. “What? I can’t eat that!” “Really? Are you allergic?” “No but….” “Then open wide, the choo-choo train to Jimmy-wimmys tummy-wummy is on time. And no one wants it to be late!” Jimmy was so taken aback by this display of mothering that his mouth stayed open just long enough for Alexis to sneak in a spoonful of the slushy mixture. At first, Jimmy felt like gagging from surprise. Then he got his first taste, then the feeling of mashed chicken on his tongue. The taste wasn’t too bad, but the texture was so alien that he swallowed just to get it down. “Chooga-chooga” Alexis was seemingly unable to help herself, years of playing with toddlers enabling her to just leave any sense of restraint behind her. Jimmy on the other hand was moving further back on to his bed. “I don’t want another….mphh” Alexis was able to move fast enough to pop another spoonful of the mixture into his mouth before he could finish, resulting in the wolf moving forward into his new caretaker, reading to vomit the vile mixture over her shoulder. “If you don’t swallow it, you’ll go to bed without any more dinner” Alexis’s tone changed from one of amusement to seriousness. Jimmy looked up at her, considered his situation and stopped fidgeting. “Fine, may as well get it over with” For the next 10 minutes all that could from Jimmy’s room were the sounds of airplanes flying with badly mangled jet engines and trains that seemed to be built on rollercoaster’s. “All finished! What a good little tyke you are!” still bubbly as ever Alexis began cleaning his mouth with the washcloth he’d brought up yesterday. “Mmph, I would have gotten so messy if you’d just let me feed myself!” Jimmy complained “I seem to remember someone saying that they’d be able to keep their bed dry too!” That shut him up quick. “And now I think it’s time we sorted out what you’re going to be doing tomorrow!” Alexis pulled Jimmy over to her, putting her arm around his mid-rift and hugging him close to her chest. “Ok, all toddlers have playtime between nine and eleven o’clock, which gives parents time to bring them and let them relax. Then we try and teach counting or something at twelve before lunchtime at one” Jimmy grimaced, guessing that “lunchtime” meant eating more of the mixture he’d just eaten. “After that it’s nap-time, then at three it’s story-time and then everyone goes home. Of course in your case it’s a bit different. You’ll be given dinner, then changed for the night and put to bed with another story, read by yours truly” she positively beamed at Jimmy, who could only manage a weak smile back. “Of course, in between all of this you’ll have diaper changes. It won’t always be me doing that. The caretakers check everyone’s every half hour. Wouldn’t want you getting a diaper rash now would we?” She pinched him the cheek, which made Jimmy recoil and send out a weak growl. “Sounds like someone’s a little cranky, I think it’s time for bed little man!” Alexis put on her stern voice again and got up from the bed. Jimmy climbed into his bed, only to find Alexis’ hands moving the duvet over him. He had just been tucked into bed! “And now to make sure my little guy is safe and sound!” Alexis’ pulled the fence up from the side of bed, effectively turning it into a large crib. Jimmy doubted he could get out at night even if he wanted to now. He yawned and hugged his new plushie close to him, hoping he would fall asleep quickly. “Sweet dreams little guy!” Alexis chimed before closing the door behind her. ********************************************************************************************************** When Jimmy awoke he found himself in a very odd position. There was enough light coming through the babyish curtains in his room to see the state he was in. He’d thrown his covers off in the night, leaving his diaper on full display. A diaper that was soaked for the second night on the trot, he noticed. “Dammit!” he shouted, punching the bars in anger. “That’s no way to treat our property Jimmy!” Alexis had been at the door the whole time. “What’s the time?” asked Jimmy “8:00, I got in just as you woke up” Alexis replied. She pulled down the bars and grabbed her charge underneath his arms, carrying him over to the now overly familiar padded table. “Wow you really soaked this again, I hope the girls downstairs are ready for a challenge” Jimmy could only sigh and wait for it all to be over. He smelled the powder and felt his tail threaded through the hole of his new diaper. This was the first diaper he was going to use during the day for nearly 13 years. “All set and ready for the new day! Now just to find a t-shirt for you….” She grabbed a light green one out of the wardrobe. It was an old one that had seen better days. “Perfect” she said pulling it over Jimmy’s head. The wolf just groaned, hoping this would all turn out to be a very weird dream. By the time they were downstairs, Miss Dart had already sorted breakfast for him: Porridge with a sippy cup of orange juice. Jimmy had no qualms with being fed the porridge but the sippy cup felt a bit degrading. Then again he was hardly improving himself in his current situation. “Playtime little one!” Alexis pulled him up and lifted him over her shoulder. Despite the last two days, he was still surprised at her strength. She laid him down on the padded surface of the nursery play area. There were a couple of kids already here, including the lion he’d noticed from the day before. “I’ll be back to check on you at naptime. Be good!” and with that she went back into the kitchen. Jimmy suddenly felt very alone. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted his plushie! He waddled back towards the kitchen, hoping to shout the problem to Alexis. “Stay in the play area dear, we wouldn’t want you getting hurt” Jimmy looked round to see a middle aged husky bearing down on him. “But I want my plushie!” He shouted at her, covering his mouth immediately after saying it. He hadn’t just said that, had he? “Awww it’s ok sweetie, I’ll go find Alexis and ask her to find him for you. What’s his name?” “Umm…. Alexis” Jimmy replied, again without really thinking about babyish it sounded. “Awww that’s sweet, I’ll be right back dear, just put your bottom back on that mat there” As she left Jimmy went back to the play mat. It was at this point he felt something that sent fear through every part of his being. He needed to poop. He knew full well that there was absolutely no way he was going to get out of it. He still had no idea where the toilets were on this floor, and even if he did, if he was found he would likely face the wrath of Miss Dart. The husky still hadn’t got back when he felt a second cramp, much stronger than the first. He clenched his butt cheeks hoping to keep it in as long as possible. He moved himself into a kneeling position, his butt raised high to keep himself from having the most embarrassing accident of his teenage life. “Found it!” the voice of the husky called across from the other side of the room. This did two things. First it distracted Jimmy from his current predicament, causing him to get up off his knees and waddle towards his cuddly friend. The second thing was as a result of the first. Half-way there he felt his tail flag up, his body hunched itself and before he knew what was happening he was pushing mess out into his waiting diaper. The feeling was unlike anything the wolf could remember, the mass in his padding squashed up against his backside and tail before it seemed to drop away. In the same instant he felt a warmth radiate outwards from his crotch. He was wetting himself as well, flooding his new underwear without any hint of control. That was last straw. The teenage Jimmy completely broke down inside. Nothing could stop the flow of tears or the loud wails that came from his maw. The husky could immediately tell what the problem was. Grabbing a pacifier from a drawer she popped it in his screaming mouth. This calmed him down a little but he continued to sob. Grabbing the plushie from her arms he moved backwards, only to overbalance and find himself falling onto the contents of his diaper with a dull “plop”. Before he could start crying again, a tigress, not dissimilar to his plushie, pulled him up and began to change him. “Don’t worry little guy, I’m here for you” Alexis said, hugging Jimmy tightly in her arms. He hugged back. “I nweed twaingin” he said behind the pacifer. Alexis laughed “Come on you little stinker, I think we’re both gonna take a while to get used to that!”……..
  15. Chapter 1 Aikawa is a tall black fur bull with a red shirt and jeans. He was working like normal at his job. He's worked at for years. When he got called into his boss. Aikawa takes a seat and sits across from his boss who sighs. “Hey, look ill get straight to the point. we have had a major decrease in sales lately and we are now losing money.” Aikawa looked confused “Am I not doing a good enough job?” He shakes his head. “No no! You are doing a wonderful job! But that's the problem you have done such a good job you are being paid quite a bit. And we can't afford it, unfortunately. So we are going to have to let you go” His eyes get big “Wait, you can't do that. I need this job! Come on please I will lose my house...I just bought a car and I won't be able to pay anything.” He nods “I understand but we have thought about this long and hard. I'm sorry Aikawa but you’re fired.” He started to get angry, jumping out of his seat and knocking it over. “You know what?! Like I care! Screw you and screw this place I worked hard at this place for years and this is how you treat me! No, I'm not fired! Because I quit!” Aikawa leaves the room and slams the door and tears up heading to his office to clear out his thing he quickly grabs what he wants and storms out trying not to cry. For a big strong bull, he was pretty emotional. He put his stuff in his car and got in the driver's seat and put his head on the steering wheel crying some. "What am I going to do...? I'm lucky my bills are paid this month along with my car but what about next month...if I don't find a new job quick ill be moving back in with mom..no ill live on the streets before I get that desperate." He laid there a while before Finally starting his car “I just need to get home and clear my head” He begins to drive home with the radio playing some music he loves to take his mind off things even though all he wanted to do was cry. He was able to stop himself from crying. What good is crying going to do, If anything it will only make a situation worse? He thought to himself. He Finally makes it to his home, pulling his car into his drive then shutting off the car then getting out. He locked the doors and accidentally locked his keys in his car. His eyes get big. "DAMN IT!" He groans and looks into the car "Today's just not my day..." He wanted to go back and cry but he didn't want to be seen either so he holds it in fighting it. "I'll just go inside and play some games with friends on my computer. That helps me take my mind off stuff ill call a lock pick later." He heads to his door then remembers he also locked his door key in the car. He kicks his door so hard from anger he accidentally kicks a small hole in the bottom. Now he was just angry, luckily for Aik, he keeps a spare key hidden under a rock in his yard. He goes out and grabs it, he heads to his door and unlocks it. He gets inside, shuts his door and throws his shoes off, and sits at his computer desk. "keep calm... Just relax Aik...if not you will have to pay for more shit you can’t afford." He breathed in and out deeply hoping to calm down. But it got a bit too much for him and he silently started to cry when one of his friends called him on discord. He quickly rubs his eyes and takes a few more deep breaths to calm himself. Before grabbing his headset and joining the call. "Hello?" He said. "it's about time you answer. I thought you were ignoring me or something." His friend said joking around with a laugh. "Nah just had to take a long piss. But you know I had work today why would you even call? I might have still been at work." He lied and laughed. It was kinda a forced laugh, His friend kept laughing as well. "Good point, I forgot oh well don't matter I just got excited and had to show you, dude. I sent you a link to this cool new website! You answer a few questions then boom you're sent money directly to a special bank! It's so easy, I have only done a few once in a while you get some strange questions but you should check it out!" Aik sat there thinking that sounds like a wonderful way to make money. And he wouldn't have to leave his house. But it was odd how convenient it was. "hmm ya, I'll check it out. Thanks, dude. Now-" He was interrupted "wait hang on a second" His friend muted himself for a while. But it gave Aik time to think and check out this website. ‘Www.surveybab.com’ he clicks the link and it goes to a nice-looking website easy to navigate too. He wondered what was up with the name though. "Survey bab? Must mean something like... Uhh, big amazing bounties?" He laughed at other things it could be that did cheer him up quite a bit. His friend was still muted, So he decided to sign up for this; he just had to make a username and password and fill out a bunch of other information. He makes his username Aikawa. Surprisingly it's not taken. Awsome he thought. He also noticed a small stuffed animal on the side of the screen but thought nothing of it. Next was a password but he had a program on his computer that would make random passwords and save it so all he had to do was remember one master password to his other passwords. He gets a random password and hits next. Next was a bunch of questions to start reading them out loud. Still seeing the bear on this page. "How old are you" Aik Types in 22 "Do you live alone or with someone?” He types in alone "Do you have any other source of income?” He goes to write yes but stops. He then puts in use to. He keeps going through a lot of others then gets to the last few. "If you start a survey you must be willing to finish it, doing so could result in being kicked off. Whoa, but I guess I could understand that. I wouldn't want to do that." He agrees to it then reaches the last question. And it says one thing. "Do you like toys? The heck? Uhh... Sure?" He puts yes and hits finish. Finally, he gets to a screen with a bunch of recommended surveys to start with. He looked kinda confused as to what to start with. He also had a money counter at the top that had 1.00$ on it. “It must give you a dollar for signing up and I bet my friend got something because I clicked his link.” Again he noticed that bear on the screen it was like it was watching him. But then he remembered and checked the discord and his friend messaged him. "Sorry man, I gotta go my lady's mad because I won't get off the computer. Catch you later man, peace." Aik sighs he was kinda relieved he didn't want to talk he kinda just wanted to spend time alone but he wasn't going to ignore his friend. But this did give him time to answer surveys. It was 5 pm and he didn't have to work so he could do surveys till he passed out. So he does, he starts his journey down survey rabbit holes. Some would be like 50 to 100 questions. It was very boring but it was kinda engaging like the questions were specifically made for him. Once in a great while, he would get some strange questions. "Do you or anyone you know buy toys for themselves or yourself?" He checked no and continued answering them. Another strange question appeared in the next survey. "If you had the chance, would you buy some toys and play with them? We have seen an increase in adults enjoying toys." He wasn't sure but he marked yes, I mean he's an adult but hey playing with some toys could be fun he guesses. He was having fun answering questions at this point and he'd already made 50$. It wasn't much but hey it was easy money but it was 1 am and Aikawa had to head to bed. But it was like something was telling him he needed to buy something. He got to the store on the same site and found most things cheaper than normal shops. This was nice then he noticed a bear, the same one that's been looking at him on every page of the question. He was almost enthralled; he couldn't stop thinking about it. But he didn't find it that odd. He sighed and shrugs "Why the hell not. It's... Kinda cute. Maybe I can give it to my friend's kid. Or just sit it on a shelf." He clicks on it and pays for it. It was pretty cheap at 5$ with next-day delivery. "Wow, even next day shipping? That's amazing, this site is incredible. Can't wait to come back and do more stuff it was kinda compelling. It's almost like a full-time job on its own." He chuckled some but he needed sleep. He undresses down to his boxers and lays down in bed. Unaware of what might happen in the coming days. He falls asleep and dreams of doing surveys in his sleep. Chapter 2 Aik gets woken up by his doorbell ringing. He groans and gets out of bed throwing on some PJ pants and answering the door. "Hello...?" He said kinda zoned out before he saw the postman. "Sign here." Aik signs and is given a box then the postman walks off hopping back in his car and driving off. Aik shuts his door looking confused and grabs a knife to cut open the box. Inside was a teddy Bear that he ordered last night. There was a strange machine that he pulled out the Teddy Bear. He then sets it beside him. Seeing the bear so much in the Surveys secretly made him secretly excited to really have it. But his curiosity was on the machine that he pulled out of the bear checking it out. It's got a cord to plug it in, then another cord that looks like a USB. He was even more confused at this point. But he notices a paper on the bottom of the box. He grabs it, sits the strange machine on the table then reads the instructions. "Hello, thank you for doing so much work on surveybab.com as thanks we sent you a very thank you gift. a special machine called Care-o-Matic. that will help you make money more quickly. All you must do is hook it up to your pc through the USB cable. It does have a chance to order items it thinks you will enjoy but they will be very cheap. It will learn as you answer questions. Also, software updates and new parts can be added to it, they will be coming to you free of charge. Once we think you need them anyways. The current version is 0.1, it's the most basic version and can't do too much more than specified. You can buy new attachments from the store or wait for the free features to come. So get back to work and make Some money! Love the Survey bab team." Aik looks at the Care-o-Matic and grabs it along with the Teddy Bear and takes them to his computer. It's only 9 am, he could get in a few surveys before lunch. He plugs in the Care-o-Matic and puts the bear beside his computer, it made him feel safe watching him. He gave it a smile then logs in to his computer and starts to answer questions. Some of the questions start to get more and more strange and off-topic. "You said you would buy a toy and you did. Do you mind telling us how you like him and what his name is?" Aik looks confused "Why would it ask that...uhh whatever." he grabs the bear and feels him "Well, he's very soft... And his names... Chocolate!" He laughs and gives it a small hug and puts it back on the desk. These questions made him feel younger almost but were very relaxing. He fills the questions in but the strange questions get more frequent than last night. As another comes up. "When was the last age you remember having an accident" Aik looks at it "Accident? Like wetting myself...? Why would it ask that... That's kinda personal but maybe just to learn what age kids stop having accidents?" Aik shrugs it off and types in 9. He also noticed all these surveys ask about his age and gender. It got pretty repetitive but whatever it was easy. Before too long Aik felt like he was floating outside his own body watching himself do surveys. Maybe he was bored, or maybe he was just so in the groove he didn't even have to pay attention? But he couldn't oddly, he couldn't stop at all. minutes changed to hours, it was already 5 pm. He hasn't eaten or used the restroom all day but he finished a survey and something brought him back to reality something was dripping down his leg he looked down and noticed he wet himself. Aik blushes and stands up shaking his leg. "T-the hell?! Crap I must have spaced out so long I forgot I had to pee! Damn it glad no one was here to see that." Aik quickly takes off his clothes throwing them in the basket. He grabs a towel to soak up the urine on the ground before he hopped in the shower. He related and just sat back thinking about what happened. “So odd I don't even remember having a feeling to pee…” He sighs, getting out and drying off. He changes into some new clothes. He goes to where he wet and picks up the towel. "So glad I live alone, anyways... What time is it? 5 pm?! I did surveys for 8 hours straight?! No wonder... I'm starving too. Note to self eat breakfast before starting surveys heh." Aik goes and makes some food to eat quickly then goes back to his desk. sitting down at the desk all he sees on it is an item that says bought and it goes back to the Survey page. "The heck? It just spent 20$? Damn thing must be broken!" But he couldn't complain he made over 100$ doing surveys for 8 hours twice as much before the Care-o-Matic so what was 20$ it's probably going to be something he likes. He hopes anyway it's supposed to learn what I like anyways. He decides to get in a few more surveys while he's there. Some of them ask the same question again. "What age were you when you had your last accident?" Aik goes to write 9 then blushes "W-wait... I technically had an accident...but I should probably write the truth" He puts in 22 then the question starts to get even more strange. "Because you're 22 and had an accident, have you ever considered an adult diaper?" Aik looks strange and puts in no. He could control his accidents it was a one-time thing. "What a stupid question... I'm not losing control... I just lost track of time. I'm not a baby." He finishes the last few as it keeps asking him basically the same question over and over. In every survey. He started to space out again and he swears it reads. "I need diapers." He keeps reading it over and over before he realizes what he's doing. He looks and it's 1 am and he feels wet again and looks down and he's wet himself again. But he can't understand why. "What the hell?! Again...huh? Maybe the questions were right?" He cleans his mess up then takes another shower. He gets dressed and he goes to lay down but stops and walks to the desk grabbing his bear and going back to his room. "it's been a strange day hasn't it chocolate? Well except maybe you... Uhh, you want to sleep with me...? What the heck are you doing Aik...you're an adult, not a child." But He makes the bear nod and smiles “But no one has to know…” He lays down and puts the bear beside him and hugs it. He didn't have a girlfriend or anyone to sleep with and this made him happy and not feel so lonely. These surveys got harder and harder to take his mind off. He had fun doing them; he couldn't even remember to get off to eat and pee. But that wasn't that big of a deal. Right? He quickly fell asleep hugging his bear wondering what tomorrow will bring. Chapter 3 The next morning aik woke up around 8 am. It was very early compared to normal but all he could think about was doing more surveys. He sat up in his bed. His crotch was cold and wet. He pulled his covers back and he couldn't believe his eyes. He was wet, not only wet but soaked. He had pissed himself. He felt so ashamed and so confused at what was going on. He has never had an accident like this in forever. He grabs his bear and hugs it and gets up slowly, he begins to strip his bed. After he takes it all to the laundry room to wash later. He heads to the bathroom and strips and takes a shower. He thinks long about the accident today and peeking out at the teddy bear on the bathroom counter. He shakes his head and finishes his shower and gets out dries off and goes to his bedroom for clothes. He gets dressed and begins to talk to himself. "Man, if I keep this up... I might need diapers." he shakes his head and blushes "what am I saying? I don't need diapers, I'm not some kinda baby... But the Surveys seem to think so and they seem like they know me better than I do?" Aik looks at his bear sitting on the bathroom cabinet he grabs and hugs him walking past his computer. Looking at the bear-like it's almost another person. He's growing to like this bear way more than he ever would have thought. "Do you think I need them diapers chocolate?" Suddenly a voice comes from the Care-o-Matic as he walks past. But aik mistakes it as chocolate talking. "of course you do, but that's ok I love you anyway! You have a problem, unlike most adults. Remember you use to have a Bladder problem as a child they said it could come back. but think of this, you could answer questions all day without having to worry about using the bathroom!" Aik blushes as much as he hates the idea of wearing diapers. He kinda liked the idea of not having to go to the bathroom and being able to do questions all day but he wishes he had a way to have food brought to him. Then he remembered the Care-o-Matic has upgraded, maybe he can get one that cooks him food. He quickly gets on his computer keeping chocolate close looking in the survey store. He finds an upgrade for it from 0.1 to 0.5 it can do a few more things but importantly it cooks food. It basically has arms and legs and will plug itself back in when low battery. It can do a bunch more stuff but Aik decides not to read all of them and quickly buys it up. It was quite expensive at about 80$ but he didn't care. It left his account low on money but it was with it in his eyes. Now he just had to wait, he opened up a survey to prepare to work. Suddenly the doorbell rings nearly jumps out of his seat, he then remembered the Care-o-Matic ordered him something. He goes and someone is standing there with a tablet. He has him sign for it and the postman hands him a big box. He takes it inside opening it up. His eyes got big and his face turned red. It was a case of 40 adult diapers. What if someone saw this he thought. He would die of embarrassment. But even if, let's just call it care from now on. thinks he needs diapers. Well, He was starting to believe maybe care knew him better than himself. He takes the case out of the box and takes it to his room sitting them on the bed and looking at them. He could not believe he was about to try this. He opens the case and pulls out one of the huge diapers.it was just a plain boring white color. Luckily he didn't need to leave the house with these. "This is incredible... They're so big... Who would have known they make them so big..." He gulps and pulls down his pants and boxers and he undoes the diaper laying it out. He keeps looking at his window even though it's closed. If anyone caught him he would die his heart was going a million miles an hour. He sat on the diaper and pulled it up over himself. It was soft and different. It wasn't the worst thing ever; he reluctantly tapes it up and stands up. It was sort of difficult to walk like this. But he managed he thought best not to put pants on.it would be easy to see if they got wet and didn't want to risk them leaking. He heads to his desk and finds a sandwich on his desk he looks around covering himself in embarrassment. No one was there; he sat down and shrugged. He ate the sandwich and started to do surveys. After 2 surveys he was already out of it, not because he was bored he wasn't sure why. it was almost like being hypnotized and you know you're there but you can't do anything. He can't even read the questions. It was like his body was on autopilot. It's kinda fun and freaky, he just remembered enjoying every minute. When suddenly it hits 5 pm and it completely wears off. He had an odd warm feeling in his crotch but it was weird he felt the front of his diaper and blushed. "W-when did I use it? I mean, I do need them. I guess? This is why care bought them for me. I would have been too embarrassed to do it. Thanks care, I think." Suddenly it talks back. "it's ok sweetie. Little bulls need help all the time." Aik was blown away that it could talk. He just stares at the care unit. "Y-you can talk!?" But it didn't respond, he thought he was hearing things. He rubs his eyes and scratches his ears, and just looks at it. Before his stomach growls. "I'm hungry... Last day I had to make myself something though isn't that exciting chocolate?" He chuckles to himself he felt very childish in a wet diaper with his teddy bear. He hugs chocolate before he heads to the kitchen with him. His diaper was sagging from being soaked. Who knows how long he's been wet. He makes himself a quick sandwich and heads to the front room walking awkwardly from the wet diaper. Sandwich in hand. "I probably need to change first. I definitely don't enjoy this wet diaper. Hmm, I wonder if care could get care to change me when it's updated." This really piqued his interest. He could have care do all this stuff for him and all he had to do was answer questions. This will be a blast, But he still needs a change today. he goes to his room and puts his sandwich down. He then pulls out a new diaper and removes his wet one-off and throws it away. He diapers himself in a new one. He was still pretty nervous but much quicker that time. It was different but it was beginning to feel normal to him. He grabs his sandwich then heads back to his desk to eat it before working on more surveys. When he sat down though he found the screen saying thanks for your purchase. And goes to the normal screen. He looks confused but he shrugs. Probably just care she seems to know me well. "Care knows best. It will know what I want and need. But it spent quite a lot of money... 150$ shesh I'm going to have to work hard on questions if I'm ever going to use this money for food and stuff. And not diapers...and teddy bears. God, what am I four?" He sighed but he could make that back quickly. He starts working on questions getting the same feeling as before. Time Flies by and around 1 am he comes around with an awful smell. His eyes get big when he moves, once he realizes it's him. His hand moved to his crotch he was also soaked. He jumps up. "Eww! This is so gross!" he runs to the bathroom and un-tapes his diaper and cleans up a bit and throws the messy diaper in the trash "I-I can't believe this. I have no control over anything anymore, Why don't I? I swear I could control my body before this." He sighs and cleans up taking a shower luckily he didn't have to clean up more clothes thanks to the diaper. Then it hit him that he didn't take a shower after wetting himself today. Strange normally that kinda stuff grosses himself out but he wasn't thinking correctly. After the shower he dries off staying naked, then goes and grabs chocolate and goes to his room to see his sheets and stuff all washed layers out nicely. "H-hello?" No response. "That's creepy... But I won't complain...maybe a little" He grabs a new diaper, puts it on, and just lays down in his bed only diapered and hugs chocolate and smiles covering up. He's never slept in a diaper but it felt so normal to him. "Tomorrow is going to be so fun with care upgraded! Hopefully, I can get to a doctor, maybe I'm getting sick with all these accidents?" He lay for a while before falling asleep he didn't notice it but he was definitely changing these surveys were slowly hypnotizing him, making him believe this is who he is. How far will it go? Why would someone want adult-sized babies? Chapter 4 Aik grones as his doorbell rings at 6 am, he decides to ignore it; he wasn't going to leave his bed so early. whoever it was could wait till later. He quickly fell back asleep. An hour later something shakes him and he feels the covers thrown off him. Exposing his very wet diaper. Aik was still so out of it he didn't notice till he heard tape ripping off the plastic diaper. His eyes open quickly and there's a robot that looks like care and it's removing his diaper. He blushed and pulled chocolate in for a hug. He held him close unsure what to say; he just stared in disbelief as care changed his diaper cleaned him off and put a new one on him with baby powder. He was happy to be clean but the idea of anyone but himself changing his own diaper was strange. It was strange enough he had to go back to diapers. Suddenly it talks. "is the little Aikawa hungry?" It says in a calming voice. Aik nods and he swears he sees it smile and takes his hand. It pulls him out of bed in nothing but a diaper and it leads him to the kitchen. He was still holding his bear close; it was the only way to feel comfortable right now. He sits down and air escapes his diaper he blushed some. suddenly. The robot begins to cook making waffles. It smelled amazing aik couldn't wait. A bit later care puts a plate in front of him and a waffle with a bunch of syrup. Aik licked his lips and dug in eating it all up. Nearly forgetting his situation. Care suddenly grabs the plate and hands aik a tablet and Aik looked confused looking at the tablet it was signed in to his account on survey bab. "How about you get to work?" He looked at it and it had a Survey link opened up. “But…” He was quieted as she forced his finger to hit the start survey. It was like his mind went blank again. He waddles his way to the front room laying on the rug and starts to do questions but this time oddly there done with pictures, it's awesome. He didn't have to read at all. It was so relaxing he kicked his feet back and forth and just spaced out like normal. His diaper would crinkle every leg move but he didn't pay enough attention. He couldn't remember what he was answering but it was about his favorite toys and stuff. He was out of it for another 8 hours before he was able to move on his own again. He started to think it was suspicious but something was also telling him what's the point if you're having fun and his hand touches the front of his diaper and a change. He giggles Blushing. He found it funny he couldn't control it now. He was such a child he's never felt so relaxed in his life. "Care... Umm, can you help?" Care comes in with a diaper in hand and quickly gets him changed into a new one. Aik smiles. "Thanks, care." Care walks off and comes back with more food and puts it in front of him, it was a hamburger. He was starving; he quickly ate it up. But today he wanted to do more than questions. A strange part of him wanted to play with something. He had chocolate but he needed more toys. He opened the store on his tablet and just clicked a bunch of toys just buying a ton. He pays for them all and looks excited for tomorrow. He didn't care about how much money he had only about what he wanted. He holds up chocolate smiling. "See that chocolate! Me and you will have more friends soon!" He looks at the bear for a moment. "You think care needs more upgrades? She could do more for me? That's a great idea!" He gets back to the store and finds a final upgrade for care. This will completely take care of anyone to the max. He quickly ordered it agreeing to anything it asked him. To Aik this was his own decision but it was the surveys. once he spaces out it starts to hypnotize him by repeating what he is and needs to do over and over and over. It's getting bad he's starting to forget what age he is. He lays back and plays with chocolate pretending it can talk and care comes in and touches Aiks diaper and he blushes. "Y-you just changed me I don't need it again...I'm playing shesh..." It gives him a curious look "Well, you are wet again already it has been a few hours." Aik looks surprised and puts his hand on his own diaper. "A few hours?! I just started playing! Whoa, it is wet...aww." Care pats his head and picks up aik. Aik wasn't small so this surprised him so much. "Ahh! P-put me down please!" Aik hugs care close and she takes him to his room. she changes his wet diaper. And lays him back in bed and covers him up, Care kisses his head. "Time for bed." Aik looked blown away. "B-bed? It's... 7 pm?" Care nods. "Yap and also your new bedtime. Now get to sleep." Aik wasn't a bit tired he grumbled. "Stupid robot... I'm not sleepy, you need to take care of me not give me a bedtime!" Care grabs a book and sits by his bed. It was a children's book where did aik get that? he didn't own any strange. Care started to read and Aik could not stop listening. It was like it was also hypnotizing him. it was familiar but he liked it before too long he fell asleep. Care puts a pacifier in his mouth and aik oddly accepts it and sucks it hugging his bear. Care gets on his computer and ordered a bunch of stuff. Today was probably Aik's last day of being somewhat of an adult. But aik will probably accept it pretty easily after more surveys. Chapter 5 Aik could hear the doorbell ring again today but he decided to ignore it again. He could feel his diaper was soaked and he was still sucking his pacifier, he hasn't realized he even has it yet. But care was sure to get the door. The mailman brings a bunch of boxes in the house, to care some are really big and some quite small. What could all the boxes hold? Care opens each box setting them all out. One has an adult-sized crib, another adult-sized baby clothes. Another an adult high chair. The next had an adult playpen. And a whole bunch of toys and stuff enough to change Aiks entire house into an adult baby house. Hours passed and Aik didn't wake, but he was moved. He gets picked up and laid on a table he yawns and feels his cold wet diaper being removed. This woke him up quickly and he looked down to care, changing him. he smiles and relaxes. And goes to talk through his pacifier. "fanks cawe. I not realize I was wet..." He blushed hearing how he was talking and pulls out the pacifier and looks at it confused. Why was he sucking a pacifier? "How did I get this...? I mean it's odd it was relaxing." Aik looks around while he's getting changed. All his stuff was gone, his room looked like a nursery. a crib sat where his bed used to be that's when he noticed he was laying on a changing table. He felt like he should freak out but something was telling him this is normal. But he wasn't sure. Finally, care finishes his change and starts to put a cute red onesie on him and he blushes. Ok, this was definitely not normal. "I-i can wear big kids clothes care..." They look at Aik and it smiles. "Aww it's ok but these hide diapers better and help with the sag. I wouldn't want anyone to see you in them, would you? I promise I know what's best." Aik thinks for a while, was that true? This gave care enough time to quickly put it on him before he realized it. "H-hey!" Suddenly care picks him up and walks to the kitchen and Aiks eyes get huge as he sees his whole house looks like it's made for a giant baby. This was enough to make him know this was not ok "What happened to all my stuff?! What's with all the baby stuff?! Care! " Next, he's put in a big high chair and strapped in, and has the tray put on his high chair. He couldn't get out if he tried. "Let me out now! Stop, cancel! I want to go back to normal! I was ok with the diapers but this is way too far you stupid robot!" Care puts a tablet in front of him on his tray and has surveybab.com opened. He looked down and instantly calmed down. He couldn't control himself; he started to do surveys now all surveys were pictures of toys and stuff he would like. Suddenly it's pulled from his hands he feels himself whine a bit before he can think somewhat normally again. "Huh? What happened? " Aik looks around and care sits in front of him with some baby food cans. For some reason, Aik felt like this was normal. He felt like he was freaking out over something but for some reason, it was normal to him. "Open up baby" Aik didn't know what but he had a strong sensation to do as care asked. He opens his mouth and care puts a spoon full of food in his mouth. It was good, This made him smile. He kept getting spoon-fed by care till it was all gone and he was full. He lay back on his high chair as care took him out and held him taking him to the front room sitting him in a large playpen. There's a bunch of all the toys he picked out and chocolate was also in there. Aik didn't know why but he just wanted to scream with excitement he thought this was not normal but he knew it had to be. "TOYS! Yay!" Aik couldn't contain his excitement. He started playing with all his toys, later care gave him his tablet and he would play and answer questions. He couldn't remember the last time he had some much fun. He suddenly could feel he had to pee and poop but he was having too much fun to care as he just lets it all go laughing and having a blast. It was almost like he was no longer blanking out completely during surveys. Later Care comes into the room "Seems like someone had an accident" Care smiled at him and he continued to play, unable to quit even if he wanted to which he didn't. Care picks him up and he grabs some toys. "NO! I WANT TO PLAY!" He threw a tantrum then care gave him a stern look "You've been playing enough first you need a diaper change baby. Or you will get a rash in that stinky diaper" He throws the toys in his playpen and crosses his arms pouting. Then it hits Aik what he's been doing and what he just did in his diaper and he blushes like Crazy. Aik couldn't figure out why he was acting like this. Then it hits him. "THE SURVEYS! I-I GOT TO QUIT THEM! OR I'LL BE LIKE THIS FOREVER!" Care lays him down on the changing table and gets ready to change him before he rolls off the table and lands on his butt feeling everything squish around. He felt disgusted. He tried to get up but his legs just gave out on him. He keeps trying before care picks him up. "Goodness are you ok? it's ok you probably haven't learned to walk. Or forgot." This scared Aik he couldn't even think while he was changed and cleaned up and put in a new diaper. Was care in on this? She's trying to change him in more than one way he had to get away. "I-i can't walk...? Ever?" Care picks him up. "Maybe once you are all grown up sweetie. right now you're still way too young." Aik normally didn't cry easily, But he just burst into tears. "I'm an adult, not this baby I'm not! It's this survey! You can't make me do them anymore! They're messing up my Brain and making me a baby! Please! Care if you really know what's best you will help me!" Care didn't listen and took him to the playpen and plopped a pacifier in his mouth and forced his face into the tablet. He started sucking his pacifier slowly, stopping the crying not even remembering why he was crying. He went back to doing surveys and playing with his toys while sucking his paci. He doesn't even remember when but somehow he passed out face first hugging chocolate and his soggy diapered butt in the air. Care came in and picked him up and changed his soggy diaper and then put him in his crib with no change. "Analysis... Aikawa is trying to fight back. This might take a few more days than expected to fully make his mind into a baby for good. Punishment program engaged, Yelling, trying to run or anything bad will result in a bad punishment. Will make my little baby boy love his new lifestyle." Care leaves the room and goes to the front room to charge and plug herself into the computer. Chapter 6 Aik was in such a deep sleep in his crib when the familiar warm liquid started to push against him, he grones sitting up. Why couldn't he feel it anymore? He's got to escape before this gets worse. He can't live like this, it's not right. He looks around, it's still pretty early. He used the bars on his crib to help him stand then held himself up. The bars went up to his chin. He was blown away by how big it was. He shakes his head and tries to climb out. He Finally gets a leg over and tries to get down but he feels so high up. He panics a little and his grip slips. He goes to land on his legs but they did nothing but slip in front of him and he slams on his butt. Lucky he had a super wet diaper, it caught his fall. He could feel his diaper leak a bit from not being changed last night. He crawls out to his front room looking around seeing care plugged in. He smiles this was his chance to escape. He crawls to the door to open it. He gets on his knees and tries to turn the doorknob but it wouldn't open. "The hell...?" He sighs and crawls to the back door it also wouldn't open "Come on... What's going on? is this crazy robot trying to keep me from escaping... It's already ruined my bladder and my walking. If it keeps going I'll never be myself again... And that's scary...it's not like I'm suffering or hurting. I'm just scared to not be myself anymore." Suddenly he's grabbed from behind and picked up. "what are you doing out of bed young man!" It was care. Aik screams and struggles, beginning to cry, scared. "Let me go you stupid fucking robot! I don't want to do this anymore!" Care looked angry. Could robots feel angry, it takes Aik to the couch and she sits down laying him over his knee. "What are you-" Suddenly his eyes get big as his diaper is pulled down and he realizes what she might be doing. He tries to fight but the robot is too strong. suddenly he feels a hard smack on his ass. Aik fights hard not to cry as it hits over and over and over and over. Suddenly Aik Burst into tears. "I'm sorry I won't do it again! Please stop! It hurts so much! Do whatever you want! Just stop the pain!" Care stops and pulls up his diaper and Hugs him patting his back as he cries. The hitting was so hard it made him wet himself again his diaper was leaking badly. Next, a pacifier was put in Aiks mouth. He didn't fight it and sucked it. It kinda helped with the pain at least and relaxed him. She then took him to the changing table gave him a quick change before taking him back to the front room. Then care sits him in her lap and hands him the tablet with the normal website on it. "I think you need to relax with some surveys, sweetie." Aik gulps. He shakes trying not to but nothing could stop it. He started doing surveys and having fun with it too. He soon began to fall back asleep. "... Regression 75% complete. Just jumped up 15% in the past hour. Best Increase all week. Upgrade to 1.0 bought and shipped. Once upgraded I will take care of my baby forever till I can't anymore." Lay him back in his crib and let him sleep a few more hours till 9. Keeping him on a somewhat schedule. Aik gets woken up and taken for another diaper change Aik was happy to be in a new diaper. Care takes him to the kitchen he's was expecting to be fed but care grabs a strange bottle and fills it with something and then care screws the strange bottle with a small nipple on its chest. Care then brings him closer and it hits him that she wants him to drink from it like he was being breastfed he blushed. He wasn't going to fight through he didn't want to be hit again. He opens his mouth and starts drinking from it. He couldn't imagine how he looked. Probably like a little baby being breastfed. At Least it tasted good. He was also feeling full from this strange stuff. Before it was empty Aik was full but he was forced to finish it all. Aik grones from his full stomach. He's sat down in something that he didn't notice. suddenly he's being pushed forward. He laid his head against the thing and closed his eyes, relaxing. He hears the door open and he's pushed outside. This woke him up as he opened his eyes great big. Even his yard looked like a place for a big kid. He couldn't say anything, what if someone saw him. This was the most embarrassing thing to happen in his life. And not only that he can feel himself filling his diaper and peeing. He could only blush as he was pushed outside and taken down the street. This makes him realize he hasn't been outside in over 4 days. The fresh air was nice but this is crazy. He was keeping a close watch for anyone he knew. But there wasn't anyone except a few ladies pushing strollers around like Aiks. That's strange he thought, then he sees the kids inside them aren't kids there are people his age and there in diapers and playing with toys. This must be all the people who have been tricked into this website. He had to fight this and save everyone. If he gave up he will be just a baby like the rest of these people. But how was he going to do that he thought? If he did anything to fight back, care would hurt him. Care kept pushing them all the way to the park. It was full of real-looking people but they all had a "baby" or two I would say the once with two are couples. Do they even remember they love each other or do they just think like babies? This made Aik shiver. These poor people are forced to live forever like this. Who's ever planned this must be so evil. But what could care have planned for him and the others? He looks back and care looks human and his eyes get big. And it says. "1.0 upgrade complete. Mommy mode engaged." Suddenly it started to talk like a real human. It was almost scary how well it was. Care smiled at Aik. "Hello sweetie. Do you want to play with some other babies? While mommy talks to other mommy’s?" Mommy? It's joking right she doesn't expect me to call her that. I won't I won't become this baby she wants me to be I won't. But the tablet was held in front of him. He doesn't remember what happened but he knows it couldn't be good. Chapter 7 Care picks up Aik out of the stroller after his hypnosis and puts some strange mittens on Aik and some kinda strange backpack on his back. Aik crawls around and sees like 15 other boys and girls. The boys had a shirt on and no pants with a big diaper and the girls had on a dress and not that he was trying but he would peek see them sitting and they also were wearing thick diapers. Aikawa felt lucky he still had pants on. He felt like the most adult person there before all his dignity was taken away and care pulled off his pants. He would be lying if the girls didn't look kinda cute and his eyes were always looking up at them. Aik blushed and was sat down by the other diapered adults with baby minds. Aik knew this was his chance to run; he starts to crawl away when he was pulled back by something. He's on what seems like a leash. He crosses his arms and sits there in the grass. That's when he remembered he was in a dirty diaper. He looked down at His diaper, it was brown in the back and yellow in the front. Not only that but he was really itchy but he couldn't scratch himself with the mittens on. He felt kinda embarrassed but no one seemed to have a normal mind anymore they were all laughing and playing with each other. Then Aiks eyes get big he sees his friend sitting there in a diaper and shirt. He looked funny. He wanted to laugh but he was also in the same predicament. He crawled over to him. He also saw his wife also diapered. "Umm... Hi, bud..." Aik waves and his friend sees him and his eyes get big and hug him "AWK! ME NO SEE YOU SO LONG!" Aik pats his back, blushing his friend wasn't much of a hugging person but he also was talking funny. "O-oh right sorry about that... What happened to you...? Are you-" He gets cut off from his friend feeling Aiks diaper and he blushes and pulls away "Miss Aiks mommy! Aik had an accident!" Aik blushed more "Shhh! And she's not my "mommy"! That's weird! She's a stupid robot." His friend looks at him "Me fank you need more surveys? You don't sound baby enough...it ok Aik! We all have fun join us!" He smiles and aik couldn't believe it he had to be imagining it. His friend wouldn't say that. It had to be the Surveys that's messing with his brain. Suddenly care comes over and lays a cover on the ground and picks up Aik and lays him on it. He was confused about what she was doing. Then she started to remove his diaper and he blushes. "W-wait! Not in front of my friend! And everyone!" Care gave him a glare and aik gulps he didn't want to be spanked. Care removed his dirty diaper and cleans him up. Aik covers his face in embarrassment with his junk hanging out for everyone to see. Care puts a new diaper under him and diapers him up. She then gives him back the tablet he couldn't control anything after that and he remembers watching himself play like a baby with his friend. They played for hours. Aik was so worried what if he didn't get back control, what if this part of his mind disappears forever. This made Aik start to cry, and knock him back to his senses he couldn't stop crying. Care came over and picked him up and rocked him and aik found it hard to stay awake. He wanted to rest, he wanted to forget about this baby crap. He wanted to be normal. He let out a big yawn before falling asleep in her arms. He woke up what felt like shortly after in his crib he was sucking on his pacifier he didn't know why but he felt very relaxed with it in. He sat up and felt his diaper was soggy he only sighed. He hated it but it was something he can't control. He knows he's better off in diapers than wetting everywhere but being treated like a full-on baby was getting to his head. He barely had anything left to fight. He started to think maybe he was just a baby then he shakes his head and slaps his face. "Stop thinking that! You're not! I-i'm sure I'm not... I'm..." He shakes and tears up "I'm...a baby..." he starts crying. And quickly care runs in with her human-like new body and picks up Aik and cradles him. "Oh no sweetie what's wrong?" Aik just kept crying unable to express how he felt he just wanted to cry but he was happy to be comforted. Soon care smiles. "I bet my baby's hungry huh?" Care pulled up her shirt and aik just started calming down some, care had real human breast but he kinda didn't care he was pretty hungry. He put his mouth over her teet like a baby would and just started to drink it was so relaxing he just drank till he was full. Then something happened to Aik. His mind was put at rest and he no longer wanted to be an adult. He wanted to be mommy's baby. No, he was mommy's baby. He pulled away from the breast and smiled. "Me full mommy!" Care smiles and kisses Aiks head. "Such a good boy!" Aik looks at his diaper. "Mommy me messy can you change my diapy?" Care takes him to the changing table and lays him down. "Well of course sweetie! Do you want your cute diapers?" Aik looked excited. "Ya! And then I want to play! And watch cartoons!" Care laughs. "Alright you can do that then" Aik gets cleaned up and put in a fresh diaper. These new diapers had childish print on them, she had taken him to the front room and put him into his playpen. He spent most of the rest of the day playing and watching TV just having fun. Aik didn't realize it but his mind was completely changed. The old Aik was nearly gone; it was crying out for help to come back. Aik would almost just be this baby if he could control it himself. He wanted to be himself not someone else. Chapter 8 It's been a few days Aiks been nothing but a complete baby. In his mind he wants to gain control, He hasn't even taken a survey in the past few days he thought maybe after that he could gain back control. But nothing came to mind. He would play with his friend and even have diapers changed together; they had a blast together. But he didn't seem that much changed except being in this little headspace. Maybe it's not changing us to be different but changing us to accept this new thing? After that Aik could feel more in control of his body but in reality, he has full control. It's more of the fact Aik didn't want to admit how much he loves this new life being a baby, it was amazing, He could play all day and not even have to stop to pee or anything. This started to go through his mind and he accepted it more and more before in his own mind he had full control. He woke up the next day in his crib. He smiled and hugged chocolate. "So I always had control... I was just too ashamed to admit it to myself." Aik feels his diaper and giggles. "Oopsie looks like the baby's wet" Aik shushes chocolate "let's not tell mommy heheheh." Aik lays in bed for a while before care walks into the room. And aik sits up quickly. "Morning mommy!" Care smiles and picks up Aik "Someone's a happy boy today isn't he?" Cares checking Aiks diaper without him noticing. "Yap!" Aik smiles Bigger "Me just realized how much me like being you baby!" Care gives a sweet smile and hugs him "Sweet taking won't get you out of a diaper change sweetie." Aik puffs out his cheeks and crosses his arms. "How did you know?" Care laughs "Well, I checked it while you weren't looking. Boy, are you soaked! But you did drink a bunch of mommy's milk before bed didn't you?" Aik nods "Mommy's got such good milk too!" Care lays him on the changing table and changes him and gets him in a fresh diaper. And picks him up she pulls up her shirt to reveal her breasts and like a newborn Aik quickly grabs on and starts to drink. Aik could drink and nearly fall asleep and know mommy would take care of all his needs. This was definitely the most relaxing time of his life. He's taken to the front room and sat down in the playpen and lays there half asleep when he hears the door open he sits straight up. "Bud?!" But it wasn't his friend he saw a few people in suits he felt embarrassed. He hasn't felt that in a while. They walk up to Aik and smile and coo at him. "Hey, little guy! We wanted to tell you we got a lot of information from you so we are going to pay for anything you want. This offers going to most of your community for accepting our little test." Aik sat there and thought ‘anything I want?’ Information? The guy could see Aik was embarrassed he just laughed. "I see you're embarrassed and confused. Let's see I'm from surveybab.com the website designed to hypnotize you into being a baby but it only works on people who mentally would enjoy this stuff. But would never admit to it." Aik blushes and sucks his thumb for comfort. He began wetting himself in embarrassment. "Y-you did this to me? So I can have anything...?" The man nods "What if me wanted to be normal..." The man Smirks "Then you would be lying to yourself, little one. But we can arrange that no problem." This made Aik blush more and think more. "Hmm, I got an idea little one how about we let you keep care forever and we will pay for everything you need and throw in a vacation to a beach. Imagine running around the beach in your diapy and laying in the sand. No one to judge you." Aik could feel his excitement rising and it sounded amazing. "But... What if other people saw me? They would mock me..." The man thinks for a second and smiles. "Well, we will rent out the beach then! Just for you and all your uhh... Adult baby friends?" Aik hopped on his diaper butt in excitement. "DEAL DEAL DEAL DEAL! YOU HEAR THAT CHOCOLATE!" The man laughs. Then look at care. "Care! Implement care for your baby till he asks you to quit!" Care smiles "I planned on it" The man looks confused "Hmm seems your care unit thinks it's actually your mom... That must have been harder on you trying to fight it thinking you don't want it." Aik nods and hugs chocolate close. "Yap me though that! Then me realize I love this! What about my friends thought, they like it too?" Aik tilts his head. And the man just smiles. "Well, most would prefer to only be babies once in a while so we allowed it. You're probably the only one that wanted to be one full-time. But I'm curious how it will affect you so continue being you. And just have fun." Aik nods and smiles big as the man leaves. The next day he and his best friend with a lot of other Littles crawling around on the beach in diapers and mommies or care units changing them. It was the most fun and cutest week ever. But Aik enjoyed every minute of it. He couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life like this. Maybe they would let him get other friends involved in the future?
  16. This is a sequel to "human to baby Pokémon" it takes place after my story please read that before this one! Storm the part eevee and part ralts child of Dakota the gardevoir and dill the eevee. Storm always knew his mom and dad where hiding something from him but when he snuck in to there room to find out he did not plan on the punishment he would get. He just hopes none of his friends come over. And what will happen when he goes back to school? Well find out in this story. Storm looks kinda like a eevee and kinda like a ralts in ways he can stand on his back legs looking mostly like a eevee that can walk in his back legs. It was the first change in Pokémon breading with different species and being part humans. But after all the humans where gone this became the normal thing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 Storm is a cute eevee and ralts boy a standing eevee basicly. He about 12 years old he's a guy that's very manly and hates anything childish and girly. Unfortunately though he didn't know about his dad's urges. His mom and dad keep that secret from him. But he was always curious why his dad never evolved. It was stupid to him but he couldn't change his mind. But one day at night while he was soppose to be sleeping he hered his mom taking out the trash. He peeked out his door and seen his mom holing a smelly bag and taking it outside he noticed a thing of baby power sticking out of it. He didn't think much of it And shrugged it off and went back to his bedroom. But he couldn't get the thought of his mom and dad keeping a secret from him. He had to know! "ahh! I can't take it I have to find out what there hidding! But how can I do it without them noticing..." Suddenly a idea hits him. He remembered his parents had a school meeting today to talk about his own school work and stuff. But he couldn't go because it was adults only or something stupid like that. He smirks and covers up just you wait till I find out this secret. Shortly after storm fell asleep. He sleeps only in boxers. After all the humans become pokemon and had kids the adults make all the new kids wear clothing because they have more human like bodys. Kinda. The next morning storm get woke up being shook some. "storm sweetheart it's time to wake up" A gardevoir said in a soft voice. Her name was Dakota. Storms mom. Strom groaned "I'm sleeping leave me alone..." Dakota glares. "brat I said get up..." Dakota picks him up with her psychic powers and walks him to the bathroom. He blushed hating to be picked up like this. "mom!" She smirks. "I don't care young man now take a shower you haven't bathed in like a week you reek..." She sets him down and he grumbles. "I don't reak! I just smell like a big man!" She looks unamused. "mhm.... Or a baby that hasn't been changed" He bushes "alright ill take one! Just leave." Dakota laughes and leaves the bathroom. "and make sure to clean everything young man or ill come do it for you!" His face couldn't go any brighter red. "I hate it when she dose that... Thank God she don't say this stuff when my friends are over..." Storm removes his boxers and gets in the shower making sure to take a good shower then remembering last night. "oh ya! The secret... Heh once I find this out I bet I can use it against them to get anything I want!" He giggles to himself excitedly. Cleaning up quicker and getting out drying off and finding some clothes layed out for him. Must have been his mother choice. They looked casual. He threw on the boxers and a pair of shorts and a white t-shirt. "alright they should be leaving after breakfast... Then my chance." He leaves the bathroom and goes to the kitchen to see his dad, dill the eevee sitting on the kitchen chair and smiles at him. "hey kiddo! You going to be OK while me and your mom are gone?" He rolls his eyes. "duh..." He sits in a chair by his dad. And his mom puts pancakes down in front of them both. "ok eat up if anyone needs help I'll feed them." She giggles. And he roll his eyes. He can't belive they would think he can't eat himself he's freaking 12! And she still asks this. Then again she seems to look at dad when she says it. After breakfast mom and dad give me a hug. And mom looks at me. "ok emergency numbers are on the fridge and you know the rules no going in to our room without permission. Got it?" He grones. "yes mother... Shesh...." His Mom kisses his cheek making him blush and they leave. And storm takes a sigh of relief. "about flipping time... Shesh I'll wait a while to make sure they don't come back in." Storm sits down on the couch and watches some TV. Half a hour passes before he remembers. "CRAP I ALMOST FORGOT!" he jumps down from the couch and runs to his mom and dad's room nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Except it smelled like baby powder and stuff almost like a nursery. But he shrugged it off to old people smell and laughed. He looked under there bed and found a strange box he pulls it out and sits it on the edge of the bed. It's a box full of stuff like a pasifier a large one and like toddler toys. "where these my old toys...? This was definitely not my old pasifier though... This thing looks like it's for a adult... Maybe it was when mom and dad where kids? They told me there life story mostly..." He shrugged and put the lid back on it and goes to the closet and opens it up and his eyes get huge. There's a large supply of diapers and not for baby's like adult diapers but they also had some kinda baby print on them. And clothing that looks like it would fit dad suddenly it hits him. His dad dresses up like a baby. He starts to laugh. "oh my God! I can't wait to tell eveyone! I'm going to embarrass him so much!" He pulls out one of the large diaperes and unfolds it. "I sometimes forget dad's still a eevee so he's not much bigger then me... Creepy. These could almost fit-" Suddenly he's cut off from the door shutting and his eyes get big and hide the diaper halfway in his pants and half in his shirt and starts to panic seeing he left the box of stuff out he goes to move it when Dakota walks in. "STORM! What are you doing young man!" He froze with fear. Not even sure what to say his mom turns him around as he's holing the box and the diaper falls our from under his shirt and it hanging down from his pants and he blushes. And his mom smirks. "I see you found daddy's stash. And just what where you planning on doing with that?" He felt his hear beating like crazy. "n-nothing..." She smiles. "oh I get it! You wanted to test them out didn't you?" His eyes get big and shake his head. "n-no!!" Dakota laughes. Then glares at him. "i don't care if you did or not your in a lot of trouble and as punishment... you will while you are at home will be treated very special for ohh... 3 months." He gulps. "s-special...?" She just smiles and takes the box from his hand and sits it on the bed. Then grabs his hand. what could she have in store for him? He wondered it kinda scared him he never seen him mom act so... Sweet it was almost scary. He hopes he won't regret this. Chapter 2 Mom picks me up and sits me on. The Edge of there bed I sit there just staring and mom pulls out the diaper from my pants making me blush she smiles. "dill sweety! Can you come in to our bedroom?" Dad runs in and his eyes get big seeing me siting on the bed and a diaper in mom's hand he blushes. "w-what are you doing with that silly thing Dakota?" He looked very nervous I could see why they would hide this from me...i didn't know my dad was so... weird... "he knows dill" He almost wined a bit. "I think it's time we had a talk with him. And explain this to him." My eyes get big. "n-no I'm fine! I don't-" Mom glares at me it was scary. "storm shut up you are in trouble... Only speak when spoken too understand me young man?" I gulp and look down nodding she smiled. "good! Now as for all this stuff your dad is into acting like a child in diapers. That's also why he hasn't evolved." Acting like a child... And wear diapers... OK he's very weird... And he hasn't evolved because he likes to pretend he's a child... And mom tells me to grow up...I can see dad blushing and I look at him strangely. Mom pulls him closer and yanks off dad's pants and my eyes get big as I see this wet looking diaper on him it was sagging. I can't belive it... My dad's a big baby... "d-dakota!" Dad is blushing insanely and mom smirks. "alright! Dill wanted like a month where he didn't have to do anything he could pretend to be a child or baby." Dad covers his face and I look in disgust. "so dill you and storm will be my baby's for 3 months! No more adult thing except when storm has to go to school. Dill you don't work so you will be a baby most people in town know already so no normal clothes for 3 months" My face goes pale. D-did she just say my name too...dad sighs. "yes Dakota...but storm too? Why?" Mom smirks. "I'm not Dakota I'm mommy for the next few months. And storm is in a lot of trouble that's why. He broke his promise and this is what happens to kids who break promises!" I could barely think straight. "Y-you can't be serious mom...? This is a joke right? I-I'm sorry I won't do it again! But if I get caught people will laugh at me for the rest of my life!" Mom just giggles and winks at me. "then I guess you better not be caught. But don't worry you don't start school for a week you will have time to adjust to your new life style at home baby." I blush and glare "I'm not doing this..." Mom smirks. "I kinda hoped you would say that" Suddenly my body feels paralyzed. M-my mom just used paralyze on me! Oh my God I can't move is all I could think before I fall on my back blushing this can't be about to happen! "ok dill you first let's teach storm the rules while I change your dirty diapy." Dad blushes and walks up to my mom she picked him up and pulled out a strange table from the wall. It was a large changing table. She lays dad on it and starts untappeing his diaper and pulls it down I look away at this point. I don't want to see my dad's... thing... "aww looks like the little baby soaked himself that's OK mommy here to change you and make you all clean." I blush just from like second hand embarrassment. And knowing she's going to do this to me. "d-dose dad have... Like bladder problems?" Mom looked at me as she put a clean diaper on dad. "unfortunately he never learned to use the bathroom..." Dad blushes like crazy. "why?" Mom laughes. "your dad has been into diapers and I think he just didn't want to lean and going this long kinda messed up his bladder and doctors say he will never have control." What do they mean by into them? Like he just enjoys them? Weird... I don't see why people enjoy that... Being mocked looked down on... I'm already looked down on and treated like a child. He dose it willingly. Suddenly mom puts dad down and I float in the air going closer to her and my heart races. "m-mom please! We can talk about this I'm sorry please don't do this!" I start shaking and tearing up. I rarely cry but this was so humiliating I couldn't take it. "aww... Storm... It's ok... Don't cry mommy's here." She hugs me and I lean against her unable to move still crying. And Shaking. I don't even notice my mom taking off my shirt and pants. Then when she removes my boxers it hits me what she's done and I cry more. "no mommy don't please!" She just smiles laying me on the changing table and I'm blushing not liking being naked in front of my mom and dad. Mom grabs a diaper from the closet and unfolds it and lifts up my butt putting the diaper under me. All I can do is watch in horror as my mother diapers me a 12 year old! "aww your going to look so cute Storm!" I blush more and watch as she puts baby powder on me and flips the diaper over me. Just wait till she puts me down Im ripping this thing off. She straps it on then touches the front and a lock appears in it and looks like it locks and disappears. "magic my mom used on me heheh no matter how hard you try you won't be able to remove this." She can't be serious right...? This can't be happening my whole life is ruined! All because i had to find out my mom and dad's secret! And it some how it turned in to my own secret and If I tell people I'll give away my own it's not fair! Mom picks me up and I feel the paralyze disappear and she puts me down in nothing but a diaper. I blush and try and hide it. It's so hard to close my legs completely. I haven't had to use one of these since I was 3...now I get to do it for 3 months. And school starts in one week... If anyone catches me they will humiliate me to no end...this is the end of my life as the cool kid... And my new life as the freaking stupid laughing stalk baby...wait... Mom don't expect me to use this right?! Chapter 3 Mom grabbed my hand and then my dad's hand then she walked us both into the front room and sat us both on her lap. It was so weird to see my dad on my mom lap and looking like a baby. Wait what am I saying I also look like a damn baby sitting on my moms lap! God I want to die from embarrassment. "alright kiddos. Dill you probably know most of the rules but I'm going to explain the rules for the next few months." Dad lays his head on mom and sucks his thumb then looks at me blushes and hides his face in mom's chest. Is it possible to disown my own dad... "alright rule number one. You wear diapers for 3 full months no exceptions. There's a few more for storm once school starts it's a punishment not trying to make him the laughing stalk of the school." I kinda take a sigh of relief. "wait...? So d-dose that mean I got to use it... To... You know?" Mom smirks and quiets me. "I was getting to that. No more trips to the bathroom. You can only use the diaper." My eyes get big. "but that's disgusting!" Mom laughs. "you don't have a choice storm. Now rule number 3 you will both refer to me as mommy. No mom no Dakota nothing but mommy" I blush. "W-what about around my friends?" Mom pats my head. "oh especially around your friends" She giggles and I blush looking down at the padding between my legs. Curiosity killed the cat... Honestly I wish I did more like curiosity diapered the cat... I let out a big sigh. And continued to listen to mom. "rule number 4 you both will act like your age 3 years old when at home well Dill has to act like it for the full 3 months no exceptions. Storm only has to do it when he's at home while out or at school you can act your normal age of 12. Rule number 5 if you need a change you call me if at school or wherever I'll teleport there and change you. I'll try and keep people from finding out." I just stare at my diaper. This isn't happening. This can't be happening. My life is over. I'm going to be called a baby for the rest of my life. Mom sighs. And pets on dad who's clearly embarrassed to see me acting like this. "This is how we will punish you from now on Strom. "little" punishment. This is to teach you what's right from wrong. We don't believe in spanking or anything we don't like violent punishment for reasons. But I'm sure the fear of everyone will find out about this if you don't listen to us will make you act good won't it?" Spanking me probably wouldn't have made me listen... But this... This isn't fair! I don't have a choice or i'll be mocked! I'm that cool kid at my school! But I sigh. "yes mom... " She clears her throat. And glares a bit. "I-i mean... Yes M-mommy..." I bush oh my God that's so embarrassing! I haven't called her mommy since I was also like 3! "alright I think that's most of the rules now I think it's almost bedtime for my Little ones." Wait what? Bed time? I look at the clock. "U-uhh.... Mommy it's only like 7pm..." She nods and stands up holding me and dad in her arms my eyes get big and I hold on to her scared I haven't been held like this for a long time. Mom takes dad to his bedroom and lays him down. "goodnight baby" Dad blushes and smiles. "goodnight mommy!" Man just him calling mom mommy is kinda weird... What am I talking about this has been the strangest day of my life.. Mom takes me to my room and tucks me in to bed and kisses me I blush. "M-mom..." She giggles. "you're so cute your going to make a cute baby for a few months. But it's nap time. Oh you don't need changed do you? Because you won't get one till tomorrow morning." My face goes bright red. "n-no! I don't plan on using it..." She laughs. "well you will have to sooner or later. Unless you can hold it in for 3 months. Anyways good night love you." She leaves my room and i grone but I won't lie she did tuck me in to a really comfortable spot. No I can't fall asleep... It's too early... Only babies go to sleep... This.... Early.... But it was too late I passed out asleep. Probably from all the stress of today. DREAM I woke flipping the covers off me and to my surprise I was still in my boxers I smile great big. "yes! It was just a nightmare!" I jump out of bed and opened my door I see mom and dad sitting on the couch completely normal. "thank God it was just a dream..." I walk in to the front room. "hey mom? Dad? I'm hungry can I get something to eat?" They don't even act like I'm there. "... Mom? Dad? Hello?" I walk in front of them and my eyes get big. Mom and dad were suddenly younger mom was a ralts and dad was still an eevee. They were in diapers laughing and playing with each other. "mom! Dad! What happened to you two?!" Suddenly something talks in a deep voice. "I changed them in to baby's just like I'll do to you next." My body freezes and I turn and look and it's a giant diaper floating in the air coming at me I scream. And cry. NEXT MORNING I wake up screaming sitting up really fast and hugging myself shaking I pull the covers back and I see my greatest fear. The diaper. I sniff and wipe my eyes when mom ran in. "storm?! What's wrong?! Are you ok?" I nod wiping my eyes. "J-just a nightmare..." Mom hugs me and I hugged her back she gives me a confused look and suddenly grabs the front of my diaper I scream and blush. "MOM!" She smiles and kisses my cheek. "looks like that nightmare was very scary... How about we get you change?" My eyes get big and I feel the front of my diaper it was warm. N-no this can't be happening! I never wet the bed! No no no! This was just a one time thing! I know it was. I blush like crazy as mom picks me up. I can't believe this is happening. Chapter 4 While this is happening it hits me. I don't have to deal with this why am I accepting this happened?! I starts struggling in my mom's arms. I might be stuck in a dang diaper buts I'm not stuck acting like a damn baby! "put me down!!" Mom holds me well walking me to her room before I swing my arm and accidentally smack her across the face. My face goes pale as she stops and glares back at me with the most pissed off look I ever seen my mom have. "you're in so much trouble... We might not believe in hitting you but I'll show you something much... Much worse." This was terrible... Good job Strom you went and made a terrible situation worse. Mom lays me on the changing table still looking pissed I didn't move as she removes the diaper and wipes me with a cold baby wipe. I blush a lot it's so weird to have my mom clean me up. But something tells me it's going to be a bad day. Mom pulls out a new diaper and my face blushes like crazy. It was pink very girly. And mom walks over with it. "don't you dare start struggling or it will be so bad on you... Did you know I always wanted a little girl?" Mom puts it under my butt. Holy crap this thing feels thick and it's not even on yet?! Then it hits me. Mom's not planning on treating me like a girl right?! She knows I absolutely hate that. "b-but mom..." She laughs as she puts the new tick girly diaper on me it made my legs spread far then I see the locking thing again. Won't be removing this either... "aww my cute girl stormy! Good thing your the same size as your dad. I'm using the same sissy stuff I used on him when he pissed me off." Mom opens her closet and pulls out a pink dress as well and smirks. I start crying again I don't know why I this makes me cry. But I can't help it. "m-mom I don't want to be a girl it's bad enough I have to be a dumb baby!" She smiles and puts the dress on me. "don't worry, it's just today you really pissed me off for hitting me so this is what you get. Any other day you piss me off depending on how much you make me mad the punishment will change. I just hope for your sake you don't piss me off during school heh" She wouldn't make me dress up as a girl and send me to school right? No... This is mother she would so do that. OK no more pissing off mom... But God kill me. This is so embarrassing mom picks me up and kisses all over my face. "who's momma's pretty little girl!" I just look down to embarrassed to even speak. Mom takes me to the kitchen where I see dad in a highchair he's got syrup all over him and he's only in a diaper and I think we both blush and look away from each other. But dad giggles. "looks like mommy made you her girl... Better you then me..." Mom sighs. "dill your a mess come on let's go give you a shower. Stormy you will sit here and eat some pancakes while I give your dad a bath" Mmm pancakes do sound good mom puts me on the ground on my butt and undoes dad. I'm trying to get up but the damn diapers so thick I can't close my legs enough and I just fall back down and cross my arms and pout. Dad's set beside me then I'm picked up and put in a highchair and locked in with the tray in front of me. Eww... It still sticky from dad... What the heck did he do? Mom picks up dad and puts cut up pancakes on my tray. "alright you eat while I bathe your dad." She turns on the TV to some baby TV show. I grown as mom walks off. "this is awful... This highchairs all sticky! I have this TV thinking I'm some dumb baby now I can't even find my fork! Mom! You forgot my fork!" No response. "Does she really expect me to eat without one..." Then I remember how sticky dad was. Wait... Oh my God she dose... Gross... So I grab one of the pieces covered in syrup carefully with 2 fingers and eat it. At least it's good. I sigh and keep this up till there gone. Getting quite a bit of syrup on me. And sit there for what seems like forever. Watching TV out of boredom. "I'm going to have this stupid song stuck in my head all day... Can I just grab a knife and cut out my own ear drums?" I sigh. "you know what no... That would hurt more than the music..." I sat there though another like 3 episodes of the same show. I hate to admit it but I was kinda starting to like it. The music was catchy the plot was bull. But at least the music was good. It was like watching a Disney show. Suddenly mom walks in and sits dad in a play pen I didn't even know we had. Then again this must have been dad's baby stuff or whatever I don't remember a high chair being in here either. "oh no look like we have another dirty baby!" I blush. And dad laughs. "don't worry, you get use to it after a while... Be careful if mommy gives you a bath though she's rough. Heheh..." I hated hearing dad call her mommy... Wait give me a- my eyes get big. No no no! My own mom is not about to give me a bath! "no im not giving her a bath at them moment I'll wipe off her hands and stuff with a baby wipe I just got her in her cute clothes and diaper." Her? Oh.... Right.... I groan. I forgot... I'm this stupid girl for the day... At Least no one can see me... That's when the doorbell rings. Chapter 5 Mom walks over to the door opening it my eyes get big and I look away praying to God it's no one I know and hopefully they just think I'm some dumb girl... Baby girl. I hear mom talking. "hello?" Then I hear a guy's voice. It sounds so familiar. "howdy ma'am. I'm just here to pass these to all families of kids that go to the new school." No I know I know that voice... "aww thanks so much young man... But what is it?" I got curious I turn and look slightly at them. I see mom talking to a male Grovyle my eyes get big. Why is the school bully here?! I must have caught his eye because I see him look at me and I blush and look away. "well... It's..." he shakes his head "it's the list of supplies you need to bring stuff has changed with the new generation of Pokemon I'm just supposed to pass them out...uhh cute... Babies?" Mom giggles. "thanks there both very rotten especially the one in the high chair" The Grovyle laughs some and I blush a lot thinking he found me out. "well she is cute. She looks a bit tall for her age but I guess most new generation Pokemon do." He shrugs. "by the way my names Bryn. But where's your kid? Shouldn't you have like a kid my age?" I started shaking and look over at them scared moms going to tell him. "oh. You mean Strom? S- ahem he's sick today in his room sleeping." He looks at me for awkwardly long time and this stupid smile goes over his face. "oh ok well I'm going to get going. Have fun with the baby boy and baby girl" Mom shuts the door and I blush hearing some laughing from outside. "m-mom! I-i think he knows!" I feel like I'm going to start crying. "oh relax stormy. He seemed like a sweet boy he wouldn't tell anyone." I look down. "sweet my ass... Mom! He was the school bully! He would pick on me all the time specifically! It's not Fair!" I start crying and Mom sighs and takes me out of the high chair and pats my butt making me blush as it makes noises. But I lay my head In her. "... I'm not over looking how you cursed stormy. That's another punishment. But what?" Dad giggles. "how about you break his bladder?... You always had fun doing that to me." Mom smirks and my eyes get big. "W-what....but I need that!" Mom touched my gut and a strange key like thing popped up and suddenly I hurt for a moment then it was gone and I got confused. "for the rest of today you will have no control of bladder for cursing. Tomorrow I'll fix it." I was shaking and stopped crying. "Y-you're joking... R-right?-" My eyes get huge as I felt warmth out of no where start to spread across my diaper. Mom smirks. "oh no looks like mommy's baby girls having her second accident." I blush insanely and hide my face. "just change me..." Mom tilts her head "nah it's just a small wet" Mom sits me in the playpen with dad. "Dill teach your baby sister how to play with toys and stuff." I was as bright as a tomato at this point. And I thought the embarrassment couldn't get worse. Mom walks off to clean up the kitchen and dad smiles at me and holds up a bunch of toys. "want to play?" I shake my head and lay down in the playpen trying to keep from crying. This has to be the worse time in my life... My dad is happy to act like a weirdo baby... My mom is making me be a baby and wear a freaking dress! I would take it off but who knows what the hell mom would have in store for me next... I shiver at the thought. Dad gets by me. "you best get use to this... You need to get in to a little space. Or this will be the longest 3 months of your life..." I sniff and look up at him. "what's a little space?" Dad thinks for a moment. "it's where you act like a toddler or baby and just forget how old You are and just have fun!" I look at him unamused. "no... No way am I doing that... Ever. I'm a guy! And I'm a teen! I'm not some dumb baby like you! You're just a creepy weirdo!" Dad tears up and start to cry. I look down not knowing what to do just poking at my diaper. It's so mushy and warm it's disgusting. Suddenly mom comes in and picks up dad and pats him and hugs him. "what's wrong sweetie?" Great... I'm going to be in even more trouble... "I-i accidentally pinched my finger!" My eyes get big and look up. "aww dose mommy need to kiss his finger" He nods and mom kisses his finger and giggles and dad lays his head in mom "... I'm tired can I go lay down?" Mom smiles and kisses dad's head. "sure let's go lay you down." They walk off to the bedroom and I sigh. Why was dad so nice and not get me in trouble? He could have made this worse... As much of a weirdo my dad is he's a very nice guy... I'm sorry dad...I pick up one of his toys he had. "I haven't played with toys since the bully mocked me for it... There for babies..." I grab another toy and pretend like there talking. "well guess what stupid bullie I am a baby now so I can play with all the toys I want. And my mommy's going to make. You a baby also" I giggle as I pull out a toy that looks kinda like mommy and and pretend like it beats up the bullie and puts him in a diaper. I laugh. "now who's a baby!" Then I hear moms voice who's clearly been there behind me for a while and my face goes bright red and I throw the toys. "having fun sweetie?" I shake my head "aww that's too bad. I think it was so cute. You need to relax storm. I feel like you think you have to grow up so fast... But you don't you can be mommy's baby as long as you want" I start tearing up and wipe my eyes. Mom leans down and kisses my head. I still hate this. But... I love all the attention I get... I feel like I'm really loved... If I wasn't forced to wear a diaper and a stupid dress... Chapter 6 Mom sat on the couch and watched me as I awkwardly moved toys around. I didn't want to play while she was watching me. It's embarrassing. We probably sat there for a few hours it was dark out. Man the days seem to go by faster when I'm like this. I guess I'm so embarrassed I forget what time it is. Mom comes over and leans down by me. "you getting kinda hungry?" Honestly I was kinda hungry. I keep looking down rubbing the toy I had on the floor lightly not wanting to look up at her. She smiles and picks me up. That's when it hit me I haven't peed all day. but I didn't even notice that I had used it so I just figured I didn't, because I'm not a Dumb baby who can't hold it. She can't take it away from me heh. She takes me to the fridge and pulls out a bottle. I groan please tell me she's not about to bottle feed me... I would rather die... She warms it up and tickels my stomach making me giggle and push her hand away. I blush. "heh your going to like your num nums aren't you stormy?" I look away I'm not giving that a response. I'm just looking forward that tomarrow I get to go back to being Strom and not this dumb stormy... Suddenly the microwave goes off and mom holds me on my back. "hey what are you-" But I was cut off by a bottle being pushed in my mouth. I was about to try to push it out of my mouth when my mom glares and I shake pulling my hands away. Mom's glares are scary... And I know if I piss her off more I might get something worse then a damn diaper and dress... "come on now stormy you should eat up or you might have to go to bed without supper" I grone and start sucking. Actually I hate to admit it but this stuffs not half bad. It's sweet. It's not milk like I thought but kinda like a oatmeal but not exactly. I drank on it about half way I closed my eyes relaxing before I knew it i was asleep. DREAM I woke up and I was in someone's arms. But when I went to say something only noises came out. It was strange. Then I hear moms voice she laughes some. "aww look Dill he's trying to talk." Wait mom? And dad's here? But where am I? On Closer inspection I think I'm on a plane? I keep trying to talk but no words suddenly a pasifier it put in my mouth. I wanted to spit it out. But I couldn't it was like my whole body relaxed and I just sucked looking at my mom and dad. Suddenly there's a large boom. We hear the pilot come over the radio. "where going down! Get eveyone out of the plane immediately make sure they all get out safely!" There was panic even I was scared I started crying shaking. Am I going to die? Mom and dad take me to a plane door they open it helping people out but while doing that I felt the wind blow hard and the plane shook really hard as well. And I flew out of my mom's arms. And out the door falling out of the plane. I cried and cried. I don't want to die! I can't die! No please mommy!! END OF DREAM I was still asleep but Dakota come flying in the room to my crying and screaming for mommy. And she shook me and I woke up. Hugging mom tight and crying and telling her what I saw in my dream but even I know I didn't really say words I was just so scared. "shhh... It was just a dream storm... You been having a lot of nightmare lately haven't you?" Mom holds me in her arms that's when it hit me I was naked but my yellowed diaper... Wait yellowed diaper. I blush insanely. N-not again! This makes me. Whimper a bit mom held me till I calmed down. "now you more calmed down." I was more relaxed I nod "mhm" I wipe my eyes and mom smiles. "good now how about we get you changed? That must have been a scary dream to make you wet yourself." I blush covering my face embarrassed. Mom laughes and picks me up taking me to her room where dad was sleeping in only a diaper... Also wet. But it definitely helped seeing him in the same situation kinda... He enjoyed it but it made me feel a bit more comfortable. Mom changes my stupid pink diaper and cleans me up and puts me in to a normal diaper. I look outside and it looks like the sun just coming up. It must be pretty early. I sigh and mom picks me up after my change and takes me to the front room. "how about some TV To relax to." Honestly that sounded nice. Mom sits down and sits be beside her she turns it on to the same kids shows as yesterday. They where doing more missions and singing. It it was relaxing. I watch them for a while then I lay my head on my mom and I can feel myself falling asleep again. Why am I falling asleep so often? And so early? I can't tell if Im just mentally exhausted... Or something else. Oh well...this has definitely made me grow closer to mom... I love her so much... And that nightmare only made me realize I'm scared that I'm going to lose them. Or maybe it was more they where scared to lose me? Wait? Now that I think about it it was super scary for me too but my nightmare tonight was completely different then yesterdays. Like someone was forcing me to have a nightmare... But that's not possible right? You can't just force someone to have a nightmare? I don't know I just want to rest. I hope today is atleast less embarrassing... Chapter 7 I woke up oddly I was super relaxed. I don't know why but I laid there and sucked on something in my mouth a bit longer. Then it hits me I spit out whatever is in my mouth and blush like crazy seeing a pacifier in my mouth. I throw it down. "damn it mom... I bet she was involved in this... Why would my body want something like that. That's so weird..." I lean up and see I'm still in a diaper and it's soaked. Mom's magic must have still been in effect. I stand up and it sags down I can't help but blush and poke it. I'm so surprised it can hold that much. I'm so tired of this already. I'm a teen not this stupid baby... And yesterday a stupid baby girl... This is all the things I hate in life all in one. I try to remove my diaper thinking mom forgot to lock it. Nope... Still locked. I go to my door and peek out making sure no one else is here just in case. "mom...? Hello?" I see mom peek out of the kitchen "oh morning storm. You sleep well? Come on in I'm cooking breakfast we got some stuff to talk about." I blushed and looked down. "B-but.... I-" She rolls her eyes. "storm come on I'll change you after breakfast." This made the embarrassment worse. I leave my bedroom exposed and walk to the kitchen with the sagging diaper. Dad's in a high chair and he giggles. "whoa soggy butt today aren't we" I blush I thought I was going to cry when mom speaks up. "dill you have no room to speak your diaper was so full this morning we couldn't even wait" He blushed looked at the table. this made me laugh some and mom also smiled and picked me up. "there's a thing at your school going on I know you still got a few days till it starts but this is important for you to go to. So let's explain the rules for your... Problem." I sigh. "problem?... More like a curse..." She laughs. "how ever you think of it. So I told the nurse your problem. She said if your at school and have an accident she will change you in privacy" I blush and my eyes get big. "Y-you told the nurse?! And I have to ask her to change me?! Why can't I do it myself?!" This is it my life is over! "because I don't know if you will change back to one. And if I find out you cut even one out. I'm going to take you to school as stormy the new girl in school who has bladder problems." My face goes pale. She wouldn't dare... No she's my... no she would. I gulp "I-I understand... Do I atleast get enough clothes to hide... T-this?" Mom nods. "Oh ya if your good and don't make this any problem I promise no one will find out. And if your lucky never will even have an idea. But if you mess up in any way I'll promise you won't like the outcome. Understand me." I nod and she smiles putting me down in a chair. And puts some more pancakes cut up in front of me. With a fork this time thank God. "now eat up and I'll give you a bath and a fresh diaper." I sigh. And start to eat before it hits me. "w-wait give me a bath?! No! No no no! I can do that." Mom glares. "hmm let me think what kinda dress would you enjoy for school." My eyes are huge and shake my head. "I-I mean I can't wait for mommy to give me a bath!" I blush just eating. Mom smiles. "aww your such a cute little boy aren't you storm." Dad speaks up. "oh me too! I'm super cute and adorable right mommy!" Mom laughs and goes over and hugs him. "yap that's why... I'm going to give you a very good bath tonight~" I look confused. My mom and dad are weirdos... She took dad out of the highchair and picked him up. "alright storm you finish up I'll bath your brother." I grone. He's not my brother... He's my dad... I hate my life. Mom takes dad to the bathroom I eat and hear dad saying some strange stuff. Can't quite understand him but he's saying "mommy" and groaning but in a weird way... Probably just dad being freaking weird again. I sigh finishing my food. I see mom taking my dad only in a towel to her room. They take a while but mom comes out pushing a stroller with dad in it. He's in shorts and a childish shirt and a pacifier in his mouth. I give him that weirdo look. But he was relaxed and already half asleep. "alright storm your turn!" Oh god this isn't happening. Mom picks me up. "wait I wasn't done eating! Ya!" She pats my dipared butt. "too bad bath time baby's don't get a choice heh." I groaned and leaned over her shoulder and she takes me to the bathroom and she pulls off my diaper and sits me in a fresh tub of bath water it's jot too high but not too short. I blush as she started to wet me and scrub soap in my hair. "I haven't given you a bath since you were like 5. Mommy I do take good baths you would say then come to find out you stood in the bathroom for like 10 minutes and left" She laughs and I blush mom smiles. "you where a super cute kid... Then you became more... Like this." Mom washes the soap from my fur. "like this?" I was confused. What did she mean. "well you act like it's awful if you act a bit childish. Or terrible you act a little girly. You don't even talk about the girls you like." She smirks. "wait storm do you like Guys?" I blushed. "MOM!" she laughs. "sorry sorry! Hey whatever you like we won't judge you or hate you we love you storm. And this might not seem like it but I think you will understand later this is all out of love." I wasn't going to admit I understand... Kinda anyways but this is still humiliating. Mom takes me out of the water and dries me off leaving me in the towel and picks me up taking to the changing table to to no surprise puts me in a new diaper. Then she puts some shorts and a shirt on me. My shorts kinda puffed out some. But not too noticeable. "now to your school thing!" If one person found out they will blackmail me for the rest of my life... Chapter 8 Mom puts me down to let me walk then she walks up to dad in the stroller and pushed it to the door. "storm come open the door please." I sigh "yes mom... " I walked to the door a little awkwardly I forgot it's definitely not easy to walk around in these things. I open the door and mom pushes the stroller out the door with dad in it and I blush going out with them. My dad's sucking a pacifier in a stroller and I'm secretly in a diaper going to school. This will be the worst beginning of school ever. We walk all the way to school girls would laugh at dad who was still asleep mind you. They all thought he was a toddler or My brother...better then them thinking it's my dad... I see a bunch of kids with their parents like me. But I can bet none of them are forced to wear a diaper. "alright your suppose to head to class room 101. Me and your d-farher will head to the parents meet up. They will get you figuring out what your going to do Monday when school officially starts." I sigh and look up at them. "alright..." I walk inside and start to look around for the class it was so quiet I could hear my diaper crinkeling. I pray no one can hear that. As I look someone pushes me over and I fell on my butt. "hey-!" My eyes get big as I see a tall grovyle standing there. Oh no it's Bryn... "whoa hey watch where you're going shorty" He laughed and grabs my hand and pulled me up and bent down to my ear. "or should I say stormy" My face goes pale as he laughed and walked in to class. Yap this is it the end of my life. My ill never live this down...I shake as I step in to class all the seats were taken except for one by Bryn. Just kill me now... "oh storm you finally made it! Take a seat by Bryn would you?" I nod and carefully walk up to him and sit down my him. The teacher starts to talk about how everything's going to go Monday. I could barley pay attention I would look over at Bryn who was just smirking at me. I finally worked up the courage and whisper to him. "h-how much do you know...?" He doesn't stop smirking. And Whispers back. "not much but enough. So I assume you don't want this getting out do you?" I shake and nod. "please... You can't tell anyone... I-I'll do anything..." Bryn lets out a small chuckle. "great. I think this year where going to be the best of friends." He laughs more then the teacher stops and looks at him. "and what's so funny Bryn?" He stops and smiles. "oh i'm sorry. It wasn't a laugh of funny it was a laugh of excitement! I can't wait for the school year to begin ma'am!" The teacher smiles. Damn as much as I hate this guy he's definitely a smooth talker... "isn't that nice but please don't interrupt class like that again. I only get you for an hour today. I know you all probably don't want to be here but it's only an hour so let's make it quick!" The teacher goes back to explain more stuff. What could bryn have planned this scared me. And at the same time I had to pee very badly. I shook my leg up and down Just to take my mind off it. Bryn looks at me. "problem? That's annoying the hell out of me..." I shake my head. "N-nope no problem..." He sighs. "liar... Guess it's time to let out out secret." My eyes get big and shake my head. "n-no wait... I-I just gotta pee..." Bryn gets this shit eating grin. "well was the other day just a one off or are you still... Uhh diapered I guess?" My face goes bright red and I nod slowly. He smirks. "then go" My eyes get big. "but-!" Bryn clears his throat. "excuse me teacher?" I quickly start to wet myself in fear he's about to tell people. I felt all the warmth go all between my legs. "o-ok I did it please don't..." Bryn smiles. And the teacher looks at them. "what?" Bryn stands up. "I hate to bother you but could I use the bathroom? Me and my friend here storm really need to go." I could feel everyone stare at me and whisper. Bryns never had a friend in years. So I'm definitely a weirdo in this class now... Not as much if people found out about my Diapers. The teacher sigh. "ya I suppose I'll let two people go at once first you two then I'll send another group go on then." Bryn smiles at me to follow and we leave going to the bathroom bryn walks over to the door and locks it. He smirks at me. "take them off." I looks confused. "w-what?" He glares. "I suppose I need to tell everyone how you're a diaper wetting baby. Or you can take off your pants now." I blush and pull them down revealing my diaper I feel him push me up against the wall and cup his hand around the front of my diaper. "wow it's warm you really did wet yourself." He laughs and I blush so badly I want to die. "alright put your pants back on. Your going to do as I ask. If I tell you to wet or mess you do it. No if or ands or buts got me? Also why are you wearing these in the first place. The other day I saw you in them and a dress." I gulp so embarrassed. "w-well I found my dad's secret stuff... It turns out he's some kinda diaper lover or something... And he acts like a child... I was going to make fun of him but my mom used it against me." He looks curious. "interesting... And the dress?" I take a deep breath as I put my pants on. "well I got mad and accidentally hit her..." He smiles. "and if anything bad like that happened again you would probably be back in them huh" I nod Reluctantly. "great. Today after school I want to come to your house and hang out with my new "friend" " I looked confused. " B-but why?" He glares at me. "I have my reasons now your going to tell your mom you want me to come down and I'm your best friend understand me diaper boy?" I look down and nod "good. Now let's get back to class." We both head back to class and sit through the rest of the day. I headed to find my mom and dad outside and walked up to her. "H-hey mom?" She looked at me. "Ya storm?" I breath heavy being nervous. "c-can I have a friend come over today..." Mom looked excited. "of course! But I'm not hiding any of... The stuff." I sigh. "but!... that's fine..." I wave my hand to bryn who was standing not too far away and he runs over and half hugs me. "hello again ma'am! And this is... Storms little brother right?! He's so cute! I'm storms friend! Best friend" Dad blushes and so do I he knows that's my dad what's he playing at. What could he be planning... And why did he grope me today? Was it just to embarrass me... He could have easily seen it was wet... Today has been an awful day. But what could he have planned? Chapter 9 We make It back to my place Bryn hasn't shut up yet he's been talking my mom up. It's like there both best friends now... Of course the bully would have to make friends with my mother... Thats just weird. No weirder then the situation I'm in. Actually I almost forgot I'm wet. I sigh as we walk in mom shuts the door after bryn comes in. Suddenly mom chucks my pants off my face goes bright red as I try and pull my shirt down to cover the diaper. "m-mom!" She laughs and so does bryn which was even more embarrassing. "oh you knew this was going to happen I told you at home you can't keep pants on I got to know when you need changed." Bryn smirks. "oh look at that storms mom I think he's wet." She smiles. "well so he is! Hey I got a idea bryn. Your close friends with storm right?" I shake my head. Like hell if he is... But he would expose me if I said that. I sigh and bryn nods. "of course! Even if my friends a diaper wearing baby it doesn't bother me" She smiles "aww that's so cute. OK how about I give you permission to change him during school time." I blush and bryn smirks. "no way in hel- heck!" Bryn gives my mom a smile. "I would love to help with this punishment! I'm sure going to the nurse would be too embarrassing I bet him asking his best friend would work great." Mom smiles and picks me up. "ok let me go show you how to change him." Bryn nods "yes ma'am!" She takes me to the changing table and I blush insanely. "I-I don't want him to see me naked... Mom please..." She rolls her eyes. "storm please this is your best friend just let him do it." Mom quickly untaped my diaper and bryn watches so carefully. This creep... Is he just staring at me undressed?! Was thats his goal? To be able to see me naked and change me...What kind of weirdo is he...mom gets a new diaper on me and puts me in front of bryn. "and just like that." I could see bryn was blushing slightly smirking. I glare at him and he laughs and spanks my diaper butt and I jump and blush. "he's so cute when he's like this!" I blush like crazy and cover my face. This creep is in to me isn't he?! Well Im not gay so jokes on him! Mom laughs. "I have to agree. You should see him in a dress" She laughs more. And so done bryn. I just want to die... "so are you two more than friends? Is this why he's never had a girlfriend heheh" Bryn laughs more "NO! MOM I'M NOT GAY! how many times do I have to tell you?!" I don't think anyways... But god I hate that she just assumes stuff. "well maybe we will one day" He winks at me and I shiver. "people don't know it but I am bi." Bryn smiles at me all I can do is shiver more. So he was just doing this to stare at me naked... And mom's probably going to let him change me more... As long as I don't got to go back to wearing girls clothes. "oh storms mom you should make him go to school like a girl. If this is a punishment make sure he has to do it at least once." My eyes get big. "w-what?! No! Never!" Mom glares at me. "I wouldn't say never young man. But I like that idea. It would be cute!" No come on! Can't she see he's trying to embarrass me! I don't know if being bi is True or just another way to embarrass me and make me seem bi?! I don't know but I hate this guy! But... I can't do anything he owns me right now... "would it be too much trouble if I stay the night ma'am?" Mom smiles and I shake my head. "you can stay all you like bryn also my names Dakota. Call me that." he smiles and nods. "ok then. Thanks Dakota! I can't wait to play with my friend who's now a baby" He laughs and I just give up. "I'm going to my room..." Mom sighs. "fine but lunch will be ready later. You both go have fun and bryn if he makes a mess go ahead and change him I made it so only you the nurse and me can remove his diaper. And don't remove the diaper for him. I know your friends but-" Bryn smiles and nods. "ok I won't don't worry!" At this point I have already left and was in my room sitting on my bed in a shirt and diaper and sigh. A while later bryn walks in and sits by me. "man this is too easy. I got full permission to rear you like a little baby." I glare. "shut the fuck up..." He smirks. "oh no I wonder what will happen if I tell your mom you said fuck." My eyes get big. "w-wait! We can talk about this..." He keeps smirking the coky little fuck. "fine then for the night you do what I tell you to do got it?" I sigh. "got it..." He looks at me. "now how about you use your diaper like a good boy." I blush and grind my teeth. "I don't have to..." He thinks then smiles. "not even number 2?" My eyes get big. He can't be serious. Please no I don't want to do that it's bad enough I got to wet them... But... I have definitely got to go. "M-maybe..." He pats my diaper. "then squat and mess right here in front of me." I blush and stand up. "and if I don't..." He smirks. "you might end up being a girl for your first week of school." I gulp and sigh. "ok...just please don't tell mom..." I blush as I squat. This isn't real... Right? I just want to wake up. I don't want to do this anymore. It's not fair... Chapter 10 I squat there for a while just looking at Bryn who just smiled down at me. "well?" I look away blushing. And I mumble "I can't..." He glares down at me. "what?" I gulp. "I-I said I can't... I-I don't feel comfortable doing it... I can't force myself." Bryn sighs. "that's a shame. Your going to be a cute girl again" He laughs and it scares me and I fart a bit and my eyes get big. "W-wait I think it's happening!" He looks at me curiously and I feel myself start to go I feel it packing into the back of my diaper. This is disgusting... Oh God I can smell it... My face goes bright red as it just fills. And like out of a habit I also wet. I was kinda surprised by how easily I did it. But then again I never been pee shy. I just don't like to go number 2 around anyone I can't even do it when I'm in the school bathroom with someone... Surprised I did it now. "damn you stink storm!" He laughs and hugs me I blush. What the hells this creep doing? I feel the back of my diaper get pulled back I tried to pull away but it was too late. "wow you really did it. Didn't think you had it in you. That's gross. Your gross." He laughs more. Then groped me from the front again. This has to be the most uncomfortable ever... Oh God I just thought of him changing me! "wow your a wet one aren't you Storm?" He smirks. And pushes me down my eyes get big as I hit the ground and feel everything squish in to me. I shiver in disgust. "aww oh no the baby fell down good thing he had a full diapy to help with the fall." I drop my head in shame I never felt so stupid. When I was just around mom and dad at least they would mock me... But it didn't feel like they were trying to be mean but Bryns doing this on purpose. I start to tear up and whimper. Just hitting my emotional top. Bryn stopped laughing and looked down at me. "are you crying?" I shake my head and start wiping my eyes starting to cry more knowing he's going to mock me for this now. But he sighs. "I didn't mean to make you cry... Well not like this... I wanted to have some fun with you..." He pats my head. And I sniff tying to stop crying but my voice crack. "W-why are you doing this?" He shrugs. "I don't know at first it was because I seen you in a dress and diaper and I was going to mock you but... Never mind that's it I just wanted to mock you! Best go ask your mommy for a diaper change! But uhh I gotta go... I don't think I can stay today I got to go now!" Bryn runs out of the house. What did he mean by he was going to mock me but? Wonder what he was going to say. I stand up and groan. "this is never coming out of my fur..." Suddenly mom walks in "why did Bryn leave? I thought he was staying?" Suddenly she sniffs around the room and I blush worried she might notice it was me. "I-I don't know... He just-" Suddenly mom grabs me and pulls back the back of my diaper and I scream. Hoping it would make her get back. "mom!!" She smiles. "wow, no wonder he ran looks like this little baby made a stinky!" I was so embarrassed I covered my face I didn't even know what to say. Mom giggled "heheheh let's get you cleaned up and a bath then we will get you ready for bed." I mean I was starting to get sleepy. Damn her and making me go to sleep so early... But I don't want a bath or cleaned but at the same time I do... Mom takes me to the changing table and dad was on the floor with toys. "phew... Wait did storm have his first stinky?!" Mom laughs putting me on the changing table and untapping my diaper I was so ashamed this is the worst I ever felt "B-Bryn made me..." She gave me a stern look. "seriously storm now your going to lie about your friend? I Can't believe you. You had an accident all your own get use to it mister." She gets me all cleaned up and takes off my shirt and picks me up going to the bathroom. "but-" She glares. "no buts!" She gives me a small spank on my butt and both our eyes get big moms never hit me before. It didn't hurt but I was surprised and kinda scared. "oh my God storm! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean that I have just been dealing with your dad and I have to spank him because he can get a little crazy among other reasons... Anyways I'm so sorry!" She hugs me and I hug back laying my head on her. Me being naked would normally bother me. But I have gotten so used to it over the past few days. "it's ok... You just never hit me before it was kinda scary..." She hugs me close starting some bath water. "I know... How about I make your favorite food for supper?" I look up at her and smile. "you mean mashed potatoes?" She smiles and nods and I smiles great big. "YES!" She laughs and puts me in the water and dumps a bunch of soap on my head and gets me wet and scrubs it in. There's a bunch of toys floating around. Probably from dad. I get curious though I grab one and push it along and it comes back then I push it under water and squeeze it and it makes a noise. I do this for a while I wasn't really having a bunch of fun if it was amusing while I get cleaned. I even forgot to be embarrassed before I notice mom taps me. "huh" She smiles. "I hate to interrupt your play time but you ready to come out?" I blush. "I-I wasn't playing!" I cross my arms and moms picks me up laughing and drying me off. "oh really not paying that's why you stayed in the bath an extra 15 minutes?" My eyes get big. "wait... You been done bathing me for 15 minutes and I didn't notice?!" She nods. "yap it was so cute. Ive never seen you play with toys since you were like 4 it's a shame really most kids still play with toys but you wanted to grow up way too fast...it killed your dad" She laughs and picks me up taking me to the changing table. "because he wanted to play with me right...?" She nods and smiles. "when you were young you two used to play together a lot you loved it. And so did he it was... Weird I guess but it was father and son bonding. But once you became able to talk he got scared to do it around you... Then it becomes this big secret." Mom lays me down getting me in a clean diaper. It was honestly so much more nicer then the messy one that was awful, I hope I never have to mess in one again. "hey mom? Was dad ashamed of himself because of me?" She sighs and nods. "you always wanted to grow up so quickly... That Dill was scared you would do exactly what you did a few days ago." I look away. I feel awful... Even though dad's weird for liking this... He's still my dad... And I love him no matter what I say... "hey mom? Can me and dad play stuff tomorrow." She picks me up and hugs me and I blush. "your dad would love that... You know storm you became such a good young man. It's a shame this will only last 3 months. I could do this forever." She laughs. I laughed awkward. "Y-ya... But I want to go back to underwear sometimes..." She sighs. "I know and I won't stop you. At Least now you understand your dad more and maybe tomorrow you two can grow closer. You and him haven't really been that close." Shs has a point I feel like I barely know him. Well tomorrow's all for dad! It's going to be embarrassing and probably make me wish I was dead but dad will be happy. And right now I know how he feels after Bryn got ahold of me... I get taken to eat and then after getting back to my room and tucked in. I quickly fell asleep hopefully no nightmares tonight.
  17. Art used with permission from https://www.deviantart.com/hira-dontell/art/Kirlia-Gijinka-287251313 CH 1: The Stalker (day 1) Since I ran away from my village that was being attacked over 15 years ago I have been taking care of myself somewhat. Yes, I have been taking care of myself since I was 3. I mean I had some help, but for the most part, I never had a childhood. I have just been running away from these Pokemon. I'm not about to become one, I can't let the human race end with me. Well, maybe I should introduce myself fully. Hello, I'm Dakota, a human girl but I'm a tomboy. I have never been into anything girly. I almost consider myself a guy. And I probably look like one well unless you pull my pants down...Uhh anyways, Moving on! I have been able to scavenge for food quite well on my own. The last few days have been rough. There's someone following me. I got away a few times to nap a little but then I continue to run when I hear any kind of noise. I'm exhausted and haven't been able to search for food and I'm starving. I'm not going to last long but I just have to keep going. if not I'll become a Pokemon and worst of all I'll become their baby Pokemon. I know it's strange but somehow they are regressing us and making us their little pokemon. That's just disgusting. But I haven't heard anything or anyone following me in a while. Maybe I'll take a nap. I'll continue to update after a nap. I close my notebook and yawn. "Man... I wish I had a pillow... And a bed...hell I would be happy with a blanket" I lay my head down on the grass and leaves, my body is all gross and dirty, my hair is very long and very knotty. I fear for the day I have to comb it. I relax quickly, passing out asleep for an hour at least. It was so nice but then I heard what sounded like someone walking around. I quickly sat up and looked around. I didn't see anyone but I got up quickly. I just started to run and run and my biggest fear was just about to happen. I get to the end of the forest and peek out. It's a huge town with Pokemon I back up some. "N-no... T-This can't be happening. They have been pushing me to a huge town...i got to run somewhere else!" I lean against a tree to catch my breath. "I'll just turn around... And run back in before I'm seen." I turn around and bump into a very large Gardevoir. My breathing became heavy and I was so scared I couldn't even scream. I just started crying looking up at it. Most Gardevoir were girls but I didn't want to assume. I just started to run as fast as I could, I moved my legs as fast as they would go. This couldn't be happening not like this. While running I open my eyes to see I haven't moved at all. I was floating in the air. Psychic Pokemon are the worst… "L-let me go, please!! You can't take me! Kill me! Anything but what I know you're going to do to me!!" I look down and just cry as I float there. This was the end of my free life. I couldn't survive, the human race was going to end. Suddenly some arms go around me and hug me. "Finally I caught you!" The Gardevoir says kissing my cheek, this made me blush. I was so confused, I haven't felt this kinda embrace most of my life. "I've been chasing you for weeks. You are the cutest human girl! I wanted you all to myself" She giggled and it kinda made me very angry. "Well, for one I'm not a girl! So ha! Two you can't just have someone!" She gave me a stern look then smiles "you're not fooling anyone sweetie. Don't worry I'll help make you into a pretty girl. And then you will be my adorable little ralts. but you're kinda right I can't have you till the paperwork is sorted out." My heart sank hearing ralts. "R-ralts... b-but... I'm a human! And that's the baby evolution of you! you can't be serious lady!" She just nods as she walks into the city. I tried to stay away from her but I floated gently behind her like I was on a leash. I started to cry again. I was scared I couldn't handle this. someone would save me, right? "I don't want to be a pretty girl! I don't want to be a ralts! Please, ma'am! You have to let me go! you don't understand what you're doing!" She just keeps walking. "don't worry you will accept it sooner or later the medication will force you. But you won't change immediately into a ralts, not till you become more accustomed to being well, a toddler or a baby I suppose." Till I start to become accustomed to being her baby?! What does that mean she's not going to dress me up like a baby when I'm fucking 18 right!? That's just disgusting! Iblush just thinking about it. "But first I need to give my new baby girl a bath. She's such a dirty little girl always playing around and never giving time for self-care." She giggles. I blush and growl. "I'M NOT A LITTLE GIRL! I'M 18 YEARS OLD YOU FREAK OF NATURE! I CAN TAKE A BATH MYSELF I DON'T NEED HELP! YOU WEIRDO! BUT YOU KEEP CHASING ME NEVER GIVING ME TIME FOR MYSELF!" This gets the attention of a bunch of other Pokemon, they give me very scary looks as the Gardevoir stops and turns to look at me. She looks angry and holds her hand out. I shake, unable to even struggle. she touches my stomach and a small glow comes from her hand into my stomach. my eyes get big as I hold my stomach in pain and cry. It was like needles were just stabbed into my tummy. "W-what did you do to me?!" She goes back to walking. her tone changed from cheery to more serious. "A punishment." As she says that I uncontrollably start to piss down my leg. I blush insanely as all the Pokemon around laugh and call me a little baby girl. I could only cry in embarrassment. I wanted to die. I would rather die than this. I haven't had an accident since I was 5! She caused this! "T-that won't last forever right?!" She smiles "Nope, one time thing... for now anyway. can’t make promises later on when you lose control permanently." permanently? this can’t be real. I shake and just cry as we reach a huge house this must be her house. We walk inside and this place is giant. It's crazy. But who knows what she has in store for me next I know I just wanted some new pants and panties. But honestly, that's probably the least of my worries. For now anyway. Ch 2: A Bath And New Outfit I finally started to stop crying, as I'm taken to this gardevoirs bathroom. It was big and very nice, her whole house was like this. This must have been how humans lived before Pokemon took over. I wish we could go back. Suddenly I'm floating up into the air higher and pushed on my back. "H-hey what's going on?" She grabs my pants "I'm undressing you because you wet yourself, so you really need a bath." I blush and hold my pants from being pulled off. "No! Absolutely not!" She sighs and my hands move behind the back of my head and I shake. "W-what in the world?!" She giggles. "Psychic powers silly girl" My eyes got big as Gardevoir pulled off my pants and took off my shirt. I didn't own a bra so my boobs just hung there and she pulled off my wet panties and I lay there cold and naked and embarrassed. "GIVE ME MY CLOTHES BACK YOU CREEP!" Gardevoir goes over and starts some water in the bathtub ignoring me. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Me of all people. "Let me bathe myself! Please! This is ridiculous!" Suddenly I flip over to my stomach in the air and Gardevoir lays a few good slaps to my ass. I yelp in pain. "O-Oww..." I tear up. I was never strong but damn that hurt. She slowly sits me down in the water still holding on to me with her psychic powers. She grabbed some scissors and started to cut my hair. I'm freaking out but I also don't want to be hit again. She gets it a decent length. It wasn't that bad. I kinda liked it. But I wouldn't admit it to her. Then she put a ton of soap in my hair and just scrubbed like crazy. It was so relaxing I could barely move. I just put my weight against her as she cleaned my hair then moved down to my body. I wanted to jump away but I couldn't. I gulp as she gets all around my butt and private parts. It was so embarrassing and made me feel so small. She finishes and takes me out and puts a towel around me to dry me off. "A-are we done now... Can I go back to the forest now..." My hair felt amazing, my clean body felt amazing as well. I never felt so good, I could feel all the fatigue coming out and my body felt exhausted. I wanted to fall asleep but I was trying so hard to stay awake. Gardevoir takes me to what looks like a nursery. And lays me on a very comfortable table. My vision was blurry. I could barely figure out what she was doing to me. Before everything went black and I fell asleep. I don't know how long I was asleep but I finally woke up. I was so comfortable. What was I sleeping in? I look around me to see bars. This wakes me up as I sit up quickly and hear plasticity crinkle and I see I'm in a crib. "Just great..." I look down and blush. I'm in a pink onesie and under that's a big puffy diaper. "nope! Like hell no!" I quickly undo the onesie and rip off the diaper and throw it out of the crib and take off the onesie. "I would rather sit naked than in that! I can't believe this! What has my life became...a stupid baby for a stupid Pokemon..." I try to find a way out but even if I tried to climb out of here I would fall a great distance. Climbing was not my strong suit. I sigh, guess I'm not leaving anytime soon. I'm cold and naked, Maybe striping was a bad idea. I grabbed the covers and wrapped myself in it and sat there for an hour or so before Gardevoir walked back in. She looks down at the diaper on the ground then glares at me I shake as she picks me out of the crib with her psychic powers "Ahh! Hey! Stop!" I grip the covers around me close. "Young lady, why are you naked?" I glare back "Because. I'm. Not. A. Fucking. Baby." She flips me over on my stomach in the air. "HEY" but that's all I got out before she started to spank me over and over it seemed to go on forever. "20. now you listen to me young lady you are my baby girl and you will keep your clothes on, understand me!" I nod a lot and cry like crazy. "YES I'M A BABY, I'LL DO ANYTHING JUST PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" Damn it! Stop breaking so easily, stop being a puss! She lays me on a table and pulls out a new diaper. I could feel myself shaking as she put it under me and put power on my crotch and pulled it over me Taping it up. It was so embarrassing being diapered like a baby. I'm an 18-year-old, not a baby. She picks me up in her arms and hugs me. "Mommy's sorry, But she's got to make sure you understand her rules. Now I would put clothes on you but... This will be another punishment for removing your clothes. If you want to be naked fine, you can stay in only a diaper." She smiles. I just sniff, but Iwant this stupid thing hidden. "B-but... People will see it..." She laughed. "So? Humans in our town all wear diapers till we make them our new babies." My eyes get big. "There's other humans here?!" She thinks for a moment then frowns "no, unfortunately not anymore we made them all into baby Pokemon. All they remember being is a Pokemon and that's all they will be for the rest of their new life. It could be worse we could have killed all you humans but we are giving you all a Chance to live with us. If you humans had a choice you would have killed us. We are much nicer than you humans." I look down I wanted to argue with that but she was right, we humans are selfish creatures that never think of another race like Pokemon we just treated them like pets and other use them for sex... We deserve this but I'm not giving up! I will escape. I just need to gain her trust first. But how… Ch 3: A Near Escape Gardevoir carries me into her huge ass front room. It's got a bunch of baby stuff and baby stuff sized for adults. It's creepy and it only makes it creeper that I'm in here with only a diaper on and a sore ass. I never felt so naked. I mean my clothes were never nice and ripped to shreds but at least they covered me for the most part. But I was also dirty it made me feel more... Covered. And I wasn't around anyone. She sits me on the couch and sits by me. "Alright, time for some rules little human." Gardevoir goes over in a cabinet and pulls out a needle and a small thing of something and puts it in the syringe. My eyes get big. Nope fuck this I'm leaving right now. I jump down from the crouch and just run for the door running out. I heard her scream something but I was far enough away. I could see other Pokemon. they would stare at me strangely, Probably don't see humans running off in a diaper but that was the least of my worries when I bump into a Hypno. "Ahh!! Excuse me!" I started to move but I got distracted by his moving coin. I couldn't move my body. I'm like a kid with a.d.d this is bad. I hear him say wet. Like hell I'm doing that then he says sleep and everything goes black. I'm so scared but soon I wake up. I groan as I wake up and open my eyes, I see Gardevoir standing above me with the syringe before I feel a string. "O-oww!" My eyes get big And I wake up completely and start breathing heavily "W-what was that?!" Gardevoir smiles this creepy smile. "This will slowly over time make you into my baby and a Pokemon. Even if you escape you will want to come back to mommy sooner or later." I looked horrified. This can't be, I was supposed to getaway! I start crying and Gardevoir hugs me. She doesn't deserve to hug me but I couldn't help but want to hug back some. "I know you're scared sweetheart but don't worry you will have a wonderful life I promise. And you will be well taken care of." As I hugged her back more I just needed something to comfort me. I cry into her for a while before I feel her fingers in front of my diaper and I quickly pull away smacking her hand that's freaking creepy. she just smiles. "How about we get you changed sweetie? You're a bit wet." I looked confused and touched the front of my diaper. It was soggy and cold. This can't be happening, how?! The Hypno! I actually did what he said... Hypnosis... I sigh. Even if I escape I'll be a Pokemon then even if I can get away I gotta get away from hypnos. Just my fucking luck. Gardevoir makes me levitate with her psychic powers and takes me to the changing room and lays me on a table and removes my diaper. And cleans me up. I'm blushing like crazy the whole time this is going on. I have to cover my face in shame. Then she puts a new diaper on me and she gives me a kiss on the cheek. Keeping me blushing. I feel really depressed. But there has got to be a way to fix it! There has to be. "... Why do you want to treat me like a baby... I'm 18... Not a baby even if you plan on making me a baby Pokemon just do it! Stop making me suffer through this!" Gardevoir hugs me and picks me up and I lay my head on her shoulder. This isn't fair, Pokemon have powers, Humans don't. She looks at me almost sweetly. "I don't know honestly, it's just how we were told to treat humans... And I always wanted a daughter without having to have my own kid." She runs her Hands through my hair. I barely remember my mom and dad but my mom used to do this to me as well. I cracked a smile before forcing it back down. "you're so pretty I couldn't help it. You looked like you needed a lot of help as well... I didn't want you to die out there. I wanted you to have a good life. And I know If it wasn't forced upon you, you wouldn't have done it." I hate to admit it but she's right... And I did need help... No! Stop! That's the medicine kicking in! She's trying to trick you, Dakota! "By the way, what's your name? We like to keep humans with their names. My name is Phyllis." I'm caught off guard. That was my mother's name... But I decided to tell her. "O-oh... I'm umm Dakota..." She smiles and kisses my cheek again. "Mommy's little girl, Dakota! That's so adorable! Yet so familiar?" She hugged me tight and lovingly, it was nice I never felt so loved. I smiled for the first time. But I shake my head. No! She's tricking you! "Oh hey, Dakota?" She takes me to the crib and floats me in, laying me down and covering me up. "How about you get some more sleep. You look exhausted, you're going to need it. You have a big day tomorrow. I got to get papers for you. You have to get an ID for your human baby then your Pokemon baby later after you change. I also have to tell you the rule and this time you won't run away" I shake, great I get to be put on display for other Pokemon to mock and laugh at. But this bed was so comfortable. And this pillow is so relaxing. The diaper was also pretty puffy making me feel safe and relaxed. This must be the medicine kicking in. But before I knew It I fell asleep. This was the best night's rest I have had in years. I didn't have anything to worry about anything, for the most part, Till tomorrow. But I'll worry about that then. Ch 4: Adopted I get woken up in the early morning with the feeling of cold hands going up my thighs and into my diaper, I jump back and scream "WHAT THE HELL?!" It was Phyllis. She just smiles at me. "Still dry, such a good girl! good job." I blush. Of fucking course I'm still dry... I'm not a bed-wetting baby... Phyllis floats me out of the crib with her psychic powers and stands me on the ground. She's a bit taller than me. I'm 5'7 but she was like 6 foot. Just another reason to feel small. And standing there in a diaper naked. "You need some cute clothes sweetie before we head out to do some stuff. Wouldn't want all the boys looking at your boobs now would we." She giggles and I blush. Head out? Oh right... She's going to like what, legally adopt me or something... Great... But maybe this is my time to escape? Phyllis opens a closet and there are a lot of girls clothes for big babies obviously... Why the fuck not... Just my luck. I sigh then look at the door. I could easily run away. Then my ass shoots with pain and I pucker. L-let's not... Phyllis pulls out a pink small dress that wouldn't even close to cover my diaper. "Eww... Hell no! I don't wear dresses!" Phyllis gives me this stern look and points to the floor in front of her. "Young lady, get your diaper butt over here unless you want a spanking." I gulped and looked down walking closer to her. She lifts my arms and puts the dress down over me, I blush. I have never been in a dress in my entire life and I absolutely hate it. This is going to be awful. Phyllis pulls out a strange thing and unfolds it. I could feel myself groan as I saw what it was. It was a large stroller but it had leg and arm tie-downs there was no escaping that. Fuck. My. Life. Phyllis floats me into the stroller. I try to fight it some but to no Advil, she straps me in and puts the arm straps on me and leg straps on me. I couldn't move even a little bit. It was so irritating and my diaper was right there for the whole world to see. "Aww, you are just so adorable!" Phyllis kissed my cheek and hugged me. "First we head to city hall to get papers on you. then we can stay out and get something to eat. Then after that, we will come home and go over the rules." I groan and lay my head against the stroller. At least it's comfortable. I guess… "ya ya... Whatever... Just you wait till I find a way to escape..." Phyllis just smiles. "Once you get these papers done you will have a chip in you so I will always know where you are." My eyes get big. "T-that's not fair! How am I supposed to escape?!" Phyllis smiles and sticks out her tongue. "Here's the fun part sweetie, you don't. But don't worry I'll take great care of you. Because I'm your mommy. And mommy's take care of their Littles ones." That hurt my brain and it made me remember that day… THE PAST I'm 3 and I'm sitting with my mom eating. We had a village hidden away in the forest when suddenly there's screaming. "POKEMON!!" someone in the village screams. There was mass panic. I remember shaking and hugging my mom crying. I remember her saying. "I want you to run... Run as fast as you can" I cried and screamed. "But why?! I want to stay with you, mommy!" She just smiled in the face of danger. "because I'm your mommy and mommy's take care of their little ones" And she pushed me out the door and I ran and ran and ran and I didn't look back. PRESENT Why does this damn Pokemon give me so many memories of my mom... It's scary, I want her to Die, it sounds so much like my mom. Phyllis starts pushing the stroller outside, that's really when all the embarrassment hits hard. My face goes bright red as we start to go through the town. Pokemon are staring at me and my diaper. They look at me like I'm some kinda fucking baby. It's so fucking creepy make it stop! We make it to a building that I get pushed into, It's pretty. These were probably human buildings before Pokemon took over. It's so much nicer than the huts I grew up in. We go up to a counter. And Phyllis asks the person at the desk. "Hello! I'm here with my new baby girl, Dakota. Are you free to do paperwork? I would like for her to be my daughter as soon as possible!" My eye twitches. "I would rather die... But we all don't get our wishes now do we..." I pouted against the stroller, unable to move anyways and the Pokemon at the counter was a Lopunny. They smile at me. "Well someone's a grumpy baby, isn't she. Do you need us to do other things to help the process along or would you rather form her yourself?" I get angrier. "STOP TREATING ME LIKE I HAVE NO CHOICE! FUCK ALL YOU!" Phyllis suddenly smacks my mouth and I tear up starting to cry. I'm not so weak. Why does such a small slap hurt so bad? "Keep your mouth shut young lady! Or next time I'll pull your diaper down in front of everyone and spank your butt!" I blush and look down crying "Sorry about her." The Lopunny smiles "It's ok, all humans have that problem at the beginning. But soon they will be Pokemon and adorable. Even though yours is already so cute" Phyllis smiles. "Thanks, so can we get the paperwork done?" The lopunny pulls out a bunch of papers for Phyllis to sign and then they take a picture of me. A God damn picture that's just fucking great. Me in a God damn diaper for everyone to see forever! They take my thumb print as well as other things before we finish. I'm so bored I feel asleep. But I'm also so hungry I hope we go out to eat soon. I mean! I can get my own damn food! Stupid stuff is messing up... My... Mind. As I fall into a deep sleep. Ch 5: Lunch And The Rules Phyllis was shaking me as we were being pushed out of the building. I was in such a deep sleep I drooled all over my arm. Gross, I wiped my face against the stroller then my face went pale and I woke up completely I had to pee. Very badly. "You need to wake up sweetie. Or you won't want to sleep tonight" She smiles as I squirm "I thought we would go get some lunch now. Let's see where to go" She thinks for a moment "Oh! I know, how about a nice restaurant I go to all the time?" She keeps pushing me in the stroller and I can see a porta-potty ahead. "Stop!" Phyllis stops and looks at me confused. "What's wrong? Are you ok?" I shake my head. "No, I got to piss! You gotta let me out" Phyllis looks at the porta-potty then looks back at me and smiles and keeps walking. You fucking bitch. I swear to god if you say what I think you're going to say! I'm going to bite your head off! "Well, the rules are later but I'll give you a hint at rule number one. There's a reason I keep you in a diaper sweetie" I growl and shake with anger. "If I could get out of this stupid stroller I would strangle you and piss on your corpse!" We suddenly came to a dead stop and this was enough to scare the piss out of me seriously. I flooded that damn diaper. But that was the least of my worries right now. Phyllis gets in front of the stroller and glares at me while she undoes the straps. I shake and start to cry. "I-I wasn't serious! No! Let me go! Please, I'm sorry!" She picks me up with her psychic powers and bends me over with my butt pointed to her and I feel her hands pull the diaper down. I just scream and cry. I'm so scared I can't even talk. I struggle before I feel the smacks of her hand hit my ass. Over and over and over the pain was awful. I couldn't stop crying. She got to 50 and Finally stopped. She pulled up my diaper and flipped me around to Her. "Now are you going to say anything rude like that ever again!" She says with her finger in my face I shake my head and I don't know why I hold my arms out to her. I wanted a hug. I wanted comfort. I didn't care if I was in a wet diaper. I didn't care if I was acting like a baby. I didn't care about anything. Just needed comfort. Phyllis sighs and hugs me and I hugged her tightly and cried into her. "I'm sorry sweetie but I won't have you back taking me like that ever again. And I noticed you're wet." I blush well at least I'll be out of it. This is disgusting. "So I decided as a punishment. I'm not changing you till tonight" I looked disgusted "y-you can't be serious... That's disgusting... And what happens if I need to... You know...?" She pats my diaper butt. The sound was kinda relaxing, especially after all that pain. "well guess you will be sitting in it." Phyllis smiles and I cringe in disgust. That's the most disgusting thing I ever heard. I know I said it once but fuck. My. Life. Phyllis decided to carry me to the restaurant Instead of putting me back in my stroller. Bonus I guess but I could feel my diaper sagging. I hope no one else notices. Please God don't let anyone notice. We made it to this nice restaurant. I'm still blown away by buildings I have never been in any till the past day. We got taken to a table and I expected to be sat down in a chair as I Finally loosen my grip on Phyllis and I went to move a chair. "No, no. Sweetheart, that's for big girls don't worry I think the server will bring you your chair." My chair? What could... Oh my fucking God A HIGHCHAIR?! who the fuck makes them that big?! I grip on to Phyllis tight as she tries to put me in it. She gives me a small glare and I instantly let go. Holy shit she's so scary… "Good girl" She kisses my cheek and puts me in the highchair strapping me in like I'm going to fall out. I blush and groan as other Pokemon stare at me and other kids giggle. Most were second evolutions so teens I guess? Pokemon ages are confusing... Worst of all, I bet they used to be adult humans... That's even creeper… A Krookodile walks up to us and takes our order. "What can I get you good-looking? And the cute baby?" Phyllis giggles and smiles. I wish people wouldn't refer to me as a baby... My damn name is Dakota, not baby! "Oh, you and your flirting." The Krookodile smiles at Phyllis. "Sorry I can't help myself around you. Anyway, what do you two want?" Phyllis smiles. "Heh, you're crazy Ed. But cute maybe one day we can date but right now I got to care for this little one. And I'll take the normal. And get my baby some chicken nuggets" Ed laughs. "Yes ma'am!" He rushes off to complete the order. "Ed...?" I sat there thinking about his name. It sounds so familiar but why? Then it hit me, that was my dad's name! First I meant someone with my moms name trying to be my mom then I met someone with my dad's. This is so fucking weird. "Did you say, something sweetie?" Phyllis looks at me worried. "N-no... It's just umm... You have the same name as my mom... And that Krookodile has the same name as my dad... It's creepy..." Phyllis smiles. "That's cute Dakota. Your mom and dad must have been good people. What happened to them?" I looked down and felt uncomfortable talking to her about it. "I see, maybe one day we can talk about it?" I rub my arm "M-maybe... If I haven't forgotten it by then..." I tear up but wipe my eyes and pretend I'm not crying. Phyllis sighs she could see I was upset but she let me have my space. "Hey, how about we go over the rules while we are here?" I just nod I don't care about no stupid rules. "Ok! Rule number 1 you already found out! If you got to use the restroom that's why you got a diaper on." I blush and more Pokemon are looking at me. This is so embarrassing. Does she have to do this in public? "Rule number 2! You will from now on refer to me as mommy." I have that face of, not amused. "No" She glares at me. "What was that..." I sit up. "N-nothing!... M-mommy..." I blush insanely. And she smiles and pinches my cheek. "such a good girl! Ok rule number 3. You have to ask me to feed you or change you if I find out you did either of them yourself 50 spankings." Holy shit 50?! That's not fair... Whatever... I lean on the tray of the highchair against my arm just listening to her. "Rule number 4. Uhh no hmm..." She blushed, she was clearly too shy to talk about it. But what? I was more curious. "No what?" She takes a deep breath. "No... R-rubbing yourself... You know? You're a baby. Babies don't do naughty things..." I blush insanely. Seriously?! That's a rule?! Oh my fucking God! Not like this isn't stressful enough! "Ahem... Anyways rule 5 and the final rule. While you sleep you will have a stuffie. A pacifier and a mobile above you. This will get you more used to sleeping like mommy's little baby." I blush more like hell if she thinks I'm sleeping with a pacifier... Maybe a stuffie... It would be nice to hug something when I'm finding it hard to sleep. I shake my head. No! Stupid medicine! I know it's messing with my mind now! I just wish the damn food would hurry up. Just as I think that here it comes my food sat down in front of me and Phyllis has this Awesome looking steak with a baked potato. I look at mine all I got is some stupid dinosaur-looking nuggets with fries in cute shapes I guess? I sigh and just eat. I chow on them and finish everything. I haven't eaten in a long time. This was wonderful, I was licking the plate for more. Phyllis giggles at me and hands me her baked potato. "Here you can have this too. You look like you need it, you're a little underweight anyways." I don't even grab a spoon, I just eat the whole potato. It was incredible and I was so full. I laid against the highchair and I guess I fell asleep. But Phyllis will make sure I get home with her. She won't leave me here so no worries. But my hands and dress were kinda a messy from eating and wiping my hands on it. Ch 6: Diaper Rash I was being woken up by Phyllis, we were back at home. Phyllis was undoing me from the stroller and picked me up with psychic powers sitting me on the ground. I'm still kinda out of it, being tired. Why was I falling asleep so much lately? Was it the medicine? Probably, I know I hate it. I sigh. "Can you play in the front room while mommy does some chores?" I roll my eyes. I'm not about to call her "mommy" or mom or anything like that. "Ya ya... Whatever" I yawn and reach my hand down to scratch myself but my cold wet diaper blocks me from scratching myself. Why am I so itchy? I groaned as Phyllis walked to the kitchen. I stand up, I start to feel like I gotta pee again. I decided to find the bathroom. Phyllis doesn't have to know. I'm not about to use this damn thing again, maybe I can find a new one so Phyllis doesn't know. I smirk, I'm such a genius. You're probably wondering why I just don't just remove the diaper I tried that before, remember? Because... Phyllis's spankings hurt like hell that's why! I go into the nursery-like room and look around. I actually got time to just check the place out. This place would be awesome if I wasn't forced to live here or be a God damn baby... Or change into a Pokemon... That's super scary, all my life will change... I sigh and look down and then shake my head. Stop feeling so depressed! Is this really worse than losing your mom and dad?! No! Now stop being a fucking baby Dakota! I walk over to the changing table and pull out one of the diapers and throw it under my arm and look around and I find a box on a table. I open it and it's got a pacifier in it. I groan, I swear to god. This is the pacifier she expects me to suck on while I sleep... Like hell. I open the window and chuck it outside. I shut the window quietly and look at a toy box. I look in it and there's a bunch of baby toys. I roll my eyes. Jesus... She's super serious about this and I hate it. I walk out of the room and try to find the bathroom. Well, I say walk but these diapers are thick from my wetting. it's hard to walk in so I'm kinda waddling. I feel so embarrassed walking like this. Then at the end of the hall, I see it, a bathroom! I rush to it and check to see if Phyllis is there. Nope, hell ya I'm going to get away with this. I smirk and walk-in locking the door. I lean against the wall and rip the tapes off my... Err the diaper and throw it in the trash and cover it up with toilet paper to hide it. I sigh in relief and grab a few baby wipes that are kept in the bathroom. I wipe myself clean and I scratch my front for a while. It feels so good. Then I notice a red rash-like area and my face turns pale. I fucking got a diaper rash because of that bitch! That's disgusting! I unfold the new diaper and awkwardly put it on myself. This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever done. I get it on decently, not as good as Phyllis but it will work. I don't plan on wearing it long. Once night comes I'm removing it and that will be the time I sneak to the bathroom. Suddenly I curse quietly "Fuck..." I forgot to take my piss I was so worried about the rash and getting clean I forgot to pee! Fuck. My. Life. Let's just pull it down then pull them back up that will work right? I pull them down quite easily without taping it and I sit on the toilet. It takes a minute but I start to relieve myself. Ahh... Much better. Suddenly the door flies open and I scream covering myself. It was Phyllis and my face went pale. No no no no! I was so close she came over and grabbed my ear pulling me off the toilet. I was still going and I started peeing all over the diaper and floor. My shame quickly increases as I gulp. I'm so dead. "Breaking a rule huh?! That's it young lady! If you can't follow the rules, I'll fix it so you have no choice!" What is that supposed to mean?! She pulls me through the hall and back to the nursery. "Get on that changing table now!" I shake "Y-yes Ma'am!" She glares looking even madder. "Yes, what?!" My face blushes red. "Y-yes mommy!" My heart was racing. What's going to happen I get on the changing table having dribbled all over the floor. Phyllis gets In the closet and pulls out some containers with new diapers they had childish print. Oh god that's even more embarrassing, Kill me. She walks over and flips me over spanking me like crazy, I got over 50. I cried like a big baby. Then suddenly I felt something go up my butt and I scream and cry more shaking and hugging myself. She flips me around and grabs one of the new diapers and puts it on me with a lot of powder. As she taped it up she waved her hand over it and a lock appeared on the front. I was too busy crying to pay attention. "Alright" she pulls me up and I hug her and she hugs back "you have a laxative in you and this diaper can't be removed by anyone but me. So you will get used to them. You don't have a choice to understand me young lady." I nod wiping my eyes. I-i don't want to use it. It's so gross, this isn't fair. "Y-yes mommy... I'll be a good girl..." She smiles at me and sits me in the crib. "Good now you lay in your crib for a few hours till supper. And you can get changed hmm tomorrow. Enjoy your diaper rash. I was going to help you with that but you went and broke too many rules. `` She's holding a box with the pacifier in it. "I found this in the yard to, care to explain that? Hmm?" I shake my head and keep quiet. She pulls out the pacifier and plops it in my mouth. "This pacifier has an alarm on it, if you spit it out more than if you were sleeping and it fell out it will go off and tell me you spit it out. So take it out and that's 100 spankings. Understand!" I nod a lot and suck on it as she walks out shutting off the light. I hug myself and cry sucking on the pacifier. It was somewhat calming in a weird way. I hated it but it was better than 100 spankings from mo- uhh damn it! I mean Phyllis! Come on, it's only been a day! And you are finding it hard not to call her mommy! I groaned and just relaxed. I wasn't sleepy but it did give me time to relax and give me longer to think about what I did. I won't be doing that again. Ch 7: Laxative Accident I layed there in the crib so bored I was concentrating on sucking on the pacifier. I got to a nice motion. It honestly wasn't as bad as I expected. time flew by with it. My two hours are up and Phyllis walks in and smiles at me. "Well aren't you just adorable sucking on your pasi!" I blushed. I wanted to spit it at her but I kept it in my mouth. She takes me out of the crib luckily the laxatives haven't hit me yet or I just don't have anything in me to go. Heh lucky me. Phyllis sticks her fingers in my diaper and frowns. "You're dry?" She looked disappointed. It almost made me feel bad to see her upset like that. Why would that make her so upset? I shake my head whatever... Like I care. "How about we get you a new outfit?" I groan as she pulls out a white dress-like thing. It kinda reminds me of a kirlia? How it has the white dress-like thing on. She takes off my pink dress and puts it on me. I still hate dresses! But it covers my diaper slightly more... Not much more. She hugs me and carries me in her arms and we walk past a mirror and my eyes get wide and my mouth drops open and I drop my... Uhh the pacifier... And stare at myself my hair was green. I was in a diaper but my body was still human. I must be slowly changing into a Pokemon. I shake and hug mommy scared. I MEAN PHYLLIS! I look like a human kirlia... Fuck. My. Life. Phyllis grabs the pacifier and goes and cleans it off. She could tell it was an accident and didn't blame me and put it back in the box and in her pocket. Do Pokemon have pockets? Anyway, we head to the kitchen and she sits me in a large highchair. I groan as she puts me in. I hate these damn things. Then she goes and pulls out a few jars of... Something? I'm not sure what, I can't see the label. She sits in front of me and opens a jar and has a rubber spoon and puts some food on it and holds it to my mouth. "Open wide!" I blush. Are you fucking kidding me she's trying to feed me! Hell no! I turn my head to the side. "You know if you don't eat this you won't be fed till tomorrow." I keep my head like that till my stomach growls. How dare it betray me! But... It did smell pretty good. Suddenly the spoons pressed against my lips and some of the stuff got on them and I licked my lips. "A-apple sauce?" Phyllis smiles and nods looking so excited to feed me this made me smile. She took the chance to shove the apple sauce in my mouth and scoop it off and pull the spoon out. I eat the bite. It was so good, I gave up and just let her feed me. I think I ate like 10 cans of applesauce. It was fucking Awesome! Except the whole being fed part... Next she pulls out a baby bottle from the fridge and throws it in the microwave. It warms up and she tests it on her arm and smiles. She unstraps me and takes me to her couch. Laying me on my back against her legs. I look up at her and she has the bottle above me. I'm not about to do this. But I'm so full I can barely move. Suddenly without warning the nipples plopped into my mouth and I got the taste of warm milk. It was kinda nice. So I decided to take more. I sucked some and the warmth went to my stomach and warmed it all up. I gave up, I closed my eyes and just started sucking. I never felt more relaxed in my life. I'm not sure if I fell asleep or was awake the whole time I just remembered mommy pulling out my bottle. "All gone baby" Wait... Did I just say mommy and my bottle?! No! Come on Dakota! You're only making it harder on yourself. But I'm so relaxed and suddenly something hit me and brought me from the relaxing moment as I had to pee so bad then without warning I felt the warmth explode between my legs. N-no I can't be R-right?! The laxative... Right... Fuck. My. Life. I flooded the diaper. The warmth against me felt Gross but strangely safe. Then even worse right after I fart and I blush like crazy. I don't do that! Not without trying anyways?! Suddenly my face goes pale. T-that wasn't a fart... I was letting everything go in my diaper! EWW! the worst part is it's not solid. I feel so ashamed and upset I did that. I pull my face into Phyllis and cry. I know it's not my fault. It's the stupid laxatives! But I was so upset I couldn't help it. Not only that I felt sick sitting in this. Phyllis just smiles like normal and picks me. "Phew! Someone's a sticky girl!" She giggled and kissed me. "Don't cry little one. Babies use their diapers all the time. You can't help it one day you will be potty trained." I felt so small. That was the point it hit me. I'm not escaping from this place am I? I'm going to become a baby and fucking piss and poop myself till I grow back up as a Pokemon! I needed comfort. I threw my thumb into my mouth without thinking and just sucked. Phyllis took me to the changing table and got me cleaned up. It was gross I'll tell you that. After what felt like forever to get clean She put in a new diaper of the same Childish print and a psychic lock. She picked me up and laid me in the crib. Pulled my thumb from my mouth and put in the pacifier. She lays a Gardevoir plush beside me. I hug it and suck my pacifier. Being all clean, someone to sleep with and my pasi made sleep so much easier. I quickly fall asleep. What would tomorrow hold? Hopefully less diaper Changes. But I feel that's not going to happen. Ch 8: Early Morning (Day 2) I sleep like a rock. This is my first night sleeping in a real bed. Well... A baby crib but whatever it's still a bed I guess. It's so comfortable though I don't want to wake up. I'm even still sucking on the pacifier I was given. 100 spankings did not sound good to me. About 8 am I being lifted into the air by psychic powers I barely noticed and stayed asleep until I felt a kiss on my forehead. "Morning baby." It was Phyllis. I groaned and tried to sleep longer. Until I feel her hand go up my diaper it wakes me up quickly. "Oh no looks like the baby still has some of the laxatives in her and wet last night" This wakes me up even more as I spit up my pacifier as I go to talk. "What?!" I grabbed my crotch and it was cold and squishy. I blush like Crazy. I never had a night time accident. Even if I had a laxative! That's not fair or funny! Phyllis just smiles. "it's ok sweetie. Baby wet their diapers. Get used to it you will have to have them for a few years till your all grown up" That just gives me anxiety... Phyllis lays me on the changing table and cleans me up. It's still just as embarrassing and the cold baby wipe makes me jump every time. She gets a new one and puts it under me. And pulls out a bottle of something then she rubs it on my itchy spot. I let out a sigh of relief as the rash calms down. I completely forgot about that. Then she uses an excessive amount of baby powder. Then tapes it up on me. Honestly, I felt smaller not like just feeling but actually smaller Phyllis picks me up and takes me to a wall. "Can you stand up straight for mommy?" I roll my eyes but do that and she draws a line above my head on the wall and there's a height thing by it and she writes 5'6. "I think you got it wrong? I'm 5'7" She smiles and rubs my head. "Well, Congrats sweetie! You're on the first step to regressing!" My face goes pale. R-regressing?! Already, no! no! no! no! no! I already lost an inch "B-but I thought I became a baby Pokemon?!" She hugs me and I hug back for comfort. "Well, I'll explain everything. First you will start to regress to about teen around uhh 10 or so. Then the body begins to change a lot you will become a kiria for a while before completely regressing into a new born ralts" I shake like crazy. How can she say that so calmly!? That's awful! I don't want to! I begin to cry and she picks me up and sits in a rocking chair patting my diapered bottom to calm me down. It actually worked, I calmed down and just stayed cuddled up to her. My mom used to hold me like this. I miss my mommy… After a while she kisses me. "Are you ok now?" I shake my head. "No... But I guess I don't have a choice..." Phyllis frowns. "I'm sorry little one. But you will be happy soon I promise. Mommy will take good care of you and your new life will be perfect. Oh I know! After breakfast, how about I take you to the park for some fun?" Park? What's a park? I remember my mom telling me about them... We used to have places where kids could play even adults played with their pets. This did kinda excite me. Maybe it would be fun. "O-ok... Are parks fun?" She smiles and takes me to the kitchen and puts me in a you guessed it, highchair. "Yap lots of fun maybe you will make some friends I think friends would help you." Make some friends... With baby Pokemon?... Ya no thanks. "Uhh, Y-ya... Sure..." She pulls out some bottles like yesterday, yes more applesauce! she sits down and I open my mouth instantly and she giggles "Hungry?" Grrr shut up and give me my food! Is what I wanted to say but I prefer not to get spanked. Damn, she's training me like a dog...she just smiles and opens the jar and puts it in my mouth. I eat and swallow then cough and spit. "Eww?! What the hell was that?! That's not Apple sauce?!" She glares. "No, it wasn't. Now watch your mouth young lady or i'll get the soap! Now eat your veggies." Veggies I wanted to puke, it had to be carrots. I look at the side. Definitely carrots. I turn my head and Phyllis just stops. "Fine, don't eat it. But you won't get any apple sauce later either." You bitch! That's not fair! I growl and open my mouth looking back at her and I absolutely hate it. I spit some of it back out just unable to eat it, getting myself a mess. Phyllis sighs. "You really don't like it, do you?" I shake my head. She throws the rest away and opens a jar of applesauce. "Well, at least you tried. Thank you" She looked proud of me. This made me smile for once, I got a compliment Instead of being in trouble. It was nice. Next I quickly ate a few jars of applesauce and she put a bottle on my table. I was thirsty as hell so I grabbed it and drank. Apple Juice? Awesome! I drink on it as I watch Phyllis clean up the dishes and stuff. I finish my bottle. "it's gone. Can I get more?" She looks at me and grabs my bottle. "I'll get more for you to take to the park. you can have a drink there but I think you had enough" Aww... Not fair. My hands are now all sticky and my dress has orange carrot mush on it. It was gross. Phyllis takes me out of the highchair. "Goodness, you're a messy girl!" I blush. It's not my fault you fed me disgusting carrots... She takes off my dress and my chest also looks smaller. I'm like what 17? 16? Again... I hate it. I just turned 18 and now I get to regress Instead of age... She throws my dress in the dirty clothes and takes me to the bathroom. Maybe she's going to let me pee! I point to the toilet. She sighs. "No baby, you're not ready for potty training." I definitely felt the urge to pee coming on more and more. "B-but... M-mommy I really gotta go.." Hell ya, Dakota plays the cute and innocent card she has to fall for it. She sighs again and rubs my back. "No Dakota. But if you don't want to use your diapers I'll help. That's what mommies are for." As she rubbed my back I had to pee like crazy I was crossing my legs and squirmed "Wait no! Mommy please I don't want to, it's so gross! Please don't make me, I'll do anything!" She said nothing and it was too late. I started to piss myself, my diaper swelling up. I hide my face in Phyllis ashamed of myself. Even though I know she made me do it. She hugged me to comfort me and kissed me. "good girl! If you are too ashamed to ask mommy, she will help you." She puts me down and takes off my diaper leaving me standing there naked and starts some bath water. She puts me in, im blushing as she bathes me. "C-can't I give myself a bath..." She shakes her head "Nope. I can't trust you to clean yourself well enough" I mean... She's probably not wrong. I never really took a bath to get clean just to wash off dirt for the most part. She gets me all cleaned up and takes me out. She dries me off and takes me for a new diaper. She gets it on me and puts me in an outfit that looks again like a kiria outfit but it strapped around the diaper and kinda hid it. Like a onesie that buttons at the crotch Then she puts a headband in my hair and it's got big red horn things? The things on a kiria. My hair was already green now. I look in a mirror and I look like a human kiria. I was blown away. Well except for my crotch was puffy from the diaper. At least people will know what Pokemon I'll become. I sigh I just hope the park is fun and worth all this. Ch 9: The Park And The Cute Eevee Phyllis pulls out the stupid stroller and I groan. "Come on... I'm humiliated enough... Can't I just walk...? Please" She puts me in it and smiles "Nope! I can't have my little kiria running off now can I?" She giggles. Oh ha ha you're so fucking funny. I roll my eyes as she straps me in and puts a diaper bag on it and pushes me outside. I cross my arms pouting all the way there. Hey! I'm being treated like a baby. I have the right to pout! After what seems like forever we Finally make it to the park. There's a bunch of older Pokemon playing with younger Pokemon in diapers. They are also having fun. I bet they were humans... Poor people... I'll be joining them soon. I sigh as we stop. Phyllis takes me out of the stroller and sits me on the ground. A big puff of air came from my back side, I guess being what air was in my diaper? It was weird. And embarrassing, I got a few strange looks. I blushed. "Now how about you go around and make some Pokemon friends?" I roll my eyes and stand up. And mumble. "Anything to get away from you..." Thank God she didn't hear me. I basically waddle through the grass. Damn this new diaper's hard to walk in I feel stupid! Suddenly a little Eevee bumps into me knocking me over. The Eevee was white. I never saw a white Eevee. Was he shiny? He was also in a diaper and had a ball in his mouth. He quickly drops it. "Oh no. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean... Too?" He looks at me funny and I blush looking away thinking he's judging me. Not like this baby Pokemon has room to judge. He smiles. "You're pretty..." I blush more. And look at him. Am I being flirted with?! "And you're like 6..." He giggles. "Nu-uh! I just turned 5 the other day! I was 6!" I look at him confused. "So you're regressing...? Like me... Wait, so you were human?!" He nods "Mhm! And I still have all my memories! But I have so much fun being a Pokemon! I'm cute and fluffy. The worst part is Eevees only have 2 evolutions... So they can only evolve twice so all Eevee are considered baby's till they evolve. So I gotta wear diapers till I'm like 18..." I giggled. Oh my God he's so adorable...I grab him and he yelps. "You're so cute!" He blushes and looks confident "Me know! Oh we should date." I go pale and accidentally drop him; he falls and tears up. "O-owie..." He starts crying. And I quickly grab him. And hug him. "Oh no, I'm so sorry I just! Don't cry!" He instantly stops crying. And cuddles up to me. That little bitch did that on purpose... Perv... Suddenly he pushes me on my back. "Ahh! Hey!" He climbed on my chest and got in my face. Making me blush. And kisses me! The little fucker kissed me! I was so embarrassed I couldn't even talk. This isn't right! Even if I'm going to become a baby like him! I don't care how cute he is! "Oh ya! My names Dill!" My eyes get big. "Dill...?" He nods and I stare at him for a while. Oh my God! When I was 3 I had a crush on a cute little boy called Dill! "Well... I'm Dakota.." He smiles so big and runs circles on my chest. "Oh my God! You're from the hidden village right!?" I grab him and sit up on the ground and nod. "Dill... From the village the boy who wanted to become so strong to protect me..." He nods a lot and I tear up and hug him. I did make friends with an old friend. "I-I thought the medicine makes you forget everything?!" He smiles and kisses my cheek, making me blush. Just so you know he's always been like this. Kinda a perv... Well ok more then kinda but he's still cute... And nice to me. "I'm so happy to meet you again! And you're supposed to but I hear shiny Pokemon get to keep these memories! So in-case you're not shiny, let's make Pokemon friends! Or boyfriend and girlfriend when older!" I blush like crazy. Damn it he's only gotten cuter since he was a human. "Y-you still like me after I ran away from the village? After you protected me and got caught... And changed into this..." Dill nods. "Duh! I loved you then... I was too shy to say it but as soon as I saw you again I fell back in love!" I smile and nod kissing his head. Wait, too shy?! The little bitch used to kiss me on the cheek and pull off my pants just to see what panties I'm wearing! "I'll do it then... Once we are both... Uhh baby's again... At least it gives me reason to be happy now." Suddenly my nose cringes and Dill smells funny. You could tell something was wrong. He wouldn't look at me and he was trying to get away. "D-Dill did you...?" His eyes get big and blush a lot. "LOOK AT THE TIME GOT TO Go! LOVE YOU BYE!" He gets away from me and goes running calling for his "mommy", I smile. That's adorable. His diaper sagging. Yap he definitely had an accident. I guess at that age you can't control it... Just another thing to look forward to. But shiny Pokemon don't lose their memories? I wonder if I can tell if I'll be shiny? Probably not that's my luck… I watched Dill run-up to a jolteon and a sylveon. I watched curiously till they flipped him over and removed his diaper. I look away quickly, blushing. Oh my God! They just did that in public! That's so embarrassing! Poor Dill... I look back at Phyllis and she waves at me. I awkwardly wave back, turning back around rolling my eyes. Maybe I should talk to Dill? Or his "mom" and "dad"... He seems to enjoy being a baby which is weird... He was always such a manly man... I heard he only wore diapers till he Was like 1 and quickly got potty trained. Now here he is acting like a child and messing his diaper. It's kinda ironic in a way then again I'll probably be like that but worse. I get up and walk back to Dill after his diaper change. Maybe he can teach me how to have some fun with this awful curse. I walk up to Dill and the eeveelution I shyly wave and I could tell Dill was embarrassed probably hoping I didn't see him get a diaper change. Then This tall 5'6 girl around 17...maybe 16 by now who knows... Trying to be friendly with technically a 6-year-old... His "mom" and "dad" just smile at me like I'm some normal kid. "Oh, you must be Dill's new friend!" The mom said. "she's very cute Dill" She giggles. Me and him blush. And the dad smirks. "I'm sure my young man has a girlfriend." Dill screams blushing like crazy. "Daddy!" His dad laughs. He's really into this, even calls them by mom and dad. Dill looks up. "Come on Dakota! Let's play tag!" He tags me and runs quite fast, especially for a little guy in a diaper. Honestly it was the most adorable thing I Seen. "You're it!" He screams. He really wants to play tag? I haven't played a game since I was 3. I ran after him. It was quite hard in the diaper. It took me forever to even get close to him. He giggled and laughed and ran circles around me. I was so cute it got me tickled and I started to laugh which made him laugh more. Before too long I couldn't even stand. I fall onto the grass laying on my back laughing and tired. He lies to me. "I win!" I smiled. "I guess so... That's the first time I laughed since I changed. How can you be so chill with this happening to you? And why do you refer to the once that made you like this as "mom" and "dad"? " He looks at me and smiles. "Aww, I'm happy I could make you happy! And how can me be so chill... Hmm... Me like this! And that is my mommy and daddy?" I sigh. The medicine must have messed with him more than he thinks. "But what about your real mom and dad... Don't you feel like you're betraying them?" He looks confused. "... But Dakota, they were my real mommy and daddy! Apparently if you had parents before they forget stuff once they become Pokemon but their main goal is to find their original children! And give them their childhood back!" I look surprised. "Are you sure? That... Almost makes sense... I meant a man and woman with the same name as my mom and dad..." He giggles and smiles. "Dakota, that's your real mommy down there. I promise you! Also just have fun with your new life, enjoy getting back to your childhood! I hope it makes you as happy as it did me! And if you forget all human stuff I'll still love you..." He blushes. I also blush and smile and grab him and hug him. "I-I'll love you too... Please take good care of the Pokemon me once I change" He nods and kisses my cheek with a lick I giggle and sit him down. "That tickles" He also giggled. "stop! No more sad Dakota! Now only happy around me! Hehe." I laid back and held Dill close. "Ok, I promise..." We laid there for a while just relaxing before I heard Dill snoring. He's asleep, that's so cute. Then it hit me that I had to pee. But I couldn't wake him up. I just sigh. Why hold it...? I'm stuck like this, why not embrace it... I try to pee but nothing. I keep trying and finally after like 10 minutes of trying I start then it quickly stops coming for a moment before I relax again and start to wet my diaper. I go for what felt like a full minute and soak the diaper. I get really relaxed and end up falling asleep with Dill. Here I am sleeping with my old friend who's now a baby Pokemon in a wet diaper. And I'm slowly changing into a baby Pokemon. It has to be the weirdest thing ever but as long as I got Dill I think I can survive this. But could Dill have been lying about Phyllis being my real mom? Maybe I'll find out later. First... Nap. Ch 10: (Side Story) Dills Back Story Hello! My name is Dill! I'm a 5-year-old shiny Eevee, well for now... I will get younger slowly. Anyways this isn't about my story now this is about my past. Well if you have time I can tell you. Get ready to go back to the past! Whoosh, Whoosh! Heheheh! The past. I grew up in a small village in the forest hidden by trees, this was one of the last remaining human settlements. It's sad, humans are going extinct. When I was growing up I had to man up quickly from a baby. I was out of diapers before I was a year old. And I made myself look strong. But that's not who I wanted to be. I wanted to play like normal kids... I wanted to have fun. But I met a cute girl. Yes I know I'm only 3 and I'm already flirting. I was a crazy kid heh. I remember meeting her outside playing with her mom showing off a toy she made. She was so cute. I envied her even. But umm I would be lying if I wasn't a perv... The first thing I did when I met her was pants her. She screamed and blushed like crazy. I laughed to make it seem like I was doing it as a joke. But she had such adorable panties. Umm sorry! Anyways uhh. She pulled up her pants and stared at me messing with her hair. I was the first to speak up. "Hello! I'm Dill! And you're cute!" The girl blushed a lot covering her face. She's so cute I think I'm in love... Then she spoke up. "h-hi Dill.... I'm Dakota..." She said shyly. I reached over and kisses her cheek "We should get married!" She screamed and ran in her house. I laughed. Oh well I'll try again later. Dad needed me to do something... What was it thought? I remember hearing them talking. I walked out to find it then my mind went blank... I don't remember what happened but when I came too I was standing at the edge of town. It was like something took over me. "What was I doing...? Maybe I'll go say hi to Dakota! She's totally going to marry me!" I smiled big. I walked to her house and walked up to her window and I was blown away she was undressing and getting dressed. And in my perverted ways I just watched. Holy shit. I have never seen a girl undress before. Then she looked up and saw me and screamed before she closed her window. I pout some. Before I heard footsteps it was Dakota. I bet she's coming out to ask me out! Suddenly I get slapped pretty damn hard too. I nearly smirk and I tear up and give my best crying impression. Her mouth drops and she hugs me. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry Dill! I didn't mean to make You cry! You're just being a perv!" I smirk and hug her back, grabbing her butt and she blushes insanely looking at me. All I could do was smile at her. "I think I love you heh" I move in and peck her on the lips and Dakota passes out. Oh no... Uhh "M-misses Dakota mom!?" This tall adult walks out and sees me holding her up after she passes out. She comes over and grabs her. "what happened?" I blush and look down and shrug. The lady smiles at me. "You must be her Stalker, Dill?" I shake my head. "I am not a Stalker!" She pats my head. "My name is Phyllis. And I think you would be great with my daughter. After she met you she hasn't shut up about you." My eyes get big as I look up and I blush insanely. She giggles and takes Dakota to her room to lay down. A few days pass with not much going on. I remember going back to Dakota a lot to talk and hang out. I even stole some panties. And she's even so used to me just pulling her pants down. She just rolls her eyes at me. And calls me a perv. While Dakota was out playing with her mom I got called to help keep watch with my dad. He wanted me to be a watch out. I think I would be good at watching. While watching though my dad pushes me away and screams run before ringing a bell yelling. "POKÉMON!!" My eyes got big and I ran. I remembered Phyllis also pushing Dakota away telling her to run. I grab her hand and just run with her. "DON'T WORRY MA'AM! I'LL GET HER TO SAFETY! I'M SO SORRY!" I start crying just running pulling her along Dakota Screaming and crying. I felt awful. "MOMMY!!" But I knew I had to get away, we had to live. We could repopulate the world! Ya I know kids shouldn't know about that stuff but adults had to tell kids a lot younger about sex. In case of stuff like this. We ran for hours then I heard someone following us. I pushed her away. "Run! Live! Don't become one of them!" Dakota cries and clings on to me. I sigh. "Please run... I'll be fine... I love you..." She sniffs and nods "I love you too..." Then she runs off. I smile and start crying again. "Well, there goes my only girl that could stand my perverted ways..." I ran closer to the noise I could hear talking. "What was the name of that little boy that was hypnotized to show us the village?" "Uhh, Dill I think? Oh that way!" I went pale i-it's my fault... I led them here. I held my head low and cried and kept running making sure they followed me and off Dakota tracks. I was able to slip away. Lucky me. But did I deserve it… 15 years later. 2 weeks before Dakota got caught. I managed to avoid the Pokemon chasing me for almost 15 years. I'm 18 now. I miss Dakota. I hope she was able to survive on her own. I want to give up. But I can't, I have to find Dakota. I will find Dakota. Suddenly I heard a stick break. I go to run and I run quite fast but I can hear someone obviously faster charging me. Suddenly I got pushed to the ground and I felt my body get shocked. "AHHHH! Get off me!!" It was a jolteon. He paralyzed me. No! This isn't happening! I promised Dakota! And then I hear them talking. "heh Finally caught you! Time to take you home, you're our new little baby." B-baby?! No! I'm not your baby! "Get the hell off me! I'm not a fucking baby! I have to find my girlfriend!" The jolteon chuckles some "That's cute kid. But had fun chasing you down. my wife's going to be so happy to have a new baby around the house" I feel my body get shocked more and I pass out. I don't know how long I spent knocked out but I feel cold. I wake up to a sylveon in front of me. I couldn't move, my body wouldn't react to anything. I was terrified. Not only that, I was naked. The sylveon smiles at me and says. "Oh, you woke up early you get to watch me dress you!" I glare "Let me go, you freak!" I didn't blush from being naked. I'm not embarrassed to be naked. The sylveon glares at me and smacks my thigh with that ribbon thing. Fucking hard too I'm not a wimp but holy hell that hurt! "Oww!" She gives me this stern look "Now don't call your mother a freak! I think it's time I lay down your new rules while I give you your medicine." She pulls out a shot. I wanted to run, my face went pale. But my body won't move. "N-no... Please! I don't want to become a baby Pokemon!" After I get it out right in my arm it goes. All my hope. All my dreams were crushed in a second. I knew what this stuff was. My mom and dad explained it a lot. They say they knew the scientist that made it. Who knew it would be used on them other than me… "Rule 1 no potty mouth. Rule 2 you are a baby so you will wear diapers and use them if caught trying to use a toilet you will be punished." I blush like crazy a fucking diaper?! Hell no! I saw her pulling something out of a bag. It was a huge diaper and my heart sank. Come on body run!! She's fucking serious?! I thought I just became a Pokemon not having to wear diapers and be an adult baby! "Rule 3 you sleep in a crib with your pacifier and I'll be using laxative every night. We want to make sure to make your bladder weaker before you regress too far." I lost it. I got so angry. I didn't have to deal with this if I had a chance I could kick their asses! "HELL NO! FUCK YOU FUCK ALL YOU! LET ME GO! YOU ARE FUCKING MONSTERS!" Sylveon did not look happy, she had me flipped over and spanked Me. well more like wiped my ass with that ribbon like thing. It hurt like hell. I was not much of a Crier but she kept going and going to like 100. I broke about 50 and started crying. So this is how they break people, torcher! Well fuck them I won't break! "Now" she flips me over in my back and throws a diaper under my butt "Plan on cursing again?!" I don't know if it was me but she looked much scarier. My mom used to be super scary like that when she was mad. No, don't relate this monster to your mom Dill! But I sharked my head, still whimpering my ass hurts like crazy. But this crazy bitch is seriously going to diaper me...I watched her put powder on my crotch and pull the diaper over and she waves her paw over it and a lock appears. Huh? What's that? "Alright normally we start baby's off In a normal diaper but you are a lot of trouble young man so I gave you the locking diaper. You can't remove it. Only an adult Pokemon can." Bullshit! She has to be lying then I hear the jolteon come in. "How's our little boy doing?" Sylveon sighs. "Bad he's very grumpy I finished getting him diapered. Can you un-paralyze him, Hon?" He smiles. "Of course. But know young man, if you try to run you will not enjoy the outcome." He had a glare that could get through your skin. I don't know why but it was also like dad's glare. Very scary. I nod "Y-yes sir..." He looked upset. "Have you not got to the rule where he has to call us mommy and daddy." My face goes pale and she smiles. "Oh! That's where I was! That's the last rule!" They're serious… "No!" They both glare at me. Holy fuck... Scary. "I-I mean s-sorry mommy and daddy!" What the fuck Dill?! Is this the medicine?! But... It does remind me of back in the village when mom and dad got upset with me. I kinda oddly liked it... This diaper though had to go. I pulled and tugged but nothing. Fuck. She giggles at me and he laughs. I blush. "This is humiliating..." The jolteon smirks. "You will get used to it anyways, I find it good to tell the baby our real names. I'm Jake. And my beautiful wife is Jane." My eyes get big. the fuck... That's my mom and dad's name?! "Hey! That's my real mom's and dad's name! I suggest you get new names!" They look at each other and smile. And Jake looks at me. "So it is True! Wow, that's amazing... I didn't believe it till now. Ok so apparently adult Humans who are changed once grown up look for their children if they have any and make them their baby Pokemon But unfortunately we have no memory of it. There's a legend that says shiny Pokemon can keep all memories." My eyes get huge. "Y-you’re lieing... My mom and dad would never make me their baby again!" They frown and Jane hugs me. "Where not doing it to hurt you? We're doing it because we love you. And you lost your entire childhood... We want to give it back." That's exactly something my mom would say. I start crying and hug her. "M-mommy... You really are her!" She smiles and pats my back. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't but I'm sick of being a man... I'm sick of having to be the strong one. I'm sick of this life... I want to go back... And this is my chance... Right? "You don't have to be strong any more... Just accept it and grow back up. And I heard about your girlfriend. I'll make sure we find her one day. And if you find her, tell us and we will accept her no matter what. We will take care of you from now on." This is all I wanted. I didn't want to be this strong man! I wanted to be a kid back then I never got to be. But I got another chance... I think for a while. Before nodding. "Ok... I'll be your baby." I blush and smile and mom holds me with her ribbon thing and rocks me. This is so relaxing. I could get used to this heh. One week later. A week before Dakota was caught. So the week went by quickly. I accepted mommy and daddy as my real mommy and daddy and I know for certain they are! I'm also 10 years old now! Once I hit 10 my body hurt and I shrank a lot but I grew a bunch of white fur! But I still remember everything? I was an Eevee with white fur. Was I a shinny?! That makes sense why I still have my memory's. Yay! I haven't lost all control of my bladder yet except at night I wake up wet and sometimes uhh... Ya anyways. I don't think I could sleep without a pacifier anymore. I absolutely love being a baby and as for a Pokemon it's ok? It's kinda fun! Mom and dad took me to the park like every other day! It's a blast and now as a Pokemon I can run a lot faster! Mom and dad say I need to think about what I'll evolve into one day. Is it bad if I don't want to evolve? And just be with mommy and daddy. No more trying to be big. It's relaxing. It's definitely embarrassing to have accidents out of nowhere but I'm still being given laxatives at night... So if it's not all out by that night I'll have it the next morning. Sometimes while I'm playing I don't even notice. Till mom checks me. It's embarrassing...but I don't worry about it, mommy will make me feel all better.. I hate being changed publicly though I hope she doesn't do it in front of a girl I like one day… But this week wasn't very interesting let's continue on One day after Dakotas caught. I woke up early and my diaper was a mess. I look at myself. I was definitely smaller. Am I 5 now? I guess so? Yesterday I was like 6 hehe I'm losing age very slowly now but it's exciting! I giggle. And pull my pasi out. "Mommy? I'm up! Can me come out of my crib and get a diaper change?" I grab my toys and play, I put my pasi back in my mouth while I wait for my mom. Later mom walks in. "phew someone's stinky isn't he" I giggle "Mhm! Changey!" I hold my paws up and mommy takes me out of my crib and lays me on the changing table. I play with my stuffy and suck my pasi while I get changed. After the change mom puts me in a new one and picks me up and puts me on the ground and lays on her side on the ground. I get up on her and start drinking from her tits. Mommy's milk is good. I wasn't sure at first... It was really weird. But I started to enjoy it. Ya I haven't done this for a while... It was more awkward when I was human. I finished and smiled. "Thanks mommy! I was starving." She smiles and gets up. "I'm glad my baby's full. How about we head to the park?" My eyes lit up and I ran to my toy box and pulled out my favorite ball to play with in the park. "Mmm!" I have to hold it in my mouth. I mean I can grab it with my paws but I feel much cuter doing it this way mommy and daddy think so too! Mommy and daddy take me to the park. As I'm throwing my ball all around it flys one direction. "Ball! Come Back! " I chase after it. I bump into someone and look up and my eyes get big. She's hot... Look at that diaper. Her clothes...was this Dakota? It has to be. I felt words come out of my mouth. Without me thinking. "You're cute..." Seriously Dill?! That's all you could say?! Whatever. But you heard that part of the story, haven't you? Ya I'm sure you have. So there you have it. It wasn't that hard to make me act like a baby... I was happy to give up everything that made me. "manly"and just be a diaper using baby. It was more fun. And maybe I can talk Dakota into it too. She doesn't seem like she's having as much fun. But I'm sure I can change her in more than one way hehehehe. I know then we will be married! Anyways thanks for listening to my story bye bye! Ch 11: New Hair Color I woke up and I was hugging Dill closely. But we weren't on the ground, we were in a crib. But it wasn't my crib... this is definitely not my house either. Could Dills parents brought us to there home? My hair falls in my face. I miss my blond hair... I hate gr.. Wait? Blue hair? I swear to god my hair was green? Is something happening to me? I reach down and feel my diaper remembering I soaked it. Strange? It's dry? I blush. Oh my God someone changed me while I was asleep! But who?! I can hear talking from The other room. This is a small crib, I barely fit in it but I can also easily get out. I'm honestly surprised I fit. I get down and Dill is sucking on his paw. It was super cute. His diaper was also yellowed. I guess he had an accident. He's so care free... It got me Thinking. Why am I fighting this so hard? There's no point right? And Dill made me promise no more being sad around him. So that's what I'll do! I'll accept this... For the most part I don't have to like it. As I get closer to the door I can hear a familiar voice. It's mo- err Phyllis. She's talking to a man and a woman Pokemon. I guess Dills mom and dad? Thank God... That must mean mommy changed me... I smiled a little with a sigh of relife. That reminds me I got to find out. But how would she know? I need something only my mom would know. I think for a while then nod and open the door quietly and Phyllis looks straight at me and smiles. "Oh no, it looks like one of the little ones is awake. You sleep well dear? You and Dill seem to be awfully close already hehe. I even saw him kiss you." I blush and cover my face. "mommy... Stop, its embarrassing..." I didn't even mean to say it, it just came out. her eyes lit up and she ran over and kissed me all over my face making me giggle and blush. "S-stop!" She stops and smiles at me. "That's the first time you called me mommy without me having to force you. And did you just giggle? That's the first time I heard you laugh too!" She hugs me tight and I hug back. "but... You have blue hair now?" She looks at the eeveelutions with worry. And they smile at her and the mom speaks up. "don't worry about it, our little Dills the same way, she will be fine. And maybe this will keep them closer. Dills always found it hard to make friends and he seems so confident around her." The dad nods. I don't know their names. I should ask but I don't know if I should… "I agree and they probably both can reminisce about life... Before" I am even more confused. What are they talking about? Phyllis smiles and looks at me and can see the confusion in my face as she rubs her hand though my blue hair. "Looks like you're going to be a shiny sweetheart. You think you can live like this and keep all your memories?" I could feel my face light up with a big smile. "r-really! That's all I wanted! Yes!" I nod a lot looking super excited. Phyllis just holds me in her arms. "looks like someone shrank quite a bit? You must have started to accept this new life already haven't you?" I shrugged. Maybe when I was with Dill? "Maybe a little...? It makes Dill happy... And long ago when I was full human he was one of my close friends... Maybe kinda uhh... My crush...?" I blush and I think. I wonder how much smaller I have gotten? I know Phyllis looks really big now. But I honestly didn't feel differently. It was strange. "That's adorable! Well when you two are older you should get together! Err when you both become full baby's then become older? You two can grow up together and have a blast!" she looks at the eeveelutions "right? Are you OK with that?" They both nod and I smile. I get to be with Dill the rest of my life. And we get to remember each other. I just got to get into this little headspace Dills in. That's going to be weird and a pain. Oh I should probably tell them about Dill. "oh umm... Dills mom and dad? I think... He umm had an umm accident..." I blush and feel so bad for selling him out but he probably doesn't want to sleep in a wet diaper that's gross. They look at each other and laugh. The mom looks at me. "It's fine, let him sleep. He was so tired. Maybe you should go home too. You probably need to eat. Oh and just so you know, I was the one who changed you and Dill before laying you in the crib together" I blush insanely and cover my face. Oh my God! I was just getting used to Phyllis doing it but now people I barely know are just removing my damn diaper and cleaning me up without me knowing?! That's so embarrassing! Phyllis pulls out the stroller from a closet in their house and pats it. I look down. "tell Dill I said bye... I got to go..." They nod and I get in the stroller and get strapped in and Phyllis says bye and pushes me to the restaurant we went to yesterday. That had the guy with my dad's name. We go in and Ed comes right up and takes our order. "Hey Phyllis looking good today. As usual." She laughs and blushes and I see my chance. Ok, Dakota! Make this as cute as possible. I begin to blush just thinking before I blurt out. "Hia Ed! Mommy talks about you all the time! I heard mom mumble your name in her sleep!" I giggled at how adorable I sounded as I did it. I had the restaurant laughing and mommy was so embarrassed along with Ed I smiled proud of what I did and blushing being quite embarrassed. Ed looks at Phyllis. "R-really?" She shrugs and keeps blushing. Ed smiles and whispers something in her ear and she looks at him and Ed kisses mommy on the lips! Looks like I'll have a daddy in no time. He stops and just walks off to get the food ready. She was so embarrassed and flustered. "mommy? Do you like Ed? If so, he should be my daddy!" Phyllis covers my mouth as I embarrassed her more "shhh! If you are quiet the rest of the day about this I'll let you watch TV and play without me bothering you!" Why would I want that? I mean honestly, maybe it would give me time to try to get used to this little space I need to be in like Dill? I nod and she takes a sigh of relief removing her hand I couldn't help but smile and giggle great big. She smiles as well. "This is the happiest I have ever seen you? What happened between you and Dill?" I thought for a moment then decided to tell her the truth. "Dill told me that once adult humans become Pokemon they search out their original kids and make them Pokemon to give them back their childhood... He said his mom and dad were once his human mommy and daddy... And he said you were my human mommy..." Her eyes get big. "r-really? I didn't know that... That makes a lot of sense... But who was your human dad?" Ohhh this will be juicy hehe. "well... His name was Ed" Her jaw drops. "So you... You knew that whole time... That's why you tried to get us together right? Heh ok I'll give him a shot but he will become your daddy again if I continue with him. are you ok with that?" I nod a lot. That's so exciting! I'll have my mommy and daddy back and I'll be their little girl all over again! We get our food and we eat up. Mom gets Ed's number and we head home. I wonder where I'll go while there on a date? Oh! Maybe Dills! I hope I don't get a stupid babysitter... I can take care of myself.. Ch 12: Babysitter We make it home and mommy undoes me from this hellish stroller. I hate it, can't she like carry me? I sigh, Anyways, I'm getting off track. "Hey Dakota? Can you be a good girl and sit in your playpen and play while mommy goes and talks on the phone?" I wish she wouldn't talk down to me like that! I hate it! But I sigh. "ya sure..." She smiles and puts me in a playpen with her powers. I sit there and look up. Holy shit it's huge. I stand up, legs a little shaky remembering I haven't walked much all day. Man if I do that too much my legs will be very weak. I couldn't even look over the top of the play pen, it was so big. Fuck no way out. I look around in the play pen and find a bunch of toys and a TV remote. Ohhh TV! I never got to watch that! I didn't even realize mommy walked off to her room. I grabbed the remote and found it sitting in the playpen. I turned on the TV after I pressed every button. I gasp in shock as I Finally turn it on. I have never seen a real tv work. "yay!" I thought about what I did and blush. Man that was kinda childish wasn't it... Could be worse, I guess. Oh well I looked up and this cartoon was on. It was about some strange sponge that lived in the sea and had a friend that's an idiot and a starfish. It was great I lost complete track of time as I watched. After an episode a strange thing advertising a toy would come on then I would see toys with the cartoon I was watching. My mouth opens. "I wish I could get that!" Suddenly Phyllis walks up behind me. "get what sweetheart?" I blush oops... I shyly point at the TV and she smiles. "Ok how about I get that for you later." Mom was dressed up. Pokemon dress up? I shrug it off. "hey mommy? What's with the outfit?" She blushes and I smirk. Ohhh I see. "well... Ed asked me to go out after he's done with work... So I'm going to head out." Bingo! I smile. "Am I going to Dills? That would be fun!" She shakes her head. "Sorry sweetie, They are busy so I got you a babysitter." What?! A babysitter?! No! I want to go to Dills! "but! I want to go to Dills!" I think I was throwing a small tantrum. I throw the remote out of the playpen and it smashes into a lamp breaking it. "oopsie..." OK... A big tantrum... I think I just was in some little space for a while that knocked me out of it though. Phyllis glares at me. "DAKOTA!" I tear up. I didn't mean it was an accident. It wasn't me, it was another part of me! "I-I didn't mean to..." She takes a deep breath and sighs. "I don't have time to do this right now. But as soon as I get home you will be in big trouble. You better hope I hear a good report from the babysitter." I nod and wipe my eyes. "y-yes mommy..." Suddenly there's a knock at the door. Mommy opens the door and there stands a Roserade. "hello... Umm are you Miss Phyllis? I-im-" She was stopped by mom. "you're Mia, correct?" She shyly smiles and nods. "great! Thanks so much for coming. I gave you all the stuff over the phone. But I have to hurry and go. Dakotas in her playpen watching Sponge-Bob. thanks so much!" They both giggle. So what?! It's good... If it's a kids show it's a damn good one! I sigh as Mia walks in and looks in the playpen as mommy hurry's off. I blush as she looks down at me and smirks. "a little old for diapers are we" She laughs. I swear was that shy attitude a lie?! This fucking bitch! "you're just so cute!" I keep blushing trying to watch TV to take my mind off it. When vines pick me up and into her arms. And she just coos at me. she starts to remove my onesie dress thing and I blush and push her hands away. "stop! Leave me alone!" She glares at me. "I just got to tell your mommy you where a bad girl you won't sit for a week" My face goes pale after I broke the lamp. She won't believe a word out of me, not fair! I look down defeated. She removed the dress and held me in just my diaper. This is so embarrassing. My chest was small i barely had boobs anymore. I didn't notice till now she takes me to the nursery and stands me where mom put me to take my size. She marks it. "5 foot!" 5-5?! I lost a damn 7 inches in a day?! "That's so cute you must be almost 12 years old, such a cute human baby. How old did you used to be?" I blush looking down unable to do anything about this "1....18..." She Bursts up laughing and sees a pacifier on the table and grabs it, shoving it in my mouth. I so badly want to chuck it at her face and say fuck you! But I can't. "aww you're so adorable! Has mommy breastfeed you yet?" I turn a bright red and shake my head. She smirks. "want to be" I gulp and shake my head really quickly and she laughs "I'm joking! Hmm maybe later though hehe if you get grumpy I have permission to do so." I make a fist I'm going to punch her... I'm going to punch her... She puts her finger up my diaper. "Mmm!!!" She frowns. "The baby's still dry, that's a shame. I was hoping you might have an accident and I could post you all over pokegram!" The fucks a pokegram?! Suddenly a picture is taken of me, taking in mind I'm naked and only in a diaper! Sure I don't have fucking boobs anymore but holy fuck that's embarrassing! "and post!" She showed me a post of me standing In a diaper and a caption that said babysitting today isn't she adorable. I spit out my pacifier "Ahhh!! Delete that!!" I go to grab the phone and she pulls it from me quickly. I growl and she grabs my pacifier and pops it back in my mouth. "nope! If I'm going to babysit you I get cute pictures for free followers" She giggles and pats my head. You bitch. "Now your mommy said you already ate. Now we need something for you to do." While she was thinking it hit me I had to pee. I start to bounce up and down some and Mia smirks at me. "something wrong?" I shake my head quickly. But I started to hold the front of my diaper and crossed my legs. Suddenly vines go around me and tickle me like crazy. I kick and laugh like crazy. "no, stop please!!" But it was too late. I could feel the warmth filling my diaper as it yellowed and Mia was laughing like crazy at me all I could do was blush and start crying from embarrassment and shame. I hate this bitch. She smirks. "ya by the way I'm not paid enough to change diapers so have fun with that." I lost it. I made a fist and just punched her in the gut as hard as I could. She didn't even budge and smiled at me. "aww the baby thinks she's strong! So cute!" B-but I was strong, I was! I wine and begin to cry like crazy. My pacifier having already fallen out I feel Mia pick me up and cradle me in her arms. "uhh... Shit I didn't think you would cry. Come on." She rocks and shakes me gently and I still cry. My eyes are locked tight, that's until I felt something try to go in my mouth. I hope it's my pacifier or a bottle I need something to suck on to stop crying. I put my mouth over it and I got some amazing honey like milk. It was so good and warm and relaxing I drank and felt my diaper butt be patted. After a while I got full. I opened my eyes and pulled away. My face goes pale when I see I'm nursing off Mia. She had her flowers on her chest moved and I was being breastfeed. I hack and cough. It wasn't bad till i found out! She laughs "Oh come on, it wasn't that bad! Most babies love my milk? It's supposed to help relax them." I lick my lips and find more on there. It was good but oh my God kill me! That's so embarrassing! And stupid! "but... That's disgusting! I mean... I-it was relaxing and good but... You're a sick-o..." She just smiles. "it also helps constipated babies" I look confused, I'm not... Suddenly my eyes get big and I fart and in no time I start to fill my diaper with more than pee. I cover my face in shame. Oh my God the second time I ever used my diaper like that! Eww!! "good girl! Seems much easier!" She stands me on the ground. "stay there!" She took another picture of me with my gross diaper sagging. "Wow, that first picture already had 1000 likes!" Ahhh!! 1000 Pokemon like my naked body that's not what I want to fucking hear?! Suddenly Mia pushes me back and I fall on my butt feeling all the mush I wanted to throw up. I was so grossed out. What if it leaks out?! Disgusting?! "... Can't you at least change me now that you had your damn fun..." She thinks and shrugs. "nah! Like I said, not paid enough. Don't worry your mommy will be home in like a few hours." A few hours?! Like this?! No God! Please no! Suddenly sponge-Bob comes back on. I look up being distracted by it. Maybe this Will take my mind off it. Maybe… Ch 13: Little Time I was completely distracted. I didn't even care for my messy diaper anymore. I remember laughing at the TV. I would even get bored and play with two dolls I had. I don't know why but I liked pretending one was sponge-bob and the other was Patrick. I would play out an episode in my head and try to talk like them. I would giggle. I didn't want to quit playing so I ended up wetting myself again. But I didn't care. My diaper is so full at this point it might leak but I don't care I'm having a blast! i guess i just didn't want to remember Mia even would ask me questions and I would respond like I was 2. But I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop, I was happy. "God, you're a stinky baby. Hope your mom gets home soon." This knocks me out of my little space and I can smell myself again. I blush and poke my diaper. It was full. Disgusting! When did I do that?! I barely remember the past... Two hours!? Wait, how did 2 hours pass by so quickly?! That's when I heard the door open it was mommy. I could feel myself smile as she payed Mia and she left quickly. I got up but fell back over my legs where kinda numb from sitting like this. I felt everything squish in my diaper. "eww! M-mommy please can I get a change?!" She smiles and I blush. That's so embarrassing to have to ask. "of course sweetie... Phew... Did you not tell the babysitter you were messy..." I shake my head. She wouldn't believe me if I told her what she did. Mom sighs and picks me up, taking me to the changing table and cleaning me up. "dang Dakota you were about to explode. You should have told the babysitter I don't understand why you would want to sit in a dirty diaper so long." I cover my face, blushing and about to cry. She gets me cleaned and and rubs cream on my crotch and butt. Ahh... Soothing I didn't even notice I was getting a rash. I guess a few hours in a shitty diaper will do that. Just my luck. She gets me in a new diaper. "So what did mommy's little girl do today?" I get picked up and held in her arms I lay my face against her solder "well... I don't remember... I think I watched TV and played with toys but I barely remember it..." Mom smiles. "aww that's cute. So you went into little space?" I look at her kinda confused. "little space?" She nods "That's where you basically stop thinking and just act like the kid you are. Did the babysitter feed you?" I shiver and nod. "what did she give you then" I look down embarrassed like crazy. "umm... B-breast milk..." She giggles and hugs me. "Oh wow! Already back to being breastfeed? I wasn't sure if I should but now that I know you accept it I'll start it up." Fuck. My. Life. You couldn't just be quiet Dakota?! I don't want to be breastfeed! I mean it's good but ahh! I just lose control of my emotions and start crying. "Oh no, it looks like someone's cranky. Well Dakota I was going to tell you the date went well. And I'll definitely be going on more." I just keep crying when I felt the something like before go close to my mouth. Unfortunately for me sucking is the best way to calm down any more. I put my mouth over it and suck. I'm getting warm and sweet milk. Oh God I know exactly what this is. Unfortunately for me I kept going till I was full. I opened my eyes to see exactly what I feared. I was being breastfeed... But how was milk so filling? I felt like I just ate and I mean I'm stuffed. As mom put her shirt down. I was too full to argue I just hope it don't act like a laxative again... Mom started to rock me humming a familiar tune. It reminds me of when my mom would Hum me to sleep. Oh ya she was my mom... I enjoyed it before I fell asleep. My pacifier was plopped in my mouth. I happily accepted it and sucked on it. I heard some music start to play as I'm laid in the crib and my stuffy was layed in my arms. I hug it and quickly fall asleep. This was a quick day. Much faster than day one. Maybe it's because I actually had fun. And I actually have a friend. Which reminds me I wonder how Dill dealt with everything? I bet he was strong... And didn't give up easy. Ch 14: PlayDate (day 3) I woke up early in the morning from a sharp pain. And from a dream where I was sitting on the toilet about to pee. I have to go so badly! Then it hits me. Wait why am I holding it... Mommy won't let me use the bathroom anyways... I sigh and sit up in my crib. This was my crib when I was an adult. But now it's gotten so big... Or I got so small. I sat there taking deep breaths in and out to calm myself. I Finally started to wet a little but it was like my body stopped knowing I'm not supposed to do that. I kept trying though and after a while I Finally relaxed and I started to pee. The warmth of it filling my diaper and going down me and getting all over me. It's the first time I actually paid attention to it. The warmth kinda felt good. Was I really enjoying this? I'm such a weirdo... But who's going to mock me for it? This is my life now. I stood up holding myself up with the crib bars and looked down at my chubby legs and my chubby belly. "What the heck...?" I poke my fat. "I don't ever remember being chubby except when I was younger? Am I really getting that young? I wonder how long it took Dill to get to age 10? I have to be like... 11 now" I sigh. I miss being 18... I reach down and grab my pacifier that fell out of my mouth during my sleep and plop it on my mouth and I let go of the crib and fall on butt. My legs have also grown weaker from the lack of use... And maybe the medicine? I'm surprised I can still control my bladder... Then again I'm holding on to that really hard. I'm scared to lose that. As I suck my pacifier I begin to drift back off asleep leaning my head against the crib bars. A few hours later I got picked up. I groan and hug whoever it is. Wanting to stay asleep. "Come on sweetheart, it's time to wake up." It was mommy, I figured. Mommy put her fingers up the side of my diaper. I didn't flinch. But mommy was also giggling. "does your face hurt sweetie? Also looks like you had a accident how about we get you changed." She lays me on the changing table and I lay there still trying to sleep I really enjoy this stupid pacifier But why did she ask if my face hurt? But if I space out and just suck my pacifier I get so relaxed. And happy I feel my clothes get removed and my diaper was taken off and there was a knock on the door. But they must have let themselves in because I hear little footsteps around the house. "in here little one" I hear Phyllis call out. I ignore it as Phyllis wipes me clean and the door opens and the steps come in. "hia Phyllis hia Dakota!" That sounded like Dill. "oh no, did Dakota have an accident?" Phyllis nods at him and I open my eyes and look down and see Dill. I blush and look up but he's also giggling. I'm still completely naked and I blush insanely and just stare and fucking Dill of course is just siting there with a blush on his face and a perverted look looking at me. "M-mommy! He staring! And laughing!". She rolls her eyes. "oh you don't have anything to look at anyways your boobs are gone and I'm about to diaper you back up. Maybe the big mark on your face from the bars hehe" She gets me diapered back up,i then touch my face. Yap I had a big mark down my face. I sigh and look back at Dill. "umm... H-hi Dill" This is so embarrassing. I want to die! "hi cutie! Mommy and daddy had to go out and your mommy said I could stay here and play with you! And we could watch TV! And go outside! And and and!" I put my hand on my face. He even sounds like a little annoying kid. He really gets into this little head space so easily… "ok Dill I get it... Calm down heh." Mommy giggles and after getting me diapered she sits me on my butt still naked. "I'm not going to worry about dressing you if you Two are going to play." I covered my non existing chest, still embarrassed to be naked. And Dill smiles. "It's ok! Let's go play!" Dill runs off. "W-wait!" I try and stand and fall back down and pout. Mommy laughs at me and pats my head. "Hey, try crawling." I want to say fuck you so bad but I give in. I get on my hands and knees and crawl to Dill. He's brought over a ton of toys. Holy shit. I saw a Sponge-bob toy I saw in the ad the other day. I crawl to it, grabbing it and looking at it. Dill giggles "Do you like that one Dakota?" I blush and nod. "Then let's play that!" Dill grabs the Patrick one and we pretend to play out an episode. We both were deep into this little headspace. I forgot I was even close to an adult. I felt like a little baby. Having fun with a playmate. Before I remembered some Questions I wanted to ask Dill. "hey Dill? I bet this was super hard for you to accept... You were always such a strong guy and manly I bet you fought to the very end." Dill looked at the ground blushing and continued to play ignoring me. "Dill...?" Dill sighs and looks up at me. "a-actually... I was sick of being a man... Strong and all this... I wanted to be like you long ago... Carefree... And after I found out mommy and daddy were my real mommy and daddy... I just instantly got into this. They say I was the fastest to become a Pokemon and accepted it. But then again you must be secretly enjoying this. It took me a week to become 10... You have only been like this for like 3 days?" I blush. " n-no! I hate it, I want to be big... I don't know why I'm shrinking so quickly!" Dill smiles. "it's ok. There's no reason to hate it. We are with our mommy and daddy's again and we won't have to worry about them leaving us ever again..." I started crying. Dill was right. I quickly grab him and hug him. I think I scared him... I heard a hissing noise and Dills became bright red. This was my chance to embarrass him. "did you just pee pee Dill?" I said with a smirk I could see him blush like crazy. I pulled him back to feel his diaper, it was warm. "you did!" I giggle. "I-it was mommy's milk! The more I drink the more I can't control it. B-but it is good... " Oh ya... That's a thing and he was right it was good. Suddenly I get picked up from behind. "eep!" I hug Dill tight, not letting go. "oh sorry sweetie did I scare you? I was going to see if you were hungry." I blush as I was pissing myself with the same hissing noise and Dill smirks at me. And I nod. "how about you Dill?" He nods "mhm! But miss Phyllis! I have to tell you something." I glare at him. "No, I need to tell you something!" We glared at each other not like we hate each other. It was kinda fun, it was like little kids arguing. I didn't realize how cute it must have sounded. I go to talk but I'm interrupted by my face being pulled into mommy's chest. I felt myself blushing. I peek over and Dills in the same predicament. I look at him as I start to drink and he looks at me. We were both obviously embarrassed. But both breastfeeding off my mom I felt like it brought us closer. I grab his paw and hold it while we drink. I don't remember what happened after that. I think we fell asleep. It was just so relaxing. I remember moving my arms around to look for my stuffy. I remember hugging what I thought was it and felt my pacifier put in my mouth and out I was again. Ch 15: Discovering Little Space I remember waking up to my hand grabbing something squishy and cold and I heard a squeak. And felt squirming. I open my eyes to see I'm groping the front of Dills diaper and my face goes bright red and I pull away. Spitting out my pacifier "OH MY GOD I'M SORRY!" he's also blushing as he gets up on his 4 legs and shakes and smiles. Also having a pacifier close by he must have been using. "I-its ok..." I smile. "By the way your diapers wet..." He looks down and blushes. And moves close to my diaper and sticks his nose in my diaper sniffing and makes me Blush and I push him away. "hey! Pervert!" He smirks. "You're wet too." My eyes get big as I check myself. "I am?!" My face goes bright red. Dill gets up and licks my face. "hey it's ok! I do it all the time... Normally I have a laxative though... I don't think I did today... That's must mean I'm doing it on my own now" He sighs. Poor Dill I pet his head. Then stop. "S-sorry..." he gives me a cute look "Why did you stop? And sorry for what?" I look confused. "for petting you... I know you're not really a dog... Or cat Like Pokemon but I feel like I'm treat you like one... " He just smiles. "It's ok! I like it!" He puts his head under my hand and I smile and pet him and I swear he purrs. But I wasn't going to say anything. All I could do was giggle he was so adorable. I wish he could be this cute forever. But one day we will grow up and I'm sure Dill will be back to his old self. He looked so happy to be pet. After a while mommy walks in and smiles at us. "oh looks like you two are awake. You two fell asleep eating. So I laid you down you two were so cute cuddling together heh" me and Dill laughed awkwardly at each other blushing. Before looking at each other for a while before mom cuts in and pulls Dill out checking his diaper. "really wet. We Will do it one at a time." He blushes as he's taken to the changing table and gets his diaper removed. My eyes get big and I cover them, both of us embarrassed. I really had to pee again. I didn't want a wet diaper after being changed so I let it out. This went so easily. But I keep going and going. I started to worry it might overflow. I watched my diaper Grow and the cold being replaced by warm liquid was so calming. Before I knew it I was being picked up. Dill was sitting on the ground smiling up at me as I blushed. "phew. This little girls soaked. And it's fresh. How were you able to hold it all in there?" She laughs and teases, Dill also laughs. I hid my face in her embarrassed like crazy. She managed to lay me down and get me cleaned. I could feel that damn perv just staring at me from below the changing table. Luckily he's too low to see more than my thighs. I noticed my thighs turning a white color along with my body and some had blue on it like my hair. Was I at the point of becoming a Pokemon? Mommy gets me in a new diaper and sits me on my butt. "Looks like by tomorrow Dakota will be a full Pokemon! What do you think of that!" I was unsure then Dill spoke up. "She's still going to be cute! But congrats Dakota!" I smile. "t-thanks Dill..." Then I smile at mommy. "I can't wait to be a Pokemon.." That was a lie. Honestly I was scared. I wanted to cry. But Dill being around keeps me happy. Probably the only thing keeping me from going fully depressed. "ok you two have fun, mommy need to get some stuff done." Dill crawls into my arms as mom leaves the room. I hugged Dill and just started crying. I think he could tell I was scared. Dill whined feeling bad for me. "I-im scared Dill... I don't want to be a Pokemon.. I want to be human!" Dill licks my cheeks which makes me smile some. "Dakota... Don't cry. I promise being a Pokemon isn't that bad. Really it's not... You're almost done, the scariest part is almost over. I promise. Now I know what will take your mind off it!" Dill jumps off my lap and goes to the door "Follow me!" He runs to the back yard. We are allowed to be in the back yard because she's got a fence but if we wanted to go out the front mommy had to come. I crawl to the door and outside into the grass. The grass felt so weird along my naked body, well except my diaper obviously. I kinda liked it I think? I know Dill loves me crawling. It gets us basically face to face. Dills sitting in a sand pit molding sand. I crawl over and sit in the sand by him. "what are you doing?" He shrugs. "I'm going to make something, don't know what but I will!" He giggles and keeps going. "that sounded kinda childish..." He looks at me. "says the 11 year old sitting in a diaper in a sand pit" He laughs and I blush. He wasn't wrong but still. "well... Just tell me how do you have fun like that?" He sighs I could tell I was breaking his little space. And it was irritating him a little. "Just don't think that's your problem. Stop thinking and just do it, don't think about what you're doing, just blank out and do something." He went back to building it wasn't much but he looked so proud of himself. I decided to try. I try to blank out and think about like sponge-bob, It works I think. I smile and start packing stuff together to build a Sponge-bob. I remember building this Awesome Sponge-bob. It was incredible. Even Dill was impressed. I was so happy then mom came out breaking my little space. "you two ok?" I look at her and smile. "yes mommy" I look back at my creation and my eyes get big. Was it just a pile of sand?! But what happened to my Awesome Sponge-bob?! Wait... Was that just my imagination? Seriously... Wow, that's incredible what your mind can imagine. I wonder what else Dill can teach me. For someone who didn't have a childhood he sure is an amazing child hehe. I like going into this little space though. It's very relaxing and everything is 100 times more fun! Ch 16: Dills Secret and Deep Little Space "Ok I'm going to finish up you two stay in the backyard ok? And be careful we don't want you little ones being hurt." Mommy walks back inside and I look at Dill who's still just having a blast. "hey...? Dill? Not to break your umm fun but can I ask you a serious question? Like... No silliness..." Dill looks at me confused. "you ok?" I nod. "I'm fine... But I'm worried about you? How come you enjoy this so much...? Don't you want to be an adult?" He looks down and messes in the sand and just shrugs. "I know we talked about this before But, you used to be such a... Manly hunk! Now... Well you're childish... No offense I don't dislike you for that! I'm just... Worried about you... What happened when you were caught, did they hurt you or something? I know you said you accepted it easily but... Was there a reason?" He shakes his head and sighs. "nope... I remember I got chased by daddy and paralyzed by him then i was knocked out. I woke up to see my mommy. Me thinking I had to be strong and a tough man I yelled... Bad idea... Mom spanked my ass hard." I was kinda surprised by that. He's definitely out of his little space. And I never heard him curse. "they explained I was really their kid and I just... Believed them and gave up that quickly. Honestly I hate being an adult... I love being a kid! I can always have fun!" He smiles at me looking up "I hope you can have fun with me... But... Is it bad I don't want to grow back up" I looked confused. "What do You mean? You don't want to grow up? So you want to stay a baby and poop your diaper forever?!" He looks down, blushing and tearing up some and nods. I could feel my eyes get big and I definitely gave him that most judgmental look. He ran inside crying. "W-wait Dill!" I look down. I really upset him... I punch the sand and tear up. "i-im sorry Dill... Please don't run away, I need you... Please..." I hear mommy walk outside and say in a stern voice. "Dakota!! What happened to Dill?! Why's he crying?!" I burst into tears. "I'm sorry mommy!! He said he wanted to never grow up and I judged him. He felt like he could tell me and I judged him for it and made him cry." I bawled like crazy and held my arms up wanting mommy to pick me up and hug me. She did, she picked me up and I cried into her. "oh... Well maybe you need to go talk to him. Be there for him. If he wants to be like this, let him. Help him. You love him right? No matter what?" I sniff and nod. Mommy just smiles and kisses my head. "then go talk to him. Tell him how you feel." Mommy puts me down in the house and I crawl to Dill seeing him curled up in the corner of the nursery crying. I feel awful… "D-Dill...?" He screams at me. "GO AWAY! I HATE YOU" My heart shatters. I just stare at him and I start crying again. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to judge you. I bet that was so hard to tell me and I mock you for it I'm so so so so sorry! I know words will never help but I'll stick with your decision! I'll help take Care of you if I have to! If you still want to be a baby when your an adult fine! But... Can you only be one sometimes... I love you Dill... But if you're a baby forever we can't be together forever right?" But this only made Dill cry more. But he ran out and flopped on to my lap and he laid his head on my diaper. I wanted to call him a fucking perv... But damn it let him have his fun. "o-ok... We can play pretend when I'm older right? Pretend I'm a baby and stuff heh." He sniffs a lot, getting snot all over the diaper. Gross… "o-of course..." In my head I'm probably thinking more that's so fucking weird... But if I can make Dill happy he deserves it. Out of anyone, he deserves it. I pet Dill till he falls asleep. "mommy?" I try to whisper while he's asleep. Mommy walks on and smiles. "how about I lay him in the crib?" I smile and nod. "please. He needs some sleep... After the stress I put him through... Hey mommy? Can you help me get into umm... Little Space?" She smiles great big. "absolutely. Remember if you're too ashamed to do it I can help you do most stuff. I can show you what it will be like when you learn to control it." I looked confused but nodded. Hope It don't hurt. "ok?" Mommy grabbed my head and it felt like I was still there but my body wouldn't do anything I told it to do. Mommy picks me up and I start sucking my thumb. Why did I do that? Mommy grabs the toy box and takes it to the front room and sits it down and puts me down. I felt my diaper fill up as well. Ahhh! I don't do that on purpose?! What the heck?! I grab out a bunch of toys and watch as I can't figure out how to use most of them and babbling to myself. It was so embarrassing. But I think a part of me was having fun. I would giggle and play with a toy phone. It would say hello and I would respond with babble noise. It was so cute. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. Was this a true baby mind? It's so fun! Is this what Dill goes through? Or is this more advanced than him? Oh a block! I grab it and try to put the round one in the square hole. Hmm nope. Maybe if I hit it harder. Still nope. I grunt and throw it, getting mad I can't put the block in crossing my arm. Stupid blocks broken! I keep this up for hours. Before I realized at that moment before the Magic mommy did on me ended pretty quickly. T-that was all me. I did it! I achieved little Space and understood it more! This will make life much easier! Ch 17: Timeout It was getting quite late and Dill was still asleep. I was getting bored. I was hoping he would be awake. We don't get much time to hang out and he decides to spend it sleeping. I'm still in a wet diaper too embarrassed to tell mommy I'm wet. I wonder if Dill has an accident while he's asleep? I shake my head. Who cares?! Why would I wonder that?! That's weird... But at the same time I got more and more curious. I crawled to the nurcury and peaked in at Dill sleeping he was on his back a few legs in the air and twitching like he's trying to run or something it was so adorable! That's when I noticed he was wet. He did! I can't believe it! He probably hasn't even noticed. I bet it feels funny to wet without noticing. And embarrassing. Suddenly I feel a hand pull back the back of my diaper it too everything I had not to scream. It was mommy checking me. Oh my God these random diaper checks are so embarrassing and make you feel so small. "oh still clean" I knew I was but at the same time I was relieved. Then she checked the front and I felt my face grow bright red. "oh no baby had a oopsie" I cover my face as she picked me up "I-it was that little space I swear!" Mommy gives me a stern look. "Shhh you're going to wake Dill." Suddenly Dill groans and starts crying. Oh no why was Dill crying? Was he still upset!? "gosh dang it Dakota... I think you need a time out for waking up Dill." Mommy gets me changed and sits me in the crib and takes out the still crying Dill. She lays him down and changes him. As soon as the new diaper hits him he stops crying and I look even more confused. "Is little Dilly all better now!" Dill giggles and nods. "Maybe I should eat his paw!" Mommy grabs his paw pretending to eat on his paw and he would giggle and scream. What in the world? Maybe this is how Dill deals with sadness now he just becomes a... Baby? Mommy picks up Dill. "Dakota got to sit in her crib for 30 minutes for waking you up so till then you want to go play?" Dill smirks at me, the little bitch! And smiles happily. "ya! Play play!" They leave the room and leave me stuck in the damn crib! Not fair! I didn't mean to wake him! Why am I punished for it! I-i want to play with Dill.... Or mommy...I grab my pacifier and suck it to calm myself and grab my stuffie and play with it while I wait. I go into little space and imagine this cool world where my stuffies are in space! He fights aliens and shoots lasers! He's so cool. This made time fly by as mommy opens the door. "Are you ready to come out of time out?" This knocked me out of little space. I had all my toys in the crib all over the place. My pillows and covers were off the bed and my stuffie was on the ceiling fan stuck. My eyes get big at what I did and I shake. I'm in so much trouble. "Dakota! Young lady, what's with this mess?!" I look down and shrug. "I-I was having fun... And honestly I barely remember but it was fun...." She takes an irritated sigh and starts to Pick up everything. "I was going to tell you to say bye to Dill because he's leaving. But you clearly want a longer time out with no toys!" My eyes get big and I tear up dropping my pacifier from my mouth. "No, I'm sorry!" She gives me a stern look and takes me out fixing my bed, laying me in bed and covering me up. "time for bed! If I catch you playing I'll give you a longer time out. If you make an oopsie, tell me tomorrow I'm not changing you today." Mommy leaves and I burst up into tears. Mommy hates me! I'm a bad daughter! I keep crying. I plop my pacifier back in my mouth laying there. I'm not even sleepy. I don't go to bed this early. I just thought it was ok to always let out this little space but clearly not. Maybe I need to learn to control it some so I'm not a bad girl. I don't like time out. I want mommy to hug me and tell me I'm a good girl! As I layed there my body would hurt in random spots. I didn't know why but I took it as just being sad. But unknowing to me I was finishing my change. I was completely a kirlia. Still to regress farther to a ralts but this was the first step. I was Finally a Pokemon but I won't realize it till tomorrow Will Dill still love me? Will he still want to be my friend? Will I be able to make more friends? Will mommy and daddy get married? I hope so I hope all of them will happen. I layed there more as I slowly fell asleep. I hope mommy doesn't hate me forever... My anxiety was going crazy but the one thing I did know was this was my new life and there's no more going back and I don't regret it much at all. Ch 18: A Real Pokemon (day 4) I woke up the next day hugging my stuffie and sucking my pacifier. I look at my arms and they look small and thin. Suddenly my eyes get big and I look down at my body. This was it. I was a full blown kirlia. I was so scared. I was so out of it I didn't even notice I had wet my diaper. I was starting to have night time accidents. Before too long I'll have no control and lose the last thing that made me an adult. I keep looking at my body, just unable to say anything. Then I started crying. My pacifier fell out of my mouth and I cried and mommy came running in. "what's wrong sweetie?!" She came over and picked me up. I could see the excitement in her face. I could also read her mind. Not really... But you know I could hear her say. My baby's Finally a Pokemon! She hugged me and Rocked me. It was relaxing. "it's ok sweetie you just a kirlia now. You and Dill are so close to being baby's. Well Dill more. Then you. When he left I'm sure he regressed to about 3 or 2 years old. And you would be about... 9 years old!" I-im 9?! I miss being a big girl! I cried more into her. "I want to be a big girl again mommy!" She smiles. "don't worry one day you will be a big Gardevoir just like your mommy, how's that sound?" I sniff. "r-really...?" She nods. "yap and you get to be shiny so you will be extra adorable." I blush and smile, wiping my eyes. "thanks mommy..." I blush more. "I'm hungry..." Mommy smiles and lifts her shirt. I blush and just go in sucking on her. This might be weird but it is normally relaxing and makes me very full. I don't understand how milk is so filling but I won't complain. After my breakfast mommy puts me over my shoulder and pats my back. I let out a huge burp and blush like crazy and cover my mouth. "Oh my God! Excuse me!" Mommy laughs and kisses my cheek. "It's ok mommy was trying to burp you." Burp me?? But why? "o-oh...ok?" She keeps holding me cradle style and she grabs my pacifier and plops it in my mouth and lays me on the changing table. "Let's get that diaper changed shall we." I look confused. "buwt....me not wet?" I grab the front of the diaper and blush "wait how I get wet?!" Mommy starts to change me "Well you are a little girl, they have bed wetting accidents." At 9? I guess I don't understand. I was never much of a bed wetter... Well till now obviously. I sigh. As I get diapered and picked up. "don't I need clothes...?" Mommy shakes her head. "Pokemon don't wear clothes." I blush. I forgot about that! That's right though Dills always naked but he's got fur. I wonder how fur feels... It feels really nice when he cuddles up to me. I blush and shake my head. Oh my God! I can't believe I just thought that! Mommy takes me into the front room sitting me in a stroller and straps me in. I told my head and pull out my pacifier "where are we going...?" She just smiles "for a walk. I thought since you didn't get to say bye to Dill you could go show him how adorable you are." I blush. I hope he thinks I'm adorable. I put my pacifier back in my mouth as we get pushed along. Pokemon would stop us and coo at me calling me adorable and cute. oh my God it's so embarrassing, I keep my face covered and suck on my pacifier more just needing to calm down. We Finally make it to Dills thank God! Mom knocks "Come in!" A female voice says. Must be Dills mom. She pushes me in and I see both his mom and dad and they aww at me and coo and stuff I was so embarrassed. As Dill walks in. "what's with a-" I could see his eyes light up as he ran in circles. "Oh my God, Dakotas a Pokemon like me! Yay!" Dill was so happy mommy let's me out and puts me on the ground I crawl over to Dill and hug him taking through my pacifier "sowwy I not say bye yesterday..." He laughs and licks my Cheek making me giggle. "It's ok! Your mommy said you got in trouble, she said you went into little space! That means me and you can play as kids right?!" I giggle more and nod the pacifier really puts me in a little space already. Honestly all today i kinda been in a little space a little. I felt more childish. I'm not sure if I'm really childish or in a little space. If I'm with Dill I don't care though. Dill get out of my arm. "Follow me! We can go play with my toys!" I crawl following Dill to his nursery. "Have fun Dakota! And be good!" Mommy said. "you too Dill." Dills mom said. We both roll our eyes. And say at the same time. "yes mommy..." We look at each other and giggle. And start playing with big Lego's. They were big enough so Dill could use his mouth to pick them up and not swallow them. But we started building an Awesome city! It was amazing. In reality it probably looked really bad with a bunch of blocks stacked badly at that. We were finding it hard to get some blocks to go together. While we were playing I wet myself then I farted and messed in my diaper. But I was so deep in little space I didn't care. I knew mommy would fix it but I wanted to play. Dill didn't even seem to notice or care if I did. We played for like an hour before mommy came in. "phew! Someone made a mess" She laughs and Dill smiles. "wasn't me!" She looks at him. "mhm we will see" She grabs him and checks him and smiles. "lair." His eyes get big. "really?! I swore it was Dakota?!" She looks at me. "Are you messy Dakota?" I blush and keep playing. "nu uh..." She gives me a stern look. "Dakota..." I nod, she sighs. "ok I'll get you changed after Dill." I keep playing while Dill gets a diaper change. He gets put down and i get picked up and groan. "blockys!" Mommy lays me down on the table. "After you get cleaned Missy." I cross my arms and pout and I hear Dill just laughing like crazy then I blush a lot and come out of little space some. "I'm so sorry! I can't help it but you're just so cute! I love little you!" He smiles still gigging. I stick my tongue at him forgetting I had my pacifier in and it falls out. mommy finishes my diaper change and puts me down. "now you can play with "blockys"" she giggles and walks out "I can't believe I did that... I knew I was doing it too... I just let it happen. I wanted to play with blocks." Dill smirks and I grab my pacifier off the floor and put it in his mouth. "you know.. I don't want to hear it suck on that baby." I smirk and grab him and rock him. "aww my cute baby Dilly!" I make him blush a lot. It was cute. He wants to play baby. I'll play baby alright. "Let's play baby! You're the baby, I'm the mommy!" I laughed. I expected him to disagree but he nodded and cuddled into me. "otak mommy..." I blush. That little bitch just beat me at my own game. But hey maybe this will be fun? Ch 19: Playing Caretaker Dill layed in my arms just sucking on the pacifier and being super cute. But I didn't know how to take care of a baby. Even if Dill technically isn't a baby... I mean he's definitely really good at pretending. So maybe I pretend to be an adult? Umm... I really don't remember how to be an adult. Man this becoming a baby stuff is really messing me up. Dill looks at me taking through his pacifier "mommy? What do we do?" I blush at him calling me mommy its weird. "o-oh right umm does M-mommy little boy want to be pushed on the swing!" His eyes light up and nod a lot. I smile. He's so cute I give him a kiss on the cheek like mommy does to me and he blushes like Crazy and I giggle carrying him outside and putting him on one of them baby swings so he can't fall out. And I push him at a decent speed, not too slow and not too fast. He would laugh and clap. It made me so happy. It kinda felt like being a mommy! I think? What's it feel like to be a mommy? I guess like this hehe. We played on the swing for a while before. "da-err mommy... I don't feel good..." I stop the swing and take him out. "Wait, what's wrong drill?" Dill groans and cuddles up to me. "I don't know my-my tummy hurts..." I feel awful, I'm a terrible mommy! I tear up and start crying. And run inside. "MOMMY! DILLS SICK AND I MADE HIM SICK AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DID!" Mommy comes over and takes Dill feeling his head. "Hmm... He's a bit warm. I would say he was getting a bit sick today and going outside and getting hot gave him a temp. And a stomach ache." Dill just cries a little, not feeling good obviously. "Don't blame mom...I-I mean Dakota! She was just playing with me." She smiles and looks at me. "Were you playing Baby with Dill?" I blush and nod. "Wow, it seems Dill really likes that and you. No reason to be embarrassed. He's basically a baby you might as well pretend to be a mommy while you can." Dill blushes and hides his face and so do I. "I'm going to go lay Dill down. He needs sleep." Dill grones. "but I'm not sleepy..." She gives him a stern look. "Do I need to go get you mom and dad Dill?" His eyes get big and shake his head. "n-no Dakota mommy..." She smiles and goes and lays him down. And I sigh. What am I supposed To do alone? I wipe the tears from my eyes. And my stomach starts to hurt as well. I felt like I had to fart normally I'm embarrassed to do it around people but I'm alone so I do. It wasn't a fart... My eyes get big I was so surprised I even wet myself at the same time. Ewww it's all runny! I start crying and mommy comes in. "Oh no, what's wrong sweetie?" I keep crying. "i-" I was cut off by mommy checking my diaper and she picked me up. "Oh I see. Did you kiss on Dill? You might be getting his sickness if so." I keep crying, it's gross and I just want change. Mommy grabs my diaper bag and lays me on a mat. She got a diaper out of it and took off my diaper and cleaned me up. I was Finally able to stop crying. Why does just messing my diaper make me want to cry... But I also know if I cry mommy comes and changes me quickly. She gets me put in a new diaper and smiles. "there all better!" I smile and she blows on my belly making me laugh like crazy. "no stop!" She did, then picked me up and hugged me. "I love you, Dakota... You know that? Your mommy's favorite little girl. But I was going to tell you me and Ed have been hitting it off well. Nothings decided but I thought about letting him take care of you for a few days. How does that sound?" My eyes light up. "R-really?! Yay! I get to stay with daddy!" Mommy blushed. "He's not your daddy yet..." I giggle and smiles "Ok mommy... Yet Hehehe" She blushes more. "that's not what I meant..." Suddenly Dills mom and dad walk in, his mom holding a box. She walks over to us and smiles. "Hey Dakota we know what Dill likes to do but later on it's likely he won't be able to... Or will he." What does Dill like to do? She means being a baby? Ya he definitely can't do that forever. Wait will he? I look confused and so does mommy. She opens the box to show a rock. "a... Rock?" She smiles. "not any rock an Everstone. For real Pokemon, it keeps them from evolving but in human Pokemon it has a habit of regressing them back to a baby." My eyes get big. "whoa! So Dill could be a baby again when he wants!" She nods. "yap it lasts one day so if you want him back to normal wait a day. I'll give this to you and Dill when you're older." I smile. "Thanks, Dills mommy!" She goes to close it but it falls out of the box. "oops!" Mommy grabs it. "I got it, don't worry." Suddenly mommy drops it and her eyes get big and her body begins to shrink. She becomes a kirlia like me then a ralts my mouth drops looking at my baby mommy. "W-what happened?" Mommy looks up at me. "Y-your a baby, mommy..." She screams and then starts crying. Oh no this is going to be a crazy day. I wonder if mommy will have to wear diapers. Oh! I bet daddy can take care of us both! Ch 20: Baby Mommy Mommy couldn't believe it, she was changed into a baby Pokemon again. But this did prove she used to be a human. Mommy's a cute baby. All I could do was giggle at her. "Don't laugh at me Dakota! I'm still your mommy" Dills mom comes over. "I'm so sorry this happened, Miss Phyllis... But tomorrow you should be fixed." She picks up the stone with the box and covers it up. "Let's put this away till it causes more problems. But Phyllis I hate to do this but" She picks up mommy and lays her on the mat I was on and I could not stop giggling knowing what was about to happen. Mommy's face went bright red. "W-wait I don't need d-diapers! I can still control that!" Dill's mom smiles at her. "sorry but I don't want a mess on my floor. This regressed you to a toddler so you do have those problems" She begins to diaper the little ralts mommy's a cute baby. "oh! Miss Dills mommy! Can I diaper mommy? I want to learn how!" I smile innocently. And she giggles as mommy blushes more. "Absolutely not! Tell her no..." Dills mom looks at me and hands the diaper to me. "ok best time to learn to diaper a baby. You might have to do this to Dill." I nod and put the diaper under mommy. I was technically older than her right now. It kinda felt like diapering my little sister. If I had one. Dills mom showed me exactly how to put her in a diaper and when I was done I patted the front. "there you go mommy! All diapered up!" She was so embarrassed she didn't even move her hands off her face. I just laughed and picked up baby mommy and held her in my arms. "She's like my baby sister!" Dills mom laughs "Oh really? Then since your moms unable to speak, do you know some place you can stay? I would let you here but you might get Dills sickness." I think for a bit then get a fun idea "Oh! Ed! Mr Ed from the restaurant!" She looked confused and mommy finally spoke up. "n-no! Definitely not oh my God!" Dills mom tilts her head then smirks. "ohhh that's the guy Phyllis has a crush on right? Imagine him taking care of his future wife and child." Mommy goes back to being so embarrassed she can't talk. She puts me in a stroller and mommy. It was a stroller that held two people. Dill's mom went to get my pacifier from Dill and gives it to me. "... I think mommy needs it more right now!" I plop my pacifier in mommy's mouth and she blushes and sucks. I could tell it was helping her relax. "aww mommy you're such a cute baby!" I giggle as we are pushed out of the house and off to Ed's we go. People would aww and coo at me like normal but they would also do it even more to mommy. She was so embarrassed I swear I heard her wet herself. But I don't think she noticed. I got curious and moved over and felt the front of her diaper and she let out a small scream and smacked my hand away. I giggle. "Mommy's wet!" She screams and covers her face. "DAKOTA! you're so grounded!" I frown. "that's not fair..." Dills mom sighs. "Come on Phyllis. She's just having fun and you really are wet. I'll see if Ed can get you changed once we reach his place." She was so embarrassed she started to cry. Her pacifier fell out of her mouth and she just cried "M-mommy...? Are you ok?" She kept crying. "I'm not a baby! I'm not wet! I'm not crying like a baby and Ed is not about to change me. This is a dream! It has to be!" We make it to Ed's and Dill's mom knocks on the door and Ed opens up and sees me. "well hey there kiddo! Who's this little one?" He takes mommy out and rocks her and grabs the pacifier putting it in mommy's mouth making her blush. I giggle. "That's umm my best friend! She's a new umm baby!" Mommy looked at me like thanks for not telling him who I am. Dills mom speaks up. "Would you mind watching these two today? It's a long story but I think Phyllis would really like it." Ed's eyes get big and nod. "absolutely! Anything to make Phyllis happy and honestly I have been wanting to take care of this little cutie!" He pinches my cheek and I blush. "daddy..." Mommy looks at me with big eyes and Ed laughs "I'm not Your daddy... Yet heh." Mommy blushes. "Ed!" He looks at mommy confused. "yes cutie?" She looks down. "umm... I-i need a change ya!" He laughs "aww, I see that miss soggy butt." She hides her face in Ed and takes the diaper bag off the stroller and waves bye to Dills mom so do I. We get inside and Ed looks at me. "while I'm changing butts you need it too?" I shake my head. "nope! See! I'm Dry!" As I point to my diaper. It was dry. "my, my such a big girl you are!" Ed pulls out the changing mat and lays mommy on it and changes her diaper. Mommy was like a tomato. It was great. And Cute. I have never seen her more embarrassed. Imagine daddy finds out its mommy. He would be so embarrassed as well hehe. I won't tell him though. I'll get grounded when she's normal... I might already be grounded... Oh well, today will be so worth it! Me and mommy get to play like we're sisters! And I get to be the big sister... Even if I still have to be in diapers. My stomach growls and so does mommy's. "Sounds like my Two babies are hungry. Hmm there's a few bottles in the diaper bag. I'm sure I can feed you this." Wait... Isn't that mommy's breast milk?! Oh no mommy's going to have to drink that. I giggle and smile. Yep, I'm so grounded after this! Ch 21: Daddy's House Daddy hands me a bottle. "I'm sure you can feed yourself but this little one is going to need help." I plop the bottle in my mouth sucking on it. I love mommy's milk but will mommy. "Now open up little one." Ed smiles at mommy and she looks away and Ed sighs and tickles her a little making mommy giggle he quickly puts the bottle in her mouth. "gotcha! Heheh" Mommy eyes got big and I could see she started sucking. I would say her baby body betrayed her and started drinking. But after a while she relaxed and laid there. I was surprised. I finished my bottle and I could feel the milk hit. I had to pee badly. But I'm getting so used to this I don't even hold it in, I just let it out. My body's so used to it. I don't think I could hold it in long if I wanted to. "thanks for the milk daddy!" I giggle and he sighs. "Please don't let your mother hear that... She would be so embarrassed." I could see mommy glare at me. Wonder how long I should be prepared to be grounded... A week? No a month? Or maybe she's planning on something worse... Probably make me wear diapers till I'm 18. Maybe make Dill take care of me by making me a baby when I get older. I sigh. oh well this will be worth it, I hope if not I'm going to make it heh. Mommy finishes the bottle and Ed takes it out mommy's kinda drowsy and lays her on his shoulder and burps her. She lets out a burp and covers her mouth. "E-excuse me..." Ed laughs "That's cute no need to say that. I was the one burping you after all. Now unfortunately I don't have any baby toys for you two to play with. But I can turn on cartoons for a while." Ed sits on the couch holding mommy and he turns on cartoons. It was sponge-bob, my eyes lit up and I quickly sat down and started singing with the intro theme. And laughing I would sing trying to get mommy to sing "Sponge Bob!" I point to mommy to finish. And she blushes and quietly says "square pants...?" I laugh and clap mommy laughs some too. we just watch cartoons for a few hours. Mommy falls asleep and I'm sitting on the edge of the couch just deep in the show. Then I suddenly scream when something happened "AHHHH" Mommy screams and just burst into tears crying. "Dakota!" Ed gives me that look of upset. I lower my head. "sorry..." Ed puts his fingers in mommy's diaper and she just keeps crying. I wonder if she's actually a baby right now? "she wet... How about you Dakota?" I keep my head lower. "I-I'm dry and a big girl!" Damn it why did I have to wet my diaper more while watching cartoons. Ed didn't look convinced he checked the back of my diaper. Thankfully I was clean. I don't plan to do that... Again. Then he puts his fingers up my diaper and I laughed "Ahh cold!" He smiles. "lair you're wet too, so much for being a big girl." I blush and Ed changes mommy first and she stops crying and she's pushed off to the side and Ed grabs me and lays me down to change me. Mommy lays on her back making baby noises and trying to put her foot in her mouth. Mommy must be a baby hehe. I put my thumb in my mouth as daddy. Oops I mean as Ed changes me. Cleans me up and puts a new diaper on me. "Hey Dakota? How about you play with your sister for a while while I make some lunch? I don't have any of that milk from before I'll have to make something real." Ed walks into the kitchen and my eyes get big. The milk! That has to be what's making us more baby like! It made mommy act her age and when I drink it I seem to act more my age! Mommy gets in a crawling position and grabs my hair. "Oww! Let go! That hurts!" Mommy laughs and pulls more. I cry "Mommy stop!! Daddy!!" Ed comes in quickly and grabs mommy and his eyes get big and look at me. "W-what did you just call her?" I sniff, wiping my eyes. "mommy..." My eyes get big and I cover my mouth. Oh no! I'm in so much trouble Ed looks at mommy who's giggling and grabbing for him. "what happened to her...?" I look down. "don't tell her I said so! I'll be grounded till I'm 18! But... She grabbed a everstone... Apparently Pokemon that used to be humans don't keep from evolving, they regress... And become baby's for a day." He takes a sigh of relief "So she will be fixed later, thank God... I can't believe I've been changing Phyllis diapers... But why's she acting like a baby." I poke at my diaper just to not have to look up. "uhh... I think you feed mommy her own milk..." He looked confused. "her... Own milk?" I nod and blush. "y-you know... Breast milk..." His eyes get big and blush some. "Oh my God... I feel like not only will you get in trouble so will I..." We both sigh. "but if she's in a baby mindset I can't have her being alone, she can't take care of herself. We will watch her till she's back to normal!" I smile and look up. "ok daddy! Maybe you can ask mommy to marry you after!" I make him blush and laugh. "I would like that I have had a crush on you mom for a long time and if her daughter doesn't have a problem with it I feel more confident. Thanks Dakota. I needed that. For now let's just have some fun while we can." So we did, we took care of mommy and daddy took care of me too. We had a blast doing a bunch of stuff. Even mommy had fun. She stayed in this baby mindset the whole time. We all laid down in daddy's bed. A bed with no bars! Yes! But... It's also scary... I might fall off... I hope not but mommy sleeps in front of daddy and I sleep in front of mommy and hugged her and she hugged daddy. Mommy should be normal in the morning. Wonder how she will take it… Ch: 22 Don't Make Mommy Mad (day 5) The next day I woke up being hugged by mommy and daddy's hugging mommy and mommy's a big adult again. As soon as she woke up where in so much trouble... And not only that, I think mommy's in a big diaper that is wet. It grew with her. I keep pretending to sleep before I hear it. Mommy's waking up. She groans and moves crinkling in the bed in her extra large diaper. She lets out a scream and jumps out of bed. I look over and she's blushing. "Why was I in bed with Ed?!" Oh no she hasn't even noticed the diaper... But Ed woke up. "oh morning Phyllis... You were a umm... Baby..." His eyes go down to her lower half and his eyes get big. She looks confused and also looks down and screams and runs off to the bathroom. "heheh..." he lets out a sigh "you awake Dakota?" I nod and sit up. "don't worry, I'll take all the blame. You just sit here ok?" I nod again and hug him quickly. "I love you daddy...." His eyes get big and smiles and rubs my head giving me a big hug. "I love you too squirt. And I'll get you changed after... Or your mom will." He leaves. Get me changed?? But I'm not... I grab the front of my diaper. "I am?! But I don't remember it! Wait..." Closer inspection of my body and I realized I'm not a kirlia anymore I'm a ralts! But if I'm a ralts that means I'm like a toddler... And... Have... No control over my bladder... I groan. I hope that's not right. Suddenly I hear a bunch of yelling. I wonder what's going on? I start to get up then I remember daddy telling me to stay. I don't want to be in trouble, I'll stay… Finally what feels like forever I hear mommy come in and she grabs me and hugs me. "Hey! You're Finally a ralts congrats! it also looks like you also had a accident" I blush and giggle. "yap!" What's the point in hating it? It will only make me depressed and acting like a kid makes me happy... for now. But mommy's acting like nothing happened. Mommy lays me down and changes me and keeps looking back looking for someone. Maybe daddy? "something wrong mommy?" She finishes and gives me a new diaper and holds me. "Ed come on hurry up" She smiles and looks at me like- my eyes get big when daddy walks around the corner, hes wearing nothing but a big adult sized diaper and he's blushing like crazy. I couldn't help but laugh "Daddy looks silly!" Mommy also laughs "I told you not to call him daddy Dakota. I think for now he's your big brother. This is what he gets for embarrassing me like that heh." Remind me not to embarrass mommy or i'll be in a diaper... Oh wait I giggle. What could mommy do to me to embarrass me more the I have already? Wait till I'm a adult and make me a big baby adult like daddy... Let's not. I suck my thumb getting hungry. Mommy smirks at him. "Now Ed, why don't you use that diaper." He blushes more. "n-no thanks..." She keeps smirking at him and walks up to him and puts her hand on his belly. "Then let me help you, little one." His eyes get big and he clearly starts messing and wetting his diaper. "eww tinky!" I said with my thumb in my mouth. Mommy had a strange look on her face. She pulled daddy in with his filled diaper and she lifted up part of her front to reveal her breasts. My eyes light up. "food!" I clinch on and start drinking. "Come on Ed you too." He was so red and embarrassed. He probably wanted to see mommy naked but not like this Ed got closer and was pushed into mommy's chest quickly and he started drinking. Mommy would let out strange noises. I think she was enjoying it. I finished and mommy put me on the ground. "how about you go watch cartoons?" Yes! I crawl to the front room and grab the TV remote and start watching TV. I heard strange noises from mommy and daddy's room. But I didn't care, I had cartoons. Hours pass and I have already without noticing wet and messed my diaper. It's so weird to not have control but it's less embarrassing because you can't control it. Finally mommy walks out smiling. "I think it's time we went home little one. But we will definitely have to come have more fun with daddy won't we" My eyes get big. "does that mean!" She smiles at me. "maybe, we will see" I got a glimpse of the bedroom daddy was laying on his back covered up asleep. Why was he asleep again? Something must have worn him out? I felt like I should know but I couldn't remember? Mommy puts me in a stroller and takes us outside. It was a nice walk home. Mommy walked nice and slow, she also looked tired. Way more relaxed than normal. We make it home and mommy takes me out of the dumb stroller and picks me up. "Looks like you're almost a full baby again sweetie. I'm so excited. But remind me to stay away from everstones... I prefer to be your mommy not your little sister heh. But I'm glad you had some fun... I can't believe you changed me though..." I giggle and smile and hug her. "it's ok mommy! It was just a game! I knew you were still my mommy but playing pretend is fun! You had a little fun right?" She smiled. "well... Ya I would be lying if I had none... But I had the most fun today with your daddy." I look confused. "What did you and daddy do?" She smirks. "Maybe I'll tell you when you're older." I pout and cross my arms. "not fair! You know I'm not going to be older for a long time!" She laughs "yap! You're going to be mommy's little girl... Even when you are grown up you will still be my little girl." She hugged me and kissed me. But this about ends the childhood part of my life. Well my adulthood back to babyhood part. Most of its just the same stuff over and over. It will get boring but I have some interesting stories about Dill and me all grown up! Heh let's say Dill has a umm condition and he's stuck in diapers. Poor guy maybe we should have some fun with the everstones with him as well. So much fun to be had as an adult! Let's just hope Dill don't get revenge. Anyways see you soon in "All grown up" Ch 23: All Grown UP So I just finished school and it was wonderful! I have never been to school but it was wonderful. I sat beside Dill all the time. Well till he got held back a year... Ya Dills now a grade under me so he's technically not out of school yet. He's not allowed to evolve till he graduates school. And he still had to walk around in that cute bulky diaper. Kids make fun of the small shiny eevee a lot but I was there to psychic them into a locker and lock it. Oh ya I forgot I'm a kirlia again! But once I get home I should evolve into a Gardevoir. I'm so excited and Dills says I'll look so hot heh. I want to move out so badly with him, get married and have some fun with him if you catch my drift. We all go home and Dill comes home with me. Mom and dad were on the couch making out. "gross! Get a room!" They stop and laugh at me. Oh ya forgot to say mom and dad got married. I think mom has a strange thing for diapers? I catch her putting dad in one before they... You know. I never told mom or dad I caught them. Because Dills totally the same. He's tried over and over to get me into a diaper again. I keep telling him no. I'll be his caretaker but God I'm not being an adult baby. "Oh by the way Dill ,do you mind staying the night? Me and Ed have some work to do somewhere else. All day and night." Dills nods. "I would love to stay the night! I just need to get some new diapers at home from mommy!" I blush. "you still call her mommy... Come on, Dill grow up." He smiles. "nah!" He turns around and shoves his diapered butt in the air at me. I smile and laugh. "stop!" Mom and dad laugh and get up. "ok, you two be good and don't forget your stuff Dill bye!" Mom kissed me and blushed a lot and suddenly evolved into a Gardevoir. Dill just looked at me and blushes as mom and dad leave. "... You're hot..." I sigh. "pervert..." He laughs and wiggles his padded bootie "yap! Now I'm imagining you in a diaper!" I growl and glare at him. "stop! don't ever again!" He laughs and opens the door. "I'll be back, got to go get stuff!" He winks at me and leaves. God freaking pervert! But honestly I wouldn't mind having some fun tonight... Hmm maybe I should play caretaker with Dill and we can have it slowly ‘evolve’. I smile at my own joke. Let's see how much Dill likes his pervertedness used against him. An hour passes and I decide to watch TV and Dill walks in with a bag of stuff, a diaper bag of course. I sigh. I would die of embarrassment with that stuff. "Honey, I'm home!" Dill giggles and walks in throwing the bag by me and jumps on my lap laying down. I smile and pet him. "Hey Dill?" He looks up and I get in his diaper bag and find his pacifier. He doesn't use it, he just likes to carry it in case we play. And I pull it out and plop it in his mouth. "I want to take care of a baby so you're going to be my baby." His eyes get big normally he has to ask and smirks through the pacifier "Is mommy baby hungry?" He nods and goes to his bag to pull out a bottle and I pull him back. "nah we don't need a bottle." He looked confused before I revealed my breast to him making us both blush but I pulled him in and let him drink from me. The way he was doing it was not how a kid would do it. Causing me to moan a little as he drank. Fuck me hes not holding back as he keep drinking I felt his diaper fill up. I felt The front of it and something else that was hard. I smirked, pulling him away. I rushed to the bedroom with him. I would tell you the rest but maybe you perverts should not worry about it. Later me and Dill were laying in bed, him without a diaper on. Covered up hugging. "I love you so much Dill" He smiles and kisses me. "I love you too. Want to see something cool I learned recently?" I sigh. "can we just relax...? I'm tired after that." I yawned and he got on me and looked at me in my eyes. I couldn't break eye contact, I hear him say "hypnosis" The little brat learned hypnosis?! How? Eevees can't learn that! I felt my vision blur. What's going to happen? I swear I'm going to hurt him if it's bad. Then I passed out. Hypnosis doesn't work exactly how it works on real Pokemon. On human Pokemon it's like a real hypnosis you can control the one it was used on. I almost don't want to wake up and find out what he's going to do or has done to me. Ch 24: Hypnosis And Embarrassment I woke up after falling asleep from something and hearing the all too familiar crinkle under my butt. I was in my diaper I felt the front still dry "daddy?" I didn't see daddy Dill anywhere? I wonder what he's doing? Also my chest kinda hurts like something made them dry? Weird. Suddenly daddy walks in. My daddy was a shiny eevee. I didn't understand why a Gardevoir had an eevee daddy that also wore diapers but it felt normal? Daddy smiles at me. "sleep well? Also, did daddy's little girl have an accident?" I don't know what happened. My body just lost control and I started to wet and mess myself then I started to cry then nod "mhm" He jumps in the bed with a diaper. "it's ok I'll get you all clean!" Daddy removes my diaper and cleans me up. He spent a long time making sure my front was clean and blushing. I didn't know why he was doing it but daddy was happy. That's all I knew, Daddy got me in a new diaper and got off the bed. "Come to the front room. I'll get you some lunch! I already ate." He goes to the front room and I stand up and quickly fall to my hands and knees. Oh ya I'm a baby duh I can't walk. I crawl to daddy who's on the couch and get on the couch laying my head on his lap and he puts a bottle in my mouth and I drink this strange tasting milk. But it did fill me up. How could milk fill me up? Whoa...de sha vu my head started to hurt. I see Dill and my eyes get big. Why is he feeling me though a bottle?! I push it away and lean up making a crinkle noise. "Dill! What the fuck!?" Dill looks down. "oh no... You weren't supposed to come out of it yet." My eyes get big as I look down and see I'm in a diaper. My face goes bright red. "What the fuck?! Oh my God! Wait?! What milk is that? It tastes.... Familiar... Kinda...?" He laughs awkwardly. "Y-yours..." I cough and hack. "You made me drink my own best milk!? Gross!" Suddenly the milk had its normal effect to go right through you. "I got to pee!" I get up quickly and Dill smiles. "Did daddy's little girl have an accident?" I glare at Dill. "I don't know what you did to me but fuck off!" That's when Inoticed I was wetting myself I look down and Dill laughs "it still works! Yes!" I glare at him . "You're in so much trouble, Dill..." Dill looks up. "you best be nice or I'll make you go outside" I glare at him. "You can't do shit!" He smiles. "Hey, Dakota! Want to go dance outside?" My body feels like it's under his control and I walk outside. I blush insanely and I make sure my wet diapers visible. I then begin dance and show it off. I want to die! This is so embarrassing! I started crying. "Dill, please! I'm sorry! I don't know what I did but please stop." He sighs and takes my hand back inside and I sit down and grab him and hug him. "I just wanted to show you the embarrassment I go through... You make it sound like I'm not embarrassed but I am...today was fun. But when you do that stuff in public, I want to cry like that... This is supposed to be private. You understand?" I nod I didn't understand I was doing that to him. He kisses me and we have a little fun while I'm in the wet diaper. He made it so sexy. Maybe I could like diapers... For sex anyways. Damn him having such strange kinks... Oh well I still love him. And he loves me and one day we will marry and have kids of our own but that's the future and I can't predict the future. It was fun telling you my story but I think this is the end of my story there is not much else to tell. But know I had fun. And so did Dill. I shut the book and rub my pregnant belly and lean against a shiny eevee also known as Dill. Where both are all grown up and ready for our child. I wonder what it will be. But this is the end of our story. It was weird and fun. But I would not change it for anything in the world. The end
  18. Phil glanced nervously at his watch. His appointment was at 7:30, it was now 7:25. Really, he could go in at any point. There was no problem with arriving early, and he had booked the whole night anyway. Also, he was already standing outside the building.That building was a tall steel and glass structure right downtown where he lived. There were shops in the lower floors, as well as offices and apartments. Phil, a tall, well-built man in his twenties with dark brown hair, had taken the bus down to spend the night. It was a loose appointment, as long as he arrived at some point before midnight he was fine. That wasn’t the reason he was nervous.The reason he was nervous was the he had never done anything like this before. He had found an add online, which said it was a sure fire way to reduce stress, but gave very little information. Apparently, it was part of a growing ‘cuddle for hire’ business, where people had special trained workers to cuddle with while you slept. Phil, a business intern hoping to someday become a manager, had plenty of stress in his life. He knew others in the same situation had been doing the same thing. This one, however, seemed a bit strange. Their business’s website has described itself as a ‘Cuddle Club… With a Difference!’ but didn’t specify what that difference was. When he asked over the phone, the woman on the other end only giggled and said “oh… you’ll see!” Also, it didn’t have any pictures of the people who were there to cuddle, and the business’s page was strangely childish, with pictures of stuffed animals and descriptions written in very simple English. However, the reviews on it were excellent. Eventually he had decided to book a night.He swallowed nervously. Finally, he picked up his duffle bag and headed into the building. He could always leave if he didn’t like it, he told himself. He walked across multi coloured tiles and past small stores towards a pair of steel elevator doors. He pushed the button, and waited. He looked again at a piece of paper in his pocket, which read “room 11-57, 530 pm.” He hit the button for floor 11, and waited. He got off, and wandered through carpeted hallways until he found the right room. He paused and breathed deeply. Why was this so hard? He supposed it was because, in a way, he was admitting he needed help. Long work hours, little rest, and countless pages of work to get through had gotten to him. He tried to forget that he still was only competing for a position, and wasn’t even guaranteed a job after all this. Trying to get a good job in this economy would wear down anyone. He always had had problems dealing with stress, and at this point he just needed a break. He knew other people who had gone to similar places, but somehow he felt that if someone saw him he wouldn’t be able to face them again. Was he admitting defeat by getting help in such a strange way? He shook the idea out of his head, and knocked on the door.“Come in,” a female voice said.He opened the door, and found he was facing a desk in a large reception area. The walls were a deep red, decorated with a few pictures and two hall ways ran off to the sides. There were a few chairs along the walls, a coat rack and a small table covered with toys and colouring books. He looked at those questioningly. Who would bring their children here?“Ahem,” the same voice said again, more sternly. He turned to face the woman at the desk, who was in her late 40s and small glasses and dark hair pulled back into a tight bun. She looked up from the paperwork on her desk and stared at him impatiently.“Oh! Hi… uhhh sorry, I am here for a 5:30 appointment. If I am at the right place.”“What is ‘the right place?” she said, looking at him over the tops of her glasses.“I… well, I think it’s here, I should have an appointment.” Phil didn’t want to admit where he was going if he was at the wrong place.“You want the Carlesontown Cuddle Club?” she asked.Phil blushed. “Yes.”“You are Phil then?”“Yes I am. Are you the receptionist?” Phil asked, hoping the stern looking woman wasn’t who he was going to cuddle with.“I am the MANAGER, actually,” she said.“Oh. Sorry.”The woman looked at her watch. “It is no 5:37. You are late.”“I know, I’m sorry,” he said.The woman sighed. “I suppose that is fine. Alright. You are in room 3A, with Marie. Its right down the hallway to the left. You can leave your coat on that rack.” She pointed to the wall.“Alright, thanks.” Phil took off his long overcoat, revealing a dark grey suit underneath, and hung it on the wall.“That’s not what you are planning on wearing, is it?” she asked.“No, I brought my pyjamas in my bag.” He held it up to show here. “Is there a place I can get changed?”She paused a moment, then sighed again, more exasperated this time. “Yes, fine, just get changed in that room. Marie will show you where.” She turned back to the paperwork on her desk, indicating the discussion was over.Phil headed down the hall. “3A… 3A…” he repeated to himself. He eventually found the room, and knocked.The door opened slightly and a head popped out. He was relieved to see it was girl closer to his own age, perhaps mid-twenties, with a short bob of blond hair.“Hello?” Phil said.“Hi!” a voice answered excitedly. “Are you Phil?”“Yes,” he replied.“Yayyy! Come in come in come in!” she grabbed his hand and pulled him in. “Ummm… that’s not what you are going to wear, is it?” She pointed at his outfit.“No I… what?” Phil had held out his bag to show her, but stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth hung agape. This was NOT what he had been expecting.In sharp contrast to the bare hallway outside, the next room was an inviting purple bed room. Except that he couldn’t see an actual bed. Instead, there was a massive oversized crib at the far end of the room, with the mat sitting on the floor and wooden bars on its sides. It was stuffed full of plush toys, more of which were scattered on the ground, and had a mobile hanging above it. Along with it was a high chair and a long padded table with shelves underneath he soon realized were full of diapers. There was a second door which lead into a bathroom, a window, and a wardrobe.That realization brought his attention back to the girl in front of him. She was dressed in a long footed sleeper made to look like a cat, complete with a tail and a now hanging hood with ears on it. As if that wasn’t enough, at her waist there was a flap attached with snaps, underneath which he could see the thick bulge of what he assumed was a diaper. She turned to face him when he stopped, and he could see a pacifier attached with a strap to her front. He looked at the hand he was holding to find it as encased in a fingerless mitten.“If you wanna get dressed, just go in there,” she said, pointing to the bathroom. “Or do it here, I don’t mind,” she giggled.“Wh.. what is going on?!” Phil asked in shock.“Oh! Well you can’t sleep in a suit silly! You need to get comfy! Didn’t you bring pjs?”“Yes, but I mean, why are you dressed like that!?”“These are my favourite jammies. If you don’t like ‘em you can pick out another pair from there.” She pointed to the large wooden wardrobe.“That’s not what I meant! Why are you dressed like a baby?!” he almost shouted.“Hehe uhhh because I am...? You really are silly…?” she giggled and stuck out her toung.“What?”The girl giggled and grabbed Phil’s other hand comfortingly. “Ok, you seem confused. Silly boy, you should have asked first.” She waggled a finger in front of him teasingly. “This is the Carelsontown Cuddle Club, the club “with a difference””. She said, quoting the webpage. “The difference is, you get to cuddle, and take care of, with a cute widdle baby like me. Doesn’t that sound fun?”“A little baby?” Phil asked.Well, not really little… I guess I’m bigger than most babies, but that’s not the point.”“You’re not a baby! You’re at least in your 20s!”She glared at him. “I’m 24. So? I can still be a baby. Everyone here is the same, we dress like this, people come in, take care of us, and cuddle. That’s the point.”“I don’t know,” Phil said, turning away. “I wasn’t expecting this.”“Uggg you gotta make it SOOOO hard,” she said, and Phil turned back to her. “I know it seems weird, but it works. We got a ton of happy people. You wanna calm down? Lose all your stress and anxiety? Just try it. We’ll have fun, I promise.”Phil stared at her. He did want to stop feeling stressed. Looking at her, he could already feel himself calming down, his anxiety slipping away he imagined her in his arms. A night spent with a cute girl, dressed so adorably… Phil was surprised to be thinking of it as adorable. But something about it was, and he felt himself drawn into the idea. He never would have imagined it before, but nothing right now seemed more perfectly calming then taking care of this strange grown woman dressed as a baby.“Alright,” he said.“Yayy!” she jumped up and down and giggled. “Alright, you go get dressed. I’ll be playing.” She let go of him, and Phil walked into the bathroom and closed the door.He paused a moment, thinking. This entire situation was so strange. Since when was this something he’d ever want? He thought about it again. The image of him taking care of her came back, along with the irresistible feeling of calm. He needed it, he realized.He got undressed and put on his pyjamas; a long grey shirt and pants. He then went back into the bedroom to see Marie sitting on the ground, sucking her pacifier and playing with a pile of stuffed animals. He walked over to her, and she looked up at him.He hesitated, then asked “Hello there Marie, what are you playing?” She drooped the pacifier and smiled at him. “I’m playing with my pets! See, here is my kitty. She’s my favourite. You can the puppy!” She gave him a brown stuffed dog.For a few minutes he played around with her. The stuffed animals were surprisingly fun. He was amused, but still not really certain of what was going on. “Ummm… Marie?”“Yeeeeess?” she said.“What exactly are we going to do? I mean, it’s still a few hours until we need to sleep. Are we just going play with stuffed animals? They did tell me to come early.”“Well, its supper soon for one.”“That’s alright, I already ate.”“Not for you silly, for me,” she pointed at the high chair.“Ok… so what should I do?”She giggled. “Well I’m a baby! It’s your job to take care of me. What do you think you gotsta do with hungry babies?”Phil was a bit perplexed, but laughed. The idea of feeding this overgrown baby was heartwarming in a way. Once again, he was surprised to find himself thinking that.“Haha, ok. I’ll feed the baby.” Reaching toward her, he scooped her up in his arms. She giggled and leaned into him, and he carried her to the high chair and sat her down.“Now, what does the baby eat?”“There’s food under the changing table. I usually have three jars and a bottle,” she pointed at the drawers under the table.Phil walked over and opened the drawers to find lines of baby food. He took three out along with a warm bottle of milk and a spoon, and took them back.“You don’t keep these in a fridge?” he asked.“No, babies don’t like them too cold. The milk is in a fridge until you get here though.”He opened one of the jars, spooned some out and began feeding here. “Open up for the choo choo train!”She giggled, and opened her mouth. She ate it happily, spilling some as she did, and he kept feeding her.“You really like this stuff?” he asked.“Uh huh! Its nummy!” she replied.Soon he had finished all three jars. He then picked her up out of the high chair, sat on the ground, and put her in his lap. He began feeding her from the bottle.She snuggled into him as she suckled. She closed her eyes and smiled. Staring down at her, he realized he felt more peaceful then he had in years. Everything about the situation, from the cozy, inviting environment to the sweet girl in his lap, made him feel at home. Even knowing he could take care of the girl helped calm him.Soon she was finished the bottle. She turned into him and rested in his lap. He took the pacifier and put it in her mouth, and she sucked contently.He looked at the clock. It was only 7:30, but she seemed to be falling asleep.“I guess its bedtime for the little baby, eh?”She opened her eyes and spoke around her pacifier, causing her to lisp. “Nuuuu. I don wanna sweep.”“You’re falling asleep right now in my lap honey.”“No. Not tiered,” she said stubbornly. As if to prove it, she tried to sit up in his lap, but fell back down.“Uh huh. Suuuuree you aren’t. Come on, I’ll even cuddle with you.”“Buh I wanna pwaaayyy!” she whined.“Don’t be silly. Just suckle your paci and go to sleep. I’ll get your teddies for you in a minute.“Hmph. Meanie.” She said, still cuddling against him and closing her eyes. He laughed.He picked her up and carried her toward the crib. As he lay her down, he noticed something.“Marie, what is that smell?” She sniffed the air without opening her eyes. "Diapie," she said, and wiggled down into his arms.
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