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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all! My babygirl and I are looking for friends in the community. Ideally, we would like to meet some people or couples to hang out with. Anything from going out to eat to just letting the littles play and color together. Not looking for anything lewd, just wholesome play time and friendship. If there is anyone interested in the Upstate SC area, message me.
  2. The rays of the morning sun poured in through the window and into the eyes of the two girls. One, a thin brown haired girl named Zoey, had once been called a boy. However, few could make that mistake now with her effeminate features and hourglass shape. The other, Meg, was biologically a girl but almost wouldn’t seem that way next to Zoey. Her strait black hair complimented her darker complexion and emphasized her height. Anyone looking at the two could tell she wore the pants in the relationship.Zoey winced slightly at the sun and turned her head. Why hadn’t they closed the blinds? And why did her head hurt so much?Slowly the memories came back. A night of drinking… an embarrassingly handsy night at the club… where perhaps they were a little too vocal about their interests in a too public place… then… ? Presumably they made it home and collapsed into their bed. For all she knew, they were abducted by aliens and transported.She opened her eyes slightly and looked around. That god damn sun insisted it was morning, but she disagreed. She predicted it wouldn’t be morning for AT LEAST another few hours. As far as she was concerned it was night until she couldn’t feel power drills digging into her head. Before that happened, it was bedtime. Then maybe a shower, some water, and something to ease her stomach….It seemed another part of her was insisting it was time to get up. Her bladder, saturated with the fruity drinks of the night before, demanded her attention. However, her body hadn’t thought this strategy through. She reached down and felt they already wet diaper between her legs. “HA!” she thought “I WIN THIS ROUND!” She filled it even more, happy in her triumph over the world’s plan to get her out of bed. Feeling particularly childish now, she idly wished her bed was actually a crib, and rolled over.“OW!” she shouted, having just landed on the floor. Alright, now she REALLY wished her bed was actually a crib. She hadn’t realized how close to the edge she was. The fall hadn’t really hurt, but it certainly startled her awake. She rubbed a spot on her head which had hit the bedside table.“Good morning diaper girl!” Meg said, looking at her and sticking her tongue out. “Looks like someone needs a change!”“Yeah, well…” Zoey looked down at her padding, still rubbing her head. It really was soaked. In reality, it would have leaked if she had stayed in bed much longer. “Well so are you!” she said, pointing at Meg.“Hmmm yes, no one is denying that,” Meg said, examining her own padding. “Come on, let’s go get changed and shower. I have plans for the day!” She got out of the bed and dragged her girlfriend by the hand toward the bathroom.“Plans!? What plans!?” Zoey called as she was dragged. It seemed HER plans of a morning in bed and a day relaxing while nursing her aching head were forgotten. “Slow down! My head is killing me!”“Aww, does da poow widdle baby ha a hangover? Da poo widdle baby is a wightweight!” Meg said teasingly as she held Zoey’s head close to hers. “Don’t worry baby, Mommy knows how to help with baby’s hangovers.”With that, she shoved Zoey backwards into the shower and turned the water on cold. Zoey shrieked and tried to block the water, but Meg grabbed the shower head and kept spraying her. Zoey looked at her and whimpered.“There, feel better?” Meg asked.Zoey nodded slowly.“Good. Well then, you know what to do. Off comes the padding!” she reached towards a surprised Zoey and untapped her diaper, letting it fall down.“HEY! A little warning first Meg!” Zoey shouted.“Huh it does seem that the little girl has more energy now. A bit feisty even. Maybe she’ll need a spanking to calm her down… No?” she said as Zoey’s eyes went open and she shook her head. “Then you’ll be a good baby as mommy cleans you?”Zoey nodded, and let Meg clean her. It wasn’t too bad, and she did need it after a night in a well-used diaper. Anyway, she knew it would be her turn next.As predicted, Meg entered the shower next. Zoey happily removed her padding and cleaned her head to toe.Once they were both clean, they left the shower and dried each other off. Afterwards, Meg got out a thick white diaper and baby powder. She sat down and let Zoey happily powder and diaper her.She returned to the closet where their diapers were stored.“Awww,” she said teasingly “It looks like this is the only diaper left for poor little Zoey.” She held up an extra thick diaper decorated with pink teddy bears. It was the kind made specifically for infantalists, and one they normally kept for special occasions when they knew no one would be around.Zoey blushed. “What!? I don’t want to wear that! I’m certainly not wearing it in public… please?”“Well it’s all that’s left, and I’m CERTAINLY NOT letting you go undiapered in public. Could you imagine the mess?” Meg said, imitating Zoey’s voice.“That’s not… That’s not…” Zoey was at a loss for words.“Uh huh. Tell me you don’t love it.”“I… I…” Zoey couldn’t bring herself to say she didn’t love it. The truth was, it was her favourite brand.“Alright baby girl. Let’s get your pampers on. You belong in baby diapers anyway.”Zoey sat down and let herself get diapered, blushing the entire time. Once they were done, Meg got dressed in a long shirt and baggy pants that easily hid her padding. Zoey, however, wasn’t quite as lucky.“You want me to dress like this!? In PUBLIC!?” Zoey said, blushing at the outfit Meg had pulled over her head. It consisted of a short spaghetti strap shirt and even shorter skirt. The shirt left her midriff exposed, and she had to pull her skirt up extra high to hide her diaper. However, that left the bottom of her pattern dangerously close to becoming visible every time she moved. Worse still, it was tight enough to make the bulge of her padding obvious. Anyone who saw her would either assume she had an unnaturally large and round bottom, or guess the nature of her embarrassing underwear.“Yes, why not? You look cute! And oh so pretty,” Meg said, winking. She dragged the fidgeting little girl behind her. They both had breakfast in the kitchen, taking turns feeding each other and laughing. Finally Meg told Zoey her plans for the day.“That’s it!? That’s all you wanted!?” Zoey asked, surprised.“Yes, why? What did you expect?” Meg responded, smiling mischievously.“Well… I guess I expected something more… embarrassing.” Zoey blushed remembering some of the previous ‘plans’ Meg had made. Most involved extremely public places where her diapers were constantly inches away from being the center of attention. Trampoline land, the water park, slide world, the zip line and rope swing park… Countless opportunities for one well timed glance to expose their padding. The short skirts she wore to all except the water park made it even more dangerous, especially when Meg insisted she was the first to climb every ladder, get bounced on every trampoline, or go down every slide. The completely exposed swim diaper she had worn to the water park was another level all together, no matter how much Meg insisted it looked like a regular swim suit.And that wasn’t even the half of it. There was a particularly embarrassing dance class where she ended up shaking her diapered rear in pink tights to the amusement of all around her. The same got repeated in a tutu at a ballet class, and at rhumba, and at tango in a short dress, and at punk dancing in short shorts, and at cardio kick boxing in booty shorts. There were also many occasions where she had realized the drink Meg had given her ‘helped’ her use her diapers in unfortunate places. Like a three hour train ride where Meg had ‘accidently’ forgot to bring spare padding. It was thrilling, she admitted, and usually resulted in VERY fun nights. However, it was also painfully embarrassing. They way Meg had been acting, insisting she wear the printed diapers and short skirt while Meg had the baggy pants, Zoey was convinced that would be it again.This, however, was nothing like that. It was suspiciously innocent. They were going for a walk in the park. Nothing too public, nothing too embarrassing. DEFINITLY suspicious.But, that was the plan, and they left right after breakfast. The couple held hands as they walked through their neighborhood. Meg walked confidently, smiling and waving at as many people as she could. Zoey was somewhat less confident, following sheepishly a half step behind Meg, waving quickly while trying to keep her huggies well hidden. They stopped for ice cream on the way, and ate it happily as they walked, taking turns feeding each other spoonfuls.They arrived at the park, and began walking along the trails. Zoey loved it here. The countless green trees, the fresh air, the little critters running around… and best of all, only a few people who may see her childish undergarments. She often wondered how Meg was always so confident, even cocky while wearing the same embarrassing garments. Of course, Meg wasn’t also wearing a ridiculously short skirt and top.“Here, this is where I wanted to go,” Meg said, and pulled Zoey onto a side path. The trail turned from a well trodden and broad gravel lane to a narrow dirt footpath. Leaves and branches brushed against Zoey as she was dragged between the ever close trees.“Wh.. OW! What are we doing here?” a desperate Zoey asked as a branch hit her face.“Ill show you” Meg said. She took her a bit further into the woods then stopped. She turned around and put her face inches from Zoey’s.“Now, my little diaper girl, we are alone.” Meg said. Zoey looked around. It certainly was true, to a degree. There was no one on the same path, but the wider trail was within eye sight.“So… we can have a bit more fun,” Meg continued. She put a hand on Zoey’s diapered bottom and began rubbing it. At the same time, she took Zoey’s hand and placed it on her behind, encouraging the smaller girl to rub her padding. Both girls smiled as they patted each other.“And…” Meg said, bringing her face even closer to Zoey’s face. “We can do naughty things, things that we both know we want, but we don’t want others to see.” Zoey could feel Meg’s breath on her flushed face and in her gaping mouth. “Things that we always wanted to do whenever we felt like, even in public, but couldn’t…” Her lips were almost brushing Zoey’s. “Things like… this.”With that, she pulled off Zoey’s skirt and backed away. Zoey was so shocked it took her a second to realize what had happened. While Meg was teasing her and distracting her, she had undone the buttons on her skirt. Now she held It in her hands, and Meg’s teddy bear pampers were clearly exposed.“Come on, let’s go” Meg said, grabbing Zoey’s hand again and pulling her along the path. The path ran parallel to the main trail, keeping them far enough to be somewhat hidden but close enough for peering eyes.“Wha… what did you do!? Give me that back!!!” Zoey said, reaching for her skirt.Meg held the skirt aloft as high as she could. Since she was taller than Zoey, this made it essentially inaccessible despite Zoey’s hopping. “Haha keep your voice up diaper butt, that will keep people away.” Meg said teasingly.Zoey blushed and lowered herself, looking along the path to see if anyone noticed. Finally she looked back at Meg. “Alright,” she said “what do I have to do to get my skirt back?”“Well, as far as I can tell, you are just a little diaper girl. Its perfectly natural for a baby like you to be walking along in cute widdle teddy bear diapies. There is no reason to cover them at all. However, if there was something IN your diaper that might make it embarrassing, or give my a reason to cover them, I might reconsider.”“So… you want me to mess my diapers? Here?” Zoey said in a quite voice.“Let me put it this way, baby girl. You aren’t getting your skirt back if your diapers are clean.”“But… but that’s not fair!!!” Zoey complained.“Whining little girl? Is that supposed to convince me you don’t belong in diapers? Or is it you want me to spank you, because somehow that will make sure no one notices us? Look, this path turns around and runs right back into our neighbourhood. You have until then to make the decision.” With that, she began walking along the path again, pulling Zoey with her.Zoey walked as best she could, constantly glancing around to make sure no one was watching. She had to admit, she had never been so excited. Actually walking along, practically in public, with her diapers exposed? And the printed teddy bear diapers at that!? It was like a dream come true and a nightmare at the same time. She loved it, and hated it, and loved that she hated it, and hated that she loved it.Playfully, she reached over and spanked Meg’s own diapered butt.“OOO naughty girl” Meg laughed, and returned the spank. Zoey responded by grabbing Meg’s diaper and rubbing it against her.Soon they were both laughing, playfully patting and grabbing each other as they walked along. The stopped for a moment, almost wrestling as they grappled for a good grasp on the other’s bottom. They shared a kiss and hugged each other tightly. Finally they began walking again, each resting a hand on the other’s padding.“Hmmm…. Looks like we are almost home. Seems like SOMEONE was a decision to make,” Meg said teasingly.Zoey gasped. She hadn’t realized how long they had been walking for! The end of the path was in sight, and beyond that she’d be back in suburbia. At this rate, she would be walking by those houses with her diaper completely visible to all her neighbors.She looked down at her stomach. She really did need to go, and had since breakfast. She wondered if Meg had put something in her drink, though the eggs and coffee they ate would probably have been enough.She closed her eyes and pushed. It came easily enough, she had done this many times before and was used to the feeling of filling her pampers. A line of mush came out of her, caking her bottom and inflating the padding behind her. She shifted uncomfortably as she walked, feeling the slime slide around in the diaper. Meg was smiling knowingly, having felt the girl mess with her hand still resting on her bottom.“Well then stinky pants, I’m sure glad we put you in those diapers, aren’t you! Especially glad we used the extra thick ones.” Meg pressed Zoey’s diaper, mushing the mess against her and rubbing it in.She whimpered, humiliated, and leaned close to Meg.“Meg?” she said. My… my skirt?”“Yes? What about your skirt?”“You said I’d get it back if I messed.”“Did I? I don’t remember saying that. I remember saying you WOULDN’T get it back if you DIDN’t mess, but that doesn’t mean you just stop being a baby if you fill your diapers. That doesn’t make sense at all, does it?”Zoey was practically in tears. “Bu… but Meg!!! You can’t do that!!!’“Shhhh… “ Meg said, lightly kissing Zoey’s lips then resting her finger on them. “Don’t worry about it. Here.”She stopped walking. She turned to face the whimpering girl, took both of her hands, and placed them on her own bottom. She kissed Zoey again, then let out a grunt. Zoey felt Meg fill her own diapers, just like she had a moment again. Zoey watched as Meg took off her own pants and handed them to Zoey.“There, now we are even. Well, almost,” Zoey said, noticing the lack of teddy bear prints on her own diaper and the long shirt which almost covered it. “Anyway, that’s all just details. Let’s get home.”Meg dragged a bewildered and reluctant Zoey right out of the forest and into the neighborhood. She walked down the same familiar streets, with houses on either side. They walked through streets where everyone they knew lived, both with no pants and messy diapers wiggling behind them. Zoey covered her face and squeezed her eyes the entire time, waiting for a laugh, or a comment, or even a whistle.Surprisingly, none came. Meg took Zoey inside their own house, and collapsed laughing against the wall. Zoey looked at her, completely pale and eyes in tears.“Wha… What happened? How come no one said anything?!” Zoey asked.Zoey stood up, held her in both arms and kissed her. “Silly baby. There was a town meeting today. Everyone was gone when we came back. Didn’t you read the newspaper?” She backed away again, overcome with laughter at Zoey’s expression.“You… YOU MEANIE!!! That wasn’t nice at all! I almost cried!” Zoey said, hammering her hand into Meg’s back. At the same time, she was smiling wildly, both from relief and the thrill of the entire situation.“Alright, calm down their stinky girl” Meg said teasingly, grabbing both Zoey’s hands and pulling her close. “How about this. We both go upstairs, you give me a little dance as an apology for trying to hit me, then we both get changed and have a little more fun. Sound good Little Miss Potty Pants?”Zoey smiled and nodded.Both the girls ran up the stairs into their bedroom. Once there, Meg sat down in a chair with a squish, folded her legs and faced Zoey. Zoey took her shirt off. She began dancing slowly, wiggling her bum towards Meg. She got faster and faster, sticking the brown padding out further and further behind her. She backed up towards Meg, rubbing her diaper against her as Meg smiled contently and patted her bottom. Finally, she settled in Meg’s lap and kissed her.“How was that?” she asked.“Hmmm I think I fell in love with you all over again. Next time keep your messy bottom further from my face, ok stinky pants?” Meg responded teasingly.Zoey laughed and rubbed her bottom against Meg’s lap, then brought her diaper up again and briefly shook it in Meg’s face. Meg laughed and turned away, landing a swat on Zoey’s bottom. Zoey let out a yelp and settled again into her lap, still wiggling her diapered butt. They kissed deeply.“So, did I earn a change?” Zoey asked.“Hmmm… yes, I think you did. And I think I know someone who wants to change you, and may need oneof her own.” Meg replied.Zoey giggled and took her hand. They both ran off toward the bathroom to be changed.
  3. There was that look again, the wide-eyed cross between fear and excitement. I pushed for an answer, “Well?” Hannah chewed on her lower lip, considering my suggestion. I knew full well that she’d made up her mind, in fact knowing her it was something she was considering even before I mentioned it, but she liked to make me think I was in control. She leaned in toward me, making sure no one in the carriage could overhear, “what happens if I need to...” she looked at her lap as she trailed off. “Well that’s the point” “Not so loud”, her cheeks flushed as she spoke. “Sorry”. I wasn’t sorry, which was clear from the grin plastered across my face. “Bastard”. Her verbal dig came coupled with a sharp prod in my ribs. That just made me smile more. I took her hands in mine, and gently spun her round so that I was hugging her from behind. She gave me a contented sigh as we cuddled together, for a moment, it was just me and her, the other passengers on the train fading away. “I’ll get you back for that”, I whispered to her. Hannah looked up at me, a spark in her eyes, “Of course you will”. I began tickling her belly. She squirmed, and stifled a squeal. I kept going. “Stop it”. “I’m getting you back”. “Not here” “I love you” “I know, but not here. I really need to pee”. We both knew where this was going. This was a deliberate tease. We only had one more stop until we got off the train, then it was just a short walk to the hotel. I leaned in very close to Hannah’s ear, “Are you sure you want to do this?” She nodded her head, and murmured, “uh huh”. I tightened my arms around her, and began tickling harder. She shivered and shuddered, and bit her lip. Then she stopped, her breathing became heavy. I hugged her even tighter as the dark patch grew on her hot pants, and trickles of urine ran down her leg. I leaned in close to her again, “Are you OK?” Once more she gave a gentle nod of her head, “uh huh”, this time a lot less sure of herself. I kept her held close, but gently turned her round again so I could see her face. We’d done stuff like this before, but with something so public, there was always a risk she’d be overwhelmed. I looked into her eyes as I stroked her hair. “It’s OK. We’ll be in the hotel in a minute”. Hannah was still in a trance when the train pulled into the station. I grabbed our bags, took her by the hand, and led her onto the platform. As soon as she stepped into the cool outside air, Hannah snapped back to her normal self, “Hot pants were a really stupid idea” “Cold?” “Freezing”. “Want my coat?” She shook her head. “Come on”, I led the way as she dripped along behind me. Hannah stopped me just as we were about to walk into the hotel. I wondered why for a moment, but realised the issue when she pointed toward her piss-soaked shorts. “Want me to grab you once I’ve checked in?” She shook her head again, “give me your coat” I did as she asked, and she wrapped it around her waist. It hid nothing. In fact, if anything the fact that she had a coat wrapped around her waist in the middle of October only drew attention to the wet patch in the crotch of her pants and the rivulets of urine running down her legs. For a moment I considered warning her of this, but decided against it. If it worked for her, who was I to argue? We checked in, then headed to the room. The door hadn’t even closed before we fell on top of one another, stroking, nuzzling, kissing. I stripped off her top, then pulled off my own, and then I fell onto the bed, pulling her down on top of me. “Shit!” “What?” Hannah asked. “I forgot you were still wet, you’re getting my jeans damp.” “Fucker”, she kissed me, “I’ll just have to take them off of you then.” She climbed backward, and stripped my trousers off of me. She moved back up, nuzzling my crotch as she did. I stopped her when she got to my chest, sat up, and helped her out of her damp hot pants and panties. As I did, she gave me a confused look. “I wouldn’t be very good at this if I let you get a rash, would I?” I ran my fingers over her labia, and kissed her, gently rubbing her clitoris. I nibbled on her ear, kissed her neck, her breasts, her mouth. She cried out, arched her back, she was close to orgasm. I stopped. “Not yet.” That look of fear and excitement again, although this time I’m not sure whether she had any idea what I was thinking. “Don’t move” Hannah nodded. I climbed off the bed, and walked toward my bag. When I came back, I was holding several bundles of rope. Hannah noticed it, “You packed the rope?” “I packed everything,” I said with a smile. Hannah relaxed as I began to wrap the cord around her shoulders, locking her arms tight into her body. I tied it off onto itself then set to work on her hands, crossing them over her chest and wrapping another length of rope around them. Now helpless I eased her backwards so she was lying down, and turned my attention to her legs. I secured a length of rope to her right ankle and tied it off against the bed post, then did the same to the left, leaving her spread eagled, staring expectantly. Then I got the magic wand out of the bag. I turned it on, then slowed my approach, letting it hang loosely in my hand. I could hear her whimpering as I got nearer, and felt her shudder as it made contact with her body just at the top of her thigh. There was no way I was going to let her orgasm, but it was fun to tease. I passed it back and forth over her vagina until she started making little yelps of pleasure. Satisfied I’d found the right spot, I held it there as the yelps became louder and more constant. Then I took it away. “Please…” Hannah begged, a forlorn tone to her voice. “Later.” I replied, the smile that already plastered my lips becoming just a little more broad. I turned the vibrator off and returned it to the bag. “Are you going to untie me?” Hannah called out trying to raise herself up to find me. “Not yet.” “But what about grabbing some food?” “We’ll go out in a minute. I want to run something by you first.” “And I need to be tied up for it?” “No, but I’m enjoying you being like this.” Hannah scowled. At least, I assume she did. I was back at the bag, looking for the next item I needed for the night. As I was going through it, I glanced behind, and could see Hannah straining to see what I was getting. I laid everything out on the bed next to her, then went through them, one by one. “The wipes are non-negotiable. I want to make sure you’re clean, and we aren’t going to have time for a shower if we want to get food before everything shuts.” Hannah nodded. “Consider the diaper a dry run. If no one notices it tonight, they’re not going to see it under what you’re wearing tomorrow.” I could tell from the look on her face that Hannah had hoped I’d suggest this. We both enjoyed diapers, but Hannah prefered to be ‘made’ to wear them. I reached into my pocket for the final part of the evening’s entertainment, a suppository. We’d used them before, but only at home. Hannah’s eyes went wide. She rocked her head slowly from side to side. “Is that a no?” “Er…” “Just say the word.” Hannah shook her head. “OK. Are you sure?” She nodded. “We’ll be in and out at the restaurant. You won’t need to hold it long, and we’ll be back here long before it takes effect.” “Thank you.” I put everything on the bed, and walked toward her bag. “What do you want to wear?” “Something baggy. I don’t want people seeing the nappy.” I grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a long t-shirt from Hannah’s case, and held them up for her approval. “Yeah, that’ll do. I think I need to pee again.” Hearing that I grabbed a pair of plastic pants from her bag, “best you wear these too then”. I brought the clothes over to the bed, and set to work. She whimpered a little as I wiped her clean, the close contact, and the restraints once again getting her horny. Unfortunately for Hannah, even if I’d been inclined to let her orgasm, we just didn’t have time. Satisfied that she was clean, I laid out the diaper underneath her, and broke the suppository out of its packet.. “Last chance to back out” She gave me a cheeky grin. I pushed it into her bottom, then leaned forward and kissed her again. I kept kissing her, moving down her neck, toward her breasts. Until she whispered to me, “Don’t fuck around. Put the nappy on me, I can already feel it working..” In spite of how hard I was laughing, I managed to get Hannah’s diaper on her and free her from the restraints. She pulled her clothes on, and we headed out the door. As we walked into the hallway, I asked her how she was feeling. “It’s cramping a little, but it’s not too bad”, she responded. By the time we got to the nearest restaurant, Hannah was struggling to hold things together. I offered to go in and get the food alone, but Hannah refused. She was, apparently, “going to see this through”. I only discovered what she meant by this when the waiter asked whether we wanted to order take away, or to get a table. In spite of how much she seemed to be struggling outside, Hannah somehow managed to compose herself perfectly, then, while keeping her eyes locked on mine the whole time, asked for a table. This was going to get interesting. We headed to a booth in an almost empty corner of the restaurant, well away from the handful of other customers in the place, and looked at the menu. While we waited for the waiter to come and take our order I asked Hannah why she wanted to eat in. “It’s almost empty in here,” she replied, “I wanted to see how far I could go.” I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in just how much public humiliation Hannah could take, but I was also worried. The games we’d played had always been about fighting the sense of urgency, never about losing control in front of people. This was going to be an entirely new experience, and I was concerned it might be one she didn’t enjoy. Once the waiter had finished taking our orders, I waited until he was a few feet away from the table, before asking Hannah, whether she needed a change. I don’t think he actually heard me, but it was fun to see the look on Hannah’s face. In spite of her struggle with her bowels, she managed to spit out the words “not yet” through gritted teeth, before following them with “but you’re not going to enjoy cleaning it up”. It was only a few moments later when her control failed. She held her hands out across the table for me to hold, and raised herself slightly off her seat, before letting rip with a few muffled farts. At first she seemed OK with it, then the realisation of what was happening hit her. Her eyes went wide, and she had a look of terror on her face. It seemed I’d been right to be concerned. “It’s OK. You’re doing well.” I used my thumbs to stroke the backs of Hannah’s hands as they trembled in mine. She seemed so fragile. Then the smell hit me. Hannah saw my nose twitch a little, then stammered, “is it bad?” I lied to her, reassuring her that no one would notice. I continued to stroke her hands, kept telling her it was all OK, then asked her if she wanted to go back to the hotel. She shook her head. “Do you want me to come round to your side of the table and cuddle you?” She nodded. I moved round, and hugged her. She was shaking. I held her tight, and stroked her arms. Kept reassuring her that everything was OK. By the time our food arrived, she was much calmer, although very much still in a trance. “Are you going to eat?” She began picking at her nachos and took a few sips of beer. I kept my arm round her the whole time. And while this helped Hannah feel safe, it made eating my burger much harder than it otherwise should have been. Not that the smell helped much either. We’d been picking at our food for about half an hour, when Hannah suddenly began to cry. It started with a few sniffles, but very quickly descended into quiet, uncontrollable sobbing. I decided we ought to leave. I called over the waiter and asked him for the bill. Ideally, I would have prefered to have gone over to the counter to keep him away from Hannah - it wasn’t going to take a genius to work out what had happened from the smell, the half-eaten food, and the crying girl - but I didn’t want to leave her alone. When he returned, he told Hannah that he hoped she felt better, and she instantly began shaking again. I got her outside, then held her close, making sure she could see my face, “It’s OK. You’re going to hold on tight to my hand, and we’re going to go back to the hotel.” Hannah nodded. We moved slowly, Hannah staggering along on, still very much weak at the knees . Fortunately, the streets were nearly deserted, and no one paid us any attention. At least, they didn’t until we got outside the hotel, when Hannah stopped dead in her tracks. I asked her if she was OK. She didn’t respond. It was then that I saw the tell tale sign of a leak, as for the second time in one day, her trousers began to darken. I rubbed her back while she finished. By the time she began moving again she was crying pretty hard. Once again, I held her close, and as I did, she spluttered out, “I think I went too far”. I couldn’t help but laugh at this, which completely distracted Hannah, and broke her out of her little trance. Almost immediately, she went from crying wreck to something resembling her usual self, as she cracked a slight smile, called me a “bastard”, and started jabbing me in the ribs. I tried to defend myself from her playful little pokes, but the situation was so ridiculous - as the red-faced, sniffling, stinking, love of my life proceeded to playfight with me in the street - that all I could do was laugh, and remind her of what happened when I tickled her on the train. She responded by telling me that I could tickle her all I liked - at this point what else was there to lose? We continued on into the hotel, and straight toward the lift. We were probably only waiting a minute at most for it to arrive, but it seemed like forever. It must have been even worse for Hannah. We’d been in the hotel for less than four hours, and already the receptionist had seen her with soaking wet hot pants, and got a full on view of her having an accident. Somehow Hannah not only managed to hold it together through the wait, but when the lift arrived, she was pretty upbeat. Then things got complicated. As we waited for the doors to close, a woman called us to “hold it”, as she ran across the lobby. For a moment I considered pressing the ‘door close’ button, as much for her sake as for Hannah’s, but I didn’t react quickly enough, and when the doors shut, the woman was stuck in there with us. I worried how this would affect Hannah, but I needn’t have. When the woman made a comment about the smell, Hannah glanced up at her, and replied “sorry, I had a bit of an accident”, and that ended the conversation. Understandably, the woman got off at the next floor, while we continued up to our room on the 12th. Buy the time we were at our door, Hannah was horny as all hell. This wasn’t uncommon for her. The problem was, I’d originally intended for us to only be out for a few minutes while we grabbed a take away. She’d fight the sense of urgency, feel humiliated, and be back home before the ‘fireworks’. Our antics at the restaurant had put paid to that plan, and now I was faced with a girlfriend in a filthy diaper, who meant to have her way with me pretty much immediately. After what she’d subjected herself to for our amusement tonight, I wasn’t going to let her down. I led Hannah into the room, then made sure the door was shut behind us. “OK shit-pants, let’s see the damage.” Hannah pouted at her new nickname, but dropped her sweatpants as instructed. It wasn’t exactly pleasant, but nowhere near as bad as I had feared. I pulled her into a hug, careful to keep soe distance between my jeans and her diaper, then gave her a long, deep kiss. As I pulled away, I instructed her not to move. I reached into my bag and pulled out several bed pads. I put one on the floor beside the bed, and asked Hannah to stand on it, while I took the blankets off the bed, and spread the other pads out on the mattress. “Right, we’re ready. Plastic pants off”. Hannah complied. As she did, the smell became more apparent. Hannah saw me gag slightly. “Sorry”, she mumbled. “I’m not sure this is all your fault” I replied, trying to reassure her. “I did warn you that you wouldn’t enjoy cleaning this up”. “Yeah, I suppose you did”. I pulled the waistband of her diaper back, the check much more about putting her in a certain headspace than anything else. “How bad is it?” “You definitely need a change” “Ew. Does that mean I’m going to have to wait until after you’ve cleaned me up?” “How the hell are you horny?” “Someone teased me before we went out, remember?” I grabbed some wipes and black sacks out of my bag, then instructed Hannah to lay down on the pads on the bed. As she did, she raised her legs in the air, ready to be changed. Which is probably why she seemed surprised when I stripped off, climbed on top of her, brandishing the magic wand. “What’s this?” she asked. “Thought you’d like it.” I pushed the wand into the front of the diaper, turning it up to full power. After everything she’d been through, Hannah had earned herself this orgasm. It was a matter of moments before she began making the yelping noises, and pressing herself against the vibrator. Normally Hannah has trouble orgasming without at least some penetration, but from the way her body was trembling, it was clear that this wasn’t going to be a problem tonight. I rubbed the backs of my nails against her skin, gave her a soft, llingering kiss, and she melted into a quivering wreck. She fell back onto the bed, and I wrapped my arms around her. “I love you”, I said, as I stroked her hair. “I love you too”, she echoed, as we began to doze off.
  4. “Are you sure?” Sarah asked. I nodded my head once again, gritting my teeth a little as I did. “When I need to go, I’ll go. You don’t need to remind me”. She didn’t look convinced. Which, I suppose, was fair. Much as I didn’t like to admit it, I’d had more than a few wet patches and skid marks recently. It wasn’t like there was anything medically wrong, I just sometimes held it a little too long. Well, a lot too long, really. At first Sarah hadn’t noticed the accidents. Or at least, she hadn’t mentioned them, but then there was the night when I was undressing for bed and as soon as I took my jeans off she noticed a smell. I was oblivious to it, so when she asked me to turn around I didn’t think much of it. Until she came up behind me and pulled my boxers down. We were a pretty kinky couple, and we often switched roles between top and bottom. And it wasn’t unusual for us to start a scene spontaneously, but even still, it was a bit of a surprise when she bent me over and gave me ten hard swats on my butt. “What was that for?” I asked, with a slightly more whiny tone than I’d intended. “If you’re going to stain your underwear like a child,” she chided me, “then you’ll be punished like one”. She took my hand tightly and dragged me to the bathroom, where she had me grab my ankles while she wiped my butt, scolding me all the while. After that night our relationship changed a little. Most of the time we were like an ordinary couple, but she was hyper alert to every sign I needed the bathroom, and would remind me to go like I was a toddler. Similarly she would make snap inspections of my underwear, and any marks or stains were met with spankings. It was about two weeks into this new regime when the first proper accident happened. We’d booked a weekend at a hotel on the coast, and it was a couple of hours drive away. She’d made me go to the bathroom before we left, even going so far as to stand over me while I sat on the toilet, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t go. After several minutes of sitting there I eventually squeezed out enough pee to turn the water yellow, and she let me get up, but she gave me a stern warning to tell her in plenty of time if I needed to go to the bathroom on the journey. We’d just passed a sign for the rest stop when the urge hit me. I felt my bladder twinge, and considered telling her that I needed to pull over to pee. The thing was, we were making good time. We’d be there in twenty minutes, and I assumed I could easily hold it until then. I’d like to pretend the reason I failed was because we got caught in a traffic jam, or the car broke down, but the truth is, I was just terrible at guessing how long I could go without peeing. I realised there was going to be a problem just as we sped past the turn off for the rest stop. Within a couple of minutes I was stretching my toes and fingers, trying to distract from the burning in my bladder. It wasn’t long after that that the squirming began in earnest. Of course my girlfriend noticed. “Why didn’t you tell me you need to go when you saw the sign for the rest stop?” “I didn’t need to go then.” I snapped back. “Really? You’re about to piss your pants in my car and you’re getting snippy with me?” “I’m sorry” I tried to placate her, but it was too late. “Apology accepted, but your attitude just earned you a punishment when we get to the hotel” “A spanking?” I ventured. “A punishment, not a funishment. It’s not going to be something you’ll enjoy”. I was too busy trying to hold my bladder to consider what the punishment would be. I pulled my phone out and checked Google Maps. Five minutes to the hotel. I watched as the little dot followed the path… four minutes… three minutes. Then, without warning, the car stopped. “What’s happening? Why’d you stop?” My sense of panic was obvious in my voice. “I told you you weren’t going to like your punishment. Nothing else I’m doing is teaching you a lesson, so now you’re going to have to suffer some real consequences”. My eyes went wide. “The hotel is about a mile away. It’ll take you about twenty minutes to get there. If you’re lucky you might find somewhere en route that’ll let you use their bathroom.” I didn’t move. “Get going, you’re wasting time here. I’ll meet you at the hotel.” Not quite believing what was going on, I eased myself out of the car, careful not to lose control as I did so. Sarah kept the car stationary as she watched me stagger stiff-legged for a few steps, before stopping dead in my tracks and absolutely soaking myself. She pulled forward a little, wound the window down. “I’ll see you at the hotel, honey. I love you”. With that she drove off, leaving me to walk through the town with piss-drenched pants on display for the world. The walk was more tolerable than I’d expected. I only passed a handful of people, but although each one gave me a very strange look it wasn’t as humiliating as I’d expected. That wasn’t the case when I reached the hotel. Sarah clearly thought the walk wasn’t bad enough, and had decided to up the ante. She was waiting for me as I got to the front door, cases beside her, and a shopping bag in her hand. When she saw me she exclaimed so loud people in the next town could likely have heard it, “Oh honey, you wet yourself again. I’m so sorry. Is it just wet or did you mess yourself too?” Without giving me time to answer, she reached into the bag and handed my a package of Tena adult pull ups, “Here you go. These should make it easier to hide your next little accident”. I turned a deep shade of crimson as I took the package from her. I should have been furious, but somewhere between the humiliation and the fact that it was genuinely quite funny, I went with it. After that weekend, she tended to keep me in pull ups most of the time. Every so often I’d be trusted with underwear, but as they were always dirty or damp by the pre-bed check, I’d be back to pull ups the following day. For a brief while that led to a kind of calm equilibrium between us - if I had an accident it was relatively easy to just put a clean pull up on, so although I still got spanked for having an them, she eased off on reminding me to use the bathroom. The problem was, that meant I put off going even longer, and so the accidents not only got more frequent, but worse. The wet spots turned to floodings, and the skid marks turned into full on messings, and more often than not both kinds of accident led to leaks. Things changed with the restaurant incident. We’d both had a busy week, and decided to treat ourselves to a meal out. Nothing grandiose, just a chinese at the local buffet. As usual, I was in a pull up, and as usual I was far more bothered about things going on around me than I was about using the bathroom. I was aware of a rumbling in my belly, but I was also in line for the desert station, and I didn’t want to lose out on a slice of cake just because I’d had to poop. Besides, I’d already soaked one pull up today, which meant a spanking this evening, so I didn’t think a few skid marks would really matter in the grand scheme of things. As I got a slice of cake for each of us, my tummy gave a deep rumble, and I let out a silent but very smelly fart. I was going to have to drop the cake at the table and head straight to the bathroom. I crept across the room, desperate to hold on, but I was less than half-way to the table when my sphincter gave out, and I crapped my pull up. It wasn’t a huge mess, but I was definitely aware of it, and it felt like clean up would be tricky. That left me with a decision to make: I could drop the cakes with Sarah and head to the bathroom to try to clean up, I could tell her what had happened and we could pay up and go, or I could carry on as if nothing had happened and hope she didn’t notice I’d pooped myself until after we’d left the restaurant. True to form, I went with option three. I sat back down at the table, set the cakes in front of us, and began to eat. At first Sarah did the same, but then she paused, taking a sniff of the air. “Ew, can you smell that?” she asked. I thought best to play along, I sniffed the air, “It smells like the drains are backed up, probably the glass washer or something”. She glanced over toward the bar. It was the other side of the room. She shook her head, then locked eyes with me, “It only started when you came back…” She trailed off a little as she realized what had happened, “Oh. My. God. You messed yourself here?!” “I’m sorry,” I squeaked as my eyes fell down to the table, although not before I’d caught the genuine fury in her eyes. “It’s one thing that you shit your pants”, she seethed, as people at the tables around us caught notice of what was going on, “but then you didn’t even try to deal with it? Really?!” I don’t know why exactly, but I began to shake. She caught my eye once again, and calmed down almost instantly, “I know you’re upset. I know it’s not your fault, but I also know that you knew full well what had happened, and when it does happen you need to tell me. Straight away. OK?” I nodded, “We may as well finish this, then you can wait in the car while I pay”. As soon as we got home, I got the spanking of my life, still in my messy pull up. After that we had a talk. She knew I hated being humiliated, and that it really was an accident, but she also made it clear that we couldn’t go on like this. It was the first time diapers were discussed, and the ultimatum was clear, the next time I left anything other than skid marks in my pull up, or I had a serious wetting accident, I’d be wearing diapers until she said otherwise. Since then she’s been super hot on reminding me to go to the bathroom, and for the last six weeks that’s meant that although I’ve had skidmarks and wet patches, she hasn’t had to go through with the threat of diapers. The thing is, I’ve been kind of a brat about it, and have begun snapping at her for nagging me. I know she’s helping, but it kind of makes me feel like a child. Which brings us up to now, and the moment I pushed her too far. “You don’t need to remind me” “But I do, don’t I? Or else you end up holding until you have an accident.” “I haven’t had one for six weeks” “Because I’ve been making sure you go to the bathroom” “Yeah, the second I need to go, like I can’t hold on for five minutes” For a moment she just stared at me, saying nothing. Finally, after a deep breath, she continued, “You think you’re good to hold it? Fine. Come with me.” She took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. “I’m going to set you a little challenge. You succeed, and I’ll stop nagging you. You can have whatever accidents you like, embarrass yourself however you want, and I won’t say a thing. Fail, and you’ll be back in diapers.” I nodded my head. “Pull your pants down and bend over the bathtub please” I did as she instructed. “When we’re done here I want you to drive to the store in town, when you get there you’re going to buy a cake for us to share, then you’re going to come back and give it to me. Do you understand?” I nodded my head, “I think I can do that”. “Good job.” I felt her finger rubbing around my butt hole. “What’s happening?” “I’m going to make your little shopping trip a bit more exciting” That was when she slipped the suppository inside me. I gave a little involuntary yelp. I’d done anal play before, but this was a surprise. “What was that?” “A suppository. You think you’re so good at holding, now you have something to try to hold.” I made a slight groaning noise, as her finger slid back out. “I’d hurry up if I were you, you’ve got about ten minutes before it takes full effect.” I didn’t need to be told twice. Within two minutes my pull up and pants were back round my waist and I was out the door. Within six minutes I was pulling up to the store. As I got out the car I could feel it churning away, making my belly and my sphincter tingle. I gritted my teeth and headed into the store. The tingling got more apparent with every step I took, and as I reached the cake aisle my belly began to rumble. I reached over to grab the cake off the shelf, and in doing so I stopped concentrating on holding my bowels. I felt something very runny slip past my sphincter, immediately braced myself, trying to hold off the inevitable. I squeezed my butt cheeks together hard, and waddled to the checkout. It only took me a few moments to pay, but every single second was agony. I fumbled as I tried to get my money out, then fumbled with my change when the cashier gave it back to me. By the time she’d given me my receipt, I was sweating, tripping over my feet, and had couldn’t stop passing gas. Never mind not making it back home without an accident, I wasn’t going to make it out of the store. As I stumbled away from the checkout I felt like my whole body was on fire. I was fighting to avoid an accident with every fibre of my being, but no matter how hard I fought I was losing, and losing badly. With each step I took I felt my control slipping. I had terrible wind, and the farts felt lumpy. I finally lost it completely just as I walked out of the store. In full view of everyone, inside and out, I doubled over and filled my pull up. I felt the sludge trying to escape the leg bands as I struggled to my car, finally pushing past them as I sat down. I managed to drive home, but the smell and the sense of humiliation were overwhelming. I don’t remember getting out of the car, or ringing the doorbell, but I remember the look on Sarah’s face as she opened the door and saw me. And smelled me. She ushered me inside, straight to the bathroom, and had me stand in the shower as she stripped off all my clothes. “Well, this is horrific” she muttered, glancing at my stained jeans and the overflowing pull-up. I didn’t respond. Instead I just stared straight ahead. “I think the suppository might have been a mistake. I’m sorry I put you through this” I managed a little nod of my head in acknowledgement. “We can stop doing this if you like,” she continued, “After I clean you up, you can just go back to underwear.” I shook my head, squeaked out a “no.” She seemed surprised. I continued, “Please... “ I began to stutter, “I… I… want the the diapers, please.” She got the shower head down and used it to wash the poop off of me. As the water, then her hands, caressed my thighs I couldn't hold back a smile. “Are you enjoying this?” I nodded, a little shy. My thumb slipped into my mouth. “You little pervert” she grinned. “Let’s get you dried off and in your diaper then” She led me to the bed and laid me on the fluffy, thick diaper. It was far from discrete and there’d be no hiding the fact that I was padded like a toddler. “You’re not going to have to worry about me reminding you to use the bathroom now”, she said, smiling at me. “I suppose not,” I replied, relieved at the thought. “Although I will be checking your diapers.” she said, taping the diaper shut, “And as you’ve proved you can’t be trusted to make decisions about when to use the bathroom, from now on I’m taking that out of your hands.” I had figured this would be the case. I smiled back at her, “Thank you. I love you.” “I love you too, stinky butt” she said, as she leaned down to kiss me.
  5. Gabriela is 32 years old and is an executive for Dynamean Corporation who have a multitude of products and are involved in multiple markets. Gabriella only recently got promoted to an executive position after years of working with the company and years of college. She loves her job and that let anything interrupt it. Not even her baby crazy significant other.
  6. I wrote this a while ago, and posted it elsewhere previously. Anyway, enjoy, and let me know if you like it, or would like more. I slipped my shoes on and grabbed my jacket. To be honest, I probably didn’t need it, summer had hit full force, and I was already sweating in just my t-shirt, but I liked to have it with me, just in case the weather took an unexpected turn. Just as I was about to head out the door, Sir grabbed my arm, spinning me around to look into his eyes. Before I knew what was happening, he had undone my belt, and pulled my pants and boxers down a few inches, and cupped his hand around the front of my diaper. Not entirely satisfied with the squeeze test, he tugged my pants down a little further, and slipped his finger into the leg hole. He discovered exactly what I would have told him had he simply asked - I was bone dry. Of course, this was only part one. In one fluid movement, he spun me back around, and pulled back the top of my diaper. “I could have sworn I smelled something” he said. “Not from me”, I offered, “Clean and dry”. “We’ll I’ll change you into a thick one when we get to the theatre anyway, so if you need to go in the car, don’t hold it”. I nodded. The instruction to not hold it was part of our little game, but it was based on something very real. While not exactly incontinent, I had begun having a few issues with with my ability to hold on for very long. If I felt the urge, I’d need to reach the bathroom pretty swiftly, or I’d be soggy. Or worse. Under the circumstances, padding was just a sensible precaution. Given that diapers were already part of our play, and that trying to stay clean and dry was usually an exercise in painful futility, Sir quickly decided to work a rule against holding into the mix. With the diaper check complete, and my pants back around my waist, I grabbed my change bag and headed to Sir’s truck. The ride to the movie theatre was pretty swift, and with the hot weather I really didn’t need to pee at all, but as we pulled into the parking lot I knew Sir would expect me to have used the diaper a little, so I bore down on my bladder and forced out enough pee to avoid a punishment later. Apart from a handful of staff on duty,.the foyer of the theatre was almost completely empty. That was a mixed blessing. Although there weren’t loads of people there to witness sir lead me into the disabled bathroom, the few people who were there definitely saw. I was a little concerned they would think we were going in there for some sort of lewd purpose. Evidently so was sir. His solution to this was to add a stuffer to the already thick diaper he’d planned for me to wear, so that it was abundantly clear we’d gone in the bathroom to change me. As I came out the bulge was pretty apparent, but even more of a giveaway was the used diaper Sir had me carry to the trash can. To make up for my improptu and unintended humiliation, Sir offered to pay for snacks. Which is how I ended up with a hotdog, nachos, ice cream and a big ass drink. Given how thick it was, I was certain the diaper could take it. It actually took me two trips to carry my haul in. Fortunately we had the screen to ourselves, so there was no one to witness my gluttony. Particularly fortunate as I’d polished off the hot dog and half the ice cream before the end of the trailers. The film was OK, but halfway through , I started to feel all that food, as well as the big breakfast I’d had before I left, take its toll. I squirmed in my seat, squishing against the already damp padding around my butt. This caught Sir’s attention and he started rubbing my back. “Do you need to potty?” I shook my head, “I’m fine. Just a little numb-bum from the seat” Sir didn’t believe me “Just use your diaper, that’s what it’s there for” I shook my head again, slightly more vigorously than I had intended as my fight to hold onto my bowels continued. Sir took my hand in his, and started rubbing it, “If you keep holding, it’ll start to hurt” I grimmaced, “I really don’t want to have an accident now.” “It’s fine, we’re the only people in here” he reassured me, I don’t know if it was him calming me down, or just the sheer pressure, but at that point I lost my battle, and Iet out an awkward fart as my poop splorched out into my diaper.I’d barely had a chance to lift myself off the seat, so the load found itself channeled throughout the padding, up my back and right to the edges of the thighs. Throughout all this, sir kept watching me, and rubbing my hand.. “Feeling better?” I nodded, staying stiff for fear of a blow out. Sir noticed this too. He stayed seated, while he lifted my hand and ushered me up. With my butt right at the height of his face, he took a quick sniff. There was no mistaking what I’d just done for a fart, I stank. “Undo your belt please” I did as I was told, and Sir pulled my pants down slightly. He stood, tugged back the waistband, and inspected the damage. Satisfied the back was survivable, he tugged my pants down further, and inspected the butt area, as well as the leg bands. While he’d been doing this, I’d stayed focused on the movie. Partly because it was good, but mostly to avoid acknowledging that I was in a public movie theatre - albeit a deserted one - having my messy diaper checked like a toddler. Whether Sir realised what my reasoning for watching the movie was I didn’t know, but after he pulled my pants back up he lowered me back into my seat, “I’ll probably have to wash your jeans, but don’t worry, you won’t have to miss any of the movie”. He was definitely right about washing the jeans. As my butt came to rest on the seat cushion, I felt the leg bands of the diaper give way, and spent the remaining 30 minutes of the movie feeling the poop squelch all over my butt. I still had to poop a little more and although the urge was minimal, it kept making me fart. Every time that happened, the air would ripple through the semi-solid poop that filled my diaper, like I was sitting in a volcanic mud pool. Eventually, the film came to an end, and Sir lead me out of the screen. He had originally intended to change me in the same disabled bathroom we used when we came in, but as we emerged into the foyer, it had gone from empty to packed. Seeing the look of panic on my face, Sir had led me through the crowd, into the parking lot, and straight to his truck, Where once again I had to sit down, and once again, the mess did it’s very best to escape my padding. I should have felt humiliated walking through all those people, and certainly as the smell began to fill up the cab of Sir’s truck, but sir kept hold of my hand, and kept telling me that he was proud of me for doing as he’d told me without any hesitation. Somehow, in spite of my state, his constant reinforcement really did make me feel a little hint of pride. We pulled onto the driveway, and stopped in front of the garage door. It took a moment before the remote worked, and in that time my heart sank as I imagined Sir was going to make me get out of the truck, into the street where we lived, with a full diaper. To say that I was relieved when the door began to slide up and the truck pulled inside would be a serious understatement. It was, I suspect, that final rush of adrenalin that sent me over the edge. Up until now I’d been fully aware of events, but as we pulled into the garage, I started to disappear into a world of my own. So much so that it wasn’t until Sir opened my door and helped me out that I realised the car had stopped. As he raised me out of the seat, I looked down. There were two half-moon-shaped damp patches on the seat. Fortunately it was wipe clean leather, but there was no mistaking how the back of my jeans would look. I wasn’t that bad in the theatre. I had obviously peed myself in the car without realising. Clearly this realisation was playing on my face, as Sir asked, “what’s wrong?” “Nothing, Sir. I just think I peed myself.” Sir looked down at my butt, a degree of incredulity in his eyes.”Not just peed yourself”. “No, I mean without realising”. Sir shrugged. “Well, that’s what you’re wearing padding for” he began leading me out of the garage and into the hallway, “now come on, young man, your messy butt is starting to stink up the house”. I didn’t move. “What’s wrong?” I snapped my hand away from his, “What’s wrong is that I just peed myself, and all you can do is shrug.” Sir stood his ground, as I began to lose my temper at him. “For fuck’s sake, I shit myself in a movie theatre, and you’re perfectly cool with it. What’s wrong with you?” Sir smiled and gently shook his head, “Nothing is wrong with me. I just honestly don’t care what underwear you’re wearing, or what state it’s in.” Almost instantly, his calm manner calmed me down too. “To be honest, son, I find you particularly cute when you’re like this.” I hung my head, suddenly ashamed at my outburst. Sir held out his arms and I came in for a hug. “Now, I was going to change you, but after that little show, I think you need to be reminded of how this works.” Sir said, once again taking my hand in his. He walked briskly, and I had trouble keeping up with him because I was waddling so badly. That, and I knew where he was leading me, and didn’t really want to go. Unfortunately, the house isn’t that big, so within moments Sir opened the door to the punishment room, and led me inside. Surveying the implements, my eyes went wide. It wasn’t that I was unfamiliar with the room, far from it, but it was rare I was in here in quite this state. I seemed to have caught Sir’s eye, as he smiled at me, “don’t worry, we won’t be doing anything too strenuous”, he reassured me. He draped me over a spanking bench, and secured my hands in place. Then he went into the bathroom and grabbed a brought out a bar of soap. Even the sight of it made me retch as my sense filled with the memory of the last time I’d been made to suck on it. I began to shake my head, “No, no no….” Once again, Sir smiled. He placed the soap down just in front of my face. “Now you remember why you shouldn’t say naughty words then?” I nodded. “OK, well I won’t make you put it in your mouth. It can stay there as a reminder”. For at least the third time today, an enormous sense of relief came over me. That lasted for all of a few seconds, as Sir began to rain blows down against my butt. It wasn’t painful. Not exactly, anyway; the padding and the mess formed a pretty good barrier against the sharp force of the spanking, but the sense of humiliation I felt as each blow landed, sending a dull thudding sensation into my butt cheeks and forward, toward my genitals, was wonderful. It was fortunate Sir hadn’t asked me to count the blows, I’d have had no chance. I began to drift off somewhere between agony, humiliation and ecstasy. By the time Sir unstrapped me from the bench, I was a wreck. “You took your punishment very well. I think I should reward you”, At some point, between the spanking and the release, Sir had laid a changing mat down on the floor. He lowered me down onto it, and instinctively I spread my legs, ready for my change. Sir knelt down infront of me, but rather than undoing the tapes of my diaper, he began to rub the front. I smiled in gratitude, “You did well, young man”, he said, as he produced the magic wand and started vibrating the front of my diaper. I was in heaven. He moved the wand down towards my anus, the vibrations sent shivers up my spine. “Please sir, may I cum?” He nodded. “You may.”. I let the orgasm overtake me, and shuddered as I released yet another fluid into my already wrecked diaper. As I lay on my back in post orgasmic reverie, Sir set to work on the unenviable task of changing my diaper. I kept my eyes closed, and enjoyed the sensations as he cleaned me up. By the time Sir took my hand and helped me stand back up, I was clean, dry, and comfortable, and very pleased that I’d followed Sir’s advice and had an accident on our trip out.
  7. Where do i begin........well im a 29 yo male married to my best friend since kindergarten we have 2 beautiful children together she is a stay at home mommy and I am a maintenance man by night and little by day. I kept my little secret well guarded growing up as most of you have so my wife never found out about my little side until we decided to go steady about 8 years ago now. It took her some time but she grew to accept it as first thought was omfg hes a pedophile. Weve now worked up to the role play thing slowly and over time shes been much more participant so much that she has even wore a handful of times with me though she likes pullups better. Our sex life has struggled because its very difficult for me to achieve orgasm without it being abdl related and shes growing tired of a little boy shes told me quite a few times that sometimes she just wants her Man and i have a very hard time being this grownup everyone wants me to be. Fast forward to this month i have made the decision to go full time with the diapers and my wife has agreed given we hide it from the kids. We are at a crossroad now as she wants to baby me but doesnt know what to do and frankly neither do i. I want held i want rocked bottle fed but i also want random checks praise and punishment for the good and bad i cant describe how it makes me feel bit to be treated with an infantile status is what i want. So now for you guys im begging for ways to explain to my wife how to treat me as well as advice for me on how to man up in the sack. Please dont be hateful this post is 100% true so please help dont hurt.
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    Any Diapered Couples?

    Hello! This is Nikki and Joey, we're married and we love wearing diapers together! Are there any others who have shared their fetish with their significant other? We'd love to know!
  9. This is a tale set at some time in the future. There's been a change, a fundamental change in the way society is organised. No-one knows quite why this has happened, but half the population isn't complaining. The change proceeds at different paces in different places, but it is unstoppable. It is known as The Adjustment... Chapter 1 - The scene is set. Sam had caught the early bus home from work. There had been a lot of filing to do and Ms Deborah Playfair, Sam's boss, had let the team go home early as a reward for their hard work. Sam was sprawled in one of the big leather chairs in the living area, watching television, when he heard Chris drive in. "Home early, darling," said Chris as she slid her briefcase onto a side table. "Ms Playfair let us go early," Sam replied, looking up at his wife as she flicked through the mail Sam had collected from the letterbox near the drive. She put the worthwhile stuff aside, and expertly spun the junk mail unopened into the nearby rubbish bin which Sam had just emptied as part of his chores. Chris looked imposing in her jeans, boots and open-necked business shirt. Even without the Cuban heels she favoured, she was around six feet tall. Her toned body and well-cut short hair gave her the look of a young Amazon, which indeed she was. Sam felt extra small looking up at her, and stood up. In his work-issue sneakers, he gave her a good six inches in height. The girlish yellow jumpsuit all his team wore hardly helped. Chris smiled at him, and pulled him towards her with an arm over his shoulder and around his back. She kissed him on the forehead, but had turned away by the time Sam, grinning and with his eyes closed, had risen onto his toes to kiss her on the mouth. Chris was busy opening the letters addressed to her. Sam planted his heels on the ground and opened his eyes. Chris was reading her bank statement. "Sam," she began, "Do you really think it's worth you working..." They had had this out before. "It's a good job!" Sam said defensively. "It's better..." "Sammy," Chris interrupted. "I'm not saying it's not, just that with Edith leaving, it just seems practical that you could do more work here. You could still do a day or two a week in transition. A lot of boys do. You'd still see your friends." "Chris, I'm not in transition, for a start," Sam said angrily. "Sam..." said Chris with concern. "OK," said Sam defiantly. "I don't drive. I'm a bit shorter. I'm not quite as strong. Things have changed at work, but I'm still, I'm still a..." Sam was thinking of what happened at night. He knew from the look on her face, that pitying but caring look on Chris's face that she was thinking the same thing. Sam felt his face flushing and the tears about to come. And worse. "Sammy, come here," said Chris gently, her arms outstretched. "I know that things are different. I know what's happening and I, I... But I'm still a man, Chris. I know I might be adjusting a little bit but I'm still a man!" Sam was sobbing now, as Chris held him close. She stroked the top of his head, pushing the long blonde hair behind Sam's ears. "Of course you are, honey, but you must just go with things," Chris said. "You're too aware, that's what Dr Hennig said, wasn't it? That's what makes you uncomfortable. You know what she said - changes are not just happening to you, they are you. Look at Ryan next door." "I'd rather not," said Sam. Ryan and Sal were 'adjusting' perfectly, it seemed. The television broke the silence. "Keep your boy happy!" boomed a confident female voice. "Transition can be a difficult time, and it's up to every numan to give their boys the love they need, especially in those intimate areas. A dry boy is a happy boy, and DriBoi can help. Our range..." Chris picked up the remote and stabbed it at the TV. "I hate those 'numan' ads," he said, beginning to cry. Chris laughed. "It's just an ad, Sammy," she said. "And you do wear DriBois, don't you? Anyway, she's right. It is a bit difficult for you because you are so aware. You know that Ryan has been in daytime DriBois for weeks, don't you, and he's loving being at home." "I only need them at night, Chris, you know that, and Ryan's a... a..." Sam was going to say 'wanker', but it suddenly struck him how inappropriate the term was now. All boys, that is, men in transition, Sam corrected himself, were first affected 'down there'. First, the loss of libido and the capacity for erections. Then, the awful shrinking, and having to sit down to pee. At least the 'failure to achieve erection' came first. With the shrinking came the loss of body hair. It was so common now that underwear for boys - the sort Chris now bought for Sam - looked like the things girls had always worn, even if some boys underpants had an extra layer 'for security'. Fully grown women, or 'numen', Sam thought miserably, were now the ones with bulges in their jeans. Sam thought of the mound under Chris' jeans, and the luxuriant pubic hair covering it, which like most women, she no longer shaved or even trimmed, not that he had the same access there which he once... "Oh, Sammy!" Chris was saying. Sam snapped out of his angry reverie. His eyes followed his wife's, to the flattish crotch of his yellow work overalls. A dark, wet patch was spreading from the bottom of the crotch seam down his legs. That hadn't happened for a week. He shouldn't have got so worked up, Sam thought. He could feel it happening now, but couldn't stop it. Sam was silent as Chris helped him change. He objected to having to wear a DriBoi so early in the evening, and Chris let him wear his usual briefs. "Your next appointment with Dr Hennig is the day after tomorrow," Chris said. "You'd better mark this wetting on your calendar." "OK," said Chris. There wasn't much more to be said on the matter. The calendar from the clinic already had x's all over it from wet nights, and a few from accidents in the car or when he didn't make the bathroom in time. Now there were two, three actually, when he didn't even know it was happening. Four if the one in the garden counted, when he told Chris he tripped over in the way to the bathroom. Still, stupid Ryan next door, Sam's old drinking and golf buddy, was in thick DriBois all day, and didn't seem to care less. No wonder he was at home all day. To be continued...
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