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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I’m new here, and this is my first attempt at ABDL fiction. Hope you like it. — Part 1 It was my 25th birthday. I was out at a bar having drinks with a group of friends, including my friend’s coworker Melissa who I had been crushing on for a couple of months. I had hoped tonight might be my chance to finally make a move, but before I got my chance, she made her move. “Hey birthday boy!” Melissa said, sitting down next to me at the bar. “Tell me, have you had your birthday spankings yet?” My mouth went dry. I had a huge kink for spanking, among other things. I had enough liquid courage in me to play it cool, though. “Not yet,” I said smiling, “but the night is young.” “Hmm… well no time like the present!” “Right here in front of everyone?” I asked. “Well.. we could go back to my place, but fair warning: if I spank you in private, it’ll have to be on your bare bottom.” My cock was rock hard by now and I could feel it staring to drip into my underwear. I had fantasized about being spanked by a woman for as long as I could remember, and had very recently fantasized in particular about being across Melissa’s knee with my pants around my ankles. I was fairly shocked that, in fact, here she was proposing just that. I couldn’t think of what to say, so just stammered with a grin, “um… that sounds pretty good to me.” She didn’t say another word. She took me firmly by the hand and led me out of the bar. The cool air hit me and snapped me out of my trance. It hit me: I was finally about to get a spanking! Melissa lived in the neighborhood so it was a short walk to her apartment. She didn’t let go of my hand the whole way. Once we reached her door, she opened the door and sent me over the threshold with a few sharp slaps to the back of my jeans saying, “Come on in, little boy, it’s time for your spanking.” Now, when she called me little boy while patting my bottom, I thought I might explode into my pants. See, besides spanking, I also have fantasies involving being treated like a little boy or a toddler. If not for the mild sting and tingle on my butt from when she had slapped me, I would have definitely thought I was dreaming. Melissa guided me to her bedroom and pulled out a chair from her vanity. Sitting down she beckoned me with a crooked finger. It may as well have been a tractor beam - I immediately walked to her side, unable to resist. From this vantage point, I had a great view of her spectacular tits, along with her waiting lap. She looked up at me smiling and said, “OK birthday boy, let’s get those pants down.” I reached for my belt buckle, but she quickly swatted my hands away, insistent on baring my bottom herself. Undoing my pants and pushing them to my ankles, Melissa then quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me across her lap. Resting her hand on my boxer-clad bottom, she said, “Wait now, I promised you a bare bottom spanking, didn’t I?” “Yes ma’am.” The words came out of my mouth reflexively. I couldn’t believe the headspace she had me in. Melissa didn’t seem to notice or mind, and instead just yanked down my underpants exposing my bare butt. “So you’re 25 today, right? I think I’ll give you 25 with my hand and another 25 with my hairbrush for good measure.” Before I could (pretend to) protest about an extra 25 spanks, she started smacking. As this was my first ever real spanking, I was surprised by how much sting she could deliver with just her palm. I squirmed a little, but mostly relished the heat in my seat as my cock throbbed against Melissa’s thighs. After 25 smacks with her hand, I felt her reach back to the vanity and I held my breath as I waited for the brush. I had fantasized for so long about a bare bottom hairbrush spanking, but now had a bit of trepidation about what it might actually feel like. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Melissa spanked me in earnest, like she was trying to prove a point. I gasped at first, and squirmed a bit, but held still after she firmly wrapped her arm around my waist. I took my 25 smacks and soon had a blushing backside. Melissa put down the brush and caressed my stinging butt, teasing my crack with her fingertips. My dick continued throbbing and dripped readily. Patting me gently, Melissa instructed me to stand. “You took your spanking like such a good boy, I think you deserve a reward,” she said as she started to fondle me through my underwear. “Uh oh, looks like you had a little accident. Better get you out of these.” She pulled down my boxers and slid my member into her mouth in one motion. I thought I might cum right then and there. The anticipation had been so intense and now I was in ecstasy. Melissa took my cock from her mouth, stood and bent over the chair, lifting her skirt and sliding down her panties. I wasted no time stuffing her pussy with my cock. I caught a glimpse of my red backside in the mirror, which inspired me to return some of the spankings I had received to Melissa’s waiting ass. As my pink handprints appeared, I lost control and had an earthshaking orgasm. We flopped down in her bed. After we caught our breath, it wasn’t long before she was rubbing my still tingling butt, and my cock began to swell again. Melissa mounted me and rode my cock, tits bouncing, to two scream-inducing orgasms. After she had had her fill, she rolled over on her back and spread her legs. Grabbing me by the hips, she thrust my cock back into her and spanked my upturned ass mercilessly until I came again. We collapsed in a heap, and passed out as she rubbed my throbbing backside. Part 2 I fell asleep replaying the events of that night in my head again and again. That Melissa had been so keen to spank me, and her effectiveness in doing so indicated that mine was not the first bottom she had spanked. I was on cloud nine having met someone with a kinky streak. Just as I dozed off, I remembered she had called me “little boy,” and had commented that I’d had “an accident.” Could it be that Melissa was into things even kinkier thank spanking…? I woke with a start when the light hit my head. In the fog of my mild hangover, I wasn’t quite sure where I was. It slowly came back, and I grew excited as the memory of going over Melissa’s knee came back to me. As my cock stirred, I noticed some dampness. Rolling over slightly, I realized the sheets were wet all around me. Oh shit! Had I wet the bed?!? “Oh good you’re awake,” Melissa’s voice cut through my panic. “You, uh, peed the bed.” I was mortified. I jumped up, muttering and stammering. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe I did that, that never happens, I’m so sorry, here let me clean it up, or should I just go, I’m sorry. I’ll just go…” I reached for my pants and Melissa grabbed my wrist. “Oh no, you’re not going anywhere.” I froze, feeling about two feet tall. “You go stand in the corner while I clean this up. You are in big trouble mister.” Her tone aroused me - I felt like a naughty three year old being punished. But I was still far too embarrassed to think anything sexy. I started walking to the corner, but Melissa hooked the waistband of my boxers saying “give me those little pee pants, I’ll put them in the wash with the sheets. You can do your corner time naked.” Compliance seemed to be my best way out of this dilemma, so I slipped them off and Melissa scooped them up. She then took me by the arm and walked me to the corner, propping me there with three sharp spanks to my bare butt. Standing in the corner, my brain still a bit foggy, I couldn’t tell what to make of the situation. I hadn’t wet the bed since I was nine years old. How could it have happened now? And I couldn’t sort out Melissa’s reaction. She seemed mad, but she wasn’t sending me away in disgust, or making me do her laundry… what did she have in mind? Behind me I could hear her stripping the bed, then rustling around in the closet, seemingly Melissa getting out some clean sheets to make the bed. After ten minutes or so, I heard from behind me, “Okay buster get over here.” I slowly turned around to find her sitting on the edge of the unmade bed wearing her silk night gown showing plenty of cleavage, her legs bare. A few things seemed to have been moved around or brought out of the closet, but all I could focus on was the hairbrush in her hand. Remembering its sting from the night before I was both excited and nervous. Melissa snapped me out of it. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?” I fumbled through the some more of my earlier responses, “I’m so sorry. I swear this has never happened to me. I’m so embarrassed, please don’t tell anyone, I’m really sorry, please…” She cut me off. “I don’t have much tolerance for immaturity. I believe firmly that if you act like a baby, you need to be treated as one. “So I’m going to put you over my knee again, and this time it won’t be a little patty cake spanking like you got last night. You need to learn a good lesson.” I swear I saw a smirk run across her face. She was being stern, but Melissa was clearly enjoying this. I took it stride and retorted, “Yes ma’am.” “Good boy.” Then she pulled me forward onto her lap. My stiffening cock slid neatly between her bare thighs. She started slow and firm with her palm, clearly warming me up for something more serious. It was just before she started a strong volley with the hairbrush that I noticed what was on the floor in front of me: a tub of baby wipes, a bottle of powder, and… an open package of Super Dry Kids diapers. There was no mistaking them - I had repeatedly tried to work up the nerve to order some SDKs, but had never gone through with it. I stared at the bag… No way, I thought, it can’t be… she’s not going to… diaper me?? Just then I felt the brush connect with my bare bottom. I suddenly lost all notion of the diapers in front of me and could only focus on the barrage raining down on my backside. Even though it hurt like hell, my cock remained at attention between Melissa’s thighs. The spanking continued and I started kicking my legs a bit. Melissa quickly threw one leg over top of mine to hold me in place. She started to scold. “You hold still and take your punishment little boy. Since you can’t behave like a big boy, I’ll have to treat you like a little boy. And little boys need their bare bottoms spanked regularly. I have a feeling this is not the last time I’ll have to put you over my knee young man.” I was being brave and trying to just take whatever she had to give me. But my ass hurt like hell! Just when I thought I might start crying, the spanking stopped. Melissa took me by the shoulders and guided me to sit on her lap. She held me and rubbed my stinging bottom. I was lost in the glow of her embrace, and the feeling in my bottom. Meanwhile my cock had become rock hard and was starting to drip. Melissa took notice. Grabbing me gently, she said, “oh my, look at you. You’re about to have ANOTHER accident. We need to do something about this. Lie down in the bed.” As she shifted me off her lap, the thought came rushing back to me - the diapers. I lay back on the bed just as Melissa bent down and slid a diaper from the package. I got a fantastic view of her ass peeking out of her nightgown. Coupled with the sight of her unfolding the diaper as she approached me, it was too much. My dick throbbed wildly with anticipation, pre-cum dripping down the shaft. “Ok little one, it’s time to get you back in diapers so you don’t make anymore messes. You’re lucky I had this bag of pampers on hand.” Why DID she have a bag of pampers in her apartment?? I started to wonder but was snapped out of it quickly as she moved closer to me. “Lift that bottom,” Melissa instructed with a wide grin. I complied, and she slid the SDK under me. As I lowered my stinging bottom onto the soft padding with a distinctive crinkle, my cocked bounced wildly up and down. Melissa started pulling the diaper up between my legs, but hesitated as it brushed against my throbbing member. “Hmm… this diaper isn’t going to fit over that thing.” She produced a bottle of baby oil from beneath the bed. Squirting some into her palm, she grabbed my cock and stroked me up and down. My hips thrusted and I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to burst. Melissa seemed to know too, as she pulled the diaper up against me. “Oh my! Is mommy’s little boy going to make a big sticky mess in his diapie?” she cooed. The sensation of the padding against my cock and the crinkly plastic between my legs was too much - I groaned and shot hot ropes of cum into the diaper. Melissa looked very satisfied as she reached for some baby wipes to clean me up. With my cock wiped down, she spread powder around my crotch liberally before pulling the diaper into place and fastening the tapes tightly. She smiled broadly and patted my padded crotch. “You stay put, I’ll be right back,” she said rolling me over and slapping my diapered behind. She left the room and I finally had a moment alone with my thoughts. My wildest fantasy had just been realized. I’d been spanked, stroked and diapered by a hot stern woman. I couldn’t believe my luck that Melissa had been so forward in initiating kinky sex. And that I’d been drunk enough to wet the bed… I had nearly forgotten my humiliation from earlier. I was so puzzled by how I could have done that, and then i realized I was laying in a spot on the bare mattress that should have still been damp, but it was bone dry. Then I saw a small bowl on the night stand that seemed out of place. I peered into it to find it full of water. Looking quizzically around the room, I then saw tucked in a corner of the closet, an open bag of Goodnites bed pads. It hit me all at once: I’d been set up! To be continued…
  2. What made you think...? “What made you think you wouldn’t have to wear a diaper?” “Well, I thought, seeing as it’s my eleventh birthday... and Aunty Sue has sent me some boxer shorts as a present that... erm...” “Well yes, that is nice of Aunty Sue but your father and I don’t think you’re ready yet for such a change.” “But I really am mum. I mean no one at school wears diapers except me and... erm... they... errr..” “So you think that because no one else at your school wears a diaper then you shouldn’t either?” “Well I just thought that...” “The problem is son that you still wet the bed.” “But that’s not fair mum... I haven’t wet for ages.” “That’s because you always wear a diaper and plastic pants. I really don’t know why you’re complaining.” “But I haven’t wet my diapers in... ages...” “Now then son... we both know that’s not true don’t we?” “Er, umm, mmm, erm...” “We both know you’ve wet on several occasions and tried to sneakily change your wet diaper.” “Oooohhh... how did you know?” “I didn’t until just this second.” “Oh mum, please don’t make me wear...” “I’ll give you until the count of three to get those boxers off and on the changing table.” “But mum...” “One.” “Please mum let me...” “Two.” “Okay, okay...” “No need to take that attitude... I want no petulance... just get up and I’ll get you ready for the day.” Sigh “You know you’re always better when you’re well protected so why this desire to wear boxers I do not know.” “Can I wear them over the diaper please?” “You know the rules, when in the house we need to see your diapers all the time. When out and about you wear your shorts but, and don’t think this is an open invitation, you can wear your present when you go out.” “Really mum... do you think dad will be okay with that?” “I’m sure he’ll have reservations but I’ll have a word... I’m sure we can work something out.” “Did dad never want to wear boxers or briefs?” “Sweetheart, you dad has never found anything more comfortable or more useful than a diaper and plastic pants. He swears by them and that’s why we think they’re best for you. Despite what your friend’s opinion might be your father and I know best.” “Thanks mum.” ####
  3. Hiya! My name's Caelly and I'm a 21 year old transgender ABDL from Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been ABDL since I was 12 and have been wearing diapers for years. It's my 21st Birthday today and I'm celebrating the best way possible: double diapered in a onesie and skirt sitting in bed eating birthday cake with my hands and drinking Dr. Pepper from a sippy cup (I'm truly an adult now :P). Movies are my life. I study them at uni and go see at least two movies a week at the cinema (it helps to wear diapers, no bathroom trips so no missing scenes). Happy to be here to chat with so many cool ABDLs and others :) Feel free to reply if you wanna know more.
  4. so i had to quit my job becasue it was killing me physicly and i had a court date and i told my boss and he gave me so much attitude that i walk out so i have no job right now i wish i did im running low on diapers. anyone want to give me diapers for x-mas i wouldnt say no LOL. any way i hope everyone has a good holiday. i spent my birthday alone yesterday and probably gunna spend xmas alone too. i hate december lol
  5. Guest

    Little Birthday Parties

    Has anyone ever attended an AB birthday party?
  6. ~Pamperchu~


    From the album: 2008

  7. Hi I apologise in advance if this is the wrong place but I just wanted to wish Rani A HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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