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  1. Description: A baby for a bully - A story in which a girl enters a very reclusive school and, at school, will suffer at the hands of bullies who will make her their baby -------------------Chapter 01---------------- Ha-na was a small, beautiful 16-year-old girl with blonde hair that shone in the sunlight. Two pink strands stood out in her hairstyle, giving it a touch of originality. Her biggest dream was to become an idol and create her own musical hits. To pursue this dream, she studied at a renowned girls' school that was forming the current idol groups. It was a sunny day when Ha-na decided to take a break in a local café. The establishment was not very busy at the moment, which gave her a quiet environment in which to relax. She entered wearing her standard school uniform, a skirt combined with a shirt. As he entered the café, his eyes met a woman sitting alone at a table near the window. The woman had a laptop open in front of her, and her gaze seemed full of curiosity. Ha-na approached and greeted her: "Hello, my name is Ha-na. May I join you?" The woman smiled gently and replied: "Of course, make yourself at home. My name is Park, I'm a journalist. I've been expecting you. We have some things to talk about." Park explained that he was working on a story about the famous Melody cases, that famous idol school that hides a lot of secrets She asked Ha-na to provide proof of the story she had mentioned in a previous email. Ha-na looked around, making sure no one could see, and, with a quick gesture, lifted her skirt, revealing a diaper. She then lowered it, showing that she was wearing it. Park was surprised by the revelation, but kept her expression calm. "Now that we have the proof, you can tell your story," she said. Ha-na sat in a comfortable chair in the small café, her eyes fixed on Park, the curious journalist who surrounded her with questions. Although hesitant at first, Ha-na decided to open up and share her darkest secret. It was something that few people knew, but now it was time to reveal it. After a brief moment of silence, Ha-na took a deep breath and began to tell her story. She revealed that, against all expectations, she had received a special invitation from the renowned Melody school. It was a chance in a million, as this school was known for training the most talented and famous idols in the country. The Melody School was a veritable paradise for aspiring idols. With several buildings spread across a vast campus, each dedicated to different aspects of artistic training, the institution was a veritable music empire. Ha-na described the campus as a magical place, where the sound of melodies filled the air and dreams came true. As Ha-na shared her excitement at receiving the invitation, she mentioned that she knew about one of the school's most famous future idols, Baek Ha-rin. The teacher accompanying her, Mi-hai, mentioned Ha-rin's name with admiration and enthusiasm. "Wow, you've got a great chance," said Mi-hai excitedly. "You're going to study in one of the newest rooms, newly created in the building that will house the most famous future idols, including Baek Ha-rin." Ha-na knew that Baek Ha-rin was one of the rising stars in the music industry. Her powerful voice and captivating stage presence made her one of the most promising idols of her generation. Ha-na deeply admired Ha-rin and dreamed of following in her footsteps and achieving similar success. As Ha-na recounted these details, Park's mind filled with images of the Melody school. She could visualize the spacious corridors, decorated with bright murals depicting the most famous idols who had ever passed through. Ha-na's school uniform, consisting of a pleated skirt and a white shirt with pink details, perfectly matched the school's vibrant and energetic atmosphere.
  2. Well, this is a different sort of story. I had the idea of combining a babyfur story...with the Golden Age of Piracy. Weird idea, but I've researched a bit, figured out how things worked, and it just...took hold. It's a lot less mature than most of my stories, actually (surprising for me), buuut I maaay include some things that are a lot more AB and regression themed than I normally do (which is normally a lot). Also, there will be a bit earthier stuff, like a brothel and tavern wenches (as was in the times. Don't worry, no sexual themes aside from...motherhood themes.), so consider that the warning. I'm also admittedly not sure where the story's middle and climax are, but I have an idea about the end; I just don't know where it'll go before then. EDIT: About critique, feel absolutely free to tell me what I'm doing wrong; in fact, I encourage it with all my heart! I want to publish this under my pseudo penname in books for AR/AB stuff, and in order to publish without mistakes and errors, I absolutely need to know what I've done wrong. If you can't find anything wrong, then tell me what you liked, please! These things make me a better writer. I'm not soft when it comes to critique, and I'll always listen to it. Okay, here's the first chapter: Chapter One: Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls The ocean in 1595 was a treacherous place, especially when one didn’t know what they were doing, and even more so when it was an area rife with danger already; the broken ships, names long since lost to the pounding waves, howling winds, and sea spray proved that without a shadow of a doubt. Fortunately for Florence Goodluck, the feared - at least, she hoped she was - black-furred fox captain of the seven seas, she and her small crew knew exactly what they were doing...or so they hoped. She wore few fripperies; while she and her crew were regarded as pirates, welcomed at Tortuga by fellow pirates, they weren’t a very wealthy or successful crew, having gotten few prizes over the time they were active. She and her crew wore simple, short, homespun dresses, ragged and torn from years on the sea. “Tack to port!” she called out in a high soprano, as she took the lookout point, seeing her crew of big cats maneuver the Catastrophe (her idea to let the crew, having known her lifelong friends since they all lived on the docks of Dover, England as orphans, know how much she appreciated them, especially since they unanimously voted her captain.) with Emma Everard, the stoic snow leopardess helmscat at her customary spot at the wheel. Not that the fox minded the lookout and rigging jobs; she never ordered her crew to do anything that she wouldn’t do, and she knew that Emma was better at the wheel than she could ever be. “Move port, bring the riggings up!” Grace Wythinghall, the powerful pantheress roared out, as was her right as quartermistress, helping the crew move away from the bow of a half-sunken ship, the stench of rotting wood in the air as a cold, heavy mist began to roll in. Florence sniffed the air, with most everything, even the familiar sea spray scents, fading into the furling mists. She realized that it could be a quest that ended all of their lives. No pirate had ever gotten this treasure, mostly because of silly and stupid superstitions that the older folk believed in. But she truly believed that she and her crew would be the first, and it would propel them to fame, glory…and mostly peace. Maybe because we’re the most desperate, that we have absolutely nothing to lose, she thought to herself. They were all veterans of the seas for a decade, and yet none of them were over the age of twenty-three, having lived hard lives as pirates, spending almost all of that decade in the bosom of their small frigate, rocked to sleep by the waves, avoiding privateers (those damned hypocrites, no better than they were…only with a letter of marque by the kings and queens of countries allowing them to prey on those weaker than them), fellow pirates, and legitimate navy ships that could’ve sunk them and sent them straight to Davy Jones. All Florence wanted was to retire. She was tired of the sea, tired of the dangers, tired of starving, and she wanted to put down roots somewhere on an island where the most she’d see of the ocean was occasional fishing, with more money than she knew how to spend. “Florence, I can’t see anything in this mist!” Agnes Coulthurst cried out, the cougaress’s tail lashing in annoyance, bringing her back to the moment. “Hold steady!” the black fox called. “Are you absolutely sure, Flory?” Denise Parkham called out; the lynx boatswain's voice tinged with terror. This was not a natural mist; the conditions for mist weren’t there; hell, it was far too cold for the normal spring weather of the Caribbean, and frost began to creep on the sails. “Do NOT call me ‘Flory’!” Florence snapped. “Hold steady unless I say!” A cheetah was scratching her claws on the ship deck, whimpering, “We’re going to crash into one of those ships-” “AVIS, WE ARE NOT GOING TO CRASH! TRUST ME!” the black fox shouted. “That goes for everyone! We are going to make it through! Have I ever led you wrong before?! Hold - damn - steady!” “You heard the captain!” Grace roared; the fox had to admit that the vocal cords of the quartermistress was a much louder sound that almost seemed to cut through the mist. “Hold steady until she says!” All eleven animals held their breaths, as if the very act of breathing would cause the water to hear and consume them. The tension in the air was thick enough to cut with a sword. Then Millicent Huchenson and Winifred Daundelyon, a serval and caracal as close as twin sisters (even though they weren’t actual sisters like the Rowes) heard a faint roar coming in front of them, their especially keen ears pounding with blood, and both of them screamed in terror, holding each other. Florence heard the faint roar as well, heard the sailmaker and cooper scream, and immediately bellowed, “DROP ANCHORS AND FURL SAILS RIGHT NOW!” Her crew reacted quickly, knowing that their lives depended on it. Whether Lady Luck existed or not, they knew one thing: they were lucky, for the roar was coming from a waterfall that plummeted down into nothingness - the anchors had managed to cling to rocks just in time to save them from going over. “This has to be the goddamned end of the world…” Isabel Hornboldt moaned pitifully, the jaguaress who served as the navigator unsheathing and sheathing her claws. “There’s nothing on my maps that says anything about a goddamned waterfall!” “That means we’re close to The Dying Night!” Florence shouted, her eyes alight with recognition. “Don’t you girls remember what the legend said?” “Other than some voodoo witch that cursed the pirates who killed her husband?” Sybil Rowe asked curiously, the tigress carpenter looking straight at her lioness sister, Cecily's eyes. “And they were never heard from again? And that everyone who tried to find this treasure died?” the gunner finished in a dour tone. “Cecily, Sybil, curses aren’t real!” the fox captain snorted to herself. Curses? Ridiculous. And they were a much better crew than those that had died; hadn’t they proved it by surviving until now? “Anyway, it’s at the bottom of the waterfall.” “Well, unless you plan on jumping off, I’d love to hear ideas, Flory!” Agnes snapped. “Always grumbling, Agy, always grumbling about something!” Florence retorted, inwardly seething about the childish nickname uttered by the cook. “Don’t you know that there are tributaries that lead downward? Or did you forget about the legend entirely?” The cougaress’s face flushed in annoyance, but Avis Ballett was quick to say, “But we can’t see anything in the mist!” Florence sighed, quickly wrapping a rope around her paw and stepping off of her perch, down to her crew from the crow’s nest, using her weight to counterbalance and land safely on her paws. Her crew had seen her do it so many times that they were no longer afraid for her safety…but they didn’t dare try it themselves. They would follow her anywhere…except with that; some things were just a death wish. “That’s why the legend is called ‘The Dying Night,’” the fox explained, mostly to the cheetah musician, but to the rest of the crew as well. “We wait until dawn; that’s night’s death, that’s when the mist will clear up and reveal the tributaries. Then we go down to them, find the ship, get the loot, divide it, and get out as rich women.” “You’re placing an awfully big bet on a mere legend, Flory,” Denise mused, her paw drumming on the side rail. “Enough with that stupid nickname! We know it’s real, Denise, there’s enough evidence to prove it, especially since it's here in front of our eyes.” Florence’s green eyes were desperate. “You’re my crew; I’d go down with and for you any day, and you know that, but we can’t be pirates forever. This could be the one. This could be the treasure that we could retire with and live like queens.” “I’d settle for a family.” All heads turned to face Isabel, who looked sad. “We’re family, Izzy,” Grace gently coaxed. “No, I meant…we stole this ship from the privateers together, and we're as close as we can get without being blood…but I want something…tangible,” the jaguaress said with a sigh. “No insult meant to you girls, but we see each other every day, every time I wake up on this ship. I’ve heard every argument we could ever hear. I want a different voice.” “Get enough money, and you could buy a family,” Florence said with a smirk. “Florence, not everything’s about scoring that big loot.” To the black fox’s shock, it was Emma that said those words, the normally quiet snow leopardess having a faraway look in her eyes. “I’d love a family myself. We all grew up as orphans; I wanted to know my mom for years. She died, you know. Died in childbirth. Dear ‘Dad’ left me on the docks. We all have similar stories, Florence, even you. Haven't you ever wanted someone to hold you, to love you, no matter what?” Florence sighed angrily. “Look, you want a mommy to feed you, pay a damn wetnurse. Those times are done, and you can’t ever go back. What’s done is done. We’re here right now, so let’s focus on our goal right now." She took a deep breath and rubbed the fur on her temple - a tic that she had when she was trying to calm herself down. "Anyway, we’re all tired, so get some sleep until dawn. Millicent, Winifred, take the first watch.” The fox’s crew looked at her…and let out collective sighs, knowing they weren’t going to change her mind; she could be quite stubborn. It was the trait that brought them this far, and the trait they loved and hated. But she was right, in a way: she had never steered them wrong, had always kept them safe. “Yes, Cap’n,” they chorused. They gathered their ragged blankets, shivering as, one by one, they fell asleep in the cold mist, their dreams right in front of them…one way or another. - Okay, quick explanation about the specific jobs of this crew on their frigate (a smaller ship used in the Golden Age of Piracy): Captain - Democratically elected on pirate ships, believe it or not, although they could just as easily have command stripped of them. In most cases, the captain was the brains, the one who got the ship through fair or foul means. The most successful captains could install rules on the ship. Quartermaster (quartermistress, in this case) - Also democratically elected, the quartermasters were the seconds-in-command of the ship, unlike various the various legitimate vessels (even though the pirates had first and second mates). They were the crew's answer to the pirate captain, sharing their concerns, and being an intermediatory for the captain to give orders to the crew. If the captain had taken another vessel and wanted to start a fleet, the quartermaster would be the captain of that ship. Navigator - Even though the captain and quartermaster often had knowledge of navigation, a pirate ship might have a dedicated navigator. With a good navigator, the captain would know where merchant ships struck, could navigate islands and shallows, that sort of stuff. Boatswain (bosun) - The supervisor of the various seamanship stuff around the ship, monitored the stores, and ensured sails, anchors, and rigging were in good condition. On larger ships, they'd have people under them. Carpenter - The carpenter was the one who was responsible for fixing leaks around the ship, making various repairs, and refitting captured vessels for the purposes of the pirates. They were also responsible for a lot of the, ah...immediate surgeries (i.e., amputations) in the absence of a surgeon. Cooper - The cooper was responsible for assembling barrels, used to keep wet stores, dry stores, gunpowder, water, rum, etc. from spoiling, making them airtight, fixing buckets, etc. Normally on larger ships, but I figured I could make a slight exception. Sailmaker - Sailmakers were basically the chief engineer on a ship, used to stitch and make sails, which, without them, ships went nowhere. In the absence of a surgeon, sailmakers were also responsible for stitching wounds shut. Gunner - The gunner was responsible for the cannons, how much gunpowder was necessary for to hit the target, who shouted the order to fire. Gunner teams (four to six men) were required to be accurate and speedy, and they were outfitted with a lot of guns. Cook - Yes, even pirate ships had cooks. Normally, they were ones with amputations (not here), but while they stole food stores from the ships they captured, and ate from taverns, yes, cooks were needed to prepare food and rum. Musician - Yes, pirates had musicians like fiddlers and trumpeters. Like in others, they created rhythms for shanties, to aid in manual task, and to entertain, but they also contributed to a cacophony of noise during attacks.
  3. My first diaper story! Here, a motherly lavender dragon adopts a slave not to use her, but to parent her. No diapers yet, I'm afraid. Maybe in the next chapter a hint of them? :3 I promise, by the end, Maria will be a good little baby cat. :DD And more importantly, I hope to both grow the characters of Maria and Chelsey as stronger, healthier people through their connection. This is a draft, so I'm happy to take suggestions. It's also focused on consensual regression, as I think that's adorable and hot, but I'm very down to write dubious consent stuff in the future. With all that said, enjoy! To Be a Mother – Chapter 1 Chained Strays A girl waited in there for Chelsey. That brick storefront, Marol’s Helpers on 1289 Culper’s Avenue, with rain slithering down through the red and brown cracks of bricks into the side walk below, held her chance at a daughter. She wanted to help somebody, truly. In the glove box, she broke out a purple umbrella, then changed her mind. She cracked open the car door and slid out into the rain, appreciating this freshness against the atmosphere she was about to walk into. Drizzled, Chelsey lavender fur sparkled in the rain. She was a tall anthro dragon, and she wore a black pencil skirt and a scarlet blouse. With her wings spread out, she walked across the parking lot, to that dirty glass door surrounded by all those bricks. It almost looked like a prison. She wished she could help more than one girl. But just helping one meant something for her, even if it screamed in her mind to be insignificant. A claw gripped the handle, and she walked inside. “Welcome!” a chipper weasel said. She had long reading glasses across her snout that held a huge smile. “Are you Ms. Chelsey? We’re so glad you could make it with the weather.” Unlike the secretary’s bright demeanor, the floor was bare, white perfect white tiles. The walls were white too, a waiting room, yet still, there was no dust anywhere. Chelsy wondered for a second why the outside wasn’t upkept but the inside was pristine (though in her mind, scourging.) But of course it made perfect sense, given what this place does. They likely wanted to keep a low profile from the local area’s government. She was entering a criminal dwelling. God, was this really her chosen adoption method? “The roads aren’t too slippery yet. Could I see the, umm, options now?” The language was so objectifying, but it felt better than the alternative. “Of course, our slaves are so excited to meet you.” As they walked down the blistering long hallway, Chelsey’s heels echoed all around. She would be confident here. She wanted a strong but gentle first impression. She held her white snout up. This place, despite its horrors, wouldn’t shake her from rescuing her future daughter. There, at the end, were two girls and a boy sitting on a bench, each chained with cuffs to the wall. One girl, a cat with long whiskers and lime fur, had her head down. She still has herself, Chelsey thought. The others, a male cat and a female cow, were alert, staring out, as close to a grin as they could muster. A tall bloodhound was smoking a cigarette and leaned against the still-white walls. There were no windows in here. “Ah, you’re here for one of these?” “Yes,” the weasel said. “A happy member to join her family.” Chelsey wanted to roll her eyes at the fakeness here. But it was true. She will make one of these animals happy. She needed to. Animals deserve to be happy. “Smile,” the dog gritted through his teeth, his snout deep into the girl cat’s ears. No, stop. He placed a paw under her snout, pushes up. She’s resisting. She wanted to keep her jaw down. He wouldn’t let her. Her force gives away, and her muzzle bolted upright. She looked straight at Chelsey now, and with near tears in her eyes, shined a delirious grin. The other cat shuffled in his seat—as much as his cuff will allow—feeling the tension here, but he took a clear breath. The cow seemed not to be bothered by all this movement, still calm and face ahead. Meanwhile, the weasel fanned herself with files, avoiding gazing at the scene. Was that her disguise peeling off, or was she okay with this business? Could she not get another job? Chelsey was always a curious dragon. “I would like to adopt her,” Chelsey said, pointing to the tortured female cat. “Please.” “Oh, but surely you would want one of these other fine specimen?” the dog said, a ringleader of his circus. There’s a bit of panic to his voice, and his paw strongly gestures outwards to the other two captives. “She’s such a runt of the litter, you know.” “I’ll take her. What’s her name?” “Maria,” the cat whispered. “Wait, was it okay to speak? I’m so sorry!” “It was very okay,” Chelsey said. She kneeled down, a hind talon stretching back down the cold hallway floor, a front talon offering to hold the Maria’s paw. “I’m Chelsey. I’m going to take you home. Would you like that?” “I…I think so? I mean, yes, master!” Maria’s eyes were very wide for the vertical pupils of a cat. She was absolutely terrified, the poor thing. “Pft,” the bloodhound grunts, arms crossed. “Who cares what she likes. She’s just a slave. Jeez, masters have gotten so soft these days.” Chelsey really, really wanted to snap at the dog. But it wasn’t worth it. She needed to seem at close to a normal slave master. They might reject the sale if they knew she was going to spoil this kitten. So the exhaled, her large belly and chest fluff falling inwards. and she turned her large lavender scaled head to the hound. “How much will she be?” *** The rain poured hard on the car’s windshield, and the window wipers worked in overtime. Maria was quiet in the backseat. She had her head down again. Of course she did. She still saw Chelsey as her slave master. I must be disgusting in her eyes, Chelsey thought. She needed to work to win this cat’s trust if the girl was to ever see her as mom. “How you doing back there, friend?” Chelsey was so tempted to say “little one,” but it wasn’t time yet. She looked at the girl in the rear view mirror. “You can drop the act.” “What?” “You bought a slave. You’re going to use me. You don’t need to pretend we’re friends.” For who had seemed to be scared little cat, this was a change. But at least she’s confident to express herself. This was a good start. After a focus on a tricky intersection, Chelsey had a response. “Someone’s a little confident now that they’re rescued.” “Rescued?” She’s skeptical, then furious. “Rescuing me? You want to own me! I’m just glad to not be slapped by that man anymore.” Chelsey chuckled. “You don’t think I’m going to slap you?” She’s loving this personality. Cats can be a bit snippy. “Nah, you seem too soft for that. You’re probably just going to make me fold laundry and cook dinner or something.” She sunk into her seat. “I’m kind of lucky to have you buy me. Still doesn’t make us friends, though.” There’s a bit of quiet. Then Chelsey said, “I don’t think you’re lucky to end up in a place like that.” “No,” Maria considered, “I wasn’t.” Silence some more. Chelsey continued, “I don’t expect you to open up to me right now or anytime soon. What I want you to know is that you’re free.” Maria scratched the fuzz around her ears, probably wondering if she heard that right. “What do you mean?” “I’m saying that I wanted do something good for once, and I decided to give someone a better life. You’re not my slave. You’re free to leave as soon as we arrive at my home.” “I..” She couldn’t comprehend this. She was squirming in her seat, her seat belt sweating to restrain her. “You’re still a fucked up woman to find an animal trafficking service instead of, I dunno, donating to charity, but oh my god, I have a life again. A life…” “Yes?” Chelsey said. She didn’t want to lose this cat, but this was all part of the plan. A good mother lets her children be themselves. “I don’t have any money, though. I’m just going to end up back there. Again.” “Which is why,” Chelsey said, “You can live at our home as long as you need. I don’t want to dump you off in the middle of nowhere. I want to help you live, reorder your life.” “So, you want to be, like, a guardian? Adoption services exist too, you know.” The cat missed the small slip of “our.” The dragon smirked, her fangs shiny and tall. “Sure, but I wanted to help someone in your position. It’s something I strongly care about.” Maria didn’t really understand this, but that cat seemed satisfied enough with this answer. “Sure. Thank you.” “…There will still be a few rules, but nothing that isn’t normal house stuff. I’ve got some surprises when we get home.” The cat’s attention was lost, though. The girl, maybe 22 or so, had her eyes out the window. The city’s towers were shrinking into rolling hills and cliff faces. They were on the highway now. It would be a long drive in the rain until they reached Chelsey’s home, now the home of two. A mother, and a daughter at least in a legal sense. But an emotional bond would come soon. The dragon craved it.
  4. Woke up this morning and enjoyed my Safari Bottle filled with some chocolate milk! You can't beat a bottle filled with Chocolate milk. What are you drinking in your bottle today? Joey
  5. First story pure smut. I apologize in advance for the bad grammar and punctuation! It was inspired by ABDL_Zexion1337's little witch picture. If I can get permission I will add the pic later. So I was out at a party last Halloween. Looking for my next quick fuck. Halloween was one of my favorite nights cause it was easy to spot the slutty girls as it was the one night of the year they could get away with dressing like a slut. I had gotten a bit of a reputation as I would say anything I had to to get the girls to fuck me and then would ghost them(pun intended). Well little did I know my life was about to change. I was drinking a beer and checking out who my next conquest was to be! This place wasn't my normal scene since not to brag but I had exhausted most of my normal haunts. And let's say the pickings were slim I thought the night might be a bust. But then I seen her a cute girl dressed as a witch. She hat a witches hat on and a cute orange shirt with ghost and such it was tight enough to show off her perky breasts and below that a little black skirt. Her outfit was more on the cute side than the normal slutty outfits I would normally target but the choker she wore around her neck screamed fuck me. Time to go to work I thought to my self as I purposely bumped into her causing her to spill her drink. I apologize and offended to buy her a new one wich she accepted. When I came back with her new drink I introduced my self and she told me her name was Scarlett. Things were going great we chatted and flirted back and forth and she insisted on buying me a drink when I finally accepted she happily scampered off and came back a few minutes later and put this insane looking drink infront of me. It was green and effervescent and bubbling. She told me it was a special Halloween drink and I would love it. So in the name of getting her in bed with me I tried it. And it was actually pretty good. After our drinks were finished I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere quieter and she agreed and grabbed her purse well it was more of a bag and said we could go back to her place as she was wet! I thought to my self fuck I'm good as I started to get hard thinking about what was gonna happen next. We took a Uber back to her place. It was a short ride where I did kiss her and it was electric. We kissed and groped each other all the way to her couch. And groping turned to heavy petting she grabbed my cock through my jeans and gave it a gentle squeeze. A little moan escaped my lips as my hand went under her skirt. I put my hand on what I assumed would be her panties but it didn't feel right I was expecting to feel damp panties instead they were dry but felt soft and squishy. I took my hand away and said what the fuck. Scarlett calmly replied what I told you I was wet as she pulled her skirt up. And what I assumed were her panties was infact the bottom of her ghost onesie that was practically bursting trying to hold back her very soggy diaper. I said fuck this stood up and said I'm out of here this shits to fucked. She waved her hand and said on your knees and I fell to my knees infront of her my face practically infront of her diaper. Freaked out I yelled what the fuck why can't I move. Again she flicked her wrist and said silence. I instantly couldn't make even a peep. She said let me explain what's going on. She said you see I am a witch and I heard about you from a few of my girl friends who you fucked and ditched. Well tonight that changes you see that "Halloween" drink I gave you was infact real wishes brew one I made up just for you. As I speak your body is changing becoming more femin you will become more like me she explained as she popped the snaps of her onesie and started to undo her very wet diaper. Once undone she let the front of it flop onto the couch cushion. Right infront of my face stood a 6 inch dick. My jaw dropped and she laughed and said no not yet. I quickly shut my mouth. With another quick hand jesture she said to stand and strip and as my body instantly followed her command I noticed my clothes were alot baggier than before and were practically falling off me as I easily pulled them off. I instantly noticed that gone were my big muscles I was now very slender and looking at my chest that had pec muscles that would make most guys jellous now had cute little b cup titties with big hard nipples as I looked lower my hips had grown much wider and more girly and my butt was well sexy if it was not on me! But what caused me to drop back to my knees of my own accord was my once 9 inch cock was now barely 1 inch. As tears ran down my cheeks she said don't be sad Terry I will help you with a little attitude adjustment. Now listen to me carefully untill you come see me next Halloween you are now Terri the cute little cock sucking sissy baby. You LOVE sucking cock it makes your tiny little little girl dick hard. And when you suck a cock while diapered as you swallow there tasty cum you will start to pee in your diaper but the hole time you pee it will feel like the most intense orgasm you have ever had. You will love it so much you will suck any and all dicks you can. You will be the best little cock sucker you can be all for the reward of wetting your cute little diapers. She waved her hand and said you are free to speak. I instantly asked in my new much more high pitched voice if I could please suck Scarlett's cock as I hungrily looked at it. Well I don't know are you sure you want to suck my pissy cock? I had a literal line of drule running down my chin as I nodded yes. I don't know she started as I began to beg her to teach me how to be a good little cock sucker. She finally agreed and coached me through the most magical experience in my life. My tiny little wee wee was hard the hole time and grew to 2 full inches. After a few minutes of doing what Scarlett instructed me to do I felt her cock get a little bigger in my mouth and it erupted string after string of wonderful cum into my mouth as I swallowed every last drop. I thanked her for letting me suck her pretty girl dick. Scarlett said let's get cleaned up and diapered. She proceeded to lay me down on a change mat she pulled out of what I know know is her diaper bag not her purse. And slid a big puffy pink rearz princess diaper under me. She powdered my and brought the front up and taped it tight. It felt heavenly soft. Once she got me up. She then layed on the mat and had me return the favor. It took all my will power to not end back up with her cute little dick back into her mouth. Once she was cleaned and rediapered she stated let's find you something to wear and go back out the night is still young. She dressed me in a cute little pink baby dress and we headed back to the bar. I sat with her at the table in the bar sucking on my pacifier as a couple of guys came and hit on us. One of the guys said you like sucking on your little pacifier little girl. I popped it out and said why do you have anything better for me to suck? He took my hand and let me to a booth in the back corner and I happily crawled under the table and hastily got his big treat he has for me. With all the tricks Scarlett taught me I had him blowing his load in my mouth in mear minutes. Being this was the second dick I sucked but the first I had while diapered. I started to pee as soon as I tasted the first of his salty load hit my tongue. I was practically screaming in pleasure around his erupting dick. It was the single greatest feeling I ever felt. Once I was done I went back to the table and sat down with a squish. I looked at Scarlett and said I know you said I would be like this for one year but can I stay this way for ever please I don't want to go back to being an icky man ever again. She smiled and said if I wanted to stay and be her play thing that might be possible and asked me if I had ever heard of a witches familiar before? But that's a story for another night for now I see alot more trick or treating that needs to be done after all this diaper is supposed to hold 1100ml I know right must be magic 😉
  6. Chapter 1: The Accident "No, no, no, no," Emily whispered to herself as she scrambled out of bed. She wanted to cry. Her pajamas were completely soaked. Running her hand back over her bed she realized that it to was soaked. She had wet the bed. Bedwetting wasn't new to Emily as she had started having nighttime accidents a few months before. The only issue was that because of her accidents, Emily had been wearing Huggies Pull-ups to bed every night. Well, except last night, of course. Last night, she had decided that she was a big girl and didn't need to wear one of her pull on diapers and so after her mom wished her goodnight, she switched her Pull-up for a pair of panties. Emily knew that her mom would be upstairs soon to check on her and make sure she was up and getting ready for school. She needed to hide the evidence from her accident, fast. She stripped off her pajamas and slid them underneath her bed. She didn't have time to shower and so she did her best to towel off before getting dressed for the day. when it came to her bed, Emily only had one option and that was to remake her bed like she did every morning and hope her mom wouldn't realize she had an accident. She would deal with it when she got home from school. "Emily," July, Emily's mom, shouted up the stairs. "Are you ready yet?" "Coming mom," Emily replied. She made sure that everything was where it should be before heading downstairs. "What took you so long, sweetheart? You're going to be late." "Sorry mom, I slept past my alarm clock." "Hmm, ok. Did you have an accident?" "Mom," Emily whined, "I didn't wet the bed." She hated being asked that question. It made her feel like a baby. "Alright, I'm just asking," July replied, handing Emily her lunch box and water bottle. "Now come on, let's get going." Grateful her lie had passed, Emily grabbed a pop-tart out of the pantry before climbing into the back seat of the car. Now all she had to do was make it through the school day without her Mom finding her wet bed and pajamas. With that, Emily dove into her strawberry pop-tart with a sigh as her mom pulled out of the driveway. Throughout the school day, all Emily could think about was her accident. She was worried that her mom would find her wet sheets and the thought made her uneasy. Even if her mom didn't find out about her accident, she had no idea how she was going to clean up her sheets without being asked about them. Maybe she could pretend to spill some juice on her sheets to have an excuse to wash them? No, she would still get in trouble for spilling on her bed and her sheets would smell from the accident. The whole thing made her head hurt and she wished she had just worn the stupid Pull-up in the first place. As soon as the bell rang after school, Emily grabbed her backpack and fought her way through the horde of kids to the car rider line. She only had to wait a few minutes before she spotted her mom's car and sure enough her name was called out by one of the teachers. A pit formed in Emily's stomach as she climbed into the back seat of the car. All she wanted to do was pick her mom's brain about whether or not she had found out about her accident. Emily knew better than that though and kept quiet about the subject. "Hey, sweetheart. How was your day?" "It was good. We got to go to PE today instead of music, and I got an A on my math test." Emily's uneasiness was already starting to go away as she relaxed. Her mom was asking the usual after school questions. She didn't seem suspicious at all about the accident. "That sounds like a fun day. Anything else you want to tell me? "Not really. We started a new book today in class, but it's pretty boring." "Is that all you want to tell me about?" "Yyyaaa." Emily fidgeted in her seat. The pit in her stomach was back and she felt a little nauseous. Her mom had to know something was up, but she wasn't going to admit to anything. "Are you sure there's nothing else that happened. Outside of school maybe?" It was over. Emily knew her mom had found out about her accident and it was time to fess up. Her face was bright red and full of shame. She tried to avoid the conversation a minute longer by gazing out the window. "I... I had an accident last night." "I know you did, sweetheart. Why didn't you tell me?" "I don't know." "That's not an answer, Emily." I... I didn't want you to be mad that I didn't wear a Pull-up last night. I'm sorry momm... mom. I... I didn't mean to." Emily was on the verge of tears. She felt bad for lying to her mom. She didn't normally lie, but lying about the accident seemed better than admitting that she hadn't worn a Pull-up to bed like she was supposed to. "Sweetheart, you should have told me this morning." "Would you have been upset?" "Yes, sweetheart, I still would have been upset that you didn't wear a Pull-up, but we all make mistakes. What I'm more upset by is the fact you lied." "I'm sorry, it won't happen again." "I know it won't happen again because there are going to be some changes around the house." "What do you mean?" "You'll find out when we get home. I want to show you your room before we talk." Emily didn't know what to think. What had her mom meant by "changes around the house" and why did she need to see her room? The only thing she knew for sure was that she was in big trouble and she slumped back in her seat, sitting in silence for the rest of the drive. At home, Emily slowly trudged inside and set her backpack down. She watched her mom head upstairs and she tried not to follow. She wanted to stay as far away as possible to try and avoid whatever punishment she was about to receive. "Emily, where do you think you're going, little one?" July asked, holding out her hand. "Come on, let's go see your new room." Little one. Emily had never been called this before. It stopped her dead in her tracks. Her mom had never been so serious and yet so calm before. She had no choice but to take her mom's hand and follow her up the stairs. Taking each step as slow as possible to try and delay the inevitable. Upstairs, Emily found something she wasn't expecting. There was a new sign on her door. It was a cute, pink sign that was very babyish in design. What she couldn't figure out is why it read "Emily's Nursery" in big bold letters. She had to read the sign a second time just to be sure her brain wasn't playing tricks on her. She hadn't been mistaken though, the babyish sign on her door hinted that there was a nursery on the other side of the door. Her nursery. But that didn't make any sense. She didn't have a nursery, she had a bedroom. "Don't be afraid, sweetheart, go look inside." Emily wasn't sure if she wanted to see inside, but her mom's firm hand on her backside coerced her into the room. Thanks for reading! This is my first story here on dailydiapers so please leave a comment and let me know what you think.
  7. Chapter 1: Intruder The sun was setting behind the surrounding buildings as Mark Jones walked down the sidewalk, trying not to draw attention to himself. He wanted to select a possible target for that very night. His mission was to obtain valuables but without taking too much risk. "No matter what, I'm going to be part of that gang," he thought as he started to elucidate which of the houses seemed to have the fewest occupants. He was referring to a group led by someone named Danny "The Dog". Mark had made contact with a member of the gang and the day before managed to arrange a meeting with the leader. The first impression was that Danny was capable of hand-to-hand combat with anyone and come out on top. He was full of tattoos and no doubt you would have to impress him a lot to get him to accept you as a member. "If you want to work with us you have to bring something of value first. If you don't have anything you'll have to 'borrow' it from someone else, you understand...", he told Mark, just before giving him a 48-hour deadline if he didn't want to lose his only chance. Just when the sun could no longer be seen Mark chose an elegant house to sneak into in a few hours. He didn't know exactly who lived there, but knowing that the neighborhood was one of elderly couples or widows living alone he knew it wouldn't be too difficult or dangerous. It was a wealthy area by his standards. It wasn't so far from his own apartment that he wouldn't know how to get away from it quickly, but he wasn't a regular on those streets either, so no one would be able to recognize him easily. He knew that being part of a gang was wrong, but he also knew that this way he would be able to make more money than with his stupid office job or any other job he could get. His apartment rent was already going through the roof, so somehow he needed to get extra money. He could do petty theft on his own but being part of a larger organization the figures were going to be bigger and more consistent. His plan for that night was to steal a couple of really valuable items to impress Danny "The Dog". He wouldn't use any weapons, so if he got caught he would get less jail time. He would just break into the house, extract a couple of pieces of jewelry and leave through the back door. Mark began to sweat as midnight approached. The idea of stealing made him a little nervous, but if he wanted to be a gang member it was the least he should be willing to do. He drank a whole bottle of water, a little to hydrate himself and a little to contain his anxiety. He threw the empty bottle in a trash can and started walking back towards the selected target. It started to get a little chilly and he wasn't wearing a sweater, but he didn't want to warm himself with his arms so as not to attract the attention of anyone who might be watching from behind the windows. Almost all the households seemed to have gone to sleep. He passed a couple of young women who had taken their dogs for a walk, but didn't look at them. To his chagrin, Mark began to shiver. His anxiety was starting to get the better of him, he was afraid that his plan would go wrong even if he didn't want to admit it. He started repeating in his mind a self-help message to calm himself down: "you are strong, you are a man, you can do it, you are strong". Although in fact he knew that he was too thin and that he should have hit the gym a long time ago to lift weights. Perhaps his laziness had led him to not be popular with women. But it didn't matter, because once he became a gang member he would have all the women he wanted. He would have women by the dozens, and they would all be the hottest in town. He finally arrived at the right house. It had nothing special, a porch, windows with glass and white shutters, ochre walls. Nothing out of the ordinary. But something told him that this was the ideal location to achieve his goal. He was convinced that getting into that house would change his life forever. This would turn out to be true, but not in the way he expected. Of course he wasn't going to be so foolish as to enter through the front door. He headed for one of the side windows, trying not to step on any plants or make any noise. As he reached the window he briefly observed his reflection in the glass: his out-of-control brown hair, his pale face, his skinny arms. "As soon as Danny accepts me as a member I'm going to hit the gym. That way no one will take me totally seriously as a gang member," he thought. He tried to open the window, but it was closed. He tried the others but they were impossible to open. He became even more nervous, fearing that someone had seen him and was calling the police at that very moment. He changed his plans: he would enter through the back door. He pulled his little tweezers out of his pocket and picked the lock. He finally managed to get into the property. "So what now," he muttered and then regretted making unnecessary noise. Mark tried to navigate the house making as little noise as possible. When he reached what he thought was the living room (he couldn't tell because it was darker than he had thought), he discovered a cabinet and began to open the drawers to steal whatever was inside. He was glad because he felt that his fingers had touched some kind of necklace that seemed to be made of gold. Just as he was putting the necklace in a bag he thought he heard a noise. "Someone must have woken up," he said to himself. He thought about running out the back door, but he felt he needed something else to offer Danny. He needed a little more time and his goal would be accomplished. Hearing no more noises he calmed down and set out to move ahead. But he didn't take another step. The living room lights came on and suddenly a gray-haired woman appeared. She was holding a rifle. -Who the hell are you?- cried the woman, who at first glance appeared to be about 70 years old. But Mark didn't answer because he was filled with fear at the gun pointed at him. -Throw down that thing you grabbed and get down on your knees or else I'll shoot you," the woman continued shouting. Mark was petrified. His plan had gone horribly wrong. Now he had a chance of going to jail. The old woman continued to point at him. Mark threw down the bag with the necklace but did not kneel. His legs did not answer him. The woman rattled the trigger of her rifle to scare him. Suddenly something even more unexpected happened. A stream began to run down Mark's crotch. His underpants became damp. Without realizing it, he had peed himself. The owner of the house began to laugh in his face, her lips full of red lipstick accentuating the laughter. He began to cry. He didn't understand what was going on. Everything had turned out much worse than he had expected. The woman laughed even harder at his tears and said: -You look like a peeing, crying baby. I've suffered from intruders before and none were as pathetic as you. The woman introduced herself as Susan and asked him why he had invaded her home. He stammered back, begging for forgiveness. He told her about his idea to become a gang member. -You? A gang member? You wouldn't last an hour. Believe me, my late husband was a policeman and I know very well how gangs operate. I don't remember them ever accepting people who do it in their pants," she giggled again, but this time it was followed by a yawn. Mark had certainly interrupted her sleep. -Please," Mark pleaded, "don't call the police. I'll make it up to you any way I can, I'll mow your lawn if I have to," he said through tears. -Oh, don't worry," she replied, "I've got something better in mind for you”. She took him by the hand and they walked into a room with a couch, bookshelves and a closet. Mark sensed the wetness in his crotch and it reminded him of the shame of having peed on himself. Mrs. Susan opened the closet. "What's she going to get out of there?", Mark wondered. Maybe it was boxer shorts and a clean pair of pants that he could change into. Maybe it would all be over quickly. He would change, apologize again and promise never to break into someone else's house again. Susan opened a drawer and took out something white. Mark couldn't believe what he was seeing: what the lady had grabbed were adult diapers. -No, there's no way I'm going to wear that," he exclaimed, despairing at the idea. -Of course you are, young man. You can't wear your wet clothes. If you keep whining you're going to leave me no choice but to call the police," she grinned, "I'm sure they're going to think you're cute when they realize that you pee your pants like a toddler. Mark was horrified at the thought of the cops making fun of him and his wet underpants. He had no choice but to take Mrs. Susan by the hand and walk up the stairs with her. They walked to a room in the middle of the hallway. Before opening the door, Mrs. Susan pointed to the large diapers she kept under her arm and commented, "You never know, especially at this age, when you might need one of these. Luckily I don't need them yet. You're fortunate, since that means they're available for you". After saying this she opened the door. Mark could not believe his eyes. It was nothing less than a nursery. There was a crib and a changing table next to it. Both were not his size but were quite large. Susan explained that it was the room she had reserved years ago for her first and only grandchild. Now he was grown and in elementary school, but out of nostalgia and idleness she had never remodeled the room and had left it as it was. She pointed to the changing table. Mark couldn't believe what was happening, but he didn't have much choice. He didn't want to risk angering the lady of the house and provoking her into calling 911. He lay down on the table and closed his eyes, hoping that everything would go as quickly as possible. Already with his eyes closed he could feel Susan removing first his wet pants and then his underwear. Out of sheer anxiety he opened his eyes and saw how the lady was taking out some wipes to clean him. Embarrassment made him close his eyes tighter, as if that would change anything. "Don't worry, you'll be dry in no time," she said, and somehow instead of comforting him this made him even more distressed. He was supposed to become a tough gangster, not a baby who needed to be changed! He tried to hold back tears as a last-ditch effort to preserve his dignity. He concentrated so hard on not letting any tears escape that he didn't notice when Susan fastened the tapes on his diaper. "There," she said, with a smile. She was pleased with her work. Then she yawned and said: -I'm so tired, I want to go back to sleep. Why don't you go to sleep too? But don't think you're going to get away with this. We still need to talk about your actions, young man. Mark replied, "Okay, where am I going to sleep?". It should have been obvious, but he was still surprised when Susan pointed her head toward the crib. -No, no, no way," Mark was tired of such humiliation. He'd had enough. "Just give me my pants and I'm going home. You're never going to see me again in your life." But she flatly refused. "Listen, your pants need to be washed and we're already in the wee hours of the morning. Just get some sleep and tomorrow we'll see." She didn't give much chance to respond. She smiled like the tender grandmother she was ( aside from the use of the rifle), turned around and before closing the door wished goodnight to her beloved intruder, who had been left dressed only in a T-shirt and his diapers. Resigned, Mark climbed into the crib and tried to get comfortable, although the space was too small for him. As he tried to ignore the humiliating feeling of the diapers, he pondered what had gone wrong with his plan. Thinking about this and looking to find an excuse for the gang leader, he gradually fell asleep. TO BE CONTINUED
  8. Chapter 1 WISH'S Tim was a regular guy who lived a relatively ordinary life. One day, as he was walking through town, he happened upon an old, rundown store that he had never noticed before. The building looked quite peculiar, so Tim decided to go inside and take a look around. As he browsed the shelves, he came across a lamp that looked exactly like the kind you would see in a movie about genies, like the one in Aladdin. Tim thought it was hilarious, so he decided to buy it. When he got home, he placed the lamp on a shelf and jokingly began to rub it, fully expecting nothing to happen. To his surprise, a genie suddenly appeared before him, causing Tim to rub his eyes in disbelief. "Are you real?" he asked. The genie smiled and replied, "As real as anything else, that's for sure. I am the genie of the lamp, and for freeing me from my eternal prison, you shall be granted three wishes." Tim was dumbfounded and excited at the prospect of having his heart's desire. "I wish to have money and lots of it," he says to the genie. The genie responds, "Easy enough." He nods his head and declares that the wish has been fulfilled. Tim says, "Wow, really? Just like that, huh?" He checks his bank account on his phone and sees that it's true – his bank account now has over ten million dollars in it. "Hmm, what made you decide on that much money?" he asks the genie. The genie explains, "It's based on your perspective. Since you asked for a lot, I gave you what your opinion of a lot would be." That makes sense, Tim replies, "For my second wish, I'd like to have more time," he says to the genie. He goes on to explain that life can feel so short, and he would love the opportunity to live longer. The genie nods and says, "Very well. I can give you the time you wish for." In a flash, Tim finds himself transported out of his living room and into a nursery that he doesn't recognize. It appears to be a young child's room, but it is obscured by some kind of wooden rails. As he looks around, he realizes that he is now in a crib and is much smaller than he was just moments before. He calls out for the genie and what comes out of his mouth is, "Jee jee." Oh no, he thinks. I can't talk like an adult. I can only babble half words. What am I going to do? To his surprise, the genie shows up and says, "Are you ready to make your third wish? You may think it at me if you'd like." Tim thinks at the genie, "What happened? Why did you make me a baby?" The genie replies, "Well, you asked for more time, so more time is what I gave you. You now have a whole lifetime of time." Tim thinks for a moment and then thinks at the genie, "But is there anyone to take care of me until I can take care of myself?" The genie says, "Yes, you have a mother and a father who are just in the other room. They believe you are taking a nap." Oh, well that's a relief, Tim thinks to himself. Then he thinks at the genie, "What about the money from my first wish? Did i lose it because of this?" The genie replies, "The money has been transferred to a trust fund that you will be able to access when you turn 18 again." Well, I guess that's fine, thinks Tim. He then asks, "What about my family's financial situation? Are we well off?" The genie replies, "Yes, you are in quite a wealthy and loving home. Although, your family does have some problems, although you probably shouldn't worry about it. It's not all that big of a deal." Tim takes this response and is fine with not knowing. "Well, I guess it's time for my final wish, I suppose," says Tim. The genie simply nods. "I wish you were free from the lamp," Tim says. The genie, with a semi-annoyed look, replies, "While I appreciate the gesture, I can't grant that wish. Without the lamp, I am actually powerless, and I'd rather not be." Oh, Tim thinks. Well, I guess I could wish that with freedom, you retain your strength. Or would that not work? The genie says, "No, it would not. Without the lamp, my power is nonexistent, whether you wish I retain my strength or not." Tim then decides to make his last wish that when he writes something down, his words become real, and that it also works with pictures. The genie says he can do that, which catches Tim off guard. He had felt like there was no way that wish could be granted based on what the genie had just said, but he realizes that having powers and him having powers are two different sets of rules. The genie then disappears in a poof, leaving little Tim standing at the rail of his crib. As he looks around, he realizes that something feels off, but he can't quite place what it is. He shakes it off as being in a new body and all that. It is then that his new mother enters the room and says, "Uh oh, looks like my little man needs a new diaper." Tim's face drops from mild confusion to a full-blown blush as it takes him until now to realize that he is now wearing a diaper. As Tim's mother changes his diaper, he is surprised by the amount of detail that goes into the process. He can feel the warmth of the diaper as it is removed and sees the mess that he has made. His mother sprays him with a special solution to clean him up before patting it dry with a soft cloth. She then applies a generous amount of powder to keep him dry and comfortable before putting on a fresh diaper. As she fastens the tabs, Tim notices that she also applies a cream to prevent diaper rash. Once he is all cleaned up and properly diapered, Tim's mother places him in a playpen with just a diaper and a t-shirt on. As he looks around, he realizes that he has nothing to do but play with baby toys such as a rattle, blocks, stuffed animals, and toy cars. He picks up the rattle and shakes it, but it doesn't hold his attention for very long. He moves on to the blocks, but they are too hard for him to play with properly. Stuffed animals and toy cars are more his speed, but even those start to lose their appeal after a while. Just when Tim is starting to get bored, his mother returns and puts a pacifier in his mouth. Tim sucks on it contentedly for a while, but even that starts to lose its charm. He tries to stand up and walk, but finds it very hard to do. His legs are wobbly and he has to concentrate hard to take even a few steps. He falls down a few times before finally giving up and crawling back to his toys. As he plays, he can't help but wonder what life as a baby is going to be like. He knows that it will be a long time before he is able to do all the things that he used to take for granted, but he is determined to make the most out of his second childhood. Chapter 2 The Embarassment Of Extreme Youth Tim's story continues as he waddled over to his toys with a growing fascination for them. He felt the urge to put them in his mouth, but he wasn't sure why. His newfound baby body couldn't help but comply with it, so he picked up one of the blocks and thought about how difficult it might be to play with. However, he wondered if it might have a taste that was worth trying. He let his pacifier fall out of his mouth and placed the block, corner first, into his mouth and started drooling all over it. It was about this time that he realized how good it felt to chew on something. The way it felt on his nearly toothless mouth made him lose all sense of reason and self. He zoned out on his new obsession, until his mommy picked him up and removed the wooden plaything from his mouth. "Uh-uh, that's not for chewing, little Timmy," she scolded him. She then picked up the pacifier, cleaned it off, and replaced it with the block. This snapped Tim out of his state of regression, which for the first time since he was transformed, scared him. He was now concerned about losing his mind to his now miniature body. She then checked his diaper and announced, "All dry! What a big boy you are!" This caught Tim off guard, since not too long ago she had changed his diaper. Does this mean to imply that he wets his diaper so frequently that being dry for 10 to 20 minutes was some form of accomplishment? This question was answered for him as, without warning, mommy said, "Oops, I guess I jinxed it. Oh well, you're still not all that wet. You can keep that one on for a little bit longer, at least until you wet again." Tim then started to tear up and attempted to say that he's not a baby and doesn't need diapers, but to Tim's dismay, it sounded simply like a bunch of "mmmhmms" and "bababa" sounds. This then made his mommy say, "Oh, you want your baba? Such a smarty pants, you'll be speaking in no time at all, sweety." She then took him into the kitchen and placed him in a weird chair. It took him a minute, but he soon realized it was a highchair. He began to shuffle in the chair as it was an embarrassing position to be in and he was really starting to get tired from all of this impossible stuff that had befallen him in the past hour or so. She began preparing a bottle as he squirmed in his high chair and was hoping this wouldn't take that long. She brought the bottle over to him and said, "My big thirsty guy is ready for his baba, yes he is," which made Tim blush as he wasn't used to being baby-talked. While it was super embarrassing, he was actually starting to enjoy it. She put the bottle on his chair and walked back over to the cabinet. She grabbed something out of it and a spoon from the drawer and made her way back over to Tim. She popped the lid on some kind of jar, and he tried to read what it said, but it was written in a foreign language of some kind. Now that he thought about it, the blocks he was playing with were also marked with some kind of unusual writings he didn't know. But before Tim could fully go over the details in his head, he began to hear a funny noise. It was coming from his mommy, she was doing something with the spoon. She began making chugga chugga chugga noises repeatedly. He wasn't sure why, but she did look funny and he couldn't help but giggle at her. She was also making a silly face which didn't help at all. Right when he started laughing, she took her moment and drove the train into the tunnel so to speak. This caught Tim off guard as he reflexively closed his mouth on the spoon, only to be met with the taste of something icky. It was some kind of vegetable, which one he couldn't tell you, but mommy sure could. She says, "What a big boy, eating you strained peas." Tim was a bit grossed out by this, but like most of his day, he wasn't really getting a choice in this. He did attempt to keep his mouth closed, but he fell for every trick in the book: the airplane, the car, and even the train again. He was feeling utterly defeated by the end of the jar and the worst part was, he definitely got more on him than in him like a real baby would. He was then wiped off with a wash rag and taken out of his high chair. His mommy had him in one arm and the bottle in the other. He thought that she was going to let him drink it in the playpen or something like that. But he was then led into a nursery room where she sat in a rocking chair and began to feed him directly from the bottle. The whole while, his face was pink as can be from sheer embarrassment, not only from the bottle feeding itself but also from the fact that he was made a complete fool out of during his mush feeding. As he subconsciously drank from the bottle, he wondered how much of his mental faculties had become that of a baby. But it's probably more accurate to say he thought "why me, has baby brain" just so you can get an idea of his mental vocabulary. As he pondered his future, he remembered his third wish that might get him out of this somehow. That idea was short-lived however, as he realized that he hadn't seen let alone had a drawing utensil once since he'd become like this. Again, his mommy cut his thought process off though. Tim's mother begins to pick him up and bring him over to the changing table. She starts to untape his dirty diaper and as she does, she comments "Oh my, someone made a stinky." Tim's face turns red with embarrassment, especially since he hadn't even known that he had used his diaper in the first place. His mother gently wipes him clean, removing the soiled diaper and getting a clean one out. She then places it under him, adding powder and diaper rash cream. As she applies the cream, she points out "Gotta make sure my little man doesn't get a rash during his nap." Tim lay there feeling humiliated and helpless as his mother finishes up the diaper change. After Tim finishes up his bottle mid diaper change, his mother declares it's time for a nap. She tapes up the clean diaper and begins changing him into his pajamas. Once he's all snug in his teddy bear jammies Tim's mother picks him up and brings him to his crib, where she tucks him in and kisses his forehead before leaving the room. Tim lay there feeling exhausted and confused, still trying to process all that had happened to him in the past few hours. He hopes that he'll get a chance to use the power of his third wish before he starts potty training since by then what'll be the point. He then sits up in the crib and wiggles about noticing how comfy his outfit is not just the pajamas but even the diaper feels pretty comfy at least when it's dry. He then sees a teddy bear next to him and grabs it thinking to himself he'll fix it when he wakes up. Chapter 3 The Ominous Mr.Bear Bear Tim woke up from his nap and rubbed his eyes, removing the sleepy specs that had accumulated during his nap. As he looked around, it took him a moment to remember where he was and what had happened. He sat up and thought to himself, "hmm guess I'm awake. This is weird. It's the first time I've been awake where I haven't been supervised." Even when he was in the playpen, someone was always watching him. But this was perfect for Tim, as he could finally compose his thoughts better. He then saw that Mr. Bear Bear was still under his arm, and he wasn't sure when he had come up with calling him that, but he felt like it fit. He then said to Mr. Bear Bear, "What do you think I should do about all this baby stuff?" However, with his now limited vocabulary and the pacifier in his mouth, it was completely incoherent to anyone but Tim himself and his new best friend. He then figured he would have to try to get his mother's attention somehow, but honestly, he didn't have a clue on how to do that. He paced in his roomy crib until the feeling of being trapped in his comfy prison became too much to bear, even though in reality it was closer to two or three minutes of waddling around the crib and working himself up. This finally boiled over as Tim lost himself and one tear became two, and before he knew it, he was full on bawling his eyes out and making quite a racket. His mother came into the room and said, "Looks like my little man is up!" She approached the edge of the crib and said, "Aww, honey, what's wrong? Did somebody wake up on the grumpy end of Dream Town?" Tim looked up and giggled at the funny words his mother had said. He felt like he was having trouble understanding exactly what she meant, but he figured it didn't matter. His mother had finally come to save him from the wooden jail cell. He held his arms up, clearly wanting to be picked up. The thing is, he was still holding Mr. Bear Bear, and so when his mother picked him up, this caused Mr. Bear Bear to fall out from under his arm, which reignited the nearly subsided tears. All his mother heard from her child's mouth was "babababababa," unclearly wanting his bear bear back. Fortunately for Tim, his mother was very understanding, realizing what the problem was fairly quickly. She reached into the crib with one arm while supporting Tim under his padded tushie with her other. She then handed him the bear, which helped Tim quiet down. She then said to him, "My little Timmy loves his Mr. Bear Bear, doesn't he?" He then thought that it was funny that his mother knew his bear friend's name too. But she can't understand me? How does she know the silly name I came up with? He thought to himself. Then it dawned on him that his grown-up mind and his baby mind may be merging and that's why things had felt so off to him. Its like gaining a section of memories from the life he was now living. This was promptly interrupted when his mother placed Tim onto the changing table for what felt like the bazillionth time for Tim. He tried to shout, "How many times a day am I gonna wet my pants?" but again, he just sounded like a grumpy baby. But his mother did understand one thing from that, her grumpy little baby was in no mood for a diaper change. Tim put on a grumpy face as he held Mr. Bear Bear close while his mother started untaping his diaper. Fortunately, this time Tim had only wet, which while annoying for him, was also a relief, which also bothered him in itself. He held his stuffed bear while playing with his hands as his mother wiped him down with a damp washcloth and eventually pulled out the soiled diaper from underneath him. She then grabbed a fresh diaper, this one a Huggies with Mickey Mouse characters on it, and placed it under his butt. She powdered and lotioned him up, taped the diaper securely, and declared that Tim needed something adorable to wear to the store. At that point, Tim had stopped paying attention to anything but Mr. Bear Bear, then his mother took his shirt off, leaving him topless for the first time since he got small. This was a little embarrassing, but it did give him an opportunity to see what was hiding under his shirt. No more chest hair, in fact, no hair anywhere aside from the top of his head, of course. He looked himself over, sitting upright and still on the changing table when his mother returned with what looked like a t-shirt and some jeans. But as she dressed him, he thought the shirt was odd since it had buttons on the bottom and not in the way they would normally go. These ones had them strewn on the bottom from left to right, not up and down like a normal button-up shirt, but she put it on and buttoned it. He felt secure, like his diaper was extra snug with this new shirt on. As for the jeans, these too were odd as they had some kind of strap that went over the front and latched onto a button on either side of him. To those in the know, which Tim was not, he'd just be dressed in a diaper, a onesie, and a pair of overalls, all the while oblivious to his outfit and too his soon to be predicament. The prospect of going out as he is would've had him mortified, but fortunately for him and his mother's sake, he was completely oblivious to what was transpiring. She then brought him downstairs and placed him in a baby bouncer as she did she declared she had only a few things left to do before they can go. Tim just sat there in the bouncer with his bear friend in his arms, a pacifier in his mouth, and a content expression on his face. He sat there in a trance-like state for an obscured amount of time before his mother returned, picked him up, and headed for the front door. She then opened the door and was on a course for the 4 door sedan that sat in the driveway. It was around this time Tim began to panic a little, unsure of what was happening as his mother led him to the car. She placed him into a weird seat and strapped him in. He was still clutching tightly to Mr. Bear Bear as he was locked in place in the car. Looks like Tim, Mr. Bear Bear, and his mother were going on an adventure that Tim had most certainly not signed up for. Chapter 4 Ch.4 the grossie Store There sat Tim, strapped into a car seat on his way to an unknown destination, as his mother drove down the street. He felt anxious about being seen in his babyish state, even though he knew full well that no one would view him as anything besides a baby wherever he ended up. Despite this, he couldn't shake the fear of being ripped from his safe space at home and thrust into a new, potentially terrifying, and foreign environment. That's when he started to hear music, or at least he thinks he did. Although he wasn't sure where it was coming from, it seemed to be all around him. The music he heard was upbeat, with simple notes and basic lyrics, but he quickly began to enjoy it. Before he knew it, he was bouncing up and down in his car seat, it was an absolute rave with Mr. Bear as they danced the rhythm of the music. His mother caught a glimpse of him in the rear-view mirror and said, "You love your nursery rhymes, don't you, sweety?" She couldn't help but smile at her goofy baby as he bounced in place in the back of the sedan. The drive wasn't long and they soon pulled into a parking lot filled with people coming and going to the large building in front of the lot She found a spot to park as close to the entrance as possible and expertly maneuvered the car into place. The car grew quiet as she unbuckled her seatbelt and exited, with Tim watching curiously. She started to walk away from the car and made her way to a mini roof, grabbing something Tim couldn't see from his position in the car. She returned and opened Tim's door, unbuckling him from the car seat and taking him out of the car. Now Tim could see what she had retrieved from the mini roof - it was a cart. She placed him in the front of the cart and they made their way past all the other people, entering the building. The building was packed with people, all in a rush, and Tim's mother was no exception. Tim wondered what could cause such a sudden and unnecessary haste in this place. As they entered, Tim saw flowers outside, and once they crossed the threshold, he saw stands for bread and boxes with pictures of snacks. He was immediately hit with a strange smell - like the smell of nature, but more manufactured. He saw stands and stands of fruit and vegetables, but his mother wheeled him past those, opting to start with less perishable foods first. That's when Tim remembered what this building was, and shouted "Gwwooww swoow!" His mother looked at him, unsure of what he was trying to say, and patted Tim on the head. She said, "We gotta get my little man some nom noms, don't we? Tim just continued to stare in awe at the gigantic grocery store. He was shocked at how big it felt. He had noticed before how strange it was to be this small, but this put it into a brand new perspective for him. He was absolutely shocked at this place. While Tim stared in awe, his mother began to do all the necessary shopping to keep her and her family well fed until the next time. As they passed through an aisle, Tim saw something he wanted and began to make noises and point. His mom eventually had her attention captured and looked to where he was pointing, confused. She saw crayons and said, "Oh yeah, you must remember these from when I gave you some a few weeks ago." Tim looked up with another look of confusion, wondering why he had not seen the crayons at home. His mother said, "Well, if you miss them that bad, maybe we can give them another go when we get home, but I can't buy these right now, especially since we already have some at home." Tim was satisfied with that and was more than willing to drop it for now. His mother was surprised at the quickness to drop the crayons, almost as if he understood what she had said, which she then laughed off as a coincidence. They continued their shopping, picking up all the usual essentials like food, drinks, paper towels, laundry stuff, and paper plates. That's when they made it to Tim's aisle, the baby section. Tim turned red, knowing that no matter what she picked out in this aisle, it would most likely have something to do with his butt. She grabbed some pamper brand diapers and said that maybe they should try a different kind this time. The first thing and he's already mortified. Then she grabbed some wipes, powder, and some creams for good measure. The last thing she bought was some new pacifiers. She added that it was time to move up a size, to which Tim thought, I didn't know they came in different sizes. His mommy finished up in the rest of the aisles and made her way back to the produce section. Tim breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that they must be nearly done. His mommy began to bag an assortment of different fruits and veggies, and then made a beeline for the registers. Of course, they were all crowded, just his luck, he felt Tim and his mother finally made it to the checkout line, where they sat waiting their turn for what felt like an eternity to Tim. After what was likely 15 minutes, they finally had their items placed on the conveyor belt, ready to be scanned. Just as the last few items were being bagged, they heard a loud noise behind them. Someone had dropped a container of juice while loading it into their shopping cart, which startled Tim, causing him to start crying. His mother quickly paid for the groceries, loaded the cart, and tried to comfort Tim by bouncing him a little. However, as she did so, she caught a whiff of a stinky diaper. "Uh oh, looks like my little guy got the poop scared right out of him," she joked, which only upset Tim more, causing him to cry even harder. Despite the situation,she took a moment to appreciate the joke. She then made her way back to the car as quickly and safely as possible. This was the longest Tim had gone in a dirty diaper, as they had been trapped in the store for over an hour. He hadn't even noticed that his diaper was in such a state until his mother pointed it out, embarrassing him even more. She made her way back to the car, where she efficiently loaded the back of the sedan. However, her return to the store only served to confuse Tim, who was still too busy crying to care. As she wheeled him back into the store and headed towards the women's bathroom, she grabbed a bag with yellow ducks on it and took Tim out of the wagon. Although Tim's tears had mostly subsided, they still rolled down his face. Upon entering the bathroom, she went straight to the diaper changing station that was built into the wall. She pulled it open and strapped Tim into it, but as she started undoing the buttons on his overalls, he realized what she was doing and his embarrassment caused his tears to start anew. She expertly got the overalls off, followed by the onsie, and was able to easily access the dirty diaper. With ease, she placed the two pieces of clothing into a plastic bag and set to work changing Tim's diaper She untaped his stinky diaper while Tim somewhat squirmed on the table. She carefully grabbed the front of the diaper to open it up and as she did, Tim felt the cold air hit his diaper area, which caused his pee-pee to go off. His mother quickly covered the stream with the already oversaturated diaper, which caused some leaking onto the changing table. She quickly wiped up the mess with some of the paper towels she keeps on hand for such emergencies. After the stream subsided and the table was dried, she began to wipe Tim clean with some wet wipes, first the front and then the back, making sure to keep Tim elevated so as not to get messy again. Once his bottom was properly cleaned, she removed the diaper and let him settle back down. She balled the dirty diaper up like a pro and placed it into the trash can. She then got out a fresh diaper, lifted his legs, and gently placed the fresh diaper under him. Next came the powder. She got him nice and powdered up, closed the diaper, and made sure it was secured nicely. Tim, at this point, had his face covered by his hands, not wanting to see anything and fully committed to being embarrassed. His mother took him off the table and placed the dirty cloths into the ducky bag. She then made her way back to the wagon just outside the bathroom. Tim then realized she hadn't dressed him. Was she going to leave him topless all the way home? Unfortunately for Tim, that was indeed the case. As she placed him in the wagon, he shamefully sat there wearing nothing but his fresh diaper which adorned Goofy from Disney on the front. For the first time since they had arrived, it felt like his mom wasn't in a rush as she leisurely made her way to the exit. It was almost as if she was proud of her little bundle of joy and wanted everyone to see him in his semi-naked glory. Tim's face was red the whole way out of the building, to say the least. He was fully relieved to be returned to his car seat where Mr. Bear Bear waited for him. He unconsciously hugged him as tightly as his little arms could as they made their way back home. 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  10. Author's Note (Read before you read): This is based off of a roleplay between @Nappy_Queen and myself that can be found in the role play section of the forum. I have edited it and updated the descriptions in it to flow well and offer a more detailed view of the story than our rp offers. Please let us know what you think and where you want to see it go. Chapter 1: Janet got home from another day at the office. She worked part time as a secretary in her husband’s company Designated Adventures, a leading company in technology and science. Today her coworker, a young woman in her early twenties, announced she was pregnant. While Janet was happy for the young woman, she was jealous as well. At thirty Janet expected by now she would have started a family. She has been married to her husband for five years now and they had dated since high school. So many times they had argued about starting a family. Her husband always argued it wasn’t the right time, he’s just starting his business, they wouldn’t have time for each other, the excuses went on. She was so tired of arguing with her husband for something that she felt should come easy for them. They were financially stable, had a beautiful home, great friends, a family of their own is all that was missing. Over the last few months Janet had begun to see her husband as selfish. His every concern was what he wanted how changes would affect him. He acted like a child only caring about his wants and needs and her feelings be damned. Janet poured herself a glass of Riesling as she began looking over the current and recently finished projects on her laptop. She flipped through the documents item after item noting progress. She was about to turn off her laptop when she saw a new project was almost complete that she was not aware was on the books. From the looks of it, the device was a gun that could change the size of anything. Suddenly, an idea formed in Janet’s mind. If he won’t give me a baby, maybe he can be one” The project was two weeks from completion giving her plenty of time to prepare and get her plan in motion. Jon was riding high, he had a beautiful wife, great friends, and a company that was driving full steam toward a public stock trade debut in a month. He had planned that after the release of a few of his newest inventions one of which was his most secret project, the size ray. It was just completing animal trials and would be ready for human testing in two weeks. The thirty-one year old was the owner and CEO of the company he had started with his best friend. They stood to make a ton of money when the company went public. He had already made millions while it had been private. Jon drove home in his blue 2021 corvette stingray. He loved having the top down letting the wind whip through his hair . He pulled into the driveway of his beautiful suburban home which was subtle for his wealth. He and his wife liked to keep their extravagance to a minimum. In the back seat he had Asian food for his wife, a token for him being a little later than usual. He knew she would be upset that he stayed late in the office again, but he hoped the takeout would smooth things over. He walked into the kitchen and saw her working on her computer, "working late there my cute secretary?" He spoke in a sexy teasing tone as he walked up to her. The tall six foot one man put down the takeout bag which wafted it alluring smells into the room. "I got you take out from that place you like downtown." Jon smiled as he put his arms around her. "What are you working on?" he asked looking at her computer, but the screen had long since went black as she seemed to want to keep that a secret from her husband. Janet had gone through half the bottle of the sweet white wine before Jon got home. She sighed as he said he got food from the place she liked. She didn't even like Chinese food all that much. He liked it, much like everything these days though that didn't seem to matter to him. She decided once more she would try to talk to him. "Just looking over the projects, everything seems to be on time. There are even a few things ahead of schedule.” She paused choosing her next words carefully. “Did you hear Lynnette, in accounting, is expecting? You'll have to find someone to fill her place when she goes on maternity leave." Janet refilled her glass of wine. “It's exciting don't you think her and her husband are both still young figuring things out but they're going for it full steam ahead. It makes me think about you and I. About us starting a family of our own." "Yea, well that is great for them and I’m so happy that they are going to have a kid. I’m giving both of them leave. I’m sure we can find someone to pick up her hard work, but she did say she wanted to work for about five months into her pregnancy." Jon said sitting next to his wife smiling. "Janet, is this about having kids again?" Jon’s demeanor changed to a more serious one. "You’re being very baby crazy Janet, why is that?" Jon asked, eating some sweet and sour chicken. Janet frowned at his comment. Putting down her glass of wine she stared at him. "Baby crazy? Is it so crazy to want to start a family with the man I've been with since I was a teenager? Is it crazy if I expect you to care about the one thing I care about when I've always prioritized you?!" She stepped away from him infuriated. "Do you not realize we are in our thirties now? While you've got all the time in the world to start a family I don't. I'm on a timer and my biological clock is ticking! How is it you can do so much for everyone else but not me? I always support you in everything." She shook her head, grabbing her wine glass, she finished the contents and put the glass in the sink. "I'm going to bed." Janet didn't even look at him as she left the kitchen to shower and change for bed. She was tired, emotionally and physically drained. He put everything into his business, friends, even his employees. Why can't he just learn he should have put more into their relationship, into hearing and supporting her wants as she did his. Janet thought went into their marble bathroom. Janet had tears rolling down her face as she got into the shower. She cried not out of sadness but frustration. Again he cast aside her feelings about starting a family; he even called her crazy?! Well she'd have to show him just what baby crazy looked like then. She took her shower and changed into a purple satin pajama shorts set. After lotioning her body and brushing her hair Janet shook her head looking at the main door to the master bedroom. In all the time it took her to shower and prepare for bed he still couldn't even bother to come talk to her. She sighed and got into bed. Changes were definitely needed around here. Turns Out she'd lay out her plan to make those changes happen. Janet turned out her bedside lamp leaving their room in pitch dark. Jon sat at the kitchen table, he felt so guilty, “shit, that’s how she feels?” He asked himself as he poked at his orange chicken. He wasn’t hungry anymore, he didn’t want to do anything but be with his beautiful wife. He was worried she would be upset for him coming after her, but he stood up and sighed. Jon walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and down the hall toward his and his wife’s bedroom. He slowly opened the door hoping she wouldn’t bite his head off when he opened the door. He braced for the absolute worst. “Janet? Honey?” He asked softly, wary she could be asleep already. He was met with the sound of light snoring from the slightly drunk woman. Jon entered the room before he stood on his wife’s side of the bed looking down at her sleeping. “Honey can we talk?” He whispered at her. It was a Friday night and he was hoping that they would’ve had a nice night drinking wine and beer like they used to a few years ago. He got no reply and he knew that waking his wife up would make things far worse. He just went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and change into his boxers and t-shirt before he got under the covers next to his wife. He wrapped his arms around her and smiled. “Honey I love you, let’s have a kid.” He whispered into her ear. Janet had woken while Jon was moving about the room getting ready for bed. When he whispered that they should have a child she felt happy but also upset. Instead of ignoring him she let out a sigh. "Please, don't just say it to placate me. Then you'll just resent me for it later. I want you to have a child with me because you want to. Because building a family matters to me just as much to you as anything else you've built. Don't just pity me and decide to do it to ease your temporary guilt or as some sort of consolation." Janet loved her husband and wanted to start a family with him more than anything. She'd been in love with him the day they met junior year of high school. Now for him to say let's have a child she knew she should be elated but she felt like it was a sincere gesture but made more to make peace then out of love for her. "Honey, I’m not just trying to placate you. Let's just talk about it. I feel like you're mad at me, don't you like our life together? I promise I’ll be ready to settle down. The company is going public in a few months and we stand to make millions if not billions off of it. That will make our life so comfortable that we can have as many kids as you want." Jon said as he snuggled up to her and felt himself getting turned on by the heat of her body and the smell of her moisturizer. "I will make a baby with you when you feel like it's right." He said as he kissed her shoulder and then her neck. "I love you sweetie. I just want to make our lives comfortable." Jon said even though he knew the company was all set to go public with or without him. He had his best friend on it and he knew he wouldn't screw him. Mason was his best friend since elementary school and they both stood to make tons of money with the public offering. Janet sighed. "I enjoy our life together but I want more. I want to raise a family with you. I want to carry your children and watch our children grow and teach them with you. How much more comfortable does our life need to be? We have a beautiful home, nice cars, our bills are paid, and we have a decent savings. The company goes public within the month. Having more money doesn't make us more prepared for a child than we are now." She moaned softly when he kissed her neck. Thirteen years together he knew just where to kiss her to excite her. "You've given the company of your time and attention for the last nine years. Mason can take care of things for a bit. It's time to put all your energy into us. Into building something here at home." "I will honey, I love you and I want to help raise our child. I just am not sure how I can be ready. You are clearly the more parental parent than I am." He said smiling as he heard her moan when he kissed her just below her ear. Works every time, he thought to himself as he used his hand to slip under her nightgown and massage her breast. He was in the mood and he was going to have sex with his beautiful wife. He knew there was a condom in the top drawer of his night stand but what he didn't know was that Janet had used a pin to poke a few holes in it. He also was not aware that she was off the pill. "Honey, how about we revisit this after we go public? I know it's hard but it's just another month or two. After that I can focus on you, and starting a family together. Then I will also maybe know how to properly raise a kid, that's something you seem to know a lot about." He massaged her nipple, "how about we relax and enjoy each other?" Janet relaxed under his touch as he massaged her breast. She nodded her head. "Mmmm fine one month." She kissed him on the lips as she gently placed a hand to his cheek. "I won't wait even a day longer so you'd better be prepared." She smiled as she slid her other hand into his boxers taking hold of his hard shaft. "Now make love to me." She kissed him as she stroked his shaft up and down slowly. She knew her husband would reach for his condom. Just like she knew he would never think to check it for holes. Janet was done waiting and doing everything on his time. She was off her birth control and currently ovulating. They would start their family tonight whether he knew it or not. Jon grabbed the condom from the drawer in his bedside table not checking for holes he put it on and smiled. “Who’s your daddy?” He asked as he whispered into her ear. Janet smiled for tonight he could be be daddy. Soon enough he'd be calling her mommy and she'd have another baby on the way. Just the thought of the changes to come excited her. Janet was passionate in her lovemaking giving everything to her husband. It would be the last time he had sex for some time so she wanted it to be mind blowing. The sex was passionate, Jon loved having sex with his wife. She was wild and so hot and she loved being filled by him especially when she felt the condom fail to hold back all of the load. Jon didn’t know but she did, soon she would be pregnant and have another baby in diapers. Jon slumped over in bed and fell asleep almost right away. He softly spoke, “I love you my Janney bean.” She cuddled into him as they lay naked. As he drifted off to sleep she smiled and kissed his cheek. "I love you too baby". Two weeks later… Janet smiled as she received a locked briefcase from the labs. One email through her husband's account stating she would be picking up the size ray for him to do testing off-site and it was in her possession. Jon had said they would start a family, but after thirteen years she knew him. He would find excuse after excuse to put off what she wanted. He'd done so multiple times over the years. For the last two weeks she had been getting things ready at home. Jon never inquired or showed interest when she redecorated. She was certain he hoped her home design projects would keep their discussion off her mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. Janet pored over the notes on the ray and its use until she had it memorized. She had redecorated one of the guest bedrooms turning it into a nursery for a baby boy. Now with the ray gun in her possession she had everything in place. As usual Jon worked late. It gave Janet ample time to get everything in place. Jon had been crazy busy at work, he had forgotten about the deal with his wife to start a family. His size ray was about to start human trials as they had successfully shrunk and regrown lab rats. They also had doubled the rat in size safely giving him confidence that it would work well. He and Mason were also going to use the size ray's success to announce their public stock options. They were also getting ready with age freezing serum that was about to enter human trials too. Together they were going to make billions of dollars. With a successful day behind Jon drove home in his red mustang parking it in the garage. He went right to the kitchen to prepare dinner when he saw the bottle of pink perfume he had bought Janet for her birthday with a note next to it. Hey Handsome, you've been working hard. Get undressed and come to the guest room across the hall from our bedroom. Tonight I'm going to take care of you. He smiled as he looked down at the note. He felt himself getting turned on under his pants. Oh Janet, I love you, He thought to himself as he put down the perfume and started to walk back to the front hall before he went up the stairs to their room. He walked into his closet and threw his clothes on the ground and grabbed a condom. So, she has been working on a sex room, my wife has a wild side. He thought to himself as he walked across the hallway completely nude. He flung open the door and said, "daddy's home baby." Then he paused looking around the room. It was not what he expected at all, it was a baby's room. It seemed to be made for a baby boy, but he also saw some girl things sprinkled about. There was a crib with a mobile of trains swinging around in a circle. There was a changing table with pampers cruisers diapers packs that has Sesame Street prints. There were toys on the floor and the walls were pictures of trains, he loved trains. Next to the changing table holding a diaper and his size gun was Janet and she seemed to look a little taller than her normal five foot frame too. "Honey? What is this?" He asked his mouth going dry as little beads of sweat formed on his neck. He also felt his member begin to harden a little seeing his taller wife. Rather than give him time to run or ask questions she pulled the trigger. A bright ray pf light emitted from the gun and flew across the room at Jon. The ray hit Jon as he looked shocked and confused asking about the nursery. Before her eyes Jon began to shrink inch by inch. Her once six foot tall husband shrunk down to her height. Then the height of the crib. Still she kept the ray trained on him. Down he went getting smaller and smaller. Finally she released the trigger and turned off the ray gun. There before her eyes naked was her husband the size of an infant. Janet smiled as she walked over to Jon and picked him up. Jon was in shock, he had not moved the entire time she was shrinking him and he forgot that she seemed taller than before. He had watched as she and the world around him grew bigger and bigger until he was maybe two feet tall, maybe smaller. He was scared. He could now be manhandled by his nieces and nephews and they weren't even out of pull-ups. He had no clue but when Janet walked over and picked him up he almost peed himself. "It's okay baby mommies got you. This is your new room mommy worked very hard on." She carried him to the changing table. Moving the shrink ray to one of the drawers she laid him on the changing table fastening the safety belt over his chest. Jon’s shock wore off when the restraining buckle on the changing table was fastened. His arms were pinned to his sides which was exactly what Janet wanted. . "Now let's get you changed and ready for dinner." Janet raised Jon's legs and he'd feel the cool baby wipes as she wiped his bottom and little pee pee. Janet hummed as she set about getting Jon into his first diaper. "My new room? Mommy? What are you talking about? Janet Megan Smith you change me back right now!" He yelled using her maiden name. He was red with embarrassment and anger and jumped as the first cold wipe hit his penis which seemed to be smaller than normal even given his smaller size. He looked down as his wife's massive hands moved so easily over his body wiping it down. He then watched as a giant razor was used to clean his hair off before she cooed and got a diaper. The diaper looked huge to him and on the front of it was a smiling Elmo that seemed to be mocking him as she held it close to his face. "I’m not wearing a diaper Janet. I am your husband not a baby!" Jon said as he looked into the eyes of Elmo and then up at his giant wife who seemed to take up the entire space above the changing table. She looked like a heavenly angel from this angle. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a bun and her blue eyes were soft but determined. Despite her looks he was scared of her even with her light smile he was still shrunk being put in a pampers diaper on a giant changing table. Janet couldn't help but chuckle add he fussed on the changing table. She couldn't take him seriously even calling hey by her full maiden name. "My aren't you cranky my little prince. I think sometime is ready for din din and off to bed." Janet laid the diaper under his bottom and sprinkled his bottom with baby powder she gently rubbed it into his skin. Lowering his legs Jon would feel the padding of the diaper under his bum as she powdered his crotch. Satisfied he was well powdered she pulled the diaper up between her fussy babies legs and fastened the tapes closed around him. "There we go isn't that better pumpkin?" The diaper was soft and comforting as it was wrapped up covering his smaller penis. He had watched the slightly hard penis disappear behind Elmo's smiling face. Jon continued to squirm and fuss on the changing table. Janet looked at him, her tone was gentle but firm. "Now Jon that's quite enough of that. If you continue all this fussing mommy will give you a warm bottom so you have a reason to be so fussy". He instantly stopped squirming at her threat. He looked up at her as she unbuckled him from the changing table. "Janet, you have to stop this now, please I am your husband not a baby who needs to have a pampers diaper." He said pointing to the diaper. Janet took out a blue onesie with a firetruck on it after getting his head through she released the strap so she could get his arms in and pull the onesie down snapping it closed at his crotch, the pamper crinkling in response. Janet picked Jon up and cradled him in her arms unhappy with the firetruck as he preferred a train. He hoped his wife didn't see his reaction as she picked him up. "Is my little prince ready for dinner?" She cooed to him as she carried him out of the nursery toward the kitchen. "I ate coming home," he lied as she looked at him holding him close to her ample breasts. He was again looking up at her gentle face feeling himself getting hard in the diaper as she walked toward the kitchen. Janet sighed as she got to the kitchen and set Jon into a blue and red highchair. "It's not good to lie to mommy. You and I both know you came straight home from work." Janet took a white bib with a teddy bear on it from the counter drawer and fastened it around his neck. He blushed as he was caught in the lie, it was like she was a mom and he was a kid who had been caught. He could not believe he didn’t even notice the high chair when he walked in from the garage. He shook his head and spoke. "Sweetie is this because I didn't want to give you a baby? I will be happy to put one in you right now please just make me big again. I can't be seen like this!" He said as he moved around in the highchair trying to escape. He watched his giant wife move around the kitchen. She took out two jars of Gerber baby food and emptied them into a plastic bowl and warmed it in the microwave. Jon’s mouth dropped open as she did this. He couldn’t believe this was real. He felt himself feel sick as she warmed them looking over at him. To make things worse he felt his bladder ask to be released. When the food was at the right temperature she sat down in a chair in front of him stirring the food. He watched her as she approached sitting in a chair and was still taller than him in the high chair sitting down. "I know you're feeling very confused right now so mommy will talk and you will be a good baby, eat your food, and listen okay?" “Talk? Janet, let’s talk when I am bigger and not in a dia..” he tried to finish his sentence when the first scoop of baby mush was put into his mouth by his wife/mommy. It tasted like the food after he had chewed it chicken, carrots, and peas all in one scoop with the plastic blue spoon with a steam engine on it. He wanted to close his mouth but she just kept shoving food in. He tried to keep up but it started to dribble down his chin onto the teddy bib. "For a long time you have been putting all your focus into the company. So much so that you neglected to put any of your attention here at home unless it directly affected your concerns." Janet sighed and continued feeding him the baby food. "For a long time I went along with everything putting my wants aside. You kept taking what I give you for granted. You felt you could make all the decisions for our future and I should be happy and go along. In a relationship, a healthy relationship, the wants and needs of both people are taken into account. Both people plan their future together. For all your smarts you couldn't seem to work that bit out hmm?" She was talking about how he wasn’t listening to her and how he was not being a good husband. She had a point, but shrinking him and making him wear diapers was too far. Therapy would have seemed more logical in his mind. “I did know that, I thought you liked it when I took control.” He tried to respond to her last sentence but it sounded like it was garbled from all the food in his mouth. She probably had understood him but he looked silly for sure. He looked up at his wife as he swallowed then was about to repeat himself when he felt his bladder as again. "Okay, Janet lets talk about this later. I need to pee." He said looking at her expecting her to react or let him out. Janet chuckled, he looked like quite the messy baby. He had food on his bib dribbling from his mouth. "Yes, you have your diaper on sweetie so you can go pee pee while you finish your dinner." She cooed to him as she fed him another mouthful of the baby food. "There is a difference between taking control, making things happen for both parties to be happy, and taking control to ensure that your specific wants and needs are met and your partner just having to go with it." She smiled as he squirmed in the highchair fighting his bladder. "I tried many times to talk to you but you just cast my concerns aside. Then two weeks ago you had the audacity to call me baby crazy," She chuckled. "That's when I realized you weren't going to learn. Sure you said we'd start a family but you didn't mean it. I bet you haven't given it a single thought since that night right? You said you aren't ready to be a dad. So now instead you can be a brother." She smiled placing a hand to her flat belly. "You see, I took your feelings into consideration. I wanted to start a family you don't want to be a dad so I'll raise our family and you can be a good sibling instead of a daddy." Her last words hit like a pile of bricks. Forget the diaper, forget the mushy food in his mouth; his wife was pregnant and he was going to have to be the brother instead of dad. He looked up at her and felt tears forming in his eyes. He was now struggling against his bladder and his eyes. Jon lost the battle against both. A hissing sound was heard as she let her final words hang in the air. She knew what was happening in his mind and in his pamper. The diaper under his onesie started to get warm as his penis released its full bladder. Tears rolled down his eyes as she used the words he used to weasel out of having a kid against him. There he was crying in a wet pamper in a high chair with baby food in his mouth and down his chin. He felt helpless and that was exactly what Janet wanted. "But mommy... I want to be a daddy not a baby brother." He said sniffling as the tears kept flowing as did the pee. She used his bib to wipe his face clear of baby food. "Goodness your fussy tonight. My baby boy needs milk and beddy bye." Taking the dirty bib off him Janet picked up her crying baby. "You’re much too little to be a daddy pumpkin. Mommy wants you to be a good baby brother and maybe when you're grown up you can be a daddy". She carried him to the nursery and laid a baby blanket on the changing table. Janet made quick work of changing Jon's wet diaper and getting him powdered and into a dry one. His diaper changed, Janet used the baby blanket he was on to swaddle him. She held him in her arms as she sat in the rocking chair. "Hush now baby time for milk". He began to calm down as she sat down in the rocking chair. "Janet I am sorry please let me be the daddy to my kid, please I am sorry I learned my lesson." He said as he watched his wife pull out her breasts which were dripping with none other than breast milk. Janet had been taking another invention of the company, a supplement to encourage milk production in the breast for wet nurses. She opened her top and unclipped the cup of her nursing bra. Jon’s mouth went dry and hung open as she smiled. He had always been a boob man even if her ass was fine her breasts were amazing not to mention that now they had grown because of the milk production. Jon let the massive nipple go in his mouth. Instantly, milk started to flow and to not drown he had to swallow the sweet milk that tasted amazing. It was more fatty than he imagined but it tasted so good. Janet smiled gently rocking as her baby husband nursed from her. He seemed to settle down almost immediately when presented with her full milky breast. He kept drinking but in the middle Janet popped him off her left boob and to her right where he kept drinking. He felt his belly fill and he got a small gut from it. He felt safe and warm and had calmed down. He looked up at her as he unlatched full. "Honey, I am sorry." He said as milk dribbled out of his mouth. He had an erection in his diaper which was hidden by the diaper and the blanket. He felt lethargic like one feels after eating too much turkey at thanksgiving dinner. He let out a small burp and a yawn. He tried to think straight and tried to say something to his wife but it all came out as what Janet could best describe as a toddler's ramblings or a drunk man's slurred speech. There was something in there about him wanting to be a daddy and him being a grown up. He didn't say any bad words but he was not happy about being small. That was obvious. At the end of his rant as Janet was putting back in her bra he felt himself get another small boner in the diaper. He also said something that surprised Janet, her shrunken baby husband said something about his pampers being comfy. He looked up at her and smiled. Janet smiled back at him, she could tell he was in a losing battle wanting to talk but being full and warm making him sleepy. Janet was surprised when Jon stated his diaper was comfy. She smiled kissing his forehead as she lay him in his crib snugly wrapped in the soft warm baby blanket. To Janet it seemed maybe this transition wouldn't be so hard for him after all. Jon wanted to fight, he wanted to stop his wife from stripping away everything, but he just simply couldn’t. The crib’s mattress felt like it was made out of memory foam. Janet turned on the train mobile above his crib which played a soft lullaby as the plush steam trains rotated above him. As the trains started to rotate above him he drifted off to sleep like a baby. He didn’t even hear her turn on the baby monitor and night light before turning off the lights to the nursery. "Goodnight baby boy sweet dreams". Janet closed the nursery door and hummed as she went to her bedroom to relax for the evening. Janet could hardly believe how well everything went. She picked up her iPhone and called Mason. "Everything went as expected. Effective tomorrow you will be the face of the company. You were right about the breast feeding he settled down quickly when I left him to nurse and went right to sleep". She laughed pleased with how everything was going. "I'll wait a few days, let him adjust, then we'll come by the office so you and I can iron out the finer details." She ended the call and ran herself a hot bath relaxing thinking about the wonderful future she had before her. -End of Chapter 1
  11. Ch.1 Jack was an ordinary guy of 27. He worked security and found his job to be relatively easy compared to most people. He did security at a prestigious university during the period that the school was closed, specifically overnight. Jack was fine with it, as it gave him free reign to do as he liked, only occasionally would he be put in a situation where he'd have to really do anything. One quiet night, Jack found himself inside a science room in the school. This wasn't an ordinary school; it was known for its leaps and bounds in the scientific field. While checking the classroom, Jack noticed a large machine covered in LCD displays and lights. His curiosity got the better of him, and although he realized it might get him fired, he decided to check it out. As he was looking at the displays, Jack couldn't understand what the buttons did. The wording was very vague, but that didn't discourage Jack. He was very interested in the device's function. He noticed a couple of things on the displays, one of which read "1997" with "year" written above it. Jack thought to himself that it must be some kind of time machine. He knew that if it was a time machine, he shouldn't be messing with it, but at the same time, he couldn't help but think of all the ways he could make some serious money if he did. No more would he be stuck as just a security guard. He could be the world's greatest stock broker and invest in so much stuff that was certain to blow up in the future. Although he wasn't sure he'd want to travel back as far as 1997, he figured it might be fun to see what the world was like since he was only a baby in 1997. Jack had decided to use the machine to get rich and, while he wasn't sure he could work it, he was more than willing to give it a try. It's worth noting that the builders of the machine were certain that they had failed in building a time machine. When one of them had tested it out, it simply didn't work, likely due to the fact that the machine had nowhere to place the prospective time traveler, as they had not yet been born. You can probably see where this is heading, so let's continue with Jack. He found what he believed was the activation button and smacked it. He stood underneath an unusual metal coil with a metal orb as the base, and it started shooting out some kind of energy. At first, Jack assumed it was just electricity, but it was a red light, not any kind of electricity Jack had ever seen. That's for sure The machine was making strange noises Jack had never heard before, noises that were almost indescribable and he feared it might explode at any moment. Suddenly, a bright flash occurred and Jack found himself sitting in the kitchen of his childhood home. He rubbed his eyes, unable to believe what he was seeing. The house looked as good as new, better than he remembered it from his childhood. Excited, he shouted, "It worked!" However, he noticed that his voice was higher pitched than usual and he sounded more like a baby. That's when he realized he was sitting in a high chair, and he had been transported back in time, but not in the way you see in movies. His mind had been shot back in time, meaning he was either 2 years old or younger, depending on what month it was. His mother popped up out of nowhere and picked him up patting his back as she did so, and to his embarrassment, he burped loudly. His mother then made a comment that shocked him even further, "Uh oh, smells like somebody made a stinky." Jack, feeling embarrassed, tried to say, "I'm hoping you mean you," but it came out as gibberish. He realized he must be very young and couldn't talk yet. Jack's mother set him back down in the high chair and went about her business, not suspecting a thing about the time-traveling experience her son had just gone through. Jack, on the other hand, was trying to process everything that had just happened. He was confused, embarrassed, and more than a little overwhelmed. All he could do was sit there and observe, trying to make sense of his surroundings. He noticed that everything seemed familiar, but at the same time, everything was different. The colors were brighter, the sounds were clearer, and the smells were stronger. He was taking it all in when suddenly his mother came back into the room and said, "Okay, let's see if we can get you cleaned up." Jack realized that he was in for another embarrassing moment Jack realized with horror that his mother was about to strip him naked knowing he had indeed pooped his pants was more then he wanted to deal with. The embarrassment of the situation was compounded by the fact that he was now in the body of a toddler, unable to communicate his distress effectively he began to tear up. He was quickly stripped of his clothes and placed on his changing table. The sensation of the cool air against his bare skin was disorienting, as was the feeling of a diaper being fastened around him. He tried to protest, but all that came out were muffled grunts and cries. The whole diaper change was a blur of unfamiliar sensations and emotions, with Jack feeling completely helpless and out of control. As his mother finished up and picked him back up, he couldn't help but feel a sense of shame and embarrassment that he was now reduced to wearing a diaper like a common baby. As Jack sat there being changed into a fresh diaper, he couldn't help but think about his current situation. He realized that there was no way for him to go back to his own time, unsure if thats even what he would want. He opts to make the best of this opportunity and find a way to turn it into a profitable one. After all, he had always dreamed of making big bucks by investing in stocks and this was his chance to make it happen. He decided that he would use his knowledge of future events to his advantage and make wise investments that would ensure his financial success. Jack was determined to make the most of this unexpected trip back in time and secure his future, no matter how young he was even if that meant spending a year or two in diapers. Almost right on cue, his mother popped a pacifier into his mouth. He had no choice but to let his mouth work on it, as it had a mind of its own. She then picked him up from the changing table and placed him in a mesh playpen. Surrounded by toys, Jack scoffed, thinking to himself, "Hmph, I'm a big boy. I'm not going to play with toys." However, a wooden train caught his eye and he felt excited to see it again. He remembered loving this toy and began playing with it, making train noises as he sucked on his pacifier and bounced around, pushing the train on the floor. Soon, he was playing with all the toys surrounding him, and waves of memories flooded his mind. He remembered loving these toys and began to love them all over again. But then, he felt an overwhelming sense of sleepiness that he had never felt before or at least couldn't remember feeling. He tried to keep his eyes open as he played, but the next time his mother came in to check on him, she immediately knew it was nap time. She picked him up from the playpen and moved him over to the crib in the nursery, but she didn't leave him without a little gift. She gently placed a bottle in his mouth, and he grabbed it, drinking and drifting off to sleep at the same time. bit on the short side but still its a good opening imo hope yall like it I'm gonna be posting updates to this story to my patreon a week earlier then I'll be releasing it here starting now so if your interested in that my patreon is linked on my profile page!!! Also feel free to join my discord server!!! https://discord.gg/Y9yfuvAsFv
  12. Background My name is Michele but I’m Miky for my friends. Today is my eighth birthday, and my family organized a wonderful party for me: there are all the people I love: my mummy, my grandparents, my uncles and aunties, my sister Caterina and a lot of other people that love me. They gave me a lot of beautiful things, that I don’t think I will have the time to see today. Then I think that tomorrow I will open the rest of the gift, I can’t wait for it. We did a lot of games until mom brought the cake upon which there is a picture of “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends”, my favourite cartoon, with a plastic pedestal on which there is an eight with a little light blue-lit candle “come on honey! Express a desire and turn the candle off with a blow” aunt Lucia say me with a camera in her hand to make me a picture while I blow on the candle, then I start to think about: “I wish not to grow up, and to be always treated as a toddler,” I think before blowing on the candle before I feel my sister hug me from behind kissing my cheek. We all eat a piece of cake and have a lot of games and funny every one goes away after saying goodbye “OK honey! Now go to brush your tooth and go to bed” mom says to me “but we are still on holiday! Can’t I stay awake another bit?” I ask her “not darling!” she said to me “someday the school will start again then we have to go to doctor Spada. Then wear your drynight, your Pj and go to nap,” she said patting my butty “and don’t forget to brush your tooth!” she adds while I’m going to my room to change my self in my pj, then I go to the bathroom where I meet Caterina who smile me while she is brushing her tooth. I approach the sink and I let my sister take my Buzz Lightyear’s toothbrush, she put a bit of strawberry toothpaste and she give it to me so that I can start to brush my little tooth “do you want me to come to give you the goodnight kiss?” my sister asks me and I answer yes before I split in the sink “OK!” she say splitting in the sink, getting her mouth clean and putting my and her toothbrush in the glass before she suddenly picks me up on her shoulder making me giggle “little train for nap land is starting from the track number 5. In the carriage! choo! choo!” she say carrying me into my room in front of my room “we have arrived at the station then it’s time to unload the goods,” she said putting me on the bed and seat down next to me while mom is getting smiling in my room “oh! I see that someone is getting fun” she says getting into my room, seating down on my bed next to Caterina and tickling me, making me laugh before kissing my forehead “Have sweet dreams!” mummy says before getting up “good night!” my sister say kissing my cheek before turning the light off and getting out with mom while I fall asleep. During the night I wake up in my room, and a young lady small enough to hold in my hand, gets in my room from the window to talk with me “good evening Michele,” she says to me seating down on my Montgomery Mc Queen's radio alarm “Hello!” I answer her, she seems very nice “What’s your name?” I ask her smiling “my name is Lilly and I’m a fairy,” she says smiling “I deal with realising the wish that children express before turning their anniversary candle off” she explains to me “I’m here because I hear you and I’m here to deal it” “really?” I asked happily getting out of my bed “yes!” she say shaking her stick from which a cloud of glitter dust get out “tomorrow you’ll wake up and your wish will be dealt” here finally I successed to translate the first part of this story. Soon I will translate the rest. A kiss.?
  13. Prologue: “Mirjam Hellberg, you have been convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to death by burning,” the voice of the Head Inquisitor sounded around the crowded place in Uddevalla. The crowd roared in agreement. “Burn her … she is a witch … burn her.” The executioner's assistant was approaching the bonfire and holding a burning torch in his hand. A young girl was tied up to a stake in the middle of the bonfire and the Head Inquisitor was holding a crucifix in front of her face. “Admit your guilt and the Lord will save your soul from eternal damnation!” the Head Inquisitor continued. Mirjam didn’t say anything. She wasn’t aware of any witchcraft and she hardly was able to speak at all. Her body was badly hurt after all the torture she had to undergo. Although she never talked about witchcraft, the Inquisitor twisted her words. Now she was about to be burnt at stake in front of a cheering crowd. All she was able to do was shake her head. “You are stubborn and you will be swallowed by the deepest hell. Set off the fire!” The executioner’s assistant put the torch to the bonfire and the flames were approaching the poor girl. Mirjam was a religious girl and she didn’t understand why she was charged with witchcraft. She became an innocent victim of an evil plot but she couldn’t know it. She refused any charges and she started praying silently before the flames swallowed her body. ‘My Lord, help me please. I’m no witch and I always was your loyal servant. I don’t want to suffer anymore.’ To her utter surprise she heard a silent voice in her mind. ‘Mirjam, child, I know that you are an innocent victim and I will provide you a second chance to live. Even more, you get a gift from me.’ ‘Thank you, my Lord. You are that generous,” Mirjam answered silently. ‘You have been charged with witchcraft and you are not a witch. You will get actual witchcraft powers in your second life but promise me not to abuse those powers.’ ‘Oh no please. Won’t I be burnt at stake again?’ ‘No, Mirjam. You will spend your second life in another time when witches won’t be burnt at stake. Anyway, be careful.’ ‘I’m not sure, my Lord.’ ‘Don’t be afraid and trust me. The witchcraft powers aren’t bad as long as you don’t abuse them.’ ‘I promise, my Lord.’ a tear appeared in her eye. ‘See you in your second life, daughter.’ At that moment Mirjam passed out and she didn’t have to suffer the burning anymore. The crowd was disappointed when they didn’t hear any screams of pain. An hour later the fire went off and the remnants of Mirjam’s body were thrown into a nearby river. Part 1: Mirjam wasn’t able to understand where she was. There was darkness all around and she could hear a heartbeat nearby. She was squeezed into a small place and she hardly could move. Minutes later she realized something strange; she was not breathing. How was it possible? Everyone had to breathe to stay alive. All of sudden she realized the heartbeat; it was not hers. “How is my little girl doing?” A female voice sounded nearby but Mirjam heard it in a strange way as if it was coming from inside. She was a clever girl and put two and two together. The only option was that she was an unborn baby inside her new mother’s body. The place around her was a womb. Mirjam didn’t know about the human body but she had seen pregnant women and guessed what was going on. This was her new life and she had to start it from the very beginning. ‘My Lord, is this my new life?’ She decided to ask God first. ‘Yeah, my child. Get prepared to live in another and unknown world. You skipped 300 years and you are about to become the third child in a loving family. Don’t worry and enjoy it.’ ‘What about the gift, my Lord? I’m a bit afraid.’ ‘Don’t be afraid. You can read thoughts, talk without opening your mouth and you can move some items. None of this should be dangerous.’ ‘Thank you, my Lord.’ Mirjam suddenly got curious about the new life. What changed in 300 years? How will her new family accept her and her new powers? She also didn’t know how much time was left until labor. “Hey, Gudrun, do you have a name for our baby? You have been thinking of it for two months already,” a man’s voice sounded from outside. “Olaf, I can’t decide and I even don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.” All of sudden Mirjam didn’t resist the temptation and decided to try out her new powers. ‘A girl,’ she told her mom silently. ‘Mirjam.’ Gudrun was taken aback by the voice in her mind. What should it mean? She never heard voices before. Was it possible or was she getting insane? She startled but she continued instantly. “It is a girl and I have a wonderful name for her, Mirjam.” “Mirjam is a wonderful name but how do you know the gender? You didn’t want to know it though when you were at the ultrasonic exam.” “I know it. Trust me.” Gudrun suddenly was sure but she didn’t know why. Although the voice was strange, she didn’t worry. Mirjam was taken aback by the unknown words. What was an ultrasonic exam? She didn’t have the slightest idea and she was getting curious and wanted to learn more. However, who could tell her about it? “Mommy, mommy; will I have a sister?” an excited childish voice sounded from outside and Mirjam smiled. It definitely was a little girl. “Yeah, Kirsten; you’ll get a baby sister soon.” “Can I listen to her, mommy?” “Of course, my little one.” Mirjam felt a pressure from outside and she realized that something pressed against her mom’s belly; it was Kirsten’s head probably. Mirjam was amused by the little girl and she almost talked to her but it wasn’t a good idea. Instead, Mirjam moved her leg and pressed against the head from inside. “Mommy, she kicked me,” Kirsten laughed. “Babies sometimes do it, Kirsten,” Gudrun’s voice sounded amused. Meanwhile Mirjam felt an urge to pee. She got worried; how could she pee in her present condition inside her mother’s body? However, she didn’t have any option left but to relax the muscles. Just like every unborn baby, she peed into the amniotic fluid and wasn’t aware of it. The little girl ran away and Gudrun was alone. She started thinking of the mysterious voice. Was she getting insane? She lied down on the couch and collected her courage. She wanted to ask the mysterious voice but Mirjam was quicker. ‘Mommy, you are not getting insane,' the voice sounded in her mind. ‘How do you know about it? Who are you?’ Gudrun asked the voice silently. ‘Who? I am Mirjam, your daughter.’ ‘What does it mean? How can we talk?’ ‘I prayed to our Lord and He was generous and provided me with this gift. Sorry but I read your worries about getting insane.’ Gudrun was a religious woman and she was willing to believe in miracles; however she never experienced an actual miracle. 'Is it a miracle?’ ‘I don’t know, mom.’ ‘Mirjam, you sound like an adult,’ Gudrun suddenly realized that the baby inside her had an adult mind. How should an unborn baby know about God and miracles? ‘Mom, it is a bit complicated; could you accept me like a smart baby and not ask about my past?’ ‘Past? Did you reincarnate?’ ‘Yeah but don’t ask me more please.’ ‘Okay, you will be my beloved baby.’ ‘Thanks, mom. When will I be born?’ ‘In two weeks I think.’ ‘I can’t wait to see you, mom.’ ‘I’m looking forward to seeing you as well, my little one.’ Gudrun relaxed and her eyes closed. In her dreams she saw little Mirjam talking with her and a smile appeared on her lips. While she was napping, the little Kirsten sneaked to her and put her head on her belly: “Sis, do you hear me?” Kirsten whispered so Gudrun couldn’t hear her. ‘Yeah, I do.’ ‘How can I hear you? Is it magic?’ Kirsten talked silently in her mind. She didn’t whisper anymore. ‘Yeah, it is magic,’ Mirjam replied. She realized that Kirsten was a little girl and she believed in fairy tales. Magic would be an acceptable explanation. ‘Will we talk more when you are born? It will be a fairy tale.’ ‘I will talk with you as much as you want. I’m your sister though.’ ‘Will we play?’ ‘Wait. I can’t play with you too much while I am a little baby. When I grow up, we can play together.’ ‘I love you sis.’ ‘I love you too,’ Mirjam was emotional; her new life seemed to be much better than the previous one; however she was worried about the changes in her new world. Kirsten’s eyes closed and she dozed off with her head sitting on Gudrun’s belly. Mirjam also was tired and she fell asleep.
  14. Im looking for a baby girl around my age who needs a mommy. 18-27 preferred. Must have a skype acc.
  15. I'm finding it SO MUCH easier to get into Little space the older I get. It's gotten to the point where I genuinely feel wittle more and more an day at a time now! Has anyone else NOTICED this over time?!???????☺️??♥️?????♥️???? I'm also finding my desire for Diapers, baby bottles, baby wipes, baby powder, rattles, pacifiers, and baby clothes gradually increasing too!??????♥️???♥️?♥️?????????
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