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  1. Just filled one up quite a bit....what to do now....
  2. I was debating on going in panties just now but decided on diapering instead
  3. I'm about to be...standing up and letting it take its time....
  4. I've done this once a few years ago...but definately not doing any diapers in my current car at all. The most that will happen in the car now is maybe peeing in a bottle on a long drive if I have to go without stopping anywhere.
  5. Going to In a few minutes...going to lay here and try to let it come out as slowly as possible
  6. I just wet a pair of leggings while outside letting the dogs out. I am debating on going poopie in them rather then put a diaper on right now for it.
  7. I did a couple minutes ago, but not much.
  8. Most of the time it just happens when I am relaxing in bed like today...but I think my favorite place to do it would be with someone else doing it as well and relaxing in each others arms.
  9. I just did a tiny little one in there. Hopefully theres more to come a little later so it isnt a total waste of wearing this one today....
  10. I'm out in PA but I visit Essex county once in a while
  11. Yes...I love tasting my gf's sweetness.
  12. I've peed in one and kept it on while rubbing myself with it on and also cumming in it, which eventually afterwards it shoots off splashing all over.
  13. I pee on myself almost everytime in the shower or bath.