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  1. I've done it at work once before but only towards the end of my shift and only wet it while working that time.
  2. I usually just get them at the store later at night and just use self checkouts.
  3. I havent really told anyone other then on here. I did tell my gf that I used them a couple times on a long drive I took on my own a while back and also used one one day when we went to the store together, but she was pretty much just "eh" about it....that's why I like visiting on here!
  4. I've been wanting to try those out also
  5. I wet mine last night before going to sleep and slept quite comfortably. Just changed that one and am doing it again to finish off my sleep time.
  6. I'm actually considering wearing one to the nascar race in Dover in a couple of weeks since well, I'm sure there will have to be a few pee breaks...so we'll see what I decide...
  7. Just filled one up quite a bit....what to do now....
  8. I was debating on going in panties just now but decided on diapering instead
  9. I'm about to be...standing up and letting it take its time....
  10. I've done this once a few years ago...but definately not doing any diapers in my current car at all. The most that will happen in the car now is maybe peeing in a bottle on a long drive if I have to go without stopping anywhere.
  11. Going to In a few minutes...going to lay here and try to let it come out as slowly as possible
  12. I just wet a pair of leggings while outside letting the dogs out. I am debating on going poopie in them rather then put a diaper on right now for it.
  13. I did a couple minutes ago, but not much.
  14. Most of the time it just happens when I am relaxing in bed like today...but I think my favorite place to do it would be with someone else doing it as well and relaxing in each others arms.