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  1. David Crinklepants

    Which Girls' Shoes Do You Prefer?

    I have a pair of Dansko black patent leather Mary Janes and I feel so little girl ish when I wear them. I like to wear them with white cable knit tights and my plaid schoolgirl jumper when I am in a girly mood, and with my shortalls when I am in a feminized little boy mood. Back in the era where boys were dressed more formally by their mommy especially for more special occasions, boys were put in Mary Janes and they always looked so adorable.
  2. David Crinklepants

    Oops caught by friend

    When I was 14 years old, I was caught by my older sister. I wad home sick from school, and I thought she had left the house to go to her high school, however, she forgot her book for school and came back for it. I was wearing about 4 Attends and was in my footed sleeper and sucking on my paci watching cartoons and she walked in and saw me. She started laughing at me and calling me a baby and I started crying and begging her not to tell our parents. I had to let her take pictures of me in my footed sleeper, and she threatened to send the pics to all my friends unless I promised to always be super nice and help her with her homework ( I am super nerdy and she is just an ok student but very popular). She kept my secret and I helped her graduate with a 3.7 GPA and, as a result, she got an academic scholarship to a great school! i am really glad I helped her this way, and we now have a great relationship because of it
  3. David Crinklepants

    Mary Janes (where to find'em)

    I have a pair of Dansko black patent leather Mary Janes with the single strap and prominent buckle on the strap. I looked for these for years and finally found the shoes that fulfilled my deepest fantasies. These shoes are the " Marcelle" on the Dansko website and I think they go up to size 43 or equivalent to size 11 in men. These are the true black shiny Mary Janes you imagine a schoolgirl may wear, and are worth looking into
  4. David Crinklepants

    Looking for an ABDL sissy name?

    I like Courtney and have adopted this for myself when in sissy mode
  5. David Crinklepants

    When Was The Last Time You Pooped Your Diaper

    I just made a big , soft , mooshy poopy in my diaper. I am wearing a thick disposable diaper and a striped turtleneck under my Osh Kosh corduroy overalls, and I feel loved like a little boy that needs diapering that I am.
  6. David Crinklepants

    What makes you a sissy?

    I love being being demeaned and disrespected because of my diapered and sissy status which I must accept without so much as a whine or a whimper
  7. David Crinklepants

    Most Daring Thing You'Ve Done?

    I was staying at a hotel located across from a brewpub in Roanoke, Virginia. I was on a diaper weekend, and I went into the pub wearing super thick diapers, my footed sleeper and I was sucking on my pacifier!! Needless to say, I got a lot of stares and snickers from the yuppie clientele at the pub I loved the humiliation. The girl at the bar said "You look super comfortable!" and said she had aeveral footed sleepers.
  8. David Crinklepants

    Book Reports are Due!

    I generally like to read books that appeal to middle school boys since I envision myself as a middle school boy. Thus I read Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and similar things. I also like coloring books which put me in a much younger mode.
  9. Are you still at JMU? I graduated there in the 90's and really became active in my own way as an AB! 

  10. David Crinklepants

    Girl Names: For those to Whom Being a Girl Matters

    Angelica Jessica Molly-an Irish favorit a few of my favorites
  11. David Crinklepants

    getting some little girl clothes

    I have several girl's school uniform plaid jumpers from Land's End which I love to wear. I am pretty small at 5 '5 and 110 lbs and can fit into teen or preteen girls' sizes. I love to wear these with white cable knit tights and my black, shiny Mary Janes. I love to dress up like a school girl and look cute.
  12. David Crinklepants

    Smoking Cigarettes and Wearing

    Yes, Thank you! I thought about vaping, but I decided to just conduct my next time in diapers without smoking and just use a pacifier which satisfies the oral need to suck on something without the health effects of smoking
  13. David Crinklepants

    Smoking Cigarettes and Wearing

    Many years ago, when I wore diapers for the first time in public, underneath clothing of course, I was very young, and anxious about being discovered by somebody I knew. I had often that smoking cigarettes could “calm your nerves”, and so I purchased a pack of cigarettes, and lit one. The context of the situation was that I was in my first year of college and tremendously stressed out. I had resolved to put away my “AB/DL” desires for good once I went off to college, however the stress caught up, and I found myself purchasing a pack of disposable adult diapers. Because I could not wear around my dormitory or the campus, I went to the local mall, and put on my diapers in the bathroom. I then lit my cigarette, and took a big drag. The effect was amazing, and from then on, I almost never wore diapers without smoking. Throughout my life, my times where I was able to wear diapers were always in discrete periods lasting no more than a day or two. When I’m not wearing diapers, I do not smoke. Now, I am at the point where I’m concerned about the health effects of smoking, even though I am not a continual smoker. I value my health, and exercise on a regular basis. I feel that smoking disrupts my fitness routine, and I get discouraged. I feel that if I can refrain from smoking during one of my “episodes” when I’m wearing diapers, I can reduce my health risks, and end up feeling much better about the situation. I do end up feeling guilty after a period of wearing comes to close, mainly because of the smoking, much less so because of the wearing diapers and infantile clothing. For those if you are not familiar with my mind set when I’m wearing, I picture myself as a 13-year-old boy who is made to wear diapers and toddler clothing such as corduroy overalls, onesies, an elastic waist corduroys. Humiliation is a big aspect of my fantasy life in this respect, and to a large extent, the cigarettes help me deal with the humiliation.
  14. David Crinklepants

    A Big Kid in Diapers???

    I envision myself as a 13 year old boy who is diapered and put in toddler clothing by my mommy because I poop my pants and wet my bed. I also am made to sleep in a crib, eat my meals in a high chair, be pushed in a wheelchair stroller, and use a car seat for travel. Of course, I have a changing table set up in my nursery as well. Humiliation is a big part of my diapered fantasy life.
  15. David Crinklepants

    Diaper bulge ??

    I really am thickly diapered at all times sometimes with cloth diapers and plastic pants under my onesie and corduroy overalls which clearly shows that I am diapered. I am forced to waddle like the toddler diaper boy that I am. Often I am put in a babyish wheelchair stroller made for special needs children. My mommy carries my diaper bag which contains ample diapering supplies which are plainly visible.