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  1. Toddler look

    I like to be dressed like a toddler, and my favorite outfit is a pair of Oshkosh brown corduroy overalls with a snap crotch, I also wear a turtleneck onesie over my diaper. This is my favorite outfit because so comfy.
  2. What is some of your fantasies while wearing?

    My fantasy is that I am a 13 year old boy and my mommy has put me back in diapers for pooping my pants and wetting my bed. I also have to be dressed like a toddler boy in corduroy Osh Kosh overalls with a snap crotch, turtleneck onesies, and sometimes elastic waist corduroy pants. I have a full wardrobe of toddler clothes. I also wear footed sleepers at night. I have a changing table as well as a crib. I like to poop my diaper at least twice a day. I love the thought of having my mommy change my messy diapers in public where everyone can see what a little boy I really am. I love the feeling of filling my diapers with my poopy mess. I am such a little toddler boy! I have a soft babyish body with no hair on my little boy parts so I really look like an oversized toddler boy! in addition, my hair is cut in a very toddler like bowl cut, and I wear glasses which are very thick. I am really cute in a special needs sort of way. My favorite outfit is a brightly colored striped turtleneck onesie and my brown Osh Kosh corduroy overalls. People always remark on how cute I look in this outfit!
  3. Outfits

    My mommy dresses me like a little school girl often. She diapers me and then puts me in white tights, a red turtleneck onesie, and then a plaid jumper and shiny black patent leather Mary Janes. I love being dressed like this. She puts me in my car seat and takes me to the mall. I feel so humiliated but so dainty and girlie that I can hardly stand it!
  4. Holding it in

    I can't really hold my poop in very long. My mommy put me back in diapers two years ago and I am pretty much unpotty trained at this point
  5. 1st Messy Accident, Had to Share

    I am wearing a comfy dry 24/7 and I just made a big poopy in it. it feels so nice to have a warm , mooshy mess in my diaper. usually my mommy won't change me until noon so I have to be in a poopy diaper for 2 more hours.
  6. New little Diaper boy

    I have been looking at this site for quite a while now and felt that it was time to be a part of things so to speak.
  7. New little Diaper boy

    Hi Everyone! I would like to introduce myself as a new little diaper boy! I like to imagine myself as a little 13 year old boy who is put back in diapers by my mommy. I go by David. I like to wear corduroy overalls and shortalls and onesies!