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  1. /sigh none traded or sold, no communiques or offers
  2. No one in Australia interested in trading (appreciate OS trading wouldn't be feasible unless it was for a diaper not obtainable anymore)? I am also interested in trying a pack of the Magnificos S/M if anyone wants to trade? If anyone in Australia wants to buy packs I have on offer by they are too expensive I would drop off (Melbourne) or pay for the shipping. I only have next week to try and move them on otherwise will try to lowball the price on eBay to move them on.
  3. Utterly amazing! Film studios should be begging you for them for use in 70's retro shows and movies.
  4. AgentPink

    Ripoff report

    So did you wind up getting your money back and manage to buy something since? Dont understand the rules here but I think I think you should name and shame the eBay store.
  5. This is horrible to read and sure enough they even say Petite AB as part of the art from the picture I just saw. Working in shipping I have heard lots of horror stories of people loosing everything dealing with Chinese companies as they will say yes to everything and then not deliver. I understand you need a Chinese national Agent on your payroll that understands the product, has unfettered access to the plant and is
  6. Would also trade for unopened packs of other ABU Vintage Mediums like Kiddos, Cushies or Lavenders.
  7. AgentPink

    A Love Letter to Cloth-Backed Cushies

    Ooh I second this, I would go as far as to say as much as I love the current Cushies v2 the v3 should be cloth like backed and have an elastic front waist band.
  8. AgentPink

    Rearz Lil Squritz is being discontinued

    Sad to see Diapers disappear but these had quite a hard outer shell IMO and unfortunately I got a rash whenever I tried one (frustrating for such an expensive diaper.)
  9. AgentPink


    IMO Cushies and Lavender should receive the front waistband treatment sooner rather than later.
  10. AgentPink


    Completely in love with ABUs Vintage range and I found Kiddo 2.0s to be amazing with the front waist band. Gorgeous print, comfy, uber cute with the single tape per side and beautifuly absorbent. The mediums sold out here in Australia pretty quick I am definitely wanting more.
  11. AgentPink

    Morning from Melbourne

    Hi peeps, New here (obviously). I am from Melbourne (Australia), kinda shy and a bit reserved. I love Anime particularly giant mecha and fantasy stuff (not so much fantasy mechs though) and will watch some cartoons as well but nothing too episodic it's got to have a story.... unless I am watching The Mighty Heroes. I very much enjoy strong beer, sparkling white wine or non merlot red wine. I love playing with swords of all types but not allowed to have them here (silly place.) I am very much male btw.