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  1. Thank you and sorry missing this until now. There’s the one open box that was carefully opened through the top that’s only missing 1 diaper as well as sealed boxes. You’re welcome to message me an offer. Before hand I should stress that the “grade” is higher than what I’ve seen on eBay and all other from photos online - with the size and rarity, I’ll be looking for top dollar. Lmk!
  2. I have up to 3 bags of vintage Attends in size small I'm looking to trade. These are the 4 tape blue diapers with the plastic permadry core. I'm looking to trade them for a few bags of Large Vintage Attends if anyone is interested. I'm most interested in trading for the large 6 taped version.
  3. I got really lucky and found them in CO. They were found/stored in the original pampers cardboard case (8boxes per case) that sat what a cellar. I'd imagine not seeing the light in addition to the dryer climate helped keep them fresh!
  4. That's a nifty idea DD. Although I've already talked myself into holding onto them for a while, my arm could be twisted with the right offer.. Connect with me on pm!
  5. Hi All! Sooo... I'm on a roll this week when it comes to vintage diapers, lol. Not sealed this time around, but some great stuff none the less! 12 x 1988 Pink Luvs Deluxe for Girls 6 x 1987 Pampers Ultra Plus 10 x late 70's / Early 80's Diapers (I think Luvs, but I'll have to cross reference some others I have) I wish the Ultras weren't in size small, but the large pink luvs definitely make up for it! Here's some pics for everyone:
  6. Lol, I'm not a skinny guy so fitting into baby sizes isn;t really an option. For me it's the history and nostalgic factors. I have used vintage as boosters before though.. Sure the pre mid 80s don't have SAP to absorb as much, but the feelings from that extra fluff and crinkle are on a different level! There's definitely a gold mine with 90's and early 00's,, but I've been noticing a shift for a while now. due to the differences in quantity. There's a crazy amount more 90s/00's out there than 60s/70s/80s.. When ebay vintage selling really started taking off there was still retail access to the older diapers. I know some resellers that would actually go around to all the small areas / mom & pop shops and buy out their inventory.. Instead of selling them off and flooding the market they purposefully sit on them and slowly sell in order to help keep the price up. Older stuff is getting rarer and rarer while the "newer vintage" has a steady stream. So while I agree there are a gold mine, finding the older stuff is like finding the city of gold.
  7. Hi DailyDiapers community :) ABDL curious

    Hola and congrats on taking your first steps! Absolutely nothing wrong with lurking. I think it took me at least 6+ years to register my account and after 9 years of being registered I've finally hit my 28th post.. Lurking happens If you don't mind sharing, what jumped the spark that made you ABDL curious? Last, it's cool to hear you're looking for friends. I see you're from Belfast (AWESOME). I'm a redhead so I have a feeling we'd get along, heh. You should have a "chat" icon on the bottom right side of your browser. Feel free to message me there anytime!
  8. Anyone have tips on persevering these? I currently have them downstairs in a tightly packed and sealed box.. I'd consider syran wrapping each box individually, but concerned that this could lead to issues later on if it reacts to the printing. Perhaps I should syran wrap the package I have them all in?
  9. For sure will fetch a decent amount. Very rare to find these sealed, none the less in this condition and size. The original owner had them stored in the original manufactures case and apparently forgot about them over time LOL. Definitely shocked when I found them! I'll eventually get to posting a few of them on eBay.. may trade a few others. Right now it's just fun to have such a treat in my collection!
  10. 1974 Vintage Pampers Day and Night - Size Toddler
  11. Thanks for all the help! I added a few more photos. I think the consensus is that these are most likely late 70s/very early 80s Luvs.
  12. Close To Incontinence With A Catheter

    First time wearing a 1990 Depend.. First time using a catheter. At the current moment...this.. is.. AWESOME! Just had to get that out. Carry on
  13. You're definitely correct. The two Luvs deluxe sample boxes I have say, "Luvs is a registered trademark of Proctor and Gamble for a disposable diaper." And patended in Canada in one or more of the following years: 1974, 1975, 1979, 1980, and 1981. @P&G 1987". On another funny note for accuracy. It also says, "Sesame Street Muppet characters @Muppets, Inc. Sesame Street and the Sesame Street Sign are trademarks and service marks of Children's Tevelsion Workshop."
  14. That's a 1987 Luvs deluxe with Sesame Street . It's actually their Muppets version (according to the copyright stamp on the diaper). Also Proctor and Gamble launched Luvs. I think you're right. Wish I could find some better pics online to narrow it down. If you look closely you'll see some faint lines in the plastic. Was this something Luvs did? (I know they used heavy bold lines like this when when they first released gender specific diapers).