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  1. Tech Geeks Unite!!! (Computer Issue)

    Well, figured this out as well. Power saving options. It downclocks to save power, and ramps up under stress. Booyaaaa Nice improvement with the CPU upgrade as well. Was pegging out at 100% just doing something simple like opening Chrome. System would sometimes freeze. Now with the CPU upgrade to a dual core beast it never goes above 15-25% under normal operations. Running Windows update, while watching an HD vid on youtube, while running several other apps, no hiccups or hesitations anywhere. I'm happy Even had an extra 2GB of matching RAM laying around that I threw in for the guy for free giving him 6GB, 'cuz I'm nice like that
  2. Tech Geeks Unite!!! (Computer Issue)

    So, got this thing running like a champ. However, even though the CPU, RAM, and motherboard are all rated for 1333Mhz FSB, it's running at 1066Mhz. There's no option in the BIOS either.
  3. Tech Geeks Unite!!! (Computer Issue)

    Crossing my fingers here but I seem to have found the culprit. Windows Update in Services. Once I stopped it, the CPU went to 0. Running Chrome or other programs barely affect it She's fast now. Now... to tie up loose ends and do a little further investigation!
  4. Tech Geeks Unite!!! (Computer Issue)

    I hit it with several different options. I subscribe to Norton, I'll install and run it, remove when completed. I then hit it ComboFix, then I hit it with Norton Power Earaser. Then after trimming system settings, I'll use Iobit Advanced System Care just to top it all off.
  5. Tech Geeks Unite!!! (Computer Issue)

    This is one of those crappy walmart deals where it doesn't come with a partition for recovery. The owner has a time frame when they purchase to download it, but no one ever does lol. Reinstalls are always my last resort try, but sometimes the computer just doesn't have it. *shrugs*
  6. Tech Geeks Unite!!! (Computer Issue)

    Already went through the programs list with iobit (one of many things I use lol). It's a stealthy little bugger. Going to have to just keep picking away I 'spose.
  7. Would you pay to see this Made?

    This is so awesome, I would pay to see it. Greatest cross-over EVER! If done right, it would be epic!
  8. I have a Dell Inspiron 560 I'm working on for a friend. I work on computers on the side, doing anti-virus services as well as upgrades, and trimming the system for optimal performance, that kind of thing. I'm not a novice when it comes to computers, but I'm no pro either. I went to DeVry for electronic and computer engineering and the hardware end of things is something I'm a pro at. The software I've taught myself about over the years as well as some minor dealings with it at DeVry (like OS installations and such). I learn most of what I need to know from diagnosing, elimination, and research (like googling). I'm competent, we'll say. Or as one of my computer professors once wisely informed us... "You know just enough to be dangerous." I have a new problem with this desktop computer. He brought it to me saying that is was super slow, and freezing. The CPU was pegging at 100% and staying there permanently. I was having trouble even trying to run my software and such. The CPU it came with was a Walmart bargain basement CPU (they do that to keep the cost down). For 20 bucks, I upgraded it to a dual core 3.33Ghz. Now it runs right, for the first 10 minutes or so. The CPU hangs at about 0-10% even when running chrome or other programs. This also increased the FSB from 800Mhz to 1066. A very nice improvement Though this new CPU is capable of 1333 as well as is the 4GB of RAM, so that's something else I got to look into. After 10 minutes however, the CPU jumps to 52-55% and hangs there even at idle. Opening chrome causes it to spike, sometimes hitting 100% but at least now it doesn't stay there. I've gone through the task manager, whatever it is isn't showing up in the running processes. The last time I had a PC doing this after 10 minutes of being on, it was a Service called Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. It was scheduled to a delayed activation. After disabling the service, that PC ran like a Ferrari. Given that what this Dell is doing smacks of a delayed service, I checked for that, it's disabled. I ran my virus software again plus an additionally aggressive program, but there was no change. I believe now I'll go through the services and see what's on a delayed startup. Any thoughts, suggestions?
  9. Bad Jokes

    This year for Halloween I wanted to round up 2 buddies and go hang out at the bar, each of us dressed as a priest, rabbi, and monk. I thought that would have been funny.
  10. Bad Jokes

    A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. Bartender says, ‘Sorry we don’t serve food here.
  11. UFO Sightings

    I have two experiences: 1. Was sitting outside with my mom about 10 years ago at night chit chatting, and we watched in awe as several lights danced around the sky in maneuvers that are not possible by conventional aircraft. There were 3 of them I think. They sat still, moved in straight lines slowly, moved in straight lines insanely FAST, and also zig zagged around each other insanely fast, then stopping suddenly. Didn't make any noise either. After about 5 minutes, they took off. Never saw em again. 2. Was driving home on a highway just a few miles outside of town when I saw this one. Not sure how to effectively describe what I saw but I'll try. The lights were less than a mile above, less than a mile or two away, moving from right to left. It's how they moved I'm not sure how to describe. It was a solid light with an orange/redish tint. The light didn't move. After about 3 seconds, a second light appeared to the left of the first one, and the first one would start to dim and fade out after the second one appeared. As soon as the one on the right was fully gone, another light to the left of the still bright one would appear and the one that was now to the right again would fade away, and so on and so forth as it moved left across the sky in this fashion. Bizarre. This stuff doesn't make me uncomfortable. I'm rather fascinated by it. Personally I think 99% of all sightings are military. Stuff that's classified.
  12. Start A Useless Rumor About The Person Above You

    ^ Masticates frequently!
  13. Bad Jokes

    Why did the scarecrow get promoted? He was outstanding in his field!
  14. How I view a sissy or being a sissy

    I shaved my entire body once. It was a strange feeling. Almost a feeling of being naked. One's skin feels very different under clothes when shaved, still feels... nude'ish. I have to admit that it also felt feminine to me, but that's more because that is the accepted norm in modern society for girls to be hairless, so it's more of a societal psychological norm thing I think. I do like being kept shaved clean in the nether regions, but it has to do with a personal comfort level than being sissy/feminine/addl related. I feel cleaner, and (I'm just being real here, don't mean to gross anyone out) but I'm one of those guys that disappear when flaccid. It kind of curls up and in. I'm not fat or anything, it's just always done that, and it catches any hair that's there when it does which hurts so I like to stay smooth there.
  15. Call of Duty Favorite trailer vids

    I was heavy into the zombies in WAW. For whatever reason, WAW multiplayer didn't suit my style of playing and was the only game I struggled on and was average at best. I played more zombies on that game than multiplayer. Favorite was Shi No Numa, followed by Der Riese. I went 168 rounds solo in Shi No Numa and finally had to turn it off after hours of sheer boredom, though my goal was to see how many rounds I could go indefinitely. I had found a pattern that allowed you to do this solo. Not cheating by using some glitchy part of the map or some lame thing like that, but an actual pattern of attack. Once you hit like 80 rounds, it gets as hard and fast as it ever will get and is monotonous after that. The pattern I used could have taken me as high as I wanted to go. Never got into the zombies after WAW, went back to Multiplayer.