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  1. Favorite diaper to wear?

    I love diapers for Kids ,me favorite diapers is seni for kids
  2. diaper for kids

  3. Cartoons

    I love cartoons Most of my favorite TV channel is Cartoon Network, my favorite cartoon is Gamboll's Amazing World,Ed,Ed,Eddy,Dexter's Laboratory
  4. looking for a daddy

    hello I'm babygirl and And i'm looking for daddy
  5. baby girl

  6. 09 mittened baby pumping Out The milk

    oh cute

    mmm sexy
  8. Romania

    Este unul dintre românii care îi place să poarte scutece sau un copil sau adult Diaperlover?
  9. Poland?

    Bulklover I'm from Poland-Poznań
  10. hello Emily

    1. sheldon Webb

      sheldon Webb

      Hi baby Kate.

      I'm Sheldon. I am interested in corasponding with you about your interest in infatilism and your love for diapers most of all you as a person please forgive my punctuation and grammar

      Thanks for reading.






  11. me in diaper

  12. baby Car seat (615x1024)

    oh so cute baby boys
  13. 2015-12-08_10.10.57.png

    me favorite game I love playing Minecraft
  14. Beth

    fantastic story me girlfriend my girlfriend's name is Beth, she's wonderful. I would like to wish she also persuaded to wear diapers