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  1. Amber_Starfield

    Bald As A Baby's Bottom, Peach Fuzz Or Furry Frenzy?

    Thanks for the link Repaid. After reading a few horror stories, I canceled my order before it could ship.
  2. Amber_Starfield

    Enemas, Rectal Suppositories, Rectal Temp. Taking?

    Just a quick note about rectal temperature taking. There is a company called kinsa that makes a smartphone thermometer advertised for use underarm, rectally, or in mouth. I bought mine for about $25 at CVS and it seems to be very accurate. You will need to verify that your phone is supported, but supposedly works with iPhone models 4s +, Samsung Galaxy S3 +, and Note 2 +. Working great on my Note 4. The thermometer connects via the headphone jack and somehow uses HF sound waves to measure temperature. The phone app looks nice and is simple to use.
  3. Amber_Starfield

    Favorite Disposable Diaper?

    My favorite would be the Northshore Supremes. They do need to be fluffed before wearing, but after that its like going potty on a pillow. Abena M4 was my favorite before, but NS seems to hold just as much at a lower price.
  4. Amber_Starfield

    Bald As A Baby's Bottom, Peach Fuzz Or Furry Frenzy?

    I ordered a product called BallBalm today after reading mostly great reviews. It was a bit pricy, but if it works as well as claimed, with will be well worth the money. I have shaved many times in the past and it's a lot of work. The BallBalm should be in sometime next week and will let you all know how it worked out for me... I just hope it doesn't fry my pee and poo places.
  5. Amber_Starfield

    What Is Your Biggest/best Abdl Fantasy

    My fantasy is woman who is slim built with fairly small breast. She is in bed with me wearing only a tight fitting baby diaper and I am nude. She has me lay flat on my back as she squats down over my face, just letting the seat of her diaper brush against my nose and mouth. My dream partner then starts to grunt softly as the bottom of her diaper starts to bulge against my face. The front of her diaper gets a bit wet from her pushing a big, firm poo into her baby diaper. Once she finishes, there is a lump the size of a baseball on her bottom and she slowly presses it down on my closed mouth. I feel the warmth of her load and my sense of smell is completely overwhelmed as she starts making gentle rocking motions. My big baby girl rocks like this for at least 10 minutes, bumping her load against my nose. Then she gets off my face and straddles my privy place while facing me and completely floods her little diaper. After soaking me down there she takes off her baby diaper and masturbates me with it until I explode in her warm mess.
  6. Amber_Starfield

    Bedwetting Without A Diaper

    I really soaked my bed this morning. This is the 2nd time since I washed my bedding. I hope it has time to dry today so I can snuggle in my peepee smell tonight. I've had a desire lately to make my bed smell strongly of pee, so this is a work in progress .
  7. Amber_Starfield

    Panties And Diapers?

    I wear lil girl panties size 14, sometimes with an Always peepee pad in them. They fit me snug but not too tight at waist size 34 and if I wanted to, could pull them up over a thin diaper like a depends. However, this compresses the diaper too much and it cant absorb like it should, from front to back. When I have a diapee rash I will stay in just panties until it has healed.
  8. Amber_Starfield

    Enemas, Rectal Suppositories, Rectal Temp. Taking?

    I like to take an enema whenever I really want to poo in my diaper, but my body isn't in the mood. For this I normally will do some tinkles in a cup and fill my enema bottle with it. Peepee in my poopoo place feels nice and warm, and I don't feel like I am cheating my diaper out of it's purpose once I finally let lose. I do prefer solid poos in my diaper and don't use this method often, but it gets the job done .
  9. Amber_Starfield

    The Look The Cashier Gives You.

    I use to really worry about cashiers.. but not anymore. Mostly cause about the only diapers I buy from local stores is Goodnites, and most people would hardly guess they are for me. On the rare occasion I will buy some Diaper like depends, I try to find what I would consider the least attractive cashier or one that looks like a zombie and have that person check me out. Normally I am buying beer too, so I don't bother with self checkout isles.
  10. Amber_Starfield

    Men Wearing Women's Diapers?

    I prefer girl diapers or pullups even though I seem (checks below) to still have my boy parts . One reason being is the law of gravity. Boy diapers put a lot more padding up front.. but unless you sleep on your tummy or just like to have your thinggy pointed North... there is very little reason for this. Gravity makes the tinkles run down often faster than they can be absorbed, this is true for sitting, standing or laying on your back. So it only makes sense that the thickest padding be in the middle for any diaper. Side sleepers (which I am) may benefit from a bit more padding in the front.. but it is still the easiest way to leak for either sex.
  11. Amber_Starfield

    Bed Protection

    I have a plastic fitted sheet on my bed with a little mermaid top sheet and matching covers. The protection is not so much for diaper leaks, but because I often enjoy sleeping nude and peeing my bed. After I wake-up, I will pull the covers back an let my tinkle spot dry naturally. I don't pee in my bed every night, but probably 4 times a week and wash my bedding whenever I feel it is time. I really do love the way it smells and helps me fall asleep fast.
  12. Amber_Starfield

    Would you ever change another person's pooey nappy

    Depends on who's bottom it is. In most cases it would need to be someone I am romantic involved with and I would love every moment of it. Exception would be for if I ever have children or if I need to care for my parents in their late years. This would be done as professionally as possible.
  13. Amber_Starfield

    Bodily functions what words do you use?

    I like variety, but mostly in little kid terms. Peepee, poopoo, tinkles, doodoo,teetee, dookie, wetsie, messy, hiney .ext.
  14. Amber_Starfield

    Clean Vs Dirty diapers

    I'm one of the few that voted messy. *blushes* While I love diapers in any state, nothing turns me on more than big lump in the seat of my diaper or pullup. The more firm it is, the better so I can wear it longer without getting a rash. I regress to being a 5 year old little girl that is too busy playing or too spoiled to go potty when she needs to, so she poos her pullup and keeps playing without a care in the world.
  15. Amber_Starfield

    How Old Were You When You Began Wearing Diapers

    I started taking interest in diapers when I was 9 years old. At the time I only had younger girl cousins to play with that were about 3 - 6 years old and some of them still wore diapers. I began to get curious about how it felt to poo in one, so I started by placing toilet paper on the lid of the potty and pooping on it. I would sit and squish for a while, then flush the evidence and take a shower. Soon I began sneaking diapers from my cousins but never enough to get caught. By the time I was 15, I could drive to buy my own Goodnites, Pampers, or Tena youth diapers. I still wear Goodnites often and probably will the rest of my life. Also when I was 15, I got my 1st PC that had a dialup modem. I used this to discover DPF.com and learned that I was not alone in the world with my seemingly strange desires. DPF was already in decline in the late 90's as trolls invaded the forums, but the site really helped me through some tough teen years.