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  1. whats about adultclothdiaper.com ?

    everything is OK! - found the email in the spam-folder *sigh*
  2. Hello! Does anyone know something about "www.adultclothdiaper.com" ? Some weeks ago i ordered some items there and payed with PayPal (money is transfered already...). I did not get any answer or tracking ID or something else. *arrrgh*
  3. Hidradenitis Supporativa

    sweat glands are not the primary reason for the infection (Fakename4me had an outdated information). Have a look here: http://flexikon.doccheck.com/de/Hidradenitis_suppurativa - the site is in german, but has the best answers in medical questions i know
  4. Hidradenitis Supporativa

    something like creams or other surface-therapy doesnt help, if its really hidradenitis supporativa (or better to say: "inverted acne" - the inflammation is going inwards) can be treated with antibiotica. hidradenitis supporativa often develops a fistula. i got such an anal fistula and the end was a surgery. my fistula was quite near the anus. i was wearing 24/7 about 2 years at this time and my hygienic behaviour was always OK, i think. IMPORTANT TIPP: if you ever need a surgery because of a fistula >>> only with laser!!! - this method is new, not all doctors are knowing about it, the older version is like be treated by a butcher and your healing process would be about 1/2 year. i dont know if the diaper wearing was the reason of the inflammation, but i guess though. - never told the doctor about it.
  5. For all, who still missed my little survey - please participate in it. I guess, the most of you (active users of this sub-forum) are interested in the results. Thank you very much, Lalelu Kid
  6. Hello to all the special people, who got (or want to get) urinary incontinent by wearing diapers 24/7. And hello also to all people, who are actually on this struggling way with incontinence desires... I´m interested in the percentage of the effort in doing this. And in detail I´m interested, how much time the process of becoming incontinent has token for you. Thank you very much for your participation! Lalelu Kid
  7. Greetings from Germany

    Hello all! I have read many of the threads in DD - it´s often a good source for new ideas, inspirations and somehow like a confirmation of the lifestyle, i have choosen, with diapers, pacifiers and so on. thank you all for the really really nice postings. strange: in german discussion-boards me is quite fast bored, because the "casual tone" is often harshly and the members are disputing about the right spelling ("Hey you, dude - you have forgotten a comma in your posting - therefore i wont answer your question!"...) - absurd - isnt it!? since august 2014 i wear 24/7 (but not #2). abena M4 and sometimes comficare, with stuffers additional. i have already experienced some changes of my body and pee-behaviour (like many others have written about here). but i am not yet ready in my mind for the incontinence-thingy. i am struggling psychically a bit, and of course: the friend+family problem *sigh* lalelu kid