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  1. ut8ft

    I need diapers ASAP!!

    I would suggest getting a prepaid card for your wants. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Multiple sclerosis Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. ut8ft

    Looking for...

    Try posting in the FreeCycle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. ut8ft

    Tapatalk app issue

    I’m now able to login and use tapatalk again on the iOS for those using android you may want to try again
  5. ut8ft

    Tapatalk app issue

    Apparently this issue is not in the top 20 issues to be resolved, since this has been going on for months.
  6. Nw Ohio had some bad weather in November and some last week
  7. ut8ft

    Tapatalk app issue

    Which mobile platform do you use android or iOS? I am currently using the iOS version.
  8. ut8ft

    Tapatalk app issue

    Not sure if anyone from tech support has looked into this issue but it is still going on and not sure if anyone else is having issues with tapatalk
  9. Is there a known issue with the Tapatalk app for daily diapers. I just noticed that I am in unable to login using tapatalk app but the web and mobile site works fine. When I try to login it pops up a line of code that looks similar to html coding with some win script thrown in. I had no issue a couple of days ago but I’m unsure what’s going on. Not sure if this has to the mining issue or not.
  10. ut8ft

    Hospital Diaper Policies

    That is 100% abuse and neglect on the the hospital's and on the staff's. Not to mention a malpractice lawsuit. In Ohio one only has 1.5yrs to file a malpractice lawsuit due to statutes of limitations but neglect and abuse are criminal lawsuits so the statute of limitations is longer. Best advice is to contact a lawyer as suggested by rustypins and agreed by deewet. If you do decide to contact a lawyer do not forget to also tell them about your fathers mental anguish and/or pain and suffering that your father suffered by the incident or any medical treatment caused by them leaving him in a soiled(includes both wet and/or "messy") diaper(nappy) the more documentation that you have the better. If you have yet to obtain those records do not mention any kind of legal action as common practice is to firewall and wait for a court order or subpoena for records regarding this incidence. Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk I should add this is from my personal experience as I am not a lawyer. Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  11. ut8ft

    Prescription Diapers

    Sent u a pm Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  12. ut8ft

    Am I becoming incontinent ?

    I have a neurogenic bladder, large bladder capacity, UTI since 3rd grade, used to go once in the morning and once in the evening after i got home from school. Was recently diagnosed with MS and since the last MS attack once i have the urge i have about 5 min to use the bathroom or there is a flood...urodynamics test confirms self dx of urge incontinence but urologist basicly said that i should try to go more often even when there is no urge problem with that is nothing comes out when i try..needless to say i will be speaking with my pcp and neuro drs about this. Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  13. ut8ft

    Prescription Diapers

    That sound like you are talking about subsidized housing if so they take in to account medical expenses. Here in OH its called section 8 housing (funded by HUD-- housing and urban development) and is extremely hard to get into and with a medical condition. Most of the tenants refuse to get any type of full time job or better themselves (here in NW OH at least I cannot speak for the rest of OH) as I constantly over hear the local county employees and medical professionals complain about in this area. Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  14. ut8ft

    Hospital Diaper Policies

    Cleveland Clinic uses those cheap blue diapers and matching cheap blue disposable mats in their urology department on the main campus. For those or not familiar with Cleveland Clinic they have locations in Nevada, Florida, Ohio, Canada Abu Dhabi and several other places throughout the world. From my experiences emergency rooms and long hospital stays they would rather insert a catheter then issue incontinence briefs. This is just my experience of Ohio hospitals it may be different in other states in the United States. Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk
  15. ut8ft

    What sites do you buy diapers from?

    Depends where the brands i prefer are on sale...most of the time www.diaperbuys.com some times ebay as some medical supply companies sell surplus stock really cheap there. Sent from my HTC One A9 using Tapatalk