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  1. Birch House - Chapters 11

    So... Two months sounds like a long time and all three characters have gone through a lot. Some of it will be discussed as we go, but this isn't a story about life's dramas only, it's about the things happening to Annie and Becca. Not much has escalated in that area... Not yet. Plus, for those who read The Woes of Maddison Page, I've already explored a life tracking story. We are exploring something new in those book! Lastly, shock and denial are strong things that can wrap time in a cacoon while the ignore thier problems. Besides, they are all super busy. You'll see.
  2. Birch House - Chapters 11

    Birch House Chapter 11 --- Becca --- “Say something Trent!” I huffed at him openly begging him to understand. “I don’t know what to say.” He snapped staring ahead blankly. “I didn’t really cheat. I wasn’t… It was Ann for fucks sake! She wouldn’t hurt us. I was drunk with my best FEMALE friend. It was fine. I will be fine. It’s no big deal. I was just still revved up from that magical fuck fest you gave me, and well the diapers were new, I don’t know about that… and the TV was sexy… God Trent! I’m just so fucking sorry!” I wailed. I curled up in the bed too terrified to meet his gaze. It was so unlike me. I was the leader in our relationship. I set the tones. I set the rules. I defined the boundaries. I kept Trent in line not the other way around. My face covered in my terrified hands, I waited to see which future that I was bound to. “I… Did you cheat on me?” He asked me pain in his voice. “I don’t feel like I did.” I rushed. “I feel like I stumbled on something… something like bondage or something.” I tried to deflect. “But she’s a person! A person I know! Someone I’d have to look in the eye! A person who owns half this damn house!” He shouted getting fired up. “I didn’t mean it. I wasn’t… it was like she was a toy, a vibrator or something. Not the person. I didn’t even know what was happening. It was so fast. I was so drunk...” I whimpered. “Do you love her?” He asked me. “You know I do.” I told him pleading. “Do you want me to leave?” He sounded miserable the fight visibly fading from his body. “NO BABE! I FUCKING LOVE YOU. I MARRIED YOU. I HAVE REAL SEX WITH YOU. I WANT YOU HOME WITH ME ALL THE TIME. IT’S YOUR DICK I DREAM ABOUT.” I yelled. “Do you dream about her too?” He begged me with his eyes. “IT’S YOUR BABIES I WANT TRENT!” “Do you love her?” He asked again very stoically. “You mean romantically?” I asked terror in my heart. “Yeah, Rebecca, do you love your best friend as a girlfriend, a lover, a wife?” He clarified. I paused totally freaked out by his question. “That says everything I need to know. You couldn’t answer me.” He told me standing calmly. “Trent, No! I was just shocked.” I watched him walk toward the bedroom door. “You shouldn’t be shocked. It should have been immediate, and you certainly haven’t denied it yet.” He pointed out. His words smacked me in the face again. Should I have had an immediate denial on my tongue? Should his question have freaked me out that much? I didn’t really feel that way about Annie did I? I felt my head cock to the side in a quick twerk, “Listen, you shocked me so bad. I’ve never thought that way about Ann!” I screamed at his back willing him to stop. He paused and turned around, “You don’t... You don’t sound confident enough. I think I have the answer I need. You cheated on me! How many times have I promised your ass I’d never cheat on you! Do you know how many times I’ve had to turn girls down?!? I loved you Rebecca! I still love you, but I’m so mad right now. I’m even more mad because I’m turned on too.” He yelled and slammed his hand into the frame of my door causing a shudder to ripple through Birch House. “Don’t leave pissed Trent. You just got home. Let’s just calm down and eat or something. Don’t leave. This isn’t like that. It was an accident. I was drunk.” I begged whimpering and crawling toward him. “I get it. That’s why I don’t drink anymore. It's hard isn’t it? Dealing with what you did? What have you done to Ann?!? That’s the worst part! She has that condition. It’s like picking on a handicap kid! She can’t love you back that way Ann. You cheated on me with someone who can never return your feelings!” He thundered turning to leave again. “She doesn’t know I remember.” I told him as a last shot at forgiveness. “What?” He paused. “I lied. I woke up this morning and pretended like I was so drunk, that I couldn’t remember.” “Why?” He asked. “It’ll kill her if you leave because we cheated and she didn’t even feel anything. It was super weird. I don’t know what happened, but I swear it wasn’t cheating.” I begged him. “Then why did you have to lie?” He challenged a decision slipped over him and his shoulders rose and his posture changed. He paused to look me over. My body language displayed the desperation I was feeling. I could smell it wafting off me. I could smell his anger and disappointment. I could see the betrayal he felt. And, I loathed myself. I was such a fucking failure. He didn’t deserve this, and neither did I. I really hadn’t done anything that couldn’t have been forgiven, that I wouldn’t have forgiven him for. I was balling by then, “No clothes even came off. You let that dude get further with me last year on Spring Break!” I threw my hail mary. I hadn’t wanted to defend myself that way. Frankly, I didn’t think I’d need to defend myself. I was as pissed as Trent was, but I wasn’t going to let my anger free. I didn’t give two fucks about being mad. I cared about salvaging my marriage! “Alright look. I wasn’t going to go back out, but this… happened.” He waved his hands between us. “They need another run tomorrow. It’s an all day thing. Not overnight, but all day. I’m going to take that run and clear my head… think a little bit. I’m not leaving you, but I’m hurt and very very angry.” He told me facing the living room door. “You have to text me some while you’re gone. I don’t want you to forget me.” I prophesied. “I’m not leaving Rebecca. I just need to calm down before I say things that we’ll regret, things we can’t come back from. I’ll text you, but give me some space.” Then he was gone. He walked out the door without a kiss, hug, or an ‘I love you’. He left and I balled. I wailed and howled my misery in the foyer of my house behind a door that felt so final. The insulation at Birch House must have been amazing because I never heard a peep from Annie, and she never came to check on me, no matter how much noise I made. Everyone is leaving me... --- Ann --- It had been six days since whatever-that-was happened between Becca and I. All my effort went into trying to forget, but I wasn’t able to. I hadn’t forgotten a single frame of that mental film. It was on loop in my head from moment to moment. I hadn’t had to look at anything online to help me with my physical needs since then. That was the first time in my life that I pleased myself with a real person, the first time I brought pleasure to someone else... Each night in my bed, I had lain there, freshly diapered, and fought a losing battle against those memories. There was an internal court battle going on as my moral light and dark sides lawyered up and litigated the situation. It was an argument of justification for my internal record books! To make things worse, I’d had a couple of accidents… during the day. I was back to being in the bathroom most of my time. Yesterday, I’d been forced to start going to the toilet preemptively, every hour and a half! My nerves were shot, my control appeared to be failing, and I’d… something’d with my best friend! I had plenty of time to wallow in my own misery sucking myself deeper into the miasma of depression. I berated myself for my terrible behavior and then excused it away in the next moment cycling through points of view. That had given me a loose stomach all week. My nerves way over producing stomach acid liquefying everything I ate. In the end, all six nights, my dirty little hand snaked its way over, around, and under my night time diaper while I drew on those images frame by frame. I recalled each touch of her fingers and each caress of her breath. I remembered her rigid body as she worked her way into a frenzy against me. I could remember the feel of her soggy diaper on my thigh. How the plastic shell, wet with sweat, stuck to my leg as she ground it into me. It was the single most arousing moment of my life. I remembered with all of my senses. It was a magical moment for me and despite all the trouble that moment brought us, I was beginning to think it had been worth it. That stolen few minutes of intimacy was invaluable to someone like me. I got off for the seventh night since my Mom left, and I still hadn’t seen or heard from Becca. I missed her. I wanted to talk to her, but I was so very afraid. Maybe I’ve masturbated enough to get over it, or contain myself at least. Fudgenuggets! I fussed in my mind as I wet my diaper a short twenty minutes after I’d put it on. I was exhausted. The week had been terrible. I couldn’t sleep and working was nearly impossible. I watched the carport like a hawk. I had watched Mom leave and so had Trent an hour or so later. He hadn’t come back until Monday night. I was such a coward and a terrible friend. I hadn’t checked on Becca. That was eating me up too. Trent had only stayed Monday night and Wednesday night at home, both nights coming in late and leaving early. I was worried for them. I was worried I’d forced myself on my drunken friend and violated everything I could in that moment. I was worried I’d destroyed three lives, and still… all I could think about was Becca. --- Becca --- I miss Annie so much. I can’t smell her downstairs anymore. I can’t smell Trent in my bedroom either. Trent’s scent is stale, muted. It smells like me all over but what I’ve lost is fading away. I’m such a terrible bitch. Poor Annie. She’s probably a mess. Trent is way overreacting about this. I was honest. I didn’t mean anything that happened, and I didn’t mean anything by it either. I didn’t let it go any further. I confessed right away. The ass hasn’t even checked on his “best friend.” She’s up there probably going through the toughest shit of her life and neither of us are there for her. God!!! It’s been almost two months! I don’t give two shits about that fucking fence anymore. I just want my fucking husband back. [Me] I made lunch… [Trent] Thanks. Leave it outside? [Me] Cool in here. Have lunch with me? [Trent] I’m almost done. Just leave it outside, or I’ll just eat it later. Damn him! Fucking pig shitting fuck pickles! I stomped in circles snapping my jaws at the air. I’d been involuntarily celibate for nearly sixty days. It was fucking torture! Trent and I were young. One of the foundations of our relationship was constant attentive adventurous fucking. I had a minor lapse in judgement that I had more than suffered the penalty for. I was starting to feel righteously pissed off myself, and my fucking horn, that’s what I was calling the cyst thing on my ass, was the most annoying thing of it. Time for the big guns. I sighed trying to get my head in the right space for sexy. I put my phone down and slipped on my laciest sheer white thong. My ass looked amazing even with Mount St. Horn-ious poking out. My ass cheeks were the main attraction not the surgical bandage I was using to cover the horn growing above my ass. I tugged it up tight giving my freshly shaven puss a delicious-looking camel toe. The skin of my vag was a much darker shade than my regular skin tone now, nearly black, and showed through the sheer material seductively. I sprayed his favorite perfume on myself and lightly rubbed on some glitter lotion across my dark nips and abs and in my panties. I pulled my pixie cut white hair up into an intricate set of braids wrapped around my head like a crown. I did my makeup minimally, cause it was hot out, and I wanted to get hotter. [Me] Bringing lunch. Meet me at the patio. Cold Beer and T&A! Ok. Don't be nervous bitch. He’s already checked out. If your marriage is salvageable then you got to do something drastic. Shake that shit loose. Trent made his way up the hill to the house. He was half naked, not the business half, but the fun to look at half. I crave cock like some chicks crave chocolate, but they aren’t all that fun to look at. Now Trent’s sweaty man-chest that was something of glory. His love trail had grown thicker and darker since I’d seen it last, maybe higher too. My mouth watered and my long tongue snaked out to gather the moisture from the corners of my mouth. I shaved for this. His ass better appreciate it! I’d prepared myself for striking out, but prayed that I wouldn’t. He had no idea how difficult it was to keep a lady-like appearance these days. I’d went from shaving once a week, which was really more of a touch up, to shaving daily! Well, I shaved daily if I wanted to be hair free. Strangely, I had to shave almost all of my body except my pussy. It was weird. Getting older sucka da donkey balls! That’s another doctor I need to see. So head guy for smelling and hearing, eye guy for vision getting weird, and skin guy for color changes and the hairy shit. Fuck that! I want my bell rung. Sexy hips go! I thought sauntering out onto the patio, mostly naked, to deliver my husband his food. It was time. This was sort of the same thing as the Rose Ceremony on the Bachelor. I fucking hate that show. I closed the sliding glass patio door and turned around confidently. I put a genuine smile on my face cause well, my man had pecks! Really delicious pecks! “Lunch is served!” I told him holding a plate loaded with a sandwich and chips in one hand and a cold ass beer in the other with my hip cocked to the side and a wicked smile on my face. Trent looked from my smile to my chest causing my nipples to tighten. I gently shook my tits so that they swayed gently while he watched them. I was a peacock enjoying the attention. A lecherous smile spread across his face as his eyes trailed down my body. His look changed from arousal to cautiousness. “How’s Ann doing? You know with her diaper thing.” He asked me. Fucking seriously! “I don’t know.” I told him running a black painted sharpe fingernail down his bare chest leaving a narrow red raised line on his skin. “I haven’t talked to her in a couple months.” I told him loving the feel of his skin dragging against my nail. “I promised Mrs. Smith we’d keep an eye on her.” He told me as his wanton look returned. That’s the look I want on his face! Woo hoo! I pushed Trent’s sweaty body down into the patio chair and straddled his legs. I arched my back and reached behind me sitting his plate down. I brought the cold as hell beer around between us, and brushed the can over my nipples. They immediately popped to attention as I ran them over the mouth of the beer can. I let it rest between my tits and leaned forward to kiss my husband for the first time in weeks. Our mouths crushed together and he squealed like a little girl. “Shit that’s cold as hell!” He laughed taking the can from me. I shrugged, “Felt good to me.” I told him arching my back and stretching in his lap. He took a huge drink of his beer and set it on the table beside us. My arched back pushed my boobs in his face, and the natural light caused them to shimmer like gems. He took the invitation. His mouth full of cool beer inhaled my nipple. It felt amazing. I was wetter than I ever remember being. My thong was saturated and I was probably getting Trent’s cargo shorts wet. “Fuck, I’ve missed you.” I screamed not caring if the neighbors or God heard me. “You too babe.” He told me drawing a hickey on my right tit. “Let’s go to the room.” “Nope, I made lunch for my working man.” I laughed tearing off a bit of sandwich pushing it towards his mouth. “Eat up.” Perky, that’s how I tried to sound, but I’m pretty sure it came off slutty. Eh… That works too. I tugged his cargo pants off him followed quickly by his underwear. I left him nude while I stood up smiling at him and took my top all the way. “I’ll have my lunch, you have yours.” I licked my lips and inhaled the scent of his manhood kneeling between his hairy legs. “So freaking hot!” He choked out around his bite of sandwich. I took Trent into my mouth and simply enjoyed pleasing him. My knees hurt kneeling on the deck, but enduring that pain was an apology of another type. I was determined to apologize with all my skill. I apologized the fuck out of Trent! He was so distracted by my hard work that it took him almost ten full minutes to eat his sandwich. I ended up finishing him off about the same time that he finished his food. He pulled me up as I was swallowing him down. “God babe, that was amazing.” He told me kissing me. We thoroughly apologized to each other on the back deck not giving a fuck who could see or hear us. Eventually, we stumbled to the bedroom for a nap a while later. We woke up in the late afternoon in each other’s arms for the first time in months. I was deliriously happy. “Babe, I’m trying. I’m sorry, and I promise I’m trying.” He told me softly. “I’m trying too. I needed you in me. I was afraid Trent. Genuinely afraid. I thought I’d lost you.” I cried softly. I. Never. Cry. “I was too.” He said softly. We made slow intimate love to each other happy to be with each other in our bedroom again. We ate in bed and passed out in each other’s arms that Saturday night. We woke up early the next Sunday morning and went outside to finish his fence. “Babe.” Trent said pointing to the house with a head nod. Ann was walking up the stairs with a few bags in her arms. My heart went out to her and I felt restless seeing her. I could never forget my best friend. I was something of an empty husk without her. I needed Ann in my life again, but I was too afraid to screw up my mended bridge with Trent. I’d made my choice. I took one last longing look at my leggy friend and got back to work on the fence not looking back again. “We need to check on her. We’ve had our problems, but we have been shitty friends.” Trent finally said. “Trent…” I faltered. “No Babe, we promised Mrs. Smith. She’s my best friend next to you and your best friend period. I get that. I’ll try hard not to be jealous. I promise, but we are a trio not a duo. I knew I was buying a relationship with Ann when I asked you to marry me.” He sighed. “Just not in a naked or orgasmic way…” I wiped the sweat from my forehead, “Alright Trent. You have my word. Nothing will happen between us again. Sides no clothes came off. Nothing naked happened.” “I believe you’ll do your very best Babe.” He told me standing next to me and patting my head. I beamed at his praise. “How do we fix this?” He asked. “Well, remember she doesn’t know I remember. Prolly figured it out by now. She’s a smarty pants, but sometimes she misses shit with social things. Too much alone time.” I nodded standing. “Well, we are finished here. We need to celebrate. How about a barbeque? What’s Ann’s favorite?” He asked. “Fuck if I care! Meat! Ribs Baby. Momma needs Ribs!” I squealed. “You go get the stuff and I’ll get her.” I laughed. [Me] Annie? [Ann] Rebecca? Fuck. I’m in so much trouble if she’s using my whole name. She answered though! [Me] … I miss you. Five minutes passed. [Ann] I’ve missed you too. [Me] How are you? [Ann] Still dealing. [Me] I’m sorry. [Ann] Me too. A few more minutes passed. [Ann] For what? [Me] Huh? [Ann] What are you sorry for? [Me] Falling off the face of the planet for like, months… [Ann] How’s Trent? [Me] Happy right now. Satisfied. Getting the meats! We’re grillin! [Ann] Good to hear. Parking has been sort of sparse lately. I was worried. [Me] Yeah… Not been an awesome couple of months for us. [Ann] Me either. I’m still soggy. [Me] Babe, I’m so sorry. [Ann] It is what it is. Twenty minutes pass. [Me] Can I come up? [Ann] I need you too. You need me too? Alright! Calm down… I stood and focused. [Me] Yeah, I need a hug too.
  3. Angel Hunter (Chapter 20 up April 17)

    Well done man! Nice fight. you'll have to stop self-deprecating that portion of your writing now. Is there more planned or is it just a cliff hanger ending?
  4. Birch House - Chapters 11

    Well, remember Ann has an issue where she can't feel sexual attraction to someone unless she's already established an emotional / romantic. For her, it's a slow build from trust to friendship from friendship to a almost familial love then she can finally find someone attractive. That physical attraction grows with love and trust over time. Trent had his shot. She jumped out on an emotional limb, in Ann's universe, and he "cheated" on her and crushed his opportunity. I spanked the internet and she confessed a term I've never heard of before "demisexual". There's an "ism" for everything as it turns out! So, the current dynamic is a newly sexually awakened (to one person) Ann, a totally heterosexual female Becca, and a totally heterosexual male Trent living under the same roof with complex relationship dynamics between each. There's a marriage at jeopardy and several friendships, not to mention being in the same house. Fortunately, the Finn's made sure there was outside access to both floors!
  5. Party Girl (4-16)

    Nice staging!
  6. Angel Hunter (Chapter 20 up April 17)

    Well that was a tease! Well, I feel reinvested and bereft! LoL
  7. Birch House - Chapters 11

    Thanks for the compliment! I asked Wanna to help... I may weave a fun story, but English major I am not. If you see something screwed up or just want to chat feel free to message me. Thanks again. Thank you wanna for your hard work!
  8. What Happened to Ella Marsh?

    Well... I'm engaged! I look forward to this. I hope new sis isn't to big a pain. Maybe new mom can be nice and new sis can get all motherly best friendy... Good stories, the ones that hook into your heart and bring me back to read more... They grab my heart. Hook me to the characters and lead me threw thier world. You did great with the nurse and Ella. Awesome!
  9. Repost/Edit - The Woes of Maddison Page - 6

    The Woes of Maddison Page Chapter 6 - I have no idea when I’m peeing or not. “So my baby might need surgery?” Mom gasped finally absorbing the whole situation. “Bottom line is. Something’s wrong with her lower back, and the next step is getting it looked at.” Dr. Chu shrugged. “You’re like a superhero M. leaps out of burning buildings in a single bound!” Merry goofed. “If only you were as durable.” She laughed at her own joke. I laughed too since it was pretty good. I giggled through the pain I was in, “Yeah, I’ll go by Scared-for-her-life-girl or Not-my-best-idea-woman.” “Maddison this is serious!” Mom gasped again. “I know Momma, and I will handle it seriously. Right now though, I could use a joke or two.” I told her. It’s not like I could correct her even if I felt like I needed to, which I didn’t. Our southern manors wouldn’t allow that kind of disrespect to our parents especially in public, unless you were a truly rebellious child. I was not a rebellious child, teen, or adult. So, there was not going to be any disrespect from me. Mom just nodded at me. I guess that was all she needed to confirm that I’d treat the situation with the gravity it deserved. I wonder if those release forms for surgery are as bad as Dr. Chu is saying. I wonder if I can trust mom enough to read them for me? I trust Dr. Chu enough to have surgery without double checking things, so I guess I’ll just go with my trust of him instead. “Momma can deal with the paperwork. I have to focus on getting better. I have too much to do to be out of commission.” I told the room and no one in particular. The doctor patted my leg once more and wished me well. Mom and Dr. Chu spent a few moments outside the door again. I could only assume it was to alleviate some of mom’s concerns since she was getting some mental traction on the situation. Fierce momma was on the way. I was about to be smothered. It was like Japan bombing Pearl Harbor, the fire had woken a sleeping giant. Merry came over to me and kissed me on the cheek. She stroked my face a bit while I breathed through some pain spasms. It was a really great moment. Her support meant the world to me. A few short minutes later, Mom and some EMTs walked through my door with a stretcher. “Guys, M is wearing some … uh … protective undergarments that need to be updated. Can you give us a second?” Merry asked. “Gracious, all that talk of surgery and my baby’s behind slipped my mind.” Mom commented shewing them out of my room. Mom took the leg brace the rest of the way off. Merry and mom helped me on to my stomach again. Mom ripped the other side of the pull-up and pulled it off like a diaper. I could feel the warmth and the squishiness of a garment pushed to full capacity. Sadly, I’d wet a lot. We struggled our way through the rest of the change wiggling the new pull-up up my legs. Merry hadn’t brought any wipes in because she’d never really messed with diaper changes. She’d never had to work. Mom wet a paper towel and handed it over. I tried the clean myself a bit up front while I had uninterrupted access, and mom did my shapely butt. They pulled up the diaper and my shorts calling for the EMTs to enter. The ride to the hospital was a horrible bit of torture, but they did right by me in the hospital room. It took a while to get admitted and move from Emergency to inpatient. It wasn’t looking likely that I’d see the inside of an MRI machine my first day, so they laid me flat of my back and stuck like six pillows under my legs. I looked like I was sitting on a pillow chair, just on my back. It was the first time I’d felt any relief since the bad pain had started. Merry hadn’t left my side, and to my surprise, my mom was the first one to set the nurses straight when they tried to restrict Merry from my room. She may check out at home when there’s peace and quiet, but by golly she was making sure I had my bestie with me for this mess. Go Momzilla! “Momma, I need to get up again.” I sighed. Neither Merry nor my mom said anything. They just made eye contact and got up to help me move to the bathroom. I’d gone through several more pull-ups by then, but since I was in a room finally and until someone forced it on me, I was going to do my damnedest to make it to the bathroom like the adult I was. I’m sure mom and Merry were tired of taking the leg brace on and off, but they helped me to the bathroom without complaint. “There we are baby.” Mom said easing my pull-up down so I wouldn’t have to bend down at the waist. Then they helped me sit down on the toilet. I was stuck in there for a smellier visit this time so I shooed my nervous helpers out of the bathroom. Did you know every muscle and tendon in your body is tied off at the base of your spine? I swear to all that’s holy, I couldn’t blink without feeling a pain back there. I had grossly underestimated the pain involved in the rotation and articulation that is required to clean myself up after a number two. Not to mention, the flexing involved in a number two to start with. Eventually, I finished the best that I could. It took an agonizing five minutes of cold sweat and bitten lip pain to clean myself up poorly. The exertion and the pain pills they’d given me were mixing well together. I was nap bound regardless of location or condition at that point. My number two had spent all the energy reserves I had and I was fading fast. I yawned hard and made a decision. “Momma, I’m about to pass out again.” I squeaked out. My girls made it in there in no time. Fortunately, I was mostly back under the influence of strong painkillers and sleepiness when they finished up my bathroom job and got me back to bed. I don’t recall much of the end of that bathroom visit and thank God for that! My nurse on call, Betty, was in the room when we emerged. She tutted at us through her teeth when she figured out I’d been to the bathroom. “I didn’t think she knew when that needed to happen? She’s not clear to be out of bed.” She remarked reviewing my chart. Betty and Mom must have had a long talk, because when I woke up later things had changed. Literally! I came too in the same position I remember passing out in, flat of my back with my legs propped up at a ninety degree angle. My legs had drifted apart some during my nap, so I was sitting guy style on my back with my legs a little spread-eagled. I didn’t think anything of it until I told mom that I was hot not realizing she wasn’t in the room. Merry slid the sheet off me to the foot of the bed. I caught the first glimpse of my new socks. They were cute purple fuzzy toe socks that came up just under my knee with pink claws stitched on them. “I’ve been to Wal-Mart.” Merry crowed triumphantly. “These are the cutest socks I’ve ever seen.” I told her wiggling my independent digits, digits that not only responded, but that I could feel. It may have been the weird position I was in, but it was helping. “Hey M, close and lock my door and where is momma?” I asked. “Your mom stepped out to get us something to eat. You get the hospital meal, but she thought you’d appreciate a wrap from sonic more since you have to eat on your back.” She giggled while closing the door. Once I heard the door shut, I slide my hospital gown up under my boobs. I had decided the pain medication I’m on made me have hot flashes, especially from the waist down. I really needed to cool down, or I felt like I’d get sick. As I moved the gown I heard the sound of fabric sliding across plastic. Something like a sleeping bag getting pulled across a tent floor. Everyone knows that sound. I was a little more comfortable temperature wise. I attempted to raise the tilt of my upper body a bit. I wasn’t looking for much, but I wanted to be able to see the door over my boobs. They weren’t huge or anything, but they were enough I couldn’t see anything while at that flat of my back angle. I had learned to move my body as little as possible and let the equipment do it for me, so when the bed started to increase my incline, I could hear plastic crinkling everywhere. I achieved my goal, and finally gained a small line of sight over my chest and the air left my lungs. “Shit M! I thought they’d put a plastic sheet under me or something. Why am I in a real diaper?” I jokingly pleaded with my best friend for clarity. “Damn, I was hoping your mom would get back before you woke up M.” Merry confessed. “There is too much. Let me sum up.” She misquoted The Princess Bride. “You were already wearing a diaper and your mom wasn’t a fan of the release forms for the catheter, at least until we know how long you’ll be here. So since you feel like you have to pee all the time anyway, and you were already wearing protection, your mom and the nurse decided this was the easiest on you. You don’t even have to take off the leg thing this way, and there is also a bed protector under you too!” She practically begged me with her eyes not to rip her head off. I still feel like I need to go pee. I feel sort of like I’m peeing right now, but I don’t feel any pee on me. Well, at least that hasn’t changed. I guess I’m just lying in my toilet instead of sitting on it. Why does the suck keep getting worse? God what did I do? I don’t know if it was the pain or the pain killers or the emotional trauma of being in the hospital facing potential surgery or that we were living in a hotel suite because our house burnt down, but I just didn’t have the energy to get mad. I found myself in a numb acceptance. What-the-fuck-ever! I just want to go back to sleep and forget all this shit. “Don’t worry I won’t slay the messenger.” I told her sighing heavily and patting her leg. “M, this is bound to be easier than getting up all the time or camping in the bathroom, but I’m about as happy with this situation as I am thinking about spinal surgery.” I admitted. “I’m going to study for my final since I have to take it in class tomorrow early. Why couldn’t you have been hospitalized tomorrow instead of today? Mom says I can spend the night here, but I have to go ace that exam tomorrow.” Merry began rambling. Somethings are like the tide. Reliable. One of them is my Merry. Teenage words flowed and my mind drifted. If there is anything I can count on right now, it’s Merry’s mouth. My girl loved to talk, still does for that matter. She rambled on for a good thirty minutes before mom made it back to our room. It’s really going to suck to have to be separated while I’m at state. I thought sadly realizing how found of her I’d grown I couldn’t believe how much I depended on her. “Hey Dee, it’s going to be ok. They’ll get you fixed up and you’ll be running again in no time!” Merry attempted to cheer me up. “Who’s Dee?” I ask. “Your mom and the nurses said it was confusing to hear us calling each other M. Made sense to me cause I think of myself as Merry internally, but whatever.” She shrugged “So I thought about it a bit and shrunk Maddie to the end of your name. So Dee. Should work fine.” “It’ll take some getting used to, but sure.” I attempted to shrug. I was tempted to run my hands over my diaper, or to squeeze my legs together to feel what I was wearing better. I had an urge to just play with it. I blamed the meds. I didn’t have a good sense of the diaper since I was out when it happened, but I knew flexing anything would end up in sharp knives digging into something somewhere so I backed off. I took a minute to review how I felt. My back still hurt, but it was more of a persistent dull throb than the blinding sharpness I was dealing with earlier. My right knee pit ached painfully again, and strangely I had random numb feeling spots on my right hip. “Hey M, is my right pinkie toe moving?” I asked her. “Doing a funny little dance Dee. Why?” She replied in a sing song voice. “I can’t feel it. Touch it.” I told her. “Nothing, I might feel the pressure. Squeeze it.” I was panicking a little “Ok squeeze em all.” I strained to feel her contact. “Phew, it’s still there. I can feel that sort of. It’s like my foot is asleep but only the way right side and the pinkie toe. Monkey Balls, that feels weird. Am I still moving it?” I begged her. “Yeah Dee, it’s still moving. Sorry if I’m over using the new nickname. I’m going to have to wear it out for a while to burn it in my mind over the M that’s next to your mental contact info.” She told me taping her head. I chuckled at the mental Contact App idea. Better bite the bullet and ask about my diaper. “Balls. M, will you look and see how my… er the diaper is holding up. I have felt like I was peeing since I woke back up. If I have been, it’s probably leaking.” I stuttered and sighed. Fucking WHY!!!!! I mentally bellowed. “Ok. Good news is I can see it. Bad news is you’re pretty wet. I guess this means you’re going without permission now huh? At least you’re getting the number two memos still right?” Merry lit up the bright side, and a damn fine bright side it was! I smiled at her Mom wandered in sometime right after I asked Merry about my diaper. In my mental dialogue, I had already started calling it my diaper. Ownership is my first step to acceptance. I have no idea when I’m peeing or not. I’m going to have to ignore the signals from my vag. It clearly doesn’t know what it’s doing anymore. I just wonder why my bladder seems to have checked itself out of the equation all together. Mom came over to the bed and put her bags of Sonic down. She put the drinks on my table and, without any warning or ceremony, reached over and rubbed my diapered crotch. I made my best “is that really necessary face”. OK, that’s new! I thought with my eyes going wide like silver dollars. Bah, another reason for mom to treat me like a kid. This mess just keeps getting better and better! “Merry dear? Press the nurse call button please my baby needs a change.” Mom said smiling at me. Oh Dear Merciful Lord! Shoot me now. I sighed. She busied herself on my table setting out the Sonic food and drinks for the three of us. A new nurse about my mom’s age came into my room. Her tag read Peggy. She had a great smile. I liked her right away. “I see our patient is awake. Smells like you were hungry Maddison.” Page said looking over my chart and taking in the room. “Maddie, if you please.” I told the smiley new adult in my life. “Maddie it is!” She beamed at me. I found myself grinning in this unlikely situation, and tugged my gown back down to cover the diaper. “Alright ladies, nurse time.” Peggy made direct eye contact with me and smiled. “Dr. Hadi is admitting Maddie until she can get her MRI and get it reviewed. He and Dr. Chu are worried about messing things up worse if you’re out running around willy nilly. So, we are a little afraid to send her home yet. Will you two run home and grab her some clothes and overnight things?” She asked mom and Merry. “Nurse Peggy, Dee is in here cause their house burnt down Monday night. Wonder Woman over there tried flying out of a third story window, but forgot her invisible jet. Instead, she dropped about twenty feet and crashed through a hedge on the way to an ungraceful ass-first landing.” Merry smiled through her ad libbed exposition of our situation. The beautiful relaxing smile left her face and tears puddled in the corners of her eyes. Peggy gently bent down and gave me the most delicate love filled hug a total stranger had ever given me. If compassion was a superpower Peggy would be a world class superhero. “Alright.” She said gathering herself. Go grab her some overnight stuff from wherever you’re staying. “Did you lose all your clothes honey?” Peggy asked me. “Yes ma’am.” I sniffled instantly loving this woman. “Mandy? Why don’t you and Merry take this and get Maddie a new night gown or a couple big tee-shirts?” Peggy told my mom handing her a twenty and a few ones. It was literally all the cash she had on her. “We can’t take this Peggy. The insurance company will work it all out. We’ll be ok.” Mom hedged almost in tears at this nurse’s generosity. “I have a few bucks on me too Mrs. P. Let’s run out for a bit and get Maddie something cool. She needs something to go with those socks!” Merry told me winking at me. I knew both Peggy and Merry were trying to get me some privacy to have my squishy situation addressed with some clinical dignity, but mom was a hard sale. I wanted her to get out of the hospital for a few minutes too, even though she just got back. I needed to put some distance between us before her motherliness turned green and she ripped through a nurse trying to change me! Reluctantly, mom left with Merry dragging her out the door a few minutes later. Moments after they left, I was in a fresh clean hospital diaper after Peggy breezed through the process with professional aplomb. The thing was a sickly green “hospital” color. She smiled and hummed to herself the entire time. Mercifully, she hummed something by the Backstreet Boys and not a nursery tune. God bless that woman! “Well, you’re handling this better than most would, and at your age to boot. You must be a very mature young lady.” Peggy beamed at me. “I feel like a “young” lady alright, but what am I to do? Getting up hurts, taking off this thing hurts, and you did that so fast I didn’t have time to dread it.” I answered. “I like to sneak up on people with needles too. The mind is a wonderful thing. If you can anticipate it and interrupt it before it has a chance to get going, you can save people a lot of emotional pain or anxiety.” Peggy told me sagely. “You have worked with kids haven’t you?” I asked her. Peggy went over to the Sonic spread and she handed me the smaller drink getting a bendy straw from some magic pocket in her scrubs. She grabs my chicken wrap and sets everything else back in the bag. “Here’s your early supper dear. I’ll put their stuff in our fridge for when they get back. Having loved ones close is nice, but you didn’t look like the emotional wreck type. I guessed you could use a few minutes alone. I have other nurse duties and that should give you some time to breath.” She winked walking out of my room. Peggy is what I envisioned myself like at mom’s age. Mom was the emotional one. She was a breath from hysterical tears that required physical comforting when the nurse sent her away. I would be the calm one using years of gathered experience to guide those around me. I could feel my future in Peggy, and really I could have done worse for a role model. I secretly hoped I’d get more opportunities to get to know her, even if I were only there for a short time. I had figured out the TV and eaten my wrap by the time mom and Merry got back. Bear Grylls had some celebrity out in the wilderness encouraging them while the rest of the world laughed. I loved that show. As Mom and Merry came in my room, I hit guide on the remote to check the time. They’d been gone almost an hour and a half. Peggy had been back by to check on me and changed me just a little bit ago. I was blessedly fresh when Merry smiled at me sitting carefully in the bed with me. She had a few bags with her that she sat past my mound of pillows out of my sight. Mom had a couple bags too. She sat hers down and looked around the room before she leaned in and kissed my forehead. “Maddie baby, how are you feeling?” Mom asked. I thought about it a moment before telling her. Mostly, I was “foggy” from the pain medicine coursing through me. I was cramped and tired of sit/laying in bed. I was friggin board and had no real outlet for the dozens of things I needed to be doing. Ultimately, I was tired, in pain, drowsy, and bored out of my mind. So I went with that. “I’m bored out of my mind, tired, drowsy, and still in pain.” I admitted. “You’re dry though, so that’s nice. I won’t let you get that bad again, like I did with that pull-up at the Dr.’s office.” Mom said. I think I may have detected some disappointment that I was dry.?!? “Peggy has been in a couple times. She just left like ten minutes before you got here. Uh… your drinks and stuff are at the nurse’s station. She stuck them in their fridge.” I reported. “OK Dee, that was super nice of her. I’ll go get our food Mrs. P.” Merry volunteered. Just like that, my hour of calm was blown up. I was alone with my mom in a hospital with messed up limbs facing surgery and sitting around in a partially exposed diaper. This was mom’s moment to drop some epic momma drama on me. I took in a silent breath bracing for the emotional storm that I was guessed was impending. “You know, I think Merry loves you.” She said throwing me a conversational atomic bomb from way out in the left-ist of fields. “Of course she does. I’ve known her for more than ten years! I love her too.” I hedged. I wasn’t sure what mom was getting at. “That’s not what I mean baby.” She told me kissing my forehead as Merry walked back in lighting up the room with her brightness. “You know she’s terrific. You’d have a hard time doing better than her dear.” Mom laid the wisdom down quietly. Oh FUCK! Mom meant loved me in a romantic way not platonic! My mouth hung open. I didn’t think I was gay. I knew I had liked guys, but I’d never really thought about thinking about girls that way. I was just super busy and had trouble keeping boyfriends because of it, or at least that’s what I had told myself. My relationships failed because I didn’t put out, and didn’t have much free time. Still, I resolved right then that, should Merry ever ask me out or tell me she had feelings for me, I wouldn’t dismiss it. I’d give her serious thought and maybe even try it before I decided I didn’t want any part of it. What a strange conversation. What the hell did the two of them talk about while they were gone? Where is my momma drama? I wondered.
  10. Birch House - Chapters 11

    Birch House Chapter 10 --- Ann --- I sat there at breakfast with my best friend with my mother sitting across from us. Becca had started her day diapered, of course, she’d changed after her morning shower. I’d changed into panties too. Mom, however, was diapered, damp, and uncovered while happily putting around Becca’s kitchen. Breakfast was laid out and looking amazing. My stomach grumbled as I filled my plate. I didn’t feel hungry, but my body declared that it was. I was moving around the kitchen on autopilot not enjoying the morning with Mom like I should. In the end, bacon, eggs, toast, and some hash browns decorated my plate. It looked better than a meal at Denny’s! But… I can’t even work up the energy to eat this beautiful meal. I want to eat, but I can’t. I want to turn my head off, but I can’t. I can’t get Becca out of my head! I picked up some bacon and pinched off a bite. I forced myself to shove it in my mouth even though I had zero appetite. I chewed my nibblet of bacon and wiped my greasy fingers on my napkin. Eventually, I folded my hands in my lap having trouble deciding where to put my hands or where to look. I ended up staring blankly at the table because I couldn’t pull my thoughts away from last night. OK, so… Orgasms from someone else are way better than doing it myself and... wet diapers make it a whole lot better too. I tried to be pragmatic. How could she not remember last night! How could it be so unimportant to her? What about Trent? What about us? How am I supposed to do this? Do… Do I really just pretend it didn’t happen? I spiraled totally failing to be pragmatic. “Dude, my head is killing me.” Becca whined. “Well, you know… a billion beers can cause that. A few glasses of wine are just fine.” Mom nodded poetically. “I usually do more water when I drink.” Becca said. “Best to not drink that much period.” Mom told her. “Nah, I like to get sloshed every now and then. Specially when I’m in a safe place with good company.” She smiled. I could feel her smile on me. I knew she was looking at me, and could clearly imagine the expression she had. It was an amazing face to look at too. I loved her soft upturned nose with its many perforations. She had her chocolate brown eyes framed by her platinum blond hair were fixed on my forehead. Her mind was working furiously to fix my mood, I could almost smell the smoke pouring out of her ears. “I’m fine.” I said to Becca’s table cloth not bringing my eyes up to see her face. “Sure you are.” Becca said. “Eat your food baby. You’ll feel better with a full stomach.” Mom chided. “Sure I will…” I mumbled. I pecked at my food while Mom and Becca chatted away as if nothing had changed, but for me, everything had changed. Becca flipped her hair and smiled at me never breaking conversation with my Mom. My heart skipped several beats and my milk went down the wrong pipe. I hacked and coughed until my lungs cleared and used it as an excuse to leave her beautiful face and go back to bed. It was Saturday afterall. There was no need to stay awake. Everything would be easier if I was asleep making my bed the best place for me to be. I lumbered back upstairs in a state of zombie like shock. I’d had a life altering event that only I remembered. I didn’t know how to deal with the attraction and the confusion. I’d never felt physically attracted to another human being before, male or female. I’d never reacted this way to anyone. I flopped on my bed and left my troubles behind passing out immediately with my feet still hanging off the bed sideways. --- Becca --- “What’s her deal this morning? Does Molly always pass out in the mornings?” Robin asked me. “Meh, she’s never been a morning person.” I shrugged. “Preaching to the choir sister!” Annie’s momma laughed. “I love her so much.” I blurted out like a sweaty teen with tape on her glasses. Where the hell did that come from? Way to go, shit monkey. Low profile remember? My ass was itching again and I felt like I really needed to get up and move. As I watched Ann’s retreating ass, I decided that I couldn’t stand the distance growing between us this morning. I scratched at the irritation on my butt and stood up. I was moving toward the stairs without really thinking about it when Robin called to me. “I’ll get these dishes dear. Let my baby know there is still bacon down here. Oh… and I hate to say it, but she probably needs diapered for her nap dear.” She smiled at me. “Yes Mom.” I told her rolling my eyes and smiling at her. I rounded the door into Ann’s room and smiled at her. She’d barely made it back to her bed before falling face first into her comforter and passing out. I felt a warmth in my heart seeing her like that, asleep... with no worries. I need to find a way to patch this shit before she pulls all the way away from me. I’ll figure out the Trent shit later. I grabbed a diaper from her dresser and put it on reasoning it would be an easier convo if I was already onboard. Her diapers were nothing to me, so it was no sweat to wear another one. Leaving my pants off, I sat down on the bed next to her in only my top and diaper. I tapped at her shoulder trying to wake her softly. “Babe. Wake up a bit.” I told her. “Becca?” She mumbled without moving. “Yeah. Your mom sent me up here to make sure you were diapered for your nap.” I told her rubbing her back. “Oh… I… Yeah, I guess that’s about right.” She mumbled. “Do you want some help?” I asked her out of nowhere. What the fuck woman? She don’t want your damn help! Back the fuck off, you’re going to ruin everything! “Uh I mean, I brought you a diaper. I’ll just leave it here for ya.” I told her. “Oh…OK… fine.” Ann mumbled. I stood up crinkling and threw a diaper at her hitting her in the ass. I left quickly the door clicking closed behind me as I left the room. I listened carefully at her door. I heard her sit up and drop her pants. Her diaper crinkled madly as she unfolded it and sat down. The four tabs complained loudly as she untaped them and reseated them against her hips. I listened to her slip between her blankets and settle back in to sleep. I smiled and walked back into her room. My diaper crinkled as I made my way over to her bed and crawled in the other side. I scooted up to next to Annie and spooned her back. “Shh Babe. Go back to sleep.” I soothed her when she startled. “What are you doing?” She mumbled. “Sleepin. You too. Go to sleep.” I told her stroking her hair. I scratched the spot on my ass again and drifted off to sleep lost in the rhythm of Annie’s breathing. My chest ached where my sensitive nips were smashed pleasurably into her back. I made a shitty big spoon because she was so much taller than me, but I was excited to have her fall asleep in my arms. A couple hours later, I woke up hearing Robin enter Annie’s room. She smelled dry at first whiff. I imagined she must have changed her diaper just before she came in. I felt the bed move as she sat down in front of Ann. “Molls, baby… wake up. It’s two. You sleepyheads are snoring the day away. Trent called Rebecca’s phone. He’s on his way home. He texted you Rebecca. I wasn’t snooping. I tried to catch the call and he texted while I was holding your phone.” Robin explained. “Thanks Mrs. Smith.” I mumbled sleepily. “That’s Robin Dear. We are all adults here despite appearances.” She laughed. “Doodlebug…” Robin shook Ann’s shoulder. “Ah, Fine Mom. Fine. I’m up… Geez! What happened to all being adults here?” She huffed. “You are so funny in the mornings.” Robin giggled. “Funny? I was thinking bitchy.” I laughed. “Cheese and Crackers! Leave me alone. It’s Saturday!” She complained. “I know baby, but I’m headed home. Your package arrived. You have some nice pretty pink diapers like Mommy.” She told her patting her butt. I yawned and stood up crinkling. I looked at Robin and met her eyes before wetting my diaper. She just smiled at me in a kind loving motherly way. Bah might as well use this thing. Bout to have to throw it away before muh man gets home. Trent. Oh shit! I have to talk to him. I can’t hide it. It’d be lying to him. We have vows. How can you hide it from Ann? I sassed myself. Because I haven’t promised her anything. If Trent doesn’t flip out and I don’t throw myself at her again, it’ll have been a weird alcohol induced one time sort of thing. Flimsy bitch… really flimsy. I remained unconvinced. I sighed and ran to Ann’s shower while her mom finished getting her up. It’d take her a few minutes anyway. --- Ann --- I rolled over and looked at Mom. She was smiling so kindly at me, and I hated it. I didn’t deserve it. I was a horrible, marriage-wrecking seductress! Stop looking at me like I’m good! I screamed in my head. I was glad I wasn’t awake when the diapers got there either. I was even more excited that I wouldn’t have to unpack that box. I had one more afternoon to ignore my problems. I sighed and rolled the rest of the way over onto my back. “Are you wet Molls?” Mom asked me. Fiddlesticks! I forgot Becca had me put one on. I could really like her snuggled next to me though. That felt amazing. “No idea. Let me check.” I said leaning forward probing the diaper. “Yeah a little. Maybe just a tiny leak. Good advice on the diaper Mom, thanks. I should probably get up and go to the bathroom though.” I told her trying not to sound sullen. “That’s what Moms are for, baby. Thank you for calling me. Thank you for needing me.” She told me wrapping me in a tight hug a sniffle in her voice. “Oh Mommy!” I cried leaning up and hugging her tightly. “Now, enough of that. No more tears. You’re a strong lady. Diapers do not make you a child. Your actions do. Now don’t be a child… unless you want to be. Daddy called me. He wants me back if your going to be ok. Apparently, I’m missed or some such nonsense about him starving to death.” Mom said laughing. “I’m glad you came. Sorry Daddy and I are so needy.” I told her. “Oh Baby. That’s every Mommy’s dream. I just love it when you need me. Daddy too.” She smiled. “I better get a skirt on before Trent gets home. Get a shower and you can see me off. I’ll finish packing up.” Mom scuttled out of the room and I stood up taking off my diaper. I sat down on the toilet and waited on Becca to finish her shower. --- Becca --- “Mom’s leaving.” Ann said offhandedly from the shitter. “Yeah I figured. She was dry when she came in the bedroom.” I told her while washing my hair. “You know that how?” She asked me curiously. “She smelled like wipes and baby oil not pee.” I told her shrugging even though she couldn’t see me. “You smelled her. Do you smell me?” Ann asked. “I smell everything lately, babe. I hear a lot too, but I think I need to get my eyes checked.” I inventoried. “That’s weird ya know. I keep worrying about you having a brain tumor or something.” She told me shocking the shit out of me. “I hadn’t thought of that. Fuck! Guess I need to get this shit checked out.” I promised myself as much as her. “Can I go with you? I’m going to worry if I don’t. You sort of suck at telling the full story.” Ann’s voice was soft and barely carried over the water noise. “Yeah Babe. Trent will probably have to work anyway.” I told her. “Save me some hot water.” Ann told me smacking the shower curtain into my ass and sticking it to me. “Sorry!” She squealed. We swapped putting Ann in the shower and me on the pot drying off. We didn’t talk much while Ann was in the shower. I left the bathroom to grab my clothes and had a brief moment to regret that Ann wouldn’t be wearing a diaper after her shower. I really liked taking care of her. I yelled at Ann before heading downstairs. Robin was already down there with both of her bags packed by the door. She was sitting on the couch, lost in her tablet and occasionally grabbing her phone to look at something else. Robin may work from home, but she earned her money. She was practically working all the time. “Hey Robin. You gonna be dry enough to make it home?” I asked. She lifted her skirt and poked at her diaper, “Yeah, this’ll hold me a while. I’ll get a small coffee. Should be fine.” “Well, good. You’ll text when you make it, right?” I asked her. “Yes mom...” She saluted dramatically without looking up. “When are you leaving?” I asked. “Soon as I get a moment with Trent and Molly gets out of the shower. I need a kiss goodbye.” She smiled. “How bout a hug?” I asked her. She was, after all, the mother that I never had during my foster years. The one constant in that time of my life. I squeezed the tiny powerhouse of a woman tightly. She smelled so much like Ann, but different at the same time. The base scents were different, but the biological one was so similar. Wonder if families smell similar? I enjoyed a long hug and promised her that I’d keep up with Ann and told her I was going to the doctor next week to check out my head. Trent came in and snatched Robin up in a huge hug. I was so glad to see him my ass was practically wiggling. “Babe I missed you so bad. I got way drunk last night.” I laughed. “Does your head hurt babe?” He asked me. “Yeah, I’m about to pound some water and put something on my stomach.” I told him. “Trent dear we have something we need to tell you before Molly comes downstairs.” Robin inserted. Oh Shit! What does she know!!!??? I could feel my face heat up and my mind spinning rapidly out of control. “Uh…” I started. “Listen, dear. Molly has been having trouble again. She’s back to her childhood at night. Be sensitive to it dear, and do your best to just ignore anything on that line.” She told him in a take-no-shit tone of voice. “Yes ma’am.” He answered immediately. “That’s good dear. Will you help me out to the car with my bags? Molly will be down in a bit and then I’ll be on my way home. Daddy misses me.” She giggled turning a cute shade of red. They disappeared outside and I heard Ann walking down the outside steps a few minutes later. I churned my hands standing in the foyer waiting on Trent. I was petrified waiting on him, but my soul was demanding that I come clean with my husband. “Uh babe. Can we talk? In our room? I don’t think Ann will come down for a while, but I want to make sure. I’ve got some shit to talk to you about.” I told him staring at his knees. “Do we need to go now? Can I eat first?” He asked me. --- Trent --- “No babe. I really need to talk to you now, can we?” Becca asked me. “I guess.” I told her disappointed. I was a bit surprised at how draining a two day load was. I was exhausted from the two runs and trying to sleep in the truck. I’m not a huge guy, but I was big enough that I was uncomfortable in the cabin bed. I was tired, hungry, and maybe a little cranky. “Great… I have to tell you something, but it’s going to be hard to hear.” She told me. If she leaves me, there’s no way I can afford this house. I’ll have to rent out one of the bedrooms. Life’s shitty. I guess there’s no good time to tell someone you’re out. God I hate this shit. Maybe I was just too comfortable. I continued to spiral on the way to the bedroom. I followed her watching her hips sway and her body move. God, I’m going to miss fucking my little sex kitten. “So…” she backpedaled sitting on the edge of our bed. “Well, just spit it out. I’m starting to freak out and I don’t want to get mad… yet.” I told her honestly. “I don’t know how to say this. Fuck it doesn’t even have a fucking label.” She said her head in her hands. “It’s… I… Well, Ann and I were in diapers and” She started but I cut her off. “Why the hell were you wearing a diaper?” I asked her. “Not the main point dude, but cause Ann was freaking out and Robin thought she’d accept it better if she wore hers and I just wanted to help.” She explained. “Wait, Robin wears diapers too? Is Ann’s problem genetic?” I asked diagnosing her in my mind. “Oh Mrs. Smith has worn diapers since I have known her. I assumed it was medical, but Ann’s is medical. She’s a giant and didn’t get the giant sized bladder to go with the package.” I told him. “I never got around to asking. It wasn’t my business. Then she was out of it when we dated, so I never really thought about it.” I admitted. “The doctors were surprised when she finally gained control.” She told me. “Oh really? They didn’t expect her to get it back.” I asked. “She hadn’t ever really ever had it babe. They told her it was surprising she’d gained control at all and that it was likely she’d lose it eventually.” Becca elaborated. “She wore all the time? Till when?” I asked. “Yes, 14, still not the point.” She whined exasperated. “Eh… sorry. What were you going to tell me. I love you. Remember that.” I told her. “Well, I was super drunk while we watched Frozen and then some Netflix… I… Uh… wet the diaper a few times. Fucking cool way to drink if you can get over the head thing.” She shrugged. “I’ll keep that in mind. Seems pretty gross though.” I told her, but she just shrugged again. “Anyway, I sort of accidentally got off on Ann’s thigh.” She told me. I cut her off, “So you cheated on me… With Ann?” I said aloud not really asking. She took her time explaining the play by play on how she “sort of, in a way” had sex with Ann. I was floored. To be honest, I was also super turned on. The thought of the two women I love most in my life making out and getting each other off was going to be a great mental video to direct and replay… exhaustively. But, I was still fuming mad. “Say something!” She whined and whimpered. “I can’t…” I stuttered.
  11. Repost/Edit - The Woes of Maddison Page - 6

    The Woes of Maddison Page Chapter 5 - Mrs. P, you just ran a stop sign! I sprayed on some natural powder deodorant (it’s really baby powder scented, but most women don’t go for that, hence the branding). I rummaged around through the laundry on the floor by the hotel dresser sweaty and clammy. I found a mostly un-wrinkled shirt. It was a graphic tee proclaiming something ironic, but I didn’t look at what it actually said. I brushed my hair back and put it in a high ponytail securing it with a hair tie about the time that Merry and Mom came in. My back had settled down to a dull roar, having backed off from feeling like a blinding fire. Dull pain was better than knives through the spine though! I remember feeling like I was peeing myself again, but I told my bladder to go “Eff” itself. I decided to deal with that later. Just the thought of being able to deal with it later was liberating. It seemed like it had been forever since I had a vote in the matter. Mom made eye contact with me as she twirled around and shut the door. I gave her a slight nod of my head indicating that I was a big girl and had made a choice. Mom seemed to note the pain in my face and let it all go at that, but Merry wasn’t born with any discretion and hadn’t learned it yet. “Awe come on girl, which diaper did you choose?” Merry begged with the tact of a clueless teenager. “Merry Selvage! That’s for Maddison to tell, not for us to ask.” Mom chastised her. Merry didn’t seem the slightest bit phased by mom’s correction though. Nope not my Merry. She looked right at me wiggling her eyebrows asking with her look instead of words. It was her sort of “out with it” look. “It’s ok momma. I went with the GoodNite. It fit better, but I don’t like how loud they are.” I confessed staring daggers in the carpet and flexing my good hand at my side while digging my toes in the carpet. “Now there’s my big girl. Acting like an adult in this situation and choosing the protection she needs. You’ve shown incredible maturity taking care of your problem instead of denying it honey. Pretending there isn’t a problem won’t solve anything.” Mom praised me using one of dad’s old lines. I miss daddy. Wearing a diaper is the mature action, does that sound as weird on the outside as it did in my head? I struggled with the juxtaposition of my situation. “I may know all that, but it doesn’t feel that way. I feel like a little kid.” I sighed heavily. I grunted hard and got up by myself. It hurt pretty badly, but I needed an adult win so I took it. It seemed like my back was just getting more and more tender. I wasn’t improving at all. “Pfft, no one will hear anything with those shorts. That material is like wearing a wind suite anyway. Letmesee.” Merry blurted wiggling her hands for me to hurry up. She’s probably right about that. They don’t sound that different. It’s not like I’ll have a normal gate with this thing on my leg anyway. Bright Side Goggles Engaged! I thought forcing myself to find a silver lining and a smile at Merry’s antics. Mom helped me put my donated pink coat on as Merry led the way out of our suite. I didn’t have a purse or anything else to take anymore. I felt naked. Well, naked but diapered. The few things I currently owned were literally on my back. I took a moment to absorb that and continued to the door. I own more pull-ups than I do panties. Now there’s another weird ass thought. Merry was positively bubbly waiting on me at the door. I swear it was like she was four and just got a new puppy! I rounded the door frame and saw why. “Do it Merry! Your mom said you wouldn’t, but I told her you were cool enough to ride the luggage cart downstairs. It’s perfect. It’s hilarious, and kind of necessary. We’ll never make it to the doctor’s on time if you don’t hurry anyway.” She said bouncing on her feet. I can’t even check the time without my phone. Who wears a watch anymore? I thought reaching for the missing device in my waistband. I held the door open while mom and Merry sat everything off the cart from Wal-Mart into the closet nook. I hobbled up onto the cart and sat back against the rail where mom was pushing basically sitting on her hands. Merry walked along the front of the unwieldy thing guiding the cart. The three of us giggled and waved all the way to the car. I never gave my new underwear the time of day. Riding the cart really was fun, just like Merry promised it would be. When I went to get down out of the cart and mom tugged my coat down in the back. I guess she did it to cover up my pull-up which was peeking over the waistline of my shorts. Oops! I’ll have to watch that. My normal tendency would be to stop and over analyze the situation I found myself in, but Merry literally sat me down in the front seat of mom’s car. I relied on her heavily to sit down with my jacked up back and leg in the splint thing. It seemed that my body was more worried about my back though. It spasmed with pain as soon as I go sat down, and I cinched up fiercely. “Ahhhh, Oh My God My Back.” I cried screaming out in pain and reflexively sat forward trying to stretch my back out. Bad Idea! “Honey, are you ok?” Mom begged me through the open driver’s door. “No momma.” I panted. “My back hurts so bad! It’s like I have a cramp in my foot but, it’s my waistline back there.” I cried out again. “Ahhhhh! Oh, Owie, Owie” Tears and sobs flowed freely. The pain was more than I’d ever dealt with before. “Merry hop out and lay her seat all the way back. Hurry now.” Mom told her calmly. Merry hopped out of the seat behind me faster than I would have thought possible. She rocketed around her door and yanked mine open. I was still clinched forward in a ball of pain so I wasn’t in her way at all. She grabbed the seat lever and pushed it all the way back eliminating her previous seat. Mom and Merry both grabbed a shoulder and helped me lay back down against the seat. Lying on my back was even worse, and I thought nothing could have topped the pain I was already in. I was fucking wrong! I rolled over to my side finding it slightly less painful. It still took my back a few minutes to release the pain and let me breathe again. We really needed to get moving or we were going to be late to my doctor’s appointment. Who knows how long we’d have to sit there if we missed the scheduled time. I lay on my side with the seat belt sort of fastened in case of emergency. If I moved much at all my back would flare up again. So I stayed very very still. Merry sat behind my mom since I was laying in her spot too. She lay over the top of my seat rubbing my back. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that hurt too. *Sniff* “Momma?” “Yes honey?” She asks with tears in her eyes. “Something’s wrong. It won’t stop hurting.” I cried. “Dr. Chu will see you in a big hurry when I bring you in in pain. He’ll let us know if we need to go to the hospital or not baby. Just hold on. Try to drink and eat if you can.” She tells me concentrating on the road. “Mrs. P, you just ran a stop sign!” Merry cried out. “Hush now Merry. You’ll worry Maddie.” Mom chides in an uncharacteristically harsh tone. I just focused on sipping the orange Hi-C from McDonald's and nibbled on a nugget or two. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t think of much else. My stomach was queasy too, so I wasn’t about to each much. But, the cold drink felt good. So, I drank the entire thing. Every pothole, bump in the road, or uneven pavement that we crossed caused my spine to stab me with a serrated kitchen knife. By the time we made it to the medical clinic my general practitioner practiced at, the pains were shooting down my bad right leg behind my knee. I was so inward focused, I didn’t notice how quickly we arrived at the Dr.’s Office. Funny how that works. The cure for an overactive mind is pain. Lots of blinding white-hot stabbed-in-the-face pain. Frankly, I’d rather be stressed out than in this much pain, but a moment free of our situation was welcome too. Just not worth the price. I couldn’t figure out if having my knee curled might help or not, and I couldn’t test bending it closer to me because of the walking cast. There was no getting comfortable. There was no getting away from the pain. Things were hurting that I didn’t even know had any ability too. My knee pit, is that a thing, felt like someone was holding boiling hot ice to my skin. It was a burning pain with a cold numbness underneath. The teasing numbness was only skin deep though. Apparently, my pain nerves were deeper. I gave up any pretense of managing my shit. I was full on sobbing and wailing. It was a dry sob thanks to the emotional cries I’d had earlier, so it sounded ridiculous. What an awful day! “Ahhhh!” I cried out in pain when the car rocked coming to a stop. “Merry, quick now out and around. Let her pull against you. I’ll push from here. When I come around and take her from you, run in and tell the nurse that Maddie is now an emergency!” Mom huffs out putting the car in park and dropping the keys in her purse. Merry was around the car with my door open before I could even begin to roll over. I was dreading it like a root canal. I didn’t want to lie flat of my back for any reason. Even the thought terrified me. I held out my good hand to Merry. I’d need the leverage to move with my core and not bend. Too bad there wasn’t enough room to sort of plank in a ball out of the car. And then life kicked me in the lady balls again, my shorts pulled down in the back exposing my pull-up to Mom and anyone on that side of the car, but she didn’t seem to notice. I was aware, but my concern was with the pain in my back not my underwear. Underdiaper, embarrassing assed padding? Whatever! Mom pushed and I pulled on Merry. Between the three of us, I was finally upright. I still had a shooting pain in my back and my bad right leg, but the brace was helping now that I was upright. The pain was still there, but it wasn’t as intense for me. Standing up vertically and leaning forward a bit on mom changed the pressure points. “Phew.” I exhale puffing my hair out of my face. “Can you walk honey?” Mom asks with tears in her voice. “My knee pit hurts. I think I need someone under both arms.” I told her willing to try. Merry was with me acting as a crutch, and so was Mom. It was a good thing she’s a short little thing. We slowly and painfully walked into the waiting room of the clinic. Every step felt like I was grinding my bones against sandpaper inside the joints. A nurse grabbed my mom to talk over what was going on, while another nurse wheeled out a chair. My nurse and Merry slowly lowered me into the seat, and they elevated my right leg. There wasn’t really any position that didn’t hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. So, I just whimpered. The second nurse’s name tag read Paige. Nurse Paige and Merry wheeled me to a waiting room. Immediately after they got me on an exam table, Dr. Chu and my mom walked in together. Dr. Chu was calm and in control while my mom reflected the opposite of both those qualities. “Alright Maddie, you definitely got the worst end of this. Tell me what’s going on.” He prompts first looking mom over and then looking over my chart. Mom started in with the fall from the third story window and my landing on my very, at the time, non padded tush. Then she proceeded with the full tale of my bathroom business. I had to chime in from time to time, but she did a great job of retelling the story. “Maddison, I have you down with no broken bones or surgeries right?” Dr. Chu asks “No.” I squeak out, and mom replied at the same time. The exam table was padded but I just couldn’t lay flat of my back. The pain came back and it was intense. I had to get my legs up or sit up, I didn’t know which. Merry, bless her, she noticed how I was struggling. “Hey, Doc. I need to sit her up. Her back is killin’er.” Merry tells the room wringing her hands nervously. They helped me sit up, and Dr. Chu moved the table and locked it. I was mostly sitting up. He asked me a series of questions about my pain. When it was at its worst, could I do anything to change it, had I done anything new to any of those areas? Then he asked me to lie down on the table. With tears streaming down my face, they laid me back down on the exam table only on my stomach, which was mildly better than flat of my back. It hurt, but not like it hurt when I lay on my back like I had in the car. I shoved both of my hands under my hips to elevate my butt. He touched my back asking about pain and then tugged my pull-up and shorts down past the top of my butt crack. He probed the area with his fingers remarking about how visibly puffy the base of my spine was. The bruising on my butt was just barely visible to me as I craned my neck to see what he was doing. I had landed harder that I thought I had rolling out of the bush. “This could have been worse young lady.” He told me patting my leg below the diaper and shorts. “You could have broken your back! I know you are in pain here, but if you’d fallen out of the window and then landed straight on you bottom you may not be sitting here right now, or at the least may have severely injured your spinal cord likely ending in some level of paralysis. If you’d have jumped and landed straight on your feet you would have broken legs, hips, and feet. This could have been facing a ton of surgeries and recovery time. I’m not telling you that you aren’t in some trouble here though, I am worried about a compression event in your lower back.” He looked over at mom. I heard everything he said, but I was having a damned hard time accepting that this was a “good” level of pain. “Dr. Chu, This is hurting really bad. Can I roll to my side? Holy Shit! Momma, take off my shoe! Do it now!” I trumpeted with as much authority as I could muster. Mom never batted an eye she simply took off my shoe, “Baby, it’s off.” “Merry I can’t feel the outside of my right leg or from my middle toe out. I’m trying to wiggle them are they moving?” I asked frantically with visions of paralyses running through my mind. “Little Ms. Page, I assure you. You’re toes are still there and wiggling, but I need to check a few things.” He told me. Merry took my hands and sat on the exam table in front of me. Dr. Chu turned and went to the door hollering for his nurse. They had a quick conversation in the hall. Merry stepped up and straightened out my pull-up and shorts. Thank god for her. Mom came over and patted the bottom side of my butt right over my diaper to avoid any painful areas on my back. “Merry can you run out to the car and get another pull-up for Maddie?” Mom asked my best friend. “I’m wet? I don’t know when that happened.” I whispered in shame probing the squishy garment with my hand while Merry affectionately rubbed my calf. There’s no point in protesting. I don’t want to wet myself. Hell, this is the only pair of shorts I have. I’ll be damned if this doesn’t add a terrible layer of “suck” to this whole situation though. I sniffled to myself. It was as if I was watching a train wreck on TV. It was horrible, and I couldn’t look away. I was sort of detached from the whole situation. It was like it was happening to someone else. If it weren’t for the horrible pain, I would have sworn I was having a nightmare. “Don’t worry dude. We got this.” Merry told me smacking me on my diaper on her way out of the room. Dr. Chu came back in the exam room while adjusting his glasses. He made a few notes on his tablet. Then he sat down and swiveled over to face mom while digging around in a drawer for a sealed steel instrument. “There’s an ambulance on the way to get Maddison. They aren’t running the sirens or anything, but your car isn’t the best transport for her right now. We don’t want to make this worse. I just pulled your chart from the hospital. You have a few burns, but you got out before the fire got bad right?” He asked mom. “That’s right. The stairs to the upstairs to Maddie’s room, were right next to the kitchen. Something in there went up and I had no choice but to leave out the front door without my baby.” Mom broke into a sob. “It’s ok dear.” Dr. Chu told her patting her shoulder. “No one thinks you did anything less than everything you could to reach her.” He reassured her. Merry came back in while mom was getting herself together. She squatted down next to mom to hold her. I tossed a thumbs up to Merry when she looked over at me. I was thankful she was there to comfort her. Mom can be fragile. “I didn’t get burnt until I got to our neighbor’s house and Maddie wasn’t there. I tried to get back in the front of the house, but the heat was burning me from out in the yard. I couldn’t get in. I couldn’t get to my baby.” Mom sobbed. “I love you momma!” I shouted to her. “I love you too baby.” She sniffled. “So Doctor Chu, why do I need to change my er… underwear?” I asked while we waited on the ambulance, after we’d calmed down. He wheeled back over to the exam table and started unlatching my leg brace. He laid it open without totally removing it. Then he started poking my foot asking where I could feel the poke. When he crossed the median of my right foot, he had to tell me where he was poking. Then he’d ask me to move a toe or something. This went on all the way up my leg. The numbness was only in the toes and the outside of my foot. It went sporadically up the outside of my right leg and all the way up to my butt. He broke the side of the pull up so he could test my butt cheek. I had some regional numbness on it too. “On your wetting, in short, you’ve had a really bad fall. Your sphincters or bladder could be sore, bruised, or even damaged. You clearly have some spine trauma, but I don’t know the extent of it. Frankly, I wouldn’t guess too much since that’s not my specialty. They wanted to wait on an MRI of your lower back in the ER because the swelling was too bad and you weren’t in this kind of pain. With the escalation in pain I think we have to proceed regardless.” He took a deep breath. “Maddie, I’m concerned. This is only my opinion, but I think you may have some disc or vertebrae damage to your lower back. Depending on what’s happened in there, you may have some nerve damage. Your enuresis could be a symptom, or related to something else altogether. Honestly, there are too many variables right now. We need to work on identifying what’s causing the pain first. We’ll worry about the enuresis later.” He finished and paused to let us ask questions. “So it’s happening. We don’t know why yet. We don’t know how bad it will get or how long it will last. I guess the best thing we can do right now is the pull-ups?” I asked him. “I’ll have to turn you over to the neurosurgeon at the hospital for treatment on the spine issue. I can take a good educated guess, but diagnosis and treatment will be with Dr. Hadi. If they keep you at the hospital the protocol is – One, if you can stand the pain and it doesn’t add risk to your situation, assistance to the bathroom. Or two, they keep you in the hospital until surgery and post op for recovery and they will likely give you a catheter.” “Unfortunately, since you have already had to take an action at home, your options for inpatient are likely more of the same or the catheter. Both have their drawbacks, but both options are fairly normal, and either is fine with me. Personally, I’d rather the option you chose. They use them all the time and they are perfectly safe, but my wife had a bad episode with a catheter.” He smiled. “Oh, Dr. Chu! I have so many questions, but I don’t even know where to start.” My mom complained. “Well, I’ll start for you. First, is the MRI. Next is Dr. Hadi reviewing the results. Then, he’ll give you some treatment options. I’d guess it will be physical therapy and medication for pain, bed rest if it’s just a herniated disc. But if it’s a rupture, it depends on where the rupture is. Since a disc is circular it can rupture in any of 360°. Worst case is immediate surgery because of a large herniation or ruptured disc putting pressure on her spinal cord. These are also the most risky to work on due to the proximity to the spinal cord. Still they do it all the time!” He smiled at me and then mom. “Let your mom read the paperwork. Dr. Hadi is a very good surgeon. I trust him completely, but the paperwork can be a bit of a scary read. Let your mom read and sign that stuff and take advantage of your youth for a bit longer.” He said patting me on the leg. “Back surgery is almost an outpatient thing these days, but that paperwork can give you nightmares for the rest of your life!” He chuckled. Nobody outside the house, except for Merry, knows about how our house functions. I’m the kid and the rest of the world assumes I’m the kid all the time. I wonder how they’d feel if they knew Mom was the kid some of the time? I really didn’t want her burdened with all of this and me. Not that momma’s really a kid or anything, she’s more like a detached mother living in the emotional past back when I was little and she could be little too. It’s a strange relationship I admit. I worry about her mental health sometimes, but she always seemed so happy. She’s fiercely capable when she has to be, but when she doesn’t she really doesn’t try. We may both need to see someone after all this. I decided. “That’s a lot to take in Doc.” Merry contributed.
  12. Forever Little

    Very fun! Will there be more? I'd like there to be...lol
  13. Birch House - Chapters 11

    Birch House Chapter 9 --- Ann --- Oh my Lord for sure! She just… She’s… against me… on my… we just almost… I nearly… GREASY CHEESEBURGERS! I’m horny! I’ve never… not for a real person. I’m not… Am I? My body was flush with Becca Phillips… that's my best friend Becca Phillips… my MARRIED best friend Becca Phillips. My body, moving on its own, extended our arms out even further to our sides. My reach was considerably longer than hers, so this move drug her up my thigh drawing her even closer to me. What the Holy Taters am I doing!?! Becca shuttered as I drew her closer sliding her up my leg. We probably weighed about the same, but I’m nearly a foot taller than she is. I didn’t have the strength to pull her, she’d have had to have ridden me willingly. I have never in all my life felt physically attracted to anyone, but I’m getting more and more turned on. What’s going on?!? It’s the booze! She must be totally drunk. I took a deep breath and started shaking. I could feel my kitty moisten. I could feel the tightness and the warmth a response no other human being had caused before. It came from attraction. I was so confused. I wanted this. I wanted her. But, I wouldn’t break up her marriage or use her like that, especially not while she was drunk. I wanted it to be right, but it was all wrong. I fought a war. I fought a war inside my myself. I fought a war that everyone on this planet fights. It’s just that they fight them when they are younger and have smarter people keeping an eye on them. The only person here to keep an eye on me was grinding against me losing herself in pleasure that I was helping create. I have to stop this. I have to stop her. I have to stop. I… Stop… I… Neither of us did though. I didn’t stop pulling on Becca. She didn’t stop grinding my thigh either. She released my hands and slid her fingers down my arms back toward my body. She reached around me putting her hands around my upper back and pressing her knee into my crotch. My kitty exploded. --- Becca --- Sunlight flickered on the other side of my closed eyelids. I smiled as it warmed my face. This was my favorite time of day. I loved the mornings. A fresh new day with a bunch of fresh new problems looking for solutions. I yawned and stretched. I flexed my toes and arched my neck. Blood flowed in revitalizing me. Some problems take longer than a day to solve... I flexed my legs and noticed that I couldn’t bring my knees together and my pussy was sort of tingling. Oh yeah. The diaper. God this thing is fucking soaked! Smells stale too. Uh...ewe! God, it’s fucking itchy or something... I flexed my legs feeling the gel filled squishy material rub against my irritated skin. It didn’t gross me out like it probably should have, but the smell was stronger after a night of body heat. I could smell Ann too. She smelled much stronger than the last time. She’d wet last night. Poor thing. God I feel amazing today. Well, except my junk Damn! Shit itches… er something. I reached down and rubbed the front of my diaper. I had no intention of wearing these all the time, but damn they made drinking even more awesome! I didn’t drink enough water last night and my head was pounding in a dull throb. Still, I felt amazing minus the itching. Last night fucking rocked. So much fun. I needed that so bad. All work and no play and all. If I drink diapered again, definitely going to need a moisture barrier. Ah, I feel great and tingly in all the right places! That was the best orgasm I’ve had in forever! That’s when it hit me. ANNIE! I’d fucked… Slept with… something’d Ann. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! BAG OF DICKS! ASS SUCKING FUCK FACE! I FUCKING… WITH ANN. OH Trent. Oh Trent. What have I almost… sort of kinda done? I laid there and rationalizing the shit out of my situation tugging and pulling at the front of my diaper. I hadn’t actually slept with her. We’d sort of fooled around, but I’d done more than that drunk at parties. No clothes had come off. I hadn’t even got to first base. I just sort of ran straight to third and brushed it on my way by. It was almost by accident. It was almost innocent. Almost. I’m gay now? I like chicks? Am I that mad at Trent? Is this because of him? Was this about Trent, me, or Ann? I rolled over and noticed I was still in Ann’s room. Well, not just in her room, I was in her bed. I was under her covers. She’s amazing. The world doesn’t know what it’s missing. I paused processing my feelings. I do though. I know. I’d know if I lost it too. I’m not sure I’m strong enough for that. Chicken shit it is… I forced some conviction into my decision and got up to waddle to the bathroom. I smiled at the memory of Ann and her soft ribs in my hands when we both got off, then I stuffed that memory away. I shelved it and fenced it off with mental police tape. DO NOT CROSS it read in my mind. I tore off my diaper and rolled it up to throw away like I’d watched Ann do a million times before. That was something I could smile about. I shot it like a basketball smiling when it went in. I jumped in Ann’s shower intent on getting cleaned and hoping the cleanliness would take care of the itching on my junk. My puss and nipples have always been a couple shades darker than the rest of me, but I got stuck in the shower for the longest time staring at my tits. I didn’t have anything handy to compare against, but I was stopped short of washing myself when I saw them. Are my nipples darker? I touched them. Not only a little bit darker, but more sensitive? What the hell? I started to move on. I was satisfied and while my nipples were randy the rest of me just wanted to move on with my day of ignoring last night happened. Well, after I washed myself so i didn’t get fucking diaper rash. Can it be diaper rash? How the fuck do I get rid of diaper rash? Shit Trent’s going to laugh his balls off. I reached down and began cleaning my pussy. I washed thoroughly making sure to keep soap external. Yeast infection on top of diaper rash would suck ass! I chuckled to myself. Again, I noted that my pussy seemed more sensitive today. It was just enough that I couldn’t be sure or too alarmed, just like the color change on my nipples. I touched up my shaving by touch with Ann’s razor and rinsed off. My junk was already feeling better with that stale pee off my skin. I put a leg up on the sidewall of the tub and leaned forward to check my shaving job and about lost my shit. I dropped the razor and had to clamp a hand over my mouth to keep from screaming! Holy Fuck! Nipples are definitely darker… but what the hell? Did those fucking diapers do this? God why won’t my ass stop itching? Must have been bit by a spider. All the rationalization in the world didn’t do my any good when I twisted around to look at my ass. I’m a flexible chick. I rotated further than it felt like I should have been able too and checked out my spider bite. It looked like a big ass pimple! The tiny lump was all red and swollen with a white head poking out the top of the little dome. It looked like any zit I ever had only big enough to be one of those sick ass internet videos where someone pops a fucking cyst or something. I reached around and pushed and pull and tried to pop the zit-spider-rocky mountain fever tick-bite. Nothing I did ruptured the infection bubble. I took a deep breath. I’ll have to have Trent lance it. Fucking sore now that I messed with it so much… Fuck! I took some much needed deep breaths and decided my nipples and pussy were just fine. I didn’t feel all itchy anymore and my eyes just hadn’t focused in from all the booze. I hadn’t been seeing as clear lately anyway. All showered and in a clean top and some shorts of Ann’s, I approached her bed. It’s time to see how good an actor I am. I thought switching gears. “Dude, I’m the one with the hangover. Wake up and pamper me.” I whined flopping onto the bed my hand landing on her stomach. “Oh flipping flapjacks what in the world.” She huffed angrily. Even her cussing is cute as hell. “Hottie with massive headache here!” I whined in my best pathetic voice and even added a few puppy whimpers for good measure. “LA! LA! LA!” She wailed. “GRAH!” I growled. “I thought I told you not to wake me up woman!” She complained thumping against my arms. “You did, but it’s noon and your Mom’s still here and… O.M.G.!” I raised my head scenting the air. “BACON! Oh fuck my head.” My outburst hurt my head and causing me to roll over and cover my ears. Ann perked right up, “I love Bacon.” “Your Mom knows you do.” I added wisely. Ann took a breath, I’m assuming she was trying to catch wind of the bacon. She shook her head, so I guess she couldn’t smell it yet. I chuckled at her and promised her the bacon was real. She laughed too and stood up. Her diaper dangled around her hips as gravity pulled it toward the floor. “Wow, guess I need these huh. How was yours?” She asked. “Well, I was soaked before I went to bed. Pretty sure I didn’t pee it again. I threw it in your trashcan. Bathroom’s starting to smell though. I was a little itchy, but feels like the shower cleared it up.” I laughed shamelessly rubbing my junk to make sure that was still the case. Still more sensitive. That could be fun later… She sighed heavily, “I guess I have to get something for the smell. Dang it.” Ann took a step and the diaper started to fall off. She grabbed it at the crotch and tugged up while tugging up the back too. She looked funny causing a laugh from both of us until her body language changed. Her shoulders squared up, she leaned forward, she pushed harder with her hand into her crotch, her toes drew in toward her feet, her hair fell forward covering her face as her back arched. Her breath caught and her shoulders shook. It was clear she’d gotten off from the contact. Guess I’m not the only one who found that entertaining. Bet I’m not the only one with a super sensitive vag either! Ok, time to sell the lie of omission. “Fucking Shit girl, did you just bust a nut in that diaper right here in front of me?” I laughed lightly. I didn’t want to push too hard, but I had to react normally. “I… it… I remember last night. Did we…?” She fumbled. “Did we what? Your mom left. I was still drinking. We watched some more Netflix. I drank some more then I woke up in your bed in a stale and drooping diaper just like you. Cept I didn’t, you know, jill off in front of you. I just did it in the shower. Hey is it cool I borrowed some clothes?” I redirected. “I remember… uh never mind. It was late. Maybe I was just thinking of the show.” She said zombie like trailing off toward the bathroom not even recognizing she’d just whacked off in front of me. Thank God! Man, I fucking hate lying to her. I hope she can handle it. I’ll have to keep an eye on her. I’ll let her off the hook if it looks like it’s too much for her to hold in. I decided it was better this way. We didn’t technically do anything, just almost sorta did. I didn’t need her worrying about me and Trent. I was positive I’d take care of that in spades. How the hell was I to know alcohol and diapers were such an aphrodisiac? --- Ann --- She doesn’t remember, but I can’t forget. I stumbled through my shower, and fumbled through throwing on some clothes. Thankfully Becca had already gone downstairs oblivious to the importance last night. Last night was everything to me. “Morning Doodlebug.” Mom said cheerily as I entered Becca’s kitchen. “Hey Mommy.” I told her meekly. “You didn’t drink last night did you?” She asked. “No…” I said alert to her growing suspicions. Geez. Mom doesn’t miss anything. “Well, I’m sure some breakfast will help sort you out.” She smiled. “Probably.” I stuttered as Becca come in the room rubbing her head. “Hey.” Becca said to the room addressing both of us. “There’s my other girl. Breakfast is ready!” Mom chimed. “OMG! Bacon!” She screamed jumping up and down sniffing the room. Is she wagging her butt? So cute!
  14. Repost/Edit - The Woes of Maddison Page - 6

    The Woes of Maddison Page Chapter 4 - Horny Bitch I wanted to be an engineer, though I was torn between software/computers and structural engineering. I was great at math, but not so much with English or the fine arts. Those domains are driving by different parts of the brain. I loved computers, but I didn’t have the time or money to really play with them the way I wanted. I adored the feeling of working through known and unknown solutions to get the end result I was looking for. It’s like an exciting puzzle. They felt terrific when they’re solved. I also liked the idea of building things in software and designing custom physical solutions to business needs. It all seemed like the same basic set of skills applied in two different specialized job markets to me. I intended to sample both in college before I made my decision. The Maths required for both tracts were similar so I wouldn’t lose the credit hours I would be earning. I’d never faced a problem like my bladder stuff or my back pain. This pee thing wasn’t a problem I could use deductive reasoning on. Or could I? Ok, so this started at the hospital after the fire. Check. I don’t really go, I just feel like I need to. Check. Oh damn it, I mostly don’t really go. My wrist hurts, but that should be irrelevant. My leg is killing me, but that can’t be it either. I don’t piss from my knees! My back hurts worse than anything else. The rest is trivial by comparison. Did I land on something? My lady bits feel fine. I don’t remember any pain in or around my kitty. The small of my back hurts really badly. I’ve never really had pain there before. They told me I took a hard hit to my ass not my back? I wonder if all this is physical or mental. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have a phone. I’d be all up in Web-MD self-diagnosing the shit out of my situation. God I hope I didn’t do something awful to my back. It takes a long ass time to get over back injuries doesn’t it? They’d said I was too swollen to do an MRI and the x-ray didn’t come back with anything, broken wrist or arms. My leg and lower back were too messed up to get a clear image. They said it was mostly bruises, cuts, and muscle tears. The ER doctor told me the muscle tears in my leg were worse than actually breaking it though. So maybe that wasn’t lucky. Sigh. MRIs are so expensive! I wonder how much of all of this the insurance will pay? Will our health insurance work with the home owners? I need to go with mom to the next meeting. I hate not knowing what’s going on. I’ll just have to sit on a fucking towel or something, but I’m going damn it! I don’t mind her being involved, but I only trust myself to ask all of the right questions and remember the answers. I continued to ponder the money side of things forcing my mind to let my bladder problems go for a while, literally and figuratively. I stood in the hot shower thinking over all of the mess we were in not caring if I actually peed or not. It was a relief to ignore the signals for a time. Would we rebuild? Can you not rebuild, is that an option? Would we take the money and sell the land? Would we just rent an apartment? Would they let us rent an adjoining suite in this hotel, or at least one with two beds? I wondered if Mom would mom let me stay in my own room? I hate her knowing every time I go to the bathroom. She’s going to smother me. That last thought really freaked me out. I really need a vacation, but I just have one semester of high school left. I could have handled that before… before the fire. I wonder if mom would let me drink? HaHa I think a glass of wine would be just the thing right now. I heard someone knocking at the door, so I ended my shower earlier than I wanted. Faced with dirty panties or freshly rinsed panties, I opted to go commando and just wear a pair of running shorts that my best friend Merry had lent me. I was out of the two pair the church had brought over. Merry and I were in cross country together. I had gotten my times down on my 5k from 20:32 to 19:48 or so, I could have another potential source of college money in an athletic scholarship. I’d be running everyday whether it was competitive or not, so why not run for college money? I wonder how long I’ll be out with this injury. Would I ever run again? Is my leg that messed up? I reigned in my fluttering thoughts that had nothing to do with clothes, and tossed on an oversized tee. I didn’t worry about my mostly unnecessary bra. I went to check the time on my phone, but quickly realized I didn’t have one anymore. I peeked through the peephole in the door. Speak of the devil, there’s my bitch now! I was so used to pulling my phone from the band in my shorts, that I kind of freaked myself out for a moment when I couldn’t find it… again. Fucking fire! It’s like a missing limb… argh! I let Merry in and she hugged the life out of me. My body announced another potty break, so I invited her in the bathroom with me. She’d have come anyway, we had no secrets. Merry jumped up on the bathroom counter and spun around to inspect her face. I guess she was giving me some privacy which was a little unusual, but definitely welcome. My bestie was very much a visual girl. I was pretty sure she was straight, but she loved to see almost anyone nude. She was a very sexual person. ‘Horney bitch…’ I murmured internally shaking my head. “Listen M, you need to get out of here. Your mom called me. She said that you were having a hard time, and asked if I’d come over. Of course I was like, ‘that’s no skin off my teeth’. Anything to get out of classes, right? It’s not like we were doing anything important today. AP Lit and AP Gov have closed the books on the semester and we are helping them grade other classes as a “review”. Mr. Fountain sent a packet over for that Comp final. I told him you didn’t even have a book or computer, so he loaned you one of his classroom books.” Believe it or not, she just continued to talk. Merry, so named by her hippy parents, carried most of our conversations. I always had too much on my mind, but it’s not like she’d have let me talk anyway! Merry knew everything I was going through, but most of it held no meaning for her. She didn’t have to work like I did. Her grades were good enough for AP placement and for the local community college which she intended to attend. While Merry was babbling through what I had missed at school that day, I finished using the bathroom. Sadly, nothing had happened on the toilet. I decided to just put my shorts back on. I grabbed my lightly damp shower towel and my still dripping wet panties. I didn’t hide the fact that I was putting on her shorts without any panties, or that my panties were soaking wet. Merry was too busy talking to notice anyway. “Sigh…” I emoted audibly. I’d have to tell her myself instead of letting her ask like I’d hoped. I was exhausted and Merry’s voice was so soothing that I had nearly passed out sitting on the toilet. I was fading fast so I decided to get up and head to the couch. Almost on impulse, my subconscious remembered my towel as we headed to the living area in our hotel suite. I folded up the barely damp towel and sat down on it. I swiveled back to the couch and lay out on my pillow. I hadn’t put my splint-cast-things back on yet, so I was more mobile than normal. “Damn that hurt my back. I keep forgetting. Hey M, will you grab my splints?” I begged my friend in a whiny voice. “Yeah, I got this. Want me to put them back on for you?” “I’d love you forever if you did!” I teased her with a kissy face. Merry jumped off the coffee table where she had perched and made the short trip to the bathroom. She grabbed the baby powder smelling spray deodorant from the counter and hit my splints with it. I was scared they’d start smelling like a cast if I wasn’t careful. She came back in and strapped me back into the protective gear. I bet she was a cat in a past life, the way she likes to sit up high wadded up into a person ball. All slinking around like a sexy thing. I mused merrily watching her move around. “Dude, you’re totally flashing your gash. Not that I mind.” She giggled. “Perv.” Was all I had to say about that. “Meh, I own it!” She blew me off with a shrug. “Yeah there’s no question. Jury is still out on your lesbian card though. Your membership come in the mail yet?” I teased. “Nope I likes me penises, but those things look horrible. Now, lady bits are fun to look at.” She carried on staring intently. “Well, look all ya want cause I’m done. I’m exhausted and if I fall asleep right now I may not have to go to the friggin bathroom again.” I confessed. “Friggin?” Merry looked puzzled. “Momma asked me not to cuss, so I’m working on it. We are going to be living too closely to abuse our manors. We don’t want to be at each other’s throats in under three days.” I parroted mom. Awe Damn It! Now it makes sense. I hate that. I friggin hate that. *Bladder/Kitty Twinge* “Shit! help me up.” I begged. “HA HA, that didn’t last long.” She barbed back at me. “Yeah, you’d be on a four letter word basis with the bathroom too, if you were me.” I defended. “What’s going on Maddison?” She begged me with concern flooding her eyes bringing out my full name. There will be no distracting her now. My full name meant business. I sat down on the toilet yet again, and explained to her what was going on. It took a while to tell her the whole story exhausting me even further. I hadn’t really shared all of this with anyone, even mom. She’d picked up on some of it, but I told Merry everything while I sat there without any fruit for my labors. Apparently everything was quite a bit of information. It took a good deal longer than a normal bathroom visit should take to tell her the whole story. I could see the sympathy in her eyes. Her heart was going out to me. I was thrilled to gain her sympathy and to have her as a confidant, but I really didn’t want to be thinking about my pissing habits anymore. I felt so worn out. I needed to sleep, but I just couldn’t get there. Especially not after that “tiny” accident I had in my panties. I worried about that almost constantly. Had it been a small accident? Had I just leaked bit, or had I only wet a little bit because that’s all there was in me? What if it had been a full go, but I just didn’t have anything stocked up? That thought was utterly terrifying. Hell, the thought of not being able to control your bladder should be horrifying to just about anyone. Merry was full of compassion. She was ready to fix the world on my behalf. I could see the steam wheels in her head churning out ideas. Bet she’ll have everyone pissing their pants with me if she can’t fix me… HaHa Sorry about that the rest of the world! “Let’s get you laid down for a nap M. You need the rest. I’ll lay down with you cause I could use a nap too. It’s still freaking early!” She cooed at me like a babysitter to a charge. I didn’t catch the tone she was using. I was just too tired. Merry loved me, and I trusted her so I didn’t even register it. I’d lost my old Blossom doll in the fire, and was therefore without a cuddle buddy anyway. Merry pulled cushions off the back of the couch and helped me lay down. I moved my towel toward the back of the couch and wiggled back to the back side of the tiny couch facing outward. Jan grabbed a pillow off the actual bed and a sheet from the bottom drawer of the dresser. Then she lay down next to me and covered us both up. We slept like this all the time. We’d been cuddle buddies since we started school at five. I thought nothing of it. She didn’t speak. She just lay there with me as the little spoon like always. Apparently, I really needed that sense of normalcy she brought. It took all of three seconds before I passed out. Merry didn’t last long either. Told you she was a cat! I knew she was out because she snores, and I remember hearing that just before letting go myself. In what felt like only moments later, I heard the door. I tried to roll over but it was impossible until Merry moved. I craned my neck the best I could and waved at mom with my good hand. “Hey girls. I see you’re up Maddison. Merry honey get up Maddie is stuck.” Mom said rustling Merry to consciousness. “Hey, Mrs. P.” Merry slurred. I saw my best friend wipe a prodigious amount of drool from her face. She looked down at the couch and swiped at it too. Merry swung around and sat on the coffee table and helped me sit up. Mom looked at me confused, “Honey why aren’t you wearing panties? Did you put your shorts on while you were wet?” “Merry, will you fill momma in? I need to use the bathroom.” It was true, I did need to go, or felt like I did anyway. Really, it was also a cop out. I didn’t want to talk to mom about it. I was mortified. I’m usually taking care of things for Mom, not Mom taking care of me. She’s going to smother me over this. I’m doomed! I don’t really get “done” going to the bathroom anymore, but I’d been sitting there long enough to grow grass when momma and Merry came in. It was a big bathroom and Merry perched on the sink again. She reached out her hand asking for mine. I took her hand and waited on mom to start in on me. Jeez, my back is killing me. I thought trying to rotate and ease up the pressure while I waited on mom to speak. “Baby I didn’t know that all this potty stuff was this bad. I called Dr. Chu, and made an appointment. He can see you in about an hour. Merry said you were in the shower when she got here right?” “Yeah, I’m all cleaned up, but my back is going nuts.” I told her. “Well, let’s get you changed and we’ll head out.” Mom said. “Merry are you coming with us?” I asked her. “I can if you want me too.” She hedged. “Let’s get you ready while Merry checks with her mother. I, for one, would love her company.” Mom said. She’s talking to me like a kid. Something feels off here. “Honey, I know this bathroom stuff is really stressing you out. I got quite a bit of stuff at the store that Merry and I are going to unload. I want you to scrub up your private parts while we unload the car. Merry honey do you mind helping me unload.” “I’d be happy to. Did you say you brought some of the stuff in already?” She asked mom. “Yup, Maddison I have a few things for you in a Walmart bag. I’ll bring it right in.” With that they both left. I couldn’t hear much from the main room, but it wasn’t long before mom returned and dropped off the bag. She kissed me on the head and I could hear them both leave the room after she closed the bathroom door. We were at the end of the hall on the third floor. It’d be a few minutes before they got back up here. I opened the bag and there was a package of generic baby wipes, a package of Depend Fit-Flex underwear for women, and a package of GoodNite’s Bedtime Underwear for Girls up to 125lbs. The first item in the bag was a note from mom. I overlooked it initially, in utter disbelief at the contents of the bag. Maddison, I grabbed these so you could have some confidence. I want you telling your bladder when you have to go not the other way around. I knew that this would be sensitive for you so we are going to run to McDonald’s across the road for some meal deals while you get dressed. You will get no judgement from Merry or I, so don’t worry about it. We won’t be gone very long so hurry and be ready when we get back. We’ll eat on the way to the Dr.’s office. Love Mommy and Merry. ” Mom signed the note. Merry signed the note with a smiley face. I bet that’s why Merry didn’t want to commit to going to the Dr.’s with us. She wasn’t sure I’d want her around. I bet momma felt even more certain after Merry told her about my towel idea for the couch that she’d done the right thing. I looked down at my shorts. They were wet, even if only a little bit. Guess it’s a good thing I slept on that towel. This just isn’t fair. God you took my home, and now I have to deal with this too?! I managed another good cry. Then I grabbed the wipes and cleaned up my smooth “lady bits” and stared at the two packages. It was a dilemma, one that I didn’t feel like I should have to solve. I should just be able to put on some panties from my underwear drawer and move on. I shouldn’t have to decide to use kids or adult pull-ups in a fucking hotel bathroom! I wasn’t seeing anyone right then, and I damn sure wasn’t putting out without a serious commitment that I didn’t trust high school boys to give. So most of my panties still had had childish designs, and since I haven’t grown much since I was fourteen most of those designs were pretty juvenile. In fact, my favorite pair of underwear was my pink lace trimmed Blossom underwear. Well, they were my favorites. Dad and I both loved to watch the PowderPuff Girls together. Maybe that’s why I held on to them so hard. Much of my childhood fell away in the months after he died, but I held fast to Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Somehow it felt like a betrayal not to. The hearts and swirls on the GoodNite called out to the child in me, but the growing adult in me wanted to throw the middle finger at the world. Self-pity aside, I knew that fit determined effectiveness, so I simply tried them both on. Which wasn’t as easy as you’d think because I had to take off the splint to get them on. The depend fit but it came up to my belly button. The small/medium felt humungous on me when I moved around in it. The sound was there. It sounded like a diaper, and it was louder than I’d expected. Clothes could probably hide that. I slipped the Depend down my narrow hips, and slipped the GoodNite up. Even with my tiny hips, it was a bit of a struggle to get the thing in place. I tugged and pulled at the protective garment until everything was where it belonged. I ran my finger around the edges between my legs getting the final fit just right. Then I moved around. The final fit was amazing. Sure, I could tell I had a GoodNite on, but it was snug and flexible. It didn’t feel like it would gap anywhere. I sat down and stood up. I bent over and looked at my ass in the mirror fighting the pain. If I pulled my damp running shorts up tightly you could see the lines, but I bet it was just as bad with the Depend, maybe worse since it was a bit bigger. Plus, the Depend had arranged the protection in what looked like a big pad stuck to a panty all in one garment. That panty line would be more obvious than the GoodNite. I didn’t want to wet my pants so I had to choose one. The GoodNite was the best fit for my physically. The only problem was the GoodNite made a considerably larger amount of “diaper” noise. So fit and protection came with the downside of noise and sacrifice of discretion. What a terrible choice for a seventeen year old girl to have to make. My life sucks! Fucking fire. Damn Dad dying on me. Stupid school. Fucking fine!!! I hobbled back into the suite looking for some shorts. Just then I realized I had wet Merry’s loaner running shorts, the only ones I currently had. I hobbled back into the bathroom and used the hair dryer to dry up the spot on her shorts. I slide the shorts up over my GoodNite like the big girl I am…lmao How ironic is that? I think. I started strapping my leg brace back on and my back spasmed in pain like someone slipped a steak knife in my spine. I put on the house shoes mom had bought me panting and sweating through the pain. Something is badly wrong.
  15. That Strange Girl