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  1. I think they do mean part 3, since the original chunk is divided into two parts. (Or two 'Sessions', as it were.)
  2. I mean, I generally don't offer spoilery hints, but since it's mentioned in Chapter 3, well... They ARE looking for a mole. And thanks for reading and replying, friends! It really is very encouraging.
  3. Personalias! Great to see you back on the story forum, and with a great story to boot! Is the rest of this already written, and just waiting for the year deadline to come along so you can post?
  4. I just finished part 1, and while it's not entirely my bag, I must give you props for using the 'Take something vaguely sciencey-sounding that ends up creating a precisely fitting excuse for any fetish content you wish to include', because as a storytelling mechanism that absolutely IS my bag, and I use it hella often myself.
  5. Thanks for replying! It sometimes feels like a ghost town in this thread, but it's really encouraging to know that people are reading. (Admittedly it's not the lively discourse I'd like to see, but oh well. Better than nothing!)
  6. It's advice. Intentionally dehydrate yourself if you don't think you can hold it.
  7. I'm back, baby! For those of you turned off by the more action and sci-fi oriented content in previous chapters, there's not as much in here; this one has more emphasis on the fetish content. If you like the sci-fi action, have no fear! It will be back! Just not right now. Special thanks again to FlamingCreeper, without whom I would probably not ever get this done. Enjoy! And please, please, if you have any thoughts or comments, or just want to say hi, do so! I get a lot of energy and enthusiasm to write from audience response. Chapter Four Bridgette resisted the urge to fidget, standing at attention in perfect, stock stillness. Her expression was blank, her body was motionless, her uniform was crisp and neat, her medals were gleaming on her chest, and her diaper was soaked. Her drill sergeant was giving a lecture, that seemed as though it had been dragging on for an eternity. It was just like him to do that, pick a topic that they were working on, and then speak on it for hours on end until the trainees and recruits could barely stand, intending to drill them into submission so that they couldn’t possibly forget what he was speaking on. Fidgeting meant he would start over, and so none of them dared so much as twitch an eye or a finger. Basics, rules, and regulations. All things that they had known since well before even reaching pilot training, and yet now they were all certified mech pilots, on the other side of the moon from the training base, and yet he was still giving them the same damned lectures. “Bambi! Step forward!” She had to be grateful that none of the other recruits were allowed to move, or the inevitable tittering would have rolled through them. Once she was a pilot her callsign would become a badge of honor, but for now it was a mark of shame - A reminder that she’d run and taken cover the first time they tried a joint exercise in the simulators. Taking a step forward, she resisted the temptation to look confused. What had she done? “Bambi, you are aware that you are meant to be in full uniform when attending a training exercise?” The drill sergeant’s face was cold and hard, betraying no emotion. Her response was quick, clean, and practiced. “Sir, yes sir!” “Then, Bambi, please explain why you arrived without wearing pants.” Bridgette’s cheeks flushed as she looked down, realizing with horror that she’d forgotten to wear pants to the class. Her diaper was fully visible to the other trainees, and, even worse, it was growing visibly more wet by the second. “Sir, I-” she stammered. “I don’t-” “You’re clearly not fit to be a pilot!” the drill sergeant said, reaching forward and ripping away the badges on her lapel. “Pack your bags, we’re going to drum you out of the service entirely.” Before she could think of anything to say, an alarm started blaring, catching her attention. She shot up, a cold sweat running down her face as she looked around, only to realize that it was the alarm set on her LINK pad, informing her that she’d wet the bed again. “Dammit,” she muttered, reaching for the pad to disable the alarm. “I thought I’d stop having that dream once I was out of training.” Looking at the LINK pad screen, she saw that it displayed a message from Levi. ‘Contact me when you get this. We should talk.’ Checking the time, she saw that it was almost two in the morning. It was doubtful that Levi was awake, but she sent a message anyways, on the off chance. ‘I just saw your message. What is it?’ Half a minute went by, then her LINK chimed with a notification. ‘Come to my office. I need to run some tests.’ She hesitated, typing, ‘Now? Why not in the morning?’ ‘Because I need them off the record. Come immediately, no time to lose. We are pushing it as it is.’ Bridgette looked down between her legs at her sodden diaper, then swore and sat up. It wasn’t close to leaking, and it wouldn’t be the first time she’d had to walk through the halls of their base in a wet diaper. It had been three days since her last mission - The second once since she started showing signs of veterancy - And since then she had not been able to make it to the bathroom once, at least not to pee. She had almost no warning any more - There would be a sudden sense of pressure, and if she was lucky she could make it five steps before her potty training abandoned her and her bladder just let go. She had tried to continue using the pads twice before giving in to Levi’s urging and simply wearing a diaper at all times. He kept a couple changes in his office, so she could take care of that once she got there. Tugging on her uniform pants and struggling to get them over the bulge of soggy padding, she buttoned them on and then pulled her shirt over her head, making sure that her diaper wasn’t poking out before she pocketed her LINK and walked out the door. The halls were eerily empty as she walked to Levi’s office, scanning the area for anyone who might see her. Without the hustle and bustle of ensigns and pilots and captains going about their business, the only sounds were that of footsteps on tile and the crinkling of her diaper, which only made Bridgette want to walk faster. Arriving at his office, she found that the door handle only jiggled but refused to open. “Levi? Are you in there?” A second went past, then she heard footsteps cross and the lock ‘click’ as he opened the door. “Come on in, Bambi,” he said, gesturing inside. “What’s this about?” Bridgette asked, stepping inside and shutting the door quickly. “And it’s Bridgette.” “It’s been two missions,” Levi said. “You want to go for twenty, right?” “Yes,” Bridgette said. “Twenty successful missions.” “I can’t help make them successful, though you’ve been doing well enough on your own on that regard,” Levi said. “Though last mission was mostly a milk run, so your success was pretty much inevitable there.” Bridgette nodded. “Just get me to twenty missions, I can worry about the rest.” “I can’t do that, either,” Levi pointed out. “I do not control the rate at which your symptoms develop. The best I can do is help you manage the symptoms. If there was a way to keep you from developing veterancy, it would have been rolled out already.” Rolling her eyes, Bridgette said, “So, back to my first question. What is this about?” “Prediction,” Levi explained. “If we can get an accurate and complete mark of how far your symptoms have developed after two missions, then I can record them again after mission three and four, and create a model to predict your rate of development.” “I’m going for twenty missions, no matter how bad things get,” Bridgette said. “Not if you can’t walk,” Levi countered. “Doesn’t matter,” Bridgette said. “The pods take direct nervous control. Even if I can’t walk, I can still control a mech better than anyone in this base.” “But how are you going to get in the pod?” Frowning, Bridgette pointedly didn’t respond. “If you aren’t going to be able to hide your symptoms in five missions, then there’s no point going for eight more,” Levi explained. “We can hide wet diapers until the cows come home, but-” “Until the what?” Bridgette smirked. “Never mind. The point is, I got an some old equipment out of storage. I’m going to hook you up, it’ll give us a pin-point accurate notification of how far advanced you are. The shitty thing is, the process takes about four hours, and you can’t walk away or move around during it.” “I’ve stood at attention for twice that, it’s not a problem,” Bridgette said. “Why’d you have to get the equipment out of storage?” “Redundancy,” Levi said. “There is no point tracking advancement, we pull pilots out as soon as they show symptoms. It’s like measuring the growth of a fire instead of just grabbing an extinguisher.” “Gotcha,” Bridgette said. “Well, no time to lose. Let’s get started.” The machine, which Levi rolled out from his closet on a set of casters, somewhat resembled a medical scale, complete with the bar marked with inches and feet for measuring height, but with a few dozen nodes and wires hanging from a computer terminal mounted to the back, and a few extra bars that appeared to be in place for hands and legs to slot into. Markings on the base noted where she was meant to place her feet, and Bridgette was a little perturbed to notice metal rings that resembled cuffs in place where her feet, hands, and head were going to be. “What are those for?” She asked, pointed to the rings near the base. “You can’t move,” Levi said. “Period. They had a problem with too many test subjects fidgeting or forgetting, and even a little bit of movement throws off the test. If there’s an emergency and you need to get out, it’s not hard to detach the cuffs and let you out, you just need to let me know.” “Sure,” Bridgette said. “So I’ll still be able to speak?” Levi hesitated. “Well… No. You’ll have a panic button. If I need to ask you a question, it’s on click for yes, twice for no.” “Hmm…” “Or would you rather end up incapable of piloting on your sixteenth mission, and all this is for nothing?” Levi asked. “Fine,” Bridgette said, stepping onto the platform and steeling herself. “Hook me up.” “You’ll need to take off your uniform first,” Levi pointed out. “You can keep your bra and diaper on, but the rest has to go.” Feeling a bit sheepish, Bridgette stepped back off the platform, pulling her shirt over her head, then unbuttoning her pants and pulling them down. She was a little embarrassed by her diaper, but it wasn’t that visibly wet, and he’d seen her in them before. “Is that all?” “Yes, you’re good,” Levi confirmed. “Step onto the platform, I’ll get you hooked up.” It was a minor relief, but Levi started with the nodes first, sticking a few dozen of them all over her body over various clusters of nerves, to the palms of her hands, and on the temples of her forehead. He had to adjust her diaper slightly in order to place two nodes on the inside of her thighs, but remained professional and didn’t comment and the slight squish when he pushed the padding aside and then back into place. Once that was done, he held up a flat metal stick. “Open your mouth?” She paused, then said, “I assume I have to keep this in place?” “For the duration of the test,” Levi confirmed. Bridgette opened her mouth, and he placed it like a tongue depressor. “Hold still, I’ll get the safety locks in place, then start the test.” Bridgette nodded, watching him kneel down and clamp the two metal cuffs down over her feet. Some experimentation proved that she couldn’t so much as wiggle them, much less move them off the platform. Next came a bar over her waist, and then he moved to her hands. It took some adjustment, Levi extending the two hand bars so that they were long enough to reach her wrists, and she almost pulled away for a moment before letting him click the smooth metal cuffs into place around her wrist. “Almost done,” Levi said, holding up a small red button for emphasis, then placing it in her hand. “Last chance to back out, but we need to do this test eventually. Press the button if you’re ready.” Bridgette had to think about it for a moment, then squeezed her thumb over the button, making a quiet beeping noise. “Good,” Levi said, reaching up and pulling the last two restraints around her neck and forehead, the former clicking into place like a collar and the latter holding her head straight against the measuring stick that formed the center of the device. “You still may be able to move your shoulders and head a bit, but try to stay completely still. Even a tiny bit of motion will create a margin of error.” Bridgette almost nodded, but with the metal restraints around her neck and head, she found that she couldn’t. Squeezing the button, it beeped once, and Levi smiled. “Good. I’m going to turn it on now, then try and get some work done. If you need anything or need to get out, just hit that button.” She squeezed the button again, and Levi powered on the electronics at the back of the machine. A cooling fan could be heard whirring to life, and then a few electronic noises as he put in some settings and then started the test. The first few minutes were uneventful, at least for the most part. The metal restraints slowly warmed to the touch of her skin, and were soon - If not comfortable - A minor nuisance more than anything. Levi was working at his desk, making notes on a desktop terminal. Within five minutes, though, she realized that she was going to be incredibly bored. Unlike standing at attention, she didn’t even have the job of standing straight to work on - She couldn’t have relaxed if she tried - And there was nothing to watch or pay attention to. Pressing the button in her hand once, she got Levi’s attention. “What is it, Bambi?” He asked, looking up from his terminal. She pressed the button twice a few times, and he frowned. “We should have thought of a better way to communicate. Do you need out already?” She pressed the button twice. “Okay, is something starting to hurt? The nodes are old, it's possible one of them is overheating, or-” She pressed the button twice again, interrupting him. “Then what’s the problem, Bambi?” Bridgette rolled her eyes, then had an idea. She started pushing the button to a rhythm, beeping it out in time to the colony anthem. The little ‘Beep’ had no inflection, but a musical rhythm was obvious. “Oh! You want me to turn on music,” Levi said, after half a minute of rhythmic beeping, and she stopped and pressed the button once. “No problem, Bambi.” Hitting a couple of keys, he started quietly playing some classical music from his computer. “I’d turn it up more, Bambi, but I’m worried someone might hear. Is the genre okay, Bambi?” She pressed the button once, glaring at Levi for his use of her callsign. “And I’m well aware that this annoys you, Bambi,” he added, “But right now, Bambi, you can’t physically threaten me, or even yell at me for saying it wrong, Bambi, so I’m going to keep using it while I can. Bambi. Bambi. Baaaaambi.” She continued to glare, but after a few more repetitions he stopped, and they both resumed what they were doing - him with the work, her with the standing in place - with music to pass the time. As sleep-deprived as she was, the music was akin to a bit of a lullaby, but she had stood at attention through weariness and lack of sleep before, and she could do it again. Forty minutes passed before Bridgette encountered the next problem. Pressure built in her bladder, and then gave way a few seconds later. The nodule stuck to the front of her diaper made her LINK pad, still in the pocket of her pants on the floor, start to beep helpfully to make sure she realized that she was having an accident. This wouldn’t have been too much of a problem, except that she realized only then that her diaper - already wet as it was - would certainly not last the next three and a quarter hours until the test was over. Of course, just as Bridgette pressed the button, hoping to notify Levi about this new problem, his focus was distracted by a notification on his own LINK and it took three presses of the button to get him to turn around. He frowned, looking up from his pad, then asked, “What’s wrong?” Bridgette rolled her eyes, trying to direct his attention to her own beeping LINK. “Is that a mission alert?” He jumped to his feet, crossing to her pants and digging out the pad. Once he read the alert, though, he just silenced it. “That’s not a big deal, Bambi. It won’t affect the test unless you leak, which… Oh, you have a point.” She couldn’t make the smartass reply she wanted to, so Bridgette settled for rolling her eyes. “I can change you, but you can’t move while I’m doing it,” Levi said. “Are you ticklish?” Two beeps, for ‘No’. “Do you mind my changing your diaper?” One beep this time. ‘Yes’. “Well, it’s either that or we restart the test,” Levi said. There was a long hesitation this time, before the final two beeps to give the go-ahead. “In that case, hold still,” Levi reminded, opening a drawer on his desk and withdrawing a fresh diaper and a package of disposable wipes. Bridgette thought that the wipes weren’t really necessary, but had no way of communicating that, so she just turned her eyes up to the ceiling and tried to focus on something else as Levi took a step forward, crouching to untape her diaper. The four tabs all came away with little popping noises, then Levi pulled the diaper away, leaving her naked save for her bra. Levi was mercifully brief with wiping her up, just doing a quick job to make sure there wasn’t any obvious residue or dried urine. Once he was happy with the clean-up, he pulled the fresh diaper into place, reaching around her and holding one hand against the seat so that it didn’t fall away as he got the first two tapes on. With the diaper no longer at risk of falling off the moment he let go, he was able to more accurately stick the remaining two tapes, running a finger around the waistband and leg cuffs to ensure that there were no loose spots for leaks to occur. “There you go, Bambi, all dry,” Levi said with a grin, patting the back of the diaper once as he stood, remembering only at the last moment to peel the nodule off of the old diaper and stick it to the front of the new one. “That should last the rest of the test, no problem.” Bridgette glowered back, but had to swallow her annoyed retort. Once the test was over, she would have choice words for her favorite medical examiner, but until then she was just going to have to keep her mouth shut and wait. Keeping her mouth shut and waiting worked for two and a half hours before a new problem arose that demanded her attention. An acute discomfort in her belly, which would normally lead to her needing a bathroom, but at the moment that wasn’t going to be possible. If it had been a month ago, she would have been able to hold it for several hours at least, if not most of the day, but lately, while she’d been able to control it, her ability to last for that long had been severely diminished. She pressed the button, getting Levi’s attention. “What is it, Bambi?” He asked, looking up, then checking the time. “It’s still another forty five minutes. Do you need another change?” Bambi hit the button twice, again cursing the fact that they hadn’t worked out a better way to communicate. “Is the music no good?” Levi asked, frowning in confusion. She squeezed the button twice more, rolling her eyes. “Are you cold?” Two more beeps. “Tired?” Bridgette considered this for a moment - She was certainly tired, but mentioning that wouldn’t be helpful. “If you’re thirsty, I can’t-” Two more beeps. “Look, I don’t have any idea what the problem could be then. If you don’t need a change, and you don’t need… to… Oh.” He scratched his head, glancing around the room. “Do you need to, uh… use the bathroom?” Bridgette squeezed her hand on the button once, hoping that blushing wouldn’t throw off the test. Levi frowned. “Well… Crap. There’s only forty five minutes left, can you hold it?” Bridgette pressed the button twice, pushing it as hard as she could to try and make the point, ‘If I could hold it, why would I be telling you?’ Levi shrugged. “I mean, in that case… There’s not really much of a choice, is there? Do you want me to unhook you?” Rolling her eyes again, Bridgette pushed the button twice. There was an awkward pause, and then Levi blushed and said, “In that case, just… I mean, um, you can just go, and I’ll change you right away. Okay?” Bridgette didn’t respond for a long time, before finally pressing the button. It was an enormous effort of will not to squirm against the restraints at the idea, but she managed to contain herself, settling for a minor grimace and a wrinkled nose. “Just take your time,” Levi said. “If you need a minute, or whatever. Let me know when you are… I guess, ‘Done’. I won’t tease, I promise.” One press for yes, though Bridgette wasn’t about to use her diaper any time soon. If she was going to crap herself, it was sure as hell not going to be on purpose - Forty five minutes would be difficult, but it wasn’t impossible, and she was going to do everything she could to last until then. The first twenty minutes were uncomfortable, but not all that difficult. The cramps were growing slowly worse, but she was able to successfully resist the pressure that was building in her bowels. By minute twenty three, Bridgette was unsure she could make it much longer. She was having to expend a lot of effort just keeping the cramps under control, and the prospect of making it another twenty two minutes was pretty unlikely. At minute twenty four, though, Levi’s LINK pad beeped, and after reading it, he said, “Shit.” Bridgette didn’t have a cue for ‘What?’, so she just hit the button a few times and hoped he would understand. Looking up, Levi said, “General O'Shaughnessy is on his way. He needs to talk to me about something. He didn’t say what, and he didn’t give any warning - He’s going to be here in less than a minute.” Bridgette widened her eyes, and the nodule nearly fell out of her mouth. She wanted to ask ‘What are you going to do?’, but there was no point. Even if he could get her unhooked in a minute, and she could get dressed, she wouldn’t have time to get out of the office before the general got there. “I… Sorry about this,” Levi said, crouching by the base of the machine. Bridgette couldn’t see what he was doing, but there were a few noises of some kind of latch being opened, and then she felt the base start to wobble as though it were on casters. Rushing to open the door to the storage closet, Levi pushed the whole device - Bridgette and all - Into the closet, letting it roll to a stop, Bridgette’s nose almost pressed against the corner of the closet’s interior. She couldn’t see anything, but she heard him grab her clothes and his trash can and set all that in the closet as well - Probably to hide the soggy diaper that he’d left in it - And then closed the door behind him, leaving her shrouded in almost complete darkness. Less than ten seconds passed before the general opened the door and walked inside, as evidenced by his heavy footsteps, followed by his voice saying, “Thank you for meeting me on such short notice, Mr. Fink.” “Please, call me Levi,” Levi said. “And it’s not a problem. What is it you needed to talk about?” Bridgette shut out their voices, concentrating on keeping her diaper clean. The pressure was quickly becoming insurmountable, but she wasn’t about to mess herself, especially not now that a change wouldn’t be immediately available. For all her efforts, she made it barely a minute before she lost control. She barely managed not to gasp as the her body overrode her desires, quickly filling the seat of her diaper with a warm, sticky mush that bulged out the padding with a nearly inaudible crinkle. Within seconds, the smell filled up the confined space of the closet, making Bridgette wrinkle her nose in disgust at the smell of her stinky diaper, which was growing more full by the second, sagging heavily at the weight of its new contents. Bridgette crossed her fingers over the button in her hand but resisted the sudden impulse to press it, even as the mass in her diaper spread against her butt and between her legs in a way that made her want to shower for a week. It was all she could hope for that the smell wouldn’t permeate through the heavy closet door, or the General would notice and the jig would be up. Taking shallow breaths, she tried to distract herself from the fact that she’d just lost control and helplessly filled her diaper. She had always known that this might eventually happen - Incontinence was a symptom of veterancy, and that didn’t just include bladder issues - But it had always been an abstract idea. Now, that idea was very solid, and it was smushed against her thighs and making a noxious odor in her nostrils, and there was no denying that veterancy was starting to catch up to her. She could try and excuse it as something that would happen to anyone - four hours was a long time, after all - but that was a terrible excuse and she knew it. This hadn’t been a case of her trying to hold it for four hours, it had been a case of her holding it for thirty minutes and failing miserably. Trying not to squirm in discomfort, Bridgette took a few deep breaths, then turned her attention to the conversation going on outside of the dark, smelly closet that she was restrained in. She hoped that it was going to be a brief visit, and that she would be out of there and cleaned up as soon as possible. “... sure you haven’t noticed anything unusual about her?” The general asked, his voice raised a little bit at the end of the question. “She hasn’t exhibited any unusual behavior to me, sir,” Levi replied. “I keep very detailed notes of her medical evaluations and state of mind. If you think it necessary I can go through them and point out any abnormalities, but I really don’t know if that is going to be helpful to you without knowing more about why you’re asking.” “Please do, just to be certain,” The general stated. “This is purely off the record, however, so we need to be done by 0730. Is that doable?” There was a pause while Levi presumably checked the time. “That’s not for almost two hours?” he said. “There are a lot of files. I can do it, but it may require a bit of skimming.” The general ‘Hmmed’ for a moment, then assented. “Then let’s get started.” Bridgette swallowed on a suddenly dry mouth as she realized what was going on. Two hours of paperwork was hell on a good day, but having to listen to Levi go through two hours of paperwork while trapping in her own mess was the next worst thing to torture. She briefly considered trying to slip from her restraints, but that would still mean having to retake the test - She had no way of knowing for certain when it was complete, and she wasn’t about to risk having to repeat this experience if she didn’t have to. To make matters worse, if the music before had been a gentle lullaby, then listening to the muted voices of Levi and the general discussing minutia of paperwork was practically a sleeping draft. Even as she squirmed in her sagging diaper, her weariness combined with the complete darkness of her surroundings and the droning of dull discussion outside her closet all worked together to overcome her endurance and her discomfort. Had she been able to move, Bridgette might have adjusted her stance or done a bit of stretching, but immobile as she was there was nothing she could do to ward of the sleepiness that was slowly overtaking her. Deep breaths and a clear head might also have helped, but she wasn’t about to take a big gulp of the foul air that she was standing in, and her thoughts were hazy and concerned from the stress she’d been handling lately. - She woke up several hours later to an alarm set on her LINK, letting her know that it was 0900 hours and that she’d missed the breakfast call. Sitting up, she took in her surroundings and found that she was lying on the exam table in Levi’s office, a blanket pulled over her and a small pillow placed under where her head had been. “Morning,” Levi said, looking up from his desk. “You were pretty out of it, so I decided to let you sleep.” She frowned, then lifted up the blanket. Her diaper was clean and only a little damp, and a sniff of the air found that it smelled clean and sterile, the usual scent of the recycled air in the colony. “You changed me?” “I wasn’t about to let you sleep in a messy diaper,” Levi pointed out. “Diaper rash is not pleasant from what I hear, and I don’t want my office to stink. Your clothes are over there.” He pointed to where her pants and shirt were neatly folded in a stack on a chair, her LINK pad sitting atop it. “Thanks, I guess, but you could have just woken me up,” Bridgette said. “You needed the rest. You really need more rest than you’ve gotten, but that’s kind of moot,” Levi replied. “Since you slept through breakfast, I got you a protien shake and some yogurt. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing.” “Thanks,” Bridgette said, setting aside her blanket and getting to her feet. Rather than immediately getting dressed, though, she crossed to Levi’s side and punched him in the arm. Levi recoiled, rubbing the spot that she’d hit. “Ow! What was that for?” “Calling me Bambi,” Bridgette said, before softening her expression a bit. “But thank you for everything else. I really appreciate your help.” “No problem.” Levi stood up, opening his arms to offer a hug. Bridgette hesitated, then accepted the embrace, wrapping her arms around him. “Don’t worry, Bambi. You’re going to get through this, I know it.”
  8. I finished the first draft of Chapter 4 today, and it's in the editing phase now. Expect it in the next couple days!
  9. Based on the response... I might return to this eventually. I think I'm still going to take some time to focus on other projects, but this hiatus might be less indefinite than I initially stated.
  10. So... I'm probably not going to finish this. My initial burn of enthusiasm that kickstarts most of my stories has waned, and since it seems like there's very little interest in it, keeping up my desire to continue working on the project - Especially in this case, where each chapter is significantly more time and effort than anything else I've posted here - is pretty much gone. If there were only a chapter or two remaining I would probably finish it off and call it good, but this is barely a quarter done, and the prospect of trying to finish it right now is not one that seems appealing to me. I may return to this in the future, but right now I just want to officially walk away and work on other things. If you were looking forward to reading the rest of this... Sorry. (Not that it seems many people will be disappointed, since the number of page views didn't change when I posted the third chapter.)
  11. I haven't heard from the OP, Babykelsey, and I'm beginning to think that they've abandoned this project. Does anyone else know what's going on with this? If it is dead, I would be glad to revive it and see about getting something going with a bit of structure.
  12. Chapter Three Bridgette finally awoke to the sound of her LINK pad, beeping a high-pitched alert that made her groan. She’d been trying to ignore it and just get back to sleep, but it kept beeping, making it impossible to ignore without turning it off. Six nights in a row, she’d woken up to that beeping, as the sensor stuck to her diaper sensed wetness and woke her up. It wasn’t even helpful, because by the time she woke up the diaper was already half soaked. The first couple of nights, she’d taken it off and gone to the toilet to finish, but she quickly gave up on that and had resorted to simply using the diaper and going back to sleep - Using the toilet after she’d already had an accident seemed like activating turrets after the column had already fallen. As she moved to turn off the LINK alarm, though, she felt something strange. Or, rather, she felt the lack of anything - Her diaper was dry. She didn’t even need to pee. She pulled the blankets away, pulled her night shirt up a bit, and checked her diaper by prodding at it with a finger - It was definitely dry, not even a hint of any accident. Looking at the clock, she saw the time - It had only been two hours since she went to bed. She’d never had an accident that early. In that case, though, she had to wonder why the alarm was going off. Unless… She looked back at the alarm label, and felt a sudden jolt. It wasn’t the alarm for an accident, she was being summoned to the control room for mission prep. Looking again, she saw that the alert had been going for almost five minutes. “Shit!” She yelped, jumping out of bed and stumbling to her feet, almost falling as she did so. Stripping the diaper off her hips, she tossed it in the trash and then ran out the door, slamming it behind her and sprinting down the hall. Her long legs carried her quickly towards her destination, and she made it to the command room within a minute, grabbing the handle and yanking the door open. “Bambi!” Private Johnson was already at the control station, and the control pod was open and ready for her. “We’ve got a critical situation. Mission details will play while you get locked in.” “I thought Photon was on duty tonight?” Bambi asked, tossing her shirt to the ground and jumping up to the handle, flipping her legs into position. “She is!” Johnson said, hands working the controls. “Her Numo is being overwhelmed.” There wasn’t enough time to respond, as Bridgette felt the pod’s pneumatics close around her, and the egg-like top closed above her. Still, his words echoed in her ears, giving her a sense of unease. She’s being overwhelmed in a Numo? That shouldn’t have been possible. A Numo was slow to respond to threats, and couldn’t get to the battlefield nearly as quickly as the other designs, but once it got in place it was practically indestructible. The most common defensive strategy wasn’t even to use the Numo in combat, it was to drop a Numo out on the field to force the Jovians to divert their forces around it. As the pod came online, data flashed in her vision and audio played, explaining the situation. “Situation: Critical. Code double-red.” That was obvious, they wouldn’t wake up a pilot for an easy fight. “Current areas under attack: Column 4, Column 5, Research Station Alpha-K.” Also to be expected, if only a single column was under attack, then they could divert reinforcements from somewhere else. “Current pilots active: Photon, Checkmate, Tango.” That was also reasonable. Photon piloted the Numo stationed at Column 5, Checkmate piloted the Tullus at 4. Tango ran another Juno like Bambi, which was another obvious thing - They needed Junos, because any other mech would be too slow to reinforce the battle. “Number of Jovians detected: 1,700. Warning: Three Mammoth-class Jovians in area.” If Bridgette had been in motion, she would have stopped in her tracks. She’d never seen more than two Mammoths in combat before. Four Mammoths was the most that had been recorded in a single battle. Three, when there were only four mechs in combat, wasn’t going to be an easy fight. It was recommended to fight a Mammoth two-on-one. Sure, she’d pulled out a one-on-one fight in her last mission, but that was in ideal circumstances - No other Jovians present, good terrain for cover. It wasn’t an uphill battle while constantly being harassed by lighter Jovians She felt sensation return to her limbs, and her panic attack was cut short - It was time to fight. “Bambi, are you on?” Anya’s - Photon’s - voice echoed in her ear. “Could use a little help here!” “I’m on my way!” Bridgette looked at her HUD, and saw that the combat had been diverted towards the research station, and that is where it was thickest. It was a smart decision on Photon’s part: The station had a few defensive turrets, which would provide a bit of extra firepower. The three mechs were encircled around the station, preventing any Jovians from getting behind them, either to disable the turrets or just try and destroy the station outright. That being said, their circle was surrounded on all sides by a massive horde. The heavy artillery mounted on Photon and Checkmate’s mechs kept the forces at bay for the moment, but with a Mammoth-class beast for each mech circling and looking for an opening, it was clear that the tense standoff wouldn’t last for long. “How many people are in that research station?” Bridgette asked, as she got control of her mech’s legs and leapt out of the harness. Mechanics and engineers had done their job admirably, and almost all the damage from the last fight had been fixed. What was left, automatic systems corrections took care of - Her run favored one leg over the other, but was as fast as ever. “They were all evacuated,” Photon called back. “Their reactor is wired to blow. If we get overwhelmed here, we can pull away and blow the system when they move in. We’ll lose the station, but it’ll cost the bastards.” “Got it,” Bridgette said, as she came into direct view of the fight. “Well then, let’s make them hurt. Tango, how are you doing?” Tango’s voice rang back, fear being suppressed by twenty three mission’s worth of experience. “A little overwhelmed.” “Do something flashy,” Bridgette said. “I’m on my way.” “Roger that, Bambi.” Tango’s line closed, and a second later, Bridgette watched his mech light up like a thousand candles in the wind, firing chaff and flares and launching full racks of missiles into the Jovians. It wasn’t a tactically sound attack, as the smaller ones managed to scurry for cover behind the armored beasts, and those capable of taking the shots simply turned their chitinous armor plates to deflect the shots, but it was one hell of a distraction. Leaping into the air, Bridgette fired off a few speed controllers to give her jump some extra oomph and then turned her foot to drive into the Mammoth’s back. It was distracted by Tango’s fireworks show, and screeched in pain as she bore it down. No grab-and-smash this time, Bridgette didn’t give the beast time for a counter attack. She slammed her titanium fist into the crack she’d created with the kick, and fired six high-explosive rounds. The beast wailed, but she kept going. Four more explosives depleted her left hand of missiles, so she grabbed the open bit of shell with both hands and ripped it wide, aiming her machine gun into the opening and unloading. At the same time, she continued driving her left fist into the exposed flesh, coming out with blue blood and ichor stuck to her metallic arm as she did so. The Mammoth roared, but as it reared up and tried to grab her, Tango closed in, attacking from the front. The Mammoth died in agony, dropping to the ground. “Alright!” Bambi cheered, rising to her feet and hopping down from the mammoth. “Four on two. Now this is a fight! Let’s-” As she turned, she saw the Jovians scattering. Even the Mammoths, never one to back down from a fight, were running. She turned, frowning. “Mission control. Do we pursue?” There was a shocked silence, and she guessed that Mission Control was looking at the situation with the same confusion that she was. Three seconds went by, and then a voice said, “Do not pursue. It could be a trap. Remain in a defensive position while we assess the situation.” Bridgette frowned, turning to kick one Jovian that skirted too close to her mech as it fled away from combat. The other beings paid no mind, as they all fled behind terrain or over ridges, scurrying to get out of possible firing arcs. Tango was the first in the group to speak, once the coast seemed clear. “Well, a successful mission’s a successful mission.” “You’re not worried about all this?” Bridgette asked, backing towards the research station. She wouldn’t get tired or stiff from standing around, but being idle was unsettling in a combat mech, she was so used to being in constant motion. “Nah,” Tango said, her voice almost cavalier. “I’m sure we’re fine.” Photon’s voice came in, perfectly synthesized laughter in Bridgette’s ears. “You say that now,” she joked. “You sounded like you were about to piss yourself when that third Mammoth showed up.” Tango’s voice implied a grin, though her face couldn’t possibly have formed one in her control pod. “I’m good, but I’m no veteran just yet.” Everyone laughed, except for Bridgette. ... ‘Mission report - Mission start, 0017 hours. Mission end, 0702. After six hours of patrolling, we determined that they were not going to launch a counter-attack in the immediate future. Tango theorized that the few stragglers who we dispatched were scouts, but it is unclear if…’ Bridgette sighed, setting aside her LINK pad, so she could write the report later. She sat on an exam table wrapped in a robe, staring at her hands while she waited for Levi to finish whatever he was doing. She thought she noticed a slight tremor that hadn’t been in her fingertips before, but that could have been a trick of the light. A few moments passed, and she finally asked, “Got a verdict? You’re normally a lot quicker with the exam.” Levi tapped his finger on the side of his LINK pad, frowning. “Fill me in on a couple things first,” he said. “I want to make sure I’m reading all this data right. You’ve wet your diapers every night since your last mission?” Bridgette felt flush, but after debating with herself for a moment, she nodded. “You don’t have to be that blunt about it.” She’d gotten used to waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of the wetness alarm going off, and after a few nights, she’d given up and turned it off, leaving the sensor on her diapers just so she wouldn’t have to admit to Levi that she’d given up trying to make it to the toilet. “Nobody can hear us,” Levi said, “And dancing around the topic isn’t going to make it go away. No daytime accidents so far?” “No!” Levi nodded. “Well… That may start to be a problem.” Bridgette blanched, looking at Levi with a tinge of horror. “You mean I’m going to start pithing myself in the day, too?” Her face went even whiter, and she added, “What wath that? What the-” “Hey, calm down,” Levi said. “You’re fine. I’ve got something for this.” “Got thomething for what?” Bridgette asked. “Minor nervous degradation in your mouth and tongue,” Levi explained, turning and walking to a shelf. Looking through the available drawers, he said, “It’s causing you to experience a minor lisp.” “Tho what, I can’t pronounthe-” “You can’t pronounce the letter ‘S’, that’s right,” Levi said. “But this… Should do the trick.” From the back of a drawer, he pulled out a small object about the size of a plum. The object was a disc of some kind of light blue material, with a few small LED bulbs attached to the outside. On the interior side was a small metallic object that resembled a lightbulb, making the whole object distinctly resemble… “A pathifier?” Bridgette protested. “You’ve got to be kiddin’ me!” “Afraid not,” Levi said. “It’s a sensory restimulator. The visual similarities to a children’s pacifier are unfortunate, but it’s the ideal shape. The bulb provides electrical stimulation which temporarily reduces the symptoms.” “Tho, what, I pop that in my mouth for a thecond and I can talk normally again?” “Well… More like twenty or thirty minutes,” Levi said. “Every day. But yeah, that’s the idea. And you’re going to want some extra protection against accidents, too. My exam was able to notice some small nervous damage, which means the symptoms are getting stronger - Daytime accidents aren’t likely, but it could be a concern if you don’t have easy access to a bathroom.” Bridgette scowled, and considered retorting, but every time she spoke with a juvenile lisp it reminded her that she was slipping further into veterancy, and that wasn’t something she liked considering. Instead, she just asked, “Protecthion?” “Absorbent pads,” Levi explained. “They slip into your panties. It won’t be a substitute for a diaper, but it’ll at least prevent any dribbling from becoming noticeable.” Bridgette sighed, but after a moment of stubbornness she gave in and nodded in agreement. “Fine.” Levi smiled, the expression reassuring. “Great, I’ll just need to go get a package from the supply room. Just wait here, try and use the sensory restimulator to get your voice back to normal.” He passed over the device, gesturing with his free hand. “You have to hold it in place while you’re using it so it doesn’t fall out. The on switch is right here, by the way, you should be able to feel it if it’s working” Bridgette took it from him, holding it out for a moment. Other than a few lights and electrical nodes, it did look exactly like a pacifier, albeit one one that was lacking in any pastel designs on the shield. She knew her cheeks were red, but she swallowed her pride and placed the metallic bulb between her lips, holding it there with her hand. It wasn’t large enough to fill up her mouth or anything, but the bulb did take up enough volume that she couldn’t move her tongue around, making conversation nigh impossible. It took a few seconds of fumbling with the switch to get the device on, but once it was, she felt a pleasant tingling sensation on her tongue, giving the feeling of sensation that she hadn’t even realized had been absent until the device brought it up again. Levi nodded in approval. “You have your LINK pad?” Bridgette nodded, unable to properly reply without removing the sensory restimulator. She gestured to a pile by the door, where her uniform was neatly folded and sat atop her LINK pad. “Then finish your mission report while I’m gone.” Nodding again, Bridgette used her free hand to give Levi a thumbs up. “Great. See you in a bit, Bambi.” Levi flashed a grin, since he knew Bridgette couldn’t retort quickly enough against the use of her callsign. He slipped out the door, shutting it behind him and leaving her all alone to ponder. On the other hand, pondering seemed like a bad idea, so rather than give herself time to think about her current situation, Bridgette picked up her LINK. Typing with one hand was obnoxious, but she tried to keep it up for a while as she filled in the mission report, detailing what had happened. It was mostly boring patrols, but she had to fill in details explaining the combat at quarterly intervals, which took the same amount of time whether she was writing about pacing in her mech or fighting off Mammoths. She got fed up quickly, though. Pausing for a moment, Bridgette took her hand off of the sensory restimulator, trying to hold it in her mouth so she could type with both hands. Biting down on the bulb seemed like the best option, but as soon as she tried, the buzzing sensation on her tongue transferred into her teeth, the sensation not dissimilar to having a battery pressed against her gums. Bridgette spat out the device, swearing, “Dammi’!” in annoyance. Her voice carried a far less noticeable lisp, though it still wasn’t entirely gone. With annoyance, she picked the device off the table, put it back in her mouth, and rather than biting down she sucked on it. A moment passed, and the restimulator stayed in place without sending uncomfortable shocks running down her teeth. It was a bit of a distraction to keep sucking on the device in order to keep it in from falling onto the table, but the action effectively freed up both her hands, and so she returned to writing her report, fingers moving rapidly across the LINK pad as she wrote it out. Some ten minutes went by, and as Bridgette was looking over the report for any errors, she started to feel a twinge of urgency in her bladder. That was no problem, of course, there was a bathroom just down the hall. Getting up from the table, she slipped off her robe and hung it on the door, then taking her uniform from where it was folded on the counter and getting dressed. She could have just walked to the bathroom in the robe, but she preferred to wear the uniform whenever she could. Once dressed, she popped out the sensory restimulator, moving her tongue around in her mouth and speaking a few experimental words. “I’m talking. I don’t have a lisp. My voice sounds completely, entirely normal without any noticeable problems.” Satisfied, she turned to the door, just in time to hear the handle turn. Levi stepped in, holding a box under his arm. “Going someplace?” “Bathroom,” Bridgette explained. “I’ll be back in a moment if you need anything else.” “No, I think we’re all done here, but real quick-” Levi set down the box, opening it up and pulling out a white rectangle with two colored stripes running down its length. “Pull down your pants, you should be wearing one of these.” Bridgette hesitated, glancing at the door and considering the growing pressure in her bladder. “It’ll just take a second,” Levi promised. Glancing at his LINK pad he typed something briefly, then returned his gaze to Bridgette. “Fine, but keep it quick,” Bridgette said, unzipping her pants and letting them fall down to her ankles. Levi took a step forward, one hand on the pad. “Here’s how they go,” he said, pulling at the waistband of her panties and sliding the pad in place. “You don’t happen to have that node I gave you?” Bridgette shook her head, putting a hand on the front of her panties. The pad wasn’t anywhere near as thick as the diapers, but it still created a noteable bulge. As she prodded at it, she was relieved that, while the pad did crinkle a bit, it wasn’t near so loud or obvious as the diapers she had to wear to bed. “Here, I think I have an extra one,” Levi said, walking to a drawer and digging through it. “What’s the use?” Bridgette asked, crouching to pull up her pants. “By the time the alert goes off, I’ve already had an accident.” “Two reasons,” Levi said, finding the node and holding it up triumphantly. “First, you may experience some dribbling, and you don’t want to leak out the side of the pad.” Bridgette took the node and stuck it to the front of her panties before zipping up her pants. “And the second reason?” “I use the metadata that it gathers to calculate the rate that your veterancy is progressing,” Levi said, closing the box of pads. “I’ll leave this in your room.” Bridgette nodded, then paused. “Wait, you get a report whenever the diaper I’m wearing gets wet?” “Oh, no,” Levi said. “I would have to set it up to send me that information. Right now it’s just telling me the frequency of your accidents, not specifically when you have them.” “Right,” Bridgette said, frowning. As she felt a stronger urge hit her, though, she set aside the question and shrugged. “Anyways, yeah, thanks. I’ll talk to you later.” Slipping out the door, she turned to face the bathroom, only to nearly walk right into General O’Shaugnessy. Immediately straightening, Bridgette’s hand flew to her forehead in a crisp salute to her general. “Sir!” She said, standing at attention. “I apologize for bumping into you, sir.” “At ease,” The general said, waving a hand. “Is your check up complete, Lieutenant?” “Sir, yes, sir,” Bridgette said, relaxing a bit, though she maintained her straight stance. “Good. Walk with me, I would like to discuss something with you candidly.” Bridgette glanced past the general to the bathroom only ten feet away, then back to the general. “Of course, sir,” she said, turning to follow him as he walked down the hall, away from the medical wing and towards the common area. “Tell me,” The general said, after they’d gone some thirty feet. “What are your thoughts on this morning’s assignment?” “We were successful,” she said, immediately. “I believe they were trying to ambush Photon, but upon the arrival of Tango and myself, they must have seen that they were outnumbered and decided to retreat.” “They’ve never retreated against those odds before,” the general said, turning down another corridor to avoid a group of engineers that were clustered in the hall. “They still had a very large contingent of Jovians, including two mammoth-class. It was not ideal for them considering the locale of the fight and the loss of the third mammoth, but that was still not the worst odds they’ve engaged us at, and yet today they ran.” “Maybe they’re running low on infantry,” Bridgette suggested, “They are trying to be more careful with their remaining troops.” “Their rate of attrition hasn’t changed in the seventeen years we’ve been fighting them,” The general said, shaking his head. “If they were taking losses, then we would be seeing a difference in the number of troops they have available.” Bridgette considered that for a moment. “There has been no word from the scouting team, then?” The general nodded. “As is expected.” They were both silent for a moment, considering the implications. Fifteen scouting missions over seventeen years, the last of which had sent eight piloted mechs - The remote control didn’t work over a long enough range for scouting parties - And nobody had even discovered where the Jovians were coming from. It was assumed that they were underground, but the thick atmosphere made satellite imagery impossible, and without a successful scouting party, they had no way of knowing who or what was sending the Jovians, or where they were coming from. Bridgette was distracted from the brief reverie by a sharp increase in her need to pee, and she tried to bring the conversation to a close. “What is this about, General?” The general turned them past another corner, and as Bridgette looked around, she realized that there was nobody in this part of the building - They were entirely alone. “The Jovians did not retreat when you took down their third mammoth,” he said, stopping in the hallway. “What? Yes, they did,” Bridgette said. “As soon as he was confirmed dead, I scanned the area and found that the Jovians were retreating. “They had started retreating before then,” the general said. “Three seconds before you made your first attack on the mammoth, our recordings of the fight show that fringe Jovians had started to disperse.” Bridgette furrowed her brow, confused by the idea. “Why?” She asked, glad that they were stopped, because it allowed her to keep her legs pressed tightly together, relieving some of the pressure. “Why would they run when they had the upper hand?” “Because,” the general said, “Just before that, I had given the order authorizing for three more Junos to be launched. I wanted to completely overwhelm them with firepower so that there would be no escape, and no chance of damage to Photon or Checkmate’s mechs.” A moment passed, and Bridgette’s frown deepened as she considered what he was saying. Then, a cold wash of fear ran over her as she finally realized what he was implying. There was no way the Jovians could have known that the general had authorized more mechs to go out, at least not until those mechs were out on the battlefield, unless… “We’ve got a mole,” the general said, looking up and down the hallway for anyone who could walk in on their conversation. “And unless we find out who it is, and soon, then-” His words were interrupted by an alert chime from Bridgette’s LINK, and he paused. “Answer that in a moment, I’m almost done,” he said. “I need you to keep your eyes and ears open. If you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, any behavior that isn’t in the best interest of the colony, I need you to report it to me immediately. Can I trust you with this?” “Yes sir,” Bridgette said. “Good.” The general straightened, his gaze on the camera mounted in the hall. “Whoever this mole is, they are dangerous. I had the cameras disabled in this hallway so that I could inform you without it being recorded.” “The mole has access to the cameras?” Bridgette asked, looking up at one cautiously even though it was disabled. “We don’t know. It’s possible they knew you were authorized by watching the security feed. If not, well, there are only a few people who would have known. Myself, of course, the console controllers, a couple of engineers, and…” The general paused for a moment, clearly perturbed. He looked Bridgette right in the eyes and finished, “And the pilots.” Bridgette stiffened, clasping her hands and holding them in front of her. “I would never hide anything that might effect the safety of the colony. You have my word.” She held her breath, worried that the general might start poking around in her life, or even that he might simply look down a bit. “I know, that’s why I’m telling you this. Dismissed,” the general said, turning to walk away, never looking back at Bridgette. Once he was gone, Bridgette breathed a sigh of relief, leaning against the wall. She didn’t need to look at her LINK, she knew what that alert meant, and as she looked down at her crotch, she saw that there were dark stains where urine had leaked out from the pad and trickled down her thighs. If the general had bothered to look back at her, he would have seen immediately. Pulling out her LINK, she sent a message to Levi. ‘I need your help. I wet my pants, and am nowhere near my room.’ Ten seconds went by, and then Levi sent back, ‘Stay calm. I’ll bring you a clean pair. Can you hide somewhere and wait?” Bridgette checked the nearest door, but it was locked. Checking the next door, though, she found it open, and a quick peek inside found that it was a broom closet. ‘Found a closet,’ she sent, followed by, ‘I’ll wait here.’ Shutting the closet door behind her, she slid a few boxes of cleaner against the door so nobody would walk in on her. Leaning against the wall, she read a message from Levi. ‘On my way.’ He arrived in barely a minute, knocking on the closet door and speaking in an out-of-breath pant. “Bridgette, you in there?” Bridgette peeked out, first, then pushed aside the stacked boxes and opened the door. Levi looked at her, gaze hesitating for a moment on the wet stain that spread out from her crotch and down her thighs, then held up a fresh pair of pants. “I didn’t get any training pads for you,” he said, “But they’re back at your room, so you can get one right away. Just put these on for now, I’ll make sure the coast is clear and then get your wet pants to the laundry room.” A second went by, then Bridgette said, “Thanks.” “Is something wrong?” Levi asked. He put a hand to his forehead, then, rolling his eyes. “I mean, yes, of course there’s something wrong, but we’re taking care of it.” Bridgette hesitated for a moment, then nodded. “Levi, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this. It’s been one mission and I’m already pissing myself, I just don’t see how I’m going to hide the symptoms for another eight missions.” “This was a weird case,” Levi said. “You got held up, and it immediately was after a mission - You know that those pods keep you pumped full of fluids so you don’t start to experience dehydration while piloting.” Bridgette pursed her lips. “But what if this is all for nothing? I need to get to twenty missions, or this whole thing is just an exercise in destroying my motor functions.” Levi took a step towards Bridgette, so that he was in the doorway, and put a hand on her shoulder. “It doesn’t matter how many missions you complete,” he said. “You’re a hero anytime you get in that pod and protect the colony. Don’t worry about the final goal, and I’m sure you’ll be fine, Bambi.” She couldn’t help but smile at that, a tiny upturning of her lips. “That’s ‘Sergeant Meneka’ to a scrub like you. Make yourself useful and give me those pants already, or I’ll have you written up.”
  13. Question: What does the donation appear as, in terms of names and labels on the invoice?
  14. I have to admit, I wasn't initially that interested by the concept (I've seen it done a couple times, and wasn't expecting much,) but I read the first chapter anyways and... Well, I'm surprised to say that I'm curious as to what's going to happen next. Namely, the relationship between the foster mom and her son has a different cadence to it than what I normally see, and I'm curious what's up with his fever - It's not kinky or fetish related, so it's not something that usually crops up in this genre of story - And that's really nice to see.
  15. Maybe I'm just dumb, but looking at that... Where does it actually go? I've read the description on the website, but comparing that picture to pictures of the sheath, I'm completely clueless as to where it's supposed to attach and how it's supposed to stay put.