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  1. When She Caught Me

    Great start!! Looking forward to chapter 3
  2. Not strictly a diaper/nappy reference in the news, but this story in the UK media today certainly caught my attention: https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/1242796/i-breastfeed-my-boyfriend-mum-36-uses-pumps-and-pills-to-help-her-feed-her-gym-buff-lover-every-two-hours/ Despite how long I have been an AB/DL, I had never heard of ABR's (Adult Breastfeeding Relationships)
  3. Jody's New Job. Chapter 14 5/02

    Loving this story! Cannot wait for the next chapter!
  4. Hearing the word "Diaper"

    ^^^THIS!!! I have exactly the same thing! Elfking, I am also from Portsmouth!... small world!
  5. What sort of price are you after inc delivery? (I'm in Hampshire) Would you only be looking to sell pack in their entirety or could I buy say 4 off of you?
  6. I'm a 34' waist so they might be ok for me. Typically I was up in London today as well. I see someone else posted before me so I'm happy to step back & let them have first refusal, but if you guys cannot come to a deal, maybe we can sort something out?
  7. Out of curiosity, what is your waist size? I was contemplating ordering some Fabines and I would always be a medium with any other brand.
  8. Many Abies Or D/l's In The South/south East?

    Also between Portsmouth and Southampton in Hampshire