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  1. Halsey

    VIP / Gerber Adult Vinyl Pants equivalents

    I have about 3 pairs that where purchased and put in storage, going to auction unless someone here might be interested, PM me if so.
  2. Halsey

    platic pants

    Are you referring to VIP? They made adult versions of the gerber baby pants. I
  3. Halsey


    I have a strap on set but the wife refuses to use it at this point. However, I have some anal toys/probes and she will indulge me occasionally. I had an anal orgasm the one time and it was like nothing I have ever felt before...amazing!. I understand the awkward part about pegging. I'm hoping she will change her mind in a weak moment and just do it. I've found when we use toys if I lay facing away from her with my hips in the air, it can be very arousing. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
  4. Halsey

    My boyfriend is a DL - need advice!

    I agree with the other's postings, you need to communicate to him what you are telling us. It's a two way street with relationships. You must find some type of "balance" with everything.
  5. Halsey

    Substitutes / tricks.

    Try using a cookie dough syringe to give yourself an oatmeal enema, use a couple of bananas, the most realistic mess without the smell.
  6. Halsey

    should i?

    Use oatmeal, it's easier to clean up and doesn't smell.
  7. Halsey

    Boingo or snappi

    I have used the Toddler size Snappis, you can use one on each size if you have a larger waist.
  8. Halsey

    Maryland diaper lovers?

    What part of MD? I'm close to the MD border.
  9. Contact me if interested, have 3 pair total, 2 white and 1 yellow, sized XL and XXL.
  10. Halsey

    hello from PA

    Hello and welcome! What part of PA are you from?
  11. Halsey

    How Many Ppl Love Plastic Panties?

    I have three pair of the VIP plastic pants for sale, two pair are XL and the other XXL, two are the gerber color the other is yellow.
  12. All remaining items in my gallery are still for sale (and priced), no diapers left, but clothes and plastic pants.
  13. Halsey

    im looking for onesie

    I have two for sale . both like brand new, very little use, see my gallery for pictures.
  14. Halsey

    looking for a few items!

    Check my gallery, I have things for sale, shipping might be expensive if you are in the UK
  15. Halsey

    My boyfriend is a Diaper Lover

    Glad to hear you are accepting of this.