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  1. Anyone notice the new "Attends Premier" that just came out ? https://www.attends.com/us/en/products/briefs/premier-briefs/attends-premier-briefs-m-14pk.html Lol they had teasers and everything on their facebook site.
  2. I was at a thrift store yesterday and got 2 pkgs of Tena Ultra for $8 bucks each ! That's 80 diapers for $16 dollars .... too bad they're not the greatest quality as say Abena.
  3. Quality LIfe Cares is good , as is http://www.westcarehealthsupplies.com/
  4. I'm considering buying my first reusable/ cloth diaper . My local medical supply store sells Priva Ultra Fit ... Anyone use these before ? Doesn't seem to be that many reviews on the web.
  5. If you're looking for Abena's, I've had great service from a company out Winnipeg called WestCare Health Supplies. http://www.westcarehealthsupplies.com/
  6. @ glenndl "specially designed adult diaper insert that has a special fold/ slit to contain poop (fecal containment device/ fecal receiver)" I think you're talking about the Abri-San by Abena . http://www.abena.com/Default.aspx?ID=3767&M=News&NewsID=851&pid=7343 @ dl mike Awesome to hear you had good feedback from SAVE Express. How was shipping times? Any holdups / extra border delays ? @ everyone Anyone else tried European diapers ? What about Japanese ?
  7. Heh gang, What rare out-of-continent (North America) diapers have you tried / want to try ? I'm not talking Abena, but those rarer imports, e.g. Ribro Slip. I've been on the German site Save Express and want your advice...what was your favorite and why?
  8. RELAX PEOPLE ! Market demand in a declining industry allows for smaller scale niche specialization startups. There are many examples of this; vacuum tubes, typewriter repair and vinyl records have all recently flurished again due to hipsters and their demand for analog products. Once a product lifecyle goes into decline, the market allows for smaller scalable companies to take advantage and sell lower-run products . While current economies of scale don't allow small time businesses to price compete with giants like Abena or Harttman, if poly backed diapers go away, you better believe people will be starting diaper busineses to serve this community (maybe even me ? ) . Of course they're going to cost more, but if the demand is there , people will pay (plus for many of the non-incontinent , this is just fetish gear for fun not function). Short story long = not going away.
  9. Browsing Abena website - noted http://www.abena.com/Default.aspx?ID=10792...01&pid=7343 The shift to the new design will take place continually when stocks of the old design are depleted. The pads have not been changed, it is only the plastic packaging that has been changed, the cartons have also not been changed. Can anyone else confirm this ? If so I'm stocking up.
  10. I'm begining to think there's an AB / DL on staff with all the recent attention to our undergarment of choice, http://www.slate.com/id/2199722/
  11. you can watch a clip from the show here... http://www.sextelevision.net/archives/epis...&seasonID=9