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  1. Never have in front of family or girlfriend. Now here I lay, at my parents, diapered and ready to wake up wet.
  2. Hmm. Wonder what I have changed. Just ordered a new case. I did see that with this shipment they are shipping from a different origin location.
  3. Did anything change with the Dry 24/7's? This last case I got, it seems like a majority of the tapes on the top right (if looking down at the diaper) seem to rip off and expose the inside causing it leak at the top from the inside out.
  4. Any idea what the capacity of teenadultdiapers is compared to the 24/7s and the ABU Princess?
  5. I have work twice while at work. Both times were side jobs working directing traffic for 5 hours.
  6. I never have while on shift but I have during some side jobs while in uniform. The thought of something happening while wearing to where others will find out about
  7. So, this weekend while in vacation with family I received a phone call from a coworker. . . My apartment was struck by lightening and was a total loss from fire, smoke and water damage... I feel so many emotions. One that I have not expressed to anybody is embarrassment. When I got the call, I had a coworker go in my apartment to secure my weapons for the safety of firefighters. I told him that there was some stuff that he may see that I hope he will keep between him and I. That includes used and unused diapers and pads (I didn't tell him what to look for.) When I met with him I believe that what he saw will remain quiet. I cannot say the same for the fire fighters that were able to put the fire out and protect the other residents of my building. I work with those firefighters every day during wrecks and other calls. While I was gone there were numerous firefighters that entered my apartment and saw my diapers as well as my uniforms. Apartment management also went in after the fire was out. My bedrooms were destroyed by fire, but living room and else is going to be deemed destroyed by smoke and water damage. I don't have the luxury now of going in and getting rid of my liking of wearing and wetting diapers. It calms me after what I have to deal with at work. But now I cannot have anything sent to me or delivered to me where I am at. I just don't know what to do... Do I go and throw everything into trash bags, or leave everything be and just try and move on hoping nothing is said.
  8. I don't get how there are far more shootings and murders in the northern states compared to the gun ridden southern states? I mean, aren't guns pretty much illegal in Chicago and D.C? So is crack, meth and heroin. Why not protest the drug dealers for supplying the drugs? But who am I to talk, I just deal with these problems every day. And no, in 6 years I have never shot somebody.
  9. I wore pullups until probably freshman year in high school until I stopped wetting the bed at night. I had stopped wearing until about a year and a half ago when I decided I wanted to see what it felt like again. Once my first shipment arrived, I haven't stopped since.
  10. About 5 minutes ago. Had on an almost fresh diaper. Guess I will be in this one for a while.
  11. For those that don't like the itching, it takes a while for the itching to stop. If you wait too long and let the hair grow out, when you shave it will be itchy. It you shave too often, it will irritate the area and cause ingrown hair. I usually go about 4 days or so.
  12. I hate being on the spectrum of sizing limits. I have loved my Dry 24/7 but decided to try the ABU space. I have been between a 36 - 38 waist and my medium 24/7 have fit perfectly and never leaked (until it reached full.) So, when I buy the space, I am left with a dilemma, the large or the medium. Decided with the large, which was a mistake. They are nowhere near close to fitting tightly and then leak after a second wetting no matter how I put it on. I am out of my 24/7's until tomorrow and only have these large Space to use. Ugh, tomorrow needs to hurry up and get here.
  13. I never did at school, but until I was about a freshman in high school I wore pullups to bed because I usually ended up wetting the bed. Once it stopped, I quit wearing. Now, after about a year of wearing to bed and around the house, I still cannot pee in a diaper while I am asleep. I have gone to sleep dry and woken up wet.
  14. Best best is to go to a gun store / range and get a hands on feel of different brands. If it is for self defense, Taurus Judge would be the best option even if it is a revolver. Whatever you do, if you want to protect life, do not buy hi-point. They go "click" when they should go "boom." They are better used as a throwing item.
  15. Betty, you you referring to the show or in general?