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  1. Some of the other things that really annoys me is when anything clashes with My Fave Show Doctors, stupid Conspiracy theories weather it is TV, Movie or Historical events that have patterns where there is not and the facts altered to fit the views instead of the views being altered to fit the facts. Channels showing the same comedies constantly shown over and over again One example of this is The UK TV Channel Gold as it has been mostly showing Only Fools and Horses constantly over and over again every weekend for months on end and the year round. I know it's a good comedy and I don't mind a few episodes being shown every so often. But if it is shown too much and most people are going to get sick of it
  2. Yeah something like that as well
  3. Not sure If I've worded this right but whenever you see Pics of baby items such as strollers, changing mats,Cribs etc. That are for normal size babies. Does anyone else sometimes like to imagine and fantasize about that they're being changed on the changing mat or being pushed in that stroller as sometimes when I look at a pic of a changing mat or a stroller I always imagine my inner little self being pushed in the stroller that I'm currently looking at or being changed on the changing mat also does this count / another form of regression
  4. I haven't been on DD very long only as I joined on 22nd of August 2013.
  5. There is also a Diaper Reference at some point of the Simpsons hit and Run where Lisa say's "Take you home and get you a diaper"
  6. I did post this as a status update earlier but it didn't post even though that I did hit the submit status button. So anyway I would like to say happy thanksgiving to all those in the US
  7. I've just posted a Status Update and it hasn't appeared yet. Anyone else experiencing this problem at the moment
  8. Apart from the videos that I mentioned this is another video that I can't stop watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hkTN_qlMLw
  9. OK, I will show off some of my creations as examples. I'll either start a Gallery or post a few in this topic at a later date once I decide which ones I want to post as there are quite a few. Some of my creations are mostly regression and when I do post. I'm going to post the original Pics that I found next to the creations. When I'm creating or doing My Creations I like to play about with them first to see if I like them or not and the ones that I don't like or hard to pull off I don't save them
  10. I remember Shari. I used to love watching Lamb chop's play along
  11. Sounds like a good dream.
  12. I'm not quite sure if I already said or mentioned this but most of My Nappy / Diaper dreams involve me being the same size and height of a normal baby. I somewhat remember a dream that I had last night but can't remember all of it. The only part of the dream that I do recall is that I'm lying on the changing mat with a middle aged woman standing towering above me. But can't remember what she looked like, if she wore any Jewellery
  13. Not quite sure but I thought that this maybe the best place to ask. Can anyone please tell me or know where I can find the following ABDL Mommy Caption "No Sweetie, You're a baby now remember? I can't have you wandering about the house unsupervised. Now stay down there and play with your duckie like a good boy and Mommy'll wash you in your own little baby bath once she's all done"
  14. In my ideal fantasy I would like to be doing during My Change is Me and My caregiver talking to one another, listening to music, playing a video game on my Nintendo DS, holding a toy
  15. Not quite sure if a topic like this has already been posted but does anyone else like to edit Photo just for fun for example putting a head onto a different body, giving facial expressions to objects, messing about with scale like making something bigger or smaller adding captions, speech bubbles etc. using Photo shop or Pizap.com. But I find editing Photos not only to be fun but also creative as well for you can come up with all sorts of crazy, wacky things