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  1. diaper dimension

    I liked the previous DD story you wrote. I'm looking forward to reading this one.
  2. WINE seems to be working with it. Someone on a different forum said "This" in relation to mac and this game. I haven't the fogggiest on what it means, but hopefully it'll help?
  3. So yeah. I haven't been posting here, but I've been a busy little bee, buzz buzz. I'm writing the story for an AB/DL video game, made by PieceofSoap. http://pieceofsoap.deviantart.com/art/Perpetual-Change-Chapter-1-fixed-version-651367771 It's called Perpetual Change. It's an Altered Reality AB/DL/mental regression game. It takes place in the not too distant future and it's about a young woman who awakes to find herself in a world where everyone thinks she's a bed wetter, despite what her own memories tell her. Several mistakes have already been play tested and fixed with bugs and what not. And some typos in the dialogue made it in (that I'm not aware if they've been fixed as of this posting; fingers crossed.) But Pieceofsoap is really dedicated to this and making it an amazing game. Right now, there's a good chunk of introductions and story, but not a whooooole lot on game play in terms of critical choices or quests. We're going with more of a "visual novel" or a "Telltale Games" feel and that'll become more apparent in later chapters. Any feedback is welcome, though I'm definitely not the technical guy. I just put the words in the characters' mouths. I'll still forward any talks of bugs or what have you to the head honcho. The deviant art page I linked has a lot of discussion on bugs and how to fix them as well, so give that a read if you're having problems playing from a technical standpoint. Thanks for your feedback.
  4. This gets brought up by a lot of people every time there's an AB. Short version is: I doubt it. When I'm not writing about AB stuff, I stay away from it like it's a 10 foot pole. No hints. Also, no real AB would have a real kid do that stuff. I think the diaper references on comedy are just lazy lowest common denominator writing. Like "ha-ha, people in diapers that aren't supposed to be! That's funny!"
  5. I don't think either of those 3 are particularly great for gender neutral. Flowers and Superheroes are what I'd imagine on a pull-up or a diaper marketed towards older toddlers and neither seem gender neutral by today's standards. Clowns...nobody likes clowns. Maybe back to the drawing board on the pattern?
  6. So PieceofSoap commissioned me to write the script for an AB/DL videogame. (Still a work in progress, will provide link later). But every month, I get paid for my writing, but THIS month I asked for an art trade instead. For those of you familiar with my (as of yet) unfinished story "College or Cribs", I give you Professor Bumble. I am absolutely thrilled by this. It's almost exactly how I pictured the magician in my brain. I especially love the old codger's expression here. He's up to something.
  7. Yeah. I'm not in favor of it.
  8. It might not stop a thing, but it'll make it punishable to do the thing.
  9. Help. I'm looking through the pdf of the bill you provided, and I cannot find anything you're quoting. I really want to make a good case against this, (as in the bill shouldn't be happening) but I'm having trouble finding the wording you're using.
  10. Yeah agreed. I like meeting people, connecting faces to screen names etc. etc. That's all well and good. But I like it as a situation where all involved are fully aware and prepared to meet. I don't want to be minding my own business and then someone ambushes me with "Oh my gerd, me too! I'm wearing right now, are you wearing?" Also, if anything catches on, it'll become public knowledge and the "secret signal" won't be so secret anymore. You'd pretty much be outing yourself.
  11. ABU was giving free samples out at a con a few weeks ago. (All their diapers) I tried one of these. Aesthetically pleasing, noticeably cooler and while I'm not the type to wet until they leak or try super super hard to find the endurance of a diaper, it did pretty well in my opinion. Bottom line, they fit well and they weren't a one wet wonder, so they get a + in my book.
  12. So the T.V. show "Shark Tank" where small businesses try to come in and get rich investors is one of my guilty pleasure. I love watching people try to persuade these guys to be their partners and take their companies to the next level. Now, I AM NOT saying that an AB diaper company should go on Shark Tank. That's not what this is. I very much enjoy the privacy and lack of national exposure. And it's very likely that IF such a thing were to happen, the business owner of said AB diaper company would walk away laughed at and empty handed. BUT, as a thought experiment; if an AB diaper company were to go on Shark Tank, what would be the best way to pitch it so that they might get investors? And if you're a fan of the show like me, which of the infamous "Sharks" would be the most likely to see the potential for making money, get over the stigma that this is a fetish/kink/whatever thing and invest in the diaper company. Alternatively, what terrible terrible jokes would be lobbed at the poor naive guy who thought he should take his AB diapers onto Shark Tank?
  13. ^ Flagstaffs a Brandon seagull's fire Uganda macaroni and paint chips while juggling tar ball mcclown shoes.
  14. I'm not a scientist...but maybe you should wear and use a bunch of them. Make room?
  15. ^ Is behind this whole creepy clown fad.