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Many sites, such as VLC, feature a "knowledge base"; a collection of information about subject matter of or related to the site as a kind of user guide. This is usually officially kept. However, since this does not seem to be going on here, and since DD is the DPF of the 21st century, it will have to be done in some other way. While not technical support, although that could be included since it will help in the use of the site, much of this is about the subject matter; diapers, the many aspects of our lifestyle and incontinence. This occurred to me as I was looking at my About Me>CV here and saw what I had brought in. Since there is no officially kept knowledge base part of the site, and since what is brought in is brought in by members, then we may need an unofficial one where a person can look for useful things related to the subject matter at DD. The format here is you create a post and put links in to the threads or pages where the knowledge is. This is usually done by the admins but since that does not seem to be in the offing here, the next best thing is crowdsourcing, with contributors being individually responsible for their own material

USAGE: Save links that you get here to this thread to your ABDL folder. You can do the same with links you get here so that you need not come back here all the time if those links are to places you will visit often

To add to it, create a post to this thread and put your first link(s) like I did, Add other links by simply editing that post. If you do not know how to use the link function (so labelled) then if you are going to leave just the address by Paste-ing it. Leave a label in normal text above the address so people will know what it is for. To understand how this is done, use my next post as a model

Please keep it relevant to  AB, AK, DL or other related matter. Things of specific interest, like BDSM, Spanking have their own places  and you can put them there. Generally, what would go in the "Our Lifestyle" general section (Diaper Lovers, Cloth Diapers and Panties, Baby Talk, Adult Kis, Little Girls' Playhouse, Little Boys; Tree Fort, Mommies and Daddies, Sissy Room and Stinky, Squish & Proud) The others (Little of Faith, Veterans' Barracks) are more targetted and specific so things pertaining to them should be put there. I did put some links to posts that I put in other threads since they would be of interest to persons who would not want to have to hunt for them

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