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More Tips & Tricks: Keeping Important things Handy

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Here is what I do: FIRST; I keep my ABLG material on a flash drive so that I can remove it from the machine if I am going to be away fro any lenght of time. Then If I want some part of DD or other related item I save a link to ti on mthat drive

1. Go to the thing you want saved, be it a forum, subform or thread or even a post
2. Left-click or tap on the address in the Address Bar
3. Right-click for the Context Menu
4.  Select, right click or tap "Copy" or "Cut" to save the address to the clipboard
5.  Leave or minimize the page and go to the folder where you want to put the link
6.Right -Click for the Context Menu
7. Right-Click "New"
8. On the sub-menu, select "intntenet Shortcut"
9. Click or tap in the input box. Right Click and left-click or tap "Paste"
10.Left Click the "Next" button
11. Rplace the material in the input bos with what you wish to call the link
12. Left Click the button that was the next button: YOu'rd done: Test the link

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Now, we are going to do something quite advanced, and quite spectacular since it gives any folder or link (or html file) its own unique appearance, so it will be broken down into subsections. First, if you have a reasonable amount of paranoid personality, you keep your ABDL material on a removable drive. It is possible to have things recognizable at a glance. Also, if you are smart, you will have downloaded the art zip, opened it and activated the blue flame that is a ninite downloader which installs clean copies of several graphics and paint freeware apps of high quality. Now here is what to do

1. On your ABDL storage medium, create a folder labelled "Icons". Having done that
2. Find or make an image of what you want the link or folder to be for. It would help if it approximately equal-sided. A good soruce of ABLG bitmap images is RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME Picpak which has most of the images used on the site, so there should be plenty there to tickle your fancy
3, download it
4. Open IrfanView. Go to Image>Resize/Resample. If the image is large, uncheck "sharpness" and be sure "resample" is checked
5. Goo to the dimensions>pixels, set the smaller figure to anywhere from 42 to 47. Select OK
6. Go to File<Save (origtinal) Folder (which porbably will not be on your ABDL medium
7. When the dialong box comes up, rename the file as you wish, Select, the name in the filetyupe box then select "ico" then click save
8. Go to the folder you are working in; delete the original image and cut the ico file, go to the icon folder in your ABDL drive and paste it in

Both folders and files have provisions to change the icon that indicates them. This will be found in Properties and is labelled "Change Icon". In files, it is directly accessible. In folders it is found in the 'Cusomize" tab. If you click or tap "change icon" a dialog box will come up with a folder of icons and a "Browse" button. Use the Browse button, then navigate to the icon folder in your ABDL medium drive and single-click then back in Properties select it then say OK and on the bottom of the Properties box OK. To see if it took, you may have to refresh the file/folder icon. To optimize the visuality of tha file/folder icons go to the "view" and select "Large Icons". It is now possible to give each of your folders and files its own unique, instantly recognizable icon

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