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Your Thoughts On Rearz Training Pants

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I am strictly DL with no AB desires, but I really like the Lli Rebels diapers.  I finally got some last month and I have also wanted the Lil Rebels training pants.  Finally ordered some as well.  Man!  Are they super thick!  I figured as training pants they would be about half as thick compared to a diaper (like I remember as a toddler when I was being potty trained in training pants).  I was hoping to wear these under my jeans now and then as thick underpants, but these are every bit as thick as most of the cloth diapers I have.  They are cool looking but I doubt I will get as much use out of them as I had hoped.  I ordered the correct size per the size chart but I may have to take them in some at the waist.  Maybe they will shrink some when washed a few times.

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The rearz training pants are quite poofy, thats very true. In part,  it is because of the material that the padding is made out of. its some sort of synthetic batting. The old school training pants where mostly made out of terrycloth, two or three layers in the middle, to provide absorbancy. Some used gauze padding, some used a diaper twill.  Thoes materials are a lot less fluffy than the padding that rearz use in there training pants.

On the other hand, I have to say that the rearz training pants are quite comfortable to wear. I would also add that they are quite absorbant. Not overnight level of absorbancy, but, def enough to make it through a movie with a mega soda, or half a day being out and about. The material used for the inner linning is also soft against the skin, and, it also tends to not feel wet, like cotton does.

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You know i am very curious about the Rearz training pants, i want to wear something under my pants when i sleep sometimes i get a urge to pump a wet sticky mess in my underwear 🩲 so i was wondering if the rearz training pants would be absorbent enough to absorb all my wet sticky mess without leaking through my pants.

I hope my question is not too weird 😅😅😅.

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