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Ideal Candidate, Chapter 11

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  • apollo1969 changed the title to Ideal Candidate, Chapter 9

Thanks for saying the nice things, everyone!

I'm working on chapter 12, now.

This chapter has some nice wish fulfillment. Chapter 10 will give a little window on the dark part of this fantasy ;>)


Kimberly 9


Kim slowly came back down to earth in Sophia's arms. She didn't know how long they had been like that. The paci had made its way back into her mouth, at some point. Sophia had stopped talking a while before, and just lay there petting the girl's hair.


Kim rolled over to face the woman and put her arm around her.


"Hey there, sweetie," Sophia said softly, "nice to have you with us." She was beaming. 


Overloaded with emotion, Kim burrowed her face into the woman's cleavage and hugged her tighter. Sophia kissed her head.


After a few seconds, Sophia pulled back a little and looked Kim in the eyes,smiling. "You are such a good girl," the woman's praise earned a deeper blush as Kim shyly looked down. 


"Was that your first time doing anything sexual with someone?"


Kim slowly nodded and sucked on the paci shyly. Sophia gave her a big hug.


The woman broke the hug and said, "thank you for the honor of being your first, sweetie." She kissed the girl's forehead.


The woman reached up and gently removed the paci, asking "How are you feeling?" 


"Really good. I'm a little tired, but not too bad."


"Aww, poor baby. You've had a long day. I was thinking of playing a little bit more and then putting you down for a nap. I'll order the pizza and do a few things I need to get done before I'm free for the night."


Put her down for a nap? She felt the warmth, "Ok. "


Sophia had brought out her phone again and opened up Kim's profile. She scrolled to the activity tab. 


"I was happy to see you loved this pic." The picture she'd "loved" after she had orgasmed to it, last night, popped up. "You really liked this picture, didn't you?"


Kim looked down, blushed and nodded. When she looked back up, Sophia kissed her deeply. She then whispered, "I think you should spend some time on that table, baby."


The kiss took Kim's breath away, and her brain went foggy with arousal. She nodded slowly.


"Wonderful. I'll go get things ready,"Sophia whispered close to Kim's ear. She got up, but instead of helping the girl out of the crib, she started raising the railing.


"You can stay in your crib, and out of trouble, while mommy gets ready for your diaper change, baby.” Sophia's smile was somehow happier than ever.


Kim's mind went blank, again, her body flooded with those tingly feelings of desire. She closed her eyes and just experienced the feelings. After a second or two, she opened here's and looked up at the mobile dangling above the crib. "I'm baby," she thought to herself. She loved the feeling of being helpless in her crib, waiting for mommy to come get her. She giggled, kicked her feet, and then popped her paci back in her mouth. 


After a bit of reverie, Kim looked over to see what Sophia was doing. The woman was organizing some items that she recognized and some she didn't. She felt another rush of tingles, especially down below. 


Kim looked at the crib bars and wondered at their height. She took a hold of one and stood up, noting that the top of the railing reached her chest. She looked down at the floor and felt a split second of vertigo, and had to grab another bar with her free hand to steady herself. It looked so far down. The space in between the bars seemed just small enough to keep her from fitting through the gap. She was a helpless baby, and she loved it.


Sophia seemed finished with the prep and turned around to see Kim standing there holding two bars of the crib. She smiled as she said in her high warmp voice, "my my my, you are so cute, standing in your crib like that. It's almost as if it was made for you!" Kim giggled.


Sophia walked over and lowered the railing of the crib, and Kim stepped away and plopped down on the mattress as it went down. She started scooting towards the edge, but felt a hand on her shoulder. 


Kim looked up to see Sophia beaming, who cooed "I'll carry you over, baby." 


Kim felt so tiny and tingly as she found herself lifted up easily and carried over to the changing table. Sophia didn't seem to struggle that much as she very gently laid Kim onto the padded surface, with her head on a soft pillow. She looked up at the still smiling woman, who seemed like a giant towering over her.


The giant moved behind her head and grabbed something before gently taking Kim's wrist and pulling it back, and then wrapping a cuff around it. "I think you're going to love this, sweetie."


When sophia finished and moved to the other wrist, Kim let that arm go limp to let it get pulled back, but tested the already bound one. Kim let out a sigh of joy as she felt the rope go taut. She reveled in the tingly, warm feeling as she kept pulling on the bound wrist and felt the sweet feeling of helplessness. 


When the other wrist was done, Kim tested that one, too, and found it just as secure and lovely. She felt Sophia's hand gently touch her face,and slowly trace down her jaw. This brought Kim's attention back to the Amazon standing above her, who had a huge, warm smile.


"Feeling good, princess?"


Kim nodded, before she felt her pacifier get removed. She felt compelled to answer, and felt herself say "yes, mommy." 


"I'm glad."


Kim watched as Sophia walked to the other end of the table. Her knees were slightly elevated, with her feet on the table. She noticed that she was on a changing mat as Sophia reached the end of the table. From her position, Kim saw Sophia's smiling face framed between her raised knees. Kim shuddered at the intense jolt of arousal she felt as the reality of what was about to happen hit her. She arched her back and tested her wrist straps, losing herself in her little, submissive feelings.


"Somebody's a wriggly little thing. It's a good thing mommy tied her down.”


Kim didn't answer, but she stopped moving and looked back to Sophia's joyful face.


"Lift up your bottom, sweetie."


Kim complied and felt the hem of her dress get pulled up and her pull-up and bloomers get pulled down. She dropped her bottom back down and let them get pulled off. Her body felt on fire with expectation.


Sophia took a bottle and squeezed something into her hand, saying "my little baby needs a little lotion."


Kim felt Sophia's hand start massaging her her clit and insert a finger. This pleasure was even more intense than what she'd experienced on the woman's lap. Kim started moaning and writhing in pleasure immediately, pulling on her wrist bindings to feel that sweet helplessness of bondage.


Her senses were overloaded from the sheer power of her arousal and she closed here eyes and just let go. 


"Does my little baby like her princess parts being played with?"


Kim opened her eyes, but couldn't form an answer. She couldn't process anything beyond her pleasure. She couldn't even focus enough to look at sophia. Her back was arched and she was looking back at the pretty colors and toys and stuffies of the infantile room.


Then she felt the vibrator press against her clit and turn on. Her world exploded. Somehow this overwhelming pleasure intensified and reached another level.


Kim had no sense of time, no thoughts, nothing beyond pure pleasure. She felt multiple orgasms build up and crest, but they bled together because the vibrator just kept going.


After what felt like an hour, but was closer to 10 minutes, Sophia clicked off the magic wand and stowed it under the table. Kim's breath was shaky and body spasming in aftershock for a little bit, and she hadn't recovered before Sophia came back around and kissed her deeply. 


Kim melted and relaxed as she surrendered to the kiss. She looked up as Sophia broke the kiss and smiled, feeling totally at peace.


Sophia smiled and pet Kim's hair, looking her in the eyes and said "you are such a good little girl." Kim felt so warm and safe and floaty.


"Ok, let's finish up," Sophia said and moved back to the other end.


Kim stayed in her dazed state during the entire diapering. She lifted her butt when directed and occasionally looked down at what Sophia was doing, but she was lost to the world. 


She did notice the diaper was big and an odd kind. She knew it from somewhere, but couldn't remember.


Kim was a bit more coherent when Sophia passed her feet through a pair of plastic pants and diaper cover, and then told her to lift her butt. She looked down to see a big, pastel blue with pink polka dots diaper cover stretched over what looked like an impossibly sized diaper. She squeezed her legs together and marveled at how far her legs remained apart.


"They're Japanese omutsu style. They're the bulkiest I have. I wanted to see how such a petite little thing like you would look in such big diapers,"Sophia said softly and patted them for emphasis. "And I have to say that you look absolutely adorable in them, princess."


Kim could only blush, feeling so incredibly little and shy.


"Ok, I'll put on your booties and mittens, and then you can have your play time and nap." Sophia held a big, pink, wooly bootie with a strap at the top. As Sophia put it on and affixed the strap with some lock or something, Kim thought she recognized them from some abdl porn. But she stayed quiet because she still felt so shy and little.


"These are crawler trainers, sweetie. Be careful, there are blunt little studs under them that make walking painful. They won't harm you, but you're not going to want to stand on them." Kim's suspicions were validated, and she suspected she knew what was coming next. 


When the matching pink mittens came out, she knew that she wasn't going to be able to use her hands either. She would be a helpless little baby who could only crawl around and clumsily pick things up with two fingerless mittens. Kim felt herself happily slip back into her little space daze.


"And these are leather and won't allow the use of your fingers and thumbs. You'll be like a helpless little baby."


Kim giggled because she already knew what they were and she'd had the same thought. But, she didn't bother spending the mental energy to tell the woman who'd just diapered her. She was content to giggle and smile and float along.


After Sophia had released each hand and put her mittens on, she told Kim to sit up, popped the paci back into her mouth, and then picked her up and walked through the open gate of the play area. There was a small, furry rug next to the gigantic teddy bear in the corner.


"Ok, let's have you test the booties out." Kim's legs were wrapped around Sophia's waist, and she lowered them down to the ground as Sophia lowered her. As her feet hit the ground and she started to put her weight on them she felt a pain that felt like she was walking on Legos.


"Ouch!" Her pacifier dropped out of her mouth.


"Drop to your knees, baby." Sophia held the girl up a little, then backed up and laid the girl down. Kim obliged, shifting her positing and bending her knees. She felt a little light headed and very disoriented. The world spun for a split second and then righted itself there on the ground.


The tall woman seemed even taller. She looked around and it seemed like everything was bigger. The baby fencing, the big bear, all the furniture, and Sophia towering over. She truly felt baby sized. And she couldn't walk or use her hands.


Sophia bent down and stroked her face, like she liked to do. "I'm going to go make a bottle for you. Do you like apple juice?"


Kim nodded and watched as she closed the gate and left the room. The playpen fencing was made of interlocking sections of brightly colored plastic. The alternating pastel blue and pink fence was about 2 feet tall. Kim would have just been able to step over it, if she wasn't in her "trainer" booties. Intrigued, she crawled to the edge and pushed on it to test its sturdiness. It didn't budge. She felt like such a baby because such a simple, short fence constrained her to the play area.


Then she noticed that there were some buttons and other things on the inside of some fence sections. There was a white board on one, which she could draw on with the 3 markers that were hanging to one side of it, attached by strings. If she could use her fingers, of course. One section had buttons and an abacus toy with looping rails.


Kim crawled over to that playpen fence section and pressed a button with a cow on it, hearing the expected moo. Then she tried to move one of the abacus beads along its rail, but had difficulty because of her mittens. 


Her curiosity satisfied, she crawled back to the rug and huge teddy bear. She sat down and looked down at the mound that her diaper, cover, and dress formed. Her tiny legs with the white knee socks splayed out from either side of the big blue diaper cover. It was a lighter shade of blue, and had small pink polka dots. The hem of her dress had bunched up a little and only covered half of the diaper. She started to try grabbing the hem to pull it down, but stopped herself as she recognized how silly a thing that was to do. Even if she could cover it, it was still obvious she was wearing a diaper. Babies wear diapers, she thought. That made her feel good.


Kim looked around and saw a doll in a frilly dress laying nearby. She grabbed the doll with her two mittens and laid back, using the teddy bear as a pillow for her upper back and head. She carefully held the baby doll up above her and began to daydream about the doll being some pretty princess, doing pretty princess things.


"Oh my goodness, you are so adorable!" Kim looked up to see Sophia holding a bottle in one hand and her phone in the other. "I just had to take a picture of your first time playing in your playpen. Look baby, what a perfect moment."


Sophia bent down and showed kim her screen. She saw herself, lost in childish play, the hem of her dress riding up to display most of the puffy diaper and cover. Her legs looked tiny in comparison to the bulk that forced them apart. She just blushed and felt the mixture of shy embarrassment and tingly arousal. 


That mix of emotion was basically constant, now. It intensified and weakened, but it never left. It tended to shoot up suddenly in reaction to whatever new way Sophia found to baby her, and then decreased a little bit before settling at a higher baseline. The embarrassment faded much more than the pleasure, though, leaving her in a hazy, wonderful state.


And so Kim's awkward feelings receded to leave behind that sublime warm blanket of pleasure after looking at the picture of herself. The phone disappeared from her vision and was replaced by the baby's bottle.


"Here's your baba, baby," Sophia cooed. "Let's see if you can drink from it with your mittens on."


Kim sat up and reached out with her clumsy hands, managing to awkwardly hold the bottle. She sat there looking at it, trying to think of how to manage getting the nipple in her mouth and to drink. Thinking about anything was hard because of her current happily dopey state.


"You can do it, sweetie. Try laying back," Sophia suggested in her sing-song voice.


Oh yeah, Kim thought, and obeyed by laying her back onto the soft, big teddy bear. She realized she could balance the bottom of the bottle on her stomach and move her mittens down its length to get more leverage. So she slowly picked it up and aimed the nipple at her mouth.


Success! Kim sucked on the nipple and got some watered down apple juice. Kim remembered how she'd give her sister and brother half water, half apple juice bottles as babies. And now she was the baby.


"Yay, honey, you did it!" Kim felt so good from the encouragement, even if it was for such an infantile achievement. 


"Ok sweetie. You look very comfy. You have your bottle, you have your diaper in case you need to go, and here is a blankie in case you get cold." Sophia put a baby pink folded fleece blanket next to her. "You can either play with your toys, or you can take a nap. I'm not going to be long, I just need to do a couple little things. My assistant is on her way to get the pizza. I'll be back as soon as I can. Are you gonna be ok down here?"


Kim only half followed what Sophia was saying, processing a few words, like play, toys and pizza. She happily sucked a few mouthfuls more of her apple water and felt the warmth of sophias voice. But she did perk up at the last question.


The tiny woman on the floor took out her bottle and said, "I think so?"


Sophia bent down to one knee and kissed her cheek, looking her in the eyes and said, "you're such a good girl!"


Kim found herself responding, "thank you, mommy."


Sophia was standing up, and looked down, smiling, "You're welcome, baby."


Sophia walked over to somewhere and fiddled with something. After a second, a lullaby started quietly out of some speaker somewhere. 


"Have a nice rest," Sophia said even more softly and left the room.


As the tall woman left, taking her captivating aura of maternal authority with her, the realization sank in for Kim that she was trapped in this baby play area until the giant woman came to retrieve her. The nervous-but-aroused feeling surged in Kim, but more heavily weighted towards apprehension. She was at the mercy of a woman she'd only met a few hours ago. She had even quit her job. And, this new job involved the woman knowing and doing such intimate things with her.


As the uneasiness built, Kim lifted the baby's bottle to her lips and started sucking. This helped soothe her worries a bit, and she looked around the room at all the huge furniture and stuffies, and toys. She got distracted looking at all the bright pastels and cute stuffies and the way the big furniture made her feel so tiny. She had dreamed of a room like this, and a rich mommy or daddy to provide it. A rich mommy almost exactly like Sophia. 


As Kim finished her bottle her feelings of unease had receded, leaving the little, warm feelings. She didn't feel trapped, she felt safe and peaceful in her luxurious and comfy little space. The kinky mommy of her dreams was upstairs getting food for them, while Kim was having a nice rest. 


Kim got lost in the nursery mural, imagining herself in a Victorian dress and straw hat running around and playing with the foxes and bunnies in the hills and treehouses. The soft lullabies playing also helped calm her and let her get back to that warm little space she'd been enjoying.


Kim sucked in air, signaling that she'd finally finished the bottle. She put it down and let out a long, drawn out yawn. She'd had a long day. The lack of sleep, standing for hours during her shift at work, the strong emotions from the interview, and then the whirlwind of role play, orgasms, and bondage caught up to her. She, indeed, needed a nice nap.


Kim looked down at her paci dangling from its strap and remembered how soothing it was. She fumbled with her mittened hands and finally managed to get it in her mouth. She felt a sense of accomplishment and started sucking happily.


Kim looked around her and saw sitting close by Princess the pink unicorn and the baby doll she'd been playing with. She grabbed both and hugged them, then placed them immediately next to her.


She felt a tiny bit cold. Not too bad, but the blanket would make her feel real comfy, she reasoned, so she grabbed the fleecy blanket and clumsily unfurled it. She managed to get the blanket over the top half of her body and her stuffies, and that seemed good enough. It wasn't too cold and the only uncovered parts of her body were her upper legs, between her knee socks and her bulging diaper. 


So, Kim cuddled her dolly and stuffie under her blanket with her diaper and legs poking out. She was soon asleep. 


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Kimberly  10 - perspective shift


Sophia sat at her office desk, finishing an email. Let's see, she thought to herself, I attached the image I scanned of her ID, she's 19, adopted from china, grew up in Seattle, moved to Spokane in highschool and graduated there, and was briefly at Seattle U. That should be enough for Gene. 


As she sent the email she looked at the bottom corner of her monitor at the small window that played a video feed from a hidden camera in the nursery. The little cutie was still asleep.


Sophia smiled and looked at the file folder on her desk. It had a copy of Kim's id and a dated print out of Kim's fetlife profile, and a copy of the nda. She closed the folder and put it in the open file cabinet drawer in her desk, closed, and locked it. 


She picked up her phone and read a few texts that had come in while she was working. One was from bambi that said "You're welcome, Mistress. She seems like a sweetheart! I can't wait to meet her!! Love You 💕💕"


The other two texts were confirmations that she could be squeezed in for appointments. Sophia grinned widely. She loved when everything went right.


She opened up the phonecall app and tapped.


"Hi Daddy, did you get the pic I sent you? Isn't she adorable? I'm absolutely in love!"


Sophia's tone and demeanor were quite different from earlier that day. Instead of her confident, deliberate manner she talked quicker and uptalked at the end of some sentences, like girl's tend to do. She twirled her hair, occasionally, too. 



"I know, right?"



"I know it's sudden, but she’svabsolutely perfect in so many ways! Not just with looks. Oh my God, I think she was falling into little space a couple minutes after we got to the office. And I think I fell in love then, too. I kept on pushing boundaries and she kept responding so well. So submissive! There wasn't any resistance at all. She was looking at my tits a lot, too."


Sophia giggled, before continuing.



"Yeah, and so I decided to pull the trigger. And I was just as quick with bambi. I met her at a coffee shop and had her tied up in the penthouse in under an hour." Giggle.



"Yup. And I haven't felt a connection like this since bambi. It just felt right."



Yes, I can't talk long because the little girl is napping downstairs, and Stephanie is getting pizza."


"Well, the interview was highly inappropriate." Laugh,  "We talked about so many different things. The poor thing had trouble at school and dropped out. She's in debt, and only has a job at Macy's. I don't think she's close to her family, either.


"Oh and she's adopted.


 "It seems really tragic. She needs our help!



"Oh, she quit her job by texting her boss. She even let me type out the text and she tapped send."



"Yes, highly unprofessional! Some people just aren't made for careers. She doesn't need a career, she needs a mommy and daddy to provide her safety and discipline.  The only job she needs to do is to cute and mind her manners."



"Haha, yup. I fingered her and spanked her on the rocking chair."



I had her in that dress halfway through nursery tour, and she put on a pull up when she changed. I'm telling you! She's perfect!"



"Her face? Oh right, it wasn't clear in the pic. She's pretty enough. A little work and she'll be my perfect dolly!c



"Yes, I sent her info to Gary. He should have enough to go on. I'll learn more about the family situation, probably tomorrow. But, I got the sense that they're not close, and that she doesn't have many friends. Poor thing seems lonely."



"Yeeah, the spa. I told Katy to clear next week or so.  I'm going to give her my full attention!"



Oh, Stephenie texted. She's back with the pizza. I should go."



"Thanks, honey. Oh, and listen. I really appreciate your indulgence and support for all of this. It means a lot to me. I think she's really the one and I finally have my angel.


"Oh and kiss Bambi for me and tell her I miss my sexy little sissy maid. Somebody's been hogging her for himself. And after I spent so much time and effort training her!"



Giggle "I'm only teasing. And now it looks like I'll have another submissive to shower love on and train.


"But I do miss you the most, love. The sooner this company gets acquired the better."



"IPO? Sweriously? First time founders, I swear. Maybe my big bad CFO should put his Dom foot down?" Giggle. 



"Oh, and you didn't have anything you needed to get done here, right? You two were just coming home to see me and give me a ride back to New york?"



"Ok, so you can delay a day or two? I probably won't need it, but I want as much bonding time with my precious angel before I introduce any more variables. I want to do everything I can to land this plane."



"Excellent. Like I said, I don't think I need the time, but I'll let you know. I appreciate it.


"But I really need to go. Mommy's little angel deserves only the best. And that means pizza that's hot, not cold.





"Yes, we'll talk soon. I love you so much. You're so good to me."



"Bye, bye."



Sophia ended the call with a smile on her face and then looked at the video feed on her computer monitor. Kim was still asleep, but her paci had dropped out. Sophia's smile widened and her heart melted. 


"So precious. I hope I get to wake her up from her little nap" She thought to herself.


She got up and went to retrieve the pizza.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Kimberly  11


Kim giggled as she skipped along in the meadow. The wildflowers were in bloom and the sun was out. It was a pleasant spring day, and she basked in the sunlight. She picked a few different wildflowers. Some were eggshell white, some were pink, some were baby blue. She wanted to give them to mommy.


Kim looked down and opened the pocket on the bib of her shortalls and put the flowers in. She was wearing pink shortfalls that had a little rainbow on the front of the bib pocket, a pink shirt, and pink sneakers with pink knee high socks.


She started walking to another batch of flowers but felt a tug. She was wearing a backpack harness with a leash.


She heard sophia say "come here, sweetie. Meet my friends," and felt another tug. This time it was stronger and she stumbled a few steps towards mommy.


Sophia had pulled kim back to her side with the leash in her hand. Sophia seemed even taller. Kim felt like a little toddler standing next to her.


There were three other women with Sophia. They were all smiling and were wearing brightly colored 1950s housewife looking dresses. They were just as gigantic as sophia.


"This is my new little girl, kimmy," sophia introduced her proudly.




"How precious!"


"A pretty little princess!"


"She is the cutest little girl I've ever seen!"


Sophia was beaming, and said "little kimmy, can you introduce yourself to Mommy's friends?"


Kim was at a loss of words.  She was suddenly very shy and scared of these new people. The fear grew until she just blushed and put her thumb in her mouth.


"I'm sorry, ladies, she is still very shy around new people and we have to work on her manners."


Kim looked down in shame as the anxiety built. But suddenly the pressure she was feeling all over her body was released as she felt something down below. She felt the wetness right before she saw the wet spot grow and grow. It didn't stop until her entire bottom was wet.


"It looks like somebody had an accident."


"Aww, did you pee your pants, kimmy?"


"She seems too big for her britches."


"She should be put back into diapers, I think."


Sophia cut through the chatter and said, "I'm sorry ladies, we've been having trouble with potty training. She can still act like a dumb baby, sometimes. Luckily, I came prepared."


Sophia produced a pink diaper bag, took out a rolled up changing mat and unfurled it on the ground. Suddenly, kim felt sophia take off her shortalls and panties in one fell swoop, leaving her in just her pink shirt. Sophia picked her up and placed her on her back on the mat. 


Sophia plopped a paci in kim's mouth and gave her princess the pink unicorn stuffie, saying "you can play with your stuffie while I put you back into diapers."


Kim took the stuffie and put it over her face to hide from the women who towered over her watching mommy diaper her.


"She definitely needs diapers."


"She's just a baby."


"Why would you ever potty train her? She is perfect like that."


Kim teared up in shame and kept the stuffy over her face.


"There, all done," sophia said in her sing song voice and then picked Kim up and placed her on her feet.


"I don't have any other bottoms for you, sweetie, so you'll have to stay like that."


Kim looked down and saw an impossibly big, white diaper, along with her pink shirt and sneakers.


"She looks good like that. She's the cutest little baby," Kim heard a friend of sophia's say. The rest of the group agreed.


"Thanks, ladies. Kimmy is so immature," Sophia said to her friends. Then she looked down to Kim and said, "run along and play, kimmy. Mommy will come get you when she's done talking to her grown up friends."


Only too happy to escape this embarrassing scene, kim started walking towards the playground nearby, but had a very pronounced waddle because of  the thickness of the diaper.


"Aww, she's so cute when she walks like that."


"You should keep her in diapers forever."


Blushing dark red, and still sucking on her paci, Kim rushed away as fast as she could waddle.


"Kimberly?" Kim heard sophia call loudly. She turned around.


But it was just an empty meadow.




She turned again, and saw Sophia's smiling face close up, and the nursery around her. Her hand was on Kim's shoulder, gently shaking the little dream girl awake.


"Wake up, sweetie. Pizza's here, so nap time is over," sophia cooed.


Kim was very disoriented for a moment as she adjusted back to reality. The room even spun once right after she woke. It took a little bit for her to settle back to the reality of waking life, but given that the "reality" was a huge baby's nursery with lots of bright colors, it still had a tinge of dream-like quality to kim.


Sophia walked somewhere to get something and asked, "your eyes were twitching in your sleep. You must have been dreaming, honey. Was it a good dream?"


Kim rolled over from her sleeping position on her side to her back to look at sophia. Her paci had fallen out during her nap, and she yawned as she answered, "I don't know, it was strange."


Sophia was walking back with a wipe in her hand, smiling as she said "they usually are. It looks like you drooled a bit. Let me get that for you." Sophia had bent over and she then used the wipe to  clean up Kim's cheek and mouth.


Kim was distracted by something and didn't register the display of maternal intimacy as much as she might have. She felt a pressure on her bladder. It wasn't painful, but she was aware that she'd need to pee relatively soon. She was sort of frozen.  Did Sophia expect her to use the diaper? Could she piss in front of the woman? In her position on her back, with her trainer booties on and Sophia hovering over her, she felt completely helpless.


Sophia had gently taken one of Kim's wrists,  unlocked one of the mittens and started to take it off. "I was thinking we'd take these mittens off but keep the booties on for a bit. Just to give you the experience of crawling. You can eat on the floor and use the coffee table in the living room as your dining table," Sophia said in her high voice that mothers usually use for small children. She was almost done with the other mitten.


Kim felt that complex mix of little feelings come roaring back as the tall woman loomed over her. With her massive tits almost falling out of the top of her dress, her control of Kim's restraints, and her use of such a cutesy voice to say such surreal things, kim felt completely under the woman's power. But the feelings were mostly good, warm and tingly all over her body. Kim enjoyed this woman's control and assumption of total responsibility. 


"Ok," Kim said quietly.


Done removing the mittens, sophia helped her to a sitting position. The she got on one knee and hugged the dazed little woman.


"Are you ok?" Sophia asked as she released Kim and looked her in the eyes.


Kim felt like her world fully stabilized as she saw the look of concern on the woman's face. She smiled and nodded her head enthusiastically.


Sophia's big smile reappeared. "Great!" She whispered.


"Oh, there is your baba. Looks like you were thirsty. I have a sippy cup ready in the living room." 


The big woman picked up the baby's bottle got up, and walked to the playpen gate. She opened and walked through, then turned around and gave an expectant smile. "Can you crawl for me baby?"


The mention of the bottle and sippy cup made Kim focus on her need to pee. "Uh…" she was having trouble verbalizing this.


"Yes, sweetie? Is something the matter?" The towering woman's wide smile turned into a look of concern. 


"Oh, no… but, I need… Do you want me to use the diaper?"


Sophia's smile returned. She walked back through the playpen gate and kneeled down. "Oh, I understand. Do you need to go number one or number two."


The big woman kneeling down to her level, her warm smile, and her overflowing cleavage made Kim feel even warmer and tinglier. 


"Uh, number one."


Sophia's smile brightened. "These big cloth diapers are good for pee," she tapped the diaper for emphasis, and continued "and the waterproof cover will keep it from leaking."


Sophia stood up and smiled down, "can you try to use your diaper while we eat? It would be a good step forward. Though, It's ok if you aren't comfortable, yet. Once we're finished eating we can take off your booties and you can use the potty, then."


Down on the floor, Kim blushed deeply and agreed. She was so far gone in little space that it would be nearly impossible to deny this powerful mommy figure. It just felt good to have someone to confidently tell her what to do.


"Good girl."


All tingly and warm, kim got into crawling position, but was stopped by sophia crouching down again saying "oh, let's not let your binky dangle." The woman took a hold of the paci dangling from its strap and popped it in kim's mouth.


Kim accepted the paci happily. It was so soothing to rhythmically suck on it. She started crawling after the tall woman through the gate and into the living room.


"Go sit at the coffee table while I get you a slice, sweetie. I got a cheese pizza and a Supreme that has a bunch of toppings. Which would you like?"


"Oh, uh, cheese, please." Kim said as she got to the coffee table and sat down awkwardly to avoid any chance of putting pressure on her trainer booties.  


"Coming right up," sophia said pleasantly. She soon came to the table and placed down a plate with a big piece of pizza, a sippy cup, and a paper napkin. "There you go, sweetie."


"Thank you." The sippy cup made her feel her bladder pressure a bit more, but it still wasn't painful. 


"You're very welcome." Sophia placed a glass of wine and a plate with a big piece of Supreme pizza down on the table and sat on the couch opposite Kim. She smiled down at Kim and said "ok let's eat."


The pizza was delicious. "Oh my God, this tastes so good!"


"Yes, it's from this place nearby called vesuvio's. They have a Woodfire oven. Have you ever had a woodfire pizza?"


Kim thought a second. "I don't think so?"


"It's been quite the night of firsts for you, little girl." She said playfully.


Kim blushed and gave a half shrug, then giggled. 


"Oh, Kimberly. Do you have any pets?"


"Well, back in spokane we have a dog and two cats, but I can't have pets in my apartment."


"We have a housecat in this house. I'm sure she'll love you."


"Can I meet her?" Kim's voice picked up and asked the question so fast the words came out almost all at once.


Sophia laughed at Kim's sudden childlike excitement and answered "of course, sweetie!


"I asked about pets also because I was wondering if you have any reason to go back to your apartment tonight, or if you'd like to stay here, instead."


Kim felt excited, but thought for a second. "I just need my toothbrush and clothes, I guess?"


"Oh, there are extra toothbrushes you can use here, and we have a bunch of clothes that fit you. And some of them are even good for going out in public." Sophia had a twinkle in her eye for the last sentence. Kim blushed.


"Does that mean you do?"


Kim didn't hesitate this time and smiled and vigorously nodded yes and blurted out "Can I sleep in the crib?"


"Of course, sweetpea!"


"Yay!" She'd become comfortable enough since waking that she let her enthusiasm drown out any anxious feelings and just enjoy the ride. 


"Wonderful! I'm glad, too, because I wanted to take you shopping before the spa tomorrow."


"That sounds like fun"


"Indeed, baby. After we finish here we can get you out of that diaper into a nice bath, you can meet simba the cat, and then I can show you our deck view of the sound. It's absolutely beautiful at night."


In her excitement, kim had momentarily forgotten about her need to pee. It came back just as suddenly. 


"Here, let me get us more pizza. You don't need any more juice, right?" Sophia got up and took their plates.


"Oh, no, I'm goos," Kim hadn't actually drunk any because of her need to pee. She took a drink anyway because she felt a little guilty for not having any, yet.


As she drank from her sippy cup and watched sophia, kim thought about her position on the floor in booties, the upcoming bath, sleeping in the crib, how little she felt, how nice and caring Sophia had been to her, and her pressing need. She closed her eyes and relaxed her bladder. After a small squirt, the dam fell. She sighed as she released a prolonged stream into her waiting diaper. It felt good to finally relieve the pressure, and it was one more babyish thing she had done that evening. 


Hearing sophia put the plates down on the coffee table made Kim open her eyes. When she did, she saw sophia bending down towards her with a big smile. She looked her in the eyes and said "good girl! I'm so glad you felt comfortable enough with me to do that."  Then she hugged her, and kim hugged back.


When she released the hug sophia looked her in the eyes again and asked "are you doing ok, little one? Still enjoying yourself?"


Kim really liked how much sophia seemed to care about how she was feeling. She felt like she could trust her and just let her have control over everything. She smiled brightly.


"Yes, I really like this. It's, like, I've been fantasizing doing all this for the longest time. Thank you!"


Sophia took one of Kim's hands and squeezed. "I'm enjoying this so much, as well. You're welcome. And, thank you, too. You're being such a good little girl."


The woman got up and walked back to the couch, saying "Let's finish eating, we have a bath to take and a kitty to pet."


Kim giggled and started eating.


Sophia finished her slice first, saying "oh, that it the spot," before she picked up her wine glass. She sat back to savor the nice dry red.


Kim's position on the floor meant that her eyes were at the woman's knee level. As she finished her pizza and dabbed her face with the paper towel, Kim noticed that Sophia's knees had parted, giving her a direct view up her skirt. 


Sophia wasn't wearing any panties! Kim sat there in her freshly used diaper, transfixed by the sight of the woman's hairless mons.


"See something you like?"


Sophia had caught her looking. She blushed, but was unsure if it was a rhetorical question or if the woman expected her to answer, so she just nodded shyly.


"Why don't you crawl over here to get a closer look, baby?"


Kim didn't hesitate  When she got to the couch she sat on her diaper and knees, with her legs behind her big diaper. She stared at the exposed pussy, as she was told to.


Sophia leaned forward and gently cupped her chin, kissing her deeply. Kim closed her eyes and was in heaven as she returned the kiss.


When sophia broke the kiss, kim opened her eyes to see sophia bringing her finger to her mouth. It had a strong, musky scent. 


“Suck, baby.”


Kim took the finger into her mouth and obeyed.


“Good girl.” Kim loved the praise and kept sucking. “See how hot and bothered you made mommy?”


Sophia withdrew her finger and leaned back, hiking the hem of her dress up. “Be a good girl and finish mommy off.”


Kim leaned forward and enthusiastically tried out another new thing for the day.


“Lick and suck on my clit, baby,” Sophia said in a loud sigh of arousal. Kim obeyed, yearning to please the woman who had been fulfilling all her little fantasies. 


It did not take long for sophia to cum. She was moaning loudly within seconds and crying out within a minute. 


“Good girl, good girl, oh youre such a good girl!”


Soon after, she clamped her thighs around Kim's head, cutting off her air. Kim kept licking and sucking and was rewarded by feeling the woman shudder. Sophia started shaking and released her thigh-grip and let out a loud long cry. 


After the climax, sophia relaxed back on the couch, mildly shuddering from the aftershocks of the incredibly intense orgasm. She was looking at the ceiling as she said in a tired voice, “thank you so much, honey.”


Kim sat back and felt the squish of her diaper, feeling happy and proud for giving the dominant woman such pleasure. It seemed only right to return the favor after all the orgasms Sophia had given her.


Sophia finally caught her breath and  looked down at Kim, smiling contentedly. “You are good at that, baby”


Kim blushed.


“Ok, I'll take those booties off and we can go have a nice bath in my big tub upstairs.”


“Ok,” Kim carefully brought her legs forward.


“This apartment has a nice jacuzzi tub in its bathroom, but I like mine better,” sophia said as she undid the straps and removed the booties.


Sophia stood up and extended her hand, helping Kim to stand. “Let's go put these away and go upstairs.”


The tall woman kept a hold of the tiny girl's hand and led her into the nursery. Kim let herself be led and felt so little as she walked with her pronounced waddle.

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