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Name Change ?

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I am far from an expert, but I did explore this road once, before deciding not to change mine. It was almost for the same reason, but approached from the opposite side... I originally chose my profile name in honour of a girl I knew when I was a kid, never intending to start contributing at the time; I just created a profile so I could look around a bit, and her name sprung to mind, because she wore diapers. Fast forward 5 or 6 years, and now I'm bombarding the site with some of my drivel nearly on a daily basis, under a pen name that is female... but I'm cisgendered male of the species and didn't want to mislead anyone. 

But I digress. I believe that you have to petition an admin to change your name. They do make allowances for this, however, as long as people don't make the request every two weeks. 

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The easiest way to have your name changed is to contact one of the administrators: once you do that you would ask them in a private message or like you have here in a posting to have your name changed All you have to do is provide them with a name that you want to change it to, and if it is available, and one of them is available to make the change, they can make the change for you. If for some reason you are a baby banker, The ability to make our name change is available to you once you go into your settings but you have to be a baby banker first period barring that, you would simply message an admin, and they should be able to change your name as you requested. Please note that chat mods as far as I can tell do not have that ability so you should be messaging an admin to make the request.

I also remember if memory serves me, that you can only make one change every 14 days. Most people wouldn't make a change every 14 days, but those are what the rule has been set at as far as I understand it.

Good luck and have a great day!


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2 minutes ago, AuroraRose said:

It's been taken care of, thanks for all the help folks.


I am glad that it has been taken care for you! I apologize, because I haven't been on for about a week myself. I might have missed this when it came across, and usually what happens when they make name changes is everything goes right along with it so that you don't see very many old names, but sometimes your old name is still listed in very old posts, but I'm glad to see that they have taken care of it, it is a credit to the daily diapers admins and their staff!


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