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looking for the right diaper

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Would have to say there are 2 of them would qualify: 

1.  Super Dry Kids ABDL Diapers- (these are like Pampers of the 1990's)

2.  Northshore Megamax (Being that Megamax diapers are designed for those that are severely incontinent, and Iwear/use them 24/7)

They are really thick!


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You can always get booster pads/ doublers to increase thickness and absorbency of your diapers! If you can, I'd recommend getting samples of any diapers you're interested in so you can try them yourself and see how they fit/ feel on your body, because everyone's body is different. I also recommend the North Shore mege max diapers- they come in fun colors and are very absorbent, yet generally cost less than ABDL diapers of the same quality.  Rearz Safari is another fun one and another favorite of mine. And Rearz Violet. 

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@muckygdawgMegaMax are awesome diapers from North Shore Care.   They are thick and very absorbent. 

If you want something even thicker.  The Rearz Mermaid Tales ?‍♀️ and the Rearz Critter Caboose are extremely thick diapers.   The cut in the crotch area is a little wider than the MegaMax,  so they feel very thick. The Mermaid Tale ?‍♂️ diapers have velcro tapes while the Critter Caboose has the sticky tapes.  

The plastic backing on Rearz diapers feels amazing. 

The North Shore MegaMax diapers are quieter than the Rearz diapers if you don't want a lot of crinkly noise as you walk.

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