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A little's guide to staying Independant [ongoing diaper dimension story] chapters 1-8

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[A little moves out of her parents and rents an apartment, and tries to avoid her amazon landlord, boss, and neighbor's very gradual attempts to baby her over many chapters. CW: eventually wetting, messing, lots of forced situations, humiliation, and maybe hypnosis and stuff depending on the routes i take]

[author's notes: 'Tweeners' the middle race halfway sized between amazon and little, added into later PPP stories, either do not exist or simply aren't here in this story, i find they just complicate things. if, for whatever reason, you would prefer to think they exist, just pretend this happens to be a mostly betweener free town, or feel free to reimagine some of the amazons in this story as tweeners! happy reading!~]
Chapter One
Camilla picked up her purse and walked to the door, feeling happy that her first day at her new job went well, after spending most of the day worrying about her amazon co-workers sabatauging her, or about getting "promoted" to professional diaper tester, which she'd read articles about the previous night.

"miss bennet, please report to julia's office for evaluation"

'Well, there goes my chances of keeping this job... The lecture will be annoying, but maybe i can move back in with mom? I'd better at least go to her office, i don't want to get 'disobedient' on my record, then i'd really be in trouble.

When camilla arrived, the door was already opened, julia spoke from behind a desk quite literally above carmen's head, and by at least a few feet.
"sweetie, go ahead and close the door for me, okay?"
Jullia was about average height for an amazon, maybe a little lower, around 11 feet if Carmilla had to guess. She had black hair to her shoulders, and had a permenant smugness to her, as if she was better than everyone, and she dressed in a similar fashion, wearing high quality dress suits, heels, and fancy glasses.

Camilla winced at being called sweetie, but what she dreaded even more was being alone with a powerful, high up amazon. She could make up 100 reasons to have her in a crib by the end of the day, and no one would be able to fight it. It took both hands and a lot of effort to push the humungous door closed, but she wasn't sure she'd have the power to open it back up, so she really was at Julia's mercy....She'd just have to appear compliant, and maybe that would be enough.

"Now," Julia began " I know you're nervous, especially working around so many amazons, in fact i'm sure your trainers are at least wet by now! And don't you dare say anything about it, i doubt you want me checking for myself, because if i'm proven right, you'll be getting a spanking too. As i was saying, i know you're worried, but i won't do anything to push you, and i'll make sure my subordinate's actions don't go beyond teasing. Why? i'll be honest, i don't care whether you succeed or fail, it's more of a fun game for me, i want to see if a little can really become a succesful, important higher up and not end up in a playpen. If you need help with anything, i'll see what i can provide, and i look forward to this game~ Though i guess it's more important than that to you. You're dismissed."

Camilla was sitting in shock for minutes, long after Julia got up and opened the door, but eventually she picked herself up and began the walk home. Her mind was wandering during the walk, and she thought back to a news piece about littles having much smaller bladder than would biologically make sense, with the amazon scientist going as far as to say that it was nature's way of saying that littles evolved to need diapers, and as proof that littles belong in them, but she'd always assumed it was propaganda. Though, she'd been having more dribbles than she'd like to admit recently, and she almost never had dry panties (sometimes training pants, though she'd never admit it) if there was more than three hours in between bathroom breaks, so maybe it wasn't *all* fake info.

As camilla opened the door, she had to struggle to keep her panties (mostly) dry as she saw a female amazon sitting on her couch, looking directly at her, even sitting down she was sizably taller than her. Camila realized that this was her landlord. They had met once before, but it was brief, so she didn't immediately recognize her. She was pretty sure her name was maria. She had long brown hair, which was currently in a bun, and she looked to be in her fourties.

"Camilla dear, come here, there's something we need to discuss."  Maria patted her lap, and she was unsure of what to do. She definitely didn't want to sit on her lap, but she didn't want to risk upsetting her, so she settled for sitting on the couch, but staying much closer to her than she would have normally.

The landlord's eyes widened a bit, and she patted Camilla's head, realizing the problem. "I'm sorry dear, i'm so used to dealing with young ones that sometimes my instincts take over. You don't need to worry here, though. I fully support Little's rights, and i want you to feel safe here.

Camilla wasn't entirely sure she could trust that, but she figured distrust and worrying wouldn't be useful, especially towards the person letting her live away from her parents, so she was causiously optimistic, and she did seem kind.

"Now, about why i'm here. Unfortunately, There is a new  'Independent littles' tax that i'm being charged for letting you stay here. It comes up to about $300 a month, and any landlord in the state  has to payh it if they have littles who don't have either a caretaker, or an amazon room-mate. Most landlords chose to implement a 'littles must room with amazons' clause, but i know that's unfair, especialy since a lot of littles end up forcefully "adopted" by their room mate. But unfortunately, i can't afford to just pay the tax myself, so i'll have to add that onto your rent, is that okay, Dear?"

'i never heard about that tax, could she be making it up? But then again, if a little gets her heart set on moving out, then finds out after all of her planning that she'll have to room with an amazon, she'd be more likely to agree, so maybe they do just hide it.... The real problem is that i'd only make enough after all of my bills to pay that tax, and i won't have much money left over...'
Camilla spoke up "A-alright, i can afford that, and i really like the apartment, i just hope they appeal that tax soon."

"Me too, dear." Maria began walking to the exit. "You get to bed soon, okay Camilla? I know you work hard, and you can't do much without rest" Camilla didn't really appreciate being further patronized, especially since it was only 6:30, but it wasn't really worth getting upset over.

After a few hours, Camilla started getting ready for bed, changing into her pajamas and getting tomorrow's outfit ready, when she noticerd she was out of training pants.They were the ones she'd brought from home, very thin, and about as close to normal underwear as you could get. She had always just added them to the cart when they got their groceries delivered, and didn't know where/which ones to get now. Sfter a basic google search, she found a site that had some that looked good. Great reviews, nearly unnoticable, non-crinkly, discreet packaging! She ordered them, got a notification that they'd arrive tomorrow, and went to bed...

*knock knock knock* Camilla was interrupted from her breakfast, and opened the door, greeted by what she assumed was the delivery-girl. She had neon pink hair, and an all black punk-esque outfit. She looked about 19 or 20, which would make her a couple years younger than camilla! She was holding a package that seemed very different from what she ordered: It was a clear plastic, showing the padded panties inside, with various blurbs written in large, bold font across the sides: "very leak resistant" "perfect for littles with potty troubles", and most egregiously, one entire side of the package had a large image of a little, in a onesie and diaper, holding a big sign reading 'adopt me!'.

"T-that's not what i ordered! i don't need p-protection!" Camilla began blushing, but the panties in the package actually looked identical, mercifully. She really did need them, and they weren't any more padded or babyish, and she couldn't afford to buy any more.

"Ahaha, you're precious! I'm one of your neighbors, i found this package in the middle of the hallway with 'room 204' written on it, so i figured i'd bring it to you, but if you didn't order it, my brother has a little roommate, so if it's not yours..." The amazon smirks and walks very slowly backwards.
"W-wait! i....i did order them, b-but i-i swear it said they were practically normal underwear, a-and they definitely didn't say anything about b-bathroom trouble!" And tacked embarrassedly on to the end was a quiet "p-please set them by the door".

"My name is veronica, and if you ever need help changing into them, i live in 202, okay honey?" Veronica walked out the door, setting the trainers where she was asked. 

Camilla just nodded, too embarrassed by the whole situation to do anything else, and it's not like she'd ever take her up on her offer. 

Chapter Two 
Camilla really wanted to wear the panties, to feel like more of an adult and especially feel attractive, but it would backfire on the tiny (or major) chance that she'd dribble enough to stain her skirt, so she begrudgingly tore open the package of daytime training pants, and slid one up her legs and headed to work. Her dress skirt was a little short. Not too bad, but she shuddered thinking about what it would look like on a diapered little...

On her way to work, she passed by a tall amazon pushing a stroller, containing a little all diapered and onesied up, and even wearing huge mittens that would make it nearly impossible to hold anything, use a doorknob, or do pretty much anything. Camilla always tried not to think that about littles like these probably had jobs probably similar to hers before they were adopted, and that they likely were less than willing to go along with it. She made sure to give them plenty of space, worried about being asked to join the little on a play-date, or even about just being picked up and put in the stroller too. Luckily, she made it to work just fine.

After arriving at work, she went to sit down, but someone had put a plastic, pink, glittery booster seat in her chair! She tried lifting it, but it was much too heavy, probably on purpose so only amazons could move it. 
'Maybe i could stand instead? But i really couldn't do that all day, so if i'm going to sit in it at all i might as well do it all day' She slowly sat onto the booster, feeling anxious about her coworkers seeing her. 'god, this is so embarrassing! whoever did this is so getting salt in their coffee tomorrow.' The Booster didn't have any padding, but her own padded butt made sure the seat wasn't uncomfortable.

The day was uneventful afterwords, though Camilla did overhear a lot of comments, the worst one being that 'the baby is in a more fitting chair', from her coworker jessica, who Camilla had gone to school with. She had blonde hair, and was qiute attractive, being one of the school's best cheerleaders back then, but camilla found that because of that, her ego was enormous, being very bossy and always wanting everyone to wait on her, and acting very entitled.

Camilla kept her head down and the rest of the work day was fine. when she was about to leave, she asked one of her male amazon co-workers if he could move the booster out of her seat, but he just laughed and walked off. 'figures, maybe tomorrow i can get someone else to do it for me. I think there are a few other little workers on this floor too, maybe we could work together to do it? that's definitely less risky, but i'm not sure it'll work'. She packed up her things and began her walk to the store.

She'd managed to keep her padded panties dry all day, but partway through her walk, she realized she forgot to pee before leaving work, and she wasn't sure this store would have a bathroom, but it should be okay if she was quick. She went quick, piicking up all of her groceries, and also getting a step ladder. Living in an apartment built to work for littles and amazons at the same time was great in some ways, the tv was huge! but she also had trouble reaching some areas, so she picked it up. 
There was a bathroom, but it was employees only, and she figured wasting time on a bathroom she might not even be allowed to use would be dumb. she was jogging by the time she reached her apartment, where she ran into veronica!

"Oh, i can bring those up, you look like you're in a hurry, and it'd be a lot easier for me than it would for you" Camilla practically tossed the bags into her hands and ran to her door. "thank you set them wherever be right back!" she yelled to her as she ran to her bathroom. She pulled down her training pants, thankful that they were black and wouldn't show any wet spots if they were there, and she was very relieved to have made it in time. She walked out of the bathroom looking for veronica, but she was gone! The groceries were put away, and the ladder was in the closet. 'Hmm, i'll have to thank her later, it was very nice of her to....hey!' Camilla noticed that her training pants were gone. she'd been in too much of a hurry in the morning to move them away from the door, but they were missing now, and as much as she hated it, there would probably be days where if she wasn't wearing them, she'd have noticably wet spots.

'Did veronica take them? why would she want to do that? I'm kind of scared to go into an amazon's apartment, but i really can't afford any more, and they are important'. Camilla left her room and knocked on veronica's door.
*knock knock knock*
The door swung open and veronica looked to camilla. "Yeeeees? how can i help you?" She smiled in an 'i already know why you're here' look, and waited for camilla's response. "I u-um...d-did you take my p-package from yesterday?" Camilla spoke in a near whisper. "Hmmm, i might have, can you describe it to me?"
"y-you know, they're t-training pants." she looked to the floor as she said it. Veronica laughed and practically yelled "well, i found these leak resistant padded 'perfect for littles with potty troubles' pants, is this the package you want?

Camilla was angry, but not enough that it remotely overshadowed her embarrassment or fear. "y-yes, please h-hand them to me, okay?"

Veronica was silent for a minute, appearing to be heavily contemplating something, but camilla wasn't sure if she meant it or was pretending.
"No. i have a better idea. I'll keep these, and if you want to wear one, you will come to me first thing in the morning, and politely say "big sis veronica, would you please help me get padded up today?"".

If camilla was blushing before, she was beet red now. "I-I-I i can't do that! c-cmon, just let me have them back, please?"

"nope~ You're free to just wear big girl panties, i won't stop you. But if you're enough of a baby to actually *need* training pants, you're enough of a baby to have your big sis help you put them on you, doesn't that seem fair?" Camilla was scared, but she had enough pride to shake her head. "No? if you think this is unfair, i'm happy to be unfair, i could to the same offer with diapers if you'd like? or i could just not give you back the training pants at all, and when you ruin your panties in the middle of work, it'll be on you. Now is it fair that you have to ask me to pad you up?"

Camilla was shaken, and just wanted to be back in the safety of her own apartment. "Y-yes, big s-sis" she was practically on the verge of tears saying that, but of the three offers, the original was by far the best.
"Good girl, now run along!"

Back in her room, camilla was anxious, scared, and angry.
'At least i know i can't trust veronica, but what am i gonna do about tomorrow? Can i really say.....that.... to her? a-and more importantly, am i really okay with having my underwear changed by an amazon? what if she does something drastic? maybe i should ask maria about it, she at least seems kind. For now, i guess i'll get some rest and i'll decide the rest tomorrow.'

Chaper 3
Camilla woke up in a pretty good mood, feeling refreshed and excited, especially since it was a friday...and then she remembered the entire situation with "big sis" veronica.
'She wouldn't even be my big sister anyways, i'm totally older than her! ugh, as much as i want to play it safe at my new job, and not have even the slightest chance to be seen as a baby, i don't think i can stomach asking veronica that. As long as i kept them fully dry, maybe i can rewear yesterday's underwear? If not, i'll have to wear normal underwear, but it wouldn't be that bad, it feels nice to have them so thin!'

After checking, it turns out she wasn't entirely perfect when it came to her rush to the bathroom yesterday, so she picked out a stylish pair of black, low rise panties, feeling more adult than she had since moving in, despite her reasoning for wearing panties being what it is.

She talked with another little for a while on the way to work. It was fun to talk with her, but Camilla couldn't help but notice she was diapered, and about halfway through the walk, she stopped moving and got a weird look on her face, and she could have sworn the other girl's diaper suddenly looked a little yellow......

They split up a bit before she got to the office, and as camilla walked in, she was thankful that she would never end up like that. She sat down at her desk and started working.
'This booster seat is a lot less comfortable in real panties! n-not that i'd rather have training pants on right now of course. I really should go ask someone to help move it. Hmm...' looking around, she just saw Jessica, another amazon girl she didn't know, a little that she hadn't talked to yet, and of course Julia was here as well. 'the other little probably wouldn't be enough to lift this, julia would probably say that 'it's part of the game that i don't help you', or something, sooo.... I hate this, but i'll ask jessica, the evil you know and all that.

She approached Jessica's desk and she rolled her eyes at Camilla as she approached. "Yea? Whaddya want, pipsqueak? i don't do diaper changes" Camilla blushed and stated her problem "N-no! no, i'm pott--toilet trained, i-i don't need changes, um, yesterday someone pulled a prank on me and put a booster on my seat, but i think it's some kind of little-proof thing or something, because it's waaay too heavy for me to lift, and i was wondering if you could move it for me? p-please?" she tried to smile at Jessica, but was a little too nervous for it to be convincing.

"well, i usually get a lot of phone calls, in fact it's the main part of my job. I know you answer calls on occasion, but mainly do computer work. So, how about i forward all of my calls to you, and in return, i'll move your silly little booster seat. Just one day of a bit more work for no more booster seat, that's fair, right?."

'It most certainly is *not* fair, but i can't sit in a booster seat every day! And jessica was bad enough in school, i get the feeling that if i agree to this, it'll lead to more and more pushiness from her, but i don't really have a choice at this point...'

"alright, fine, you can forward all your calls to me, but can you please move the seat before i start working?" Camilla asked, annoyed.
"Ah ah, watch your tone. Cranky babies get corner time, but fine, i'll move your stupid thing first, but one more thing to mention: Since they're technically my calls, any missed calls, unhappy callers, or complaints come back to bite me, so you'd better do a damn good job as a caller or i'll make sure you do all your work from a playpen starting tomorrow, got it?!"

Camilla gulped. "y-yes ma'am". Jessica got up, walked over to the booster seat, and effortlessly set it under Camilla's desk. she meekly followed, and once it was done, sat down in her once again comfortable chair. Camilla learned from yesterday, and she was prepared to take a bathroom break every 2 hours. She was prepared to, but she wouldn't be able to. For the next 4 hours, she would be answering phone calls nonstop. For a few of the calls, she would ask if she could put them on hold for just a minute so she could go to the bathroom, but their responses ranged from the understandable "just answer my questions and go after that" to the much more rude "why do they even hire littles, can't even do a simple job without needing diapers". 

She couldn't hold it much more, she had to decide, abandon her phone call or hope she can somehow hold it until it's done.
'i really don't think i can hold it until this ends, i need to go, now. But jessica made it very clear, i need to answer these calls... urgh, i'll take my chances with jessica, if my skirt is noticably changed it'll make every amazon on the way home think they can take me home, i just hope jessica wasn't that serious about that play pen..."
She set the phone down, and snuck her way to the bathroom, being quick, but still being careful to not run into jessica.
'o-okay, time to check the damage....Looks like the panties are a bit wet, but the skirt is completely safe, thank goodness! I'd better get back to that call!'

When she gets back to her desk, her heart drops. Standing there, holding her phone, is jessica. "Mhm, yep. Thank you, please call again if you have any more issues, buh-bye. Well, someone didn't hold up their end, i guess the booster is going back where it belongs, huh?"

Camilla's eyes widened, and she moved to try and get in-between jessica and the booster, not that it would stop her. "N-no, please, i-i just had to go to the bathroom and i couldn't get a break between calls! don't put the booster seat back on!" The amazon thought for a second, and said "Why didn't you just go in your pants? I'm sure your padding can hold it"

Camilla blushed, explaining "I-i'll have you know i'm wearing panties today! i-i don't need padding! it was just a really long phone call, honestly!"
"alright, fine" Jessica said "I'll leave the booster seat under the desk, and forgive you almost messing up with a client, *if* you wear either training pants or diapers to work every single day from now on, got it?"

Camilla knew she should be angry, to outright refuse or storm off, but the truth is that this was the first day she'd worn panties outside in a week or two, and they usually ended up visually wet by the end of the day, so it would be safest and for the best to do it anyways, so really, she'd be keeping the booster seat off of her chair for something she should be doing anyways, so she nodded. "F-fine, b-but you wouldn't have to c-check or anything, would you? i d-don't want you seeing me without a skirt". Camilla shyly said, and jessica laughed, responding "oh, munchkin, you're precious. Of course i need to check, but i don't need to see you in it, you'll see. And i won't be checking you until after work.

"uuuuum... f-fine,  but we need to get back to work ." Camilla said, and they both returned to their normal work days. She gathered her things and left. As she was walking at the door, she noticed Jessica giving her a wave and giggling, but Camilla just ignored her. After she was done, she was on her way home, but she felt a bit bored.

'i haven't done anything fun in a while, why don't i go somewhere? There's that Little's bar, but drinking is more of a 'with friends' thing, and i don't really have friends here yet. I think i'll try that diner next to the grocery store! I really should go home and change, but i'm kinda scared to run into veronica, and my panties are dry, i'll change right when i get home.'

Camilla arrived at the diner, and after waiting in line behind a few scarily tall amazons, one of them cradling a sleeping little, she was next in line.
"oooh, i'm sorry" the server said "All littles must be either accompanied by an amazon, or be diapered, and you don't appear to have either, so come back with a mommy, and we'll serve you, okay?"

"wha- I-I Do NOT need padding!! and i do not need a caretaker, i am completely independant! i-i'll find somewhere else to eat." Right as she turned around, the server grabbed her, turned her back around, and yanked her skirt up. "You call this 'not needing padding'? did you even remember to take your panties off first? I can't let you eat here, but i definitely can't let an immature, dishonest little girl like you roam around the city, i'll see if there are any customers who can drop you off at home."

Camilla wanted to sink into the floor, she see lots of people looking at her, some of them laughing, a few looking like they were pitying her. She felt like she sohuld try to run away, but she'd probably be caught, and trying to run away from an amazon never ends well.
After a few minutes of waiting, the server comes out with another girl, looking about in her mid 30's.
"where do you live, honey?" The server asked. "in an apartment at t-two fifty six, w-watercrest street." 'dang, why did i say that, i panicked! pleease just take me right home'.
"I can drop her off, i drive right by there. The amazon picked camilla up, and walked out the door. "Y-you can put me down, i can w-walk, and i'll stay right next to you, i p-promise!"

"we're almost at the car anyways, there's no need" The Woman said, and true to her word they quickly reached a large SUV, and the woman opens the back door and places camilla in a rainbow unicorn themed carseat, buckling her up tight enough that she can barely wiggle around. Camilla could do nothing but worry as they were driving, just wanting to be safe and at home.
Eventually they reached her building, and thankfully the woman pulled into the parking lot, unbuckled and picked up camilla, and walked into the building.

'oh god, if veronica sees me like this i'll never live it down....' They were headed into maria's office, where she was filling out some papers. When she saw camilla, she smiled and walked over to them.

"Camilla, have you found yourself a caretaker?~ Oh there's no need to make that face, i'm just kidding. Now, what's this about?" Maria said, in a light mood.
"This little went to the restaurant i was at, and when she was told she'd either need to be diapered or have an amazon with her, she threw a tantrum about how she's a responsible adult and should be allowed to eat there alone and undiapered, but her panties were soaked the entire time! So i was asked to bring her home. Can i leave her with you?"

"She'll be safe with me, thank you for bringing her back, and have a great night!" They waited for the woman to leave, and maria walked Camilla back to her room. "You must be more careful, some amazon are very unfair to littles, especially to adorable ones like you. I really think you should look into some protection. I know diapers are an ordeal and can be scary, but they make underwear that's just a bit padded, and i think it would help you. Maria was comforting, and This was by far the nicest way she'd ever been asked to wear training pants before, and it also helped to be back in her own living room.

"W-well i did buy some, but veronica took them, and she said i have to come to her and she'll put them on me! C-can you make her give them back? A-and my panties were j-just a tiny bit wet, they weren't soaked"

"Of course they weren't dear, she was just exaggerating. I'm sorry to hear about that, but i think it might be a good idea. It sounds like veronica is just trying to help. I think she knows that it's dangerous to not wear them, as evident by what happened today, and she's just trying to make sure you wear them everyday. She's still young, and i think she's not great at showing how much she cares for you, and i think it's a good arrangement. You need your rest, so i'll be going now. Sleep well, okay dear?" Maria got up and closed the door on her way out.

'Yeah right, she most definitely is not "just looking out for me". I've seen the look in her eyes, she just likes humiliating me. Either way, i really do need to wear them tomorrow, and as kind as maria is, she can't help me on this, so i guess i'll just have to build up the nerve to ask. For now, i think i'm gonna have a drink and go to bed, it'll be nice to feel like an adult for the first time today.' Camilla got a beer from the fridge and headed to her bedroom, trying to psyche herself up for tomorrow.

Criticism is appreciated, though this was written pretty fast and wasn't super planned out beforehand, so i know it's not great


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This has some potential. I like how there's a triangle of characters forming who want to make the protagonist a baby after only two chapters. However, she must be in the Diaper Dimension equivalent of New York or California to get away with having wet panties in public and not getting adopted on the spot. Seriously, it's an interesting concept to have some Littles already wandering around in diapers and yet they're still independent. Definitely a unique idea in an already unique universe. 


Keep up the good work!

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I opened this a couple days ago but just now had time to read it. I like the concept and it seems like it could go somewhere fun. The characters are relatable and I'm interested in her story moving forward. 

Now, as far as a criticism this really needs some more proofreading for capitalization, and watching some of your 'quotes' not being closed in. If you can use either Microsoft Word, or Google docs to take a look at suggestions there. If you run it through Grammarly too it will catch most of those. (I ignore changes sometimes in dialog - conversations are not grammatically correct all of the time)

Looking forward to seeing where this goes! 

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On 2/11/2022 at 9:59 AM, Star Voyager said:

[author's notes: 'Tweeners' the middle race halfway sized between amazon and little, added into later PPP stories, either do not exist or simply aren't here in this story, i find they just complicate things. if, for whatever reason, you would prefer to think they exist, just pretend this happens to be a mostly betweener free town, or feel free to reimagine some of the amazons in this story as tweeners! happy reading!~]

I haven't had time to read this yet but the premise sounds fun. Just a small correction, the people of 3 different sizes were in the original DD story, though the names Bigs/Littles/Tweeners were created by later authors. PPP tended to just refer to people as huge or normal sized or small, sometimes Amazon Giantesses and 'dwarfs', though these seemed more like nicknames/the way the character from Earth saw it.

That being said it's completely fine to write a story where some or none are present, it's meant to be a world where every abdl story ever takes place in it somewhere, so is essentially as infinite as imagination. Every story about people all of one size in an area happens somewhere, and every story where people have no idea that giants exist until they encounter them happens somewhere. It's just that there's a lot of stories where there's some sort of giant, or a particularly small person who covers it up with high heels and makeup etc but ends up getting confused for or forcefully treated as a baby, and the protagonist arrived smack dab in the middle of it all, along with plenty of other things like robotic nurseries and diapered cheerleading teams.

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22 hours ago, BabySofia said:

I opened this a couple days ago but just now had time to read it. I like the concept and it seems like it could go somewhere fun. The characters are relatable and I'm interested in her story moving forward. 

Now, as far as a criticism this really needs some more proofreading for capitalization, and watching some of your 'quotes' not being closed in. If you can use either Microsoft Word, or Google docs to take a look at suggestions there. If you run it through Grammarly too it will catch most of those. (I ignore changes sometimes in dialog - conversations are not grammatically correct all of the time)

Looking forward to seeing where this goes! 

I've always struggled with capitalization, and i've been writing these in .txt
Most of what i write is really spur of the moment, and then i go back and make sure it makes sense or change a few details to make it more logical, so it's not always fully sensical.
I have 5 or so friends that i send the chapters to early, to get some feedbac, and i try to do a proofread, but sometimes i'm really excited and skim too fast @__@ 

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Chapter 4
Camilla woke up with her head under the blanket and drenched in sweat.
'it wasn't *that* warm last night, right? wait....since when does sweat exclusively pool around your crotch..? NO NO NO' 
She practically ripped the covers off of the bed and turned on the light. The first thing she noticed was the other 2 beer bottles, which she now vaguely remembered going back downstairs for, but the main thing was the massive dark spot on the bed, staining the sheets and blanket.

'm-maybe i just spilled my beer? Y-yeah! that must be it, there's no way i wouldn't wake up and go to the bathroom, i'm an adult!. I-i'd better get changed and take the sheets and blanket down to the washing machine. 'satisfied with the excuse that even she didn't truly believe, she stripped down and threw her clothes on the bed and started on a quick shower, and afterwords she rooted through her dresser for new clothe's and was able to find everything but a clean pair of panties, so she put on a pair of sweat pants and a blouse. 

'i guess this'll have to do... but a-am i really out of clean underwear? i guess my hamper *is* pretty full, but how did i run out of clean underwear so fast? i guess i'll bring those down too'

She dumped some of her dirty panties on the bed too, and balled up the sheets, blanket, and dirty clothes and walked down to the basement, throwing the ball into the washing machine as she sat down, waiting for it to be done.

"Everything okay, dear? A strange time to do laundry." Maria spoke up, startling Camilla. "O-oh! y-yea, i spilled the glass of water that i keep on my bedside t-table, so i wanted to get it out of the way. O-oh, and i threw some of my other laundry in there too."Camilla said, looking away from Maria

"Well, this coincides nicely with something i should have brought up when you moved in: I have a.... I guess you'd call it a plastic protector sheet, that i could put on your bed. I know you might find it a bit unnecessary or embarrassing, but taking precautions and being safe is more adult than anything else you could do, so will you do it?" Maria looked at her with a smile.

'i-i don't really want to have padded bedsheets, it was just a spill...But she looks like she'd start crying if i said no, and it's not like it hurts anything....' 
"Okay, i'll put it on the bed later tonight, b-but i don't need it, it's just to feel safer." Camilla blushed and started moving the clothes into the dryer.

"I won't stand for that, dear. I'll swing by your room and make your bed and put the sheet on myself, and i can drop your clothes into the dresser while i'm at it. You work so hard, it's the least i can do.  Now go run along, sweetie, you still need to see veronica this morning.

'Well, at least i don't have to make my bed...Wait, how did she know i haven't seen veronica yet? is it that noticable that i'm not wearing training pants? If it's that noticable that i'm *not* wearing them, does that mean it's also obvious when i *am*?' Camilla thought about it on the way to room 202. She'd spent the previous night preparing herself for this, and it was necessary to do this.
*knock knock knock*

The door opened, and veronica looked around, but she didn't see anyone at the door. "Cammy? Are you hiding from your big sis? Come out!" Hearing her voice didn't make her any less anxious, but it did give her mind plenty of things to imagine Veronica doing to her if she didn't come out, so she shyly stepped around the cormer. "M-my name is camilla, p-please call me that."

"Aww, but cammy has such a nice ring to it, and it fits you so well, and it's normal for sisters to have nicknames! If you'd like, you could call me Roni! Anyways, was there something you wanted me to do or did you just come to visit your big sis?" She smirked, knowing exactly what camilla wanted, but being as uncooperative as possible.

Camilla looked up at Veronica, scowling, but relented. "V-veronica, could you p-please help me get padded? I-i have work soon."
Veronica froened for a second, but went back to her chipper attitude, and pulled one of the black training pants out of the package. "Alright sis, strip. And no need to be embarrassed, i'm just being a good older sister and helping you get changed. And besides, babies don't have modesty anyways."

"F-fine..." Camilla unbuttoned her shirt, wiggled out of her pants, and waited patiently for veronica to help. The amazon gently lifted her up, wrapping an arm around her stomach, and slid the trainer up her legs, before setting her down and putting her shirt back on, and putting her pants....on a high shelf.
"H-hey! give me back my pants! I can't go out like this, give 'em back!"

Veronica moved right up to camilla, and knelt down so her face was right next to [but still a good foot or so above] hers, and said "Oops~ looks like you forgot to call me 'big sis', and i forgot to give you back your pants. Welp, tougfht luck for you, maybe you'll remember next time" Veronica pushed Camilla out the door, and promptly locked it.

'great, now i've gotta run all the way back to my room like this. The huge apartment is great, but it means the hallway is gigantic, it's gotta be 250 feet to my room. I just hope no one notices me.' She started running down the hall, annoyed at how loudly her padded panties were shifting and crinkling, but once she was halfway there, she heard footsteps coming from the stairs! They'd be headed in the direction of her room! Camilla ran as fast as she could, but when she was about 40 feet from her door, she looked up to see two figures right in front of her. It was Maria and another amazon that the little didn't recognize. She tried pulling her shirt down to hide the pull-up, but it really didn't help, and her padding was on display to both amazons.

Maria was the first to say anything. "Ah, camilla! I'm glad you visited veronica today, you're so smart, keeping yourself safe like that. There's nothing wrong with preparing for negative things to happen.. Oh! and i haven't put that plastic sheet on your bed yet, but by the time you get home, it'll be all set. Have a great day at work, dear."

"Ahaha! you're adorable, i assume you work as a rattle tester, right? And you know you're not wearing any pants, right? Ooooh, it's so maria can know when you're wet, right? Good girl, making less work for mommy." The amazon continued laughing.

"H-hey! i do NOT wet mys-" "It's okay sweetie, i'll handle this" Marie cuts her off as she turns to the other amazon. "There's no need to bully her about it, i'm sure her pants just wouldn't fit over her padding. And for the record, she almost never wets herself!" Camilla's face was completely red, and she turned away from the two. "There's no need to worry about her teasing you, Honey, she's the building inspector, unless something is wrong she only shows up once a year.

Camilla wanted to yell at the inspector, to say she's never (fully) wet herself, or at least to dispute Maria's 'Almost never wets herself', but instead she ran right past them, slamming the door and running to her dresser. 

'AAARGH, i'm always so weak, i couldn't even get veronica to give my pants back! i-i need to be stronger against these amazons.B-but i can't even fight back too much or i'll get punished! either way, even if i can't tell them off i still need to be less passive and obedient. After that incident, which i will never be thinking about again, i'd like to wear pants today. A skirt is a bit risky, and i don't want to ever be seen in training pants again. At least it wasn't another little that saw. Amazons will always see me as a baby, but i've got friends who respect me, and the last thing i need is some jerk sharing pics of me in padded underwear.'
The best pants she can find is a pair of jeans. They're loose enough, but it's hard to keep the top of the pull-up hidden, so she tucks her shirt into her pants and heads off for work. 

'Ugh, the padding keeps rubbing against me, these pants are too tight... It wouldn't be so bad but it keeps reminding me what i'm wearing, It's okay, if i can stay dry for a few days i'll than i'll know this fluke is over, It's just stress from moving in and starting the job. Everything's gonna be fine...'

She arrived at work with little issue, powered on her computer. She worked hard, and made sure to take regular bathroom breaks, even through the office mandated half-hourly drink breaks, where she usually went with apple juice. After returning from a bathroom break, Camilla was confused about something.
'Where did this calander come from? I guess it's not hurting anything, except for the stupid "motivational" image, but it's easy enough to ignore. Wonder who put it up though'.
The calander had no days crossed off, as it was still the first of October, but the thing that stood out most was the october picture: It was a little with a pacifier, onesie, and diaper, and she was sitting on a plastic potty, with 'hang in there' written underneath.

"Hey! How's my favorite coworker? It looks like you're done for today, so stand up. Someone needs to be checked and changed." Camilla was startled to hear Jessica yell that from behind her, and she spun around to see her, though even when standing up she only came up to jessica's waist. "H-HEY! i'll have you know you i'm completely dry! i-i only need to be checked! i-i mean...n-neigher, but since we agreed i-i guess you can check me."

"Alright, pants down." Camilla stammered a bit. amd didn't move. "Either you pull your pants down right here so i can check you, or we can do it privately. In my house. And i can't promise you'll end up coming out any time soon or wearing anything but a diaper and onesie, got it?"

"y-yes ma'am, i'm sorry." She moved into the corner of her cubicle, and slowly wiggled her pants downm exposing her padded underwear. Jessica moved next to her, reaching down and pulling the waistband forward to check the state of the pull up. "Well, there are definitely a few wet spots, but i think we can count iut was dry, i try to be forgiving." She reached into her bag pulling out a package of stickers. There were suns, white rainclouds, and dark storm clouds, She pulled out a sun, and put it on the first square for the month.

"N-no, no! i'm dry! i took lots of breaks, i didn't drink too much, a-and i would have felt it! you're wrong!" Camilla stomped her foot and pulled her pants back up, though it did take considerably more effort than usual. "A-and i'm taking down this..p-potty chart." She whispered the last bit, and despite what she said, made no move towards it, too nervous to physically defy the amazon right in front of her.

"You could do that, but if you can get 3 suns in a row, you can go back to big girl panties, and if you get 5, i won't even check you anymore. And there's another benefit for you: Other amazons will see the sunny potty chart and say "wow, she's such a grown up, let's move on to messing with a different little", you'll have a much safer time at work."
"B-but what if they take it as a challenge instead? I-if they want to make me go from getting sunny stickers to storm clouds....."
"Trust me, i know what i'm talking about. Now let me walk you to the door." Jessica extended her hand down. Camilla would have preferred to fight it, but she was exhausted, and it was probably the least bad thing an amazon had done to her all day, so she just took her hand.

They walked out to the parking lot, holding hands "Are you sure you can walk home? i can drive you. i think i still have a carseat in the back from when my sister borrowed the car. I know how much you littles love feeling safe and secure in a tight carseat. She grinned at Camilla, who looked away nervously. "I-I think i'm good, see you tomorrow." She Walked away, reaching her apartment pretty quick, and opened her door. What she was not expecting to see was an upset maria, holding a plastic shopping bag.

"Camilla bennet. Do you have an explanation for this?" She opens the bag, revealing the beer bottles from last night. 
"I-i don't really know what you mean, i had a few drinks before bed, b-but i'm 24, and i-" Camilla was cut off as Maria dragged her to the couch by her hand. "I am very disappointed in you, you've been such a sweet girl since you moved in, but i cannot tolerate something like this. You should know that someone like you drinking alcohol is very bad, and is one of the most dangerous things you could do! I hate to resort to this, but you need to learn that some things aren't okay for you to do.

She lifted camilla up, setting her stomach-down on her lap, and pulled her pants down to her ankles. "H-hey! you don't n-need to do this! i-it was just a drink!. A-and i...won't do it again?" Camilla struggled, but even with one hand Marie held her tight.

"I wish i could believe that, but you need something that makes you remember why you should never do naughty things like this. Since you're normally very nice, and you haven't been a trouble maker, you can keep your training pants on, now hold still and it'll be over soon, okay?"

Maria raised her hand, and it came down hard. Again. and again. loud enough for the sound to fill the room. After 5, camilla's quiet whimpering could be heard. after 10, she was openly crying, and after the 15th and, mercifully final spank, she was begging her to stop. She was on her feet with her pants pulled up before she realized it was over, and Camilla was left in her living room, wet face, red butt, and no real idea what to do next.

"I'm sorry about that, dear. I just don't want you to get yourself into serious trouble. I know it hurts, but i do this because i care aobut you, what if you got drunk and fell for some amazon's trap because you weren't aware? I'll be going, and i hope you won't like me any less. I've set up your bed, but your laundry away, and i even put some yummy soda and juice in the fridge, okay?"

"O-okay, see you later maria." She waved as Maria walked out the door, smiling.

'Hmph. If she wanted to help she could start by not bruising my butt... Though it is kind of nice to have an amazon care so much about my safety, and she did help me out yesterday, so i guess she really is just trying to help. Still, i feel like i fell out of a 3 story window and landed on my butt...' She walked to the fridge and grabbed a soda, it was a glass bottle one, which she always liked. 'It does taste pretty good, even better than i remembered, but it's still not the same..."

She turned on the tv and laid on the couch (on her stomach of course) 
The tv was playing some saturday morning esque cartoon, with an amazon superheroine, who would always stop crime, and her little sidekick 'padded justice'. The sidekick would always get in the way, and was never really truly helpful [except for the one episode where the villain's weakness was cuteness'], and the moral of the story was always "let the adults handle everything, and don't try to do grown up things when you're not strong enough to". Though, the way the show portrays it, every single little counts as a child, but that's not surprising.

After zoning in and out while the cartoon was playing, she slowly fell asleep...

Chapter 5
The next 2 days passed by very similarly to the previous. Camilla would ask veronica to pad her up, she would go to work, mostly make it to the bathroom on time, and she'd get a sunny star on her chart(she still couldn't decide whether she hated jessica rubbing the front or pulling the waistband forward more), and then she would go home, see maria as she walked in (Subconciously rubbing her butt), and afterwords she would relax with a soda or apple juice.

Camilla woke up on Monday morning refreshed, excited, and with an unusually full bladder. Aftertaking a quick shower, she got dressed, and put on a pair of panties, very excited to be back to thin underwear.

'I'll go with jeans again today, it's nice weather and they'll work better with thinner underwear. i-i'm pretty happy to be out of pullups!.......i can't believe i just thought that.' Camilla snuck past Veronica's door, and walked to work, seeing jessica standing at her desk worried her, but she hoped it was just something minor.

"Hey favorite coworker, i've gotta go pick up some supplies in another town, it'll be about 3 hours each way, and office rules mandate that i choose another person to go with me, buddy system and all that, and i choose you! Six hours pay for sitting in a car, that sounds pretty good, riiiiight?~". Camilla was suspicious, but it did sound pretty easy, and while the idea of being alone with jessica was scary, she was also scared of declining.

"A-as long as you promise not to pull any tricks. Amd that we can get some food on the way there." Jessica smiled, and forcibly grabbed camilla's hand, and they walked out together. "Of course, lil cammy". Camilla scowled at her, and tried to stop walking forward, but it backfired a bit when jessica didn't and it made camilla trip. "Gosh, are you okay?" Here, let me help." Jessica lifted her up, carrying her with her arms wrapped around the Little. "M-my name is camilla, call me that. And put me down!!".

"I'll call you camilla when you're grown up enough to not need me checking your underwear every day, until then, you're cammy. And yes, i will put you down." They reached jessica's car, and she walked over to the passenger side, where a carseat was set up. Camilla's eyes widened as she opened the door, set camilla down, and buckled her in very tightly, and Camilla immediately knew that she wouldn't be able to break out of it even trying her hardest.

"Do you have to put me in this? it's not like i'd unbuckle myself, w-why do i need a carseat?" Camilla asked, looking pleadingly over to jessica, who was by now in the driver seat, and had started backing out of the parking lot. "Oh, i don't need to, but it's plastic, so if you can't hold it, my seat won't get ruined. And it's cute to see you squirm around too~."
Camilly pouted, but realized there was no way to get out of it, so she sighed, and just relaxed.

"Here" Jessica tossed her a handheld, with a game already launched on it, some colorful 3d platformer where you play as a cute diapered animal. It was fun enough for the first hour, but by the time she cleared world two she was getting pretty bored.
"Hey, we're gonna stop for food, right? There's a wcdonalds over there." They pulled into the drive thru.
'hmm... The problem is that this is mainly an amazon fast food brand, so they don't have anything i could reasonablyh finish. I mean, i could always get something big, but then i- "We'll have a cheeseburger, a medium fry, and a happy meal with an XL apple juice."
"You didn't have to order for me! I can make up my own mind." Camilla said, a bit annoyed, but not really angry. 'It's probably what i would have gotten anyways, but she still could have asked.'
They pulled up to the window and the lady at the window looked over to cammy "Aww, she's so precious! Enjoy your toy, little one." Camilla scowled at her, but if you'd asked either of the two amazons, they'd have said it made her look even cuter.

They Parked, and slowly ate their food. 'the view is pretty nice,and i do like the food, though i wish i didn't have to eat something designed just for little kids. Hey, what's this at the bottom? Great, a purple pacifier, i guess this is what she meant by the toy. This is going in the trash first chance i get.; She looked to jessica, making sure she was looking away, and stuffed it in her pocket, worried that jessica might use it on her.

"Alright, back on the road! We've got quite a while to go." Another hour passed uneventfully, but camilla had a problem.

"Jessica? I have to go to the bathroom, can we stop somewhere?"Camilla sked hopefully. "Not right now. We'll stop when i have to go, and we can both go. okay?"
"B-but amazons can go way longer! That's unfair."
"Okay, fine. We'll stop when i have to go to the bathroom, *or*, if you can finish your apple juice, okay sweetie? Now go back to your game, i need to concentrate on driving,"
'It's a little better of a deal, but the problem is the size! She ordered me an xl AMAZON sized drink, this has to be at least a half gallon of drink!' Cammy sighs and picks up her cup. 'Well, better get started. I guess i'll just play the game some more and try and try and finish it. Eventually, the car stopped again, and Jessica got out. "I'll just be a minute, i'm gonna run in and grab the supplies, you stay in here".

After 25 minutes, she finally came out holding a huge cardboard box, which she threw into the trunk, and got back in the car.
"Are you sure i can't go to the bathroom? T-they must have one in there, right?" Camilla was practically pleading at this point. "We've spent enough time here, any longer and we'll be late for clocking out at work, we can stop at a gas station when you've finished your juice"
Camilla grumbled, but kept sipping.

30 minutes passed, and she finally drank the last of her apple juice.
"Done!!! pleeeeease please stop now, okay?" Camilla's legs were pressed together, and she looked like she was really struggling. Jessica laughed and responded "Alright, fine, you did earn it.
She pulls into the station, unbuckles camilla, and guides her into the station by grabbing her hand. They make it about halfway between the front door and bathroom before Camilla stops moving. her hands press against her crotch.

"n-no no nooooooo" A small dark spot appears on the front of her jeans, which gets bigger. And bigger. And a puddle forms at her feet.

'I-i wet myself...I fully wet myself. I know it wasn't my fault, b-but i still did it, and 10 feet from a toilet...I feel like the worst part is that if i'd been wearing pull-ups like i had the last few days, there might not have been any leaks... A-and what happens now? am i going to get in trouble w-with the gas station? what if......' While camilla was completely lost in thought, jessica was talking with the employee.

"Miss, we require all littles to be padded while in our store, for scenarios just like this, are you not used to having a Little child?" The employee asked, clearly upset about having more work to do.
"Oh, she's not mine, she's actually my coworker. She didn't realize she had to go until it was too late, do you have anything for her to wear? It looks like everything but her shirt is ruined, In fact, if you have a trash can we can use we can just throw it all out, she won't be wearing any of it anymore, at least not at work."

"I am so sorry, i can't imagine working with a little, it's just sad that they pair her with you, probably just pity, i'll check the back, we usually have an emergency stock of diapers at least, follow me please."

Jessica picked up camilla, and carried her into the back room. Camilla was mostly paying attention now, but she didn't have the energy to resist. She could feel her wet clothes clinging to her body, and she felt about as little as she looked, so she just let them do their job.
The employee pulls out a white diaper, some rainbow socks, and some light up velcro shoes. Together with jessica's help, they removed and threw out everything but Cammy's shirt, and got her into the childish outfit, taping her up and applying baby powder. Jessica takes the pacifier that she knew was in her pocket, and sticks it into Cammy's shirt pocket.

"Thank you, i owe you one. I think our cute little Cammy needs to explain her situation to the boss" She laughs, and the employee laughs too.
"n-no pants? B-b-but..." The employee ruffles Cammy's hair, and chuckles "It's okay, sweetie. Even if you had pants, they couldn't hide your diaper, so what's really the point?" Camilla looks down and frowns, unable to respond.

They walk back to the car, and Cammy is buckled back in, and they drive off.
'T-this feels so weird, it's so bulky a-and soft, and i can't even fully close my legs! I-i can't even walk normally, and if i'd been wearing this when i'd....um.... earlier, i would have lost control a lot earlier, because i can't even press my legs together.'

"U-um, jessica? D-do we really need to talk to julia? Can't you d-drop me off at home? a-and just say i was sick? please?" Camilla asks.
Jess thinks for a minute, and completely shocks camilla. "You know what? Yes. I'll drop you off at home, and hopefully tomrrow will be better for you. You're required to be padded tomorrow though, since you got a raincloud today."

Camilla lights up, smiling at her "Thank you! y-you won't regret it, tomorrow i'll be completely bone dry for sure!" The drive passes a bit quicker this time, and eventually they're about a half mile from Camilla's apartment, but the car stops early. "U-um, my apartment is another half mile." Cammy says, to which veronica responds "Oh i know, but your new diaper looks so cute that i want you to show it off to all of your neighbors!" 
"N-no....." "Yep!! have a great day~" Jessica says, getting out, unbuckling Cammie, and setting her on the sidewalk, before speeding off.
Cammie runs as fast as she can with her diaper, but she's not used to it, and she trips, lightly skinning her knee. She sits there for a minute, not quite in extreme pain, but her cheeks definitely aren't dry.
"Oh my! are you okay?" Camilla turns around to see the large amazon woman that she first saw on her way to work almost a week ago, she was pushing a stroller again, with a little in it, sipping a bottle full of milk. 
"I-i'm fine, thank you for asking, i'm just walking home."
"why don't you climb in here and i'll push you, hm?" The amazon offers, and the little in the stroller laughs, pointing the bottle towards her.
"No thank you, i'm not used to wearing....this, i'm an adult, e-even if i'm dressed like this, but it's a long story, t-trust me, i can handle it." Camilla states. The amazon stares at her for a second, before relenting. "Oh, fine. But i'm walking with you, i need to make sure you're going to be safe.
Camilla didn't really want that, but it didn't really hurt, so they walked together, the amazon stopping to play with her daughter a few times, but eventually, they reached her house, and Camilla was able to go inside, finally home after all that.
'God, today was awful, i just want to get this thing off, get into some pants, and have a drink' She grabbed the diaper, yanked on the tapes and......It didn't budge. She tried harder, but she couldn't get it to weaken even a little. Her next idea was to look around for some scissors or a sharp knife, but after checking everywhere she could think of, all she could find were butter knives and children's safety scissors.

'I can't stand it, but i'm going to have to ask either maria or veronica for help with this... Maria is much sweeter, and unlike veronica, i can actually trust her to put me in regular underwear when i'm done, and not another d-diaper' She opened the door to leave, and standing right in the hallway, looking directly at her, was veronica. Camilla yelled in surprise, her plan to avoid veronica failing almost immediately.
"That's not a very cute diaper! It's all white. And you know you're not wearing pants, right? cmon, let's go get you some pants that'll fit over it. okay cutie?" Camilla tried to run away, but veronica caught her and started walking to her room"
Loud footsteps came from the stairs, and maria walked up to the two of them "I heard a scream, what's wrong?" Maria asked, sounding concerned. 
"Me and this little cutie were going to my room to get this little-proof diaper off, and get her into something more adult, right?" Veronica winked at her.
She sighed. 'With maria there i can count on veronica doing what she says, and at this point i'd take anyone getting me back into panties, and i feel like if i tell maria the truth veronica will find a way to really punish me, and it might be the best i'm gonna get'

"Y-yes, that's what was happening, thank you for worrying about me, Maria" Camilla said, and Maria smiles. "I'll go get you some pants, i'll be back in a jiffy!" Maria walked off, and veronica carried camilla into her room, shut the door, and set her down on the coffee table, which was a good 4 feet into the air.

"Alright, fine. I can't let you stay in your nice, fluffy diaper now, but that doesn't mean i'm upset~ First, let's get this thing off." She rips the tapes off with ease, and throws it in the trash. "Now, i'm going to assume you landed yourself in that diaper from pissing your pants, right?" Camilla nodded instinctively, and immediately regretted it. Being at the mercy of an amazon always made her nervous. "Well, i think it's safe to say that these thin, flimsy 'training pants' aren't strong enough for a pants piddler like you, but they're all we have. So, you're going to wear two." She picks the package up and dumps out the only 2 left, before removing camilla's shoes, sliding the underwear up her legs, and putting them back on.

"H-hey, i didin't use all of those, where are the rest?" 
"Sorry, but little miss 'won't use a pull-up every single day' though an 8-pack would be fine. And i assume that you don't have the money for any more right now, right?" Veronica asked, similing in a way that scared poor Cammy. "I-i get paid tomorrow! i-it's fine, i can buy more then."
"But there's a cute little girl i know that wouldn't last 5 minutes in big girl panties, so you really need some new padded undies. Hmmmm, i guess we're gonna to have to go grocery shopping. Tomorrow, right after you get out of work, we'll meet up." 

Camilla was about to respond, when the door slowly opened. "I've got your pants, dear." There were a few things camilla could say to that. 'Those aren't my pants' 'I don't want to wear those' 'Why did you pick such immature pants' but she was really just happy to be out of her diaper, back into (somewhat) thinner underwear, and she was about to be in her own apartment again, so she took the Pink, glittery sweatpants from Maria's hand and slid them on. They really didn't hide her doubled pullup situation, in fact almost anyone who saw her would think she was wearing a slightly thin diaper rather than two pullups, though she wasn't sure if people knowing the truth was really any better...

"Goodbye, veronica, see you tomorrow. Goodbye maria, thank you for the pants!" Camilla said, walking out, before she was grabbed at the shoulder by maria. "Aren't you going to thank veronica for helping you out?" Camilla winced, but suffered through it so she could get home soon. "Thank you veronica, i appreciate your help". Maria smiled, and veronica replied "You're welcome, cutie! Come back any time you need a change, okay?" Camilla turned away and walked home, finally back to her room and out of that diaper. She immediately went to her dresser to change her pants, but everything was replaced. lots of pants and skirts equally as shildish as the one she was wearing, with three exceptions: A rather short skirt, which seemed odd, but she wondered if it was to more easily see the little's diaper. A pair of purple shortalls, perhaps the baby-est thing in the wardrobe, and finally: A pair of footie pajamas, and they even had a section on the back that you could unbutton to check the wearer's diaper.
"Did maria do all this? I-it must have been veronica somehow, maria wouldn't replace all of my clothes without asking!" Camilla decided her current pants were good enough, and went to lay down, but when she did, something fell out of her shirt pocket: The pacifier! though this time she noticed a small piece of paper, with a web link claiming to have a 'fun video for littles' She was just interested enough to type the link, and she was greeted with a black box with a play button, which she clicked.

A half hour later, camilla shook her head, trying to remember what she had just been doing... Her phone was on the home screen, and she was laying in bed, so she must have dozed off while browsing the internet. She picked up the pacifier and set it on the bedside table 'Eh, i'll throw this junk away tomorrow, i'm already in bed and there's no point getting up just for that.' She said, as she laid down, quickly sliding her thumb into her mouth. And why shouldn't she, it was a perfectly normal thing for adults to do, and it helped her relax.......

Chapter 6
Camilla woke up, dried her thumb on her pants, and got up. 'Hey, i only somewhat have to pee, maybe i'm getting better at holding it in!" Which is sound logic, ignoring the state of her underwear, not quite soaked, but definitely the wettest they'd been of any morning this week.
She gets ready, grabs her purse, puts on her shoes (still the velcro light up sketchers, she'd only had one pair of sneakers and they were replaced by these) and heads out the door. On her way to work, she sees a little who looks distressed.
"Hey, are you okay? what's wrong?" Camilla asked, concerned. "N-no, you've gotta help, me and my friend were going for a walk, a-and this amazon lady pushing a stroller picked her up and took her, but she left the stroller there, and my friend had just enough time to throw her phone into it so i could call for help, but i'm not strong enough to lift myself into it, you need to help!"
* 'This seems a little suspicious. First of all, why would she be pushing a stroller she didn't intend to carry them away in, and secondly, this girl is throwing me off, she seems both too calm for the situation, but also too frantic to just be sitting here. Hey! there's an amazon staring at us over there. She's trying to hide behind the building! This must be a trap, i'm not sticking around for this'
She bolted, running to the other side of the street, and not slowing down until she reached the office.

She was glad to be back in relative safety. When she got in the elevator, there was an amazon woman with her, and before camilla could hit the 3F button to go to her job, the other girl hit the button for the daycare. Camilla didn't think much of it, until she felt herself being picked up and carried to the reception for the daycare.
"H-hey! i work here you know, i'm not a baby! Put me down!!" She pulled out her card identifying her as an official worker
"UUGH, fine. You can't blame me for mistaking you, what would YOU calll someone who wears a diaper to work, huh? And you're just gonna end up down here eventually anyways, why not just skip the pointless struggle and give up now? I hear they've got swingsets and even a trampoline in here, sounds pretty good to you, huh?"
Camilla groaned and walked back to the elevator, pressing the correct button, and waiting to get to her actual job. 'That was rediculous! I'm telling julia about that, there's no way that's allowed. I do kinda wish i had my own swingset though, now that i think about it.'

Camilla's eyes widened as soon as the elevator doors opened. Right in plain sight, as soon as you entered the floor, was a calander. 3 sun stickers, and one rain cloud. And right above it, the text: "Lil Cammy's potty chart, Updated every day" She marched over to the chart, and started trying to figure out how to take it down (it was 9 feet in the air after all) when a voice behind her said "You lay a finger on that chart, you get a storm cloud for that day, pipsqueak". It was jessica! "T-take that down! I-It's disrespectful, and rude, and a total i-invasio"- Camilla was interrupted by Jessica pulling the waistband of her pants and padded underwear.

"Jeez kiddo, i think i'll have to count that as a raincloud, and work has barely started! Do you even try to make it to the bathroom anymore? I guess that's why you've doubled up, huh?."
Camilla was nervous. Now that her chart was public, it mattered 10x more, and she really didn't want her coworkers to think she was a pants wetting baby. "c-come on, work just started, w-what if i keep it this dry for the rest of the day?" Camilla asked hopefully. 
"You'd have a better chance of beating me at arm-wrestling, but sure, and while we're at it, why don't i show you the new addition to your workspace". She led camilla to her cubicle, where there was...a plastic potty, sitting next to her chair.

"Yeeea, management says that with how many bathroom breaks you take, and how far away it is, you're wasting about $30 a day worth of time just in the walks to and from the bathroom, so we got this! Now you can justmove a few feet and squat down, isn't that great? Oh, and the bathroom now has a numpad lock on it, and no one is supposed to tell you what it is." Camilla was speechless. She simply sat down in her chair, and waited for jessica to walk off. She would start doing her work, and would get quite a lot done (and of course sometimes she would pop her thumb into her mouth, "to help her focus") But she couldn't bring herself to use the potty. About halfway through her workday, she was practically on the edge of what she could hold, and she finally worked up the courage to use it, as her bladder felt like it was about to burst. She pulled down her pants and trainers, squatted down, and let go.

"Aaaah~". Partway through, camilla could hear a few people laughing. 'Jerks, they're not the ones forced to be doing this. It's a lot quieter than i expected. And why does my butt feel so warm? I-i didn't forget to pull anything down, right? My pants are down, so are my training pa- SHIT, i'm wearing two pairs....no no no no no' She reached her hand up and confirmed her fear, she'd only pulled down one pair of training pants.

Jessica arrived with horrible (or perfect) timing. "i'm sorry, kiddo. I'm afraid that counts as soaked. And i think we'll need to diaper you up, you're not gonna be able to put those back on."
"I-I um...If i had access to the bathroom this wouldn't have happened! A-and couldn't i just use the training pants that i took off back on?" Referring to the ones around her ankles.
"If i were nice? i'd probably say yes, but i've got 2 good reasons why i'll say no. One: Two full wettings in a row demonstrates that you're not ready for training pants yet, and two: watching you waddle around, trying to get used to your diapers is so fun. Now come on, we've gotta talk to the boss about this."

Jessica leads them into Julia's office, and explains the whole situation. Julia smiles at Camilla, and speaks. "Most bosses, in this position, would mandate you wear diapers, and if i'm going to be fair about this, i'll have to agree. Don't pout though, Camilla, some bosses would use this opportunity to give you a permenant ticked to the daycare downstairs. Cut down on liquids before bed, pay attention to when you need to go, and actually try, and maybe you'l lstand a chance of getting back to training pants" Julia stated.
"Y-you mean panties, right?" Camilla asked nervously. "Yeah, of course. Now show camilla to her new workspace."

"New workspace? What do you mean?" Camilla asked, to which Jessica replied "Well, since you'll be in diapers that you can't remove, you'll need to see me any time you want to go to the bathroom, so we're moving your stuff into my cubicle, and we'll be working together! Well, your duties will be scaled back a bit and you'll essentially just be helping me, but..."
"W-why not just give me...d-diapers that i can remove?"  "Do you know how to diaper yourself?" Camilla shook her head. "So you'd be able to remove the diaper, and then you'd have to walk all the way to where i am, with no underwear on, and have me put it back on. This is simpler, easier, and a lot more fun, so get used to it.

"But you're going to put me into training pants after work, right? How would i go to the bathroom at home?". 
"Nope, sorry. We have tons of diapers from the daycare downstairs, but we can't change you into anything else because the daycare doesn't stock training pants" Jessica lied, smiling at her. "Now come on, let's get back to work.
They worked for the few hours that were left, and they both packed up. Camilla thought about asking to go to the bathroom, but she figured she could get maria to take the diaper off, and put her back into her panties. 

The walk home was uneventful, and she saw maria at the counter. "Ah, camilla dear! What can i do for you? those pants look adorable on you sweetie, we just need to find a matching shirt." Camilla ignored her comment, more worried about getting out of this diaper before she needs to pee again. "Can you please get this diaper off? they put it on me at work and i can't break the tapes."
"Did they put it on you because you wet your pants, sweetie?" Camilla blushed hard and nodded. "I don't think i should then. Learning from mistakes is important, and without consequences, you won't learn. This diaper is meant to teach you how important it is to make it to the potty on time, and i don't want to interfere with that lesson. But you can come to me whenever you need to go potty and i'll take it off for you, okay? And you'll stay nice and dry!" Camilla was too embarrassed to say anything, and she just stood there for a minute, before finally gathering the courage to ask to go to the bathroom
"There you are cammy! We've gotta go shopping, remember? We gotta go now or they'll close!" Veronica walked over and picked cammy up, walking out the door.
"W-wait, i-" Cammy was cut off again by veronica. "It's okay, mommy maria will be here when you get back, you can play more then." And like that, they were walking to the store.
Both veronica and cammy were facing away from Maria, but had they looked to her, they would have noticed a big smile and a slight blush at being called camilla's mommy.

"They spent the next 20 minutes just getting regular groceries, but camilla really had to go by the time they'd gotten everything. "U-um, big sis veronica? p-please come with me to the bathroom, i need you to take off my um.....yknow." Veronica had a wide grin. "I don't know, what's in it for me? i stop you from emptying your bladder directly into your dumb kiddie pants in the middle of a crowded store just to be nice? Doesn't sound like me."

"P-please, anything you like, i need to keep this dryyyy." Camilla begged. "How about i pick everything i'd like from the store, and in return you keep your diaper dry? Fair, right?"
'It's not the most unfair deal she's ever given me, and even if she picks out some infantile booties or something, i can just have maria take them off. Apparently she doesn't want to interfere with punishments, but i think she'll take my word over veronica's, and it would just be her bullying me, so she'll take them off." Camilla nods, and they head to the bathroom.

Veronica pulls down her pants, untapes the diaper, and lifts her onto the toilet. She turns around, but she doesn't leave the stall. It takes a few minutes, but eventually the sound of liqiud hitting liquid echoes through the bathroom. 'G-god, this is embarrassing! She didn't even leave the stall! but at least i stayed dry, that's the important thing. Just three more days and i'm back to training pants...i wish i didn't have to be excited to wear pullups.'

They finished up, and veronica re-diapered Cammy, as they headed out into the store. Veronica looked like she was having a blast, picking out all kinds of things for little Cammy to wear. Padded mittens that would make it hard to even turn a doorknob, even using both hands. Babyish plastic booties, though they looked a little weird, especially the bottom of the insides. A pink onesie with a few frills along the butt. and finally, and worst: Night-time diapers, probably as thick as two of the ones camilla was wearing, with stars and moons on them, which doubled as wetness indicators. Camilla would have argued it, but she'd agreed, so she settled for quiet pouting.

Veronica finally finished, and they paid, and carried the bags back home. When veronica finally handed the receit to Cammy, she found out it was almost exactly all of the money she'd been paid that day. 'Great, aaaand back down to broke." And of course veronica insisted on carrying Camilla back to the apartment, along with all of the bags. 'Well, at least it's a bit nice to not have to carry anything. They went inside, and as soon as veronica set her down, Camilla ran to her room, But she heard a knock on her door about 30 seconds later, and remembered they'd also gotten food groceries. She opened the door for Veronica, getting deja vu of the first time she'd allowed veronica to help with groceries.

"You're adorable" She booped cammy's nose, to which cammy just blushed and looked away. Veronica put away all of the groceries, grabbing all of the babyish items, and walked to the hallway.
"Do you need help getting into your night-time diapee, lil sis?" Veronica practically yelled, smiling at her. 
"NO!" she slammed the door and locked it.
Happy to be safe again in her room, she walked into the bedroom, prepared to sleep. Though her bed was a bit different....There were rails on each side, at least a foot tall, and bolted into place. Camilla grumbled, blaming Maria, but not really that upset, it's not like they actively hurt anything, and it was just to proctect her, even if she didn't need it.
She stuck her thumb into her mouth, and slowly drifted off to sleep....

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Part of why i wanted to make the story is because i've been fascinated with just going through lives of littles trying to be adults, and sloooowly getting trapped
Like there's one line  in a PPP story about how "they always put the really thin training panties on the 12' up shelves, so a little has to ask for help, and when they do, the amazon worker just hands them the thick diapers and says they're not ready for trainers"
like, i want to think of ways like that, and go through a little's life from office job to baby showing different things like that
i just love tthe idea of a deep look at the variious ways littles are subtly tricked or coerced into something a bit baby-er than before, and how they're misled.

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  • Star Voyager changed the title to A little's guide to staying Independant [ongoing diaper dimension story] chapters 1-6
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Chapter 7

Cammy woke up slowly, comfortable at first, but slowly realizing that her crotch was wet...Very wet. She tried to jump out of bed to make sure she didn't leak, though she forgot about the railings, and tripped trying to get out, landing flat on her butt, mercifully less hard of a landing due to her white diaper.

'That stupid railing! I'm gonna need to have a word with Maria......Well, actually i'd rather not risk my butt over something this small. God, Maria can be scary sometimes...' She stood up and checked her bed, which luckily was completely dry! Her diaper was much less fortunate though. As much as she hated the idea, she needed someone to change her diaper for her. She briefly considered maria, but due to how wet she was, she didn't want to risk leaking on any of her pants, so she'd have to go pantsless, and she really didn't want to go downstairs and into the lobby llike this, so she left her room and ran (Read: speed-waddled) To Veronica's.

She knocked as hard as she could, and veronica let her in, and lifted her up so she could reach the changing table.
'No matter how many times i see it, i'm still freaked out sometimes by the height of an amazon, i barely come up to her waist... It makes it a lot harder to feel calm or confident, but i still need to try my best, or veronica the crazy lady will have me spending all day in a crib instead of letting me go to work.' Cammy sat on the table while Veronica removed her diaper, wiped her down, and walked into the other room, but while she was gone, cammy realized something.

'Wait....NO!!! The only diapers she has are the ultra thick nighttime ones! Oh god, the white ones are bad enough, there's no way i'm wearing one of those, i'll go ask maria, i'm sure she'll have some thinner ones.' She scooted to the edge of the table, almost taller than she was, and she got ready to gently drop off of it, before being pushed back to the center by veronica.
"Bad girl, maybe i need to get a changing table with rails, hm? If you fell you could break a leg! And then i'd have to push you to work in a stroller, and i'd definitely hate that" She grinned, and started putting the night-time diaper on Cammy. 

"N-no! i don't want to wear that, get it away from me!" She tried struggling, but it didn't accomplish much. 
"Just let it happen, cammy. I wasn't going to tell you this, but your diaper was so close to leaking that it's a miracle you made it over here clean. You need this diaper, the regular ones just don't cut it." Veronica said, Looking very serious, but Camilla didn't believe her. 
"N-no! You're trying to trick me, it wasn't even v-very wet!! you want me to m-make me think i need it!!" Camilla struggled harder, yelling at veronica.

The 'big sis' held camilla down and taped the very thick starry diaper onto her, and once it was on snug, she set her down on the floor, patting her on the butt a couple times.
"Take this offa me you jerk! i-i'll tell maria, and she'll yell at you! and then yo-" She was silenced by a pacifier being stuck in her mouth, and the strap was tied behind her head as well.
"Dis ish unfaiw! wet me out of dish stuff!" She mumbled, but veronica just smiled at her and pushed her out the door.

'I guess i should go get maria to let me out of this stuff. Though i don't want her to see me not wearing any pants, so i'll swing by my room and find something to fit over this enormous diaper'
She rooted through her room for a minute, annoyed that most of her clothes had been replaced with much more juvenile clothing. Pink shortalls, footie pajamas, a white frilly dress, a flowery sundress. Luckily, she found her office suit and skirt tucked into the back of her closet. She managed to get the shirt on easy, but she had to try hard to squeeze the skirt up, and even then a good 3 inches of padding were clearly visible under the skirt. After waddling down to the lobby, struggling to get used to how far apart her legs were being pushed, she noticed a sign on maria's desk: 'Gone away, be back in an hour'.

'Great! just great! If i don't get to work in 10 minutes, i could get written up, or fired, or demoted to the daycare! I need to get going now, but i know i'm going to hate what jessica has to say today.' She started her longer than normal walk to the office,trying to avoid the attention of anyone passing by. During the walk, she couldn't help but suckle on the paci, enjoying the rhythmic feeling, and it somehow felt better than sucking her thumb.A couple of amazons smiled at her, one asking if she needed a change, to which cammy just shook her head and kept walking, face redder than before. She made it into the office with no problem, her first site being the despicable potty chart jessica had set up the day before, the two rain clouds staring at her, and while neither were her fault, she was the only one who could actually flood her pants, so it was still somewhat her fault.

"There's my favorite little employee! Cuuute!! You've upgraded your protection! Though it looks like you've downgraded your ability to walk and run~ Oooooh! and you've got a cute lil paci! I'll take that off for now, but speak out even once and i pop it back in." Jessica laughed, and cammy definitely wasn't a little sad when the pacifier was removed. The amazon forcibly grabbed her by the hand, leading her to the amazon's personal office. Cammy was scared at first, but she didn't see anything out of the ordinary, apart from the plastic potty to the left of the amazon sized desk. No play pen in the corner, no changing table, no toys strewn about, maybe she could actually get some work done.

"S-so, what would you like me to do? I'm g-great at typing, and i can take notes for you t-too!" She said nervously, hoping jessica would want to use her actual work skills, and not just want to humiliate her.

"Oh, sweetie, it's not pretend time. When you first showed up, i thought you'd be fun to blackmail into doing my work, but after the phone-call incident, i just can't trust you to do my work, you could mess it up and get me in trouble, so instead, you need to be replaced by a competent worker who knows how to keep their bed dry." Camilla was speechless, and very intimidated, leaking a little into her diaper from fear. When an amazon wants something, it's not easy for a little to stop them from having it, but she had to try, Jessica made it sound like she wanted her to end up adopted!. 

Jessica continued. "I could probably just adopt you if i really wanted you out, but i don't need a diaper filling pipsqueak running around, and even if it'd be fun to see you all embarrassed, it's not worth the effort, so i'll settle for getting you fired, which with any luck, should happen very soon, hence why i'm bothering to tell you."

"B-b-but i could be a good worker! i'm really good with reports!" Camilla said pleadingly.
"Awww, as sad as it is, i'm sure you still think you'd make a useful worker, but the truth is you're not. You couldn't even go half a day without piddling your pants, after all. But looking at your sad little face makes me feel bad, so tell you what: If you can go until noon with a dry diapee, i'll go get you some panties, and give you your old office back, how about that? It's 8am, that's only 4 hours, think you can do that, cutie?"

Camilla nodded, and jessica walked over to her and stuck a finger into the leakguard. "Dry, and that means the challenge can begin! Here's a coloring book for you to work on, i expect the first 5 pages done and on my desk by lunchtime" She giggled, as camilla sighed and picked up the crayons.


"Lunchtiiiiime, are you still dry?" Jessica asked, smirking at camilla, who got a bit more invested than she'd like to admit in coloring in her book. "Of course i am! I'm completely d-dry!" Jessica poked a finger into the leakguard, and shook her head at Camilla. "You're positively soaked! I have a hard time believing you could even hold this much water!".

Camilla was sure she hadn't wet at any point in the 4 hours. "No! no no no, you're trying to trick me! I'm not wet, you won't trick me! I won our bet!"She stomped her feet and threw her coloring book onto the floor. Jessica looked amuzed rather than angry, and had camilla stick her hand into her diaper, and she realized the inside was soaked, though the outside was completely unnoticable, and even the wetness indicators remained intact.

"W-well um...you poured water into my diaper when i wasn't paying attention!" Camilla countered. "But you didn't feel water pour in, did you? You just weren't paying attention when you soaked your diaper, because you're just a big baby." Camilla just looked down in shame, too embarrassed to argue anymore, on the verge of tears.

"P-please just change me, a-and i'll go back to coloring..." 
"Pfffft, in THAT diaper? You won't need to be changed all day, and i don't like doing extra work, so it'd be fest for you to get used to it." Jessica said, walking back to her desk and setting the coloring book, a juice box, and some apple slices on the floor next to camilla. 

'I-i should probably argue that, b-but i don't even know how i would, and after what just happened i don't really feel like arguing with her. At least the coloring book is kinda fun'. Camilla sat down and began coloring in a picture of a dinosaur.
"And after you're finished your snack, i've got a treat for you!" She pulled an extra large double chocolate chip cookie out of her lunch bag, still warm, probably hand baked this morning, and camilla would be lying if that didn't motivate her to eat her apples a little faster...

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, though Camilla's tummy started rumbling after eating that cookie, maybe it was too much sugar.. She stood up and started to walk out of the office, catching jessica putting another sticker on her chart. As she walked out the door, jessica yelled something to her. "Your padding gets any thicker and i'll have to start driving you home!~" Which made Camilla waddle even faster out, hoping they'd think she was talking to a different little. About halfway home, she started feeling weird, and she clutched her stomach and stopped.
'This isn't good, i need to get home fast! I can just get maria to change me and everything will be fine'. She trudged along, careful not to move too fast or lift her feet too high. She was making good progress, until a random amazon smacked her on the butt, making her lose her focus and almost fill her diaper right there. By the time she reached the apartment, she was barely moving and her hands were pressed against her butt.

"M-maria! i need your help, quick, change me out of this pleeease!" She yelled immediately after entering the lobby, to which maria smiled at her, and picked her up. "Let's go up to your room, sweetie, i know you can make it to the potty in time, i believe in you" She picked camilla up and started carrying her up the stairs. Camilla thought being carried would be good at first, but the way she was carried made it even harder to hold it in, but she barely made it to her door, where maria set her on her feet.

"Just a second, sweetie, i need to get my key ready" Maria said, fishing out a key ring with at least 30 keys, making camilla whine.
'oh come ooooooon, i-i don't even know if i can make it into the bathroom if it unlocked right nooooow' She squirmed next to Maria, hands pressed against her butt and doing a potty dance.
'hmmmng i can hold it, i can d-do this, the door's almost opeeeen'.

But another minute later, and she subconciously squatted down, and despite her best efforts, she grunted and felt her body starting to push, filling her diaper with bright red cheeks and her face scrunched up, as she finishes filling her diaper, but she still can't grasp what just happened.

"Oh, you poor thing, let's get you inside!" Maria put her key ring away and opened the door, and if camilla had been paying attention, she would have noticed that maria had never even tried a key, and had never even checked if it was locked.

Camilla was still in shock as maria carried her into the little's room, to a changing table that hadn't been there when she'd left. Maria set her down, cammy cringing as she felt the mess squish against her butt, and maria started changing her, throwing cammy's diaper into a diaper pail that was also new, and she was wiped down, fidgetting the whole time. 
"Okay, sweetie, i need to go see Veronica and get one of your diapers from her, i'll be right back." Maria said, but cammy questioned her. "D-don't you have any t-thin ones o-or anything?"
"I'm afraid not, all of my other tenants are potty trained. Well, you are too of course, i'm sure this is just stress, you'll recover soon" Maria said smilingly, and cammy felt it hard to complain about her first statement when she seemed so kind and reassuring.

"W-well, okay, but please j-just tell veronica that i j-just need a spare, just in case, okay? don't tell her about this!" Maria nodded, and walked away, leaving her laying on the table, waiting.

"I need to borrow that package of diapers, veronica, cammy had a bg accident when she got home today. She's such a cutie, i could hardly refrain from picking her up and cuddling her when she started doing her potty dance." Maria said, smiling.

Veronica appeared happy too, and started laughing. "Pfft, really? she's barely been here a week and she'spractically un-potty trained! I think the pipsqueak is almost ready, i just wish i could see her try to do her job tomorrow," 
"Don't be so hard on her, it's just like with all the littles i've seen, they're so proud and determined and they want to prove themselves, and then when they end up diapered and with their mommy and daddy, they're all smiles and laughs, and little cammy is almost there." Maria grabbed the entire pack of night-time diapers, and walked out, with veronica speaking to maria as she left. 
"Hey, remember our deal, okay?" To which maria nodded, re-entering Cammy's room with her diapers.

"This should just be a minute, and then you'll be all set. Oh dear, you're shivering! I'll get you some clothes too." She diapered camilla with the extra thick diaper, but afterwords she reached for another one, and started taping that up too, zipping her up into a pair of footie pajamas afterwords.

"H-hey! i-i don't need two! I d-don't even need one! I wouldn't even be able to walk in these!" Camilla pleaded.
"it's just for night-time, i'll come back in the morning to check you, and if you're mostly dry i'll take off the second one, okay?" Maria smiled at her and patted her on the head.

'Why is maria being so forceful? I-i guess she's just really worried about me having another accident. I want to tell her it's unnecessary, that i don't need it, b-but after my.....before, i guess i can understand why, and besides, i'll be dry tonight, so it's just until i fall asleep, and if i upset her i might need to go to veronica for future changes.'
"O-okay, maria." Maria picked her up and set her into her bed, with the bars still raised, and popped Camilla's pacifier from the other day into her mouth, and camilla drifted off to sleep, sucking her paci.

Chapter 8

"Rise and shine, little one!" 
Camilla's eyes opened slowly, and she looked around confused, realizing she was sitting in Maria's lap in the Amazon's own apartment, and she realized why she wasn't in her own seat when she looked down, seeing that she was at least 7 feet off the ground! She instinctively hugged Maria a little tighter.

"U-um, maria? Why am i in your apartment? and i t-thought you were going to take the second diaper o-off!" She asked, nervously.

"Sweetie, at first i was rooting for you, and trying as much as i could to help you be an adult, but you kept failing over and over, and now it's been a week since you've kept your pants dry all day. You're just not ready to be an adult, but it's okay. Just let mommy maria find you someone to take care of you, and you can try again in a few years, and until then you can play and have fun and live carefree, okay?" Maria patted her head, but she started to struggle.

"N-no!! I'm an adult! Put me down and take these diapers off of me! I-i need to get to work!"
Maria stopped smiling and carried her over to the couch, untaping both of her diapers, the insides noticably yellowed... 
Cammy started to thank Maria, but before she could finish, she grabbed her and pulled her over her lap. 
"H-hey, what are you doing? Put me down, i'm not a baby!!" Camilla argued, but it didn't stop maria's hand from coming down hard. "No fair! i-i'm an adult, you can't do this!" Her hand hit camilla's soft butt, and it would continue for quite a while, until camilla was on the verge of tears, and had stopped arguing entirely, now just laying over maria's lap, fidgeting nervously.

"Now, you have two choices, Sweetie: You can let me put you back into those diapers that you rightfully earned, or we can make a game out of seeing how red your bottom can get until you're ready for your protection, which is it?" Maria asked, appearing much more intimidating to Cammy after experiencing for the second time how strong she was.
She sniffled, and pointed to the diapers, to which Maria smiled and gave her a warm hug. 
"Good girl! choosing to wear your diapees is very good of you! You've earned a reward!" 
Cammy was curious, until Maria removed her shirt and unfastened her bra, revealing sizable breasts that made cammy self concious about her flat chest. She wasn't really sure what was going on, until Maria grabbed the little and pulled her forwards, holding her face against the Amazon's breast.
'N-no way..... there's no way i'm doing this, i-it's even worse than drinking milk from a bottle, and she already thinks i'm a baby! I'm just going to wait until she gives up' Cammy thought, but after 10 minutes of just being coddled by Maria, she started needing to pee, so she relented, and started to suck, slowly, hoping to get it over with so she could get changed and maybe make it to the potty on time, but the rhythmic sucking motions were making it hard for her to focus...

Alright sweetie, any more and your tummy might explode" Maria said as she laughed, knocking Cammy out of her daze and making her blush. "Now that you're full, let's go visit your older sister, okay?" She picked her back up and carried her to Veronica's room, before knocking on the door.

"Oh, who's this adorable little girl? I didn't know you had a toddler, maria!" Veronica said, laughing as Cammy covered her face. "Don't be silly, i'm not sure she could even toddle around in these, she's really more like a crawler. Anyways, i'll leave her with you for now, take good care of her, okay? I'll check up on you two in a bit!" Maria closed the door, leaving Cammy with her "big sis".

"V-veronica" Camilla began, before realizing she should appeal to her more. "I-i mean big sis, please help me, Maria thinks i'm just a dumb baby, b-but we both know i'm an adult, and i need to go to work, please!" 

"Hmmm.....I don't want to be a bad sister, so i can't let you out of those diapers, since you clearly need them, but i will take you to work, to prove once and for all that you're too young to handle any kind of responsibility." Veronica picked cammy up, and started walking out of the building.
'Is it even worth going to work dressed like this? ERveryone's just going to think i'm just a baby, and there's not much i can do like this...But if i don't go, i'll just be sitting at home with maria and veronica, and i need to use this opportunity to show that i'm responsible, and maybe i can get back to training pants! Or at least a single, thinner diaper.'
They arrive at the office, and Veronica sets Cammy down next to the receptionist.
"I'm here to drop off my lil sis for work, i can trust you to keep her safe, right?" Veronica asked. 
"Why of course you can, i'll get her to her 'office'" She said, as Cammy realized something.
'O-oh no. That's the receptionist from the other day! She's totally got it out for me! But what can i do about it, i can't really tell veronica not to leaveme here, i need to go to work, so i guess i'll just make do.'

The receptionist waited for Veronica to leave before speaking. "I told you you'd end up in the daycare, and since you showed up dressed like that, i'll have to take this opportunity to prove it, so i hope you were looking to make some friends your own age today, sweetie." She started carrying cammy off to the elevator, despite her struggles, and she pressed the button for the daycare floor.
"P-please, i need to go to work, i could get in trouble, and i need this job!" Camilla pleaded, to which the receptionist responded "Oh, you're just precious! They'll understand, i'm sure they were expecting it to happen even sooner. If you want some advice: Just forget about your old job, and let your only worries be how long until snacktime, and how high of a block tower you can make, okay?"The receptioist used the most condescending tone cammy had ever heard, but she couldn't really fight back, so she pouted, still held firmly in the amazon's arms.

The elevator doors opened, and Cammy looked around to see brightly colored walls, with cartoon characters she vaguely recognized plastered on them as well, and as they got closer, she saw lots of littles, all dressed in different (but equally infantile) clothing. Most of them seemed happy, playing with blocks or hot wheels or talking with each other, with a few littles being changed, and one standing in the corner, facing the wall.

"This one tried to tell me she's a worker, but she's clearly not potty trained, so she must just be confused, because i don't see what use we'd have upstairs for a diaper filling little like her. Can you hold onto her for today?" The receptionist said, setting Cammy down , grabbing her hand so she couldn't run off, or waddle off to be more precise.

"Of course i can, i'll give her the tour! Come along, little one, you'll love it here." Camilla scowled (though it looked much more like a pout), but took the amazon's hand, biding her time until veronica showed back up, though she knew that might not be much better.

They walked through the large, metal door, much too heavy for camilla (or any little) to pull open on her own, into the playroom. There were toys strewn everywhere, lots of stuffed animals and blocks, a pretend vacuum and play kitchen, and enough other toys for anyone easily entertainable and with a short attention span to be kept busy for quite a while. Camilla noted where the tv was and they moved on, thinking that cartoons were a good choice if she had to stay for the day.

The next stop was what could loosely be considered the cafeteria, a lot of high chairs, and a few normal looking (but padded) chairs, presumably for the more adult littles, but what surprised her was the food. most of what was listed was either: Candy/baked sweets, baby food, and juice. There were also PB&J, and spaghetti, and a few other minor things.
'I mean, that's kind of impressive, i was expecting just baby food, or maybe applesauce or something, so overall that's pretty good, kind of glad since i'll be staying for lunch! I just hope i don't stay here too long after, i doubt this lady will give me a fair chance to make it to the pott- bathroom, so i'll have to just hold it.'

"I won't be showing it now since no one's using it right now, but we've even got a TV room, with lots of shows and movies, and we've even got some video games! Just remember to share, and try not to walk infront of other people playing games, okay sweetie? Well, if you're old enough to walk." She said condescendingly. Cammy pouted, mumbling 'of course i am', though if the attendant heard her, she didn't react.

"And finally, this is the bathroom! if you do good we can set up a potty chart for you, and you can move up to daytime diapers, and then into training pants!! I'm sure you'll be using the bathroom aaaall the time." She said, though her laughter at the end made it very clear that she was being sarcastic. She set cammy down and left her to her business, whatever it might be.

'okay, there's not really any point in escaping if veronica is coming soon. I would be owrried that they'd just keep me here, but the one good thing about veronica always teasing and humiliating me, is that i know it's me that she likes in particular, and she wouldn't let them just keep me. So, instead it's a game of what's the best way to spend my time? I'd try out the video games, but it's probably just elmo's letter journey or something...I could play with hot wheels, but that would get boring. I think it would be best to try and find someone to talk to! They might be a bit jelous that i'm leaving in a few hours, but at least i can keep them company for a while.'


"Okay cammy, time for your diaper change!" The assistant shouted, making cammy blush bright red, every other kid in the playroom obviously hearing her, though only a few chuckled, as many of them found diapers a completely normal and vital aspect of their lives, which made her feel sad for them. (though not sad enough that she'd feel any guilt for being able to leave here in another hour.) She stood up and waddled along with the caretaker to the changing room, though she didn't see the point since she was obviously completely dry.
"I guess it can handle a but more, but it's pretty wet already, so we'll need to get you changed up soon, but i know how much you little ones hate getting changed, so you can run along for now"
'There's no way i'm actually wet, she's just tricking me! A-and besides, who wouldn't hate diaper changes, they're embarrassing, and an invasion of privacy! But it's not like i want to stay in a dirty diaper either."

Cammy went back to playing. Currently, she was building a block tower with another guy, having some fun talking with him and building as high as they could, when there was a weird rumbling in her tummy. 'H-huh? i feel funny, am i sick or something?It feels kinda familiar...Oh! i-i gotta go number 2'. Cammy stood up and wandered around in search of a caretaker, but on her way she ran into another little, wearing overalls and pullups, asking if she wanted to play hot wheels.
"w-well, i'm kind of in a hurry right now" She said, to which the little frowned and said "oh... okay" beginning to walk off.
"Hey, wait! I guess i can play for a little, but i really need to do something pretty soon" Cammy conceded, and they began to play.
'hey, this is actually pretty fun, moving the cars along the little mat with the roads and stuff! Why's it been so long since i've played with cars?' She was laughing and playing with her new friend.
"Glad to see you having fun, but we need to check you again" Cammy was startled by the caretaker right behind her, and before she could react, she felt a hand press against the bottom of her diaper. "i'm afraid we'll have to change you, but you can get back to your playtime right afterwords" She felt herself being picked up and carried to the changing room, and being set down.
"Now why don't you use your manners and ask politely for a change, hmm?" She said. Cammy was Annoyed, but had little choice. "Could you please c-change me?"
"Because?" The woman responded. "B-because i can't do it myself?...A-and because i can't keep my underwear dry" Cammy asked, practically in tears.

"Good girl! So polite~ Now, we've got two types of diapers. We've got a nice, very thick night-time white diaper, and a moderately thinner daytime one, but that one is pink and sparkly, with unicorns and rainbows, which would you like?" She asked, to which cammy simply pointed to the pink one (though if she were aware it said 'diaper princess' on the butt, she may have chosen differently). She was wiped up, powedered, and the new diaper was quickly taped up, and she was off to the playroom again.

Before reaching the playroom, they ran into Julia! She was holding a small stack of paper, and had a very serious look on her face.

"Alright cammy, we've gotten a call from someone saying they're about 20 minutes away. Is this person that's picking you up going to adopt you when she gets here?" Julia asked, to which cammy stuttered for a minute, not sure how to respond.
"Okay, i'll take that as a no. Now, as part of our agreement for letting you work here in the first place, if you are sufficiently demonstrating that you can't handle life on your own, we are required to help you get adopted. I'm assuming that this 'veronica' will snap you up when she gets here, but i want to at least give you the option to choose. You've got about 15 minutes to call any amazon you know to pick you up, and assuming they accept, you can go with them instead, okay?"

Cammy was dumbfounded, not visually reacting to the news, but after a few minutes, she picked up the phone, ready to make her decision...


Finally! the two month anniversary of starting the story and nearly that much time of no updates, 160 lines of text~ hopefully they're on par with the rest of it.
So, chapter 7 was actually finished about 3 weeks to a month ago, but i wanted to finish chapter 8 as well and share them both at once rather than solo chapter 7, and the reason for that is that chapter 8 is the last "true" chapter.
my plan for here is to make a veronica ending, maria ending, and jessica ending, and also to go back and do that bad ending that i semi-hinted at in chapter 6 (i only ended up using it once, but the * marks an optional spinoff chapter, in this case what would have happened if she'd been more naive and trusting)

Anyways, hopefully you enjoy these chapters, and i'll try to have at least one of the three ending chapters out by this time in may, though if i do enough work on them i may release all 3 at once.

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  • Star Voyager changed the title to A little's guide to staying Independant [ongoing diaper dimension story] chapters 1-8
  • 3 months later...

strong determination to show your maturity by removing someone else's, because any weakness could result in someone doing the same to you in a very dog eat dog world, is a very nice type of thing to do, and it's part of why i went from finding the diaper demension Betweeners from unnecessary to amazing

At first i thought of the betweeners as just 'the unnecessary, smaller Amazons' and the current version of my story doesn't have them.
but, (after being delayed three months by my summer job), i'm beginning work again on the Little's Guide Super Cut, which is all 9 current chapters completely re-writter (but 95% of dialogue and actions having the same meaning, just with better writing, a more concrete storyline, better foreshadowing, etc etc. the general benefits from having another 6 months of writing practice, reading a few guides, and knowing exactly where the story is going to go), as well as the planned bonus chapter (you can see where it would have been, marked by a * in chapter 5 or 6) and the 3 epilogues.

i'm not putting a date yet because i don't want to miss it, but i'm working on it and i think it'll be pretty good. and part of why i'm doing it is because it's been long enough that i've forgotten a lot of what's happened, so it'll make good practice for the epilogues
OH! almost forgot the reason i segwayed to this: Veronica is going to be a tweener!
The beautiful thing about betweeners, is that since they *could* be treated just like amazons if they prove themselves, but could also be treated like littles if they don't, they have a hardcore, vested interest and determination to babify just about any littles around them, to show how mature they are, whereas most amazons just do it for fun or "to keep them safe" so it makes them a very fun group and not only gives veronica much more motivation to babify Cammy, but helps seperate her from the other two. And it fits with her neon hair punk rocker mid 20's persona, that she'd be a betweener

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  • 4 months later...

Finished rewriting another half chapter for the remake today alone, so i got a lot done today. The way I do it is that I copypaste a chapter into a new document, then one paragraph at a time i delete it and rewrite it entirely, and sometiems if i don't really like a section, i'll erase one paragraph, and then just keep writing based on that. I think the quality is very much improved
It's going a bit slow, but i think the first 5 chapters will be a lot longer than the last 4. And ironically writing the epilogues + chapter 6.5 might be the fastest chapters. 

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  • 5 months later...

About finished with chapter five's rewrite (i know progress seems slow, but It's mostly from working on other stories and having other interests, i've actually rewritten all of chapter 4 and 98% of chapter 5 in the last 8 days.), and i've just realized that chapter five is a hot mess. Originally i was really proud of starting and ifnishing an entire chapter in three hours, but that was a very bad way to write it and this entire rewrite has made me a bit more confident in my writing, though I wonder if part of why i think the writing is better now is just because i'm currently writing it so i've had less time to look at it

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I can't believe I missed that you are rewriting this and adding Betweeners. At the beginning you said they were adding after PPP introduction to this universe. The term was added later, but in the original she did have 3 different sizes of people. I think it was Bigs, Normal and Littles. Or something like that. Anyway, I always thought of Veronica as a Tweener because of her style and attitude, plus the way even the landlord talked to her, like she was an older child. Not a baby, but not an adult either. Now in my opinion, I think even Amazon's would treat other Amazon's as children, even put them in diapers if they act immature. Especially if they had an accident or (as a couple in PPP story) liked wearing diapers. I definitely like your writing. Can't wait to read the rewrite. 

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4 hours ago, Guilend said:

I can't believe I missed that you are rewriting this and adding Betweeners. At the beginning you said they were adding after PPP introduction to this universe. The term was added later, but in the original she did have 3 different sizes of people. I think it was Bigs, Normal and Littles. Or something like that. Anyway, I always thought of Veronica as a Tweener because of her style and attitude, plus the way even the landlord talked to her, like she was an older child. Not a baby, but not an adult either. Now in my opinion, I think even Amazon's would treat other Amazon's as children, even put them in diapers if they act immature. Especially if they had an accident or (as a couple in PPP story) liked wearing diapers. I definitely like your writing. Can't wait to read the rewrite. 

I'm glad to hear you enjoy it! ❤️
I just hope this doesn't end up being one of those things where a creator changes too much and thinks they're improving it but they're changing what people like about it. currently about 13.5K words have been rewritten, and 7.5K still need to be, plus chapter 6.5 needs to be added as well as the epilogues. 

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15 minutes ago, Star Voyager said:

I'm glad to hear you enjoy it! ❤️
I just hope this doesn't end up being one of those things where a creator changes too much and thinks they're improving it but they're changing what people like about it. currently about 13.5K words have been rewritten, and 7.5K still need to be, plus chapter 6.5 needs to be added as well as the epilogues. 

You're a decent writer and I'm also a diaper dimension addict, I'm pretty certain you'll do okay. Unless you have gotten worse at writing I think you'll do good. 

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Also: I totally agree about veronica! It's like, now that she's a Betweener, a lot of her attitudes and actions make more sense, she really should'e been one to start with. 

One change i'm not sure on is whether Jessica's name should be Jessica or Jennifer. I know it sounds like an arbitrary, pointless change, but it was actually supposed to be Jennifer to begin with, but then i realized one of my lewd friends used 'jenny' as a handle and i wasn't sure how they'd feel about it, and when chapter 3 finished i found out they were fine with it, but now it's kinda already her name.
The characters all have a common-ish archetype as a base with a fitting name to match, andi definitely think jessica fits the 'Bitchy blonde spoiled ex-cheerleader' archetype more (Though tbh re-written chapter 5 does flesh her character out a bit more so she's not just 'that bitchy coworker'). 
And overall i'm a bit conflicted on it, but if i had to guess what'll happen i'd guess it'd stay as jessica
Also i've always assumed Maria would be people's favorites (Though maybe that's just because my 'Character personality/attitude/hidden agenda' sheet makes maria really fun), though the people i've shared it with seem to prefer veronica.

Sorry for the rambly post, but if you'd like to check out what i have so far, i can send the first four rewritten chapters as a .rtf for people to read

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2 minutes ago, Star Voyager said:

Also: I totally agree about veronica! It's like, now that she's a Betweener, a lot of her attitudes and actions make more sense, she really should'e been one to start with. 

One change i'm not sure on is whether Jessica's name should be Jessica or Jennifer. I know it sounds like an arbitrary, pointless change, but it was actually supposed to be Jennifer to begin with, but then i realized one of my lewd friends used 'jenny' as a handle and i wasn't sure how they'd feel about it, and when chapter 3 finished i found out they were fine with it, but now it's kinda already her name.
The characters all have a common-ish archetype as a base with a fitting name to match, andi definitely think jessica fits the 'Bitchy blonde spoiled ex-cheerleader' archetype more (Though tbh re-written chapter 5 does flesh her character out a bit more so she's not just 'that bitchy coworker'). 
And overall i'm a bit conflicted on it, but if i had to guess what'll happen i'd guess it'd stay as jessica
Also i've always assumed Maria would be people's favorites (Though maybe that's just because my 'Character personality/attitude/hidden agenda' sheet makes maria really fun), though the people i've shared it with seem to prefer veronica.

Sorry for the rambly post, but if you'd like to check out what i have so far, i can send the first four rewritten chapters as a .rtf for people to read

First you are right about the names, I think Jessica fits. As favorite character, I'm actually a tie between Veronica and Jessica. Mostly because I think even though one is a Big and the other is now a Tweener, thet both deserve a good spanking and messy diaper (mostly because I love when the ones that are supposed to be above wearing diapers due to size or otherwise gets put in diapers lol) I'd love to read whatever you've gotten rewritten so far. 

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