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Diapers amd gay bars


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On 12/14/2023 at 8:01 AM, bluediaperboy said:

Not only have I done it, myself and several friends wore diapers to a bar in Seattle multiple times. It was a gay bar that was fetish friedly and would have pup, ab/dl, and bondage events every month.  

I've been at fetish events at gay bars, mainly for watersports or s&m, and you can usually get away with it then.

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It's something I personally wouldn't try in the gay locations I've been to. In the saunas it wouldn't really be possible anyway and the bars were usually full of gossip and I've seen people getting torn into, usually in their absence, for much, much less than wearing diapers. Now you could be the kind of person that doesn't give a toss about what people say about them behind their back but I have often found that to be easier said than done.

That being said I have worn fetish items to such places before but always in a way that you couldn't tell just by looking. With diapers though I'd be super careful as getting casually groped is something that can happen and if I was wearing then it'd be obvious by that point.

While that is only my opinion I think a very personal kink like this shouldn't be casually shared with just anyone as not everyone is going to be understanding or even tolerant of everything, gay or not.

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We have a monthly meet up at the gay bar in Vancouver. You come in street clothes as per the rules but once at the bar  you are free to wear just your diaper. The event itself takes place in a backroom but people  order drinks from the bar (located in the regular club area) and wear jus their diapers or whatever baby gear they like. The club is aware of our event. I don't think everyone should show up at their local gay bar for the first time sporting only a big puffy diaper but in this case its been discussed a head of time and oked by the venue.        

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Rock Bar in NYC has both a Diaper Happy Hour (first Tuesday of every month) and “Time Out,” which is a bit sexier. They’re having one of those on the 12th of April at 10PM. 

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Reading that there are gay bars who actually host events like that is making me a little jealous honestly but on the other hand it's good to hear that there are hosts who are open-minded enough to do this. It'd take a lot of courage but I'd definitely give it a try if I ever hear about an opportunity anywhere nearby.

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