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Chastity is pretty fun.

Amber's Boy

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I've been locked up off and on, once for three months.  Now I just do it myself so I don't be naughty. 

It was originally my idea.  I found a lock, and said, hey that might be fun.  Like,two days later we got a package.  She ordered one that minute.Made it three days, then 5, 7, a couple weeks...

Momber isn't real good at putting things away, and she hasn't put my thing away for awhile.  I put it away for her when she's gone.  So I'm put away right now day two of four or five.  

I think I like this. You can almost get excited like a bigboy, but not all the way.  It's totally uncomfortable to start.  The bigboy dreams hurt like hell, but it gets easier.  My diaper works soooo  much better when I'm put away cuz I only pee down.  I barely ever wet the bed when I'm locked up, but I still do some nights. Yeah, my pants get wet but my bed stays dry.

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I was just about to post something about chastity and diapers and I found this post. 

Abdl lifestyle and chastity devices go perfectly together. For me the appeal is mostly feeling little / immature for not being able to orgasm.  It also discourages me from indulging in erotica.  Also I agree that it’s nice how the cage keeps everything pointed down.  

What cage are you rocking?

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I've tried it a couple times with the CB-3000 then the CB-6000s, but they always eventually slip off no matter what behind-the-scrotum ring is used. Both eventually broke, too.


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I just spent 15min trying to find this post, and then forgot why.  Six is too early for bedtime.  It's whiskey time!  I wonder if that caused the forgetfulness? Who cares we won't remember...oh I just did!  

I needed clean pants, and i thought that I might touch myself a little.  I forgot that I couldn't.   You can, but it takes a while and it's sorta worthless.  It just feels like , bleh I'm done I guess. 

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I like that, sometimes, sitting down makes me cum a little.  Being locked up seems to make you, at least, dribble a whole bunch.  Totally unexcited, I'm only taking a seat.  Squirt. 

It's not satisfying, but it's good.  It makes me want to be a big boy, but also glad that I'm not.  My lock makes my pants work better.  Being locked up and diapered is just plain comfy. 

I don't know about the rest of you.  For me, without the lock, the lil buddy kinda goes where he wants.  That has resulted in very many wet beds.  When Mommy's peepee is put away there are almost no leaks.

Weird side note

My Ex woke me up and said 'You wet the bed, go change.'  I felt around for a second and found that the bed was indeed wet.  My diaper was not, so I wonder what happened?  She argued for three or four seconds.  We'd been drinking.  She knew it was her, but the boy that needs magic pants for nightnight is clearly the scapegoat.  Fooled her.


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ENTHUSI, I don't know how to link it to you. 

Dude I know it's like a perfect fit.

Yer junk points down and yer pants work better *Kablam*.  

I wore the one we thought was right for awhile.  I was still, I don't know, almost there?  I got another one size down.  Really keeps the boy in place.  Nightimers will wake me for a week or so.  Otherwise the fit is good, I can usually do a pee like a big boy.  I mean, if I want to, I think, I haven't pushed any limits.

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I agree with a lot of what's been said above. Chastity and Diapers have some similarities and can potentially work together really well, lending themselves to similar headspaces. I really enjoy the helpless feeling of waking up caged, knowing I can't just hump away my horniness. Waking up caged AND in a wet diaper elevates that feeling to a whole new level for me, I can't even feel what I'm humping! 

You can be encouraged or forced to wear both by yourself/partner/dominant "you're not going anywhere without locking/padding up!", and they can both work for humiliation "I hope they didn't see my cage/diaper!".

Both chastity and diapers can also affect you over time and rewire your brain. Wearing chastity can change where you focus getting your pleasure from, can help on the journey to an anal orgasm, and in some cases/fantasies can even temporarily shrink your willy. I'm less experienced with diapers, but I know they can also affect your bladder control depending on how you use them. So both lend themselves to a sense of progression (or regression, depending on how you look at it).

As for what cage I'm wearing, I'm sporting a black Cobra Chastity Nub. I like their open and lightweight (plastic) design, though I find it a little more tricky to wet myself in such a small cage. Might try sizing up when padded.

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Wanted to follow up with a question to peeps on this thread.

How do you find the ergonomics of wearing a diaper with a chastity cage? Any challenges?

I often get ring pain from the cage on my scrotum if I don't regularly apply Vaseline. This solution doesn't work well with diapers in my experience.

I'm currently trying baby powder, but I honestly don't really know what I'm doing 😅

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