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Jessica's Smart Home (Ch. 8 - 9/5/22)

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Hello! I am back with another story I've been working. This one is focused on Jessica, a 22 year old girl who inherits a very large sum of money and uses it to finance her dream home.

Usually, I am not too interested in Sci-fi style ABDL stories. My one exception though has always been with Nannybots and automated nurseries. I always like a lot of realism in my stories, so I try to keep them as realistic as possible. This story contains a lot of both of these, along with heavy BDSM elements.

I currently have chapter 0 and 1 done for this. I usually like to complete a story before publishing it, but in this instance I do not have an end in mind yet. As such, I decided to release the first two chapters now and go from there. This story will likely turn into a series of short, more episodic chapters down the roads as I explore various ideas.  I should note that I write in bursts, so it may be a while before I publish anything new. I have plenty of ideas for where to take this though, so look forward to more chapters in the future.

I do appreciate feedback and thoughts! I don't generally sign into my accounts unless I need to use them, so I may not reply quickly or at all. I do read all of the comments though! 



Chapter 0:

After my uncles passing a year ago, I was initially unsure what to do with the small fortune that he left for me. I already had a good home and a perfectly fine car, so what else did I really need? I, of course, deposited a large amount into my retirement account and paid off my student loans, but there was still plenty enough to last me for a very long time. Having accrued this much wealth at just 22 should have made me feel blessed, but after the initial shock of it all I had only felt stressed.

It took me almost a month to decide what I would do with the money. The realization came to me after a string of failed dates and me stumbling across a concept that instantly captivated me. You see, I am an Adult Baby/Diaper Lover with a large fetish for bondage and humiliation. This has scared away every date and partner I've told about it. It's gotten to the point where I've just given up on finding someone who loves me and is willing to treat me exactly like I want to be treated. 

The evening after I had scared off my latest date, I was sitting at my computer. I had diapered up as soon as I got home and was wearing nothing but that as I browsed my usual Adult Baby forums. This is a normal ritual for me. I would diaper myself and then slowly masturbate while reading ABDL erotica and wetting my diaper. When I was done, I would go to sleep in just my diaper and clean up in the morning. 

After the failed date I was performing my normal ritual when I stumbled across a story that instantly captivated me. The title was "Babied by my Own House." The premise was that some girl had recently moved in to a new Smart-House. The house mistook her for a baby and she was subsequently diapered and subjected to the standard baby treatment by machines within the house. The premise was nothing new to me. I've read several stories with the same premise, but for some reason this one stuck with me and got me thinking: "I have all this money now. Would it be possible to build a home like this?"

The premise stuck with me for weeks, constantly entering my head at random times. Eventually I finally broke down and began researching if a house like the one in the story would be possible. I had to dig pretty deep, but eventually I found a somewhat reputable company that claimed that they could build my dream house exactly to my specifications. 

It took me another few weeks to build up the courage to contact them for a price quote. When they finally got back to me, I was shocked to see that it was cheaper than I expected. I expected well over a million for this, but they claimed to be able to do it for only $940,000. This was still quite expensive for a slightly larger than average home, but it would not cost me my entire fortune to build.

After much contemplation, I finally pulled the trigger. In addition to the money I had inherited, I also received multiple plots of land. One of which was a nice, secluded lot just outside the city that would be perfect for my new home. The construction company instantly got to work and estimated that my new home would be ready in 8 months. 

It took a bit of work for me to find skilled carpenters that were willing to build the furniture for my new nursery. After a lot of communication, prototype reviews, and money I had finally gotten every piece of babyish furniture that I could think of. Each piece was equipped with several built in restraints that would surely prevent any over-sized baby from removing them on their own. I could barely contain my excitement whenever I was sent mock ups or progress updates on my furniture.

No nursery is complete without clothes and diapers though. I made sure mine would be stocked with several dozen different infantile and childish outfits and accessories. There was a whole walk-in closet dedicated to storing my clothing and the massive quantity of diapers I ordered. The sheer quantity of diapers I ordered would be enough to last me at least a couple of years if I was wearing full time. They was plenty of variety too. Several brands and designs of ABDL diapers, some plain white diapers, and even some children's pull-up training pants that I knew would fit me.

In addition to a nursery, I also planned on having a full BDSM dungeon installed, complete with close to a dozen pieces of bondage furniture and every sex toy I could imagine and find online. This would be directly connected to my nursery, making sure that I'd have easy access to it if I was feeling naughty. 

Of course the house would be equipped with a normal bedroom for myself, a normal guest room, and the proper amenities to look like a normal house if necessary. Since my uncle had passed, I no longer had any family within 1,000 miles of me, so I would be very unlikely to have any visitors. Despite this, I didn't plan on exposing any of this to my parents or guests if I could help it. 

Finally, there was the robot system that controlled the house. Every room in the house was equipped with a terminal to control and configure the home. The home itself had dozens of long arms that extended from the ceiling and could perform any task given to it. I even managed to find a company that built robots that integrated with house itself. That was probably the hardest thing to find for my new home. After a good amount of money they created the perfect robot nanny for me.

The bot was a solid two feet bigger than me and was easily capable of overpowering me if necessary. The robot has a feminine figure with large breasts that are capable of holding liquid for simulated breast feeding.  Its behavior could be configured just like the rest of the house at the terminals. I was assured by the company that it was capable of performing any feasible task or routine I could give it.

Coordinating all of this was both exhausting and exciting at the same time. Every time I placed a new order I felt a pang of excitement run through my body. I spent many more nights than normal rubbing myself through a soggy diaper, imagining what my life would be like after my new home was completed.



Chapter 1: 

After 8 long months of anticipation and excitement, my dream home was finally ready for me to move in. Everything that I ordered has arrived and been setup in their appropriate location. As soon as I had finished unpacking all of my boxes of stuff, I knew it was time to get to work on enjoying the main function of my house.

The company I bought the house from was kind enough to specially configure everything to my specifications for me. The first configuration was titled "Adult Mode." It was essentially the default configuration of the house. The house would recognize me as the owner of the house and as an adult. There is no restrictions for me in this mode and I will have full control over myself and the home. 

The next configuration was "Baby Mode." This mode would make the house recognize me as a 2 year old baby and my Nannybot as the primary adult of the house. She would act exactly as a normal nanny would when taking care of a baby. She would change my diapers, dress me, bathe me, feed me, and anything else I required.

The final mode was "Punishment Mode." This is the mode that I am looking forward to most and the whole reason I bought the house. It was created specifically to fulfill my ABDL and BDSM fantasies. This mode has the house recognize me as an adult, but subjects me to an endless amount of punishments and forced baby treatment. I would essentially be turned in to a baby slave, subject to anything the Nannybot decided to throw at me. It was configured to make use of every part of my nursery and dungeon and any accessories inside.

Punishment Mode had some other quirks to it as well. Unlike the other two mode that I could start and stop whenever I pleased, Punishment Mode was controlled by a timer that I had to set beforehand. This was mostly due to the fact that I would likely be both gagged and restrained for the majority of the time, but also because I loved the idea of having no way to escape my fate, as dangerous as it may be.

If I wanted to I could create my own modes as well. I have a couple ideas in mind for some at the moment, but for now I am content with what I already have available. Baby Mode and Punishment Mode are what I wanted more than anything else, and I haven't even started using them yet. 

My heart beat started rapidly increasing as I made my way to my nursery. Once I entered the room I was nearly overwhelmed by the sight of all of the baby furniture scattered around it. It was the exact same as the last time I inspected the room of course, but knowing that in a matter of minutes it would be put to use renewed my excitement. The large Nannybot was sat up against the wall, turned off and charging. Once I switched modes at the terminal it would spring to life and begin treating me like the naughty baby I've wanted to be for so long. 

I took a deep breath after going to the terminal. Steeling my resolve, I placed my finger on the "Mode Selection" button and hit "Punishment Mode." As soon as I did another box came up, telling me to select a duration. I keyed in "1 hour" and paused before selecting the confirmation button, contemplating if I was truly ready for what was about to happen. After another deep breath, I pressed the button.

The Nannybot in the corner instantly sprung to life, leaving the corner and coming over to me. I began to get a bit scarred, as it donned an angry face as it approached me.

"Naughty baby! You are in violation of multiple rules! What do you have to say for yourself?" The Nannybot shouted out in its womanly, slightly robotic voice.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know!" I said back, already starting to get into character.

"Ignorance is not an excuse! You will need to be thoroughly punished!" It said as it finally reached me.

The Nannybot quickly grabbed hold of my left ear lobe with began painfully pulling me in the direction of the changing table. Every second or so she would use her other hand to smack my bottom, causing me even more pain. Once we arrived at the changing table, several hands extended from the ceiling and began undressing me.

I was in pure ecstasy during all of this. This was exactly how I wanted to be treated! For the next hour, I would be nothing more than a naughty baby who was in need of some serious discipline. During this mode, even one slight transgression of the rules would be met with punishment. I had broken at least 3 rules already.

The hands began getting to work undressing me. There were four hands dedicated to restraining me at my wrists and ankles, while another four worked on undressing me. If Nannybot detected any form of resistance from me, I would receive several swats to my backside. In no time at all, I was completely naked.

"Let's get the baby's bottom nice and spanked, then we can get her diapered." Nannybot said to me as the hands hoisted me up onto the changing table.

As soon as I was in place, the metal clamps on the table locked shut. They tightly encased my wrists, neck, and stomach, preventing me from moving at all. A very thick diaper had already been positioned for me before I was laid down. The soft, cool padding felt nice against my slightly burning bottom. If my butt was already burning, it was probably going to be on fire after the spanking I was just promised.

The hands that were still holding my ankles lifted them up into the air, allowing Nannybot to have easy access to my nethers. From the corner of my eye I could see an arm descending. In its hand was a long, wooden paddle. Seeing this caused me to squirm under my restraints. I may have been aroused, but I knew that this was going to hurt. A lot.

"That's right baby, you're getting the paddle." Nannybot said, noticing my squirming.

"Please don't paddle me, Nanny! I promise I'll be a good girl!" I begged, loving every second of this.

Another set of hands quickly descended in front of my face. Before I even had time to think something large and rubbed was shoved into my mouth. The straps attached to it were pulled behind my head and secured just as quickly after. It didn't take me long to realize that this was one of the many pacifier gags I had purchased.

"Silence, baby. Good girls accept their punishments." Nannybot answered back.

This pacifier was quite large. There was no way that I would be able to form a coherent sentence with it strapped firmly in my mouth. It's not as if begging would do anything to stop what's about to happen anyways. Soon my naughty little butt cheeks will be very toasty.

Anticipation filled my already nervous and excited mind. I didn't have to wait long before I felt the first swat slam down on my helpless, exposed bottom. Pain instantly shot through my body and I let out a surprised moan into the giant pacifier. I was already beginning to get a bit wet before, but after the first spank landed I was a lot more than 'a bit'.

The next swat came not too long after the first. After that, the third, and so on. Each one elicited a small moan from me that was muffled by the pacifier gag. The pain kept getting worse with every one as well. I instinctively tried to jerk away after each one, but the changing tables binders and the arms made sure I sure that I couldn't move an inch.

The pain kept getting worse with each swat. My butt was on fire in no time and tears were starting to form in my eyes. This did nothing to dissuade the merciless robot though. The large paddle continued to rhythmically rain down on my poor bottom. Not soon after the tears started, I was bawling.

I have no idea how many swats of the paddle I endured before the spanking was finally over. I also had no clue how long the spanking lasted, meaning there was no way for me to tell how far into my hour of punishment I was. 

"There, there baby. Your spanking is over." The robot cooed in a loving voice while wiping the tears from my eyes. "Your punishment however, is not. Let's get you nice and protected and then we can continue."

I whimpered into my gag at the thought of another punishment so soon. This was exactly what I asked for though, and deep down I was loving it. My ass may have been on fire with some of the worst pain I've ever experienced, but my naughty cunt was sopping wet. I would be rubbing myself crazy right now if I could.

After my face was cleaned up the Nannybot went back around and got to work on diapering me. The first thing I felt (other than my red hot ass) was a cold, wet wipe being dragged between my cheeks. Not long after I felt another one wiping down my soaked, excited slit.

"It would seem that Baby Jessy enjoyed her spanking. It's a good thing she has plenty more punishment left." Nannybot stated, much to my embarrassment.

The sensation of the wipe dragging across my vagina caused me to buck my hips into it without thinking about. I was quickly stopped from making another attempt by the robot delivering two quick smacks to my already sore bottom. I made sure to hold very still after that and not let myself succumb to my lust. After another wiping, my privates must have been deemed as clean.

Nannybot next started applying baby powder all over my diaper area. She was very thorough in making sure that no spot was left un-powdered. Finally, she brought the thick diaper up over my crotch and began taping it together. I was now fully diapered and a bit fearful for what else was in store for me.

I didn't have to wait long to find out. An arm popped out of the ceiling holding something long and black that I couldn't identify. Once it began putting the item around my neck I recognized it to be a collar. It took the robotic hand no time at all of secure the collar on me.

After securing the collar, several more hands shot out from the ceiling and began grabbing me. The changing tables restraints were released as they took hold of me. They lifted me up into the air and brought me to the ground, forcing me onto my hands and knees in front of the Nannybot. Once I was positioned, she bent down and attached a leash to my collar.

"Let's go baby. You have an appointment in your dungeon." The robot said, tugging on the leash.

I obediently followed her, crawling on my hands and knees. It took a little bit of time for me to crawl all the way to the dungeon door like this. Once inside, I was unsure where I was being led to. There was a very large variety of furniture in here and no way for me to know what we will be using.

Crawling caused my butt to rub up against my snuggly taped diaper. This caused me to feel a stinging pain with every movement. Slowing down or stopping would cause one of the hands to start spanking my padded butt until I returned to the enforced speed. With a diaper this thick I shouldn't have even been able to feel it, but it was still quite unpleasant on my recently paddled bottom. 

After over a minute of crawling I was finally led to the site where my next punishment would take place; the spanking bench. Once I had crawled close enough the arms lifted me up into the air, forced me conform to a position suitable for the bench, and planted me down on it. Straps were quickly put into place after I was sat down that would prevent me from going anywhere. Next, the leash around my neck was replaced with a thick, solid metal rod that attached my collar to the floor. With this in place it was basically impossible to move my neck.

I had no idea what was coming to me at this point. I had already been thoroughly paddled mere minutes ago, so I assume it wouldn't be another spanking. All I could do was wait in anticipation and stare at the wall a few feet in front of me. I could hear the sounds of stuff being moved around behind me, but with this collar I had to no way of turning to look. 

A few more moments passed before something blindfolded me. After my sight was taken away my pacifier was too. I wasn't left ungagged for long though, as it was quickly replaced with an O-ring gag that forced my mouth wide open. At the same time as my gag was being swapped out I felt a pressure on the back of my diaper. It didn't last long though and I couldn't feel anything different afterwards. 

"It is time for your timeout, baby. You sit here and think about what you did while nanny prepares lunch." The Nannybot said before exiting the room.

"This is it?" I thought, sure that something had gone wrong. There was no way to was all that was going to happen to me. It was after this thought that I started to hear a mechanical whirring. A moment later I felt something press up against the back of my diaper. It didn't meet an resistance like it should have though, and it keep moving until I felt it brush up against my butt cheeks.

I yelped and tried jumping away, but the leather restraints prevented me from getting out of its path. The objects kept pushing forward and eventually came far enough to penetrate me. Thankfully the object was well lubricated and was able to easily slide in without any resistance, which is good because it was quite thick. It was then that I noticed that it had a phallic shape, confirming my suspicions that it was a large dildo.

The dildo kept shoving itself inside until it was at least 6 inches deep. I was beginning to pant as I tried to cope with the sudden invasion. I never really did much with my ass romantically, so the feeling of the thick object was very foreign to me. 

I grew more concerned when I began to feel a similar feeling again, only this time lower on my diaper. Soon another dildo, identical in size and shape to the first, began to penetrate my helpless vagina. It shoved deeper and deeper until I had absorbed the entire thing.

I was breathing very heavily now. Being double penetrated like this was brand new feeling to me. I felt stuffed to the brim in both of my holes and could do nothing about it. The feeling of the anal dildo didn't do much except make me more uncomfortable. The dildo penetrating my vagina was making me even hornier though.

I was trying to contort my body in an attempt to get more please from the dildos when I heard the whirring sound in front of me. I instantly grew concerned, knowing what was about to happen. It wasn't long before I felt another, identical dildo begin to make its way into my unguarded mouth. I tried to resist it with my tongue, but it was futile. The dildo slowly pressed farther and farther back until I could feel the base at my lips. I had a bit of experience giving blow jobs in the past, but never to anything this thick. Thankfully it wasn't far enough inside to make me gag, but it was extremely close.

I thought that this would be it. That I would sit here, fully penetrated by the three dildos until my timeout was over. In punishment mode though, that would be too merciful. After all of the dildos were in position they waited a moment before beginning to slide out of me. They would keep leaving until they exited and their tip was at my entrance, before turning around and going back inside.

I moaned into the large dildo occupying my mouth as they all slid in and out. This action was causing me a large amount of two kinds of pleasure. The first kind was the physical, being caused my the dildo that was penetrating my already exited vagina. The other was the mental, caused by the humiliation of this all. Here I was, strapped to a table wearing only an over-sized baby diaper and dog collar, helplessly getting fucked in every hole by a machine. 

The dildos eventually began changing speeds and rhythms. It wasn't long before they were all entering and exiting at different times and speeds. Trying to keep up with the sensation and pleasure of this was nearly impossible. As they began to speed up I began building closer and closer to an orgasm.

It wasn't longer before I exploded with the most intense orgasm I have ever had. The sexual fluid shot out of my body, being absorbed by the thick diaper strapped to my waist. Something else began to happen at the same time though. The dildos behind me must have sensed my orgasm, as they fully inserted themselves inside me and stopped moving.

After stopping they began squirting some warm, thick fluid inside of my back two holes. I assumed that this was meant to be some sort of fake semen, but I had no way of knowing. Once they finished squirting they got back to work violating me. The dildo in my mouth never stopped this entire time. It kept rapidly pumping in and out of my mouth.

The only time I had to recover was while I was being ejaculated inside by the machine. The pleasure didn't stop coming and before I knew it I was having another orgasm. The two back dildos once again stopped to begin injecting me with the sperm substitute. Their rapid fucking afterwards caused it to get all over both my holes and leak out into my diaper.

After three orgasms I was exhausted and almost in a trance. This was an insane amount of pleasure that I never thought I was capable of achieving. In my mind I was nothing more than a naughty diaper slut. I was meant to be used, abused, and humiliated by anyone or anything. This was my punishment for stepping out of line and forgetting that.

I was snapped out of my trance by the sound of a door opening somewhere in the room. The mechanical sound of the Nannybot moving came closer and closer to me before finally stopping to my side.

"Is baby enjoying her timeout?" It asked me.

I did my best to nod my head. I was quite enjoying my timeout.

"Well we can't be having that. It's not a punishment if you're enjoying it." It said, scarring me and making me regret my answer.

Suddenly the dildos began rapidly picking up speed. It began to get painful as they quickly entered and exited my holes. The speed and intensity kept increasing until it was more painful than pleasureful. They were now beginning to pump the semen like fluid inside me constantly every time they hit the deepest point of my holes. 

"I have babies lunch right here. After she finishes she can be done with timeout." Nannybot said, patting my head.

I had no idea how I would be able to eat with this dildo rapidly face fucking me. I got my answer soon enough though, when the dildo in my mouth slowed to a stop and began pumping out a nasty goop. It was pretty evident that this was the baby food I had purchased before moving in.

The goop slowly, but consistently pushed itself out of the fake penis and into my mouth. I was forced to swallow if I didn't want to start choking on it. Despite buying a bunch of it, I had actually never tried any baby food before this and now I was glad that I didn't. It tasted terrible!

I had no choice but to eat it all. The dildos in the back continued rapidly assaulting and filling my holes while I did my best to keep up with swallowing the disgusting goop. Sometime during my feeding I was painfully brought to another orgasm. This one wasn't nearly as intense as the others, which was good because the dildos didn't hesitate at all afterwards like they would before.

An unknown amount of time later I had apparently finished all of the baby food, as it finally stopped being pumped out of the dildo. I thought that would be it, but afterwards it started pushing out some liquid. After swallowing it I realized that it was apple juice.

My stomach was already feeling full before, but now the juice was making it even worse. It was way nicer tasting than the baby food and helped to get rid of the lingering taste though, which was nice. It kept pumping and pumping before eventually being replaced by water. The water was very welcome to me. I was incredibly sweaty from all that I've endured so far. 

"Make one more cummy and you can be done baby." Nannybot said to me, patting my head again.

At that moment the dildo in my mouth stopped leaking water and got back to work face fucking me. I focused hard on trying to enjoy whatever pleasure I could get out the three dildos. My vigor had been somewhat restored knowing that I was almost done and the end was in sight.

I tried to concentrate on the small amount of pleasure I was receiving from the dildo roughly violating my vagina. It was hard, but there was some that could be felt through the pain. I also tried to focus my mind on thinking about all of the humiliation I've endured so far.

"I'm nothing more than a perverted, diaper loving slut." I thought to myself. "I've been spanked, diapered, and roughly fucked for god knows how long now and I'm enjoying every second of it. I deserve this treatment and nothing more. I'm just a stupid slut who loves diapers."

Finally I was able to muster up one last orgasm. As I did, the dildos slowed to a stop and began shooting out a large quantity of the semen substitute. Even the dildo in my mouth shot some out, filling it up with the salty substance.

"Swallow it all, baby." Nannybot instructed.

I did as commanded and felt the salty, thick liquid slide down my throat. After I swallowed, the dildos began retracting out of me, finally allowing me a moment of rest. They left a trail of the semen like substance as they went, which continued to leak out into my diaper.

"Such a good girl. Are you ready to lay down for your nap?" Nannybot asked me while petting my head and undoing the gag that was forcing my mouth open.

"Yes, Nanny." I answered.

All-in-all, I was exhausted. Nothing sounded better at the moment then a nap. My mouth was incredibly sore from being forced open for so long. It wasn't the only thing that was sore though. Both of my other holes were aching from the rough fucking they just received. My butt hole in particular ached the worst. The pain covering my ass from the spanking earlier was still prevalent as well. 

The hands began undoing to restraints that bound me to the bench. Once I was free, Nannybot came over and peeled my sweaty body off of the leather. She popped a normal, if not large, pacifier into my mouth and picked me up. I didn't reject or fight the pacifier. I just happily sucked on it like any baby would.

I was carried back to the nursery like a baby. I snuggled myself into the robots soft, fake breasts, enjoying the skinship I was receiving from my previous tormentor. Nannybot had one of her hands pressed up against my diapered bottom, forcing me to realize just how much of the fake cum was pumped into me. It was a bit gross feeling, but I was too tired to really care.

Once we got to the nursery I was deposited back onto the changing table. This time though, I wasn't restrained at all. I didn't even have the energy left to fight a diaper change if I wanted to. I was more then happy to get out of this yucky, cum filled diaper. 

The tapes were undone and soon my privates were exposed to the cold air of the nursery. Nannybot made quick work wiping me clean and getting me put into a new, fresh diaper. After I was once again secured in a diaper I was lifted up off of the table.

A set of hands brought over a pink and white snap-crotch onesie that I quickly found myself wearing. Nannybot took me back from the hands and carried me over to the giant crib. She placed me down inside and tucked me in before raising the bars of the crib up.

"You've had a long morning baby. Rest up and we can play some more later." She said, departing the nursery and turning off the lights.

I was now alone and finally able to rest. This crib was massive. The bars raised well over 6 feet above the mattress, making it impossible for me to escape. It's not like I could even attempt it at the moment though. I was much too tired for that. Instead, I happily sucked on my pacifier and tried my hardest to fall asleep.

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Interesting concept, but go back to the third paragraph of chapter 1.  Here you are just scratching the surface.  Want to remain in "baby mode" for 6 months, to give but one example?  Wouldn't the AI have to be given control of finances?  Wouldn't it also have to be empowered to order groceries and other vitals for home delivery?  And what happens if our heroine's appendix becomes inflamed, or the house catches on fire and the fire trucks show up?  Real life has a way of upsetting the best laid plans ...       

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  • 1 month later...

It took a bit longer than I anticipated, but here is chapter 2! I appreciate all the feedback and comments!


Chapter 2:

I'm not sure what time it was when I woke up, as there was no clock in the nursery. All I could tell was that it was still daytime, evident by the light pouring in from the window on the other side of the room. Given the time of year, that could be anytime before 8:00pm though. There would be no way for me to know what time it is until Nannybot came to get me. I felt well rested though, so it was very likely a few hours later than when I was put to sleep.

I was initially a bit jarred when I woke up and immediately saw myself surrounded by thick, wood bars. It took me a moment to remember what all had happened today. The residual pain from my earlier spanking was still vaguely noticeable in my bottom, as was the pain from the rough fucking I received not too long after.

The next thing I noticed was that my bladder was aching, bad. I was no stranger to wetting a diaper, so it would take nothing for me to just release and flood myself. That would be too boring for me though. If I am going to wet myself, I'm going to at least have some fun doing it.

I picked up my pacifier, which had fallen out of my mouth while I was napping, and popped it back into my mouth. I slowly rolled over onto my stomach and cast the blanket off of myself. Doing this made me realize just how badly I needed to pee. I got up on my hands and knees until I was in the perfect babyish position to wet myself in.

The flood gates opened as soon as I let them and I began rapidly flooding my diaper. A stream of piss shot out of me and into the diaper with enough force that I could easily hear it. The diaper was firmly pressed up against my butt and crotch by the form fitting onesie I had on, meaning I could feel the wetness spread throughout as it was absorbed.

The diaper was thoroughly drenched by the time I was finished. Once all the pee was out of my body I collapsed back onto my stomach. The warm and wet diaper pressed into me as I did, causing me to let out a little moan through the pacifier. I was perfectly content to just lay here for a while and enjoy the comfy, warm diaper.

And that's exactly what I did. I nearly fell back asleep before the door to the nursery opened and the Nannybot came through it.

"Did baby enjoy her nap?" It asked me.

"Mmm-hmm" I replied, never opening my mouth or letting the pacifier fall out.

"That's good. Let's give you your bottle and then get you changed." Nannybot said as it lowered the crib wall and scooped me out.

She had me cradled in her arms like one would with a normal baby. The pacifier was taken out of my mouth and replaced with the nipple of an over sized baby bottle. I instinctively began sucking on it and was greeted to the taste of milk. Nannybot slowly rocked us side to side while I nursed on the rubber nipple. 

It took multiple minutes for me to finish the large baby bottle. The way I was being held was causing the saturated backside of my diaper to push right into my sore butt. It initially hurt, but afterwards it felt pretty nice. I always loved the feeling of a freshly wet diaper.

"Let's get you changed into a fresh diaper, baby." Nannybot stated.

The empty bottle was removed from my mouth and my pacifier was just as quickly returned to fill the void in my mouth. I was carried away from the crib where we were before and brought over to the changing table. I was down and top and secured in place using a single strap that went over my stomach.

I laid still in waiting while Nannybot removed the collar that was still around my neck and undid the snaps of my onesie. Once they were undone the onesie was pulled up a bit, leaving my soggy diaper fully exposed. I tried to get a look at it, but the strap across my stomach prevented me from adjusting to a point where I could get a look. The strap wasn't exactly meant for bondage, it was more intended keep a baby from falling off the changing table. Either way, it prevented me from even being able to see what kind of diaper I was wearing.

Nannybot removed my sodden diaper and got to work wiping, oiling, and powdering me back up. Before I knew it, I was already taped up in a new diaper, just as thick as the previous one had been before I used it. Both weren't nearly as thick as the one I was wearing during my punishment earlier.

Once the diaper was secured I was unstrapped from the changing table and my onesie was buttoned back up. Nannybot lifted me up off the table and began carrying me to my living room afterwards. I was curious what she was planning on doing to me now. Evidently she was planning on letting me play, and she placed me down inside the plastic walls of my playpen.

"You go ahead and play with your toys for a while, baby. Call for Nanny if you need anything." Nannybot said as she placed me down.

The only toys in the playpen were actual baby toys. I was never too interested in playing with baby toys or getting too into acting like a real baby. I would just be bored out of my mind trying to sit here and enjoy playing with dolls and blocks. I figured now would probably be a good time to switch the house back to Adult Mode and check my phone.

"House, switch to Adult Mode." I stated after removing the pacifier from my mouth.

I heard a dinging sound play that confirmed the switch to the new mode. If I didn't switch out of Baby Mode, the house would likely have prevented me from leaving the playpen or even standing up. If I was persistent enough, it may have even have punished me as well.

Just like how Punishment Mode has multiple rules that it enforces on me, Baby Mode does too. Breaking these rules was usually just met with the arms or Nannybot forcing me to follow them by preventing my movements, but if I was persistent enough they could lead to punishments as well. The punishments were a lot less intense than anything in Punishment Mode, but they were still designed to be effective on an adult sized baby.

Spankings were the primary punishment that it would issue. They would usually just be given bare handed over my diaper, but if it was necessary then the diaper could be pulled down. Timeouts were another punishment that it could issue. Those timeouts would just be me being sent to stand in the naughty corner for a set length of time. Nothing too extreme, but it was still meant to be a punishment.

I stood up and stepped out of the playpen. That fact that I'd already gotten this far was confirmation to me that the house switched to Adult Mode. I would not have gotten this far if it was still in Baby Mode. The arms would have shot out of the ceiling, lifted me up, and placed me back on my butt in the playpen.

I waddled my way back to the master bedroom, where I had left my phone. Nothing was stopping me from removing the diaper and onesie now, but I didn't feel like taking them off just yet. Why bother changing out of it and waste a perfectly fine diaper? The onesie was soft and warm as well, so there was really no issue with this outfit.

When I reached my phone I was finally able to learn that it was about 3:30pm. That made sense to me. I initiated my hour of punishment at about 11:30am earlier, and I would perfectly believe that I napped for close to 3 hours afterwards.

It wasn't surprising to me that I received 0 notifications while I was separated from my phone. My life has been considerably more uneventful since I quit my job months ago. The only messages I ever received anymore were when my mom occasionally decided to check up on how I was doing.

I ended up spending probably close to an hour and a half just laying in my bed, scrolling through numerous apps and websites on my phone to pass the time. I would occasionally adjust my legs and be reminded that I was still wearing a diaper. I left my pacifier back in the playpen, but if I still had it I would probably have been mindlessly sucking on it the entire time.

I was eventually brought out of my trance by my stomach growling for food. At this point it was barely after 5:00pm, which was usually about the time I started preparing dinner. I slowly sat up and shifted my weight to my padded butt and then transitioned to my feet. I started waddling to the kitchen before remembering something important.

"Nannybot!" I called out.

I started hearing the robot leave the nursery and approach my current position. It soon came through the door to my room.

"What can I do for you, Miss Jessica?" It asked me.

"Please begin preparing dinner." I asked the machine.

"Right away Miss Jessica. Any preferences on what?" 

"No preferences."

"I will get started immediately. I will let you know when it is ready."

Nannybot walked off afterwards and left me alone once again. I decided to go out to my living room while I waited for dinner to be done. I made my way through the main hallway and out to the living room, taking a moment examine the beauty of it.

The living room had multiple high end couches and a recliner, all facing a giant, flat screen TV that was mounted to the wall. The only thing abnormal was the large playpen in the corner. If I were to have guests over the hands could easily remove it in a matter of seconds. 

The kitchen was also visible from the living room. On one side was a large kitchen with a large assortment of devices, utensils, and cabinets. A few of the cabinets were filled with adult sized baby bottles, sippy cups, and baby themed plates, bowls, and silverware. Pretty much anything a baby would need.

On the other side was a big dinning table and an adult sized highchair. The highchair was so high that my feet would be left dangling well above the ground if I was sitting in it. The seat has a cushion padding the seat on both the butt area and the back. It also features a 5 point chest harness and locking clamps under the tray and along the legs. The tray was detachable.

I wasn't planning on eating in the highchair, but after seeing it I knew that I had to. The idea of being strapped inside of it, being forcibly fed whatever Nannybot desired was too much for me. I wasn't even sure what the robot was making for me at the moment, bur I wasn't really picky. 

I made my way over to the console on the living room wall and began entering the menu to change modes. I was tempted to turn on Punishment Mode to see what would happen, but I was too hungry to want to risk missing a meal. I instead turned on Baby Mode, which would guarantee that I would be fed in the highchair.

I heard Nannybot leave her station at the kitchen and looked over to see her approaching me. I obediently got down on my hands and knees like a good baby, preparing for whatever was about to happen. As soon as she reached me she planted my pacifier from earlier back into my mouth, which I accepted without any complaints.

"Dinner is almost ready baby. Let's check your diaper and then I'll get you ready." The robot stated.

I felt one of her hands pat down the front, mid section, and back of my diaper. 

"All dry! What a big girl you are!" She said as she began lifting me into her arms.

I was carried in the same style as before towards the kitchen. Once we arrived a pair of arms came from the ceiling, unlocked the tray of the highchair, and then pulled it off. Nannybot deposited me on the now open seat and got to work securing the harness around me. The straps all met at a pentagon-shaped buckle attached to the strap that went over my diaper. Two straps came from above my shoulders. Once they were connected I was forced up against the back of the highchair. The last two came from the sides and made it hard for me to wiggle around much.

Once I was fully strapped in the arms put the tray back into place in front of me. I heard it lock into position as it was slid on. The only way to remove it was by pressing on two latches on the front side of it. It was possible for me to reach them on my own, but it was a bit difficult if I was strapped in like this. If my hands were locked under the tray then there would be no way for me to reach it.

I continued sucking on my pacifier as I waited for my dinner to come. The highchair straps didn't allow me much freedom to move around, meaning I couldn't twist my body to see how close dinner was to being finished. I still has control of my arms and hands, so I could undo them if I wanted. It would be useless though, as the hands would likely just come down and redo them.

Eventually I heard Nannybot begin to approach me. When she came into view I saw her holding a plate with what appeared to be spaghetti on it. She was also holding something made of cloth that I couldn't make out. After setting the spaghetti down on the tray of the highchair she took the cloth object out and unfolded it, making me realize that it was a bib. 

The bib was mostly white, but embroidered in pink on the front were the words "Messy Baby". The bib, like everything else, was sized to fit an adult. I stood perfectly still while she brought it towards me. Once Nannybot had it secured around my neck, it protected the majority of my chest.

"I bet someone's hungry. Let's fill up your cute little tummy." The robot stated as she removed my pacifier and began to twirl up a fork full of spaghetti. "Open wide baby!"

I obediently opened my mouth and allowed the robot to feed me. The fork it was using was similar to one you would give to a toddler. It was made of green plastic and did not have any sharp edges. The plate being used didn't seem to be one of the few babyish ones I had gotten, but I was unable to tell.

One the fork full of spaghetti was inserted into my mouth I bit down and began eating it. It tasted surprisingly good. I was a bit concerned at first that a robot wouldn't know how to make food taste good, so it was a pleasant surprise. It tasted almost exactly the same as it did when I made it in the past.

Nannybot withdrew the fork from my closed mouth and started getting a new forkful ready for me. We continued in this rhythm for multiple minutes. The robot may see me as a baby, but it knows how much food a baby of my size needs to stay healthy. That meant that there was plenty of spaghetti on the plate for me to eat.

About two thirds of the way through my meal I began to feel my bladder twinge. I began to get excited once again as I thought about what was about to happen. Here I was, being fed while strapped into a giant highchair. In a moment, I would be wetting my diaper. This lifestyle was exactly what a useless little baby like me needed.

I began releasing my pee as Nannybot put another bite of spaghetti into my mouth. I didn't immediately react as I was focused on the sensation of my expanding diaper. I came back to reality as she moved the forkful of spaghetti around in my mouth. I took it off the fork and slowly chewed on it while I continued flooding my diaper.

"Is baby wetting her diaper? We'll get you changed after you finish your dinner." The robot stated as it withdrew the fork once again.

After another bite of spaghetti I had finished draining my bladder. The diaper was now completely soaked and pleasantly warm. The feeling was enough to raise my excitement level another notch. I began to rub myself off and on while still eating. I was suddenly stopped by Nannybot reaching under the tray and grabbing my wrist.

"That action is not appropriate for babies. Focus on your dinner baby." She command as she forced my wrist back to my side, away from the front of my diaper. 

I was a bit surprised by this, as I didn't even consider that she could or would do this. It made sense though as masturbating was very inappropriate, especially for babies. Maybe I need to be punished for doing something so naughty?

There were only a few bites of spaghetti left on the plate at this point. I decided that once I was finished eating I would switch over to punishment mode. For how long though? It was only about 5:30pm at this point, so I had all night left. In the end, I decided that three hours would be good. Masturbating in front of your nanny is a very naughty thing to do after all.

"House, switch to punishment mode." I stated after finishing my last bite of spaghetti.

"Confirm time duration." Nannybot said, emotionless as she froze in place.

"3 hours." I answered.

I heard a ding to the one earlier today, confirming the switch.

"Now that dinner is over, it's time for this naughty baby to be punished." The robot stated, returning to life. "First though, she needs to finish her bottle."

Nannybot went back to the kitchen with the cleared plate and silverware, temporarily leaving me unattended. A second after she turned around through, several arms descended from the ceiling above me. 4 of them took a firm hold of all of my limbs and forced them into set positions. Once in place, the clamps on the highchair locked shut around my wrists and ankles, preventing me from even attempting to escape. Another hand reattached the dog collar from earlier today around my neck. 

I squirmed around in my prison, trying to get even a little bit of stimulation. It was mostly futile, as the restrains around my chest prevented close to any movement. The most I could really do was move my butt around and squish the soaked padding. Nannybot returned a moment later holding a baby bottle filled with what seemed to be more apple juice.

"My memory determines that baby has not made any poopies today." She stated. "Baby must be constipated. If she doesn't make any poopies before she finishes her bottle then she will need to be given an enema."

My heart started beating after I heard the clear threat. I have never given myself an enema before. I hardly even messed myself as I didn't enjoy the cleanup involved afterwards. But now I have someone to cleanup for me. I have enjoyed the feeling and humiliation of the experience every time I have done it in the past.

Nannybot brought the bottle up to my mouth and inserted the nipple. I began slowly sucking the juice out of the bottle as I tried to release anything I could into the diaper. I didn't feel like I needed to poop though, so it was quite difficult. Nannybot made sure that I couldn't escape the bottle or stop drinking by holding it firmly against my lips, no matter how I moved.

It took until the bottle was only a quarter full until I was able to finally get something to come out. I grunted as I began to push the surprisingly large log of poop out of my body and into the seat of the diaper. I tried to continue drinking as best as I could while my body continued to expel the mess. The poop slowly made its way out and took up whatever available space in the diaper that it could.

After half a minute of pushing I finally stopped. The smell and feeling of my poop suddenly hit me. The smell was just as bad as every other time I had done this and the feeling was just as nice. The large mess had already moved all around the diaper, even making its way to front. I'm not sure how I was even able to let that much out.

I finished the bottle mere seconds after I finished filling my diaper. Once it was emptied it was quickly replaced by my pacifier.

"Good baby. I guess we can skip the enema for now. It's now time to get you punished." It said as it took the bottle away.

I sucked on my pacifier while trying not to smell myself. Nanny returned moments later and began undoing all of the restraints that bound me in place. Finally, the tray was removed and I was freed. Of course, in punishment mode, that would not last long.

I found myself being picked up and deposited on my hands and knees on the floor by the arms. Next, a leash was clipped around my collar by Nannybot and I was forced to crawl to the living room. Being forced to crawl in this filled diaper was plenty humiliating. The poop moved around inside with every stride I took, forcing me to keep it in my mind.

Once we reached the living room Nannybot took a seat in the armless chair. I was picked up by her afterwards and placed down over her lap. My arms were taken and secured behind my back by one of the arms to prevent them from moving at all. I instantly knew what was about to happen to me.

"Time for your spanking, baby. If you keep your pacifier in the whole time I will give you a reward. If you don't, then you're going to get an additional punishment." It stated.

I gulped and I firmly planted my teeth on the pacifier. The first spank came down on the seat of my diaper, spreading the mess around even more. Thankfully, she was only using her hand and not the paddle. Even better was that this spanking was not being given on my bare bottom.

Both of those factors didn't stop the spanking from being painful though. My butt was still slightly sore from earlier and Nannybot wasn't holding back much of her strength with her swats. After a few seconds I was already beginning to tear up.

The spanking continued with no hesitation for several minutes. My butt was starting to catch on fire just as bad as it had during my paddling earlier this morning. After a particularly painful swat I couldn't stop myself and screamed out in pain. I realized my mistake instantly as I saw my pacifier hit the floor.

"Very bad baby!" The robot stated as it continued spanking.

After several extra powerful swats the spanking came to an end and I hoisted up into a sitting position on the robots lap. The pain in my butt was intensified by this and I let out a small yelp. The spanking had completely spread out the mess even more. At this point it had reached pretty much every spot of my diaper.

"Let's get you to your timeout baby." It stated, placing me back on the floor and tugging on the leash.

I was forced to crawl back to my nursery, where I was led over to the giant baby bouncer. The bouncer itself was made primarily of pink plastic. It has a ring shape with a thickly padded seat in the center. The seat has two spaces for a pair of legs to go through. That was the portion that did the actual bouncing. It was raised plenty high enough for me to be unable to touch the ground if I was inside of it. On top of the bouncer were several D-rings that restraints could be attached to.

Before I could even react, I was lifted off of the ground by the hands and forced to spread eagle in the air. I could feel the snaps on my onesie being undone by one of them. Once they were undone, two of the hands began sliding what felt like pair of plastic panties up my legs. I got my confirmation when it was brought all the way up my waist and then locked shut at the back. The snaps on my onesie were then secured again, forcing the sagging diaper back up into my body. While all of this was happening, another set of hands were securing cuffs onto my wrists.

"Now that you're properly dressed, let's add the first part of baby's additional punishment." Nannybot said.

I was lowered down to Nannybot's level, but not let free of the restraining arms. A hand took hold of my chin and forced my mouth open by pushing on my cheeks. My head was pushed and I was finally able to see that Nannybot was holding something in her hand. I was unable to tell what it was until it pressed up against my open mouth.

"Plea-" was all I was able to get out before Nannybot began pushing the object into my mouth.

I quickly realized that it was a dildo gag as it was forced further and further into my undefended mouth. This was certainly on the longer end of the ones that I had. This one kept going into my mouth until it was nearly touching the back of my throat. With the long length came a large thickness as well. There was no way I could even scream with this thing in.

Nannybot secured the gags straps tightly behind my head, making sure that it wasn't going anywhere. After it was in place I was lifted back in the air and positioned above the bouncer. Kicking my legs was futile, as the hands were still holding them steady, making sure that they were positioned to slide right in.

The hands slowly started lowering me down, into the bouncer. As my diaper hit the seat, the mush that had built up around my butt began to disperse around the diaper. The cuffs attached to my wrist were quickly secured to the D-rings on the bouncer. The chains that were used were long enough to give me some room to move around, but not nearly enough to do anything useful with. After I was secured in place the leash was removed and Nannybot took a step back.

"Now let's begin the second part of baby's additional punishment." Nannybot stated as I was pressed firmed into the seat of the bouncer.

I was unsure what else it could add now, but I got my answer when the entire bouncer seat began wildly vibrating. I moaned into the large dildo as waves of pleasure instantly overtook my body. Even through all of the layers separating my clit and the source of the vibrations, it still felt amazing. I had completely forgot about this feature!

The hands let go of me, removing all of the pressure forcing the seat down. The bouncer came to life as I was bounced higher up into the air and then back down again. The mess in my diaper was constantly being spread around my this motion, making sure that I felt every moment of it. The heavy vibrations were providing me with loads of pleasure, forcing me to enjoy this disgusting punishment.

"You have fun baby. Nanny will check on you in a bit" Nannybot said as it began exiting the nursery.

All I could do was try to stay as still as possible and enjoy the vibrations. Trying to sit still wasn't exactly easy though, as the bouncer was constantly forcing me up into the air and back down into the seat of my filled diaper. Every time I went up my mess would quickly make its way to the now open space in my diaper, just to be forced back somewhere else as I made contact with the seat once again. It was impossible for me to try to stop it due my legs being suspended above the ground and my wrists being locked to the plastic ring around me.

The heavy vibrations were the only thing making this bearable. There were three layers impeding their efforts, but despite that they were powerful enough to provide me with plenty of pleasure. Despite making my mouth sore, the dildo was humiliating enough to put me in a good head space for all of this. I've always enjoyed fantasies about being forced to suck pacifiers or even penises.

I moaned into the dildo frequently as I began to get close to an orgasm. I was trying my hardest not to focus on my constantly shifting, smelly mess and enjoy the vibrations. I was lost in a fantasy about being forced to suck a daddy's cock in order to be allowed a diaper change. I was building closer to the orgasm as I focused on nothing but the vibrations and trying to pleasure the large dildo in mouth.

As I was almost to the tipping point of my orgasm the vibrations from the bouncer suddenly stopped. I whined as I came to the realization of what the second part of the punishment actually was. As hard as I tried, there was no way to pleasure myself in this current state. All I could do was whine into my gag as I felt the nearly complete orgasm drain away, forcing me to again recognize the feeling of my messy diaper.

After what felt like an eternity the vibrations started up again, forcing me back into enjoying this. The cycle continued again as I was forcibly built back up to the brink of an orgasm and the vibrations ceased. After three times of this I was actually crying and whining into the large dildo. This may actually drive me insane if this keeps up! I always thought orgasm denial would be fun, but this is painful!

I was the middle of building up to my fifth failed orgasm when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped in shock and moved my head to see Nannybot standing right next to me. I was so lost in the forced pleasure that I never even heard her come back into the nursery. As I was nearing the edge once she began to speak.

"You're so close, aren't you baby? Do you think you can make it in time" She asked in a condescending voice.

"Mhmm!" I yelled loudly into the dildo.

I was so incredibly close to an orgasm. If it doesn't shut off again it should take me just few seconds. I tried as hard as I could to get as much pleasure as possible. I tried moved my hips as much as I could, pressing the messy diaper right into my privates. I thought as hard as I could about my fantasies and the giant dildo in my mouth. In the end, it was pointless though, as the vibrations stopped right before I could go over the edge.

"Tough break, baby. Maybe next time." Nanny said, patting my head.

I was now full fledged balling at this point. I just wanted to get off so bad! I would give anything at this point just to orgasm! I'd take a hundred swats with a paddle just for one simple orgasm! Unfortunately for me, Nannybot was not that generous.

"Well, let's go get you cleaned up, stinky baby." Nannybot said while undoing my wrist restraints. 

I was soon freed from the bouncer and lifted up into the arms of the robot. She made sure that I was positioned in such a way to keep my mess pressed right into me. In addition to this, she also occasionally rubbed my poor, yearning clit. This caused me to whine into the dildo gag every time it was done. 

I don't think words could describe how desperate I was for an orgasm. This was my first time ever experiencing orgasm denials, and I hope for my sanity's sake that it is also the last! I have never felt so degraded before, even including my punishment session earlier today.

I was expecting to be brought over to the changing table to be changed into a new diaper, but instead I was packed out the door of the nursery. After a moment of confusion I realized that I was being taken to the bathroom. What was Nannybot planning on doing?

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Oh my!  That was a good addition.  I think someone forgot they had 3 hours of punishment in store...  Wheee!  Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. :)

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Chapter 3:

Nannybot carried me into the bathroom and stopped in front of the shower. Once she stopped, several hands came out of the ceiling and began undressing me. The onesie I was wearing was unsnapped and pulled over my head and the large penis occupying my mouth and the collar were removed, leaving me in just my full diaper and the locked plastic panties.

The hands next took hold of me from Nannybot, suspending me in the air once again. I watched as Nannybot produced a key from between her artificial breasts and reach around me. She pressed up against me as she took hold of the lock and inserted the key. Soon, the plastic panties were also removed and I was left wearing nothing but my diaper.

Now that I was mostly undressed, the hands oriented me to where they could put me down on my hands and knees. I was then lowered to the ground inside of the shower. Once set down, they forced my legs apart, leaving every part of my diaper exposed and easily accessible. After being put in this position they released their grip and ascended back into the ceiling. 

I could hear Nannybot moving to my side, so I turned my head to look. That was clearly the wrong choice though, as I was quickly met with a sharp stinging sensation on the back of my left leg.

"Were you given permission to move, slut?" Nannybot asked in a harsh tone.

"No ma'am!" I quickly answered, snapping my head back forward. 

"Exactly. You will do exactly what you're told, when you're told. Understand?"

"Yes ma'am!" I answered, trying my best to hold still.

"Good. Because if you don't, you will become quite accustomed with Mr. Riding Crop. Understand?" 

"Yes ma'am!"

My heartbeat rapidly picked up pace over the course of the conversation. That crop was no joke! I was determined to be a perfect little angel if it mean sparring myself another lick from it.

"Good girl. Would you like to have your diaper changed?"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Do you not like having being in a messy diaper?"

"No ma'am!"

"Why not? It's a very fitting look for you."

"It's smelly and feels icky ma'am!"

"It feels icky? Does it feel icky when I do this?"

Nannybot reached her hand out and gripped my diapered crotch. She then began rubbing it into my already excited crotch, causing me to experience a burst of pleasure. This made me let out a moan and without even thinking I began thrusting my hips into her hand. I was quickly brought back to reality by the pain of the riding crop making contact with my right leg.

"You seem to be enjoying your messy diaper quite a bit though. Maybe I should just put you to bed like that?" Nannybot threatened.

"Please don't Nanny! I really want a clean diaper!" I loudly responded.

"Hmm... I'm not entirely convinced, but I guess I'll change you anyways." She answered, much to my relief.

I truly did not want to be in this nasty diaper a second longer. I'd probably lose my mind if I had to be stuck in and smell it over night. I would almost certainly get a nasty diaper rash as well. My night of punishment is far from over though, so it very well could get much worse.

My lust for pleasure was almost indescribable at this point. With how much teasing I endured earlier, I almost exploded just from Nannybot gripping my diaper like she had. If she had kept rubbing just a few seconds longer, I probably wouldn't have been able to stop myself if I wanted to.

I felt Nannybot grab hold of my diaper tapes as she began undoing them. The diaper was already sagging quite a bit from how used it was, which caused it to quickly plop down onto the shower floor as soon as the tapes were loose enough. The cold air instantly hit my disgusting nether region and punished bottom once they were exposed. 

"We may as well bathe you now, smelly." Nannybot stated as she grabbed the detachable shower-head from it's holder. 

The hot water hit my body as soon as Nannybot turned the knob on the faucet. The water was slightly warmer than I was anticipating, but it felt great after being naked in the cold bathroom. She began by spraying my bottom, causing the bits of poop stuck to it to fall off and begin sliding towards the drain. I tried to move my hand to avoid it, but I was instantly denied by the riding crop coming down on my already sore bottom.

I quickly planted my hand back down, narrowly avoiding the mess that was moving around them. Nannybot worked efficiently to clean my disgusting diaper area, disregarding any pain or pleasure I felt during the process. After all of the mess was removed she began using a soapy washcloth to clean me down, head to toe. Her wiping down my sensitive parts caused me to spasm a bit every time, which in turn caused the crop to come down on my sore butt cheeks once again.

I had lost count of how many swats by the time we were done. It was certainly in the double digits though. I could feel the burning welts that it left behind on my exposed. The pain was made even worse when the hot water was sprayed onto them. It was bad enough to make me shutter, which only led to more painful welts.

I was relieved when Nannybot finally shut the water off after finishing washing my hair. It only took me a few seconds to begin shivering after the warm water was gone. Thankfully, I didn't receive any smacks for this. I was concerned about what was to come next though.

The hands came out of the ceiling not too long after and began to lift me up onto my feet. I was expecting to be let down, but instead they left me suspended a couple of feet in the air. Their only grip on me was under my armpits, so it wouldn't be hard for me to struggle against them. There was no future where that ended well for me though, and my bottom had already been punished enough today.

Nannybot was standing directly in front of me now, holding something pink. After I had taken notice of it she began to unfold it, revealing that it was one of the potty training pull-ups I had purchased. This one was bright pink and contained several flowers on it that would vanish if it was used. I knew it would fit my small frame, as I had worn them in the past.

"We don't want baby making any messes while we dry her, do we?" Nannybot said in condescending voice.

The garments stretchy sides were pulled apart by Nannybot and she began working it up my dangling, wet legs. It felt a bit weird putting it on while I was still wet, but the pull-up didn't have much issue absorbing the liquid. When it was in place, she gave the crotch a pat, which sent more waves of pleasure through me. It may have been a while since my last failed orgasm, but I was still plenty excited.

Pull-ups had always had a special place in my heart. I always loved reading stories involving them. They always seemed like the perfect humiliation device to me. I loved imagining being a naughty school girl, forced to wear pull-ups after wetting myself. I'd have to ask permission to use the potty and have an adult come with me to pull down my training pants and wipe me when I was done. Diapers were perfectly humiliating on their own, but there was just something different about pull-ups.

I was snapped back to reality as multiple towels began drying me off. While the hands did this, Nannybot began drying my hair off with a hair dryer. My long hair took a bit longer than the rest of my body, so after a bit it was just me, Nannybot, and the pair of hands suspending me in the air. I remained silent during this, not wanting to invoke her wrath.

After my hair was sufficiently dry, it was pulled into twin tails and secured with two black and white hair bows. Nannybot took hold of me after this and carried me over to the large mirror nearby. The childish hair style perfectly suited the childish pull-up. All I needed now was a pacifier and I would look exactly like a potty training toddler.

"This look suits you, Baby. We'll have to get you in an actual diaper soon though. I doubt that pull-up will last long on you. Let's go get you dressed and then we can get to your next punishment." Nannybot said.

I had almost forgotten that I still had plenty of punishment time left. The last few minutes had been peaceful enough that it had left my mind. If I had to guess, I was probably about halfway done at the moment, but I really had no way of knowing. 

Nannybot carried me back to my nursery and deposited me on my changing table. The restraints were quickly secured, making sure I was helpless for anything that was about to happen. The hands came and went from the ceiling, depositing some things that I couldn't make out next to Nannybot.

"Maybe there is some hope for you still, baby." Nannybot said as she began pulling the unsoiled training pants off of me.

A pair of hands lifted my legs into the air by my ankles next, perfectly exposing my privates. I expected Nannybot to place a diaper under me right after the pull-up was removed, but she didn't. This made me a bit concerned, as it likely meant that something else was going to happen first.

"Do you know what this is, baby?" Nannybot asked, dangling a chastity belt in front of my face.

My heart started beating when I realized that the orgasm denial trend wasn't going away. I'd never worn a chastity belt before, but I'd watched plenty of videos of girls in them, struggling to obtain any pleasure they could through the steel. I didn't cheap out on the one I purchased for my dungeon. It was the high end, steel model that was advertised as being the perfect chastity device. There was no way I would be able to pleasure myself once it was secured on. It was also advertised as being comfortable and perfect for extended periods of use.

"I-it's a chastity belt, Nanny." I answered, gulping.

"That's right. And what does it do?"

"It pr-prevents naughty girls from t-touching themselves"

"Correct again. Do you know why it's here?"

"Because I've been naughty." 

"Exactly. That's why you're going to wear this for the rest of the night. With some modifications, of course."

"Do I have to Nanny?"

"Yes Baby. I can't have you trying to touch your naughty bits during your chores."


I was bit surprised to hear that I would be doing "chores" during punishment mode. I guess it was technically a punishment, but not one I was expecting. Of course, Nannybot implied that the chastity belt I was about to be locked in would have some modifications, which I could only imagine being more ways to deny me orgasms. What chores could she even give me, anyways? Nannybot and the house in general were programmed to take care of all the cleaning and maintenance.

"Yes, Baby, chores. You clearly need further discipline and chores are perfect for little girls like you. Now enough talking. Let's get you caged, diapered, and dressed."

A pacifier gag descended from the roof and was effortlessly attached to my face by a pair of hands, silencing any other complaints I could have made. While this was happening, Nannybot got to work laying one of the thickest diapers in my collection under me. This one was entirely plain white, with no designs.

I wasn't expecting what came next. Suddenly, without warning, something firm and thick was shoved into my vagina. This sent a wave of shock and pleasure coursing through my body, making me struggle against my unrelenting bonds. If whatever that was is going in before the chastity belt is put on, then it can't be good.

"That right there is the first modification to your belt, Baby. It will help make sure you have learned your lesson and don't repeat your naughty behavior." Nannybot explained.

I soon felt something else pressing up against my back door. I clenched out of instinct, but it didn't help much as the item was well lubricated. I recognized it to be a butt plug after it was fully inserted. This wasn't an ordinary one though. Something was attached to this and was snaking out of my rectum.

"This is the second modification. I will use it when I think you're slacking off or misbehaving." Nannybot said, holding a pump up to my face.

Seeing the pump made me realize that this was the inflatable butt plug I had. It could expand to a crazy size after enough pumps, which honestly did not seem verify comfortable.

"Let's give it a few squeezes for good measure." she stated.

Nannybot did just that. I let out a moan into the rubber nipple every time I felt the plug expand. It was already slightly uncomfortable at its base size, but it was quite noticeable after the three squeezes Nannybot gave it. I knew it could expand far beyond this size too, making it even more threatening.

"That should be good to start with. You better behave if you don't want it getting any bigger, Baby. Now let's get your belt on." Nannybot said.

Nannybot picked the chastity belt back up and began working it down my leg, inserting the pump for the butt plug through a small hole in the bottom that's designed for pooping. The cold steel of the belt soon made contact with my sensitive labia and clitoris, making me whine and try to jerk away. Nannybot did not seem to appreciate this, and gave another pump of air into the butt plug.

"Hold still, unless you want more pumps." The robot stated.

"Mmph mmm!" I mumbled into the pacifier, trying to let her know that I understood.

I stayed as still as possible as she perfectly positioned the belt. She next began making adjustments to the side and back. After a few seconds I felt the belt tighten up, and not long after it was perfectly pressed against me. Finally, I heard the small click of the main lock on the front, sealing away my own body from me until further notice.

"Perfect, now let's get you diapered." Nannybot exclaimed.

Nannybot got to work powdering me up, treating the steel of the belt like it wasn't even there in the process. She next moved the position of the tube and pump for the butt plug, adjusting it so that it would snaked up and outside the back of my diaper. Finally, the thick front of the garment was pulled up and over the chastity belt, fully concealing it underneath as it was taped up.

"Now it's time to get you dressed." Nannybot stated as the restraints binding me in place were undone.

I was pulled onto my feet by Nannybot. I fell over at first due to the bulk of the diaper and unusual feeling of the butt plug in my ass. Nannybot helped me stay upright and after a couple of seconds I was able to keep my balance. I almost fell over again when I saw the outfit she had picked out for me though.

The outfit was a French maid uniform with a skirt short enough to perfectly show off what was underneath, even without a massive diaper on. It even came with a head dress, thigh high socks, and three inch heels. Another hand contained something else that surprised me: a pink baby harness, complete with reigns. 

I gulped as the outfit was brought over to me, piece by piece. It wasn't long before the maid uniform was brought over my head and put on me. That was next followed by the head dress. I was then lifted up off the ground by my armpits and the thigh highs and high heels were forced on. What I didn't expect was to hear two more clicks coming from my feet. It would seem that these heels were the locking kind that I forgot I had purchased. Finally, I was put back on the ground and the pink harness was secured onto me. Unsurprisingly, I heard two more clicks, ensuring that it would not be coming off unless Nannybot wanted it to come off.

"Now that you're all dressed, let's get started on your chores. Start walking to the kitchen, Baby." Nannybot said, taking hold of the reigns to my harness.

I did as instructed and nearly fell over again when I took my first step. It had been a very long time since I had worn heels, and the thick diaper wasn't making it easier. Thankfully Nannybot had a firm hold on the harness reins, which caught me. I started moving slower after that, but Nannybot did not like that and gave me several firm pats on my diapered butt to get me moving faster.

After a near a near minute walk we back at the kitchen. I was directed to the sink, where I saw all of the dishes from dinner in the sink, unwashed.

"Your first chore is the dishes. Get going." Nannybot said, giving my thickly diapered butt another hard pat.

I hesitantly picked up the first dish, which was the plate my dinner was served on, and began rinsing it with water. Just hours ago I had thought that I was done cleaning dishes forever. Here I am now though, being forced to do them under threat of further punishment by my own robotic house keeper. This was not how I expected this punishment session to go. 

As I was beginning to soap the dish I suddenly felt a strong vibration start inside of me. Whatever was stuck inside of me before the chastity belt was put on was the culprit. The vibrations were intense enough that my reaction probably would have sent me falling to the ground. Thankfully I was able to grab onto the counter.

"Get back to work, slut." Nannybot stated.

In addition to the vibrations I next felt the butt plug increase in size. This elicited a whine out of me. Of course, it was barely audible behind the large pacifier. Nannybot inflated it twice before I was able to get myself together and attempt to continue cleaning the dishes. The butt plug was now noticeably uncomfortable and the vibrations were not letting up at all.

The vibrator stuck inside of me was giving me an incredible amount of pleasure, even more than the vibrations from the bouncer earlier. It was nearly impossible for me to focus on anything other than it. I kept scrubbing though and tried as hard as I could to ignore. It wasn't long before I was getting close to orgasming though.

After another few seconds I was incredibly close to going over the edge. Like before though, the vibrations suddenly stopped. I should have expected it, but it had taken all of my mental capacity to focus on cleaning the dishes. I whined into the pacifier some more, trying to beg Nannybot to let me orgasm. If my begging was even decipherable it fell on deaf ears.

As I was calming down the vibrator came to life again, causing me to whine even more. The pleasure rapidly built up inside of me again and began distracting me from the dish I was trying to clean. I slowed down my cleaning and instead focused my attention on trying to steal an orgasm. Nannybot did not like this though, and gave another pump into the plug.

That did nothing to motivate me though as I devoted everything I could mentally to achieving an orgasm. It was no use though, as the vibrator shut off right before I was able to reach it. Without thinking I shot my right hand down and tried rubbing myself through the diaper. My efforts were futile though, as the only thing I could feel through the thick diaper was the hard steel of the chastity belt. That didn't stop my from trying though.

"Naughty baby! You are NOT allowed to touch your diaper." Nannybot said, grabbing hold of my wrist and raising it above my head.

I turned my head back around to her and tried my best to beg to be allowed an orgasm. I was starting to tear up now. This was my only my second time being subjected to orgasm denial, with the first being only an hour ago or so. This was entirely not how I expected it to be and it is honestly excruciating!

"Clearly you're too much of a stupid, horny, little diaper slut to do even the most basic of tasks. Let's go find a different, more fitting punishment for you. Start crawling." Nannybot said. 

I obeyed and got down onto my hands and knees after Nannybot released me. I was disappointed in myself for being such a slave to my own pleasure that I would do close to anything just for an orgasm. I was angry at myself for not even being able to do routine chores. I was even more angry at myself for screwing up an easy punishment and probably earning myself a much worse one.

Nannybot tugged on the harness reigns and forced me to begin crawling. After a few stride the vibrator kicked on again and continued sending waves of pleasure through my body. I whined and continued to cry as I crawled, not daring to try touching myself again. The diaper, chastity belt, plug, and active vibrator made it difficult to even crawl.

A small burst of pee escaped from me while I was crawling. I could feel it up against my skin as it slowly dispersed around the chastity belt and into the thick diaper. I tried to keep up my already slow crawling pace while doing this, but it was just too much to handle at once. I felt the plug expand in size again once as soon as the leash went taut.

Finally, after minutes of crawling, I arrived at the dungeon room. I was led over to the center of the room, where a pillory was firmly attached to the floor. The hands quickly got to work, forcing me off of the ground, positioning me inside the pillory, and locking it shut. Nannybot came around to my front and began removing the pacifier gag.

"Since your only skills consist of filling diapers and taking cocks, I figure your punishment should consist of both." Nannybot stated, removing the gag from my mouth.

I had no time to say anything though, as the dildo machine from this morning was rolled over to me and inserted into my mouth. I nearly choked in surprise as the dildo rapidly shot itself back into my mouth. This one was even bigger than the one from this morning!

"You sit there and enjoy that while I do some work back here." Nannybot said as she left my field of view.

The dildo in my mouth rapidly shot back and forth in my mouth, never leaving entirely, but pulling out just enough to prevent me from closing my mouth. While this was happening I could feel something happening behind me. After a moment, I could feel the diaper being removed and pulled away. I was wondering what was about to happen back there, but it was really hard to think with the massive dildo fucking my mouth. 

I could feel the chastity belt being removed shortly after, giving me hope that I would finally be allowed to orgasm. The massive butt plug was deflated next and also removed, much to my enjoyment. I will never know how that thing was able to expand as much as it did! Finally, the vibrator that has been tormenting me for so long was switched off and removed from inside me.

Around that time, the dildo in my mouth began to pick up speed. It kept getting faster and faster, until finally it began to shoot the artificial semen into the back of my mouth. After several more strokes and pumps of semen it came to a stop, half way into my mouth.

"I know how much you love the taste of semen. Make sure to drink it all. It will keep you nice and hydrated. If I see any of it leave your mouth, you won't like the consequences." Nannybot said from behind me.

I followed her orders and started swallowing all of the artificial semen. Thankfully, the dildo remained inactive during this time. After I had managed to get all of the slightly salty substance down, the dildo got back to work, sliding in and out of my mouth. It shot a very high quantity of the semen last time, making me concerned for how many times this would happen.

In the back, I could feel another plug style object being inserted into my ass. Unfortunately, I had no way of seeing what it was. I'm sure I would find out soon though, as Nannybot is all about not wasting time. Whatever it is, it probably isn't good for me.

"Remember that enema I threated earlier?" Nannybot asked. "Well, I feel that it would be a good experience for you."

I groaned as a warm, slightly thick liquid began flowing out of the plug and into my colon. I had never had an enema before, so the feeling was completely foreign to me. I didn't think the enema liquid would be this thick though. I thought you were supposed to use soapy water?

"You're probably wondering what kind of enema this is. Well, it's the same thing that you're currently gulping down." Nannybot stated.

So it was the artificial semen? I guess that wasn't too surprising to me, but I was curious what it's going to be like when it comes back out. I wasn't even sure how much was going to be pumped into me, but with how the night has gone so far I'm sure it's not going to be a small amount.

The dildo in my mouth steadily built up more and more speed, before once again shooting the thick, salty semen into my mouth. Like last time, I was given a few seconds to swallow up everything I could before the machine started up again to continue the cycle. The enema never stopped flowing during any of this.

I nearly choked when I felt an intensely vibrating object push up against my exposed clit. This nearly instantly brought back all the arousal I had before when I was being mercilessly edged. It was foolish of me to get my hopes up, but I prayed in my mind that this time I would finally be allowed to orgasm. My prayers fell on deaf ears though, as the vibrations once again ceased when I was getting close to cumming. Like clockwork, they turned back on after I had calmed down a bit. 

After several minutes of this hellish cycle, I was beginning to feel full. Both from all the fake sperm I've been forced to drink, and from the fake sperm being pumped into my rectum. Neither source seemed to be close to empty though, as they both continued to disperse the substance at a steady rate.

After several more minutes, I was feeling bloated. I honestly felt like I was going to bust open if anything else was stuffed inside of me. It felt like my entire colon was filled to the brim, which is 
a feeling I've never experienced before. I couldn't even tell if the semen was even still flowing or not, but I presumed it hadn't stopped.

I was well aware of the semen still being shot into my mouth though. The dildo continued its usual rhythm of fucking my mouth, cumming inside of it, and giving me a short break to swallow. I eventually lost count of the number of times this has happened, but it was no doubt in the double digits. Thankfully, I was able to get everything down in time, but it was getting harder and harder to do as my stomach filled. It felt like I had just drunken way more water than I should have.

After even longer, I noticed that the dildo did not start back up again. Instead, it stayed motionless half way into my mouth. The vibrator didn't come back to torture me after several seconds either. Because of this, I assumed that the enema had stopped as well. I had no way of knowing though, as I hadn't been able to feel the flow for several minutes now.

"Now that you're nice and full, I suppose we should get you ready for bed." Nannybot stated.

I next felt the chastity belt being reattached, making me lose all hope of being allowed to orgasm. Was I seriously going to have to wear it until morning? I thought that maybe I would be able to finish myself off after punishment mode expired, but with the belt on that would be close to impossible.

After hearing the locks of the chastity belt latch shut, I felt the large diaper being placed back up against me. It was quickly fastened back on, but the enema plug and tube were not removed. Instead, the tube was snaked up through the back of the diaper like the butt plug one had been earlier.

"Let's get you dressed for bed and then maybe I'll let you release your enema." Nannybot said.

Maybe?! There was no way I could possibly sleep feeling this bloated. It was causing me to slightly cramp up now, and having to spend an entire night in this state would drive me crazy! I prayed in my mind again, hoping that this was just a bluff to try to scare me. If it was, it was working.

The dildo in my mouth was pulled out and quickly replaced with the pacifier gag that I had become so accustomed to. I was then unlocked from the pillory, and forced back onto the floor on my hands and knees. The sudden movement caused my filled lower organs to cramp up a bit again, sending pain throughout my body.

"If you want to be able to release that enema tonight, then you better get moving slut." Nannybot said as she took hold of the harnesses reins.

I began painfully crawling to the nursery, trying as hard as I could to ignore the pain and discomfort that each movement caused. On multiple occasions Nannybot gave a swat to my diapered backside to get me to move faster, which caused even more discomfort and cramps. Nannybot must have been holding the enema tube, because I could feel it running up into the air behind me.

I was relieved when we finally reached the nursery. The hands quickly shot from the ceiling and expertly began undressing me. All of the locks to my clothing were removed, followed by the clothes themselves. In no time at all, I was stripped all the way down to my diaper and pacifier gag. Finally, the hair bows holding up my twin tails was removed and my long hair fell back down.

"I'm going to release the enema plug now, slut. You're going to hold it all inside of you until you've been dressed and secured in your crib, understand? If you let it out early, then you're going to get another enema before bed." Nannybot said, reaching a thin hand inside the back of my diaper.

I nodded my head to show that I understood. As soon as the plug was pulled out I clamped by anus shut as hard as I could, trying to make sure that nothing could leak out. It added quite a bit to my discomfort. It was taking almost all of my attention to do so, which was making it hard to tell what else was happening around me. 

My eyes were clamped shut as well to try to help my focus, but I had to open them when I felt a soft fabric touch my skin. I looked to my side and saw that I was being dressed in a set of pink, heart patterned footed pajamas. The pajamas were quickly put onto me and then zipped up the back. Finally, I heard the button that covers the zipper snap on.

What happened next surprised me, all though it certainly shouldn't have. Thick, fingerless mittens were put onto my hands. After being tightened around my wrists, small locks were placed onto the straps. A similar process was carried out with a pair of booties on my feet. There would be no possible way for me to tamper with my outfit now.

"There we go, all ready for bed! Do you like your pretty pajamas, baby?" Nannybot asked, using a more maternal voice.

I nodded my head again, hoping that I wouldn't have to endure this much longer.

"I knew you would. Let's get you tucked in." Nannybot stated.

Nannybot took me into her arms and began carrying me towards the crib. When we arrived she set me down on my back and pulled the blanket up to my neck. Thankfully, she didn't restrain my arms and legs to the sides. Even without that, it would be impossible for me to escape though, as the mittens made my hands useless.

"Sleep tight, baby. You can release your enema as soon as I leave the room." Nannybot said.

Nannybot pulled the cribs bars back up. Once it clicked shut, I was sealed inside until she released me in the morning. She next made her way to the door and shut the lights off, completely enveloping me in darkness. Finally, she exited the room and shut the door, leaving me completely alone.

The instant the door closed, I released my muscles that were keeping the enema inside. As soon as it could, it began pouring out, into my slightly wet diaper. I have no clue how big the enema was, but it was big enough to keep a steady flow for multiple seconds when it was coming out. The feeling was a massive relief to me and caused me to moan into the giant pacifier.

The artificial semen spread throughout every part of the big diaper. I could feel it pooling up right under by butt and at the midsection of the diaper. Whenever I moved, even a little bit, it would squish around and disperse itself to other parts of the diaper. I could even feel it making its way under the chastity belt.

After probably a minute or so, the flow of fake semen into my diaper stopped and I finally felt empty inside. The semen was all over my diaper, and it was a bit uncomfortable. It didn't really feel bad due to how warm it was, but it was sticky and thick. It reminded me of the messy diaper I had been forced to wear earlier, except without the smell and way more volume. 

Now that the I was free from having to focus on the enema, I was presented with another problem. I was still incredibly horny and my pussy was yearning for release. Unlike the enema though, this was a release that would be impossible to obtain. 

I tried as hard as I could to stimulate myself enough to reach an orgasm, but my current outfit was specifically designed to prevent that. The chastity belt completely blocked access to every part of my vagina, the thick diaper blocked access to the chastity belt, the back-zipper pajamas blocked access to my diaper, and the thick mittens secured around my hands blocked access to everything. I was able to get a little bit of stimulation from my nipples, but that wasn't nearly enough for what I needed.

The futility of it all didn't stop me from trying though. I first tried pressing my mittened hands into the front of my diaper. The only feeling I got though was that of the fake semen squishing around and then the unbending metal plate of the chastity belt. Nothing I tried worked to get even a tiny bit of stimulation from that part of my body.

In a move of frustrated desperation, I began trying as hard as I could to get off through my nipples. I rubbed the thick mittens against my nipples, which did hardly anything. I kept trying for minutes though, before finally giving up with a frustrated groan into the pacifier gag.

Once I had completely given up hope of getting an orgasm, I dropped my arms to my sides and began to think over my day. I have only been living in this house for less than 12 hours, but it already felt like years. My morning had started off really fun with my first diaper punishment, but the rest of the day after that had become much harder. Being denied orgasms for hours at a time was excruciating, and if this was a punishment inflicted on me by an actual person then I would do whatever I could to prevent it from happening again.

Deep inside though, I knew I was enjoying this in some way. I have fantasized about being diaper punished and treated like a baby slave for years upon years now. Stuff like this is exactly what I wanted, and it's what I was getting. I deserved to be here, restrained from my own body and having no choice but to use my thick diaper. I just hoped that in the morning I would be able to find some form of relief. 

Thoughts like these weren't helping me to kill my horniness, so I decided to try as hard as I could to turn my brain off and just fall asleep. This was incredibly hard though. Even with how exhausted I was from my last few hours of punishment, I couldn't get myself to fall asleep. It probably didn't help that it was definitely no later than 9:00pm right now. I usually didn't go to bed until midnight.

After a while of trying to sleep, I felt pressure begin to build up in my bladder. Without putting too much thought into it, I released it and heard the sounds of it hitting the metal of the chastity belt. The belt caused my urine to mostly disperse through the tiny holes in the middle and from the bottom of the shield. After a few seconds I was finished and got back to work trying to fall asleep.

Eventually the semen substance began to cool off, making the diaper even more uncomfortable to be in. The areas my pee had reached remained a bit warmer, but didn't help much. Speaking of uncomfortable, the pacifier gag strapped to my head also didn't help. I didn't have much problem with a normal pacifier, but the gag one was hard to get used to.

Finally, after who knows how long, I was able to slip into sleep.

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Please expand on this more. I'm curious what happens once the 3 hrs are up and when she wakes up. Does she get a diaper again or does the nanny make sure she enjoys this diaper.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Here's a relatively short chapter.


Chapter 4:

I eventually woke up with a painful need to pee. It took me a moment to come to my senses before I could truly register that though. The first thing I noticed was that it was still pitch black in the nursery, meaning that it was still the middle of the night. I was also insanely tired still.

I next noticed the slimy diaper that was attached to my waist, as well as all of the other objects attached to me. The memories of last night slowly began coming back now, making me remember everything that led me to being stuck in this situation. Thankfully I wasn't as desperately horny has I had been when I was put in the crib earlier, and hopefully it would stay that way until I can fall back asleep.

Another painful cramp came from my bladder, reminding me that I really needed to pee. Without putting much thought into it, I released my muscles and started to hear a strong torrent of my piss hit the chastity belt and the diaper. The warmness slowly began spreading down to my butt and the rest of the large diaper. I was way too tired to estimate time, but I felt like it had taken longer than normal to empty myself. After I was finished, I felt much better.

I closed my eyes to try to fall back asleep, but after a few moments a thought came to my mind: Why was I still all restrained like this? I had no idea what time it was, but punishment mode should have definitely turned off by now. Here I was though, still gagged, my hands locked away from me, and a filthy diaper taped to me that I had no way of removing.

I would definitely have to look into this in the morning, as this shouldn't be intended. If I could use my voice, I could maybe get Nannybot to fix this. That wouldn't be possible with the pacifier gag strapped to my face though, as it was too big for me to articulate anything. There was no way I could get out of the crib like this either, meaning that I was stuck this way until morning.

I groaned into my pacifier and set my focus back on falling back asleep. As I rolled onto my side I could feel my pee flow to the bottom of my diaper. I guess the fake semen was making it hard for the diaper to absorb my pee. Thankfully, it didn't take long for me to fall back to sleep.


The next time I woke up was in the morning. Sunlight was pouring in from the window, illuminating the nursery. Like when I woke up in the middle of the night, there were cramps in my bladder telling me that I needed to pee. Not wasting any time, I released my control and began to feel the warm liquid flow out into my soggy diaper. 

Like before, my pee dispersed around the steel of the chastity belt and through the small holes. It trickled down my butt and pooled up towards the bottom. It took several seconds, but it eventually began being absorbed in the diaper. The slimy fake semen, which had cooled to around room temperature, was becoming apparent to me now because of this. It was almost gluing my diaper to my body at certain parts.

After my bladder was emptied I felt a wave of relief wash over me again. I felt somewhat blissful and relaxed, just laying there in my heavily used diaper. All of the bondage gear was kind of putting a damper on it though. I had been wearing this stuff since last night now and my hands and feet were sweaty. My jaw was also a bit uncomfortable due to the big pacifier bulb that has occupied my mouth all night. Worst of all was the chastity belt, which was constantly present and preventing me from doing anything about the slight itch I felt in my privates.

While I just laid in the crib, waiting to be released, I started thinking about the fact that I was still restrained like this again. Once I was finally released, I would need to switch to adult mode and figure out what's going on. I'd probably take a nice shower first though, considering how gross this diaper is. For now though, there was nothing I could do but wait for Nannybot to come let me out and remove my restraints.

After a while longer, Nannybot finally entered the nursery and began heading for the crib.

"Good morning sweetie. Did you sleep good last night?" Nannybot asked.

I nodded my head in response, as my mouth was currently useless. Once Nannybot reached the crib, she undid the latch that kept the gate up and folded it down. Next, she picked me up and held me in her arms like, well, a baby. She didn't remove any of my restraints first though, still leaving me helpless and making me a bit worried.

"Let's get you changed into a nice, clean diaper and then get you some breakfast." Nannybot said and she carried me over to the changing table.

The diaper was under my pajamas, so once we reached the table Nannybot began undressing me. She thankfully started by unlocking and removing the mittens and booties that made my limbs unusable. She next unzipped the back of my pajamas and worked them off of my body, until I was dressed in nothing but my super soggy diaper and the pacifier gag.

I was next laid down on the changing table and the chest strap was secured over me. Why didn't she remove the pacifier gag too? I tried to reach back and use my now free hands to remove it myself, but I found that it was also secured with a pad lock. Without my voice, there would be no way for me to switch to adult mode unless I could get to one of the consoles.

I decided that I should probably try, just in case the house was truly malfunctioning. I unclicked the latch for the chest strap and began to sit up, but was stopped by Nannybot pushing me back down onto my back.

"Hold still until I get your new diaper on, baby." She said and she secured the chest strap back over me.

I tried once again, but was met with the same result. After trying a third time, hands came down from the ceiling and pushed my shoulders down against the table, preventing me from making another escape attempt.

"Someone is energetic this morning!" Nannybot said as she finally began untaping my diaper.

I felt the cool air hit my skin as she pulled the front of the diaper down. She instantly got to work on wiping me down, removing the fake semen that was stuck throughout my skin. When she got to the area being covered by the chastity belt, she simply used some bottle to pour water around it and rinse it out. She never made any attempt to remove the belt, leaving me even more concerned.

Was she deemed that I was clean, she placed the new diaper below me and began to oil and powder me. She paid special attention to the area covered by the belt, getting a good amount of powder under where she could. Did she seriously plan on leaving me in this thing?!

I tried to protest and tell her to remove the belt, but there was no way for me to make any coherent noises with the pacifier still locked in my mouth.

"I know you're hungry baby. We're almost done, I promise." Nannybot stated as she finished powdering me.

She next pulled the diaper up and over my chaste crotch before expertly securing it. The hands holding my shoulders released their grip and retracted back into the ceiling, just in time for Nannybot to release the chest strap and pick me back up. She carried me in the same fashion as before, now destined for the kitchen. Once we arrived, Nannybot placed me inside the highchair and secured me in with the harness. Once I was secure, she put the tray into place, leaving me stuck inside the highchair.

Nannybot then began cooking breakfast while I watched, unable to do anything except suck on the pacifier. From what I could tell, she was making scrambled eggs. While she was cooking I began to think of a way to escape. I was initially thinking about trying to quickly undo the restraints and remove the highchair tray, then make a bolt for the console in the living room, but there would be no way I could do that before being stopped by either Nannybot or the hands. I then felt like an idiot once I realized that Nannybot would need to remove the pacifier gag in order to feed me.

Once my breakfast was ready, Nannybot came over and set it on the highchair tray. She then placed a large bib over my nude chest and finally began to unlock the pacifier gag. Once it was unlocked, she undid the belt strap and finally removed it from my sore mouth.

"House, switch to Adult Mode." I stated, as soon as I was able to.

I was relieved when I heard the dinging sound, confirming the switch.

"Nannybot, let me out of the highchair." I ordered.

"But Miss Jessica, you haven't eaten breakfast yet."

"Now, please." I said, hoping that she would obey.

"As you wish, Miss Jessica. Are you going to eat like an adult or should I save your breakfast for later?" Nannybot asked as she set the plate of eggs on the counter.

"Please save it for later and give me the key for this chastity belt."

"Will do Miss Jessica, however I do not have the key to the chastity belt."

"What do you mean? You put it on me last night." I asked, my heart dropping.

"That was your punishment nanny, Miss Jessica. I am your adult and baby nanny." She answered as she removed the tray from the highchair.

"What? But you are the same nanny?" I responded, undoing the highchair strap and letting myself out.

"I'm afraid you're mistaken, Miss Jessica. Your punishment nanny takes over when you switch to Punishment Mode and then switches back to me when it's over. She can access my memory, but I am unable to read hers."

"So you have no clue where the key is?"

"I'm afraid I do not. You could try asking your punishment nanny." 

My heart was beating pretty fast now and I was starting to feel scared. The last thing I wanted was to go into Punishment Mode right now. I also wanted this stupid belt off though, leaving me with a difficult choice. Maybe I could set it for a really short time like two minutes? I seriously doubt that any serious punishments could be inflicted on me in that time.

"House, switch to Punishment Mode." I stated, deciding to risk it.

"Confirm time duration." Nannybot responded, in the same emotionless voice as yesterday.

"Two minutes." I stated.

I heard the familiar ding and suddenly my limbs were grabbed by a set of hands that shot out of the ceiling. 

"Nannybot, give me the key for the chastity belt." I stated, hoping she would at least tell me where it's located.

"You clearly don't deserve it. Refusing to eat breakfast and trying to order me around? You are very lucky our time together is so short." Nannybot stated.

By this time, the hands had already forced me back into the highchair and strapped me in. They just as quickly secured the tray back on and restrained my hands to it, making escape impossible.

"Please! I need to get this belt off!" I begged.

"Why? So you can touch your naughty parts like a little slut? I think you're better off with it on."

"Please! I shouldn't have to keep it on outside of punishment mode!" I tried to reason with her. 

"It's not a punishment if you get to chose when it ends. You're keeping that belt on until I decide otherwise." Nannybot stated.

My hopes of escaping this belt were rapidly starting to dwindle. There's no way that I would be able to remove it on my own without heavy power tools. The belt and lock that I purchased were designed to prevent such a thing. Why did I have to be so stupid?

"Please! Isn't there anything I can do to get you to take it off?" I begged again, desperately trying to get her to take it off.

"Fine! Since you clearly won't shut up about it, I'll think of a way for you to earn the key. I'll leave instructions on the bed in the master bedroom. For now though, here's what you're going to do: When our time together runs out, you are going to stay in baby mode until you have been feed, bottled, and burped. Disobey me and the deal is off. Understand? I'll make sure you're thoroughly punished for your earlier actions later." Nannybot said.

Hope began rush back inside of me when I heard she would give me the key, but was quickly crushed when she said I would have to earn it back. There was no way that it would be easy or painless to do so. What choice did I really have though? I'm sure whatever it is it would be a lot better than the alternatives.

"Thank you Nanny!" I stated. "I will look for your instructions after breakfast."

"Good girl. Now, since you were naughty, your breakfast is going to be a bit different." Nannybot stated, picking the plate of eggs up off the counter. 

She brought the plate over to the sink and began shoveling it down the garbage disposal. When all of it was gone, she went over to a cabinet and began grabbing jars of baby food out of it. My heart sank once again when I saw that. I cursed myself again for purchasing it, knowing that I hated the taste. The idea of being forced to eat it was so hot to me at the time, but here I was in that exact situation and I wasn't happy or excited.

Nannybot brought five jars of various flavored baby food over to the highchair, along with two baby bottles that a couple of the hands had been preparing at the same time. She set the jars down on the tray and began twisting off all of the lids. Once all of the jars were ready, she scooped up a big glob with a small plastic spoon and began reaching towards my mouth. With a tear in my eye, I opened wide and obediently let her put the spoon in my mouth.


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I guess Jessica has bitten off more than she can chew right now... if she were thinking she would have saved a duplicate key where she could get to it, however she was not thinking.

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Nice addition as it does add a nice little wrinkle into her plans and gives a way for her to loose more control even though she may not want it. Nicely don't in the twist and how that was done. Love the story and I check weekly for a update.

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Chapter 5:

Nannybot continued to shovel spoonful after spoonful of baby food into my mouth. Each time I would try as hard as I could to ignore the taste and just swallow it. This worked fine initially, but got much harder as the feeding went on. A short amount of time after the feeding had begun, the house had switched back to Baby Mode. Despite that, my hands were still restrained to the highchair. The only real difference from Punishment Mode was that now I had to listen to Nannybot make airplane noises while she fed me.

Halfway through the fourth jar I was starting to feel full. It was becoming harder and harder to swallow the gross baby food. Thankfully, Nannybot was patient and waited for me to swallow before inserting the next spoonful. After several minutes, I was finally able to finish all of it.

I'm not even sure what all flavors I had eaten. I could recognize the taste of carrots in one and peas in another, but I had no clue what I was even eating for the others. I'm not sure how much baby food was left in the cupboard, but I was definitely not purchasing more when it ran out. In fact, once this is over I am going to go throw the rest of it out.

After rinsing out the empty jars and throwing them away, Nannybot undid the highchair restraints and took the tray off. She then unstrapped me, picked me up, and held me in her arms. She was holding me so that my back was resting against her arm and her hand was firmly pressing on the back of my diaper. Finally, she used her free hand to place the first baby bottle up to my mouth.

I immediately began sucking on it and drank all of the apple juice that flowed out. Despite feeling full already, I drank as fast as I could to get the taste of baby food out of my mouth. After several minutes I finally finished the bottle, which was quickly replaced with the second one. The second one only contained water, which was also very welcome.

Once I completed the second bottle I was feeling even more full than before. Those bottles were designed for adult babies, so they held a good amount of liquid in them. Despite that, I definitely enjoyed being able to wash out the baby food flavor. Getting fed in this position was a bit annoying though.

Speaking of annoying positions, Nannybot next adjusted me so that I was draped over her shoulder. She then began patting my back until I embarrassingly let out a large belch. That burp was quickly followed by a second, less powerful one. It was embarrassing, but it did make my stomach feel better. Now that I had been burped, I could finally switch back to adult mode.

"House, switch to Adult Mode." I said, still slung over Nannybot's shoulder.

The familiar ding played once again.

"Nannybot, please put me down."

"Of course, Miss Jessica." She answered, carefully setting me down on my feet.

Once I was free to move again, I made my way over to the cupboard that housed all of the baby food. Once there, I opened the door and saw just how much was left. There was still 8 jars left in the cabinet. Without hesitating, I grabbed each one out and brought them over to the sink. Once there, I began scooping out the contents and washing them down the drain. Normally I hated wasting food, but I hated eating baby food even more. 

Once all of the baby food was disposed of, I cleaned my hands off and began to head to the master bedroom to see what the note said. I contemplated taking the diaper off and putting on some clothes first, but I figured that whatever task Nannybot wanted would involve me being diapered anyways, so there wouldn't be any point. I already wasted a bunch of food, so I didn't want to be anymore wasteful by ruining this unused diaper.

Once I opened the door, I saw that there was a piece of folded paper laying on the bed. I waddled over to it and unfolded it. Inside, it read:

"Since you begged so much and because I think it would be fun, I have decided to let you earn the key to your chastity belt. You're going to prove to me that you are responsible enough to have it. If you accept, then enable the Discipline Mode in the house console. If you don't switch by 10:00am, then I will assume that you are declining my offer and understand that your slut hole is better off under my control. - Nannybot"

I looked over at the clock in the bedroom and saw that it was currently 9:58am. That hardly gives me any time to think about this! I quickly sat the note down and hurried over to the console on the wall. I entered the screen to change modes and noticed that there was now a new, fourth mode available. 

Just like the note said, the new mode was called Discipline Mode. I still had a bit of time, so I hit the information button on it and was a bit concerned with what I saw. More specifically, with what I couldn't see. There was hardly any information available about the mode! All I could see was that it was added around 30 minutes ago and that it did not have an expiration time set. 

I looked over to the clock again and saw that it was now 9:59am. The clock was digital and didn't show seconds, meaning I was clueless to how much time I still had. Knowing that I had to do it, I gulped and pressed to enable the new mode. No box appeared to ask for confirmation before making the change and the ding sound played as soon as I clicked on it.

What happened next surprised me. The console screen quite literally locked up. The screen changed to a solid, dark red and a lock icon appeared. When I tried touching the screen there was no response or indication that anything was happening. Whatever this mode was, it locked me out of the house's settings. I was starting to get a bit scared again.

After making the change I could hear Nannybot begin to approach the master bedroom. When she arrived, she instantly got down to business.

"I see you have decided to try earning the key to your chastity belt. Get on your knees." She commanded.

I obeyed and quickly got down on my knees, feeling the bottom of my diaper slightly rub against the ground.

"Good girl. Keep obeying me and this will be much easier for you. Now, as you noticed moments ago, the house console is locked up and you are unable to change any of the settings. Until you earn back the key or give up, it will remain that way. Vocal commands are also disabled. Go ahead and try." Nannybot instructed.

'House, switch to Adult Mode." I said, nervously.

A noise resembling a computer error sound played. Whatever this mode is, I guess I'm stuck in it now. That, combined with the fact that I had no clue what the other settings on this mode were, was beginning to make me feel anxious. Was this a good idea?

"Good. Now, you're probably wondering what you're going to have to do to earn that key. First though, I have another task for you." Nannybot said while pulling a black, plastic object out of one of her compartments.

She then began unfolding the object, which revealed that it is a big garbage bag.

"You're going to take this bag to your dresser and closet, and fill it up with all of your big girl clothes. Don't worry, you can have them back when you earn the key." Nannybot stated, chuckling to herself.

"Go on, get to work." She commanded, tossing the garbage bag at me. 

"Yes, Nanny." I answered, grabbing the bag and then getting up.

I've fantasized about this exact scenario before. Where I did something naughty and had to throw out all of my big girls clothes as punishment. Being in that situation now though, I wasn't really excited about it. It did make me feel naughty though. It also made me more scared and anxious.

I waddled over to my dresser, and as command I opened the top drawer. The drawer contained all of my socks and panties. I started grabbing handfuls of them out at a time and placed them into the garbage bag. I continued this process with every one of the drawers until the dresser was completely empty. The bag was pretty big, but it was already starting to get heavy from the amount of clothes inside of it.

I carried the bag over to my closet next, where I had several dresses, jackets, and skirts hanging up. I never felt a need to have a ton of different outfits, so it didn't take me too long to remove everything from their hangers and place them in the bag. When I was finally done, my closet was barren and resembled how it looked before I had moved in, save for all of the empty hangers.

Once finished, I left the closet and brought the bag over to Nannybot, who was standing in a pose that silently told me I was taking too longer. I handed the bag to her and she handed it to one of the hands, which carried it out of sight into the ceiling.

"There we go. Don't look so sad, you won't be needing them for a while anyways." Nannybot said.

A while? How long was this going to take? I was expecting a day or two, but I guess I shouldn't be expecting anything.

"Get back down on your knees and crawl." Nannybot commanded.

I complied and crawled after Nannybot when she started moving out of the room. Thankfully, she moved somewhat slowly to allow me to keep up. Once we reached the living room, I noticed that the big potty chair from the nursery had been moved to the center of the living room. Nannybot led me over to it.

The potty chair was similar in design to those Japanese swan ones, except up-sized to be for an adult. It is mostly made out of wood, except for the potty pot, which is essentially a big metal bowl that rests underneath the seat. The metal bowl is easily removable to be emptied and cleaned.

The front of the potty chair looks like a swan's head and has two handles on it. Of course, there were cuffs attached to the handles to force the user to keep their hands there. There were also cuffs on the bottom of both sides, right at the perfect height to attach to the users ankles. Finally, there is a strap that goes over the persons legs to keep them seated. The whole potty is painted white, except for the swan's bill, which is painted yellow.

"Stand up." Nannybot instructed.

I got up onto my feet as instructed and was immediately lifted into the air by a pair of hands. They quickly untaped my diaper and took it away, leaving me only wearing the chastity belt. They then moved me over and set me down on the potty chair. More hands came out to cuff my hands and ankles to it, as well secure the leg strap. In a matter of seconds I was fully restrained to the potty chair.

"This is your potty chair. Get used to sitting here, because you're going to be spending a lot of time on it here soon. Here is what you are going to be doing to try to prove that you're responsible enough to be trusted with the key to your chastity belt. You're going to start by showing me that you're capable of using the potty like a big girl. If you need to use the potty then you will find me and tell me. I will pull down your training panties and strap you into the potty so that you can go. You are forbidden from removing your own training panties. If you can use the potty for 7 days straight without any accidents, then I will give you the key, your big girl clothes, and turn off Discipline Mode." Nannybot explained.

"What if I don-" I started.

"Do not interrupt me!" Nannybot yelled at me. "If you don't make it to the potty in time and have an accident in your training panties, then the week resets and you'll have to start over the next day. You'll also be punished and relegated to diaper for the rest of the day."

That doesn't sound too bad I guess. I've been using the toilet for two decades now without any issues. This should be a walk in the park.

"Of course, that's not all there is to it. It's called discipline mode for a reason. You're going to be doing plenty of chores and tasks to prove that you're capable of taking care of yourself. If I don't think you're doing a good enough job, then we'll keep this up until you are. Do you have any questions?" Nannybot asked.

An entire week?! I've only been living in here for 24 hours! It could be even longer too! Of course I am capable of taking care of myself! I've been doing it perfectly fine for the last 4 years. Hopefully that just meant that this would be even easier.

"What kind of punishments?" I asked.

"Whatever I believe to be appropriate. Anything available in punishment mode is on the table. Any other questions?" Nannybot said.

"No ma'am." I responded, getting a little frightened by that bit of information.

"Good. Now let's go over the rules.

Number 1: You will wear your training panties or diaper at all times. You are not allow to remove or even touch it yourself. You will leave all of that to me.
Number 2: You will try your hardest to use the potty. When you need to use the potty, you will inform me and I will take you. If you have an accident in your training panties, then you will be punished and put into a diaper for the remainder of the day. The potty is off limits while you are diapered.
Number 3: You will obey any and all instructions I give you.
Number 4: You will be punished for breaking any rules, disobeying orders, misbehavior, or potentially even if I think it would be appropriate.
Number 5. You are not an adult. I know you are trying to prove that you are capable of being one, but you are still a little girl and will be treated as such.
Number 6. This treatment will continue until you go a week without an accident and can prove that you are capable of taking care of yourself. If you want to give up, you can do so at any time and I will put you back into Adult Mode. Keep in mind that this is the only chance you have at this and I will keep you locked up for a long time if you give up.

Do you have any questions?"

"Will you try to sabotage me?" I asked.

"I will not try to sabotage you, but if you're being punished or have been put to bed then I may make you hold it." Nannybot explained.

"What if I need to leave the house?"

"I will judge if it's necessary first. If it is, then you will go out wearing your training panties or diaper. You are still prohibited from using any potty other than this one or removing your training panties. I will know if you do."

There was no question on 'if' I would need to leave the house in the next week. I don't have nearly enough groceries to last that long. Plus, it would be really unhealthy to just stay indoors for that long. I have never worn a diaper outside of my own home before, but I may not have a choice here soon.

There was another glaring issue there: Nannybot had confiscated all of my adult clothes. If I had to go out, then I would more than likely be forced to wear the little girls clothes from the nursery. Almost everything in there was childish as could be and pastel colors, meaning it was going to be extremely embarrassing.

"Any other questions?" Nannybot asked me.

"N-no." I answered, feeling a little overwhelmed. 

"Good. Now finish up on the potty so that we can get you punished for your behavior this morning. You have until the time I get back from fetching a few things." Nannybot stated.

I suddenly remembered Nannybot's threat earlier about making sure that I was thoroughly punished. 'Just great' I thought to myself. Thinking about it though, the bottles I had at breakfast were starting to go through me. Focusing my concentration, I tried to let go and pee into the potty, but I was having trouble getting anything to come out. It was different than peeing on a toilet or in a diaper. It felt unnatural and wrong.

After forcing myself for several seconds, I was finally able to get a small stream going. I could feel the pee slowly dribble out and onto the chastity belt shield and then hit the metal bowl. Slowly but surely, I managed to get everything out of my body and into the potty.

Shortly after I finished up, Nannybot walked back into the room, holding one of the pull-ups from the nursery. The one she selected was purple and covered in multi-colored stars. It was one designed for teenage bed-wetters, meaning it could hold a good wetting from my small frame if necessary.

"Are you finished on the potty?" Nannybot asked as she walked in.

"Y-yes." I answered.

A couple of hands came down from the ceiling and grabbed hold of me under my waist. They lifted me so that I was standing up, but leaning forward. My wrists and ankles were still bound to the potty chair, all that really changed was my position. I was able to lean most of my weight on the swan head, which kept the position from being too uncomfortable.

"This is your wiping position. Because your chastity belt needs to come off in order to wipe you, you will remain restrained until we are finished and your belt has been put back on. I will expect you to assume this position on your own when commanded." Nannybot explained.

She then walked over to me and pulled a key out from one of her compartments. She brought it over to where I was bent over and began fiddling with the front of the chastity belt. After a second, I heard a 'click' and the belt was slid down, exposing my wet crotch to the open air. The belt was not taken all the way off, it was only slid down and held in place by a hand.

I then felt a cool baby wipe begin to wipe down my crotch. I almost bucked into the wipe due to the sudden, pleasurable sensation. Thankfully, I was able to stop myself. Once satisfied there, she took another one and wiped between my butt cheeks. When she was finished wiping me, the hand brought the belt back into position over my crotch. I then felt Nannybot fiddling with it once again and soon after I heard the 'click' that confirmed it had locked.

She then raised back up and began undoing my wrist restraints. At the same time, a couple of hands were undoing the ankle ones. In a matter of seconds I was freed, only to then be lifted up under my armpits by a pair of hands. They raised me up high enough for my legs to go over the potty and chair and brought me to the side, right in front of Nannybot.

Nannybot was waiting for me, using her hands to stretch the sides of the pull-up. As the hands steadily lowered me, she began working the pull-up up my legs until it was in it's intended position. The garment fit me perfectly. I normally loved the feeling of the fresh padding as it hit my crotch whenever I put one on, but unfortunately I was prevented from feeling such pleasure.

"Now that you're ready, let's go start your punishments." Nannybot stated, signaling me to follow her.

I obediently followed behind her, somewhat surprised that she wasn't forcing me to crawl or something else. Walking in the pull-up wasn't all that different from walking normally. It did cause me to have a very slight waddle, but nothing inhibiting like most of the diapers had.

Nannybot led me into the dungeon. Once there, she brought me over to a set of cuffs that were attached to a chain coming from the ceiling. Once we we were there, I gave no resistance and she took my arms and secured them above my head. She then moved around behind me, where I felt her begin to work my pull-up down.

"Do not turn around and keep your feet flat on the ground." Nannybot ordered.

She must have noticed that I was beginning to turn around to see what was going on. I feared another spanking due to my butt being exposed, but instead what I felt was something cold, round, and metal make its way between my butt cheeks. I let out a little yelp and jumped in surprise, which must have angered Nannybot. Two hands came from the ceiling and took hold of my ankles, making sure they were firmly pressed to the ground.

I then received several swats on my exposed butt from Nannybot's hand, making me yelp again. A ball gag was then quickly brought over and shoved in my mouth, silencing me. Nannybot gave me a few more spanks, which brought back some of the stinging soreness from yesterday. Once she was satisfied, I felt the metal ball press against my back door.

Knowing that I didn't have any choice, I accepted my position and offered no resistance as she shoved the well lubed ball up my ass. She shoved it farther in, until I felt something straight and metallic press against my lower back. With the object now seemingly in position, Nannybot brought my pull-up back up into it's intended position over my crotch. Only this time, I could feel something running up the back. 

Suddenly, the object inside me began to raise up and eventually became painful. Thankfully, the hands removed their grip on my ankles, allowing me to raise up onto the tips of my toes to avoid the pain.

"What I just put inside of you is an anal hook. You can consider that the first part of your punishment. It's being controlled by the rope above your head. I can raise and lower it at my discretion, so you better behave. Now, what do you say?" Nannybot said.

A hand came back down and removed the ball gag from my mouth. I am not sure what she wanted me to say, but I could probably guess.

"Thank you for punishing me Nanny." I said quickly.

"Good girl." Nannybot stated.

The anal hook was given more slack, alleviating some of the pain and allowing me to lower myself a bit. I still wasn't able to put my full feet on the ground, but it was still a lot more comfortable than before.

"Now come on, let's get you to the next part of your punishment." Nannybot stated, removing the cuffs on my wrists.

Nannybot began moving for the door and the rope above me did as well, nearly causing me to fall over. I began moving as best as I could to follow, but it was hard since I could only use part of my feet. Walking like this was also causing the rounded end of the hook to be painfully noticeable. It was kind of like a butt plug, but worse.

Nannybot led me to the bathroom and the rope above me stopped right in front of the sink. This gave me a good idea of what was about to happen, and it was making me scared. I had read about and masturbated to this scenario multiple times before, but never tried it myself. In every situation I read about it was described as unpleasant, and I had no reason to disbelieve that.

"Since you thought you could order me around, I think it would be a good idea to wash that naughty little mouth out." Nannybot said, unwrapping a fresh bar of soap.

"Please Nanny, I've learn-" I started, before being cut off.

"SILENCE! That naughty little mouth has gotten you in enough trouble already, I suggest you stop talking before it gets worse." Nannybot said, giving my bottom a couple of smacks for extra emphasis.

I obeyed and kept my mouth shut. Nannybot then used the sink in front of me to begin lathering up the bar of soap. While she did this, a couple of hands came and put my hair into a ponytail. Once the bar of soap was lathery and covered in suds, Nannybot took hold of the back of my neck and forced me to bend over the sink.

"Open up and stick that tongue out, little girl." Nannybot commanded.

I hesitantly complied and she got to work scrubbing my tongue with the nasty tasting soap. I tried to resist, but her hold on my neck was firm and I could get away. After making sure my tongue was throughly soaped down, she started brushing it around inside of my mouth, causing lots of thick, soapy drool to run down my chin. 

I started tearing up and crying and she continued. A pair of hands had to come down and restrain my arms behind my back to keep me from fighting the soaping. She continued working it around until every section of my mouth was covered in the soapy film. In no time, soapy drool had begun to run down my chin and neck, covering me in it.

"Bite down." Nannybot commanded.

I shook my head no, refusing.

"Did you just disobey me? You have three seconds to bite down on that soap before this gets a lot worse for you." Nannybot stated.

Still crying, I decided that it would be best to obey and bit down onto the soft bar of soap. The feeling of biting into it was just as bad as I imagined it would be. The bar of soap had been stuck deep into my mouth before I was made to bite down, so once I shut my mouth there was no way for my tongue to escape it. I tried staying as still as possible to prevent myself from biting further into it.

"That's what I thought. Now keep it there." Nannybot ordered.

I then felt her begin to slide my pull-up down in the back, exposing my hooked butt. As soon as it was exposed, something hard painfully came crashing down into it. The pain and surprise caused me to jump a bit, making me bite down even harder on the bar of soap as well as get a second dose of pain from the hook in my ass as it raised even higher. Blow after blow quickly rained down on my butt, causing me to cry even harder and whine into my soap gag. After several more spanks it was over and the pull-up was pulled back up over my now aching butt.

"See what happens to naughty little girls? Not very fun, is it?" Nannybot asked sarcastically.

I did my best to shake my head no. Drool and tears continued to run down my face as I cried. This wasn't what I wanted! I've only lived here 24 hours and I had already lost control! When I got this house I just wanted to have a little naughty fun every once in a while, not be subjected to a week of potty training and mouth soapings! I wasn't having fun at all! 

"Open." Nannybot commanded.

I instantly obeyed, allowing her to remove the bar of soap from my mouth. Chunks of it were still coated along my teeth, along with a gross film that covered the rest of my mouth too. I tried spitting as much of it out as I could, but there was no way for me to get it all.

"You have one minute to rinse, and then it's off to the naughty corner." Nannybot stated, releasing my arms and neck.

I didn't care about anything else she might have said. As soon as I was given permission, I reached down and began running the sink water into my mouth, trying as hard as I could to rinse out the disgusting taste. Mouthful after mouthful of water entered and exited my mouth as I tried desperately to get it all out. No matter how hard I tried though, I couldn't get rid of the filmy feeling or all of the taste, only slightly dilute it.

After what must have been a minute, I was ripped from the sink by Nannybot and the anal hook. I scrambled to get back to the sink to keep rinsing, but I was no match for Nannybot's strength.

"Time's up. Start walking." Nannybot ordered as she forced me to turn towards the door.

I complied without any fight, despite how badly I wanted to continue rinsing my mouth out. The hook in my ass was lowered slightly when we began to move, allowing me to use most of my feet to walk. Nannybot slowly lead me to the open corner in the living room. Once there, she again took hold of my neck and pushed me forward until my nose was planted well into the corner. She then forced both of my wrists up to the back of my head and brought them together, making my fingers intertwine.

"Now, you are to stay like this until I come let you out. Any movement and I'll find a worse punishment for you. Understand?" Nannybot stated.

"Y-yes, Nanny." I blubber out, still crying.

"Good." Nannybot said, before turning around and going off somewhere else.

I thought I was finally given a moment of peace, but right as I thought that the anal hook started to painfully rise once again. I was forced to raise with it, up onto my toes and the front of my feet. I felt like a giant slab of meet, hooked on display in a butchery for all to see. 

The aftertaste of the soap was still present in my mouth too, making this even worse. There was nothing I could do about it though, unless I wanted to be stuck with this stupid chastity belt for god knows how long. I was helpless to stop any of this, all because my stupid self hadn't considered this possibility. If I did, I would have put some precautions in place. Instead, I was a prisoner of my own house for a minimum of a week. 

My tears had stopped shortly after being placed in the corner, but once I started thinking about my situation they started right back up. All I could do was sniffle and feel the tears run down my face. Trying to wipe them would only make this all worse. Eventually, all I could focus on was the absurdity of my predicament and how humiliating it has been so far. The worst part though, was that it was starting to arouse me. 

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