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“I’m home, mom!” said 12-year-old Emily as she walked past the entrance and went straight for the kitchen. The young girl had just finished her classes for the day. The walk home had made her parched, so she opened the fridge and poured herself a glass of barley tea.

“Welcome home, Emily” replied her mom. She was also in the kitchen, preparing dinner for the day. She lowered the heat on the stove, and turned around to face her young daughter, who was gulping down her glass of tea. “How was your day?”

How was your day?

A seemingly casual question to ask. Between Emily and her mom, however, the question meant something quite different.

Emily swallowed the last gulp of her tea, and placed the glass down on the kitchen table. She turned to face her mom, and, with a sheepish look on her face, lifted up her skirt. What lied underneath the skirt wasn’t the type of undergarment that you would expect from a 12-year-old. Instead, hugging Emily’s hips was a Goodnites pull-up. The pull-up was swollen and had a yellow tinge throughout, having absorbed much of Emily’s pee.

Despite her age, Emily hasn’t quite mastered potty training — in fact, she hasn’t made very much progress at all. At school (and sometimes, at home), she wears pull-ups, for her to try and make it to the potty on time. However, outside of those short potty-training periods, she spends most of her time in tape diapers.

“Oh honey, you’re soaked” said her mom. “You should have changed out of this in school.”

Emily would not always make it to the bathroom in time, so she has two spare pull-ups in her backpack when she goes to school.

“I did, mom, but this was my last one.” replied Emily. The girl had wet through all her three pull-ups for the day.

“Oh dear” said her mom as she rummaged through Emily’s school bag to pull out her diaper pouch. Inside the pouch were two Goodnites, both rolled up, heavy and swollen with pee. “Did you even make it to the potty once today?” she asked as she dumped the two used Goodnites in the bin.

Emily kept silent, but shook her head in reply.

“So today was a total bust huh. What’s it going to be? Pull-ups or diapers?” asked mom.

Mom was asking how Emily would like to spend the rest of the day — whether it be in pull-ups or diapers. Pull-ups meant Emily would have to try and use the toilet, while being in diapers carried no such expectation, and that Emily was free to use her diapers — a “break” from potty training. Emily’s response today was the same as it was for most other days —

“Diapers!” she answered excitedly, hardly giving a thought to that question. For a girl of twelve years, she was perhaps a little too happy to be in diapers.

“Oh, alright, fine,” sighed an exasperated mom. “but you’ve really got to start using those pull-ups at home eventually, okay?” she said as she walked past Emily into the living room, where she laid a changing mat on the ground.

“C’mon, lie down” mom gestured to Emily.

The girl walked over to the changing mat, took off her skirt, and lied down facing mom, with her knees lifted and legs spread apart. Her mother then proceeded to rip off the sides of the Goodnites, and pulled down the front of the pull-up, revealing the absorbent material that was now soaked yellow from front to back.

“Geez Emily, it’s a miracle that this hasn’t leaked” mom said, as she pulled out a wet wipe and began cleaning her daughter’s diaper region. Emily let out a tiny squeal as the cold wipe made contact with her skin. Emily greatly enjoyed the diaper changes with her mom — the gentle comfort of being wiped, the slight tickle when the baby powder was applied — she loved everything about it.

After dusting Emily with a generous amount of powder, mom then pulled out a fresh diaper and started fluffing it. It was far larger than a baby diaper, designed to fit older kids like Emily, and the diaper did fit her perfectly. It was also a diaper designed for heavy incontinence, and so it was thick and soft, and more than capable of handling anything that Emily could throw at it. With this diaper, she'd probably be good for a couple of wettings.

After fluffing the diaper her mom proceeded to lift Emily's butt, and placed the diaper beneath, making sure it was centred before taping the diaper in place, and adjusting the leg gathers.

"We're done, Emily" she said, as she rolled up the used pull-up and picked up the skirt from the floor.

"Thanks mom!" chirped Emily. She stood up, grabbed her school bag and went to her room, where she immediately fired up her PlayStation to continue her game where she left off last night.

On a warm summer day like today, she was perfectly happy to lounge around in just a t-shirt and a diaper, so she didn’t bother with putting on any pants. Her mom, too, was fine with Emily going pants-less, because this meant easier access to her diaper for checks and changes. She sat cross-legged on the floor, facing her TV. It didn’t take her very long before she found herself fully engrossed in the game. She was currently in the middle of a boss fight. Shortly after, she started feeling a slight twinge in her bladder — the barley tea from earlier has quickly made its way through her system, and was now working its way out. Still focused on fighting the boss, she bent her body slightly forward and released her hold on her bladder, letting her urine flow out into the thirsty diaper. Gradually, the front of the diaper took on a shade of yellow, then the middle, and finally the back, as more and more of the absorbent material soaked up her pee.

After a good 20 seconds, she was finally done. She had given the diaper a good soaking — if she were wearing a Goodnite it would have leaked with just his one wetting, but this diaper had room for much more. The soft, cotton-like padding from earlier has now become a warm, squishy padding, and it was a feeling that Emily really loved. More importantly, this time, was the fact that she could simply pee her diaper without having to pause the game. Knowing that her trusty diaper could handle a lot more, she continued playing until bedtime, letting loose in her diaper whenever she felt the urge. By the time mom came in to change Emily into her nighttime diaper, it was soaked to capacity, and Emily earned herself a scolding for not asking for a change earlier.


Emily was somewhat of an early riser. It was an early Saturday morning, but she was already awake — on weekends she’d always be the first to get up. She fixed herself a quick cereal breakfast and ate it in her room while browsing the Internet on her laptop. Her nighttime diaper was very wet—as it always was every morning—but she was in no hurry to get a change. Mom was asleep, anyway. If she were feeling particularly diligent she could take the diaper off, give herself a wipe and put on a pull-up, but she wasn’t quite feeling up to it today.

Every day, shortly after she’s had her breakfast, it would be time for her morning BM. Today was no different — after browsing for a bit she felt her belly start to ache. Ever since she’s started wearing pull-ups her mom would sometimes tell her to try and poop in the toilet. The young girl wasn’t too keen on pooping on the toilet, however, and she much preferred to do it in her diaper or pull-up, so her mom still had a good number of poopy diapers to change. Today her mom was still asleep, so with no one to nag at her, she got off her chair, squatted beneath her desk, and gave a push, unloading her morning poop right into her nighttime diaper. The soft, warm mush slowly made its way out into the seat of the diaper behind her, creating a lump; and as even more poop continued coming out the lump expanded further, the mess inside the diaper finding its way into any crevice with free space. Finally, Emily was done pushing. The diaper, made for heavy incontinence, held her mess well, with no signs of giving out. She stood up and, with her hand, gently squished the lump behind her, savouring the warm, mushy texture of the soaked, poopy diaper. Satisfied, she sat herself back down, causing the mess to squish around her butt, much to her delight, and she continued browsing where she had left off earlier.

A couple of hours later mom finally woke up. The first thing that she did was to get her coffee machine going, then she went to check on her daughter.

“Good morning, darling. How are you doing today?” she asked. Immediately after, she caught a whiff of the air and she realised how pointless it was to ask that question because the smell made it clear that Emily was sitting in a very poopy diaper.

Mom sighed silently to herself, knowing that her efforts to entice Emily to use the bathroom has once again resulted in failure — as it has on most other days. She wasn’t all too disappointed, however. Deep down, she knew that she didn’t mind having to change her young daughter’s diapers, even if they were poopy. It was an intimate time that she cherished dearly.

“Honey, do you need a change?” she asked.

“Morning, mom.” Emily replied. She glanced down to the front of her diaper, and gave it a gentle squeeze, as though she were giving it a check. She wasn’t quite willing to part with her diaper just yet. “Nah, I think I’m good”

“Oh, don’t be silly, the smell isn’t hiding anything” mom said, with a little bit of mock bemusement. She went over to Emily, tugged at the back of the diaper and looked inside, and it was clear that the diaper was filled.

“Really? You think you’re good?” she teased her daughter, while giving the back of the messy diaper a gentle slap. “C’mon, lie down on your bed, you need a change before you stink up the whole house.”

Emily pouted a little, but complied nonetheless, and lied down on the bed, making sure to give it another good squish as she landed on her butt.

Mom knew that this change was going to be a very messy operation, so she lifted Emily’s legs and placed the changing mat and a fresh diaper underneath, before getting to work. She pulled off the tapes and opened the diaper, revealing the insides of the very poopy diaper. With a sigh and a dry smile, she got to work.

“When did you make this poopy, hon?” asked mom as she began wiping down her daughter’s butt.

“Hm… I did it shortly after I woke up, and that was a couple of hours ago, so…” replied Emily.

“Oh honey, you know you can’t be sitting in a messy diaper for that long, it’s terrible for your skin” said mom. Emily has had quite a number of brushes with nasty diaper rash on her bum, mostly because she’s always been too comfortable with sitting in her own mess.

“I know, mom, but hey, you were sleeping and all, and I didn’t want to wake you up for a change” she said.

“Or you could use the potty like you’re supposed to!” chided her mom, who used her free hand to pinch the side of Emily’s thigh, gently enough to assure her daughter that she wasn’t actually angry.

“Ow, ow…. okay, I’ll try next time. I promise!” Emily said, as her mom continued with the cleanup in silence.

It was a promise that she would go on to break, of course. Perhaps it was still too early for Emily to start using the toilet.

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39 minutes ago, kerry said:

Generally well-written, but it starts over...twice. Be more careful when cutting and pasting.


Yes, generally well written, but as you stated, it starts over twice, and this can be confusing to the reader.  I would EDIT the story to remove the duplications :)


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6 hours ago, kerry said:

Generally well-written, but it starts over...twice. Be more careful when cutting and pasting.


5 hours ago, ~Brian~ said:

Yes, generally well written, but as you stated, it starts over twice, and this can be confusing to the reader.  I would EDIT the story to remove the duplications :)


Whoops ?

You saw nothing...

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On 6/13/2021 at 5:03 PM, reartykeuniverse said:

Whoops ?

You saw nothing...

This is an interesting story you have started, is there going to be any more?

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