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Disclaimer: There will be some difficult subjects such as violence, brief mention of drugs/alcohol and also some strong language used. 

A/N: Hello everyone! This will be the last part of Willa's series but I do plan to continue telling the other character's stories! Just to make something clear, the story is starting two years before Willa goes to Henderson and will be told from the perspective of her brother and her. However with the first chapter, it's going through the years showing the events that shaped her childhood and lead her to all the problems she had before she went to Henderson. I hope you enjoy! 


Chapter 1: 

Ten Years Ago 

She wet herself. That was the first thing she noticed. She hadn’t wet herself since she was about five years old. She was ten now. Ten year olds did not pee in their beds. The doctors said she was in shock. They said that it was completely normal but watching your parents be murdered was not normal. Nothing about the situation was normal. 

She remembered her parents were in the living room watching a movie when they broke in. The living room was right next to the front door and they should’ve heard the door open but for some reason they didn’t. Upstairs, she was supposed to be asleep but she’d just gotten a new ipad (they wouldn’t get her a phone) and could finally text her friends and a cute boy had asked for her number so she was waiting up for him. 

But if he did text, she never saw. 

It had already begun. 

She first heard her father shout. 

Her dad was a calm person. Always mellow, not one to get easily triggered. Standing at six feet, he was a big guy and most people found him intimidating upon the first meeting but their fear always quickly disappeared. 

Willa remembered jumping out of bed and racing into the hall with the tablet in hand. Standing at the top of the stairs, just out of view, she peeked around the corner. Her dad’s hands were up. There were two men. They shot him first and he fell to the ground. Next was her mother, she didn’t stand a chance. The men rushed from the house out the open door. 

It had been less than five minutes. Less than five minutes and her parents were dead. Less than five minutes and her entire life had changed. 

That’s what she told the police officers when they spoke to her at the hospital. She didn’t feel sad. She didn’t really feel anything, the words just poured from her mouth. 

Willa squeezed her hands into fists and out. In and out. They were dry, clean. The blood had been washed away. She leaned back against the pillow, slightly shivering, The paper hospital gown was not warm at all. She sat stiff straight, her heart pounded against her chest. The sound of blood rushed through her ears. That’s when she felt the wetness between her legs. The police continued to ask her questions and she continued to pee. 

The officers realized what had happened. 

No more questions were asked. 


Six Years Ago 

It was what every fourteen year old girl dreamed of. Their first date. She squealed… yes, squealed when Andre asked her to be his date to the eighth grade dance. Out of all the girls in the school, he asked her. Mister Popular wanted to go out with well… not so Miss Popular. 

She was what you’d call a wallflower. Sitting at the back of class, her hand raised yet no one saw. Pressed against the wall, someone bumped into her and her books fell to the ground. Yet no one seemed to notice. If she disappeared, no one would know. She was unmemorable. Plain. Ordinary. So why would Andrew Crawford ask her to semi? It didn’t make sense. She had a bad feeling about it but still said yes. She wanted to hope that the feeling was wrong. She had wanted to feel pretty for once. 

But now she hid behind the school, sucking on the tip of her thumb as mascara streamed down her face mixed in with salty tears. She slid down the wall to the ground, her chest heaved up and down. Never again, she promised herself. Never again, would she say yes to a boy. She was a fool to think Andre Crawford actually liked her. He’d stood her up, arriving with Shelby Hennings instead. Everyone was in on it.  The invisible girl getting asked by the pretty boy. Now that was a comical sight. It was all a bet to see if she’d actually say yes. 

They called her a baby for crying and maybe she was. Why else would she be sucking on her thumb?

Boys sucked. Middle school sucked. Her entire life sucked. 

She’d even straightened her thick curly black hair for tonight and went shopping at the cute new boutique downtown. She hadn't been dress shopping since her mother died and so she picked out what the shop owner suggested. It was a mustard yellow knee length dress. The color went best with her caramel skin and she’d gotten matching pumps. 

She spent her entire monthly allowance on that night. It was supposed to be magical. It signified a start of a brand new life. A better one than she was living right now. Living with her uncle was fine was fine. He left her mostly alone and she managed alright and her brother Adrian attended Washington State University and was only home on the holidays. 

Should she call her uncle to pick her up? No. That was too embarrassing. She’d have to walk home. The likelihood of getting kidnapped was high but it was better than facing the truth of her uncle’s words. 

“He’s using you.” he had said just a few hours ago but she hadn't believe him. Now, she sat on the ground, outside the school, sucking her thumb and painfully alone. Her mother would’ve known what to do. She knew everything. 


Two years ago 

“Y-you’re kicking me out?” she stammered. 

It had only been two days since she graduated high school. Two fucking days. Her uncle had already cleaned all her stuff out of his apartment. They sat in trash bags by the front door. It’s not like she was surprised. He had never wanted her or her brother in the first place. He fed them when needed. Spoke to them when needed but other than that left them alone. She doesn’t even think that he noticed when her brother moved out. 

“You’re eighteen years old. You have a job and are going to college in a few months. I’m sure you can figure something out, Willow-” 

“My name is Willa!” she snapped. “And if you had paid attention or even bothered to show up to my graduation then you’d know that I didn’t apply to schools and I was fired from the restaurant.” 

He scoffed, rolling his brown eyes and ran his hand through his grey hair. He had a beer belly and always seemed to wear the same grease stained shirt and pants. The apartment reeked of stale beer and left over pizza. She was desperate to get out of there but not now. Not like this. 

“Well, tough luck. I’m fucking broke and if you stay, we’ll both have no place to live. Besides, I've dealt with your strangeness for long enough.” 

She went silent. Tears burned at the back of her eyes. 

“You didn’t think I knew about your little diaper obsession? Why the fuck would a grown adult hide diapers in their drawer, hmm?” 

Her lips wobbled. She’d kept them securely hidden away where no one would find them but of course he’d go through her room. He was a cruel man. If he wasn’t drinking then he was doing drugs. There was a reason her parents kept her and her brother away from him growing up. 

And besides, they weren’t diapers. They were pull ups. She… she still peed in her pants at night. That problem had never been fixed but had managed to keep it a secret the past eight years. Besides, It was simply just a precaution. It’s not like she wore them outside her room. 

“Call a friend or something or your brother. Andrew, yeah. Andrew will take you in. Just don’t come back here.” 

Adrian! Her mind hissed. His name was Adrian. Her older brother by five years. Her protector who hadn’t been around lately. Her everything. He’d take her in. He had to. She had no friends because she wouldn’t let herself get close to others. The semi formal still played in her mind every day as a reminder not to trust anyone. Now, she couldn’t even trust her uncle.  

“Fuck you!” she spat as she dragged the two black bags out the door. She made it halfway down the street and around the corner before she allowed herself to break down. It was as if she had been hit by a moving train and the pain didn’t start to sink in until later. 

She was freakin homeless. At eighteen years old. No matter how much she wanted to go to her brother, she couldn’t. He and his girlfriend lived together and he had just gotten some new fancy job with the state department that was top secret. He literally couldn’t tell anyone about it and they’d gifted him with a brand new apartment and car in the upscale neighborhood. She didn’t want to go and get in his way because wherever she went, trouble followed. 

But it wouldn’t hurt to stay at a homeless shelter for a few days, would it? She’d have a place to sleep at least for tonight and then tomorrow she’d figure else something out. 


“I’m sorry but we’re at capacity.” 

Those words were starting to sound like a broken record. It was her third shelter she’d been turned away from. Perhaps, she could beg her uncle to take her back. At least there, she had some warmth and a roof over her head. She refused to stay on the streets. 

“Are you ok?” 

Her head shot up. A tall blonde woman was talking to her, a well dressed one at that. She didn’t belong in this neighborhood that much was obvious. Sketchy people lived here. Poor people lived here. 

“I don’t mean to intrude but you’ve seemed to um… wet your pants.” 

A gasp escaped her lips as she looked down at the rapidly growing stain around her crotch. Her heart dropped to the bottom of her stomach. She raised her leg, about to stomp her foot, but stopped herself at the last moment. Her chest heaved up and down. She bit down on her bottom lip, wide eyes filled with tears. 

This had never happened before in the day. It had never happened in public before. How could she not have felt it? Willa was prepared for the ridicule. The laughter. But none came. Instead, the woman handed her her sweater. 

“Tie this around your waist and cover up the stain. Do you have anywhere to stay?” she eyed her trash bags in pity. 

Timidly, the young girl shook her head side to side. 

“My name is Vera James. I can help you if you wish. I’ve worked with many, kids, such as yourself with similar problems-”

“It was a one time thing and I don’t have a problem,” her voice hardened. 

The lady pursed her lips, continuing after the interruption. “Everyone has accidents.” she said matter of factly, “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before and It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I live in Henderson, you may not have heard of the town, it’s a little outside of the city. I foster at risk youth and troubled teens-” 

“I’m fine,” her voice rose before she could let the woman continue. 

Her mother had always warned her about stranger danger. Just because she was nice and seemed to care, did not mean she was not dangerous. Besides, she’d never heard of this Henderson place and if it was so great, what was she doing here? 

“I’m, um, I’m going to stay with my brother.” she made up an excuse. 

The woman didn’t believe her. 

“I was actually on my way there right now.” she said. “Now, if you’d excuse me.” 


A/N: I hope you've all enjoyed the first chapter! There wasn't a ton of ageplay in the first chapter but trust me, it's just getting started! I've actually already started writing the second chapter and so that should be posted shortly! 

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Chapter 2: 

Adrian had never heard of Henderson before. He’d never heard of ageplay before. He’d never even thought that such a place could exist. No one could. That’s why the community was private- hidden. He was chosen because of his compassionate nature. That's what they told him. 

He had majored in psychology in college, hoping to be a senator, or something like that. He wanted to help those who were struggling with mental health. After seeing his sister, Willa, struggle for years after their parents murder, and never being able to do anything, he finally had his chance. He graduated top of class and became a mental health advocate. Yes, he made crap money, but he was changing people’s lives. That’s all that really mattered. 

But things didn’t exactly go to plan. 

Two weeks ago, he met Vera James. She was a tall woman, intimidating, and beautiful. Not even asking, she sat down across from him in the booth at the Bellevue Diner. He came there every Friday night, for his usual burger. But never had someone join him before. 

They were alone. 

She already knew his name. She knew his age, phone number, where he lived… Willa. That stopped him short. She said she worked for the state department and he asked her what she did but she wouldn’t tell him. 

“It’s too public here.”

“We’re the only ones here,” he gestured with his hand to the empty diner. “What, is it some sort of top secret organization?” 

All she did was shrug her shoulders. “I know you’re a good person. You love your sister, care for the weak. You want to help people. I believe this could be the perfect job for you.” 

He didn’t get a chance to speak as she abruptly left, leaving her phone number behind. “Think about my offer and call me when you decide. You’ll be getting paid a lot more than you are now and I can’t even begin to explain the impact you’ll make on so many lives. Just think about it, ok?” 

He took her number, stuffing it in his pocket and she left. He didn’t see her again until three weeks later. She had been very clear not to tell anyone of their visit. He’d called her, intrigued to know more. He liked his job but in all honesty it was going nowhere. He needed a change. 

Except this… he wasn’t so sure about this. Perhaps he should’ve asked more questions. 

Vera met him at security, bringing him up to the fourth flour. Only three were open to the public and the fourth you needed a special badge and clearance. There wasn’t much time to look around as they walked down a narrow hall. She paused at a door, stopping to look at him. With her lips pursed, fiddled with her id card. “Please have an open mind?” 

He was left with those words, even more confused than when they’d first arrived. 


“You’re joking.” an anxious grin spread across his face. He ran his hand through his thick curly black hair leaning his elbows on the table. “There’s no way I wouldn’t know about a whole freakin town with people- grown adults- who think they’re babies-” 

“They are.” Vera calmly explained. She looked at the man beside her, the director of the Henderson project, begging for help. 

Adrian rolled his brown eyes, trying very hard not to buy into their story (their completely insane and very much illegal sounding story which they were all too serious about). 

“Have you ever heard of ageplay?” 

He cocked his head to the side. “Age… what?” 

They explained it to him in the straightest way possible: consenting adults where one role played the little and the other was the caregiver. Except this wasn't all that... consenting. However, he didn’t need to know all the intricate details of the community, it was far too much for one sitting. 

“So this place, these people, they want to be treated like babies? They consent to it?” 

“They…” she huffed. “The- it’s what they need-" 

“So they don’t consent.” 

“They’re past the point of being able to consent. The people brought in are juvenile delinquents, homeless, are suffering and don’t have any other support. I will admit there’s a small majority who probably shouldn’t be taken but then there are those who willingly chose to go. It’s either Henderson or a worse option.” 

Willing, was not the word he’d use. More like pressured, coerced. 

“This doesn’t feel like it’s legal. What if I were to report you? Expose you?”

The director laughed. “The white house started this organization in the early nineteen hundreds when several members of the ageplay community proposed starting their own town, having their own place where they could be themselves without fear of retribution. At the same time, the country was trying to cleanse the streets of the homeless, decrease crime rates. This was the perfect opportunity for everyone to get what they wanted. These communities are spread all around the world now. The police know about it, the speaker of the house, the freakin president. Anyone in power knows about this. We run the Washington State branch and would like you on our team. We know you’ll be a valuable asset.” 

His head spun. Adrian leaned back in the chair, staring at the picture on the desk of the director’s wife and children. The office was homey and warm. Other pictures hung on the wall, all of his family. The director, Jared Holland, was a stern man. He was older, his hair grey and wore a suite. He was an important man and James referred to him most often. 

Adrian wished this was a joke but Holland’s blue eyes were as serious as could be. This was no laughing matter. 

“You’re compassionate.” said Vera and tucked a strand of black hair behind her ear. “I’m a recruiter. You care for others. Everyone we have here is so technical. We need a worker like you.” 

She didn’t answer how they found out about him. He had a fairly public persona but he never thought his presence would reach as far as the state department. 

“What happens if I say no?” 

They went silent. 


“It’s crucial that the public does not find out about Henderson. We can not take the chance that you will tell someone. If you say no then we’ll be forced to send you to Henderson where you will be regressed and will spend the rest of your life in diapers. I’d think carefully about your next words.” The woman had taken a cold tone. 

He was trapped. 

“Think about your sister, Adrian.” she whispered. “Do you really want to leave her all alone? No one to take care of her? We both know your uncle isn’t fit for the role. Unless, of course, you’d allow us to take over her care?” 

He signed the contract right then. There was no other choice. Damn himself, he wouldn’t let Willa end up in diapers. He’d protect her. He had to. Pleased, they left the office shortly thereafter, showing him to another room, a large office space where ten other people worked. 

They were all delusional. 

“You haven’t seen it yet.” said the man sitting across from him. His name was Evan and was a little too talkative for his taste. 


“I was just the same. Most of us here were,” he gestured to the other nine adults, in the room. “They’ll take you to Henderson, show you everything. When they first brought me on, I was skeptical to say the least. I didn’t understand it and neither do you. But then I actually saw them, the littles, caretakers, the entire community. Those kids would probably be dead or somewhere worse if we hadn’t intervened. Yes, kidnapping isn’t good but what we’re doing… we are saving them.” 

He sighed, sinking down in the chair, trying to wrap his head around all of this but was having a very difficult time doing so. Adrian watched others around the windowless room work, chatting with each other as if this was just a normal day. 

Which it technically was. Just not for him. 

“What do they have you doing?” 

“Recruitment,” he murmured, not taking his eyes off the desk. He had to go to homeless shelters, search the streets, centers for at risk youth, find young-impressionable kids with bad home lives with families that wouldn’t miss them. It felt criminal. He felt like a criminal except this was all very legal. 


“I’ve got a little one at home.” 

He shot a sideways glance at the woman beside him, driving the car. The director said that they were to be partners. Christina Jenson. She was a tall woman, slim, blonde hair and blue eyes. His eyes drifted down to her breasts, rather large, and immediately looked away, filled with shame. 

He had a freakin girlfriend at home. 

Christina giggled, playfully rolling her eyes. “You can look, you know. My lord, people on the mainland are so prissy. Nudity, breastfeeding in public, that’s not something you have to hide or be ashamed of in Henderson. My breasts are extra big for my little girl. She needs extra milk if she’s gonna be a healthy baby.” 

He tried to keep his face neutral, unable to understand how she could talk about this so normally. 

“Th-that shouldn’t be possible,” his mouth was dry. “You can’t just get extra milk-” 

“In Henderson anything is possible,” she shrugged. “I wouldn’t judge if I were you. You’re just as part of Henderson as the rest of us now. Everyone comes around eventually.” 

“I-I just don’t get this, any of this.” he gestured with his hands. “I’m sorry if I’m offending you but this all seems kind of-”

“Messed up?” she muttered, finishing for him. She snorted, shaking her head. “That’s why we live in Henderson. We’re all trying to escape narrow minded people like yourself. Of course it’s not your fault, you’re just a product of the environment you were raised in.” 

He was silent. Not knowing how to respond to that… very passionate statement. 

“I’d like to invite you over after work,” she suddenly said. “To my house. My little Emmy will be there and perhaps seeing her will open your mind just a little bit. It’s all a big shock when the director brings you on a tour of the hospital and you see them for the first time. Maybe this will be a little easier.” 

He didn’t know whether to be weary or grateful. Obviously he couldn’t bring or tell his girlfriend, that was out of the question. But how could he say no? 

However, Adrian didn’t have a chance to respond as the car suddenly slowed on the quiet empty street. A man walked along the sidewalk. The buildings around were falling apart and this was the perfect place to find squatters and other vulnerable people. 

“Watch and learn,” she said to him. “Eventually you’ll become a master at picking out the right people.” 

His stomach rolled, anxious at what they were about to do. His foot tapped against the floorboard, heart raced. None of this made any sense. The car parked and Christina and him got out. She held an empty clipboard in her hand with a pen. 

The man stopped. 

“Hello, sir!” she gave a friendly wave and stuck out her hand. “We noticed driving by, you seem a bit… lost.” 

Adrian did his best not to wrinkle his nose in disgust. The man smelled as dirty as he looked. He hadn’t washed in a while, that much was obvious from the dirt on his skin. He had a small belly, curly brown hair and beginnings of a beard. 

He took her hand, eyeing them suspiciously. 

“My name is Jenna and this is my partner Bill,” she used aliases for the two of them. “We work for a homeless shelter and thought we could help you out.” 

His eyes immediately brightened upon hearing that. “I’ve been on the streets for two years now,” he gulped. “The shelter I was in just kicked me out, I overstayed the time allowed. My name’s Harry.” 

“Harry?” she smiled brightly. “That’s a perfect name. If you don’t mind, we have a few questions for you first?” 

He didn’t mind. He told them his age- he was thirty-four. Around 5ft and 4in. His parents had died a couple years back, had no other family, and a shitty job. That’s how he had ended up on the streets. This man had just for the most part, been down on his luck, got the short end of the stick. It was hardly his fault and he seemed terribly desperate for a change. Except this was not the change he was probably thinking of. 

 “I think you’d fit in great with us,” Christina finally said, having written down all of his information. “We do just have one requirement. Therapy is required, fully paid of course. We’re also a rehabilitation center. Our goal is to keep people off the streets and to do that, well they need proper care.” 

The man was obviously willing to do anything because he automatically agreed, joining them in the car. Adrian kept his lips tightly sealed together, anxiety ridden, as they drove to Seattle Heights medical center. Twenty minutes later they pulled up to the front of a building. 

“You’re going to go through those doors,” she pointed to the smaller building next to the medical center. “Go to the receptionist and tell her that Jenna sent you. She’ll know what to do from there.” 

Adrian had never paid any attention to it before but he'd been here thousands of times. Though he had just assumed the building was an extension of the medical center. 

“I can’t thank you enough,” the man turned to them and said. “Truly, I mean it.” 

“Well, it’s our job to help people. Trust me, I think things will be a lot better for you.” 

He nodded in thanks before exiting the car. They waited, watching as he walked inside the building before they took off to find someone new. 

“Why him?” Adrian wondered out loud. “He doesn’t exactly seem like a… a…” 

“A little? He will soon trust me. It's amazing what humans can do now with modern technology. He also met all the criteria: had no one who was looking for him, homeless, seemingly harmless. We just do a rough assessment in the field determining if they’d be a good fit for Henderson.” 

“Then you send them to therapy?” 

She laughed. “I forgot how new you are. Of course they’re not going to therapy. It’s just a guise to find out more information about them and if the therapist, Marina Tischner decides they’re good, then they’re transported to the actual community.” 

They had worked until five o’clock, Adrian reluctantly searching for more potential, victims, he liked to call them. Christina found four more people. Two women and two men. One was just sixteen years old. She warned him what would happen if he said anything. Willa was the most important thing on his mind. He wasn’t willing to risk it. 

Now, he watched, silent as they drove up a long dark winding road before coming upon a guarded gate. It was just off the main highway, situated far back from the road shrouded by trees. You’d have to drive twenty minutes just to get to the gate but no one would make it far. There were watch towers all along the way and a heavily armed and secured entrance with several security checks but upon showing her badge, they were waived right through. 

Upon entrance, everything appeared normal. There were houses, a downtown, park, hospitals, stores. It was its own mini town. He gasped, eyes trailing after some people walking on a sidewalk. There was a man- baby? Adult baby? He sat in a rather large stroller while a woman talking on the phone pushed him. Adrian could see his diaper even though he was wearing a pink onesie. He sucked on a pacifier, smiling at what? He didn’t know. That was a similar sight as they drove throughout the town. Adult babies, skipping along, crawling, being carried.

How had he never discovered this place? 

“You’re shocked.” she broke the silence. “Everyone is. It’s nothing like you expected.” 

No. it was not. 

They took a right at the lights into a neighborhood and a few minutes later pulled into the driveway of a little green cape house. Another car sat was already there. Christina stopped him before he could get out, seemingly serious. “You need to understand that my Emmy, my baby, she’s just as much of a baby as a biological one. Her mind has been regressed to that of a two year old. She is not an adult, not since she came to Henderson four years ago. Do not make her feel bad. If she wants to play with you, then play with her. Treat her as you would any child. Trust me, you do not want to make her upset or else you’ll have me to deal with.”


A/N: Hello everyone! Thank you for reading and your comments, I really appreciate it. You learned a lot about Henderson in this chapter and soon you will meet Emmy. Does anyone remember her from the end of the last story? She was mentioned briefly. I should update again soon but until then I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! 

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Chapter 3: 

Willa stared at the ruby red door, trying to find the courage to knock. It had taken her just about an hour to get to his apartment, a combination of walking and taking the bus. She had a little money left, not a ton, but didn’t want to stay on the street for a third night. It was hard and scary and she was afraid someone would find her with the pullups. Her face burned red just thinking about it. 

“Just do it, Willa.” she muttered to herself. It was already getting dark out and she’d come all this way. She couldn’t leave. No, that would just be stupid. However her dilemma was solved as a woman rounded the corner of the staircase, stopping at the sight of her. It was Abby Wong. Her brother’s girlfriend. 

“Willa, what are you doing here?” she happily exclaimed before noticing the trash bags by her feet. 

“My uncle kicked me out,” the young girl whispered, her voice on the edge of breaking. “I was hoping I could crash here for a couple of days." 

Abby didn’t answer, instead pulling her in for a tight hug before Willa could stop her. She froze in her arms, pleading with god for her not to notice the wet stain. She hadn’t been able to find a place to change. 

Abby let her go. She didn’t notice. 

Willa sighed in relief but her eyes had already filled with tears as she began to cry. 

“C’mon,” Abby said softly with the house keys in her hand. “Let’s get you inside. You can stay with us for as long as you need.”

Unlocking the door, Willa walked into the small apartment. There wasn’t much besides the living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The lights flickered on and immediately she noticed the stain. Willa began to cry harder. 

“Oh, baby,” her mouth partially dropped open. “It’s still happening? How long has it been?” 

Abby reminded her of a stern parent with her hands on her hips and the tone in her voice. There had never been any secrets kept between her and her brother’s girlfriend. They were close, like sisters, and could count on her for anything. She was currently in medical school, hoping to be a doctor. 

Willa shrugged, biting her lower bottom lip. 

“Willa, look at me.” she said in her no-nonsense voice. “And don’t bite your lip, that’s how you get scabs.” 

The young girl met her brown eyes, vision blurry. Was it weird that a twenty four year old woman, her brother’s girlfriend, was the biggest parental figure she had in her life? 

“It’s never stopped.” she sighed. 

Willa nodded her head, ashamed. 

“I told you to tell me if it was still happening. It’s nothing to be emb-”

“Embarrassed about?” she finally snapped. “Is that what you were about to say? I have to use fucking pullups at night. I wet myself in public today. I can’t go a day without something happening. My life is a fucking train wreck!” her shoulders shook and she threw herself into Abby’s open arms. She melted in her warm embrace, unable to hold back the tears.

“Let's get you in the bath,” her voice was soft. “I’m gonna help you, Willa. You need help, hon.”


“Everyone loves bubbles.” Abby said as she emptied the bottle kiddi shampoo into the half full tub. The water raised to above her waist and Willa closed her eyes, her muscles unclenching as the warm water poured over her head. A moan of pleasure escaped the back of her throat as her head was scrubbed, messaging her scalp. She hadn’t been this cared for in… in a very long time. Willa didn’t want it to end. 

“Your brother should be home soon. He’s been working late every night at his new job. He didn't seem to like it at first but I think he’s opened up to it now.” 

Willa hummed in response. Yes, his new job. She knew he had gotten one but wouldn’t tell anyone what it was. She continued to talk, meaningless stuff that passed through one ear and out the other. She felt her body picked up, carried bridal style, the water now chilled and was wrapped in a towel. Abby would make a good mom. She thought. Sometimes she treated her like a baby but at the moment Willa found herself not caring. 

They went to the other room and she was placed on the small twin sized bed. There was a rustling noise and Willa opened her eyes, slowly and tiredly. 

She’d found the pullups. 

“I…” her voice broke. “I don’t need those.” 

Abby quirked an eyebrow. “We just got you all clean. I don’t want you to have another accident. Go back to sleep, Willa and let me take care of you.” 

Her voice lulled her to sleep, already exhausted from the day’s events. Begrudgingly, she didn’t fight back, but knew she would regret it later. A soft nightgown slipped over head. Willa hated to admit how comfy it felt. How warm she was. How safe. 

“There you go, sweetie.” Abby sat down beside her, the bed indenting. “You’re all cozy now. Sleep as long as you’d like, there’s no rush.” 

When Willa dreamt, it was scary. Monsters chased her. Her parents were gone. Adrian had abandoned her. She had nobody. She was nobody. But then it switched to middle school. A crowd of kids gathered around her and they were laughing and pointing. She’d peed in her pants. She sobbed, wishing for her mother. A hug from her father perhaps. But no one was there. 

Three hours later she awoke in a sweat, heart racing, nauseous. Running to the bathroom, the wet pull up squishing, she collapsed to her knees, retching into the toilet. Her stomach churned and she groaned, her face suddenly scrunched up in pain. 

There was frantic knocking on the door. 

“Go… away!” she groaned as she felt her stomach begin to gurgle. God no. Willa grunted, breathing through her nose as her muscles strained and she couldn’t hold it back. The pullup was warm and heavy in between her legs as it began to fill from her back end. She collapsed to the ground in a heap, her stomach still bubbling. 

Abby opened the door. She covered her nose and mouth, eyes wide at the site of the brown stained pullup. 

“You’re sick.” she rushed forward, collapsing onto her knees beside her. She placed the back of her hand on her forehead and her grew more worried. “When’s the last time you ate?” 

Willa weakly tried to push her away, too traumatized at the fact she was having uncontrollable diarrhea. 

Abby didn’t seem to care. “Willa, answer my question. When’s the last time you ate?”

“Not… since… the streets,” she said between gritted teeth. 

“The streets?” 

“Three days… Longford ave.” 

The older girl went silent. “You were living on the streets?”

Her voice was too calm. 

Oh no. 

“What the hell were you thinking?” she screeched. “You probably picked something up from the streets. When you’re feeling better we’re going to have a serious talk but as for now, I’ll take care of everything. And no-” 

Willa opened her mouth. 

“I will not tell your brother. He’s asleep on the couch right now. You’ll see him in the morning.” 

Willa couldn’t say no because Abby wouldn’t let her and at the moment she was too exhausted to argue. 


Willa was not better by the morning. She was not better by the next or the next and Abby continued to care for her, going as far as changing her pullups each morning, feeding her in bed, washing her down in the bath every night. Had she always been this overbearing? 

“Nooo…” Willa whimpered as Abby softly woke her up in the morning. A sippy cup of warm milk sat on the bedside table and a bowl of soft mush that looked very unappetizing. 

Abby said she had to drink from the sippy cup so she wouldn’t spill the drink everywhere. She had to eat the soft bananas because they were easy to stomach. Abby had an answer for everything and she was too sick out of her mind to put a stop to it, Willa was rendered helpless. Her brother had been in and out, having seen her when she was asleep but didn’t know what was going on. 

“Don’t worry,” shushed the older girl. “I’m not going anywhere. Just eat the food.” 

Willa parted her lips just a little, sucking just a bit of the mush off the rubber spoon that was held up her mouth. It tasted surprisingly… good. She ate more and more until she had finished the entire bowl. She was prepared to go back to sleep but that was not in Abby’s plan. 

“No, no, baby. You’ve got to finish your milk. I’m not going to let you get dehydrated.” she gently chided her. “Now can you sit up for me? I want to get you out of bed today.” 

Willa leaned against her brother’s girlfriend, her head rested on her shoulder. She felt her body be repositioned. Abby cradled her across her body, hand rested on her padded bum and sippy cup held up to her lips. The girl sucked, almost asleep again as the warm milk settled in her full stomach. 

They stayed in that position even after she had finished the milk, warm and cozy. Abby knew what was soon to come and Willa wouldn’t be pleased. She wanted her to be in the most subdued state possible. Thirty minutes later she began to fidget in her arms. Her stomach gurgled and a low groan sounded from the back of her throat as she began to push, eyes blinked open slightly disoriented. The pullup became full and heavy, sagging between her legs.

Willa was mortified. 

Abby couldn’t have been more ecstatic. 

“It’s ok, honey.” Abby cooed. “I’ll take care of you.” 

The wipe was cold in between her bum as Abby cleaned her up in the bathroom. She was laid over her lap, Abby sitting on the toilet seat. Her face burned bright red but she had no energy to fight back. She could barely catch a breath. 

It was finished quickly and a new pullup was put on… but only that. Willa was about to complain. She was about to give her a piece of her mind when suddenly, a trickle of pee escaped. Any thought she had was forgotten as Abby patted her back, letting her cry. 

“It’s the stress sweetheart,” she whispered. “It’s completely normal. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” 

No! Willa wanted to hiss. There’s so much to be embarrassed about!

“Why don’t we watch a movie, hmm? Your brother won’t be home until tonight and the two of us can just snuggle up on the couch.” 

That sounded rather… nice, Willa thought. She didn’t voice her objection and too weak to stand on her own, Abby carried her to the living room and wrapped her up nice and tight in about several blankets. Her pullup was damp and cold against her skin but Abby paid no mind to it. Instead, asking, “Dumbo, sounds nice wouldn’t you agree?” 

It was her favorite childhood movie. Abby knew her too well. 


A/N: Hello everybody! Thank you for reading and reviewing it means so much to me! Abby, is not as innocent as she seems and you'll find out more later. As for Adrian and Emmy, you'll find out about them in the next chapter. I'd love to see more comments, I always like to see what people have to say! I should update again soon! 

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Very good story. Your writing is very good as well.

Willa was lucky that Abby showed up at that time.

Sounds like Abby would make a perfect Mommy for her.

She still hasn't seen her brother I'm sure he looked in on her though.

Please don't wait to long to get another chapter up. ?

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19 hours ago, YourDiapersCute said:

I honestly didn't think I'd read part 3. I felt like there was no way a sequal would capture my attention, but I can definatly say I'm excited to see what comes next.

Well, this is actually a prequel.  ;)

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Chapter 4: 

Three days ago he met Emmy. Three days ago he went to Henderson for the first time. He couldn’t stay away from Christina despite his girlfriend at home. He knew he shouldn’t have been feeling that way. He knew he should be more freaked out by Emmy and everything but he wasn’t anymore. Adrian had come to enjoy their presence. 

He remembered walking into the house and stopping at the living room. He blinked, several times, staring at the girl sitting on the ground, legs spread out and she clutched a stuffed bunny in her hand. He wrinkled his nose, smelling the faintest odor of… pee? She didn’t turn around as they walked into the room, instead her eyes were focused on the television. The problem was that there was nothing on the television except for a faint buzz and a flash of colors. Yet the girl was fixated on the tv. 

“Emmy?” Christina picked up the remote, turning off the screen and the trance was immediately broken. She looked up and blue eyes crinkled at the corners as she began to squeal and bounce up and down, arms raised in the air. 

“Mommy!” she exclaimed from behind the pacifier. Her voice was high and airy, unnatural, like she had been trained to speak that way. Her cheeks were puffy like a chipmunk from the pink rubber object secured in her mouth. Her auburn hair was curled into ringlets and separated into pigtails on each side of her head. 

“Are you excited to see mommy?” Christina exclaimed with a big smile on her face she scooped her up in her arms. 

The girl couldn’t have been more than twenty years old and easily weighed over a hundred pounds. It should've been impossible for her to pick her up. She shouldn’t be holding her with such ease. Emmy’s legs were wrapped around her waist and Christina's hands rested on her bum. The dress pulled up in the back which allowed him to see the yellow stain for the first time. 

He stood stock still, gulping at the sight. 

Emmy noticed him for the first time and cocked her head to the side. Adrian blushed, nodding his head as she gave a hesitant wave. 

“This is mommy’s work friend,” she whispered loudly into her ear. “His name is Adrian. Can you say, Ad-ri-an?” she sounded out for her. 

Instead, Emmy exclaimed, “Addy!” 

He held back his cringe, hating the nickname he’d been given as a young child. Christina laughed, giving him a look that said- don’t-say-anything. 

“Addy come for din-din?” she asked after Christina removed the pacifier. 

“Yes, he is! But before let's go say bye-bye to Miss Lily and say thank you for watching you today.” 

Lily, the nanny- he quickly concluded-  said goodbye, promising to be back tomorrow to watch Emmy again. Dinner had already been made and was sitting hot on the stove. He watched, curiously as Emmy was strapped into a large high chair, seemingly oblivious to her even wetter diaper and played with her bunny, mimicking its voice. 

“Em, do you wanna tell Addy what your bunny’s name is? I’m sure he’d love to know!” said Christina as she set the table. 

She turned, eyes bright. “Bunny’s name is Winky and- and she’s a baby a-and mommy go’ me Winky!” 

She continued to talk quickly, tripping over her words as Christina tied a bib around her neck and placed a bowl and rubber spoon on the tray in front of her. He watched as she mixed the bowl and the white powder that had been there a moment before, disappeared. 

His partner sat at the table, alternating between eating their own meal and spoon feeding the girl. By the end, more was on her face than in her mouth and she turned her head every way as Christina wiped her face with a wet cloth. 

“Let’s go to the living room and you can watch your little show,” she removed her from the highchair and placed her on the ground where she was before. 

“Addy watch?” 

She looked up at him with doe eyes. 

“Uhhh…” he shifted on his feet glancing at his partner. 

She answered for him. “Addy’s going to clean with mommy but later you can tell us all about your show.” 

That pleased her for the moment as she focused on the hazy screen, sucked into whatever it was.

“You freaked out yet?” the woman beside him said as she scrubbed the dishes in the sink. He helped her by loading the soapy dishes into the dishwasher and shrugged his shoulders, unable to find the words to express what he felt. 

It was different for sure. Adrian was slightly surprised himself that he hadn’t gone running for the hills. The girl- Emmy- she obviously was well cared for and didn’t seem to hate this life based on what he had seen. 

“What’s her story?” he asked instead. “When did you tak- adopt her?” 

“It was two years ago I first adopted her. From what the hospital told me, she was a runaway and her family wasn’t looking for her. She’d been on the street for about a month before she was picked up. She’d probably be in a worse place right now if she wasn’t brought to Henderson.” 

He couldn’t argue with her about that. 

“She’s happy here? She likes all of… this?” he tried to phrase in a way that would be least insulting. 

Christina laughed, shaking her head. “This is her life now. She doesn’t know anything else. That show she’s watching,” she nodded to the living room, “is hypnosis. It’s just reinforcing everything she’s been taught so far. It’s reminding her to be a good girl.” 

“And the powder?” he pressed. “You put white stuff in her food.” 

“Laxatives,” she shrugged. “She has chronic constipation and has had it since before she came here. If I don’t give it to her then she’ll get backed up.” 

Adrian found it hard to criticize her (if you ignored the whole kidnapping and brainwashing thing). He nodded, looking back towards the living room again, watching as she sat on the ground, eyes glued to the television. 

“The show should be over in a few minutes and then it’ll be potty and bath time and her bedtime routine. You can stay if you’d like, Emmy seems to really like you.” 

He knew he should’ve said no. His girlfriend was waiting for him at home. He wanted to check in on Willa. But he didn’t say no. He couldn’t. 

A little while later they heard her tiny voice squeal, “Potty! Mommy! Potty!” 

“Does my little girl need to go poo?” 

She nodded her head quickly, bouncing up and down as they entered the other room. Christina picked her up from the ground and placed on the plastic training toilet in the corner. His partner lifted up her dress and pulled down the yellow stained pullup. From what he could see she was completely bare. She had no hair on her body, besides her eyebrows, lashes, and head. 

Christina kneeled down in front of her, speaking small words of encouragement, and Emmy began to groan. Her cheeks tinted pink as loud wet farts sounded throughout the room and he heard the dribble of brown just as the smell hit his nose. It went on for nearly five minutes as Christina softly messaged her stomach, forcing more out until she had finished. 

“Did Emmy make a big poo?” she cooed, wiping at the tears that streamed down her face. 

“Meshy…” she mumbled. 

“Yes, you are my messy girl! Emmy’s a stinky girl!” 

She began to giggle, taking no offense to the words. She laid still on the changing mat on the ground, as she was wiped everywhere. There wasn’t a spot on her bum that was coated in pasty brown. 

“Do you want to tell Addy what your show taught you?” 

“G-goo’ giwls go poo in potty. Emmy a goo’ giwl.” she sucked on her finger tips, slightly fidgeting as Christina cleaned her up. 

It was awkward at first, that day. He wasn’t sure how to act, what to say, how he’d feel around Emmy. But by the end of the night, he found himself not wanting to leave, She was cared for. Loved. What else could a person want? 


“Adrian,” his sister perked up.

It had been a little over a week since she had first shown up at his apartment. She was technically homeless now and he was her only support system. He only wished there had been someone like that for Willa. He wasn’t around enough for her after his parents died and his uncle was no parental figure. He loved her of course but it was tiring at times. She still wet herself at night and Abby had taken over caring for her, not allowing him to help at all. So, Adrian found himself staying more and more in Henderson with Christina and Emmy and less time at home. 

“You’re awake,” he sighed in relief. “You’re doing better?” 

It was almost eight at night and his sister was curled up on the couch. She shifted to lay on her side and it was then he saw just the hint of a pullup. He bit down on his tongue, stopping himself from saying anything. 

His girlfriend told him the other night that his sister had resorted to using pullups during the day. It was her decision and a grown up one at that. He always thought she was naive but that wasn’t her fault. She experienced a traumatic event, one which he did not see, and was left unable to cope. 

“Abby is running a bath for me,” she whispered, glancing down at her fingers. “I’m still sick but she wanted me to get out of bed.” 

Well, she is studying to be a doctor. He thought. 

“You should listen to her,” he said. “She knows what she’s doing.” 

The black haired girl scowled. 

“Has she made dinner yet?” 

She nodded her head. 

“Did you eat?” 

She didn’t respond. 

Adrian sighed. “Am I going to have to force you to eat? If you’re going to be staying here then you need to take care of yourself.” 

“I’m just not hungry-” 

“You’re too skinny.” 

There was no more argument after that. She turned up the volume on the television, Finding Nemo on the screen.

Later, the three of them sat in the living room on the couch and Abby scooped mashed potatoes, broccoli, and cut up bits of chicken onto her plate. His sister groaned, an obvious no, but Abby didn’t listen.

“More mashed potatoes?” his girlfriend directed the question at his sister. “Your brother was right earlier. You are too skinny.” 

She rolled her eyes, picking at the food with her fingers, not bothering to use the fork. He’d forgotten how difficult Willa could be at times. 


They walked down the sidewalk as Emmy waddled ahead. A harness was secured around her top and Christina held onto the leash so she couldn’t go far. Her pullup crinkled and peeked out from her little baby blue play dress. They were headed to the park and it was absolutely beautiful out. It was probably his third time back in the past couple of weeks. He’d come to enjoy seeing Emmy just as much as Christina. 

“I’m visiting the hospital tomorrow,” he broke the comfortable silence. “I think it’s Little Beginnings? Holland is coming and we’re getting a tour of the place and meeting the director. I was thinking after though we can go out to dinner? It’s gonna be Saturday night and i’ve seen a few restaurants around.” 

The corners of her lips turned up just a tiny bit. “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” 

His lips pursed. Adrian had been trying very hard not to think about that. He loved Abby, he did truly, but with Christina it was different and he couldn’t explain the feeling. 

“Emmy can come with us. I’m sure she’d love to go out.” 

The girl was the messiest eater he’d ever seen and would eat just about anything put in front of her. She even loved vegetables. 

“It’s not a date.” her voice was firm. 

“Exactly.” his shoulders slumped slightly. 

They only walked a few more minutes until the park came into view and Emmy had to be picked up to stop from running into the road. She sucked on her paci eagerly as she was placed on the down on the grass once safely across the road. 

“Aa-y! Mom-y! Pway!” she exclaimed with wide doe eyes as she pointed toward the little playground. 

“Addy will go with you sweetheart,” said Christina. “Mommy has to put down our bags.” 

That response was good enough for her because the next thing he knew, he was lifting her up (she was surprisingly light) and legs slipped through the leg holes in the swing. She held onto the chains and kicked her legs in delight. They did that for about fifteen minutes, her whining if he slowed down the pushing but eventually made their way to the sand pit. 

He sat beside another man with a little boy? Girl? They were dressed down to just a diaper. The person might have been about fifteen give or take but now was mindlessly scooping sand into a red bucket. Their brown hair was long and separated into two pigtails on top of their head and while they were a pink covered diaper, everything about his body screamed a boy. His stomach was chubby and was flat chested. 

Adrian was confused. 

“Just a little tip?” the man beside him suddenly spoke. “I’d remove her clothes unless you want to go home with pockets full of sand.” 

Adrian was about to turn down his suggestion when he focused his attention back on the girl. Emmy had managed to get her shoes off which were now full of sand. She wriggled around, whining briefly as the dress was lifted over her head, obstructing her vision but it was quickly restored. 

“Thank you,” he sighed relieved. “I’m Adrian.” 

“John,” they shook hands. “This is my little sissy, Brianna. Can you say hi Bri?”

The bo-girl automatically looked up and his pale face blushed pink. 

“H-hewwo,” his voice was high and pitchy like when guys went through puberty. 

“Can you tell Mister Adrian about yourself?” 

If possible his face turned an even darker shade of red. Stuttering the entire time, the boy-girl reluctantly spoke. “M-me is a wittle giwl. Papa made wittle boy par’s go bye-bye.” 

“You have a tiny peepee don’t you?” John patted the front of his diaper. “Your little cage made your big boy urges go bye-bye.” 

The sissy was near tears as the man continued to humiliate him, describing how girly he truly was now. His name used to be Brian but had been changed and his favorite color was pink and he always had his little doll with him. 

Adrian gulped. Slightly horrified yet fascinated at the same time. The boy continued to dig in the sand, fearfully, and even shared his toys with a clueless Emmy. He doesn’t know how long they talked for but he found himself enjoying it.


A/N: Hey everyone! Thanks so much for reading reviewing, it means so much to me! I promise that I should update again soon so keep a lookout!

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Chapter 5: 

“Welcome to Little Beginnings Hospital!” a woman greeted them in the lobby and eagerly shook their hands. “I’m Aalyiah Amini but please just call me Dr. Amini.” 

Her dark hair was parted down the middle and went past her shoulders. She wore a white lab coat over pink scrubs. Her eyes were greenest he’d ever seen and skin tan. 

“Nice to see you again, Doctor,” his boss greeted her in familiarity. “Let me introduce you to our newest employee, Adrian Carolan.”

He smiled at her and she smiled back. “I’ve been told you've been spending a lot of time in Henderson lately?” 

“Yes,” he breathed. “My partner has a little so I’ve been visiting.” 

“Well then hopefully this won’t be too much of a shock for you,” she waved her hand idly. “Why don’t we start the tour of the hospital.”

He followed them up the stairs, fiddling with the visitor’s badge around his neck. She explained her role and about how she was the chief of the hospital. She oversaw everything that happened and anything being implemented went through her first. They walked through automatic sliding doors that locked shut behind them. You could only get in or out with the badge. It reminded him of a normal hospital floor with the front desk in the middle and rooms all around. The walls were a pale pink with a few paintings of butterflies and bumblebees. 

“As you can see we are in the lobby of the Little ward. Each room can fit about up to ten littles and we have twenty in total. We have two rooms for littles aged three to four on this side,” she pointed to the left. “To the right are the rooms for the five to seven year olds. At the moment we only have about ten that are four and five that are older.” 

They entered the first room on the right. The lights were dimmed and a nursery song played in the background. It was nap time. Two other women walked around, dressed in blue scrubs, checking on different cribs. 

“These are the three and four year olds,” she whispered. 

He observed the adult babies, absentmindedly suckling on pacifiers with a stuffed animal tucked into the arm. They were all asleep and wore… headphones. He was confused about that. 

“It’s hypnosis.” Dr. Amini explained. “It’s just like the tv shows except just the audio. They listen to it every nap time, throughout the night, and the two hours of tv time during the day. It puts them in a trance, the only thing on their mind is to be a good baby. Even the most resistant break easily with hypnosis.” 

That made sense, he supposed, thinking back to Emmy who was obsessed with the show. Next to him, a little whimper sounded. He peered into the crib, realizing the bulky pad taped around her bottom was now stained brown. An unconscious smile formed on her face and she settled down. 

“What does the hypnosis sound like?” he asked curiously. 



“Pure bliss. That means something different for everyone, there’s no one way to describe it.” the corners of her lips twitched just the tiniest bit. 


It was chaotic in a fun sort of way. He sat on a colorful rug, surrounded by littles, regressed in various stages. Now was his time to get to interact with them. Dr. Amini explained it was the three-year olds play time now while the others were at lunch. 

He sat with a boy dressed in red overalls. The padding on his bottom was not as obvious, because most of these kids wore pull ups. A single brown curl hung in between his big blue eyes and sucking on a pacifier, his face was almost as chubby as his stomach. He had to be well into his late twenties but now, there was no semblance of his adult mind left. He held a wooden mallet in his fist, banging on the xylophone. It was screechy and loud but the boy loved it, not paying him any attention.

Adrian continued over to another little, this time a curly haired redhead with freckles drawn onto her rosy cheeks. A white frilly bonnet was tied around her round face as a pink pacifier bobbed up and down in her mouth, green eyes glazed over. She wore a checkered pink and white dress, little bows running down the front, and underneath a white blouse with puffy sleeves. She wore a diaper and made no move to hide it unlike others around the room who were cowering at the walls, balling because of their current state. 

“Wanna pway wif me?” she sounded just like the child she looked like. The girl thrust a stuffed sheep in his hand, making hers talk and he played along much to her delight. 

“What’s your name? Mine is Adrian.” he put his hand to his chest. 

“Rosie!” she exclaimed. 

“That’s a very pretty name.”

She giggled and attention quickly swayed away from the stuffed animals. He watched as she switched to her hands and knees and pushed herself up, diapered bum sticking up in the air, and got to her feet. In her Mary Janes and white frilly socks, she toddled over to the rocking horse, legs spread and knees bent. As distracted as she could get just as quickly she could focus. Her knees went up to her chest as she sat on the small wooden horse, rocking back and forth in a soothing rhythm. 

It continued this way, him floating around the room with his boss and the doctor chatting with the other worker. Not everyone wanted to talk. Some threw tantrums, though were quickly reprimanded but most engaged him in some sort of play until they got tired and moved onto something else. 

Next they headed up to the third floor. 

It was called the Nursery ward, also known as the quiet floor- at least that’s what Dr. Amini called it. The lights were dimmed in the halls and nurses walked by, nodding at the three of them as they continued on with their duties. There was a rather strong smell of baby powder which was the nice change from the playroom which smelt like puke. 

A woman met them outside a door, dressed in a white lab coat. She introduced herself as Astrid Reichner, Head of the Newborn Ward. “Why don’t we see the newborns? The one and two year olds were just put down for their nap so they won’t be much fun.” 


“One!” she screamed. “Two! Th-three! Four! Fffive!” tears burned in her eyes as she bit her bottom lip to keep from crying out any further. 

Her hand came down hard with each slap on her bare bum and Willa could only imagine what color it was now. Never in a million years did the young girl think she’d find herself bent over her brother’s girlfriend’s lap being spanked. And it was hard. Willa shamefully sobbed, kicking her legs in protest. Yes, she was partly aware that she was just playing into the girl’s game but Willa was fed up with this… this… baby treatment! She wasn’t a baby but Abby couldn’t seem to get that through her thick mind. 

“Maybe next time you shouldn’t throw your food.” was all she said. 

Willa yelped as she set her down hard on the ground. Her bum ached and pants and pullup were tangled at her feet. Her chest rose up and down and shoulders shook as she tried to catch her breath. 

Abby’s reasoning for all of this was that she needed someone to take care of because she herself couldn’t have kids of her own. Willa was the perfect candidate. She had no friends, depended on them, and needed someone to care for her. She hadn’t been loved in a very long time and Abby had made it her mission to fix that. She didn’t even try to disguise her intentions anymore and telling her brother was obviously out of the question because he’d never believe his perfect girlfriend would do this.  

“Now, are we going to behave or do we need another trip over Abby’s lap?” she feigned the lightness in her voice.

Reluctantly, Willa shook her head side to side. A continuous stream of tears and snot ran down her face and curls stuck to her wet cheeks. 

“Let’s try for a bottle again, hmm? I know you’re just being cranky because it’s still morning and you’re sleepy.” 

Willa couldn’t say no and let her body go limp as Abby picked her up, half naked. She tried to let her mind wander to that place where she wouldn’t have to feel anything. She didn’t want to think about what was going on because that would only make it more embarrassing. 

Abby put her in a new pullup, leaving her pants off. From her face to her neck turned scarlet red as her brother’s girlfriend left her on the bed only to come back moments later with a new warm bottle. An actual baby bottle- not a sippy cup.  Willa just about shit her pants as Abby stuffed the teat into her mouth. She sucked down the grainy formula, her stomach churning with each gulp. It was possibly the most disgusting thing she’d ever tasted. 

“Does Willa like her special baba?” the girl giggled as she slipped into the bed, bringing Willa across her lap, her head tucked into her shoulder. She took the bottle, tipping it more up forcing her to drink faster. 

“You’ll feel better soon. Don’t worry a pretty little hair on your head.”

Adrian wouldn’t be home until tonight so she was stuck with her for the entire day. Another tear escaped her eye and all she could wonder was why she even came here in the first place?


Adrian had chosen a pizza place because who didn’t love pizza? Plus he knew Emmy would have fun. He wanted to make it less awkward with Christina because he desperately wanted this to work. However the guilt only intensified, thinking of Abby alone at home. 

The table was situated in the corner of the room next to the windows. It was private enough that they could have a conversation without being overheard but still felt included in the atmosphere. Emmy sat in the wooden highchair, happily twisting the pizza dough into odd shapes that they waiter had given her to play with. 

“How was the hospital?” she asked, nibbling on a breadstick. 

Usually the conversation flowed easily between them but tonight they were both nervous. The only thing keeping them from silence was the little’s random babbling. 

“It was fun,” he honestly replied. “I enjoyed getting to see all of the littles. I thought that I’d be more weirded out but… but everything felt right. You know?”

“Yes, I do.” she smiled. “It’s what I felt when I first adopted my Emmy.” 

The little girl looked up at the sound of her name. “Emmy, here!” 

“Yes, you are!” his partner squeezed her chubby cheek. “You’re mommy’s little Emmy-bear!” 

She burst into giggles causing her auburn ringlets to fall into her heart shaped face. Her eyes crinkled at the corners as she smiled, her teeth pearly white. 

The waiter came back a few minutes later and took their order. “So, one large mushroom-onion- pepperoni pizza and a bowl of mashed butternut squash and carrots for the little one?” 

“Yes, that’ll be all. Thank you.” his partner replied for both of them. 

“I thought we’d all be getting pizza,” he questioned once the waiter had walked away. 

She shook her head, brushing a strand of golden hair out of her eyes. “Oh no, pizza  is too filling for her small stomach. I’ve had her on milk and pureed foods since I got her. Once in a while, she’ll get a little treat but that’s rare.” 

He didn’t bother to ask if she liked the food or not because the girl was too far gone. Emmy will happily take anything put in front of her if it pleased her mommy. 

“D-do you ever think they miss it?” he asked hesitantly. 


Adrian paused and said, “freedom. Being able to choose for themselves. I don’t know, I was just thinking…” 

She sighed and frowned just a little bit. “They lost their freedom when they showed that they weren’t able to take care of themselves. It just proves what we’ve known all along. They were born littles and eventually one way or another they would end up here.” 

“Christina, I'm sorry,” his cheeks blushed pink. “I didn’t mean any offense. I was just… curious.” 

Curious? Seriously? That was such a stupid word. The woman laughed, all grievances seemingly forgiven. 

“It’s healthy to wonder,” she said. “Almost everyone in the ageplay community knows about Henderson and the other towns so it’s kind of become normalized for us. It’s easy to forget that there are those like you who have just recently joined.” 


A/N: Hey everyone! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, it means so much to me! I promise that I should update again soon so keep a lookout! Also, I was kinda disappointed not to see a lot of reviews. I’m not sure how many people are reading but I love your feedback!

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I'm sure that plenty of us are reading. We just don't always comment. ?

Thanks for this one; it provides necessary background to understand Adrian's actions in the first story, which until now had always seemed rather...extreme. 

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On 3/25/2021 at 1:34 PM, Fifers12 said:

“I think you’d fit in great with us,” Christian finally said


Little does his girlfriend know about his new job, and if he only knew what his girlfriend was doing to Willa, exactly what he signed the paper to protect her from. I can kind of see where this is going after reading the other stories. Will leave it to myself though. The prequel definitely does give a little insight to the other stories.

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On 4/13/2021 at 1:00 AM, kerry said:

I'm sure that plenty of us are reading. We just don't always comment. ?

Thanks for this one; it provides necessary background to understand Adrian's actions in the first story, which until now had always seemed rather...extreme. 

Thank you! I was hoping things would start to become more clear because like he didn't do all of this for like no reason :) 

21 hours ago, SGTbaby said:

Interesting explanation but I wonder if Adrian helps influence where Willa ends up 

You'll find out soon! He didn't send her to Henderson for no reason :) 

On 4/13/2021 at 2:42 AM, 1505_madmax said:

yay! new chapter! im loving the details you're putting in... now I can look back at part one and understand a few things better! :)

Thank you! I'm hoping that this is making things more clear from the previous stories :) 

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  • Fifers12 changed the title to Little Beginnings: Before (Part 3)

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