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LFB disposables

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If your on the fence about trying these diapers I'd highly recommend that you do. Both the Lil Dreamers and the Cuties are on my short list of favorite diapers. As the name would imply. One would think the Lil Dreamers would be for overnight. And for me. They are. Along with the Cuties. 

To me. Both diapers seem to be thicker and heavier right out of the package then my other favorites from places like ABU and Tykables. They also seem to have a wider cut in the crotch. They definitely give my bottom a noticable crinkely waddle even before I do what little boys who are still in diapers do in there diapers. And when the inevitable happens your mommy or daddy won't be disappointed in how well your diaper works. Both of these diapers are super thirsty for when the dam breaks and with there tall standing inner leg guards even your mud slides are kept inside your diaper where they belong. 

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They are "okay". They are extremely expensive and far less absorbent than say Tykables, Rearz or ABU. They look good, but like other nappies (i.e. Play Dayz), for me they are definitely in the "playing as an AB" bucket rather than the "rely on these to stop you leaking" bucket.  I wouldn't trust them at night. 

Amazon stock them too. 

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Yeah, tried them and I’d say the look of the nappy is better than the actual job it does.

Not to say that it isn’t a great nappy, but I prefer Tykables and Bambino’ disposables for the fit and absorbency 

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